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Sunday May 19, 2013

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Polygraph tests for officials not ruled out - Dr. Roger Luncheon As the debate continues to rage over Government’s use of polygraph tests on public servants, the administration has not ruled out placing departmental heads and other top officials in the hot seat also. Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon, on Friday said that the use of polygraphy is being developed but targeting only employees in the frontline, revenue-earning state entities. “What we are proposing is integrity testing and its applications in specific areas as we mature in the use of polygraphy.” A polygraph, popularly referred to as a lie detector, measures and records several physiological indices such as blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and skin conductivity while the subject is asked and answers a series of questions. The

belief is that deceptive answers will produce physiological responses that can be differentiated from those associated with nondeceptive answers. More than 60 law enforcement workers have been fired or not have their contracts renewed after failing or refusing to take the polygraph tests. These include employees of the Customs Anti Narcotics Unit (CANU) and Police Anti Narcotics Branch. More than 20 employees of the Guyana Energy Authority (GEA), including fuel markers and inspectors, have also been let go recently because of the polygraphs. The use of polygraph testing as a means to test an employee’s honesty is a controversial one with arguments by some that it is not conclusive enough to use as a basis for firing someone.

Cops recover bikes smuggled through Lethem Police have detained a minibus driver and a civilian after recovering three motorcycles that were smuggled into the country through Lethem. A release stated that around 12:55 hrs yesterday, ranks at a roadblock at Wisroc, Wismar, stopped and searched a minibus in which three motor cycles that had been brought into the country illegally through Lethem were found. The civilian driver and a civilian passenger have been arrested and are in police custody. A policeman who was also a passenger in the vehicle was placed under close arrest after he was found to have left his station district without permission. The release added that contrary to an article posted on the Demerara Waves Website, no police rank has been arrested in relation to the motor cycles.

According to Wikipedia, US federal government agencies such as the FBI and the CIA and many police departments such as the LAPD use polygraph examinations to interrogate suspects and screen new employees. There have been calls for the tests to be administered also to Government Ministers and Department Heads. Commissioner General Khurshid Sattaur has reportedly offered to take the test, Luncheon disclosed Friday. The use of polygraphy is not something unusual across the Caribbean, the spokesman said. Through the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative, a US initiative to improve security around the globe, Guyana has been utilizing the polygraph system. It has to be taken to

Dr. Roger Luncheon higher level to include other officials, but this is “incremental”, Luncheon said. “Our attention is first and foremost in revenue protection and law enforcement.” Guyana has been conducting polygraph tests since 2009. The government official, who sits as the Cabinet Secretary also noted that the development of polygraph tests could very well see it being administered to higher up in the government echelons. “But it is a process that will evolve working with regional and international partners to give what we want to get at the end of the day. We are saying we have not met there yet.” Polygraph tests and corruption have been closely linked with international reports on Guyana indicating there is a worrying perception that corruption runs deep.

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Guyana Scholarships Guyanese Secondary School students are in the midst of writing their CSEC and CAPE exams and we wish all of them well in this most stressful endeavour. Our system of education is an “all or nothing” affair and the performance at these exams will, to a very great degree, determine the career trajectories of the students. We have always taken an extraordinary interest, and pride, in the achievements of the top performers, which, because they are regionally conducted, offered us the opportunity to compete with our much more affluent neighbours. That we have consistently produced “winners” in the CSEC category has made us perhaps under emphasise that for the more competitive universities, including the University of the West Indies, CAPE is the exam that determines entry into their programmes. In the last decade T&T has consistently excelled in this category and their winners, offered scholarships by their government, routinely go on to complete their studies in some of the most prestigious universities in the world. Our focus on CSEC, then, is actually an indicator of the still underdeveloped nature of our education system, since UG still accepts this certificate as its entrance requirement. This state of affairs is one of the reasons why graduates of UG are so highly criticised for their unpreparedness in the subjects in which they are supposed to be qualified. Unless the students enter the institution with prior exposure to the greater demands of a university’s curriculum and absence of “spoon feeding”, which CAPE bridges, they will continue to founder. Recently, the President and his Minister of Education reiterated the government’s commitment to fulfilling and continuing last year’s announcement that the two top performers at both CSEC and CAPE will receive fully funded scholarships to either local or foreign universities to continue with their studies. We have been consistently calling for a return of the “Guyana Scholarships” based on merit over the last decade and we applaud the administration for their move. However, it does appear that the announcement on the scholarships was somewhat ad hoc and not part of any comprehensive plan for raising our educational standards to address our developmental needs. First of all, we are not so sure that the scholarships for CSEC performance add much incentive to the ones already awarded by the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC). For our top performers we are emphasising children to simply attempt ever increasing number of subjects. We have had students being successful with sixteen subjects with Grade Ones, and this year, the Minister revealed that one (or more?) students are writing twenty subjects. To what end, we ask? To simply win an award? We believe that, as was customary during our glory days up to the sixties, to boost educational achievements, scholarships ought to be awarded to the best CAPE students, which is equivalent to the “A” Levels back then. Success at the CSEC is not necessarily a predictor of success at the CAPE, but the latter is quite highly correlated with success in university. Some scholarships awarded to CSEC students by CXC could be taken up by the winners in their chosen field of study such as engineering or medicine at UWI because the winners could not maintain their performance at the more demanding CAPE. We also believe that for a developing country that is short of skills that are critically needed in several areas, the scholarships ought to be earmarked for these studies. While it sounds good to be encouraging ‘scholars’, the rueful conclusion of the developed world at this time is that the very expensive university education should have more relevance to the development of the country. Phds in English Literature, for instance, are now being reconsidered. Thirdly, we have also advocated and do so once more, that the early practice of Singapore’s Lee Kwan Yew to solicit scholarships from prestigious foreign universities for our “A” Level/CAPE performers be emulated. Our Ministry of Education should have a desk that can take care of liaising with the dozens of foreign universities that offer such scholarships.

Sunday May 19, 2013

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Get with the new dispensation and open up NCN to all Guyanese DEAR EDITOR It is unfortunate that the leadership at NCN has allowed that organization to become so tarnished that they cannot represent the truth, which is that Guyana now has a minority Government. In an atmosphere of a minority Government, the State Media must align itself more with National Assembly and the President rather than spitefully ignoring the majority opposition who have to vote funds for them. NCN should spend more of its hours preparing the Guyanese people to accepting defeat for the Government. So when NCN issues a press release attacking the actions

taken by the majority in the Parliament, claiming that they (NCN) “exhibited a strong sense of responsibility to the public, by promoting and being involved in all aspects of national development”, we didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. The NCN is one of the most irresponsible media outlets in Guyana. We therefore reject this statement from the Board and Management of NCN and advise them most humbly to clean up their act and serve all the people all the time and only then, will they be entitled to the people’s money. As soon as the opposition takes a political stand on an issue, regardless if it is good for

Guyana, all shape, shade and sort of PPP operatives finds a seat in the studios of NCN to give only their side of the story. Where we are trained, that is called P R O PA G A N D A . A responsible media outlet seeks all sides of the story and leaves the information out in the public for the people to form their own judgment. But the PPP continues to treat the Guyanese people like horses and continue to feed them a diet of PPP “molasses” every day on NCN. But no one is listening to NCN! So speaking directly to Prem Misir and the acting General Manager; it is high

time you all get with the new dispensation and open up NCN to all Guyanese. As a point of keen note, when the Caribbean Court of Justice rules on the Budget cuts, it hoped that those who withdrew money in 2012 illegally to give to NCN without the Parliament’s approval are aware they can be personally surcharged for misappropriation of taxpayers’ funds. So we advise the Board of NCN to seek immediate legal counsel and start accumulating the money at NCN to pay back the Treasury even if it is five years from now. Dr. Asquith Rose and Harish S. Singh

Sunday May 19, 2013

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I await the promised launch of these and other publications as promised by Dabydeen DEAR EDITOR, I am more than slightly appalled by the pronouncements attributed to Dr. David Dabydeen in the article, “Dabydeen says Caribbean Press Faces Human Resource Crisis” (SN, 14-May), regarding the incompetence and laziness of local writers, and the absence of anyone here competent enough to run the Press. I humbly suggest that Guyana’s Permanent Representative to UNESCO and Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China adopt a far more diplomatic tact in his interaction with the media in the future. More important in my view however is the insight into precisely how the Press is run, a policy clearly influenced by Dr. Dabydeen’s bleak perspective on the paucity of intellectual capital here, a perspective no doubt jaundiced by the closeness of his relations to Freedom House. In January, we learnt from Dabydeen the Press was in the process of publishing, inter alia, “a poetry anthology (at the printers) featuring 22 local Guyanese writers, most of them never published before, and at least two who show serious talent and should be encouraged to produce full volumes. These will be launched publicly when I am next in Guyana, as well as a book by Cedric Costello, entitled Rasta Lyrics, an anthology of Guyanese folksongs, and an anthology of Guyanese short stories.” (SN, 15-Jan) Yet, in May, we hear that local writers are “poor in quality and lazy” and “producing mostly dross.” Also in his January correspondence, Dr. Dabydeen spoke glowingly of the prospects of growth for the Press, stating, “I expect that the series will grow over the years since it can easily accommodate 100 titles.” In May, we learn that “the Press will either die completely, or else do the odd book.” On the issue of the alleged absence of local competence to run the Caribbean Press, Ameena Gafoor is but one example of someone who could easily handle such an endeavour. So is Myrtle Chuck-A-Sang, who – with a skeleton staff that included yours truly as editorial consultant – ran the UWICARICOM Project for the better part of a decade, producing dozens of quality publications on the regional integration process as well as one documentary video. Sandra Granger, the silent but active management and

editorial partner behind David Granger’s Guyana Review would also provide more than competent directorial service. In saying that he personally decides who is published, as opposed to an editorial board, Mr. Dabydeen contradicts himself when he wrote in January that, “we repeat that the Caribbean Press is a peer-reviewed press.” The absence of an editorial board, Dr. Dabydeen’s sterling credentials notwithstanding, is not standard practice anywhere, even here. Indeed, Dr. Dabydeen is, for example, one of twelve persons listed as editorial advisors for the locally published Arts Journal, the editor and de facto publisher being Ms. Gafoor. In contrast, Elly Niland’s Collected Poems, published by the Caribbean Press, has editorial credits listing just David Dabydeen and Lynne Macedo as “General Editors”, with Ian McDonald listed as “Consulting Editor”. Which leads me to what passes for the editorial policy

of the Press. For example, fellow Guyana Prize winner, the affable and charming Niland – sister of Dr. Dabydeen – has had the aforementioned publication produced under the Guyana Classics Library series. This is puzzling since Niland, having won the Poetry prize in 2006, would be considered a contemporary writer, and publication in the series would be contrary to the rationale given for the Classics, i.e., the reprinting of out of print books of high historical or literary value. Even were one to make the dubious case that Niland’s prize-winning work were both out of circulation and of exceptional literary or historical value, the fact is, her Cornerstones not her Collected Poems won the Prize. In short, Dr. Dabydeen, with the help of Macedo and McDonald would have put together an entirely new collection of poems written by Dabydeen’s sister, dubbed it an instant classic, and used the Caribbean Press to

produce it. It should be noted that the Guyana Classics Series has not produced any work on or by Martin Carter. The implications for this go far beyond the issue of mere publication, as damning as that already is in itself. For example, were any of the writers thus selected to be published by the Caribbean Press to submit their work to the Guyana Prize for Literature, these books would be in competition with the hard-wrought manuscripts of local writers who were not so fortunate to have had a friend or family member connected to the Press and all the privileges associated with such membership. Which brings me to the issue of the “laziness and incompetence” of locally resident writers. I have in my apartment several manuscripts and selfpublished books by local writers. One manuscript is by William Samuel Bremner, simply titled Poems written by a man who has spent at least a decade as a homeless self-

confessed drug addict, yet who walks around composing poems of mediocre but yet commendable quality not unlike Rasta Lyrics, published by the Press. Snatches of Life is a recent self-publication of Mr. Neil Primus, a former Catholic monk. New Writing Today From Guyana, edited by Terence Roberts, contains fiction and poetry by Roberts, Mosa Telford, Delana Isles,

Gentian Miller, Rene Chester, Syble Douglas, Kojo McPherson, Edison Jefford, Mark McWatt and yours truly. Multilateral Diplomacy for Small States was launched earlier this year by legendary Guyanese diplomat Rudy Insanally. While Mr. Primus used Xlibris to publish his work, the latter two books were produced entirely in Guyana, (Continued on page 27)

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Sunday May 19, 2013

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The Caribbean Press is peopled by characters who have used it to sate their own vanities DEAR EDITOR, The interview in Stabroek News with Dr, David Dabydeen, Tuesday May 14, unveils a bizarre preoccupation with self importance, and is relevant for future reference in defining the flouncing pompousness of the narcissistic. The contention by local writers with the public funded Caribbean Press began with Ruel Johnson’s revelation of the irregular publication of the book written by Minister Frank Anthony’s daughter under the Trademark of the Caribbean Press. But this was only a revelation. The real contention was when efforts by myself on behalf of local writers, who have never submitted any of their work to Dabydeen, because the functions of the C.P was unknown until revealed by Ruel. Thus Dabydeen’s declaration in the interview that the work of local writers are; “poor in quality and lazy” and “laziness and incompetence” was an aggressive camouflage. This ‘busing’ is almost comical and a distraction from

the real issue. Our request to the Minister was to explore the real issue, which is to enquire how the Caribbean Press functions, since it was now publishing current books, excluding the diatribes of Dabydeen. The question remains unanswered as to what is the Memorandum of Understanding between the public and this Public funded entity? Writers of all ages must understand that there are only a few types of publishing operations. Most of them operate as businesses. A book is given the green light by the publishers, dispatched to their printers and distributed on a

commercially viable print run. Then there are The Independents,’ the self publishers, who work the hardest, proof reading, editing and in the context of the Caribbean, distribution is on their own backs. Then there is the ‘Vanity Press,’ in this case the questionable Caribbean Press, which would be privately funded by say Dr Frank Anthony, Ian Mc Donald and David Dabydeen. This would enable them to function as they presume fit, assuming their own sense of what is quality. The Caribbean Press is

We believe this issue should be debated

DEAR EDITOR, We kindly ask that you give space in your newspaper to our opinion herein stated. We, the undersigned belong to several national organizations and our names are associated with those groups. However, for the purpose of this letter, we write in our individual capacity. Our views herein are not those of the organizations or any other entity to which we belong. These are personal approaches. Our affiliations are in no way associated with our commentary that is expressed below On watching the morning programme, “First Look,” on channel 9 we saw an interview with Mr. Freddie Kissoon recently. He spoke about the intervention of the Indian Government to get a retraction of column written by Mr. Kissoon on Mahatma Gandhi and an apology from the newspaper. We are disappointed that the Indian Government did

so for two reasons. First, critical revisionist comments on Gandhi are in print in and outside of India and some of these comments are contained in respected books and newspapers. Mr. Kissoon is not the first and we are would not be the last to give his views on Gandhi Would it not have been more appropriate for the Indian Government to pen a correction to Mr. Kissoon’s conclusion rather than be accused of press interference in a small country? Secondly, we believe that the intervention by the Indian Government is a precedent that the media community should take a stand on. We would urge a discussion on this unacceptable development before the flood gates are open. Sharon Harding Dennis Atwell Simon Duggan Leonard Craig Penda Guyan Elton Mc Rea

none of the above; it is a bold attempt to indulge a National Publishing house, funded by tax payers’ money, the travesty is that it is peopled by characters whose conceit and dishonesty has used it to sate their own vanities, as Ruel Johnson pointed out in his letter to Stabroek Mon. April 29. Ian Mc Donald has used this Press to republish three of his books, Dabydeen has had one of his books republished, so there’s no altruism going on here, just the indecency of men with superficial pretentions and no social sensitivities. Usually in nations with large populations, there are publishing houses that cater for varied reading interests, enriching their communities by accommodating the talents of the Mystery writer, the Science fiction writer, Horror, Children’s

Stories, Romance, etc. In a small nation like Guyana, a National Press has to facilitate all of the above to stay in existence. It’s obvious that Dabydeen is asleep to the realities of the publishing world and who’s going to the bank. It is obvious that he’s unable to have his book’s original publisher to do a rerun, that’s why he is here at home stealing Suga Cake from we Lil Cake Shop. Bloomsbury Publishing, the publishers of the Pulp fiction ‘Harry Potter’ and the Hachette Book Group, publishers of Stephanie Meyer’s ‘Twilight’ series have all gone to the bank giggling with satisfaction. Every publishing house catalogue has the variety in keeping with today’s unpretentious book market. Highly illustrated coffee table

books to the outrageous sensual novel, the boom of the Graphic Novel, fuels numerous other artistic areas. “Goose Bumps” is rated as Scholastic as its adventures in lore and fantasy encourages young minds to read. We are too poor a nation to indulge and not recognize the counterproductive conceit of Dr. David Dabydeen and his secret society’s colonization of the Caribbean Press. Academic Certification is not a criterion that can measure creativity or ascending talent. It is the worst kind of hypocrisy and inexcusable stupidity to judge the capabilities of the unknown organic state on the basis of prejudices derived from contributing to its marginalization. Barrington Braithwaite

Time has a way of catching up with those who trample on the rights of the people DEAR EDITOR, Ex-military junta leader Rafela Videla of Argentina died recently whilst serving a 50 year prison sentence for his role in the disappearance and torture of thousands of men, women and children when he seized power from Isabel Peron in 1976. He was at one time the most feared and dreaded military leader in Argentine who led what became known as the “Dirty War” that targeted mainly those on the left who dared to defy his dictatorial rule.Not even pregnant women were spared his diabolical rule many of whom were killed after

delivery and had their babies taken away and given to families of the military junta. Hundreds of those taken away as children cannot be accounted for until this day.Those were the days when several South American countries were ruled by military leaders who ruthlessly suppressed the democratic aspirations of the people in order to preserve and protect the interests of local and foreign capital. Today, the winds of change are blowing across the entire hemisphere and many of those who were responsible for crimes against humanity are now being held

accountable for their actions.Guyana also suffered during that period when Forbes Burnham with the backing of the military and para-military hijacked the democratic process and instituted dictatorial and authoritarian rule for over two decades. The important lesson from all of this is that time has a way of catching up with all those who feel that they can trample on the rights of the people and get away with it as the experiences of General Pinochet of Chile and Videla of Argentina have demonstrated. Hydar Ally

Sunday May 19, 2013

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Sunday May 19, 2013

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This would always happen

Yet another senseless accident, this time at the corners of Smyth and Broad Streets, Charlestown. The driver of the Rav4 was proceeding along Smyth Street while the other car was heading along Broad Street.

