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Thousands attend Independence Anniversary celebrations

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President Ramotar inspects the Guard of Honour on arrival at the National Park

Arsonist Independence U.S. stings firebombs Anniversary affords Guyana on hairdresser's a review of Guyana's Human premises, car forward movement Rights again Pg 2

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Happy 46th Independence Anniversary

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Saturday May 26, 2012

Arsonist firebombs hairdresser's premises, car A deliberate attack on the home of a Georgetown hairdresser has left the woman counting her losses. The attack in the form of a fire bomb, destroyed her motor vehicle, and caused serious damage to the front of her home. Around 2:45 hours yesterday, Odessa Wills, who resides at Lot 12 Norton Street, Wortmanville, said that she saw a man running

away from her premises seconds before noticing flames emanating from the right side of her Toyota Avensis PNN 7144. Wills is the proprietrix of Odessa's Beauty Salon located at Orange Walk, Georgetown. The woman who occupies the lower flat of the two-storey house, said that early that morning she heard the alarm on her vehicle go off about three

times. She said that she kept turning it off on each occasion, using the remote. She said after the third alarm she went to the window at the front of the house. The woman said she thought it was a dog playing around the vehicle, setting off the alarm. But after looking through the window, Wills said she noticed a man in the yard. The woman said she quickly pulled back so

she would not be noticed by the unknown person. The next time Wills said she looked through the w i n d o w, s h e s a w t h e individual running away and flames coming from the right side of her car. The gate was open. Wills said she quickly exited the house and raised an alarm bringing neighbours to her assistance. The attack destroyed the

The house and the car that was damaged by the firebomb vehicle. The building was also scorched in parts. No one was hurt during the incident. Wills said she may know the person who orchestrated the mischievous act against her. According to the hairdresser, about a week ago, she had a run in at her business place with a young woman. Wills said that the person came to her business place and caused disruptions.They had a misunderstanding which ended up in a fight. Wills said that she sustained injuries. When asked, the hairdresser said that she believes that the problem at her business was enough to

spark the attack on her home. The woman added that she reported the incident to the police, but to date, there has been no action. The woman has not been arrested or charged. The police however said that the suspect fingered by Wills had not been located. They further said that they are aware of the woman's report and are looking into the matter. Wills said she is also fearful for her life and has since left her premises. It is understood that only two months ago repairs were done to the home; having been painted along with internal upgrade. Investigations into the attack are ongoing.

Saturday May 26, 2012

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Thousands attend Independence Anniversary celebrations T

housands of G u y a n e s e flocked the National Park last evening to witness the hoisting of the Golden Arrowhead on the occasion of the 46th anniversary of the country's independence. The annual event produced a fusion of cultural and military performances. An estimated 500 children were drawn from various dance schools and

organisations to display the country's past, present and future. Before the arrival of President Donald Ramotar and his wife, Deolatchmee, the crowd was treated to one of the most interactive entertainment programmes in recent times. Performances were by the flamboyant Charmain Blackman, who generated energy in the crowd with her cantankerous hit “Gi dem

mo fi talk.” Adrian Dutchin had the crowd singing to all of his hit tunes, including the infectious “I am a Guyanese.” There were also performances by the finalists of GT&T's dance competition “Feel the beat.” And there was the Nyrityageet Dance Troup just out of an annual stage presentation to perform one of the dances it presented to

Part of last night’s cultural presentation

the nation recently. Top calypsonians Young Bill Rogers and Teneisha DeFreitas, along with soca queen Vanilla, added to the night's entertainment. With the arrival of the President and First Lady, the Yoruba singers, who are celebrating their 41st

anniversary, performed a medley of songs. This was followed by the Region Ten choir the winners of the National Choir competition. Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Dr Frank Anthony introduced the President and he gave a speech that was about 30

minutes. That was followed by the cultural performance and a display by the Army and Police. There was no announcement of national awards. President Ramotar then witnessed the hoisting of the National Flag at midnight.

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Guyana after 46 years Forty-six years ago today, Guyana lowered the Union Jack for the last time and hoisted in its place, the Golden Arrowhead. The nation was following in the footsteps of Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica. They had gained their independence four years earlier. In the last days as a colony there were fears that the colony would not have survived as a nation given that everything was rooted in the Mother Country. Every export left for England; the major companies were almost all British with the exception of the bauxite companies and education development was still as British as it could get. There was already internal self government so the Parliament was intact but the law enforcers were all still answerable to the Monarchy. There were minor obstacles that the country had to overcome. But first there was need to develop in people a sense of national pride. A flag and a national anthem were but mere symbols of nationhood. There was need for people to feel as though they really belonged to this piece of land called Guyana. It has taken all of four decades but many people are still to see that their destiny rests in Guyana. After all those years people are still designing their education for a life outside Guyana. Even pupils would insist that they are going to work and live overseas. Such is the power of that overseas pull that not only does every Guyanese household have someone living in the Diaspora, but also, the culture has been supplanted by what was the case. When Guyana became independent it had just emerged from a civil war that lasted two years. There was ethnic distrust and above all property damage in a poor country was huge. The loss of life was also not insignificant. In the ensuing years edifices that were monuments to the post independence era began to emerge. There were the Pegasus, the Bank of Guyana and the new international airport that is now known as the Cheddi Jagan International Airport. There was this continued rush to develop the country. The government built a highway linking the city with the bauxite community, thus ending hours of tedious travel by boat. Many things happened in the years after independence. On the administrative front the Queen still had a representative in the person of a Governor General who had replaced the Governor. This remained until Guyana became a Republic and really began to manage its own affairs. The four decades have passed and Guyana remains poor. Other countries that were at the same level Guyana was when it became independent are now among the richest in the world. Singapore is just one and its history makes for remarkable reading. Unlike Guyana, it had no natural resources but it had a leader that was nationalistic, one who was prepared to recognize the shortcomings and work to correct them. Like Guyana, Singapore had ethnic problems but rather than let it be a hindrance, the leader made it a significant factor in national development. Unlike Guyana where ethnic differences and conflicts still continue to stultify development, Singapore has been able to use its people to help develop the future generation. Guyana has had its pluses, though. It kept producing brilliant people but unlike Singapore, it kept losing these people to the developed world. The Guyanese did not develop the sense of nationalism. Singapore was able to keep its brilliant people. There were many things that worked against Guyana, most of them of our making. There were other factors. For example, the colonial master never gave Guyana the golden handshake that some countries got at independence. It has been 46 years and not much has changed for the better. The education system has declined, sugar that was once king is now a pauper as is bauxite, cocaine has become a major export, murders are more common, and our political leaders are still not sure that they want to bridge the ethnic divide.

Saturday May 26, 2012

Letters... Where your views make the news

Does Donald Ramotar possess the courage and self-confidence to go to war with the Jagdeoites? DEAR EDITOR, Recent decisions by the Ramotar administration strongly suggest the President is not in control of the decision-making process of his government and confirm that he lacks the depth and fearlessness to make decisions that benefit the country and his party. Donald Ramotar is controlled by the Jagdeoites surrounding him. He cannot escape from their clutches because he lacks the boldness to do so and because he is not confident of his abilities to make decisions independent of this bunch. The decision to challenge the paramountcy of Parliament on the constitution of its committees and the current decision to appeal the Chief J u s t i c e ’s r u l i n g t h a t Parliament makes its own rules clearly expose Donald Ramotar. Cheddi and Janet Jagan, Forbes Burnham and Desmond Hoyte would have never made a fool of themselves with such a

challenge to begin with. Anil Nandlall would have been chased out of their offices if he proposed such a ludicrous tactic. In fact, Nandlall would never have been selected as Attorney General under a Jagan, Hoyte or Burnham government and he is proving exactly why with his recent court challenges, which amount to clutching at straws and throwing things at a wall hoping something would stick. Cheddi, Janet, Desmond and Forbes would have put a stop to this nonsense even before it started. Because these individuals were brilliant minds and thinkers, albeit ideologically trapped, they feared intellectual embarrassment. Only leaders like Jagdeo and Ramotar would ever think it fit to challenge the paramountcy of Parliament in this fashion. It gets even more ridiculous now with the decision to challenge Parliament’s budget cuts in court. How dumb is this move after the same court

just a few weeks ago stated Parliament has the right to govern its own affairs? All these challenges are doing is confirming the paramountcy of Parliament, heaping shame upon the PPP and proving the opposition was right. Even worse, an external court, in the Caribbean Court of Justice, could actually enlarge the Chief Justice’s decision to grant Parliament even more powers as a firm and final rebuke to the PPP’s stupid challenges. Donald Ramotar came to the presidency as a personally decent and likeable man. Cheddi and Janet Jagan never saw Ramotar as leadership material and his performance as President signals why. Jagdeo’s minions overwhelmingly influence Ramotar. Minority governments facing opposition-controlled Parliaments need tactful, diplomatic, quick-thinking, intellectually agile Presidents with strategic savvy and charisma because those governments must

constantly seek to convert their minority into a majority. If faced with the results of the last election in Ramotar’s shoes, the Jagans, Burnham and Hoyte would have made radical changes, because in their academic prowess and political acumen they knew that to repeat the same cycle by putting the same charlatans in the same positions would lead to further rejection. Ramotar, prodded by Jagdeo, went in the opposite direction. The result is that the PPP has gone quiet as a church mouse with the snap election talk because their internal polling is showing bigger losses for the PPP in any such event. Because Donald Ramotar lacked the courage to change direction, the PPP is bleeding and it is now afraid of calling an election and losing even more votes than 2011. The President does not possess and formulate the grand ideas for this nation. The Jagans, Burnham and (Continued on page 24)

Saturday May 26, 2012

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

Why can’t public figures come We are today a free, independent clean about the public’s business? and democratic society DEAR EDITOR, Your perceptive editorial, “A threat to invoke the courts again,” (KN, May 25), which follows closely on the heels of these related news stories, “Government going to court over OP budget cuts,” (KN, May 24); “Government to ask Appeal Court to review Chief Justice Ruling,” (KN, May 22); “AG challenges Opposition to move to court on NICIL,” (KN, May 21), may be an indicator of either desperation in or deviousness of the ruling PPP as it struggles with being a minority government and being held publicly accountable. If it is desperation, then the PPP probably does not want to be exposed for fear of losing the trust of more supporters. If it is deviousness, then it confirms the PPP as a dictatorial party that cannot work with anyone unless it is in absolute control. Regardless of which it is, the nation should allow the process to unfold as the parliamentary opposition takes a lead role in helping to hold the regime accountable. It would also be in the President’s personal and political interest to facilitate this process if he intends to distinguish his government from his predecessor ’s.

Otherwise, these myriad attempts by the PPP to run to the courts to interfere with the process could backfire on the President’s credibility as the change candidate, even if snap elections is the end game objective. The President has to know by now most PPP supporters knew of the Jagdeo era shenanigans, and that some supporters may have cast ‘protest votes’ for the AFC aimed at sending the PPP a message. These supporters, like most Guyanese, want to see some changes in the way government does business, and it is not helpful to the government to appear as resisting change by running to the courts to maintain the status quo. On the other hand, if the PPP’s court moves are aimed at confusing the parliamentary opposition, forcing them to play a guessing game and wearing them out so they would give up on their quest for accountability and responsibility, it is still missing the point about why the voters’ decision on November 28, 2011, resulted in a PPP minority government and a majority parliamentary opposition. This is why the parliamentary opposition

must also keep the public apprised of every development by taking advantage of every private media house and making community visits. Develop a core message about accountability and responsibility, stick to it, repeat it often and over time, it will resonate with enough Guyanese so they will either understand the game the PPP is playing and be ready if the PPP calls snap elections by pinning blame on the parliamentary opposition. Meanwhile, the NICIL nightmare continues to haunt the PPP. Despite the orchestrated staging of a TV debate or discussion on NCN about NICIL, the truth is, Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh, and NICIL Executive Director, Mr. Winston Brassington still have not told the viewership and nation how much money exactly NICIL is sitting on or produced a list of its current investments. And apart from NICIL absurdly saying it has a right (Continued on page 24)

DEAR EDITOR, Today marks 46 years since Guyana gained political independence from Britain after some 150 years of British colonial rule. Most Guyanese today would not have been around at the time of independence or would have been too young to know what life was like during precolonial days. Those familiar with our political history would know that independence was not granted to this country without a hard struggle led by the People’s Progressive Party. From its very inception as a political party, the PPP called for internal selfgovernment and a whollyelected Legislature. The Party then took the struggle to a higher level by lobbying the international community and the United Nations for political independence. Several marches and

demonstrations took place to press the British Government to grant independence to the country, which finally took place on May 26, 1966, but only after the PPP was removed from government due to what former British Prime Minister Harold Wilson described as a “fiddled constitutional arrangement”. The British Government, under pressure from the United States, deliberately withheld political independence despite an earlier commitment given that whichever political party won the 1961 elections would have had the honour of leading an independent Guyana. The United States, mainly out of ideological and geo-strategic

reasons, preferred an independent Guyana without the PPP at the political helm as documented by Arthur Schlesinger Jr. Presidential Advisor to President Kennedy in his book “A Thousand Days in the White House”: “Then in May 1962, Burnham came to Washington. He appeared an intelligent man, insisting on his “Socialism” and “Neutralism” but stoutly anticommunist…. In the meantime, events have convinced us that Jagan, though perhaps not a disciplined communist, had that kind of deep procommunist emotion which (Continued on page 24)

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Saturday May 26, 2012

U.S. stings Guyana on Laws on criminal penalties for Human Rights again corruption not being implemented The U.S. State Department has again rapped Guyana for its human rights record. The 2011 report on Human Rights Practices by the State Department that the most serious human rights abuses involved complaints of mistreatment of suspects and detainees by security forces, unlawful killings by police, and poor prison and jail conditions. Other human rights problems highlighted in the report included lengthy pretrial detention; allegations of government corruption, including among police officials; sexual and domestic violence against women; and abuse of minors. The State Department noted that there were no independent and transparent procedures for handling allegations of killings and other abuses by security force members. “Prosecutions when pursued were extremely lengthy, and convictions were rare. As a result there was a widespread perception that security force members enjoyed impunity,” the report, released Thursday, stated. The report noted the five fatal police shootings

recorded by the Guyana Human Rights Association. The State Department took note of reports alleging mistreatment of inmates by prison officials as well as allegations of police abuse of suspects and detainees. During 2011, the report noted that the Police Complaints Authority (PCA) received 11 complaints of unnecessary use of violence. “Local media reported several cases of random police brutality, arrest, and interrogation prior to investigation,” the report stated. The State Department took note of the September 9 case when a policeman allegedly pointed a gun at, beat, and then arrested a taxi driver Claude Bristol for driving away from the police following a traffic stop. It noted that authorities charged Detective Corporal Ricardo Inniss on February 1 with the December 2010 rape of a 21-year-old woman in custody at the Turkeyen Police Station, the case was subsequently dismissed. The report also took note of the fact that on January 14, after the witnesses failed to appear, the court dismissed

