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AFC wants answers on GuySuCo lands given to private developers Detained vessel...

Case turned over to Venezuelan prosecutors South Road shooting...

Third victim Stepson kills - Assailant succumbs turns Sophia farmer himself in to gunshot Dried up Amaila Falls...

Guyana was never told Proposed reservoir would it would be reduced to hold water for only 26 days a trickle - Nagamootoo of generation - Tony Vieira

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday October 15, 2013

Tuesday October 15, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Dried up Amaila Falls...

Proposed reservoir would hold water for only 26 days of generation - Tony Vieira


u b l i c Wo r k s Minister, Robeson B e n n , h a s defended the use of the Amaila Falls location f o r t h e 1 6 5 M W hydroelectric plant in the face of a damning image of the dried out location by saying that the plan is to build a reservoir. The proposed reservoir would serve as a catchment area and provide an adequate supply of water during the dry season months. This view by Benn however is being challenged. Former Member of Parliament and critic of the Amaila Falls location, Anthony Vieira, in his latest public missive on the debacle, points to the writings of ‘Delgado5,’ whom he described as, “clearly a qualified engineer who is very knowledgeable about what is planned for Amaila.” Delgadao5, earlier this year, had written to the media a document entitled “What the public should know about the Amaila project.” That missive had suggested that the design of the Amaila hydro project, visualized a catchment of only 90 square kilometers, would have been woefully inadequate. According to Vieira, “Other studies inform us that this catchment is too small given the expected output of Amaila, and its functioning would be seriously compromised after a routine period of only 26 days if no rainfall…Why is it that the public is only now awakening to these facts through the excellent coverage of the matter with that one photograph?” According to Vieira, Delgado5 had pointed out that it is a mystery that the hydro project is located at Amaila when the

Former MP, Anthony Vieira Tumatumari location was clearly more feasible. He tells us this: The Rivers, Kuribrong and Amaila, continue beyond the hydro site to about fifty miles until they reach the foot of the Ayanganna Mountain where they were born. Both rivers, beyond the site, have no creeks or swamps emptying into them. They depend entirely on the natural springs at the base of Raleigh and Ayanganna mountains as sources of water in the absence of rainfall. The reservoirs would contain 30 days of reserved water and if there is no rain in the catchment area for a little over one month, electricity could be produced for about 26 days on reserved water. Should the dry weather continue beyond this time, the reservoir becomes dried out and the turbines will starve. According to Vieira, “This makes the observations of our not so honourable Minister Benn, nonsense, when he says that when there is a catchment, this situation of no water would not be a cause for concern.” Delgado5 had also pointed out that “the project is located only about 52 miles from where the two

rivers were born at the foot of the Ayanganna Mountain, and so only nine per cent of all the water contained in the whole of the Kuribrong River would be dispensable to it. The bulk of the water of the Kuribrong river would run off to merge with the waters of the full length of the Potaro River to form real rugged rapids at the Tumatumari, where indeed the project should have happened in the first place, he said. According to Vieira, Delgado 5 was telling us that this hydro project should be better located at Tumatumari and not Amaila. Another of the critiques leveled against the use of the Amaila Falls location was the amount of civil works that would be required to

An overhead view of the dried out Amaila Falls only supply 165MW of electricity. The Guri Hydro Dam, in Venezuela is the third largest in the world, producing 10,500MW and was constructed with just about double the size of civil works to be done at Amaila. “Delgado5 is saying that we will be constructing a dam which entails civil

engineering works which will be nearly 50 per cent of what the Guri dam took to construct, but will only produce less than one percent of the power Guri does.” “I am forced to ask the question again, can’t the PPP get anything right?” questions Vieira. Delgado 5 tells us that a

hydro project at Tumatumari would be far more economical to build and operate with a much larger catchment [more than 680 sq kilometres] fed by more reliable sources of water and would therefore be more effective and can be built for less than the price of Amaila. And will disturb no Amerindian settlements.

Newspaper Editor ordered before Judge over articles N

igel Williams, Editor at the Guyana Times, is expected to appear in court before Justice Roxanne GeorgeWiltshire, on Monday to answer questions pertaining to articles published about Guyana Stores and National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited. The matter is currently “sub judice”. As the matter continued yesterday Head of NICIL, Winston Brassington, was again called to testify in the High Court. Brassington was questioned yesterday by his lawyer Rafeek Khan about whether he had discussions with Mr. Yassin and his advisors, Mr. Luckhoo and Mr. Ram. Brassington said that those terms of reference

were negotiated with Mr. Ram and they had several meetings at which we agree on the Terms of Reference. Brassington also said that he believed that letters were received from Mr. Ram on the matter. Mr. Brassington said that he believed that they had written communication from Mr. Luckhoo, but most of them were dealt with by Mr. Yassin. He added that most of these matters were dealt with after June 2000 leading up to the agreement in October 2000 – the period when NICIL was seeking to conclude the final agreement which is the Share Sale Agreement. He was asked if Mr. Yassin had raised any question about the franchises for example the F i s h e r m a n ’s F r i e n d

Nigel Williams Agreement or any other Agreement that may have existed? Brassington replied, “I do not recall”. The witness was further questioned about what he had told Mr. Luckhoo whether the imminent

privatization of Guyana Stores Limited was impacting on the sales of the Company, since there were some restrictions placed on the Company. Brassington was then asked if there were those restrictions and why. Mr. Brassington, in reply, said that those restrictions went back to 1999 because GSL was up for privatization, and that it could not engage in any major capitalization. Management, therefore, was trying to hold things together until the privatization of the Company. He added that there was negative publicity when the announcement of the buyer was made, coupled with the Union’s push for the payment of severance even though only shares in the (Continued on page 11)

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Kaieteur News

Kaieteur News Printed and Published by National Media & Publishing Company Ltd. 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown, Georgetown, Guyana. Publisher: GLENN LALL Editor: Adam Harris Tel: 225-8465, 225-8491. Fax: 225-8473, 226-8210


Amaila Falls now raises new questions When Kaieteur News published a photograph of a dry Amaila Falls the nation suddenly began to ask a series of questions. One question now is whether this was the best possible site for US$1 billion hydroelectric project. This project was to have seen Guyana get 165 megawatts of power, more than the present need of the country. The reason for its apparent demise at this time has been ventilated in the media over time. For one, the opposition parties could not agree with the government on a number of issues, not least among them the cost of the project and the details of the various loan arrangements. The contractor then said that it needed consensus from all the political parties if it would have continued with the project. That consensus was not forthcoming. For its part the government said that it made available to the opposition parties every bit of information on the project. The opposition denied this statement. And it would seem that the opposition parties were correct because when the photograph of a dry Amaila Falls was published they were taken by surprise. One opposition politician said that in his discussions with the contractor, Sithe Global, his party did hear that the flow of water over the falls would be diminished at certain times but that no one told him that this flow would be reduced to a trickle. The press did ask about feasibility studies and got numerous answers. The first question about feasibility study was asked of Winston Brassington and dealt with the construction of the road to the dam site. Brassington said that the entity providing the Performance Bond would have conducted the feasibility study. That entity, Hand in Hand Insurance Company never did a feasibility study. Brassington had lied. It transpired that the Performance Bond was made possible because there was a government guarantee. The next question about a feasibility study centered on the construction of the hydroelectric dam and the entire project. The government said that many agencies had conducted the studies but for some strange reason these studies were never made public. We know that the Inter American Development Bank was conducting its own feasibility study even though the government had stated that such a study was done. Then there was another study that culminated in a plane crash that killed the two pilots. Was there a study that revealed that both the Kuribrong and Amaila Rivers run bone dry from time to time? The public is now left to wonder whether there would have been extensive periods of blackouts despite the massive expenditure on the project. For certain the government never told the nation about any blackouts so that the general opinion was that the Amaila Falls would have provided a continuous flow of water. It is a good thing that these things are happening now that the project has collapsed. But what does this mean for the nation? For one there have been massive expenditures on projects leading to nowhere. For example, some US$30 million is being spent on a road to nowhere. That money could have done so much more for the coastal infrastructure. Similarly, the government is spending another wad of money on the communication cable from Brazil. This cable should have been operational by now but we hear that there are problems bringing the cable. This cable was to have funded the e-governance programme and support the One Laptop per Family project. Government has spent similarly large sums on the latter. With these things happening even as the largest project to be completed by the government failing to work, one is forced to wonder at the saying that a willful waste makes a woeful want. The government has not been able to stem the rising tide of illiteracy and the corresponding hike in criminal activity. These sums could have done so much to recruit the necessary teachers and help keep the skills at home. Is it that the projects are not properly thought out? Or is it that the government is reckless with money from the national coffers?

Tuesday October 15, 2013

Letters... Where your views make the news

Kill them all, or educate them all? DEAR EDITOR, One can measure how degenerated a society has become when its citizens begin to applaud, condone and justify extra-judicial killings, especially on social media. It is either an indictment that there is no confidence in the judicial system or that societal reasoning of what constitutes fundamental justice has eroded. Whichever it is, if the society places the power to determine guilt and innocence in the hands of the military police complex, then it would have abandoned the very essence of its civility. As such, how will it then argue against lawlessness? The reports following the extrajudicial killings of two youth from Albouystown and the wounding of another indicated they were SUSPECTED of intentions to commit a crime. “However some eyewitnesses alleged that the suspects were unarmed and that one of them had surrendered,” reported Kaieteur News Modern societies are founded on the basic principle that every citizen has a right to defend their guilt or innocence, regardless of whether that guilt is obvious or assumed. Therefore, the question that Guyana must answer is at what point does a potential threat compromise the right to life. Who makes this decision? Who defines what is criminal in a society and when it deserves the death penalty? It is sad that in Guyana the face of the black youth is the poster of what defines crime. Let’s be real, eighty-five percent of those killed extra-judicially are young black males and some in the society now applaud. Yet, not a single

drug baron is hunted down with the same earnestness. Not a single government official is prosecuted with the same urgency. I do not hear the same outrage, which causes people to applaud the extra-judicial killing of young men, levelled at extremely corrupt state officials. Isn’t the fact that millions disappear every day from the state treasury a criminal problem? Is the lack of outrage because no one known gets killed? When un-civility answers the question of civility with more uncivility, it is a degenerated state of affairs. There is justifiable outrage and pain caused by the overbearing and continuous state of crime in the society. H o w e v e r, w h e n w i l l t h o s e responsible for securing the society be held accountable? The Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee has held his position for more than a decade amidst the worsening criminal environment, while he shifts the blame to the opposition in unceremonial and awkward political speeches. Unsolved murders are endemic under the Crime Chief, and Deputy Law Enforcement Commissioner, Seelall Persaud, yet he holds on to his position. Crime in Guyana goes unsolved because the Guyana Police Force has no relationship with and is alienated from communities that are essential to solving crime. Yet, with clouded vision, the Ministry of Home Affairs announces a Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) unit, which means more extra-judicial killings. If the organizational culture and structural components remain the same, how can Commissioner Brumell assure the society that SWAT will not be

another Black Clothes killing squad. Mr. Brumell says that specially identified ranks of the Guyana Police Force are being recruited through a vigorous process. “I can assure you that my Deputy Commissioner of Law Enforcement Seelall Persaud is one of the persons taking them through the process.” By any measurement of law enforcement, Mr. Seelall Persaud has failed miserably in his duties. Mr. Brumell must tell the society what are the short, medium and long-term programmes to deal with the situation. The Guyana Police Force desperately needs a structural change in the way it enforces the law. This must include rigorous training of police officers in community policing and decent compensation to encourage highly educated individuals to make law enforcement a career. So far, the government has refused to inject the required amount of funds and increase the investment placed in sourcing the necessary crime-fighting equipment for the police force, to aid its crime-fighting initiatives. There are some developed societies that would be willing to lend assistance on crime-fighting initiatives and police reform to developing countries. Instead, the Home Affairs Ministry announced that it would seek consultation with a private group, The Emergency Group (TEG), based in Washington DC, rather than seek government-to-government partnership assistance. The problem with this is that such consultation is a waste of taxpayers’ dollars, if implementations of recommendations are continuously (Continued on page 23)

Which Minister will direct the SWAT unit? DEAR EDITOR, Please allow me to make a few observations that point to our eroding freedoms as citizens of this dear land. Tw o r e c e n t i n c i d e n t s h a v e convinced me that the PPP is panicking and is forging ahead into dictatorship mode. I read with horror the statements made by Dr. Roger Luncheon, threatening to take action against persons protesting the situations at schools. His statements amount to a threat to the constitutional rights of Guyanese to protest peacefully. It seems as though the PPP is hell bent on outlawing protest; they tried it under Janet Jagan. Yet our Opposition sits down and allows this threat to go unanswered. Maybe they will wait until the government makes good on the threat then they will act. Another scary scenario presented itself last week when a young man was locked up by the police allegedly on the instruction of a government minister. Since when is it a crime to heckle a minister in public? I believe that once no threat was made, there was no need for the young man to be arrested. So far, I have not heard of any charges. And this speaks volumes of the way the police dispenses justice in this country. There have been many suggestions that the Guyana Police

Force is being politically directed. For me, these are no longer suggestions; these are facts. What is more alarming is that this time it is not the Home Affairs Minister who is directing the Guyana Police Force. By the way, one would think that to clear his name, Minister Rohee would have issued a statement on the matter, since it points directly to something that he has been denying for some time. Or maybe he can direct the work of a

contractor working on a government contract, or he can remove an Ambassador from his posting. It could be that that is how our cabinet works. I am still to hear Mr. Brumell address the issue, which will certainly come back to haunt the Force, especially with the proposed setting up of a SWAT unit. One has to ask the question which Minister will direct the SWAT unit? Andrew Sealey

National unity cannot be created in a vacuum

DEAR EDITOR, I have been following with interest the exchange of ideas on the issue of national unity which is so vital for a prosperous Guyana. At the sociological level, there is a fair measure of interethnic cohesion. People in Guyana of all ethnic groups relate to each other with the greatest of cordiality and respect. This speaks well of our maturity as a people despite attempts by some people to take advantage of our diversity to further their own self-interests. At the political level, class and ideology and not race has always been the dominant factor. The split of the PPP in 1955 was based more on political opportunism rather than on racial considerations. Were race the issue,

Jagan would not have enjoyed the support of Afro-Guyanese in the party leadership such as Martin Carter, Rory Westmaas, George Robertson, Fred Bowman , Lionel Jeffrey, Sydney King among others and Burnham would not have enjoyed the support of JP Latchmansigh and other big businessmen , the majority of whom were non-Africans. The party leadership saw the split in ideological terms. That explained why of the 11-non-Indians of the PPP General Council, only 3 joined with Burnham. With the passage of time, the class unity which was forged by Dr. Jagan and the PPP in the early 1950s became somewhat fractured by the intrigues of (Continued on page 23)

