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Kaieteur News

Friday November 08, 2019


Kaieteur News

Friday November 08, 2019

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The rains are coming


t came long and hard from above. That alone was sufficient to return the fears of flooding and the creeping waters. Into shoes and shops and some neighbourhoods, as well as the sacred home, however humble it may be. But, unlike the countless other times before, this rainfall-a torrential blast without a doubt -and the resulting waters were forced to beat a recognisable retreat. It was not the most rapid of withdrawals, or from every soaked place, but it represented something on the positive side. It is a welcomed start bringing welcomed relief that hopefully offers an indication of what the future brings in increasing increments of improvements. This publication commends the mayor and his team for putting their shoulders against the unmoving and getting somewhere. When the Mayor and City Council get somewhereanywhere better than before—then all of us are a little better for it. We are appreciative, as we are guarded. We are guarded because there is recognition for what the mayoralty, any such that seeks higher ground, is resisted from within, and undermined without letup at every turn and from many sources. It is not a good place to be, or the best of comrades to work with, to deliver relief for the stricken and ignored ratepayer and resident. Nevertheless, despite our guarded state, there is understanding that good intentions and the accompanying will are present. It must be admitted that it is on the low side in some quarters, all too ready to throw up hands in the air and call it a day; to give in to the internal and external forces arrayed against in determined stubbornness. Over the years, there has been much talk about pumps and drainage. Yet when the waters flooded, the questions mingled with the cries: where were they? What happened to them? Why were they not operating and delivering? And especially when they are most needed? This would be when our businesses and, worse yet, our sleeping quarters and eating quarters and living quarters are underwater. From the reports, the pumps and drainage efforts did yield some results on Monday, though not in every place that saw the dreaded water level, and not as quickly as some desired sometimes. But work they did, and some of the usual lakes were not as long lived. The tide could have been favourable, and it ought not to be discounted. But, from all encouraging observations, it was not in as many places, and not for as long a time. The capital city deserves a little stroke of luck, as its residents will be grateful for whatever they get. This is beneficial to mayor and management personnel devoted to change. Now being human, watchful, and hopeful, residents will want more. Residents, businesses, passersby, and all others will ask for and expect, more. They will go so far as to demand more. It is just the nature of the beast that must be fed, and must be tamed and patted on the head. Those are among the uphill challenges facing His Lordship, Mayor Ubraj, and those who envision a different standard in Georgetown, who wish to do their best to return it to some resemblance to the Garden City that it once was. The atmosphere and appearance of the city are but two demands placed on the already weighted shoulders of the mayor. There are so many others, including collecting monies rightfully due, but which are not forthcoming; monies that would go a long way to make things a little better, like clearing of drains and maintaining the pumps and keeping the waters down, if not out. Christmas comes, and with that long season, which is in its early toddler stage for 2019, comes many expectations: of cleanliness, of less smelliness, of a marketplace that is healthy and safe, of streets that present the best smiling face of Guyana for all the world to see and share.

The oil is Guyana’s patrimony; Transparency must be our watchword at all times DEAR EDITOR, Seven million barrels of oil will be lifted before Guyana takes our share which would be the eighth million produced. Assuming peak production our first share can be lifted in March and every sixty-seven days thereafter. The schedule of collection of shares of oil, referred to as a Lifting agreement, by the operator, ExxonMobil, its partners Hess and CNOOC, and Guyana is yet to be negotiated and signed. Given our political situation, it may well be prudent to defer the lifting of Guyana’s share until the third quarter of 2020. Importantly, Guyana

would not lose any oil by deferring lifting, careful monitoring and simple mathematics would keep us abreast of our share volume. For example, as our share becomes available, we defer and we allow someonee else to lift it, say, three times in a row, then we take ours and theirs the next three times. The current Department of Energy engenders no confidence that they are competent to perform basic tasks required to ensure Guyana gets the most revenue for our share of oil. The caretaker status of the government precludes signing any long term agreements with any agency at this time.

With less than eight weeks before production starts, the Department of Energy has now engaged a consultant to help with the process of finding the best agent to sell our oil. A few hours of research, coupled with conversations with various oil executives would produce a short-list of the best agencies, a blacklist of known rogues and an outline of desired requisites. Is there anything that Department can do without expensive, time-consuming consultants? Editor, as I have noted previously, no long-term agreement can be entered into with any agency to market our

share of oil. I cannot imagine the best agencies would/ should not be interested in getting involved with Guyana’s oil under these circumstances.The operator, ExxonMobil can be contracted to lift and sell at least, our first million barrels in March of 2020, this would give Guyanese a chance to put transparent arrangements in place under a new administration, something the Granger administration has neglected to understand. The oil is Guyana’s patrimony; Transparency must be our watchword at all times. Respectfully Robin Singh

The challenge before us is to optimise the benefits For one thing, there is continuing low growth rates, capital. An increase in the of oil for all els. currently in place a ‘caretaker’ thereby rendering it difficult country’s per capita income DEAR EDITOR, The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has projected an increase of Guyana’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by a staggering 86% in 2020. This is likely to be the biggest expansion of any economy by global standards surpassing, momentarily, some of the fastest growing economies in the world including China and India. One analyst described the situation as consuming water from a fire-engine hose rather than an ordinary pipe! All of this may sound too good to be true and could very well be the case, given the several imponderables at the political and governance lev-

government which means that important policy, legislative and fiscal decisions cannot be taken until elections slated for March 2, 2020 are over, and a new administration is in place. At a more fundamental level, there is a pervasive cloud of uncertainty which could potentially be a deterrent in terms of investor confidence. All of this is happening at a time when the country is in the cusp of an economic take-off, which could leapfrog the country to higher levels of prosperity. It is true that our existing per capita income is low even by regional standards, which is further compounded by

to lift living standards beyond modest limits. Oil, however, can be a game changer. It has the potential to lubricate the economy to higher levels of performance, but this can only happen in an environment of public accountability, democracy and good governance.There is the risk of high growth rates co-existing with pockets of poverty and underdevelopment as the experiences of several oil producing countries have demonstrated. Oil production is basically capital intensive and technologically driven, which means that opportunities for job creation are limited only to those with the relevant skills and access to

is no guarantee of a higher quality of life, especially for the ordinary people, unless the oil revenues are used to advance pro-poor policies and programmes. It is possible for the country to experience growth without development and what economists refer to as ‘jobless growth’. The challenge before us as a country is to optimize the benefits of oil for the benefit of all. This is the hallmark of real development. It is not sufficient to have higher levels of economic growth but more importantly to ensure that every Guyanese benefit in tangible ways from the oil bonanza. Hydar Ally

Khemraj Ramjattan is the correct choice for PM DEAR EDITOR, I use this opportunity to express my views on the ongoing debate as to who and whom should be the APNU+AFC PM candidate come March 2020. I have heard and read many views, some in favour and some against the AFC choice for PM candidate in Minister Khemraj Ramjattan MP, who by the way is also the leader of the AFC. In 2015 the AFC entered into the Cummingsburg Accord, which is an agreement that was made and settled by both APNU and the AFC and was agreed upon as set out. In that accord, I assume it states that the PM candidate under the APNU+AFC will or must come from the AFC. As we are seeing and hearing, the debate as to whom and who should be the PM candidate is uncalled for, because the agreement is clear. The President said he wants to abide with what is set out in the constitution of Guyana. We all wanted to Mr President, and we are doing just that.

In 2015 the AFC selected Mr Nagamootoo to be its PM candidate and he was accepted by APNU without any hesitation whatsoever, because there was a party to beat that was in government for 23 years. So at that time no one was jumping or rejecting who the AFC chooses. I am sure at that time if it was Charrandass Persaud, APNU would have boldly said “yes, yes, yes” in having him as PM Candidate. In 2019 the AFC decided that it would go with Mr Ramjattan as its choice as PM candidate under the coa-

lition towards 2020 elections, because the Cummingsburg Accord gives the AFC that right to name the PM candidate and they did. APNU and all partners need to respect the AFC choice and not make a fuss on it, because it’s an agreement that was made under both APNU (which is made up of several parties) and the AFC.Mr. Ramjattan is a man of the people on the ground and has served us well in the past four years or so as a Minister and over the years as an MP. He is a no nonsense person and I do believe that is

why he is being given a fight, because he is straightforward, and many who want to become millionaires overnight won’t want him because of his fight against corruption. I must also mention that even the PPP is afraid of him, that is why they are pushing the negotiations out of proportion to ensure that APNU says no to him and puts a person there that can be easily ridden over. But I do believe that the AFC will stand its ground and that is “No Ramjattan as PM - No Coalition”.Let’s remember the (Continued on page 6)

GPL AND HEAVY FUEL OIL (HFO) DEAR EDITOR, In my opinion, GPL are misleading us by saying that some of their generating sets are not achieving the expected output when they have to burn light fuel oil (LFO) when heavy fuel oil (HFO), the heaviest of the residual fuel oils is not available. Without getting too technical, and I know it sounds

like a contradiction in terms, but of all the fuel oils available, HFO has the lowest calorific value. That means that the energy produced from a tonne of HFO is less than that produced from, say, a tonne of diesel oil (a much lighter fuel oil and properly described as a distillate fuel oil). Therefore the generating sets should produce more output on lighter fuel oils, not

less. Further, HFO has a high sulphur content and has not been used for decades in developed countries because of environmental regulations. So why burn it in Guyana? Probably because it’s about 30 percent cheaper than distillate fuel oils and that’s a big difference. Yours faithfully Robert Perks B.Sc. (Fuel Science)

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Citizens expect a credible election

Friday November 08, 2019

DEAR EDITOR, In one of his rare encounters with the media, the caretaker president, David Granger spoke glowingly about agriculture and food production. He was being interviewed on Kaieteur Radio last Friday, November 1, 2019. This was immediately after “Agricultural Month”, celebrated in October 2019. There is an old saying that goes something like this: people should not judge a person or organisation by what he/she/it says about his/ her/itself, but by the action taken. Granger was merely repeating an old axiom about the importance of agriculture. However, if he looks at his actions or the actions of his regime, then we would see that his words and deeds are separated by a wide gulf. In the first instance, how can he be taken seriously after what he did to the sugar industry immediately on assuming power? His personal hostility was seen by the fact that he had set up a Committee to examine the sugar industry. He assured the nation that he would have been guided by the findings of his Committee. The Committee met and presented its report to him. It did not recommend closure of any of the estates. Lo and behold, the President ignored the report completely and closed four estates. That act put some seven thousand sugar workers on the road. It also put many communities from which the workers came into deep depression. People are actually starving in those communities. The APNU+AFC regime, instead of taking concessionary credits from India to recapitalise the industry, has begun the process to shut all

estates. This has demonstrated the regime’s hostility not just to sugar but agriculture as a whole. That decision had other consequences too. It has also dealt a serious blow to the country’s economy, other important businesses and an important institution, the National Insurance Scheme. The shortage of foreign currency that we experience has caused the exchange rate to slide. Only recently it had depreciated to G$236 to US$1.00. The regime had to use a lot of the nation’s reserve to stabilise the Guyana dollar. They did this because we are approaching an election and the sliding dollar will push the cost of living even higher. Moreover, as a result of that colossal blunder, the National Insurance Scheme is in serious trouble. It could find itself in bankruptcy. While demands on the scheme continue to grow, the contributions have been greatly reduced. This is really self-inflicted by the regime. The hasty closure of the estates has impacted on other companies in the country as well. The other industry that has suffered much from the vindictive closure was the rum industry. As is well known, molasses from sugar is the main raw material in the production of rum. Demerara Distillers Limited got one hundred percent of its molasses from GuySuCo before the closure. Now that company has to import molasses, because there is not enough. This has also impacted on the availability of

foreign currency in the country as a whole. The company must use foreign currency to get its raw materials. Another reason for the pressure on the Guyana dollar. Mr. Granger also speaks a lot about the Green Economy. Yet he is doing everything against the ‘Green Economy’. For instance, alternative energy is big business all over the world. The sugar industry has proven that generating electricity from bagasse is very viable. The Co-Generation Plant in Berbice worked well, supplying power for the whole of Berbice and up to Mahaicony. This regime had the possibility of establishing more Co-Generation Plants at Albion and Enmore and could have bagasse throughout the year for the plants. This had multiple benefits. It would have saved a lot of fuel imports and foreign currency in the process. It would have encouraged investments in processing and manufacturing, thereby creating thousands of high paying jobs.Guyana could have established joint ventures to refine sugar and take the Caribbean Market, which is some 220,000 tons of refined sugar. The volume of molasses that was being produced would have made a joint venture for another distillery very viable.These are but a few of the negative consequences that the ill-conceived closure has caused. The list is very long and the impact, direct and indirect, is great. This is not all though. One wonders how Mr. Granger (Continued on page 28)

DEAR EDITOR, Dr Henry Jeffrey makes an important and largely overlooked point in his Future Notes column in Stabroek News of November 6 2019 “What are we to do?”: that while the right of an individual to vote is fundamental, the right of that individual to expect his or her vote to be part of a free and fair election is equally fundamental. As it now stands, we have the absurdity of a voters’ list totalling well over 650,000 voters. When the last time house-to-house registration was completed in 2008, it generated 430,000 registrants. That therefore is the base, the cleanest list possible - removed of those who have died or migrated. So without

question the current register is ridiculously bloated and cannot be the basis for an accurate Official List of Electors. The dead, the migrated, must make up a vast majority of these extra numbers, but how certain can we be that there are not duplicate names who might be allowed to “vote” in remote polling stations far from the eyes of observers and party scrutineers? That should be a cause of great concern to all Guyanese. Why the PPP/C,

which had insisted on house to house registration after 2015, have since done an about face, remains a mystery. One doesn’t have to remind the reader how important this election is in the context of Guyana becoming an oil-producing nation, and as such the stakes being so high. It is essential, therefore, that it is deemed 100% clean and non controversial. The current mess that is the voters list is no basis for that. Yours sincerely Albert Russell


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Democratise parties so members choose Presidential and PM candidates DEAR EDITOR, Reference is made to a Peeping Tom comment about parties undemocratically selecting Presidential and Prime Ministerial candidates (Oct 19). Almost all of the political parties in Guyana have selected their Presidential candidate for the March 2 elections. But none of them followed or adopted a truly democratic process that empowers supporters, a power that is enjoyed by overseasbased Guyanese in much of the diaspora.It is hypocritical and disingenuous for all the parties to expect and call upon Gecom to hold free, fair, and credible elections but not embrace the same within their own party. It is time to reform the process in which candidate for any office is selected – the party leadership should remove themselves from the process and assign that task to the voters in a free and fair election. A democratic selection leads to the best candidate and improves prospect for victory.The United States held off-year elections last Tuesday November 5. (Some Guyanese came out to cast ballots. Guyanese have one of the lowest voter participation as a group based on my canvassing voluntary activities among and studies on them).The candidates on the ballot on Tuesday were selected by their parties last June (moved up from September) in primary elections. In the US, all party candidates (in a general election) for any office must go through a nomination process a la a primary election.\Unlike in Guyana where candidates are nominated by a small group of individuals promoting their economic self-interest, in America the members of the party choose the nominee (candidate). Even the Presidential candidate (Trump or Biden or others) must go through a rigorous nomination process. I long championed such a membership nomination process in Guyana but it has not been embraced by any party. (Even the newly formed minor parties have ignored the call). Surveys I conducted in Guyana going back some two decades have supported a nomination process that allowed party members to

choose a candidate for office in a direct vote. Party leaders in the US were initially resistant to any process that would empower voters in selecting candidates for office. But voters sought judicial intervention and applied pressure on their leaders. The primary process came about through the Progressive reform era and intervention of the court. The leaders used to select the nominees (candidates) for office; deals were made behind closed doors among the party elders and bribes passed (called Tammany Hall politics). Through this flawed process, party elders financially enriched themselves. It was an undemocratic process that did not allow any role for the party members or supporters who were only corralled to elect the party nominee in the general election. The court intervened and put an end to that abusive, corrupt process. Voters were given the power to choose a party nominee for all offices. The primary has become a part of the bill of rights of Americans although it is not written in the constitution. Voters can go to court if they feel their right to vote in a primary is affected or if a potential nominee is not on the ballot. A party dare not nominate a candidate unless there is a vetting process and participation by members in a primary.Guyana needs a similar process to select candidates to run for office on a party line. A small coterie within a party should not be endowed with the power to choose nominees for an elected office. That power should be given to the party members and its supporters and not its leadership alone. And the leader should not influence or interfere with the process as has been the norm going back to the 1950s. A primary will prevent a “clone” candidate from being the face and voice of a party. It also gives voice to and participation of members and supporters. People I conversed with unanimously support a primary. In Guyana, there are many inherent ills in the leadership of a party choosing its nominee. Almost all of the parties have already selected their Presidential nominees and

Khemraj Ramjattan is the ... From page 4 bigger picture here and that’s Guyana, most of all our fight should be against the PPP not getting back in power, not against the AFC or APNU. The choice is clear and we must brace towards the choice and fight.The AFC has the right to put the best candidate forward, and yes, they have selected the right man for the right job by having put forward Mr Ramjattan as their PM candidate.Let’s respect each other and their choice, as we head towards 2020 elections it will be the winning ticket of David Granger + Khemraj Ramjattan (APNU+AFC). Regards Alicia Mangal

working on the PM nominee. (The constitution does not call for a Prime Ministerial nominee although de facto a PM is appointed after an election and becomes the successor in a Presidential vacancy). None of them followed a truly democratic process in which the members gave assent to the selection of any candidate. Messrs Badal and Hinds, for example, selected themselves as Presidential and PM candidate respectively for the Change Party. In 2006 when the AFC was formed, Messrs Ramjattan and Trotman agreed to rotate positions as President and PM in the AFC. A small group decided on Presidential and PM positions for Messrs Granger and Nagamootoo in 2015. A small group of 35 decided who will be the Presidential nominee for the PPP and a much smaller group may yet choose its PM nominee. Mr. Bandhu was nominated as URP Presidential candidate. The other parties may well follow the same limited nonmass based participatory process. The Central Committee or delegate selection process used by the parties is inherently flawed and undemocratic. How fair and democratic are these processes? When will all of these parties embrace reform and empower their supporters? The voters want a political voice in the nominating process. Which party is willing to give them a voice? The parties still have time to revisit how they selected candidates and restart the process. It may very well be that the same nominees will be chosen. So why not give the voters a voice. It is recalled that the founder/leader of all of the parties (in particular PNC and PPP) lambasted the White man for oppressing Guyanese and for being undemocratic and authoritarian calling them bloodsucking imperialists. Today, more Guyanese live abroad (in White man or imperialist countries) than in the homeland. The White countries give more democratic rights to Guyanese in the diaspora than what they experience in the homeland. Reviled as the leading imperialist and racist country, the US gives more democratic rights to Guyanese than their government in Guyana. Guyanese have the right to choose nominees for President and any office. No candidate is foisted (forced) upon them. Why can’t all of the Guyanese parties follow a democratic model as used in the US?The US constitution does not mention parties or primaries. But these have become unwritten parts of the constitution and are enforced by the courts. Who will have the courage (which (Continued on page 29)

