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Reparations Now! Last June, in our editorial “Justice Denied”, we pointed out that even though the Organisation for African Unity (OAU) took up the call for Reparations in 1993 in its Abuja declaration, there was never much enthusiasm from official quarters in pressing the demands. This lacuna was created primarily because these leaders wanted to pander to western countries to collect “aid”. In the 2001 UN Durban Conference against Racism, the Final Document declared: “We acknowledge that slavery and the slave trade… are a crime against humanity, and should always have been so, especially the transatlantic slave trade.” This was a Declaration that was supposed to galvanise the world into action: there is no statute of limitations against genocide. Yet sadly, the matter of reparations was again placed on the backburner. At the official celebrations of the 50th Anniversary of the formation of the OAU (now the African Union -AU) in May, not a word was mentioned. But in the side conferences, it is to the credit of the Caribbean that Professor Hillary Beckles from UWI delivered a powerful lecture based on his book ‘Britain’s Black Debt: Reparations for Caribbean Slavery and Native Genocide’. In detailing undisputed facts relating to the harms of slavery, he reiterated the necessary first step to securing reparations. Professor Beckles and his colleague, Dr Verene Shephard, have been unflagging in their efforts to place the issue of Reparations in every fora, including Caricom, where they were given a hearing. At the 34th Conference of the Heads of Government of CARICOM in Trinidad and Tobago in last July, in a milestone decision, the leaders agreed to the establishment of a National Reparations Committee in each member state. The chair of each committee would sit on a CARICOM Reparations Commission while the Heads of Government of Barbados (Chair), St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Haiti, Guyana, Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago would provide political oversight. In what could only be described as exhibiting unusual alacrity, last week, representatives of governments, civil society, academia and individuals fighting the cause of reparations for native genocide and slavery, met during September 15 to September 17 for the first follow up activity. Guyana was represented by the Minister of Culture Dr Frank Anthony, Director of Culture Dr James Rose and Executive Member of the African Cultural and DevelopmentAssociation (ACDA). Unlike many other countries, Guyana has always been undivided on the issue of the demand for Reparations. Back in 2007, when Britain held a year-long celebration of the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the despicable slave trade, President Jagdeo had observed caustically that now they had acknowledged their role, maybe they would take the next step of making reparations. This call was reiterated in 2011 during the UNsponsored, “International Year for People of African Descent” and again by President Ramotar earlier this year. We believe that the time is ripe and right for the demands for reparations to be pushed to its conclusion. As we pointed out in “Justice Denied”, at the beginning of June, in an historic out of court settlement, the British Government agreed to pay £20 million to some 5000 of Kenyan citizens who had fought for independence of their country but had been tortured by the colonial government. Foreign Secretary William Hague said that the British Government admitted they had tortured many of the 25,000 Mau Mau fighters detained during the State of Emergency they had declared in 1952. He averred that the Briish did not condone “acts of inhumanity. We reaffirm our conclusion: “In 2011, the British High Court in London had rejected the veterans’ claims that the British Government should accept the liabilities of the colonial regime. However, it permitted demands for compensation to proceed and this was appealed by the government. The decision of the British Government to pay the veterans changes the entire situation, not only in relation to the claims of the Mau Maus but also to claims for reparations made against the British government for what they did to Africans and their descendants, whom they brought as slaves to the “New World”.

Saturday November 02, 2013

Letters... Where your views make the news

Bai Shan Lin should read Caribbean History DEAR EDITOR, I refer to an article captioned, “GRA Head defends Bai Shan Lin parking deal, SN 10-302013” and would like to state that the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) Commissioner General, Mr. Khurshid Sattaur, may not have the authority to engage in the development of the Lamaha Street parking lot or pay fees or rent to any agency or entity for such works. Such authority comes from the Parliament through the budgeting process and this has not been authorized. In addition, the parking lot will require maintenance and it would seem based on the article that no amount has been budgeted for the maintenance of the parking lot. Would Georgetown tax payers be responsible for this cost or is this another dubious investment scheme in the making by the Government of Guyana? Mr. Sattaur states that “the GRA will soon enter into an economic relationship that would result in payment being made over a period of time for such facilities to be rented for a number of years at a nominal fee.” My guess is that this sellout will be to the owners who have established businesses at the corner of Lamaha and Camp Streets, the very location where the parking lot is being developed. At that location, congestion will be a problem as parking spots become

scarce, and the GRA staff will most likely have to pay to park at that location or they will have to be subsidized by the GRA. Given that the mandate of the GRA is to collect taxes on behalf of the people of Guyana and that the GRA is not authorized to engage in development projects, this dubious venture will most likely morph into another non-transparent and unaccountable NICIL. If Bai Shan Lin (BSL) wishes to be generous to the people of Guyana, as we have been so generous to them, in that we allowed them to extract our natural resources for free, then they can do the following: 1. Publish the agreement under which this deal was made, as full disclosure will improve transparency and start a process of rehabilitating the image of Bai Shan Lin in Guyana. 2. Cancel the terms in the agreement which say that we the people of Guyana must pay a fee for the use of our own parking lot (this is hilarious). In other words, “Massa Day Done”, (Dr. Eric Williams, 1961). BSL needs to know some Caribbean History. 3. In order to be generous, BSL should donate the use of the equipment for free to the project, once the project has been formally approved and the Guyana Power and Light ( G P L ) ’s c o n c e r n s a r e resolved. Incidentally, I commend Mr. Bharrat Dindyal, the Chief Executive Officer of GPL, for speaking

out against the construction of the parking lot at that location. Sound advice by professionals seems not to have any sway with Government policymakers, until disaster strikes. Finally, it is laughable how the Government of Guyana makes investment decisions and how they compound problems instead of solving them and learning from their mistakes. They do not seem to do first what all good investments must have; that is produce an investment document that considers all of the following: the engineering and technological attributes; the management and accountability requirements; and the measurement of the economic, financial, social and environmental costs and benefits. These components must be available before making a decision to spend tax payers’ money. We have seen this unprofessional approach in many public-funded projects, including the Skeldon and Enmore projects for sugar, the Marriott Hotel, Amaila, the road to Amaila and the Supenaam wharf, among many other disasters. In this parking lot case, it would appear that the government pushed the empty CLICO building on GRA, because the Government wanted to secure a risk-free cash-flow stream for NIS, which suffered losses when the NIS made a terrible investment decision by placing its funds

in the CLICO hole, without having a serious investment strategy. GRA is chosen because it is flush with tax payer cash and therefore the government rents GRA the CLICO building so that money flows to NIS. But GRA now finds itself in a bind. The CLICO building, which is located in a densely used area with heavy traffic volumes, lacks the appropriate accommodation, and it does not have sufficient parking space for staff and the public who visit daily. As mentioned before, Camp and Lamaha Streets will be congested and it will not solve GRA’s parking problems. These findings are the views of the Commissioner, whose solution compounds the problem further by building a parking lot approximately a half a mile away. The alternative to this madness is that the Commissioner should tell the Government to move his office to a new location, perhaps on the East Coast, and build an appropriate building to house the GRA staff and be able to serve tax payers. Instead, Mr. Sattaur goes beyond his mandate and engages in polemics, such as, “Bai Shan Lin… “seized the opportunity to demonstrate its corporate social responsibility”. It is high time that Bai Shan Lin speak for itself, for the burden is theirs to unload. C. Kenrick Hunte

Hadfield Street’s new bus park DEAR EDITOR, Can the relevant authorities kindly inform the residents of Hadfield Street between Louisa Row and Winter Place if this area has been designated a new bus park? For the past four years we have had to endure about four to six 26-seater buses parked around the avenue on either side on any given time of the day or night, blocking

residents from parking in front of their own residence. Numerous complaints have been made to both the Traffic Authority and the Mayor and City Council, but no one seems to care about the plight of the residents. At night, people fall prey to bandits who use the seclusion created by these buses to their advantage. Further, to cross the road from the avenue, pedestrians

are forced to literally step into the path of oncoming traffic to establish whether or not the road is clear since the buses completely block the road from sight. Even the community projects to clean up the avenue prove futile, because the garbage from the buses is dumped in the avenue and drains by the drivers when they park the buses. What is worse is that the

mechanic that works on the buses on the roadside in the shade of the avenue’s trees dumps his waste oil into the drains as well. The time has come and passed for the owner of these vehicles to find somewhere else to park. We are appealing for the relevant authorities to urgently intercede on our behalf in this matter. Concerned Resident

Please publish that Sanata photo again DEAR EDITOR, A few days ago, while at work, there was a group of my co-workers huddled in a group gasping and murmuring over something that had clearly troubled them and curiosity got the better of me, so I went over.

When I looked at what had grabbed their attention my first reaction was, ‘oh my God!’ It was the centre page of the Kaieteur News, and lo and behold, the image was one that for the first time really and truly told this nation just how large the

Sanata Complex is. The photograph was published during the week but it is known that on Sundays more people would have the time to sit and really digest what is in a newspaper. M r E d i t o r, p l e a s e republish that photograph

this Sunday so that those who would have missed it during the week would have an opportunity to really and truly see the sizeable chunk of Guyana that Bharrat Jagdeo gave to his best friend Bobby Ramroop. A. Daniels

Saturday November 02, 2013

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

Bribery and corruption Descending to name-calling have blighted Guyana to defend a position is pathetic DEAR EDITOR, Ever since 1999 this country has been plagued with bribery and corruption. It was not surprising, therefore, that provisions have been made in the Constitution for an Integrity Commission in clear recognition and acknowledgement of the fact that Guyanese are no longer living in the age when men were born gentlemen, but rather in the age when efforts are being made to make gentlemen by laws and regulations. Yet the regime has not been forthright with the nation in allowing the Integrity Commission to function independently of PPP control. The dictum that a man’s word is his bond has clearly lost all its intrinsic value and significance under this regime, hence the promulgation of the Integrity Commission. This law was passed, no doubt with the expectation of halting the escalation of corruption and dishonesty on the part of those in public life and those exercising public functions, but it has, it would seem, proven to be neither a palliative nor a panacea to reducing or eradicating corruption, except perhaps, to adorn our statute books with yet another law. It is significant to note, however, that while the law is one which primarily constitutes an invasion of one’s right to privacy, the enactment of the law has been justified on the ground of public interest, as opposed to the right of the individual. This is the message we want the PPP cabal to hear. The word integrity clearly connotes persons of unblemished character and strong moral principles and persons who are held in high esteem as exemplars and worthy of becoming persons in public life, such as Members of Parliament and those holding public office. However, empirical evidence has established that persons of such calibre are clearly scarce commodities in our society, especially in the

PPP, and this conclusion may receive some support in a statement made some time ago by President Hoyte when he said that “selection of members of the Commission is not a matter to be rushed as these persons must be of the highest calibre and integrity.” Integrity is therefore not a commodity that can be taken off a shelf as this regime has done. The value and concept of the importance of integrity has to be nurtured and developed during a person’s formative years, failing which, the word becomes meaningless to those who are strangers to it. As human beings we are basically and fundamentally the product of our environment, so that a person born, nurtured and developed in an environment destitute of those intrinsic values would clearly be devoid of them. While we address our ministers in the PPP as “Honourable” (righteous and incorruptible), the personal honour to which the word owes its genesis or origin would seem to have lost much, if not all of its value and significance, since it has become imperative to enact laws and regulations, the purport and intent of which are to subject such persons

to the submission of their incomes, assets and liabilities to the Integrity Commission on an annual basis for scrutiny, and for the purposes of declaring them to be persons of integrity. This constitutional mechanism has been predicated on the fact that Ministers and parliamentarians in the PPP regime have so misused and abused their powers and authority for personal gain and aggrandizement, that they should be found guilty of criminal offences. As a consequence, the question that has arisen from time to time is whether these PPP ministers and Parliamentarians should continue to be addressed as “honourable” or whether they should be addressed simply as Mr. or Ms. or just by their first names. Most Guyanese seem to have lost confidence and respect for the PPP cabal. One of the mind-boggling questions is therefore, whether legislation per se will stem the tide of the growing escalation of bribery and corruption on the part of those in public life or whether there should be put in place a comprehensive and intensive educational programme, (Continued on page 23)