Persons say the driver of the Rav4 failed to stop at the major road and collided with the other vehicle which ended up in a trench and then into the fence of the Dolphin Secondary School.

Workers’ unions say GPL cuts must be restored with stringent conditions ...reiterate call for GPL investigations The Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) and the National Association of Agriculture, Commercial and Industrial Employees (NAACIE) are convinced that there is need for substantial investments to be made for the smooth running of the Guyana Power and Light (GPL). They are however convinced also, that stringent measures need to be put in place before the $5.2 billion cut from GPL is returned. “Taking into consideration ongoing discussions with our members employed at the Guyana Power and Light Inc. (GPL) and GPSU dialogue with top management, and recognizing the constraints that impact on the effective operations of the GPL, the Guyana Public Service Union and the National Association of Agriculture Commercial and industrial Employees (NAACIE) are convinced of the need for substantial investment for GPL to function more reliably and effectively in the delivery of electricity.” The Unions who both represent workers of this critical public utility said they

are of the view that, “the restoration of funds cut from the 2013 Budget should be effected but with certain stringent conditions.” The Unions recognized the need for transparency in the operations of GPL, “and top management of the company should be more inclusive and accommodating to other managers and staff.” The workers’ union opined that a cohesive managerial approach is imperative if the GPL is to be turned around. “Unlike the Prime Minister, the Unions (GPSU & NAACIE) do believe that within GPL there are management deficiencies. The situation is also compounded by the facilitation of irregular

discretions and waivers selectively.” GPSU and NAACIE therefore insist that there is the need for an investigation into GPL’s operations and that the investigation panel includes nominees from GPSU and NAACIE. The Unions are also of the view that the Board of Directors of GPL needs to be restructured. A nominee from each of the Unions (GPSU and NAACIE) should be members of the Board as existed previously. “Effective participation by the Unions at this level could be a first fundamental step in the identification and correction of management deficiencies.”

The workers’ union related their desire to have discussions with all political parties to explore ways to enhance the competence and efficiency of GPL to deliver nationwide electricity. “We believe that inputs from the concerned political stakeholders will facilitate subsequent understanding and entity with respect to GPL’s challenges.” Patrick Yarde, head of GPSU, told Kaieteur News that the management of GPL is a very serious issue. “We cannot play politics.” The union head urged that everyone suffers when there is a “black out” and an earnest approach needs to be taken to address the issue.

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Dem boys seh

De big ones got to tek de test too

Is a long time since de government been complaining about drugs in Guyana. Jagdeo tell de Americans that if Guyana got to win de fight it got to get help. De Americans decide to give a small piece and some communication equipment. When Jagdeo tell he that dem got to give more money de Ambassador tell he that de only way he gun get money is if he show that he serious bout fighting drugs. Of course Jagdeo get vex. That is when de Americans tell he that dem gun set up a DEA office in Guyana. Well is now dem boys know why de country still can’t get de DEA office. To begin with, if de DEA come in Guyana nuff people who seh that dem is Jagdeo friends gun end up in jail. And then he gun get nail because people gun talk how dem see nuff of dem people sporting wid he. Old people seh, ‘Show me you friends and I will tell you who you are.’ Is de same Jagdeo who bring in polygraph testing. But de only people he test is dem li’l people. He ain’t test dem big ones. Dem boys seh that he shoulda been de first one to tek de test and lead by example. That ain’t happen. He know why he ain’t tek de test. People still want know how he get de mansion. He and all dem Bees should line up fuh a polygraph. Dem boys know de results and some might end up in South African jail. Brazzy and Barbie might end up in Zimbabwe jail when Uncle Sam done wid dem. Donald already asking fuh all of dem to tek de polygraph. He seh he gun lead by example. Dem boys seh that he might end up tekking de test wid only a few people he gun lef wid to wuk in he administration. Dem boys want to know if Sharma, de GEA boss gun tek that test. De CANU boss, Singh, did tek it. He lead by example. Talk half and wait fuh see who gun tek de test.

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Sunday May 19, 2013

Public Accounts Committee not designed to facilitate efficiency - former Auditor General The lengthy process involved in scrutinizing Auditor General Reports highlighting Government’s expenditures is being facilitated through the National Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) that was designed to be slothful. This is according to Anand Goolsarran, former Auditor General, who believes that examinations of the Auditor General Reports could be more expeditious if the PAC sets itself an achievable timeline and work together rather than in a confrontational mode. He stated, “The PAC is designed to facilitate inefficiency because it is a political body. The PAC (comprising three Government and four Opposition members) see Government defending and the Opposition attacking and so they end up in a long drawn out process to resolve the problems highlighted.” Almost yearly, the Auditor General Reports highlight similar flaws in Government’s accounts such as overpayment to contractors, non-establishment of the Public Procurement Commission, nonclearance of Advances, and lack of maintenance of logbooks among others. According to Deodat Sharma, Auditor General, Government is implementing recommendations in the annual reports emanating from his

office, but with the existing process the results are decidedly slow. The United States of America 2012 Human Rights Report made reference to the absence of the Public Procurement Commission and the fact that the effectiveness of the Audit Office remains limited since Government may or may not act on the discrepancies noted in its reports. “Observers noted that recurring discrepancies were repeatedly highlighted in the reports without officials taking appropriate follow-up actions to investigate and resolve the discrepancies,” the report highlighted. Avoiding direct comment on the US Report, Sharma said that many persons may believe that Government is not acting on the recommendations, but this is not so. “It might be slow, but there is a process in taking action,” he added. According to Goolsarran, the PAC is still to complete examining the 2010 Auditor General Report, while the 2011 Auditor General Report was laid in the National Assembly last year September. The PAC may take another year or two to look at the 2011 report which will take us to 2015. “Then it will take another year or so for the Treasury Memorandum to be issued. On average you get an official response from

Anand Goolsarran Government five years after the discrepancy is noted. Then when the Treasury Memorandum comes out it is vague, not specific and is overtaken by time. The Treasury Memorandum sets out what action the Government has taken or proposes to take in relation to something that happened five years ago,” the former Auditor General said. According to Goolsarran, there is no reason why the PAC cannot convene its meetings immediately after the Auditor General has issued his report. He said that the PAC should give itself one month to complete its examination and issue its own report. Providing a solution to the slothfulness of the PAC, he said that the National Assembly should pattern the

PAC’s operations after that of the United Nations. He said that in the United Nations, there is the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions (ACABQ), an expert body comprising 16 members. It works very expeditiously to complete the examination Board of Auditors’ reports and to issue its own report to the General Assembly. He noted that the Fifth Committee of the General Assembly takes it up from there, and within a short time, a General Assembly Resolution is passed invariably endorsing the findings and recommendations of the Board as well as those of the ACABQ. “The resolution has a binding effect

on the part of the United Nations. All of this takes place before the next cycle of audit takes place, and the Board of Auditors is required to report periodically to the General Assembly on the status of implementation of its recommendations,” he added. According to Goolsarran, the Audit Act 2004 provides for the Audit Office to publish the responses of the various government agencies to its findings and recommendations. In most cases, the responses were unsatisfactory and did not address the specific issues raised. He said that in the haste of meeting the deadline, the Audit Office appears to take a mechanical approach of including the

responses in its report without evaluating their appropriateness. Had it done so, there would have been an outright rejection of most of the responses. This is a major contributor to the limitations to the effectiveness of the work of the Audit Office, Goolsarran said. However, during a recent interview with this publication Sharma said that limitations that could affect the Audit Office are limited funding, inadequate staffing and possible shutting down of the Audit Office. However, he is pleased that the strength of the Audit Office has increased over the years and finances are available. In addition, the Audit Office is not under any threat of being closed.

‘Shark’ owner refutes that vessel developed engine failure The North West-bound vessel, ‘Shark’, never developed engine trouble as the Ministry of Works and Transport stated on Thursday. And the vessel never drifted until it reachedAnna Regina on Friday. In fact, the vessel never reached Anna Regina when the officials said that it did. The woman who charted the vessel, said that she was amazed to hear of engine trouble and dead batteries. She said that the vessel was loaded with goods for the North West. She checked with Customs and Maritime Administration before leaving Port Georgetown. She said that the officials never informed her that there was an approaching storm. This

storm struck when the vessel was some ten miles north of Leguan in the Atlantic Ocean. “There were high waves and they were close to each other. They swamped the boat and before the water from the first could run off the second would hit. They washed the goods overboard and the captain did he best to keep the vessel afloat.” When the storm passed, the boat drifted onto a sand bank where it remained until yesterday morning. In the height of the storm the Captain sent out a distress signal that caused the Maritime Administration to send its coast guard vessel, ‘Kakabelly’, in search of the ‘Shark’. The woman said that the coast guard vessel sighted the boat which kept flashing its light at the approaching coast guard vessel. However, the ‘Kakabelly’ could not approach the sand bank. Shark remained on the sandbank for the rest of

Thursday, and Friday. She said that with each high tide the Shark tried to get off the sand bank and it was not until yesterday that it managed to free itself. It arrived in Port Georgetown under its own steam shortly after 14:00 hours. She said that when she read that the vessel was at Anna Regina she knew that the Ministry was being untrue because she was in contact with the vessel. She denied that ‘Shark’ was the property of Maritime Administration. “It is a privately-owned vessel.” It was earlier reported that ‘Shark’ had encountered engine failure some ten miles off of Leguan Island and was forced to call in for assistance. This was according to Transport Minister Robeson Benn. Benn had stated that the coast guard vessel ‘Kakabelly’ was sent out on a rescue mission to find ‘Shark’.

Sunday May 19, 2013

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Govt. tells Trinidad newspaper…

Radio licences were granted to persons with financial means Former President Bharrat Jagdeo, in late 2011, mere days before he ended his two terms in office, approved 11 radio frequencies to applicants after they showed that they had the financial means to run the broadcasting operations. Government made the assertion on Wednesday in response to a stinging editorial by a leading Trinidad newspaper criticizing the controversial issuance of radio licences by the Jagdeo administration in 2011. The details of the allocations only came to light after the Opposition demanded answers and Prime Minister Sam Hinds was forced to provide these in the National Assembly. It led to street protests by established media houses and worried vendors and attracted widespread condemnation from local, regional and international media bodies. Even the diplomatic community has advised Government to review the allocations. Party officials have kept largely silent on the embarrassing issue which has pitted the private media against the administration. Government, in defense of those controversial licences in which several established, leading media houses were overlooked in favour of persons close to Jagdeo and the ruling party, had used a number of different reasons over the last few weeks to justify Jagdeo’s decision. They said that Jagdeo had the power as the Head of State to do so. They also argued that persons and entities granted the licences have shown that they are of solid financial standings. Government also noted that 11 frequencies were in keeping with a promise to break the state monopoly on radio. At the time of the issuance, only the radio stations controlled by the state-owned National Communications Network (NCN) were authorized to operate. In the reply sent to the Trinidad Express and published last Wednesday, the Government Information

Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo

Dr. Ranjisinghi ‘Bobby’ Ramroop

Agency (GINA) again argued that the decision to issue the radio and cable licences was in keeping with a promise to end the monopoly. Economic means “The first 11 which were issued were granted to persons with the economic wherewithal to make use of the licences and thus bring an immediate end to the state monopoly.” The GINA statement sent to Trinidad Express was not disseminated to the local media houses. It went further in defending the allocations. “The opening up of the broadcast spectrum, with the proliferation of over 20 private television stations across the country, as well as the addition of two daily newspapers, was all done under the current administration and is further testimony of freedom of expression in Guyana.” Government pointed out to the Trinidad Express that over the past weeks, speculation and misinformation con-tinue to be published des-pite explanations by the government of Guyana and the Guyana National BroadcastingAuthority (GNBA) detailing the process through which radio licences are issued. “This matter is now being represented by certain sections as the height of illegality and favouritism. But what are the facts? Eleven radio broadcast licences were allocated in 2011 to applicants who are resident Guyanese nationals and who had formally indicated their interest in radio production.” Licences with multiple

frequencies, allowing countrywide coverage, were granted to Dr. Ranjisinghi ‘Bobby’ Ramroop, a close friend of Jagdeo; The Mirror, the ruling party’s newspaper, and to Telcor and Cultural Broadcasting Inc. The other seven “successful” applicants received one each, including singer Rudy Grant and prominent businessman, Alfro Alphonso. The one frequency will contain the radio stations within a certain area. Virtually, all the independent media houses which applied were ignored by the former President. Other got too “The list of persons issued with licences includes persons who are unlikely to have any affiliation with the former president or loyalty to the ruling party. The list of radio licence recipients reflects an even spread in both geographic (covering all three counties) and ethnic composition.” Government also claimed that Guyana’s laws and sovereignty provide for the Head of State to have the final say on the matter. “The Post and Tele-graph Act of Guyana, under which the 11 licences were issued, confers on the President, who is the Minister of Infor-ma-tion, this authority.” The statement criticised Trinidad Express for not contacting the government before publishing the Editorial. Last week, the Trinidad Express, a leading newspaper in that TwinIsland Republic, joined (Continued on page 13)

Sunday May 19, 2013

Bus driver, 55, shot and robbed in bed … gunmen woke him with a gun to his head

The injured Patrick Nurse at GPHC yesterday By: Romila Boodram A bus driver is now a patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) nursing a gunshot wound to his right side chest. He was reportedly awakened from his sleep early yesterday morning by two gunmen, one of whom shot him. Injured is Patrick Nurse, of Lot 719 Section ‘C’ Turkeyen. Nurse was shot and robbed around 03:00am yesterday on his bed. Yesterday, Nurse who is in a stable condition at GPHC recounted his horrifying experience to this publication. “I was sleeping when someone wake me up and say ‘be quiet, don’t make a sound’

Desmond Marcus

so as I was coming off the bed slowly, I was thinking what is next because I have a wife and daughter to maintain so I decided to raise an alarm,” Nurse recalled. He explained that after he started shouting for help, one of the men shot him to his right side chest and demanded him to be quiet; Nurse did not heed the demand. “I continue shouting for help and then he start hitting me in my head with the gun and the other man who was with him tell him to let them leave and they left,” the route 48 bus driver recalled. He said during the one minute ordeal his wife woke up and she was quietly standing at a corner of the

room. The gunmen did not touch her. “After they left we come to the hospital so I didn’t get to check what went missing but all I know is that I had $8,000 and it gone, three laptops, my daughter ’s Blackberry phone and a camera. I don’t know if anything else went missing,” the father of one said. Only last month a bus driver, Desmond Marcus, of Louisa Row, Wortmanville was shot to his head in the vicinity of National Avenue and Caneview Avenue, South Ruimveldt by a passenger who refused to pay him the bus fare. Marcus is on the road to recovery.

Bartica massacre accused to finally have day in High Court The five men who were charged and have since been committed to stand trial for the Bartica Massacre are expected to appear in the High Court on May 21. Those charged for the murders are Mark Royden, called Durant or Smallie; Clebert Reece, called Chi Chi or Fineman; Dennis Williams called Anaconda; Michael Ceasar called Deon Cort and Roger Anthony Simon called Goatman. The five were accused of killing Edwin Gilkes, Irving Ferreira, Ronald Gomes, Baldeo Singh, Dexter Adrian, Deonarine Singh, Abdool Yassin, Ashraf Khan, and Errol Thomas. They are also accused of killing three police officers, Ron Osborne, Zaheer Zakir and Shane Fredericks at Bartica on February 17, 2008. The men were committed to stand trial in the High Court after the Police Prosecution was able to build a prima facie case before the presiding

Magistrate, Fazil Azeez. The magistrate said that a total of 37 witnesses, including civilians, were called to give evidence. The matter, prosecuted by Special Prosecutor K. Juman Yassin, was concluded in less than ten months. Attorneys at law Hukumchand and Sonia Parag, had appeared for Celbert Reece initially, Attorney at law Roger Yearwood had appeared for Royden Williams and Peter Hugh represented Roger Simon. On the night of February 17, 2008, at approximately 21:40 hours some 20 gunmen attacked Bartica, slaughtering one dozen people, including three policemen, during an hourlong strafing. It was reported that the gunmen attacked the police station first, killing three policemen and freeing prisoners. They then took the vehicle assigned to the police station and went on a

rampage, terrorising the community and murdering nine others. According to reports, the gunmen arrived in the area by boat and departed in similar fashion taking with them firearms they had grabbed from the police station and from a mining company. Roger Simon, a 44-yearold miner and father of nine who is a resident of the community, was the first person charged with the 12 murders. He first appeared at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court on April 9 and then later at the Bartica Magistrate’s Court on May 14. Clebert Reece, called ‘Chichi’ of Lot 63 Barr Street, Albouystown, a 30-year-old miner who worked in the Cuyuni area, was the second person charged but he made no statement to the court when he appeared before Magistrate Melissa Robertson.

