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Monday October 07, 2013

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“Jagdeo, Brassington have led us into a cul de sac from which there is no easy exit” - Chris Ram The framing and financing of the Marriott Hotel, Berbice Bridge and the Amaila Falls Hydro Electric Plant, represents a scandal of national proportion. This is the view of Financial Analyst, Christopher Ram, who in his latest writings on the US$58 Marriott Hotel Project on his website, said that Winston Brassington, is clearly abusing his power as sole Director of Atlantic Hotel Inc (AHI), and is displaying contempt for the people of Guyana. Ram was at the time making reference to the selective bits of information that Brassington has made available when he released aspects of the feasibility study that was done by a Miami-based firm for the project. That study, he also noted, was undertaken years after the government would have already expended hundreds of millions of dollars on site

Head of State Donald Ramotar

Former President Bharrat Jagdeo

Executive Head of NICIL and AHI, Winston Brassington

preparation and the rerouting of the sewerage system in the Kingston location. One of the assumptions in the feasibility report for the success of the Marriott Hotel, is Guyana finding crude oil among other economic initiatives. According to Ram, some of the assumptions in the report are speculative and unreliable.

“Under normal circumstances and using any rational yardstick, the usual adjustments for the uncertainty of the assumptions would rule out the investment…No wonder then that Brassington is now admitting that it is a difficult sell.” Ram said that if Brassington had not been so stubborn, he would have

realised that the Marriott Project was always a difficult sell. “Now, having led the country into a speculative investment, Brassington has to give away the Hotel to an investor whose identity he remains unwilling to disclose but who, like Sithe Global, wants for its investment, a disproportionate share in the equity of the company.”

GEA seeking tax exemptions for energy efficient products The Guyana Energy Agency (GEA) has announced that it will be seeking full exemption of the Import and Export Duties on machinery and equipment for obtaining, generating, and utilizing energy from renewable energy resources. These products include solar panels, solar lamps, deep-cycle batteries, solar generators, solar water heaters, solar cookers, DC Solar refrigerators, DC Solar Freezers, DC solar Air Conditioners, wind turbines, water turbines, power inverters, compact fluorescent lights (CFL) and Light emitting diode (LED) lamps. This decision comes in the wake of the GEA wanting to promote greater sustainable energy initiatives in conformation with its National Energy Policy, which is aimed at reducing dependency on imported fuels, promoting where possible, the increased utilization of domestic resources and to ensuring that energy is used in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner. According to Mahender Sharma, CEO of the GEA, effective and efficient use of energy will lead to a reduction in demand for energy, which would reduce the amount of money spent on fuel and electricity. He posited that with the “savings one can

Some recommended energy saving bulbs.

garner from reducing fuel consumption, one can make more financial resources available for other areas of development.” Sharma outlined that on a global scale, energy conservation “would delay the need for additional capital-intensive generation capacity and their associated costs and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and other emissions into the atmosphere.” In providing pragmatic examples of the Zero Rated items mentioned above, Sharma outlined that “solar water heating is also beginning to be used for domestic water heating. Importation and installation of solar water heaters will be

encouraged for both residential and commercial use. The tourism and hospitality sector will be engaged with the objective of promoting the installation of solar water heaters.” He then said “a 50-gallon electric water heater will cost

you about 1 million dollars over its 10-year life, but, an equally-sized solar water heater will only have a onetime cost of about $330,000 and will serve your hot water needs for more than 20 years.” He further said that replacing a “60watt incandescent bulb with a 13 watt CFL can save you as much as G$9,000 per year for each bulb replaced, while replacing outdoor Mercury vapour lamps with outdoor CFLs can save you as much as G$35,000 per year for each lamp replaced.” Sharma also spoke of the energy reduction benefits that can be accrued should one phase out their old appliances for newer energy efficient ones. He said “Replacement of old, inefficient appliances can yield significant energy conservation benefits.” Sharma then outlined that “according to a 2013 study conducted under the Eastern (Continued on page 16)

Speaking to the extracts that have been released from the feasibility report, Ram said, “while generously reproducing the advertisements for investors and contractors, the consultants do not help the reader to ascertain or understand whether the process of their appointment met the requirements of the Procurement Act or they were handpicked by Brassington to do a self-serving study with the scope conveniently defined.” As such, the financial analyst posited that “this leads to the even more serious issue of an unaccountable Brassington running amok with public funds.” He reminded that AHI is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NICIL, a company with the Board of Directors comprising several members of the Cabinet, including the Minister of Finance as Chairman, and the Head of the Presidential Secretariat. “Incredibly the Board has appointed Brassington as the sole director of a Government company...It boggles the mind that this Board can elect one man – Winston Brassington, whose record of integrity and competence have been subject to sustained challenges - as the sole Director of AHI.” Ram explained, “in his role as the sole director of AHI, Brassington has been given complete control over billions of dollars of public funds, the power to commit the country to a US$58M contract that excludes Guyanese from the work pool, and the sole discretion of what information the public should be given.” He said that what makes it even worse is that the only other officer of the company (AHI) is an employee of the company of which Brassington is the executive head. Ram was referring to the Deputy Head of NICIL, Marcia Nadir Sharma, who is also the Deputy Head of AHI, a company created by Brassington to build the Marriott Hotel. According to Ram, “together they have failed to submit any annual report to the National Assembly or the Registrar of Companies,

Financial Analyst, Christopher Ram since the company was incorporated in 2009.” Ram said that the Marriott project is one where former President Bharrat Jagdeo and Winston Brassington, “have led us into a ‘cul de sac’ from which there is no easy exit.” He said, as the prestige projects conceived by Jagdeo and now so carelessly continued by President Donald Ramotar, have come under the microscope, their structures have proved porous and costly. Amaila, he said, topped the list for press coverage, no doubt because of the huge sums and the politics involved. He said too that to make the Berbice Bridge avoid insolvency, NICIL gives up G$104M annually and another G$10M in interest. “Collectively, the framing and financing of these projects represents a scandal of national proportion.” According to Ram, while the President’s defence of public officials is commendable when justified, it is improper for him to publicly abuse citizens, particularly when his government has made no effort to engage those making the criticisms. “He (Ramotar) should try to understand that all is not well over at NICIL and AHI, and should do something about those entities.”

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Monday October 07, 2013

Letters... Where your views make the news Printed and Published by National Media & Publishing Company Ltd. 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown, Georgetown, Guyana. Publisher: GLENN LALL Editor: Adam Harris Tel: 225-8465, 225-8491. Fax: 225-8473, 226-8210


When secrecy can hurt Guyana is fast becoming as secretive as some of the most closed societies in the world. Indeed, secrecy was the order of the day in those state-run societies where the state determined what was good for the people and where production was disposed of at the behest of the state. The tenet was that the societies would be run according to the principle of ‘from each according to his want, to each according to his need’. It therefore meant that if a man produced more than he needed then that surplus would be controlled by the state. It would be given to those who appeared not to have the wherewithal to produce according to their needs. Of course, there were immense failings here. People never produced to their optimum and most of the efforts were concentrated in the family. The state stagnated because the driving force of development—the profit motive—was missing. In the end, communism collapsed and the grandiose principle of the richer supporting the poorer went through the window. The government took the society into its decision making processes and caused the people to have a say in whatever plan it conceived. Guyana seems to be caught in the time warp. Its people wake up in the mornings to be confronted by a brainwave of some government official. The society is then asked to make the brainwave work. If it fails then the fault rests with the people. Guyana has been confronted with a series of bright ideas and all of them have landed the taxpayer into some financial difficulties. Such is the situation that in real democracies, the governments would have had to resign over what the people would have seen as a waste of their taxpaying dollars. We start with the Skeldon Sugar Factory. This came into being because Guyana simply could not get out of sugar. For one, it represented the bulk of the political support of one of the major political parties in the land. To rid itself of sugar would have been, for that political party, to rid itself of a large political base. So, the project became Guyana’s largest investment. Three years later, this investment is still to provide the desired yield. Instead of lowering the cost of production the investment has seen the drastic lowering of the volume of production to levels unheard of even when the smaller sugar factories were struggling in the face of strikes and sabotage by disgruntled workers. The government is less than candid about the state of affairs. It is mum on the rate of repayment of the loan to fashion this new sugar factory; it is mum on the declining labour force and it seems incapable of determining the root cause of the problems that affect the sugar factory. Then there was the decision to reintroduce hydroelectric power to Guyana. This project was touted to be three times larger than the sugar investment. From the outset there were questions. The award of the contract was questionable and the time granted for the construction of the hydroelectric road was most inadequate as was the cost of the project. For two years the nation was provided with various deadlines and when these were questioned the authorities made charges of anti-government and of pandering to the opposition. It turns out that the criticisms were justified and the government remains as secretive as ever. It is as if the projects have ground to a halt. In any society where the government is using public funds, that government would feel beholden to the people to explain every delay, unless the government is a dictatorship. There is so much that the nation needs to know and where the information is lacking then the political opposition acts. We have had cuts to the budget because the opposition argued that the government refused to adequately explain the need for the expenditure. What is worrying is that the government is still steeped in the dictatorial mode even though the society has changed. Perhaps it is because we still use the same old politicians who are all steeped in the ways of secrecy.

PPP has ruled for 21 years with PNC’S “Dictatorship Constitution” DEAR EDITOR, I found the headline of Hydar Ally’s letter, “October 5 – A defining moment in the political life of Guyana,” (KN 10-5 13) to be absolutely correct as the 21 years of PPP rule have certainly defined the PPP as being always obsessed with power rather than genuine concerns for democracy and free and fair elections. The PPP loves to rehash the PNC’s rigging of elections and undemocratic rule but I do wish either Hydar Ally or former “PPP intellectual” Ralph Ramkarran could answer the following questions. During the Cold War and the resultant 28 years of PNC rule the PPP persistently advocated Stalin style Marxism/ Leninism for Guyana. Could the PPP please state which communist country had opposition parties, free and fair elections and a free press. Could the

PPP say in which communist country the masses did not line up for food. Could the PPP please say why it never called on the communist countries to ensure free and fair elections in Guyana. The socialist phase of PNC rule from 1974 to 1985 was the worst of the PNC but that was when the PPP declared support for the PNC soon after the rigged 1973 elections, proposed a National Front Government with the PNC in 1977, proposed a National Patriotic Front Government with the PNC after the rigged 1978 referendum, and entered into secret power sharing talks with the PNC after the assassination of Walter Rodney in 1980 to establish a one party state. The PNC rigged the 1978 referendum and foisted the dictatorship constitution upon us in 1980. The PPP has ruled since 1992 with the same

constitution. In fact, the PPP’s Attorney General Anil Nandalall is always in praise of that constitution. Why does the PPP love the Burnham dictatorship constitution so much. After the death of Burnham in August 1985 his successor Desmond Hoyte said enough of the socialist nonsense and embarked upon the dismantling of Burnham and Jagan’s socialism. He lifted the ban on food items and freed up the economy. Hoyte permitted a free press, started to restore an independent civil service, and after the Cold War was over, and against tremendous opposition from “ socialists” in the PNC, he returned Guyana to free and fair elections in October 1992 which returned the PPP to power. Could the PPP please tell its supporters why during its 21 years reign it has not

formed a National Front Government with the PNC, nor a National Patriotic Front Government, nor shared power with the PNC; after all that was what the PPP proposed in the 1970’s. Most of all could the PPP say why it has kept the PNC dictatorship constitution. In the last seven years of PNC rule, Hoyte had succeeded in eradicating armed banditry and government corruption, and he had in fact jailed several PNC strongmen like the Rabbi Washington and Errol Butcher. Could the PPP say why it freed those men when it came to power. Could the PPP say why during its 21 years reign, armed banditry has flourished, corruption in government is rampant, and why narco-trafficking and money laundering now account for 50% of the economy. Malcolm Harripaul

Credit diaspora Guyanese for role in free and fair elections DEAR EDITOR, The ruling PPP is celebrating the 21st. anniversary since it captured political office from the PNC. The PPP and or Guaynese at home were not the only ones to struggle for free and fair elections. President Donald Ramotar should have used the occasion to salute those who made enormous contributions in the struggle for the restoration of democracy in our homeland. I was in the audience (as a scribe reporting for community publications) at the Queens public meeting where Donald updated the diaspora on the state of affairs in their homeland and fielded

questions. Donald was booed a couple times (for remarks contrasting crime and sanitation with other countries and on corruption) and praised several times. What struck my attention was not what the President said but what he did not do or say. He failed to acknowledge and recognize the significant contributions of some towering New York-based personalities who helped to put the PPP into office and who played a critical role in the restoration of democracy in Guyana. He should have used his trip and or the speech to bring healing in and unite the

disparate factions of the PPP’s support group, Association of Concerned Guyanese, as well as credit others for their work in the freedom movement. At the Ramotar public engagement, I saw former loyalists of the Association of Concerned Guyanese, support group of the PPP in America, who had a public fall out with Donald and who were very critical of him prior to the November 2011 elections. I know these individuals very well since 1977 having joined them (though I am not an ACG member) in protests, rallies, picketing exercises, etc., against the 28 year old PNC dictatorship.

They were a small group but very dedicated to the cause and effective at organizing public actions and several of them attended numerous protest events and rallies organized by myself, Dr. Baytoram Ramharack and Vassan Ramracha – all pioneers and founding fathers of the New York Guyanese revolutionary movement that helped to usher in democracy in the homeland. The PPP and Guyanese owe the ACG early activists (such as Arjune Karshan, Chuck Mohan, Mel Carpen, Joe Kanhai, Flatty Singh, Danny Singh, John Drepaul, “V”, etc.), and later ones like (Continued on page 24)

Mr. Dookhoo should be specific about the time when ‘bad guys’ got their loans written off DEAR EDITOR, I refer to a comment made by Mr. Dookhoo in which he stated that, “We didn’t ask for our debts to be written off. The bad guys made the bank (GAIBANK) go bankrupt.” ((Demerara waves article 10-3-2013 When I resigned as General Manager of GAIBANK in January 1994, GAIBANK was a profitable bank and this outcome is supported by the 1993 audited financial report that was prepared by Dr. S. A. Goolsarran, the Auditor General of Guyana at that time. Mr. Dookhoo should be

specific about the time when the ‘bad guys’ got their loans written off and who authorized it, for when borrowers run to politicians and ask for loans to be written off and politicians agree to do so without seeking professional advice to deny such requests, we could have the situation as defined by Mr. Ramesh Dookhoo. One of the damaging effects of political interference in financial markets is the unfortunate transfer of publicly owned assets to private ownership without taxpayers being

compensated. This situation must be avoided at all costs. A second outcome is that successful start-up projects are starved of additional funds when the ‘bad guys’ cause politicians to close the bank to hide their wealth transfer. Notwithstanding these concerns, I would nevertheless like to congratulate Mr. Dookhoo for speaking on the pivotal role GAIBANK played in developing the manufacturing sector in Guyana. GAIBANK’s work was transformational, given

the position from where we started in Guyana and the fact that commercial banks would not have and will never take on the risks as they have other important priorities. Now, could you imagine, Editor, if Mr. Dookhoo and his colleagues had spoken on these matters two decades ago? This is the unfortunate outcome of our underdeveloped policy environment, but as the old people say, better late than never. I commend Mr. Dookhoo on setting the record straight. C. Kenrick Hunte

Monday October 07, 2013

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

A Marriott in Guyana will improve Guyana’s Global Image DEAR EDITOR, The top 10 Largest Hotel Groups in the World, are, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Wyndham Hotel Group, Marriott International, Hilton Hotels, Accor Group, Choice Hotels, Best Western, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Carlson and Global Hyatt ( Marriot is a Global Quality Brand Hotel at Number 3 in the World, and such a property in Guyana will immediately give confidence to the soon to arrive Global executive. For Investments in The Republic of Guyana, Global Corporations’ Teams, will visit Guyana, for their due diligences work, discussions and investigations, and one of the first item for their action is their Hotel Accommodation Reservation, which usually will set the tone for the arriving guest to Guyana. On 19 July 2010, Guyana and Kuwait signed five bilateral agreements, setting the stage for firmer ties, during a short visit by Prime Minister, His Highness Sheikh Nasser Mohamed AlAhmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah. The Prime Minister and a delegation of 66 arrived here

as part of a tour of Latin America and the Caribbean, that also took in Cuba, and were accorded an official red carpet welcome on the tarmac of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport. During the visit of the Emir of Kuwait to Guyana, due to lack of adequate hotel accommodations, their visit lasted 2 hours in place of a possible 2 days. That accommodations deficiency should be corrected, IF, Guyana is to attract high quality investments, high quality executives will need to visit Guyana, for their discussions, examinations and agreements. The current disagreements between Government, Opposition Parties, Hoteliers, Investors and Interested Persons, should be facilitated in a forum with free, fair and frank deliberations, for the way forward for the Marriott’s opening in Guyana. Among the items for discussions at an Open Forum, can be the following seven: 1. Current and Higher Occupancy Rates at Hotels? 2. What is needed for

hotels expansion ? 3. I n f r a s t r u c t u r e s Needed for High Level Accommodations & Facilities in GY ? 4. Ogle International Airport with increased CARICOM, South & Central American Visitors ? 5. Kuwait’s Emir’s trip to GY comments on “lack of adequate accommodations.” 6. Can GY attract more HIGH, MEDIUM & LOW Level Visitors? 7. How will Marriott in GY change the dynamics in GY’s Hotels Accommodations, Services and Competitiveness? Official Visiting Delegations to Guyana, are assigned Hotels’ Rooms by the Ministry of Foreign

Affairs, by the attendees’ positions’ rankings’ as is done at the United Nations, and Globally, and agreement can be secured that ALL the HOTELS in Greater Georgetown to continue to receive Government’s bookings. The 7 Top hotels in Greater Georgetown, Guyana are Pegasus Hotel Guyana, Princess Hotel & Casino, Cara Lodge, Roraima Duke Lodge, Herdmanston Lodge, Grand Coastal Inn, and New Tropicana Hotel, and they all create employment and pay many taxes, and are all providers of their best facilities, accommodations and services, BUT WITH ALL DUE RESPECT, none are a GLOBAL BRAND.

