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Bystander shot dead as cops chase “suspicious” car - driver was 15-year-old on joyride Photo taken by Christopher Jones MP

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Three occupants of the car were detained

Dead: Dameon Belgrave

US$12.5M Enmore plant…

Minister confirms only ‘excess' sugar packaged p. 6

Linden Inquiry …

Detective testifies not seeing Guyanese captured in killingsp. protestors throw objects at police of US couple in St Maarten 3 p. 18

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One dead, two injured

Saturday October 06, 2012

The wrecked truck

…as timber truck crashes on Highway One man is dead and two others were injured after the timber truck in which they were travelling crashed on the Soesdyke/Linden Highway. Reports are that the incident occurred at around 13:30 hours yesterday just outside the Splashmin's Resort. The dead man has been identified as 39-year-old Vijay Samaroo of Good Hope, East Coast Demerara. Those injured are 48-yearold Clyde Bradford and his son Hemraj Samaroo, of Lusignan, East Coast Demerara. Bradford was driving the vehicle and his son was alongside him in the cab, while Samaroo was sitting in the tray of the truck. At the time of the incident, the truck was laden with lumber and the men were reportedly making their way to a location on the East Coast of Demerara. Reports are that the truck suffered a blowout which caused it veer out of control, resulting in it toppling several times before coming to a halt in an

Dead: Vijay Samaroo upright position. Vijay Samaroo was reportedly crushed by materials on the truck This publication was told that the men left earlier this week for St. Cuthbert's Mission to cut timber. The dead man's wife, Satie Seelall told this publication that her husband left their Good Hope residence on Monday and she never heard from him again. “Meh went home and

meh just get a call saying that meh husband get in a accident, and when we deh half way to de hospital meh hear he dead.” Fighting to hold back tears, Seelall said by the time she got to the hospital her worst fears were confirmed, as officials there informed her that her husband had been pronounced dead on arrival at the institution. Reports are that the man died while on his way to the

Diamond Diagnostic Centre. The two injured men were treated at the same institution, but were subsequently transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital. This publication was told that the driver of the truck sustained severe head injuries and was bleeding through his nostrils and ears when he first arrived at the hospital. The other man sustained injuries to his

shoulder. Further, there are reports that the driver of the truck had borrowed the vehicle from a friend. The man who died was an employee of the truck's owner. The owner was at the hospital, but declined to speak to the media, he would only say that the incident was unfortunate and he was thankful that his other employees were not on the trip. He said that at least two

other employees were scheduled to go on the trip, but pulled out at the last minute. Meanwhile, back at the scene of the accident, the truck was a complete wreck. Pieces of timber were seen among the wreckage. There were shreds of burnt-out tyre. A little later, a truck arrived on the scene and persons began loading the scattered pieces of timber onto the truck.

Saturday October 06, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Guyanese captured Bystander shot dead as in killing of US police chase “suspicious” car couple in St. Maarten - Driver was 15-year-old on joyride

Murdered US couple: Michael and Thelma King Philipsburg (St Martin News Network) - Police in St. Maarten managed to track down a third suspect involved in the murders of American tourists, Michael and Thelma King, who were slaughtered in their Cupe Coy condominium sometime between September 19th and September 21st, 2012. The South Carolina couple was found stabbed to death in their St. Maarten beachfront apartment. According to Chief Prosecutor of St. Maarten, Hans Mos, the suspect left St. Maarten on Wednesday October 3rd, 2012 for St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. SMN News was able to identify the suspect as 20year-old Guyana-born Jamal Jefferson Woolford. It should be noted that on Wednesday the first suspect that was arrested in the gruesome murder of the Kings and robbery of the Happy Star Chinese Rest a u r a n t confessed to being involved. It appears as though Woolford was following the news closely and as soon as it was published that the first suspect confessed, he purchased a ticket to St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, in

an effort to escape the long arm of the law, but police managed to contact their counterparts in the US Virgin Islands who quickly apprehended the suspect. Woolford waived his extradition rights based on US law and he was brought back to St. Maarten yesterday. He was immediately arrested at the Princess Juliana International Airport and will appear before the judge of instruction on Monday. SMN News also learnt that police found the suspect’s car by his girlfriend’s house in South Reward. The vehicle had an old French number plate 761 — 971. Police also arrested the girlfriend known in the area of South Reward as “Winifred” whom they are currently questioning. According to information provided to SMN News, Jamal Jefferson Woolford lives in Cay Hill and works at Bobby’s Marina, while his mother lives in Cape Bay where the other two murder suspects live. Authorities had previously detained a Jamaican security guard and a 17-year-old in the slaying of Michael and Thelma King of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

A 21-year-old Lethem resident, who would have celebrated his 22nd birthday today, was fatally shot last night outside the White Castle Fish Shop at Hadfield Street and Lime Streets, when a “high-speed chase” involving three Tactical Services Unit (TSU) ranks and the occupants of a white motor car (PGG 3506) ended in proximity to the popular hangout. The dead man, Dameon Belgrave, also of Middle Street, Pouderoyen, West Bank Demerara, and several of his friends were said to be in pre-birthday celebratory mood, when police reportedly opened fire after the car which they were pursuing at the time, stopped. According to eyewitnesses, the police vehicle turned at a rapid rate into the street behind a white car that stopped on the northern carriageway of Hadfield Street aback of the Brickdam Secondary School. The area at the time was crowded. Two gunshots then rang out. Belgrave who was reportedly standing approximately 25 metres away from the police vehicle fell to the ground as other patrons scampered for cover. Belgrave’s friends said when the area cleared somewhat, they noticed that he was lying on the ground and his jersey had blood in the upper chest area. It was then determined that the man was bleeding from what appeared to be a gunshot wound just below his left armpit. Hospital sources confirmed that he was shot in the right shoulder and that the bullet exited his left armpit. A dark-coloured car (PFF 6438) that was parked just next to where Belgrave was standing had its back windshield shattered as a result of the gunfire. The police arrested three young men, one aged 23, and two 18-year-olds, who were in the car they were chasing, and then rushed Dameon Belgrave to the hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. A

The shattered windshield of the car that Dameon Belgrave was standing next to 15-year-old boy who was driving the vehicle, which belonged to a customer of his father, fled the scene. The lad’s father is said to be a mechanic. The youths have been detained at the Alberttown Police Station. Two of them are from Guyhoc and the third from Bent Street. A police official said that the TSU ranks were armed with M-70 assault rifles which have been lodged as part of the investigation into Belgrave’s death. Relatives of the dead young man screamed as they were greeted with news of his death at the hospital. Some screamed ‘Murder’as Belgrave’s body was wheeled out of the Accident and Emergency Unit to the mortuary. They said he only came out of the interior where he lived, yesterday, to spend his birthday with relatives and friends. Attorney-at-law James Bond confirmed last night that he is representing the interests of the relatives of

Belgrave, as well as the detained youths. Bond said that the 15year-old boy had taken his father’s car and gone for a joyride with three friends. He said that according to this story, the teen was about to drop off one of his friends in Bent Street when he spotted the police car. Because he was unlicenced to drive, the lad allegedly panicked and exited the car in Hadfield Street. It is believed that it was then that police opened fire, fatally wounding Belgrave. “It’s a sad day for youths in Guyana. It shows that the police have not learned from their mistakes,” Bond said. This publication as told that the TSU ranks alleged that they were on patrol in Sophia when they saw a car parked suspiciously near the Lamaha Canal. A source said that one of the ranks claimed that on spotting the police, the occupants of the vehicle raced away, with the ranks in pursuit.

The police allegedly trailed the car down Mandela Avenue and eventually into Hadfield Street. One of the ranks alleged that he discharged a round in the air, and then heard other shots from the police vehicle, but was unable to say which of his colleagues had shot. However, the other ranks have denied that they opened fire. At press time, the policemen were still giving statements at the Alberttown Station. The shooting comes in the wake of the recent killing of 17-year-old Shaquille Grant, during a raid by police ranks in Agricola. Ironically, like Belgrave, Grant was also to have celebrated his birthday the following day.

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Kaieteur News

Saturday October 06, 2012

Letters... Where your views make the news

Printed and Published by National Media & Publishing Company Ltd. 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown, Georgetown, Guyana. Publisher: GLENN LALL Editor: Adam Harris Tel: 225-8465, 225-8491. Fax: 225-8473, 226-8210


Managing the resources

For a country with immense natural resources, Guyana is not doing that well to harness these resources. We know that gold is the booming industry and we know that bauxite has been holding its own although there is not much hope for the future of that industry. But there are other money spinners that seem unable to attract governmental attention. One of them is the marine resource. Fish is still in demand all over the world, and the waters in and around Guyana teem with fish. It could be that the administration firmly believes that the private sector should control this sector, and that may not be a bad decision, since Government is about collecting revenue rather than controlling economic activities. Yet we feel that the government is not controlling the fish resources as it should. Indeed that is the responsibility of the Ministry of Agriculture. When we look at what some countries do with their fishing resources, we recognize that we take too much for granted and we do not seem to care if there are slippages in our efforts to monitor our resources. We have seen other countries that were once in our position, both economically and socially. The vision of these leaders helped take those countries to levels that we still dream about and hope to attain. One of them is Singapore. Another is the Falkland Islands, with a population of no more than 3,000 but with money that we could find enough things to spend on. Two years ago, the seismic survey suggested that there was oil offshore. With the revenue it acquired from industries like fishing and farming (sheep and cattle), the Falklands was able to fund the oil exploration. Oil should be coming to the surface within three years, because the well has been discovered. In Guyana’s case, we constantly need to seek external funding to execute just about every large project. This has an impact on the economy because we have to pay interest. In the past, because we could not pay, we had to seek debt relief. In our case, we sold the licences to the various parties interested in exploring the oil and today we are being fed excuses for the failure to find oil, although there is every indication that there is oil. But be that as it may, there is a lot that Guyana could do to maximise the returns from the fisheries sector. In these days of electronic monitoring, one must wonder why after issuing fishing licences, Guyana does not monitor the location of the fishing vessels. In the Falklands where the locals do not fish much, but where the ships from the countries of Spain, Japan and some other European countries do, the Fisheries Department is able to monitor every ship in its waters. And by being able to monitor, the islanders are able to record the size of the catch. Needless to say, fish provides the bulk of the money to the island—some £15 million last year—and being a natural resource, the islanders take special care to ensure that this source of revenue is not exhausted by overfishing. But there is more. Guyana closely monitors its local fishers, but this is not as efficient as it should be, because all too often the local fishers simply sell their catch to vessels that drift into the waters. Close monitoring on the part of the government would not only detect the intruding vessels, but also know what is happening with the catch. Two years ago Guyana sought to close the fishing season because there were reports that the catch was disappearing. The word was that there was overfishing, and this came about because the local fishers took the opportunity to report to the authorities. We are not sure that there are charts indicating the levels of catch over the years. This is important, but one constantly gets the impression that the government is not keen on record-keeping. It is also known that Guyana is not big on enforcement of regulations.

