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Albouystown man gunned down in drive-by shooting Pg 3

A strange cyclist

Dead: Aman Lalchand

This reptile was dragged from the Lamaha Canal in the vicinity of Guyhoc Park, yesterday. From appearances it was made to take a ride through the streets. Its fate was unknown.

Army flagship towed to city Seafield murder accused after mechanical problems pleads guilty to manslaughter Pg 20

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NICIL funds … Govt. cut $50B from national budget - AFC chairman Pg 6

Arrival Day Greetings

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Saturday May 05, 2012

$16M allocated in 2012 budget for Museum Development


overnment, under the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sports in the 2012 Capital Estimates of the National Budget has allocated $16M for Museum Development. According to the description of the project as

stated in the 2012 Capital Estimates of the National Budget; the project entails the construction of aquarium and purchase of cameras, display cases and joiners for the Guyana National Museum. The sum also includes the purchase of a vehicle for the Mobile Museum Programme

What a ‘walk through’ aquarium looks like. in addition to the purchase of air-conditioning units, global positioning system, audio recorder, chairs, desks, projector and screen for the Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology. The description of projects further includes the purchase of air conditioning units, photocopiers, fans, chairs, desk, projector and screen for the Museum of African Heritage. According to Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Dr. F r a n k A n t h o n y, t h e construction of the aquarium will begin this year. The idea behind the construction is for

visitors to be able to have a greater feel and appreciation for the aquatic world. Adding that the aquarium will be built in the upper flat of the building, Dr. Anthony said there will also be further enhancement to the aviary section. He explained that in this section, visitors will be able to press a button and with the aid of an earpiece, listen to the sounds of the specific bird that they are viewing. “It becomes more interactive and kids can learn more, and there will be more information at their disposal, we want to make it more like a learning environment.” The museum is currently under the umbrella of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, which is the governing body. The main responsibility of the department is dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of the country’s history.

Saturday May 05, 2012

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Seafield murder accused Albouystown man gunned pleads guilty to manslaughter down in drive by shooting - probation report ordered

Colin Bentinck being escorted from The New Amsterdam High Court


olin Bentick the man who is on trial for murder committed at Seafield, West Coast Berbice, has pleaded guilty to the lesser count of manslaughter. Bentick, 39 of Number 42 (Seafield) Village, West Coast Berbice appeared before Justice James BovellDrakes at the Berbice High Court for the October 31, 2007 murder of Elton Shepherd, a clothes vendor at S e a f i e l d , We s t C o a s t Berbice. The case which was scheduled to begin on Wednesday did not get on the way, because the accused did not have a lawyer. However, before the trial began yesterday Attorney at law Mursaleine Bacchus, who appeared for the accused informed the court that the defence would like to take a certain course of action. The accused then pleaded not guilty to the charge of murder, but guilty to the lesser count of manslaughter. Attorney at law Rondell Weaver prosecuting then presented the State's case. She stated that on the day in question, Shepherd and a

group of persons were sitting underneath an old house playing dominoes at S e a f i e l d , We s t C o a s t Berbice. She stated that some time between noon and 13:00 hrs they were approached by Bentick who went up to Shepherd and stated “Shepherd is a dead man”. He then asked Shepherd if he knew anything about his “Data” (his girl), to which Shepherd responded in the negative. Bentick then left and returned with a cutlass and proceeded to chop Shepherd across his right hand, the other persons ran away. Shepherd allegedly ran for his life but fell in the process and was again attacked by the accused. Police officers who were passing at the time on their way to Georgetown were informed by residents what was taking place. The police proceeded to the area through a street and saw Bentick chopping at a person lying in the street. He was instructed to stop, but continued and advanced to the cops with his cutlass. The police then left

to get assistance. During this period the man then proceeded to behead Shepherd and held it up in his left hand. As police reinforcement came Bentick was arrested and taken into custody. In a caution statement given by the accused, He stated that he was under a house with some individuals when he heard that “Fine man was a batty man”. “I made a slip and went for his cutlass. Fine Man try to run, but I chop him” “Fine Man fall down and a chop him on his neck. I chop off his neck. I man had to do de Sacrifice.” A Post Mortem examination performed on the body gave the cause of death as shock and hemorrhage, severance of neck and multiple cuts. A Probation report was ordered by Justice Bovell Drakes. This is to be presented on Wednesday May 30 when the man is expected to be sentenced. A Preliminary Inquiry was conducted by then M a g i s t r a t e Te j n a r i n e Ramroop and a prima facie case was made out.


n Albouystown resident with a lengthy criminal record was gunned down around 19:00 hrs yesterday in Sussex Street by the occupants of a white car. He became the second man to be executed in the community within the past four days. An eyewitness said that Aman Lalchand, 31, also known as, Randy, of Howes Street, Albouystown, was shot in the chest while smoking a marijuana 'joint', by the occupants of a white car who used a city-wide power outage and rain as cover to carry out the hit. He died shortly after at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation. Close associates of the slain man said that Lalchand was targeted for execution by an individual who reportedly collected a $1M downpayment to carry out the hit. The associates said that Lalchand, who has three small children, had been warned that he was being targeted, and was even told the name of the gunman who had been paid to kill him. A friend of the slain man said that he, Lalchand and others were in Sussex Street, during a slight drizzle, when there was a sudden blackout in the area. At the time, Lalchand was standing by a gate smoking a 'joint', when a

white car turned from Lyng Street into Sussex Street. The friend said that the occupants of the car discharged two gunshots, one of which struck Lalchand in the chest. According to the associate, they were unaware that Lalchand had been shot until they saw him lying on the ground. The friends placed him in a vehicle and rushed him to the GPHC, where he succumbed while receiving medical attention in the Accident and Emergency Unit. An associate of the murdered man said that Lalchand called him at around 18:45 hrs yesterday. “He call me and tell me to meet him on Sussex Street, but I say that I going by my girl.” He subsequently received a call informing him that Lalchand had been killed. According to the associate, Lalchand's killers had been 'circling' the area earlier in the day looking for him. They said that a goldcoloured car, which they recognized, passed in the area at around 17:55 hrs. “Some friends see the car and tell him ( Lalchand) come off the road, but he say that he got to get something to eat.” Aman Lalchand had had several brushes with the law. He was charged, but acquitted, for the 2008

execution-style murder of G e o rg e B a r t o n , c a l l e d 'Georgie Berlin.' Barton was riddled with bullets by gunmen in a car while walking in Laing Avenue with his teenaged daughter. The daughter was shot in the knees and buttocks. The young woman never testified in court during either preliminary inquiry, citing fear for her safety. In 2011, Lalchand was also charged with robbing designer Trevor Rose at gunpoint of $2.65M at a Middle Street Mashramani Camp. At the time, the accused had several other cases of a similar nature pending. His execution comes just four days after the still unsolved killing of Albouystown taxi driver Renie Williams, who was gunned down in King Edward Street. Williams, a 25-year-old ex-policeman, was shot twice in the back by a lone, blackclothed man armed with a 9mm pistol as he sat in his car outside his home with his wife. Williams and his family have been embroiled in a bitter dispute with another Albouystown family. Police officials also confirmed that the ex-cop was dismissed from the Force and was also a suspect in several armed robberies.

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Saturday May 05, 2012

Letters... Where your views make the news

Printed and Published by National Media & Publishing Company Ltd. 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown, Georgetown, Guyana. Publisher: GLENN LALL Editor: Adam Harris Tel: 225-8465, 225-8491. Fax: 225-8473, 226-8210


Arrival Day should be preserved Today is one of three national holidays to be observed in Guyana this month. Indeed there are people who believe that there are too many holidays in Guyana. There are the religious holidays and the national holidays. Then there are those holidays which may be granted for some governmental reason. However, every holiday has its significance as today’s most definitely has. In the past the date was commemorative of the date the first East Indians arrived in Guyana aboard two vessels, the Whitby and the Hesperus. History would record that the first East Indians to Guyana landed at Windsor Forest. They came as indentured labourers with the condition that at the end of their indentureship they could return to India. Many did and more than a few found that the people back in the homeland found that they were tainted and not readily accepted. They returned to Guyana. History would record that the East Indians who came brought with them their culture and traditions. Guyana’s ability to cultivate rice is credited to the Indian immigrants. Two other public holidays are also because of the presence of the Indians—Diwali or Deepavali and Phagwah. It must be tradition that is keeping some of the religious traditions alive. Cricketers from India came to this part of the world and witnessed, among other things, a wedding ceremony and a festival. One of these cricketers remarked that what was being practiced in this part of the world had disappeared from India more than a century ago. However, they are coming back, if only to meet with those who have spread into the Diaspora. Perhaps the fact that those who are here are so rooted in things Indian that they are prepared to bring the major performers to entertain them. Just a week ago one of the famous performers came here and brought out Guyana’s who is who. People are still talking about the show. But those are infinitesimal things when compared to what the Indian contribution is in Guyana. When one considers that just a few decades ago the Indians were not as keen on education as they are today, when one considers that the Indians sought economic activities in every corner and succeeded beyond people’s wildest dreams, then one can see why Guyana is perhaps the economic capital of the Caribbean. Today, there will be the celebrations. The foods will come out but there was a time when this date was not recognized. The colonial masters could not care less. The history of Guyana was not their history. The bottom line is that there were Guyanese who recognized the importance of remembering what was, so that there could be planning for what is to come. In the end it took a vote of parliament to make today a holiday. There was the argument that others also came and that it would not be feasible to recognise the arrival of every ethnic group. And indeed every ethnic group brought with it its culture. The present political party in power argued that it would be good to consolidate the arrival of every group into one arrival. The name of this holiday is Arrival Day. Today is for remembering but there is a tomorrow when the job of continuing to build on the foundations laid by our predecessors must be undertaken. It is note heartening that so many young children seem to ignore the efforts of their foreparents who are responsible for Guyana being where it is today on the global scale. It is as if they have reached the end of the line. Sadly, the parents who are aware of the blood, the sweat and the tears that are now deep in the soil, allow the children to walk away. At this rate it may take new arrivals to develop this land. And that is not a pleasant thought. Already there are new arrivals. The Brazilians are here and they are making an impact. The second group of Chinese has come and more continue to come and they too are making an impact. We may find that in time to come Arrival Day may have a different meaning.

Action speaks louder than words DEAR EDITOR, May Day is regarded as Workers’ Day. It is a day that is set aside internationally to celebrate the role and contribution of labour in the creation of global wealth. It was Karl Marx, however, who was credited for highlighting the key and critical role played by the working class in the creation of surplus value which is appropriated by the capitalist class, leaving the worker with a mere pittance. This exploitative situation, Marx posited, inevitably resulted in what he termed as the ‘class struggle’ which he regarded as the locomotive of world history. The class struggle is manifested today in the street protests in a number of western capitals, in particular in the Eurozone countries which are beset by unprecedented high unemployment rates and drastic cuts in social services. In the final analysis, it is the working class who suffers the most. Many are forced into the breadline, being forced by circumstances to suffer the indignity of literally begging for food and shelter to put body and soul together. A growing number of people in the United States and other western countries are forced to live on dole and food stamps offered by the state. This situation of a ‘naked cash nexus between man and man’ caused by the heartless and inhumane character of the capitalist system was elaborated by Marx in several of his writings. He posited that the greater the capitalist accumulation of property at the expense of the working people, the more vulnerable and insecure the workers become as they become mere cogs in the production mill which stripped them not only of their right to exist, but of their very identity and individuality. This state of affairs is what he called “alienation” where the worker is alienated not only from himself but also his family, and the only relationship that matters is one based on money. This is why enlightened and progressive humanity have always been opposed to the capitalist mode of production and distribution which is inherently unfair and exploitative. Under capitalism, the main emphasis is on the creation of surplus value which, as mentioned earlier, is hogged by the capitalist class, with the workers only getting ‘the proverbial crumbs that fall from the master’s table.’ There are some who will regard all of this as intellectual garbage or worse as

ideologically biased and propagandistic, but a closer examination of current realities would demonstrate that despite technological and scientific advances in the means of production, the gap between those who provide labour and those who own and control the production process continue to widen. Simply put, the rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer. What we have today is what sociologists refer to as the ‘working poor,’ where many people simply cannot exist on the income they receive and are forced to do multiple jobs or to supplement incomes by way of borrowed money. This tendency to spend more than they earn has now become a norm in many developed countries, including the United States, and has been a major contributory factor in the collapse of the banking system. With so much wealth concentrated in the hands of a tiny few, it is only natural that workers will be trapped into forced borrowing with disastrous consequences, as is now playing out in the United States and a number of European countries. In Guyana, Labour Day was once again observed with a fractured labour movement and a fragile political situation in which the opposition parties in parliament have consorted to

cut budgetary spending with obvious implications for the working people. Many countries, both in the developed and developing world, faced with severe financial crisis, are finding it difficult to mobilize resources for development. The budget is in effect a work plan for the government which, when executed, will have a multiplier effect on the rest of the society in terms of money circulation, job creation and the provision of social services. To suggest cuts in budgetary allocation is not only irresponsible, but counterproductive, and clearly not in the best national interest. The PPP/C administration consistently defended the interests of the working people as stated by President Donald Ramotar during his May Day address. This is so because the PPP emerged out of the bowels of the working class struggles and is not only sympathetic to labour, but has openly and unapologetically identified itself with the cause and aspirations of the working masses. This is quite unlike many other parties which played games with the working class and had betrayed their class interests. There was a time in this country when May Day activities were used as a façade to legitimize antiworker postures by way of

sloganeering and empty promises. Public servants were forced to participate and display slogans which were clearly against their own interests. There was one particular instance where workers were forced to shout slogans which pitted salary increases in favour of a proposed hydro-electric power plant which, needless to state, never saw the light of day. Today, workers participate in May Day activities on their own free will, without fear of losing their jobs if they fail to show up. The opposition parties have once again demonstrated that they are prepared to sacrifice the greater good of the Guyanese people on the altar of political expediency. How else can one explain the opposition’s blocking of money that was intended to enhance the quality of life of the Guyanese people, such as the provision of laptops for the poor and vulnerable; titling of ancestral lands for Amerindians; hinterland electrification; subsidized electricity ; completion of the Amaila Falls hydro-electric project, among others. Actions speak louder than words. By their actions, the opposition parties in Parliament have exposed their true colours, which is their lack of concern for the wellbeing of ordinary people. Hydar Ally

The PPP should stop shedding crocodile tears about the budget cuts DEAR EDITOR, I reminded the PPP before the election that it can no longer fool Guyanese. I was right. I said the PPP will get a minority government. It did. The PPP should stop shedding crocodile tears about the budget. It should stop trying to fool its supporters, the public at large and those former PPP supporters it lost to the AFC. Let’s talk some truth here. The opposition controls Parliament. The PPP knows that. The world knows that. Every child knows that. Every citizen also knows the AFC and APNU asked the PPP nicely to participate in the budget preparation. The PPP said No. The opposition said it would make sense for all parties to get together when the budget was being prepared to prevent exactly what happened; the budget being cut. The PPP said ‘no way’. It presented its budget and the budget was cut. For President Ramotar to appear on national TV and play circus politics, while weeping and blaming, shows the utterly sickening philosophy of the PPP and the comedy show that controls the party. Why did the PPP try to cut a secret deal with the PNC/APNU to get its budget passed after the fact when it had months to sit down and talk with the AFC and APNU? The fact that the PPP tried to negotiate with the PNC/APNU to get the budget passed tells anyone with any basic comprehension that the PPP knew the budget it would present would not pass and knew that it had to negotiate for the budget to pass. It should have negotiated long before the 11th hour.