Trinidad & Tobago, supported, encouraged, and helped with financing for their very attractive HILTON and HYATT Hotels. Guyanese, Government and Opposition Parties, can all agree that Guyana’s economic transformation is achievable with key infrastructures’ investments in roads, power, hotels, human development, and an attractive investment climate,

et al., to enable Guyana’s riches in WATER, LAND and MINERALS to be employed in ADDED VALUE Operations, for Guyanese jobs creation, quality of life, and riches in CARICOM, UNASUR, MERCOSUR and overall Global Prosperity, Food Security and well being. The VISION of Guyana’s Founding Fathers for “One People, One Nation, One (Continued on page 24)

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Monday October 07, 2013

Granger in the Hot Seat…

Lying is one of the worst things you can do in politics Kaieteur News, on Friday last, conducted a hot seat interview with the Leader of the Opposition, David Granger. Granger has been Opposition Leader for the last two years after he led a new found coalition—A Partnership for National Unity (APNU)—through the 2011 elections. APNU secured 26 seats in the National Assembly. Below are the questions posed to Granger and his responses. KN: What would you say about your journey so far as Leader of the Opposition, in terms of accomplishments? Granger: My view is that APNU, under my leadership, has been able to initiate a major change in governance in Guyana. It is the first time we had a five party alliance in the National Assembly and its success has been that we have dealt with important human development and national interest issues. Although we have not been able to have some of the Bills that we supported assented to, we feel that we have brought about significant change so far. KN: Were you to go back from your first day in office, and look at your work from then to now, what decision have you made, which would change given the chance to rethink? Granger: There is nothing I would change. I think I have a good team in the parliament. We work together, we have group sittings and we are united in our desire to build a platform for national unity and to bring certain issues to front, to deal with poverty, education, employment and empowerment. We feel that we have made people more aware of the need to deal with those issues, so I am quite satisfied with the progress that we have made in terms of moving from where we

were in 2011 when such a partnership didn’t exist. KN: Do you think you have the best team as the main opposition party? Granger: Certainly, our shadow Cabinet is made up of 10 persons, plus me. Each shadow Minister is responsible for at least two portfolios; and every other APNU MP is a member of a cluster in that shadow cabinet. So every APNU MP has a responsibility not only to his or her constituency but also to his her portfolio. It is a good team, we have been able to hold the executive branch accountable in every area: Education, Economic Affairs, Public Works, Environment. We work quite well and each one of them, after 20 months, has a very good understanding of his or her portfolio responsibility. So I am very happy with the team and I do believe we have the best team. If I were to go into government tomorrow, I would be happy to take the same team with me. KN: Mr. Granger, since the beginning of your time as Opposition Leader, do you think you have been getting the best support from your shadow cabinet, as it relates to the decisions you make? Granger: Well, yes; because we discuss the matters first, we come in here and have shadow cabinet meetings every week, so the issues are discussed and when we go to the National Assembly, I am assured of their support to me personally and to the policy of APNU because the matters were discussed before. We also have a system of expert groups. KN: Does this room at times get heated in the shadow Cabinet meetings? Granger: There are exchanges, but they are not violent or vitriolic exchanges. The issues such as the National budget have to be

Opposition Leader, David Granger during the recent interview with Kaieteur News reporter, Abena Rockcliffe

discussed before, so we have a consistent line and a coherent policy but we don’t have big fights… I look for consensus, I allow all to speak and after discussions, debates and exchanges of views, we come up with a decision and we take that to the National Assembly …sometimes we don’t agree with the AFC but certainly, internally, there has been a high degree of cohesion in our relationship and a high degree of coherence in the message we put out. KN: What is the decision you made that you are most proud of? Granger: Well, it is really a policy decision to make 2013 the year for youth and to focus on giving young people, throughout the country, better access to education. I think this will have a strategic and long term impact on the development of young people. There is bound to be change and we will continue to fight for change. I think the decision to make this 2013 the year for youth was a critical decision,

not only in terms of declaring it, but also in terms of pursuing it. KN: Would you be open to a lie detector test? Granger: Yes certainly, why not, there is no need to lie. Lying is one of the worst things you can do in politics. It is destructive to lie in politics and in communications because the lies always catch up with you. Sometimes people make mistakes and when you make a mistake it’s best that you come out and say ‘I made a mistake.’ But to tell a lie, people should resign when they tell lies, resign from Parliament or Ministerial office. KN: Would you urge your MPs to resign should he or she to be found lying? Granger: If it is a lie to affect the person’s integrity or the solidarity of the partnership, I would invite that person to reconsider membership. KN: Do you think that your shadow cabinet would be prepared for a lie detector test? Granger: I’m very confident that every member of the shadow cabinet would be ready to take up that challenge. KN: Would you say, in light of the all circumstances, that the progress of Guyana is at a standstill? Granger: No, I won’t agree that progress is at a standstill. I think people are more aware of where APNU would like to go and there is movement on the ground. I think people are coming over to APNU because they more clearly understand our

message. There might be failure to advance in terms of certain infrastructural projects; but I think in terms of the quality of governance, there is a greater desire on the part of the ordinary people to ensure that we move forward. They know where we want to go, in terms of human safety, public security, public works, people have a very clear idea. If you speak to the people of Linden they will tell you, ‘we want a road between Ituni and Linden or between Kwakwani and Ituni. We want a highway between Lethem and Linden.’ If you go to Region One, they will tell you they want the waterfront fixed. KN: Why would you say the government has been ignoring these calls? Granger: Because the government has been saddled with some high cost projects from the previous President and I think a lot of the government funding is tied up in projects which many of the people don’t see the need for. I think that after 21 years of government, the PPP is fatigued, exhausted; they ran out of ideas. They have become oblivious to the concerns of the citizens, they have no idea how much suffering is taking place on the ground…the PPP has lost its objectivity, everything they find going wrong, they blame the Opposition. If something goes wrong in security, they blame the Opposition for crime; they don’t think the Amaila project is flawed, they think the Opposition is killing the project. Well our duty is indeed to protect the interest of the people…And if I can

say aside, that is why the government is deliberately delaying assent to the Local Government Bills, because the tide of public opinion has swung against the PPP. KN: Of all the recent “troubled” projects that the government has initiated, which would you have reworked and implemented. Likewise which you think is the biggest waste of time and money? Granger: At the top of my list would be the Amaila Falls Hydro project. We need cheap electricity. I would say that the government should sit down with the Opposition, rework that project, bring a proper, transparent Bill before the National Assembly and let us get on with it. APNU wants cheap reliable electricity, it is capable of transforming the country but the government has brought a flawed project before us and we can’t accept and approve a flawed project. Amaila is transformation in potential and I would advise the government to take it away, rework it and bring it back. Now when you speak about the waste of time and money, you have to speak in relative terms, speaking in this case. I would feel that there is no need now for government to get involved in a hotel. I think that there are infrastructure projects which are urgent, for example the Linden/Lethem highway and the bridge across the Demerara; those are the top infrastructural projects that we must embark upon, not hotels. TO BE CONTINUED TOMORROW

Monday October 07, 2013

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Boehner says U.S. on path to default if Obama won’t negotiate WA S H I N G T O N (Reuters) - Republican House Speaker John Boehner vowed yesterday not to raise the U.S. debt ceiling without a “serious conversation” about what is driving the debt, while Democrats said it was irresponsible and reckless to raise the possibility of a U.S. default. “The nation’s credit is at risk because of the administration’s refusal to sit down and have a conversation,” Boehner told ABC’s “This Week,” adding that there were not enough votes in the House of Representatives to pass a “clean” debt limit bill, without any conditions attached. Asked if that meant the United States was headed towards a default if President Barack Obama did not negotiate ahead of an October 17 deadline to raise the debt ceiling, Boehner said: “That’s the path we’re on.” The comments appeared to mark a hardening since late last week when Boehner was

reported to have told Republicans privately that he would work to avoid default, even if it meant relying on the votes of Democrats, as he did in August 2011. Republicans and Democrats also traded blame for a shutdown that has brought much of the government to a standstill for nearly a week. With no end in sight, the battle over funding the government has merged into the one over the debt ceiling. Republicans have demanded that Democrats agree to delay implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the landmark 2010 law popularly known as Obamacare, as part of any spending bill. They have also been seeking measures to address the federal government’s long-term debt in exchange for raising its $16.7 trillion debt limit. If the borrowing cap is not increased, the United States could go into default, with what officials and economists say would be

seriously damaging consequences for the U.S. and global economies. “I don’t want the United States to default on its debt,” Boehner said. “But I’m not going to raise the debt limit without a serious conversation about dealing with problems that are driving the debt up. It would be irresponsible of me to do this.” Treasury Secretary Jack Lew warned of serious consequences if “the unthinkable” were to happen and the United States defaulted. “It is irresponsible and it is reckless to take that chance, which is why Congress needs to act,” he told Fox News. He told CNN: “On the 17th we run out of our ability to borrow, and Congress is playing with fire.” Senator Ted Cruz, who has been the standard-bearer for Republican opposition to funding the government without measures to undercut Obama’s healthcare

law, told CNN that Congress frequently in the past had attached curbs on spending to votes to raise the debt ceiling. On this occasion, he said, Republicans were looking for three things before raising the debt ceiling: a significant structural plan to reduce government spending, no new taxes, and measures to “mitigate the harm from Obamacare.” Democrats vow not to negotiate on the funding bill or the debt ceiling, arguing that it is the job of Congress to pay its bills. Concerns that the shutdown could trim economic growth coupled with nervousness over a potential debt ceiling crisis later this month have weighed on stocks and pushed the U.S. dollar close to an eightmonth low. While selling has been orderly so far, investors expect volatility to rise as the shutdown continues and the debt ceiling deadline nears. Democratic Senator

Barack Obama

John Boehner

Charles Schumer told ABC’s “This Week” he did not believe Boehner would let the nation go into default, as it would lead to chaos on financial markets, freeze lines of credit and cause a jump in interest rates. “I believe Speaker Boehner will not do that when push comes to shove,” Schumer said, adding that Boehner and Republicans would be forced “sooner or later” to stand up to the “hard right” in their party and give in. “They will have to back off.”

Obama and the Democrats say bills to fund the government and raise the debt ceiling could be resolved quickly if Boehner permitted votes on simple, no-stringsattached measures in the Republican-controlled House. Asked about reports that around 20 House Republicans have said they would join some 200 Democrats in voting for such a bill - enough to pass it Boehner told ABC that there were not enough votes in the chamber to pass such a bill.

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Monday October 07, 2013

Monday October 07, 2013

If you see me during this week, do not bother to stretch out your hand for a handshake and bounce or a high five. I am not making physical contact with anyone, not going into any public washroom nor into large gatherings for the remainder of this month or until such time as I am convinced that there is no risk of a swine flu outbreak. Swine flu is associated with pigs; it can be transmitted from animals to man and later from man to man. It cannot be spread by eating the meat of pigs or products made from pig meat. At least this is what the experts feel. In effect it can be transmitted and exhibits the same symptoms as the common flu except that it can be deadlier. You can call me paranoid if you want but come this week I will have the

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cleanest hands on the planet. I will be washing my hands so often that I would not be surprised if I wash off a few finger nails in the process. If you do not wash your hands often, then they become incubators for all kinds of germs and diseases which can then be spread to others or to surfaces with which other persons come into contact with. Washing your hands is therefore serious business and persons should do so frequently during the day. The Peeper is taking no chances against any possible contamination of swine flu. And neither should you. Guyana by now should have been on a full alert for a possible outbreak of swine flu. Yet, as of Saturday last, there has been no official notification of a national alert

or for that matter any announcement as to what steps the Ministry of Health intends to take to protect the citizens against any possible outbreak of this deadly influenza. Hopefully, by the time this column reaches the press, steps would have been taken to monitor visitors at all of the major ports in the country, including and especially shippers, and the public would have been forewarned about the precautionary steps they need to take. This column is concerned that this outbreak within the Caribbean is taking place during the first term of the new school year. It is well known that all it takes is one infected student with a normal flu virus to cause many more to come down with the common flu. Schools are veritable

Shipment of rice fertilizer to arrive this week - Ramsammy Rice farmers can expect the arrival of the first shipment of fertilizer from Venezuela, this week. This disclosure was made

by Agriculture Minister, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy during a press briefing last week. During a recent visit to Venezuela the Minister

Dem boys seh...

People getting kok all round When a man got money he can control anything and everything especially if de money ketch people eye. Guyana got nuff thing but de people who own dem, always thinking bout money. De Brazilians come and de next thing you know is that people tek de Brazilian money and give dem some things that Guyanese own all de time. Now dem boys think that dem in Brazil whenever dem walk in certain parts of Georgetown and in nuff parts of de interior. More recently dem boys think that dem in China. Since you turn is a Chinee business or some property that dem buy. Just now Guyanese gun believe that dem in China. Once that happen dem bound to be trouble because de new people think that Guyanese stupid. That is why de other day when dem had a business forum a man ask dem Chinee how come de things that dem selling to Guyanese don’t last. De question ketch de Chinee people by surprise and dem was forced to tell de truth. China good at forging things suh when a man see a stove and he think is de real thing, is a forgery. Guyanese does go to China to buy goods and dem does look fuh de cheapest which is always de forgery. People does wuk hard fuh dem money and when de business people bring de forgery and sell dem at de price of de real thing and it ain’t wuk, people does get vex. This didn’t have to happen because Guyana got nuff agency to test de products but money does talk. All de importers does do is give de checker some money to pass de things and de ordinary man does suffer. Dem boys want Donald to penalize dem people. Of course dem Chinee does smart he. Dem does give he de genuine article suh he don’t know wha de ordinary people does get. Tek de Marriott. Dem Chinee gun build a good hotel but wait till dem tek contract fuh de ordinary man. Dem should have a law but Guyana want de people money. And dem Guyanese who got money just sit back and smiling. Talk half and beg Donald to ban dem Chinee goods

succeeded in getting manufacturers to agree to supply Guyana with 5,000 tonnes of fertilizer. But after Venezeulan President Nicolas Maduro visited Guyana some time later, a decision was made to extend that previous agreement to two shipments. The first shipment of fertilizer was scheduled to arrive in Guyana between the 23rd -24th of September and another, in the following week. However, the Agriculture Minister explained that the shipping arrangements for the 5000 tons of fertilizer were delayed as ships with which arrangements were made are no longer available for the scheduled dates. Ramsammy further explained that the ships which sailed to Venezuela, cannot return with the fertilizer, as this cannot be done because the regulations in accordance with the PetroCaribe agreement stipulates that only a special type of ship can be used to transport fertilizer. However, Minister Ramsammy said “The fertilizer is available at still a very good price that will allow us to make it available to the farmers at a cost that is under $5000 per bag, which means farmers will save between $3000- $5000 per bag and that’s a major saving for farmers who presently pay between $8000-$10,000 per bag.” He explained that the Ministry is developing a model for the distribution of the fertilizer which will benefit every farmer. “Whether small or large, how much they get will be (Continued on page 23)

incubator for viruses and the real fear is that there can be mass panic if a number of students begin to display flulike symptoms and this is misconstrued as the swine flu virus, which has been detected in three Caribbean countries. There have been confirmed cases of swine flu infections in St. Vincent, Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados. It is only a matter of time before it reaches Guyana. Nothing, except hurricanes, passes through the Region and does not affect Guyana. Even though we are not in the path of hurricanes, Guyana often gets the tail end of the bad weather associated with this phenomenon.

