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protest if Rohee does not resign Changing the face of Georgetown Regent and Camp Sts.

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Tuesday October 09, 2012

Tuesday October 09, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Stronger focus needed on social - Report Protest planned for Office crime prevention White Castle Fish Shop shooting…

of the President today Member of Parliament for A Partnership of National Unity (APNU), and lawyer Joseph Harmon said yesterday that an autopsy performed at the Georgetown Public Hospital morgue to determine the cause of death of 21-year-old Dameon Belgrave, revealed that a single gunshot was responsible. The bullet entered the body at the left fourth rib; shattered the ninth and 10th vertebrae and exited in the area of the right shoulder blade. The trajectory of the bullet was upwards, with a clean entrance and exit wound. There was no fragment or warhead lodged in the body, the lawyer said. Twenty-one-year-old Dameon Belgrave was shot by police ranks and killed Friday last at White Castle Fish Shop, Hadfield Street, Werk-en-Rust. His relatives and friends staged a protest yesterday outside the Ministry of Home Affairs, Eve Leary, where opposition parties Alliance For Change (AFC) and A Partnership of National Unity (APNU) joined in the wake of recent killings. At the protest Leader of A P N U D a v i d G r a n g e r, APNU Member of Parliament Joseph Harmon, APNU Member of Parliament Basil Williams, Chairman of the AFC Nigel Hughes, social activist Mark Benschop and

Dameon Belgrave over a dozen mothers held placards chanting “Rohee must go!” Plans are also being made for a large protest at the Office of the President today. Mother of the 21-year-old Dameon Belgrave, Donna Sulker, said that it appears as if the Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee cannot control police ranks under his authority. She said after the autopsy that her “son’s death was no accident, because the police fired their weapon with the intention to harm or kill; this was no stray bullet.” Harmon, who witnessed the autopsy, said that it was time for all Guyanese regardless of political affiliation to take a stand against police shootings. He said that “young black men are being shot by Police ranks

at an alarming rate and it was time for this to end… “(Rohee) cannot do his job, he is not fit to be the Minister of Home Affairs he should be removed.” Three police officers, including a corporal from the Tactical Services Unit (TSU) are under “close arrest” as investigations continue into the fatal shooting. Their weapons, two M-70 assault rifles and a 9mm pistol, have been lodged. According to reports, Belgrave, was fatally shot while standing with friends at the White Castle Fish Shop at Hadfield and Lime Streets, Werk en Rust. A “high-speed chase” involving the ranks and the occupants of a white motor car (PGG 3506) ended in proximity to the popular hangout. Eyewitnesses related that shots were fired indiscriminately. Kaieteur News understands that the rank with the 9mm pistol alleged that he discharged a round in the air. Another rank also reportedly discharged a round from an M-70 at the vehicle. This newspaper was told that the police recovered a bullet from a vehicle that was damaged. Further, eyewitness in the area recalled hearing two gunshots and when the vehicle that was being pursued came to a halt, the driver fled and three passengers surrendered.

Despite progress made in some countries, the predominant model of policing in the Caribbean still focuses on state security rather than on citizen security, according to the recently released Caribbean Development Report 2012. The report states that the police system in the Caribbean faces several challenges to complete a transition to citizen security. These include; improving police capacity and capabilities to enhance performance in terms of responsiveness and effectiveness; promoting legitimacy, which comes from integrity and improved accountability and eradicating corruption, which weakens public confidence; reducing abuses of power and fully recognizing human rights. “Overcoming these problems will allow community policing and citizens’ cooperation to prevent crime and control criminality,” the report noted A survey in the report provides some grounds for optimism. Citizens perceive their police forces as moderately legitimate and competent and show willingness to become coproducers of their own security. Further, the citizens of each nation manifest support for government investing resources in the reform of the police services in order to increase their effectiveness. The Caribbean Development Report 2012

further stated that within the Caribbean justice systems, legal codes and institutional arrangements continue to present characteristics of the colonial legacy. Arbitrary arrest and detention is prohibited by the Constitution, and the systems allow visiting of incarcerated persons by external observers. “But the criminal justice system still faces challenges. Case processing delays and backlogs, low conviction rates, prison overcrowding and insufficient alternatives to prison, all strongly interconnected, impact on the capacity for fairness, effectiveness, transparency and accountability. Although systematic data are not available, conviction rates in the Caribbean appear to be alarmingly low.” The report noted that “…in the Caribbean, the practice of pre-trial detention is widespread, and the length of time a person may be detained on suspicion of involvement in criminal activity varies. This often contributes to significant problems such as case backlogs and prison overcrowding. Detainees are held sometimes for years. This practice is an affront to justice and overwhelms the capacity of prisons, while the incarcerated must contend with substandard conditions, overcrowding and poor sanitation. Probation is viewed as a viable alternative”. In addition, the report said even in those countries

where separate facilities are available, juveniles may often be detained in adult prisons due to security concerns at youth facilities. In some countries, female juveniles are especially vulnerable to being placed in adult prisons due to an absence of female youth facilities. The extent to which juveniles are isolated from adult populations within adult facilities varies as well. Caribbean correctional systems are far from being able to balance protection of the public against the need for efficiency and fiscal prudence. The focus of getting “tough on crime” reduces the emphasis on rehabilitation and alternative sanctions, ideas around which a regional knowledge base on good practices is still to be built. “Caribbean citizens want safer societies. Governments have made considerable efforts to improve security. The challenge is how to respond more effectively to broaden the results for the society as a whole with respect to citizens’ rights and inclusion of the most vulnerable,” the report cited. “The approach is crucial to making Caribbean societies safer and more just. It requires completing the shift to citizen security in the framework of human development. This means rebalancing policy so that there is a stronger focus on social crime prevention, and grounding this policy in the overall human development strategies both at the national and regional levels.”

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday October 09, 2012

Letters... Where your views make the news

Printed and Published by National Media & Publishing Company Ltd. 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown, Georgetown, Guyana. Publisher: GLENN LALL Editor: Adam Harris Tel: 225-8465, 225-8491. Fax: 225-8473, 226-8210


Training may be lacking Training is crucial for anyone to be a success in whatever undertaking that person chooses. We have seen great people in many spheres. We have seen athletes shattering world records; there are doctors performing unimaginable surgical interventions; cricketers must work at their profession continuously as must every sportsman. It is the same with every professional and the police are a professional organization. All over the world they are respected because they are the difference between anarchy and a stable society. To undertake this role they are trained rigorously. Every police force must keep improving itself and this is only done through continuous training. As society improves so too must the police. The time was when the police were mere patrollers of the streets to deter public lawlessness such as drunkenness and disorderly behavior in the neighbor. Petty thieves were arrested and prosecuted and more often than not, were made to fear the police and so desist from their acts of petty thievery. Guyana had police officers who, from looking at a particular scene or examining the reports of an act of thievery, would in short order, arrest the perpetrator. In short, they were able to appreciate who would do what. And this was because of their training. Policemen were invariably armed with a whistle and a baton and handcuffs in the not too distant past, perhaps some fifty years ago. Today, in Guyana the police are armed. This is unlike what operates in Great Britain where more than 80 per cent of the population keeps insisting that the beat police remain unarmed. A few weeks ago a man killed two female police officers who, like the bulk of the British police force, were unarmed. Despite the murders the society insisted that the police remain unarmed. The only change has been to intensify training. In Guyana, there has been some effort to train the policemen and policewomen before they take to the streets. There are police training colleges in each county and each year they graduate a certain number of ranks. It has not escaped notice that many of these recruits are unarmed. However, there are sections of the police force that dictate that its ranks all carry arms. The late Police Commissioner, Laurie Lewis created what he called the Quick Reaction Group, all of whom had to carry arms. Then there was the Tactical Services Unit which is a carryover from the old Volunteer Force that was tasked with riot control and other hostile situations. The Tactical Services Unit these days has been made to incorporate specially armed ranks. The crime wave that followed the February 23, 2002 jailbreak saw the ranks of the Tactical Services Unit being thrown into the shooting episodes with the armed criminals. Ever since, the members of this unit keep undergoing training to deal with hostile situations. They are allowed to patrol the streets with a view to keeping it safe; they race to scenes where violent crimes are reported and it would seem that they are more often than not, too willing to shoot. But their training must inform them when to shoot. Professional ranks in other societies are only allowed to shoot as a last resort. In Guyana the gun is the first option, often with fatal consequences and a lot of recrimination. In recent times the police have been accused of shooting indiscriminately. This is because their training has either been insufficient or non-existent. No police rank should shoot unless he or she is threatened. That is what the training manuals state. But it must be that the manuals are being ignored. There were some recent police shootings and all are now under investigation. In one case the ranks are being prosecuted while in the others a full scale investigation has been mounted. We say that from the time of the first shooting there should have been investigations. These were not done and shooting is now a way of life for these ranks, some of whom are not too far removed from the criminal elements they are supposed to protect the society against. The shooting outside the Fish Shop, if intentional, exposes the poor level of training imparted to the ranks. If the shooting was accidental then the same poor level of training is evident—but this time in carrying the weapon in crowded areas.

The PPP/C Govt. has failed to deliver democracy in 20 years of leadership DEAR EDITOR, According to Presidential Advisor, Gail Teixeira, “October 5th 1992, saw the hosting of the first free and fair general and regional election in Guyana”, she also extolled the virtues of the PPP/C’s “outstanding democratic leadership that championed the cause of the working class” over the past 20 years of un-interrupted power. As I read Ms Teixeira’s quote, I was forced to go back to research the principles of democracy to ensure that I was fair in my assessment of her words. The well respected and learned US Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, in a message to the Arab Spring countries, encouraged these fledgling democracies to embrace the principles of democracy. Secretary Clinton stated that “All political parties...have a responsibility to their people to abide by the basic tenets upon which this body is founded: reject violence; uphold the rule of law; respect the freedoms of speech, association, and assembly; safeguard religious freedom and tolerance; protect the rights of women and minorities; give up power if defeated at the polls; and avoid inciting conflicts that pull societies apart. These are standards against which we are all measured, and which we need to commit to uphold together.” If we evaluate the PPP/C’s performance over the past 20 years using the tenets of

democracy offered by Secretary Clinton, then surely we have to conclude that the PPP/C government has failed to deliver democracy to Guyana. At no time in Guyana’s history [since independence] has more violence been meted out to the Guyanese people than in the past 20 years. The extrajudicial killings of 400 of our youths, rampant crime due to the increase in well connected drug dealers and the innumerable slayings of young people by members of the GPF, all under the watch of the PPPC government, preclude them from claiming progress on the basic democratic tenets of rejecting violence and upholding the rule of law. Freedoms of speech, association and assembly have not been not been encouraged by the government. The PPP/C continues to monopolize the distribution of media in Guyana while they routinely reject or mire in bureaucracy, applications by private media entities to expand their own networks to cover more of the country. In 20 years, the people of Linden have been forced to watch one government-run TV channel, protestors are shot and killed like animals in the street and public servants are harassed, fired or transferred out of region for associating or supporting the opposition. Surely the PPP/C cannot lay claim to the democratic principles of freedom of speech, association and assembly.

