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Friday November 01, 2013

Woman robbed after bank withdrawal


inutes after withdrawing cash from a city bank yesterday, a woman was trailed to a pharmacy located at Robb Street, Georgetown, where a gunman snatched her bag containing money, documents and other valuables before

making good his escape with an accomplice on a motorcycle. A c c o r d i n g t o eyewitnesses, the terrified woman who fought back by holding onto her bag, quickly released after the bandit fired a shot at the ground.

She then sprinted out of the pharmacy. The bandit while running replaced his handgun into the waist of his pants, before hopping onto a waiting motorcycle parked several feet away. Police visited the scene and retrieved the warhead,

while the petrified woman visited Brickdam Police Station where she gave a statement. Reports are that the bandits escaped with $180,000. The incident occurred shortly after midday yesterday.

A nearby surveillance camera shows the bandit hopping onto a motorcycle after he had taken the victim’s bag

Friday November 01, 2013

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Opposition criticised at Education Ministry’s Nat’l Awards Ceremony

Minister of Education Priya Manickchand and Prime Minister Samuel Hinds are flanked by the country’s top performers


he political opposition came in for a verbal b a s h i n g yesterday for its failure to acknowledge Guyana’s outstanding performances at t h i s y e a r ’s C a r i b b e a n Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examination. According to Minister of Education Priya Manickchand, although Guyana copped five of the eight outstanding awards from the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC), the opposition has remained silent. “It is absolutely disgraceful, shameful...with all we have to celebrate. Eight days ago we announced to this nation that five of our Guyanese sons and daughters topped the Region, the whole Caribbean...other countries are celebrating us and blogging about us and writing editorials about it is absolutely shameful and disgraceful that not one single leader of the opposition as yet has found it appropriate to congratulate our children,” the Minister asserted. This is the second time since the announcement of the CXC awards that officials within the Government have sought to highlight the nonacknowledgement of the parliamentary opposition of G u y a n a ’s 2 0 1 3 C S E C performance.

The Minister, who was at the time delivering brief remarks at the Ministry of Education’s 17th National Aw a r d C e r e m o n y f o r Outstanding Performance held at the National Cultural Centre, emphasised too that the opposition has failed to even recognise the teachers who are often criticised. These teachers, according to the Minister, were in fact instrumental in preparing the students for their outstanding accomplishments. According to the Minister, the “shameful and disgraceful” occurrence “should never happen and we expect to see this reversed. When our children do well we must celebrate them, when the system needs ‘pulling-up’ we must say that; we are at a place in the Ministry of Education where w e a r e s a y i n g congratulations parents, teachers, students”. She further insisted that the Ministry will continue to do what is necessary to ensure that the outstanding performances are maintained, adding that “you can count on us, because we are not going to get complacent; we will continue to work hard and do even better, but we do recognise we have some weaknesses”. Guyana was able to not only claim the CXC award for Overall Outstanding Performance, which was claimed by Yogeeta Persaud of the Anna Regina

Multilateral School with 18 grade one passes, but also those for the Most Outstanding in Science, Business, Humanities and Technical Vocation. The latter awards were secured by Cecil Cox of Queen’s College with 16 grade one passes; Sasha Woodroffe, also of Queen’s College, with 14 grade one passes; Rafena Mustapha of the Saraswati Vidya Niketan Hindu School with 15 grade one passes, and Zimeena Rasheed of Anna Regina Multilateral School with 18 grade one passes and two grade two passes, respectively. CXC will present the Most Outstanding awards to the top performers at a ceremony slated to be held at the National Cultural Centre in December. Of the Most Outstanding CSEC top performers, three were drawn from Junior Secondary Schools – Anna Regina Multilateral and the Saraswati Vidya Niketan Hindu School. They, along with other top CSEC performers: including Parmeshwarie Seodat of the Saraswati Vidya Niketan and Phillipe Walker, Akeila Wiltshire, Akash Jairam, all of Queen’s College, were among those duly awarded yesterday by the Education Ministry. Also sharing the outstanding spotlight were the top performers of the 2013 Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination

(CAPE) including: Shalita Appadu of President’s College, Anuradha Dev, Deowattie Narine, Prashat Shivdas, Keleshwar Singh, Benedict Sukra, Melodie Lowe and Jonelle James, all of Queen’s College. Also receiving awards were National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) top performers – Salma Majeed, Christian Pile and Navindra Persaud – as were those who excelled at the Carnegie School of Home Economics, the country’s Technical Institutes and the Best Graduating 2010-2013 Student of the Cyril Potter College of Education, Veronica Jeffrey. The performances of schools at the various levels were also recognised yesterday with Cumberland Primary School being labelled the Most Improved Primary, while Tutorial High

was named Most Improved Junior Secondary and St Joseph High, the Most Improved Senior Secondary School. And of course the award ceremony yesterday was filled with well executed cultural items including a poetry recital by pupils of Success Elementary School, a dance by students of Zeeburg Secondary School and soulful songs from the all-male singing group ‘the Messenger’, all of whom

ensured that the audience was kept entertained. The ceremony was also graced by Prime Minister Samuel Hinds who amplified that Government has been doing a great deal to improve the social sector, particularly as it relates to the delivery of education. His remarks yesterday were premised on the theme, “learn from our best performance, to improve performance across the board and all around.”

Friday November 01, 2013

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

A parent puts teachers to the sword DEAR EDITOR, I am requesting some space in your paper as I wish to make a special appeal to President Donald Ramotar, the Hon. Minister of Education and all those who have authority over the school system, the Leader of the Opposition Parties in Parliament, Sociologists and social workers and parent. Could someone please advise all parents and teachers what is the Ministry’s policy of beating [corporal punishment] in the schools? I have a son in Grade Three and the teachers ] are in the habit of beating the entire class daily. My wife objected to the actions of the teachers and my son is now suffering the worst form of discrimination that a child could be exposed to. He is being ignored and put down in every way possible. I am aware that my child is not the only one that is suffering at that school. Several parents are watching their children suffer and are too afraid to talk or take any action as the teachers have their contacts within the Ministry and these seem to be protecting them. The result is that the children suffer all the more when a parent complains. Others have resorted to ensuring that the teachers’ emoluments are enhanced. I am not prepared to do either. I am requesting that the power that be ensures that the teachers do what they are being paid to do, just like every person receiving a salary from the national purse. It is no wonder that there is an increase in crime and violence in our beloved

country. Our children are being nurtured to hate and to resolve conflict by violence. The children who have a nurturing home environment may not suffer as much as the negatives they encounter at school will be balanced out in the home. But what about the ones that are from unstable or weak home structures? When will our educators, sociologists and social workers start exercising some preventative action where crime and violence are concerned? Are they more interested in healing the sick than preventing the disease? Has anyone asked why so many women are being killed by men when we live in a society where women are, in the majority of instances, the nurturers of the children? Are these women who were the nurturers of the men who commit violent acts against other women asking themselves why? Are the women like the teachers who are in a position to influence the behaviour of young men asking themselves what these young men think of them? There is a saying that reminds that “the son is the father of the man!” These teachers seem not to realize this. I know that several parents and education officials reading this letter will be tempted to dismiss it as the ‘rantings’ of a dissatisfied parent. But remember that when one part of the body is sick the entire body is sick. Your child may not be one directly affected now but it will affect them. We all live in the same society – it is this same

society that produced the violent criminals who wreaked havoc in our country a few years ago – all were affected. My resort to writing to you is to have someone pay some attention to what is happening in our schools. When it is felt that the police exercise excesses against criminals the Human Rights Associations; the opposition political parties and all and sundry jump on the ‘band wagon’ because this is a ‘sexy’ topic and will bring attention to whatever it is they are doing. Why not the same action when the innocent in society are being abused and taken advantage of – when they are being criminalized – yes, strong words, but that is where it starts. Could someone in the legal profession advise what, if any action, could be taken against these persons to make then an example and prevent other children from suffering. The situation is getting out of control and someone needs to put a stop to it now. I know that the sentiments expressed herein are not exclusive to me and I know that many parents, some of whom are teacher, will agree with me. Let us all resolve to take some action. Be aware that it is not only the children that need help. These teachers need help also. I am of the strong opinion and my experience has thought me that ‘hurt people, hurt people’. Let us try to bring healing and protect our society by protecting our children. Raymon Cummings

This idea can solve the chaos on the East Bank Demerara DEAR EDITOR, Thank you for publishing my letter about a year ago on Traffic bottleneck at Ruimveldt Police Station to Punt Trench on the East Bank Demerara and I compliment the relevant authorities for adhering to my advice on making the two way lane from Ruimveldt Station to Punt Trench. Now there is no traffic build up from Ruimveldt Station to Banks DIH and no need for traffic policemen. Thanks authorities. Now I go further to give this one a try. Every morning, there is traffic chaos on the East Bank from Grove to Diamond going north bound in the morning from 06:00 to 09:00 hrs; one

hour to get to Georgetown normal time (20 minutes) from Diamond (one hour and a half). I did a computer projection on this one. There are four lanes from the Stadium, two lanes northbound and two south-bound. The south-bound lanes have a trickle of vehicles from 6 am to 4 pm about 100 ft apart travelling. Why not convert the south western bound lane only to a north-bound express lane (no buses or hire cars) like in Canada, from 6 to

10 am; from the Stadium to Gafoors. First, place policemen to direct traffic from Gafoors to use one lane out of Georgetown to the stadium and that is the south eastern bound carriageway. You will find one empty southwestern bound lane. Use that lane beside the median for north western bound traffic in the morning; chaos on the East Bank Demerara will be no more. H. Balram Diamond Resident

The effectiveness of any SWAT Team depends on how members act under stress DEAR EDITOR, I congratulate our new Commissioner of Police, Mr. Leroy Brumell, and address this letter to him. It concerns the establishment of a SWAT Team. I am, of course, assuming the Commissioner plans to implement this innovative idea where Guyana is concerned. Those of us who have managed complex companies, run larger organizations or led powerful teams, know only too well how difficult it is to prejudge human behavior when persons are under stress. The effectiveness of any SWAT Team ultimately depends on how its members

behave under stress. Given Guyana’s history of deviant law enforcement behavior and activity particularly during the post 2002 jailbreak period, I suggest that the Commissioner considers introducing a stringent and effective procedure for recruiting SWAT Team members. In this regard I further suggest that all potential recruits shortlisted, be subjected to rigid psychometric tests. Psychometric testing is a tool used to gain insight in to a person’s personality and psychological thinking. The

idea of the test is to be able to determine up front how team members are likely to behave under extreme stress. This form of psychological probe will also highlight proclivities to deviate from specific norms of acceptable police conduct and indicate susceptibility to inappropriate political direction during times of crisis. For these tests to be effective the formats ought to be designed by professional psychologists with the peculiarities of policing in Guyana in mind. There is help out there. F. Hamley Case

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Friday November 01, 2013

GOVT. NEVER ENFORCED EXISTING ANTI-MONEY LAUNDERING LAWS The Joint Political Opposition has said that it will only be supporting amendments to the AntiMoney Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Bill (AML-CFT) that provide for the appointment of members of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), independent of the President or Minister of Finance. A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the Alliance for Change (AFC) yesterday issued a joint statement in an attempt to make clear its position on the proposed Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Bill. “We would only support a bill which ensures the strong, effective and independent oversight by its FIU, with adequate resources to carry out its functions and achieve the objectives of the Bill.” According to the two parties, the Substantive Law must be complemented by other institutional authority(s) to ensure integrity, accountability and transparency in the use of public resources. As such, “our support is conditional on the appointment and operationalization of the

Public Procurement Commission (PPC).” This is the first time that APNU has tied its support to the proposed amendments to the setting up of the PPC. The AML-CFT Acts of 2000 and 2009, which the proposed amendments are seeking to adjust, have never been enforced by the government, according to the Joint Statement. “No investigation was ever carried out, nor report presented by its FIU, even though many Ministers and their friends flaunted considerable unexplained wealth locally and amassed significant fortunes overseas.” The Joint Opposition parties said too that failure to enforce the existing law and implement the PPC “has met with deafening silence from sections of the Private Sector and has accelerated the spiral of corruption in public office which keeps the vast majority of Guyanese poor.” They said that in the midst of widespread propaganda and criticism from many quarters, “we would not support just another Bill without strong built-in capacity for enforcement simply to give false comfort to concerned international bodies.” The Opposition parties

- AFC/APNU maintain that they would not compromise the interest of the Guyanese people and request the support and understanding of the Private Sector, international bodies and diplomats in forcing full compliance on an obstinate and uncaring Government interested only in passing the Bill but not in its enforcement. In recent weeks, several

stakeholders such as the Insurance Association of Guyana, the Bankers Association of Guyana, the Aircraft Association and the Private Sector Commission, among others, have been appealing to the Joint Political Opposition to support the proposed amendments. This past week several

western diplomats met with members of APNU on the matter. Present at the meeting were US Ambassador Brent Hardt; British High Commissioner, Andrew Ayre; Canadian High Commissioner, Dr. Nicole Giles and European Union Representative, Derek Lambe. The amendments to the existing Anti Money Laundering legislation came from the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) following a review of the

substantive Act. Failure to pass the legislation before the November 18 deadline could see CFATF blacklisting Guyana as a non-compliant country. Already there have been reports from businesses that transfers have been held up by overseas banks as questions have arisen over the transactions. Banks in Trinidad and Tobago have already started to exercise greater caution in doing business with Guyana.