If a government knows it is presenting a budget that could not be passed then that government is not serious about governing. The PPP is an incompetent government. A government that tries to negotiate at the last minute when it has no choice but to table the budget is a foolish government, because it is negotiating from a position of weakness. The opposition knew the PPP had to table the budget by a certain date. The PPP’s attempt to bypass the AFC to cut a deal with the PNC/APNU shows that the PPP is a downright comical collection of politicians. The PPP needs one vote to pass its budget. It is always better to negotiate with the smaller parties as they will not seek massive concessions like the bigger APNU. Vindictiveness caused the PPP to overlook the AFC for support to pass its budget and it paid a terrible price for its backwardness. If you look at minority governments in the UK, Canada, Australia and Europe, it is standard practice for the budget to be negotiated beforehand with opposition parties to get enough support to pass it, so as to prevent the embarrassment of an opposition cutting your budget and making you look weak and stupid. Reasonable, rational and right-thinking minority governments acting in the interest of the people do exactly that. They discuss the proposed budget with opposition majorities before going to Parliament. The PPP isn’t reasonable, rational and right-thinking. (Continued on page 24)

Saturday May 05, 2012

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

Ending the PPP/C’s anti-working class stance would confirm that the President’s assertions are serious

DEAR EDITOR, It was very disheartening following the budget debate, from within the Parliament itself and by reference to reports from the various arms of the media in Guyana and further afield. The Government elements and their collaborators would have us believe that the budget is pro-working class, but as you know my opinions differ in that regard. In support of my opinion I found an article By American writer Stephan Richter entitled “Catholics Vs. Victorians: The Battle for the Future of America”, dated April 17, 2012, which puts my views in perspective in the following excerpt, which was a core finding of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops that offered several moral criteria to help guide difficult budgetary decisions, based on the tenets of Catholic social teaching. At the core of it all is the finding that “the moral measure of this budget debate is not which party wins or which powerful interests prevail, but rather how those who are jobless, hungry, homeless or poor are treated,” the U.S. bishops said in their May 5, 2011, letter to the U.S. Senate. Specifically, they held that the three moral criteria in making budgetary decisions are: · Every budget decision should be assessed by whether it protects or threatens human life and dignity. · A central moral measure of any budget proposal is how it affects “the least of these” (Matthew 25). The needs of those who are hungry and homeless, without work or in poverty should come first. · Government and other institutions have a shared responsibility to promote the common good of all, especially ordinary workers and families who struggle to live in dignity in difficult economic times. I share the view that these guidelines are fundamental to the considerations by any working class political party in the conceptualization and preparation of a national budget. If these considerations were seriously observed, then the outcome of Guyana’s 2012 Budget would have been different. Instead, we had the maneuvering of Government in its prelude to give an aura of power to the opposition, followed by vainglorious speeches in support of its content. What was needed was the cooperation of both sides of the house in the interest of the people. It’s a

small wonder that the President found it necessary to call in the Leader of the Opposition at a late hour to make miniscule amends, when much time was wasted in “turkey struts” following the election in November 2011. Yes “turkey struts”! These nevertheless evaporated into political maneuvering, misrepresentation and other threats to workers’ well being when it became apparent that parts of the opposition would not tolerate the funding of political cronies under the guise of contract workers. Yes! Workers were bullied and made to join a picket line to support a blatant misrepresentation of Government. It should be noted that permanent workers for the Public Service are hired by the Public Service Commission, within an approved structure, to give professional career service to the Government of the day through the implementation of policy and other decisions, while treating citizenry without fear or favour, in a fair and even handed manner. Contract workers are hired by the Public Service Ministry under the Office of the President and the majority are improperly positioned in fixed establishment positions, while being so designated that they do not have security of tenure and often times serve different ends. Why is there a need for a parallel public service? Why employ persons in Fixed Establishment positions on Contracts? At the helm of most Ministries, Regional Administrations or Foreign Missions are hard core PPP/ C operatives that are on service contracts. This means that traditional Public Servants cannot aspire to positions of leadership in the

Government services,unless they stoop to cronyism, and so on. It was disgusting to sit in Parliament to hear Ministers of Government furthering the case for political cronies and wider contract categories. It was also revolting to hear them misrepresenting to that honourable House that contract employment with Government is permanent employment and that it was optional, based on the desires of these employees, to be placed on the fixed establishment. At no time was consideration given to the other workers, except to mention that the tax threshold was increased. Were Public Servants not worthy of other considerations? What about the other recommendations of the GPSU? The Minister in rebuttal also took time off to make spurious and unconvincing arguments about why a cut in VAT would not be helpful. “Do the math” he said. It would seem that it’s only in his clever little world that to reduce means “more”, but further I say no more on this aspect. On Labour Day (Workers’ Day), in every nook and cranny there was a deafening call by workers’ for decent jobs, enhanced benefits, equity, fair dealings and justice for all. The following realities currently exist: · Workers are being exploited; · Hard won improved conditions of work are being eroded; · The economic benefits of workers are so eroded that more and more of them are joining the ranks of the employed poor on a daily basis and are living in poverty; · Job security is disappearing and superannuation benefits and

pensions threatened;and · The Union is under attack and members are constantly pressured and/or asked to commit to ethnic consideration in order to miniaturize the Union’s strength. All this is taking place in an environment where jobs are harder to come by and income and wealth disparities grow. President Ramotar’s message on Labour Day required him to first recognize all of the PPP/C contributions to trade union disunity and/ or the anti-trade union policies and actions, which successive PPP/C Governments have implemented to the detriment of the working class. Let’s name a few, viz. · Failure to improve the allowances of workers since 1995, even though faced by rising prices across the spectrum of necessary goods and the ignoring of a related award, made by the Armstrong Tribunal in 1999; · The implementation of the Region’s highest Value Added Taxes (VAT) without consideration for the planned personal development of workers and their families; · The removal of the subventions of the Critchlow Labour College and Guyana Trades Union Congress without consideration for the families of related workers and students, who desperately depended on the education

facilities these institutions provided; · The contemptuous treatment Public Servants’ wages and salary negotiations and related agreements with the Union to the effect that these would always culminate in the imposition of slender increases, more so at Christmas when prices are considerably higherand public officers are desperately out of pocket and in need; and · The marginalization of the Guyana Public Service Union. If the President was serious that the budget or his Government was working class, then he would lead by example by ending the antiworking-class stance the PPP/ C took after the unfortunate demise of President Dr. Cheddi Jagan in March 1997. In so doing, he should take immediate and positive steps to have them corrected and

earn the credibility for bringing about the desired change. It is noteworthy that an even more powerful President, Barack Obama, on May Day pledged to stand up for Workers’ Rights and as if lecturing to his counterpart in Guyana said “I believe our economy is stronger when workers are getting good wages and good benefits, I believe the economy is stronger when collective bargaining rights are protected…the right to organize and negotiate fair pay for hard work, that’s the right of every American, from the CEO in the corner office all the way to the worker who built that office”. That noble President’s statement and his action are consistent and pro-worker since the time of his election. Patrick M. Yarde President, Guyana Public Service Union

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Saturday May 05, 2012

NICIL funds … Abuse of regional machinery leads Government cut $50B to excessive fuel consumption Region Six Chairman, David Armogan, recently revealed that fuel is being stolen in the region. He is paying very close attention to the use of fuel in Berbice. He also revealed that the region is dealing with a bulldozer operator in the Crabwood Creek area who was involved in doing private works with the government equipment. “This is something we will not tolerate, and I want to make this abundantly clear; the regional administration will not accept any work done outside of works stipulated and work that comes under our supervision”. He made the remarks at the 2012 Budget Presentation in Berbice recently. He noted that the operator took monies from “quite a number of farmers”...the “very farmers who will come to us and complain that we are not doing anything, but when we send our machines

... "Region using too much fuel to do too little work - Chairman to do work so that many people benefit, individuals bribe the operators and ask them to do private work”. Armogan also added that there is a situation whereby an operator did works on quite a number of acres of land...”maybe hundreds of acres of private bulldozing and he told me he collected $20,000 only...he was honest enough to say they [the people] only give he $20,000...from $2M works, he collected $20,000--utilised the machinery, ended up with some broken parts as well-which we gotta fix now, fuel that belonged to the region and then he is going to tell me he only bulldozed a couple of dams and all this private work he was involved in doing-- that nonsense must stop!”. The man, he said, con-

Passenger found on roadway died of Malaria Kelroy Kaser, who was found dead on the Versailles Public Road, West Bank Demerara last Sunday succumbed from malaria. This was revealed yesterday following a postmortem. The 33-year-old Kaser, of Parika Backdam, East Bank Essequibo, reportedly collapsed and died shortly after disembarking a minibus. Initial reports were that he was dumped out of a route 32 minibus in the vicinity of the Aracari Resort.

According to reports, Kaser left home early Sunday morning with the intention of seeking medical treatment. However, after realizing that he had passed the West Demerara Regional Hospital, the sick passenger asked the driver to drop him off at Versailles, where he collapsed. He was left lying on the road for several minutes and succumbed by the time the police arrived. His body was taken to the funeral home.

fessed to the regional administration to committing the act, “and he is going to get dismissed now”. The operator has already been put on suspension pending further investigations. Depending on the outcome of the investigations, “as it looks presently, we will have to part company with this person”. “This is a message I want to send to all other operators, whether they be excavator operators, bulldozer operators, people involved in the distribution of fuel, pump operators...who we understand are selling fuel as well-- we have reports of pump operators selling fuel, we want to send a very clear message, we will not tolerate this and once we have substantial evidence to prove that they are involved in these kinds of activities, we will part company with them and in some cases, hand them over to the police”. Addressing cases whereby fuel is being stolen across the region, Armogan stated that fuel has been a “big bone of contention in this region and we intend-- if we can't stop it completely-there must be a great amount of minimisation in terms of fuel [mis]use in this region”. He said that the region is using too much fuel to “do too little work”, so we “have to be able to have a grip on the use of fuel in the region. All of us are involved in it and we are paying very close attention to the use of fuel and the machines”. He urged residents and farmers not to encourage operators to get involved in fraudulent activities.

from national budget

The Alliance For Change (AFC) says that in excess of $50 billion was cut from the 2012 National Budget by the PPP/C Government. This money is being held in National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL), according to AFC’s Chairman, Khemraj Ramjattan. Speaking at a press conference yesterday at the Side Walk Café, Middle Street, Ramjattan explained that the NICIL account is money accrued from the sale of assets owned by the people of Guyana, and as a result, the money should have been placed in the people’s treasury. “The biggest cut in this budget is not the $21B, but it is the $50B that was cut from the recent budget, and which is controlled by a cabal of PPP and Government members,” Ramjattan asserted. The money represents largely the privatization proceeds of Government assets. Adding that the government which authorized

- AFC chairman NICIL to act as the ‘sale agent’ has pocketed the money in an account under its control, Ramjattan said that this has resulted in a situation where the elected representatives of the people cannot monitor or even question how the money is being used. Underscoring that failure by the Government to add this money to the national treasury has resulted in it being cut from the 2012 budget, Ramjattan said reputable sources have analysed that over $50 Billion of the people’s money is supposed to be in the NICIL account and many more billions are being held in other accounts under the control of the PPP administration. “We understand there were many sales of lands …to GBTI, I think that was half a billion dollars, and over the years there were a number of transactions that accrued billions of dollars. And the last report was in

2003 and there it is recorded that revenues in NICIL amounted to some $33 billion,” Ramjattan underscored. Noting that Head of NICIL, Winsto n Brassington, and the Minister of Finance Dr. Ashni Singh have been tight lipped about the finances of NICIL, Ramjattan said their silence and shying away from public scrutiny is questionable. Ramjattan said that under the economic services committee the AFC will call for an investigation into NICIL while ordering the Minister of Finance to answer pertinent questions pertaining to NICIL. AFC executive member, Moses Nagamootoo, said that the Minister of Finance should give an account of the full transaction of NICIL and every divestment of property made and to whom and for how much.

Wakenaam airstrip not a white elephant - Robeson Benn Sixteen months after the completion of Wakenaam Airstrip, flights to the area have not commenced. In fact, the only plane that landed on the airstrip was the test flight. Transport Minister, Robeson Benn, is optimistic that air traffic to Wakenaam would begin soon dismissing claims that the $54.4M airstrip is a white elephant. He has disclosed that inquiries to set up hangers at Wakenaam have begun. The 2000-foot long and

50-foot wide runway erected on 300x3000-foot plot of land is not being maintained. The plot is overgrown with grass. According to Alphonso Mangah, Assistant Aviation Inspector, advertisement for maintenance personnel for the airstrip was sent to the Regional Administration. But no one expressed interest in filling the position. Meanwhile, construction to the Leguan Airstrip, which was earmarked simultaneously with the

Wakenaam Airstrip, has not yet commenced. According to Benn, construction to the airstrip has been stalled because there is action in court with respect to land ownership. The plot on which Government wants to erect the airstrip is owned by private persons. He said, “We are evaluating the issues with respect to the Leguan Airstrip particularly since there is dispute over ownership of the land.”

Saturday May 05, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Bandits hit Muneshwar’s in mid afternoon robbery

Cops seek identity of slain driver’s passengers - victim was strangled Police yesterday questioned several people in the neighbouring communities of Diamond and Grove, East Bank Demerara for information about the last movements of slain taxi driver Rajendra Puran. Detectives believe that the 41-year-old Puran was slain by persons whom he picked up on the East Bank of Demerara. A post-mortem by pathologist Dr. Nehaul Singh gave the cause of death as strangulation and blunt trauma to the head. Puran’s body was found at around 06:30 hrs on Thursday in a drain at Logwood, Enmore, East Coast Demerara. His hands were bound with a leather belt while his feet were tied together with a piece of white cord. Puran’s vest was tightly wrapped around his neck, while his jersey was pulled over his face as if the killers wanted to prevent him from seeing where they were taking him.

Puran, who lived approximately 23 miles away, at Grove New Scheme, East Bank Demerara, is believed to be a victim of a carjacking from outside his operating base at the entrance to the Diamond New (Housing) Scheme, since his white Toyota Raum, HB 9875, has also vanished. From all indications, Puran, a former money changer who operated on America Street in the city, was killed somewhere else and then taken to Enmore where his body was dumped. There are reports that he had picked up a passenger from Overhead Tank Street in Grove on the East Bank of Demerara, just before he went missing around 21:00 hours on Wednesday. Residents of Enmore where the body was discovered told investigators that they heard nothing strange on Wednesday night or early Thursday morning, since they claimed it was raining heavily.

Rajendra Puran However, investigators believe that the killers had to have some knowledge of the layout of Enmore, in order to successfully dump the body there without difficulty. According to a brother of the victim, Puran’s wife contacted him after her husband did not return home on Wednesday night. Efforts to reach him by phone also failed. Accompanied by Puran’s wife, the brother went to the Golden Grove Police station where Puran was reported as missing. The brother said that after leaving the station, they were heading to the Diamond car park when they received a telephone call that a body was found at Enmore, East Coast Demerara.

Drug dealer jailed for four years Sunil Tahal, called Coco, 36, of St. John Street, New Amsterdam, Berbice, who the court heard was a regular, was on Friday sentenced to a total of four years in jail after he pleaded guilty to a charge of possession of Narcotics for the purpose of trafficking, and to possession of a utensil used for the purpose of smoking. He had appeared in the New Amsterdam Magistrate’s court on Friday before Magistrate Adela Nagamootoo. According to prosecutor, Corporal Roberto Figueira, on Wednesday the police were on mobile patrol in the New Amsterdam area. Around 19:30 hrs as they were driving through St. John Street they saw Tahal standing next to a fence acting in a suspicious manner. He was apprehended and a search was conducted on his person and in his right side pants pocket a Crazy Glue tube was found. It contained small pieces of whitish rock-like

substance. He was arrested and taken to the Central Police station where a further search was conducted. During that search the police found an improvised glass tube, which is used to smoke cocaine, concealed in his crotch. He was told of the allegation. The whitish substance was tested and weighed and found to be four grams of cocaine. Tahal was subsequently charged. In court after initially pleading not guilty, the man changed his plea. He told the court that he was sorry and begged for a chance. Corporal Figueira in his submission, further told the court that this is not the first time that the accused has being incarcerated for such crimes. He was previously jailed on a charge of possession of a smoking Utensil. He was eventually sentenced to three years in Jail on the possession charge and one year on the smoking utensil charge. The sentences will run concurrently.

Passengers steal cop’s gun at knifepoint A young police constable will think twice before picking up passengers. He was held up at knifepoint and robbed of his firearm at around 21:15 hrs on Thursday. A police release stated that the rank had picked up two men at Ogle, East Coast Demerara. He was driving along Crab Island Public Road, Berbice, with the passengers when one of the men asked him to stop so he could urinate. The release said that the other man, who was in the back seat held the policeman at knifepoint. “The Constable reacted and managed to discharge rounds from his service pistol which caused the man outside to run away. At the

same time, the policeman accelerated the vehicle, but lost control and crashed into a concrete structure (and was) left in a dazed state,” the release added. ”During this, the man who was still in the vehicle took away the rank’s service firearm and

escaped into the nearby bushes.” However he was apprehended among bushes at Crab Island around 14: 10 hrs yesterday. The firearm was also recovered. The man’s accomplice was captured in the vicinity of the Berbice Harbour Bridge.

