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Saturday October 26, 2013

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Academics, like politicians, must be held accountable DEAR EDITOR, In their letter captioned “APNU can solve the county’s problems and restore its pride” (Kaieteur News of October 23, 2012) Dr. Asquith Rose and his new sidekick, Chandra Deolall, write “To understand why Brigadier David Granger is the right person to lead Guyana into the future, one just has to look at what took place under the PPP regime in the past twelve years. Granger who was head of the GDF for a number of years has the experience and knowledge to become a far better President than the fly by night economist from Patrice Lumumba University. Granger has the security experience to solve crime and the decency to wipe out corruption. Those who know Granger know that his nononsense approach to politics coupled with his flawless character will not allow him to tolerate any type of corruption or crookedness. He is a dignified human being.” Now, before I proceed, let me state clearly and emphatically that my letter is not intended to question the experience and leadership qualities of Mr. Granger. What I do question is the judgement of Dr. Rose as stated above and how this contrasts with his decision at the last election to support, not the party (APNU) led by Mr. Granger, but the one (AFC) led by Mr. Ramjattan. In 2011, Mr. Granger was not running against the “fly by night economist from Patrice Lumumba University” who headed the Government for most of the past twelve years, yet the record would show that Dr. Rose chose not to support Mr. Granger, despite his experience, knowledge and leadership qualities. Dr. Rose seems to have had an epiphany recently in recognizing Mr. Granger’s leadership capabilities and he has jumped ship, figuratively speaking, leaving the AFC in midstream. There is nothing wrong with that; however, I wonder what will Dr. Rose tell those

many Guyanese who, on account of his persuasion at the 2011 election, voted for the AFC. Their votes have been cast and they now have to live with the decisions of the AFC until the next election whenever it is held, irrespective of how well or how poorly the AFC represents their interest. They do not have the luxury of switching their already cast votes in the way that Dr. Rose has switched political allegiance. Further, in their letter, Rose and Deolall state “It is an indisputable fact that the PNC is responsible for the construction of the Demerara Harbour Bridge, the Canje Bridge, the Soesdyke-Linden highway, the Corentyne highway, the widening of the East Coast highway to Plaisance (Rupert Craig highway) the UG Campus at Turkeyen, the President’s College, Critchlow Labour College, Guyana School of Agriculture, the National Cultural Centre, the National Park, and the Presidential Complex among others. The PNC also provided free university education at UG and established the Caribbean regional exam CXC, the National Service, and four new municipalities at

Corriverton, Rose Hall Town, Linden, and Anna Regina. The trump card of the PNC achievements was the establishment of CARIFTA in 1973, the forerunner of CARICOM. No one in his right mind can deny the success of the PNC.” I will not quibble over these facts as outlined by the esteemed professor and his co-author. However, from my recollection, these successes of the PNC were achieved before 1992 and well known long before 2011 when the election was held with the PNC as the major partner in APNU. By his own reasoning, I now wonder if Dr. Rose was “in his right mind” when he backed the AFC instead of APNU under Mr. Granger’s leadership in 2011. In my view, academics, like politicians, must be held accountable. The question for voters now and the problem for Mr. Granger is how credible is Dr. Rose as a messenger. Harry Hergash

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Saturday October 26, 2013

Visiting medical team Minister defends students sitting undertakes complex surgeries more than 10 CSEC subjects

Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand While the Ministry of Education has not been actively encouraging students to write as many as 20 subjects, it is certainly not opposed to capable students doing so. This assertion was made by Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand, during a press conference on Thursday at the Ministry’s Brickdam, Georgetown, boardroom. According to her, the Ministry has a clear policy in place which outlines that in order for students to write more than 10 subjects at the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) level they must “show remarkable competence.” But even before reaching

the level of CXC the Minister noted that another requirement is that students be able to pass the National Grade Nine Examination. And according to her, the fact that we have students writing 20 subjects means they have the capacity to write that many. “I am not a proponent of the view that says you should shut down talent simply because there is some critics about it...we can’t all run like Usain Bolt but we shouldn’t stop him from running at the pace he is capable of running, and so for me if a student can write five subjects including Mathematics and English and do well at those then they should be encouraged and supported to do that.” She noted that if students display the propensity to write 20 subjects over a number of years and do well then by all means they too should be encouraged and supported to do those. The Minister in making her point categorically c l e a r, u n d e r s c o r e d t h a t students have repeatedly over several decades shown that they have the capacity not only to do well locally but to be catapulted to the level of world leadership. “...We should never put them in a box...” said the Minister, as she alluded to the

fact that even in first world countries while it is expected that students attend college by 18 there are some who are graduating with their degrees by 16. “Where we have students who can excel, encourage them,” emphasised the Minister. The recently concluded CXC examination saw one local student, Zimeena Rasheed, securing 18 grade one and two grade two passes. Another, Yogeeta Persaud, secured 18 grade one passes. Both students of the Anna Regina Multilateral School in Region Two have been listed among the top performers at examination and will be duly awarded by CXC. There are however some who are of the belief that allowing students to undertake so many subjects could in fact prove to be a disadvantage since the resources needed to cater to these added subjects areas could be utilised in more crucial areas. And while the Minister has accepted that many of the subjects students undertake will become irrelevant by the time they reach ‘A’ Level or university level, she is confident that the exposure will in fact ensure that they have an informed and wellrounded existence. “The state has a responsibility to develop everybody to his fullest potential. If one person’s fullest potential requires (them doing) 20 subjects, then fine,” added the Minister.

Minister Bheri Ramsaran (left) and additional members of the George Washington University Hospital In addition to sharing new concepts with local medical personnel, a 21-member team of medical experts from the George Washington University Hospital yesterday spearheaded a number of complex surgical interventions at both the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) and the West Demerara Regional Hospital. Among the surgeries conducted at the GPHC during the week-long visit were six prostatectomy for benign prostatic hyperplasia, eight for renal stones, two for transurethral resection for bladder tumours, and one each for undescended testes, vesicovaginal fistula and nephrectomy for renal tumour. And at the West Demerara hospital, there were six surgeries for hernias, three for

gall stones, two for hydrocele and one each for breast lump and an emergency surgery for abdominal trauma (Spleenectomy). There were 19 urological cases undertaken at the GPHC while 10 general surgeries and three urological cases were attended to at the West Demerara Hospital. The local medical experts who supported the operations are

expected to facilitate followup care of the recovering patients. The forgoing disclosure was made when Minister of Health, Dr. Bheri Ramsaran, hosted a press briefing, together with members of the visiting team, last evening at the East Coast Demerara, Grand Coastal Inn. The Minister said that Continued on page 23

Brazilian shot A 44-year-old Brazilian miner was reportedly shot yesterday around 10:00 hrs at Karispuro, Potaro Region Eight. According to a police press release, the injured man, identified as Antonio Carlos Pereira was shot in the stomach by another man.

Pereira was rushed to the Mahdia Hospital for emergency treatment. However, due to the severity of his injuries, he was transported to Georgetown for emergency medical treatment. While details into the matter are sketchy, police investigations are ongoing.

Saturday October 12, 2013

Kaieteur News

U.N. aid chief demands Security Council action on Syria aid access UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - U.N. aid chief Valerie Amos demanded stronger action by the U.N. Security Council yesterday to get desperately needed aid into Syria, where 2.5 million people in need have not received help for almost a year. Violence and excessive red tape have slowed aid delivery to a trickle in Syria. More than 100,000 people have been killed in the 2 1/2year civil war and some 2.1 million have fled. After months of talks, the 15member Security Council approved a non-binding statement October 2 urging increased humanitarian access. “This is a race against time. Three weeks have passed since the adoption of this council’s statement with little change to report,” Amos told the Security Council. “As we deliberate, people continue to die unnecessarily.” “I call upon all members of the council to exert influence and take the necessary action to stop this brutality and violence,” she said. “Without real and sustained pressure from this council on the government of Syria and opposition groups on the ground, it will be impossible to make progress.” The Security Council adopted the statement on humanitarian access less than a week after overcoming a long diplomatic impasse between Russia and Western

Valerie Amos countries to pass a resolution to rid Syria of chemical arms. Senior U.N. diplomats said that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov had at the time dismissed the possibility of a legally binding resolution on aid access. British U.N. Ambassador Mark Lyall Grant said after the briefing by Amos on Friday, “If the (aid statement) is not being taken seriously then obviously it behooves us to look at stronger vehicles, including a resolution.” Russia, a close ally of Syrian President Bashar alAssad, and China have vetoed three Security Council resolutions since October 2011 that would have condemned the government and threatened it with sanctions. Australian U.N. Ambassador Gary Quinlan said Amos made a “direct and powerful” appeal for the council to find a way to implement its statement,

drafted by Australia and Luxembourg, which urged cross-border deliveries and called for humanitarian fighting pauses in fighting and agreed on aid convoy routes. Russian U.N. Ambassador Vitaly Churkin told reporters that, in council consultations after the briefing by Amos, “nobody explicitly suggested a resolution, but I don’t think the format of the document is a problem.” He suggested that the main obstacle was increasingly the disparate rebel groups fighting to overthrow Assad. “I’m very pleased that this time more and more members of the Security Council said that they are now realizing that the problem is not only with the government,” Churkin said. “Very often various armed opposition groups are ignoring norms of international humanitarian law.” The council statement had also urged the Syrian government to help aid operations expand and to remove bureaucratic impediments and other obstacles, but so far there had been no major breakthrough on these issues, Amos said. She said only 15 international aid groups were allowed to operate in Syria, it was difficult for humanitarian workers to get visas, and while the number of Syrian

organizations approved to work with the United Nations had increased to 66, the number allowed to work in the areas with greatest need was limited. Syrian U.N. Ambassador Bashar Ja’afari said Damascus had given visas to hundreds of people working for the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. “If there are any minimal cases here and there (of problems), that wouldn’t affect the overall picture of our cooperation with OCHA,” he said. Amos said kidnappings of humanitarian workers and hijackings and seizures of aid trucks were also on the rise and that “last week we had a convoy that was ready to go, but we could not get enough drivers as they fear for their lives.” “The situation on the ground is increasingly complex and dangerous. Some estimate that there are as many as 2,000 armed opposition groups in Syria. Clashes amongst these groups are increasingly common and key humanitarian access routes have been cut off by fierce fighting,” Amos said. “Words, despite their ability to shock, cannot really paint a picture of the grim and gruesome reality of Syria today,” she said. “I am extremely disappointed that we have not been able to make further progress.”

