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Thursday October 11, 2018

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EDITORIAL HAVING A CODE OF ETHICS In Guyana, the behaviour or conduct by some public officials including members of the cabinet clearly reveals that a Code of Ethics based on international ethical standards and fundamental principles is needed to prevent a repeat of the massive corruption and the theft of state resources that allegedly took place in the last administration. Given the gross mismanagement and misuse of state funds uncovered by the forensic audits, the Auditor General reports and the information being released by the Commissioner of Inquiry into the operations of the Mayor and City Council, the code of ethics must be binding on public officials at both the national and local government levels. In its simplest form, a code of ethics is a system based on moral principles that affect how people make decisions and lead their lives. Ethics is regarded by many as having a good character, strong moral principles and being honest, truthful or accuracy of one’s actions. It is concerned with what is good for individuals and society and is grounded on wellfounded standards of right and wrong. It prescribes what human beings ought to do, usually in terms of obligations, benefits to society, fairness, or specific virtues. A key component of ethics is integrity, compassion, loyalty and doing the right thing at all times. One may be ethical to the extent that he/she acts according to the values, beliefs and principles they claim to hold. Having a code of ethics is important as a guide of how our politicians and public officials should conduct themselves while in office because they are either elected or appointed to serve the people in general. The people have given them the power and have placed them in positions to make and execute decisions on their behalf. Politicians have the power to influence something or someone and to represent the interests of their constituents. However, some have used the power and their positions to achieve personal gains rather than to serve the people who elected them. Public officials have a particular responsibility to uphold the values of society and to lead on ethical issues. They are expected to commit to a high standard of moral behaviour and doing what is right. However, the decision to behave ethically is a principled and personal one; no one can be forced to behave ethically or morally. Ethical behaviour goes hand in hand with social responsibility and one’s good character. It is not innate in people to be ethical or is something they do automatically. Ethical conduct is like most patterns of behaviour and thought that must be worked on and should not be taken lightly. It is expected that those in whom authority is vested should be guided by the accepted norms of the society, defined principles, standards, rules, regulations and the law of the land. Guyana is not a utopia or a perfect society; all persons, regardless of their status or leadership role in society are expected to make mistakes or have misgivings. However, honesty is expected from those who assume political leadership roles in society. Dishonesty should not be practised by our leaders or anyone else because it cuts across all aspects of societal values and norms. It is not limited only to cheating, stealing or committing fraudulent acts, but extends to deceiving the public or even being a traitor to others. There are some public officials who are honest and have and continue to conduct themselves well in office, carefully thinking through their decisions and respecting their fellow citizens. However, they who have little or no morals and are dishonest and corrupt, which is why there is now an abundance of evidence that we live in a corrupt society that is prevalent in almost all government departments and agencies. Corruption breeds lawlessness which is common place in our society where the respect for life and property is at its minimum. A code of ethics would not solve these problems, but it can help to reduce corruption and wrongdoings by public officials.

Editor’s Note; If your sent letter was not published and you felt its contents were valid and devoid of libel or personal attacks, please contact us by phone or email.

Natural Resource Fund, Institutional Oversight and Transparency Dear Editor, I was pleased to have b e e n i n v i t e d b y D r. Raphael Hazel to respond to a Green Paper on the Natural Resource Fund (NRF) being proposed by the Guyana Government in light of the recent Oil & Gas discoveries off Guyana’s coast. I also noted the Kaieteur News piece ‘Natural Resource Fund at risk for political gain – Int’l Analysts’ by Wilburg (Wednesday 10th Oct 2018) and seek your permission to make a few comments. Governments don’t always get it right – democracy is a manyheaded beast. However, I am encouraged by the fledgling efforts of the current coalition government to be transparent regarding the NRF. The Government ought to be commended and encouraged to be more open in many other areas of government as well. Your piece on the NRF,

as reported by Wilburg, highlighted the paper by Asim Ali and Patrick Schena (‘Harnessing Oil Wealth in Guyana via a Sovereign Wealth Fund: Look Before You Leap’, March 5, 2017, Social Sciences Research Network (SSRN) ssrn.2979864). I do agree with the sentiments of the paper and other reports in the media that Guyana’s institutional oversight infrastructure is rather weak. However, in my response to the recent NRF Green Paper (13 Sept 2018), I made a suggestion which I hope will be taken seriously by the Government. My aim is to temper my criticisms with good workable solutions – I want to show that the NRF, though being a challenge, could be really positive and healthy for Guyana. I am a Physicist and have worked in the UK Defence industry for almost 15 years. As a

leader and provider of ‘next generation’ solutions, I have learned not to be overly distracted or frightened by the information overload possible in today’s media milieu. There is a need to remain focused on the task while delivering a workable solution in a timely manner. So here are my observations about the Green Paper. I think the Green Paper was well written and deserves commendation. Within it, I can sense a desire to be transparent and furthermore, the Green Paper was clear in what it wanted to achieve. H o w e v e r, t h e r e a r e concerns about how these objectives can be achieved. How will the i d e a s o f t h e Macroeconomic Committee (MEC), for example, be stress tested? How is quality guaranteed? What mechanisms are in place to understand and monitor the behaviour and

performance of the MEC? There seems to be no real stops for a future political takeover of the Fund. To be able to achieve the objectives outlined in the Paper regarding stability, management q u a l i t y, i n s t i t u t i o n a l oversight, and focus, I believe there should be an independent ‘Think Tank’ with the following aims: 1. The think tank should be an Independent Research Organisation (IRO) partially supported by the Government and partially self-supporting from its own research business in order to maintain political independence. In the early years the IRO may be fully supported by Govt and slowly weaned off. 2. The IRO should be experts on Guyana and Latin America economics, banking and finance as well as being proficient in global economies 3. The IRO should provide alternative (Continued on page 6)

The PPP controlled the NDC and did nothing (second lead) DEAR EDITOR, Finally the philosophy which informed (and still do) the People’s Progressive Party’s wayward actions in relation to local government when in office has been revealed by one of its now frequent spokesman in his letter titled “Opposition leader and PPP are the blockade to a Dictatorship government” [KN, October 8, 2018]. Mr. Hussain started his misleading conjecture by asking what difference has local government made after three years since this administration returned power to the people as legally prescribed. He then went on to answer his own question by positing “I am absolutely sure that nothing much has changed in your communities or lives.” Well; well! Mr. Hussain’s question reveals the PPP policy in relation to local democracy i.e. they have no interest in people’s empowerment. Further, his response is a shocking admission that his Party has taken the electoral support gained at the 2016 LGEs and has done absolutely nothing with it. This is bearing in mind that the PPP won 75% of the neighbourhood democratic councils (NDCs) (46 of 62 councils) and was therefore empowered to use

their majority to improve the conditions of communities and ultimately the lives of their constituents. After the LGE 2016 elections, the PPP repeatedly boasted of “slaughtering” the APNU+AFC at the polls. This logically begs the question, why should the electorate waste its vote again on the PPP candidates come November 12? Editor, this administration is unwavering in its commitment to reinstating and to the institutionalization of meaningful local democracy. Since our accession to office much has been done to restore functionality to the system. There has been a total shift in the trajectory of local governance aided by a policy redirection which marks a distinct break from the culture of control and domination of LDOs as practised by the PPP to the strategic embrace of decentralization and collaboration in accordance with existing constitutional prescriptions. With amendments to the legislative framework mainly Act No. 15 of 2013 Municipal and District Councils (Amendment) Act and Act No.5 of 2015 Local Government (Amendment) Act, local organs are now empowered to

function with greater autonomy to make decisions in the interest of their constituents. Apart from facilitating the renewal of the democratic credentials of councils, after a hiatus of over two (2) decades, work has advanced in equipping LDOs to promote good governance, accountability and transparency through a coordinated program of institutional strengthening and capacity building to ensure that local organs deliver effective, efficient and sustainable public services. Much of course remains to be done to revive this ‘patient’ which has been exhumed by this administration. Many training sessions and workshops have been held aimed at building the capacities of both the elected and administrative arms of councils to not only manage but develop their areas. The most recent being the National Conference of Local D e m o c r a t i c O rg a n s ( N C L D O ) convened by President Granger, following which Cabinet endorsed a recommendation by the delegates of the eighty-0ne councils for an upgrade in the salary and the payment of stipend to local officials. (Continued on page 6)

Thursday October 11, 2018

A review of the estates closure DEAR EDITOR Regarding the closure of the sugar estates which resulted in a variety of responses. Some were, to say the least, were very disturbing. For some reason it took a racial turn with some taking the position that the PPP subsidized sugar and retained sugar because it’s where its support base resided. Others wrote about how the Indians were stealing fertilizer and insecticide etc. as if this was a trait of Indians and only Indians were involved. First in the case of PPP subsidizing its support base, those seem to have lost sight of the magnitude of sugar’s connection to the economy. All know of the assistance by the government of the USA to the companies that were too big to fail. And we all should know that agriculture is highly subsidized by the USA. We seem to have forgotten a number of things. The large numbers of employees were involved, those who were indirectly connected to the Industry, the tax collected, the NIS payments, the contri-

bution to aggregate demand as a result of the earnings and the foreign exchange earned from the export of sugar. And most of all we seem to have forgotten the humanity involved as thousands of people have been thrown into dire straits not to mention the plight of the children. In addition, they seem to have forgotten Sugar’s Contribution to the economy. I am sure an accountant would be able to determine a figure but to me it would seem considerable. There is its contribution to drainage, health care, house lots preparation and issue, pure water supply and the subsidization of sugar on the local market. I suppose many would have forgotten the levy. The sugar levy was imposed, I think in 1976. It was discontinued in 1996. So we have 20 years of contribution. The lowest contribution was US$51 per ton in 1996. This small amount was owing to the fact that the Jagan government pledged to remove the levy so it was reduced at an incremental pace. Using the lowest extrac-

tion of US$51 per ton and using just 200,000 tons, we are looking at about US$204M. If the figures I obtained are incorrect then please supply alternative figures. This levy directly supported the national budget and resulted in the decapitalization of the factories and inadequate expenditures to maintain efficiency in the fields. Also this affected the wages of the workers and would have affected the moral of the sugar workers. These actions when compounded resulted in a serious decline in efficiency and as a result the cost of production went up. The amount of sugar produced went down. Unfortunately instead of examining the various factors that contributed to the decline we blamed the workers. As I have written before full blame has to be placed at the foot of President Jagdeo. One of the factors was the Skeldon Estate, the corruption and poor work and design. The PPP placed friends and family who knew very little about agriculture. Rajendra Bisessar BSc Sociology, LLB