DEAR EDITOR, I write in response to Dr. Asquith Rose’s letter “PPP propagandists must be exposed for their distortions” (Kaieteur News, October 30, 2013) and Dr. Tarron Khemraj’s letter “Brigadier Granger has called for a Commission of Inquiry into the East Coast crimes” (Stabroek News, October 31, 2013). It is pathetic when men from academia have to descend to name-calling to defend their position in a d e b a t e . It points to the hollowness of their argument and the futility of their

position. In my letter regarding Dr. Rose, I questioned his credibility. Because I called for academics to be accountable just like politicians, he considers me “a mouthpiece of the PPP”. Let us look at the facts. Despite what he is now touting, in 2011 he is the one who did not think Mr. Granger’s experience and the PNC’s achievements merited support. So, he was a vociferous supporter of the AFC at that time. Well, it is the same Mr. Granger and the same PNC achievements, and he wants voters now to believe that he

has seen a different light. I have no problem with him switching sides; that is his right. However, he now has to face the truth. It is either he was wrong when he supported the AFC and Mr. Ramjattan against the PNC/APNU and Mr. Granger in 2011, or he is wrong now. So which is it Dr. Rose? Now let us look at Dr. Khemraj’s letter. He sees me as a “subliminal” racist and attempts to ridicule me for pointing out the double standard in Mr. Granger’s stand on the Sun Chapman disaster in comparison to the murders in the Indian villages (Continued on page 7)

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Saturday November 02, 2013

Transport sector deemed Twenty-year-old mother takes “largest consumer” of petrol blame for abandoning baby - GEA implores public to be ‘Auto-smart’ The Guyana Energy Agency (GEA) is urging vehicular drivers to be more “Auto-smart” in light of the alarming fact that the transport sector has emerged as the “largest consumer” of the country’s petrol imports. The Agency noted that Guyana imported 4.9 million barrels of petroleum-based products in 2012 (the equivalent of 13,320 barrels per day), which represents 13.42% more than 2011. This consisted of diesel, fuel oil, gasoline, kerosene and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). However, what came as a surprise to the Agency is that a recent analysis of sector consumption revealed that the transport division accounted for the largest share of petroleum imports. This sector, driven mainly by the need for gasoline and diesel, due primarily to the growing vehicle fleet in the country, accounts for 38% of the total petroleum imports for 2012, thereby earning the title of being the country’s ‘largest energy user’. The Agency noted that energy conservation messages seldom target the transport sector and more specifically, those who own

and operate motor vehicles. However, the fact that the transport sector accounts for the largest share of imported petroleum, indicated to the company that the sector needs to be included in their messages on energy conservation (and energy efficiency) with specific reference to motor vehicle users. Dr. Mahender Sharma, Chief Executive Officer of GEA said, “…the rational and efficient use of energy requires behavioural changes to avoid unnecessary energy consumption so the question that arises is, how can we conserve energy when using a motor vehicle? The answer really is quite simple….by being ‘Auto Smart’. By simply combining errands into one trip, one can save on fuel consumption.” “The fact is that several short trips taken from a cold start can use twice as much fuel as one trip covering the same distance. Public transportation vehicles like minibuses and taxis can attain greater fuel economy by operating within prescribed speed limits and rapid acceleration.” Also, “Ensuring tyres are properly aligned and inflated, using air conditioners only

when needed, and taking unnecessary weight out of the vehicle are all ways in which they can consume less fuel.” He expressed that once adopted and practiced; these measures will not only benefit one’s wallet but will positively impact the economy and environment. The GEA also advised that there are other measures which can be implemented for better gas mileage/fuel efficiency. They suggested that vehicle owners consider buying a smaller and more fuel efficient vehicle which will consume less fuel and will not harm the environment. It is also suggested that the windows of vehicles be opened on hot days to cool the vehicle before turning on the air conditioner since a car’s air conditioner is an added burden on the engine. They recommended too, that vehicle users do not force vehicles to speed on lower gear, to avoid traffic jam routes, to use overdrive gears and cruise control when necessary, and to close windows at higher speeds as open windows increase wind resistance and force the engine to work harder.

- Toddler rescued by CCPA, now in foster care After learning that her three-year-old son was taken into protective services by the Child Care and Protection Agency (CCPA), the mother of the child on Thursday came forth to confess that she had indeed left the toddler with her 74-year-old father but further stated that she is currently in no position to claim him. CCPA rescued the child on Tuesday evening after officials of the agency responded to a hotline report which indicated that the young child was left alone in an untidy Charlotte Street residence, playing with a knife. The agency had then made a call for the mother so that genealogical information could be obtained. The woman who blames herself for the situation told Kaieteur News “I was supposed to be there for him but I was too late. I can’t collect him now until I have a stable home and proper job. I want him back but for now this is the best way.” The 20-year-old mother conveyed bitter-sweet sentiments as she explained the life circumstances which forced her to abandon her son when he was merely three months old. The young mother expressed sheer joy at the reality which her son will

now embrace as he was saved from the unhealthy and illfitting conditions under which he previously lived. After what the woman said was bit of apprehension, she came forth with all the child’s documents. She explained that her desire to have her child know her won over her fear of being imprisoned. She stated that despite the negativity and harsh words spoken to her by some, she feels it is imperative for her son to understand that she loves him but could not have done better. The toddler’s mother said that she had left him in her father’s care since he was three months old because she had no other person to take care of him. The mother told Kaieteur News that she resides at a different location but could not take the baby with her because no one would have been at home during the day to overlook the child. The mother stated that she was always unhappy with the situation in which the child was being raised but could not have done any better for him. Perhaps echoing the wishes of David Dabydeen’s “Coolie Mother” the mother told Kaieteur News that she wants her son to grow up knowing who she is, that she is supportive and only wants him to be educated. The woman said “They come and rescue my son, not take him away. They did the best thing for him. I am not fit to take care of him right now but I will try to be.” The woman explained that the last time she saw her son was on his birthday (October

20, 2013) when her father told her that they (he and the boy) will all have to move out of the house. She then planned on collecting her son. Little did she know that her son would have been the subject of a complaint lodged to CCPA about a neglected child who was left home alone by a drunken grandfather. The officer who rescued the child told Kaieteur News that she is surprised that the mother came forth for her child and they commend her for this. The officer said that the woman has been very cooperative with the agency as they are currently drawing out an improvement plan for the young lady’s life which would include instructions on care practices and selfimprovement. Officers of the CCPA told KaieteurNews that they will be working with both mother and child with hopes that eventualy the woman can reclaim her baby. They highlighted that she is a young mother and that they are very willing to work with her. The officers state that the mother is not currently in a position to take responsibility for the toddler so he was placed in one of their foster care facilities. They highlighted that the child needs that sort of care because he was in an impoverished home for a long while. The young mother advises other mothers to stay home, look after their kids and further instructed that they should not neglect their children. She says that mothers should try their best to take care of their children.

Saturday November 02, 2013

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

Descending to name-calling to defend a position is pathetic From page 5 of Annandale, Lusignan, etc. He writes “Yes, Editor, a monument. That is what Mr. Hergash believes those innocent victims deserve… Brigadier Granger has gone further than calling for a monument. He is on record calling for a presidential commission of inquiry into the crimes that took place on the East Coast”. If a Presidential inquiry is so important, by Dr. Khemraj’s logic, one has to

ask “why didn’t Mr. Granger call for a Presidential inquiry into the Sun Chapman disaster, instead of building a monument?” Before Dr. Khemraj can count on those swing voters for his new party, he and his party will have to give them equal treatment. Everyone knows full well that a monument is a permanent and visible reminder of an event, whereas a Presidential Inquiry is soon forgotten. No amount of sophistry by Dr.

Khemraj can hide this double standard. Regarding our differing views of his comparison of Guyana with Trinidad and Tobago, that is of no significance. We can agree to disagree. However, the last paragraph of his letter merits a few comments. In the first

sentence, he misrepresents what I wrote. I never questioned his ability to help Guyana because he lives in a foreign land; what I questioned is his perception of the Guyanese situation, and this is where I believe he is misinformed and misguided. Also, I wonder, what is

the significance of his mentioning of his PhD studies and his research? These are all in the area of Economics and Finance and not skills to foster national unity. Is this a placeholder to indicate that APNU’s shadow Finance Minister, Mr. Greenidge, has a potential competitor?

Before Dr. Khemraj attempts to speak on behalf of those potential swing voters in Guyana, I suggest he conducts an independent study to find out what their priorities are and why they have not been inclined to support his new party. His findings may be a revelation. Harry Hergash

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Saturday November 02, 2013

Saturday November 02, 2013

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BEYOND THE GOAL POST Branding is an important part of business today. A good brand can stand any business in good stead and help the global competitiveness of a product or service. It can also do wonders for a country’s economy as has been the case with branded football tournaments in Europe. Over the past twentythree years, a brand was developed in Guyana. It was a good brand and could have done more wonders for the local business community and for the country. This past week that brand was put to sleep. The same brand that had placed Guyana on the map was recognizable as a Caribbean product of repute had the potential to go much further. Sadly this was not to be as it became the victim of a corporate war in Guyana. For twenty-three years the Kashif and Shanghai annual football tournament was held. It had been developed into a highly popular and successful brand. At one stage, businesses were lining up to be associated with it, recognizing the value of this

year-end tournament to their profits. The tournament was by far the best organized sporting tournament in the Caribbean. It was run by individuals who understood football and understood the business of football. They brought together numerous sponsors under a single franchise, on scale never before seen in either corporate or sporting Guyana. More importantly, the organizers understood how to take a tournament, brand it and use that brand to move the tournament to a higher level. The Kashif and Shanghai tournament first began in Linden and the finals were always held in Linden. After a while it became too big for Linden. There was inadequate seating capacity at the football ground in Linden where the New Year’s final was held. The tournament had outgrown the Mackenzie Sports Club Ground. It was never the case that the organizers abandoned Linden. They did not. Spectator interest became so high that a larger facility was needed to accommodate this

Meter reading continues to be a challenge due to locked gates The Guyana Power and Light Company (GPL) is once again highlighting a major challenge associated with its billing process. The Power Company laments that Meter Readers are unable to read meters, due to locked gates. The utility company is therefore reminding customers that meter readers for all served areas should be allowed to do their jobs between 6:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs from Sunday to Sunday, to ensure accuracy of bills. According to a release from GPL’s Public Relations Department, failure to facilitate this process will result in estimated bills. “GPL advises all customers to have their meters read regularly to avoid such consequences” the company warned. The utility company stated that in cases where customers are not at home or the meters are not visible to the meter reader, they should make special provision to have their meters read. Further, customers

- GPL experiencing difficulty assisting the meter reading process are encouraged to inform GPL Billing Services. Previously, when GPL presented its annual report to the Public Utility Commission (PUC), the company officials explained that their nonmaximum bills based on actual readings continue to pose a significant challenge for the company. It was also noted that among other factors, an increased level of crime, whereby bandits posed as GPL meter reading employees impacted people’s effort to safeguard their property.

tournament which became a national event. But as it grew larger and as tens of thousands flocked to see the matches, as the brand improved, the tournament became the victim of a corporate war. And that is the tragedy of this tournament. The very corporate interests that the tournament served and could have continued to serve ended up killing the tournament. The Kashif and Shanghai tournament was not killed because of a mere competing tournament. It was not killed because of the ugly politics within the football fraternity, even though that helped to administer to final rites. The tournament was not killed because of a split in the

loyalty of fans. It was not killed because a youth movement associated with the main opposition party had shamelessly called for a boycott of the tournament. It was killed because two beverage giants chose to go to war against each other to capture the market of football fans and because, firstly, of the amount of money that was being poured into this commercial war. It was killed, secondly, because those responsible for administering the affairs of football in Guyana find it difficult to extricate themselves from this commercial war between beverage giants. In all of this, the football fans are pawns. They are being used to side with one beverage giant against the

other. And they have allowed themselves to be so scissored. But it is not football alone that has lost and will continue to lose as a result of the organizers having to end the reign of this highly successful brand known as the Kashif and Shanghai tournament. The whole country has lost because this was a brand that could have done more wonders for Guyana and in fact could have laid the foundation in the years ahead for the creation of a professional football league. It did not have to be this way. There is no reason why the two major year-end tournaments could not have been held together. In Europe where football is a billiondollar industry, three or more major tournaments are run off

together with each making adjustments for the holding of the others. Such accommodations proved elusive to those entrusted with administering football in Guyana. This is why football will not go anywhere. If beverage giants can lead to the killing of one of the best brands this country has ever produced and if football administrators sit down and see this happen, then how far can they be expected to take football in Guyana.

