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Monday October 01, 2012

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Brothers stabbed to death, cousin detained The tranquility of the Industrial Area community at Linden was shattered early yesterday morning with the brutal murder of two brothers by a close relative. Twenty seven- year- old Imran Saffraz Bacchus and his younger brother, 26-yearold Shaheed Bacchus of 211 Wismar street, Linden, were reportedly stabbed to death by their cousin, a short distance from where the suspect lived with his mother, Bibi Ameena, in Industrial Area. They succumbed at the Linden Hospital Complex. At the time of the incident, the brothers were on their way to work, sources claimed. According to a police statement, the suspect and one of the brothers had an altercation last week, and the siblings confronted him yesterday during which Imran Bacchus was stabbed to his back and Shaheed Bacchus stabbed to his chest. “When they get stab one of dem bend over and is so the blood gushing out he back, the other one he do a spin round thing then he fall down, bap”, a female resident said. Police said that the suspect received injuries to his head and hand and is under guard at the Mackenzie Hospital. The killings reportedly stemmed over a dispute over money that was allegedly owed to the siblings. Residents of Industrial Area alleged that the suspect used to ‘take advantage’ of his two cousins. They alleged that the final fatal confrontation stemmed from the fact that he refused to pay them for work which they had done for him. “This man used to wuk them two brothers an nah wan pay them, and he used to be flaunting the money in front de face, and still he na pay dem,” a friend of the victims said. “At one time dem boys used to wuk with he up in de mountains, where he farming, but dem stop working with he, and start to do dem own lil hustle. Dem boys de real humble, and always trying to do something for themselves,

Dead: Imran Saffraz Bacchus

Dead: Saheed Bacchus

but dis man he always threatening dem. “He come and threaten dem man fus with bricks then he go and come back with a knife. Dem boys de waiting hay fo go to work, but he come hay fo war.” This thing start like two weeks ago, because he de want the small brother go in de bush with he, but the boy refuse, because he always taking advantage on dem.. With duh he get mad and start advancing towards the boy, but he big brother jump in and represent he lil brother, and tell he (the suspect), ‘no you can’t treat me brother like duh. And it ended up being a fight, and they had to go to the station.” Eyewitnesses said that the suspect left the scene, but was arrested by Police soon after, and taken to the hospital for medical attention. When this newspaper arrived at the hospital, he was speaking to someone on a mobile phone, which was held by the police. The suspect could be heard pleading with the person to obtain a lawyer for him. The man claimed that he was attacked by the two brothers and indicated his bandaged head. He alleged that the siblings, particularly the younger one, were always after him. He alleged that the younger brother had spent some time in prison, and had blamed the suspect for his incarceration. Meanwhile, the man’s mother said she did not know what caused the problem between her son and his two

cousins, as they had always lived peacefully in the past. The woman said she was sorry about the incident, but claimed that the only information she had was that the two brothers had been planning to beat her son. Neighbours however said that a female relative of the suspect knew what ‘was going down’ and would even hide the man from the police, whenever he got into trouble. One person claimed that this relative had run out on the street and witnessed the entire stabbing…”She say ‘Oh God,’ and she just walk away, she ain’t even try to help or anything”, the person alleged. The mood was somber at the Wismar Street home of the slain brothers, as their two sisters and stepmother tried to grapple with their death. Agnes Khan, their stepmother, said that the brawl had started earlier yesterday morning in Wismar Street. ”He (the suspect) come to the front, this morning and start cussing up. Then them boys left, and the next thing we hear, is that they get stab up, that was around 8’o clock,” Fazeela Bacchus, one of the sisters said. The young woman claimed that her brothers would ask their cousin for their money, and how he would tell him, that he “ain’t giving them no (expletive) money.” Their mother, Sandra reportedly resides on the East Bank of Demerara, while their father Ahmad Bacchus died last year.

Motorists in the Lethem area are breathing a sigh of relief as work has finally commenced to repair the stretch of road from the international crossing at the Guyana/Brazil border. The road which was first paved in 2009 has since undergone repairs no less than eight times. It is hoped that the current work will alleviate the hardship faced by motorists who have been operating their vehicles at great costs.

Sophia youth disappears ...Father fears worst By Rehanna Ramsay An eleven year boy who is the habit of absconding for days at a time, has been missing from his Lot 1295 Section “B” Turkeyen, East Coast Demerara home for the past four days. Stephen Walcott a first form student of Freeburg Secondary School was last seen on Thursday evening garbed in a white T-Shirt, short khaki pants, and red flip-flops. He was riding a blue mountain bike. Donald Walcott, the boy’s troubled father said that he suspected mischief after his son, who had gone to visit his mother did not return home as planned. Walcott said that Stephan went to his mother’s Lot 801 section “C” Sophia home to iron his school clothes. He explained that the lad had developed a wayward attitude ever since he and his mother split several years ago. The junior Walcott had been living with his mother after they separated but recently started staying with

him because his mother could no longer tolerate his tendency of vanishing. “We don’t know is wey this boy does stay he would just disappear and go somewhere and then come back while people looking fo he…I want to know is who is keeping dis lil boy at dey house without he parents knowing,” Walcott said. Walcott said that his son is stubborn and was usually reluctant to answer when he questioned his whereabouts. The frustrated father fears that his son may be under the influence of public predators or worst. Anyone knowing the

Missing Sophia youth Stephan Walcott whereabouts of Stephan Walcott could contact the nearest police station or his father on 698-3221.

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Fighting Paedophilia Last week, “Child Protection Week” was observed with a flurry of activities by the Human Services and Social Security Ministry under the theme “Adults – take action against child abuse – the time is now”. Cabinet spokesperson Dr Roger Luncheon (still on the job after his copyright faux pas) averred that in Guyana, the adults in politics are taking action by strengthening the existing Sexual Offenders Act with the Prevention of Crimes Amendment Bill which will be debated in the upcoming parliamentary session. The good doctor of the Office of the President took pains to assure that, “In those two pieces of legislation, convicted paedophiles would be subjected to monitoring for life.” We believe that the government, and especially the OP, could have sent the strongest possible signal that it was serious about fighting paedophilia by being more forthcoming in a case that hit the headlines two years ago. To the public at large it appeared that a cover-up had been effected. Paedophiles can be found in every demographic category: old, young, educated, uneducated, professional, non-professionals – and of all races, colours and creeds. Typically, however, the paedophile is male, single, seemingly fascinated with children – especially around puberty and targets shy, handicapped, and withdrawn children, or those who come from troubled homes. They work to master their manipulative skills and often unleash them on troubled children by first becoming their friend, building the child’s self-esteem. At the time of the high-profile paedophile case, which was incidentally when the Sexual offenders Act was in parliament, we had editorialised: While the bill addresses some of the issues emanating from paedophilic behaviour they do so in a generalised fashion. We believe that the matter is serious enough to warrant specific legislation. Take the issue of bail: the above cited instance of an alleged paedophile committing sexual offenses while out on bail is not the exception – it is rather the norm. This circumstance raises the larger issue of exactly how is society to deal with a crime that incarceration appears to have no effect in diminishing. Because of the deep-seated nature of the paedophilic imperative, some in the medical community have begun to view paedophilia as a disease rather than a crime. They have amassed evidence that at least some violent and antisocial behaviour have genetic links and signposts, but have been unable to isolate a biological cause for paedophilia. In our view, it is a mistake to label a behaviour— even a behaviour with some biological and genetic determinants—a “disease” because it ultimately means abandoning the concept of volition altogether. To do so would place us on a very slippery slope - for if there is no volition where is the crime? The repercussion from the activities of paedophiles reverberates so widely that we need to even revisit the putative benefits of incarcerating the offender after conviction. In the developed countries, lifetime recidivism rates show that “rehabilitation” alone in jails have not been very effective for sex offenders, and we know that deterrence is unlikely when most offenders are able to “get away with” multiple acts before apprehension. Now it would not be practical from an economic standpoint to keep all convicted paedophiles locked up for life: the only treatment that works and is feasible is castration of male offenders. There have been much debate and discussion on the long-term deleterious effects of corporal punishment on children but these pale almost into significance when compared to those of paedophilia. While it may sound harsh, in an effort to stop male paedophiles, male child molesters have the option of being chemically castrated in several states in the US. “Chemical castration” is a term used to describe treatment with a drug called Depo-Provera – a common birth control pill for women - that, when given to men, acts on the brain to inhibit hormones that stimulate the testicles to produce testosterone. The only drawback is that the drug had to be administered monthly and may be counteracted. In Guyana, we propose that the procedure must be made mandatory on convicted paedophiles.

Monday October 01, 2012

Letters... Where your views make the news

This is no way to run a Police Force DEAR EDITOR, I have been a constant critic and an ardent advocate for radical Police reform in Guyana. The testimony of Senior police officials (to the Linden Commission of Inquiry) this past week and other recent events, have provided tangible evidence that the present system is at odds with the policing needs of Guyana, taking into account the geographic, economic and sociological changes that have taken place since the formation of the Guyana Police Force in 1891. Often when we criticize the Police Force, our main focus is on persons and their actions, but any Guyanese regardless of geographic location can recount stories of police brutality, police corruption and general behaviour unbecoming of peace officers. What are seldom analyzed and criticized are the ancient organizational structure, outdated and inefficient equipment, dysfunctional training, poor remuneration and poorly educated recruits. Individually, all of these

deficiencies are challenges that would adversely affect the normal day to day functioning of a law enforcement agency; collectively they spell disaster. It was difficult for me to listen to Senior Superintendant Hicken, a very senior police officer relate how seemingly inadequate his command authority was. If what Hicken said is even close to the truth; that a Divisional Commander must seemingly clear everything and get orders from( in a hot operational setting) the Commissioner of Police, who is not on scene and not appreciative of what is happening on the ground in real time, then this is no way to run a Police Force. Also, if it is true that a unit, when ordered by Police Headquarters in Georgetown, to support a Division is not on arrival subordinate to that Divisional Commander, but instead remains autonomous, but is still a part of the Division’s mission and an integral part of achieving that mission; one wonders at the lunacy of such an

arrangement. To hear the Commissioner of Police relate that the Minster of Home Affairs is prone to breech the chain of command, giving orders to ranks without consulting or informing the Commissioner is illegal and frightening. I was sympathetic with Senior Superintendant Hicken when he had difficulty explaining to the Commission the geography of E and F Division. A division that covers most of the hinterland of the country and several townships; an area larger than nearly all of the Caribbean Islands. Yet Mr. Hicken was not based at Madhia or one of the hinterland locations or even at Linden; he was headquartered in Georgetown in A Division. This is in keeping with a colonial structure that was established over 100 years ago, when our hinterland was more sparsely inhabited and the economic activity there insignificant. Today the economic activity, population increase and sociological changes that are taking place in what

the police refer to as E and F Division is dynamic and constantly changing. In light of all of this, it is an indictment on the Minister of Home Affairs that he has not seen fit to orchestrate the kind of reforms that are needed to bring this Police Force more in line with the policing needs of the country. One wonders why old antiquated systems like the current Divisional systems have not been replaced and the Force structure not aligned with the country’s Regional Administrative structure. Why has the Police Force not switched to 10 Regional Commands or Divisions within the present regional boundaries, with emphasis on recruitment from within the Regions and specialty training and equipment allocation to meet unique geographical needs? One wonders why the Guyana Police Force is still in the business of issuing Passports and certifying drivers, clearly functions that can be farmed out to independent civilian Continued on page 5