Where is the selfrespect in governance? DEAR EDITOR, As the saying goes, the more things change the more they remain the same. This is very true of the relationship between the poor and the working class and the PPP regime. Ever since Mr. Donald Ramotar took office, Guyanese have not been able to escape his monologue and prescription on how to heal their economic and social wounds brought on by the PPP regime’s bad policies. These policies are not just simply bad any more, b u t t h e y have become cancerous on their lives. As Jagdeo said “ta-ta” to them last December, President Ramotar told the nation that changes are coming but ten moths after, the people are yet to see those changes. For example, the living standards of the poor and the working class have not improved; corruption remains rampant and salaries for the working class have not increased. For many, especially the poor and the working class, things have gotten worse. Cost of living has gone through the roof, the electricity rates are one of the highest in Latin America and the Caribbean, and the cost of transportation is subject to the excise taxes controlled by the Jagdeo/Ramotar regime. Yet this unconscionable Jagdeo/Ramotar regime cannot grant the poor and the working class a decent living

wage. Instead, they are being given more promises while the princelings of the PPP build more and more “Taj Mahals” on prime ocean front properties at Pradoville and at Leonora. As we approach a full year of President Ramotar’s administration, the poor and the working class continue to struggle to feed their children and there are more unemployed youths in the streets. With all the borrowing and reckless spending the PPP has done under the Ramotar/ Jagdeo regime, the poor and the working class remains poorer and more desperate with the biggest debt burden on their head while at the GuyExpo, Ministers of the Government have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on gigantic photograph of themselves. This is the same regime which has chosen to pirate/steal text books rather than do the honourable thing and purchased them for the students. This shows that the Jagdeo/Ramotar regime has gotten their priorities all mixed up and the only reason this is allowed to happen is that the vast majority of Guyanese have chosen to vote race that has resulted in poor governance. And the majority of parliamentary opposition whom the people have elected to represent their interests has been asleep at

the wheel. That aside, there has been an absence of statesmanship and integrity in the way the PPP ran the affairs of the country, and after 20 years in power, the youths and the poor and the working class wait with bated breath as the icon of oppression decides their fate. Nepotism, cronyism and corruption have become hallmark of this administration which in turn have made the poor and the working class worse off today as their economic wellbeing continue to deteriorate. This time they are in a more perilous situation as they become more indebted while the Jagdeo/Ramotar regime is bogged down in scandals after scandals. Earlier, it was the maladministration of NICIL followed by NCN corrupt practices, the Marriott Hotel debacle, and now is the insolvency of the NIS. Rather than coming to grips with their corrupt practices and the mismanagement of the state funds, the masses in Guyana are told that they will have to tighten their belts but very soon they will have no waists left to tighten their belts as the impending bankruptcy of NIS come to the fore and as the Jagdeo/Ramotar regime continue to invest the taxpayers’ money on risky projects. Why is it that the regime cannot “man-up” with the

people whose business they transact? Is it that they believe that the people are not wise enough to understand all the PPP’s ‘Ponzi’ financial schemes behind the building of the Marriot Hotel and the Specialty Hospital and the expansion of the Cheddi Jagan airport. The Marriot deal is a classic Ponzi scheme that will result in the taxpayers losing billions in the future. We hope that the opposition will pressure the government to delay this project until there is really a need for it. The regime continues to keep the public and the majority opposition in the dark. It is clear that the country is in a storm with grave social, economic and political problems and the Jagdeo/ Ramotar regime has lost whatever little selfrespect they may have left to rectify them. It is that little shred of selfrespect that the leaders of the opposition APNU and the AFC must grasp and use as a platform to end corruption, cronyism and nepotism and to begin the long climb to building a society in which the resources of the state will be distributed more equitably among the citizens. The nation continues to watch with great disappointment and disillusionment the role corruption and nepotism have played in holding back

DEAR EDITOR, It is with much amazement that international copyright laws mean so little to certain elements of the Guyanese society who see pirating textbooks as the only. However, I do agree that expensive textbooks are a serious hindrance to accessible education for all students in developing countries. So how do we navigate around these troubling waters? There is a simpler and far more beneficial solution to this no-brainer conundrum that seems to be grasping the government at this time. It will improve the self-worth of our people, provide opportunities for employment and will positively impact the economy at the same time. It is putting in place a formal unit for writing (and publishing) local textbooks for all levels of education in Guyana. We have many skilled personnel who are more than capable of writing local textbooks that should be

reflective of a Guyanese culture that international textbooks would be unable to capture. Caribbean textbooks are not even capable of capturing Guyana’s unique cultural, social and physical context. It would be very enjoyable and worthwhile for students to relate their textbooks, for example, to landmarks which they can visit sometime later during the holidays, or to names that are those of their friends. I was always puzzled as a student in primary and even in high school as to why I only had one book with local names: the Rampat family. Are we so ashamed of who we are that we only use certain names? I am amazed when I open a Canadian textbook and I see how it truly captures multi-culturalism. Persons of different ethnic backgrounds are not only widely pictured in textbooks but only in magazines, government websites, and advertisements. Perhaps this

recipe could be included in local textbooks to foster better appreciation of Guyana’s diversity. Let us not run away with the idea that current textbooks which students use to study for CSEC or even CAPE are well written to truly reflect pedagogy and societal relevance. A good textbook reflects the goals of education of the nation and is a self study manual for the pertinent learning objectives. The general and (specific) learning objectives must be stated at the beginning of the chapter to draw students’ attention to what the chapter intends to provide. I want to read a textbook and have sufficient explanation provided so as to answer relevant questions that test different levels of cognitive thinking. Thus, CSEC textbooks must have the CSEC objectives that are covered by that chapter. Furthermore, this goes a far way in evaluating

the usefulness of any textbook and will prevent wasting parents’ money in buying less useful books. There are so many university trained teachers in Guyana that have no choice but to migrate overseas. If the government is smart and truly wants to benefit and retain trained teachers, then innovation is a must to move forward. Teachers’ income can be supplemented by writing a specific chapter in textbooks for levels. Employ qualified persons, for example from the University of Guyana, to be subjects’ editors and then it’s to the printing press. It’s that simple and the economy will benefit tremendously on the long run. Implementing this idea will take at least two years to be fully operational. But it’s a sensible start that is truly the long term solution to purchasing pirated textbooks. Make Guyanese proud: don’t we all deserve it? Aslam Hanief

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A local alternative to pirated text books

Saturday October 06, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

Peter D’Aguiar should be kept alive DEAR EDITOR, I write in relation to Freddie Kissoon’s article “Lee and Taylor: Footnotes in the Shakesperean wind” of the Kaieteur News of October 3rd, 2012. I do not agree with Mr. Kissoon’s interpretation of Guyanese history and many of the opinions he expressed in this article. However, my purpose for writing is not to do battle with Mr. Kissoon but to support the view that the life of Peter D’Aguiar “needs to be kept alive”. Peter D’Aguiar was a brilliant businessman and possibly the most successful Guyanese businessperson of his time. He was a captain of industry and a champion of the private sector. His skills as a business person should be celebrated and emulated and I wish to offer a thought on how this could be achieved for the benefit of the country. Before I do, however, it must be noted that Mr. D’Aguiar’s fight against

perceived communism blinded him to the realities of Guyanese politics and his foray into national politics had disastrous consequences for the country, the effect of which are still being felt to this day. And the PPP too, in sidelining Mr. D’Aguiar and his party, drove him into coalition with the PNC, a move Mr. D’Aguiar later regretted. In fact his statement after he parted company with the PNC and his retreat into solitude point to his disillusionment over the future and what he had helped to create. I live in Ontario, Canada. Over here all the major, internationally recognised universities have business schools that are named after prominent philanthropists and business leaders, e.g. University of Toronto Rotman School of Management, York University - Schulich School of Business, University of Western Ontario - Ivey School of Business, University of Windsor Odette Business School.

This h a s happened because the corporate world recognised that Government alone cannot adequately fund the operation of a university. Consequently, wealthy business families and corporations have been willing to hand over millions of dollars to universities in return for having their names attached to these universities. If we look closer, we see Mr. Yesu Persaud’s (Chairman of DDL) name is now attached to Warwick University - Yesu Persaud Centre for Caribbean Studies. The Centre’s website states “In 2010 on its 25th anniversary, the Centre was re-named the Yesu Persaud Centre for Caribbean Studies in honour of the Guyanese philanthropist and businessman and in recognition of his long association with and support for the Centre...” I believe that “support” included a significant sum of money that was given to Warwick. Based on the above and

From page 4 development in Guyana. In other words, the calamity the country faces is largely a moral crisis and it is the absence of a sense of personal morality and accountability that are the causes for Guyana’s economic depression within the ranks of the working class. When a Minister defends the right for no checks and balances within the Ministry he heads, and on top of that have his wife audits and certifies his work; then our society has reach a point of moral bankruptcy. When a Minister defends his right to build Taj Mahals with multi-million dollar pool houses while not far away the mothers and children of Guyana live in an ecological cesspool such as Plastic City, we have a moral crisis on our hands that is likely to get worse.

And when one individual could earn a pension of $3 million per moth compared to the meagre $10,000 per month for our senior citizens, then we have a lopsided system in which the rich gets richer and the poor continues to suffer. So as the poor and the powerless grind through their daily lives, their situation demands dynamic political leadership in the majority opposition to advocate strongly on their

behalf and correct the wrongs. We cannot leave such a sensible and important issue to the PPP; it is beyond their intellectual fortitude. Dr. Asquith Rose and Harish S. Singh.

Wher e is the self-r espect... here self-respect...

being a proud alumnus of the University of Guyana (UG), I strongly urge my high school classmate, Mr. Clifford Reis, Managing Director of Banks DIH, to consider making an appropriate endowment to the University of Guyana in the name of Banks DIH f o u n d e r, M r. Peter D’Aguiar, in exchange for Mr. D’Aguiar’s name being c o n f e r r e d o n t h e U G ’s school of management and business. Also, I strongly urge the leadership of the UG to be proactive and seek the support of Mr. Reis to make this a reality. This will be a fitting recognition of M r. D’Aguiar, a man whose ideas and philosophy are now being embraced by both the PPP and the PNC, and a tremendous benefit to Guyana in training future entrepreneurs. Harry Hergash

Juvenile promiscuity among Amerindians

DEAR SIR, I was very surprised that Head of the Guyana Child Protection Agency, Ann Green, should make such a naïve statement as: “This, what we are seeing is a culture in most Amerindian communities. Girls become sexually active at a very early age and most males from these communities commit carnal knowledge”, in response to the incident of a 12-year old girl from Region 7 giving birth. I am equally surprised at the apparent quiet acceptance of this statement especially by Amerindian groups as well as Amerindian Minister in the government. I have worked with the Unevangelized Fields Mission among the Macushi people both before and after the 1969 Rupununi Uprisings,

and I had never observed this to be the case. I have, however, particularly noted that prior to the Uprisings, the Amerindian people were specially protected from assimilation with coastal cultures, but after the Uprisings, Coastlanders practically invaded and abused the Amerindians. It is a truism that indigenous peoples the world over are very susceptible to assimilation by other cultures, and are easily taken advantage of. I would like to posit, therefore, that this juvenile promiscuity among the Amerindians is an acquired behavior resulting from the invasion by, dominance of and interaction with coastal cultures. Gokarran Sukhdeo

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Kaieteur News

Saturday October 06, 2012

US$12.5M Enmore plant …

Minister confirms only ‘excess’ sugar packaged The story behind the operation of the Enmore Packaging Plant took a new twist yesterday, with the Agriculture Minister Leslie Ramsammy confirming earlier reports by this newspaper that the plant only operates when there is excess sugar. “Our main contractual obligations are bulk sugar and therefore, the excess sugar that we have after our bulk sugar obligation (is) then sent for packaging,” Ramsammy said on a visit to the plant yesterday. Following a Kaieteur News report that the plant was sitting idle while the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) met its bulk sugar demands, the Corporation had offered a different explanation as to why sugar was not being packaged. Managers Yudhisthir Persaud and Akbar Ally had told Kaieteur News that the plant was out of operation because the sugar being produced at Enmore was meeting bulk export demands, the same as the explanation given yesterday by Ramsammy. However, GuySuCo denied that the managers ever told Kaieteur News this. GuySuCo claimed that the factory equipment underwent significant maintenance work during the last out-of-crop period and it is standard operating practice for a sugar plant of this nature to ensure that the first batches of sugar be directed to bulk (bulk is intended for re-processing) after a maintenance period (especially a major one). This period allows for operational “fine-tuning” and to guarantee product consistency for direct

consumption sugars required for the packaging plant, GuySuCo stated. The Corporation said that it is on this basis that managers advised that the plant has been focusing on bulk production, but no such explanation was offered by the two managers. The Indian company Surendra Engineering was paid US$12.5 million to build the plant, which was commissioned in May 2011. At the end of August, GuySuCo had sought to deny that the plant was sitting idle while the Corporation tried to meet its bulk sugar demands. Yesterday, Ramsammy confirmed that that is in fact what happens at Enmore, saying that at times only 50% of the sugar produced at Enmore goes to the plant for packaging. “In the initial stages we take all our sugar and put it to bulk sugar obligations,” Ramsammy stated. Therefore, while that bulk sugar demand is being met, the factory is out of operation, sitting idle until it could get sugar to package. The plant was designed to produce 40,000 tonnes of sugar annually, but yesterday Ramsammy said that was not an indication that the plant would actually produce that amount of sugar. Ramsammy said that thus far, the plant has only packaged 10,000 tonnes of sugar for this year, and he could not immediately give the earnings from the sale of the packaged sugar. Given that sugar produced at Enmore first goes to meet bulk sugar demands, the plant is not fed with sugar to meet the capacity it was designed to produce.

