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Tuesday October 08, 2013

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The actions of a few Freedom House despots could have catastrophic consequences for all DEAR EDITOR, The real issues are the time limit for assent or nonassent and whether the President can refuse assent to a bill passed by his own party Attorney General, Anil Nandlall, wrote a letter in Stabroek News titled “The President has untrammelled freedom to assent to and withhold assent from Bills” (SN, September 30, 2013). Now, that entire letter is expected from a man who somehow believes verbosity trump simplicity, nothing but an overdone case of stating the obvious. Indeed, the President has unrestrained freedom to assent or not assent to Bills passed by Parliament. Anyone who can read and do some research on the internet knows this as fact. The real issues missed or deliberately skirted by the AG are (1) the flaunting of the time limit for assent or withholding of assent using this serpentine Assent Certificate process and (2) whether the President, elected through the mechanism of elections to the National Assembly as head of a slate of a party seeking seats to the National Assembly, and not separately elected as is done in the USA or India, can constitutionally withhold assent to a bill passed by his own party in Parliament. These are the true burning issues of the day, so much that a week ago the US Ambassador to Guyana raised concerns about these very issues (see “US Ambassador: Uncertainty clouds legislative process owing to local gov’t bills delay”, SN, October 1, 2013). The circus, malarkey and sham that is the Assent Certificate process, where the

AG must produce that certification before the President signs a bill, is another classic example of backwardness practiced by both the PNC and PPP governments. Even worse, it is an assault on democracy, a subversion of the constitution, an unfair and ridiculous delaying tactic, an assault on separation of powers, an infringement on and usurpation of the power of the President, an unconstitutional review of bills already passed by the National Assembly, and an illegal and unjust control and hindering of the legislature and executive. The constitution and democracy itself never intended for a Bill to be passed around like a football in this circuitous circus before it gets to the President. This is a dangerous practice that encourages governments to play the fool with the efficacious passage of laws. This assent certificate tomfoolery must be ended. For constitutional certainty, efficiency and efficacy, and giving expeditious expression to the will of the people expressed by their elected representatives through lawmaking in the highest forum of the land (Parliament), this despotism must be halted. The opposition led by the Speaker is to blame here too. They have the power to pass a law to change this process. The Speaker has the authority to instruct the Clerk of the National Assembly to send Bills directly to the President after passage. If the Clerk fails to do so, the National Assembly could fire that Clerk and replace him with another.

Mr. Nandlall states “Indeed, it would be improvident for any President, who has the power to withhold his assent to Bills, to exercise such power without legal or political advice, as the case may be. I am aware that constitutions specifically provide for the Bills to be transmitted directly from the legislature to the President. Unfortunately, our constitution does not so provide. Hence, that practice developed.” Well, the President has 21 days under article 170 of the Guyana Constitution to assent or withhold his assent. 21 days is all the time President has to sign or not sign. If the President wants to consult his Attorney General within those 21 days, he is free to do so. However, it does not extend the time. This is what happens in modern democracies with a time limit on the assent. Not the present PPP’s circus antics. Neither the US Constitution (Article 1 section 7) nor the Guyana Constitution (Article 170) requires direct transmittal of Bills from the legislature to the President. Yet, Bills passed by the US Congress (House of Representatives and Senate) are sent to the US President within a day of both legislative houses being informed. In Guyana, it is taking months for bills to be assented to or rejected by the President, even local government Bills passed by the President’s own party! One country is the most powerful democracy in the world with the busiest leader on the planet, while the other is a small nation being run like a backwater banana republic. Continued on page 30

Let freedom and the jury... From page 4 Ramkarran. It has to do with the trials of Arnold Rampersaud in the 1970s and the Mahaicony Treason Three in the 1980s and 1990s and even Mark Benschop most recently in the 2000s. This lesson is best captured by a statement of an all-time great Law Lord, Lord Devlin, in his classic treatise

“Trial by Jury”. His Lordship made a comment therein that must resonate resoundingly in Guyana now, in view of the little and big Ceasars who are emerging in the political directorate. That comment goes thus: “The first object of any tyrant in Whitehall would be to make Parliament utterly subservient to his will; and the next would be to

overthrow or diminish trial by jury, for no tyrant could afford to leave a subject’s freedom in the hands of twelve of his countrymen. So that trial by jury is more than an instrument of justice and more than one wheel of the constitution: it is the lamp that shows freedom lives.” Khemraj Ramjattan Attorney at Law

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Diamond Hospital guard “unearths” drugs racket, ejected from compound

Tuesday October 08, 2013

Brassington, Marcia Nadir-Sharma’s contempt can no longer be tolerated …Berbice Bridge makes about turn on disclosures - Chris Ram

Some of the stolen drugs allegedly taken from the Diamond Hospital’s pharmacy and about to be resold. The Ministry of Health has reportedly launched a probe after a complaint that drugs, believed to be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, were being systematically stolen from a Regional Hospital on the East Bank of Demerara. The investigation was sparked after a female security guard attached to a private

firm, allegedly refused to carry out pharmaceuticals from the compound for a relative who works at the pharmacy section of the Regional Hospital at Diamond. The female security guard has since been ejected from working at the Institution. The drugs, Kaieteur News (continued on page 23)

The disregard and contempt of the law by Winston Brassington and Marcia Nadir-Sharma can no longer be tolerated or excused on the grounds of age, inexperience, incompetence or ignorance. This is the position held by Financial Analyst, Christopher Ram, who in his latest business review posted on, said that while the Berbice Bridge Company has revised its stance on the disclosure of information, the same is not the case for the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) and Atlantic Hotel Inc.(AHI). Brassington serves as the Executive Head of both NICIL and AHI, while Nadir-Sharma serves as his deputy on both entities. Ram a week ago had made public the fact that the Company Secretary for the Berbice Bridge Company, had refused to make available to him the information he

requested on the operations of the company. The Bridge Company had demanded that Ram justify his request but the chartered accountant said that this was not a requirement given that it was his right under the Companies Act to make such a request without giving a reason. “I received a letter from the Company Secretary advising me that the company had been advised that I am entitled to access and could visit the registered office within normal working hours…I commend the directors of the Bridge Company for their responsible action in this matter.”

Ram said, “Small as that matter may seem, it is a significant development in corporate compliance as companies, their directors and officers become increasingly aware that they are required to comply with the Companies Act to which accountability and transparency are central.” This, however, is not the case with the head of NICIL, Brassington, or his deputy Nadir-Sharma. According to Ram, at the time of making the original request of the Berbice Bridge

Marcia Nadir-Sharma

Winston Brassington Company, “I also sent similar letters to Winston Brassington of NICIL and Marcia Nadir-Sharma of Atlantic Hotel Inc (AHI).” Ram said in his online post that neither Brassington nor Nadir-Sharma has responded to those letters or reminders sent one week later. “In the reminder letter I indicated my intention to pursue the matter as legally advised…The disregard and contempt of the law by Brassington and NadirSharma can no longer be

tolerated or excused on the grounds of age, inexperience, incompetence or ignorance.” Ram said, too, that NICIL and AHI have retained just about every law firm in Georgetown in the belief that they can limit the number of firms professionally free to act against them. “So Brassington and NadirSharma, two key officers of these entities, should know that the indemnification provisions of the Companies Act only apply to the director or officer who has acted honestly and had reasonable ground for believing their conduct was lawful…Contempt for the law is hardly an honest act.”

Brumell must now stop looking to Rohee to manage Police Force - Harmon

Commissioner of Police and Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee, at the opening of the Guyana Police Force Junior Officers’ conference. Now that Leroy Brumell has been confirmed as Commissioner of Police, he must take control of the force and not look over his shoulders to Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee, when it comes to the dayto-day management of the Guyana Police Force. This was the advice proffered by A Partnership For National Unity (APNU) Joseph Harmon, having learnt of Brumell’s confirmation as Top Cop. Harmon in an invited comment told this publication that Brumell must now take

forceful control of the police force. “He must now get down to serious policing,” according to Harmon, who says too that among the first things Brumell has to do, is to have all the ranks that have been relegated to desk jobs be put to work. He said that the ranks that had the ‘balls’ to stand up to the Home Affairs Minister were penalized by being transferred to hinterland districts or sent to do desk jobs. Harmon cited as an example, Assistant

Commissioner David Ramnarine, who had questioned the allocations of money for the force during the elections period of 2011. “All of the ranks doing desk jobs and not utilizing their skills must now be put to work to do real policing.” According to Harmon, “Brumell must now take a stand and forget Rohee.” Leroy Brumell was yesterday confirmed as substantive Commissioner of Police having acted in the position since the resignation of his predecessor Henry Greene.

Tuesday October 08, 2013

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Gunmen kill businessman, wife and father wounded A Hampshire, Corentyne businessman was shot dead and his wife and father-in-law wounded after bandits, who were also armed with cutlasses, invaded their home shortly after 18:00 hrs yesterday. Dead is Davindra ‘Dave’ Deodat, 34, owner of Cool Runnings Trucking Service. His wife, 27-year-old Mala Deodat was admitted to the Anamayah Memorial Hospital in Belvedere, Corentyne with chop wounds, while her father, 47-year-old Rafeek Abdul, is said to be in a critical condition with gunshot injuries. Efforts were being male last night to rush him to the Georgetown Public Hospital. Davindra and Mala had also operated a grocery store at Lot 72 Anamayah Street, Hampshire, Corentyne. According to reports, the attackers, who were masked and “dressed in all over black,” carted off a large quantity of cash and jewelry and fled in the direction of the Hampshire backlands.

Kaieteur News understands that the businessman’s wife was in their shop and Deodat was in the living room when the bandits entered the shop. It is believed that Deodat’s father-in-law, who lives two streets away, was wounded when he rushed to the scene after hearing the shots. Basdeo Yhapp, one of the businessman’s employees, told Kaieteur News that he was at a nearby temple when he heard a gunshot. “I left to come and I heard a second shot, then a third.” He added that upon entering the Deodat’s shop, “I see my boss man’s father-in -law shot and I went into the building to check on Mala and she had a chop on her head and I go into the house and there I saw my boss man lie down on the sofa and saw a lot of chops and so on his skin.” A neighbour, Kamla Ramoo, said that she might have been the first person to call the police after hearing the first gunshots. She said she first telephoned the Rose

Hall Town Police Outpost and claimed that she was told that the ranks had no vehicles. She then contacted the Whim Police Station and received a similar response. “I put down and called Albion [police station] and same thing! They said patrol gone out on the road and they don’t have anybody at that time.” She believes that if the police had arrived sooner, the bandits would have been trapped in the house. “This is negligence of the police them! Waste time we have an outpost!” Other villagers were last evening expressing their frustrations with the slothful response of the police. Ms. Ramoo stated that from all indications, the gunmen would have spent over half an hour in the house. The police, she claimed, arrived nearly 45 minutes after the bandits left. It is very likely that the entire robbery and killing were captured on surveillance cameras located around the premises.