Teen succumbs after delivering twins A young mother died at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC)’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) one day after giving birth to twins. Samantha James, 18, of Soesdyke reportedly gave birth to two babies on Tuesday last and succumbed the following day. According to information, the young mother had a normal delivery, but her

condition took a turn for the worse a few hours later. One of the babies remained in the hospital’s maternity ward while the other is said to be in the ICU. Relatives of the 18-yearold mother have refused to comment. The hospital, when contacted, said that whenever there is a maternal death, the institution will investigate, and this will take at least one week.

the high-profile case against three police officers for maliciously wounding three suspects during a murder investigation in 2009. The State Department declared that prison and jail conditions were poor and deteriorating, particularly in police holding cells, where capacity and resource constraints were a problem. The Guyana Prison Service (GPS) reported that as of October 31, there were 1,962 prisoners in five facilities, which had a combined design capacity of 1,580, the State Department noted. A total of 997 prisoners were in Georgetown’s Camp Street Prison, which was designed to hold 775 inmates, the report stated, noting that overcrowding was in large part due to a backlog of pretrial detainees, who constituted approximately 39 percent of the total prison population. The report noted that prisoners have access to potable water, and government medical officers visit each prison on a monthly basis. In addition, a medical team consisting of a medical examiner, registered nurses, and assistant nurses provide daily treatment and monitor the sick as advised by the medical doctors. The State Department noted that there were 88 female prisoners, all at the New Amsterdam prison, while authorities held some female detainees temporarily at the East La Penitence Police Station. Unlike in past years, when all newly hired prison guards received limited human rights training from the Guyana Human Rights Association, the association was not invited to conduct training during the year, the US State Department noted. Although precinct jails were intended to serve only as pretrial holding areas, some suspects were detained there for as long as two years, awaiting judicial action on their cases.

The U.S. Government has said that the Guyana Government is not implementing the law that could see criminal penalties for officials involved in corruption. “The law provides for criminal penalties for official corruption; however, the government did not implement the law effectively,” declared the U.S. State Department in its 2011 report on Human Rights Practices. The report noted that there is a widespread public perception of serious corruption in the government, including the law enforcement and the judicial systems. The U.S. State Department noted that in 2011 there were reports alleging Government corruption and complacency in enforcing these laws with respect to officials engaged in corrupt practices. The report, released Thursday, noted that the World Bank’s Worldwide Governance Indicators reflected that government corruption was a serious problem. The State

- US State Department Department cited low wages among police and other public servants as contributing to the incidence of bribery. The report noted that public officials are subject to financial disclosure laws and are required to submit information about personal assets to the Integrity Commission, but compliance was uneven, and the Commission had no resources for enforcement or investigations. On September 27, the President assented to the Access to Information Act, intended to promote transparency and accountability in the working of the government and public authorities. The new law was intended to provide for the first time that persons may secure access to information under the control of public authorities and for the appointment of a Commissioner of Information. By year’s end, however,

implementing regulations had not been issued nor had a commissioner been appointed. The Bill was never assented to. The State Department noted that in August a senior member of the Guyana Police Force alleged that many officers had connections to drug dealers, and authorities began an investigation. In October, the Crime Chief submitted a report to the Minister of Home Affairs, “who considered it but took no action by year’s end,” the report stated. It was Assistant Police Commissioner Steve Merai, now retired, who made bold statements about the involvement of Senior Police Officers in drug trafficking. When the report of the investigation was submitted to him, Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee, said that Merai had more questions to answer, and nothing was heard from him since on the matter.

CDC trains 38 in Disaster Risk Management in Region Two Thirty-eight persons in Region Two, representing six entities, were trained in Disaster Risk Reduction and Management by the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) from May 15, 2012 last at Anna Regina, Essequibo Coast. The training was provided in collaboration with the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) which has its Coastal Battalion headquartered on the Essequibo Coast. Thirtyone of the participants were from the GDF. The others included the Chairman of the Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) and representatives from the Guyana Police Force, the Guyana Fire Service, the Regional Public Health Service, and the Charity Hospital. As part of its mandate the GDF Coastal Battalion is

expected to play a critical role in the execution of Disaster Risk Management (DRM) and response activities in the communities where they are operational in the event of emergencies or disasters. During intense interactive sessions, the participants studied modules presented on Data Gathering, Disaster Risk Management in Guyana, Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis Systems in Guyana, and Teamwork. They were evaluated at the end of each presentation and were also engaged in a field exercise which required a demonstration of the lessons learnt, particularly as it related to damage assessment. According to CDC’s Operations and Training Officer, Major Kester Craig, the results were pleasing

though he acknowledged that it could have been better had the training been scheduled over a greater number of days. “The participants were enthusiastic and were successful at identifying vulnerabilities and hazards affecting the Anna Regina community,” he said. “This is critical for any layman to be able to do and much more so, Disaster Risk Management personnel who are required to take action during calamitous occurrences. Once they know what the hazards and vulnerabilities are, they can at the basic level, take a common-sense approach to helping to reduce the risk,” he added. Major Craig said that several persons have been identified for further training which will be geared toward enabling them to become instructors. They will then be able to continue training in the region. The DRM training was conducted in the context of Civil-Military (Civ-Mil) capacity building which is the rationale for the involvement of members from the Joint Services and civil institutions. He noted that in Guyana, the primary hazard which is flooding, often demands CivMil collaboration. Particularly since the combination of skill sets is extremely valuable, especially when one considers the response requirements for personnel and equipment. The training is to be replicated in Regions Three and Six as early as next month.

Saturday May 26, 2012

Kaieteur News

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46th Independence Anniversary…

Head of State plugs less divisiveness, more maturity Head of State, President Donald Ramotar, has challenged Guyanese to set aside partisan interests for the greater good of the country. In his maiden Independence Day speech to thousands of citizens at the traditional flag-raising celebrations at the National Park, the official announced plans to create village hubs as part of the country’s economic growth. “We need to safeguard our freedoms, defend our democracy and allow the ingenuity and resourcefulness of our people to flourish. A great Guyana will not be measured only in terms of what we build and what we create but also in our character as a nation, including our ability and willingness to set aside narrow interests for the greater good of all Guyana,” he said. The call would come at a time when the ruling People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/ C) has for the first time since seizing continuous power in 1992, not have a Parliamentary majority. He stayed away from taking shots at the opposition APNU and AFC Village hubs Explaining the village concept, Ramotar said that it is important to create the conditions for the full participation of the people in the work of their own areas. “Here I am not only speaking about municipalities and Neighbourhood Democratic areas, but also of the village. We want to see every village, every nook and cranny having a vibrant economy. We will work toward breathing new life into our village economies so as to increase economic activities, provide jobs within

villages for residents, promote inter-village economic exchanges and encourage the growth of businesses, large and small, including cottage industries.” It is the hope that villages will become vibrant hubs of development, borrowing on the successful experiences and best practices of other countries. “I believe that this revitalisation will help to reduce rural unemployment and poverty. We have to make our communities safer and equipped to contribute to enhanced quality of life for residents. Improved quality of life cannot just be measured in terms of material possessions but must also address the need for recreation and the development of the artistic talents of everyone.” According to the President, special attention will be paid to improving the physical well being of communities and to develop the skills and talents of residents. “Through our e-learning programme, we eventually hope to develop a national database that would catalogue the various resources and skills available within all communities so as to allow for greater utilization of these skills. As we revitalize our communities we will be linking them through an improved road network system.” Partnerships He referred to the ongoing road works taking place on the East Bank and East Coast Demerara to create the fourlane highways. Ramotar also plugged greater public/private partnerships. “We have seen this model successfully being

- touts village hubs for job creation implemented within the health sector where we have teamed up with private health care providers to offer specialty services.” An example of this will be the specialty hospital planned for Turkeyen. “I envisage the day is not far off when Guyanese would no longer have to fly overseas to seek medical attention since all of the specialist

health care services would be available locally. We can do this through partnerships that allow us to source the skills and expertise of foreign and local professionals in hospitals in which the government has a stake.” Land, he said has already been identified. “People for us come first and everything we do is intended to redound to the

benefit of the people of this country. We are interested in ensuring the best for our people. But in order to do so we need to reduce the level of political animosity in our midst.” He said the 2011 national elections have created new challenges to all the leaders of the country. “It is a time to show maturity and to put the interest of our country and

our people ahead of narrow self-interests. No matter what side of the political divide we are on, let us remember that forty-six years ago we assumed the responsibility for our own development.” He also repeated his commitment to work with those who are interested in moving the country forward. “I know that the people of Guyana would like to see less divisiveness. This was also the dream at independence and it remains today a major national aspiration.”

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Elections chief confirms theft of voter registration equipment ST. GEORGE’S, Grenada - CMC - The Parliamentary Elections Office on Thursday confirmed a break-in and theft of electronic equipment used in voter registration. Supervisor of elections Judy Benoit confirmed that the robbery had occurred and said a police investigation has begun. Thieves escaped with two computer Central Processing Units, two scanners and two cameras, she said. Benoit told the Caribbean Media Corporation the theft only slowed down voter registration in the north east and south east of the country. But she said the theft was restricted to the offices that deal voter registration and would

not interfere with the staging of free and fair elections. “The registration of voters in those areas closed down for about three days or so but everything is up and running again. We are also repairing the windows,” Benoit told CMC. “This would not stop us from having free and fair elections. This was equipment used for the registration of voters,” she added. The elections chief said it has already reported the theft to the government and the Organisation of American states (OAS), which donated the equipment. On Sunday, the leader of the main opposition New National Party (NNP), Dr. Keith Mitchell, accused authorities of trying to cover-up the break-in.

Regional security chiefs to meet in Barbados BRIDGETOWN, Barbados - CMC - Barbados will host the inaugural meeting of security chiefs from eight regional central banks later this month. The May 31 to June 1 event will discuss issues pertaining to harmonization of procedures, fighting criminal activity, and sharing information and intelligence.

It will bring together security chiefs from Jamaica, The Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname, Guyana, Cayman Islands, Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, as well as local law enforcement and government security agencies. Coordinator of the conference and Chief of Security of the Central Bank of Barbados, Charles Pile, said that the meeting would cover issues pertaining to regional cooperation, the regional legislative framework as it applies to a central bank’s security operations, security units’ support for departments within a central bank and the management of emergency situations.

Adriel Brathwaite There will also be demonstrations on countermeasures and workflow software. Pile described the meeting as a groundbreaking exercise given the nature of the topics to be discussed, and the number of central banks that will be represented. Barbados Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite, QC and Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados, Dr. DeLisle Worrell, will address the opening ceremony on May 31.

Saturday May 26, 2012

Independence Anniversary affords a review of Guyana’s forward movement “Forty six years ago the British Union Jack was lowered for the last time and the Golden Arrow Head rose for the first time over this land. “ It was a very emotional time for many who were involved in the struggle for Independence and social progress. We recall two of the principal actors who were leading different parties, Cheddi Jagan and Forbes Burnham put aside their differences and embraced each other right on this tarmac.” Those comments were made by President Donald Ramotar last night when he addressed the gathering at the National Park on the eve of Guyana’s 46th independence anniversary. He said that those early days were full of uncertainty “ that stemmed from the knowledge that we were beginning a new journey as a nation and a people who had varied origins in a land that we called home. “ We were now in charge of our own destiny to build a country that would be strong and viable.” He spoke of the struggles over the past 46 years; he recalled the labours of the ancestors. “They fought from liberation from bondage.” President Ramotar, talking about the local economic situation, said that as a small developing nation, Guyana’s economy remains susceptible to market

volatilities and especially today to the adverse effects of climate change.” He said that Guyana has learnt some important lessons over the past forty six years. It has developed good relations with its neighbours and with other friendly states; it has deepened and expanded its participation in regional integration at the level of CARICOM and in wider “‘hemispheric groupings. “Over recent years, Guyana has enjoyed unprecedented economic growth. We have become the object of attention within the region. Our policies are being analyzed for the lessons they can hold for other countries. Foremost amongst those lessons has been the importance of macroeconomic stability. “Holding inflation in check amidst turbulence in commodity markets, stabilizing foreign exchange markets in a period of international financial volatility and reduced interest rates for lending have boosted investments and economic activities. “Our traditional sectors have also served us well in the face of daunting exogenous shocks. Despite the challenges since independence, our traditional sectors have continued to bring benefits to our people: creating and sustaining employment, earning valuable foreign exchange and boosting output.” He said that the educational system has also been a tremendous asset to

us since independence allowing the nation to produce graduates that have distinguished themselves both at home and abroad. “We have to continue to improve the delivery of education and configure it to meet the growing demands of the new economy that we are building in an ever growing and competitive world.” “Like our fore-parents did in the past for us we must provide for a better future for our children and grandchildren. At the level of the government, we intend to assure this future through the process of economic transformation.” He said that at this time Guyana is pursuing a course that would take its development to greater heights. There is the search for oil, the construction of an all-weather road to Lethem undergoing, a move to bridge the Corentyne River and the construction for a deep water harbour. President Ramotar told the nation, “Through the stringing of fiber optic cable from Brazil we intend to revolutionise bandwidth and internet services throughout our country.” “The fiber optic cable will also facilitate our egovernance programme, allowing government services to be more easily available to all our people, wherever they may be.” He spoke about the one laptop per family project which he said will ensure that no one will be left out of the process of keying Guyana into the digital world.

Grenadian ex-minister denies plotting to remove PM ST. GEORGE’S, Grenada CMC - Former Tourism Minister Peter David has broken his silence to deny allegations that he was part of a plot to remove Prime Minister Tillman Thomas from office. David, who is also the general secretary of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) and MP for the town of St. George,

dismissed as “mischief” the claims, made by Information Minister Glen Noel in the presence of Prime Minister Tillman Thomas and Finance Minister Nazim Burke. “It’s absolute nonsense,” said David in response to questions from a select group of journalists participating in a television interview programme.

