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Saturday October 13, 2018

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n the last few months, the government through the Special Organized Crime Unit (SOCU) has filed a number of cases involving fraud and the theft of state resources against individuals from the former government. Unfortunately, SOCU has lost most of its cases which suggests that either its lawyers are ill prepared to defend its cases or they are grossly incompetent. Last August, SOCU detained a Venezuelan registered Beech Baron Aircraft owned by Guyanese gold miner, Jerome Parkesas as part of its investigations into allegations of money laundering. As reported, during a search of the aircraft, SOCU officials confiscated more than 20 ounces of gold, 50,000 in Brazilian currency and G$1.2 million.But in a recent hearing of the case, the High Court ordered the release of aircraft and fined SOCU G$150000 in costs. Last year, SOCU filed 17 fraud charges against the former General Manager of the Guyana Rice Development Board, Jagnarine Singh, and his deputy, Madanlall Ramraj for failing to enter over $4.2 M into the company’s ledger, knowing that it was contrary to standard operation procedures. The incidents are said to have occurred between 2011 and 2012 at the company’s head office in Kingston, Georgetown. However, all the charges were dismissed due to the lack of evidence from SOCU prosecutors. Frustrated by the court’s decision, the head of SOCU, Sydney James blamed the dismissals on the breakdown in communication between the prosecutors and SOCU officials. The government has also lost another case against the former General Manager of the New Guyana Marketing Corporation, Nizam Hassan and his deputy, Felecia De SouzaMadramootoo on alleged fraud and conspiracy charges to procure money illegally. In November 2016, former Deputy Director of the Guyana Power and Light (GPL), Carvil Duncan was found not guilty of the alleged theft of $984, 900 from GPL. The court ruled that a prima-facie case had not been established against him. And it seems that the government has aborted its efforts to return the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of GPL, Aerswar Deonarine who fled the country after being accused of fraudulently transferring $27 million to his personal bank accounts from the Petro-Caribe fund. The court also dismissed charges of fraud and misuse of public funds brought by the government against the former Minister of Public Service, Dr. Jennifer Westford and her personnel assistant, Margaret Cummings. According to the court, the cases were dismissed because they were “bad in law”which means that wrong charges were filed against Dr. Westford and Margaret Cummings. Based on the Auditor General’s report, it was alleged that between 2011 and 2015 by virtue of their employment at the Ministry of Public Service, the Minister and her assistant who had control of the accounts department, defrauded the government of $639,420,000. The government has appealed the case. These cases were put together by SOCU and the Criminal Investigation Department based on the advice of the Police Legal Adviser and the Director of Public Prosecutions.To date, SOCU has not won any of its cases, which has been very costly to the taxpayers. Many believe that SOCU lacks focus and that it is involved in too many investigations at a time. It is now involved in the Panama rice fiasco, while its probe into the $148 million Demerara Harbour Bridge consultancy contract is pending. The amount of resources spent on these cases could have been spent to improve the social services, including child care, health care and education. Failure to win cases in the courts means that it is time for the government to step-up and provide SOCU with more efficient investigators and lawyers to help it prosecute and win its cases. Its lack of success in court has cast doubts in the minds of many that the government would not be able to convict anyone in the former government for alleged illegal practices, corruption or their burgling of the country’s best ocean front lands which they occupied and purchased below the market value at the time.

Editor’s Note; If your sent letter was not published and you felt its contents were valid and devoid of libel or personal attacks, please contact us by phone or email.

Have we lost our sense of history? DEAR EDITOR, This week marks the 65th anniversary of the Suspension of the Waddington Constitution on 9th October, 1953. I saw no reference in the press to that historical fact. Perhaps, your paper can start a column called “Today in History”. But this omission brings to the fore a greater concern. Have we lost our collective sense of history? Are we paying adequate attention to the teaching of History in our schools and in our Teachers College and in our university? I can recall our failure in 2003 and in 2013 to mark 50 years and 60 years respectively of the introduction of ministerial government in our country. (And two of those six ministers are still alive today). In our attempts at nation-building, our young people need to be constantly educated about our glorious past, even within living memory, so as to be galvanized to the heights to be attained. I am also mindful of the important role of the study of History in education after recently acquiring three mighty tomes. I have completed “An Accidental Life” by the late Professor Harold Drayton, and “A Survey of Guyanese History” by Dr. Winston McGowan. I am now dipping into “A People’s Political History of Guyana 1838-1964" by Dr. Kimani S.K. Nehusi. We can speculate about what Guyana might have been if the Constitution was not suspended in 1953 and if the nationalist movement was not fractured in 1955. After 52 years of Independence from the colonial masters, the country has not developed to the desired level in spite of the fact that we have more natural resources than any other nation in our Caribbean Community. We still have to needlessly fight among ourselves for the spoils of office

after every change of government. We are constantly dissipating our energies in this battle to the detriment of the masses. We need to spend more time and money on development of ourselves and our communities as in the past years of the ‘self-help’ movement. Villagers need to clean up their surroundings: no litter, no bushes, fences mended and painted, drains and trenches cleaned and free from weeds. Councils in town and country must ensure that streets are without pot-holes and that parapets are trimmed and manicured all year long, as in the Garden City of Georgetown in days of yore. At the national level, policies and systems must be in place and effective, so as to make more real the words of our National Anthem, which says in the third stanza: “And ours is the glory their eyes did not see, /Our land of six peoples, united and free.” We must also prove that Rev. Hawley Bryant was right when in educating the next generation, we teach them, according to the fourth stanza of “The Song of Guyana’s Children”: “Thus to the land which to us God has given May our young lives bring a gift rich and rare Thus as we grow, may the worth of Guyana Shine with a glory beyond all compare.” The question must now be asked as to how many of our 100+ secondary schools (government and private) still teach History for CSEC examination since the number of candidates in Guyana for this subject is certainly under 1,000. It means that in time still fewer students will offer the subject at the tertiary level in order to return as teachers to renew and re-invigorate the school system. Perhaps, in another

generation, the subject will not be taught in secondary schools. Lest we forget, how many schools now offer French? Will History follow the same path towards elimination? And the study of History is not only for teaching. The skills learnt are also applicable to analysis of problems, to decision-making, and to general administration in public and in private entities. Therefore, the Ministry of Education, as well as the Department of Culture, Youth and Sports, has a role to play in keeping alive our sense of history on the occasion of events of local and national importance. These events will also include the more significant anniversaries (25th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 75th, 100th, 125th, 150th) of our schools and other institutions. We must not glibly claim that we are bringing up the next generation, or that the children are the future of the nation, or that we mould the nation. The people in a community need to be educated in the history of our educational institutions, so that they may more willingly contribute in cash or in kind or in labour to the welfare of their schools, and then to other local institutions like the Health Centres. And by the way, come January 2019, Guyana will be observing the centenary of the first Trade Union in the Englishspeaking Caribbean – the Guyana Labour Union. One would like to believe that the GLU, and the GTUC, and FITUG, and the relevant department at UG, and the major political parties, have already drawn up plans to hold exhibitions and symposia and parades in order to celebrate this unique historic occasion. After all, we have not lost our sense of history! Walter B. Alexander Retired Deputy Permanent Secretary.

There is a lot wrong at Stabroek Market Square DEAR EDITOR, Only recently l penned a letter about the vendors’ (mainly water, juice and drinks) plight and asked that some sort of leniency or agreement could be made with the vendors and the City Council. Not a word was uttered except about the skullduggery being committed by Royston and some council member. Services by the City police (market constables) continues to ‘shakedown’ the vendors daily. On Wednesday, the City police collected three vendors who were about to start plying their trade and handcuffed them. They then forced them to walk to Regent Street Constabulary office. According to one of the vendors, they told him they are arresting him for ‘obstruction of traffic’. I find it disgusting at the treatment against these people who are trying to make an honest living, and also amusing. One of the vendors plies his trade between the route 45 (Lamaha/Hospital) and 41 (Norton Street/South) and his cart would be stationed alongside the light post which

is not a hindrance to any traffic from any of the routes vehicles. Meanwhile all the routes have buses parking in all sort of manner causing traffic congestion all over. They cannot be dealt with. At the Constabulary, the three vendors where given a very meticulous search and the order to post an eight thousand dollars bail. At no time were any charge written out or were they asked to give any statement or told anything, except ordered to sign the bail receipt and told that they have to attend court on October 18. Immediately upon hearing this, I assumed some sort of dishonesty involved, because why would they assign a date so far away and not same/next or a closer date? I hope someone shows a little interest into this matter. Only recently the Chief Constable was blubbering about the glorious plans for the Stabroek area and instead I am seeing serious ‘shakedown’, and robberies being committed. Finally, I’ve always been supportive of utilising local products. This

particular season, there’s a wide variety of fruits available and through strong determination and creativity of many young people, all the fruits are being used to produce local fruit drinks. Some are even blended/mixed together and they even making lime juice (swank) and adding green coloring to it and selling. Admirably the various vendors could be seen with their white hats and clothes vending. They are worth praising because many people are supporting them, even tourists. I’ve had over eight juices for the week. They vary between the cherries, sorrel, guava and passion fruit. Take a walk at Stabroek Area, spend time and you will see drugs being used openly, touts cursing, tugging, pushing and abusing passengers, people being robbed in bright daylight and vendors crying because their honest hustle is too much for the City Constable, even though many of them are vendors for passage to go home when they finish working. Sahadeo Bates

Saturday October 13, 2018


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Cricket development is in a poor state The Guyana Teachers’ Union has to better DEAR EDITOR I can’t help but feel sad for the state of Guyana’s cricket development and our player development as a whole, having watched the ongoing Franchise League tournament that is being used as a yardstick to select the Guyana Jaguars team for the upcoming Regional Super50 Tournament to be played in Trinidad and Barbados respectively. The reason I am sad is because looking at the scores, we see that teams struggled to post scores of 200. Some teams struggled to even post 150 from their allotted 50 overs. It’s true that a lot of the matches had seen overs reduced due to inclement weather but mostly what I saw was teams getting bowled out cheaply. Of note is that spinners dominate the tournament, though there were pace bowlers who were impressive in their spells. However, with all due respect to the spinners who I’m sure played their hearts out, there are two things I see here that can be the cause of batsmen not scoring runs. The very first issue is that the grounds at which all these games are playing have poor pitches that are low and slow, giving the spinners the ad-

vantage and it puts our fast bowlers to a disadvantage. However the biggest disadvantage is faced by the batsmen, who would not be able to judge the ball properly. Over time this causes our batsmen to develop some techniques that may be detrimental to their success at higher levels, as evidenced by Vishual Singh’s trouble in Tests during the Pakistan tour in the Caribbean. Editor, all of this does not bode well in the long term if things are left the same. We need better pitches for these grounds that games will be played on and they should be up to international standard, as these players eventually have to play in the Super50 which will be played on such pitches, and our player will struggle due to the lack of proper techniques when the pitch is bouncing more evenly and consistently. My suggestion would be for the Government of Guyana to expand the Sports Subvention that is granted to Local Authorities to improve the pitches and overall infrastructure of the various sports facilities in the country, starting with the former First Class grounds such as Blairmont, Skeldon, Bourda and other similar grounds throughout the country.

These grounds, it would seem, were left to die a slow death as the pavilions and fences in some cases were left to fall apart. Only Blairmont’s pavilion was recently renovated but the pitch remains the same. We need these pitches to be improved, so that we can develop more players in the vein of Shivnarine Chanderpaul, Ramnaresh Sarwan, and more recent players like Shimron Hetymer and Shurfane Rutherford, both of whom made a big splash in the 2018 CPL. Editor, I know that some readers may say that putting money towards sports may be meaningless and only few become successful, but the truth is, sports helps us to grow mentally as well. It helps us develop a more positive outlook and instills confidence in people, and gives them a positive output of their energies. Sports has also done a lot to make social cohesion and it may even accelerate the process if handled prudently. And Guyana is a cricket mad nation, as the CPL has proven year in and year out, despite the poor showing of West Indies in world cricket, aside from T20s. Sincerely Amir Khan

The woes on the Lady Northcote DEAR EDITOR, As a concerned resident who travels on the Lady Northcote from Northwest to Georgetown, I would like to say that I am surprised at the unmannerly behavior of the staff. A clear case was recorded on Monday, September 24, 2018. I think that the Amerindians have been treated with disrespect. My second point is the

overcrowding of the boat. The boat is being overloaded with passengers and cargo, making many passengers uncomfortable. What I want the public to know is that persons are paying their fee to have a comfortable ride, and still have to pay the same number even in an overcrowded boat. I really think that the n u m b e r o f p a s s e ngers should be limited to a number that the boat can hold.

I am asking for an intervention from the media and suggest that something be done urgently to ensure passengers are comfortable. Lee Francis Concerned Resident Region 1

represent the interests of its members

DEAR EDITOR, For those familiar with the workings of democracies, Guyana is fast becoming a poster child for Comedy Central as David Granger continues to undermine his credibility and that of his office by upping the ante to take over the authority of our democratic institutions. Why is the man voiding established governance systems for effective government operations? Why has he gotten involved in negotiations between the Ministry of Education and the Guyana Teachers’ Union in the first place? Why is he not allowing Government officials to do their work? His actions and decisions in relation to the Union’s efforts to extract improved salary and working conditions have stripped the Ministry of its authority, and have been grossly counter-productive. By hosting and participating in a meeting between Education Ministry officials and the Union at State House recently, the man has demonstrated his willingness to continue trampling the authority of the Ministry. The earlier unilateral appointment of a chairman to the arbitration panel being set up to resolve the teachers’ issues was definitely not intended to win trust. Granger’s attempt to portray himself as having the interests of teachers at heart here is in fact accomplishing exactly the opposite because he is subverting the arbitration process which would itself have been able to independently and professionally evaluate the Union’s case and offer a much better compensation package than he could hope to deliver. His proposals go nowhere to address-

ing teachers’ salaries’ issues. One is curious regarding the motives of the Union’s leaders given their experience with Granger’s willingness to undercut their every move to deliver a better compensation package for teachers. He met with them since late last year to stave off strike action by appointing a Task Force. He subsequently quashed the recommendations of the Task Force, implying incompetence on their part, and pushed the Union back into already soured negotiations with Education Ministry officials clearly lacking independence. This led to strike action. The arbitration process which was promised if the strike was called off was undermined by the administration’s unilateral appointment of a chairman to the arbitration panel. After going through all of these stages, the Union had no basis to make the retrograde step of meeting with Granger, under any condition. It is also confounding that the Union actually reversed publicly, versus during negotiations with Ministry officials, on its original proposals, which have been shown to have considerable merit in respect of addressing teachers’ financially distressed positions. This means that the Union’s leaders clearly had no idea in the first place what they were asking for, and one could conclude that their indication to accept 20% is a vested interest position where their comparatively higher salaries would make them better off than teachers on the lower end of the scale. This is pathetic and speaks volumes of the competence of the leadership of the Union. Yours Faithfully, Paul Bumbery.