Tuesday October 15, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

Cleaning the heart of the city before it’s too late DEAR EDITOR, As a Guyanese and totally fed-up with the condition of the city and the country as a whole, not only with the crimes, the protesting at schools, the run-down police stations, non-operating street and traffic lights and the un-professionalism of most Government places when you go to transact a business, etc. Guyana was never at this stage as far as I can remember. It seems that we the people, the Government and the people in authority to protect and enforce the laws are all failing. And for what reason? Maybe we might never have the answers or maybe we just do not care. I read the newspapers each day and I ask myself, why things cannot be fixed or solved and why we allowed it to grow into a monster we cannot control, we all learned proverbs in school, and we remember “A Stitch in Time May save nine.” Now, let me go back to the topic of the letter. Having a cleaned, organised, tidy, well kept, drugs-free, crime free country would automatically encourage people from all around the world to speak

about Guyana and come see the country once called El Dorado/the Garden City. IDEAS OR SUGGESTIONS FOR THE SHORT TERM, LONG TERM AND SUSTAINABILITY OF GUYANA‘S GARBAGE COLLECTION. (1) Cleaning major trenches within the city, here is the list – Lamaha St, Church St, Carifesta Ave, Vlissengen Road, Croal St/South Road, Princes St, Sussex St and Front Road. By cleaning those major trenches, when it rains, the water has somewhere to go and avoid flooding the city and causing damage to roads and property. (2) The areas for major cleaning should be (East/ West – Public Road, LaPenitence, Water Street to Vlissengen, Sheriff Street) + (North/South – Seawall Road to Mandela Avenue) as a short term. – See https:// (3) You can hire new people for this six-week project or use the same in the town council and Ministry of Works, with private contractors or (4) Tender new bids for contractor/s to take this project – new and existing

contractors – they will be responsible for hiring temporary employees. (5) Work seven days a week to ensure this project is completed - reporting directly to a Minister with collaboration of the Town Clerk and a private businessmen. (6) All Safety items for cleaning can be purchased locally or overseas, see links (7) Cls_18/Safety-Supplies? pricode= DB893&gclid= CKCQmfepjLoCFYZaM goddmEAYQ& gclsrc= aw.ds (8) http://www.tsasafety. com/safety vests/ansisafety vests.html? gclid=CJzc28 uqjLoCFU JlMgodQykAcQ (9) Divide the areas mentioned into sub-sections and have 2-3 contactors bid, each will be responsible for his/her area of cleaning. (10) All alleyways, gutters, sidewalks, parapets must be cleaned, weeded, painted and repaired, if needed (this is where the Ministry of Works comes in) and possibly decorate the areas for the Christmas (Lights/paint the trees etc) (11) After the cleaning is completed, each business entity or private resident is responsible to maintaining in

front of his/her yard/fence/ parapet. (12) Do not give one contractor to do all the work; they will not clean as I/we would expect it to be done. I mean all concrete alleys and gutters should be cleaned until we see the bottom of it. (13) Hire all sand trucks available, particular Sundays when most stores are closed and less people on the road. This is a better day for the cleaning on the major shopping areas. LONG TERM (1) New and existing contractors are to be monitored and ensure they follow their agreement as agreed upon. (2) Many people will get jobs to work with contractors and more NIS will be received. (3) Different communities can have their own contractor depending on the size of the community and not several areas for one contractor. (4) If new and existing contractors cannot purchase more garbage trucks, then the Government or Council should, and work out a deal, whereby there are monthly deductions from service rendered until paid off in full. (5) Extend the cleaning to

all areas and let contractor/s bid - possibly businessmen in those communities. (6) Residents and businesses will be charged a stipulated fee if they cannot keep their direct area clean, tidy and organised. (7) Every three years the owner must bring a recent photo of property (front) showing the lot number (same as what banks ask for when applying for a loan), this way the council will see if their rates and taxes need to change, as people open businesses and are not paying the relevant taxes. Said picture can be scanned into the system. This brings in more taxes to manage the city. (8) Proper safety items must be used by all contractors when cleaning the city/communities. (9) Supervisors will be responsible for ensuring that areas are being cleaned - for example if garbage is supposed to be collected every Wednesday, the supervisor responsible for the weekly cleaning must sign a form confirming this was done, a copy of this form must be submitted with the invoice to the council or Ministry responsible for paying the

contractor at the end of the month or what was agreed upon. (10) Several bids should be tendered for different types of garbage connection – for example, cleaning of only large bins at various points in the city, markets, hospitals, residents’ bins only, business areas only, gutters/alleys, parapets only etc., this way it can be properly monitored and not one contractor doing all of the above – he/she will not be able. It is better to share the pie and there will be better monitoring. Each contractor will be responsible for his specific type. (11) Disband the city council as currently constituted; a special office must be set up for collecting rates and taxes (12) All contractors will report to a special committee and the relevant Ministry or Town Clerk. (13) All repairs to roads will be another committee, tree-trimming and printing, repairs of bridges etc. (14) The rates and taxes will be divided for those committees based on their yearly budget. SUSTAINABILITY Many more ideas and (Continued on page 24 )

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday October 15, 2013

Dried up Guyana was never told it would be Amaila Falls... reduced to a trickle- Nagamootoo Vice Chairman of the Alliance for Change (AFC), Moses Nagamootoo, believes that the recent graphic publication of a dried up Amaila Falls, illustrates that the ruling regime had been duped and in turn, it bamboozled the people of Guyana that Amaila Project was technically feasible for a hydro project - at least on the surface of it. Nagamootoo in an invited comment said that KN’s photograph of the Amaila Falls experiencing “seasonal drought tells a million sad stories and the publishers ought to be commended for this timely but dramatic revelation.” The AFC Vice Chairman said that when that party met with Sithe Global and the Inter American Development Bank, “we disclosed that it has been brought to our attention that the water flow through Kuribrong would reduce during three months of the year…We had not been told that it would be reduced to a trickle.” Nagamootoo said that this was one of the reasons “why we took a cautious approach and gave conditional support for the hydro project, pending a geo-

technical feasibility report from the IDB.” The Donald Ramotar outfit had accused AFC of ‘killing’ the project when the party refused to vote for $150B from the Treasury as a loan guarantee for GPL’s purchase of hydro power. According to Nagamootoo, “It is evident that the hydro facility has suffered a still-born death.” As such, he said that the regime must explain how Bharrat Jagdeo and Winston Brassington could revive the project “even if it does so out of shame.” “It was because of this uncertainty that the hydro falls could provide year-long continuous and reliable service that we have to put GPL right, not only to be the flagship for distribution of energy from the hydro but to be an efficient standby in case of a shut down at Amaila.” Nagamootoo reiterates, “We still insist that GPL put itself right.” “The Donald Ramotar outfit had sold Amaila as the mother of all hydro falls but old people say, when you don’t have mother, you got to suck granny,” said Nagamootoo. “So, we are stuck with GPL, it seems, with technical failures and impending tariff increase.” The publication of the dried up Amaila Falls had also prompted the leader of the

political opposition, David Granger, to remind that the proposed 165MW project was badly conceived in the first place. Granger said that the possibility of a dried up falls and river is the reason why APNU had called for a Potaro Basin Development Authority in the first place. He said that such a body would have been equipped with the necessary skills that would have been able to properly analyze and predict weather patterns. According to Granger, there are a number of other

sources of water in the Potaro basin that could have been diverted to the reservoir for the plant. This would have allowed for a more stable supply of water that could facilitate an even larger plant. He said, too, that a glaring example of the project being poorly conceived and implemented was the fact that at one point when the project was set to take off, there were still surveys being conducted. Granger was making reference to the plane that had crashed on a Plaisance home which had been

contracted by Sithe Global. The American registered aircraft, a twin-engine Piper Aztec with registration number N27-FT, was on a technical survey mission for the Amaila Falls project. Granger suggested that there is a need for a project that supplies much more than the proposed 165MW hence the need for a more guaranteed supply of water for the project. Public Works Minister, Robeson Benn, in response to the image of the dried up Amaila Falls had said that it

is not unusual for waterfalls used to provide hydroelectricity to run dry. He pointed to power stations in Suriname and in Brazil. He said that the contractors would have built a dam that would have stored water to smoothen the flow regime. The dam would have given rise to a reservoir which would have been used to regulate the flow of water for the hydro. The dam theory has since also been rejected, given that the proposed reservoir for the Amaila Site would be too small.

South Road shooting...

Third victim succumbs to gunshot The third suspect in Saturday night’s shooting, Romario Gouveia, 19, died suddenly at the Georgetown Public Hospital, just one day after hospital sources said that he was “perfectly stable”. Tearful relatives all gathered yesterday morning outside the Georgetown Public Hospital in total disbelief that the young man had passed away. According to an older brother, Sylvester Gouveia, relatives had requested to take the teen to a private institution to be treated. However that request was denied by hospital officials, who insisted that since it was “police’ matter the teen needed to be there. The brother further told Kaieteur News that relatives had visited his brother on Sunday and that he was “talking and sitting up” showing no signs of discomfort. “I telling you, this man wasn’t in no pain. He was talking to we and telling we wah happen Saturday night…Now today he dead; something wrong deh,” the tearful brother said. He said that relatives left around 18:00hrs and Gouveia was alive and well. The dead man’s brother added that they received a telephone call shortly before noon informing them that he had “passed away”. Relatives are calling for an independent and private post mortem examination.

Jermaine Canterbury, 21, called “Chow”, of Hogg Street, Albouystown, and Mark Anthony Joseph, 19, called “Two Grand”, also of Hogg Street, Albouystown, were shot dead during the confrontation while Romario Gouveia, 19, of James Street, Albouystown, was shot in the head. In a statement on Sunday police said that acting on information about a planned robbery on an occupant of the K&VC Hotel, South Road, Georgetown, they staked out the building last Saturday night. Police stated that around 20:30hrs the police observed the occupants of a car, bearing registration number PPP 8539, drive up and stop in Alexander Street. According to the statement, three men exited the vehicle and proceeded towards the K&VC Hotel. “The police challenged the men who opened fire on them, and the ranks returned fire. The young man told relatives that he was picked up by the police and taken to the area and told to run. He said the police eventually placed him to lie on the road side and shot him. According to one relative, the young man told them that when he was taken to the scene, the other two young men were already shot dead. His family members believe that the police may have thought that he was dead when they took him to

Mark Anthony Joseph

Jermaine Canterbury

The dead man’s brother Sylvester Gouveia speaking yesterday at the hospital. the hospital. Police Commissioner Leroy Brumell has asked that witnesses to the incident come forward and supply statements, in the wake of conflicting reports about what really took place. The management at the K&VC hotel in a statement on Sunday said that there was no robbery or robbery attempt

at the hotel. The management said staff and patrons heard the loud gunfire coming from the street outside the hotel and took precautions. There are calls by social activists for a full probe into the latest shooting by the Police. The Police in a statement said all three of the young men were previously charged for robberies and were all on bail.

Tuesday October 15, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday October 15, 2013

Drugs-for-guns trade reaches Barbados The drugs-for-guns trade has reached Barbados and could be largely responsible for the increased presence and use of firearms here, say police sources. And intelligence gathered by the Regional Security Systems (RSS), the organization charged with the defence and security of the Eastern Caribbean region, seems to support this. Daily Nation investigations have revealed that some of the guns flowing into Barbados were sent by suppliers connected to local dealers in lieu of payment for

David Welch drugs received. The guns are being sent, our sources say, primarily to protect the

dealers’ turf against increasing poaching by other pushers. One police source suggested two of the recent murders and a number of reported shooting incidents might be connected to this trend. Police public relations officer Inspector David Welch could not confirm this drugs-for-guns connection here, but did not discount it. He said in the Barbadian context “as we are not a supplier of drugs per se, these guns are being paid for by hard currency”.

Critical shortage of ventilator support for babies at QEH (Barbados Nation) There is a critical shortage of ventilator support for babies at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH). And the problem was so dire over the weekend that the head of the Paediatrics Department, Dr Clyde Cave, wrote an email on Saturday to senior hospital officials warning that the critical situation to which they were previously alerted “has now reached a dire crisis”. The email, which was copied to Dr David Callender, Director of Medical Services; Louise Bobb, acting chief executive officer; and consultant paediatrician Professor

Anne St John, said in part: “One anticipates that babies will die this weekend as we are unable to respond with ventilator support.” Cave advised all doctors on the paediatric service to contact their union and medico-legal representative as failure to provide the accustomed respiratory support to newborns who needed it would be viewed as negligence. “Given the Ministry of Health’s position that nothing has changed at the QEH, it would then seem to fall squarely in the lap of the doctors. We must protect ourselves,” he warned.

T&T Central Bank Governor urges IMF to tackle C’bean debt (Trinidad Express) Central Bank Governor Jwala Rambarran has called on the managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde to move quickly to address the debt challenges and low economic growth issues facing Caribbean countries. Governor Rambarran made the call at the 2013 Caribbean Breakfast Meeting with Lagarde at the Annual Meetings of the World Bank Group International Monetary Fund, in Washington, DC Sunday morning. Rambarran noted that, “In the coming year, we need to move from diagnosis to action, to advance on some of the most pressing financing and debt challenges facing the Caribbean region.” As he underlined the urgency in dealing with the region’s debt, Rambarran said the IMF and the Caribbean needed to identify areas in which the Fund could be of assistance since most Caribbean small states

continue to face debt burdens that are high or near distress levels. He is urged Lagarde and the IMF to work with the Caribbean to, “confront head on this high debt-low growth vicious circle.” Rambarran commended the IMF for its increasing level of engagement in the region and praised the Fund for conducting a Caribbeanwide Financial Sector Assessment Programme (FSAP), which provides policy recommendations for strengthening financial stability across the region. Rambarran drew Lagarde’s attention to a recent Commonwealth Secretariat study entitled A Time to Act: Addressing Commonwealth Small States’ Financing and Debt Challenges which makes four proposals for dealing with the Caribbean debt problem. He also encouraged the Fund to work together with the World Bank and the Commonwealth Secretariat to refine the proposals in the study into concrete and

specific policy measures that can be applied to all small states. Rambarran used the opportunity to make a case for the Fund’s employment of more Caribbean minds. He pointed out in recent years the number of Caribbean workers in the IMF declined and there is the perception of a weak recruitment will by the Fund in the region. Citing esteemed Caribbean intellects such as Sir Arthur Lewis and Lloyd Best, Rambarran said Caribbean people have the expertise to work at the Fund. He advised Lagarde to reengage the Caribbean as it did decades ago, to actively recruit economists from the region and further efforts to strengthen their career progression and promotion at the Fund. Rambarran invited Lagarde to visit the Caribbean to get a firsthand perspective and appreciation for the level of work being poured into economic development of the region.