Few will honestly defend the PPP/C’s record of protecting the rights of women and minorities in Guyana. Today, racial discrimination is rampant. Revelations in a recent court case support this opinion. Indigenous citizens still live largely without access to decent roads, running water, proper sewage disposal and access to education; consequently their children have the highest rate of under five mortality in Guyana; women in Guyana are underpaid and underpromoted; often young girls are pressured to exchange sexual favours for a living and on what seems like a daily basis, women are injured, maimed and killed due to domestic violence. To date, there has been no state of emergency called, no national campaign, no infusion of revenue to fund programs, no national network of safe-houses across Guyana, no introduction of programs to educate young people on this scourge, no consistent counseling, no training of police officers to handle these issues, no serious efforts to prosecute offenders. I predict that domestic violence is the number one cause of death of women under the age of 50 years in Guyana. The evidence is clear; the PPP/C has failed to protect the rights of women and minorities in Guyana. The PPP/C has struggled with even the most basic and commonsense tenet of

avoiding the incitement of conflicts that pull societies apart. One only has to peruse the State-run, taxpayerfunded newspaper to read some of the most vicious, racist and divisive propaganda pieces which serve the purpose of playing and preying on fears and old stereotypes, simply to drive a wedge and build a wall between Indo- and AfroGuyanese. The PPP/C government has no qualms about risking ethnic strife, because it serves their purpose of maintaining power and control over Guyana and her resources. By any measure, the PPP/ C government has failed to deliver on the promise of true democratic reform to Guyana. It has failed to reject violence and to uphold the rule of law; it has failed to respect freedoms of speech, association and assembly, it has failed to protect the rights of women and minorities and it has failed to avoid inciting conflicts that pull societies apart. The PPP/C government has no big vision for the development of Guyana, it has no vision for unifying our ethnically diverse society, it has rejected democracy, it rules in fear, it has mastered theft and corruption, and has left the people of Guyana unprotected and largely unprepared to meet the challenges of this global society for many generations to come. I respectfully submit that October 5th, 1992, is a date which will live in infamy. Karen Abrams

DEAR EDITOR, Despite our poor performance for nearly two decades, West Indies won four major international titles. It started in 1975 when Clive Lloyd’s all-conquering team won the inaugural Cricket World Cup in England and repeated in 1979. Brian Lara’s team won the ICC Champions Trophy, also in England, in 2004. The World Twenty 20 title has now been added to that list. Last Sunday’s performance in Colombo was magnificent. It is said that cricket is a game of glorious uncertainty and the display of our players was no doubt stunning. I had given up hope when our team was routed out for a meagre 137 runs. I was not singular in this regard and am almost certain tens of

thousands West Indians felt the same way. But this was not to be; our boys performed extremely well on the field and skittled the powerful home team for 101. Our hero Chris Gayle, the talismanic batsman who was being carefully watched by the Sri Lankans failed, but his “buddy” Marlon Samuels was the star with the bat when he hammered 78 off only 56 balls hitting three fours and slamming six towering sixes off the ground. He punished the home team’s star bowler, Lasith Malinga, who conceded 54 runs without taking a wicket. Skipper Darren Sammy, whom it is felt by some fans should not be in the squad, proved to his critics that he was not a “rabbit” when he blasted 26 runs off 23 deliveries after Samuels parted. He came back with the

ball and bagged two wickets for six runs off his two overs. Mystery spinner Sunil Narine was again among the wickets claiming three wickets for nine runs off his 3.4 overs. The fielding was excellent and it was described by commentators that the West Indians’ fielding was like their life depended on the match. Captain Sammy, like the previous matches, switched his bowlers very well, and he should be commended. Sammy said that he was motivated from an email he received from Clive Lloyd, the most successful West Indies captain in the 1970s and 1980s, and the President of the West Indies Cricket Board in a congratulatory message said “This was an outstanding display of tenacity, fight, courage, willpower and belief. To come to Sri Lanka and beat

them on their home turf in the grand final, when all was on the line, is truly remarkable.” West Indies cricket was in the doldrum for more than two decades and now there is a glimmer of hope for an upward march. The Head Coach, Ottis Gibson, has had problems with several players, but it seems as if he is doing a good job from the recent performance, and of course the experienced Richie Richardson is playing an important role as manager. We were world champions for a very long time and I am optimistic we will once again go back at the helm. We have to win a few 50over and test tournaments on the march for an upward trend as in the 1970s and 1980s. Oscar Ramjeet

A glimmer of hope for an upward march in West Indies cricket

Tuesday October 09, 2012

Kaieteur News

Letters... Where your views make the news

Corruption undermines essential cohesiveness in Guyana DEAR EDITOR, The realization that corruption is a major hindrance to development is widely held by most international donors, development practitioners and most importantly the citizens of Guyana. It is a phenomenon that cannot be ignored, regardless how hard the PPP tries to sweep it under the carpet. As Guyana embarks on its largest infrastructure project, the Amaila Falls Hydro Electric Project, it must recognize that the G$168 billion it plans to spend is some 35% the size of the entire economy and therefore transparent and participatory governance is an essential component in the process of whether this project makes or breaks Guyana. Thus we welcome the oversight committee to monitor and evaluate this project. But how can such a committee be effective if it only represents the minority government? What about the majority political opposition? What about Civil Society? (TUC, FITUG, Private Sector,

Consumer Association, Amerindian People’s Association) This Amaila Falls project can be the flagship project to demonstrate to the people the commitment of President Ramotar to the process of economic growth and progress and thus can be the opportunity for him to break from the corrupt past that was associated with the PPP regime from 1999-2011. But to date, we and many Guyanese continue to be befuddled by the lethargy in Governance and this philosophy of “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”. Guyana’s modest resources are not infinite and thus this opportunity to finally take a stance on corruption must become a national priority. But whom are we fooling? Those who pay the piper call the tune and thus the poor and working class will continue to face the economic apartheid unleashed by the PPP as they continue to reward the payers of the pipers, their business buddies. It is all about how many “Taj Mahals”

these PPP politicians can accumulate in the fastest possible time. For how long more will the nation bear that tax of financial waste (‘Fip’ Motilall project), fraud (we cannot explain the source of income for our Taj Mahals while we serve as senior PPP officials) and inefficiency (very little value for money on the mega projects such as the Skeldon Sugar Factory)? For how long will we put the people’s economic and social development on hold to serve our quest for personal selfenrichment? All the international indicators have pegged Guyana at the bottom end of the corruption ladder, resulting in a negative impact on potential transformational investments, which only affects our viability to compete in the global economy. This is exclusively the fault of a greedy and plundering political class in Guyana that has forgotten their roots in the working class. The time is now for the Ramotar administration to bring a swift end to the tainted

image that Guyana has globally, as a country with a corrupt ruling class who continue to stifle the dreams and ambitions of the poor and the working class for their own selfenrichment. It is time we become the Roosevelt’s of the world and think big, entice investors on fair and transparent terms, and seek assistance from international institutions to move the reputation of this country as the bedfellow of Haiti on the Corruption Index, to keeping the company of Barbados. To d a y t h i s n a t i o n i s divided and broken politically, and socially, and a major driver that undermines essential cohesiveness is nothing else but corruption. This nation is bigger than building “Taj Mahals” for the rulers and more about molding, healing, building and transforming a nation. We are a peaceful people, we not troubling anybody; but “these li’l boy bicycle nah got brakes”. Asquith Rose and Harish S. Singh

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Tuesday October 09, 2012

Letters... Where your views make the news

World champions again! DEAR EDITOR, There was lots of pre– tournament speculation regarding who will emerge victorious in this year’s Twenty 20 World Cup, and not surprisingly, the West Indies received a plethora of nominations globally, owing to the caliber of players and their ability to demolish teams expertly in this format, as we have seen from tournaments held around the world. However, like a sniper, the execution to be precise; West Indies struck the target handsomely thus confirming the vote of confidence that was bestowed upon them during the lead-up to the tournament. Nestled in my apartment with my phone as the only device to follow the game and with updates from other ardent friends namely Joel Dilchand and Chevy Bissessar, who were present at their watering holes, I found it difficult to contain my excitement as the West Indies zeroed in on a major elusive world title. Though Chris Gayle had already sounded an unequivocal premonition to his opponents that the cup will be going to the shores of the West Indies, some supporters might have been

cautiously optimistic, since his disposition is usually one of nonchalance; the West Indies are known for snatching defeats from the jaws of victory. However, the Darren Sammy -led team was unperturbed by past failures and negativity as they pursued their quest for a major title after a number of years. Meanwhile, Sri Lanka found themselves in familiar territory for the fifth time and was indefatigably hunting this world title on home soil. The home support together with the presence of quality multidimensional players on sub- continental soil is enough to intimidate visiting teams. Nonetheless, We s t Indies innings began horribly with the lost of both their openers in quick succession. This coupled with their failure to gain any impetus owing to the frugality of the Sri Lankans, seemed as though they were destined for another poor showing against Sri Lanka which has had a hold on them for a very long time now. But Marlon Samuels had different ideas as he mixed

caution with aggression to record yet another half century in the tournament and unquestionably the most important for his team, confirming the old maxim that cricket is a game of glorious uncertainty. This innings has clearly underlined his talent and shown that he is maturing with every passing game. Darren Sammy’s place in the West Indies team will always be questioned until he can contribute substantially with a great deal of consistency and understandably so, but he must be extolled for his little cameo and his captaincy. The manner in which he meticulously rotated his bowlers and managed his team, speak volumes about his growth as a captain. Have we turned the corner? Your guess is as good as mine, but what we have seen is a fair bit of consistency from our players. As the global outpouring of felicitations for the West Indies continue to inundate facebook, supporters can deservedly continue their revelry. Heartfelt congratulations to Sammy and company for a fantastic job. Raul Khan

Tuesday October 09, 2012

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Late delivery of $800M pumps will be penalized - NDIA Government yesterday said that it is prepared to penalize an Indian company if it is found to be late with the delivery of several large drainage pumps. Over the weekend, Opposition Parliamentarian, Khemraj Ramjattan said that he is moving to have the National Assembly probe the US$4M contract which was awarded to Surendra Engineering and signed in early 2011. The pumps should have been here by September monthend. Ramjattan wondered whether there would be penalties imposed on Surendra for the lateness. He also said that Surendra does not have a history of assembling pumps yet was awarded the contract. According to Lionel Wordsworth, Chief Executive Officer of the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA), an arm of the Ministry of Agriculture, the procurement of drainage pumps was done through an arrangement with the Government of India. Through the Indian Line of Credit, some 14 drainage pumps would have been

procured. According to NDIA, prior to the awarding of the contract, bid documents were sent through a public procurement process to 28 Indian companies and after evaluation of the respondent companies by the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB), Surendra Engineering was awarded the contract since it submitted the lowest bid. This contract was awarded in May 2011. “The entire process of executing this contract was approved by the Export/ Import Bank of India from the time of short listing of bidders, awarding of the contract and the execution of the project.” The statement said that the project period is ongoing. “To date, six of the mobile pumps have been fabricated and are scheduled for factory testing in October before shipment to Guyana. “The NDIA wishes to indicate that we have indicated to Surendra Engineering that the pumps must only be shipped after the NDIA engineers have physically verified that the pumps have met specifications

and only after factory testing where NDIA personnel will be present.” NDIA also insisted that the contract is being executed in accordance with the contract document which provides for penalties to be applied with regard to contract shortfall. “Penalties will be applied fully once required.” Meanwhile, in response to claims to the AFC Leader that Kirloskar, another Indian company which had submitted a bid to supply four fixed pumps at the cost of US$4M, NDIA said that Surendra had submitted its bid for 14 pumps on the same budget of US$4M. “The contract is still in execution within the revised work programme,” Wordsworth said. The pumps would be critical to meet medium and long term plans to manage the effects of climate change, which over time has been threatening the country. Each pump will have the capacity of discharging up to 200 cubic metres of water per second. Current pumps have the capacity of 150 cubic metres per second capacity. Surendra Engineering, in addition to supplying the

pumps, was responsible for the provision of technical support and training. The pumps are earmarked to service an estimated 60,000 acres of land and areas like Windsor Forest, Huntley, Black Bush Polder, and Lima on the Essequibo Coast were

identified as sites for their location. The pumps were to be initially delivered since December 2011, and an extension was granted to September 2012. Together with the assets of the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo), the

country would be boasting a capacity of almost 100 pumps, inclusive of both fixed and mobile, officials of the Agriculture Ministry had said last year. The contract is for the supply of eight fixed pumps with the remaining six being mobile ones.