Gold declaration stands at 438,000 ounces Guyana’s mining industry has recorded a declaration of 438,000 ounces of gold, representing a 20 percent increase over the same period last year. The increase in activities has led to greater job opportunities and other positive spinoff effects to the economy, said Robert Persaud, Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment. During a press briefing yesterday, Minister Persaud said that mining contributes to the country’s foreign exchange, its Gross Domestic Product, and is a significant export. Because of the environmental impact of mining, Government has been working with miners and other stakeholders to see greater compliance. Persaud said mining is the key factor for the forest change seen. He reiterated

Government’s commitment to have miners practise sustainable mining. In fact, Government and the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) have been working to constantly improve sustainable mining across Guyana. Persaud is conscious that this would require tougher

monitoring and enforcement as GGMC has been doing in a number of areas. But, for a wider reach greater

collaboration is needed between key stakeholders such as miners’ association and conservation groups. He noted that reviews are being done to the code of practice in terms of waste water management and mercury usage. The issue of land reclamation is also being looked at with urgency. Various options such as engaging large companies to utilize their resources either through contractor or collaboration are being explored. Besides employing new technologies in the mining sector, the mining school is created to enhance the capacities of miners.

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Anti Money Laundering Bill… The government is using a lot of scare tactics to deceive people; therefore it is very important that the ordinary citizen understand what is going on. That was the concern expressed by A Partnership for National Unity (APNU)’s Joseph Harmon yesterday as he sought to shed some “real” light on the situation. According to Harmon, the government is using the present situation as it relates

Kaieteur News

Saturday November 02, 2013

Passing of the Bill is not going to make things nice and dandy to the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism amendment Bill to scare citizens into thinking that the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) is going to institute measures that will essentially shut down the country “that is not the case.” “The government is saying to the citizens, ‘look, the money you are receiving from your remittances gon stop, your barrels gon stop’,

- Granger well let me say this, the enhanced provisions of CFATF have been in place for a long time.” Harmon said that the people who receive remittances know that if they are going to Western Union they now have to provide additional information such as producing an identification card and answering

questions, among other things. He pointed out that these are all features that were put in place a while now. “So for the government to say all the people suffer, let me say this to the Guyanese people, the hard working people who invest they own money to do business, you are not going to be affected in this way unless your business is running on illegal money.” He said that the citizens who are doing legitimate business should not be afraid because additional paper work will be the only difference. Harmon said that Guyana is already on a dark gray list, so failure to pass the Bill will just take Guyana to another stage of scrutiny from financial institutions. He told media operatives that Guyana needs the scrutiny to “clean up things” as we will now have more orderly development in the country. APNU leader, David Granger said that his party is willing to work day and night to get this matter through, but government is taking its own sweet time. While hitting his hand loudly on the table, Granger asserted that he can’t understand how “people” are talking about doing things

hurriedly, when Thursday marked three weeks since Parliament came out of recess and there has been no sitting. He made it clear that APNU’s position has not and will not change as it relates to support for this Bill. He remarked that his Party does not think that certain aspects of the Bill can be adequately addressed on the floor of the National Assembly, hence it was sent to the Special Select Committee. He added that his party has no confidence in the effectiveness of the Bill in its current form. Granger told media operatives that Guyana is already in trouble due to no fault of his Party, but rather the work of the government. He opined that it is unlikely that CFATF or any other financial institution is going to be moved simply by the passage of the law… “They are going to look for enforcement. They have criticized Guyana over the last four years because of the level of enforcement; there was not a single prosecution.” Granger noted that the government is making an effort to paint a situation for the public to feel as if the Bill is passed tomorrow, all will be nice and dandy.

Harmon sought to address a statement made by Roger Luncheon earlier this week to the effect that the Bill does not have to satisfy APNU but rather has to have what CFATF dictated. Harmon underscored that while CFATF can dictate what it wants to see in the Bill it cannot dictate to parliamentarians how an independent country such as Guyana should approach legislative work; “no other body outside the National Assembly can dictate how we proceed to do our work.” He added that since 2011, Guyana has been facing obstacles “but we never knew about it.” Harmon said that when the Committee was established, the government had all the information but was stingy with it; “we had to keep asking and asking and got it dribble by dribble…How can such a Committee function with limited information.” APNU also listed a series of events that occurred, which it said sent a clear statement that the chair of that Committee, Gail Teixeira wanted to ensure that the opposition could not make it to the meeting where she adjourned the work of the Committee.

Saturday November 02, 2013

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By 2050, 140 million adults will reach New Chief of Staff promises better retirement age -IDB health care, increase of salary GDF 48th Anniversary…

In his first speech as Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force, Brigadier Mark Anthony Phillips during the Force’s 48th Thanksgiving Anniversary yesterday, promised hundreds of ranks improved standards in the coming year. The event, which was held at Base Camp Ayanganna saw the attendance of ranks from the different corps as well as Commissioner of Police, Leroy Brumell. Phillips in his feature address highlighted that in keeping with this year’s theme, “Consolidating and Modernizing the Guyana Defence Force for Total Defence” there is still need for more professionalism from ranks. The Army Chief announced plans to improve the facility, access to information and communication technology, including WIFI and hot spots, and will also be looking at a possible increase in salary for all staff. He added that since taking up the mandate of Chief of Staff, he is elated to report that, “I have inherited

- Four out of 10 saving for retirement

A section of the gathering yesterday. the command of an organisation that continues to make progress in the execution of its mandate with the defense and security of our nation.” The Chief of Staff noted that the last forty days since the transition of power from former Army Chief Rear Admiral Gary Best has so a far been a “smooth one”. The new Chief of Staff reminded the officers in attendance to always pursue academics in the various

fields of education. This he said will be one of the areas he will be promoting in the upcoming year. Phillips pointed out that there is need for ranks to be more visible in hinterland locations, while at the same time improving their unfaltering readiness. He added that over the next year, accountability, leadership and command will be the key qualities he will utilize as Chief of Staff. Phillips also reminded ranks

that there is a greater demand of the force to adhere to financial policies to better use public funds. In charging his ranks, Brigadier Phillips, urged them to uphold the present standards of the GDF and remain committed to improving their professionalism as members of the force. He also advised ranks to treat ill behavior of ranks condignly in order to protect the image of GDF.

Professional Statisticians’ Association launched The Caribbean Association of Professional Statisticians (CAPS) whose motto is ‘Promoting Statistics for Sustainable Development’ was launched on Monday in Basseterre, St. Kitts and Nevis. The Association was launched during the opening ceremony of the ThirtyEighth Meeting of the Standing Committee of Caribbean Statisticians (SCCS), and the Twenty-third Meeting of the Regional Census Coordinating Committee (RCCC). The launch featured the presentation of prizes to Mr. Roydenn Silcott of Montserrat and Jason Reynolds of Dominica, who were the winners of competitions that were held Region-wide to select the CAPS’ logo and motto, respectively. The main prizes -an IPad and trophy for each winner, as well airfare and per diem relative to the collection of their prizes at the SCCS were contributed by the European Union (EU), while the CARICOM Advisory Group on Statistics contributed a cash prize to each winner. The CAPS, which had its genesis in 2009 at a High Level Advocacy Forum on Statistics held in Trinidad and Tobago, is a non-profit organization that has as its objectives the promotion of

the contribution of statistics and its applications to evidence-based decisionmaking in the CARICOM Region; collaboration and discussion among professional statisticians; and the promotion of continuous training and development of professional statisticians. The organization aims to be a forum for discussion on statistical matters and will act to encourage research on statistical methodology and its applications, and to publish and disseminate findings. Its other objective is the promotion of a culture of statistical literacy, awareness and the general use of statistics in everyday

life. The association came into being as clarion calls continue to be made for demystifying statistics and for the integral role of statistics in everyday life to be heightened. It is anticipated that the establishment of the CAPS will positively impact the harmonization process within the Region and that its Membership Directory could be a catalyst for the Database of Regional Experts. It is envisaged that Chapters for the CAPS in the CARICOM Region will consist of individual Member Countries, in the case of the larger countries and of groupings of Member Countries, in the case of the

smaller countries. It is also envisaged that the Association will establish Committees to deal with Subject matters such as Official Statistics, Survey Statistics, Statistical Computation and Statistical Education.

Currently, only four out of 10 people over 65 are saving for retirement in Caribbean and Latin American countries and most pensions are less than US$10 a day, according to the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). By 2050, 140 million adults will reach retirement age and in the absence of reforms, between 47 and 60 percent of them will not have saved enough to receive an adequate pension. Reforms tackling universal coverage and incentives for formal jobs could cost around 1 percent of Gross Domestic Products . It is feasible to guarantee an adequate pension for all citizens and encourage the creation of formal jobs in Latin America and the Caribbean, according to a new publication of the InterAmerican Development Bank (IDB) entitled “Better Pensions, Better Jobs: Towards Universal Coverage in Latin America and the Caribbean”. The publication notes that, at present, only 4 out of 10 people are saving for retirement in the region, a situation that can have serious social and economic consequences as the population ages. It is estimated that in the absence of reforms, between 66 and 83 million people will not have contributed enough

to receive a pension. During the presentation of the book, IDB President Luis Alberto Moreno pointed out that the creation of formal jobs is key to guaranteeing sustainable pension systems. “We believe that pension reform would not only provide incentives to boost formal employment and productivity, but also encourage investments in infrastructure and human capital in the region”, Moreno said. Carmen Pagés–Serra, coauthor of the book and Head of the Labor Markets and Social Security Unit at the IDB, noted that “reform g o e s hand in hand with establishing sustainable and efficient anti-poverty p e n s i o n schemes and simultaneously encouraging the growth of formal employment, for example, by subsidizing pension contributions. Moreover, advances are required in the areas of financial controls, information and education”. The region is still young, which facilitates political approval of the reforms and reduces their cost. The publication concludes that pensions could be made universal by earmarking less than 1 percent of GDP, to be funded through sales or commodity taxes, for example.

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GT&T strengthens cellular coverage in West Coast Berbice With the activation of a new cell site at Bush Lot, cellular coverage on the Guyana Telephone &Telegraph Company (GT&T) network has been further enhanced in the West Coast Berbice region. According to the phone company yesterday, the new cell site at Bush Lot will strengthen coverage between the Cottage and Bath sites and provide seamless mobile,

voice and data services along that corridor. The Bush Lot site is the most recent to be turned-up in 2013 with the previous being Aranaputa Valley in Region 9 which was commissioned in June and Kurupukari, Region 8, which became operational in August. According to GT&T, since the launch of the GSM service in 2004, the company

has commissioned more than 100 cellular sites in the ten administrative regions, investing millions of dollars in Guyana every year. “GT&T, Guyana’s premier telecommunications continues to offer the most reliable and affordable telecommunication services including landline, mobile and data services. Works are in progress on another cell site in the Berbice area.”