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Iraq to press U.S. on drones, F-16s to fight al Qaeda BAGHDAD (Reuters) The Baghdad government wants the immediate delivery of U.S. drones and F-16 fighter jets in order to combat al Qaeda insurgents, who are making swift advances in the west of the Iraq, a senior Iraqi security official said. Washington agreed in August to supply a $2.6 billion integrated air defense system and F-16 fighter jets, with delivery due in autumn 2014. Prime Minister Nuri alMaliki, who will meets U.S. President Barack Obama in Washington next week, has also requested drones to carry out surveillance of Iraq’s desert border with Syria. But Deputy National Security Adviser Safa al-Sheikh Hussein said Iraq needs them now. “The first thing the Prime Minister will ask for is to accelerate the processes for the shipment of drones and F-16s,” said Safa al-Sheikh Hussein in an interview with Reuters. “The initial response from the U.S. was positive, but it depends on the delivery time. We want them immediately.” Al Qaeda’s Iraqi wing was forced underground in 2007 during a troop build-up

ordered by then U.S. President George W. Bush. But almost two years after the last U.S. troops withdrew, the Sunni Islamist group has regained momentum in its war against the Shi’ite-led government that came to power after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein in 2003. Around 7,000 civilians have been killed in acts of violence so far in 20 1 3 , according to monitoring group Iraq Body Count. At the same time Baghdad is struggling to control spillover from the civil war next door in Syria. Hussein said that if Washington drags its feet, Iraq will turn elsewhere for help. “Iraq will not die if it doesn’t get American weapons. Many countries are offering military equipment,” he said. One of those countries is Russia, with which Iraq has already signed a $4 billion deal to supply helicopters and surveillance equipment. The conflict in Syria has drawn hardline Sunni Islamists from across the region and beyond into battle against President Bashar alAssad, whose Alawite sect derives from Shi’ite Islam.

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Saturday October 12, 2013

Pouderoyen teen trampled at horse race

A Sunday afternoon recreational activity ended disastrously for a teenager who suffered a crushed organ and two broken ribs after he was trampled by a horse during a horse race in Pouderoyen, West Bank Demerara. According to the injured

teen, Mark Anthony Paul, 19, of lot 2 Samaroo Dam, Pouderoyen, West Bank Demerara, he and another friend had just finished betting on a horse during a horse race competition in his village. “He come to me for some money fuh we bet on this horse and I give he and the horse eventually win so we been and collect the money. Then I hear a horse coming but I been behind a crowd so I didn’t know where it coming from,” Paul said. The injured man added that before he made an

- Jockey on $20,000 station bail. attempt to move in the corner, he was struck down by the horse and trampled while its jockey tried to control it. “All I could remember is falling to the ground and gasping for breath, I couldn’t breathe I tried hard but every time I pull in it hurt. People start throwing water on me fuh help me ketch me self because I start lose consciousness,” the teen lamented. Paul said that persons on the scene then placed him in a car and rushed him to the West Demerara Regional Hospital where he underwent

a five-hour surgery to remove one of his organs which was crushed during the accident. “The day after the accident (Monday) I see the doctor been talking to me mother telling she what happen because I didn’t

know and all I see is she black out so I try fuh get up but the nurse tell me lay down back,” Paul said. The teen was later told by doctors that his Spleen, an organ that fights off harmful bacteria from the body, was damaged and had to be removed due to the internal bleeding. The injured teenager told Kaieteur News that the horse race event which he regularly attends takes place every week but the track can only accommodate two horses per racePaul added that there is always police presence at each raceResidents of the area told this publication that the horse race had been in existence for over 10 years, with mostly horse cart owners taking part in the competitions.The young man’s mother Wendy Paul

said that she is displeased with the response of police officers who have not yet taken a statement from her son concerning the incident. The mother added that since her son was transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital on Monday, he has not been able to sleep at nights as he still remembers what happened on Sunday. “He turn and tell me, mommy every time I close me eyes I remembering this horse running all over me.” The still shaken woman explained to this publication that since the incident, the owner of the animal only visited her son at the hospital once but did not apologize for what transpired. A source told Kaieteur News that the Jokey has since been placed on $20,000 bail.

Mark Paul yesterday on his hospital bed.

Saturday October 26, 2013

One night outside Sidewalk Café two men were discussing the road works that were taking place along the East Coast of Demerara. Not being experts in construction they nonetheless tried to ridicule what they presumed was the contracting filling up trenches and then having to dig it out. If they understood that it first necessary to fill in the existing drains, have a process of settlement take place and then dig this out to allow for a firmer foundation, they could have avoided the pretence at being experts on road construction. But that would have meant that they would have had one less reason to engage in their favorite activity of cussing out the government and trying to convince themselves that local contractors do not know what they are doing. The soils in Guyana are

Kaieteur News

difficult to deal with. And none is more difficult that the impermeable ones, including some types of clay. It is not recommended that roads be built on clay soils. To do so would be an utter disaster. This is why most of the roads that are built along Guyana’s Coast require that land be dug up and a sub- layer of either gravel or sand placed above the soil. However when that is complete there still have to be drains built alongside the road because without these drains, the subsoil would yield under pressure. A great deal of the confusion that is taking place over the sloth in the widening of the East Coast and East Bank Public Roads is based on a lack of understanding of the complexity of the road woks that are taking place. The widening of the roads in most places involves taking in the existing canals. The

soft clay has to be dug out and then filled-in, settlement has to take place because if this is not done and there is movement within the sub soil, it will take the road with it. All of this is costly and takes time. As such there has to be patience. But more importantly there has to be an understanding by frustrated motorists of the scope of the work that needs to be done. If this happens, the public which has to contend with slow moving traffic will be better able to appreciate why things are taking longer than expected. There are many, of course, who question the wisdom in widening the roads. They argue that what is needed are more new roads. They may have a point but the history of Guyana has been that as new roads are built, people begin to build alongside these roads. Thus when areas

Dem boys seh...

Dem experimenting wid Guyanese When de government announce that it was building a state of de art sugar factory it didn’t tell people that it was using a cocoa or coffee mill which it woulda modify to grind sugar. Well that is wha dem Chinee people give dem when dem go to buy de new sugar factory. De expert seh that sugar and coffee ain’t too different and all does go and mek tea. In fact, when Guyana go to buy de mill because dem couldn’t talk Chinee dem had to show that dem want something that dem can put in a teapot. De Chinee people believe that dem as talking bout coffee suh dem send a coffee mill. Is when de mill come that Guyana see de stupidness and send fuh de interpreter who understand and convey de correct message. That is why Skeldon giving so much trouble to this day. Is de same thing wid de specialty hospital. Just like Skeldon de doctors who coming. Dem boys seh that everything that come to Guyana

coming wid people who like experiment. Everybody see Guyanese as Guinea Pig. Imagine at de hospital a man woulda go fuh one problem and when he come out he would got de same problem. Dem boys seh that one of de doctors fuh de specialty hospital did cut off a man foot in Guyana. Cutting off de foot is one thing but de problem come because he cut off de wrong foot. Dem boys seh that Guyana is a real Guinea pig. De cable that should help wid egovernance still trying to come; de packaging plant still to wuk; Amaila still to get off de ground; and of course dem got de Marriott. Things suh tight that people only wishing fuh a plane to carry dem somewhere— anywhere. Now dem hearing that de small piece that dem use to get might stop coming which mean that Christmas gun be tight. And of course dem got to watch de Bees celebrate. Talk half pray hard.

along these roads become highly populated and it is necessary to link them with other new areas, there is a problem with having the space to do this. This is also the problem with the extension of the runaway at Timehri. Squatters were allowed to reside alongside the roads that circle the aerodrome so much so that today these squatters have to be removed to allow for a longer runway. They simply cannot be bypassed because there is a significant sunken investment at the old Atkinson Base and to build a completely new airstrip would be unaffordable at this time. However, to extend the length of the present airstrip involves removing squatters and it also involves a great deal of technical work which will also be time consuming. Widening the roadways on the East Bank Demerara Public Road and the East Coast Public Roads have

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now become necessary because there has been excessive increase in economic activities and settlement along these roads. Since neither could be reversed, measures were needed to handle the increased volume in the movement of goods and persons. As such it would seem that the roads had to be widened and this would therefore cost a prohibitive sum and lead to a great many problems. This is what many people believe. What they have missed is that there may have been a deliberate strategy to increase economic activity and human settlement in areas running along both of these main thoroughfares so as to fit into a model of development that emphasizes increased and continuing infrastructure construction, which in turn benefits a particular class which in turns supports a ruling elite.

Consider, for example, if all those housing schemes on the East Bank of Demerara were not there? Would it have been necessary to build another bridge across the Demerara River? Why does a small country like Guyana with such much land space need to have two bridges across a river? The only plausible reason is because of the manner in which economic activities and human settlement are concentrated along major roadways. Could this concentration be deliberate?