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Tuesday October 09, 2012

Tuesday October 09, 2012

Kaieteur News

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THERE IS NO LAW ALLOWING THE BANNING OF WORKERS Following the assassination of Walter Rodney, the Forbes Burnham regime lost the standing that it had previously enjoyed in Africa as a result of its consistent opposition to apartheid. One year after the death of Rodney, Burnham made a grandstand move that was viewed as an attempt to regain his declining international credibility. In 1981, the English cricket team was touring the Caribbean and one of its members was a gentleman who now commentates on cricket worldwide. Robin Jackman was a member of the then English cricket team and after his arrival in Guyana for the Second Test Match, Burnham took the decision that he was persona non grata and would not be allowed to play in Guyana because he had played and coached in South Africa. The basis that Burnham used for his decision was the Gleneagles Agreement to which Guyana was a signatory. This agreement urged governments to take

measures to discourage its nationals from having sporting ties with South Africa. Burnham, in his attempt to regain credibility with the African liberation movements, attempted to stretch the interpretation of this agreement by banning foreign nationals who played or coached in South Africa from playing in Guyana. Prior to this, the government had not stated its intentions. There were strong objections to this move against Robin Jackman by the government, since it was seen as going beyond the scope of the Gleneagles Agreement, which was merely intended for governments to discourage their own nationals from having sporting ties with South Africa and which was not seen as a means of imposing sanctions of the nationals of other countries. The English Cricket Board refused to drop Jackman for the Guyana Test, insisting that the move prejudiced its team selection, which it felt was solely the

responsibility of the team and Board and not for governments to dictate. Burnham’s action found support with other Commonwealth countries, with India indicating that it would not allow players who had played in South Africa to be part of an English tour to that country. India later relented after two of the concerned players expressed their opposition to apartheid and after the English Cricket Board restated its position as regards team selection. Later a number of Guyanese cricketers were part of what was described as a “Rebel Cricket Tour” to South Africa. It was widely assumed that because of this they were banned from playing for both Guyana and the West Indies. Yet no law was ever passed in Guyana banning these cricketers and not many can recall if the Guyana cricket authorities had indicated, as a matter of policy, prior to the Rebel Tour, that local nationals who went to play cricket in South Africa would not be allowed to play domestic cricket, represent

Guyana or be eligible for selection to West Indies cricket. Such was the nature of the political dictatorship of the time, that Burnham’s word was law and no one wanted to challenge any edict from Burnham, whether it was constitutional or not. Burnham was a law unto himself. It would, however, be interesting if those who had knowledge of those days could indicate whether there was ever any ban on these players and the basis on which any such ban was imposed. This issue is recalled because just recently in the electronic media, there was a disturbing report about some staff members of the country’s national airport being banned from employment there. It may have been the media’s way of saying that the individuals were dismissed and would not be re-employed. But the report spoke of a ban. The labour laws of Guyana do not provide for employment bans. And this

is why it is important that the authorities at the airport indicate whether in fact such a ban was imposed as was reported in the electronic media. The airport authorities have discretion in deciding who to employ, but they do not have any authority whatsoever to ban anyone from being employed at the airport, more so if that person was never convicted of an offence. In short, no person can be banned from being employed anywhere in Guyana. It is understandable that the airport authorities have to

be concerned about who works at the airport. And they can decide who they will employ, but they cannot ban anyone. As such, they should issue a disclaimer about banning of workers. No one can be banned from finding work. There may be constructive bans, in the sense that the persons may not find favour with certain employers, but no one can be banned from finding a job in Guyana so long as that person is a national.

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Tuesday October 09, 2012


Democratic and just behaviour The main argument of this paper is that the longevity of the monopolization of political power by one ethnic group in multi-racial societies depends on the nature of its exercise. The ethnic fulcrum of absolute power is not an idea that finds rejection among the controlling racial community. Once power is used in the interest of the race group, its members are content to condone and support the permanent access to power It is when the monopolization begins to take on elements of corruptibility and moral turpitude that its time span becomes jeopardized. Guyana has seen two examples of such a process. The first was in the Forbes Burnham regime. African Guyanese saw politics in a zero sum game in the immediate post-colonial period. Through a brilliant interpretation of Guyanese sociology, Mr. Burnham successfully explained to African constituencies that the two major communities – African and Indian— coexisted in a plural society where each one constituted a distinct world. Indians were in agriculture, capitalist activities and were rural folks with their own cultural institutions and religion. Africans were publicoriented individuals whose existence could be found in education, academia and public institutions. Mr. Burnham adumbrated an ideology of African survival based on its numerical disadvantage. If free elections were allowed, Africans would be dominated by a competing ethnic community

that had already had economic power and would merge it with political power if the Indian-led PPP Government would win at election time. An erudite Burnham warned African Guyanese that Indian hegemony would result in the disappearance of African worth in a country that freed slaves helped to create. Looking at the present shape of political sociology in Guyana, Mr. Burnham was way ahead of his time. From 1968 to 1978, Mr. Burnham’s monopolization of power was accepted by African Guyanese. As Mr. Burnham consolidated his rule and as his power base widened, authoritarian features appeared in his governorship. The postcolonial support that Burnham received from theAfrican middle class and trade union movement began to wane. The postcolonial expectations of the masses added to the weakening of the Burnham regime. A monarchial constitution, dictatorial behaviour, militarization of the society and oppressive policies made the Burnham Government an unpopular administration. An African opposition to the Burnham Government took shape led by brilliant members of the African middle class which found expression in the Working People’s Alliance. Through the activities of the WPA, African constituencies defected from Burnham’s authoritarian agenda. By the time his party lost power in 1992, Africans had lost hope in their party, the PNC.

The 1992 general election brought the Indian-led PPP Government to power. Openly hostile to African Guyanese and blatantly discriminating against African Guyanese, East Indians in Guyana solidly voted four times for the PPP in general elections stretching from 1992 to 2006. By 2001, Indians took satisfaction in their domination of the Guyanese society through the mechanism of their party, the PPP. By 2006 after the successful extermination of a devastating criminal syndrome, the monopolization of power was complete. But there was a difference with the previous absolutism under President Burnham. By 2006, the monopolization of power was more extensive. The ruling PPP had gone beyond the Burnham regime in shaping Guyana into a one-dimensional society. In no other CARICOM territory was state control over the society so extensive. Indians were content to accept this because it benefited them. State policies favoured Indians and marginalized Africans. By 2007, a creeping fascistization showed its ugly head in the exercise of power. This was accompanied by unimaginable levels of corruption, incompetence and immorality. A 2003 covenant with drug traffickers to fight a criminal network led to the establishment of a seminarco state with horrible consequences for social stability. The post 2006 Indian Government in Guyana not

only displayed incredible levels of arrogance and inhuman attitudes but its President began to exceed the excesses of President Burnham. In a strange but fascinating repetition of history, an Indian middle class began to defect from the authoritarian agenda. By 2009, the opposition party, the Alliance for Change had among its leaders Indian professionals and many rich Diaspora Indians who were simply disgusted with the corruption and immoral conduct of the Indian led PPP. Outside of the AFC, Indian voices began to take shape against the Government. This situation has climaxed in an election campaign where all the signs point to a loss of power through a voting pattern that

would see a large percentage of Indians voting against their own ethnic party. We can call this the final exit for the Indians from a long journey of support for power monopolization The point of this essay is that ethnically based power could last for a long time once it is accompanied by the careful use of authority with consistent moments of democratic and just behaviour. The supporting ethnic base will withdraw its support once it is convinced that a destructive course will continue if its own leaders remain in power. We end with an established fact that is of immense sociological importance. It wasn’t Indian pressure that undermined the Burnham

Frederick Kissoon Government. It was the relentlessness that came from African Guyanese. In the case of the PPP regime, it is the gradual alienation of East Indians that has caused the loss of confidence which translated into electoral defeat. What this means is that the pattern in Guyana reveals that ethnically based power can only be dissolved by the very members of the race group that originally benefited from such power.

Dem boys seh ...

Hen See Hen old Guana sink he teeth pun young leaf Dem have a saying that old iguana like young leaf. Well a old Guana at Hen See Hen in hot water and is not de first time. Dem boys get de news that he pick a young leaf that been doing work study in de same Hen See Hen. De story claim that de old Guana use tricks fuh get de young leaf and now de police checking pun de tricks. He begging because dem got some seasoned Guana in Lot 12 waiting fuh eat he leaf when he come in. He gun find out that dem in Lot 12 don’t use de trick he use. Is rough when dem dealing wid

people. De hospital done check de young leaf and while dem boys seh that de father trying fuh cover down de situation, boat done gone a falls. But dem have one place that trying fuh tun back he boat. Caribbean Temptations looking fuh cooks, fuh dispatchers who gun carry out de food and dem want bouncers. When dem boys hear, dem think was fast bowlers. Is when dem see Irfaat at de place dem understand wha dem really looking for. Dem want man wid size. Brazzy in de runnings because he got de size. A

lawyer name Randy Skirt On in de running. Shaatie put in he application but de people at de restaurant seh that while he got de size, he too short. A man recommend de Lunch Man but he got a bad foot suh he can’t qualify. Nigel Huge mek de grade because he got size but Khemraj ain’t got nutten. Uncle Donald done announce that he too old fuh any bouncing. And why dem want bouncers? Fuh people like de old Hen See Hen Guana who can’t see young meat. Talk half and wait fuh story from Hen See Hen.

Tuesday October 09, 2012

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Tuesday October 09, 2012

Opposition warns of mass protest if Rohee does not resign

The political opposition has warned Government of an organised protest if within the next 48 hours Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee is not removed from office. The political parties say that it is clear that Rohee is unfit for the portfolio. They pointed to the escalation of killings by police ranks and to unsolved crimes. The Alliance For Change (AFC) and A Partnership of National Unity (APNU) say that calls were also made for mass demonstrations for what is being deemed as a national crisis in the wake of recent killings. Gathered in protest yesterday at the office of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Eve Leary were Leader of APNU David Granger, APNU Member of Parliament Joseph Harmon, APNU Member of Parliament Basil Williams, Chairman of the AFC Nigel Hughes, social activist Mark Benschop and over a dozen mothers who held placards, chanting “Rohee must go!” The protest is a result of the killing of 21-year old Dameon Belgrave last Friday

Some of the protestors in front of the Ministry of Home Affairs yesterday. outside of White Castle Fish Shop, Hadfield Street. Some of the placards bearing the photo of Minister of Home Affairs Clement with an “X” over it read: “PPP/C how many more must die?”; “PNC/R demands justice”; “Stop killing our sons”; “Today Shaquille, tomorrow Dameon; who’s next?”; and

“No more police killings.” There was also a mini coffin in front of the agency bearing the writing “How many more, Rohee?” Chairman of the AFC, Nigel Hughes, said that if the President and Commissioner of Police cannot guarantee the rule of law, then the country is in a dangerous

state. “There can be no peace without justice.” Underscoring that the issue is not a political one, Hughes said the entire society must take note and come out and support the protest, until the government understands the seriousness of the issue. “This is not a political crisis, this is a national crisis in so far as citizens in the country are going to be executed by the police. We either decide as a country to have the rule of law or people who perceive themselves to be under threat from the state…We have been down that road before and we do not want to go down that road again. “We know how precarious this was in the past; we had the crime wave and a lot of things might have triggered that; might well have been because of people feeling that they had no recourse to law,” Chairman of

the AFC Nigel Hughes explained. He said that the private sector, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’s), and socials organisations must speak out. “You can’t be having a social drink in a public place abiding by the law and end up dead, that is not acceptable and it is not a political issue.” He said that if no other organisations take the mantle to lead a protest and speak out against the situation, then the opposition parties must play their role. “The confidence in the police force is at an all time low.” APNU Member of Parliament Joseph Harmon said that the event of the mass protest will be a national effort and not just about political parties. The brutal killing must be condemned. He said the protest organised by the APNU and AFC will be carried today (October 9, 2012) to the Office

of the President with a larger crowd. “We do not acknowledge Mr. Rohee as the Minister of Home Affairs. I am saying to Mr Brumell that if he does not take stock of himself, he is to prepare his retirement plans so that we can have proper arrangements within the police force so there is a proper police structure. If Mr. Brumell decides to stay silent of these issues then Mr. Brumell will also have to go,” Harmon warns. Leader of APNU, Brig. David Granger said that there is a need for a new Minister of Home Affairs because for six years the Minister has not been allowed to control murders and extra-judicial killings. “In order to achieve a safer society, the Minister needs to be replaced. The way the Ministry of Home Affairs and the police force are being administered leaves a lot to be desired.”