Saturday November 02, 2013

TVET programme gets $3.6M injection The pieces of equipment that were donated

Miner placed on $125,000 bail for jewelry theft Appearing yesterday before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry was gold miner Brian Jordan of 318 North East La Penitence who faced a charge of Simple Larceny. It is alleged that during the period October 22 – 27, at North East La Penitence,

Jordan stole two gold bands each valued at $20,000, one gold finger ring valued at $60,000 and one pair of gold earrings valued at $15,000. The total value of items stolen is $115,000, property of Bhisundai Persaud. To the allegations, the defendant pleaded not guilty.

Prosecutor Bharat Mangru told the court that Jordan and Persaud are known to each other as they are neighbours. Mangru stated that Persaud had entrusted Jordon with the keys to her house after she had secured the items in her chest of drawers. Mangru told the court that when Persaud returned home she noticed the items missing. The court heard that the women then made a report to the police station and the man was arrested and charged with the offence. Prosecution offered no objection to bail. When Magistrate Sewnarine-Beharry addressed the accused, he stated that he offered to repay the woman and she accepted. The Chief Magistrate then instructed Jordon to complete payment by the next hearing of the matter which is scheduled for November 18 and placed him on $125,000 bail.

Technical institutes in Guyana are now in a better position to carry out their mandate after being recipients of a quantity of technical learning materials and equipment from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO). The gifts were handed over yesterday to the Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (CTVET) Secretariat and will be forwarded to the technical institutes across the country. The Guyana Technical Institute (GTI); the Essequibo Technical Institute (ETI) and the Carnegie School of Home Economics were listed among those to benefit. According to UNESCO’s Secretary-General, Ms. Inge Nathoo, the grant came as a result of an application for the strengthening of the TVET Council that was put forward by Minister of Education Priya Manickchand in 2011. She said that approval for the application came in May 2013. Nathoo said that the initial application was for supplies valued at USD$26,000, however, due to financial difficulties suffered by UNESCO as a result of the pull out of some key members of the organisation, the funds have dwindled.

Nevertheless, Nathoo noted that her organisation has approved USD $18,000 to be used for this purpose. She said that the funds, which translate to roughly GYD $3.6 M has been used to facilitate a 10-day workshop for assessors as well as to provide the equipment that were handed over. Also speaking at the simple ceremony yesterday was Clinton Williams Chairman of the Board of Industrial Training (BIT) as well as Chairman of CTVET, who noted that the support shown to TVET would in fact benefit the nation’s economy. He said TVET’s vision could simply be seen as “education for employment.” “It is recognized internationally that the state of every country’s economic development is inextricably linked to its productivity and i n t e r n a t i o n a l competitiveness; and concomitant is its capacity to build and sustain a competent work force. Our mission is to conceptualize, coordinate and deliver modular-based education and training in order to create and sustain a work force that is accredited to be internationally competitive.” Mr. Williams also acknowledged that the intervention of UNESCO in providing the supplies is

timely. He said that the supplies will no doubt provide a positive impact that will boost the national strategic plan with respect to accelerating implementation of competency-based training across the country. The Chairman also took the opportunity to express gratitude to UNESCO for the recently concluded workshop which he said will allow for implementation of a national strategy of assessment and certification, and ultimately implementation of quality assurance guidelines. This, according to Williams, is a critical factor as it is a precondition for Guyana to be recognized as an accreditation body for awarding the CARICOM Vocational Qualification, (CVQ) among other certification. It was urged that proper care, adequate maintenance and security be administered to the equipment received. Ms. Nathoo said that in order to ensure transparency and accountability in the management and use of the equipment, UNESCO will be monitoring and evaluating the situation from time to time. “UNESCO has a very rigid programme for monitoring and evaluation; so from time to time auditors will come and they will be checking.” While these measures will be put into place to ensure that the equipment is not being misused, Ms. Nathoo expressed confidence that the applicants of the grants “are honourable people with wisdom and integrity. We do have confidence in our applicants that they would be able to account in a transparent manner for the things we have donated and we will be able to see improved results in the sector.”

Saturday November 02, 2013

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NOC student escapes, climbs on Suddie Hospital roof A female security guard attached at the New Opportunity Corps at Onderneming is offended by the actions of a “troublesome” 16-year-old New Opportunity Corps student who threw sand in her food, Wednesday afternoon in an escape bid. The guard is also embarrassed by the inaction of officials who failed to impose any penalty against the offender. The offender, who according reports is in the habit of abusing staff members and students (inmates), has never been upbraided for his actions, a

source said. It is further believed that his continued violent outbursts which often times goes without any form of rebuke/chastisement by senior officials is being seen as a protective weapon against some of the staff, whose reckless conduct remain uncovered. The report added that after the student had escaped from the facility at Onderneeming, he was discovered on the roof of the Suddie Public Hospital, a village away, where a large crowd had simultaneously become the scene of attraction. A negotiation was struck

between the student and a senior official outside of the Region, through a telephone call. Moments later the student gracefully climbed down from the roof of the Hospital and returned to the facility at Onderneeming, unharmed. In August 2012, a number of students set fire to the garment facility (a tailor shop) and the girls’ dormitory. Forty students were charged for arson and escaping from the facility in that instance. Some were referred to the juvenile facility in Georgetown, while the others have been reinstated at the facility, at Onderneeming.

PI into murder trial of mentally ill man nears close Three witnesses are yet to testify at the Preliminary Inquiry (PI) into the murder trial of mentally ill murder accused, Lloyd Greene. Greene, who was charged for the murder of Earl France, on April 26, 2009, is languishing behind bars, awaiting the conclusion of a Preliminary inquiry, which has dragged on for more than four years. The murder accused has endured four separate preliminary Inquiries into the matter, under the supervision different Magistrates. However, the PI was never concluded. Earlier this year, his relatives sought the intervention of relevant authorities to bring an end to

the stalled case. As the investigation nears its close, Greene’s relatives, are hoping for a definite outcome. Greene’s case currently sits before Magistrate Dylon Bess at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court. Attorney -at- Law, Troy Deygoo is representing the accused. Previously in the case, the Attorney wrote to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) requesting that the murder charge be withdrawn based on the mental state of his client. However, the DPP indicated that the accused was mentally fit to stand trial. Greene, 36, of Lot 140 Laing Avenue, Georgetown is accused of fatally wounding

Earl France on April 26, 2009. The victim was reportedly stabbed in the region of his heart during a heated disagreement. Details suggest that France and the accused were involved in a brawl, at which time, Greene was injured. Greene reportedly fled the scene and armed himself with a knife. Upon his return, Greene wounded France several times. The man eventually succumbed to his injuries, on his way to the Georgetown Public Hospital.

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IMMIGRATION INFO: Immigration News For Our Community Attorney Gail S. Seeram, Through this “Question & Answer” column, our goal is to answer your immigration questions. We appreciate your comments and questions. If you have a question that you would like answered in this column, please email: Question #1: I lost my certificate of naturalization, do I need to reapply for one or will my U.S. passport be enough to prove that I am a U.S. citizen? Answer #1: T h e certificate of naturalization and certificate of citizenship is primary proof that you are a U.S. citizen. The U.S. passport is second proof. I advise you to file Form N-565 to replace your certificate of naturalization. The filing fee is US$345. Note, you should get a safe deposit box at the bank and keep items like your passport, birth certificate and certificate of naturalization safely stored. Question #2: My U.S. citizen sister filed for me since September 2002, how much longer do I have to wait? Answer #2: According to the November 2013 visa bulletin, visas for siblings of a U.S. citizen are being issued for petitions filed on or before

August 2001. So, you have less than a one-year wait. Assuming all required documents have been submitted to the National Visa Center, you will receive an interview notice from the U.S. Embassy when the visa is available. Question #3: My lawful permanent resident spouse filed a petition for me, can I still apply for a visitor visa? Answer #3: Yes, you can apply but since you have an intent to live in the U.S., this may impact your approval for the visitor visa. Remember, to obtain a visitor visa, you must show strong ties to your native country and also that you have no intent to reside or overstay to live in the U.S. Question #4: Why was my tourist visa revoked? Answer #4: There can be several reasons why the U.S. Embassy revoked your

Gail S. Seeram visa. Some reason may be that you failed to meet the requirements for the visa, maybe you overstayed in the U.S. with your visa or maybe you made a fraudulent misrepresentation to the U.S. Embassy. I would advise you to see an explanation from the U.S. Embassy, though one if not legally required. Question #5: I’m a lawful permanent resident, can I apply for my fiancé? Answer #5: Unfortunately, the answer is no. Only a U.S. citizen can apply for a fiancé visa. A fiancé visa is not available for a lawful permanent resident.

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Saturday November 02, 2013

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Customer service must not be at the cost of insulting public intelligence DEAR EDITOR, I read with interest the GRA/ Bai Shan Lin controversy which claims that the development of the Lamaha Street embankment is being done at “no cost” to the GRA and as part of Bai Shan Lin’s “Corporate Social Responsibility,” also known as CSR. Let us examine what CSR is as defined by Berkeley University: ”The corporate belief that a company needs to be responsible for its actions – socially, ethically, and environmentally.” The Harvard University, Kennedy School of Governance, a globally respected academic leader in public policy and public administration launched a multi-disciplinary and multistakeholder program aimed at studying and enhancing the public contributions of private enterprise. This is what the school had to say about the CSR: “Corporate social responsibility encompasses not only what companies do with their profits, but also how they make them. It goes beyond philanthropy and compliance and addresses how companies manage their economic, social, and environmental impacts. Companies are facing new demands to engage in publicprivate partnerships and are under growing pressure to be accountable not only to shareholders, but also to stakeholders such as employees, consumers, suppliers, local communities, policymakers, and society-at-large. Government ultimately bears the responsibility for leveling the playing field and ensuring public welfare. In order for corporate social responsibility programs to work, government and the private sector must construct a new understanding of the balance of public and private responsibility and develop new governance and business models for creating social value.” (http:// Upon examination of the above explanation of CSR by both astute universities, it is obvious that what Bai Shan Lin is doing is nothing more than capitalizing on an opportunity for its own corporate gain. By no definition is the company “socially, ethically, and environmentally” responsible or accountable to us the people of Guyana. The many articles published about the company demonstrate their absolute disregard for Guyana law and process. In a SN article published April 18, the article read “The Chinese logging company Bai Shan Lin Forest Development Inc has been accused of carrying out unlawful works at Moblissa, Linden, and refusing to sign a Cease Work Order (CWO) served on it by the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC).” This is just one of several cases that developed since this article. The following should be noted, as the GRA and Mr. Sattaur so empathically term Bai Shan Lin’s work as CSR: 1. Bai Shan Lin is a highly controversial company that has been in one act of public dissidence to another as noted above. 2. The Embankment was specifically cleared by the GPL, stating that it was not a safe area for public use. 3. While there is no cost to the GRA, the public will be charged to use the space at a cost we are yet to be told about. 4. Who will control that cost should the developers choose to up the charges? 5. How long will Bai Shan Lin have authority to charge the public for use of their own public land? 6. Is there a contract that specifies any of these arrangements? 7. And if there is, then the public should be privy to it. I am all for CSR, but to compare the effort of David

Bribery and... From page 5 designed to create an environment in which our children, who would be the adults of tomorrow, could be nurtured, developed and sensitized of the intrinsic value and significance of the principles of honesty and integrity. Since bribery and corruption would appear to be irrefutably endemic and pervasive in the regime and in the society, nongovernmental organizations such as the Transparency Institute of Guyana, the