Saturday October 26, 2013

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Foreigners blocked from transferring Another woman accuses Barbados investment to Guyana - Irfaan Ali immigration of cavity search Remittances to Guyanese from the Diaspora are now being threatened because of the uncertainty lingering over the passage of the amendments to Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Act 2009. There is the strong possibility of Guyana being blacklisted. This is according to Irfaan Ali, Minister of Tourism, Trade, Industry and Commerce, who said “Although the timeframe has not elapsed, the financial institutions are taking this seriously and have already commenced action that is affecting the transfer of resources and the cost of doing business.” Guyana missed the August 26 deadline set by Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) to submit the legislation and other relevant documents. That date was given so that all documents could have been reviewed and assessed for relevance and appropriateness by the CFATF. These findings will then be translated into Spanish and issued to the 28 other countries so that at the November 2013 plenary in the Bahamas, the plenary will decide on Guyana’s efforts to address these

Minister Irfaan Ali deficiencies. Even if the Bill is passed in the National Assembly before November, when measures taken by Guyana to comply with CFATF’s recommendations will be reviewed, Guyana can be referred to CFATF as a country that has not taken sufficient steps to address its deficiencies. According to Ali, over the past four days Government has received many complaints from persons trying to transfer money from overseas financial institutions to Guyana. “I am of the strong view that should we not accomplish the task of passing the legislation the economic impact and implications and cost for doing

business, for not only the local financial sector but for every single Guyanese because we have large amounts of remittances that come to Guyana, would be placed in jeopardy,” he added. He said that it is very important for Guyanese to understand that the present condition is already creating tremendous hardships in terms of doing business and transferring monies to Guyana. “It would be a direct impact on foreign direct investors, who would have difficulty in transferring capital to Guyana,” the Minister stated. Ali is fearful that this situation could contribute to capital flight, where investors feel threatened to the extent they conduct most of their financial services overseas, thus impacting the transactional flow in Guyana. “These are severe consequences that are already showing its face. I think that this is tantamount to economic sabotage and economic sabotage by the Opposition is a serious issue that must be dealt with condignly,” he added. Ali said that citizens should not allow the Opposition to sabotage the economic future, viability, and interest of Guyana because of political persuasion.

Cuban National fined for Illegal Entry Alexander Ruiz Bermudez yesterday appeared before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court where he faced an illegal entry charge. It is alleged that on October 12, at Lethem, Bermudez entered Guyana by crossing a land frontier and failed to present himself to an Immigration Officer. Speaking through an interpreter from the

Venezuelan Embassy, the Cuban man pleaded guilty. He explained to the court that Bermudez came to Guyana as a tourist a n d thought that he possessed a visa for three months but later realised it was for a mere seven days. The interpreter on, behalf of the representatives from the Cuban Embassy who were present, made a request for a 30 days visa for the

Cuban man. Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry offered the defendant man two options: to either pay a $30,000 fine or serve three months imprisonment. Bermudez opted to pay the fine. She explained that it is not in her power to distribute visas and instructed the entourage on the lawful course of action in this regard.

Mere weeks after a Caribbean Court of Justice ruling against Barbados for cavity-searching a visiting female CARICOM national, another regional woman is accusing the island’s immigration officers of making her strip naked and squat . The woman, Alur Bushay, arrived at Barbados’ Grantley Adams Airport Saturday to rendezvous with her British boyfriend, but the national of St Vincent and the Grenadines spoke of being shuttled off to an airport toilet where one female officer watched and the other peered under her as she was made to crouch repeatedly while naked. “When I squat, the woman behind me was bending over and looking up at me. She keep telling me that I was not doing it properly and that she could not see anything. They made me squat about 10 times,” Bushay said, explaining that throughout the ordeal the officer behind her was “peeping up at me”. Her story has a striking similarity to that of the other Caribbean woman, Shanique Myrie of Jamaica, who took her case to the CCJ and won judgment on a complaint that female Barbados customs officers conducted a body cavity search on her before a denial of entry into the island in 2011. In believing Myrie’s story, the CCJ on October 4 not only fined the Barbados government for violation of the woman’s

body by the customs officers, but also decreed that her right of entry into the island as a CARICOM national was infringed upon. The panel of the Caribbean finest judges made clear that all nationals of the 15member CARICOM have a right of entry and stay for at least six months in all of these jurisdictions. But before the month in which the ruling was made has expired, the local Barbadian press is highlighting another case of transgression with the female in question having the same sense of violation.The only difference in this latest incident is that Bushay was allowed to enter the island, after a one and a half-hour delay, during which she was violated. “I felt so ashamed. I kept telling them I don’t have anything on me... I felt so bad it was like my whole body just break down,” said the 20-yearold woman of an ordeal that many Guyanese visitors claim to have experienced. With 2,128 returnees, Guyanese lead CARICOM in the number of nationals turned back at the Grantley Adams International Airport between 2007 and last year. “I think it was absolutely disgusting how they treated her, especially when there is a big sign

at the airport welcoming visitors to Barbados,” said her British boyfriend, Nick Frandon. This lady’s decision to go public with the story of her ordeal might be part of an apparent emerging trend where visitors make it known when they feel unjustly treated at this island’s port of entry. In early September 43-yearold, Don Baptiste, told local media that he had arrived from Trinidad a few days earlier for a three-day stay with his USbased girlfriend, but on arrival was approached by Barbados police officers who questioned his purpose of visit, then took him to the island’s main medical centre, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, for x-rays and scans, and subsequently fed him laxatives. “They took me to the hospital to prove that I had swallowed drugs,” Baptiste told the Daily Nation newspaper. “They did not find any. They used different methods to detect if I had. They give me a liquid to drink to induce diarrhea. My bowels moved numerous times and they did not find anything. I was in the hospital for three days,” he said. He was let go after police found nothing illegal.

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“Picture Boy” trial continues …

“They wrong me so they had to die” Witness quotes accused Assistant Superintendent of Police Michael Kingston was called to give his evidence in chief as the murder trial of Cyon Collier also known as “Picture boy’ continued before Justice Navindra Singh. Collier is accused of murdering brothers Ray Walcott, called ‘Sugar’, and Carl Andrews, called ‘Alo’, on September 23, 2006. Kingston who is stationed at the Cove and John Police Station told the court that he was part of a party of police and army officials that arrested Collier. Kingston said that upon Collier’s arrest, the allegation was put to him. According to the witness after the allegation was put to Collier he responded “Bossman these men violate me”. Kingston said that he continued to question Collier about the whereabouts of a gun. The court heard that it was at this point that Collier took the lawmen into a bedroom where they found an AK 47 and a pistol along with the matching rounds. Collier was taken to the Cove and John Police Station. The guns were tendered into evidence yesterday also. The witness also told the court that the AK47 weapon was for military use, and it was later in the investigation that he found out that Collier never had a military background. The witness was also asked whether he had known

Collier prior to his arrest. According to Kingston he had known him since he had a problem with a motorcycle. The witness added that he had known Collier from Victoria, East Coast Demerara. Attorney at law Lyndon Amsterdam has begun to cross examine the witness, and would continue on Monday when the matter resumes. On Thursday Justice Singh ruled that the statements reportedly given to the police by Collier could be admitted into evidence. The ruling came after a Voir Dire to determine whether the accused had given the information willingly. Senior State Prosecutor Judith Gildharie-Mursalin is representing the state. Following the court’s ruling, Assistant Superintendent of Police Alwin Wilson gave his evidence-in-chief. In the officer’s testimony he stated that when he questioned the accused in 2006, the man had related a story to him. He was subsequently asked if he would like to put the information in writing and Collier reportedly agreed. The statement was read in court. According to the officer, Collier said that he had brought a .38 revolver from Suriname and had given it to ‘Alo.’ The statement alleged that on two occasions, Collier had asked the deceased to Continued on page 23

Saturday October 26, 2013

Public officers have secrets for Govt. officials - says Harmon A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Member of Parliament, Joseph Harmon, in an attempt to rationalize Government’s delay in dealing with rampant corruption in several of its entities, is contending that the administration is being “blackmailed”. That supposition was submitted as the politician highlighted the fact that government has seemingly refused to prosecute several public servants accused and proven to have misappropriated state funds. His specific reference was to the National Communication Network (NCN) scandal and to the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) fraud. Harmon dubbed it “hypocritical” that the “government talks, so much, about corruption and efforts to stop it; but when it comes to addressing incidents of corruption, they protect and seem to encourage the people who are found to be involved or indulging in corrupt practices.” Harmon inferred that public officers have secrets for the government. “It seems as if the government makes an effort to hold on to these people…It’s like some sort of information blackmail…If you deal with me, I will say what I know about you.” Harmon told Kaieteur News that the opposition is trying hard, to control corruption. He expressed his

NDIA, CEO Lionel Wordsworth

President Donald Ramotar

APNU’s Joseph Harmon

dissatisfaction at the fact that the opposition was barred from submitting reports of corruption to the OAS delegation that recently visited. He said that that team ought to have recognized the way the country is poised, it would be a missed opportunity not to speak to the opposition Alliance For Change (AFC)’s Vice Chairman, Moses Nagamootoo, had informed the media about the dossier on corruption that the party had prepared to hand to the visiting Organization of American States (OAS) delegation. That dossier contained information about corruption at NCN and NDIA, it was however rejected. The opposition—both APNU and AFC—has vowed

to continue working to minimize corruption in Guyana. An audit report on the operations of the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) has recommended the immediate dismissal of the entity’s boss Lionel Wordsworth and the Senior Section Engineer, Aneel Chowbay, after several instances of fraud and conflict of interest were unearthed. The report on fuel consumption and equipment operations and maintenance, was conducted between May and September 2012. It was completed and submitted to the Chairman of the NDIA Board of Directors on September 26, and carbon copied to President Donald Ramotar. This newspaper was

reliably informed that His Excellency has instructed the NDIA boss to respond to the report. The report concluded that fraudulent acts were committed by Lionel Wordsworth and Senior Section Engineer (SSE) Mr. Aneel Chowbay, in breach of the Procurement Act 2003. It speaks of conflict of interest and sole sourcing of services such as the supply of fuel and the awarding of contracts to relations of senior NDIA operatives, in breach of national procurement procedures. However, the only thing that has so far came out of that was the dismissal of the internal auditor. In the case of NCN, the Company last year June, found itself being probed for Continued on page 23