Saturday May 26, 2012

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SINCE INDEPENDENCE Today is Independence Day in Guyana. It has been just over four and one half decades since Guyana attained its instruments of independence from Great Britain. But despite gaining our independence we were still tied to England, the last nation to colonize us. Forty six years later most of our trade is with Europe. We are in fact so dependent on Europe that when a few years ago that continent decided to the slash the price it paid for sugar, Guyana bawled like a baby, bemoaning the loss of revenue and predicting difficult times for the sugar industry. In the eighties, mismanagement led to problems in the sugar industry. Faced with a crisis, the then government took a decision to invite back a British firm to manage the sugar industry. And around the same time, foreign companies took control of the bauxite industry which had been nationalized with great fanfare. Guyana ended up mismanaging both the sugar and bauxite industries to the point that today without foreign support these industries will collapse. Yesterday, the government graciously accepted billions of dollars in support provided by the very people who cut the sugar prices. During the fight for Independence, the British were reviled. They were accused of all manner of things. Yet in the early days after Independence, Guyana found comfort operating with a Westminster political

system. Then suddenly there was an aborted uprising in Trinidad which sent shivers down the spine of Guyana’s leaders. It was then they realized that the system of foreign ownership of the commanding heights of the economy was not bringing benefits to the average man. It was a Eureka moment. The then government decided that it was time to change direction. It turned left. It began by signaling the nationalization of the commanding heights. But under relentless pressure from the Americans, it ended having to pay for the nationalization of the bauxite industry. And this was after the foreign owners had de-capitalized the industry and moved significant assets out of the country. The then government forgot that the system of cooperative socialism that was being experimented with required a political system other than the Westminster system. In 1980, it tinkered with the system by creating an executive presidency but retained all the features of Westminsterism. With Independence came an even closer attachment to the trappings of the former colonial order. True we did attempt to make shirtjacs the national dress. Today when the president dresses simply he is criticized for not donning a suit and tie in a country where even on a rainy day the temperature does not drop below a high of 30 degrees Celsius. It was decided under this hazy system of cooperative socialism where cooperatives

never made any impact that it was time for another big announcement, another big plan: the country would grant free education from nursery to university. The result was a virtual collapse of the education system. Many students being forced to accept a substandard secondary education and others having to attend primary tops since there were insufficient places in the secondary school system. The price for increased access to certain levels of education was an overall reduction in the high standards left by the British. Socialist education was supposed to create the new man. The new man emerged in the form of suitcase traders rescuing the economy by travelling to other countries to get goods that were in short supply; teachers having to sell sugar cakes and fudge in order to make ends meet and a huge migration of the middle class, ironically to nonsocialist countries. While all of these changes were taking place, the school

year was still based on the British system, breaking for summer and Christmas as is the case in England. It still is. The winds of change also affected the health system with Guyana attaining the notorious distinction of having to temporarily close down the main operating theater at its main hospital because of its insanitary condition. Without the help of international organizations which the socialists liked to describe as “imperialists” the entire system would have collapsed. The courts somehow avoided the rot. The courts were supposed to be, like in England, independent. But one day somebody had the idea that the flag of the ruling party should fly over the Court of Appeal, signaling that state institutions were to become under this new system, subservient to the government of the day. Twenty years after independence, Guyana found itself bankrupt and heavily indebted. Things were not slowly falling apart. They had

fallen apart. Foreign credit was evaporating. The country was marking time, like it did in 1953. In the early eighties after having condemned the IMF and World Bank as imperialists, a decision was taken to engage these two institutions for a bailout. But when shown the prescription and having seen what this medicine did in Jamaica, the remedy was rejected. By 1987, the socialist government found itself cornered at home and isolated from both sides of the ideological divide. With the economy grinding to a halt, the socialist government suddenly found faith with the IMF and World Bank and swung from left to right. In 1992, the Guyanese people through free and fair elections put an end to their misery by electing a new government after years of being denied this right because of rigged elections. The new ruling party raised fears in the West. It had strong ties to the communist parties that ran the Soviet Union and Cuba and had never hidden its

admiration for socialism. But on the eve of elections, it announced boldly, and without explanation, that the building of socialism was no longer on the cards. Today, the ruling class is the capitalist class and the ruling party is in bed with this class. Those who caused the British to suspend the constitution in 1953 and the Americans to destabilize its government in the sixties are now sleeping with the local capitalist class. It is this class that is calling the shots. In the meantime, the ruling party refuses to formally abridge references of Marxism- Leninism from its constitution and enthusiastically waves around statements by the IMF and World Bank praising its management of the economy. Nothing is heard of the Socialist Internationale.

Guyana, EU sign multi-billion-dollar boost for sugar, hinterland electrification

Dem boys seh...

Is Independence and thiefing ain’t done Is another Independence anniversary but this time if a foreigner was to walk in de city he woulda never know it. Dem had no decoration and except fuh dem people who was cleaning de trench, was just like another day. But in de preparation dem had couple things that remind people. Dem boys was sitting at de corner when dem see couple dog running liker if tiger deh behind dem. Then dem hear de boom. Was de army practising fuh de Independence fireworks. De next night before de real fireworks was de same thing. When dem boys pass by de NICIL building dem see a head shaking up and down and a man talking, “One million, two million, three million…” Was Brazzy counting how much money lef. De rest done share out. Dem boys she that is why dem postpone Parliament because nobody ain’t want to answer question. But thiefing ain’t done. Some people thief a big thing like a pontoon from de Harbour Bridge. Dem boys want to know how nobody ain’t see when de pontoon was floating away. People deh at both ends of de bridge and car passing all de time. When de pontoon sail out of de river even de lighthouse ain’t notice nutten. Dem boys seh that de people who thief it planning to sell it to NICIL. Suh when Brazzy talking bout de NICIL assets he gun include one thiefing pontoon from de Harbour Bridge. Thank heavens de Independence anniversary is only fuh one day because dem woulda thief out de whole Harbour Bridge. Talk half and watch wha gun happen wid de other half

The Government of Guyana and the European Union signed two Financing Agreements valued at a total of Euro 27.4 Million (approximately $ 7.1 Billion), yesterday, for a MicroHydropower System and for the accompanying measures to the Sugar Sector. The agreements were inked at the Ministry of Finance Boardroom where the EU’ª Ambassador to Guyana, Robert Kopecky, stressed the importance of Guyana’s sugar industry in relation to the economy. The capital investment for the sake of improved competitiveness will be absolutely crucial, he added. Kopecky also underscored the vital role that the EU’s support plays in enabling the sugar industry to become more competitive. Promoting the use of sustainable and climate friendly energy the European Union [EU] recently approved a project for the development of a Micro-

Hydropower System on the Chiung River, Kato in Region Eight. The total cost of the project is pegged at Euro 2,455,797, (approximately $615M) with the EU contributing Euro 1,841,848 (approximately $460M) under the 10th European Development Fund (EDF). The Guyana Government will contribute Euro 613, 949 (approximately $154M). As part of the Government’s broader hinterland electrification programme, the system will comprise a 330 kilowatt microhydropower station with its primary energy source being the 36-metre head waterfall in the Chiung River in the vicinity of Kato village. Sufficient generating capacity for electrical services are to be provided to a secondary school complex to be constructed by the Ministry of Education, existing government buildings such as the nursery/ primary schools, the guest house, the police outpost,

medical facilities, school dormitories and to also facilitate agro processing and commercial farming. Furthermore the system will provide electricity to Paramakatoi through a 16-km transmission line which forms part of the intervention. For the sugar, sector Euro 24 924 000 (approximately G$ 6.5 Billion) will be provided in 2012 in the framework of the Accompanying Measures to the changes in the EU trade regime with Sugar Protocol Countries. The EU had unilaterally removed the preferential treatment to countries like Guyana which had enjoyed, in terms of the amount paid for its sugar. Minister of Agriculture Dr. Leslie R a m s a m m y h a d complained bitterly about the cuts in the sugar price during the Budget Debates in relation to the European Market. He had suggested that this was one of the reasons for the $4B Govt. bailout of GuySuCo. This latest grant to

Guyana is part of the EU funded Multi-Annual Sugar Programme 2011-2013 which supports the Government of Guyana in its efforts to improve the competitiveness and viability of the Guyana Sugar Industry and to promote agricultural diversification. The assistance to the sugar industry is being provided through a direct budget support mechanism and the disbursements will be triggered by the achievement of performance indicators monitoring the implementation of the sector policy on sugar, as well as progress in the export of agricultural produce. Funds will also be channeled towards studies, evaluations and audits to ensure effective implementation. From 2006, when the programme started, the European Union has now made available Euro 72.5 Million to the Government of Guyana for the sugar sector (approximately G$ 19.3 Billion at the current exchange rate).

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Saturday May 26, 2012

=== The Freddie Kissoon column ===

Lonely hearts 63 years ago Thursday night, I was watching a film (Lonely Hearts) based on the true story about a man and his wife who went on a killing spree in the late forties in the US. They would put out lonely hearts advertisements in the classified section of the newspapers. When single women applied, the husband would lure them to their deaths after taking their money and other assets. The couple was executed in 1951 There was a part of that film that stirred me to anger when I think that my country will be celebrating 46 years of Independence today. A traffic cop stopped the two killers for zigzagging with their car. This was in 1948. When the registration document was handed to the cop he did back then (in 1948) what they do in civilized countries. The policeman would radio into a data base to check on registration of

both car and driver’s licence. What do you think of a country in 2012 that when a traffic cop stops a driver he has no way of ascertaining, there and then, if the registration is indeed legal? Sixty years ago, the American policeman had a database system that could have told him if the car he stopped had valid papers. What we have in Guyana is a system so primitive that one wonders why the young and educated stay in this country. Where is modern technology in Guyana and where is modernization? In Guyana, a violation by a minibus is spotted by a traffic rank. He orders the bus to be emptied and the driver must report to the police station. I am arguing that such a policy is abominably primitive. I have seen the emptying process so often for the most minor offences. The ticketing process for minor traffic

offences started in other countries long before we became Independent. There has to be something psychically wrong with the Guyana Police Force that last month it put out a statement listing a range of traffic offences for which (please read carefully now) “a ticket MAY be issued.” Now MAY simply means that you can still be hauled to the police station. My question; is there a set of violations for which a ticket MUST be given? MUST meaning that you do not have to go to the station? Today we celebrate 46 years of Independence and just a few days ago, our President was in Barbados. Among the complaints he received from Guyanese living there was that they have problems getting UG qualifications to be accepted. Hey! Hold your horses! It is not Freddie Kissoon or

Kaieteur News that published that. This was what the Chronicle reported President Ramotar heard from Guyanese living in Barbados. So after 46 years of Independence our only university has problems getting its products accepted in of all places, a sister Caricom country. When I courted my wife in 1978, she worked at Guyana Pharmaceutical Corporation next to the now vanished Luckhoo Swimming Pool. I use to take for her the “boil and fry” ground provisions my mom made and I would stop in Kingston and buy two small boxes of milk. In large agricultural Guyana, we import box milk from Barbados. Trinidad and Jamaica produce their own box milk. My wife and I like to have Sunday breakfast on the verandah eating tennis rolls stuffed with tinned luncheon

meat. Do you know where the tinned meat comes from? Small Barbados. What do we can in Guyana? I hope not only cocaine or marijuana. It has been more than four decades since Caribbean economists (particularly our great scholar, Clive Thomas) warned of the dangers of a mono-cultural economy. That simply means relying on the export of one particular crop. In those times in Guyana, it was sugar. What has changed since Independence? Our economy still rests on the superimportance of the export of sugar with rice, fish and minerals running a close second. What have we learned about economic development since Independence? What do we manufacture here? Do you know that if Banks DIH or the Police Force or DDL or UG or Kaieteur News or Digicel or GT&T pays you

Frederick Kissoon with a cheque on a Monday for a job you did, and if you take that cheque to GBTI and it is a Republic Bank document or vice versa you have to wait five days before the bank can ascertain that the cheque is safe? Now remember we are talking about really big names in Guyana with large credibility standing. But you still have to wait five days. So if you need the money on Tuesday to feed your kids, you are in trouble. This is Guyana after 46 years of Independence.

Jumbo Jet employees arrested in multi- million $$$ theft Several employees attached to Jumbo Jet Auto Sales in West Berbice have been taken into custody in connection with the disappearance of over $10M in spare parts and tyres along with other items. The items went missing several weeks ago, and a massive scam is being unraveled. Nasrudeen Mohamed, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Jumbo Jet Auto Sales, is a prominent business man and supplier of trucks and agricultural machinery. As part of his operation, he has workshops to repair and rebuild trucks and machinery on West Coast Berbice.

Recently, he sustained a loss of over $10 million in spare parts, tyres, spare wheels and batteries at his workshop designated to build truck trays in Armadale, Berbice. According to management, the items were stolen about three weeks ago from the Armadale location and it is only now that details of the gruesome theft are coming to light. The shocking thing is that employees were in on it all the time. The items were discovered missing at the beginning of this week by the General Manager of the Berbice location, Chandradat Ramkissoon One of the suspects, the

nephew of a popular West Berbice General Store owner, is currently in police custody at the Fort Wellington Police Station. The man admitted to the police that he obtained tyres to sell from the head welder of the workshop, Rajesh Persaud, called “White Eye.” He admitted to conspiring with ‘White Eye’ to acquire and sell goods from the workshop. Other employees at the location are said to be involved in the act. A number of spare tyres are missing from the workshop, which has high gates/walls and only two entrances. The main suspect, who lives next door to the

location, admitted to selling two tyres to a man from Golden Fleece for $240,000. These tyres were recovered after information was provided to Mr. Mohamed. On Friday, six welders, and the security guard supervisor of the location, Rudolph Narine, were taken in police custody to assist with investigations. According to management, several other items have still been unaccounted for and police are investigating. Mr. Mohamed said that he is determined to recover the full value of all things missing. He has since closed the Branch of operations.