Tuesday October 09, 2012

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Corentyne double-murder Guyanese in Dubai jail suddenly - faces deportation released suspect dies By Ray Chickrie

Dead: Flory Papiah

Dead: Deodat ‘Simon’ Persaud

Dead: Jennifer Pooran

A man who admitted to killing two women in the Corentyne backdam, two Saturdays ago, has died, police confirmed yesterday. Twenty-one year-old Deodat Persaud called ‘Simon’, of Miss Phoebe, Port Mourant, Corentyne, had drank a poisonous substance after returning from the area where he had hidden the bodies of Flory Papiah, 33, and Jennifer Pooran, 19, under some branches. Both of the women were broom vendors who had gone to the Adventure, Corentyne backdam to cut branches to

make brooms. Persaud, who had been living with the women, admitted orally that he killed them, police said in the statement yesterday. Both Papiah and Pooran had their throats slashed. Persaud had ingested a poisonous liquid before being apprehended and was hospitalised since the September 30th discovery of the bodies. According to a relative, Papiah, who has two daughters, aged 15 and 13, was chopped across her face, back and hands. Sources said that Pooran’s neck was severed and her body also

bore other wounds. A cutlass, some clothes and a bag were reportedly found at the scene. Persaud was said to be Papiah’s nephew. The man had initially claimed that while at Adventure, some men held the three of them at gunpoint and told him to drink poison and run. He reportedly also said that the men then abducted the two women. One of Papiah’s daughters told Kaieteur News that her mother’s friend, 19-year-old Pooran, (Continued on page 19)

D u b a i ( - In a dramatic turn of events in the ongoing ordeal of Guyanese national, Abdul Kalam Sattaur, a diamond trader based in Brazil and who had been in a Dubai jail since last August for alleged possession of a forged US$100 bill, was released from detention Sunday morning. A police officer reportedly visited Sattaur’s cell, and told him to pack all his belongings. When Sattaur inquired, the officer told him that he was found guilty of being in possession of a forged US$100 bill and had been sentenced to a year in prison. However, the officer added, since Sattaur had been in detention since August last year, he would be released and deported, Sattaur revealed to Guyana’s ambassador in Kuwait, Dr Odeen Ishmael, in a telephone conversation. The officer took Sattaur’s airline ticket to make arrangements for his deportation to Guyana. Sattaur has now been moved to the Dubai Central Jail to

Freed: Abdul Kalam Sattaur await deportation. Legally, Sattaur served more than a year in jail, since a one-year sentence is actually nine months and he had been in jail since last August. His one-year sentence would therefore have expired last May and there is some concern that this could be another ploy to keep Sattaur languishing in UAE’s Central Jail, instead of deporting him immediately to Guyana. Sattaur said he is relieved that he will be sent home, yet is astonished over the way

“justice” was meted out. He never met the lawyer assigned to his case; never saw the evidence against him; never appeared before a judge to plead his case and, curiously, no one ever checked the money he had in his possession, yet the authorities claimed he had a forged US$100 bill. In a case that has been shrouded in secrecy and an apparent violation of international human rights conventions by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), questions have been raised as to the type of justice system that exists in the UAE. It has also shed light on the lack of transparency and accountability of the UAE to disclose information to another member state of the United Nations. Fortunately, Sattaur was eventually able to make contact with Ambassador Ishmael, at the Guyana Embassy in Kuwait, who began monitoring his ordeal on a daily basis. The UAE acted only after this case attracted media attention when it was first made public by Caribbean News Now, and subsequent follow-up stories.

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Tuesday October 09, 2012

Tuesday October 09, 2012

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Customs broker remanded for marijuana in pumpkins A Customs broker has been arraigned for allegedly trafficking a quantity of cannabis which was found concealed in a batch of pumpkins. Police say that between December 20, 2011 and January 10 last, at the Guyana National Industrial Corporation (GNIC) wharf, Lombard Street, Malcolm Sonaram of Lot 188 Garnett Street, Albouystown, had 19 kilos 930 grams of cannabis in his possession which was intended to be used for trafficking. The 38-year-old resident of Albouystown and father of four pleaded not guilty to the charge when he faced Chief Magistrate (Ag) Priya Sewnarine -Beharry at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court yesterday. According to additional police information, Sonaram was involved in transacting arrangements for a shipment of pumpkins in which a quantity of l e a v e s , s eeds and stems suspected to be cannabis were hidden. Sonaram is being

Malcolm Sonaram leaving the courthouse yesterday. represented by Defense Counsel Sanjeev Datadin who requested bail. Datadin explained that his client is just the Customs broker overseeing the consignment, that he had no actual control over it. The lawyer further noted

that his client had no direct power or knowledge of the contents of the shipment. Datadin in his application said that the defendant has fully cooperated with the police throughout the entire investigation, has attended court numerous times in relation to the matter and is currently nursing a severe ankle injury for which he needs physiotherapy. Attorney-at-law Vic Puran who entered an appearance amicus in the matter supported his colleague’s call for bail. Puran informed the court that while he has had some attachment to the case the police have never detained anyone else, including the owner of the shipment, in relation to the issue. However, Police Prosecutor Kerry Bostwick stated that the file had been sent to the Director of Public Prosecution for advice and as a result the defendant has been charged and brought before the court. Sonaram was denied bail and the matter adjourned to today, Oct 9.

Councilor nabbed with 500 counterfeit tickets at Essequibo Night A Region Two Democratic Councillor for the ruling party was on Saturday night caught with some 500 counterfeit tickets printed for the recently held Essequibo Night and Agriculture Fair over the weekend. Emerging reports have indicated that the tickets had no indication of a stamp or as being produced by the hosts. The counterfeit was detected after people who had purchased tickets from a booth managed by the ruling party were held up at the gate. Gaveskar Dasrath, a/k “Nut Man”, a vendor who usually sells parched nuts , said that he had attended the

show and had purchased two tickets – one, an adult, for himself and the other for his son. He said that as he attempted to enter the ground on Saturday night, a police officer threatened to arrest him. Dasrath said that he became very angry and he started to ascertain if it was his fault. After intervention by some senior Regional Officials, he was allowed to go in, along with four other persons who had also unknowingly purchased the counterfeit tickets. Dasrath said he expects a thorough investigation into the matter.

Another resident said that this practice is only a repeat of what has been going on over the years. On Friday and Saturday nights, Essequibo hosted its tenth annual Essequibo Night and Agriculture Fair. There is uncertainty whether charges would be laid against those found with the counterfeit tickets. It is also unclear if the police would seek to determine the location of the printer and the printer of the counterfeit tickets. The woman who was found with 500 of the tickets was released on station bail, hours after she was taken to the Aurora Police Station for questioning.

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Murders down by seven percent The Guyana Police Force has recorded a decrease in murders and some other serious offences up to September. But the Force has also seen a 19 percent rise in reports of robbery under arms up to the same period. According to statistics released yesterday, there was a seven percent drop in murders, with 95 recorded murders up to September 2012, in comparison to 102 for the same period last year. Of the 95 murders, 43 were of the disorderly type, six were committed during armed robberies, 20 were domestic-related; six were execution type, while the other 20 are so far undetermined. However, the report also stated that robbery under arms increased by 19 percent up to September 2012. There were 749 reports compared to

19 percent rise in armed robberies - Police 627 for the same period in 2011. The statistics indicate an increase of 17 percent in the number of robberies involving the use of firearms, and a 24 percent increase in robberies where instruments other than firearms were used by the perpetrators. In relation to traffic, there has been a seven percent reduction in road fatalities up to the end of September this year in comparison to the same period last year, with 82 fatalities this year and 88 last year. The year also continues to see reductions in relation to the other categories of traffic accidents – serious, minor and damage. The report said that 25 of

the dead were pedestrians; 15 were pedal cyclists and 11 motor cyclists; 17 drivers of motor vehicles also lost their lives up to September this year. The Force noted that speeding continues to be a major contributing factor to fatal accidents, causing 56 of the 75 fatal accidents up to the period recorded. Traffic enforcement by the police has resulted in a total of 50,592 cases being made against errant motorists by the end of September this year. Of this number a total 11,035 cases were for speeding. One road fatality has been recorded so far for the month of October 2012.

Teenaged “Party Promoter” jailed for Narcotics An 18-year-old female from Kitty was yesterday refused bail when she appeared before Chief Magistrate (Ag) Priya Sewnarine-Beharry on a drug possession charge.

Party Promoter, Ariel Khan denied having 26 grams of marijuana in her possession for trafficking. According to information, Khan was found with a white bottle which

contained the suspected cannabis by CID ranks who were conducting a raid in Kitty on October 6. Khan is scheduled to return to court on October 10.

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Tuesday October 09, 2012

Trucks destroyed by mystery fire at Chateau Margot The owner of a mechanic shop at Chateau Margot, East Coast Demerara, is at his wits’ end to determine who was responsible for a fire that completely destroyed a truck and damaged two others early Sunday morning. Sham Jitlall awoke around 01:30 hours on Sunday only to find that three trucks which were in his care for repairs were on fire. Speaking with this newspaper yesterday, Jitlall said that he believes that the fire was deliberately set among a heap of garbage near the parked trucks. “My wife woke me up around one-thirty. When I look out through the window, I see this fire blazing and I raised an alarm. The neighbours come, but one of the trucks was already

destroyed,” Jitlall explained. He said that the police were contacted and they alerted the fire department which he said responded promptly. One GuySuCo fire tender and another from the city arrived and managed to contain the fire. One ERF Hauler was completely destroyed, while there was significant damage to a 4x4 TM and a Foden Tanker. The trucks are parked at a location that was previously an illegal dumpsite for garbage. According to Jitlall, the area’s Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) has prohibited the dumping of garbage there but persons, including the operators of a nearby furniture establishment, continue to dump there.

The completely destroyed ERF Hauler The mechanic strongly believes that with the shavings and sawdust, along

with other flammable material, it is easy to start a fire there. He plans to petition the NDC

to take stronger action to prevent the dumping of garbage at the site by

persons, especially the operators of the furniture factory.

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Tuesday October 09, 2012

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Going back to basics - is the Police Force listening? By Dale Andrews Within recent times the Guyana Police Force has come under the microscope. As the premier law enforcement agency tasked with public safety and security, it is evident that the Force is plagued by a gamut of internal issues, not least the recent fatal shootings involving its members. At present the force is grappling with the fallout from the fatal shooting of three Linden men. This is the main subject of a commission of inquiry currently underway. Added to this, is the shooting of Shaquille Grant of Agricola for which three cops have been charged with murder. And more recently, there has been the fatal shooting of Dameon Belgrave by some ranks, outside a crowded city nightspot. All of this has placed the Guyana Police Force under a cloud and begs for an explanation as to what training and intelligence are imparted into the ranks that are mandated to protect citizens. While all of the transgressions are not confined to a particular department of the Guyana Police Force, the Tactical Services Unit appears to be in the limelight, given the roll they perform in the maintenance of law and order. The unit is usually the most heavily armed and the ranks are trained to deal with, in most cases, violent crimes and riots. Many see this unit as being made up of the ‘bad eggs’ of the Force. Some years ago Professor David Fraser from the California State University, while visiting Guyana and having linked with members of the Guyana Police Force,

Dameon Belgrave

Shaquille Grant

Shemroy Bouyea

had offered to do a series of lectures for the senior leadership of the organization. In one of his lectures, he stated, “I have formed the impression that you guys recruit into the ranks, persons because you want to give them a job and not necessarily that they can do the job.” Ever so often the police have been forced to place a number of its ranks before the courts for other minor transgression that were basically committed out of ignorance or utter disregard for the oath they took. Renowned social psychologist Sigmund Freud in his book “Understanding human behaviour for effective police work” posited decades ago, that in times to come the policeman, firearm, baton, handcuffs and uniform will no longer be sufficient to address the issue of crime and criminality. There would be an increasing need for the policeman to improve his intellectual armament. Failing to do this, he would be performing mere mechanical movements”- the policeman will become like a machine; you press a button and he stops or moves, as you wish. The much vaunted

