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Thursday October 10, 2013

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National Under-Insured Infirmary DEAR EDITOR, Earlier in 2013 there was extensive public outcry about the declared financial predicament of the NIS, including from organised stakeholder consultations, consistent with similar crosscountry interactions some years ago. No strategic plan emerged for the sustainability, and indeed improvement, in the viability of this important social security net – not only for pensioners, but also for the too often over-looked medical benefits claimants. There has since been a deafening silence with which defaulting contributors were certainly comfortable. There is no question that the current crisis was predictable – a fact which was officially recognised in 2008, when a highly representative Reform Committee was appointed, and reported not only on the gravity of the situation, but also made i m p l e m e n t a b l e recommendations for the financial salvation of a restructured NIS organisation. Now allegedly ‘celebrating’ its 44th Anniversary, the NIS reports further declines in statutory contributions of employers – even though there may be evidence (some five storeys high) to suggest a significant growth in economic activity, and by implication, an increase in employment – both in the private and public sectors. 1.) In the case of the latter there should be no excuse for public service agencies, statutory bodies, and various public corporations defaulting in this regard. The situation would appear to invite a programme of specific performance audits – preferably by the Auditor General, who should of course pay particular attention to the relationship between the range of ‘contracted employees’ (inclusive of those in donor-funded projects) and the NIS. The self-employed are still required to comply.

2.) One important supportive role various private sector organisations can play is to comprehensively survey not only their membership, but equally non-member foreign employers, with a view of ascertaining the degree of compliance with the legal requirements of the NIS. In short the private sector must walk the talk. 3.) But the other official stakeholders who should be concerned and who could make critical contributions in monitoring compliance, include the following: a) The Guyana Revenue Authority b) Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security 4.) Few in the governance structure of say, two parliaments ago, would recall, if at all they knew, of the well donor-funded project aimed at inter-connecting GoInvest, the Deeds Registry, GRA and the NIS – in order to facilitate the digital transmission of relevant information about registered investing employers (and their prospective employees). The project of course has become one of too many for which there has been no subsequent accountability – in any case leaving the management of the NIS under-informed and isolated. 5.) Stories have been circulated of deductions being made from hapless individuals but which are not matched and remitted by employers, and which the media can help in the campaign for the survival of the NIS, verifying the inspectorate of the Ministry of Labour, who are normally tasked with the accuracy of employees’ terms and conditions of service, should now be particularly motivated to assist, as they

monitor the very employers for compliance with the recently enacted National Minimum Wage Order. 6.) A n o t h e r organisation which statutorily registers employers is the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission. It should not be too exotic an idea for it to be invited to collaborate with the NIS by reporting claimholders and their relations, amongst whom are increasing members of foreign explorers (if not exploiters). It is clear that the Board of the NIS is indisposed – with some members qualifying for retirement benefits, assuming the necessary funding is available, but only after they have accounted for their inadequacies; individually and severally. Concerted action is however, long overdue by the following stakeholders, amongst others, to effectuate a viable strategy for the Scheme’s sustainability. i) All representative employer organisations, inclusive of the banking and insurance sectors; ii) All trade Unions particularly those who represent the largest groups of workers (sugar); iii) Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security; iv) M e d i c a l Association, and related practitioners; v) Bar Association; vi) W o m e n ’ s organisations; vii) Human Rights organisations; viii) R e l i g i o u s organisations; ix) M e d i a organisations; and not to mention x) Senior Citizens’ organisations Politicians not welcome. E.B. John

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Thursday October 10, 2013

Woman’s savings account attracts Caribbean urged to phantom online shopper(s) abolish death penalty

A woman is questioning the usefulness of the banking system after losing a sum of money that was deposited in a local bank. According to the West Coast Demerara resident, three months ago she opened a savings account with the bank which has a branch in her locale. She said that the sum of about $20,000 was the initial deposit. The practicing health worker said that her first use of the account was to withdraw about half of the deposited amount. Since the account was in place, the woman said that last month she decided to have her monthly remuneration deposited there as well. The woman related during an interview with this publication, that she waited until the latter part of the month to check for her salary. However, all her visits to the

- Bank promises to refund missing funds bank’s Automated Teller Machine (ATM) revealed that no such deposit was made. “I keep checking but it was appearing as though this money wasn’t in the bank.” The daunting state of affairs eventually forced the woman to take her concerns to a teller inside the bank. And to her amazement she was informed that the account was used to perform online shopping. According to the woman, although she was issued with a Visa Card when she opened the account she at no point ventured to engage online shopping practices. “I never did online shopping and I told them I am the only one who has access to my card so it was just impossible for that to happen...I never did any such

transaction,” explained the woman. She disclosed that the bank was able to inform her that the online shopping saw several thousands of dollars being withdrawn from her account. The woman was required to file an official complaint with the bank which entailed her filling a form detailing her concern and of course outlining that “I at no point attempted to use my account for online shopping.” According to the woman, even the officials within the bank have to date been unable to explain who utilised the funds in her account. Added to this, she disclosed that she was given the assurance that her depleted account will be refunded within 30 days. So far the refund has not occurred.

Sparendaam Shooting…

Victim’s mother made complaint to police prior to murder Just 72 hours after a Sparendaam man was shot dead by a man who still remains on the run from the police, the victim’s mother is saying that she told police at a community meeting that her son was being targeted by a group of young men. Residents of the East Coast Demerara villages of Plaisance and Sparendaam on August 28 got a change after a very long time to speak candidly about issues which they say are hampering their co-existence with ranks of the Sparendaam Police Station. At that the meeting which was held at the Plaisance

Community High School, Karen Hamilton, the mother of the now deceased 22 year-old Michael Hamilton raised the issue of her son being constantly targeted by a group of men. Hamilton told Kaieteur News on Tuesday that after her complaint was made, ranks from the Sparendaam Police station escorted her to the home and carried out a search in the area for the alleged suspects. However according to Hamilton, the officers left the area empty handed. At the community meeting last August, there was a collective outcry from residents about police involvement in crime in the community. They claim that the attitudes of the police towards citizens, especially young residents, are major hindrances towards an amicable relationship between the two sides.

Residents on that occasion believed that their community was no longer safe. The new Officer-inCharge, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Ms. Cristal Robertson saw the need to have constructive discourse between the police and the community to breakdown old barriers and build bridges of cooperation. When ASP Robertson was contacted yesterday by this publication, she confirmed that Hamilton did bring to the attention of the police that her son was targeted by gangs of the community. Robertson however refuted the claim that the grieving mother made constant reports to the station. Michael Hamilton, of 128 Sparendaam Housing Scheme, was on Monday evening shot in the chest by a 25-year-old man known only as ‘Oswald,’ who has reportedly gone into hiding.

Caribbean countries that still have the death penalty are being advised to abolish or at least impose a moratorium on its application, according to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR.) Ten countries are abolitionist in law: Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador (for ordinary crimes only), Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Dominican Republic and Venezuela. Meanwhile, two countries are considered abolitionist in practice: Grenada and Suriname. However, 13 countries are retentionist: Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Cuba, Dominica, Guatemala, Guyana, Jamaica, St. Kitts & Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and Trinidad and Tobago. “The American Convention on Human Rights establishes provisions required to limit its application, with the aim of achieving its gradual disappearance,” the IACHR noted while pointing to a clear global trend toward abolishing the death penalty, based on recent developments in this matter at the United Nations. The IACHR said, while capital punishment remains a pressing challenge, the region has seen significant changes, including reforms to restrict the types of crimes and circumstances in which the death penalty can be applied, as well as explicit or de facto moratoriums. “Of particular importance have been advances in Caribbean countries related to the mandatory imposition of

the death penalty, that is, when it is imposed after a criminal conviction without the opportunity for presenting or considering mitigating circumstances. “The development of inter-American standards establishing that the death penalty contravenes the American Convention and the American Declaration, as well as interaction between the inter-American human rights bodies and the judicial bodies of the Commonwealth Caribbean, among other factors, have led to progress in the elimination of the mandatory death penalty in the majority of the countries of the Caribbean.” The IACHR said it expects that additional progress would be made in this direction until mandatory imposition of this punishment is abolished in all the countries of the region. But the IACHR said that it remains concerned about the “persistence of significant and worrisome challenges regarding the application of the death penalty” in the region. It said that some member

states of the Organization of American States (OAS) have executed individuals sentenced to death in defiance of precautionary measures granted by the Commission or provisional measures granted by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in the context of cases or petitions alleging serious violations to due process, among other violations. “This undermines the effectiveness of the process before the Commission and causes irreparable harm to those individuals, in violation of States’ international human rights obligations.” The Inter-American Court of Human Rights, the Caribbean Court of Justice, the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court, the UN Human Rights Committee, and the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council (traditional Court of Appeal for Commonwealth countries) have all taken positive steps to restrict and reduce the application of the death penalty in practice across the Caribbean. Together, these bodies have successfully limited the amount of time a person could spend on death row, and have abolished the mandatory death penalty. Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago are the only two countries continuing to apply the mandatory death penalty for murder. Guyana abolished the mandatory death penalty for murder in 2010. The death penalty, however, remains applicable for certain categories of murder. (Rabindra Rooplall)

Man, 62, accuses prosecutor of victimization Utility Worker, Cedric Dash, 62, of D 77 North Sophia lashed out in court after he was read a charge of assault on Monday by Magistrate Judy Latchman. Yesterday, the 62 year old Dash appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court charged for allegedly assaulting his neighbour,

Felicity Benjamin on September 26 with intent of causing bodily harm. To the allegations, the defendant pleaded not guilty. Magistrate Latchman then asked the defendant if he understood the seriousness of offence but Dash responded by attacking the prosecutor who was presenting the facts at the time. Prosecutor Vishnu Hunt told the court that the 62 year

old currently faces four other charges of similar nature. Court documents revealed that the defendant and the virtual complaint are neighbours who just cannot get along. On the said date, a heated argument erupted between them which resulted in the defendant unlawfully beating Benjamin with a ‘2 x 4’ piece of wood. Dash interrupted the Prosecutor with accusations of unfairness and victimisation. The Presiding Magistrate however remanded him to prison until October 14. The matter was transferred to another court. A very dissatisfied Dash thereafter created a scene in which he complained loudly of “injustice” and accused the presiding Prosecutor of “favouritism” and victimization as he was forcefully removed from court.