Saturday May 26, 2012

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Persaud says he apologized to GGMC Commissioner Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, Robert Persaud offered an apology to Head of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC), Karen Livan, his ministry reported yesterday. There have been calls within recent days for the Minister to apologize to the Commissioner following a recent high profile meeting with Brazilians miners at the Celina Restaurant. Following that meeting which was widely covered, there were objections by at least one women’s group over the “tone” of the Minister during a meeting while he was responding to revelations that a Brazilian was given permission to mine on state reserves. The Minister, in expressing alarm, had called on Livan to explain the possible breach which was alleged to have occurred under her watch. According to the Ministry yesterday, the “Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment rejects attempts to misrepresent comments and the tone of Minister Robert Persaud at a meeting with the Brazilian community held on May 16, 2012 in response to the Commissioner of Guyana Geology and Mines Commission, Ms. Karen Livan signing a contract with a Brazilian National to mine on a state reserve.” The statement said that the Minister and the Commissioner met on the matter where the “necessary clarifications were provided. Also, the Minister had conveyed his apology to the Commissioner if she felt offended by his statement and tone at the meeting as that was

- Brazilian given permission to mine 25 miles of Mazaruni River

Natural Resources Minister, Robert Persaud

GGMCs Commissioner, Karen Livan

not his intention.” Livan is set to proceed on retirement leave in a few months after serving for over 30 years in the public service. Meanwhile, on the matter of the Brazilian being granted a contract to mine large river claims (20-25 miles of the Mazaruni River), the Ministry said that initial findings revealed a possible breakdown of administration within the Commission resulting in the issuance of the contract for mining purposes. “This is still being investigated by the Chairman and Board of Directors of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission. They are re-examining the issuing of permissions/contracts and are to make recommendations to strengthen the processing of all applications.” The Ministry warned that there will be no distraction from the efforts to improve the performance of the Guyana

Geology and Mines Commission. On April 28, last, the management team, the Chairman and the Minister met to discuss the timely implementation of the outcome of the strategic management retreat held. Recently, GGMC’s operations have come under scrutiny amidst a marked increase in mining activities as gold prices continue to remain high. The Ministry of Natural Resources was established under the Donald Ramotar administration to oversee mining and other critical environmental agencies. Government has also announced moves to revamp GGMC but the workers’ union, the Guyana Public Service Union has strongly object, saying that it has received complaints of political interference in the day-to-day runnings of that semiautonomous state agency.

Next week’s National Assembly sitting postponed Gov’t to bring back $27 million Supplementary Provision Next week’s sitting of the National Assembly has been delayed by a week. Kaieteur News understands that it was the government that requested the postponement. Usually, the government advises the Clerk of the National Assembly when to call a sitting of the National Assembly. This newspaper understands that the Speaker of the House, Raphael Trotman was due to meet with President Donald Ramotar yesterday. The sitting was scheduled for next Wednesday and Thursday when the government had said it would test the opposition’s resolve to reverse the budget cuts. One month ago, the opposition controlled legislature voted to cut the

2012 budget by $20 billion. Opposition parties had said that if they could be convinced they would be willing to reverse the cuts by voting favourably if the government brings a Supplementary Financial Paper to the National Assembly. At the sitting that was scheduled for next week, the government was seeking clearance for $27 million, which the opposition did not vote for on March 15. At that time, the government was able to get cleared some $5 billion in supplementary provisions. But left out of that vote was $27 million. “I would be more than pleased to have us shocked into disbelief were this supplementary paper for the $27M for four line items to be

authorised by Parliament,” Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon announced. But he was not optimistic that this would happen. “If indeed there’s a genuine desire to reverse course then the question to my mind is then, why did you go down this road in the first place.” The seven-seat Alliance for Change (AFC) has already signaled that it would not be voting in favour. “I speak here for the (AFC) and I want to let it be known that having already voted on it we will find it extremely difficult to now vote for it,” AFC Chairman Khemraj Ramjattan told reporters Wednesday. The next sittings of the National Assembly have been pushed to June 6 and June7.

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Saturday May 26, 2012

Residents, contractor differ on dust pollution Repairs along the East Bank Berbice Public Road are long overdue. The inconvenience is causing residents to complain against having to traverse a road which is in such a deplorable state. The 25-mile stretch road begins from Tacama Turn, Stanleytown New Amsterdam and ends at the Mara and Germania villages. According to villagers, they have repeatedly made requests for a new road. “We need this road to be done soon because a lot of people use the road every single day. The patch work they would normally do cannot work anymore. These potholes are expanding daily and with so much of traffic it is bound to get worse soon,” said one man. Kaieteur News was told that earlier in the month crusher run stones were placed along the roadway in the larger holes This provided a temporary ease for persons travelling along the route. However the repairs did not last very long. Two residents Peter Dos Ramos and his wife, Rose Dos Ramos, recently complained that they are constantly and heavily affected by work

being done in the area by the H. Nauth and Sons Civil Engineering Contractors Company. According to the couple, Nauth has been stationed along the roadway near to where they live, and they are being badly affected by dust emanating from bitumen being processed at his location. They claimed that this company has been “wreaking havoc” with their lives over the past months with the work it has been engaged in. The Dos Ramoses also questioned how the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) could allow a road construction company to process materials that give off large amounts of dust in the atmosphere located where people live and exist. The man and his wife also alleged to have painted their house brown to compensate for the dust that usually comes from the road building programme. The truth is that the house is painted white. T h e y f u r t her told Kaieteur News that they would hardly spend time at home and would “have to wait the entire day out” in New Amsterdam or at their local

A section of the Plant that processes bitumen belonging to the H. Nauth & Sons Civil Engineering Contractors Company

church in the town since it is hard for them to be at home and endure the dust and noise from the site. It was also stated that the entire roadway would vibrate when heavy duty vehicles belonging to Nauth’s company would ply the route. The road is said to be “breaking up more” each time this occurs. However, while many vehicles ply the route it was noted that the heavy duty vehicles which frequented the road belonged to other companies such as GUYOIL. Minibuses, cars and other personal vehicles were also

Immigration TALK: Questions & Answers By Attorney Gail S. Seeram Through this “Question & Answer” column, our goal is to answer your immigration questions. Many of you have questions on backlog time and eligibility – we seek to clarify these issues and more. We appreciate your comments and questions. If you have a question that you would like answered in this column, please email: Question #1: I would like to adopt my 18-year-old nephew that lives in Guyana and bring him to the United States – can this be done? Answer #1: Yes, you can adopt your nephew if you meet the requirements under the law in Guyana. However, for U.S. immigration purposes, the adoption must take place before the child is age 16. So, adopting your nephew at age 18 would not allow him to be categorized as your “child” for U.S. immigration purposes. Also, there are residency requirements under the U.S. immigration laws that must be met by the petitioner and child for a non-orphan adoption. Question #2: M y girlfriend lives in Guyana and she is pregnant. I am a U.S. citizen. When my child is born in Guyana, will my child

Gail S. Seeram be a U.S. citizen? Answer #2: The birth of a child abroad to U.S. citizen parent(s)should be reported as soon as possible so that a Consular Report of Birth Abroad can be issued as an official record of the child’s claim to U.S. citizenship. Report the birth of your child abroad at the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate. So, the answer to your question is “yes”, the child will be a U.S. citizen if all the requirements are met. Question #3: My green card was taken away at the U.S. border. What does this mean? Answer #3: First, you need to speak with an immigration attorney. You may be scheduled for a

deferred inspection interview and you should take an immigration attorney with you for legal representation. During the deferred inspection interview, the officer will gather additional information to determine whether to place you in removal proceedings or to return your green card. There are many reasons why a Custom and Border Protection officer may take away someone’s green card – these include a prior conviction, pending criminal case, length of time outside the U.S., use of fraud to obtain the green card, etc. Question #4: My U.S. citizen aunt sponsored my mother and our entire family? Why was my brother, who is age 22, not issued a visa at the U.S. Embassy? Answer #4: Generally, for a fourth preference category (U.S. citizen sponsoring brother/sister) family based petition, any children over the age of 21 at the time the visa is available, is ineligible for the immigrant visa because he is no longer considered a child under the U.S. immigration laws. However, speak with an immigration attorney regarding your brother ’s eligibility under the Child Status Protection Act.

seen back and forth on the road, some loaded with commuters. Kiran Nauth, head of H. Nauth and Sons Civil Engineering Contractors’, told this newspaper that as it relates to the dust complaints, the location was visited by the EPA while the plant was operational and the agency verified that his company did not pose any threat to

residents in the area. He explained that the EPA conducted numerous tests during the visit and explored the entire site to ensure that his company could proceed with its work. “The EPA came here and conducted the required tests so when people say that the EPA is not doing anything they are wrong.” Terry Ramsahoye, Plant Manager, stated that there is

no dust problem at the plant therefore the Dos Ramos couple could not say that they were being affected by any dust from their site. “We don’t have a dust problem here you know; we have a water system that washes all the dust together and the only thing coming out of the plant during production is steam, not dust. “The steam is being directed over the river.”

Moen McDoom new NBS Chairman - McDonald is Vice-Chairman Mortgage giant, the New Building Society, has named Attorney at Law Moen McDoom as its new Chairman of the Board of Directors. McDoom once served in that capacity before relinquishing the position to Dr. Nanda Gopaul, a former Permanent Secretary of the Office of the President. According to NBS yesterday, at a meeting of the Board of Directors held on Wednesday, Mc Doom, Senior Counsel, was appointed. McDoom, an attorney-atlaw, is also a Commissioner of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM).

Former Police Commissioner (ag), Floyd McDonald, was also appointed as the institution’s Vice Chairman. “The Directors, Management and staff extend congratulations to these gentlemen and wish them every success in guiding the NBS forward,” the society said in a release yesterday. McDoom has succeeded Gopaul who had earlier indicated his intention of vacating the position of Chairman of the New Building Society since his appointment as the Minister of Labour under the Donald Ramotar

New NBS Chairman, Moen McDoom administration in December. The society is the largest mortgage lender in Guyana disbursing advances totaling $4.2B last year and recording $772M in profit. It recently opened a new head office on Avenue of the Republic, Georgetown.

Diamond fire …

Businessman refuses to believe gas stove finding Although Fire Chief, Marlon Gentle, had concluded that the Diamond, East Bank Demerara fire was caused by a four-burner gas stove, the owner of the property says it is impossible for him to believe that. Shazam Hamid, who resided at the property for six years, claimed that he last used the gas on Tuesday and when he left his home the following day to visit the Guyana Trinidad Mutual Fire and Life Insurance (GTM), everything was intact. Hamid and his wife,

Regina Fernandez, who once resided at lot 686 Fifth Street, Diamond New Scheme, are now homeless and are staying at their relatives. A highly depressed Hamid said that he still cannot believe what transpired with his property two days ago but he claimed that he will investigate the “matter” in depth. When asked why he decided to visit the insurance company on the same day of the fire, he claimed that he wanted to expand his business which he and his wife started three months ago.

“I wanted to expand my business and the bank advise me to insure my property so I decided to leave and go do that,” he claimed. Hamid told Kaieteur News that he will not give up his land to the bank to clear the outstanding debt. Instead he will keep his land and “by God’s grace he will rebuild within three months.” Last Wednesday, Hamid’s home was completely destroyed by a fire. According to investigations, the fire was caused by a four- burner gas stove.

Saturday May 26, 2012

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Saturday May 26, 2012

Saturday May 26, 2012

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Saturday May 26, 2012

Guyanese films feature at EU Film Festival

President Donald Ramotar was among the guests at the European Film Festival Cultural richness, one of the unique characteristics that Europe can be proud of, was on display in Georgetown at the Theatre Guild Playhouse in Kingston Georgetown during the last two weeks. It took the form of a European Film Festival. Twelve movies from ten different European countries were shown. Being the Sixth Edition of the European Film festival, it was the first time in its history, that Guyanese films were incorporated. There was A Jasmine for a Gardener by Mahadeo Shivraj and the short film Three Cards by Mike James

of Linden. The European film festival culminated last evening with the screening of a Czech movie, Citizen Havel. The festival was attended by President Mr. Donald Ramotar, accompanied by First Lady Deolatchmee Ramotar; Raphael Trotman, Speaker of the National Assembly; Dr Rupert Roopnaraine, Deputy Chairman APNU, Members of the Diplomatic and Honorary Consular Corps and "aficionados" of European Cinema who all paid tribute to the late President of the Czech Republic Vรกclav Havel.

Saturday May 26, 2012

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Saturday May 26, 2012

Saturday May 26, 2012

PNCR On this significant milestone of the 46th Anniversary of Guyana’s Independence, the People’s National Congress Reform salutes all Guyanese, both here at home as well as those in the Diaspora on our achievement of yet another year as a politically independent people and country. The political developments of the past year open new avenues for the forging of a new democratic culture so necessary for the achievement of real independence and social progress in our country. It is evident, from the way the Guyanese people voted at the November 28, 2012 General and Regional Elections, that they wish to experience governance that is less confrontational and more cooperative. For this desirable situation to become a reality those in the Executive Government must seize the initiative and invite other stakeholders to dialogue on all matters of concern to the citizens of Guyana. There must be a predisposition to compromise in the interest of arriving at policies and programmes which have the broadest agreement among stakeholders. While, by their votes last November, the people of Guyana appear to be ready to

Indian Arrival Committee On the occasion of the 46th Anniversary of Guyana’s independence, the Indian Arrival Committee (IAC) extends greetings to all Guyanese. We cannot lose sight of the fact that what we have in Guyana today is the cumulative experience and work of all who came to this country including the native people or Amerindians that were already here for thousands of years.

We need to be build It is important that our young people have access to national literature to study so as to inform their decisions when choosing their future leaders. Access to information can serve as a way to defuse tensions within a society and inspire national pride and patriotism. The responsibility of the government is to embrace and nurture these facts instead of being biased towards all the principles of a president because he was of a different ethnicity or a different political

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usher in this vitally necessary new democratic culture, the Executive Government has so far shown little enthusiasm to move in this direction and continues to behave as though nothing has changed. Our Party is confident that if as a nation we can build a truly, inclusive political culture in which all stakeholders are allowed to play a meaningful role and which can create an enabling environment for the orderly development of the nation, we can look forward to a future that is politically successful, economically self-sustaining and culturally rewarding. On this 46th Anniversary of Independence, the PNCR pledges to work with all responsible and reliable forces whose aim is to forge a ‘National Consensus’, which can facilitate the resolution of the many known problems which have bedeviled our country and stymied our development. In particular, our Party will be supportive of all plans and programmes which seek to bring an end to the suffocating Westminster form of Governance, which has not only slowed our development but also generated conflict and ethnic division. It is with these reflections that the PNCR greets all the people of this our dear land and extend best wishes on the occasion of the 46th Anniversary of our political Independence. It is necessary for every Guyanese to realize and be reminded constantly that building a multi-ethnic country like Guyana proceeds from the recognition that each group brought something here and the secret, therefore, to nation building is unity and working together. The IAC wishes to state that the fundamental lesson for all Guyanese is that by working together a great nation can be built. A Happy 46th Independence Anniversary to all Guyanese. persuasion. As we celebrate Guyana’s 46thIndependence, the YCT is reminded by the words in the Preamble of the Constitution of Guyana that acknowledges “the aspirations of our young people who, in their own words, have declared that the future of Guyana belongs to its young people, who aspire to live in a safe society which respects their dignity, protects their rights, recognises their potential, listens to their voices, provides opportunities, ensures a healthy environment and encourages people of all races to live in harmony and peace.”