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Who is listening to the male cry? DEAR EDITOR, Permit me to inquire how many more men will steal, kill and destroy before society lifts its head and notice that something is radic a l l y wrong. We read about the female victims of domestic violence; we see the drug use, the gang activity, the rising incarceration rate and the rate of single-parent households that are led by females. We see all of it, but who has the discerning ear and eye to be able to actually see what is going on? For many, the news is regarded as just a bunch of negative happenings taking up print and television airtime. However, more importantly the negative facets that we see, or hear are a manifestation and substantiation of our males crying out and asking for a lifeline. But pray tell who is listening? The term cause and effect is not a cliché but instead a relationship between actions or events. The statistics are effects, and they did not manifest in a vacuum. Correspondingly, our young men are not committing crimes in a vacuum. Everything is connected and is happening for a reason. Regrettably, not enough people are connecting the dots and are willing to act in order to concentrate on the root cause of these problems in our communities. Are there things being done to help our males, especially the young ones? Yes, but not enough, because had it been, then a great many of these same problems would not be worsening? But who is listening? I have no intention of presenting a thesis replete with big words, statistics and graphs showing empirical data. While that might make the case for academia, I am firmly convinced that it is not the kind of presentation needed at this stage. The evidence is already apparent in real-time. So what is the problem? Simply stated the problem is humanity.

Despite the fact that individuals hail from different parts of the country, have different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds and have different life experiences, yet we all still have many of the same basic human needs. For a great many of us, if any of our human needs are not met, we will tolerate and continue with life. That being said, there are others who are less structured and sometimes take matters into their own hands, and do extreme things in order to gratify their human needs, of which there are many. Love is one of the human needs which if not demonstrated in plentiful amounts, will cause our young males to look for love in all the wrong places. Sadly, this is an actuality in the human experience.- humans will go against their better judgment in order to find a form of love or human contact that meets their needs , even if temporarily or casually (looking for love in all the wrong places). For example, gangs demonstrate a false form of love and acceptance to young people, and depending on how badly the young males need that love, will dictate whether or not they join. There is also the need for survival which is interrelated with the need to grow and achieve. Humans have that need to achieve or contribute something to family or society. While we may still be at a loss to fully understand why the young males do the things they have been guilty of, oftentimes we can trace back their decisions to some of the unmet human needs. As lunatic as this may sound, sometimes humans adapt and sometimes humans snap. So what can be done to help our males, again especially our young ones? Let us connect and start genuinely and proactively to show them love, especially the ones in our lives and in our communities, so that they do not have to go out and find

a bad version of love. If we know a male who needs to become more, let us help him find his purpose and life’s mission. In other words help him to find a position towards fulfilling his ambition. Listen to concerns without being overly judgmental. Speak to the young males, instead of speaking about them and their actions. Our males need this. Altogether we have not been very attentive listeners to the needs of our males. Let us not forget that these are human needs. Females also have these needs, but for the sake of this article I am dealing specifically with the males. For far too long, young males have been taught that “crying is for babies” and that “they should hold in their emotions and not display any weakness”. These are all part of the macho image but are also just plain error. On the whole emotions are an integral part of the human experience, and we need our strong fathers and strong men in the community to assist the young males in processing their feelings and emotions. It is this type of fathering, brotherhood, male bonding, and mentorship that we need in the community, so that no men especially the young ones are walking in this life alone. Once the love is shown to the young males, they will pay forward, extending it to the females thereby staunching the flow of domestic violence. Is anybody listening? Yvonne Sam

Saturday October 13, 2018

Mr. Lincoln Lewis’s misleading Representations This is the second instalment of a letter from yesterday Dear Editor, There was no plundering of the equipment of the bauxite industry. Indeed,even though it would have made good economic sense, it was to avoid such charges of plundering that I did not entertain the offer from a scrap metal business from Singapore to purchase the alumina plant: “Liquify your sunk, frozen, discarded, useless asset” the lady from Signapore urged from across my desk. An approach from our local firm, Wieting and Richter, as agent for a corresponding German Environmental firm, to remove all installations and hazardous waste, and present a certified environmentally clean site, along with a small net amount of money, was also not entertained. Mr. Lewis wrote, “By the time the PPP/C had done its target on the [bauxite] industry 4000+ workers were dislocated - - - “. The PPP/C did not initiate the downsizing of the bauxite industry. Mr. Lewis would know that that sad and traumatic transformation in coming to terms with reality, began with the shock of that first big shrinking of about one third, some 1800 employees in 1983 and the prescribed transfer of all non-core activities to various levels of Government and their agencies. This transformation was well on its way by the time Minproc took management of the core operation in 1990 and the number of employees

would have been further shrunk by the time when we, PPP/C, entered Office in October, 1992. As has been stated on many occasions when MINPROC declared that they could not see a way to profitability for the bauxite operations in Linden, the prescription we had received called for closure forthwith. We did no such thing. Instead, we quickly developed a base plan which we soon disclosed at a meeting to which Mr. Lewis was invited andwas present: a plan not to close but to resume management of the operations, and to find and put together money to resume subsidy of the bauxite operations. Whilst I cannot immediately recall all the details of that plan, it would have been firstly a holding operation, based on the realities of recent production rates, costs, prices and losses. We also quickly applied to the EEC/EU for a SYSMINS loan/grant, which was available for places where the legacy mining business was judged to be no longer sustainable. The processing of this application was protracted, about seven years to first disbursement, partly because based on the relevant consultants’ reports the various reviewing committees were slow to accept that the situation in Linden was as desperate as in other places applying for their support. Approval, finally, was a well-earned reward to our perseverance. Mr. Lewis charges us with

reducing calcine (RASC) production at Linden. My recall is that whilst there might have been a target of 400,000 tons per year, production and sales were running at about 200,000 tons per year. Mr. Lewis declares that “Guyana never experienced a problem finding market for its bauxite products”, but he misses the point: what did/does he think of the huge losses since the mid1970s? Evidently, all and any production was being sold but at prices far below what was required to cover all costs and provide a return on investment or to create a future investment fund. As indicated in the KATSI (Kaiser Aluminium Technical Services Inc.) report of 1983, funded by the multilateral agencies, we (the bauxite operations) needed to get to where the sales price to costs ratio was improved by a factor of 100:70. To develop this question further, it was long recognized that as another thousand tons of RASC was produced and sold it went to a market/use where steadily lower costs alternatives were available: but with a single product, price differentiation in the total market was not sustainable. So, RASC price was being determined by the lowest price/value of the sales on the margin. Experience (unto BOSAI today) seems to suggest that there was/is a core demand for RASC of about 200,000 tons per year for which the value/price return may be sustainable. Samuel A.A. Hinds Former Prime Minister and Former President.

Foreigners see Guyana as the dirtiest DEAR EDITOR, Most of my letters to you have to do with wrongdoings or things I want to see happen to better my country. This year I took my vacation in Antigua and Barbuda. As usual, getting together and having conversation on what’s happening in Guyana and comparison to Antigua could hardly escape my many encounters. On one such encounter, I was told in the most embarrassing and shameful way that Guyana is the dirtiest nation in the Caribbean. These remarks were made by both Antiguans and Guyanese emigrants. They lamented extensively of seeing garbage almost everywhere during their last visit

to Guyana. They spoke of Guyanese eating and throwing food boxes out moving vehicles and anywhere in the streets. This was my most humiliating moment I could ever remember. Three weeks ago, I met two Canadian visitors. I extended my hospitality by offering them a drive to Parika Stelling E.B E. Once again I was told that Guyana is the dirtiest country they have visited and will never return. On the way to Parika, they took the opportunity to point out plastic bottles and bags of garbage thrown on the parapet along the way. In the vicinity of Tuschen EBE, there was a man with a wheelbarrow con-

taining garbage and he emptied it into the trench. As we moved on further into Greenwich Park /Ruby, out came a rice tractor, spilling huge chunks of mud on the road. Yes! This is the Guyana we live in today. Where I lived in Sea-view Cornelia Ida WCD, only four persons have garbage bins from Puran’s waste disposal. The rest of people throw their garbage at the seawall and in a nearby trench. It is disgusting to see little children defecating behind the seawall especially in the mornings. There is a group of fishermen who would bring in and clean their fish and would leave the unwanted to rot and stink right on the seawall. The once lovely beach we had is now covered with old fridges, stoves, cloth and the whole “works”.Editor, I visited several Caribbean countries and I must confess that indeed Guyana is the dirtiest of them all. This shame and disgrace

must be squarely laid at the feet of our government. While in Antigua and Barbuda it was brought to my attention that the Antiguan government upgraded its environmental legislation, increased its plain close patrols and increased penalties. I wrote on this subject last year. I am writing here this year. I will continue to highlight this national disgrace as long as your paper afford me the opportunity. Once this situation remains unchanged, I will write to international organizations such as the World Health Organization, Norway, and the ACB countries, just to name a few. I will call on all right thinking Guyanese who have a sense of national pride to join me and to implore our government to do whatever it takes to reverse this stigma of being the dirties nation in the Caribbean. Yours sincerely, C. Woolford

Saturday October 13, 2018


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Guyana’s fiscal framework needs tighter procurement rules, anticorruption legislation –IDB By Kiana Wilburg

tional arrangements to ensure transparency and proper

stronger economic and political institutions tend to have

management of natural resource wealth, and the associated conversion of that wealth into citizen development. The Bank noted that resource-rich countries with

better macroeconomic and growth performance. In this regard, it said that Guyana does not have most of the fiscal structures in place that constitute a fiscal framework for resource-rich countries.


esigning an appro priate fiscal regime is essential to ensure proper management and long-term sustainability for a resource-rich country. This is according to the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). According to the Bank, strong fiscal rules, procurement rules, anti-corruption legislation and parliamentary oversight are needed to anchor the appropriate fiscal framework needed in Guyana. It stressed that this should be supported by strong institu-

Even with attractive incentives… Guyana’s record in attracting private-sector investment remains poor-US State Department Even though numerous incentives are offered to investors, Guyana’s long-term record in attracting privatesector investment remains poor. This was recently noted by the US Department, specifically its Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs. According to the Department, the Government supports a traditional investment facilitation agency called the Guyana Office for Investment (GO-Invest). It was noted that GO-Invest focuses primarily on agriculture and agro-processing, tourism, manufacturing, information and communication technology (ICT), seafood and aquaculture, and wood processing. The US Department pointed out that GO-Invest is the first point of contact to obtain necessary permits and tax concessions. It said, too, that GO-Invest has been asked by Guyana’s Ministry of Business to help improve operations within the organization in support of interested potential investors. Over the past decade, the Department said that the Government enacted new laws or amended existing ones to encourage FDI with mixed levels of success. Due to the state’s significant role in the domestic economy and the preference for centralized decision-making, the US Department said that relatively large foreign investments often receive intense political attention. In this regard, the Department noted that the current administration has been criticized by civil society for Guyana’s challenges in attracting new FDI, even though this has been a longterm trend. The Department noted that the Government has nonetheless expressed its intention to promote FDI

through its various Embassies and Missions abroad. SCREENING OF FDI The US Department noted that there is no mandatory

Minister of Finance. The Department said that this requirement reflects Guyana’s preference for foreign investors to bring capital into the

screening process for FDI. It said that the Government, however, conducts de facto screenings of many investments in order to determine which businesses are eligible for special tax treatment and access to licenses, land, and approval for investment incentives. Despite recent efforts to remove discretionary power from the various ministries, the Department said that ministers retain significant authority to determine how relevant laws, such as the Investment Act, Small Business Act, and Procurement Act, are applied. In general, the Department highlighted that international investors receive the same treatment as local investors in Guyana. It said that one exception is in the special approval required for local financing. The Department said that foreign borrowers applying for a local loan of more than $2M must request permission from the

country. Further to this, the US Department said that another exception exists in the mining sector, where ownership of property for small-and-medium-scale mining is restricted to citizens of Guyana. The Department said that foreigners may enter into joint venture arrangements under which the two parties agree to jointly develop a mining property. The Department said, too, that there are no restrictions on the percentage of the investment shouldered by the foreign investor; these arrangements are strictly by private contract. It noted however that such relationships are highly risky, and appropriate due diligence of any potential joint venture partners is highly encouraged and should be completed by any company hoping to do business in Guyana. The Department said that this exception does not exist for largescale mining operations.