Reading Centre in B’ce a wonderful idea DEAR EDITOR, I read recently about the launching of the Writing Centre in Berbice and thought it a wonderful idea. Mention was made of Harvard and Brown Universities in the USA having writing centres, but we must remember that they, along with Yale and Princeton, are Ivy League institutions. Guyana has a long way to go. I had put aside a slim ‘Paperfront’ book called “The Exam Secret”, written by Dennis B Jackson, B.A. (Hons), Manchester Uni., 8th Edition published in 1976. I fished it out and read the chapter on ‘The Essay in the English Paper’, which I thought gave valuable advice about essay writing. Here are some of the author’s thoughts. In an English essay on a general paper, you must show individuality, personality and style. Facts must be accurate; dullness is fatal. The first line of your essay “must hit hard......You must open with zest, snap and must amaze, astound and awake. It must have force”. He then gives examples of ‘dull’ and ‘gripping’ versions of the sa m e e s s a y, a n d emphasises that the opening should be confident, witty, unexpected, short and sharp. He reminds us that the teacher of E n g l i s h i s looking for something new and lively.

He says “Be yourself, and write in the same terms that you would use as if you were talking to an intelligent friend....avoid slang and double meanings”. In closing the essay, round it off by summing up with a neat, bright ending. In other words, ‘hark back’ to the beginning; something witty would be good, ‘a sting in the tail’. His advice on poor

spelling is - choose short words (instead of assistance, say help or aid). If punctuation is a problem, use simple sentences and short paragraphs. In this way, only full stops become necessary. He says “It’s quality that counts, not quantity”. To sum up, grab the reader’s attention from the beginning and say something witty at the end. I recall being horrified when, some years

ago, I saw an essay, written by a 16-year old, with a bare bottom drawn at the close, with the words ‘The end’ written across it. The class tutor had no such qualms: he awarded his marks and neatly wrote under the drawing ‘Cheeky’! I was glad that I had not disposed of the slim textbook and found little gems which might be of use to someone. Geralda Dennison

DEAR EDITOR, How heartless could the Guyana Police Force be when they call out their ranks to work and then leave them to make their way home at odd hours of the night/morning. This disgusting trend must be addressed as soon as possible. Ever so often ranks of the Guyana Police Force are called upon to provide security for major events, most of which run late into the night or early morning. Some of us leave their children (some single parent mothers), husbands, wives at home to protect to and serve those who come out to enjoy the activity. Although sometimes these duties are paid for by private concerns, the ranks have no choice but to obey the orders of our superiors

who sit in their homes or enjoy the activities with their families while we work our butts off. Mr. Editor the problem is not that we are reluctant to work, but what arrangements are put in place to get us home whenever these activities are finished. We the junior ranks are left to stand for hours awaiting transportation to take us home at odd hours while our officers enjoy the luxury of their duty free vehicles. To make it worse some of these officers even use the police vehicles to take them home, while their SUVs are enjoyed by their spoiled off springs and their friends who laugh at us whenever we apprehend them for any wrongdoing. Many entities including those of the public sector

make proper arrangement for transportation for their staff whenever they have t work beyond a certain hour; why can’t the Guyana Police Force do the same? After all policemen and women are transferred at will to locations far from their homes and it is heartless to leave them to make their way home at 02:00 hours, jostling with persons they may have had cause to upbraid while working at some of these major events. Some of us are even scared to keep on our uniforms- so much for pride in our work. Will the Guyana Police Force wait for its ranks to be targeted by criminals again before they start to show some concern. Again I ask, how heartless could these people be? Police rank

How heartless could these people be?

Monday October 01, 2012

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Letters... Where your views make the news... Letters... Where your views make the news Why after so many years, Some steps to commence building operation DEAR SIR, the builder, to be declared by any extended period allowed trough any thoroughfare. is the Municipality Within recent times, the 4. No one has the right to the Council to be of no effect for completion by the Relations Section of place any materials, rubbish if the building operations to Council, is in the opinion of still grappling with this Public the Mayor and City Council or other things upon, or to which the plan relates are not the Council unsightly or has been receiving numerous make any hole in, a commenced within 12 dangerous, the Council may solid waste problem? calls from citizens with thoroughfare without the months after the date of the be notice in writing require DEAR SIR, Solid Waste Management remains the single most worrying challenge for the city. It is not confined to the limits of Georgetown; it is nationwide. Even in the hinterlands and the far flung areas of this country there is the problem of improper disposal of waste. However, the focus continues to be on Georgetown because it is the capital of Guyana. Therefore, it is the duty of the Mayor and City Council to continue to raise awareness on the issue and seek to encourage citizens to pay attention to the way the treat the environment. It is public knowledge that the Council spends almost $1M a day to collect garbage from all areas of the city, prosecute litter-bugs (over the last two weeks over 50 litter-bugs were prosecuted), educate residents about the health of the environment through its environmental health and public relations divisions, and perpetually plead with citizens to avoid illegal dumping. Yet, the general appearance of the city embarrasses all of us, particularly those who work in the municipal system and have to face irate citizens, who are disgusted with the situation and say exactly how they feel about the Council. Also, we too have to put up with it every time we step out of our homes to conduct our business or daily chores. The psychological effect of it on our personal image, the way we see ourselves and the risk of certain diseases compel us, all of us, to ask many questions about this ever present problem. One such question is, why after so many years, is the Municipality still grappling with this solid waste problem? It is clear that there are certain dynamics that are contributing to this state of affairs. There are three factors affecting the Council’s ability to effectively manage garbage in the city. First, the Municipality lacks the resources to improve its performance in this area. They do not have the money to pay their garbage contractors on time. This in turn affects their efficiencies in the communities and generally

impact negatively on the provision of this core service to citizens. Also, they do not have the manpower to police all sections of the city and to enforce compliance with the law. For some time now, the City Constabulary has been operating below strength. Add to that, inadequacies in communication equipment and mobility and the situation becomes clearer. Some time ago, the Mayor had introduced a Bicycle Squad but the lack of continuous training and money to replenish parts effectively ruptured the effectiveness of that initiative. All citizens know that, at City Hall, the issue of money, or the lack of it, is linked to several other challenges, some of which are beyond the control of the Council. These include various kinds of governmental permissions to implement certain revenue earners including valuation of properties, which should be done every five years, (last valuation was done in 1987) and increases in the costs of commodities used by the Municipality to provide different services to citizens. Some individuals have been suggesting that the Council might be overstaffed. However, employment records are showing a different set of realities. Many departments and sections of the Municipality are working below strength. The Maternal and Child Welfare Section, which provides prenatal and antinatal care to mothers in local communities has eight nurses/midwives; it needs about 20 to provide an adequate service. City Constabulary needs over 50 able-bodied men and women to sign up for service to the city. The environmental health inspectorate has eight qualified Environmental Health Officers to visit and inspect residences, common lodging houses, hairdressing salons, schools and a number of other public places. It budgeted for 25 qualified Environmental Health Officers. Given the character and scope of our responsibilities, the Council is not overstaffed but seriously underfinanced. PRO City Hall

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood

questions about building operations in the Georgetown. Some building contractors have had their plans approved by the City Engineer but do not know how to proceed or begin works. Here are some steps to commence building operation: 1. Every person, who has received the City Engineer’s approval to begin building, must give seven days’ notice, writing, to the City Engineer of his intention to commence such operations. 2. Those, who intend to do any building operations or to cause same to be executed shall, where any thoroughfare will be obstructed or rendered inconvenient by means of such operations¯ a) Before commencing the same, unless the City Engineer otherwise consents in writing, cause sufficient close-boarded boards or fences, to the satisfaction of the City Engineer, to be put in order to separate the building where such operations are to be carried on from the thoroughfare b) If the City Engineer so requires, make a convenient platform and handrail to serve as a footway for passengers outside for such board of fence; c) Continue such board or fence with such platform and handrail as aforesaid standing and in good condition to the satisfaction of City Engineer during such time as he may required by the City Engineer to do so; d) Cause the same to be properly lighted every night from sun setting of the one day to sun-rising of the next succeeding day; e) Remove the same when required by the City Engineer. 3. No one shall put and board or fence in such a way as to obstruct or impede the surface drainage over or

permission, in writing, of the City En g i n e e r, a n d t h e person causing any materials, rubbish or other things to be laid upon, or any hole to be made in, a thoroughfare with the permission of the City Engineer shall, his own expense, cause a proper light to be fixed in a proper place upon or near same and continue such light every night from sun-setting of the one day to sun-rising of the next succeeding day while such materials, rubbish or other things or hole remain, and the shall also, at his own expense cause such materials, rubbish or other things and such hole to be sufficiently fenced and enclosed, until they are removed or the hole filled in or otherwise made secure. 5. Any plan of any building or part thereof approved according to the Georgetown Building byLaws, by notice in writing to

approval thereof. It must be noted that if any building operations commenced within 12 months after the date of the approval of the plan thereof the City Engineer may cancel his approval thereof and the building operations described on that plan shall not be commenced or executed by and builder until a new notice to commence operations is given and a new plan is laid over under the building regulations. Every person who commences building operations shall complete them within 12 months after the commencement thereof, unless that period has been extended by the Council for good cause shown by that person. Also, where any structure erected in the course of building operations which have not been completed within 12 months after they were commenced, or within

the builder to pull down the same. 6. No building operation should deviate from the plan approved by the Engineer or breach any of the building regulations. The C i t y E n g i n e e r m a y, b y notice in writing, require the building involved to rectify that deviation or to comply with the by-laws within the time specified in the notice. 7. Every builder who is executing any building operations shall at all reasonable time afford the City Engineer and all persons duly authorized by him, free access to the land and premises on which such building operations are being executed. We would appreciate it very much if those citizens with additional questions contact the Public Relations Section of the Mayor and City Council. Royston King

