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Suspect confesses to murdering Brazilian

businessman during robbery - surveillance camera records men entering and leaving victim's premises


Emergency workers were up to late last evening attempting to remove this trawler which rammed into the Demerara Harbour Bridge.

Victoria toddler drowns in trench GPHC's nurses Is Guyana a begin protesting dirty money 5% pay increase - Chris Ram warns of - 'Uncle Ramotar, try living on US$200 for a month'- nurses

haven? transaction delays

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Kaieteur News

Saturday November 23, 2013

Saturday November 23, 2013

GPHC's nurses begin protesting 5% pay increase

but workers across the country are not pleased with the increase. Yesterday, a few nurses stood in front of the GPHC Accident and Emergency Unit carrying placards in their hands, promising to continue with their protest until the government decides to meet with their union, the Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU).

- surveillance camera records men entering and leaving victim's premises A Pouderoyen, West Bank Demerara man has reportedly confessed to killing Brazilian businessman, Vanderlei Kienen, who was stabbed to death at his Mahdia premises during a robbery last Wednesday. A senior police official told Kaieteur News yesterday that surveillance camera footage also showed The nurses at GPHC yesterday the suspect and two other men entering and leaving the Nurses' representative on what we are earning,” slain man's home on the day of the murder. Kaieteur t h e G P S U , K e m p t o n Alexander stressed. Alexander, told Kaieteur Some of the placards News understands that the News that the nurses will be r e a d , “ I n c r e a s e o u r Brazilian had employed at using their lunch break to allowance or no work”, least one of the suspects. “We have a photograph protest their disapproval of “Time to respect nurses”, Government's decision to “Five percent can't work”, of one of the men. They are give public servants an “How long must we suffer employees (of the victim)” increase of only five percent. for an increase”, “Public the official said. Police said that the killers “We are feeling the servants deserve better pay.” made off with millions of squeeze. The cost of living is According to Alexander, very high in this country and i t i s i l l e g a l f o r t h e dollars in cash and gold we cannot afford to live on government to impose a five which were taken from a percent increase on public safe. It is believed that the servants. “We are calling for 4 8 - y e a r - o l d K i e n e n the government to meet with unwittingly let his killers in our union. We will continue a f t e r r e c o g n i z i n g t h e Foreign Ministry said. this protest until we get individual who is in custody. Prior to migrating to satisfaction,” the nurses Belize Mr. Saul served as a posited. member of the Board of Chief Executive Officer Directors in the Guyana of the GPHC, Michael Khan State Corporation, Guyana refused to comment on the Fisheries Corporation, issue. Guyana Agricultural Products Corporation, Guyana Agricultural Research and Development Institute and the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism.

Hugh Saul is Honorary Consul The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reported that the Government of Belize has agreed to the appointment of Mr. Hugh Asquith Saul as Guyana's Honorary Consul in Belize. Mr. Saul will replace Mr. Lutchman Sooknandan who served in that capacity for a number of years but retired due to ill health. Yesterday, Mr. Saul was presented with his Letters of

Commission by Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett, Minister of Foreign Affairs. Mr. Saul's appointment as Guyana's Honorary Consul in Belize represents an important step in the further deepening of relations between the two CARICOM countries and to ensuring that nationals of Guyana residing in Belize are afforded the opportunity of consular services, the

Suspect confesses to murdering Brazilian

businessman during robbery

- ‘Uncle Ramotar, try living on US$200 for a month'- nurses

Nurses at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) were yesterday forced into a protest mode in the wake of the recent five percent increase of their salary for this year. Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon, on Wednesday, announced that public servants will get a five percent pay-hike for this year

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Kaieteur News

Kaieteur News understands that footage from a surveillance camera showed three men standing outside Kienen's business place on Wednesday evening. It reportedly then showed the Brazilian opening his front door for the men. According to a source, the businessman is seen opening another door leading to an area where he does his transactions. At that point, one of the men who was armed with a knife, is reportedly seen chasing Kienen, who makes a vain attempt to secure himself behind the second door. The same men are later seen leaving the slain man's property. Kienen's body was flown to the Ogle Airport on Thursday before being taken to the Lyken Funeral Parlour. Sources said that there has been an escalation in robberies at Mahdia, and that another Brazilian had to be air-dashed to the city on Thursday after bandits struck him in the head with a firearm.

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Kaieteur News

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A Barbados media lesson in the making? The makings of a trans-Caribbean feud have broken out, mainly between Jamaica and Barbados over issues of media ethics and politics. During the past few days a Barbados Government Minister, Donville Inniss, and the Jamaica Gleaner newspaper have been trading words over whether current prosecution of newspaper executives in Barbados is purely a question of the publication’s poor taste, or whether there are political ramifications behind the matter that is now in the Magistrate’s court. Since Barbados’ leading daily newspaper, Nation, published what some regard as a risqué report and photograph on Bajan pupils having sex in a classroom there was a public uproar with arguments for and against its publication, leading to that company’s publisher, Editor-inChief, and one news editor being slapped with charges last week. The Gleaner, a leading newspaper in Jamaica, stepped in Sunday by endorsing the Barbados Protection of Children Act, under which charges were laid against the Nation’s trio, but went on to ponder whether therewerebehindthescenepoliticalmachinations. “We hope that there are no political undertones to this matter, and that it does not imply an attempt to rein in The Nation’s feisty independence,” that Jamaican paper stated in its editorial. Inniss responded by telling that Caribbean landmark newspaper to“mindyourownbusinessandlookattherotgoingoninJamaica”. Apparently intent on not taking the last lick, the Gleaner yesterday again had some words on the issue, reiterating its position that the disputed Nation report addressed a matter of public interest. That granddaddy of Caribbean newspapers went on to say, “We continue to believe that Barbados has been a leader in the English-speaking Caribbean in liberalising its laws relating to defamation, lessening, it appeared then, the threat to journalists going about their jobs of informing the public”. It continued, “In that context, we are surprised that criminal action could be brought against journalists in this fashion, albeit not via the DefamationAct. We fear that the potential of five-year jail terms, which could be the fate of The Nation’s trio, could have a chilling effect on the press in Barbados”. The Gleaner’s observation should be of note to Guyana media houses because, like many journalistic establishments here, the Nation has been a thorn in the side of the Barbados government through endless articles pointing to mistakes or examples of poor governance. Among the public views of those siding with the Nation, is that government was long awaiting an opportunity to get back at that newspaper, and one was provided through the October 26, back page publication of children engaged in sex. In summary they are saying that, as a media house, if you are going to expose government, don’t make mistakes, or do anything that can be made out as a step on the wrong side of the law, even marginally. The three Nation employees are to return to court in March of next year for a hearing on the matter, and should convictions be handed down, that ‘chilling effect on the press’could spread beyond the shores of Barbados and shroud Guyana’s media also. The government in Guyana has never moved so far to silence the media. In fact, the President has repeatedly said that his government would jealously guard freedom of the press. At least one media house in Guyana, a television station, had published two children in a compromising position in a classroom a few years ago. There was not even a mutter of criticism because the spectacle was moreofatalkingpointcountrywidethansomethingtobecriticized. Today, the government is more likely to be critical of those media houses that criticise its every action that the very government considers important for national development. Staunch critic, Freddie Kissoon, is before the courts on a libel suit that seems to be going nowhere.Adam Harris was on two occasions cited for contempt and there are the numerous libel suits brought by the friends of the government against the private media. Suffice it to say that at no time was there the possibility of so lengthy a jail term that faces the Barbados Nation.

Saturday November 23, 2013

Letters... Where your views make the news

Let me write your anti-money laundering legislation DEAR EDITOR, I note the political hysteria and the blame game surrounding Guyana’s non-compliance with the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) recommendations, along with allegations of the potential negative economic and financial impact that may result from being blacklisted. Without adding to the hysteria and blame game, I wish to point out that Guyana is not the only non-compliant CFATF jurisdiction, as Belize was also noted as non-compliant. I also wish to point out that the predictions of negative financial impact may be unfounded, and may not be as severe as is being suggested. Instead, external financial institutions handling funds originating from Guyana may require additional verification of those funds. This extra scrutiny in itself is not a bad thing, considering the lack of domestic enforcement of the existing anti-money laundering (AML) legislation in Guyana, a non-functional Financial Intelligence Unit improperly placed within the Ministry of Finance, and Guyana’s reputation as narcotransshipment state (judging from the amount of vessels originating from Guyana with cocaine that has been intercepted internationally). Countries are routinely added and removed from the Financial Action

Task Force (FATF) list of noncompliant jurisdictions. Nigeria and Morocco were recently removed. Guyana will soon join the following countries which the FATF will be working with to address identified deficiencies: Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Cuba, Iraq, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Lao PDR, Namibia, Nepal, Nicaragua, Sudan, Tajikistan, Vietnam and Zimbabwe. If Guyana fails to eventually get its act together, then it runs the risk of being listed by FATF as a high risk noncompliant country and will join the following high risk jurisdictions: North Korea, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kenya, Myanmar, Pakistan, Syria, Tanzania, Turkey, North Korea and Yemen. The FATF recommendations are not unique to Guyana. Deficient countries are routinely provided with recommendations from their respective regional groups, such as CFATF, to bring their AML legislation to international standards along the FATF recommendations. As a result of the standardization of AML legislation, I am doubtful that the political opposition could find much to argue with the CFATF recommendations. Accordingly, the tactics of the political opposition has to be viewed in

a larger context, namely noncooperation and retaliation for the President’s non-assent of previously passed opposition-piloted bills and the government’s insistence in maintaining a final say in proposed procurement legislation. The failure to pass the AML legislation is the result of raw, political brinksmanship being played out. I have closely followed the events leading up to the defeat of the AML legislation in the assembly and have noted the opposition complaints. However, I am yet to see any substantive proposals from the opposition as to what they want to add or remove from the now defeated draft bill. As someone who has studied A M L / A n t i - Te r r o r i s t F i n a n c i n g legislation worldwide, who is currently completing an LLM in this field, and who has written an LLM paper on the US Bank Secrecy Act, which is the US AML legislation, and who has analysed the structure and function of the FINRA, the US Financial Intelligence Unit, I invite the government and the opposition to provide me with their draft proposals, and I will respond with a draft legislation which may be acceptable domestically and also comply with FATF recommendations. All free of charge. Oudit N. Rai B.A., M.A., LL.B Former Deputy Judge

In the marketplace of ideas, there can never be too many DEAR EDITOR, There is a popular television programme aired on CCTV which I found to be very interesting and enlightening. It is called “Ideas Matter” where panelists share perspectives on fundamental national and international issues, some of which are diametrically opposed to each other. At the end of the programme, viewers are left to form their own opinions based on a variety of conflicting ideas and perspectives. Ideas do matter. In the marketplace of ideas, there can never be too many. In the final analysis, it is the people who will decide which from among the competing ideas and perspectives they may wish to embrace. The idea of asking questions and benefiting from different perspectives started thousands of years ago in Greece, with the famous philosopher Socrates who always posed the question ‘Why’? By asking the right questions, answers could be provided which could only serve to enhance the debate

and in the process arriving at the right conclusions. One sign of maturity both at the individual and at the organizational levels is an ability to tolerate and accommodate the views and opinions of others. Always make room for mistakes since there is no individual who knows it all and who is beyond making mistakes. In this regard, a quotation from VI Lenin, the Soviet revolutionary is most

instructive: “He is not wise who makes no mistakes. There are no such men; nor can there be. He is wise who makes not very serious mistakes and who corrects them easily and quickly.” Yet there are people in our society who behave as if they have a monopoly on the truth and who, from a position of their bloated ego, are entitled to have the last word on any issue under the

sun. There is a saying that a little education is a bad thing. Basking under the glory of university education, these people behave as though they have conquered the fountain of knowledge and therefore have a God-given right to pontificate and lecture to others. Such an attitude is at best pathetic, since as we all know, when it comes to knowledge on any given (Continued on page 23)

The Communications Sector exposé really caught my eye DEAR EDITOR, Kaieteur News’ continuing series “The Heist of Guyana” has made for quite interesting reading and has been very enlightening. Although the Marriott Hotel and Berbice Bridge schemes were intriguing and the Sanata Complex scheme was the epitome of lawlessness, the one that really caught my eye was the recent exposé about the Communications Sector. Having read some time ago about the tastelessly selective distribution of radio frequencies by the powers that be, the whole plot was made so much clearer by the carefully detailed outline which your newspaper provided. There are citizens who may not have been

able to follow the Communications Sector scheme in detail, thus I am humbly asking if it would be possible for you to provide the nation with a summary of the main points, to give a full understanding of the nature of this unprecedented and most devious set of carefully orchestrated moves to control the telecommunications spectrum and the media landscape. Latchman Persaud EDITOR’S NOTE: The publisher has been notified of your request and has agreed to publish a summarised version of the heist of the Communications Sector in tomorrow’s edition.

Saturday November 23, 2013

Kaieteur News

Letters... Where your views make the news

Are justice and morality broken in Guyana? DEAR EDITOR, I am outraged by the recent examples of a blatant disregard for criminal justice, lack of accountability by the police, and a growing sense of personal insecurity in our communities. I have been approached by many friends, family and even strangers that feel the need to vent their outrage about the country’s failing judicial system and moral decline. The judicial system failed the citizens of Guyana on November 19th when the accused in a crime that was recorded on indisputable video surveillance was discharged due to absent prosecution. All of Guyana has seen the video broadcast of this gruesome murder; however, our prosecuting attorneys and police, who are hired to protect the citizens, refused to present the video evidence

to the court. Therefore, the court of public opinion must now judge their actions. I am also very disappointed in the lack of media coverage of this travesty in justice. In a free society where the citizens are afraid to walk the streets without fear of violence, the independent media has a responsibility to provide the people with a platform to express their fears and desires. Regrettably, another red flag that must be raised is the suspicion that justice is for sale. Why do some people seem to be above the law while the majority of the citizens are scared and suffering? Do power, privilege and connections provide some immunity? We seem to be drifting towards a way of life where every facet of our existence appears to have an

established market value, including the supposedly invaluable gift of life itself. Whatever the causes may be, one thing is clear – what occurred on Tuesday is a travesty of justice that crossed the line, and warrants a greater backlash than has taken place. Basic good sense dictates we must make certain critical contributions to the upkeep of our society, so that we in return are protected by the institutions of that society – a contract that is essential for us to honour if we are to prevent a descent into anarchy. Our predictably passive response in light of this incident is unwise. If ever there was a time that our usual silence and ‘neutrality’ should be overruled by justice, morality, and a sense of collective responsibility, now is the time. Selwin Asafa George

Women taking over the judiciary in the region DEAR EDITOR, The judiciary is gradually being taken over by women; so much so that an Association of Women Judges has been formed in Trinidad and Tobago and moves have been initiated to establish a Caribbean Association of Female Judges. Statistics show that during the past 15 years there has been a consistent increase in the number of female lawyers in the region. In fact, more than 75% of the graduates from the three law schools in the region Norman Manley Law School of Jamaica, Hugh Wooding Law School of Trinidad and Tobago and the Eugene Dupuch in the Bahamas - are of the fairer sex. And while the number of female lawyers is increasing significantly, the women are moving into the judiciary and other senior legal positions in the region. It might be surprising to jurists and Caribbean readers that 11 of the 17 judges in the Eastern Caribbean are women, including the Chief Justice Janice Pereira, and two female

Court of Appeal judges. All three Masters are also women, and so are the Chief Registrar and several Registrars. Jamaica is also dominated by a large number of female judges, headed by the Chief Justice Zeila Mc Calla, and over in the Bahamas, Dame Joan Augusta Sawyer served both as Chief Justice and President of the Court of Appeal of her country. Trinidad and Tobago also has a significant number of female judges which prompted the establishment of the Association. Chief Justice of the twin-island republic Ivor Archie said that the newlyformed Trinidad and Tobago Association of Women Judges (TTAWJ) must be commended for advancing women’s issues including domestic violence and human trafficking, Archie observed that the TTAWJ is working diligently towards establishing a Caribbean Association of Women Judges to ensure the rights of women and children are adhered to and equality for all citizens before the law. He noted that one in three

women in the region will experience domestic violence and added that “we need men and women who are committed to making a social difference with issues. TTAWJ’s mandate is totally in sync with initiatives like gender, ethnicity, child abuse and trafficking. Issues that concern women and children have been brought forward. It is up to judges to play an import part in national development”. Guyana does not have as many female judges as its Caribbean counterparts, but is dominated by female lawyers (maybe about 75%), so much so that Justice Desiree Bernard, who was the first female Head of the Judiciary in Guyana and the Caribbean, was instrumental in establishing a Female Lawyers Association in the Republic some 25 years ago. Justice Bernard is now the only sitting female judge in the Caribbean Court of Justice. She has been in the regional court since its inception in April 2005. She goes into retirement in March next year. Oscar Ramjeet