The Appliance store that was robbed at East Coast Demerara The proprietor of Muneshwar’s Hardware Store located at Lot E Good Hope, East Coast Demerara, is counting his losses after two unmasked men made off with an undisclosed amount of cash following a daring midafternoon robbery, yesterday. Muneshwar was not at the establishment at the time of the robbery, but he was soon notified of the incident by staffers at the store. Calvin Sookraj, the supervisor of the establishment told Kaieteur News that he only became aware of anything unusual when he heard screams emanating from the building. But by the time he headed into the store, he was only in time to hear an account of what had occurred. According to Sajai Persaud, a porter at the establishment, he heard loud talking coming from the downstairs of the building since he was at the time in the top flat of the store and

decided to check the source of the racket. The porter said that when he entered the back gate of the establishment which leads straight into the store, he noticed two men standing at the cashier’s booth, both with guns in hand. He said the cashier was lying on the ground and one of the men walked up to him and slapped him behind the head. The men, Persaud said, ordered him to the ground and told him to “Keep ya mout shut or I will shoot you”. The porter claimed that he kept his head down as the bandits went through the cash register, emptying it of its contents. The bandits then walked out of the business place like regular customers. Sookraj said that he did see two men go back onto a motorcycle they came with and rode away, but still, he said, nothing seemed unusual. Another porter said he went to the front door of the

building to hand over a mirror to a customer. After doing so, he said he noticed the cashier Natasha Ali rise from the ground, then began to scream uncontrollably. “I raise ma head and I see she get up and just start screaming, so I run to she and ask she what happen, but she ain’t answer; she just continue screaming.” The porter said he then notified the supervisor that something was wrong. Sookraj said that Ali was taken to the hospital since she suffered injuries to the head at the hands of the crooks and the girl was terribly traumatized by the whole incident. The men, Sookraj assumed, struck the cashier on the head with the gun. Police ranks were at the time taking statements from the staffers of the appliance store.

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Jamaica launches first phase of major energy programme Jamaica News - With support of a US$20 million loan from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the first phase of the Government’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation programme has been launched. It will be executed over a four-year period. It is expected that this phase will realise a reduction of 13,886 barrels of imported oil, a decrease of 22,609 MWh of electricity consumption and US$9 million annual savings in the cost of electricity. Over 20 years the programme is estimated to have a net present value of US$133.1 million and economic rate return of 125 per cent. It is expected that each ministry and agency will be impacted by the programme. This will be reflected in greater efficiency in the use of energy and result

Phillip Paulwell in consumption and cost reduction. The current cumulative electricity bill for public sector entities is over $13 billion per year. Addressing the launch of the programme at the Jamaica Conference Centre, downtown Kingston, on May 2, Minister of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining(STEM), Hon. Phillip Paulwell, declared that the

high public sector electricity consumption is untenable and action is needed. “We’ve talked the talk long enough. Today, the Government of Jamaica is taking the first step in walking the walk,” he said. The Minister emphasised that now more than ever, as the country faces major economic challenges, something must be done, and that “while we realise that we cannot control the cost of energy, we can control our consumption, and it is there that we need to make significant adjustments in our energy consumption habits.” Mr. Paulwell said that under the programme going forward, there will be a direct effort to eliminate inefficiency in lighting and air conditioning, which the energy audits revealed to be the primary areas of electricity consumption in public sector buildings. (JIS)

Prime Minister Gonsalves denies suffering heart attack KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent – Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves told reporters on Wednesday that he as not hospitalised in Barbados because of a heart attack. “I’d heard that some were saying I had a heart attack. Just for the record, my heart is in good condition,” Gonsalves said on his return to St. Vincent after two

week in Barbados, where he fell ill en route to the Middle East. “I also heard that I had a prostate cancer and I want again to report that my prostate is in order. Both the PSA and the density; everything is in order,” said Gonsalves, who was treated for an abscess in Barbados. Gonsalves said that while in Barbados he and his Cabinet worked on several national and regional matters, including the “the Chris Gayle saga” — the impasse between the West Indies cricketer and his employers.

Dr. Ralph Gonsalves

Saturday May 05, 2012

No sanctions on US ST JOHN’S, Antigua – Antigua & Barbuda is not prepared to impose sanctions on the United States. Minister of Finance Harold Lovell said Thursday, referencing the country’s ongoing dispute with the United States over Internet gaming. Lovell said on Voice of the People Thursday, that arbitration is the country’s preferred course of action. “We have not sought to pursue the sanctions route. We have excellent relations with the United States of America and that is not a route that we have sought to go down. What we are now seeking to get, is a return to the arbitration table at the WTO,” he said. Government recently attempted to resurrect the

Harold Lovell negotiations with the United States by a appealing to the World Trade Organisation’s (WTO) Dispute Settlement Body (DSC) to mediate talks between the two countries. In a letter to the WTO last week, Antigua & Barbuda requested that the dispute be put back on the agenda to be

discussed monthly. This is being done in hopes of ensuring that the US is continuing its attempts to rectify the matter. (Daily OBSERVER) Lovell said in the past during the negotiations the US attempted to settle with Antigua & Barbuda for US $10 million as a settlement. However, government sought to add more terms to the settlement, including a US embassy on island. The minister said Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer raised the matter directly with President of the United States, Barack Obama, in a conversation at the Summit of the Americas in Columbia two weeks ago. He said the decisions between the two leaders were “at least exploratory.”

New Prime Minister for Haiti confirmed PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti CMC - Lawmakers have approved Foreign Minister Laurent Lamothe as the new prime minister of this earthquake ravaged Caribbean Community (CARICOM) country ending the stalemate caused by the sudden resignation of Prime Minister Garry Conille a few weeks ago. The Chamber of Deputies on Thursday night voted 623 with two abstentions to confirm Lamothe, a former special adviser to President Michel Martelly and who also served as co-chairman of an economic advisory panel with former U.S. President Bill Clinton. During the six-hour debate in the Chamber of

Deputies, broadcast live on national television, legislators discussed whether Lamothe met residency qualifications. Haiti’s constitution requires government officials to have spent five consecutive years in Haiti as well as pay taxes. Deputy Jean Tholbert Alexis asked his allies in the chamber to vote in favour of Lamothe so the country can move forward, adding that Lamothe’s previous career in business warranted trips overseas. Lamothe’s critics charged that he hadn’t paid taxes or lived in the nation long enough to be eligible for office. One deputy suggested the required paperwork submitted to show eligibility

Laurent Lamothe could’ve been fraudulent. Lamothe, 39, told reporters that he would tackle Haiti’s extreme poverty, rebuild public buildings that collapsed in the quake, restore the population’s confidence in the government, and move the 400,000-plus people displaced by the earthquake who remain in makeshift settlements.

Kamla vows to continue defending media PRIME MINISTER Kamla Persad-Bissessar has said her government will continue to honour freedom of the press as the world celebrated World Press Freedom Day Thursday. Persad-Bissessar said her promise made to defend media freedom will continue because without a free media

“our democracy would be deformed”. “No responsible government would even contemplate media control, not only because it is almost impossible to do so in the new inter-connected world, but also because it is not in the interest of those in positions of authority to silence dissent,” Persad-Bissessar said in her statement on the occasion. The PM added that World Press Freedom Day provides all with an opportunity to evaluate press freedom around the world and to commit ourselves to defend the media from attacks on their independence. Persad-Bissessar said this country is fortunate to have press freedom enshrined

Kamla Persad-Bissessar in its Constitution as a fundamental right, adding that the celebration of World Press Freedom Day reminds governments everywhere of the need to respect press freedom, to support free media and to remember the journalists who died while doing their jobs. “Governments need to listen to what people are saying. A free and responsible media is an asset to any government, especially in emerging nations such as ours,” she added.

Saturday May 05, 2012

Those who know Donald Ramotar will confirm that he may get angry about certain things; he may not always be pleased by developments but he never harbours malice or ill-will against others. In that respect he is like Cheddi Jagan. The outcome of the debates on the 2012 Budget has undoubtedly created a great deal of disaffection between the government and the opposition. But if there is to be progress within our country, not only does good sense have to prevail but ill feelings have to give way to a better understanding between the sides. One of the ways for this to happen is for some communication to take place. Both sides cannot continue to be defiant. Both sides cannot allow the events of the Budget to place a wall between them meeting and talking. Donald Ramotar is someone who is capable of being civil even in the present circumstances and it is hoped that a way can be found to ease the tensions between the government and the opposition because when there are tensions at the political level they infiltrates into the wider society. Whether the President can convince those around him to be civil to the opposition is another thing but it is important for there to be some interaction between the sides. The Speaker of the National Assembly can help. He has been trying to create a less antagonistic atmosphere in the National Assembly and he may

Kaieteur News

be the one who can try to at least ease the tensions that have developed because of the cuts that were instituted by the opposition. The Speaker is facing a great deal of criticism within his own party for his actions but even if it costs him his place in the party, he should persevere because he is also someone who does not harbour too much ill will against others. The basis for any talks cannot ignore the problems generated by the cuts in the Budget and perhaps if there can be a meeting of minds on at least some technical issues this can lay the foundation for improved relations. One of the things that the AFC and some of its advisers need is technical guidance. The AFC is now indicating that it slashed the LCDS budget because it was supposed to have been presented as a conditional appropriation and not as part of the main appropriation. This is of course a post-cuts excuse. This was not part of the original explanation for the cuts. The incredulous and laughable reason given for the cuts to the LCDS was that the monies were not yet received and therefore could not be appropriated. When this excuse was ridiculed it was said that what was needed was a conditional appropriation in conformity with Section 21 of the Fiscal Management and Accountability Act. Many years ago, the former President of Guyana, Bharrat Jagdeo, asked the Head of the

Dem boys seh...

Nuff people shaming dem ancestors Since de radio turn on de announcer talking bout de holiday and de functions. Then dem does tell everybody that no alcohol allowed. Dem boys want to know wha wrang wid dem. People got a right to celebrate and one of de best way to celebrate is wid de spirits. People got to tek a drink and pour some fuh dem ancestors who celebrate all wha happening today. If wasn’t fuh dem ancestors de country woulda been a jungle. People in this country woulda import rice and dem wouldn’t know bout nuff of de foods dey eat. Is music and food fuh so. But something strange happen. Nuff people thiefing. Dem boys want to know if it deh in dem blood. Some of dem thief more than dem ancestors. Of course some of dem who did come use to thief li’l bit because if dem get ketch dem would dead in some horrible manner. And when de thief was to build something fuh de family and fuh feed dem wife and children. De set who thiefing just thiefing fuh no reason. Some of dem got so much that dem can’t even count. Dem is de ones who celebrating de holiday more than dem who wuk hard. And de thing is that dem is de ones who claim that dem ancestors tek money and bury it and de money grow and that is how dem rich. Dem boys seh that de money use de Treasury fuh fertilizer because de Treasury almost empty but people can’t talk. If dem talk too hard is a law suit. De bad thing is that wid all de money dem thief dem frighten to lef Guyana because people who don’t like thieves waiting fuh lock dem down and give back de money to de country. Some of dem who thief got people thinking that dem ancestors shoulda never come to Guyana. Dem bring shame pun de people who come and wuk and build de country. Dem is de people that dem boys wishing Happy Arrival Day. Talk half and celebrate wid de other half.

Privatization Unit to organize a seminar to educate a top business leader about the policies and laws guiding tax holidays. That suggestion backfired on the government when it was discovered that the very concessions which the government was defending, and which triggered the suggestion about the seminar, were illegal. The Minister of Finance is an outstanding scholar, without question the most qualified Minister of Finance this country has ever had, and by far the most eloquent. He must now demonstrate political maturity by putting behind him all the ill will that was been generated by the cuts instituted on his Budget. Especially for the AFC and its advisers, he should organize a seminar on Government Budgeting and Financing 101. Such a seminar would clarify for the AFC the concept of

conditional appropriations. It seems that in terms of the LCDS, the AFC is making a distinction between an ordinary appropriation and a conditional appropriation. There is in fact no such distinction. The government does not table a conditional appropriation in counter distinction to an ordinary or main appropriation. A conditional appropriation is intended for budget agencies which generates or receives revenues and which may need to utilize some of these receipts. The purpose of the conditional appropriation is to ensure that the revenues are paid into the consolidated fund by these budget agencies and are not used without appropriation. Thus, once an appropriation is made for a budget agency and provides as to how the receipts of that agency are to be used by that agency that appropriation

Aimed at helping the local health sector to realise the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) which speaks to the reduction of infant mortality and maternal deaths, the University of Guyana through its Faculty of Health Sciences is set to launch a Masters of Medicine in Obstetrics and Gynaecology programme this month. Dean of the Health Sciences Faculty, Dr. Emanuel Cummings, made this disclosure during an interview, yesterday. According to him the programme will be introduced no later than the end of this month and will be indicative of the University collaborating with the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation and the Universities of Ohio and Pittsburgh. The programme, he said, has been in the making for a long time, adding that “we have had discussions with universities in

the United States but mainly with the Universities of Pittsburgh and Ohio....” Support from the two universities, according to Dr. Cummings, will extend to the provision of technical support in the form of tutors and also in the area of curriculum development. The curriculum is expected to be taken to the academic board next Tuesday after which it will be advertised. “Once it gets the blessings of the University...and I believe that it will, this affiliate programme will commence,” Dr. Cummings noted. He views the programme as one which “we in Guyana consider, especially in the Faculty of Health Sciences and at the Georgetown Public Hospital, as very dear to us because it really involves women’s health.” Dr. Cummings has expressed optimism that at least five

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becomes a conditional appropriation. And this is made explicit by the Interpretation of the Fiscal Management and Accountability Act which defines a conditional appropriation as an appropriation that may be supplemented by a specified amount of additional appropriation tied to the budget agency’s receipts. This is why the appropriation for budget agencies usually refer to an authority to spend a specified sum and an additional authority to spend a specified sum which is conditional on revenues earned and which has to pass through the Consolidated Fund. Once the original appropriation presented before the House was presented in this format, then it is a conditional appropriation. The whole purpose is to avoid budget agencies that generate receipts from spending without

approval. The Minister of Finance is not required to present two separate appropriations. He is required to present the appropriation in the required format for it to be considered as a conditional appropriation. Also, the fact that the sums appropriated may be conditional on achieving certain levels of receipts does not mean that the monies have to be present before they are appropriated. In fact it is mainly because the receipts are not yet collected or are at best an educated guess that there has to be a conditional appropriation.