Passing the buck DEAR EDITOR, Well, finally and gradually the veil of secrecy that has covered the corruption, nepotism, mismanagement and other wrongdoings at City Hall is being lifted. And it seems that persons are now running helter skelter, dashing for cover whilst pointing fingers at each other. This is popularly known as ‘passing the buck’. But this is just the beginning, the very surface of the cesspool that the Georgetown City Hall is. As the Commission of Inquiry delves a little deeper, it will confound the citizenry what will be revealed from the fiscal malfeasance, to the nepotism in the human resources, to the wastage of the property rates, to the featherbedding among its ranks. But listening to the King and Queen, one gets the impression that they have long lost touch with reality, that they have retreated into La La Land, where they seem to have convinced themselves and a few of their cohorts that they have done nothing wrong, and that they have in fact at great personal sacrifice, rescued our capital city from

the dominion of darkness and brought us a capital city that is modern, safe, clean, vibrant and a wonderful place to live. This brings us back to the ancient proverb ‘Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad.’ Here is a newsflash for these two dreamers, the City Hall is at its lowest ebb in its history, the coffers are empty, the debts to the contractors, utility companies, the GRA, the NIS and insurance are piling up, the City Hall building is on the verge of falling to the ground, the markets are filled with giant rats in addition to the collapse of one of its wharves, the city is filled with mosquitoes, the drains are all clogged, the roads are bad and the street lighting poor, multiple robberies are occurring unchallenged in the city every day whilst they have just concluded a massive anniversary celebrations. Their old mantra, which is a complete falsehood, is that the revenue base of the Council is too small, that the Council does not have money, which means therefore that they could not mismanage what they don’t have and like Scrooge, they are


Kaieteur News

very thrifty, stretching Council’s dollars to the limit to meet all of the Municipality’s financial commitments. Nothing could be further from the truth. If the King and Queen really held the earnest view that the capital city was so penurious why did they travel around the world so many times first class in the last three years on joy rides? Why did they hire so many relatives including sons, daughters-in-law, daughters, nieces and nephews at super salaries? And why then did they give out so many enormous contracts to their relatives and friends? Why did they bump the monthly payroll up to well over a hundred million dollars with the ‘Big Ones’ earning hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of dollars each, per month? No sane administrator would maintain a workforce (Continued on page 6)

The Anna Regina APNU LGE launch DEAR EDITOR On Monday 8 October 2018, residents reported that it was announced over the loudspeakers at the Anna Regina Car Park that the APNU will be launching its Local Government Elections political campaign in Region Two with a rally at which President Granger will be present. From all reports, validated by those on the ground, the rally was a total failure. The attendance was less than one hundred and fifty persons comprised primarily of about seventy-five schoolchildren from the nearby secondary schools and a smattering of government employees and party activists, some of whom were transported from Georgetown. It was shockingly noticeable also the purported and seeming abuse of State resources and taxpayers dollars by the President to conduct such party political activities. One must be concerned that this ruse seems to be a pattern utilized by His Excellency when conducting his party activities across Guyana. Good governance requires that the President utilizes his party’s resources and apparatuses rather than exploit scare state resources to mobilize a crowd for him to speak to. From all reports, the President’s speech was tame as it presented a disingenuous scenario of what obtains on the ground in Region Two. The truth is, life has become burdensome; businesses have become unprofitable; rice farming has become unviable, young people have become unemployable; parents have become hardpressed. The President deliberately stayed away from

speaking about the newfound hardships that his policies have placed on our hapless citizens. Nothing was said about creating jobs, reducing cost of living, preventing crime, fighting corruption. The platitudes of taking ownership were aplenty. But that was only half of the story. Nothing was said about government-directed victimization of specific NDCs, about government-led efforts that stymie infrastructural development in rural villages, about the spawning procurement fraud, about government incompetence that creates massive shortages of drugs and medical supplies across the region, about pregnant mothers dying at the hospital. This approach pursued by the President does not build confidence and does not bode well for the future of this country. The now media fetish of the President to coax people into a crowd to listen to him, he presented a few bicycles to some students. If indeed the President and government were serious about education, the handover of the bicycles should have been done at the schools rather than at a political campaign meeting. Moreover, the highly successful and impactful $10,000 grant per school child which the President removed after his assumption to office, would have been a much better incentive to our schoolchildren. I stand corrected, but reports from Corriverton indicated that this same crowd mobilization technique was used by the President during his party campaigning in that municipality; and, I would not be surprised if the same tech-

nique is used to mobilize a crowd for the President during his visit to Lethem township shortly. It is quite noticeable that crowd mobilization is a tenuous task of both APNU and AFC so there is a vigorous effort to entice people using illusive means. In Region Two, the residents have made a major shift in an almost total rejection of the APNU/AFC. Their sparse attendance to a campaign rally hosted by the President, who is Leader of both PNC and APNU, is indicative of their lack of trust and loss of confidence in the President and current government. After three years of continuous mismanagement and incompetence by the PNC-led government, the residents of Essequibo Coast have shown in no uncertain terms, their disapproval of the way our country is currently being managed. Since its installation into office, the APNU/AFC Regime embarked on a systematic and incomprehensible plan to destroy the lives of our poor and vulnerable citizens, and businesses in Guyana. Citizens are now fully aware that the pre-2015 campaign rhetoric holds no strength because the APNUAFC government has steadfastly undone all the positive indicators of progress and prosperity. At these local government elections, both the APNU and AFC do not inspire much. As a matter of fact, AFC has become very unwanted as it is now an open secret that like APNU, it is tainted with high levels of corruption and hypocrisy. Yours faithfully Nigel Dharamlall MP

The woes on the Lady Northcote DEAR EDITOR, As a concerned resident who travels on the Lady Northcote from Northwest to Georgetown, I would like to say that I am surprised at the unmannerly behavior of the staff. A clear case was recorded on Monday, September 24, 2018. I think that the Amerindians have been treated with disrespect.

My second point is the overcrowding of the boat. The boat is being overloaded with passengers and cargo, making many passengers uncomfortable. What I want the public to know is that persons are paying their fee to have a comfortable ride, and still have to pay the same number even in an overcrowded boat. I really

think that the number of passengers should be limited to a number that the boat can hold. I am asking for an intervention from the media and suggest that something be done urgently to ensure passengers are comfortable. Lee Francis Concerned Resident Region 1


Minister Jordan sparked an ailing sugar industry DEAR EDITOR, The Honourable Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan, in a letter appearing on the October 09, Stabroek News, took time from his duties to respond to Stabroek’s editorial of October 07 regarding his stewardship of the economy. The Minister, in his letter, addressed several matters and sought ignominiously to cast blame on others for his Government’s carelessness in managing the affairs of the state. Minister Jordan in his letter, apparently using a basket to fetch water, among other things, referred to the sugar industry. The Minister says “…our government has provided a bailout for GuySuCo – a whopping $37 billion to date”. But what the Finance Minister didn’t say is that the Government, of which he is a leading member, installed the Hanoman-led IMC, which collected the billions he referred to, but which oversaw the diminution of the industry. In Minister Jordan’s stint, so far, as Finance Minister, sugar production fell by over 40 per cent; sugar foreign exchange earnings fell by a whopping 38 per cent, and the sugar labour force contracted by some 7,000 employees in the period. Interestingly, prior to the Minister taking up the helm of the Finance Ministry and having direct responsibility for our nation’s economic state of affairs, the sugar industry, with smaller alloca-