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Kaieteur News

Saturday November 23, 2013

Is Guyana a dirty money haven? Chris Ram warns of transaction delays As Guyana begins to assess the likely impact from the region over a failure to pass critical anti-money laundering legislations, a leading auditor has warned against alarm and panic. “We do not anticipate that countries will stop doing business with Guyana. We believe, however, that there will be consequences for businesses and individuals alike as other countries review the framework within which transactions are carried on with Guyana,” said Christopher Ram, a partner in Ram and McRae. Ram, also a business analyst, believes that the most significant impact will be on time sensitive transactions as more questions are raised about the source and destination of funds and the purpose and validity of transactions which could ultimately translate into increased costs and possibly lost business opportunities. Businesses and persons with overseas deals must now expect delays in the processing of both inbound and outbound transactions. He called for proper records keeping. “We further recommend that an additional period of

one week be allowed for any enquiries and investigations. In particular, businesses and individuals must maintain adequate records and a reliable paper trail of their transactions.” The auditor also called on the country’s political leaders, both inside and outside of the National Assembly, to address the money-laundering and related systemic issues that continue to undermine the integrity of Guyana’s financial system, fair trading and public trust and international confidence. Ram explained that the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF), an organisation of states and territories of the Caribbean Basin established in 1990 to implement common countermeasures against money laundering, has identified the legislative and other measures taken by Guyana to deal with money laundering and the financing of terrorism as deficient. The finding was announced by the CFATF at its just concluded biannual meeting held in The Bahamas. The regional body, noting that it told the Bharrat Jagdeo administration since

President Donald Ramotar November 2011 of the measures that Guyana needs to implement, called on its 29 members across the Caribbean Basin to consider counter measures to protect their financial systems from the ongoing money laundering and terrorist financing risks emanating from Guyana. The action comes after persistent attempts dating back to November 2011 to persuade the Government to address the several deficiencies in its anti-money laundering and terrorist financing regime. Ram argued that while CFATF has no powers to impose direct sanctions, it is expected that cross-border financial transactions will be affected in varying degrees as other countries take defensive measures to prevent their own systems

Christopher Ram

from becoming infected by transactions with Guyana. While the 29 members of the CFATF are all Caribbean countries, the organisation itself is a member of the international body, Financial Action Task Force (on Money Laundering) (FATF), an initiative of the Finance Ministers of seven developed nations: the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Canada and Japan. FATF now comprises 34-member jurisdictions and two regional organisations including the CFATF. Ram believed that all the countries coming under the FATF umbrella would carefully consider financial transactions with Guyana. “We do, however, caution against alarm and panic. Prior to the Bahamas meeting, sentiment seemed in favour of blacklisting Guyana which

Former President Bharrat Jagdeo

would result in dire and catastrophic consequences. The language from the meeting was more measured and fell far short of the predictions.” Earlier this year, Government tabled the required law changes but the Opposition sent it to be studied by Parliamentarians in a special select committee. However, after multiple delays and the approaching November deadline, Government in the absence of the Opposition sent it back to the National Assembly where it was promptly voted down. Guyana, this week sent a team, led by Attorney General Anil Nandlall, to The Bahamas to report to CFATF on the steps it had taken to implement measures to fight money laundering. While it was widely expected that CFATF to say that Guyana has been blacklisted, a statement from the body shied away from the use of the word. Government, however, has insisted that it has been blacklisted. Guyana will be reviewed

in May next year to determine whether it has taken steps to address the deficiencies. While there have been many warnings of the impact, there is still confusion on what is likely to play out in the coming days. Already, some businesses have been reporting of their monies being held up with questions being asked by overseas banks. There have also been unconfirmed reports of difficulties with online shopping using credit cards locally issued. What is confirmed is that Citibank, one of the US largest financial institutions, has severed ties. This was confirmed by President Donald Ramotar. Under regulations that CFATF wants, banks, cambios, money transfers, casinos, pawnbrokers, insurance companies and a host of other agencies have to report large cash and suspicious transactions. The intention is to make it more difficult for monies gained through illegal means being washed in the system.

Saturday November 23, 2013

Kaieteur News

Iran, six powers may be edging toward compromise nuclear deal GENEVA (Reuters) - Iran and six world powers appeared closer yesterday towards clinching an elusive interim deal under which Tehran would curb its contested nuclear program, with diplomats saying a major sticking point may have been overcome. A compromise deal over Iran’s insistence that its “right” to enrich uranium be internationally recognized has been proposed, they said, possibly opening the way to a breakthrough in intensive negotiations that began in Geneva on Wednesday. The United States and other Western powers say there is no such thing as a right to enrich - a process that can yield both electricity and nuclear bombs - but Iran views it as a matter of national sovereignty and crucial to any deal that would resolve a decade-old standoff over its nuclear intentions. The Islamic Republic also wants relief from economic sanctions in return for any nuclear concessions that could allay the West’s suspicions that its nuclear fuel-making program has military rather than its stated

John Kerry

Sergei Lavrov

civilian goals. In another sign the sides could be edging towards an agreement, Western diplomats said U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was tentatively planning to join the high-stakes talks in Switzerland although he had yet to confirm his plans. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov arrived in Geneva yesterday evening and planned to participate, spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said. That is the plan,” she told reporters. Zakharova did not rule out Lavrov staying even longer. Foreign ministers from the

six nations negotiating with Iran - the United States, Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany - waded into the previous talks on November 7-9 and came close to winning concessions from Iran which they count on to reduce the risk of Iran honing a nuclear weapons capability. In the days running up to the talks, policymakers from the six powers said an interim accord on confidencebuilding steps could be within reach to start a cautious process of detente with Iran and douse the specter of a wider Middle East war.

British police arrest former Co-op Bank chairman in drugs probe (Reuters) - British police have arrested the former chairman of the Co-operative Bank as part of an investigation into the supply of illegal drugs, ratcheting up pressure on the 141-year-old bank as investors mull plugging a $2.4 billion (£1.48 billion) capital shortfall. Prime Minister David Cameron has questioned why Paul Flowers, a one-time local Labour politician and Methodist preacher with no banking qualifications, was judged suitable for the chairmanship during a period when the bank nearly collapsed. Chancellor George Osborne ordered an inquiry into the bank, just as its parent Co-operative Group seeks approval from bondholders and preference shareholders for a rescue plan that gives a group of hedge funds control of a bank which once promoted its ethical credentials. The publication of a video by the Mail on Sunday which the newspaper said showed Flowers arranging to buy crack cocaine and crystal meth propelled the Co-op into a political storm over the executive’s links to leaders of the opposition Labour party. Police said a 63-year-old man was arrested in the Merseyside area of northern

Paul Flowers England late on Thursday and taken to a police station to assist detectives with their enquiries. Flowers has not yet directly addressed the allegations of drug use, but after the video appeared he released a statement through the Methodist Church saying he had a difficult year. “This year has been incredibly difficult, with a death in the family and the pressures of my role with the Cooperative Bank. At the lowest point in this terrible period, I did things that were stupid and wrong. I am sorry for this, and I am seeking professional help, and apologise to all I have hurt or failed by my actions,” the statement said. He quit his post as deputy chairman of Co-op Group in June - at the same time as he quit the bank - and the BBC

has reported this was because of concerns about his expenses and competence. Flowers could not be reached for further comment and local media, who have dubbed him the “Crystal Methodist”, reported he was in hiding. He has been suspended indefinitely by the Church, which said it did not know where he was. The Co-op scandal has stoked a political row between Cameron’s ruling Conservatives and the opposition Labour Party, which has suspended Flowers. “Why weren’t alarm bells rung earlier, particularly by those who knew? Why was Reverend Flowers judged suitable to be chairman of a bank?” Cameron asked in parliament on Wednesday. He said the government’s priority was to safeguard the bank without using taxpayers’ money. Flowers, who worked in local politics for Labour, approved a donation of 50,000 pounds ($80,700) to the office of its finance spokesman Ed Balls and sat on a business advisory group reporting to its leader, Ed Miliband. Miliband said there were no close links between him and Flowers and he was confident his party had always acted correctly on the issue.

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Kaieteur News

Saturday November 23, 2013

Saturday November 23, 2013

Kaieteur News

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KAIETEUR NEWS SAVES THE DAY! One of the things that you have to admire about Glenn Lall, the publisher of this newspaper, is that he never loses hope. Despite the slow pace of change that has taken place under the Ramotar administration, despite the overwhelming temptation to concede that no matter what is exposed in the Kaieteur News, things remain the same, Glenn continues to battle on firm in the conviction that change for the better will come. He continues to believe he and his newspaper are making a difference. This week there was evidence of this difference when in the face of another masterful piece of investigative journalism by Glenn, and the reporters of Kaieteur News, the government backpedaled on a Memorandum of Understanding it had signed with an investor. This week, change did come to Guyana. It is highly unusual for the ruling People’s Progressive Party to

rescind an agreement that it had entered into and more so when that agreement initially had the blessing of Cabinet. It was Cabinet which, we were told, had initially baptized the MOU that was signed between the government and a company for the establishment of a recycling plant. Soon after this announcement was made, Kaieteur News discovered that the proposed investors had never built any similar facility and that a relative of a Minister of the government was act on the Board of Directors of the company. The Minister later explained that at the time the matter came before Cabinet she was on travel leave and that in any event she was unaware of her daughter’s association with the firm. Following the revelations in the press, the government has taken a decision to rescind the MOU with the investor. This is a very good sign coming from the ruling

Dem boys seh...

Jagdeo lef Donald in a pit Some people gamble and win plenty money. That is why some of dem does end up gambling till dem lose everything. De first big win does sweeten de gambler and he does always chase after other big winnings. Is de same thing wid people who smoke cocaine. Dem does get a high at de first smoke and after then is trouble. Jagdeo was a gambler and he had to be a smoker too. He gamble that he party woulda win de 2011 elections wid a big majority. In fact, when he was campaigning at every stop he announce that he party gun sweep de floor wid de opposition. Dem boys didn’t know that de anti-money laundering people did send a warning to Guyana to clean up de law that it had. Jagdeo gamble big time. He ignore de warning till he win de election. Well dem boys seh that he didn’t win de elections and he didn’t get a majority. If he did get a majority de anti-money laundering Bill woulda pass. De Amaila Falls project woulda been going on and de Specialty Hospital woulda start. And dem boys seh that by de time dem done all of dem would a been like de Skeldon factory – no good. Money woulda spend just like when people gambling and de whole country would a lose, just like when people gambling. Poor Donald. He ain’t no gambler suh he didn’t see what was happening. Now he wish he didn’t listen to Jagdeo from de start because he tell dem boys is he lef in de basket. Is under he presidency that Guyana get blacklist and he didn’t cause it, but he got to tek de blame. Now that Donald seeing de pit that Jagdeo lef fuh he wonder wha more he got to find before he realize that nuff thing wrong. He tell dem boys he was in too much shock when he learn bout de corruption that he had to tell heself that nobody in the government never thief. He couldn’t face de truth. Now he know otherwise. Talk half and help Donald get out that pit wha Jagdeo lef.

administration which in the past would have gone on the defensive and adopted an inflexible approach towards this issue. This is an important development within the ruling administration and shows that change is possible, at least a change of mind. It is a commendable step by the ruling administration which should now go back and do a forensic examination of where it had erred. Cabinet needs to ask itself a number of questions. First of all, did it satisfy itself about the credentials of the firm concerned? Was Cabinet satisfied that proper checks were done on the credentials of this company and its source of financing? Did those checks unearth the evidence as uncovered by Kaieteur News concerning the experience of the firm and

the fact that one of the members of the Board of Directors was related to a Minister of the government. It is important that this sort of self- examination by Cabinet not be avoided because it has implications for other proposals which may be laid before the administration. The principal policy making body of the government must ensure that whenever a proposal comes before it that there is adequate disclosure and that if that proposal concerns an investment that the proper background checks on the company and its principals were done. It is a good thing that the MOU has been rescinded but it would be much better if Cabinet avails itself of the opportunity to determine whether the process that led to the signing of an MOU

benefitted from due diligence or whether it was made without the requisite care and attention that should be involved. While a MOU is not per se a contract to do anything but merely signaling the potential for such an engagement, Guyana has been burnt in the past by commitments made under previous MOUs which in one instance gave to a developer exclusive rights over a project. The developer turned around and sold those rights for millions of US dollars and still stands to benefit should the project go ahead. The second implication for Cabinet is that it should now have second thoughts about the way it sees the media and particularly Kaieteur News. This newspaper provided a great

public service to the country by its exposure of the recycling deal. Hopefully, recognizing the value of this service provided by Kaieteur News would allow the government to rethink its relationship and antagonism with this newspaper. Kaieteur News is not in the business of being liked by anyone. But at least the government should through this incident recognize the very important role that the Fourth Estate plays as an oversight body and how helpful the media can be towards avoiding problems.

Guyanese crew in $50M Ghanaian cocaine seizure remanded Ghana (Ghanaweb) -Five persons, including one Ghanaian arrested on Tuesday in Sekondi in the Western region on board a Guyanese ship containing 21 bags of cocaine worth $50M (37M euros), have pleaded guilty to charges of possessing narcotic drugs, when they were arraigned before an Accra High court yesterday. The accused persons, Mila Ronald, captain of the ship, Perceval Curt, Samuel Mornty, and Saint Praimchad with their Ghanaian counterpart, Seth Grant, were remanded by the court, presided over by Justice C.J. Hoenyenugah, an Appeal court judge, sitting as an additional High Court judge. The accused persons after pleading guilty to possessing narcotic drugs further explained that they could not afford the services of a lawyer to defend them in the case. The court, therefore, remanded them to

re-appear on December 13, this year, by which time, results of exhibits forwarded to the forensic laboratory for testing, would be available. State Attorney, Mr. Samuel Asiamah Sampong, the prosecutor in the case, assured the court that the result of the substances suspected to be cocaine will be made available on the next adjourned date. The accused

persons were on board the ship, “ATIYAH, GeorgeTown”, which was intercepted, following a tip-off from Ghana’s international security partners. The ship was travelling from Guyana, when it was arrested and escorted by Ghana Naval Ship, Yaa Asantewaa, to the Sekondi Naval Base. The accused persons, together with the

substances, were flown to Accra and handed over to the National Security and the Narcotics Control Board for investigations.

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The CFATF blacklist…

Intl community seeks to stamp out lawlessness in Guyana - GTUC The Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) yesterday responded to the decision taken by the Caribbean Financial Action Taskforce (CFATF) and said that it does not interpret it to be a road block for the country. The GTUC believes that the blacklisting of Guyana would serve as an amber light, “signaling to the society our responsibility to manage our business in a transparent manner, guided by international principles and business ethics…And we must proceed with caution in the process of getting it right.” According to a public missive released by the GTUC yesterday, the fallout for Guyana being non-compliant as a regional and international partner is enough to cause Governments and businesses in other countries to be wary of doing business here. It sends a message that the Government of Guyana is an enabler of the lawlessness that the international community is making efforts to stamp out. It said that while the focus of attention does not translate to judicial sanctions it must offer no comfort in, complacency with, or continuity of the lawlessness. According to the GTUC, the consequence of CFATF’s decision will force external partners to insulate themselves from disreputable practices. “It will require those engaged in legitimate practice to demonstrate so which in itself, is a safeguard mechanism and of which the GTUC encourages compliance.” According to the GTUC, in a consumer driven world, legitimate businesses would not usually shun opportunities to expand trade and increase revenue. Further, CFATF’s decision provides businesses both external and internal, the needed protection to safeguard their integrityan aspect the Government of Guyana has thus far demonstrated its disinterest. Lest the nation be misled the Anti-Money

Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Law was subjected to reviews by the CFATF, according to the GTUC. The shortcoming/failures in the law were highlighted and recommendations made to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. It said that absent effective oversight and sanctions would inevitably see Guyana targeted for the treatment now meted out. “The efforts by the government to kick the ball down the road, and not firmly place it in the goal where it belongs, would not have been tolerated by external partners and must not be tolerated by the law-abiding…This remains the interest of the global community and some sections of society.” GTUC explained that the CFATF’s oversight role is continuous and even if the amendment Bill was passed it would not have silenced regional and international bodies whose interest is not only in the passing of laws, but equally and even moreso’, in the activation of laws to bring about needed change. The attention given to Guyana may be discomforting, but money-laundering and financing of terrorism is a global scourge that cuts across borders and has implications for all countries engaged in financial transactions with the government and people. “This society must not lose sight of this…The CFATF decision gives Government an opportunity to clean its Augean stables and send a message that illegal conduct will no longer enjoy officialdom protection or a blind eye; but company must be parted for the nation’s and people’s good.” “The CFATF by its action has placed a price on this society… It is a just price for it empowers the people to ensure Government’s compliance…It provides the needed stimulus to hold hands in the crusade to restore good governance and a safe society.”

Saturday November 23, 2013

APNU dubs public service five per cent salary increase meaningless A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) has registered its dissatisfaction with the meager increase of five per cent to the wages and salaries of all public servants. The Party is therefore calling on the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/) administration to negotiate with the Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) “in good faith for the benefit of the public servants of Guyana and in the interest of efficient government.” At a press conference held at his office, yesterday, Opposition Leader, David Granger, made known APNU’s disapproval with the increase. He said his party strongly condemns the arbitrarily imposed five per cent increase in salaries for public servants which was announced by Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr. Roger Luncheon on Wednesday last. Granger told the media that the “paltry increase for our nurses, teachers, policemen and women, prisons and fire officers, civil servants and soldiers, signals

Opposition Leader, David Granger a continuation by the PPP/C of their assault on the standard of living in denying them a living wage.” He said that it is similar to the percentage increase that had been foisted on all public servants for well over the past decade. Granger dubbed the increase “meaningless.” He also said that it is anything but an increase, something intended to deny public servants a good life.