Granger in the Hot seat continued…

Admits his party has not done enough for the youth KN: Since Donald Ramotar became President, what do you think he has done most in the interest of all Guyanese? Granger: It is hard to tell. Mr. Ramotar is presiding over an administration which has not really advanced the agenda of Human development. Public servants wanted better salary, people living in Berbice wanted better bridge tolls; students, parents and teachers wanted a reform of the education system, fishermen and miners wanted security; these are people I spoke to. I spoke to fishermen who have been beaten and robbed by pirates and they don’t feel like the government has been doing anything in the last two years…everything is worst so I can’t imagine what Ramotar thinks about when he looks back at the last two years. KN: What would you say was the President’s biggest mistake so far? Granger: Clearly it is his

lack of attention towards human safety and other human issues. People feel unsafe in this country; investors are not going to come in. Miners are very hesitant about expanding their investments. Even households are dissatisfied with state of security. Girls are still being trafficked. At first they (government) denied it; but now it is quite clear that trafficking takes place. So there has been a general dissatisfaction with the level of safety. Poverty has increased. There are a few very rich people; but at the bottom of the ladder there are far too many poor people. Unemployment is spreading. Young people come out of school and cannot find jobs.

In the Rupununi people with CSEC subjects are going to Brazil as farm hands. Children are going to Venezuela and Suriname; migration has not decreased. People are going to Suriname, by back track or any other way… We’ve gone to the University of Guyana for example we have celebrated its fiftieth anniversary on the 1st of October and we could not really carry a message of hope. The PPP ignores human issues; their concerns are the big projects like the Marriott. I don’t think if you ask the man in the street about the Marriott he would say ‘this project will change my life.’ Continued in tomorrow’s issue

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Tuesday October 08, 2013

Tuesday October 08, 2013

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The nation should not be fed false expectations about the Public Procurement Commission The government has always held exclusive jurisdiction for the award of public contracts. And this is how it should be. It is unheard of in any part of the world for a constitutional commission to award contracts and to be responsible for executive functions. However, it seems as if there are forces out there who either do not understand the law or are conveniently trying to create the impression in the minds of the public that because there is supposed to be, both in law and under our Constitution, a Public Procurement Commission (PPC), that so long as this body is constituted, it removes from the government the

responsibility for evaluating bids, making awards and reviewing those awards. This is not so at all. Even with the appointment of a Public Procurement Commission, the government through the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB) remains responsible for administration of the entire procurement system. The Procurement Act is far from silent on this issue. The legislation provides for the NPTAB to be appointed by the Minister of Finance and not by any Procurement Commission. The logic is clear here. A constitutional commission cannot engage in executive functions, the NTPAB is a body of the

Guyana’s low carbon development strategy (LCDS) is an ambitious and lofty approach to development. It is an effort to show that global warming and climate change can be reversed and that even countries that played no role in the emergence of the calamity that face us today can contribute to the solution without deferring our development, according to

Dr. Leslie Ramsammy, Minister of Agriculture. “The challenge we face today is enormous. We must be willing to respond with ambitions that are equally enormous in its scope.” Dr. Ramsammy explained that climate change is here; the destruction of the world and the loss of all of gains in fighting hunger and poverty are not inevitable consequences. ‘We can

executive arm of the State and is responsible to that arm. The functions of the NPTAB are also provided by the Act. They relate to: 1) Exercising jurisdiction over tenders above a certain value, appointing a pool of evaluators and maintaining efficient records. Pending the establishment of the PPC, the NPTAB is also responsible for 2) Making regulations governing procurement. 3) Determining the forms of documents for procurement to be used. These forms include bidding documents, prequalification documents, evaluation forms, manuals etc. 4) Organizing training seminars regarding

procurement. The PPC is thus, by law, excluded from evaluating and awarding contracts. This responsibility remains, and rightly so, reposed in the Executive arm of the State, which is the government. In fact, the Procurement Act is emphatic that upon the establishment of the PPC, the NPTAB retains responsibility for “exercising jurisdiction over tenders the value of which exceeds such an amount prescribed by regulations, appointing a pool of evaluators for such period as it may determine, and maintaining efficient record-keeping and quality assurance systems.” In effect, the government still controls the award of contracts, even with the

Ever-Green Economy an imperative - Dr. Ramsammy

Dem boys seh ...

Robeson lock up a man fuh nutten Poor Donald. He seh that he ain’t getting a chance to prove that he can run de country. He seh that every time he try something is opposition. De man like Brumell fuh de Police Commissioner and he talk to Granger. But because he come up wid de idea Granger ain’t listen to he suh Brumell had to act fuh a whole year. De thing when it come through mek de man cry. Dem boys seh that he cry because Henry Greene ain’t deh round fuh see how he tun out. And if wasn’t fuh Donald he wouldn’t a get de commissioner wuk. Donald mek some other changes too. He change Kwame from being a spokesman but he had to wait till Kwame get sick. Dem boys seh that he gun change Brazzy too and that easy because Brazzy sick, too. Gee Nah gun get a new boss because Knee Ass sick too. Is only when people sick Donald can change dem. He still ain’t do nutten to Martin although all de evidence point to Martin thiefing. Perhaps if Martin get sick then he gun tek action. That is why dem boys seh that Donald got belly but he ain’t got guts. That is why he don’t walk close to li’l children. Dem same li’l children like play wid pin and it ain’t gun be easy fuh one of dem bore he. Brazzy just like that; that is why Donald run to defend he because as everybody know de birds of a feather saying. But he got to explain wha Brazzy mean wid de advertisement that he put out. Instead of explaining de situation Brazzy confuse de situation even more. Now dem boys want to know wha he mean when he explain bout de Marriott. And dem boys want to know why Robeson mek de police lock up a man because de man tell he that he party gun lose de next elections. When de police ask Robeson why dem have to lock up dew man Robeson tell dem that he is de Minister and he ain’t got to mek a report. Donald ain’t dealing wid dem things. Talk half and hope Donald change.

Dr. Leslie Ramsammy, Minister of Agriculture change the trajectory.’ Climate Smart Agriculture, he said, can help us to increase food production, reduce losses due to weather disasters, become more resilient to climate change, reduce greenhouse gases and play a role in mitigation of climate change. “If we practice climate smart agriculture or conservation agriculture we can reduce water needs for crops by 30 per cent, lower energy needs by 70 per cent and increase carbon sequestration.” Through a concerted effort to promote climate smart and conservation agriculture, Dr. Ramsammy said that Guyana can look to a future where citizens can be fed forever. “An EverGreen Economy is not an option; it is an imperative. We ignore this imperative at great peril to humanity and to the world as we know it… I believe there is a call to action. Today, we declare that

agriculture will not be part of the problem of global warming and climate change and a threat to food and nutrition security, but represents a robust solution, leading to adaptation and mitigation of the weather insecurity challenge… “I have said in the past that our future must not be determined by waiting to see what might happen. Our future must depend on what we decide to become, and on our zeal and commitment to create our own destiny, rather than leave it to chance.”

Public Procurement Commission. The public therefore needs to be disabused of the idea that upon its formation the PPC somehow takes over the process of public procurement. The Public Procurement Act also envisages a role for Cabinet in reviewing contracts in excess of fifteen million dollars, but notes that with the PPC, this role should be progressively phased out. This seeming contradiction is said to have been caused because of the movement of an amendment made from the floor during the debate. The fact that the Act has one clause that speaks to a role for Cabinet and another that states that this role should be phased out only demonstrates the importance of Bills being thoroughly checked for such contradictions before they are assented to. It is quite unusual and awkward from the point of view of legislative drafting for such language to be incorporated into an Act. Also, the Act itself does not legislate or specify how the proposed diminished role for Cabinet should take place and thus in the absence of a clarifying amendment it remains a statement of intention and a declaratory provision. Wi t h a b a t t e r y o f lawyers in its ranks, it seems strange that the AFC does not recognize that the PPC Act does not

abrogate, from the government, the right to exercise jurisdiction over the determination and award of public contracts nor does it, by law, reduce the powers of Cabinet to review such contracts. Despite this, the perception is being fuelled that with the PPC, the role of Cabinet in the procurement process ceases. This clearly cannot happen. The NTPAB is an agency of the Ministry of Finance. Its members are appointed by the Minister and it is the Minister that is responsible to parliament for this body. In such circumstances, it would be a bizarre situation if Cabinet has no role in the award of contracts in the country. This would mean that the Minister of Finance, who is accountable to Cabinet, would have no control over a non-autonomous agency within his Ministry. It would represent a grave anomaly if the Cabinet, and by implication the government, has no role in the review of contracts. If such a state of affairs were allowed, it would mean that the NTPAB would in effect be more powerful that the Minister of Finance to whom it is accountable and also more powerful than Cabinet to whom the Minister is responsible.

