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Tuesday May 28, 2013

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Guyanese celebrate Leopold Street man being sought for dog fight stabbing independence in Barbados A man identified as ‘Mice Man’ is being sought in connection with Sunday’s evening stabbing to death of an ex-policeman. Adrian Richmond, 31, called ‘Pinky’ was pronounced dead at the Georgetown Public Hospital, Sunday, after he was stabbed at Industry, East Coast Demerara. A source close to the investigation revealed that ‘Mice Man’, another identified as ‘Roger’ and a third man, are being sought for the incident which resulted in Richmond’s death. The dead man’s brother

told Kaieteur News that he and his brother were betting on a dog fight and that those who placed their bets on one dog that lost, became angry and started to create problems. “The problem wasn’t with me brother. The people started cursing at me, and somebody said that they gon chop off me neck, so me brother start telling them that they overreacting and that it didn’t call fuh all ah that.” He added that before he knew it, a scuffle began, and about seven men pounced on his brother, stabbing him in

the process. “One ah the men did stabbing me brother during the scuffle, but we didn’t know. Is when he get up and walk about two feet away and he collapse.” The man’s brother said that in making arrangements for the injured father of three to be transported to the hospital, the perpetrators who are not known to the family were able to make good their escape. The man’s body reportedly bore several stab wounds that seemed to have been inflicted with an ice-pick or similar instrument.

Orange walk shooting ...

Victim succumbs, suspect remains in police custody Forty-two-year-old Shawn Nelson who was shot in the head on Orange Walk as he walked toward a car, Sunday morning, died shortly after 8:00 hours yesterday, some 26 hours later. He died in the Intensive Care Unit of the Georgetown Public Hospital. Nelson was reportedly shot at point blank range to the head. Relatives said that they were told that Nelson had a very slim chance of survival and if he did he would have been in a vegetative state. When contacted yesterday relatives said that they were still trying to come to grips with the news. Police sources told Kaieteur News, yesterday,

that the suspect, Carlyle Barton, who is a well known young cricketer and a member of the Demerara Cricket Club (DCC) remained in police custody. Barton is being represented by attorney at law Mark Waldron. Statements are currently being taken and the file is expected to be dispatched to the Director of Public Prosecutions. Multiple sources said that Barton was out partying when he saw Nelson who was heading to work, on Orange Walk. According to the source Barton had a brief conversation with Nelson. It was reported that the Barton was showing Nelson the gun when the weapon “accidentally' went off.

But police sources have confirmed that the entire incident was caught on a nearby surveillance camera. The footage suggested otherwise. After shooting Nelson the suspect quickly ran to his car and sped away from the scene. This newspaper was told that the suspect crashed his car not long after. According to the police the suspect and Nelson were involved in an argument on Orange Walk, Bourda, Georgetown, when the latter was shot to his head. The police stated that the suspect, who had driven away following the incident, later turned himself in to the police at Brickdam and is in custody assisting with the investigations.

Guyana Consul General to Barbados, Michael Brotherson (second left front row) at the Cathedral Church of Saint Michael and All Angels on Independence Day. Guyanese in Barbados ended a week of celebrations observing Guyana's 47th independence anniversary on Sunday, Independence Day, with a Church Service and a Taste of Guyana festival. Last week the Guyana Consulate was the venue for a number of open days in which Guyanese, Barbadians and other persons resident in Barbados visited and enjoyed presentations on what Guyana has to offer. They sampled national foods. Last Friday Consul General, Michael Brotherson, hosted a cocktail reception that was attended by the island's leading politicians, members of the diplomatic corps and a large number of Guyanese including Barbados Leader of the Opposition, Mia Mottley; Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Senator Maxine McLean; Speaker of the House of Assembly, Michael Carrington; and prominent Guyanese/

Coast Guard murder trial continues today The trial of three former Guyana Defence Force Coast Guard ranks, charged with the murder of a young Bartica gold dealer, will continue today at the Suddie High Court in Essequibo before Justice Franklyn Holder. The trial, which began almost two weeks ago, is now hearing a second voir dire (trial within a trial) to determine the admissibility of caution statements allegedly made by the number two accused, Delon Gordon. The three accused Sherwin Harte, Delon Gordon, and Deon Greenidge are charged with the August 2009 murder of Dweive Kant Ramdass which took place at Caiman Hole, East Bank, Essequibo. The three accused are being represented by Attorney at Law Peter Hugh. Kaieteur News was told that several witnesses are expected to give evidence in the

voir dire for Devon Gordon today. On the last occasion Gordon's sister Vanda Adolphus had given evidence, along with three police ranks. The former army ranks were manning the Coast Guard RC 12 motor boat in the Essequibo River, when they allegedly confronted Ramdass in a boat at the Parika Stelling. They allegedly forced him into their boat and took him to another location in the river where they relieved him of $17M in cash which he was carrying in a box to Bartica for his employer, who operated a gold and diamond business in the city. The prosecution is trying to prove that the three former soldiers strangled Ramdass, took the money he was carrying and threw his body overboard in the vicinity of Bonasika Creek.

They will argue that after murdering Ramdass, the three accused returned to the Parika Stelling, where one of their female accomplices was waiting for them. She is the sister of one of the officers and was reportedly given $5.7M in cash to hold. Prosecutor Judith Gildharie-Mursalin is representing the state. According to reports, another portion of the money was recovered by the police during a roadblock exercise. The men were committed to stand trial in the High Court

in 2011, by Magistrate Nyasha Williams-Hatmin following an 18-month Preliminary Inquiry at the Vreed en Hoop Magistrate's Court. Attorney at Law Khemraj Ramjattan, who was assigned to the matter as Special Prosecutor, had led a total of 14 witnesses to give evidence. The witnesses included persons who saw when the Coast Guard ranks took Ramdass out of the boat, and when they returned to the boat without him, but with a canister that he was carrying.

Caribbean personality, Sir Shridath Ramphal. Mr. Brotherson told the Friday night gathering, "Our nationhood had brought many challenges. Foremost among these was preserving and safeguarding our country's rich diversity, while constructing a unity that would ensure that we took our rightful place within the community of nations. Fortyseven years later our Golden Arrowhead proudly flies as the symbol of a nation of One People, One Nation, One Destiny". Speaking on behalf of her government, Barbados Foreign Minister McLean addressed the matter of immigration concerning Guyanese travelling to Barbados and said it calls for management and cooperation in which a workable solution must be found. "Like all families and friends, the relationships have a tendency to often suffer some strains," she said. On Sunday, Guyanese representing the nation's three foremost religions: Christianity, Islam and Hinduism attended the Cathedral Church of Saint Michael and All Angels on St Michael's Row in Bridgetown to worship jointly. There were readings by Pandit Thakoor Prashad, and Bibi Aziz. Consul General Brotherson delivered the remarks.

In the afternoon the Taste of Guyana festival took off on the field hockey astro-turf next to the Wildey Gymnasium, featuring a blend of Guyanese delicacies, with entertainers from Guyana and Barbados providing the music. On Monday the Daily Nation newspaper featured VicePresident of the Guyanese Association of Barbados, Samuel Legay, saying that beating of prisoners for confessions by Barbados police remains a problem for both Guyanese nationals and Barbadians. "Persons, both local and Guyanese, have alleged that they have been subjected to police beatings to get them to say certain things," he charged. "I am certainly not happy with how Guyanese are treated at times," he said, while noting that meetings with the authorities are leading to an improvement in treatment. He said that some Guyanese travel to that island and break the law. "I believe that some of my fellow Guyanese caused some of these problems on themselves. I try telling them that if they come to a country, they have to observe and keep within the ambit of the laws, but some of them feel that they can come, commit a crime and get a slap on the wrist."

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That Del Conte Road Roads and railways are perhaps the easiest means of communicating and commuting between places. They help to open up parts of the country that were previously inaccessible. Roads spurred developments in so many parts of the country that the extent of development cannot be measured. When the government constructed the Corentyne Highway it not only enabled the easy movement of goods from the Corentyne Coast to the other parts of the country. It also helped those farmers to easily dispose of their surpluses. More than thirty per cent of the greens and vegetables consumed in the city, come from the Corentyne. And they do so in so fast a time that spoilage is almost nonexistent. Similarly, the impact of the Soesdyke-Linden Highway is immeasurable. Prior to the construction of that highway in 1968, it took almost fifteen hours to travel between the capital and the mining community. River was the main means. Again, the volume of goods transported to the bauxite community at that time was infinitesimal compared to what operates today. That road has seen the expansion of the bauxite community. It has also been integral to the development of the gold and diamond industry. Plans to bring the road from Brazil to coastal Guyana also include that highway. These observations caused the nation to recognize the importance of the comments by President Donald Ramotar that his government will revisit the Del Conte road linking Parika and the hinterland community of Bartica. The Del Conte road was once a talking point for the political opposition. It was a grand undertaking by the late President Cheddi Jagan in the 1960s. At the time he was Premier because Guyana was not yet an independent country. He contracted a Venezuelan construction company; hence the name, but the road went nowhere. The project became known as the Del Conte fiasco. A road link from Parika to the one-time gateway to the interior will once more see Bartica actually regaining that status. But the road will do much more. In that part of the country lie some of the best agricultural lands in Guyana. The road will not only facilitate migration from coastal Guyana but it will also pave the way for even greater national development. Last year, a Canada-based Guyanese came with a team to exploit the bauxite reserves in the area. At present, the only way to reach some of the lands in that part of Guyana is by river and everyone knows that river travel is tedious and time-consuming. The farmers who tucked themselves away in that part of the country years ago cannot yet develop the agricultural potential of the area because they are away from the technical assistance they need. Their produce is limited to the amount they can market. Small wonder that Essequibo remains the Cinderella County. There is also another impact that the road would have on the national development programme. At present people are rearing cattle even in the capital, something unheard of in any but the poorest countries in the world. The people who live in the area of the Del Conte road also rear cattle, albeit on a small scale because of the opportunity to move the products from cattle rearing to coastal markets. But even more, those cattle farmers in the city would be able to move their stocks to the virgin areas that would now become accessible. A country like Guyana cannot afford to have idle lands when the world at this time is predicting a diminishing food supply. It cannot in this day and age have its people taking so much longer to undertake a task that should be undertaken in about ten per cent of the time. Almost forgotten is the deep water harbor facility that exists in that part of the country. Guyana needs a deep water harbor to facilitate the movement of goods from its neighbours to the south. Already there are plans to establish one in the Corentyne River. The Del Conte road, once restarted and completed, could really make Guyana the bridge between the Caribbean and the rest of South America.

Tuesday May 28, 2013

Letters... Where your views make the news

Is GT&T holding this nation to ransom?

DEAR EDITOR, So GT&T decided to change its billing system (obviously a boardroom decision) with a claim that it will improve its service delivery. Oh please! It has been almost 2 months since this so-called upgrade is in progress, in the meantime GT&T has seemingly been using its monopoly position to hold the entire nation to ransom. For the longest while applications for telephone service transfers are not being processed and applications for change of DSL plan are not being processed, without care for how it affects the rest of Guyana. ‘Emagine’ that. To add salt to the wound there is a certain pomposity and disdain with which the customer service reps treat with the public. Customers are being told these services are not being processed at the moment, and GT&T has no idea how long the wait will last, but customers must understand and abide while GT&T takes its own sweet time. One would expect that when a project is undertaken, the time required for all processes are estimated and made known to all affected parties so that they too can plan their own processes. Isn’t this basic commonsense? It aptly demonstrates the contempt GT&T has for the Guyanese public; the whole nation must sit and wait indefinitely without the courtesy of being given an estimate of when the travail will end. Or is it executive boardroom incompetence that a vacuity

of project management skills exists therein? If GT&T claims that it values its customers and there is no deliberate policy to treat the Guyanese public with contempt, then there is need for severe executive house cleaning; the CEO, Technical and Customer Service Directors should be among the first casualties. Elementary project management will inform that

for example, if there are 1000 customers on the old billing platform and it takes 1 day for one worker to transfer 10 customers to the new platform and 10 workers are utilized it will take 10 days to move all customers. I therefore find it puzzling that the executives and staff of GT&T have no clue when they expect this service disruption to end. Further, GT&T is

processing disconnections and terminations of both landline and DSL service; it is also processing new connections. It defies commonsense reeking with technical stupidity that it is refusing to even accept requests for transfers and upgrades. It’s a simple matter that does not require even rudimentary technical (Continued on page 21)

If the EPA’s officials don’t know they’d better ask somebody DEAR EDITOR, I am writing about an advertisement placed in your newapaper dated Sunday May 26 2013, by the Environmental Protection Agency, seeking comments on a draft National Policy on Biotechnology, Biosafety and Biosecurity. Many of your readers may or may not have seen the medium size (at best) ad. I am writing this letter with the aim of further bringing it to their attention, as well as to ask the EPA publicly a few questions. Firstly, this draft national policy deals with the contentious issue of genetically modified organisms or GMOs. GMOs, despite which side of the fence you are on, have serious implications for the country. That is why I am curious that for an issue that is as important as this, the EPA method of seeking national consultations is a smallish/ medium size advertisement directing persons to its website. The last time I checked, Guyana had one of the lowest internet penetration rates in the Caribbean. Or is that they don’t really want public input? Any first-year environmental education student that proposed placing an ad in a newspaper and directing persons to a website as a means of obtaining public input would receive a resounding fail. It could be that the EPA has other public outreach efforts where it actually is interacting with live bodies or placed copies of the

document in public places. If that is the case, an ad advising would also be in order. Secondly, after going on the website and downloading the said document, I noted that it was dated 2005 and supposedly the third draft. Seriously? Are we providing input on a document that was prepared in 2005 in the year 2013? Surely in fluid fields as biotechnology, biosafety and biosecurity, much would have changed in the last eight years. For example, our knowledge and understanding of GMOs have increased and the report can now find peer reviewed sources on the effects of GMOs on human health rather than its scant treatment of the subject. Despite the attempt by the EPA, either by ignorance or deliberate design, to limit the national consultations on this important document that deals with among other issues GMOs, Guyanese should read and comment on the document as much as possible (you will have to send an email or write your comments and take a bus to the EPA office or mail it). If you don’t understand the terms and implications ask someone that is knowledgeable to help you (something the EPA should be doing). Alternatively, we can reject this method of “national consultations” by the EPA and call on its executives to get out of their air conditioned offices and go to public places and do some real consultations. Name withheld