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There has been no confirmed case of swine flu in Guyana. As such, for any outbreak to take place it will most likely originate from persons who are coming from infected countries to Guyana. A few years ago, persons from the Caribbean accounted for around 25% of the total arrivals to our country. This means that the Caribbean is a major segment of our tourist population and thus a high risk for the transmission of an epidemic. Given the recent outbreak in at least three Caribbean countries, it is to be expected that the local authorities would be closely monitoring arrivals, both national and non- nationals from these three countries and would be

taking stringent steps to ensure that there is no outbreak. It is also to be expected that our Veterinary Officers would be closely inspecting our stocks of pigs to ensure there is no infection in any of them, just as a measure of precaution. There is a vaccine against swine flu but it would be much better if instead of a mad rush to immunize the population that surveillance measures are taken, especially in respect to persons coming from countries where there has been an outbreak.

Monday October 07, 2013

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From aspiring engineer to teacher...

Sir Tamesh is moulding the minds of young Berbicians By Leon Suseran As the world marked another World Teachers’ Day last Saturday under the theme ‘A Call for Teachers’, we share with you the significant story of a young and simple teacher among us. Sir Tamesh Mohabir of Goed Bananen Land, East Canje, Berbice found himself in teaching by accident a few years ago. He just simply could not afford to further his studies and his dream of becoming an engineer was put on hold. Just image, the young graduate (Best Graduating Student in the Tech Stream that year) of the New Amsterdam Multilateral School (NAMS) gaining distinctions in Mechanical Tech and in Technical Drawing at the 2008 CSEC exams in the Technological Stream, choosing to become a teacher, dashing the expectations of his single parent mother, Yvonne, and his subject teacher, Mr. Romel Hughes. He attained several other Grade Ones, including in Chemistry, Social Studies, and English. “She was a bit disappointed that I did not go off to UG, but seeing me turn into this teacher now, she has appreciated it.” He hated disappointing them, but he had no choice. What was more distressing was that his talent and skills with drawing and knowledge in the field engineering, all went down the drain. “I had a passion for engineering to make and construct things.” After completing only one year of CAPE studies at NAMS, the young man needed a job. In 2008, like many other out-of-schoolers, he decided to “try out” the teaching job and later received a telephone call from then Head

Tamesh Mohabir Mistress of the school, Ms. Jackie Benn to report for duty. “My initial plan was to teach for a year or two and save some money and then go off to UG, but being in the system, I fell in love with the job!” He taught Mathematics and English ‘A’. When asked about some of the things he loves about teaching, he spoke about the opportunity to work among young people “and teaching them right from wrong and being able to see them come out as better people.” “It’s a good feeling when a child comes to you and say ‘Thank you, Sir’. To hear them say ‘because of you we got into UG and got a job,’ it just fills you up with warmth and with passion for the job.” Mohabir added too, that another thing that pulls him to the job is sports, debates, as well as other co- curricular activities. He has become integrally involved in planning and coordinating the school’s athletic sports. Back in 2011, NAMS’ cricket team was invited by the Barbados Cricket Board to participate in the Garfield Sobers Cricket Tournament. Mohabir and another

Tamesh and a group of his students from Form 2W at NAMS teacher worked assiduously to raise funds for the team for accommodation and transportation on the island among other costs. And for the past three years, they have been participating at that tournament in Barbados. They scored fifth, sixth and seventh best teams out of sometimes 15 and 20 other teams which participated from other countries. The young teacher noted that teaching also presents a lot of difficulties today, including “difficult students and some very difficult parents.” His philosophy in teaching is living and practicing ‘P.U.T’, patience, understanding and tolerance. The young teacher-intraining knows that he might have been making a whole lot more money had he been in the engineering field today, but he is nevertheless satisfied with the decision he has made to educate young minds. He called for more males in the teaching profession, “because there’s so many things that a male can do…the females cannot do all of it, especially when it relates

Figures show fall in Guyanese refused entry to Barbados Barbados Nation - Fewer Guyanese are being refused entry to Barbados but the two countries have agreed to set up a formal system for handling immigration concerns. The two Caribbean neighbours will also soon begin negotiations to jointly grant licences for fishing in areas where their waters overlap. Barbados’ Minister of Foreign Affairs Senator Maxine McClean and Guyanese counterpart Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett made the announcements Friday at the end of 2nd Guyana-Barbados Joint

Maxine McClean Commission meeting, according to media reports out of Georgetown. “We have agreed, as ministers, that

an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) would be concluded to cover the various modalities which cover the relationship between our two countries as it relates to immigration,” McClean told reporters at the Guyana International Conference Centre at Liliendaal. Rodrigues-Birkett said the MOU would set out procedures for dealing with reports of travellers experiencing difficulty at the countries’ ports of entry even if they do not fall under the CARICOM Skilled Nationals’ regime.

to sports and enforcing discipline.” “Most of the children we have now, they are from broken homes, where in the majority of the cases, the father is absent—so if we have more males, they will have more positive role models.” The money would have been “far, far more than what we get in teaching, but I love the job and I am trying to make it through.”

Mohabir recently entered training at the Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE) at Johns, Port Mourant and has embarked on attaining an Associate Degree in Education (ADE) which will come in the next two years. “It’s tough because you got to work during the day and then you attend classes from 3pm-7pm and do assignments, plus you got to do stuff in the home, but I got to do it because it will benefit

me.” His plans are to reach as high as possible in the teaching profession. His advice to all teachers in Guyana today, “It’s a battle and challenge and it’s getting harder—the policies are getting stiffer; the children are becoming more difficult as well as their parents—but we got to be P.U.T. and we got to war it through and take up our mantle and live up to our motto: ‘We mould the nation.’”

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Monday October 07, 2013

GuyExpo - a vehicle for improving production Without constructive criticism it is a near impossible feat to perfect a craft, especially if you are looking to secure an international market. It was for this very reason that Desmond and Rosalie Hollingsworth have been taking advantage of Guyana’s largest Trade and Investment Exposition – GuyExpo – since its inception in 1995. The husband and wife duo, have since 1991, established D and R Wooden Craft, which started off with a focus on the production of souvenirs intended mainly for tourists. With a thriving business to manage, the two have over the years given their creative profession much attention and even started to export some of the products they create. They were also able to secure nominal markets here for their products, which included sculptures and other fascinating pieces, mainly designed and crafted by Desmond himself. But, according to Rosalie, it was after the 9/11 terrorist incident in the United States that the export of their products took a downward spiral. This, she explained, was due to the fact that they were no longer able to export as many items as they could in the past at a reasonable cost. In fact, Desmond informed this publication that he was forced to return to the

- Owners of craft establishment explain how

Mr. and Mrs. Hollingsworth at their GuyExpo booth Friday evening. drawing board in terms of sustaining a craft, which was in fact the sole means of income for his family. “I have found that since 9/11, people do not want a souvenir as just a souvenir....they want something that can be usable; something they can travel with,” said Desmond. But that wasn’t going to be a challenge, at least not for him. EMBRACING CREATIVITY Desmond disclosed that ever since resigning in 1977 from his Government job as

the Painter/Foreman in Matthew’s Ridge, he embraced his creative talent, which he had since he was a young boy. He recalled how back in the day he had an undeniable knack for creative work. Transforming a coconut shell into a stylish ash tray was no challenge to him, he reflected. And so it was understandable when he initially informed his family that he was about to start a creative business. The support was overwhelming from his wife and children who

were soon showing off their inborn creative skills as well. There were many pricey ideas over the years that they developed into actual products but not all were readily sold. In recognition of the fact that they needed to better market their products, Desmond and his wife decided that GuyExpo was the place to go.

And according to Rosalie, they were soon enlightened to the fact that not only were some of their products too large but customers generally wanted quantity and quality for their money. “We realised that we had to make use of the many criticisms and use that as stepping stones for our business...year after year we listened to what people had to say and we kept improving to match the request of customers,” said Rosalie. This, according to Desmond, saw him seriously rethinking the whole souvenir production scheme. Before long, a wooden jewellery creation idea was born. Necklaces and earrings of all sorts of wood were crafted with a most exquisite flair. This certainly attracted the customers’ attention. It was their participation in GuyExpo that caused them to realise that they had made an ingenious decision to adopt the creation of wooden jewellery. “They started going like hot cakes,” reflected Desmond. In fact, he disclosed that the craft was an outstanding feature at the recently concluded Carifesta XI celebration in Suriname. “We took about 500 earrings to

Suriname and every single one sold out...Even the President of Haiti was in our booth buying our stuff,” Desmond recalled. And so it was expected that D and R Wooden Craft would gain a successful outcome at the 2013 GuyExpo, which commenced on Thursday and came to an end last evening. Situated in the Annexe of the Exhibition Site, the items exhibited within the wooden craft booth were a sight to behold. Patrons were only too willing to reach into their wallets and purses to procure the exquisite souvenir-type creations. And according to the couple, who together manned the booth designated to them, “GuyExpo has helped to bring us to this place where we are...we were able to do what it takes to make our product into what customers want.” Currently D and R Wooden Craft is tasked with supplying customers across the country and Suriname, with wooden jewellery, a trade which has been adequately sustaining the existence of the Hollingsworth family, who on a regular day operate out of their 74 C, Sixth Street, Alberttown, Georgetown, home.

Agriculture provides many opportunities for women Increasing one’s profits in the agricultural sector is best derived from adding value to products and maximizing land space. This is the advice of Vilma Da Silva, a woman farmer in the Pomeroon River, who is involved in the coconut industry. While many youths and women in the Caribbean are not attracted to the various opportunities in the agriculture sector, Da Silva, who labours on her farm daily for at least three hours alongside her employees, has been involved in farming for numerous years. At this year’s Caribbean Week of Agriculture, Da Silva will be part of the coconut industry forum. She has participated in similar events and workshops where knowledge and experience gained have helped her to successfully manage her agribusiness. Da Silva emphasized that the opportunities in the agriculture sector are limitless because people will always depend on food for survival and the techniques involved are ever changing. She related that farming in the Pomeroon was usually done on a subsistence level with the cultivation of ground

- Pomeroon farmer

Pomeroon woman farmer, Vilma Da Silva provision, citrus and coconut. However, with the need to expand operations and the challenge of weather patterns it was observed that coconut trees stood up to both El Nino and La Nina conditions. Da Silva said for the past three years demand for byproducts of coconuts such as bottled coconut water and virgin coconut oil on the international market has increased. Applying former Agriculture Minister Satyadeow Sawh’s advice of adding value to products, Da Silva has an agro-processing operation where she processes her coconuts. “I can clearly say that the coconut industry, when you

venture into that as a farmer, if you do not do value added, the profit margin is meager because you have to take whatever the person wants to give you,” she said. Da Silva currently supplies Sterling Products Ltd. with bottled coconut water. Bottling coconut water is a costly venture since the bottles are imported from Suriname and transported to the Pomeroon. This high cost would soon be eliminated thanks to Sterling Products Ltd. which would be purchasing the bottles, she said. The woman farmer is grateful to the company for this initiative since the product would be presentable and of a good standard. Expanding her operations to the Caribbean and further a field is a possibility Da Silva looks forward too. Already she has 25 acres of land cultivated with coconuts. Her farm has two types of coconuts- the five-year trees that grow very tall and the three-year trees that are the (Continued on page 19)

Monday October 07, 2013

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GATOSP seeks clarity on Chinese fishing licence ...says stakeholder consultation necessary In a desperate move to gather information on a report that the government is seeking to give some 40 fishing licences to Chinese nationals, the Guyana Association of Trawler Owners and Seafood Processors(GATOSP) has dispatched a letter to the Agriculture Ministry requesting clarity on any possible considerations. The letter addressed to Agriculture Minister, Leslie Ramsammy has expressed panic among the marine operators who are likely to be affected by the proposed intention. Leslie Ramalho, President of the GATO&SP told Kaieteur News that the association was aware of the information but could not verify. The September 26, 2013 letter thus requested information on any new fishing arrangements since for close to two years now, local sea operators are being urged to reduce fleet numbers because of dwindling stocks and a growing need for more protection of the fishing industry. Ramalho expressed in the letter that, “Should this be a developing situation (the licence issuance), and, since the Fisheries Act. No. 12 of 2002 gives the authority to the Minister to issue foreign fishing licences, I take this opportunity to inform you of this issue, seek clarification and to mention some concerns of the Association.” “Particularly, in the absence of a functioning Fisheries Advisory Committee, we recognize the need for a stakeholder consultation.” Ramalho said that, “At this consultation, it is our view that information should be provided regarding the number of vessels, the type of fishing, the area to be fished and the type of gear. The track record of the company will also be of utmost importance. Further, the benefits to Guyana must be outlined.” Ramalho said the Association is pursuing efforts to be Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified and would wish to ensure that those efforts are not compromised by any new fishing arrangements. “If there is no intention to issue the licences to the Chinese, then we apologize for panicking on the basis of

unconfirmed reports,” Ramalho concluded. However, the President’s panic does not come without weight. Other fishing stakeholders have also taken note of the possible consequences the additional fish operators could pose to the industry. They said that for some time, the government spoke about depleting stock which led to a suggestion of overhauling the industry to reduce the number of operating trawlers by January 1, 2011. The GATOSP proposed that a fleet reduction of 20 percent was possible. They urged that the move to issue foreign licences was a slap in the face to local operators since they were working with the government to meet their concerns about excess fishing and diminishing resources. The operators are especially concerned about the massive fish processing set up accessible to the Chinese which could make it difficult for local operators to compete. They noted that like in other parts of the world, the Chinese have dominated some fishing industries, with reports of excess fishing. It was reported in several international newspapers earlier this year that a Chinese fishing fleet in African waters reported 9% of catch to United Nations. But according to experts, using a new type of study to estimate the size and value of catches, “the alleged gross misrepresentation of the official Chinese catch suggests that many countries are being systematically cheated, leaving them unable to devise effective management plans to conserve stocks.” Though the reports of excess Chinese fishing in that continent can be debated, local operators say that the likelihood of Chinese in Guyanese waters mean the setting up of mother ships that can house hundreds of workers, cleaning and packaging fish for export right there on the sea, while the smaller boats make the catches. This form of mega production does not spell well for small time operators, who would not only be unable to compete, but could also be run out of business, the concerned fishermen explained.

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Monday October 07, 2013

Man and son execution…

Guyana seeks Interpol’s assistance Local police are looking into the mysterious killing of the two Guyanese who were

reportedly shot dead by Venezuelan soldiers. Also, relatives of the dead men told

Kaieteur News that they were able to muster some assistance from Venezuelans

in Guyana as they actively seek answers and justice. Last night, Police Commissioner (ag) Leroy Brumell confirmed that local police will be seeking the assistance of Interpol as they probe the incident. “We don’t know what caused the shooting, but we have reports that one of the Venezuelans was injured,” he said. Reports are that last Thursday, Orlando Fitzpatrick, 52, and his son, 17-year-old Jesse, were shot dead while they were returning to Guyana from their mining operation at Tocopita on the Venezuelan side of the border. The two were said to have also been robbed of their earnings by the Spanishspeaking “soldiers.” However two other men, who were with the deceased on the fateful night, were somehow spared. Gladys Seetahall,

Fitzpatrick’s mother, told Kaieteur News that she understands that her son and grandson were stopped by a group of men wearing what appeared to be Venezuelan army uniforms while returning to Guyana. She said she was told that the younger Fitzpatrick was shot first, then the father. This newspaper was informed that the dead men’s bodies were taken back to Tocopita in Venezuela where they were handed over to Fitzpatrick’s sister who lives there. Relatives are questioning how come four men were in the boat and only two were killed. They are also questioning why the bodies were taken to Venezuela. Last evening, a relative told this publication that information received indicated that the bodies bore burn marks. The relative said that the family was informed that the victims were shot at

close range, “so the burns might be as a result of the machine gun”. The relative said that local police attempted to go over to Venezuela yesterday and Saturday but did not get far because they are not au fait with the “bush.” However, they were able to take statements from people living along the banks of the Kaurasima Creek. Kaieteur News understands that those statements reflect that the shooting indeed occurred in Guyana as persons there recounted that they heard loud gun shots Thursday night. The relative also informed that efforts were made to get assistance from the Venezuelan embassy in Georgetown on Saturday but it was closed. The family then turned to the Venezuelan Institute where assistance was promised to facilitate the return of both bodies to Guyana.