Tuesday October 15, 2013

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THE SHOOTING OF THE TWO YOUNG MEN Last Saturday night there was a shooting incident in Georgetown in which two young men were killed and another seriously wounded. The survivor, who has since died, was speaking to the press giving versions of what took place but there were contradictions and inconsistencies in what was being said. His versions- and there is more than one if the reports in the newspapers are to believed- is that he and the others were shot by the police without cause. The police on the other hand said that they came under fire and responded. This column has little empathy when it comes to persons who fire on the police. Any police officer who is fired upon has to take steps to defend his life. An officer of the law is usually justified in using deadly force if he or she feels that his or her life is under threat. If a police is fired upon, then that police must of necessity assume that his or her life is being endangered and therefore may use deadly force to retard that attack. When you are being fired at, then the issue of retaliation by the use of deadly force assumes a different character than say, if the police are executing a routine operation and encounters an aggressive suspect. Recently in Washington DC, a woman believed to be mentally unstable was killed by security services after she

rammed a protective barrier with her car and then took security agents attempting to apprehend her on a car chase. She was eventually shot and killed even though no weapon was found on her and a small child was in the car. There have been concerns raised about the use of deadly force in this incident. Some commentators have said that the police should have used other options to capture the woman since no deadly weapon was found in her possession. But they seem to be overlooking the fact that the woman herself was using her car as a deadly weapon. In fact, not only did she ram barriers, she also hit down one agent. The outcome for those trying to stop her could have been worse had the security agents not been nimble. That incident has raised issues concerning what constitutes justifiable force and when this may be lawfully used. The general principle is that justification for the use of deadly force depends on the facts of the case which must be examined in its totality and not through selective isolation of facets. In the case of the shooting of the young men on Saturday night in Georgetown, the same principle should apply. Those who have to investigate the use of force by the police must consider the overall evidence that is before them. If at that hour of the night and under the cover

Dem boys seh...

Bharrat, Barbie, Brazzy like de king of Jaipur People does learn quick. A man rent a car and then he ketch a mook who he sell de car to and disappear. De poor man now lose he money, lose de car and now losing he mind. He get ketch on a rent and sell programme. Barbie rent and sell too. He start off renting de Sanata Complex and de next thing dem boys know is that somebody sell he de complex. Well is not really somebody sell he de complex, is he best friend pave de way fuh de sale and to this day nobody ain’t know how much he pay. But then again, dem boys can’t really call that a rent and buy because dem ain’t sure if any buying tek place. Another one rent a place pun de East Bank and when things sweeten he, he decide that he gun tek de place suh he stop paying rent. Dem boys can’t all this rent and buy but is almost de same thing. Wha stop de man from buying was de fact that de people who he rent from gone to court. Rob Earth rent a house in Herdmanston then dem boys hear that he buy it. This is a man who had he own house and he transfer it to he brother but he seh that he sell it. Dem boys want to believe that he buy de Herdmanston house although nobody know that it was fuh sale. Brazzy renting another place pun Lamaha Street and dem boys want to believe that wid he brains he gun end up tekking it and claim that he buy it. All of dem like de King of Jaipur who own de whole place. He didn’t rent and he didn’t buy but he own everything. He is de chief landlord and he can rent anything. Guyana got some chief landlord too. Bharrat, Barbie and Brazzy own three quarters of Guyana. That is why anybody who want to wuk in de bush got to pay so much rent. Talk half and don’t ask who collecting de rent.

of darkness, the police come under fire then, what other options do they have to defend their own lives than to respond with deadly force? The circumstances under which the men were shot need to be determined. Various versions about what happened is being attributed to him by different newspapers. One newspaper reported the survivor as saying that he went to the park (car park) to meet a friend and afterwards decided to buy some ice cream at Demico, Camp Street. The first question is why the ice cream was not purchased from the Qik Serv near to the park? Why go all the way to Camp Street and South Road to a branch which

has been closed for more than two years now? The survivor said after he realized that the Demico Branch was no longer at Camp Street he was waiting on a bus. Well if he was waiting on a bus what was he doing on South Road? Why was he not waiting for the bus on the other side, that is, on Croal Street? Perhaps when he spoke to the newspaper he was confused. Perhaps? The other version is provided by another newspaper in which the survivor is reported as saying that he was going to reach his girlfriend in South Road. This is of course different from the previous version which stated he had met a female at the park and was proceeding

to buy ice cream. These inconsistencies still however do not settle the circumstances that led to the shooting but they do indicate that one should be circumspect about accepting what the survivor states in his present condition since there are contradictions and inconsistencies in what he has told the various media houses. When his condition improves perhaps a clearer picture will emerge. The newspapers should be very careful also in how they report what eyewitnesses said. They should ensure that these eyewitnesses are credible before they add to the speculation that exists about what happened last Saturday night. There was once a time

in this country when an eyewitness said that he saw the police remove grenades from a bag during a confrontation with protestors. That eyewitness later held a discussion with the then Commissioner of Police and recanted that version of events. The way to settle these matters is to have timely inquests into these unnatural deaths. Unfortunately, the system does not always work in a timely manner and thus helps to fuel speculation.

Stepson kills Sophia farmer By: Javone Vickerie “If I didn’t do wuh I had to do, they woulda bring all ah we out in body bags”, said a 20-year-old Sophia resident just moments after he allegedly killed his stepfather yesterday at ‘A’ field Sophia. The dead man was identified as Galton Mc Almond, 48, called ‘Lance’ of 266 ‘A’ Field Sophia, East Coast Demerara. According to an eyewitness, around 13:30 hours yesterday, neighbours heard the now dead man and his reputed wife of 11 years arguing heatedly. Soon after, another dispute ensued between the assailant, Emmanuel Greene, and Mc Almond. “The man and the woman always fighting in the house so I didn’t tek it for nutten but then I see the son walk out the yard with a blade and Rasta Man come out the gate. They start fight,” the source said. The neighbour said that Green then swung the cutlass

- Assailant turns himself in a few times in the direction of Mc Almond, before he dealt a fatal chop to the farmer’s neck. “After Greene chop the man to he neck, Rasta Man hold on pon he throat and the lady rush out de house and start shout for help but nobody ain’t assist so Rasta Man left pon de bridge dead,” the eyewitness said. The dead man’s reputed wife, Sharon Nurse, recalled having an abusive relationship with her husband. The woman said that during the 11 years Mc Almond was a heavy drinker who would regularly torment her and sons. “My sons, me and this man living 11 years in this place; this man is very abusive to me and me sons so after all the abuse, just fuh mek peace I decide fuh move down to the back yard so he could bring all he rum friends,” Nurse said. Nurse said that due to the

overwhelming abuse she faced, the family made a bold attempt and moved to a small house behind what used to be their home. “So meh tell he I gon move to back and he could stay to the front and do what he want; he turn and tell me no! This man start cussing and going on. Next ting yuh know he go out pon de road, come back and get a fork,” Nurse said. The woman said that after he picked up the fork he headed to the back of the yard where her son was and began a argument with him. “I deh watching TV and I hearing this commotion at the back. I pull open the window and I seh ‘Lance oh God

what’s yuh problem man? And he turn and tell me he can’t do nothing here. This is me place,” the woman said. The woman recalled that Lance then pushed the door with the fork. She said that she tried pulling him back but she couldn’t control him so she decided to step aside. “Next thing I know like my son chop him and he fall down,” she added. When this publication visited the area, the assailant was seen walking through the street escorted by two police officers. The presence of the killer sparked a loud uproar from villagers who repeatedly questioned his actions. The police then escorted Green into the yard where he showed police the murder weapon.

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Tuesday October 15, 2013

Tuesday October 15, 2013

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Desperate patients buy kidneys for transplants Not only is the trafficking and sale of organs recognised as a major concern but the practice is deemed rather unethical in many countries around world. According to reports from the World Health Organisation (WHO) kidneys are the most in-demand organ, accounting for 75 per cent of illegal sale. Figures released by WHO show that of the 106,879 organs transplanted (legally and illegally) in 2010, around 73,179 were kidneys, a state of affairs which is fuelled by an increase in renal failure.

This condition is in fact driven by a global rise in diet-related conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart problems. Guyana is no stranger to renal failure. There are reports of instances of sale of kidneys for kidney transplants. However, most of the patients operated here, reportedly got their kidneys from family members who were willing to donate. Over the past few years some 18 kidney transplants were conducted and there are reports that at least two of these patients were required

to procure their own kidneys from persons willing to sell. According to founder of the Doobay Renal Centre, Dr. Budhendra Doobay, yesterday, while he doesn’t have any statistics about the transplants conducted here, he has been privy to information that two patients were listed among those procuring kidneys for the purpose of transplantation. “I do know two of our patients from our dialysis centre went and I am told, and I don’t think I am wrong, they bought bought a kidney for $1.5 million and

Newspaper Editor ordered before... From page 3 Company were being sold. Brassington said that in 1999, NICIL began to fund GSL to pay severances to any employee who wanted to leave, up to one year after privatization. He said that while it cost NICIL a lot of money, in order to keep the Unions satisfied both sides had to give that option to the employees of GSL. Also, he said, they were trying to maintain the position of the Net Current Assets where they wanted it to be and as a result GSL could not make any long term decisions. Rafeek Khan then drew Mr. Brassington’s attention to a letter from Mr. Maniram Prashad. Counsel reminded Mr. Brassington that when he

was shown that letter, he remarked that the letter was partly justified, but did not address the broader problem of delay. Mr. Brassington said that in the second quarter of 1999, NICIL had entered into a deposit agreement and that agreement should have been concluded by the end of that year. Mr. Prashad’s letter, he pointed out, was written in August of 2000 and in the last paragraph of page 1, speaks of the delay and the depletion of the financial resources of the Company. NICIL and the Government of Guyana are suing the Guyana Stores Limited (GSL) majority shareholder, Royal Investments Inc, to recoup monies claimed following the privatization of the company.

NICIL/the Privatisation Unit moved upon claims that GSL failed to pay an outstanding balance of US$2 million of the purchase price of US$6 million for the acquisition of GSL. The matter was subsequently called up before the High Court in the latter part of 2010. According to NICIL, under the terms of the privatization agreement, the balance was due by September 2002; however, Royal Investments Inc, (GSL) which acquired 70 per cent of the company shares in the sale, failed to make this payment. In June 2004, NICIL, the government holding company, initiated legal action against Royal Investments Inc for the recovery of the US$2 million plus interest.

Dr Budhendra Doobay died a week or two after the operation. Another gentleman I’m told bought a kidney for $8 million and he died too,” disclosed Dr. Doobay. This, according to him, has never happened in North America and isn’t permitted in India, which was once a haven for the easy sale of organs. Currently, Dr. Doobay explained, the Indian Government, once aware of a hospital engaged in such practices, would immediately seek to put an end to its operation. “There are a few places that you can get

kidneys in the world but not in the Caribbean or in North America,” noted Dr. Doobay. Moreover, he pointed out that the preferred practice is certainly not to support the sale/trafficking of kidneys adding that “we should not support such a thing.” Dr. Doobay, however, said that while transplants are seen as a major means of addressing renal failure they certainly aren’t the single most important factor in saving lives. He in fact pointed to the need for quality post-operative care. “Transplant is not a big

deal...It is the easiest part of the whole procedure,” noted Dr. Doobay, even as he outlined that one of the reasons that transplants fail, is because patients are not able to access the requisite follow-up treatment. It is for this reason, he noted, that the Doobay Renal Centre, situated at 8-9 Courbane Park, Annandale, East Coast Demerara, is currently working on putting measures in place to ensure that patients are offered holistic care. “We have not yet prepared the ground for good post operative management for transplants...If transplants are not managed postoperatively we can lose that transplant,” disclosed Dr. Doobay. The Renal Centre currently offers dialysis to close to 40 patients, most of whom are required to be dialysed at least twice weekly. And since the Centre is a notfor-profit operation the cost of dialysis is significantly subsidized, costing some $9,000 per session.

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Tuesday October 15, 2013


A week of incredible politics For the purpose of this column, I will include last Sunday as part of last week. The week began with Mr. Robeson Benn uttering an amazing statement. If Benn was a Minister from one of the powerful countries of the world, that utterance would have made headlines in both

the print and electronic media. Mr. Benn has been accused of being responsible for the police detention of a citizen in an incident that occurred at Parika. It was alleged that the citizen, Andrew Stone, a member of the protest group that started last August, The People’s

Parliament, heckled the Minister. This newspaper reported that when it solicited an explanation, Mr. Benn indicated that since he was directly involved, it would be best for the Kaieteur News to extract a description from those who were present. I once told Dr. David

Hinds that there is no other country like Guyana and if Guyana was a Jamaica or Singapore, because of its bizarre political deportment, scholars from around the world would have written about it in all the top class social sciences journals. It is my opinion that only in Guyana you would get a response like the one Benn gave this newspaper. The story of Robeson Benn and Kellawan Lall paints a tragic analysis of Guyana. And the tragedy lies in its people. How can a political party go to the electorate and ask for votes when that party has among its midst politicians whose controversies are literally non-ending. And that party is the organization that is in power, meaning then someone has to say, “Stop it, you are damaging the party’s image.” Months ago Mr. Benn was involved in an incident. It was alleged that he went to NCN to stop a calypso from being aired. In any normal country, the Minister, annoyed at what he heard, would have contacted the subject Minister. That is the way it was done in the past and will always be done. The least

said about Mr. Lall the better. Let’s continue with the week gone by. Mr. Clement Rohee calls for a monitoring committee to investigate the behaviour of the private media. The least said about this monstrosity of an idea the better. Why is this a monstrosity? Because in the comparison of the state media under the PNC Government and the PPP regime since 1992, the PNC rulers appear as angels compared to the sickening use of the state media by the PPP leadership. It was Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine who said that in Guyana there is far more caricatured (my word) domination of the state media than in Zimbabwe. One wonders what went through the mind of Mr. Rohee when he opened last Sunday edition of this newspaper and saw that the lead letter was written by the Minister of Education. It was a long tale in support of the PPP Government. Then in the same edition, the Minister was the Special Person of the Week. This entire country knows that there is no way the Chronicle would carry a similar missive by a leading

Frederick Kissoon spokesperson for the opposition. It is unthinkable that the Chronicle would feature an opposition politician as the personality of the week. One is curious to know what went through the mind of the Minister of Education. Just two weeks ago, she shared the podium with her PPP colleagues at Lusignan to celebrate the PPP’s 21 years in power. The Stabroek News and Kaieteur News had scorn poured on them by every speaker. The same Minister agreed to be the Kaieteur News’s Special Person. By extension she has acknowledged that the newspaper is a credible media. So what was the denunciation at Lusignan all about? Maybe Rohee should ask her. Finally, two intriguing developments last week; one reminds us of the mess Guyana is in; the other, a subtle hint from a friend of the Government that corruption is indeed a monster. There was Roger Luncheon referring to the possibility of arrest for school children and their parents who like to protest. Nothing about the nature of dictatorship should shock the mind. But Luncheon, though he is not right to say what he uttered, he knows he can say it because Guyana has become a nation of sheep. The other one was the absence of the Private Sector Commission (PSC) during the OAS hearing into corruption. Readers were told that the personnel of the PSC were either out of the country or too busy to attend. Or it is that they didn’t have the stomach to publicly defend corruption?