Tuesday October 08, 2013

Kaieteur News

First shipment of fertiliser …as part of Guyana/ arrives Venezuela revised agreement Farmers have over the years been faced with the challenge of high prices for fertiliser, a constraint which affected not only their trade but the high price for agricultural commodities. Much has been done thus far through the Ministry of Agriculture to remedy the situation, and in September a revised agreement was inked between the Governments of Guyana and Venezuela for Guyana to source fertiliser from the Spanish speaking country at an affordable rate. Agriculture Minister Dr. Leslie Ramsammy said that the first shipment of 5000 tonnes fertiliser arrived yesterday morning and is at the Friendship Wharf, East Bank Demerara. This move will significantly boost the agricultural sector; it will address the cost of production for agricultural products. “Government has invested much in agriculture, but we do have some constraints, one of which is

how to deal with the issue of the high price of sourcing fertiliser and pesticides, not only in the direct use of these things to improve production and yields but also from the perspective of ensuring sustainable environmental practices,” he said. This agreement paves the way for Guyana to receive 5,000 tonnes in two phases. The second shipment is expected to arrive in March 2014. Enhanced farming practices, better yields are some of the benefits to be derived from this venture as the two shipments per year, will significantly satisfy the local demand. “The work that we have done in this region from the FAO, IICA, CARDI and the University of the West Indies and our Ministry, have all recognised this, and we have made significant strides in diminishing these impacts,” the Minister said. At present the high cost of fertiliser has been

impacting the affordability of food in the region and as such, Government has looked to have the situation remedied, hence the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Venezuela. “The affordability of producing food, the affordability of procuring food, we have all been making some very special efforts…Guyana signed an agreement with President Hugo Chavez and over the last weeks with President Nicolas Maduro was the first step in this process.” The Agriculture Ministry, Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB), and the Rice Producers’ Association (RPA), will be working collaboratively to develop a programme whereby farmers can have access to the fertiliser at $5000 per bag as compared to the present price of between $7,000 and $10,000. Small scale farmers will be the first to benefit from this venture.

$130,000 contract killing …

Cops release alleged mastermind, hired attacker Police have released the two women who were implicated in a bizarre plot to kill Linda Phillips at her Industry, East Coast Demerara home last Thursday. A police source said that the women were released on station bail yesterday as detectives attempt to gather further evidence that may implicate them. They had been in custody since Thursday and police were apparently unable to

detain them beyond 72 hours. Kaieteur News understands that police have not received a written statement from the University of Guyana graduate who allegedly participated in the attack on the victim, Linda Phillips. The alleged mastermind gave police a typed statement that was prepared by her attorney, but she reportedly declined to speak with the police. Her attorney has said that

Porter remanded for theft of $500,000 gold chain A 25-year-old porter was remanded yesterday on a charge of simple larceny which was read to him by Chief Magistrate Priya Beharry at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court. The court heard that on October 4, Alexander Williams of Lot 296 Ram Singh Street, ‘B’ Field Sophia, snatched a $500,000 gold chain, property of Balram Shivraj, at the entrance of the GuyExpo event which was held at the Sophia Exhibition Centre. The defendant pleaded not guilty. According to police reports, Shivraj was with a group of friends when Williams sneaked up on the

victim and snatched the chain and made good his escape into the crowd. Shivraj then reported the matter. A frantic search was conducted and Williams was then spotted in a crowd dancing with a woman. Shivraj then identified the defendant as the one that stole his chain. The chain was recovered by the officials as the defendant was busy gyrating in the fete. Williams was apprehended and charged for the said offence. Prosecutor Bharat Mangru objected to bail. The defendant was subsequently denied bail and is expected to return to court on October 24.

his client denied any involvement in the attack on Phillips. Kaieteur News understands that investigators do not believe that they have sufficient evidence to charge the two women. Police hope that Linda Phillips, who is hospitalized with stab wounds, can identify her assailant, since this is crucial to the case. Gary Carrington, the victim’s reputed husband, expressed consternation that the two women were no longer in custody. He is fearful that the suspects might flee the jurisdiction. Phillips was stabbed in the back on Thursday when she invited a woman and a male companion into her house at Industry, East Coast Demerara. She alleged that the attackers had pretended to be health workers that were visiting the community. Her screams alerted residents who captured the female attacker and handed her over to the police. The male accomplice remains at large. The detained woman had reportedly told police that she was promised $130,000 to kill Phillips and that she had recruited an individual known as ‘Shawn Boy’ to assist her.

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Tuesday October 08, 2013


Night time tales of sexual harassment in Parika On Saturday night, while the AFC public meeting was in full swing at the market junction in Parika, Michael Carrington and I walked around the area visiting places and talking to people. Our first stop was on the wharf where one of the two Chinese ferries donated to the Government was moored.

Carrington gazed at it and said that the vessel looked more than forty years old. I challenged him and he said he knows because he had a look at the inside a few months ago. And indeed the vessel has an old appearance. We were told that one of the doors has not been working and no one cares to fix it. I

made the point that maintenance is a culture the PPP leaders are just not interested in and that give a few months’ time, the toilets of those ferries would be completely unusable. The vessel certainly didn’t look like a ferry that was ten years old. Carrington then described the ferry he saw in Trinidad a few months back. It plies the Port-of-Spain Tobago route. He said it was ordered from Australia and was state of the art. It was just depressing to hear those stories of modern life in other countries. It makes you feel that we may never catch up with the modern world. Who is in charge of the area of Parika? Both Region Three and the NDC are in control of the PPP. Yet Parika is dirty with garbage thrown all over the place. In a column three weeks ago, I wrote about the garbage I saw all over, literally, all over the streets and highways while traveling to Berbice. I did not

pass a village where the roadway was not littered and the sight was not deplorable. There is something very nihilistic in this country. Why are there so much filth, mess and garbage all over Guyana? What is the reason? Is there a solution? No nation should accept these horrible conditions in the 21st century. We are told everyday that Georgetown is stink because the Mayor and City Council is not doing its work. But it is not Georgetown alone that is overrun but also the territory of Guyana. A human being has to be clinically sick to be any leader in a government and in the midst of this ubiquitous miasma declare that the Government of Guyana is promoting tourism. Fifteen years ago, I invited the Canadian High Commissioner to address my class at UG. As soon as he stepped on the walkway to the classroom, he said, “God this place is dirty.” This is the third occasion I have mentioned this incident. If

that man should come back to that identical spot and see how dirtier it is, he must conclude that Guyana does not deserve to be part of the modern world. We left the wharf and went to chat with some stallholders who were preparing for the usual big Sunday market. What we were told was despicably shocking but not surprising. In no other country, this particular official would have kept his office. The vendor who complained to us is willing to give a statement. But the party will protect its own no matter how depraved they are. In his office, he asked her if she was married. When she said no, he asked how is it that a nice woman like her with such attractive breasts does not have a man. On another occasion, he told her friend that never mind she is ugly, he still would have sex with her. This vendor supported by another female colleague assured us that it is this man’s habit of speaking to female vendors in this sexually condescending manner.

Frederick Kissoon These things never reach the public’s ear because these women bear up with the PPP’s little gods because they fear victimization. No one from the Government of Guyana or the PPP will contact me or Michael Carrington and pursue this official. And guess why? The women complained to Michael Carrington and he is from the AFC and Freddie Kissoon wrote about it. A horrible case of sexual harassment goes uninvestigated because two anti-government critics publicized it. Of course this man is not alone in this kind of power abuse. It happens all over Guyana with junior officials who wear the party badge on their shirt pocket. Since 1992, they have behaved like this. Cheddi Jagan did not put up with it. But subsequent PPP leaders could not be bothered. I have seen countless incidents of this kind to think that the PPP princes will ever intervene. How could they? They are no different.

Tuesday October 08, 2013

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Tuesday October 08, 2013

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Corentyne boy crushed by tractor Mahaica man killed in died of head injuries - autopsy Nevis hit-and-run accident on the ground—I tried to hold A post mortem performed on nine- year- old Charran ‘Rocky’ Hanoman yesterday at the Skeldon Hospital, by Government Pathologist, Dr. Vivekanand Brijmohan concluded that he died of head injuries and hemorrhage. He is expected to be buried tomorrow. The child of Lot 24, Number 64 Village Squatting Area on the Corentyne lost his life after he fell off a moving John Deere fourwheel tractor last Saturday. The incident occurred on the child’s ninth birthday in the Number 64 Village backlands. That day, the Grade Four pupil of the New Market Primary School, reportedly insisted on accompanying his grandfather, Manichand Hanoman, 54, to the back dam to plough rice. They left home around 11:30hrs that morning to plough a plot of rice field. Hanoman was very distraught about the incident and the way it happened. It was his only grandchild. He

Dead: Charran ‘Rocky’ Hanoman stated that on the day, he promised the boy that after they would have returned home, “I will return to buy him a birthday gift, a bicycle.” I felt like he was “running out of the line that I was ploughing and I stepped on the clutch and the boy just pitched out of the tractor—it made a dead stop,” Hanoman posited. “He [Rocky] hit his head

the boy and my foot slipped off the clutch and the edge of the back wheel of the tractor hit him on his head.” “I jumped off the tractor and when I picked him up, he started to bleed through his nose and mouth and a minute after he died…he just made like two blows [breaths],” he added. The body was removed and taken to the Skeldon Hospital Mortuary. Hanoman, in a frantic state, then telephoned his son, Yadoo, who was on his way from the airport. “Then I called the police and they took me into custody until Saturday night.” The two shared a very close relationship, according to relatives. The boy would spend more time at Hanoman’s home a stone’s throw from his mother, Vashti’s home. “The boy was Hanoman’s only grandson. It’s a great loss to the family,” said Yadoo.

The tractor that crushed him to death

Sleeping man crushed on E’bo road A man who apparently fell asleep on the Spring Gardens Public Road died before he could have accessed medical attention. Kumar Persaud, a/ k”Dillip”, 58-year-old, formerly of Spring Gardens Old Road was allegedly under the influence and was walking home when he fell asleep on the eastern half of the Spring Gardens Public Road. Vehicle HB7258 which was proceeding south on the

Essequibo Coast Public Road, allegedly crushed his head. The labourer died before he could reach Hospital having sustained severe head injuries. The driver was taken into custody for questioning. Persaud’s death is just another in a series of fatalities on the Essequibo Public Road over the past month. A 19-year-old Supenaam resident died in a similar

manner. He too reportedly fell asleep on the Spring Gardens Public Road when a Canter truck ran over and killed him. Most recently, a Hibernia woman who was venturing into the back dam to tend to her cattle died instantly after she was struck down on the Hibernia Public Road by a speeding driver. The 21-year-old driver has since been charged with causing death by dangerous driving.

Voir dire commences into 2005 murder A voir dire (trial within a trial) is currently being conducted at the High Court, into the 2005 killing of Lilendra Roopnarine called Boyo. The voir dire commenced yesterday before Justice James Bovell Drakes. Murder accused Khemraj Boodhoo, called “Sham” and “Shaw”, is currently on trial for the alleged killing.