A female employee at work in the Enmore Packaging Plant yesterday. “The fact of the matter is that this plant is designed to produce at about 40,000 tonnes on an annual basis and can be expanded later to double that amount,” Ramsammy stated. The Minister’s visit to the factory, according to him, was to “make sure the nation knows that the plant is a working plant”. He said that while there were teething problems, as is the case with any new factory, “the plant is working to expectation and I want to make sure the nation knows….” He said that GuySuCo strives to fulfill its contractual obligations for bulk sugar, which amounts to in excess of 200,000 tonnes, purely because of the money factor. He explained that with bulk sugar, payment comes in immediately and that provides the cash flow for GuySuCo to continue operations. On the other hand, he said that payment for packaged sugar

sometimes comes four months after. However, because of the greater earnings with packaged sugar, Ramsammy said that GuySuCo would be looking to increase the packaging of sugar to meet market demands. He revealed that the Demerara Brown Sugar brand, which is now only being sold

in Trinidad, would soon be introduced on the local market. In addition, he said GuySuCo is currently working on introducing new products on the market. Surendra Engineering just ended its responsibilities towards the plant, with the Defects Liability period ending last month. Ramsammy said he has

been assured that the factory “is working up to scratch”. He asserted that the fact that the plant had problems should not “shock” anyone since this is typical for new factories. The Minister noted that for new sugar factories, it could take five to eight years before problems are ironed out.

PNCR highlights importance of democracy as it celebrates 55 years

Viewing a section of the PNCR anniversary exhibition With a vision to fortify grass-roots democracy by supporting legislative reform and by playing a greater role in local government nationwide, the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) is currently celebrating 55 years of existence. Iterating the party’s absolute commitment to ensuring equality of opportunity for all and protecting citizens’ fundamental rights was Party Leader, Brigadier (ret.) David Granger, at a press conference held at Congress Place,

Sophia, Georgetown, yesterday. According to him, the party will continue to work towards improving its relations with trade unions and promoting inclusionary democracy in its umbrella party, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU). According to Granger, the Party, inspired by the correct policies of its founders, will continue its work to build a nation where everyone can enjoy a good life, even as he alluded to what he described as “proud achievements in education”. He revealed that

while in Government, the PNC was instrumental in expanding educational opportunities by constructing the University of Guyana and the Cyril Potter College of Education campuses. It was also the PNC, he said, that facilitated the construction of multilateral, primary, secondary and community high schools in rural and hinterland regions, and inaugurated a comprehensive programme of scholarships. Among the party’s notable achievements, too, (continued on page 16)

Saturday October 06, 2012

Kaieteur News

Turkey warns Syria more strikes would be fatal mistake ISTANBUL (Reuters) Turkey’s prime minister said yesterday his country did not want war but warned Syria not to make a “fatal mistake” by testing its resolve, and its army retaliated for a third day running after more mortar rounds from Syria landed on its soil. In a belligerent speech to a crowd in Istanbul, Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan warned Syrian President Bashar al-Assad that Turkey would not shy away from war if provoked. The speech followed a Syrian mortar barrage on a town in southeast Turkey that killed five people on Wednesday. Turkish artillery bombarded Syrian military targets on Wednesday and Thursday in response, killing several Syrian soldiers, and the Turkish parliament authorized cross-border military action in the event of further aggression. “We are not interested in war, but we’re not far from war either. This nation has come to where it is today having gone through intercontinental wars,” Erdogan said in his speech. “Those who attempt to test Turkey’s deterrence, its decisiveness, its capacity, I say here they are making a fatal mistake.” At least two mortar bombs fired from Syria landed in farmland in Turkey’s southern Hatay province on Friday, one of them around 50

meters into Turkish territory, and a military unit responded immediately, Hatay Governor Celalettin Lekesiz was quoted as saying by the state-run Anatolian news agency. A government official told Reuters there had been similar incidents over the past ten days due to intensifying skirmishes on the Syrian side of the border, and that the Turkish army had been responding in kind. But he said Wednesday’s fatal strike on the town of Akcakale had been of a different magnitude. “If there was gunfire, we returned the gunfire, if there was a shell we returned two or three shells, to warn them and deter them. Until Akcakale we were not very concerned that they were deliberate,” the official said, asking not to be identified. “Wednesday was different. There were five or six rounds into the same place. That’s why we responded a couple of times, to warn and deter. To tell the (Syrian) military to leave. We think they’ve got the message and have pulled back from the area.”

Turkish broadcaster NTV said Syria had given the order for its warplanes and helicopters not to enter an area within 10 km (six miles) of the Turkish border and had ordered its artillery units not to fire shells in areas close to the border. There was no confirmation of this from the Syrian authorities. At the United Nations, the Security Council condemned the original Syrian attack and demanded that such violations of international law stop immediately. The United States has said it stands by its NATO ally’s right to defend itself against aggression spilling over from Syria’s war. Russia, a staunch ally of Syria, appealed to Turkey to stay calm and avoid any action that could increase tensions. Russia said on Thursday it had received assurances from Damascus that the strike on Turkey had been a tragic accident but Erdogan dismissed it, saying this was the eighth time Syrian mortar rounds had hit Turkish ground.

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Saturday October 06, 2012

Saturday October 06, 2012

Kaieteur News

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HONOUR TEACHERS WITH A PAY INCREASE RATHER THAN A DAY It seems that almost every day is dedicated to some cause. There is a World Water Day, World Environment Day, International Day for Children and yesterday was World Teachers’ Day. Soon we may have Reporters’ Day, Editors’ Day and a Publishers’ Week. There is already a Mining Week and Secretary’s Week. These days allow for focus to be paid on various aspects of national life, but they are simply too much and result in too many unnecessary activities. Imagine if there has to be World Lawyers’ Day or a World Doctors’ Day or a day dedicated to policemen and

policewomen. We already have International Press Freedom Day and International Human Rights Day. There is always some event held to commemorate these various days and it is simply too much, including for the media, which has to provide coverage for most of the activities, since something of public importance may be said by some official at one of these events. For World Teachers’ Day there were quite a few gatherings and ceremonies. All of this takes away from time spent in the classroom. We cannot be complaining

about the loss of classroom time to school sports when almost every week there is some activity which schoolchildren have to attend or otherwise participate in. Teachers are special and they will always be special. They are loved and respected in the society and there is no need for a day to be dedicated towards honouring them. They do not need to be honoured with speeches and ceremonies hailing their contributions. The need to be honoured with increased salaries. This is the best way to pay tribute to teachers. Give them a pay increase. On Teachers’ Day, many

teachers received gifts and other tokens from their students. Many parents may have felt under an obligation to buy something for their children’s teachers. This practice should be discouraged, because those who cannot afford to lavish teachers with gifts may feel that they will not be treated equally, even though there is no evidence that teachers treat children unfairly because of not receiving gifts for special occasions such as Christmas or World Teachers’ Day. Teaching is in a crisis in Guyana. There are far too many untrained teachers in

Tourism sector looking to extend reach to ‘high-end market’ With a high-end market in focus, the Government is gearing to direct greater attention to the tourism sector. Among the focal areas are eco-, nature and adventure tourism, which according to Minister with responsibility for Tourism, Irfaan Ali, are areas that normally attract tourists with the resources who operate at a very high level. “We are focusing heavily on tourism...we are going to put as much energy into tourism and we are working closely with the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG),” Ali related during a recent business forum at the International Conference Centre. He revealed that Government’s objective is to ensure that Guyana’s tourism sector competes with the rest of the Caribbean, and hopefully within three to five years, try to overtake what is happening in the regional sphere. A focus on the high-end market is strategic, since according to Ali, that market controls most of the spending

in the tourism sector. Speaking to the existing tourism situation, he disclosed that for this year there has already been an 18. 9 per cent increase in arrivals. He added that in August alone, when the ‘Rediscover Home’ Campaign was launched, there was a marked increase in arrivals when figures are compared to last year. “We have seen tremendous improvement in occupancy of rooms and we have also seen a shift in terms of the numbers coming out from different regions,” he related. The United States, according to Ali, accounted for some 57 per cent of tourists, while those visiting from Canada were just about 14 per cent. Estimates from the THAG and Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA), reveal that in Georgetown, there was a near 70 per cent occupancy

rate thus far for this year, while in the Rupununi, there was a perhaps 90 per cent occupancy rate. The occupancy rate, the Tourism Minister said, reflects an increase in room usage in Guyana from 750 in 2007 to 2,616 in 2012. This development, he opined, is poised for improvement with the coming on stream of the new Marriott Hotel, which according to him, will add tremendously to the tourism industry. Ali also eagerly pointed to the Ogle International Airport, which he regarded as one of the showpieces of Guyana’s expansion and development, even as he highlighted that it is one of the busiest in the Caribbean. “The last figures suggest that there is flight movement every four minutes and that has since improved tremendously...we have even

seen an addition to the fleet,” he added. This, according to the Minister is coupled with the introduction of private jets for the first time in Guyana. These measures, aimed at bolstering tourism, come at a time when the Housing Sector is showing signs of continued growth, said Ali, who also holds responsibility for the Ministry of Housing and Water. He pointed out that Government has its sights on about 30,000 house lots, which will be targeted for distribution over the next three to four years. “This, as you know, will also add to economic growth and expansion,” Ali assured, noting that despite the fact that the global recession had impacted most countries of the world, Guyana was able to sustain economic growth of approximately five per cent over the last five years.

the system and even where there are good teachers, many parents still feel under an obligation to send their children to extra lessons. There are children in Guyana who are being forced to go to extra lessons from as early as Grade Four. Many parents send their children to these lessons because they are fearful that their children will be discriminated against if they do not go to the grade teacher’s lessons. This fear must be removed. Every parent must be given the assurance that lessons should only be optional and purely a choice of the parents. Teachers have educated the nation. Without them there would be very few qualified individuals. But teachers are paid for this service and this payment along with the satisfaction they obtain from teaching should be enough motivation for them to continue in the profession. Unfortunately, teachers are not well paid and this problem has not been adequately addressed. While it is true that teachers no longer need to take sugar cakes and other sweets to schools to sell to make ends meet, the salaries that they receive are far too low considering the value that they give to society. Something has to be

done. The resources can and must be found to pay teachers better. But when teachers are paid better, they must be prepared to do their work and ensure that students would not need extra lessons to help them with their schoolwork. If teachers are performing satisfactorily, then extra lessons would be something that would not be needed. Teachers need a raise, a big raise, so that they can live respectably and in a manner befitting their contributions to society.

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Saturday October 06, 2012

T&T Opposition raises questions on proposed food security initiative with Guyana PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, CMC – The main opposition People’s National Movement (PNM) yesterday raised a number of questions regarding the announcement by the Trinidad and Tobago government to seek to establish a food security facility with Guyana.