Where has all the compassion gone? DEAR EDITOR, I always say, “I will never turn my back on any animal that needs help, “so I do hope this horse forgives me for not doing more and quicker. I t was the evening of Mother’s Day, just about 8:00 pm when I got a call from a lady living on Hadfield Street telling me of a bleeding horse, lying on the parapet at the back of GT&T. I asked the lady if she knew the owner of the horse and she said no. I called a vet, informing him of what the lady had said. At the time, nothing could be done, and we went to bed praying for the best. The next morning (Monday, May 13, 2013) I got to the site early, only to find the horse had already died and was beginning to swell. I called solid waste but their phone rang out so I went to the Princes St Office and informed them about the horse; apparently they knew about it already and said their

“backhoe” had broken down and the council tractor would pick it up after lunch. It was before 2:30pm (the same day) when the tractor arrived to get the horse which was swollen and smelly. The tractor trailer had 4 men in their 40s or 50s and an elderly driver. These men were ill-equipped to handle that situation. All the men had were forks & cement slings and nothing to help them pull a horse of that size onto the trailer. They had no tarpaulin to keep the diseased animal confined and no protective gear, not even “Jeyes” fluid to keep the smell down. I got on the phone and tried calling various agencies, including city council and local government, for a “backhoe”. By now it was getting late and the men decided to leave. The next morning (Tuesday), the horse was still there about to burst; it was in the afternoon (I was told) that Local Government sent their

backhoe and the horse was placed in the tractor and sent to the dumpsite. However, what remained was a bloody, stinky mess that no one seemed to care about. A local guard in the area later told me the rest of the story about how this horse met her death. It seems the horse was tied to the GT&T fence and left there by an apparently “uncaring owner”. A young boy, approximately 12 years old, decided to untie the horse and parade it around. The guard, and another person from the area, told him to return the horse to where it had been tied. The boy ignored them and continued to lead the horse around. It eventually stumbled by a little gutter; being pregnant, she could not get up and that is where she and her unborn foal died. The young man went away, with seemingly no remorse. It’s days like this that leave me very frustrated with my mind full of questions:

Why would any owner leave a pregnant horse, nearly ready to give birth, alone and tied to a fence? Why would a young boy feel he has the right to move a horse that he knows nothing about? Why don’t we have an animal hotline with access to a qualified vet for emergency situations? Why doesn’t the Zoo have a hotline so that roadkill of large animals can be quickly evaluated by the Zoo for animal feed? Why aren’t we more outraged by the lack of health and sanitation in our city streets? Why aren’t we more compassionate with public employees that end up doing all the dirty work without adequate tools and protective gear? In closing, I appeal to all owners of large animals, especially horses, to think about animal safety. Syeada Manbodh

Tuesday May 28, 2013

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

The Culture Minister’s contortions on the issue of the Caribbean Press are increasingly embarrassing DEAR EDITOR, It is time the Minister of Culture takes a long, hard look at his management and accountability methodology and then authentically seek a progressive way forward his contortions on the issue of the Caribbean Press are increasingly embarrassing, and may tend to indicate that there are more fundamental problems with his stewardship other than just governance, as indicated by Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine. A transparent example: an uncredited article appeared in Kaieteur News Friday last, “The Caribbean Press has the capacity to evolve”, while an almost identical article appeared in Guyana Chronicle on Saturday, “Culture Minister defends operations of the Caribbean Press” written by Gary Eleazar, a former Kaieteur reporter. Unless Mr. Eleazar is guilty of thinly concealed plagiarism, there is a miraculous synchronicity between the two pieces: In Chronicle, the Minister is quoted as saying, “I convened meetings with persons who are interested and we sent out abroad [sic] a call to persons who are interested to come and to have discussions with Dr David Dabydeen pertaining to writing and eventually perhaps to do a publication using the materials that we can garner from local writers.” In Kaieteur News, “I had personally convened meetings with persons who are interested, and we sent out a broad call to persons who are interested to come and have discussions with Dr. (David) Dabydeen.” This was the same

Minister who was unavailable for interview by KN reporter, Kiana Wilburg, who wrote a much more critical story, published Saturday. As Ms. Wilburg was to note in her piece, “Despite an inordinate number of attempts that were made to contact Dr. Frank Anthony, Minister of Culture and Director, Dr. James Rose, all have proved to be utterly futile as this publication sought to address with the Minister, the unanswered questions with regard to the Caribbean Press.” This is typical of the disingenuousness displayed by the Minister when challenged on cultural policy. He will be there, broadly smiling for the presentation of every single trophy or book launch, he will make himself readily available for puff-piece PR stunts, but cannot be found for comment on direct questions with regard to his mismanagement of his portfolio, particularly in the area of culture. Let me clarify some not exhaustive issues with regard to the Press for the benefit of the public. The supposed apolitical policy, as claimed by Dabydeen, with regard to the publication of presidential parliamentary speeches is completely false. The list of publications finally available on the website shows that there are seven volumes of the speeches of Cheddi Jagan (all available for download), two for Janet Jagan, one for Forbes Burnham, and none for Desmond Hoyte – there is none for Bharrat Jagdeo, but we can consider that Mr. Jagdeo’s long unbroken tenure and only recent

departure would necessarily make publication of his speeches a work in progress. Of the sixty books published, little over a third are either by people associated with the PPP, or the Press, directly or indirectly. For instance, PPP stalwart, Odeen Ishmael, Guyana’s current ambassador to Kuwait – formerly a valued customer of vanity press, Xlibris – has had two books listed as published or to be published by the Press, The Guyana Story, volumes one and two. These publications are based on information that he has had no doubt peerreviewed and published on his website, for years – interestingly, Ishmael has the first volume, subtitled “From Earliest Times to Independence” also available as a current published book on, although there is no Caribbean Press logo on the cover. There is indeed a Selected Poetry by Martin Carter listed as published by the Press, but where is it, and when is it due to be launched? Despite commitments to publish local writers, there continues to be obscurity on exactly who are these doggerel-producing poets and fiction writers whose works were said to be collected in two perpetually pending publications by the Press. In January, Dabydeen said that two books were at the printers – five months later, the Minister says that he thinks that one book is at the printers. Every local writer I have spoken to has denied

Our people still seem to be making an impact for the better in parts of the world DEAR EDITOR, Sometime ago I commented on the fact that schoolteachers could have a strong influence on their charges’ lives, whether they realise it or not. I cited as a ‘for instance’ my own experience at high school when a throwaway line by a teacher of English Literature about the importance of taking Shakespeare seriously and how useful it could be in the long term. He was proved right 20 years later, when my colleagues at work (young Oxford graduates) could not remember some of the lines from ‘The seven ages of man’ (As You Like It) and, much to their amazement, I was able to fill the gaps. Recently, in a TV quiz show there was a line from the same play – it concerned the schoolboy on his way to school. Three alternatives were given, the contestant had to choose the right one, to score a point and win £1,000.00. She did not and the

quizmaster gave the right answer as ‘whining like a snail...’ I remembered the schoolboy was ‘creeping like a snail’, checked it out and wrote to the TV programme about it, because of the implications. They thanked me by email. On each of these shows, one panellist has to pit brains against 4 contestants. A few days ago, in a local magazine, I came across a profile of one of the 4 resident panellists of the quiz show. He is now a barrister and, a few years ago, won a prestigious TV contest for people with a high IQ. He gave as his inspiration for training as a lawyer his high school teacher, who just happens to be a son of Guyana’s soil and a personal friend of ours. We immediately passed the word along we were so proud. This goes to show that our people still seem to be making an impact for the better in parts of the world. Geralda Dennison

involvement or inclusion in these anthologies, yet we learn from a cover blurb of the elusive poetry anthology, available in PDF on the website, that there are twenty-six clearly phantom poets included – the blurb for the fiction anthology is even more vague. I have been sounding caution and volunteering advice with regard to the management of the Press from the inception, all of which has been ignored by Anthony. In August of 2008, during CARIFESTA, as published in Stabroek News, under the story headlined “Caribbean publishing house long overdue - Dabydeen”, the reporter paraphrased me thus: “Although Johnson sees the need for governments to make a serious commitment to the arts, at the same time he warned of the danger of political control of cultural support institutions. He said regional or national councils ought to be made up of independent personnel, to guard against the creation of cultural bureaucracies used to impose political censorship.”

It is exactly those sentiments that were recently repeated by Peepal Tree’s Jeremy Poynting in his Stabroek News article of last month: “Praise is due to the Guyana government for allocating funding to literature and the arts, but I think that it ought to be possible to set up an independent funding body of respected individuals who represent all sectors of Guyanese society, to develop and model institutional practices that ensure transparency in the allocation of public funds, with stringent requirements for bidding for, reporting and accounting of the use made of those funds. Such a body could, I’m sure, win support across the society and take the whole issue of support for the arts and literature out of a narrowly political context. The recent controversy around the operation of the Caribbean Press makes a strong case for such a development.” Now, concerning the content of the Minister’s puff piece interviews, and how

they relate to the larger question of the development of writing in Guyana. The Minister mentioned in article(s) that he convened a meeting with writers, yet he fails to mention anything positive that came out of those meetings. I was there for at least two, and I personally had to make a provision for a venue for a third and final one when the Ministry reneged on the promise to make a space available. The Minister’s comment that “this isn’t about the money” is absurd and ridiculous coming from someone charged with the stewardship of the expenditure of taxpayer dollars. David Dabydeen holds two lucrative and influential paid state positions – Ambassador to China and Permanent Representative to UNESCO; pointing out that he does not collect money for the Press’ management is irrelevant, particularly when one considers the tremendous problems plaguing the management of (Continued on page 7)

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President boasts of “improved wages” …Says government will ratify the ILO convention 189 Not long after the joint parliamentary opposition chastised the government about the “meager” raise in public servants salary, President Donald Ramotar has announced the elimination of underpayment of workers. At Guyana’s 47 th Independence Anniversary held at the National Park Saturday evening, President Ramotar announced that Guyana has progressed in the payment of workers and that the government will make sure that the country continues along that road. The Head of State said that he heard “stories” about underpayment of workers, but noted that his government has moved resolutely to bring an end to such “abuse.” After this year’s budget estimates were revealed, the opposition was up in arms with the government about a number of issues arising out of the proposals. One of the highlighted issues was the slight raise in salary for public servants- five per cent. The Opposition’s contention was that the Government could have granted an across the board raise of at least 10 per cent. In the absence of such a reality, the opposition had accused

President Donald Ramotar the government of not looking out for the poor and vulnerable. However, even without making reference to the Budget, the President sought to defend his government. Ramotar noted, “We first set minimum wages for many categories of workers susceptible to exploitation and this was followed by the institution of a national minimum wage which will further protect vulnerable workers from abuse and naked exploitation.” Ramotar appealed with the public for any fulltime employee who is earning less than the specified national

minimum wage, to contact the Ministry of Labour. “We will investigate your case.” Making good on a promise to address concerns relating to domestic workers, Ramotar said that the minimum wage has gone a far way in addressing the concerns because domestic workers are entitled to this minimum as well. He noted that domestic workers now have a set working time — 40 hours per week. “They will now be legally entitled to holiday with pay and all the other benefits that flow from the Labour Acts.” The President said that his government is also going to ratify the International Labour Organizations (ILO) Convention 189, on domestic workers. Convention 189 offers specific protection to domestic workers. It lays down basic rights and principles and requires states to take a series of measures with a view to making decent work a reality for domestic workers. The President said that from July 1, 2013 some 31,000 workers in the security sector, domestics and shop assistants will have a higher wage. “We have to work together, all of us - government and citizens; government and the Opposition; government and civil society - to fix our country’s problems,” said Ramotar.

Mahaica rice farmers to protest over paddy price Rice farmers from the Cane Grove, Mahaica community are expected to stage a massive protest later today over the price of paddy. About six weeks ago the farmers sold their paddy to a popular miller in the area only to be told that the price they would be paid was not decided upon. However, sometime last week they were informed that

they will be paid $3,500 per bag of paddy. This, the farmers said, they cannot accept as it is not sufficient to cover their overall cost of production. This publication was told that some farmers are still to pay off workers who would have already rendered their services during harvesting time. In the past farmers said they were being paid between $4,200 and $4,500 per bag which was good enough for them. To this end the

farmers said that to ensure that their voices are heard, a protest will be staged calling on the relevant authorities to intervene. While some are hoping that they will get more money for their paddy, others have resorted to repossessing their goods with the hope of finding a better price. This is the first crop for the year and for many residents of the Mahaica community, rice farming is their main source of income.