Granger posited that, factors such s a high rate of inflation, high rate of income tax, high rate of Value Added Tax (VAT) of 16 per cent and National Insurance Scheme (NIS) deductions, all contributes to making the five per cent increase next to meaningless. He said that APNU recognizes that the act is a flagrant breach of the collective bargaining agreement that the government entered into with the Guyana Public Service Union to determine, inter alia, a consensual approach to wages and salaries. Granger said that the government ignored the GPSU call for conciliation under the agreement, even though the government is well aware that the union was asking for a 25 per cent increase in wages and salaries for its workers. “APNU calls on the Minister of Labour, Mr. Nanda Gopaul, to invoke a compulsory arbitration process between the parties to arrive at a living wage for our public servants.”

GTI needs to become polytechnic - Mc Lean The Government Technical Institute (GTI) seems to be stagnated since for the past three years no real efforts have been made to transform the institution into a polytechnic one, despite talks about a roadmap in that direction. This is according to Norman McLean, Chairman of the Board of Governors of GTI, during the institution’s graduation ceremony Thursday evening at the National Cultural Centre. Expressing distress over the situation, McLean stated there are no talks of moving GTI in this direction. He is of the impression this will not become a reality within the near future.

McLean questioned whether the leadership of the technical institute is afraid of a major challenge. He did recognize that a mini step has been taken to embrace Technical and Vocational Education and Training programmes. “I want us to take the next bold step in making our institution polytechnic. I therefore challenge the principal and lecturers and others to make this development,” McLean stated. According to McLean, GTI is faced with the challenge of delivery of training. He noted that it is now fully into competency based education and training with no turning back, despite

Norman McLean his apprehension. He added that his recommended model for the institution is not only the future of Guyana but other CARICOM countries, and those further afield. Another area which would enhance students’ abilities is attachment with companies. According to McLean, GTI has been encouraging companies to provide internship for some students. For the last academic year 150 students were placed with companies such as Demerara Distillers Limited, Banks DIH and Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company. He enlightened that these attachments represent a wonderful opportunity for students and employers to learn from each other.

Saturday November 23, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Lions bring early Xmas Cobbler still on the run cheer to kids, the elderly after torching stepsister As part of their civic duty to the less fortunate, the Lions Club of Ruimveldt yesterday donated a quantity of bedroom needs to residents of Uncle Eddie’s Home, to aid in their comfort. During a simple ceremony held at the home, Lyndon Amsterdam, President of the Lions’ Club handed over the items, noting that the organisation always welcomes the opportunity to contribute to bettering the lives of the residents - as it has been doing for years now. Among the items donated were clothing, bed linen and a number of sanitary items. Administrator Norma Hamilton said that the contribution was most welcome. She guaranteed that the items will be put to good use. In the same vein, members of the Lions Club of Bel Air, Georgetown presented the Special Needs Children of the David Rose School for the Handicapped with gifts during the past week. On Wednesday last, equipped with a quantity of boxes containing 200 school kits, a quantity of hygiene kits and some blankets, members of the Club ventured down to the school’s Thomas Lands location to deliver the gifts. Bel Air Lions Club President, Ray Seebarran, told Kaieteur News that the items were made available through its collaboration with the local

Bel Air Lions Club member Hardevi Persaud hands over a school kit to one of David Rose’s students Jesus Christ Church of Latter Day Saints. He said that the church recently received the items from its United States counterparts and saw it fit to make these available to the less fortunate. Seebarran added that the Bel Air Club is working with other Lions’ Clubs across the country to have the items distributed to other centers outside of Georgetown. Past President of the Club, Yogeshwar Ragbeer, informed that tending to the needs of the disabled children has always been a priority of theirs. As such, for the past ten years they have readily made provisions available to the David Rose School. Lions’ Club member, Hardevi Persaud further

noted that while the organisation is in the practice of making donations to schools, geriatric homes, orphanages and other centers, persons who have special needs are often overlooked. As such, she said that the organisation that she represents made it their duty to fill this gap. Deputy Head Teacher (Ag) of the David Rose School, Osila Harte, in accepting the donations on behalf of the school, expressed gratitude for the continuous provision and much needed support made available by the Lions’ Club and their partners, and assured that the students will make good use of the items received.

The mother of four, Samantha Schwartz, who was reportedly doused with a flammable substance on Thursday by her stepbrother, remains a patient in the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC)’s Burns care Unit with second degree burns about her body. Schwartz, 38, of Section D, South Sophia was set alight around 14:30 hrs on Thursday by her stepbrother who is a cobbler. He accused her of stealing a pair of slippers from his shop. The footwear reportedly contained a quantity of marijuana. The mother of four who sustained burns to her upper body, right face and right arm is in a stable condition at the hospital. She will undergo surgery on Monday. Yesterday, at the hospital, Schwartz would only say that her stepbrother, who is still on the run, accused her of stealing a pair of slippers, when it was actually her friend who stole the pair of slippers. The 38-year-old woman said, before she could have defended herself, he took a white container with liquid and threw it on her and then set her alight. She said everything happened in a hurry. A neighbour, Ann Adams, who witnessed what transpired, said that she was on her verandah painting when she saw the suspect

Samantha Schwartz and his sister talking. “I was looking at them but they weren’t arguing or anything but then I see he (suspect) pulled out a container and

throw it on her and then I see a big ball of fire,” Ann Adams stated. Police took a statement from the wounded woman yesterday.

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Saturday November 23, 2013

Ramsammy meets Hope Canal Contractors...

The eight-gated sluice a critical structure of the Hope Canal project

Contract adjusted for Courtney Benn The contractual agreement between Courtney Benn Contracting Services and the Guyana Government will have to be adjusted, so as to ensure that the Hope/ Dochfour Canal’s looming December 2013 deadline is met. Agriculture Minister, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy visited the site on Saturday last, and told this newspaper that while the other two structures are moving apace, if works on the high-level sluice continue at its current pace, it is unlikely that the approaching December 31 deadline will be met. “It is still possible, but with the way that he (Courtney Benn) is working, Hope Canal would not meet its deadline.” The Minister explained that as part of the new agreement Courtney Benn

Contracting Services will have to get more equipment, hire additional workers and partner with another contractor so that the project can be completed before next year. The hiring of these workers and the provision of more machinery would be done at the expense of Courtney Benn Contracting Services, Dr. Ramsammy stressed. He noted that the most critical part of the sluice, its foundation, is just about 50 percent completed, with the least difficult part of the structure yet to be completed. Hope/ Dochfour Canal is more than a year behind schedule, and earlier this month, Minister Ramsammy said that the Guyana Government is finally prepared to impose the penalty clause on contractors, should the Hope/Dochfour Canal not be completed by the agreed date. Ramsammy noted that his Ministry has been quite patient with the three contracted companiesDIPCON Engineering, BK International and Courtney Benn Contracting Services, especially as it relates to accommodating extensions of proposed deadlines.

The construction of the $3B Hope/Dochfour Northern Relief Channel was undertaken by former Minister of Agriculture, Robert Persaud, who estimated an 18-month completion, when construction commenced in February 2011. Late last year Dr. Ramsammy, in his capacity as Agriculture Minister, announced an extended completion date – June 2013. This was subsequently extended to August 31, and later to December-January 2013. One of the largest infrastructure initiatives in Guyana’s history, overall works on the Hope/Dochfour Canal is approximately 80 percent completed. It has been purported that the relief channel would have the capacity to withstand floods greater than that which occurred in 2005. So far, the three-gated Head Regulatorthe component assigned to BK International is nearing completion. The excavation of the 10.3km long earthen channel, which is being carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture, is about 90 percent complete. The process of shaping the

dam is currently ongoing, with 30 percent already done. Ultimately, the delay on the sluice will stall the entire project operation, since each structure is dependent on the other. The channel is being constructed to ease the pressure of water on the East Demerara Water Conservancy at times when it reaches its maximum capacity, releasing it into the Atlantic Ocean, via the Sluice. Meanwhile, the bridge, sited on the East Coast Public Road, is about 80 percent complete. Works are being carried out by DIPCON Engineering. Dr. Ramsammy said that the process of building an incline road to the bridge is also currently ongoing. Ramsammy did not disclose what the penalty would be, should the contractors not meet the projected deadline. Nonetheless, he is hopeful that Courtney Benn Contracting Services would comply with orders to hire additional workers, so that the

work could speed up. The Minister said however, that the contractors have been working under strenuous circumstances, but despite this, a substantial amount of work has been completed so far. “Even people close to me had said that this project would be impossible, but today, for us to be talking about a deadline, is a major accomplishment,” Dr. Ramsammy said, adding that he is hopeful that none of the contractors would let him down by failing to meet the December deadline. Earlier, in July, a Parliamentary committee visited the multibillion dollar relief channel. Opposition Members of Parliament Joseph Harmon and Rupert Roopnaraine said that they were generally impressed with the works. Roopnaraine had said that even though he was skeptical at the outset about the project and its significant cost, it is commendable that the local engineers and their subordinates were able to

overcome the many technical challenges and complete a considerable portion of the overall project. He had said however that initially, he was for the upgrading the East Bank Demerara outlets, rather than the major investment in the Hope Canal. “I think that whenever it’s completed, the Hope Canal will serve its purpose. I think the work that these engineers were able to complete, with all the technical challenges, is impressive,” A Partnership for National Unity (APNU)’s Roopnaraine added. Joseph Harmon had told Kaieteur News that the works being carried out by the local engineers are testament to the fact that “We don’t need so much of the Chinese and other foreign contractors.” The project is being spearheaded by Chief Executive Officer of the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority, Lionel Wordsworth, and is being supervised by Raymond Latchman Singh and Dr. Ramsammy.

Saturday November 23, 2013

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Victoria toddler drowns in trench Residents of Victoria Vi l l a g e , E a s t C o a s t Demerara were thrown into deep mourning yesterday upon hearing the news that one of their youngest members had drowned. The victim is 17-month-old Jeremiah Murphy, who drowned while attempting to cross a “small” bridge at the back of his Lot 103 Victoria Vi l l a g e , E a s t C o a s t Demerara (ECD) home around 14:00hrs yesterday. The child's mother was too devastated to speak to the media but his father, Ivor Murphy explained that Jeremiah was left in the care of his 15 year old sister when the incident occurred. “We have a double death in the family so all of us went to Belfield to help with the preparation for the funeral. Around 13:00hrs, we called

a car and send the kids home,” the father of five posited. He added that half of an hour later his wife called his daughter to make sure they had reached home safe. “My wife asked her for Jeremiah and she said that he was sleeping and she was looking at the TV…We didn't call back but like my daughter fell asleep and Jeremiah walked out,” Ivor added. Kaieteur News was told that when the older Murphys arrived home, they discovered the back door open. “My wife run to the room and see all of them sleeping but Jeremiah wasn't there so she started hollering.” “After I hear she hollering and calling for Jeremiah, I run straight to the trench at the back because

The dead child's parents and two of his siblings yesterday

Dead: 17-month-old Jeremiah Murphy we does normally use that bridge. When I reach the trench, I saw him floating,” the father said. Fighting to hold back tears, Ivor said that he jumped into the trench and pulled his son out. “He was

already dead so I called the police and they took his body

to the mortuary.” The toddler leaves to

mourn his parents and five siblings.

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Saturday November 23, 2013

Saturday November 23, 2013

Kaieteur News


Immigration News For Our Community By Attorney Gail S. Seeram Through this “Question & Answer� column, our goal is to answer your immigration questions. We appreciate your comments and questions. If you have a question that you would like answered in this column, p l e a s e e m a i l : Question #1: I have a B-1/B-2 tourist visa, how often can I travel to the United States? Answer #1: As often as you like. However, if you spend excessive amounts of time in the U.S. and an immigration officer detects that you spend more time in the U.S. than in your native country, then the immigration officer can deny entry or limit your time in the U.S. Generally, the immigration officer allows a visitor to spend six months in the U.S., but he can restrict your time in the U.S. to one month or one week if he finds that you have traveled excessively into the U.S. Question #2: M y child's father just got a green card. Can he file for his 27-month-old daughter in Guyana or does he have to wait until he is a U.S. Citizen? Answer #2: Y e s , a permanent resident or green card holder can file a sponsorship petition for a child under age 21 and an unmarried child over age 21. Currently, the processing time for a permanent resident filing for a child is under one year. Question #3: I a m a U.S. Citizen and I filed a sponsorship petition for my brother and it was denied because we failed to establish the relationship.

What does this mean? Answer #3: I n s o m e cases, birth certificates are not enough to establish sibling relationships. Usually, you need to show at least one common parent. There may be some error or discrepancy in the birth certificate for you and/or y o u r b r o t h e r. My recommendation is to get a DNA test for you and your brother to establish the sibling relationship. DNA testing is accepted by U.S. immigration. Question #4: I a m a green card holder living in the U.S. and would like to sponsor my wife who is in the U.S. without status. Can I file for her as a green card holder or should I become a U.S. citizen and then file for her? Answer #4: Since your wife is in the U.S. without legal status, my recommendation is for you to file for U.S. Citizenship and then you can file an alien relative petition and adjustment of status application for your wife. As an immediate relative of a U.S. citizen, your wife would be eligible to apply for permanent resident status in the U.S. only after you are a U.S. citizen.

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Saturday November 23, 2013

Lindener is the latest Courts millionaire

Courts millionaire Cliff Wilson flanked by Courts employees and other winners Cliff Wilson of Kaburi Street, Ituni District, Region Ten became the most recent millionaire in the Courts weekly Christmas promotion yesterday. Wilson is one of seven winners in the “Be a millionaire promotion,� which commenced on November 7, 2013. Yesterday's other lucky winners include Gordon Trim, of Crane Housing S c h e m e , We s t C o a s t Demerara; Mohan

Deonarine of Uitvlugt, West Coast Demerara; Cliff Henry of Soesdyke/Linden Highway; Mahendra Singh, of Sherriff Street, Campbellville; George Garnett of Melanie Damishana; Abdul Tahir, of New Housing Scheme, Charity, Pomeroon; Stephen Persaud, of Third Street, Bartica; Deodatt Seodatt of Parika Backdam; Jerika Chow of 1122 EE Eccles East Bank Demerara, John B a p t i s t e Ta m b a r i n o f

Gasculit, Mara, East Bank Berbice; and Carol Ann Gilgeous of Mahaicony. The consolation prizes included a Whirlpool refrigerator, Whirlpool gas stove, LG Smart TV, Sony Home Theatre system and a Panasonic mini system. Every week until December 28, 2013 Courts Guyana Incorporated will choose twelve lucky customers from around the country, vying for $1 million and other fabulous

consolation prizes. Any customer, who shops $5,000 and more from a Courts Branch nationwide, is eligible to be a Courts millionaire. Courts Guyana Inc. is using the opportunity to reward its customers for their loyal patronage throughout the year and the big prize promotion will allow them to win and become a millionaire. The next millionaire draw is slated for November 29, 2013.

Saturday November 23, 2013

Kaieteur News

GRA enforcement activities to be boosted significantly with new scanner By: Kiana Wilburg A state of the art scanner will be put into operation in the coming weeks by the Guyana Revenue Authority as it seeks to reduce the amount of drugs and illegal imports that have been slipping through the crevices of the system. On Wednesday last, GRA's Commissioner General, Mr. Khurshid Sattaur offloaded the new scanner from the John Fernandes Wharf. The scanner which is worth about $800 million was donated to Guyana earlier this year by the Chinese Government. Speaking with this publication, Sattaur said that it is the most modern scanner available on the international market. He explained that the mobile scanner which will be transported by a Volvo truck is designed to inspect a container within one minute and is manufactured by the Chinese firm –NUTECH, which uses the latest technology in x-ray imaging. The new equipment is the latest method being employed by the GRA in an effort to strengthen its enforcement activities and enhance its export surveillance ability. Two other scanners are currently in use aimed at effectively combating tax evasion, as well as providing helpful data on illegal substances such as narcotics stashed in containers and suitcases. Since the implementation of the first scanner in 2011, there have been a number of charges. Persons were placed before the court for trying to smuggle illegal substances in the country concealed in shipments of lumber, fruits such as star apples, and even in vegetables such as pumpkins. Despite having some amount of success, drugs continue to pass under the radar. As recent as Tuesday last,

the Western Naval command apprehended a Guyanese vessel carrying 21 bags of an illegal substance, suspected to be cocaine. The ship was travelling from Guyana, when it was detained and escorted by Ghana Naval Ship, Yaa Asantewaa, to the Sekondi Naval Base. The accused persons, together with the substances, were flown to Accra and handed over to the National Security and the Narcotics Control Board for investigations.The crew comprised four Guyanese and one Ghanaian. Sattaur said it is unfortunate when such i n c i d e n t s o c c u r, b u t maintains that the new scanner will significantly boost the system and his sector will “continue to forge ahead in its efforts to ensure that no one slips through the proverbial cracks.” He asserted that the machine will be used for the scanning of containers entering and leaving the local ports, and will enhance the Revenue Authority's security programme for the protection of cargo. The machine also utilizes cutting-edge technology and will be used primarily for scanning high-density products including frozen and refrigerated cargo. Further, the Mobile Container/Vehicle Inspection System is very fitting for the examination of fully loaded containers, vehicles or stationary objects. According to the Tax Chief, its flexibility and fast feedback are suited for surprise inspections at frontiers and ports. With its high quality scanning images and powerful software tools, Sattaur says inspectors would be able to quickly discern any contraband concealed in containers without having to open them. T h e s y s t e m s manufactured by NUCTECH are being utilized in more than 20 countries and districts, the Commissioner General said.