It also outlined some key elements of a desired framework. It noted that these include: Non-Resource Primary Fiscal Balance, Debt rules, Expenditure Growth rule, Revenue rule, and a Budget balance rule. The IDB said that these are all absent from Guyana’s current fiscal framework. With regard to Debt rules, the Bank explained that this sets a specific numerical target for public debt as a percentage of GDP. It said that this rule is useful when monitoring and measuring economic performance. The IDB believes that debt rules are capable of directly tackling debt sustainability, can be transparent and simple, and can accommodate large shocks if debt is well below a defined ceiling. With respect to the Expenditure Growth Rule, the IDB said that this sets a limit on the growth of government spending. It said that this is useful to limit the procyclicality of fiscal spending, especially in cases of absorptive capacity constraints and where the volatility of resource windfalls requires precautionary savings. In explaining the Revenue Rule, it noted that this imposes limits on revenues with a view to containing the size of the public sector/tax burden and allocating exante revenue windfalls (e.g., due to surprisingly high growth). It opined that this rule is useful as it can reduce procyclicality in good times. As for the Budget Balance Rule, the IDB said that this focuses on an overall budget balance, structural or cyclically adjusted balances, or an average balance over the cycle of the economy. It said that this rule helps reduce the budget deficit and supports the convergence of the debtto-GDP ratio to a desired

NPTAB Head, Berkley Wickham level. In addition to this, the Inter-American Development Bank said that a fiscal framework needs to be supported by the appropriate fiscal institutions to manage natural resource revenues. The Bank said that of importance is the ability of fiscal policy to mitigate the volatility of commodity prices. Furthermore, the Bank said that a fiscal framework that sets fiscal rules to manage price volatility and establish medium- and long-term fiscal targets is essential for smoothing revenues and expenditures. It said, too, that implementing fiscal balance targets, primary balance targets, and structural primary balance targets is useful for adjusting for volatility. STATUS UPDATE Perceptions of corruption and favouritism have for years, sullied the image of Guyana’s public procurement system. However, the APNU+AFC Government and top officials at the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB) are very satisfied with the progress they have made in arming the system with effec-

tive anti-corruption mechanisms. This was recently revealed by NPTAB Head, Berkley Wickham. Wickham also took the opportunity to inform this newspaper on some of the key initiatives and interventions made since he assumed office as Chairman of the NPTAB.Wickham said that every initiative or intervention undertaken this past year was aimed at changing the long held perception of a tainted public procurement process. He said that the difficulty of this task was never underestimated but its success is rooted in the need to achieve transparency, accountability, fairness, integrity and efficiency. The NPTAB head said, “We are not there yet but significant advances have been made. Some of these are; increases in the Threshold limits for Regional, Ministerial/ Agency Tender Boards; work in progress in developing debarment procedures; the Bid Protest Committee has been established and is functional; The Public Procurement Commission has been established; and we have been an active participant in the Task Force for the development of (Continued on page 21)


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Teachers’ salary issue resolved

Saturday October 13, 2018

- to receive retroactive pay in two tranches


ot only has strike action been called off but there is no longer any need for arbitration to decide on a suitable salary package for public school teachers. This is in light of the fact that following a seven-hour long meeting between representatives of the Guyana Teachers Union [GTU] and the Ministry of Education an agreement was derived. According to a joint statement, “having considered the new information provided which included salary benefits for all scales of teachers ranging from TS1 – TS19 and Special and non-salary benefits, the two parties concluded discussions and have committed to the implementation of the agreement,” said Lyte. The two sides have agreed for teachers to be paid a 12 percent increase for 2016 and a further eight percent for 2018. The government has also offered teachers a $350 million debunching payout for the period 2016 – 2018. Although the union had started the negotiation by proposing a 40 percent salary increase for 2016 and an additional five percent for each of the following four years [2017 - 2020], the final outcome saw the Ministry being able to significantly beat down the union’s proposal. Added to this, the Ministry

was able to reduce the number of years being negotiated for [from five to three years]. But teachers are not likely to be perturbed by this development. “We are walking away a lot happier than initially,” said GTU President, Mr. Mark Lyte, as he added, “we have brokered an agreement with the Ministry of Education that will bring a lot of satisfaction to our members and I think that was the ultimate objective of this whole process to ensure that every teacher benefits significantly; that has been achieved through our discussions and deliberations. ”Lye disclosed that the union was able to accept a suitable package based on the outcome of consultations that were had earlier this week. But according to Lyte, although the union went into the meeting with a clear idea of what percentage its membership would be willing to accept, deciding on the nonsalary aspect resulted in the meeting being lengthy. Government had two Fridays ago belatedly revised its initial offer of a $700 million one-off pay out to teachers to a 10 percent increase for 2016 and eight percent for 2018. But this offer had to be further revised Lyte said, “because it would not have allowed for a significant portion of our teachers to ben-

efit... to the extent of about 80 percent of our teachers. So Having looked at that and the previous offer, those persons would not have been captured and as such coming back to the table and having a reviewed position on it, we feel that it will be more equitably received across the board for every teacher.” Lyte said too that that GTU has also accepted the debunching offer which has paved the way for teachers to be placed in suitable scales from next year. “That is a significant step in our view as well,” said Lyte who claimed to be exhausted after the many hours of “working things out.” “We have been here since 10 [am] working things out and I think after so many hours you become tired but I think generally we are tired,” said the GTU President. Commenting on the meeting, Education Minister, Nicolette Henry said, that while the three issues of salary, non-salary and debunching monies were agreed upon in principal, “it is now for us to implement that agreement to ensure that things are acted upon.” “We had to consider in a large way that every teacher in the system is a beneficiary of the outcome and so that is what we have proposed essentially,” said the Minister. The two sides are slated to meet again next week to sign the agreement. It is expected that the percentage increase will be deducted from the interim payment teachers had earlier received along with other public servants and that the payable increase will be paid in two tranches. But going forward it is likely that the Ministry and the union will be able to sustain amicable relations. This

GTU officials and Minister Nicolette Henry after yesterday’s meeting. is in light of the Minister’s disclosure that “For any relationship to be improved it requires some amount of collaboration, cooperation and communication...those are key things that have to happen. We have had some of

that over the last week or so [and] coming out of those meetings we believe that the union is created to support the work of the Ministry and that the Ministry should be supportive of the union and so we are looking for a very

symbiotic relationship.” Henry added, “We expect that a lot of the issues that had to be removed out of the way have now been removed and that has now paved the way for very fertile relationship moving forward.”

Guyana seeks to capitalize on growing Cuba market As part of the execution of the economic diplomacy thrust presently engaging the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Guyana is seeking to expand trade relations with Cuba in a move that has resulted in millions of dollars in exports to the Spanish speaking Caribbean island. Guyana’s Ambassador to Cuba, Halim Majeed disclosed that the amount of rice exported in 2018, for instance, has more than quadrupled when compared to last year. “In 2017, we sold 15,500 tonnes of rice to Cuba; this year, so far, we sold more than 70, 000 tonnes. Our target is to see whether we can export up to 125, 000 tonnes by the

Ambassador Majeed

end of this year,” Majeed revealed. He labeled the growth in exports a “significant breakthrough” for Guyanese rice. Meanwhile, exports in lumber and other products to Cuba amounted to some US $1.2M or an equivalent of GY $240M last year. As of June this year, that figure expanded to US $1.9M. “We are now trying to see how we can export other products to Cuba such as fruits and vegetables, meat, and paints,” the Guyanese diplomat indicated. He further stated that in a recent meeting, representatives of the Guyanese forest products association recorded an interest in having a more orga-

nized mechanism of trade in lumber and shingles with Cuba. Economic diplomacy has been cited as critical to Guyana’s progress and has taken centre stage in the State’s relationship with many countries since the 2016 appointment of new heads of overseas missions. Guyana and Cuba established diplomatic relations on December 8, 1972. The two countries share a strong bilateral relationship which has been characterized by many exchanges at the government level and cooperation under the Guyana/Cuba Joint Commission. Trade is a renewed dimension of the decades old friendship.

Saturday October 13, 2018


Kaieteur News

Govt mulls Annandale to Hope ECD road expansion for 2019 The Ministry of Public Infrastructure, (MoPI) is planning the upgrade and extension of the railway embankment road from Annandale to Hope, on the East Coast of Demerara. According to the Department of Public Information (DPI) Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson explained that this is being considered to better manage traffic from Annandale to Belfield. “I have presented an alternative plan to the Cabinet, with the alignment, budget

and options and they are mulling it, I have to make a presentation. We have to upgrade the embankment road from Annandale to join back the main road at Belfield. So, you’ll have two lanes; almost a loop. The traffic will be going dual carriageway up to Annandale and when you’re coming down there will be a diversion out of Annandale at the intersection,” Minister Patterson explained. This new project is necessary to further ease traffic congestion between Annandale and Belfield,

“ four-lane upgrade from Hope to Rosignol forthcoming where the East Coast Demerara Road Widening and Improvement Project ends. The East Coast Road Project was conceptualized by the previous administration in 2011. The contract was for the widening of the Better Hope to Annandale road, to four lanes. Thereafter, a twolane upgrade to Belfield using Asphaltic Concrete surface. Minister Patterson further


Jagdeo still to declare he marriage contract

In Primary school dem had a story about a boy who cry wolf. He use to holler how wolf attacking sheep and when de villagers come out he use to laugh. One day de wolf did come but no villager come out. That is wha nearly happen yesterday but this time wasn’t wolf and sheep, was ambulance and minibus. Dem boys see this minibus speeding past de Waterfalls paper heading to Georgetown. It look like if it was empty suh was a case of de driver trying to bluff he way through traffic. He still got to learn that minibus don’t tek bluff. While he heading to town de minibus heading up de bank. Is de blink of an eye that avoid de crash. Dem boys seh that this woulda be one of de few times that an am-

bulance had to come fuh anodda ambulance. One nearly had to go fuh Jagdeo too because he nearly buss a blood vessel. He calling pun Soulja Bai to release all dem contract but he Jagdeo never release one. Dem boys talk about that yesterday and de man pull out de few hair he had pun he head. And is true. He never even release he own marriage contract. Dem boys seh Jagdeo is a case of do as I say and not as I do. And when dem boys talk he does get vex. He get vex wid de Waterfalls boss man when de paper talk how he refuse to declare he assets to de Integrity Commission. And de real reason is that he got things to hide. That is wha dem boys believe. When he write he statement and give Freedom House to send it out

de Waterfalls boss man send de message that he never buy anything in he friend name or in he neighbor name. He seh all that he own is public knowledge. Everybody know, even de tax man. He seh he prepare to declare he assets and he wonder if Jagdeo gun do de same. De Waterfalls boss man seh that fuh sure he don’t have shares in Guyana Stores. And while Jagdeo picking pun Guyana Stores he should realize that if he did collect all de tax, duty and payment from he best friend fuh all dem assets he Jagdeo sell and give to de man, de sugar workers woulda still be collecting dem pay and severance at de same time. Talk half and don’t wait fuh Jagdeo declare he assets. You gun wait long.

Overview of the East Coast road.

explained that the current four-lane widening project did not end at Belfield due to encumbrances rather than the cost of the project. He pointed out that between Annandale and Belfield there are three burial grounds, along with homes and other buildings. “Those works would have been more extensive and cause more discomforts to the residents,” he explained. The extension from Good Hope on the Railway Embankment to Hope, connecting back to the main road, is a better alternative, the minister said. “The villages further on from Annandale are older villages so they are closer. All

the houses are closer to the main road, along with their cemeteries, but we have noted that another alternative road is critical.” Additionally, the ministry is seeking funding in 2019 to upgrade the stretch of road from Hope to Rosignol to four lanes. There is adequate space for the upgrade and the project is a next priority for the ministry as the design for the upgrade shortly will commence soon. Meanwhile, the East Coast Demerara Road Widening and Improvement Project is on schedule, with the contractor preparing to commence paving a kilometre a day.

The dusty sections will be first targeted and it is anticipated that at the end of the year the dual carriageway section will be completed. When completed, the four-lane section will have a median equipped with street lights. Sidewalks will be built alongside populated villages; seven bridges and twelve culverts will be widened and 11 traffic signals installed at busy intersections along the roadway. The road’s surface will be finished with approximately 8inches of asphaltic concrete with necessary road safety features including warning signs, road markings and pedestrian crossings.


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Saturday October 13, 2018


Nikki Halley, Priti Patel, Bill Cosby and the race myth Your skin is overtaken with goose bumps when you read the history of Nikki Halley, the US Ambassador to the UN, and Priti Patel, disgraced former British Minister of International Aid. The politics of both women’s politics is surreal but the study of philosophy prepares you for anything unbelievable that humans do. Here is the strange case of two East Indian women whose mentality simply baffles the rational mind. Two ruling parties in two powerful countries have unashamed anti-immigrant ideologies – the Republican Party in the US and the Conservative Party in the UK. President Trump is a racist. It is infradig to descend to the level of debate with anyone who wants to dispute that. If Mr. Trump had his way, immigration of non-white people into the US would stop immediately. The Republican Party is inherently a racist outfit. All the subterranean racist venom the Republican

Party nurtured for decades and decades came to the surface with the rise of a Black American president. From hereon, the Republicans vowed that it would make American white again. It has been unthinkable for over centuries in the US for Blacks and non-white to seek membership in the Republican Party. Their natural home since then has been the Democratic Party. Now brace yourself for some crazy things about human beings. One of the rising stars in the Republican Party is a woman whose parents were immigrants from India. And guess which state they settled in – racist South Carolina. Google the history of South Carolina and you will see that some publications have it as the most racist state in the US federal system. Nikki Halley was born in South Carolina where her father taught at a predominantly black college. Is Halley telling us she and her parents never experienced racism in

South Carolina? I studied in one of the most liberal cities in the world, Toronto and I saw racism with my own two eyes. I have countless friends who live in the most liberal state in the US, New York, and they have endured racist encounters. Nikki Halley is one hell of a fanatical supporter of Trump. You have to look hard in the US to find someone whose praise of Trump is more emotional than Halley’s. Now do the logical thinking. If the US had a president like Trump when Halley’s parents went to the US, then Halley’s life would have turned out the opposite from what it is today. She may never have seen the soil of another land much less to become a Cabinet minister in the most powerful country in the world. This same lady supports a president that is anti-immigrant.