Private Sector Commission, the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the trade unions, among others, ought to collectively consider speaking out against and condemning the PPP regime for its failure to stop the growing escalation of corruption and bribery at all levels of government. And there is no better place to begin than with the contracts in which major kickbacks are offered in return for them. Dr. Asquith Rose and Harish S. Singh

de Caires and his attempts to beatify Camp Street to what Bai Shan Lin is doing is insulting to de Caires and the goodwill CSR is intended to foster. In addition, Mr Sattaur has established himself as a man of integrity who is a stickler to rules and regulations. His engagement in this debacle now has him pinned as somewhat less than forthright by: 1. Keeping the arrangement secret from the public 2. Allowing the use of a publicly unsafe space for the benefit of his office 3. Justifying the acts of a controversial company by touting Corporate Social Responsibility. I should note at this point that I am very pleased that efforts are being made to provide much needed services to customers of the GRA. However, it should not be at the cost of insulting public intelligence, jeopardizing their lives and then charging them an undisclosed amount for both! Tamika Henry-Williams (From page 22)

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Kaieteur News

Saturday November 02, 2013

Stalwart educator Anoopwattie Handyman remanded for robbing ‘provision’ vendor Veeren passes on Educator and former head teacher of the Helena Primary School, Mahaica, Anoopwattie Veeren, died yesterday, at age 68, after a brief period of illness. Minister of Labour, Dr. Nanda Gopaul, expressed sadness at her passing. He said that Veeren was a role model for teachers, students and women throughout Guyana. ”She has shaped the lives of numerous children through her teachings, and helped to empower women and citizens through her relentless advocacy for women’s rights and community development work.” Veeren served also as a member of the Teaching Service Commission, and was always keenly interested in community development, a

Government release said. At the time of her death, she was a leading member of the Region Five PPP/C group and served in various positions in the Women’s Progressive Organisation. Veeren was also the Chairperson of the Unity/ Veereniging NDC, and the Upper East Coast Local Board of Guardians. She was a Justice of the Peace and Commissioner of Oaths to Affidavits. In 2000, Veeren retired as graduate Headmistress of Helena Primary School after serving the system for 40 years as a teacher. The Ministry of Education in 1989 had given her the Teacher of the Year award for Region Four. Another award that she gained (in 1999) was the

Anoopwattie Veeren Baha’i Woman of Distinction for Laudable and Sacrificial Service to Society. Veeren had also served during her working years as a member of the Central Board of Health, an RDC Councillor for Region Four and as Chairperson of the Guyana Women’s Leadership Institute. She was the mother of four, three daughters and a son.

A handyman from Linden yesterday appeared before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court, charged with Robbery under Arms. It is alleged that on October 29, at Amelia’s Ward, Linden, Corwin Estwick robbed Sharda Timaul of US$200, one Samsung Galaxy phone valued at $35,000, $4000 worth of phone cards and $340 cash.

Police Prosecutor Sergeant Bharat Mangru told the court that the victim is a business woman who owns a vegetable truck. The court heard that about 11:30hrs on the said date, the defendant pretended to be a customer who wanted to purchase bananas. Mangru said however, that Estwick subsequently took out a gun and robbed her of the items mentioned in the charge. The court heard that Timaul made a report and an

Identification parade was conducted which led to the accused being identified, arrested and charged. The Prosecution then objected to bail on account of the prevalence and seriousness of the offence. The Chief Magistrate thereafter transferred the matter to the Christianburg Magistrates’ Court for continuance on November 12. Estwick was remanded to prison

Sales clerk refused bail for stealing 2M from Game Express Twenty-year-old Ryan Chow of 197 Third Street Anna Catherina, West Bank Demerara, yesterday appeared before Chief Magistrate Priya SewnarineBeharry at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court charged with Simple Larceny. It is alleged that during the period October 22 to October 26, at Game Express on North Road, Lacytown, Chow stole five 32GB iPods valued at $672,000, four 16GB iPods valued at $155,000, ten PS Vita Games valued at $140,000, three PS Vita System valued at $295,000, two Nintendo PSI System valued at $130,000, twenty two Nintendo 3DS games valued at $264,000 and six PS Vita Memory Cards valued at $60,000. The total value of items stolen is $2,066,000, property of Steve Henriques. To the allegation, the defendant pleaded not guilty. According to the report

Ryan Chow

given by Police Prosecutor Sergeant Bharat Mangru, Chow was employed at the store as a sales clerk. The court heard that the said store is monitored by a Close

Circuit Television (CCTV) system. Mangru told the court that on October 26, Henriques made checks on the stocks in the store and discovered that the items mentioned in the charge were missing. The court heard that Henriques then viewed the CCTV footage and the defendant was seen removing the items. Mangru stated that the matter was then reported to the police and when the accused was confronted with the allegations he admitted to committing the act. Chow was then arrested and charged. Mangru told the court that one of the Nintendo PSI’s was recovered. Chow, who told the court he is an orphan since both his parents are deceased, stated that he has an aunt who is willing to bail him. The Prosecution however objected to bail on account of the seriousness of the offence as well as the penalty attached. Mangru opined that if granted bail the defendant may not return to court. The Chief Magistrate remanded the man to prison and transferred the matter to the courtroom of Magistrate Fabayo Azore who then refused bail and adjourned the matter to November 15.

Saturday November 02, 2013

Kaieteur News

Caribbean countries not facing reality of global economic crisis BRIDGETOWN, Barbados - CMC – St. Lucia’s Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony says some Caribbean countries are refusing to face up to the impact of the global economic crisis. “The tragedy of the times is that we are in the throes of a major crisis like the Caribbean has never ever experienced before, but we are refusing to face the reality that confronts us and all of us are engaged in one form or another of self denial,” Anthony said while delivering a lecture at the University of the West Indies earlier this week. Speaking on the theme “Education In the CaribbeanChallenges and Opportunities Facing Small Developing States,” the St. Lucian prime minister challenged his

Dr. Kenny Anthony regional colleagues to be honest about the hard and unusual decisions that must be made because of difficult global economic conditions. “It is costly business to tell your people that things are hard, things are difficult

and precisely because things are hard and things are difficult, that you have to take unusual measures to deal with it. But it is necessary that we do so.” But he acknowledged the region often closes its ears to frank and honest talk. “We don’t like frank talk. We don’t like open talk. We don’t like honest talk…” Anthony further expressed frustration that countries are busy looking inward- each busy with their own agenda rather than pursue a Caribbean solution to the economic crisis. “Everybody is busy with their own domestic agenda, “he said, raising concern about what he called a mendicancy sweeping the Caribbean. “What has happened is that we have created an

Energy Minister: Oil production of 82,000 barrels by year’s end

Daniel Brash, left, operations manager/director Rigtech Services Ltd, initials the bid placed on behalf of his company for the St Mary’s Onshore Block at yesterday’s close of bids by the Energy Ministry at the Hyatt Regency Trinidad. Also in photo are Richard Oliver, deputy permanent secretary, in the ministry and Indira Rampaul-Cheddie, senior state counsel. Photo: Sean Nero Jamaica Guardian Energy Minister Kevin Ramnarine said he expects 2013 to end with a production rate of 82,000 barrels of oil per day (bopd). Up to October 2013, he said, production was at 81,500 bopd. Production in 2012 was 81,700 bopd. Ramnarine was speaking Thursday at the closing ceremony for the onshore bid round at the Hyatt Regency in Port of Spain. The boxes containing the bids were opened in front of bidders and industry executives. The government

received 11 bids on the three onshore blocks. AV Oil and Gas Ltd bid on Rio Claro and Ortoire. Glint Energy LLC and Lease Operators Ltd bid on all three. Touchstone Exploration Inc bid on Ortoire. Range Resources Ltd and Trinity Exploration and Production plc bid on St Mary’s. The minister said the successful bids will be announced before the end of the year: “We will go into the evaluation mode as soon as possible and we will make an announcement by the middle of

December.” The onshore bid round officially opened on May 16. Three exploration and Production Licences were offered representing approximately 150,000 acres of state lands in Tr i n i d a d ’s prolific Southern Basin. These consist of the Rio Claro Block (74,954 acres), the Ortoire Block (44,731 acres) and the St Mary’s Block (37,760 acres). These acreages offer a range of opportunities related to block sizes, production potential and hydrocarbon play types.

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Kaieteur News

Saturday November 02, 2013

Stop-and-Frisk reform delayed in New York NEW YORK - CMC – Caribbean American legislators yesterday expressed disappointment over a United States Federal Appeals Court ruling that stops a sweeping set of changes to the New York Police Department’s (NYPD) controversial practice of stopping and frisking blacks and other minorities, including Caribbean nationals. The appeals court also criticized the trial judge’s conduct and removed her from the case. “I am extremely disappointed and very concerned with the decision rendered yesterday by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals that delays reforms to New York City’s Stop-andFrisk programme that were ordered by District Court Judge Scheindlin,” said Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke, the daughter of a Jamaican immigrant. She told the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) that the programme was based on racial profiling. “Every person in New York City must have has the right to walk the streets of the city in which they reside, or ride the subway or the bus, without the threat of a serious intrusion based on racial profiling, which dehumanizes them and violates their civil rights and civil liberties,” said Clarke, who represents the predominantly Caribbean 9th Congressional District in Brooklyn, New York. “We cannot continue to tell young Latino or African-

Jumaane D. Williams American men to wait for the equal protection of the law. As the Reverend Dr Martin Luther King explained in “Letter from a Birmingham Jail”, wait almost always means never. “These young men have already waited more than a decade for the freedoms protect by our Constitution. The wait must end now,” she told CMC. New York City Councilman Jumaane D. Williams, the son of Grenadian immigrants, who has been very critical of the NYPD’s policy, said being right on an issue in America has “never meant an easy win. “The stay by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals today has absolutely nothing to do with the positive reforms ordered in the lower court’s ruling or the merits of the case in Floyd vs New York, including the appointment of a federal monitor to end the abuse of Stop and Frisk by

the New York Policy Department,” he told CMC. “Instead, this stay has everything to do with an individual judge’s own conduct, and even that is questionable,” said Williams, who represents the primarily Caribbean 45th Council District in Brooklyn. “When the merits of the case were heard by the lower court, we won. While this stay is frustrating, when the court hears the merits of the case again, there is no doubt that we will win again.” Williams, however, said that with the ruling continues “to be put into a state of confusion over the status of stop-and-frisk, and whether the approach used by the NYPD, which has led to hundreds of thousands of innocent New York City residents being unconstitutionally stopped and frisked, will continue. “The people of New York City must have full confidence that their constitutional rights will not be violated u n d e r s t o p and-frisk,” he said, noting that even with the s t a y, t h e N e w Yo r k Community Safety Act, will soon be enacted. He said it would help p r o t e c t N e w York City residents against the violation of their “basic civil right and liberties”. Williams said he would establish an independent inspector general to oversee the use of stop-and-frisk and enable residents to have violations of stop-and-frisk heard in a court of law.

Venezuela President says Twitter attacked his account CARACAS,Venezuela (AFP) — Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro has accused Twitter of attacking his account and those of several cabinet officials as part of a right-wing plot. Maduro said late Thursday that the alleged attack was conducted in concert with social networks to provoke unrest and suspend upcoming December 8 municipal elections. Communications Minister Delsy Rodriguez said nearly 6,600 Maduro followers disappeared from the president’s account in 10 minutes, although she did not specify when the incident too place. As of Friday, Maduro’s official Twitter account had 1.4 million followers.