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222 to graduate from UGBC today


wo hundred and twenty- two students are expected to graduate today at the 12th Convocation of the University of Guyana, Berbice Campus (UGBC) at Tain, Corentyne. A c c o r d i n g t o Administrative Officer of UGBC, David Cort, 78 students will graduate from the Faculty of Natural Sciences; eight from Agricultural Science; 53 in Natural Sciences and the largest bloc—83—from the

School of Education and Humanities. Fifty- nine students will be conferred with their Bachelor's Degrees; 40 with their Certificates; 44 with their Associate Degrees; while 77 students will graduate with their Diplomas. The Convocation will begin at 16:30 hrs with the University Procession to the University Square. Several senior officers from the University will lead the Chancellor's Procession, including Mr. Vincent

Saturday November 23, 2013

Senior officers of UG during the 11th Convocation

Alexander, the Registrar; Coordinators of the various faculties; Pro- Chancellor, Prof. Prem Misir; ViceChancellor, Prof. Jacob Opadeyi; Deputy- Vice Chancellor, Mr. Philip Da Silva; and Acting Director of the Berbice Campus, Dr. S u b r a m a n i a n Gomathinayagam. The Mace Bearer will be Lecturer, Orson La Rose. The Guyana Police Force (GPF) Band, M.S. will be there to give musical accompaniment and renditions. Dr. Gomathinayagam is expected, too, to present the Director's Report of the campus for the past year. Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Dr. Frank Anthony is expected to deliver the feature address. It is expected that after the Presentation of Graduands, the Registrar will request that the Pro- Chancellor confer

the Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates on the graduates. Outstanding students will also receive special prizes and awards. Primary school teacher, Coffea Brummel, of the School of Education and Humanities will deliver her Valedictory Address. The University is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year.

Saturday November 23, 2013

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Smith Memorial Congregational Church is 170 Years old This month, Smith Memorial Congregational Church Brickdam will celebrate its 170th Anniversary. The occasion will be marked by an anniversary service on Sunday November 24 at 09:00 Smith Memorial Congregational Church was erected as a tribute to the memory of reverend John Smith, a London Missionary society Minister, who was sentenced to die by hanging, for the role he allegedly played in the notorious East coast Demerara Slave rebellion of 1823. Smith died as a prisoner on death row on February 6, 1824. He was thereafter referred to as the Demerara Martyr as a result of the circumstances surrounding his death. Today Smith Memorial Congregational Church stands resplendent on the lush green parish situated at the south eastern shoulder of Brickdam, Georgetown. The history of the Church

reveals that Reverend Smith arrived in Demerara in February 1817 to succeed the reverend John Wray Pioneer, missionary of London Missionary Society at Bethel Chapel Le Resouvenir, East Coast Demerara, like his predecessor Wray; Smith gave instructions to the slaves. Both missionaries taught the slaves to read the bible and catechism. Smith, as in the case of John Wray, did much to lay the foundation of school and education for their congregation. Amongst those who suffered death for the 1823 uprising, are Quamina a slave and senior deacon at Bethel Chapel, his son Jack Gladstone and other slaves. On November 24, 1843 exactly 20 years after the date on which reverend Smith was sentenced to death, Smith Memorial Church opened as a tribute to the work and suffering the priest endured on behalf on his deacons, members and other followers.

Smith Memorial Congregational Church Brickdam, Georgetown

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Saturday November 23, 2013

Fertilizing coconut trees is the way forward Over the past few years, Guyana's coconut has been in vast demand, especially on the international market, and to improve this, the way forward is fertilizing coconut trees. This was according to Adrian Mangar, an official of National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI), during a recent interview

with Kaieteur News. E a r l i e r t h i s y e a r, Minister of Agriculture, Dr Leslie Ramsammy, placed specific emphasis on the coconut industry. He said that measures will be put in place for major improvements. Mangar said that NARI, an arm of the Agriculture Ministry, has been working to sensitize farmers to the

- NARI official various technologies and strategies that they can use to improve coconut production. He explained that although there are many people who make a living by planting trees and selling coconuts, not many of them take time to groom and take

care of the trees like they would other plants. Mangar said that coconut trees should be fertilized, and that this is the way forward for the coconut industry. “A not-fertilized tree would give you about 20 to 25 nuts per bunch. This would be like nine to 10 bunches per year, and sometimes not all the nuts stay on,” he explained. Mangar said that should farmers fertilize their trees, their production would be more. “If farmers do fertilize their trees, they could get as many as 48 nuts per bunch,” Mangar stressed. Just recently, coconut farmers from the Pomeroon, Wakenaam, and Mon Repos were involved in fertilization trials where NARI sought to prove that fertilizing coconut trees will prove beneficial, and will boost revenue. Minister Ramsammy had explained that Guyana's coconut contain one of the thickest kernel in the world. It is because of this that the Ministry of Agriculture has opted to make the coconut industry a priority for this year (2013). It was also stated that over 100,000 water nuts are required weekly to supply just the local market.

Apart from being a very important crop in sustaining livelihoods in many communities across the country, coconut is once again regaining its importance in agricultural development in Guyana. During last year, Guyana's coconut industry raked in $480M from its exports. Coconut is currently the third largest export crop behind rice and sugar. The coconut industry in Guyana has been identified as one of the sectors with a large potential for further development. The byproducts of coconut are also taking a strong stand in Guyana's exports. Just recently, a European group proposed that Guyana supply 32,000 litres of coconut water per week for markets in Europe. This has been recorded

as a huge opportunity for local coconut farmers, and is expected to contribute to the overall growth of the sector, especially since it was made clear that this initial order could see an increase. For the exports to further skyrocket, the production of better coconuts is key, thus, Mangar stressed that local farmers need to familiarize themselves with the importance of fertilizing and taking care of their coconut trees, as they would any other crop. He said that this would ultimately lead to better byproducts. Some products that are made locally using the various components of coconut include roofing tiles made from the husk, extra virgin coconut oil, coconut based wine, coconut butter, coconut flakes, ornaments, jewelry, and kitchen utensils.

Courts lights up Essequibo Courts much anticipated annual road show brought much delight to Essequibians both young and old, who turned out in their numbers, at the Courts, Richmond store, Thursday evening for the Christmas tree lighting.

The main attraction of the road show afforded children an opportunity to interact and be photographed with their favorite local cartoon character, the likes of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Dora, Spider man, Big Bird, Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus and a Little Princess. Customers who purchased any item worth $30,000 were afforded a chance to get one hundred percent off of that item, once they got lucky on the spin wheel. Managing Director of Courts Inc. Clyde de Hass said that the team also visited the Queenstown

Rehabilitation Centre for the Disabled during Thursday. Persons with various disabilities were presented with gifts. After the team returned from the Rehab Centre at Queenstown, Santa and his entourage assembled at the Courts store at Richmond Village where they were treated to Christmas tunes performed by Ravi D and his band. The tree lighting was the climax to the day's event. R a d i o p e r s o n a l i t y, Wanita Huburn, was the master of ceremonies. The team will continue its annual road show in Mahaica, Parika and finally in Linden.

Saturday November 23, 2013

Kaieteur News

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GPHC appoints new Skeldon teacher miscarriage head of Emergency Room - plans apace to revamp ambulance service In recognition of the fact that Emergency Medicine is not merely carried out at the level of a health care facility, strategic moves are being streamlined by the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) to put measures in place to facilitate pre-hospital care. This course of action is expected to see the hospital introducing an Emergency Medical System which will incorporate an ambulance service, complete with Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). Newly qualified Emergency Medicine Specialist, Dr. Zulfikar Bux, is expected to spearhead this venture with support from expert officials of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, United States. At a media briefing yesterday Dr. Bux was officially introduced to the media as “a fully trained Emergency Medicine Specialist in Guyana.” Dr. Bux, under the supervision of faculty members from Vanderbilt, successfully completed three years of rigorous training at the GPHC. He excelled in both his written and oral examinations administered on behalf of the University of Guyana by the Emergency Medicine Faculty from Vanderbilt, the University of Florida, and the University of the West Indies. Moreover, he became the first local doctor to be bestowed with the Masters of Medicine in Emergency Medicine from the University of Guyana at the institution’s 47th Convocation ceremony last week Saturday. Another 11 residents have already commenced the programme

GPHC’s new Head of Department for Accident and Emergency

as moves are made to further improve the delivery of emergency medicine care. In the meantime Dr. Bux’s accomplishment has allowed for him to be appointed as Head of Department for Accident and Emergency at the GPHC. He has an ambitious plan to not only improve Emergency Medicine at the hospital but even outside of the institution. This will see the unfolding of a pilot project, perhaps as early as the beginning of the New Year, which will see the implementation of an improved ambulance care service. “We have realised at this point in time if there is an accident on the road you are brought here in a taxi...we are going to start an ambulance service to (cater to) the communities within Georgetown,” according to Dr. Bux. Ahead of this though, he noted that efforts will be made to train personnel, including drivers and EMTs, for this venture, even as other necessary measures are put

in place. At the moment the ambulance response of the GPHC is not a structured one, Dr. Bux acknowledged, even as he added that the ambulance service in place is designed to accommodate inter-hospital care. “If you are a member of the public and you call for an ambulance it will depend on the availability. At this point in time we have an attendant who is not a paramedic or an EMT and we have the ambulance driver; if there is need for actually a physician or a nurse, we would make that decision according to the severity,” Dr. Bux explained. He underscored though that since “generally the reliability of the ambulance service in this country is not what it should be, as is expected in the US and other developed countries, we are working to improve it.” According to Dr Bux, the plan is being formulated in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health and its overseas medical partners (Continued on page 24)

Taxi driver pepper sprayed, car hijacked

Arif Samad, 22, had his car hijacked on Thursday, after being sprayed in the face with pepper spray and shoved out of the driver’s seat of his silver-grey Toyota 212 (PRR 5750) by a couple posing as legitimate commuters. According to Samad, who is attached to the Bora Taxi Service, he was at the base located at Cornelia Ida, West Coast Demerara when the couple approached him and requested to be taken to the Diamond Housing Scheme. “The man seh that I got to carry him to First Avenue, Diamond and that when I coming back, I got to take the girl to Stewartville, West Coast Demerara, so I carry them,” Samad said. He added that at first, the couple appeared to have been confused as to where they wanted to go. He said, however, that after a while, the man pointed to a big house up ahead,

and asked that Samad stop there. Samad said, “When I stop the car, the girl who did sitting behind my seat, opened the car door from outside. By the time I look, the man lean over and start spraying something in my face. It got to be pepper spray. It did blistering bad, and I couldn’t see. We had a scuffle and they manage to push me out of the car, and although I try fuh get out the keys, I couldn’t. Dem get fuh getaway.” Samad told this newspaper that a report was made to the Diamond Police Station and investigations are ongoing. The door lock, gas tank cover, and door handles of the hijacked car, can be easily identified. Samad is asking for anyone with information about his car, to contact him on telephone numbers 676-1604, 614-0264, 276-3232.

case dismissed Magistrate Rabindranauth Singh dismissed the case against Nikita Ramdehol, the parent of a Skeldon Primary School student, on Thursday at the Springlands Magistrate Court. It brought to an abrupt end a nearly two- year case that was being called at the court at least twice per month. Teacher Carmelita Hackim, 28, filed assault charges against the parent from Crabwood Creek last year June. Hackim claimed that Ramdehol had hit her on her arm and on her back at the school on January 19, 2012. Hackim was two months’ pregnant. The young teacher solicited the services of lawyer, Ryan Crawford, while the parent was represented by Mr. Adrian Anamayah. Hackim said that she was supervising a class when she “was confronted by the parent, Nikita Ramdehol, and she asked me if there was a problem– that I hit her nephew (name of child given). “I told her I did not, that I only tapped the child on his

shoulder for him to tell the other child ‘sorry’. She turned to me and asked me for a demonstration of how I dealt with her nephew”. The teacher said that she then tapped the woman on her shoulder to show her how she dealt with her nephew. “She turned and dealt me three blows in the arm, severely…Then she asked how I would feel if she would have hit me like that. I told her I did not hit the child and she had just hit me.” As the teacher was turning to go back to her class, she was once more dealt another two blows to the back. “And I was near two months’ pregnant.” The teacher had provided this newspaper with a medical certificate showing a miscarriage. The parent had refuted all of the allegations. Minister of Education, Ms. Priya Manickchand, had summoned Hackim tell her story at the GTU Conference in New Amsterdam last year. The teacher received full support of the Minister that the perpetrator “should face the full force of the law”.

Carmelita Hackim After the case was dismissed, a very dissatisfied Hackim left the court. “Is me alone going to court. I had no [GTU] Union rep and nobody would call or find out anything or say anything.” “I feel insulted because (the parent) has something to laugh about and we as teachers, we don’t have any value. This thing really took a toll on me…to go through all this and face all this and to just stand up and hear that the case was dismissed,” she complained. Hackim has since resigned from the teaching profession and has started her own play school in Corriverton. Efforts to contact GTU President, Mr. Colin Bynoe proved futile.

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WANTED Contract cars- Contact City Taxi Service- 660-1100 / 2267150 Experienced driver & dispatcher @ Princess hotel – Tel:265-7075; 265-7076; 616-5419 One salesgirl to work in Gent’s store – Age 17-24. Must live on ECD – Text or call:615-8121 One live in domestic Contact: 658-9495; 6272550 Husband / wife live in caretaking duties. Drivers: Car/Van licensed 30-45yrs. Live in domestic – Tel:2271830; 613-3091 Wanted Vendors - To sell locally produced products Call 267-2355 or 622-2290 Handyboys to work – 16yrs and over. Live-in accommodation and meal free! Telephone:228-5655; 628-1756 One person to look after layer birds in interior- Tel: 681-6044 Office Clerk: CXC English/ Mathematics- Call:225-0188/ 225-6070 Space for gym in Georgetown or immediate environment – Tel: 658-9045; 658-9044

Kaieteur News

SERVICES Professional and affordable landscaping and tree trimming services. BUDRAM’S LANDSCAPING SERVICES Call: 656-1326; 678-0058 We repair fridge, freezer, AC, washer, dryer call:2310655,683-8734 Omar Permanent & Visitors Visa Applications, Professional Immigration Consultant Room D5 Maraj Building Call:225-6496,6626045,223-8115 Repairs, sales & spares air conditioning, microwaves, washer, fridges & stoves. Ultra Cool, call:225-9032,647-2943 We Refill HP cartridges for $1800 call: 650-7699 Repairs to Fridge, Freezer, AC, Washers, Stoves: Call 683-1312,627-3206 (Nick) HOUSE PLAN DRAFTING FOR ONLY $10,000- CALL: 694-9843/227-2766 Text your name & Address for a Gospel Package - Tel: 675-7292 Technicians available for appliance repairs – washers, dryers, microwaves, stoves, deep fryers, etc – Tel:6190793; 218-0050

One male for 11pm to 7am shift – Tel:650-0104 1 Labourer – Call:226-3736 Live in domestic. Must know to cook Indian dishes, live in waitress, salary $50,000 Tel: 610-3974 3 washbay attendants; male or female between 18-25yrs – Tel:227-5169 Salesgirls & porters: Apply with written application @ Best Buy Food Supplies: Lot 1E Middleton & Dennis Street Campbleville One experienced Nail technician, specialized nail art design, air brush and hair extension – Tel:231-6000

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Saturday November 23, 2013

VEHICLE FOR SALE 1 2006 Toyota BB PPP Registration - Tel: 650-3099 Vacancy: Toyota Tundra, Tacoma, Nissan Tittan, Ford F150 Parts in a hurry! - Tel:226-5473 Toyota Fortuna for sale. Excellent condition, very low mileage – Contact:600-3320 1 Toyota Caldina & Fielder Wagon, IST, NZE Corolla, Fun Cargo, AT212, AT192, Hilux pick up 4x4- Tel: 6445096, 697-1453 1 Suzuki 600 GS X – R , 1 Toyota RAW- 4 & CERESTel: 644-5096, 697-1453 5L Toyota Hilux (Winch, mud grip tyres) Interior Ready - In Excellent Condition - Tel: 667-2703 or 662-5570 Unregistered Toyota Spacio 2003 model & Toyota Sienta 2004 - Tel: 617-5536 NY business needs hard worker immediately. Smart, assertive business person needed. Email: edu-help@ One registered NZE Corolla - Call: 652-3820; 665-4529 One Toyota Tercel car PHH series in very good condition - Tel: 667-1444 Corrola Axio -$2,850,000 , Spacio PRR Series -$2.1M, CRVPJJ - $1.7M – Tel: 697-0294 EDUCATIONAL CXC/CAPE classes for students and adults. Highly qualified teachers & CXC examiners – Call:683-3887 Register now for CAPE Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics classes - Call: 683-3887

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Saturday November 23, 2013

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Letters... Where your views

(From page 22)

In the market place of ideas... From page 4 subject we are only stractching the surface. The truth is that the more we know, the more we become conscious of our own ignorance and limitations. This is why we should all be humbled by education and eschew any tendency to as it were, ‘show off’ or adopt an arrogant attitude towards others, especially those who may not have the opportunity to attain higher education. I thought of making these few observations as I watched the hundreds of students who graduated from the University of Guyana at its most recent Convocation ceremony at the Turkeyen Campus. This is quite a historic event, not only because it represented one of the largest batches of students to graduate from the University but more significantly the graduation ceremony coincided with the 50th anniversary celebrations of the University this year. As most Guyanese are aware, the university was established on October 1963 by the Jagan-led PPP administration and until this day remains one the flagship projects ever undertaken in Guyana. Education, in particular higher education, goes beyond the mere finding highpaying jobs, even though the need to serve one’s country in a manner with which one is best suited cannot be dismissed. As the saying goes, one cannot be educated and poor at the same time. Implicit in this statement is the fact that education is a form of empowerment which allows those so bestowed to broaden their horizons and perspectives and cause people to be much more cre-

ative and resourceful in terms of how they manage their own affairs and shape their individual destinies. This is not to say that university graduates are immune from making mistakes in life. Some of the most horrible and costly mistakes in human history were made by people with higher education. James the First of England during the period of Tudor rule in England was described as the “wisest fool in Christiandom.” The point here is that education and wisdom are not necessarily one and the same as there are so many people who never went high in school but their level of contribution to society and their analytical abilities are as good if not better than those with university degrees. The PPP government, more particularly the late Dr. Cheddi Jagan, must be commended for his perspicacity and vision in establishing the University of Guyana at a time when the resources of the country were very limited and when there were so many competing demands for development resources. He encountered several obstacles along the way but he remaind firm and resolute in his resolve to allow Guyanese to be the architects of their own development through education and training. Today, fifty years later, Dr. Jagan has been proven correct and the University of Guyana stands as a living monument to a man who never lost hope in his country and people and the huge potential that lies ahead which only an educated and skilled populace can effectively harness and utilize. Hydar Ally

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PROPERTY FOR SALE EDUCATIONAL Nehemiah Comprehensive School; evening classes: Integrated Science, Human and Social Biology - Call:2260847 for more details.