This is no way to run a Police... From page 4 agencies, like an Immigration Department and a Department of Motor vehicles respectively. One wonders why in 2012 there is no automation that integrates information and makes it immediately accessible to the police officer on the street. One wonders why we still don’t have a modern crime lab and a modern state-of-the-art crime information system and computerized police radio cars/vehicles. One wonders why, according to Senior Superintendant Hicken; “tear smoke go with shotgun” for riot/ crowd control, and why the TSU unit sent to Linden did not have shields and gas masks as part of their stores. Mr. Editor it will be

interesting to see what types of information we get from this Commission of Inquiry. As someone who has long criticized the management of this institution, there is not much more that will surprise me, but then you never know. I would like for us to remember that the Guyana Police Force is not on trial. What is on trial is a corrupt and antiquated system that the political directorate in this country has allowed to fester so as to continue a corrupt system of governance. Police violence that continues to be a part of the modus operandi of this Force, the several instances of senior officers allegedly with

allegiances to criminal elements of society; the daily shake-down by traffic ranks and members of the antinarcotics and rapid response squads; the lack of confidence of the public in the Guyana Police Force to be a fair broker, to protect and serve, to uphold the law, is a direct indictment on the leadership, training and administration of the Police Force. When an Assistant Superintendent of Police does not know the difference between lobbied and lobbed or hurdled and hurled, and a Senior Superintendent wants us to believe that shotguns and semi–automatic rifles are not deadly weapons, then it is way past the time for us to hit the reset button. Mark Archer

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Teen killed in La Grange crash An 18-year-old Public Works Ministry employee was killed at around 02:00 hrs yesterday after a car he was travelling in crashed into a bridge on the La Grange Public Road, West Bank Demerara. The victim, Chad Terrence was a past student of Patentia Secondary School and up to the time of his death an office assistant employed by the Public Works Ministry. Kaieteur News understands that the teenager and three other men were occupants of HB6244, which was driven by 29-yearold Theophilus Benjamin called “Buckie.” The driver reportedly lost control of the vehicle which skidded off the road and crashed into a bridge situated over a canal. The other occupants including the driver sustained injuries but Terrence shared the worst fate. He was pronounced

dead of arrival of the West Demerara Regional Hospital while Benjamin was admitted. Benjamin was later taken into police custody to assist with investigations. Terrence’s grieving relatives told this newspaper that the young man had left his Lot 31 Goed Intent West Bank Demerara home for GuyExpo on Saturday

Veteran Berbice cricketer and life-member of the Berbice Cricket Board of Control, Mortimer George of Sheet Anchor, Canje has released the completed edition of his book ‘A time in our history: Berbice Cricket, 1939-2012’. George was first associated with the Board in 1964 when he attended his first meeting. He actively served on the board from 1966-1983 in multiple positions including that of Honorary Secretary from 1976-1983. In 1987, he was honoured with life membership of the Board, the third person to be so honoured and in 2008, he was

again honoured with the prestigious Heroes Award. Following the death of the past BCB President, Mr. Leslie Amsterdam in 1999, the other two life members, Lennox Phillips, Ancell Hazel and George thought of a way of paying tribute to Amsterdam since he had done so much for Guyana and more particularly, Berbice cricket and that his story needed to be told. “I was assigned the task of gathering the information—I contacted our main sports reporter at the time, Shan Razack and I got some information from him— and I started the task of compiling it”. His task

Dead: Chad Terrence

evening with some relatives and friends. He later went to an ‘oldies’ dance at the Goed Intent Centre where he was persuaded by friends to attend a bar–be-que at Middle Street Pouderoyen. Terrence’s aunt, Shelly Moore, said that her nephew was on his way to Pouderoyen when he met his demise. The woman explained that her nephew’s skull had what appeared to be punctures which she believes may have been caused by planks from the bridge. She said that family members rushed down to the West Demerara Regional Hospital after receiving the news. “His last words to his mother were mommy ah gone” members of the family lamented. Terrence was the youngest son of his mother, Yvette Moore. He leaves to mourn his mother, father and four siblings.

Veteran cricketer releases new book

changed from compiling information about Amsterdam to a complete review of Berbice cricket. “In November 2010, our first publication was made”, he said. “A time in our History: Berbice Cricket, 1939-2010” was first released in 2010, the first edition by George. In July of this year, the completed version was finished and released. “What we have done with the first version is that we have made a few corrections, re-organised the book, added some more ‘meat’ to some of the chapters and we have created a new chapters— 13 chapters— in addition, 25 new pages”. The book, he noted, “is historical, unique in content and style; it is brimful of interest; it is well- researched, but most of all, it is

(Continued on page 7)

Monday October 01, 2012

NIS staring at massive $1.4B shortfall this year - 27,000 employers registered but only 6,100 are paying The troubled stateowned multi-billion pension fund is staring at a massive $1.4B shortfall this year. A dwindling workforce and across-the-board noncompliance with contributions are among the major reasons given for the current state at the National Insurance Scheme (NIS). The scheme’s General Manager, Doreen Nelson, in a published anniversary message in Kaieteur News over the weekend, echoed the board’s worry over the future of the fund. It would also be a major worry for thousands of Guyanese who depend on the NIS pensions and benefits to make ends meet. According to the official, a brief review of NIS performance so far for this year indicates that contributions collected between January to August, 2012 totaled approximately $7.736B while total expenditure over the same period was around $8.393B. The projections to the end of the year show that income from contributions would be $11.553B while the projected expenditure $12.952B. This meant that expenses would outstrip contributions by nearly $1.4B. NIS operates out of 14 offices countrywide, providing social security to over 45,000 pensioners. Some 66 percent of these, the General Manager said, are old age pensioners while about 28 percent benefit from survivors’ pensions. “Some 29 percent of the pensioners live overseas. At the beginning of the year, the amount of minimum pension for old age and invalidity was increased by 8 percent from $16,604 to $17,932 a month.” Another worrisome factor is that while over the years, NIS registered 27,000 employers, only 6,100 are remitting contributions to the

scheme on behalf of their employees. For employed persons, the number registered to date is over 650,000 with the active being approximately 117,000, less than a fifth. With respect to the self employed, there are over 29,000 registered to date but just approximately 8500 or 30 percent are active and remitting contributions to the scheme. The amount paid as benefits during 2011 was $10.7B and it is projected that for 2012, the amount will increase to $11.4B. The Pension Branch, Old age, Invalidity, Survivors- account for approximately 85 percent of these payments. According to Nelson, the trend continues to show that as predicted in the last Actuarial Review of the scheme, the organisation’s expenditure on benefits and the management of these benefits already exceed the income received from contributions and that unless there are immediate interventions the gap will widen. Several reasons have already been advanced for this scenario and it has been the subject of attention and these remain valid. Inclusive in this are “an apparently dwindling structured workforce, an expanding informal workforce that is not complying with the NIS regulations, nonregistration of employees by certain industries and the reluctance of many selfemployed persons to register and remit contributions in accordance with the law.” According to the NIS official, these together with an ever ageing population and smaller return on investments are causes for concern about the future of the scheme. “It is hoped that the findings and recommendations of the 8th Actuarial Review of the fund, now being completed, would provide the necessary interventions that would ensure the sustainability of the scheme.”

NIS’ General Manager, Doreen Nelson Backlogs in processing are being tackled along with attempts to improve recordkeeping. “Efforts have been made and are continuing to be made for better systems of record keeping under computerizations of our operations, aggressive monitoring of the employer and self-employed populations for accurate and timely remittance of contributions and pensioners. The focus on staff training will be maintained to ensure courteous and informed service to the public.” Nelson urged contributors who are not yet submitting contribution payments via the electronic schedule system to do so early in order to benefit from timely and accurate response to claims and other matters. “The management of the NIS remains aware of its obligations and responsibilities to the workers of this nation and is prepared for the challenges that will be encountered along the way to fulfilling our mission and ensuring accountability.” Last week, NIS’s Board of Directors had also warned that NIS is in trouble and solutions to a fastapproaching crisis is needed…urgently. NIS has invested some of the funds in areas like the Berbice Bridge but these are clearly not enough.

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood

Monday October 01, 2012

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Veteran cricketer releases... Turkey, Egypt slam Syrian regime ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — Turkey and Egypt sought to boost their alliance in a turbulent region yesterday, unleashing harsh criticism of the Syrian regime and pledging joint support for the Palestinian cause. Egypt’s new president, Mohammed Morsi, addressed a major congress of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s ruling party, amid signs that a partnership between their two countries is emerging, and said they both plan to stand by Palestinians and the Syrian people. “Our common goal is to support other people who are standing up against their administrations or regimes, to support Palestine and the Syrians in their efforts,” Mursi said.

“The events in Syria are the tragedy of the century,” Morsi said. “We will be on the side of the Syrian people until the bloodshed ends, the cruel regime is gone and Syrian people reach their just rights.” In his speech to the congress, which is marking the ruling Justice and Development party’s decade in power, Erdogan promised that Turkey, which is host to some 88,000 Syrian refuges as well as Syrian opposition groups, would continue to support the Syrian people wanting to oust the regime of President Bashar Assad. He appealed to Russia, China and Iran to stop backing the regime. “We call on Russia, China as well as Iran: please review your stance. History will not forgive those who stand

together with cruel regimes,” he said. With Khaled Mashaal, the leader of the Palestinian Islamic militant group Hamas also present, Erdogan said Turkey is determined to speak out against what he called Israel’s “state terrorism” in the region and praised Morsi for his support to Palestinians.”Through Morsi’s leadership, our Palestinian brothers in Gaza and in all other Palestinian cities are able to breathe easily,” he said. Erdogan said Turkey would not reconcile with former ally Israel until it lifts its blockade of Gaza and apologizes for an attack in 2010 that killed nine mostly Turkish pro-Palestinian activists in a raid on a flotilla that tried to breach the blockade.

(Reuters) - Labour leader Ed Miliband launched an offensive against banks yesterday ahead of his party’s annual conference, promising a “real separation” of retail and investment banking and to raise the top rate of personal income tax. The Conservative-Lib Dem coalition government has said it will implement the recommendations of an independent review by Oxford University economist John Vickers into how banks should be structured in the wake of the global credit crisis. But critics, including Vickers, have lamented the watering down of some of the proposals - including the definition of the ring fence between retail and investment arms and the ratio of loans to capital that banks can hold on their books. Britain’s banks - including Barclays, RBS, Lloyds and HSBC - will have until 2019 to make the changes with the

government committed to write the new rules into law by 2015. Labour accuses the government of caving in to fierce lobbying by the financial sector. “Either they can do it themselves - which frankly is not what has happened over the past year - or the next Labour government will, by law, break up retail and investment banks,” Miliband said. “The banks and the government can change direction and say that they are going to implement the spirit and principle of Vickers to the full - that means the hard ring-fence between retail and investment banking. We need real separation, real culture change. Or we will legislate.” Some in the Conservativeled government had been concerned that punishing the financial sector could damage the competitiveness of the City of London, a major global financial centre, and potentially harm a crucial part

of Britain’s recession-hit economy.Miliband’s warning to the banks comes ahead of his party’s annual conference in the northern English city of Manchester, where he is under pressure to explain to voters how it would govern if elected in 2015. Miliband, who replaced former prime minister Gordon Brown as Labour leader after that defeat, has struggled to make a good impression on voters so far. While opinion polls show Labour would win an election tomorrow, his own personal approval ratings languish below those of Prime Minister David Cameron.