Business boom or economic confusion? ...Commercial establishment and the Laws of Guyana By Zena Henry

As of late, the capital has received significant recognition for its seemingly instant jump into commercial progression; for its continuous growth in the area of business establishment and the complementing increase of business operators. Some have sought to bundle the increase in commercial activity with economic growth, describing it as ‘good for business’. But how has this commercial explosion affected the management and smooth running of Georgetown, and more importantly, the comfort of its inhabitants? For one thing, the Laws of Guyana have vividly stated guidelines for the

maintenance of our Britishdesigned Metropolis. The Laws have documented the city’s building by-laws under the Municipal and District Councils Act, which constitutes all manners of building codes, regulations for residential and commercial districts, restrictions and penalties among other things. Concerns are heightening over the blatant disregard for the constitution and the cloak of wealth increase that is being used to justify what some had described as “lawless” and “disorderly” development. One male city dweller said, “right now there is mass disorder taking place within the capital. All over the wards of Georgetown, small businesses are popping up. Many of these are in

residential areas. Zoning is out of the window. All around the city, bottom-houses are being converted to all manner of businesses.” The commentator also related his wonder as to how there are policies of no businesses in housing areas, yet many businesses are now mushrooming in these said places. The Authorities mainly concerned with this aspect of the Constitution are the Central Housing and Planning Authority, and the Mayor and City Council of Georgetown. Legally, the Central Housing and Planning Authority is responsible for the zoning and demarking of the designated areas. And according to the City Council, as far as they are aware, the regulations have not been changed. On the other hand, the City Council, especially the office of the City Engineer and the Town Clerk, has special duties to ensure that all regulations are followed and adhered to. According to Chapter 28:01 of the Municipal and District Councils Act, under the city by-laws, rule 77; “A person guilty of an offence

against these by-laws for which no special penalty is provided, or who in any manner contravenes or fails to comply with the provisions of these by-laws shall be liable to a fine of $200 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three months.” Additionally rule 78 says that, “The City Engineer is hereby authorized to institute and prosecute any legal proceedings in any court against any person for any breach of these by-laws”. In the commercial development process, developers are thus ordained to acknowledge the city bylaws. Some of those with particular interest include rule 56 of the Act which says that, by-Laws 57 to 59 in addition to the other by-laws, apply to building operations executed in certain identified parts of the City and on the West by the Demerara River. No by- law “repugnant” (revolting) of by-laws 57 to 59 shall have any application in that part of the City, section two of By-law 56 says. By-laws 57 to 59 deal specifically with railing, fences etc. in relation to lot boundaries, building finishes, material storage, entrances, carriageways etc. in the (Continued on page 16)

Friday November 01, 2013

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Friday November 01, 2013

Friday November 01, 2013

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FINDING THE BEST PERSON FOR THE JOB Agreement is required between the Leader of the Opposition and the President for the appointment of the Commissioner of Police, the Chief Justice and the Chancellor of the Judiciary. The Constitution requires that there be agreement. That agreement has not been forthcoming for many years now. Ever since the time when Robert Corbin was the Leader of the Opposition, agreement was not reached on the confirmation of both the Chief Justice and Chancellor of the Judiciary. Robert Corbin is no longer the Leader of the Opposition. There is a new Leader of the Opposition. Yet

there remains no agreement on the appointment of the two top positions in the judiciary. In fact it was reported that during the consultations on the appointment of the Chief Justice and the Chancellor, it was proposed by the Leader of the Opposition that there be a process that would involve persons being interviewed for the job. This does not necessarily mean that the Leader of the Opposition was opposed to the confirmation of the acting Chief Justice and acting Chancellor. Instead, it was indicated that what was being suggested was a process that would allow for the best persons for those

two top positions to be found. The Constitution, however, does not speak to any panel. It speaks to agreement between the President and the Leader of the Opposition. It is part of a process of constitutional change, intended to give the opposition a more meaningful role in certain appointments. It is power-sharing through consensus. Like other consensual mechanisms, this one has failed. It has led to gridlock. The suggestion of a panel does not help break the gridlock that arose over the appointment of these two positions. Let us perchance

suppose that the proposed panel throws up some names. What happens then if there is no agreement amongst the country’s foremost political leaders? It effectively makes a mockery of the process. On the other hand, if there is gridlock on the appointment, then a way has to be found to break the gridlock. But why should there be gridlock? Gridlock only arises if there can be no agreement, and this can only result if the candidates proposed by the President are not agreed to by the Leader of the Opposition and vice versa. This can be the only basis for gridlock. In other words, why would there be a

‘Brother Mack’ is 102 not out! By Javone Vickerie Having scored an impressive 102 in the game of life, former miner and farmer Gladstone Mack, popularly known as ‘Brother Mack’, says that he has a lot to thank the Creator for as he spent his birthday yesterday, reflecting on a troubled, yet successful life. Considering himself the number one fan of American TV show ‘Judge Judy’, Mack told the tale of his uneasy childhood, living with his stepmother and father in Aurora, Essequibo. “After my mother died, my father took another wife and she did not treat me nice at all… at one time she had me sleeping on the ground,” Mack recounted. He said that he never knew his mother. Mack told Kaieteur News that despite the odds he faced living with his stepmother, he had to still manage to dwell and respect the woman who made him feel unwanted. After a few years living under his parents’ roof, Mack said that his father passed away and he found himself under the control of his stepmother. “After the death of my father I had a harder time,” Mack reflected. After graduating from school at the primary level, he worked at a factory in Essequibo but was later moved to Georgetown with an aunt. “While at work, a man came and asked for me and he tell me he was from Georgetown and they were doing some work on a stelling, so I came to the city to work,” Mack recalled. He later took up residence with his aunt whom he said “treated me special” before he departed to work the interior. After spending a number of years working as a miner, ‘Brother Mack’ said that he

102-year-old Gladstone Mack gave up the mining trade, bought a house and returned to Essequibo, where he lived with his loving wife and nine children. Mack said that his farming business flourished and profited him. “Dem days provision was very, very cheap…We use to pay fifty cents for a bunch of big plantains; nowadays you got to pay over one hundred dollars for a pound. Times really change,” the centenarian said with a smile. Mack said that the transformation from working in the interior to becoming a farmer was not difficult, and he became capable of taking care of his family. “I was able to send all my children to school and take care of my home being a farmer, so it was a profitable change.” Mack became emotional

when asked about his wife who passed away three years ago. “Every time I remember my wife I cry, because she was good woman to me and a great mother to my children,” Mack said. He remembered that he first fell in love with his wife, Viola, when he was 24 and she was 18. “We were neighbours and I used to see her everyday and talk to her till eventually her mother began to favour me,” the man said. It was three years later that the young couple decided to tie the knot and they spent sixty fruitful years together. “We been in our house and the neighbours dem could tell you that they never heard us arguing. She was a woman of understanding and she knew me better than anyone,” Mack said. Brother Mack’s children have planned a family reunion at their lot 11 Block ‘E’ South Sophia home tomorrow.

need to find the best person other than if the existing appointees are not considered as the best persons? The opposition says that its proposal for a panel to interview candidates for the posts is to ensure that the best persons for the two positions are found. This is why it is saying it proposes a panel as a means to break the gridlock. But is it not at the same time implicitly saying that the best persons cannot be found between the two leaders at the moment? Since the government is proposing the two incumbents and the opposition is proposing a panel to interview candidates, it can only mean that the opposition does not view the President’s nominees as the best candidates, or it wants a wider process to satisfy itself that the best candidates are found. So it has to be one of two things. Either the opposition is not in agreement with the two candidates, or it wants a wider process to ensure that the best person is selected. But as mentioned before, what happens if that process turns up names on which there is no agreement? Gridlock ensues again. What makes the situation all the more interesting is that while the opposition broached this proposal for a panel to interview candidates

for the position of Chancellor and Chief Justice, it was presented with the opportunity to do the same in relation to the appointment of the Commissioner of Police. How strange it is that the opposition did not call for a panel to be empanelled to consider suitable applications for the position of Commissioner of Police. Indeed the opposition claimed that the acting Commissioner was the best man for the job. It found the best man without having to go to a panel. Therefore why can it not find the best jurists for the positions of Chief Justice and Chancellor without also having to go to a panel? The opposition has a lot of questions to answer about the swiftness with which they moved to agree on the appointment of the Commissioner of Police, even while they held on to the position that for the positions of Chief Justice and Chancellor of the Judiciary, a panel should be established to find the best persons for the job.

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Friday November 01, 2013


A dangerous job to take Two weeks ago, Nazima Raghubir, on behalf of International Freedom of Expression Exchange (IFEX), an international body that monitors attacks on media practitioners worldwide, interviewed me for an update on two attacks on me; in May 2010, and August 2012. During the interview I made a confession to Ms. Raghubir, and I saw her facial reaction. It appeared to me that she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. We were on the topic of fear and personal security, and I did say to her that you cannot predict how the power-holders will react based on what you write, so I am careful all the time with my security. Then came the unusual emanation from me. I candidly told her that because of security I do not

investigate the State’s overlapping relationship with the world of narcotics and money-laundering. I saw the surprise on her face and she did opine that such journalism is needed in Guyana. My explanation was that in a country like Guyana, media people can easily lose their lives in such journalistic crusades. To say that we in the media don’t know about drug trafficking and moneylaundering would be a colossal lie. But I believe that pursuing those angles and writing about them could endanger the people who put their byline on such stories. I think such a pursuit should be a joint effort of the private media, but whether competitors would want to go that route is questionable. This is the pattern all over the world. Each media house

wants their scoops. My advice to journalists is not to use their bylines and to let the investigation be done by the newspaper rather than by individual media practitioners. This brings me to another angle of security. With a groundswell for a proper antimoney laundering Bill and Transparency Institute asking for a functioning Integrity Commission, the question obviously turns to the independent investigator. Would I encourage any person in Guyana to accept the occupation of the chief detective for moneylaundering and to lead the Integrity Commission? I am definitely not in a mood to answer my own question. This is a very violent society, where police powers are circumscribed by political

intrusion. The police are not inclined to go after powerful money men, and powerful politicians have some deadly connections. Enter Maria van Beek. During her probe into the CLICO affair as Commissioner of Insurance, van Beek discovered something or somebody that almost led to her death. From the way the bullet penetrated her chest, it could not have been a warning shot. I believe luck was on Mrs. van Beek’s side. I have heard some frightening stories about what Mrs. van Beek stepped upon, but I am going to leave it at that. But the van Beek case should be seriously studied by the persons who want to probe moneylaundering and research those who are in violation of the Integrity Act.

Anti-Money Laundering Act needs radical changes - Gaskin Stakeholders in the business community, inclusive of the Insurance, Bankers and the Manufacturers Associations, are very selfish and hypocritical, and have no idea what they are actually agreeing to in relation to amendments to the AntiMoney Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Act 2009, which needs radical changes. This is the opinion of Financial Analyst Ramon Gaskin, who believes that the community is only seeing the consequences, and that is just a part of the bigger picture. Gaskin says that the representatives who are speaking out through paid

Ramon Gaskin

advertisements are only seeing the tree - that is, the consequences - and not the

forest, which would be the Principal Act. “When the Principal Act is placed under a microscope, it clearly shows how it violates the rights of the citizens. Before one can even get to the merits of the amendments, we must pay attention to the roles, functions and powers of the Minister of Finance and the Attorney General (AG) as stipulated in the Act.” “One of the main problems with the Act is Section 2, wherein the AG based merely on his “reasonable grounds to believe” that an entity has actually committed or attempted a terrorist act or is knowingly acting on behalf of someone, recommends to his colleague, the Minister of Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh, to make an order to declare the entity, a “specified” issue and to publish same in the Gazette if he so agrees and after consultation with the said AG

who initiated the process in the first place.” “As far as I am aware, this is the first piece of legislation that creates a “blacklist” of entities based exclusively on some unknown “reasonable grounds” that only the AG and the Finance Minister are aware of.” “A further complication is that the legislation requires the blacklisted entity to appeal to the Minister himself for the revocation of the order. The blacklisted entity may then apply to a Judge for a judicial review, who may, at the request of the AG, “hear all or part of the evidence or information in the absence of the applicant or any counsel representing the applicant” on the grounds of “national security or endangering the safety of any person.” “But the ordeal of the blacklisting based on the so called unknown “reasonable grounds” of the politicians who are now apparently exercising judicial review functions (including appeals) plus the indignity of being pushed around by the AG and the Minister doesn’t end there.” “The Judge, if satisfied that the original order of the minister deserves to be revoked, (in Section2 d of the Act) then makes an order, which can be appealed by the Minister of Finance for him to revoke his order.” “Section 8 of the Act provides that the Judge may receive in evidence anything which in his opinion is “reliable and (Continued on page 11)

This is not to say that Guyana does not have brave men and women who will decline to do their nationalist duties. I am absolutely sure that if we get an independent anti-money laundering unit and a decent Integrity Commission, many names will come forward. My role here is to describe the environment we live in and how safe it is for such persons to do their work without endangering their lives. Both the media community and opposition circles have indictable information on some extremely powerful figures in Guyana. Will these people allow an anti-money laundering investigator to track down their questionable wealth? If your answer is yes, then I would like to hear your take on what happened to Maria van Beek. An immigration judge in Canada declared that he was granting refugee status to a fourteen-year-old Guyanese girl, because he felt that to send her back to Guyana would endanger her life. She accused two businessmen of

Frederick Kissoon raping her and she saw the high-powered politician who drove into the compound while she was being driven out. My belief is that even if the Government relents and agrees to an independent tsar to monitor the washing of money in this country, that person is not going to last too long at his/her desk. The Guyanese people do not even see the tip of the money iceberg which takes in a huge chunk of the economy. There are powerful humans in Guyana that have long tentacles. The media know who they are. The opposition has their names. Why do you think the person who sits in his/her office tracking down these underworld captains will not see those tentacles at their front door?

Dem boys seh...

Famous cricketah tun apron like Barbie When people cooking dem does put something in front of dem. That thing is de apron. It does protect de person from hot oil or hot water. Dem boys find out that apron is fuh more than cooking. De first big apron was Barbie. De Rat look specially fuh he and put he to front everything. But Barbie face alone does show how he guilty and he know it. Dem boys had serious problem getting he photograph. Even de FBI de trying to get he picture and dem had a hard time. Dem had to get he picture through de Waterfalls paper because he is a expert hide man. Barbie remind dem boys of all dem big one and some people in Guyana who ah open big fancy business and ah use dem managers as apron up front. When reporter ask wheh de owner deh, de manager does seh that de owner deh overseas, even if dem deh jus over de river. When Barbie buy de branch fuh de Limacol cricket dem boys didn’t see he. Dem didn’t even see he at de opening ceremony and if he been deh, dem boys seh he was hiding as usual. He didn’t even come forward to mek a speech. He put out a statement, and even in that, he hide de facts. Like a good apron he hide how much of de Rat money he spend; wheh it come from and how de payment was made. He even hide if dem mek a profit. Is only time wid he and de Rat and Brazzy. Dem boys praying, but not every day like Brazzy, who praying to stay out of jail. Irfaat got a big apron, too, and is not fuh cooking. He got nuff money that he collect from people through trickery or through de thing that de Ministry of Home Affairs begging people fuh talk about, but which it gun do nutten about. Dem call it ‘I tek a bribe.’ Irfaat apron got a name and is a man wha’ a lot of people know. Dem boys was watching a long time now, but now dem ah hear how this Guyana famous cricketah who live pun de East Bank tun apron like Barbie, Brian de Old and Fish Hook. Dem boys seh today is Uncle Adam birthday, he tun a real real pensioner now, and dem boys know Uncle Donald gon come and tek a drink with him at Kaieteur Talk half and wait fuh hear ‘bout more apron.

Friday November 01, 2013

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East Bank four-lane expansion…

Work moving faster than expected Despite significant setbacks, ongoing road widening works on the East Bank of Demerara, particularly at Diamond, are now moving much quicker than expected, with the contractor transforming a significant section to cement-stabilized surface, with the next move being to apply the required asphalt. This is according to Geoffrey Vaughn, Coordinator of Works Services Group, Public Works Ministry. During a recent interview with this publication, Vaughn said nobody expected that the contractor, BK International, responsible for Lot Three of the East Bank Demerara Public Road four-lane expansion would have been able to complete such a significant amount of work, despite the fact that the project was unavoidably delayed. Physical works under the project started in January 2012. After carrying out excavation works and placement of sand creating the outline of the additional lanes, the project stalled. With the relocation of utilities on the eastern lane, in March

- Public Works

DDL “high bridge” is to be reconstructed to facilitate road widening 2013, the contractor was able to resume construction. According to Vaughn, although all utilities have not been relocated to the western side of the carriageway, the contractor is installing

concrete drains and has widened a section. He said BK International is yet to reconstruct the “high bridge” at Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL). Vaughn said the contractor was unable to

move ahead with this aspect of the project because of design changes to the bridge and the presence of pipelines. In addition, the contractor is working on traffic diversion to accommodate commuters

when construction works begin on the structure. Also in this section, the junction by the entrance of the Diamond Housing Scheme would have to be modified.