Responding to the TT$58.4 billion (One TT dollar = US$0.16 cents) budget presented by Finance Minister Larry Howai earlier this week, Opposition Leader Dr. Keith Rowley said the finance minister should have been advised by “somebody in the government or the

public service…on the aspirations and expenditure of the failed Caribbean Food Corporation (CFC) which was founded on the very ideas which the minister now advances as a water-tight solution to our food security needs”. Howai told legislators that

with agricultural land becoming less and less available in Trinidad and Tobago, the Kamla PersadBissessar administration is now looking to its fellow Caribbean Community (CARICOM) country to deal with the situation. Howai said that the facility “would commit both governments to expanding agricultural production in Guyana through the establishment of commercial relationships for funding the establishment of several large agricultural estates in Guyana”. Howai said the government here proposes to reduce its food import bill by 50 per cent or just over two billion TT dollars per year by 2015. But Rowley told Parliament that he was mystified at the “flip flop” positions adopted by the government, whose legislators when in opposition had launched a “virulent attack on the concept of megafarms for the effective mobilization of financial resources in a marriage with technology and markets”. Rowley quoting a newspaper article said that Food Production Minister Devant Maharaj has indicated he would be contacting Guyana’s President Donald Ramotar with a follow-up letter on the new initiative. “Clearly such a matter between States cannot be handled in such a casual manner. I wonder if the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago was aware that the Minister of Agriculture was calling up CARICOM Head of State to commit Trinidad and Tobago to major policy objectives which obviously have not been properly thought through or may never have received the approval of

T&T Opposition Leader, Dr. Keith Rowley

Finance Minister Larry Howai

the Cabinet”. He said other questions surrounding the initiative include whether or not the project would be a government to government arrangement as well as what level of funding is being set aside for the initiative. “What will be the source of funds? In what form or shape will these agricultural estates or farms be established and managed? Could the Government tell the population whether any needs assessment has been done for any proposed food products? Would the produce from any such farm(s) in Guyana be exempt from Pest Risk Assessment (PRA) prior to importation? “ In 2005, Caribbean Community (CARICOM) leaders agreed on the socalled Jagdeo Initiative, which was designed to advance the regional transformation of agriculture, ensure the region is food-secure, and make the sector competitive. But Caribbean officials have said that regional harmonisation of policies is one of the key issues hampering the progress of the Initiative. At their 2009 summit in Guyana, regional leaders reaffirmed their commitment to providing financial and other support measur e s f o r agriculture and underscored the importance of agriculture for food and nutrition

security and for the development of Caribbean economies. They also issued a Declaration promising to improve the region’s agricultural sector. Rowley said that the finance minister should not be taken seriously with his pronouncement that he intends to cut the food import bill by 50 per cent over the next 36 months. “For him to make any attempt to defend this totally unfeasible pronouncement is to call into question his understanding of what this really entails. Until he can tell us exactly what crops and other items we will produce in such quantity, locally and what imported items they are guaranteed to replace, this crazy target is not even “pie in the sky” it is more like “Minister high”. Rowley said to further compound the lack of coherence in the government’s understanding in the food supply and food import bill, there is need to examine “the stated objective for dramatic short-term reduction in the food import bill and juxtapose it against the recent hurriedly announced VAT reduction policy. “Since the vast majority of these are new VAT free products, which are nonbasic food items and are largely imported, it follows that this singular action of VAT reduction can only have the effect of increasing foreign consumption of nonessentials according to taste, and ultimately supporting an increase in the food import bill. “The Minister must also tell us if food purchased from CARICOM neighbours will no longer be computed as part of the food import bill. “It was always our understanding that once it was not produced in Trinidad and Tobago it was an import, and therefore Guyanese production imported into this country is expected to be viewed as imported food to be paid for by consumers of Trinidad and Tobago,” Rowley added.

Saturday October 06, 2012

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Saturday October 06, 2012

ATM targeted? Guyanese nationals remanded S

t Vincent www.thevincentia - Five men and two women, all from Guyana, have been remanded into custody until February 4. The names were given as Rizwan Mohamed Meerza, Kevin Orindio McLennan, Aslam Mohamed Kayum, Surendra Sookdeo, and Devindra Singh, along with

females Savitrie Sookraj and Gangadai Sookdeo. The seven appeared before Senior Magistrate S o n y a Yo u n g l a s t Wednesday and faced three counts of conspiracy to commit the offence of burglary. A c c o r d i n g t o information from the court, the accused were met with ATM-related devices which

the Police suspected would be used to commit fraudulent activities in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The indictments s t e m m e d f r o m investigations by the Police following the arrival of the guests at the E.T Joshua Airport, Sunday, September 30. Among items in the visitors' possession were 314

From left: Rizan Mohamed Meerza, Surendra Sookdeo, Kevin Orindio McLennan, Aslam Kayum, Devindra Singh data cards, two scanners with cameras, two red handle pliers, magnifying glass, two data card readers, cords, a drill, X-ray paper, and a Toshiba Laptop.

THE QUESTION OF BAIL Prosecutor Nigel Butcher objected to bail for the seven on the grounds that their being non-nationals presented a flight risk. The team was nabbed after their actions aroused suspicions. The Prosecutor pointed out that investigations into the team's activities were ongoing, and that enquiries went beyond this jurisdiction. Magistrate Young was not interested in details surrounding the planned sojourn of the accused here. Prosecutor Butcher indicated, however, that one of the accused named Palm Island as the place he intended to stay, and when asked how he was going to reach there, indicated that he planned to get there by car. Lawyer Grant Connell, acting on behalf of the accused, argued that not

knowing how to get to Palm Island did not deem that person a flight risk. The defence attorney outlined that, even though the accused were foreigners, if they provided necessary sureties and could ensure that they turn up for courts, bail ought to be granted. Connell indicated that their documents could have been surrendered, which would have eliminated the flight risk factor. M a g i s t r a t e Yo u n g observed that the persons had no “ties to the community.� The Magistrate remanded the seven into custody and reminded them that they were open to apply to the High Court to secure bail. Lawyer Connell advised the court that the file involving the accused could be sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions for him to determine if there was enough evidence to continue with the charges. M a g i s t r a t e Yo u n g advised the defence lawyer that if the Prosecution was ready before February 4, she was willing to accommodate them.

Saturday October 06, 2012

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Saturday October 06, 2012

Suspects in Belle West Gold declaration at record levels stabbing remain in custody The two suspects in the Belle West fatal stabbing were up to press time yesterday still in custody as the post mortem examination of 17-year-old Imran Mohamed’s remains has been delayed. This publication was told that one of the Government’s pathologists, Dr. Nehaul Singh, is currently on leave while the other, Dr. Vivikanand Brijmohan reported sick yesterday. It was chaos yesterday at the Georgetown Public Hospital where police ranks as well as relatives of several deceased showed up with the intention of having post mortem examinations conducted. This publication was told that the doctor was also scheduled to conduct post mortem examinations over on the West Coast of Demerara. As a result of the various procedures being put off, Kaieteur News understands that at least two major murder cases were put on hold, including the double-murder

- post mortem delayed in Berbice. Among the angry relatives who gathered at the mortuary were those concerning the three miners who were killed after a pit caved-in at Aranka Backdam. The relatives were frustrated saying they were ready to collect the bodies for burial. In light of the request, a hospital official explained that since most of the dead are police-related, permission would have to be sought from the Guyana Police Force, thus they were directed to the E&F Divisional Commander. Doreen Fanfair, wife of 45year-old Clive Innis-Mc Donald, an accident victim who passed away after being bedridden for the past four months, explained that she had already made funeral arrangements for tomorrow (Sunday) since she was convinced that the autopsy would have been performed yesterday.

We done mek arrangement for he to bury in Essequibo, because he from there, and is money all de time spending….I confuse… and with the post mortem now call off, we got to be running up and down,” the woman stated. She explained that she is not financially capable of running to the hospital on a regular basis and hopes that the post mortem will be done soon. The woman said she will now have to make other arrangements for a new funeral date. The mother of a fivemonth-old baby also noted that this was the second time that the post mortem for the deceased infant had been postponed. Her son, Rayon Joshua Marlon Chester, was found dead on his bed on Sunday last by his aunt. The dead child’s mother, Onika Chester, related that they were all in the house and could not tell how her son met his demise, thus she was awaiting the results of the post mortem examination to clear up any doubts. The frustrated mother stated that the post mortem was scheduled for Wednesday last, but was told Dr. Singh was on leave and Dr. Brijmohan was occupied in Berbice, and as a result, it was postponed to yesterday. She said that her son “has already turned blue” and she was not sure that his body “will keep until Monday”. The distressed woman stated that all funeral arrangements were intact for today and now with the post mortem rescheduled, it will affect them tremendously. A hospital official told this publication that the mortuary staff was preparing for the post mortem examinations, as is normal on Fridays, when they received a telephone call informing them that the pathologist was unavailable due to the fact that he fell ill.

Gold production is on a record-breaking run for the year, with more than 100,000 ounces being declared as compared to the same period last year. According to a government release, there has been an overall increase in gold production, declaration and sales, with production being recorded at 314,000 ounces, an increase of about 23 percent. Last year, over the same period, Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, Robert Persaud said gold production declaration was just about 207,000 ounces or about 107,000 ounces less. “We have seen declaration and sales going up; sales to the Guyana Gold Board as well as to the private dealers,” he noted. Gold exports are also at a similar 314,000 ounces level, which is also significantly higher than those recorded for the same period last year. “The sector is recording

good performances…the sector has been doing well and has been creating a tremendous impact on our national growth and the economy as a whole,” Persaud said. He noted that the sector has been impacting significantly by creating jobs and lifting the welfare of the hinterland communities. Gold prices have been at an all-time high as traders continue to bank on the precious metal. In Guyana, sales of excavators have been breaking records as also with All-Terrain Vehicles and other mining supplies and equipment. There has been a rush for the high paying work in the ‘gold bush’, much to the detriment of other sectors like forestry. Meanwhile, the Ministry said it is continuing to collaborate with regards to the setting up of the mining school, which is intended to provide the specialised, skilled workers needed to support and propel the expansion

taking place in the mining sector. Minister Persaud said that the arrangements are progressing with regards to the establishment of the schools as the Ministry has entered into a number of bilateral agreements in this regard. It was disclosed that only last week, the Ministry engaged in talks with a representative from the University of Texas’ GeoSciences Department, which is looking to provide support towards the realisation of the school. “There is a lot of preparation taking place and we do hope that very soon we will be able to make available programmes at the school,” the Minister said. He stated that the Ministry has been engaging local and international specialists to ensure that input is up to global standards, and also meets the national requirements of the mining local industry.

YCT touts ‘Shaquille Grant Learning Centre’ Relatives of dead teen Shaquille Grant, who met his demise after sustaining three gunshot wounds during a police raid in Agricola, have launched a foundation in his memory. The Youth Coalition for Transformation (YCT), in collaboration with Grant’s relatives, yesterday facilitated the launching of the foundation in the form of a press conference. The foundation will be named the Shaquille Grant Learning Centre, and situated in Agricola, even though the family hasn’t been able as yet to identify a specific location. President of YCT, Jermaine Grant disclosed that his organization has assisted the family in getting the foundation registered and opening an account that will facilitate donations.

Grant informed that the initiative is aimed at being able to serve as a facility where persons in the community can join in an effort to elevate themselves and, by extension, the neighbourhood. He said that the skills being taught will enable persons to become either employed or self-employed. Grant said that the move is likely to enhance leadership style in the community and develop mentors. He revealed that the initiative is the brainchild of Shonette Adams, mother of the executed teen, who had expressed her desire to have an institution in memory of her son. The youth leader said that the foundation will be taking into account the different talents in the community and striving to harvest it to its’ full

potential. Grant’s sister, Ketina Lynch, said they felt a learning centre would best serve the youths of that community. Grant pledged his continued assistance to the family as it relates to ensuring a successful implementation of this project. He said that he is encouraging the business community and other interested persons to contribute towards the foundation so that its mandate would be realised. Shaquille Grant was shot dead during a raid by several police ranks, three of whom have been charged, with one appearing before the court. The other two accused are believed to have fled the jurisdiction and wanted bulletins have been issued for them. (Abena Rockcliffe)

PNCR highlights importance of democracy ... From page 6 was an increased number of school places, the producing and distribution of textbooks, and the introduction of free education from nursery to university, Granger disclosed. The PNCR, according to him, “is today conscious of the economic, social and political challenges which still confront the nation.” Against this background, Granger said that the party on the occasion of its anniversary renews its commitment to continue to work towards improving access to education and towards ensuring equality of

opportunity for all. “The PNCR also renews its pledge to fortify local democracy in order to improve the people’s livelihood. It intends to do so by intensifying people’s participation in neighbourhood democratic councils which, unfortunately, are now being dismantled by the People’s Progressive Party/Civic administration,” Granger lamented. He revealed too that the country’s rural and hinterland villages are today plagued by poor infrastructure, unemployment and shrinking economic opportunities,

especially in crop farming and animal husbandry. The PNCR, he said, holds that “all politics is local,” adding that the solutions to local problems can be provided best by the practice of local democracy. The PNCR’s observance of its anniversary commenced yesterday with a flag-raising ceremony followed by a brunch for party members. An exhibition has also started at Congress Place, reflecting the historical journey of the party. The observance was also marked last evening by a book launch by Granger and a symposium aimed at considering the party’s past

and charting its way forward, according to General Secretary, Mr Oscar Clarke. He revealed, too, that a series of book launches are set to kick off today by the youth arm of the party, a move which will see efforts being made to encourage the residents of the target communities of Sophia, Lichfield and Golden Grove to read. Tomorrow, too, the party will make the announcement of service awards for stalwarts who have been with the party for the last 40-50 years, an event which will be followed by a fund-raising anniversary brunch, Clarke said.