Guyana Public Service Union Forty-six years ago Guyana became an independent state and its proud and enthusiastic people embraced the freedom bestowed by the declaration of independence with spirit and great determination. The end of 163 years of British Colonial rule was greeted with days of celebration, pomp and ceremony and there was a unified cry of freedom. There was the desire to charter our own destiny, exploit the freedom to make our own decisions and live in a society devoid of interference. Independence saw the fashioning of the Country’s flag the “Golden Arrowhead”, with five symbolic colours depicting the Country’s assets: green representing agriculture and forests; gold for its mineral wealth; red for the zeal of nation-building; black for the people’s endurance; and white symbolising the natural water potential of the Country. Today, May 26, 2012, as we celebrate the 46th Anniversary of our Country’s independence, the strings that bound our common humanity in cohesive decision making has become frayed, tattered and worn. Widespread enthusiasm has been dashed and deflated by wholesale corruption in highest offices; where suppression and abuse compromises freedom; where

APNU A Partnership for National Unity joins all Guyanese at home and in the diaspora in celebrating our 46th Anniversary of National Independence on 26th May. The general and regional elections of 28th November 2011 ushered in an era of hope for the first time in 20 years. The majority of the Guyanese people – aware of the severe damage that has been wrought on the nation under the People’s Progressive Party Civic administration – can now once again contemplate a brighter future. The majority of the elected representatives in the National Assembly have started the task of re-asserting the rule of law by the ensuring the independence of the Legislative Branch, of reinforcing parliamentary checks to make the Executive Branch more accountable to the nation and of re-building trust in the integrity of our institutions and the Judiciary. The observance of our 46th Anniversary of National Independence is a reminder of the work that we all have to do as a mature nation-state, especially to rebuild the education system for future

there is deliberate exploitation and inequity resulting in inhumane disparity in standards of living; where our motto now more resembles racism, discrimination and inequality; where the rule of law is trampled upon; where lawlessness and political interference is rampant; where quantity is preferable to quality; where access to quality health care is another ‘thing’ of the past; where respect for citizenry by a regime in authority has become almost nonexistent in our society. Despite the foregoing negative developments, this date reminds us that we are an independent nation, with full sovereign rights. We, as Guyanese must put aside our racial, religious, political and economic differences and aim for common goals whereby everyone can benefit equally. As a people, it should be our proud responsibility and committed obligation to protect our country and its image, be loyal patriots by doing whatever we can to improve the quality of life and enhance harmony amongst each other. We must recommit to our motto of “One People, One Nation, One Destiny” and ensure that those we elect to safeguard our nation’s wellbeing, faithfully fulfills the mandate given. We must not sit idly by and watch a marginal few create the basis of chaos and mayhem, while allowing our country to disintegrate. generations. The large number of dropouts from primary and secondary schools, the large number of failures among students presented at the National Grade Six Assessment and the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate examinations, the chronic administrative and financial crises at the Cyril Potter College of Education and the University of Guyana and the flight of qualified teachers from their homeland are symptoms of deeper problems which must be corrected if Guyana is to progress. A Partnership for National Unity renews its pledge to work towards making Guyana a nation in which we can build a truly, inclusionary democracy. We shall continue to create the conditions in which all our people in all regions are allowed to play a meaningful role in order to create an enabling environment for the orderly development of the nation. We shall work towards a future that is culturally enriching, economically selfsustaining and politically cooperative. We shall never rest from working to fulfill our promise of “A Good Life for All Guyanese.”

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Progressive Youth Organization (PYO) May 26, 2012 marks the 46th anniversary year since the Union Jack was lowered and the Golden Arrowhead was triumphantly hoisted in recognition of the birth of an Independent Guyana. We in the Progressive Youth Organization (PYO) wish to extend heartfelt gratitude to our leaders who courageously fought for and won Independence from the British colonial masters. We have recognized from our history that the struggle was long and hard, life was difficult and conditions on the plantations were abominable. Many of the Leaders of the Peoples’ Progressive Party (PPP), including Dr. Cheddi Jagan, were jailed and restricted. Years later it was revealed that both the British and Americans did not want Dr. Jagan to lead the then British Guiana into independence and as such they manipulated the system and forcibly removed – on two occasions, the PPP Government from Office. Yet in his May 26, 1966 addressed to the National Assembly, Dr. Jagan welcomed

Youth Coalition for Transformation As we celebrate our 46th Anniversary as an independent nation, the Youth Coalition for Transformation (YCT) today salutes all Guyanese whether home or abroad on our achievements as a people. On this day, May 26, 2012, we have much to be thankful for and much to celebrate, because as a people we have chartered a new course, a course that can only see us achieving even greater accomplishments, but we must be prepared to stay the

Independence and urged that the nation use the opportunity to work towards a better life for all Guyana. Post-independence there was great hope for Guyana but unfortunately, the country plummeted into close to three decades of undemocratic rule that allowed for the destruction of the social fibre of our society, mass poverty, corruption and overall hopelessness. Our first post-independence free and fair election in 1992 brought not only the PPP into government but allowed for our country to finally begin to see the hope of a better future that independence promised. From then to now we have seen tremendous growth and development in our nation. Our young people today have experienced a better life and have great hopes and aspirations for the future. We urge all Guyanese and particularly our young people to let the past be a guide in our future action. We must never forget the struggles and hardships of the heroes of Guyana who played a role in bringing Independence to our nation. Happy 46th Independent Anniversary to ALL GUYANA! course. We, for the first time in twenty years, have the opportunity to play a substantial role in our own destiny. We have the power to decide where we would like to see Guyana in a year from now, five years from now or even ten years from now, who will be our leaders and what would be our expectations of them. The anniversary of our 46th independence should serve as a reminder of the work we as a people have to do to rebuild this great nation that has given so much to us. Today our Education, Judicial, Health and Financial systems are not at its best.

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Corporal punishment has its place in schools, teachers say at MOE consultation By Leon Suseran Corporal Punishment does have a place in schools in Guyana. This was the collective view of several teachers and Head Teachers at the Government of Guyana/ Ministry of Education (MOE) National Public Consultation on Corporal Punishment which began Wednesday in Berbice. Attending the forum was Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand, and several senior officers from the MOE. The issue of corporal punishment in schools has raised its head from time to time in the country, as there have been several instances of students being injured by teachers. On the flip-side, many persons have held on to the view that the upsurge in indiscipline in schools today can be credited to the absence

of the use of CP. But CP has not been totally abolished in schools. However, under current MOE stipulations and regulations, only Head Teachers and Deputy Head Teachers (with consent of Head Teachers) or a specially designated teacher, can administer the punishment under strict guidelines. Each time the punishment is inflicted, a written entry must be made in the Misdemeanor Book kept by the school. Manickchand told a packed New Amsterdam Multilateral School (NAMS) auditorium that the MOE has a very comprehensive policy “of who can beat and in what circumstances of who can beat”. She reiterated the current policy of the MOE which cautions in the use of the punishment that [ordinary] “teachers are not

supposed to is supposed to be administered by the head or deputy head teacher in a place away from other learners, privately”. Minister Manickchand said that CP was not really a debated issue in the past and that even religion catered for its use. “It was so acceptable, it was a normal thing but that was [in] an era when we thought it was okay for a man to beat his wife or for a woman to beat her husband”. She added, “We have been reviewing many of these things we thought were [once] acceptable because we are [now] more acceptable and civilized. Many countries have banned CP. Some countries, USA, for instance have banned it in some states, but it is still retained in some states”. Guyana, she stated, is at a crossroad “where we will like

to hear from everybody how we feel about retaining CP in schools, not the home”. “At the end of the day, we have to decide what is best for the children we look after, understanding the different things... violence begets violence, spare the rod and spoil the child, and like the North American children, just wayward, “Also children will believe that violence can be used to solve another problem”. A teacher from the Berbice Educational Institute (BEI) stated that the question is not whether or not CP should be retained or abolished “but whatever happens, if it serves its purpose...If you have to flog, you have to flog for a reason and with discretion and with love”. He added that if “we talk about CP, let it serve its purpose, not to hurt the child”.

Berbice PTAs want “full force” of corporal punishment in schools

Attendees at the consultation Berbice Parent-teachers’ Associations (PTAs) are calling for corporal punishment to be administered in “full force” in all schools. They believe “licks” is the only means of restoring discipline in the education system and society. Corporal punishment is part of Guyana’s education system but is only administered by the Head Teacher, Deputy Head Teacher and Senior Masters or Senior Mistresses. Attendees at the consultation held at New Amsterdam Secondary School, on Wednesday, want every teacher to be equipped with the “power” to administer corporal punishment. The consultation, which was the first of a series planned by the Education Ministry, will help to

determine the future of corporal punishment in schools. It was led by Education Minister, Priya Manickchand, and other education officials. Though the parents were pro-corporal punishment they emphasized that students should not be abused, as in the case of a Grade One Mibicuri student. According to the student’s grandmother, about a week ago the child was badly beaten by his teacher. Marks were still visible on his once swollen feet. Even with that incident the woman recommended that corporal punishment should be heightened in schools but not at an abusive level. Representatives of various PTAs emphasized that students have become wayward owing to a breakdown of discipline in the

school system. They emphasized that students are disrespectful towards teachers because “they know teachers can’t beat them.” “We have taken God and discipline out of the school system…Now we have gangs in schools…We need a better nation…We are not talking about abuse but discipline,” the parents stated. The parents said that during their schooldays they received lashes for bad behaviour and nothing terrible happened to them. They opined that in today’s society students are capitalizing on the fact they cannot be disciplined by the rod. As such, students are rude and reckless and are performing poorly in school. However, students are opposing this view and calling for the total abolition of corporal punishment in

schools. According to the President of the New Amsterdam Secondary School Student Body, a survey carried out Wednesday morning among the school’s population present showed that 75 percent of students are against corporal punishment. It was noted that the New Amsterdam Secondary School follows the Protocol for Safe Schools which provides alternative means of punishments for delinquent students. The students view corporal punishment as abusive. Some education officials are supportive of the students’ views. They noted that some of the parents who are advocating the “full force” of corporal punishment would not like their children to be beaten.

The teacher stated that he does flog since he is a deputy head “and I am [still] loved by students with whom I administer whipping. We need to understand the intention for CP— if it [CP] is not for a good reason, please don’t do it”. The Head Teacher of the New Amsterdam Practical Instruction Centre (The Home Ec. School) said that she is trying a new method as an alternative to CP. She is using Biblical verses and talking to the defaulting students. “I am not saying don’t use the whip in extreme cases, but we can find various methods in doing so”. Reasoning at times, she said, is more effective “because the blows they [the children] are accustomed to, you can’t administer in school or you will be sent to jail”. However, while accepting the teacher’s position, Manickchand noted, “We have to be conscious that we are teaching children of every religion”. A teacher from the JC Chandisingh Secondary School (JCCSS) added that CP “has its place in the system”. He further noted that many teachers in schools have been reluctant to use the form of punishment since they are afraid that if used, they will be taken to the disciplinary bodies such as the Teaching Service Commission (TSC). “In most schools, they shy away from it, and as a result, there is a total breakdown of discipline. Teachers [have] turned a blind eye on issues that children will actually do in school because of the levels of violence”. Teachers, he noted, are

really not aware of what students have in their possessions when they enter the school compounds and often end up in many instances being abused by some students. “If there is more opportunities for teachers to administer CP, we will be able to restore more order within the schools but I am not sure whether we as a people and as a nation having signed on to certain Conventions, can go against that”. The teacher recalled that he recently kept back a set of students in detention recently and later received calls from several parents of the children, some of whom went to the Child Protection Agency and reported “that I abused the children”. He added that he has since lost interest in those children and just leave them to do what they want. The Head Teacher of Crabwood Creek Primary tried a survey last week with parents at a Parent Conference and he found out that 64 parents wanted CP to be used in school, while 35 rejected the idea. MOE officer, Ms Melcita Bovell said, “If we want our children to grow up and be non- violent persons, then we have got to set the example and our teachers have put us in the hot- seat because you give them an inch and they want fifty yards...the next thing you know, we get the child that was on Facebook from Enterprise [Primary.” She said alluding to the matter whereby a child from that school was badly beaten and the photos were posted on the social media site.

Driver placed on $400,000 for wanton driving, victim faints in court A man was yesterday charged with the offence of wanton driving when he appeared before Magistrate Hazel Octave-Hamilton at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court. Otis Straughn, of James Street, Albouystown, was accused of wounding Gavin Marshall. The police said that on May 21, last, on James Street, the accused while being the driver of a motorcar injured the accused. To the indictable charge, 44 year-old Straughn was not required to plead. The prosecutor did not object to bail but asked that the driver be placed on substantial bail. The court then told the accused that he would have to post $400,000 for his pre-

trial liberty. Straughn begged for a reduction but was informed that the injuries to the victim were life threatening. That was according to the medical report the court said. The victim, Gavin Marshall, also had a charge before the court. He however fainted before the charge could be read to him. The man, who seemed sick and had to move around with a walker, slumped over the bench where he sat and fell to the court floor. Immediate action was taken by the police and Marshall was transported to the Georgetown Public Hospital for medical attention. It is unclear whether Marshall’s condition was as a result of the injuries he sustained.

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ACCOMMODATION PROPERTY FOR SALE 20 X 40 two flat concrete building @ Kitty. All amenities. Price $28 M Call: 668 – 9512, 223- 2570 1 three bedroom house Prashad Nagar, asking price $29M neg. Call: 227-2563, 684-2115

Signature Inn Luxury Suites & Apartments 83 Laluni Street, Queenstown. Call for reservations 226-2145, 2275037 Harmony inn fully furnished self contained a/c apartments, Short term& long term Parfaite Harmonie WBD Tel:694-7817

On this note, permit me to clarify a statement published in my letter, “The PPP Govt. and its AG exude ignorance and arrogance,” (KN, May 22), in which I wrote, ”Mr. Winston Brassington, meanwhile, emerged as both the seller of the shares and the power of attorney for his brother who bought the shares…” and again, “You can pretty much say he sold himself the shares! He did all the paper work preparation and signed all the signatures!” The clarification is needed here because, at the time of the buying and selling of Hand in Hand Trust Corporation shares, Mr. Winston Brassington was head of NICIL, which became a major shareholder (250,000 shares) in Hand-in-Hand after the insurance company acquired the GNCB from

NICIL. When Hand in Hand increased the volume of its shares from 2.5 million to 7.5 million shares at $100 a share in 2009, Mr. Brassington’s younger brother, Jonathan Brassington, bought 2.25 million shares for $225 million, giving him a one-third ownership in Hand in Hand Trust Company. Further, when we considered the report that at no time did Jonathan leave the United States to sign-off on this US$1.1M transaction, and that his brother, Winston, acted as his power of attorney, it created a picture of Winston being the unseen hand at work in this entire escapade, even though Winston was not the actual seller, per se. For crying out loud, why can’t these public figures come clean about the public’s business? Emile Mervin

Does Donald Ramotar possess...