Tuesday May 28, 2013

Officer falls asleep, loses gun at Castellani House

Castellani House

A police Constable is under close arrest after losing his loaded firearm while on guard duty at Castellani House where the National Art Gallery and the National Central Intelligence Agency are located. Kaieteur News understands that the rifle, said to be an M-70, disappeared from the guard hut just before midnight on Sunday. Subsequent information, however, stated that the missing firearm was recovered late yesterday afternoon. Sources said that a Guyana Defence Force officer who has access to the Castellani location went to the premises and after noticing the guard asleep, collected

the weapon and took it away. A police press release confirmed that a Constable is under close arrest for the ‘missing’ rifle. The release said that an M-70 rifle and 30 rounds issued to the officer for duty at Castellani House last night (Sunday May 26) went missing. Sources further claimed that the rank reported fell asleep before his weapon went missing. He told investigators that he realized that it was gone when he awoke. It is unsure whether others on duty have been detained. The police checked video footage yesterday from surveillance cameras in the compound for anything that

would have led them to the rifle. Unconfirmed reports said that a car was seen pulling up at the location before the suggested time the gun disappeared, and left the compound a few minutes later. The CIA unit at Castellani House, V l i s s e n g e n R o a d and Homestretch Avenue, surveys and records video feed from several cameras around the city. It is said to have sensitive and sophisticated technology in the area of monitoring and surveillance which includes phone tapping. A senior officer also confirmed the officer ’s detention and suggested serious sanctions for him.

No charges yet for improvised shot gun, perpetrators released After close to two weeks the police are yet to charge anyone in connection with the improvised shotgun find at a resident’s home in Canefield, East Canje, Berbice. At the moment no one seems to know what is the situation with the file and what are the circumstances surrounding the investigation. What is known is that the persons who were at home at the time and were all arrested and taken into custody when the two guns were found have all been released. It was understood that a file was being prepared

to be taken to the DPP for advice, but to date nothing has happened. According to a police release on May16, the police had acted quickly and swooped down upon the home of a r e s i d e n t o f Canefield New Area, East Canje, Berbice after receiving certain information. The police moved in around 10:00 hrs and found two improvised shotguns in a fowl pen in the yard. Lakeram Doodnauth, 45, called “Taraiq”, a cane cutter at Guysuco Rose

Hall Estate and his wife along with his two sons and two daughters-in-law were arrested and taken into custody at the Reliance Police station. Ac c o r d i n g to information two families were involved in a heated argument which ended in a fight. One man left to go and collect his gun to ‘done the dance’. His opponent then responded that he would also go for his gun. The police were informed and arrested one of the perpetrators.

Tuesday May 28, 2013

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More than 70 killed in wave of Baghdad bombings (Reuters) - More than 70 people were killed in a wave of bombings in markets in Shi’ite neighborhoods across Baghdad yesterday in worsening sectarian violence in Iraq. No group claimed responsibility for the blasts. But Sunni Muslim Islamist insurgents and al-Qaeda’ s Iraqi wing have increased attacks since the beginning of the year and often target Shi’ite districts. More than a dozen blasts tore into markets and shopping areas in districts across the Iraqi capital, including twin bombs just several hundred metres apart that killed at least 13 people in the capital’s Sadr City area, police and hospital officials said. “A driver hit another car and left pretending to bring traffic police. Another car rushed to take him away and right after his car exploded among people who had gathered to see what was happening,” said bystander Hassan Kadhim. “People were shouting for help and blood covered their faces.” Tensions between the Shi’ite leadership and the Sunni Muslim minority are at their worst since U.S. troops left in December 2011, and the conflict in Syria is straining Iraq’s fragile communal balance. More than 700 people were killed in attacks in April, according to a U.N. count, the highest monthly toll in almost five years. So far in May more than 300 have died. Thousands of Sunnis began staging street protests last December against Shi’ite Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, whom they accuse of marginalizing their sect since the fall of Saddam Hussein after the 2003 invasion. The latest surge in violence began in April after a raid by the Residents gather at the site Iraqi army on a Sunni Muslim protest camp in the town of Hawija of bomb attacks in Baghdad led to clashes with the security forces and more attacks. Bombings on Shi’ite and Sunni mosques, security forces May 27, 2013. REUTERS/ Thaier al-Sudani and Sunni tribal leaders over a month-long surge in violence are heightening worries Iraq risks returning to the level of sectarian violence that killed thousands in 2006-2007.

Tuesday May 28, 2013

Tuesday May 28, 2013

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THE PUBLIC PROCUREMENT COMMISSION WILL SOLVE NOTHING Three sets of illusions have been allowed to fester in relation to the appointment/ non appointment of the Procurement Commission. The first of these illusions is that somehow the government of Guyana is unwilling to appoint this commission because this body will interfere with the many acts of malfeasance in the awards of public contracts which the Opposition alleges exist. As such, the nonappointment of this commission by the government is seen as a means of maintaining control over the procurement process. The fact of the matter is that a Procurement Commission requires not just the support of the government but agreement on the nominees by all the parliamentary parties. The Constitution requires that the President appoints five nominees after such members have been nominated by the Public Accounts Committee and supported by not less than two- thirds of the elected members of the National Assembly. What this means is that there has to be a negotiated consensus between the parties on the

nominees. So it is not a question of the government holding up the appointment. Given the tempestuous relationship that exists at the moment between the government and the opposition, this Public Procurement Commission may never be appointed This column advances the view that no agreement is likely to be reached. It is therefore not likely that the consensus needed to confirm these appointees by the National Assembly will be forthcoming. The opposition has to change its attitude towards the ruling party. It has to accept that it cannot hope to bulldoze the government because this would not allow for consensus to be reached. The second illusion that is being weaved is the expectation that once this commission is appointed, Government control over the procurement process ends. This is far from the truth. In fact the National Procurement and Tender Board will, even with the appointment of the National Procurement Commission, maintain jurisdiction over tenders above a certain value and will maintain responsibility for the appointment of a pool of evaluators. Nothing changes

in that respect. What the Commission will do is assume responsibility for monitoring the affairs of the Board. It will also assume responsibility for bringing the Procurement Act into full being and for determining the forms that are going to be used and how tenders are supposed to advertised etc. The Commission will in effect be a monitoring and oversight body that can review and entertain complaints but is only empowered to propose what remedial action needs to be taken. The opposition is therefore wasting its time trying to bring this type of body into being. This brings us to the third illusion that is being pedaled: the belief that these institutions that are supposed to promote integrity, transparency and

Wha happen wid dem pumps that was to come from India? Is years now Guyana order dem pumps because every time rain fall all over de place does flood. But dem pumps never come. Dem boys hear that de other day after dem talk de government fly a whole heap of people to India to see de pump. When dem come back dem tell de nation that eight of de pumps still under construction and that dem got to be made specially fuh Guyana because de country different from every other country. One man seh that it had to be de joke of de century. Pump is fuh pump out water and Guyana like any other country. De truth is that somebody borrow de money that had to pay fuh de pumps, put it in a bank fuh get interest and then tek out de capital. It tek two years and was good interest. De person who do it know that dem couldn’t accuse he of thiefing because dem get dem money. That is how smart Guyanese smart. De man invest de taxpayers’ money and he get rich. Multiply that by nuff times and de nation gun find out why some project tek long to done and how people end up wid mansion when dem had nutten to start wid. Dem boys seh that stricter wiser de population. Is de same thing wid drugs. De government does pay fuh a whole year supply and de money does end up in a bank. When de people ask dem does hear that de company got to mek special drugs fuh Guyana and that it does tek time. Is a good thing people does sew dem children school clothes because if dem had to import de clothes, then de country woulda hear how de company got to mek special clothes fuh de Guyanese children. This time de money woulda deh mekking interest. That is wha happen wid de money that de clique did pay over to Clico. Wha stall de plan was that dem bank collapse. Talk half and hope de bank in India don’t collapse.

which only create an extra layer of costly bureaucracy. The least thing that Guyana needs is all these commissions and bodies will use up valuable public funds and end up not meeting the expectations of the public. The public must not be deluded into feeling that the government loses control over the procurement process. It does not. In fact, as those who understand the nature predict, what can happen is if the all powerful economic oligarchy gets control over the National Procurement Commission, then the situation in the national procurement system gets worse. A more viable alternative is to disassemble these ineffective constitutional commissions and vest greater powers in the courts. There will always be a need for

administrative tribunals which offer a quick, easy and cheap remedy for citizens but the courts should be the ultimate arbiter of disputes. What is needed is not the appointment of more commissions but systems that are law- based. If these laws are violated, recourse can be had in the courts. It is the Courts to which the public must look for remedies whether it is over the cutting of the Budget or whether the wrong person has gotten a contract to undertake public works. Our judicial system has always worked and it is in this system that Guyanese should place greater confidence.

President announces reopening “Del Conte” road project

Dem boys seh...

Is more ways to skin a cat, and thief

fair-play in public office are somehow suited to our circumstances. We do not need to look beyond our shores to recognize that constitutional creatures such as service commissions, the office of the Ombudsman, Integrity Commissions and the likes do not work effectively in these parts. They will not solve any of the problems which our wellintentioned parliamentarians believe they will. But if Guyana is treated as an exception to the rule, then you can look to Trinidad and Tobago and see the credibility problems that similar institutions are facing there. In that country, similar institutions have also been ineffective. Guyana therefore is better advised to begin to dismantle these archaic institutions

President Donald Ramotar President Donald Ramotar, has made a public announcement that Government has taken into consideration, anew, the “Del Conte” road project. The project, which was initiated approximately 50 years ago, during the pre independence era, under the PPP administration and t h e l e a d e r s h i p o f D r.

Cheddi Jagan as Premier, met with much criticism after it was abandoned, with minimal work completed. During the 1960s, the administrations had made significant investments into the project which was named after a Venezuelan company that acquired the contract. The proposed road was to be constructed along the eastern bank of the Essequibo River link i n g Parika with Makouria, another community on the mainland some 45 miles up the Essequibo River. Last Saturday, President Ramotar during his Independence Day address, said that Government is “keenly examining,” the prospects of reopening the Del Conte trail via road link b e t w e e n P a r i k a and communities to Bartica, which is known as a gateway

into the mining regions. The Head of State also saw the road project as one that would make way for agricultural possibilities. Thousands of acres of new lands will be opened to cultivation. “Farmers would increase food production and secure greater economic opportunities,” Ramotar said as he noted that the trail

would provide a much needed road link to areas, in earlier times, only accessible by river.” The President said the Del Conte trail is one of two possible “new agricultural frontiers” that Government was examining. The other is the Santa Fe rice and soya bean project in the Rupununi being run by the Barbadian family.

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Tuesday May 28, 2013

Freddie Kissoon Column

The post-Jagdeo presidency When a president goes through a concatenation of mistakes, a creeping disrespect for his political character emerges among the citizens. People feel that he is incompetent or is a shallow thinker, or is a poor strategist. A leader can confront such declining fortunes in many ways. He/she can strive to excel, surround his/her office with a bunch of smart subordinates, or mask his/her mediocrity by the display of hauteur and hubris. In the case of Bharrat Jagdeo, he reacted to his adverse situation by falling victim to authoritarian power. He took the road of hauteur and hubris. Jagdeo felt hurt by widespread rumour in and out of Guyana about a certain dimension of his psychology. As a reaction to the crescendo of tall stories about his life, Jagdeo decided to show Guyana that he could be a big and bad guy.

As an ocean of mistakes drowned Jagdeo, particularly the egregious marriage episode with Ms. Varshnie Singh, Mr. Jagdeo took refuge in dictatorship politics. But along the w a y, t h e disrespect for his presidency grew and became extensive throughout the land. I honestly believe that Mr. Jagdeo received the least respect from his fellow citizens than any other governmental head in the history of the British West Indies. Public servants, security officials, the business community and other sectors of the Guyanese society had to obey Mr. Jagdeo and bowed to his wishes but the respect was never there. I know a very prominent businessman, top senior police officer, a very high rank in the army and a well known UG lecturer who were close

to Mr. Jagdeo but admitted to me that he was not an impressive politician. You could have come to hate Burnham or Hoyte or Jagan but the respect for them was enduring. Unfortunately, Mr. Ramotar’s performance is as mediocre or even worse that Mr. Jagdeo’s and the disrespect for Mr. Ramotar as the President of Guyana is growing. Mr. Ramotar consistently puts his foot in his mouth and he is definitely looking inelegant (I chose a safe word rather than a harsh adjective which is more appropriate). From day one, he began to do things that engendered a lack of admiration for him and it goes on inexorably. This is what I mean by the concatenation of mistakes. Soon after the 2011 elections, he opened his mouth and said something awful. He accused the

The residents of Sheriga Scheme, Enmore, East Coast of Demerara are bitterly upset. They have grown tired of the excuses made by the persons responsible for the pump that was put in place to drain the area. For almost a year the pump has been inoperable. Every time it rains heavily, the residents’ livelihood is disrupted; flooding results in significant losses. Last Saturday, was no different; a deluge left the community under several inches of water. Despite the presence of the pump, the water only receded slightly by yesterday and with a forecast of more rains, the situation looks bleak for the residents. In the community, while some openly expressed concern and frustration, others appeared apprehensive about criticizing officials. The pump, one of many acquired by the NDIA, was installed in the community in 2006, during the “great flood” that swamped the entire East Coast Demerara. At first engineers were prompt to attend to any malfunctioning, but within recent times, this has not been the case. According to the residents, the pump last worked satisfactorily a year ago and despite several floods since then, their appeals to have it up and running have been met with several excuses. “If is not budget nah pass yet, is some other excuse,” one resident remarked.