Labour to impose “real” bank split if elected - Miliband

(From page 6) educational”. “We hope that you will pick up a copy”, he said. The major new information in this completed version of the book, he noted, is a list of the Berbice County Senior Team Captains from 1950- 2010. He noted that it was no easy job to get this information, “plus Chapter 12 is very insightful and among the recommendations there are for the West Indies Cricket Board and Players’ Association to get together in the interest of stakeholders and come to some compromise in this confusion that they have and also there is a call for the organisers of the game to substitute the 20/ 20 format for the three- day and four- day formats which is more likely to develop our cricketers rather than having batsmen go there and giving away their wickets. You have batsmen who would go there and learn to build on innings— bowlers who will learn to bowl out a batsman and get them out instead of a batsman going and slash and lash and burn”. The book is readily available at Gordon’s Book Store in New Amsterdam; Berbice Cricket Board Office, Cheddi Jagan Street, New Amsterdam or Austin’s Book Services, 90 Church Street, Georgetown for $2,500, “value for your money”. “According to former President, secretary, representative of the West Indies Cricket Board and former Regional Selector, Mr. Joe Solomon, this book is a masterpiece— do not miss it”. George has approached the Ministries of Education

Mortimer George

and Culture, Youth and Sports to adopt the book and make it readily available to students in the school system and for sports. As a Lifetime member of the BCB, George stated that it is not his intention to criticise the board in public, “but there are some things that need to be done and a tremendous effort is being made especially by the special events committee and the competitions committee but there is always— when you have been there for some while, you are able to see things that need to be done and what I spoke about, the substitution of the 20/20 format for the

longer format is one of those things”. The sponsors, he stated, need to be told— “yes we welcome your sponsorship but we reserve the right to say where we will challenge your sponsorship; we are engaged in the development of the game and my view is that the 20/20 format is for the older players who are seasoned, like on the WI Test scene for people like Samuels and Gayle who have been there for over 40 test matches— experienced— and they can transform from one format to the other easily; the younger players are unable to transform and this is disastrous for cricket”.

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Leading trade unionist and five former govt. ministers among seven expelled from ruling party ST GEORGE’S, Grenada - CMC - Seven members of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) including General Secretary Peter David and trade unionist Chester Humphrey have been expelled from the party. The other members who have been banned include former cabinet Ministers Joseph Gilbert, Karl Hood, Arley Gill, Glynnis Roberts and disciplinary committee member Siddiqui Sylvester. Supporters voted overwhelmingly to expel the members at yesterday’s annual convention of the (NDC) in the eastern parish of St. Andrew’s. David, the former tourism Minister, Hood, the former foreign affairs minister and ex environment Minister Roberts resigned from the cabinet in recent months

Peter David citing differences with the four and a half year old administration of Prime Minister Tillman Thomas. The Prime Minister recently ordered the proroguing of parliament in an effort to avoid debate on a motion of no confidence against his administration filed by Hood, the second one

in recent months. Gilbert was fired for writing to American investors promising them a casino licence without cabinet’s approval while Gill was sacked in the aftermath of David’s resignation. Former Government Minister Phinsley St.Louis reportedly moved a motion for the party delegates to expel the seven members including Humphrey who are all known supporters of David. The rampant infighting within the ruling NDC has put a side led by Prime Minister Thomas against a group led by David in ongoing episodes of political drama. The decision to expel the seven members, in their absence, came shortly after acting chairman Pastor Stanford Simon, was thrown out of the convention.

Capriles leads big rally in Venezuelan capital CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — A huge crowd filled the streets of Venezuela’s capital yesterday cheering for opposition candidate Henrique Capriles, waving flags in a show of support one week before the country’s hotly contested presidential election. Capriles waved from a truck that rolled through the vast expanse of supporters. The crowd filled a downtown avenue and appeared to surpass 100,000 people. The authorities didn’t provide a crowd estimate. While President Hugo Chavez was leading weekend rallies elsewhere in the country, authorities were investigating the killings of two men in a shooting that

erupted during an opposition campaign caravan in western Barinas state on Saturday. Justice Minister Tareck El Aissami said in a message on Twitter yesterday morning that a suspect was arrested in the double murder, but he didn’t immediately identify the suspect. Opposition lawmaker Julio Cesar Reyes said on Saturday that a group of Chavez’s supporters blocked the caravan and people on both sides were arguing when a gunman appeared and started shooting. Opposition officials said both men killed were participants in the motorcade of Capriles supporters. Chavez, meanwhile, rallied thousands of supporters on

Monday October 01, 2012

Kamla announces removal of VAT on food prices Trinidad Guardian Hundreds of supporters of the People’s Partnership Government went into a frenzy when Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar announced Saturday that effective November 15, the 15 per cent Valued Added Tax (VAT) on food items will be removed. She made the announcement at the coalition’s pre-budget rally, An Account to the Nation, just ahead of today’s 2012/ 2013 Budget. Persad-Bissessar said the VAT removal was a short-term measure while the Government continued to work to expand the food production industry. “Will that be of help to you? Removal of VAT on all food items?” she asked “We must do everything to make your life easier. In poor, rich little Trinidad and Tobago, our people must not suffer.” Many supporters who were

Saturday in Guarenas, a town east of Caracas, telling them: “It’s impossible for us to lose.” The crowd chanted: “Ooh, Ahh, Chavez won’t go!”

Kamla PersadBissessar VAT was introduced by the National Alliance for Reconstruction (NAR) in 1990 under then prime minister ANR Robinson. PersadBissessar said: “It weighs heavy on my heart when people go hungry and children are unable to attend school.”

IMF attributes slowdown in Caribbean growth to decline in productivity WASHINGTON - CMC The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has attributed the slowdown in growth in the Caribbean primarily to decline in productivity rather than to a lack of investment. In a Working Paper, entitled “Caribbean Growth in an International Perspective: The Role of Tourism and Size,” the Washington-based financial institution also says tourism has been a “significant contributor” to higher growth, through both

Henrique Capriles

interviewed said it was the best news they had heard for the year. The Prime Minister said in 2008 she contributed to a debate on a motion in the Parliament to reduce the high food prices but it never materialised under the former administration. Food prices for the period 2002 to 2007 had increased by 200 per cent, she said. After speaking for close to an hour, the PM said effective November 15, the VAT will be removed on food items. She said alcoholic beverages and luxury food items such as caviar would be excluded as they were not zero-rated goods under VAT rules. She listed pigtail, canned beans like red beans, baked beans and black eye peas and local fruit juices as some of the items from which VAT would be removed. Currently, she said there were 59 food items which are zero-rated.

capital accumulation and productivity, and lower output volatility. But it says policies aimed at improving productivity, further development of the tourism sector, and regional integration could “pay dividends in terms of higher growth in the region.” The IMF says Caribbean countries have experienced low growth since the 1980s, “with the current global slowdown derailing the feeble recovery of the early 2000s,”

stating that the region has been “buffeted by a series of adverse exogenous shocks over time, including the erosion of trade preferences; the decline in official foreign assistance; frequent natural disasters; and recessions in source countries that drive tourism and FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in the region. The paper says recent global slowdown has “exacerbated the already declining trend” in growth.

Firing of Chief Prosecutor leads to judicial crisis PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti - CMC - Haiti is faced with a judicial crisis which reportedly erupted while President Michel Martelly and Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe visited New York for the 67th Session of the United Nations General Assembly Debate. It’s reported that the crisis unfolded with the firing of a chief prosecutor, the swearing-in of another and an alleged resignation - all in less than 24 hours. The former Chief Prosecutor for Port-au-Prince Jean Renel Senatus said Haiti’s Justice Minister Jean Renel Sanon fired him on Thursday because he refused to execute an order to arrest

36 government opponents. Senatus also charged that Josue Pierre-Louis, a presidential legal advisor and head of the six-member electoral council, asked him to serve warrants against two attorneys — Newton St. Juste and Andre Michel — who have brought corruption complaints against the presidential family and members of Haiti’s government. “I told him, ‘No, I don’t have a case against them in my hand,’” Senatus told reporters here. “It’s not democratic. It’s not democracy.” Senatus said he had previously refused to execute several “illegal’’ arrest orders,

Jean Renel Senatus including one against prominent human rights lawyer Mario Joseph.

Monday October 01, 2012

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Time for workers to get their share of the pie It would be considered unconventional and blasphemous for the PPPC government to say anything contrary to the private sector being the engine of economic growth. The private sector has the government “locked”. And yet this is the same PPPC government which twenty years ago rode to power and continues to ride into office on the backs of working class support and which during election time likes to remind the poor that it is committed to their interests. For twenty years, the private sector has asked for benefits and gotten these benefits. Some companies even got concessions which it was later discovered were not fully compliant with the law. The concessions were not withdrawn; the laws were amended to bring them in compliance with the

concessions granted. Such is the sway that the private sector in Guyana holds on the government. Whatever the private sector wants, especially the business community, it will get. Flour prices have risen by 6 percent as a result of higher acquisition costs. No one can expect the local flour mill to absorb higher acquisition costs. Their operations are bulk operations and therefore it is logical that they will have to pass on these costs. But it’s unconscionable for bakeries that now face a mere 6 percent increase in the cost of their main raw material to pass on that cost to consumers. And you can bet that bread and pastry prices in some outlets are going to increase far more than 6 percent, when instead this increased cost for flour should have been absorbed by the bakeries and pastry

makers. The government has not said anything so far. It has not discouraged the bakeries from increasing their prices. It has not said that any increase would be unjustifiable given that it is only the price of flour prices that have been marginally increased and not the other costs for making flourbased products. It has also not tried to limit the degree to which bread prices are going to increase. But gasoline prices at the pumps are now $229 per liter. The mini buses have not had a fare increase for years but yet every time fuel prices soar and transportation operators demand an increase they are told that this would not be allowed. They are threatened with regulation; the public is told not to pay any increase. A standoff ensues and the minibus operators lose. But