Thursday October 10, 2013

Kaieteur News

Obama, Congress search for way out as pressure rises in fiscal stalemate (Reuters) - With pressure rising and no clear path forward for breaking their fiscal impasse, President Barack Obama began inviting lawmakers to the White House yesterday for meetings to discuss the government shutdown and raising the debt limit. House Democrats will make the first visit later yesterday, and House Republican leaders will journey to the White House yesterday as the search intensifies for a way to break an impasse that has worried markets and sparked warnings about the potential for economic havoc. Obama invited all House Republican members, but House Speaker John Boehner limited the group to party leaders and prominent committee chairs, lessening the exposure of Obama both to Republicans who might dissent from the leadership’s hardline strategy and to rank - a n d - f i l e Te a P a r t y members who inspired it. There were no

Barack Obama tangible signs of progress y e s t e r d a y, although some members of both parties floated the possibility of a short-term increase in the debt limit to allow time for broader negotiations on the budget. Republicans fiscal conservatives precipitated the crisis by demanding that Obama’s healthcare reform law be delayed or curtailed in exchange for approving the

funding of government operations and raising the debt ceiling. The impasse has shut the government for nine days and rattled financial markets with the threat that the country’s $16.7 trillion borrowing limit will not be raised before an October 17 deadline identified by Treasury Secretary Jack Lew. Republicans and Congress in general have taken a public beating in the showdown, with an Associated Press-Gfk survey yesterday showing Congress as a whole at a rock-bottom 5 percent approval rating. More than 6 of every 10 Americans blamed Republicans for the impasse. The White House meeting with House Republicans will be the first face-to-face talks between Obama and his political adversaries since last week, although lawmakers have informally been exploring possible compromises and ways to resolve the stalemate.

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Thursday October 10, 2013

POLICE SHOOT AT SEVEN DISCHARGED VIGILANTE MURDER ACCCUSED There was chaos and confusion in the Whim Magistrate’s court on Wednesday when the remaining seven accused in the vigilante murder trial were discharged by Magistrate Rabindranath Singh. The men elated with the freedom dashed out of the court down the steps skipping sections of the stairway to get to the bottom as fast as possible, into the court yard and across the road. The men allegedly joined a car which sped off. The sudden upheaval caused armed police outside to think that the men were escaping and a chase ensued. It is alleged that shots were fired. It was a while after that the cops were informed that the men were freed. The car was left

abandoned somewhere in Port Mourant while broken glasses and blood was evident. The men have not been seen since. The men who were charged with the vigilante murder of Corentyne resident, Alfred Munroe, called “Guana Man”, 45, of Manchester, Corentyne, which occurred on Thursday April 9, last at Bound Yard, Port Mourant, Corentyne, Berbice. They were Randolph Samuel called ‘Rudy’ 22; Aris Cecil, 21, of Port Mourant; Richard Griffith called ‘Buck Head’ 19; Michael Lewis called ‘Mickey’ 31, and Khruhnaraj Jagdeo, 47, all of Rose Hall Town Corentyne. Two others were subsequently chargedJameer Akdulalsy called

‘Buck Bull’ 24 of Lot 116 Free yard Port Mourant and Darlun Anthony Trim, of 113 Free Yard Port Mourant. The defence which was conducted by Mursalene Bacchus for the number one accused, in association with Samjeev Datadin, who also appeared for the other accused. Charles Ramson Jr. also appeared for the number six accused. The number seven and eight accused were unrepresented. The prosecution which is being led by Corporal Sherlock King called nine witnesses including police officers Detective Corporals Primus Sam and Andrew Ward and Detective Constables Eustace Leitch and Emanuel Ragnauth, Lawrence Gray, the son of the deceased, and civilian

Police continue hunt for Enterprise killer Police on the East Coast of Demerara are continuing their hunt for an Enterprise man who reportedly stabbed his fellow villager to death on Tuesday night. Police have combed the whole of Enterprise and a few surrounding communities for a deportee who is suspected of killing 47-year-old Rajendra Persaud in Enterprise Gardens, after the victim had refused to give him a meal. Persaud, of Lot 458 Church Street, Enterprise, was found dead around 18:30 hrs on the eastern parapet of Marigold Street. Relatives alleged that Persaud, reportedly an employee of the Guyana Sugar Corporation, was stabbed during an altercation with a deportee known only as ‘Ano Boy’. Kaieteur News was told that Persaud was walking through the street when he was attacked. The suspect fled the scene. The alleged killer is well known to the police, having been in custody on several occasions for charges ranging from simple larceny and assault to arson. He had reportedly set fire to his grandparents’ Enterprise House, resulting in its complete destruction. Yesterday, relatives of the dead man assisted police to try tracking down the deportee but their efforts have so far failed. The dead man’s daughter Christina told this newspaper

Rajendra Persaud that her mother, Nalini, had accompanied her father to the plot of land in Enterprise Gardens where they were constructing their house. The daughter said that she was attending classes at the time of her father ’s death. She said that her father left her mother at the site and went to get some hollow blocks, promising to return in 10 minutes. “Mommy was waiting, and a neighbour come and tell her that daddy lying down on the road. She went to him and calling him but he did not answer and went and call the police,” Christina Persaud told Kaieteur News. She said that she is not surprised that it was the deportee who was fingered in her father’s death, since, “he was after them a long time.”

A neighbour of the slain man told Kaieteur News that Persaud had known the deportee for years and that the victim would sometimes provide the suspect with liquor, food and cigarettes. Persaud was constructing a house in Enterprise and it is alleged that the deportee, who has no fixed place of abode, turned up at the house around 14:00 hrs on Tuesday and asked for a meal. Persaud reportedly refused and chased the suspect. Relatives alleged that the man returned some time later and attempted to set the unfinished house alight and a quarrel ensued between the two men. It is alleged that Persaud was heading back to his property around 16:30 hrs when the suspect attacked him. Christina Persaud said that she recei v e d a telephone call from her mother who told her that her father had been stabbed. She did not suspect that he was dead but when she arrived at the scene, she saw her father lying motionless on the road. “Nobody didn’t touch him because they say it was a police matter,” the dead man’s daughter explained. Persaud’s mother, Iris Chattergoon-Persaud, was inconsolable yesterda y when this newspaper visited her home in Enterprise. She said that although she did not know what had happened to her son until yesterday morning, she had a strange feeling that something was wrong. The woman said that she saw her daughter- in-law crying and when she asked, she was told that Persaud had been killed. Police received some vital information on his whereabouts last night.

witnesses, Milton Ramphal, Nizam Khan and Shazeena Khan who testified to seeing the accused beating the deceased. Dr. Vivekananda Brijmohan testified to his findings. The case for the prosecution was that on the day in question the men were alleged to have beaten Munroe and one Annie Persaud called “Short Hair 18 of Rose Hall, Corentyne and tied them with rope before placing them in the trunk of a car and diving away. The incident allegedly took place around 07:30hrs. It is understood as the beating was taking place, passersby objected and urged the perpetrators to take the two badly injured persons to the nearest police station which was a stone throw away at the Rose Hall

Town Outpost. However the perpetrators refused and dumped the victims in their car trunk and sped away. When ranks arrived on the scene and were told what transpired the police went in search of the car and intercepted the vehicle at Williamsburg, Corentyne and found Munroe and Persaud in the trunk of the vehicle tied with rope and with visible signs of injuries about their bodies. They were taken to the Port Mourant Hospital where Munroe succumbed to his injuries while Persaud was treated and sent away. Persaud has since died following an accident on Sunday June 30 at Port Mourant, Corentyne, Berbice. But after the verdict yesterday, the family of Munroe is very dissatisfied at

the verdict. Munroe’s sister, Marietha Munroe was furious. “These men were caught red handed—they beat my brother in the car trunk and still this man has the nerve to say that he didn’t have enough evidence to link these men to the murder!” she complained. “Their families were well aware that they were coming out...their families were out there waiting for them outside!” She said that the system is not fair. “This court is not a court for justice! The Magistrate decided he can do what he wants! Who don’t have money, they will pay the penalty and suffer. I want to know how they didn’t have enough evidence! This is not suspected murder! This was red- handed catch!”

$130,000 female contract killer

Alleged mastermind, hired assassin charged As police continue to seek the third suspect involving the vicious stabbing of an Industry woman, the alleged master conspirer and her hired assassin were both placed on $175,000 bail after they made their first appearance at the Sparendaam Magistrate’s Court. Grace Ramrakah, 35, and Deandra Grenville, 22, both of Lot 25 Princes Street, Wortmanville, were not required to plead to the indictable charge of attempted murder which was read to them by Magistrate Alex Moore. Grenville was represented by Attorney James Bond while Ramrakah was represented by Attorney Sangeev Datadin. Both women will make their next court appearance on November 15. Thirty-two year-old Linda Phillips was stabbed five times in the back by one of two attackers whom she invited into her home. The attackers were reportedly promised $130,000 to kill Phillips, but the mother of four managed to raise an alarm, which sent the killers, one of whom was identified as a 22-year-old former

Communications student and her young male neighbour bolting from her home on Thursday morning. After a chase, residents captured the female attacker, tied her up and handed her over to the police when they arrived on the scene. According to reports reaching this newspaper the still detained UG graduate told police that the ex-lover of Phillips’ reputed husband

had told her that the injured woman was having an affair with her “husband”. The alleged mastermind reportedly then promised the contracted assassin $130,000 if she could “organize someone” to kill Phillips. Kaieteur News understands that the woman then contacted a neighbour known as “Shawn Boy” and told him about the job. “Shawn Boy” is said to still be on the run.

A Tucville teen is now nursing a gunshot wound to his right hip following a shooting at his residence last evening. The injured man was identified as 19-year-old Colin Fraser of lot 17 Tucville, Housing Scheme.

According the teen’s father, about 21:00 hours, gunmen turned up at his home and discharged a number of rounds. The father added that after the shooting he discovered his son lying helpless on the ground and rushed him to the hospital.