Anti-Money Laundering Act needs radical changes... From page 10 relevant” even if the “thing would not otherwise be admissible in law and may base the Court’s decision on that evidence.” First of all, the AG and the Finance Minister appear to be vested with a role in law enforcement under Section 2…and this is illegal.” Gaskin says, “In our system of law enforcement and justice, where any person has “reasonable grounds” concerning criminal activity,

then the proper agencies to contact are the Guyana Police Force for further investigation and garnering of evidence and the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions “to institute and undertake proceedings” where she considers it desirable (Article 187 of the Constitution). He highlighted too, that every citizen has a duty, “to combat and prevent crime and other violations of the law” (Article 32 of the

Constitution) and only as a citizen can the AG and Minister, like other citizens, involve themselves in assisting in law enforcement. Incidentally, the constitution in Article 112 declares that the AG “shall be the principal legal advisor to the Government.” And that is his role. Gaskin added, “While the AG has other duties in addition to being the legal advisor since he oversees the

work of the Ministry of Legal Affairs, the constitution is pellucid on the question of the responsibility “to institute and undertake criminal proceeding. Therefore, to the extent that Section 2 purports to vest a role for the AG and the Minister of Finance, is inconsistent with the Constitution and is void (Article 8).” Gaskin also noted that the ability to blacklist entities and

place them in the Gazette is utterly illegal as there is no authority in the Constitution for blacklisting anyone without due process. This in particular, Gaskin says, is something the members of the Opposition and especially the business community at large should pay attention to.

In Lot Two, from Prospect to DDL “high bridge”, the contractor, GEICO Construction Company, has converted the canefields into roadway with cement stabilization surface. The roadway will be paved shortly. According to Vaughn, the contractor has commenced excavation works on the western side. However, upgrades to the existing western carriageway will not commence until the new eastern lane is completed. In Lot One, from Providence to Prospect, excavation and sand filling works are ongoing. However, the presence of utilities is somewhat hindering the progress of the works that are being carried out by Dipcon Engineering Services. In addition, Providence Police Station fence has been shifted backwards. In Lots One and Two, trenches used to store water along the corridor have been filled to construct the two additional lanes. Concrete structures are being installed to drain water, and not for storage, says a source close to the Ministry. The source believes there is a possibility neighbouring properties could be flooded by excess waters caused by heavy rainfall because of no storage capacity. Construction in all three Lots is expected to conclude in the first quarter next year.

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Kaieteur News

Friday November 01, 2013

Huge hauler trucks traverse Linden roadways despite restrictions Huge hauler trucks continue to traverse the internal thoroughfares in Linden, despite moves to restrict their movement in the town. According to IMC Chairman, Orrin Gordon, five barriers were erected at strategic points on some of the town’s main thoroughfares, to prevent lumber trucks and other heavy duty machinery from traversing them. But in an act that Gordon considers ‘highly contemptuous’, the barrier on the access road to the Fairs Rust, Watooka and Richmond Hill communities was driven through by one of the trucks, breaking it in the process. “Now we’re hearing things such as the materials that were used to erect the barriers were inferior and weren’t of the right quality, and all sorts of things; but the fact of the matter is that that should not even be a point for argument, because trucks should not even be on the road at that juncture in the first place.’ Gordon said that the barrier which was fitted with a lock was broken before, and

The broken barrier on Riverside Drive

was repaired only to be broken again. Only yesterday lumber trucks could be seen traversing beyond the point where the broken barrier was erected. At the time, several school children were on the

road making their way home. A few years ago two school children were killed on the Winifred Gaskin Highway, after a huge truck slammed into a car, which hit them. After the accident, there were calls for the banning of all heavy duty vehicles from

using the main thoroughfares in the town, and for the erection of barriers at strategic points. Prior to the accident, vehicles had been traversing around the town, indiscriminately, despite the fact that detours had been

designated for their use. Chairman of the Linden Road Safety Council, Kevin Barron, in referring to the broken barrier, pointed out, “I think that’s a blatant disrespect to the community, because if the Mayor and Town Council put that there

and locked the chain for trucks not to pass there and somebody just knocked it d o w n , t h a t ’s b l a t a n t disrespect also for authority and whoever did it needs to be charged and put before the court. And as regards a logging truck that was seen traversing the Washer Pond Road on Wednesday night, Barron said, “In relation to the large lumber truck which was seen traversing after 9(pm), I think that the amount of accidents that we have occurring, some of which are very fatal, I think these trucks should not be traversing on the roadways after a certain time. Plus the truck had no visible licence plates, nothing to indicate who they are…there were no visible lights or reflectors.” The Linden Municipality had instituted a law that prohibited large trucks from traversing certain thoroughfares in the town after six pm. However this law is being blatantly disregarded on a daily basis, as many trucks use the cover of darkness to pass through the town. (Enid Joaquin)

Commission advocates for violence investigation centre In recognition of the daunting spate of domestic violence within the society, the Women and Gender Equality Commission is advocating for the establishment of a centre to investigate gender-based and family violence. And according to Chairperson of the Commission, Indranie Chandarpal, the Commission is currently preparing to engage President Donald Ramotar with a petition in this regard. This disclosure was made Wednesday when the Chairperson and Commissioners held a press

briefing at the entity’s Peter Rose and Anira Streets, Georgetown headquarters. The idea to have the Investigation Centre implemented is in fact a move premised on Jamaica’s model of the Centre for Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA). This strategic move, according to Chandarpal, has been known to yield positive results, though it is not expected to be a “quick fix.” She explained that when the principles of the operation of CISOCA are carefully considered it is believed that

From left: Chairperson of the Women and Gender Equality Commission, Indranie Chandarpal and Commissioners Vanda Radzik, Nicole Cole, Karen Van Sluytman-Corbin and Hemawattie Lagan. they could be instrumental in helping to address the situation of violence in Guyana. “We are hoping that when we have the discussions with the President, many people can buy into it (the centre) with a view of working towards its realisation...We believe this is the way to go,” Chandarpal assured. She noted that the problem of violence, in any form, is one that requires a holistic approach, whereby it includes community-based, faith-based and civil society organisations. Moreover, Chandarpal disclosed that the intention is that during the proposed meeting with the President, efforts will be made to not only make recommendations for the centre, but also to vocalise the need to host round-table discussions with the relevant state and civil society organisations. It is expected, she said, that the

outcome of such engagements will lend to the establishment of a working group to move forward with the Investigation Centre. According to Chandarpal, the innovative move was in fact initiated as a result of a series of recommendations emanating from the Access to Justice public education programmes which were conducted across nine regions of Guyana. A final session is likely to be held in Region Eight, on November 14, where key professionals from the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security, the Guyana Police Force and Legal Aid will be among the organisations involved in educating the public. And as International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women draws near (November 25), Chandarpal disclosed that the Commission will be erecting billboards bearing the

message “Family Violence leads to Despair, Destruction and Death” in some of the administrative regions. Also as part of the commemoration, the Commissioners will target 45 schools across Guyana for public awareness on family violence. Meanwhile, it was disclosed that a delegation of Commissioners were on October 18 last tasked with visiting the Teenage Maternal Clinic where they interacted with some of the teens and were satisfied with the services offered. And the Commission has plans to soon visit the East La Penitence Lock-ups during the course of this month as well. The members of the Commission revealed too that based on a recent meeting with Vice Chancellor of the University of Guyana, Professor Jacob Opadeyi, a Memorandum of Understanding between the

Commission and UG will be drafted to support the establishment of a Gender Studies Centre and online courses on Gender and Development. The collaboration has in fact allowed for the Commissioners to pledge support in terms of tuition fees to one UG student to do research on issues affecting women. This award, it was disclosed, will become available on March 8, 2014, to commemorate International Women’s Day. Currently, the Commission is working in accordance with a five-year Strategic Plan which has four Thematic Strategic priorities, which are: organisational and institutional strengthening of the Women and Gender Equality Commission; Women, Leadership and Governance; Women and Economic Empowerment and Gender Based Violence.

Friday November 01, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Main access road in Parika in disrepair Residents of Hubu in Parika on the East Bank of Essequibo are frustrated over the dilapidated conditions of the Hubu Road located within that vicinity. Kaieteur News was told that the road is a main access road for hundreds of persons living there, as well as an industrial hub for farming, aquaculture and timber harvesting. The three-mile-long road was apparently repaired three times since 2008, however after some time it had deteriorated. The residents are surprised as to why no attention is being given to the road since a lot of persons as well as businesses use the road for transport. According

to one of the residents living there a lot of the vegetables being sold in Georgetown come from Hubu in Parika. “Hubu is the food basket for the whole of Georgetown,” the resident said. “In addition to that, a lot of lumber is transported from Hubu to other parts of Guyana. The current state of the road makes transportation very difficult.” Chairman of Region Three Julius Faerber, in response to a question about the condition of the Hubu Road, said that they do not have the resources to undertake any work on the road. He did mention that repair/patching works were conducted by the Ministry of Public Works for the Hubu

A section of the Hubu Road Road as well as other roads on the West Coast of Demerara. He further said that with respect to the monies being allocated for the construction of the road, the Works Ministry is the body that looks after public roads. The Ministry of Public Works was budgeted millions for the rehabilitation of the Hubu Road as well as other main access roads in the country. Attempts to get a comment from the Minister of

Public Works Robeson Benn proved futile since he was out first and later in a meeting. Secretary of the Aquafarming Association and businessman Mike Rahman who lives in Hubu, said that he could not “understand how this road which is the main traffic for billions of dollars worth of business is allowed to get so bad. The stores in Parika and on the West Coast of Demerara have refused to send their vehicles into the

area. I have had to pay extra to take cement and other stuff into Hubu. Now the truck will not transport sand”. Commenting on the condition of the road was A Partnership for National Unity’s, Shadow Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine. According to Roopnaraine, he plans to go up there (Parika) and assess the situation. However, he said based

on the photos that he has seen and feedback that he has received, he is aware of the enormous difficulties that persons face when traversing the Hubu road. He said that they are reluctant to take needed supplies into that area; as such the road needs urgent attention. We cannot be talking about opening avenues for economic growth when persons are faced with such hindrances, Dr. Roopnarine said.

Republic Bank successfully completes Business Programme Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited in collaboration with the University of West Indies, Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business successfully hosted its fourth Commercial Customer Business Programme. The programme, which first started in September 2010, was designed to prepare participants for successful planning, organizing, and operating small to medium sized businesses in various sectors within the economy. Through this venture, Republic Bank seeks to create a vibrant network of business professionals, equipping them with the tools to enhance their businesses and improve productivity. To this end, the specially selected customers benefited

from training aimed at improving their ability to assess and understand the business environment, effectively drive business strategy and implementation, financial management tips and techniques and marketing in the face of new challenges. The programme was held over five days at Republic Bank’s Head Office at Promenade Court. The seminar’s facilitators included Mr. Hilary Bengochea, Ms. Natasha Subero and Nigel Chinapoo all lecturers of the University of West Indies, Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business. The Closing Ceremony was held yesterday, where 17 participants received certificates.

Participants of the Business Programme flanked by staff of Republic Bank

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Kaieteur News

Friday November 01, 2013

Potential remigrants White Water residents moved to tears affected by Anti-Money as President delivers keys to new homes Laundering stalemate The present stalemate in relation to Anti-Money Laundering legislation has now become a cause for worry for potential remigrants as they are having a hard time transferring their monies to Guyana. This was according to Minister of Housing and Water, Irfaan Ali who explained on Wednesday that a number of banking institutions are already imposing penalties as it relates to the transfer of monies. Apart from this, Minister Ali noted that Remigrant Housing Scheme located at Providence, East Bank Demerara is on target, with in excess of 1200 applications already received. He explained that a majority of the major infrastructure has been completed. This includes the setting up of pipelines to serve the community. Ali noted, however, that his Ministry is currently engaging the Guyana Power and Light (GPL), in an effort to complete the installation of electricity. He noted that when this is done, and the well is completed, the scheme will be fully serviced.

The Minister added that in an effort to boost occupancy, his Ministry is working towards constructing a number of homes. He is optimistic that within the next seven months, approximately 80 to 100 of these homes will be completed. The remigrants’ scheme will consist of about 30,000 new house lots with various sizes ranging from 6,000 to 8,000 square feet. All the applications for house lots within the remigrants’ scheme were done via the internet, with majority of the applicants being between the ages of 30 to 40 years. Ali had said that the programme is expected to bring great macro-economic opportunities for Guyana as the Ministry is working aggressively to have the scheme up and running. The Minister is optimistic that the building and construction sector will be transformed into a hive of activity very soon. It was noted that the remigrant programme was launched based on the demands the Ministry received from Guyanese across the globe, expressing their interest to remigrate to their birthplace. These include persons residing in the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, The Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, and Antigua.

President Donald Ramotar and a young student prepare to cut a ribbon at the bottom of the stairs of one of the newly constructed houses at White Water, Region One. (GINA photo) Twenty-three households in White Water, Region One received keys to their new homes yesterday while 27 others had their roofs refurbished under the Ministry of Housing and Water’s second Low Income Settlement Programme (LIS2). The close to $40M project was made possible through a collaborative effort of the Housing Ministry’s Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) after a study was conducted on the housing needs of the North West District village in 2009. The beneficiaries, according to a Government release, who contributed 60 percent of their labour and made employment opportunities possible for approximately 25 residents, are partly credited for the successful completion of the project. After the priorities were identified from the 2009 study, a design workshop was hosted the following year,

where the building size specifications were defined. The residents were then given autonomy to design the building of their choice, and it was discovered that the majority preferred wooden structures that were seven feet above ground level, with zinc roofs and patio. The involvement of the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs and the respective Amerindian Village Councils and residents of the pilot communities were integral to the success of the programme. The efforts of the villagers were enough to spur Minister Ali to insist that they take into consideration forming a group, and requisition to undertake works in the community and the wider Mabaruma district. Meanwhile, the aggregate number of individuals who would have been impacted by the project is about 600, many of whom were previously living in dilapidated and oftentimes overcrowded settings. White Water has a

Warrau population of 1,190. President Donald Ramotar, who visited the village for the first time since becoming the country’s Head of State, handed over keys to the beneficiaries. He also visited the newly constructed and refurbished buildings along with Minister of Housing and Water Irfaan Ali, Region One Chairman Paul Pierre and other officials of the region and the CH&PA. The President said that he regarded the hinterland housing project as one of several initiated by his government over the last two decades, to enhance the quality of life for citizens after undertaking the burdensome task of repairing a broken economy. The hinterland housing project is being piloted with the aim of providing affordable sustainable houses in eight communities in Regions One and Nine. In the Region One area the communities targeted are White Water, Manawarin and Oronoque, while in Region Nine, Kwatamang, Central Annai, Massara, Katoka and Apoteri are the identified communities. The total number of houses to be covered under this programme is 208. Among them are 122 full houses measuring 20 by 25 ft, and 86 that will have their thatch roofs replaced with zinc sheets. According to Minister Ali, the Housing Ministry has used up 85 percent of the second LIS loan, with $37M invested to improve living conditions of residents of White Water. A total of $200M has been budgeted for the hinterland

housing programme and will add to the investments made to bring potable water to the hinterland. The homes handed over have been designed to trap rain water. “In the last five years we have invested more than $2.9B in the hinterland water system… this project will help us to achieve that because of the change in the roof material that can now help you in the easy collection of rain water,” Minister Ali said. A few years ago the Government procured Rotoplastic tuff tanks for free distribution to communities where the cost of providing water was either impossible or costly. Today, water coverage for hinterland communities is at 73 percent and this is expected to reach 80 percent in another two years. Upgrades to hinterland airstrips is also on the cards, but has suffered a major setback after the political opposition slashed the entire air transport sector allocation from the 2013 National Budget. President Ramotar is still determined to have those funds restored, not only because of their importance to the maintenance of hinterland airstrips, but also because of the nature-based tourism potential in those areas. “Here in Guyana, we want to develop a new model (of tourism) so that most of the money would remain not only in our country, but remain in the community… more and more people are interested in the tourist product that we have… they want to feel a oneness with nature,” President Ramotar said.