Friday November 08, 2019

No wonder this nation is in so much turmoil and its people divided DEAR EDITOR, Leaders like Mr. Donald Ramotar, as they seek to recount history, remind us of the level of disservice being done to this nation and its diverse people. They can only see things through partisan political lens not universal acceptable principles, always seeking to score cheap political points even when there exists no need for same. They burden society with their double standards (dualism) causing people to become disillusion with politics, an important element in the right to self-determination, for they represent what is so wrong with our society and badly need fixing. Reference is made to his letter “Belgrave was never selected by GLU to attend TUC Congress, Lewis mistaken” (SN 7th Nov). As Mr. Ramotar seeks to chastise the late President Forbes Burnham and Desmond Hoyte for being “undemocratic” as President of the Guyana Labour Union (GLU) in allegedly supporting Mr. Fowler as leader of the

waterfront workers instead of Mr. Cyril Belgrave, a known PPP supporter, the PPP would not have done different were the shoe on the other foot. He is reminded by the standard he sets on this issue, the PPP is equally “undemocratic.” What is so depressing about our politics is that there is no universal wrong and right, good and bad. Right and wrong, good and bad depend on who is doing or saying what and to whom. Those who take any universally acceptable position on any issue, once it does not coincide with the particular thinking of a group/individual, that action or the person is bound to catch flak or the incident denied. The late Cyril Belgrave was known in the trade union community as a PPP member. His political persuasion was not my concern, for the right to associate is universally protected and constitutionally guaranteed; a principle I respect, advocate and would not deny Belgrave or anyone. Let me assure Donald, there never existed a need on

my part “to turn Belgrave into a PNC” for that is the work of the party politicians. I am a trade unionist and my advocacy on politics attends to matters of good governance and holding elected officials accountable for the delivery of same, respecting Rights and the Rule of Law. My association with trade unions and their leaders in Georgetown during the late 1970s to early 1980s was confined to engagement at the level of the Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC). Contrary to what Ramotar is seeking to peddle, there is no mistaking on my part. My recall on Belgrave is as clear as day. I stand by my statement that he was part of the GLU delegation to the GTUC conference where I first met him in the late 1970s, a time when Forbes Burnham was the Union’s President, the position he held until his demise in 1985. I stand by my recount of the story between Belgrave and I in the passageway of the Critchlow Labour College (Continued on page 29)

‘THIRD WORLD’ POLITICS DEAR EDITOR, The emergence of six new political parties on the political landscape of Guyana and their announcement that they will be contesting the upcoming elections has caused a stir in the body politic of the country.I refer to this development as a mere stir because that’s what it is, nothing more, nothing less. There is no need for anyone to get hot and bothered over the ‘new kids on the block.’ In fact, anyone who does, must have had severe memory loss, or is too young to know the historical antecedents, or perhaps unaware of what obtains in other ‘Third World’ countries of the world.In the Comoros, with a population of 783,000 there are twenty-four political parties.In Djibouti, with a population of 961,000 there are eleven political parties. In Fiji, with a population of 863,000 there are 16 political parties.In Vanuatu, with a population of 276,244, there are 29 political parties. In Suriname, with a population of 591,919, there are 20 political parties.In Cape Verde, with a population of 560,899 there are seven political parties. In the Seychelles, with a population of 97,000 there are seven political parties.And in Belize, with a population of 383,000 there are 5 political parties.Take Guyana, for example, in 1992 when eleven parties contested the elections the population was 740,134;

In 1997, with a population of 760,510 there were ten parties;In 2001, with a population of 752,263 there were eight parties;In 2006, with a population of 749,601 there were six parties; In 2011, with a population of 749,100 there were four parties;And in 2015, with a population of 768,514 there were six parties.Come elections 2020, our population is estimated to be 779,405. Assuming there is no postponement of the March 2, date, more political parties other than the current six may emerge.As the saying goes, in ‘Third World’ politics, no one should be surprised by the unexpected.Apart from being rhythmic, ‘Third World’ politics can be as complex as an algorithm, human anatomy or cosmological physics. At the same time,‘Third World’ politics can be wondrous and unexpected.Thanks to the World Wide Web, we are now able to follow electoral politics in the countries of Asia, Africa, the Middle East (to some extent), Latin and Central America and the Caribbean to get insights into, what can be at times, a life and death struggle by political parties to stay in power, by others to win power and, yet by others to keep others out of office, since they themselves are probably light years away from ever winning political power.The ultimate aim of the latter is not to hold office, but to hold and keep the balance of power in

parliament.There is something infinite about ‘Third World’ politics, the more we think we know it, the more its dynamics and evolution prove to us that we do not really know it.Our knowledge is limited, because we can only go as far as life and experience has shown us. And even after doing the comparative analysis, there is still that infiniteness of ‘Third World’ politics.Thus the perennial question: where is it going? What is it leading to? After all, look at the electoral politics of The Gambia or South Africa, or of India and Pakistan, or The Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, or Chile and Haiti, or Guyana and Bolivia. These are all multi-party, parliamentary/congressional democracies, yet from time to time, we have witnessed manifestations of political violence and police brutality against citizens participating in peaceful mass protests, oppression and suppression of the fundamental rights of citizens, fraudulent elections, marginalisation of ethnic minorities, harassment and intimidation, and even the jailing or brutal killing of journalists and political opponents. Governments come and governments go in the ‘Third World’ countries, yet, hunger, starvation, disease, poverty, unemployment, social dislocation, human trafficking, domestic violence, crime, civil war, ethnic cleansing, poor delivery of goods and (Continued on page 29)

Friday November 08, 2019

Major plantain chip packaging business launched … three flavours available to the public

Garth Nelson, Deicrick Forde and David Forde surrounded by Regional Chairman, Renis Morian, Vice Chairman Elroy Adolph and students pose with samples of the product at the launch. One holder of a degree in computer science, and another who is completing his degree in finance and accounting, two cousins, have teamed up along with the son of another to establish a major local plantain chip packaging business. The business, Ventriz Flavoured Plantain Chips offers three flavours to the general public. At a simple but very impressive launch at the Region Ten Democratic Council Boardroom, Regional Chairman Renis Morian hailed the initiative as one that is timely, motivational and an indication that there is growth and progress being made by young and innovative entrepreneurs within the region. He congratulated the founder of the company, Garth Nelson, who with his cousins originally hailed from the mining community of Linden. Garth however currently resides in the USA but returned to set up the business. He is lauded about being serious about development in his country of birth. “This business that is rolling out today is certainly a testimony to the determination and commitment of many Guyanese who are determined to contribute in a very meaningful way to the growth and development of this country. “I therefore congratulate

this young man and his cousin, David Forde, who together with the six- year-old Deicrick Forde, have formed a great team in rolling out this plantain chip packaging business,” the Regional Chairman said. Morian said that with the plan of the company in buying plantain from suppliers, it has already created several jobs directly and indirectly for many. He said that the RDC welcomes such an investment, noting that many times things are launched, and the public is forced to wait weeks or months for it to get going. He however thanked the team for its efficiency and foresight, stressing that the product is ready at the launch. Morian said that the establishment of the business provides opportunity for farmers within the region to cultivate plantains. Garth Nelson, in relating how the company got started, revealed that it was started by himself, his business partner, David, and Deicrick Forde who he said is the Chief Tasting Officer (CTO). He pointed out that some months ago, they were brainstorming on finding a venture that they can help with production, while at the same time creating employment. He admitted that he has an obsession for plantain chips, and they decided that a great business venture


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would be finding a way to flavour the plantain chips, thus the establishment of Ventures. “I do not talk how much as I love eating plantain chips and I can tell you that I eat a lot of plantain chips. About four months ago, we created the new flavours Tomato Ketchup, Cheddar Cheese and Vinegar. I can tell you that while I have no background in cooking, the chips taste really well,” Nelson said. The businessman who holds a degree in Computer Science, said that his cousin who is completing his degree in finance and accounting joined with him to make the business a reality. The business has been named after their maternal grandmother. “While David and I got together, we decided that we were going to buy the plantain chips from within the community to provide an avenue to those persons selling chips to also benefit (Continued on page 28)

3 ½ yrs later…

Guyana still to tap Exxons special fund Social Projects Three-and-a-half years after Esso Exploration and Production Guyana Limited (EEPGL)the Contractor for the Stabroek Blockcommitted to providing the Ministry of the Presidency (MotP) with US$300,000 each calendar year, for Corporate Social Projects, the Department of Energy (DoE) is still to tap into the fund. Department of Energy Director, Dr. Mark Bynoe, in a brief interview with this publication yesterday, confirmed that the Department has not approved any projects to be funded from the money provided by the Contractor for the Environmental and Social Projects.He did indicate that there are two projects in the pipeline that are currently being evaluated for approval, but declined to provide any further details. According to Dr. Bynoe, Government had decided that projects to be funded under the CSR Account would have to be tailored, to be aligned with the administrations Green

State Development Strategy (GSDS).Under the Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) inked between the Government of Guyana, EEPGL, Hess Guyana Exploration Guyana and CNOOC-Nexen Petroleum Guyana, “the Minister and contractor shall establish a programme of financial support for environmental and social projects to be funded by the Contractor.” Under Article 28 of the PSA which deals with Social Responsibility and Protection of the Environment, “The Contactor shall directly fund” the amount of US$300,000 per calendar year with any funded but unspent portion of the amount being carried over to ensuing years. Article 28.7 of the PSA stipulates that the Minister and the contractor shall meet annually to agree which projects shall be funded in a year.Asked to provide an update on the state of the account, the Energy Department Head said he would be unable to, since this was an account

Correction / Apology In our Thursday November 7 edition, under the headline, “Leonora man found dead at market’, we incorrectly used a picture of one Lakeram Doodnauth. Mr. Doodnauth carried the same name as the subject of the article whose body was found at the Leonora Market on Tuesday. The Mr. Lakeram Doodnauth whose photograph was published is very much alive. We wish to unreservedly apologise to Lakeram Doodnauth and his family over this grave error.We also apologise for any embarrassment, which we may have caused.

set up by the M i n i s t r y. A d d i t i o n a l l y ExxonMobil is said to have already provided more than $550M during 2018 and 2019, including $400M given to Conservation International Guyana, for a programme to advance Guyanas sustainable economy through education, research, sustainable management and conservation.Other social contributions made by ExxonMobil include a $120M grant to Iwokrama for the Centres Science Programme; $31M given to Volunteer Youth Corps for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programmes; including robotics.The company has also provided a number of grants to agencies such as Civil Defence Commissions Voluntary Emergency Response Team (VERT) training, supporting volunteers across the regions and $5M given to Youth Challenge Guyana (YCG) supporting a programme to enhance the agricultural food production skills.


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Friday November 08, 2019

Cops hand over body samples for DNA testing to Guyana Forensic Lab

Burnt body in car trunk…

-GRA records confirm car belongs to missing witness, Collin Rodney

Charged: Osafo Grundell called Safo

Charged: James Fraser called Dab

Missing: Collin Rodney

The Guyana Forensic Science Laboratory (GFSL) is in possession of samples that were taken from the burnt body found in a car trunk at Letter ‘T’, Mahaicony, two Fridays ago. Police handed over the samples yesterday for DNA testing, even as they received further information that points to the victim being missing witness, Collin Rodney. Crime Chief Michael Kingston told Kaieteur News that Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) records showed

that the registration number on the vehicle’s chassis matched that of Rodney’s car. Rodney was driving a Toyota Allion, licence number PRR 1076, when he disappeared. Crime Chief Kingston has assured that investigators “are working assiduously” on the case. GFSL Director, Delon France, has said that the laboratory is fully equipped to conduct the DNA tests to verify the victim’s identity. But to do this, they will also

need samples from Collin Rodney’s parents, or other close relatives. He disclosed that the lab should be able to provide the results within a week of conducting the tests. It costs Guyana over $1M to send a single DNA sample overseas, and local investigators often have to wait months for an analysis to be completed. This is the second time that the GFSL has been tasked to conduct DNA tests in a murder investigation. A hu-

The burnt car that was found with a body in the trunk at Letter ‘T’ Mahaicony man bone fragment was previously sent to the lab. The GFSL received deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) equipment last May. It was supplied by Italian firm Q&T S.P.A at a cost of approximately $107M (US$513,000). The equipment has the capacity to allow eight samples to be tested at a time. Following a post mortem on Tuesday, several samples were taken for analysis from the leg and thigh bones, and teeth of the victim. Police said that the post mortem results on the badly

burnt body were deemed inconclusive. The torched car, with a badly burnt body in the trunk, was found in a desolate area at Letter ‘T’, Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara. The victim is suspected to be 36-year-old Collin Rodney, who, along with his silvergrey Toyota Allion, vanished on October 25. He was due to testify that very day in the murder of his cousin, Marlon Seon Rodney, called ‘George’, who was gunned down last April in Norton Street, Lodge.

Thirty-nine-year-old Osafo Grundell, called ‘Safo’ of Freeman Street, East La Penitence, Georgetown; and James Fraser, 21, called ‘Dab’ from Garnett Street, Georgetown, are charged with Marlon Rodney’s murder. In the wake of Collin Rodney’s disappearance, Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan said that the police will seek to place other witnesses in Government’s Witness Protection Programme. Two detectives testified in the matter last Monday.


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Friday November 08, 2019

Exxon is crafty


hat happens if Exxon refuses to pay the 2% royalty and the 12.5% profit oil which is due to Guyana? What will the Department of Energy do in such a situation? How can it force Exxon to meet its obligations, if even before production begins, it cannot stop that company from having the first bite at the first million barrels of oil? Guyana should take a look at what happened in Chad before it assumes that it is going to be easy for it to collect what is owed by Exxon. In fact, Chad presents an interesting case study of what happens to countries which have had relations with Exxon. It seems as if every Third World country in which Exxon Mobil does business, ends up in difficulties. Chad is one of those countries. It is today reeling not just from civil conflict but a deepening political crisis which began when oil prices dipped in 2014. Chad has always been one of the world’s poorest countries. That has not changed

in the 16 years since oil production began. The problems for Chad are compounded by the fact that it is landlocked and has to ship its oil production over land and through one of its neighbouring states. The country which has more than fifteen million mouths to feed has been burdened by more than half a million refugees from Sudan. It began producing oil in 2003. Today Chad is highly dependent on oil production, which is transported through the landlocked country to a floating platform vessel via a pipeline which passes through Cameroon. Exxon operates that pipeline which has multiple investors including other oil companies and international financial agencies. The pipeline has been subject to criticism over its effects on the environment but those have been largely ignored by the company and the government. Unlike Chad, Guyana’s oil is offshore. But Guyana has much to learn from Chad’s

experience in dealing with Exxon. In 2016, the government of Chad was forced to take Exxon to court over what it said was unpaid taxes and royalties. Chad was claiming more than $800M in taxes and royalties. Exxon denied the allegations In 2017, a Chadian court issued a massive judgment of $74B against Exxon. That amount was never going to be paid but it was large enough to strong arm the company to settle with the government. The terms of that settlement have not yet been made public. Exxon weaved its magic. It did not pay the penalties but has managed to preserve its exploration licence up to 2050. Chad’s oil production instead of increasing has been decreasing. Production stands now at around 130,000 barrels of oil – just around the level at which production is expected to commence next month in Guyana – but this is a decline from the 173,000 barrels which the country pro-

duced in the early years of oil production. The effects of low oil prices and constrained production have affected the economy. Growth contracted in 2016 and 2017 and is only now slightly recovering. Like Angola, Chad is in discussion with the IMF which is insisting on restructuring of the country’s debt. This year there has been some improvement but the outturn is far from sufficient to ease Chad’s economic woes. Guyana has to be mindful of other countries’ experiences in dealing with ExxonMobil. Exxon and its partners will be the only companies pumping oil offshore in the Guyana next year. And therefore, it has to ensure that it gets what it is entitled to under its agreement with Exxon Mobil. So what then is Guyana’s fallback position should there be a dispute over what Exxon has to pay? What if Exxon decides to strong arm the government into more conces-

sions by withholding royalties and Guyana’s share of profit oil? The agreement signed between Exxon and the Government of Guyana allows for the government to elect whether it wants its 2% royalty in cash or in kind. The government has not indicated whether it will take cash or kind but it is most likely to be kind. And it should be noted that Exxon and its partners have the right to deduct from this royalty all the petroleum it uses for fuel and transportation in the course of production. But there is also a clause (15.7) which allows for the Minister responsible for petroleum to defer the payment of royalty. This is a high-risk provision when dealing with

a company which is as crafty as Exxon. Chad had to file a lawsuit in order to press for what it was owed. And when the court ruled, Exxon settled out of court, on terms which are not yet public and probably never will be. Guyana had better take note. Exxon can play us like a fiddle! As they have already done! (The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of this newspaper.)


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Friday November 08, 2019


APNU+AFC impasse: Two of them “replied” In my Tuesday, November 5, 2019 column with the heading, “A question for Mark Kirton, Aubrey Norton and Vincent Alexander,” I asked two questions of them; which parts of Guyana, the AFC will get their vote from in 2020, and what percentage of the votes do they allocate to the AFC. Only two of the three have replied. It was through emails and done in very informal ways but within that informality lie the men’s serious thoughts. Both said to me, it is a friendly chat from their own perspectives and I am requested not to name them. I have since deleted the emails. Both of them generally have a similar perspective, with minor difference in the ratio of allocation of seats and Cabinet positions. Here are the thoughts of the two. Both believe that the AFC cannot and should not be allowed to dictate to the PNC because the two parties are not equals for all intent and purpose. Both feel the AFC

is bluffing about going it alone and the PNC should ignore almost any ultimatum by the AFC. These gentlemen are of the unmovable view that the PNC should choose its own prime ministerial candidate and the person should come from the PNC. One of them even said that if he were in the negotiating team, he would have walked out when the AFC insisted on naming the PM candidate. He wrote that the talks are about renegotiating the Cummingsburg Accord, so you have to put the entire menu on the table. He indicated that once the AFC insisted that the Cummingsburg Accord stipulated that the PM candidate must come from the AFC then the talks should have been stopped because the AFC was negotiating in bad faith. For him, the contents of the Accord is up for a re-look and a re-think; therefore, you cannot pick and choose what you want to change and what

you want to retain. Concerning the percentage, here is where there was a difference. One of them believes that the PNC can win the election without the AFC. He wrote that the demographics favour a victory whether it is APNU+AFC or APNU going alone. I have not replied to the emails because I don’t think they will entertain further discussion. But I would have liked to see his analysis of how the APNU can win an outright majority. One argues for a ratio of 90 and 10. These were his words, “I don’t think the PNC should concede more than ten percent in Cabinet posts and parliamentary seats because the electoral strength of the AFC is very weak.” The other goes for a ratio of 80 and 20. Interestingly both men at arriving at their percentage simply said that is what they think the AFC is worth. This was all those emails contain. They were very brief but in that brevity, I get a sense of how the PNC feels about the AFC. I guess when I see all three of these gentlemen, I will probably get a more expansive outpouring of their thoughts. These emails came

on Wednesday morning. It was on Wednesday afternoon, and the President announced that he has not chosen a specific candidate to fill the position of PM. If I had received those emails after Granger’s pronouncement then I could have argued that the sentiments in the emails were based on what Granger said. It just goes to show that these two fellows know the feelings inside the PNC about the PM candidate. Now here is what is interesting. I am typing this piece here at 3 PM on Thursday. Earlier in the morning, I was on the Eve Leary seawall and I got a call from a prominent second tier leader in the AFC. He called to discuss the head-

line in the Kaieteur News for that day in which Granger insists that he will name who is to be his prime minister. I was requested to ask a question in my column as to why Raphael Trotman has not publicly endorsed Ramjattan for the PM slot. Well here I am asking the question right now. I remind readers that in my Monday, October 28, 2019 column captioned, “Imran Khan put a ‘jumbie’ lash ‘pon’ Khemraj Ramjattan,” I wrote the following, “Trotman was one of four persons who hosted the press meeting but unlike the other three at the table, Trotman did not speak to the issue that the press conference was called to air (the refusal of APNU to accept

Frederick Kissoon Ramjattan as the PM candidate). I guess another AFC press conference is about to happen. The nation awaits the vexations on what Granger said. (The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of this newspaper.)