VERSAILLES: Furnished 5 bedrooms, self-contained rooms, modern facilities, generator, beautiful landscape, gated community- Call:592-6248704/592-684-9203 Eccles 3 bedroom (one master) House - $25M Call Diana:227-2256; 626-9382

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B & C Driving School: Lot 5 Hadfield streer Lodgecall: 225-0150,229-7258, 680-6826 Soman & Sons Driving School , First Federation Building Call 225-4858, 6445166,622-2872,615-0964

House lot for sale on the West Bank of Demerara Harbour bridge in Harbourville contact # 6500402 Non- Pariel, Eccles, Herstelling 100ftX60Ft $4M-$5M – Tel: 218-5591; 675-7592



Ultravoilet Driving School Tel: 226-0765; 602-2583 (Gwenette)

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Dolly’s Car Rental- Call: 2257126/226-3693- dollysauto Premio, Vitz call:679-7139

Furnished top flat house, Queenstown, generator, A/ C, Grille & parking -Tel:2271218 or kpthomas7@gmail. com Ground Floor Office space, Queenstown, generator, A/ C, grille & parking - Tel:2271218 or Furnished apartments $70,000 monthly - Tel: 687-3017 2 flat new building (down town) suitable for business or offices- Tel: 227-8519

Wings Car Rental- Call: 643-1131 A i d a n ’s C a r R e n t a l & Pickup- Call: 645-7981/ 698-7807


MASSAGE American Style massage services- Call:678-7499 The Gent’s Spa: Let beautiful sophisticated masseuse pamper you: New masseuse available- Call: 657-5979

One barber station / hair station / one nail station in Kitty area – Contact: 6227031 or 670-4270 One bedroom apartment @ Soesdyke – Phone:604-7022 Property rentals at different price- Tel: 231-2199, 618-7483

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Kaieteur News

Saturday November 23, 2013

More charges for “Mastermind” in $93M Port Kaituma gold heist The alleged “master conspirer” in the $93M gold heist from the El Dorado Gold Trading Company in Port Kaituma on November 8 has been slapped with an additional charge. An indictable simple larceny charge was previously read to him and three co-accused. The charge alleged that on November 8, at Port Kaituma they stole 96 ounces of raw gold valued at $22M and $71M cash from El Dorado Gold Trading

Company. At the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court yesterday, Neville “Sunil” Chandrawattie, was further slapped with unlawful possession of ammunition and firearms charges. Chandrawattie pleaded not guilty before Chief Magistrate Priya SewnarineBeharry to the charges which claim that during the period of October 1 to November 8, he had in his possession one .32 Taurus pistol as well as

two rounds of .32 ammunition when at the time he was not the holder of a firearm licence. Representing the “mastermind” was Defence Attorney Latchmie Rahamat, who in her bail application stated that her client has no knowledge of any firearm or ammunition and at every opportunity has denied such claims. However, State Prosecutor Glenn Hanoman reiterated that a robbery of a similar nature was also

conducted on the said company (El Dorado Trading) a few years ago. He said that a murder resulted from that act and the police are currently investigating the similarities of the cases since the possibility exists that a murder charge may arise from the investigations. The State Prosecutor further added that it was in the interest of the accused that he requests that he remains in custody. Hanoman told the court that

Chandrawattie was cooperative with the Guyana Police Force in locating the co-accused and further went to the home of Amirulllah Kudratulla, Anil Dhiram and Kenneth Garraway who are also charged in the matter, so with his safety in mind, he opined that the “mastermind” should be further remanded. On account of the simple larceny charge which each of the accused currently faces, during the hearing it was revealed that Kenneth Garraway, the owner of the boat in which the items were allegedly transported, was recently granted bail to the tune of $1.5M by Chief Justice Ian Chang. Attorney at Law Mursaline Bacchus informed the court that his client Amirulllah Kudratulla has a pending application for bail before the Chief Justice while Defence Attorney Tejnarine Ramroop renewed a bail

Kevin Chandrawattie, “mastermind” in gold heist application for Anil Dhiram since according to him his client was not further charged as previously promised by the Prosecution. However, Chief Magistrate thereafter acknowledged the pending bail application before the Chief Justice and further remanded the men to prison. They are expected to make their next court appearance on November 29.

GPHC appoints new head of... From page 21 with a view of implementing an Emergency Medical System at the GPHC before it is expanded throughout the country. He explained that the proposed pilot project will undergo needful tweaking before it is allowed to be rolled-out further. Also present at yesterday’s press briefing was Dr John Paul Rodhe, Medical Director of the Vanderbilt Emergency Department and project leader for the Vanderbilt/GPHC collaboration. In commenting on the improved ambulance service he explained that “a critical piece of this system is not to say that we don’t have ambulances or there are not people to drive them...these exist...but the plans that we have a great deal to do with linking of the ambulances with a communication system and with a tracking system that will help us position effectively so that when the public needs one it is available in a reliable way.” The forum was also attended by other Vanderbilt officials including: Dr. Corey Slovis, Dr. Stephan Russ and Dr. Nicolas Forget, all of whom have been, and continue to work closely with Dr. Bux and by extension the GPHC to improve Emergency Medicine.

Saturday November 23, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

Office holders should be held accountable for poor decisions DEAR EDITOR, With regards to references to corruption in recent commentaries and reports in your paper, I have traveled globally quite often visiting many third world nations, some several times as part of my studies. Corruption is unavoidable, and yes, it exists in America and the Western democracies as well. Corruption exists almost everywhere, but is more endemic in the third world than in the first world (third world politicians tend to be greedier). The second world countries also have widespread corruption, but they are making progress. Crony capitalism is very common, especially in countries in transition from socialism to market economy and those (especially in the third world) emerging from abject poverty towards modernization. In my widespread study travels, I find the Scandinavian countries to be the most transparent and having the least corruption while the third world countries are the most corrupt. This is a far cry from when these third world societies were under

colonial rule, when corruption was negligible; the White man kept a lid on corruption – of course they enriched themselves off the backs of the colonized. In comparing and contrasting ill-governance and corruption between third world and first world nations, third world politicians steal like there is no tomorrow. Third world politicians are bold-faced when it comes to looting the treasury and virtually none of the third world countries run an honest government. Honesty and integrity are not buzzwords in the third

world and the politicians and government officers somehow feel they should not be held accountable for their actions. Some of them are most incompetent and unfit for the positions they hold and often make decisions or take actions inimical to the interests of the nation. Because they enjoy immunity for their actions, they feel they can do anything. They literally get away with their incompetence and sometimes deliberate inaction or poor decisions. And whenever allegations are made against them, they invoke their immunity. This is

most unfortunate. This is not to say that there aren’t decent Gandhiantype incorruptible politicians (like the late Cheddi Jagan, Eusi Kwayana, Dr Fenton Ramsahoye, Balram Singh Rai, etc.) but they are just a few around. Dr. Fenton Ramsahoye told me in a recent interview that the British Governor to Guyana in the early 1960s told him (then the Attorney General) that he never came across Ministers who were so honest as in Guyana in all of the colonies (in Africa and Asia) he served as an officer of the British government.

“British Guiana is the only place where Ministers don’t steal or take bribes”, the Governor told him. I feel the time has come for all office holders (Ministers, in particular) and government officials in all countries, especially third world countries, to be held legally, and not just electorally, accountable for their intentional or negligent mismanagement in government. If they abuse their power, they should and must be prosecuted. If they take actions that are self-serving (to benefit family, friends,

partners, etc.) or that are inimical to the interests of the nation, they should be held personally liable. Also, stronger measures are needed to clampdown on corruption. And evidence must be tendered to bring charges against corrupt accused, not mere unsubstantiated allegations that unjustly tarnish people’s character or good name. One must not simply assume there is corruption when a contract has been awarded. If evidence exists, present it to the authorities for prosecution! Vishnu Bisram

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Saturday November 23, 2013

Hundreds of thousands evacuated as Cyclone Helen hits India New Delhi (AFP) Hundreds of thousands were evacuated as a severe cyclone slammed into southeastern India yesterday, packing strong winds and torrential rains and killing at least two people, according to officials. “Cyclone Helen has made landfall,” an official with the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) told AFP, as rains lashed Andhra Pradesh, disrupting life and snapping communication lines. Two people were killed by falling trees in the storm that comes a month after a cyclone left at least 18 people dead and a trail of destruction along coastal Andhra Pradesh and in the eastern state of Orissa.

Disaster authorities expect “high rainfall during the next 24 hours” in three coastal districts of cycloneprone Andhra Pradesh, said the disaster management official. The cyclone was expected to be downgraded into a “deep depression” late yesterday, the official said. State authorities have evacuated hundreds of thousands of people out of the storm’s path and rushed emergency services into areas reeling from the high winds and heavy rains. “Hundreds of thousands have been moved. We were expecting the evacuation of 400,000 people,” the NDMA official said. Rains, accompanied by winds packing speeds of up to 70 kilometres (43 miles) an

hour, lashed parts of the mainly farming state, she said. “Sea conditions will be very rough off Andhra Pradesh coast during the next 12 hours.” The Indian weather office said there could be “extensive damage to thatched roofs and huts”. Some 20 rescue teams have been deployed in the flood zone to provide help, the official said. Helen, which is labelled “severe”, is considerably weaker than the “very severe” cyclone Phailin which pounded the east coast further to the north in October. The most powerful storms which strike India at this time of year are classed as “supercyclones”, followed by “very severe” and “severe”.

Kenya snubs envoys of ICC backers in tit-for-tat diplomacy Nairobi (AFP) - Kenya appears to be punishing nations backing the International Criminal Court, where President Uhuru Kenyatta faces trial for crimes against humanity, by keeping envoys in limbo while they wait for accreditation. European nations said they would keep diplomatic contact with newly elected Kenyatta to a minimum due to the looming trial at The Hague-based court, but eight months after he took office, it is the president’s turn to hit back over their support for the ICC. “This is a diplomatic move that reflects protest at the ICC,” said Alex Vines from Britain’s Chatham House. “It also reflects how Kenya’s foreign affairs have been focused on ICC.” Six ambassadors sent to Nairobi have been waiting for several months to present their credentials — from France, Germany and Italy, as well as Japan, Zambia and Iraq. France, Italy and Germany all back ICC trials of Kenyatta — now due to begin in February next year — and his deputy, Vice-President William Ruto, which has already begun. The two are accused of fomenting political unrest and violence after a 2007 election in which more than 1,100 people died and several hundred thousand were forced to flee their homes. Japan was last year the ICC’s biggest contributor of funds. However, Zambia and Iraq

Uhuru Kenyatta seem to be collateral damage — because heads of state normally accredit a group of ambassadors at the same time. Officially Nairobi attributes its slowness to accredit the ambassadors to Kenyatta’s “busy timetable”, a European diplomatic source said, and foreign diplomats stationed in Nairobi have been playing down the issue. “The ICC and the accreditation appointment are two separate issues,” one diplomat insisted, saying there had been a sign of some progress on the issue. Some ambassadors, who had been appointed by their governments but whom Kenya had told to stay in their home country until the freeze on accreditations is lifted, have now been invited to come to Kenya and to be on stand-by for an appointment in late November, one diplomat noted. “Given the way things are done locally it’s hardly surprising we don’t have

anything more precise,” the same source said, noting that appointments are often “set at the last minute”. The diplomat also said the Kenyans “are not completely cut off from diplomatic reality, they know it can also be a handicap for them”. Economic fallout? Since their swearing-in in April, Kenyatta and Ruto have filed numerous requests to have their trials postponed or to benefit from special conditions, arguing that they have to be able to discharge their presidential duties. They have obtained massive backing from the African Union, which in May requested that the cases against the two Kenyan leaders be dropped. The ICC has since accepted some concessions for Kenyatta. While Ruto’s trial opened on September 10, the president’s has been pushed back to February to enable him to handle the aftermath of the attack on Nairobi’s Westgate shopping mall by Islamist gunmen. Kenyatta has also been exempted from attending parts of his trial. But the UN Security Council last week rejected another resolution, brought by Rwanda, asking for both trials to be suspended. France, Britain and the United States did not use their veto rights, but abstained collectively, a move that Nairobi slammed as “cowardice”. But Chatham House’s Vines said that the delay in accreditation remains largely symbolic.

Saturday November 23, 2013

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EU and CARIFORUM officials PSOJ ‘disappointed’ with Trinidad’s denial of entry to Jamaicans hold meeting in Grenada CARIFORUM and European Union (EU) trade officials held a one-day meeting in Grenada on Thursday, at which they reaffirmed the two regions’ commitment to their close trade and development partnership. The two sides discussed progress made so far in putting the CARIFORUM-EU Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) into practice. The EPA aims to promote trade and investment, underpin regional integration, and foster sustainable development. Commenting, Director of Trade in Grenada and Meeting Chair, Junior Mahon, said: “The CARIFORUM-EU EPA presents a strategy to assist the CARIFORUM grouping to build larger markets, foster trade in goods and services as well as stimulate investment.” The Head of the European Union’s Delegation to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, Ambassador Mikael Barfod highlighted the EU’s ongoing development assistance to help Caribbean governments and businesses put the EPA into practice and

Mikael Barfod exploit its opportunities. “The EU recognises the specific challenges which the Caribbean faces as it seeks to win a larger share of global trade. That’s why we’re currently investing over •140m in region-wide aid for trade up to 2015. From then until 2020 we’ll provide a further •350m for region-wide development programmes. Regional integration and EPA implementation will be amongst their main goals,” Barfod said. EU trade official, Remco Vahl, said the meeting provided an excellent opportunity to reaffirm the

EU’s continuing commitment to its longstanding partners in the Caribbean. “Making the EPA work for people across the Caribbean is our shared responsibility. And it’s an important one, given the hopes and aspirations inherent in the agreement – promoting trade and investment, underpinning regional integration, and fostering sustainable development,” Vahl said. Talks focussed on involving civil society in the EPA process, trade in agriculture, and monitoring the EPA. Officials discussed the involvement of civil society, which will have its own Consultative Committee under the EPA. On agriculture, they launched talks on measures to promote and protect Geographical Indications (GIs) – such as Blue Mountain coffee from Jamaica or Rocquefort cheese from France. The regular monitoring and review of the EPA was also on the agenda, with discussion of the first five-yearly review, due for completion in 2014, and the creation of a long-term mechanism to monitor the EPA’s results.

Brazil’s Rousseff working to prevent a debacle in 2014 BRASILIA (Reuters) Seen from Brazil’s modernist, glass-walled presidential palace, 2014 looks like a minefield. The economy, already sputtering, will probably slow even further. A downgrade of Brazil’s credit rating seems possible, if not likely. The World Cup of soccer, which Brazil will host in June and July, could end up revealing to billions of TV viewers the shoddy government planning and transportation bottlenecks that have frustrated investors here for years. To top it all off, leftist President Dilma Rousseff is up for re-election in October - meaning if any of those things go horribly awry, she might lose her job. Rousseff is spending the final weeks of 2013 trying to restore her government’s tattered credibility with business leaders, keep budget spending under control, and otherwise ensure that next year does not turn out to be her worst - or final year in office. None of the measures amount to a fundamental change in policy. A dozen senior officials interviewed by Reuters over the past week

Dilma Rousseff described an administration that is concerned by Brazil’s deteriorating reputation in financial markets, but thinks the pessimism is overblown and is therefore unconvinced of the need for a major overhaul. Instead, Rousseff is focused more on “putting the house in order,” in the words of one official, before the 2014 election campaign kicks off in earnest and the U.S. Federal Reserve begins reining in its monetary stimulus, a move that is likely to cause instability in emerging markets like Brazil. In recent days, the president has: cut a deal that should prevent Congress

from passing new spending bills; reversed a decision that would have allowed cities and states to spend more; and personally oversaw an auction of airports to the private sector, which she hopes will help prevent travel chaos during the World Cup. The touching-up has even extended to Rousseff herself: After visibly gaining weight during her nearly three years in office, the 65-yearold grandmother is now on a diet. She has also begun using Twitter for the first time in her presidency. That’s part of a broader social media push aimed not just at the election, but at giving Rousseff a direct line to Brazilians should there be a repeat in 2014 of the massive anti-government street protests that rocked the country in June. Many investors have scoffed at her recent moves, saying they amount to a superficial repackaging of a government that has meddled too much in the economy and destroyed much of the credibility that Brazil accumulated last decade, when it was one of the world’s fastest-growing emerging markets.