Fire destroys upper flat of West Demerara house Grief enveloped a West Coast family last evening after a fire of unknown origin destroyed their home and business place. The lower flat of the Lot 28 Good Intent Road, two storied building, facilitated the Right Price Super Market and Poultry Centre, while the family lived in the upper flat. The Mountain Heights Wesleyan Church, located near the gutted building, was slightly damaged. Residents helped to salvage several items from the lower flat, but practically all the family’s belongings in the upper flat went up in flames. Krishana Mestree, resident of the community, said that he saw “a light” in

the back room of the upper flat and later realised that the building was on fire. He said that residents summoned a GuySuCo fire tender, but the vehicle arrived without water. A fire tender from Georgetown eventually arrived but by then the building was fully ablaze. A family-friend of the Bennetts, Racquel Wilson, said that she, who lives three villages away, received a call that “de shop on fire.” “I rushed down and when I reach here only the back room was on fire, but in like 10 minutes, the whole top was in a blaze.” Another resident said that “if the ‘fire reel’ de come with water these people

house woulda save. But as usual they show up without water, they had to be drawing from the canal. I always thought they suppose to put out de fire, but if they gon come without water, it mean that they have some other reason to come on a fire scene,” stated the resident. Kaieteur News understands that the burnt building is owned by Roy and Simmone Bennett. The owner’s daughter, Maranda Bennett, said they received news of the fire at 18:15hrs while making their way to GuyExpo. Maranda disclosed that her cell phone’s ring tone was off so she did not get the many initial calls that were Continued on page 18

you can bet your bottom dollar that when bread prices are increased, the government will not try to stop those increases. At GUYEXPO the government continued to shower praises on the business community. For twenty years they have been doing this. The private sector has been described as the engine of economic growth. That may well be true but what about the workers? If the private sector is the engine of economic growth, then the workers have to be the wheels of growth. Without the wheels moving, the vehicle of economic growth will go nowhere. Yet while the government is often willing to bend over backwards to help the business community, it seems unwilling to deal with the problems of wages which are so central to the survival of workers. Part of the problem may be due to the attitude of the representative organizations for workers and for unions in Guyana but at the least one would have expected that the government would have taken a far more compassionate stance when

it comes to the interests of workers. The government of course cannot increase wages to the point that it becomes a drag on productivity and inflation. But at least establish a living wage and work progressively towards narrowing the gap between existing wages and that living wage. The government cannot be expected to withdraw concessions that it has given to the business community. This would be acting in bad faith and send a wrong signal. But at least the government can link concessions to job creation and towards verified reinvestment of profits in the economy. The government needs large scale mining but at least it can limit the number of mining concessions it gives to medium and large scale miners and increase the number of concessions “lotteried” to individuals. Instead of a mere forty persons drawing a lottery for mining claims, there should be four hundred each year. There is a one lap top per family initiative. Well how about one house lot per family initiative. There are some families in which father,

adult son and adult daughter are each owning house lots and all in the same scheme. There are cases where one person applies for a house lot and then the common law husband or wife applies for another house lot. In the meantime, the poor worker in need of a house lot has to wait his turn. It is good that there is a GUYEXPO to allow the rich businesses to showcase what they have but how about a jobs’ fair to allow for the unemployed to secure jobs? How about holding this fair in rural Guyana so that the thousands of young people who are unemployed can at least know what is available and have some chance of obtaining a job. This will benefit the private sector too because as is known there are many contractors and other business people who are struggling today to find enough and suitable workers to the extent that some of them are contemplating importing skilled and unskilled labour.

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Monday October 01, 2012

Lone survivor of Charlestown tragedy on life support ...neighbours count losses

The fire victims try to salvage what’s left of their belongings. The only survivor in last Saturday’s fire that claimed the lives of four persons, including three children is currently on life support. Twenty-year-old Yolanda Cort of Lot 2 Drysdale Street Charlestown is unconscious and battling for life in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). The mother of two was badly burnt in an early morning fire that started at her home around 07:30 hours on Saturday last. Although she is listed as critical hospital staffers said Cort is able to hear what is happening around her. Yesterday, several of the woman’s relatives gathered at the hospital to lend support to each other. They described the incident as a particularly terrible one especially since the dead and injured are from one family. Sharon Cort, the mother of dead Princess International Hotel employee,

Abiola Taylor, said that she received news of the fire via a cell phone call from her son who explained that her niece, daughter and their children perished in a fire. The Bartica resident said she immediately journeyed to the city after receiving the news. Sharon Cort said she was at a loss as to how the fire started even as she visited the fire scene and entered the burnt building. According to her the front half of the house was badly damaged along with Yolanda Cort’s room. She explained that her daughter’s room was still intact along with most of her belongings. Another relative, Candacie Cort, said that the back of the girl’s home was slightly damaged. The cousin noted that the bathroom area had not been touched by the fire as the washing machine and other toiletry items were in good condition. Abiola’s mother said the post mortem examinations of her dead family are scheduled

for today. Following that, she said funeral arrangements would be made. In the meantime, Nonifa Knights and her husband Trevor Kellman are still trying to assess their losses since most of their belongings were ruined when fire rescuers doused the blazing house. The parents of three minors live in the lower flat of the rented Lot 2 Drysdale Street apartment. Knights, who works at Humphrey’s Bakery, lost her television, radio and other appliances. Clothing and food items were also destroyed when the house was soaked by fire fighters. Kellman, who is a miner, said his wife called sometime on Saturday informing him about the fire. The man said he was at the time posted in Mahdia, but as soon as he received the call, “ I had to drop what I was doing and run.” Kellman and his wife said they are in the process of listing the damaged items as requested by the police. For now, the family said they are grateful to neighbours who have assisted in keeping their children when night steps in. She said the soaked house in unsuitable for them, but right now, “It is one step at a time.” Twenty- three- year-old Abiola Taylor and her fouryear-old son, Justin Taylor; three-year-old Kelisha Solomon and her one-yearold sister Akesha Cordis lost their lives in the fire. Many have however speculated that the blazed started in the front half of the house while the occupants were still asleep in the heavily grilled apartment.

Monday October 01, 2012

In the corridors of power Where the talks are in full swing If you can’t say it with flowers Then don’t say anything Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine For the many of us who thought that saying it with flowers was the right option for the good times and the bad times, the celebrations and the screw-ups, well guess what? You’re wrong. If you normally tend to say it with flowers only, you’re a blooming idiot. Britain’s Independent newspaper advises, “Don’t say it with flowers – just make sure there are some blooms nearby.” The newspaper cites new research which suggests one of the best places for a man to woo a woman is outside a florist. The survey reveals that one in four lone female shoppers gave their telephone number to an attractive stranger when they were courted in front of a flower shop, more than twice

Kaieteur News

the number who succumbed to the same proposition near a shoe shop. In the study, a panel of women picked five young men who stood out as exceptionally good-looking. The men were then sent to shopping areas to approach 120 young women near flower, shoe and cake shops. The researchers, from the University of Southern Brittany in France, say the presence of flowers, associated as they are with romance, may trigger positive feelings in women, making them more likely to agree. It is clear that the flowers took the cake in making romance bloom. While there is a lot more we can say about why the shoes came second, we have to wait until Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin get off their conference call about boycotting Flowers International. The main thing though is that racked with shame they all had a downat-heel, soleful look and their tongues were hanging out.

If you’re a handsome man and you approach a woman in front of a cake shop, she might think you’re a gigolo trying to sponge off her and then you could get a frosty reception or even run the risk of being battered. If she thinks you’re trying to sexually harass her, and she sues you, that could be construed, not just as a tort, but a tort utterly wasted. Shoes might be more appealing in wet weather or what Trinis call “weather for leather” and who knows, she might take a shine to you. However, if the weather is fine, go to the flower shop otherwise when you try to approach her in front of the shoe shop with a “Good Morning” you might end up with a brusque, “Hush Puppy.” In addition to inspiring thoughts of romance, flowers and flower-shops have also inspired some really good puns (even though my friends say that the term “good puns” is an oxymoron).

Inmate found hanging in N/A Prison cell New Amsterdam Police are investigating the death of convicted prisoner Melvin Smartt who was found hanging in his cell at approximately 07:20h on Sunday 30th September 2012. P r e l i m i n a r y investigations have so far revealed that Smartt, who was the lone occupant of a cell, was unlocked at approximately 06:45 to do his ablutions. He returned to his cell and shortly after, the supervising rank on duty was

alerted by other prisoners as to some unusual noise coming from his cell. The rank immediately rushed to the cell and observed that the prisoner was hanging from a piece of cloth. He was immediately cut down. The medical Officer was summoned and it was recognized that the prisoner was not breathing and was subsequently pronounced dead. The police were immediately summoned to investigate the matter.

According to a release from the Guyana Prison Service, Smartt was admitted to the New Amsterdam Prison on July 31, 2012, after being convicted to serve six months imprisonment for the offence “Unlawful and malicious damage to property”. He was due to be released from prison on December 1st. He was 24-years old and resided at Nu m b e r O n e Village, Corentyne. He was classified as an Emotionally Disturbed Person (EPD).

Guyana Diaspora Project launched... (From page 11) foreign contractors. It would be more so, as Bonasika becomes the third bauxite producing area, manganese production restarts by year-end, the hydro-electric project is completed in 4 years, plans to link up the country’s communities are pursued, the low carbon development strategy take effects, the agricultural sector is reformed, etc. These are opportunities for the diaspora the President suggests, indicating that GUYSUCO needs the diaspora’s input at this time. But more importantly these projects are important for job creation. Furthermore, the President argued that instead of Guyana’s growth rate averaging around 5% despite the economic recession of its primary trade partners, Europe and the USA, Guyana would

have been growing at rates approximating that of China if the issues of cheap energy and skill deficiencies were resolved. Persons still want to know, what is the vision for the country as distinct from these piece meal projections? At least, they want to understand how these projects fit into the vision to determine how they can fit into the plans. One participant remarked that “it is a fantastic project for Guyana” but warns that it would fail if it is not conceptualized in a way that marries vision, strategy and elements of sustainability. To her, the foundation of sustainability has to be the preparation of children for the changing environment. She argues that the diaspora’s involvement should at least be “bi-directional”. Meaning that like the diaspora, resource mapping

of Guyana must also be done; training would be required so that the diasporic and local actors will see the project as process of exchanging and building on knowledge rather than as a superior-subordinate relationship; persons from the “diaspora will need to learn how to interact in Guyana”, etc. Director of the International Organisation of Migration, William Swing, in his presentation had indirectly addressed the issue of sustainability but from a global perspective. He suggested that the global patterns of migration may require new laws that facilitate diaspora representation in parliament, dual citizenship, etc. Several persons have indicated a will to submit written proposals to the President. Persons interested in the project may visit the web site:

Three friars were behind on their belfry payments, so they opened a small florist shop to raise funds. Since everyone liked to buy flowers from the men of God, the rival florist across town lost most of his customers to what he thought was very unfair competition. He asked the good fathers to close down, but they would not. He tried again, went on his knees, begged, pleaded and promised all kinds of donations to the Church, but the friars to close down, but they would not. He asked his mother, a very devout woman and pillar of the Church, to go and ask the friars to get out of the business. They would not. So, the rival florist hired Hugh McTaggart, the roughest and most vicious thug in town to persuade them to close. Hugh beat up the friars and thrashed their store, saying he’d be back if they didn’t close their business. Terrified, they did so - thereby proving that: Hugh, and only Hugh can prevent florist friars. This man loved his wife very much. He wanted this Valentine’s Day to be special, so he had ordered a bottle of her favorite liquour imported directly from France and it had arrived in time for the