It is unclear as to what the motive was for the shooting. However, one man said that the shooting might have been stirred by an accusation of theft. The injured teen was said to be in a stable state at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

-victim remains hospitalized

Deandra Grenville

Tucville teen shot

Thursday October 10, 2013

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THE SHANIQUE MYRIE CASE There has been an almost eerie silence from the legal luminaries in the Caribbean as it relates to the recent decision by the Caribbean Court of Justice in the Shanique Myrie case. It is strange that on such an important decision there has only, so far, been a sprinkling of commentaries by our legal luminaries, most of which have been explanatory in nature. Given the controversies that has greeted the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), it was anticipated that the recent decision would have reopened the debate about the competence of the Court, a factor which many feel is responsible for the timid approach by many member states of Caricom to accede to the Court in its Appellate jurisdiction. Given the penchant for legal polemics in the Caribbean legal fraternity, one can only assume that the absence of any serious legal dissection of the decision in the Shanique Myrie case testifies to the level of respect

and agreement with the decision handed down by the eminent members of the CCJ. At the heart of this decision is the issue of the creation of Community rights and obligations. Are these rights created when decisions are incorporated into municipal law? Or do such rights exist outside of such incorporation? Caribbean States has always held a dualist approach towards external laws. As such these international laws are binding only on the contracting States. In order to give effect to these laws, within national jurisdictions, such laws they would require incorporation into municipal law. The issue at stake however, in the recent Shanique Myrie was whether Community rights and obligations existed irrespective of this incorporation. The recent decision has definitively settled that question. Such rights and obligations exists even where measures to give effect at the

domestic level through incorporation in municipal law is absent. The failure of incorporation into municipal law therefore does not deny the existence of Community law to which all States are bound. The CCJ is entrusted with adjudicating disputes in respect to Community rights. The effect of the 2007 decision of the Caribbean Heads of Government Conference was that Caribbean nationals are entitled to a six-month stay in another Caribbean country except where they are deemed undesirables or represent a charge on public funds. In respect to the latter, the CCJ argued that the fact that a person does not have sufficient cash in hand, does not mean that such funds are not available to them or indeed that the absence of such funds would result in cost to the public purse. This ruling creates a whole new paradigm in terms of travel within the Caribbean and it is important to Guyana whose nationals are often

been ill-treated and subjected to demeaning and degrading treatment by immigration officials in certain regional countries. One of the important implications of this recent decision has to do with what many Guyanese travelers refer to as “show money.” Many Guyanese travelers are often grilled when they arrive in certain countries of the Caribbean about whether they have sufficient funds to take care of their stay. As such many of them walk with what is called, “show money” to establish that they have the funds. The ruling affirms the right to automatic entry subject to the exceptions of undesirability or a charge on public funds, and this confirmation should alone, allow the liberalization of the

movement of passengers and the anxieties that many Guyanese face when visiting certain countries in the Caribbean, and having to be subject to grilling by immigration officers unlike foreign nationals who are often admitted without much questioning. Guyanese travelers have long suffered at the hands of immigration officers. Instead of the Guyana Government doing what Shanique Myrie and the Jamaican Government did by taking the Barbadian Government to the CCJ, all kinds of innocuous responses were made by the Bharrat Jagdeo administration, including a proposal to send Guyanese immigration officers to Barbados. In fact, just around the same time as the Shanique Myrie decision was given, the

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Guyana was designing some protocol with the Barbadian authorities as to how immigration disputes were to be treated. All of that is now irrelevant. The CCJ has reaffirmed the automatic right to a six-month stay in a Caribbean country by a national of another Caribbean State, subject to the two exceptions mentioned above. More importantly, there existed a mechanism, court action, for challenging the denial of entry by immigration officers.

CEO Michael Khan

The Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), yesterday, insisted that all autopsies performed at the hospital mortuary are free. The hospital stated that if at any time monies are solicited for the service, the matter should be immediately reported to the Office of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). According to the CEO, Michael Khan, the notification

comes after allegations surfaced that persons were being asked by unknown personnel at the GPHC to pay for the service. Khan was unable to say whether an official complaint was received on the matter, but he said that there were rumours of such occurrence. He said that by issuing the statement in order to inform the public, the hospital is “nipping this one in the bud.”

GPHC makes it clear that autopsies are free

Dem boys seh...

Some of de Bees running mad Anybody who invest US$8 million and get US$46 million in ten years got to do great business. Nuff people hear how some foreign investor coming and fuh sign such a deal but dem got people right here who want that deal. That is why dem boys can’t understand how Brazzy claim that he had to search fuh a private investor. Glenn seh that he would do anything fuh get such a deal. He seh that he would tek US$36 million instead of de US$46 million and he would give Bharrat and Brazzy de UD$10 million fuh do wha dem want. If dem shame fuh tek it then he would give de poor taxpayers in Guyana suh dem can at least get a break from de punishment. Nuff people would do other things fuh get such a deal. Dem got businessmen who would present dem rear end fuh get such a deal. Of course de Bees does do that fuh sport suh people can imagine wha dem would do fuh get serious money like that. And is not that dem don’t have de money but perhaps de situation call fuh somebody

new in de clique to get de money. Because that deal more lucrative than any cocaine and any drug deal dem didn’t advertise it in Guyana. And Brazzy still trying to keep it secret. Other things ain’t keeping secret though. Is no secret that Barbie and Bharrat going to sleep wid de Waterfalls paper pun dem mind and wake up and seeing it as soon as dem open dem eye. Dem boys seh that dem got to laugh because de same Bharrat and Barbie deh writing how dem encourage Tony fuh come to Guyana wid four suitcase stuff wid money. Forget wheh he pass wid dem four suitcase and start to think who collect de money. Right away Brazzy name come up. He woulda be de one to count it too. Dem boys want to know wha he do wid de money. De Central bank never get such a deposit. It got to be that dem running mad fuh open dem mouth and talk something like that. That is de admission that all of dem corrupt and thiefing. Talk half and wait fuh more madness.

Thursday October 10, 2013

Kaieteur News

Farmers to benefit from first ever dairy plant

Agriculture Minister, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy and Canadian High Commissioner, Dr. Nicole Giles, flanked by Canadian farmers and IICA’s Representative in Canada, Audia Barnette. A state-of-the-art dairy plant is to become operational within a year, Government announced yesterday. The disclosure was made following a meeting at the Ministry of Agriculture, which included Agriculture M i n i s t e r, D r. L e s l i e Ramsammy, Canadian High Commissioner to Guyana, Dr. Nicole Giles, and a delegation of Canadian farmers. Areas of cooperation were drafted which will shape and form the initial cooperation among the two countries. Guyana’ dairy and small ruminant industries are also to receive a major boost through technical and other assistance from Canadian farmers, as a result of the meeting. The initiatives are to be realised through a Government to Government collaboration facilitated by the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA). Speaking at the end of the meeting, High Commissioner Giles expressed delight at the outcome of the meeting, describing it as productive. “The commitment that we have certainly made is to have a plan; to do so within one year, but we all agree that we don’t want perfection to be the enemy of progress and that we will work together on a step by step basis to come up with a comprehensive approach from data management to production, to quality to market,” she said.

With respect to high quality systems and enhanced technology, Giles stated that the Canadian agricultural industry has a lot to offer. Shortly, a team will be established which will comprise various sectors and will be working to have the plan fully developed. “The Canadian High Commission is also pleased and proud of the showing from the Canadian agricultural sector here at t h e C a r i b b e a n We e k o f Agriculture and we are also pleased with the outcome of this meeting, and I would once again like to thank all the participants from the Canadian Agricultural Industry for coming down to Guyana and for participating in these discussions,” the High Commissioner said. Meanwhile, Ramsammy in welcoming the move, said that the establishment of a dairy industry in Guyana is crucial and something which will be well received by society at large, especially farmers. “We are very happy to be collaborating with Canadian farmers…Canadian farmers have ensured that Canadians are not only well fed, but Canada is one of the world’s leading exporters. Guyana can benefit enormously from

Canada,” he said. Lloyd Wicks, an Ontario farmer who headed the delegation on their first meeting with Minister Ramsammy pointed out that the collaboration will pave the way for Canada to introduce some of the mechanisms at present being used by Guyanese farmers. According to Wicks, Trent University, Canada is also part of this collaboration with respect to research and will be working hand-in-hand to ensure that high quality genetics are developed. “There is tremendous potential for improved genetics with a new management system to have a significant impact on the wider dairy industry, but in particular on individuals,” he said. Technical officers from the Agriculture Ministry will also be working with the Canadian Farmers Association to strengthen G u y a n a ’s improved breeding programme, particularly its artificial insemination and embryo transfer programme. When completed, this will see Guyana benefiting from the transfer of frozen embryos and semen for its insemination programme which will significantly lower the cost of acquiring genetic stocks.

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GPHC’s heart surgery for children no rivalry with Specialty Hospital - Cardiac Surgeon Although faced with a number of setbacks inclusive of non-support from the parliamentary opposition, Government, from all indications is forging ahead with its proposed Specialty Hospital. It is anticipated that once the proposed facility is completed, it will provide specialty health care including organ transplants, as well as cardio and cosmetic surgeries. But although this ambitious plan remains a product in the making that will possibly cater to a number of persons in dire need of specialised care, Dr. Raj Kishan Narine is convinced that Guyana cannot simply wait. This is especially crucial, the Guyana-born Cardiovascular Surgeon said, with respect to children with daunting cardiac conditions. It is for this reason that the Canada-based medical practitioner has been embracing strides to bring paediatric cardiac care to Guyana. Although local adult cardiac patients have been benefiting from the services of the Caribbean Heart Institution, which is situated in the compound of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation, paediatric heart patients have however not been so catered to. In fact, over the years, children with cardiac conditions have either been required to travel overseas for medical attention or simply lost

Dr Raj Kishan Narine the fight to their health challenge. Moreover, Dr Narine was strategic in creating a linkage with the International Children’s Heart Foundation (also called the Baby Heart Foundation) of Memphis, Tennessee, United States. The charitable body is currently in the process of streamlining a working partnership with the GPHC in hopes of providing a gamut of heart care services including surgeries by July of next year. “It is not a question of pushing for something because of something politically that is going to happen....Our question is ‘Do you and your children need the operation today or yesterday?’ That is the basis of our decision and efforts,” said Dr. Narine. He explained that while the Specialty Hospital may be a political move by Government,

the collaboration with the Baby Heart Foundation is intended to address a problem that has been in existence for too long. “Who is going to build a Specialty Hospital, when or if they are going to build it is of no concern to us; it should not be looked upon as something that should prevent initiating a programme that is necessary that was probably necessary years ago...The only objective is to assist the children that are here and will be in the coming years...” asserted Dr. Narine. He however stressed that “If somebody builds a Specialty Hospital that will help us to achieve that (paediatric heart surgery) even in a better way and improve the services we can give those children, then of course that is a welcomed thing.” And according to Founder and Medical Director of the Charitable Organisation, Dr. William Novick, even if moves were made to have the proposed hospital in place by next year, other logistics will still have to be put in place before the actual service is provided. Among these he pointed out will be the staffing of the facility. And moves are already being made for local medical personnel to be trained to undertake paediatric cardiac operations through the charitable foundation. According to Dr Novick, almost a decade will be required for adequate training, even as he noted that those trained could in fact utilise their acquired expertise in a completed Specialty Hospital in the future.