Thursday October 11, 2018

Kaieteur News

tions was able to sustain seven estates and 17,000 workers. In the three years prior to Minister Jordan’s leadership as Finance Minister, the sugar industry received from the Treasury aggregately $15.36B. In that period, the Corporation was able to approve pay rises for its hard working workers and it respected workers benefits and conditions. Interestingly, under Minister Jordan’s Government the only increases went to what is deemed “Key Management Personnel” with expenditure to this group of a handful of the industry’s echelon rising by 43 per cent between 2013 and 2016. But while the Minister carps about the state support provided to the industry, which we must add is not unusual globally, he ignores what those sums meant to the wider economy. Employment costs associated at now closed Skeldon, Rose Hall, East Demerara and Wales Estates totalled G$11.941B in 2014, according to the Sugar CoI report. It is estimated that workers, conservatively, utilized about 85 per cent of their earnings on the purchase of goods and services. In other words, directly shop keepers, market vendors, fisher folk, transportation providers, etc. have lost $10.15B. Indirectly, using the income multiplier formula, a further $70B has been removed from the economy. This is a massive and substantial hit and one which

many, especially in rural Guyana, may not be able to recover from. Looking at the industry as a whole, using the 2014 data, we have estimated that the sugar industry generated G$118.3B in economic activity. Without a doubt, the Government, through tax receipts, was recouping the support it was providing. The Minister then says, unbelievably, the Government has to find “…$5.7 billion severance payment for workers”. But it was the Government in the first place that decided to send the workers home. It, therefore, follows that the Administration has an obligation to meet the workers entitlements which we must reiterate are being paid contrary to our nation’s laws. For the Minister to seemingly complain about the repercussion of a decision he would have had a hand in is simply disbelieving and seems to give even more credence to the Stabroek News editorial. We saw, too, the Minister, seemingly, lamenting “…the transfer to central government of expenditure previously borne by GuySuCo, including D&I and community centres…” This is a most incredulous statement by the Minister. The admission by the Minister nevertheless is revealing and seems to demonstrate that the Government hadn’t fully considered the ramifications of its misguided adventure in the sugar industry. Certainly had a thorough examination been done, as was suggested, then Minister Jordan and his colleagues would have known about what he is now seemingly decrying. From the Minister’s reflection on sugar, he has served, no doubt, to demonstrate how important the industry was not only to its workers and their dependents but to the wider economy. It also glaringly illustrates how nonchalantly the Administration approached the sugar industry in spite of several warnings not to proceed in the direction it ultimately went. So while Minister Jordan is upset by the licks he is getting from several quarters, they are not unjustified and it clearly tells us that given the current trajectory the future could be one filled with great difficulty and upset. Yours faithfully, Seepaul Narine General Secretary GAWU

Natural Resource Fund, Institutional.. From page 4 viewpoints, strategies and, or investment trajectories, and enquiries, into the status quo as presented by the Macroeconomic Committee to the Ministry of Finance 4. The IRO should provide mechanisms to StressTest any proposals emerging from the Macroeconomic Committee of the NRF, including modelling and testing of assumptions of financial and economic ideas in relation to the objectives of the NRF 5. The IRO should study the management and monitor the operations of the NRF within the context of its financial, economic and investment decisions in relation to global economic trends. 6. In general, the IRO should be (and only be) a credible witness in a court of law. 7. The IRO should provide economic viewpoints and outlook for Guyana, Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) countries 8. The IRO should provide independent long-term Scenario Planning for Guyana 9. The IRO is a Regional Centre of Excellence for Economic & Financial Policy matters in Guyana and LAC countries. 10. The IRO should recruit and challenge STEM professionals to be involved in Economic & Financial Policy matters so as to have a broader multidisciplinary

perspective of the economy, and also to help create and stimulate the Scientific Research & Development, and Intellectual Property (IP) base and footprint of Guyana. 11. The IRO is an independent economic and financial policy research forum that looks at all aspects of the Guyana economy. 12. The IRO aims to provide independent (successful) strategies for Guyana given the extant geopolitical and geo-economic climate. 13. Such strategies and research output should be widely available both locally and internationally via regular publications of the IRO, thereby maintaining a significant amount of transparency in relation to the NRF, other entities in Guyana and LAC countries. Some aspects of the IRO may be confidential if done via contract to specific clients, though reporting annually its business operations. Suitable IRO names could include e.g., ‘The RamphalThomas Institute’ in recognition of the contributions of Sir Shridath Ramphal and Professor Clive Thomas to Guyana. The focus on oil exclusively in the NRF Green Paper seems strange to me. There seems to be no mention of income from Bauxite, Gold, Diamonds, Timber and possibly others not yet exploited e.g., Uranium, Hydroelectricity,

Iron, Copper. Where do the incomes from these natural resources go? Shouldn’t Guyana be thinking of incorporating these too into this legislation? Don’t the same arguments of good sound financial governance apply to these too? In summary, I take the view that this is possibly the greatest opportunity for Guyana to set principles in place to get it right from the start. There may be a few teething problems, yes, but as long as we remain committed to those founding principles – that commitment will root out corruption, greed, exploitation and other undesirable traits that blight success. Sincerely, Dr. Jolyon M De Freitas Editor’s Note. Dr De Freitas is a Physicist with over 25 years experience in both academia and industry. He worked on the NASA/Stanford University Gravity Probe B Satellite programme as well as in the UK Underwater Defence sector, including large-scale fibre-optic sensing arrays for Oil & Gas reservoir monitoring. He holds a PhD from Aberdeen University and a postgraduate diploma from the University of Cambridge Judge Business School covering entrepreneurship, innovation management and strategy.

The PPP controlled the NDC and did nothing... From page 4 Mr. Hussain in his usual tirade of untruths stated that “since 2016 the coalition government refused to increase and delayed subventions to assist LAAs…” To the contrary, subventions to local organs have increased since 2015; from $12 million to $15 million each for Municipalities (with the exception of New Amsterdam and Linden which receive $16 million and Georgetown $24 million) while subventions to the NDCs increased from $3million to $4 million. Additionally, all subventions are processed using the formula prescribed in Fiscal TransferAct2013inatimelymanner. Editor,whilecentral government remains committed to supporting LDOs, it is a Constitutional prescription that these organs be economically viable and have an adequate resource base forthemanagementanddevelopmentoftheirareaasper Article 72. The continued reliance of local organs on central government for funding is both undesirable and unsustainable. Editor, the efforts of the Ministry to update the property valuation system, a regime whose capacities were intentionally degraded for the past three decades by Mr. Hussain’s Party in an effort to solidify its control of LDOs, has now been packaged by the same

party as a measure in taxation and is being used to fuel their local government campaign. The Ministry on numerous occasions has debunked this erroneous claims of writers such as Hussain that central government will be setting the rates and imposing ‘additional burden.’ It is the council democratically elected by the people that will determine whether to revise or keep the current rates. Editor, the PPP by its actions continue to demonstrate clearly that it is not interested in community development and peoples’ empowerment which is what primarily underpins local government. Local democracy to PPP is about the numbers; “we got more”. AnyCouncillorregardlessofpoliticalaffiliationwho is sincerely interested in improving the lives of their constituents has an ally in this government. On the basis of Mr. Hussain’s pronouncement, I say unapologetically to eligible voters: A VOTE FOR THEPPPISAVOTEFORUNDERDEVELOPMENTTHEYWILLCONTINUETOUSEITTOPREVENT THEDEVELOPMENTOFYOURCOMMUNITY.” Yours sincerely, Ronald Bulkan Minister of Communities

Passing the buck From page 5 of close to a thousand persons, whilst at the same time farming out to private contractors, most of the municipal services it provides, unless he or she had a pecuniary interest in the contracts that were being

givenoutinviolationoftenderboard procedures, whilst at the same time having a consanguinity with the many staffers that are padding the payroll. Suddenly the almighty and powerful King is whining that it is

the City Treasurer who is the one that is responsible for managing the City’s finances and not him. Oh really? What an epiphany? CouldsomeoneremindtheKing and the Queen that the buck stops at them as Harry S. Truman would say? Maybe the COI will be able to find out why the City’s qualified and competent Accountant was unceremoniously removed from the Treasurer’s Department and tucked away in one of City’s Markets? Regards. Kwasi Sanderson

Thursday October 11, 2018


Kaieteur News

EPA Head begins review of National... From page 12 Convention on the Law of the Sea. The Director of Maritime Safety said that several documents were used as a reference point for the creation of the framework for the oil spill plan. H e s a i d t h a t t hese included the IMO's manual on guidelines to be followed in the creation of an oil spill plan, draft procedures that Guyana's authorities had from years ago, and oil spill plans by other nations such as Trinidad and Tobago. Flores also noted that the framework speaks to some key positions, which would require appointments. In this regard, he noted that there would be a need for someone to oversee how dispersants would be used during an oil spill cleanup. Further to this, CDC's Director General, Kester Craig had said that the drafting of the document gives one the opportunity to reflect on the effects of oil and gas on the country and its people. H e h a d s a i d , “ We should take time to reflect on the voluminous natural resources our c o u n t r y possesses, which can contribute significantly to positive social and economic growth and development. At the same

time, we should also reflect on how proactive and targeted Disaster Risk Reduction and Management measures can play an integral role in reducing negative environmental impacts during the utilization and exploitation of these resources.” Craig noted that the consultation which occurred in March is yet another step in the right direction, where key stakeholders were able to critically review the first draft of the National Oil Spill Contingency Plan. Craig explained that the intent of this Plan is to implement a framework, which would cater for coordinated response action to potential onshore and offshore oil spills. As such, he said that the plan needs to be simple but comprehensive, accessible, readily updatable, and reflective of not only the working culture of Guyana, but also in line with international standards and best practices. The CDC Director Gen-

eral said, “Without preparation, no amount of expertise, manpower or equipment can be effectively organized on the spot in the chaotic situation that prevails after an oil spill. The scope of this contingency plan is based on what is known as a 'tiered response' framework.” Craig said that this helps to ensure that the planned response reflects the scale of the particular spill. He noted that the mere existence of a plan is not sufficient to ensure preparedness for responding to an oil spill. He said that the planning process itself is as important, as it serves to raise issues that w i l l likely arise in response, while raising awareness on roles and responsibilities of every stakeholder. F u r t h e r, C r a i g s a i d that responders and coordinators have to be trained, the plan has to be tested and resources put in place to achieve the intended purpose and objective.