At present, the engine that powers the pump is in need of a battery. The last time it was started was in February and due to a major mechanical fault, it was only run for a few minutes. There is evidence of a massive oil leak and according to persons in the community, the authorities have been aware of this situation for quite some time. The pipe that takes the water into the Atlantic Ocean has several gaping holes which the residents had to use their ingenuity to patch so that running the pump would not be useless. Kaieteur News understands that a private firm is responsible for the maintenance of the pump and all the faults were reported to them. “We report de tube and dem boy (private contractor) come and dem shove in plastic fuh block de hole, but as soon we start pump, de water blow out de plastic. So we had to tek zinc and try patch dem hole,” one of the residents explained. Initially the residents thought that the pump attendant was at fault for not operating the pump and they chided him in no uncertain manner. “Me ah get buse when me a go home too. Dem people seh me get de pump here and nah wuk am,” the beleaguered pump attendant complained. Lalita has been living in Sheriga Scheme for 12 years. For the past four years she has had to “work

magic” to save her livestock whenever there is a downpour. “Dis time dem tell we de pump break down. The last time dem tell we diesel run out; is always some excuse,” she said. Champa, a resident of the community for the past 15 years, explained that the pump was installed to bring relief to residents during the 2006 flood. “When dey put it in, dem tell we leh we go and talk pon TV how de pump doing good but after we realize dat de pump ain’t wukkin and de whole place flooding and all me animals gat fuh deh in me bottom house,” Champa lamented. The residents were unanimous that whenever the pump is in working order, their woes are almost nonexistent. “That is why we want it fix because I hear is since last year it ain’t wukkin and dis is May month and nothing doing. We expect more rain and all de time de place getting flood,” Champa lamented. There are reports that despite the pump not being in working order, diesel is still being taken to the site. “Dem gat diesel coming steady and we nah see no pump ah wuk. Three week now diesel come and dem nah pump one drop water,” another resident told this newspaper. For now, the residents of Sheriga Scheme, Enmore, are hoping that immediate action is taken to get the pump up and running to prevent an epidemic from breaking out.

opposition of literally shaping the election results in their favour with the charge that in Georgetown, a substantial size of PPP voters were physically prevented from voting. So they rigged yet lost the presidency? If, the observers didn’t see that, then it can be assumed that they did not see PPP personnel rigging the elections in the countryside. The truth is nothing like what Ramotar implied happened. If you wanted to respect Mr. Ramotar, his Cabinet choices brought an immediate snob from the citizenry. Mr. Ramotar didn’t bring in even half of a new face much less a quota of his own selections. He stuck with the Jagdeo Cabinet. Space would not allow for an enumeration of his mountains of mistakes but he will offer one more example before we touch on his performance last week. He told judges that they

would give judgement against the State because they want to appear to be independent in the eyes of the nation. This was a boulder thrown at the judiciary. The judges probably chose not to respond because they might have thought that it wasn’t worth the energy given the constant nonsense that comes from Mr. Ramotar. Last week was bad for Ramotar. First, Mr. Ramotar said he couldn’t address his mind to the letter written to him by the Caribbean Financial Task Force (on money laundering) because he received it right in the middle of efforts to woo the opposition parties into budget talks. This is extremely foolish.Why ask the opposition to talk about the Budget when you have already tabled it in Parliament and what were you doing the whole year since the last budget presentation? And

Frederick Kissoon why as president you have to be so preoccupied with that so there is no time left for other matters of State? Last Wednesday, Mr. Ramotar wrote a letter to the National Assembly imploring the opposition parties to pass the amendments to the antimoney laundering Bill and not one word about concession, compromise or inclusiveness. Mr. Ramotar was telling the opposition that he cannot give anything but nevertheless he would expect to be given things in return. In his Independence speech, he put his foot in his mouth again by saying the identical thing. Ramotar is a clumsy version of Jagdeo

Residents blame defective NDIA pump for unnecessary flooding

A resident shows this newspaper a section of the patched pipeline

Sheriga Scheme resident Lalita wades through flood water.

Tuesday May 28, 2013

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Tuesday May 28, 2013

Caribbean countries discriminate against Rastafarians, Muslims - report The United States says several Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries, including Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Haiti and the Bahamas, are engaged in discriminatory practices against Rastafarians, voodoo practitioners and Muslims. In its International Religious Freedom Report for 2012, the Department of State says while there were no reports of abuses of religious freedom in Haiti, some members of the voodoo and Muslim communities “complained they did not enjoy the same legal protections as Christians”. Voodoo, which is widely practised in Haiti, is often blended with elements of other religions, usually Catholicism. The leader of a prominent multi-denominational group reported that half the Haitian population practises some form of voodoo and that leaders and civil society representatives have expressed concern that the passage of a constitutional amendment in May, could criminalise the practice of voodoo and lead to increased discrimination. But the report says that

government officials, including the prime minister, immediately responded to these concerns and stressed that the new amendment would not limit the freedom of religious expression. It says that government officials noted that a 2003 presidential decree recognising voodoo as a religious practice remained in force. The report says that some Muslim religious leaders claimed that the Haitian Government was reluctant to recognize Islam, and that Muslims married in a religious ceremony did not receive the same government recognition accorded to Christians who married in the church. The Muslim leaders complained that religious ceremonies could obtain government recognition only through a civil court. According to the State Department, the press reports a “growing number” of Muslims in Haiti since the January 12, 2010 earthquake. In Jamaica, the State Department says that there were reports of societal discrimination based on religious affiliation, belief, or practice that Rastafarians

alleged the overwhelmingly Christian population discriminated against them, “although there were signs of increasing acceptance.” “Rastafarians said that elements of their religion, such as wearing dreadlocks and smoking marijuana, presented serious barriers to their ability to find employment and achieve professional status in the official economy,” the report states. It cites a Rastafarian group, the Church of Haile Selassie I, which it said is seeking religious incorporation “for the 15th year without success.” “Some Parliamentarians maintained that Parliament should continue to deny incorporation because church members used marijuana, which was illegal, in religious services,” the report states, adding that “the church asserted this was not the case and indicated it used legal herbs”. The report also said that Rastafarians continued to allege that law enforcement officials unfairly targeted them. However, the report said that it was not clear whether

Students, disabled persons group get Berbice Bridge Company Donation

Mr. Stephen Rambajan, Secretary/Accountant, BBCI handed over a cheque to a Berbice Chambers member The Berbice Bridge Company Inc. (BBCI) made three donations to various organizations in Berbice recently. Mr. Stephen Rambajan, Secretary/ Accountant, BBCI handed over a $40,000 cheque to a representative of the Berbice Chamber of Commerce and Development Association. This amount covers the total cost of the Umpires and Scorers. Also, Rambajan also handed over a $50,000 cheque to Mr. Mark Archibald,

Chairman of the Disabled People’s Network (DPN) in Region Five for sponsorship of its workshop which is coming up shortly. This workshop is intended to promote sensitisation programmes in support of Blind Awareness week. For this year, the Company has so far received 25 requests for donations and managed to approve 18 of these requests including sponsorship of Mashramani 2013 Events, sponsorship of

horse racing events, donations of trophies to various non -profit and Educational Institutions; facilitated tours of various schools and waived toll charges for tour buses; sponsored a cricket tournament; and made donations towards Cricket tournaments in Region Five. The company also received a request for sponsorship for the Berbice Chambers of Commerce Independence T20 Cup 2013.

the reported discrimination was based on religious belief or was due to the group’s alleged use of marijuana as part of religious practice. With the exception of the concerns raised by Rastafarians, the State Department says there were no other reports of societal abuses or discrimination based on religious affiliation, belief, or practice in Jamaica. During a three-month state of emergency in Trinidad and Tobago, the State Department report notes that authorities in Port of Spain arrested 16 Muslim men who were allegedly plotting to assassinate the prime minister and three other Cabinet ministers. The report said that the government never charged the men with any crime and released them after one week. It said that Muslims have referred to this incident as “an example of bias against the Muslim community” and that several of those arrested claimed to be pursuing legal action against the Trinidad and Tobago government for wrongful arrest. In the Bahamas, the State Department said Rastafarians

alleged that prison officials were responsible for “ongoing discrimination against detainees at Fox Hill Prison.” “Specifically, they reported that prison officials cut the dreadlocks of Rastafarians held in custody for possession of small amounts of marijuana,” it said, stating that, under Bahamian law, “persons convicted for possession of as little as one marijuana cigarette face a maximum sentence of four years in prison”. The report said that the Bahamian Government defended the practice of cutting Rastafarians’ dreadlocks as “standard procedure for hygienic reasons”. But the report said Rastafarians contended “it was in fact based on discrimination rather than hygiene”. Washington also says Rastafarians reported that Fox Hill Prison “failed to meet their religious dietary requirements,” and that on November 19, The House of Rastafari, a Rastafarian group, declared its intention to appeal to the judiciary about these practices.

The State Department said that Rastafarians in St. Kitts and Nevis “complained about the government’s prohibition of marijuana use, which they described as integral to their religious rituals.” “Members of the group stated they were being marginalized and were victims of religious intolerance,” it said, noting that, on August 17, the Nyabinghi Theocracy Order, a Rastafarian organization, held a march and rally in the capital. “The Prime Minister affirmed that the government would not legalize marijuana,” the report says, adding that Rastafarians continued to complain of discrimination, especially in hiring and in schools. Rastafarians continued to complain of the same alleged practice in Antigua and Barbuda, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the report noted. In Dominica, St. Lucia, as well as St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the report notes that Rastafarians also complained about the prohibition on marijuana use, “which was integral to their religious rituals.”

Corentyne duo committed to stand trial for murdering 17-year-old Two men accused of murdering 17-year-old Sasenarine ‘Suraj’ Persaud, of Number 70 Village, Corentyne, Berbice, on April 29, 2012 were both committed to stand trial in the next sitting of criminal assizes of the Berbice High Court after the court ruled that a prima facie case had been made out against them by Magistrate Krisendat Persaud sitting in the Springlands Magistrate’s court. The men, Dhanram ‘Chris’ Rajpersaud, 39, and Yogeshwar ‘Sham’ Dhaniram, 31, both of Number 70 Village, are charged with murdering the youth after he intervened in a confrontation between the men and his stepfather. Persaud was stabbed and chopped across his abdomen and other parts of his body. Persaud’s stepfather, Notan Persaud Roopnarine, called ‘Narresh’, 42, was heading home when the two men, who were having a weekend Bar B Que at their No 70 Public Road residence, stopped him and started to have a conversation. An argument soon developed and became heated. It is alleged that the men then took Roopnarine into

Dharmaraj persaud

Yogeshwar ‘Sham’ Dhaniram

their yard and started to “beat him up”. Young Persaud, who was performing an errand for his mother, on seeing the men beating up his stepfather, approached the fight and tried to intervene. The men then turned on Persaud and allegedly stabbed and chopped him about his body.

Persaud was stabbed and chopped across his abdomen. He was picked up by family members and rushed to the Skeldon Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. One of the men had slashed his throat and was admitted a patient in the New Amsterdam hospital.

Tuesday May 28, 2013

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Tuesday May 28, 2013

Tuesday May 28, 2013

Kaieteur News

Causing death accused freed in Magistrate’s court Paul Azar, 30, of 38 Stanleytown, New Amsterdam, Berbice, who was on trial in the New Amsterdam Magistrate’s court on a charge of causing death by dangerous driving was on Friday freed by Magistrate Adela Nagamootoo. Azar was accused of around 19:15 hrs on November 30, 2011, whilst being the driver of motor car PJJ 1618, drove in a manner dangerous to the public and caused the death of pedal cyclist Megnauth Somrah. Azar was allegedly driving at a fast rate when he came into contact with the cyclist at the corner of Main and Alexander Streets. Somrah was hurled into the air and fell on the road some distance away. He sustained injuries to

his head and other parts of his body. He was picked up and rushed to the New Amsterdam hospital in an unconscious state. He was subsequently tansferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital and was admitted in the High Dependency Unit, but died a few days later. A Post Mortem examination conducted on the body at the Georgetown Hospital by Dr. Nehaul Singh gave the cause of death as shock and hemorrhage due to multiple injuries and fractured skull. Azar was arrested and charged and placed on $200,000 bail. His driver’s licence was subsequently suspended. Azar had testified that he was travelling about 40km per hour on Main Street New

Amsterdam, heading towards Central New Amsterdam, when in the vicinity of Alexander Street he was blinded by the light of an oncoming vehicle. He also testified that at the same time, Somrah who was riding a pedal cycle rode across the road in front of his car thus causing the collision. In court, Azar was represented by Attorney at Law Charrandass Persaud who cited a number of discrepancies during the trial. He submitted that the deceased was responsible for his own demise since he rode in front of the car. The prosecution had relied on the evidence of the witnesses who testified that the car was travelling at a fast rate of speed when the accident occurred.

