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Disclaimer: The information contained in My Pet is not a replacement for veterinary advice, care or medical treatment. If you have any problems with your pet, your first resource should always be your veterinarian.

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Free Photography!!

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Just like contemporary parenting of children, managing your pet's behaviour is generally a matter of rewarding desired behaviour and punishing unwanted behaviour. A sample situation is covered in this submission, in a question and answer or Q&A format, but you are invited to send any other questions you may have to We can all agree these sample situations of unwanted behaviour are disagreeable but it must be noted that these problems are multifactorial and addressing all the factors may be beyond the scope of

this column. Inappropriate urinating in pets accounts for about 20% of all behaviour problems. Digging, submissive urination, inappropriate aggression, and excessive barking are therefore some of the more common problems that can frustrate many pet owners. I hope to cover excessive barking soon in another submission and issue, as this can not only frustrate you but also your neighbour. Nicholas McLean DVM

Dog Pees Around Male Owner

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Everyone Should Know

This eight-foot long anaconda (camoodee) was caught in the Lamaha Canal (Blacka) on August 29, by about seven youngsters during one of their routine early morning swims.

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The Anaconda

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Leona Helmsley and her dog Trouble photographed in Leona Hemsley's park Land hotel apartment _AP

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Remembering a dear pet

(L- r) Patrick, Antonette and Derick from Herstelling, E.B.D

Meet cute Cinthia, winner of the best dressed pet at last Our petâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s name was Frisky. He was a cat that had white fur with yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Annual Pet Show held at the Police Sports Complex numerous stripes of brown on his back. His fur was always clean in Georgetown. This cuddly Sabastian breed dog belongs and smelling fresh. He took a bath every day. to the proud owner, Priya Rampersaud of Success Village, The first time we got Frisky, he was very small. His eyes were East Coast Demerara. Cinthia is two years, three months blue-green in colour but as he grew, his eyes became brown. old and her outfit depicts that of a baby. Send us a pix of your pet in Fashion with a detailed description of the photograph.

Create a 2008 Calendar ...Using a picture of your pet Free Photography!! For more info call: 626-7040 or

He loved to play with knitting balls while mom knitted. He also liked to chase rats and lizards around the yard. He played with us in the yard. Frisky slept at day, and at night he loved to play. He was skillful at climbing trees. He is afraid of dogs and larger cats. He often climb trees when he is chased by dogs or larger cats. Having had Frisky as a pet and a part of the family, we have learnt much about cats. That is why we love our pet Frisky. Unfortunately, Frisky died recently. However, we still remember the joys he brought to our lives and am thankful we had him apart of our family. Inspire others with the fond and humorous memories of your pet. Write us today.


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