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Thursday October 11, 2018

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Thursday October 11, 2018

Guyana's budget process has limited... Frompage11 wages and salaries; undertaken sweepingtaxreformstoimprovetax administration and brought greater equitytothetaxsystem.TheFinance Minister said, “We have delivered early National Budgets for 2017 and 2018, to ensure that Heads of Budget Agencies had the entire financial year to implement work programmes – a stark departure from what obtained previously, when budgets were presented as late as end-March and approved in midApril,therebyimplyingatwo-month turnaround before the next budget cycle began in early July.” Jordan continued, “Procurement of public goods and services has undergone changes: thresholds have been increased; several training courses in monitoring and evaluation, and supply procurement have been

executed -all with the aim of ensuring an environment that contributes to improved performance in the public service.” He added, “More recently, we have developed a public-private partnership framework to enable more creative financing approaches, to overcome loss of concessional financing, occasioned by our elevated status of Upper Middle Income Country, as classified by the World Bank.” Further to this, the Finance Minister told several heads of budget agencies and Permanent Secretaries that spending money is easy. He stressed howeverthatspending money wisely and prudently to effect results takes skill and effort. Jordan told his officers that it means understanding the problemandfindingthesolutionthat givestheresult,thendesigningaplan

and costing it in a way that delivers value for money, then spending the money. The Finance Minister said, “Many times, we do the process the other way around: we spend money without understanding what the problemtobeaddressedis. Thepredictable result is the wastage of public resources that we are entrusted to spend. It is worth the time and effort – please ensure you secure the skills to understand the problems in your sector, devise solutions, plan for and cost the implementation of these solutions.” TheFinanceMinisternoted that additional revenue resources on the not so distant horizon present a wonderful opportunity for Guyana totransitionfrompotentialtotheprosperity, of which many have so often dreamed. He stressed however that money alone has never solved a nation's problems.

Thursday October 11, 2018

Entries for KMTC Pre Diwali race meet close Sunday The Kennard Memorial Turf Club (KMTC) will be hosting its annual Pre-Diwali race meet on October 21 at Bush Lot Farm, Corentyne, Berbice and entries for the event will close on Sunday. The races will be run under the rules of the Guyana Horse Racing Authority and no late entries will be accepted. Horses can be entered through Ivan Dipnarine on 331-0316, Mr. Cecil Kennard on 623-7609 or 225-4818, Fazal Habibulla on 657 7010, Dennis De Roop on 640-

6396 or Compton Sancho on 602-1567. Six races are carded for the day with the feature attraction being the H1 and lower race which goes for six furlongs and carries a top prize of $250,000. The runner up will take home $125,000, third place $62,000 and fourth place $31,000. Other races listed are L-non earner which covers a distance of five furlongs and fetches a top prize of $100,000, while the runner up will take home $50,000; L-open for

five furlongs and includes a top purse of $140,000 and a second prize of $70,000. Tw o y e a r s G u y a n a bred that covers a distance of five furlongs, carries a top prize of $200,000 and the runner up will be given $100,000; L-non winning maidens will run for five furlongs with the winner pocketing $120,000 and second place $60,000 and J 3 and K class will run for five furlongs in which the winner will receive $160,000 and runner up $80,000.

Thursday October 11, 2018 ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) Get on with business. Praise will be yours if you have been pursuing your goals. Changes to your self image will be to your benefit as long as you don't over pay. TAURUS (Apr. 21- may 21) Your need to obtain additional details will lead you into strange topics of conversation. Help if you can, but more than likely it will be sufficient just to listen. Try to accommodate them without infringing on your own responsibilities. GEMINI (May 22-June 21) Be cautious not to get involved in office chatter that will cause problems for others. Don't overextend yourself in the process. Now is a good time to ask for favors. CANCER (June 22-July 22) Don't overspend or give too freely to others. You will be a bit of a spendthrift today. It won't take much to upset your lover. LEO (July 23-Aug 22) Don't let your partner get you going. You are best to travel or attend lectures or seminars. Professionalism will be of utmost importance. Concentrate on work and on making money. VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) Rely on the one you love for support and affection. You may find that getting together with colleagues after hours will be worthwhile.


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LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) Self-deception about relationships is a problem. Only bite off what you can chew. You may want to try your hand at a little creative writing. Don't let your boss get the better of you. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) Evasion is likely if you aren't direct about your feelings. Be careful what you consume today. Relatives may not be telling you the whole truth about a family situation. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) Rewards for past good deeds will highlight your day. Use your quick wit to win points and friends. Go out shopping today. CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) Make plans that will take you to exotic destinations. You can make amends by taking them somewhere special. You may find your self a bit frazzled if you allow someone to goad you into an unsavory debate. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) Romance may be likely if you travel. A passionate party for two might be just the remedy. If you're feeling uncertain, spend some time alone and reevaluate your motives as well as your needs. PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) Someone you care about may not be too well. You will be able to enlist the help of colleagues who believe in your ideas.

Tennis - Respect ball kids, Federer tells fellow pros (Reuters) - Tennis players need to respect ball boys and ball girls, Roger Federer said in the wake of a row following Fernando Verdasco’s rant over a sweaty towel. Spaniard Verdasco was cast as a villain on social media last week after appearing to berate a ball boy for not bringing his towel quickly enough during a semi-final defeat at the Shenzen Open. A video of the world number 30 impatiently gesticulating and appearing to rant at the youngster swiftly circulated on social media, leading to a raft of criticism from fans and pundits. Federer yesterday stopped short of criticizing Verdasco — acknowledging that nerves can become ragged in competition — but he did stress the need to respect ball kids. “Sure you always want to

Albion CC, Port Mourant... From page 26 Hetmyer 24 and Suresh Dhanai 16 being the top scorers as Jamal Jarvis 3 for 30 and Brentnol Woolford 3 for 2 bowled well for the lawmen. In reply, Police Cricket Club were bowled out for 104 in 29 Overs as only Delbert Hicks 36 and Brentnol Woolford 12 reached double figures. Kassim Khan 3 for 21, Trevlon Stanislaus 3 for 15 and Linden Austin 2 for 19 were the main bowlers who destroyed the Police batting line up. The Tournament continued this Saturday with the following matches: Blairmont Cricket Club vs Tucber Park Cricket Club @ Cumberland Police Cricket Club vs West Berbice Cricket Association @ Bath Young Warriors Cricket Club vs Rose Hall Canje Cricket Club @ Rose Hall Canje Albion Cricket Club vs Port Mourant Cricket Club @ Port Mourant Rose Hall Town Gizmos & Gadgets vs Upper Corentyne Cricket Assoc @ No. 69

respect the ball kids for who they are and the great job that they’re doing,” the Swiss said, adding “but it’s not easy for each and every player to control their emotions exactly.” Federer, who himself acted as a ball boy in his youth, said he felt most of the young helpers understood the pressure players are under, but that it was vital they enjoyed a good experience at tournaments. “The ball kids are really important to us because they are also maybe the future of our game,” the Swiss, in Shanghai for the Masters tournament, said. “I was happy when I left a tennis tournament, I felt like, ‘oh man, it was just all good’,” he said of his time as a ball boy. “There were no negatives, so you don’t want to have them leave feeling like, oh my god, like I was not appreciated

or I was not liked or it was actually a horrible thing, you know? “So yes, it needs to be taken care of.” Not so long ago the likes of Bjorn Borg, John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors would fetch their own drinks and take care of themselves at changeovers. These days modern pampered players plant themselves in a courtside chair and gesture for drinks, ice-packs, bananas, towels, new rackets and anything else they may need. The tide, though, may be turning. At next month’s Next Gen ATP Finals in Milan — the season-ending tournament for the best Under-21 male players — players will be instructed to use a towel rack at the end of the court “to remove the onus on ball kids to handle towels”.


GT Beer /Ballerz Entertainment Soft Shoe Football Agard continues blistering form -action resumes Saturday Team Family’s Kevin Agard lit up the second night of action in the Ballerz Entertainment GT Beer-sponsored 5-a-side Soft Shoe Football Competition, which continued on Sunday, at the Mocha Community Centre ground, East Bank Demerara. The tournament, which is being run on a Round Robin/ Knockout basis, saw Agard fire in his second hat-trick to lead the competition so far and place himself in a wonderful position to win the top goalscorer award. The tournament, which has over $200,000 in prize monies to be won, will see the winning team receive $100,000, while second and third placed finishers will take home $50,000 and $25,000 respectively along with trophies. The full results are seen below: Church Boys beat Ninja Clad 5-3 Goalscorers Church boys Alvin Demattos 2nd, 15th Eric Sampson 11th, 14th Nectar Prince 12th Ninja Clad

Thursday October 11, 2018

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Adonie Rutherford 9th, 14th Kester Stewart 13th Game 2 Dream team bt. Cricketers 5-0 Goalscorers Dream team Orville Stewart 1st Dellon John 5th Kester Alleyne 9th, 33rd Dorville Stewart 7th Game 3 Hardball bt. Front Side Warriors 3-1 Goalscorers Hardball Matthew Robinson 8th Jermaine James 10th, Pernell Gordon 13th Front Side Warriors Orin James 25th Game 4 Family bt Top Strikers 7-1 Goalscorers Family Kevin Agard 9th, 18th, 23rd Rondel Smith 14th Shamar Jones 15th, 21st Teon Jones 29th Top strikers Darius Trumble 29th Action resumes this Saturday with more matches at the same venue.