Distinguished Guyanese start poetry workshop Minister Priya Manickchand says “We need to perfect poetry”

Sam Saymore explains to teachers the importance of Visual Aids when teaching poetry. By Kiana Wilburg Guyana’s most celebrated poets who now reside in the United Kingdom, John Agard, his wife Grace Nichols, and Prof Mark McWatt, accompanied by the well decorated Barbadian poet, Philip Nanton, joined in a collaborative effort designed to help teachers sharpen the methods and skills used to teach poetry. “This seminar strives to start a new love affair between poetry and teachers. I know that in the process, it will certainly deal with the notion that students believe poetry is on the English B syllabus to make their lives miserable,” explained educator, Ms. Ingrid Fung, at the opening ceremony that introduced the beginning of the workshop. The celebrated John Agard spoke about the power of proverbs, fairy tales and

nursery rhymes noting that they are pregnant with history and messages. He then treated the participants to a captivating performance that moved many to tears. “The statistics show that only 47 per cent of the students that sit the English B exams have passing grades. This is not acceptable. Regardless of the perceptions of poetry, it is something that we need to conquer, we need to perfect poetry,” said Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand. She reiterated the need for teachers to “wake up” so that they may be able to share the love of poetry with students so that this issue may be conquered. Closing the first half of the programme was Sam Saymore, who spoke on the power of visual aids and technology. The opening which saw

teachers of literature from across the nation, included an overview of the Caribbean Poetry Project by Professor Morag Styles. Professor Styles said that the Caribbean Poetry Project which was launched in 2010 has since brought poets from the islands in an exciting collaboration that is designed to revive the art form and to better answer the challenges that come with understanding poetry. She said that the initiative is one that has been taken to almost all the islands. Guyana is their last stop. Further, due to the success of the programme, they have been nominated for the C o m m o n w e a l t h Communicator of the year award. Dr. Jennifer Obidah who is based in the United States and also holds a (Continued on page 24)

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GWI working to restore Cummings Park service - disruption caused by emergency maintenance works Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) will be working to restore the availability of potable water to the Cummings Park community, in Sophia. This disclosure comes after residents of Cummings Park had reportedly suffered lack of the basic necessity, for several weeks. However, in a release to the press, the Water Authority sought to clear the air on the issue. “The nation’s supplier of Water and Sanitation Services, (GWI) wishes to advise that the service disruption affecting customers of Cummings Park, reported in the Thursday May 23 edition of the Kaieteur News, resulted from emergency maintenance at

the Cummings Lodge Well Station which commenced last week …GWI is working to restore its service,” the statement said. A source attached to the Government agency told Kaieteur News that in such circumstances, provision is made for the dispensation of water to affected locales. Cummings Park Residents last reported that absolutely no distribution of water was made to their neighbourhood since early April. The Cummings Park community usually receives its water supply from the Cummings Park or Shelter Belt well stations. Residents claimed that since the disruption, they were given no other choice, than to pay $3,500 each, for the

distribution of clean water to their respective homes. Some, who cannot afford this method, depend on the rains. Information reaching this newspaper is that some people have resorted to using water from the canals to complete household tasks. E m e r g e n c y maintenance at the C u m m i n g s Lodge Well Station also resulted in reduced levels of service in Sophia (A to E Field), Liliendaal and Turkeyen. The company is said to have issued an advisory last week, via all available sources of media, informing customers of the emergency work and the subsequent consequences. Guyana Water Incorporated apologised for the service disruption and promised that normal service will be restored in the swiftest manner possible to all affected customers.

Berbice Bridge Company donates medals to top performers The Berbice Bridge Company Inc. (BBCI) bestowed several medals to top Education performers in East Berbice recently at a special awards ceremony hosted by the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club at the New Amsterdam Multilateral Senior Secondary School. According to the Chef Executive Officer (CEO) of BBCI, Mr. Omadatt Samaroo, the company received an email on May 15, 2013 from Mr. Hilbert Foster, Secretary / CEO of the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club requesting a donation of 80 medals for its Tribute to Teachers and Students Programme held on May 23, last. After verifying the information submitted and following further communication between the Chief Executive Officer of BBCI and the Secretary / CEO of the Club, the BBCI then

decided to come on board and donated the 80 medals. On May 23, Mr. Jainarine Koosial, Operations Manager, Berbice Bridge Company Inc. (BBCI) handed over the medals donated to the students who were honoured at the Tribute to Teachers and Students Programme. The teachers and students, all from Berbice, were being honoured for their outstanding performances in 2012. This is not the first time that the BBCI has sponsored events by the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club. BBCI has become an Official Sponsor of the Club. Last year, the Company donated $50,000 to the Club for its Charity Programmes for the Elderly and Less Fortunate. Also, BBCI donated a trophy to the Club’s Annual Awards Ceremony for the Cricketer of the Year - 2011.

This year, the Company which also sponsored an Annual Tribute to the Retired Teachers Programme on the eastern and western sides of the Berbice River Bridge; donated two trophies to the Club for its 22nd Annual Awards Ceremony for the most committed player for 2012, most promising player for 2012; and also sponsored the Knock-out 50-Over Cricket tournament. The company will continue to sponsor other events due to the availability of funds. It is looking at a wider cross section of sports and other charitable, noncharitable, government, non -governmental events. In the past the company has sponsored events in Moleson Creek and New Amsterdam; and others in Georgetown, Linden, Parika and even hinterland communities.

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday May 28, 2013

Syria fighting rages, more chemical attacks reported (Reuters) - Heavy fighting raged around the strategic Syrian border town of Qusair and the capital Damascus yesterday and further reports surfaced of chemical weapons attacks by President Bashar al-Assad’s forces on rebel areas. Intensified government offensives are widely seen as a bid to strengthen Assad’s position before a peace conference proposed by the United States and Russia for next month. In Brussels, British Foreign Secretary William Hague, who was pushing his European Union colleagues to allow member states to arm the rebels, said the expiry of existing EU sanctions this week meant countries could now choose to send weapons to opposition fighters if they wanted to. While Britain and France say such a move could strengthen the rebels ahead of the peace talks, other countries oppose sending arms and EU diplomats said there was an agreement not to send weapons for now. The Syrian military pounded eastern suburbs of Damascus with air strikes and artillery and loud explosions echoed around al-Nabak, 80 km (50 miles) north of the capital, where fighting has cut the highway running north to the central city of Homs, the proopposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights group said. Opposition activists said Syrian troops backed by Lebanese Hezbollah fighters were pressing a sustained assault on Qusair, a town long used by insurgents as a way station for arms and other supplies from Lebanon. For Assad, Qusair is a crucial link between Damascus and loyalist strongholds on the

Mediterranean coast. Recapturing the town could also sever connections between rebelheld areas in the north and south of Syria. Hezbollah’s deepening involvement in Qusair has raised the prospect of renewed civil war in Lebanon, where two rockets hit the Shi’ite Muslim movement’s stronghold in south Beirut on Sunday and one was fired from south Lebanon towards Israel. The rockets struck hours after Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah promised that his anti-Israel guerrillas, fighting alongside Assad’s forces, would win whatever the cost. A Lebanese security source said another 107mm rocket, which did not go off, had been aimed at Beirut airport. The launch sites were near Aitat, in the hills just south of the capital. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon voiced “deep concern” at Hezbollah’s admitted combat role and the risk that the Syrian conflict will spill into Lebanon and other neighboring states. “CHEMICAL ATTACK” AFFECTS DOZENS The U.S.-Russian initiative so far appears only to have intensified the violence, especially around Qusair and Damascus. In Harasta, an eastern Damascus suburb largely under rebel control, dozens of people were afflicted by respiratory difficulties after an apparent overnight chemical attack, according to opposition sources. Video showed victims lying on the floor of a room, breathing from oxygen masks. The sides in the conflict, now in its third year, have accused each other of using chemical weapons. France’s Le Monde

newspaper published first-hand accounts yesterday of apparent chemical attacks by Assad’s forces in April. The newspaper said one of its photographers had suffered blurred vision and breathing problems for four days after an attack on April 13 on the Jobar front, in central Damascus. Another video from Harasta overnight showed at least two fighters being put into a van, their eyes watering and struggling to breathe while medics put tubes into their throats. It was not possible to verify the videos independently. Syria, which is not a member of the antichemical weapons convention, is believed to have one of the world’s last remaining stockpiles of undeclared chemical arms. French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius told reporters in Brussels there was “increasingly strong evidence of localized use of chemical weapons” in Syria and said Paris would consult its partners on what action ought to be taken. TALL ORDER The U.S.-Russian initiative provides the first slim hope in almost a year for a diplomatic end to a conflict that has cost more than 80,000 lives and caused a refugee exodus that the U.N. refugee agency expects to top 3.5 million by the end of 2013. After a meeting with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in Paris, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said organising a peace conference - which may happen in Geneva in June - was a tricky but not, he hoped, impossible endeavor.

“It’s not an easy task. It’s a very tall order. But I hope that when the United States and the Russian Federation take this kind of initiative, the chances for success are there,” he said after the two met by themselves for roughly 90 minutes. China, which along with Russia, has three times blocked U.N. Security Council action on Syria, said on Monday it would join the proposed talks and would push all concerned towards peace. Damascus has indicated it will take part in the talks. But the fractured opposition, which has previously required Assad’s exit to be guaranteed before any negotiations, has yet to lay out its position and remains mired in internal quarrels. The opposition crisis deepened yesterday when liberals were offered only token representation, undermining international efforts to lend the Islamist-dominated alliance greater support. To the dismay of envoys of Western and Arab nations monitoring four days of opposition talks in Istanbul, the 60-member Syrian National Coalition thwarted a deal to admit a liberal bloc headed by opposition campaigner Michel Kilo. The failure to broaden the coalition, in which a Qatari-backed bloc influenced by the Muslim Brotherhood is prominent, could sap Saudi support for the revolt. The coalition’s Western backers had wanted more seats for liberals, an idea backed by Saudi Arabia, which had been uneasy about Qatar’s rising influence, coalition insiders said.

Tuesday May 28, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

These Ministers only dealt with minor issues DEAR EDITOR, The recent visit by the two Ministers of Local Government to Sub-Region 2 of Region #8 was appreciated. However, in my opinion it was not much benefit to the residents, if at all any. They may have achieved their objectives, but the issues affecting the residents remain the same. I learnt that the Junior Minister (Norman Whittaker) visited Princeville, Tumatumari and Micobie, and had meetings with the residents there. The Senior Minister Ganga Persaud held meetings with the residents of Mahdia and Campbelltown. The RDC (Regional Chairman and Councillors) was not informed or invited to these meetings. The Regional Chairman received a letter one day before the team arrived, inviting him to the opening of the Princeville Health Post and another letter informing him that Minister Persaud would be meeting with the Regional Chairman and Councillors in the boardroom. I learnt of Minister

Whittaker ’s meetings to these areas through GINA’s May 16 2013 release and Minister Persaud’s meetings on the road, the evening before the meeting. This is just another instance of the disrespect that is shown to the Regional Chairman and Council of Region #8 by this Government. I did not get to attend the opening of the Princeville Health Post, because it was raining and no enclosed transportation was made available to take me there. I attended the meeting at Mahdia, however, I refused to sit at the head table with the Minister because I saw it as being very disrespectful to the RDC for not informing them of the meeting or inviting them to the meeting in the Region. But back to the ministers’ visits. While it is important to listen to all the problems affecting the residents, it was rather unfortunate that so much of taxpayers’ money was spent for that outreach to only deal with small issues affecting the residents here. Here are some of the

issues I would have expected them to address: 1. The Bartica /Potaro Road: this road from Bartica to Mahdia that has been abandoned for years now. This road is of great benefit to the residents of this subRegion. 2. Setting up a Landfill Site in Mahdia: over a year ago Minister Whittaker ordered the present dump to be closed, and rightfully so, since the present dumpsite is approximately 300 ft from the Mahdia Airstrip. It is also very close to the housing scheme and residents. Minister Whittaker had promised me that by December 2012 the landfill site would be set up in Mahdia. Since we are five months past that deadline, I would have expected him meeting with the RDC to discuss the issue. 3. I would have expected them to tell the residents in Mahdia when the inner roads in Mahdia would be asphalted and also when the Ministry of Public Works would be repairing the Tiger Creek bridge. 4. I would have expected

Is GT&T holding this nation...

From page 4 knowledge; if a customer desires to move his line from one location to the next, ask him to clear all outstanding bills and terminate his service (the old service goes dead with the old billing system) then apply for a new service (an entirely new service is activated in the new billing system) all in one process, at this point the question of preserving the previously assigned number(s) to the customer will arise, if the customer is not mindful of retaining the old number then it’s a technical non-issue, if the customer wants to retain his existing number it is an elementary technical process of assigning that number. The same applies to DSL service, an application for upgrade will invoke a service termination and re-application; it’s a nobrainer, the executives at GT&T prefer to hold the nation to ransom rather than do something a little novel to ensure the Guyanese public is treated with basic courtesy. Please allow me to ask some direct questions to the Public Utilities Commission: In cases where a public utility intends to take an action (such as the one by GT&T) that will affect the service delivery to the entire country or a significant proportion of it, shouldn’t it come under the regulatory purview of the PUC? Shouldn’t GT&T be required to present a work plan to the PUC detailing how its action will affect customers, how long it will take and how they plan to compensate customers for the disruption? Shouldn’t sanctions be applied if the company does not restore the service to pre-disruption levels or improve it within a reasonable agreed timeline? Which is the statutory authority that should prevent a monopoly public utility company from holding an entire country to ransom while it endlessly fiddles with technical incompetence and dabbles in executive ineptitude? GT&T has a historical pattern of incompetence. Allow me to go back to 2004, in West Berbice GT&T upgraded its Rosignol exchange and planted a new exchange in Bath, landline service was extended from Rosignol

to No. 3 Village, while from the opposite direction lines were extended from Bath to No. 10 Village replacing the failing fixed wireless service. This situation created a vacuum between No. 4 to No. 9 Villages, a stretch of about a mile or so. When approached, GT&T claimed that it is not technically possible to give service to the affected villages, because the lines from the two bordering exchanges have reached their maximum length - if they go any further degradation of service will result. After protest action by villagers in front of the New Amsterdam office and several meetings with company management, GT&T indicated that the expected returns must justify the investment in new facilities to service the area, as such if it is able to garner at least 200 applications for service the necessary facilities will be installed forthwith. Well in excess of 400 applications were submitted by the villagers. That was the last anyone heard from GT&T on that matter. I later wrote GT&T asking the company to be mindful of its corporate image and role in helping to promote racial equality, I pointed out that the villages serviced by its new lineplants are all populated almost exclusively by Indo Guyanese while the villages skipped are populated by mostly Afro-Guyanese and while it may not have been a deliberate intent, GT&T cannot overlook this fact in a country where almost all public infrastructure is denominated in racial terms since the 1960s. GT&T never replied. I further lodged a complaint with the Ethnic Relations Commission, which to my knowledge never investigated the complaint. Discounting the ethnic factor, the choice of location for the towers in question and the approach for system upgrade reeks with tremendous technical incompetence and poor work planning. Now, nearly 10 years later, poles are currently being planted in these villages while inhabitants continue to hold their breath of expectation. You see what I mean by ransom? Lenno Craig

them to tell the residents of the Government’s long term plan to solve the electricity problems in that Sub-Region. We would have liked to know whether Government will be assisting the developers of the Tumatumari Hydro, since not only can that Hydro supply all of those areas with electricity, it is also the only long term solution to the electricity problem there. 5. I was expecting them to tell the residents of Campbelltown and Mahdia what assistance the Ministry of Local Government would be giving to alleviate the water woes there. At present only a few homes can access water from the Salbura Water System. Since Government is collecting from this Region, I

believe that a percentage should be set aside every year and given back to the Region for developmental works in the Region. Had that been the case, we would have been able to access moneys to refurbish the Tumatumari Hydro and many other things, like a Technical Institute. We need a Technical Institute in Region 8. A Technical Institute would cost approximately $1 million US to set up. Had we had that system in place we could have built a Technical Institute. I would just like to advise the two learned Ministers that in future when they are visiting the Region, they should better spend their time dealing with major issues affecting the residents in the