The same logic applies to Priti Patel. Ms. Patel is the daughter of Indian immigrants to the UK. She became a star in the Conservative Party and got a ministerial job under Prime Minister Theresa May. It was May as Home Secretary that drafted the most comprehensive anti-immigrant programme that is enforced today. May’s blueprint resulted in the Windrush scandal which was directly related to May’s time as Home Secretary. More that twelve dozen legal residents and citizens of the UK were picked up and deported to CARICOM countries. Now do the logical thinking. If May was Home Secretary when Patel’s parents went to the UK her life may have been different. She may have had to remain in India and would never have dreamt of becoming a British Minis-

ter offering zealous support to the Israeli army. Do you know the current Canadian immigration minister came to Canada as a child refugee from Somalia? He is not in favour of giving asylum to three families who helped Edward Snowden when he was in Hong Kong. Their lives are in danger if they are deported back to their home countries. We come now to Bill Cosby. I have heard people in Guyana and I have read in the American press where Black folks say Cosby has been framed and the US wants to pull down a Black achiever. Have you ever heard more nonsensical trash than this? Just to remind you; sixty women have come forward to accuse Cosby. The list includes women from different ethnic backgrounds. Because a man is a

celebrated Black American, he is incapable of doing bad things. So bad things have to do with genes; certain genetic species do not commit inhuman acts. Which science is that? Has to be jumbie science. By the same logic one can say a non-white American who has immigrant parents cannot support Trump. But Halley loves Trump. Humans are capable of all types of nasty things no matter which race or ethnic/cultural background they are from.

well as reducing non-revenue water losses will be undertaken. The EU Ambassador highlighted that an important aspect will be an improved access to sanitation for low-income households. The construction of three new water treatment plants at Diamond on the East Bank of Demerara, Sheet Anchor in Berbice and Uitvlugt on the West Coast of Demerara coupled with major rehabilitation works of the water treatment plant at Shelterbelt, Georgetown is also part of the project. It is anticipated that at least 55,300 households will benefit from upgraded access to drinking water. In October 2014 EU and the IDB committed to support the efforts of the Government to improve the quality and delivery of reliable water supply and also to strengthen the reliability and efficiency of electricity service delivery. In this regard, representatives of both organizations had met at the IDB’s headquarters in Washington, DC on October 10, 2014 to sign the loan and investment grant agreement with the

Guyana. At the time and in the framework of the agreement, the EU contributed to the partnership with $7.49M towards the PUUP and $6.3M towards the WSSIIP. These funds were disbursed to the IDB to act as the contracting authority for works under the PUUP and WSSIIP. The EU approved the creation of the Caribbean Investment Facility (CIF) on April 30, 2012. The purpose of the CIF is to strengthen Caribbean regional integration and to foster investments in key infrastructure in the Caribbean, with a particular focus on the energy, environment, climate change mitigation and adaptation, transport and social infrastructure sectors. These projects are the first to be funded under the CIF program. The collaboration is part of the EU’s Innovative Financial Instruments commonly called ‘blending’ which is an instrument for achieving the EU’s external policy objectives, complementary to other aid modalities and pursuing the relevant regional, national and overarching policy priorities.

Frederick Kissoon

EU releases US$17.3M for coastal water, electricity upgrades


he European Union (EU) has disbursed additional grant funds to rehabilitate the electricity distribution lines network and the construction of new water wells along coastal communities. The funds were disbursed to the Inter-American Development bank (IDB) towards the Power Utility Upgrade Programme (PUUP), and Water Supply and Sanitation Infrastructure Improvement Program (WSSIIP). EU Ambassador to Guyana, Jernej Videtiè highlighted that both the EU and the IDB recognised the need to assist Guyana’s further development through investments in the energy and water sectors and therefore allocated US$40.4M through the Caribbean Investment Facility to address the priority needs of the sectors. Videtiè stressed that in the energy sector, work will focus on strengthening the management capacity of Guyana Power and Light

GPL upgrades under PUUP in Canal No.1, West Bank Demerara.

(GPL), increasing operational efficiency and reducing commercial and technical losses. This, he said, will necessitate the rehabilitation of distribution lines network in Georgetown and Region 4 and will benefit the population living in the coastland regions. Videtiè further added that in the water sector work on strengthening the performance of the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI), improving water pressure, quality and continuity of supply as

PPP challenges GECOM’s $3B budget for unapproved house-to-house registration


he People’s Pro gressive Party (PPP) is questioning the decision of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) Secretariat to include $3B in their 2019 budget for house-to-house registration. Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo on Thursday told reporters that there is no decision taken by the Commissioners to pursue houseto-house registration. “We have our suspicions why it is being pursued and especially by the CEO (Chief Elections Officer) requesting over $3B for an activity that hasn’t even been agreed upon. It could be padding the budget there. Next thing they are buying radios with that,” Jagdeo stated. He stated that there is huge danger in GECOM pursuing house-to-house registration and warned that delays to the general elections will result in a Constitutional crisis. Jagdeo reminded that in 1990 the elections were delayed until 1992 because GECOM prepared a flawed list. On that occasion, Jagdeo said that the PPP agreed to the extension. “We are not going to

agree to anything now. The moment the constitutional period expires for this Government we are in no man’s land; constitutional crisis. Parliament will be dissolved. Spending would cease and any contract signed in that period can be subjected to review by the new Government. This is very important that people understand that from now,” Jagdeo indicated. He stated that delays could be caused whereby during the enumeration period GECOM leaves 30% of the people in an area off the list. “If they do that they leave

those off the new list the process of correcting it could be a long drawn out one. If that’s the thinking then let them disabuse their minds right now that the PPP will agree to that extension,” Jagdeo said. The Opposition Leader pointed out that it was the PPP who recommended house-to-house registration in 2015, but the Commission rejected it. Jagdeo indicated a willingness to work with GECOM to clean up the existing list, including utilising the General Register Office (GRO). “The GRO could prepare a list of all those who died in the period and they can send it to GECOM. GECOM can share it with the political parties. Put the names in the paper. You then have an agreement that these are real names and they actually died and GECOM removes those names and you will have tens of thousands of people removed from the list,” Jagdeo stated.He said that A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) panicked and changed their stance on house-to-house when they saw the low numbers during the last two registration recycles in areas that they have been traditionally strong.

distance to the front and it would sometime take us hours to discharge the boat but now the truck comes straight up to the ramp and it is from the boat into the truck. In less than half an hour, boat discharge and truck gone. The new ramp has saved me time and you know time is money and money is time,” said Budram. Pocho Lall, who brings water coconuts from Fort Island, said “it is so much easier now that I get the chance to sell at more locations than before. At first, because of the amount of time spent here offloading and unloading, I would normally only get to sell at one market and then hurry back to catch the boat, but now I have time to stop at other locations and not be forced to sell out my coconuts cheap.”

Nadine Shirtan, who comes from Lower Bonasika, echoed similar sentiments adding that because of this newly constructed ramp the area has seen a greater flow of traffic both in terms of people and vehicle. She opined that travelling by boat with a heavy load to Parika is far way costlier. Hence, the in-transit point allows for the use of the second mode of transportation which is also less troublesome for farmers since the Parika stelling is often time overcrowded with passengers using the speedboats and big boats. “We are wholesale sellers and our market is not at Parika, but mostly Georgetown and with this stelling ramp here we now have it cheaper and faster on our part to sell our stocks,” Nadine explained.

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo

Local islanders benefit from Hubu’s new $9.5M ramp


s farmers from the riverine communi ties journey to the various markets on the coast to sell their produce, an intransit stop is usually made at the Hubu koker, East Bank Essequibo where the produce is transferred from the many boats into trucks and canters. For decades, the dilapidated state of a makeshift ramp, built by a farmer, made the transfer of goods difficult. Today, the provision of a bigger and sturdier ramp which was constructed by the Regional Administration, at the cost of approximately $9.5M, makes the journey much easier. The newly constructed ramp is made of strictly Greenheart wood and sits on 65ft wooden piles. The ramp allows for heavy duty trucks and canters to come within proximity of boats to allow for an easier transfer of produce. Shon Budram, a plantain farmer from Eastern Hogg Island, supplies a tremendous amount of plantains to Georgetown. He said that the new ramp has brought him significant relief in terms of transferring his plantains from the boat to the truck. “Before time we had to walk up the shaky steps and a long


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Saturday October 13, 2018

North Sophia residents graduate from First Lady’s 30th Self-Reliance and Success in Business Workshop

First Lady Sandra Granger with participants The Office of the First Lady in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Protection yesterday completed its 30th Self- Reliance and Success in Business Workshop following the graduation of forty-one North Sophia, Georgetown residents. Thus far, the workshop has provided over 1500 persons, primarily women, with business certificates that are recognized by banking institutions. The Workshops have also contributed to the success of beneficiaries and has seen the establishment of several successful businesses. First Lady, Mrs. Sandra Granger thanked

Interweave Solutions (Guyana) Incorporated, another partner, for facilitating the workshops and urged the latest batch of graduates to see the possibilities the workshop provides while encouraging them to pool both their financial resources and talents to become business owners.“Think of ways in which you can come together and increase your output so that you can run a successful business as a co-operative or a limited company. Basically see all the possibilities before you…when you advance, your families advance with you, and this is why I want you to do it,” said Mrs. Granger during her address to the graduating class..


Kaieteur News

Saturday October 13, 2018

Disruption of traffic on East Coast as paving commences Paving of sections of the East Coast Demerara roadway is set to begin Tuesday, the Ministry of Public Infrastructure said yesterday.

The Ministry of Public Infrastructure yesterday said that critical paving works is set to begin on the East Coast Demerara fourlane roadway.According to the ministry, the asphaltic concrete paving operations for the public road widening and improvement project - Better Hope to Belfield Village- will commence on Tuesday, October 16, 2018. “These works will be executed on the eastbound lanes between the villages of Better Hope and Montrose,” the ministry said. “Consequently, preparatory works for the

paving operations are necessary and will commence on Saturday, October 13, 2018 which will result in the closure of the eastbound lanes within this section.” The ministry urged motorists and pedestrians to exercise caution and observe all caution and directional signs, particularly in the vicinity of the works. The project is being carried out by China Railway First Group Limited and is costing at least US$45M. It will include walkways, lighting and other safety features.

Guyana’s fiscal framework needs... From page 8 the Caricom Public Procurement Regime” Wickham said that NPTAB has also been working with the Ministry of Business to facilitate the participation of small businesses and women owned businesses in the Public Procurement process. Pursuant to Section 17 of the Procurement Act 2003, Wickham said that the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board has been organizing training in public procurement. This year, he said that the Board addressed its responsibility through the delivery of training to enhance expertise in Public Procurement across the country to ensure knowledge of procurement policies and procedures are continually upgraded in line with best practices. In this regard, he said that recently, 30 participants were drawn from all 10 regions to participate in a Certificate Procurement Training Programme- Level 2 CIPS (Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply). He explained that CIPS is the premier global organization serving the procurement and supply profession and is dedicated to promoting best practices.This programme is financed under the InterAmerican Development Bank(IDB) Public Procurement Modernization Programme and the Financial Management Technical Assistance Programme for Guyana, through the Ministry of Finance. The training was delivered by the United Nations Development Programme


Kaieteur News

Saturday October 13, 2018

(UNDP) Procurement Specialist Mr. Rodofo Sanjurjo. It was held at the Regency Suites Hotel in Georgetown. Wickham said that two similar programmes involving 60 trainees from the Public Sector will be undertaken in January of 2017. The NPTAB Head said that this Programme is one component of the entity’s overall Capacity Building Programme. He commented that capacity building is a key element for improving efficiency and transparency of the procurement process and training is identified as key for promoting efficiency. Wickham also revealed that there were two female Procurement Officers who recently successfully completed a certification online programme in Sustainable Procurement which was provided by the Organization of American States (OAS). He noted that there was even a pilot programme in procurement planning which was just completed in three of Government’s large Ministries.Wickham reiterated that while the Public Procurement Modernization Programme is financed by the IDB, CIPS is a crucial part of that programme. He said that it will serve to improve efficiency, value for money in Public Procurement through strategic planning and e-Government Procurement (e-GP). He noted that the initiative will impact a number of areas including; bringing the current procurement regulations in line with best practices as of January 2017; Strengthen the data base system to improve reporting requirements by far flung areas

of the country and facilitate analytical reporting on procurement which is a requirement under the Procurement Act of 2003; and give a more focused training for evaluators which will be on going. Wickham said that it is important to note that the procurement planning within Agencies is a weak area. As such, he vowed that the Procurement planning intervention model will be rolled out country wide. The NPTAB head said that website improvement will satisfy the statutory requirement of timely posting of advertisements of procurement opportunities as well as awards. This he said will also prepare a strategy for the introduction of e-procurement in Guyana. Wickham said, too that the initiative will provide CIPS Level 2 training to at least 90 operatives in the procurement system. On another note, Wickham said that the existing legislation does not provide for e-procurement. He said that an upcoming legislation review will provide for this.He promised too that a debarment procedure will be fashioned for implementation. The NPTAB Head said, “There will be further training in contract compliance and management. As you can see we have been very busy this past year. In my opinion, we are poised to take procurement out of a long period of stagnation.” Wickham said that moves are being taken to ensure that the Procurement system is elevated onto a pathway where electronic government procurement is the major tool to build a world class procurement process in Guyana.

Police recruit charged after several thefts complains After several complains from personnel at the Felix Austin Police College concerning a police recruit, who according to an investigating rank has been stealing from his colleagues, the youth yesterday ended up in court. Eustace Hunte, 18, of 41 Liverpool Village, East Berbice Corentyne, made an appearance yesterday before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. He is accused of stealing from two of his colleagues. It is alleged that between July 20 and July 21, last, at Felix Austin Police College, he stole a cologne valued $4,000, property of Devon Griffith. The second charge stated that on July 22, last, at Felix Austin Police College, while being entrusted with one laptop valued $150,000; he fraudulently converted same to his own use and benefit. The Chief Magistrate after inquiring why Hunte is being charged, instead of the matter being dealt with internally was told by the investigating rank that they were advised by the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) to charge the teen. The rank further went on to tell the court that the Guyana Police Force (GPF) is trying to make the teen an example since they have been numerous complains about him stealing

Charged Eustace Hunte from his colleagues. Police Prosecutor, Deniro Jones had no objection to bail being granted to the teen; hence he was released on his own recognizance. Hunte will make his next court appearance on October 19.