Sunday May 19, 2013

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Guyana to export rice and paddy by month- end Guyana is expected to export 100,000 tons of rice and paddy to Venezuela by the end of May, 2013, according to a press release issued yesterday by the Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy. The Minister said that the first shipment of rice would leave on May 23 while the first shipment of paddy is expected to leave on May 28, 2013. He explained, “Earlier this week, a team of officials, which I headed, visited Venezuela where we successfully finalized all arrangements for the commencement of shipment of paddy and rice to that State.” The team included members from the Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB) and the Rice Producers’ Association (RPA). The Minister said that

Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy the team managed to maintain similar prices received last year and at the same time amend the agreement to increase rice and reduce paddy exported. During the meeting, the Minister said that his team

and officials from Venezuela discussed Guyana importing fertilizer from the neighbouring country. This discussion will continue next week. “I wish to take this opportunity to advise the stakeholders in the rice industry that due to the similar conditions of sales in the current agreement, including prices, it is expected that the millers should pay farmers similar prices for paddy as in the last crop of 2012. “In our discussions in Caracas, both parties pledged to work even more closely to reduce the difficulties we previously faced so as to improve the quality of service provided as well as the livelihood of our people. “It was agreed by both parties that export of rice and paddy will begin almost immediately and continue until early August for this first crop,” Dr. Ramsammy said.

Radio licences were... From page 12 the list of critics saying that “…the PPP has expanded the media in Guyana solely for the purpose, it seems, of increasing the outlets for proparty, pro-government propaganda.” Trinidad Express, in its editorial, noted that this does nothing but undermine media here. “It is a general principle that any government which censors or controls the media does so in order to retain power and to hide incompetence and corruption,” the editorial stated. The newspaper called on Trinidad and Tobago to add its own voice to the critics of

“such glaring efforts to deny free expression in Guyana.” The newspaper noted that the PPP’s favouring of friends and family has been so blatant that the United S tates and other foreign Governments have officially protested the discrimination displayed by the government. “But the rest of the world—and no doubt most Guyanese who are not blind PPP supporters—recognised the reality of continuing State control of Guyana radio airwaves which, despite pious protestations, has changed only so much as the administration has wanted.

“It is ironic, if not indeed tragic, that the PPP, which represents a constituency which for decades suffered similar censorship and discrimination from the late and unlamented Forbes Burnham, should now have adopted some of his tactics.” The editorial was reported in Guyana by Kaieteur News and Stabroek News, two independent dailies who too were sidelined by in the allocation process. A number of private media houses and Kaieteur News have since taken the National Frequency Management Unit (NFMU) to court to quash the radio frequencies.

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Guyana says good-bye to PAHO Country Representative By: Romila Boodram Although she is due for retirement, Pan America Health Organization (PAHO)’s Country Representative, Dr. Beverly Barnett said that if she is given a chance to serve Guyana once more, she will do it all over again. Dr. Barnett made this comment last Wednesday at the Sleep-in Hotel on Brickdam during a reception ceremony which was held by the Ministry of Health (MOH) to bi=d her “Good bye.” “It has been very interesting working here; Guyana is a fascinating country. I have enjoyed being here and I think that PAHO working with the Ministry of Health has made some differences. It has made people more aware of certain things as it relates to their health,” the PAHO’s representative told the gathering. Dr. Barnett who has been in Guyana since 2010 said that she was here to work with the MOH and the government to achieve the country’s National Health objectives. “The other PAHO representative who would succeed me will simply need to continue working with the MOH, NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) and other Ministries to make sure that everybody is working towards the objectives to be established and implemented in the national health plan,” Dr. Barnett encouraged her successor. Dr. Barnett said, “This was supposed to be a surprise but nobody could have figured out a way to get me here as a

Health Minister, Bheri Ramsaran and Dr. Barnett on Wednesday during the reception ceremony surprise so in the end people had to send an invitation to ‘Please come to your surprise party.” Minister of Health, Bheri Ramsaran thanked Dr. Barnett for the work she has done during her time here. “PAHO has been headed in Guyana by strong resourceful women and Dr. Barnett, I hope, is not the last,

but the correct one in the long list of individuals. What is interesting is that there is a coincidence of good things this time around,” the Minister stressed. At the end of the ceremony, the Minister on behalf of the Health Ministry presented the PAHO representative with a little token to remember Guyana.

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GPL urges the public to report irresponsible hauler drivers - “action will be taken to deal with their negligence”

wire snapped back into place, it hit the overhead wires that are not insulated. The driver’s actions consequently lead to a huge bout of sparking that lasted for about five minutes. Residents explained that the moment the sparking of the wires ceased, it brought with it a power outage which lasted for about two hours. When efforts were made to contact the Guyana Power and Light, officers explained that they wished to make clear to the general public that it is a serious matter and one that “reeks of negligence.” They said that shipping companies are aware of the fact that they must, at all times, have a technician on standby with

poles at the ready to lift the wires before attempting to pass under them. “The fact that they continue to do this, shows a blatant disregard for the dangerous effects their actions could have. When they cause these power outages they are putting us in expense.” The Guyana Power and Light stated that while necessary action will be taken to curtail this issue, the company is asking the public to be vigilant. “Take note of the perpetrators and lodge their reports at any of their outlets so that the charges for their reckless behaviour can be instituted.”

T&HD implements subsidy to cushion Berbice passengers The Transport and Harbours Department (T&HD) pontoon that plies the New AmsterdamRosignol route has been down for nearly a month. School children and workers commuting the Berbice River are feeling the financial pressures as a result. While T&HD has stepped in to subsidize the cost of each commuter utilizing its services to cross the Berbice River since the pontoon service is currently out- oforder, the entire arrangement is being criticized. Additionally, the traveling public is left to speculate whether this is the much anticipated gradual pull- out of the T&HD pontoon service from both stellings, so as to slowly make passengers adapt to the use of the morethan-costly-to-cross Berbice River Bridge. Many persons have been paying $300 to get across to either side with minibuses but last week, an arrangement between the T&HD and a few minibus operators started

... pontoon service down for a month whereby workers and school children pay $60 to travel across the Berbice River, by purchasing a ticket at either stelling and joining the buses participating in the arrangement, in the stelling. Kaieteur News understands that the minibus operators will be reimbursed the difference by T&HD. But not everyone in the traveling public seems to be aware of this arrangement since nothing has been publicized. An employee of the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) bemoaned the entire ordeal one has to endure every working day to get to work via the Berbice River. The individual outlined the new procedure being used by the T&HD and claimed too that the officials at the N/A stelling close off earlier than usual leaving them stranded when they do get off from work. That is when they are forced to pay $300 and get

ImmigrationINFO Immigration News For Our Community

What are my rights at the U.S. Airport & Port of Entry? By Attorney Gail Seeram

The area where the incident took place. The Guyana Power and Light is urging members of the public to report hauler drivers that refuse to have technicians on standby to raise the spur lines (electricity lines) in order to prevent power outage and possible fires. According to residents, yesterday about 9:00 hours, a hauler was passing on La Penitence Public Road, when one of the spur lines got caught on the container. Onlookers stated that the driver stopped and though he saw that the wire was trapped, he continued to forge ahead. As he drove, the Utility post on which the line was attached started to lean as the force was applied but the wire was luckily freed. When the

Sunday May 19, 2013

across the river with the buses that have not been part of the subsidy arrangements. “The last pontoon would normally leave New Amsterdam at 17:00hrs, “however sometimes you turn up at 4 [pm], [and] they close off…I left work at ten [minutes to] 4 and by the time I reach the stelling at 4, they closed off and a set of school children and nurses walked out and catch buses at the bus park.” Those persons had to pay the full $300 since the stelling closed off its services. “Like the supervisor want to close off early to go home or something and it’s very hard on us because I have a child who is attending Berbice High [School] and it’s very hard on us”, the commuter stated. Efforts to contact the T&HD New Amsterdam Ferry Stelling as well as Region Six Chairman, Mr. David Armogan were unsuccessful.

As the holiday season approaches, many of you will be traveling to the U.S. or to your native born country. Many visitors and returning residents are unaware of their rights at the airports and ports of entry in the United States. Security and immigration enforcement measures are quite prevalent than before at the U.S. borders. An increasing number of residents and visitors are subject to secondary inspection and security delays at the airports. The questions and answers below address your rights when questioned by an officer at the airport or port of entry. Q: What types of officers could I encounter at the airport and at the border? A: In particular, at airports and at the border you are likely to encounter customs agents, immigration officers, and Transportation and Safety Administration (TSA) officers. Q: If I am entering the U.S. with valid travel papers, can an officers stop and search me? A: Yes. Customs officers have the right to stop, detain and search any person or item. But officers cannot select you for a personal search based on your race, gender, religious or ethnic background. If you are a non-citizen, you should carry your green card or other valid immigration status documents at all times. Q: Can an officer ask questions about my immigration status? A: Yes. At airports, law enforcement officers have the power to determine whether or not you have the right or permission to enter or return to the U.S. Q: If I am selected for a longer interview when I am coming into the United States, what can I do? A: If you are a U.S. citizen, you have the right to have an attorney present for any questioning. If you are a noncitizen, you generally do not have the right to an attorney when you would have arrived at an airport or another port of entry and an immigration officer is inspecting you to decide whether or not you will be admitted. However, you do have the right to an attorney if the questions relate to anything other than your immigration status. You can ask an officer if he or she will allow you to answer extended questioning at a later time, but the request may or may not be granted. If you are not a U.S. citizen and an officer says you cannot come into the U.S., but you fear that you will be persecuted or tortured if sent back to the country you came from, tell the officer about your fear and say that you

want asylum. Q: Can an officer search my laptop files? If they do, can they make copies of the files, or information from my address book, papers, or cell phone contacts? A: This issue is contested right now. Generally, law enforcement officers can search your laptop files and make copies of information contained in the files. If such a search occurs, you should write down the name, badge number, and agency of the person who conducted the search. You should also file a complaint with that agency. Q: Can my bags or me be searched after going through metal detectors with no problem or after security sees that my bags do not contain a weapon? A: Yes. Even if the initial screen of your bags reveals nothing suspicious, the screeners have the authority to conduct a further search of you or your bags. Q: What if I wear a religious head covering and I am selected by airport security officials for additional screening? A: You have the right to wear religious head coverings. You should assert your right to wear your religious head covering if asked to remove it. The current policy (which is subject to change) relating to airport screeners and requiring removal of religious head coverings, such as a turban or hijab, is that if an alarm goes off when you walk through the metal detector the TSA officer may then use a hand-wand to determine if the alarm is coming from your religious head covering. If the alarm is coming from your religious head covering the TSA officer may want to patdown or have you remove your religious head covering. You have the right to request that this pat-down or removal occur in a private area. If no alarm goes off when you go through the metal detector the TSA officer may nonetheless determine that additional screening is required for non-metallic items. Additional screening cannot be required on a discriminatory basis (because of race, gender, religion, national origin or ancestry). The TSA officer will ask you if he or she can pat-down your religious head covering. If you do not want the TSA officer to touch your religious head covering you must refuse and say that you would prefer to pat-down your own religious head covering. You will then be taken aside and a TSA officer will supervise you as you patdown your religious head covering. After the pat-down the TSA officer will rub your

Gail S. Seeram hands with a small cotton cloth and place it in a machine to test for chemical residue. If you pass this chemical residue test, you should be allowed to proceed to your flight. If the TSA officer insists on the removal of your religious head covering you have a right to ask that it be done in a private area. Q: What if I am selected for a strip search? A: A strip search at the border is not a routine search and must be supported by “reasonable suspicion,” and must be done in a private area. Q: If I am on an airplane, can an airline employee interrogate me or ask me to get off the plane? A: The pilot of an airplane has the right to refuse to fly a passenger if he or she believes the passenger is a threat to the safety of the flight. The pilot’s decision must be reasonable and based on observations of you, not stereotypes. Q: What do I do if an officer questions me every time I travel by air and I believe I am on a “no-fly” or other “national security” list? A: If you believe you are mistakenly on a list you should contact the Transportation Security Administration and file an inquiry using the Traveler Redress Inquiry Process. See last week’s article. Q: If I believe that customs or airport agents or airline employees singled me out because of my race, ethnicity, or religion or that I was mistreated in other ways, what information should I record during and after the incident? A: It is important to record the details of the incident while they are fresh in your mind. When documenting the sequence of events, be sure to note the airport, airline, flight number, the names and badge numbers of any law enforcement officers involved, information on any airline or airport personnel involved, questions asked in any interrogation, stated reason for treatment, types of searches conducted, and length and conditions of detention. When possible, it is helpful to have a witness to the incident. Submit complaint using the Traveler Redress Inquiry. See last week’s article.

Sunday May 19, 2013

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Sunday May 19, 2013

Nigeria says 10 rebels killed Syria’s Assad says in north east, 65 arrested he won’t step down

(Reuters) - Nigeria’s military said yesterday it had killed 10 insurgents and arrested 65 more as part of an offensive meant to wrest back control of parts of its remote northeast from an Islamist group seen as the main security threat to Africa’s top oil producer. President Goodluck Jonathan, a Christian southerner, had been accused of not taking seriously enough the violence in the largely Muslim north where some fear Islamist insurgents allied to al Qaeda could take over large swathes of territory as they did in Mali before French-led troops ejected them this

year. Jonathan has since won plaudits from some quarters for taking a decisive stance on the insurgency, which has destabilised Africa’s second biggest economy but has largely taken place in remote areas far away from major economic centres like Lagos, the capital Abuja and major oilfields in the south. A spokesman for Defence Headquarters said the military had seized stockpiles of weapons including rocketpropelled grenades, guns and ammunition from areas around Maiduguri, the main city in the northeast.

BEIRUT (AP) — Syrian President Bashar Assad said in a newspaper interview yesterday he won’t step down before elections are held, rejecting a demand by the country’s opposition that any talks on ending the nation’s civil war lead to his ouster. Assad’s comments to the Argentine newspaper Clarin were his first about his possible role in any political transition since the U.S. and Russia agreed earlier this month to try to bring the two sides to the table at an international conference. Such a gathering is envisioned for next month, but no date has been set, and neither the Assad regime nor

Bashar Assad the Syrian National Coalition, the main Western-backed coalition group, has made a firm commitment to attend. The Syrian president’s

remarks highlighted the difficulties the U.S. and Russia face in getting the two sides to agree on the terms of transition talks and brokering an end to Syria’s bloody civil war. More than 70,000 people have been killed and several million displaced since the uprising against Assad erupted in March 2011 and escalated into a civil war. Assad has dismissed those trying to topple him as foreign-backed terrorists. Many in the political opposition say Assad and his inner circle cannot be expected to negotiate in good faith after they brutally suppressed peaceful protests.

Israel warns against Russian arms supply to Syria (Reuters) - Israel said yesterday that advanced weapons supplied by Russia to war-torn Syria could end up in the wrong hands and be used against the Jewish state. A Russian shipment of Yakhont anti-ship missiles to Syria was condemned by the United States on Friday and Israel is also alarmed by the prospect of Russia supplying S-300 advanced air defence missile systems to Damascus. While Israel has declined to take sides in the civil war between Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and rebels trying to topple him, Western and Israeli sources say it has launched air strikes inside Syria in a bid to destroy weapons it believes are

Tzipi Livni destined for the Lebanese group Hezbollah. Justice Minister Tzipi Livni told Army Radio: “(Weapons) could reach others in Syria or Lebanon and be used against Israel.”

“These are not just any weapons, they are tiebreakers, and that’s why there is a responsibility with all world powers, certainly Russia, not to supply such arms,” Livni said, adding that Israel had the right to defend itself. Israel has neither denied nor confirmed r e p o r t s that it attacked Iranian-supplied missiles stored near Damascus this month that it believed were awaiting delivery to Hezbollah, an Assad ally which fought a war with Israel in 2006. Senior Israeli defence official Amos Gilad said the S300 and the Yakhont would likely end up with Hezbollah and threaten both Israel and U.S. forces in the Gulf.

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Is the non-white world a joke, a tragedy; does it exist? What would the great minds of philosophy think of the people of the Third World if they had a chance to see it as we see and know the Third World today, that is, the post1945 Independent Third World? What would Georg Hegel, Immanuel Kant, Fredrich Nietzsche, Thomas Hobbes, David Hume, René Descartes, Sigmund Freud and others think about the Third World? What else can come from the pen of anyone who is familiar with philosophical works on ontology when one looks at the Third World today? Is there anything culturally redemptive about the Third World? Does civilization exist in the Third World? What would the brilliant West Indian philosopher Frantz Fanon think of the people of the Third World had he lived beyond 1961 when he died? The author of “Black Skin, White Masks” would have certainly been savage with his phenomenal pen, the fraudulent civilization named the Third World. Voltaire wrote that if God did not exist then people

would have invented him. In the same vein you can say if the white man did not exist, the non-white world would have conjured up his existence to excuse their lack of a civilized being. Every act of decadence, every act of depravity, every abomination in Third World culture is excused and blamed on the white man. The glee in condemning the white man reverberates to every corner of the post-colonial world. Bouterse in Suriname is embraced because a white government in Holland accused him of drugtrafficking. He must be protected because the white man is out to get him. “Yankee imperialism” wanted to dethrone Hugo Chavez, so the non-white world had to come to his rescue. The same “Yankee imperialism” harassed Fidel Castro until they had to give up. Bush wanted the Iraqi oilfields, so Saddam became a hero. France went into Mali because the French still want to own Africa. Is this denunciation of the white world a smokescreen to hide

the non-existence of humanity in the Third World? The citizens of the white world enjoy far greater freedom than those who live under Third World leaders. A white citizen of Holland can openly smoke a marijuana cigarette (joint) while in Guyana, a poor youth would have his future destroyed if found with such an item. His home would be Camp Street for the next four years. Saddam Hussein murdered his fellow Iraqis by the thousands, but loved freedom so much that he was discovered living like a rat in a hole after the invasion by the Americans. Gaddafi was supposed to be a Third World hero, but he stole billions from his own people and was captured hiding in a sewage pipe. Recent secret files downloaded to the Guardian of London and the Washington Post revealed thousands of secret accounts in Caribbean offshore banks and Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe owns one of them. Mugabe was a former freedom fighter. So was the current president of Angola, whose

daughter is listed by Forbes magazine as being of the world’s richest women. “White man country” is no bed of roses we are told. Third World leaders tell the world America has poor people so does Europe. But since Independence we have been begging the same Americans and Europeans. Shouldn’t we leave them to use the money they gave us to help their poor folks? The white man puts his leader on trial but who dares charge the Third World autocrat? Which marshal will survive even if he stands on the clouds while trying to serve a court paper on a Third World ruler? President Bill Clinton was ordered by a Special Prosecutor to submit a semen sample. Who can tell the Third World boss to do that? In Guyana, a wife claims she was psychologically abused for years with the strongman refusing to legally marry her. Nothing happened. World Values Survey at the request of the Washington Post questioned people in 80 countries as to

what type of people they would like to have living next to their countries. The results were shocking. India, Bangladesh, Jordan and Hong Kong led the way in saying they prefer their own race to be their neighbours. Britain, the US, New Zealand came out on top. No European or North American country has a law that says people have to give one of three reasons to get a legal divorce. Guyana has such a law that goes back to 1913. Guyana arrests people for cross-dressing that is backed by a 1890 law. Two women, five weeks ago, were given two million American dollars each by the

Frederick Kissoon State of California for accidental injuries when police shot up the vehicle they were in. In Guyana, the families of three men shot dead by police were given a total of $40,000 (American) in compensation; fifteen each for two and ten for another. That is what life is worth in the Third World. Are Third World people a genetically inferior race?