Boodhoo had pleaded not guilty to the indictment which states that on July 5, 2005, he murdered Lilendra Roopnarine. The accused is being represented by Attorney Keavon Bess, while the case is being prosecuted by State Counsel Natasha Backer. Boodhoo’s matter was called up for trial in 2010 but

the indictment was quashed after the presiding judge found that the magistrate’s committal was bad in law. However, the charge was still valid, so the judge ordered the preliminary inquiry to be redone within 120 days. On Tuesday, a 12-member jury was empanelled to preside over Boohoo’s trial.

Nevis ( – A Guyanese national, who was residing at Upper Government Road on Nevis, was killed on the spot Friday night in what many claimed to be a hit-andrun accident. Dead is 51-year-old Hardat Balgobin, who hailed from De Hoop, Mahaica, East Coast Demerara, Guyana, had been living in Nevis for over 13 years. Information received by this publication states that Balgobin, who recently celebrated his 51st birth anniversary, was on his way home sometime after 9:00 p.m. on Friday when he met his demise. Information also stated that his head was extensively damaged. According to the dead man’s wife, Pamela Balgobin, she was on the phone

speaking with her daughter when someone told her that her husband had died following an accident less than 75 metres from their home. Balgobin, also known as Chandrapaul, was employed at the Agriculture Department and is the first fatal accident victim on Nevis for the year and the fifth for the twinisland Federation. This media house was reliably informed that a person of interest is in custody at the Charlestown Police Station assisting officers with their investigation into the matter. SKNVibes was told by family members that an autopsy performed yesterday morning on Balgobin’s body revealed that he died as a result of a “motor vehicle accident”.

Dead: Hardat Balgobin

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday October 08, 2013





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Kaieteur News

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Sixty-five families get new homes Sixty-five families are now the proud owners of new two-bedroom homes complete with sanitation blocks at Swan, on the Soesdyke/Linden Highway. The homes were built by Food for the Poor Guyana Inc (FFTP) and will be officially handed over on November 5, 2013. The housing project was introduced six years ago by the Non Governmental Organization (NGO), in an effort to increase the living standards of the less fortunate in Guyana. The project which is funded by overseas donors are two-bedroom wooden structures and are constructed free of cost for underprivileged families. A total of 2700 houses were built so far in various parts of the country.

Swan, located between Kuru-Kururu and Marudi, is the ninth village so far to benefit from the housing project. The next set of houses will be built next year in White Water Village in the North West District. During a recent interview, Andrea Benjamin, Project Manager for the NGO told Kaieteur News that a public outreach programme was done in Swan and officials at FFTP realized that there was an urgent need for the housing project to be introduced there. She told Kaieteur News that the people in that rural community were living in houses made of cardboard, plastic and zinc sheets and that some of the occupants would get wet when it rains. The houses are equipped with individual solar panels

(From page 22)

VEHICLE FOR SALE 1 Leyland DAF GNN 2131. Price $3.8M negotiableCall:259-1370/650-3447

One of the houses built by FFTP and persons have already moved in. A community centre with

six computers as well as a water well was constructed for the residents there.

PPP calls for body to oversee media From page 3 by the ruling party is “buried or butchered” while information given by politicians of the Opposition is “given prominence”, Rohee said yesterday. He said that while the party's press conferences and statements are to the avail of Stabroek News, nothing is carried in its comments. The party also accused Kaieteur

News of feeding the Guyanese people “a daily dose of misinformation”. The General Secretary said that behind such reporting is a “hidden agenda” that seeks to control political power and the developmental efforts of the party in Government. It was stated, then, that while the PPP/C will continue

SWAT team unnecessary won't support it because we

From page 14 could be addressed. “The government generally needs to address training with the force; so to say that a SWAT Team would have influence on the crime situation would be a fallacy.” Felix also touched on the issue of managing the SWAT Team. “Unless a SWAT Team would be under sole management and supervision of the police I am not enthusiastic about it because it can be misused. “ He said, “The Target Special Squad was used and we know who were using them and for what purpose. We don't want to see another specialized unit becoming wayward.” He charged that unless any SWAT is established under proper control by the Commissioner of Police and if I can't have that guarantee, I

know what is likely to happen and we should not allow these -instances to repeat itself after every five or 10 years.” “We don't want another Target Special Squad. They ran wildly, they were undisciplined and corrupt.” Other stakeholders have also shared their views on the establishment of the SWAT Team. Some say an effective SWAT relies on an effective Criminal Intelligence Unit with prompt response capabilities. It was further mentioned that a SWAT Team is a reactive unit of highly trained and professional persons. Suggestions are that the best of the nation's security forces should be recruited, while special attention should be paid to the manner in which the team should be managed.

From page 20 pleaded. She further told employees that when General Manager George Zhao goes on vacation, Mr. Jason Wang will act in his position. Marks promised that the agreement that management will reach will be in favour of both parties. Following Mark's address, workers agreed to resume work today and asked that there be no victimization. One of the issues highlighted included the absence

of a 'proper' ambulance. "We will continue negotiations on Wednesday so we are hoping to be through with it as early as possible, at least by the end of this month. The 3.5 percent increase is not the final position. At present, the Union is at 9.5 percent and the management has moved up from 0 to 3.5percent,"he noted. Bosai employees last year received a seven percent, across the board increase in wages and salaries.

Bosai workers strike over...

to uphold fundamental rights such as the right to freedom of speech and press freedom, the party will be exploring the notion of setting up an oversight body designed to monitor news which is fed to the nation by means of the local media. However, the Guyana Press Association (GPA), the body that represents the rights of local media houses, views this call as being speculative; since it was the PPP/C that dismantled a similar 'monitoring unit' three years ago. President of the GPA, Gordon Moseley recalled that in 2010 under the Jagdeo administration, the Government demanded that the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM)'s Media Monitoring Unit

(MMU) be shut down. He said that in all the reports issued by MMU at that time, the greatest infringements on the rights of the nation to receive accurate information came from the stateowned media. “The call made by the PPP/C is very strange given that it is the same Government that instructed that the UN cease funds going to the MMU,” Moseley said. He added that if one group does not approve of the coverage it receives, “that does not mean that everything should fall apart”. He said that the Association supports self regulation in the media and “that has been going good so far.”

From page 6 was told, were sold over period of time to pharmacies. Yesterday, the hospital’s Chief Executive Officer, Kevin Mana, confirmed that the security guard was asked to leave the hospital premises last Thursday but said it was after a domestic altercation with her relative. He could not confirm that the hospital had been probing a complaint over stolen drugs from the guard. However, an official from the office of Public Service Minister, Dr. Jennifer Westford, disclosed that one was made last week to the Minister. The Minister has since forwarded the complaint to the Ministry of Health where it is being investigated. This newspaper was also told that in July, the guard was approached by her relative who is in charge of the hospital pharmacy, to take a bag home. Both live at the same address. However, the guard

opened the bag and allegedly found several bottles of eyedrops and other medications. She refused to take the bag home. She reportedly later gave a statement to a senior management official. Mana was on leave at the time. Kaieteur News was told that the incident may not have been the first and that the stolen drugs were allegedly being sold from the Craig home of the pharmacy official over a period of time. The security guard reportedly gave a statement to a senior doctor at the Regional Hospital but apparently nothing was done. The alleged theft, if true, would raise alarming concerns over the internal systems of control at the hospital. The security guard, this newspaper understands, made reports of threats, that she received from her relative, to the police but nothing was done.

Diamond Hospital guard...

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PROPERTY FOR SALE VERSAILLES: Furnished 5 bedrooms, self-contained rooms, modern facilities, g e n e r a t o r, beautiful landscape, gated community- Call: 592-6248704/ 592-684-9203 ‘BB’ Eccles- Concrete house 3 bedrooms upstairs, downstairs 2 self contained apartments, 2 bedrooms each toilet & bath $28MCall:227-8409/660-4764 Prime property with business potential close to Leonora Primary School public roadCall:652-0709/268-3572 La Penitence 2 storey front building $7.5M- Call Diana 227-2256/626-9382 One 2 storey 3 bedrooms 20x40 newly built concrete house situated in Parfaite Harmony $9M- Call:6385778/656-6407 Property for sale- Call: 627-5416 One –Two storey business property (transported) @ Brickery public road, E.B.DCall: 660-8128

Best 2007 Nissan Titan flair, trunk cover, 22" mags, air brush $3.5M- call:674-9593 Toyota Raum: Mag rims, DVD player, remote start alarm. In Excellent condition $1.150 negotiable- Call:6679013 ALYEA’S AUTO SALE: PREMIO 2002/2003, AXIO 2008. ALL PRICES ARE NEG. 40 CROAL STREET STABROEK- TEL:2317284/622-3823 1 Toyota Hilux single cab. Excellent condition, first owner- Call:657-3707

VEHICLE FOR SALE 2007 Toyota ‘BB’ $2.5M, 2007 Rav4 $6.4M, Spacio $2.1M, Premio $2.5M. vehicles fully loaded- Call: 617-2891 1 Toyota- IST, Fun Cargo, AT212, AT192, AT170, Ceres, G-Touring Wagon & Tundra- Call: 644-5096 or 697-1453 2008 unregistered Toyota Premio for sale- Call:6154114 2- 2007 Toyota AvensisCall:698-0674 New 2013 Isuzu: D-Max single & double cabsCall:691-0234 1 Toyota 192 $600,000call:669-4676/699-6342 1-2005 Toyota Avensis $2.2M. Looks and runs good- Call:686-4020 New ATVs: Introductory price $1,199,000 (Duty Free)Call:691-0234

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday October 08, 2013

GEA Saves $1M in Solar Powered Prototype The Guyana Energy Agency (GEA) has announced that in one year is has saved one Million Guyana dollars in electricity costs. The company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mahender Sharma mentioned that this was possible with the grid-connected solar photovoltaic net-metering system that the company implemented one year ago, which he (Sharma) said is the first of its kind to be used in Guyana. Photovoltaic (PV) Systems generate electricity from sunlight collected by solar panels. Energy collected in this manner can be used to supply direct power to electrical equipment, or can be stored in batteries to provide indirect power. While grid ties or NetMetering systems are connected to the main power grid and are designed to sell power back to the utility company. “This means that in a system that produces 115 per

Solar panels installed on the shed of GEA compound cent of a homeowner’s annual electricity needs, the utility company will pay for the extra 15 per cent that was produced by the system.” The Guyana Energy Agency, with support from the German Society for International Cooperation, (GIZ) and funding from the Austrian Development Cooperation, installed the 8.46kW Grid Tie Solar Photovoltaic Demonstration

Project in 2012 at a cost of $6.9 million. According to Sharma, “The energy supplied from the solar panels is about 20 per cent of the energy required by the load of the building. During a regular business day, the grid-tie inverter senses the amount of energy coming from the solar panels, measures the amount of energy being consumed by the building, then takes the

difference from the grid. “On holidays and weekends, when the load of the building is less than the power supplied from the solar panels, most of the energy is supplied to the grid. The gridtie inverter is also designed to quickly disconnect from the grid if the utility grid goes down.” Currently, the system is operating on a net-metering arrangement with GPL using

the existing Itron meter. A module upgrade was sourced and installed, allowing the existing meter to now read energy received from the grid, energy supplied to the grid and net energy consumed by the load of the building. Sharma posited, “The system was installed to promote the use of renewable energy in Guyana, gain understanding of grid tie technologies and

demonstrate the use and application of solar photovoltaic grid tie technology. These efforts are aimed at securing and encouraging more efficient utilization of energy and sources of energy in the public’s interest. “The Agency also seeks to develop and encourage the development and usage of sources of energy other than those currently in use.”