Elections fall between Christmas and Good Friday De amount of noise people mekking about cleaning up de voters’ list enough to give people headache. GECOM seh dem got more than 20,000 people who didn’t pick up dem ID card since 2008. One thing fuh sure; if dem didn’t collect dem ID card in eleven years dem boys wan know if some of dem would even recognize demself if dem had to uplift de card. And everybody know how GECOM camera would tek a man and mek he look like a crappo.But dem boys hear dat dem got some people who don’t live in Guyana but dem does come home to vote. Dat was a trick a certain political party do. Twenty thousand votes is four seats and Guyana got nuff people living in dem farrin country. De thing is dat dem people couldn’t come home to get register and dat is why dem had so much noise about de house to house registration. Dem farrin people would be struck from de list. And even when GECOM seh it

gun match de people against dem ID card dat and all cause nuff noise. But dem boys seh stricter de government wiser de population. De GECOM lady seh she gon publish de names in four newspapers. Of course, people gon see who deh or who dead. Then GECOM gon send letter to de address wheh de people seh dem live and of course, if dem living there dem have to respond.Dem boys willing to bet dat dem gon hear more noise. De GECOM Lady seh de people can vote but dem must have some form of ID. Dat mean dem can use dem passport or dem birth certificate once it official. Dis is de only time people does try to prove dem is Guyanese. Outside of dat dem don’t care if Christmas fall pon Good Friday. Dat is why Soulja Bai holding elections in March. Dat is between Christmas and Good Friday,Talk half and watch who name deh pon de list.

Friday November 08, 2019

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Friday November 08, 2019

Judges Conference highlights importance of functional judicial appointment committee


regional judges’ conference held on November 2, in Belize has highlighted the importance of having functional judicial appointment committee. According to Dr. Terrence Farrell, former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago, called on Jurist from several Caribbean territories including Guyana to reverse the adequate functioning of such committees is necessary to reverse the low level of public confidence in the judiciary. Farrell who was the keynote speaker of the conference called on the courts to implement several changes including ensuring that every “Judicial Appointments Commission has the means to impose intermediate sanctions, including de-rostering and suspending judges, to counsel poor performers out of the judiciary, and where needed, to refer judges to EAP-type counseling, all within the confines of the Judiciary itself without any involvement of the Executive or Legislature.” Dr. Farrell delivered a thought-provoking presentation in which he explored the

Attendees at the Caribbean Association of Judicial Officers’ (CAJO) 6th Biennial Conference various reasons why public confidence in court systems throughout the region is low. The JSC is responsible for overseeing and disciplining members of the Judiciary, but since 2017, when the life of the last JSC expired, a new commission has not been appointed. The functions of the JSC

are set out in Article 199 of the Constitution. The JSC has the power to make appointments, to remove and to exercise disciplinary control over persons holding or acting in the following offices: Commissioner of Title, Magistrate, Director of Public Prosecutions, Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions, Registrar of the High Court, Deputy Registrar of the High Court, Registrar of Deeds and Deputy Registrar of Deeds and other such offices con-

nected with the courts or those for which legal qualifications are required as may be prescribed by Parliament. Also covered during the Conference were a number of other topical issues relevant to judicial officers in the region including pre-trial detention, the rights of indigenous people, environmental pollution, and the use of social media. The Caribbean Association of Judicial Officers’ (CAJO) sixth Biennial Confer-

ence also reasserted that it is the duty of all courts to guarantee integrity and to secure the trust and confidence of the people of the Caribbean. The second keynote address was delivered on the second morning of the Conference by Ms. Roberta Clarke. Ms. Clarke currently serves as the Chair of the Executive Committee of the International Commission of Jurists and the President of the Trinidad and Tobago Coalition against Domestic Violence. Her presentation examined how sex, gender, and socio-economic class shape the experiences of people interacting with the justice system. Over 150 judicial officers including Chief Justices, Judges, Magistrates, Registrars, and Court Administrators from throughout the Caribbean met in Belize City, Belize from October 31- November 02, for the Caribbean

Association of Judicial Officers’ (CAJO) 6th Biennial Conference. This year’s Conference was hosted by the Judiciary of Belize under the theme “Judicial Integrity - the Pathway to Public Trust and Confidence. ” It was launched with a well-attended opening ceremony featured remarks by the Dean Barrow, Prime Minister of Belize, Mr. Justice Kenneth Benjamin, Chief Justice of Belize, and Mr. Justice Peter Jamadar, Chairman of CAJO and Judge of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ). Prime Minister Barrow expressed his appreciation of courts in the region, stating “All sectors in our societies therefore, including the Executives themselves, ought to be grateful for the checks that Judicial Officers impose on either genuine Governmental mistake or deliberate overreach.”

Friday November 08, 2019


Kaieteur News

Police raid uncovers stolen articles, 13- arrested Police acting on information yesterday carried out a raid on several homes and hideouts located at Kuru Kururu, Soesdyke-Linden Highway. The raid was carried out by 21 police ranks stationed at the Kuru Kururu outpost between 04:00hrs and 11:00hrs. During the seven-hour raid, a number of stolen items including one motorcycle, five generators, two weeding machines, a number of mechanical tools, a number of car doors and other parts, one minibus shell, and a Toyota 192 motorcar shell were seized by the policemen. According to reports, several persons within the area and surrounding communities have already approached the police station and have identified some of the articles to be their stolen property. Over the past few months, the police force has been carrying out raid in several communities with the aim of dismantling gangs that have been interfering with the wellbeing of residents in the

communities. Recently, 19 persons were arrested when police carried out a raid on homes located at Diamond, Craig and Grove Village on East Bank Demerara (EBD). Police sources indicated

that persons are lodging complaint at different police stations, stating that because of the upcoming Christmas season that is widely associated with shopping. Many individuals are being robbed by unknown per-

Some of the stolen items that were seized from the raids

Police enforcement exercise resulted in 20 cases being made against delinquent drivers Police officers yesterday conducted a “Traffic Enforcement Exercise� on the Essequibo Coast. It resulted in 20 cases being made against delinquent drivers. The cases that were made against the drivers are Breach of condition of road service, Overloaded Minibus, Unlicensed conductor, Maintenance of motor vehicle, Faulty packing of load, Maintenance of tyre, and Breach of insurance among others. The drivers were also subjected to a lecture session by Inspector in-charge of Traffic Regional Division #2, Inspector Troy Griffith, Sgt. Romace Davidson and Pastor Mohamed Ally of the Cops and Faith Community Network in the Anna Regina Police Station Compound. During the discussion, the drivers were edified on a number of topics related to the proper use of the roadways such as exceeding the speed limit, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, overloading of vehicles, adherence to the rules of the road and proper maintenance of vehicles. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Social Protections Counter-trafficking in Persons Unit, yesterday held

an historic one-day training programme for police traffic ranks. The training programme is the first of its kind for traffic ranks. Deputy Permanent Secretary of the MoSP, Adrian Ramrattan, noted in his remarks that traffic ranks are uniquely positioned to combat trafficking in persons, since most trafficked persons are transported by vehicles. Commissioner of Police, Leslie James, also commented on the historic significance of the training. He highlighted other areas in which the Guyana Police Force was involved in efforts to combat trafficking in persons (TIP) throughout Guyana. Coordinator of the MoSPs Counter-Trafficking in Persons Unit, Tanisha Williams-Corbin gave an overview of the days training, which she said was intended to help traffic ranks to understand the pivotal role which they played in tackling TIP. In creating history through the training programme, Ms. Williams-Corbin said that through training, ranks would be able to identify TIP, report TIP and assist in tackling TIP.

sons who lurk in their respective communities with criminal intentions. These police raids are expected to be carried out in other communities.


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Friday November 08, 2019

AFC exec “thrown out” of Australian company denies Region Six RDC meeting mining illegally in Guyana

An Alliance For Change executive member from Berbice was yesterday thrown out of the Region Six Regional Democratic Council’s statutory meeting by Regional Chairman David Armogan after a back-andforth between the two. Derek Basdeo was asked to leave the boardroom by the Chairman after he did not follow the Armogan’s warning to remain quiet while he was addressing councillors. The issue began when Basdeo raised his hands to ask a question while a medical professional was making a presentation. Armogan paused the presentation and announced that only councillors were allowed to speak at the meeting and not persons visiting as an observer, a role in which Basdeo attended the meeting. The AFC executive, after the conclusion of the presentation, stood up to tell the Chairman that it was unfair that he could not ask any questions and grunted loudly in the meeting. This forced Armogan to say, “I am going to ask this guy to leave the meeting or I will be forced to adjourn this meeting.”

…as CEO tells disgruntled employees find work elsewhere

Thrown out: Derek Basdeo At that point, Basdeo got up to leave but not before telling the Chairman, “You are being a chicken boy; you are a selfish boy”. Councillors on the PPP side then shouted that he was being disrespectful and told him to “get out”. After Basdeo left the boardroom, Armogan told the

councillors, “This is just like the parliament; we operate here like the local parliament. We invited the (medical professional) and not like this is a public forum. He [Basdeo] is not a councillor here”. Basdeo has since stated that he volunteered to leave the room.

Troy Resources Guyana Inc. says it is eager to restart its operations but is finding it difficult to obtain additional financing or project insurers given the conundrum with which the company finds itself, a direct result of the operations being shut down because of a death of geologist in one of the pits. The companys Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Ken Nilsson, in an internal memo issued to the more than 300 employees on Tuesday, sought to provide an update on the perceived path forward.” According to Nilsson, the company is still awaiting instructions from Government to give “clear instructions on the issue of lifting of instructions…Until this happens, we cant legally or otherwise, restart operations.” Lamenting the actions of what he called rogue agitator spreading rumours in the public domain, the CEO denied reports that the company was in fact still mining despite the government halting its operation pending further notice. Nilsson, instead, claimed that Troy Resources is instead “simply doing remedial work at the direction

of GGMC (Guyana Geology and Mines Commission) and doing some repairs to the processing plant.” In fact, Nilsson said, such is the situation that, “Troy has been looking for additional source of funding but the investment market including project insurers.” Nilsson, in his memo, in what was interpreted as a veiled threat to workers said, “If you want a strong and effective employer and project with a future, we need to pull together.” Printed in bold, Nilsson said, “For those that continually complain, please bear in mind your entitlement to find work somewhere else if you are not happy here.” Speaking with this publication on the condition of anonymity, an employee related that his sentiment was evidence of the attitude displayed to workers by the employers and supervisors. The employee told this publication that when complaints are made to the supervisors with regards the unsafe conditions under which the employees have to work, they are told bluntly, the company has hundreds of applications from other persons wanting a job. Nilsson in his memo to the employees observed too that

the company pays its employees comparative salaries in Guyana in addition to three meals a day, airc o n d i t i o n e d accommodations, transportation, sporting facilities and other amenities. It was pointed out, however, that the conditions referred to by the CEO were not something extended to Guyanese but rather to the expatriate workers. With regards to salaries, it was noted that “everybody is asking whats going on,” since none of the employees have in fact been paid since the closure. The assertion by Nilsson that disgruntled employees that had been fired were spreading false rumours but according to the employees, the information that is being made public is in fact truth. It was noted that the situation had reached a point where mobile phones would be taken away from the employees about to work in any of the pits so that they are unable to document any of the atrocities.” “People working and seeing what going on, people telling them about the dangers in the pit, when we complain now, they ask where is the evidence…They are forcing people to work and then telling people they got thousands of applications and if you dont want the work, lef the work,” the employee said.

RDC moves to review Kaliburs Security Contract …Council will not accept security service unless immediate changes are made - RDC The Region Ten Democratic Council (RDC) has moved a motion, which ultimately signals the end to Kaliburs securitys contract within the Region. The motion, which was debated, fiercely, and supported by both sides of the council detailed a long list of infringements committed by the management of Kalibur Security. Several of the councillors dubbed the security company as the worst possible employer in Guyana currently. It was disclosed by Regional Chairman, Renis Morian, that at least one of the female security officers who had divulged several information detailing her treatment by the security company was dismissed. In seeking the Councillors views on the issue, Morian

said that he is fed up with the operation of the security company. If this is how they operate in other regions, he and his councillors will not allow such to take place. He said that he doesnt care who the company may be connected to in Government. His first and foremost responsibility lies with the public and as such, he has had enough from the company. “It seems as though this company is connected to somebody big in society because I cant see that they are doing all these horrible things to their workers, especially the women, and despite us meeting with them for three different times and relaying our concerns on numerous occasions, not a single thing has changed. “So let me say that I dont care if they are connected

with anyone in Government. Once I am the Regional Chairman, Kalibur will no longer be working in Region Ten if this is their approach,” a frustrated Regional Chairman said. Head of the Welfare and Womens committee on the Council, Denise Belgrave, in support of the Chairmans suggestion said that she continues to be appalled by the actions taken against workers of the security company. She echoed similar sentiments raised by several other councilors, noting that women are being dismissed because they refused to work after two consecutive shifts and after they would have completed 16 hours. Others who refuse to consent to sexual pressures made by supervisors and other (Continued on page 31)

Friday November 08, 2019


Kaieteur News

Those touting IMFs projected 86% growth rate giving Guyanese the wrong impression - says Jagdeo

Projected growth of Guyana economy and portion of revenues going to Guyana (IMF) By Kemol King It is the view of Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo, that news of an 86 percent economic growth for Guyana after the first year of oil production is not painting the whole picture for the Guyanese public. During a press conference at his Church Street office yesterday, Jagdeo said, “Ive seen another set of so-called positive news which says the gross domestic product (GDP) of Guyana will increase by 86 percent next year and within, say five years, we can triple the size of our economy… That sounds really good… [But] does it mean its all great news for Guyana?” The International Monetary Fund (IMF) released a report months ago, after its Article IV consultation here in Guyana, speaking of significant projected growth in Guyanas economy when the oil starts pumping. But it was only a week ago that Bloomberg reported on this matter, and certain local publications ran with it. What those reports failed to shed light on is a caveat in the

IMFs report: that most of the revenue accrued from Guyanas oil-rich Stabroek Block, specifically for Liza-1 and Liza-2, will not directly impact this nations domestic economy. In its report, the IMF stated that the gross total oil revenue, as a percentage of Guyanas 2018 GDP, is calculated to be 1,178 percent. Of that, 1,007 percent is projected to go to the private oil companies, 171 percent is projected to go to the Natural Resource Fund and to the budget. That means a total of 86 percent of the total value of the reserves of Liza-1 and Liza-2 will go to the oil companies, while Guyana will get only 14 percent. The IMF noted that, though the oil sectors output will raise the overall GDP and exports substantially, the direct impact it will have on the domestic economy will not be as pronounced, since the demand for importation of oil extraction equipment and payments to the operators will significantly offset Guyanas profits. Jagdeo said, like this ca-

veat, there is a misconception that a significant spike in the GDP will have a direct correlation with the revenue going to the treasury. Furthermore, the former President said that economic growth without significant direct job creation is likely, as the oil and gas sector is one that is not labour intensive, just capital intensive. Project reports for the Stabroek Block make this pellucid. Fewer than 200 persons would be working on each Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessel during oil production stage, and less than half of that work force would be Guyanese. The Liza Phase One Project for example, will be using an oil storage vessel called Liza Destiny. It is designed to produce 100,000 to 120,000 barrels of oil per day. According to Exxons project plan, Liza Phase One is expected to employ about 140 persons during production operations. The Energy Department Head, Dr. Mark Bynoe, recently said that 25 Guyanese

Shuman wants measured approach to oil production Leader and presidential candidate of the Liberty and Justice Party (LJP), Lenox Shuman made it clear at a press conference, yesterday, at Duke Lodge, Kingston, that he is not in favour of the “rush” to produce oil quickly. He said that if given the opportunity to govern Guyana, ExxonMobil, the oil giant will have to “slowdown” oil production. His main reason was that Guyana is not prepared to handle the Oil and Gas Sector. If Exxon is allowed to speed up production, then Guyana will lose the opportunity to benefit

heavily from its new found industry. The LJP presidential candidate said that he was made to understand that the Energy Department is hiring experts to assist Guyana in key parts of the sector. As a leader, he said even though it is necessary for Guyana to seek assistance because of its inexperience, Guyana should be given ample time learning the business of oil and gas. He highlighted that these experts will be foreigners and it is not guaranteed that they will look after the best interest of

Guyana. Shuman added that with the current pace of ExxonMobil to empty Guyanas wells, the oil would be finished long before Guyana can learn how to obtain maximum benefits from its resource. With a controlled pace he said, the life time of our oil industry will be extended and Guyana will have the opportunity to educate itself on how to benefit greatly from its wealth. Shuman also said, if his party wins the upcoming March 2020 elections, it intends to renegotiate the entire Production (Continued on page 16)

are being trained to be part of that workforce. As for Liza Phase Two, the project plan notes that the oil storage vessel called Liza Unity will be designed to produce 220,000 barrels of oil per day. Significantly, it will utilise fewer than 200 personnel during the production operations phase. As for the third Stabroek Block project called Payara, an FPSO called Prosperity is expected to employ up to

about 140 persons during production. On top of that, Jagdeo said that some of the revenue that is coming to Guyana will go toward paying taxes for ExxonMobil and its partners, CNOOC Petroleum Guyana Limited and Hess Guyana Exploration Limited. Recently, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for Hess, John Rielly, boasted to shareholders during an earnings call, about the cash that will

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo flow to the company, since Guyana will be paying the oil companies taxes for them. This, Jagdeo called insensitive. “A lot of people, theyre talking up the numbers [about] the growth in economy,” Jagdeo said, “without talking up what will come to us … in the treasury.” He is of the view that the conversation about Guyanas growth should focus more on what goes directly to the people.


Kaieteur News

Friday November 08, 2019

Albion sugar workers protest again for wage increase

Workers protesting yesterday. Hundreds of sugar workers attached to the Albion Sugar Estate yesterday morning protested in front the factory for wage increases to be made available to them. The disgruntled workers argued that they have not received any increases since 2014 and have mentioned the difficulties encountered with what they consider meagre wages to take care of their families. Working with the estate for 28 years and a father of six, McKenzie told Kaieteur

News from the protest line while representing his colleagues that he desperately needs a wage increase. “Since 2014, we don’t have no increase. It’s by time now that the government should stick to this and make sure we get something. We need a wage increase, na want, we need a wage increase because this is not easy”. He added that the “cost of living gone sky high and we get children to go school, bills to pay and we barely

working three and four days for this whole crop, and that can’t maintain we family.” McKenzie said the most they are paid is $2500 for a day’s work, this he said is not sufficient when working only three days. According to the estate worker, the issue was raised several times with management but their cries have fallen on deaf ears. Meanwhile, Regional Representative for GAWU, Harvey Tombron, told this

publication that he believes protesting and striking is a way for workers to express their frustration over matters that are beyond their control. He added that while other sectors are reaping benefits and increases the sugar workers were shoved to sidelines. “They are out here this morning to send a message to GuySuCo that they need to come on board and engage the union meaningfully so that there can be something on the table for them”, he

said. Tombron added, “They are frustrated here now, it has long been overdue and the workers are going to continue the strike action if GuySuCo continues to drag their foot on the negotiation process”. He stressed that while the increase is one of the major issues affecting the workers,

there are other major issues that are not being dealt with but when it is highlighted by the workers, management appears to not care. He is calling on the management of GuySuCo to listen to the workers and their burning issues. He is also calling on them to treat their human resources better.