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Kaieteur News

Thursday October 10, 2013


A week in the life of President Ramotar On Tuesday, October 1, addressing an audience at UG to mark its 50th Anniversary, President Ramotar appealed to one and all, especially the Opposition to share ideas and accepted that both sides should offer what they have, let them be tried but don’t let differences paralyze Guyana. The speech had the makings of a President reaching out to the Opposition to talk and exchange ideas. In less than a week, President Ramotar underwent an attitudinal metamorphosis that in all countries in the world would be the lead story in the news. Speaking to a rally at Lusignan to mark 21 years of power, Ramotar attacked the private media and the Opposition in a rhetorical and demagogical display that was one hundred and eighty degrees opposite to his pleading delivery just one

week earlier at UG. The President made it know that he will not sign Bills coming from the 10 th Parliament because they are designed to undermine democracy. This is the very man who one week before, publicly said that all sides must look at the submission of ideas and try them out and we must not let our differences hurt Guyana. Of course, Mr. Ramotar proffered no ideas that were innovative and that would offer an opportunity to be tested by the opposition and other stakeholders. Instead, Mr. Ramotar did what he and all, without exception, all other PPP leaders do when they are addressing a public gathering – they went back to 30 years ago when former President Forbes Burnham ruled Guyana Mr. Ramotar went back to

West Berbice man remanded for raping step daughter A Blairmont, West Bank Berbice, man who allegedly engaged in sexual activity with his 11-year-old stepdaughter was on Monday remanded to jail by Magistrate Rhondel Weaver when he appeared before her at the Blairmont Magistrate’s Court on the charge of rape. The 37-year-old fisherman, on Monday June 17, 2013 allegedly sucked the child’s breast and fondled her private parts. The matter was reported and the accused was arrested. A file was prepared and sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions for advice as the investigation continued. The accused was placed on $20,000 station bail. He was subsequently re-

arrested and charged. In court his attorney, Joel Persid Edmond, argued for bail, stating that his client is well known, has a fixed place of abode and is not a flight risk. Edmond submitted that during the investigation his client was placed on bail and did not flee the jurisdiction. Prosecutor Corporal Orin Joseph stated that during the investigation the accused was not charged, but seeing that he is now charged he might escape. He also stated that if granted bail the accused may interfere with the accused and witnesses. Magistrate Weaver refused bail and set the next court date for October 21.

that era four times in the past two weeks. First in New York at a party meeting after he attended the UN General Assembly, then at Tain Campus in Berbice to celebrate the PPP’s 21 years in power, then at UG then last Sunday at Lusignan. In all four episodes, listeners were serenaded with songs of the bad old days when the PNC Government under President Burnham ruled. What the PPP does not want to understand is that bell has been rung out and that song has been sung out. It is not working for the PPP. And it is not working for one powerful, fundamental reason. There are no remnants of PNC’s rule that young Guyanese see around them. Over sixty percent of the nation is under twenty one years and over seventy five percent is under thirty five years.

For the PPP to get them to support their performance the past twenty one years there have to be visible signs of what the PNC did. Where are these visibilities? That era is long gone. Almost eighty five percent of Guyanese have no recollection of Mr. Burnham in action. You wonder when the PPP is going to stop telling Guyanese about the PNC and Burnham. In a column on this worn out theme, I made the point that in elections in South Africa, Chile, Argentina, Germany etc, the campaigners do not go back thirty years and cite what that government did. Thirty years are a long time. So why the PPP do it? Why are they going to continue to do it? The next rally is in Essequibo (strangely, the 21 years drama was not celebrated with a mass rally at Port Mourant as was the case in Lusignan and this weekend

in Essequibo; the PPP settled for the Tain Campus; maybe they know Berbice has waken from its sixty year old sleep) and if you are a betting person, then you will win if you put your money on the PPP badmouthing Forbes Burnham who ruled since the seventies. So what is the answer? Two possible explanations stand out. One is the subtle race card. If the PPP keep carping on what the PNC did thirty years ago, it is a way of telling East Indians, that is what an African-led government did to you, don’t let them back in because Indians will be disadvantaged. They will say that at the bottom house meeting that you must not let those African leaders back in power. At the public rallies they substitute, African for PNC. The disaster the PPP faces with this persistent

Frederick Kissoon anachronism is that Moses Nagamootoo, Khemraj Ramjattan and others are not in the PNC, but in another party and that party speaks to Indians about the depravities, immoralities and venalities of the PPP in power. Then you have to throw in the high profile of Ralph Ramkarran. Secondly, the PPP needs the Burnham Government as a screen to hide the abysmal failure of their 21 years. Tell sugar workers about their pension in the NIS and the cost of crossing the Berbice Bridge.

Local, foreign exhibitors laud GuyExpo …says committee Co-Chairman Cummings

Derrick Cummings, CoChairman of the GuyExpo Planning Committee, has refuted the claims made in a recent Stabroek article which suggested that it was “not easy finding locally manufactured goods at GuyExpo.” Cummings said that “GuyExpo is an exhibition and trade fair. GuyExpo is a reflection of the diversified nature of Guyana over time, when we were in agriculture in the 70s, we had an agriculture exhibition. Now we have services and business sectors, hence we have to cater for this new dispensation.” He said that GuyExpo had a lot of booths exhibiting furniture which is a locally manufactured product. It’s really another stage of production for the raw material of wood, he said. Cummings offered an extensive list of all the local and international businesses that participated in this year’s GuyExpo. Some of the local businesses Comfort Sleep, Caricom Cement and Bottling,

Jermain Culley Enterprise, ND&S Furniture Store, Ooh La La, Modern Industries, Swiss Machinery, Toolsie Persaud Ltd, HADCO Farm and Sawmill, Melsha Furniture Store, Deen’s Furniture Wicker, Everest Construction Store, KND construction, National Hardware and Twins Manufacturing Chemists respectively. According to Cummings, “The economic thrust of Guyana is not only based on manufacturing, it’s based also on services because of the literacy of people and relatively small population. So what we caught on to are our services.” “So to go to GuyExpo and to be looking for manufacturing is beyond that; it has grown out to really be a microcosm of the economy at present. For example, there is a tourism village, there is a service pavilion, that entire pavilion that offers Government and other services including information and communication technology,” Cummings explained.

Female pioneer aviators honoured Eight outstanding women in the local aviation sector were last evening honoured including Cheryl Moore, the country’s first female military pilot in 1977; Beverley Drake, the first female commercial pilot in that same year; Barbara Adams, the first female helicopter pilot; Feriel Ally, the first female Grand Caravan pilot; Williette Gardner, the first female captain of a turbo prop aircraft Twin Otter; Debbie Gouveia, the first female to captain an Islander in 1982; Paula McAdam, the first female air traffic controller in 1979, and Sandra Persaud, who in 1986, was the first female to be in airport administration at then then Timehri International Airport.

Speaking to the concerns that persons highlighted that the local booths were selling foreign products, Cummings said, “If you have local booths where people based here in Guyana sell international products and they come to exhibit, we couldn’t say that you have to sell in the international booths. “The international companies, coming from a direct link, would be selling in the international pavilion. With GuyExpo it’s hard to be stringent that way, even without the international companies that would have come to participate in the GuyExpo, there would’ve been people selling international products.” Cummings said that he spoke to some of the local business persons who were present at this year’s GuyExpo and they spoke highly of the level of exposure that GuyExpo provided for their business, more so with the linkages that they were able to develop with the international exhibitors there.

Co-Chairman of GuyExpo’s Planning Committee, Derrick Cummings From the other end of the spectrum Cummings said that the international exhibitors lauded the event signaling their intentions to participate next year. He further related that Trinidad wants to officially come on board and India wants to increase the amount of booths in the future.

Berbice Bridge Company wants... From page 3 not been filed. Ram expressed disgust at the craven conduct of the board of the company whose directors include former Chancellor of the Judiciary, Cecil Kennard, and respected engineer Egbert Carter. The Chairman of the board is Keith Evelyn, a colleague of Winston Brassington while the Ramroop Group was recently given two board positions, including Deputy Chairman. The Ramroop group has two board positions for its 12 per cent shareholding while Hand in Hand shareholding in the company is three per cent. The government has one Director for its 71 per cent shareholding.

Thursday October 10, 2013

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Thursday October 10, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Thursday October 10, 2013





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Thursday October 10, 2013

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GPL delays the completion of Georgetown Magistrates’ Court - AG The Guyana Power and Light Inc. is being blamed for the delay in the completion of the renovation of the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. This is according to Attorney General, Anil Nandlall. Speaking with Kaieteur News yesterday, Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall said, “The delay is in getting electricity supplied to the building by GPL and the company has to acquire a particular high powered cable which is required to get the job done. All of the other infrastructural work has been done and it is just some minor cleaning up that is being done at the moment.” Another reason for the delay is that orders were made for the provision of new furniture to replace those that were damaged when they were being removed to facilitate renovations.” Junior Finance Minister, Juan Edghill, had set September month end for the completion of the works on the building. Speaking to Kaieteur News yesterday, Minister

Edghill confirmed that the transformers which were supposed to be installed by September 15 are in place. Edghill later contacted Bharrat Dindyal, Chief Executive Officer of GPL and established that the company had also sourced the high voltage cable and that installation and testing was expected to be completed by the end of this week. However the Minister expressed, “We have gone into another month which is something I detest because we have to continue paying the rent for the building at Middle Street,

which currently houses five Magistrates. Once GPL has finished its testing, hopefully by the end of this week, it will be handed over to the Judiciary and it will then be their call to set the date for reopening,” Edghill added. The modernized structure is expected to accommodate 11 Courts, each having offices for the Magistrates, along with washroom facilities. The court will also have accommodations for the Office of the Clerk of the Georgetown Magisterial District and support staff, along with an area to

With more than 1000 investment related projects facilitated by the Guyana Office for Investment (GoInvest), agriculture related investments stand out in the agricultural South American country. Among the many investors in agriculture in Guyana are the siblings of the Caricom family which have sought to make the best of the massive span of land available. Dhanraj Danpaul of Go-Invest listed more than 10 companies that are not indigenous that continue to operate in Guyana through investments facilitated by his office. He was at the time speaking of the investment possibilities and waivers that await potential businesses at a workshop organized by the Food and Agriculture Organization and InterAmerican Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture

on hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition in the Caribbean. The workshop is one of several being held as part of Caribbean Week of Agriculture in Georgetown, Guyana. Among the companies currently operating out of Guyana in the agriculture industry are the Barbadosowned Santa Fe Inc and Al Axis Splash, Citrus Company Guyana Inc, Southern Investment, Virgin Caribbean, Old Mac Agro Supply, Henry’s Farm out of Trinidad and Tobago and Caricom Rice Mill of St. Vincent and Barron Foods of St. Lucia owned by a Guyanese. “You’ll see we have large ones with more than 250 employees with an annual sale of $500 million (US$2.5million) and an asset base of US$500,000. Then we go to the medium sized ones which employ 51 persons, with an

asset base of US$200,000.” The Office has been able to facilitate investment by companies’ interest in agri and agro processing, livestock and crops, manufacturing, energy, mining and tourism. To aid the process and guided by the Investment Act of 2004, there have been waivers on Customs duties, Value Added Tax and tax on machinery, equipment and chemicals. Land dominates the requests by investors, Danpaul explained. He said that industrial and agricultural land is available. “Land is always an issue…industrial land. There is land that is established estate, some are still being developed, some are advanced, some have already been exhausted, we are trying to expand those estates and we trying to get new ones going” State land is available for

The newly renovated Georgetown Magistrates’ Court

accommodate prisoners. It will be fully air-conditioned and sound proof and have two parking lots – on the northern side of the building, on Croal Street, as well as on the southern side, on Brickdam. The total cost for the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court is $160M. Nandlall explained that the program falls under the purview of the Modernization of the Justice Administration System project and is being funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) The project seeks to improve the physical infrastructure and institutional capacity of the Justice Sector. The Legal Affairs Minister also indicated that under this section of the project, new courts have been constructed in Springlands, Whim, Canje, New Amsterdam, Sisters Village, Fort Wellington, Wales, Wismar and Lethem, among other areas. Further, Nandlall said that under the project, renovation has been carried out at almost every court building in the country, including the Court of Appeal and the High Courts in Berbice and Demerara.