Page 15

occasion. On his way home, he stopped at the local florist. He had planned to have a bouquet made with her favorite flower, white anemones. But to his dismay, he found that the florist had sold all her flowers and had only a few stems of feathery ferns left for decoration. In a moment of inspiration, he had the answer. He asked the florist to make a bouquet using the flask of liquor and the ferns instead of flowers. What she produced was magnificent and well beyond his expectations. He added a card, and proceeded home. When he arrived, his wife was beautiful in her most elegant gown, and it was apparent that she had spent much of the day preparing a romantic candlelight dinner for the two of them. He presented her with his gift, and she opened the card to read, “Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder.” With a tear in her eye, she whispered to him lovingly, “Yes, and with fronds like these, who needs anemones.” And my favourite? Once there was a beautiful woman

who loved to work in her vegetable garden, but no matter what she did, she couldn’t get her tomatoes to ripen. Admiring her neighbor’s garden, which had beautiful, bright-red tomatoes, she went one day and inquired of him his secret. “It’s really quite simple,” the old man explained. “Twice each day, in the morning and in the evening, I expose myself in front of the tomatoes and they turn red with embarrassment.” Desperate for the perfect garden, she tried his advice and proceeded to expose herself to her plants, twice daily. Two weeks passed and her neighbor stopped by to check her progress. “So,” he asked. “Any luck with the tomatoes?” “No,” she replied excitedly. “But you should see the size of my cucumbers!” *Tony Deyal was last seen saying that instead of flowers he plans to plant potatoes around his house. ”They’s safer than watchdogs,” he said, “because they always keep their eyes peeled.”

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People and their views…

DAVE DANNY - TAXI DRIVER “They should not stop us from photocopying text books. They have to realize that the road is hard and cost of living is high. Also, children will only be using these books for one school term and when they enter another class they have to get more text books and one of the books is like $5000 and more. That will put pressure on the parents especially those parents who have 10- 12 kids.”

ABBY LIVERPOOL STREET VENDOR “How the roads going now things are hard and I will not buy such an expensive book for one school term.”

SARAH GOMES LA PENITENCE MARKET VENDOR “I don’t have any child going to school but I must say that the British Publishers should think about the poor and single parents in Guyana who can barely afford their daily meals. Copyrighting is illegal but they should have just left it like before rather than moving to court to legalized it. Many people are punishing here.”

SHUNELLA GIBSON STUDENT “The original and the photocopy are the same thing so why spend $5000 when you can pay $2000 and get the same book.”

Monday October 01, 2012

Injunction prohibiting printing and sale of ‘pirated’ school books

HARNICO HARRY EX SOLDIER “Although I am not a father as yet, I can feel what parents are going through to buy these books for their children. Some parents can hardly afford to buy the photocopy book so I don’t know how they will buy the original. When you finish paying your bills, you don’t even left with money. They should think about the poor and not the wealthy.”

OSWALD HERBERT TAXI DRIVER “This is very hard, if they are going to stop us from photocopying the books then the government should import the original ones and distribute it to the schools and put systems in place so that if the books are damaged, the student(s) has/ have to pay for the damages.”

MARLON KING RESERVATION CONSULTANT “I don’t have a problem if they stop the pirating. In fact, I think it is a good idea. We can’t just think about ourselves, we have to think about the publishers who wrote these books. If we keep buying the photocopy edition that means the original book will not be sold and the publishers will not get money.”

TERRY RAHAMAN TAXI DRIVER “People can’t afford to spend so much money on one book, its hard time. And then children only use the books for one school term.”

SHIRLEY DERNON VENDOR “I have one son going to school and I can afford to buy the original text book but what will happen with those single parents who have more than one child going to school? That will push people to do bad things to get money to educate their children.”

BERCHELL THOMPSON SECURITY GUARD “This is punishment for the poor and the single parents. These people have to study Guyana good before they decide to stop this pirating. Education is important but we cannot afford to spend so much money on books alone.”

Monday October 01, 2012

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Monday October 01, 2012 ARIES (March 21 - April 19): Are you getting a bit bored with your regular way of doing things? If so, then your timing is perfect -- this day will bring you just enough tumult to keep things interesting, and keep you on your toes! ******************* TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): Being aggressive is not the same thing as being rude -- so don't hesitate to go against someone who is holding you back today. ****************** GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): You've got people looking out for you now -- so make sure you're paying attention! You may need to listen carefully when advice comes your way, as it may go against your instincts. ******************** CANCER (June 21 - July 22): Your quick thinking is making life sweeter and more exciting for those around you -- and you may save yourself a lot of hassle as well! ********************* LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): You are in the middle of a learning process -- and you love it! Your great mental energy is just right for the new information coming your way now, and you may be just starting out! ******************* VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): You feel reborn in some way -- or maybe recommitted to an older belief you thought you had given up. ********************* LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct.

22): Today is all about your relationships -- your friends, your family and anyone else important to you. Make sure that they know how you are feeling and that you're showing them what's what. ********************* SCORPIO (Oct. 23 Nov. 21): Your helpful side is on display today, and you can feel the karma starting to accrue! It's a good time to volunteer for an organization you believe in, or just to find good deeds that need to be done. ******************** SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 Dec. 21): Your energy levels are maxed out today -- and you feel like you can get practically anything done! .********************* CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. 19): Watch out for impulse buying, right now. You might think you can't live your life any longer without a certain item, but you are wrong -- and if you think about it for five minutes, you will realize that for yourself. ******************** AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18): Your big plans and ideas are finding new converts almost every time you open your mouth -- so keep talking! ********************* PISCE S ( F e b . 1 9 March 20): You feel totally absorbed in today's big news -- so much so that you can hardly focus on anything else! That's okay, as you are going to have to adjust your work to others' achievements soon enough.

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Monday October 01, 2012

Modernization of the DPP’s Chambers…

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Police prosecutors should be phased out in narcotics cases Retired Judge Claudette Singh has disclosed that the implementation of the “action plan”, which was aimed at modernizing the Chambers of the Director of Public Prosecution and its operations as well as improving the interrelationships between the DPP Prosecutors and the Police Prosecutors, has come to an end.

Singh told Kaieteur News that the project has now added to the capacity of the Chambers in several operational areas with the availability of Procedures Manuals, in Human Resource Management, Financial Administration, Programme Budgeting. She said that it also adds a new performance management system, an

updated Organization Structure, a Strategic Plan, an HR Strategy and other management tools / mechanisms that once employed, will make a significant difference in the level of efficiency in this organization. Kaieteur News was told that the technical secretariat will be assisting the DPP regarding the way forward to ensuring the adaptation of these tools. Singh explained that according to the justice reform project, it is not internationally the best practice that police should prosecute and investigate crimes at the same time. She said that presently the DPP relies heavily on police prosecutors for the prosecution of preliminary enquiries and summary offences in the Magistrates’ Court. The former judge said that it is the objective that police prosecutors should be phased out in the prosecution of narcotics and indictable matters. Singh said that there was the observation of the consultants who are presently involved in the reorganization that the Chambers do not have the full quota of Prosecutors and until this problem is remedied it is being suggested that the DPP takes over the Police Prosecutors, so these Prosecutors would only function as Prosecutors proper and not in their core function as Investigators. Presently, there are three Police Prosecutors attached to the DPP’s Chambers. In

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Uganda, the phasing-out took years. By the end of 2012, the Chambers of the DPP would be refurbished and computerized. She said that the chambers would be linked to Central Networking Brickdam to which all Police Stations in the country would be linked. This would facilitate the movement of files and information to the DPP’s Chambers, Singh stated. Singh noted that the other important reform is to strengthen the capacity of both State Prosecutors and Police Prosecutors. She said that the introduction of the Early Case Assessment Pilot (E-CAP) during the Action Plan Implementation consultancy saw a satisfactory level of coaching of these prosecutors. There is still a significant amount of capacity building that remains to be done. This, however, will involve more coaching and arrangements are in train to ensure that some of this is undertaken before the end of the project. It was noted that the training in the assessment of cases regarding the reliability of the gathered evidence as well as mentorship by the consultants, is contributing to enhanced skills for both DPP and Police prosecutors. She said that it is expected that this would result in greater success in criminal cases prosecuted by the State. The refurbishing of DPP’s Chambers, including the Prosecutors’ offices in Demerara, Berbice and Essequibo is at the implementation stage. The DPP Chambers have already removed to temporary quarters to facilitate the rehabilitation works. The refurbished offices are expected to accommodate an additional fifteen (15) officers at the Chambers as well as engendering greater confidentiality for the interviewing of witnesses.

Fire destroys upper... From page 9 made to her phone. It was a resident of the community who was also on Sheriff that shouted “yall house on fire.” By the time the family returned the building had already been gutted. The girl, her parents and a brother, who is in the interior, reside at the premises. The girl said that her mother fainted “a couple times and her condition is what is really grieving my heart.” Simmone, as she sat inconsolable on the church bridge continued repeating “Why me lord”? As relatives and friends fanned her and uttered words of encouragement, the woman muttered “but now we have to start all over again; oh lawd why me?” However, Maranda, said that, “we will start over the Lord giveth and the lord taketh.”

Monday October 01, 2012

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Monday October 01, 2012

Europe win Ryder Cup Hamilton hails Permaul’s with stunning comeback presence on Sagicor HPC tour

Team Europe’s Martin Kaymer (right) celebrates with teammates Sergio Garcia (left) and Rory McIlroy (centre). REUTERS/Jeff Haynes (Reuters) - Inspired by the spirit of Seve Ballesteros, Europe’s big guns all delivered as Jose Maria Olazabal’s players produced an astonishing comeback to win the Ryder Cup by 14-1/2 points to 13-1/2 at Medinah Country Club on Sunday. Needing to claim eight points in the concluding singles to retain the trophy, Europe won six of the first

eight encounters before Germany’s Martin Kaymer secured the vital point to retain the Cup by beating Steve Stricker one up. After Stricker had coolly holed his par putt from eight feet at the last, Kaymer buried his five-footer for a matching par before thrusting his arms skywards in delight. “It’s indescribable,” the German told reporters. “I was

so nervous the last two, three holes. I loved it. It’s amazing.” With the chance of a tie resting on the final match, Tiger Woods astonishingly missed a three-foot par putt on the 18th green to halve his contest with Italy’s Francesco Molinari, handing Europe outright victory. Europe, who sent out their best players early, emulated the miracle comeback achieved by the U.S. at Brookline in 1999 when they also overhauled a deficit of 10-6 on the final day. The Americans had been bidding to triumph in the biennial competition for only the second time in six editions. “We believed in our hearts we could win this,” Englishman Luke Donald said. “It’s been done before and we believed we could turn it around.” The Europeans drew inspiration on Sunday from their beloved Ballesteros, who died last year aged 54 after a battle with cancer, with every player wearing the navy blue colours favoured by the Spaniard in the final rounds of tournaments.