Region. They were actually majoring on minor issues. As I said earlier, the ministers may have achieved their objectives. My humble opinion is that their real mission was to criticize the opposition. I learned that they were going around telling the residents that the opposition cut the budget and that will cause great suffering. They are trying to blame the opposition for their shortcomings. However, the residents in Region 8 trust the judgment of the 33 combined opposition Members of Parliament, who they know are very responsible and thoughtful. Mark Crawford Regional Chairman Region #8

The Culture Minister’s... From page 5 the entity. Additionally, if the Minister is confident in the operations in the Press, let him reveal verifiable financial data on precisely how the money is spent. Let him provide a public breakdown of printing, editing, graphic design and whatever other services were provided to the Press, and exactly who were the service providers. Did the Ministry pay costs directly to the best of competing contractors, as should be; or was it a situation, as Dr. Dabydeen claimed, that he is “a contractor like Courtney Benn or BK, except in books, not concrete!? “ Considering that at least US $100,000 of public funding has so far gone into the Caribbean Press, with another US $80,000 approved in this year’s national budget, I am shocked that the Parliamentary opposition has not looked into the procurement processes of the Caribbean Press. As I have repeatedly told his Permanent Secretary, Alfred King and others who have sought to intervene on his behalf, whenever the Minister is ready to respectfully engage, I am available – I do not hold grudges and I am willing to wipe clean the slate of ten years of the PPP blacklisting and attempts at economic assassination in the interest of creating a functional and sustainable cultural policy space. David Dabydeen has openly asked for assistance in managing the Caribbean Press, and the Minister, who a year ago told me that “I have nothing to say to you”, has now said that constructive engagement is welcome and he needs more people on board. I have forwarded my terms of engagement to Dr.

Dabydeen, and he has so far not responded. I repeat them publicly – let the Press under the aegis of the Ministry create the TOR for a consulting editor or executive editor whose specific duty is to chart the course forward; advertise the position; and if I am deemed best qualified among applicants, I will take up the post and execute my duties over the period of the consultancy. It should be noted that this help was offered voluntarily in August of last year and January of this year, a luxury I can no longer afford due directly to the PPP’s rabid efforts at economic blacklisting. Whether engaged or not, I will continue to monitor and interrogate the management of cultural policy in this place

– Frank Anthony can choose to act competently for once, or he can vacate his portfolio and let someone more qualified manage it. Smiling for the cameras while secretly trying to undermine critics is not the way forward and the sooner he learns that the better for him – I do not yield. Our divisive history is one of exploitation and perpetuation of cultural antagonisms, antagonisms that have only incidentally been consolidated and institutionalized politically. Until our artists, musicians and writers are afforded the best opportunity to let their work play the interventional and transformative role it can, we will continue to exist in this quagmire. Ruel Johnson

How about an encore? DEAR EDITOR, I had a really memorable evening at ’A Sixty Minute Performance of Our Music’, courtesy of the Tina Insanally Foundation. The performances moved me. Each rendition was great and reminded those of us in

attendance of what we have been missing in entertainment. I loved it! Time well spent and congrats to the Insanally family and the young musicians. I want to shout ‘ENCORE’! Mitzy Campbell

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Tuesday May 21, 2013

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Tuesday May 21, 2013

Distinguished Guyanese start... From page 19 prominent position at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) also praised the work of two powerful women who were responsible for the existence of the project. She stated that as a result of styles love for Caribbean poetry, she traveled to the islands and met with Dr. Sandra Robinson, who is attached to the University of the West Indies.

Dr. Obidah said that the women who are the shoulders of the workshop have since held workshops across the Caribbean with over 350 teachers in attendance. The programme, titled “Kindling Interest in Poetry,” saw Dr. Obidah instructing the teachers to describe their current relationship with poetry in one word, some of which included, “challenging, bitter-sweet, orgasmic and intriguing.”

Professor Mark Mc Watt addressed critical issues such as why there is a difficulty with poetry and how teachers can effectively maintain the interest between students and the art form. He said that poetry is a multi-sensual experience – it is an art form that appeals to all the senses. Mc Watt said that poems should always be read aloud and expounded on the importance of sound in poetry. His colleague, Nanton, took to the stage and his focus was the “importance of passion” if one seeks to communicate the beauty and effectiveness of poetry. “You must be passionate about the art form. Love what you do.”He noted that passion is fundamental to commitment, resilience and effectiveness and explained the fundamentals of a good story. The three-day programme is being held at the International Conference centre at Turkeyen. The eminent guests said that they are elated to be a part of this project as poetry is a most profound art form. “Many may say what is the world without music, but here is a better question, what is music without poetry?”Dr. Obidah said.

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Tuesday May 28, 2013 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19): You may be very comfortable with your current mode of operation, even if you have to deal with minor annoyances such as going to work, paying bills or juggling other responsibilities. TAURUS (Apr. 20–May 20): Opulent Jupiter joins luscious Venus to fill your world with abundance now. Fortunately, too much of a good thing can still feel pretty darn good today. GEMINI (May 21–June 20): You magically pull one brilliant idea after another out of thin air today without much apparent effort. You make it look easy because you’re having so much fun expressing your originality. CANCER (June 21–July 22): It’s tempting to gloss over an important fact today, especially if reality gets in the way of your plans. You may be more concerned with experiencing pleasure now than you are with uncovering the truth, so you’re not likely to step too far out of line for the sake of integrity. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22): Today’s delightful VenusJupiter conjunction sweetens your 11th House of Social Networking, encouraging you to express your generosity toward others. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22): A big-hearted supporter could enter your life now, bringing a business opportunity or a chance to further your dreams.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22): It may be difficult to motivate yourself today if you are already feeling content. However, the sweet Venus-Jupiter conjunction in your 9th House of Adventure suggests that you’re willing to take a chance if something sounds intriguing. SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21): Support comes to you in unusual ways now that valuable Venus joins successful Jupiter in your 8th House of Shared Resources. SAGIT (Nov. 22–Dec. 21): Your success today may depend upon your ability to combine your individual creativity with your persuasive charm. CAPRICORN(Dec.22–Jan.19): Relaxing may not feel like an option today, especially if you get swept up in the anticipation of what might happen next. Even if something wonderful catches you off guard, it’s challenging for you to stop working long enough to enjoy it. AQUARIUS(Jan.20–Feb.18): Today’s lovely VenusJupiter conjunction blesses your 5th House of Fun and Games, making it tough to miss the positive effects of this cosmic gift. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20): It’s nearly impossible for anyone to bring you down today because delicious Venus dances with your key planet Jupiter in your 4th House of Security.

Tuesday May 21, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Graeme Swann helps England towards win over New Zealand BBC Sport - Graeme Swann took four wickets to bowl England to the brink of victory over New Zealand in the second Test at Headingley, although they may yet be denied by the weather. England captain Alastair Cook brought up his 25th Test century as the hosts batted until 25 minutes after lunch before declaring on 287-5 to set the Black Caps an improbable 468 to win. A composed 70 from Ross Taylor frustrated England, with the tourists aided at times by surprisingly defensive field placements, but two late Swann scalps reduced them to 158-6 when bad light ended play. Four more wickets on Tuesday would win the match for Cook’s men, but with heavy rain forecast for the Leeds area, the contest may well end in a draw. That result would give England a 1-0 series victory but the feeling remains that with less cautious approach the hosts could have won this Test with time to spare. Their decision not to enforce the follow-on on

Sunday was followed by a painstaking final session in which Jonathan Trott scored 11 off 69 balls. And although England showed much more attacking intent on Monday morning, with Trott going on to make 76, they then delayed declaring until New Zealand’s target was 50 runs more than the highest successful fourth-innings run chase in Test history. New Zealand lost an early wicket when Stuart Broad generated steep bounce from the Football Stand End and induced Peter Fulton into fending a catch to Ian Bell at gully. Swann, surprisingly left out for last year’s Headingley Test against South Africa, followed up his first-innings four-wicket haul with two more strikes early in his spell. Kane Williamson fell to the most marginal of lbw decisions after playing across the line, his failed review showing the ball pitched just in line with off stump and turning to shave the outside of leg. Hamish Rutherford struck an attractive 42 but a sudden

moment of hesitancy proved his downfall as he prodded forward and was caught at short leg off bat and pad. Taylor batted positively but never recklessly as he compiled his 19th Test fifty, Dean Brownlie proving an able foil in a partnership of 79. Brownlie made 25 before he was caught at gully off a Finn delivery that reared up sharply and Martin Guptill was caught by Trott at slip off Swann. When Taylor missed a loose drive to be bowled by the off-spinner, England sensed victory, but with the light deteriorating the umpires decided to take the players off the field 6.2 overs shy of the scheduled close. England had started the day in positive mode, racking up 133 runs in 29 overs before lunch. Cook reached his hundred off 152 balls with a sumptuous off drive and Trott advanced fluently to his 16th Test fifty. Two wickets fell in quick succession to part-time spinner Kane Williamson as Cook miscued a drive to mid-off and Ian Bell holed out to midwicket.

Jamaican sprinters steal spotlight at adidas Grand Prix meet NEW YORK, USA (CMC) — Jamaican sprinters stole the spotlight in the sprint events at the adidas Grand Prix, New York Diamond League meet at Icahn Stadium Saturday. Veronica Campbell Brown romped to victory in the 200 metres in 22.53 ahead of a fast finishing Anneshia McLaughin (22.63), also of Jamaica. Sherone Simpson finished in fourth place with 22.96. Aleen Bailey sped to victory in the women’s 100 metres in 11.37 seconds ahead of Americans Mikele Barber and Lekeisha Lawson, who finished second and third, respectively. Jamaica’s Olympic 200m bronze medallist Warren Weir made light work of the field to clock an effortless season’s best 20.11 with Panama’s Alonso Edward (20.38) in second. Jeremy Dodson of the US (20.65) was third. Jamaicans Ramone McKenzie and Kevin Thompson finished fifth and seventh, respectively. Meantime, America’s Tyson Gay raced to an easy win in the 100 metres clocking

Ross Taylor provided resistance for New Zealand (Getty Images)

EDUCATIONAL LEARN TO DANCE LATIN STLE:SALSA, MERENGUE, WALTZ, TANGO, ETC. COME & FEEL THE EXCITEMENT CALL: 6126475, 629-8842 Electronic Course- PracticalBeginning 3rd June: Limited space available: Abdul Electronic, 226-6551/ 225-0391 Imperial College- Register Now: CXC 2014 fulltime/ lessons/adults classes: Excellent results-call: 6835742/227-7627 Enid’s dressmaking certificate classes from Elementary to advance: 66 sixth St. Albertown: 2239106/695-3876: sewing done here

Trott was out for 76 to the second ball after lunch, wicketkeeper Brendon McCullum diving to his right to claim a superb two-handed catch. Joe Root made an innovative 28 off 22 balls before slapping to cover in the chase for quick runs and Jonny Bairstow launched occasional spinner Guptill

into the stands on his way to 26 before Cook finally called time on the innings. Tuesday’s weather is likely to decide whether he left it too late. Scores: New Zealand 174 and 158 for 6 (Taylor 70, Swann 4-61) require another 310 runs to beat England 354 and 249 for 3 (Cook 130, Trott 76).

Nadal rallies to win... Veronica Campbell Brown (AP)

10.16 seconds with his countryman Ryan Bailey second. Trinidad and Tobago’s Ketson Bledman secured third spot in 10.16 seconds, while Jamaica’s Nesta Carter was fourth. Jamaica’s other finalists Jacques Harvey, Nickel Ashmeade and Kemar Bailey Cole finished fifth, six and seventh. Also, Jamaica’s national record holder Allison Randall threw a season’s best 57.85m in the discus in rainy and windy conditions. Randall, who started slowly, had two throws over 57.00m, finishing strongly

with 57.66m. Croatia’s Sandra Perkovic won in a world leading and meet record 68.48m. Two hundred metres specialist Mario Forsythe won the men’s 400m B race in 46.65 seconds beating three other Jamaicans to the line — Dewayne Barrett, 46.85 seconds, Allodin Fothergill, 47.01 seconds, and Nicholas Maitland, 47.05 seconds. Former world champion Barbadian Ryan Braithwaite also shared the spotlight for the Caribbean by winning the 110-metre hurdles in a season’s best 13.19. Cuba’s Orlando Ortega (13.24) finished second.