Bolt ready to play for his footballing future SYDNEY (Reuters) Olympic sprint champion Usain Bolt is set to start up front for the Central Coast Mariners in a trial match tomorrow and the Jamaican said his future as a soccer player could be on the line. The 32-year-old eighttime Olympic gold medalist is trying to transform himself from global athletics superstar to professional football player and hopes to win a contract for the Mariners ahead of the 2018-19 Australian top flight campaign. His previous appearance for the first team was against an amateur select side on Aug. 31 where he came on as a substitute in the 72nd minute and appeared to lack match sharpness and the touch and skill required for a professional. “This will determine ... (what) the club want to do with my career, so it’s a very important game,” Bolt said yesterday. “I have been improving but you won’t know what level you’re at until you play a competitive game so I just have to go out there and see what I need to do or whether I should continue or not. “I’m just pushing myself and have put in the work so now I have to go out there and execute.” Bolt said that coach Mike Mulvey had told him he was likely to start the game on Friday against Macarthur South West United at Campbelltown Sports Stadium and that he would be deployed in a more

Central Coast Mariners’ Usain Bolt in action in a game versus Central Coast Select at Central Coast Stadium, Gosford, Australia. (REUTERS/David Gray) file photo. forward role than on his initial appearance. “He said he wants me to play me up top,” Bolt said. “He just told me to make sure that I’m focused to push myself and just take my chances when I get them.” Bolt added that he had been playing a series of practice games with other players

hoping to make the first team squad and he felt that his fitness and skills had improved. “My movement and my touch is much better now. How to set my body, where to place the ball,” Bolt said. “There is a lot of things I have learned. I am much fitter now so I will have more time on the field and that’s good.”

Bolt, who put his efforts to carve out a football career on hold for a week to fulfill an overseas commitment last month, said he would thrive on the pressure. “I’m the type of guy who likes competition, I like pressure so I’m excited to go out there and give it my best,” he added.

BCB/Pepsi 50-Overs Tournament

Albion CC, Port Mourant CC, Rose Hall Canje CC, Young Warriors CC register victories The Berbice Cricket Board on Saturday last started another cricket tournament for the year when it hosted the first round of the Pepsi 50Overs Tournament. The Tournament is being contested by Berbice’s eleven First Division Teams on a Round Robin basis. The Teams are divided into two zones with Zone A consisting of six teams and five teams in Zone B. Albion

Community Centre, Port Mourant Cricket Club, Rose Hall Canje Cricket Club and Young Warriors Cricket Club all registered victories in the first round of matches. Rose Hall Town Gizmos & Gadgets Cricket Team drew the Bye, while the Blairmont Community Centre vs West Berbice match was postponed due to the Elizabeth Styles Under-21 Tournament Final.

At the No.69 Ground, former Berbice batsman Kandasammy Surujnarine stroked a majestic 132 which included thirteen boundaries as Albion Community Centre amassed 236 all out. Kevin Umroa supported with 38 as Omesh Khemraj 3 for 26, Latchman Roopchand 2 for 42 and Naeem Yacoob 2 for 17 bowled well for Upper Corentyne. In response, the home team were bowled out for 196 in 46.2 Overs as Devendra Budhoo 71, Terrence Budhoo 36, Latchman Roopchand 18 and Lakeram Latchman17 batted well. Bowling for Albion Community Centre, Mahendra Chaitram 4 for 33, Karran Arjpaul 2 for 48 and Kevin Umroa 2 for 25 bowled well. At the Rose Hall Canje Welfare Ground, the home team created a major upset by defeating Tucber Park Cricket Club by 4 wickets. Rose Hall Canje bowled the visitors for 165 in 47 Overs with Clifford Lindie 26 and Quacy Mickle 21 being the principal scorers. Ameer Rahaman 2 for 21 and Balram Samaroo 2 for 30 were

the best bowlers for Rose Hall Canje, who in reply raced to 166 for 6 from 31-Overs. Attaching opener Martin Singh was unbeaten on 97, while Samaroo supported with 46. Devon Clements took 3 for 20 in a losing cause for Tucber Park. Port Mourant Cricket Club defeated Skeldon Cricket Club by six wickets at the Scottsburg Ground. Scores as follows: Scottsburg 95 all out in 31 Overs; G. Ramnarine 31 and A; Hussain 29 not out; Mahendra Charran 3 for 21, Madan Budram 3 for 18 and D. Cameron 2 for 16. Port Mourant Cricket Club 98 for 4 in 27-Overs; Joshua Ramsammy 20, Madan Budram 14 and T. Carmichael 11 not out; Junior Reid 2 for 23. At the Cumberland Ground, the Young Warriors Cricket Club making a welcome return to Berbice First Division Cricket, defeated Police Cricket Club by 65 runs. Young Warriors Cricket Club 169 all out in 41 Overs with Kassim Khan 79, Seon (Continued on page 25)

Thursday October 11, 2018

Concacaf Women’s Championship

Jamaica pulled off the surprise of the tournament

Edinburg, Texas - Jamaica pulled off the surprise of the tournament to keep its semifinal hopes alive while Canada took over the Group B lead at the Concacaf Women’s Championship on Monday night. Khadija Shaw scored in the opening minute of the second half and goalkeeper Sydney Schneider made sure that lead stood up with several vital saves to boost the Reggae Girlz, 64th in the FIFA rankings to a 1-0 upset of No. 34 Costa Rica at H-E-B Park. The Jamaicans (1W-0D-

1L, 3 points), who are trying to become the first Caribbean team to qualify for the FIFA Women’s World Cup, bested a Costa Rican side (1W-0D1L, 3) that had 15 players participate in the world championship at Canada 2015. The Jamaican needs a win over Cuba and a Costa Rica loss to clinch a semifinal berth. Despite the defeat, the Central Americans cling to second place due to superior goal differential over Jamaica. In the second game of the doubleheader, Canada (2W-

0D-0L, 6) scored early and often in a 12-0 victory over Cuba (0W-0D-2L). The Canadians need only a draw with Costa Rica here tomorrow night to clinch a spot in the semifinal round in Frisco, Texas. Adriana Leon and Jordyn Huitema finished with four goals apiece and halftime substitute Christine Sinclair added one to give her 174 international goals. Rebecca Quinn, Deanne Rose and Diana Matheson also found the net. (Concacaf)

BCB launches 2019 Mike’s Pharmacy... From page 28 Berbice Cricket Board. Every committment to Mike’s Pharmacy was fulfilled by the Berbice Board, while the Company also received massive and widespread media coverage throughout the tourna-

ment. Mike’s Pharmacy, Singh disclosed would continue to support Berbice Cricket once the game is administered properly. Interested Clubs are asked to contact Foster on 337-4562, Angela Haniff 333-

Wimbledon to take firm line... From page 30 is not afraid to fine players, whatever their standing.” Desmond indicated, however, that Wimbledon was unlikely to break with tradition and replace the kids with back of court towel racks for players to help themselves. Wimbledon winner Andy Murray’s mother Judy asked on Twitter after the Verdasco incident: “What about a rule that makes players get their own towels? And the ball kids just look after the tennis balls.”

Next month’s Next Gen ATP Finals in Milan, the season-ending tournament for the best Under-21 male players, plans to do just that with players instructed to use a towel rack “to remove the onus on ball kids to handle towels”. “You never say never but I think there’s still a sense to make sure that the match stays at speed, it’s good to have that (service),” said Desmond. “But there needs to be mutual respect between the two entities.”


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2375 or Robby Saywack on 660-0049 to register before Monday 15th October, 2018. Entrance is free but teams would be required to register at least sixteen players. All players will have to be properly attired in white and have a birth certificate to verify date of birth. Players will also have to be attending school as part of the Berbice Cricket Board Say Yes to Education Programme.

Hamilton Green 9-A-Side Inter-Ward/ Village Cup Ten days to go In just ten days time, the thirty-two invited teams will have the opportunity to battle for the coveted first prize of $400,000 and the championship trophy compliments of the Ministry of Citizenship. This is according to Coordinator of the Hamilton Green 9-a-side Inter-Ward/ Village Cup, former player and coach, Lennox Arthur, which is being held to commemorate the 84th Birth Anniversary of the former Guyana Prime Minister and Mayor of Georgetown. The community of Den Amstel situated on the West Coast of Demerara is the venue for what is already being touted to be one of the most eagerly anticipated sporting events on the West Side and is set to kick off on October 21. Arthur said over $700,000 in prize monies, trophies and gifts will be awarded to the respective winne r s a n d outstanding performances at the end of the tournament which will be run on a knockout basis with the final set to be played on November 11, at the Den Amstel Community Centre ground. The runner-up will be awarded $200,000 and trophy through the goodwill of John Fernandes Ltd, w h i l e t h i r d an d f o u r t h place finishers will receive $60,000 and $40,000 respectively along with t h e Te c h n o M i l l s a n d Courtney Benn Construction Services trophies in that order. All four top finishers will receive hampers compliments of Ricks & Sari Industries, while the Highest Goalscorer, will walk away with a Lazy Boy Chair courtesy of A.H&L Kissoon and a Dinette Set compliment of China Trading.