Friday November 01, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Region’s Speakers concerned about gap between legislature and public The bastion of democracy in any country lies in the legislature, in the parliament…but Parliament is not a tea party, it is an arena for battles, it is a clash of ideas; because every party is seeking the upper hand. Those were the facts presented by Speaker of the Trinidadian National Assembly, Wade Mark, yesterday, as he shed light on the importance of the Parliament and parliamentary issues. Mark was company to Barbados House Speaker Michael Carrington and Guyana’s Speaker Raphael Trotman as the three hosted a press conference to make

known the success of the 16th Biennial Regional Conference of Presiding Officers and Clerks of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association. The Conference was held in Guyana from October 28 – 30 under the theme: “The role of Parliaments as they meet the challenges of evolving democracies.” Based on the account given by all three representatives, this year’s conference focused extensively on bridging the seemingly widening gap between the Parliament and the public it is intended to serve. The Conference concluded with the passage of three resolutions; the first

From right: Guyana’s Speaker Raphael Trotman (centre) is flanked by his counterparts, Trinidadian Wade Mark (left) and Barbadian Michael Carrington being to see the establishment of an Executive Steering Committee to coordinate activities among conferences - the next of which will be held in 2015 in

Stabbed Sophia woman succumbs, ex-lover on the run Shanta Devi Chanderpaul, the reputed wife who was stabbed two Tuesdays ago by a violent lover she was reportedly afraid to leave, succumbed to her injuries at around 13:00 hrs yesterday. Her alleged killer remains on the run, and some of the victim’s relatives believe that things would have been different, had police and the courts treated previous reports of assault more seriously. Chanderpaul, 36, of ‘C’ Field Sophia, was stabbed in the region of the right breast and abdomen at around 19:30 hrs on October 22, shortly after disembarking from a bus near her home. The mother of seven was also slashed to the face, while her attacker fled. Relatives identified the suspect as a ‘C’ Field, Sophia resident who lived a short distance from the house where the victim lived with her reputed husband and their children. Kaieteur News understands that Chanderpaul had an affair with the suspect about two years ago. But relatives said that the man repeatedly beat, threatened and even accosted Chanderpaul at her workplace. The woman’s 13-year-old daughter told Kaieteur News that she and her mother had just exited a bus in ‘C’ Field, Sophia at around 19:00 hrs on October 22, when the suspect, who was armed with a knife, ran out of a shop and confronted her mother. According to the daughter, the man said, ‘Look how long I want jook yuh and kill yuh,’ before stabbing her mother and slashing her face. She said that her mother collapsed while her attacker

DEAD: Shanta Devi Chanderpaul fled. The girl said that she ran home and alerted relatives, who took her mother by taxi to the Georgetown Public Hospital. She was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit. However, Chanderpaul took her own discharge last Sunday. Clarence De Florimonte, the woman’s reputed husband, said that on Monday, he observed that his reputed wife’s stomach and face were swollen and that she could barely stand. He then took her back to the hospital, where she was again placed in the Intensive Care Unit. “The doctor called me that night and said that she was critical and he didn’t know if she would make it,” Mr. De Florimonte said. Another relative who visited the woman on Wednesday said that her condition worsened and she was bleeding through the nose and mouth. At around 13:00 hrs yesterday, relatives were informed that she had succumbed. Clarence De Florimonte confirmed that Chanderpaul would repeatedly leave their

home to live with the suspect. “She would leave home to go with him and the only thing that would bring her back is blows,” he said. Mr. De Florimonte alleged that the man once beat Chanderpaul in front of her residence. But he believes that she repeatedly went back to the suspect because she was afraid of him. “If he don’t see her two morning he would reach at her work-place or at her home. She was afraid. The man (once) come till in front of my house and beat she.” He reportedly also threatened the couple’s children. Kaieteur News was also told the suspect had once attacked the couple with a knife, stabbing Mr. De Florimonte on the forehead and wounding his reputed wife in the back. Accusing the courts of treating the matter lightly, Mr. De Florimonte said that his wife’s ex-lover was placed on a bond to keep the peace in connection with the stabbing incident and granted bail on the assault charge. “If they had thrown the man in jail, my wife would have been alive today,” he said. Relatives also alleged that despite “umpteen” reports, ranks at the Sophia Police Outpost repeatedly failed to respond when the man assaulted his spouse or made threats against the family. A relative said that ranks at the outpost would claim that no vehicles were available to go out on the reports. Relatives said that they had received reports that the suspect was in ‘C’ Field, Sophia, yesterday, but were again told that no vehicle was available.

Bermuda. The second is to see the establishment of a Regional Youth Parliament; Parliamentary outreach programmes aimed at youth education being established in each branch and the establishment of a Regional Parliamentary Week at the national level within all member branches “at the earliest opportunity.” The third and final resolution passed was one that called for countries to ratify the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons Living with Disabilities to assist, and for Speakers themselves to make the Parliament friendly to persons with disabilities. All resolutions passed have direct and indirect links to the concern of bringing the Parliament closer to the public. Barbadian Speaker Carrington remarked that there is seemingly some sort of “antagonism” between the public and the Parliament. This, he explained, is not unique to one or two jurisdictions in the Region. Carrington said that it

must be realized that politicians are products of the society in which they live. He admitted, however, that there is blame to taken on both sides. Carrington said that there are some politicians “who behave as if from the time they have won the seat, they are empowered with omniscience. He added, “Some of us become arrogant… and there are some who leave a lot to be desired”. “On the other hand, there are some politicians who recognize that look… I have a role to play in directing the country” According to the Caribbean politician, “there are members of the public who think that each and every politician is criminal and there is nothing good that can come out of a politician’s mouth”. Furthermore, he said, numerous members of the public are not willing to offer themselves for office “but they expect to be able to run the country through a talk show…So there is blame on

both sides, but we need to try on our side to bridge the gap.” He said that stronger leaders will make a better parliament and a better parliament will result in a country being enriched with democracy. The Speakers made it clear that this year’s conference was definitely not a talk shop and pledged continuity of their work. They also pledged commitment to put all the resolutions into focus as there shall be a report in Bermuda on the progress made in the decisions outlined All three Speakers expressed that they have no fear in making promises to push the agenda to make sure that it is not just another forum for consultation. They remarked that the Conference was a very productive one and extended special thanks to the Parliament and Government of Guyana in this regard.It was noted that the involvement of President Donald Ramotar and Opposition Leader David Granger stood out and was well appreciated.

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Kaieteur News

Friday November 01, 2013

Business boom Panama, Colombia eyed for new rice markets or economic... From page 6 outlined city sections stated in by-law 56. Another important by-law to a developer in the city is by-law 67, which says by-laws 68 to 70, in addition to other bylaws, apply to the part of the City East of Oronoque Street. These, according to the City laws, are designated residential areas. The Laws say that in these areas there shall be no subdivision of lots, building of more than one dwelling house etc. As it relates to residential areas and commercial use, bylaw 70 is especially applicable; which states that, no building to be used as a spirit shop (rum shops), or for manufacturing, trade or business purpose shall be erected or built on any lot and no such building should be used for the mentioned purpose. The city centre is also

facing its share of “confusion” and is being described as congested. Mayor Hamilton Green has noted the problematic layout of the city resulting from the ignorance and nonadherence of the by-laws. He pointed to the problem of parking, bus terminals and the building or extension of business places. For instance by-law 73 (2) says, “No building shall be placed on that portion of any closed up alleyway and the Council may at any time resume possession thereof.” Mayor Green told Kaieteur News that the “lawless” and “unauthorized” construction, extensions etc. has caused a lot of the woes faced by the city. He pointed out that in any developing or developed society, it is familiar for city plans to be reviewed every five to 10 years.

The search is on for additional markets for Guyana’s rice as production has surpassed the 500,000 tons targeted for this year. Panama and Colombia are being eyed as markets of interest for 2014. This is according to an official close to the Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB), who enlightened that General Manager of the GRDB Jagnarine Singh and senior officials of the Agriculture Ministry are “looking for additional markets”. The official said that thus far, production for 2013 has allowed Guyana to have surplus rice in storage, a situation which rarely exists. As such, the GRDB is hoping to tap into the Panamanian and Colombian markets for the first quarter of next year. The official said it is usually difficult for Guyana to export to those markets since they purchase early. Though challenged to find new markets, the GRDB is utilizing the opportunity to expand existing markets. The official related that Guyana’s export to the European market has already surpassed what was sold to that market for the entire 2012. “At the end of September, Guyana was able to supply

FILE PHOTO: Rice being loaded onto a ship for export

the European market with 50,000 tons of rice while its entire export to that market for 2012 was just over 40,000 tons.” This welcoming increase in production would probably see Guyana supplying Venezuela, under the Petrocaribe agreement, with additional tons of paddy in December. The official said Guyana has already satisfied its contractual responsibility

of exporting 88,000 tons of paddy for 2013. In addition, Guyana has already supplied the Spanishspeaking state with 70,000 tons of white rice and is expected to ship out another 50,000 tons shortly, the official said. While Guyana exports five percent of broken rice to Venezuela it exports 20 percent of broken rice to Jamaica. The official clarified

that though the percentage of broken rice being exported to Jamaica is higher, it does not mean the quality is poor. Guyana supplies 50,000 tons of rice to Jamaica annually, but that amount is likely to be exceeded this year. Just last week, Agriculture Minister, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy and GRDB’s General Manager met with officials in Jamaica to discuss the purchasing of additional rice.

Friday November 01, 2013

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Friday November 01, 2013

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Friday November 01, 2013

Friday November 01, 2013

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Rehab works to modernise zoo commence Works have started to rehabilitate the Guyana Zoological Park, the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment announced yesterday. Currently, works are ongoing on the entrance road to the park and expected to take three months, to address issues of flooding and erosion. The project is part of a larger effort to rehabilitate and modernise the Zoo under the Three Parks Initiative which was launched by Minister Robert Persaud. The Protected Areas Commission, which falls under the Ministry and charged with overseeing the zoo, has acknowledged a number of challenges facing the facility. “And this is just one small step towards transforming the Zoo into a modern facility. However, with support from the Beharry Group of Companies, and Conservation International, a larger master plan for the zoo

Ongoing works at the Guyana Zoological Park. has been prepared.” According to the Commission, the vision of the modernised zoo is to connect Guyanese, and visitors to Guyana, with the rich natural world that exists just beyond the limits of the urban landscape. “The overall visitor experience will be one

of passing through a series of habitat types which represent different regions in Guyana, such as the mangroves and the savannahs. Additionally, efforts are underway to create larger exhibit spaces that allow animals to roam freely within a more natural habitat.”

Picture Boy murder trial continues Another witness was called to give evidence in the murder trial of Cyon Collier. Collier called ‘Picture Boy’, stands before Justice Navindra Singh at the High Court, charged with the double-murder of Ray Walcott called ‘Sugar’ and Carl Andrews called ‘Alo’ on September 23, 2006, at Victoria Four Corner, East Coast Demerara. Senior State Prosecutor Judith Gildharie-Mursalin is presenting the prosecution’s case, while Collier is being represented by Attorney at law Lyndon Amsterdam. Kwesi Stewart called

- Eyewitness to shooting testifies ‘Silver,’ testified that he and Collier had grown up together and that while he, Stewart, was playing dominoes with some friends, ‘Sugar’ and ‘Alo’ were watching the game when Collier rode up on a motor cycle with a “big gun” slung across his back. Stewart said Collier sent ‘Sugar’ to buy cigarettes which he did, after which ‘Sugar’ and Collier each smoked a cigarette. Collier was speaking with them when he began cranking the gun and aimed at ‘Sugar’.

Stewart said he and ‘Alo’ were running towards the seawall but Collier never shot at him, only at ‘Alo’, who jumped a fence into one Nicola Goodchild’s yard. Stewart said Collier then went back to the road where he joined a minibus. Inspector Nolan Burnett and Detective Deputy Superintendent of Police Lyndon Lord were back in the witness box yesterday to give evidence. The trial is expected to continue today.

According to the Ministry, this will be key, as over 80% of the animals currently housed at the facility were not collected by the Zoo, but brought in abandoned, injured or as unwanted pets. Although the Zoo does its best to release injured animals once they have recovered, in many cases they are physically and/ or mentally unable to survive in the wild. “With the planned rehabilitation, the Commission hopes to improve educational programs and install interpretive graphics that inform visitors of Guyana’s unique biodiversity and the importance of conserving these animals in their native habitats.” The Commission has been engaging interested businesses, individuals and

other groups to support the rehabilitation efforts. “The Commission is even open to sponsors using their own contractors and issuing payments directly to these

contractors, based on agreed designs and specifications. Using this approach, sponsors donate completed, state of the art enclosures rather than funds.”

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Female worker needed, 3 CXC subject or sound secondary educationCall:612-1595

At Blankenburg Public Road, W.C.D. 38x150 & 39x150 $16M each- Call:666-3619

2- Waitresses & 2 Bartenders - call: 698-0977 / 679-5112

Citrus farm at Yarrowkabra with over 300 bearing trees and creek running through – Call Paul at:602-7740

Experienced taxi drivers to work @ Gem’s Taxi Service – Tel:227-0638; 627-9424 Contract cars- Contact City Taxi Service- 660-1100/2267150 MASSAGE

Jet man, marak man operator, baheir – Call:671-5149

American Style massage services- Call:678-7499

Attractive live in waitressCall:327-0252; 674-4665 GREENHEART AND PURPLE HEART LUMBER - TEL: 653-9752

Two guards for a marine company; one manager for a mining company. Attractive salaries. Call 2237165; 226-8645; 223-5180

2 Attractive waitresses @ Mombo’s Barr, Kitty – Call:622-7201 Urgently upholsters, joiners, spray painters ( Furniture) handyman Contact S. Khan: 225-6810 Waitresses living within West Coast Demerara – Tel:660-1248 Skilled experienced carpenters – Apply to Alabama Trading Georgetown, Ferry Stelling Stabroek. Urgently needed land to buy - Tel:675-7292; 2185591. One cook to prepare one meal a day. Call 223-7165; 644-4284. Attractive salary offered One cleaner, living between Cove & John & Unity, 3 times a week: Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday – Call:623-3231 Office Clerk: CXC English/ Mathematics- Call:225-0188/ 225-6070 One domestic, live in & live out babysitter from 12pm8pm- Call:225-4492

We buy & sell vehicles for cash, also parts available & 30 seater buses; Extra Cab pickups; 2006 TacomaCall:680-3154

Toyota Raum PRR, 16 mags, music, Tv, $1.4M – Tel:6622569; 670-3775. White 2008 Tacoma 4x4 lift kit, off road tyres. Excellent condition- Call:610-5370 1 Suzuki Vitara Jeep; immaculate condition; fully Powered- Tel:694-6027 ( Price negotiable)

LEARN TO DRIVE Soman & Sons Driving School , First Federation Building Call 225-4858, 6445166,622-2872,615-0964

One gardener; contact M. Vieira Houston Estate or call: 623-1202 Minibus driver for contract, living in Georgetown – Call:675-3093 Worker wanted for restaurant and roti shop in Trinidad; accommodation provided. For more information contact - 0011-866-760-1426.