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Book Review: By Dr Glenville Ashby Dorothy Martell’s passion, her love for God is unswerving. For some, it borders on hypo-religiosity. This should not be misconstrued as a slight in any way. But for skeptics and even believers, The Penniless Millionaire is an overreach in incredulity. Throughout this chronicle of spiritual fortitude, life’s vagaries and vicissitudes, there is that persistent thread of the fantastical, of hubris; and for naysayers, the delusional. Yet, Martell’s tale reeks of existentialism and the human will to survive, be it through rational means, or the exertion of unfathomable faith. The woes of life are inescapable, a truism. That life is the great equaliser of men is hardly contestable. But what tools are at our disposal to surmount these tormentous paths? Faith or sharpened belief in God’s help is fruitless without arduous work and Dharma (Ethics). And therein lies the problem with The Penniless Millionaire. Martell plays the part of an automaton, one who is molded by a divine Puppeteer

Sunday May 19, 2013

The Penniless Millionaire

A Believer’s story of spiritual wonderment and emerges the miracle worker and recipient of His every boon. Her every move, trials and conditions are likened to Biblical personages, be they Elijah, Moses, Lot or Job. The Old Testament becomes her History; the New Testament, her therapy. In passing, she makes mention of God’s vengeful, bloodthirsty order to slaughter the evil Amalekites - babies included, as she builds her case for His guardianship over Christians, the righteous ones. Martell is the consummate believer. No questions asked. And her life is awash with visions and miracles that befuddle. “Now I recall when I was approximately seven years old, I saw in a vision a huge angel with a large book and pen appearing mid air immediately behind my house……,” and later: “I also had a vision that I was looking up to the clouds and beheld a branch. From this branch hung a scroll, and on the scroll was written in bold lettering: “International Jesus

is Coming.” Flashes of St John. In one startling account, the reader is asked to suspend reason. On shaking the hand of a fellow believer, Martell describes a scene that trumps natural law. “In the process of doing so, he was lifted up into the air immediately. Because I was holding his arm, he pulled me up with him. I felt like 2,000 volts were going through my body. I was then slain in the Spirit where God showed me Enoch….” Despite her closeness and favoured status with God, Martell is tested. But she emerges victorious against villainous plots, illness, and run-of-the mill trials. God talks to her, counsels, instructs her, literally. The Penniless Millionaire takes Christian fundamentalism to the extreme, where pride turns on itself and where salvation sows seeds of self righteousness and intolerance. The following exchanges will attest to that much. In one scene, the writer recalls

informing her pastor of an incident: “ other words I was gossiping to Reverend Notice’s wife.... The pastor’s wife asked me, “Who gave me that information?” I told her, “My friend,” She turned and asked me, “Is your friend saved?’ I said, “No.” Mrs Notice uttered, “I rebuke you, Mom. How dare you go talking about a church sister with an unsaved person?” In another exchange with another pastor, Martell is told to sell her belongings as God

has commanded, not before reminding her of his status: “I am a prophet of God. Watch and see what is going to happen if you do not do what God wants you to do.” This work will appeal to those drowning in faith. For the non-Christian, it is intolerable. In turn, the moderate believer is put on the defensive. Like the fabled philosopher ’s stone that rewards its finder with the elixir of life, Martell’s faith is cloaked in biblical legend. Can faith move mountains?

Literally, it can’t. But fervent believers like Martell will disagree. Martell’s biography will not win over the multitude. Such stories have oftentimes been told. But there is a pulsating strain of authenticity in her writing, in her confession. She bares her soul. Her truthfulness runneth over. Yes, fault her beliefs, but not her sincerity. Martell’s love and devotion to family and friends are laudable; her vision to erect a place of worship; to build a school, pantry and soup kitchen for the needy are exemplary. Sure, her detractors may argue that charity and kindness need not be religiously fueled. But Martell’s infusion of dogma in her every action creates the ultimate evangelical tool. In ending her testimony, she borrows a line from Psalm 37:25, “I have been young, and now I am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.” A befitting prayer of gratitude that encapsulates raw faith that spans the ages. Feedb a c k : F o l l ow him on Twitter: @glenvilleashby We b s i t e : The Penniless Millionaire by Dorothy Martell Xlibris, 2012 ISBN 13: 978-1-47713083-4 Av a i l a b l e ; w w w . x l Rating: Interesting

Sunday May 19, 2013

Kaieteur News

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My column

The government is defending the indefensible The issue of the radio licence is simply not going away and the government seems inclined to accept that the allocation of radio frequencies by then President, Bharrat Jagdeo, was flawed. Indeed, when one examines the statements issued by the government by way of explanation, anyone who has no knowledge of the actual transactions would be inclined to say that the government did everything by the book. I know of many things that were done by the book and these were all wrong. The government also knows that this has been the case when it was in opposition. I go back to the days when the then People’s National Congress banned food imports. That happened because Guyana simply did not have the money to pay for the imports, so there should have been nothing wrong. Yet the then opposition saw everything wrong and made a lot of noise about this. As fate would have it time has proven that decision right, because some of the foods the country now produces would never have seen the light of day. Examples can be found in the home grown tomatoes, celery, eschallot, salt fish and the host of ground provisions that now flood the marketplace. I hasten to say that there have always been the ground provisions, but people rushed to buy the imported potato. Today the potato sells less than the eddo, plantain, cassava, and the other edible root crops. Farmers are richer and the nation is saving money to the extent that other countries in the region are investing money in Guyana to grow food. Then there is the current example of paying super salaries to people who are

friendly to the government. We all know what the standard wage and salary should be and we all know how hard we must work to obtain the best pay. Dr Cheddi Jagan came into office and attacked those whom he said were in receipt of super salaries. It is not wrong to pay people super salaries, but when one looks at the conditions under which this is done, one is left to shudder. People get tons of money for doing little or nothing. Take the house lot distribution. There is a clause that no one should dispose of a Government-allocated house lot before ten years have elapsed. However, President Jagdeo and many others disposed of similar house lots in the twinkling of an eye and procured another. Needless to say, the government would say that the second house lots were done in a manner that is in keeping with standard distribution practices. Truth is, that it was unfair. Labourer, Jannat Singh, would not have been able to dispose of his $58,000 lot and get another one before the ten years were up. To say that the radio frequencies were distributed according to the geographic spread and across the ethnic divide is true, but it is a dishonest exhibition of the truth. To say that they were allocated to people who had the economic wherewithal to make use of the licences is also not incorrect but a blind truth. Many others who had the economic wherewithal were denied. People would not have applied if they did not have the economic wherewithal. Do Stabroek News, Kaieteur News, Enrico Woolford and a host of others not have the economic wherewithal?

“Eleven radio broadcast licences were allocated in 2011 to applicants who are resident Guyanese nationals and who had formally indicated their interest in radio production.” This is an untruth. One of those awarded five frequencies, Ruth Baljit, actually lives in the Bronx. She is the sister of a Government Minister and her sister-in-law is President Jagdeo’s niece. The truth and only unquestionable truth about this entire episode is what the government wrote to the Trinidad Express. “Guyana’s laws and sovereignty provide for the head of state to have the final say on the matter.” And his final say is the bone of contention and the bane of those who were denied. Of the eleven awardees, three got five frequencies—

the People’s Progressive Party to which the then president belongs; the same Ruth Baljit; and to President Jagdeo’s best friend, Dr Ranjisinghi Ramroop. The interesting thing is that these people, by accident of birth, are of one ethnicity. When the inequitable allocation of frequency was publicized, the government opted to wage a campaign against the protestors by accusing them of racism. Could highlighting the people who got the lion’s share of the frequency be considered a racist attack? Such is the dishonesty that surrounds the defence of the issue. The government told the Trinidad Express, “The list of persons issued with licences includes persons who are unlikely to have any affiliation

with the former president or loyalty to the ruling party.” That too is another lie. With the exception of Rudolph Grant and Alfro Alphonso and Sons and Haslyn Graham of Linden, all the others have close ties to President Jagdeo and the ruling party. I would suppose that three out of eleven is an equitable political spread in the same way that three five-frequency allocations out of eleven is fair and just, especially when the three are all closely linked to President Jagdeo and his political party. One senior Government official actually said to me that the allocation of the frequencies is indefensible. Another said to me, “I have no option but to defend the government and the party on this issue, although I believe

Adam Harris otherwise.” These are people with a conscience. I do not expect Kaieteur News or Stabroek News to be granted a frequency in this dispensation. After all, the government has taken the position that these entities, “cuss us every day and if they get a radio frequency they will cuss us every minute.”

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Kaieteur News

Sunday May 19, 2013

Hydropower is needed for energy security By Sasenarine Singh & Moses Nagamootoo In keeping with our Action Plan, the Alliance for Change (AFC) remains focused on finding solutions to alleviate the critical problems of our Guyanese people. Primary among these is to provide energy security. For decades, the people of Guyana have endured an electricity supply that has been expensive, inefficient and unreliable. Our people carry the burden of the giant state-owned monopoly, Guyana Power and Light (GPL)’s poor delivery of power supply and, on top of this, provide billions as bailout and subsidies for its operations. Taxpayers have already funded GPL to the tune of over $40 billion, and there is still no light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Whilst GPL is doing patchwork, we know that for us to enjoy affordable and reliable electricity, we have to remove our dependence on imported oil and, whilst the search continues to find and tap our own oil and gas resources, we have to live with GPL.

But must we do so under an uninspiring political directorate and an expensive and incompetent management? Towards this end, the AFC supports the construction of a hydro project. We see hydro and, in particular, the Amaila Falls Hydro Electric Plant, as one of the primary solutions to our energy security. Hydro facility is a capital-driven enterprise and needs financial guarantee for our investment. Unless this is assured, we could end up throwing money that we would borrow, literally over the falls! COSTS AND TRANSPARENCY But even with our position being this clear, the minority Government tries to brush aside our concerns over costs and transparency of the project. Initially, we were told that the price tag for hydro would be US$650 million in 2010. But the goalpost has now shifted to US$840 million in 2013. Originally the State planned to invest equity of US$40 million into the deal, now we are being told by the Finance Minister that the State is committing US$80

million plus to the Amaila Falls Access Road alone. The Project was expected to commence in the third quarter of 2011. Three contractors have been engaged, under questionable processes, and they have all failed to deliver. Cynically dubbed “road to nowhere”, this vital artery to Amaila Falls remains incomplete after billions wasted or misspent. It appears that no verifiable geotechnical study has been done, resulting in the loss, in swampy areas, of whole machines. There is no certainty that we would achieve financial closure in 2013. The AFC is alarmed at these developments and demands an inquiry into moneys so far spent. We justifiably cannot commit more of our people’s moneys willy-nilly, without logical and reasonable explanations to justify the expenditure. TOUGH QUESTIONS In the meantime, with regard to the Amaila hydro project, Government must answer all the tough questions and not merely duck out by resorting to attack

propaganda. Government must say clearly how this Project will affect our balance of payment and our fiscal accounts; what the fiscal risks are and, in the event of the contractor doing a “Fip Motilall” on us, what the full impact would be on the public debt. It is no comfort to say that moneys for the project will come from Norway or the low carbon development strategy’s “redd+ fund”. These funds are not yet disbursed, but the minority PPP Government wants to draw down billions of dollars from our Treasury, even before all technical evaluations are completed for the project. We said, quite rightly, “wait for the report”. Until then, AFC is prepared to countersign a post-dated cheque. This position could not have been better clarified than when AFC Vice Chairman, Mr. Moses Nagamootoo, announced recently in Parliament that “the AFC would not unreasonably hold back the Amaila project; but the party must be guaranteed that the benchmarks have been achieved. A significant player in all of this is the IDB. They are the ones with the technical capability and we have to be guided [by them],” PPP BULLYISM Therefore, all this unnecessary anti-AFC propaganda from the Ramotar administration that we are against GPL and Amaila hydro project, is pure nonsense. The AFC will not be bullied over our position that the Amaila

project must be supported by the best technical and investment advice, and must be executed in a transparent fashion. We want to put President Ramotar on notice that we expect transparent procurement processes for all consultancy and contracting services, and full access to all documentations on this Project. Where is the Procurement Commission? How can the AFC, a party grounded in service to the people, settle for anything less? CRUX OFTHE MATTER For now, the crux of the matter is that unless GPL is fixed, the Amaila project would be held in limbo. If GPL cannot profitably sell and distribute its own electricity, it would not be able to do so for Amaila. The Government must be honest about this and admit that this State-owned entity has been a punishing financial burden on all householders and taxpayers. GPL’s service is a major contributor to the escalating cost of living. We pay more for less service. We pay for technical losses and commercial theft, as well as for high-cost and incompetent management. We force entrepreneurs to generate their own power, the cost of which is added to everything they produce. The AFC’s strategy therefore makes sense, that we must replace the outdated and expensive fossil fuelbased technology at GPL for a more comprehensive renewable energy platform, which is good for the

economy, energy security, and the environment. In the short-term, the AFC’s vision includes doing feasibility studies for: (a) a Hydro Power Plant at Tiger Falls to produce electricity for an alumina smelter to revitalize the economy of Linden; (b) an ethanol plant in the Canje Basin to pump 10% Guyanese ethanol in every single motor vehicle fuel tank in the country; (c) a wind farm at Hope Beach and (d) a hydropower plant, hopefully developed in collaboration with Brazil, to export energy from Guyana to Northern Brazil. AFCAGENDA The AFC continues to pursue a robust patriotic and national agenda, aimed at reducing our dependence on imported fossil fuel, reducing the cost of electricity and enhancing the reliability of our electricity supply. We support all meaningful offshore and onshore oil/gas exploration, biofuel ventures, hydro projects, etc. As a clean energy source, hydropower is a superior national potential that would guarantee our people’s wellbeing. No one should play politics with it. The PPP’s propaganda that AFC is against the Amaila project is cheap and irresponsible. AFC is NOT against the project. What we are against is borrowing money blindly, without sound feasibility, and spending it improperly. Our conscience will be driven by getting the best value for money for our people.

Sunday May 19, 2013

Kaieteur News

Kaieteur M@ilbox I await the promised... From page 5 including quality printing by local printers. The irony is, I asked several promising local writers whether they have any work included in the anthologies of contemporary Guyanese poetry and short fiction, allegedly edited by Petamber Persaud and published by the Caribbean Press and they all said no. I await the promised launch of these and other publications as promised by Dabydeen in his letter earlier this year defending the decision to publish the book written by the Minister of Culture Frank Anthony’s daughter. Which raises another issue. Let us presume that the only new writer of such alarmingly good quality as to be published by the Press – the only local young person with literary ambitions in all of Guyana who is not both lazy and incompetent – just happened to be the Minister’s daughter; this makes the case I’ve been making for the past thirteen years, which is, that no amount of government support in literature can be absent developmental mechanisms benefitting local writers.

There is much more that can be addressed with regard to Ms. Alleyne’s enlightening article, but in closing I will finally focus on the issue of the offered editorship of the Press. I’ve privately indicated, to Dr. Dabydeen, my willingness to take up the post of executive or consulting editor to the Caribbean Press; my only conditions are fair remuneration and the latitude to operate professionally under the policy direction of a board that includes but is not dominated by government representation. I already have a draft white paper for the reform of the Press which includes, inter alia, suggestions for a resident board of directors and an i n t e r n a t i o n a l editorial advisory board; a potential location for the Caribbean Press; and a two-year plan of action that covers publication policy, management, marketing, research, and training and development. A summary of these initiatives has also been sent to Dr. Dabydeen. The Caribbean Press has the potential to situate Guyana as a critical hub of

creative industry in the Caribbean and once partisan politics and the need for a domineering bureaucratic control are removed from the dynamic, it can function as thus, and to the credit – strangely enough – of the government of the day. Ruel Johnson

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Sunday May 19, 2013

Ravi Dev Column

(The following, written 25 years ago still represents, in the main, my assessment of Burnham, who’s back in the news) Unlike what the Marxists believe, the personality of the leader is a most crucial variable in the form of a dictatorship. Burnham’s overriding characteristics were his ambition and his intellect. These qualities, along with his oratorical virtuosity and tactical skills earned him the label “charismatic”. A member of the communist party while a student in England, he was recommended by that group to Jagan as a “suitable” African, who tactically could rally the African section for the soon-to-be formed “nationalist” P.P.P. He became Chairman of the party under the leadership of Jagan; whose position he craved and fought for from the beginning. Other ethnic leaders were recruited, as the party ironically attempted to define itself as a “revolutionary” party exploiting the cleavage

The police are going to report other breakthroughs in the fight against some of the worst crimes committed in this country. This renewed assault is due to some embarrassing comments that exposed the shortcomings of the local police. The truth is that some detectives who were complacent have been given an ultimatum and because they know that it is not easy to gain suitable employment they are going to make a herculean effort to provide results. The truth is that some

of “class” - with the British ruling class and its small local representative as the “enemy”. The ambiguities and contradictions inherent in this approach were myriad but were masked by the electoral mobilisation in the first general elections in 1953 under universal franchise. They were exposed as soon as victory was won and the “spoils” were to be distributed; they are exemplified by Burnham’s persistent pursuit to be the leader from 1953 to the formation of the P.N.C. in 1958. Burnham basically craved to be leader for three reasons: His undeniable personal ambitions; his realisation that Jagan and other “extreme” leftists had a very naïve apprehension of the geopolitical realities of the era; and he considered himself the representative of the African and Creole sections, who were increasingly seeing themselves in danger of being overwhelmed by Indians.