Short term apartments, Eccles. Call: 679-7139 Apartments/Rooms. Tel: 667-1549

debate or discussion on the stateowned NICIL’s finances and investments when NICIL has not filed accounts for the last seven or eight years? What substance was there to discuss or debate? Even a parliamentary interrogation would require NICIL’s updated books be presented before we can get to the bottom of this fiasco. This fiasco stems from the fact that those who should be forthcoming with the facts and figures on public funds and assets have been cagey and playing hideand-seek, forcing concerned Guyanese to mount demands for the return of accountability and transparency in government. If we err with our facts and figures, it is not because we want to libel anyone; it is because we want them to come clean.

Toyota Camry – Left Hand Drive. No reasonable offer refused. For inspection, call 226-1176, 618-9512 (9am5pm) Toyota Sprinter, fully loaded, TV, AC, CD, Alarm, single owner. For immediate sale. Contact: 669-2747, 626-9834 First class auto. Allion & Raum. Tel# 609-8188, 6026307

From page 4 Hoyte formed those ideas and then got their advisors and policymakers to broaden them. Instead, it is the other way around for Ramotar who is handed all the visions for this country by Jagdeoites. He then rubber stamps them. Donald Ramotar is an affable and personally decent man, but he is too deeply dependent on others who happen to be corrupt, incompetent, reckless and dunce to make vital decisions of state. With an opposition shaming the minority government at every turn, the presidency must be handled with greater

autonomy by the president himself. Becoming too reliant and dependent on others to make decisions which turn out to be disastrous for government is dangerous. To make matters worse, I see minority government in Guyana’s future for a long time. This is why intellectual strength combined with integrity is a vital trait for anyone who wants to hold the presidency. The people will brand you a puppet if you show no independence of mind. A mentally independent leader is difficult to mislead. He is able to examine the same information as others

and arrive at his own conclusions. It is a tightrope out there now politically, and any leader has to possess the cerebral ability to be acrobatic enough to adapt. To date, Donald Ramotar has proven he is not that man. As long as he remains under Jagdeo’s shadow, he will never be that man. The quest i o n i s does Donald Ramotar possess the courage, intellectual bravery and self-confidence to go to war with the Jagdeoites to gain his independence and to save the PPP and the country? M. Maxwell

We are today a free, independent... From page 5 only sustained experience with communism would cure: and the United States could not afford the Sekou Toure therapy when it involved a quasi-communist regime on the

mainland of Latin America. Burnham’s visit left the feelings as I reported to the President than an independent British Guiana under Burnham (if Burnham will commit himself to a multi-

racial policy) would cause us many fewer problems than an independent British Guiana under Jagan.” Schlesinger later apologized to Dr. Jagan for what he described as an injustice done to the PPP and for that matter to the people of Guyana. The United States clearly misread the situation in Guyana at the time and in the process aided and abetted a process which saw the destruction of the democratic fabric of the society with disastrous consequences. The immediate postindependence period saw the country retrogressing from among the more developed countries in the region to one of the poorest in the western hemisphere. Be that as it may, all Guyanese should take pride in the fact that we are today a free, independent and democratic society characterized by political and ideological pluralism, political democracy, cultural diversity, racial equality and a growing economy. Hydar Ally

Saturday May 26, 2012

Kaieteur News

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The Abigail Column Trying to rebuild trust after emotional affair

DEARABIGAIL, I am a 29-year-old female who has been involved in an exclusive relationship for the past four years. ‘Bart’ is 36, and we get along great and have an active sex life. Several months ago, I began to notice that Bart was becoming quite distant, emotionally and physically. I was frustrated, but didn’t make a big deal out of it. However, quite by

accident, I discovered that he was seeing another woman. Upon further snooping, I discovered four months of email exchanges with another woman. Some of the e-mails were quite intimate, and a few had sexual references. I was devastated, to say the least. I confronted Bart and he initially denied it. But when presented the evidence, he confessed. He said he met the woman twice but nothing sexual happened. I believe him. I will forgive him, but I’m having a hard time with it. I simply can’t get his betrayal off my mind and worry that I

will never be able to trust him. How does one forget? How does one repair what has been lost? Loser Dear Loser, It takes time, but it can be done. You must make a conscious effort to push this betrayal out of your mind, and Bart needs to be completely transparent and honest in all her dealings. His behaviour must be beyond reproach since he has to earn your trust again. If you cannot get there on your own, please talk to a counselor, preferably with Bart and work on this together.

Saturday May 26, 2012 ARIES (MAR 21 - APR 19): Friends may be coaxing you into reckless behaviour, but be careful. You wouldn’t want to jeopardise your future just for the sake of a stupid prank. It’s possible you are trying to make a good impression on a love interest. ************************************** TAURUS (APR 20 - MAY 20): Business affairs are a bit tense, mostly because an authority figure is bearing down hard. The best thing you can do in this situation is keep your head down. Follow the rules as best you can, and don’t argue if you are challenged. ************************************** GEMINI (MAY 21 - JUN 20): No matter how hard you try, it may be impossible to reconcile yourself to the belief of certain colleagues. The best way to cope with the situation is to avoid controversial topics like religion and politics. ************************************** CANCER (JUN 21 - JUL 22): Sexual jealousy could rear its ugly head, so be prepared for an argument. Whether your partner accuses you of being untrue or you are upset by your beloved’s behaviour is immaterial. ************************************** LEO (JUL 23 - AUG 22): There’s never been a better time to advance your education or expand your horizons. Whether you’re planning to go to college or take a trip abroad is immaterial. ************************************** VIRGO (AUG 23 - SEP 22): Intimate conversation and intense flirting make you flush with happiness. You look as though you’ve got a glorious secret, and everybody wants to know what it is.

LIBRA (SEP 23 - OCT 22): Establishing partnerships, romantic or otherwise, will be effortless. You’ve got an innate understanding of what people need to feel comfortable. It’s possible that you will feel an affinity for a bold, creative adventurer. ************************************** SCORPIO (OCT 23 NOV 21): Work is a source of pleasure right now; you’ve got a project you can really sink your teeth into. If you make a success of this endeavour, bigger and better assignments will be handed to you. ************************************** SAGITTARIUS (NOV 22 - DEC 21): This promises to be a blissful day filled with romance, fun and creativity. If you’re single, be sure to attend a party or work related gathering. You could lock eyes with an outgoing intellectual who captures your imagination. ************************************** CAPRICORN (DEC 22 JAN 19): Buying, selling or renting a home could be a handsome source of profit for you. Cast your eye around for some promising property deals. If you don’t have the cash to fund such a venture, start putting money aside now. ************************************** AQUARIUS (JAN 20 FEB 18): Several learning opportunities could come your way, so it behoves you to be selective. While your loved ones are urging you to pursue a practical path, you’re a little more daring. ************************************** PISCES (FEB 19 - MAR 20): Developing an idea for a lucrative business is the best use of your time. You’ve always built castles in the air, but this time you have a chance to turn your dreams into realities.

DTV CHANNEL 08:55hrs. Sign On 09:00hrs. Supah Ninjas 10:00hrs. Power Rangers 12:00hrs. Prime News 12:35hrs. Movie: The Wild Stallion 14:05hrs. Movie: Far From Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog 16:00hrs. Goosebumps 17:00hrs. The Baptist Hour 18:00hrs. World News 18:30hrs. Nightly News 19:00hrs. Greetings and Announcements 20:00hrs. Issues of the People (Live) 21:00hrs. Indian Movie 00:00hrs. Sign Off NTN CHANNEL 18/ CABLE 69 05:00h - Sign on with the Mahamrtunjaya Mantra 05:15h - Mediation 05:30h - Queenstown Masjid Presents Quran This Morning 06:00h - R. Gossai General Store Presents Hanuman Bhajans 06:15h - Jettoo’s Lumber Yard Presents Hanuman Bhajans 06:30h - Muneshwar Limited Presents Hanuman Bhajans 06:45h - Double Standard Taxi Presents Hanuman Bhajans 07:00h - Teaching of Islam by Brother Roshan Khan 07:30h - The Family of The Late Leila & David Persaud Presents Hanuman Bhajans 07:45h - Sankar Auto Works Presents Hanuman Bhajans 08:00h - Dr. Balwant Singh’s Hospital Inc Presents Hanuman Bhajans 08:15h - RRT Enterprise Presents Hanuman Bhajans 08:30h - AL - INSAAN 09:00h - Live Independence Show with Mona 10:00h - DVD Movie:MIRROR MIRROR The Snow White Legend Comes Alive 12:00h - Getting It Right 13:00h - Motor Car / Bike Race Sponsor by GUYOIL 14:00h - TBA 15:00h - Investigation Discovery 16:00h - The Family Album with Frederick Rampersaud 17:00h - Assembly of Prayer 17:30h - Caribbean Power Outreach 18:00h - Ganesh Parts Presents - BHAGAVAD

GITA ( Discourses in English) - Serial 18:15h - Drying Tears Live with Pastor Edson 18:45h - Birthday Greetings / Death Announcement & In Memoriam 19:00h - DDL HOUR Live with Joel 20:00h - Chitrahaar with Aarya

20:30h - DVD MOVIE :TEZZ (Eng:Sub:) *ing Anil Kapoor, Ajay Devgan, Kangna Ranaut & Sameera Reddy 22:30h - DVD MOVIE :- RED TAILS *ing Cuba Goodings Jr. & Terrence Howard 00:30h - Sign off with the Gayatri Mantra

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Kaieteur News

Saturday May 26, 2012

Lodge/Meadowbrook prevail in thriller By Edison Jefford If the National Community Basketball League (NCBL) continues to produce thrillers like the feature game Thursday night then it will not be too long before the pilot project becomes one of the premier national basketball competitions in Guyana. The weather was favorable, basketball buffs turned out in their numbers and the on and off-court entertainment provided the right atmosphere for the feature showdown between the Guinness Bar-sponsored Lodge/Meadowbrook and the Western Union-sponsored Plaisance/Vryheid’s Lust teams. The much bigger Lodge/ Meadowbrook team was forced to dig deep against the more diminutive, but nippy, Plaisance/Vryheid’s Lust, eventually prevailing 67-66 in the final seconds after Hugh Arthur had taken control for Plaisance in crunch-time. Dorrian Lewis dropped 14 points for Lodge/ Meadowbrook while Fabian Johnson added 12 points in a game they controlled in the last half after Plaisance/ Vryheid’s Lust had ran them into the ground in the first half with pace, speed and quality shooting. Steffon Gillis had 21

TRAPPED!!! Excellent defensive work from Lodge/Meadowbrook traps Plaisance/ Vryheid’s Lust, Enoch Mathews (reaching for ball) in the paint Thursday night.

points for Plaisance while Ryan Gullen had 19 points and eight rebounds in the keen contest. It was clear from the first quarter that Lodge was not prepared to deal with the fast-breaks and ‘running’ technique of Plaisance. An Arthur initiated fastbreak in the first quarter broke a sequence of points exchange and gave Plaisance a 17-12 lead with two minutes left in the period. Plaisance closed out the period still on an offensive run, leading 2014 at the end. Plaisance/Vryheid’s Lust

continued to control the tempo of the game in the second period when Gillis landed a three-point jumper before Gullen also completed a jumper and a fast-break layup that gave their team a 2716 advantage. Lodge’s defence was continually broken down

with several outlet passes. However, Gillis, who was the clear offensive leader on the team, went to the bench without any threats of foul trouble and with the halftime break coming up and immediately the game changed. Lewis nailed consecutive

jumpers then landed a big three-pointer to gradually haul Lodge back into the game after they were outplayed for 17 minutes. In a surprising twist of fortune, Plaisance defence collapsed as they held on for a 35-32 lead at halftime. Lodge/Meadowbrook started the third quarter going to their ‘bigs’, and the result was a shift in momentum. For the first time in the contest, Plaisance/Vryheid’s Lust was not in control of the tempo, which forced them to play outside of their natural game. Fabian Johnson controlled the ‘boards’ and Mortimer Williams nailed some big shots just inside the three-point arc to help Lodge level the scores at 45 apiece at the end of the third period. Williams continued to shoot the ball at a high percentage in the final period and though it was a case of hits and misses, Lodge took a 56-47 lead with four minutes remaining. However, Gillis nailed a jumper, and then eased the

ball high off the glass to keep Plaisance in the contest, but Lodge rightly blocked up the paint with their ‘big men’ and forced them to take tough shots. Unfortunately, Gillis was not at his best in crunchtime. His back-up guard, Arthur was the one who ensured that the result comes down to the wire with smart plays but time was against Plaisance/ Vryheid’s Lust as Lodge/ Meadowbrook held on for the close victory, which was their first in the group. In the first game, Gizmos and Gadgets East/West Ruimveldt defeated the West Side Boys 62-42 with Owen Walton scoring 19 points and Warren Oudkerk 18 points for East/West Ruimveldt. For West Side, L. Alves had 11 points and R. DeFreitas scored nine points. The 2012 NCBL moves to the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall from Tuesday where all the remaining games, apart from those scheduled for the Mackenzie Sports Club court will be played.