DHAKA, Bangladesh – Jahmar Hamilton said Veerasammy Permaul was a welcomed presence on the Sagicor High Performance Centre team’s tour of Bangladesh, and he was enjoying the experience of keeping wicket to him. Left-arm spinner Permaul earned the Man-of-the-Match award for the second straight game, sharing eight wickets with left-arm fast bowler Sheldon Cotterrell to bowl the Sagicor HPC to a 53-run victory over Bangladesh-A in the second match of their One-day series on Sunday. Permaul was the pick of the bowlers with 4-33 from 10 overs and Cotterrell grabbed 4-40 from nine overs, as the hosts, chasing 235 for victory, were bowled out for 181 in 43 overs at the Sher-e-Bangla Stadium, despite a top score of 69 from Shahriar Nafees. The result meant that the visitors took an unbeatable 20 lead in the three-match series. “We could not have asked for anything better in this match, after Sheldon gave a great start, getting a wicket in the first over,” wicketkeeper/batsman Hamilton told WICB Media. “After they started to score quickly, Permaul came on to bowl and tightened things up a bit, so it was good to have someone with his experience at that stage.” The 22-year-old Hamilton added: “He is the incumbent West Indies A-Team captain and he has a lot of experience with field settings, but he also a proven player. “He always says, ‘he outsmarts the batsman’. It has been a joy watching him do his thing from behind the stumps.”

Permaul graduated last year with the first squad of players that attended the Sagicor HPC. The Guyanese was elevated to A-Team captain earlier this year, leading a highly successful side in a home series against a very competitive India-A. He was added to the Sagicor HPC side, following the selection of batsman Johnson Charles on the senior West Indies squad for the ICC World Twenty20 Tournament taking place in Sri Lanka. “Keeping to him for the time, it was alright,” said Hamilton. “He is a very clever bowler, and so you have to be always prepared for something surprising. Most of the time, I get it. “We haven’t worked on any signals. I guess he just backs me to pick up what delivery he is about to bowl.” Reports indicate that the pitches have been difficult and Hamilton has reportedly done a commendable job behind the stumps. He said the new challenges created by the unpredictable pitches on the tour have helped him to tighten up his game. “My ‘keeping has improved a lot,” he said. “I did some training with [former Barbados captain and West Indies wicketkeeper now selector] Courtney Browne and I have also being doing a couple drills by myself before coming on this tour. “I really want to improve my keeping because I know if it improves, so will my batting. It is just for me to stay focussed, keep the number of byes down, and encourage my teammates.

“It has been difficult and I have been hit a couple of times on the helmet. It was a bit difficult at the start of the tour, but it has become easier.” Hamilton said he was looking to improve his allround game to secure a place in the Leeward Islands side on a consistent basis. He has played 16 Regional 4Day, 10 Regional Super50, and five Caribbean Twenty20 matches for Leewards since his debut four years ago. Hamilton gave evidence of his ability with the bat, hitting the top score of 49, as the Sagicor HPC team were dismissed for 234 in 49.5 overs, after they decided to bat. “I just went out there and played each ball on its merit,” he said. “I didn’t rush anything because I know that I am a very crucial player coming down to the end of the innings, so I just went out there and took my time. “Attending the Sagicor HPC has helped me to improve my confidence and has helped me to improve my technique, so I think it is going well and will help me to cement my place in the Leeward Islands squad.” With the series wrapped up, Hamilton said the players were inevitably thinking about sweeping the series to continue justifying the hard work which they have been putting in. “The guys will be looking to go 3-0, but they will want to remain positive, and do the basics correctly,” he said. “We are very happy with the result. We have been working very hard over the past few months in Barbados and we are seeing that it is paying off for us right now.”

Win, then hope for the best for... From back page good form later in the day. However, if only the second match is rained out, it will be bad news for New Zealand and good for West Indies. Neither of them can afford a whole washed-out day. If only the first game is washed out, New Zealand go out, and West Indies will again hope for a Sri Lanka win. WATCH OUT FOR Ross Taylor finds himself under pressure not just for his lack of runs, but also his tinkering of the batting order. Monday will provide him one last chance of not only redeeming himself in this tournament, but to get a measure of retribution after a highly disappointing tour of the Caribbean earlier this year. Darren Sammy hasn’t exactly endeared himself to

the West Indies fans with his selections either. At the heart of West Indies’ problems has been a glut of bits-and-pieces allrounders, and not enough specialist bowlers. That was one of the reasons they lost after making 191 against Australia. It didn’t help that even those three specialist bowlers against Sri Lanka didn’t include Samuel Badree, who helped set up the win against England with four overs for just 20 runs. Sammy’s captaincy, and his place in the side, are under scrutiny at best of times. Only a qualification to the semifinals will be able to silence those voices, that too temporarily. TEAM NEWS New Zealand will be hoping for a return to wellness for Jacob Oram, in

whose absence Doug Bracewell played against England, and played little part in the match while the contest was alive. Oram spent whole of Saturday unwell and throwing up throughout the day, and New Zealand are hoping it’s a “24-hour thing”. It’s unlikely New Zealand will look at any other changes. For West Indies, Badree should come back, not least because New Zealand are not the best players of spin. The question is, will he replace a specialist bowler or one of the many allrounders? PITCH AND CONDITIONS On Saturday, Pallekele finally showed signs of assistance to spin, with a drier track. The rain has stayed away so far, and hopefully it will for one more day.

Monday October 01, 2012

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Rugby Championship: New Zealand win inaugural title

New Zealand All Blacks celebrate their triumph. BBC - New Zealand ran in seven tries to defeat Argentina 54-15 and win the inaugural Rugby Championship. Martin Landajo’s try put the Pumas into an early lead but Cory Jane ran in a hat-trick of tries for the All Blacks. Winger Julian Savea added a brace of tries while Aaron Smith and Ma’a Nonu also scored as the visitors wrapped up the title with a game to spare. New Zealand play their final match next weekend against South Africa, who beat Australia 31-8 earlier on Saturday. The victory means the All Blacks have now extended their winning streak since last year’s World Cup to 15 matches. “We’ve got the tag of being world champions and we needed to play like them,” said Richie McCaw. “To secure the Rugby Championship was obviously the big goal and it’s nice to be able to do that, but to put out that performance is something the guys are pretty happy about.” Argentina scored the first try in an exciting, open match when scrum-half Landajo picked up Lucas Gonzalez Amorosino’s pass to dart between two players and touch down. But Aaron Smith and Jane soon hit back with a try for New Zealand, with Dan Carter converting to pull the world champions ahead. When Gonzalo Camacho dropped the ball, Savea pounced, kicking it ahead before touching down. He added a second soon aftewards to give New Zealand a 32-8 lead at halftime. There was better luck for Camacho after the break as he scurried over Argentina’s second try but New Zealand asserted their dominance, with tries from Jane and Nonu sealing the win. “It was one our best performances of the season,”

said All Blacks coach Steve Hansen. “The manner we did it was very satisfying. “To be able to attack like that, you have to have a platform and the forwards played very well.” In Pretoria, South Africa scored two quick-fire tries through full-back Zane Kirchner and Bryan Habana to take a 11-point lead over Australia into the break. The breakthrough at the Loftus Versfeld, where Australia have not won now in six visits, came in the 22nd minute as full-back Kirchner finished off a long-period of possession in the opposition 22m. Similar dominance from the host’s forward pack saw Habana storm home from close-range soon after. Australia were struggling to gain any foothold in the game and things got worse when Adam Ashley-Cooper was knocked unconscious in a

collision with Kirchner. Mike Harris scored in the right corner midway through the first half after clever work from Australia’s new No. 10 Kurtley Beale, but his score was merely a consolation as Habana soon added a second. The Wallabies fell further behind at the start of the second half as the Springboks standout flanker Francois Louw pirouetted over the line following a driving maul. Australia finished the game with 14 players when hooker Tatafu Polota-Nau was forced off with a shoulder problem after they had made all their substitutions. Habana then ruthlessly took advantage of his team’s numerical advantage to claim his third try by bursting clear on the right wing. Victory for South Africa lifted them into second place on 12 points behind champions New Zealand.

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Dani Pedrosa storms to win from Jorge Lorenzo in Aragon BBC Sport - Dani Pedrosa kept his faint hopes of a first MotoGP championship alive with a dominant win in Aragon. Pedrosa, who turned 27 on Saturday, was able to cruise away from pole-sitter Jorge Lorenzo to win his fourth race of the season. Tech 3 Yamaha rider Andrea Dovizioso took third with his British team-mate Cal Crutchlow finishing in fourth. Lorenzo - who won the title in 2010 - now leads the standings by 33 points with four races remaining. Pedrosa realistically had to win to preserve his hopes and after passing Lorenzo on lap seven, the Repsol Honda rider powered away to win by 6.472 seconds. Lorenzo was happy enough to settle for second and remains a huge favourite to regain his title. He told BBC Sport: “I was very quick in the first few laps but Dani got past. “I then made a mistake at the exit of the first corner and almost crashed and at that moment I knew I could not keep up the pace and follow him. “It was a race for the championship, nothing more, and I am happy to finish second.” German rookie Stefan Bradl showed some strong early pace to move into third, but his hopes of a first podium finish were dashed when he crashed out. Ducati rider Nicky Hayden also had a big crash, driving into a wall and being thrown over the top. The 2006 world champion was taken to the circuit’s medical centre but was later

Dani Pedrosa

declared fit. After Bradl’s accident, Dovizioso, Crutchlow and Ben Spies took part in a racelong battle for third, with Crutchlow twice passing his Italian team-mate in the last two laps but each time failing to make his move count. Crutchlow said: “I’m disappointed not to get on the podium again but Dovi is a class act - people forget he finished third in the championship last year. “A podium will come again before the end of the year, I am sure. It’s nice to have a solid race and take some good points.” Jonathan Rea, in his second and possibly final race standing in for injured world champion Casey Stoner, came home in seventh. His finish meant that there were two

Britons in the top seven in the premier class since the British Grand Prix at Donington in 1993. There was British success in the Moto2 class as Scott Redding took third behind race winner Pol Espargaro and championship leader Marc Marquez. In the Moto3 race, Luis Salom completed a Spanish clean sweep on home soil by winning ahead of championship leader Sandro Cortese, with Jonas Folger third. Briton Danny Kent was fourth. MotoGP standings Jorge Lorenzo - 290 points Dani Pedrosa - 257 points Casey Stoner - 182 points Andrea Dovizioso - 179 points Cal Crutchlow - 135 points

Sagicor HPC beat Bangladesh-A by 53 runs DHAKA, Bangladesh – Veerasammy Permaul and Sheldon Cotterrell shared eight wickets to bowl the Sagicor High Performance

Centre team to a 53-run victory over the BangladeshA in the second match of their One-day series on Sunday. Left-arm spinner Permaul

was the pick of the Sagicor HPC bowlers with 4-33 from 10 overs and left-arm fast bowler Cotterrell grabbed 440 from nine overs, as

Sagicor HPC team celebrates a wicket

Bangladesh-A were bowled out for 181 in 43 overs at the Sher-e-Bangla Stadium, despite a top score of 69 from Shahriar Nafees.

