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Minister confirms daughter's link to 'Ghost Company'

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…denies claim by CEO that her daughter is the US$15M investor …distances herself from Company but provides insight into the financial structure

Santa visits ‘Courts’ light up p. 7

GPHC CEOp. Mastermind in 13p. Man gets 72 years Michael 3 Khan sent Port Kaituma gold for wife'sp. murder 15 on leave heist remanded

Con men tie up Auto salesman, Guyana gets drive away with two cars $5000 note p. 8

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Kaieteur News

Saturday November 16, 2013

Saturday November 16, 2013

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Kaieteur News

Guyana gets $5000 bill GPHC CEO Michael Khan sent on leave … As GPHC probes financial discrepancies


Deputy Governor of the Bank of Guyana, Dr. Gobind Ganga (left) and Minister of Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh (right), at the launching of the $5000 note Deputy Governor of the Bank of Guyana, Dr. Gobind Ganga and Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh, officially launched Guyana's first $5000 note yesterday, which will be put into circulation on December 9. T h e h i g h e r denomination note is intended to reduce the demand for other notes which continues to increase, due to higher economic growth and increased income. It is also expected to enhance the efficiency in payment systems. The note, which was created in keeping with the Currency Reform process, measures 156mm x 65mm with the main colors on the back and front being magenta and green. The face side of the note carries the map of Guyana with its natural resources, while the reverse side depicts the National Bird; the Canje Pheasant, and the Rainforest. The note also bears several security features that are easily identifiable. When tilted, the color of the value shifts from magenta to green and the rolling bar moves up and down. The value of the note (5000) and the watermark of a macaw will be seen when the note is held up to the light. The note also carries a two track thread with optically variable & metallic print properties. Moreover, at the front of the note, on the right hand corner, is a Blind Mark for the visually impaired and partially sighted. Also, when tilted at an angle, the image of a jaguar can be seen on the holographic stripe. The note which bears the signatures of Lawrence Williams, Governor of the Bank of Guyana and Ashni Singh, Minister of Finance,

is printed by Oberthur, Fiduciaire of France. Dr. Ganga in his address, said that the current highest note is the $1000 which was introduced in 1996 and presently accounts for about 60 percent of the number of notes in circulation and over 90 percent of their value. He then explained that it is therefore evident, that given the cost structure from the significant growth of the economy, a large volume of the $1000 notes is necessary to settle some transactions. The introduction of the $5000 note, Dr. Ganga said, will significantly improve the efficacy of the payment system and obviously provide for wide scale cost savings. He noted too, that the issue date was chosen to meet the seasonal demand for high denomination currency which would usually pose a challenge for the Bank. The Deputy Governor asserted too, that with this note, the Bank will undoubtedly meet the seasonal increase and reduce the number of notes it would be required to process. Also addressing members of the media corp at the auspicious event, was Dr. Singh. The Finance Minister reiterated the importance of the new note, while reminding those in attendance that, “There really is no need in today's world, to be handling and retaining large volumes of cash.” Speaking to the unveiling of the $5000 note yesterday Leader of the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), Mr. David Granger noted that several administrative centers do not have adequate financial institutions. The APNU Leader made

reference to the situation of Barima Waini (Region One). “The centre which is in Mabaruma, does not have a bank, now particularly in the gold mining areas, huge amounts of money are moved and the banking system has not been sufficiently developed and I would feel that the introduction of this note would have some benefits to the users in this area.” However, Granger posited that the new denomination “might facilitate some other types of crime, but as a matter of convenience, we feel there needs to be some sort of consideration to the huge amounts of money being moved about,” and that attention should be paid to the fact that we have not been able to adopt a plastic system of electronic transfers, the use of credit cards and other instruments to facilitate financial transfers in the hinterland Region.

eeks after the Director of Financial Services and a Clerk of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) were sent on leave to facilitate a probe into the disappearance of over $4M at the facility, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Michael Khan was yesterday ordered to go on annual leave. Khan said that he received a letter from the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Nirmal Rekha, early yesterday, instructing him to proceed on his annual leave with immediate effect. He said that he was not told why he was sent on leave but claimed that he has 60 days accumulated annual leave. He said, too, that he is not sure when he will be back at the hospital but stated that the Director of Medical Services Dr. Sheik Amir will act as the CEO in his absence. Kaieteur News tried to contact Rekha who is also the Finance Secretary of the Ministry of Finance to no avail. Chief Medical Officer ( C M O ) D r. S h a m d e o Persaud, who also serves as a member of the Board, said that he is not aware that Khan was asked to go on leave. Meanwhile, although Minister of Health, Dr. Bheri Ramsaran, confirmed last evening that Khan was sent on leave based on a directive of the Board, he did not divulge the reason for the action. According to the Minister, the Board is

allowed to operate under a certain recommended framework which requires that he, as Minister, have “an arms-length” approach to it. “I will have to consult with Mr. Rekha…he was trying to get me this afternoon (yesterday); he will have to let me know what exactly is the position of the Board. I don't want to be speculating on the details of it, I have to be briefed further…but I have confidence in the Board,” he added. The Minister pointed out that, “the decision was not the decision of a single person, it was a Board decision; so myself and my Chief Medical Officer, who is also on the Board, will be checking exactly what is the position, and about the sustainability of operations,” said the Minister. This publication was however reliably informed that Khan was sent on leave to facilitate a thorough inves tigation into the recently detected fraud. It was explained that in order for a necessary audit and other scrutinizing processes to be undertaken it was recommended at the level of the Board that Khan be sent on leave to prevent any potential interference. The GPHC, a few months ago, appointed the existing Board of Directors

CEO: Michael Khan and this publication was told that the Board will ensure that matters affecting the operation of the hospital are thoroughly investigated and necessary action(s) taken. The current Board of Directors comprises six former members, among them Dr. Shamdeo Persaud, Ms Renata Chuck-A-Sang, Mr. Sheik Amir, Colonel Mark Phillips, Ms. Norma Semple, Brother Kempton Alexander and four new members; Dr. Mahendra Carpen, Dr. Dalgleish Joseph, Ms. Bibi Zaheeda Hack and Mr. Nirmal Rekha. The new Board became operational in July and is expected to serve until June 2014. According to Minister Ramsaran the Ministry is allowing its Boards, including that at the Berbice Regional Health Authority, to operate independently, even as he emphasized that the GPHC Board has the requisite competencies to make certain decisions.

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Kaieteur News

Kaieteur News Printed and Published by National Media & Publishing Company Ltd. 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown, Georgetown, Guyana. Publisher: GLENN LALL Editor: Adam Harris Tel: 225-8465, 225-8491. Fax: 225-8473, 226-8210


The $5,000 note People often talk about someone being pennywise and pound foolish. Ever since the government announced that it was introducing the $5,000 note there were queries whether the decision would not fuel inflation. The powers that be, especially the Deputy Governor of the Bank of Guyana, said that the last hike in the value of the currency note was in 1999. On November 15, 1965 the currency notes that existed were in denominations of 1, 5, 10, and 20 dollars. Between 1988 and 1992 the government introduced two new denominations—the $100 and $500. Inflation was riding high and pretty soon people were walking with a huge bulk of notes to pay simple bills. Guyanese were still refusing to accept a more safe means of conducting business, one that meant minimum cash transactions. By 1999 Guyana’s currency notes were the 20, 100, 500, and 1000 dollars. New banknotes of 100 and 1000 dollars were issued on 29 March 2006. Increase in the value of the currency note is merely to reduce the volume of notes in circulation and according to the Deputy Governor of the Bank of Guyana, this had nothing to do with inflation. He made it a point to point out that the last note to be introduced came more than a decade ago. Be that as it may one is left to wonder about the notes in the developed world. The United States has not had a note larger than the $100 for as long as Guyanese could remember. If indeed there was a larger note that has been reduced from circulation. From the look of things even the US$100 note seems to be heading to the disused pile. For one, many entities are skeptical about accepting it because of the extent of global forgery; and besides the people for the most part use plastic for transactions that are relatively small. Guyanese, on the other hand, are slow to move away from cash transactions. Perhaps they find it time consuming to go to stand in a line at a commercial bank to withdraw cash and that in itself should be a deterrent to cash transactions but it surely is not. Just last week, a woman left a commercial bank with a quantity of cash; she was followed by two men and despite her efforts to seek protection in a nearby pharmacy, one of the men proceeded to rob her at gunpoint. He escaped on a waiting motorcycle. The decision to print the larger denomination would merely serve to encourage people to remain cash-oriented. One would have thought that in the wake of calls by the police and the various measures being sought to introduce plastic, the government would have begun to take measures to make credit and debit cards the currency of choice. The decision makers would have been advised to concentrate on the money in circulation. They have announced that come December 9, this year they would trot out the new currency. Normal economics would see an equivalent of currency being removed from circulation to facilitate the new notes. The Central Bank may do well to remove the coins from circulation because most of them are now useless. There are some $850 million in coins in circulation. The value of the $20 notes and others in circulation amount to $55.7 billion. If the new currency is not in response to inflation then surely a few billion dollars of these notes would be removed from the system. There is the view that people bent on a life of crime will be inspired to increased activity. For one the weight of the money would not be a problem because they would be running with fewer notes. It is indeed unfortunate that the decision to introduce the new note did not take everything into consideration. Money launderers would be given a new lease to store their currency. In fact, one must wonder whether the new notes are not intended to make life for the money launderer in the absence of the anti-money laundering legislation.

Saturday November 16, 2013

Letters... Where your views make the news

Guyana’s last frontier breached by road from Brazil DEAR EDITOR, Guyana’s last frontier is being breached by Brazilian mining interests who are constructing a road intended to drive deep into the heart of South Rupununi, eventually reachingtheNewRiverTriangle. This development will generate a cascade of economic, social, security, political and environmental problems in an area of Guyana which currently has token governmental infrastructure. If the governing administration is aware of this reckless initiative, the nation deserves an explanation. However, whether legal or illegal, the Guyana Human Rights Association (GHRA) is calling for this venture to be stopped immediately, and those

responsible condignly punished to deter like-minded attempts. Contributions of gold mining to the national treasury, together with the personal enrichment of a significant slice of the political and economic elite, have rendered gold-mining above the law in Guyana in recent years. The problems generated by gold mining include illegal exports of gold, tax avoidance, social upheaval in indigenous communities, heavy metal pollution of freshwater sources, uncontrolled de-forestation, bio-diversity devastation, illegal immigration, bribery of police, mining o ff i c i a l s a n d f o r e s t r y monitors and corruption of indigenous elected leaders. Villagers of Parabara in

the Deep South Rupununi were recently informed that a road connecting the border town of Lumidpau to the Kuyuwini River to the South-East would pass through their village. A mechanized pontoon will then ferry vehicles across the Kuyuwini and the road will continue to the Essequibo River. The road will by-pass immigration and customs located in Lethem, providing more direct access to and from Boa Vista, Brazil. For the first time, this ecologically pristine area will be exposed to similar irreparable environmental damage caused by mining in Regions 1, 7 and 8. The Guyana Shield - the ancient mountainous formation

straddling Guyana, Venezuela and Brazil - contains close to one-quarter of the world’s fresh-water resources of which a significant amount is to be found in Guyana. Fresh water, in 20 to 30years time, is calculated to be as valuable as oil is today. The mining facilitated by the proposed road exposes the upper reaches of the Essequibo to mercury and heavy metal pollution on a scale that will wipe out this asset. E c o l o g i c a l considerations apart, the notion that such an asset can be squandered at the whim of illegal foreign miners in league with corrupt and c o m p l i a n t o ff i c i a l s i s shocking. Reports that meetings have been held in (Continued on page 23)

We must use last Tuesday’s tragedy to go back to the basics DEAR EDITOR, On behalf of my wife and family, councillors and staff of the Georgetown Municipality, I wish to offer profound condolences to the families of Police Officers Michael Forde and Sherwin Pantlitz, as well as to those of civilians Hugh Paul and Va n e s s a W i l l i a m s . Sympathy is in order for the relatives Deryck Kanhai and also the man who was shot in Albouystown. In the latter two cases, I offer condolences because all life is precious, and even if the dead person is the architect of their demise, their families also mourn. We must in a civilized society see the death of anyone as cause for us to be sorrowful. The five deaths that occurred on Middle Street in close proximity to East Street may have been avoided if the best methods were employed by the Police. Our leaders and others need to come together to create an environment of sanity and discipline among our citizens. On Tuesday afternoon I had just purchased fruits at the corner of East and Church Streets, and was on my way to Da Silva’s Modern Optical, when I noticed a woman with a young girl and a child running south along East Street. The woman related how shooting was taking place, so she had just exited

the hospital nearby. On further investigation I recognized that a visit to Da Silva’s Modern Optical would have been an act of folly. But there are some worrying aspects to this tragedy which require either a full explanation or an enquiry. First, the alleged shooter Deryck Kanhai ought to be known to the police; he had earlier stabbed a close relative in a hammock in the interior. On another occasion he ended up shooting himself in the jaw. The question is why should a man known to be unstable or strange be licenced to carry a firearm.

In Georgetown, I can supply the police with names of persons who have been granted licences, but who from their strange behaviour ought not to be let loose with a gun, as some are, in our society. I suggest with immediate effect that the list of licenced firearm holders be gone through carefully by a truly impartial team or person, after which persons with a history of violence or strange behaviour be subjected to a psychological examination. With the pressure of life today in Guyana, persons with strange behavioural patterns ought not to be left

loose to endanger society. Secondly, once on the scene, an evaluation ought to be made. In the case of Tuesday’s mayhem, as I understand it, an effort ought to have been made to get some person who is known to be close to Kanhai, whom he would listen to, and possibly influence him at that particular time. Was this done? This is the age of cell phones. Further, I don’t know, but was a loud hailer used in an effort to communicate with Kanhai and so established some dialogue? We leant from the police report that (Continued on page 23)

The 20-year anniversary of a still relevant statement

DEAR EDITOR, Does anyone ever remember the name Derek Hugh Goodrich, the Englishman who was the Anglican Dean of the St George’s Cathedral who retired in 1993 in Surrey, UK? He was one of the champions for the poor and the working class during the PNC era. I remembered his message from Old Year’s Night 1991, the year before the “dawn of the new era” when he condemned the owners of the Forte Crest Hotel (now Pegasus) for charging US$200 per person, which was close to the year’s wage for security guards. The 20-year anniversary of that statement is a good time to reflect on this “gap between the rich and the poor” and whether it has been addressed. The facts are after some 20 years, the core component of this “gap” remains unaddressed and has actually widened. Today we have friends of the PPP selling supplies to the State at a profit to their personal pocket of more than US$5 million a

year, while the ordinary man has to take care of his family on US$3,500 per year. Much has not changed for the working class in Guyana. I plead with the current Dean of the Anglican Church and the Catholic Bishop to research this message of Dean Goodrich from 20 years ago and add their important voice to exposing this deterioration of the economic plight of the poor and the working class in Guyana. The people’s economic well-being and ensuring that the upcoming local government elections are free, fair and peaceful, are still relevant to the church leaders some 20 years after. I also call on the AFC and APNU to meet with the Church leaders as we approach this season of Christmas; share notes and build alliance in the fight for the people and against the economic oppressors. This battle must be fought on all fronts and 2014 will be a very important year in breaking the political back of the oppressors. Sasenarine Singh

Saturday November 16, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

The PPP/C administration ought to be given a fair chance to exercise its constitutional mandate DEAR EDITOR, There is a saying that the greatest of all freedoms is the freedom of choice. People the world over cherish the idea of choice which is a fundamental human right, especially when it comes to choosing a government of one’s choice in certified free and fair elections. One reason (among several others) why the Democratic Party in the United States has done so well in the last two presidential elections is because of its enlightened pro-choice stance on fundamental issues, including the right to decide on abortion and on gay rights. This element of choice has become a defining charasteric of our emerging democracy. The current parliamentary configuration which gave the parliamentary opposition a one-seat majority is a manifestation of our evolving democracy, even though the national interest could be compromised by partisan politics as happened recently by the refusal of the opposition parties to lend support to the anti-money laundering Bill and the Amalia Falls Hydro-electric Project. If there is one thing most if not all Guyanese can agree on is that when it comes to freedom of choice and freedom of expression, Guyana compares favourably with any in the Caribbean, and for that matter, the entire

western hemisphere. The judiciary is independent and free. There is no attempt whatsoever to tamper with the couse of justice by the government. In fact, several rulings were made against the ruling PPP/C administration and agencies of the government. There was a time in the not-so-distant past when such freedoms which we take for granted today were denied the Guyanese people. To begin with, the entire democratic fabric of the society was ruptured. There were no free and fair elections for close to three decades and what passed for parliamenary democracy was nothing but a complete hoax. Parliament under the PNC was not only a rubber stamp but totally unrepresentative of the will of the Guyanese electorate. The current parliamentary configuration which gave the opposition parties a one-seat majority has turned out, regrettably, to be largely dysfunctional and is not conducive to the overall good of the nation. What is playing out in our parliament today is a pathetic display of political arrogance by the combined opposition, to a point where it could not care less whether the integrity and well-being of the country and its citizens are put at risk. The anti-national stance of the political opposition speaks to a mind-set which essentially says to the

Guyanese people that partsan politics is primary and any other consideration, regardless of its impact on the good and well-being of the Guyanese people, is at best of secondary importance. Such thinking is, at best, short-sighted and fails to adequately take into consideration the interests of significant constituencies which are organically linked to the body-politic and whose contributions to the society are significant. Take for instance the Private Sector, which for all practical purposes is seen as the engine of growth. Its attempt to have its voice heard in the highestdecision making body of the land, the National Assembly, was rudely denied by the combined opposition, despite the pleadings of Government MPs. The current PPP/C administration is now placed in a difficult situation in pursuance of its development agenda which to a large extent is being held hostage by a political opposition that seems to be more concerned with settling political scores than being a partner in the country’s development. True, as the parliamentary opposition, it has every right to scrutinize and propose amendments to Bills, but opposing for the sake of opposing and using the parliament as a medium for trade-offs and political

blackmail is counterproductive, and certainly not in the best national interest. In any functioning democracy there is need for checks and balances in order to ensure that the best interests of the people are upheld. This is why it is always a good thing for the three arms of the state to maintain their independence and not stand in the way of each other. What is playing out in the country currently is a situation where the legislative arm is frustrating the work of the executive by all manner of political subterfuges, aimed at crippling the developmental agenda of the PPP/C

administration. The fact is that the PPP/C is the democratically elected government with a mandate to govern in keeping with the provisions of our Constitutuion. Unlike previous constitutions which were foisted on the Guyanese people, this current constitution was endorsed by Guyanese from all walks of life through numerous consultations involving all major stakeholders including the political opposition. Contrary to what is being peddled in some quarters, the PPP/C is not a ‘minority’ government. It has won close to 50% of the votes in the last

elections and therefore enjoys the full confidence of the people of Guyana. In politics, two minorities do not constitute a majority. This fact was well established during the 1964 elections when two minority parties, the PNC and the United Force came together in a coalition government to remove the PPP from office with devastating consequences. Having regard to the above, the PPP/C administration ought to be given a fair chance to exercise its constitutional mandate to govern without undue hindrance by the legislative arm of the state. Hydar Ally

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Saturday November 16, 2013

Minister confirms daughter’s link to ‘Ghost Company’ Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Jennifer Webster, has confirmed the link between her daughter and the company pursuing a $US30 Million recycling plant in Guyana, but insists that her daughter is not the $US15 million investor. On Monday Government inked an MoU with Natural Globe Incorporated, the company, which has proposed to set up the recycling plant. Webster yesterday responded to the claim by Chief Executive Officer of the company Mohammed Osman, that her daughter, Andriana Webster, would be investing half of the money in the project. The Minister vehemently denied this and said that her daughter was only a director in the Company and not a shareholder in the project. The Human Services Minister yesterday held a press conference in the boardroom of her Ministry and distanced herself from the company entirely saying that she has no ties to it. She added that “every person is entitled to live his or her separate life regardless of the affiliation of his or her family members.” According to Webster, she does not exercise any control whatsoever over her daughter ’s decisions in respect of her personal or professional life. “I do not have anything to do with this company, either personally or in my capacity as a Minister of Government. I in no way attempted to influence any decision-

…distance herself from company but provides insight into the financial structure ******** …denies claim by CEO that her daughter is US$15M investor making process, nor did I ever participate in any negotiation process whatsoever in any form or fashion,” Webster stressed. Despite distancing herself from the project, the Minister did provide some insight into the proposed financing structure for the project. She said that it is not a case where a person’s personal money would be invested but rather it was the company that is investing the money. Minister Webster however failed to address the fact that this company was only registered in Guyana three months ago while the proposal for the recycling plant was submitted to Government 14 months ago. The Minister said that the company would be using a debt and equity structure to build the plant, meaning that the Company would invest a certain amount and the remainder of the money would be borrowed from a Bank. How did the Minister know that this is another matter up for contention? This, however, is in stark contrast to what the CEO of the Company had said one day earlier. Osman visited Kaieteur News on Thursday and said that the company had the entire US$30M required for the project. He said that it was he and the Minister’s daughter that would be making the investment.