FRA Terminates China Railways First Group Contract Works For 9-Miles To Rewa Bridge Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) has terminated its contract with China Railways First Group (CRFG), to deliver the highway works from 9miles to Rewa Bridge on Kings Road. In a statement, FRA chief executive officer Johnathan Moore said efforts to try and get the project back on track have not been successful. He said the project has fallen further behind programme. “The section of Kings Road that was to be delivered by CRFG is entry to Fiji for many visitors and the continued and increasing delays to completion has been deemed unacceptable, resulting in the current action. “The decision to terminate any construction contract is not taken lightly and the management of the FRA has strictly followed the conditions of the contract in doing so.” Mr Moore said FRA has been in discus-

sion with replacement contractors to deliver the remained works. He said arrangements are approaching completion.“We have also been made aware of concerns over the recent termination of workers by CRFG.“The 9-Miles to Rewa Bridge project is the only project that has been terminated so if CRFG is unable to reallocate staff then they will be taking action to terminate those that cannot be put onto other projects. “The FRA has no intention of losing experienced workers, particularly as they were not the root cause of the reason to terminate the contract, so in good faith, we are in discussion with other contractors working on FRA projects with a view to absorbing as many as possible into running projects. Over the next week we will be continuing in this effort to support these displaced workers,” Mr. Moore said.

Linden’s commander proceeds on pre-retirement leave

Superintendent Anthony Vanderhyden (3rd from r) with senior police officials on Thursday. The Guyana Police Force on Thursday bade farewell to Superintendent Anthony Vanderhyden, who proceeds on pre-retirement leave from yesterday, October 12, 2018 “Superintendent Vanderhyden has served the Force with distinction for almost four decades and has held several command posts included but not limited to Sub- Divisional Officer in ‘A’ Divisional and Commander of ‘E’ Division.During Thursday’s Performance

Group Meeting at Force Headquarters, Police Commissioner, Leslie James, DSS, and all other senior officers in attendance shared memories reminiscent of their initial interactions with Vanderhyden. Yesterday, Vanderhyden was set to be given the honour of performing a Ceremonial Duty in Linden, the division of which he recently handed over to Superintendent Linden Lord.





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Saturday October 13, 2018

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2018-HC-DEM-CIV-P-204 2018 NO. DEMERARA IN THE HIGH COURT OF THE SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE DECLARATION OF TITLE DARAMDEO SINGH also known as DHARMDEO SINGH of 3391-115th Lane North West, Coon Rapids, Minnesota 55433, United States of America, has presented a Petition for Declaration of Title by Prescription of the property described herein attached. Any person intending to oppose the said Petition must within one month after the date of the first publication of this notice file in the Registry of the High Court, in the City of Georgetown, Notice of his/ her Opposition and an Affidavit or Affidavits in Support upon the said Petitioner. The said Petition is accompanied by a plan of the said property, which may be inspected at the Registry during office hours.

Mohamed S. G.F. Khan, Kashir A. Khan and Joshua Abdool, Attorneys-at-Law of and whose address for service and place of business is at his Chambers Lot 215 King Street, Lacytown, Georgetown, Demerara.

Dated this 14th day of September 2018 SCHEDULE Firstly: Tract A being a portion of Grant No 5915 situate at about 90 roods below Wash Clothes Creek, right bank Mahaicony River, County of Demerara, Guyana, the said tract containing an area of 5.03 of an acre laid down and defined on a plan by D.W. Ramkarran, Sworn Land Surveyor dated 22nd day of October 2012 and deposited in the Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission on the 15th day of November 2012 and numbered 54384 with the building and erections thereon save and except a piece of land owned by Radasham Balgobin measuring 74’38 in facade at the entire boundary and 61’78 at the western boundary by a depth of 219' on the southern boundary and 210’5 at the northern boundary as shown on the said Plan of D.W. Ramkarran, stated herein before and No. 54384. Secondly: Tracts ‘B’ being a portion of Grant No 5915 situate about 90 rods below Wash Clothes Creek, right bank Mahaicony River, County of Demerara, Guyana the said tract containing an area 0.8629 (nought decimal eight six two nine) of an acre laid down and defined on a plan D.W. Ramkarran, Sworn Land Surveyor dated 22nd day of October 2012 and deposited in the Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission on the 15th day of November 2012 and numbered 54384 with the building and erections thereon.The address for service of the Petitioner’s is at the Chamber of

LEGAL NOTICE 2 2018-HC-DEM-CIV-FD-978 IN THE HIGH COURT OF THE SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE FAMILY, DIVORCE AND M AT R I M O N I A L JURISDICTION FAMILY DIVISION PETITION NO.FD-978 BETWEEN (SIMMONS) KEIOEMA BARBARA nee DUNCAN Petitioner -and(SIMMONS) ELON ALPHANSON Respondent To the Respondent ELON ALPHANSON SIMMONS Last Known Address Lot 5000 Amelia’s Ward Linden Guyana TAKE NOTICE that on the 13th day of July, 2018 a Petition for Divorce was filed against you by KEIOEMA BARBARA SIMMONS nee DUNCAN, the Petitioner in the Family Division of the High Court in Georgetown, Demerara. AND FURTHER TAKE NOTICE that as part of an Order made on the 1st day of October, 2018 the Petitioner was directed to effect service of her Petition on you by publication of this Notice in two (2) consecutive Saturday issues of the Kaieteur News Newspaper, a daily Newspaper printed, published and circulated in and around Guyana and on the Worldwide Web. AND FURTHER TAKE NOTICE that if you desire you may appear or attend in person or by your duly authorized agent or Attorneyat-Law at the Registry of the Family Division of the High Court at Georgetown, Demerara where you will be issued with a certified copy of the Petition together with related documents. AND FURTHER TAKE NOTICE that if you desire to Defend this Divorce, then upon receipt of the certified copy of the Petition, you must file an Acknowledgement or Service, Notice of Intention to Defend (Forms are available at the Registry), Answer and/or Cross Petition in the Registry of the Family Division of the High Court at Georgetown, Demerara within 28 (twentyeight) days from the date of the second and final publication of this Notice. TAKE NOTICE that the Divorce is fixed for Directions Hearing on Thursday the 6th day of December, 2018 at 9:00 am before Continued on the next page

Saturday October 13, 2018

Kaieteur News



Kaieteur News

Saturday October 13, 2018

Sugar estate foreman jailed 16 yrs ... From page 23 “extremely distressed” by the offences six months before she died. He added they had children in their 30s. He added: “She was helpess. She was unable to resist, report nor accuse”. Recorder Tait said: “I have heard from a number of members of staff at the care home. They are extremely caring and passionate about the job they do. Some have been doing it for many years and I have no doubt that what happened to (woman’s name) has hit them very hard.“Perhaps worst of all for them, the perpetrator of this dreadful crime, this defendant, was there in their very midst as a trusted colleague. “Perhaps worst of all you involved your wife of 32 years in an attempt to support your elaborate defence.” The judge said that Ramkishun had access to all the rooms as part of his job delivering clean laundry. He added that the defendant also knew the routine so he could choose the moment for his offence. Recorder Tait said that he believed that Ramkishun must have been disturbed by

someone, so that he left behind the condom. Ramkishun was suspended from the care home after his DNA was recovered. Detective Inspector Stephanie Blundell from the Public Protection Unit in Plymouth said after the case: “Today we have welcomed the sentence of Himwanth Ramkishun for the rape of 76year-old woman who suffered from dementia. ”This has been a lengthy

and protracted investigation, made more challenging by the denial of the suspect throughout.“Sadly the victim passed away prior to the case being brought before the court but it was nonetheless important to seek justice on her behalf. ”I would like to thank victim’s family, who have worked closely with police throughout the investigation and have conducted themselves with great dignity.”

Natural Resources Ministry stands ... From page 13 equipment were seized, were previously warned that their operations were not in compliance. “Although they may have made communication to the GGMC that compliance steps would be taken, they were unsuccessful in doing so.” The ministry said that the effects of illegal mining have been well documented by the Ministry- it threatens the lives of workers in the mining pits, also the livelihoods of others. “The Minister recognizes the effects of the operations on persons directly and indirectly, but for the sake of preserving lives and livelihoods, it is advised that the operation be allowed to ensure the preservation of the aforementioned. Miners are again encouraged to ensure that their documents and operations are in compliance for mining so as to avoid issues with the process.”

Saturday October 13, 2018

Kaieteur News



Kaieteur News

Saturday October 13, 2018

Saturday October 13, 2018


Kaieteur News

Red Force maintain unbeaten run with win over Windies B Port of Spain, Trinidad, CMC – The Trinidad and Tobago Red Force used a strong batting performance to help propel them to their fourth successive win of the Regional Super50, courtesy of a 70-run victory over West Indies B at the Queen’s Park Oval here Thursday. The home side was boosted by half-centuries from Jason Mohammed, Lendl Simmons and Denesh Ramdin on their way to posting a competitive total of 318 for nine from their 50 overs. Alzarri Joseph then hit an unbeaten half-century in a losing cause as the Windies put up a fighting effort on

their way to folding for 248 in 43.2 overs. The Red Force was given a solid foundation by two separate century partnerships, which helped to set the launching pad for their eventual total. Following the early run out of Kyle Hope for one with the score on 17, Simmons and Mohammed joined forces to add 105 runs in 19 overs. Simmons, the more dominant in the partnership, eventually was dismissed for 75 from 75 balls, inclusive of 13 boundaries. That brought captain Denesh Ramdin to the crease and he and Mohammed con-

tinued in the same vein in a third-wicket partnership of 102. However, 17 runs short of a well-deserved century, Mohammed would lose his wicket to Bryan Charles to leave the score 224 for three. His knock of 83 came off 90 balls and he struck six fours and four sixes. Ramdin would be the next to go for 55, the second of Charles’ three wickets, with the Red Force still firmly in control at 242-4 in the 42nd over. The Red Force would have been hoping for a bigger total, as despite Kieron Pollard’s cameo of 30 off 12 balls, they were only able to muster 33 runs from the final

Saturday October 13, 2018 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19) Today you could meet some interesting new people, Aries. Among them is at least one person who shares a lot of your interests and could become a close friend.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) Today you might decide to buy a plant for every room in your house or plant a garden, Libra. If the weather is good, you might visit a nursery or botanical garden.

TAURUS(Apr.20–May20) A book or movie about a foreign country could capture your imagination and make that country seem especially appealing, Taurus. You might toy with the idea of taking a trip there soon.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) A warm and loving communication could come to you today from someone close. This could be an email, call, or even a gift of some kind. This could make your day

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five overs. Despite Keagan Simmons’ knock of 60 and a stubborn, unbeaten 51 from Joseph, the Windies were unable to dig themselves out of an early hole to mount a legitimate challenge. After an opening stand of 38 between Kimani Melius and Simmons, the Windies found themselves in trouble at 118 for five. Leonardo Julien, who made 20 and Odean Smith who scored 49, halted the slide of wickets during a 64run sixth-wicket partnership to help give the Windies an outside chance of an improbable victory. That hope was lost once Smith was dismissed, although Joseph put up resistance, scoring 51 from 36 balls. Narine was the best Red Force bowler snaring 3-38, with Dwayne Bravo and Ravindarath Rampaul each claiming two wickets.

Parika Salem CG .. From page 30 will be up to the required standard. He further highlighted their plans to advertise on the concrete fence which would bring in revenue to maintain the facility. Johnson, who is also the President of the East Bank Essequibo Cricket Committee, stated that with the commitment of the GCB the facility will be equipped in a timely manner, and in return, their long term commitment would be to ensure that the facility produce top class players.This is the second such facility to be built in Essequibo as the Anna Regina Hostel also has two turf and two concrete practice net facilities.

Jaguars, Red Force... From page 33 demonstrate the type of form he displayed in the CGI 50over League preceding this tournament but there is no doubt about his ability and would want to contribute today. Reifer has also batted well for the Jaguars lower order which is packed with allrounders but have been disappointing, especially with their shot selection. A mouthwatering affair is anticipated and fingers are crossed for no rain interruptions since this is in the middle of the rainy season here.

Wiltshire, Joseph to host three-hand dominoes tomorrow Senior Organising Secretary of the Georgetown Dominoes Association Mark Wiltshire and President of the Guyana National Federation Faye Joseph will be hosting a three-hand tournament tomorrow at 1223 Gaulding Place, South Ruimveldt. Entrance fee is $10,000

and the winning team will take home $100,000, runner-up $50,000 and third place $30,000. Teams from the USA, Antigua, Barbados, Anguilla and St. Lucia will battle with their Guyanese counterparts from 12:30hrs. Teams can contact Wiltshire on 665 5855 for registration.


Saturday October 13, 2018

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2018 Concacaf Nations League Qualifiers Bolt ecstatic to score first Saint Vincent & the Grenadines goals for Mariners

edges French Guiana

Usain Bolt celebrates scoring one of his two goals. (Peter Parks/AFP/Getty Images) Sydney, Australia, CMC – Usain Bolt took a huge step towards becoming a professional footballer by bagging a brace in his first start for Central Coast Mariners during a trial match on Thursday. The eight-time Olympic gold medalist, who is hoping to win a contract with the Mariners ahead of the 201819 season, ran on to a chipped ball played by Scotland striker Ross McCormack, held off the defender and finished powerfully low past the goalkeeper to open his account. He then capitalised on a defensive mix-up for his second, with a defender and goalkeeper colliding to leave Bolt able to tap in from close range, as he guided Mariners to a comfortable 4-0 victory over

Macarthur South West. It was the 32-year-old Bolt’s third appearance for the Mariners having also featured in games in August and September. The world record holder in the 100 and 200metre events said he was happy to have scored in his first start.”My first start and scoring two goals, it’s a good feeling. I’m happy I could come here and show the world I’m improving. I’m keen to be a Mariner, to play my best and get into the team,” Bolt said afterwards. The lanky Jamaican who had previously admitted to struggling to get fit, said his performance showed that he was making steady improvements in his game. ”This will determine…

[what] the club wants to do with my career, so it’s a very important game. I have been improving, but you won’t know what level you’re at until you play a competitive game so I just have to go out there and see what I need to do or whether I should continue or not. ”I’m just pushing myself and have put in the work so now I have to go out there and execute,” Bolt said. McCormack, who is on loan from Aston Villa, had high praise for Bolt’s performance. ”The best thing about Usain Bolt is he’s so humble and he’s fitted in well with the lads. From my first day even to where he is now, the transformation is huge,” McCormack stated.