2007 Toyota BB, fully loaded, unregistered special price $2.350M – 617-2891

1 Toyota Hilux single cab. Excellent condition, first owner- Call:657-3707

Attractive live in waitress Call:228-5129

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First Class Auto: Premio, Axio, Passo, Runx, Allex, IST, Fielder, Raum – Call:609-8188; 602-6307

One maid must be able to cook & clean; between the age 25-40yrs Telephone:6106168

Two Toyota Tacoma 2006 unregistered: 4wd $3.9M & 2wd $3.1M- Call:662-1396/ 678-0573

Labourers/ painters/ carpenters with own tools to work with limited supervision - Tel:225-6070

Toyota Allion PNN 7620, green – Contact: 669-2650, 677-5559.

Hotel receptionist; Restaurant cook – age 25+ (shift systems) – Contact: 223-6284 One male care taker between the age 25-35yrs; single or with family for a farm in Craig – Tel:654-1029 Snackette attendant, cook must have experienced in baking – Call: 223-9725, after 4pm. Professional painters and carpenters – Telephone:6224899 Experienced and attractive female waitress to work at bar must be able to work late hour - Call: 649-1105. Young , active & attractive house maid, 17-30 years, needed for a Foreign National ( morning job) @ Prashad Nagar – Tel:6042164 Housekeeper required on the E.B.D must know how to prepare a Variety of dishes Phone: 690-9233

New RX8 (Red) rotary 7 speed engine, new rims, tires, music kickers, lambo doors – Tel:680-2095 One Toyota RZ mini-bus BJJ series – Call:678-5887

Friday November 01, 2013

VEHICLE FOR SALE Toyota Hilux, 2L Turbo – price $2.5M – Tel:609-3426 One registered NZE Corolla - call:652-3820; 665-4529 Super heavy duty Tubo Diesel F350 (very powerful), owner migrating - Tel:2278519 F150 Tundra, chevy cargo van – Tel:227-8519; 653-4287 Cheapest- Premio, Pitbull, Manual Buses & Hilux- Call: 616-7635 Leroy Trident car 250CC, 4 doors, power window, $750,000 cash or credit Tel 227-3939, 621-4000 Hilux Surf 4 doors, minor parts needed, sold as is $800,000 Tel: 227-3939, 6214000 Nissan Maxima, fully powered needs repairs sold as is $375,000 cash 227-3939, 621-4000 Mitsubishi 3000GT sports car, fully powered, $1.8M cash or credit available Tel: 227-3939, 621-4000 Trike Can-Am style motorcycle, 200cc new, unregistered $550,000 negotiable or credit Tel 2273939, 621-4000 AT192, 212, Allion, Premio, Hilux Surf, BNN& cheap RZ buses, 7 seater super custom. Cash / terms- Call: 680-3154 Crash Toyota Vios. Asking $750,000 as is- Call:617-7113 GRR 573, long base RZ minibus, automatic. Excellent Condition Tel:687-5657; 652-0709 ALYEA’S AUTO SALE: PREMIO 2002/2003, AXIO 2008. ALL PRICES ARE NEG. 40 CROAL STREET STABROEK- TEL:2317284/622-3823

1 Nissan – Virgo mini van PKK series, E24 Caravan – Tel:644-5096; 697-1453 1 Toyota Ipsum; fully powered; AC & music – Tel:223-6948; 642-4379 One AT192 PLL966 $1.1M; with DVD player – Tel:6399528 1 Toyota – Hilux Off Road pick-up, AT212, AT192, AT170, Ceres, Caldina Wagon, IST, Tundra – Tel:644-5096; 697-1453

Spare for washing machine, microwaves,fridges, stoves, timers, gearbox, pumps, etc call:225-9032,647-2943 Potting Soil and quality cow mould- Call: 656-1326/678-0058 Tundra ‘Woman Driven’ Tel:627-1983 Cheapest Online Vehicles!!! - Tel:626-2771 One circular sofa suite; one metal frame single spring bed; one toilet bowl set – Tel:613-0836 1- 5705 John Deere tractor, 1Rome plough 20 dish, 1- 1630 Bedford truck articulated with 2 trailer- Call:693-4596 1 going sawmill with new equipment, customers, land space, ideal for exporting containers; side to Public Rd - Tel:624-8683 2 Ice machine, 1 smoothe machine, small fridges Tel:231-0655, 683-8734. Pre-painted and unpainted corrugated zinc sheets at affordable prices- Call Tel:2267054 Houses & house lots Contact: 223-8479; 647-3768; 2- M132 Lavarda Combine, 122RB Dragline, 3- Pressure pump 4x3 for gold field, 12640MF tractor 4WD, 1385MF tractor- Call:627-0447 1 CAT standby 3306, 194 KVA 3 phase 60 cycleCall:641-8472

3-Ton Canter excellent condition – Model M.Bush truck for interior – Tel:2318417; 231-6560; 231-1238; 624-0443 One (1) – TATA Truck for sale, GEE 9962, price negotiable – Contact:6299286;219-2395


One popcorn machineCall:639-241 CAR RENTAL Premio, vitz call: 679-7139 Dolly’s Car Rental- Call: 2257126/ Aidan’s Car Rental & PickupCall: 645-7981/ 698-7807 First Choice Car Rental: Cars as low as $5,000 per day- Call:668-0306/6947817/225-6337

Hifi Sound Connection: Car Audio, Pro Audio, complete sound system generator.Call:610-1230/673-5828

FOR SALE Honda welders; 270 amps 15,000 watts generator Tel:611-5114/220-4495 Massey, Yanmar Ford 5000 Logging/ Agriculture Tractors, parts, Loader & Ford Truck- Call:615-1578/ 694-3595: Tools & Chainsaw-668-2831 One stall @ La Penitance Market; $600,000 – Tel:6900437. 1- Caterpillar D5 Bulldozer and 1- Caterpillar engine 3406 Contact number 6500402 One (1) Passenger speed boat (19) seater – please contact phone: 218-4829, 686-3155, Supernaam Parika Route – Price Negotiable. Land! Land! Land! – 6600 SQFT to 1500 acres: Providence & Berbice Contact: 223-8479; 6473768; . Large vacuum cleaner wet & dry (for cleaning or car wash), stereo sets& speakers. Tel:227-8519 Games PS2 $900, PSP $900, X-Box 360 $2600 & PS3 $2600- Call: 672-2566. Toyota Hilux LN 172 diesel, extra cab pick up 4x4, manual ( 5 speed transmission)Tel:623-0425; 609-2876 1 Three storied building centrally located down town in Thomas Street South Cummingsburg, G/town Tel:623-0425 or 609-2876. Original Games- Call: 6722566. Generators, welding sets, compressors, power washers, drill - migrating, must see! - Tel:227-8519 2 white female and 1 brown male fluffy dogs - contact: 699-6006 One taxi service for sale Tel:683-7400

Generator; diesel engine 400 Volts/50HZ 3 phase; Texila American University; Goedverwagting Campus – Tel:222-5224,222-5225

Chicken Hatchery (Robbins), 28,000 eggs capacity fully ready, $6M or credit available Tel: 227-3939 621-4000

6 months pitbull pups – Tel: 650-3327; 670-7206

Diesel Generator, 3 cylinder Lister pitter (England) key start, 15kva, $750,000 cash or credit Tel: 227-3939, 6214000

Wings Car Rental- Call: 6874116

Sawmill Located at Linden Equipped with planner, ripsaw & one portable mill for more information – Call:687-6844/649-6837

Untouchable Car Rental Tel:621-6827; 226-9668

Whole sale: Pluck Chicken - Tel:676-0931

73" 3D TV Mitsubishi Like new make offer 227-3939, 6214000 (Continued on page 31)

Friday November 01, 2013

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CH&PA technical staff saving Govt. $$M annually Minister of Housing and Water Irfaan Ali yesterday lauded the efforts of the technical staff of Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA), noting that they have been saving the government, and by extension the country, millions of dollars. Ali explained that since CH&PA staff would do all the work themselves, the government does not have to invest in hiring consultants and contractors. The Minister was at the time pointing this out to President Donald Ramotar as he (Ali) delivered the feature address to several hundred persons present at the 7th ‘One Stop Shop’ which was held at the National Stadium, Providence, East Bank Demerara. Wednesday’s exercise, the Minister said, would cater for residents of Farm, Phase Two, where in excess of 1695 new house lots are being developed. Ali pointed out that approximately $1.4B will go towards the provision of electricity, roads and water in that area. He said that several years ago, people would have reached the age of retirement and still not be able to own their own lands and house, however, with the government’s housing policy, persons below the ages of 35 already have their own. “Only those who have struggled in this regard would know,” he said, adding that the government’s successful development and implementation of the housing plan has been a tremendous accomplishment which is often being taken for granted. Minister Ali said that the government has been subsidizing lands up to about 45 percent. He pointed out also that that the work of those employed with the CH&PA goes beyond clearing and issuing lands, but entails day and night work.

In highlighting some of the issues currently being faced, Minister Ali said that nobody wants a “low income” lot, and people would therefore sometimes lie on their application. He said that persons would be given lands based on their application, thus, they should not be lying. Ali warned also that should they be found guilty of misrepresenting information, money paid for their land will be forfeited. He gave an example, stating that common law couples who apply for lands separately will also be penalized. In his remarks, President Ramotar said that only the people who pay rent and whose heart would throb when they see their landlord coming for money, would know how great it feels to own one’s own home. He urged that the people who would be going to live in the new communities act as each other’s keeper to ensure that the areas are cleaned, so that as time goes by, their environment does not turn into one of the many garbageflooded areas across the country. President Ramotar said that in addition to surveying ways in which the garbage situation can be targeted, the government is looking to having the road linking the East Bank to the East Coast of Demerara become a reality.

VACANCY Trainee refrigeration/Ac technician – Tel:231-0655/ 683-8734 Wanted security guards & drivers to work nights Please contact: 223-3534 or send CV to Lot 1 Chapes Street. Vacancy exists @ Survival Shopping Complex; 173 Sheriff St – For cashiers & drivers. Apply with written application & passport photograph – Contact:2275288-89 Vacancy exists @ Survival Shopping Complex; 173 Sheriff St - For IT Technician. Apply with written application & passport photograph & CV Contact:227-5288-89 Operators: Apply in person to BM Enterprise Inc, Guyana Fisheries Limited Wharf, Houston, East Bank Demerara - Tel:592-227-8176/7 Chefs, cooks, waitress, bartenders, cashiers – Apply in writing: 89 Robb & Oronque Sts; 1 Maid – must be good in Indian cooking & experienced in housekeeping - Call:223-5451/227-4799 Sales boys: attractive wages. Apply: Avinash, Water St, Athina’s ECD, bus park, Anand’s Regent St – Tel:2263361/227-7828

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SERVICES Permanent & Visitors Visa Applications, Profressional Immigration Consultant Room D5 Maraj Building Call:225-6496,6626045,223-8115 Professional and affordable landscaping and tree trimming services. Budram’s Landscaping ServicesCall:656-1326/678-0058 Repairs, sales & spares air conditioning, microwaves, washer, fridges & stoves. Ultra Cool, call:2259032,647-2943 We repair fridge, freezer, AC, washer, dryer call:2310655,683-8734 Omar Need help making your business better – call:2643320 Thick infestation yard spray – Tel:650-3327; 670-7206

PROPERTY FOR SALE Property for sale- Call:6275416 One –Two storey business property (transported) @ Brickery public road, E.B.DCall: 660-8128 VERSAILLES: Furnished 5 bedrooms, self-contained rooms, modern facilities, generator, beautiful landscape, gated community- Call:592-6248704/592-684-9203 Road side business property - Tel:687-3017 111 Collinswood Avenue, Nandy Park, EBD – Contact:616-9775;687-0835 Agriculture Road: 2 Storey 3 bedrooms house; land 600x36Ft - $17.5M – Tel:6122522

Diamond -$6.5M, Kitty $30M, Alberttown - $33M, Queenstown – $23M, call Diana:227-2256; 626-9382 1 Unfinished concrete house at Recht Door Zee W.B.D Tel:643-4740 House and Land by owner De Edward W.C.B – Tel:6892973. Prime 2-storey concrete building 80x23, 6 bedrooms, 2 master bedrooms @ Leonora next to Primary School - call: 652-0709, 268-3572 Prime Property for sale - Light Street, Alberttown - Contact: 639-3619, 619-7299 29 Silver City, Wismar Linden: 3 bedrooms property - Tel:685-2005; 682-9930

One three bedroom; preferably family – Call:2269659; 667-3124 Hairdressing salon; Rushelle - Tel:684-3384 Wedding dresses – Tel:6893910 V/Hoop Junction: Office, clinic, taxi service, salon, barber shop, internet, canteen, classes, day care/ school – Tel:680-9905

One semi furnished apartment to rent; preferably couple or single person Tel:223-2742; 225-7454; 6128305 Harmony Inn: Apartments fully furnished, airconditioned apartments: As low as $5000 per night- Call: 668-0306/602-8769/ 694-7817 Fully furnished short term apartments, Eccles call: 679-7139


Repairs to Fridge, Freezer, AC, Washers, Stoves: Call 683-1312,627-3206 (Nick)

Furnished short term/houses to rent – 687-3017; business place Carmichael St.

Fully furnished Vacation home with all amenities- Call during working hours- 2271218

Private driving tutorials; learn on your own pace & on your own time – Tel:625-3265

One two bedroom newly built concrete house to rent located at Parfaite Harmonie - Contact:254-0935 or 6792678.

HOUSE PLAN DRAFTING FOR ONLY $10,000CALL:694-9843/227-2766 We Refill HP cartridges for $1800 call: 650-7699.

PROPERTY FOR SALE One (1) 2- storey 5 bedrooms recently built house, $25M; Mon Repos E.C.D (Transported) – Tel:6179316,220-0818, 651-0744


TO LET One- 3 bedroom upper flat apartment @ Industry, E.C.D - Call:613-4057

Paradise (furnished house) -$38,000, Atlanic Gardens – US900, Kitty - $120,000 Call Diana:227-2256; 626-9382

Christmas cleaning: Power washing for homes & commercial buildings – Tel:648-1544

Kashmir make-up studio & spa: Specialized airbrush artist/ esthetician for an exceptional lookContact:665-5979/698-0114

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Coolers and Call:657-0424

Apartments, houses & land – Contact: 223-8479; 6473768;

Semi furnished 4 bedrooms house, available for rental starting from January 1st , 2014 – Tel:611-5110

FOR SALE One 8000 Ford tractor & one Ford 450 2005 Towing truck – Call: 689-1864 (Guru) / 6945599 (Floyd).

Generac Generator 15kva, portable, $550,000 cash or credit available Tel 227-3939, 621-4000


EDUCATIONAL CXC/CAPE classes for students and adults. Highly qualified teachers & CXC examiners - Call: 683-3887 Institute Academic Supremacy; East Street, 4 building before Balwant Singh Hospital – Forms 1-5, CXC, adults/classes – Call:226-8468, 690-5008 Nehemiah Comprehensive School; evening classes: Integrated Science, Human and Social Biology - Call:2260847 for more details.