Hamilton Green

Lennox Arthur

T h e M o s t Va l u a b l e Player will be awarded a special prize from Techno Mills. Among the other sponsors on board are: IPA, Alfro Alphonso, Sattaur Gafoor, Ansa McAl, Top Brandz Distributors, MACORP, Cummings Electrical, Ready Mix, BK International and New Thriving Restaurant. Meanwhile, the Organisers have released the fixtures for the first three days of action with the winners advancing to the next round. On October 21: Mahaica versus Herstelling @15:00hrs Central Mackenzie vs. Mahaicony @15:30hrs Puoderoyen vs. Lama Dam @16:00hrs Uitvlugt vs. Liliendaal @16:30hrs

Den Amstel vs. West Side Masters @17:00hrs On October 28: Timehri vs. Wales @15:00hrs Mocha vs. Kitty @15:30hrs Jetty vs. Kuru Kururu @ 16:00hrs Crane vs. Agricola @16:30hrs Bagotsville vs. Soesdyke @17:00hrs On November 4: De Kindren vs. Plaisance @15:00hrs Vergenoegen vs. Newtown Kitty @ 15:30hrs Zeelugt vs. Tucville @16:00hrs Sara Lodge vs. Buxton @16:30hrs Goed Fortuin vs. Sophia @17:00hrs Sparta Family vs. Alexander Village @17:30hrs


BCB launches 2019 Mike’s Pharmacy Under-15 Tourney as early preparation starts 2018 has over two months before the end of the year but this has not prevented the pro-active Berbice Cricket Board from launching its 2019 Inter-Club Under-15 Tournament. The Berbice Cricket Board only completed its 2018 Tournament in September but in its quest to be properly prepared for the Inter-county season which would begin in February 2019, the 2019 Edition was launched early. The Tournament would begin in three weeks, using the required date of birth for the 2019 Inter-county season. Berbice Cricket Board President Hilbert Foster stated that the 2018 Inter-Club Tournament was a huge success with Albion Community Centre being crowned Champion after defeating favourites Rose Hall Town Farfan & Mendes by six runs at the Albion Sports Complex. Players like Jonathan Rampersaud, Mahendra Gopilall, Leon Cecil, Pavendra Ganesh, Hemendra Gurdyal, Rampertab Ramnauth, Jonathan De Veira, Jeremy Sandia, Isiah Thorne, Zeymul Ramsammy, Shreedat Roopnarine, Hemchand Ragubeer and Andy Thagraj dominated the last tournament with outstanding individual performances. Foster expects at least twenty teams to participate in the Tournament which would be used to select players for several trial matches. A training squad of 26 players would be selected based on performances after the first three rounds of the Tournament for the trial matches. The trials would be sponsored by Nand Persaud Co. Ltd and the Berbice Team would be selected by the

Thursday October 11, 2018

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UDFA, MSC meet tonight to plot course for GTT Senior Football League resumption The uncertainty surrounding the restart of the 2017 GTT Senior League Football Championship, which is under the Upper Demerara Football Association, could see it resuming after a meeting tonight between the footballing body and the Mackenzie Sports Club. Attempts to have the league championship resume last week was met with some amount of resistance and the playing surface of the outskirt

ground namely the Wisburg Secondary School and Bayrock facilities were viewed unfit for senior football by some clubs. So the big question of why football is not being played at the Mackenzie Sports Club has surfaced and from all appearances it seems a 2017 agreement between the UDFA and the MSC was not honoured, hence the UDFA cannot have the use of the MSC ground. While the annual school

sports taking place at the MSC ground initially was given as the reason for football not being played, there is more to why the facility is not open to football according to sources. It is the hope of the football clubs that coming out of this evening’s meeting that outstanding money due to the MSC will be honoured and football allowed to be played as the year end competition looms for Upper Demerara football teams.

Federer survives Medvedev scare in Shanghai BCB President Hilbert Foster receives sponsorship from Wayne Johnson of Mike’s Pharmacy. Albert Smith led Selection Committee. Once selected, the team would then undertake two months of intense training and coaching to be fully prepared to defend their title. Clubs like Albion Community Centre, Rose Hall Town Farfan & Mendes, Blairmont Community Centre, Tucber Park Cricket Club, Young Warriors Cricket Club, Rose Hall Canje, Port Mourant Cricket Club, No. 73 Cricket Club and Plaisance are expected to be among teams taking part in the historic tournament. It would be the first time in the long history of Berbice Cricket that a tournament would actually start before the year. Foster stated that with almost all the 2018 Berbice Under-15 players be-

ing overage for the 2019 Guyana Cricket Board Tournament, it was very important to start early preparation so that the Berbice Selectors would have adequate time to select the best possible replacements. The energetic President was full of praise for the support of Mike’s Pharmacy. The outstanding work of the Berbice Cricket Board, he stated would not have been possible without the support of sponsors like Mike’s and he has committed his Board to organising another successful tournament. Managing Director Lakeram Singh stated that Mike’s Pharmacy was very impressed by the hard work and organising skills of the (Continued on page 27)

Roger Federer of Switzerland celebrates his victory against Daniil Medvedev of Russia. (REUTERS/Aly Song) (Reuters) - Top seed and defending champion Roger Federer battled past in-form Russian Daniil Medvedev 64 4-6 6-4 to reach the last-16 at the Shanghai Masters yesterday. Federer, playing his first Tour-level match since suffering a shock fourth-round defeat by John Millman at the U.S. Open last month, broke Medvedev twice to take the opening set. Fresh off the biggest title of his career in Tokyo, Medvedev saved a break point early in the second set and that gave him momentum to grab a break of his own to force a decider. Both players failed to take their opportunities to take an early lead in the final set be-

fore two unforced errors from Medvedev handed Federer a break in the ninth game. The 37-year-old Swiss served out the match in just under two hours to keep hopes of a third Shanghai title alive. He will next face Spain’s Roberto Bautista Agut, who beat American Mackenzie McDonald 3-6 6-4 6-1. Fourth seed Alexander Zverev edged one step closer to qualifying for next month’s ATP Finals after a hardfought 7-5 6-4 win over inform Georgian Nikoloz Basilashvili. The 21-year-old German fought off a cold and showed great confidence to wrap up the victory at the Qi Zhong Stadium.

“I played a solid match. I did everything that I needed to win,” said Zverev. “As you can probably hear in my voice, I’m a little sick right now, so feeling a little bit low energy, but I hope it will get better over the next few days.” Argentine Juan Martin del Potro overcame a slow start to outlast France’s Richard Gasquet 7-5 7-6(7). Third seed Del Potro won four straight games from 3-5 down in the opening set before recovering from 2-6 deficit in the second set tiebreak to set up a third round meeting with Croatian Borna Coric. Wimbledon finalist Kevin Anderson fired 14 aces to breeze past Kazakh qualifier Mikhail Kukushkin 6-3 6-2.

Thursday October 11, 2018

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Final match in 1st half of Regional Super50

Jaguars clash with Volcanoes today at BLA By Sean Devers in Trinidad In association with Vnet, Regal, Noble House Seafoods & Cascadia Hotel Guyana Jaguars enter today’s final round of the first half of zone ‘A’ of the Regional Super50 Tournament here, second to the host team Trinidad Red Force on the points table. The Jaguars face-off with defending Champions Windwards Volcanoes from 14:00hrs today at the Brian Lara Academy, just over an hour’s drive from Port-ofSpain in what has been a hectic schedule. Guyana have played the Windwards 27 times in 50over cricket and won 18, lost eight with the other game being washed out. The last time they met the Windwards were victorious in last semi-final in Antigua. The Jaguars have lost just once in their three matches when pretournament favourites the

Red Force beat them in their first match on a sluggish Queen’s Park Oval track. The Jaguars registered victories with bonus points in their other two games at BLA; beating West Indies B by nine wickets and Canada by seven wickets in a game reduced to 47 overs, while the Volcanoes have had an inauspicious start to their title defence. They began with a loss against the Red Force in a 37-over contest before beating Canada, when D e v o n S m i t h ’s 1 3 2 spearheaded them to 337-9 at the BLA (the highest total so far in the eight-team tournament) in which Zone ‘B’ is being contested in Barbados. In their last match against West Indies ‘B’ the Volcanoes were 48-0 in seven overs chasing 221 for victory before rain washed out the match. The Jaguars have capitalised on good batting conditions at the BLA to be the consistent batting team in

the tournament, but in their last two games although the bowlers set up the wins with good spells, their middle and lower order have not been tested. Chris Barnwell, at 31 seems a more matured individual and has followed up impressive displays with the bat when he joined the team in the last tournament as a replacement player. Barnwell’s 179 runs from three games (including unbeaten knocks of 61 and 99) is only behind T&T’s Nicholas Pooran (230) and Canada’s Naveet Dhaliwal (216) in the runs aggregate. Tonight Windies ODI selectee Chanderpaul Hemraj, who has 141 runs including his maiden ton, will not be here to partner Trevon Griffith since he left the team yesterday and has been replaced by West Indies U-19 batting allrounder Renaldo AliMohammed. Tagenarine Chanderpaul could be used to partner Griffith who has flattered to

deceive by throwing his wicket away with injudicious shots when well set for big scores and tonight he must step up to give his team a good start. Skipper Leon Johnson scored the most runs in the local 50-overs Franchise League including a century in the last round and was looking set on 32 for a big score in the opening game before a brilliant leg-side catch by Denesh Ramdin off left-arm spinner Khary Pierre ended his knock, while Johnson (1) played around one that kept low and was bowled on Tuesday night against Canada. Raymon Reifer who has been impressive with both bat and ball, then made 50 in an unfinished 153-run stand with Barnwell to see the Jaguars to another emphatic win. Clinton Pestano has been Guyana’s stand-out pacer; bowling with lively pace, movement and excellent control and has received good support from Reifer,