GPL could face penalty for failing to reconnect resident’s power supply

The coil of wire that has been in Persaud’s yard since June. While, ,Sohodra Persaud remains without electricity at his Non Pariel, East Coast Demerara residence for the past four months, the Guyana Power and Light Incorporated, (GPL), may be in default of the Public Utilities Commission Act, thus owing him in excess of $80,000 in penalty charges. Recognizing that GPL offers a very essential service to consumers, representation was made by the Commission to have the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) Act amended, to make the GPL responsible for the delay in carrying out its duties.

The amended Act provides for a monetary penalty to be imposed on GPL each time the company delays in providing a service as detailed in the stipulation. According to the act the electricity company will have to pay residential customers $1,000 per day, a cost which is doubled in the case of commercial services. This move, according to , Chairman of the Commission, Justice Prem Persaud, allows for time frames to be outlined within which certain works must be done by the electricity company. In an earlier interview

with this newspaper, Justice Persaud explained that “as soon as the utility company breaches the time frame, a penalty kicks in…They have to pay per day whenever they default…be it late reconnection or new installation…every time they fail to do what they are required to, a cost is imposed.” Sohodra Persaud had electricity withheld from his Lot 388 Ninth Street NonPariel, residence since June, despite paying all the required fees to GPL. Persaud explained that (Continued on page 16)

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Monday October 07, 2013

Berbice police conduct community outreach -Youth clubs, Scout movement to be reactivated Samuel Whyte Taking the bull by the horns, newly appointed Second in Command of Police B Division (Berbice), Superintendent Steven Mansell has hit the ground running, immediately upon taking up his appointment. Two Fridays ago Mansell lead a team of senior officers on a community outreach session with residents of the troubled Angoy’s Avenue Area, where they interacted at Timmers Dam ‘Angoy’s Avenue next to the Mount Sinai Nursery School. This was to get a firsthand look at the difficulties facing the residents in the area and to help sort out problems, particularly as they relate to their relationship with the police. During the interactive session, residents touched on a number of topics, including the lack of opportunities for residents in the area. They are of the general view that there is a great need for more investment in the youths of their community. Mansell, sold the same idea, which has already proven successful in communities along the East Coast of Demerara in equally troubled areas such as

Buxton and Sophia. The senior officer, who had served in Berbice before, is credited with reviving the Scout movement and Police Youth Groups in the Division. He is also credited with helping with the reduction of crime in The ‘C’ Division where he recently served. During the session, the police highlighted the need for them to engage communities so as to become more efficient in crime fighting. “Communities like Angoy’s Avenue are where we will target first in a handson way,” Mansell in his discourse, told the residents that they have a major role to play in preventing crime and assisting crime fighting and urged them to have an open mind about establishing a cohesive working relationship with the Force. “Policing is not just what you think it is, about shooting and locking up people. In a changing world, the police have new ways of doing things,” he asserted. The Angoy’s Avenue or Cow Dam area is known as one of the prevalent crimeprone areas in Berbice and Guyana, with a number of armed robberies mixed with several petty criminal activities occurring with

Superintendent Mansell and other senior officers interact with residents. frightening frequency. Residents spoke freely about the number of idle youths in the area, the wanton gambling and noise nuisance among several other disturbing issues. They also lamented the many instances of petty robberies, break and enter and domestic violence. They spoke about police harassment, corruption and lack of response. Other issues, even matters out of the hands of the police, were raised. The residents spoke about their reluctance to call the police, because on many occasions nothing happens and accused the law enforcement body of being less than confidential. They mentioned that there are instances when the

perpetrators would call and accuse them of being informers. “They would call you and say ‘oh you just call the police’.” To this the officer responded that such things will not be tolerated and assured the residents that action will be taken against those cops who break the police confidentiality rule. Mr. Mansell condemned any act of corruption on the part of the police and urged residents to report any such incidents and assured residents of their support. Mansell assured that if it happened in the pass, it will not be tolerated as long as it is brought to his attention. “We have dealt with situations like that before and persons have been brought to books,” he asserted. Youths are easily influenced in the area and the school dropout rate in the community is very high. Some residents pointed out that if there is nothing for the youths to do they become idle

and find themselves in trouble. The Police officers responded by inviting all the youths in the area to seek employment in any one of the Joint Service organisations. “As long as your records are in order, we will assist you to get through or even with a second chance.” Recently the Police and other Joint Services organisations have taken a hands-on approach in engaging trouble prone areas. Also speaking to the residents were members of the Safe Community Safe Neighborhood Council in the area who stated that Angoy’s Avenue, like many other squatting areas, lacks opportunities, while much emphasis is not being placed on development. Residents took the opportunity to mention the lack of electricity in the area resulting in the area being dark which gives confidence to unscrupulous persons who wait in the dark corners and streets to rob passersby.

The police assured that members of the Neighbourhood Police in the area will remain mostly in the community to help police in addition to the regular patrols which will make more visits. Superintendent Stephen Mansell invited parents to involve their children in the Police Youth club which will be launched in the area soon. He asked them to let the police help shape the lives of the youths in the community. The officer promised that children will be involved in various skills training exercises, take trips, attend camps and learn survival skills among other activities. The youth club will later be transformed into a scout group. Also on the visit was Officer in Charge of Crime in ‘B’ Division, Inspector Giness and Officer in Charge of Number One Sub-Division, Inspector Ghagroo. Other meetings are planned in other trouble areas in the coming days.

GPL could face penalty for failing... (From page 14) GPL disconnected the power supply from his home, during a raid for illegal connections in June. “GPL come early June and them de tek off de light and say dem back bill me for $199,000 cause dem sey that people like dem de thiefing current from me meter.”

Persaud further explained that he paid the power company all the outstanding charges which amounted to $143,000 at June month end. The amount includes reconnection fees. However, Persaud has since made numerous failed attempts to have his power supply restored by GPL but

the power company has been reluctant in having the problem rectified. “They come and attach a wire to me house and dey just lef it in me yard. De neighbours say that they come last week Monday and look at the pole and just go away,” a frustrated Persaud said.

GEA seeking tax exemptions... (From page 3) Caribbean Energy Labeling Project (ECELP), potential savings in electricity consumption through replacement of old refrigerators in St. Lucian households can vary between 49% and 61%, depending on the type and age of the refrigerator. GEA will prepare a similar analysis for domestic refrigerators in Guyana to compute the energy savings, reduction in demand, environmental and social

benefits of a programme to encourage the replacement of inefficient refrigerators.” Speaking on the Transportation sector, Sharma elucidated that “it accounts for 38% of total petroleum imports and therefore requires considerable focus.” He then posited that “vehicles over four years old attract lower taxes and present a barrier to the newer, more significant energy efficient technologies. GEA

will conduct an assessment towards the establishment of a vehicle tariff structure that suitably reflects renewable and efficient vehicle technologies.” Sharma in speaking at the recently held GMSA/ GuyExpo business forum emphasized that “the Energy sector can play a strategic role in the development of Guyana’s economy through improving the quantity, quality and reliability of the electricity supply.”

Monday October 07, 2013

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Nicole Cato: An enterprising and independent woman “I always tell myself, and say to people; there is nothing I can’t do,” Nicole Cato remarked during a recent interview. And those who know Nicole would tell you that she is probably right. At age 32, here is a young lady that could rightfully claim the title of “Enterprising and Independent Woman of the year”. A trained cosmetologist for over 10 years, and one who dresses the part, Nicole is not at all averse to getting her hands dirty, whether it’s a project that brings her money, or just simply weeding her yard. And these days, her hands get dirty a lot, with taking care of the pigs, cleaning fish and all the other things she does during the course of a day. Although a meticulously clean person, getting her hands dirty is no problem, for there is always water to clean up afterwards. But let’s get back to the beginning- I mean her days as a beautician. Nicole was trained by one of the best cosmetologist in Region Ten, Nyere Swan, and then later began practicing

Nicole in her pig pen

Nicole serving a customer in her shop her trade at his salon in Third Alley, Wismar. However, business was slow, and being as driven as she is, Nicole was soon looking at other ways to earn money. “It was not that I had to, because I have my husband who takes care of my needs- but I just like to know that I am earning some money too. I don’t like to sit around just doing nothing.” Making snacks and wholesaling to the community grocery soon became her next economic

venture. “I love cooking; I’ve always loved to cook, and I think I can cook anything, so I did that for a while, but then as sales started to get slow, I decided to get into the poultry business, which I did for a while, before becoming pregnant with my second child.” With two young children to take care of, the poultry business soon had to be put on the back burner for a while. But as the baby grew, and her older son completed his

From Farm to Fork: Improving Nutrition in the Caribbean “We spend an inordinate amount of money on diseases based on improper diet,” Guyana’s Agriculture Minister Dr. Leslie Ramsammy told media workers at a workshop on Inclusive Evidence Based Coverage of Agriculture and Rural Development Issues yesterday. The Former Health Minister was making a point that puts agriculture as the major catalyst that could change the nutritional intake and eventually improve the health of persons living in the Caribbean. This has placed the “From Farm to Fork: Improving Nutrition in the Caribbean” Project at a much needed advantage. The Project, which is being led by researchers from the University of the West Indies

in Trinidad and Tobago and the McGill University in Canada, has been tackling poor nutrition with the aim of reducing obesity by using and promoting locally produced agriculture. In a release, the International Development Research Centre explained that the limited attention paid to local food production has created a “high dependence” on the importation of “high calorie, low nutrition foods”. This, the centre believes has “created a paradox of obesity and poor nutrition, which threatens people’s health throughout the Region”. There have been results according to the IDRC. “Children in Trinidad and Tobago and St. Kitts and Nevis are receiving improved school meals that contain

vegetables and fruit produced by local farmers”. Research has also been carried out in Guyana and St. Lucia. To this end, the researchers are expected to discuss the project as well as well as its results as the stakeholders across the Region meet in Guyana for Caribbean Week of Agriculture “Linking the Caribbean for Regional Food and Nutrition Security and Rural Development”. The project is funded under the Canadian International Food Security Research Fund (CIFSRF), a CAN$124 million program that supports partnerships between Canadian and developing-country researchers. This is to mainly increase food security through applied research in agriculture and nutrition.

Agriculture provides many... (From page 12) dwarfs. “Where ever I lose a plant, be it a citrus on the farm, I replace it with a threeyear tree. I had five acres of land I had intended for cash crop farming and I diverted that area to cultivate into three-year coconut plants,” she added. However, because of her farm supply, Da Silva is open to buying coconuts from neighbouring farmers, who

need an avenue to market their products. Da Silva emphasized that if a woman wants to get involved in agriculture at the farming level, she first needs to be educated about farming the particular crop, be exposed to training, and view the venture as a real agribusiness. “I was the former chair of a woman’s organization, which I managed, and now I

can really hold up my farming as a real business. I maximize my land to make sure there is no vacant space because cost of production is very high but I learn to maximize my land space,” she said. Da Silva said she would encourage youths and women to get involved in farming because it allows self sufficiency and independence, particularly in the area of finances and time.

NGSA, Nicole became restless, she had to do something. So it was that with the help of her husband Nicholas, she ventured into pig rearing. She started out with four pairs of pigs, which would soon reproduce piglets that she would quickly sell. Nicole is high in praise for her husband, without whose support she says, she couldn’t do all that she is doing. But Nicole was not content with just rearing pigs alone, she wanted to do

something more and that familiar itch (cooking) was still there. Being the enterprising person that she is, she just couldn’t ignore it. “I spent some time in French Guiana briefly, and it was there that I decided that when I returned to Guyana I, would get into the food business in a big way”. Today that dream has become a reality, with the advent of her fish shop- the “Four N’s Fish Shop” at Danjou Hill Foot. Nicole was quick to point out that “Four

N’s’ stand for her husband’s name- Nicholas, her nameNicole, Nicholas Junior and baby Nekziea. The shop is well laid out, thanks to Nicholas, who did the entire interior work, such as building and installing the cupboards. There Nicole cooks to her heart’s content- whether its fish and chips, chicken and chips, or just some hot spicy channa. And what happened to the pig business, you might ask. Well she still does that too! (Enid Joaquin)

Monday October 07, 2013

The “S” word has always been big in politics. The word “commess” has always been associated with politics in Trinidad and Tobago. For example, a Trinidad Express front-page headline on August 8, 2013 boldly declared, “ELECTION COMMESS: Outcry after PM says councillors want local govt polls postponed.” A headline for an article by David Bratt M.D. in the Trinidad Guardian of February 5, 2013 read, “Commess T&T Style” and Dr. Bratt’s quotation from a calypso by Black Stalin explained what “commess” is all about, “Too much of fussing and fightin/ Too much of petty scrambling/ Too much of damn disunity/ Too much of dishonesty!” Politicians are also given to “X-S”. In the last Presidential Elections in the United States people were inundated with advertising. In Ohio, on one station alone, there were eleven political ads in 10 minutes. But advertising is overshadowed in terms of excess by politicians like Silvio Berlusconi the disgraced former Prime Minister of Italy. A close associate of Berlusconi described the Prime Minister’s “bunga bunga parties” as ‘excess, abuse of power and degradation.’ Burlusconi was sentenced to seven years in jail for paying for sex with a minor and abuse of office. For a 76-year-old man,

Kaieteur News

that is truly excessive and just like another 76-year-old politician who told his doctor that he was marrying a 20year-old blonde. The doctor warned, “At your age that can be fatal!” The man replied, “So if she dies, she dies.” While nothing exceeds like XS, nothing in politics succeeds like BS. If money is the mother’s milk of politics, “BS” is its fuel of choice. The Urban Dictionary defines “political BS” as “Any facet in the realm of political stupidity, ignorance, or extremity often referred to when describing the pointlessness or ridiculousness of a subject.” A US blogger makes the case for BS with the comment, “If, through some miracle, anyone was elected to any public office without the aid of BS, they’d have a hard time getting the public to buy into any legislation because they wouldn’t be able to hide the fact that nothing in life is free like they can now…I won’t even go into foreign policy sans BS. Diplomacy wouldn’t exist. Yes, without a little BS here and there, this country, and perhaps the world, would cease to exist as we know it. I therefore conclude that BS is an essential part of our political system.” While we have always associated BS with politics, there is another “S” word that might have even more power over the political process than

the BS that surrounds and threatens to overwhelm us especially at Election times. It is “HS” which stands for the “Hubris Syndrome.” On September 13, 2013, the Independent ran an article headlined, “Power corrupts but it also plays with your mind: Lloyd George, Chamberlain and Thatcher all suffered from ‘hubris syndrome’. Ex-foreign secretary, Lord Owen, tells conference that condition leads to disastrous decisionmaking.” The Independent reported, “Senior figures in politics, finance, business and academia told a conference at the Judge Institute in Cambridge this week that current leaders must become self- aware of hubristic tendencies in themselves, and take active steps to avoid the development of Hubris Syndrome (HS), an acquired personality disorder which unchecked, can result in disastrous decision-making. It tends to remit on leaving office.” Interestingly, it took a politician who is also a neurologist, Lord David Owen, a former Secretary of State to identify the problem. He and a US colleague Jonathan Davidson, described the characteristic pattern of “HS” as being exuberant overconfidence, recklessness and contempt for others, displaying Bertrand Russell’s

OLPF trainers’ payment delayed ...again It appears as though tardy payments to trainers of the One Laptop Per Family initiative is becoming a norm as once again, scores of trainers are complaining of not receiving payments for services rendered several months ago. This is while several thousand homes are currently benefiting from both the laptop and training services rendered by the trainers. Government, under the leadership of former President Bharat Jagdeo, has committed billions of dollars to the programme, under which, almost every household is expected to receive a laptop computer free of cost. One component of the programme entails the hiring of persons to train the recipients in the use of the devices. This aspect involves four, two-hour training sessions, three times a week at a rate of $2000 per hour. “This is not the first time, and these people doing the

same thing continuously. It is not fair to us. We have families to cater for. They need to pay us for the work that we’re doing,” one of the trainers told this newspaper. Last year saw trainers in tears over money owed to them. They were not even paid before the Christmas holidays. “Last year Christmas de come and gone, Mash de come and gone and is just promises and more promises they had we on. They just have you going and coming, and dem doing it again,” a frustrated trainer told Kaieteur News. Another person added that “they does want blame we that we ain’t fulling out the claims during the time that we’re required to, but that is nah true. We does do we thing and these people does always come with excuse

after excuse. It’s unfair. Dem is nah the ones who does be struggling to put bread on the table fuh them children yuh know. They own well buttered while some of us ain’t even got.” According to the trainers, they are required to submit their claims to the OLPF office in a timely manner to facilitate payment. One of the trainers told this newspaper that whenever they (the trainers) query the delay in their payment, persons from the OLPF’s Accounts Department would usually tell them that the matter will be looked into. Kaieteur News was told by an official attached to the OLPF initiative that some of the trainers have already been paid, and that the others can expect payments in a few weeks time.