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From page 27 7-6 (7-4), 7-6 (10-8), 7-6 (1311). Kyrgios won despite breaking serve only once. No. 6 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga beat Aljaz Bedene 6-2, 6-2, 63. No. 31 Marcel Granollers lost to Feliciano Lopez 7-5, 26, 6-4, 4-6, 6-4. A trio of Americans also advanced. Varvara Lepchenko, seeded 29th, beat Mirjana Lucic-Baroni 6-1, 6-2. Melanie Oudin topped No. 28 Tamira Paszek of Austria 6-4, 6-3. And Madison Keys routed Misaki Doi of Japan 6-3, 6-2. No. 24 Julia Goerges lost to Zuzana Kucova 7-6 (10-8), 6-0. Playing in sunny, mild weather on center court, Li had a point for a 5-2 lead in the second set but wavered briefly, and her double-fault on break point made it 4-all. She regrouped to break back, then quickly closed out the victory.

The 31-year-old Li is 22-6 this year and was runner-up to Victoria Azarenka at the Australian Open. She next plays American Bethanie Mattek-Sands, who beat Lourdes Dominguez Lino 64, 6-1. Li is one of six former champions in the women’s draw. Maria Sharapova, the 2012 winner, was among those to play late yesterday. No. 15 Roberta Vinci won in less than an hour, beating Stephanie Foretz Gacon 6-3, 6-0. Radwanska won while committing only eight unforced errors. She has two titles this year but is just 2-2 on clay this spring and has never advanced beyond the fourth round at Roland Garros. Her sister, Urszula, beat 30th-seeded Venus Williams in the final match Sunday, 7-6 (7-5), 6-7 (4-7), 6-4.

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VACANCY Popular 24 hour East Coast Guyoil needs day & night pump attendants, sales girl, cleaners/maintenance- Tele: 698-5559/ 684-2838 Diesel Mechanic, Industrial Electrician, Welders & Fabricators, Machinists: Technical Services Inc. 1823 Eccles Industrial Site, E.B.D Wash Bay attendant for Bel Air Service station- Call: 6803863 Vacancy for one general domestic: Must know to prepare vegetarian mealCall: 225-3809/ 225-5800

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Kaieteur News

Digicel launches campaign in support of CPL DIGICEL, proud sponsor of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL T20), has launched an exciting new marketing campaign in support of its sponsorship of the new T20 cricket tournament. The new campaign went live with the launch of Digicel’s ‘Play Your Part’ Facebook competition, in which fans can win the chance to either present the Man-of-the-Match award or conduct the coin toss for the opening CPL T20 games, which will be held in the six host countries — Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, St Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago. In addition, the leading communications provider will also be flying the winners of the competition to the CPL T20 final in Trinidad and Tobago. Inspired by the ‘Carnival T20’ theme for the new tournament, Digicel’s marketing campaign will include its extensive ‘We’ve Come to Play’ advertising campaign, promotions, PR and a packed schedule of social media and online activity across its Facebook, Twitter and online platforms. In the coming days, Digicel and CPL T20 will be rolling out their ‘Name the Mascot’ campaign, which will invite fans to submit a creative and exciting name for the iconic character that is

featured in the CPL T20 tournament logo. The winning entry will be adopted as the official name of the mascot for the lifetime of the tournament. To help its fans get access to the unique carnival atmosphere of CPL T20, Digicel will also launch a ‘Text to Win’ competition in which fans can win an exclusive ‘Party Pass’ that will grant them access to CPL T20 matches — including limo transfers to the stadium and access to the party stand for the winner and 10 of his friends. Fans can also get closer to the action by engaging in live chats with some of the superstars of CPL T20 — including Digicel brand ambassadors Chris Gayle and Marlon Samuels — by visiting its Facebook page and the website. Digicel will also lend its weight to match days so that fans can enjoy the very best of Caribbean entertainment, to be showcased at the stadiums across the region. Commenting on the launch of the campaign, Digicel Group Head of Sponsorship, James Wynne, said: “The build-up to CPL T20 is very much underway and we at Digicel are hugely excited about the upcoming campaign to promote our sponsorship of what will be the biggest sports tournament in the region this summer.

Pollard - I backed myself “CPL T20 is all about the merging of sports and entertainment and so it’s a tournament for everyone to enjoy and we’re hoping to bring our customers and cricket fans as close to the action as possible. “We love the idea of the ‘Carnival T20’ theme for the tournament as it is something that is unique to the Caribbean people. No other region in the world could attempt to so naturally present a spectacle of world-class cricket and world-class entertainment to a global audience in such a fantastic way. We just can’t wait for the first ball to be bowled in Barbados on 30th July!” A number of international cricket stars will be taking part in the tournament. These include Adam Gilchrist, Herschelle Gibbs, Ricky Ponting, Mohammad Hafeez, Muttiah Muralitharan and Ross Taylor, who will join West Indies superstars Chris Gayle, Darren Sammy, Dwayne Bravo, Kieron Pollard, Marlon Samuels and Sunil Narine, along with the best cricketing talent the region has to offer. Action begins with the first of 24 matches on July 30 as six franchise teams from Antigua, Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and St Lucia will play exciting and entertaining matches in the hope of reaching the final in Port of Spain on August 24 and be crowned CPL T20 champions.

Froch sets sights on another Ward... From page 30 of 118-110, 116-112 and 115113 on the judges’ scorecards, was arguably as impressive as his five-round demolition of Lucian Bute just over a year ago. Indeed, the Nottingham fighter dominated for large parts, albeit while also taking plenty of punishment from the seemingly indestructible Kessler. Kessler showed grace in

defeat, admitting that the raucous London crowd played their part. Froch, whose record now stands at 31-2, 23 KOs, also opened the door for a potential third encounter with Kessler, although it seems Ward remains his main target. The American, regarded by some as the best poundfor-pound operator in the

Tuesday May 21, 2013

world, seems receptive to the idea of a rematch. ‘America is where you have got to go to become a star,’ he said. ‘You can be a great domestic fighter but, to become a worldwide fighter, you’ve got to stake your claim there. ‘His record is 4-2 on the road and he is undefeated here, so I know why he wants to fight me here. If Eddie Hearn and Carl Froch really want the fight, they can call my manger and let’s talk about it. ‘The UK is not out of the question so pick your phone up and let’s talk about it if you’re serious.’ Speaking about the potential destination of such a fight if it were in Britain, Ward was emphatic. ‘We would have to take it to Wembley,’ he added.

Kieron Pollard CMC KOLKATA, India West Indies all-rounder Kieron Pollard says he backed himself to play a match-winning role for Mumbai Indians as wickets tumbled around him in the finals of the Indian Premier League on Sunday. Pollard smashed an unbeaten 60, after Mumbai Indians had slumped to 52 for four, to setup a 23-run win over Dwayne Bravo’s Chennai Super Kings and claim their first IPL title.

“Nothing much was going on in my mind when wickets were tumbling. I just wanted to focus on my game. I just wanted to back myself and my ability,” said Pollard. “I know what the team needed from me at that point in time. These are the games that you have to win for your franchise and thank God it came off and we actually won”. Pollard has emerged as one of the most important players in the Mumbai Indians set-up this year. The Trinidadian allrounder has not only shone with bat and sometimes with ball, but he has been a gamechanger with his exceptional fielding as well, plucking certain sixes in midair. “This is a great feeling,” said Pollard who is joining the West Indies squad in the United Kingdom for the ICC Champions Trophy. “I have been playing for the Mumbai Indians for four years and to get this opportunity and to be able to

pull it off, it is fantastic. It is something I will cherish forever”. Sunday’s victory for Mumbai Indians was Pollard’s third win in major tournament finals over the last year. He was a part of the West Indies team that won the World T20 finals in Sri Lanka late last year and the Trinidad and Tobago outfit that Caribbean T20 title earlier this year. “It is a fantastic feeling. And that is what I was talking about before this final, that I have been in two winning finals before and I just wanted to keep that record going,” he told “And now in the next few days, we have another important tournament coming up, the Champions Trophy. We (West Indies) are looking forward to that as well. Dwayne Bravo is going to be our captain, and we are really enthusiastic about it and let us see if we (West Indies) can play good cricket and come out on top over there as well”.

Bravo wins Purple Cap for most wickets CMC KOLKATA, India - Newly appointed West Indies One Day International captain Dwayne Bravo has won the Purple Cap for taking the most wickets in this year’s Indian Premier League which ended Sunday. Bravo, who will lead the Caribbean side in the Champions Trophy beginning next week in the United Kingdom, was on song throughout the tournament and ended up claiming a staggering 32 wickets this season. Bravo has attributed his success to bowling more overs at the death. “This year what I did different was bowl more overs at the death. I have to give credit to Mahi (MS Dhoni) for having faith in me. I always love the challenge of bowling in the latter stages of the game when batsmen tend to go for it,” said Bravo in an interview with “So, I change the pace and use variations. I am happy that I was able to produce results with the ball for the team at crucial moments”. Bravo grabbed an impressive four wickets for 42 runs in his four overs for Chennai Super kings who lost to Mumbai Indians in the final of the IPL on Sunday. He was among several West Indians who struck form during the sixth season of the multi-million dollar tournament. Others included Darren Sammy for the

Dwayne Bravo Sunrisers Hyderabad, Sunil Narine with the Kolkata Knight Riders and Chris Gayle’s record breaking batting performances with the Royal Challengers Bangalore. “It is a good tournament for us West Indians, and we hope to continue doing well and are looking forward to the next IPL. Right now, it is good to have so many West Indians in form ahead of the Champions Trophy,” said the West Indian captain. “The shorter formats really suit us. And we just hope to come together as a team and try and bring these individual talents together and hope they perform”.

Ex-umpire Holder alleges fixing offer in 1993 ESPNcricinfo - Former international umpire John Holder has alleged that he was offered money to manipulate an ODI between Sri Lanka and Pakistan in Sharjah in 1993. “I was in Sharjah in 1993 for a one-day international series between Sri Lanka, West Indies and Pakistan,” Holder told BBC. “I was introduced to a man and

offered £10,000 [approx. US$ 15,000] to make sure Sri Lanka batsmen put on a partnership of 85. He told me his syndicate were involved in making money as the game fluctuates. I said ‘you’ve got the wrong person’.” Holder said he had reported the incident at the time. “Players and umpires who get involved in matchfixing have got to realise there’s no such thing as easy

money. Once you get into that, your career is ruined. I couldn’t live my life looking over my shoulder, and I’d always be remembered as a cheat, so I had to say no, and reported it.” The Barbadosborn Holder, who had played first-class cricket for Hampshire as a seamer between 1968 and 1972, stood in 11 Tests and 19 ODIs between 1988 and 2001.

Tuesday May 21, 2013

Kaieteur News

Berbice Universal DVD Titans defeat Georgetown Lions to retain T20 Independence cup Universal DVD Berbice Titans defeated the Georgetown Lions by four wickets with two overs to spare to take the honours when the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB), in collaboration with the Berbice Chamber of Commerce and Development Association (BCCDA) staged the 2nd annual Independence Cup 20/Twenty cricket championship at the Albion Sports Complex Ground, Sunday afternoon last. In front of the large and appreciative crowd, Georgetown Lions called correctly and took first strike. National opener, Trevon Griffith, was the first casualty, bowled by national pacer, Keon Joseph for a duck with the score on one. Precision bowling by the opposition made scoring difficult and at the end of the 10th over the Lions could only post 47 runs, while losing 5 wickets. National players Chatterpaul Hemraj and wicketkeeper Derwin Christian combined to repair the damage with the former batsman scoring an unbeaten 65 (5x6, 4x4) off 21 deliveries with support from the latter who contributed a swashbuckling 61(5x6, 4x4) which saw their team eventually posting 184-6 when their overs ran out. West Indies batsman, Christopher Barnwell contributed 17 and Andrew Lyte jr 15 to the total. The other fallen wickets were those of skipper Leon Johnson and Robin Bacchus. The wickets were shared between bowlers, Joseph, Eon Hooper,

Sewnarine Chattergoon and the West Indies spin pair, skipper Veersammy Permaul and Devendra Bishoo. Bowling to the Lions, Johnson led from in front with three wickets while there was one each for Williams, Griffith and Bacchus. Sewnarine Chattergoon (25) and Shimron Hetmyer (33) continued to plunder the bowling and together scored 19 off Shakeel Williams to reach 40 at the end of the second over. The Berbicians were 72-0 in the sixth over and were looking threatening when Johnson sent back both openers in the same over, but consistent batting by Assad Fudadin (28), Gajanand Singh (27), Jonathan Foo (12) and Rajiv Ivan (19*) saw the Titans over the line in 18 overs. In an earlier semifinal affair, the Titans defeated fellow Berbice team Karibee Rice Boys after the latter team won the toss and decided to bat. They reached 92-8 in their 15 overs with Karamchand Surujnarine 34(2x6), Jason Sinclair (15*) and Keith Fraser (15), the main contributors. Permaul and Bishoo snared 2 each while Joseph, Chattergoon and Hooper took one apiece. The Titans lost their first wicket off the first delivery off pacer, Michael Newland but Chattergoon and Fudadin consolidated in an unbeaten partnership where the former player contributed 65 and the latter 29 to take the match. The second semifinal saw East Coast Jaguars batting first against Georgetown

Lions and notching 102-2 after viable contributions from Anthony Ifill (33), Surujpaul Deosarran (28) and Krishna Deosarran (19). The Lions then lashed off the total in 8.5 overs with Chris Barnwell, playing his first game since returning from his IPL stint, clobbering 49(6x6), while Lyte lashed 37 (4x6, 1x4) in an unbroken 3rd wicket partnership that netted 97 runs. The presentation ceremony followed immediately afterwards and Berbice Titans were presented with the winning prize of one trophy and $300,000 donated by Managing Director (Trophy Stall), Ramesh Sunich. The two losing semifinalists also received cash prizes and trophies. Chanderpaul Hemraj collected two trophies for the man of the match and the highest scorer in the finals (65*), respectively. Leon Johnson was adjudged the best bowler (3-30) and was duly rewarded, while Shimron Hetmyer received a special prize for being the youngest player in the tournament. Several Berbice businesses donated special incentives for boundaries struck and wickets taken by members of the Titans. The activity was declared opened by Regional Chairman David Armogan who congratulated the organizers for their foresight and a job well done, while there were also short addresses by BCB president Keith Foster and BCCDA head Mark Roopnarine.