Minister Webster said that she would be advising her daughter ‘accordingly’ should it be proven that Osman did indeed say that. In defending her daughter, Minister Webster said that her daughter, Adrianna Webster is a 28year-old professional. According to Minister Webster, her daughter is an information technology consultant who does not have that “kind of money.” She said that her daughter has been living in Canada for several years and is also a consultant for Mogford Enterprise. Osman had told this newspaper that he is the Vice President of Mogford Enterprise which is said to be the Canadian counterpart for Natural Globe Inc. Minister Webster claimed that the article carried in yesterday’s publication of Kaieteur News was inaccurate and malicious. A visibly upset Webster contended that, “the article was intended to expose her personally, her office as a Minister of Government, and the Government of Guyana to public ridicule and to perpetuate the perception of conflict of interest and corruption on my part and that of the Government of Guyana”. A point to note is that this publication’s article never dealt with the issue of the Minister having anything to do with the company Natural

CEO of Natural Globe Minister Jennifer Webster Inc., Mohamed Osman Globe Inc. She accused this publication of attempting to imply or convey the impression that her daughter ’s professional pursuit “is as a result of some undue influence exercised by me upon the Government of Guyana is not only erroneous, but is an assault on my personal and professional integrity and that of my daughter.” “She maintained that when the MoU came up for consideration at the level of the Cabinet, she was not present and in fact travelling at the time.” Minister Webster, read a statement she said was from her daughter who resides in Canada. In that statement read by the Minister, her daughter denied that she was the female investor providing US$15M to any recycling plant. The woman did admit to being a director of the locally registered company Natural Globe Inc. She continued that her daughter claimed that her work is not in any way influenced by Jennifer Webster, Minister of Human

Services and Social Security in the Government of Guyana. “I have my own income and my own liabilities and my decision to work with the firm is merely on a professional basis…The proposed solid waste recycling project to be undertaken in Guyana, of which I am a registered director of the company— Natural Globe Inc, is purely being undertaken by the company…In fact, the financing for this project is already in place.” The names on the local business registration for Natural Globe Inc are Mohammed Osman, his son, Imzamam Osman, and Andriana Webster. Osman on Thursday told this publication that it is he and this female investor that would be putting US$15M each. He said that they are not looking for other investors and that they had all of the required cash and are just waiting on the ‘go-ahead.’ Asked about the source of his finances to back such an ambitious project, Osman claimed that he is the Vice President of a Canadian Company, Mogford Enterprises, and that he owns

half of this company along with a man he identified as John Mogford. As he made this claim, a Kaieteur News reporter commenced an online search, to no avail, as no website for this company could be found. Osman was at a loss to give an explanation. Pressed further on the source of his share of the financing, he said that Mogford Enterprise is the parent company for a subsidiary called the Tadger Group International. While there was no website found for the parent company, one was located for what he claimed is the subsidiary. A statement from the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development contradicted this position by announcing that he was merely a consultant with the company and not owner as was claimed by Osman. When questioned further about this company; details such as contact information, among other things, Osman said he could not recall at the time and would text Kaieteur News the information. He is yet to provide this information. Questioned recently about whether any investigation was undertaken by the Local Government Ministry into the background and ability of the Company to undertake what it has promised, the Subject Minister, Ganga Persaud responded that government is “satisfied” with all the information which was submitted by the company. “We just needed a recycling plant which is in keeping with the needs we outlined,” the Minister said. He said that he does not know about the technical capabilities of the company, or about its business in Canada.

Saturday November 16, 2013

Kaieteur News

Santa visits ‘Courts’ light up

IMMIGRATION INFO: Immigration News For Our Community Attorney Gail S. Seeram, Through this “Question & Answer” column, our goal is to answer your immigration questions. We appreciate your comments and questions. If you have a question that you would like answered in this column, please email: Question #1: I would like to adopt my 18-year-old nephew who lives in Guyana and bring him to the United States. Can this be done? Answer #1: Yes, you can adopt your nephew if you meet the requirements under the laws in Guyana. However, for U.S. immigration purposes, the adoption must take place before the child is age 16. So, adopting your nephew at age 18 would not allow him to be categorized as your “child” for U.S. immigration purposes. Also, there are residency requirements under the U.S. immigration laws that must be met by the petitioner and child for a non-orphan adoption. Question #2: M y girlfriend lives in Guyana and she is pregnant. I am a U.S. citizen. When my child is born in Guyana, will my child be a U.S. citizen? Answer #2: The birth

of a child abroad to U.S. citizen parent(s)should be reported as soon as possible so that a Consular Report of Birth Abroad can be issued as an official record of the child’s claim to U.S. citizenship. Report the birth of your child abroad at the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate. So, the answer to your question is “yes”, the child will be a U.S. citizen if all the requirements are met. Question #3: My green card was taken away at the U.S. border. What does this mean? Answer #3: First, you need to speak with an immigration attorney. You may be scheduled for a deferred inspection interview and you should take an immigration attorney with you for legal representation. During the deferred inspection interview, the officer will gather additional information to determine whether to place you in removal proceedings or to return your green card. There are many reasons why a Customs and Border Protection officer may take away someone’s green card – these include a prior conviction, pending criminal case, length of time outside the U.S., use of fraud to obtain the green card, etc. Question #4: My U.S. citizen aunt sponsored my

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Gail S. Seeram mother and our entire family. Why was my brother, who is 22, not issued a visa at the U.S. Embassy? Answer #4: Generally, for a 4th preference category (U.S. citizen sponsoring brother/sister) family based petition, any children under the age of 21 at the time the visa is available are ineligible for the immigrant visa because they are no longer considered a child under the U.S. immigration laws. However, speak with an immigration attorney regarding your brother’s eligibility under the Child Status Protection Act.

As is customary, Courts (Guyana) Incorporated created moments of Christmas magic when its annual concert and tree lighting ceremony got underway last night. There were screaming children who welcomed on stage, chairpersons Gordon Moseley and Nuriyyih Gerrard who did a great job in keeping the thousands in the crowd entertained. The show started off with a song by winner of the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph (GT&T)’s Jingle and Song Competition 2012, Poonam Singh. It continued with energetic performances from the National School of Dance (juniors), a piece of poetry from Yaphet Jackman, a dance by the Classique Dance Company, a soulful song from Candace Fields and a steel pan rendition from the National Steel Orchestra. The night continued with a performance by GT&T’s (English) Guyana Star 2013,

Ryan Hoppie. This presentation had the children totally engrossed and singing along to “The little drummer boy”. This was followed by Christmas carols from the Courts Main Street Choir. Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, who is performing the duties of President; Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, Irfaan Ali; Managing Director of Courts, Clyde de Haas and other officials from Courts Guyana Incorporated were all there. Minister Ali congratulated Courts on its annual festivity and urged Guyanese to live in harmony. He also extended condolences to the families of the persons who lost their lives during the shootout on Middle Street earlier this week. Prime Minister Hinds was

given the honour of illuminating the trees along Main Street. He did so with the touch of a galaxy tablet. It goes to show how things have changed not only here in Guyana, but all around the world. Main Street was immediately transformed into a magical atmosphere which created the platform for the Christmas spirit. The most anticipated part of the night was the arrival of old Saint Nick, better known as Santa Claus, and his squad. In addition to the usual Cinderella, Dora, and Spider Man, there were also characters from Sesame Street. Theirs was a grand appearance, on a well lit and beautifully decorated truck sharing sweets and other goodies to the ecstatic children.

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Saturday November 16, 2013

Georgetown Chamber to launch comprehensive anti-discrimination workplace policy The Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) is partnering the Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination (SASOD) to develop and launch a comprehensive antidiscrimination workplace policy. This policy includes sexual orientation and gender identity as prohibited grounds. GCCI President, Clinton Urling, made this announcement. Wednesday, at a seminar, on “Business and Human Rights: Tackling Workplace Discrimination”, at Hotel Pegasus. The seminar was hosted by GCCI in collaboration with SASOD. The seminar which targeted sector-leading commercial entities who are members of the GCCI and its allied agencies, sought to sensitize managers and business owners to issues relating to stigma, discrimination and human rights violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity in the workplace. Mr. Urling lauded SASOD for its advocacy over the past ten years. This has “certainly informed our citizenry, changed perceptions and attitudes of bigotry and

Some of the participants at the GCCI/SASOD seminar at the Hotel Pegasus Guyana. intolerance and have resulted in actions to end discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity by policy-makers and other stakeholders.” He added that now it is the private sector’s turn to get involved. He urged his colleagues to grasp as much as possible from the seminar and to return to their various entities and start their own internal discussions on developing, or in some cases strengthening company policies, to eliminate these forms of discrimination, including sexual orientation and gender identity.

Conmen tie up auto salesman, drive away with two cars Robbers posing as customers made off with two cars from S and K Auto Sales after tying up a salesman from the Lusignan, East Coast Demerara firm around 13:00 hrs yesterday. According to reports, the men had visited the firm earlier

in the day and informed the salesman that they wanted to purchase a Toyota Premio and a Toyota Allion. The men subsequently returned around 13:00 hrs, bound the salesman with duct tape and made off with the cars. Both vehicles only had a few litres of fuel and police recovered the Toyota Allion in Lusignan. The other vehicle is still to be found.

Mr. Urling said that it is urgent for own policy-makers in Guyana to advance legislation that would end all forms of discrimination. They should ensure that employers cannot fire or refuse to hire someone based on his or her sexual orientation or gender identity. “It will not be an easy battle but one in which we have to advance to ensure that the fundamental human rights of all Guyanese are protected. In all these situations it took adaptive changes to effect this. The citizens and people were part of the problem and changing their attitudes and beliefs were key to enacting the necessary legislation. That is the important role of SASOD and what this seminar seeks to do,” Mr. Urling added. The presenters at the seminar were Zenita Nicholson, SASOD Secretary, who focused on the business efficacy for respecting human rights in the workplace; and Joel Simpson, SASOD CoChair, who deliberated on the current legal framework as it relates to human rights and workplace equality in Guyana. Facilitated by communications specialist and business executive, Ms. Catherine Hughes, M.P., the seminar discussed key issues,

including the importance of workplace polices that include protection from discrimination for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) employees, how

managers deal with homophobic and transphobic discrimination in the workplace; and externally, how businesses treat their LGBT customers and clients.

There was the first screening of “Sade’ Story,” a new video produced by SASOD in which Guyanese transgender fashion designer, Sade Richardson, candidly shares how her right to work and other basic rights are inhibited the constant transphobic discrimination she faces daily. GCCI Executive Director, Marissa Lowden, thanked the participants, the organizing team and the donors who made the event possible. The seminar was supported by the Delegation of the European Union to Guyana, through the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights, Equal Rights Trust and the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice.

Brazilian jailed for 12 months for break and enter A 20-year old Brazilian national will spend 12 months in prison on account of a theft he admitted to have committed on a general store. Junior DaSilva pleaded guilty to a break and enter charge which was yesterday read to him by Chief Magistrate Priya SewnarineBeharry at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court. DaSilva broke into Mohan’s General Store at 517 Tabatinga,Lethem and stealing 40 cell phones valued at $640,000, one case of boxer shorts valued at $72,000; 200 T-Jerseys valued at $160,000; one cartoon of tablets valued at $55,000; 20 8GB pen drives valued at $50,000; 40 2GB memory cards valued at $60,000; 50 1GB memory cards valued at $170,000; 80 adapters valued at $40,000; nine dozen women underwear valued at $86,400; six carburetors valued at $36,000; one and a half carton of Duracell batteries valued at $216,000; one pair football boots valued at $4000; 20 Nike

boots valued at $70,000; and one pair Ryder sandals valued at $6000. The total value of items stolen was $1,665,400, property of Kampta Narine. Police Prosecutor Corporal Bharat Mangru said that Narine, the proprietor of the said store, took a trip to Brazil and left his general store in the care of his brother-inlaw. The convict was employed there as a sales clerk The court heard that the caretaker, who secured the store the night before, returned on the morning of November 12 and soon discovered a breakage on the southern roof of the building. Prosecutor Mangru told the court that the defendant was contacted and when arrested he made an oral confession. The court further heard that at the police station, he provided a written caution statement and admitted to committing the offence. Mangru added that the articles are not yet retrieved

and further investigations will be conducted. DaSilva, in court, admitted to the crime but told the court, “Everything right that he read but is nah all ah that I carry.” When asked to record the items he had stolen, DaSilva said “Ah carry six phones, fourteen batteries, one inverter, one pair of boots, one sandal, two MP3s, two GPS, six watch, six rubber chains, two flash drives, two memory cards and 2 black stone bottle of alcohol.” The 20 year-old told the court that he is an orphan and that his family has no knowledge of his arrest. DaSilva told the court that after he removed the items he was approached by two boys, who armed with a pistol and cutlass, claimed to be police and relieved him of the items. When the Chief Magistrate asked the young man to reveal the reason for his actions, the young man stated “I wuk out dis plan. Ah wuk with them fuh three weeks and I thought ah de getting pay weekly but he never pay me since I work with he. He does cuss me.” The Chief Magistrate stated that she chose to sentence Da Silva on what he stated and accepted to have stolen.

Saturday November 16, 2013

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WHERE IS THE MONEY COMING FROM? Thirty million Uncle Sam dollars or six billion Guyana dollars is a lot of bread. Even for massive multinational corporations whose profits dwarf the gross domestic products of small countries, such a sum would not be invested anywhere without the approval of the power men in the Boardroom. The reason why Board approval would normally be necessary for such a relatively small investment is because of the principle of accountability. The Board of Directors of a major multinational corporation knows that a bad investment anywhere can hurt the image of the institution and therefore they would wish to approve of even such a small investment, relative to their overall worth. Thirty million US dollars or six billion Guyana dollars is a lot of money for any company, much less one that is not listed on the worldwide web and about which not much is known. Thirty million US dollars or six billion Guyana dollars is a lot of bread for a company which has only recently been incorporated in Guyana. Imagine then reading a report in the newspapers which suggests that for an investment of that sum that is being put into a waste recycling plant in Guyana, fifteen million US dollars will come from one person and another person will put up

another fifteen million dollars. Now where is this money coming from? This is a legitimate question that needs to be asked of all investors coming to Guyana? In fact, one of the first tasks of due diligence on any investor is to establish the source of the funds that will be invested. No government wants to enter into an arrangement with any investor, only to find that the promised funds for the investment are not forthcoming or are from a suspicious source. This can place the entire project which the investment is expected to fund in jeopardy. The Ministry of Local Government recently signed a MOU with a firm in which the proposed investment is supposed to be thirty million dollars. The media has every right to demand answers as to the reputation of the contractor and the source of the funding. Guyana has had a terrible experience with a foreign firm which was contracted to build a major access road to the site of a hydroelectric facility which was to be constructed. When the contract was first awarded this newspaper did an investigative piece and discovered that the company was operating out of a small puja job in Florida. Questions were also immediately raised about the experience and expertise of the contractor. These concerns

Dem boys seh...

Bobby got a lash man A thief does always come back to he happy hunting ground. That is why when nuff people get ketch and dem deny there is always people who know otherwise—that dem was de real thief. A man thief when he was at Guywa and get knock off. That was only because de story buss out. Guess who was de President. De man did already get wuk at nuff place. He wuk at Chronicle too. He jump pun a plane and go to British Virgin Islands wheh he wuk at a college. He get knock off from deh too and woulda get jail if he didn’t run home. Dem boys seh that as soon as he come home, couple people welcome he and call he in. He now wukking wid Bobby and de Hard Times paper. Dem boys didn’t believe till de three girls who lef de wuk point dem finger at he. Dem seh that he is a lash man. He lash nuff people; dem seh that he lash Nigel and if Ravi ain’t look out he gun get lash too. Dem boys want to know if Bobby ain’t get lash too. Of course if that happen it gun be a secret like nuff other things. It gun be like de funding fuh de recycling plant project. Dem boys watching wha gun happen wid de Osman fella and de recycling plant that he talk about. He ain’t got money and he ain’t no conman but he gun build a fancy recycling plant fuh US$30 million. De government people don’t like hear bout money. Dem boys didn’t know that de man didn’t come on he own. Is when Osman call certain people name that dem boys know is who deh in de mix up. And even then when some of de people who in de mix up name call, dem had others who seh that while dem involve dem ain’t put in no money. Well if Osman seh money put in and de girl he name seh that she ain’t put none, then it got to be that de money coming from somewhere. Dem boys watching de RAT. Talk half and watch

were never adequately addressed and the result is now history. After advancing billions of dollars to the contractor, the contract had to be terminated and billions more had to be spent to proceed with its completion. It is still not complete. It is therefore a fair and legitimate question for the government to be asked as to the source of the fifteen million dollars each that the proposed investors will be

putting up for the waste recycling plant in Guyana. Where is the money coming from? That is what the public is entitled to know. Will it be borrowed from the local commercial banks, or will it be borrowed from foreign banks. If so who are these banks and what commitments have been provided by these banks that would have allowed the Ministry of Local Government to proceed with the issuance

of a Memorandum of Understanding. If the funds are being borrowed, one would expect that there will be some equity involved. After all, most banks would expect the borrowers to put up some of their own funds before lending such a large sum. So what is the equity contribution of the two investors that it is said will be injecting some fifteen million United States dollars into this

project? Or will two corporations be advancing the sums to be invested. If so what are the names of these corporations? The public needs to know the answers to these questions.