Jahmar Hamilton had hit the top score of 49, Keddy Lesporis supported with 44, Yannic Cariah scored 36 and Permaul made 29, as the Sagicor HPC team were dismissed for 234 in 49.5 overs, after they decided to bat. The result meant that the visitors took an unbeatable 2-0 lead in the three-match series. Scores: SAGICOR HIGH PERFORMANCE CENTRE 234 all out off 49.5 overs (Jahmar Hamilton 49, Keddy Lesporis 44, Yannic Cariah 36, Veerasammy Permaul 29; Naeem Islam 3-47, Enamul Haque Jr 2-30, Nazmul Apu 240). BANGLADESH-A 181 all out off 43 overs (Shahriar Nafees 69, Naeem Islam 34, Raqibul Hasan 27; Veerasammy Permaul 4-33, Sheldon Cotterrell 4-40).

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Shane Watson inspires rampant Australia BBC Sport - Shane Watson’s incredible displays at the World Twenty20 continued as he inspired Australia to a resounding eightwicket win over South Africa to effectively seal a semi-final spot. He took two wickets and spinner Xavier Doherty claimed 3-20 as South Africa posted a modest 145-6 in Colombo. Watson then bludgeoned 70 off 47 balls and Mike Hussey 45 not out as Australia marched to their target in 17.4 overs. Watson tops the tournament run-scoring, wicket-taking and six-hitting charts. “It’s nice when things are able to come together consistently,” Watson told BBC Sport. “At the start of this tournament I knew how important it was for us as a Twenty 20 team - and how important my role is in the team - to really try to set a platform with the bat. “It’s nice things are working out at the moment, you just hope it can continue, especially towards the latter part of the tournament.” Watson’s fourth man-of-the-match performance in as many games puts Australia on the brink of the last four ahead of Tuesday’s final round of Super Eight matches. Only a monumental defeat by Pakistan well-beaten by India on Sunday - could see them miss out. On a slow track in Colombo, Australia were once again indebted to Watson, who wrestled the initiative back in favour of his team just as South Africa were threatening to get on top.

Xavier Doherty pegged South Africa back with early wickets. (AFP)

GDF\GYO Heroes Cup match abandoned due to rain Rain had the final say in the Carib Beer and Friends of Cricket, Heroes Cup\Georgetown Cricket Association first division 2 day match between Guyana Defence Force and Gandhi Youth Organization at Malteenoes Sports Club ground yesterday. In reply to GDF first innings score of 285 all out, GYO were set to resume on their overnight total of 63 without loss. Tagenarine Chanderpaul was unbeaten on 28, and with him was John Champayne who was not out on 27. Earlier Shemroy Barrington made a century for GDF. The competition continues on Saturday.

Shane Watson lofts a delivery. (ICC Getty) The Proteas scored 54 runs in the last five overs of their innings to reach a respectable score and reduced the Australians to 10-1 in the fourth over of their reply after David Warner was bowled by Morne Morkel. Watson struck the first ball of the next over to the boundary and suddenly the floodgates opened as Morkel’s following over was milked for 15 runs. Spinner Robin Peterson and Wayne Parnell leaked runs as Watson and Hussey took control of the match by scoring off almost every ball and putting away anything wayward with conviction. Watson brought up his third fifty of the tournament - his other score was an unbeaten 41 - with a six over deep square leg and had taken Australia to within 38 of their target when he was caught at long-on off Peterson. Hussey and Cameron White made light work of the remaining runs with White finishing off the match by smashing Johan Botha for six. “We didn’t score enough runs, and we didn’t bowl well enough,” said Proteas skipper AB De Villiers. “We were all round pretty much beaten today. It’s disappointing and frustrating and I’m scratching my head about exactly where it went wrong. One thing’s for sure is we gave it our best and it just didn’t click tonight.” After winning the toss and choosing to field, Doherty marked his first appearance of the tournament with an early double strike. He bowled Richard Levi with the third ball of the match and induced an edge behind from Jacques Kallis to leave South Africa on 8-2. Wickets continued to tumble to deny South Africa momentum, with Watson snaring Hashim Amla (17) and De Villiers (21) either side of Doherty’s removal of JP Duminy for 30. At 86-5 in the 15th over, South Africa were going nowhere, but Peterson seized the initiative with a confident and innovative knock. There were switch-hits, scoops and some lusty drives as he smashed 32 off 19 balls in a partnership of 60 with Farhaan Behardien, who finished 31 not out. Their late assault gave South Africa something to bowl at until Watson and Hussey stole the show. Scores: Australia 147 for 2 (Watson 70) beat South Africa 146 for 5 (Peterson 32*, Doherty 3-20) by 8 wickets.

Monday October 01, 2012

Windies women hammer South Africa; advance to semi-finals Galle, Sri Lanka – West Indies Women totally outplayed South Africa Women yesterday to qualify for the semi-finals of the ICC Women’s World T20 tournament. In one of the most dominant performances of the competition, West Indies were exceptional with the ball as South Africa could only make 70-8 off their 20 overs at the Galle International Cricket Stadium. The Windies then raced to the target off just 9.4 overs without losing a wicket for a comprehensive 10-wicket win – their biggest margin of victory in a T20 International. The West Indies end the first round top of Group B with four points and will play in the semi-final match later this week at the R Premadasa Stadium. Their opponents will be confirmed when Group A is completed today. Stafanie Taylor starred with both bat and ball and won the Player of the Match award. She was one of five spin bowlers used by the Windies and ended with a career-best 3-10 off four overs. She was well backed up by 16-year-old leg-spinner Shaquana Quintyne, who also had career-best figures of 2-14 off her four overs. When West Indies batted Taylor stroked 33 not out off 30 balls with six boundaries. In the process, she became the first West Indian woman to make 1,000 runs in T20 Internationals. She was partnered by Juliana Nero, who returned to the top of the order and made 30 not out off 28 balls with four boundaries. Captain Merissa Aguilleira said that following their shock defeat against Sri Lanka on Friday, her advice to the team was to play with freedom and showcase their skills. “We knew we had the quality and ability,” Aguilleira said after the match. “In the

New Zealand also through match against Sri Lanka we didn’t play up to the usual standard that we set for ourselves so we just spoke about improving and playing without any worry, because qualification to the semifinals was well within our reach.” Noting that it was a deliberate ploy to go after the South African batters with spin, she said: “We know that they fancy pace on the ball and like the ball coming onto the bat. We decided to change the normal game-plan and force them to go for shots by using our slow bowlers. “Last night we analysed each of their players. We had specific plans in place. We played a couple of warm-ups so we had an idea of what to expect against them.” Aguilleira also heaped praise on Taylor, the vice captain, and Sherwin Campbell, the coach, for the planning and the turnaround after the defeat against the home team. “Stafanie showed today why she is among the best in the world at the moment and rated among the best women who have played international cricket. She led the way with the ball and came back to finish the job with the bat. She’s a class act and always gives her all for the team,” Aguilleira said. “Sherwin is a very good coach. He is someone who has had vast experience of playing and coaching. He is extremely persistent, but it is up to us at the end of the day to implement the plans. He has been really good for us.” The West Indies travelled to Colombo on Sunday evening where they will prepare for the semi-finals. Scores: West Indies women 71 for 0 (Taylor 33*, Nero 30*) beat South Africa women 70 for 8 (Niekerk

29*, Taylor 3-10) by 10 wickets. Meanwhile, New Zealand sealed their spot in the semifinals on a day of one-sided contests in the women’s World Twenty20. They beat hosts Sri Lanka by eight wickets, following a collective bowling effort that set up an easy chase. Sri Lanka chose to bat but were jolted early in their innings, losing opener Yasoda Mendis in the third over. The only signs of promise were the secondwicket stand of 28 between Inoka Galagedara and Chamari Atapattu and of 29 between captain Shashikala Siriwardene and Dilani Surangika for the fourth wicket. But the batsmen only managed a highest score of 14 between them, and persistent strikes from the New Zealand bowlers ensured Sri Lanka were bowled out for 89. Sian Ruck, Erin Bermingham and Morna Nielson picked up two wickets each. New Zealand’s win wasn’t quite as comprehensive as what West Indies managed against South Africa, but it was still fairly clinical. Captain Suzie Bates fell early in the chase but Amy Satterthwaite made an unbeaten 32, supported by Sophie Devine’s 23. New Zealand lost just two wickets and completed the win in the 16th over. New Zealand, West Indies, Australia and England are the four semi-finalists, but the line-ups will be decided on October 1 - the last day of the league games. Scores: New Zealand women 90 for 2 (Satterthwaite 32*, Devine 23) beat Sri Lanka women 89 (Galagedara 14, Nielsen 2-10, Ruck 2-23) by eight wickets.

Danram, Forrester star as DCC... From page 23 five sixes as the host finished on 294-9 off their 40 overs. Saheed Mohamed claimed 460 from 8 overs while Sattaur took 2-31 and Chris Surat 2-56. Everest started off their reply in fine fashion with opener Sherfene Rutherford and Rishi Heralall adding 48 for the opening stand before Heralall was caught off pacer Dexter George for 4. Everest then lost two more wickets without addition to the score and never really recovered and were eventually bowled out for 118 in 25.5 overs. Rutherford top scored with 41(8x4,1x6) while Khemraj Ramdeen 19, Chris Surat 16, and Denish Mangal 10 were the other batsmen that reached double figures. Pacer Kavil Reece was the pick of the bowlers for DCC with 4-45 off 8 overs, while

Squires claimed 2-27 off 6, and Dexter George 2-24 from 6. At Bourda, GCC overcame Police by 102 runs. Winston Forrester slammed thirteen fours before he was dismissed for 99, and received valuable support from Elon Fernandes 62 (1x4, 2x6), Robin Bacchus 54 (8x4), and Alex Ramalho 41(4x4,1x6) as GCC posted 287-4 off their allocation of 40 overs after taking first strike. Ryan Rajmangal captured 2-43. Police in their turn at the crease were bowled out 185. Rawle Haynes led with 33 while Rajmangal made 24, Munilall Persaud 22 and Leon Crawford 20. Devon Lord 2-29, Almando Doman 2-22, and Robin Bacchus 230 were the main wicket takers for the winners. DCC and GCC will now clash in what is expected to an exiting final on a date to be announced. (Zaheer Mohamed)

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