Disciplined Forces Commission of Inquiry in its report which was submitted in December 2004, surmised under the caption ‘recruitment’, that “the number of ranks in the officer corps are there with the power of rank as against the power of intelligence.” All of these tie into the challenges facing law and order in Guyana. This newspaper was reliably informed that for some time now, the Tactical Services Unit has been involved in the direct recruitment to fill its ranks. The TSU also benefits from manpower from the Felix Austin Police College. “Many of those recruits, while not dissimilar to those recruited to those from the training school, are confined to the TSU where they undergo training in keeping with the mandate of the TSU,” Many of these ranks are young, and being confined to that environment where they only know about guard and sentry, and patrol, they are illequipped to deal with the average police functions. In fact, they lack the human relations skills vital to law enforcement, yet they carry “big guns” and engage

with everybody as they would engage the common criminal. No wonder there are so many allegations that the Tactical Services Unit ranks, who have an anti crime function, are now the traffic police and everyday there are complaints of them “shaking down” somebody. There was a time when most police ranks wanted to be a detective, not so now. The widely held view within the force is that most recruits are expressing a desire to be part of the TSU. The fact is that they can have specialised training and

Corentyne double-murder... (From page 13) had been living at her mother’s home for over two years. Pooran, who is survived by a two-year-old son, sold icicles and would assist with chores. Both women had resided briefly in Suriname. Papiah’s daughter had said that on the Saturday of her death, the two women and Persaud left to cut coconut branches and ‘strip broom’ at Adventure, Corentyne. She said that around 11:00 hrs, Persaud returned alone, and when she enquired about her mother, the man said that Papiah had left to sell brooms. The daughter recalled that Persaud had left wearing a white vest, but was not wearing the garment when he

returned. According to her, the man returned about 30 minutes later and began to vomit.”He then ran inside and started to vomit and when I asked him what happen he did not answer”. He ran inside and collapsed. She raised an alarm and Persaud was rushed to the Port Mourant Hospital before being transferred to the New Amsterdam Hospital. There are reports that he attempted to escape from the

latter facility. The girl stated that her uncles and other relatives made a missing report at the Whim Police Station at around 16:30 hrs on Saturday, September 29th. They then searched late into the evening for the missing women but failed to locate them. Accompanied by police, they returned the following day and eventually located the women’s mutilated corpses under a pile of coconut branches.

will be allowed to carry guns. Rumours are circulating that some members of the TSU under the sanctioning of the senior level of the force are providing security for private businesses. This had prompted Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee to remark some time ago that policemen are earning more than one salary. A senior police officer has indicated that with all that is happening within the force right now, another senior officers’ course would have been one of the best courses to organise at this time. This newspaper understands that a lot of effort was expended in preparing the programme and selecting the participants. However, Kaieteur News has been informed that the programme would have to wait until next year to facilitate those who have to go on leave. It was Minister Rohee who had slashed the annual leave of senior officers, citing the need to have them around in case of unforeseen circumstances. “Because of the extant circumstances, it was considered prudent to facilitate the officers’ annual leave in tranches during the

year, in order to ensure that an adequate number of senior management is available at short notice to address any unforeseen or unplanned events.” With all that is happening now the question can therefore be asked, is this period not such a time? Given that the course would have been for a one month duration and with inputs from the University of Guyana already finalized, one would have thought that it would have been a golden opportunity for the Force to “regroup and retool” in order to bring back some form of professionalism. Amidst all of this, is it any wonder that the current conduct of the officers in particular, who are before the Commission of Inquiry into the Linden killings, seem to be consistent with the current psyche of the Force. The evidence given by these officers and their marked inability to recall even the most basic of information is clearly indicative that there are many things wrong with the Guyana Police Force. Time and again we hear the words, “it is time to go back to basics”. Is anyone listening?

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Tuesday October 09, 2012

Tuesday October 09, 2012

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Guyanese woman among three killed in - was travelling to see pregnant Antiguan plane crash daughter in Montserrat hospital

Basseterre, St. Kitts (WINN): Three people are now confirmed dead as a result of a plane crash in Antigua on Sunday afternoon. A fourth person is in a critical condition at the Mount St John's Medical Centre. Among those dead is pilot Captain Jason Forbes, a national of Antigua. Forbes and one female passenger died on the scene. It was initially reported that the female passenger who died on the scene was a British tourist. WINN FM has since learned from sources on Montserrat, that she was resident on the island, a Jamaican national who taught Maths at the Montserrat Secondary

School. The third passenger, another woman, was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at hospital. Kaieteur News was told by honorary consul for Antigua, Robert 'Bobby' Reis, that the woman has being identified as Sandrana Poligadu. According to Reis the woman's daughter lives in Montserrat and was in the hospital. Kaieteur News was told that the mother was going to her daughter. The nine-seater Britten Norman Islander Registration Fly Montserrat flight 107 had just taken off from the VC Bird International Airport just after 4:00 p.m. destined for Montserrat, when it crashed onto Runway Seven.

Reports indicate that the third victim was a Guyanese national who was on her way to Montserrat to visit her daughter. The sole survivor is a young man, believed to be a Montserratian. At a hastily called press conference on Sunday night, Airport officials said that though there had been rain and lightening during the afternoon, at the time that the aircraft took off, the weather was clear. Brenton Henry, Senior Journalist from Antigua's Observer Radio was the first reporter on the scene following Sunday's crash, and he attended the press conference. He spoke with WINN FM on Monday morning.

Guyanese businessman is third murder victim for year in Montserrat Monterrat ( - A third victim of homicide so far for 2012 has been reported in Montserrat. The latest victim to have been criminally killed on the island is Guyanese national and local small business owner, Aubrey Barry. Barry, who was known by many, having lived on the island for a number of years, operated a mini-mart in the village of Cudjoe Head, selling vegetables and other convenient household items. He died on Thursday, October 4. According to the MNIalive website, while the facts surrounding the murder of Barry are still sketchy, multiple reports said that Barry was fatally assaulted by a known assailant of Jamaican origin, known locally

by the name of Orin Evans. Evans, it is alleged, is employed in the service of Her Majesty’s Prison on Montserrat. According to the report, Barry was so seriously wounded that he had to be airlifted from the island of Montserrat to Barbados for further medical assistance. Fly Montserrat has confirmed that it performed this medivac service. It further confirmed that the airline was first alerted to the emergency requirement at 3:00AM on Thursday, October 4, but for reasons outside of its control the medivac did not take off until 6:45AM. Barry eventually succumbed to his wounds shortly after arriving and was pronounced dead. It was unclear what happened to his attacker.

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Tuesday October 09, 2012

Tuesday October 09, 2012

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Woman, 26, burnt Driver allegedly swerves with boiling oil from woman, crashes car


26-year-old woman was yesterday burnt by her neighbour with a pot of hot oil mixed with an unknown substance. Latoya Glynn of Lot 34 East La Penitence, G e o rg e t o w n i s a t t h e Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) nursing burns to her hands, abdomen and face. Her neighbour, said to be in her late forties, is on the run. According to Glynn’s mother, Marilyn Bancroft, their neighbour who resides next door (they share range houses) had an “ongoing” problem with her daughter for quite a while. The highly upset mother claimed that the problem between her neighbour and daughter stemmed from “jealousy.” “This woman jealous my daughter. If my daughter wear new fashion clothes is a problem for this woman. We even went to court already,” the mother claimed. Bancroft explained that her daughter and their neighbour had an exchange of words early yesterday,

The burnt woman

which may be the reason why her neighbour poured the pot of hot oil on her. “When my daughter was going out the door, she (the neighbour) stretch over and pushed our door and fling the pot of hot oil on her and then she run in she house and lock the door,” the mother claimed. Glynn, a mother of one,

- neighbour on the run

was subsequently rushed to GPHC, where she was being treated. “This girl (Glynn) had Cesarean only three years back and now she get burn on her belly. Look how people could get their death,” the mother stressed. Up to press time yesterday, police were unable to arrest the woman.

Information was sketchy about this accident but Kaieteur News understands that this car which was being driven by a young man of Tain, Corentyne, Berbice on Sunday evening was travelling at a fast rate on the No19 Public Road when the driver alleged that he saw a woman in the middle of the

thoroughfare. He allegedly told investigators that he swerved to avoid hitting the woman and crashed into a lamp post. The car was badly damaged while the driver was taken to the New Amsterdam hospital where he was admitted.

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Kaieteur News

Wife charged with fisherman’s murder The wife of the 23-yearold fisherman, Sam Lall who died from a stab wound to his chest was yesterday remanded to jail after being charged with his murder. Hilda Beaton, who reportedly had a seven-year relationship with Lall, appeared at the Sparendaam Magistrate’s Court before Magistrate Alex Moore. It is alleged that on October 2, last, at Lot 631 Block 8, Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara (ECD), she stabbed Lall to death. She was not required to plead to the offence. She was remanded to prison until November 9, next.

Sam Lall

Two persons were yesterday denied bail by Magistrate Alan Wilson on separate incidents of trafficking in narcotics. Emmanuel Persaud is accused of being in possession of eight grams of cocaine while at his Lot 116 Barr Street, Kitty home while Vivian Burton Norville was found with 270 grams of marijuana at his residence which is located at Lot 163 Alexander Street Kitty. They pleaded not guilty to the charges. On October 5, ranks of the

Anti Narcotics Unit acting on reliable information went to the addresses of the two defendants and conducted searches on their person and premises. The police unearthed a packet with cocaine from the pocket of a shirt belonging to Persaud which was hanging in a closet while a quantity of leaves, seeds and stems suspected to be cannabis was found hidden in Norville’s bedroom. The matters against the duo will be called again on October 11.

Two on narcotics charge denied bail

Tuesday October 09, 2012

Chris Ram says Luncheon, NIS board must resign Former Chairman of the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) Reform Project, Christopher Ram, is calling for the immediate resignation of Dr. Roger Luncheon amidst revelations that the fund is in serious trouble. Dr Luncheon, the current Chairman of the Board of Directors, is also the Head of the Presidential Secretariat and the Secretary to the Cabinet of Ministers. Ram, an accountant and lawyer, who has been fiercely critical of Government and its policies, noted that Dr Luncheon is a powerful figure within government who under his watch as Chairman of NIS did nothing to ensure that the fund, which is a main source of income for thousands of pensions, was protected. “I am calling for Dr. Luncheon to resign. He and other board members have been there for several years now.” NIS recently warned that it is worrying and hopes to find urgent solutions as expenses will exceed income by year end. NIS earns income from investments and contributions. According to Ram, the last periodical actuarial review of NIS had been completed before the CLICO financial

fallout and as such, included income from the investments that NIS had in CLICO. Despite this, NIS accounts continued at the end of 2010 to show income from CLICO. “As I already stated, this was an extremely dangerous thing to do and Dr Luncheon alone cannot be blamed. We have to also blame former President Bharrat Jagdeo and Minister of Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh and even the Minister before that.” Many workers, especially public servants, are especially dependent on the NIS pensions after they would have retired. The scheme also issues vouchers for spectacles and medical treatments. Ram noted that the NIS Act made it clear that the scheme could only invest in securities approved by the Cooperative Finance Administration, a body that the Finance Minister chairs. The accountant claimed that since 2009 he had written the Minister on the nature of its investments but to date has not received any replies. “What has made this matter worse is that despite the recommendations of the most recent actuarial a few years ago, it is becoming clearer that over the last ten

years or so, the politics have hampered the proper running of NIS.” According to Ram, it is becoming clearer that NIS is not a serious consideration for Government despite its significance and implications to Guyanese. In recent years, the expenditure and income gap has been narrowing. This, the accountant said, was being made worse by the $5B “hole” in the accounts of NIS from the collapse of CLICO. “It is obvious that we can’t wait anymore. Solutions must be found for NIS and found now. The future does not look good. Dr Luncheon should do the honorable thing now and resign and the entire Board of Directors be revamped.” Recently, Leader of the Alliance For Change, Khemraj Ramjattan also called for the resignation of Dr. Luncheon. NIS during its 43rd Anniversary admitted that immediate reforms are needed at that state-owned agency. “The year 2012 has issued in a period of importance for the scheme and importantly for its stakeholders. The challenge of maintaining its financial viability has become even more pressing and it is evident that immediate

solutions are necessary,” NIS said in a statement from Board Chairman, Dr. Roger Luncheon It was established in September 1969 to maintain a system of social security through which enough income is secured to take the place of earnings when such are interrupted by sickness or accident. The scheme was to also provide for retirement through age and sudden death of a breadwinner. “Expenditure has risen in the face of payments for rising benefits claims, particularly those related to long-term old age pension. The situation has been compounded by rising commodity prices for goods and services needed by the scheme for its operations.” According to the Board Chairman, on the other hand, revenue growth has stalled, lagging behind expenditure growth. “Contribution income growth has not occurred adequately and investment income growth by the scheme has not been forthcoming. The continuation of this current dispensation is clearly not an option. Aggressive and immediate reforms are required to enhance growth in revenue and to control expenditure.”