Romario Shepherd and Barnwell, while off-spinner Ramaal Lewis is very consistent and the wickets have been shared among the bowlers. At 36 and with eight List ‘ A’ t o n s t o h i s n a m e including one at ODI level, Devon Smith is the most experienced batsman in this tournament and could be Guyana biggest threat. The Grenadian has already scored 165 runs and along with Gayle, Samuels and Hemraj are the only batsmen to score a century as he continues to dominate at this level. If Bajan Kirk Edwards, who has an ODI hundred to his name, Kaveem Hodge, Tyrone Theophille, Kyle Mayer, Rolando Cato and Shane Shillingford gets going on the fast outfield and flat track, the Jaguars could have a game on their hands. Delorn Johnson should lead the pace attack which could include Kesrick Williams and Mayers, while

Shillingford will spearhead to spin department. Yesterday it rained in Port-of-Spain while the weather forecast for today predicts partly cloudy skies with the possibility of rain. The Red Force oppose West Indies ‘B’ at the Queen’s Park Oval in today’s other game. Jaguars Squad:- Leon Johnson- Captain, Anthony Bramble- Vice Captain, Tagenarine Chanderpaul, Raymon Reifer, Sherfane Rutherford, Christopher Barnwell, Romario Shepherd, Veerasammy Permaul, Gudakesh Motie, Ramaal Lewis, Ricardo Adams, Trevon Griffith and Clinton Pestano and Renaldo Ali-Mohammed. Vo l c a n o e s ’ S q u a d : Shane Shillingford(c), Delron Johnson, Devon Smith, Roland Cato, Tyrone Theophile, Kavem Hodge, Larry Edwards, Obed McCoy, Alick Athanaze, Ryan John, Kyle Mayers, Kesrick Williams, Denis Smith and Kirk Edwards.

Guyana on course for three-hand titles Yonette Christmas

Action in the four-hand segment. Rawle Peters

Guyana male and female three-hand teams are well in the hunt for gold at the World Council of Dominoes Federation Inc tournament which is currently underway at the Carifesta Sports Complex. The Guyanese men have won three sittings while their female counterparts have won two and have placed second in three sittings so far. Results in the four-hand so far are; Barbados beat Guyana 94-44; St. Lucia overcame USA 120-15; Antigua and Barbuda 98-

Anguilla 42; Guyana 87USA 57; Barbados 70Antigua 66; St. Lucia 103Anguilla 33. Three-hand male; Antigua 80, St. Lucia 75 and USA 63; Barbados 83, Guyana 68 and Anguilla 66, Guyana 80, Antigua 76 and USA 65, Barbados 73, Anguilla 86 and St. Lucia 65; Guyana 75, Barbados 76 and USA 60, St. Lucia 82, Anguilla 65 and Antigua 61; Antigua 76, St. Lucia 72 and Guyana 69; USA 80, Barbados 65 and Anguilla 16; Guyana 82, St. Lucia 72

and USA 68; Antigua 75, Anguilla 73 and Barbados 61; Barbados 81, Antigua 68 and St. Lucia 76; Anguilla 78, Guyana 69 and USA 66; Barbados 74, St. Lucia 69 and USA 64; Anguilla 80, Antigua 74 and Guyana 69. Female; Barbados 83, Guyana 73 and Anguilla 70, USA 95, Guyana 79 and Antigua 63; USA 74, Guyana 73 and Barbados 72; Anguilla 77, Antigua 77 and St. Lucia 64; Guyana 74, St. Lucia 71 and Antigua 69, Barbados 79, Antigua 79 and USA 62; Guyana 83, St.

Lucia 75 and USA 58; Anguilla 83, St. Lucia 75 and USA 58; Anguilla 81, Antigua 76 and Barbados 73; USA 80, Guyana 75 and Anguilla 55; Barbados 83, Antigua 74 and St. Lucia 62; Guyana 79, Anguilla 72 and Antigua 69; Barbados 80, USA 69 and St. Lucia 52. Among the top players for Guyana are Yonette Christmas, who have so far chalked up 91 games and is in line for the MVP, Claire Benjamin 32, Rawle Peters 63 and Karen Norville 29. (Zaheer Mohamed)

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Thursday October 11, 2018

Ramnaresh Sarwan bats with BCB for Hand-in-Hand and ExxonMobil confirms 2nd successive year to host U-17 Tourney “It is quite refreshing how support for National Championships the fortune of Berbice Cricket GMRSC’s IGNITE

Guyana Motor Racing a n d S p o r t s C l u b ’s (GMR&SC) ‘Ignite’ National championship is set for November 10th & 11th at the South Dakota Circuit and it will also serve as the final leg of the Seaboard Marine Caribbean Motor Racing Championships (CMRC) 2018 which will be hosted in collaboration with the Department of Tourism within the Ministry of Business. Yesterday, Hand-inHand Insurance Company; Guyana’s longest established property insurers, along with oil and gas giants, ExxonMobil, confirmed their very welcomed sponsorship for the packed two-day meet. ExxonMobil’s Nicholas Ye a r w o o d m a d e t h e presentation to GMRSC’s Sherry Gonsalves at the sponsor’s office on New Market Street, while Business Development Manager of Hand-in-Hand Insurance Company; Savita Singh, gifted the club’s representative Saurica Singh w i t h h e r c o m p a n y ’s contribution yesterday at the head office on Avenue of the Republic. Singh expressed pleasure in her company being given the opportunity to contribute to the fast growing sport in Guyana and noted her anticipation to witness firsthand the usually very much subscribed National

Hand-in-hand’s Savita Singh (left) presents GMRSC’s Saurica Singh with a sponsorship cheque.

GMRSC’s Sherry Gonsalves pose for a photo with ExxonMobil’s Nicholas Yearwood. Championships next month. The anticipated event is expected to see the culmination of the 2018 season of the CMRC championship for the Groups 1-5 as well as the Superstocks and SR3 radicals along with the local classes including the

Superstock motorcycles. T h e o v e r s e a s competition will see drivers from Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago (T&T), Jamaica and Canada. Tickets are on sale at the GMRSC office on Thomas Lands at a cost of $2500, children $1000.

Pakistan edge closer to win as Abbas rips through Aussies (Reuters) - Pakistan seamer Mohammad Abbas claimed three quick wickets as Australia hobbled their way to 136-3 yesterday, chasing a mammoth target of 462 in the first test in Dubai. Australian openers Usman Khawaja and Aaron Finch picked up where they left off after their 142-run stand in the first innings, adding 72 runs by tea on day four. The pair added 15 more runs in the final session before Abbas trapped Finch leg before for 49. The visitors squandered another good start when the Marsh brothers were dismissed for ducks byAbbas. Shaun was caught behind off a well directed delivery, while a darting inswinger downed Mitchell plumb in front of the stumps. Khawaja (50) and Travis Head (34) added 49 runs

and will look to continue on the same note as they hope to grind out an unlikely draw on the final day. If the tourists are to pull off a victory they will have to surpass the highest chase in test cricket by West Indies, who managed 418-7 against Australia at Antigua in 2003. Pakistan resumed at 45-3 in the morning session and batted sensibly on a deteriorating pitch before declaring their second innings at 181-6. Imam-ul-Haq (48) and Haris Sohail (39) missed out on half-centuries but their 65-run partnership took the lead close to 400 runs. Imam was the first to fall on the day, offering left-arm spinner Jon Holland an easy return catch. He was soon joined in the dressing room by Sohail, who was adjudged leg before off the

bowling of debutant Marnus Labuschagne after Australia sought a review of the umpire’s original decision. Asad Shafiq and Babar Azam then combined to add 71 to peg Australia back further under the sweltering Dubai heat. Off-spinner Nathan Lyon tempted Shafiq into playing a lofty shot which was held by Mitchell Marsh at deep midwicket with the batsman falling on 41. Lyon’s 310th test wicket saw him join Brett Lee as the fifth leading wicket-taker for Australia in the longest format of the game. Abu Dhabi will host the second and final test from Oct. 16. Scores: Australia 202 and 138 for 3 (Khawaja 50*, Finch 49, Abbas 3-26) need another 326 runs to beat Pakistan 482 and 181 for 6 dec.

has been transformed in just a few months. I have full confidence in the leadership of the Berbice Cricket Board and I am happy to renew my cricket sponsorship with the Board as it would assist to unearth more talents in a county that has produced so many cricketing talents.” Those were the words of former West Indies batting maestro Ramnaresh Sarwan as he renewed his sponsorship of the Berbice Cricket Board for 2019 after coming on board for the successful 2018 Tournament. Sarwan, who appeared in 8 7 Te s t M a t c h e s a n d captained the Regional Team, stated that he felt privileged to be associated with a Cricket Board, which might be the vibrant one in the Caribbean. The Hilbert Foster led administration in 2018 would surpass its ambitious programme for 22 cricket tournaments at all levels, while it has successfully hosted dozens of cricket developmental activities on and off the cricket field. Sarwan became the first sponsor for the Foster Administration, fifteen minutes after the February 18th, 2018 Elections which was conducted on the instruction of the High Court. In addition to the Berbice Cricket Board Under-17 Inter-club, Sarwan also sponsored 40-Overs Round Robin Second Division Tournament for teams in the Upper Corentyne Area. Foster hailed the renewal

BCB President Hilbert Foster and Ramnaresh Sarwan renew Cricket sponsorship for 2019. of the Under-17 Tournament as another great day for Berbice Cricket and announced that with three months to go in 2018, the Berbice Cricket Board has already been able to get renewal for the Under-15 and Under-19 Inter-club Tournaments as well. This, Foster stated is because sponsors have full confidence in the Berbice Cricket Board and its ability to get things done. History would also be created as it would be the first time that a Tournament would actually be played before the start of the projected year. This Foster stated was because the Berbice Cricket Board wanted to jumpstart towards the early selection and preparation of the Berbice Inter-county Under17 Team. In the past, Berbice teams were selected one or two weeks before the start of the Inter-county Championship. The Berbice Cricket Board is looking towards a two or three

months of preparation which includes trial matches, elite training sessions, classroom sessions and team building sessions. The Manager and Coach would also be selected early so that they can bond with the team. Last Tournament winner w a s R o s e H a l l To w n Bakewell Cricket Team, Runner-up Albion Community Centre, Rose Hall Canje Cricket Club, Blairmont Community Centre, Achievers Cricket Club, Port Mourant Cricket Club, No.73 Cricket Club and Young Warriors Cricket Club are some of the teams expected to play in the Tournament. Interested Clubs are asked to contact Hilbert Foster 3374562, Angela Haniff 3332375 or Robby Saywack 6600049 to register before the 15th October, 2018. The Berbice Cricket Board would like to express gratitude to Ramnaresh Sarwan, Fitness 53 and the Sarwan Family for their support.