Usain Bolt labours to victory with Dwain Chambers fifth BBC - Usain Bolt was sluggish in winning the 100m in 10.04 seconds as Dwain Chambers finished fifth in the Golden Spike meeting in the Czech Republic. Just two months before the Olympics, the Jamaican world record holder looked far from his best in Ostrava. Britain’s Chambers clocked a season’s best time of 10.28 but remains short of the London 2012 qualifying time. Kim Collins of St Kitts and St Nevis came second in 10.19, with American Darvis Patton third in 10.22. Chambers was given the right to compete at the Games when a British Olympic

Usain Bolt (centre) was sluggish in winning the 100m in 10.04 seconds Association by-law that banned drug cheats from competing at Olympics was overturned. Like him, Mark LewisFrancis missed out on the Olympic qualification time of 10.18 despite winning the ‘B’

race. However, Chambers, who was competing in his first major meeting in six years, could at least reflect on a significant improvement from the 10.52 recently recorded in Puerto Rico - his second

Celebrating a Guyanese Original From page 29 concern to some, they should not let that prevent them from admiring Shiv’s constant grace under pressure. No one knows how much longer WI cricket will benefit

from the unique skill and talent that this great cricketer brings to the game, but before Shiv’s career is over, all West Indians, and especially his fellow Guyanese, should take the time to acknowledge and enjoy and celebrate its finest

cricketing son. (Mirza Ijaz Rahman is collaborating with Shivnarine Chanderpaul on his autobiography, which is slated for publication in 2013.)

slowest time in 15 years. He said: “More than anything I’m pleased with the way I felt during the run. I felt really good to 80 metres and just need to work on that part now, the last 20 metres of the race. The only way that happens is with more competition at this level. “I’m really pleased with what I’ve done this evening and it’s good to be racing against the big guy.” Defending Olympic champion and world record holder Bolt conceded his performance was far from satisfactory with London fast approaching. “I don’t really know what went on,” he said. “At the start, I didn’t feel as explosive as I normally feel. If you don’t get that first start, well that’s where my power comes from for the transition and everything comes together. “That’s reality, a very bad day at the starting blocks. I was looking forward to coming here and doing a good time. “When I was in the back warming up, I did some starts and I was flying. I ran out and didn’t get going, couldn’t generate speed up in middle of race so I had to work hard to get some speed up. “I’ll go back, look at the replay, talk to my coach and he can explain what I need to do and then I can go to Rome and improve on my time.” Meanwhile, Christine Ohuruogu finished second in the women’s 400m behind the United States’ Sanya Richards-Ross.

Saturday May 26, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Concept of daily exercise enforced Massive Independence T/20 cricket today at Albion at ‘Challenge Day’ activities

Showing them how it’s done: Minister Anthony (3rd left) is joined by other officials, school children and other fitness enthusiasts in a rigorous workout Regular exercise is good for the body and it curtails chronic diseases. This has always been the view of Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports (MCY&S), Frank Anthony, and he reinforced this sentiment when sports officials, school children and exercise gurus among others convened at the Guyana National Stadium, Providence Wednesday morning last to engage in a series of sport activities to commemorate ‘Challenge Day,’ organized with the general objective of encouraging citizens to adopt new attitudes towards active and healthy living. The action got underway shortly after the playing of the National Anthem when Mr. Anthony addressed the gathering. He complimented the hard work of Director of Youth and Sports, Neil Kumar and his staff in making the occasion a reality even as he reiterated the importance of a daily exercise routine. The Minister noted that citizens are not exercising and playing enough and pointed out that such lax behavior in turn precludes them from enjoying a wholesome life. “So I urge you to engage in at least 30 minutes of daily exercise to increase your chances of a healthy life,” Minister Anthony said. The Sports Minister further beseeched those present to take the message back to their respective schools and communities to encourage wider participation. “Exercising must not be a one off activity but a daily endeavour,” he concluded. Several other sports officials and government functionaries added their voice to the cause including Permanent Secretary (MCY&S), Alfred King and Director of Youth and Sports, Neil Kumar. Shortly after Mr. Anthony’s address, fitness guru, Curtis McKenzie engaged officials of the Sports Ministry and school children

in a rigorous 15 minutes exercise session. Those in attendance were also treated to a martial arts display by students of the Guyana Amateur Karate Federation, a dance exhibition by reps of the National School of Dance while national boxing coach, Wensel Thomas took his charges through a session that highlighted the fundamentals of the sport. Members of the Guyana Police Force were also in attendance and engaged in a physical display session under the guidance of Mr. Bookie. During this period also, Minister Anthony joined Mr. Kumar, Mr. Alfred, Ms DeSouza and other sports officials in fifteen minutes of hectic calisthenics under the guidance of Curtis. The day’s

activities culminated with a parachute display by troopers of the Guyana Defense Force. In all, 8 troopers exhibited their skills after exiting the aircraft at 5000 feet. Six of them opened their ‘chutes’ at 4000 feet while the other two catapulted a further 500 feet before releasing the apparatus. The general objective the occasion is to encourage citizens to adopt new attitudes towards active and healthy living; achieved by persuading individuals to encompass at least 15 minutes of physical activity into their daily routine towards a healthy lifestyle. More importantly, the event is a fun day that creates awareness and enthusiasm for fitness and active living in participating communities.

Samuels and Sammy... From back page produced a lazy, loose drive and the ball flew to Graeme Swann at second slip to leave West Indies on 46 for three. That brought Shivnarine Chanderpaul to the crease much earlier than he would have liked and the world’s No.1 ranked batsman was almost out first ball when Anderson’s lifting delivery hit the gloves and flew just over the slip cordon. Opener Kieran Powell had looked reasonably assured as he reached 33 but he became Broad’s second victim in the 19th over, edging a good-length ball to Anderson at third slip who held on despite a fumble.

Chanderpaul and Samuels dug in after lunch but Swann broke through Chanderpaul’s defences to hand the initiative again to the hosts. Swann got the ball to turn and it struck Chanderpaul, who had made 46 off 86 balls, on the back leg to have him lbw before Tim Bresnan then uprooted Denesh Ramdin’s (1) off stump. The tourists were in a sorry state but Samuels and Sammy displayed the resilience West Indies had offered in the second innings at Lord’s. Scores: West Indies 304 for 6 (Samuels 107*, Sammy 88*, Anderson 2-58) v England.

The day has finally arrived and all roads lead to the Albion Sports Complex today for the much anticipated Guyana Independence Twenty 20 cricket competition organised by the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) and the Berbice Chamber of Commerce& DevelopmentAssociation (BCCDA). The organisers have pulled out all the stops to make the one-day spectacle a memorable occasion. Fans country wide all excited and are bracing for pulsating action which is expected to unfold in what is being dubbed the largest 20/20 Tournament ever to be held in the county. Despite the intermittent showers, thousands are expected to throng the venue for the spectacle that is expected to unfold. The Tournament which is being staged as part of Guyana’s 46th Anniversary celebrations will see four exciting teams battling for supremacy with two of the teams (Berbice/ Universal DVD Titans and the Karibee Rice Tigers) coming from Berbice. The other two teams will be the much vaunted Hits and Jams Superstars and New Line Cavaliers from Demerara. The teams battle for more than one million dollars in prizes and trophies. Players such as West Indies Test Spinner Devendra Bishoo, Veerasammy Permaul, Jonathan Foo, Andre Percival, Gajanand Singh, Paul Wintz, Rajiv Ivan, Sewnarine Chattergoon, Richard Ramdeen, Chris Barnwell, Jason Sinclair and others will hope to take their team to championship honours. The day’s activity is expected to commence at 11:00hrs with the first of two semi-finals games which will be followed by

an action packed cultural ceremony. The finals and third place play off will be played under floodlights using 10 massive light towers which is expected to illuminate the atmosphere as never been seen at the Albion Sports Complex. The organisers will also be using Big Screen Projectors, Cheer Leaders and Fireworks.Anumber of top artistes will also be a part of the entrainment package which will also see a number of popular Sound Systems in attendance. Patrons will have an opportunity to win fabulous gate prizes including cell phones, mp3 players, lazy boy suite, and cricket gear, hampers among other tokens from various companies which will be distributed free of cost. Well stocked food and drinks bars and games for kids will also be available. Digicel, EZ Jet, Banks DIH Limited, Demerara Distillers Limited, Universal DVD, Gizmos and Gadgets, Nand Persaud Company Limited /Karibee Rice, Cops Security, Mings Products and Services, TCL (Guyana), Ansa Mc Al Guyana Limited, Metro Office and Computer Supplies, Delmur Company Limited, Republic Bank Ltd, Gilgeous First Choice Pawn Shop, Poonai’s Pharmacy, Eureaka Labouratory, Balram Shane of Rose Hall, F&H Printery, J’s Supermarket, NBS,AH&L Kissoon, Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club and Attorneys at Law Mursaline Bacchus and Charrandas Persaud are among the sponsors. Admission to the venue is $500 for Adults and $200 for children and gates are expected to be opened from 9:00hrs.

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Kaieteur News

Saturday May 26, 2012

Samuels relishes Explosive action anticipated when ‘Chin English challenge Checker’ meets the ‘Battersea Bomber’ Nottingham, England – Marlon Samuels said he fulfilled one of his goals for the West Indies’ tour of England, when he stroked a classy, third Test hundred in the second Test against the hosts on Friday. The 31-year-old Samuels was undefeated on 107 and led a West Indies recovery, propelling them to 304 for six in their first innings at the close on the opening day at Trent Bridge. “It was my plan going into bat,” said Samuels. “Once I got through the tough period early on, I took it to the England bowlers, on and off. The plan worked to perfection, so it’s a wonderful feeling at the end of the day. “I will leave my innings to others to judge. I don’t really rank them. I have just come here to play some good cricket – what better place to come to do it. He said: “I missed the Digicel Test Series against Australia in the Caribbean because I wanted to come to England to play the No.1 Test side in the World – and doing well against them will do me the World of good too. “It was not an easy decision, but Australia is not No.1 at this time. I didn’t want to play against them. England are No.1 and I wanted to play the best.” Samuels and West Indies captain Darren Sammy put on 168 – unbroken – for the seventh wicket to lift West Indies out of catastrophe on 136 for six. Sammy curbed his natural instincts to forge the recordbreaking partnership with Samuels, which erased the previous mark held by Collie

Smith and John Goddard – another Jamaican/captain alliance – that stood for 55 years. “It was not frustrating at all,” said Samuels. “He just needed someone at the other end to talk to him because he can get a bit carried away. “It worked in his favour this day. But he would hit a four and I would let him know that they were a lot of gaps in the field, so he needs to give me the strike. “I had my plan, but it was for someone else to come out after Shiv [Chanderpaul] got out and stay with me then we could build a big partnership. I stuck to my plan and the platform was there for someone else to play a role – and he Sammy did it.” Samuels said he had endured plenty in recent times, but he was fully focussed on playing and increasing his level of consistency. “It was difficult,” he said. “But a cricketer gets to spend little time with his family and I have children now. “I used my time away from the game to spend it with my family. It meant a lot to spend time with the family and simple things like go to the beach and stuff like this.” He said: “But now I have come back to play, I know there is a lot of life left in me, and I am just looking to execute my plans. “There have been a lot of ups and downs in my career. A lot of things have happened to me, so I am using all of them to motivate myself to be not just a better person, but a better player as well. I’ve come here to England and I want to impress as much as possible.”

The May edition of the monthly Friday Night Fights have been shifted slightly and will now be staged on Friday June 1 at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall (CASH) and boxing buffs have been assured of the top class action that has characterized previous cards. Initially, Kwesi ‘Lightening Struck Assassin’ Jones was scheduled to fight Trinidadian based Guyanese Shawn Corbin, but certain setbacks in Jones’ camp precluded him from keeping his ring date. The organizers of the ProAm affair, always eager to satisfy Guyanese craving for top class action, quickly substituted Howard ‘Battersea Bomber’ Eastman to fill the slot and from all appearances, Hardy will have to dig deep to come up with a win in what is undoubtedly the toughest fight of his fledgling career. Both pugilists appeared at the pre-fight presser where they also culminated the deal by signing their respective contracts. Shortly afterwards they engaged in an exchange of barbs with each pugilist spewing vitriol and confidently proclaiming that he will win. The ProAm cards have generated much interest ever since the inaugural card some two years ago and already Simeon Hardy, the boxer that appears to have benefited the most from the initiative, stands on the verge of international acclaim following a successful tenure that dates back to October 29 2010 when he launched his professional boxing career. During an illustrious

Simeon Hardy

Howard Eastman

amateur career, Hardy has amassed a record of 43 fights with just four losses. He has chalked up wins in the novices, intermediate and senior championships and was also a golden gloves champion shortly before attaining his professional boxing license. Hardy first came to prominence as a devastating puncher with a 20 seconds stoppage of Patrick Boston that had him doing a perfect imitation of the Lambada, a popular Brazilian dance. Shortly afterwards, Hardy patented the ‘Chin Checker,’ a wicked left hook that floored his opponents for good. Those ‘chin checks’ were responsible for abbreviated victories over Cassius Matthews, Winston Pompey and Julian Tannis (all in the 2nd round) and Eversley Browne (1st round). In the fight that earned him a spot to contest in the World Boxing Council (WBC) 50th anniversary card, he kept the tradition alive with a devastating 9th round stoppage of Iwan Azore. That victory was the ‘crowning’ moment of his career as he lifted the coveted CABOFE welterweight championship,

in the process aligning himself for lucrative fights and purses in the very near future. While one must admit that the ‘Battersea Bomber’ is way past his prime, one must also admit that Hardy will be required to dig deep if he is to come up with a win. Both boxers have compromised with Hardy climbing up one division while Eastman has climbed down a similar number. It places both pugilists on strange territory but one is more likely to assume that Eastman would be more comfortable in his new division. Nevertheless, and despite lacking the requisite experience on par with his foe, Hardy has youth and enthusiasm on his side and most importantly, he packs a punch. Eastman on the other hand had had a few wars with some of the best in the sport. After laying a firm foundation in the United Kingdom where he had overwhelmed the opposition, Eastman travelled to the United States of America and engaged William Joppy for the world middleweight title and after 12 hectic rounds

where he had decked Joppy once, the pundits felt that he had won; the judges thought differently. Eastman later engaged Bernard ‘The Executioner’ Hopkins; a fight he surrendered, before returning to the land of his birth and engaging several of his countrymen. The point is, whether he wins or loses, the ‘Battersea Bomber’ still remains a force to be reckoned with. He lost a recent bout to Trinidadian, Kurt Sinnette but it must be noted that he had unwisely opted to climb one division, from middleweight to light/ heavyweight, to engage the Trinidadian. Hardy would present no such forebodings. Hardy did admit that he was an ardent admirer of Eastman during his heydays. However, he has adamantly stated that he is a consummate professional and will not allow such sentiments to deter him from his goal. Amidst it all, words alone will not do the trick and fans would be coming out in their numbers to assess whether both pugilists will match their words with action. Eastman steps into the ring with a wealth of experience not to mention determination. Hardy steps into the bout armed with the infamous ‘chin checker,’ a punch he had patented early in his professional career, that was responsible for 6 of his fights ending prematurely. Its youth and energy up against age and experience. Which will prevail? Boxing buffs will just have to come to the show to see the action as it unfolds. Otherwise, three other professional bouts will entice boxing buffs starting with Trinidadian based Guyanese, Iwan Azore, against Barbadian Miguel Antoine in a 6 rounds lightweight affair while middleweight, James Walcott tackles Kelsie George. Rudolph Fraser will also tackle Lindener, Cassius Matthews. The ProAm affair is a Guyana Boxing Board of Control (GBBC) initiative in collaboration with the Guyana Amateur Boxing Association (GABA) and the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports. Activities would be recorded for airing one week after the card has concluded. The admission price remains at $1000 for adults while children pay half that amount. The first bell sounds at 20:00hrs sharp.