Saturday October 26, 2013

Kaieteur News


Immigration News For Our Community Attorney Gail S. Seeram Through this “Question & Answer” column, our goal is to answer your immigration questions. We appreciate your comments and questions. If you have a question that you would like answered in this column, please email: Question #1: How can I apply for a visitor visa to the United States? Answer #1: My best advice is to visit the U.S. Embassy website or office located in your country. Generally, you must complete Form DS-160 (some offices require it be completed online), pay the applicable fees, schedule an appointment, assemble required documents and attend the interview. Applicants must prove that they intend to only visit the U.S., have strong ties to their native country and have no intent to remain in the U.S. Question #2: My fiancé visa application was denied at the Embassy. Can I just marry my fiancé and file a spousal petition? Answer #2: Yes, upon marriage, you can submit a petition for your spouse. However, petitioner and beneficiary will have to prove that their marriage is goodfaith and based on love and not for immigration benefits. Question #3: I have many relatives in the U.S. – Who can sponsor me? Answer #3: T h e following individuals can file

a family-based sponsorship petition for you to obtain a “green card” or residency in the U.S.: U.S. citizen spouse, U.S. citizen child over age 21, U.S. citizen brother/sister, permanent resident spouse, and permanent resident parent. Question #4: My U.S. citizen father filed for me in September 2007 as an unmarried child. How much longer is the wait before I will have my interview at the Embassy? Answer #4: According to the November 2013 visa bulletin, visas are being issued for F-1 petitions (unmarried child over age 21 of a U.S. citizen) filed on or before October 2006. So, you have about a one-year wait. To access the monthly visa bulletins, visit and click the button labeled “Visa Bulletin”. Question #5: M y mother was deported back to Guyana – when could she return to the U.S.? Answer #5: Generally, when someone is deported or removed to Guyana, there is a certain period of time that they must remain outside the U.S. before applying for readmission. It may be 5, 10, 15, 20 years or a lifetime ban. It depends on the reason or grounds for which the person was removed or deported from the U.S. A family based sponsorship petition may be filed for your mother but a waiver and application for reentry would be required.

Essequibo criminal assizes open The October Session of the Essequibo Criminal Azzies commenced with the traditional ceremony at the Suddie High Court. Justice Sandra Kurtzious took the salute from “G” Division Commander, Dale Alves, and inspected the guard of honour, on the lawns of the Richard Fikhal Training College earlier this week. Twenty-one cases are billed for the October session which will however commence on December 5. Those cases include four for murders, five for manslaughter, one attempted murder, five for rape, four cases of carnal knowledge of a girl between15 and 16 years and one for buggery. Currently Justice Sandra Kurtzious has adjourned a case which started several weeks ago at the Suddie High Court, involving an Essequibo man, who is before

her, charged with rape of a 14year-old girl and with robbery under arms. The incident allegedly occurred between November 3 and November 4, 2010 at Adventure. So far the prosecution has completed its case and Justice Kurtzious has overruled the no submission presented by attorney, Latchmie Dindyal. The case has been adjourned to next Tuesday.

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Saturday October 26, 2013

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Visiting medical team undertakes... From page 6 during the team’s visit at the West Demerara hospital, for instance, a number of shortcomings were identified which, he said, must be addressed in order to “bring it up to speed.” Remedial measures, he noted, should cater to the addition of an up and running second operation theatre at the Regional Hospital. According to one of the anaesthesiologists on the team, Dr. Paul Dangerfield, one of the deficiencies at the West Demerara hospital included not only the lack of needful equipment but also the upgrade of some that are currently in place. Local medical staffers were also enlightened to cutting-edge technology utilised in developed countries. As part of the visit, several certified and nursing lectures accredited by the Guyana Medical Council were conducted. These lecture sessions were aimed at sharing new concepts and best practices

within the respective professions. And according to Dr. Dangerfield, “As the equipment are refined we will be able to apply more and more modern techniques...” Already Minister Ramsaran said that interactions were had with senior members of the administration, including President Donald Ramotar, who has offered his support to not only upgrade the delivery of health services but to work along with the visiting team. He anticipates that the team which plans to return in the very near future to conduct more operations will be able to travel to other areas of the country to share its expertise. The team conducted a number of clinics to evaluate additional cases and these will be followed-up on so as to perform the necessary interventions when it returns. “This is just embryonic; this is an evolving relationship...We will be

having teething problems; we will be making mistakes but we hope to learn from those and we hope to grow and grow.” The George Washington University Hospital is said to have a century-long tradition of providing medical care to thousands of patients. And its mission as was revealed yesterday is to provide highquality health care, advanced technology and world class service to patients in an academic medical centre dedicated to education and research. And in the quest to share some of its expertise here, moves were made to collaborate with the Ministry of Health. Among the visiting experts was Urologist, Dr. Joseph Benjamin, a doctor of Guyanese origin, who migrated as a child. The medical team, which is set to depart today, was also accompanied by a video production crew tasked with working on a production a b o u t G u y a n a ’s h e a l t h sector.

From page 12 return the gun but on the last request the now deceased ‘Alo’ told Collier that he had nothing to give him. The statement further alleges that Collier said that after the incident with ‘Alo’ they “became cold”. Andrews, he claimed, started to “move” with his brother and a cousin and when he (Collier) was around they would throw hints at him saying, “Nobody can’t try nothing or else people gun dead.” Collier reportedly told the

officers that knowing he could not deal with the three persons together he went to “Kusum” (Anthony Charles, who the court had already heard was killed in a police shootout in 2006) to explain what was going on so that he could “manners” the man who had taken his gun. Collier said that Kusum had instead given him an AK47 assault rifle, which the police found at his house during his arrest. Collier reportedly said in the statement that he stashed the AK-47 and went to Bare

From page 12 financial irregularities. One area of irregularity was traced back to GT&T and involved millions of dollars in advertisements and production costs. NCN’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mohamed ‘Fuzzy’ Sattaur resigned later the very month after it all blew up in his face. The company’s Programme Manager, Martin Goolsarran, who admitted that he had deposited the payment cheque from (GT&T) into his personal account, was suspended. Sattaur and Goolsarran had been granted 72 hours to respond to some of the observations contained in the report, to which they did. The auditors probe was handed to NCN’s Board of Directors headed by Dr. Prem Misir which in turn; did its own follow up investigation and handed it to the Minister of Information. Kaieteur News understands that it was as a result of several recommendations made to

Minister of Information, who in this case is Head of State, Donald Ramotar. That probe had similar findings to the initial one and included that there were severe managerial problems at the stateowned company hence, the recommendations which included severing ties with Sattaur. Since those developments, President Ramotar had promised to make public the Board’s report and take other necessary actions; but nothing of the sort has been done.

Roots, East Coast Demerara where he saw one “Fridge Man” at a party. He said he borrowed the man’s motorcycle and then went to Victoria. The statement continued that Collier reported that he met ‘Alo’ and ‘Sugar’ at the corner and he, “shoot dem up because they threatened me and I feel they woulda kill me some time.” This information, the police witness said, was reportedly taken at the Cove and John Police Station in the Criminal Investigations Section. The police also stated that after putting the allegation to Collier, he responded, “They wrong me so they had to die.”

“They wrong me so they had to die”...

Public officers have secrets...

(From page 22) FOR RENT



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Kaieteur News

Saturday October 26, 2013

Jealous husband thrashes wife Black Bush murder trial Javon Glasgow and his reputed wife Donnette Cummings were yesterday bonded by Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry to keep the peace. Appearing at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court was Javon Glasgow of lot 7 Broad Street, Charlestown, faced with two charges; use of threatening language and unlawful assault. It is alleged that on October 3, at Broad Street, Charlestown, the defendant unlawfully and maliciously assaulted Donnette Cummings. It is further alleged that on the said date, at the aforementioned place, Glasgow used threatening language to Cummings whereby a breach of the peace may be occasioned. To both allegations, the

- Woman refuses to give evidence defendant pleaded not guilty. According to the reports given by Prosecutor Bharat Mangru in open court, the couple lives together and on the day in question, Cummings returned home from visiting her father and encountered the defendant who spewed a series of jealous accusations at her. The court heard that an argument ensued between the two and Glasgow, who insisted that his reputed wife had visited another man, dealt the woman several cuffs about her body. Mangru further stated that in the process of trashing the woman, the man threatened to kill her. “The man is jealous of his wife which means he loves her. If a man isn’t jealous, he

doesn’t love his woman” were the words which led Attorney at Law Paul Funga-Fat’s defense. Fung-a-Fat informed the court that his 34-year-old client is a father of two who has one prior offence with the mother of another of his children. Cummings refused to offer evidence against her husband and also declined the Magistrate’s offer to have a Protection Order taken out against the man. Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry bonded the couple to keep the peace and ordered the couple to undergo counseling at the Help and Shelter. Glasgow was ordered to reside with his sister and is expected to return to court on November 6.

halted by voir dire

The voir dire is continuing in the trial of Satrohan Mannaru, called Andrew, 23, of Mibicuri South, Black Bush Polder who is on trial in the Berbice High Court before Justice Dawn Gregory and a mixed jury. Mannaru is on trial for the murder of his ex-girlfriend Indranie “Cynthia” Basdeo, who was 14 at the time. The killing occurred on Friday October 7, 2011. When the trial continued on Friday Detective Constable Emanuel Ragnauth spent the day on the witness stand. He was preceded by Detective Assistant Superintendent Gary Mc Alister. Police Constable Maxton Semple who had testified earlier was also called. It was during Mc Alister’s testimony that defence attorney Senior Counsel Mr. Bernard De Santos who is in association with attorney at law Pamela De Santos raised certain objections, thus triggering a voir dire on Wednesday.