Tuesday October 15, 2013

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Case turned over to Venezuelan Prosecutors Detained vessel ...

…36 crewmembers to be held on board as investigations continue

A Venezuelan Coast Guard boat sits next to the 285-foot survey ship Teknik Perdana docked near the shore in Margarita Island, Venezuela, Sunday (AP Photo)

conducting a seismic study for Anadarko Petroleum Corporation under a concession from Guyana. Texas-based Anadarko said that it was working with the U.S. and Guyana Governments to secure the release of the crew and the vessel. Gregory Adams, spokesman for the US Embassy in Caracas, is reported as telling the Associated Press, that the embassy had not been given any official information on the five detained US citizens. The ship crew includes two Britons, two Russians, a Frenchman, five Ukrainians, two Brazilians, five Malaysians and 14 Indonesians. The move by the Venezuelan military has since drawn condemnation

The coordinates released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, depicting the location of the vessel at the time of its seizure


ive American citizens were among the crew of a U.S.-chartered oil exploration ship seized by the Venezuelan navy in Guyana waters on Thursday. Authorities from Venezuela escorted the vessel into port at Venezuela’s Margarita Island on Sunday and said they would be held on board along with the other crewmembers while an investigation continued. Admiral Angel Belisario Martinez has told the Venezuelan media outfit, ‘Union Radio’ that the research ship was conducting “unauthorized scientific work” in Ve n e z u e l a ’s e x c l u s i v e

economic zone. He said the case had been turned over to prosecutors. Venezuela’s Foreign Ministry had said Friday that the ship and its crew would be subject to an “inquiry under the International Maritime Law and pursuant to the safeguarding of our sovereignty in maritime areas.” The 285-foot survey ship, Teknik Perdana, was detainedbythenVenezuelanNavy, inwhatGuyana maintains from a part of its coastal Exclusive Economic Zone. Guyana’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett a n d h e r Ve n e z u e l a n counterparts have since agreed to meet and hold discussions on the impasse. People’s Progressive

Party (PPP) Member of Parliament, Dr Vindhya Persaud, yesterday announced that Minister Carolyn Rodgrigues-Birkett and her Venezuelan counterpart will meet on Friday. Dr. Persaud was at the time speaking at the party’s weekly press briefing at Freedom House. She reiterated that the PPP has always advocated for diplomatic and peaceful alternatives to address issues of mutual concern between neighbouring states and as such, the party supports a peaceful resolution to the current situation. She added, “We firmly believe that this process has been advanced over the years to a stage where our

nation enjoys cooperative and meaningful relations with our neighbours.” Dr. Persaud said that in the case of Venezuela, “this is evidenced in a number of bilateral engagements and exchange visits between our two nations which redound to the benefit of the citizens in each state. Hence, this recent development is to be regretted. She concluded that the PPP supports the employment of all peaceful means to resolve this unfortunate development in the shortest possible timeframe and to ensure there is no recurrence in the future. The vessel, sailing under a Panamanian flag, was

from the Government of Guyana and the major political opposition party, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU). Both Government and APNU have called the move to seize the vessel from Guyana’s waters and detain it in Venezuela a threat to international peace. According to the local Foreign Affairs Ministry, “These actions by the Venezuelan naval vessel are unprecedented in Guyana Venezuela relations.” The Ministry is adamant that “one point is clear and that is, that the MV Teknik Perdana was in Guyana’s waters when this incident took place.” Guyana had requested the immediate release of the vessel and its crew but this is yet to occur.

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Tuesday October 15, 2013

Tuesday October 15, 2013

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Doobay Renal Centre receives $1M donation


he Doobay Renal Centre, at Annandale, East Coast Demerara (ECD) yesterday benefitted from a $1M donation from the National Milling Company of Guyana, (Namilco). The Doobay Renal Centre is a Non Governmental Organization where renal failure (kidney failure) patients benefit from a reduced cost of dialysis treatment. During a simple presentation yesterday at the medical institution, Roopnarine Sukhai, Managing Director of Namilco handed over the cheque to Ameena Gafoor, Chairperson at the Doobay Renal Centre. In expressing gratitude for the donation, Chief Executive Officer Vickram Oditt said the money will be used for operational subsidies. “At the Doobay Centre, as you can see we have dialysis operation going on and

we charge a fraction of the actual cost.” He added that the Centre depends on the goodwill of companies in order to subsidise the cost of treatment to patients. Last year the health institution benefited from a similar donation from the flour company. “Every year we make monetary donations and this is the second year we chose the Doobay Renal Centre. We look for charitable organizations where the people of Guyana are the only recipients,” Sukhai said. Namilco is a subsidiary of the Seaboard Corporation and manages some 15 flour mills around the globe, among other entities. The donation was made to the medical institution under the Bresky Foundation. Every year, the company gives back to the countries in which they operate, in the form of monetary donations.

Sukhai hands over the cheque to Ameena Gafoor as Dr. Budhendra Doobay and Mr. and Mrs. Oditt witness the presentation

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Tuesday October 15, 2013

Tuesday October 15, 2013

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Tuesday October 15, 2013

Vincentians commence stint at Agricultural School …as agreement takes effect A bilateral agreement between the Governments of S t . Vi n c e n t a n d t h e Grenadines and Guyana, paved the way for five students from the Island to commence learning in several agricultural related fields at the Guyana School of Agriculture (GSA). The students, accompanied by St Vincent and the Grenadines Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Sabato

Caesar met with Minister of Agriculture Hon. Dr. Leslie Ramsammy recently where they were encouraged to make full use of the opportunity, as it can go a long way in ensuring that mechanisms used in Guyana are well adopted in St. Vincent. While encouraging the students to study hard, Minister Ramsammy committed to ensuring that

they are well catered for during their stay in Guyana. The areas of study include, Animal Science, Agriculture Science and Agroprocessing. “I expect you to be well rounded when you leave Guyana. I hope that during your stay here, you will make the best of it….this collaboration between the two Governments is to further promote capacity

The students in the presence of SVG Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Sabato Caesar (right)with Minister of Agriculture Hon. Dr. Leslie Ramsammy. building” he said. Guyana is also expected to send a batch of agricultural professionals for attachment to the Ministry of Agriculture in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, for a period of time. The batch of students which comprises three

female and two males, expressed their delight at being shortlisted for the programme, and expressed their optimism that the stay in Guyana will be a memorable one. A d d i t i o n a l l y, t h e students pledged their commitment to the

programme, and to working with the students and lecturers at the Guyana School of Agriculture. T h e G u y a n a Government will be paying for the tuition, accommodation and meals of the five Vincentians while in Guyana .

Tuesday October 15, 2013

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CJIA taxi drivers find difficulty with new system T

axi drivers at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) say that contrary to news of them agreeing with the new systems to be implemented at the country’s largest airport, they are in fact finding difficulty with the proposal to have a turn system put in place. The drivers say that the new system will not only cause them to lose customers but will also hamper the relationship and trust they would have built with customers over their years of

service. At a meeting held last week, the airport’s Chief Executive Officer, Ramesh Ghir; Commercial and Administration Manager, Dursattie Doodnauth and Safety Officer, Manmohan Balram, met with authorized taxi drivers and ‘Red Cap’ porters to discuss the implementation of new systems. It was pointed out that one of the first impressions passengers arriving at CJIA get of Guyana is derived from the interaction with the ‘Red Cap’ porters and taxi drivers. It was proposed that

The Guyana Foundation gets new executive

Anthony Autar (right) is seen here with the Founder of the GF, Mrs. Supriya Singh-Bodden


r. A n t h o n y Autar will be the Managing Director of the Georgetown office of The Guyana Foundation. He will also co ordinate the work of the organization, worldwide. The Guyana Foundation is a non profit organisation created by a group of highly committed men and women who see the urgent need to contribute meaningfully to the development of the people of Guyana. The Foundation’s work reaches across political and ethnic boundaries to bring relief wherever it is needed. Mr. Autar is a New York licensed attorney at law who manages an online law office, in addition to his work with the Guyana Foundation. He holds a Juris Doctor degree, with honours, from the Hofstra University School of Law in the USA, where he was a Health Law and Policy Fellow. He is also an Associate Editor for the

Hofstra Law Review. Mr. Autar also has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English, and a minor in Government & Politics, from St. John’s University. He was the Best Graduating CSEC Student of President’s College in 2003. Before returning to Guyana last year, Anthony worked as an attorney and law clerk at a Manhattan based health law litigation firm, and was an intern in the leading mental health law practice in the United States. Prior to that, he was the Campus Relations Coordinator at ISO Insurance, one of the largest providers of health insurance to international students in the USA. Mr. Autar is a member of the American Bar Association, the New York State Bar Association, and the Queens County Bar Association, and an international member of the National Bar Association of India.

a turn system would be put in p l a c e . Ta x i d r i v e r s requesting anonymity told Kaieteur News that the system deals with drivers being placed into groups and being placed at the front of the line alternately on a daily basis. It was explained that the customer would be required to travel with the first driver on the taxi line. This, one driver said, necessitates that customers who are “paying their money” have to go with whom they are told. The driver, who said he had worked at that same profession for more than 30 years, explained that there are special people who look for him when they come to Guyana. He said he has established a relationship with these people and they trust him when it comes to security, so he has his own clientele.

It was further explained that the majority of frequent travelers into the country are Guyanese so they look for special drivers, “it is not a case where we have lots of tourists who coming for the first or second time and could take any driver, its regular Guyanese who looking for their regular drivers,” the airport worker stressed. Additionally, the drivers complained about the arrangement in place that require drivers to retire at the age of sixty. The workers are against the idea pointing out that they have to renew their contracts with the airport periodically and also pay for their taxi passes and to operate at the airport. “To say when we must stop work is unfair,” the drivers pointed out. “We don’t have any benefits to get and they don’t have any

pension for us, so how they can say when we have to retire.” Airport officials say that they are however surprised at the taxi drivers’ objections since according to them, agreements were made at the meeting. Public Relations Officer Aneka Edwards told Kaieteur News that because of complaints on the manner in which customers are being solicited, some measures had to be put in place. She explained that customers are feeling uncomfortable about being swamped by yelling

drivers, so the initiative to put the turn system in place was devised. As it relates to retirement, she said it is the airport’s responsibility to ensure that the drivers are mentally and physically capable of performing their jobs. She added that the drivers are being advised about the retirement age so that they can prepare. She added that persons’ health tends to deteriorate, and the safety of passengers must be kept in mind.

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Tuesday October 15, 2013

DDL unveils new products at Berbice shareholders reception


hairman of the D e m e r a r a Distillers Limited (DDL) Dr. Yesu Persaud has said that DDL is Guyana’s “only international company” creating a name for itself in several lucrative international markets. He was addressing the company’s shareholders at the Annual Shareholders’ Reception on Sunday on the Tarmac of the University of Guyana Berbice Campus

(UGBC) at Port Mourant. “We are now the only international company in this country and we ought to be proud because of the name of El Dorado, starting with the 15-year-old [Rum].” He said that the company’s award- winning rums are available in all of Europe, including Russia; across North America and in every Province in Canada as well as “one of the most difficult markets in the

world”- USA. He stated, too, that the company is now moving its rums into Australia. He added that his company is most diversified through its operations and distribution services. He stated that the company has one of the most sophisticated distilleries. Dr. Persaud boasted of the only company that has an international brand. “We have come a long way…we are now recognized globally!”

He implored the shareholders to continue to buy DDL “and DDL only. We have a wide range of products.” Managing Director and VP International Marketing, Komal Samaroo, the second in command in DDL, identified the new products that have come out of DDL, including for the first time produced in Guyana, juicemade drinks in three sizes under the brand- name ‘Topco’. “This product is poised for phenomenal success.

Some of the new products launched by the Company Part of the innovation has been done by the DDL Technical and Operations Management teams.” He noted, too, that the company has introduced the smaller sizes of the Soca drinks in five flavours. Another new achievement, the El Dorado 8- year- Old Rum was adjudged the trophy winner of Best Rum of the International Wine and Spirits Competition in April in London. The Five-O, a lowenergy drink (five per cent alcohol), was also recently re-launched by the company “and that has started its own niche in the market.” There has been investment of millions of dollars in new equipment “to be able to support the increased production necessary with the increased line we are producing,” he said. The company, over the years, has pursued the strategy of building a company based not only on the domestic market, but the international market “and right now about forty per cent of our income is generated from markets around the world...and as we go forward, that percentage

is going to increase further and further.” The name ‘El Dorado’, Samaroo added, has created popularity for the country in the international field and also by mixologists “and people who understand good drinks…so we are marketing Guyana’s first international product and many people around the world know about El Dorado even before they know about the country.” “We are making really good successes, but here in Guyana, we want you to support us, because we can only build a strong international market if you have a strong domestic base and we want to make that base as strong as possible,” he added. The media, he noted, is playing a major role in this. Present at the function were Marketing Director Ms. Sharda Khan; Managing Director and VP International Marketing, Komal Samaroo; Chairman, D r . Ye s u P e r s a u d ; Operations Director; Mr. Chandradatt Chintamani and Finance Controller, Mr. Basdeo Singh and Quality Assurance Director, Ms. Sharon Baksh.