Tuesday October 09, 2012

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday October 09, 2012

East Bank Demerara four-lane expansion ...

‘Way behind schedule’- Public Works

Stalled road works at Diamond

Construction works to expand the East Bank Demerara Public Road into a four-lane facility from Providence to Diamond are “way behind schedule”, says an Engineer of the Public Works Ministry. According to the engineer, the project duration of 18 months may be

extended by another four months because of delays and poor weather during the initial phase of construction and current efforts to relocate utilities. Several weeks ago works being carried out along the stretch had stalled in Lot Three (from Diamond ‘high bridge’ to Diamond Housing Scheme entrance) and slowed

in the other lots because of the presence of utility poles and pipelines. The engineer said that initially when the consultants did the designs, provisions were made in the contract for the relocation of utilities, but while executing works, the cost estimated by consultants was more than that estimated

by the utility companies. The Inter-American Development Bank was approached to provide additional funding, outside of the contract, for the relocation. The engineer said that Guyana Power and Light Incorporated has completed 90 percent of its relocation. The presence of poles did not

significantly hinder works in Lot Two (Covent Garden to Diamond ‘high bridge’) since the contractor is working to transform canefields into roadways. Meanwhile, the Guyana Water Incorporated has awarded contracts totaling $96.2M for the relocation of pipelines and conduits from

Providence to Diamond Housing Scheme. The contractor is currently mobilizing resources to commence works. According to the engineer, the contractor and a team will have a walkthrough this week. Actual removal of the pipelines and conduits will take about four to six weeks.

Tuesday October 09, 2012

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Tuesday October 09, 2012

Tuesday October 09, 2012

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Lethem arms cache…

Police issue wanted bulletin for Ricardo Rodrigues, ‘Bora’ Following last week’s major arms find at Lethem in the Rupununi, the Guyana Police Force has issued wanted bulletins for two men, whom they believe are major players in the whole scenario. Police said that the two men, Ricardo Ignatius Rodrigues, called “Fatman” and Clive Lloyd King, called “Bora” are wanted by the police for questioning in relation to the unlawful possession of arms and ammunition. According to the police, the 41-year old Rodrigues is of mixed race. His last known addresses are Lot 24 Bel Air Gardens, Lot 19 Belvoir Court, Bel Air Village, Lamaha Gardens and Mahdia (Gold Mining Concession). Rodrigues was at one time linked to self c o n f e s s e d d r u g d e a l e r, Shaheed ‘Roger’ Khan who is serving a 14-year sentence in the United States of America. Clive Lloyd King was also described as being of mixed race. He is 36 years old and his address is listed as

Store Woman remanded for employees cocaine in luggage Alana Angel of Arapaima Coast Berbice while she was on bail for Avenue, Guyhoc Park, who a passenger of motorcar was allegedly intercepted PPP7192 which was heading stealing with 458 grams of cocaine and to Corentyne. half of gram of cannabis in her luggage, was yesterday remanded to prison by Magistrate Adela Nagamootoo. Angel pleaded not guilty to the two drug related charges when she appeared at the New Amsterdam Magistrate’s Court. Police are alleging that Angel was intercepted during a road block at Palmyra, East

Ricardo Rodrigues

Clive King ak Bora

Tabatinga, North Lethem. Police say anyone with information that may lead to the arrest of Ricardo Ignatius Rodrigues c/d “Fatman” and Clive Lloyd King c/d “Bora” is asked to contact the police on telephone numbers: 2261333, 225-2722, 772-2087, 225-8196, 225-6411, 911 or the nearest police station. All information will be treated with strict confidence. Last week Monday about 15:00 hours, the police conducted a search on a residence at Tabatinga, Lethem, “where the following

arms and ammunition and other articles were found: (a) Four automatic rifles (type yet to be confirmed) along with four magazines and 389 rounds 7.62×39 calibre ammunition; six M-16 rifles along with t w o m a g a z i nes and 74 matching rounds; two Shrapnel hand grenades; one Icon VHF radio set; one Icon hand-held radio set; and one roll of camouflage material.” A man and a woman were arrested. The man, 19-year-old Benedict Thompson was remanded to prison.

Page 29

Six other persons were also occupants of the car; however, police reportedly unearthed the cocaine from one of two bags that Angel had hidden between her legs. Attorneys- at- Law James Bond and Charandass Persaud entered an appearance on behalf of Angel. The matter will be recalled on November 1

GGMC moving to regulate lawless hinterland shops Government is moving to regularize shops in the hinterland after complaints of lawlessness and drugs with mining regulator wanting to have more of a say. The Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners A ssociation (GGDMA), yesterday, released a letter from the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment (MNRE) which disclosed that illegal shops in the hinterlands were hampering mining operations with the sale of alcohol, drugs and other illicit activities.

The Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) which regulates the industry, in the letter to Commission General Khurshid Sattaur of the Guyana Revenue A u t h o r i t y, in early S e p t e m b e r, a s k e d f o r permission to play a role in the issuance of the licences, including “issuing objections prior to the issuance of shop licences for mining/hinterland communities.” According to GGMC, it will move to expedite all applications once the requirements are met.

Vishan Pestano, 18, of Lot 173 Sunflower Circle, South Ruimveldt; Cohen Fordyce, 22, of Lot 739 “C” Field South Sophia; and Ryan Harris, 29, of Lot 124 Aubrey Barker Road, South Ruimveldt, were each granted bail in the sum of $30,000 on a joint charge of pilfering $56,500 worth of items which belonged to Hamid’s Hardware Store. The trio denied the allegation when their case was called up before Chief Magistrate (Ag) Priya Sewnarine –Beharry yesterday. Reports are that on October 4, the three suspects, who were all employed at the establishment as labourers plotted together to steal a hammer drill, concrete brush and a router from a storage bond situated in the upper region of the Regent Street store. Harris allegedly removed the items from the bond and gave them to Pestano who tossed them over a fence to Fordyce. One item was reportedly recovered at the home of Fordyce. Fordyce and Pestano later admitted to the crime in their caution statement whilst Harris maintained that he had nothing to do with the stolen articles.

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Tuesday October 09, 2012

Dr. Validen finally laid to rest After more than a month, the body of reclusive doctor, Charles Validen, was laid to rest yesterday, following a simple but moving funeral service at the Lyken Funeral chapel. It brought an end to one chapter surrounding the doctor’s death. It followed the arrival of his eldest and only surviving child, Jonathan, from Canada. This was after speculation that the dead doctor had a no next of kin. Jonathan Validen spoke of the absence of a real relationship with his father but he was quick to point out that his father opened up a great deal of opportunities for him in Canada for which he is eternally grateful. He said that he respected the difficult journey his father took to return to Guyana, leaving his family behind in Canada. Charles Validen was 76 years old when he was found lying dead on his bed in the locked bedroom of his threestorey house on Agriculture Road, Mon Repos. The Queen’s College old boy studied at St Andrews University in Scotland from where he graduated with a doctorate in Obstetrics and Gynecology. In 1968 he met his wife, Susan, a nurse and

- fortune seeker in police custody

Dr. Charles Validen they became married the following year. With his young wife, Dr. Validen returned to Guyana in 1973 but migrated to Canada the following year and settled in Thomas, Manitoba. He returned to Guyana 17 years later and opened his gynecology/obstetrician practice in Charlotte Street. Along with his private practice, he worked as an OB/ GYN Doctor at Davis Memorial Hospital. He practiced his profession until a few months before his death. He was also actively involved in assisting many local individuals with medical advice, through his HIV clinic. But even though his body

Jonathan Validen (right) and his uncle john Anderson sing a hymn during the funeral service for his father yesterday. has been laid to rest, there is still the issue of his vast estate to be settled. Several persons had claimed kinship to the dead doctor with the aim of cashing in on his vast wealth. Some

even plotted elaborate schemes going as far as hiring lawyers and justices of the peace to prove that they were related to Dr. Validen. They brought a troubled woman from the United States

of America to claim that she was Dr. Validen’s daughter. But when the scheme unraveled, the woman promptly disappeared. Still the schemers persisted, even removing

several vehicles and other expensive equipment from his property. This has led to at least two persons, including the dead doctor’s maid, being arrested by police.

Tuesday October 09, 2012

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Tuesday October 09, 2012

Tuesday October 09, 2012

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GFF Super League Preliminary Round

Uitvlugt edge NA Utd, BV Triumph beat Shattas Play in the Guyana Football Federation Super League preliminary round of matches opened on Sunday with two matches that resulted in wins for Uitvlugt and BV Triumph United. Up at the Blairmont Ground, Uitvlugt FC of West Demerara edged out NA United of Berbice by the odd goal in 5. NA United got their goals from Delroy Ferdinand in the 6th minute and former senior and junior national striker Adrian Adams, who slammed in a penalty in the 90th minute. Uitvlugt goals were scored in the 10th minute by Jamal Harvey who scored a penalty, Jamal Petty in the 27th and Marlon Brandis in the 66th minutes.

NA United received 2 cautions (yellow cards) and one player (Devon Ferdinand) was sent off (red carded), Uitvlugt had 2 players receiving yellow cards during the game. The return game between the two teams will be played at the Uitvlugt Ground on Sunday commencing at 15:30hrs. Down at the BV Community Centre Ground, BV/Triumph of East Demerara edged out Silver Shattas of Upper Demerara by 2 goals to 1. BV got their goals from Akin Curry 37th and former senior national striker Delroy Deen 66th min. Silver Shattas loan goal was scored by Colwin David in the 60th min. BV Triumph was shown 1 yellow card.

The return game will be played at GFC on Sunday commencing at 16:00 hrs. Meanwhile, the GFF 2012/ 13 Super League will commence on Sunday 28th October with 5 games at various venues, the teams playing this year are Alpha United FC, BK Western Tigers FC, Pele FC, Rosignol United FC, Amelia’s Ward FC, Milerock FC, Buxton United FC and Den Amstel FC. The winners of the play off will join the above mentioned teams bringing the total to 10 teams. A meeting will be held at the GFF Office on Tuesday 16th October commencing at 10:30hrs for all the participating teams in the Super League.

From back page National Fullbore captain Mahendra Persaud will lead the local squad with support from three overseas based shooters – Sigmund Douglas and John Fraser of the United States and former national captain Paul Archer now based in Canada.

squad are Dylan Fields (vice-captain), Ransford Goodluck, Lennox Braithwaite, Richard Fields, Claude Duguid;ACP retired Paul Slowe, Ryan Sampson, Lt. Col. Terrence Stuart, Peter Persaud and Charles Deane. Meanwhile, shooters from

hosted at a reception at the Banks DIH Thirst Park last night. The cordial atmosphere certainly belied the keen competition anticipated over the next few days as the respective Captains oozed confidence.

Local marksmen aim for success... The other members of the local the participating countries were

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2012 Neal and Massy Intermediate 50-Overs Cricket Competition in Berbice

Good all-round performances from Eon Abel, Charles Grimmond and Niroj Singh

The 2012 Neal and Massy Intermediate 50-Over Cricket Competition organised by the Berbice Cricket Board continued recently with three cricketers turning in same fine all-round performances. Offspinner Eon Abel took 3 for 24 which together with 3 for 14 from Derrick Narine Lalsa and 3 for 33 from Navindra Rampersaud saw D’Edward bowling out Blairmont Community Centre for a paltry 109. Then Abel, who is a former Berbice all-rounder, came back with the bat and slammed 62 N.O (2x4, 8x6) to steer D’Edward to an easy 7-wicket victory. Charles Grimmond scored a patient 54 to steer Police to a challenging total of 185 in 38 Overs against Young Warriors who’s 15 year old left arm pacer Kassim Khan picked up 4 for 34 from 5 Overs. When Warriors replied, they were not up to the task and fell for 173 with Grimmond coming back with his medium pace and taking 3 for 49. Former Berbice youth cricketer Niroj Adrian Singh scored 51 (5 fours and 2 sixes) which together with 56 (8 fours) coming from Guyana Under-19 cricketer Gudakesh Motie saw

Albion Community Centre posting 214 against Courtland All Star. With Singh coming back with his offspinners and taking 2 for 22 and Guyana Under-17 offspinner Sharaz Ramcharran 3 for 25, Courtland were bowled out for 164 in response with Keon Sinclair scoring 50. In scores from the matches played:At D’Edward, D’Edward beat Blairmont community Centre by 7 wickets. Blairmont Community Centre winning the toss and choosing to bat first made 109 in 29.1 Overs with Chandrika Harrynarine 41, Derick Narine Lalsa 3 for 14, Eon Abel 3 for 24, Navindra Rampersaud 3 for 33.