Basdeo, of Mibicuri South, Black Bush Polder was allegedly brutally murdered by her ex-boyfriend at the Mibicuri School Ground, where the school was having their school sports. She was fatally stabbed. The girl was an ex student of the school. In her opening address state Prosecutor Renita Singh had stated that on the day in question the girl had made arrangements with her sister and brother- in- law to attend the school sports. It was at the school sports that they noticed the accused grabbing the deceased. It was during that time she allegedly got stabbed. Mannaru had a knife in his hand and the deceased was seen bleeding. The girl was picked up and rushed to the New Amsterdam hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival. Among the witnesses called so far are the father of the dead girl, Mahase Basdeo, her mother Gomattie Latchman, Detective Corporal Andrew Ward,

Police Constable Maxton Semple and her sister Tulseidai Basdeo and her brother- in- law Arnold Reddy. The post mortem examination conducted by Government Pathologist, Dr. Vivekananda Brijmohan, found that the teen died from a puncture to the heart and hemorrhage. The matter is continuing.

Dennis Simon of 35 Public Road, Melanie Damishana yesterday appeared before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry where he was charged with Break and Enter and Larceny. It is alleged that between October 21 and 22, at 53 David Street Kitty, Simon broke and entered Spicy Dish and stole two pans of pine tarts valued $5000, one 112 volt battery valued $35,000, one electrical cylinder valued $16,000, one delivery bag valued $5,000 and two gallons of paint valued $10,000. The total value of the items stolen is $71,000, all property of Karen Pollard.

To the allegations, the defendant pleaded not guilty. Prosecutor Bharat Mangru told the court that Pollard, who is the proprietor of Spicy Dish, resides on the premises and secured the entity on October 21, the day of the incident .On October 22 at about 1:30hrs, the victim was home when she received information that the accused was arrested with the items listed in the charge. The court heard that Pollard then checked the restaurant and discovered the western door was open and that the articles were missing. On October 24, she reported the matter to the Brickdam Police Station where she

identified the items. The accused was then arrested and charged. The Prosecution offered no objections to bail. Simon, who claims to work in the ‘bush,’ begged the court for mercy as he pleaded his innocence. “Man watch at ma hands, where I could eva break and enter?” he questioned, shortly before he revealed that he was imprisoned for three years after he was found guilty in 1992 on a wounding charge. Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry set bail at $100,000 and Simon is expected to return to court on November 29.

Satrohan Mannaru

“Bush Man” on $100,000 bail for stealing from Spicy Dish

Saturday October 26, 2013

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Saturday October 26, 2013

CDB provides loan and grant for education reform ST JOHN’S, Antigua – CMC – Education in Antigua and Barbuda will receive a boost with a loan of US$ 13.4 million from the Caribbean Development Bank to assist the country’s efforts at providing more capacity at the secondary level. The loan will also finance the consultancy services for the design of an Early Childhood Model Centre and a new secondary school.

In addition, the Bank will provide a grant of US$114 000 to assist with the financing of a citizens’ security intervention. Expansion and rehabilitation works will also be carried out on three secondary schools – St Mary’s and Irene B. Williams on Antigua and Sir McChesney George Secondary on Barbuda. These works will provide additional classrooms,

specialist rooms and administrative spaces as well as furniture and equipment. Along with the physical works, the project also provides for the evaluation and reform of the teacher education programme, the strengthening of resource allocation c a p a c i t y, a n d a r e v i e w and evaluation of technical vocational, education and training (TVET) capacity.

FORT MYERS, Florida - CMC – The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) says a medical doctor has been convicted of federal tax crimes in the Caribbean. D r P a t r i c i a Ly n n Hough, of Englewood, Florida was convicted Thursday for conspiring to defraud the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The DOJ reported that Hough concealed millions of dollars in assets and income in offshore bank accounts at UBS and other foreign banks and filed false individual income tax returns, “which failed to report the existence of those foreign accounts or the income earned in those accounts.” According to court

documents, Hough owned two Caribbean-based medical schools – The Saba University School of Medicine located in Saba, Netherlands Antilles, and The Medical University of the Americas in Nevis. The documents state that Hough “conspired to defraud the IRS with her husband, Dr David Fredrick, who is awaiting trial. Both schools and associated real estate were sold on April 3, 2007, for more than US$35 million, “all of which was deposited into undeclared accounts in the name of the nominee entities.” “The majori t y o f t h e sale proceeds were not reported to the IRS on their tax

r e t u r ns and no tax was paid,” the statement said. The DOJ said evidence proved that Hough and her co-conspirator used emails, telephone calls and in-person meetings to “instruct Swiss bankers and asset managers to make investments and transfer funds from their undeclared accounts at UBS. US District Judge John Steele has scheduled sentencing for February 10, 2014. The DOJ said the conspiracy count carries a maximum potential penalty of five years in prison and a US$250,000 fine. The false return counts each carry a maximum potential penalty of three years in prison and a US$250,000 fine.

US medical doctor convicted of federal tax crimes in the Caribbean

Holness: Murder rate unacceptable

Jamaica Observer Opposition Leader Andrew Holness says that the murder of seven Jamaicans on National H e r o e s D a y, a n d t h e shooting of 16 people in all over the holiday weekend is unacceptable. “ We are not confident that the minister of national security has a handle on the crime situation... This situation is unacceptable. We need the Government to come to the nation with a sound and credible plan to tame Jamaica’s murder monster,” Holness said in a release issued Thursday. The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) leader e x p r e s s e d h o r r o r, i n particular, at the brutal murder of young SashaGay Coffie, a 27-yearold legal clerk employed to the Administrator G e n e r a l ’s D e p a r t m e n t , who was shot and killed

a t h e r h o u s e i n We s t Cumberland on Monday. Noting that the dead woman was seven months pregnant, Holness called for harsher penalties for those who kill pregnant women. “Something is seriously wrong with our society and more needs t o b e d one to protect Jamaica’s women, in fact, all Jamaicans, from the scourge of violence,” the Opposition Leader said. “Ms Coffie’s murder serves as a sad and horrific reminder of the gap in J a m a i c a ’s l a w s , w h i c h currently fail to recognise the particular level of barbarity which it takes to murder a woman in her most vulnerable state of p r e g n a n c y. O n e s u c h murder is too many, but the increased incidence of this kind of murder over the past ye a r m a k e s t h e indictment on society that much worse,” he said.

He pointed out that in F e b r u a r y o f t h i s y e a r, JLP Senator Kamina Johnson Smith moved a motion in the Senate asking for a Joint Select Committee to be appointed to look at amending the laws relating to violence against women and children. The motion was filed in response to several issues, including the murder of six pregnant women in the six months between September 2012 and February 2013, and was approved last month by the Senate He said that while he awaits the establishment of the Joint Select Committee of Parliament, there must be wider discussions nationally on how to deal effectively with such acts of violence, and dispense justice accordingly in light of the six per cent increase in murders this year.

Saturday October 26, 2013

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Letters... Where your views make the news

Saturday October 26, 2013

Letters... Where your views make the news

Major upgrades needed for Guyana to seriously compete in medical tourism DEAR EDITOR, Please allow me to offer my comments on the article, “Specialty Hospital may suffer same fate as Skeldon and Amaila”(Kaieteur News, Monday, October 21, 2013). I do so coming from a background as a former Professional Engineer and Healthcare Facilities Engineering director in the USA. Preliminary estimates for the design/construction of healthcare facilities (term used interchangeably here for hospitals) can be calculated using either the per square

foot approach or the per bed approach. Using the per bed approach, in the USA the design/construction cost per bed is in the range US$1.1M to US$1.3M. A healthcare facility to cater for medical tourism is being designed/constructed at a cost of US$1.0M per bed. In Trinidad, a healthcare facility is being designed/ constructed at a cost of about US$0.6M per bed. In Guyana, the Specialty hospital is estimated to cost about US$0.25M per bed, taking into account local costs and possibly cost overruns.

The USA-based Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and its international arm (JCAHOI) are the worldwide leaders in setting standards for healthcare facilities design/construction and operation. The costs quoted for the USA are for design/ construction using JCAHO, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and other applicable standards. This class design/ construction qualifies for the equivalent rating of a 5-star hotel.

The news media reported that the Jamaica design/ construction also qualifies for the equivalent rating of a 5-star hotel. The cost per bed of the Guyana Specialty Hospital puts it in a class below that of a 5-star rating. However, at this stage let me caution that a healthcare facility with a lower design/ construction rating can, for the most part, deliver comparable quality of patient care than that of a facility with a 5-star rating. So much depends on the administration, medical, and

clinical personnel. The staffing, service image, patient care, national/ international accreditation, and the catchment areas of the patients are all very important factors in the service delivery. Outside of the foregoing it is my considered opinion that Guyana needs major upgrades in its healthcare facilities and services for us to seriously compete with countries like Jamaica, Costa Rica, and Panama in the area of medical tourism. In this regard, the JCAHO Environment of Care Standards which addresses statements of design/ construction, utilities, and environmental concerns will be a useful guide. Healthcare facility design and construction have indeed become specialised

fields. It will be in Guyana’s best interests to engage companies which are proven in these fields for, eventually, Guyana will have to seek international accreditation as a means of boosting the acceptance and recognition of its Specialty Hospital. Finally, in times of disaster a hospital should be a sure place of refuge. The present location of the Specialty Hospital is prone to floods from the Atlantic Ocean and heavy rainfall. The salt air will bring about accelerated corrosion of the medical equipment and appurtenances. Also, a hospital should be in a quiet zone. To situate the Specialty Hospital along Guyana’s busiest carriageway does not address this concern. Abraham David