Tuesday October 15, 2013

Kaieteur News

AFC wants answers on GuySuCo lands given to private developers After a two-month break, the National Assembly is set to reconvene in a matter of days. According to Leader of the Alliance For Change (AFC), Khemraj Ramjattan, among some of the issues that his party wants some clarity on, is the current housing policy of Government. “We have been receiving a number of complaints about Government’s housing programme and they are worrying.” Among some of the questions to be tabled would involve Government’s arrangements with lands on East Bank Demerara. The area has been one of the most concentrated across the country in terms of housing. However, large tracts of lands have been placed in the hands of private developers under what Government has described as public/private partnerships. There have been criticisms that these are prime lands while ordinary Guyanese are being pushed further into the back areas. “Our party is fully aware of the critical importance of housing to Guyana. But we

are not aware how the lands on the East Bank of Demerara were given. “It seems as if large plots went to some close friends and cohorts of the ruling party under unclear circumstances. Was the process advertised so that other interested persons could have had a chance to also have access to these prime lands?” The lands Ramjattan is referring to are located in Eccles, behind Republic Park and Nandy Park, in Providence. It has also been reported that lands behind Herstelling, Covent Garden, Prospect and Diamond have also been given out for private development. Government had purchased the former cane lands from the Guyana Sugar Corporation and several housing schemes are currently under construction in the areas. A number of gated communities including Green Acres, Republic Gardens and Windsor Estates are now being developed by private parties between Eccles and

Providence. “We also want to know what arrangements the Ministry of Housing and its arm, the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA), have with these private developments? Were monies paid over? How much? Was a market value used? Who are the parties involved in these so-called public/private partnerships? We want full details.” According to the MP, the answers are important as it will spell out whether Government unfairly distributed lands that should have gone to Guyanese who are badly in need of housing. “We hearing now that lands for house lots on the East Bank are running out and there is a need to go up the Soesdyke/Linden highway. As representatives of the people, we have been receiving these concerns from people who feel that all is not right with the house lot distribution process.” AFC will also be asking Government to reveal in the National Assembly its housing program, including

details of areas in the hands of private developers. “AFC wants to make it very clear that we are not against development. However, the process in which the resources of this country is being utilized and spent is important. The process must be fair to all Guyanese and transparency and accountability should be there.” The MP, in signaling his party’s intention to ask for a review of the CH&PA’s operations, said that the questions are part of the AFC’s mandate to ensure

New York bound CJIA passengers to bypass screening process while transiting T&T The tedious process of disembarking at Trinidad and Tobago’s (T&T) Piarco International Airport and passing through security before boarding an aircraft to the United States (US) will soon be something of the past. Officials at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) say that effective November 1, 2013, passengers en route to the US and traveling through Trinidad will remain onboard the Caribbean Airlines flight until the plane is ready for its final destination, as permission for this to occur has been granted. The officials say that the United States of America

Transport Security Administration (TSA) approved a request for an alternate procedure to be applied for Guyanese passengers in-transit in Port of Spain (POS) Trinidad. Initially, as a matter of security, Guyanese passengers had to be screened and go through security check points before returning to the plane. This had caused several complaints from Guyanese travelers. Minister of Transport Robeson Benn said he is pleased with the decision. He was quoted as saying, “It means that passengers leaving Cheddi Jagan

International Airport (CJIA) and passing through POS can do so hassle free. The existing process prompted numerous complaints and we had to urgently address the situation with Caribbean Airlines (CAL) officials.” Last August, Minister Benn and Housing and Tourism Minister, Irfaan Ali met with CAL Senior Executives including its Chairman, Phillip Marshall and Chief Executive Officer, Jagmohan Singh to address several concerns with the airline, including the treatment of GEO passengers transiting POS. That meeting dealt

specifically with a significant hike in CAL ticket prices and other unfavourable scenarios befalling Guyanese passengers. The need for an alternate system in Trinidad was also mentioned, but according to officials, the matter was given an in-depth look when CJIA’s Chief Executive Officer Ramesh Ghir traveled to the twin -island nation in September to address the issue in a follow -up meeting. The re-screening process and the unannounced hike in travel prices are issues that led Guyanese passengers to protest the treatment they were receiving while en-route to the US.

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Some of the lands under private development on the East Bank of Demerara that AFC wants answers on.

transparency and accountability in the administration. The combined Opposition, AFC and APNU,

have a one-seat voting majority in the National Assembly, the highest lawmaking forum in the country.

Alcoholic threatens to kill mother … goes to jail on remand Mohamed Shazam, called Jerome, 43, of Lot 56 Chesney Village, Corentyne, Berbice on Monday appeared in the New Amsterdam Magistrate court before Magistrate Shurdel Isaacs-Marcus on a charge of threatening language. He reportedly threatened his mother Bibi Khemraj Ahamad on Thursday October 10, last. According to Prosecutor Sergeant Godfrey Playter the accused about 19: 30 hrs on the day in question came home under the influence of alcohol and started to use a series of expletives at his mother over food.

The woman gave him the food which he discarded before threatening to chop her and burn the house down. The woman became afraid and reported the matter. The man who is an alcoholic is further charged with unlawfully and maliciously damaging his mother’s fridge by chopping it. He pleaded not guilty to both charges and was placed on a total of $45,000 bail. He hadn’t the money to post bail and was taken to prison. Both matters were transferred to the Albion Magistrate’s Court for October 29.

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Tuesday October 15, 2013

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Tuesday October 15, 2013

Kaieteur News

Kill them all, or educate... From page 4 shelved. The Guyana Government has a chronic habit of seeking consultation and not implementing the recommendations. Furthermore, Guyana has to focus on the serious problem plaguing it, if it is to seek long tern solutions to the problem of crime. That is, the

deteriorating education system is turning out functionally illiterate youth by the thousands, without an ability to earn a decent living. At the same time, the society dances with pride for the few hundred who excel at the secondary school level. This social masking is deplorable. The sociological rea-

son crime is so high is the fact that poverty resulting from lack of skills and drugs ensnares the society. This is further exacerbated by the widening gap between the uncaring rich and maligned poor. Is the answer kill them all, or educate them all? Dennis Wiggins

National unity cannot be created in a... From page 4 power-hungry politicians with the support of foreign vested interests, again for political/ideological reasons. The PPP was too much to the left for the liking of western interests and their lackeys locally. The removal of the PPP from office, both in 1953 and again in 1964, was essentially ideologically driven with a strong class bias. The point I am seeking to make is that class and not race was, and to a large extent continues to be, a dominant factor in our politics. It was the dominance of class interests that led to the assassination of Walter Rodney in 1980 after he resolutely opposed the anti-working class positions taken by the PNC. The pauperization

of the Guyanese working people including the AfroGuyanese segment of the working class began under the Burnham administration and continued well into the Desmond Hoyte years. National unity cannot be created in a vacuum. It has to be built around an agreed national framework which must in the first instance be reflective of the democratic aspirations of the Guyanese people and on a broadly agreed program of national development. It was this difficulty to arrive at an acceptable framework for national development that has led to the failure of earlier attempts to forge national consensus on the way forward for Guyana. The situation was not helped by rigged national

elections and the PNC’s insistence that it was the “Bolshevik” Party in Guyana and therefore could not negotiate on equal terms with a “Menshevik” Party when the whole world knew otherwise. It is time for us all to understand the true genesis of our poverty and under-development which has very little if anything to do with race and ethnicity but more with the promulgation of programs and policies which are people-centered and development-oriented. This is exactly what the current PPP/C administration is committed to do, namely to create a society in which there is social justice for all Guyanese, regardless of their race or ethnic background. Hydar Ally

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(From page 22)

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday October 15, 2013

Local Gov’t Minister peeved by MCC Brothers charged with Corentyne supervision of historic buildings businessman’s murder Local Government Minister, Ganga Persaud on Friday lambasted the Mayor and City Council, M&CC for its inadequate management of historic buildings within the municipality. The Minister was specifically speaking of the deteriorating Kitty Market and City Hall structures. “The Ministry has taken into consideration calls for Government to pay attention to City Hall… We all agree that City Hall is a historic building in our country… for

that reason in 2011 the Government of Guyana provided $20 Million to City Hall for the restoration of the roof… In 2011 only $5 million was expended…. Government’s accounting requires that unspent balances be remitted, therefore government acting within financial regulations, repossessed a balance of $15 million …. “ Minister Persaud disclosed that City Mayor Hamilton Green has written him asking for government’s intervention, with regards to

the rehabilitation of the Kitty Market. Expressing disappointment in the MCC for failing to take up its responsibility, the Minister explained, “Under the Urban Development Programme, the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development acting on behalf of the Government of Guyana, would have sought and received a loan from the IDB, to focus on municipal governance and municipal infrastructure. During discussions on the various projects… the municipality of Georgetown identified the Stabroek Market and in the process, urged the Government to fix the roof (of Stabroek market) with the understanding that the Municipality would cater for the infrastructural needs of the Kitty market.” The Minister added that based on the agreement, City Hall, under the management of the Mayor, took responsibility to execute repairs to the Kitty Market, but have failed in meeting their commitment. “The Government of Guyana fully executed repairs at the Stabroek Market and even did additional work. We met our commitment to the max, but the City has met no commitment with regards to the Kitty Market, but now finds it convenient to pass it over to the Government of Guyana.” The Minister however did not rule out Government’s support for the rehabilitation of the Kitty Market “While the Local Government Ministry has no problem lobbying for financial support to save the market from a total collapse, we are awaiting a proposal from the Georgetown Mayor and City Council on the rehabilitation of the market …What we need to see from the municipality are their documented plans and ideas for the Kitty Market and how the Council intends to achieve these plans.” Meanwhile, calls made by this newspaper to the Georgetown Mayor for a comment proved futile.

ACCUSED: Ramnarine Jagmohan and Neshan Jagmohan Two brothers, Ramnarine Jagmohan, of 28 Belvedere Squatting Area, Corentyne who told the court that he is a farmer, and Neshan Jagmohan, 23, a cane harvester and a father of four of Hampshire Squatting Area, were on Monday remanded to jail by Magistrate Shurdel Isaacs-Marcus when they appeared before her at the New Amsterdam Magistrate’s Court. They appeared charged with killing Devindra Deodat, 34, called ‘Dave’, a businessman of Hampshire Squatting Area, Corentyne which occurred on October 7, 2013. They were not required to plead to the indictable charge. According to Prosecutor Sergeant Philip Sheriff the men murdered Deodat on

October 7 at Hampshire Squatting Area, Corentyne. Deodat, the owner of Cool Runnings Trucking Service, was chopped and shot dead around 18:30 hrs after a group of masked men stormed the grocery shop which he and his wife, Mala, 29, operated. The bandits also chopped Deodat’s wife in the head and shot her father, Rafeek Abdul, 47, in the left arm. During the murder/ robbery two of the three attackers were allegedly unmasked, allowing the victims to identify them at a subsequent identification parade. Both men are known to the authorities and according to investigators one of the men was released from jail the same day that Deodat was slain. He was reportedly

KILLED: Devindra Deodat incarcerated for unlawful possession of a firearm. During the robbery the assailants managed to escape with $560,000, a gold band, a laptop computer and a cell phone. A post mortem performed on Deodat’s body at the New Amsterdam Hospital gave the cause of death as shock and haemorrhage due to gunshot wounds. Police detective Corporal Thomas swore to the evidence. Detectives are also seeking a third suspect. The matter has been transferred to the Albion Magistrate Court for continuation on November 5, next.

40 Chinese fishing licenses is “false alarm” - Agriculture Minister Agriculture Minister Leslie Ramsammy has reiterated that he is the only person designated to issue fishing licenses in Guyana and that no consideration is being made at this time to issue 40 fishing licenses to Chinese nationals. Ramsammy told Kaieteur News recently that the Chinese license report is a “false alarm,” since no formal applications have been made to his Ministry for the issuance of licences. Minister Ramsammy’s clarification comes in the wake of much speculation that no less than 40 fishing licenses were being considered for Chinese nationals. Several maritime operators had expressed concern over the matter, causing the Guyana Association of Trawler Owners and Seafood Processors (GATOSP) to dispatch a letter to theAgriculture Minister requesting clarity on the issue. Minister Ramammy said that his Ministry is always interested in proposals to conduct deep water fishing in Guyana. These, he explained are operations conducted in areas where Guyanese

vessels do not traverse. If there are any considerations to be made, he said, it would be in that area. The Minister further noted that there have been requests by several countries to conduct deep water fishing locally, but this would not be the same as trawler fishing, “since the Ministry is clamping down on the number of fishing trawlers and are no longer issuing licenses.” Ramsammy reiterated that the Ministry is, “always looking into the area of deep water fishing but until formal requests are made, we are just interested.” He clarified that not only are there no considerations being made; no new fishing licenses are being issued. On the other hand, nations such as France, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados have indicated their interest in conducting deep water fishing in Guyana. However, no locations have been identified for the prospective deep water fishing. The President of the GATO&SP had related to Kaieteur News that the

fishing community was deeply concerned over the speculation that Government was about to grant fishing licences to Chinese nationals which caused panic. The fishing industry argued that if the licenses were given to the Chinese nationals it would come at a time when local sea operators are being urged to reduce fleet numbers because of dwindling stocks and a growing need for more protection in the fishing industry. They demanded information regarding the number of vessels, the type of fishing, the area to be traversed and the type of gear. They wanted to know further, the track record of the company and the benefits to Guyana. The Association is still to receive a response from the Agriculture Minister. In 2010, an overhaul of the industry was suggested with the aim of reducing the number of operating trawlers at the beginning of 2011. GATOSP further considered a proposal that could reduce its fleet of fishing vessels by at least 20 percent.