The last reason stemmed from several factors. Firstly, even though the P.P.P. thought it had addressed the racial cleavages by recruiting leaders from each racial/ethnic group, the dominance of the Indian top leadership, the aggressive entry of Indians into positions formerly dominated by Creoles, the economic development plans that stemmed towards agriculture, and the generally jingoistic response of this previously politically backward but numerically largest section, raised concerns in the other sections as to the implications of their “minority” status. While the P.P.P. had defined itself as a “revolutionary” party, which would eliminate the “ruling class” and fuse the rest of society with the “working class”, the minority group began to perceive themselves as potentially permanently dependent on the beneficence of the “major group”. The P.P.P. was being defined, both by its

innocent people are going to be trotted out as criminals. ** There is no end to drivers ending up where they should not be. Increasingly they are finding the waterways because they are simply inexperienced but do not know it. Their presence on the roads

is simply because the police do not exact the kind of penalty for faulty driving. This time a vehicle that will end up off the road is going to actually kill a pedestrian who was normally considered to be in a safe zone. **Another gang of criminals is set to pounce on an unsuspecting household. A visitor is going to arrive from overseas and the criminals will take this as a signal to get money. However, the police would not be far away. There will be shooting and injuries

supporters and its detractors, as an exclusionary party with its constituency (Indians) and excluded group (Africans and Creoles) racially defined. Secondly, the discomfiture of the African and Creole sections was exacerbated by the implications of being dominated by a group with a completely different culture one they had been taught to consider as “heathen” and “inferior”. The national ethos had defined Guyana as a “Creole” nation and the Creoles and Africans, as the guardians of this ethos, naturally presumed they were to be the inheritors of the nation on the departure of the British. It was unthinkable to permit power to fall into the hands of the group who they considered to be ambivalent about their “national” allegiance. Consequently, Burnham, did not have much difficulty in legitimising his drive for power by articulating the fears of the African and Creole sections, when he launched the P.N.C. and provided a vehicle to address those fears. In fact Burnham was promised help by Manley and Bustamante of Jamaica, Adams of Barbados and Padmore of Trinidad/Ghana if he formed a party to prevent Jagan from creating and “Indian State” in Guyana.The formation of the United Force (U.F.) in 1960, representing the White and near-white bloc, further increased the paranoia of the African and Creole sections. In a plural society where one section is over fifty percent of the population, “democratic elections” are not very comforting to minority groups. It is simply a prescription for permanent exclusion from power and the perquisites thereof, which

issue from the exclusionary politics practiced, once a group acquires power. There is no question that the fears of the minority groups can be, and have been, heightened by demagogic politicians like Burnham, but one can assert with as much certitude that the fears are rational and real, based on the experience of minorities the world over. Unless these fears are addressed, minority groups will continue to be receptive to mobilisation by ambitious politicians. Burnham then, received increasing support from Africans and Creoles as he strove for power because, to reiterate, they perceived their interests and his, as coincident. Burnham’s attempt to wrest control of the P.P.P. between 1953 and 1955 resulted in a spilt of the nationalist movement. The ignominious defeat of his faction in the 1957 general elections persuaded him that he could not win over Indian support by merely utilising Jagan’s tactic of fielding prominent candidates from the “other” group. Jagan had pre-empted the field. Burnham’s fusion with the United Democratic Party (U.D.P.) - the political offshoot of the League of Coloured People - in 1958 to create the P.N.C., was a natural development. It combined Burnham’s support among the lower class rural Africans with the strategic support of the urban based Creole and African middle class. The subsequent defeat of the P.N.C. in the 1961 elections demonstrated to Burnham that the P.N.C. could not win office under the existing electoral rules. Presented with opportunity to change those rules, he joined the C.I.A-Trade Union-U.F. sponsored violent

Ravi Dev

destabilisation of the P.P.P. government between 1962 and 1963. The Trade Union Congress, (T.U.C.) dominated by Creole and African middle class leadership, provided both the external links to the U.S. and the internal support to paralyse the P.P.P. government. Burnham, to whom politics was the “science of deals”, moderated his socialist rhetoric to obtain the support of his new partners. His first priority was removing Jagan: to him it meant becoming leader; to his external supporter (the U.S.) it meant removing a communist threat in its “backyard”. Installed into power in 1964, Burnham resumed his drive for absolute control over the polity. This control, as he other totalitarian leaders have recognised, cannot be achieved through sheer will alone: individuals and organisations are needed. To the dictator however, he is now presented with a dilemma: the individuals and organisations that he must use will also be strategically positioned to accumulate power and therefore become potential competitors to his rule. The totalitarian leader addresses this concern by simultaneously publicly building his instruments of rule - the party, the army, the bureaucracy, etc., while privately manipulating them to ensure their complete dependence and loyalty, and forestalling any existence outside of his “beneficence”.

Sunday May 19, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Kaieteur News

American doctors indicted for federal tax crimes in the Caribbean HeraldTribune - A federal grand jury has indicted two Englewood doctors — a married couple — on charges they conspired to defraud the U.S. Internal Revenue Service through a series of offshore accounts to buy homes in Sarasota and North Carolina and an airplane. David Leon Fredrick and Patricia Lynn Hough tried to conceal millions of dollars in assets and income in offshore bank accounts at UBS and other foreign banks, the Department of Justice and the IRS announced last week. The pair were indicted by

a federal grand jury in Fort Myers. Fredrick and Hough served on the boards of two Caribbean-based medical schools — one on Saba, Netherlands Antilles, and another on Nevis, West Indies. Fredrick had an ownership interest in the medical school on Nevis until 2007, when both medical schools were sold. The federal indictment alleges that Fredrick and Hough conspired with Beda Singenberger, a Swiss citizen who is also under indictment in New York, and a UBS banker to defraud the IRS.

Together, the four created and used nominee entities and undeclared bank accounts in their names and the names of others at UBS and other foreign banks. The group’s conspiracy also involved concealing the sale of real estate associated with the medical school on Saba, and shares they owned in the medical school on Nevis. The real estate was sold for more than $33 million, all of which was deposited into one of their undeclared accounts in the name of a nominee entity, the IRS and Justice Department allege.

T&T Ministry launches bid round for oil explorers Trinidad Express - The Ministry of Energy has launched its 2013 Trinidad and Tobago Onshore Bid Round for oil and gas exploration. It was formally launched on May 16. The opening of the bid round was marked by the publishing in the Gazette of the Petroleum Regulations (Onshore Competitive Bidding) Order, 2013. This marks the official start of the bidding for three ex-ploration and production licences, the ministry said in a statement Friday. Approximately 150,000 acres of State lands in Trinidad’s Southern Basin are being offered. These consist of the Rio Claro Block (74,954 acres), the Ortoire Block (44,731 acres) and the St Ma-ry’s Block (37,760 acres). “The bid acreage offers a range of opportunities related to block sizes, production potential and hydrocarbon play types. There is a wealth of well

Kevin Ramnarine and seismic data that should reduce the risk and time of exploration, and the blocks are located in a proven commercial hydrocarbon province, within close proximity to existing infrastructure and producing fields. Trinidad and Tobago has been com-mercially producing oil from its land acreage since 1908,” the ministry stated. The successful bid-der(s) will be issued exploration and production licences and will also enter into a joint operating agreement (JOA)

with State-owned oil company Petroleum Company of Trinidad and Tobago (Petro-trin). Petrotrin will also have a 20 per cent carry in all three blocks on offer, it added. Trinidad and Tobago has its own oil refinery, which is owned and operated by Petrotrin. Its current throughput is in the region of 165,000 barrels per day. The 2013 Onshore Bid Round will close on August 30. Minister of Energy Kevin Ramnarine said Friday: “The 2013 onshore-based bid round is histo-ric in that it is the first dedicated land-based bid round launched by the Ministry of Energy and Ener--gy Affairs since the late 1990s. That bid round led to the Carapal Ridge discovery, which is now the Central Block, operated by BG. “It is expected that there will be a high degree of interest in this la-test onshore bid round from both companies already operating in Tri-ni-dad and Tobago, and new entrants.”

Sunday May 19, 2013

Rowley heaps scorn on CAL Trinidad Guardian - Leader of the Opposition Dr Keith Rowley says the People’s Partnership Government, and not the dismissed board, must take r e s p o n s i bility for the “kangkatang” at State-owned Caribbean Airlines. Commenting yesterday, Rowley said changing the board “doesn’t do anything but put us on the first step in a long journey to getting (CAL) back to sanity.” He said CAL was properly mismanaged and the appointment of the previous board to run that billion-dollar enterprise had been a scandal. Rowley said: “The outgoing board should never have been there in the first place. They were entirely unsuitable.” Rowley said the airline was made to make the same mistakes the former BWIA made. He said a viable business plan was devised for CAL under the Arthur Lok Jack board and that plan should be reimplemented in the interest of the airline. He said CAL was “really doing well” under the Patrick

Dr Keith Rowley Manning government. Rowley said when the People’s Partnership came to power, CAL had “US$150 million in the bank as its current account and working cash flow. And that was a healthy situation.” According to Rowley, the PP Government and not the board, decided to purchase a number of ATR aircraft from the current account, and that was not the best way to finance the project

as it resulted in a cash-flow problem for the airline. He said the Government also appointed unsuitable people to the board. He said over the past three years, “the minister, the chairman, the board, the management was just one kangkatang after the other.” During the same period, he said, Government wasted US$150 million from the current account and added another $800 million in debt and re-established the London route “in a most ridiculous way.” Rowley said he objected to the arrangement to have Air Jamaica as part of the CAL arrangement. Rowley said he raised the matter in his no-confidence motion against the Prime Minister last year but no government minister responded. But if the statements made by the Opposition in that debate had been heeded, he said, the board would have been changed earlier and the airline could have been in a better position.

Cayman Islands candidates in last lap campaign for general election GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands – Political parties in the Cayman Islands were into the final weekend of campaigning ahead of Wednesday’s general election that could also determine the future direction of the British Overseas Territory. Electoral officials confirmed that 58 candidates will contest the national poll across all three Cayman Islands. Political observers said that the highest number of candidates in modern history had been anticipated as a result of the six seats up for grabs in the capital, where 7,500 voters will be returning representatives to the Legislative Assembly. The 18 492 voters will have

a choice of 21 candidates to choose from in the capital of George Town, while there will be 4 in both West Bay and Bodden Town, five in Cayman Brac and Little Cayman and two in both East End and North Side. While election day here is a public holiday, Elections Supervisor Kearney Gomez has nonetheless reminded employers that they must allow all staff members who are registered voters time off to go to the polls. He said also that all political advertisements and banners and other inducements must be removed by midnight on Tuesday. In addition, Gomez said no political advertisements,

broadcast or announcements would be permitted on Wednesday. “All banners, posters and any other advertising materials must be removed by midnight on Tuesday May 21, 2013. The wearing of clothing which exhibit the image of any candidate or contains any printed statement supporting any candidate or political party will not be allowed within any polling precinct,” he added. In the May 2009 elections, the United Democratic Party (UDP) won nine of the 15 seats with the Progressive People’s Movement (PPM) winning five seats and the other going to an independent.

Sunday May 19, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Determined to change prospect of the blind By Rehanna Ramsay “Remove the stigma and discrimination often attached to those who are visually impaired and more so differently abled, see our potential, give us a chance, and help us to make our mark in society” This is Anthony Robinson’s message to the public as Guyana shares another observance of Blind Awareness Month. At just 22 years old, Robinson is completely blind but says he “is prepared for any challenge that life tosses his way.” Robinson is currently a student of Guyana’s Society for the Blind’s Caribbean Secondary Examination Council‘s, (CSEC) class. He explains that “it is people’s lack of confidence and support that assists in

- Visually impaired student tells society “Help us make our mark” further crippling persons with disabilities.” Robinson views the development of disabled persons, as playing a pivotal role in shaping the country’s future. “Disabled people are just like everybody else. It is just that their lives have been altered in one way or another. This doesn’t mean that you have the right to write them off or exclude them from civilisation.” Characterized by drive and ambition, Robinson oozes confidence. He reminisced that the most difficult part of his life was accepting that he would never be able to see again. Robinson was not born blind. “I was preparing to sit the common entrance exam to go into Secondary School

when I did the surgery; I became completely blind afterwards. At first I had difficulty accepting it but my

family and friends, at that time, gave me support and showed me that it’s not the end of the world. They encouraged me

Blindness Awareness Month…

Society preparing ten students to write CXC exams By Rabindra Rooplall May has been designated Blind Awareness Month and the Guyana Society for the Blind is preparing 10 students between the ages of 17 and 35 to write five subjects at the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) exams for next year. President of the Guyana Society for the Blind, Cecil Morris, said the CXC training started last January. Persons attend classes four times a week from 9:00hrs to 14:30 hrs. Adding that the persons writing the exams were assessed before chosen, Morris underscored that “they have been doing quite well and are excited about the entire process which is a first of its kind for adults of the organisation.” He said that the organisation is a part of the One Laptop Per Family hubs and some members are being trained with special reading software to use the computer. “It gives us the kind of opportunity to really access internet, and get documents read to us. And this is great for the younger folks who now have the opportunity to learn and even start a CXC programme,” Morris emphatically said. “In the world of technology now it means blind persons can take their place in a workplace and do just as well as others.” Morris added that funding for the CXC project to pay the teachers was done by the government. For the month, the main focus will be to sensitise the public to blindness and its causes and effects. Morris

explained that in observance of the month a church service was held on April 28 at the Guyana Society of the Blind office at Lot 46, High Street St Phillips Green. There was also a walkathon last Saturday to raise funds for the organisation. Members of the organisation walked from the Kitty market to the society’s office. Underscoring plans to visit Berbice next Wednesday to do an outreach programme, Morris said that the Berbice branch was recently resuscitated. It had been dormant for some time. Activities during the visit and throughout the month, he said, include various teams of visually impaired persons and volunteers having awareness visits to schools, taxi services and other business places around Guyana to enlighten persons how to treat visually impaired people. “We would show the school children the right way to hold a blind person’s hand when assisting them; we would talk about care of the eyes, especially to children. We also would like to get the message across that blindness is not the worst thing that can happen to you. There is life beyond going blind; a blind person can still contribute to society.” Other activities will include holding a social event for in-house members along with a campfire where stories will be told. A chain of canes will also be held around the Public Building on May 31. Morris further stated that his organisation welcomes the People with Disability Act but feels that more needs to

be done to make people aware of their rights. He also noted that business persons should take time to read and learn the Act since some sections of the Act speaks directly to them. “It has not been an easy task for the society to do the kinds of things that we want to do like mobility training and getting canes. We must thank the Mormons (Jesus Christ Church of Latter Day Saints) because they have got some stuff for us, including some white canes,” Morris said.

President of the Guyana Society for the Blind, Cecil Morris

not to give up. “Although being blind hindered me for a while, I decided to fight, to face the world again.” The surgical intervention he underwent was to remove cataract. Robinson, who hails from Plaisance, would then attend the St Roses institute for the blind and study Braille for three years. There, he met students like himself, who further fostered his desire to develop. Robinson recalled that those years were somewhat challenging since his mother was a single parent raising eight children on her own. None-the- less he persevered. “I looked at this as an opportunity to nurture my independence I learnt to do everything on my own.” The unit later transferred Robinson to the Guyana Society for the Blind, where he is under the mentorship of Ganesh Singh, a visually impaired tutor. At present, Robinson is being taught courses in Human and Social Biology, Off i c e A d m i n i s t r a t i o n , Social Studies, English Language, and Principles of Business while computer training is a bonus feature of the course.

These courses are preparing him for the upcoming CSEC exams. These lessons are made possible through the use of JAWS, a software technology designed to teach the blind. Curious about how a blind person can write any exam, Robinson told me that in such instances, the student can request a writer or type the answers using the same software technology. Upon successfully completing the CSEC exams, Robinson plans to enter the world of work. His desire is to become a teacher but not just any teacher. He says, “I want to be able to impart to people with disabilities like me the same knowledge that I was given.” Once again, the young man who loves dogs, noted that he plans to lead a normal life and future despite his lack of sight. “I want to teach and have my own property and family like everyone else. I cook, I cut up meat and vegetables, I do my laundry, I wash the dishes, I clean the house and everything on my own. If my family and those around didn’t believe in me I would never have been able to do these simple things” Robinson’s desire is to change people’s attitude towards the blind and differently abled.