Jamaica Observer - The Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) has expressed disappointment at the reported denial of entry of a number of Jamaicans into Trinidad recently, describing it as “a retrograde step” in the development of the so-called Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME). Trinidadian immigration officers denied 13 Jamaicans entry into that country on Tuesday night, detained them and sent them back home on the first flight Wednesday morning. According to the distraught Jamaicans, their passports were confiscated by the Trinidadians and they were ordered to sit on a wooden bench throughout the night before they were rudely bundled on a Caribbean Airlines flight. It is the latest publicised incident involving Jamaicans being denied entry into a fellow Caricom member state, bringing into question regional co-operation. It follows the recent Shanique

Myrie ruling by the Caribbean Court of Justice. “This calls into question the acknowledgement of the recent ruling and the future of Caricom, in particular the CSME single market,” the PSOJ said Thursday. “We call upon the governments of Caricom to quickly deal with the issues surrounding this recent development, by initiating urgent dialogue and consultations, in order to prevent the further deterioration in Caricom relations, which can result,” the local private sector lobby group continued. “Aspects of the Treaty of Chaguaramas, in particular how it is being interpreted and implemented, must also be urgently addressed.” The PSOJ also noted its own objections to certain trade arrangements and its willingness, the organisation said, to find a resolution without public confrontation because of its commitment to the idea of the CSME and

Caricom, and because of the important role it believes regional co-operation plays in prosperity. “Our hope is that this position would have been the view of all territories,” the organisation said. Jamaica is a major market for Trinidadian goods, but the country has had an uneasy trade relationship with the twin-island republic for many years. Earlier this year, Trinidadian exporters to Jamaica were accused of violating trade rules by misrepresenting products as being of Caricom origin, allowing them to benefit from lower customs duties and price advantages in the local market. Additionally, Jamaicans for years have complained that they have been subjected to sub-standard treatment at the hands of Trinidadian airport officials and have advocated a boycott of goods from that country as retaliation for the xenophobic behaviour of the Eastern Caribbean nationals.

T&T denying Jamaicans entry may worsen relations Jamaica Gleaner - Private sector organisations in Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago are worried that the recent spate of Jamaicans being turned away from the twin-island republic will further serve to deteriorate the already troubled trade relations between the two CARICOM countries. Naika Pichi-Ayers, Jamaica-Trinidad and Tobago trade facilitation officer with the twin-island’s manufacturing association, said yesterday’s report about Jamaicans being turned back at the Piarco International Airport in Port-of-Spain is troubling. “I don’t know the details of the issue, but of course, it

will affect, badly, businesses. If people cannot come freely, into T r i n i d a d t o , f o r example, do business, because I don’t know what they are being stopped for, but if they cannot come freely and have that fear about the T&T market, it will not only affect the social relationship but the businesses as well,” PichiAyers told The Gleaner Thursday. She said the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers Association was concerned and trying its best to collaborate with businesses both in her country and in Jamaica to rectify the perennial problems between the two countries.

Yesterday, the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) called for CARICOM to step in and deal with the current issues. A statement from the organisation noted that it was disappointed with 13 Jamaicans being denied entry into Trinidad on Tuesday night and that this incident now calls into question the relevance of the regional trade bloc, CARICOM. The PSOJ noted that following the recent developments the governments in CARICOM should urgently initiate “dialogue and consultations in order to prevent further deterioration in CARICOM relations, which can result”.

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Saturday November 23, 2013

Anger in Jamaica as T&T deports 13 - Travel row brews Trinidad Guardian - A diplomatic row may be brewing between Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica over the deportation this week of 13 Jamaican nationals a day after they landed at Piarco International Airport. The T&T Guardian understands that discussions are being held by officials at the Jamaican Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade on the matter. The Jamaican High Commission to T&T has also said it is speaking with the relevant authorities on the matter. The meeting comes as Jamaicans Thursday expressed anger over their compatriots’ deportation, noting there had been several similar incidents in recent times. However, in a phone interview with the T&T Guardian yesterday, National Security Minister Gary Griffith said there were valid reasons for denying the Jamaicans entry. According to a Jamaican Observer report on Wednesday, 13 Jamaican nationals were returned home on Wednesday after being detained at Piarco International Airport on Tuesday night. The Jamaicans claimed that their passports were confiscated and they were ordered to sit on a wooden bench throughout the night before they were “rudely bundled” on a Caribbean Airlines flight and sent home. In response to this, the Jamaican ministry issued a press release on Wednesday saying: “The Ministry of

Winston Dookeran Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade is aware that over the past several weeks, a significant number of Jamaicans have been denied entry into Trinidad and Tobago and returned to Jamaica within days on the grounds that the immigration authorities of T&T have deemed them ineligible to be landed as bona fide visitors. “The ministry is concerned at this development and continues to interface with the relevant authorities in T&T on the matter, including in the light of the Shanique Myrie ruling by the Caribbean Court of Justice,” the release stated. But Griffith, who spoke while in Barbados en route to London, said he had checked with Chief Immigration Officer Keith Sampson on the matter, and was told there were good reasons for denying the Jamaicans entry. “If a person makes a claim and they have a host in Trinidad and that person is coming to the airport to meet them and the person does not show up, or if they claim that they are here to

work but do not have a Caricom skills certificate, or don’t have a letter from a company saying they are being employed here, then they will be turned back,” he said. “In the case of several individuals we had similar situations. For example, one person said she was bringing the child to meet her father and the father never shows at the airport, one said she was on vacation but only had US$250, and another said they were here to work with no Caricom skills certificate.” Griffith said T&T was welcome to all Caricom nationals, but could not allow people who did not have a clear way of supporting themselves or did not have individuals to assist them on entry. “If we do that then we could have hundreds of people coming everyday looking for work and eventually it could lead to an increase in unemployment here and problems for the State,” he said. Further, Griffith said Immigration officers were working with clear guidelines and whenever there is a complaint there is a process to ensure the officers are not acting arbitrarily. However, head of the Jamaican foreign ministry’s public relations office, Ann-Margaret Lim, in a phone interview, said they had already embarked on an education campaign on the free movement of people under the Caricom Single Market and Economy (CSME). Asked if the series of deportations were cases of Jamaicans misunderstanding the concept of free movement, Lim did not answer.

CARICOM to discuss Dominican Republic issue next week PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad – CMC – A special meeting of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Bureau will be held here on Tuesday, according to a brief statement from the Office of the Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister. The statement said that the meeting, which will be chaired by Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar, who also chairman of the 15member regional is grouping, “will deal with the Dominican Republic ruling on Haitians”. The CARICOM Bureau comprises Prime Minister Persad Bissessar, her St. Vincent and the Grenadines counterpart, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves and the President of Haiti, Michel Martelly. The meeting here will also be

Kamla Persad Bissessar attended by CARICOM Secretary General Irwin la Rocque. Gonsalves has been openly critical of the September 23 ruling by the Constitutional Court in the Dominican Republic ruled that has the effect of

rendering stateless, thousands of people of Haitian descent living in the Spanish-speaking country. Gonsalves has written two letters to the President of the Dominican Republic, Danilo Medina, warning that St. Vincent and the Grenadines would oppose his country’s application for membership to CARICOM grouping, as well as seeking its suspension from the Caribbean Forum (CARIFORUM) grouping. St. Vincent and the Grenadines said it had also written to Venezuela’s President Nicolas Madura urging that Santo Domingo be suspended from the Caracas led Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA) and the PetroCaribe, the oil alliance initiative.

Saturday November 23, 2013

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Trophy Stall quarter Day two of DCB trials washed out finals set for tomorrow

The quarter finals of the Trophy Stall sponsored softball tournament is set for tomorrow. On pitch one at the Ministry of Education ground, 4R Lioness will battle Fazal Kayume Angels at 09:00hrs in the female category. In the Masters

division, Parika Defenders will take on Floodlights at 11:00hrs, while Wellman will face Park Rangers 13:00hrs. On Pitch 2, Trophy Stall B will battle Farm at 09:00hrs and Success Masters will play Frontliners at 12:00hrs. At Cyril Potter College ground, Regal will challenge

Success at 09:00hrs in the Open segment and Industry will entertain Regal Masters at 13:00hrs. On Pitch 2, Trophy Stall A will match skills with Country Side at 09:00hrs and at 12:00pm -Wolf Warriors will face Tony’s XI in the Open category.

Saturday November 23, 2013 ARIES (MAR 21 - APR 19): Instead of dragging on with something old, tired, and worn out, why not start something new? If you refuse to give up on a project that's doomed to fail, you'll be in for a long, frustrating road ahead. *************************** TAURUS (APR 20 MAY 20): Social engagements will be your saving grace. Without them, you may be confused and sad about issues that are reaching a climax. In some form or another, you're being asked to make some major transformations. *************************** GEMINI (MAY 21 JUN 20): The intensity should increase around an issue regarding love and romance. Friction is building. Unfortunately, this tension may be unavoidable. *************************** CANCER (JUN 21 - JUL 22): Let your heart shine. Love surrounds you like a beautiful pink cloud, and you can't help but attract people to you. Take romance to a higher level with someone really special tonight. You'll find that whatever you give will come back to you tenfold. Your aura glows brightly with emotion, so let it light your way. *************************** LEO (JUL 23 - AUG 22): There's a great deal of transforming energy in the air that you should harness and capitalize on. " When tomorrow comes and there's a huge meal of pizza, soda, and fries, suddenly the diet once again starts "tomorrow." Use the powerful energy of today to break out of this habit and make a real change in your life. ************************ VIRGO (AUG 23 - SEP 22): You may experience writer's block in every sense of the phrase. Even if you don't consider yourself a writer, for some reason it may be difficult to get even the simplest words down on paper.

LIBRA (SEP 23 - OCT 22): Action should be your main priority, especially when it comes to love and romance. You may not be too concerned about what sort of action you take. *************************** SCORPIO (OCT 23 NOV 21): A surprise in love and romance is on its way to you. Things are coming full circle, and the investment you made in this realm is finally paying off. *************************** SAGITTARIUS (NOV 22 - DEC 21): Getting along with others may prove challenging today, Sagittarius. The planetary aspects can have you isolating yourself. You might feel impatient and easily annoyed. If this is so, stay solo if you can. *************************** CAPRICORN (DEC 22 JAN 19): Know what you're getting yourself into, especially if it has to do with love and romance. You may be like a fly on a tree branch, carefully inspecting the beautiful spider web at your feet. *************************** AQUARIUS (JAN 20 FEB 18): Your heart may be hurt by misfortunes that have befallen you. Thinking about times past is just pulling up buckets of tears from a well. Don't keep doing this to yourself. It's time to move forward. *************************** PISCES (FEB 19 - MAR 20): You're filled with joy! There's a tremendous wave of love coming your way. Everything involving romance could be taken to extremes. An extreme in the direction of love and boundless creativity means that at some time there will be a dramatic swing in the opposite direction.

A soggy outfield at Everest, caused by heavy overnight and morning rain resulted in the second day of the first and only three-day cricket trial match being washed out without a ball being bowled yesterday. Although the pitch was covered and the sun came out after lunch, efforts to get in some play in the last session proved futile as the already heavy outfield remained wet. West Indies t20 player Chris Barnwell scored an unbeaten 105 and got support Chris Patandin who made 94 and Trevon Griffith who contributed 53 to lead Barnwell’s X1 to 358-9 against

Chris Barnwell Leon Johnson’s X1. Left-arm spinner Totaram Bishun has so far captured 3-94 and Randy Knights 2-38.

Weather permitting, the final day is scheduled to commence at 09:00hrs today. East Indian Cricket Club (EICC), which was renamed Everest in 1971, like most the coastland of Guyana, is four feet below Sea level at high tide and sandwiched between the Seawall and Carifesta Avenue. It is one of slowest drying cricket grounds in the City. Previously located in Queenstown, EICC acquired a lease on a large piece of swampy land on Camp Road, a few hundred yards from the Atlantic Ocean. The land was quickly transformed into a proper cricket ground. The new EICC ground was opened in April 1928 and the club was admitted to the first division in 1929. (Sean Devers)

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Letter to the Sports Editor

Have the Forensic Audit of the Past GFF Administration Proven Anything? DEAR EDITOR I am still awaiting with bated breath the pronouncement and public disclosure of the “Forensic Audit”, of the past GFF Administration, which should have been completed within 3 months, given the fact that the sum of USD $1.2M was publicly declared of not being properly accounted for during the 2014 World Cup Qualifier match, Guyana Mexico, in the USA. However, to date absolutely nothing has been forthcoming from the present administration of the nation’s football! Is this a clear indication that nothing tangible in relation to “financial discrepancy/ impropriety” has been discovered? Suffice, it to say I am extremely disappointed. Disappointed in the sense that 6 months have already elapsed and the public continues to be left in the dark, that to date not one iota of evidence can be produced, indicating that those or anyone who is culpable would be sanctioned or prosecuted. By the way what is the cost for the Audit, and can the GFF afford to pay, given its public declaration of being cash strapped and debt inherent”? Is it true the Audit Fees are within the vicinity of $3,000,000! When will the GFF Executive be able to offer a

public explanation of the USD$22, 000 fine imposed by FIFA, due to Guyana’s failure to attend the CONCACAF Beach Football Tournament earlier this year? Meanwhile, with the launching of the 3rd edition of the GFA/Banks Beer K.O Tournament, with a total of 32 participating teams on Friday, November 8, 2013 at the Princess Hotel, at this juncture can it be ascertained if the tournament’s host, Georgetown Football Association has fulfilled all the requirements i.e. submission of all the dates and venues where matches will be played; levy fees and most importantly lodging of prize monies, or a letter of commitment from a reputable sponsor(s) honoring payments! In totality, the amount of payable monies should be $13.8M, consisting for the top 4 finishers; $9M, 16:1st round losers $1.6M; 8:2nd round losers $1.2M and 8-quarter finalists$2M. I shudder to accept that the GFF in its “infinite wisdom” have not shifted the goalpost conveniently to facilitate this public disclosure. And by the way with the GFA in partnership with a Promotional/Entertainment group from the East Coast, as a co-sponsor in a Caribbean Club Tournament involving 3 local teams and a Jamaican

side, can it be construed that “promotion is taking precedence over development”? Has the GFF granted approval, in conjunction with the JFF, and are all the requirements being met? How strange that development, reflective of age-limit competitions is not coordinated under the auspices of the GFA, within the last 3 years! But rather 4 competitions at the senior level, with the basic aim as a promotional venture, for financial gains entirely, within the corresponding period. Editor, despite the fact that I have walked away from the active involvement of football administration in Georgetown, both at the club and association level, in retrospect I can proudly say that my contribution throughout the ensuing years, was ultimately to the sport’s development. The records will show that the 2 year presidency of Mr. Troy Mendonca of the GFA, entailed 16 sponsored competitions encompassing Under-11 (Pee Wee); U -13, U15, U-17, U-19, U-21, 1st Division and the Premier League. How many youth competitions the current GFA Executive have completed within its 3 years, more so at the youth level? Lester Sealey.

Elizabeth Styles U-19 50 Overs Final on today Motie, Hetmyer goes head to head as Albion battles Young Warriors

The long awaited climax to the Elizabeth Styles Under-19 50 Overs cricket competition in Berbice is finally set for today with Albion Community Centre and Young Warriors clashing in the championship game at the Cumberland Ground in Canje. Fans will have a chance to look at two exciting players, left arm spinner Gudakesh Motie and batsman Shimron Hetmyer, before they leave on November 27 for Barbados to join the West Indies Under-19 squad for a camp before flying out for Bangladesh on a return tour. Motie will spearhead the all-spin Albion bowling attack that has done a lot of damage in the competition so far, keeping their team unbeaten. They bowled out Blairmont Community Centre for 39 in their semi final match. Other than Motie and right arm leg spinner Avinash Wajib, there are four off spinners who

have represented Berbice at the youth level; Balchand Baldeo, Veerapen Permaul, David Latchaya and Sharaz Ramcharran. Their batting will be spearheaded by former Guyana Under-19 batsman Kandasammy Surujnarine, Guyana Under-15 opening batsman Adrian Sukhwa, Baldeo, Permaul, Ramcharran and Berbice Under-17 batsman Suruj Dookna. Hetmyer on the other hand is expected to use his experience to lead the fight to counter the spin threat for Young Warriors. Kevin Ramdeen is also capable, so much so that he was a member of the Berbice Senior OneDay squad recently. Former Guyana Under-19 batsman Linden Austin has been doing well recently at the first division level, while allrounders Karamchand Ramnarine and Suresh Dhanai played for Berbice at

the Under-19 level this year. The Young Warriors bowling is more balanced. The pace department has been effective with Dhanai who only recently took 7 wickets against Rose Hall Town and Berbice Under-17 player Kassim Khan. The off spinners are Ramdeen and Austin, but Albion would have to be very watchful of Berbice Under1 9 l e f t a r m s p i n n er Ramnarine who, along with Ramdeen, Austin and Dhanai, are regular first division players for Young Warriors. Game time today is 09:30hrs. Mr. Bissoondial Singh, local representative of the U.S. based cosmetics company Elizabeth Styles will meet the teams prior to the commencement of the game. Umpires are Clement Brusche and Omadat Samaroo with Orwin Archer the standby.