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood

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‘intoxication of power’. Four British Prime Ministers (Lloyd-George, Chamberlain, Thatcher and Blair) and one US President (George W Bush) were said to have met the clinical diagnosis of HS. Owen defined HS as a ‘disorder of the possession of power, particularly power associated with overwhelming success, held for a period of years and with minimal constraints on the leader.’ While I did not have a term for it, I encountered HS many times in my life. When the Trinidad Prime Minister, Dr. Eric Williams, said “When I talk let no damn dog bark” or (as Sparrow sang), “Who don’t like it get to hell out of here”, that was pure HS. When Richard Nixon told interviewer David Frost “When the President does it

that means it cannot be illegal” that was both BS and HS. I have found that power has three distinct qualities – it corrupts, it is an aphrodisiac and it is an amnesiac. Lord Acton, the historian, dealt with the first issue when he wrote, “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” HS is a sign of the second – power gives you the sense of omnipotence. Nixon felt he could do no wrong and Berlusconi felt he could do every woman in sight. The final one, power as an amnesiac is something we in the Caribbean know about very well. It makes politicians

forget where they have come from and who helped them in the process. They forget the mistakes they made and go on making the same mistakes. Ronald Reagan was the best at basic forgetfulness. During a South American trip, Reagan concluded the Brazilian leg of it by saying “I’d like to thank President Figueiredo and all the people of Bolivia”. When it was pointed out that he was in Brazil, not Bolivia, he said “Sorry, we’re going there next”...... but he wasn’t! *Tony Deyal was last seen saying that if you want a good BS indicator for when you go to a political meeting, buy a pair of earplugs.

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Kaieteur News

Lesbeholden man murdered A farewell party turned into sorrow for a Lesbeholden, Black Bush Polder, Berbice family as one of their loved ones was murdered not far from home on Saturday evening. According to reports, Jewanlall Deonarine, 45, left his Lot 7 Lesbeholden residence around 20:15hrs in a car with a group of men to buy cigarettes from a neighbouring shop. At the time his family was hosting a farewell party for one of his sons-in-law. Kaieteur news understands that at the shop an altercation ensued between Deonarine’s group inclusive of his two sons-inlaw and another group of eight men.

According to his daughter Cindy Deonarine, the group that attacked her family for no known reason, was armed with knives and cutlasses. Seeing the imminent danger, the men who were with her father escaped but Jewanlall Deonarine decided not to run away. From all indications the group of men pounced on him and battered him to death. Cindy said her brother-inlaw ran and jumped into a nearby trench while her husband hid in a clump of bushes. The other men who were with them escaped in the car. Cindy said her husband

used his mobile phone to call the police who told him to go to the police station. But, he was unable to do so because he was still hiding. Apparently, another phone call from the man encouraged the police to visit the scene. It was not until the police arrived did the man emerge from hiding. Upon combing the area the police found Deonarine motionless on the Lesbeholden Public Road. Deonarine was rushed to the Port Mourant Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. One suspect is in police custody assisting with investigations.

Cops seek alleged mastermind, question survivor individual, the official said. Meanwhile, police have located and questioned the Pomeroon resident who is believed to have been one of the gunmen’s intended targets. The man was sitting with Mrs. Basir-Lall and her husband when the killers attacked. Police have received reports that one of the gunmen attempted to shoot the Pomeroon resident but his weapon jammed. The survivor subsequently went into hiding. The man, along with

others, was charged but he was acquitted for the March 2009 murders of Rome De Agrella and his son, Clint De Agrella, who were shot dead at Iron Punt, North West District. Shelliza Basir-Lall, also called Shelly Lall of Charity, Essequibo, was riddled with bullets as she sat with her husband and about six other people at a table. Her husband, Raymond Lall, 36, along with employees Parmanad Persaud and Babatunde Nedd were wounded.

Shipment of rice fertilizer to... From page 9 dependent on the equation being developed. The small farmer will benefit the most because they will meet close to 100 percent of their need, whereas as you get to the bigger farmers, the allotted percentage will become less. So at this point, the large farmers will not meet all of their needs through the provision of this, so they will have to buy some fertilizer on the present market

(From page 22)

- One suspect in police custody

Kitty beer garden execution…

Police are trying to locate a businessman who is believed to have ordered last week Sunday’s executionstyle hit that left businesswoman Shelliza Basir-Lall dead and three others wounded. A top police official told Kaieteur News yesterday that investigators have received information that the alleged mastermind is a city businessman, who operates a popular hotel. However, the investigators have been unable to locate the

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that exists and it is possible that some of the large farmers will meet all their needs,” Minister Ramsammy indicated. “The price of fertilizer is a controlled price that is determined on a daily/weekly basis by the global authorities, so the prices are set… I could tell you that those who are marketing fertilizers today can be wealthy. The price being charged to the farmer makes

a good profit. We are not going to be making a profit. We are going to have a small mark-up for handling charges to cover shipping, etc…,” However, the final cost will be determined when the shipment arrives, and the date of shipping will also determine the price because it is worked out on that exchange. At the moment, Guyana’s rice farmers require about 20,000 tonnes of fertilizer.

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Monday October 07, 2013

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A Marriott in Guyana will improve Guyana’s Global Image From page 5 Destiny”, with its six races working collectively, cooperatively and caringly to achieve economic, social and financial successes are all attainable, with 7 KEY Operational METRICS, VISION to establish, TEAM/ Relationships to foster, PLAN in full detail, RESOURCES to be mobilized, EXECUTION will be very critical, EVALUATION/ Continuous Improvement to stay current, and LEADERSHIP to start with self. Guyana’s list of 33 Minerals are , Oil, Gold , Diamonds, Bauxite , Manganese, Laterite, Glass sand, Ceramic clay, Columbite ,Tantalite, Mica,

Chromium , Tungsten , Haematite , Kyanite, Magnetite , Copper, Nickel , Molybdenite, Merumite , Potant , Cassiterite, Zinc ,Magnesite , Topaz, Agate, Jasper, Amethyst , Feldspar ,Niobium , Peat, Phosphates, and Rare earth. In addition, Guyana is with an ABUNDANCE of WATER, and on March 22, 2013, WORLD WATER DAY, US Secretary of State John Kerry, Washington, DC, said “Global growth and climate change are placing ever greater stress on our planet’s most precious shared resource: Water, Over the next 10 years many countries will experience water problems - shortages, poor water quality, or floods.”

Guyana is with the potential to be the Singapore of the Americas, with VISION, COMPROMISE and LEADERSHIP. The 13 Differences BETWEEN Management and Leadership are as follows : (SEE TABLE). Guyanese Voters, Business Groups, and Social Organizations, should ALL LOBBY their Political Parties to secure the Way Forward Discussions, Deliberations and Decisions for the Marriott to be in operation in Guyana, for the economic development of Guyana, businesses and people. Dr. Shamir Andrew Ally, MBA. Pennsylvania, USA.

Credit diaspora Guyanese for role in free... From page 4 Joe Kanhai, Abudul Hafeez, Chris Sarabit and his brother Michael, Samad Ally, individuals like Ramharack, Ramracha, Joe Ragnauth (DLM), Mahadeo Persaud, Dr. Ravi Dev, Pandit Ramlall, Ramesh Kalicharran, Vishnu Bandhu, others activists of the WPA support group, etc.

a debt of gratitude for their commitment to the antdictatorial struggle. Political struggle was not easy. Guyanese, especially businessmen, used to spit on us when we approached them to help in the struggle. Very few people were interested in Guyana and we could not raise a dollar from

them. Only a handful of us took up the cudgel — unrelenting in our activism to lobby international organizations and governments for the restoration of democracy in our former homeland. Even a Chinese Jamaican, Richard Chin, who joined us in the struggle, deserve

kudos. Many of the activists suffered tremendously because of their commitment to the struggle – families were neglected and broken. Because they were so strongly wedded to the antidictatorial movement, some marriages ended in divorce. Some of the activists like Ramharack, Vassan, and myself gave virtually all of our financial resources to the movement – our income were used to fund activities and print literature for free public distribution. Virtually no New Yorker, apart from Karshan who served as Ambassador to Surinam for over 10 years, who partook in the revolution was ever recognized, honored or rewarded for their immense contributions to the struggle. A few opportunists were highly rewarded. The ACG splintered after the restoration of democracy and the departure of Karshan who was the leader of the group for many years. President Ramotar had a historic and unique opportunity last Friday to send gestures to those former stalwarts of the struggle of a

need for healing and a desire to reconcile factions bringing them together. The presence of some of these ACG founders and activists, once critics of Ramotar and former President Jagdeo, at the meeting was a clear signal of their desire for reconciliation with the PPP leadership but no one paid heed. President Ramotar should have taken advantage of his presence in NY to unite the various factions and to bring former stalwarts together. Ramotar missed a golden opportunity to salute those overseas (PPPites and others) who contributed in freeing Guyana from the reign of the dictatorship especially that we now approach the 21st. anniversary since the restoration of democratic rule in our homeland. Compromise and reconciliation with critics (overseas and domestic) are critical for the PPP especially if it is to recover lost support as happened during the November 2011 elections. The former PPP activists, turned critics, are not enemies of the party. They ought to be recognized for their hard

work to help liberate Guyana from oppressive rule. On the issue of reconciliation, the PPP also needs to reach out to others who left (or were pushed out) for whatever reasons. One name that comes to mind (and there are several including Lionel Peters, Sasenarine Singh, etc.) is the experienced and highly respected Ralph Ramkarran. The PPP cannot afford to lose one vote and it will be very difficult for the party to win a majority in the next election without Ramkarran (given that Moses Nagamootoo is campaigning against the PPP) high in the line up. And elections are not far away with Moses threatening a no confidence vote, the PNC saying it is ready for an election, and the PPP saying elections will be held soon. Reconciliation with constructive critics and former stalwarts, overseas activists, etc. are urgently need by President Ramotar and General Secretary Clement Rohee in order to strengthen the party. Vishnu Bisram

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Monday October 07, 2013

Monday October 07, 2013

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Chinese firm picked for T&T project faces Corruption Probe Arima Hospital

Trinidad Guardian - China Railway Construction Caribbean Company, the contractor selected by the Chinese government to build the Arima Hospital at a proposed cost of TT$1.6 billion (and also the now stalled Amaila Hydropower Project), has been named as one of five Chinese enterprises ordered to investigate shoddy work in the construction of railway projects. The South China Morning Post reported Saturday that regulatory authorities in China had ordered China Railway Construction Corporation and four other state-owned enterprises to fix structural problems on 12 rail lines, including the NingboTaizhou-Wenzhou highspeed railway, where a deadly high-speed train crash occurred in July last year. The firms have also been temporarily banned from bidding on further railway contracts, the Post reported. China’s state-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (Sasac) ordered the five companies to report “whether there were any illegal or anticompetitive practices in their railway projects.” Chinese High Commissioner to T&T Huang Xing was not in office on Friday to explain why China Railway was selected to build the Arima hospital when its building practices were under question. Under government-togovernment arrangements, the foreign government is

allowed the opportunity of selecting a contractor for the host country. An official from the Chinese Political Office at the Chinese Embassy said he would investigate on what grounds the company was selected before commenting. The company had put in two bids for the project in 2009 and 2012 but on both occasions Udecott aborted the process because all the bids received were too costly. In an interview, president of the Local Content Chamber Lennox Sirjusingh said he was deeply disturbed that foreign contractors were being selected to build the Arima Hospital. “This is the third hospital being built by foreign contractors. It is disturbing that large sums of money are to be paid to foreigners and yet not a single child from our universities will have the opportunity to design a ward or a driveway or a building of that hospital,” Sirjusingh said. He said the Government was ignoring local content. During a meeting last week Wednesday, Sirjusingh raised the question of the continuing government-togovernment arrangements with Udecott chairman Jearlean John. “I said we were hoping that the Arima Hospital will not be under the same conditions. Jearlean never mentioned a word that a foreign contractor will be chosen,” Sirjusingh said. “My chamber and contractors will have to revert to burning tyres to get our point across. It is getting out

of hand. The only place that local people are involved is the little extension they are doing in the San Fernando General Hospital.” He said discussions will be held with the Joint Consultative Council (JCC) and various chambers to discuss whether legal action could be filed to stop any government-to-government arrangements. President of the JCC Afra Raymond has also raised concerns about governmentto-government arrangements, saying they were detrimental to the economy. A source who requested anonymity claimed when tenders were advertised for the Arima Hospital, China Railway Construction put forward the highest bid of $1.6 billion, while two other contractors bid $1.4 billion and $850 million. “It is strange that China Railway, which had the highest bid, got the nod,” the source added. Udecott has denied those claims. Housing Minister Dr Roodal Moonilal could not be reached for comment yesterday, as calls to his cellular phone went unanswered. Last week, Arima MP Rodger Samuel announced that Cabinet had agreed that Udecott would execute a Memorandum of Understanding with China Railway for construction of the new hospital.

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Monday October 07, 2013

President Maduro has ‘bankrupted’ Venezuela - opposition CARACAS (Reuters) Opposition leader Henrique Capriles accused Venezuela’s “incompetent” President Nicolas Maduro yesterday of bankrupting the nation in an increasingly radical blamegame over the OPEC member’s economic distortions. Since late socialist leader Hugo Chavez died of cancer in February, the economy has joined crime as Venezuelans’ top concerns. Prices are soaring at an annualized 45 percent, a black market for dollars is booming, and basic goods from flour to toiletpaper are often scarce. A self-declared “son” of Chavez, the 50-year-old Maduro says local opponents, backed by the United States and cheered by compliant foreign media, are

deliberately “sabotaging” the economy in an attempt to bring down his government. “There’s a criminal war against the Venezuelan people. They want to lead us to chaos, division and confusion,” he again said at the weekend, accusing three just-expelled U.S. diplomats of lending cash, logistics and planning to the cause against him. Capriles, who narrowly lost an April vote to Maduro and has refused to recognize him, said the president’s tolerance of corruption among his team, adherence to a failed socialist model, and personal incapacity, were to blame. Though said by one fellow opposition leader this week to be facing imminent arrest by the government, Capriles, 40, held nothing

back in a blistering Sunday column. “I warn you, Nicolas,” he said, using the informal Spanish “tu” not the “usted” a president would usually be addressed by. “We’re not going to let the country go off a cliff due to your incompetence and the corrupt ones you protect ... You cannot hide the fact you have bankrupted one of the richest nations in the region, and during an oil bonanza.” Referring to reports of dissent in the ruling Socialist Party, Capriles taunted Maduro: “Someone who doesn’t even have the trust of his own militants is hardly going to have the trust of the nation he pretends to govern. “Neither this invention of the economic war nor the political smokescreens they seek abroad to blame others for their disaster are working.”

B’dos AG to discuss landmark CCJ ruling with immigration officials Jamaica Gleaner - The historic ruling in the Shanique Myrie case will be at the top of the agenda when Barbados’ Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite meets with officials from that c o u n t r y ’s i m m i g r a t i o n department next week. The ruling, which was handed down by the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) on Friday, has now

established benchmarks on how CARICOM nationals should be treated when they travel across the region. The judgement also directed Barbados to interpret and apply its domestic laws liberally so as to harmonise them with CARICOM. Brathwaite confirmed that the meeting will be used to examine the ruling against

Barbados’ immigration practices to ensure that deficiencies are identified and addressed. He says Barbados and other countries across the region should use the opportunity created by the ruling to look at their immigration policies and procedures and ensure that they are in accord with the declarations made by the CCJ.

“Well trained” teachers needed in order to reach MDG education targets UNITED NATIONS CMC – United Nations officials have warned that there is a “huge need” worldwide for well-trained teachers if the education targets in the UN’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are to be met. In marking World Teachers’ Day Saturday, the officials called for the

recruitment of millions of professionals. Their call comes as Caribbean leaders, who addressed the justconcluded 68th Session of the UN General Assembly Debate, blamed developed countries for failure to meet the MDGs. In a study to coincide with World Teachers’ Day, the UN Educational, Scientific and

Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) said some 5.2 million teachers need to be hired worldwide to reach the MDG target of achieving universal primary education by 2015. UNESCO said that figure includes 1.58 million new recruits and 3.66 million to replace those leaving the profession.