Saturday October 26, 2013

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Thwaites cements more partnerships with China Jamaica Gleaner - The Chinese, who have increased their presence in Jamaica over recent years, are now looking to cement their cooperation with the country in the field of education. Education Minister Ronald Thwaites said his trip to China last week was a success, as they managed to forge agreements that would facilitate a number of knowledge-based exchange programmes. One of these arrangements is seeking to facilitate the exporting of Jamaican teachers to C h i n a ’s l a r g e s t c i t y, Shanghai. “ We h a v e b e g u n negotiations with the prefecture of Shanghai for supplying them with teachers of English…China needs a number of teachers of English, so we would like to fill some of those

[spaces] with teachers who are perhaps retired or who are qualified but haven’t found jobs here,” Thwaites said. He said the ministry was not yet in a position to disclose the number of possible teachers who would benefit from this programme as the negotiations were still ongoing. Thwaites said opportunities were also being created for Jamaican educators to boost their skills by attending at least one tertiary institution in China. “The Eastern University of Shanghai offered to partner with us in reviewing educational policies and particularly helping us in math education,” he informed. The minister said Chinese nationals could also come to Jamaica’s

universities to receive instruction in English language. In August, while on a visit to China, Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller offered 10 scholarships to Chinese sportsmen, coaches and administrators, tenable a t t h e G. C . F o s t e r College. Meanwhile, Thwaites said coming out of the discussions last week, an agreement has also been reached to expand the Confucius Institute beyond the gates of the U n i v e r s i t y o f t h e We s t Indies, Mona, in an effort to teach more students Mandarin. “ We a l s o g o t t h e commitment that they would extend their facilities to the Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College i n M o n t e g o B a y, S t James, so that students wouldn’t have to come to Kingston,” he added.

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Saturday October 26, 2013

Insurance Bill still in limbo

Ho-Sing: Process started 12 years ago

Trinidad Express - Central Bank’s Deputy Inspector of Financial Institutions Wendy Ho-Sing does not believe the new 2013 Insurance Bill will be passed before year’s end. Speaking at the Trinidad and Tobago Association of Insurance and Financial Advisers (TTAIFA) seminar at the Capital Plaza, Port of Spain, yesterday Ho-Sing noted that the process which was started in 2001 is now 12 years old.

“We are now in 2013—we have had extensive consultation with the industry and the public between the periods of 2004 and 2009. The Bill was actually laid in Parliament last year and again this year but it has lapsed and we expect that it will be laid in Parliament before the end of this year. “The M i n i s t e r o f Finance and the Economy (Larry Howai) would like the Bill to be reviewed by a Joint Select Committee for further consideration as he said it ‘as an additional m e a s u r e o f caution and completeness’.

money talks: Curtis Dass, left, president of the Trinidad and Tobago Association of Insurance and Financial Advisers (TTAIFA), speaks to Wendy Ho-Sing, centre, deputy Inspector of Financial Institutions, and Jacinto Martinez, Sagicor vice-president of sales, during yesterday’s seminar on “Responding to Change” at Capital Plaza on Wrightson Road, Port of Spain. —Photo: ISHMAEL SALANDY “While we think this represents progress on the new Bill, making its way to being active, we think it is

unlikely that the Bill will be passed in 2013. “We can only hope and keep our fingers crossed that

the passage will occur in early 2014. This is my view not the minister’s view,” she added. She said the advances in

technology and communication has given rise to a more global and empowered customer. “Consumers are being encouraged by government regulators and industry associations to increase their knowledge and understanding of financial products, so you will be facing a more enlightened and knowledgeable customer,” Ho-Sing said. She said when Howai introduced the Insurance Bill in the Parliament last year he promised to place a summary of the Bill on the government’s website. “He says, and I quote, ‘The consumer will be aware of the new protection and regulatory measures that are put in the Insurance Bill’.” Ho-Sing, who also spoke on how the bar has been raised with respect to qualifications, the assurance of insurance coverage and adequate disclosure and procedures for anti-money laundering, said if the insurance industry is to achieve success they must all

prepare themselves. “It can no longer be business as usual. The bar has been raised,” she pointed out. Vice president of sales at Sagicor, Jacinto Martinez, who also spoke at the seminar, told those in attendance that although the current economy is less scarier than 2008 economy, the market is not the same as it was before the September 2008 global financial crisis. “Despite the stabilisation that has occurred over the past five years the global economy has not yet recovered from the meltdown of the United States economy in 2008. “The US economy is still drawing from the strength of the life support supplied by the bailout of the Federal reserve and has not yet rebuilt the momentum of preSeptember 2008. “The market is not back to normal, make no mistake.” He said today’s world belongs to the knowledgeable and the nimble minded— know your clients, the law and the products, he said.

Saturday October 26, 2013

Kaieteur News

ECCB competition continues tomorrow The East Coast Cricket Board (ECCB) 40over competition will continue tomorrow with several matches. Fairfield will host Cane Grove, Bravados will play Perseverance at Unity, Strathaven will entertain Helena 1 and 2, Enterprise B will be at home to Mon Repos Development, Ogle will face Better Hope B at Better Hope, Plaisance will journey to Lusignan to challenge their B team and Ogle will battle Enterprise A at Ogle. Meanwhile, the ECCB is calling the relevant authorities (NDCs, IMCs and GUYSUCO) who have the responsibilities for

the preparation of the grounds and facilities on the East Coast to make a special effort in ‘fixing’ their grounds. In most cases, all that is required is cutting the playing area and the preparation of the pitch. It has been more than five weeks since the resumption of the cricket on the East Coast and the ECCB is finding it difficult to organize matches consisting of forty-one (41) teams with only seven (7) grounds available. It must be noted that East Coast (Abary to Ogle) has twenty-six (26) cricket grounds.

Saturday October 26, 2012 ARIES (MAR 21 - APR 19): You feel mentally and physically great, and your business and financial interests may take a sudden turn for the better. A contract could be involved. *************************** TAURUS (APR 20 - MAY 20): You can overcome difficulties with business and money through the help of someone older. Helpful advice makes a future course of action seem clearer and more practical than before. Your practical abilities are heightened. *************************** GEMINI (MAY 21 - JUN 20): Today a piece of information for which you've been searching could suddenly become known. You might use your business and moneymanagement skills to help a friend or a group with which you're affiliated. *************************** CANCER (JUN 21 - JUL 22): Efforts to advance your career that you've made over the past few weeks could finally bear fruit. Success and good fortune are strongly indicated where business and money are concerned. *************************** LEO (JUL 23 - AUG 22): A long-awaited vacation or move you've been hoping to make could finally be possible today. Before you go, there may be some paperwork to take care of. ************************ VIRGO (AUG 23 - SEP 22):Heightened imagination and ingenuity could bring new ideas for advancing yourself in money and business affairs. Practical information attained from outside sources merges with insights to bring useful information your way. Consider everything carefully before taking action.

LIBRA (SEP 23 - OCT 22): Social events, especially those unrelated to business, could bring exciting new contacts. Relationships with partners should be mutually beneficial, particularly when the people you're dealing with are friends. *************************** SCORPIO (OCT 23 NOV 21): Your efficient and practical abilities are operating at a very high level. A long-term goal that you've been working toward could finally be reached today, bringing good fortune and open acknowledgement. *************************** SAGITTARIUS (NOV 22 DEC 21): Your strong business head and practical skills couple with imagination and innovation to bring advancement your way *************************** CAPRICORN (DEC 22 JAN 19): Business colleagues or prospective partners could visit today. The meeting promises to be cooperative, rewarding, and fruitful. *************************** AQUARIUS (JAN 20 - FEB 18): A social event in your neighborhood, perhaps in your home, could bring practical information your way that you can put to use to advance your business. You could meet some valuable contacts. Information received from neighbors can prove enlightening. You should feel optimistic, enthusiastic, and motivated. *************************** PISCES (FEB 19 - MAR 20): Your business and financial interests could suddenly take a turn for the better. Any difficulties you've been having may disappear as if by magic. Whatever your work, either related to career or projects of your own, it should suddenly run a lot more smoothly.

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Imam Bacchus and Sons Schools T\20 cricket- E’bo

Charity Secondary, 8th of May record wins Charity and 8th of May Secondary Schools recorded victories when play in the Imam Bacchus and Sons Schools T\20 cricket competition continued recently in Essequibo. At Imam Bacchus ground in Affiance, Charity defeated Johanna Cecelia Secondary by 27 runs. Charity batted first and scored 113-6 after the game was reduced to 15 overs. Keisho Rooplall made 38 and W. Fernandes supported with 35. V. Singh claimed 2-6, L. Surujpaul 2-18 and Akienie Adams 2-25. Johanna Cecelia responded with 86-6 in 15 overs. B. Dasrath scored 21 while Carlton Layne and L. Surajpaul made 14 each; Extras contributed 21. I. Van Sluytman took 2-15. 8 of May overcame Abrams Zuil Secondary by virtue of hitting more boundaries after their game including the super over ended as a tie at the said

venue. 8th of May took first strike and scored 114-3 in 15 overs with Parmesh Parsotam top scoring with 32 and A. Jamaludeen chipped in with 22. Extras contributed 27. Kevin Martinborough picked up 2-23. Abrams Zuil replied with 114 -6 in 15 overs. Martinborough returned to hit 30 while Y. Jagdat made 22

and Extras assisted with 25. Parsotam and Yougeshwar (only name given) captured 2 wickets each. Both teams scored 8 runs in the super over. 8th of May will now face Charity, while Anna Multilateral Secondary will play Cotton Field in the semifinals today at Affiance.