Shuman wants... From page 15 Sharing Agreement (PSA) that Guyana has signed with ExxonMobil. When asked what would be a good royalty for Guyana, he responded that based on his partys investigation a reasonable royalty is anywhere between 12.5% and 22%. He emphasised that globally the norm for royalty ranges from 12.5% to 22% and promises that he will settle for anything between these two figures. “This renegotiation will not only be with ExxonMobil and its Subsidiaries but it goes for Tullow also,” stated Shuman. Apart from royalty, Shuman said, Guyana is not safeguarded by the current PSA if there is to be mishap resulting in spills. He made mention that if we are not safeguarded and such a disaster occurs, then Guyana and its future generation will be indebted to its neighbours. This is because the countries that can be affected will have to be heavily compensated for the devastating effects an oil spill can cause. Shuman said that Guyana is currently a poor country and the PSA signed does not guarantee

Guyana a significant amount of revenue. Without the provisions in the contract to safeguard Guyana from having to compensate its neighbours, then most definitely we will be left bankrupt or probably even worst. He made reference to the devastating effects of an underwater explosion that occurred 10 years ago in the Gulf of Mexico. This explosion saw 4.2 million barrels of crude spill into the gulf. According to a New York Times Article, the British Multinational Oil and gas Company, BP, the operator, paid some US$65Billion to clean up the spill. Kaieteur had reported that the current PSA allows ExxonMobil and its subsidiaries to self-insure. This means that if there is to be an accident causing damage to the environment, the companies will be allowed to take money from their own reserves to cover these expenses. With this being established, if Exxon cannot cover the costs of a major environmental damage, then Guyana will be left to bear the financial consequence.

Friday November 08, 2019

Kaieteur News


Kaieteur News


Friday November 08, 2019

RDC Ten donates stove to Harmony - to aid students secondary preparing for CSEC


tudents and teachers of H a r m o n y Secondary School in Linden are breathing a sigh of relief and excitement after being the recipients of a major stove. The stove, which was presented by Regional Vice Chairman Adolph, and Chairperson of the Regional Education Committee,

Denise Belgrave, was handed over to the Head of the Home Economics Department, in the presence o f h e a d t e a c h e r, M s . Angeline Yearwood. The school had been making a number of requests for the stove. Several stoves that the school had were no longer functioning. Two that are in use do not work very well thus offering the

Chairperson of the Regional Education Committee, Denise Belgrave handing over the stove to the HOD, Marva Cummings-Arthur students and teachers grave challenges during practical sessions, especially for CSEC. Chairperson of the Regional Education Committee, Denise Belgrave, said that the donation will certainly enhance the school by taking the Home Economics programme to a higher level stressing the need for corporate and private citizens to come forward and aid with similar donations. She said that her committee has heard the crises of the students and teachers of the school but could not afford to get the stove earlier. She promised that there are other things that they will be doing for the school in the very near future. “This donation today that we are making to Harmony Secondary is very important. When we at the committee made the suggestion of

assisting, our Regional Chairman without thinking endorsed and even sought to go out of his way to make this happen so we like them are very excited and happy,� Belgrave said. Regional Vice Chairman, Elroy Adolph, said that the region is happy that it is making the donation now. With exams in the coming months, he and the region are anticipating that the results at the school in Home Economics would improve significantly. He expressed similar sentiments about the Regional Chairman reminding the students and teachers that because of the passion of Regional Chairman Renis Morian, they are assured of his continued support and assistance. He strongly believes in helping others. Head of Department for the Home Economics (continued on page 22)

Friday November 08, 2019

Kaieteur News



Kaieteur News

Friday November 08, 2019

RDC Ten donates stove to Harmony... From page 20 Department, Marva Cummings-Arthur, said that she and her staff are elated with the donation as it will certainly boost their work within the department. It would aid the students who are preparing for CSEC exams next year. “It has been several months now that we have tried almost everything to secure such a stove. An evidently happy Cummings-Arthur

promised that the teachers and students will certainly value the stove. In thanking the region, she expressed congratulations to the Regional Chairman and his councillors, noting that while her school took a while to receive the donation, they are pleased with the enormous and continuous support and assistance that is being given by the RDC to a number of organisations and institutions in Region Ten especially schools.

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Friday November 08, 2019





Editoria Six commons mistakes people make while wearing lash extensions By Latoya “Lashes Boss” Zephyr


Movie Review: ‘Gemini Man’


here is an operatic struggle at the center of “Gemini Man,” and it is very nearly a compelling one. A thriller about a retired hitman being hunted down by a government-made clone of himself, the movie takes a rather literal approach to the classic man-versus-himself conflict, in the process raising questions about violence, morality, and the tragic ways in which history repeats itself. In Ang Lee’s (“Life of Pi”) capable hands, “Gemini Man” could have been a masterpiece; instead, it is a poor imitation of one. This is a slick, fast-paced movie, with a script that wastes no time. Rather than keep us in suspense about what will happen, who is behind it, and what it all means, we are told upfront. As a result, some of the dialogue is ridiculous in its expository overabundance, but excusably so; there’s no point in delaying the inevitable, and besides, today’s movie audiences are too smart to be fooled for long. The script (co-written by David Benioff of “Game of Thrones” fame) is refreshingly straightforward, its characters honest and direct with their admissions and ambitions. These characters prove worthwhile, too, and Ang Lee coaxes solid, if not extraordinary, performances from his cast. Henry Brogan (Will Smith, “Men in Black”), the hitman at the movie’s center, not only has to fight himself literally, but also fights a losing battle against his guilt at what his profession has made him. Will Smith, a sporadically talented actor, plays the part with a genuine and pragmatic sense of purpose; his every action and word has the feeling of a Band-Aid being ripped off a wound. Not to be outdone is Mary Elizabeth Winstead (“Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”), playing Dani, an operative sent to surveil Henry before being pulled into his ordeal. Winstead exudes trustworthiness and confidence, effortlessly countering Smith’s 25 years of leading-man status. Meanwhile, the script does everyone a favor and paints Dani as a capable and clever partner, rather than clinging to damsel-in-distress tropes common to action movies. The trials they face, testing their combined resourcefulness, are that much more interesting for it. Ang Lee, for his part, uses the movie as a

formal exercise in fight scenes, something he comes well qualified for, having directed the martial arts classic “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.” The fights and chases throughout “Gemini Man” are precisely shot, smoothly choreographed, and make satisfying use of their varied settings. From a chase scene through narrow Colombian streets to a brawl in a Hungarian catacomb lit by emergency flares, the movie capitalizes on its tight spaces and minimal props; it’s not the ingredients you have, it’s how you use them. Despite the movie’s good start, however, it collapses in the third act, the directness and simplicity of its elements giving way to superficiality and imbecilic character growth. Henry ultimately interprets the cloning program that produced his double as merely a personal affront, ignoring the real meaning and consequences of his enemies’ actions, as well as those of his own. His nonconfrontational conclusion on the matter feels like a deliberate and sudden veering away from the issue at hand, a bewildering cop-out by a project that clearly had the capacity for more. And the happily-ever-after epilogue scene that follows this missed opportunity only twists the knife further, feeling like a scene a puritanical censorship board might force upon a movie in order to make the ending “better.” It is a better movie than many, but also more disappointing than most. What could have been a great sci-fi/action movie, on a level with classics like “Blade Runner” and “Terminator 2: Judgment Day,” is instead a middling thriller with only a surface-level treatment of the ideas at its core. It plainly shows violence and the burden borne by those asked to commit it; it shows us the uncanny sight of Will Smith, an actor with relentless cultural longevity, fighting a digitally-manufactured younger version of himself. But the movie puffs up its chest only to give up early, its ending so empty of novelty and feeling and thematic weight as to be insulting. It feels like a better movie is hiding just behind it, and what we’ve been given is its inferior, slightly inhuman testtube clone.. ( atureArticles/ArtMID/4525/ArticleID/19848/Mo vie-Review-Gemini-Man)

ike diamonds, lash extensions can certainly be a girl’s best friend. But there are a few common blunders that some often make which get in the way of maintaining a healthy hold on voluminous extensions. To ensure you’re able to do better in this regard, we will examine six common mistakes some ladies make and how you can avoid them. Let’s get started! 1)Cleaning your lash extensions After your extravagant lashes have applied, it is advised by your lash technician to cleanse them daily after the first 24 hours. However, if you are not cleaning them, perhaps the way that you may be cleaning them could still have oil residue on your eyelids thus affecting the longevity of your lash extensions. A good tip to note is that using a TLC foaming cleanser helps remove your natural oil build up, which increases the longevity of your extensions. 1)You do not comb your lash extensions: Another step that clients may forget to do or do properly is brushing or fluffing lash extensions. That little mascara wand should be used to gently brush and fluff your lashes, before and after cleansing. Do not brush from the root, since this is where your lashes have adhered to. 2)You sleep on your stomach or side: At every lash appointment clients are advised to sleep on their backs. However, at refill sessions, one eye seems to have lost more lashes than the other side. This is so, because you often sleep on your side and that side will lose more lashes. To minimize this, try picking up a beauty mask so that your lashes stay protected

The talented Latoya Zephyr aka Lashes Boss while you sleep. 3)You wait too long between refills: If you plan on maintaining a full lash set for as long as you wish, scheduling your refill sessions is vital. Refills are recommended to be done every 2 to 3 weeks, with 50% of lash shed. When you wait too long to refill, your lashes will be depleted, grown out or in a too bad of a shape to be replenished to a full set. Avoid allowing your lashes to get down to 40% extensions. 4)You wear the wrong makeup: When wearing mascara or liners, make sure they are suitable for your extensions. Use WATER BASED and not WATERPROOF or oily eye makeup and makeup remover. Do not leave makeup on your lashes overnight. When removing it, avoid using cotton or terry cloth to avoid lifting your lash base. 5)You are being over exposed to heat and humidity: Blow drying your hair is a form of heat that your lashes can be exposed to, especially the front part of your hair angled down on the lashes. Cooking, baking or grilling, hot baths, the sun and steam rooms are all things that negatively contributes to your lash retention.

Wine of the


The Fuego Austral Chardonnay 2018: Fresh, Tropical and Aromatic


he Fuego Austral Chardonnay 2018 is a fresh and expressive wine that reveals the minerality and aromas of tropical fruits such as pineapple. In the mouth, it is delicate, medium-bodied and balanced, fresh and fruity at the end It is recommended that it be served at temperatures between 8 ° C and 10 ° C. Further, this wine is attractive and

easy to drink, so it can serve as an aperitif or accompany salads, pastas, fish, white meats and even fresh fruit desserts. This masterpiece which costs only $2500 can be found at the Wine Vault which is located at the Marriott Hotel. You can also find it at the Hibiscus Restaurant, Nice Restaurant and Bar, Palm Court and other leading hotels and bars.

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Friday November 08, 2019

DJ Garwin Karaoke Competition Pt. 2 The Garage presents

presents Bday Celebration & launch of FBS Entertainment

- Tickets go on sale today



tarting November 26, the Garage which is located on Aubrey Barker Road will be hosting its annual karaoke competition with registration fee set at an easy $3000. There will be over one million in cash and prizes to be won along with consolation prizes from sponsors such as Ansa McAL and Hits and Jams Entertainment. You must be over 18 years old to participate and not a professional singer. See you there! For more information contact: 223-2800, 609-1400

Home Entertainment




How to make a

Frothy Rossi O


othing stirs the soul on a weekend with no work or boss in sight like your beverage of choice while catching up on your favourite shows. At Kaieteur Entertainment, we understand this concept oh so well hence we’re always looking for new recipes to add a bit of spice to your repertoire of delightful mixes. Our recommended drink for you this weekend is the Frothy Rossi, the base of which is the Carlo Rossi Sweet Red Wine. This sweet red wine is well balanced, light to medium-bodied and has flavors of bright red fruits. Distributed by Ansa McAL, it also features fresh floral notes with a nice crisp finish. This main ingredient for your weekend cocktail can be had directly from Ansa

McAL for under $1600 or at popular supermarkets for approximately $2000. See below for more details on how to make this unique November treat. You can send your comments and photos on how it turned out to Do Enjoy! Frothy Rossi Recipe

Ingredients 1/2 glass Carlo Rossi Sweet Red Wine 1/2 glass club soda 3 scoops vanilla ice cream Directions Add 3 scoops of ice cream to a glass. Fill half of the glass with club soda, the other half with wine, and stir. (Recipe by Carlo Stoba)

n November 30, DJ Garwin will host his big birthday bash and launch a brand new entertainment company call FBS Entertainment. Tickets for this talked about Dancehall exclusive billed for SATURDAY 30th NOVEMBER, will go on sale from TODAY. Early bird tickets costs $2,000 and $10,000 for stage front, available at the following locations: White Castle Fish Shop, Fireside Grill and Chill, DIGICEL (Stabroek market), Genesis gym (D'Urban Street) and Medicare Pharmacy (Hicks Street) The event will feature five Big trending Jamaican entertainers: GOVANA with the trending single, “What's up girl ..., and One and Move”; Shrimp Patty and coming for the

First time to Guyana, RHYGIN KING of "Girl aseh the thing tuff, tuff. Also slated for this event is the First Lady of dancehall D'Angel and bad gal Ishawna, Jamaica Stone Love, and DJ Bill Cosby. Local entertainment will be provided by Slingerz Family DJ Garwin, DJ Magnum and DJ Slaughter. This event is being supported by FBS, 94.1 Boom FM, Fire Side Grill, Chetson Clark's store, Caribbean Airlines, Church's Chicken, Urban Life (Giftland mall), HJTV and Chand printing.

ANSA McAL launches massive

“Naughty is nice” A NSA McAL on Wednesday under the Magnum Tonic Wine brand launched its massive Christmas Promotion under the tagline, “Naughty is nice” at the 704 Sports Bar and Lounge. The grand prize will be a trip to Spain for two to witness Real Madrid take on Atletico Madrid on February 2. All consumers will have to do is to buy a three-pack Magnum, full out the form that comes with three pack, drop it in the box and have a chance to win at the grand drawing on December 21 at a venue to be announced. Instant prizes will also be available when you purchase a three pack at any of the participating stored by peeling the marked

Christmas Promotion

area of the form that comes with the three pack. Some instant prizes include, fanny packs, bags, cups, footballs and much more. Acting Brand Manager of J. Wray and Nephew Brands, Rayan Lutchman expressed excitement ahead of the promotion, noting this is one way of Magnum giving back to its loyal consumers while attracting new ones as well. Lutchman noted that persons will be able to “tek charge” this Christmas and win big. In addition, Lutchman mentioned, that Magnum is always “proud” to be associated with Dancehall and sport. The promotion will commenced on November 1 at all participating Supermarkets across Guyana.


Man allegedly shot by cop after scolding daughter A 40-year-old father of eight is questioning his responsibility as a parent after he was reportedly shot by a policeman for scolding his 12year-old daughter. The victim is Albert Day of Hill Foot, Soesdyke-Linden Highway. The incident occurred on October 28, last, at the man’s home, which he shares with his wife and children. Kaieteur News understands that on the day in question, a policeman went to Day’s home and confronted him about a report that he was abusing his daughter. However, while asking the policeman to leave his home, Day claims that the rank shot him in the lower abdomen. Day stated that for the past three weeks he has been talking to his 12-year-old daughter to pick up her book and study; the child has refused. “All the time I keep telling her to study and to do her schoolwork but she ain’t listening. So on Diwali Day, I told her that since it’s a holiday I will allow her to play till 17:00hrs and after that she will go and study. When I see 17:00hrs passed and she did not come home, I went and look for her and when I find him, I put some lashes on her with my hand.” According to Day, several minutes after scolding his daughter, he received a visit from the community welfare officers with a report that he was ‘beating his daughter to death’. “When the welfare come, I explained to her that is not like that; I was just scolding the child. When I tell she [welfare officer] that, she went away and I never hear back anything from her.” However, around 20:25 hrs, me and my wife [Donna

Friday November 08, 2019

Kaieteur News

‘Change Guyana’ not joining big parties ...confident of securing spot on nomination day

Robert Badal and David Hinds with Senior Journalist Leonard Gildarie on The Political Show. By Shikema Dey ‘Change Guyana’ has joined with the other small political parties to say that it have no plans to coalesce with the major political players in Guyana; A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Alliance For Change coalition (AFC) and the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C). Led by former AFC financier, Robert Badal and Chartered Accountant, Nigel Hinds, the party heads made this disclosure on Wednesday evening while appearing on ‘The Political Show’ on Kaieteur Radio hosted by Senior Journalist Leonard Gildarie. The party leaders were asked to answer whether they believe that such a small party, new to Guyana’s political scene, will make a big impact come Nomination Day since each party needs an established base across the ten re-

Mr. Day displays his wounds Day] were in the bedroom when I hear someone calling my name. I got up and went outside and there is a policeman standing in front of my bedroom door with a gun in his hand. After I see this officer in my house, I told him since you done deh in my house show me a warrant…because

you can’t search someone house like that. When I tell him that, the police man tek his gun and put it to my chest and keep telling me that he will ‘drop me now’.” Day furthered stated that upon realising what was going on, his wife stood (Continued on page 30)

gions. Hinds said, “We feel as a new party, the message that we will put out there, our policies and our commitments to implement our promises will attract a large tranche of that we can be competitive.” According to him, Change Guyana is not focused on what has been historically happening over the past years but to ‘integrate and not divide’ Guyana. However, the question was put forward if the party would ever consider joining another if it manages not to meet the requirements for Nomination Day. With confidence, party leader, Badal, pointed out that they ‘are very optimistic’. The people need other options to incite real change, he said. “We feel from the optimism, the need for an alternative to the two-party system...that has seized this

country since independence...people are looking forward to our economic agenda.” The former AFC financier highlighted that the party has no need to join forces. It is solely independent and not seeking funding from ‘dark areas’. “We are supporting ourselves; we are paying the cost for the campaign. We don’t need resources from dark areas and I’m sure when people reflect on our honesty and our integrity...that our economic agenda will reflect a more balanced development all across Guyana”. Change Guyana is among the list of new political parties that popped up on the scene to contest the upcoming March 2, 2020 Regional and General Elections. One of the big selling points for the party’s campaign is the renegotiation of Guyana’s oil contracts.

Teen jailed for snatching mans phone An 18-year-old boy was yesterday sentenced to spend one year behind bars for stealing a mans cell phone. The teen, Chris Pollard had his sentence handed down by Magistrate Annette Singh in the Georgetown Magistrates Courts. Pollard who is no stranger to the court, was found guilty

of the offence, almost three months later after he pleaded guilty to the charge which stated that on September 13, 2019 at Camp Street, Georgetown, while being in company of others, he robbed Sachin Narine of one Samsung Galaxy cell phone valued at $45,000. Prior to that charge, Pol-

lard of 53 David Street, Kitty, Georgetown was charged for a series of robberies. The teen, also known as Godfather, was sentenced on his eighth charge and the other matters are ongoing. According to reports, on the day in question around 17:30 hrs, Narine was walking (Continued on page 27)

Friday November 08, 2019


Kaieteur News

Attempted murder charge for “When I open the bag, I see the gun man who struck victim to head so I put it in my pants,” Court hears A 56-year-old man of Five Miles Kamaka, North West District (NWD), was yesterday granted bail by a city magistrate on an attempted murder charge after he allegedly hammered an intruder to the head. Ronald John, called Coolie Boy John, was arraigned before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan in the Georgetown Magistrates Court. He was not required to plead to the offence as the charge was made indictable. It was alleged that on November 2, 2019 at Five Miles Kamaka, he wounded Anthony Atkinson with intent to commit murder. Police Prosecutor Gordon Mansfield told the court that on the day in question, the victim was passing the home of the defendant when he saw an individual with whom he previously had a misunderstanding. Atkinson stopped and had an exchange of words with the individual. John then intervened by dealing the vic-

Ronald John tim several lashes about the body. He then picked up a hammer, which he used to lash Atkinson twice to the head. Prosecutor Mansfield further mentioned that the victim was admitted to the hospital for two days before he was later discharged. It was noted that the injuries he sustained are life threatening and can cause disabilities. However, John told the court that the victim who is

also known as Marky chopped him to his hand. “This man very ignorant and when he come in my yard I ask him to leave. He then come back with a cutlass and start fire chops at me.” “In me yard, he come to chop me and was a wood I pelt he with. I didnt knock he with no hammer.” According to the defendant, Atkinson is known for violent behaviour as there were previous incidents during which he stabbed and chopped persons. The prosecutor had no objections to bail being granted to the defendant; however, he asked that conditions be attached to same. Magistrate McLennan then released John on bail in the sum of $100,000. She then instructed him that he is to not come within 50 feet of the victim. “If you see Atkinson coming that means you should run the other way and fast too.” The matter was then adjourned until January 7, 2020.