UG set to introduce Masters in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Dr. Emanuel Cummings residents will be included in the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Programme even as efforts are made to produce enough professionals trained in this field. The intent, according to the Health Sciences Dean, is not only to ensure that there are sufficient professionals to cater to the

Public Hospital but also the regional health facilities. “It is our wish that they all will be staffed with at least one Gynaecologist on a full time basis,” he stressed as he pointed to the role of the Faculty of Health Sciences to support health sector development...we are here to produce skills for development,” he passionately insisted. He alluded to the issue of maternal deaths that have in the recent past impacted the local health sector and by extension its achievement of the MDG Four which deals specifically with the need to reduce infant mortality and the MDG Five which addresses the importance of improving maternal health. “We are trying to address these issues through the introduction of a number of programmes,” Dr. Cummings noted, even as he made (continued page 23)

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Saturday May 05, 2012

=== The Freddie Kissoon column ===

The arrival of East Indians on November 28, 2011 The election results of November 28, 2011 mark the second arrival of the East Indians in Guyana. The consequences have produced some unpleasant effects on the organization that sixty years ago claimed moral, legal and physical ownership of the East Indians in Guyana. I am referring to the PPP. On voting day last year, Berbicians stayed away. Those who marked a ballot gave the Alliance for Change a chance to challenge the invincibility of the PPP. Now in a most, sickeningly brazen attempt, the PPP is set to call another election to reinforce its legal ownership of the East Indians of Guyana. It is a Kafkaesque drama filled with compelling scenes of moral decay and human depravity. Let us look at the great realization of Guyanese

East Indians on November 28, 2011 last year. Since the PPP broke into a Jagan group and a Burnham faction, the Indians and Africans have stood frenetically with their respective ethnic leadership. The cycle was broken in the immediate post-colonial period by African Guyanese led primarily by African intellectuals and trade unionists and a sizeable chunk of the African middle class. Led by the Working People’s Alliance under the charismatic personality of Walter Rodney, AfricanGuyanese confronted President Burnham on their expectations following Independence. The consensus among scholars is that Burnham was unfortunate to be weakened in the immediate post-colonial

period when in today’s Guyana, the PPP’s tyranny far exceeds what Burnham practised. East Indians who cried mercilessly against Burnham’s autocracy are quite happy, tranquil and content to live with an Indian Government that has to be one of the most morally repugnant in the Third World at the moment. Two figures are contrasting shadows on this horizon of an ongoing tragedy. One is a friend, African rights activist, Tom Dalgetty. Tom was a huge supporter of Walter Rodney when Forbes Burnham was President. So riled up at the continuation of PPP’s authoritarianism since 1992, he penned a strongly emotional letter a few years back in the Stabroek News assessing the WPA’s role in the seventies with the

conclusion that Walter Rodney was wrong to confront Burnham in such a revolutionary manner as he did. Dalgetty was direct – Rodney should not have sought the removal of a Black President. It is obvious that Tom was incensed at the cooperative support of East Indians for a Government of the PPP that made President Burnham look literally like a schoolboy dictator. Dalgetty obviously had in mind the other shadow – Rickey Singh. No other factor could explain Singh’s twentyyear support for the PPP than race. Singh campaigned against the PNC’s oligarchic stranglehold from the seventies until it lost power in 1992, even fulminating against the democratic rule of President Desmond Hoyte. He is one of the staunchest media supporters of a regime that he must know is far more abominable than what Guyana endured under Mr. Burnham. The East Indians of this land have come in for severe

castigation for their quietude under the Indian-dominated PPP Government. The recurring allegation against East Indians is that if Black people could have opened their eyes against a Black President then surely Indians must be decent enough to see their Indian Presidents are worse than the Black Presidents they so hate. Things began to change as President Jagdeo got out of hand and out of control. In Berbice, the heart of the PPP, only 53 percent went and voted and a substantial portion of that figure voted for the Alliance for Change in the last general elections. For many commentators, analysts and scholars, the East Indians had arrived. The apocalypse had occurred. They broke with evil politics. But a new equation is beckoning on the horizon. The PPP simply cannot live with what the East Indians did last year. It was cultural treason. The Indians had rebelled against their slavemasters. The soldiers are on

Frederick Kissoon the hunt to bring them back. Those soldiers are the election campaigners. The talk of the town is that the PPP wants to hold a snap poll within months to reclaim its people, its property, its divine inheritance. Could it happen? Opinions are divided. The East Indians in Guyana are an interesting group of people. Unlike their Trinidadian and Surinamese counterparts, they tend to be more rigid in their beliefs, more conservative in their politics and more loyal to their ethnic leaders and less modern in outlook. The PPP knows this only too well and is going after the reclamation of its great asset. But a start was made in 2011. It was history in the making. Can history die in another election?

Saturday May 05, 2012

Kaieteur News

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AIDS committee raises concerns about Guyana’s 2012 AIDS Response Report There has been evidence of the lack of due process with respect to the compilation and analysis of Guyana’s 2012 Country AIDS Response Progress Report. At least this is according to the National AIDS Committee (NAC) in a statement issued to the media. According to the body it had occasion to draw to the attention of the Ministry of Health, the National AIDS Programme Secretariat (NAPS) and the UNAIDS Country Director, as well as to their respective Monitoring and Evaluation officers, the lack of process regarding the Guyana UNGASS Report 2006-2007. The Report was submitted by the Presidential Commission on HIV and AIDS but according to NAC “almost the same errors were made with respect to genuine consultation around the 20082009 Report, although it should be stated, one major error was corrected.” The error corrected according to the statement was the impression that the NAPS Programme Manager was the officer in charge of NAC and responsible for

submitting the National Composite Policy Index (NCPI) report/s. It was pointed out that the NAC in February 2012 decided to opt out from filling out the questionnaire as provided by the hired consultant (Part B only) since no clarity was provided even to the most basic queries with respect to the preparation process, time-lines and the ‘consensus/verification’ exercise. The statement revealed that as in past years, the Report underlines the central role of the “Presidential Commission on HIV/AIDS”, a mysterious body, which from its inception has never formally met, or has held meetings to which the NAC – listed on the organizational chart as an advisory body to the Commission, has never been invited. “The NAC considers the number of interviews conducted for the Report (35) to be unnecessarily restricted for a Report of this nature. The NAC also believes that Reports of this nature should be undertaken by consultants who have no association whatever with organizations

who are beneficiaries of HIV funding. The 2012 Report, according to NAC, reflects more an official view of the programme to combat HIV/ AIDS which suggests: steady progress in controlling the spread of the virus; adequate coverage of drug availability to HIV-infected persons and shows advances in ‘the threat posed by HIV to the status of ‘chronic’ rather than ‘incurable’. These developments, it was noted, provide the evidence for supporting the goal of normalizing the response to HIV into the mainstream health service by its ‘integration’. This encouraging tone, the statement outlined, is characteristic of official reports to international bodies, highlighting the positive and down-playing the negative. “In this case the tone responds to the additional stimulus of the Government being forced to assume greater financial responsibility for sustaining the prevention, treatment and care programmes previously funded by the international agencies on which austerity

GPHC honours midwife on International Day of Midwives

Nurses march in New Amsterdam for International Midwives Day International Day of Midwives is being celebrated today, under the theme: ‘The World needs Midwives now more than ever’. To mark the occasion, today, the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation will be honouring one of its Midwives who is noted to have performed exceptionally throughout the year. The Guyana Midwives Association took its

celebrations to the Ancient County of Berbice, yesterday. The hospital staged a parade through the streets of New Amsterdam. It also honoured Nurse Ramrattie Latchman, a qualified Midwife. It presented her with a generous token of appreciation for her hard work and dedication towards the provision of quality Midwifery service to the patients of the Maternity

Unit. Nurse Latchman has been serving in this profession for over a decade. Moreover, the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation recognized the importance of the role of all Midwives and continues to provide training and similar incentives to boost the performance and competencies of these invaluable health care providers.

measures may well take their toll.” In essence it is the belief of NAC that reducing HIV to the status of other chronic illnesses such as asthma and diabetes reduces the demand to provide funding. In particular, sustaining the reportedly 82 percent coverage of antiretroviral medicines poses a major financial challenge for the Government and the Report would have benefitted from findings of the 2011 study/ consultation organized by the MOH/NAPS and UNAIDS on Universal Access and sustainability, the Report added. “Absent from the current Report, as in previous Reports, is information as to how funds were spent at the national level and sources of funds (Annex 3), as cited, for example in the Barbados UNGASS Reports. “Nor did the End of Term

Review Meeting on the Guyana National HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan 2007-2011 organized by the MOH/NAPS on April 12, 2012 provide any financial status information as an invaluable tool in the development of the ‘HIVison’,” the statement added. Whether the Report is an accurate assessment or the result of massaging statistics to suggest a more palatable situation, what stands out as remarkable is that the results appear to have been achieved without any effort to date on the part of Government to address public health issues which have hampered the fight against HIV. These, according to NAC, includes no steps to provide constitutional protection against discrimination; no impact levels of sexual violence against women; slow progress in reducing stigma against HIV positive

people; no focus on indigenous people as possibly the most vulnerable minority to HIV by virtue of their isolation, itinerant miners, forced prostitution and labour exploitation. Additionally, NAC has noted that the government has resisted international pressure to de-criminalise homosexual activity to allow MSM in particular, unimpeded access to treatment and care and further noted that no legal steps have been taken to address this problem. It was pointed out that there is no logical reason why the problem has abated. Indeed according to the Report the BBSS Study done in 2009 claims that the percentage of men who have sex with men who are living with HIV is 19.4 percent. But unfortunately these claims are undermined by (continued on page 25)

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Saturday May 05, 2012

AFC disappointed in opposition leader’s choice in GECOM’s nomination - Says representative from AFC should have been chosen The Alliance For Change (AFC) is congratulating Ms. Sandra Jones on her appointment as a Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) Commissioner to replace the late Robert Williams. The congratulation was expressed by AFC’s Chairman, Khemraj Ramjattan, at a press conference yesterday at the Side Walk Café, Middle Street. Adding that he was informed via an email from the Leader of the Opposition Brigadier David Granger, Ramjattan said the AFC is however disappointed in the principle and methodology

deployed in the identification of Ms. Jones as the nominee to fill the vacancy at GECOM. He said it was the Alliance’s hope that with the new national dispensation, the broader representation of the opposition parliamentary parties in GECOM would have been reflected. “Prior to the announcement by Mr. Granger that Ms. Jones was a candidate, we were unaware of her consideration as a candidate,” Ramjattan noted. “We believe that one of the unfortunate consequences of Ms. Jones’s nomination is that it may place her in the regrettable position

of not enjoying the full support of the joint opposition thereby, leading to unnecessary and avoidable distractions over her nomination.” He explained that the AFC remains strongly committed to the principle that one of the three representatives of the Opposition in GECOM prior to its reform should be a person nominated by the Alliance for Change. He added that the AFC noted that the selection departs from the agreed principle, which openly stated and which was articulated not only by the AFC but also by members of other political

parties, including Aubrey Norton of the PNC and Hinds of the WPA, as well as independent commentators Frederick ‘Freddie’ Kissoon, Dr. Henry Jeffrey and several other persons. “It was indeed heartening to hear Aubrey Norton, who was himself tipped for the position, declare that an AFC nominee should fill the position.” Ramjattan underscored that it is unfortunate that a party with the parliamentary strength of the AFC could not have been afforded a place on GECOM, and as such bring a truly “independent” view on behalf of the electorate, particularly against the backdrop that our people always tend to view elections

and their results with some amount of suspicion “as was seen even at the 2011 polls when APNU and the PPP wanted verification of the Statements of Poll, and the PPP claims of electoral fraud…The AFC is once again calling for a reform of GECOM and will be moving the required legislation in Parliament.” He said that the AFC is maintaining its high level of confidence in its representative, David Patterson, as the nominee and will continue supporting his vibrant efforts to renew and define our democracy on all fronts. “Though we are dissatisfied, the AFC does not see this as an event for “war”

While May/June is known for its frequent periods of rainfall that can lead to flooding at some parts of the country, the heavy downpours experienced on Thursday have caused many residents to become concerned. Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy, yesterday stated that while the areas of the heaviest intensity of rainfall were recorded in Region Ten where flooding was experienced, a major concern that has arisen is for the rice farmers. With the projection of upcoming heavy rainfall during the following two weeks, a big threat hovers over the lands where rice cultivation is taking place. According to Dr. Ramsammy, half of the cultivated land is being reaped as these rice farmers carry on with their activities but because of the rainy conditions the dams leading to their lands are being

affected. This would have a huge, negative impact on the remaining rice that is to be reaped. Another concern has also arisen for cash crop farmers in areas such as Canal Polder Number One and Two where there can be inundation after short periods of heavy rainfall. Crops such as pepper and smaller shrub types of vegetables will be vulnerable to destruction if the areas become flooded. The Ministry of Agriculture along with relevant regional authorities, is presently working to monitor the situation. He explained that earlier in the year, during February, there were heavy rains that resulted in severe flooding at various locations. However; most persons are not aware that this rain never actually stopped. “While we all recall the heavy rainfall in February that led to flooding; March and

AFC’s Chairman, Khemraj Ramjattan in the opposition. We will remain focused on the need for the broadest unity and cooperation…In an effort to avoid further adverse impact to the damage already occasioned by the nomination, we offer no observation or pronouncement on Ms. Jones’ qualifications,” Ramjattan lamented.

Expected heavy rainfall poses threat to rice farmers

April were fairly dry because we saw sunshine outside. It was in the cultivation area at the back that the rain continued through April…The rain never stopped” Kaieteur News understands that this resulted in the sugar industry being severely impacted in April since the industry depends on dry weather to function. “Almost half of the days were lost to the sugar industry because once it rains even a little bit, the activities at the back, including cutting of cane and loading of cane stops. “This means that the factory can’t grind and they were affected where more than 50 per cent of days in April were lost.” It was noted that during the next week there will be a continuation of the weather experienced between Thursday evening to Friday morning with Sunday and Monday bringing the worst intensity of rainfall. Dr. Ramsammy added that during these two days (Sunday and Monday) the rainfall could intensify. While the rains will continue on Tuesday and Wednesday, there will be some relief. However, the heavy rains are expected to return on Thursday and Friday with a break on Saturday “We expect May to be a rainy May but most of the rain for May should occur for the first two weeks of the month. So this week and next week should be the rainiest part of this month,” said Dr. Ramsammy.

Saturday May 05, 2012

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No arrests yet in goldsmith robbery

Food and Drug Department, GRA to access imports at Ports of Entry - articles must arrive in Guyana with 75% of stated shelf-life Government Analyst/ Food and Drug Department (GA/FDD) says that it has made an agreement of cooperation with the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) which will enable GA/FDD to have access not only to information on Importers but, also the opportunity to inspect imports at the various Ports-of-Entry prior to them being released on the domestic market. Accordingly, the department is calling on all importers to comply with regulatory procedures of the department to facilitate unimpeded clearance of imported items through GRA. The Government Analyst department further noted that the importance of Border Control and Inspection as effective tools of Import/ Export Inspection and Certification and Food Control in general was always viewed as critical by GA/FDD in its regulatory thrust to assure the

quality and safety of Foods, Human Drugs, Veterinary Drug, Cosmetics and Medical Devices. Under Section 22 of the Food and Drugs Act, the Department has the right to examine Customs Entries and to take samples of regulated items imported into Guyana to ensure the quality, safety and efficacy of such articles. The P r o v i sions enshrined in the Food and Drugs Act. notes that the Act empowers the department through the Inspector to “Examine any Customs Entries of food, drugs, cosmetics or devices imported into Guyana and to take samples thereof and to submit the samples to an analyst for analysis or examination; Take samples of food, drug, cosmetic or device and these shall not be delivered to the importer until the analyst has reported upon the samples taken.

“If it appears from the report of the inspector or the analyst that the sale of the food, drug, c o s m e t i c o r device would be in contravention of this Act if sold in Guyana, the food, drug, cosmetic or device shall not be admitted in Guyana for the use as a food, drug, cosmetic or device,” the Act notes. The Importation Regulatory Requirements include, among other things: Issuing a Permit to importers of all articles that are under the remit of GA/FDD. Thus importers must submit the necessary Quality Assurance and Control Documentations to demonstrate Good Manufacturing Practices and the quality and safety of the articles. It was also noted that labels declarations of regulated articles must be in English and comply with mandatory Label

Requirements, while articles must arrive in Guyana with 75 per cent of stated shelf-life.

No arrests have been made of the two unmasked men, who viciously beat and stole some $2M in jewelry and cash from popular goldsmith, Pegeshwar, a/k “Peggy”, of Good Hope, Essequibo Coast. The goldsmith, who is in his 60s, is said to be recuperating at his home, after a medical examination by doctors at the Suddie Public Hospital. The police were notified of the daring robbery early Thursday morning. Reports are that the goldsmith received a telephone call seeking an order for the design of two gold rings, from the two bandits who posed as customers. The goldsmith’s wife said the two men made the call from a few doors to where Peggy lived. As usual, she added, her husband went at the gate where the two men were and engaged them in discussion. She said that her husband opened the gate and was re-

entering his yard to collect his scale and his notebook when one of the unmasked men choked him. She said they then proceeded to duct tape her husband’s hands, feet and mouth before ransacking her entire house and later carrying away cash and jewelry. The woman added that the past three weeks she received phone calls reportedly from the same men trying desperately to convince them to do business with them. The police took statements and examined the lingering fingerprints that were left on the premises.