Rodriguez said her own Twitter account had also been suspended. “We’ve uncovered a massive attack by the Twitter company and the international right against the accounts of Bolivarian patriots and Venezuelan Chavistas, coming from various parts of the world,” Maduro said. A Twitter spokesperson declined comment. Senior opposition figure Leopoldo Lopez said it was “ridiculous” that Maduro was worried about the loss of Twitter followers at a time when the oil-rich country is beset by economic crises. Speaking in Miami, the former mayor who heads the Voluntad Popular (Popular Will) Party said Maduro is

“totally out of touch with what’s happening in the country.” Maduro, the hand-picked successor of late president Hugo Chavez, was elected president April 14 over opposition leader Henrique Capriles, who has refused to recognize his 1.49 percent win. Analysts see the December polls in which Venezuelans will cast ballots for mayors and municipal council members as a key barometer of support for the government. For months, Maduro has denounced alleged plots from abroad to sow trouble, overturn the government, assassinate members of the executive branch and aid opposition.

Saturday November 02, 2013

Kaieteur News

Snowden wants to help German probe, testify in US Moscow (AFP) Intelligence leaker Edward Snowden is ready to assist a German probe into US spying on Chancellor Angela Merkel but also wants to talk directly to the US Congress, a German lawmaker who met the fugitive said yesterday. Snowden had late on Thursday met German Green party lawmaker Hans-Christian Stroebele at an undisclosed location in Moscow to discuss his revelations that Washington for years monitored Merkel’s mobile phone, which has caused an uproar in Europe. On his return to Germany, Stroebele published a letter from Snowden and said the American was ready to testify to the US Congress to shed light on “possibly serious offences”. The former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor, who began work at an undisclosed Russian Internet firm on Friday, was granted asylum in Russia in August to the fury of the United States, where he faces trial on charges under the Espionage Act.

Hans-Christian Stroebele (right) poses for a photo with former US spy agency contractor Edward Snowden in Moscow. (AFP) In the letter, a copy of which was posted on Stroebele’s website, Snowden said he was prepared to provide details of

US spying to Germany and he was “heartened” by the global response to his leaks despite the unrelenting US pressure.

Obama tells Iraqi leader that U.S. wants ‘inclusive’ Iraq

U.S. President Barack Obama (R) and Iraq’s Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki (L) talk to reporters in the Oval Office after meeting at the White House in Washington, yesterday. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst WASHINGTON (Reuters) President Barack Obama pressed Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki yesterday to build a more inclusive democracy in his country and said the United States would cooperate with Iraq as it tries to push back a

resurgent al Qaeda. As Iraq experiences a rising spiral of sectarian violence two years after U.S. troops departed following eight years of war, Maliki came to Washington seeking U.S. help to counter a Sunni insurgency revived in

part by Syria’s civil war next door. Obama, in White House Oval Office remarks with Maliki at his side, made no mention of supplying the U.S.made Apache helicopters the Iraqis are seeking from the United States.

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Kaieteur News

Saturday November 02, 2013

Pakistani Taliban chief killed in drone strike

I S L A M A B A D / PESHAWAR, Pakistan (Reuters) - The head of the Pakistani Taliban was killed by a U.S. drone strike yesterday, security and Taliban sources said, in a blow to the fragmented movement fighting against the nucleararmed South Asian nation. Hakimullah Mehsud was one of the most wanted and feared men in Pakistan with a $5 million U.S. bounty on his head, leading an insurgency from a mountain hideout in North Waziristan, the Taliban’s stronghold on the Afghan frontier. “We confirm with great sorrow that our esteemed leader was martyred in a drone attack,” a senior Taliban commander said. In Washington, two U.S. officials confirmed Mehsud’s death in a CIA drone strike. They spoke on condition of anonymity. At the White House, a spokeswoman said officials had seen the reports Mehsud may have been killed in Pakistan. “We are not in a position to confirm those reports, but if true, this would be a serious loss” for the Pakistan Taliban, Caitlin

Hakimullah Mehsud Hayden, spokeswoman for the National Security Council, said in a statement. She noted that the Pakistan Taliban had claimed responsibility for the failed bomb plot at New York’s Times Square in 2010, and that Mehsud was wanted in connection with the killing of seven CIA employees in Afghanistan in 2009. The killing of Mehsud was the latest setback for the Pakistani Taliban, a group aligned with its Afghan namesakes and which has staged attacks against Pakistani armed forces and civilians in its fight to topple

the government. His death is almost certain to scuttle the prospect of peace talks between the Taliban and the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who won a landslide election victory in May by promising to bring peace to the country. Pakistan had informed the United States and Britain that peace talks with the Pakistani Taliban were imminent, said Bruce Riedel, a former CIA and White House official with extensive experience in the region. “So the drone strike is very awkward and difficult for Sharif. Conspiracy theories in Pakistan will assume he agrees to the strike even as he proposed peace talks with Mehsud,” Riedel said via email. “Another setback for U.S.-Pakistan relations ironically.” The government never clarified which factions of the Taliban it was willing to talk to or whether it would comply with the Taliban’s demands to release its prisoners and withdraw the army from Taliban strongholds in Pakistan’s tribal areas. The government, which

Kerry to visit Egypt, tensions high before Mursi trial CAIRO (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will visit Egypt a day before deposed Islamist President Mohamed Mursi goes on trial, the next likely flashpoint in the struggle between his Muslim Brotherhood and the army-backed interim government. Several hundred Islamists protested in a few cities yesterday, responding to a call from a pro-Mursi alliance for daily protests until the ousted president stands trial on Monday. In Alexandria, seven people were wounded after residents clashed with Mursi supporters before security forces intervened, a security official said. Forty-five Mursi supporters were arrested.

Fighting also erupted in the Gisr al-Suez district of Cairo. Ties between Washington and strategic ally Cairo have deteriorated since the overthrow of Mursi, Egypt’s first democratically elected president. The state news agency said Kerry’s visit to Egypt, the first since Mursi’s fall, would only last several hours. A mass uprising which toppled authoritarian ruler Hosni Mubarak, a longtime U.S. ally, in February 2011 had raised hopes that military men would no longer dominate Egypt. But the man who removed Mursi, army chief General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, has become a wildly popular

figure and many Egyptians have turned against the Brotherhood and anyone perceived as its supporter, including the United States. State-run newspapers often carry conspiracy theories which suggest Washington backed the Brotherhood to ensure U.S. domination of Egypt and the rest of the Middle East. One even reported that President Barack Obama is a Brotherhood member. Those dynamics could make it difficult for Washington to lobby successfully for democracy in Egypt. In a sign of the tension, the United States said on October 9 it would withhold deliveries of tanks, fighter aircraft, helicopters and missiles, as well as $260 million in cash aid to Egypt, pending progress on democracy and human rights. Mursi’s removal has posed a dilemma for Obama in dealing with a longstanding strategic ally. He wants to maintain ties with the most populous Arab country, which has a peace treaty with Israel and controls the Suez Canal waterway linking Europe and Asia.

Saturday November 02, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Cool Runnings Beach Football Club Mohamed 80, Bishundyal 5 for 17... page 30 of religious holidays as a here and the atmosphere is representatives clinch overseas sojourn From 6-0-9-2 secured the match. results no matches will be filled with the spirit of truth,

Months of perseverance has finally borne fruit and two beach footballers out of the Cool Runnings Beach Football Club (CRBFC) have been so impressive that they have managed to clinch a spot in a lucrative overseas football tournament. The two players, Marmarlaque Davidson and Ron Fiedtkou left Guyana

yesterday for Tobago where they will join America Beach Football Club of Florida USA in the 5th Annual Bagosports Beach Soccer Championships which got underway yesterday and concludes tomorrow afternoon in the Twin Island Republic. According to President of the CRBFC, Rollin Tappin, the two players are

very experienced and should be able to easily adapt in this tournament. They will be joining the US based team which comprises the current US men’s beach football captain, Francois Faberoff, among others. The local players will comprise a part of Group ‘A’ which includes Team Trinidad and Swiss Boys Beach FC out of Switzerland.

Saturday November 02, 2012 ARIES (MAR 21 - APR 19): You feel mentally and physically great, and your business and financial interests may take a sudden turn for the better. A contract could be involved. *************************** TAURUS (APR 20 - MAY 20): You can overcome difficulties with business and money through the help of someone older. Helpful advice makes a future course of action seem clearer and more practical than before. Your practical abilities are heightened. *************************** GEMINI (MAY 21 - JUN 20): Today a piece of information for which you've been searching could suddenly become known. You might use your business and moneymanagement skills to help a friend or a group with which you're affiliated. *************************** CANCER (JUN 21 - JUL 22): Efforts to advance your career that you've made over the past few weeks could finally bear fruit. Success and good fortune are strongly indicated where business and money are concerned. *************************** LEO (JUL 23 - AUG 22): A long-awaited vacation or move you've been hoping to make could finally be possible today. Before you go, there may be some paperwork to take care of. ************************ VIRGO (AUG 23 - SEP 22):Heightened imagination and ingenuity could bring new ideas for advancing yourself in money and business affairs. Practical information attained from outside sources merges with insights to bring useful information your way. Consider everything carefully before taking action.

LIBRA (SEP 23 - OCT 22): Social events, especially those unrelated to business, could bring exciting new contacts. Relationships with partners should be mutually beneficial, particularly when the people you're dealing with are friends. *************************** SCORPIO (OCT 23 NOV 21): Your efficient and practical abilities are operating at a very high level. A long-term goal that you've been working toward could finally be reached today, bringing good fortune and open acknowledgement. *************************** SAGITTARIUS (NOV 22 DEC 21): Your strong business head and practical skills couple with imagination and innovation to bring advancement your way *************************** CAPRICORN (DEC 22 JAN 19): Business colleagues or prospective partners could visit today. The meeting promises to be cooperative, rewarding, and fruitful. *************************** AQUARIUS (JAN 20 - FEB 18): A social event in your neighborhood, perhaps in your home, could bring practical information your way that you can put to use to advance your business. You could meet some valuable contacts. Information received from neighbors can prove enlightening. You should feel optimistic, enthusiastic, and motivated. *************************** PISCES (FEB 19 - MAR 20): Your business and financial interests could suddenly take a turn for the better. Any difficulties you've been having may disappear as if by magic. Whatever your work, either related to career or projects of your own, it should suddenly run a lot more smoothly.

Enterprise (B) winning by 27 runs. Fairfield V.S. Cane Grove at Fairfield Fairfield won by a walk over after Cane Grove failed to arrive. Meanwhile, the East Coast Cricket Board as customary always recognizes the significances

played tomorrow, Sunday November 3, 2013 because of Diwali. The President and Executives would like to extend Diwali Greetings to all especially our Hindu brothers and sisters. May the festival of lights be the harbinger of joy and prosperity. As the holy occasion of Diwali is

love and happiness, here’s hoping this festival of beauty brings your way, bright sparkles of contentment, that stay with you through the days ahead. Best wishes on Diwali to East Coast and indeed all Guyana. SHUBH DIWALI!

DCC collects 2012\2013 GCA\Hadi’s... From page 34 collected a trophy and $80,000 and DCC a trophy and $120,000; members of the runner up and winning teams were given medals. Captain of DCC Christopher Barnwell thanked the sponsor and GCA; he also wished the other teams well in the 2013-2014 competition which was also launched last evening. Speaking on behalf of Hadi’s at the launching of the 2013\2014 tournament, Desmond Helwig said they are pleased to be associated with cricket and lauded the GCA for a well organized 2012\2013 competition which is expected to commence next weekend.