2014 Municipal budgets presented to Local Government Minister - Georgetown, Linden proposals rejected by councillors By Rehanna Ramsay Lack of consensus resulted in the rejection of the 2014 budget proposals for both the Linden Town Council and the Georgetown City Council. The rejection came yesterday when representatives of the various municipalities presented their budget proposals to the Junior Minister of Local Government Minister, Norman Whittaker. While, Georgetown Mayor and City Council’s (M&CC) Finance Committee Chairman, Junior Garrett; explained that the Mayor and several councillors have demonstrated discontent with the proposal, the presentation by Linden’s Town Clerk, Jonellor Bowen, was comprehensive and to the point. “The Linden municipality budget is being submitted with a proposed total of $ 115,446,663, an increase of $11, 027 045 …We have considered an increase in number properties to be valued via the valuation process. An increase in the percentage of taxes in the rates and taxes paid …we speak specifically of defaulters and the renting of equipment. The 2014 subvention proposal would include roads to be patched at $3 million… and works to be done drains and culverts at a total $ 4 million, rehabilitation vehicles of $1 million and maintenance of the cemetery $1 million …and purchase of radio sets $1 million accumulated total of $10 million.” The Linden municipality budget for 2013 was approved at the sum of $104,419,618. Minister Whittaker later explained that members of Linden Town Council refused to cooperate in the process of producing, the new budget proposal. “Several

Minister of Local Government Norman Whittaker flanked by representatives of the six Municipalities councillors at the Linden municipality were not interested in the council budget but only in the Kara Kara Road toll as a result, a few staff worked with Town Clerk to have the budget proposal ready for today.” In contrast, Garrett did not present a proposed amount for the upcoming year to the Minister. However, Garrett told the gathering yesterday it was felt by the Mayor that the budget should include items of the rating appeal panel Georgetown development plan, salaries of councillors the increase of councilor’s stipend and gratuity … which he (Garrett) believes has no basis for which the budget proposal could be rejected. On Thursday, the Finance committee chairman and his team presented a budget proposal of $2,055,467,116, which was rejected by the MCC. “It does not have any bearing on the statutory requirement.” Garrett reiterated. Councillors of Georgetown had advised that the 2014 budget proposed by Garrett and his team, be reexamined. “Among other objections to the proposed budget last Thursday concerns were raised by the Mayor in relations, to ratings appeals panel since it addresses ensuring citizens’ redress and

the non-payment of taxes.” Yesterday, Minister Whittaker challenged that the municipalities go after defaulting taxpayers. “We have noted that your primary source of collecting revenue is via market rates and taxes… I would like to encourage you to find ways to go after defaulting ratepayers … place more emphasis on them, reach out to them and in some cases work out possible payment plans,” he added Whittaker recommended that the Town Clerk submit a written account of the objections made by the Mayor and councillors for the anticipated budget. “His worship cannot ask to include in the budget things that ought not to be the budget and the town clerk should submit a written account of what transpired. We will take from there,” the Minister noted. As required under Section 153 and 155 of the Municipal and District Council s Act, representatives of the Anna Regina, Rose Hall, Corriverton and New Amsterdam Town Councils presented the estimates for the upcoming year that were approved by their respective Councils. The Anna Regina’s budget for 2014 is estimated at $ 101,291,118, Rose Hall’s

Municipal budget is estimated at $ 42,194 535, an increase of 14.4 per cent over last year, Corriverton has a proposed budget of $71,417,600 and New Amsterdam has the largest budget projection in Berbice at $ 130 815 557.

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Saturday November 16, 2013



Bharrat Jagdeo

Dr. Bobby Ramroop

Winston Brassington

Kaieteur News has already exposed the Marriott Hotel scheme, the Berbice Bridge scheme and the Sanata Complex scheme involving Queens Atlantic.

The objective of this series is to outline to the nation what Guyana will be like in the coming months when it comes to radio, television, cable, internet and wireless services (cellular phones, VOIP, security systems) and landline telephone services. In 2008, President Bharrat Jagdeo Internet is 1. ordered cable TV providers to cease 4.ADDICTIVE? operations? Among them was one company that was offering wireless internet services? The operators then begged for a meeting with Jagdeo who told them to put together their ideas and a proposal for the way forward? After several meetings during which the ideas/proposals were presented to Jagdeo, the operators were told that they could resume operations, but must not expand or make any further investment. Jagdeo also emphasized that he had to put new legislation in place and could not guarantee that any of them would be granted License? The internet service provider, however, was allowed to expand his operation countrywide? Armed with the ideas presented to him, Jagdeo set about to hatch the scheme to steal the communications sector in Guyana?

The lowest internet fee offered by GT&T is US$25 per month? When the private operators begin to sell internet service to the 90,000 laptop users ALONE, let’s say a little lower than GT&T at US$20 per month, they will be raking in US$1.8 MILLION monthly? This works out to approximately US$22 MILLION a year? The Govt. contract for the free laptop stipulates that the owners will face a penalty if they break the computer, lose it or sell it, meaning that they have to keep it to pay the internet?

be spending a further US$42 Million to string a transmission line from Parika, East Bank Essequibo, to Moleson Creek, Berbice? Embedded inside of this Transmission Line is a fibre optic cable and this was only mentioned 'by the way?’ This brings the total investment so far by Govt. for the so called E-Governance to US$112 Million, which is equal to about 10% of Guyana's 2013 budget?

country? This was a clear indication of Jagdeo's intentions to restrict all private television stations with the exception of Dr 'Bobby' Ramroop's TVG which was allowed to expand to provide countrywide coverage? The $2.5 Million fee and the two cable licences that Jagdeo issued secretly was the last nail in the coffin for the private television stations? Jagdeo's aim was obnoxious; with Ramroop's TVG station countrywide, coupled with the two cable operators providing hundreds of channels, who would want to look at the other local TV stations?

also applied to Radio and Newspapers? He gave Five Radio Frequencies to Bobby Ramroop allowing countrywide coverage at present? Minister Robert Persaud, the husband of Jagdeo’s niece, also received five radio frequencies which he is currently sitting on? Jagdeo gave his own party, the PPP, five radio frequencies so that they can

have countrywide coverage; they too are hoarding it while established media houses are forced to go through a frustrating process or are flatly denied? The others that he gave single frequencies to, have LIMITED geographical reach to broadcast their signals? Who would want to advertise with a few ‘village radio stations’ when his friends and party have nationwide coverage? How long would these few ‘village radio stations’ be able to survive before being forced out of business? Jagdeo’s greed and desire to stifle independent voices led to a barefaced attempt to push Kaieteur News and Stabroek News off the media landscape when he brought into being the Guyana Times? He started pumping hundreds of millions of tax dollars into that newspaper through state ads to sustain it? Realizing that the newspaper was a non-entity from the inception, he then ordered that ALL Govt. agencies buy copies of that newspaper daily?


While government was laying its fibre optic cable and transmission line across the country, select private operators were at the same time busy expanding their own cable operations nationwide? The administration turned a blind eye to this and allowed them to use GPL’s Public Utility Poles free of charge? This lawless and corrupt practice continues despite the fact that none of them is in possession of a Telecommunications Licence?

Six months before he announced the 3. Laptop project, Jagdeo said he would be bringing a fibre optic cable from Brazil that would cost taxpayers in excess of US$40 Million? At the time he claimed that the cable was for E-Governance and is part of a larger plan to speed internet access across Guyana? His real intention was unmasked when Government announced that it would lease bandwidth from that cable coming from Brazil to local private cable operators? Taxpayers have now spent US$70 Million and still counting--US$30M for laptops and now US$40M for the cable? The scheme to enrich his friends is beginning to unravel; it is the private operators who are being positioned to benefit using the cable to supply internet service for the demand Jagdeo created?

Brian Yong

Kaieteur News will connect the dots on this scheme that has been planned and carefully orchestrated by former President Bharrat Jagdeo. He used millions of tax dollars to further enrich his friends and close associates and to control the media landscape.

GPL, headed by Winston 5.Brassington, The same scheme orchestrated by announced that Govt. would 8. Jagdeo to dominate TV and internet was

Jagdeo then announced that he would be 2.distributing 90,000 free laptops to poor families across Guyana at a cost of US$30Million? He then said that Government would pay for the first year for their internet service? This was a calculated move by Jagdeo to create a huge demand for internet service thus paving the way for them to become the supplier? US$30 MILLION OF YOUR HARD EARNED TAX DOLLARS WAS USED TO CREATE THIS DEMAND? THE FREE LAPTOP COMPUTERS WERE IN FACT USED AS THE BAIT?

like a drug, VERY

Vishok Persaud


Jagdeo secretly issued two cable licences to E-Networks headed by Vi s h o k P e r s a u d ; a n d Q u a r k Communications Inc., headed by Brian Yong? The Broadcast Authority created by Jagdeo then imposed an unrealistic fee of $2.5Million a year on all existing TV stations across Guyana? The same Broadcast Authority then announced that everyone else (except those that Jagdeo gave licenses to) must reapply in order to be considered? That this bought Bobby Ramroop enough time to expand his TVG all over the

Did You Know that Govt. sold its profitable shares in GT&T which holds 9. monopoly to supply internet services and international calls?


This deal was made in secret with the Chinese by Jagdeo's crony, Winston Brassington? That decision made absolutely no business sense and in fact left Guyanese more than US$30M poorer? After selling the shares, Jagdeo moved to change the Law to break this monopoly and to allow new operators into the market? This proposed change in the law MANDATES that Bobby Ramroop, Brian Yong and Vishok Persaud be each granted Telecommunication Licences also? A Telecommunications Licence allows an operator to provide a range of services including cellular, internet, radio, security and hundreds of Television Stations? Jamaica recently moved to auction its cable frequencies because its Govt. recognised the value of this national asset, which is worth millions of US dollars? This was not even considered by the Jagdeo Government, then lo and behold, Brian Yong and Vishok Persaud, two unknowns, as well as Bobby Ramroop, were suddenly gifted this prized national asset, for FREE?

Our exposure of these issues is to prevent any sitting or future President from ever thinking or believing that they can repeat the actions of Bharrat Jagdeo.

Saturday November 16, 2013

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APNU supports Government in territorial issue with Venezuela’s opposition APNU is committed to maintaining a national position on all matters of territorial integrity in Guyana’s sovereignty. A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) leader David Granger was commenting on the Venezuelan opposition interests in Essequibo. More specifically there was the Eteringbang incident in which a group of Venezuelans civilians and soldiers under the name “My Map of Venezuela also Includes Our Essequibo” entered Guyana through Essequibo via Eteringbang to reportedly “carry out a civil exercise of sovereignty.” During a press briefing held at the Office of the Leader of the Opposition, Granger said that from the beginning APNU rejected the Venezuelan use of force to expel an unarmed civilian vessel from the Exclusive Economic Zone. It also rejected the Eteringbang incident. According to Granger, the Venezuela issue is one that has a long history. In the quiet moments Guyana entered into bilateral arrangements (oil for rice). The issue will not be resolved by “selling a bag of rice here or a bag of rice there.” According to Granger it requires “careful study” and “resolute action” on the part of Government. As such Granger has

called on government to “revisit the 2001 border and national security committee report and to establish a National Borders Commission, which could provide the type of information and advice to the central government and to the Executive branch in order to take action.” Granger posited that APNU rejects “the attempts by Venezuelan Legislators to set their foot on Guyana’s territory with the aim of declaring an act of sovereignty.” Granger said that APNU is looking at it from a “national position” and is supporting the Government of Guyana “completely in resisting any attempts by Venezuela to claim the land particularly in the point the intrusion incurred at Eteringbang and the Cuyuni River; the western most point of Guyana.” While calling on the government to set up the National Border Commission so that all the parties could be involved collectively in providing the necessary support from their member to “resist this Venezuelan aggression.” From the governments end head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr. Roger Luncheon in his most recent press briefing articulated that their intelligence community are aware of the interest that

Leader of the Opposition David Granger have been shown by the political opposition of Venezuela to Eteringbang and the bordering Guyanese communities. According to Luncheon, “This interest is in the context of their attitude to Guyana’s Essequibo one that is felt to be massaged in the eve of the imminent electoral process in Venezuela. The historic opposition parties in Venezuela have seized on nationalistic overture it would seem to enhance their appeal and according to their published plans, their members particularly their legislators have undertaken to visit and have accompanied by elements of the Venezuelan Paramilitary establishment.” In the light of which

Luncheon said that Guyana’s joint service detachments attached to that location were put on alert of these planned visits and as such have been “ordered to remain vigilant on the context of such visits.” Venezuela had claimed more than half of the territory of Guyana at the time of the Latin American wars of independence, a dispute that was settled by arbitration in 1899 after the Venezuela Crisis of 1895. In 1962, Venezuela declared that it would no longer abide by the arbitration decision, which ceded mineral-rich territory in the Orinoco basin to Guyana. The disputed area is called Guayana Esequiba by Venezuela. A border commission was set up in 1966 with representatives from Guyana, Venezuela and Great Britain, but failed to reach agreement. Venezuela vetoed Guyana’s bid to become a member of the Organization of American States (OAS) in 1967. In 1969 Venezuela backed an abortive uprising in the disputed area. Under intense diplomatic pressure, Venezuela agreed in 1970 via the Protocol of Port of Spain, to a 12-year moratorium on the dispute. Venezuela refused to renew the protocol. However, with changes to the governments of both countries, relations

improved, to the extent that in 1990 Venezuela sponsored Guyana’s bid for OAS membership in 1990. During his visit here, President Nicolas Maduro said that the territorial dispute between the two neighbours have been fostered by “oligarchs” of his country. He recommitted to strengthening ties between both countries. The Venezuelan opposition on the contrary seems not to share the same view and are once again laying claim to Essequibo.

Head of the Presidential Secretariat Roger Luncheon

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Saturday November 16, 2013

Ramsammy to discuss deadline with Hope Canal contractors today Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy will be meeting with the contractors of the East Demerara Water Conservancy (EDWC) Northern Relief Channel at Hope/Dochfour today, to discuss the project’s looming December 2013 deadline. According to the Minister, the purpose of the meeting is to have the three contracted entities restate their contractual responsibility towards the project. The Government Information Agency had reported that of all the structures, Dr. Ramsammy is particularly concerned about the contractor of the eightdoor sluice meeting the deadline. He was quoted as saying “I have grave concern about the eight-gated sluice at the sea-side. I am not comfortable that progress is being made. We had significant progress made in September and in

October, unfortunately many opportunity days in November have been lost and that created concern for me, and therefore I am reaching the contractors to once again reiterate Government’s position that we will not tolerate any nonchalant attitude and we would not tolerate the contractors going into 2014.” The Hope/Dochfour Canal is more than a year behind schedule. During a recent interview with Kaieteur News, Dr. Ramsammy said that the Guyana Government is finally preparing to impose the penalty clause on contractors, should the Hope/Dochfour Canal not be completed by next month. He noted that his Ministry has been quite patient with the three contracted companies-BK International, Courtney Benn Contracting Services and DIPCON Engineering, especially as it relates to

Works ongoing on the eight-gated high level outfall in July last

accommodating extensions of proposed deadlines. The construction of the $3B Hope/Dochfour Northern Relief Channel was a venture undertaken by the former Minister of Agriculture, Robert Persaud, who estimated an 18-month completion, when construction commenced in February 2011. Dr. Ramsammy has stressed that “The government will not accept another extension.” One of the largest infrastructure initiatives in Guyana’s history, overall works on the Hope/Dochfour Canal is approximately 80 percent completed. It has been purported that

the relief channel would have the capacity to withstand floods greater than that which occurred in 2005. So far, the three-gated Head Regulator- the component assigned to BK International, is near completion. The excavation of the 10.3km long earthen channel, which is being carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture, is about 90 percent complete. The process of shaping the dam is currently ongoing, with 30 percent already done. “It has been anticipated that the canal would be completed last, since this is dependent on the completion of the other structures,” Dr. Ramsammy said. The channel

is being constructed to ease the pressure of water on the East Demerara Water Conservancy at times when it reaches its maximum capacity, releasing it into the Atlantic Ocean, via an eight-gated high level outfall, the component which is being constructed by Courtney Benn Contracting Services. Meanwhile, the bridge, sited on the East Coast Public Road, is about 80 percent complete. Works are being carried out by DIPCON Engineering. Dr. Ramsammy said that the process of building an incline road to the bridge is also currently ongoing. Minister Ramsammy pointed out that while he would not entertain an

extension of the project’s deadline, the works being carried out so far are impressive. “Even people close to me had said that this project would be impossible, but today, for us to be talking about a deadline, is a major accomplishment,” Dr. Ramsammy said, adding that he is hopeful that none of the contractors would let him down by failing to meet the December deadline. The project is being spearheaded by Chief Executive Officer of the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority, Lionel Wordsworth, and is being supervised by Raymond Latchman Singh and Dr. Ramsammy.

Saturday November 16, 2013

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Police officers removed from GPHC


he police officers w h o w e r e attached to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) were yesterday removed from their outpost after complaints surfaced that they were not doing their job. This is according to Chief Executive Officer, Michael Khan, who claimed

that he has been receiving numerous complaints about the ranks who were stationed at the institution. The outpost, which is located at the Accident and Emergency entrance of the GPHC on New Market Street has been in operation for several years and was placed there to facilitate quick reporting of matters

Port Kaituma gold heist mastermind remanded By Sunita Samaroo The man believed to be the “mastermind” who orchestrated the gold heist in Port Kaituma from the El D o r a d o G o l d Tr a d i n g Company was yesterday remanded to prison when he made his first court appearance at the Georgetown Magistrates' Court. N e v i l l e S u n i l Chandrawattie, 29, of Lot 33 Sparta, Essequibo Coast, was not required to plead to the indictable charge of Simple Larceny when he appeared before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry. It is alleged that on November 8, Chandrawattie stole 96 ounces of raw gold valued at $22M and $71M in cash from El Dorado Gold Trading Company. Police Prosecutor Corporal Bharat Mangru standing for State Prosecutor Glenn Hanoman, said that the accused who was employed by the company is known to Amirulllah “Iron Roller” Kudratulla who was previously charged in this matter. According to Mangru, some time prior to the commission of the crime, Chandrawattie and Kudratulla carefully crafted a plan to steal the money and gold from the company. The court heard that the accused allowed Anil Dhiram, who was also charged, to enter the company's premises. It was arranged for Dhiram to hide under a bed whilst Chandrawattie placed sleeping tablets in his coworker's porridge. The Prosecution stated that later that evening Dhiram pounced on a co-worker and proceeded to tie him up. The employee was allegedly lashed on his head with a gun and further beaten about the body by Dhiram while the “mastermind” swiped the money and gold. Mangru told the court that Chandrawattie then packed the items in a bag and handed the bag to Dhiram who then fled on the boat of Kenneth

Kevin Chandrawattie, “mastermind” in gold heist Garraway, the Boat Service owner who was also charged. According to the Prosecutor Mangru, the “mastermind” separately hid a considerable sum of money and gold just before he drank sleeping tablets in what is believed to be an effort to feign sleeping through the incident. The court heard that after the investigations commenced, Chandrawattie was interviewed and he revealed the details of the planning and execution of the entire scheme. He then led the search to the properties of Kudratulla and Garraway where a quantity of money and gold was recovered by police ranks. The Prosecutor then objected to bail on account of the seriousness of the offence. He said that if granted pre-trial liberty Chandrawattie may not return to answer to his charge. Mangru also stated that the accused is a flight risk who may have to face more charges in this matter. The alleged master conspirer was represented by Defence Attorneys Peter Hugh, Compton Richardson and Hughly Griffith. Hugh, who made an application for bail, told the court that the charge which was presented to their client is for simple larceny which is a bailable offence since “it was not a case of robbery.” The Chief Magistrate refused bail and adjourned the matter to November 22.

reaching the hospital which require police intervention. “We requested that they should be moved because we do not feel they are of any help. We received a lot of complaints from our security guards and we decided to ask for them to be moved,” Khan said. The ranks who handed over the keys on Thursday to the hospital's security guards will now be operating from the Alberttown Police Station. Khan added that the hospital's security guards will now occupy the outpost. Meanwhile, a police rank who was stationed at the

- CEO says they were not doing their job

The outpost at the GPHC hospital told this newspaper that the officers who worked

there did their best and responded to every report

made by patients or staffers at the institution.