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Kaieteur News

Sunday May 19, 2013

KAIETEUR NEWS STILL BEING CONSIDERED FOR RADIO LICENCE By Ralph Seeram I walked into his office and my first observation was that his desk was cluttered with files and other documents; the President was busy typing away at his laptop computer, asking me to hold on for a minute. My thoughts went back to a photograph carried by a section of the media some months ago showing President Donald Ramotar’s desk clear of any documents and suggested that the lack of documents showed that he hardly does any work. That was an example of the kind of misconception of the President that was created by opposition forces. Given the number of documents not only on his desks but stacked in cabinets behind him, the President has to be working overtime to get

through those documents. During my exclusive interview with President Donald Ramotar in his office he offered me to read some of those documents like on the Marriott Hotel, the new Cheddi Jagan Airport, to prove that these were not secret documents and were accessible to the press for them to look at if they had asked. Instead they chose to criticize the projects without knowing all the facts. My only regret was that I did not take up his offer on the Marriott contract. I might have discovered who the secret investors were. I guess I was thrown off because those investors’ names will be released very soon. I will come to a verbatim conversation on the radio licences and why Kaieteur news can still receive a Radio

Licence. During our conversation, the President disclosed that a Diaspora Desk has been established in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This was in response to my questions of what the Diaspora can “bring to the table” in terms of resources and skills in an effort to assist in the development of Guyana. A website devoted to the Diaspora is being set up within the Ministry. The Foreign Ministry is in the process of accumulating information on Guyanese groups in various countries. Some of the plans for the web site include listing the needs or aids of organization and individuals locally. This way those in the Diaspora can see the needs of the Guyanese society and respond with their assistance. President Ramotar also said that the negotiations have started with various stakeholders with a view to constructing a bridge across the Corentyne River linking Guyana to Suriname. Asked about the possibility of reducing the fees on the Berbice Bridge, he explained that the fees for cars are no different than when a car and five passengers crossed the New Amsterdam Ferry. He also explained that his Government has addressed the concerns of the fares and inconvenience to school children by reintroducing the ferry service at an enormous subsidy to assist children from West Coast Berbice area who attend schools in

New Amsterdam. On the question of the Radio licences the President had a different perspective on whose right to freedom of expression was being suppressed. The Opposition and sections of the local media have accused the PPP administration of attempting to control the media by awarding the licences to friends of the PPP. President Donald Ramotar said that licences were not awarded based on political views of the individuals. He said that “with the exception of one individual he does not know the political views of the other awardees of the licence”. Noting that some sections of the press accused the government of making the awards based in race Mr. Ramotar pointed out that “of the nine licences granted, four went to Indo Guyanese, four to Afro Guyanese and one to a Portuguese Guyanese”. On the question of the PPP getting a radio licence he said, “I want to know if the PPP members do not earn the right to a living within the country?” On the contrary the President said it was the Opposition that wants to deny the Government the right to free expression by cutting the

budgets of the Chronicle and the Government-owned Television channel. On the question of if Kaieteur News or Stabroek News can still get a Radio licence here is the transcript of the interview. Ralph: “Any possibility that Kaieteur News or Stabroek News could be considered for a Radio Licence?” President: “As I said we have put (the issue) in the hands of an authority (Broadcast Authority) to look at these matters, to deal with some of these issues; that’s where it is.” Ralph: ‘So these entities can go to…” President: “Yes they have to apply. There is a law now and the law sets forth the process that has to be gone through.” Ralph” So the point is they could still get a licence if they go through the system and all things being equal and they qualify.” President “Sure that is what we set up the Authority for” Ralph: “In other words they have not really been denied a licence.” President: ‘No” Ralph: “You have not sent a letter to them saying they have been denied a licence’

President: “No, I haven’t” Ralph: “The way it has been put in the media is that these entities have been denied.” President: “Not to my knowledge; there has been no disqualification NO ONE HAS BEEN DISQUALIFIED”. Mr. Ramotar was critical of sections of the local media including this newspaper that have not been carrying out their responsibilities “The media is a very powerful entity…and it has to have some level of responsibility within a society…it cannot continuously be spreading lies and half truths and refusing to publish the views of those (Government) they are attacking.” Finally I questioned the President on what kind of legacy he would like leave when he demits office. Mr. Ramotar was very humble about this stating that he is not looking for accolades or structures or anything to be named after him. “When I leave office, I would like to know that I have left the country in a much better shape than when I took office.” Ralph Seeram can be reached at email:

Police finds improvised shot guns in Canje, Berbice Police acting on information, acted quickly and swooped down on the home of a resident at Canefield, New Area, East Canje, Berbice between 09:30 hours and 10:00 hrs on Thursday morning and found two improvised shotguns in a fowl pen in the yard. Lakeram Doodnauth, 45, called “Taraiq”, a cane cutter at Guysuco Rose Hall Estate,

his wife and his two sons and two daughters-in-law were arrested and taken into custody at the Reliance Police station. According to information two families were involved in a heated argument which ended in a fight. One man left to go and collect his gun to ‘done the dance’. His opponent instead of going home went to the police station and reported that his

opponent pulled a gun on him. In the meanwhile Doodnauth had left his home and was in the process of going to the station to make a report when he was accosted by the police on the way. The police returned to his house with him and made the discoveries. Investigations are continuing and advice is being sought. Charges are likely shortly.

Sunday May 19, 2013

WANTED Sales Girls & Boys 16 yrs-21 yrs: Apply in person @ M. Phagoo & Sons 95 & 139 Regent Street, Lacytown Two Wash Bay attendants to work Monday-Saturday 7:30-5:30- contact:227-5169

Kaieteur News

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Kaieteur News

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Sunday May 19, 2013

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LEYLAND DAF single axle, new gear box and new engine- call:613-6615/2161315

Sunday May 19, 2013

Kaieteur News

Page 55

was from extensive burns and smoke inhalation. The man had also sustained blunt trauma to the head. His wife also sustained blunt trauma. Investigators had at first suspected that the Mootoos were shot dead before the fire was set, especially since some residents claimed to have heard gunshots prior to the explosion.

SUNDAY SPECIAL TRINIDAD EXPRESS SLAMS JAGDEO-ISSUED RADIO LICENCES - SAYS GOVT. TRYING TO HIDE INCOMPETENCE AND CORRUPTION Two days after the government vowed to continue denying Kaieteur News a radio licence, the Trinidad Express, a leading newspaper in Trinidad and Tobago, has condemned the issuance of radio licences under former President Bharrat Jagdeo. “The PPP has expanded the media in Guyana solely for the purpose, it seems, of increasing the outlets for proparty, pro-government propaganda,” the Express said in its editorial last week Saturday. The newspaper noted that this does nothing but undermine media here. The previous Thursday, the government’s Chief Spokesman Dr Roger Luncheon dismissed complaints by Kaieteur News about being denied a licence and went as far as saying that this position would not change. “…we gon be complaining whole year, because I know the Kaieteur Newses of this world will continue to be denied,” he stated. In November 2011, the month he was leaving office, Jagdeo granted a flurry of radio frequencies to his friends, family and those who enjoy a cozy relationship with his government. Kaieteur News and Stabroek News were among applicants denied a licence. “It is a general principle that any government which censors or controls the media does so in order to retain power and to hide incompetence and corruption,” the Trinidad Express editorial stated.

US$840M HYDRO PROJECT ON SHAKY GROUNDS? - GOVT. SAYS NO “DEFINITIVE” WORD AT THIS TIME Government’s flagship project, the US$840M Amaila Falls hydro, may be on shaky grounds, with indications earlier this week that negotiations for finances might not be going too well…or at least not where the administration wants it to be. Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Roger Luncheon, questioned about the project, admitted that there is not much clarity at this time. “I don’t believe that the work on Amaila is at a stage where we could be definitive.” He, however, assured that things are not that bad. “I think all of the indicators - as we sit here today- all of those indicators are promising,” the official said. Dr Luncheon is also Head of the Presidential Secretariat and a key figure under the previous government, with intimate knowledge of the details. The statement would be a cautious one by the administration after a series of delays over the access roads leading to the Amaila Falls site in Region Eight. The Bharrat Jagdeo-led administration had been hopeful for financial closure since 2011 but this had hinged on the successful completion of the roads. However, continuous delays by the contractor, Synergy Holdings Inc., stalled the process of closing the deal. MONDAY EDITION MOTHER OF THREE KNIFED TO DEATH IN CITY HOTEL The body of a woman who was allegedly stabbed no less than 20 times was discovered in a blood-soaked bed in a city hotel last Saturday night. Maryann

Nauth, 31, a mother of three, of Lot 110 Vryheid’s Lust North, ECD. was found dead in a room at the K &VC Hotel on South Road. According to relatives, the woman was last seen in the company of her estranged husband on Saturday sometime around 8:30pm. The woman’s body was discovered around 2 o’ clock on Sunday morning and by 8 am, police investigators had already completed their initial probe and the business was re-opened. TUESDAY EDITION EXECUTED CAMBIO DEALER WAS BURNT ALIVE – POST MORTEM Totaram Mootoo’s killers forced him to lie near his wife with his hands bound before triggering an explosion that practically roasted him alive in their Guysuco Scheme, East Coast Demerara home. The brutality of the double execution was fully revealed Monday when a post mortem showed that the Mootoos were still alive when the gas cylinder exploded in their bedroom. According to police sources, cause of death

ATTORNEY GENERAL INTRODUCES RACE IN RADIO FREQUENCY PROTEST - DUB MEDIA REPORTS “RACIAL PROFILING” “Ethnicity has been made an issue,” said Attorney General, Anil Nandlall, on Monday, as he offered the ruling People’s Progressive Party’s view on the issuance of radio licences in 2011. Nandlall was at the time addressing a press conference at Freedom House. Nandlall said that the move by former President, Bharrat Jagdeo, to issue radio licences was in fact the discharging of a 2006 manifesto promise to break the monopoly on radio which was held by the State. Nandlall, who is also the Minister of Legal Affairs, said that permission was granted to a wide cross-section of individuals. “We did not give one or two permissions to operate in this sphere, we granted approximately 10 permissions…When one examines the grantees, one would see that they spread from Essequibo to Berbice, to Linden; so there is geographic evenness in the distributions of the licences.” Nandlall is of the firm view that the manner in which the issuance of radio licences is being portrayed in sections of the media is one that speaks to “racial profiling”. He expressed the view that “a deliberate impression

is being conveyed that only persons of a certain ethnicity have been granted licences…You pick up the newspaper and you see only one ethnicity of persons whose photographs appear in articles relating to this issue.” This state of affairs, according to Nandlall, is an unfortunate practice by some media houses and in fact amplifies irresponsibility when press freedom is considered.

as signified by a Minister. Even though that was stated in the President’s letter, the Head of State at that point laid no blame at the feet of Trotman. The Attorney General noted that “the power resides in the Speaker to determine whether a particular Bill requires the recommendation of Cabinet, is actually the subject of an article in the Constitution, and it relates to a particular type of Bill – (Article 171).”

WEDNESDAY EDITION SPEAKER’S ERROR FORCES RAMOTAR’S REJECTION – AG …SAYS PRESIDENT IS NO PAWN OF NATIONAL ASSEMBLY Even as the opposition declared that it will act in a “tit for tat” manner, as it relates to the passing of new legislation, the government is still seeking to justify the President’s decision not to assent to two “key” opposition-proposed Bills; indicating that it will stick with that position. Initially, President Donald Ramotar in a letter to House Speaker, Raphael Trotman, had premised his decision to withhold his assent on the “fact” that the two pieces of legislation do not conform with the Constitution. In that letter, Ramotar didn’t blame the Speaker. But, Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall, recently announced that the President is of the opinion that Trotman “fell into error” during the passage of the Fiscal Management and Accountability (Amendment) Bill. Nandlall’s utterances were made at a press conference held at Freedom House on Monday. He said that the President’s contention is that Trotman erred when he failed to recognize the aforementioned Bill as one which needed the recommendation of Cabinet

EZJET BOSS DITCHES LAWYER, HIRES SPECIALIST CRIMINAL FIRM Two weeks after a Florida court refused him his pre-trial freedom, owner of EZjet Airways, Sonny Ramdeo, has fired his lawyer. It will be the latest legal twist in the case of the flamboyant Ramdeo, formerly of Windsor Forest who migrated to the United States years ago and is now facing fraud charges for allegedly stealing more than US$20M from a US hospital chain and using some of the proceeds to prop up the operations of EZjet, a lowcost airline he founded in 2011 to fly the New York/ Georgetown route. He remains in custody. Ramdeo was arrested late last year after reportedly hiding from FBI agents who were hot on his trail. He was caught after agents, monitoring his phone calls, tracked him to a Brooklyn basement in which he was staying. The room he was found in, according to US prosecutors, was disguised to look like a storeroom. On Monday, Ramdeo filed a motion for Valentin Rodriguez, his lawyer, to be replaced by another firm called Funk, Szachacz & Diamond, LLC. It was granted by the Court of the Southern District of Florida. The law firm specializes in criminal trials, post-conviction and (Continued on page 57)

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Kaieteur News

Sunday May 19, 2013

Sunday May 19, 2013

From page 55 appellate litigation. Last month, the same court denied Ramdeo bail, saying that it was not convinced that he would not flee while awaiting trial. He has dual citizenship – Guyana and the United States. THURSDAY EDITION AFC POSITION ON MONEY LAUNDERING BILLSHAMELESSLY IRRESPONSIBLE – FINANCE MINISTER The act of one political party to withdraw support for the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (Amendment) Bill, unless President Donald Ramotar assents to the two opposition pieces of legislation and establishes the Public Procurement Commission, has been regarded by Minister of Finance Dr. Ashni Singh as a shamelessly irresponsible position. In a comment to the Government Information Agency (GINA) Wednesday on the move by the Alliance for Change (AFC), the Finance Minister said he was shocked and horrified that the party would “hold the nation at hostage by using support for this bill as leverage to extract political concessions.” “What the AFC is essentially saying is that irrespective of how important this Bill is, or what the consequences of its nonapproval would be, they are not prepared to support it because there are other political issues on which they wish to extract concessions from the Government,” Minister Singh said. The Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (Amendment) Bill was on May 7, referred to a Parliamentary select

Kaieteur News

committee after A Partnership for National Unity and the AFC argued that its passage was ill-timed. HOUSE SPEAKER DEFENDS DEBATE ON CONTROVERSIAL FINANCIAL BILL In a growing quarrel that has pitted the National Assembly against the Executive, House Speaker Raphael Trotman has defended his decision to allow a critical Bill to be debated. On Wednesday, Trotman insisted that he followed procedures in allowing the Fiscal Management and Accountability (Amendment) Bill 2012 to be debated and even asked for advice from Parliamentary staffers and leading constitutional law experts. “The Hon. Speaker will not be drawn into any public or private debate on this matter and is satisfied that due process was observed. (He) considers it regrettable that the nation’s important business is being reduced to a public spectacle,” Trotman said in a statement Wednesday evening. On Wednesday, Kaieteur News quoted Attorney General, Anil Nandlall. The headline proclaimed, “Speaker’s error forces Ramotar’s rejection – Nandlall”. However, Trotman hit back Wednesday, quoting several sections of the Parliamentary Standing Orders which he used in making his decision. “Prior to the commencement of the debate, the Hon. Speaker received the benefit of advice of the Parliamentary staff, and leading constitutional law experts. He was properly satisfied that the relevant provisions of Article 171 of the Constitution, or any Standing Orders, were not

being contravened in the debate and passage of the Fiscal Management and Accountability (Amendment) Bill 2012-Bill No. 24 of 2012.” FRIDAY EDITION ANTI-MONEY LAUNDERING LEGISLATION… NOT ENOUGH TIME TO PASS BEFORE DEADLINE – APNU Critical anti-money laundering legislation is unlikely to be passed before a deadline later this month, despite threats of possible international sanctions. As tensions remain high in the National Assembly over the controversial Anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML & CFT) Amendment Bill 2013, the Opposition’s largest faction, A Partnership For National Unity (APNU) said a Special Select Committee of Parliament, that is considering the amendments, is unlikely to finish the required work before

Page 57

the May 27 deadline. APNU, during a charged press conference on Thursday to defend itself from accusations that it was stalling the process, instead accused the government of not being serious about tackling money laundering from especially drug-related activities, despite knowing since 2011 that the amendments had to be passed to meet impending international requirements. Failure to have the Bill passed could see Guyana blacklisted for not doing enough to combat money laundering and stopping the financing of terrorism. The government and the opposition are locked in battle to see who would budge first. The government is due to defend its efforts to stem financial crimes when the Plenary Meeting of the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) is held in Managua, Nicaragua, from May 27 to May 30.

ARBITRATORS RULE HIGHER WAGES FOR GPL WORKERS …AS TRIBUNAL PRESENTS REPORT Guyana Power and Light Inc. (GPL) workers, who went on strike earlier this year, on Thursday felt vindicated in their claims that the company had not upheld the signed 2001 collective bargaining agreement. Chairman of the designated arbitration tribunal, Justice Prem Persaud, handed over the related report to Labour Minister Nanda Gopaul, in which it was indicated that increases of 6 percent and 5.5 percent retroactive to January 2012, would be paid to employees in the categories from grade one to eight. Disgruntled GPL staffers had taken to the streets countrywide to express their dissatisfaction with earlier developments, with the power company at that time (February) having offered a 5 percent increase across the board. The National Association of Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial Employees (NAACIE), through strike action, had wanted GPL to honour its 2001 collective bargaining agreement which called for negotiations for increase in salaries, outside of an automatic three percent increment on the salaries of workers annually, and a performance-based incentive of between zero and 10 percent. NAACIE General Secretary Kenneth Joseph said Thursday that the union’s contention was not particularly for the workers’ payment, but was really for the electricity company to honour the agreement. “We have been vindicated, the (2001) agreement continues to exist.

The company was saying that the agreement ended in 2003, but at the moment that agreement continues to exist, and will exist until it is superseded by another agreement.” SATURDAY EDITION OPPOSITION IS FORCING ELECTIONS LUNCHEON Government denied that it dragged its foot on critical anti-money laundering legislation that has to be passed before this month end. It said Friday that it was being addressed all along. Cabinet Secretary, Dr Roger Luncheon, also accused the Opposition’s threat to block support as nothing more than a back door to force general elections. Government is facing a race against time for the National Assembly to pass the Anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML & CFT) Amendment Bill 2013. But the Oppositioncontrolled House, two Tuesdays ago, sent it to a Special Select Committee, leaving not much time for it to be considered, sent back to the National Assembly and debated and passed before the May 27 deadline. Already, the largest faction in the opposition, A Partnership For National Unity (APNU), has said that timeline is a difficult task and work will not be rushed. Failure to have the Bill passed could see Guyana blacklisted for not doing enough to combat money laundering and stopping the financing of terrorism. Neither the government nor the Opposition, which includes APNU and the Alliance For Change (AFC), are budging from their positions.