Make Up Courses, Artist Trained & Certified in Trinidad. Call: 660-5257, 647-1773

Clarke forklifts 2000, 3000, 4000 Lb, lifting capacity make an offer Tel: 227-3939, 6214000 Diesel Generator silent 28kva SDMO John Deere engine, missing Fuel Pump, Panel, Avr make offer 2273939, 621-4000

Apartment to let from 1st November - Call: 223-9725, after 4pm

Bond space: recently constructed bond with house and office space on the same lot – Tel:6230425;609-2876

1 Barber, hairdresser, $5,000 weekly cosmetology course. Everything 6 month cheap. Telephone:602-7960

60FT Antenna (Mass) for Radio, TV, Cellular, with cables, brackets, sky light make offer 227-3939, 621-4000

One bedroom house; Lusignan E.C.D - Tel: 662-9043

PENPAL CAKES & PASTRIES: Courses in cake decoration, pastry making & cookery, Call: 670-0798. Also Wedding dresses for sale

Businessman in Trinidad seeks Guyanese woman for friendship & marriage between ages 30-40; email:ramphal mahadeo@ – Tel:0011-868-7243155; 0011-868-4681075

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Friday November 01, 2013

Germany rejects U.S. criticism of export reliance BERLIN (Reuters) Angela Merkel’s conservatives yesterday rejected U.S. criticism of Germany’s dependence on exports but her likely future coalition partner agreed Europe’s bulwark economy must do more to spur domestic demand. The United States has long called for countries like China and Germany with trade surpluses to do more to spur imports but the Obama administration’s reprimand in a semi-annual report to Congress on Wednesday stood out for its stark language. It said Germany was hampering economic stability in Europe and hurting the global economy. The German current account surplus is the biggest in the world. Both Merkel’s conservatives and the centerleft Social Democrats, who are in talks to form a coalition government after a September election, retorted that Germany would continue to strive to be competitive globally. “We have always been a strong export country and we are proud of that,” s a i d I l s e A i g n e r, t h e conservatives’ lead negotiator in coalition talks for economic issues. Her SPD counterpart Hubertus Heil said, however, that Germany must become aware of its “duty” to strengthen domestic demand, which meant championing salary rises and stimulating investment. Germany shed the label of “sick man of Europe” after reunification in 1990 partly through years of wage restraint that made it more competitive. But now its economy is outpacing peers and it is under pressure to do more to help the euro zone out of its crisis by stimulating domestic demand and as a result, taking more imports from the rest of

Angela Merkel the currency bloc, its main trading partner. “Growth in Europe remains weak,” said U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew at an investment summit yesterday. “It is critical that surplus countries contribute more to demand as deficit countries undergo adjustment.”

Germany has exported more than it imports since 1952, running up a trade deficit only in the early years of economic devastation after World War Two. Its trade surplus is largest vis-a-vis France, the United States and Britain. David Lipton, first deputy managing director of the International Monetary Fund, said it would be useful for European partners and the global economy for Germany to bring its current account surplus down to a lower level. “In a world where there is a need for deficit countries to bring their deficits under control, that just simply can’t happen unless surplus countries allow or help their surpluses come somewhat under control as well,” he said at in Berlin.

Friday November 01, 2013

Kaieteur News

Egyptian Islamists call for daily protests before Mursi trial CAIRO (Reuters) Supporters of Egypt’s ousted Islamist President Mohamed Mursi called yesterday for daily protests in the four days before his trial on Monday, raising the prospect of more violence in a crisis that has already cost hundreds of lives. Mursi, who was ousted by the army on July 3 after mass demonstrations against his rule, is due to appear in court on Monday along with 14 other senior Muslim Brotherhood figures on charges of inciting violence. The trial could further inflame tensions between the Brotherhood and the armybacked interim government of the most populous Arab state. “The Alliance calls on all proud, free Egyptians to gather in the squares in protest against these trials ... starting yesterday,” the Brotherhood and its allies

Mohamed Mursi said in a statement. It urged crowds to move on Monday to a police institute near Cairo’s Tora prison, where the trial is expected to take place. “We will deploy around 20,000 security officers around the area where Mursi’s trial will take place

and thousands of others will be ready if protests or violence erupt anywhere in Egypt,” a senior interior ministry official told Reuters. Mursi’s charges relate to the deaths of around 10 people in clashes outside the presidential palace in December after Mursi enraged his opponents with a decree expanding his powers. Mursi has been held in a secret location in the four months since his overthrow. In that time Islamist militants have staged almost daily attacks in the Sinai Peninsula. Supporters and opponents of the Brotherhood have often clashed in the streets. B a c k e r s o f M u r si, Egypt’s first freely elected president, say his removal was a coup, reversing the gains of the popular uprising which toppled autocrat Hosni Mubarak in 2011.

Niger says 92 migrants found dead in Sahara after failed crossing * Most of the dead were women and children * Bodies had been devoured by animals NIAMEY (Reuters) Rescuers have found the bodies of 92 migrants, most of them women and children, strewn across t h e S a h a r a desert in northern Niger after their vehicles broke down and they died of thirst, authorities said yesterday. Rescue worker Almoustapha A l h a c e n said the bodies of 52

children, 33 women and seven men were found close to the Algerian border, some 160 km (100 miles) north of the mining town of Arlit in northern Niger. Many of the victims, all believed to be from Niger, were in an advanced state of decomposition and had been partly devoured by animals, probably jackals, he said. N i g e r ’s g o v e r n m e n t d e c l a r e d t h r e e days of national mourning started yesterday and said it would launch a

Snowden hired to work on Russian website

Moscow (AFP) - US security leaker Edward Snowden is set to start a new job at a major Russian website, three months after the fugitive was given asylum in Russia, his lawyer said yesterday. “Edward Snowden will start working at a big Russian company today, November 1. His job will be to support and develop a major Russian website,” lawyer Anatoly Kucherena told Interfax news agency. Tantalisingly, Kucherena declined to give the name of the company, citing security concerns. Speculation over Snowden’s new employer centred on the Russian equivalent of Facebook,

Vkontakte, whose charismatic founder Pavel Durov publicly offered Snowden a post in August. Its press secretary Georgy Lobushkin told RIA Novosti news agency he could not comment. Two other major Russian Internet companies, Mail.Ru Group and Yandex said they had not hired Snowden, RIA Novosti reported. Snowden received temporary asylum in Russia in August after exposing massive surveillance by the US National Security Agency. Since then he has been living in hiding. His lawyer has said in interviews that the fugitive is running short of money.

crackdown on the networks ferrying migrants across the Sahara. Northern Niger lies on a major corridor for illegal migration and people-trafficking from sub-Saharan African into north Africa and across the Mediterranean into Europe. M o s t of those who make the perilous journey on ancient open-topped trucks are young African men in search of work. Rescuers said the doomed convoy was puzzling. “It’s the first time I’ve seen anything like it,” Alhacen told Reuters by telephone from Arlit. “It is hard to understand what these women and children were doing there.”

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Iran and big powers end expert talks without comment VIENNA (Reuters) - Iran and six world powers ended an expert-level meeting o v e r Te h r a n ’s d i s p u t e d nuclear activities yesterday, but there was no immediate word on whether they had come any closer to an elusive breakthrough deal. The two-day meeting was meant to prepare for the next round of political negotiations on November 7-8, building on a diplomatic opening created by the election of Hassan Rouhani as new Iranian president. Rouhani, a pragmatist and a former chief nuclear negotiator for Iran, took office in August promising to try to resolve the dispute after years of confrontation and secure an easing of sanctions that have damaged Iran’s oildependent economy. Western diplomats had said the talks at the U.N. complex in Vienna could help define the contours of any preliminary agreement o n s c a l i n g b a c k I r a n ’s uranium enrichment in return for an easing of sanctions. But they cautioned before the meeting that there was no such deal yet. Around 3 p.m. (1400 GMT), delegations of nuclear and sanctions experts were seen leaving the conference room where the discussions began on We d n e s d a y a f t e r n o o n . Participants declined to comment on the nature of the closed-door talks. Michael Mann, spokesman for the European Union’s foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, said only that the Vienna talks had sought to “address various technical questions and contribute to preparations for the next round of talks in Geneva”. Iran rejects accusations

it is covertly researching the means to produce nuclear weapons, saying it is refining uranium only for energy generation and use in medical treatment. Uranium can also be to fuel nuclear bombs if refined to a high level of fissile concentration. The expert-level discussions were the latest in a series of meetings over the last month, as Iran and the powers step up diplomatic efforts to try to end the decade-old row that could otherwise plunge the Middle East into a new war. At talks with the United

States, Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany in Geneva on October 15-16, Iranian negotiators expressed readiness to address concerns over the program but left many details unanswered about specific concessions they may be willing to make, diplomats said. The powers’ priority demand is for Iran to stop 20 percent enrichment, ship out existing stockpiles of the material and cease operations at its Fordow uranium enrichment site, buried deep underground.

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Friday November 01, 2013

New tax measures announced ST. GEORGE’S, Grenada CMC – The Grenada government has announced new tax measures it said would help provide much needed revenue and urged the private sector not to use the measure to lay off workers. Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell in a nationwide radio and television broadcast on Wednesday night said that his administration had agreed that persons earning more than EC$60,000 annually would now pay tax of 30 per cent. Mitchell who is also finance minister, said also that those earning between EC$30,000 to EC$36 000 would now pay 15 per cent. He said the implementation of new tax measures are necessary as his government puts structures in place to increase revenue. “Government will also reduce the income tax rate by half to 15% for persons

earning less than $60,000 per year. The rate of 30% will remain for persons earning more than $60,000 per year,” he said. The Prime Minister called on banks to be sensitive as the government knows that lowering of the income tax threshold will affect some persons who have obligations with financial institutions. “The banks have assured government that it will work with its customers where necessary. I hereby make a similar appeal to our credit unions,” he said while voicing concern about the possibility of job layoffs. “I hereby make a special appeal to all employers, especially in the private sector, to exercise restraint in this very difficult period. Retrenchment must be a last resort. We ask that you make a special effort to avoid further layoffs at this time,” he said as he called on trade

unions to exercise restraint in respect of wage demands in government and in the private sector. Mitchell, who also announced that adjustments will be made to property taxes, issued a warning to delinquent taxpayers. “No country can run without taxes. No government can provide services without taxes. Throughout our consultations over the past few weeks, there have been consistent calls for government to ensure that everyone pays their fair share. As a consequence, there will be new policies to deal with persons who are not paying their fair share of taxes. Already, Inland Revenue has identified the top 100 tax delinquents and they are being pursued for their taxes owed to the state. This is not simply a fiscal issue. It is a moral issue,” he said.

Jamaica’s teen birth rate among region’s highest

Jamaica Observer Jamaica’s teen pregnancy rate is the fourth highest in the region despite gains in lowering the fertility rate among the demographic, according to the 2013 State of the World Population Report which turns the spotlight on girls who become mothers before their 18th birthday. With a birth rate of 72 per 1,000 adolescent girls, Jamaica lags only behind Belize, 90, Guyana, 97, and the Dominica Republic that, with a rate of 98 per 1,000 teens, is the highest in the region. Rounding off the top five is St Vincent and the Grenadines with a rate of 70. According to the report, titled Motherhood in Childhood: Facing the challenge of adolescent pregnancy, a total of 20,000 girls under age 18 give birth each day in Jamaica and other developing countries. More shockingly, girls under 15 make up two million

(27.4 per cent) of the 7.3 million teens who become mothers each year — a figure that is projected to rise to three million a year in 2030 if urgent steps are not taken to curb current trends. The report said Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) was the only region where births to girls under age 15 increased. As a region, the LAC stands at third with an adolescent birth rate of 79 per 1,000 teens. Overall, West and Central Africa lead all regions with 129 births, followed by South Africa at 109. The rate of Arab states stands at 50, South Asia at 49, Eastern Europe and Central Asia at 31, and East Asia and the Pacific at 20. The United Nation’s Population Fund (UNFPA), which compiled the report, pointed out that impoverished, poorly educated and rural girls were more likely to become pregnant than their wealthier,

educated and urban peers. “Girls from ethnic minorities or marginalised groups, and those who have limited or no access to sexual and reproductive health are also at greater risk,” the UNFPA noted in the report, which was launched yesterday at a function held at the Chinese Benevolent Centre in St Andrew. “... Girls who remain in school longer are less likely to become pregnant. Education prepares girls for future jobs and livelihoods, raises their self-esteem and their status, gives them more say in decisions affecting their lives,” added the report. At yesterday’s launch, Siti Oussein, deputy director at UNFPA’s Sub-Regional Office for the Caribbean, stressed the importance of girls being allowed to live normal lives. “Each pregnancy brings great risks to a girl,” she said. “It endangers her health.

Friday November 01, 2013

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IMF official says Caribbean economies growing MIAMI – Director of the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Western Hemisphere Division, Alejandro Werner, says Caribbean and Latin American economies are well placed to once again sustain relatively high growth rates. “Overall, we are expecting positive growth, a stable financial environment,” said Werner who attended a forum here on Western Hemisphere Affairs, organized by the Miami-based Latin Trade Group. But Werner said that while the Caribbean and Latin America are on their way to an economic come back, albeit slow, he warned governments to still remain prudent. “The region is kind of slowing down to more normal and sustainable rates of growth,” he said. “But this

has to be handled prudently. The policy framework should recognize that this is a new reality and not try to push through policy, fiscal or monetary, to achieve growth rates that are not aligned with potential growth,” he added. The IMF official

cautioned that slowdown of the Chinese economy, falling commodity prices, high fuel prices and upcoming changes in US monetary policies “could all have a negative impact on the region’s fragile economies.” Werner noted that Caribbean economies are growing at a 1 percent, with some countries, such as Jamaica, Antigua and Barbuda, and Grenada, turning to the IMF for financial aid. “The tourism dependent Caribbean faces a very difficult challenge of jump starting growth, the region is decelerating a bit as the economy goes back to a more normal sustainable growth level,” he added. The Latin Trade Group considers itself a leading provider of information and business services to companies doing business in the region.

While here, the group made a courtesy call on Governor General, His Excellency Sir Edmund Lawrence, who, in welcoming the delegation to St. Kitts and Nevis, expressed gratitude for the unwavering efforts of the regional body to better serve the people of the region. He said CARICOM, through its member states, has the potential to become an even better organization and maximize the services it provides for the common interests of the region. The group also met with Governor of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, Sir K. Dwight Vennor, Deputy Prime

Minister Hon. Dr. Earle Asim Martin, Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Patrice Nisbett, key stakeholders from the Ministry of Youth and the Private Sector. Minister of International Trade Senator Hon. Richard Skerritt was on hand to discuss trade in the region and what obtains in St. Kitts and Nevis in particular, visa vie the rest of the region and the world. From here, the delegation will go onto other CARICOM member states to hold similar consultations, before meeting with Associate members, then heading back to their secretariat.

Alejandro Werner

CARICOM discusses strategic plans for 2014-2018 BASSETERRE, St. Kitts (SKNIS) — Members of a team from the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretariat visited the federation this week to discuss a set of Strategic Plans for the period 20142018. The set of consultations were geared towards determining the way forward to best serve and meet the needs of the member countries the organization serves. Some of the areas discussed during the two day visit were Entrepreneurship, Agriculture, Tourism, Culture and Heritage, Crime and Security, Energy, Labour, Youth and Sports.