Cayenne, French Guiana – A second half penalty conversion from Azinho Solomon helped Saint Vincent and the Grenadines earn a 1-0 victory over French Guiana to open Match day 2 of 2019/20 Concacaf Nations League Qualifying on Thursday night at the Stade Municipal Dr. Edmard Lama in Cayenne. Following a 2-0 loss at home to Nicaragua on Matchday 1, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines’ record in the CNL now stands at 1W0D-1L, 3 points, with the win. After Thursday’s result, com-

bined with its 5-0 Match day 1 win at Anguilla, French Guiana’s record is also 1W0D-1L, 3 points. The visitors enjoyed a solid start and had a pair of early looks but was unable to find the target. Les Yana Dokos also mustered a chance midway through the half but saw a header miss wide. An error from the French Guiana defense on the hour mark would prove to be decisive, as a mis-hit back pass from Gregory Lescot allowed Chevin Cunningham to

swoop in and steal the ball. The Saint Vincent and Grenadines FW was then taken down by French Guiana GK Donovan Leon in the area, resulting in a penalty. A minute later Solomon stepped up and coolly slotted home a leftfooted shot to give Vincy Heat the 1-0 advantage. From there the Saint Vincent and Grenadines defense anchored by GK Kevan Henry took over and snuffed out any French Guiana chances to seal the three points.

Enmore CCCC unveil Banks DIH 100 ball tourney

GFSCA softball continues tomorrow Action in the Guyana Floodlight Softball Cricket Association/Trophy Stall, Back to Eden, Khan’s Trading and Permaul’s Trading tournament will continue tomorrow at several venues. At Malteenoes Sports Club on pitch one, Mike’s Wellman will play Fisherman Masters and at 13:00hrs and Success will face SVC Allstars. On pitch two, Farm will challenge Beach Knight at 10:00hrs and Ariel will tackle Speedboat at 13:00hrs. At Transports Sports Club ground, Floodlights will play Success Masters at 10:00hrs and Regal Allstars will battle Spikeland Challengers at 13:00hrs. At Jai Hind ground in Albion, Tropical Springs will play Albion Masters at 10:00hrs. Meanwhile, in the latest round of matches which were played on Sunday last at Malteenoes SC, SVC Allstars beat Farm by eight wickets. Farm posted 162-9 off their allocation of 20 overs. Rajesh

Latoya Smith Reddy made 44 and Quasim Yusuf 40; Richard Latif picked up 4-46 and Safraz Esau 2-5. SVC Allstars responded with 165-2 in 12.5 overs. Esau slammed 72 while Vijay Surujpaul struck 61. Spikeland Challengers overcame Beach Knight by one wicket. Batting first, Beach Knight got to 167-8. Mark Fung scored 47, Arif Baksh 24 and Stephan Dyal 23; Rastaff Oselemo, Tifon Grant and Cleon Samuels claimed two wickets each. Spikeland scored 171-9 in 16 overs in reply. Comel Grant

made 54, O’Neil Keandu 47 and Samuels 22; Pavindra Persaud bagged 4-24 and Rudolph Dyal 2-28. Ariel got a walk over from Regal Allstars. In the female segment, Mike’s Wellwoman defeated Karibee Strikers by 20 runs. Mike’s Wellwoman batted first and managed 168-7 off their allotted 15 overs with Latoya Smith scoring 70 and Sherryann Fraser 50; Kassie Munroe claimed 2-8. Karibee Strikers responded with 1487. Kimmon Thomas made 52, Tessa Parks 22 and Sherika Campbell 20. Smith grabbed 4-21 and Amanda Bob-Semple 2-22. Karibee Strikers beat 4R Lioness by nine runs. Karibee Strikers took first strike and scored 170-3. Kimmon Thomas struck 58 while Katana Mentore made 50 and Tessa Cort 23. 4R Lioness scored 162-5 in response. Temika Wilson stroked 68 and Kaysia Schultz 25; Tessa Parks claimed snared 3-20.

Enmore CCCC Secretary Bheemraj Ramkelawan (center) addresses the gathering in the presence of the club Treasurer Tahal Ganesh (right) and Banks DIH Marketing Representative, Shameer Baksh. The Enmore Community Centre Cricket Club (ECCCC), on Tuesday last, launched its inaugural Banks DIH Ltd 100ball tournament which is set to bowl off tomorrow. Twenty teams on the East Coast of Demerara will compete for cash prizes and trophies. At the launching ceremony, Banks DIH Ltd. representative Shameer Shahib informed representatives from the various clubs that the company is pleased to partner with the Enmore CCCC since the organisation has a track record of delivering

quality cricketing events. Secretary of the club, Bheemraj Ramkelawan said that with Banks DIH Ltd. being a company of high standards, it is expected that teams participating adhere to the rules and respect the rights of the sponsors. He also thanked Banks DIH for their timely sponsorship of the competition which will be held under the Banks Beer brand. Six venues will be used and novelty games will be introduced for giveaways during the tournament. In round one, Enterprise will be at home

to Enmore ‘B’ from 09:30hrs while Enterprise A will tackle Paradise SC at 13:30hrs. At Strathavon, the home team will entertain Mahaica SC at 09:30hrs and Beehive SC at 13:30hrs. At Lusignan, Lusignan B will match skills with LBI at 9:30hrs and Lusignan A will take on Enterprise B at 13:30hrs. Fairfield will host Beehive at 09:30hrs and Mahaica at 13:30hrs while Enmore A will be at home to Mahaica Cavaliers at 09:30hrs and Lusignan East Strikers at 13:30hrs.

Saturday October 13, 2018


Kaieteur News

Chase eyes hundred as Windies battle back Hyderabad, India, CMC – Stroke-maker Roston Chase stood on the brink of his fourth Test hundred after producing a gallant effort to lift West Indies out of trouble against India on the opening day of the second and final Test here yesterday. The 26-year-old righthander was unbeaten on 98 at the close as West Indies recovered from 113 for five inside the first hour after lunch, to end on a respectable 295 for seven. Chase was aided by returning captain Jason Holder who struck a polished 52 while Shai Hope gathered 36, Shane Dowrich, 30 and left-handed opener Kieran Powell, 22. Left-arm spinner Kuldeep Yadav, who triggered the postlunch slide, has taken three for 74 while seamer Umesh Yadav, who struck twice in the final session to stymie the Windies progress, has claimed three for 83. Seeking to turn the page on their embarrassing threeday defeat in the opening Test in Rajkot last week, West Indies conjured up a steady start, after choosing to bat first at the Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium. Powell, who faced 30 balls and struck four boundaries, put on 32 for the first wicket with vice-captain Kraigg Brathwaite who made 14. But

with the session drifting towards the end of the first hour, Powell’s attacking approach cost him dearly as he tried to lift off-spinner Ravi Ashwin over the top but managed only to pick out Ravi Jadeja at cover. Brathwaite followed with the score on 52, missing a forward defensive prod at Kuldeep and falling lbw, with the subsequent ill-advised review showing the ball hitting middle and off-stump. Hope and Shimron Hetmyer (12) then tried to repair the innings in a 34-run, third wicket stand, which seemed to be taking the Windies safely to lunch. The right-handed Hope had faced 68 balls and counted five attractive fours when he fell in the final over before the interval, lbw to Umesh Yadav trying to turn one into the leg-side. Kuldeep then threatened to derail the Windies innings when he struck twice in the first halfhour following the resumption. Hetymyer, unbeaten on 10 at the break, added just two before falling lbw in the third over after the interval, shouldering arms to one that spun back. Sunil Ambris followed four overs later for 18, caught at short over by Jadeja off a leading edge as he attempted a

Roston Chase raises his bat after bringing up a fifty © Associated Press booming on-side drive. With the wheels all but threatening to fall off, Chase stood tall, anchoring two critical stands to pull West Indies around and frustrate the Indians. First, he put on 69 for the sixth wicket with wicketkeeper Dowrich who faced 63 balls and struck four fours and one six – a clean hit over long on off left-arm spinner Jadeja.| Chase, one of two

Windies batsmen with a half-century in the opening Test, once again looked in good nick and raised his seventh Test half-century with a single to long leg off Umesh just before tea. All told, he has faced 174 deliveries and struck seven fours and a six. He lost Dowrich about 20 minutes before tea, however, the right-hander playing across a straightish delivery from Umesh in the

first over of a new spell, and adjudged lbw on review. On 197 for six at tea with Chase on exactly 50, the Windies consolidated afterwards as Holder joined his fellow Barbadian to post an enterprising 104 for the seventh wicket. Utilising a positive approach, Holder stroked six

fours – mostly well-timed offside drives – in an innings requiring 92 balls and which forced India on the back foot. But with the close approaching, Windies suffered a major setback when Holder perished, brushing a pull at a short ball from Umesh, for wicketkeeper Rishabh Pant to take a nimble leg-side catch.

Youth Olympic Female Futsal Always Women’s Football Spain and Japan book semi-final berths League Launched The Guyana Football Federation (GFF) in collaboration with Ansa McAl, through their Always and ICool brands, launched the GFFAlways women’s development league yesterday at the Sleepin International Hotel, Brickdam. In an effort to provide a consistent platform for women to play football and develop their skills, the tournament will feature 49 teams playing the 7-a-side format with over 216 matches in a round-robin/knockout format beginning from October 27. When the tournament kicks off, there will be four weeks of action before it breaks to accommodate the annual GFF year-end knockout tournament, resuming in February 2019. There will be 25 minutes of play per-half during the group stage while from the quarterfinal onwards, matches would be of 60-minutes, duration. The league will be played nationwide with areas such as Moruca, Berbice, Linden, Rupununi, Mahdia, and Lethem being very much in-

volved in the action. Present at the launch yesterday were Minister Valerie GarridoLowe of the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs who is also the Patron of women’s football in Guyana, Head of the GFF; Wayne Forde, President of the Women’s Association Andrea Johnson, Ansa McAl Business Unit Head Padma Kunjbeharry and Lady Jag, Lakeisha Pearson, a player representative. ”I applaud the GFF for this major effort. This is the second time this league is being played and encouraging women’s football is very important. At the recently concluded heritage sports the most exciting moment of the games was the women’s football final,” posited Minister GarridoLowe as she highlighted that the ladies can be as equally entertaining as the men. The Member of Parliament pledged that she will do all that is in her power to assist the hosting of the league, in any way possible. ”Ansa McAl is always proud to be a part of sport.

This launch is at a perfect time because just yesterday (Thursday) was the international day of the girl child and we believe that women involvement in sports is very important. The company will be sponsoring through our Icool brand in addition to the title brand, Always, so the ladies will be kept hydrated throughout the matches,” posited Kunjbeharry. Meanwhile, the GFF boss explained that every female that has an interest in playing football should be given the opportunity to play and that is one of the key objectives of the GFF. He also stated that the Always league will be used as a social platform to help address issues affecting women as well. ”This tournament is a wonderful initiative and it is a great honour to be part of it. It’s comforting to see the progress women’s football is making in Guyana and this tournament will help foster more development. We look forward to a great league,” Pearson, player representative of the league.

There were no surprises on day five of the Women’s Youth Olympic Futsal Tournament Buenos Aires 2018, as both Spain and Japan recorded victories to progress to the semi-finals. There they join Portugal, who booked their place in the last four on Wednesday, and now have two more matches to fight for a medal. The Main Futsal Hall pro-

vided the venue for both of the day’s encounters and in the first match Japan fought back after going 2-0 down early on to beat a stubborn Dominican Republic side. Alondra Collado’s brace put the Dominicans ahead, but their lead was short-lived and Japan took a 4-2 advantage into the break. They subsequently controlled the tempo of the game

to save energy for the latter stages of the tournament. As was expected in the second game, Spain had little trouble dismantling Tonga, although they are not yet guaranteed top spot in the group. Claudia Pons rested goalkeeper Silvia Garcia and captain Antia Perez in a match in which Yarima Miranda and Marta Lopez both scored twice.

Sonics still winless;... From page 32 to pulling off wins and their winless woes continued on Thursday night last at the Burnham Hard Court. Republic Bank Nets 50-42 Pepsi Sonics (First Division) The feature game under lights was a low scoring clash which Nets won by eight points, 50-42 with Sonics skipper Jason Squires top scoring with 15 points while Frank Belle and Pelham Doris led Nets with 14 points each. They were the only three players in the match that reached double digits. Both teams will definitely need to up their game if they

have any hopes of clinching the title in this competition that will conclude in just over one month’s time. Plaisance Guardians 81-54 Pepsi Sonics (Second Division) Before Sonics lost to Nets in the first division, Captain Terrence Daniels (22) bounced Guardians to an emphatic 27-point win over the struggling club in the opening second division clash of the double header. Daniels, who has been the most consistent player in the second and U-23 divisions, continued his purple patch with support from Jared Sears who was

close behind with a 21-point performance. Sears and Daniels completely dominated Sonics with the only other significant contribution coming from Delroy Critchlow who hopped 9 points. Top scoring for Sonics was Warren Vanderstoop with 15 points while his skipper Lemuel Grant netted 11 and Troy Cadogan, 10. Action continues tonight at the same venue with a double header beginning at 18:30hrs. Rivals Pacesetters and Eagles will contest both games which will be second and first division clashes, the first division being the feature from 20:30hrs.