Saturday May 26, 2012

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Celebrating a Guyanese Original By Mirza Ijaz Rahman As we commemorate Guyana’s Independence, it is the perfect time to celebrate a Guyanese original, Shivnarine “Tiger” Chanderpaul! For more than 20 years, greater than half his lifetime, Shiv has proudly represented Guyana as perhaps the finest batsman this nation has ever produced. While we can debate the subtle points of substance over style, there is no question that he is G u y a n a ’s m o s t accomplished batsman. Moreover, he has been a bastion of certitude and solidity in the middle of crisis after crisis in West Indies cricket for the past 18 years. And like our legendary greenheart trees, his strength, durability, and toughness stands like a fortress against the onslaught of wave after wave of bowlers, critics, and the politics of the game. Shiv has diligently applied himself to constantly improving his performance as a cricketer with each succeeding year, and he can look back proudly on a monumental record of achievement. He has truly accomplished the ancient Greek ideal of happiness, which is, “The full use of your powers along lines of excellence”. It is no accident, that now, after his long and dedicated contributions to the cause of WI Cricket, he currently stands again, for the third time, at the top of the global ranking of Test batsmen. And it would behoove the WICB of selectors to once again choose Shiv to play in all formats of the game – Tests, O D I s , a n d Tw e n t y 2 0 Internationals. As the worlds top test batsman, a 2008 Wisden Cricketer of the Year, and the 2008 winner of the ICC’s Sir Garfield Sobers Cricketer of the Year award, Shiv has always been supportive of WI cricket, whether he has been in the team or out of it. Richie Richardson commented in Chennai, at the 2011 World Cup, that even though Shiv was not in the team, he carried drinks to the batsmen on the field like he was an up and coming player, instead of one who had played over 400 international matches. Such is his passion for the game. Starting with the just

concluded Test in England, where he scored almost a third of the WI team’s runs, Shiv is averaging nearly 70 runs per innings since the retirement of Brian Lara from Test cricket, at the end of 2006. Additionally, as was generously acknowledged by the crowd in Dominica, which now famously claims him as one of their citizens, he became only the second West Indian cricketer to pass the 10,000 runs threshold, and at an average of more than 50 for his career, there is no doubt about Shiv’s greatness. A further perusal of the data show that Shiv’s career ODI average, when compared to that of the players in the WI team during the most recent ODI versus Australia, is almost 10 runs better than any other current player and at a strike rate that compares favorably to several of the recognized batsmen: including A. Barath, DM Bravo, and M. Samuels. Moreover, the only player on the team who is ranked higher than him in the current ICC Player Rankings for ODI batsmen is K. Pollard. As the ICC Player Rankings are a reflection of recent performance, up to when Shiv was on the ODI team at the 2011 World Cup, where he averaged 38 runs, he was clearly performing at a high level, and certainly very close to his career average of greater than 41 runs. Also, with Shiv less than 1,300 runs away from the 10,000 runs ODI threshold, it would be a real treat to see a n o t h e r We s t I n d i a n cricketer achieve this mark of distinction. Furthermore, it would be a travesty if it is a lack of inclusion in the team which prevents him for accomplishing this goal, rather than the bowling prowess of the opposition. I n T w e n t y 2 0 Internationals, Shiv’s career average is greater than 20 runs, with a strike rate of nearly 100. However, after intense preparation and practice for the recently concluded Bangladesh Premier League, he was able to increase his average by 70% to above 34 runs, and to increase his strike rate by 25% to over 123. This compares very well to any player on the current WI team and should convince the selectors to afford Shiv the opportunity

to play for the WI in this format of the game as well, as he has much to contribute, simply based on the numbers. Shiv is clearly playing as well as he has ever played the game. And while zoologists from UG may try to tell us that Guyana has no tigers in its vast hinterland, we all know of the exploits of the “Tiger” from Unity, one whose passion to keep improving and getting the WI back to winning cricket,

still burns brightly. He has demonstrated, with his excellence over the past 18 years, that he is the consummate professional. Shiv continues to be a good teammate, by helping the younger players to develop and grow into their responsibilities. Additionally, he has served selflessly in furthering the cause of WI cricket because of his love of the game. Lastly, if his style is of (Continued on page 26)

Shivnarine Chanderpaul plays a paddle.

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Saturday May 26, 2012

Brydens Indoor Hockey Classic...

GCC register two wins on opening day


GCC’s Devin Hooper (with ball) tries to dribble past a host of Old Fort defenders in their clash on Thursday evening.

CC stormed through the first day of lively action in the Brydens Indoor Hockey Classic chalking up two victories and one draw in the three competitions that is currently being played, at the National Gymnasium. Other top clubs Old Fort and Hikers suffered mixed fortunes, while, despite their losses, Saints and Supernova gave a good account of

themselves. In a repeat of last year’s Diamond Mineral Water International Indoor final, the GCC and Old Fort sides met in the feature match of the opening night of the Solo Men’s First Division Competition. With both teams hyped and running the floor like it was still an international final, GCC made a breakthrough in the 8th minute with overlapping left defender Dwayne Scott picking up a squared pass, before dispatching a menacing shot into the back of the net. As the pace settled, the Old Fort supporters remained on edge for the next twelve minutes until Captain Chris LowKoan made a brilliant run down the right wing to square his pass to an open John Abrahams for the finish. The second half saw GCC take command of the match as Stuart Gonsalves registered a double for GCC, while teammate Kevin Spencer added one more and Dwayne Scott a final one which was his second for the night. Dwight McCalman managed one more for Old Fort to leave the final score at 5 – 2 in favour of GCC. The Hikers defeated Supernova by 5 – 3 in the other Solo Men’s First division matchup. Colonel Haywood opened the match with a double for the Hikers, while Captain Robert France put in another of his usual workmanlike performances to add a double of his own. A powerful Randy Hope penalty corner, resulted in their fifth goal to secure an easy Hikers victory. The junior Supernovas, however, put up a good fight against the Caribbean indoor powerhouse as Mark Fraser, Yonnick Peters and Travon Younge managed a goal each in their losing effort. Earlier in the evening, the GCC Spartans upstaged their senior rivals the Hikers Divas by a 5 – 1 margin in the Breeze Women’s Competition.

The Hikers, fielding a number of new players seemed a bit off the pace of the young Spartans who took control in the 15th minute through a low Marzana Fiedtkou shot. Fiedtkou poured in two more goals in the second half which was supported by a double from teammate and skilful midfielder Gabriella Xavier. The Hikers managed a late consolation goal in the final minute through Tremayne Junor. The Kellogg’s Men’s Second Division Competition featured many of the players coming out of the school programme and the vibrant Hikers Youth Academy. Pre-tournament favourites Hikers and GCC squared off in a tumultuous battle with no team giving an inch. After a high-paced and evenly matched battle, GCC earned a penalty corner and Stephen Xavier launched a rocket into the Hikers goal to break the deadlock. The Hikers fought back bravely with some superb skill by Shaquille Assanah in midfield. Assanah was instrumental in assisting Colonel Heywood for two goals at the opening of the second half. GCC’s Trevon Smith drew his side even 8 minutes later, however, which saw the match end in a 2-2 stalemate. Old Fort made light work of newcomers Saints, making their indoor debut, with a 4-2 beating in the other Kellogg’s second division matchup. Deon Carew led Old Fort in scoring with a double, while teammates Michael Hawke and Dwight McCalman added one each. Hilton Chester and Leroy Jack were the scorers for Saints. The tournament continues throughout the weekend with the three finals being played on Sunday from 16:00hrs.

BVA Independence One Day Competition tomorrow The Berbice Volleyball Association (BVA) in collaboration with the National Sports Commission (NSC) will be holding a one day competition in observance of Guyana’s 46th Independence Anniversary tomorrow, at the GTM Hard court in New Amsterdam. The competition is scheduled to commence at 9:30hrs and teams are urged to be punctual. Among the teams expected to participate are: - GTC/PM, Port Mourant Jaguars, Albion United, Falcons of East Canje, Rollers of New Amsterdam and 3 Door Strikers of D’Edward. At stake are trophies and incentive prizes, compliments of the BVA, the NSC and Food for the Poor (Guyana) Incorporated.

Saturday May 26, 2012

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Banks DIH defeat Republic Bank as InterMinistry/Corporation football commences


small gathering was on hand to witness Banks DIH hammering Republic Bank 3-1 when action in the Inter Ministry/Corporation Seven –a- side football competition got underway at the Banks DIH Thirst Park ground Thursday evening last. Devon Forde netted twice for the winners, while Phillip Rowley contributed one goal. Bruce Daniels, representing Republic Bank, pulled one back in the 9th minute but in the end it proved insufficient. The opening night was marred by the absence of several teams but football buffs were nonetheless treated to one other match that has set the stage for the other encounters. In the other match GNIC and J & S Electrician battled in a friendly encounter with the former team prevailing 5nil. The scorers were Tavel December, Sherwin Smith Derrow Chilott while Keron Schmidt netted a brace. Earlier, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Steve Ninvalle kicked off the tournament shortly after delivering brief remarks. He relayed deep gratitude to the officials of main sponsors, Banks DIH Ltd saying that such partnerships are necessary since government is incapable of filling all the gaps. Mr. Ninvalle pointed out that the beverage giants are always willing to support sports activities even at short notice. He urged the players to support their products in order to ensure the continuity of the arrangement. The Deputy Permanent Secretary then beseeched the players to

play hard and have fun but to do so within the context of discipline. Outdoor Events Manager (Banks DIH), Mortimer Stewart also welcomed the teams and wished them well. Like Mr. Ninvalle, the Outdoor Events Manager underlined the importance of discipline and urged the ball weavers to abide by such precepts even as they aspire to win the tournament. The action continues just after lunch today with several other exciting matches. At 13:00 hrs, Bank of Guyana will play Ministry of Tourism, Industry & Commerce, while at 13:30 hrs NIS tackle Guyana Lottery Company. Other matches to be played include Media United up against Macorp, Neal & Massy against J & S Electrical; GNSC play Ministry of Public Works while Ministry of Foreign Affairs tackle GPC. GT&T then play John Fernandes shortly before the Ministry of Education oppose Guyana Revenue Authority. Republic Bank will also play Guyana Water Authority while Banks DIH Ltd battle GNIC. Activities are staged under the Powerade brand, a nutritional drink manufactured by main sponsors; Banks DIH Ltd. 22 teams are registered for what has been touted as a tournament that promotes fitness. Among those teams competing for a first prize of $250,000 and a trophy are GNIC, GPI, Neal and Massey, Lucky Dollar, Digicel, Amerindian Affairs Ministry, Republic Bank, Courtney Benn Contracting Company, Guyana Water

KMTC Directors to meet tomorrow to fix date for postponed May 20 meet The Directors of the Kennard’s Memorial Turf Club (KMTC) will be meeting tomorrow to decide new date for their May 20th postponed race meeting. The Directors will take into consideration the present adverse inclement weather and also whether or not the trainers will have adequate time to prepare their charges in view of the fact that all the race tracks are sodden and also many horses not been able to have a proper workout. Horse owners and trainers will shortly be informed of the new date for the meet after the decisions have been made. The following persons can be contacted for any information: Esabellla Beaton (Assistant Secretary): 693-7812 Ivan Dipnarine: 331-0316 Justice Cecil Kennard: 623-7609/225-4818/226-1399 Roopranie ‘Shine’ Matadial: 325-3192 Niketa Ross (Secretary): 662-4668

Authority, GPL and NIS among others. The second place finishers win $175,000 while third and fourth places receive $75,000 and $25,000 respectively. Several other corporate entities have joined with Banks DIH and contributed towards a successful tournament including Giftland Office Max, Talk is Cheap, Ross Gas Station and Hopkinson Mining among others.

Deputy Permanent Secretary, Steve Ninvalle kicks off the ball to signal the start of the tournament

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Samuels and Sammy revive West Indies NOTTINGHAM (Reuters) - Marlon Samuels’s third test century and a fluid knock from captain Darren Sammy helped West Indies put an abject start to the second test with England behind them and rally to finish the first day on 304 for six on Friday. England dominated the

first two sessions, piling the pressure on West Indies’ fragile top order who squandered ideal batting conditions to lose their first six wickets for 136. S a m u e l s , h o w e v e r, steadied the listing West Indies ship and frustrated England’s bowlers with dogged resistance while

Sammy at times cut loose as the pair put on 168 runs without loss. Samuels finished the day unbeaten on 107 while Sammy was edging towards his maiden international century with 88 not out. The tourists made two changes from the side that lost at Lord’s, off-spinner

Shane Shillingford and seamer Ravi Rampaul coming in for the injured Shannon Gabriel and the dropped Fidel Edwards. England, looking to take a winning lead in the threematch series, named an unchanged team. Sammy’s decision to bat after winning the toss

Marlon Samuels played another mature innings.

Darren Sammy cuts during his career-best score. seemed logical as blazing centre stage, removing Kirk s u n s h i n e a n d w a r m Edwards for seven with a temperatures greeted the delivery that jagged back off players at Trent Bridge but a length to rock back the his side failed to cash in. batsman’s off stump. Stuart Broad, who SLOWISH PITCH claimed 11 victims when Bowling a good line and England won the first test at length on a slowish pitch Lord’s by five wickets, offering a little swing and struck in his second over. seam movement, Anderson Opener Adrian Barath was a constant menace to the had yet to score when he was West Indies batsmen who tempted into a prod outside never looked at ease. off stump and the ball flew Switching to round the off the edge to James wicket in the 15th over, he Anderson for a one-handed angled in a delivery to catch at third slip. Darren Bravo (3) which Anderson then took (Continued on page 27) Printed and published by National Media & Publishing Company Limited, 24 Saffon St.Charlestown, Georgetown.Tel: 225-8465, 225-8491 or Fax: 225-8473/ 226-8210

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