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Letter to the Sports Editor

Ministry of Education ready to engage all on structured approach to schools football DEAR EDITOR, Within the structures of the school system, football is emerging as a very popular and well supported sport. At the Ministry of Education, we have seen a number of entities coming forward to support and sponsor football activities at the Primary, Secondary and the PostSecondary levels. In addition to the more national and widely publicized tournaments sponsored by Digicel, Scotia Bank/Pepsi, Milo, Courts Guyana, Chico and others, events solidly coordinated by the Petra Organization, Kashif and Shanghai, the Guyana Sports Development Foundation and other well-run Regional and community based events ensure year-round participation. We certainly welcome this support, since, as we have always maintained, these activities compliment the other aspects of the educational process. Given the level of interest, schools’ football is now at a point in Guyana where a more comprehensive plan regarding optimizing the deep potential it posses must be worked out. As with everything in education, this must start with some clear consideration being given to the students involved and what is in their best interest. We do the nation’s children a grave injustice if we

simply allow them to go onto the field of play and perform without discussing all of the elements that can ensure that the engagement goes beyond the game itself and contributes to a meaningful personal developmental experience. We must clearly define for ourselves who we want emerging from these experiences and shape and define our programmes to produce exactly that. For too long we have been settling for “what we get” and this has to be replaced with a more proactive, outcome oriented approach to youth development. This certainly is not the ideal place to define all facets of such an approach, however at the least we should ensure that our programmes are producing balanced, independent, critical thinkers, who possess a healthy awareness of self while respecting others, who possess life skills well beyond the skills demonstrated on the playing field, who have a healthy appetite for knowledge and an awareness of how to transfer their innate skills into securing a productive future for themselves. Schools can assist greatly in achieving these outcomes however it is the collective involvement of all stakeholders that will ensure its total success. From the outset, all of the

respective “power-brokers” need to meet and devise a common vision and the pathway for realizing same. For too long the major entities have been operating in their respective silos at the expense of the real development that can occur in this sector. It would be sad if any of those individual see this as a finger pointing exercise rather than the call for collective engagement that it is; and nothing emerges from this. We have a prime opportunity here that should not be squandered. At the same time, there is a proliferation of lessons out there regarding those who seek to use young people simply for a calculated profit and we must guard against that as we devise our development plan for the sport. We cannot be naïve and not recognize that this is a viable, thriving industry across the world and people will attempt to exploit it here in Guyana. At the same time, we cannot rob ourselves of the array of benefits that can accrue from a well structured football and athletic developmental plan in general. To that end, the Ministry of Education is willing to engage all well-meaning entities in outlining a plan for the future of our nation’s talented youth. Olato Sam Chief Education Officer

Letter to the Sports Editor

Dennis Clarke clears air on Chin Inter Ward basketball issue Dear Editor, We of the Trinity Grid Pacesetters Basketball Club would like to clear the air as it relates to a statement that was made by the President of the Guyana Basketball Officials Council (GBOC), Mr. Cecil Chin, in which he stated that his council was, as he puts it “Slighted” during the staging of the Inter Ward Basketball Tournament. Chairman of the Club Mr. Dennis Clarke, said that the statement is untrue and he believes that Mr. Chin is trying to damage the integrity of the Pacesetters Basketball Club which has never fallen short in honoring their commitments weather financial or otherwise. He believes that Chin is getting mixed up with the Inter Wards 2013 and the NCBL which was staged in 2012 of which he Chin represented the

promoters and the officials who are still owed. Clark noted that his club approached GBOC to have them officiate in the Inter Ward tournament. He was given the mandate by Chin to pay in advance for the services of GBOC as it was in keeping with the constitution of GBOC. Clark said that he requested a copy of that constitution and Chin waved a paper in his (Clarke) face saying, this is our constitution. However in the interest of basketball and the tournament, we advanced GBOC a total of Ninety Thousand Dollars for which we received an incomplete receipt. The club continued to pay the fees throughout the tournament and it should be noted that all fees have been paid to date. He said that it appears that GBOC, although claiming to be

professional are operating in the opposite as he recalled during the tournament he asked the treasurer for a receipt for a further payment that he made, but was greeted with hostile words by the treasurer, Mr. Adrian George, who was at the time functioning as a table official. George subsequently left his position and exited the venue leaving he, Clarke, to take up and complete his (George’s) duties. The chairman said that his club remains committed to the development of basketball in Guyana and will support GABF, GABA, LABA, BABA and any promotional group as long as they keep within the constitution of the GABF, GABA, LABA & BABA. Pacesetters are currently participating in the Brusche’s Classic and the Super Sevens basketball tournaments. Trinity Grid Pacesetters Basketball Club

Saturday November 02, 2013

Letter to the Sports Editor

Thanks Mr. Raj Singh DEAR EDITOR, I would like to thank Mr. Raj Singh, it was long overdue. At last I can see positive moves at the Demerara Cricket Board to play cricket on the field and not in the court. The usual individuals will try hard to deter your efforts but you have to continue moving forward and eventually sensible people will realise who are the detractors and misfits, many of whom only contribute when “the price is right”. Continue to volunteer your skills and resources to the development of our

beautiful game and let not the threat of court action deter you as those threats are also prevalent against us on the East Coast as some of us intend to advance the game with or without the support of the court friendly East Coast Cricket Board Executives.ogp I must also congratulate the Executives of Enmore Cricket Club to have successfully launched their GT&T Sponsored competition and revive cricket in the upper East Coast area. Continue the good work and everyone on the East Coast

will eventually realise who can promote their community’s interest and not their own. However Mr. Raj Singh, you need to put in some more work to ensure all the cricket grounds in Demerara are up and running so that more are available for usage by our youths. I am sure the Honourable Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports Dr. Frank Anthony will provide the necessary support as he did at Enmore recently. Andy Persaud Resident of East Coast Demerara

East Coast Cricket Board Trophy Competition

Mohamed 80, Bishundyal 5 for 17, Persaud 5 for 16 as Enterprise, Lusignan, Strathavon record wins

Zaheer Mohamed

Kumar Bishundyal

Action in the East Coast Cricket Board Trophy Competition continued last weekend with several matches. Several outstanding performances were recorded with Zaheer Mohamed, Kumar B i s h u n d y a l and Hector Persaud were impressive with bat and ball respectively. In results from the matches played: Ogle (Red) V.S. Enterprise (A) at Ogle - Match reduced to 29 Overs due to rain: Enterprise (A) were invited to bat first in front of a reasonable crowd as the spectators came out to support the home team. F. Persaud s t a r t e d w e l l b y removing national opener Rajendra Chandrika c h e a p l y, b u t f o r m e r Demerara captain and national all-rounder Zaheer Mohamed and Doodnauth came together to steer the side to safety w ith Mohamed blasting 80 not out smashing 10x4s and 3 massive sixes. Enterprise (A) ended their innings at 159 for 5 from 29 overs.

Persaud ended with figures of 2 for 18 from his 6 overs. Ogle (Red) in reply were bowled out for 86 in 23.2 overs with Anora Gomes making 20 (2x4). Bowling for Enterprise (A) - K. Sheer 4-0-21-3 and Rajendra Chandrika 5-1-92. Enterprise won by 74 runs. Strathavon V.S. Helena 1-2 at Strathavon Strathavon won the toss and invited Helena 1 & 2 to bat first. Helena 1 & 2 started badly with Dellon Willis putting up a little fight but was eventually bowled out for a paltry 66 runs in 18 overs. Willis made 20 runs. Hector Persaud bowled with some fire and swing and troubled almost all the batsmen who faced him, ending with figures of 4-016-5. Strathavon in reply made 69 for 2 from 17 overs, Ganesh Sugrim stroking the ball beautifully ending on 24 n.o. with 3 X 4s. Strathavon won by 8 wickets Lusignan (B) V.S. Plaisance at Lusignan Plaisance won the toss

and invited Lusignan (B) to bat first and made 130 runs all out from 26.5 overs. M. Jeenarine contributed 22 runs (2x4s). Bowling for Plaisance, Dwayne Andrews dominated the batsmen with a fine bowling display and ended with figures of 5.5-0-16-5. Plaisance in reply were no match for the Lusignan bowling duo of Jeenarine and Kumar Bishundyal and were eventually all out for 68 runs from 23.4 overs. N. Jeenarine ended with figures of 6.4-1-16-4 and Kumar Bishundyal 6-2-175. Lusignan (B) winning by 63 runs. Better Hope (B) V.S. Ogle (Blue) at Better HopeMatch abandoned by cause of rain. Enterprise (B) V.S. Mon Repos at Enterprise Enterprise (B) won the toss and batted first and compiled 151 runs for 9 from 30 overs after time was lost due to rain. S. Mohabir made 49 runs (5x4s & 1x6s) and Ramesh Atkinson 32 (3x4s) . Bowling for Mon Repos, Ravendra Samlall came in with an excellent spell 6-0-19-4 and supported by Bhoj Singh 6-0-27-2. Mon Repos in reply made 125 runs all out from 29 overs. Ravendra Samlall made 32 runs (5x4s) and Roopnarine Singh 22 (2x4s). Bowling for Enterprise (B) Mankad Balkissoon and Ikbal Habib bowled very tight and ended with 4-0-17-2 and 41 - 8 - 2 r e s p e c t i v e l y. R . Beepat (Continued on page 29)

Saturday November 02, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Persaud begins defence of Regular flooding is a Guyana Open title today challenge for National Park Four-time and defending Guyana Open champion Avinash Persaud will have to resist a strong field in the defence of his title when the Digicel-sponsored Tournament opens this morning at the Lusignan Golf Course. According to reports, over ninety golfers including a large contingent from overseas have arrived to contest what is rightfully considered the most prestigious tournament held locally. Golfers from Suriname, the USA, Canada and Trinidad and Tobago will be going head to head with the cream of local golfers in what is anticipated to be one of the most competitive tournaments in recent years. Persaud, who grew up on the Course at Lusignan where he honed his skills will put his title on the line against overseas golfers such as last year’s

- Sukhram favoured to retain title runner-up Canada-based Roger Rajkumar, Jaipaul Suknanan, Seupaul Suknanan and Anwar Shafi of the USA, while locally-based players Mohanlall Dinanauth, Alfred Mentore, William Walker, Patrick Prashad, Imran Khan and Munaff Arjune are also expected to tee-off in the competition, starting at 07:00 hrs. After relinquishing the title in 2011 to another Guyanese Papo Haniff, who is based in Trinidad and Tobago produced a stunning final day fightback to recapture the crown, narrowly defeating Rajkumar and Kassim Khan respectively. Meanwhile, the Ladies segment is also expected to produce fireworks with sixtime champion Christine Sukhram favoured to retain her title, but could receive a

stiff challenge from the likes of Joann Deo and newcomer Shanella Webster, while the overseas competitors could also pose a threat to her dominance. Suriname’s Sook Choi Nam, who finished runner-up to Sukhram last year after entering the final day in the lead if she arrives could very well be a formidable opponent, while another player from the Dutch territory M.J Kim who finished third in the 2012 edition if present is another player that could be in the reckoning on the final day. Both categories have the hallmark of great rivalry and fans should make it a must to get down to the Lusignan Course to witness the tournament. Digicel’s CEO Gregory Dean is expected to tee-off the tournament.

Petra Organisation/Courts Pee Wee Schools Football Competition

Two enthralling semifinals anticipated today

Two enthralling battles are anticipated today as semifinal action in the Petra Organisation/Courts Pee We e S c h o o l s F o o t b a l l Competition gets underway, at the Thirst Park ground. In the first semi-final, unbeaten St. Pius led by the prolific Bevney Mark take on East La Penitence in what has all the markings of a bruising affair. Mark has been in sizzling form since the tournament started and is once again expected to lead their quest for a place in the final with support from the likes of M a r c u s Wi l s o n a n d Kamacy Davis and knowledgeables have been asking the question of who within the East La Penitence unit will be assigned to stifle the smooth flow of the skilful striker. East La Penitence seems to be a stubborn side that shows fighting spirit until the end, but it might simply be a ‘bridge too far’ for them’ against the goalscoring juggernauts. They’ve had to depend on the consistent Leroy Yaw

to boost their chances for victory and many feel that if players the calibre of Fabian Boters and Andre Hope do not show up at the party today, they could forget about a place in the final. The other semi-final between West Ruimveldt and Tucville is a clash that choosing a winner seems difficult. Tu c v i l l e , l a s t y e a r ’s beaten finalist seemed to have peaked at the right time after producing their best game of the tournament against a strong Enterprise unit, beating them 5-2 in an impressive performance. De Andre Linton, who

fired in a treble in that game will no doubt be looking to replicate that feat, while Colwin Best and Rayheim Marques will look to add valuable support to him as they seek to march to victory. West Ruimveldt on the other hand had a tough encounter in their quarterfinal game, but that should make them battle ready. Michael Oie has been among the leading marksman for them and when you add Ryan J a m e s , D a n t e S ookram and Justin Persaud, Tucville will have to be at their level best to stop them marching into the final.