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Kaieteur News

Sunday May 19, 2013

Sunday May 19, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Brain stimulation promises ‘long-lasting’ maths boost The brain stimulation technique could help children who struggle with arithmetic, say researchers A small study in Current Biology suggests the brain stimulation technique makes neurons function more efficiently. It could help those suffering with neurodegenerative illness, stroke or learning difficulties. An expert said the

technique could have “real, applied impact.” Transcranial random noise stimulation (TRNS) involves applying random electrical noise to targeted areas of the brain by placing electrodes on the surface of the scalp. It is a relatively new method of brain stimulation which is painless and non-invasive. Our neuroimaging results suggested that TRNS increases the efficiency with which

stimulated brain areas use their supplies of oxygen and nutrients.” Fifty-one students from the University of Oxford, split into two groups, were asked to perform two arithmetic tasks over a five-day period. Only one group received TRNS while performing the tasks each day. The tasks tested participants’ abilities for calculation (eg 32-17+5=20)

Retirement ‘harmful to health’, study says The study, published by the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), a think tank, found that retirement results in a “drastic decline in health” in the medium and long term. The IEA said the study suggests people should work for longer for health as well as economic reasons. The government already plans to raise the state pension age. The study, which was published in conjunction with the Age Endeavour Fellowship, a charity, compared retired people with those who had continued working past retirement age, and took into account

possible confounding factors. Philip Booth, programme director at the IEA, said the government should go further to deregulate labour markets and allow people to work for longer. NO ‘NORMAL’ RETIREMENTAGE “Working longer will not only be an economic necessity, it also helps people live healthier lives,” he said. Edward Datnow, chairman of the Age Endeavour Fellowship, said: “There should be no ‘normal’ retirement age in future. “More employers need to consider how they will

capitalise on Britain’s untapped grey potential and those seeking to retire should think very hard about whether it is their best option.” The study suggests there is a small boost to health immediately after retirement, before a significant decline in the longer term. Retirement is found to increase the chances of suffering from clinical depression by 40%, while you are 60% more likely to suffer from a physical condition. The effect is the same for men and women, while the chances of becoming ill appear to increase with the length of time spent in retirement. (CNN)

and rote learning (committing times tables such as 4x8=32 to memory). Dr Roi Cohen Kadosh, study author from the department of experimental psychology at the University of Oxford, said the noise stimulation group showed improvements in cognitive and brain functions compared with the control group. “Performance on both the calculation and rote learning tasks improved over the five days, and the former improvements were maintained until six months after training. “Our neuro-imaging results suggested that TRNS increases the efficiency with which stimulated brain areas use their supplies of oxygen and nutrients.” There were no significant differences in performance between the groups at the start of the study yet TRNS was found to improve the speed of learning for both calculation and rote learning tasks. Six months later, when participants were contacted again and asked to solve

calculations, researchers found that the group which had received five days of transcranial random noise stimulation showed “superior long-term performance, compared to sham controls”. Cohen Kadosh and his colleagues had previously shown that another form of brain stimulation could make people better at learning and processing new numbers. But he said transcranial random noise stimulation could help more people because it had the potential to improve the ability to add, subtract or multiply a string of numbers in your head - not just new number learning. “Mental arithmetic is a more complex and challenging task, which more than 20% of people struggle with,” the study said. A learning disorder, called dyscalculia, which is characterised by struggles with arithmetic is thought to affect around 5%-7% of the population. Similar problems affect people suffering from neurodegenerative disease or stroke. Cohen Kadosh added that it was important to identify

any downsides of this and other similar forms of transcranial electrical stimulation to ensure that boosting one cognitive ability did not lead to damage in another. Looking ahead, he said he hoped these stimulation techniques would one day be used in the clinic, the classroom and even at home. Dr Michael Proulx, senior lecturer in psychology at Bath University, said the study findings were important and exciting. “This study reinforces the idea that brain stimulation enhances cognitive training. It is not some panacea that just makes the brain work better overall, but it helps boost a learner’s effort. “The results also clarify that stimulation does not only improve specific learning, where practice might make perfect, but also generalised learning, where practising one skill can transfer to new situations.” He added: “These two findings suggest that this technique could have real, applied impact.”

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Sunday May 19, 2013

Fox’s ‘American Idol’ brings Is Beyoncé Expecting Baby Number Two? Signs Point Towards Yes! in record low TV audience Could Beyoncé and rapper hubby Jay-Z have another baby on the way? Most signs are pointing towards yes! While the duo is staying mum about the reports, speculation is continuing to grow! The rumor mill began churning when the “Countdown” singer hit the red carpet at the Met Gala last week wearing a strategically placed belt over her custom-made Givenchy gown. The intricate pattern and the awkward placement of the accessory raised speculation that she was concealing a blossoming baby bump. Then on Tuesday, Queen Bey fueled the fire when she canceled her concert in Antwerp, Belgium, citing dehydration and exhaustion. And it looks as though one of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s dear friends may have spilled the The number of Americans who watched vocal powerhouse Candice Glover win the “American Idol” title sank to 14.2 million, a decline of 31 percent from last year’s record low, according to ratings data on Friday. The singing competition, now in Season 12, was once a TV industry juggernaut for Fox that brought in more than 30 million viewers for its finale in the peak years of 2006 and 2007. On Thursday night, it was the second most-

watched program on U.S. television, beat out by the season finale of CBS comedy “The Big Bang Theory” with 14.8 million viewers. It was also the first time an “Idol” finale failed to bring in 20 million viewers. The finale audience declined 39 percent from last year in the 18-to-49 age group, the demographic advertisers covet most, according to data compiled by Nielsen. The results come as a blow to “American Idol,”

which retooled its judges panel in an attempt to revive interest in the program. Fox brought in highpriced talent with singers Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban, but the three failed to boost sagging ratings.The show could see an all-new panel next season, as the last of the original judges, Randy Jackson, had already said this would be his final season on the show. Fox is a unit of News Corp. (Reuters)

beans! On Friday, Russell Simmons took to Twitter to send his love to the couple with a link to an article about their suspected impending bundle of joy.

‘The Office’ finale draws season high of 5.7 million viewers The finale of NBC’s “The Office” drew a season high of 5.7 million viewers, as fans tuned in to see the show’s biggest star Steve Carell return for a wedding and nostalgic farewell. The 75minute finale episode, which aired from 9 p.m. to 10:15 p.m EDT after an hour-long retrospective featuring cast members and producers, was watched by 3.8 million viewers in the 18-49 demographic coveted by advertisers, according to Nielsen ratings figures provided by NBC. The 5.7 million finale viewership marked a 16-month high for the show. It was up by 25 percent from last week’s penultimate episode, which garnered 4.6 million viewers, and was 27 percent higher

than the previous season’s finale, which attracted 4.5 million viewers. “The Office” - adapted from comedian Ricky Gervais’ mockumentary British series of the same name - followed the daily lives of employees at a Scranton, Pennsylvania, paper company, led for many seasons by hapless boss Michael Scott, played by Carell. Following Carell’s exit in 2011 after the show’s seventh season, audiences began to turn away and viewership dropped to around 4 million per episode last year from a high of about 8 million in 2008. In the finale, Carell returned as a surprise guest at the wedding of “The Office’s” dysfunctional

couple, Machiavellian manager Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) and uptight accountant Angela Martin (Angela Kinsey). Many of the characters were given happy endings, including Stanley retiring, Andy landing a job at Cornell University, Kelly and Ryan running off into the sunset and Jim and Pam moving to Austin, Texas, to pursue Jim’s career ambitions. “The Office” has launched the careers of many of its stars, including Carell, Ed Helms and John Krasinski, who have transitioned into films, and Mindy Kaling, who fronts her own sitcom “The Mindy Project” on Fox. NBC is a unit of Comcast Corp. (Reuters)

Sunday May 19, 2013

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The Abigail Column If he likes me, why won’t he call? likes me for me and not just my looks? Curious

DEARABIGAIL, I met this man I like about a month ago and I think that he really likes me. He has a very busy schedule with school, homework, and sports, but when he says he will call me, he usually doesn’t. If he really likes me, why won’t he call when he says he will? Also, how can I tell if he

Dear Curious, It’s easy to over think things and jump to conclusions, especially when you like someone. Before you write him off or get down on yourself, consider that there could be a number of reasons why he hasn’t called. School, homework, and sports? It sounds like he could just be really busy. Have you tried

calling him instead? Maybe he is shy and can’t work up the nerve to call you; maybe he lost your number. There are many possible scenarios that would explain his behaviour. Of course, there is also the chance that he’s just not interested. If you’re not getting what you want out of a relationship (even a relationship in the early stages) it’s probably best to look elsewhere. As the saying goes, there are a million fish in the sea.

Sunday May 19, 2013 ARIES (MARCH 21 APRIL 19): Any obstacles that appear will be swept aside and people who oppose you will get short shrift. Your temper is not likely to be as its smoothest and some diplomacy will be needed. *********************************** TAURUS (APRIL 20 MAY 20): You will achieve little by direct action. Indeed the harder you push, the less you may succeed so it might be as well to develop patience. *********************************** GEMINI (MAY21 - JUNE 20): You don't intend to let the grass grow under your feet so you will be setting your goals for the future very determinedly. Co-operation will not always be easy for you but your enthusiasm will be catching amongst companions, so they should rally round. *********************************** CANCER (JUNE 21 JULY 22): At times you will be justifying what you do just because of the outcome, which can make you seem opportunistic and not always compassionate of the needs of those less able. *********************************** LEO (JULY 23 - AUG. 22): Being challenged makes you come alive, and you would rather travel far than be stuck in routine. At times you may scatter your energy in too many directions at once. *********************************** VIRGO (AUG. 23 - SEPT. 22): You feel more intensely at the moment, and could be jealous if you feel insecure. You are coming across with more powerful effect, but have no intention of displaying your hand. Secrets will stay that way.

LIBRA (SEPT. 23 - OCT. 22): You will be cross with companions who are acting unfairly and appear to be getting away with it. Try to throw your energy into joint co-operative ventures. If you pull together you can achieve a great deal more than you would solo ************************************* SCORPIO (OCT. 23 NOV. 21): Watch health since you could be a little over heated, even accident-prone at times. Put as much attention towards getting your body fit as you do towards practical work matters. ************************************* SAGITTARIUS (NOV. 22 - DEC. 21): You will want to be centre-stage, entertaining others and picking up all the attention and applause. Your creative flair and strong willpower should help. In addition your physical passions will soar and you will demand the right to be yourself. ************************************* CAPRICORN (DEC. 22 JAN. 19): You may retreat into your shell when irritated or hurt. You will be hypersensitive to the slightest emotional change, and if threatened, you will be very defensive. ************************************* AQUARIUS (JAN. 20 FEB. 18): For the next few weeks debates and controversies are keeping you on your toes as long as you win most of the time. Your mind is fast moving, witty, sharp, and rather too cutting at times. ************************************* PISCES (FEB. 19 MARCH 20): No one will easily push you off track once you know where you are aiming. Your staying power is greater than usual now and others will find you dependable.

MTV CHANNEL 14/ CABLE 65 06:30hrs - Prayag Vanie 07:00hrs - Toolsie Persaud Ltd. Bhajan Hour 07:30hrs - CNN News 08:00hrs - Christ for the Nation 08:30hrs - Puran Brothers: Shiva Bhajans 09:00hrs - Muslim Melodies with Al Madina Exclusive 09:30hrs - Teleview Kutbah 10:00hrs - Indian Movie:

13:00hrs - Garam Geet 14:00hrs - The Variety Show with WR Reaz 15:00hrs - Sangeet Mela 15:30hrs - Sitcom 16:00hrs - Bollywood Sensation with Kavita 17:00hrs - Birthdays & Other greetings 17:15hrs - Death Announcements/ In memoriam 17:30hrs - Sitcom 18:00hrs - Entertainment

Buzz 18:30hrs - DNA TV Show 19:00hrs - JKS TV Show 19:30hrs - BBC World News 20:00hrs - Sangeet Mehfil 21:00hrs - Billboard Music awards DTV CHANNEL 8 09:25hrs. Sign On 09:30hrs. Turning Point 10:00hrs. Kickin’ It 10:30hrs. Lab Rats 11:00hrs. The Amazing Spider-Man 12:10hrs. Movie: Freaky Friday 14:20hrs. Movie: Brave 16:00hrs. Flashpoint 18:00hrs. Catholic Magazine (Faith in Action) 18:30hrs. Know Your Bible 19:00hrs. Greetings and Announcements 20:00hrs. 60 Minutes 21:00hrs. Movie: The Notebook 23:00hrs. Sign Off

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Sunday May 19, 2013

Sunday May 19, 2013

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‘Dwayne Bravo – batting all-rounder – will do well as West Indies ODI captain!’ Colin E. H. Croft Especially in Test cricket, regardless of how many runs a team makes, that team simply needs bowlers who can get twenty wickets if they are to win. That is not such a requisite in T-20’s and ODI’s! If one is a genuine allrounder, as new West Indies ODI captain Dwayne Bravo is, then responsibilities are greater; four or five aspects to his game; batting, fielding, bowling; most importantly, thinking and leading! Ideally, batting and bowling should be equally prioritized, along with ubiquitous, expected, excellent fielding, but few allrounders manage to have that perfect balance! It is really quite tough! Add the captaincy element to that brew and it becomes as arduous as differential equations! In Tests and especially ODI’s, it is also hard for allrounder-captains to know that special required balance of their own necessary input. Most batsman-bowler captains seldom get the bowling element right! Being a genuine allrounder always presents challenges as to which aspect should be the main focus. Sir Garfield Sobers was unique, brilliant at any aspect

of his game for West Indies, except, in some minds, his captaincy. To this day, I am sure that he never understood that, as a cricketer, he still has no parallel! Brian Lara was the first to highlight that Dwayne Bravo is a better batsman than most think, and is more a batting all-rounder than bowling allrounder. BL was also correct to suggest Dwayne as a good leader too! Now that older Bravo has been handed formal captaincy of West Indies ODI team, starting with the final Champions Trophy competition next month, I am sure that he will cope very well with this added pressure. Bravo’s fielding is always excellent, but positive production from his bowling and batting, especially in ODI’s, have been much too sporadic to be fully convincing, especially for the talent that he obviously has. In 137 ODI’s, Bravo has only 2311 runs, at a meagre average of 23.82. He also has 160 wickets at expensive 30.06 average and poor economy rate of 5.32. These are quite underwhelming figures, when isolated. Overall, though, Bravo’s productions at creases, added to his ebullience and

Dwayne Bravo (WICB)

team spirit, allow that he must always be included, even for overall experiences. Now, this new mantle has been passed to him! Dwayne’s bowling is easily good enough for T20’s. Four overs for “only” forty runs is very acceptable. But, ten overs for sixty runs is not acceptable in 50 over games. That is the very fine difference in the two!

T-20 cricket suits Dwayne Bravo as perhaps few others in world cricket; his Test captain, Darren Sammy, also coming into that good reckoning too. Indeed, T-20 cricket is a God-send for especially West Indies cricket in recent vintage, our team’s winning last ICC World T-20 only confirming that this team is at its best in that format! Champions Trophy 2013

Is Lugard Mohan the first player selected to... From page 65 Guyana to a three Nil sweep of Trinidad and Tobago June 1997. In game one he led from the front with 19 pts Guyana won 75 to 66. Game two Guyana triumphed 81 to 74 with Rawlwyn Loncke 21 pts, Lorenzo Withrite 19 pts, Captain Mohan 13 pts 12 assists. Game three saw Guyana winning 76 to 67. Lorenzo Withrite scored 19 pts, 10 rebounds, Lancelot Loncke 18 pts 12 rebounds. Injuries prevented him from playing Guyana’s next series against Barbados. Lugard returned to the National team the following year 1998 with a bang and led Guyana to four Nil thrashing of DC Jammers at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall. Game one Guyana won 90 to 81, Remington Ram 18 pts, 8 Rebounds, Orin Mohan 16 pts. Game two finished Guyana 100 to DC Jammers 86, Lugard Mohan 19 pts, Lancelot Loncke 19 pts, and 21 rebounds, Orin Mohan 19 pts. Game three Guyana won 88 to 83 Lorenzo Withrite 24

pts, Remington Ram 16 pts, Dane Kendall 14 pts. Game four; Guyana 89 points beat DC Jammers 83 points; Remington Ram 17 pts, Lorenzo Withrite 16 pts, Orin Mohan 15 pts. Know with 14 Victories from 18 matches Lugard was touted as the man who will end Guyana’s Regional drought, but the National team were a no show in Belize and this was probably Lugard’s saddest moment since he made his International Debut in 1993. The senior team played no International matches in 1999 so Lugard had to settle for Division one, Inter ward and Inter Sub Association action. The next year (2000) Guyana returned to CARICOM Championship action and Lugard Mohan was the man wearing the Captaincy armband. Guyana started the (2000) Campaign on a disappointed note, losing to host Barbados 86 to 69 points, the late Deryck Boyd top scored with 20 pts, Lorenzo Withrite supported

with 15 pts. In the second game against Antigua, Lugard’s men bounced back with an emphatic 74 to 64 points victory, Lorenzo Withrite had 17 pts Captain Mohan 15 pts. Guyana then destroyed Dominica 93 to 71, Lancelot Loncke 20 pts Lugard Mohan 12 pts. They also humbled Jamaica 70 to 63 as Lugard Mohan top scored with 24 points, Lancelot Loncke 18 pts. Guyana loss in the semifinals to the US Virgin Islands 96 to 75; Captain Mohan was spectacular in that game scoring 26 pts inclusive of six three pointers from seven tries. In the third placed game he insured Guyana brought home the Bronze Medal, top scoring again with 26 pts with five three pointers as the land of the majestic Kaieteur silenced Belize 87 to 69. Unfortunately this was Lugard last outing at the CARICOM Championship level. He finished the (2000) Bridgetown show piece with 103 points from six matches in the process he became the

only Guyanese player to aggregate over 100 points twice at the CARICOM level. Guyana failed to attend the 2002, 2004, 2006 championship disrupting a career that was destined for many CARICOM Championship accolades. He later joined Cecil Chin as former National players who became FIBA Certified Referees. Lugard was Robert Cadogan’s Assistant Coach in 2011 when the National team last attended the Caribbean Championship in the Bahamas. His younger Brother Orin ‘Baby’ Mohan is also a former National Player. International tours 1994 Barbados 1994 Trinidad with Ravens 1995 Bahamas 1996 Trinidad 2000 Barbados 2002 Antigua 2004 Suriname 2011 Bahamas Career Highs - 26 pts vs US Virgin Islands and 26 pts vs Belize - Sir Garfield Sobers Gymnasium Bridgetown (2000).

cricket is not T-20’s! It runs 50 overs per team, each bowler having no more than ten overs, not that maximum of four, as in T-20’s. That makes a massive difference to premier bowlers! What should bowlers prefer in ODI’s? 10 overs, no maidens, sixty runs, three wickets; or; ten overs, three maidens, 35 runs, no wickets? Getting wickets do stop runs, but frugality is the name in 50 overs games! There is a good reason that most great captains have been either batsmen or wicketkeepers, even both. Few outright bowlers have been great captains. There has been some success for bowling all-rounders. Ex-England captain, Alex Stewart, Australia’s Adam Gilchrist, India’s present captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, come to mind immediately as wicket-keepercaptains. Rodney Marsh, Mark Boucher, Deryck Murray, Wasim Bari were others. Wicket-keeperbatsmen-captains have the best of all worlds! They see everything possible! Most times, an outright bowling captain is a dangerous thing, but West Indies have been fortunate there! Courtney Walsh, with his Herculean efforts, has been the only real “bowling captain” that West Indies has had in history. We all know what “Cuddy” could have produced at the bowling crease. Most international bowlers worth their salt have to believe that they are Atlas, but even Walsh suffered from that feeling that he could do

Colin E. H. Croft everything at once. No bowler can deliver from both ends of the pitch simultaneously! Pakistan has been more the flavor for bowling allrounder captains, starting with now politician Imran Khan, then Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis. They all did relatively well, but often over-bowled themselves, believing that they, accepting responsibilities, must do more than practical, to win games. Cricket is still a team sport, probably more so especially now, with even more T-20’s around too! Luckily for Dwayne Bravo, the team he will captain at Champions Trophy 2013 contains several players who have already themselves been captains of West Indies in the past. Those experiences are invaluable, and mean that, in the true sense of the word, players should themselves be captains of their own individual outputs, while helping the team! Chris Gayle, Ramnaresh Sarwan, present Test captain Darren Sammy, even vicecaptain Denesh Ramdin, have had extensive leadership experiences. With these lieutenants, Dwayne Bravo will do well. Enjoy!