The winning Berbice Universal DVD Titans Team celebrate with trophy after the presentation.

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Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ National Playoffs

East Coast teams dominate semi-final line-up -Tournament was expected to conclude last night

Part of the action in this year’s Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ National Playoffs which is being played at the Banks DIH Car Park. In what was clearly a turn of events, both East Coast Demerara representatives, reigning champions Plaisance and runner-up Victoria Church Yard produced impressive performances to qualify for the semi-finals of the Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ National Playoffs when action continued on Sunday evening, at the Banks DIH Car Park, Ruimveldt. The other two teams making it to the final four, which was expected to be played last night, included Guyana’s representative at the inaugural Caribbean Championship Back Circle, who once again proved that they are the most consistent team in the format, while Linden champions Silver Bullets, also showcased their skills and solidity as a unit for the second night in a

row. The semi-final matchups will see Victoria Church Yard United, who ended second in Group A take on Group B winners Back Circle, while Group A points leaders Silver Bullets go up against Group B runner-up Plaisance with both games anticipated to produce riveting action. The third place and final will commence shortly after the completion of the semifinals. In Sunday night’s results: Game 1- Hard Core 0 v/s Victoria Church Yard 0 Goal Scorers Hard Core Bar won on penalties 4-3 Game 2- Plaisance 3 v/s Millennium 1 Goal Scorers Plaisance Warren Gilkes 12th & 20th min Teyon Esmond 17th min

Millennium Orland Angus 4th min Game 3- Back Circle 3 v/ s Silent Assassins 0 Goal Scorers Back Circle Wayne Wilson 3rd min Andy Duke 8th & 19th min Game 4-Silver Bullets 2 v/s Leopold Street United Goal Scorer Silver Bullets Nigel Bennette 8th min Clifton Alley 14th min Meanwhile, in the two exhibition games that opened the night’s proceedings, Guinness Bar beat Oasis Taxi 3-0 with Dennis Edwards 8th & 17th min and Steve Bacchus 13th min, the players on target, while Banks DIH cruised to a 2-0 triumph over the Media. The goalscorers were Leroy Lindey 11th min and A. Moses 16th min.

NADAL RALLIES, ADVANCE AT FRENCH OPEN PARIS (AP) — Seven-time champion Rafael Nadal was in an unfamiliar position on Monday in the first round of the French Open. He was trailing. Bighitting Daniel Brands of Germany was swinging for the fences and hitting a lot of home runs. But Nadal found his groove down 3-0 in the second-set tiebreak and then went on to a difficult 4-6, 7-6 (7-4), 6-4, 6-3 victory. Nadal, who has lost only 15 sets at Roland Garros, runs his record here to 53-1. He’s 37-2 since returning in February after a seven-month layoff because of a left knee injury, reaching the finals at all eight previous

tournaments he played this year and winning six. Earlier, former French Open champion Li Na started fast to beat a nemesis. The 2011 titlist raced to a 4-love lead after 20 minutes and defeated Anabel Medina Garrigues 6-3, 6-4 in the first round. Seeded No. 6, Li came into the match 0-3 on clay against Medina Garrigues but broke serve six times and came forward aggressively, winning 13 of 16 points at the net. No. 4 Agnieszka Radwanska defeated Shahar Peer 6-1, 6-1 in 57 minutes. Radwanska, last year’s Wimbledon runner-up, played for the first time since

withdrawing before last week’s Brussels tournament with a recurrence of the right shoulder injury that has bothered her the past couple of years. She’ll next play American Mallory Burdette, who won in her Roland Garros debut Sunday. Radwanska was asked what she knew about her second-round opponent. Caroline Wozniacki earned her first win since the Family Circle Cup in April, rolling over Laura Robson of Britain 6-3, 6-2. Nick Kyrgios, at 18 the youngest player in the men’s draw, made a successful Grand Slam debut by beating 34-year-old Radek Stepanek (Continued on page 25)

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Tuesday May 21, 2013

Tuesday May 28, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Protests over murdered British soldier, pressure on Cameron (Reuters) - Around a thousand far-right protesters shouting “Muslim killers, off our streets” marched through central London on Monday against a backdrop of swelling anti-Muslim feeling following the killing of a British soldier last week. Lee Rigby, a 25-year-old soldier, was hacked to death in broad daylight in a south London street by two men who said they killed him in the name of Islam. The attack has shocked Britain and stirred an anti-Muslim backlash, including attacks on mosques. In a tense but largely peaceful demonstration, supporters of the far-right English Defence League (EDL) rallied in London outside Prime Minister David Cameron’s residence waving placards and shouting antiIslamic obscenities. “Islamic extremism is probably the number one threat to Britain,” said one protester, Ben Gates. Other demonstrators chanted “Muslim bombers off our streets”. Another protester, Samuel Hames, said, of Rigby: “He survived his tour of foreign lands and comes home to his family and what happened to him is disgusting.” Nearly 2,000 people marched at a similar demonstration in the northern city of Newcastle on Saturday. Two men were arrested overnight for throwing firebombs at an Islamic cultural center in Grimsby, in the northeast of England. Similar attacks were recorded last week. As anti-racist groups warned there could be more reprisals, Cameron came under intense pressure on Monday for going on holiday, with pictures of him relaxing in Ibiza prompting

‘Unite Against Fascism’ demonstrators shout across police lines at ‘English Defence League ‘ demonstrators, during a protest in Whitehall, organised following the recent killing of British soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich, in London May 27, 2013. REUTERS/Luke MacGregor

newspapers to question his leadership at a time of unease. “Is Ibiza chillaxed (relaxed) enough for you, Prime Minister?” asked the right-wing Daily Mail newspaper. Faith Matters, a charity working to defuse religious tensions, said it had registered a spike in reports of Islamophobic attacks in calls to its hotline, describing incidents as “very focused, very aggressive attacks”. Two war memorials in London were vandalized with red graffiti overnight, including the word ‘Islam’ spray-painted onto one monument. Suspects Michael Adebolajo, 28, and Michael Adebowale, 22, allegedly ran over Rigby with a car near his army barracks and butchered him with knives. Police shot the two, and they remain

under armed guard in separate London hospitals. In a dramatic video clip shot by an onlooker and shown on British television, one of the two men, his hands bloodied, says he killed the soldier in retaliation for the deaths of Muslims killed by British troops in faraway lands. Police have arrested 10 people in connection with the murder. Three people have been released on bail. The attack prompted an emotional outpouring of sympathy in Britain, with wellwishers laying hundreds of flowers in the street where Rigby was killed. But some were openly angry. “We’ve had enough of our soldiers being abused... We’d had enough of the plots and the violence,” EDL wrote on its website. In an attempt to counter

the right-wing rally, antifascist group Unite Against Racism held its own demonstration nearby but was heavily outnumbered by EDL protesters. A handful of

far-right demonstrators threw bottles and coins at the antifascist rally. Police vans and officers blocked the two groups from approaching each other. “They are a

minority and a very scary growing minority,” an antiEDL protester who gave her name as Clara said. “I feel ashamed to be a Londoner today. This is disgusting.”

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GDA qualifies for WDF Championships Contrary to a previous press release, The Guyana Darts Association (GDA) can now participate in the upcoming World Darts Federation (WDF) Championship to be held in St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada in October of this year. The President of the WDF had misinformed the GDA on the rules of eligibility. Local player Colin France voiced his doubts about the rules and contact was made to the secretary of the Caribbean Darts Organisation who then contacted the President of the WDF and was also referred to the said incorrect rules. These rules also placed all the Caribbean and South American Territories in the

same plight as Guyana. This was pointed out to the WDF President who then admitted that he had forwarded the European version of the rules rather than the WDF Universal rules which allows all financial member countries to participate in WDF world tournaments. Meanwhile, The GDA has been informed that top local player Sudesh Fitzgerald has withdrawn from the team of players who qualified through trials, citing personal reasons. The GDA has also decided further trials and practice sessions will be held in order finalise and fine tune the four member men’s team for this tournament.

Trophy Stall sponsors Draughts competition

The Guyana Draughts Association will be holding a National Draughts competition on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd of June 2013 at the National Gymnasium, Mandela Avenue, Georgetown. On Saturday the B competition will be played, while on Sunday the top six qualifiers from the B division will join the A players for the final showdown. Registration starts at

09:00 hrs, while the competition commences at 10:00 hrs. Entrance fee is $300 per player (and not three thousand as was mistakenly reported). The games will be played on the sixty four square boards. At stake are trophies donated by Trophy Stall Bourda Market. Clubs and individual players’ countrywide are invited to participate; players are reminded to be on time.

TT Karate Federation set standards for foreign instructors Many karate instructors from the USA have seen their applications to conduct seminars in Trinidad and Tobago rejected because of non-qualification. In the past anyone could have made claim to high rank etc and was allowed in the country. However, according to a release from the TTFF, ‘Many of them were fakes.’ The Trinidad and Tobago Karate Federation (TTKF) has set the same standards for guest instructors as for local teachers. In addition to recognised Black Belt grades, all guest instructors must have graduated from a recognised coaching course like the American Sport Education Programme

(ASEP), have a valid CPR/First Aid certification and pass a criminal background check. TTKF top instructors like Darryl Williams, Anthony Parris, Michael Cromwell, Maureen Springer and Lex Springer have all met or surpassed the requirements. They also are invited abroad to conduct workshops and seminars at home and abroad. The TTKF has always been an advocate of Continuing Education regarding all martial arts. TTKF credentials are well recognised and they continue to be a guiding light for karate and other martial arts in the region.

Tuesday May 21, 2013

Brazil star Neymar signs five-year deal with Spanish giants Barcelona Daily Mail - Spanish champions Barcelona have agreed the signing of Brazil striker Neymar from Santos. The 21-year-old will sign a five-year contract, the club said, with the player confirming he will sign his contract on Monday. A Barcelona statement read: ‘FC Barcelona and Santos have agreed to terms for Neymar da Silva Santos Junior. The Brazilian forward will don the Blaugrana strip for the next five seasons. The 21year old is one of the most promising footballers on the planet.’ Neymar had been considering his future after his club Santos revealed on Friday they had accepted two offers for their star player, with Barca confirmed as one of the bidders and Real Madrid widely assumed to be the other. Neymar has confirmed his decision, writing on Instagram: ‘I’m here with friends and family and they have helped me to write a few things here. I’m not going to hold out until Monday. My family and friends already know my decision. ‘On Monday I will sign a contract with Barcelona.’ The 21-year-old’s contract at Santos was due to expire at the end of next season and some reports had suggested an agreement with Barcelona was reached as much as a year ago. Now the move has been confirmed. Neymar wrote: ‘I want to

Neymar (right) in action during a club match. (AFP Getty Images)

thank the fans of Santos for these incredible nine years. My feeling for the club and the fans will never change. It is eternal! ‘Only a club like Santos FC could give me everything I have experienced on and off the field. I thank the wonderful fans who supported me even in the most difficult moments. ‘Titles, goals, dribbling, celebrations and songs that fans created for me will be forever in my heart...’ Neymar said goodbye to the Santos fans at Sunday’s season-opening game against Flamengo. In a statement, Santos said they had made every effort to keep hold of the player. It read: ‘The management committee of Santos FC announces that it has received notification from

the athlete Neymar Jr advising that he has decided to accept the proposal of Barcelona. The transfer of playmaker to the Spanish team will be sealed in the coming days. ‘After refusing a offers of many millions for Neymar Jr since mid-2010, and implemented a career plan that allowed his historic stay in Brazil for several years, bucking the trend of Brazilian football to quickly sell its greatest talents, Santos FC finally agreed to sell. ‘Every effort was made to keep him in Brazil as long as possible, even offering to renew the current contract, which ended in July 2014. At this time, however, it was not possible to compete with the terms offered from abroad, which affected the decision of

the player to review his professional life. ‘Due to the confidentiality agreement, and by mutual agreement, the terms of the transfer will not be disclosed by any of the parties.’ Barcelona assistant boss Jordi Roura refused to be be drawn on the progress of Barcelona’s chase on Friday, but acknowledged the talent of the player, who already has more than 30 international caps. ‘Let things run their course,’ he said. ‘He’s a spectacular player and any club would want him.’ Neymar is a superstar in Brazil, and his departure will be a big blow to fans of Santos, who had hoped he might stay until after next year ’s World Cup in the country.

Froch sets sights on another Ward rematch after beating Kessler Daily Mail - No sooner had he taken one considerable step on his road to redemption, Carl Froch immediately began mapping out how to take the giant leap required to reach his final destination. The 35-year-old super middleweight triumphed at London’s O2 Arena on Saturday night, unanimously outpointing Mikkel Kessler over 12 brutal but thrilling rounds. And having avenged one defeat, Froch made it clear that he wants a return with American Andre Ward, the only other man to have beaten him as a professional. ‘I said before this fight that the winner should really be concentrating on moving on and my only other loss

Froch won the hard fought contest by scores of 118-110, 116112 and 115-113 (Nick Potts PA Wire)

was against pound-forpound number two in the world Andre Ward,’ Froch, who added the WBA belt to his IBF strap, told Sky Box Office. ‘What a fantastic fighter

he is and a great, great champion, but he is there to be beaten. ‘But not over in America let’s get him over here. I went over to America and now let’s get him over to England.’

The defeats earlier in his career will seem a distant memory for Froch, who has fought on another level in his last three contests. The victory, by margins (Continued on page 26)

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