D’Edward 113 of 3 in 12.4 Overs with Eon Abel 62 n.o, Shabeer Baksh 2 for 19. At Cumberland, Albion Community Centre beat Courtland All Star by 50 runs. Albion community Centre, choosing to bat first made 214 in 50-Overs with Gadakesh Motie 56, Niroj Adrian Singh 51, John Percival 2 for 23, former Berbice pacer Eon Gibson 2 for 31, Troy Mathieson 2 for 29, Munilal Shivdyal 2 for 44. Courtland All Star 164 in 42 Overs with Keon Sinclair 50, Jamal Cort 23, Sharaz Ramcharran 3 for 25, Niroj Adrian Singh 2 for 22.

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Hand-in-Hand West Berbice Second Division 40-Overs Tournament The Bush Lot Cricket Ground was filled to capacity on Sunday last as the crowd turned up to witness the final of the first ever Berbice Cricket Board/Hand-in-Hand Insurance Company 40-Overs Tournament for teams in the West Berbice area. Cotton Tree Die Hard played brilliant all-round cricket to defeat favourite Hopetown United by 45 runs and in the process lift their first every major cricket title. Batting first after losing the toss, Cotton Tree was given a solid start of 41 in nine overs by openers Jagdeo Persaud and Roshan Gafoor before Persaud was caught off the bowling of Emerson Benjamin for 13. Cotton Tree then lost opener Gafoor for 10, Shazad Gafoor 8 and Ishwar Singh 4 to be in trouble at 56 for 4 in the eleventh over before Pooran Persaud 23 and Fizal Khan 36 added 50 for wicket. the 5 th Contributions from H.

Tuesday October 09, 2012

Cotton Tree Die Hard beat Hopetown United to claim title

Ibrahim 13 not out and Nashad Gafoor 15 enabled Cotton Tree Die Hard to reach 163 all out in 37.2 Overs. Bowling for Hopetown United Carwyn Wayne took 3 wickets for 12 runs, Claude Saul 2 for 31 and Emerson Benjamin 2 for 38. Needing to score 164 in 40-Overs to win, Hopetown United lost opener Darwin Nelson 9 at 25 for 1 in the seventh over to pacer Aszal Haroon and Tyrone Liverpool for 12 at 34 for 2 in the 8 th Over. Stephan Adams batting at No. 3 tried his best to hold the Hopetown batting together but his teammates inability to use their feet against spinners failed them badly as left arm spinner Wazar Hassan worked well. Adams top-scored with a well composed 51 (3x4, 1x6) before he was beaten in flight and stumped off the impressive Hassan who played at the first division level for Blairmont.

Only Ruel Edwards (12) and Claude Saul (15) offered any support to Adams as Hopetown were bowled out for 128 in 29.2 Overs. Pacer Azmal Haroon claimed bowling figures of 7.2-1-28-3 and Hassan 8-1-22-4 for the champions. The massive Cotton Tree group of supporters started celebrations when Hopetown No. 10 batsman Emerson Benjamin was bowled by Haroon to end the match. Treasurer of the Berbice Cricket Board Anil Beharry praised the two teams for their discipline and positive attitude during the finals and hailed the tournament as a huge success, Beharry expressed pleasure at the huge turnout of spectators throughout as it was the aim of the Berbice Cricket Board to get spectators to attend matches once again. President of the Berbice Cricket Board Keith Foster expressed gratitude to the

Management of the Handin-Hand Insurance Company for investing in Berbice Cricket. The Berbice Cricket Board, Foster stated was investing heavily in Berbice Cricket at the Zone Level in order to assist underperforming clubs to get organised. West Berbice for the rest of the year would also be benefitting from a two day Inter-district cricket match

and a 20/20 Inter-club tournament. Representative of the Hand-in-Hand Insurance Company William Lynton praised the Berbice Cricket Board for its excellence in organising the tournament. Ly n t o n e x p r e s s e d h i s pleasure at the standard of play in the final and the huge turnout of fans. He also stated that his company was pleased to be

associated with the Berbice Cricket Board. Captain of the Champions Roshan Gafoor praised both the Berbice Board and Handin-Hand for sponsoring a tournament for teams in West Berbice and stated that Cotton Tree Die Hard were proud to be champions. The winners took home $50,000 and a trophy, the runner up $30,000 and the Man of the finals $10,000 and a trophy.

Sanasie 40 over cricket in Leguan

Razack guides Satro to comfortable win

A fine all-round performance by Shazaad Razack inspired Satro to a comfortable 75 run victory over Blenheim as the Anand Sanasie 40 over cricket competition continued last Sunday in Leguan with one match at the Enterprise ground.

Shazaad Razack led with 40 and got support from Shahad Razack 30 as Satro posted a defendable 164 all out in 26.2 overs after taking first strike in a match which was reduced to 30 overs due to a wet pitch. Ahmad Shaw captured 3-15 and Surendra Tularam 2-20. Blenheim in reply found the

going tough and were bowled out in 15.3 overs for 89 with Fizul Mohamed scoring 52. Shazaad Razack returned to claim 6-15 off 4 overs for the winners. The competition continues on Sunday with Maryville facing Young Warriors at the same venue.

Tuesday October 09, 2012

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Ansa McAl onboard with BCCDA Premier 10/10 cricket tourney Sponsorship has started to roll in for the eagerly anticipated third edition of The Berbice Chamber of Commerce and Development Association Inter Agency Corporate Business in Sports (CBIS) 10/10 cricket competition, Exhibition and fun day, which is slated to be held on Saturday October 20th at the Albion Community Centre, beginning at 09:00hrs. Beverage giants Ansa McAl through its Berbice Branch Manager Mr Mark Bikhai recently presented a cheque for a significant amount towards the staging of the tournament. The event which will be staged for the third consecutive time is aimed at promoting unity and fostering better working relationships between entities and the public. The Tournament which was launched on October -3, will see some 15 teams participating, up from 14 with Ansa McAl coming forward to join the lot. The other teams entered are New Building Society, Demerara Bank, Guysuco, G&TT, Republic Bank, Hand in Hand Insurance, Oldendorff

Carriers, Regional Chairman Eleven, GPL, Edward B. Beharry Group of Companies, Metro, Nand Persaud Karibee Rice, Banks DIH and Neal and Massy. A mouth watering exhibition 20/20 game featuring a number of cricketing starts between Universal DVD Berbice Titans and arch rivals Hits and Jams Superstars will be played under floodlights. Among some of the stars on show will be the Crandon brothers, the Chattergoon brothers, Narsingh Deonarine, Andrea Percival, Rajiv Ivan, Renwick Batson, the Assad Fudadin, Devendra Bishoo, Jonathan Foo, Brandon Bess Veerasammy Permaul amongst others who will face off against the Hits and Jams Superstars. Fireworks displays and other entertainment packages will be a part of the night’s a c t i v i t y which will also include performances by popular entertainer “Granny Ivelaw”. Through a raffle system patrons will have an opportunity to walk away with a brand new Motorcycle which will be up for grab as the gate prize along with

Anil Beharry (left) collects the sponsorship from Mark Bhikhai of Ansa McAl smart phones and other electronic gadgets compliments of Digicel. Admission to the venue will be by the way of the raffle ticket which cost $300. Tickets will be available at selected dealers on the West Coast, New Amsterdam and Rose Hall. According to a

GCC awarded win after DCC's... From page 39 for 15 off Forrester. The visitors then lost Andrew Gibson for 12, Omesh Danram 6, and Jamal Hinckson for 24 before Squires and Linden Lyght got themselves involved in the run out which brought the game to an abrupt end. McKenzie, Forrester, Bacchus, Lord, Trevon France, Doman and Fernandes took one wicket each for the winners. GCC received the winning trophy and a cash prize for their efforts, while Fernandes was given the man of the match award and each player from the winning team collected a medal. Doman received the prize for the best bowling figures (4.3-1-12-6),

while Ryan Rajmangal of Police collected the award for batsman with the highest score (136) in the preliminary stage of the competition. Zone A most valuable player was Saheed Mohamed with 11 wickets and 98 runs representing Everest Cricket Club, while Dennis Heywood of University of Guyana copped the prize from zone B, he took 16 wickets and scored 34 runs. Awards were also given to the umpires Montgomery Chester, Mario Nicholls and Hortence Isaacs, match referee Omar Bacchus, book scorer Trevor Hussain and head groundsman Winston Williams.

Speaking at the presentation ceremony, president of the GCA, Roger Harper, congratulated GCC for winning the game and said it was a disappointing finished to the competition on a day when the West Indies won a world championship. He further stated that the matter will be dealt with by the GCA. Harper thanked NBS for coming on board, and GCC for hosting the game. Speaking on behalf of the sponsor, Bunny Majeed stressed on the importance of discipline and thanked the umpires, scorers, grounds men, journalists, and the match referee. He also urged the GCC players to continue training. (Zaheer Mohamed)

The International Cricket Council has launched an “urgent investigation” into match-fixing allegations. India TV has alleged six umpires were willing to fix World Twenty20 games ahead of the tournament in a programme broadcast on Monday. C r i c k e t ’s g o v e r n i n g body has called on the broadcaster to hand over evidence that could help its investigation. It said: “None of the umpires named were involved

in any of the official games of the ICC World Twenty20.” India TV has alleged the umpires - whom it says are from Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh - were willing to fix matches for money during the tournament, which was won by West Indies on Sunday. However, a seventh umpire approached during the sting operation earlier in the summer declined to get involved, the station claimed. In a statement responding to the programme’s claims the

ICC said: “The ICC and its relevant members have been made aware of the allegations made by India TV this evening and calls on the station to turn over any information which can assist the ICC’s urgent investigations into this matter. “The ICC reiterates its zero tolerance towards corruption whether alleged against players or officials. “The ICC will not make any further comment on this issue.”

ICC launches inquiry into new match-fixing allegations

release from the chamber all funds raised will go towards charity specifically towards the development of facilities for youths. Speaking at the simple presentation ceremony Ansa McAl Trading Mark Bikhai stated that his company is

always pleased to be associated with any activity the chamber organises and is delighted to be associated with the tournament. He stated that his company is always actively involved in community development through sports

and other meaningful activities. Coordinator of the Tournament Mr. Imran Saccoor thanked the sponsor and pledged that the tournament will be managed with proper accountability and transparency.

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday October 09, 2012

Enter prise Busta Spor ts Club ar e ne w East Enterprise Sports are new Coast t20 champions, defeat Lusignan SC Watched by capacity crowd that included West Indies legend Clive Lloyd, Enterprise Busta pulled off a stunning five-wicket win against tournament favourites Lusignan in the thrilling final of the 2011 East Coast Cricket Board (ECCB) Carib Beer T20 tournament on Saturday night. Chasing 116 to win at the Enterprise Community Centre ground, the hosts reached the target with four deliveries to spare with national opener Rajendra Chandrika top scoring with 48, which included three fours and two sixes. Hemraj Garbarran supported with 30 (3×4, 1×6). Earlier, opting to bat first after winning the toss, Lusignan had a wobbly start to their innings, losing half of their side for just 55 runs from 10 overs. Steve Ramdass (32) and Somnauth Bharrat (22) then played sensibly, picking up singles, twos and the occasional boundary to steady the ship to add a crucial 27 runs for the sixth wicket in five overs. However, when both batsmen departed Lusignan slipped to 82 for 7. Gajanand

congratulated both teams for reaching the final. He thanked the sponsor Ansa McAl Trading Limited for their continued support of the tournament which attracted 43 teams. Enterprise Busta collected $100,000 and the winner’s trophy while Lusignan received $50,000 and trophy. Lion’s X1 received the $25,000 and trophy. Chandrika was adjudged the Man-of-the match for his innings of 48.