Wimbledon to take firm line on treatment of ball boys and girls LONDON (Reuters) Wimbledon is prepared to take action against players who behave badly toward ball boys and girls and plans to discuss the matter with representatives of men’s and women’s tennis, commercial director Mick Desmond said yesterday. The subject became a hot topic last week after Spaniard Fernando Verdasco was pilloried on social media for appearing to berate a ball boy for not bringing his towel quickly enough at the Shenzhen Open. Belarusian Aryna Sabalenka also drew online

criticism for shaking an empty water bottle in the direction of a ball boy in Beijing last week before tossing it to the floor. Swiss tennis great and eight times Wimbledon winner Roger Federer, himself a ball boy in his youth, said on Tuesday that players needed to respect the kids, who are all unpaid volunteers at Wimbledon. Desmond, speaking to reporters at the Leaders Sport Business Summit held at Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge stadium, said Wimbledon expected mutual respect by everyone at the

tournament, from players to cleaners. “We’ll talk to the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) and the WTA ( Wo m e n ’s Te n n i s Association) about behavior,” he added. “There is a code of ethics at Wimbledon, I think there is more respect shown because I think there’s a sense of expectation of that. “But a ball boy or ball girl getting shouted out for not throwing a towel back... the players clearly know what’s expected of them and what’s not and Wimbledon (Continued on page 27)

Thursday October 11, 2018

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Chung’s Global Enterprise supports GSCL Inc for Prime Minister’s Cup 2

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GABF’s vandalised signboard fixed

GSCL Inc Secretary Telesha Ousman (left) accepts the cheque from Chung’s Global Enterprise Sales and Marketing Representative Naresa Nabby. The Georgetown Softball Cricket League (GSCL) Inc has gained the backing of Chung’s Global Enterprise for the hosting of the Prime Minister’s Cup 2 which is set to commence on October 19. Naresa Nabby of Chung’s Global Enterprise which is located at 622 ‘A’ Industrial Reserve, Mandela Avenue, recently presented the sponsorship cheque to GSCL I n c S e c r e t a r y Te l e s h a Ousman. Nabby said they are happy to be given the opportunity to join with the GSCL Inc for this event and wished the teams well, adding that they are looking forward to an exciting and successful tournament. Ousman stated that the fans

can expect some exciting action during the tournament since there will also be off field entertainment and giveaways. She thanked the entity for their support. Among the venues indentified for preliminary matches are GNIC SC, Muslim Youth Organisation, Gandhi Yo u t h O r g a n i s a t i o n , Demerara Cricket Club, Malteenoes Sports Club, Eve Leary and Everest. In the Open segment the winning team will take home $700,000 and runner up $100,000, while in the Masters’ category the champion team will be given $600,000 and the runner up $100,000. Regal Masters and

Speedboat (Open) are the defending champions. The teams that will battle for supremacy in the All stars (Open) segment are Wales Challengers, Enterprise Rebel, Hill Foot Vipers, Farm All stars, Speedboat, Success, Regal All stars, Corriverton, Bartica All stars, SVC and Booths XI. The Masters category includes Albion Masters, Regal Masters, Mike’s Wellman, Enterprise Masters, Ontario Masters, Narine Masters, Florida Guyana, Tropical Spring Masters, Parika Defenders and Fishermen Masters. The tournament will culminate on October 21 at the Everest Cricket Club.

WDFA Senior Qualifying KO Tourney

Four matches set for this weekend Four more teams will walk the plank this weekend when play in the West Demerara Football Association (WDFA) qualifying knock-out tournament for the GFF year-end championship, continues at the Den Amstel Community Centre Ground. In last Sunday’s opening fixtures, Crane Rovers and Golden Warriors recorded big wins to move on at the expense of Vegea Boys and Zeelugt, 9-0 and 7-2, respectively. On Saturday from 14:00hrs,

Wales United and Golden Warriors will lock horns with one of the two sure of being sent packing. The main clash at 16:00hrs between Pouderoyen and Crane will also end likewise, as only winners will advance. On Sunday, Beavers and Jetty Gunners will square off in the main attraction at 16:00hrs; the opening game brings together De Kenderen and Golden Warriors. No prize monies are at stake but the two spots for the GFF tournament.

First female Guyanese to be inducted into Martial Arts Hall-of-Fame B o n i t a M o n t a g u e ; a m o t h e r, businesswoman, women’s advocate, CEO of UBBM (United Bridge Builders Mission), and former Martial Arts Sensei of the Guyana Police Force, will be etched into the History Archives of Guyana on Saturday, October 13th, in Barbados, during the CMAA (Caribbean Martial Arts Alliance) / WKU (World Karate Union) Pan-American International Martial Arts Games & Hall-OfFame Awards/ banquet. She will become the first female Guyanese to be inducted into the Hall-ofFame, in the category of Woman of Honor.

The advocate for domestic violence, suicide, bullyism and child abuse, has been involved in Martial Arts for almost four decades. The Guyana-born American Citizen has a second Dan black belt rank and she will join four-time martial arts hall of famer, Sensei Max Massiah, founder of the Maxido Adult Self Defence System, who will be receiving his 5th HOF induction, from a third International body. The event is a 3-day affair which comprises of seminars and competitions which will complement the prestigious awards banquet.

The now restored signboard on Main Street. Weeks after the Main Street signboard depicting the victorious Guyanese men’s team that won the nation’s first Caribbean Championship in June this year had been vandalised, the Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation (GABF) in collaboration with Impressions, have restored the vinyl that had been ripped off. In an invited comment, head of the GABF, Nigel Hinds, had posited that he was saddened by the act and pledged to do all in his power to have the sign up again as soon

as possible. “Not only is it an injustice to the basketball community but it is also a slap in the face of Guyana because the young men were representing the state. It is also disrespect to all the supporters of the basketball including the government and corporate community,” Hinds further stated. Hinds thanked Impressions and all stakeholders for their contribution and support of basketball locally.

Demerara Fire and General Insurance Co. Golf tourney set for Saturday By Zaheer Mohamed Some of the nation’s top golfers will battle for supremacy when the Lusignan Golf Club (LGC) stages the Demerara Fire and Life General Insurance Company tournament on Saturday. The tournament was launched yesterday at the entity’s location in Robb Street where the company’s Executive Manager, Marketing and Sales, Clarence Perry handed over the cheque to LGC President Aleem Hussain. Speaking at the launching ceremony Perry said the company continues to make strategic moves so that they can become more visible. Continuing the company’s long partnership with the LGC, Mr. Perry cited the group’s intent to bring new products and services to the customers in the same manner that the new administration at the

LGC has developed programmes to bring more golfers into the game. He pointed out that the LGC has developed programmes for schools, universities and marketed the game through massive events at the course and learning programmes at the Giftland Mall in an effort to grow interest and membership.”The similarities between our visions are so many that it just made sense for our company to put our full support behind the vision of growth at the LGC”, said Perry, adding that they are happy to be on board and will continue to support the LGC. Clients of the company will have an opportunity to receive a free ticket to the grandest event -The Guyana Open 2018 scheduled for November 3-4. Each ticket allows the holder to win one of up to $500,000 in prizes estimated to be given away during the event.

Hussain expressed gratitude to the sponsors and said an exciting tournament is anticipated since some of the golfers that participated in the Suriname Open will be taking part. He said this will be a long term partnership going forward. He added that this year has been an amazing one so far and the Guyana Open is schedule for November 3-4 and its going to be an amazing field with some 100 hundred players set to take part from over 10 countries. “We have held this title continuously for about 15 years. It all starts this weekend which is the kick off going into the Guyana Open.” He said the track is in top shape and this weekend promises to provide much excitement. There will be prizes for winners of each category and best gross overall and best net score overall. The tournament will tee off at 12:30hrs.

rt o p S Final match in 1st half of Regional Super50

Jaguars clash with Volcanoes today at BLA P.29

Devon Smith will be the Jaguars’ biggest threat today.

Chris Barnwell has scored 179 runs from 3 matches, while Renaldo Ali-Mohammed has replaced Hemraj.

Tage Chanderpaul (left) could open with Trevon Griffith (right) today against the Volcanoes.

Demerara Fire and General Insurance First female Guyanese to be inducted into Martial Arts Hall-of-Fame Co. Golf tourney set for Saturday P.31


Executive Manager Marketing and Sales Clarence Perry (right) hands over the cheque to LGC President Aleem Hussain in the presence of Guy Griffith.

Guyana on course for three-hand titles

Hall-of-fame inductees Bonita Montague and Sensei Max Massiah pose for a photo.

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