Doing Business with China…

Guyanese companies import substandard Chinese products By Kiana Wilburg Jason Zhang, First Secretary in the Chinese Embassy in Guyana, at a recent business forum said that he is painfully aware of the second-rate goods coming out of China. His comment was made at the Guyana International Convention Centre at Liliendaal, Greater Georgetown. The diplomat was giving a presentation at the forum which spoke mainly on the developments in the trading relationship between Guyana and China. However, the subject of low-grade products was of great concern to the businessmen and financial

investors who were in attendance. Commenting on the issue was businessman, Alfred Ramsaran. Ramsaran said that whilst he can testify to the fact that China does manufacture high quality products it is disheartening to know that some Chinese companies are importing substandard products and nothing is being done about this. This concern was highly supported by other businessmen at the conference. Ramsaran said that he made several visits to China and was able to source high quality products and ship them to Guyana. However, he noted that it was quite difficult

to acquire the same quality on the local market, and this he adds, has a negative impact on businesses and their growth. He then made a call for mechanisms or systems to be put in place to deal with this issue. At this point, Evadnie Enniss, Executive Director of the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) said that the bureau does not regulate all goods coming into the country. She recommended that consumers be wise when shopping. But be that as it may, she then asked, “What do people expect when they want a so called high quality item at a low price?” Zhang added that those

substandard goods are actually made for the poorer parts of China but are unfortunately shipped and sold to the Guyanese consumers. Another businessman also suggested that more information on how to identify valid companies that conduct their businesses online needs to be more readily available. He said that he and other businessmen have experienced difficulties with more than two companies who were not as authentic as they were portrayed to be. Zhang advised all businessmen to be cautious of these businesses. He urged that entrepreneurs at

least send a representative to the country to ensure contact with an official company and that the products are also of the quality they purport when advertised in a catalogue. He suggested, too, that they use the website. This site, he said, provides a list of genuine businesses that are responsible and trust worthy suppliers of goods and services. He also urged them to beware of sites that request advance payments. Ninety per cent of such requirements have been reportedly linked to fraud cases. He insisted that they always make records and keep documents of such

transactions. Zhang said that there are a number of steps that can be taken in order to avoid being scammed by Chinese entities that have their businesses online. Smaller companies that are unable to visit China or hire such service providers may wish to conduct additional checks on the company’s standard certificate and export license. The Guyana Embassy in Beijing would also like to inform the general public that they would be able to assist in conducting preliminary checks, particularly step one and two but has no legal authority to demand additional information.

Page 26

Kaieteur News

Tuesday October 08, 2013

Brazil demands explanation from Canada over spying report (Reuters) - Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff demanded yesterday that Canada explain a media report that said it spied on Brazil’s Mines and Energy Ministry, and she called on the United States and its allies to stop spying over the Internet. A Brazilian television report said on Sunday that Canada’s electronic eavesdropping agency targeted the ministry that manages the South American nation’s vast mineral and oil resources. The report was based on documents leaked by former U.S. National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden. “That is unacceptable between nations that are supposed to be partners,” Rousseff said via Twitter. “We repudiate this cyber warfare.” Rousseff, who canceled a planned state visit to the United States this month because of previous reports that the NSA had spied on her telephone calls and emails, noted that Sunday’s report pointed to Canada’s interests in Brazilian mining, where many Canadian companies are active. By targeting the mines ministry, Rousseff said, Canadian spying is nothing less than industrial espionage. She has rejected U.S. explanations that NSA spying is aimed solely at identifying terrorist threats and is not motivated by commercial interests. “The United States and its allies must immediately stop their spying activity once and for all,” Rousseff tweeted. Brazil’s Foreign Ministry summoned Canada’s ambassador to demand an explanation for what it called

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff a “serious and unacceptable violation” of Brazilian sovereignty and the right to privacy of its citizens and companies, a ministry statement said. The report broadcast on Sunday by TV Globo, which gave no evidence that any strategic data had been intercepted, follows earlier disclosures by the network that the NSA snooped on Rousseff herself. TV Globo also reported that the NSA hacked into the computers of Brazil’s state-run oil company Petrobras. DIPLOMATIC STRAIN Angered by the reports of U.S. espionage, Rousseff canceled the visit to Washington and, later, at an address before the U.N. General Assembly, denounced it as a violation of human rights and international law. The Globo report said Canada’s secret signals intelligence agency, the Communication Security Establishment (CSE), used software called Olympia to map the ministry’s communications, including Internet traffic, emails and

telephone calls. The report provided no details of the alleged spying other than a slide presented at an intelligence conference a year ago that mentioned Brazil’s mines and energy ministry. Globo said all the data on Brazil’s mineral reserves are public and available on the Internet. Brazilians are sensitive to reports of industrial espionage because many suspect rich nations want to control their nation’s untapped mineral and offshore oil wealth, the likely drivers of future development in Latin America’s largest economy. The report said Snowden, now living in temporary asylum in Russia, attended the conference of the so-called Five Eyes intelligencesharing network between the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. “Everything indicates that NSA data is accessed by the five governments, and by thousands of (Internet) service provider companies,” Rousseff said via Twitter. Brazil is investigating whether global Internet companies such as Facebook and Google collaborated with the NSA by allowing access to private data on Brazilian users. The CSE, Canada’s equivalent to the NSA, said it would not comment on its foreign intelligence-gathering activities. The Globo report was coauthored by Glenn Greenwald, an American journalist based in Brazil who first published documents leaked by Snowden.

Tuesday October 08, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Four dead after plane 300 murders in Trinidad crash in Caribbean Sea so far this year

Image of Google map showing Capurnaga, northern Colombia (marked with an ‘A’), where the fatal plane crash occurred. (Trinidad Guardian) A non-commissioned officer of the U.S. Air Force was among four people killed over the weekend when a turboprop drug-hunting plane lost communications over the western Caribbean, then crashed in northern Colombia. Two American contractors and a Panama National Guardsman were also killed, and two members of the Dash-8 U.S. contract crew were seriously injured in

the crash Saturday morning near the Panamanian border. The Miami Herald quoted a U.S. Air Force official who said there was “no indication the plane was shot down”. The plane was “contracted by the U.S. government to provide detection and monitoring of drug trafficking routes in the coastal region of Central America,” the official said. The flight was over the

Caribbean working for the Key West-based regional headquarters of U.S. antitrafficking operation called the Joint Interagency Task Force-South, and notified headquarters that “they had located a suspect vessel,” according to a JIATF spokeswoman Jody Draves. Team members were contacting the Colombians to conduct either an interdiction or a disruption when communications were lost.

(Trinidad Express) The 2013 murder toll, after 279 days, now stands at 300—12 fewer than the corresponding period last year. The inauspicious figure was attained with the shooting death of Winston “Buju” Callender at Nelson Street, Port of Spain, Sunday morning. According to police reports, Callender, of no fixed place of abode, was killed in a shoot-out with four men around 10 a.m. There were no eye witnesses, police said. Callender was approached by the men and was fired upon. He returned fire, but was shot twice in the upper body. He died on the scene near the St Barb’s taxi stand, close to the corner of Prince Street. At least 16 spent shells were recovered. Police said Callender’s parents arrived on the scene, viewed his body and left. A few hours after the killing, officers of the Inter Agency Task Force searched the George Street and Nelson Street apartments, but left empty-handed. Callender was the second person to be killed over the weekend. On Friday night, Jerome “Patty” Alfonso was shot dead near his Malabar, Arima, home. Police said around 10.30 p.m., the 35-

MEAN STREETS: Crime scene investigators gather evidence around the body of the 300th murder victim for the year to date. year-old was at the corner of Lengua and Joseph Streets in Malabar, when two men walked up to him and opened fire. Alfonso was hit eight times and died minutes later on the side of the road. He was the fourth person to be killed in the area in as many days. In a telephone interview with the Express, Deputy Commissioner of Police Mervyn Richardson said police have since arrested several people in relation to the Malabar killings. He added that the officers have begun taking a “blanket approach” to all illegal activities in the area, with the use of the Air Guard, Regiment, officers of the National Security Operations Centre (NSOC) and police. He said the police are

doing all they can to keep serious crimes, which include murders, to a minimum, but called on the public to assist. In an unrelated case, police have yet to identity a man found between Buildings 58 and 60 at Nelson Street, Port of Spain, on October 2, when residents heard gunshots around 11.30 p.m. and discovered the lifeless body on the ground. Officers of Besson Street Police Station and Port of Spain Criminal Investigation Department arrived on the scene, but no one was able to identify the body. Reports are that the man is from the Beetham Gardens area. No description of the man has been given. Investigations are continuing by officers of the Homicide Bureau.