Saturday October 06, 2012

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PNCR calls for rectification of education system The education system is in crisis, a state of affairs that warrants urgent rectification. In fact, this task is currently high on the agenda of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) even as the political party engages a series of activities to celebrate its 55th anniversary. The PNC was founded on October 5, 1957, by former Executive President Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham. Speaking yesterday at a press conference at the party’s Sophia, Georgetown, Congress Place headquarters, PNCR Leader Brigadier (ret.) David Granger underscored that one of the earliest and clearest policy declarations of the party was “to establish real equity of opportunity”. He noted that the need “to establish real equity of opportunity” is as dire today as it was 55 years ago. Against this background, he said that the party’s first

commitment today and its challenge in the future is “to rectify the national education system so that every Guyanese child can receive a good education”. Granger alluded to an alarming rate of drop-outs at both the primary and secondary levels, adding that “there is probably a drop-out every hour of the day and a lot of these drop-outs are illiterate.” This dilemma, he said, is coupled by the problem of overcrowding at schools, a situation which is particularly evident in the hinterland communities. He revealed that there are some 2,500 Amerindian children who are currently attending schools in the hinterland, from Port Kaituma in the north all the way to Aishalton in the south, adding that “many of these schools are plagued by overcrowding.

There is a shortage of teachers and sometimes even a shortage of food, because these children travel from great distances away to live in those schools (dormitories) during the term.” Among the existing problems is the fact that some students in the Upper Mazaruni who qualify for secondary schools have been kept in their villages, because the highest level of edification is available at Primary Tops. Further compounding the situation in the hinterland are reported cases of substance abuse, which, according to Granger, has seen some students being expelled from school. He speculated, however, that the existing problems do not originate within the school system, but are far-reaching even to the level of the University of Guyana and the Cyril Potter College of Education.

“We feel that unless the problems at the University of Guyana level are solved, we will not be able to produce a better quality of teachers in greater numbers,” Granger said. In light of this, he noted that efforts have been made to meet with the Staff Association, the Workers’ Union and the Students’ Society of the University in order to address the problems facing the institution. In fact, he revealed that A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), to which the PNCR is affiliated, had pioneered a petition in the National Assembly aimed at rectifying the problems at UG. TREATMENT OF TEACHERS A significant part of the problems occurring in the education sector is linked to the way teachers are remunerated and treated,

IDB announces $8B in new credit lines to deal with external shocks, natural disasters The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) launched two new contingent credit facilities for Latin America and the Caribbean yesterday, one to help countries deal beforehand with shocks caused by external financial crises and another to help nations cope with the aftermath of natural disasters. A new Development Sustainability Contingent Credit Line (DSL) will make $6 billion available to the IDB’s 26 borrowing member countries over the 2012-2014 period, with a maximum of $2 billion per year and with unused resources from one year carrying over to the next one. The new line is designed to help countries protect its poorest citizens from sharp fluctuations in commodity prices, global liquidity crises and other exogenous factors. A separate Contingent Credit Line for Natural Disasters (CCL) will help

countries cover urgent financing needs that arise immediately after a natural disaster. The overall amount for the CCL is capped at $2 billion for 2012-2014. In addition, a separate and currently available Contingent Credit Facility for Natural Disasters (CCF) is being expanded. “Many of the poorest citizens of Latin America and the Caribbean region have seen their lives improve in recent years thanks to better social programs and m a c r o e c o n o m i c management,” said IDB President Luis Alberto Moreno. “Development Banks such as ours can help protect these policies and social programs from earthquakes, floods, commodity price fluctuations, external financial crises and other events that are beyond the control of governments.” The new DSL was approved by the IDB Board

of Governors in a vote that ended yesterday and replaces the previous $3 billion Emergency Lending facility. It is designed to specifically protect programs and policies that assist the poor from external financial shocks and is capped at a maximum of $300 million per country, or 2 percent of a country’s GDP, whichever is lower. Countries get the contingency line approved before the event takes place. The drawdown period is three years from the effective date of the loan contract. The DSL has a three-year grace period, a six-year maturity and a loan spread equal to the IDB variable lending spread for sovereign guaranteed operations financed by the ordinary capital, plus 165bps (equal to 227 bps for 2012). To facilitate coordination, financial terms are similar to those offered by other multilateral development

institutions. NATURAL DISASTER ASSISTANCE The Contingent Credit Line for Natural Disasters is to provide borrowing member countries with resources to cover urgent financing needs that arise immediately after a natural disaster, until other sources of funding can be accessed. The country limit is $100 million or 1 percent of GDP, whichever is lower. The facility carries a threeyear grace period and a 14-year maturity, and is priced on LIBOR. The new CCL will complement the currently available Contingent Credit Facility for Natural Disasters (CCF), a more restrictive facility created to help countries deal with catastrophic natural disasters. Unlike the CCL, the CCF has no overall limit, though the limit per country has been set to $300 million or 2 percent of GDP, whichever is lower.

Granger added, even as he pointed out that “we want teachers to be better paid; we want teachers to have better facilities and we want the teachers’ tenure of service to be extended beyond 55 years (of age).” Emphasising the importance of extending teachers’ retirement age, Granger stressed that people who are over the age of 55 are still very capable of teaching even as he noted that even the Ministry of Education has had to resort to re-employing some. According to Granger, the re-employment of teachers should in fact become a normal condition, noting that “we feel confident that if teachers are treated properly and better by Government more of them would stay rather than run away to Belize, the Bahamas and Botswana.” “We feel that if the schools are made ready by providing better furnishing, laboratories and even functional toilet facilities, things could improve...some schools’ conditions are so bad and government is not capable of reversing the existing trend. We need to rectify these problems and if we don’t solve the problems in education where will this country be 12 years from now?” In addition to this, he said that the party has been advocating for every teacher attending CPCE to be given one laptop, adding that “we were the ones to initiate the call for one laptop per teacher...There are many who do not attend the programme at CPCE, but are

teaching in their home area and they need to be in communication.” NEED FOR COLLABORATION Despite its desire to see a change in the education sector, Granger did admit that there is no direct day-to-day communication by the party with the Ministry of Education. He, however, sought to point out that there is a shadow cabinet of 10 ministers, among them a Shadow Minister of Education, adding that “we have asked the government to ensure that its substantive ministers contact our shadow ministers whenever there is need for consultation or whenever there is any change in policy direction.” According to Granger, his party believes in a Government that is consultative, and collaborative features that are not obtained from the ruling party. He alluded to planning for the national budget and the call of the opposition for the establishment of a tripartite budget committee in order to prevent “a collision”. “We don’t just want to avoid a collision on financial matters but also in education, foreign policies, human services and environment. There is no day-to-day collaboration but the government is aware of our policy and we would like the government to be more forthcoming in collaborating with us to ensure that there is a solution to the education crisis,” Granger asserted.

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Linden Inquiry …

Detective testifies not seeing protestors throw objects at police By Latoya Giles Detective Constable Jermaine Tucker has testified that he saw none of the protestors throwing any objects at the police while being on the bridge, and also that minutes before the shooting there was a power outage in the area. This is the first police rank to speak about a “blackout” occurring before the shooting and also that the protestors were not throwing any objects. Tucker was the last witness called yesterday as the Commission took a one-week break. The police officer in his testimony said that he is stationed at the Mackenzie Police Station, and attached to the Criminal Investigation Department as a photographer. According to Tucker, he was tasked with taking photos of the protest. The Detective Constable told the commission that on July 18, he went to Christianburg which was the starting point. The officer said that persons were chanting and singing. The witness stated that he observed several other police officers. Tucker said that he took pictures of the crowd and then moved away. He recounted that he saw several objects being placed on the bridge. “I saw a latrine and stove on the bridge.” The man further told the Commission that around

- mentions power outage 15:45hrs on July 18, it began to rain, forcing a few protestors who were on the bridge to seek cover. He said that some of them returned and he tried to take photos of that development, but some of them approached him and requested that he not do so. The officer said he later went to the Linmine compound after there was a fire. He again noted that he was taking photos. Tucker testified that it was around 18:05hrs when the electricity went off, and that it was while the lights were off that he heard some explosions. A number of the photos which were taken by Tucker were tendered into evidence yesterday. Meanwhile ASP Walter Stanton continued his testimony from the previous day.According to Stanton, the request from Regional Chairman Sharma Solomon to keep the march was the first one he received. Stanton said that he was only in the mining town just nine days and the July 18 protest march was his first official exercise. He admitted under cross examination by Basil Williams that he knew that the march would have been a five-day protest. He told the Commission that he saw that some 30 - 40 ranks were there during the protest, but

just eight were under his direct command. He could not say if the ranks present were ever issued with weapons. A request was made to the officer to have the names of the ranks who were present. He told the Commission that he had a weapon which was assigned to him and he would keep that weapon and uplift ammunition from the Tactical Services Unit in Georgetown. According to Stanton, his ranks were patrolling the bridge. Yesterday’s sessions followed those of Thursday when the phone records between Senior Superintendent Clifton Hicken and Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee, which were requested by the Commission, had showed that the senior officer and the Minister had made contact six times after the shooting had occurred. Hicken had earlier testified that he never had any communication with the Minister. Attorney-at-law Nigel Hughes presented the documents to the Commissioners with assistance of representatives from both Digicel and the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T). The officials had been summoned to give evidence.

Immigration TALK: Questions & Answers HOW CANAGREEN CARD HOLDER (PERMANENT RESIDENT) FILE FORAFAMILY MEMBER? The most common question presented to my office is how a green card holder (permanent resident) can submit a sponsorship petition for their relatives. As a green card holder (permanent resident), you may petition for certain family members to immigrate to the United States as permanent residents. A green card holder may submit a family-based sponsorship petition for the following family members: (1) spouse (husband or wife), (2) unmarried children under 21, and (3) unmarried son or daughter of any age. WHAT IS THE APPLICATION PROCESS? To obtain a green card for your family member, you must file a sponsorship petition, provide proof of your status to demonstrate that you are a permanent resident, submit evidence of the qualifying relationship such as a birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce decree, etc., and

submit proof of any legal name change for you or your family member (the beneficiary). WHATARE THE PREFERENCE CATEGORIES? When petitioning for your relative, Immigration will place the petition into one of the following preference categories for processing: · First preference: Unmarried, adult sons and daughters of U.S. citizens. (Adult means 21 or older) · Second Preference (2A): Spouses of green card holders, unmarried children (under 21) of permanent residents · Second Preference (2B): Unmarried adult sons and daughters of permanent residents · Third Preference: Married sons and daughters (any age) of U.S. citizens · Fourth Preference: Brothers and sisters of adult U.S. citizens A visa becomes available to a preference category according to the priority date (the date the I-130 was properly filed). Your family member’s preference category will determine how long he or she will have to wait for an immigrant visa number.

Gail S. Seeram WHAT HAPPENS AFTER I FILE THE PETITION? If your relative is already in the United States legally, he or she may apply to adjust status to become a permanent resident after a visa number becomes available. If your relative is outside the United States, your petition will be sent to the National Visa Center (NVC). The NVC will forward your petition to the appropriate U.S. consulate when a visa becomes available and your relative will be notified about how to proceed. This process is referred to as “Consular Processing.” For visa availability information, visit, select the “Resources” tab and click the “Visa Bulletin” to access the current month’s bulletin.