BCB Skyy Vodka T20

RHT Gizmos & Gadgets face Upper Corentyne in final tomorrow The No. 69 ground located in the Upper Corentyne SubAssociation would be a hive of action tomorrow when it host the final of the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) Skyy Vodka T20 Tournament. It would be the first BCB final to be hosted in the SubAssociation after several decades. Albion Community Centre would play Skeldon in the third place match while Upper Corentyne and Rose Hall Town Gizmos & Gadget would vie for championship honours. A strengthened Albion side which lost to Upper Corentyne in the semifinals would be led by Kandasammy Surujnarine and he would be supported by returning overseas players Sharaz Ramcharran and Adrian Sukhwa. Under-19 players Kevin Umroa, Antonio February, Karran Arjpaul, Mahendra Chaitram and Gourav completes a formidable combination for Albion which would be missing several of their

Saturday October 13, 2018

Kaieteur News

Shawn Pereira senior players. Skeldon would depend heavily on veteran Sherain Murray, Victor Pedro, Junior Blair, Ryan Ramdass and Errol Byass. They have surpassed expectations to reach this far in the tournament but are known as the ‘silent killers’ in the shorter format of the game. Upper Corentyne shocked all by defeating Albion in the semifinals and would be cherishing their

place in the final. They would be led by their inspirational Captain Lakeram Latchman with support from Rikesh Persaud, Devin Baldeo, Devendra Budhoo, Naeem Yacook, Latchman Roopchand and Terrence Budhoo. At the helm of the RHT Gizmos & Gadgets challenge would be former Guyana U19 Captain Shawn Pereira along with the experienced Eon Hooper, Jason Sinclair, Kevlon Anderson, Junior Sinclair, Sylus Tyndall, Keith Simpson and Kevin Sinclair. The winning team would take home $100,000 and a trophy, first runner-up $50,000 and trophy, the second runner-up $30,000. The man-of-the-final receives a financial incentive and trophy. Meanwhile, executives of the BCB led by President Hilbert Foster along with representatives of Ansa McAl and the Upper Corentyne Cricket Association would participate in the presentation ceremony.

Parika Salem CG all-weather Practice Pitches to be enhanced by GCB

GBTI signs Hetmyer and Klautky as Brand Ambassadors The Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry (GBTI) continues to signal its strong support for the nurturing of young talent and cultural affiliation in Guyana more so with its renewed focus on retail and commercial banking. At its recent inaugural Staff Rally to announce the new direction of the bank, popular Guyanese and West Indies cricketer Shimron Hetmyer and popular Lawn Tennis and Hockey Star Sarah Kloutky were introduced as the Bank’s first Brand Ambassadors. ”Part of this renewed focus is humanizing the GBTI brand and what better way to do this than to use our very own Guyanese superstars or people and personalities who have the potential to become stars, leaders and influencers, who we believe have the potential to help us reposition GBTI as a people’s bank that engages, represents, identifies and connects with the Guyanese people and its customers at large, while at the same time proudly carries the GBTI brand wherever they go.” Sarah Christina Klautky At age 14, Sarah is already carving a name for herself in the sporting arena both locally and regionally. She is a fourth form student of Marian Academy where she first engaged in lawn tennis when she was only 6 years-old.

Over the years she played for the Marian Academy Lawn Tennis Club, Sheltez Tennis Club and now the Roraima Tennis Club. She is also the reigning under 18 GBTI Tennis Champ. Sarah has represented Guyana in the International Tennis Federation/COTECC Championship in Jamaica where she emerged winner in the Under-14 Category and subsequently participated in the Blue Mountain Tournament and walked away with the U-14 title. Sarah has got skills! She is also a member of the Junior National Hockey Team. Having started playing hockey just about 3 years ago, she lead the Guyana Junior team to victory with the most scored goals in the recently concluded Paragon Hockey Tournament in Trinidad and recently also copped the MVP player award in local tournament. In accepting the ambassadorial role for GBTI Sarah said, “I am extremely elated to now be a part of the GBTI family. I’d like to thank you for choosing me to be your Brand Ambassador. I will do my best to represent the bank in everything I do.” Shimron Odilon Hetemyer – is no stranger to Guyanese and West Indies cricket fans. He is a professional Guyanese and West Indies player. Hetemyer was a mem-

ber of the Cumberland, East Canje-based cricket club before his selection to the West Indies Team. He started playing cricket at an early age and was part of the West Indies’ squad for the 2014 ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup. In December 2015 he was named Captain of the West Indies squad for the 2016 Under-19 Cricket World Cup and lifted the trophy for that tournament. His career is developing from strength to strength as he has now cemented his place in the West Indies Test, One Day International and T20 batting order. He was one of the star batsman at the just concluded Caribbean Premier League and he is tipped to follow in the footsteps of previous Guyanese and West Indian batting stars RamnareshSarwan and Shivnarine Chanderpaul. Hetmeyer who is away on official cricket duties shared this message with the GBTI family. “Just saying thank you to GBTI for bringing me on board with them and letting me to be part of the GBTI Family. I will do as much as I can to make you proud and hopefully to see you guys soon when I get home.” GBTI is proud of Sarah and Hetty and wish them well in their sporting careers as we stand in support of them.

Narayan’s century hands Ruimveldt 44-run victory over Soesdyke

Secretary of GCB, Anand Sanasie turning the sod, in the presence of Alvin Johnson, ECB Exco Member, Mrs. Raywattie Autar, Vice Chairperson of the NDC and Colin Stuart. Several executive members of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) on Thursday last visited the Parika Salem Community Centre Ground to take part in a sod turning ceremony which signals the commencement of the developmental works on its allweather practice pitches. The all-weather practice pitches will be upgraded and enclosed with two practice net cages by this year end.

GCB Secretary, Mr. Anand Sanasie commended the groundsmen as well as the members of the Parika NDC for the ongoing development of the facility. The upgraded pitches will be used for practice by clubs in the area and as a base for the Essequibo Franchise team. The upgrading works will be supervised by the Territorial Developmental Officer, Colin Stuart. Sanasie also told

those present that it was a necessary step to enhance the production and preparation of talent emerging out of the Essequibo County. President of the Parika Salem Ground Committee Alvin Johnson extended gratitude to the GCB on behalf of the Essequibo community and further stated that he anticipates that within the next two months the facility (Continued on page 27)

A fine century by Danny Narayan guided Ruimveldt to a 44-run victory over Soesdyke when play in the East Bank Demerara Cricket Association/Neville Sarjoo Memorial T20 tournament continued last weekend. Ruimveldt opted to bat and rattled up 261-7 on Saturday at YMCA. Danny Narayan struck five fours and a similar number of sixes in an unbeaten 127 while John Champagne made 36. Saheed Mohamed captured 3-38. Soesdyke responded with 217 all out, Adams scoring 74 (5x4 4x6) and Chris Deonarine 39; Tony Mootoo snared 357 and Eric Sukrah 2-27. At Laluni, Peter’s Hall beat Sandpipers by two wickets. Sandpipers batted first and managed 140 all out in 31.4 overs. Abilash Deokie made 24 and Ravi Gomes 21. Stefan Wilson grabbed 4-26. Peter’s Hall in reply got to 1458 in 31.2 overs. Arif Peerbacchus struck 38 not

Danny Narayan

Mavindra Dindyal

out and Shameer Fazal 27; Asif Eshack claimed 3-16 and Martin Salick 2-20. On Sunday at YMCA, Nandy Park got the better of Uprising by 63 runs. Nandy Park rattled up 220 all out in 38.5 overs. Rohan Sarjoo top scored with 60 (9x4 3x6) while Mavindra Dindyal made 55 (7x4 2x6). Adrian Persaud and Irfaan Ali had 3-38 each and

Mohamed Baksh 3-48. In reply, Uprising were bowled out for 167 in 34 overs. Andy Lall made 47 and Jermaine McNeil 43; Trevon France grabbed 424 and Teddy Dindyal 2-23. The competition continues today with Ruimveldt playing Sandpipers at Laluni and Rome Athletics facing Eccles at YMCA. Tomorrow Bayrock will take on North Soesdyke at YMCA.

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Saturday October 13, 2018


Jamaica finds itself only one win away from reaching the FIFA Women’s WC for the first time


dinburg, Texas Jamaica finds itself only one win away from reaching the FIFA Women’s World Cup for the very first time. The Caribbean side qualified for the semifinals for the first time, at the 2018 Concacaf Women’s Championship at H-E-B Park on Thursday night. Its 9-0 victory over Cuba (0W-0D-3L, 0 points), coupled with Canada’s 3-0 win past Costa Rica in the Group B finale, propelled the Reggae Girlz (2-0-1, 6) into the final four. Las Ticas ( 1 W- 0 D - 2 L , 3 ) , w h o participated in the 2015 Women’s World Cup, were eliminated from the competition. Jody Brown recorded a hat-trick and Sashana Campbell added a brace to pace Jamaica, which secured its second consecutive shutout. Khadija Shaw, Deneisha Blackwood, Christina Chang and Marlo Sweatman also scored goals. In the second game of the doubleheader, the Costa Ricans needed three points to reach the semifinals but fell short as Canada (3W0D-0L, 9) secured the group title. Janine Beckie, Nichele Price and Christine Sinclair

The USA and Trinidad and Tobago in action. (Photo Mexsport)

Jody Brown recorded a hat-trick and Sashana Campbell added a brace to pace Jamaica on Thursday night. (her 175th international goal) found the net for the Canadians, who outscored their group-stage opposition, 17-1. The Maple Leafs will face Panama, the Group A runner-up, in Frisco, Texas tomorrow night. The United States, which secured the group title, will meet Jamaica, which will try to become the first Caribbean team to qualify for the Women’s World Cup. The semifinal winners will book spots at France 2019 as will the winner of

the third-place match also qualifying. The fourth-place side will play Argentina for a spot in the world championship. USA claimed the Group A Crown with a victory over Trinidad and Tobago Cary, North Carolina The United States claimed the Group A crown as it recorded a 7-0 victory over Trinidad & Tobago in the final group-stage match for both teams in the 2018 C o n c a c a f Wo m e n ’s Championship at Sahlen’s Stadium at WakeMed Soccer

Park on Wednesday night. The Americans (3W-0D0L, 9 points), the top-ranked women’s team in the world a n d d e f e n d i n g F I FA Wo m e n ’s Wo r l d C u p champions, will face the second-place team from Group B — either Jamaica, Costa Rica or Canada — in the semifinals in Frisco, Texas on Sunday. Group B will be decided in Edinburg, Texas on Thursday night. The Soca Princesses finished the tournament at 0W-0D3L.

Rose Lavelle and Alex Morgan (94 international goals) scored two goals apiece. Crystal Dunn, Lindsey Horan and Tobin Heath added one apiece. The USA, which outscored its groupstage foes, 18-0, dominated the match from the opening kickoff to the final whistle. The hosts hit the woodwork four times in the opening half, three times by Morgan. Morgan scored from close range in the ninth minute. Goalkeeper Saundra Braun and the woodwork

frustrated the Americans until they struck during a four-minute span to break the game open. Lavelle tallied off a 30-yard rocket in the 40th minute and from eight yards three minutes later. Dunn powered a 20-yard shot home in the 44th minute for a 4-0 halftime advantage. Horan (49th minute), Morgan (50th) and Heath (58th) scored in the second half. Goalkeeper Alyssa Naeher was credited with the shutout.

Youth Olympics

Brazil clinch semi spot, Slovakia break duck

Students who participated in the Vreed-en-Hoop Martial Arts Academy/Guyana Mixed Martial Arts Karate Association Theory and Practical examinations.


h e Vr e e d - e n Hoop Martial Arts Academy, a branch of the Guyana Mixed Martial Arts Karate Association held its second annual Theory and Practical examinations where the students were graded on the S h i t o - RY U K a r a t e - d o Martial Arts last Sunday.

Following are the results: Hemant Teji 10KYU Yellow belt promoted to 9KYU Orange belt. Triston Joseph 10KYU Yellow belt promoted to 9KYU Orange belt.Ashton Murray 10KYU Yellow belt promoted to 9KYU Orange belt. Russell Roberts White belt promoted to 10KYU

Vreed-en-Hoop Martial Arts Academy host successful examinations

Yellow belt. Roselyn Samaroo who showed great skills made a big leap from White belt to 9KYU Orange belt. She was also the most excellent student in the group. Meanwhile, Master Lloyd Ramnarine has expressed thanks to all the Instructors who assisted

with the examinations as well as the parents for their show of support. He has encouraged the students to continue working hard towards their goals. Persons wishing to join any of the branches can contact Master Lloyd Ramnarine on 698 6727, 698 7456 or 673 0823.

Brazil kept their eyes on the prize yesterday, defeating Costa Rica and sealing a place in the semi-finals of the Men’s Youth Olympic Futsal Tournament Buenos Aires 2018. Matchday 5 also saw Slovakia, in their third outing, secure their first win of the competition. The Brazilians came flying out the traps, Guilhermao scoring a brace – a deft finish for the first and a brilliant second that included a nutmeg and a backheel – within the opening five minutes. Despite that early setback, and a clear difference in individual and collective quality, Los Ticos did not allow their heads to drop and continued to press forward, firing in 31 shots on goal, although only eight of those were on target. However, Brazil always gave the impression they could step up a gear if need be,

and they did just that, going on to win 6-2. The South Americans now lead Group B in their own right after three matches, boasting a 100 per cent record.In the second match, Slovakia and Panama both contributed to an intense battle, in which both teams gave their all. Some clinical finishing from the Europeans helped them to build an early three-goal lead, but it was their goalkeeper, Kevin Kollar, who truly stole the show as the match progressed, stopping practically everything that the Panamanians were capable of throwing at him. As well as celebrating their 4-1 victory, the Slovakians would have been delighted to have finally found the back of the net in the tournament. The first of their four goals was scored by Jozef Koricina, who had previously registered 48 shots at goal in 84 minutes of play.