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Saturday May 05, 2012

Saturday May 05, 2012

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101-year-old Mother Martha enjoys reading the papers and doing puzzles moment, she pointed to a bouquet of flowers that was in the living room and said that it was from the Mayor of

101-year-old Martha Bunwarie By Leon Suseran Martha Bunwarie had turned 100 when she was last featured. She achieved another milestone recently, turning 101 years old but is just as agile, healthy and is blessed with an eye sight that really adds flavour to her life through the activities in which she is engaged. We caught up, recently, with 'Mother Martha' as she is popularly referred to at her Number 64 Village home, where she resides with her g r a n d d a u g h t e r, C o r i n a Peneux. Born at Number 65 Village, Martha was an avid rice farmer in the area. She attended the New Market Primary School at Number 63 Village after which she started to do rice and fish farming. She migrated to Skeldon in 1941 where she married Henricus Bunwarie at the age of 34. Henricus died in 1988. She returned to Number 64 Village in 1966. She bore one child who died by drowning in 1972. “I grow lots of children. People would come bring their children to go to school; they stay five years, six years; they go away then another set come,” she said. She said that she even ended up 'buying' a child. After being a farmer, she

became involved in helping mothers deliver their children and cared for them after the deliveries. She was also known for creating concoctions for young mothers who had difficulty becoming pregnant; and they worked, she said. This week, her g r a n d d a u g h t e r, C o r i n a Peneux, prepared Mother Martha and had her all decked out in her best clothes and stylish hairstyle. She vividly remembered the reporter, quite amazing for a woman her age. “I'm doing good so far! The past year was very nice. I had lots of friends. I didn't invite anybody for the 101st, but the house was full. We had a nice day and all my friends around, still came around and give me a 'lookup'”, she said, referring to the day she turned 101. Mother Martha, when asked how she was feeling nowadays, said, “You know, as you getting older, some days you feeling alright...some days I feeling sick...some days I can get up and do something...some days I can't do anything”. “Age. When I was young, I was a farmer, and you know farming is a very hard thing; then I was a domestic...I worked from 1941”. At that

C o r r i v e r t o n , M r. R o y Baijnauth, for whose parents she did domestic work. “He was two years old

when I go to work with them. They were the first persons whom I worked with as a domestic at Skeldon.” She

added that she worked with different persons including a Catholic priest, Father (continued on page 20)

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Saturday May 05, 2012

Saturday May 05, 2012

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Saturday May 05, 2012

Saturday May 05, 2012

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Film producers, craft exporters can now tap into EU funding


he Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI), in collaboration with the Caribbean Export Development Agency (Carib Export), is set to host a workshop on the Direct Assistance Grant Scheme which forms part of their regional p r i v a t e s e c t o r development programme. The workshop will be held on Wednesday at the Pegasus Hotel. According to the GCCI, ideally, it is for those small to medium size enterprises (SMEs) that wish to engage in the export of goods and services, or are currently involved in same, but require assistance in specific areas. Entities engaged in creative industries such as arts and craft, music and video production and film producing are especially encouraged to attend because of the challenges they encounter due to current financial rules and regulations. Caribbean Export Development Agency, which is funded by the European Union’s 10th European Development Fund (EDF), has a primary mandate to foster an enabling environment for trade and investment within the region through regional integration, cooperation and advocacy initiatives. The initiatives are designed to position the region more

effectively in the world economy. GCCI explained that one of these initiatives is to provide financial assistance to small businesses through their Direct Assistance Scheme. The scheme is designed to support businesses with strong potential to export their products and services. President of GCCI, Clinton Urling, noted that the collaboration will position small exporters to broaden their scope in the Caribbean and further afield. “This workshop is in keeping with the Chamber’s acute awareness of the fundamental role that SMEs play in the local economy and therefore need all the necessary help and encouragement to expand their business horizons,” he said. To be eligible, applicants must be operational for at least two years and supported by two years financial statements/accounts and must demonstrate that they were able to finance and sustain their projects fully at the outset; that 100% financing is available prior to project initiation. The amounts include grants of between €5,000 – €30,000; €1,000 to €5,000 and will have a maximum duration of six months. Interested participants are asked to register with the Chamber’s Secretariat.

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Saturday May 05, 2012

Region Eight authorities outraged Army flagship towed to city after mechanical problems as water lines vandalised again

The GDFS Essequibo

Regional Executive Officer, Ronald Harsawack, indicating where a section of the PPR pipe leading to Mahdia was deliberately cut. Authorities of Mahdia and Campbell Town, Region Eight, have expressed outrage as vandals severely damaged water lines, just a few weeks after a government team visited that mining area to hear similar complaints. According to Regional Executive Officer of Region Eight, Ronald Harsawack, this latest act of vandalism was discovered on Wednesday after Mahdia and Campbell To w n residents experienced a disruption in their supply. In a bid to rectify the situation, the Regional Administration said it immediately dispatched a team to the Salbora Water Collection Facility, to carry out a desilting and clearing exercise. Upon inspection, it

was found that the distribution network had been vandalised. Several sections of PPR distribution pipes had been mechanically cut and removed making the system inoperable. Harsawack noted that approximately 250 meters of the distribution network had been cut, removed or drifted down stream. “The Administration is outraged at the frequency and this time at the magnitude of destruction.” Emergency works were carried out less than six weeks ago to rectify the similar occurrences of vandalism. Harsawack noted that this disruption will affect more than 3,000 users within Mahdia and its environs. The

police have been notified along with the Government Ministries that are in charge of the area. According to the official, every time there is a similar act, hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars have to be spent to remedy the situation and restore the supply of potable water. “The Regional Administration has undertaken to make every effort to have the system restored in the shortest possible time,” the official said. The Mahdia water distribution system was constructed at Salbora on a natural spring 410 feet above sea level. It stores water within a reservoir where the water is then sand and gravel filtered before moving through eight miles of distribution network. The system provides a 24hour supply. It was designed to sustain up to 15,000 users.

The Army flagship, GDFS Essequibo, was reportedly towed to the Coast Guard Headquarters in Ruimveldt after it suffered mechanical problems earlier this week. According to officials, the vessel which was bought from the United Kingdom almost eight years ago, was patrolling in Essequibo where it was stationed when it broke down. Calls for assistance were radioed in and the vessel was later towed to the city.

In 2009, the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) said it was spending over $130M to repair the main and auxiliary engines of the GDFS Essequibo. The contract was awarded to Brazilian engineering company, MANUTEST. Head of the Army, Commodore Gary Best had said that the GDF pursued various companies to obtain the best engineers for the ship’s repairs. Because of the fact that the UK does not manufacture

such ships any more, Brazil was approached since the neighbouring country has similar vessels. Commodore Best said that having the Coast Guard vessel overhauled will enhance its capability, and its defence security, but particularly, maritime integrity which is very important. Kaieteur News was unable to make contact with the Coast Guard management on how the vessel’s incapacity will affect monitoring operations.

101-year-old Mother Martha ... From page 15 Brown, “Then when the nuns came to Skeldon, I worked with the nuns”. She cooked, washed and baked for them. She burst into a big laugh when she was reminded that she is still going strong at 101 years and should aim high for 102. “Well, I hope so...I might go for 110!” she stated. “Life is a very sweet thing...Is your must have a good mind. Life, to me, is sweet, nice, good and we ain't used to be inside the house; we were domestics... all- rounders”. She added that they used to catch fish, cook, work at the backdam, farmed and planted crops such as rice. “We were quite happy, happy, happy people. My parents had five of us; I am the el-

dest.” “You wake up in the morning. We never used to buy greens. We planted our own greens in the farm, and we hadn't oil stove; we had dover stove-- a kind of wooden stove, so you cooked and who couldn't afford, you bought your wood and made your fireside”. She shared how she spends a typical day. “I don't do anything. I can't do any work. I wake up at 6:00 or 6:30; and then they make me take my tea; my granddaughter bathes me, change my clothes and I rest, lie down and sleep”. Amazingly, the woman reads a lot since she has very good eyesight. “I reading plenty. I have plenty books. Them books I got...some religious, some is kinda 'wild' books as you call...novels and so”. Some of the favourite things she enjoys are juices, lemonade, rice, boulanger, ochro, pumpkin-I don't eat pumpkin-- but eat everything else, and my granddaughter gives me everything...bananas, papaws..them treat me nice”. She said that she regularly ate hassar. “When you bite hassar, you mouth full and we don't catch hassar with hooks to, every year me buy four heads of twine”. She explained the meticulous process in making the cast net and using it to catch fish. “Thank God I can still see! I don't hear too well but I can see and read-- I does buy the newspaper; I does do search words”, she related. “Just as the paper comes, I take it and do the word search puzzles”. “Boy, God is great. Life depends on your mind. If you got a good mind, everything

is alright for you. You must not be living in the world and being wrong; do right things. Don't rob, thief. Work honest and you get everything you want in this world...God will give you--everything”. “I live happy as a child. I never quarreled with people”, she said. Mother Martha demonstrated her amazing eye- sight as she pointed to various persons and objects in the living room with accuracy, proof that she saw very well. She is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her fourth generation. Peneux's daughter, Sabrina Leacock, is due to deliver her baby in August this year, giving Mother Martha her first great, great grand. “My father said that God must bless you and then you will live to see your fourth generation...Well I am only asking God to allow me to see my fourth generation very soon”. The centenarian shares a very close relationship with her doctor, Dr. Seepersaud of Skeldon, whom she visits once a month for check- ups. “I am not changing my doctor!” she asserted. Her granddaughter, Corina Peneux, said that Mother Martha has been doing quite well over the past year. She said that her health has been okay and has not really declined much. Unlike the big 300- personplus 100 birthday celebrations over a year ago, Peneux said that she did not do a big celebration for her 101st birthday; rather a small “get- together” with close family members. We wish Mother Martha another very successful year as she aims for 102.

Saturday May 05, 2012

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Continuous monitoring Critical oil & gas training to begin Monday of waterways imperative In recognition of the fact that toxic anions in surface water could prove detrimental to human livelihood, a research project was spearheaded, recently, by local University of Guyana lecturer, Dr Raymond Jagessar. The lecturer, during an interview with this newspaper, revealed that he was spurred to propose the project after reading an article in an international magazine which highlighted the effects of nitrate anion in the waterway in the Gaza Strip. Gaza Strip lies on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea within the Middle East. Based on the article, the water tested revealed that the level of nitrate anion was well below the internationally accepted value. It was eight times greater resulting in infants exposed to the water being diagnosed with the ‘Blue Baby Syndrome’. The syndrome is characterised by baby’s skins becoming blue, a condition which has been known to even cause death. The revealing evidence presented in the article was disturbing enough to force Dr. Jagessar to conduct his own tests to determine toxic metal anion in waste water in Guyana. “Toxic anions are dangerous to humans and we don’t know what is there in our waste water so I saw the need for our water to be tested and monitored.” Although the research project, which was undertaken over a six-month period commencing 2009 and concluding in 2010, has already been published and accepted internationally, Dr. Jagessar was able to amplify his findings when the University of Guyana

- UG lecturer

Dr. Raymond Jagessar continued its Research Day on the Arts and Sciences yesterday. Focusing on nitrates, which is recognised as one of the most toxic anions, Dr. Jagessar explained that the nitrate anion was measured using standard internationally accepted peer review procedure and was determined using a spectrophotometric method (an instrument used to determine the intensity of various wavelengths in a spectrum of light). The water source tested, according to Dr. Jagessar, were trenches and canals that were in proximity to industries and residential areas “...It was basically surface water because this method is more applicable for surface water and not for going down deep to the mud matrix,” he explained. “We found that the level of nitrates from selected areas, including Number 58 Village, GuySuCo, Skeldon, Good Hope, Ogle, Stabroek Market and Supenaam, the level of nitrates in the Demerara area was greater than that in Essequibo followed by Berbice.” However, since other waterways in the country have not been tested, Dr. Jagessar has asserted that “we cannot fully come to a

conclusion that Demerara has the highest level of nitrates followed by Essequibo and Berbice. In order for us to make a comparison we would have to compare all the areas but what we have found so far is that the level of nitrates is very low.” Dr. Jagessar was able to deduce that the nitrates level in the waterways tested was between 0.5 to two milligrams per litre which is well within the internationally accepted threshold value of 45 milligram per litre. However, he is convinced that there is a need to monitor the waterways since “we are involved in mining and other such activities and we don’t want the effects of contaminated water...We have to guard against possible pollutants so the university has a role to play in educating the public and protecting our environment,” he asserted. Dr. Jagessar has been a chemistry lecturer attached to the local University since 2001 and has a strong research profile. He has also exercised his researching skills by looking at local plant extracts as medicinal agents. “I like a challenge and I would like to help to make our country a better place and make citizens better aware,” he insisted. However since the lack of sponsorship has restricted the extent to which his research projects are conducted, Dr. Jagessar is hopeful that greater awareness will lend to greater support. “I hope it will intensify and it will once there is funding. Water safety is important; we need water for life and if we don’t have it we don’t have life so we need pure and unpolluted water.”

The Guyana government is set to start training locals for the merging oil and gas industry on Monday. As exploration continues for oil and gas offshore Guyana, Government has announced moves to train persons in the field. The first course is set to begin Monday, the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment announced yesterday. That Ministry is charged with mining, forestry and oil exploration, among other critical environmental areas. The five-day course in Oil and Gas will benefit from officers of the Ministry and will be facilitated by Warren Business Consulting on behalf of Minexco Petroleum. Minexco Petroleum is a private junior oil and gas exploration and production (E&P) company building a robust portfolio of upstream oil and gas ventures across West

Africa and northern South America. President Donald Ramotar and Minister Robert Persaud had made representations to Minexco Petroleum to undertake this training course. According to Government, the course is a timely one as Guyana is optimistic to discover oil. There are currently two wells being drilled off Guyana’s shores by exploration companies, CGX and Repsol. President Ramotar will formally open the course to be held at the Regency Suites,

Hadfield Street, Georgetown. There have been concerns over Guyana’s technical capacity in a number of areas, including mining, civil engineering and now in the oil and gas industry which Guyana is hoping desperately to develop. There have also been concerns about the areas of studies being offered by the country’s main tertiary education institution, the University of Guyana with calls made to urgently revamp the curriculum to bring it more in line with the labour demands.

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Kaieteur News

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1 handy boy to work in the interior #688-0197 Lorry drivers to work Labour lorry at L.B.I Estate. 628-1756, 228-5655 Manager’s Assistant general duties including Custom and Bond, Security Guards, accommodation available. Call: 676-6700 Experienced sales representatives. Apply Wieting & Richter Ltd

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Saturday May 05, 2012

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Saturday May 05, 2012

PPP The People’s Progressive Party extends greetings to all Guyanese on the occasion of Arrival Day, May 5th 2012. Guyana today is a rich and colorful tapestry of ethnic groups welded together as a single nation without each losing its distinctiveness. All Guyanese of all ethnic groups have contributed to this multiculturalism This rich cultural diversity emerged from a painful and dehumanizing system of colonialism. The freedoms and development that we enjoy today did not come easy. Our ancestors faced the most arduous and formidable of odds as they confronted the

PNCR The People’s National Congress Reform joins all likeminded groups, here at home and in the Diaspora, in celebrating the 174th anniversary of the arrival of East Indians in Guyana. This occasion offers the opportunity for the nation as a whole to recognise the important role that our East Indian ancestors and fellow compatriots have played in the development of Guyana.

FITUG The historians have recorded all that the Indian Immigrants and their descendants suffered then contributed to the making of the Guyana Nation over the 174 years since the Grand Arrival here on May 05, 1838. The Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Guyana (FITUG) is most pleased to join all Guyanese in observing, even celebrating the arrival of all immigrants to the British Guiana landscape of the 1800’s, to fill the European plantation void in the aftermath of the African Emancipation. From the Indian subcontinent, history records, a prominent British Planter “imported” contracted labourers to work on the sugar plantations. Some labourers

Kaieteur News

terrors of settlement, slavery and indentureship. The challenges were many but through sheer willpower, courage, and sustained toil, our foreparents laid the foundation for a free Guyana. Today we recall with gratitude the epic struggles of our foreparents for national liberation and for the restoration of democracy. Today we have the opportunity to build on their sacrifices as we move our country forward towards greater political, social and economic progress. However, the progress that we have made must never be taken for granted. Our history has demonstrated that when we have allowed ourselves to be divided, when

narrow and selfish interests have superseded the common good, we endanger our liberties and our hard-earned development. On this Arrival Day, the Peoples Progressive Party urges all Guyanese to zealously safeguard their future from those who wish to setback the development of Guyana. We have an obligation to our foreparents to ensure that their sacrifices were not in vain. We have a duty to persevere so as to eliminate the remnants of poverty, carve out a more equal and just society while enlarging our economy and improving the delivery of public good and services. Happy Arrival Day!