Saturday November 23, 2013

Letter to the Sports Editor

The Horseracing authority has blundered again DEAR EDITOR, The Guyana Horse Racing Authority (GHRA) has blundered once more and has placed itself in a conflict of interest situation causing prominent horse owners to likely withdraw their horses from end of year meets organized and or sanctioned by the said Body. This writer tried unsuccessfully to explain to the current President and Vice President and other members also to members, that the role of the GHRA as a legal nonentity, is to supervise the current rules governing horse racing and not to dictate to horse owners, trainers, jockeys and grooms what they have to do until the passage of the horse racing Legislation in Parliament, which I appreciate that the Honourable Minister is currently try i n g t o f a s t track. This Legislation will guide everyone to the various requirements legally that should be followed. For example the original drafted document presented by Senior C o u n c i l M r. M a r c e l C r a w f o r d a n d M r. Vi c Oudit in the capacity of L e g a l A d v i s o r and P r e s i d e n t r e s p e c t i v e l y, clearly states that the Clubs are responsible for running horse races with traditional dates and any other d a t e s a v a i l a b l e among the stake holders, while the Racing Authority supervises the running of the races on Race Day to the rules governing same and act only as a Referee in

event there are any disputes arising out of the said races or if the said Clubs can’t come to an agreement among themselves with respect of the clashing of dates. At no time we as horse owners and the draftsman of the racing rules have ever agreed for the Racing Authority to be in the business of issuing race dates and dictating who should run off and shouldn’t. So it was very dishonest on the current selected GHRA representative to misled the Honorary Minister and the Police Administration that they have total mandate and thus misled the Minister and the Police to Arbitrarily get involved in this illegality thus not granting permission to reputable Clubs and promoters to promote the Sports of Horse Racing unless the GHRA gives the clearance to the Police. Are we still being governed by dictators? I will hasten to ask the current Administration to explain if they are not in a conflict of interest situation. (1) Isn’t the President of the GHRA a owner of a Race Track? (2) Isn’t the Vice President of the GHRA also an owner of a Race Track? (3) Isn’t the classifiers and senior personnel not Directors of those said race tracks? (4) Isn’t the said representative of those race tracks appointed the President, Vice President, Classifiers and other members of the GHRA? (5) Why stake holders

such as horse owners/ trainers etc are not allowed to vote and choose their representative on the Board of the GHRA. So readers let’s assume that the above is what took place, how come the Minister of Sports is wasting his precious time to listen to these self appointed gentlemen and ends up in this big messy situation. My prediction is, if the Honourable Minister don’t act very quickly and have consultations with the various stake holders in the horse racing fraternity, the current legislation will be dead before it ever reaches the steps of Parliament. For we the horse owners will lobby against it in its current draconian form and would like to know who gave this current racing Administration the right to illegally change the rules as had been agreed upon years ago by the draftsman and us. Readers please bear in mind that there are horses owned by private individuals who extend a lot of resources without any guarantee of compensation, thus please bear with us if you are unable to see qu a l i t y races for the festive season, for most of the large stables have signaled their intentions not to run their horses under this draconian and illegal entity or unless t h e above differences could be addressed and resolved instantly. Colin Elcock

Skeldon and Kennard’s Memorial advance to... From page 32 defeated No.45 by 124 runs. No.52 Survival 245 for 8 in 25 overs; Morvin Harvey 76, Michael Kendall 44 and Anil Ramrup 25. No.45 121 in 17.3 overs; Marvin Harvey 4 for 24. At No.73 - No.73 Young Warriors got past No.72 All Star by 16 runs. No.73 Young Warriors 188 in 35 overs; Lakeram Latchman 40, Hamant Jagdeo 42, Trishan Ramsarran 32, Darendranauth Jairam 4 for 33 and Chandredai Laljit 3 for 38. No.72 All Star 172 in 36 overs; Darendranauth Jairam 44, Lakeram Latchman 5 for 8, Gobin Roopram 3 for 28 and Sewnarine Dallu 2 for 26. At No.71 - No.71 humbled

No.72 Cut and Load by 158 runs. No.71 252 for 9 in 35 overs; Soomdat Singh 71, Navin Sugrim 51 not out, Manouram Vincent 48 and Davanand Chatterpaul 3 for 39. No.72 Cut and Load 94 in 18 overs; Diaranarine 26, Karamchand Roopraj 4 for 24, Navin Vincent 2 for 14 and Nazim Mohamed 2 for 16. At Chesney - Chesney got past Fyrish Road by 5 wickets. Fyrish Road 99 in 30.1 overs; Imran Khan 3 for 11, Anesh Deonarine 2 for 8 and Narine Deonarine 2 for 20. Chesney 105 for 5 in 14 overs; Shestri Persaud 38 not out and Shameem Ahmad 4 for 28. At No.73 - No.73 Young

Warriors beat Springlands by 33 runs. No.73 Young Warriors 215 for 9 in 40 overs; Lakeram Latchman 36, Odraj Singh 26 not out, Kawal Jainarine 25, Ryan Ramdass 2 for 19 and Jamal Khan 2 for 37. Springlands 182 in 36.3 overs; Ryan Ramdass 29, Jamal Khan 26, Nethram Roopram 4 for 30, Gobin Roopram 4 for 32 and Lakeram Latchman 2 for 27. At No.70 - No.70 Yo u n g S t a r b a n g e d Progressive Youth by 107 runs. No.70 Young Star 164 in 27.3 overs; Ryan Yacoob 39. Progressive Youth 57 in 17.1 overs with Chris Bollers 4 for 5 and Omesh Kumar 4 for 18.

Saturday November 23, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Nation’s Promotions Boxing Inc takes boxing to the Mining Town

Derick Richmond Few boxing fans could forget Shondell Park and Shelly ‘The Boom’ Gibson, two female pugilists who, together weighed over 400 pounds yet set the arena alight with thrilling encounters. It has been sometime since either has graced the ring but it is always difficult to remove something you love dearly out of one’s veins. It, therefore, came as no surprise that those two pugilists have signed a contract to fight each other, on Boxing Day, when a group of former professional boxers, under the Nation’s Promotions Group, presents 26 rounds of fistic fury at the Mackenzie Sports Club Ground on Boxing Day,

Shondell Park

Shelly ‘The Boom’ Gibson

James Walcott

December 26 next. That bout is on the undercard and is scheduled for 4 rounds in the heavyweight division; the main bout will feature Derick Richmond up against James Walcott in a 12 rounds shindig for the local super middleweight title. The former boxer, despite having only four fights to his name, has built quite a reputation for himself. One cannot forget his memorable bout with Mahmood ‘The Dentist’ Loul that ended in a draw after 6 bruising rounds nor can one forget the methodical beating he administered over seasoned contender, Caribbean Boxing Federation (CABOFE) champion,

Edmond DeClou that left the latter pugilist nursing a broken jaw compliments of a wicked left hook. Walcott is an experienced customer with superb boxing skills and will not be easily lured into close combat. Further, he packs a punch which compliments his boxing ability and could pose problems for Richmond. This is indeed a good fight and might just be the one to fill the arena. Otherwise, Kelsie George, a relatively young professional, still to register a win after 7 fights (1 draw), will want to use this fight as the starting point for other victories. He fights Romeo Norville, another good fighter though somewhat

inexperienced in the amateur ranks. Norville has notched up 2 fights but suffered a setback when he was stopped by Richmond in his last outing. He will want to repair that damage and get his career back on track. Those four professional bouts will be supported by a similar number of amateur encounters but the promoters are still working on the modalities for this segment. They have hinted that those amateur pugilists will comprise boxers out of the Mining Town. There will be gate prizes of one I-Pad, one cell phone and two cash prizes of $10,000 each for four lucky patrons. The admission price is $1000.

Guyana Tractor & Equipment sponsors Upper Corentyne 1st division cricket team

National Schools’ Cycling, Swimming and Track and Field C/ships

North Georgetown break deadlock for 14th overall win North Georgetown broke the deadlock with Upper Demerara/Kwakwani for the most overall wins in the National Schools Cycling, Swimming and Track and Field Championships last night with its 14th overall win, which placed them one ahead of Upper Demerara. Before last night, North Georgetown and Upper Demerara had been locked with 13 overall wins apiece in the Championships, but with last night’s win, North Georgetown moved one win ahead of their rivals, Upper Demerara after consistent performances. They amassed 65 points from the Cycling, Swimming and Track and Field competitions to beat Upper Demerara’s 62 points. Corentyne was third overall with 53 points, while West Demerara and Bartica tied for fourth with 48 points; East Georgetown was fifth with 47 points.

Upper Demerara had a resounding win in the Track and Field Competition, while North Georgetown finished second and East Coast was third. North Georgetown had won the Swimming contest on day one of the championships. In the cycling competition, Corentyne finished ahead of North Georgetown and Upper Demerara respectively, while West Demerara won the Teachers competition for the first time in the Games’ history. East Georgetown was second while Corentyne was third. As a result of their better placing in the four competitions that comprise the Schools’ Championships, North Georgetown won its second consecutive title last night at the National Stadium at Providence. Full details on the individual events will be in tomorrow’s edition.

ECB 40 over cricket

Sattaur, Deosarran strike centuries as Lusignan thump Golden Grove Brain Sattaur and Krishna Deosarran stroked centuries as Lusignan defeated Golden Grove by 234 runs when the East Coast Cricket Board 40 over tournament continued last Sunday. Sattaur belted seventeen sixes and nine fours in his 161, while Deosarran hammered seven fours and a

similar number of sixes in scoring 119 as Lusignan posted 332-5 after the game was reduced to 32 overs, batting first. M. Fitzpatrick claimed 2-33. Golden Grove were skittled for 98 in 27.4 overs in reply. W. Gardener scored 21; Gajanan Sukanan captured 3-22, Asif Singh 224 and Feron Kadir 2-8.

GuyOil on board CMRC Mr. Haresh Narine Sugrim & his son Mr. Shamnarine Narine proprietors of GUYTRAC hands over the sponsorship deal of $300,000 to the UCCA president Mr. Dennis De Andrade (right). Also present were other executives of the UCCA. The Guyana Tractor & Equipment (GUYTRAC), dealers in all heavy duty machinery and spares and the home of HYUNDAI machines of Lot 215 Cross Street, Mandela Ave, Alexander Village, Georgetown, has come on board with the Upper Corentyne Cricket Association (UCCA) to sponsor their first division team. The sponsorship is to the tune of $300,000. The formalities were done at a simple presentation ceremony

held last Friday at Crabwood Creek the birthplace of proprietor of GUYTRAC Mr. Haresh Narine Sugrim, well known as ‘Chiney’ and his son Mr. Shamnarine Narine (Shaiyo). At the ceremony the cheque and 20 GUYTRAC branded shirts were handed over to president of the UCCA Mr. Dennis De Andrade. De Andrade in accepting the cheque thanked the GUYTRACT and stated that the Upper Corentyne 1st division cricket team is at the

moment going through a rebuilding process and the kind hearted gesture by the businessman and his company could not have come at a better moment. He said that they are in need of all resources available and welcome others to follow the path set by Mr. Singh. Mr. Vicky Bharosay, treasurer of the UCCA took the opportunity on behalf of the association to thank Mr. H. N. Sugrim & his family for the much

needed sponsorship and hopes that others can follow the path they have set for cricket development in the Upper Corentyne area. He further noted that it has been over 10 years that the UCCA 1st division team had played in any BCB fixture until recently. He also expressed the hope that “this is a start of bigger and better things to come.” The UCCA first division team will be called “GUYTRAC UPPER CORENTYNE”.

GuyOil became the latest entity to come on board tomorrow’s Caribbean Motor racing Championship after Castrol Brand Manager Leonard Khan handed over a cheque to Guyana Motor Racing & Sports Club (GMR&SC) Supervisor Desiree Lee recently. The Company has been a

regular supporter of motor racing and has once again demonstrated commitment to assisting in sustaining the sport in the future. Lee responding on behalf of the GMR&SC thanked the Company for its continued support towards the sport, adding that the act is highly appreciated by the fraternity.

Nine outstanding Berbice Coaches...

From page 32 Berbice. They will receive items including water pitchers, dustbins and score books while a massive Coaching programme would soon be launched to assist youth players. The Coaching Programme would involve

four three-day clinics for fast bowlers, spinners, batsmen and wicket keepers. The RHTY&SC is unselfishly committed to the development of the game in Berbice and would continue to support the BCB in all of its programmes.

Page 32

Kaieteur News

Saturday November 23, 2013

Balram Shane Annual Cricket and Volleyball Norman Singh, Jumbo Jet, horse owners rolls competition set for Sunday December 1 out sumptuous $11M Horserace package The 14th Annual Balram Shane Challenge Fund raising 50 overs cricket match between archrivals Albion Community and Port Mourant and the third annual Volleyball competition is fixed for Sunday 1st December at the Albion Sports Complex ground and hard court. The cricket match and volleyball competition is being sponsored by Businessman Deonarine Balram of The Balram Shane General Store at Rose Hall Town Corentyne. A day full of action is anticipated since two of Guyana top cricket teams in the Albion Community Centre Cricket Club and the Port Mourant Cricket Club will square off against each other with the volleyball competition which will see the best volleyball teams in Berbice, ‘spiking it out’ for top honours. A close and reviving encounter is anticipated in the cricket match as is the case whenever the two teams clash in any cricket engagement. Both teams are strong and will boost a

number of national and former national senior and youth players and a bumper crowd is expected to be on hand and a close encounter is envisaged. The winning team will receive the Balram Shane Memorial trophy and cash incentives, while the runner up will be adequately rewarded. A number of individual awards will also be up for grabs including the man of the match, best bowler and best batsman among others all compliments of the sponsor and his family, who will be on hand to bowl the first ball and present the winners with their accolades. Starting time is 09:30 hrs. Albion are the defending champions. Meanwhile, the third edition of the Balram Shane Volleyball competition will also be played simultaneously on the hard court of the Albion Community Centre, beginning at 10:00 hrs. Most of the top volleyball teams in Berbice, including Guysuco Training Centre/Port Mourant (GTC/PM) which is

expected to field more than one outfit, Port Mourant Jaguars, Albion Community Centre, Falcons of East Canje, Rollers of New Amsterdam and Three Door Strikers of West Berbice are expected to participate. GTC/ PM 1 are the defending champion. According to Organiser, Deonarine Balram, the competitions are being played in memory of his father who was a former cricket and sports enthusiast. He stated that apart from Cricket it is their way of giving back to the community, from which they garner their support, in a tangible way. Proceeds from the game will be dived equally and distributed to the two teams to assist with their cricket development programmes. Mr. Balram further stated that a number of second division clubs and other organisations will also benefit from the proceeds of the game. These entities have been given tickets to sell and keep the proceeds from those ticket sales. (Samuel Whyte)

The Norman Singh Memorial Turf Club (NSMTC) in collaboration with the Jumbo Jet Auto Sales and Horse Owners Association presents a Grand Pre-New Year’s horserace meet on Sunday December 30th at the clubs’ entity, Norman Singh Memorial Turf Club at No 6, West Coast Berbice. Eight action packed races are on the day’s cards, and over $11M in cash, trophies and other prizes are on offer in what is expected to be a grand end of year meet. Turfites are expected to turn out in their numbers to witness what is expected to be an exciting day of racing. There are a number of feature events listed on the day’s programme w h i c h includes the much anticipated A class main event, and races for the three year old Guyana and West Indies bred horses, the E 1class horses, an event for two year old West Indies Bred horses, while the G and three year Guyana bred

events will also be crowd pleasers. The feature ‘A’ class race will see the horses racing for total prize money of over $3.8M. The winning horse will take away $2M and trophy over 1600M. This is an ideal event and will cater for the both the sprinters and distance horses. The Three Year old race for horses bred and born in Guyana and the West Indies has a $1,000,000 bounty for the winner over 1600M. The Two year Guyana and West Indies Bred event will see the horses galloping over 1200M for the $700,000 first prize and trophy on offer. The E1 class event has a winning haul of $600,000 and trophy available for the top horses over 1200 meters. There is a race for G3 class horses also over 1200M and will see the champion horse taking home a winners money of $500,000 and trophy. The race for Guyana bred three year old horses is for a pole position taking of $400,000

and trophy over 1200M. There are two other exciting races on the day’s card. There is the race for animals classified ‘I’ and lower over 1200M with a purse of $250,000 and trophy. The other event is for the animals classified J, K and L and lower which is also a 1200M affair for a winner’s pocket of $200,000. Entries are expected to be closed on Sunday 21st December 2013. Interested horse owners are asked to make contact with the following persons Rajendra ‘Jin-Jo’ Jagdeo on 618-7278, C. Ramnauth on telephone numbers 337-5311 or 6971979, Campton Sancho 6900569, Ganesh Singh on 6003626 or 649-3636, Lenny Singh on 642-3172 or Romel Jagroop on 624-1798 or the Jumbo Jet office on numbers 232-9711, 232-0633 for entry and other details. Nasrudeen ‘Jumbo Jet’ Mohamed is the coordinator. Race time is 12:30 hrs. (Samuel Whyte)

NBS 2nd Div. 40 Over – Berbice

Skeldon and Kennard’s Surujnarine (53), Permaul (5 for 18) see Memorial advance to playoffs

2013 Elizabeth Styles Undr-19, 50-Over Cricket Competition

Albion Community Centre to semi-finals

Albion Community Centre became the fourth team to reach the semi-finals of the Elizabeth Styles Under-19, 50Over Cricket Competition after they had an easy victory of Big Star in their quarter-final, joining Young Warriors, Blairmont Community Centre and Rose Hall Town Pepsi. In the match which was played at Albion, Albion Community Centre won the toss, batted first and were

given a start of 8 runs for the 1st wicket from former Guyana Under-19 batsman Kandasammy Surujnarine and Berbice Under-17 allrounder Balchan Baldeo. After Surujnarine fell for 53 (6 fours) and Baldeo 33, Albion Community Centre managed to scrape through to 161 all out in 29 Overs. Bowling for Big Star, Mark Tyndall took 3 for 31. When Big Star relied they

ran up against an all spin attack and crumbled for 70 all out in 27 . 4 O v e r s w i t h David Connelly 25. Bowling for Albion Community Centre, former Berbice Under-19 offspinner Veerapen Permaul took 5 for 18 from 9.4 Overs, Berbice Under-15 offspinner David Latchaya 3 for 11 from 4 Overs and legspinner Avinash Wajib 2 for 19 from 5 overs.