Tuesday October 15, 2013

Kaieteur News

Letters... Where your views make the news

People in many parts of the world like to look lighter DEAR EDITOR, One gets the impression that Frederick Kissoon is bored, has run out of things to say, wants continuous attention, is cheating journalistically, or getting old and rusty – or all of the above! His KN 10-13-13 column, “Sex and skin colour: India confronts its white-skin obsession” is a case in point. Mr. Kissoon browses the internet and looks for topics that put India and Indians in bad light, and brings these to the fore in the Guyana newspapers to create a furor and irk the sensitivities of Indians. The only problem about that is that poor Mr. Kissoon moves too slowly for comfort. The hue and sex colour is not a recent phenomenon; the debate has been raging for years in India. And Mr. Kissoon should know that the biggest criticisms of the outrageous practices in India come from Indians themselves - through various forms in the media. So when Mr. Kissoon claims that the thing (Indian’s obsession with white skin) “is now wide open, thanks to Al Jazeera”, it evokes another chuckle from this journalist researcher. I quote verbatim from my KN letter of 11-02-13, “Freddie’s sensationalist column was typically partial and unbalanced”. In that letter, I stated, “Mr. Kissoon is angry that almost all of the ads have light skinned persons, and has repeatedly expressed his disgust that Indians in India have been partial to those with lighter complexion in the Bollywood arena. (I share this

sense of disgust, as it is true not only to actors, for also those in certain employment, for those looking for a spouse, etc.). But does he know that Africans, from Jamaica to South Africa, use lightening creams to look lighter and non-black? A University of Cape Town study showed that one in three women in South Africa try hard to whiten their skin to look white, including local musician Nomasonto ‘Mshoza’ Mnisi, who is now several shades lighter. The situation in Nigeria is worse, where approximately 77% of the women use skin lighteners. And many African women in the continent and in the Diaspora, including Guyana, have used hair straighteners, thereby departing from the traditional appearance. In Jamaica, the most public proponent of bleaching is singing star Vybz Kartel , whose own complexion has dramatically lightened in recent years. His ‘Look Pon Me’ contains the lines: “Di girl dem love off mi brown cute face, di girl dem love off mi bleach-out face.” And residents of Denham Town, in west Kingston, say the introduction of a ‘new type’ of skin lightening cream has sparked fist fights and a rift among women in a section of their community. The women are reportedly accusing each other of spitefully purchasing too much of the commodity to get the other jealous. On 13-01-13, the Stabroek

News carried an article, “Fly Jamaica inaugural flight delayed”, and showed a photo of the attendant crew. There were eight women shown in the photo; except for one, all of them were light skinned, most with dyed hair! The bottom line is people in many parts of the world like to look lighter, and advertisers hone in on that axiom. It is obvious that Mr. Kissoon browses the internet in search of material to insert in his daily column. There is nothing original about this cheap form of journalism. (If Mr. Kissoon wants some really juicy journalistic stuff, all he has to do is to check out the Indian media websites!). It is baffling why Mr. Kissoon would mention the Al Jazeera news item on the obsession of white skin colour of Indians, and ignore this dark side (pardon the pun) of the Africans. In a prominent article by that media house a few months ago (http://www.aljazeera. com/indepth/features/2013/ 04/20134514845907984.html), Al Jazeera stated that almost 8 out of 10 women are involved in “bleaching” – a term used for whitening one’s skin – to look and feel more beautiful - far more than the Indians! Mr. Kissoon laments that the BBC has not carried the issue of India’s obsession with being “fair”. They did – on June 5, 2012, when Rajini Vaidyanathan wrote, “Has skin whitening in India gone too far?” Try again, Fred. Devanand Bhagwan

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Tuesday October 15, 2013

Tuesday October 15, 2013

Kaieteur News

Free kidney transplants likely to be fast-tracked with inking of MOU A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Ministry of Health and the notfor-profit Doobay Renal Centre is expected to see renal patients being able to benefit from sustained treatment at a reduced cost. In fact, this strategic move is expected to even fast track the offering of free kidney transplants to patients currently on dialysis. The MOU is slated to be inked this morning in the Office of the Health Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Mr Leslie Cadogan. This disclosure was made by Executive Member attached to the Renal Centre, Vic Oditt, who disclosed that the signing of the agreement comes as part of efforts to have formal measures put in place to aid plans to extend the operation of the Renal Centre facility. Already, he said that Founder of the Centre, Dr Budhendra Doobay has been able to get assurance from surgeons and nephrologists from the McMaster University and the St Joseph Health Care facility in Hamilton Ontario, Canada, to facilitate transplants here. Since last year officials of the Annandale, East Coast Demerara, Renal Centre were streamlining plans for the offering of free kidney transplants which they had envisioned would have started early this year at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation

(GPHC). As part of its collaboration with the GPHC, the Renal Centre had facilitated the donation of a renal treatment centre to the public hospital and even ensured that nurses were trained to operate there. And according to Oditt, “we are prepared to work with any institution for the betterment of health care in Guyana.” Oditt said too that while all efforts are being made to collaborate exclusively with the GPHC, there are possible futuristic plans to offer transplants at the East Coast Demerara location. He noted that efforts are being streamlined to construct a three storey structure offering a range of services, two operating rooms, an angio-suite for heart patients, X-ray service and pharmacy. In essence, he said that “we will be bringing medicine to the East Coast of Demerara.” And according to Oditt, “we can assure you that all precautions will be taken post and during the transplants to safeguard the health of the patient and the donor because we want to run an operation that we want to be proud of.” Of course all of this will only be possible if the completed facility satisfies all the necessary requirements and is granted a licence to operate by the Government, noted Oditt who said though “at the moment we are only thinking as far as working with GPHC.”

Confidence trickster sold rented cars then disappears Imagine saving every extra dollars of your salary for years to buy your dream car. Then when you actually purchase the car, you find out that your dream car is actually a rented car with two weeks rental fee attached to it. This is the experience of a South Sophia resident, Elvis Smith, who was robbed of $850,000 by a “well dressed” man who identified himself as Hemant Narine Shilchand, a Ministry of Human Services worker. It all started on July 2, last, when Smith decided that he would purchase his dream car- a Toyota IST. He talked to a friend and was advised to visit an auto dealer on Hadfield Street, Georgetown, aback of the Brickdam Police Station. With the intention of getting a “cheap and sweet” deal, Smith checked out every possible car that was parked outside the business entity and the cost attached to them. Not knowing that the scam artist was looking at him from inside the Auto dealer’s office, Smith continued browsing through the cars until the confidence trickster smilingly approached him and made an “offer” to which he readily agreed. “He approached me and said that he working at the Ministry of Human Services and that he bring in another

car so he is selling his IST (PRR 2622) to pay for the other car which is at the wharf,” Smith told Kaieteur News. Smith said that he had no idea that he was about to be robbed, “This man was well dressed and he had a girl with him and they were well spoken. We went to a JP (Justice of the Peace) and made the agreement of sale and I paid him $850,000 and he gave me a receipt.” The confidence trickster sold Smith the car for $1.5M. He (trickster) collected $850,000 on the same day. The balance would have been paid by Smith within four months in installments. “Everything happened in one day (July 2, last). He gave me the car with the agreement of sale and receipt and he left. Two days after I tried to call him but his phone ring out. This continued for a week so I was wondering why would he not answer his phone and I have so much money for him,” a still surprised Smith stressed. He added that he then sought advice from a police friend, who later promised to conduct “an investigation”. “The following day, the (police friend) made checks to see if any car was reported missing but none were missing.” According to Smith, he and his police friend visited the address that the trickster

gave him. “When we go there, neighbours say that he doesn’t live there and that he sold the house and they (neighbours) directed us to his wife’s place.” “When we go to the wife’s house, she told us that the two of them separated and that he sold the house with her and their children inside and the matter is in court,” Smith related. Smith went to the Brickdam Police Station and made a formal complaint. He was instructed to leave the car at the police station. “The next day when I call the station, I found out that someone from Berbice collected the car.” The seemingly upset Smith revealed that investigators informed him that Shilchand rented the vehicle from a car dealer in Berbice for a week but never returned. “When the police started to dig into the matter, we found out that he robbed other people before,” Smith stated. Anyone with information on Shilchand’s whereabouts is asked to call the nearest police station.

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Tuesday October 15, 2013

Labour leaders urge US to stop deportations Los Angeles (CMC) – Several of the top labour leaders in the United States have called on President Barack Obama to stop deporting Caribbean and other immigrants until the US Congress passes an immigration overhaul bill. That bill would grant a pathway to US citizenship for millions of immigrants living illegally in the United States. “When we have a bill for 11 million immigrants to become full Americans we should not be in the middle of this, deporting them,” said Tefere Gebre, director of the Orange County Labor Federation here, at a news conference in support of immigration reform, organized by the AFL-CIO, the largest federation of labour in the US. The AFL-CIO has made immigration overhaul a top priority this year, supporting a bill passed earlier this year in the Senate that would allow most of the immigrants in the US without permission to apply for citizenship. The labour group has in recent months launched an attack against Republican leaders in the House, who have vowed not to bring the Senate bill to a vote, according to the Los Angeles Times. The Republican leaders have said they will consider instead a series of small-scale immigration bills.

While Obama supports the Senate bill, several labour leaders said they were disappointed that he has not halted deportations while the fate of immigration reform is being debated. According to the Times, deportations have reached record levels under President Obama. It said that, in 2012, more than 400,000 immigrants were returned to their home countries – more than were deported during any year of under George W Bush’s presidency. Gebre’s labour federation represents many immigrant workers in Orange County, who are in the US illegally. Other labour groups with large numbers of immigrant members, such as unions representing car wash workers and hotel employees, also have made immigration reform a priority, the Times said. Bhairavi Desai, director of the New York Taxi Workers Alliance, said immigrant workers already have earned citizenship. “When people are working 60 to 70 hours a week in back-breaking conditions, nobody should have the gall, especially sitting in the fancy halls of Congress, to look at an immigrant worker and tell them that they have not earned this day,” she said.

EU provides $52 million for justice, human rights projects (Jamaica Observer) The delegation of the European Union (EU) in Jamaica has provided $52 million for three projects focused on the rehabilitation of inmates in the correctional system, including juveniles, and addressing legal and human rights issues. Stand Up for Jamaica (SUFJ) has received $10.3 million to carry out its ‘Rehabilitation of Inmates: A professional and Artistic Way to Come Back in Society’ project; Jamaicans For Justice (JFJ) will execute the ‘Combating Impunity By Strengthening Legal Support’ project for $21 million; while the British Council has also benefited from $21 million to implement the

‘Strengthening the role played by civil society in Jamaica in promoting human rights and democracy’ project. Chief Justice Zaila McCalla, who addressed the launch of the projects last Thursday at the British High Commission on Trafalgar Road in Kingston, hailed the initiatives. She noted that rehabilitation, legal support, and the involvement of civil society are useful tools that must be employed to strengthen the justice system in the quest to build a peaceful society. McCalla said that the rehabilitation of inmates programme, in particular, has the potential to have farreaching benefits for the Jamaican society, in terms of reducing recidivism. She pointed to the latest findings in the Economic and Social Survey, which show an increasing trend towards persons relapsing into a life of crime after leaving prison. “This development is cause for concern as our correctional facilities are already overcrowded,” she said, noting that this is also a burden on the court system and the wider society. McCalla also applauded the human rights promotion project, which focuses on strengthening the role played by civil society organisations in promoting human rights and democracy, noting that

due to their communitybased approach, such groups often enjoy a greater outreach than Government agencies. “Empowering the population with information and education is essential to human rights issues, not just for identifying when human rights abuse exists, but more importantly, the promulgation and promotion of these ideals will discourage the commission of human rights abuses,” the chief justice argued. She further noted that the enhancement of legal support is crucial in matters relating to human rights issues, as people who have suffered from abuses are often the most vulnerable, the very young, the elderly, and those living with disabilities. These cases sometimes present challenges for those representing persons from these groups, she noted. “I look forward to seeing the fruits of these projects being launched by the [EU] delegation as we seek to attain a society where all Jamaicans are treated with dignity and fairness,” she stated. The launch of the projects coincided with the observance of ‘World Day Against the Death Penalty’, which focuses on international action against capital punishment and the promotion of human rights, with the ultimate goal being the worldwide abolition of this form of punishment.

Tuesday October 15, 2013

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Tuesday October 15, 2013

Tuesday October 15, 2013

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Bangladesh take 3-1 lead... From page 32 replaced the pacers with the tide from the Atlantic Ocean ‘coming in’. With the moisture from the Ocean causing the ball to bounce and turn alarmingly, Allen (8) was trapped LBW in the 16th over as the 15-yearold Miraj struck. Two balls later Pooran, just back from the CPL in India with the Trinidad and Tobago team, was bowled by Miraj as he attempted to cut a ball too close to him without addition to the score. Tristian Coleman joined Solozano but was soon bowled by Miraj for four. Miraj continued to spin webs around the home team batsmen and quickly bowled Lewis (1) as West Indies slumped 50-6. When Solozano (20) was brilliantly taken at slip by Rifat to give Miraj his fifth wicket, West Indies were 51-7 and in danger of being bowled out

below their lowest ever ODI total of 88 which they made in their previous match at the Stadium. Marquino Mindley fought fire with fire and counter-attacked the spinners, while Guyanese Motie-Kanhai offered sensible support as they added 64 runs for the eighth wicket to take their 115 before Mindley was taken in the deep off leg-spinner Likhon Zubair for a valuable 39. With the dismissal of Mindley, Motie-Kanhai took over and reached 39 with positive stroke-play before Zubair got rid of Ray Jordon (2) and Motie-Kanhai in quick succession as the West Indies folded with 21 balls remaining. Zubair supported with three wickets while Rifat captured two and the fifth ODI is scheduled for Providence tomorrow in a day/night encounter from 13:30hrs.

Letter to the Sports Editor DEAR EDITOR, Appellant Raj Singh and his unknown comrade, Imtikab Sankar in a valiant effort, seem intent on adversely influencing the functions of parliament without due respect and regard for the qualifications and experience of that esteemed body. I do not know whether Raj Singh qualified himself in parliamentary affairs or law at his North Road, Bourda Green office, or in his residence at Florida USA; or if Intikab Sankar acquired his expertise whilst going about his various jobs. However it is public knowledge that a Parliamentary select committee comprising Government and Opposition personnel, met on at least 16 occasions, and interviewed every conceivable interest

Tuesday October 14, 2013 ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) Someone you live with will get angry if you are neglecting your duties. Keep your eyes and ears alert for any evasive or deceptive statements. Help with your aspirations is likely, and profits could follow. TAURUS (Apr. 21- May 21) Friends and relatives can give you good advice. Business trips will be more productive than trying to fight the red tape facing you. Get involved in creative groups.

LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) Secret information will be eye opening. You will find that you can work progressively at improving yourself today. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) Difficulties may be encountered while traveling in foreign countries. Drastic changes regarding your personal attitude are evident.

GEMINI (May 22-June 21) Dealing with foreigners will be most enlightening. You may find yourself in the midst of a pretty good deal. Romance appears.

SAGIT (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) You can meet interesting new friends if you join worthwhile groups. If you want to make your mark, try to get involved in projects that will bring you some glory.

CANCER (June 22-July 22) Lovers may prove unworthy of your affection. Sudden romantic encounters will set your head spinning. Hassles with in-laws could put a damper on your day.

CAPRI (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) Investments that deal with property will pay off but could cause conflict with some family members. Offers of joint ventures are likely. Stay mellow.

LEO (July 23-Aug 22) Don't count on your friends to be loyal when it comes to doing things. Someone you least expect may not have your best interests at heart.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) Romantic opportunities are evident. You're in need of love. Put your energy into home renovations.

VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) Don't get into heated discussions. You can mix business with pleasure to get favorable results. Socially, you need a fast paced form of entertainment.

PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) Your leadership ability will enhance your reputation. You need to focus on yourself, not on others. You may have ignored or neglected your mate lately.

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Cricket hijackers are opposed to every attempt to have order group in order to produce a document guaranteed to bring order to this cricket madness that has been existing for the past three years or so. Nevertheless they are once again trying to mislead the public, so that the cricket bill will not be passed in parliament and they could carry on their illegal practice for ever. There is no doubt that our cricket has been in chaos since 2009 when a minority group of Executives proceeded to hijack the Board. This was met with strong resistance from the majority of Executives of the GCB, the Berbice Cricket Board, the East Coast Cricket Board, the Georgetown Cricket Association 56% of East Bank and 68% of WCD Cricket Associations. Berbice Cricket Board Secretary Angela Haniff then filed an injunction against the illegal GCB causing the Chief Justice to rule that all the Cricket Boards associations etc were legal nonentities and could not sue or be sued. In this situation he advised that the Minister of Sports

exercise his will and set up an interim body to administer cricket in the short term and legislative remedy in the long term. Since this order, ruling, suggestion, recommendation, or advice is coming from the Chief Justice’s Office, it must be persuasive enough for action to be taken in the circumstances; and any reasonable thinking person, with the interest of Guyana’s cricket at heart, would be expected to comply. After all we would like to see a level playing field for the proper, decent efficient and honest administration of our cricket. But this group of hijackers are opposed to every attempt to have order, transparency and decency return to our cricket since they are fully aware that they could not operate in any such environment. They are reposing comfortably within the existing chaos since they are running things and can operate with impunity and no accountability; therefore it is quite worrying for them that parliament is involved in trying to sort out the chaos,

by establishing a legal framework for fairness, transparency and lawful acquiescence as the bedrock of our cricket administration. Appellant Raj Singh and his cohorts including Imtikab Sankar are afraid of any legal or transparent system being put in place since they do not have the confidence or support of the majority of cricket practitioners and therefore will not have the opportunity to: a. Interchange constitutions/regulations to suit their fancy. b. Run illegal elections c. transfer funds from the Boards into private companies that they own. d. Violate Court injunctions e. Abuse both government and opposition members conveniently. f. Appoint friends and relatives to Board positions. g. Discriminate against cricketers and officials who do not fit into their programmes. h. Conduct the many infractions, violations and manipulations which have become part of their ensemble for controlling and directing the demise of our cricket. Certainly the present chaos in cricket cannot be allowed to continue and no self respecting Guyanese would condone it, except of course the group that is benefitting from the present chaos. They would like it to continue forever even as the cricket suffers. Let the parliamentary select committee do its work and allow sanity to return to our cricket. Let them establish a level playing field of fairness and legality after which the people will decide who they want to lead them in their cricket administration. This is the only decent way forward. Parasnauth Seeram – LLM Hons. London.

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Tuesday October 15, 2013

4th U-19 ODI West Berbice upset Albion CC to advance to Universal DVD T20 Final in Berbice Bangladesh take 3-1 lead against young In what was a total team former test pacer, Brandon Sherwin McPherson gave Windies with 4-wkt win at Everest effort, West Berbice realized Bess for 41 made off 29 balls, them a brisk start before former Berbice under-19 offall of their hopes, registering a comfortable victory over Albion Community Centre to ease into the final of the 2013 Universal DVD First Division T20 Cricket Competition in Berbice. Taking full advantage of a weakened Albion team, missing four of their key players, in Narsingh Deonarine, Veerasammy Permaul, Gudakesh MotieKanhai and Devendra Bishoo, they beat them by 7 wickets. In the semi-final game played on Saturday at Albion, West Berbice won the toss inserted Albion to take first strike. They opened the bowling with Guyana pacer, Keon Joseph, and medium pacer Keith Fraser who, in the second over, had the prized wicket of Sewnarine Chattergoon caught behind with just one run on the board. Former Guyana under-19 batsman, Kandasammy Surujnarine and Berbice Under-17 batsman, Balchand Baldeo, repaired the damage somewhat by putting on 61 between them in 7.4 overs before Surujnarine fell to

which included 4 fours and 1 six. After that, the bowlers kept a tight rein on the run scoring and at the same time picking up wickets. After former Guyana under-19 pacer Raun Johnson picked up Baldeo for 22 at 78 for 3 in the 13 th over, the batsmen continued to struggle as offspinner, Andrew Dutchin, took the prized wickets of Guyana wicketkeeperbatsman Anthony Bramble for 5 and former Guyana T20 batsman Jonathan Foo for 28 to leave them 109 for 5 after 17.5 overs. They were unable to capitalize on the remaining 13 deliveries losing 2 more wickets in the process to reach 123 for 7 off their 20 overs. Bowling for West Berbice, Andrew Dutchin took 2 for 22 while there were one each for Joseph, Johnson, Fraser, Ramoo and Bess. When West Berbice began their reply, former Berbice under-19 batsman Raffel Estriado and former Guyana under-19 batsman

spinner Veerapen Permaul removed Estriado for 20 with the score on 24 after 3.3 overs. Former Berbice batsman Artley Bailey came in and he and McPherson added another 21in the next 2.5 overs before McPherson fell to former Guyana allrounder, Andre Percival, for 15 at 45 for 2. Dutchin joined Bailey and with the latter doing the bulk of the scoring, they put on 42 for the third wicket in 7.2 overs before Bailey fell to leftarm spinner Avinash Wajib for 36, made off 34 deliveries, which included 3 fours and 2 sixes. Fraser came in and he and Dutchin took West Berbice safely home to victory with 11 deliveries to spare at 127 for 3 in 18.1 overs to win by seven wickets with Fraser ending on 27 not out off 19 balls, which included 3 sixes and Dutchin 17 not out. West Berbice will now meet the winner of the next semifinal between Berbice and Rose Hall Town.

Derick Richmond registers biggest upset... From page 34 determined that the jaw was broken and ordered further medical intervention at the hospital. The time was one minute into the third round. Atwell started the bout at a hectic pace and made a profound statement 90 seconds into the first stanza with a super quick right cross that dumped Beckford on the seat of his trunks. He rose on tottery legs and though he somehow managed to make it to the end of the round, even the inexperienced fan knew that the writing was on the wall. A wicked body punch greeted the Jamaican at the start of the second round and his knees buckled. An unrelenting Atwell followed up with a left hook and straight right and down went Beckford. He attempted to reenter the fray but his legs were uncooperative and referee Jardine was once again forced to repeat the action of the previous bout, waving off the proceedings at 40secs into the second round. Marques is not a man with a punch but compensates through consistency. He dished out a heaped serving of classic punches that distinctly separated him from his foe, Williamson, who just could not exploit his Achilles heel. The earlier rounds, up to the third, were closely

contested with Williamson giving as much as he took. As the rounds increased, so did the pressure and on several occasions Williamson was subjected to vicious combinations. He came out purposefully in round four and his two fisted assault had Marques covering up but not for long as the latter boxer reasserted himself and unleashed a vicious body assault that forced Williamson to backpedal. The sixth round represented new territory for Williamson who had recently entered the professional ranks. Marques took full advantage of his opponent’s inexperience and unleashed several punches to his ribcage while converting to his head. By now, Williamson had all but given up and when the bell sounded, he trudged to the corner with a fatigued expression. Judges Trevor Arno (79-73), Rawle Aaron (80-72) and Carlton Hopkinson (78-74) all confirmed his fears with a shutdown for Marques. Earlier, the action got underway with the amateur segment and fans were somewhat taken aback when Trevor King (GDF) was awarded the decision at the end of his bout with Republican middleweight, Kevin Rodney. The later boxer had clinched a unanimous verdict over the

former in the Berbice edition of the just concluded Mackeson Fight Night boxing cards. As in the first bout, Rodney used stiff right crosses to keep his man at bay. However, this time around, King turned in a better performance. Notwithstanding, there were murmurs from the crowd when the decision was announced in King’s favour. Orin Bancroft of the Harpy Eagles Boxing Gym triumphed in his 105-109lbs bout with Tefon Green, while Mark Marshall defeated Stephon Nedd in their bantamweight encounter. Elijah Insanally was also in winners’ row with a unanimous verdict over Anthony Camacho. All of the amateur boxers received large food hampers compliments of Courts (Guyana) Ltd. Three lucky patrons also won lucrative prizes after their numbers were drawn from among the general paid attendance. The first prize was one Digicel Blackberry cell phone, while the second and third prizes are one pair Wiki sunglasses and 2 cases of premium beers, respectively. The organizers benefited from the corporate support of several entities including Digicel, Banks DIH Ltd, Giftland Office Max, Guyoil, King’s Jewellery World, Ministry of Tourism and Flight Jamaica.

By Sean Devers Another ordinary batting performance by the West Indies handed Bangladesh an easy four-wicket win in the fourth under-19 ODI at the Everest ground yesterday as the visitors took a 3-1 lead in the seven-match series. West Indies struggled to 144 all out 46.3 overs on the spin-friendly pitch as Skipper Mehedi Miraj captured 5-17 in a mesmerizing 10-over spell of off-spin bowling, while Bangladesh, on the back of a confident 60 from Nazmul Shanto, responded with 1446 in the 40th over. Bangladesh lost two wickets in the second over as West Indies fought back defending their small total as the lively Vincentian Ray Jordon trapped Mumin Jummon LBW for one to leave the score on 4-2. This was after Sadman Anik, who made a delightful 95 in the last match, was run out one run earlier. The two best batsmen in the Bangladesh side, Udddin Jashim, with two half centuries in this series, and Mossadek Saikat, joined forces to revive the position with a 25-run stand before the inform Jashim (16) drove Jordon (2-23) to cover at 293. Shanto looked very confident as he used his feet nicely and played with soft hands in his 42-run partnership with Saikat as the West Indies spinners struggled to extract the same amount of turn as the Bangladesh spinners did on an ideal track for spin bowling. The largest crowd of the

Marquino Mindley hits out for the young West Indies during his valuable 39. (WICB) series watched as Sikat (22) edged a cut at Gudakesh Motie-Kanhai to Nicholas Pooran at 71-4 before Shanto and Miraj featured in an 60run partnership with Shanto bringing up his 50 with a boundary in the 35th over. Miraj (27) and Shanto (60) were removed by off-spinner Ramaal Lewis (2-24) with the score on 140 but by then victory was just five runs away. Earlier, West Indies won the toss and elected to bat on a dusty two-pace track, on another day blessed with glorious sunshine and quickly lost both openers to

fast bowler Prodhan Rifat who got prodigious away movement away from the right-handers. After he got going with a delightful boundary Shemron Hetymer soon played too early and was taken at mid off for eight with the score on 131, while Leroy Lugg, who made a duck, was trapped LBW three runs later. On a pitch which again favoured the visitors, lefthander Jeremy Solozano who looked the most accomplished batsman on the West Indies team, was joined by Fabian Allen as spin Continued on page 31

Trophy Stall Regulation Open semifinals

Kings win twice to reach final four to face Falcons, Jets meet Raiders tomorrow Gate receipts to aid Phillip ‘Scholar’ Gibbons for eye surgery After winning their final two matches in the seven team round robin play in the Trophy Stall Regulation Open Basketball championship planned by the Linden Amateur Basketball Association, the Kashif and Shanghai Kings have qualified as the fourth team into the semifinals which are set for tomorrow at the tournament venue, the Mackenzie Sports Club Hard Court. Tomorrow’s semifinals gate receipts will go towards assisting former national footballer Phillip Gibbons, the current Secretary of the

Mackenzie Sports Club and considered a friend of the association, to cover medical expenses to be incurred from an eye surgery which is to be done soon. The Kings wrapped up the preliminary round with a 67-46 win over Retrieve Raiders who they beat 674 6 a s St e v e N e i l s ( J r. ) netted 22 points and Orin Rose 17 for the Kings. Deval Wilson had nine and Nicky Barnes eight for the Raiders. The Kings now take on the league leaders Bankers Trust Falcons in the second game tomorrow, while the first

will see the Amelia’s Ward Jets, who finished second to the Falcons, taking on Retrieve Raiders on the first semifinal at 7:30pm. Kings by virtue of their two wins ended on nine points after three wins and three losses, but advanced ahead of the Half Mile Bulls who had a similar record by virtue of them beating the Bulls. However, the fight for the top three positions was determined by goal average as the Falcons, Jets and Raiders ended on 10 points each from four wins and two losses.

Tuesday October 15, 2013

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The New Amsterdam Prison wins NSC donates $$$ as Guyana Rugby Union prepare for Cayman Islands sojourn Inter prisons athletics competition

Nicole Nero (3rd R) gratefully accepts the gift from Minister Anthony in the presence of Mr. Green (extreme L), Mr. Campayne and Mr. Kumar (2nd R & extreme R respectively) The winning NA prison contingent pose with their silverware along with several officials that were in attendance. The New Amsterdam Prison once again made full use of home advantage to take top honours and retain championship honours to run away as champions when the Guyana Prison Services (GPS) held their Annual Inter Prison Athletics Championship, which was held on Saturday October 12th 2013 at the Scot’s Church Ground, Princess Elizabeth Road, New Amsterdam, Berbice. The day’s activity began with the March Past involving the three competing teams namely- Georgetown and headquarters, New Amsterdam Prison and the combine team of Mazaruni, Lusignan & Timehri Prisons. The day’s activity began with the march past and salute which was taken by retired Director of Prisons, Dale Erskine, DSM, acting director Welton Trotz and officer in charge of New Amsterdam Senior Superintendent Ag, Linden Cornett. The Championship was then declared open by acting Director Trotz and the battle began in earnest amongst the teams vying for top honours in 40 track and field events including some novelty activities. In the end of the day’s competition New Amsterdam prisons were way ahead with 402 points followed by Prison HQ/ Georgetown Prison on 374 with

the combined locations of Mazaruni, Lusignan & Timehri Prisons once again in the cellar with 321 points. Marica Murray of New Amsterdam prison once again showed her vast ability as she repeated as champion female athlete winning four events and leading her team to victory in three relays. Her triumph came in the 100M and 200M sprints, the Javelin and Discus as well as leading her team to victories in the 4x100, 4x400 and medley relays and the female sack race. Tamika Jackman of Georgetown was also outstanding winning three events as she ran away with the hotly contested 400M, 800M and the 1500M events to end with three wins. Juanita Erskine of New Amsterdam also had a good day winning two events whist placing among the top four in a number of others. The winner in the female long Jump event was C. Nurse of New Amsterdam with D. Joseph of the combined team winning the female segment of the Shot Put event. Whilst a few females dominated on the distaff side, the males did not have things that easy, however Keith Schultz of the combined team was adjudged the champion male athlete with one win and a second. The males were involved in stiff competition with no repeat winner emerging in the events c o m p e t e d . Senior Superintendent Gladwin

Inter Ministry Ten\10 Tapeball finals set for tomorrow The finals of the Foreign Ministry Office Assistants Sports Promotions Inter- Ministry Ten\10 Tapeball cricket competition will be played tomorrow at the National Cultural Tarmac. Ministry of Agriculture will play Office of the President in a quarter final game with the winner taking on Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport in the first semifinal, while Ministry of Foreign Affairs will take on Cheddi Jagan International Airport staff in the second. Meanwhile, teams will battle for the Sports Minister trophy in another Tapeball competition on the said day and a 9 team dominoes tournament will also be played.