Guyana facilitates cross border investment

agricultural purposes and only by lease. This has posed a problem in the past since investors in some cases have not utilised the land. But GOInvest Office has taken a new approach. “The investor would come to discuss the need for land, sign the MOU, without leasing the land, let him conduct his feasibility study, once the findings are favourable, then we may proceed to release the land in tranches… Once he performs we continue to release land.” Three large tracks of land are available for agricultural purposes. These are in the Canje Basin in the east of the country towards the Suriname border, in the Rupununi Savannahs in the South of the country close to the Brazil border and the Intermediate Savannahs in the centre of the country.

Man bites off foe’s nose - Court Hears

A drunken brawl between cousins resulted in a 34 year old Araima, North West District farmer being sentenced to eighteen months in prison. Geoffrey Jones pleaded guilty before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry on Monday when he appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court charged with inflicting grievous bodily harm. The court heard that around 21:00hrs on October 4, Jones visited the residence of his cousin Valey Claude where they started to

consume Vodka. A heated argument ensued after the defendant was asked to purchase another bottle of liquor and he did not have the money. The two cousins then had a scuffle. According to Prosecutor Bharat Mangru, the virtual complainant was sitting on a bench and the defendant attacked him and bit his nose. However, Jones explained that he was the peacemaker to a fight between two of his other cousins. “Ma worship ah try fuh part dem boys and ah end up

toppling with he (Claude). While we did deh rolling pun de ground meh bite he pan he nose. Me ain’t know what get into me and how ah bite off piece ah he nose but me din mean fuh it happen. Ah sorry.” The court understands that due to the extent of the injuries inflicted, the virtual complainant will have to undergo surgery at the Georgetown Public Hospital. This was reflected in the Medical Report presented to the court.

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ALYEA’S AUTO SALE: PREMIO 2004/2003. ALL PRICES ARE NEG. 40 CROAL STREET STABROEK- TEL:2317284/622-3823 1 Toyota Hilux single cab. Excellent condition, first owner- Call:657-3707 1 Toyota- IST, Fun Cargo, AT212, AT192, AT170, Ceres, G-Touring Wagon & TundraCall: 644-5096 or 697-1453 One Toyota minibus BJJ series-Call:678-5887, 6507354, 619-0007 New 2013 Isuzu: D-Max single & double cabsCall:691-0234 1 Toyota 192 $600,000call:669-4676/699-6342 1-2005 Toyota Avensis $2.2M. Looks and runs good- Call:686-4020 New ATVs: Introductory price $1,199,000 (Duty Free)Call:691-0234

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‘Fight for your life’ -GPHC tells cancer patients As Guyana observes Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation is encouraging patients to take full advantage of the services offered at the Oncology Department. Every year, dozens of women are diagnosed with breast cancer at the GPHC, some of whom eventually die. The month of October is dedicated annually to raising awareness of the deadly disease. Under the theme, “Together we fight,” this year a number of Non Governmental Organizations as well as various health institutions have organized several events to mark the occasion. These include breast cancer awareness walks put on by the Ministry of Health and the Avon Breast Cancer Foundation. Breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer among Guyanese women, second only to cervical cancer. It can affect women of all races. Recognizing the importance of curing this deadly disease, the GPHC, some years ago, started an Oncology Department, to offer persons chemotherapy treatment. Chemotherapy (chemo) is a treatment with cancer-killing drugs that may be injected into a vein or orally. The drugs travel through the bloodstream to reach cancer cells in most parts of the body. ‘Chemo’ is often given after surgery to reduce the risk of breast cancer coming back.

Hemwattie Kanhai Although the Oncology Department at the GPHC is manned by only two nurses, the facility treats a ‘considerable’ amount of cancer patients on a monthly basis. Head of the department, Sister Chandrawattie Singh explained that when a cancer patient visits the health institution they will be examined by a doctor at the Surgical Clinic of the public hospital. “After the patient visits the doctor and the diagnosis is made, the doctor may do surgery to remove the breast and then the patient would come to us for chemo. There are a number of chemo cycles; it depends on the patient’s condition. After the chemo sessions, the patient has to revisit the doctor and then they might have to do radiation at the Cancer Institute of Guyana because GPHC does not offer that form of treatment,” Sister Singh said. Radiation therapy uses high-energy particles or waves, such as x-rays, gamma rays, electron beams, or protons, to destroy or damage cancer cells. The Cancer Institute of Guyana is a private entity which came into existence in 2006 via a collaborative effort between the Government of

Guyana through the Ministry of Health to detect and treat cancer. For this month, the only cancer institute in Guyana will be offering free mammograms. Nurse Singh advises cancer patients to “fight for their lives.” She said, “Sometimes you might want to give up on life but don’t, just continue to fight we are here to give you that push you need.” Meanwhile, a 51-year-old woman who never heard the word “breast cancer” before was diagnosed with the disease late last year. Her illness was at stage two. Hemwattie Kanhai, a mother of three who spent most of her life in Corentyne, Berbice had her mastectomy done at the public hospital early this year. While relaxing in a chair with her husband by her side at the Oncology Department, the mother of three quietly took the third of four chemo sessions. The devastated woman explained to this publication how her life has changed significantly. She stressed that in November last she felt a lump in her left breast but thought it was just an “old age pain.” According to the woman, she continued doing the things she did before until the pain became worst. “I went to different doctors and none of them could have tell me what was causing the pain. One of my relatives came from Canada and she advised me to do a mammogram and that was when I found out I had cancer,” Kanhai stressed. She immediately joined the clinic at GPHC where she had her surgery done and is in the process of doing her chemotherapy. “I lost weight and I lost my hair. I couldn’t do the chores or anything,” she told this newspaper almost in tears Kanhai’s next visit to the doctor will determine what progress she has made thus far.

Thursday October 10, 2013

Herstelling man in court for auto rental fraud Michael Persaud, 24, of 15 Public Road Herstelling on Monday appeared before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court to answer to allegations of fraud. According to the charge, between the period of July 27 -August 27, 2013, Persaud incurred a debt of $234,000 after he rented an automobile from Mandy Burrowes, which he never paid. The particulars of the charge stated that Persaud approached Burrowes to rent the car for the aforementioned period but he returned the car on August 19 and made a promise to pay Burrowes at a later date. The defendant pleaded not guilty to the said charges.

Attorney at Law, Sase Gunraj who represented Persaud told the court that his client has never had any brushes with the law and offers complete restitution of the sum owed. He asked for the court’s approval for the money to be paid in parts. Gunraj explained that a promissory note was issued to cater for the payment of the monies owed. Gunraj said that the defendant thereafter failed to honour such and was arrested in September by three plain clothes police officers. He claimed that when Persaud was arrested, $100,000 was confiscated. However, Prosecutor Bharat Mangru, said that when the defendant returned the car, he had asked for an extension on the due date for

the monies owed. Burrowes accepted but Persaud failed to pay on the agreed date. Mangru confirmed that Persaud was subsequently arrested and $100,000 was confiscated by the arresting officers. The Prosecutor urged the court to have $115,000 handed over to the virtual complainant as soon as tomorrow (today). The plaintiff accepted the conditions of payment outlined by the Prosecutor and declined to offer further evidence against the defendant. Magistrate SewnarineBeharry then gave the defendant strict orders to make the payment of $115,000 starting from today. Defendant was then placed on $50,000 bail.

Guyanese dies in freak Trinidad road accident Trinidad (Trinidad Express) -A 30-year-old Debe welder riding a bicycle on his way home from work on Sunday was killed after he was struck by a car. Terry Mahabir, of Chester Street, fell off his bicycle and into the path of the oncoming vehicle, police said. According to a police report, around 6.30 p.m., Mahabir was riding his bicycle north along SS Erin Road, Debe, when upon reaching

MS Supermarket, the wheel of his bicycle hit the edge of the road. A resident of the area told police that Mahabir fell off his bicycle and was struck by an AD wagon, driven by a 28year-old man of Gandhi Village, Debe. Mahabir died at the scene. His body was examined by district medical officer Dr Silochan and removed to the Forensic Science Centre for an autopsy yesterday.

Mahabir’s relative, Dinesh Sooknanan, told the Express that Mahabir was a Guyanese national who migrated to Trinidad five years ago. Mahabir was employed at Kelvin and Sons Fabricating Ltd at Penal. He was married but had no children. Police said they have taken statements from the driver of the car which struck Mahabir and from a resident who witnessed the crash.

Chinese cook charged with fraudulent conversion A 36-year-old Chinese cook was placed on a $400,000 court bond for fraudulently converting furniture worth $574,000 belonging to Clement Tamishwar, to his own use and personal benefit. Zou Kim of Lot 7 Mahaica, East Coast Demerara pleaded not guilty to the charge which was read to him by Chief Magistrate Priya SewnarineBeharry at the Georgetown

Magistrates’ Court on Monday. He was represented by Attorney at Law Fung-aFat who applied for bail and requested for the sum to be paid off in two days. The prosecution stated that on April 7, 2012, Zou Kim was entrusted by Clement Tamishwar to be the salesperson for pieces of furniture valuing $574,000 but Kim fraudulently converted

the sum to use for his benefit. Tamishwar thereafter made several attempts to contact Kim who simply refused to answer his phone. The matter was subsequently reported and the defendant was arrested and charged. Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry placed Kim on $400,000 bail and ordered that he pay the money owed to Tamishwar.