Saturday October 06, 2012

Centenarian seeks help against “annoying” nearby construction While most centenarians are desirous of relaxing at home in comfort, 101-year-old Olive Blackmore is claiming that she has been unable to do so for the past few months. Mrs. Blackmore, who has resided at 341 Cummings Street, South Cummingsburg, Georgetown, for the past seventy years, is extremely upset and somewhat angry because she “can’t enjoy a good sleep” and sometimes can’t hear her own voice, because of what she describes as “annoying” construction work that has been ongoing at an adjacent premises. The senior citizen, who says she has always had an excellent relationship with her neighbours, is claiming that the noise the workers make is too much and the dust from cement often gets into her home and “dirties the yard”. She insists that the workers should clean-up the mess they make in her yard after they complete their daily work, and also be more respectful of the environment in which they operate. The visually impaired

101-year-old Olive Blackmore

centenarian has accepted that construction involves a certain degree of noise. However, she is displeased about “the daily, loud cursing by the workers” which interrupts her once peaceful periods of prayer. A frustrated Mrs. Blackmore says her relatives have reported the matter to the Alberttown Police Station on three occasions and twice to the City Engineer’s Department, but the problem

still exists. “My life has become a living hell. I am not getting enough sleep and I’m being distracted during my peaceful moments. I am pleading with those in authority to ensure that these construction workers desist from dropping their building materials in my yard and making a complete mess of the place. I have to pay a handyman to clean up. This is not fair at my age.”

Furniture Company says GuyExpo is “worth the investment” Like many exhibitors at the recently concluded GuyExpo, ND&S Furniture Store is looking forward to reaping the anticipated benefits of participating in Guyana's largest trade fair. Between September 27th and September 30th, the furniture company displayed its 100% locally manufactured household furnishings to thousands of patrons who visited the Sophia Exhibition Centre. This is not the first time the company participated in the exposition to showcase their products and interact with consumers. In fact, because GuyExpo is usually held around the latter part of the year, the company is especially targeting holiday customers.

According to ND&S Sales Manager, Natasha Mahadeo, since GuyExpo was established, ND&S has been participating, resulting in the company attracting numerous consumers. She related that some of those consumers continue to patronize the store throughout the year. The company was unable to participate in the buyers' segment that the organizers of GuyExpo were offering. However, it is hoped that next year this will change. The company's participation at this GuyExpo focused primarily on local retail customers, but in the future, wholesalers would be targeted. The company previously manufactured for wholesalers. Boasting of the high qual-

ity of products available, Mahadeo said that all products sold by the company are manufactured locally. She noted that crabwood is used to manufacture about 80 percent of the furniture. Cognizant that the fabrics used in the manufacturing process are not locally made, she added that they are purchased from Guyanese. Mahadeo opined that though participation at the exposition is costly, it is worth the investment. She revealed that it cost ND&S about $500,000 to construct the showcase. “Roughly $320,000 alone is for the booth and we still had to cater for employees and additional expenses,” she said.

Black Bush Polder Road may not meet Nov. deadline - Public Works Construction of 28 kilometres of roadway along the Black Bush Polder Road, Region Six has been completed with asphalted surface. The contractor, BK International, is now tasked with constructing another six kilometres to complete the stretch. This is according to the Public Works Ministry’s Bridges Engineer, Sunil Ganesh. Ganesh related that the US$6.6M project is 85 percent completed. Two kilometres of roadway in the village of Yakusari is being prepared for

construction works. The contractor had assured the Ministry that those works will be completed by the project’s November 14 deadline. However, from previous performances, particularly within the past three months, the Ministry is doubtful that the contractor would achieve the deadline, Ganesh said. Nonetheless, there are no complaints in relation to the quality of works being delivered, he added. According to Ganesh, there were some defects along the completed stretch, and BK International is currently

reworking those sections. Moreover, the project has a defects liability period of one year. In addition to the construction of the actual roadway, the contractor is tasked with installing 80 pipe culverts and erecting concrete bridges. To date, the contractor has installed 52 pipe culverts and erected five concrete bridges. The scope of the project involves the rehabilitation of the existing roadway with an asphalted concrete surface. The stretch will be widened to six metres to facilitate two lanes of traffic.

Saturday October 06, 2012

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West Indies b ludg eon... Rising Sun Rodeo 2012 set bludg ludgeon... From back page Mitchell Starc carted for 17 in the penultimate over, Bailey took a gamble by throwing the ball to left-arm spinner Xavier Doherty. It proved a costly mistake as Gayle heaved a six over midwicket before Pollard helped himself to three maximums in a row. He holed out at long-off off the last ball of the innings to fall for 38 off 15 deliveries, but the damage had been done. Australia's best chance of joining their women's team in the final by completing the joint second highest successful run chase in the tournament's history was always likely to lie with prolific openers David Warner and Shane Watson. So when both were bowled by leg-spinner Samuel Badree inside the first five overs, the writing was on the wall. Warner was dismissed off the last ball of the first over when a television replay confirmed that a googly had shaved his off stump. After Mike Hussey top-

edged a return catch to Marlon Samuels following a rapid 18, Watson was castled for seven by one that fizzed on. Ravi Rampaul took two wickets in three balls Cameron White caught down the leg side and David Hussey caught and bowled off a leading edge - before Matthew Wade was caught sweeping to leave Australia reeling on 43-6. Bailey, not renowned for his ball-striking, led a one-man counter-attack, but with the required run-rate creeping above 14 per over, his innings was nothing more than a footnote to proceedings. So it proved as Pollard removed Pat Cummins and Bailey in the same over, Brad Hogg was stumped off Sunil Narine and Rampaul bowled Starc to wrap up a phenomenal win. The Windies are through to their first global final since 2004, when they beat England at The Oval to win the Champions Trophy. But they will face a severe test against Sri Lanka, who in Lasith Malinga

and Ajantha Mendis have two of the most successful bowlers at the tournament, and will be cheered on by a raucous home crowd. Looking ahead to tomorrow's match, Gayle predicted a thrilling finale as the West Indies have gathered much needed momentum and confidence since a slow start to the tournament. “It's going to be a thriller against world-class players, but it's going to be good fun. We're enjoying it, but at the same time we want to win the final. We struggled to reach this far, now there's just one more hurdle and there's no pressure on us,” Gayle said. “We played against them in the Super Eights and we know what to expect – the atmosphere, the noise. We lost that game, but we're definitely going to lift this trophy here. I feel very confident and the others feel confident too.” Scores: West Indies 205 for 4 (Gayle 75*, Pollard 38) beat Australia 131 (Bailey 63, Rampaul 3-16) by 74 runs.

Saturday October 06, 2012 ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) Focus your efforts on your work. If your lover tries to curtail your freedom, it may lead to conflict. Your generous nature could be taken advantage of. TAURUS (Apr. 21- May 21) You should be looking at ways to spoil yourself. Losses are evident. You will have original ideas for ways to make extra money. GEMINI (May 22-June 21) You must be careful not to ignore the needs of the youngsters in your family. Put your emotional energy into passion not anxiety CANCER (June 22-July 22) Your ability to deal with others will help you in getting the support you need. Empty promises are evident. You'll communicate easily and develop new friendships.

LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) It's hard to stay mad if the object of the anger refuses to react. You need to keep the peace and you will have to bend in order to do so. Today will be hectic. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) Changes involving your domestic scene may be unpleasant. Authority figures may be less than accommodating if you have done something deceitful. SAGIT (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) Put something away in case of an emergency. You may find yourself in a heated dispute with a friend if you try to change your mind. CAPRI (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) Focus your efforts on your work. You will be extremely receptive to new and progressive methods at work.

LEO (July 23-Aug 22) Need some adventure in your life? If boredom has set in, find new and unique directions that offer interesting friendships. Someone close to you may need help.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19)

VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) Uncertain changes regarding your personal life are evident. You will have to watch out for minor health problems related to stress.

PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) This will not be the best day to initiate change. Sign up for courses or join fitness clubs. Your outgoing nature might work against you today.

Travel and family gatherings should be in order. You must strive to get the most important projects completed properly, rather than doling everything in a half baked way.

for Sunday November 4

Its Rodeo time again on the West Coast of Berbice at the Rising Sun Turf Club West Coast Berbice as the Rising Sun Rodeo Committee brings off another grand one day action pack Rodeo on Sunday November 4 beginning at 11:00 hrs. The event has now become an annual affair and according to president of the Rising Sun Rodeo Committee, Inshanally Habibulla, there will be a number of new features this year as the event gets bigger as the year goes by. He stated that with the current dry period sweeping the country at the moment patrons can expect even more daring and breathtaking action than before. Habibulla re-emphasised the importance of having the

GFF 2012/13 season commences tomorrow

The GFF 2012/13 Football Season will be kicking off tomorrow with 2 games at Beterverwagting (BV) and Blairmont Grounds with action in the Super League Preliminary Round. The GFF Super League will commence on October 28 with the eight (8) teams which survived the last tournament and the winners of the two groups in the preliminary contest. They will be replacing Seawall FC and Victoria Kings who were eliminated. In Group 1 at BV from 15:30hrs tomorrow: BV/ Triumph will play Silver Shattas of Linden, while next Sunday, October 14, from 15:30hrs Silver Shattas will play the return fixture against BV/Triumph at either BV or GFC Grounds. Over in Group 2 tomorrow: NA United play Uitvlugt at Blairmont Ground, while next Sunday October 14, from 15:30hrs Uitvlugt tackle NA United in the return encounter at the Uitvlugt Ground.

activity on the coast and stated that the initial idea still remains in that such an activity in these parts of Guyana helps those who are interested in the sport and have never seen the activity and are unable to travel to the interior, to be able to see what a rodeo is like and participate in the fun fill and trilling events. The veteran cattle owner, horse race magnate and Rodeo champion, assured patrons that the activity will be a day full of fun, thrills, skills and excitement with vaqueros from throughout the country expected to display their skills. A number of regular events are listed for the day including steer roping, bare back bronco, male and female barrel race, wild cow milking, calf roping, wild bull riding,

and saddle bronco and the popular Tug-o-war event along with the new events which Mr. Habibulla does not want to disclose at this time. He stated that as in the past, Vaqueros (cow boys) are expected from overseas including Brazil, Suriname and Venezuela to match skills with their Guyanese counterparts. Locals are expected from the Interior locations of Guyana including Lethem and the Rupununi Savannahs. While closer to home Cowboys from the West Coast Berbice, the Corentyne and Berbice River will also be in action. They are also expected to be the Rodeo King and Queen competition once again. According to Habibulla, the “best” vaqueros will be on show’ and a number of incentives will be up for grabs. (Samuel Whyte)

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Saturday October 06, 2012

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PROPERTY FOR SALE Kitty $22M-25M; Eccles $40M; Campbellville $30M; South $20M; Republic Park $45M. Diana, 227-2256, 6269382 Corner lot, 54 Stanleytown, New Amsterdam Berbice. $8M. Call 223-5641 Transported wooden and concrete 2 storey building situated Lot 1 Durban Street Werk-en-Rust Call: 220-2936 Road front 2 storey building with all modern convenience located at Anna Catherina suitable for business Call: 625-6833 Cummings & Middle Streets, Alberttown: 2 buildings & new store, 3 lots, hot & cold, fully grilled. Call Mr. Singh, 621-4000, 690-6000 Nandy Park: 2-storey concrete; 6 bedrooms, 4 baths, garage, 2 drive ways. Call 622-6619

VEHICLE FOR SALE One Allion, TV, back up, camera Call: 680-2377, 6691883 Toyota Tacoma runner, GPP series, 2006 model, Mags, music, crystal lights $4.5 Million Call: 653-8771 Toyota NZE car, mags, A/C, music, PKK series $1.5 Million Call: 653-8771 1 55 Leyland Daf, dump truck GNN series $4.3 million Call: 653-8771 1 65 CF Leyland Daf, flat bed, 28 ½ feet, extra cab, spring GNN series $3.5 million Call: 653-8771 Toyota Allion PMM series, price $2.2 million Call: 653-8771 Mitsubishi canter 4D 35 engine, long base GKK series, price $2 million Call: 653-8771 1 Toyota Allion, PNN series. Call 233-6337 or 662-6024 2009 Trident car: brand new, never registered; $975,000. Guyana Variety Store & Nut Centre, 621-4000, 227-3939