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Kaieteur News

Saturday November 16, 2013

Saturday November 16, 2013

Kaieteur News

Man gets 72 years for wife's murder Sixty-two-year old Jeffrey Ward was yesterday sentenced to 72 years, for the brutal murder of his 32-yearold wife Donette Ward, on April 24, 2010. The mixed jury brought back the guilty verdict some time around 14:00hrs yesterday before Justice Navindra Singh. The judge started the sentence at 60 years. According to Justice Singh six years were added to the sentence because of the brutality of the crime; another six years were added because of the domestic violence attributed to the crime. There were no mitigating factors. Ward was represented by Attorney-at-Law, Huckumchand. In his caution statement, Ward had admitted to stabbing his wife. The police recorded Ward as saying “I and my wife had a misunderstanding and I picked up a knife and I stabbed her.� According to the evidence presented by Senior State Prosecutor Mrs. Judith Gildharie-Mursalin, Ward stabbed his wife nine times with a knife and this resulted in her death.

Jeffrey Ward The court heard that the man had gone to his wife's home at Lot 100 Herstelling, East Bank Demerara on April 2 4 , 2 0 1 0 . P r o s e c u t o r, Gildharie-Mursalin told the court that Donette's niece Stacey De Cambra, (the chief witness) was also there. The prosecutor had presented facts that Ward went to the residence and entered his wife's bedroom and brutally stabbed her. The dead woman's niece was considered the main witness, (continued on page 24)

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Saturday November 16, 2013

South Central murder ‌

Cops seek hotel guest, victim's stolen phone recovered A former hotel guest appears to be the prime suspect in the murder of South Central proprietor Joseph 'Joey' Jagdeo, whose bound and gagged body was found in a room at his South Road premises last Thursday. Kaieteur News understands that the man, known as 'Big Foot', had recently rented the room in which the slain proprietor was found. He is said to be

the boyfriend of a woman who frequented the hotel. The man is believed to have stolen two cell phones from Jagdeo and Kaieteur News was told that police recovered one of the phones from a woman who resides in Kitty. The woman, who is in custody, has reportedly identified the former hotel guest as the individual who gave her the phone. However, police are still to locate the suspect.

They have since released about five other people from custody. Police said that Government Pathologist Dr. Nehaul Singh conducted a postmortem yesterday on the victim which gave the cause of death as asphyxia due to manual strangulation. Jagdeo, 62, was found under a bed in Room Ten at around 08:00 hrs on T h u r s d a y, a f t e r s o m e employees, who had not

PSC seeks to petition CFATF The Private Sector Commission has taken a decision to petition the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force asking for a stay in any decision to refer Guyana to the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) International Cooperation Review Group (ICRG). The PSC wants CFATF until the end of March next. The Commission has asked CFATF to consider the severe economic

consequences that would ensue if Guyana is declared a non-compliant state. The Commission said that it is fully cognizant of its duty to represent the interests of its members, the wider business community of Guyana, the interests of the workers whose labour enables Guyana's businesses to function and grow and the people of Guyana has, therefore, decided to take this action in what the

Commission believes to be the national interest. The Private Sector Commission, in seeking a delayed decision of the Task Force, remains convinced that the governing and opposition parties in the National Assembly are genuinely committed to passing an Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (Amendment) Bill into legislation.

seen him since the previous day, became concerned about his whereabouts. An employee told Kaieteur News yesterday that the suspect, known as 'Big Foot', had been frequenting the premises for about two weeks. He had reportedly stayed in a room with his girlfriend. This newspaper understands that on Tuesday, one of Jagdeo's cell phones disappeared. The man's girlfriend subsequently gave the hotel owner the phone and claimed that her boyfriend had stolen it. According to the employee, Jagdeo bought another cell phone and also informed the man that he would have to vacate the premises by Wednesday. Meanwhile, the man reportedly moved out of his girlfriend's room and occupied room ten. The employee told Kaieteur News that he last saw the proprietor sitting at his office desk on Wednesday morning. Later that day, the hotel guest

reportedly informed the employee that he had spoken to Jagdeo and was leaving. The employee said that he later went up to the area where Jadgeo's room is located and saw that the door was slightly ajar. He said that he called a few times, and left after receiving no response, since he assumed that his boss was sleeping. But by nightfall, Jagdeo still had not appeared. The employee said that he also observed that room ten was locked but that the keys were missing. At around 06:00 on Thursday, the employee said that he again went to check for his boss. This time, the man said that he observed that a pet cat that belonged to his missing boss was scratching at the bottom of the locked room ten. Opening a louver window, the employee said that he looked into the room and saw the missing key. According to the man, he managed to snag the key with a length of wire. He

Dead: Joseph Jagdeo said when he opened the door, the cat immediately ran into the room and went under the bed. Underneath, he saw his boss's bound and gagged corpse. He then called the police. A daughter of the slain man yesterday expressed concern that police had released the suspect's girlfriend. His wife, Faiza Hack, believes that robbery was the motive, but other sources said that Jagdeo only kept small sums of cash on the premises.

Saturday November 16, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Kaieteur News

Saturday November 16, 2013

Saturday November 16, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Upcoming Fire Prevention Seminar targets Business Community Against the backdrop of the recent spate of fires which have destroyed a number of businesses and storage bonds around the city, the Fire Advisory Board (FAB) in collaboration with the Guyana Fire Service (GFS) and the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) will be hosting its fourth annual Fire Prevention Seminar next week. The seminar is a signature event in the FAB's calendar and forms a major part of the public relations and education sub-committee's programme. It is intended to inform participants- mostly the business community -about fire safety and prevention. The event will be held on November 21st at the Everest Cricket Club Pavilion, Camp Road and Carifesta Avenue, Thomas lands. The topics that will be the focus of discussion are; Fire Prevention, Roles of the Works Brigade, Chemistry Combustion, Control and Management of Fire Hazards, Fire Protection of Storage Buildings (bonds and ware

houses), Evacuation Procedures and Portable Extinguishers. Chairman of the Fire Advisory Board Rajendra Singh said that the collaboration between the FAB, the GCCI and the GFS has been in existence for four years, adding that Hand-inHand Mutual Fire and Life Group of Companies has been the main sponsor for the annual event since its inception in 2010. “The very first seminar attracted approximately 25 persons and this has more than tripled so much so that the organizers have had to seek a larger venue for this seminar,” Singh said. This year, the team expects over 100 participants drawn from the various businesses as well as members of the security sector, engineers, architects and university students. Director of Hand in Hand, Howard Cox said that the insurance company is very pleased to be involved with the programme from its inception. “Skeptics might say that it is in the interest of

the insurance company that if there are less fires it will generate more profits, but in reality fire safety is everybody's business”, Cox said. The Director added that fires not only leave a devastating path but also leave dozens of employees out of jobs. “Fire is something that you need to be constantly aware of, and the progamme is run at a very good time when we have the upcoming Christmas season when we find stores stocking up with billions of dollars worth in goods,” Cox said. He pointed out that persons must always be on the alert and remain focused because the slightest mistake can lead to a catastrophe. The seminar will feature speakers such as Fire Chief Marlon Gentle, Chairman of the Fire Prevention Advisory Board Rajendra Singh, President of the GCCI Clinton Urling and Director of HIH Mutual Fire and Life Group of Companies Howard Cox. Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee is also expected to open the Seminar.

Director of Hand in Hand Mutual Fire and Life Group of Companies Howard Cox hands over a cheque to Chairman of the Fire Advisory Board Rajendra Singh yesterday.

Kaieteur News

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Saturday November 16, 2013

N/A Mayor appeals for increase in subvention at 2014 budget proposal Mayor of New Amsterdam, Claude Henry, is calling on the government to increase the $10M annual subvention to the town, and to disperse it in a timelier manner. He was addressing the press and Councilors at the 2014 Budget Proposal of the New Amsterdam Mayor & Town Council (M&TC). M a y o r H e n r y acknowledged several difficulties faced by the municipality to get developmental work done, but he said that this has not stopped the council body from trying its utmost, given the meager resources. Henry called on the Ministry of Local Government to also release the subvention in a timelier manner, so that

works can be carried out quicker in the town. “The Council has experienced several difficulties, but we were able to provide the basic municipal services to our community, including the movement of solid waste and we were able to acquire a new reconditioned tractor to boost the fleet.” He added that there are “two limping tractors and trailers and a very big garbage truck.” Henry stated that much work has been done on the drainage system, “but under the circumstances, the sea defense has much to do with the water coming in from the sea…and we find that people dump garbage all over…so we are hoping that, for 2014,

people can desist from doing such.” The Council, he added, has not increased rates and taxes for the year. In 2012, a little more than 50 per cent of rates and taxes were collected, with a “lot of money outstanding.” The official stated that he knows persons are finding it difficult during this “economic crisis” and “we are very sympathetic and we did not raise our rates and taxes.” The Mayor also hinted that the M&TC will have new officers next year, given the fact that Local Government elections are imminent. “According to the media and the elections commissions and the Minister, by the second half of 2014, we should have the long- awaited Local

Government Elections, so you will see new persons here, including a new Mayor and new Deputy- Mayor.” The Town Treasurer, Ms. Sharon Anderson, presented a $132.9M budget for 2014. This figure is due for adjustments and [the estimates] taken the council. An overdue re-evaluation of the Glasgow Housing Scheme along the East Bank of Berbice, she added, has begun. With the new valuation, the official is hoping that it will increase tax revenues. But Anderson has predicted several shortfalls in their revenues and planned budgets each year. The Council is just not meeting its targets, even though it sets stipulated budgetary figures and laid- out plans for development of one of Guyana's main towns. “In 2011, we collected only 45 per cent of the budget—it was $124.5M

Mayor of New Amsterdam Mr. Claude Henry …For the last three months of the year, people hardly come to do much business with the council.” Just over $55M was collected that year. Last year, the council collected just over $60M when that year's budget was

$125.1M. This year, the council collected just $72M up to September out of a $128.4M budget. “We're trying to work a little harder in 2014, because we have to implement the Government minimum wage of $35,500. We have not done so as yet, so it means that we have to get out there and ensure taxes are paid.” She said that even though there has not been an increase in rates and taxes, there have been re- evaluation of some residences where people have built houses and extensions with no regards for the council's building regulations. The council's 2014 projected estimates include Employment costs for at $ 56.8M; Employment overhead $20.7M; Operating Expenses, $15.7M; Maintenance Expense, $16.1M; Other Expenses, $10.1M; and Capital Works $13.9M.

Toddler succumbs after fall A two-year-old child was pronounced dead at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation where he was rushed around 13:30 hrs yesterday, minutes after he fell through the flooring of his grandparents' two storey Buxton, East Coast Demerara home. The incident occurred at Lot 82 Sideline Dam, Buxton. Kaieteur News understands that little Sean Junior Robertson fell through the flooring of the

upper flat of the property and landed some 13 feet on the muddy dam below. A c c o r d i n g t o information, Sean's grandfather had been carrying out rehabilitation works on the flooring of the four- bedroom home when the child slipped through one of the holes, left open by the ongoing works. Yesterday at the hospital, the child's father, Linden Alves said that he received a telephone call from someone informing him that his son fell from his grandparents' home and was at the hospital. “He does normally go by his grandparents home to spend time and I got a call that he fell and when I come here, I found out that he is dead,” Alves said in tears. Meanwhile, the child's g r a n d m o t h e r, S h e l l o n Adams told Kaieteur News that she was in the kitchen cooking, and her husband who was working on the flooring of their home shouted to her that Sean had fallen. “He run and he pick up

Dead: Sean Junior Robertson he (Sean) and when he bring he upstairs, he (Sean) wasn't talking and we bring him to the hospital and the doctors say he dead,” Adams said in tears. She added that she would normally collect her grandson from his parents every morning to keep her company. “Every day he does come and play with me,” she cried.

Saturday November 16, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Introduction of new policies and practices critical for youth employment Although properly trained, youths are the most vulnerable when it comes to gaining and securing decent jobs. This is according to Mr. Aubrey Overton of the Ministry of Education Secondary Competency Certificate Programme who explained that youths can encounter many barriers when they try to enter the work environment, such as a lack of work experience and contacts. Moreover, he explained that they are often the ones who are dismissed in times of an economic crisis, thereby causing them to be three times more likely than adults to be unemployed. For this reason, Overton

said that there is a need for the introduction of new policies and practices that focus on graduates’ easy transition to the world of work which could increase their chances of gaining immediate, or almost immediate access to decent jobs, and their ability to hold on to their jobs and hence, support poverty reduction. Overton’s comments were forthcoming on Thursday when he spoke in the capacity of Guest Speaker at the 2013 Graduation Ceremony of the Linden Technical Institute (LTI). At that forum the achievements of LTI were celebrated including the performances of the graduates which now make

them eligible to be strategically plugged into the world of work. The graduates were from various technical fields including: Radio Electronic Servicing, Electrical Installation, Carpentry and Joinery, International Combustion Engine, Motor Vehicle Works, Welding and Fabrication, Mechanical Fitting, Computer Science, Administrative Principles and Practices, among others. But according to Overton, without good administration, dedicated lecturers and other staff members who are willing to work hard to make sure that the programmes are properly conducted, a graduation

Black Bush lover murder trial...

Murder accused gives unsworn statement from the docks …said former girl friend ‘got bore’ accidentally The trial of murder accused Satrohan Mannaru, called Andrew, 23, of Mibicuri South, Black Bush Polder continued on Friday in the Berbice High Court before Justice Dawn Gregory and a mixed jury. Mannaru is indicted for the murder of his former girlfriend Indranie “Cynthia” Basdeo, 14 of Lot 74 Mibicuri South, Black Bush Polder, on Friday October 7, 2011. When the matter resumed, the murder accused gave an unsworn statement from the dock. This was after the judge overruled certain arguments put forward by Defence Attorney Senior Counsel Bernard De Santos who is appearing in association with Attorney at Law, Pamela De Santos. The accused in his statement said, “Your honour, Indranie accidently get bore when she grab my hand. Same time Arnold Reddy and Roshnie grabbed me and they attack me from behind. Indranie was holding on to my hand. I did not realize that she got injured at the time. I had no intention of injuring Indranie.” Earlier, the Prosecution which is being led by State Prosecutor, Attorney at Law Renita Singh had called its final witness, Chandanie Narine, called ‘Chandi’, She told the court that she is 12 years old and that the deceased, Indranie Basdeo, was her cousin. During the time of the incident she was living in Black Bush

Polder with her aunt. She now lives in Suriname with her mother. She said that Arnold Reddy is married to her cousin and that she knew the accused Satrohan for approximately one year prior to the incident. On the day in question she was with her late cousin as they made their way to the school sports that was being held at the Mibicuri school ground. She said that Andrew suddenly emerged from behind a boy and confronted them. Andrew asked Indranie where she was going and she told him that she did not come to meet him, but to meet her sister. She said that she was pushed away. The deceased and the accused got into a tangle. The man then pulled out a knife from his pants pocket and cut Indranie on her chin, when she tried to save herself he cut her on her hand. “He then bore her on her left side breast.” The witness continued that she screamed and around that time Tulseidai ‘Roshine’ came and then a dark skin boy came and pulled the knife away. The witness stated that during the incident she continuously ‘holler’ and cried. Cynthia was on the ground and Andrew was on top of her. She was subsequently taken to the doctor by Roshnie and Arnold. She said that she was about 10 feet away from the incident and there was nothing blocking her view at the time. The matter is to be

continued on Monday when both the Prosecution and Defence are expected to make closing submissions to the jury. In her opening address, Attorney at Law Singh had stated that on the day in question the girl had made arrangements with her sister and brother in law to attend school sports at the Mibicuri school ground. While at the event, the relatives had stated that they noticed the accused grab the deceased. It was during that time she was allegedly stabbed since shortly after they observed Mannaru with a knife in his hand and the deceased was bleeding. The girl was rushed to the New Amsterdam hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival. The prosecution has called a number of witnesses including Detective Assistant Superintendent of Police Gary Mc Alister and Pathologist Dr. Vivekanand Bridgemohan who gave the cause of death as puncture to the heart and lung and hemorrhage. The father of the deceased, Mahase Basdeo, the dead girl’s mother Gomattie Latchman, Detective Corporal Andrew Ward, Detective Constable Emanuel Rajnauth, Police Constable Maxton Semple, the sister Tulseidai Basdeo and her brother in law Arnold Reddy also testified. The caution statement which was allegedly given by the accused was also admitted into evidence.

ceremony would not have been possible. He vocalised his conviction that graduation ceremonies are in fact momentous milestones in every student’s life which gives credence to their dedication during their studies. He noted that in essence, a graduation is not only indicative of the eventual outcome after “facing and overcoming challenges” but it also represents a ‘rite of passage’ – the coming into being of a new person. “Today we’ve come to witness a significant stage of transition for you the graduands which your parents, guardians and staff of the LTI embarked on two years ago...a transition that will assist in the fulfilment of your dreams and desires,” asserted Overton. In an innovative move, Overton urged the graduands to stand to their feet and applaud the efforts of those who supported them during their studies. He gave particular emphasis to parents. According to the Guest Speaker, there is no denying that education plays a key role

Best Graduating Student, Michael Thomas in determining how an individual would spend his/ her adult life even as he noted that exposure to quality education such as that obtained at LTI could prove to be crucial. Gaining training in technical and vocational

education programmes conducted at LTI would mean that the graduating students are better qualified and equipped for life after school, inclusive of acquiring decent jobs and high earnings, (Continued on page 24)

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Saturday November 16, 2013

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Saturday November 16, 2013

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Letters... Where your views make the news

Guyana’s last frontier breached by road from... From page 4 indigenous communities by those building the road will be ritually denied. Mining interests will always seek to win over indigenous communities by obtaining a ‘social licence’ for their activities, under the guise of free, prior and informed consent. While not a legal requirement, such ‘licences’ aim to off-set conflicts with communities in the future. The national Government, which should be regulating contacts of this nature, is frequently unable to play such a role effectively, because it is captive to private business interests. Subordination of government to mining interests encourages mining companies to enter into arrangements with local communities which appear advantageous to them in the short-term, but store-up a host of problems down the road. In particular, as communities perceive the profits accruing to companies, their demands for compensation will increase; the influx of miners will re-ignite land disputes and the traffic in prostitution and associated social distress will accelerate.