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Thursday October 10, 2013

Thursday October 10, 2013

Kaieteur News

Letters... Where your views make the news

Socio-economic deprivations must be addressed in any Crime Plan DEAR EDITOR, The confirmation of Leroy Brumell as Commissioner of Police is noted. And it is through his stick-to-itiveness that his dream has been realised. As the Commissioner settles in this office as substantive holder, his recent utterances at key and critical moments ought to be taken note of: 1) the November 2012 claim to supporting the boss in reference to Clement Rohee during the National Assembly no-confidence motion; 2) inviting the society to engage in vigilante justice at a Metermeer-zorg meeting last month and; 3) the claim that the Force cannot please everyone, in addressing critics during his swearing in ceremony. Brumell needs to understand he has sworn to uphold the laws, without fear, favour or ill-will and he is not being paid to satisfy any boss, friend, family or acquaintance; or turn his back on the law. For his is the responsibility to man a Force that operates within the parameters of the Laws of Guyana. And in so doing as he executes the laws based on the Oath of office, whosoever action conflicts with the laws, he is duty bound to make sure the laws are activated. In a modern society all must be held to the same standards and play by the same rules. The Commissioner of Police faces a herculean task, given that the society is awash with lawlessness, but he can successfully deliver on

his mandate by creating a Force that partners with the community in fighting not only blue collar crimes but also white collar crimes that are being committed daily on the people, in the name of the people. As bodies continue to fall, many are blaming the police, but one needs to take note that the Force is geared to identify and place before the courts those who may have committed crimes. But if the other governmental arms whose responsibility it is to put systems in place to make crime a disincentive continue to fall short, then we won’t be making progress. The church, family and other sections of civil society can only do so much to instill a moral compass in their patrons, but when persons look outside of these structures and have to face a tough life or see the rewards of criminality coming from the corridors of power and their association, the temptation to follow suit is hard to resist. As such the political directorates responsible for Brumell’s appointment need to recognise crime permeates the entire society and eliminating it requires both curative and preventative measures. And as elected

officials they have a greater responsibility to society and it is incumbent upon them to seriously examine the malaise contributing to crime being a means to an end. For instance, there are too many school dropouts, high u n e m p l o y m e n t , glamourisation of ill-gotten gains by persons in public office, and the get-rich-quick syndrome. And as the Leader of the Opposition speaks about security he is urged not to confine it to providing the forces with supporting services but to also look at security through holistic lenses that factor in appropriate education, health services, employment tenure, agriculture and food, and protection for all under the laws. These are fundamentals to be addressed in pursuit of reducing/eliminating crimes. And the failure to guarantee such security will continue to push persons into the path of criminal activities. Thus any strategic plan that addresses crime must not only be from the perspective of the police, it must also be buttressed by a programme that addresses the socio-economic deprivations in the society. Lincoln Lewis

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Thursday October 10, 2013

Thursday October 10, 2013

Kaieteur News

CGSS teachers protest violence in school

Teachers with their placards in front of the Covent Garden Secondary School yesterday Teachers of the Covent Garden Secondary School (CGSS) were yesterday armed with placards as they protested the violence that has been ongoing at the institution for quite some time now. According to them, there are about 10 fourth and fifth form students who would repeatedly violate school rules, creating havoc in the school, and terrorise both students and teachers. Kaieteur News was told that last Thursday, a fight ensued between two of the badly behaved students, during which one was chopped by the other with a cutlass. One female student said that had she not dodged in time, she would have been chopped also. “This happened in the presence of teachers in the auditorium. Students and teachers are traumatized. We have one teacher here whose father died after he was chopped, and she was the most traumatized... For her, it was like reliving what happened to her father,” one teacher said. The educators have complained that they feel that the Ministry is pussyfooting on issues involving the safety of teachers, since complaints of excessively bad behaviour of the students are being downplayed, thus

giving the impression that the teachers are powerless. “It’s like we have no say. We had given an open expulsion to one of the bad boys, but the Ministry sent him back. This is not right. When they do that, they are sending the message that the students can do what they want, without punishment, because the teachers are powerless,” another teacher told Kaieteur News. It was noted that suspending students makes no difference, since whenever this is done, the teens would “play big and bad” and show up for a normal day of school, and teachers, frightened and uncomfortable, would have no choice but to continue their lessons. They are especially annoyed over the fact that despite complaints to the Education Ministry, officials only showed up when the teachers took to the streets. “If they had got complaints that a teacher assaulted a child, you would‘ve seen how fast Ministry officials would’ve come here to investigate,” a teacher opined. Another added, “When we called them to complain about the violence, they were just bothered if we have our lessons and notes in order. That is what they come to check. They don’t seem to care about the unruly

behaviour going on here.” The educators noted that if the Ministry cares enough to launch an investigation into the “bad pack” of students, the school is in possession of substantial evidence to support their claims. It was revealed that the disobedient and violent set of students are from a particular East Bank Demerara community, and that suggestions were made that Counselors go there and try to deal with the root causes of the problem, but nothing has been done. The Covent Garden Secondary School houses 700 plus students, and about 40 teachers. It is one of the top secondary schools along the East Bank corridor. Kaieteur News also spoke with several of the students, and they all maintain that “the teacher dem right fuh protest,” noting that they are also scared of the students, whose behaviour has also been a distraction to their studies. Violence against teachers is nothing new. It is no secret that these days, more and more teachers are being seriously abused by their students. One teacher even lost her baby after being beaten by the guardian of one student. The Guyana Teachers’ Union, and by extension, the Ministry of Education, has repeatedly condemned such attacks. However, CGSS teachers are saying that no firm action is being taken to protect them, and the innocent set of students. “This needs to stop, because the way I see it, the school system needs us, we don’t need it. I’m sure many of us can go and make more money outside of this job. But we like to know that we are the people who are responsible for molding other generations, and we can’t continue working like this,” one Science teacher emphasized.

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Thursday October 10, 2013

Thursday October 10, 2013

Kaieteur News

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ECCB, GCA issue strong warning Walton Hall beat Gunners in R and D Engineering Services T20 final in North E’bo to Raj Singh’s questionable DCB Walton Hall defeated Gunners by 5 wickets to win the final of the R and D Engineering Services twenty\20 competition last Sunday at Anna Regina Community Center ground on the Essequibo Coast. Gunners batted first and managed 1468 off their allotted 20 overs. Alex Collins made 25 (1x4,3x6), while Navin Singh supported with 23 (2x4,1x6). Off-spinner Uvindra Balgobin grabbed 3-38 and Vishwanauth Lall 2-20. Lall returned to blast nine fours and four

sixes in top score of 78 as Walton Hall responded with 146-5 in 18.1 overs. Latchman Singh chipped in with 21 (2X4,1X6); Hemant Beharry snared 2-10 and Siddiq Mohamed 2-18. Lall was given the man of the match and best batsman in the final awards, while Beharry took the best bowler prize. Walton Hall received $45,000 and Gunners $35,000. Meanwhile, the W and D Hotel and Mall Twenty\20 tournament commences on Sunday with several matches in North Essequibo.

Thursday October 10, 2012 ARIES (MAR 21 - APR 19): Today's a good day to work toward the goals you've set, Aries. The aspect of the day influences your ability to focus on the necessary steps to achieve what you want. No goal is too big! *************************** TAURUS (APR 20 - MAY 20): You may watch the clock today, Taurus. It can be hard to focus on tasks when you're thinking about relaxing, but do your best. You won't get through your tasks any faster if you're unfocused. *************************** GEMINI (MAY 21 - JUN 20): If someone you know is going through a rough time, Gemini, they could come to you for support or advice. People see you as genuinely concerned and a good friend, especially when times are tough. *************************** CANCER (JUN 21 - JUL 22): With some leisure time on your hands, you'll find an opportunity to start fresh in some area that has challenged you, Cancer. Find the courage to examine your attitudes toward adverse situations. *************************** LEO (JUL 23 - AUG 22): Today you might want to try something completely new, Leo. If you've never done this before, why not try expressing yourself through dance? Even if you're convinced you have two left feet, you might be surprised. ************************ VIRGO (AUG 23 - SEP 22): If you're not already so inclined, Virgo, why not try expressing yourself through song? Even if you're convinced you have a tin ear, you might be surprised at what happens if you just let yourself go. Do you feel silly singing out loud? Then be silly.

LIBRA (SEP 23 - OCT 22): Libra, you may discover today that you have a talent for something you've never even thought about before. If you always stick to what you know, how will you ever experience anything new? Trying this unexplored area doesn't mean you have to excel in it. *************************** SCORPIO (OCT 23 - NOV 21): It's a new day, Scorpio, a good day to let your caring side show. Take the time to smile and chat with as many people as you can. *************************** SAGITTARIUS (NOV 22 DEC 21): Today brings the opportunity to see things as they are and not as you'd like them to be. It's easy to fool yourself sometimes, but you can only get away with that for so long before the truth comes out. *************************** CAPRICORN (DEC 22 JAN 19): Today your creativity might be stimulated by some free time, Capricorn. You can try and save it for later, but you may not feel the same way then. *************************** AQUARIUS (JAN 20 - FEB 18): You probably have a knack for listening to other people and noticing when they need help or a shoulder to cry on, Aquarius. Today may be excellent for you to help another person out. Consider going the extra mile by lending a hand to those around you who are in need. *************************** PISCES (FEB 19 - MAR 20): It's possible that someone will question your motives or wonder whether or not you're genuine, Pisces. Don't take it the wrong way. You don't take everything at face value either. Show your sincerity by following through and sticking by your word.

The East Coast Cricket Board (ECCB) and the Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA) recently affirmed that there is no Demerara Cricket Board (DCB) in place therefore they do not recognize the Demerara Cricket Board (DCB) which Raj Singh purports to head. In relation to the recent statement made by Raj Singh, both entities reiterated that in January 2013, Madame Justice Diane Insanally, reinforced an earlier injunction by Justice Bovell Drakes, issued an order preventing the holding of elections of the DCB on the 25th January 2013 or any other date. The ECCB and GCA claimed that Raj Singh and persons unknown to both bodies, two major constituent members of the DCB, staged a sham in order to hijack the DCB. A release from ECCB and GCA indicated that the DCB of which Raj Singh claims to be the president, to this date cannot disclose the

purported members of the committee because of concern for the consequences of pending court matters. Both the ECCB and GCA informed that their respective committees are properly constituted bodies and, in keeping with the structure of Demerara Cricket, have the sole requisite authority for cricket in those areas. And, Sheik Mohamed, Colin Europe, Sherlock Atwell and

Nazimul Drepaul are not representatives of the ECCB or the GCA and have absolutely no authority to make decisions or transact any business on behalf of those organisations. The ECCB and GCA indicated that they want a quick resolution of the cricket turmoil through the Parliamentary process so that charades such as the one in which Raj Singh is presently engaged will come to an end.