Bus driver breaks friends foot then takes him to the hospital A disagreement between two friends has now led to one nursing a broken leg, and other injuries and the other facing a wounding charge in the Georgetown Magistrates Courts. Marlon King, a bus driver, was Wednesday arraigned before Principal Magistrate Faith McGusty. He denied the charge which alleged that on October 25, 2019 at Water Street, Georgetown, he inflicted grievous bodily harm on Godfrey Felix. The victim, who was able to make a court appearance Wednesday, stood with the aid of crutches before the

magistrate. He stated that the incident arose as a result of some stupid talking between he and his friend. “Your worship were good friends but this thing was because of a lil stupid talking we had and we start fight. After it done, Marlon carried me to Woodlands Hospital and paid for my x-ray to be done. He even said he will look after me until I can work back.” According to the victim, he was also cuffed to the face and he fainted. However, the blow was so powerful that he did not even realise that he was hit. “I didnt even know I get

cuff. Is when I wake up, people tell me and when I feel me face, it was swollen.” Despite this, it appears that the issue has been resolved as Felix claimed that the defendant has agreed to compensate him. He said they had a discussion and agreed on a compensation of $360,000 which will be paid over a three-month period. Therefore, the magistrate released the 39-year-old defendant on self-bail and instructed him to return to court on November 25, next for a report on the agreement of compensation.

Piracy attack...

Captured Piracy suspects for court today The two other suspects who were captured and arrested in Suriname last week by Dutch authorities were handed over to local authorities Wednesday night. They are set to be charged today jointly for the murder of four fishermen killed in Corentyne waters between October 5 and October 6, last. According to police sources, the file was prepared and sent for advice to the DPP yesterday and the men are expected to appear in court for the murders. The two suspects, O’Brian Fraser, of

Cromarty Village and Anonth Boodridge of Belvedere Village, Corentyne, Berbice were caught in Suriname after a wanted bulletin was issued by the Guyana Police Force. Three others who were charged for the four fishermen’s murder had confessed while they were in police custody and named Fraser and Boodridge as accomplices in the crime. They confessed to attacking the fishermen some eight miles out from the Number 58 Village shore for their catch but after the men put up a

fight, they dealt them several chops, tied them up and dumped them overboard. A week later, a body washed up on the Abary shore in Region Five followed by the fishermen’s boat, which was found along the Wellington Park shore. A second body surfaced a few days later. Dead and found are Ajai Kissoon of Letter Kenny, and Lamar Petrie of Miss Pheobe, Port Mourant. Two other crewmen Marvin, Tamasar and Vishnu Seeram are still missing.

“I have to talk the truth,” the words of a teenage father of one after he pleaded guilty to the possession of an illegal firearm and ammunition charges. Nineteen-year-old Shamar Plass was on Wednesday arraigned before Principal Magistrate Faith McGusty in the Georgetown Magistrates Courts when the two charges were read to him. The charges stated that on November 3, 2019, at Laing Avenue, West Ruimveldt, Georgetown, he had in his possession one .38 revolver and three live rounds, without being the holder of a firearm licence. In Plasss explanation, he told the court, “I left the house lil early that morning to buy pampers and powder for my baby. Sherwayne Fordyce then came up to me on the road and handed me a black plastic bag and tell me keep it.” He then added that while he was walking on Laing Avenue, with the plastic bag, unaware of what was inside a police vehicle pulled up and he was arrested. However, the facts of the charge stated, that around 06:30hrs, police acting on information received went to the said location, and they saw Plass sitting in a chair at the corner of the road. One of the police officers then asked to conduct a search

Remanded: Shamar Plass on the defendant and he made no objection to the search. During the search in the waist of Plasss pants, the firearm was found concealed in a piece of cloth. Principal Magistrate McGusty then asked Plass if that is what transpired and he responded by saying, “Is my first

time. When I open the bag and see the gun, I put it in my pants. I didnt know what to do with it.” The matter was then adjourned to November 21, 2019, for a probation report and the defendant was remanded to prison. His sentencing was deferred until the next court hearing for the matter.

Teen jailed for snatching mans phone From page 26 along Camp Street talking on his phone. Suddenly, he felt someone snatch his phone and he immediately turned around to see Pollard, who was with two other males, with his phone. Pollard then told Narine, “Dont do nutten if we aint do you sumptun”. This caused Narine to raise an alarm and two police officers who were nearby responded. They were able to apprehend Pollard but the cell phone was not recovered. In March, Pollard was slapped with five counts of robbery. He denied all. The first two charges alleged that on February 14, 2019 and February 19, 2019 at Croal Street Georgetown, he robbed Barrat Danos of US$500 and Natasha Nurse of one Samsung 7 Edge cell

phone, respectively. He allegedly used personal violence on his victims. Also it was alleged that on March 4, 2019 at Savage Street, Georgetown. Pollard stole from Rosomania Deamius, one LG cell phone valued US$120, US$1,800 cash and one passport. He also used violence. It was further alleged that on February 14, 2019 at Croal Street, Pollard, armed with a knife, robbed Anneeza Kissoon of one Samsung 7 Edge cell phone valued at $120,000. Finally, it was alleged that on February 27, last, at Croal Street, Pollard stole from the person of Keshana Persaud, one Samsung Galaxy Edge cell phone valued at $75,000. In 2018, he was charged for taking his father s firearm and ammunition.


Kaieteur News

LIP SERVICE TO AGRICULTURE From page 5 can really talk about promoting agriculture when his regime has jacked up rentals tremendously in the MMA scheme and has imposed hundreds of taxes on small farmers. In addition, this very man signed orders to seize lands from farmers in the West Berbice area. So callous was the regime that it tried to reap the crops from the farmers. That was only prevented be-

cause of the efforts of Anil Nandlall and the PPP which went to court to stop the seizure. The regime refuses to lift a finger to assist rice farmers whenever they are faced with problems not of their making. The APNU+AFC regime, like Pontius Pilate, ‘washed’ its hands and left the farmers to the elements when abandoning its responsibility to them. At one time in justifying his abandoning of the farmers, he

stated that the rice industry is private. To him that translated into no assistance. The caretaker President tried to hit the right sound bite, but only exposed unwillingness or his inability to deal with real issues. He was just gaffing.It is also crystal clear why the President avoids the press. His real sentiments as being anti-farmers, anti-workers would be easily exposed. Donald Ramotar Former President

Friday November 08, 2019

Major plantain chip packaging ... From page 7 economically as this is our way of giving back to the community,” Nelson said. “We are not selling these chips retail. Our primary focus is to provide it at wholesale prices, thus aiding young and other innovative businessmen and women to make a profit from this product,” he stressed. Garth who currently works in the USA at a hospi-

tal said that they are very happy about the new product. He expressed excitement with the significantly positive responses that they have received from the public and most lately from a number of schoolchildren. Meanwhile, business partner and cousin, David Forde, disclosed that they will be introducing three additional flavours in another eight months. “Just like how Pringles are to potato so would Ventirz be to plantain chips. We will be introducing more flavours probably after eight months. With our chief tasting of-

ficer advising us on the taste, we would be geared towards ensuring that the product is not only of a very high quality but one that is pursued aggressively by children,” David said. Chips are being packaged in a tightly sealed Ziplock bag, thus affording users an opportunity to reuse the plastic bags for other storage and usage. Garth said that whenever he uses the chips, he finds other usages for the bags. Parents can save as they are given an opportunity to reuse the bags either for juices and or snacks.


Kaieteur News

Friday November 08, 2019

Offending the Declaration of Chapultepec in 2019 DEAR EDITOR, For a long time these words of Hannah Arendt has stood as the foundation of the free press “The moment we no longer have a free press, anything can happen. What makes it possible for a totalitarian or any other dictatorship to rule is how can you have an opinion if you are not informed? If everybody always lies to you, the consequence is not that you believe the lies, but rather that nobody believes anything any longer.”On March 6th 2007 the Stabroek News published a letter from Rev. Gideon Cecil accusing President Jagdeo, who having signed the declaration of Chapultepec in 2004, was violating its principles by victimising the Stabroek News by withdrawing state advertising thus offending article 7 of the Declaration. In a commentary on June 1st 2011 I did the same thing, and accused Mr. Jagdeo of offending the very declaration he signed on to in 2004. Now we see that the other side, which was so critical of Mr. Jagdeo then, is doing exactly the same thing now, with the President himself offending the Declaration of Chapultepec by informing the public that unless the reportage from Stabroek News is more fair, he has a right to withdraw government advertising from them. Well I am sorry to say that he has no such right. If what the paper is saying is seditious or libelous, the Government should seek legal recourse in a court of law. If it is merely being critical it’s not an offence, what would be an offence would be to refuse to

publish a response from the accused. I am not a hypocrite, so I won’t say that it is wrong for Mr. Jagdeo to do it, but not Mr. Granger. Whenever a country signs on to these Treaties and Covenants, they are obligated legally and morally to ensure that their principles are enforced in their Territory and Jurisdiction. The international court of human rights has already ruled in the matter “Freedom of expression is applicable not only to “information” or “ideas” that are favourably received or regarded as inoffensive or as a matter of indifference, but also to those that offend, shock or disturb. Without this there can be no democratic society” The 10 Principles of the Declaration of Chapultepec are as follows: 1. No people or society can be free without freedom of expression and of the press. The exercise of this right is not something authorities grant, it is an inalienable right of the people. 2. Every person has the right to seek and receive information, express opinions and disseminate them freely. No one may restrict or deny them these rights. 3. The authorities must be compelled by law to make available in a timely and reasonable manner the information generated by the public sector. No journalist may be forced to reveal his or her sources of information. 4. Freedom of expression and of the press are severely limited by murder, terrorism, kidnapping, intimidation, the unjust imprisonment of

journalists, the destruction of facilities, violence of any kind and impunity for perpetrators. Such must be investigated promptly and punished harshly. 5. Prior censorship, restrictions on the circulation of the media or dissemination of their reports, forced publication of information, the imposition of obstacles to the free flow of news, and restrictions on the activities and movements of journalists directly contradict freedom of the press. 6. The media and journalists should neither be discriminated against nor favoured because of what they write or say. 7. Tariff and exchange policies, licenses for the importation of paper or newsgathering equipment, the assigning of radio and television frequencies and the granting or withdrawal of government advertising may not be used to reward or punish the media or individual journalists. 8. The membership of journalists in guilds, their affiliation to professional and trade associations and the affiliation of the media with business groups must be strictly voluntary. 9. The credibility of the press is linked to its commitment to truth, to the pursuit of accuracy, fairness and objectivity and to the clear distinction between news and advertising. The attainment of these goals and the respect for ethical and professional values may not be imposed. These are the exclusive responsibility of journalists and the media. In a free soci-

No wonder this nation is in so much turmoil and... From page 6 (CLC) compound, advocating that I not challenge the then Minister of Labour Kenneth Denny, who was the Organising Secretary for the GTUC and running for re-election (KN, Nov 3, 2019 – ”Cyril Belgrave – politics and the trade union”). At that conference, Belgrave was part of the GLU delegation. The GLU was supporting Denny’s re-election to the post. In trade union solidarity, Belgrave supported his union’s position as evident of his advocacy to me not to challenge Denny. The incident occurred in 1984 as stated in my column, not 1982 as Ramotar claims. Readers are invited to judge whose memory is failing.In seeking to put a spin on events he was not party to, Ramotar has brought to the fore how politically polarising he is or can be. Even on matters of trade unionism and solidarity he seems to have no qualms distorting factual events of history. It is hoped the revelation of Belgrave and my interaction would not cause his party comrades to think he was a neemakaram, or selling out to the PNC, because he wore his political allegiance with pride.In attempting to paint another scenario, what Ramotar is in effect doing is portraying Belgrave as unprincipled to the extent where partisan political interest will always guide his views and decisions on matter of trade unionism which is governed by its own principles. As he so seeks to paint the departed Belgrave, such is not only a sad reflec-

tion of his thinking, but suggests this thinking may have guided his decision-making as President. No wonder this nation is in so much turmoil and its people divided, because when leaders are granted the privilege to serve all, they use the people’s trust to advance partisan interest, settle scores and distort history. One should also wonder whether such partisan thinking informed then President Ramotar ’s decision not to return the subventions to the GTUC and its attendant arms, the CLC and Women Advisory Council. Did a President Ramotar look at these organisations and see workers who didn’t publicly declare for the PPP and therefore were not deserving of the reinvestment of their tax dollars for their education and training? Incidents like these make his predecessors - outside of Bharrat Jagdeo who took the subventions away - look taller and more nationalistic. On the matter of the subventions, Forbes Burnham, Desmond Hoyte, Cheddi Jagan and Janet Jagan tower over them. Where with the David Granger administration it saw the return of the subvention, albeit smaller, and the issuance of grants to unions within and outside the GTUC fold, it begs the question why Ramotar, a former leader in the Trade Union Movement, when given the privilege to lead this nation, could not have done likewise. Lincoln Lewis

ety, it is public opinion that rewards or punishes. 10. No news medium nor journalist may be punished for publishing the truth or criticizing or denouncing the government. “Without freedom there can be no true order, stability and justice. And without freedom of expression there can be no freedom”- Thomas Jefferson.In his letter the Reverend also wrote, “Freedom of expression and the seeking, dissemination and collection of information can be exercised only if freedom of the press exists”. How free is our press in Guyana? None of my letters were published by the Guyana Chronicle in months because it’s a stateowned paper that does not promote freedom of expression against the government. A free press enables societies to resolve their conflicts, promote their well-being and protect their liberty. No law or act of government may limit freedom of expression or of the press, whatever the medium. Freedom of speech, freedom of the press and the right to information are individual rights, which belong to all individuals, community and society. The violation of freedom of expression and of the press is a violation of democracy, the framework for provision of human rights. I held the view then and still hold it now, that the staterun television and radio stations and the state-run newspaper are violating our constitution, since there is an equality clause in our constitution now and these entities are competing unfairly [unequally] with private enterprises, whilst at the same time being given direct and indirect support from the consoled fund by Government which establishes a gross inequity. They all criticise it when they are in opposition but embrace it when they are in power. The ultimate hypocrisy. In the current situation article 9 is most appropriate, “The credibility of the press is linked to its commitment to truth, to the pursuit of accuracy, fairness and objectivity and to the clear distinction between news and advertising. The attainment of these goals and the respect for ethical and professional values may not be imposed. These are the exclusive responsibility of journalists and the media. In a free society, it is public opinion that rewards or punishes”.It’s really clear, clearer than 34 is not the majority of 65, that the fairness must be imposed not by the state attempting to silence the media by using punitive economic actions, it is the people through their public opinion who must reward or punish. Tony Vieira

‘THIRD WORLD’ POLITICS From page 6 services, galloping inflation, and corruption persist in these countries.Political elites in these countries rise to power using racial/ethnic, religious, xenophobic, tribal and cultural prejudices to mobilise their respective constituencies for their selfish gains, and to allow the rich to get richer while the poor get poorer.In some of these countries, the right to vote is considered a waste of time, since there are no benefits to be gained, because the well-oiled electoral machinery is geared to facilitating continuous musical chairs through rigged elections.It is therefore not for nothing that we hear people repeat Alphonse Karr’s well known phrase, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”Fatalistic as it seems, when placed in the context of ‘Third World’ politics, its relevance and validity is evident in the day to day life of many ‘Third World’ countries.True, predictability of certain political, economic and social events in some ‘Third World’ can be intelligently anticipated, provided the appropriate scientific tools are utilised to do the research and analysis.And the hostile international environment characterised by unfair trade practices, protectionism and the vagaries of globalisation are not to be ruled out as partly responsible for the harrowing state of affairs impacting these countries.But what is most striking in almost all ‘Third World’ countries with a few exceptions, is that the social and political forces, be they supportive of the ruling elite or the political opposition, are all committed to a market economy and neo-liberalism. None are clamouring for social revolution or the establishment of a socialist state.What people are demanding is greater accountability, transparency in government business, an end to corruption in government, greater participation of the popular forces in the affairs of government and, above all, free and fair elections.The people want evolution not revolution.A change from capitalism to socialism is not on their agenda.The popular social and political forces want drastic reforms of the capitalist system, the institutions of governance and their structures. They too want to ‘Drain the swamp.’Further, predictions in Third World countries can be made on the basis of assumptions that leave room for speculation.It is in this context that the stir created by the formation of new political parties in Guyana must be viewed.What this development, like previous developments on the eve of past elections in Guyana has done, is to reinforce the time-tested realisation that party politics in Guyana do not necessarily orbit exclusively around the PPP and the PNC.That was in another era. Politics today is conducted in a completely different era. It is an era whose dominant features are market economics, neo-liberalism, populism and social media.Like Ptolemy’s cosmological model, the two political behemoths are at the centre surrounded by six other parties who, having emerged, claim to have spheres of influence at various levels of the political, economic and social life of the country.Some claim to have the indigenous peoples at their beck and call; others claim that the business community is supportive of their aims and objectives while others claim that the middle class and petit bourgeoisie will vote for them.In the meantime, the two political behemoths continue to be permanent fixtures on the Guyanese political landscape and more so, in the psyche of Guyanese populace.One contestant has already boasted of having the capacity to win thirty-six seats in a newly-elected parliament, a proposition that reeks with deep suspicion.This exuberance and over-confidence as regards the coalition’s political fortunes is no doubt anchored in its efforts to return to power by fraudulent means.Its efforts to use a flawed voters’ list that has the potential of being rejected by the political opposition, as happened twenty-seven years ago, appears to be the preferred means to achieving that end.As we head into the March 2020 elections, the question currently being debated is, apart from the clash of the titans, which of the six new political formations will end up as a fixed star, and how many of them will end up either dead or badly wounded.Guyana is considered a ‘Third World’ country, therefore we should not be surprised by the unexpected. Yours faithfully Clement J. Rohee

Democratise parties so members ... From page 6 lawyers) to challenge the parties on their process of selecting nominees? Which lawyers have the fortitude to act in the interest of the voters or the nation at large?It is time to take away the nomination process from self-seeking or corrupt individuals and give it to the population. A transparent process is needed in which all supporters (members) of a party have a chance to nominate a candidate – empower the voters to weed out bad or terrible, unelectable candidates and for them to rally behind a democratically elected nominee. Yours truly, Dr. Vishnu Bisram (PhD)




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Wanted robbery suspect turns self over to police - hunt on for two others

Wanted: Ravindra Punwasie

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Friday November 08, 2019

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Turned self in: Jason Issacs One of the men wanted for the alleged robbery under arms committed on a Chinese supermarket at Number Two Village, East Canje, Berbice has since turned himself over to authorities in New Amsterdam. This was confirmed by a police source in Berbice. Jason Isaacs, of Lot 18 Bristol Street, East Canje, turned himself over to authorities yesterday afternoon following a wanted bulletin published by the GPF with him as a suspect. Police are still on the hunt for Ravindra Punwasie, called ‘Rajin’, 36, and Doonauth Bissoondyal, called ‘Lil Budhan’, 22; all of East Canje, Berbice in connection with the robbery. It was previously reported that bandits armed with guns and cutlasses stormed a (Continued on page 31)

Man allegedly... From page 26 between him and the policeman. However, Day said that her actions further angered the policeman who then leaned forward and shot him. After taking her husband to the hospital, the man wife’s reported the matter to the Kuru Kururu and Timehri Police Stations. Due to the severity of his injuries, Day was transferred from the Diamond Diagnostic Centre to the Georgetown Public Hospital Cooperation (GPHC) where he was admitted and treated for eight days and discharged. When contacted, officials at the Kuru Kururu and Timehri Police Stations confirmed that indeed the matter was reported and investigations are ongoing.