The Party also believes that this is also an opportunity for the nation to understand that we all share a common destiny and that racial harmony, tolerance and understanding are essential to the further and overall development of this country. The development of Guyana can no longer be deferred. It is, therefore, essential that all stak e h o l d e r s , especially political parties, and all relevant social groups and organisations

make a firm commitment to exercise honesty, maturity and good judgement in order that this nation can put an end to racism, which has often stymied the development of our society and nation. The PNCR, therefore, calls on all our citizens to reflect on the significance of this occasion and to take to heart the lesson that racial harmony and understanding are the keys to our survival and long term development.

were duped; most were glad to attempt the new life promised in the Guiana tropics. All were made to slave, to produce, to people an alien land owned by Europe. The Indentured Indian Immigrant Story is a saga of survival and triumph over frightening exploitation of their labour, shrewd ethnic manipulation against earlier and later groups also “imported”, but a tale of achievement and contribution. FITUG, within the context of today’s Guyana, struggling to keep the unity of the purpose and the solidarity of successful gains intact, urges that these Arrival Day celebrations avoid any hint of triumphalism over others, but rather celebrate the triumph of a collective spirit which kept the indentured immigrants and their descendants as a

determined, dignified and culturally strong component of a colony turned into Independent State. FITUG celebrates the contributions of the IndoGuyanese, the Chinese and Portuguese elements, to our labour movement, our politics and governments. Today’s immigrant sons and daughters must use the inspiration of survival and success in every field of endeavor and national development to continue to serve national development which ensures personal satisfaction and comfort. From working-class to the higher echelons, let the sons and daughters of the 1838 arrivals, feel Guyanese enough to share success and contributions with their fellow citizens. Happy Arrival Day 2012

Page 23

GAWU May in Guyana accommodates observances to commemorate the coming, the bringing, the arrival of immigrants to and in (British) Guyana in the nineteenth century. Prior to and after the full Emancipation of the African Slave and “Apprentice’ workforce on the Europeanowned sugar plantations in 1838, there was a vital need for substitutes to produce the sugar and other commodities in this part of the world so that Britain, especially, could be kept great. It is still a great modernday irony that Britain, France, Holland, Portugal, Europe which fed off the sweat and labour of slaves and immigrants in their Caribbean, America and Guiana colonies, collectively turned their backs on the descendants of the producers when the European Union arbitrarily ended certain sugar prices two (2) years ago.

AFC On the occasion of the 174th anniversary of the arrival of East Indians in Guyana, the Alliance for Change (AFC) salutes all our Indo-Guyanese brothers and sisters. It is indisputable that our people of Indian ancestry have laid the cornerstone not only of a free, independent and democratic country, but have been a major pillar in the economic, social and cultural advancement of Guyana through their sacrifice and industry. But whilst we applaud Indo-Guyanese for shaking off the shackles of indentureship, we wish to warn against the new “sahibs” and “sultans” today who are forging chains to keep them captive in a wicked racist game, of divide and rule. The AFC notes attempts by the new masters to manipulate Indo-Guyanese sugar workers with lies and misinformation. They were caught trying to destroy GAWU, and to retrench sugar workers by reducing pay and changing

UG set to introduce Masters in Obstetrics ... From page 9 reference to the Masters of Paediatric Programme which was introduced last year. A total of five residents, attached to the Public Hospital had commenced that programme but according to Dr. Cummings, three more have since been added. By next year there will be four certified paediatricians in Guyana with the graduation of two of the doctors from the Masters in Paediatrics

Programme. At the moment there are only two certified paediatricians in Guyana — Doctors Rohan Jabour and Hardat Persaud —-whose services are expected to be complemented with two graduating doctors next year, Dr. Singh said. The two doctors set to graduate are doctors Clive Bowman and Seepersaud Chatterdeo, who are among the batch of eight doctors

undertaking the programme. The programme, which is being spearheaded by the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation’s Institute of Health Science Education in collaboration with the University of Guyana and the Humber River Regional Hospital in Toronto, was introduced during the last quarter of last year. According to External Director of the Programme, Dr. Narendra Singh, the two are

set for graduation due to their seniority in the field of paediatrics. “They have been in the field for a number of years and they have been doing a phenomenal job because every month we have been testing them. We have been making sure that they are reading and I must say that I am proud of them,” said an elated Dr. Singh during a recent interview with this publication.

It is against those basic reflections that the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) extends greetings to the present-day Guyanese whose forefathers arrived here in three ships on May 05, 174 years ago. GAWU refers to the indentured/contracted labourers brought here from the Indian sub-continent, especially. There is no need to recount, in any detail the travails, the suffering and the survival of those “BoundCoolie” immigrants who replaced the slaves and reconfigured the demography of the colony of British Guiana and later independent Guyana. Rather, GAWU now pays tribute to the triumph of their spirit and their contributions which, in large measures, fashioned the Guyana we know today. From politics to sport; from agriculture to the arts; from religion to government, Indo-Guyanese are part and parcel of

Guyana’s identity and presence in the global community. As one of the Unions in the country’s labour landscape, all that GAWU asks during this Arrival Day weekend is that the immigrants descended community reflect upon the values and fortitude which made their forefathers survive and prosper. Then use the principles of those experiences to enrich the continuing contribution they make to keeping Guyana on the map. Use the celebration of arrival to demonstrate the ability to stay the course and walk the path of development, hand in hand with your fellow Guyanese. From the land and agriculture to the professions and trades you contributed. To the land, therefore, you must pledge continued allegiance. Put Guyana first wherever you and relatives find yourselves. Happy, reflective Arrival Day 2012 celebrations from GAWU

conditions of work. They did not tell the sugar belt that AFC voted for $4 Billion to bail out the almost crippled Guysuco. AFC did this to save workers jobs, and stave off collapse of the industry due to corruption, mismanagement and inefficiency. The new masters did not reveal that AFC voted for $5 Billion for GPL to prevent coastal inhabitants, including sugar workers, from paying increased electricity tariffs. AFC said it would vote for an additional $1 Billion once GPL reduces its operational losses due to bad management. Yet, they scandalously spread the racist line that AFC wanted to take away money from Guysuco and hand it to Linden to subsidise electricity charges in the bauxite town. The racism of the PPP/C is very evident indeed, and IndoGuyanese ought not to fall for this wickedness! AFC’s fight to get Government to place an estimated $50 Billion into the Treasury which is now in NICIL private accounts, would bring tremendous relief to all Guyanese. Guyana will have not $170 Billion to spend, but in excess of $220 Billion! This means bigger pay, better working conditions, more

pensions and social assistance, among other poverty reducing measures. Our Indo-Guyanese brothers and sisters must understand that the biggest cut from the 2012 Budget was made when the PPP Government axed over $50 B from the Consolidated Fund and siphoned it off illegally into a PPP members’ account at NICIL! Great days are ahead for all Indo-Guyanese as the AFC works with other patriotic forces to improve our governance, and hold public servants to account, and realize the expectations of “lean and clean” government as advanced by the late Dr. Cheddi Jagan, who was the finest example of Guyanese nationalism and IndoGuyanese values. As we pay respect today to our glorious ancestors, we note that in spite of daunting challenges, Indo-Guyanese have survived and even excelled, here and in the Diaspora. AFC therefore urges our Indo-Guyanese community to hold high the torch of family and cultural values, the search for intellectual development, cooperation, industry, thrift and hard work so that, together with all of our other ethnic groupings, we can take Guyana to higher levels!

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Kaieteur News

East Street killing...

Saturday May 05, 2012

Letters... Where your views make the news

Police seek motive On the role of the Guyana Teachers’ Union… for miner’s murder Investigators are still trying to ascertain a motive behind the murder of gold miner, Bryan Dickson, 43. Dickson was found murdered in his apartment shortly after lunch on Thursday after worried relatives went looking for him. Dickson, also known as ‘Son Son’ and ‘Peck’ of East Street, Cummingsburg, was found gagged and lying on his back in his bedroom with more than 20 stab wounds about the body. A pair of scissors found nearby was presumed to be the murder weapon. Yesterday, Dickson’s reputed wife, Sabrina Gobin, told Kaieteur News that she is still puzzled why someone would want to harm him. The woman said that she’s unaware of any ongoing feud between her husband and anyone. Meanwhile police sources have said that they are yet to make any arrests. Relatives had told Kaieteur News that there was no sign of forced entry to the residence. The body was discovered by the dead man’s nephew, Jonathan. A number of relatives, who had gathered at the home, opined that

Dead: Bryan Dickson Dickson had to have known his attacker. One relative told Kaieteur News that nothing was stolen from the apartment. The relative said she did not believe that Dickson was keeping any substantial amount of money at home. Kaieteur News was told that Dickson, the father of two teenaged boys, had returned to Georgetown last November after he was involved in an accident. Two neighbours, including an elderly woman, who lived in the upper flat of the apartment where Dickson’s body was found, were questioned. However none of them recalled hearing or seeing anything amiss.

DEAR EDITOR, It has been almost one month since the article titled “Bynoe returned as GTU President” with the subheading “…plans to tackle growing teacher indiscipline”, appeared in the Kaieteur News of 9th April, 2012. There has been no response from any commentators in any of the daily newspapers. I find this strange, especially when a careful analysis is done of Mr. Bynoe’s comments. Personally, I find the comments troubling and disappointing. Mr. Bynoe said that “the economic situation in this country is such that teachers’ salaries should be increased several fold…” and that “all teachers [feel that they] should be given duty-free concessions and not [just] a selected bunch”. He continued that the low voter turnout “could also be blamed on teachers feeling that they all should be given house lots and housing loans…to help them...” It is clear from Mr. Bynoe’s comments that he believes that teachers’ disenchantment with the Guyana Teachers’ Union (GTU) has to do with what they did not get from the GTU. I am sure that he knows

that this is not the case. Rather, I presume he is taking a shot at the Ministry of Education for its inability to fulfill its multi-year agreement, especially in terms of the promised houselots, house-loans, and equity in distribution for the duty-free concessions. There is a simpler reason why teachers did not vote. Teachers do not know the candidates! Teachers will not vote if they do not know the candidates. I will give a simple example. I live in Demerara. Demerara is represented by Regional Vice-President Hazel Pyle. I have never seen or met Hazel Pyle. While I am disappointed with Mr. Bynoe’s comments regarding the reasons for the low voter turnout, I am deeply troubled by what he perceives to be his job for his new term of office. He assured that teachers’ [poor] punctuality and regularity at school and “even types of response towards teaching” will all be feverishly dealt with in the next two years. He noted that it is evident that “some people (teachers) have not been teaching” and he asserted that these issues are very important since they directly affect children in the schools. I wish to say to Mr. Bynoe

that this is not his job. Firstly, punctuality and regularity is an issue for the Ministry of Education and the Teaching Service Commission. Although the Ministry of Education has been listless in solving these problems, Mr. Bynoe’s job is to represent teachers at these forums if unfair treatment is being handed out to them. Secondly, the problem of teachers not teaching is another issue for the Department of Education and the Ministry of Education, not the GTU. In a subsequent article, it was reported that Mr. Bynoe indicated the Union is working to get more males into the teaching profession. Again, this is a job for the Ministry of Education, not the GTU. It is not as if Mr. Bynoe has nothing to do so he decides to help the Ministry of Education. I would like to suggest some areas in which he can expend his efforts. These include demanding that teachers who worked the August 2011 Remediation Programme be paid (wages); demand that each school be provided with drinkable water (working conditions); insist that the Ministry’s drive to make clerks out of teachers be stopped; accelerate the debunching process by

demanding the Ministry of Education sticks to its deadlines, educate teachers about the licencing process which the Union seems to have accepted without consulting its members; demand that all those teachers who have been seconded to GECOM be removed from the Teaching Service Commission so that these vacancies can be made available for new teachers; demand standardization in policy implementation between the Ministry of Education and the Departments of Education so that teachers do not look like idiots when schools are visited by the Ministry of Education, and finally, if he has some time, he can look into the quandary faced by inservice teacher trainees at the Cyril Potter College of Education. Finally, Mr. Bynoe has one other important task which he must perform. He needs to take the executives of the Teachers’ Union to strategic locations in the country to meet the teachers of Guyana. Only then will teachers vote. Only then will the Union become relevant. As it stands now, we only hear about the Union every five years when a multi-year agreement is signed. Mohammed S. Hussain

Only now will all those revenue billions be Berbice man on efficiently used trial for abduction The abduction trial of a Berbice man began on Friday in the Berbice High Court, before Justice James BovellDrakes and a mixed jury. However after the jury was sworn in, the matter was adjourned to Tuesday because the lawyer for the accused was not present. The man, Shafraz Subratalli, indicated to the court that Attorney at Law

Kim Kyte was his counsel and that she was out of the jurisdiction and would be present on Monday. He is on trial for abducting a girl under 16 on December 15, last, in Berbice. Justice Drakes adjourned the matter to give Subratalli enough time to consult with his lawyer. Attorney at Law Rondell Weaver is presenting the case for the state.

Businessman in custody after brother’s mysterious shooting A businessman operating at Cove and John, East Coast Demerara, is currently in police custody assisting with investigations after the mysterious shooting of his 52-yearold brother who is also a businessman and who operates his entity side by side with the detained man. Reports reaching this publication state that around 16:00 hours yesterday, Neil Deer received two gunshot wounds in the back and one in the hand. His brother, Jeffery Resaul, told investigators that he had left his licenced firearm in a bond that he reportedly shares with his brother. At the time he was fetching drinks when he heard gunshots emanating from the bond area. The man said when he went to the place where he heard the noise, he saw his injured brother lying on the ground. Police are however suspicious of the man’s story since the gun that was used in the shooting belongs to the said detained man. Deer is nursing his wounds at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.

DEAR EDITOR, I agree with GRA Commissioner-General Khurshid Sattaur (SN, May 1) that he has done a good job in improving the public administration of taxes. Long before his elevation to tax boss, he presented an enlightened openness to the ordinary citizen. I remember distinctly when I met him for the first time. The meeting lasted literally one minute, during which time he managed to credit me with wanting to pay my taxes, and answered my question as to why I had to pay a certain tax by pointing precisely to the pertinent regulation. I recognised efficiency when I saw it, and paid like a satisfied customer. I take my hat off to the home-grown tax administration under him, also aware that there are some corrupt employees that have to be effectively removed, and that there is still much work to be done. I do have a problem with the present VAT rates and other tax burdens, but I fully recognise that it is the politicians who foisted it upon me that I must change with my vote. I believe the present GRA Commissioner-General would do a professional job under any political administration. Nevertheless, he must

bear some things in mind. 1. In his April 5, 2012 letter to SN titled ‘A reduction in VAT would not benefit those earning below $40,000 per month because their consumption relates to items which are exempt or zero rated,’ and in some previous letters, he has allowed the difficulties his officers face, to cause him to appear to make or defend government policies. He is entitled to his opinion as a citizen to do so, not as Commissioner-General of the GRA; therefore I respectfully advise him to bracket the ‘CommissionerGeneral’ designation after he

signs his name to these opinions, so that it will be taken for identification only and not official GRA purposes. 2. It is the cupidity of the government politicians that has seen the employment of his considerable administration skills. There are many other agencies that have been deprived of the support the present government gave to the setting up of the GRA: the Deeds Registry, UG, the GPF, the City Council, to name only a very few. The reason for the preference of the GRA over

others must be that Mr. Sattaur’s system enabled much to be easily controlled by few. Now that parliament can impose better accountability, we only now have a chance for all those revenue billions to be efficiently used for all those development works Mr. Sattaur mentioned. 3. The few in the government also have at their disposal the option to retain or contract workers well over the retirement age of 55. Would Mr. Sattaur have essayed his April 5 opinions as to what the poor should choose to consume if he were not in the latter category or aspiring to it? Alfred Bhulai

The PPP should stop shedding... From page 4 Which government knowing the opposition is holding the scissors puts in items it cannot even prove will bring in income to cover the proposed spending? Only a truly shallow one. What did the PPP expect? Did it expect that the opposition in control of Parliament would let it pass spending it cannot even prove it will get funds for (LCDS)? The PPP is paying the price for its own arrogant ignorance. It is paying the price for plain dumbness and lack of foresight. When it tries to cry crocodile tears to the Guyanese people, they will laugh at them and remind them of just how childishly inept they are. The opposition offered to sit down with the PPP to indicate its input into the budget. The PPP’s refusal is haunting the party now.

The PPP would have gotten its budget passed if it did what the minority governments in developed nations do; negotiate and grant concessions quietly and spin it as evidence of the government’s reasonableness. The PPP’s brash and bullied decision shows it disrespects its own supporters who sent it a message in the last election to change its dirty, power-drunk, corrupt and antagonistic ways. The PPP hasn’t gotten the message. I wouldn’t put another reckless decision behind the party in it calling a snap election and risking winning the election by an even smaller margin. This party simply cannot think straight, because it is dominated by circus thinkers. M. Maxwell

Saturday May 05, 2012

Kaieteur News

The Abigail Column Pay attention to that impulse to withhold your trust makes about one and a half times what I make. Shazeena DEARABIGAIL, My boyfriend and I are moving in together soon. He mentioned that he assumed we would meet our “general expenses” jointly. I was assuming the opposite. I’ve never lived with a man before I’m not tight with my money, but I’m nervous to see what happens when someone else starts spending it. I am foreseeing arguments over itemized grocery receipts and other expenses. Thoughts on how to approach this? For what it’s worth, my boyfriend and I have the same idea of what is reasonable spending, and he

Dear Shazeena The issue here is not about being tight with your money; it’s about being tight with your trust. And it’s never wise to ignore an impulse to withhold your trust. Don’t act on it rashly, either, but heed it regardless. Such an impulse is a warning, and our internal alarms are to be explored. Specifically, it’s essential to identify the source of the alarm, and to determine whether your reaction to someone is unhealthy, or whether that someone is unhealthy, or both. In your case, there are many possible sources,

including differences about money management, insecurity, discomfort with being assertive about your needs, haste to move in, a naturally cautious temperament, an untrustworthy man. The last is the most obvious - as is the answer: Postpone the move-in date indefinitely. You haven’t said anything about a principled opposition to marriage, so presumably this shacking-up move is part of an incremental approach to commitment. You really don’t want to follow this course without careful thought at each stage, about what you’re doing, why, where you hope to wind up, and whether your incremental partner shares your goals.