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Tuesday October 08, 2013

Tuesday October 08, 2013

Kaieteur News

Argentina’s Fernandez to undergo surgery today (Reuters) - Argentine President Cristina Fernandez will undergo surgery today (Tuesday) to treat a head injury, sidelining her ahead of a key mid-term election and at the apex of a bitter court battle with some of the nation’s creditors. The president’s condition, described as a subdural hematoma or blood on the brain, may have come from hitting her head during a fall she took in August. On Saturday she was ordered to rest for a month due to her condition. Fernandez was readmitted to hospital yesterday for pre-surgical checks after reporting a tingling sensation in her left arm, said doctors at the Buenos Aires medical center where she is being be treated. The operation involves opening the skull and draining blood that has pooled between the brain and the skull. “The initial recommendation for rest and observation issued on Saturday ... was modified,” said a statement from the Fundacion Favaloro hospital. “Considering these symptoms, the president’s medical team is suggesting surgery.” The U.S. Supreme Court yesterday declined to hear a preliminary appeal filed by Argentina over its battle with hedge funds that refused to take part in two debt

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez restructurings that sprang from the country’s 2002 default. Fernandez vows never to pay the holdouts, whom she derides as “vultures” for picking over the bones of the 2002 default, which pushed millions of middle class Argentines into poverty. The surgery will also keep the combative 60-year-old leader out of action ahead of October 27 mid-term congressional elections that will determine how much legislative clout she enjoys during her final two years in office. Fernandez’s popularity is hovering at about 34 percent, a little more than half of what it reached in October 2011, according to data from local consulting group Management & Fit. Recent polls have indicated the government could lose control of Congress in the mid-term vote, an outcome that would

deprive Fernandez of the chance of introducing a constitutional reform that would allow her to run for a third term in 2015. Analysts remained skeptical over whether any feelings of sympathy would be enough to boost her administration’s candidates in the election. Approval of her administration jumped more than 20 points after her husband, former President Nestor Kirchner, died from a heart attack in October 2010. “(The hematoma) will probably generate some sympathy, which could help her candidates a bit, but is unlikely to materialize into a major change of electoral preferences,” Eurasia Group analyst Daniel Kerner wrote yesterday. “The demand for change and discontent with low growth, high inflation and crime will likely be more important than (Fernandez’s) health issues.” Fernandez was first elected in 2007 as Argentina was recovering from its catastrophic 2002 debt default. Her protectionist trade policies, currency controls and nationalization of the country’s main airline, oil company and private pension system have confirmed Argentina as an outcast of the international markets while double-digit inflation eats away at the savings of average Argentines.

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Tuesday October 08, 2013

Letters... Where your views make the news

The actions of a few Freedom House despots could have catastrophic consequences for all From page 5 For example, the most recent US Bill signed by President Obama into law is the Vietnam Veterans Donor Acknowledgment Act of 2013. The US Senate passed the Bill on July 10, 2013. A message was sent to the US House of Representatives, on July 11, 2013. The Bill was presented to directly to the President on July 12, 2013. The US President has 10 days to sign the bill. President Obama signed the bill into law on July 18, 2013. In Ireland, the contentious Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act 2013 was passed on July 29, 2013 by the Irish Parliament and was signed into law on July 30, 2013 by the Irish President, despite his calling of a rare and special Council of State meeting. So, Mr. Nandlall is spouting unmitigated nonsense, unsupported by real world evidence. The other part of the problem here and another elephant facing the PPP is the President’s non-assent to the local government Bills, which I reiterate, the PPP voted for! Does a Guyanese President have the constitutional power to refuse to assent within 21 days to a Bill passed by ALL of his own party MPs in the National Assembly? Mr. Nandlall himself answered this when he said “Pragmatically speaking, a President withholding his assent from Bills would, indeed, be a rare occurrence since, invariably, Bills emanate from the government’s side in the National Assembly and would have received an input from and the approval of cabinet of which both the President and his Attorney General are a part.” Clearly, the President’s Cabinet or the majority

therefrom was sitting in the National Assembly when all PPP MPs voted for the local government Bills. Undoubtedly, the President’s chief representative in Parliament, the Prime Minister, voted for the local government Bills. The President’s chief legal advisor, the Attorney G e n e r a l , M r. N a n d l a l l , voted for these four local government bills! The PPP’s Minister of Local Government who is a member of the Cabinet brought the motion for the vote on the local government Bills! So, the PPP’s executive wholly and unconditionally supported and voted for this Bill. Unless the President argues there was a mutiny against him by the entire slate of PPP MPs in the National Assembly o n t h a t d a y, a n d b y a majority of his own Cabinet, which in itself would mean he should be removed because he does not have the support of more than two-thirds of the National Assembly, he approved of and assented to the local government Bills, as they were presented by his own party for a vote! This vote was an act he unequivocally authorized, supported and endorsed. It is why the US Ambassador, echoing what is likely the sentiment of the ABC nations, is openly critical of this course of action. I cannot find any instance in any modern executive presidency where a President has refused to sign within the allotted time for assent to a Bill passed by his entire party in the legislature. Yes, the PPP has broken new despotic ground with this shameful act. What I think the PPP is trying to pull here is this: it will call local government

elections, but will refuse to pass the new local government laws which significantly advance and improve existing local government laws and democratic holding of local government elections. The old laws accommodate dictatorship and the PPP wants them in place when an election is held. It would be another sinister act of totalitarianism by the PPP that will push the international community firmly into the opposition’s corner. Refusal to reform the old local government laws by refusing to sign a bill passed by your own party and MPs en masse and then calling a local government election under the old democraticallychallenged laws will likely be seen by the international community as a PPP attempt to manipulate and defraud the local government election. In its current sepsis of no more majority and far worse, diminishing plurality, where its support dwindles every day with a decreasing Indian population and a departing Mixed and Amerindian crossover base that previously voted for it, this despotic and corrupt cabal controlling the PPP will consider rigging future elections when the margins inevitably shrink to the point where it is no longer assured of a plurality. The fraudulence and manipulation at its 2013 congress election where there were more ballots than voters, signals this could be the future. I see the warnings on democracy from the ABC countries as evidence of a pattern that will inevitably confront the PPP in the future. The actions of a few despots in Freedom House driven by greed and power could have catastrophic consequences for this country as a whole. A few will cause grave hardships for the rest. M. Maxwell

Tuesday October 08, 2013

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Letter to the Sports Editor

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Letter to the Sports Editor

CRICKET BOARD MUST WAIT... This is Bullyism not Discipline From page 26 The CCJ in its directional Order had stated, “The seeking of such a public law remedy to prevent alleged unlawful abuse of public powers is of such significance in the light of the Guyana’s constitution that an appeal lies as of right to the Court of Appeal.” In addition, the team of esteemed jurists had further commented that this matter was an urgent one and had quoted in para. 41 of its Order dated June 15th 2012 “Due to the seriousness of the issues and the urgency of the matter this Court most exceptionally will exercise the powers of………..” This comment regarding the urgency of this matter seems to have been lost on our local court system and we are now left with a supposedly manufactured conundrum where the

legislative body is poised to make a decision that will have a serious bearing on matter(s) pending in the judicial system. This is a serious test to the independence of our judicial and legislative systems. We were advised by the Court of Appeal this morning (Monday October 7) that the Acting Chancellor was sick and even though the decision was ready we would be advised in the future of the date that the decision was going to be delivered. This is downright outrageous! We view this as a severe breach of natural justice as justice delayed can surely, in this case, be equated to justice denied. In the meantime, the GOG is rapidly moving ahead to ram through some form of legislation to control cricket

administration in Guyana, clearly attempting to subvert and/or override the judicial system, whilst cricket and cricket administration bleeds from these multiple and relentless onslaught against a legal body and its Officers that has been in existence for decades. We a r e n o w a d v i s e d that Parliament will be reconvened on Thursday and the Cricket Bill is on the agenda. Should legislation be passed allowing control of cricket administration to be government controlled, Guyana risk being ostracized from being a shareholder of the WICB since the ICC holds a similar view as FIFA regarding government intervention in sports. This is clearly not the road that we need to pursue. Raj Singh - Appellant.

Tuesday October 08, 2013 ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) Anger may cause you grief; control your temper and try to sit back and calm down. Take time to reevaluate your motives regarding friendships. Don't try to hide your true feelings from your mate. TAURUS (Apr. 21- May 21) Try to avoid any drastic decisions concerning personal legal matters. You can learn from those who have had similar experiences. GEMINI (May 22-June 21) You won't impress anyone by being overly generous. Sort situations out as best you can. Watch your spending habits. Don't make those you live with feel unloved or unworthy. CANCER (June 22-July 22) Put your time and energy into home improvement. Be discreet about your personal life or whereabouts. Be mysterious. Avoid being overly opinionated or you will alienate friends. LEO (July 23-Aug 22) Get thinking about prolonging longevity. Go with the flow and don't be concerned about your own job. Attend to things that you should have done yesterday. VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) Discuss your objectives with peers or lovers. Your partner may be reluctant to tell you how they feel.

LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) Electrical problems may be an issue. You have the ability to motivate others. Dead end projects could plague you. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22)

Look into attending seminars that can expand your perception. You can get others to do things for you but be sure not to overpay them or lend them money. SAGIT (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) Remember that no one can walk through your door if there's someone standing in the doorway. Your position may be in question if you haven't been pulling your weight. CAPRI (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) You will enjoy the interaction with youngsters and take great pride in the projects you've completed. Don't allow colleagues to put unreasonable pressure on you. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19)

You can get into self awareness groups or look into physical enhancement programs. Make changes around your house and plan to do some entertaining. Avoid friction with your mate. PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) If they're too demanding, reconsider this union. Problems with skin, bones, or teeth may mess up your schedule.

DEAR SPORTS EDITOR, After reading in the daily newspapers of the Guyana Cricket Board’s (GCB) imposed ban on National U19 Cricketer Ricardo Adams; I feel compelled to support Elroy Stephney’s position that he should not have been banned given all the circumstances. This youngster’s rights and cricket future have been unfairly taken advantage of by a Board that obviously premeditated his demise, and does not seem to believe in the principle that the penalty must be commensurate with the crime. Evidently whatever the indiscretion of young Adams, the Tour committee imposed a penalty of some 50 push-ups. Given the youngster’s claim of abdominal pains and diarrhoea, it is shocking to see that the tour management committee would prescribe a penalty of push ups without first seeking the advice of medical personnel, especially since only the youngster could say how he

was feeling. Who would have been responsible if young Adams had complied and then collapsed? On returning home the youngster was slapped with a ban by the Executive Body of the GCB, effectively preventing him from playing any cricket and from the right to appeal; a dastardly and devastating act! I am told that the unfortunate youngster, who was selected to play for his county in the Senior Inter county Competition, was unceremoniously extricated from the team and dragged before the power-hungry committee to answer the charges. It is evident the youngster could not withstand such bullyism, and would naturally feel, even if he is not told, that he must confess if he expects to continue playing cricket. The fact that he was accompanied by a new member of the “position for votes” fraternity certainly did not help his case for the matter was already decided and the subservient Essequibo Board willingly accommodated the catastrophe.