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Thursday October 10, 2013

RHTY&SC cricket teams host Annual EGOG returns all documents, records and equipment to GCB Network/Ansa McAl Tribute to Head Teachers Boards official happy no irregularity found After over a year and a half, the Government of Guyana (GOG) finally returned all the records, documents and equipment it had seized from the offices of the National Cricket Authority, the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB). In February last year, the Attorney General Anil Nandlall and Minister of Sports Dr. Frank Anthony had secured court orders under the principle of “Anton Pillar Orders” and seized computers, financial records, and other files and records from the offices of the GCB and Senior Executives. They were also probing financial irregularities which were being alleged by the displeased group. In addition, this was another instance in a myriad of audits and investigations that the GCB was subjected to in the past few years. The GCB has always conducted its usual annual audit with the audit Firm, Barcellos & Co; they were then subject to a thorough four months financial investigation of its records and operations by the Friendly Societies Registrar conducted by Mr. Rupert Foster; Design & Construction Services Inc had also effected a forensic audit of the two newly constructed hostels upon the orders of the Ministry of

Sports, then finally, this seizure and harassment of all the key officers of the Board through the Anton Pillar Orders which the Ministries had all of 18 months to conduct its audit and investigations. At that time many in the legal circles were baffled that such draconian orders were obtained against the GCB by the Attorney General, seizing private property and taking possession of same. In fact, some said it was the first time Anton Pillar Orders were granted in Guyana. These orders are usually granted in commercial disputes over patents etc and the seized items are kept by an independent party. Many felt that it was a ploy to harass Officials of the GCB. If that was so it was successful as the President of the Board, at that time, Mr. Ramsay Ali, immediately resigned after his home and office were searched. In

addition, the Trustees, Messrs’ Chetram Singh and Lionel Jaikaran, had tendered their resignations out of frustration. It was understood that huge piles of documents were on the floor of the office which staff were trying to sort out. In an invited comment one staff stated that some of the documents belong to former long serving President, Chetram Singh but most of it was financial records of the GCB dating back over fifteen years. An official of the GCB said that two of the main computers that contain vital records of minutes etc were returned but “failed to booth” so a specialist would be hired to retrieve the information from the hard drive. He further stated that all efforts are being made to return the office to full functionality despite the challenges. Mr. Anand Kalladeen, Treasurer of the GCB, in an invited comment, stated that he is happy the documents have been returned as the GCB is currently preparing for its audit and the financial documents are essential to effectively complete an audit. He also stated that record keeping at the GCB is immaculate, with yearly audits completed in the last fifteen years, and he was not surprised that there are no reports of wrong doing.

Hand-in-Hand Berbice makes hefty donation to Flying Ace Cycling Club The hand In hand Insurance company on Tuesday made a hefty donation to the Flying Ace Cycle Club’s (FACC) race against Domestic Violence Track Attack event, which will be held on October 20th, 2013 at Blairmont Community Centre Ground, West Bank Berbice. Doing the honours was Berbice Area Manager of the Hand in Hand Insurance Company Tajpaul Adjodhea. The manager in speaking at the simple handover ceremony, which was done at the Company’s Berbice Branch office in New Street, New Amsterdam, stated thatthe Company was privileged to have the opportunity to make a donation towards the Flying Ace Cycle Club activity. Mr Adjodhea stated that it is not the first time the company has worked with the club. The company, he said, has also been assisting in many other sporting discipline

and community activities over the years. It is also their way of giving back to the community in a tangible way. He said that over the years the club has been doing a wonderful job in whatever ventures it undertakes and his company had no hesitation in responding to the request this time. He also stated that domestic violence is on the rise in Guyana and for the club to come forward to tackle the issue is commendable for it will help promote the

awareness of domestic violence. In accepting the cheque on behalf the Club, Coordinator Randolph Roberts thanked Mr Adjodhea on behalf of the FACC and expressed gratitude to the manager and his staff for readily responding in a positive way to their request. He said that the club over the years has noted the increase in the scourge of Domestic Violence in the community and is longing to do something to help.

Ten outstanding Head Teachers from the Corentyne district were honoured on Monday last by the cricket teams of the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club under its annual E-Network/Ansa McAl Tribute to Head Teachers programme. The teams host the programme as part of World Teachers Day, which is usually observed annually on the 5th day of October. Among the head Teachers to be honoured were President of the Guyana Teachers Union Colin Bynoe, who is also Head Teacher of Port Mourant Secondary School, Nirmala Hussain of Corentyne Comprehensive High School, Barbara Hamilton of J.C. Chandisingh Secondary School, Marlyn Benjamin of Central Corentyne Secondary, Paul La Cruz of Lower Corentyne Secondary, Sandra Whyte of Rose Hall Town Nursery and Mrs. Dean of Rose Hall Town Primary School. Secretary/CEO of the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club Hilbert Foster

hailed the ten head teachers as pillars of the educational sector in the area surrounding the township of Rose Hall Town and urged them to uphold their personal high standard in ensuring that all youths are educated properly. He stated that the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club was very grateful to the awardees for the roles they played in nurturing the minds of all its members and for developing a positive culture of discipline and commitment. The long serving Secretary also expressed gratitude to Mr. Vishok Persaud of E-Network and Ms Beverley Harper of Ansa McAl for their sponsorship of the event and pledged that the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports club and its cricket teams would continue to invest in educational programmes as education is the key to a successful career for youths. Head teacher of the Lower Corentyne Secondary School Paul la Cruz expressed gratitude to the cricket teams of the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports club for honouring him and his colleagues and

noted that it felt special to be honoured as part of World Teachers day by students who have developed under their watch. Ms Nirmala Hussain of Corentyne Comprehensive High School described the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports club as a unique organisation and hailed its outstanding contribution to schools in the Corentyne area. Noting that it was a pleasure to work along with the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club, Ms Hussain stated that the Club’s strict discipline structure produced cricketers like national Under-19 players Shawn Pereira and Phaffiana Millington who are students at her school. The Tribute to Head teacher Programme was organised by the Rose Hall Town Pepsi Under-19 and Intermediate, Farfan & Mendes Under-15, Bakewell Under-17 and Second Division, Metro Female and Gizmos & Gadgets First Division and Under-21 Cricket teams. Each of the awardees received a special gift.

Thursday October 10, 2013

Kaieteur News

Trophy Stall Softball tourney

Mikes Wellman stun Savage, Yadram half century in vain Mike’s Wellman hammered Savage Masters by 5 wickets as play in the Trophy Stall softball competition continued last Sunday with several matches. Savage Masters batted first and scored 148 all out in 18 overs. Falim Mohamed was their leading batsman with 38 and R. Samaroo contributed 26. Greg De Franca claimed 3 for 15 and Kenneth Debidyal 3 for 20. Wellman replied with 151 for 6 in 17 overs. G. De Franca returned to stroke an unbeaten 39 and Nandram Samlall made 30 not out. Park Rangers defeated Floodlights by 9 wickets. Floodlights batted first and scored 80 all out with Wayne Jones scoring 18. Dennis Mangru claimed 3 for 5, Eon Abel 2 for 12 and Ramjit Singh 2 for 17. Park Rangers replied with 80 for 1 in 10 overs. D. Mangru led with 38 not out while Danny Mohanram made an unbeaten 30. Frontline Masters got the better of Regal Masters by 7 wickets. Regal Masters took first turn at the crease and mustered 150 all out. Mahendra Arjune 27 and Lance Adams 24 were their leading batsmen. R. Sankar claimed 3 for 24 and Gary McCoy 2 for 19. Frontline Masters made 152 for 4 in 16 overs in reply. Mohamed Rafeek led with 50 while A. Lovell supported with 31; J.

Boje took 3 for 20. Trophy Stall trounced Success Warriors by 4 wickets. Success made 127 for 8 in 20 overs, batting first. S. Boodram scored 28 as Surendra Ramnauth captured 2 for 18 and Fazal Rafeek 2 for 24. Trophy Stall in reply made 127 for 6 in 16.4 overs. F. Rafeek cracked 45 and Krishna Deosarran 43. Dianand Singh had 3 for 21. Buddy’s X1 beat Brickery Super Stars by 66 runs. Buddy’s XI took first turn at the crease and posted 208 for 6 in 20 overs. Leon Persaud 66, Anan Bharat 49 and Mahendra Lildar 35 spearheaded their batting while Roscoe King grabbed 3 for 36 for Brickery XI who were bowled out for 142 in reply. R. King made 49 and Patrick 31. Chetram Singh bagged 3 for 33 and Davanand Singh 2 for 6. Industry Super Kings defeated Enterprise Legends by 29 runs. Industry rattled up 152 for 8 in 20 overs, taking first strike. Suraj Salikram stroked 34 not out, Kennard Luke made 29 and Mukesh Persaud 26. D. Salkarran picked up 3 for 20 and S. Kumar 2 for 28. Enterprise were restricted for 123 in 20 overs in reply. N. Seebarran 27 and S. Kumar 27 were the only batsmen that showed fight; Rupert Basdeo had 2 for 22 and Jagdesh Persaud 2 for

24. Success Masters overcame Parika Defenders by 5 wickets. Parika batted first and scored 140 for 8 in 20 overs. R. Rambarose slammed 40; K. Ramnauth took 3 for 17. Success replied with 143 for 5 in 16 overs. S. Budhu slammed 45 and H. Samad 30; D. Kannan had 2 for 15. Karibee Strikers triumphed over Trophy Stall Angels by 2 wickets. Trophy Stall scored 101 for 7 in 10 overs after taking first strike. Kavita Yadram led the batting with 61 while June Ogle made 15. N. Toney captured 2 for 13 and M. Henry 2 for 14. Karibee Strikers responded with 102 for 8 in 10 overs. T. Leonard made 37 and Erva Giddings 22; Amanda Roberts took 2 for 21. Wellwoman overcame Karibee Strikers by 6 wickets. Karibee Strikers took first strike and managed 74 for 9 in 10 overs. P. Parks scored 12; Latoya Smith snared 3 for 5 and Zola Telford 3 for 9. Wellwoman responded with 79 for 4 in 7.2 overs with Kanata Mentore top scoring with 24. 4R Lioness and Fazal Kayume Angels played for a tie. 4R Lioness were skittled for 61 all out after batting first. Amanda DeFreitas scored 17. Z. Skelto picked up 3 for 5 and K Persaud 2 for 2. Fazal Kayume Angels replied with 61 for 7 in 10 overs. L. Semple made 20.