Despite the myth of good fortune surrounding gold, the dominant sentiment in mining districts is largely one of discontent. Entrusting responsibility for the environment to the Ministry in charge of mining generates severe conflicts of interest. The job of the Minister of mining is to promote mining investments and to grant mining licences and at the same time to protect the environment from the ravages of mining by approving Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA). Which interest will dominate in this arrangement is, to employ current jargon, a ‘no brainer’ - environmental concerns will always lose out. There is no countervailing power in the Cabinet to restrain mining interests. The extent to which dominance of Guyanese commerce and industry by Chinese immigrants is being promoted by the Government of Guyana is of concern to a growing number of Guyanese. The evidence is visible and obvious. A similar process, less visible and therefore less obvious, is also taking place with respect to for-

estry and mining assets. Immense forestry and mining concessions, including miles of permits for river mining are already in the hands of little known Asian conglomerates from China and India. Similarly, the new road will become yet another corridor, to add to those already in the Pakaraimas, for the continued colonizing of the Deep South and West Rupununi by hundreds of thousands of itinerant Brazilians, forced North out of Yanomami tribal lands in Brazil over the past decade. The GHRA’s concern is the complete silence on the part of the Government with respect to justifying these trends which will transform Guyana economically, electorally and ethnically in the long-term and the xenophobic violence that could be fostered in the short-term. The GHRA recommends that a Parliamentary initiative be undertaken to engage the Brazilian authorities with respect to preventing unauthorized ventures such as this new road. Executive Committee Guyana Human Rights Association

We must use last...

From page 4 the shooter did not have any assault or high-powered weapons. Next, if we had in place certain procedures, we would never dispatch ranks to a place where guns are in use without the necessary

protection. The budget we saw allocated the Ministry of Home Affairs/Police is more than sufficient to protect our police in such circumstances. Finally all of our leaders political, business, youth, and religious - should help us cre-

ate a society where discipline and respect for authority are pervasive. The behaviour of the curious crowd was unacceptable, and none of us should feel proud. I ask therefore that we use last Tuesday’s tragedy to go back to the basics, and deal with the above issues. The powers that be must not isolate this incident from the issues and challenges we face in our society. May God grant the souls of the departed, peace? Hamilton Green, J.P (From page 22)

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Saturday November 16, 2013

Berbice Police unveil elaborate plan for the Christmas season The Police in Berbice ‘B’ Division under the command of Assistant Commissioner Brian Joseph on Wednesday unveiled their annual Christmas plan-‘Christmas policing 2013’ in the RDC Boardroom, Berbice. The period extends from November 15, 2013 to January 15, 2014. Among those present were Regional Chairman David Armogan, Vice Chairman Bhopaul Jagroop, Deputy Commander Superintendent Stephen Mansell and senior officers in the division. There were also representatives of the Berbice Chamber of Commerce and Development Association (BCCDA) and other stake holders. Commander Joseph, who will be spending his first Christmas in charge of the Division, said that there are a number of reasons for the police Christmas policing plan. During the Christmas

period there is usually an increase in social, cultural and economic activities resulting in an increase in shopping and visitors coming into the country for the holidays. There are Guyanese returning on vacation and an increase in activity in the business areas, coupled with an increase in road traffic, resulting in congestion and also a likely increase in criminal activities. Some of the main objectives and intentions of the plan are to minimize the activities of criminal elements and ensure a safe neighbourhood; to reduce traffic congestion and road accidents; to provide a safe and secure environment for citizens, visitors and shoppers. Making some comparison for the year in review, Mr. Joseph said that ranks in the division recovered 11 firearms and seized 60 kilograms of narcotics compared to 11 firearms and 38 kilograms of

narcotics for the previous year. He pointed to some factors which led to their positive results. There have been Intelligence-led policing, increased road blocks, and increased stops and searches of both vehicles and individuals. A number of cordon and searches and raids were also done. Mr. Joseph stated that at the moment, the division is working with only about half of its required staff establishment. The current establishment requires 502 police ranks in the division, but at the moment they have only 274, a shortfall of 231. This has been the trend since 1977 and from then to now there have been new legislations and changes. These require additional staffing. He mentioned the Drug Act, Piracy Act, Trafficking in Persons and the Domestic Violence Act. There have also been new police stations and outposts and an increase in the volume of traffic over the years

Commander ‘B’ Division, Assistant Commissioner Brian Joseph, Deputy Commander Superintendent Stephen Mansell and other senior officers. There are other concerns that hamper the police, said Joseph. Some of them are witnesses’ reluctance to attend ID Parades; tampering of crime scene by onlookers; persons not acknowledging the need for physical security and crime awareness; lack of trust and slow response time by the police. In the area of traffic, some of the main concerns are speeding, the negligent use of the roads, driving under the influence of alcohol and the use of cell phones while driving. The Christmas policing

plan has seen the division being divided into four sectors. Some of the main shopping areas in Berbice that have to be manned are New Amsterdam, Rose Hall Town, Port Mourant, Corriverton, Rosignol, Bush Lot and Bath, West Coast Berbice. Also attracting heavier police attention are the other populated areas and hot spots. Special arrangements will also be put in place for Christmas Eve and Old Year’s Day to deal with traffic, crowd control, late shopping and other social gatherings at a

number of locations throughout the division. The Commander stated that the Christmas policing method will be assessed on a weekly basis and changes and adjustments will be made where necessary. He assured that they are prepared to work with all stakeholders to ensure, as far as possible a crime and accident free Christmas. He stated that they will up the ante against persons selling and lighting squibs and bombs, noise nuisance and road rage.

Introduction of new policies... From page 21 Overton theorised. This, according to him, would also allow for them to have high earnings, better health and possibly longer life. However, he noted that in achieving the level of training that employers seek, there must be removal of obstacles which entails students being properly prepared for employment or further education, which is in fact the mandate of the institution. LTI was initially established to provide training for the apprentices of the Demerara Bauxite Company. Training at the Institute commenced in 1958 and since then it has undergone a number of managerial and operational changes.

On August 1, 2005, the institute was designated a board run learning institution in accordance w i t h t h e P r e s i d e n t ’s College Act 1990. The institution can be credited for providing training opportunities, with a major focus on TVET to over 4,000 students during the period 1995 to present. And according to Overton, according to UNESCO, TVET is a comprehensive term referring to those aspects of the educational process involving the study of technology and related sciences and the acquisition of practical skills, attitudes, understanding and knowledge relating to

occupation in various sectors of economic and social life. “Therefore the graduands of this TVET institution would have most naturally been given the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills and competencies that are presently required by employers and which should be adaptable to their everyday living for them to keep pace with changes in their societies, economy and jobs,” noted Overton. As such he noted that it is expected that LTI would have made sure that the learning needs of all young people and adults attending the institution were met with equitable access to an appropriate learning and life skills programme.

Man gets 72 years for wife's murder From page 15 since according to the prosecution she had heard her aunt screaming. After hearing her aunt screaming the woman went into the room where she saw Ward sitting on his wife's thighs and stabbing her with a knife. The evidence stated that Ward after seeing the niece, lunged at her. At this point his wounded wife had managed to escape from him and ran towards neighbours. She collapsed in front of neighbours who took her to the hospital. Seven witnesses testified, among them Princess Peters, mother of the deceased and Adduni Inniss, the female

police rank, who accompanied the mortally injured Donette Ward to the Diamond Hospital where she was subsequently pronounced dead. Government Forensic Pathologist Dr. Nehaul Singh during his evidence in chief, indicated that the woman had sustained nine incised wounds. Singh conducted the post- mortem examination on April 26, 2010, two days after Donette Ward was murdered. The other two witnesses were the victim's neighbor Ramchand Roopnarine and police witness Jason Kyte. Twenty-one-year-old Tyrone Rowe called 'Cobra' was recently sentenced to 78 years imprisonment by Jus-

tice Singh. According to the Judge although the death penalty is the maximum sentence, it is not mandatory and as such he has developed a new sentencing scheme. Justice Singh explained that last December, he made a ruling stating basically that he did not think that the death penalty was mandatory. “It's the maximum sentence so therefore there is the discretion if I want to go with it.” He explained that he worked out from various sentencing schemes a base, then goes to the aggravating factors. Justice Singh explained that if there are mitigating factors these would be subtracted.

Saturday November 16, 2013

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

ENTERING THE FIREFIGHT WITHOUT PROTECTIVE GEAR IS TOTALLY IRRELEVANT DEAR EDITOR, On Tuesday 12th November 2013, I received a call that there was shooting around a hospital I have a very close relationship with. I got some more information that the occurrence was in Middle Street near the shopping centre. I went to the Hospital and got an update as to what was happening and learnt that patients had to be moved due to the tear smoke entering the hospital from the building where the shooter was contained. I entered the affected area and saw Assistant Commissioner of Police George Vyphuis, like a real General, shouting commands and relaying information to our Commissioner of Police. The Commander and many of his subordinates were without protective gear, so was I and many others. These brave police officers and other brave citizenry should be commended in containing

this deranged citizen from making the death toll higher. All myself and others were concerned with, was to stop the escalating death toll of innocent persons. Entering the firefight without protective gear is totally irrelevant! Mr. Kanhai had shot and killed four innocent persons and he had to be stopped at all costs. These persons who shout out about police being there without protective gear are just cowards with bright yellow streaks down their backs. Should the police have left the area and allowed the shooter to re-enter the street and kill some more innocent citizens? I am a person who lives and breathes firearms and know full well, that the entrance of a warhead into my skin will hurt or kill, but that was far from my mind while entering the war zone. My only thought is that the perpetrator had to be

prevented from taking another innocent life. To all you armchair generals, stop the partisan nonsense and commend the police for stopping further death and eliminating the threat. Only an idiot would not know that “Incoming fire has the right of way!� There were idiots there that fateful Tuesday, they were the Guyanese who wanted to have a better view in apparent ignorance, like they did not know that a stray bullet might cause them not to enjoy the upcoming festive season. To my brave, deceased friend, Constable Pantlitz, you made the extreme sacrifice in the line of duty, your life was taken by an unhinged person. I will always remember your laughter and mirth. You and others before you will be always remembered for their and your bravery. To the other families, I

share your grief and loss, I can do nothing to give you comfort but you can walk with your heads high and tell others, that your relatives died in the line of duty, in the service of their country and the citizenry they swore to protect at all costs. Rest in peace all, even Mr. Kanhai. We will never know why you snapped and took innocent lives. There is just so much the authorities can do to make sure the right persons are authorized to own and use firearms. No amount of checks and balances by the Guyana Police Force could have prevented Mr. Kanhai from doing what he did. Unfortunately, it is my firm opinion and others, that his family and friends are the ones guilty of failing to act by not reporting his erratic demeanour and dangerous actions to the Guyana Police Force. I am 100% sure the GPF would have acted by

revoking his status as a firearm holder, which might have prevented this tragedy that will be always

remembered by the ones who lost loved ones and were present there. Harold Hopkinson

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Saturday November 16, 2013

Saturday November 16, 2013

Kaieteur News

China unveils boldest reforms in decades, shows Xi in command BEIJING (Reuters) - China unwrapped its boldest set of economic and social reforms in nearly three decades yesterday, relaxing its onechild policy and further freeing up markets in order to put the world’s secondlargest economy on a more stable footing.The sweeping changes helped dispel doubts about the leadership’s zest for the reforms needed to give the economy fresh momentum as three decades of breakneck expansion shows signs of faltering. However, the reforms may take years. A document released by the Communist Party following a four-day conclave of its senior leaders promised land and residence registration reforms needed to boost China’s urban population and allow its transition to a western-style services- and consumptiondriven economy. Pricing of fuels, electricity and other key resources now a source of major distortions - would be mainly decided by markets, while Beijing also pledged to speed up the opening of its capital account and further financial liberalization. “The reforms are unprecedented,” said Xu Hongcai, senior economist at the China Centre for International Economic

Xi Jinping Exchanges, a well-connected Beijing think tank. “Reforms in 1990s were limited to some areas, now reforms are allround.” Analysts suggested the plans are the most significant since Deng Xiaoping led a series of reforms in the late 1970s and the early 1980s. Those changes eventually opened up the country to the outside world and set it on course to become the champion economy of emerging markets. President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang, appointed in March, announced several breakthroughs in social policy, pledging to unify rural and urban social security systems and to abolish

controversial labor camps. The 60-point plan, more comprehensive and specific than initially thought, also eased concerns that Xi would need months if not years to take full charge of China’s vast party and government bureaucracy. China-watchers took the establishment of a working group to lead economic reform and a new State Security Council as further signs of how effectively Xi had managed to consolidate power just eight months after he officially took over. “This is much more of a top-down, systemic leadership compared to the 1980s and 1990s. Compared to previous generations, this is a remarkably robust leadership,” said Dali Yang, a political science professor at the University of Chicago. Still, Xi and his team gave themselves until 2020 to achieve “decisive” results - a tacit acknowledgement of the risks involved in Beijing’s balancing act between letting market forces eventually take over and preserving financial and social stability and the Communist Party’s political monopoly. The experience of the past decade is also a reason why many economists and international observers view Beijing’s bold reform plans with guarded optimism.

Israel’s Peres warns against feud with U.S. over Iran

JERUSALEM (Reuters) President Shimon Peres urged Israelis yesterday to show respect for the United States, seeking to soothe relations with the country’s most powerful ally that have been strained over Iran. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has condemned a proposal, endorsed by Washington, to reduce sanctions if Iran suspends parts of its nuclear program. Several ministers have also harshly criticized Washington, prompting Peres to intervene. “We must not underestimate the importance of this friendship. There can be disagreements, but they must be conducted with a view to the true depth of the situation,” Peres said in comments released by his office. “If we have disagreements we should voice them, but we should remember that the Americans also know a thing or two. We are not the only ones,” he said.

Shimon Peres Although Peres’s position as president is largely ceremonial, he is a widely-respected elder statesmen and his comments will be welcomed by Washington. Netanyahu and U.S. President Barack Obama have often tussled over Tehran, but tensions flared last week when Israel discovered the terms of a deal that world powers are due to discuss again with Iran in Geneva next Thursday. Israel says tough

sanctions must remain until Iran dismantles its entire uranium enrichment program, arguing that anything less would enable it to develop nuclear bombs. Iran denies it is seeking nuclear weapons and accuses Israel, believed to be the Middle East’s only nuclear armed state, of hypocrisy. Backers of the nuclear talks see the diplomatic push as a way to resolve a decadelong nuclear standoff that both Israel and Washington have said could lead to war. U.S. Secretary of State Kerry said Netanyahu was over-reacting to the proposed deal and a State Department spokeswoman dismissed an Israeli estimate of its impact on sanctions as “inaccurate, exaggerated and not based in reality”. Netanyahu has said he would not be bound by the terms of the Iran deal and reiterated that Israel would take military action if it thought Iran was close to getting an atomic bomb.

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Saturday November 16, 2013

House passes Republican health bill with 39 Democratic votes (Reuters) - In the most significant legislative rebuke to President Barack Obama’s healthcare overhaul, 39 members of his Democratic Party voted for a Republican bill in the House of Representatives yesterday aimed at undermining his signature domestic policy. The measure from Republican Representative Fred Upton of Michigan passed 261-157. Thirty-nine Democrats, nearly a fifth of the party’s caucus, supported the measure, which was seen as a test of loyalty. Many Democrats fear the botched rollout of the Affordable Care Act would hurt their re-election prospects in 2014. The bill was unlikely to pass the Democraticcontrolled Senate. Obama would veto the legislation if it reached his desk, the White House said, warning it would undermine progress by allowing insurers to sell new substandard plans that do not provide basic services and offer little financial help for catastrophic health events. House Democrats said Upton’s bill was designed to sabotage the larger law. “They (Republicans) are perfectly satisfied with 40 million Americans having no health insurance at all,” said Representative James McGovern, a Massachusetts Democrat. “If you want to go back to a system where the insurance companies can turn people away because

Barack Obama they are sick, by all means vote for this bill.” Obama, scrambling to rescue what was meant to be his biggest domestic policy achievement, on Thursday proposed a plan to allow insurers to extend by at least one year policies due to be canceled because they do not comply with new minimum requirements under the 2010 law, widely known as Obamacare. With several million people facing the prospect of having their existing policies canceled, Obama is trying to stem the damage to his credibility over his repeated promise that if people liked their policies they could keep them. The October 1 rollout of the program has been beset by technical glitches w ith the federal online

insurance website that allows consumers to shop for policies. In recent days,’s problems have been overshadowed by the controversy over the policy cancellations. U.S. Rep Ron Barber, a Democrat from Arizona, explained his vote for the bill. “I am frustrated and angered by the continuing problems with the health care website and I know Southern Arizonans are frustrated and angry, too. “Today I voted to give people the option to keep their current plan until these and other issues are resolved. That’s only fair.” In an attempt to diminish that threat, House Democrats plan to offer their own plan that is similar to a bill from Senator Mary Landrieu, a Democrat from Louisiana, that would allow insurers to renew policies slated to be canceled, a Democratic leadership aide said. It would also give the Department of Health and Human Services and state insurance commissioners the authority to go after insurers for excessive, unjustified, or discriminatory rates. Obama was due to meet health insurance chief executives on Friday, a day after insurers expressed concerns about his plan to help Americans who are losing their current coverage because of his healthcare overhaul.

Dozen dead as Libyan militiamen clash with Tripoli residents TRIPOLI (Reuters) - At least 13 people were killed and more than 130 wounded in fighting between militiamen and armed residents of the Libyan capital Tripoli yesterday, the state news agency Lana said - the third outbreak of street fighting in 10 days. Prime Minister Ali Zeidan demanded that all armed militias leave Tripoli, “without exception”. But the clashes underscored the weak central government’s inability to contain the regional militias that helped to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi two years ago but kept their guns. Armed disorder has blocked most oil exports for months. Yesterday’s bloodshed, the worst in Tripoli for several months, began when militiamen from the city of Misrata fired into the air and

then into hundreds of protesters demanding their eviction from the capital after they had fought other groups for control of certain neighborhoods. A Reuters reporter saw an anti-aircraft cannon firing from the “Gharghur brigades’” gated compound into the crowd as protesters chanted: “We don’t want armed militias!” Demonstrators fled but then returned, heavily armed, to attack the compound, where the militiamen remained holed up past nightfall. Dozens of soldiers in trucks tried to separate the two sides, and sealed off roads to prevent more people joining the clashes. Heavy smoke could be seen rising from the scene in the Gharghur district, where

many of Gaddafi’s closest collaborators used to live until the uprising. Air force planes circled overhead. “We want to make sure the militia don’t bring in any reinforcements,” said army spokesman Ali alSheikhi. Tripoli has been spared the almost daily bombings and killings that plague Libya’s second city, Benghazi, in the east. But when clashes between rival militias do break out, the nascent armed forces are no match for them. Strikes and armed protests around the country by militia and tribal gunmen demanding payments or more autonomy rights have also shut much of the OPEC member ’s oil output, depriving the government of its main source of income.