What bothers me is that this Guyana Cricket Board seeks to impress that they are promoting discipline when they themselves continue to be indiscipline every day in every way, and are really practising bullyism. 1. Was the manager of our national team who could not account for 13 cell phones and 800US dollars during a practice match at Bourda disciplined? 2. Was the manager who abandoned the U15 player Tyndall at CJIA Timehri disciplined? 3. Was the manager who was accosted by a WICB official for improper dress of sandals and shorts while on tour with our youth team ever disciplined? 4. Was any member or individual sanctioned or disciplined for the many illegal and immoral infractions including violation of court orders/injunctions perpetrated over the last three (3) years? While I do not subscribe to any form of indiscipline, it is my view that the penalty must relate directly to the crime and justice must be transparent and fair. The youngster should have been summoned long before he was selected to play for his county, accompanied by a competent person to appear before a disciplinary committee, whose findings would have been subject to an appeal (if so desired) to the Executive Committee. This is the common practice, bearing in mind the GCB’s responsibility to the development of our cricketers both Senior and Junior. It is indeed amazing that this group of individuals posing as the GCB could hoodwink and out manoeuvre the Government, Opposition, Private Sector, Media, Church, Trade Unions and the general public for three years while Private Companies continue to sponsor their illegality without any question of accountability or requisite disclosures. Why has this pervasive lawlessness been allowed to manifest itself so deeply, thereby eroding the very fabric of our cricket? Even as I write a so called Demerara Cricket Board has been operating, no one knows who they are; their constituent members do not have any relations with them yet they are allowed to acquire funds spend and organise lacklustre cricket matches, that have no positive impact on the development of our cricket, to the extent that we are finding it difficult to provide players for the WI cricket team. This is a National disgrace, and I hope that the current parliamentary process brings sanity to our beloved game before all is lost. Claude Raphael

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Letter to the Sports Editor

Tuesday October 08, 2013

2013 Universal DVD First Division T20 Cricket Competition in Berbice

CRICKET BOARD MUST WAIT- Albion, Rose Hall Town advance to Semi-finals ACTING CHANCELLOR NOW ILL - Half Centuries for Chattergoon, Surujnarine and Sukra

DEAR EDITOR, The continuing saga of the cricket board persists whilst the convenient delays continue to keep track with the Guyana Cricket Administration Bill. Back in December 2012, the appellant had attempted to vent his frustration at the inordinate delays in this very simple matter but that has only served to prolong these

delays further and these are now occurring in lockstep with the progress of the Cricket Administration Bill. More than 15 months has elapsed since the Caribbean Court of Justice in June 2012 made certain Orders regarding the matter RAJENDRA SINGH & ROBIN SINGH v THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF GUYANA.

This matter was challenging the Government of Guyana’s (GOG) authority and decision to unilaterally disband the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) and install an Interim Management Committee (IMC). Hereunder is a brief summary of the various approaches to the Courts and the surrounding events over the past 2 years: Continued on page 31

Pre-tournament favourites, Albion Community Centre and Rose Hall Town Gizmos and Gadgets scored convincing victories in their latest Group ‘A’ preliminary round matches on Saturday to end up as winner and runner-up respectively, thus booking their places in the semi-finals of the 2013 Universal DVD First Division T20 Cricket Competition for teams in Berbice. Albion played unbeaten to end with the maximum 20 points, while Rose Hall Town Gizmos and Gadgets only loss was to Albion and ended on 16. In the game at the Albion Community Centre, the home team trashed new comers D’Edward Cricket Club by 10 wickets. D’Edward, won the toss and elected to take first strike on a good batting pitch and reached 117 for 6 from their 20 overs with Lakeram Sukra top scoring with 52 (4x6,2x4), while Heeralall Bridgelall supported with 22.

GSCL\ Digimax tourney Rudy Rodrigues stroked a fine half century as Frontliners defeated M K Ogle by 60 runs when play in the Georgetown Softball Cricket League Inc (GSCL Inc)\ Digimax Over35 tournament continued yesterday at the Guyana National Industrial Corporation (GNIC) ground. Frontliners took first strike and rattled up 206-5 off their allotted 20 overs. Rodrigues smashed five fours

Bowling for Albion, West Indies leg-spinner, Devendra Bishoo, continued his fine form with the ball, taking 3 for 17 from 4 overs with fellow leg spinner, Avinash Wajib, claiming 3 for 20. Albion Community Centre in reply, galloped to 120 without loss in just 15.2 overs. The rampage was led by West Indies opening batsman, Sewnarine Chattergoon, with a well played 63 not out (7x4) and former Guyana under-19 opening batsman, Kandasammy Surujnarine, with an equally impressive 56 not out (5x4). In the other game at the Blairmont Community Centre Ground - Rose Hall Town Gizmos and Gadgets whipped Blairmont Community Centre by 43 runs. Rose Hall Town Gizmos and Gadgets were inserted after losing the toss. They found the going tough and eventually reached 1148 in their 20 overs. Berbice wicketkeeper batsman Jason

Sinclair continued his fine form with the bat with 39, while Guyana wicket-keeperbatsman, Delbert Hicks made 18. Bowling for Blairmont Robin Bacchus, the Demerara and Guyana medium pacer, picked up 3 for 29 while leg spinner, Kevon Jawahir had 2 for 24. Blairmont in reply were never allowed to flourish and were strangled by the tight Rose Hall Town pace and spin bowling unit. They were soon 55 for 5, a position from which they never recovered, being bundled out for 71 off 17.3 overs with Karamdat Bissoondial top-scoring with 15. Bowling for the visitors’ left-arm spinner, Ravi Narine, led the way with 4 for 18 from 4 overs, Guyana One-Day offspinner, Rajiv Ivan 2 for 9 and medium pacer, Renwick Batson, 2 for 18 did the damage. The competition is continuing.

Rodrigues stars as Frontliners beat MK Ogle by 60 runs and nine sixes in a top score of 81 while Dennis Mangru made 39. M K Ogle responded with 146-9 in 20 overs. Azeemul Haniff cracked 81 (10x6) as Mohamed Rafeek snared 3-21 and Dharam Persaud 2-42. M K Ogle overcame East Bank Masters by 8 wickets in an earlier encounter. East Bank Masters batted first and

were bowled out for 66 in 13 overs. Thakur Naught and Krishna Tuknaught were their leading batsmen with 16 and 15 respectively; Khemchand Dindyal claimed 3-2, Sookdeo Lakhan 2-7 and Eerie Sharma 2-14. MK Ogle replied with 672 in 9.3 overs. Haresh Gobin led with 28 while Haniff made 19.

Tuesday October 08, 2013

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Flying Ace club benefits from Bridge Company donation

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GFF/Banks Beer 2013/14 Premier League

G/town-based teams dominate Lindeners - wins for Riddim Squad and GDF

Action in the clash between Riddim Squad and Milerock at the MSC ground in Linden on Sunday. Mrs. Bibi F. Alli, Administrative Assistant, BBCI handing over a cheque to Mr. Randolph Roberts, Coach of Flying Ace Cycle Club. The Berbice Bridge Company Inc. (BBCI) recently contributed $30,000 towards the Flying Ace Cycle Club’s race against Domestic Violence Track Attack event which will be held on October 20th, 2013 at Blairmont Estate Ground. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the BBCI, Mr. Omadatt Samaroo, in comments to this newspaper added that the Company was privileged to have the opportunity to make a donation towards the Flying Ace Cycle Club. It should be noted that this is not the first time that the BBCI has come on board to sponsor events and make donations for the Flying Ace Cycle Club. In 2012 the Company had donated 75 lbs of chicken to the Club for its Fund Raising Take Away Lunch and also sponsored several events of the Club’s Track Attack which amounted to $51,000.

In 2013 the Company sponsored the air fare totaling $48,000 for one person who participated in the Easter International Grand Prix Race and also sponsored several categories for its 50-mile cycle race on August 3, 2013. Domestic Violence in Guyana, Samaroo stated, is widespread and is a problem in all regions of the country; it crosses racial and socioeconomic lines. “BBCI is therefore committed to supporting this cause and as such, has supported Flying Ace Cycle Club with this race since it will promote the awareness of domestic violence.” “The Berbice Bridge Company Inc. (BBCI) not only plays the role of

From page 36 of activities," said Scott, who is an avid Manchester United fan. "When I heard that it was coming to Jamaica I couldn't miss it. It's like a dream come through," he added. The Trophy Tour began its journey in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on September 12, 2013 and was developed through an exclusive partnership between FIFA and Coca-Cola, one of FIFA's longest-standing corporate partners. Roberto Lapeira, CocaCola's Caribbean franchise manager, told the Jamaica Observer that he was more than pleased with the Jamaican leg of the tour. "We have been working so much for this and it's amazing with all the people coming and having a chance to be so close to the trophy," said Lapeira. "It's amazing. I believe ev-

erybody has been able to enjoy it and have a great experience, to watch the hologram and leave with pictures and Coca-Cola," he added. "I would love to have a World Cup every year. We are extremely happy to be here and give people the chance to experience the trophy," Lapeira reiterated. Fuleco, the Official Mascot of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, was on hand strutting its stuff, dancing to the global Coca-Cola FIFA World Cup Tour anthem and taking pictures with fans. There was also the chance for the public to be engaged in football tennis, juggling acts and a chance to play FIFA football games on large television monitors. The World Cup is a gold trophy awarded to the winners of the FIFA World Cup tournament every four years and only past winners and heads

No. 1 2 3 4 TOTAL

collecting tolls and facilitating vehicles crossing the Berbice River Bridge and vessels transiting through the Retractor opening and under the High Span but also, discharges its corporate responsibilities and more importantly played an integral part in the development of education, sports, supported national events and made donations to charitable and non – charitable organizations in close proximity of the Bridge or in Region 5 and 6. The Company had also sponsored events in other counties and as far as the hinterland.” This amount represents sponsorship for the following categories:

Categories BMX Boys Open Female Veteran over 45 Juvenile

Price $ 6,000.00 $ 8,000.00 $ 8,000.00 $ 8,000.00 $ 30,000.00

Jamaicans share in World Cup Trophy ... of states have the opportunity to touch it. Since the advent of the World Cup in 1930, two trophies have represented victory: the Jules Rimet Trophy from 1930 to 1970, and the FIFA World Cup Trophy from 1974 to the present. The trophy, originally named Victory, but later renamed in honour of former FIFA president Jules Rimet, was made of gold plated sterling silver and depicted NIKE, the Greek goddess of victory. Brazil won the trophy outright in 1970 following their third success in the event, prompting the commissioning of a replacement. The Jules Rimet Trophy was stolen in 1983 and never recovered. The subsequent trophy, called 'FIFA World Cup Trophy', was introduced in 1974. It is made of 18 carat gold and depicts two human figures holding up the Earth.