Goodluck wins Recorded Shoot as riflemen prepare for National championships The nation’s leading rifle shooters resumed training over the weekend ahead of the National Senior and Junior championships slated for next month at the Timehri Rifle Ranges. In action last Sunday, Ransford Goodluck recorded an overall aggregate of 148 points and 17 V-bulls to win the ‘X’ Class category at the Recorded Shoot held over the 300, 500 and 1000 yards ranges under hot and windy conditions. He piped current National and Caribbean Individual champion Lennox Braithwaite who also recorded 148 points but with 12 V-bulls. Goodluck shot 49.3 at 300 yards, 49.7 at 500 yards and a possible 50 with 7 Vs at 1000 yards. Braithwaite shot two possibles at 300 and 1000 yards (50.7 at 300) and (50.4 at 1000 yards) while dropping two points at 500 yards to end the range with a score of 48.1. National vice captain

Dylan Fields shot 145 points with nine V-bulls, recording scores of 49.2 at 300 yards, 49.3 at 500 yards and 47.4 at 1000 yards. National captain Mahendra Persaud placed fourth with 144 points and 12 V-bulls. He shot 47.5 at 300 yards, 49.5 at 500 yards and 48.2 at 1000 yards. Lt. Col. Terry Stuart was the best shooter in ‘O’ class with an overall aggregate of 133.6 with scores of 44.3 at 300, 46.2 at 500 and 43.1 at

1000 yards. There will be another Recorded Shoot on Sunday at the Timehri rifle ranges. The local shooters have started preparations early for next year’s West Indies Fullbore shooting championships to be held in Jamaica in April. The Guyanese marksmen shared the regional long and short range titles with the Jamaicans at this year’s regional championships hosted by Barbados.

Foreign Ministry Dominoes set for October 12 The Foreign Ministry Office Assistants dominoes competition is set for Saturday October 12 at Joe’s Hide Out and Fish Shop, First Street Albert Town. The competition is open to all ministry teams and registration closed on Wednesday October 9. Teams will battle for the Ministry of Agriculture trophy and $30,000 and action gets underway at 14:00hrs. Interested teams can contact James Lewis on 628-1656 or 672-6179.

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Letter to the Sports Editor

Raj Singh’s submission to Parliament – ECCB calls for justice Dear Sports Editor, We are not surprised that Raj Singh is opposed to the ongoing Parliamentary process which is noble in its intent to bring an end to the chaos and confusion into which our national game has sunk. Raj Singh and his cohorts find much comfort in that confusion as they illegally occupy the Demerara Cricket Board (DCB) and the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB). Raj Singh clearly and deliberately chooses to ignore the Parliament of Guyana as a representative body for all the peoples of our country and as the Supreme Legislative Authority of the land. In this regard his statement that the Government of Guyana is seeking to take control of

cricket through the Parliamentary process is grossly disrespectful to both the Government and the Opposition and by extension the people of Guyana. The Parliamentary process is expected to establish a level playing for the holding of free and transparent election with full member participation. Raj Singh’s disregard for the Parliamentary process is evident in his action of presenting a forged document to Parliament for which the police have been called in and are conducting investigations. The submission of fake documents to the Parliamentary Committee is a grave offence since the Committee operates under the

Evidence Act. Raj Singh’s presumptuous statement that the Government of Guyana is attempting to subvert and override the judicial system is out of order for he had blatantly ignored the court order issued by Justice Diane Insanally in January 2013 and illegally installed himself as President of the DCB. The East Coast Cricket Board is calling on the police to quickly conclude their investigations into the charges against Raj Singh for his audacious action in submitting forged documents to the Parliamentary Committee. For as Raj Singh himself said – justice delayed is justice denied. East Coast Cricket Board

Rising Sun Rodeo 2013 set for Sunday October 26th Its Rodeo time again on the West Coast of Berbice at the Rising Sun Turf Club, West Coast Berbice as the Rising Sun Rodeo Committee brings off another grand one day action packed Rodeo on Sunday October 26 beginning at 11:00 hrs. The event has by now become an annual affair and Kaieteur Sports understand that this year there will be a number of new features as the event gets bigger every year. The idea of bringing the event to the coast is to help

those who are interested in the sport and have never seen the activity and are unable to travel to the interior, to be able to see what a rodeo is like and participate in the fun fill and trilling events. It will be a day full of fun, thrills, skills and excitement with vaqueros from throughout the country expected to display their skills.” A number of regular events are listed for the day including steer roping, bare back bronco, male and female

barrel race, wild cow milking, calf roping, wild bull riding, and saddle bronco and the popular Tug o War event along with the new events. Vaqueros (cow boys) are expected from overseas including Brazil, Suriname and Venezuela to match skills with their Guyanese counterparts. Locals are expected from the Interior locations of Guyana including Lethem and the Rupununi Savannahs. The best vaqueros will be on show and a number of incentives will be available.

Gibbs: Test team should build around Chanderpaul Former West Indies offspinner, Lance Gibbs, believes that the West Indies need to build their current team around Shivnarine Chanderpaul, the West Indies batsman, if Test success is to come into the frame once more, as November’s India tour looms. Gibbs indicated that Chanderpaul’s experience and talent are the right ingredients to nourish younger batsmen such as Kirk Edwards and Darren Bravo in the subcontinent. “Chanderpaul is one of our premier batsmen – the premier [one] actually,” Gibbs said. “We need to bat around him and mature these inexperienced players in his presence. That maturity is not there right now but, as with many teams, we all have our ups and downs, but now we need to turn that proverbial corner which everyone

Thursday October 10, 2013

Bangladesh v New Zealand, 1st Test, Chittagong, 1st day

Bangladesh hit back after Williamson century

ESPNcricinfo - Kane Williamson and Peter Fulton were looking quite comfortable, until the Bangladesh spinners found their mojo in the final hour. New Zealand went to stumps on 280 for 5, having lost their last three wickets in 10.1 overs in the first Test in Chittagong. After controlled batting had kept all three spinners out of the game on a newly-laid pitch, the fourth and the fifth wickets came in the last two overs, when Williamson, having made 114, and captain Brendon McCullum were adjudged leg-before to Shakib Al Hasan and Abdur Razzak respectively. The visitors’ progress throughout the day was a fair reflection of the conditions. There was no pace in the wicket even at its freshest, and it didn’t change much throughout the day. But the two batsmen, as well as Hamish Rutherford and later Ross Taylor, made friends with the straw-coloured surface quicker than the bowlers would have hoped. Bangladesh included Abdur Razzak for his first Test match in more than two years in hopes of fielding a more rounded attack and just after the first hour, all three spinners had been brought in. But the wickets did not materialise. The swiftness with which the New Zealand top four acclimatised must have been encouraging for the next batsmen. Williamson was the most impressive, adjusting quickly as if he suddenly remembered how he had scored his first ODI hundred in Dhaka. Even then, his timing was noticeable. Today he was as tight in defence as he was forceful

when the ball was off line. Coming at the back of a first wicket which was needlessly given away by Rutherford, Williamson avoided rash strokeplay. A backfoot dab through mid-on off the first ball he faced, from Shakib Al Hasan, was perhaps the most elegant shot of the day, but the best one of his 12 boundaries came four balls later - another light punch off the back foot to turn the ball past mid-wicket. The two shots set him up for the rest of the innings, as the Bangladesh spinners struggled to push the ball through, or use the slow nature of the wicket to their benefit. Williamson’s next seven boundaries were all examples of how a batsman’s patience is more often than not rewarded. A majority of them were off short balls, as the bowlers lost their discipline, and soon he reached his half-century off 94 balls. Fulton struggled early on when he repeatedly tried to work the ball in front of the leg side. But after surviving some close calls, he too reached his first fifty since his twin centuries against England in Auckland. His 73 came off 198 balls, with seven fours and a six as he became increasingly comfortable knocking the spinners around, finding the gaps and bringing out the sweep shot once in a while. It was a slow innings, but one that laid the foundation for New Zealand’s dominance on the day. Their 126-run stand - New Zealand’s highest for the second wicket in Bangladesh - wasn’t exactly unexpected because the hosts are used to being on the backfoot when bowling first. But given their attack, it was

expected that the pair would be forced into a mistake, which eventually came off Nasir Hossain’s part-time off spin. Fulton had a century in his sights when he smashed a half-tracker straight to cover and walked off the field looking very distraught. Williamson reached his century off 175 balls, a confident knock that was pleasing to the eyes, particularly when he punched the ball off either foot. But it was his strong-willed defence that contributed to his innings the most. Along with Ross Taylor, he added 61 runs for the third wicket, which ended when Taylor’s flick found a leading edge and fell safely into cover ’s hands while Rutherford, the day’s first wicket, was another batsman being defeated by his own impetuousness. Williamson was dismissed for 114, having batted more than four hours. His forward prod at Shakib missed the bat, and he was given out legbefore in the penultimate over of the day. McCullum fell in the final over, having played back while trying to flick a ball off Razzak, who was bowling quicker than he had done all day. Despite the five wickets, the day’s play promises much for New Zealand looking ahead in the series. They started off quite well on a new surface, which might not impress their pace bowlers much. The plan from the home side would be to diminish the pace and movement of Trent Boult and Doug Bracewell, and hope the wicket gets better as the match progresses. Scores: New Zealand 280 for 5 (Williamson 114, Fulton 73) v Bangladesh.

Hot Spot axed from Ashes series

Lance Gibbs

Shivnarine Chanderpaul

always speaks of, every time we do well.” He backed Darren Sammy as Test skipper but noted that for Dwayne Bravo to continue the strides of West Indies’ T20 world title last year, and in hopes of improving their results in the 50-over game, Bravo needs to improve as limited-overs

skipper. “Dwayne tries to do too much. He needs to focus on certain areas and not try to do so much. We saw his death bowling exposed in the CPL, but I have faith in him as much as I know Sammy will deliver in India. The squad’s a good mix. Hungry and young too…” (

From page 35 just moving on with things. Channel Nine have got a new deal with Cricket Australia, which I know has cost them a lot more money. I gather there had to be some restructuring of costs.’’ The costs of installing Hot Spot are around $10,000 a day for a four-camera system installed by Nine, which uses infra-red imaging to determine contact between the ball, bat or pad - that puts the series cost of Hot Spot at approximately $250,000. While the cost was a major determinant, the poor performance of the technology, especially dur-

ing the Ashes in England, earlier this year was also a factor. Hot Spot came under criticism during the Ashes series for various reasons, including the silicon-tape controversy. Before the fourth Test in Durham, a Channel Nine report alleged that a few England batsmen used silicon tape on the edge of their bats to evade Hot Spot - charges that were denied by England captain Alastair Cook and the ECB. Brennan released a statement and called for protective coatings to be removed from bats. He conceded that these

issues were a factor in Channel Nine’s decision to axe Hot Spot, and reiterated his claim of bat coatings hampering the effectiveness of the system. “The point that I was trying to make was that it does significantly affect us,’’ he said. ‘’The testing that we’ve done, and I haven’t released that testing yet, is that when the coatings are on it does affect the Hot Spot signature.” Brennan expressed his disappointment at Cricket Australia’s refusal to intervene, or to subsidise the cost of the technology.

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