Nine outstanding Berbice Coaches honoured by BCB and RHTY&SC The Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) and Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club (RHTY&SC) on Sunday last joined hands in another major programme to honour nine (9) outstanding cricket coaches in the Ancient County. The RHTY&SC over the years has co-sponsored numerous programmes with the BCB and the Tribute to Coaches Programme was held to honour Coaches whose contributions to the development of talent in Berbice were vital to the county’s successes. Those honoured were presented with special hampers donated by

Managing Director of Ansa McAl and Patron of the RHTYSC Ms. Beverley Harper. They are Albert Smith, Tremayne Smartt, Andre Percival, Winston Smith, Renwick Batson, Michael Franco, Floyd Benjamin, Julian Moore and Hubern Evans. RHTY&SC Secretary/ CEO and former Chairman of the BCB Special Events Committee Hilbert Foster described the Coaches as pillars of Berbice cricket and noted that they worked hard to develop talent in the Ancient County. Foster noted that the Club was the first to retain a paid

Coach in Berbice cricket and several others are now following in its footsteps. He urged the Coaches to not only work harder but that they would continue to maintain their remarkable personal standard. The long serving Secretary/CEO recognized the support of Ansa McAl describing it as extraordinary whilst also highlighting the cooperation of BCB Secretary Angela Haniff in making the programme successful. Foster also disclosed that the RHTY&SC and the BCB would shortly be making donations to eight clubs in (Continued on page 31)

Skeldon Community Centre defeated Crabwood Creek Sports Club in their latest Zone P (Upper Corentyne-South) preliminary match to end as winners of that Zone and book their last 16 playoff spot in the New Building Society 2nd Division 40 Over cricket competition in Berbice. Led by half centuries from Sydney Jackman Jr., Rohan Vishnu, Gajendra Nauth and Dwayne Edwards, Skeldon rattled up a daunting 275 all out in 33 overs in the 35-overs-a-side match. They then duly bowled out Crabwood Creek for 148. Kennard’s Memorial also advanced to the playoffs after defeating Young Adventurers to emerge as winners of Zone L. Kennard’s Memorial made 223 for 7 in 30 overs and went on to win by 101 runs. After Tamarind Root gave Chesney something to think about when they posted 191 for 9 in their 35 overs, Imran Khan of Stanford T20 fame slammed 101 not out in just 115 minutes to guide Chesney to victory with 4 wickets and 7.3 overs to spare. His knock included 12 fours and 2 sixes. Morvin Harvey of No.52 Survival hit 76 and took 4 for 24 to lead his team to a 124run victory over No.45. Also scoring half centuries were Soomdat Singh and Navin

Lakeram Latchman

Doodnauth Ramnarine

Sugrim both of No.71 while medium pacer Lakeram Latchman took 5 for 8 from 7 overs to lead No.73 Young Warriors to a 16-run win over No.72 All Star. Summarized scores: At Crabwood Creek Skeldon Community Centre hammered Crabwood Creek by 127 runs. Skeldon Community Centre 275 in 33 overs; Sydney Jackman Jr. 60, Rohan Vishnu 53, Gajendra Nauth 52, Dwayne Edwards 50, Victor Pedro 42 and Ganesh Ragubeer 3 for 45. Crabwood Creek 148 in 30 overs; Kamal Chandradat 27, Quacy Burnett 3 for 21 and Jameel Jackman 3 for 24. At Bush Lot Farm Kennard’s Memorial

trounced Young Adventurers by 101 runs. Kennard’s Memorial 223 for 7 in 30 overs; Doodnauth Ramnarine 76 not out, Kamadevin Permauloo 26 and Brentnol Bourne 2 for 31. Young Adventurers 122 in 24.2 overs; Somesh Mangru 3 for 10 and Karamchand Ramnarine 2 for 22. At Chesney - Chesney beat Tamarind Root by 4 wickets. Tamarind Root 191 for 9 in 35 overs; Anil Looknauth 41, Anesh Deonarine 3 for 23, Safraz Khan 3 for 33 and Ravindra Somwaru 2 for 34. Chesney 194 in 27.3 overs; Imran Khan 101 not out and Dilip Rengasammy 2-41. At No.52 - No.52 Surviva (Continued on page 30)

Saturday November 23, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Ashes 2013-14: England collapse to Australia at the Gabba BBC Sport - England suffered a calamitous second afternoon as they collapsed from 82-2 to 136 all out to hand Australia total control of the first Test. Having earlier dismissed the hosts for 295, England lost six wickets for nine runs in 10 extraordinary overs as a rampaging Mitchell Johnson ran amok through the wreckage of their top order. Only Michael Carberry with 40 offered any meaningful resistance as Johnson (4-61) and the excellent Ryan Harris (3-28) made the most of some illjudged strokeplay and feeble defence. By the close, Australia had added 65 without loss to lead by 224 runs with three full days left in which to push for victory. Not since Melbourne in 1990, when they lost six wickets for three runs, have England fallen apart in such dramatic fashion. Three years ago at this ground they ceded a first innings deficit of 221 runs before piling on 517-1 in

their second to save the match in style.

But he struck a minute before lunch when Trott moved too far to the off-side to deal with a short one and tickled a clear inside-edge down the leg side to Haddin on 10.

But their batting yesterday does not appear to have the form or depth it did in that record-breaking campaign. They have failed to pass 400 in their last 17 Test innings and, barring a meteorological miracle, are likely to go to Adelaide for the second Test behind in an Ashes series for the first time in seven years. England had wrapped up the last two Australian wickets in the first hour for the addition of just 22 more runs, Brad Haddin the last man out for 94 after Stuart Broad had taken his sixth wicket of the innings in having Harris caught behind. That total of 295 appeared well below par on a pitch that looked built for batting, but after a relatively serene start England lost Alastair Cook and Jonathan Trott in a manner that suggested the Australian top order were not the only batsmen struggling with the same issues that bothered them last summer.

It transformed not only Johnson’s mood but the course of the innings.

Mitchell Johnson took 4 for 61 to leave England reeling © Getty Images Harris was bowling full to England’s captain, hoping to draw him into an injudicious push, and with the score on 28 that wellworn tactic paid dividends once again when Cook played with feet rooted and edged to Haddin for 13. Trott had issues against

the short ball in the Ashes series in England, and, as soon as he came in, Johnson was recalled to the attack to test him once again. The left-arm paceman had been rapid yet expensive in his first six overs, going for 32 runs as he strayed down the leg-side.

Bell, fending Nathan Lyon to Steve Smith at short leg for five, before Matt Prior went the very next ball to the same combination. The Gabba, library-quiet just a few minutes before, was suddenly a bear-pit. Broad survived the hattrick ball but Graeme Swann went for a duck, again taken at short leg off a nasty short one, as Johnson’s pace and aggression proved too much.

Kevin Pietersen, in his 100th Test, had already had one life when Peter Siddle dropped a sharp caught-andbowled chance when he was on eight. But parsimonious Australian bowling - just 27 runs were scored in the hour after lunch - paid off when Pietersen, having been marooned on 18 for 13 dot balls, tried to thump Harris through mid-wicket and instead picked out a stretching George Bailey.

And although Broad (32) and Tremlett (10) briefly halted the carnage, both fell quickly after tea to leave England trailing by a monstrous 159 runs. Chris Rogers (13) and David Warner (45) then made batting look straightforward again as they settled in against a flat-looking attack.

Carberry played with admirable poise on his return to the Test arena. But after Nathan Lyon tied him down, Johnson roughed him up by coming around the wicket and had him caught in the slips with a rapid one across his bows. Next to go was last summer’s rescue act Ian

And Michael Clarke’s men will be confident they can take their first Test win in 10 attempts when the pair resume on Saturday morning. Scores: Australia 295 (Haddin 94, Johnson 64, Broad 6-81) and 65 for 0 lead England 136 (Carberry 40, Johnson 4-61) by 224 runs.

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Kaieteur News

Saturday November 23, 2013

Shewjattan teams up with Stag Beer for CMRC - Thanks sponsors for sticking with him After a somewhat on and off stretch, Group 4 racer Rupie Shewjattan, speaking with Kaieteur Sport yesterday during the confirmation of sponsorship from Stag Beer, exuded confidence of doing well ahead of tomorrow’s staging of the final leg of the Caribbean Motor Racing Championship, at the South Dakota Circuit. Yesterday during a simple presentation c e r e m o n y, S t a g B e e r Manager John Maikoo presented the cheque to Shewjattan at Auto Fashion o n C a m p b e l l Av e n u e , Campbellville. Shewjattan, who drives a Mitsubishi Evolution 5 car, was upbeat about his chances of upstaging his rivals in the category informing that the machine is well prepared and he feels positive about his ability to top the group come tomorrow. “The car is performing well and I can assure you that

we are quite satisfied with its performance after testing on Thursday,” Shewjattan told this newspaper. The experienced racer who graduated from the Group 2B a few years ago, has not had the desired results since, but that was due mainly to the inconsistent reliability of the car, but sounded more upbeat about its consistency this time around, adding that the Team has done more work to ensure maximum performance. “The Team consists of a lead mechanic from Jamaica and he has been in the country since Wednesday overlooking preparations and he seems quite satisfied with the progress to date and we are going to be guided by his prognosis,” Shewjattan stated. He thanked the following sponsors for their trust and faith in him and they include Stag Beer, Auto Fashion, Buddy’s Housing, Palm Court, Agri Parts

Group 4 racer Rupie Shewjattan (right) receives the sponsorship cheque from Stag Beer Brand Manager John Maikoo yesterday. Machinery and Services, Autocolor, Prem’s Electrical and Allied Manufacturing Industry (AMI) out of the USA. Shewjattan said he was extremely grateful to them since they’ve continually exhibited confidence in him and is in it for another year. He reminded his fans that he will be competing against the best in the Caribbean, but he is up to the task to do well against them.caption-

CMRC Race Meet He is regarded as the best in the Caribbean and the King of Superbike racing is hellbent on shutting down his critics who feel that the young brigade of riders will take over his throne. Caribbean champion Stephen ‘De Boss’ Vieira speaking ahead of tomorrow’s showdown against all that the Region has to offer resisted the temptation to boast, but was quietly confident that all the pretenders to his throne will be in for a dogfight to unseat him as the legitimate ruler of the Superbike category. Over the past two local Meets, Vieira has either been injured or simply disinterested in producing his best, but now that talk has emanated from many quarters about him losing his edge and intensity, the reigning champion has made

Vieira issues warning to rivals it a duty to meticulously perpare to engage all those who harbour ambitions to oust him as the rightful ruler to the Superbike kingdom. Speaking with this newspaper Vieira said that over the past year he was more focused on helping a new bred of riders emerge from his shadows, but this has led to speculation about whether or not he is past his time of dominance and this Caribbean Motor Racing Championship could see the best of Stephen Vieira that will evidently shut the mouths of the skeptics. According to him, his Suzuki GSX R600cc is in prime condition and he is well prepared to defend his title as the best in the Caribbean.

A proven warrior who has been to Jamaica and Barbados to represent Guyana will distinction, Vieira said he has no intention of relinquishing his crown without a fight and issued a warning to his rivals that he is prepared and in the mood to battle for the coveted title. Vieira thanked Sunburst Orange Juice for sticking with him over the years, while Chief Mechanic Marcel Profitt, Paul Yearwood, Vickey, Michael Hopkinson and Eddie, all came in for special mention. Most of all, Vieira t h a n k e d M r. P u r i o f Continental Agencies for retaining the faith in him and looked forward to continued support in the coming years.

Stephen ‘De Boss’ Vieira and his machine will be hard to handle by his rivals tomorrow.

Saturday November 23, 2013

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GVF 2nd Int. Invitational Club Festival

Young Achievers arrests GDF; T&T’s Big Sepos beat PMTC; Vanguard lose to Yelyco By Franklin Wilson Despite being affected twice by blackout, the G u y a n a Vo l l e y b a l l Federation (GVF) Second International Invitational Club Festival got off to a flying start last evening at the National Gymnasium with three exciting matches. Young Achievers rallied to put away the Guyana Defence Force Combined two sets to one, Suriname’s Yelyco won in straight sets over Guyana’s Vanguard in the first of three female Goodwill games, while the opening match saw Trinidad and Tobago’s Big Sepos also winning in straight sets against Guyana’s Port Mourant Training Centre (PMTC). The feature match, an all local affair was indeed a thriller with the Guyana Defence Force Combined and Guyana’s number one side Young Achievers putting on a thrilling show. After going down in the first set 25-15, the Soldiers clawed their way back to win an epic battle in the second 29-27; the scores were locked at 11; 25 and 26. This set the tone for a potential scorcher in the third and final set but that was not to be as Young Achievers proved why they are regarded as the best team in Guyana, the West Bank Demerara boys took care of their opponents 7:15. Vanguard showed some spirit in spurts but were not up to the challenge of putting

away their Surinamese counterparts, giving up the first set 17-25. The local queens were off to an enterprising start in the second set but lost their way, eventually losing 16-25. The opening game of the night saw Berbice’s top side, PMTC putting up a good fight, but when their concentration mattered at critical moments of the game they cracked under the pressure put on by the more experienced T&T side, Big Sepos who also participated in the inaugural festival last year. PMTC started the opening set slowly as they sought to get their focus and concentration going. In the meantime, Big Sepos cantered into the lead but PMTC were able to pull their way back through some excellent plays to tie the scores at 14. Despite being urged on by the local fans and the other Guyanese teams, PMTC couldn’t hold off the lads from Soca country and lost the set 18-25. In the second, the Berbice side were much more competitive, the scores were locked at 16 and 18; PMTC went ahead at 19, Big Sepos pulled back to draw level at 19 and eventually went on to seal victory, leaving PMTC on 20. Earlier, Director of Sport Neendkumar who officially declared the festival opened, in his remarks noted that the GVF has been doing an

extremely good job in promoting the sport under the astute leadership of President, Lenox Shuffler. Kumar said Shuffler took over the leadership of the sport when it was almost nonexistent and brought it a long way. “I want to assure you of my support and the government’s unflinching support for the further development of volleyball.” President of the Guyana Olympic Association, K.A. Juman Yassin, in brief remarks, complimented the GVF on its initiative of the Bloc Development concept while stating that Mr. Shuffler is a valued member of the GOA. Yassin informed that the relationship between the Olympic Association of Tr i n i d a d a n d To b a g o , Suriname and Guyana is very strong and is hoping that the festival will grow from strength to strength each year so that it can become a permanent fixture on the calendar. President Shuffler welcomed the teams to the festival while there were also remarks given by Linden Simmons of Trinidad and Tobago and Suriname’s Gerthrou Verdy. Tournament Coordinator Mr. John Flores chaired the proceedings. The Athletes Oath was read by Jana Edghill, while reading on behalf of the officials was, Marlon Pearson.

t r o Sp National Schools’ Cycling, Swimming and Track and Field C/ships

North Georgetown break deadlock for 14th overall win P.31

North Georgetown celebrate their 14th overall National Schools’ Championships title, which put them one ahead of Upper Demerara/Kwakwani, breaking a deadlock that separated he Districts from others in the annual nationwide competition.

GVF 2nd Int. Invitational Club Festival

Young Achievers arrest GDF; T&T’s Big P.31 Sepos beat PMTC; Vanguard lose to Yelyco

Battle for supremacy! PMTC’s Adriel Moore fights with a Big Sepos player to keep the ball in his opponents half to secure the point. (Franklin Wilson photo) Printed and published by National Media & Publishing Company Limited, 24 Saffon St.Charlestown, Georgetown.Tel: 225-8465, 225-8491 or Fax: 225-8473/ 226-8210

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