Samuels of the combined team won the senior officers race. The 100 M male noncommissioned officers event was won by Orwin Mentore of the combined team, with T. McGarrell of Georgetown winning on the distaff side. The 100M was won by C. Campbell of New Amsterdam; the 200M winner was K. McCalmont of Georgetown. The winner of the 400M event was K. Shultz of Combined with K. Martin of NA winning the 800M. The 1500M event was won by F. Williams of the combined team, with J. Carter of the combined team taking top honours in the 3000M. The shot put was won by N. Wickham of the combined team as C. Barnes of Georgetown won the Discus. New Amsterdam won four of the six relay races contested –taking top honours in both 4x100 M male relay, the 4x400 female and the female medley with the combined team taking top honours in the 4x400 male and the male medley events. The hefty and fit New Amsterdam male and female prison warders made light work of their opponents in the Tug-oWar events as the pulled over their opponents without breaking much of a sweat. The winning New Amsterdam prison unit was presented with the Director of prisons trophy by acting Director Trotz and retired Director Erskine. The winners and outstanding participants were all presented with trophies and medals. Apart from Erskine, Trotz, Cornett and Samuels, also in attendance were Commander of police B Division Assistant Commissioner Brian Joseph, Deputy Director of Prison Senior Superintendent Carl Graham and Superintendent of Prison Kevin Pilgrim. They all assisted in the presentation ceremony and the distribution of prizes. The coordinators were Superintendent of Prisons Kevin Pilgrim with assistance from Neil Humphrey. (Samuel Whyte)

The request was made at the twelfth hour but because Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Frank Anthony, is impressed with the administrative work and general progress of the Guyana Rugby Union (GRU), he has acquiesced to a donation of one million dollars to facilitate the local players’ participation in the NACRA Seven’s Rugby tournament scheduled for the Cayman Islands next month. Consequently, the subject Minister was joined by Director of Youth and Sports,

Neil Kumar summoned several of the GRU executives to his Main Street office yesterday afternoon where the check for that amount exchanged hands. The others attending the ceremony were President of the GRU, Peter Green, Match Secretary, Peter Campayne, Secretary, Nicole Nero and Committee member, Robin Roberts. Minister Anthony said that after Mr. Green dispatched the relevant request, he (Mr. Anthony) spoke with officials of the National Sports Commission

(NSC), using his influence to make the donation a possibility. “I am pleased with the track record of the GRU and because I want to see a continuance, I had no problem in supporting the request,” said Mr. Anthony. He further disclosed that government would be subsidizing the taxes and urged other corporate entities to reach out and render support to the players. Mr. Green expressed gratitude to the Minister and committed to the continuance of the developmental process.

Bush Lot United Turf Club restarts preparation for November 10 horserace meet

The Bush Lot United Turf Club (BLUTC) has recommenced preparation for their recently postponed one day horserace meet, which has now being confirmed for Sunday November 10th at the club’s entity, Sea View Park Bush Lot Village, West Coast Berbice. The club has teamed with Inshan Bacchus Hard Running’s Trucking Service and Jumbo Jet ‘Junior’ for this encounter. With the BLUTC having the reputation of organising top class meets and with so much to grab, a grand day of racing is anticipated. Ongoing sprucing up works has recommenced at the venue. A few changes have been made to the day’s programme which will now have total of eight races from the original seven races listed on the programme, with over $7 M in cash and prizes up for grabs. A number of feature races are listed with races for C, E G, and the three and two year old events being the top drawing cards. Over 70 horses were entered for the last race meet and all has indicated a willingness to participate this time around. All the sponsors are still on board with - Jumbo Jet, Inshan Bacchus Business Enterprise, Buddy Shivraj, Trophy Stall Bourda Market, Lekeram ‘Buddy’ Sukhdeo, Mohammed ‘Nanko’ Shariff Business Enterprise, Phagoo General

Eight races now on, over $7M up for grabs Store, Eron Lall Civil Engineering and Construction, Baijnauth Sawmilling, Darmin Chattergoon, Romell Jagroop Construction, Premo Baldeo and Rohan Oudit construction among others involved. Among some of the horses that were entered the last time and are expected to take part this time are - Elle’sVision, Swing Easy, Donut Prince, Fresh Again, Country Armagh, Settle in Seattle, Grande De Roja, Zelick, Africanist, Joyful victory Who is on the Case, Force Entry, Ameera’s Joy, Unsettled, Cat Messiah, Charismatic’s Boy, Celebrating Love, City Tune, Fresh Again, Prospectors Pride, California Strike, Silent Night, Top of the Line, Marathon man, Got To Go, Silver Jet, Another Jet, Settling Jet, It’s my Day, Nobody wants me, It’s My Turn, Princess Alicia, I Want Revenge, Rosetta, Blame The Jockey, Rosanna, Mary Ann, Royal Empire, Captain Crook and Golden Key, Traditional man, Silent Lizzy, Treacle, Prince Bayaya, Sweet Return, Smarty Light, She So Special, Gold Rush, Miss Karina, De Gump, Savion, Monsoon and Bridal Stone Corner among others. The Feature race will be for horses classified ‘C’ and with the animals set to cover a distance of one mile for a first prize of $1M

and trophy. The horses classified E and lower 1400M event will be for a top prize of $400,000 and trophy. The three Year old event for West Indies bred maiden and Guyana bred maiden horses will see the winner taking $400,000 and trophy over 1200M. A similar $400,000 and trophy is available for the winner of the event for two year old Guyana and West Indies Bred horses over 1200M. The G3 and lower event over 1200M is for a winning purse of $400,000 and trophy. The ‘I’ and lower event is another 1200M affair for a winning purse of $200,000 and trophy. The J and K class match up will see the winner pocketing $130,000 and trophy over 1400M. The newly added K and lower 1200M race has a winning take of $100,000 and trophy. The individual performers including top jockey, stable and trainer will be presented with trophies compliments of The Trophy Stall, Bourda Market and the organisers. Interested persons can make enquiries with Coordinator and Treasurer Lakeram B. Sukhdeo on Number 232-0558 or 672-0810 or President R. Jagit (tel 2320231). Race time is 12:30 hrs. (Samuel Whyte)

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Guyana Fight Night boxing cards

Derick Richmond registers biggest upset, breaking Edmond DeClou jaw in the process By Michael Benjamin In what was undoubtedly the upset of the century, underdog pugilist, Derick Richmond unleashed a vicious left hook that thudded into Caribbean Boxing Federation (CABOFE) middleweight champion, Edmond DeClou and sent him to the Georgetown Public Hospital nursing a broken jaw when those two clashed in the main supporting bout of the 30th edition of Guyana Fight Night at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall (CASH) Sunday evening last. Clive Atwell was hardly required to break a sweat in his lightweight non-title affair against Jamaican, Glenroy Beckford and disposed of him early in the second round, while Dexter ‘The Kid’ Marques punched his way to a lopsided unanimous verdict over Berbician, Richard Williamson. Kishawn Simon was also in winners’ row and opened the night’s

Teachers win Dale Erskine eight a side football competition

Atwell KO’s Beckford proceedings with a unanimous verdict over David Thomas in their welterweight encounter. Usually a slow starter, DeClou uncharacteristically went after his man from the first gong and though his punches were not that powerful, they were on target and unsettled the shorter Richmond while keeping him at bay. Fighting out of a southpaw stance Richmond, the shorter boxer, switched to a body attack in the second frame that disturbed DeClou’s rhythm. The latter pugilist held his ground and responded with a few wallops of his own that had his man on the back foot. When the bell sounded DeClou had steered his man to the ropes and was pummelling away, while Richmond sought refuge behind highly held

guards. DeClou started the third round in similar fashion as the first and attacked with long ranged punches. Richmond blocked a few and squirmed his way in where the two warriors exchanged close punches. Few saw the wicked left hook that landed just around DeClou’s lower jaw but all saw the effect. The blow stopped him dead in his tracks before gravity took over and dumped him on the canvas. Referee, Eion Jardine jumped in but even before he commenced the mandatory count, it was evident that it would have been an act in futility. When he waved off the fight, DeClou struggled to his feet but was visibly wincing in pain. This prompted a more thorough evaluation from Dr Laxa and Nurse Green who Continued on page 32

Pakistan v South Africa, 1st Test, Abu Dhabi, 1st day

Amla makes century, Pakistan make inroads ESPNcricinfo - The ebbs and flows of Test cricket were in full evidence on the first day in Abu Dhabi, ending with Pakistan the slightly happier side despite Hashim Amla adding to his rapidly increasing century count. Pakistan’s new-ball bowlers produced the breakthroughs in the morning session, then Amla and the middle order made the pitch seem utterly docile in the second session, before the spinners sparked a collapse in the final session. Few sights are as reassuring for South Africa fans as seeing Amla in the middle. He produced a typically graceful innings, full of whiplash drives through the off and was comfortable camping on the backfoot and playing late against the spinners. As usual, he walked across the stumps to flick balls well outside off to the leg side and serenely progressed to his 20th Test century. There were two main partnerships he was involved in, as he set about stabilising the South Africa innings after three early wickets, first 61 with a fluent AB de Villiers and then 95 with the returning JP Duminy. During those two stands, Pakistan’s bowling seemed to lack sting and South Africa seemed to be on autopilot as they collected the

Tuesday October 15, 2013

The winning teachers team pose with (from left) coordinator Neil Humphrey, acting Director Welton Trotz and retired Director Dale Erskine. Teachers took their opponents to school as their taught them a thing or two in football when they played unbeaten to triumph in the Dale Erskine eight a side football competition played on Friday at the All Saints Scot’s Church ground. The one day competition, which was played in honour of retiring Director of Prisons Dale Erskine in his home county, saw six teams participating in the 20 minutes a game competition. The teams taking to the field were in Group ‘A’; Combine locations, Hearts of Oak Masters and Teachers, while Group B was made up of Fire service, New Amsterdam Prison and Georgetown Prison. Results of the games played saw Teachers starting things on a bright note by defeating Combined

Locations 1-0 through an Andrew Williams goal. The next game saw Fire Service through a Sherwin Parris goal and Georgetown Prisons through an Andrew Glasgow strike playing to a 11 draw. Hearts of Oak Masters then whipped Combined Locations 3-0 with Phillip Carrington, Kurt Alphonso and Stephen DeFlorimonte scoring. New Amsterdam Prisons then edged past Fire Service10 with D. Darlington scoring. Teachers through a Noel August goal then eked out a hard fought1-0 victory over Hearts of Oak Masters in a keenly contested encounter. Georgetown Prisons with goals of the boot of Troy Nieuenkirk, Carlos Matthews and Clifton Williams won the battle of the prisons by demolishing their New

Amsterdam counterparts 3-1, with Jermaine Barrington responding for NA. In the final, Teachers took Georgetown Prisons to school with a 3-1 whipping as Noel August, Andrew Williams and Jarrel Rodney scoring, while GT Prisons lone goal came off the boot of Carl Grahame. At the end of the competition the winning Dale Erskine trophy was presented to the Teachers team by retiring Director of Prison Dale Erskine. Georgetown Prisons received the runner up trophy. Players of the Teachers’ team made a clean sweep of the individual awards with Osafo Dos Santos copping the most valuable player award, Andrew Williams and Noel August sharing the award with two goals each. (Samuel Whyte)

Bundesliga lands worldwide television deal

Mohammad Irfan proved a handful with the new ball © AFP runs. Both those alliances ended with soft dismissals. De Villiers’ was the sort that sends you scurrying to Youtube. He was looking to defend off the front foot and after an lbw appeal, he held the pose for the umpire. The ball rolled over towards slip, and the keeper Adnan Akmal signalled to Younis Khan to return the ball to the stumps. Adnan took the bails off and after many replays it was determined that de Villiers’ backfoot was just outside the

crease. Duminy was playing his first Test innings in over a year but looked in fine touch. He has had his problems against spin, but this time he began with some confident shots down the ground. He was picking Saeed Ajmal’s doosras well and was untroubled by the quicks as well, and progressed to a brisk half-century. Scores: South Africa 245 for 8 (Amla 118*, Duminy 57, Babar 389) v Pakistan.

BBC Sport - The German Bundesliga (DFL) has agreed a new worldwide television deal as it looks to close the gap on the English and Spanish leagues’ global coverage. Starting from 2015-16, 21st Century Fox will show Bundesliga games across North and South America and much of Asia for five years. It will also be shown in Italy, the Netherlands and

Belgium for two years. DFL chief executive Christian Seifert said: “These agreements confirm that the Bundesliga has legitimately evolved to become a top international sports media property. “21st Century Fox is a global-scale partner that provides German soccer opportunities for worldwide exposure and future growth. We welcome

these agreements as an expression of faith in the Bundesliga’s continued development over the coming years.” Neither the DFL or Fox released any financial details of the agreement. Both of last season’s Champions League finalists were Bundesliga sides, with Bayern Munich beating Borussia Dortmund 2-1 at Wembley.

Lionel Messi: Barcelona forward is back in training BBC Sport - Barcelona forward Lionel Messi has returned to training with the Spanish club as he continues his recovery from a thigh injury. The 26-year-old was injured in a 2-0 win over Almeria on 28 September. He has missed a Champions League win over Celtic and a

La Liga victory over Valladolid, while also being absent from international duty with Argentina. Argentina have already qualified for the 2014 Wo r l d C u p a n d h e h a s missed games against Peru and Uruguay. World Player of the Year Messi instead stayed in

Barcelona to recuperate and joined in training with the 11 first-team players available to coach Gerardo Martino on Monday. The Spanish champions play Osasuna on Saturday before a Champions League group game against AC Milan three days later.

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