Illegal Trinis working as slaves in Venezuela Trinidad Guardian - There is evidence of undocumented citizens of this country working at ice-cream distribution factories in Venezuela for low wages, long hours and under slavery conditions. This was revealed by Venezuela’s Justice Minister Miguel Rodriguez as he responded to questions during a joint press conference with this country’s Minister of Justice Emmanuel George and National Security Minister Gary Griffith. The conference took place at the Ministry of Justice, Tower C, International Waterfront, Port of Spain. Rodriguez said in Venezuela there were incidents where T&T citizens would arrive and work in ice-

cream distributions companies without documents and under conditions of slavery. He said though his delegation did not have specific statistics, it was one of the issues soon to be addressed under new security arrangements made with this country. Delegations from the two countries met yesterday to discuss collaborations on security operations on issues ranging from human and drug trafficking to border patrol and prisoner transfer issues. Both countries would work together on security issues, conduct operations and exercises jointly in an effort to decrease crimes between the nations. Both this country and Venezuela are

transshipment points in the international drug trade. Trinidad is also a destination for illegal immigrants from South America, with the majority being women coming from Colombia, through Venezuela. The agreements included sharing of intelligence between the borders, more immediate access to information to security issues and joint military and police operations. Rodriguez said in addition to this country’s citizens working and living illegally in Venezuela, his ministry had also identified Ve n e z u e l a n s w h o were being tricked into coming to this country and forced into prostitution.

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UG Athletics C/ships start today Defending champions Social Sciences will be hard pressed to retain their crown when the University of Guyana stages its InterFaculty Athletics Championships which begins today and end tomorrow, at the Turkeyen Campus and the Guyana Defence Force grounds respectively. According to Sports Coordinator Lavern FraserThomas, who spoke with this

newspaper yesterday via telephone, the field events is scheduled to begin today at the Campus ground starting at 13:00 hrs, while the Track segment will be held at the GDF ground, commencing from 09:00hrs, tomorrow. Fraser-Thomas opined that this year’s competition is anticipated to be very exciting, especially with the Berbice Campus submitting a full list for all the events unlike

previous years and this development has stirred heated debates on Campus as to whether the defending champions will have things their way this time around. Athletics fans and sports lovers are being urged to come out and support the two-day event as the University moves to heighten awareness of the importance of students to participating in sporting activities.

Friday November 01, 2013 ARIES (MAR 21 - APR 19): Instead of dragging on with something old, tired, and worn out, why not start something new? If you refuse to give up on a project that's doomed to fail, you'll be in for a long, frustrating road ahead. *************************** TAURUS (APR 20 MAY 20): Social engagements will be your saving grace. Without them, you may be confused and sad about issues that are reaching a climax. In some form or another, you're being asked to make some major transformations. *************************** GEMINI (MAY 21 JUN 20): The intensity should increase around an issue regarding love and romance. Friction is building. Unfortunately, this tension may be unavoidable. *************************** CANCER (JUN 21 - JUL 22): Let your heart shine. Love surrounds you like a beautiful pink cloud, and you can't help but attract people to you. Take romance to a higher level with someone really special tonight. You'll find that whatever you give will come back to you tenfold. Your aura glows brightly with emotion, so let it light your way. *************************** LEO (JUL 23 - AUG 22): There's a great deal of transforming energy in the air that you should harness and capitalize on. " When tomorrow comes and there's a huge meal of pizza, soda, and fries, suddenly the diet once again starts "tomorrow." Use the powerful energy of today to break out of this habit and make a real change in your life. ************************ VIRGO (AUG 23 - SEP 22): You may experience writer's block in every sense of the phrase. Even if you don't consider yourself a writer, for some reason it may be difficult to get even the simplest words down on paper.

LIBRA (SEP 23 - OCT 22): Action should be your main priority, especially when it comes to love and romance. You may not be too concerned about what sort of action you take. *************************** SCORPIO (OCT 23 NOV 21): A surprise in love and romance is on its way to you. Things are coming full circle, and the investment you made in this realm is finally paying off. *************************** SAGITTARIUS (NOV 22 - DEC 21): Getting along with others may prove challenging today, Sagittarius. The planetary aspects can have you isolating yourself. You might feel impatient and easily annoyed. If this is so, stay solo if you can. *************************** CAPRICORN (DEC 22 JAN 19): Know what you're getting yourself into, especially if it has to do with love and romance. You may be like a fly on a tree branch, carefully inspecting the beautiful spider web at your feet. *************************** AQUARIUS (JAN 20 FEB 18): Your heart may be hurt by misfortunes that have befallen you. Thinking about times past is just pulling up buckets of tears from a well. Don't keep doing this to yourself. It's time to move forward. *************************** PISCES (FEB 19 - MAR 20): You're filled with joy! There's a tremendous wave of love coming your way. Everything involving romance could be taken to extremes. An extreme in the direction of love and boundless creativity means that at some time there will be a dramatic swing in the opposite direction.

Friday November 01, 2013

‘Overseas’ Barnwell 5-a-side football set for Monday Organiser Johnny ‘Overseas’ Barnwell in collaboration with Bannas Foundation’s Kevin Walcott will be staging a 5-a-side Football Competition on Monday, November 4, at the Cultural Centre Tarmac. According to a release, the competition was postponed from October 27 to the current date due to circumstances beyond the Organisers control. Among the teams slated to c o m pete are Sophia,

Enterprise, Lodge, Tiger Bay, East Ruimveldt, Ogle, Plaisance, Vryhied’s Lust and others. Trophies have been donated by Bannas Foundation, Colonel E. Gaskin, Guyana Olympic Association , R e g i o n 4 Democratic Council, Antartic Maintenance & Repairs, Den’s Trading, Giftland Office Max, Sleepin Hotel, Bharat Dindyal, James Gas Station, Minister Robert Persaud, Pegasus Hotel,

Patrick Harding of Guyana Gold & Diamond Miners Association and Vincent Alexander. Starting time is 09:00hrs. Meanwhile, the South Turkeyen Sports Committee has organised an 8 overs Tapeball Cricket Competition which will be played tomorrow through Monday, at the National Cultural Centre Tarmac, commencing from 09:00hrs. Up for grabs will be trophies and medals.

Starr Party Rentals Malteenoes Five-A-Side Football starts tonight Malteenoes Sports Club will start its Starr Party Rentals Five-A-Side Football Challenge, which the club will host from 6pm with three games scheduled to be played. Those games include Wartsila Operations Guyana Inc. ‘B’ team opposing National Park BBC in the first game. Customs will play Rich Boys at 6:45 pm while Wartsila Operations Guyana Inc. ‘A’ team comes against Ansa Mcal at 7:30pm. A release from Malteenoes stated that there will be well-stocked and the event is the launch of an event that will target Corporate Guyana to participate twice monthly in the competition.

Friday November 01, 2013

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Wilbur Hope Memorial Transport SC are Zone 5 Champs Schools Football F and H Million Dollars Plus Dominoes – G/Town leg

- NATI whips NAMSS 5-2, walk over for BEI New Amsterdam Technical Institute (NATI) made full use of their height and size to demolish New Amsterdam Multilateral School (NAMS) 5-1 when play continued in the Second annual Wilbur Hope Memorial Inter Secondary School football tournament

Simon confident of Cotton Field Wild Oats chances at GSC 3

Members of the victorious Transport Sports Club Transport Sports Club (TSC) marked 88 games to win Zone 5 of the Georgetown leg of F and H Printing Million Dollar Plus nationwide dominoes tournament which was contested on Wednesday evening last at Transport Club. Specialist who drew the bye to the final took the runner-up spot with 68 games while Raiders placed third with 67 games. George Benjamin marked 17, Herman Nichols 16, Colin Ross 15 and Brentnol Richardson 14 for the winners. Shawn Mc Kenzie chalked

for schools in the New Amsterdam/Canje area. In play on Wednesday at the All Saints Scott Church Ground in New Amsterdam, the competition venue, the lads from NATI, playing their second game in two days was led by a Steffon Boucher helmet trick as they were all

over their opponents. While Boucher was on target in the 8th, 20th, 54th and 55th minute, Rennison Mitchell got things going for them in the 10th minute strike before Boucher took over. Rheum Bonnard scored NAMS’ consolation in the 58th minute. Berbice Educational Institute (BEI) won without breaking a sweat as School of the Nations failed to show up.

up 14 and Andre Hope 12 for Specialist while the leading players for Raiders were Sharon Allen and Dereck Johnson with 14 each. TSC with 72 games won the semi final which was contested earlier. Raiders placed second with 70 ahead of Unruly Bunch with 65. Benjamin marked 15 and Trevor Mc Nichol 14 for TSC; Rudy Collins marked the maximum 18 and Clyde Davis 16 for Raiders and Godfrey Clavis 15 for Unruly Bunch. Meanwhile, the Georgetown Dominoes Association (GDA) will be

hosting an 18-team competition at Haruni Creek, Linden Soesdyke Highway this Sunday starting at 13:00hrs with an entrance fee is $10,000 being charged. According to GDA Organising Secretary, Mark Wiltshire the winning team will receive $100,000, the runner up $50,000 and $30,000, but prizes are subject to change. Wiltshire also informed that the GDA will host another tournament on Monday at Dynasty Sports Bar starting from 13:00hrs, entrance fee will be $6,000.

Captain of the Cotton Field Wild Oats Team, a side that comes from the Cinderella County of Essequibo, Trevis Simon has expressed confidence that his team can go all the way in the G u y a n a Softball Cup 3 tournament which is expected to commence on November 8. C o t t o n F i e l d Wi l d Oats won the first edition in 2011 and Simon said that his players have become more accustomed using the big ball which is a special ball used in the

Guyana Softball Cup. ”After winning the inaugural “Guyana Cup” in 2011, the players have become much more confident playing with the ‘big ball’. We were knocked out of the second edition in 2012 on net run rate after only one defeat to the eventual champions, New York All Star, but the guys are confident we can win this competition”, said Simon. He stated that their first goal is to get to the semis and take it from there.

“The team for this year’s tournament is much more experienced than our previous teams. We are certain the other teams will be coming very hard at us so we have to be well prepared”, he said. The team batting is very Strong and will be led by the experienced Ramesh Narine and includes Laxmikant Narine, Narendra Madholall, Rovindra Parsram and Teddy Manchand. Their bowling attack will be spearheaded by Simon and Keron Kumar.

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Inaugural K&S School Tournament Unveiled - 24 teams go after honours; $1.2M 1st prize at stake They have braved the vicissitudes and persevered for close to a quarter century to fashion one of the best football tournaments locally but their efforts have dwindled considerably following an impasse with the ruling football body, the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) that forced them to abandon plans to stage this year ’s edition of the tournament. Notwithstanding, the principals of the Kashif and Shanghai Entertainment group has demonstrated an indomitable spirit and continues to invest in the development of local footballers. Towards this end, the two K&S principals, Aubrey ‘Shanghai’ Major and Kashif Muhammad hosted a press conferen c e yesterday afternoon and disclosed that all systems are in place for their 24th annual event which will enjoy sponsorship from Ansa McAl under the Smalta and Tropical Rhythm brands. However, instead of the much anticipated senior tournament, the organisers w i l l s t a g e a s c h o o l ’s tournament that will see the involvement of 24 teams from around the country battling for honours from December 8 to January 1 next. Major and Mohamed were joined by Chief Education Officer, Olato Sam, Public Relations Officer (Ansa McAl) Darshnie Yusuf, Operations Manager (Mohammad Enterprise), Desmond Helwig and Liaison Officer, Roy McArthur. Participating schools will be drawn from Linden (4),

West Bank Demerara (4), Georgetown (8), East Coast Demerara (4), East Bank Demerara (2), Mazaruni and Berbice (1 apiece). Mr. Sam was extremely delighted with the tournament and congratulated the organisers for their initiative. “The Ministry of Education is excited by this tournament and is pleased to partner with the K&S organisation to enable the growth in the education system,” pronounced Mr. Olato. He said the tournament complemented a well thought out plan by his Ministry to support the education process through sports. Mr. Sam further extended the hope that more coaches will be placed in the schools to support his Ministry’s agenda. He also observed that over the years there has been an upsurge in the corporate input which heralds well for their objective to support education through sports. “I wish to urge the students to exhibit the kind of behavior that segregates them as true role models even as I anticipate a well planned and executed tournament,” expounded Mr. Sam. Ms. Yusuf reiterated her organisation’s staunch support and said that Ansa McAl is always eager to support the development of sports at all levels. She said that she was especially delighted that the K&S organisers have turned their attention to development within the schools. “I note that there is distinct improvement and am optimistic that this tournament will harness the

cream of the crop,” said Ms. Yusuf. Mr. Muhammad admitted that the youth tournament will present new challenges but assured that his group is prepared to meet them head on. He promised that the youngsters would enjoy similar privileges and benefits as their senior counterparts but for a slight variation. “We intend to treat this event as part of the process of helping to provide the youngsters with a rounded education,” he revealed. Mr. Helwig expressed delight on behalf of Mohamed’s Enterprise in once again being afforded the opportunity to contribute to the development of the sport. He reminded that his organisation has supported the tournament one year after its existence and continues to be impressed by the shrewd organisational skills of the K&S principals. “As such, I am confident that this tournament will be a resounding success,” he prophesied. The winning team will cart off 1.2M, the second to fourth place finishers receive $750,000, $500,000 and $250,000 respectively. Seventy five percent of all prize monies will be allocated towards a project identified by the respective school’s administration. Additionally, the winners will receive a beautiful trophy and 25 replicas while the second and third place teams receive trophies and 25 silver and bronze medals respectively. The Most Valuable Player will receive one laptop computer.

Jamaica vows to make drug testing world class after WADA visit

J a m a i c a ’s Sports Minister Natalie NeitaHeadley has vowed to improve the country’s drug testing after a visit from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). The visit follows allegations Jamaica’s drug testing regime was inadequate. Asafa Powell, Veronica Campbell-Brown and Sherone Simpson all recently tested positive for banned substances. NeitaHeadley said the Jamaican Anti-Doping Commission’s (JADCO) two-day meeting w i t h WA D A h a d b e e n “constructive” and “fruitful”.

JADCO was criticised by its former Executive Director Renee Anne Shirley, who had claimed testing in the run-up to the London Olympics was virtually non-existent. WADA’s audit is not expected to be made public until after their conference in Johannesburg, which runs from November 12-15. Neita-Headley added: “I am pleased to confirm that the three-member WADA team visited Jamaica and engaged in constructive meetings with JADCO over the past two days. “They had very fruitful discussions with our team

and have committed to working in closer partnership with JADCO to make it not only world class but also best in class. “There is no doubt that we have done some things well but, like with all other growing organisations, JADCO is only five years young and there are areas that we are seeking to improve.” The agency is increasing staff numbers, with nine new posts likely to be filled within two months in addition to the newly appointed Executive Director Carey Brown. (BBC Sport)

Friday November 01, 2013

Guyanese duo for Suriname Int. Badminton C/ships The Guyana Badminton Association (GBA) has announced that it will be represented by its senior and junior national champions, Nicholas Ali and Narayan Ramdhani at the Seventh Suriname International Badminton Tournament which will be held from November 13-16, 2013 at the Ismay van Wilgen Sportshal. Ramdhani, who is also one of the top seniors players in Guyana even as he is the leading junior, was a bronze medalist at the Suriname Easter International, while he has also copped bronze medals at the Caribbean Championships and South American Youth Games, this year. The two players will compete in the Men’s Singles and Men Doubles events. Their respective performances will also see them earning points for the World Badminton Rankings. Maintaining the consistent performances of Guyanese players at all levels this year will be the main focus of the duo in Suriname where it is expected that close to twenty countries will partcipate. Meanwhile, the GBA will

Narayan Ramdhani and Nicholas Ali be holding its Bi-annual General Meeting and Elections of office bearers for the 2014-2016 term, in early December.