By Rawle Welch Witnessed by a fair-sized crowd that included Regional Chairman Sharma Solomon, Parliamentarian Vanessa Kissoon, Guyana Football Federation (GFF) President Christopher Matthias, VicePresidents Ivan Persaud and Collie Hercules, Banks DIH PRO Troy Peters among other significant members of the football fraternity, the GFF / Banks Beer 2013/14 Premier League got off to a exciting start on Sunday evening, at the Mackenzie Sports Club (MSC), Linden. The planned double header saw both Georgetownbased sides Riddim Squad and Guyana Defence Force (GDF) defeat their opponents from the Mining Town, Milerock and Silver Shattas by identical 2-0 margins respectively. The GFF-organised League saw Riddim Squad and Milerock square off in the opening game and the first half saw both teams playing tentatively with the homesters faring better in the early exchanges, but poor finishing kept the contest even, while the visitors far and few created opportunities produced similar results as the half came with none of the goalkeepers being breached. The commencement of the final period saw a more relaxed and determined Riddim Squad unit carve out a few chances to take the lead, but a combination of solid goalkeeping and errant finishing kept the game on even keel. However, as the game approached the 66th minute the experienced Sceyon Hope gave Riddim Squad the lead after collecting a pinpoint pass from the right flank delivered by Lumumba Hinds when he twirled nicely to evade a defender, before smashing a left-foot strike past the surprised keeper from inside the penalty area. The nippy Amos Ramsay, who was a constant torment to the Lindeners all night finally managed to get on the

scoresheet four minutes later. He ran on to a lobbed pass from Captain Llytleton Ramsay and fired a left footed shot into the back of the right corner to make it 2-0. Urged on by the partisan band of supporters, Milerock put together a few scoring opportunities, but the Riddim Squad backline never yielded and repelled the threatening incursions, before the final whistle sounded much to the disappointment of the home crowd. In the feature contest, GDF ensured that it would be a clean sweep for the visiting teams when they beat Silver Shattas 2-0 through goals from Sherwin Caesar and Delwyn Fraser in the 77th and 90th minutes respectively. This game saw a higher level of play being exhibited from both sides as they treated the fans to a good brand of football with both coming close to scoring early in the opening stanza. However, both goalkeepers were equal to the task, pulling off some brilliant saves for their particular units. As was the case in the first game, the half came with none of the teams able to put the ball over the goal-line and that set up the rivalry for a riveting final half showdown. First, Delwyn Fraser came close with a shot that landed agonisingly just outside the upright, while Shattas had an effort from one of their strikers tipped over the crossbar as the fans sensed the rise in intensity. Sherwin Caesar finally

came to the rescue of the Army when he took full advantage of a mix-up between defender and goalkeeper to tap in from close range. It came as a result of the defender trying to head back the ball to his keeper, but the ever alert Caesar pounced on the intended pass and slotted home. The second and final goal of the game, apart from being the highlight of the night, came through a moment of wizardry from the silky Fraser, who after mesmerising his marker with an exhibition of ‘Neymar’ like moves that left him on the carpet then waltzed his way into the penalty areas, before beating the last stop on the near post. It was a grand display of superior skill that was enough to guarantee full points for the soldiers. The competition resumes next Sunday with matches scheduled for three venues. At the Buxton Community Centre- BV/Triumph take on Santos from 14:00 hrs and that will be followed by the clash between Buxton United and Winners Connection. Over at the Den Amstel ground- Young Achievers tackle Mahaica Determinators at 14:00 hrs and Den Amstel entertain Grove Hi Tech at 16:00 hrs. In the other two games for the day at the GFC groundAlpha United battle NA United from 18:00 hrs to be followed by BK Western Tigers versus Rosignol United at 20:00 hrs.

Georgetown Turf Club to hold Horse Race and Gymkhana The management of Georgetown Turf Club will be hosting a grand one day Horserace meet and Gymkhana on Sunday October 13 at Mocha Arcadia, East Bank Demerara. All systems are in place for the seven event card. The track was recently refurbished and is in great shape. Turfites will see top horses from East Coast and East Bank Demerara and Georgetown battling for supremacy. Among the horses slated to take part are Red Dragon, Red Bull, Shane, Gangster, Dem a Watch Me and Star Boy. Action gets underway from 13:00hrs and there will be popular music and bars to add to the enjoyment of the fans.

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Tuesday October 08, 2013

Windies U-19 beat Bangladesh U-19 by 6 Wkts to take 1-nill lead in opening ODI By Sean Devers West Indies Under-19 took a 1-nill lead in the sevenmatch ODI series against Bangladesh U-19 by beating the visitors by six wickets in the opening game at the Guyana National Stadium yesterday in a Day/Night encounter. Replying to Bangladesh’s 135 all out in 46 overs, the West Indies, led by 69 from Jamaican Leroy Lugg and a classy 27 from Trinidadian Jeremy Solozano, reached 138-4 in 34.2 overs after the second wicket pair had added 80 to set up an emphatic victory. West Indies lost their way somewhat toward the end, losing three wickets for two runs including Lugg, who tried to finish the game with a six and was caught off Nazmul Shanto. West Indies won the toss and invited Bangladesh to bat in blistering sunshine on a flat track and the home side with just two wins from six under-19 ODIs between two sides, lost two wickets in the space of a run to be 10-2 in the fourth over. The right-handed Emon Joyraj (3) was trapped in front by a searing yorker from the lively Vincentian Ray Jordon, while Nazmul Shanto was leg before for a duck in the next over bowled by Jamaican pacer Marquino Mindley. Moosadek Saikat, who scored 75 against Guyana in Saturday’s warm-up match at Bourda, joined Sadman Anik and took the score 21 to before Mindley got rid of Anik (14) as the hosts dominated the early rounds of the contest.

Mehdi Hasan Miraj is loses his stumps as he attempts to pull a delivery from pacer Ray Joseph (not in picture) Watched by a handful of fans, Antiguan pacer Alazzrai Joseph replaced the genuinely quick Jordon, who had a Kemar Roach look about him, and pair of Saikat and wicketkeeper Uddin Jasmin revived the position with a carefully constructed 32run fourth wicket stand. Saikat and Jasmin, two of the three First-Class players in the Bangladesh team, had to contend with the spin pair of Guyanese left-armer Gudakesh MotieKanhai, the leading wicket taker in the recent regional under-19 tournament in St Kitts and Skipper Ramaal Lewis. The partnership was broken by a stupendous lefthanded catch at first slip by Fabian Allen off Lewis to

remove Saikat (14) and leave the tourists on 53-4. Skipper Mehedi Miraj joined Jashim and the pair was kept on a tight leash although Miraj broke the shackles with two elegant cover driven boundaries in consecutive overs off Lewis. Jasmin reached 21 but then lofted Motie-Kanhai to deep mid wicket at 71-5 as Bangladesh who first played the West Indies at this level in the 1998 World Cup in South Africa, struggled badly to up the tempo on a low track and lightening fast and lush green outfield. When Joseph knocked out Miraj’s middle stump at 95-6 the Captain was gone for a fighting 29 and Bangladesh were in danger of falling for their lowest total against West Indies at this level.

Joseph struck 15 runs later when he dismissed Saeed (13) before bowling Abu Rony for a duck with a perfect yorker as Bangladesh slumped to 114-8 It was soon 129-9 when Rahutul (8) was bowled by Gabriel before a run out finished off the innings in the 46th over. Joseph finished with 3-31 and Mindley 2-15. Lugg dropped twice, rode his luck well and responded by caressing leg-spinner Zubair through the covers before dumping him over mid off and edging him to third man for boundaries in an expensive over which cost 14

Alzarri Joseph was the leading bowler for West Indies Under-19s in his first match with 3 quick wickets. (WICB Media) runs. Guyanese First-Class opener Tagenarine Chanderpaul got going with a pulled boundary but soon the son of Test batsman Shiv Chanderpaul was trapped LBW by off-spinner Miraj for 10 at 31-1. Lugg lived a charmed life and was again dropped in the deep off Nehad when on 30 but continued the counter attack. He got excellent support from left- hander Jeremy

Solozana who played some glorious cover drive and an exquisite on-drive. Lugg reached his fifty with a huge six before Solozano was stumped for 27 off Miraj who finished with a couple of wickets. Wicketkeeper Tristann Coleman came out in a nononsense mood and finished unbeaten on 20 while Gabriel was also undefeated at the end on two. The second ODI is billed for tomorrow at Bourda.

Female Prisoners beat Remand and Convicted Prisoners in dominoes encounter

The winning Female Prisoners along with an officer display the trophy. Female Prisoners made sure that their stay in the penal institution is of some note when the New Amsterdam Prisons held a one day dominoes competition on Friday last at the New Amsterdam Prison Officers Sports Club for inmates as part of Prison week

observances. The Females ran away with 76 games as they whipped Remand (mix team) on 73 games and Convicted Prisoners (all male), who were relegated to the cellar on 56 games. The top markers were Leroy McCoy from the

remand team and Shatese Valentine of the females on 17 games each. Other activities are on the cards for the prison anniversary celebrations including football, cricket, athletics among others against other joint services organisations.

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