Cuban jailed for breaking embargo MIAMI - CMC – A United States federal district court has sentenced a Cuban national to 12 months for selling goods to Cuba in violation of the US trade and economic embargo on the island. Pedro Adriano Borges, 68, will spend six months in prison, six in home detention and pay a US$1,000 fine. He will also serve four months for parole violation. Borges and four other

men were indicted in 1997 on charges of sending 18 shipping containers from Miami to Cuba from 1993 to 1996, via third countries. They carried US $93,000 worth of foodstuffs, light bulbs, diapers and other goods, according to the Miami Herald. Three of the defendants pleaded guilty and were sentenced to 18 months each, including Javier Ferreiro Parga, a Spanish

businessman living in Havana, who was the importer of the goods. A fourth elected to go to trial and was acquitted. The Miami Herald reoports that Borges could have been sent to jail for 35 years — 10 for violating the Trading With the Enemy Act and other embargo laws, 20 for helping to launder the money that Cuba paid for the goods and five for conspiracy to launder money.

Monday October 07, 2013

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Djokovic thumps Nadal for fourth China Open crown (Reuters) - Novak Djokovic won his fourth China Open title in five years yesterday, prevailing 6-3 6-4 in the final against Rafael Nadal who will replace him as the men’s world number one today. The Serb continued his love affair in Beijing, improving his tournament record to 19-0 after brushing aside Nadal to halt his run of three defeats against the Spaniard. Nadal had to reach the final in the tournament to displace Djokovic from the top ranking and the issue was put to rest on Saturday when Tomas Berdych retired with a back injury in his semi-final against the Spaniard. “I needed this win today,” Djokovic told reporters. “I really wanted to get my hands on the trophy and win against Nadal, who has been the best player so far in 2013. “It’s very important for my confidence. It’s very important mentally and emotionally for me.” The 26-year-old Djokovic stamped his authority on the title match early, racing to a 3-0 lead and never allowing the Spaniard, who went into the match unbeaten on hard courts this year, to stage a comeback.

The Serb broke Nadal, who has won 10 tournaments and added over $10 million in prize money in 2013, in the first game of the second set - hitting winners almost at will. Since winning the Monte-Carlo Masters in April against Nadal, Djokovic had lost to the left-handed Spaniard in the French Open semi-finals, the Rogers Cup semi-finals and the final of the U.S. Open. “I managed to stay tough and not drop my concentration, which I think (happened) in both Montreal and at the U.S. Open in the important moments,” Djokovic said. Such was Djokovic’s domination that the 27-year-old Nadal, who boosted his grand slam singles tally to 13 this year by winning the French and U.S. Opens, failed to create a single break point opportunity in the whole match. “I didn’t see the way to stop him this afternoon,” Nadal said. “This afternoon he was too strong for me. I didn’t play my best match, but he played at a very high level with his serve. Djokovic also won the China Open in 2009, 2010 and 2012, while missing out in 2011 through injury.

Monday October 07, 2013 ARIES (MAR 21 - APR 19): A new relationship is likely to form soon, and it will probably be with someone who’s already in your life. ************************* TAURUS (APR 20 - MAY 20): Your head is somewhat in the clouds today, Taurus. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it just means that it’s difficult for you to get any work done. ************************* GEMINI (MAY 21 - JUN 20): Your heart and intuition will rule today much more than your mind. Trust what your instincts tell you, Gemini. If you’re in a sales profession, you can expect the orders to come rolling in today, as your extrasensory perception helps you know your clients’ needs almost before they do. ************************* CANCER (JUN 21 - JUL 22): Your creative nature will no longer be repressed, Cancer! As you look around your home, you realize you feel the need to spruce it up a bit. ************************* LEO (JUL 23 - AUG 22): You’ve always had psychic ability, and today it’s at a peak, Leo. Perhaps not coincidentally, you’re likely to be contacted by a close friend or lover from your past. ************************* VIRGO (AUG 23 - SEP 22): Prosperity is just around the corner, Virgo, if it isn’t here already. All your efforts are about to pay off and in a big way. It may be that a big proposal gets accepted at work, or perhaps a manuscript that you’ve penned lands you a publisher.

LIBRA (SEP 23 - OCT 22): There is passion in the air, Libra, and you’re convinced that you’re the one electrifying the air around you. To be blunt, you can think of little else but sex today. ************************* SCORPIO (OCT 23 NOV 21): You have an innate psychic ability that only needs some fine-tuning and strengthening for it to develop into a formidable power. Even now you sometimes find yourself reading other people’s thoughts. ************************* SAGITTARIUS (NOV 22 - DEC 21): You surprise yourself by signing up for a group lesson rather than a private one. This is unlike you; nevertheless, you find you enjoy the social interaction. ************************* CAPRICORN (DEC 22 JAN 19): You’ve been working especially hard and you’re beginning to wonder if all your effort has been for naught. A restructuring at work leaves you wondering just exactly where you fit in or if you even fit in at all. ************************* AQUARIUS (JAN 20 FEB 18): You’re bubbling over with confidence and enthusiasm, Aquarius. Not surprisingly, those around you respond in kind. ************************* PISCES (FEB 19 - MAR 20): Your natural intuition and sensitivity will be heightened today, Pisces. You’re able to read the thoughts and feelings of others and interpret them accurately.

Monday October 07, 2013

Cotterell looking forward to India tour

Sheldon Cotterell

Jamaica Gleaner Kingston, Jamaica - New West Indies recruit, left-arm fast bowler Sheldon Cotterell, is chomping at the bit to bowl against India. The 24-year-old, who has in recent years been making an impression in regional tournaments, was recently selected to West Indies’ 15man squad for their upcoming tour of India. “I am really looking forward to going to India and playing, as with my pace, aggression and accuracy, I

know I can take wickets,” said Cotterell. “There is also the fact that the Indians tend to struggle a bit against good fast bowling, and with me being in some sort of form I know I could cause some problems.” Cotterell, who starred with his pace and accuracy during the recently-concluded Caribbean Premier League Twenty20 tournament, is the only newcomer named to the West Indies squad. However, before Cotterell can take up his position in the

team, he will have to undergo a medical examination for an injury he sustained at the start of West Indies ‘A’ ongoing tour of India. He twisted his knee during training ahead of the one-day and Twenty20 series, and was sent home for treatment. That treatment is presently under way and Cotterell who represents Jamaica Defence Force in local competitions is set to have the injury assessed on Wednesday. It’s an assessment that Cotterell says he is looking forward to. “The injury is coming on much better now,” said Cotterell. “I am down to do a scan on Wednesday and after that a decision will be taken as to whether or not I am fit enough to go.” Cotterell who is expected to take part in a cricket festival organised by Melbourne Cricket Club and the Cricket Clubs and Associations Committee next weekend, also said he would not push the injury if was not fully healed. “I won’t cheat myself and my body. If I know I am not fit enough I will not go,” he said. “There is a lot of cricket for me play and there will be much more opportunities if this one does not come through.” Cotterell has so far had modest returns for Jamaica in regional cricket since making his debut in 2011. He has taken 40 wickets at 26.72 while in five Super50 matches he has taken five wickets at 26.40. It is his Twenty20 performances, however, that have been most impressive. In 15 appearances he has taken 20 wickets at an average of 19.40, and an economy rate of 6.65. West Indies are down to play two Tests and three ODIs while on tour of India. The first Test is set begin on November 6 while the second Test is scheduled to start on November 14. The three ODIs will be played on November 21, 24 and 27.

Monday October 07, 2013

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Marlon Williams captures Victor Sebastian Vettel wins Korean Macedo Mem. Cycle Road Race GP after Mark Webber fire

Marlon ‘Fishy’ Williams made a welcome return to winning ways when he topped the field to win the Victor Macedo Memorial Cycle Road race contested yesterday from the City to the Linden Soesdyke Highway and back. Williams clocked Three Hours 16 Minutes 35.26 Seconds to take the top podium spot from a star studded field. Following him to the line in a race that rewarded the top eight finishers were Raynauth Jeffrey, Orville Hinds, Godfrey Pollydore, Shaquelle Agard, Delroy Hinds, Paul Choo-wee-nam and Michael Anthony in that order. Agard was the first junior to cross the line followed by Anthony and Hmaza Eastman. The veteran division was won by Stephen Fernandes with Ian Jackson and Junior Niles following in that order. The ladies and Tiny Mytes category was introduced for the first time and saw Naiomi Singh emerging as the winner with Jamaal John and Raphael Leung following. Topping the Mountain bike category was Jude Bentley, Richard Charles and Keon Thomas were second and third respectively. Some 60 riders faced starter’s orders.

Marlon Williams

Sebastian Vettel celebrates his fourth successive victory. (Getty Images)

Fans entertained as six scorching... From page 31 each other centre ring, but it was Bancroft that looked the superior, backing up Smith with several volleys. The former boxer then lashed out with a one two combination but though he appeared to be tired, Smith responded with a vicious right cross and a left hook for good measure. As the seconds ticked away, both boxers met each other in centre ring and engaged in a delightful exchange that sent the crowd wild, right up to the final bell. It was a very competitive match and very hard to call but in the end, the judges awarded a close decision to Smith. The Republican Boxing Gym has a rich history in the fistic arena and the only boxer to represent that gym on Saturday night was middleweight Kevin Rodney. He was matched against Trevon King (GDF) in the final bout of the night; this after King had punched his way to a victory over a pudgy Marvin Ageday of the Forgotten Youth Foundation Boxing Gym (FYF) in the first bout of the night. His second fight was more competitive and King attacked from the very first bell. Rodney refused to be bullied and responded with several bombs of his own. The bout then developed into a ‘no retreat, no surrender’ affair with both pugilists giving as much as they received. Rodney came out slugging in the second round and connected to King’s body and head and unsettled him a bit. The latter boxer quickly asserted himself and deliv-

ered several thumping blows that evened up things somewhat. Rodney then demonstrated staunch determination, lashing out with hard punches and when the bell sounded to end the second round he was pounding away at his man. King changed his tactics and jolted Rodney early in the final round with sharp right crosses. Sensing he was ahead on the scorecards, Rodney dug deep and matched his opponent’s aggression with clever punches. Suspecting that he was behind on the scorecards, King upped the ante but Rodney matched his aggression and when the bell sounded, even before the decision was announced, Rodney started to celebrate. The announcement several minutes later served as vindication. There were two knockouts on the card and the most brutal occurred when seasoned contender, jnr/welterweight, Bert Braithwaite, poleaxed Kelon King in the second round. By far the more experienced, Braithwaite advanced purposefully at the start of the encounter while King boxed around, fending off the attack with tame jabs. He managed to survive the first stanza but it was always going to be a challenge to keep Braithwaite at bay. A thudding right hand early in the second round connected to King’s temple and he fell to the canvass. He demonstrated pluck and determination when he rose and nodded affirmatively to the referee who wanted to know if he was able to re-enter the fray. However, upon resump-

tion, he was met with a vicious onslaught and down he went once again. Referee, Paulette Nurse tolled away the count but even before she had reached the halfway stage, it was evident that King was terribly out of sorts; Nurse had no other option but to wave the contest off at 1:02secs of the second frame. The win improved Braithwaite’s record in the championship to 4-0 after he had won a point verdict over King in Linden. He also defeated Quincy Harvey and Kurt Kendall in the Georgetown leg of the tournament. Otherwise, Stephan Gouveia (HE), fighting out of a southpaw stance, outclassed Clairmont Gibson to take the honours in the lightweight division. A wiry boxer, Gouveia employed a two fisted attack while dancing his way out of trouble. Gibson plodded behind him hoping to land a big bomb and finish the fight but was met with staunch resistance. Gouveia then launched a two fisted attack that forced the referee to institute 2 mandatory eight counts. Gibson managed to survive the first round but the writing was already on the wall. An especially wicked combination forced referee Ramona Agard to institute another count before ending the bout after realizing that Gibson was too hurt to continue. Earlier, Jamal Mona (GDF) and Keon Williams (PRBG) engaged in an exhibition matchup that was well received by the crowd. Activities were sponsored by Ansa McAl under the Mackeson label, under the auspices of the Guyana Boxing Association.

BBC Sport - Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel dominated the Korean Grand Prix to put himself on the brink of a fourth consecutive world championship. The German’s title rival, Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso, could finish only sixth and Vettel will take the title in Japan next Sunday if he wins with Alonso lower than eighth. Lotus drivers Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean took second and third. Sauber ’s Nico Hulkenberg fended off Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton for fourth. Hulkenberg’s presence in the top placings provided much of the excitement in the race and led to a frenetic last 20 laps after the field had been closed up following two safety-car periods. Hulkenberg, who had spent the first part of the race defending from Alonso and Raikkonen, now found himself under intense pressure first from Hamilton and then from the Mercedes and Alonso, who also had McLaren’s Jenson Button and Mercedes’ Nico Rosberg close behind. The Sauber was slow around most of the lap but fast on the straights and it led to some thrilling racing. Hamilton actually passed Hulkenberg at Turn One on lap 48, with seven to go, but was re-passed down the straight to Turn Three. Meanwhile, Hamilton was also having to fend off Alonso. Not long afterwards, Hamilton even got on the radio to his team to ask if anyone had any suggestions, a sentiment with which

Alonso would have plenty of sympathy. The Sauber’s straight-line speed, and ability to come off Turn One faster than his rivals, meant Hulkenberg was able to hang on to fourth place. BBC F1 co-commentator David Coulthard said: “Great display under pressure. I know I sound like I’ve joined the Nico Hulkenberg fan club, but this is impressive.” Hulkenberg had got himself into that position by making a good start from seventh on the grid and moving up to fifth on the first lap, passing Alonso after the Ferrari lost speed up the long straight after getting on to the kerb on the exit of Turn One avoiding Rosberg. Vettel streaked away at the front, totally in control from lap one, while behind him Grosjean edged away from the Mercedes of Hamilton and Rosberg. Vettel said: “Fortunately we had enough pace to get ahead after both safety cars but both Kimi and Romain were very competitive and did better with their tyres. “I am really enjoying things at the moment, we have a great team and we are having a great time.” Hulkenberg held off Alonso and Raikkonen through the first pit stops before the Finn jumped ahead by bringing forward his second pit stop. The race was then enlivened by two safety-car periods in quick succession. The first was caused by a tyre failure on Sergio Perez’s McLaren. At the re-start, Raikkonen passed Grosjean for second place into Turn One, despite a late defensive lunge by the Frenchman.

Grosjean said: “I made a small mistake and Kimi overtook me but it was my mistake. But we are back on the podium so it is all good.” But then the race had to be halted again after Mark Webber’s Red Bull caught fire after being hit by the spinning Force India of Adrian Sutil at Turn Three. Hamilton had dropped from third to fifth as a result of his team leaving him out too long on a worn set of tyres before his second pit stop but after a brief dice with Alonso on the second restart, the Mercedes driver set about his battle with Hulkenberg. At the front, Vettel was serenely coasting home to his fourth straight win, his only concern the wear on his right front tyre, the same tyre that had failed on Perez’s car. Behind him, Grosjean had been urged to race Raikkonen, being told by the team he was faster than the Finn, but was unable to get close enough to try. Rosberg took seventh, delayed by a front wing failure mid-race, ahead of Button and Ferrari’s Felipe Massa. Marussia’s Jules Bianchi and Caterham’s Charles Pic have been given 10-place grid penalties for the Japanese Grand Prix after receiving their third reprimands of the season. Both drivers were adjudged to have failed to slow down sufficiently for yellow flags during the race. Caterham’s Giedo van der Garde and Marussia’s Max Chilton picked up their first reprimands of the season because they failed to stay above the minimum time set by the FIA during a safety car period.