Saturday May 05, 2012 ARIES (MAR 21 - APR 19): You aren’t short of energy today no matter where you are, who with or what you are doing. As always you will throw yourself into anything that brings pleasure and you’re keen to liven up your world. *************************** TAURUS (APR 20 - MAY 20): It could prove to be in your eventual interests to discuss your thoughts for the future with your partners. Pursuing goals that aren’t shared with loved ones could cause problems in the future unless you discuss this from the start. *************************** GEMINI (MAY 21 - JUN 20): You wonder whether you have taken on too much recently and perhaps certain commitments seem beyond your ability. If you tell yourself you can’t do it, you could talk yourself into believing this even if it is not so. *************************** CANCER (JUN 21 - JUL 22): Plans made for today are touch and go; someone shows signs of changing their mind. Your mood is flexible and you will swiftly fall in with whatever is decided on. *************************** LEO (JUL 23 - AUG 22): If you can’t quite get into a relaxed mood this is because your mind is rebelling at the thought of trivial pastimes. You have a lot of thinking to do. *************************** VIRGO (AUG 23 - SEP 22): Your partner might notice a change in you; you want your feelings to be taken more seriously. Other people need to realise that sex is not a game.

LIBRA (SEP 23 - OCT 22): A purchase you might make on a whim will give you a lot of pleasure. You might add variety to your shopping list by trying out new brand names, new shopping centres or spending your money with a little more imagination. *************************** SCORPIO (OCT 23 NOV 21): A relative who usually keeps their opinions to themselves offers you some useful advice today. You will take this seriously because you know they have your best interests at heart. *************************** SAGITTARIUS (NOV 22 - DEC 21): Despite feeling a need for seclusion you will not be wasting your time. You are in for an active and resourceful day. You will want to keep things behind the scenes rather than in the public eye. *************************** CAPRICORN (DEC 22 JAN 19): You could be spending time today with people who are less well off than yourself. There is a strong desire to channel your humanitarian impulses into projects assisting the needy and suffering. *************************** AQUARIUS (JAN 20 FEB 18): Friendships play an active and important part of today’s events. Reunions with past acquaintances revive your interest in an old hobby or activity. *************************** PISCES (FEB 19 - MAR 20): It is not a good idea to indulge in fanciful notions when new projects are being discussed.

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Government slashes excise tax on gasolene Government yesterday announced a reduction in the excise tax on gasoline, even as Route 40 minibus operators insist on a hike in their traveling fares. From 15 per cent, the excise tax has been lowered to 10 per cent. Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh announced that with effect from yesterday, the new excise tax would take effect. According to the Government Information Agency, the Minister explained that this decision was taken in light of the upward movement in the imported cost of gasoline. “The acquisition price on the last shipment of gasoline bought by GuyOil was US$142.85 per barrel which is an increase of 19.7 percent above the acquisition price of US$119.32 per barrel at the end of last year.” GINA stated that the reduction of the excise tax rate on gasoline would allow GuyOil to continue to retail gasoline at $980 per gallon resulting in no increase in public transportation fares to commuters. The standard excise tax rate on gasoline and diesel is 50 percent. Earlier this week, the said minibus operators, and the United Minibus Union (UMU) as a whole, were calling on the Government for an official meeting to discuss the reasons why the prices should be raised. They insisted that the minibus fares include a lot more than gasoline price, and cannot be fixed by the Ministry of Tourism or the Police. In light of their persistence, Acting Minister of Tourism, Irfan Ali, subsequently called for a meeting. At the meeting on Thursday last, it was decided that Government will take the necessary steps to ensure gas prices stay below $1,000 per gallon, so as to make certain that the fares structure remain the same. And while the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce is considering integrating the Union under the regulations of the Public

- expects to stabilize minibus fares Utilities Commission, President of the UMU, Eon Andrews, noted that that is something that the Union will not agree to. And as such, the minibus operators are staying their grounds, maintaining that “neither the Ministry of Trade nor the Guyana Police Force has any authority to set f a r e s . ” As of now, some commuters have been paying the increased fare from $60 to $80, while others are refusing to pay the additional $20. But, the Ministry also continues to insist that the prices are to remain the same. One driver had initially told this newspaper that those

insisting that the price remains the same, are just catering for gasoline and not spare parts and the much waiting and patience that the drivers and conductors put into their work. He attributed the drivers’ decision to the hot plating activities where some drivers park their buses in the middle of the road to pick up passengers. Meanwhile, the United Minibus Association says that it is still hoping to exchange further dialogues with the Ministry, since it is the only way to ensure commuters are not robbed, and minibus operators are not operating at a loss.

AIDS committee raises ... From page 11 conflicting statistics, the NAC statement asserted. UNAIDS & UNGASS Reports show MSM as among the best-informed of vulnerable groups, with the highest percentages of members tested and who collect their test results. How such responsible behaviour is compatible with the high prevalence rates referred to earlier needs to be clarified, it was further noted. Against these uncertainties, the statement said that Caribbean governments continue to feel complacent over their performance in combating the spread of HIV, adding that their comfort zone is reinforced by the absence of locally-driven advocacy for law reform on the sexual orientation issue.

“The campaign to combat the HIV virus, rather than being a vehicle for challenging discrimination, has lost out over the years to the self-interest of organizations – both civic and official – local and international. Rather than being the first order of business over two decades ago in the fight against HIV, policy and legal reform has been given lip service at all levels.” “The recently-released 2012 Guyana HIV/AIDS Report must be seen as a reflection of a process which has successfully drained the response to HIV of any traces of political, public health or legal concerns, leaving only technical issues which can be comfortably dealt with by routine health procedures,” the statement added.

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Saturday May 05, 2012

Edwards ready to play Hove, England – Kirk Edwards said he was looking forward to playing this weekend, as West Indies prepared to face Sussex Sharks in a three-day, tour match, starting today at the PROBIZ County Ground. The West Indies vicecaptain said this weekend’s match was important, as the visitors tried to get acclimatised to English conditions ahead of their three-Test series against the hosts, which starts later this month. “Wherever you play, it is always a test of your skills,” said Edwards. “Different places present different challenges. “It is all about coming and adjusting to the conditions, and being mentally tough out there and being able to handle whatever the opposition sends down at you.” West Indies arrived in England this week and had their first full training session outdoors on Friday (yesterday) at the match venue under cloudy skies in frigid temperatures. Edwards said he tried to keep batting simple and was not the kind of player that got caught up in the moment.

“Looking at England play cricket over the last few years, they have built themselves into the No.1 team in the World,” he said. “I give credit to them for this. “But whatever the case may be, whoever you play against, as a batsman you have to play every ball on its merit and not worry too much about the opposition, so my focus is getting myself into good positions and playing the cricket ball.” He added: “Batting is kind of a reactive thing. You have your batting plan, but you have to react to what the guy at the other end delivers. “I don’t get caught up with a lot of the stuff that’s going on around me. I focus on what I have to do and I approach things in my way. This has a lot to do with what the team want at that point in time…I try to get it and if you don’t have control of your mind, I am of less value to my team.” West Indies are expected to face the England pair of leftarm spinner Monty Panesar and wicketkeeper/batsman Matt Prior this weekend. They have been named in the Sharks’ 12-member squad for the match.

Kirk Edwards

9 years on, DDL/Pepsi... From page 30 Lewis, Brandon Prashad is the Vice. Regional Manager of Demerara Distillers Limited Albert Budhoo hailed the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club as a role model organisation that is clearly one of the best in the Caribbean. Budhoo expressed DDL’s pleasure at being associated with the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club and they will continue to support the Under-19 team in the future. The Company he said is fully aware of its corporate responsibility to the up-liftment and development of commu-

nities noting that over the years, DDL has invested heavily in sports, culture and education. Pepsi, Budhoo said is associated with discipline, success and fair play. He expressed confidence that the Club would continue to represent the brand successfully. The Company also handed over 30 Pepsi Tee Shirts to the club for players of both teams. Pepsi is one of the five official sponsors of the cricket teams of the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club. The others are Farfan & Mendes Ltd, Bakewell, Metro Office and Computer Supplies and Gizmos and Gadgets.

WI QUICKIES CAN DENT ENGLAND From back page England even if the tourists’ batsmen won’t. “Oh, yes, no doubt,” said Sammy on Thursday as his team began preparing at Hove. “We have been taking 20 wickets in Test cricket for the last year-and-a-half. I must give coach, Ottis Gibson, credit for that. “We are a much-improved bowling team. The conditions here do tend to aid fast and swing bowling and I am quite confident that our guys can put the English batsmen under pressure.” Gibson, once England’s bowling coach under both Peter Moores and Andy Flower, could offer useful insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the home side, but he resisted the urge to say his bowlers would specifically target Strauss, despite the England captain’s

lengthy dip in form (25 innings since his last Test century). He did admit that England’s captain was top of their hit list but only by dint of batting order. “You always hear teams the Aussies are good at it targeting the captain,” said Gibson. “But we need to target everybody; we need to get 20 wickets. Strauss is just one of them. He’s at the top of the order, so he’ll be the first. We’ll have some pretty good plans to their batters, based on how they’ve played recently as we have a lot of footage. “We’ll also see if we can exploit weaknesses based on my having bowled at them in the nets and my understanding of how they think.” Gibson has been the West Indies’ head coach for two

years and has slowly moulded the team into what his captain reckons is beginning to “shape up like a family”. The bowling trumps the batting, though, with only Shivnarine Chanderpaul and Darren Bravo likely to possess the experience and class to prevent England’s bowling attack running riot. “The fact that Jimmy Anderson, Stuart Broad and Steve Finn have been doing it for a little while now will give them an advantage,” said Gibson. “But, at the same time, with the ability of Rampaul, Edwards and Roach, who had a fantastic series against Australia, and not forgetting young Shannon Gabriel and the captain: we feel our bowling is our strength. “We haven’t batted well. But if we can put runs on the board, we believe that bowling attack is good enough.” Getting those runs on the board proved elusive on their last tour despite them having a lot more firepower, in the form of Chris Gayle, Ramnaresh Sarwan and Dwayne Bravo, to call upon. As ever, a Herculean task awaits Chanderpaul, who at 37 has just become the world’s No 1 ranked Test batsman. His legendary resolve is at odds to the callow nature

of most in the top order, especially in English conditions, but there is talent there and that talent has to start somewhere. “Stats don’t lie and it is fair to say our top order has looked vulnerable,” said Sammy. “It did not click against Australia, but the selectors still have shown faith in Adrian Barath and Kieran Powell. “They are quite young, they are still learning on the job.” Gibson is equally realistic about their Test prospects but is more gung-ho about their chances in the one-day series especially if the likes of Gayle, now available for selection, and others like Kieron Pollard, are drafted into the team. “The Test series is going to be tough, but if we play to our capabilities we believe we have a one-day team that is more than capable of winning that series. “It seems that not much is expected of us - which is good for us as we can go out and enjoy our cricket. “The last time we played at Lord’s I was in the England dressing room and the game was over in two-and-a-half days. If we can take this Lord’s Test to four, that will be great.” (The Daily Telegraph Newspaper)

Saturday May 05, 2012

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James, Heat pull away Thunder lead 3-0 after 95-79 win to 3-0 lead over Knicks in Dallas New York (AP) LeBron James had more turnovers and fouls than baskets, and still the Miami Heat were ahead. James didn’t like having to sit, but he sure liked what he saw. Then James came back and increased it. James scored 32 points, including eight straight to start the fourth quarter and break open the game, and the Heat took a 3-0 series lead, sending the New York Knicks to an NBA postseason-record 13th straight loss, 87-70 on Thursday night. James had 17 points in the final period for the Heat, who held the short-handed Knicks to eight field goals in the second half and will go for the sweep Sunday at Madison Square Garden. Wade added 20 points for the Heat and Mario Chalmers had 19, hitting consecutive 3-pointers in the fourth quarter when the Heat finally brought some beauty to what had been an ugly game. Wade was forced to go the whole third quarter while James was limited to just 4 1/2 minutes by fouls. Wade had 12 points in the period, knowing the two-time MVP would be coming back with fresh legs. Carmelo Anthony scored 22 points but shot 7 of 23 for the Knicks, who are playing without Amare Stoudemire, Jeremy Lin and Iman Shumpert and needed a super effort from Anthony that he didn’t come close to providing. The Knicks broke the record set by Memphis from 2004-06. They haven’t won a playoff game since April 29, 2001, Game 3 of a best-of-five series against Toronto. No NBA team has overcome a 3-0 deficit. Chris Bosh had nine points and 10 rebounds hours after the birth of the couple’s first child. He flew to New York with the Heat on Wednesday, then quickly hopped on a flight back to Miami after learning his wife was in labor. He returned Thursday afternoon following the birth of his son, arriving at the arena about 30 minutes before the game. In a sloppy game, Miami went 10 minutes without a field goal in the second half, followed by the Knicks managing just three baskets in the third quarter. Then James, who finished with eight turnovers, took over. He came off the bench to start the fourth after sitting most of the third in foul trouble, quickly providing the best offensive stretch in the game. He nailed a 3-pointer, followed his own miss, then hit again from behind the arc, turning the Heat’s two-point lead into a 66-56 cushion with 10:36 remaining. The Heat put it away midway through the

Miami Heat forward LeBron James, left, posts up on New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony during the first half of Game 3 period, when Wade made a jumper before Chalmers hit twice in a row from behind the arc to make it 77-62 with 5:40 to play. Fans started leaving, realizing there was little hope of the Knicks making up 15 points on anybody with the lineup they have. The Knicks shot 32 percent, getting a 5for-18 night from JR Smith. New York shot 4 of 20 from 3-point range, with Smith missing all five of his attempts. During one hideous stretch, Baron Davis’ jumper gave the Knicks a three-point lead with 8:46 left in the third, but they didn’t hit again for 7 minutes - and even that make was ugly. Anthony flung in a shot off the backboard while being fouled and tied the score at 51. Lin is practicing again after knee surgery but is not ready to return. Shumpert tore a knee ligament in Game 1, and Stoudemire is hoping the hand injury he sustained punching a fire extinguisher case following Game 2 is healed enough to let him play tomorrow (Sunday). James came in averaging 29.9 points at the current Madison Square Garden, trailing only Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant among opponents who played here at least 10 games. Wade was just behind in fourth with 27.3 per game. (

Somerset decides against Gayle legal action Somerset will not be taking legal action against Chris Gayle for breach of contract. Gayle had signed to play for Somerset in this season’s FLt20 competition but, after resolving his differences with the West Indies team management, has made himself available for the limited-overs section of their tour of England. “We have taken legal advice and we have decided that it is not in the best interests of Somerset or cricket to take legal action,” Somerset’s chief executive, Guy Lavender, told ESPNcricinfo. “We wish Chris well and hope to see him back playing for the West Indies

this summer.” While Somerset felt they did have strong grounds for action, they also felt the cost of proceedings - both financially and to the reputation of cricket - would outweigh any benefits. They

have also acknowledged Gayle’s honesty and communication throughout. Somerset have already agreed a deal to bring in South Africa all-rounder Faf du Plessis as a replacement for Gayle.

National players to... From page 31 weekend that will feature, for the first time in Guyana, NBA players. The celebrity weekend of activities are set to run during the CARICOM holiday weekend June 29 to July 1, but May 19 is the bounce date for the League. Link-Up Media and

Guyenterprise along with GT&T, Gizmos and Gadgets, Churches Chicken, Banks DIH Limited, Giftland Office Max and the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sports are the main partners of the inaugural NCBL that is expected to be an annual event.