Athletics track being raised to combat this says Damian Fernandes By Sean Devers Damian Fernandes, Commissioner of the Protected Areas Commission, yesterday told Kaieteur Sport that work on resurfacing the athletics track at the National Park, an activity under the Three Parks Initiative commenced with phase one of the project last September. Contractor Prakesh of A&S Construction said he was confident despite the rains, phase 1 of the project, which consists of the stockpiling of sand for the foundation of the 400-meter track, should be completed by the end of this month. “The recent heavy rain and soggy ground prevented our trucks from driving across the field to deposit material for our work but we are back on track now and I am confident that the work will be completed on schedule,” Prakesh informed. “Regular flooding is a challenge for most areas in the National Park, as the Park is on average lower than much of Georgetown. The Park can only be effectively drained after much of Georgetown drains. Addressing this problem will involve more than simply improving drainage at the Park, but will also require the raising of sections of the Park,” Fernandes explained. The 33-year-old Fernandes was previously based at the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment which was established to have responsibilities for forestry,

mining, environmental management, wildlife, protected areas, land use planning and coordination, and climate change. He has been at the National Park for just under a year now and said that without the assistance the Ministry the refurbishing of the track at the Park would not have been possible. Fernandes informed that land at the Botanical Gardens and the Zoological Park will have to be lifted also and will require large amounts of earth and sand. “The Track has long been one of the lowest spots in the National Park, with much of the area being underwater during the rainy season and therefore inaccessible to both athletes and our maintenance machines. The rehabilitation aims to reduce flooding and allow the track to be in use for longer periods during the year,” Fernandes added. According to Fernandes, the project will be implemented in three phases (Stockpiling of sand and earth), (Excavation of the top layer of earth and backfilling with the sand and other stockpiled material) and (Spreading the top layer of earth, levelling, shaping and compacting) and explained that because the first phase has not yet been completed he could not provide a figure for the entire project. “We are hoping to get support in terms of the use of the big equipment like excavators from the Ministry of Public Works. If this

happens then we would be able to provide that same high quality work for a much lower cost. By the commencement of phase two I will have a better idea of what cost we are looking at the time frame for completion,” Fernandes said. Fernandes disclosed that the entire process will therefore take some time, and may be further affected by the weather and machine performance. He said that each phase will present workers with it’ sown specific challenges, but assured that working to address those challenges as much as possible beforehand will go a long in minimizing delays. “We are excavating and reusing the current top layer of earth to finish the ground, as we have so far been unable to source clean earth with minimal debris. Reusing the existing earth will minimize the potential for the introduction of obstacles, which could pose a danger to the athletes. We are presently working to stockpile over 7,000 cubic meters of sand,” Fernandes noted. “I would also like to invite interested businesses, individuals and other groups to join with us as we seek additional donations of sand and clean earth. The donation of materials will allow us to slowly raise these parks, and transform them into all-weather green spaces for the use and benefit of current and future generations of Guyanese,” Fernandes concluded.

Official launching of Planet Paintball Guyana on today Planet Paintball Guyana will be hosting its official launching of t h e c o m p a n y ’s l a t e s t paintball park today at 13:00hrs at the Jackie Robertson Ground, Pattensen, East Coast Demerara and admission is free. Planet Paintball Guyana (PPG) opened for business at the N.I.S sports ground in 2012 and has been committed to developing the sport of paintball throughout its existence. The work put into this commitment has seen the interest in

paintball in Guyana steadily increase over t h e p a s t y e a r, s o m u c h so, that the company felt

that now was the time to make a considerable into its investment facilities, in order to bring the highest standard of playing facility to Guyana. The launching of the new PPG Pattensen facilities will provide an exciting alter native source

of relaxation and fun for both children and adults, where players will have the opportunity to partake in paintball sports in a safe and secure environment, operated in accordance with international paintball industry best practices to ensure the safety and enjoyment of players at all times. At today’s launching,

each person who would like to experience the sport for themselves will have access to paintball gears FREE of charge. According to a release, Mrs. Reona Cathro, CEO said, “We want to provide as many people as possible with the opportunity to participate in the game. This is a great sport and the launch of our Pattensen park is a great opportunity for anyone considering taking it up to give it a try, or for persons who are simply interested in seeing f or themselves what it is all about to come out and play or join other spectators to have an enjoyable fun filled afternoon.”

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Saturday November 02, 2013

Alli’s ton in vain as Speed XI Shane Mechanical Engineering, take Factory Price softball title Muscle Explosion Bodybuilding Show

V&A General Store offers support Corporate support for the highly anticipated inaugural bodybuilding show at Kaylee’s Resort, Coverden, East Bank Demerara has been flowing in, according to organizer, Videsh Sookram, Manager of Total Fitness Gym. Sookram noted that he is very heartened by the fact that businesses along the East Bank corridor have been showing wonderful support for this venture which is expected to attract some of the best athletes in Guyana. Shane Mechanical Engineering and V&A General Store have both chipped in to ensure that athletes and fans enjoy a satisfying evening come Saturday November 9, 2013. Both entities have said that they are proud to be associated with the event and are equally happy that such a show will attract some of the best athletes. They are looking forward to an entertaining evening and are urging lovers of the sport on the East Bank to come out in their numbers to support. Sookram expressed

Members of Speed XI display their prizes after the game

In this composite photo, CEO of Shane Mechanical Engineering (left) and Ms. Annie Singh of V&A General Store handing over their contributions to Videsh Sookram. thanks to the representatives of Shane Mechanical Engineering and V&A General Store, located at Soesdyke for their collective support. Other sponsors on board so far include Dominoes Pizza, JB Metals,

Wahaab General Store, Auto Discount Store, Sagar One Stop Shop, Gas and Go Gas Station, Fitness Express and Al Haaq BBQ and Grill. Reigning Mr. Guyana, Kerwyn Clarke will be the guest poser for the show.

A swashbuckling century from Rocky Alli failed to prevent Omesh XI from going down to Speed XI by 14 runs in a feature 15 overs softball match sponsored by Factory Price recently at Everest Cricket Club. Alli stroked sixteen sixes and two fours in scoring 118

not out with support from Aftar Khan 29 (1x4 2x6) as Omesh XI were restricted to 179-5 in 15 overs in reply to Speed XI 193. Arjune Persaud grabbed 3 wickets for Speed XI who scored 193-4 off their allotted overs after taking first strike. Toolsie Sahadeo led Speed XI

batting with 71 (3x4 8x6), while Yusuf Yunnis supported with 46 (6x4 1x6), Rawl Reid 36 (4x4 2x6) and Fallim Mohamed 20 (3x6). Alli received the man-ofthe-match award, while Persaud was given the best bowler prize. Both teams received trophies.

Beach football benefits from government largesse for new facility

Raffik and Sons Construction 2nd Div. T20 KO

Chattergoon, Shivdyal spur Fyrish into semis; Crandon slams competition high 91 for CAS The 2013 Raffik & Sons Construction Services Second Division T20 knockout competition for teams in the Central and Lower Corentyne areas continued recently with second round matches. Ramnarine Chattergoon stroked an unbeaten 59 while off-spinner Monilall Shivdyal took 5 for 10 from 4 overs to help Fyrish defeat Mibicuri, a win which saw the victors earning a bye to the semifinals. Shivdyal’s spell contributed to Mibicuri’s demise for 115 and in reply, Fyrish found themselves in a spot of bother at 20 for 2 before Chattergoon whose knock included 4 fours and 5 sixes, and Javed Mohamed (36*) featured in an unbroken third wicket stand of 97 runs to see Fyrish to victory in just 9 overs. Dwain Crandon slammed the highest score of the competition so far, 91 (15x4 3x6) to help Courtland All Star to 167 for 4 in their 20 overs against Chesney who were restricted to 138 in 19.2 overs.

Three other batsmen, Naipaul Ayana of Yakusari Caribs, Mahendra Baldeo of Tain Block Four and Dominique Rikhi of Rose Hall Town Bakewell recorded half centuries that could not save their respective teams from losing. Collated scores from matches played: At Fyrish: Fyrish beat Mibicuri by 8 w i c k e t s Mibicuri 115 in 20 overs; Seecharran Sukhu 26, Dhaniram Singh 25, Monilall Shivdyal 5 for 10, Ramnarine Chattergoon 2 for 24 and Aishnarine Shirkissoon 2 for 30. Fyrish 117 for 2 in 9 overs; Ramnarine Chattergoon 59 N.O, Javed Mohamed 36 N.O. At Chesney: Courtland All Star defeated Chesney by 29 runs - Courtland All star 167 for 4 in 20 overs; Dwayne Crandon 91, Zameer Khan 2 for 18. Chesney 138 in 19.2 overs; Ravindra Somwaru 38, Eon Gibson 3 for 37, Keon Sinclair 3 for 22, Troy Mathieson 2 for 25. At Port Mourant: Port

Mourant squeezed past Yakusari Caribs by 11 runs Port Mourant 151 for 6 in 20 overs; Manoj Looknauth 45, Parasram Tilkuram 42, Ramesh Ayana 2 for 27, Kuldip Ayana 2 for 29. Yakusari Caribs 140 for 5 in 20 overs; Naipaul Ayana 57, Ramesh Ayana 40, Jaipersaud Rawana 4 for 18. At Albion: Albion Community Centre beat Rose Hall Town Bakewell by 2 wickets - Rose Hall Town Bakewell 113 in 20 overs; Dominique Rikhi 51, Balchan Baldeo 3 for 21, Orvin Mangru 2 for 11, Tribhuwan Jagdeo 2 for 15. Albion Community Centre 114 for 8 in 20 overs; Kandasammy Surujnarine 40, Ravi Narine 3 for 7, Arif Chan 2 for 6. At Albion Front: Jai Hind beat Fyrish Road by 15 runs Jai Hind 132 for 7 in 20 overs; Joshua Ramsammy 40, Mahendra Lallbeharry 39, Vicky Veerasammy 25, Joseph Kamaludin 2 for 17, Shameen Ahmad 2 for 22. Fyrish Road 117 for 9 in 20 overs; Vicky Veerasammy 3 for 9, Mahendra Lallbeharry 2 for 13, Solen Mangali 2 for 16.

Construction of the 50 feet concrete bleacher and lumber bleacher underway at the Bayroc Sports Club.

Months of dedication and application to their tasks have finally borne fruit for local beach footballers when the government stepped in with a sizeable grant to facilitate the continued development of the sport. According to the President of the Cool Runnings Beach Football Club, Rollin Tappin, officials of the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sports has just

released a grant of approximately One million dollars as a part of the community grounds development programme undertaken by that Ministry. Works have already been started with the construction of a 50 feet concrete and lumber bleacher, supported by a 30 feet concrete wall for advertising purposes at the Bayroc Sports Club and Fitness Centre Sand Reserve

Ground. Workers have also commenced works on the sand pitch and the project is expected to be completed by mid November. Officials of the beach football fraternity are indeed delighted and said that the new facility will also be used for beach volleyball. They said that the new facility will catapult the growth and development of both sports disciplines.

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