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Saturday October 26, 2013

Letter to the Sports Editor Anyone’s crown as National Junior Chess Championship reaches exciting climax GBA selection policies need Roberto Neto of Diamond Secondary School threw a monkey wrench in the ambitions of defending National Junior Chess Champion, Anthony Drayton, and won their fourth round encounter when activities in the Sasha Cells National Junior Chess Championship concluded at Olympic House, Kingston Wednesday evening last. The shock defeat means that the tournament has assumed an interesting twist with Drayton, Haifeng Su and Neto all on three points apiece with three rounds to go. The two engaged in an aggressive game where the duel

reached an exciting climax with each player evenly matched with rooks, pawns and their monarchs on the board. Drayton then blundered when he missed a chance to queen a passed pawn against Neto’s two (in chess, pawns are usually weak but if promoted to queens, they become stronger) and the latter player took full advantage of the opportunity, forcing the former to concede defeat. The loss was Drayton’s first in the tournament and means that he cannot afford a similar blunder for remaining three matches today and tomorrow. The tournament is indeed tight but in the event of a tied score, the two top

players would head into a playoff involving rapid chess with the winner being declared the champion. In the other matches on Wednesday, Omar Britton Grant defeated Saeed Ali, Haifeng Su got the better of Davion Mars and Sheriffa Ali gained a walkover from Rashad Hussain who was a no show. The other point standings read: Davion Mars (2), Sheriffa Ali (2 ½), Ali and Omar Grant (1 each) with Rashad Hussain in the cellar on a ½. Today’s action gets underway at 14:00hrs at the Guyana Legion Hall, Carifesta Avenue, while the final two rounds are scheduled for the same venue tomorrow morning.

Letter to the Sports Editor

Local basketball stakeholders had requested GABF hold elections by year end DEAR EDITOR, Please find below the text of a correspondence sent by Joseph Chapman on behalf of the basketball stakeholders from Linden, Georgetown and Berbice along with the Guyana Basketball Officials Council (GBOC) after a meeting in Linden on August 11, 2013. Please note that the collective decision by the local basketball stakeholders calling for an Annual General Meeting and Elections at the level of the GABF level this year was before the Caribbean Basketball Confederation mandated that the Federation hold their quadrennial elections between November 15, 2013 and January 5, 2014. Our request was withheld as we were informed of the move by the CBC, but of recent we decided to go through by sending this document to the Federation and whether the federation will adhere to that CBC instruction is anybody’s guess. In fact, we had been hoping that the Federation would have seen it necessary to hold their elections due to the state of the existing body.

We have had no reply to this request until now or even an acknowledgement. Mr. Michael Burnett, Esq. General Secretary Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation 16th October, 2013. Dear Sir, Please be informed that at a Special Meeting involving the key stakeholders to the GABF; comprising representatives from the Linden, the Georgetown and the Berbice Amateur Basketball Associations and the Guyana Basketball Officials Council on August 11, 2013 at Linden have taken collectively the following decisions, which are being related to you through this correspondence: We the undersigned have agreed that the state of basketball is not what it should be and as such we urge that the Federation does the following: Take immediate steps with Annual General Meeting Elections, which are due in 2014, to be brought forward in 2013, perhaps by November/D e c e m b e r s o

that should there be a change in the administration, there is a smooth transition for the GABF to be adequately represented. Request the completion of all previous tournaments which were conducted under the GABF That course of action comes knowing the fact that the Federation has not had any General Council or Annual General Meetings or has submitted any Reports on its stewardship of this federation since its AGM and Elections in 2010 We urge that steps be taken to ensure that with the chances of Guyana a t t e n d i n g next CBC Championships, and if possible that the federation mounts a strong bid to bring a CBC Senior championships to Guyana in the near future, which is based reportedly that Guyana could have hosted the championships in 2013. We the identified stakeholders from Linden, Georgetown and Berbice Ama t e u r Basketball Associations along w i t h t h e GBOC thinks it is necessary at this time to bring about a change to make the necessary steps to alter the course of the game at this time. With this in mind we look forward to meeting you to address the above mentioned relating to ensuring the game prospers as it should for the good of the game. With regards, Joseph Chapman, On behalf of the Basketball Stakeholders LABA, GABA, BABA and GBOC.

to be properly examined

DEAR EDITOR Kindly grant me some space in your widely read newspapers to expound on an article appearing on Sunday October 20 and captioned ‘Eclipsing the bronze medal feat through gold medal inputs’ penned by Michael Benjamin. There are occasions when I differed with some of the views expressed by this writer but this time I am forced to conclude that his views are spot on. The article dealt in part with Imran Khan, a prominent amateur pugilist that was spotlighted for representation at the 2012 London Olympics. I was then a member of the executive committee of the then Guyana Amateur Boxing Association, now the Guyana Boxing Association and recall that several boxers were identified to travel to Brazil to participate in the Olympics Box Off. Imran Khan was listed as the top priority with Stephon Gouveia, Richard Williamson and Bert Braithwaite being the other selectees in that order; all except Williamson made the trip. Williamson was aggrieved and frustrated and opted to leave the amateur ranks. I was one of the persons that had openly criticized Williamson’s

omission since GBA executives ignored the order of priority. Fast forward to Brazil; Gouveia performed above par and to my mind was the best of the lot and was just one victory shy of qualification to the London Olympics. Consequent to the return of the team, members of the selection committee (GABA) convened and we unanimously decided to supplant Khan with Gouveia in order of priority. The wisdom of that decision was very evident based upon their individual performances in Brazil; Gouveia won two bouts while Khan lost his first bout. Further, Gouveia also defeated Khan in a subsequent bout earlier this year. Nevertheless, the selectors persisted with Khan and he was selected to travel to Cuba for the Cardin Games. Once again, he failed at those games yet the selectors continued to put a great deal of faith in him and his recent trip to Kazakhstan to participate in the IABA World Championships ended dismally after he lost his very first bout. In the meantime, Gouveia was overlooked at the expense of Khan’s participation. Now, does this make any sense? Was Khan’s selection fair and transparent?

I now turn my attention to the coach and contend that if Cuban coach, Francisco Hernandez Roldan is to be effective he should have travelled with the boxers to properly assess their performances in order to make the relevant adjustments. Instead, he remained at home while another coach accompanied the boxers. The GBA executive is boasting of the boxers’ success in the just concluded South American Youth Games in Peru. What they did not say is that only Michael April actually won a bout. The other boxers drew byes and were propelled into the medal rounds without throwing a punch including silver medalist, Travis Fraser. In other words none of the medals were really meritorious yet the GBA executive continues to preen their feathers as though the boxers had truly done a great deed. I am contending that the selection policies used by the GBA needs to be thoroughly examined to determine if taxpayers and the nation at large are receiving value for their dollar. Hopefully, such examinations will ensure that the best boxers travel to international games in representation of this country. Keith Campbell

Fixtures and results of Trophy Stall Softball cricket tournament Play in the Trophy Stall Softball cricket tournament continued last Sunday with several matches. The event will continue tomorrow. Here are the fixtures for this weekend and results from the last set of matches. DCC ground: Pitch 1: 9:30am-Floodlight vs Success Masters. 12:30pm-Frontliners vs Parika Defenders. Pitch 2: 9:30am-Wolf Warriors vs Renegade. 12:30pm-Savage Masters vs Enterprise Legends. GNIC ground: 9:30amRegal X1 vs Country Side. 12:30pm-Industry Super Kings vs Regal Masters. Cyril Potter College: Pitch 1: 9:30am-Trophy Stall B vs Power Play. 12:30pm-P & P Warriors vs Farm. Pitch 2: 9:30am-Tony’s X1 vs Buddy’s X1. 12:30pmAccomplishment vs Brickery Super Stars. Meanwhile, Results for Sunday 20: Wellman def. Frontliners Masters by 20 runs. Wellman 138 all out in 20 overs. Herbert Wright 32. Nandram Samlall

28. Rampersaud Sankar 4 for 26. Gary McCoy 36. Greg DeFranca 3 for 12. Lloyd Ruplall 3 for 20. Success Masters def. Park Rangers by 22 runs. Success 170 all out in 20 overs. Dharmendra Mohabir 65. Fazil Ali 45. Ryan Singh 3 for 38. Park Rangers 148 all out. Danny Mohanran 40 not out. Hafeez Samad 3 for 13, capturing a hat-trick. Farm def. Success Challengers by 11 runs. Farm 166 for 7 in 20 overs. Malo Bacchus 40. Ameer Khan 32. Raul Reid 27. D. Ramnauth 2 for 35. S. Budram 2 for 35. Challengers 155 all out in 19.1 overs. A. Rooplall 35. D. Deosaran 24. D. Ramnauth 35. Raul Reid 3 for 20. Patrick Khan 3 for 22. Sheldon Perch 2 for 17. Karibee Strikers def. 4R Lioness by 9 wickets. Karibee Strikers 73 for 5 in 10 overs. Nafeeza Mohamed 26. Tessa Parks 2 for 19. Karibee Strikers 77 for 1. A. Arokium 25. Wolf Warriors def. Country Side by 6 wickets. Country Side 89 all out in 15

overs. S. Alli 26. Ameer 3 for 2. D. Persaud 2 for 16. Wolf Warriors 94 for 4 in 9 overs. Ameer 38. Trophy Stall A def. Tony”s X1 by 10 wickets. Tony’s X1 65 all out in 10.4 overs. Y. Praimrag 3 for 11. Trophy Stall A 68 for none in 4.4 overs. F. Rafeek 45 not out. S. Ramnauth 23 not out. Renegade def. Power Play by 119 runs. Renegade 209 for 7 in 20 overs. Younis Yusuf 75. K. Ramdeen 25. Mala Malone 25. Power Play 90 for 9 in 20 overs. Jason 28. Karibee Rice Strikers def. Fazal Kayume Angels by 10 wickets. Fazal Kayume 91 for 9 in 10 overs. Gangadai Singh 23. Tony 2 for 8. Karibee Rice 95 for none in 9.3 overs. Tenessa Cort 57 not out. Industry Super Kings def. Savage Masters by 16 runs. Industry Super Kings 169 for 8 off 20 overs. Ishwar Persaud 53. David Harper 29. Rudy Samaroo 2 for 11. Falin Mohamed 2 for 24. Savage Masters 153 for 6. Ramo Malone 36. Falin Mohamed 31. Suraj Salskram 2 for 32.