Friday November 08, 2019

Man to face Judge, jury for killing friend over cigarettes A man was yesterday committed to stand trial at the High Court for the capital offence of murder for allegedly killing his friend during a brawl over a packet of cigarettes. Twenty-year-old Matthew Parks, of Lot 214 Freeman Street, East La Penitence, was on remand in the Georgetown Magistrates Court before Principal Magistrate Faith McGusty. He is accused of murdering 23-year-old Roger Allen, a Guyana Water Inc (GWI) employee on September 13, 2018 at DUrban and Chapel Streets, Lodge. Yesterday after the completion of the Preliminary Inquiry (PI), Magistrate McGusty ruled that she was of the opinion that sufficient evidence was presented to the court for a conviction by the state prosecution. As a result, Parks will face a Judge and Jury for trial at the next available sitting of the Assizes. According to reports, on the day in question about

Matthew Parks

Roger Allen

17:00 hrs, Allen visited a minimart located on DUrban Street where the defendant operates his father business. It was reported that Allen went to purchase a packet of cigarette and it was then that he and the defendant who is also his friend, got into an argument and the security guard at the establishment asked Allen to leave the premises. According to the police,

after the altercation between the men, Parks exited his work place and was confronted by Allen who was armed with a piece of wood and a knife. The two got into a scuffle during which Allen was stabbed. Both men were taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) where Allen died while undergoing surgery. Parks was treated for minor injuries and released into police custody.

Wanted robbery suspect turns... From page 30 No. Two Village, East Canje Supermarket, and escaped with cash and other valuables. Information revealed that the owner, Zhou Chumia, was in the process of closing her establishment when the men stormed into the supermarket. They reportedly attacked and robbed the Chinese national of over $300,000 in cash and other items from the busi-


Kaieteur News

ness before escaping. Kaieteur News understands that this is not the first time the supermarket was the target of armed robbers. Back in 2017, armed bandits accosted the owner and relieved her of an undisclosed sum of cash. Meanwhile, a fourth suspect who was already in police custody was yesterday charged with robbery under arms committed on Zhou Chumia at Number Two, East

Canje. He pleaded not guilty to the charge. Anyone with information that may lead to the arrest of the other suspects, are asked to contact the police on telephone numbers 333-5564, 333-2151, 333-2152, 226-6978, 225-8196, 226-2870, 226-7065, 227-1149, 226-7065, 911 or the nearest police station. All information with be treated with the strictest confidence.

20,000+ unverified registrants may be allowed to vote GECOM Chair By Kemol King Persons who have not collected their identification cards from the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) need not worry about being left out of the March 2, 2020 General and Regional Elections. They will still be allowed to vote. Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) Chair, Justice Claudette Singh S.C. sat down with Kaieteur Radio yesterday, and provided clarity on this matter that had left many wondering whether they would be disenfranchised. What was being posed to the media by several Commissioners at GECOM was that persons who did not uplift their identification cards since 2008, or as late as last year, would be removed from the list and miss the opportunity to vote in 2020. But Justice Singh dispelled the misconception. She said that the unverified

registrants will have their names published in a list, supplementing the Official List of Electors (OLE), adding that if they show up at the polling station, they would be allowed to vote. This would be, however, on the condition that they show up with some form of identification, such as a passport. The Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) and the Commissioners aligned with it, had raised concerns about people being disenfranchised. They had also posited that there was an irony in Justice Singh making a decision to remove names from the OLE, when it was she who had ruled that it was not necessary to produce ID cards to vote. During yesterdays interview, Justice Singh said that the issue is not about the ID cards, but about the fact that persons didnt collect them. Further, she said that persons dont have to collect the

cards, but that they just have to claim their identities. It is important to note that the registrants names will not be removed from the National Register of Registrants Database (NRRDB). Just in case those persons still want their names to be on the OLE, the Chair has made provisions for that. The 20,000+ names will be published in the four daily newspapers very soon. They would also receive a notice, by way of mail. From the first day of publication, those persons will be given 21 days to claim their identities. If they do, their names would be moved from the supplementary list to the OLE. The Chair was keen to note that it is not the intention of GECOM to disenfranchise anyone, despite what has been said otherwise, because she is very mindful of anybody being disenfranchised.

RDC moves to review Kaliburs... From page 14 senior officials within the company are also sent home. She declared that the security company is only doing this because the majority of its Region Ten workers are women who in many cases are single parents. “As a woman, I am hurt deeply by the actions of several of the supervisors against their female employees and I stand in support of my Regional Chairman as a fellow Councillor to end Kalibur Securitys tenure.” Councillor Belgrave described the conditions that

many women are forced to work under as totally horrible. She questioned why after all the numerous complaints, the company is still being given a contract to operate within the Region. She said that she supports the RCs decision that the company should only be allowed to work once immediate and drastic changes are made with the company recognising that it must have unequivocal respect for women at all levels irrespective of their economic and or social situation in life Regional Executive Officer

and Clerk of the Meeting, Orrin Gordon, said that he questioned the contract since earlier this year. He said he had expressed some serious concerns but was informed that the contract is not prepared and determined in Region Ten but in Georgetown. “Earlier this year from around March, I asked several questions and was told that this is done in Georgetown. However, I would like to report that the company is presently not operating with a contract as there is no contract in place for Kalibur Security,” Gordon said.


Kaieteur News

Friday November 08, 2019


Kaieteur News

Friday November 08, 2019

GPL’s Deputy CEO, HR Director National Medicines Policy launched sacked - Board asked to meet urgently today

Deputy CEO, Renford Homer

Director of Human Resources, Bal Persaud

Two long-serving senior executives of the Guyana Power and Light Inc. (GPL) have been sacked but it appears that a number of Board members were left in the dark. They are now asking for a Board meeting as early as today.Reportedly asked to hand over his keys and vehicle on Wednesday was Bal Persaud, the Human Resources Director, and Renford Homer, the Deputy Chief Executive Officer in Charge of Administration. Homer was reportedly told that his contract was not being renewed yesterday. His contract expired in June, Kaieteur News was told.Sources disclosed that on Wednesday, GPL Chairman, Rawle Lucas, wrote Board members and informed them that based on the advice of CEO, Albert Gordon, a decision has been taken not to renew the contracts of the two officials. Both of them have been with GPL for more than a decade. However, there was immediate push-back by Board members.One member questioned whether the decisions were in keeping with

GPL Chairman, Rawle Lucas

the procedures. One official told Kaieteur News that one thing is sure- there was no meeting of the Board of Directors to okay the decisions.GPL has been coming under fire for decades now for failure to halt the blackout due to generator failures as well as transmission and distribution problems. As recent as over the weekend, the stateowned company announced that it had ran out of fuel, forcing a decision to cut powers to several communities on the coastlands.GPL blamed the problem on a delay in a fuel shipment of Heavy Fuel Oil. The company has been asking for over US$100M to solve generation problems and fix other faults on the medium term. Government has said that it is looking at natural gas from its oil fields and renewable energy on the long term to fulfill its energy needs.In the case of GPL, under consecutive administrations the company has been rated as the worst utility in terms of service.

With the aim of proving a framework to facilitate improved health outcomes through safe, effective, affordable, accessible and quality pharmaceutical commodities and services to the public, the Ministry of Public Health and the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO), yesterday launched the Guyana National Medicines Policy (GNMP). During the ceremonial launch, the Chief Medical Officer, Shamdeo Persaud, noted that Guyana has not been doing well in the assessment of the millennial goals in 2015, however with the launch of this policy, Guyana can have that objective achieved. The National Pharmacy Services, (NPS), with its mandate to advance the health and well-being of Guyanese through quality pharmaceutical services, is the arm of the MOPH responsible for the establishment and implementation of the GNMP. A draft GNMP was previously prepared in 2007. It was used as base document in to formulation of the GNMP. Current international practices were then incorporated with efforts directed by a technical NPS team under the guidance and supervision of the Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Shamdeo Persaud, and the National Director of Pharmacy Services (NDPS). The GNMP comprehensively covers all aspects of pharmaceutical services within Guyana such as the manufacture, supply chain system, medicine regulation, quality assurance, financing selection and rational use, as well as monitoring an evaluation. The policy further includes the development of human resources towards proving a skilled and competent workforce research and development with the inclusion of strategies for international cooperation to improve the pharmaceutical sector in Guyana. “These guidelines serve as the benchmark… when medicines are used. So even if someone receives treatment for a condition in

Minister of Public Health, Volda Lawrence the private sector and it is not in accordance with the guidelines, [the patients] may have a reason to contest such treatment and even seek recourse for inappropriate treatment,” the CMO explained. The rational use of medicine is also high on the agenda on the policy since it is critical to ensuring safety medicines are provided by a national system throughout the healthcare system. Dr. Persaud added that rational use has come under scrutiny with the advent to antimicrobial drug resistance. Minister of Public Health, Volda Lawrence, stressed that the policy cannot be overemphasised. It is the duty of any Government to ensure optimum healthcare of its citizens. She stated, “Our responsibility is to ensure that we not only have the drugs but that procurement storage, prescribing and dispensing of drugs are done in a safe manner and that the efficacy of the efficacy of the medicines are above board.”


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Friday November 08, 2019

Friday November 08, 2019

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Friday November 08, 2019

WADA President-elect Banka vows to get tough on Russia

Witold Banka, Polish Tourism and Sports Minister who was appointed as next President of the World Anti-Doping Agency, delivers a speech during the World Conference on Doping in Sport in Katowice, Poland November 7, 2019. (Grzegorz Celejewski/Agencja Gazeta via REUTERS)

Friday November 01, 2019 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19) You may feel the urge to put your loved one on a pedestal today. You want to see him or her as the perfect mate for you. You're willing to go to great lengths to bring this person pleasure.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) When it comes to issues regarding romance, don't hold back today. Things are working in your favor. You shouldn't hesitate to act forcefully and confidently. Show others that you're serious.

TAURUS (Apr. 20–May 20) Romance isn't going perfectly for you. Things may be a bit unclear in this realm. Events may crop up today that will make it hard for you to ignore the issue any longer.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) The center of your power might find it difficult to commit to anything today. Issues regarding love and romance could arise, and you may feel the need to start something moving in this department

GEMINI (May 21–June 20) Love and romance are most certainly in the cards today. Play the hand you're dealt and you should come away from the table victorious. CANCER(June21–July22) Issues regarding romance could be a big part of the picture today. The scales could tip either way in terms of your success at this game. The decision is up to you. You're probably better off keeping things light and entertaining. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) Matters of the heart are in your favor today. You should prepare for a day full of social activities and good conversation. Your creative spirit may also be heightened. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) You might focus on romance today, but it's possible that you're having problems figuring out a way to express your feelings. There's power influencing the scene, and certainly no shortage of passion.

SAGIT(Nov.22–Dec.21) In matters involving love and romance, things might get a little sticky today. You might want to charge ahead with a plan, while a close partner wants to sit, discuss, and work things out together. CAPRI(Dec.22–Jan.19) Love will probably be on your mind most of today, so give your heart your full attention. You're having trouble communicating with a loved one now, so try to be patient. AQUARIUS(Jan.20–Feb.18) Issues regarding love and romance are in your favor. There's a strong force spurring you to take action. Heed this helpful energy. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20) Tension in the romance department may arise for you. You want to get things started in a relationship that's important to you, yet something always seems to stand in the way of the plan.

KATOWICE, Poland (Reuters) - World Antidoping Agency (WADA) President-elect Witold Banka pledged yesterday to be tough on Russia if the country is proven to have manipulated the doping data of its athletes. The Polish Tourism and Sports Minister, who was officially appointed as the next WADA president yesterday, will take over his post on Jan. 1. “I start my term of office next year. I am waiting for the results of the analyses. If we discover some manipulations the reaction should be tough,” Banka told a news conference. For more than four years Russia has been the focus of several investigations and sanctions after a 2015 WADA-commissioned report highlighted a vast doping network in the country’s sports community. Russia’s anti-doping agency RUSADA was suspended after a 2015 WADA report which found vast evidence of statesponsored doping in Russian athletics. The country has since struggled to restore its international credibility in sport. RUSADA’s suspension was lifted in September 2018 amid strong criticism as WADA gradually obtained access to key Russian athletes’ data from the Russian lab. But WADA opened

compliance proceedings again in September after finding inconsistencies in the vast bank of historical testing data finally handed over in January. The 35-year-old Banka, a former track and field athlete who will succeed Craig Reedie, was the public authorities’ choice for WADA president, as the post rotates between a choice from sports bodies and one from public authorities. Banka, whose appointment was rubberstamped by the body’s Foundation Board on the final day of the world conference on doping in sport, has also pledged to set up a doping fund for corporate sponsors to contribute toward clean sport. “We have the same objective and goals in our hearts, to clean up sport and create a fair environment,” Banka said in a brief address

after a unanimous election. “I promise you to try to always build bridges with all stakeholders. I am sure together we will make antidoping systems stronger.” WADA also approved a revision of its World AntiDoping Code which will come into force on Jan. 1, 2021 after a two-year consultation process. Among the changes are considerably lower sanctions for the use of illicit drugs taken not to enhance performances but for recreational purposes, such as marijuana and cocaine. Athletes will be banned for weeks instead of years for such an anti-doping rule violation if they can establish that the use of such banned substances was unrelated to their sport performance. Successful completion of a rehab treatment program can further reduce the suspension.

Friday November 08, 2019


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NBA roundup: 76ers lose game to Jazz, Simmons to injury Donovan Mitchell recorded 24 points, eight assists and five rebounds to lead the Utah Jazz to a 106104 victory over visiting Philadelphia on Wednesday night at Salt Lake City on a night the 76ers lost guard Ben Simmons to a shoulder injury. Bojan Bogdanovic added 20 points, six rebounds and five assists, and Joe Ingles scored a season-best 16 points off the bench as Utah halted a two-game slide. Mike Conley scored 15 points and Rudy Gobert contributed 14 points, 16 rebounds and three steals. Simmons had just two points in 10 minutes before departing with 5:20 left in the second quarter with right shoulder soreness. He appeared to hurt the shoulder initially early in the first quarter when he banged it against the body of Utah defender Royce O’Neale. According to reports, Simmons sustained a sprained AC joint and will be re-evaluated Thursday.

Joel Embiid registered 27 points and 16 rebounds but was just 5 of 16 from the field as Philadelphia lost its second straight game. Josh Richardson scored 24 points, Tobias Harris added 16 and Raul Neto had 11 for the 76ers. Bucks 129, Clippers 124 Giannis Antetokounmpo had 38 points, 16 rebounds and nine assists to lead Milwaukee past host Los Angeles, which played without star forward Kawhi Leonard. Milwaukee’s George Hill came off the bench to score 24 points, hitting 6 of 7 3-point attempts, while Eric Bledsoe had 20. Kyle Korver added 14 points for the Bucks, Khris Middleton chipped in 13, and Brook Lopez finished with 11 points and 12 rebounds. Montrezl Harrell, in his first start this season, scored a career-high 34 points to go along with 13 rebounds and five assists. Lou Williams also had 34 points to go with 11 assists, while Patrick Beverley contributed 20 points and 10

rebounds. Leonard sat out his second contest in eight games because of “load management.” Los Angeles has lost both contests. Pistons 122, Knicks 102 Andre Drummond had 27 points, 12 rebounds and seven assists, and Tony Snell made all nine of his shot attempts while scoring a season-high 24 points as host Detroit cruised past New York. Markieff Morris supplied 22 points and five assists for the Pistons, who were once again without three of their top players. All-Star forward Blake Griffin remained sidelined due to hamstring and knee injuries. The team’s top point guards, Reggie Jackson (back) and Derrick Rose (hamstring), were also in street clothes. Julius Randle led the Knicks with 20 points. Marcus Morris contributed 18 points, while rookie RJ Barrett had 15 points, six rebounds and eight assists for New York, which has lost four straight and seven of

CWI announces West Indies women’s squad for T20i series against India women ST. JOHN’S, AntiguaCricket West Indies (CWI) named a fourteen (14) member squad to take on India Women in a five-match T20 International Series to be played on November 9 and 10 at the Daren Sammy National Stadium in St. Lucia and on November 14,17 and 20 at the National Stadium at Providence in Guyana. The team will be led by Stafanie Taylor and sees the return of Shakera Selman. Shakera missed the Colonial Medical Insurance ODI series as an injury precaution to ensure her full fitness and availability for the T20I series. This is the final home international T20I Series for the West Indies Women before the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup in Australia starting in February 2020. These matches are the primary focus of India’s Tour of the West Indies as a vital part of the team’s preparations for the ICC T20 World Cup. Speaking on the selection of the squad, Lead Selector of the Women’s and Girls panel, Ann BrowneJohn said, “Following the Colonial Medical Insurance ODI Series, the majority of the squad has been retained. Chinelle Henry will hopefully be fit and ready to go again

after being sidelined through concussion after the first ODI. Shakera Selman will bring her experience to this team to add more fire power to the bowling attack. The team has always had good performances in T20 matches and this series is vital preparation for the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup.” Tickets for the T20Is are very affordable price at just GYD$1000 (US5) in Guyana, and EC$10 (US$5) for the five T20I matches, available online through the website or at indiatour. Box offices at each ground are open on the day of each match. Fans around the world can watch the games live on the West Indies website, or on the Windies Cricket YouTube page. Fans in India can watch the matches exclusively on the FanCode app https:// Super50Live. FULL SQUAD: Stafanie Taylor – Captain, Anisa Mohammed - Vice Captain, Aaliyah Alleyne, Afy Fletcher, Shakera Selman, Hayley Matthews, Chedean Nation, Chinelle Henry, Stacey-Ann King, Kyshona Knight, Natasha McLean, Shabika Gajnabi, Shemaine Campbelle and Sheneta

Grimmond. TOUR SCHEDULE 2019 WEST INDIES WOMEN’S HOME TOUR VS INDIA WOMEN Fri-1-Nov-2019 1st COLONIAL MEDICAL INSURANCE ODI (DAY/NIGHT) Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, Antigua, 1:30PM Sun-3-Nov-2019 2nd COLONIAL MEDICAL INSURANCE ODI (DAY/NIGHT) Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, Antigua, 1:30PM Wed-6-Nov-2019 3rd COLONIAL MEDICAL INSURANCE ODI Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, Antigua, 9:30AM Sat-9-Nov-2019 1st T20I Daren Sammy Cricket Ground, St. Lucia, 6:00PM Sun-10-Nov-2019 2nd T20I Daren Sammy Cricket Ground, St. Lucia, 1:30PM Thu-14-Nov-2019 3rd T20I National Stadium, Guyana, 6:00PM Sun-17-Nov-2019 4th T20I National Stadium, Guyana, 1:30PM Wed-20-Nov-2019 5th T20I National StadiumGuyana, 6:00PM

eight to start the season. Pacers 121, Wizards 106 T.J. Warren scored 21 points, and Indiana downed Washington in Indianapolis. Warren shot 9 of 15 from the field, and Doug McDermott connected on four 3-pointers to finish with 19 points as seven Pacers scored in double figures. Indiana’s Domantas Sabonis collected 13 points and a career-high-tying 17 rebounds before fouling out in his return from a two-game absence caused by a bruised left calf. Aaron Holiday scored 18 points as the Pacers recorded a fourth win in their past five outings. Washington’s Bradley Beal scored 30 points despite shooting just 1 of 12 from 3point range. Thomas Bryant had 20 points and 11 rebounds, and CJ Miles added 15 points for the Wizards, who have lost four of their past five. Rockets 129, Warriors 112 James Harden, Clint Capela and P.J. Tucker recorded double-doubles as host Houston breezed past short-handed Golden State. Harden paired a gamehigh 36 points with 13 assists to lead the charge. Tucker posted 22 points and 11 rebounds while Capela had 19 points, 16 boards and six blocks. All five Houston starters scored in double figures. The Warriors, down three starters (Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, D’Angelo Russell) due to injury, mustered an answer to every Rockets run until Harden led a 21-6 surge to close the first half. Alec Burks, instrumental in keeping the Warriors within range in the first half, scored 28 points in 31 minutes off the bench. Bulls 113, Hawks 93 Tomas Satoransky scored a career-high 27 points, and Chicago ended a two-game losing streak with an easy win in Atlanta. Satoransky entered the game averaging 6.5 points and had not scored in double figures all season. On Wednesday, he went 10-for13 from the field, 4-for-5 on 3pointers, and added seven rebounds and eight assists. Otto Porter Jr. scored 13 points on 5-for-6 shooting but exited in the first half and did not return due to a left foot contusion.

Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell (45) dribbles the ball during the first quarter against the Philadelphia 76ers at Vivint Smart Home Arena. (Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports) The Hawks struggled without forward John Collins, who was serving the second game of a 25-game suspension for violating the NBA’s drug policy. Jabari Parker, his replacement in the starting lineup, contributed a team-high 18 points, but Trae Young scored only nine points and was 0-for-8 on 3point tries. Mavericks 107, Magic 106 Dorian Finney-Smith put Dallas ahead for good with a 3-pointer with 3:36 remaining, and the Mavericks drew two charging calls on Orlando’s Aaron Gordon in the final seconds to preserve a victory over the visiting Magic. Luka Doncic capped a 27point effort with a pair of free throws with 2:31 remaining to give the Mavericks a 107-102 lead. Dallas didn’t score again, including two missed free throws by Seth Curry with a chance to extend a 107-106 advantage with seven seconds left, but Orlando couldn’t take advantage. Gordon scored 23 points, and the Magic got 19 points, 11 rebounds and seven assists from Nikola Vucevic. Jonathan Isaac added 13 points, 10 rebounds, five assists, four steals and six blocks. Raptors 124, Kings 120 Kyle Lowry scored 24 points, Pascal Siakam added

23 points and 13 rebounds, and Toronto defeated visiting Sacramento. Serge Ibaka scored 21 points, OG Anunoby contributed a season-best 18 points, and Marc Gasol and Fred VanVleet each had 12 for the Raptors. Harrison Barnes led Sacramento with 26 points. Bogdan Bogdanovic added 22 points off the bench, and Buddy Hield scored 21 for the Kings, who tied a franchise record with 20 made 3pointers. Grizzlies 137, Timberwolves 121 Dillon Brooks and Jae Crowder combined to make nine 3-pointers, and Ja Morant helped put the game away in the fourth as host Memphis topped Minnesota. The Grizzlies snapped a three-game losing skid in a game they led virtually wire to wire. A season-high 37point first quarter set them on their way. Brooks scored 31 points, Morant had 26, and Crowder and Brandon Clarke contributed 18 apiece. The Timberwolves stayed within striking distance much of the game paced by Andrew Wiggins’ 30 points. Karl-Anthony Towns 25 points and 13 rebounds in his return from a two-game suspension. (Field Level Media)


Friday November 08, 2019

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Thomas hundred gives Hurricanes Kolisi is more popular than me, jokes Ramaphosa as ‘Boks start tour record win over title-holders BASSETERRE, St Kitts, CMC – Devon Thomas’s second List A hundred powered Leeward Islands Hurricanes to a massive 198run victory over Combined Campuses and Colleges Marooners, as the Group A hosts made a bold statement of intent in the curtain-raiser here Wednesday. In the day/night contest at Warner Park, Hurricanes piled up 292 for seven off their 50 overs with the 29-year-old Thomas stroking 105 off 93 balls. Test off-spinner Rahkeem Cornwall then snatched four for 21 and seamer Sheno Berridge, three for 20, bundling Marooners out for 94 in the 32nd over, to give Hurricanes their second largest margin of victory by runs in Regional Super50 history. Sent in, Hurricanes batted in partnerships, discarded Test opener Kieran Powell (30) posting 31 for the first wicket with Montcin Hodge (16) and a further 36 for the second wicket with Amir Jangoo who made 39. Powell struck four fours in a 41-ball knock while Jangoo faced 67 balls and counted four fours and a six. When Powell holed out to mid off with off-spinner Larry Joseph in the 19th over, Jangoo combined with Thomas to add 51 for the third wicket before he too holed out off Joseph, caught at long off by Jonathan Drakes in the 27th over. With Hurricanes on 118

Devon Thomas struck his second List A hundred. for three, Thomas then dominated two half-century stands to get this side up to their imposing total. First, he put on 54 for the fourth wicket with Akeem Saunders (24) before adding 56 for the sixth wicket with captain Jahmar Hamilton (18). Thomas, who has played 21 One-Day Internationals for West Indies but has not tasted international cricket in six years, belted 10 fours and a six. He reached three figures off the first ball of the 48th over with a single to third man off pacer Ojay Shields. He was eventually out in the 48th over, picking out long on with fast bowler Jarlarnie Seales. In reply, the Marooners side featuring as many as four debutants crashed to 17 for four in the seventh over, with Cornwall accounting for three of the four wickets to fall.

And when Odain McCatty (15) and Joseph (5) perished in successive overs, the title-holders were 39 for six in the 12th over and in danger of crumbling quickly. However, Seales proved his value with the bat, hammering four fours and two sixes in a defiant 39 off 66 balls as he posted 47 for the seventh wicket with Ackeem Jordan (11). The stand only delayed the inevitable and Jordan’s demise in the 27th over bowled by Berridge, paved the way for Hurricanes’ uncomplicated win. S c o r e s : HURRICANES 292 for seven off 50 overs (Devon Thomas 105, Amir Jangoo 39, Kieran Powell 30). MAROONERS 94 off 31.3 overs (Jarlarnie Seales 39; Rahkeem Cornwall 4-21, Sheno Berridge 3-20).

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa holds the Rugby World Cup trophy with Springboks captain Siya Kolisi and coach Rassie Erasmus looks on as the team visited Pretoria at the start of their victory tour. (AFP / Phill Magakoe) AFP - The World Cupwinning Springboks began their homecoming tour yesterday as thousands of people cheered them in Pretoria and President Cyril Ramaphosa joked he was less popular than captain Siya Kolisi. The Springboks’ 32-12 victory against England in Japan has been greeted with joy in South Africa, where rugby was once the preserve of the white minority population. Later Thursday, the team was to visit Soweto, the township near Johannesburg where they were once hated

as a symbol of apartheid aggression and oppression. The team, whose victory has helped lift the spirits in a country beset with economic problems and racial inequality, began their tour in Pretoria with a parade on a black bus emblazoned with “Champions” as Kolisi held the Webb Ellis trophy aloft. After welcoming the team to Union Buildings, Ramaphosa thanked “our warriors” on behalf of a grateful nation and reflected on the huge popularity of Kolisi, the first black captain of a Springbok Test side. “They’ve been at war,

they won and they brought the World Cup back to South Africa where it belongs,” the president said. “They put us on the world map. We thank them for the impact that this victory has had in our country ... you’ve lifted the spirit in many people in our country. “It’s good we don’t have an election, I would have to compete with Siya Kolisi ... (he) could have been the president.” After Soweto, the Springboks’ homecoming tour will continue in Durban, East London, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town.

ISG, Survival Supermarket and Windjammer backs Clash of Champions Industrial Supply Guyana (ISG) that is the sole distributors of National Petroleum (NP) products in Guyana along with Survival Supermarket and Windjammer Hotel and International Restaurant have signed on as the important sponsors for next weekend’s Clash of

Champions International Race meet which will see competitors from Guyana, Tr i n i d a d & To b a g o , Barbados, Jamaica, USA and England. The event is being organised by local racing a u t h o r i t y, t h e G u y a n a Motor Racing and Sports Club (GMR&SC), and it

feature a 23-race programme inclusive of the final round of the SR3 Radical Caribbean showdown. During a handing over this week, Windjammer ’s managing director Carey Griffith told the media, “We are really happy to be back on board again with motorsport.” “ We ’ v e sponsored circuit racing and endurance racing before and while this isn’t our first drag racing venture, we believe that this event is going to be huge,” Griffith said. The business, in the past, has housed foreign racers that have ventured here for various events under the GMR&SC including the last international drag race. “We have always enjoyed a great partnership with them (GMR&SC) and this time it’s no different”, Griffith continued.

Lankey Soat Mohamed (right) receives a sponsorship cheque from Steve Ghisiawan of ISG.

Friday November 08, 2019

Mackeson 3x3 Classic

JD Carns and Allegiance Corp. back this weekend’s event Yesterday afternoon, during a simple but significant ceremony at the 704 Sports Club, JD Carns (Guyana) along with Allegiance Corporations Inc. made contributions towards the first edition of the Mackeson/ Rawle Toney 3x3 classic basketball competition that bounces off tomorrow and Sunday at Burnham Basketball Court on Church and Carmichael Streets. Receiving the contributions was organiser of the event, Rawle Toney, who expressed gratitude to the sponsors for coming on board. This tournament will see a total of $300,000 in cash and prizes up for grabs, while the MVP of the event will receive a pair of basketball


Kaieteur News

sneakers of his choice. Fireside Grill N Chill are sponsoring the Andrew Ifill MVP Trophy along with $1000 for each four point shot that is scored during the two-day tournament. NB: The four-point arc is a couple feet deeper that the threepointer. The Mackeson/Rawle Toney3x3 classic has received a $25,000 donation from the GABF for a National three-point shootout contest and it is the first senior tournament in Guyana to be registered on FIBA 3x3 Planet. Fans will be able to log on to the FIBA website and get all the official scores of the games contested.

Sankar’s inks Clash of Champions deal Sankar’s, through their Valvoline brand has come on board as a major sponsor for the November 16 and 17 Clash of Champions race meet of the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club’s event. The company through Darsho Singh handed over the sponsorship cheque during the week expressing its support for the event. A comment from the company through Singh indicated, “We are more than pleased to support the clash of champions international race meet. We’ve seen it grow throughout the years and we could not pass up the opportunity when they came to us.” In receiving the sponsorship, GMR&SC Executive Motilall Deodass said, “Valvoline has been involved in racing for a number of years not only in Guyana but across the world.”

Darsho Singh (right) hands over Sankar’s sponsorship to GMR&SC’s Motielall Deodass. “And to have such a big brand partner with us means that we are doing something right in motorsport. We want to thank them for this support and let them know that we will strive for a

great race meet.” Apart from Sankars, other major sponsors include B.M Soat Auto Sales, Mohamed’s Enterprise, Tropical Shipping, MOTUL, ExxonMobil, JAPARTS and Air services.

Schools NSC Pinktober Windball Cricket nears latter stage From left, Rawle Toney, Rhonda Roberts of Allegiance Corp. along with Dayana Benitez and Ocie Price of JD Carn.

3rd Gaico Grand Prix concludes this weekend

Shiv Nandalall (left) locked in battle with strongman Carlos Peterson-Griffith during round three of the 3rd Gaico Chess tournament on Wednesday at the Ocean Spray Hotel. Following three exciting rounds of chess, four rounds (two each on Saturday and Sunday) will be played this weekend to conclude the third Guyana Chess Federation (GCF) Gaico Grand Prix which got underway last weekend at the National Aquatic Center, Lilliendaal, which will host all the matches. Leading the tournament so far are Anthony Drayton

and Errol Tiwari who both have three points and they will meet each other for a top of the table exchange on Saturday with the victor more than likely to take the title. Wendell Meusa has 2.5 points in third while Chino Chung, Justino Da Silva, Davion Mars, Shiv Nandalall, Ronuel Greenidge, Glenford Corlette, Loris Nathoo and President of the GCF Frankie

Farley each have two points in the 23-player tournament. On Sunday, the GCF also has a TOPCO Juice Junior Rapid Tournament slated for the National Racquet Center, Woolford Avenue. Registration is free and begins at 09:00hrs with the first round at 10:00hrs. There will be a total of seven rounds being contested in the Swiss Format with 25 minutes per player.

Results in the Sports Off i c e r A. Munroe organised National Sports Commission - AL sport & Tour Promotions Annual Christmas Term Pinktober Secondary schools Wi n d b a l l Cricket tournament played at the National Gymnasium continued as the event nears its latter stage show several teams recording triumphs. Kingston Secondary School, who made their return to the sport after more than ten years absence, batted first and scored 103 – 1 with Keisha Butters 48, Makaila Pierre 36 and Lashan Lewis 10. Camille’s Academy, their opponents, replied with 105 2, with Ashley Ram 28 and Stacy Flores 40 in a winning chase, while Alicia Mohatrian took 2-10. In Quarterfinals action Bishops High rattled up 119 – 1 led by Rebekah Cleto with 62 (6s x 9) and S. Solomon 46. Queenstown Secondary made a successful response with 120-1; Keisha Rawlins 62 (6s x 7) and Aliyah Peters 34. C h a r l e s t o w n Government Secondary scored 87 – 0 with Makayla McRae 47 and Althea Barnwell 33 against Soesdyke Secondary who made a winning reply with Aaliyah David hitting 30 and Tenisha Hoyte 17. M a e ’s Secondary scored 118 – 0; Christine

Keisha Butters

Alicia Mohatrian

Christine Ramdial

Stacy Flores

Ramdial 81 (6s x 12) and Tilleya Madramootoo 18 led the way. Camille’s Academy fell just short at 108 – 1 as S. Flores made 32. East Ruimveldt Secondary made 148 – 0; Shania Kingston 76 (6s x

12) and Yasonda Hoppie 44 to defeat Kingston Secondary, who replied by 91- 1 with Lashan Lewis 40 and M. Pierre 20 in a losing effort. The Semifinals, 3rd place and Finals are all fixed for next week.


Friday November 08, 2019

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Berbice Volleyball Association Revival Tournament held The Berbice Volleyball Association (BVA) successfully held it’s Revival Volleyball Tournament at the Guysuco Apprentice Hostel, Port Mourant Corentyne Berbice on Sunday 3rd November, 2019. Teams in contention were, Seniors: - Port Mourant Training Center (PMTC), Rollers, No.52 Survivals and

Black Bush. The Juniors that participated were Guysuco Training Center Port Mourant (GTCPM) and No. 55. In the matches played in the senior category: PMTC defeated Rollers 25-16, 25-17, 25-16 to covet the first place trophy. Rollers received the second place trophy, The

MVP award went to Tyrone Farley of PMTC. In the junior category: GTCPM defeated No.55 4-1 in a best of five encounter. The scores were 25-22, 25-16, 1625, 25-17. The next serve off will be the Balram Shane Memorial tournament to be held at the Albion Sports Complex during the month.

Boodhoo and Ali dominoes tourney starts tomorrow

Senior Organisation Secretary of the GDA Mark Wiltshire accepts the cheque from Shunile Hanif of All Season’s Racing Service in the presence of Tiffany Johnson.

Players and teams pose with their accolades.

Ryan Boodhoo and Raymond Ali will be staging their birth anniversary dominoes tournament at Ogle Air Strip Road starting tomorrow. Entrance fee is $12,000 and the competition will c o n c l u d e o n S u n d a y.

Among the teams set to take part are; Lion, Orange Walk, Strikers, Big Boss, Mix Up, Cody Six, Spartans, Royal Kings, Turning Point, Gangster, G o l d f o r M o n e y, F r e s h Cash, Masters, Players, All Seasons’, One Love,

Phantom, Thunders and Travelers. All Season’s Racing Service is the latest entity to support the tournament. Double-six time is 14:30hrs. Team can contact Mark Wiltshire on 659-8672 for registration.

592 Inter-village football tourney launched

Volleyball players pose for a photo after the donation of balls to clubs.

Curtain comes down on MOA’s inter-agency sport today - GRDB, GUYSUCO battling for cricket title After winning their respective semifinals, Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB) and Guyana Sugar Corporation (GUYSUCO) will go head to head in today’s final of the Ministry of Agriculture’s inter-agency cricket competition at the National Park tarmac from 13:00hrs. It will be a repeat of the 2018 final which ended in victory for GUYSUCO and the defending champions will look to hold on to their title while GRDB will be looking for an upset in the 10-overs a-side Tapeball contest. The day promises to be exciting and competitive with dominoes, cards and novelty events to be contested. In domino, National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA),

GUYSUCO, Mahaica Mahaicony and Abary Agricultural Development Authority (MMA) and New Guyana Marketing Corporation will battle for supremacy, while MMA and GRDB will try to outdo each other on the cards table. On the lighter side, there will be sack race, wheel barrow race, three-legged race, lime and spoon, late for work, buns eating and eagerly anticipated heads of department race which will all create a jovial atmosphere among colleagues. Agriculture month is observed annually in October and the Ministry of Agriculture observes the end of the month with the interagency sports competitions. Before today, the Fisheries Department won the

basketball competition, Guyana School of Agriculture (GSA) were crowned champions of the volleyball competition, NDIA took the table tennis title, MMA won the football championship, while GSA and the Fisheries Department were tied for first place in circle tennis. Other Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) agencies that took part in the competitions are the Hydromet Department, Guyana Livestock Development Authority (GLDA) and MOA head office. Today’s sport final begins at 12 noon with an opening ceremony and will conclude at approximately 19:00hrs with the presentation ceremony. Director of Sport, Christopher Jones is expected to be in attendance.

Director Sport Chris Jones (center) along with organiser ‘Father Moey’ (3rd from left front row), take a photo op with representatives from the various teams in the tournament. The first edition of the 592 Beer Inter-village football tourney was launched yesterday at the 704 Sports Club on Albert and Lamaha Streets where the details of the event were disclosed to the media. The event is being coordinated by ‘Father Moey’ of Determine Sounds along with associates and it will run off from November Group 1 Buxton Plaisance Mahaica

17th to December 14th with play scheduled for the Buxton Community Center and the Golden Grove grounds both on East Coast of Demerara (ECD). The 12 team tournament is also supported by the Rush Energy Drink, Icool Water and Magnum Brands along with valuable contributions from Let’s Bet Sports and Bakewell.

Group 2 Friendship Paradise Victoria

Group 3 Brush Dam Melanie Ann’s Grove

The 12 teams will be drafted into four groups of three where the top team of each group will advance to the semifinals which will be contested on December 8th. The cash prizes for the event will see the winners pocketing $300,000, second place $150,000 third $100,000 and fourth $50,000. The teams in the tournament are: Group 4 Annandale Golden Grove Beterverwagting

Friday November 08, 2019


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Chameli takes feature at Nand Persaud Sprint Classic

Action in the Nand Persaud Classic. Chameli of the Shivkaran Stables with Jamaican Jockey Kevin Blake on the mount upstaged the field to take the feature at the Nand Persaud and Company Sprint Classic horserace meet. The event was held at the Company’s racing facility at Macedonia Estate, #36 Village, Corentyne, and organised by their Sky Plus promotion group. Running in the feature G3 and lower, four furlongs event, Cameli, which was trained by Gray, had been showing promise before. The

horse took this opportunity to beat a top flight field as Golden Dancer and TNT, both of Nand Persaud Stable, finished second and third with Silver and Things fourth. The win was worth $225,000 compliments of Banks DIH Limited and the Republic Bank Trophy. Not this Time showed that it was time for it to celebrate as the racehorse ran away with the H3 Maiden and Guyana-Bred Open race from Storm Dancer and Miss Olympic. Bodyguard showed that it

was capable of handling itself to easily win the event for 2year-old maiden Guyana-Bred horses. Perfect Storm, Face D Fire and Awesome Bandit were no match for the animal. The L open event was keenly contested with Cherish Me and Touch the Cash being given a dead heat for first place as Plane Land touched down third and Awesome Banner fourth. The ‘L Non-Winners’ event was won by Back Track ahead of Careful Choice, Rickey and Star Quality. Among the sponsors of

Time to celebrate as connections of Cameli rejoice as they receive the champion trophy from Mrs. Mohin Persaud for the win in the feature event. this event was Banks DIH Limited under its Banks Beer brand, Trophy Stall, Republic Bank, Poonai’s Pharmacy and NTN Television. The Champion Jockey, stable and trainers were rewarded with trophies compliments of Trophy Stall of Bourda

market. An enjoyable day was had by all with fun activities and the Big Screen TV showing replays throughout the day. The event was organised by The Nand Persaud group of Companies and their Sky Plus Promotion

group. The event was incident free with the organisers thanking B Division Commander Senior Superintendent Calvin Brutus and ranks of the division. Mohendra Persaud was the Coordinator.