VACANCY Vacancy for porter. Apply in person with application to Alabama Trading, Georgetown Ferry Stelling, Stabroek. 1 Experience carpenter, Apply to Alabama Trading Georgetown Ferry Stelling. Gardener/handyman, salesgirls/boys, Apply: Avinash Water Street Call: 226-3361/227-7828 Bar supervisor and stores supervisors. Apply to Universal Group, 5 Cummings Street, Bourda or Call: 227-4068-9 Floor Care Attendants and handymen. Apply to Universal Group, 5 Cummings Street, Bourda or call: 227-4068-9 R.A Soda Factory: drivers wanted for Rosignol and Good Hope bonds. Call 3302399, 623-5920 R.A Soda Factory, Albion: manager, porters; male & female workers for Rosignol. Call 330-2399, 623-5920 Taxi drivers wanted from E.C.D. Call A-1 Taxi, 220-1000

LEARN TO DRIVE Soman & Sons Driving School, First Federation Building. Call 225-4858, 6445166, 622-2872, 615-0964

Grand Cherokee Loredo Jeep: automatic power window locks, projection LED lights. Cash $1.4M. Call 621-4000, 690-6000, 227-3939 Mercedes Benz S300: automatic luxury car, fully leathered, fully powered, 19’’ rims, fully armored. $3.5M cash. Call 621-4000 Stretch Limousine Lincoln town car: perfect condition; perfect for rentals, weddings, etc. Realistic offers accepted. Call 621-4000 Benz A-140: 35,000 KM only, automatic, fully powered, 6 air bags, late PMM series; $2.5M. Call 621-4000, 6906000 Jags’ Auto: Buses, Premio, Rav4, Spacio; cheapest. Call 616-7635 Blowout Sale!! Unregistered Toyota Allion, IST, New Model Raum & bB (Scion). Cheapest prices. 643-6565, 226-9931 Nissan X-Trail 2001, CD/AC, alarm, leather seats. PMM series, $3.4M negotiable. Call 223-6313, 695-4234 1 Honda CRV (immaculate condition): automatic, fully powered, A/C, mags. Price $2M. Call Rocky, 621-5902 1 Toyota RZ (long base): 15seater (EFI), manual, immaculate condition, hardly used; price $1.6M. Call Rocky, 621-5902, 225-1400 1 Toyota Harrier (2001): automatic, fully loaded, alarm, immaculate condition; price $4.8M. Call Rocky, 6215902, 225-1400

VEHICLE FOR SALE 1 Toyota Hilux Surf: automatic, fully powered, A/ C, mag rims; price $1.8M. Call Rocky, 621-5902 1 AT 212 Toyota Carina (New Model): automatic, fully powered, A/C, mag rims, alarm; price $1.6M. Call Rocky, 621-5902 1 Toyota Rav 4 (New model): hardly used, automatic, fully powered, A/C, mags; price $3.5M. Call Rocky, 225-1400, 621-5902 1 Toyota Prado (2000): automatic, fully loaded, immaculate condition; price $6M. Call Rocky, 621-5902, 225-1400 1 Honda CRV (New Model): 2004, automatic, fully loaded, price $3.9M. Call Rocky, 6215902 or 225-1400 1 Nissan Titan (just registered): automatic, fully loaded; price $2.5M. Call Rocky, 621-5902 or 225-1400

Teams for WI shooting championships arrive over the weekend Preparations are going apace for the West Indies Fullbore Rifle Shooting championships which will take place in Guyana next week at the Timehri rifles ranges. The individual competition will fire off on Tuesday and will run until Thursday before the team championships are held on next Saturday and Sunday. Teams will begin arriving at the weekend ahead of the championships. Guyana last hosted the event in 2007 and shooters from Antigua/Barbuda, Barbados, Bermuda, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago are coming to battle with their Guyanese counterparts in what is anticipated to been a week of keen rivalry. As part of their preparation, the Guyana Team Members were involved in a Team Practice at the Timehri Ranges last Sunday over the 300, 600 and 900 yards ranges. This practice gave the Wind Coaches an opportunity to gauge the new

FOR SALE Pure bred Rottweiler pups for sale. All dogs in kennel are imported Call: 685-2584 1 craftsman router, 1 makita belt sander 4’’+24’’, 1 laminate trimmer, 1 ceramic tile saw table model Call: 223-5641 1 dewalt battery saw 6 ½ ‘’, 1 battery charger, 4 batteries 18 volts, 1 router bit set Call: 2235641 Use slot walls, hangers, mannequins, store accessories, going cheap, Le Rich Garment Store #2 Smyth Store Call: 623-1562 1-D7 H Caterpillar Bulldozer with winch, 1-600 KVA Caterpillar generator set & 14x4 fork lift Call: 261-5041/ 5042 25 INCHES TV and PLAYSTATION2 WITH (10) ten authentic games Call: 2277175/673-1980 Original games for all systems. Call 265-3231 MAKE UP – top Brands: MAC STUDIO FIX POWDERS, $7,900; SACHA 2 in 1, $2,000; BLACK OPAL, $2,700. Tel 647-1773 Clean garden earth and Bobcat rental; also excavating, clearing and leveling. Call 616-0617 or 6633285 $190,000. Check Guyana Variety, 68 Robb Street. Call 225-4631

FOR SALE Clarke forklifts: 2000-4000lbs lifting, imported USA; need basic servicing, sold as is. $400,000 & up. Call 621-4000, 690-6000 Projection television from 40’’ to 80’’; minor problems, solid as is. Price $75,000. Make cash offer. Guyana Variety. Call 2273939 3-cylinder Perkins diesel generator: 10KVA with storage tank, perfect for interior. $975,000. Call 6214000 S D M O Generator(Mitsubishi): 28 KVA diesel, silent with 400gallon storage tank; not working. $650,000. Call 6214000, 690-6000 S D M O Generator(Mitsubishi): 28 KVA diesel, silent with 400gallon storage tank; not working. $550,000. Call 6214000, 690-6000 PENPAL Male seeks female pen pals that speak Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, English Languages. Call 698-6391 Indian businessman, 32 yrs, looking for female friend for possible marriage. Send profile & picture to P.O Box 101702

conditions of the Range. Chief Wind Coach ACP retired Paul Slowe returned home from his duties with the West Indies Cricket Board specifically to get a feel of the conditions. Guyana are the defending long range champions and will be looking to recapture the short range title they relinquished to Jamaica last year in Antigua. Meanwhile, members of the organizing committee continued to work on the Range to bring it up to required standard for the Championships. Trinidad and Tobago team was down to arrive yesterday the Barbadians are due today, while Antigua/Barbuda, Bermuda and Jamaica will be arriving tomorrow. Guyana’s foreign-based shooters Sigmund Douglas, John Fraser and Paul Archer are also due here at the weekend. Douglas and Fraser, who are based in the United States, were expected yesterday while Canadianbased Archer is expected today. Three days (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) are set aside for individual competition, while the team matches will take place on Saturday and Sunday. The GNRA continued its appeal to Corporate Guyana for financial support in offsetting expenses for the competition. Treasurer of the GNRA Lt. Col Terrance Stuart has disclosed that the Association has received assistance from the Office of the President, Banks DIH, Bank of Guyana, Ministry of Sport, Citizens Bank, Sterling Products Ltd, Demerara Life and the Guyana Defence Force and has expressed gratitude to the organisations for their assistance.

RHTY&SC teams up with GCC to host Carib ... From page 21 Carib Beer Day of Champions are West Indies players Assad Fudadin, Narsingh Deonarine, Sewnarine Chattergoon, Veerasammy Permaul, Leon Johnson, Devendra Bishoo, Darwin Christian and Christopher Barnwell. Other players including Rajiv Ivan, Jonathan Foo, Paul Wintz, Vishal Singh, Shawn Pereira, Gudakesh Motie-Kanhai, Andrew Lyght Jnr and Robin Bacchus will also appear.

Saturday October 06, 2012

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Cli ve Atw ell pr omises to knoc kout Cliv Atwell promises knock ‘P oc ket R oc ket a or eign In vasion ‘Poc ock Roc ock att ‘F ‘For oreign Inv asion’’ The last time that Clive Atwell travelled to Guyana from Dominica, some two months ago, he was scheduled to fight Rudolph Fraser for the featherweight title. The latter pugilist was all mouth, promising the vilest of treatment for his adversary. Atwell had simply promised

to give of his best saying that when the smoke is cleared he would have been crowned the new champion. Indeed, everything went like clockwork and in less than 2 rounds it was all over with Atwell being declared the winner and new champion. Next up was Barbados based Guyanese, Revlon Lake. He was a fearless pugilist who had dealt Mark Austin a wicked left hook that left him prostrate on the canvass long after the referee had waved off the contest. With those victories, Atwell has wormed his way into the hearts of local boxing buffs who will be happy to hear that he opposes Orlan ‘Pocket Rocket’ Rogers in a 6

voice in his last two fights and he has promised to do so a few more decibels in the Rogers’ encounter. “I have moved up to a higher level and will replicate the Lake/ Fraser performances,” said Atwell. He said that he has moved into a higher league and cannot imagine himself on the losing end in the Rogers shindig. A former amateur champion, Atwell has represented Guyana in Brazil, winning a bronze medal at the PanAm Games in 2007 before taking off his shirt and to date has compiled an impeccable 8-0 record with one drawn decision. Three of his opponents were not around to hear the final bell.

While in Dominica, Atwell was honing his skills in the gym but most importantly he said that he has been working out on the hills in order to strengthen his legs while improving on his stamina. “I have also been fine tuning my techniques,” he intimated. Meanwhile, Atwell continued where he had left off in Dominica with several scorching rounds at the Andrew Lewis Boxing Gym, Albouystown (ALBG) while his coach, Lennox Daniels, observed. The veteran coach said that he is concentrating on speed since his charge had completed lots of stamina work overseas. Daniels further said that he is impressed with the fitness level of his charge since many fighters, once their coaches are absent, lacks the requisite discipline to continue with the arranged training programme. Atwell said that he is grateful for assistance received from LIAT Airlines in offsetting the cost of his flight. He said that this is not the first time that executives of the institution have supported him and he has been promised future assistance as the need arises. Meanwhile, Anthony Augustin, who opposes Mitchell Rogers in a highly anticipated heavyweight duel, was also hard at work at the ALBG. This is their third meeting and Augustin is still to register a victory. He said that this time around he has been putting in the hours and will go all out for a knockout victory. Several other bouts will comprise the card including the super/middleweight affair between Jermaine King and Caribbean Boxing Federation (CABOFE) middleweight champion, Edmond DeClou over 6 rounds. Charlton Skeete will also challenge

The Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club has joined hands with the historic Georgetown Cricket Club to hosts a Day of Cricket Champions at the Albion Community Centre Ground on Sunday October 14. The Day of Champions would feature the two top cricket champions of Berbice – Rose Hall Town Gizmos & Gadgets and Albion Community Centre versus the two top teams from Demerara – Georgetown Cricket Club and the Demerara Cricket Club.

The event’s main sponsors are Ansa McAl under its Carib Beer brand and Sterling Products. Secretary/CEO of the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club Hilbert Foster and Georgetown Cricket Club Vice President Ramsay Ali are the brainchild behind the event which is being held in honour of the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club first Test Player, Assad Fudadin, while the organisers would also make a financial donation to ailing former West Indies player Ivor

Mendonca. West Indies cricketing Legend Shivnarine Chanderpaul would also be honoured in his absence due to the IPL Champions League for his contribution to West Indies Cricket. Albion Community Centre would play Demerara Cricket Club in the first match at 10:00hours, while Rose Hall Town Gizmos & Gadgets would play Georgetown Cricket club at 13:00hours. Among the cricketers expected to be part of the Continued on page 20

rounds featherweight encounter on the Hurry Up Boxing Promotions ‘Foreign Invasion’ slated for the Banks DIH Thirst Park Ground, Saturday October 13 next. Atwell is not one to boast, preferring instead to let his fists do the talking. By this definition, he really raised his

Augustin getting his abdominals in shape for the all important bout.