Dallas (AP) Dirk Nowitzki leaned back in the chair at the podium, trying to explain what went wrong for the Dallas Mavericks once they got home for the playoffs. There was really only one way to put it after they trailed throughout in a 95-79 loss Thursday night that gave the Oklahoma City Thunder a commanding 3-0 series lead. ‘’We picked a bad time to put a stinker out there,’’ Nowitzki said. After losing the first two games on the road by a combined four points, the defending NBA champions were Thunderstruck by Kevin Durant and young Oklahoma City. Durant finally found his postseason shooting touch, scoring 15 of his 31 points in the first quarter. After shooting a combined 15 for 44 in the first two games, though he did have the game-winning jumper with 1.5 seconds left in the series opener, the threetime NBA scoring champ made 11 of 15 shots in Game 3. Even when he missed the game’s first shot, Serge Ibaka converted a putback to put

Kevin Durant (R) of the Oklahoma City Thunder fights for the ball with Ian Mahinmi of the Dallas Mavericks during Game Three of the Western Conference Quarterfinal Oklahoma City ahead to stay. The Thunder gets their first chance to close out the series with Game 4 tonight in Dallas. While they haven’t won the series yet, the Thunder has put Dallas in an 0-3 hole that no NBA team has ever overcome to win a series. That means a nearly impossible climb for the Mavs to avoid being the first defending champion knocked out in the first round of the playoffs since Miami five

years ago. After beating Dallas in the 2006 NBA finals, the Heat were swept in four games by Chicago in the opening round the next season. Nowitzki had 17 points and Jason Kidd 12 for Dallas, which shot only 34 percent (26 of 76). Russell Westbrook added 20 points for Oklahoma City while Ibaka had 10 points and 11 rebounds. James Harden and Derek Fisher both had 10 points. (

Chennai go fourth with tough win Their batsmen did not set Chepauk alight, nor did their bowlers destroy the opposition, but Chennai Super Kings fought hard on a demanding pitch to earn a victory that helped them claw back into the league’s top half. Their top-order made nugget-sized but swift contributions that ensured Super Kings reached a competitive target despite an end-over slowdown, after which their bowlers prevented Cameron White’s solitary straining at the reins from saving the night for Deccan Chargers. It was a gritty, unspectacular win, but one that ensured they did not drop points against the IPL’s bottom-placed team. The turnaround for Super Kings, however, came via a stroke of luck. White and Shikhar Dhawan had kept Chargers on course by reaching 77 for 1 in the 11th over, when White drove the ball hard at Dwayne Bravo, the bowler. The ball thudded into Bravo’s hand and deflected a long way on to the stumps, catching Dhawan backing-up much too far. There was no luck involved in Kumar Sangakkara’s dismissal, though, when Suresh Raina lunged to his right to grab a firm drive with the fingertips of his outstretched hand. Daniel Christian took time to settle in and Chargers scored only 26 between overs 11 and

Faf du Plessis 15 for the loss of two wickets. They needed 59 off the final five and run scoring was significantly harder as the ball got older. With 27 needed off 10 deliveries, though, Jadeja’s accurate throw to Dhoni from the deep ran out White for 77, snuffing out Chargers’ last hope. Perhaps the most relieved man on the field was Albie Morkel, who had dropped White first ball. Chargers had themselves to blame for their seventh defeat in ten matches. Their fielding has been shocking

through the tournament and today’s performance was typical. Amit Mishra dropped Faf du Plessis on 10; he went on to top-score for Super Kings with 42. In the final over, Ankit Sharma and Parthiv Patel failed to call for a catch off Bravo and conceded two runs off that delivery. The next ball went for six and the last two for two each. In a format of small margins, Chargers were generous once again. They could have been chasing 140 instead of 160. At one stage, however, Super Kings’ top order was building a platform for 180. M Vijay, who opened because Michael Hussey was replaced by Ben Hilfenhaus, flung his bat around before he was caught early, but there were brisk partnerships between the rest. Raina and du Plessis added 64 in 7.2 overs, the highlight being Raina, who took six balls to score, pulling and hooking Veer Pratap Singh for consecutive sixes. In the end, the acceleration did not come. After scoring at a healthy clip for the majority of their innings, and despite sending the strongest in their arsenal upfront, Super Kings did not find that end-over propulsion. In fact, they slowed down: having made 118 for 3 in 14 overs, Super Kings scored only 42 off the final six, but it was ten too many for Chargers. (ESPN Cricinfo)

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Saturday May 05, 2012

Cricket Returns to Mining Town Universal DVD/Universal Solutions 40 overs female tourney launched tomorrow Cricket lovers in the Bauxite Mining Town of Linden should be in for a treat when the Upper Demerara Cricket Association (UDCA) in association with Sherwin ‘Kingfisher’ Graham brings off a one day 20/20 competition tomorrow at the Mackenzie Sports Club Ground. Two matches will be played featuring East against West and Past versus Present cricketers with the latter being the feature. The event has been organized to bring back fans to cricket in Linden and to see if the past cricketer’s still have their ‘old’ moves. Action will bowl off at 09:30hrs and admission is free.

Meanwhile, the Transport Cricket Club will invade Linden to take on an Upper Demerara XI next Sunday, May 13 in a 40-over affair at the Christianburg Community Center Ground. Past cricketers team will come from; Carlton McCurdy, Clayton Vanhersel, Bradley Frederick, Lawrence Paddy, Teddy Ramersar, Avery Trim, Godwin Primo, Gabriel Fiedtkou, Compton Parkinson, Tim Gary, Lester Thom, Mark Henry, Phillip Fordyce and Orin Gordon. The present cricketers team comprise of Stefan Tappin, Leon Mosley, Nick Hartman, Andrew Richmond, Chris Alicock, Devon Belle, Dillon Williams, Deon Belle, Khemraj Chan, Quacy Paddy,

Leonard Caleb, Trevor Benn, Suresh Mohan, Richardo Anderson and Keillon Sullivan. West team; Trevon Spencer, Dellon Alicock, Andrew Murray, Timothy Fullingston, Keion Fiedtkou, Julian Fortune, Stephan Browne, Patrick Clarke, Travis Fullingston, Clive Need and Keillon Major. The East team is still to be announced. The UDCA met on April 21 and elected a new Executive for the year 20122013. Heading the entity as President is Bradley Frederick with Sherwin Graham as Vice. Secretary is Vanessa Daniel while Andrews Richmond will perform duties as Treasurer. The Assistant Secretary is Eutol Wilson.

Dwain Chambers to face Usain Bolt in Czech Republic meeting Dwain Chambers

Usain Bolt British sprinter Dwain Chambers will face Usain Bolt over 100m in Ostrava in the Czech Republic later this month. The race, on May 25, will be Chambers’ first at such a significant athletics event for six years. Earlier this week Chambers, who served a drugs ban, was granted eligibility to compete at the Olympics by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). And he has now been invited to run at the World Challenge event, which is a rung below the Diamond League. Chambers will face Bolt, who is competing at the Czech venue for the sixth time. The British sprinter, who was banned in 2003 after testing positive for the drug THG, has been absent from the biggest meetings in Europe because of a recommendation to ban drug cheats that was followed by most promoters. The Ostrava invitation follows his clearance for selection at the Olympics, and Chambers is confident more invitations could

Bakewell Inter Jamaat softball cricket on this weekend Play in the Bakewell sponsored Inter Jamaat 15 overs competition will continue this weekend with a number of matches at the Muslim Youth Organisation (MYO) Ground, Albert Street and Woolford Avenue, today and tomorrow. Matches fixed for today – 09:00hrs MYO vs Belle West (Canal # 2); 11:00hrs Wales vs Grove and 13:00hrs Mon Repos vs Winsor Forest. Sunday May 6th – 09:00hrs Grove vs Farm B; 11:00hrs Providence vs LBI ‘A’ and 13:00hrs Queenstown vs Mocha.

follow. In addition, the CAS ruling in April means drugs cheats who have served bans, such as Chambers and British cyclist David Millar, are now able to try to qualify for the Team GB squad for London 2012. Speaking on BBC Radio 5 live, former Olympic Badminton player Gail Emms reacted: “Dwain is a lovely guy and has done a lot for anti-doping, but I wish the Games could be kept special. “But he’s done his time; the ban has been overturned so let’s support him.”

Chairman of the BCB Competitions Committee Carl Moore receives sponsorship cheque form Ashwin Carpen of Universal DVD/Universal Solution The Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) as part of its continued efforts towards the development of Female cricket recently launched the Universal DVD 40 overs tournament sponsored by Universal DVD/Universal Solutions. Chairman of the Berbice Cricket Board Special Events Committee Hilbert Foster noted that the tournament will be played in June informing that female cricket in Berbice is at the top of its game with the County producing four West Indies players in the last four years. Three of the four are currently representing the Caribbean against Sri Lanka; Erva Giddings, Shemaine Campbelle, Tremayne Smartt and Subrina Munroe are all products of the Berbice Developmental Programme which invests in the growth of new talent. Foster also noted that players the likes of Natasha

Gangoo, Jacquelin Singh, Melanie Henry, Trishanie Cort, Phaffiana Millington and Nikita Toney have also represented Guyana. The 40 overs tournament will feature the Rose Hall Town Metro, New Amsterdam/Canje, Skeldon, No. 51 and Blairmont playing each other on a home and away basis. At the end of the competition, an Elite squad of 16 players would be selected to commence preparations for upcoming Inter County tournament. Board President Keith Foster and Treasurer Anil Beharry noted the continued investment of Universal DVD/Universal Solutions in Berbice cricket noting that the company already sponsors a 20/20 Inter Club and Inter Zone tournaments. They also cosponsor the Board’s Awards Ceremony and Annual Review Magazine. President Foster praised

CEO Vickram Seubarran for the role he played to ensure that the level of the game continues to remain the best in Guyana while issuing a challenge to the female players to play in the spirit of the game. CEO of Universal DVD/ Universal Solutions Vickram Seubarran disclosed that he was excited to be associated with the most dynamic cricket body in the Caribbean and was confident that his investment in female cricket in Berbice would result in more West Indies players in the future. The tournament is expected to be closely contested and among other players expected to be on show are Katana Mentore, Nermala Sewdat, Shenella Mc Bean, Cindy Alexander, Tessa Park and Ceylon Daniels. Interested female cricketers can contact the different clubs for more information.

Pepsi Schools Football Academy tournament is set to continue today with three matches at the Tucville Ground from 09:15hrs after orgainsers were forced to once again relocate matches. President of Guyana Sports Development Foundation (GSDF) Colin Barker, told Kaieteur Sport that while they are forced to secure other playing venues they still have to be careful since the tournament is for both males and female players, “It is important to have changing facilities at the Grounds.” Barker further stated that the challenge they are experiencing was not an

competition started early and adverse weather was not an issue. Despite this fact, Baker said that tournament is progressing satisfactorily and praised the organising committee for their great work, “Although we have challenges that we did not have last year, the programme is progressing satisfactorily. The students are enjoying it and the organising committee is doing a wonderful job in making the necessary adjustments.” Matches today will see Lodge and North Georgetown Secondary facing off in a male match from 09:15hrs. Tucville and East

Ruimveldt girls will then collide at 10:30hrs with another male match-up between Central High and Christ Church closing out the day’s proceedings at 11:45hrs. More play is set for Wednesday May 9 at the same venue when Lodge and Campbellville Secondary oppose each other in a female game from 16:00hrs.

Hadi’s / City Mall Softball finals set Scotiabank/Pepsi Schools Football continues today for today Action in Soctiabank/ issue last year as the The three finals of the Hadi’s/City Mall, male and female nationwide softball tournament is set for today at the Ministry of Education Ground (formerly Softball Ground) on Carifesta Avenue. Matches start at 10:00hrs and admission is free. At 09:45hrs - Female semi finals: Pitch 1 4R Lioness vs Mike’s Wellwoman. Pitch 2 Trophy Stall Angels vs Karibbe Rice Strikers. 11:00hrs - Male over 40 final: Floodlights vs Success Masters. 14:15hrs - Male open final: Wolf’s Warriors vs Regal. 16:30hrs - Female final 17:45hrs - Presentation Ceremony The winning teams will each receive $100,000 and a trophy while the losing finalists will each be rewarded with $50,000 and a trophy. Player-of-the-match in each final will collect $10,000 and a trophy while the Player of the series will each pocket similar monetary rewards and trophies.

Saturday May 05, 2012

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BEI win NAPS U17 Inter School Football champs

Champions BEI, pose with their sliverware after lifting the championship. Far left is Organiser Neil Humphrey while far right is Sherwin Forde and to his right, Petra Forde. Berbice Educational Institute (BEI) won the 2012 edition of the New Amsterdam Primary and Secondary School Foundation (NAPS) Under-17 Inter School Football competition which was played recently for

Schools in the New Amsterdam/Canje Districts. Playing at the All Saints Scotts Church Ground, New Amsterdam; BEI held their nerve to the end to eke out a hard fought win via sudden death penalty kicks over New

Amsterdam Multilateral School (NAMS) in the final, following a 0-0 stalemate after full time. BEI booked their place in the final after a 1-0 triumph over Vryman’s Erven Secondary (VESS), Omari

Benton, the player on target. NAMS advanced after whipping Skeldon Line Path Secondary 2-0 through goals from Joshua Sinclair and Lloyd Freso. In the third place playoff, VESS needled Skeldon Line

The South Turkeyen Sports Committee will host a dominos and small goal football competitions this weekend in Campbellville. Today at the Diamond Stone Hide Out a three-team dominos

competition will be held from 13:00hrs for teams in the Campbellville area. According to Organizer Johnny ‘Overseas’ Barnwell, trophies will be at stake. On Sunday (tomorrow) at the Campbellville Housing

Scheme Tarmac, a five-a side small goal and penalty shoot out football competition will be held from 09:00hrs. On the same day at the same venue, a birthday football competition for Enoch Small will be held and entrance

fee is $5,000 per team. At stake in this competition are cash prizes and trophies. Teams from Sophia, Campbellville, Lodge, Kitty, Vryheid’s Lust, and Tiger Bay among others will compete.

South Turkeyen Sports Committee hosts sports activities this weekend

Path compliments of a Marlon Adonis strike. For winning the championship, BEI were presented with the NAPS trophy and 15 gold medals while NAMS received the runner up trophy and 15 silver medals. VESS received a trophy for placing third while Skeldon were also presented with a trophy for their fourth place. On the individual side, Shamar Richards of BEI was named the MVP. Lloyd Freso of Vryman’s Erven Secondary received the prize for scoring the most goals, two. The best goalkeeper

Hansraj, Gokool lead Under Dog to Mac Domino title

The winning Under Dog team display their trophy in the presence of the sponsor.

Krishendat Hansraj and Deonarine Gokool chalked up the maximum 18 games each to lead Under Dog to victory and the title with a total of 85 games when the final of the annual Mac Domino competition was played on last Sunday at Carlosh Restaurant, Good Success, Wakenaam. Waysiders occupied the second place 13 games back with 72 while Allstar placed third with 62. Pooran and Dharendra Kumar were Waysiders’ leading players, chalking up 18 and 14 games respectively while Khemraj Surujpaul marked 14 and Nazeer Mohamed 12 for Allstar. Underdog took the champion team trophy while Waysiders took the runner up prize and Allstar the third place award. Hansraj collected a trophy for being adjudged the MVP of the final while the other teams that participated in the competition; South Pole, Eastern Wakenaam and Seashore, also received prizes. Speaking at the presentation ceremony, Chief Steward Moses Ramnarine congratulated the winning team while thanking the sponsors for supporting the competition. Speaking on behalf of the sponsor, Safraz Sheriffudeen said he was pleased to be associated with the sport on the Island while also thanking the other teams for their participation. The tournament was sponsored Safraz and Mohamed Sheriffudeen.

accolade went to Leon Loo of NAMS while Antony Lynch of Skeldon received the most promising player prize. The NAPS Football Foundation is made up of former football players most of whom are overseas from the New Amsterdam/Canje area who would have won the National Inter School competition during their school days. Some of whom went on to represent Guyana on the International scene on numerous occasions. The group is headed by former National, Roger Alphonso who resides overseas. The main aim of the Foundation is to assist with the revival and development of Football in New Amsterdam and by extension, East Berbice and generally. The coordinators of the local chapter are Errol Alphanso, Shurwin and Petra Forde and Neil ‘Grizzly’ Humphrey. Over the years, NAPS has presented a quantity of football gear and other memorabilia to New Amsterdam youths and schools as well as educational apparel and food items. A number of overseas based and local players have also conducted numerous Coaching and Training sessions throughout the Ancient County. This year’s tournament was organized by Neil Humphrey, Ike Bowry, Nigel Felix and Randy Sears.

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