Bolts I, Westside...

ECCB Champions take time out for a photo after their triumph Sukanan (15) and Narvan Singh (14) stroked breezy innings to rally to the eventual total. First-class legspinner Zaheer Mohamed (2-17), Chandrika (220) and Videsh Lall (2-24) combined to restrict their opponents. In the run chase, Enterprise Busta were off to a

relatively slow start with openers Chandrika and Hemraj Garbarran adding 48 for the first wicket in 10 overs and a good foundation for a comfortable win. Gajanand Sukanan (3-24) was the most penetrative bowler for Lusignan. There was also a wicket apiece for Kumar

Bishundial and Rajendra Naikbaran. In the third place playoff Lion’s X1 made 204 for 9 in 20 overs with Dion Ferrier and Lawrence Pilloo making 26 in their team’s 42-run triumph over Plaisance who made 162 in 18 overs. Meanwhile, at the presentation ceremony former

West Indies captain Clive Lloyd disclosed how pleased he was with the talent he saw in the players. He urged the players to continue playing the game with passion so that cricket on the East Coast can improve. President of the ECCB, Bissoondyal Singh in his remarks

From back page competition in the East Coast Zone continues tonight in Mahaicony to see which of the two teams from the East Coast advance to the Super 12 with their penultimate round being held on Thursday. The countrywide tournament is down to crunch-time with the best street-ballers from across the landscape competing for the whopping prize money of $1M winner-take-all. Defending champs, Pacesetters 'A' are still in the competition.

Tuesday October 09, 2012

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Universal DVD Club/ Universal Solutions T20 C’ships

Chattergoon guides Titans to victory over Tigers

The victorious Universal DVD Titans pose with their spoils following their win in the final against Universal Solution Tigers on Sunday. Led by a commanding knock from their skipper and man of the match Sewnarine Chattergoon, Universal DVD Club Titans defeated Universal Solution Tigers by eight wickets in the final of the Universal DVD Club/ Universal Solutions 7th Anniversary T20 championships, at the Universal DVD Young Warriors ground in Cumberland Sunday last. In the battle for third place, East Berbice Warriors (EBW) scored 139 before being bowled out off the final delivery of the 20th over, to which they restricted West Berbice All Stars (WBAS) to 97 for 8 from their 20 overs, to take that position. Winning the toss and

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choosing to bat first in the final, the Tigers who were led by national Under-19 skipper Shawn Pereira scored 131 for 5, thanks to Delbert Hicks’ pugnacious 50, to which the Titans replied with 134-2 from 19.1 overs, with Chattergoon making a responsible 66. When the Tigers batted, they lost the wickets of Richard Ramdeen (06) and Gajanand Singh (01) to be 16 for 2 in the 5th over, before Hicks and Sewnarine’s younger brother Harrinarine Chattergoon (22, 3x4) pushed the score to 34, with the latter hitting Clinton Pestano (1-29) for three fours in one over. When the younger Chattergoon was dismissed by Balram Samaroo, caught by Pestano, Hicks hit Kevin

Ramdeen for two of his four sixes in one over, followed by another off the bowling of Gudakesh Motie-Kanhai to push his team to 78 for 4 in the 15th over. He brought up his half century with a four and six off Eugene La Fleur (1-24), taking 28 deliveries to do so, hitting four fours and the same number of sixes in the process before he was smartly stumped by Jason Sinclair off the next delivery. Before Hicks was dismissed, he added 56 for the fifth wicket with Keon De Jesus who took up the mantle by hitting both La Fleur and Motie-Kanhai for sixes, posting his team’s 100 with his first six off La Fleur, while Shailendra Shameer joined the

party by hitting Eon Hooper (1-19) for two fours, adding a quick fire 40 with De Jesus that give their team a respectable total. Samaroo ended with 2 for 13 from his four overs for the Titans who raced to 93 without loss from 12.1 overs, thanks to Sewnarine Chattergoon and his opening partner Kandasammy Surujnarine, who took the attack to the opposition bowlers with disdain. The elder Chattergoon treated his younger brother with disdain, hitting him for two fours in his second over, while Shameer was welcomed into the attack with a six and four by the former West Indies test opener. When Vishal Mohabir was

introduced into the attack, Chattergoon, who along with Surujnarine plays for Albion Cricket Club, struck him over midwicket for another one of his sixes, followed by three fours that were sent to the fence with authority. He posted his half century from 32 balls, counting five fours and three sixes in the process and celebrated by hitting his opposite number Pereira to the backward point fence for another four, a shot that set tongues wagging immediately after. However, in his haste to up the scoring for his team, Surujnarine was caught by Michael Newland at backward point of Singh and he was quickly followed by Chattergoon who got a thick inside edge off Pereira at 98 for 2, facing 43 balls and hitting eight fours and three sixes in the process. The demise of both openers for Titans did little or no justice for the Tigers, as they met a resilient Anthony D’Andrade (30; 3x4, 1x6) who took up the mantle to score freely by The demise of both openers for Titans did little or no justice for the Tigers, as they met a resilient Anthony D’Andrade who struck Pereira for a six and four over midwicket. He followed that with a four off Newland, but the Tigers reigned in the scoring which push the game to the final over that came with the Titans needing two to win, at which point Shameer’s first delivery was dispatched with disdain by D’Andrade

to the boundary to seal the win. Singh and Pereira shared the two wickets that fell for the Titans, at the expense of 16 and 34 runs respectively. In the third place playoff, EBW were indebted to West Indies middle order batsman Assad Fudadin 34 (4x4, 1x6) and Anthony Bramble 29 (2x4, 1x6), who added 60 for the second wicket, following the early demise of Shimron Hetmyer (00) who was caught by Abdool Subhan off Krisendat Ramoo (3-17). Jonathan Foo contributed 20 that was laced with three fours to EBW’s total, while Deveshwari Prashad and former national Under-19 fast bowler Raun Johnson supported Ramoo by taking three wickets each for 16 and 37 runs respectively. When WBAS batted, they raced to 43 without loss, thanks to Romesh Boodram who top scored with 30 (4x4, 1x6), before slipping to 82 for 7, before ending on their final score at the end of their 20 overs. Renwick Batson, Yogeshwari Harrinarine, Foo and Romario Shepherd took two wickets each for 17, 17, 18 and 27 runs respectively for EBW. At the brief presentation ceremony that followed, Sewnarine Chattergoon took home the man of the match and best batsman in the finals award, wherein he won a trophy and $20,000 for the former, while Samaroo was named the best bowler, while both finalists received gold n silver medals respectively.

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Tuesday October 09, 2012

DVA Extravaganza deemed a success The Demerara Volleyball Association (DVA) in collaboration with the Guyana Volleyball Federation (GVF) and the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport (MCYS) held a successful Extravaganza featuring the National Under-19 female team going up against present and aspiring players, at the Carifesta Sports Complex on Sunday. The event saw participation from as far as Berbice who were represented by a large contingent made up primarily of young females who are currently under the guidance of the Berbice Volleyball association. Young Achievers, Guyana’s premier volleyball club had the largest presence which was made up of youths who ranged from as young as 10 years old, females and members of their senior club. Structured to facilitate fun games, the day started with two teams from young Achievers displaying their skills and showing how competitive they are within the club. The next game took on a similar likeness with the young ladies from Berbice exhibiting their ability as well and all those present agreed that they too are

soon going to be a force to reckon after holding their own against a male team fromYoungAchievers. That was followed by a clash between the U-19 females and a male unit from Young Achievers. They produced a commendable performance and seem well on their way to reaching a desired level to do well at the upcoming Inter-Guianas Games scheduled for later this year. Speaking with the U-19 captain, Krysta Yan, she expressed that the girls were extremely happy to be able to play volleyball in a different environment and to meet new people and make new friends. She said that it was nice to see the Berbice females, adding that a lot of the players were u n f a m i l i a r t o h e r, a development that augurs well for the development of female volleyball locally. When asked about the surface, she said that the girls welcomed the new surface and went on further to state that they always looking for opportunities to play volleyball and would certainly be willing to be involved in more events on sand surfaces.

The National Female U-19 team seen playing against a Mixed combination on Sunday during the DVA Extravaganza. In other games, there was a senior 2’s game between a pair from Port Mourant Training School and Young achievers, while the rest of the day was spent playing mixed games.

After being encouraged by the event, the Organizing Committee of the DVA will now turn its attention to hosting a ‘B’ Division Tournament for which they intend to secure

participation from companies, the female team and dormant clubs along with the other regular teams. The DVA and the National female U-19 volleyball team

would like to express their gratitude to all those who participated in the event and also extended special thanks the GVF and MCYS for the assistance given throughout.

t r o Sp Local marksmen aim for success as GNRA hosts Windies Fullbore Championships The deafening barks of high powered guns will rent the air this morning when Guyanese rifle shooters join their Caribbean counterparts vying for shooting honours when the Guyana National Rifle Association (GNRA) hosts the West Indies Fullbore Shooting Championships starting at 09:00hrs this morning at the Timehri Rifle Ranges. Patron of the GNRA, President Donald Ramotar, will fire the first shot to start the proceedings, while President of the GNRA, Commodore Gary Best, will also be in attendance for the symbolic opening ceremony. The last time these championships were held,

Guyanese shooters had started out as the short range champions, over 300, 500 and 600 yards ranges, but when the smoke had cleared, Jamaica had relieved them of the accolade. The local marksmen have signaled their intention of regaining the accolade and the competition over the next few days is expected to be scorching. Local marksmen will also be defending the long range title over 900 and 1000 yards. They will be required overwhelm six other regional teams from Antigua & Barbuda, Barbados, Bermuda, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago. Continued on page 19

Vice Captain of the Guyana squad, Dylan Fields (extreme left), joins the other Captains for a photo opportunity at the function last evening. Others in the team (from left) Christopher Joseph (Antigua and Barbuda), David Dumont (Bermuda), John Nelson (Jamaica), Norris Gomez (Trinidad & Tobago), and Richard Arthur (Barbados) (Bottom) Guyana's rifle shooters during recent practice will hope for an outstanding performance on home turf. (Troy Peters).

Bolts I, Westside Progressive qualify in Den Amstel Bolts I and Westside Progressive qualified for the Super 12 of the Mackeson Smooth Moves 3-on-3 Basketball Competition Sunday night in Den Amstel when the two teams emerged on top of a preliminary group that include four teams. Bolts' I composition of Ossie Headley, Lennis Alves, Michael Clarke and Severn Austin played unbeaten in the group, therefore coming out on top. Bolts 1 defeated Melanie Patriots 'A' 12-11 in their first game, setting them on course for a last 12 berth. They then defeated Westside Progressive, who had earlier clobbered Bolts II 10-3, in what was a deciding game 12-8 to rack up their second win of the night. Westside Progressive beat Patriots 'A' on freethrow shootout after the game ended in a 7-7

d e a d l o c k . We s t s i d e Progressive ended with two wins and a loss from their games in the group. Bolts I took the leader position in the group after they defeated Bolts II 10-9. The two teams will play two teams from Georgetown tomorrow night to determine which two teams advance to the Super Six that is the Grand Finale scheduled for Saturday. Meanwhile, Linden's lone survivor in the competition Jets #1 with Kevin 'Two Feet' Joseph, Shane Webster and Leonard Caleb will meet Shot Droppers, Sheldon Thomas and his Full Clip and Street Ballers from Berbice in a Super 12 playoff in Albouystown tonight. Two teams will advance to the Super Six Grand Finale after this playoff. Simultaneously, Continued on page 19

- Super 12 Contest starts tonight in Albouystown

Bolts 1 Michael Clark is unguarded as he puts up a baseline floater Sunday night during the Mackeson Smooth Moves 3-on-3 Competition in Den Amstel.

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