The GBA also have a fundraising BBQ planned for November 30, at the Grill, located at the YMCA, Thomas Lands.

Bowlers help Bangladesh to series win After their famous 4-0 win against the same opposition at home in 2010, another clean sweep beckoned for Bangladesh after they wrapped up the second ODI by 40 runs. Bangladesh defended 247 and their decision to bat first was vindicated despite concerns over the spinners’ effectiveness with a dewladen ball. Bangladesh made the two new balls count. Mashrafe Mortaza, who took three wickets, bowled two good spells to make sure New Zealand’s required run-rate never went down. Offspinner Sohag Gazi took the other new ball, and like Mashrafe, tied down the batsmen at first before picking up three wickets. Mominul Haque was Mushfiqur Rahim’s golden arm, removing the McCullum brothers. When they began their chase of 248 run, Hamish Rutherford was the first to go, chopping a Mashrafe delivery onto his stumps for 1, repeating his score from the first match. Anton Devcich and Grant Elliott were removed off successive deliveries a little while later, the former popping a catch back to Gazi and the latter getting stuck on the crease to

Abdur Razzak, and falling legbefore. As the chase began to gather pace, the visitors pinned their hopes on the captain Brendon McCullum to make his first significant score on this tour. It remained that way, as he fell just when his partnership with Ross Taylor was starting to worry Bangladesh. After the second drinks break, McCullum went back to a Mominul delivery that didn’t turn much, missed it and was given out leg-before. In the next over, Tom Latham was run out thanks to Rubel Hossain’s throw after Taylor sent him back after completing the first run. James Neesham was caught off a short ball from Gazi, caught by a diving Naeem Islam at square leg. Gazi picked up the crucial wicket of Taylor just after he had smashed a six at the end of the batting Powerplay. That wicket the eighth falling with the score on 158 - spelled the e n d o f N e w Z e a l a n d ’s resistance in this series, as Bangladesh waited for the inevitable. Kyle Mills and Nathan McCullum held things up for a while before Nathan McCullum holed out at longon in the 46th over. The end

came when Tim Southee missed Mashrafe’s straight ball in the 47th over. Bangladesh, on the other hand, were off to a better start with the bat, but none of their batsmen pushed on for a big score. The New Zealand bowlers were accurate and controlled their bowling variations. The Bangladesh batsmen had to be patient, but were often frustrated as they could not get on top of the medium-pacers. Brendon McCullum set planned fields, packing the off side and to his credit, he was backed by the bowlers and the fielders. Corey A n d e r s o n a n d Neesham both took four wickets, after Southee and Kyle Mills restricted the Bangladesh openers with tight spells with the two new balls. Their tidiness in the first 35 overs paid off when Bangladesh lost three quick wickets after the 36th over, at the start of the batting Powerplay, Bangladesh’s scourge. It set them back for the last nine overs during which they added only 63 runs and lost four wickets. Scores: Bangladesh 247 (Tamim 58, Neesham 4-53, Anderson 4-40) beat New Zealand 207 (Taylor 45, Mortaza 3-43, Gazi 3-34) by 40 runs. (ESPN cricinfo)

Friday November 01, 2013

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North Georgetown boast of title repeat - ahead of National Schools’ C/ships Defending champions, North Georgetown, District 11, is boasting of winning yet another title at the 2013 National Schools’ Cycling, Swimming and Track and Field Championships, which will get underway, November 19-22, at the Guyana National Stadium, Providence. Assistant Team Manager of the District, Mariska Williams is confident of making a successful defence of the Guyana Teachers Union/Ministry of Education/ Digicel - sponsored 53rd annual Championships after winning their 13th title overall last year. Williams, admitting that North Georgetown’s biggest challenge is usually multiple title holders, Upper Demerara/ Kwakwani, District 10, relished in the fact that their team comprises of several athletes who have represented Guyana regionally and internationally. “We are very confident of winning the Cycling and Swimming Championships, but not too sure of Track and Field, but even if we place

second in the Track and Field, we are still going to win the overall title,” an obviously confident Williams declared. “We have also been winning the teachers aspect for quite a number of years and this year will be no different,” she added. To win overall, Districts must either win or place highly in the Cycling, Swimming, Track and Field and Teachers’ competitions. Williams proudly stated that among the athletes that will be representing District 11 this year are track stars, Jevina Straker, Jevina Sampson, Kevin Abbensetts, Dequan Vancooten and Yesenia Andrews; cyclists Alanzo Ambrose and Hamza Eastman and swimmers Britney van Lange and Onica George completes a strong team for North Georgetown in her estimation. Williams reminded that District 11 has won the Swimming Championships for the past 11 years “and this year we’ll make it 12 in a row,” she continued to boast. These athletes Williams

FLASHBACK! Will this be the scenes after the completion of the 2013 National Schools C/ships? North Georgetown celebrate with Digicel’s Marketing Director, Jacqueline James (centre) after winning the 2012 title, their 13th overall. stated, have all done Guyana proud at regional and international competitions. Straker is tipped to repeat her gold medal performance in the girls 10km Road Race, which she won in a time of

44:20 seconds. Straker also dominated Under-20 Girls 800m and 1500m races, giving District 11 maximum points in those events at Nationals. A three-time CARIFTA gold

medalist, Straker began her career at the Schools’ Championships. Abbensetts won the Boys’ Under-18 100m last year and has since moved on to dominate local junior

sprinting, which he took overseas in a winning performance at the InterGuiana Games (IGG) in Suriname. ‘Nationals’ is really where stars are born, Williams believes.

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Friday November 01, 2013

T20 KO Wiruni Conquerors and

NBS Second Division 40 Overs Cricket

The NAMILCO/Bakewell Twenty20 tournament organised by the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) is set to continue with three matches at two venues tomorrow. Albion Community Centre, which drew a firstround bye will entertain Police starting from 13:30hrs while over at the Cumberland ground in Canje, Young Warriors Universal DVD would play West Berbice starting at 09:00hrs while Universal Solutions Bermine and Upper Corentyne will face off at 13:30hrs in the double header affair. Albion Community

Centre will start as favourites against Police; their challenge would be spearheaded by former West Indies player Devendra Bishoo and Sewnarine Chattergoon, the hard hitting Jonathan Foo, Gudakesh Motie-Kanhai, Kandasammy Surujnarine and Sharaz Ramcharran. Police’s quest for a win, centers around Michael Newland, Leon Andrews and the hard hitting Martin Singh. A confident Universal Solution Bermine team, winners of the 2013 Universal DVD T20 tournament is favourite to get past Upper Corentyne who only recently

returned to First Division cricket. Skipper Anthony D’Andrade, Eugene La Fleur, Joemal La Fleur, Keon De Jesus, Romario shepherd, Hakeem Hinds and Damon Vantull are all experienced players and are also match winners. Upper Corentyne must not be under estimated and have in their lineup, Naeem Yacob who grabbed 5wickets in the first round match, Permashwar Chatterpaul, Satruhan Singh, Farazz Mohamed and L. Latchman. The West Berbice versus Young Warriors Universal DVD clash is expected to be a

thriller with both teams equally matched on paper. Leading the Young Warriors Universal DVD side is former national player Hubern Evans, with support expected from opener Shimron Hetmyer, his older brother Seon, Balram Samaroo, the inform Kevin Ramdeen and Linden Austin. Berbice off spinner Krisendat Ramoo would be at the helm of the West Berbice team which include the likes of national pacer Keon Joseph, Brendon Bess, Arthley Bailey, Raun Johnson and allrounder Keith Fraser. The winners of the three second round matches will advance along with Rose Hall Town Gizmos & Gadgets -who drew the bye in this round- to the semi finals scheduled for Sunday November 10 at the Port Mourant Cricket ground.

Ravens reverse Colts curse By Edison Jefford One of Guyana’s most enduring basketball clubs, Dyna’s Ravens, showed why it withstood the test of time to remain one of the leading teams in the country Wednesday night with a disciplined win against an emerging Colts that had beaten them twice before. Ravens held off a 39minute offensive onslaught from Colts, which led for most of the game, to seize the initiative in the last minute to win 858 3 w h e n t h e B r u s c h ’s Classic IV continued in the Capital city at the NSCsponsored Cliff Anderson Sports Hall. Guard/forward, Akeem ‘The Dream’ Kanhai worked for the win for Ravens, throwing himself around for possessions and scoring a game high 30 points in the process. Forward, Darrion Lewis had 12 points, guard Ryan Stephney 11 points, D o m i n i c Vi n c e n t e a n d Jermaine Slater had 10 points each for Ravens. Guard, Shelroy Thomas had earlier renewed a junior national rivalry against Kanhai, scoring 28 points for Colts. Dave Causway had 21 points while Dominique Douglas scored 13 points in an intense contest that created quite a stir for its up-tempo nature. Ravens had lost twice before to Colts, 51-61 in the Georgetown Amateur Basketball Association (GABA) League and 67-69 in the GABA Playoffs. They had everything to

OH MY! Akeem Kanhai releases one of his fade-away jumpers after getting rid of his defender, Dave Causway (on floor) with a lethal crossover. Guard/forward, Kanhai dropped 30 points for Ravens against Colts Wednesday night. play for in a game that lived up to the hype and expectation of enthusiasts. Colts led 44-39 at halftime after both teams traded points in the first half; Colts’ onslaught was fully grown in the third period with Thomas penetrations and a huge three-pointer from Douglas that gave them a 10-point 54-44 lead with seven minutes to play in the period. However, three straight turnovers from Colts allowed a baseline lob to Ty r o n e H a m i d , w h o finished off the glass to cut the lead; an inside pass to Kanhai further reduced Colts’ advantage, but Douglas responded with a

huge three-pointer that quelled the momentum. Kanhai finished a fastbreak that chopped their deficit (55-59) further with two minutes to play i n t h e t h i r d q u a r t e r. Kanhai then finished a layup and Stephney a jumper to bring Ravens within striking distance, down 61-62 at end of the penultimate period. The game intensified in the fourth period with K a n h a i o n a n offensive rampage but Colts ensured they maximised possessions to maintain 68-63 lead. The two teams traded plays before Vincente equalised at 73 points with free-throws. Thomas landed a big

three-pointer for Colts and Lewis answered right back from downtown for Ravens that took a 79-78 lead with three minutes to play in the game. Causway nailed a jumper to equalise at 80 before t h e g a m e w a s again locked at 82-82 with 1:09 to play in regulation time. A backdoor cut from Lewis, who went unguarded, gave Ravens 84-82 lead, before a crazy last minute that saw lots of slips and slides literally, ended the game on a wet floor. Ravens moved on to play TGH Pacesetters tomorrow in Linden after Pacesetters won Sunday night.

Young Warriors into playoffs; Ramdeen hits 101, Beharry snares 4-12

Kevin Ramdeen

Anil Beharry

Young Warriors of Cumberland, Canje defeated Police in their final Zone F preliminary round match to complete a clean sweep of that zone, thus earning a place in the last 16 playoffs of the New Building Society Second Division 40 over competition in Berbice. Leading them to victory were opener Kevin Ramdeen who slammed 101 (7x4 3x6) and Hubern Evans who made 42, the Warriors posting 242 for 5 in 40 overs. When Police replied, leftarm spinner Anil Beharry picked up 4 for 12 from 7 overs to engineer their collapse and eventual total of 132 all out in 35.3 overs. Wiruni Conquerors held their noses above water to edge out Ibini Ranch Raiders by a mere four runs, ending as winners of the Berbice River Zone, Zone D, thus earning their playoff spot. Colvin Sam scored 54 and took 4 for 40 for Sisters but Tameshwar Ramdeen and Jerome Andrews each recorded half centuries while Gurudat Prakash took 4 for 4 to help Edinburg defeat them by 89 runs. Other half centuries were scored by Harrinarine Chattergoon of Port Mourant and Derick Cadogan of Hopetown United. Collated scores from the matches played: Young Warriors beat Police by 110 runs - Young Warriors 242 for 5 in 40 overs; Kevin Ramdeen 101, Hubern Evans 42, Anil Beharry 34, Michael Campbell 2 for 12. Police 132 in 35.3 overs; Michael Campbell 41, Clifton Lindee 37, Anil Beharry 4 for 12 and Kassim Khan 2 for 23. At Ibini Stock Farm: Wiruni Conquerors got past Ibini Ranch Raiders by 4 runs Wiruni Conquerors 120 in 24.4 overs; Andrew King 33. Ibini Ranch Raiders 116 in 26.4 overs; John Leacock 26.

At Edinburg: Edinburg beat Sisters by 89 runs - Edinburg 221 for 8 in 35 overs; Tameshwar Ramdeen 57, JeromeAndrews 55, Gurudat Prakash 33, Calvin Sam 4 for 40 and Laikram Balkumar 2 for 39. Sisters 132 in 23.5 overs; Colvin Sam 54, Gurudat Prakash 4 for 4, Tameshwar Ramdeen 3 for 24 and Deonarine Seepersaud 2 for 8. At Letterkenny: Port Mourant thumped Letterkenny Young Star by 91 runs - Port Mourant 229 for 8 in 35 overs; Harrinarine Chattergoon 89, Vijai Seonarine 37, Sunil Narinedat 34 and Jaipersaud Baijnauth 2 for 39. Letterkenny Young Star 138 in 33 overs; Parasram Tilkuram 29 and Balram Persaud 3 for 25. At Bush Lot, West Berbice: Hopetown United defeated Bush Lot Challengers by 18 runs: Hopetown United 205 for 8 in 30 overs; Derick Cadogan 85 and Delon Wayne 36. Bush Lot Challengers 187 in 28 overs; Rajbance Hemraj 41, Kelwyn Bennett 4 for 20, Emerson Benjamin 3 for 19 and Carwyn Wayne 3 for 26. At Sisters, Kortheberaadt Seventh Day Adventist nailed Overwinning Bible Church by 8 wickets: Overwinning Bible Church 102 in 16.5 overs; Richard Henry 26, Travis Campbell 4 for 18 and Osmond Gilead 2 for 28. Kortheberaadt Seventh Day Adventist 104 for 2 in 10.3 overs; Desmond Duncan 36 not out. At No.5, Shieldstown was better than No.5 by 35 runs: Shieldstown 117 in 28 overs; Heeralall Bridgelall 39 and Travis Perry 3 for 21. No.5 82 in 23.4 overs; Reaz Imam 4 for 18, Mark Anthony 3 for 20 and Aftar Gani 2 for 8. At Albion, Fyrish took care ofAlbion Community Centre by 2 wickets:Albion Community Centre 93 for 5 in 30 overs; David Latchaya 32 and Kevin Subramanie 2 for 21. Fyrish 94 for 8 in 29.3 overs; Saif Latchana 2 for 5, David Latchaya 2 for 13 and Sharaz Ramcharran 2 for 16.

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