Saturday October 26, 2013

Kaieteur News

Benjamin Mekdeci embraced as a Sports and Tourism Ambassador for Guyana According to a release from the Tourism Ministry, Guyana will be prominently represented by Benjamin Mekdeci in the Squash tournament at the upcoming US Open. Tourism, Industry and Commerce Minister, Irfaan Ali has fully endorsed Mekdeci as a sports and tourism ambassador for Guyana, even as he recognized the young man’s talents and ability as a Caribbean champion in Squash. Minister Ali met with members of the Mekdeci family, including Dr. Kelly Mekdeci, the Director of the Georgetown International Academy and her son Benjamin, in his Ministry’s South Road office recently the release stated. “We are happy to say that Ben, whose mother is an American and whose dad is Guyanese, chose to represent Guyana at the US Open Squash tournament, as a Guyanese. We are endorsing him as a sports ambassador,” the Tourism Minister explained. According to Dr. Mekdeci, both of her children are American by birth and Benjamin objected to being registered for the tournament as an American, but chose instead to register as a Guyanese and to represent the country. She said, “He objected and protested that he wanted to register as a Guyanese, he feels very strongly about that.” As to the significance of this move by the young squash champion, Ali announced that all Guyana should be proud of Benjamin representing the Golden Arrowhead. “We are delighted in relation to you representing our country and in this case it is special that Benjamin

chose to be an ambassador of Guyana. Sports in indeed a very important avenue, not only for the field but for tourism and being at that level representing Guyana and holding up the Guyana flag, will definitely bring a lot of attention to our c o u n t r y, ” M i n i s t e r A l i continued. The Tourism Minister announced too that a ‘Sports Ambassador Programme’ will soon be launched; this will see local sports men and women being tasked with the role of representing Guyana as tourism brand ambassadors. Ali said too that this will add to the country’s value in terms of marketing and promotion and will serve to further enhance Guyana’s image, internationally. Benjamin was presented with tokens of appreciation and samples of Tourism literature to use, in an effort to spread awareness, as he embraces his new role as a tourism ambassador for Guyana. “I am very pleased to have the opportunity of representing Guyana, this is a great honour,” Benjamin Mekdeci declared the release stated.

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Petra Organisation/Courts Pee Wee Schools Football Tournament

Quarter-finals showdown on today at Min. of Education ground

By Rawle Welch Unbeaten St. Pius and F.E. Pollard clash is anticipated to be the highlight of the four quarter-final engagements when play in the Petra Organisation/Courts Pee Wee Schools Football Tournament resumes today, at the Ministry of Education ground on Carifesta Avenue. Clearly the most dominant team in this year’s competition, the West La Penitence-based side will have to replicate their earlier performances to stop the Kitty-based F.E. Pollard that have looked an improved side in every encounter since opening week action. However, what strategy they intend to employ to stop the rampaging marksman Bevney Mark will have to be watertight since no team in the competition to date has been able to slowdown the prolific striker. He will have support in the likes of Marcus Wilson and Kamacy Davis, two players who’ve already shown that they are capable of doing damage to weal defences. On the other hand, F.E. Pollard have been another

team with reliable strikers who’re also capable of tormenting the best of defences. Quincy Williams, Makhaiya Jervis, Tramel McCurdy and Cordell Charles have steadily risen to the occasion and St. Pius are therefore warned not to get complacent against a team that seems hungry for success. In the second quarterfinal, another unbeaten team East La Penitence put their unblemished record on the line against a stubborn Sat. Margaret’s line-up and this battle is another one that is hard to predict a winner. No doubt, the South Georgetown-based team have looked impressive to date and Fabian Boters have displayed the class and skill to worry any backline, while the s u p p o r t i n g c a s t t hat includes Leroy Yaw and Andre Hope has done an admirable job in supplementing the good work of Boters so they look a formidable opponent, but today will definitely provide the answer as to their real pedigree.

Next up is the encounter between last year’s beaten finalist Tucville and Enterprise and while the former has struggled on a few occasions this year, no one could argue about their experience at this level so underrating them could prove perilous. Rayheim Marques and DeAndre Luton have been the in-form players and it is quite clear that their chances of advancing further hinge on solid performances from the pair. Enterprise has some very good players in Delon Harmon, Rasheed Evans and Jeffrey Blair and should they continue to work in tandem, containing them could be a difficult task for the opposition. In the remaining quarterfinal fixture, St. Gabriel’s square off against West Ruimveldt and this too promises to produce fireworks from the whistle. Tean Forde has been the in-form player for St. Gabriel’s, while West Ruimveldt has a potent quartet of strikers, all capable of dominating a game. The deadly four are Ryan James, Dante Sookram,

Michael Oie and Justin Persaud and if they work in unison as they’ve done so far in the tournament then St. Gabriel’s will be in for a long afternoon. Four matches to determine the placing between 9-16 are also carded for the day, so fans will have a full itinerary to wet their appetite and witness the future stars in the sport. Kick off time is 10:00 hrs. Fixtures: 10:00hrs Marian Academy v/s Ketley Primary - 9-16 10:00hrs St Pius Primary v/s F.E.Pollard Quarterfinal 11:00hrs South Ruimveldt Primary v/s Redeemer Primary - 9-16 11:00hrs St Margaret’s v/s East La Penitence Primary - Quarterfinal 12:00hrs J.E. Burnham Primary v/s St Stephen’s - 916 12:00hrs Tucville Primary v/s Enterprise Primary Quarterfinal 13:00hrs St Ambrose v/s North Georgetown Primary - 9-16 13:00hrs St Gabriel’s v/s West Ruimveldt Primary Quarterfinal

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Kaieteur News

Saturday October 26, 2013

NAMS wins New Amsterdam/Canje Inter Secondary School athletics

The winning NAMS team

New Amsterdam Multilateral School (NAMS) was declared the winner when the New Amsterdam/Canje District (15) held their Annual Track, Field and Cycling Championships on Friday at the Edinburgh Ground East Bank Berbice. At the end of the competition after some controversy and rechecking by official s , NAMS was declared the winner, being way out front with 822 points. Defending champions Tutorial Academy Secondary (TASS) had to settle for second position with 766 points. Berbice Educational Institute (BEI) was pushed one positio n down this year ending in third position on 565 points. New Amsterdam Technical Institute (NATI) placed fourth with 431 points. In fifth position was

Berbice High (BHS) on 319 points, Vryman’s Erven Secondary (VESS) sixth with 255points, Canje Secondary (CSS) seventh on 238 points. The other schools to compete were School of the Nation (SON) o n 1 7 9 p oints, Royal Academy with 40 and Overwinning Primary bring up the rear with 5 points. A number of athletes turned in ou t s t a n d i n g performances during the t w o d ay activity. Ryan Bramble of NAMS was in top form in the boys U16 division winning the 100m, 200m, 400m and triple jump events. Carlos Trinidad of SON had things his way among the U-18 boys winning the 100M, 200M and 400M and placing second in the long jump event. National Junior female athlete Melisa Byass

representing NATI was the top female athlete on show as she hardly broke a sweat in dominating the U-18 girls 400M, 800M and 1500M events. National female cyclist Marica Dick also had an outstanding day on the bike in winning the 800M, 1000M and 1500M events. Dick also placed second in the U-20 400M female race. There was intense battle and drama in the Girls U16 events as schoolmates Torencia Moses and Donella Joe of TASS continued their battle for supremacy which began at the Inter House level. Moses showed her all round ability in winning the high jump, long jump and 100M with Joe placing second on every occasion. Joe however was able to race away with the 200M event after Moses was unable to compete after pulling up

Torencca Mosess (L) strikes a pose with her teammate Donella Joe who had to waite for her time to shine in the 200m U-16 with cramps just before the start of the race. Other outstanding performances were turned in by Kareem Southwell of

BHS as he won the boys U14 100M and 200M events. The top athletes will now going into training in preparation for the

Carlos Trinadad of SON, Champion Boy Ryan Bramble, M. Dick, Melissa Byas National School Track and field champion in November at the National Stadium in Georgetown. (Samuel Whyte)

Dilip Budhram Memorial Volleyball Competition 2013 set for tomorrow in Berbice The Berbice Volleyball Association (BVA) will be holding the 3rd Annual Dilip Budhram Memorial Volleyball Competition tomorrow at the Port Mourant Training Centre Courts, Corentyne, Berbice, beginning at 09:30 hrs.

The one day competition is open to all t e a m s / c l u b s /schools in Berbice and among the top teams expected to participate are - PMTC 1 & 2, Albion Sports Club, Port Mourant Jaguars, Falcons of Canje, 3 Doors Strikers of D’Edward,

Vikings of Blairmont and Rollers of New Amsterdam. The late Dilip Budhram was a sports enthusiast and had an active association with the BVA during the period 1998-2003. The compet i t i o n i s b e i n g sponsored by his family. Trophies and medals

will be up for grabs for the first, second and third place finishers, while individual awards will be presented to the MVP, the Best Spiker, Best Setter, Best Server, Best Defence, Best Blocker and Best Libero. Teams are urged to be punctual for the opening ceremony.

The BVA also plans to stage the following competitions before the season ends - the Rollers Old Boys Champion of Champions Lien Trophy on November 9th and 10th at the Skeldon Community Centre, the Chattergoon Memorial Trophy

Competition on November 17th at Albion, the Balram Shane Memorial Competition on December 1st at Albion and the Reggie Goberdhan Memorial Lien Trophy Competition on December 8th at the 3 Doors Strikers Court D’Edward Village, West Coast Berbice. (Samuel Whyte)

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