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GABF contribute scoreboard console to NSC NSC Chairman, Dr. Colin Roach (left) receiving the console from GABF head, Nigel Hinds.

Yesterday afternoon, President of the Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation (GABF), Nigel Hinds, handed over a scoreboard console to the National Sports Commission (NSC) at their secretariat, Homestretch Avenue to assist in the development of sports. The console for the lone electronic scoreboard at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall (CASH) also located on Homestretch Avenue was damaged this year and without it, the expensive scoreboard is useless. Receiving the console along with some nets and a battery backup which are cumulatively worth around US$1000 was Chairman of the NSC board, Dr. Colin Roach. Roach extend gratitude for what he described as a wonderful gesture and noted that, “We would like to encourage other organisations to come forward and collaborate with

the NSC as we try to develop sports in Guyana.” He further explained that sports in Guyana needs all stakeholders to chip in, in any way possible and with a collective effort is the only way the country can move forward. Meanwhile, GABF boss, Hinds, posited that, “We are happy to be here. The scoreboard is not only used by basketball, it is also used by hockey and it can even be extended to be used for football (futsal). The previous two consoles were damaged due to power surges from GPL (Guyana Power and Light) and so we have included a surge protector in the backup.” In conclusion, Hinds related that he was very happy with the support the GABF has been getting from the NSC in the past and this is an opportunity for them to give back to sports in Guyana, since they will not be the only association benefiting.

Saturday October 13, 2018

RHT Bakewell are BCB Nasir Memorial One-Day 5/5 Watched by a large and Tourney winners colourful crowd at the Area ‘H’ Ground on Sunday last, Rose Hall Town Bakewell defeated Courtland Cricket Club by 10 wickets to lift the Berbice Cricket Board / Naeem Nasir Memorial One Day Five5 tournament. It was sponsored by bread giants Bakewell in memory of its founder and late CEO Naeem Nasir, who died on the 9th October, 2012. Bakewell has supported Guyana’s leading youth and sports organisation, the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club, MS since 2000 and has been a major supporter of Berbice cricket. Rose Hall Town Bakewell won the toss and elected to field. Courtland Cricket Club began with medium pacer Kevlon Anderson only giving away six runs in the first over. Openers Troy Mathieson and Seon Crandon failed to dominate t h e R o s e H a l l To w n Bakewell bowling attack as Simon Lawson, Keith Simpson, Junior Sinclair and Kevin Sinclair bowled well. Courtland Was restricted to 39-5 off their allotted five overs; Troy Mathieson 17 and Keon Sinclair 12 being the main scorers. Medium pacer Keon Sinclair then conceded only four runs from the first over as Courtland Cricket Club tried to defend the small amount. Junior Sinclair smashed the first two balls in the second over for huge sixes to ease the run rate. RHT Bakewell then raced to 43 without loss off just 3.1

The Winning Rose Hall Town Bakewell Team posed with Bakewell General Manager, Rajin Ganga. overs. Sinclair ended on 28 not out while Kevin Sinclair was undefeated on 16. Earlier in the day, Jai Hind Cricket Club gave a walkover to Courtland, Fyrish defeated Whim National by 8 wickets. RHT Bakewell cruised past Belvedere United by 70 runs while Albion Community Centre defeated Tamarind Root by 20 runs. In the semifinals, Courtland defeated Albion by seven wickets. Albion struggled to 25-5 off their 5overs, Eon Gibson took 2-4. In response, Courtland struggled as well to achieve victory and reached 26-3 from 4.1 overs. Troy Mathieson 13 not out and Keon Sinclair 08 not out added 20 crucial runs after Courtland which had slumped to 6-3 in the second o v e r. I n t h e s e c o n d semifinal, RHT Bakewell blasted their way to 87-0,

Kevin Sinclair 44 not out and Junior Sinclair 31 took the attack to the hapless Fyrish bowlers. In the opening round, the National Under-19 pair scored 105 without being separated against Belvedere United. Needing to score 88 from five overs to upset RHT Bakewell, Fyrish was restricted to 35-6, Kevin Sinclair and WI Female player Shabika Gajnabi took two wickets apiece. Albion defeated Fyrish by 9 wickets in the 3rd place match. RHT Bakewell carried home $100,000, Courtland $50,000, Albion $30,000 and Fyrish $20,000. Junior Sinclair was named Man-ofthe-Final and collected a trophy and cash prize. BCB President Hilbert Foster hailed the success of the tournament which he stated was a perfect tribute to the memory of the late Nasir, who was a strong supporter

of sports and education. The Board, Foster stated was totally committed towards taking the game to its highest level and also praised spectators for their support. This, he stated was the result of Berbicians being excited and passionate about cricket in the county once again. On behalf of the BCB and the RHTY&SC, Foster expressed gratitude to Bakewell for its sponsorship. The company has been an official sponsor of the Club’s U-17 and Second Division teams since 2000. General Manager of Bakewell, Rajin Ganga praised the organising skills of the Board and the Club while stating that it was fitting that the RHT Bakewell team won the tournament. Bakewell, he stated was committed to supporting sports as part of its corporate responsibilities.

Digicel Cancer Awareness Cycle Meet scheduled for October 21, next

Banks DIH/GABA League

Sonics still winless; Daniels’ form continues Vidya Sanichara (3rd right), members of the Evolution Cycle Club and Banks DIH at the launching ceremony.

Terrence Daniels – Plaisance Guardians

Jared Sears – Plaisance Guardians

Halfway through the Rainforest Water/Malta Supreme/Georgetown Amateur Basketball Association (GABA) First, S e c o n d a n d U n d e r- 2 3 Division Leagues, the Pepsi

Sonics Basketball Club (PSBC) that is competing in each division is yet to record a win. Still in a rebuilding phase, PSBC has come close (Continued on page 29)

As part of their efforts to promote Cancer Awareness among Guyanese, Digicel Guyana in collaboration with Evolution Cycle Club, will be staging its annual cycling event on October 21st next in the City which will also coincide with Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Speaking at the launching of the event yesterday at the Georgetown Cricket Club, Keith Fernandes of Evolution Cycle Club said the event promises to be exciting. The main race, which is set to feature the best senior and junior riders from across the country will commence on JB Singh Highway (outside the GDF compound) and proceed north to the Roundabout before turning right onto Vlissingen Road, right onto Thomas Lands then back onto the JB Singh Highway for 40 laps.Other races carded are the Novices/Mountain Bikes

followed by a race for children which is being held for the first time at the event, a Match Sprint and Veterans Over and Under 45. Digicel’s Vidya Sanichara indicated that no registration fee will be required for children, however others will be asked to pay G$2,000 to compete and the proceeds from this will be matched by Digicel and donated to the Cancer Institute of Guyana. Sanichara said that part proceeds from the company’s smartphone sales in October would also be given to the Cancer Society to aid its fight against the disease. Banks DIH Limited through its Rainforest Water brand has also come onboard for the event. Registration will start at 07:00hrs on race day and the first event will pedal off at 08:30hrs.

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Saturday October 13, 2018


Concacaf Nations League

Golden Jaguars in a positive mind set ahead of Turks & Caicos clash today The Turks and Caicos Islands (TCA) have come a long way ever since it joined FIFA in 1998 having been formed two years prior. The CFU minnows will square off with Guyana’s ‘Golden Jaguars’ today from 16:00hrs in the Concacaf National League (CNL) at t h e T C I FA N a t i o n a l Academy Providenciales. This would be the first time that the two nations are clashing and it would be a high stakes game since qualification for the 2019 Concacaf Gold Cup is on the minds of both nations. Guyana will hope to improve from their 2-2 draw with Barbados at the Leonora Stadium in their first match when week one of the championship was contested on September 6, last. The TCA were downed by Cuba 0-11 on September 8 and, under the guidance now of new National Coach Matt Barnes, will be hoping for a much better result but that would not be an easy task against a Guyanese unit that would be hungry to register a positive result. Guyana’s Head Coach Michael Johnson, in charge of his second game and first overseas informed Kaieteur Sport that plans for the match

New TCA Head Coach Matt Barnes (2nd right) with some of his charges during training.

Sheldon Holder on the ball during pre-match training, yesterday.

have gone well and they are relaxed and excited about today’s challenge. ”We have introduced Stephen Duke McKenna to the group for the first time, he will bring freshness, youthfulness and excitement to the group and I’m excited to see his talent on the world stage.” When Johnson was with the team on the Brazil Train & Play Camp ahead of the first CNL match, he had indicated that that was the commencement of Project 100 which is seeking to ensure Guyana break in to

the FIFA Coca Cola World Rankings under 100 but more importantly it was the start of Guyana’s quest to qualify for the Concacaf Gold Cup 2019 for the first time and also the start of the long journey towards qualification for the 2016 FIFA World Cup. ” I t ’s a n o t h e r s t e p towards our long term goal; the two go hand in hand. If we perform well and turn the performances into victories then we will start to climb the rankings but also take a step nearer to the Gold Cup but we must take one step at a

time.” The Golden Jaguars arrived on the island yesterday, a focused unit rearing to get the job done against the home team which Coach Johnson noted, would not be underestimated. ”We will pay Turks and Caicos all the respect that an international team deserves, we have done our due diligence and we are aware of their strengths but also the areas we can look to exploit. We are in a positive mind set.” Quizzed on how has the players been kept in check in

terms of maintaining the focus physically, mentally and tactically since the Barbados match over a month ago, this was Johnson’s response: “We set certain players programmes to sick to whilst out of camp to ensure they are up to speed when all the players return. It’s vital they all remain committed to the cause.” Meanwhile, Greenwood who departed with the Guyana-based team on Thursday last said all the players and staff understand the importance of earning the right to wear

the badge on and off the field: “The Guyanabased players have shown real hunger and desire in their squad practices since the completion of the Elite League. The Internationalbased are rejoining the squad having shown excellent club form recently. All the players and staff understand the importance of earning the right to wear the badge on and off the field.” Guyana, currently ranked at 182nd in the World to TCA’s 210th place, starts this round of the CNL in 15th place.

Regional Super50

Jaguars, Red Force clash in crucial return match By Sean Devers in Trinidad in association with Regal, Vnet, Noble House Seafoods & Cascadia Hotel


uyana has not won a 50-over title in 13 years while Trinidad and Tobago has tasted Championship success in three years and today at the Brian Lara Academy in South Trinidad the two teams clash for second time in this season’s Regional Super50 from 11:30hrs in a top of the group clash. The star studded and pretournament favourites Red Force have been unbeaten in the first half of Zone and are on 17 points from four matches while the Jaguars’ only loss has been to the hosts in their first game and are placed second on 15 points. Whichever team win today will go top of the points table and well placed

to lead the group ahead of the ‘final-four’ in Barbados. The Red Force has emerged victories the three times that they have met in this tournament going back to 2015 finals when Sunil Narine destroyed the Jaguars for their lowest 50-over total (65) by taking 6-9. The Guyanese were then knocked out in the 2016 semi-finals by the Red Force and again losing to the home team in this season’s tournament. But all of those three games were played at spin friendly Queen’s Park Oval in the Twin Island’s Capital while today’s contest will be played on the flat track at the BLA where all three of the centuries in Zone ‘A’ were scored and where Devon Smith’s eighth 50over ton, the Volcanoes registered the tournament’s highest total (337-9 v Canada). In their last game Jaguars overcame a middle order

slump to beat defending Champions Volcanoes by 93 runs at the BLA while the Red Force defeated West Indies ‘B’ by 70 runs with both teams winning with a bonus point. In 28 head-to-head matches between the two teams Guyana has won 15 and lost 12 while the 1996 final was washed out and today’s game is an important one for both sides. The Red Force’s batting is strong with Nicholas Pooran’ 240 runs with three fifties in four matches being the most by any batsman in this tournament while Denish Ramdin (156), Lendl Simmons (136), Kyle Hope (142) and Jason Mohammed (90) are the other Red Force batsmen with half-centuries. Dwayne Bravo, Kieron Pollard, Narine, Imran Khan, Narine and Reyad Emrit have not yet put up a big score and although Evin Lewis, who been picked for

the ODI series in India, might not play today and Darren Bravo who is still injured, the Red Force boast the strongest batting line-up on paper. But on a track with some carry for quick bowlers, Guyana’s five-prang pace attack led by the outstanding Clinton Pestano (7 wickets and the best economy rate) and including Chris Barnwell, Raymond Reifer, Romario Shepherd and Sherfane Rutherford could make life uncomfortable for the Trinis. In their last game it was spin that did the damage as off-spinner Ramaal Lewis, Jaguars’ leading wickettaker with eight scalps and left-arm spinners Veerasammy Permaul and Ricardo Adams, in his first game all bowled well and shared nine wickets between after Pestano had bowled Smith with a beauty. Narine will once again be the main threat for the

Chris Barnwell bats in the nets.

Jaguars’ batsmen and is the leading wicket-taker for his side with eight victims. He could be supported by Emrit, Bravo, Khary Pierre, Khan, Ravi Rampaul and Pollard. Guyana will depend on their top order with Trevon Griffith (64) and Rutherford (69) posting 121 for the first

wicket in the last game while Barnwell with scores of 19, 61*, 99* and 29 is their leading run scorer and looks in the best form of his life. Skipper Leon Johnson added 70 with Griffith against the Red Force in the first half but failed to (Continued on page 27)

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Always Women’s Football League Launched

Seated from left during the launch are Lakeisha Pearson, Padma Kunjbeharry, Wayne Forde, Minister Valerie Garrido-Lowe and Andrea Johnson with player representatives at the back.

GBTI signs Hetmyer and Klautky as Brand Ambassadors Shimron Hetmyer

Sarah Klautky – GBTI Brand Ambassador

Chase eyes hundred as Windies battle back

Jason Holder shares a laugh with Roston Chase ©Associated Press

Regional Super50 Golden Jaguars in a positive mind set ahead Jaguars, Red Force clash of Turks & Caicos clash today in crucial return match

Concacaf Nations League

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