Saturday November 16, 2013

Kaieteur News

PM awaits CARICOM position on Haitian citizenship issue

Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller presents Haitian President Michel Martelly with a painting before a joint press conference at Jamaica House in St Andrew, Thursday. - Norman Grindley/Chief Photographer Jamaica Gleaner - Jamaica and its CARICOM partners are expected to decide on a course of action to be taken with respect to the decision by the Dominican Republic to rescind the citizenship of immigrants, primarily of Haitian descent, who are living in the country. At a media briefing at the Office of the Prime Minister Thursday, Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller told journalists that while her administration felt strongly about the i s s u e , s h e wo u l d b e a w a i t i n g C A R I C O M ’s issuing of a joint statement on the matter, in the spirit of collective responsibility At the same time, Michel Martelly, president

of Haiti, noted that while his country harboured concerns about the decision of the Dominican Republic’s top court that all Haitian migrants who went to work in the country’s sugar-cane fields after 1929 were in transit, and thus their children were not automatically entitled to citizenship just because they were born there, it was fundamentally an issue for the Dominican Republic to resolve. “Of course, we are concerned … that human rights are called into question,” asserted Martelly through an i n t e r p r e t e r. “This fundamentally democratic issue has implications for immigrants born after 1929,

their children, and their children’s children.” I n S e p t e m b e r, t h e D o m i n i c a n R e p u b l i c ’s Constitutional Court stripped citizenship from thousands of people born to migrants - mainly Haitians brought in to work on farms - who had entered the country illegally. The ruling said officials would be studying the birth certificates of more than 16,000 people. Electoral authorities have refused to issue identity documents to 40,000 people of Haitian descent. The court has given the electoral commission a year to produce a list of those to be excluded.

Trinidad and Tobago migration woes BRUSSELS - CMC – A study published by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has found that irregular migration, trafficking in persons and smuggling of migrants generally have a deleterious impact on development in Trinidad a n d To b a g o . T h e s t u d y titled “Invisible immigrants: A Profile of irrregular migration, smuggling of migrants and trafficking in persons in Tr i n i d a d a n d To b a g o ” outlines a number of recommendations for the authorities to consider. The study presents the findings of a qualitative examination of trends and patterns associated with irregular migration, trafficking in persons and

smuggling of migrants in Trinidad and Tobago. It also identifies the impact of these phenomena on development and reveals existing systemic gaps. The study notes that globalization has bolstered irregular migration, smuggling of migrants and trafficking in persons which rely heavily on transnational networks and organized crime systems. It said existing frameworks and systems, such as the refugee determination process, Caribbean Community Single Market and Economy (CSME) Skilled Certificates process, work permits and some immigration procedures, have inherent gaps and deficiencies, which create

and support numerous avenues for irregularity. “Irregular migrants are mainly economic migrants between the age of 20 and 30, who are drawn to Trinidad and Tobago because of the availability of jobs and attractive wages,” the study notes, adding that detected undocumented migrant workers are relatively young, with males significantly outnumbering the females. “Guyana, China and Indonesia were identified as popular source countries,” the study stated, noting that undocumented mi g r a n t workers provide services to ‘labour-starve sectors’ and therefore contribute to the sustainability of these enterprises.

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Saturday November 16, 2013

Venezuela parliament backs IDB: Fix procurement laws Maduro rule by decree bid Caracas (AFP) Venezuela’s legislature gave initial backing Thursday to a measure granting extraordinary powers over the economy to President Nicolas Maduro, following his controversial attempt to forcibly cut consumer prices. Maduro’s supporters, who hold the majority in the National Assembly, approved the measure which would allow him to govern by decree, without having to seek parliamentary approval. The measure garnered 99 votes in the 165 member chamber — precisely the three-fifths vote needed for approval. The leftist leader requested the special powers last month, saying he needs them to fight corruption and combat opponents who are waging “economic warfare” against his government. A second vote to give final passage to the measure has been scheduled for Tuesday. National Assembly president Diosdado Cabello, a close Maduro ally, was

Nicolas Maduro mildly mocking of those in the legislature who opposed the measure. “You can lodge an appeal with whomever you’d like. Go before the United Nations,” he said calling the vote a victory for “the Venezuelan people, the nation and (deceased former president Hugo) Chavez.” Maduro has said he will use the expanded powers, which last for one year, to

impose caps on private sector profits and crack down on speculators. The so-called “enabling law,” he said on Wednesday, would allow him to “protect wages, keep an eye on costs, protect price controls and put reasonable limits on profits, at every step of the economic ladder.” The vote is the latest move by the Venezuelan leader, a protege of Chavez, to strengthen his hand as he faces an important political test in municipal elections next month. Over the weekend, Maduro used his existing authority to make retail appliance stores slash prices, sending troops to keep order among the unruly crowds that quickly formed. The deep discounts of as much as 60 percent — which Maduro has said would be extended to toys, cars and clothing — come as workers cash their year end pay bonuses, allowing them to make purchases that otherwise might have been out of reach.

Trinidad Express - The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) wants Government to ramp up its procurement legislation and include mechanisms for review of tenders, complaints and disputes. Speaking to reporters Thursday at a workshop on “Doing Business Under IDB Funded Projects”, at the Hilton Trinidad, IDB country representative Michelle Cross Fenty said while the bank has not yet seen the final draft of the legislation, which is currently being reviewed by Cabinet, it has identified some gaps in the current law. “We would like to see the applicability of rules and regulations to all public entities including State-owned enterprises. ... We are really hoping once procurement legislation is completed it really can be on par with international best practices and the reason why this is so important is because the procurement legislation will be able to boost foreign

direct investment and improve the doing business metrics of Trinidad and Tobago as a whole,” she said. But these shortcomings in the legislation do not affect Tr i n i d a d a n d To b a g o ’s opportunity to access IDB funding, she added. “There are certain mechanisms we have in place — certain stages in progress that the bank will require non-objection and if the government can’t get the non-objection from the bank we do have the legal right to not make that payment. “In addition, our procurement rules apply to any procurement activity that involves funding from the IDB, whether it be on the grant side or the loan side,” she said. The Trinidad and Tobago portfolio is around US$500 million, and while all loans are different, the country is able to access them at very low interest rates. Fenty said yesterday’s workshop was for all

interested private contractors with services to provide to the IDB, including consulting services — those who will provide goods and services to the government under contract according to the terms of these loans. Once that Government project is funded by the IDB the private contractors will have to go through the IDB procurement process, Fenty said. In August, Finance Minister Larry Howai signed an “aide memoire” with the IDB for the bank to provide funding and expertise to the government to develop its Public/Private Se c t o r Partnership Programme (PPP). The plan will in its first stage prepare for the establishment of medical diagnostic centres throughout Trinidad and To b a g o ( u n d e r i t s l i n e ministry, the Ministry of Health), as well as construct ten primary s c h o o l s a n d ten early childhood care centres across the country.

Saturday November 16, 2013

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Elizabeth Styles U-19 20 overs cricket

Sinclair grabs 6 for 22 as RHT Pepsi ease into semis A defining spell of bowling from pacer Keon Sinclair helped Rose Hall Town Pepsi (RHT Pepsi) advance to the semifinals of the Elizabeth Styles Under-19, 50 overs cricket competition, following their 46 run win over home team Skeldon Community Centre. The match, which was

reduced to 45 overs-a-side due to rain, saw RHT Pepsi choosing to bat first and was given a start of 67 by Arif Chan and Devin Baldeo. Following the demise of Baldeo for 32, Chan added a further 36 for the third wicket with all-rounder Shailendra Shameer (18) to see them to 116 for 3.

They progressed to 122 for 3 in 34.2 overs before Skeldon off-spinners shut off the runs flow whilst picking up wickets at the same time. Chan fell for the top score of 48 as RHT Pepsi lost their last seven wickets in 5.4 overs for just eight runs; they were all out for 130 in 40 overs. Dion Esau snared 4 for 8

Saturday November 16, 2012 ARIES (MAR 21 - APR 19): You feel mentally and physically great, and your business and financial interests may take a sudden turn for the better. A contract could be involved. *************************** TAURUS (APR 20 - MAY 20): You can overcome difficulties with business and money through the help of someone older. Helpful advice makes a future course of action seem clearer and more practical than before. Your practical abilities are heightened. *************************** GEMINI (MAY 21 - JUN 20): Today a piece of information for which you've been searching could suddenly become known. You might use your business and moneymanagement skills to help a friend or a group with which you're affiliated. *************************** CANCER (JUN 21 - JUL 22): Efforts to advance your career that you've made over the past few weeks could finally bear fruit. Success and good fortune are strongly indicated where business and money are concerned. *************************** LEO (JUL 23 - AUG 22): A long-awaited vacation or move you've been hoping to make could finally be possible today. Before you go, there may be some paperwork to take care of. ************************ VIRGO (AUG 23 - SEP 22):Heightened imagination and ingenuity could bring new ideas for advancing yourself in money and business affairs. Practical information attained from outside sources merges with insights to bring useful information your way. Consider everything carefully before taking action.

LIBRA (SEP 23 - OCT 22): Social events, especially those unrelated to business, could bring exciting new contacts. Relationships with partners should be mutually beneficial, particularly when the people you're dealing with are friends. *************************** SCORPIO (OCT 23 NOV 21): Your efficient and practical abilities are operating at a very high level. A long-term goal that you've been working toward could finally be reached today, bringing good fortune and open acknowledgement. *************************** SAGITTARIUS (NOV 22 DEC 21): Your strong business head and practical skills couple with imagination and innovation to bring advancement your way *************************** CAPRICORN (DEC 22 JAN 19): Business colleagues or prospective partners could visit today. The meeting promises to be cooperative, rewarding, and fruitful. *************************** AQUARIUS (JAN 20 - FEB 18): A social event in your neighborhood, perhaps in your home, could bring practical information your way that you can put to use to advance your business. You could meet some valuable contacts. Information received from neighbors can prove enlightening. You should feel optimistic, enthusiastic, and motivated. *************************** PISCES (FEB 19 - MAR 20): Your business and financial interests could suddenly take a turn for the better. Any difficulties you've been having may disappear as if by magic. Whatever your work, either related to career or projects of your own, it should suddenly run a lot more smoothly.

from 8 overs, Umesh Kumar supported with 3 for 35 from 9 overs and Parmanand Narine 2 for 16 from 5 overs. Skeldon Community Centre’s joy of limiting RHT Pepsi were however short lived as they found the going tough against the pace of Keon Sinclair as they

struggled to 2 for 8 in 6.1 overs. Off-spinner Shailendra Shameer picked up the third wicket at the same score orchestrating a battling collapse. They were soon stuttering at 28 for 7 from 13.2 overs. A bit of late resistance from Kamesh Sugrim (19*)

and Azad Mohamed with 16 added a bit of respectability to the final score as Skeldon were bowled out for 84 in 31 overs. Keon Sinclair ended with 6 for 22 from 9 overs.

Pools competition fixed for today at Centre Point Sports Bar, Enmore A Pools Competition has been organised for today at the Centre Point Sports Bar at Enmore. The King of the 8 ball competition starts at 4:00pm and is an Open event. Entrance fee is $1,500 and competitors will be battling for a 1st prize of $75,000, 2nd is $30,000 and 3rd $15,000. Other attractions on the night include the Carib Girls, Music by Pretty Love and lots of Carib giveaways. Fans and players of the game are encouraged to come out and participate.

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Police reclaim ISAAC title after dominant...

From left, Natasha Alder, Tracey Moses, Janella Jonas, Commissioner of Police, Leroy Brummel and Alita Moore pose for a photo opportunity after the quartet shared the Champion Female Athlete prize. From page 32 race. The Olympian, George, ran 49.1 seconds in the 400m, which was lower than the 49.3 secs that Rupert Perry ran in 2 0 1 0 . P o l i c e ’s S h a w n Semple with 49.3 and Trevor Scotland with 49.8 were second and t h i r d y e s t e r d a y. S p r i n t ace, Moore said farewell to Guyana as she leaves tomorrow on an Athletics Scholarship at ASA

College, New York, with a record performance in the women’s 100m. Moore showed once again why she is regarded as the best female sprinter around. Moore blasted to 11.8 seconds, which erased the 12.0 Leota Babb record in 2009, to win the race ahead of Babb (12.1) and Akeala Alves (12.5) in that order. She returned in the 200m the put in another record-breaking perfor-

mance. Moore ran 24.6 seconds which was better than the 25.5 seconds Nadine Rodrigues ran back in 2010. Rodrigues was second yesterday in 25.3 secs, while GDF’s Letitia Myles (25.7) was third in the 200m. Moore with a time of 59.2 seconds won the 400m ahead of Rodrigues (59.6) and G D F ’s T i f f a n y S m i t h (1:00.6) respectively.

Interest builds as motor racers host fan event on Main Street Motor racers involved in next weekend’s GMR&SC November race meet at the South Dakota Circuit Timehri hosted a fan event last evening

on Main Street as interest in the event, which will see some of the Caribbean’s best in action, builds. Several of the country’s leading drivers and their ma-

chines were on show and fans got the chance to meet and greet the competitors and have a look at the machines that will be in action next Sunday.

Saturday November 16, 2013

NBS 2nd Div. 40-overs tourney

Ibrahim hits 70, Gafoor claims 5-20; Cotton Tree Die Hard & Betsy Ground into playoffs Cotton Tree Die Hard defeated Bath in their final Zone B (West Coast Berbice) match to top the zone and earn a place in the last 16 playoffs of the New Building Society Second Division cricket competition in Berbice. Spearheading Cotton Tree Die Hard was Asim Ibrahim who slammed 70 (7x4 1x6), Pooran Persaud also notched up 49 to guide their team to 214 in 35 overs. Off-spinner Roshan Gafoor grabbed 5 for 20 from 7 overs to lead Bath’s demise when they batted, they fell for 138. Betsy Ground Triple Star and Gangaram Strykers both won their latest Zone G (East Canje) preliminary matches to end tied at the top of that zone. Betsy Ground however had the better run rate and were therefore given the nod to advance to the next stage. Also scoring half centuries were Imran Harrinandan, Devanand Cyril and Akram Razack of Springlands. Vejai Seecharran of No. 1 Road also took five wickets. Summarised scores: At Cotton Tree - Cotton Tree Die Hard beat Bath by 76 runs. Cotton Tree Die Hard 214 in 35 overs; Asim Ibrahim 70, Pooran Persaud 49, Navin Ramnauth 4 for 15, Isaac Ajodha 2 for 31. Bath 138 in 26.3 overs;

Roshan Gafoor Chetram Dhanpersaud 39, Roshan Gafoor 5 for 20, Pooran Persaud 2 for 30. At Rose Hall in Canje Betsy Ground Triple Star took care of Canefield by seven wickets, Canefield 74 in 21.2 overs; Outram Emandin 4 for 13, Keshwar Dipoo 3 for 22. Betsy Ground Triple Star 75 for 3 in 10.3 overs. At Gangaram - Gangaram Strykers thumped Goed Bananen land by seven wickets. Goed Bananen Land 122 in 28.4 overs; Devanand Cyril 54, Mohan Rampersaud 3 for 18, Faurdeen Kassim 3 for 19, Rakesh Ramsamooj 3 26. Gangaram Strykers 123 for 3 in 20.1 overs; Bharat Pooran 39. At Cumberland Gangaram Strykers got past

Bristol Warriors by four runs. Gangaram Strykers 127 for 8 in 35 overs; Faurdeen Kassim 37, Chetram Singh 3 for 26, Suresh Dhanai 3 for 29, Fiaz Latif 2 for 18. Bristol Warriors 124 in 27.4 overs; Amir Rahaman 25, Mohan Rampersaud 2 for 25, Rafik Kassim 2 for 25, Rakesh Ramsamooj 2 for 30. At Goed Bananen Land Goed Bananen Land took care of Young and Restless by 7 wickets. Young and Restless 137 in 30 overs; Vedesh Singh 26, Sanjay Babal 4 for 26, Imran Hoosein 2 for 18, Collis Greaves 2 for 33. Goed Bananen Land 138 for 3 in 18 overs; Imran Harrinandan 54 and Imran Yusuf 34 not out. At Kendall’s Union - No. 1 Road defeated Kendall’s Union B by 6 wickets. Kendall’s Union B 85 in 14 overs; Vejai Seecharran 5 for 20, David Williams 2 for 15, Levi Thomas 2 for 20. No. 1 Road 88 for 4 in 14 overs; Jason Crandon 27 not out; Richard Dhuman 2 for 12. At No. 72 - Springlands edged Corriverton by one wicket. Corriverton 160 in 34.4 overs; Eric Phillips 29, Eric Byass 3 for 31 and Akram Razack 2 for 23. Springlands 161 for 9 in 36.4 overs; Akram Razack 56 not out; Eric Byass 26, Clavern Beresford 3 for 47, Amzad Appalsammy 2 for 23 and Jermain Reid 2 for 32.

T20 Final Man-of-finals to receive 1-year E-

Upper Corentyne 20/20 floodlight cricket Networks package; fans to also cash in competition set for this month end The man-of the finals of including new cy c l e s . to turn the tables this time The Upper Corentyne Cricket Association (UCCA) since its resuscitation a few months ago has been constantly organising cricket competitions in its effort to revive the game in the area. The organisations will on Saturday November 30th, 2013 continue the trend when they host at one day 20/20 knockout cricket competition with the final set to be played under floodlights at the No. 69 Vikings ground, Corentyne Berbice. The day’s activity will see Berbice four zone senior teams participating- namely New Amsterdam/Canje, West Berbice, Lower Corentyne and Upper Corentyne competing for championship honours. The first game starting at 10:00hrs with Upper Corentyne taking on New

Amsterdam/Canje in what is expected to be a matchup between to evenly match teams. The second game set for 14:00hrs will pit the firepower of West Berbice against a star studded Lower Corentyne line up. The final will be played under lights at 18:30 hrs. All proceeds from this event will go towards cricket development in the Upper Corentyne. Tickets are already on sale at the Berbice Cricket Board Office New Amsterdam, Ram’s Stationery Store Rose Hall Town, Vishnu’s Super Store Springlands and Sarfraz Photo Studio Corriverton. Added attractions including gate prizes are also part of the entertainment. The UCCA is using the opportunity to encourage all in the business community to

support this event as cricket development is much needed in the Upper Corentyne Area. The UCCA will also like to take the opportunity to thank the following businesses enterprises and persons for coming on board with sponsorship so far: 4R Bearings (Mr. Deonarine), La Grill Hotel Restaurant & Bar, Sarfraz Photo Studio & Video Recording Centre, Vishnu’s Super Store, Ram’s Stationery Store, A.H & L Kissoon’s, Hand in Hand, Republic Bank (Guyana) Ltd, Sukhpaul’s Business Enterprise, Countryside TV-19, Deckers and Geddes Grant. Persons interested in food vending and setting up games for kids can make contact with the UCCA on telephone numbers 621-0014 or 6848891.

tomorrow’s inaugural NAMILCO/Bakewell T20 championship organised by the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) is set to receive oneyear of free Cable TV, compliments of E-Networks. And the giveaways for what is anticipated to be a fiercely contested finale between the top two cricket clubs in the Ancient County, Albion and Rose Hall Town Gizmos and Gadgets, does not stop there. The best bowler of the finals would receive one DVD player and CD player respectively compliments of A. Ally & Sons of New Amsterdam. Many lucky spectators will walk away smiling from the venue with the attractive gate prizes that are on offer

Others will have the opportunity to win additional prizes when they come out winners in the many fun games that will be played during the lunch break. Managing Director of NAMILCO, Mr. Bert Sukhai and Bakewell General Manager, Mr. Rajin Ganga, will be part of the action and will also assist in the presentation of awards and prizes at the end. Preceding the Albion/ RHT Gizmos and Gadgets final at 13:30hrs is the third place match between Bermine Universal Solutions and West Berbice at 09:00hrs. West Berbice, who recently lost to Bermine in the Universal DVD T20 tournament would be seeking

around and will be led in that regard by national player Keon Joseph, former test pacer Brandon Bess, Arthley Bailey, skipper Krishnadat Ramoo and promising fast bowler Raun Johnson. Bermine, on the other hand will be looking to put behind them th e w o e f u l score of 38 all out that they made in the semifinals against Albion. Captain Anthony D’Andrade, Eugene LaFleur, Romario Shepherd, Daren Clements and Keon De Jesus will lead their challenge for a win. The winner of the championship game will receive $200,000 and a trophy, the loser pockets $100,000; third place winner collects $50,000 with $25,000 set aside for the loser of this encounter.