Colonial Medical Super50 Cup

Savory hits sedate debut fifty as Jaguars beat WIEP by two wickets By Sean Devers in Trinidad On a day in which rain was forecast, there was hot sun and a few showers but this did not affect the opening encounter of the Colonial Medical Super50 Cup between last year’s runnersup Guyana Jaguars and West Indies Emerging Players (WIEP) at the Brian Lara Academy yesterday. The Jaguars, hunting a 10th 50-over title and first since 2005, got their campaign off to a successful start with a two-wicket victory. Only in the X1 because of a minor Surgery to Anthony Bramble, 24-year-old Essequibo left-hander Kemol Savory made full use of the unexpected opportunity to play and after a decent job behind the stumps hit a carefully constructed halfcentury on debut to spur the Jaguars to a hard fought victory in a less than clinical batting performance. Frugal bowling from Jamaican off-spinner Ramaal Lewis (2-17 from 10 overs), controlled left-arm spin from Veerasammy Permaul (3-34 from 10) and a lively spell from Ronsford Beaton (2-36 from 8) limited the West Indies Emerging Players to 185-8 when their 50 expired in fluctuating weather conditions.

Guyanese Kevin Sinclair made an unbeaten 34 in his debut for the WIEP yesterday. Part-time left arm spinner Chanderpaul Hemraj bowled nine overs and conceded just 27 runs as the Jaguars kept the shackles on the youngsters. The 26-year-old Bajan Justin Greaves led the fight with a responsible 55 from 88 balls with just a six and a four before Guyanese Kevin Sinclair, who hit two sixes in an unbeaten 37-ball 35, Ronald Cato who made 37 from 64 balls with two fours and six and burly lefthander Gidron Pope, dropped twice in his 25 from 61 balls with two fours and six, all got starts. The Jaguars in reply reached 189-8 off 50 overs after Pacer Harding (4-35) picked up the first three wickets to leave them on 40-3. Man-of-the-Match Savory

finished not out on 71 from 146 balls with six fours and a six but his 102 dot balls would be a cause for concern. Barnwell hit 36 from 31 balls and Johnathon Foo’s 28 lasted 29 balls but they along with Hemraj’s 18 were the only double figure scores from the Jaguars’ batsmen. Jaguars, who left out Nial Smith, Gudakesh Motie and the injured Bramble, opted the field in overcast conditions and Pope was dropped off Beaton before Kimani Melius (8) was taken at mid-off as Permaul made the breakthrough at 24-1. Pope (10) dropped again off Permaul at 24-1, rubbed salt into the wound when he swept the left arm spinner for six. Joshua DaSillva (3) was

run out at 37-2 before the lefthanded Pope who rode his luck well saw the 50 posted in the 17th over as sunshine returned in all its glory. Pope was bowled by Lewis at 50-3 before the Jamaican off-spinner struck again, 10 runs later, when he trapped Lenardo Julien LBW for one. Cato and Greaves played some lovely shots on the lush green and fast outfield as dark ominous clouds gathered before Cato received a perfect in-swinging yorker from Beaton which knocked him off his feet and crashed into the stumps at 131-5. Sinclair, who stroked the ball nicely and Greaves, put up stout resistance. Greaves reached his maiden 50 from 80 balls with a six and a four before he was dismissed by Permaul at 1536 as the sun returned. Sinclair, the only Guyanese in the team since Ashmead Nedd was left out yesterday, soon found his rhythm and played some lovely drives. Beaton removed Dominique Drakes (4) and Permaul sent back Keon Harding as Sinclair finished unbeaten, 16 short of a fifty in his first match in West Indies colours. The Jaguars began their

chase badly when Tagenarine Chanderpaul (3) was LBW to Harding at 5-1 before Chanderpaul Hemraj and debutant Kemol Savory, only in the side because of Bramble’s unavailability, took the score to 40 before Harding, bowling with good pace on a slow track, struck twice when he bowled Hemraj for 18 and removed Skipper Leon Johnson for a duck as the Jaguars slipped to 40-3. Barnwell joined the rock solid Savory and dominated a 56-run fourth wicket stand with some pugnacious shots while Savory who plays for Police locally, played the supporting role. But when well set for a big score Barnwell was dismissed by Jermaine Levy at 96-4 before Raymon Reifer (5) was caught and bowled by Sinclair at 118-5. Savory batting patiently, eventually reached his 50 but it took 112 balls and reached the boundary four times and cleared it once. Jonathon Foo, returned to Regional Cricket for the first time in close to two years, flicked Levy for four and clipped spinner Boyce for another boundary to get his innings going before Drakes had him for 28 and Lewis and Permaul fell without scoring eight wickets were down. Clinton Pestano joined Savory with 10 needed from 12 balls, Savory, who faced

102 dot balls in his innings, faced a maiden from Levey. Pestano hit the first ball for four and two byes were taken from the second. Pestano got a single from the third while Savory missed the fourth and skied the fifth into no man’s land and scampered two before finishing the match with a Dil-scoop for four. Meanwhile, the 28-yearold Bramble, who had a bandage on his head, disclosed that he went to the Hospital to get a growth on his head cut and despite feeling slight pain from the incision he should be back on the field in a few days. The Berbician, who has 58 dismissals and a half-century in 50-over cricket, says he is looking forward to getting back behind the stumps for his Country as quickly as possible. The Jaguars play their next game tomorrow at the Queens Park Oval against host T&T from 13:30hrs in another day/night fixture. Meanwhile, centuries from Darren Bravo and Jeremy Salazano saw T&T overcome 238 made by the Windwards comfortably yesterday. Barbados won by 75 runs at Warner Park, Basseterre over Jamaica. Barbados made 265 (50 ov) as Jamaica replied with 190 (39.5/50 ov).


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Friday November 08, 2019

Ansa McAl’s Golf Classic set for tomorrow at the Lusignan Golf Club Ansa McAl under their Premium Liquor brand Dewar’s will stage its Golf Classic tomorrow at the Lusignan Golf Club (LGC), East Coast Demerara. The tournament will start at 11:00hrs in an effort to ensure that enormous amount of players who are attracted to the tournament get time to finish as the days grow shorter. There will be magnificent trophies and prizes for three categories of play and specialty awards for longest drive and nearest to pin. Ansa McAl has been a staunch supporter of the LGC and Managing Director Troy Cadogan has been in the winner’s circle several times this year, including emerging as

Champion in his flight in the Lusignan Open. This will be the third event for Ansa Mc Al at the LGC having hosted the Suzuki Motors Invitational and co-hosting the Lusignan Open. Speaking at the launching of the tournament yesterday at Ansa McAl head office, Beterverwagting, East Coast Demerara, Cadogan said, “We have seen the dramatic improvements in the amount of playing time, quality and condition of the grounds and feel that with the direction that the LGC is moving, Ansa McAl will be there to assist. “I have seen the transformation of the Club as it has risen to a whole new level and hope that other members and companies will join in

Elton Dharry to fight for a WBA title November 15 in Australia Guyana’s Elton Dharry will fight on November 15th against Australian Andrew Moloney for the interim World Boxing Association (WBA) World Super Flyweight title. The fight will take place at Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne, Australia a release informed. Moloney, an undefeated fighter, boasts a record of 20 wins (13 KOs) + 0 losses + 0 draw as against Dharry’s 24 wins (14 KOs) + 5 losses + 1 draw. It is noteworthy that Dharry’s five (5) losses occurred in the very early part of his career and he has not lost a fight since 2010 and has won his last twenty one (21) consecutive fights. Moloney, an Australian born, is a natural flyweight at age 28 and goes by the alias “The Monster”. Dharry on the other hand was born in Enterprise, Guyana and is

President of the LGC, Aleem Hussain (C) is flanked by Triston Joseph and Timothy Sammy of Ansa Mc Al. (Avenash Ramzan photo) the dreams into reality. “At the end of the day, the names and faces will change but the LGC has to also change to ensure that we deliver the services expected of us.” Brand Coordinator Timothy Sammy said the company decided to showcase the Dewar’s brand as a stand-alone (last year it teamed Heineken with

Dewar’s to host its annual golf tournament) feeling that the premium liquor has made a name of its own and should be recognized accordingly. Dewar’s is available at Mattai’s, Bounty, Massy and all major supermarkets nationwide. This event will be the grand finale for Ansa McAl and players and the public are

urged to come out tomorrow, Saturday November 9th, as the company will offer great deals and samples on Dewar’s and other branded products. For more information on the sponsor or the LGC, please visit their Facebook pages or stop by their BV headquarters and the golf course in Lusignan.

GFF refutes misinformation being peddled by Stabroek Sports Elton Dharry 33 years old and prefers not to be called by the alias by which he became known in Guyana – “Coolie Bully”. The fight will be televised through ESPN Plus app and if Guyanese are able to download this app, we may be able to see this fight, the release disclosed.

Mix Up capture West Side Jamboree dominoes title Led by Mark Wiltshire and Navin Singh, Mix Up chalked 78 games to win the final of the West Side Jamboree dominoes competition which was contested yesterday at Uitvlugt. Wiltshire turned in 17 games, while Singh made 16 as Mix Up beat Brave with 73 games and Gold for Money on 66 in the final. Rawl Peters made the maximum 18 games, whileAndre Foo scored 17 for the runner up side. Gold for Money were spearheaded by Shawn Morgan and John Chance with 15 and 14 games respectively.

supporting us as we continue to improve.” Cadogan was especially grateful to the media for the extra effort they have made over the past year to bring golf to the forefront of sports and thanked them for going beyond the call of duty. “Our success has been mainly due to you guys who have given our story to the public and brought more attention to the sport.” Speaking on behalf of the LGC, President Aleem Hussain stated that it was the constant support of its members and sponsors that made it possible for the current conditions and if past Presidents and Executive members had not laid the foundation, the club would not have experienced this explosive growth. “We had leaders such as Past Presidents Hilbert Shields, Shyam Ramroop, Jerome Khan, David Mohamed and Brian Hackett who struggled through the lean times but kept the club functioning so that now we can reap the rewards.” He noted that many of the ideas he has implemented were those shared by the previous administrations and all he has done was to move

Mix Up won the semi final encounter, marking 77 games, ahead of Brave 71 and TNT 66. Ganesh Sankar and Tony Smith marked 16 games apiece for Mix Up, while Foo scored the maximum 18 and Gilbert Mendonca 17 for Brave. Ryan Boodhoo scored 17 and Linden Bowman 16 for TNT. Peters was named man-ofthe-match in the final. Mix Up pocketed a trophy and $200,000, Brave a trophy and $100,000 and Gold for Money a trophy and $80,000. TNT took home $20,000 for finishing fourth.

The Guyana Football Federation (GFF) is refuting the misleading story that was carried in the Sports pages of the Stabroek News (6-11-19) under the headline, “Hushhush GFF Congress scheduled for Saturday – Forde slate set to return minus O’Jeer.” In a release the GFF stated, ‘While not surprised by this article, which was obviously penned to misinform the readership and public, the GFF continues to be concerned, to say the least, with the continued lack of professionalism being displayed by this media outlet.’ The GFF would like to state categorically that the GFF Extraordinary Congress has been convened in accordance with the GFF Constitution and with oversight of FIFA and Concacaf. The notification of Congress, nomination of slates and preparation for the Election of the Executive Committee is being conducted in accordance with the GFF Constitution, the GFF Electoral Code and with the oversight of the GFF Electoral

Committee. Further, the GFF circulated a Press Release on 29-10-2019, which was carried by all media houses, including Stabroek News. We reiterate that we find the Stabroek News Article of Wednesday November 6, 2019 to be disingenuous and a flagrant attempt to mislead the public. This administration has been very steadfast in sedulously adhering to our Constitution at all times. A letter from our General Secretary (ag), in accordance with Article 30.5 of the Constitution of the Guyana Football Federation Inc., was sent to all our Honorary Members of the Regional Member Associations, Member Affiliates, Member Clubs, Executive Committee, and Electoral Committee on 10-12-2019, notifying them of the Extra Ordinary Congress. It is therefore surprising that, according to the news article, just a single member would claim not to have received any information regarding the Extra Ordinary Congress. The mechanism that we have in place regarding communication among the membership is well established and a simple check

with the office to ascertain why the notification was not received would have revealed that it was sent; the records will substantiate this. It does not serve any purpose for the GFF to notify just a few members on any issue; this is just not part of our institutional DNA. All relevant information on any matter that involves all our members are sent to them and, again, the records will support this. Publication of such an erroneous article therefore begs the question why would Stabroek News do so? The Executive Committee of the GFF has had to write the management of Stabroek News on numerous occasions to point out the deliberate pattern of negative, selective and/or biased coverage of the GFF by that news entity. We are bewildered that a credible newspaper such as Stabroek News would allow the prejudices and biases of one of its reporters, whose business interests in football conflict with GFF policy and has resulted in the level of animus he has towards the Federation, to influence their editorial policy towards the GFF. In seeking to give colour to the article, the reporter adduced a comment from the

Director of Sport. It is passing strange the Director of Sport would want to weigh in on this issue. He has admitted that the NSC is not required to be informed by an association whenever it’s having elections. So why then would he intone that the GFF is being discourteous to the NSC by not informing that body. Has such a sentiment been expressed to any other sporting association before? The Director needs to be mindful it would be difficult to scotch the perception that, by being used as a vassal of the reporter, he is allowing his slips to show. The GFF would like to assure its members and the larger football fraternity that we will continue to adhere to our Constitution and that this core principle would never be compromised.

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Friday November 08, 2019


Hammie Green Annual football on NAMILCO on board for the Hammie Sunday back at Den Amstel Ground Green 9-a-side inter-ward football


his year’s 9-aside Inter-Ward F o o t b a l l C o m p e t i t i o n t o commemorate the 85th Birth Anniversary of former Prime Minister and City Mayor Hamilton Green, which kicks off on Sunday with eight matches, have had to be switched back to the Den Amstel Community Centre g r o u n d , We s t C o a s t Demerara, venue for the entire tournament, following a few hiccups with the Uitvlugt venue. Coordinator Lennox Arthur made the disclosure yesterday and stated that all systems are in place for the start of the event and several sponsors have begun to trickle in as a few have made pledges of support. All said, the annual event, which will feature teams from East Coast Demerara, East Bank Demerara, Georgetown and West Berbice battling those from the host community, will see some $400,000 in prize money on offer along with the individual accolades.

Among those either offering or pledging assistance to date are NAMILCO, Ministry of Communities, Cummings Electrical, International Pharmaceutical Agency ( I PA ) , G u y o i l , B K International, Gafoors, Ready Mix, Ricks and Sari, New Thriving, TecnoMills, AH&L Kissoon, China Trading, Ministry of Legal Affairs, Ministry of National Resources, National Sports Commission and the Guyana Police Force. The opening games, which start from 4:00pm Sunday, will see: Sara Lodge versus Kuru Kururu, Goed Fortuin vs. Plaisance, Wales vs. Timehri, Bagotville vs. Soesdyke, Bourda Blues vs. Durban Backlands, Charlestown vs. Gaza, Casa Coima FC vs. Hurry Ate and GT Kanaimas vs. Stewartville. The winners of the games listed will clash to advance to the latter stages. Game 1 winner will play game 3 winner, 2 vs. 4, 5 vs. 7 and 6 vs. 8. More matches will be

played on November 17 with the quarters, semis, third place and final being played on Sunday, December 1. The winning team will take home $200,000 and NAMILCO trophy, while second, third and fourth place finishers will receive $100,000 and Ministry of C o m m u n i t i e s t r o p h y, $60,000 and the NAMILCO trophy and $40,000 and the Cummings Electrical trophy respectively. The winning and runnerup teams will also receive hampers from Ricks and Sari. The player with the most goals will get a Dinette chair from China Trading and a single bed from AH&L Kissoon. Coordinator, former national football coach, Lennox Arthur has expressed heartfelt gratitude to the sponsors who have come on board and have pledged assistance. He indicated he is expecting a keenly contested tournament and is encouraging fans to come out and see many of the current and future football stars on show.

Browne and Jordan help St. Pius to comfortable win Brian Browne and Kevin Jordan turned in useful performances with the bat to lead St. Pius Primary to a 79run win over Rama Krishna when play in the Guyana Cricket Board/Cricket West Indies kiddy cricket competition continued yesterday with action in the Georgetown zone. St. Pius Primary took first strike and managed 1575. Openers Gordon Austin and Jamal Fraser added 25 before Austin fell for 12 and Fraser for 15. Brain B r o w n e ’s f i n e f o r m continued as he shared in useful partnerships with Donovan Welcome (12) and Kevin Jordan. Browne struck two fours

Mario Paul

Kevin Jordan (left) and Brian Browne and three sixes in a top score of 46, while Jordan made 42 not out with four fours and two sixes; Elijah Scott hit 10 off two balls in the last over. Rama Krishna Primary responded with 78-7 in 14 overs. They lost wickets at regular intervals before Mario Paul slammed one four and five sixes in a robust 36, but his efforts weren’t supported by the other batters, with opener Kyle Persaud (10) being the only other to reach double figures. Action continues today at Everest Cricket Club ground.


he National M i l l i n g Company of Guyana Inc. (NAMILCO) has sponsored the winner and 3rd place trophy for the Hammie Green Annual 9-aside Inter-Ward Football Competition to commemorate the 85th Birth Anniversary of former Prime Minister and Georgetown City Mayor Hamilton Green. NAMILCO has always been a proud supporter of any kind of sporting activity and will continue to do so, since this channel our youths who are the future of our country, into the right direction. We hope they use this as a platform to reach greater heights. Congratulations to the former Prime Minister and Georgetown City Mayor Hamilton Green on his 85th birth anniversary from the Management and Staff of NAMILCO.

Mr. Lennox Arthur Chief Coordinator receiving the trophies from NAMILCO’s staff Preya Chunilall.

Chameli takes feature t r o Sp at Nand Persaud Sprint Classic

Cameli with Jamaican Jockey Brian Blake winning a close race in the feature G3 event from Golden Dancer on the rails with Colin Ross.

Colonial Medical Super50 Cup

Savory hits sedate debut fifty as Jaguars beat WIEP by two wickets

Kemol Savory made the most of an unexpected opportunity last night with a carefully constructed debut fifty for the Jaguars.

Ramaal Lewis had Pope LBW in a frugal 10 over spell in which he had 2-17 (Sean Devers photos)

Elton Dharry to ISG, Survival Supermarket and Wind fight for a WBA jammer backs Clash of Champions title November 15 in Australia 3rd Gaico Grand Prix concludes this weekend Printed and published by National Media & Publishing Company Ltd., 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown, Georgetown. Tel: 225-8458, 225-8465, 225-8491 or Fax: 225-8473/226-8210.

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