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‘DON’T TOUCH IT!’ Portia warns Jamaicans not to violate World Cup Trophy

JFF President Captain Horace Burrell (2nd left) and Prime Minister of Jamaica Portia Simpson Miller (centre) unveil the FIFA World Cup Trophy at a ceremony at the Norman Manley International Airport. Also pictured (from left) are Coca-Cola executive, Daniel Saenz, minister with responsibility for sport Natalie Neita-Headley, and Jan Schetters of FIFA’s Marketing Division. Jamaica Observer - The FIFA World Cup Trophy landed at the Norman Manley International Airport in Jamaica at precisely 11:00 am Saturday, exactly 90 minutes after departing Panama City on a Danish Air Transport private jet beautifully decorated in the red, white, green and yellow colours of Coca-Cola. Jamaica became the first Caribbean country in this third staging of the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola and the seventh country since it departed Brazil in mid-September. It travelled to the pacific countries of Tahiti, Fiji and Vanuatu, before arriving in Costa Rica on September 27, then on to Honduras and Panama. The FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour is slated to run for 267 days, and includes 89 countries. It returns to Brazil on April 21, next year. Guyana is also on the stop list for one of the world’s most coveted trophies. Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller; Natalie NeitaHeadley, the minister responsible for sports; Captain Horace Burrell, president of the Jamaica Football (JFF) Federation; William Mahfood, managing director of Wisynco Group, the distributors of Coca-Cola; as well as Coca-Cola executives Jeremy Faa and Daniel Saenz were among guests who were on hand to officially welcome the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour at the Norman Manley International Airport in a brief

ceremony. Prior to the ceremony on the ground, Simpson Miller and a select group boarded the jet to experience a first viewing of the trophy made of 18-carat gold, weighing 6.175 grammes and standing at 36.8 centimetres high. The names and years of all winners of the FIFA World Cup Finals since 1974 are inscribed on the base, which still has space to accommodate the winners up to 2030. The Prime Minister told the Jamaica Observer that she was “very proud for the fact that it (trophy) is here and that Jamaica is the first Caribbean country to receive this prestigious visit”. She added that the presence of the trophy represents a “feel good factor” for the people of the country at this time and she hopes to “see the joy and excitement of us welcoming this beautiful lady to Jamaica”. For Mahfood, the experience that Coca-Cola will be creating for the people of Jamaica over the next two days, gave him “goose bumps”. Captain Burrell said it was a “historic day, because the FIFA World Cup Trophy is coming to the Caribbean for the first time and Jamaica is the first stop”. “Let me hasten to say that I think Coca-Cola got it right, because Jamaica was the first English-speaking Caribbean country to have qualified for the World Cup, and is deserving of this honour,” he

added, before making a pitch for continued support from Coca-Cola, for the JFF and its senior football programme. “Only recently Coca-Cola came on board as a sponsor of the football, that is sponsoring the Jamaica Football Federation and as you all know we have a project. We just hired the services of a German coach and speaking with the officials of Coca-Cola, I made it quite clear that we will be having further dialogue in this regard.” Meanwhile, the Prime Minister warned Jamaicans attending yesterday’s FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour Fan Experience at the National Arena not to touch the trophy. “It is interesting to consider how far and wide the FIFA World Cup has travelled, so precious is this iconic trophy, the most coveted Cup in the world of sports, that it travels in ‘her’ own, private plane, and I’m sure the trophy is woman,” the PM said to much laughter. “When I looked at her she was shining so brightly, and anyone would be desirous to touch her, but let me give a word of caution to all the people who will be viewing. No one will be allowed to touch the trophy. Do not try to, do not attempt to, not even the Prime Minister is allowed to touch it. Not even the Governor General will be allowed to touch it, no one except those managing ‘her’ will be able to touch ‘her’, ‘she’ is very special.”

Monday October 07, 2013

Putin launches Olympic torch relay for Sochi Games BBC Sport - Russian President Vladimir Putin has taken part in a ceremony in Moscow to launch the torch relay for next year’s Winter Olympics in Sochi. The torch will go on a 123day journey covering some 65,000km (40,000 miles) before the Games start in the Black Sea resort on 7 February. The torch’s journey will include a trip into space. Mr Putin said the Games would show Russia’s “respect for equality and diversity”. The run-up to the Games has so far been marred by controversy over a new Russian law that restricts the spread of information about homosexuality, as well as allegations by rights groups that authorities have rounded up migrant workers who helped build the Games venues in Sochi. ‘The way we love it’ The Olympic flame had been flown in from Greece after being lit last Sunday at the birthplace of the ancient Games. The sun’s rays were used to light the Olympic flame during a ceremony last Sunday in Greece Hoisting the flame in Moscow, Mr Putin declared in a ceremony shown live on television that “our shared dream is becoming reality”. He said the Games would show “respect for equality and diversity - ideals that are

Putin holds the torch with the Olympic flame during a ceremony in Moscow’s Red Square (EPA) so intertwined with the ideals of the Olympic movement itself”. Mr Putin said the relay would show off Russia “the way that it is and the way we love it”. “Today is a joyous and momentous day,” he said. “The Olympic flame - the symbol of the planet’s main sports event, the symbol of peace and friendship - has

arrived in Russia, and in a few minutes it will be on its way around our huge country.” On its journey the flame will: · Travel to the North Pole on an atomic-powered icebreaker · Ascend Europe’s highest peak, Mt Elbrus · Be taken to the depths of Lake Baikal in Siberia · Be taken on a spacewalk (unlit) at the International Space Station

PRESIDENTS CUP: US beat Internationals 18½-15½ in Ohio BBC Sport - The United States secured a fifth successive Presidents Cup win with an 18½-15½ victory over the Internationals at Muirfield Village. The hosts led 11½-6½ before Sunday’s four foursome matches, held over because of storms, and 12 singles. The Internationals won six of the first nine singles matches completed in Ohio but Tiger Woods’s one-up victory over Richard Sterne sealed the result. The US have now won eight of the 10 stagings of the event, with one draw. In addition, it was the third victory in a row for US captain Fred Couples. The US needed only four points from Sunday’s singles to retain the Cup, having established a lead of 14-8 after the delayed final foursomes session. Australian Jason Day won the first point of the singles, crushing Brandt Snedeker 6&4, shortly before Hunter Mahan beat Japan’s Hideki Matsuyama 3&2. US PGA champion Jason

Tiger Woods celebrates the US victory. (Getty Images) Dufner beat Zimbabwean Brendon de Jonge 4&3, while Canada’s Graham DeLaet holed out from a greenside bunker for birdie at the 18th to edge Jordan Spieth one up. Zach Johnson wrapped up a comfortable 4&2 win over South African Branden Grace to put the US 17-10 ahead, before Masters champion Adam Scott scored another win for the Internationals with a 2&1 win over Bill Haas. South African Ernie Els scraped past Steve Stricker one up, Australian Marc Leishman sank a 14-footer

from the fringe to par the last and beat Matt Kuchar by the same margin before former Masters champion Charl Schwartzel of South Africa beat Keegan Bradley 2&1. But world number one Woods, who won three matches out of four in partnership with Kuchar earlier in the week, shrugged off back pain to cinch overall victory with two matches to finish. Webb Simpson and South Africa’s Louis Oosthuizen then tied their match before Argentina’s Angel Cabrera beat Phil Mickelson one-up.

Monday October 07, 2013

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Mumbai Indians v Rajasthan Royals, final, CLT20, Delhi

Harbhajan gives Mumbai the double ESPNcricinfo - A furious finish from Mumbai Indians’ middle order propelled them to a monumental total before a chase-breaking over from Harbhajan Singh snuffed out the last of Rajasthan Royals’ spirit, driving Mumbai to their second major title of the year, as they won the Champions League final by 33 runs. The Royals bowlers had been disciplined in their first 12 overs, which only cost them less than seven an over, but a Rohit Sharma onslaught unseamed their resolve and the remaining batsmen took maximum toll on a waning attack. Glenn Maxwell provided the most frenzied death-over innings, mauling 37 from 14, but Sharma, Dinesh Karthik and even Harbhajan struck at over 200 to help plunder 120 runs from the last eight overs of the innings. Eighteen-year old Sanju Samson was imperious in Royals’ response, and he led Ajinkya Rahane in a 109-run second-wicket stand that provided a fine base for the chase. But even as Rahane completed his fourth fifty on the trot, the Royals’ scoring slowed, and Harbhajan eventually sunk the opposition in a 17th over that claimed three wickets and cost only four. Before that over Royals had needed 48 runs from four overs, and with seven wickets still remaining, a successful chase was conceivable, particularly as Rahane remained in the middle. But it

was Rahane who made the first mistake, advancing to swat a full toss straight to deep midwicket, when it seemed he could quite easily have muscled it over the Feroz Shah Kotla’s short boundary. Two balls later Stuart Binny was undone by some extra bounce and had his leg stump removed, before Kevon Cooper missed the last ball and overbalanced, and a sharp Karthik did not miss his chance. The most disheartening sight of the match followed in the next over when, having demoted himself to No. 8, Rahul Dravid’s final act on a professional cricket field was having his leg stump flattened by a prosaic yorker from Nathan Coulter-Nile. Earlier, Sachin Tendulkar had fared little better, when he missed a Shane Watson inducker by a distance to have his own off stump uprooted. Two days shy of his 42nd birthday, Pravin Tambe delivered another remarkable spell, and he might wonder how his team-mates could have indulged the opposition so meekly when he had conceded only 19 from his four overs, while taking the two wickets that placed him atop the tournament wickettakers’ list. Halfway through Mumbai’s innings, Royals might have thought they would have to bowl poorly to concede 170. Smith had been effective at the top of the innings again, but by his standards, his 44 had come at

a relatively humdrum pace off 39 balls. It was Rohit though, who got low to wallop a Stuart Binny slower ball high into the night in the 13th over, that began the sequence that beat the wind out of Royals’ attack. Two more fours off Binny took the over-tally to 16, before Sharma shuffled around the crease and manipulated the field to score heavily in the next two overs as well. He had some help from Kieron Pollard as they punished Cooper’s errant lengths in the 16th over, which cost 20 and featured a monster pull and a towering slog over wide long-on, and the breathless pace was only heightened when Maxwell arrived next over. He clipped his first ball to square leg for four, before sending the next ball - an almost identical delivery - into the stands on the leg side with a more powerful pick-up stroke. A straight six, a glanced four and an improvised reverse-scoop over short third man followed, and with Karthik and later Harbhajan also going big at the other end, Mumbai laid down a daunting challenge in the space of twenty minutes. Courageous though their reply was, Royals could not match them. Scores: Mumbai Indians 202 for 6 ( Smith 44, Maxwell 37, Tambe 2-19) beat Rajasthan Royals 169 (Rahane 65, Samson 60, Harbhajan 4-32) by 33 runs.

Serena powers past Jankovic for 10th title in 2013 (Reuters) - World number one Serena Williams bagged her 10th title of the year with a 6-2 6-2 thrashing of Jelena Jankovic in the final of the China Open yesterday. The top-seeded American broke the eighth-seeded Serb twice in the first set and three times in the second to register her 73rd win of the season. Williams appeared in pain after serving an ace during the third game of the second set and her serve was broken for the only time in the match in that game as Jankovic went 2-1 ahead. But it was Jankovic who had to take a medical time out after the game due to a problem in her hip. The Serb, however, failed to win another game upon her return to the court as Williams racked up five games in a row to close out the match. “I’m really excited. I didn’t

Serena Williams of the U.S. reacts as she poses with the trophy after winning her women’s singles final match against Jelena Jankovic of Serbia at the China Open tennis tournament in Beijing October 6, 2013. REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon think I’d win this tournament starting out, so I’m really happy to be here holding the trophy,” Williams, who complained of a sore back

after Saturday’s semi-final, said during the presentation ceremony.Yesterday’s victory also gave the 32-year-old Williams her 56th career title.

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GOA assists National Sports Bodies Rugby Union receives One Million; Cycling Federation collects $400,000

GOA President K. A Juman Yassin (right) presents the cheque to GRFU boss Peter Green.

GOA Secretary General Hector Edwards (left) hands over the cheque to the elated GCF President Cheryl Thompson in the presence of President GOA President K. A Juman Yassin The Guyana Olympic Association (GOA) has come to the aid of the Guyana Rugby Football Union (GRFU) and the Guyana Cycling Federation in their time of need. Yesterday at an Appreciation Ceremony hosted by the GOA for athletes and officials that attended the 1st South American Youth Games and the Islamic Games, the two national entities received cheques to assist them in their preparation and participation at international competitions. GOA President K. A Juman Yassin at a press conference some time ago had disclosed that they were talks

with the Rugby Union, headed by Peter Green, to assist in their preparations for the NACRA Rugby Sevens Championships to be held in the Cayman Islands November 9 – 10, 2013. The GOA’s assistance of One Million Guyana dollars will go towards the GRFU engaging the services of Internationally renowned Coach Spencer Robinson who will fine tune the Guyana team for these games, the Guyanese Ruggers have already commenced preparations. Guyana have been the Powerhouse of Sevens Rugby with an unequalled record of winning consecutive championships

from 2006 – 2011. The Cycling Federation , led by Cheryl Thompson collected $400,000 which will go towards expenses associated with Guyana participating at this year’s Caribbean Cycling Championships scheduled for Curacao, October 19 -20. Guyana will be represented by an eight member team which will include three female riders. Both President’s, Green and Thompson, expressed sincere gratitude to the GOA for the assistance given which they say will go a long way in allowing them to achieve their respective goals of making Guyana proud.

Windies Women go down by one run MSN Sport -Kingston, Jamaica - The New Zealand women’s cricket team have won a thrilling one day international, beating the West Indies by one run in Kingston. Batting first, the New Zealanders scored 8-225 off their 50 overs, with captain Suzie Bates scoring 110. In reply the West Indies appeared to be

cruising, needing 14 runs from the final 30 balls with four wickets in hand before a flurry of wickets left them needing three runs from the final over with just one wicket in hand. However, batswoman Shaquana Quintyne was run out after backing up too far on the third ball of the over, leaving her team two short of the target.

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Monday October 07, 2013

Albouystown confirm Inter-Ward Haifeng Su leads the pack as seven players go after championship honours Basketball dynasty National Junior Chess Qualifiers

- sweep Wortmanville in best-of-three Final By Edison Jefford

Junior championship finalists (with envelopes, medals), Minister Anthony (back row 2nd right) and other officials after the presentation. When the final four rounds were contested in the Guyana Chess Federation (GCF) National Junior Qualifiers, former National Junior Chess Champion Haifeng Su and Omar Britton Grant started the day leading the point standings on three points apiece but were on a collision course. The two eventually matched skills and it was Haifeng Su who came out victorious with an impeccable 6 points and eventually went

on to cart off the honours in the tournament thus clinching a spot to contest for the spoils in the imminent 2013 National Junior Chess Championship, held by Anthony Drayton, later this month. The others qualifying players are: Davion Mars who finished on 5 points, Roberto Neto (4 ½), Saeed Ali, Sheriffa Ali, Omar Britton Grant (4 points each), and Rashad Hussain (3 ½). They will now challenge the reigning champion, Anthony Drayton,

later this month for the title. Drayton holds a FIDE rating of 1801. Sheriffa Ali is the lone female that participated in the just concluded trials and organizers presented her with a special prize in acknowledgement. Meanwhile, Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Dr. Frank Anthony witnessed the final stages of the competition and assisted in the presentation of prizes. He congratulated the players for their efforts and challenged

them to spread the game as widely as possible. Mr. Anthony further reinforced his Government’s commitment towards the growth of chess while pointing out that the game fosters acute thinking strategies. The tournament was sponsored by Demerara Distillers Ltd under the Diamond Mineral Water brand and the organizers wish to extend deep gratitude their benefactor for the unmitigated support.