Saturday November 16, 2013

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India’s next generation thrives after Tendulkar 74

ESPNcricinfo – Mumbai India’s next generation of batting talent flourished as West Indies were pummelled into submission but even the delectable strokeplay of Cheteshwar Pujara, Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli couldn’t wipe out the anticlimactic feel of much of the second day’s play. During the first hour, however, Test cricket had rarely felt so alive. With Sachin Tendulkar playing what could be his final Test innings, his legion of fans were put through the emotional wringer. This whole series has been drenched in Tendulkar nostalgia, and every vintage shot he played today only highlighted what fans are going to miss in the days

Sachin Tendulkar bats during his final Test. (BCCI)

Shane Shillingford celebrates the wicket of Cheteshwar Pujara. (BCCI) ahead. Every mis-step - like two attempted upper cuts off Tino Best - caused massive

anxiety. Fans were uncertain whether they wanted Tendulkar to be on strike - so

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce: Jamaica sprinter may refuse to run BBC Sport - Sprint star Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce says she will refuse to run in major events unless Jamaica’s athletics authorities “stand by” their athletes. A senior drug tester told the BBC this week that Jamaica’s recent failed drug tests might be the “tip of an iceberg”. But the 26-year-old World and Olympic 100m champion said the comments “hurt”. “It is so important that our federation stands by our athletes. If it’s down to making sure things are up to scratch, I would [refuse to run],” she added. In 2010, Fraser-Pryce was banned for six months following a positive drugs test for oxycodone. She claimed it was in her system as a result of medication for toothache. Fraser-Pryce, who has been shortlisted for the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) world athlete of the year award, also said she was in advanced talks to set up a union in Jamaica to give athletes a voice and to offer support and education from 2014. Speaking ahead of the World Athletics Gala in Monaco, she told BBC Sport: “If there are certain things that are not up to standard then it [not running] is something you have to do. We believe we deserve to have good things, not to have our name tarnished at a time when we are doing so well. “It is so important that our federation stands by our athletes, not says the kind of things they say about our athletes. “We need a voice to be able to stand up and say ‘you

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce (Getty Images) can’t say these things without having proof’. We have come so far in athletics in our country but we are still stagnant in other areas.” When asked specifically about the “tip of the iceberg” comment, Fraser-Pryce added: “That is exactly what I am saying. If you are Jamaican and make a statement like that then those things are hurtful.” Six Jamaican athletes have tested positive this year, but Fraser-Pryce claims the country does not have a doping problem. “We don’t have a doping issue - we are tested wherever we go,” she said. “There is no one in Jamaica saying ‘let’s dope up to run fast’. That is just not true. Where we have issues is with our young athletes who are getting involved in doping issues because nobody is there to give guidance. “We are doing very well for our country internationally but when we are in Jamaica our athletes are not being looked after. We are selling our country and marketing our country to the word and not being paid for it. “Why aren’t we getting

the support we deserve? A lot of our young athletes are struggling back in Jamaica. They are not able to get the medical attention they need, they are not able to eat properly. “We are treated sometimes unfairly. It is almost as if they (the federation) don’t believe we are world class athletes. We are international athletes and we should be treated that way. We should be able to say that if things don’t go our way we will not be running.” Fraser-Pryce has enjoyed another incredible year of success, adding three world championship titles, in the 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay, to the one gold and two silver medals she won in those events at the 2012 Olympics. But she rejected any suggestions that Jamaica’s doping problems had overshadowed her success. “I don’t think it has cast any shadow over my achievements,” she said. “It can get discouraging at times. Of course it is something I hope will get better. As athletes our job is to train and compete. There is nothing for me to hide.”

they could lap up a few more of his shots - or at the nonstriker’s end as the tension was close to unbearable when he batted. The assuredness with which Tendulkar played had made it seem inevitable that there would be a fairytale century in his final Test. You’d think the year-long wait for the 100th hundred would have taught Indian fans to be wary about expecting fairytale Tendulkar centuries. Clearly they hadn’t, and like at the Wankhede in 2011, a slip catch from Darren Sammy cut short Tendulkar’s innings on 74 and stunned an expectant crowd into silence. The mute-button was on only for a few moments though, as the crowd regained its voice to appreciatively roar Tendulkar off the field. Tendulkar muttered a few words to himself, but as has been the case over virtually his entire career, he maintained his poise after being dismissed, acknowledging the adoring crowds as he trudged off. His partner for the entire innings was Cheteshwar Pujara, who perhaps would have been more worried about making a wrong call to run Tendulkar out and risking the wrath of Wankhede than about the challenge posed by the ineffectual West Indies attack. Pujara’s every single was cheered with the fervour that usually accompanies centuries, and he remained mostly under the radar. When he played the straight drive for four, you were reminded - unfairly for Pujara about how much more pristine and non-violent the shot was when Tendulkar played it. Still, it was a cracking innings, full of controlled aggression. He pounced on the width routinely provided, adroitly playing the cut past point, as he kept he run-rate brisk. His one moment of fortune - thanks to a frankly awful decision from the third umpire was when he was adjudged not out on 76, though replays clearly showed Kieran Powell’s fingers under the ball as he grasped a chance at short leg.

Pujara wasn’t perturbed by all the emotion over Tendulkar’s dismissal, and continued his march towards his fifth Test century, underlining his reputation as a man for the big score. Of the eight times he has reached fifty in Tests, he could have converted seven of them into hundreds, but two of those innings were unbeaten half-centuries in successful chases. He was scratchy against the tireless offspinner Shane Shillingford after reaching triple-figures today and a leading edge resulted in a caught-and-bowled chance that ended his stay on 113. Kohli, the man tipped to take over Tendulkar’s No. 4 spot, began with a series of boundaries to help Pujara maintain the momentum. Like in his one-day innings, where his high scoring-rate surprises given the lack of big shots, he zipped to his half-century at nearly a run a ball almost unnoticed. He was looking untroubled but he too perished to a Sammy slip catch, undone by a straighter one from Shillingford. If the first half of Pujara’s innings was overshadowed by one Mumbai batsman, his innings will recede further in fans’ mind due to an astonishing century from another Mumbai batsman. Rohit began his long-awaited Test career with a gamechanging 177 in Kolkata, but there seemed little chance of him making another century in Mumbai as he was only on 46 when the No. 11 Mohammed Shami walked in. By then Shillingford had

taken his fifth successive five-for, matching a feat last achieved by Alec Bedser in 1952-53, and Sammy had equalled the record for the most catches by a nonwicketkeeper, snapping up five. India had lost three wickets in two overs either side of tea, and West Indies looked likely to have to bat almost an entire session. Instead, Rohit scripted a masterclass in batting with the tail to inflate the total by 80 runs, and joined an exclusive club with two hundreds in their first two innings. Shami is not the worst No. 11, but Rohit skilfully farmed the strike, so much so that in the first seven overs Shami only faced seven deliveries. Even when the partnership was close to 50, Shami was still on 0. West Indies were desperate to get Rohit off the strike. In the 99th over, when Rohit gently tapped the final ball past the closely packed field for a single, West Indies’ dispirited fielders weren’t keen on chasing it down though it wasn’t going to reach the rope. Briefly, Rohit contemplated whether he had time to take three. In between protecting Shami, Rohit unleashed a blizzard of strokes which he commonly shows off in limited-overs matches. His one moment of panic was when he holed out to deep midwicket when on 85, only to be reprieved when the replays showed Shillingford had overstepped. Soon after, he reached his hundred with a six over long-on - it had taken him only 118 deliveries, and Shami had only made 1 in a 64-run stand. The innings finally ended on when Shami whipped a catch to deep square leg, and the lead was a massive 313. West Indies had about an hour to bat out, but even in that short space lost three wickets to the spinners. Once again, R Ashwin and Pragyan Ojha had the ball spinning and turning, and on the evidence so far, West Indies will do well to stretch this game as long as the end of the third day. Scores: West Indies 182 and 43 for 3 trail India 495 (Pujara 113, Rohit 111*, Tendulkar 74, Shillingford 5179) by 270 runs.

East Coast Cricket Board 40 Overs Competition continues tomorrow Play in the East Coast Cricket Board 40 overs competition continues tomorrow with several matches. The fixtures starting at 11:00am reads: Strathavon VS Unity at Strathavon; Helena 1-2 VS Bravados at Unity; Ogle (Blue) VS Plaisance at Ogle; Better Hope (B) VS Lusignan (B) at Better Hope and Lusignan (A) VS Golden Grove (A) at Lusignan.

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Saturday November 16, 2013

Tiger Sports donates mobile scoreboard to ECCCC Albion CC and Courtland Raffik and Sons Construction T20 tourney

All Stars into final

A good all-round performance by Under-17 Balchand Baldeo and a four wicket haul from Under-17 left arm spinner Suruj Dookna guided Albion Community Centre to the final of the Raffik and Sons Construction second division T20 competition, following an easy victory over Port Mourant in their semifinal encounter. Playing at Port Mourant ground, Albion chose to bat first, the opening pair of Kandasammy Surujnarine and Baldeo put on 34 before Surujnarine fell for 14; the second wicket fell five runs later. Baldeo was then joined by Shivnarine Shrikissoon (20) and the two put on 54 for the third wicket with Baldeo going on to make 61 (8x4). Albion managed to reach 122 for 5 in their 20 overs. Jaipersaud Rawana took 2 for 21 from 4 overs for Port Mourant, who is response found themselves in early trouble as Dookna - who picked up 4 early wickets – pegged them back at 17 for 5. Port Mourant never recovered and were eventually bowled out for 43,

Moonilall Shivdyal losing by 79 runs. Dookna ended with 4 for 12 from 4 overs and Baldeo 2 for 12 from 4 overs to round off a good all round effort. In the other semifinal, Travis Williams’ fine display ensured a place for Courtland All Stars in the championship game after defeating home team Fyrish by 38 runs. Courtland All Stars choosing to bat first slipped to 23 for 2 after 4 overs but a 50-run third wicket partnership between Michael Cummings and Kishon Sinclair put them back on track before Cummings fell for 45 and Sinclair 16 to leave them

83 for 4 in the 12th over. Williams came in and he proceeded to put on 42 for the fifth wicket with Jamal Cort (17) and continued to carry the lower order to steer Courtland All Stars to 152 for 8 in their 20 overs with Williams remaining unbeaten on 36. Bowling for Fyrish, Kevin Subramanie took 3 for 28 and off spinner Monilall Shivdyal 2 for 26, both from 4 overs each. When Fyrish began their response, they had to contend with the all-off-spin attack of Travis Williams and Troy Matheson and were stuck back at 9 for 2. Twentyfour valuable runs were put on for the next wicket before two more quick wickets fell to leave them at 38 for 4 and then 52 for 5. Williams then worked his magic again to grab the next four wickets as Fyrish struggled to 102 for 9 and eventually 114 all out in 18.5 overs. Monilall Shivdyal was the only shining light with 45. Williams ended with 5 for 16 from 3.5 overs and Keon Sinclair 3 for 16 from 4 overs. Courtland All Star and Albion will meet in the final on Sunday November 24.

Systems in place for Berbice Table Tennis Open championship tomorrow Preparations have been completed and all systems are in place as a day of smashing action is anticipated when the best Table Tennis players in Berbice are expected to be in action tomorrow at the Port Mourant Training Centre, Corentyne Berbice for the second edition of the ‘Berbice Table Tennis Championship’, a one day Open Knockout tournament organised by the Berbice Table Tennis Sub Association. Throughout the past week the ancient county was abuzz as racquet wielders sharpened their skills at all available venues for the big day. The tournament is being sponsored by overseas based Guyanese, Berbician Souvenir Ramdyal, of 2009 Hall of Fame Realtor of Queens NY with assistance from two other overseas based Guyanese and former Berbice players Patrick Narine, who was also on board last year and Lanny Anthony. Termed ‘The Berbice Table Tennis Championship’, the tournament has the blessing of the Guyana Table Tennis Association.

The competition is open to persons living and working in Berbice for the last three years and play is expected in both the male and female categories. A number of categories including some new ones will be contested including the U11, U13, U15, U18 and novices. Play is expected to be in both the male and female departments with the top three players in the respective categories joining their senior counterparts in contesting the Berbice Open which will be played immediately after. Over 75 entries have been received and serve off time is 09:00 hrs. Incentives will be presented to the top three finishers in each division, while prizes will also be awarded to the most outstanding player, most promising, and most improved among others. Transportation will be provided for players with a bus expected to leave the Shell Gas Station in New Amsterdam at 08:00hrs to take players to the venue. Officials from the Guyana Table Tennis Association, including President Godfrey Munroe

and General Secretary Linden Johnson are expected to be on hand to help oversee the proceedings and the distribution of the prizes. Players are expected from all over the ancient county including Skeldon, Rose Hall, New Amsterdam, Berbice River, Canje and West Berbice. A number of institutions and schools are expected to send their players to participate, including Guysuco Training Centre, University of Guyana, the Guyana Police Force among others. The Sponsor along with members of his family and company are expected to be on hand to meet the players, declare the competition open and distribute the prizes at the end. Last minute information can be had by contacting - Floyd Conway in New Amsterdam/ Canje on telephone No 6238481,Gibran Hussein in Skeldon 628-4248, Richard Bacchus 673-9112, Johnny Persaud 333-2869, Stanley Lawrence 686-6431,Levi Nedd on number 641-9592 or Rono Joseph on 644-2249. Floyd Conway is the coordinator. (Samuel Whyte)

Former national wicketkeeper/batsman Sheik Mohamed (second left) presents the scoreboard club captain Bheemraj Ramkellawan and members of the ECCCC. The Enmore Community Centre Cricket Club (ECCCC) has benefitted from the benevolence of one of its members, who on Sunday last donated a mobile scoreboard with the aim of to keeping spectators up to date with scores at the venue. At a simple presentation ceremony, managing director of Tiger Sports of Enmore Old Road, Sheik Mohamed, presented the piece of equipment to club captain Bheermaj Ramkellawan in the presence of several young members of the club. Mohamed, the former national wicketkeeper/

batsman, is a long-standing member of the club, and the left-hander said he saw the need for such an equipment since it will help to keep spectators abreast with scores of games being played at the Enmore Community Centre ground. He expressed delight at being able to give back to the club, where he grew up harnessing his skills many years ago. Responding on behalf of the club, Ramkellawan thanked Mohamed for his kind gesture, adding that the former national cricketer has always been supportive of Enmore cricket, more so since the club was

resuscitated in February this year. The presentation was done immediately after the ECCCC won the GT&T 35over cricket competition by beating Fairfield by 83 runs, and according to Ramkellawan, there is a high level of talent in the club at the moment. The mobile scoreboard was used for the first time at last Sunday’s final, and it will be in use again tomorrow when the Enmore lads take on the visiting Ontario cricket team in a specially arranged match at the Enmore Community Centre ground.

WICB Media - ST JOHN’S, Antigua –The West Indies Cricket Board yesterday announced the We s t I n d i e s U n d e r - 1 9 team for the upcoming tour of Bangladesh where they will play seven 50over matches against the Bangladesh Under-19 team. The West Indies will be captained by spin-bowling allrounder Ramaal Lewis of Jamaica with Jeremy Solozano, the left-handed opener from Trinidad & Tobago as the vice captain. The 15-member squad includes most of the players who played in last m o n t h ’s seven-match series against Bangladesh Under-19s in Guyana. There is one newcomer – Jonathan Drakes – the right-handed batsman from Barbados. FULL SQUAD Ramaal Lewis (Jamaica) – Captain

Jeremy Solozano (T&T) – Vice Captain Fabien Allen (Jamaica) Tagenarine Chanderpaul (Guyana) Bryan Charles (T&T) Tristan Coleman (Jamaica) Jonathan Drakes (Barbados) Shimron Hetmyre (Guyana) Jerome Jones (Barbados) Ray Jordan (Windwards) Brandon King (Jamaica) Preston McSween (Windwards) Marquino Mindley (Jamaica) Gudakesh Motie (Guyana) Nicholas Pooran (T&T) TEAM MANAGEMENT Altamont Solomon (Manager) Roddy Estwick (Coach) Robert Samuels (Assistant Coach) Dwain Gill (Analyst) Janel Springer (Physiotherapist) Ronald Rogers (Fitness Trainer)

TOUR SCHEDULE – December 2013 Monday, 2nd: Arrive in Dhaka Thursday, 5th: warm-up match – Sylhet or Chittagong Saturday, 7th: 1st ODI vs Bangladesh Under-19 – Sylhet or Chittagong Monday, 9th: 2nd ODI vs Bangladesh Under-19 – Sylhet or Chittagong Thursday, 12th: 3rd ODI vs Bangladesh Under-19 – Sylhet or Chittagong Friday, 13th: 4th ODI vs Bangladesh Under-19 – Sylhet or Chittagong Monday, 16th: 5th ODI vs Bangladesh Under-19 – Dhaka Wednesday, 18th: 6th ODI vs Bangladesh Under-19 – Dhaka Friday, 20th: 7th ODI vs Bangladesh Under-19 – Dhaka Saturday, 21st: depart Dhaka

Windies U-19 squad named for Bangladesh

Saturday November 16, 2013

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ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier, Group A

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ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier Group B

Ireland start with comfortable win Nepal, Netherlands start with wins ESPNcricinfo - Ireland 166 for 5 (Stirling 52) beat Namibia 134 for 7 (Schoor 48*, Cusack 2-22) by 32 runs. Paul Stirling cracked a half-century and Ireland put on a solid display in the field t o r e s t r i c t N a m i b i a ’s batsman and secure a 32-run win in their opening match. Alex Cusack, back in the side after injury, took 2 for 22 and there were two runouts, as Namibia fell short despite an unbeaten 48 from Raymond van Schoor. Ireland had been asked to bat and their total was built on a rapid opening stand of 84 between Stirling and his captain, William Porterfield, who made 33. They were separated after 8.5 overs and the scoring dipped, with Stirling then bowled by the economical Sarel Burger for 52, but useful contributions throughout the top order put them out of Namibia’s reach. UAE 89 for 2 (Anwar 54) beat Uganda 88 for 8 by eight wickets. UAE crushed Uganda by eight wickets in their opening game of the ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier 2013-14. After losing the toss, Uganda’s openers

added 18 before the slide began. They lost four wickets for seven runs and then another four for 20 runs. In between those collapses, Phillimon Selowa and the captain Davis Arinaitwe made 22 each and Uganda were eventually restricted to 88 for 8 in 20 overs. UAE’s openers added 70 in 11.2 overs to all but end the contest. Shaiman Anwar blitzed 54 off 38 balls, hitting three sixes, as UAE won with 5.4 overs to spare. Hong Kong 111 for 3 (Barkat 51*) beat Italy 110 for 8 (Sandri 41, Amjad 512). Hong Kong’s Haseeb Amjad laid down an early marker for figures of the tournament as he bagged 5 for 12 to set up a convincing seven-wicket victory over Italy. Amjad’s first two wickets of Andy Northcote and captain Damian Crowley left Italy 29 for 4. There was then a recovery, although Italy had to bat with caution, between Carl Sandri (41) and Michael Raso (24) before Amjad returned to claimed three further scalps - all bowled during which he found himself on a hat-trick. With a

required rate of less than a run-a-ball, Hong Kong knew they did not required anything outlandish and their chase was led by a measured, unbeaten 51 by Waqas Barkat to ensure there were no alarms. USA 138 for 5 (Allen 50*) beat Canada 137 for 6 (Hansra 39) by five wickets. A punishing, 31-ball fifty from Timroy Allen helped USA to thrilling win over Canada with one ball to spare. Reduced to 61 for 5 in pursuit of 138, Allen combined with Srini Santhanam for an unbroken 77-run stand to upset their more established north American opponents. Allen struck two sixes before Santhanam sealed victory by hitting the penultimate delivery for four. Canada had looked on course for victory, with legspinner Junaid Siddiqui taking 2 for 16, including the key wicket of Steven Taylor, despite being restricted with the bat. Jimmy Hansra hit 39 from 34 balls but Elmore Hutchinson and former West Indies Test bowler Adam Sanford each took two wickets apiece to help keep USA in the game.