RHTY&SC teams up with GCC to host Carib Beer Day of Champions at Albion CC

American Allan Phallen in a featherweight 4 rounder and the former pugilist, now in his third professional bout, will attempt to notch up his inaugural victory after dropping close decisions in previous fights. Despite the losses, Skeete has earned the reputation of turning in action packed affairs and fans could expect a similar performance. Leon ‘Hurry Up’ Moore will also be in action when he

takes on Juan Carlos Pena out of the Dominican Republic. The multiple champion, who doubles as the promoter of the card, has already gone into the gym and has assured that he will not be distracted in his preparations. The promoter and boxers are scheduled to appear on ‘Just Sports’ on NCN Radio tonight with Edwin Seeraj where they will discuss issues relating to the bouts.

Clive Atwell

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DVA, na tional ffemale emale national U-19 host Beach V/ball Fun Da y tomor Day tomorrrow The Demerara Volleyball Association (DVA) in collaboration with the female U-19 national team present a volleyball extravaganza and fun day tomorrow, at the Carifesta Sports Complex on Carifesta Avenue, starting from 11:00 hrs. This event is made possible through intervention by the National Sports Commission (NSC) and the Guyana Volleyball Federation (GVF) and is being used as an opportunity for the volleyball fraternity, especially those within the Demerara area to get together and have fun, while playing the game on a beach volleyball surface (sand). On show, the young females will match skills with their senior counterparts; while there will be other games to showcase senior players and mixed teams. The Bank of Guyana Sports club team has been invited and will be sending a team to participate. This will now encourage the DVA to organize more such events where organizations and non conventional teams can participate in an effort to spread the game across the

Demerara region. The coaches of the U-19 team advised that even though the conditions will not be ideal for training and proper development of skills, they will still be utilizing to develop the competitive and cohesive skills of their girls, while allowing them the opportunity to give back to their large support base. When approached for their support of the event, the NSC through the Director of Sport Neil Kumar went further to indicate that they will be willing to assist with the development of Beach and School volleyball, an opportunity which the President of the GVF Lennie Shuffler plans to grab with both hands. Leading up to a visit by a touring Brazilian contingent of 40 youths who are scheduled to be on show at the National Gymnasium from November 15th, this Fun Day will be used as further preparation for the girls, while the DVA and GVF see it as a golden opportunity to generate new interest in the game through families and other supporters who are expected to be a part of the day’s activities.

Saturday October 06, 2012

Australia women beat West Indies to reach final

BBC Sport - Defending champions Australia beat West Indies by 28 runs to earn a Women’s World Twenty20 final meeting with England. Chasing only 116 in Colombo, the Windies were reduced to 28-4 by Ellyse Perry (2-18) and stumbled to 87 all out as Julie Hunter took 5-22. Australia had earlier looked in trouble, slipping to 14-2 and 36-3. But Lisa Sthalekar (23) and Alex Blackwell (21) rebuilt and Jodie Fields and Rachael Haynes took them to 115-7. Despite the late flourish that saw 29 come from the final three overs, Australia’s score looked within reach of a powerful West Indies top order. But too often the Windies were guilty of playing across the line, with captain Merissa Aguilleira trapped lbw by Hunter in between Stafanie Taylor and Deandra Dottin both bowled by the impressive Perry. After Shemaine Campbelle was run out backing up by Perry, West Indies could only limp through the rest of their innings. “The batting fell apart,” said Aguilleira. “Perry

bowled extremely well so we have to say hats off to them. “There is a lot of improvement in the team and we are looking forward to pushing forward.” Australia have the chance to retain the trophy they won in the Caribbean in 2010 against an England side that beat them by seven wickets

in the group stages. “Bring it on. All the girls are really keen,” said Australia skipper Fields. “There were a few nervous moments but we came out on top. “It would have been nice to get a few more runs - we were aiming for 140 - but we knew we had a great bowling side.”

England are the only other nation to have won the Women’s World T20, having lifted the trophy on home soil in 2009. Scores: Australia Women 115 for 7 (Sthalekar 23) beat West Indies Women 87 (Hunter 5-22, Perry 2-19) by 28 runs.

In an effort to ascertain the benefits of hosting the Courts Pee Wee Football Tournament, Kaieteur Sport (KS) posed a few questions to one member of the Petra Organisation, the entity responsible for organizing the event on what prompted them to get involved at the junior level of the game. Kaieteur Sport posed the questions to Troy Mendonca, an executive of the Organisation and here are his responses. (1)KS-What prompted the Petra Organisation to get involved at this level of the game?

TM-In reflecting on the performance of the various national outfit (Specifically not a single locally-based player has forced his way in the National Team and cement a spot) The Petra Organisation sees the need for real hard football core decisions to be made and one of them is to revitalize the interest in the sport at all levels, but the present set of administrators and promoters seems bent on senior football. (2)KS- You had alluded to the lack of organised football at the U-11 level over the past three years. Do you think that such a tournament will serve

the purpose of exposing talent at an early stage and what follow-up does your organisation have in mind to nurture that talent? TM-As you are aware that at this age it is when a human being will discover his or her talent and we need to create the environment for those players to get the opportunity to realise their God given talent. We will be setting up a technical committee with an agreed mandate among the relevant stakeholders to ensure that spotted talent is properly harnessed. Also we intend to host Under-13 and U15 tournaments to cater for players moving up in age.

(3)KS- Are you expecting the necessary support from the governing body and how crucial do you view their support? Yes, but just from a regulatory stand point in order to have a smooth flow of things. (4)TM- We know the importance of spotting talent at an early stage is critical for the sustainability of any sport, but in your opinion why has this necessary aspect been neglected by the relevant organisations? Petra Organisation- I, think the present administrators are too politically bias and lack the necessary vision.

Ellyse Perry picked up the wicket of Stafanie Taylor (ICC Getty)

Julie Hunter finished with 5 for 22 for Australia (ICC Getty)

Cour ts P ee Wee F ootball Tour nament Courts Pee Football ournament esponds to KS Or ganiser rresponds Org

WDCA Competitions continue this weekend The West Demerara Cricket Association competitions continue today and tomorrow with matches in the Pooran Brothers U-19 and NDS Furniture Store 40 over tournaments. The Pooran Brothers U-19 starts today with Mc Gill travelling to Wales CDC, Cornelia Ida hosting Winsor Forest, while Zeeburg will be at home to Canal # 2, and in the NBS 40 over, Meten-Meer-Zorg will clash with Independence A at Joe Vieira Park. Tomorrow Independence B will do battle with Goed Intent at Joe Veira Park, and Long Pond Rangers coming up against host Zeeburg.

Saturday October 06, 2012

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Pitbulls, Colts march on after entertaining Albouystown - Competition in Mahaicony, Berbice Zones on tonight Tw o o f t h e c l e a r favourites in the Georgetown Zone of the Mackeson Smooth Moves 3-on-3 Basketball Competition, Pitbulls and Colts entertained the Albouystown community Thursday night with a keen contest on the Independence Boulevard Basketball Court. Both teams, having easily dismissed McDoom Kings and Eagles in the group, set up a riveting battle among them to decide who will top the group. Pitbulls and Colts brought the

community of Albouystown alive with some pulsating street-ball.Pitbulls, born out of the Ravens Basketball Club and composed of Akeem 'The Dream' Kanhai, Ryan Stephney, Ryan Gullen and Jermaine Slater had to work overtime for their victory against the Colts that only came after both teams ended 20-20 after regulation. But the real drama unfolded when a downsized Colts owed to Shelroy Thomas being fouled out managed to hold off the

WEST COAST INVADERS WIN WDCA T20 FINAL West Demerara Cricket Association T20, 2012, culminated last Sunday at the Joe Viera Park with the Invaders emphatically proving their supremacy by defeating Vergenoegen Cricket Club in the Upper League competition. Invaders won the toss and elected to bat although there was a constant threat of rain. They amassed an intimidating total of 186 for 5 in their 20 overs with Khemraj Ramsundar scoring 45 (5 sixes and 2 fours), Ganesh Narine and Richard Baker scoring 24 and 20 r e s p e c t i v e l y. H a m e s h Persaud was the pick of the bowlers for Vergenoegen with 3 wickets for 30 runs from his allotted 4 overs. In reply Vergenoegen could only muster 57 for eight in 8.3 overs before bad light stopped play. The Invaders were declared the winner by way of the D/L

method. Only Darmendra Singh with 20 runs provided any significant resistance to the Invaders' bowlers. Richard Backer took 5 wickets for 7 runs in his 4 overs which also won him the Man of the Match award. The winning team received $100,000 dollars and a trophy, while a quantity of monetary awards were given for outstanding performances during the tournament. Meanwhile, in an exhibition game played before the final between two Lower League Clubs, Independence Sports Club had the better of Long Pond Sports Club in a match reduced to 10 overs because of early morning rain. Batting first Independence scored 99 for 4 in their 10 overs with David Mohabir contributing 52. In reply Long Pond Rangers were dismissed for 91 runs.

Pittbulls', Akeem 'The Dream' Kanhai puts up a left-handed floater over Colts' Stephon 'Penny' Henry Thursday night at the Independence Boulevard Basketball Court in Albouystown. raging Pitbulls, forcing an overtime game. Thomas, Tyrone Hamid and Stephon 'Penny' Henry gave Pitbulls a real test.With Thomas fouled out, Henry landed a big jumper from just inside the arc to tie the game up at 20-20

with Colts playing with just two men. However, Pitbulls took the win with Stephney ensuring that he scores the tiebreaking free-throw as opposed to Colts' Henry. The competition continues tonight in

Mahaicony and Berbice respectively; Cool Down, Above the Rim, Cregan, Line Freestyle, Tresevevra All-Stars, Eldorado Heats and Dream Tream will be the teams playing in Mahaicony. Meanwhile, Black

Shark, Ballin Kings, Street Ballerz, Team Four, NA Giants, Full Clip and NA Prison will battle in Berbice. Teams in the nation-wide competition are vying for the $1M first place prize that is up for grabs in the event.

Confident chess trio depart for Umada Cup duty in Suriname National Senior Chess Champion Taffin Khan leads a team of competent players, including proficient senior player, Maria Thomas and her junior counterpart, Anthony Drayton, and will attempt to cart off the spoils in the 3rd Umada Cup chess tournament which got underway in Paramaribo, Suriname on October 3 last and culminates tomorrow afternoon. The two tiered tournament consists of the Challenger and Open categories and both segments will be contested over 9 rounds with the local trio only contesting for honours in the Challenger Cup. The competition is organized under the auspices

From left - Khan, Drayton and Thomas are a confident bunch shortly before their departure to the Suriname tournament of World Chess Federation (FIDE), under the patronage of President of that organization Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and in collaboration with the Confederacion de Ajedrez para America. The Guyanese

contingent was invited to participate by the Suriname Federation and will join 50 other players from seventeen territories with the majority coming out of the Caribbean. Reports are that two FIDE masters would be participating in the

tournament. Several other countries have accepted the invitation and would be fielding competent squads including Jamaica, Trinidad and Aruba. Previously, Trinidad and Barbados had acted as hosts.

t r o Sp

West Indies bludgeon Aussies to march into World T20 final

The West Indies team dances to celebrate victory over Australia (AP) BBC Sport - Chris Gayle and Kieron Pollard produced a superb display of power hitting as West Indies thrashed Australia to reach the final of the World Twenty20. Gayle (75no) and Pollard

added 65 off 25 balls as the Windies racked up 205-4, the highest score of the tournament. Despite a defiant 29-ball 63 from captain George Bailey, Australia never recovered from a poor start,

crumbling to 131 all out to lose by 74 runs. West Indies will meet hosts Sri Lanka in the final in Colombo on Sunday. It was a phenomenal display from West Indies, based around another show-

stopping performance by the peerless Gayle. Despite facing only 41 balls in the 20-over innings and requiring treatment midway through for a side strain, the left-handed opener still managed to get within 25

runs of a century, smashing six sixes and five fours with a strike rate of 182. Marlon Samuels helped set the tempo with a breezy 26 and Dwayne Bravo hit three towering sixes in his 37 off 31 balls.

However, it was Gayle and Pollard, who plundered 63 runs off the last four overs, who really demoralised Australia. After watching the previously economical Continued on page 19

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