Fernandes, Belle, Forrester hit half centuries as GCC beat Police by 111 runs Wins for TSC, GDF Georgetown Cricket Club (GCC), Transport Sports Club (TSC) and Guyana Defence Force (GDF) registered victories when play in the Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA)\New Building Society (NBS) 40over second division competition continued yesterday with three matches. At Gandhi Youth Organization, GCC defeated Police by 11 runs. GCC batted first and posted a mammoth 306-8 off their allotted 40 overs. Elon Fernandes stroked a polished 91 (13x4,1x6) and got support from Martin Pestano-Belle 61 (10x4), Winston Forrester 56 (9x4) and Ronaldo Mohamed 22 (3x4). Kelvin Leitch grabbed 3-36. Police in reply were bowled out for 195 in 32.1 overs. Leitch showed his

allround prowess by top scoring with 58 (6x4,4x6) while Mark Robhe made 27, Troy Benn 25 and Stephan Blacks 24. Left arm spinner Devon Lord claimed 5-66. At Muslim Youth Organization ground, GDF got the better of St. Stanislaus by 44 runs. GDF took first strike and managed 158 before they were bowled out in 22.1 overs. Marcus Watkins was their best batsman with 64 (12x4); Michael Shalim snared 2-17. St. Stanislaus were skittled for 114 in 10.5 overs in response. Shalim scored 32 while Kwasie Thompson 19, Rajiv Deonarine 15 and Price Roberts 14 were the only other batsmen that reached double figures. Paul Castello grabbed 4-29, Dennis Legay 3-27 and Aaron Rogers 2-25. At Malteenoes Sports

Devon Lord (left) and Elon Fernandes Club, Transport Sports Club overcame University of Guyana (UG) by 6 runs. TSC scored 187 all out in 38.2 overs batting first. Waqar Bacchus led with 27 (3x4), Charwayne Mc Pherson supported with 25(4x4) and Sunil Singh made 22 (3x4). Darnel Douglas, Dennis Haywood and Omesh Dhanram claimed 2 wickets

apiece. UG fought bravely before they were bowled out for 181 in 39.2 overs in reply. Leon Williams top scored with 72 (3x4,2x6) and Darnel Douglas made 45 (2x4,3x6). Shaun Massiah bagged 3-22, Oslyn Batson 2-20, Kevin Ross 2-23 and Jonathan Alphonso 2-26. (Zaheer Mohamed)

A l b o u y s t o w n / Charlestown re-established their basketball dynasty Saturday night when it swept Wortmanville/Werk-en-Rust in two games to defend the Inter-Ward basketball title they had won back in 2010 before the two year hiatus for the tournament. Albouystown beat Wortmanville 87-82 to claim the best-of-three series 2-0 at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall, in what was a Mackesonsponsored Trinity Grid Holdings (TGH) Pacesettershosted event. Albouystown’s offence was generally superior in the series. Nicko Fraser scored 21 points and grabbed six rebounds in an effort that landed him the Giftland OfficeMax-sponsored Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the Finals award. Sheldon Thomas continued his remarkable shooting with 20 points and seven rebounds, while Marvis Hilliman had 19 points and eight rebounds and Sheldon Frank 10 points in a collective effort. For Wortmanville, who were without the offensive forward, Michael Turner, and who lost Elton Jefford Jr. to a knee injury that further depleted its bench, Randy Richardson had 25 points and 10 rebounds for a doubledouble, while Jermaine Hamilton scored 25 points with eight rebounds as Shawn Gillis and Joslyn Crawford added 12 and 11 points each. The teams were neck-andneck in first half with Wortmanville leading 41-35 at halftime. Up 44-37 in the third quarter, Thomas and Trevor McCleod scored consecutive layups for a 41-44 points’ deficit; it was obvious that Albouystown were going on the offensive. Fraser nailed a mid-range jumper off the glass before Hilliman finished a layup to equalise at 49 points midway through the period. Thomas then gave Albouystown the lead 51-49 with an inside play that sparked an offensive take-over for Albouystown. The defending champs pressed for several steals that led to 55-49 lead, but Gillis drilled a three-pointer then Richardson finished a layup to cut into Albouystown’s advantage; Hamilton’s layup

along the baseline made it a one-point (56-57) game with three minutes to play in the penultimate period of the Inter-Ward final. Turnovers wreaked havoc for Wortmanville in the crucial quarter and Albouystown capitalised as Hilliman finished huge inside plays. Thomas landed yet another three-pointer for Albouystown with under a minute to play in the period that ended 64-59 in their favour. Albouystown went for a stifling man-to-man defence, which helped them to suddenly control the offensive momentum of the game. Fraser drilled another mid-range jumper for a 70-63 lead; then Thomas drained a three-pointer to extend the lead before Wortmanville were hit with a crucial technical foul that removed the buoy from an already sinking ship. Albouystown maintained 82-70 points’ grip with Thomas landing big jumpers, but Wortmanville showed some character down the stretch with a mini-run that was hardly threatening. Albouystown were quick to dedicate the victory to Juan Richardson also known as Joe, who had collapsed on the Albouystown basketball court and subsequently died last December; he was the muse behind their success story. In the third place game, Plaisance Vryheid’s Lust blew-out Alberttown/Bourda 85-50 with Ryan Gullen dropping 22 points and grabbing 19 rebounds. Ron Campbell had 17 points and 12 boards while Hugh Arthur scored 13 points. For Alberttown, Olatunde Griffith scored 11 points. Plaisance/Vryheid’s Lust forward, Ryan Gullen was the Best Rebounder of the tournament with 71 rebounds while Tucville/Guyhoc guard, Jason Squires had the most steals with 11 as Naylon Loncke carted off the Mark Agard trophy for the Most Assists with eight and the Stanislaus Hadmon trophy for Most Free-throws; Thomas won the Eon ‘Wicko’ Leitch trophy for the Most Threepointers of the tournament with 12; Crawford had the Most Block Shots with 15 blocks in the tournament.

Monday October 07, 2013

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West Indies Colts battle Bangladesh U-19 in D/N ODI today at Providence By Sean Devers The first ever ODI Under-19 tour of the Caribbean by Bangladesh bowls off today in a day/night 50-over affair at the Guyana National Stadium Providence and both West Indies and the tourist will be using this series as preparation for next year’s ninth U-19 World Cup in Dubai. Today’s contest is scheduled to commence at 13:30hrs and a pulsating game is anticipated. The home team has just managed two victories in six U-19 ODIs against Bangladesh since Guyanese Timor Mohamed led the regional side in their first U-19 ODI in 1976. Chris Gayle made an unbeaten 141 in a losing cause when Bangladesh beat the Caribbean unit by six wickets in the first meeting between the sides in the 1998 Under19 World Cup in South Africa. Bangladesh next clashed with West Indies in the 2006 Under-19 World Cup when the Asian team also won. West Indies then won a four-match series 2-1 in Bangladesh in 2008 after the first match was completely washed out. Leading run scorer in the recently concluded Regional Under-19 Tournament in St Kitts, Trinidadian Jeremy Solozano and chief wicket-taker Guyana’s left-arm spinner Gudakesh Moti-Kanhai are expected to

Tagenarine Chanderpaul

Gudakesh Motie-Kanhai

Bangladesh Captain Mehedi Miraj

spearhead the West Indies charge on a track which could be on the slow side. Grenadian pacer Preston McSween, who took the most wickets in the 50-Over version of the regional tournament, could find conditions at Providence hard work. Shemron Hetymer and Tagenarine Chanderpaul, son of Test batsman Shiv Chanderpaul, will want to get big scores before what should be a small working day home

crowd, while Jamaican Fabian Allen, Bajan Jofra Archer, Trinidadian Bryan Charles and Jamaican Tristan Coleman will want to lend support. Trinidad and Tobago’s Under-19 wicketkeeper Nicholas Pooran was not considered for selection since he was with the Trinidad and Tobago Red Force team which participated in the Champions League in India. However, T&T were knocked out at the semi-final stage on Saturday and the 17year-old should be available to join the West Indies Under-19 squad in time for Wednesday’s second ODI. The squad includes six players from Jamaica who copped the regional ‘double’, winning both the three-day and 50-over titles this year and is a strong one. However, the Bangladeshis, who were once a part of Pakistan until 1971, are coming off a tri-nation tour of England and on Saturday at Bourda registered an 111- run win against a Guyana U-19 side with Mossadek Saikat and Uddin Jashim getting half-centuries and leg spinner Zubair Likhon picking up three wickets for the visitors. Apart from Chanderpaul, who has played four First-Class matches, nobody else in the home team has played at this level, while three players in the Bangladesh side have FirstClass experience. Wicket-Keeper Joyraj Emon, Saikat and Yasir Rabbi, who captured two wickets against Guyana, have all played at the First-Class level giving Bangladesh the more experienced side. Abu Rony, Uddin Jashim and UzZaman are very talented and could be the players most likely to progress to the next level from this tour. Scattered thunderstorms are forecast for today but it would take rain all-day to cause a washout at one of the fastest drying

International cricket venues, especially in a day/night encounter. The regional junior side will take on the Bangladeshis at four venues; The Guyana National Stadium, Bourda, Everest and Albion in Berbice. This is the first time that an entire series is being played in Guyana. West Indies Squad: Fabian Allen (Jamaica), Jofra Archer (Barbados), Tagenarine Chanderpaul (Guyana), Bryan Charles (Trinidad & Tobago),Tristan Coleman (Jamaica), Taryck Gabriel (Windward Islands, St Lucia), Shimron Hetmyer (Guyana), Jerome Jones (Barbados), Ray Jordan (Windward Islands, St Vincent), Alzarri Joseph (Leeward Islands, Antigua), Brandon King (Jamaica), Ramaal Lewis (Jamaica), Leroy Lug (Jamaica), Preston McSween (Windward Islands, Grenada), Marquino Mindley (Jamaica), Gudakesh Moti-Kanhai (Guyana), Jeremy Solozano (Trinidad & Tobago). Bangladesh squad: Mehedi Miraj (Capt), Abu Rony, Abu Saeed, Uddin Jashim, Joyraj Emon, Mossadek Saikat, Munim Jummon, Hasan Nahid, Nazmul Shanto, UzZaman Nehad, Javed Rahut, Prodhan Rifat, Sadman Anik, Yasir Rabbi, Zubair Likhon. Full schedule Mon, Oct 7 – Windies U19 v Bangladesh U19 – GNS (day/night – 1:30pm) Wed, Oct 9 – Windies U19 v Bangladesh U19 – Bourda (9am) Fri, Oct 11 – Windies U19 v Bangladesh U19 – GNS (day/night – 1:30pm) Mon, Oct 14 – Windies U19 v Bangladesh U19 – Everest (9am) Wed, Oct 16 – Windies U19 v Bangladesh U19 – GNS (day/night – 1:30pm) Sat, Oct 19 – Windies U19 v Bangladesh U19 – Bourda (9am) Mon, Oct 21 – Windies U19 v Bangladesh U19 – Everest (9am)

Everest beat Lawyers and Judiciary XI by 52 runs Everest Cricket Club defeated the Guyana Lawyers and Judiciary XI by 52 runs in a specially arranged Twenty20 match played on Friday last at the Guyana National Industrial Corporation (GNIC) ground. Everest batted first and posted a respectable 158-3 after the game was reduced to 15 overs before restricting the Lawyers and Judiciary XI for 106. Shaheed Mohamed and Rakesh Gangaram gave Everest a flying start adding 30 for the opening stand before Gangaram missed a full toss and was trapped leg before by medium pacer Ganesh Hira for 06 in the third over. Paul Parasram played across a full delivery and was bowled by left arm spinner Charles Ramson for 01 to leave the score at 35-2, while Rohan Sarjoo followed shortly without scoring, 10 runs later. Mohamed then dominated a fourth wicket stand of 83 with Dwayne Adams, striking 14 fours in a top score of 70 not out, while Adams who smashed Patrick Higgins for five consecutive fours in the last over ended unbeaten on 43; his innings contained nine fours. Hira, Ramson and Mohamed took one each. The Lawyers and Judiciary XI lost their first

Mohamed slams half century

Shaheed Mohamed wicket at four when Jamal Khan (04) had his stumps up rooted by Andrew Lovell in the first over. Fellow opener Nishad Ulla and Ramson steadied the chase somewhat with a second wicket stand of 48 with sensible batting. Lovell was brought back and had immediate success removing Ulla for 30 (3x4 2x6) before Ramson shared in a third wicket partnership of 36 with Dennis Paul to keep their team in hunt. Ramson who hit three fours and one six was then run

out for 27 attempting an ill advised single, while Paul played across a delivery from Mohamed and was bowled for 14. The Everest bowlers continued to maintain a decent line and length which made scoring difficult for the Lawyers and Judiciary XI who had lost 8 wickets at the end of the 15th over. Lovell and Mohamed claimed two wickets apiece while there was one each for Gangaram, Paul and Adams. (Zaheer Mohamed)

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Monday October 07, 2013

GOA hosts 1SAYG and Islamic Games athletes at Appreciation Ceremony - medalists receive monetary rewards The Guyana Olympic Association (GOA) last evening hosted the respective delegations that attended the 1st South American Youth Games (SAYG) in Lima, Peru and the Islamic Games held in Indonesia at a Gala Appreciation ceremony at Olympic House. According to Secretary General Hector Edwards, the event was specifically held to show gratitude to the athletes, coaches and Management staff for a fine job at both events where Guyana proved yet again that they can compete. President K. A Juman Yassin, in commending the athletes for doing their best once again, called on the Government and Corporate Guyana to assist the federations and associations in honing the skills of our talented athletes. At the SAYG, which brought together athletes between the ages of 14 – 18 from 14 countries competing in 19 events, Guyana won nine medals; 1gold, 1silver and 7 bronze. At the Islamic Games, two silver medals were won by Winston George in the 200m and 400m events. Certificates of participation were presented to all the athletes from the respective organizing committees of the two Games, while the GOA also presented certificates of recognition to the two delegations. Athletes placing between first to seventh at the 1SAYG also received certificates. Taking it a step further, the GOA rewarded the medalists with cash as a small means of encouragement. Those athletes are Winston George who won silver medals in the 200m and 400m at the Islamic Games.

GOA Secretary General Hector Edwards (left) pose with athletes and officials who attended the 1SAYG in Lima, Peru as they display the certificates of recognition and participation. At the 1SAYG, Andrea Foster won gold in the 8x100m Mixed Multi National relay, Jason Yaw won bronze in the 200m and 400m, Narayan Ramdhani won bronze in the Badminton Individuals, Ambeka Ramraj won bronze in the Mixed Pairs Multi National event. In the boxing ring, Travis Fraser won silver in the 69kg category, while there were bronze medals for Tefon Greene (49kg), Michael April (52kg) and Joel Williamson (56kg). Also attending yesterday’s function were the parents, guardians and other relatives of the respective athletes as well as executive members of the GOA which was complimented for hosting an event of this nature to recognize and encourage the nations budding athletes.

GOA President K. A Juman Yassin (right) pose with the athletes and officials that attended the Islamic Games in Indonesia.


Everest grab first innings from Police; Chandrika slams century

Rajendra Chandrika

Everest Cricket Club grabbed first innings points from Police in a drawn encounter when the Georgetown Cricket Association\ Hadi’s World Inc first division two-day competition continued last weekend with one match. Everest posted a challenging 302-8 declared batting first at the Police Sports Club Ground, Eve Leary. Rajendra Chandrika stroked an attractive 104 which contained seven fours and one six, while Amir Khan chipped in with 69 (5x4,2x6), Raphael Singh made 31 (2x4) and Deon Thomas 20 (3x4). Randolph Knights captured 3-52, Parnell London 2-50 and Vishal Jaigobin 2-62. Police responded with 201 all out with Shameer Fazal

top scoring with 48 (5x4), Yetesh Dhanpaul made 40 (8x4), Rawl Browne 38 (5x4), Royan Federicks 27 (4x4,1x6). Troy Gonsalves grabbed 5-52 and Javeed Rasheed 3-42. Everest, with a lead of 101, declared their second innings on 142-8. Joseph Perry led with 66 (9x4), Deon Thomas made 23 (1x4,1x6) and Garfield De Roche 19 (1x4) not out. Off-spinner Parnell London bagged 6-37 and Vishal Jaigobin 2-12. Set 243 to win Police were 113-5 at stumps on the second and final day yesterday. Knights was their leading batsman with 46 (1x4,3x6), while Dhanpaul supported with 36 (2x4,2x6); Rasheed took 2-16.

Parnell London

Monday October 07, 2013

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Mackeson Fight Night boxing cards

Fans entertained as six scorching bouts set Ancient County alight By Michael Benjamin Ron Smith (GDF) turned in a classy and determined performance to earn a victory over his gym mate, Eon Bancroft, when action in the final of the Mackeson Fight Night boxing cards concluded in open air at the New Amsterdam Ferry Stelling, in Berbice, Saturday evening last. The card was supported by a large fan base out of the Berbice communities and several individual performances had the crowd i n w i l d e c s t a s y. T h e Bancroft/Smith shindig was a welterweight encounter and even before the first punch was thrown the fight was touted to be the ‘main bout’ of a six fight card. Both pugilists demonstrated respect for the other in the early stages of the bout even as each attempted to assert his dominance. Bancroft attacked but Smith looked unflustered and delivered his punches with precision and mean intentions. Bancroft was the busy body, shuffling forward with right crosses and looping overhand rights. A few breached Smith’s defence and set the pace for an entertaining bout.

Referee, Paulette Nurse gets in between Braithwaite and King shortly after the former boxer decked the latter

Marvin Ageday (r) winds up a big right hand but caught a Trevon King straight right instead Bancroft came to life early in the second stanza and lashed out at his man with vicious flurries but Smith retained a cool composure and retaliated with several right crosses. The crowd loved it and egged him on but Bancroft refused to be bullied and ended the round with several well timed offerings that had his man on the back foot. If the preceding rounds were the smoke, round three was fire; both pugilists met (Continued on page 31)

Republican boxer, Kevin Rodney was too good for Trevon King

Bert Braithwaite

t r o Sp

Albouystown confirm Inter-Ward Basketball dynasty -sweep Wortmanville in best-of-three Final Mumbai Indians v Rajasthan Royals, final, CLT20, Delhi

Albouystown/Charlestown basketball team and their supporters celebrate defending their Inter-Ward title Saturday night at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall.

Harbhajan gives Mumbai the double Mumbai Indians pose with the Champions League trophy. (BCCI)

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