Caribbean Cargo DC donate balls to Chico K&S School footballþ tourney

ESPNcricinfo – Netherlands 92 for 3 (Borren 38*) beat Afghanistan 90 (Bukhari 2-7) by seven wickets. Afghanistan, the favourites to win Group B at the ICC World Twenty20 Q u a l i f i e r, s u f f e r e d a comprehensive defeat to their closest rivals, Netherlands, who romped home with seven wickets and 43 balls to spare. Having won the toss and decided to bat, only two Afghanistan players Mohammad Shahzad and Najibullah Zadran - made it into double figures in a meagre total of 90. None of the Netherlands bowlers conceded more than 5.50 runs an over, with Mudassar Bukhari, Paul van Meekeren, Pieter Seelaar and Ahsan Malik all claiming two wickets. Captain Peter Borren then thrashed 38 from 15 balls after two wickets for Mohammad Nabi had briefly checked the run chase. PNG 177 for 6 (Pala 46, Jones 44) beat Kenya 176 for 5 (Obuya 53*) by four wickets. Geraint Jones’ experience helped guide Papua New Guinea to a high-scoring fourwicket victory against troubled Kenya as they chased down 177 with 14 balls to spare. Jones hit 44 off 32 balls, but it was Kila Pala who top-scored with 46 off 30 deliveries as PNG, whose warm-up victory against Ireland now looks less of a fluke, always kept themselves ahead of the rate. Steve Tikolo, drafted back in for this tournament in a desperate measure by Kenya, opened the bowling and conceded 28 off two overs as the PNG openers cut loose during the Powerplay. Although they both fell inside the first six overs, PNG did not let the momentum go to waste. Tikolo had earlier produced

Mudassar Bukhari bellows his approval at a wicket © International Cricket Council his own hard-hitting display with a rapid 38 and Collins Obuya’s unbeaten 53 set up what appeared a commanding total, but Kenya’s bowling proved well below what was required. Nepal 80 for 5 (Khadka 48) beat Denmark 79 (Pun 312, Regmi 2-8) by five wickets. Nepal began their campaign with a huge victory over Denmark, but they will be concerned that they lost five wickets in the chase of a low target, and had to depend on their captain Paras Khadka. Nepal’s bowlers shot out Denmark for 79 in 19.4 overs, with Sagar Pun taking 3 for 12 and Basant Regmi 2 for 8. Only three Denmark batsmen made it into double figures. Nepal’s chase got off to a horrific start though, with two wickets falling before they had scored. Khadka then dominated a 67-run partnership for the third wicket by scoring 48 off 34 balls. After he was dismissed, Nepal lost two more wickets

with the score on 68, before they achieved the target in 13.1 overs. Bermuda 149 for 7 (Stovell 29, Haq 2-23) beat Scotland 131 (Coetzer 37, Robinson 3-8, Tucker 3-22) by 18 runs. A collection of nuggetsized scores from Bermuda’s batsmen allowed them to post 149, after which Janeiro Tucker and Jacobi Robinson took three wickets each to sink Scotland. Bermuda lost wickets regularly after choosing to bat, and only three batsmen made it past 20. Opener Dion Stovell top scored with 29, and Lionel Cann contributed 27. Scotland were comfortably placed in their chase, with three of their top four batsmen getting starts and passing 25, but the rest of their batting line-up fell away tamely. From 109 for 3 in the 15th o v e r, S c o t l a n d w e r e eventually dismissed for 131 in 19.5 overs, with Tucker and Robinson doing all the damage.

Jamaican government reacted positively, says WADA

Mr. James DeSouza (centre) the brother of Caribbean Cargo CEO Mr. Royston DeSouza hands over the football to Kashif & Shanghai Office Manager Miss Roxanne Hunter, while Director Aubrey “Shanghai” Major looks on. At a simple presentation ceremony, a total of 25 footballs were donated to the Chico Kashif and Shanghai Secondary Schools Football tournament by Caribbean Cargo out of Washington DC

in the United States. The presentation was made in Washington DC to Mr. Aubrey “Shanghai” Major. However, the official presentation was done by Mr. James DeSouza the

brother of CEO Mr. Royston DeSouza to the Kashif & Shanghai Office Manager Miss Roxanne Hunter in the presence of Director Aubrey “Shanghai” Major at the K&S office recently.

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (AFP) — J a m a i c a ’s g o v e r n m e n t responded positively to a report into its anti-doping bodies following a massive doping scandal, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) said Wednesday. WADA director general David Howman said he met Jamaica sports minister Natalie Neita-Headley at the World Conference on Doping in Sport in Johannesburg Tuesday.

“There has been a very positive response to the recommendations,” he told journalists. “We are working closely to implement them.” A WADA team visited the Caribbean island in October to audit the Jamaica Anti-doping Commission (JADCO) after seven Jamaican athletes, including Asafa Powell and two-time 200-metre Olympic c h a m p i o n Ve r o n i c a Campbell-Brown, tested positive this year. The global doping body’s

president earlier didn’t mince his words at the island’s authorities’ failure to pick up on the doping. “They dropped the ball,” John Fahey said on Tuesday. World sports leaders meet over four days at the fourth anti-doping conference to decide the future of the battle against the use of banned substances. The conference will ratify new, more stringent antidoping rules and also finetune testing according to different sporting codes.

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Saturday November 16, 2013

Giftland Office Max announces winner of 2nd Sports Ambassador

Giftland Football Ambassador Kwadjo Garnett (with Football and cheque) is flanked by the other nominees, GFA Vice-President Lavern Fraser-Thomas (2nd from left) and Giftland’s officials Compton Babb (3rd from left) and Delroy Dash (3rd from right). Giftland Office Max yesterday announced the winner of its Football Sports Ambassador at its head office on Main Street. After 3,346 votes, Buxton United Football Club’s Kwadjo Garnett copped the second title of Giftland Sports Ambassador after GDF bodybuilder Devon Davis became the first in August when the programme was launched. Like Davis, who has

already exhausted the funds budgeted for him, Garnett, who attends the University of Guyana, will benefit from at least $300,000 in sports equipment and Academic material and yesterday signed the one-year contract in the presence of the Georgetown Football Association (GFA) VicePresident Lavern FraserThomas and four of the other five nominees. Stephen King and

Nathanael King of the Georgetown Football Club along with Berbicians Denny Mitchell and Kevin Layne who were absent were the other nominees for the second leg of Giftland’s quest for five sporting Ambassadors for 2013. Garnett secured more than half of the votes which were conducted on facebook, BBM and in-store voting, while Nathanael King received the second

most votes. The two Kings, Mitchell and Layne were awarded $10,000 each for their nomination for the title. Carlton Babb, Giftland’s Public Relations Officer explained his company lends a helping hand to Football and every other sport and p r o m i s e d G i f t l a n d ’s continued support of the careers of talented young sportsmen and also intends to assist them to develop academically.

“Everyone here is a champion. We at Giftland are happy and proud to be associated with and want to build a strong and long-lasting relationship with our young sporting Ambassadors,” Babb revealed. Delroy Dash of the Marketing Department told the gathering that sporting talent, a sound education, leadership ability and communication skills were among the criteria used by the various national sporting

bodies that were approached by Giftland to arrive at the nominees. According to Dash, Hockey will be the next leg with female players Aliyah Gordon and Janelle Monroe already being indentified by their Association. “We will conduct votes for the Hockey Ambassador then move to Squash in the next two weeks and everyone chosen will have to sign a one-year contract with us,” Dash concluded. (Sean Devers)

MOH/MCYS/GCF five-stage Cycle Road Race

Jeffrey still in pole as Robin Persaud wins Stage 3; Arthur (Jnr.) & Niles (Vets) also lead Veteran Robin Persaud of Carlton Wheelers Cycle Club (CWCC) showed no signs of aging when he outsprinted Te a m C o c o ’s D a r r e n Matthews of Barbados to win the third stage of the 7th annual Ministry of Health/Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport/Guyana Cycling Federation five-stage Cycle Road Race yesterday from Wales on the West Bank of Demerara to Bushy Park, East Bank Essequibo. The shortest of the five stages, some 35-miles, was always going to be a keen and strategic contest and so it was from the onset. The various teams sought to protect their leading riders as they battled for the coveted first place and bragging rights intensified.

The distance was completed in just less than one hour with Persaud pulling out all the stops to sprint ahead of Williams in 58 Minutes 42. 57 Seconds. It was not too long after the main pack also crossed the line, underscoring the closeness of the stage. Another team Coco’s rider, Jaime Ramirez was third in 58 Minutes 45 Seconds with Alonzo Greaves (Roraima Bikers Club), Geron Williams (Continental Cycle Club) and USA based Scott Savory all clocking 58 Minutes 55 Seconds. Linden Bauxite Flyers Cycle Club member Akeem Arthur has taken over the pole position in the junior category with club mate Shaquille Agard, third, United Bike

Shop’s Hamza Eastman sits in the second place. In the veteran division, Team Coco’s dominance is underscored with Junior Niles in the lead followed by Raymond Newton o f Roraima Bikers Club and Wa s i m G a f o o r o f Berbice. Jeffrey who had won the first stage from Corentyne to New Amsterdam and teammate Darren Williams taking stage two, has 17 Seconds on Williams in the overall placing so far. Godfrey Pollydore (Carlton Wheelers CC) a n d G e r o n Wi l l i a m s (Continental) are further back on the pace by 39 Seconds each. Alonzo Greaves is trailing Jeffrey by 40 Seconds; Paul De

Robin Persaud about to cross the finish line pursued by Darren Williams. Nobrega is off the pace by Two Minutes 28 Seconds; Orville Hinds (2 Min 41 Sec); Junior Niles (3 Min); Robin Persaud (3 Min 2

Sec) and Jaime Ramirez (3 Min 10 Sec). The lone female, Naomi Singh is closer to her dream of finishing all five stages, she

completed yesterday’s stage and would have said in an interview that her biggest challenge is the finals stage tomorrow from Linden, the hilly terrain is something she is aiming to conquer once and for all.The fourth stage is set for today in the Cinderella County of Essequibo starting at Supenaam at 07:30hrs, this stage will further determine the front runners for the top spots. Riders will pedal all the way to Charity before returning to village of Suddie for the finish, covering a distance of 67 miles. This annual event will conclude tomorrow with stage five from Linden to Georgetown. The overall winner will be rewarded with $200,000. (Franklin Wilson)

Saturday November 16, 2013

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DCB\Raj Singh over-40 cricket WICB advertises for Marketing Director East Coast Tigers thump GT Bears by 7 wkts

St John’s, Antigua – The West Indies Cricket Board is conducting a search to fill the position of Director of Commercial, Marketing and Communications. The Director of the CM&C will be responsible for all of the WICB’s revenue generation and support services activities including business development, sponsorship management, merchandise and licensing, event management, marketing, promotions & public relations and corporate communications. The Director will play a lead role in the development and execution of the WICB’s

commercial strategy, while directing the daily operation of the function through the effective management of the team, commercial partner relationships and contracts, the efficient deployment of resources and supplies, and the control of assigned budgets. “The Director of Commercial, Marketing and Communications is critical to the WICB at this juncture as we need to have, at a high level, a competent and accomplished professional who is dedicated to especially enhancing the W I C B ’s c o m m e r c i a l portfolio along with other critical areas,” WICB Chief Executive Officer Michael

Muirhead said. “This is a critical position and we will conduct an extensive recruitment process to seek to identify a suitable candidate who has integral knowledge of the regional market and who can draw on their knowledge and relationships to raise the profile of the WICB and widen our partnerships with sponsors and other stakeholders,” Muirhead added. Interested professionals can view full d e t a i l s a t areers Applications should b e s e n t t o recruitment@windiescricke (WICB)

Sochi 2014: Concerns over Moscow doping lab for Games BBC Sport - A Moscow testing laboratory for the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games should have its World AntiDoping Agency (Wada) accreditation suspended, a disciplinary commission has been told. The Wada panel heard there were serious concerns about its testing procedures. This could mean that the Moscow lab may not be able to test during the Games in February. The news comes after the Rio lab was stripped of its Wada accreditation ahead of next year’s World

Cup. Wada is staging its Doping in Sport conference in Johannesburg, where the panel met. Disciplinary committee chairman and former Wada president Dick Pound told BBC Sport: “Our expert laboratory group finally came to the conclusion that they ought to suspend the laboratory because it was not sufficiently reliable. “We have had a hearing here in Johannesburg and the disciplinary commission has made a recommendation to John Fahey as chair of Wada

and he has to decide whether he accepts that or not. “The recommendation is for him to consider.” Wada president Fahey confirmed: “The disciplinary committee met and considered the evidence that it has received but there is still a process to be undertaken. There’s a decision to be made by me. “It shouldn’t take me too much longer but the paperwork is extensive and it needs to be worked through in the proper fashion to get the correct outcome.”

F and H Million Dollars Dominoes

Man of the match Surendra Heeralall collects his trophy from president of the DCB Raj Singh E a s t C o a s t Ti g e r s defeated Georgetown Bears by 7 wickets when the Demerara Cricket Board (DCB)\Raj Singh Insurance Brokers AND Trophy Stall over 40 twenty overs tournament continued yesterday. Playing at the Everest Cricket Club, Georgetown Bears batted first and scored 156-8 off their allotted 20 overs. Surendra Heeralall stroked one four and six sixes in a top score of 74, Cyrus Gibson supported

with 21. while Carlos Reid and Andrew Lovell chipped in with 18 each. Anil Persaud claimed 3-11 and Walter Byrne took 2-5. Eon Abel then fashioned a fine 57 (4x4,5x6) and got support from Sheik Mohamed and Rama Malone with 31 apiece as Tigers replied with 158-3 in 14 .2 overs; Mohamed struck four fours and Malone four fours and a six. Clive Grimmond captured 2-5. Heeralall was given the man of the match award.

Eon Abel

Police reclaim ISAAC title after dominant performance

Teams battle for honours - George, Moore smashes records on way to rout as playoffs commence, Thunder By Edison Jefford Natasha Alder, Tracey Moses Mingo’s 2009 time of 4:20.4 The Guyana Police Force and Jonella Jonas. The four in the process. GDF’s Tyshon awarded best uniformed side ( G P F ) e x t e n d e d t h e i r f e m a l e s s h a r e d t h e Bentick (4:09) was second

Members of the best uniformed team Thunder along with Neil Kumar (left) and Hazim Hakh right display the top three finishers’ trophies. Sixty seven teams converged at the National Gymnasium last evening to vie for supremacy as the play offs of the F and H Printing Establishment nationwide Million Dollars Plus dominoes competition commenced.

Thunder were given the best uniformed team prize following a march past which was taken Director of Sport Neil Kumar, President of the Georgetown Dominoes Association, Faye Joseph and CEO of F and H Hazim Hakh; B6 took second place and

Gangster third. Speaking at a ceremony before the playoffs commenced, Kumar wished the teams well and lauded the sponsor for hosting such a huge tournament. The playoffs continue today while the finals will be played tomorrow.

dominance over three days to reclaim the Inter-Services Annual Athletics Championships (ISAAC) title late last night at the Police Sports Club Ground, Eve Leary, effectively breaking a two-year jinx. In the first day/night competition, compliments of lights from Starr Party Rentals, the Police got the better of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF), amassing 639 points to win ahead of the soldiers’ 543 points; the Guyana Fire Service (GFS) was third on 103 points with Guyana’s Prison Service (GPS) fourth on 75 points and City Constabulary fifth on 41 points. The Police had last won the title in 2010. Police’s dominance was owed to strong performances from its now famous female quartet, Alita Moore,

‘Champion Female Athlete’ prize, which was another first for the competition. Alder won the Discus, Javelin and ranks’ 100m race, while Moses (Long Jump, Triple Jump and High Jump), Moore (100m, 200m and 400m) and Jonas (800m, 1500m and 3000m) all finished on 30 points, coming away with the coveted joint title last night. GDF’s Carlissa Atkinson was Runner-up with 24 points. Police’s, Winston George was Champion Male Athlete after winning the 100m, 200m and 400m races, while GDF’s Cleveland Forde was Runner-Up. Forde opened the final day with his 1500m win in a blistering 4:07.5, which was a new meet record. Forde erased Wilbert

while Police’s, Nathaniel Giddings (4:11) finished third. Jonas won the female race in 5:14.8, while Atkinson (5:26.5) and Ashanti Scott (5:29.6) were second and third respectively. In the 100m marquee event, George smashed Quinse Clarke’s 2010 record of 10.4 seconds with a new mark of 10.0 seconds. GDF’s Akeem Stewart with 10.4 and Davin Fraser 10.6 secs came second and third in the event. George also ran new records in the 200m and 400m races. In the 200m, he won in 20.5 seconds which was better than the 20.8 seconds that Rupert Perry ran in 2010. GDF’s Davin Fraser (21.3) and Akeem Stewart (21.5) were second and third in that (Continued on page 32)

t r o Sp

Police reclaim ISAAC title P.37 after dominant performance Commissioner of Police, Leroy Brummel (centre) joins the victorious Guyana Police Force track and field team last night after they reclaimed the ISAAC title at the Police Sports Club Ground, Eve Leary.

- George, Moore smashes records on way to rout

Interest builds as motor racers host fan event on Main Street


Could he be the next Group 4 champion as he sits comfortably on Andrew King’s Mazda RX7 machine which was on display on Main Street last evening.

Three of the cars that is being sponsored by Banks DIH on display at the Meet and Greet session that was conducted last evening on Main Street as part of the upcoming hosting of the Caribbean Motor Racing Championship which will be staged next Sunday, at the South Dakota Circuit.

India’s next generation thrives after Tendulkar 74


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