Registration for second... From page 64 weekend, weather permitting. Yolo entertainment’s director Kirk Jardine stated that the tournament has received major support from teams with a very high number signaling their interest of participation. Softball cricket in the past few years have found favour with fans throughout the country, evidence being in the numbers that turnout to witness the matches. The first leg of the tournament saw the national 2011 champions Wolf Warriors and the Regal Champs coming out victorious in the male and female segments respectively and was deemed to be very successful with the vast number of fans. Those teams however will not be able to participate as every phase seeks to confirm new champions thereby paving the way for a tournament of champions after all the phases are completed. The Guyana Softball League has already endorsed the tournament which, if all goes well, will bowl off at the Better hope, Lusignan and Helena grounds. The usual family fun day and chutney/carnival atmosphere will complement the games at all venues with added incentives for fans being provided. The corporate community is urged to support this venture as it seeks to further bring about togetherness amongst our people in a fun filled atmosphere.

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Sunday May 19, 2013

Hassan sets sight on dominating Hand in Hand Insurance Company CMRC Jamaica leg throws support behind tourney Guyana Independence T20 Cup 2013

Insurance giants, Hand in Hand Insurance Company joined the list of sponsors for the Guyana Independence T20 Cup to be held at the historic Albion Sports Complex on Sunday May 26, 2013. At the presentation which was done recently, Mr Tajpaul Adjodhia, Manager, Berbice said that his company is pleased to be part of this tournament. He added that Hand In Hand Insurance Company is always supportive of cricket in Berbice and are pleased with the work of the Berbice Cricket Board, a partner of the tournament. He referred to his company’s sponsorship of a forty over cricket competition for second division teams in West Berbice which was a huge success. The company, which has five branches in Berbice, noted it is a tangible way of giving back to the communities in which they serve. They expressed joy in hearing that proceeds from this tournament will go towards charity. Receiving the cheque on behalf of the event, Secretary Miss Cosmata Lindie, thanked the Insurance Company for coming on board. She called on Berbicians to support the

Mr. Tajpaul Adjodhia, Manager of Berbice, Hand in Hand Insurance Company hands over cheque to Miss. Cosmata Lindie, Secretary of the tourney in the presence of other staff members. company so that in return, they can continue to support charity. Anil Beharry, event chairman, also thanked Hand In Hand Insurance Company for their backing of the tournament. Proceeds from this event will go towards assisting with the development of sports in the region. First division clubs, Albion and Bermine, and schools are identified for allocations. In addition, contributions will be made to two orphanages in Berbice and consideration is given to support a young talent in

Berbice in the field of culture. Part of the proceeds will also go towards the rehabilitation of the commentary booth at the Albion Sports Complex. The balance will be shared equally by the two organisations to fulfill their social obligations and community work under the “Power to Change Programme”. Admission to the venue is $500 for adults and gates open from 09:00hrs. Tickets will be sold only at selected venues that will be named shortly. Popular singer Bunty Singh with his one man band will be part of the live entertainment.

Registration for second phase of Chow Pow 10/10 cricket underway

Yolo director Mr Kirk Jardine (left) GSL President Halim Khan (centre) and one of the main sponsors at a previous event. The second leg of Chow Pow 10/10 Challenge Softball Cricket Series registration process is beginning to gain momentum as all the major teams have already registered and others are mulling their options in order to be victorious in the tournament. The tournament’s second leg will be staged on the East Coast of Demerara and will feature thirty two teams. So far Trophy Stall male and female teams,

Speedboat, Farm XI, Young Warriors, Savannah Stars and Invaders have all signed the dotted line thus confirming their participation. Omesh XI, Regal, Memorex, Helena #1 Vishnu Mandir, Superstar XI and Recharge, Survival XI amongst others are expected to confirm early this week. The registration period will end on May 24, 2013 with games slated to begin the following (Continued on page 63)

He is amongst the most dominant drivers in the Group 2B category in local racing and when Guyanese Syed Hassan takes to the track at Dover Raceway in Jamaica on May 26 to represent his country in the first leg of the Seaboard Marine Caribbean Motor Racing Championship, he will racing for all Guyana. Hassan, who is part of a strong local contingent named to represent Guyana at the Jamaica leg of the CMRC Series speaking with Kaieteur Sport yesterday via telephone, said despite the fact that he will be competing against the best drivers in the Caribbean, he is confident that he has the skill and car reliability to upsatge his rivals come race day. Asked about the current performance of the car, Hassan told this newspaper that it performed well up to the time of departure and he is expecting even more improvements leading up to race day. “Just before the cars were shipped I had the opportunity to do some testing and I was extremely satisfied with its performance and I’m confident that when the team arrives and we receive our respective machines and are able to do the necessary

Safeway Security’s Eon Caesar hands over the sponsorship cheque to Group 2B driver Syed Hassan recently.

modification and improvements we will be able to go even faster,” Hassan revealed. Hassan drives a Toyota Starlet and has been among the top performers at the local Meets over the past three years and according to him he will be using the Jamaica Meet as a precursor for the rest of the year, a period he fully anticipates to rule. Among those expected to be his main rivals are

Suriname’s Oliver Tjin-LiepShie, Barbados’ Kurt Thompson, Jamaica’s Sabastian Rae and our own Afraz Allie. The other members of the Guyana team are: Kevin Jeffrey, Andrew King, Harold Hopkinson, John Joseph and Afraz Allie. The local speedster extended thanks to his main sponsors Safeway Security, Cartronics, AJ Import / Export, Aliyah’s Fashions and Machine Gone Wild.

The Toyota Starlet of race driver Syed Hassan seen at a previous Race Meet.

Butler and Etheridge to battle... From page 66 featured co-favorites Weld against a surprising Etheridge side. Weld started aggressively with several penetrating raids by Hilton Chester and Ezekiel Springer into Etheridge’s scoring area, but each time

they were repelled by some inspired defending by Etheridge’s Shani Naughton. With the score tied at the end of regulation time it was Etheridge’s captain Shemuel King who would become the hero of her team by scoring the winning penalty to

complete the monumental upset over the highly favoured Weld side. The tournament will conclude with the final and third place playoff scheduled for the College’s Marion Forum, Brickdam tomorrow, starting at 11:40 hrs.

Sunday May 19, 2013

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Is Lugard Mohan the first player selected to the CARICOM All Star team in his rookie and sophomore years? Charwayne Walker, Statistician, continues his look at former Guyanese sports personalities who have served with distinction during their playing careers. This week he looks at former national basketballer Lugard Mohan. Only three Guyanese male Basketball players have the distinct honour of being named in a CARICOM All Star Team twice, Leon Christian, Auric Tappin and Lugard Mohan, but before Christian and Tappin gained selection (1988) the two future Hall of famers had the privilege of playing in CARICOM Championships in 1985 in Barbados and 1986 in Trinidad and Tobago. Unlike his mentors, Lugard Mohan was a CARICOM All Star selectee in his Rookie Year (1994) and his sophomore year 1995 a feat that is probably unmatched in the Caribbean.

Although he dominated the schools championships in the late eighties he had to wait until July 1993 for his first outing in National Colours. Unlike his brother Orin, who benefitted from the Inter Guiana Youth Series and an unforgettable 1995 under-19 tour to Atlanta, there was no such luxury for Lugard. At 19 he was among a squad of 28 called to trials for the 1991 CARICOM championship in Jamaica. Although he failed to make the final 12 the experience gained would later prove invaluable. After the exodus of Ray Williams and Dave Trotman from Ravens the man running things was Neville Alert, Protégé Lugard Mohan. The following year 1992, Lugard was dominant at the point and shooting guard position for Ravens Georgetown and North Ruimveldt so it was a real shock when the selectors

bypassed him for National selection against the touring TTL Bombery professional team from Germany, but the former St. Stanislaus standout disappointment was short lived. July 1993 will always remain fresh in Lugard’s memory because he had a fantastic debut against Barbados at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall. Lugard was the man calling plays and Guyana, under Eion Leitch Captaincy, humbled Barbados in game one of a three match series. Although Barbados came from behind and took the series two games to one, Lugard showed that he had the composure and temperament to handle the pressure of International Basketball. He played with gusto and flamboyance in his next international series against Suriname and DC Jammers. With Lugard controlling things, Guyana

Over to Sunrisers after RCB win

Virat Kohli's move to promote himself to open paid off © BCCI ESPNcricinfo - It was worth the wait for the thousands who braved the rain at the Chinnaswamy Stadium, as Royal Challengers Bangalore kept their playoff hopes alive by batting Chennai Super Kings out of the game, reduced to eight overs-a-side. Nothing less than two points would have kept Royal Challengers in the race, and their prayers were answered when the rain eventually relented, allowing for a 11pm start. Virat Kohli led from the front with a blistering fifty to lift Royal Challengers to 106, but for a change his bowlers didn’t let him down. Having ticked off one box, Royal Challengers will be hoping for Sunrisers Hyderabad to lose to Kolkata Knight Riders today for a possible backdoor

entry to the playoffs. Royal Challengers made a sound tactical move by opening with the captain Kohli, in place of Cheteshwar Pujara, who was dropped based on the team’s immediate demand - quick runs at the top. The uninhibited Kohli was the aggressor in the opening stand and batted in one gear till the end, facing more than half of the number of balls of the innings and scoring at a strike-rate of close to 200. MS Dhoni opened with R Ashwin, presumably to keep Chris Gayle in check, but the batsman ended up playing only three deliveries off him. Kohli regularly used his feet against the offspinner, smothering the spin by getting to the pitch of the ball and launching him down the ground. He picked up his first six by lofting a carom ball over long-on. At the end of five overs, Royal Challengers blazed to 66, thanks to three consecutive sixes over deep midwicket by Gayle off Jason Holder. Gayle and AB de Villiers holed out to the deep but importantly, Royal Challengers never allowed those dismissals to stall them. Kohli looked ominous with his flat sixes down the ground and he found an able partner in Moises Henriques, who ripped into Mohit Sharma to help take the score past 100. There was little at stake for Super Kings, apart from carrying momentum into the playoffs. Unlike Royal Challengers’ move to promote Kohli, Super Kings were relatively conservative in their approach, not tinkering with their opening pair and, strangely, keeping Dhoni to No.5. Michael Hussey departed early, M Vijay struggled to get his fluency going, and the Royal Challengers bowlers got the ball to swing and bounce more than their opponents managed. At the halfway stage of the chase, Royal Challengers held the edge with the score at 29 for 3. With 40 needed off the last over, the game was Royal Challengers’ to lose. Zaheer Khan was the pick of the bowlers, nipping out four wickets in two overs in an eight-over contest. Scores: Royal Challengers Bangalore 106 for 2 in 8 ov (Kohli 56*, Gayle 28) beat Chennai Super Kings 82 for 6 in 8 ov (Vijay 32, Zaheer 4-17) by 24 runs.

played unbeaten en-route to the finals only to falter to deceive by surrendering to the Washington basketballers in 1994. The year 1994 Guyana hosted its third CARICOM Championship and this was the moment Lugard Mohan was waiting for. He was spectacular from the opening victory against Suriname but the performance that really took the Caribbean by storm was the way he mesmerized Trinidad and Tobago. In both victories against the Twin Island Republic enroute to the final, Lugard was the mastermind, he was the man setting up the elusive Steven Nurse and when the Trinis decided to double team Nurse, Lugard made them pay. Although he failed to reproduce the same form in the final that Barbados won handsomely, he was an automatic choice when the CARICOM All Star Team was selected. His biggest disappointment in 1994 was Guyana’s failure to attend the prestigious Centro American basketball championship they qualified for by placing second to Barbados. His next CARICOM championship the following year, 1995, in the Bahamas remains fresh in his memory, not because he was selected to the CARICOM All Star team again, but because Guyana failed to win a single preliminary game and he was Co-Captain with Leon Christian. In 1996, his first taste of National Captaincy, he

Lugard Mohan

celebrated the appointment by sweeping DC Jammers 3 Nil at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall. Guyana playing under Lugard won game one 99 to 85, the skipper led from the front with 20pts, game two Guyana won 115 to 96 and wrapped up the series 97 to 93, Lugard top scoring with 23 pts. After conquering the lads from Washington DC, Guyana, with Lugard Mohan at the helm, deplaned at Piarco International Airport in search of the Land of many waters first Caricom title. The Mission was nicknamed search and destroy. The first casualty was Barbados the boys from ‘Bimshire’ succumbed 84 to 78, the Skipper top scored with 22 pts. They followed up with the Mighty Bahamas who surrendered 86 to 104. Lugard and Wayne Bristol shared the top score with 17 pts each. Host Trinidad halted the Lugard show with

a 111 to 88 victory, the Skipper and Remington Ram top scored for Guyana with 13 points each. Jamaica playing with former NBA Pros Rumeal Robinson and Andrew Kennedy edged Guyana in a thriller 106 to 98, Captain Mohan top scored with 19 pts. After the heartbreaking loss to Jamaica, Lugard’s men regrouped and out classed St. Lucia 86 to 63, Dominica 86 to 73, but were edged in the semifinals against Jamaica 100 to 97. Centre Lorenzo Withrite top scored with 27 pts and 7 rebounds, Wayne Bristol 23 pts and Skipper Mohan Bristol 20 pts, Rawlwyn Loncke 21 pts and Remington Ram 18 pts. Both skipper Mohan and Centre Lorenzo Withrite aggregated over 100 points at the end of the 1996 championship. In his next international series in charge, he led (Continued on page 63)

E’bo football can move forward but with properly structured clubs - IMC chairman Brown Essequibo football can move forward but the clubs need to be properly structured, this is according to the chairman of the Interim Management Committee Darren Brown. Brown recently told Kaieteur Sport that the Essequibo Coast and Pomeroon Football Association (EC&PFA) was replaced by an Interim Management Committee. He said clubs were not paying subscription and affiliation fees, they were not properly structured and as such there were no elections for a number of years and the EC&PFA was replaced by the IMC. He stated that for the past 5-6 years nothing was happening in football in the area, but he is presently working on a developmental plan and he recently spoke

with the new president of the Guyana Football Federation, Christopher Matthias, about the issue. He informed that the clubs must be properly taken care of administratively and technically so that they can pay their fees and elections can be held and the association be resuscitated. He said that Essequibo benefitted from the past GFF administration in terms of administrative and refereeing courses as well as coaching, but could have gained a lot more if the club structure was good. Brown, who is also a referee, said that Essequibo has talent but the players need to take the game seriously. He informed that two players were selected to play for a Bartica team in the Kashif and Shanghai

tournament in 2011 but they did not show up. He said Essequibo produced a number of national players with the most recent one being Christopher Bacchus who played at the U-15 level. Brown indicated that there are plans to include the islands as well. He stated that there are 6 grounds in the area namely New Opportunity Corps, Suddie, Anna Regina Community Centre, Walton Hall and Queenstown but they need a ground where the game can be played regularly. Supernaam, Suddie, New Opportunity Corps, Queenstown, Henrietta, Dartmouth, Charity, Devonshire Castle and Richmond were the teams that played competitively. (Zaheer Mohamed)

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GMR&SC Endurance Meet

Endurance, dexterity and reliability on show today (Flashback) - Teams line up just before the start of the Endurance race at a previous Meet, at the South Dakota Circuit.

It is expected to be a test of endurance, dexterity and reliability when the Guyana Motor Racing & Sports Club (GMR&SC) stages its Endurance Race Meet today, at the South Dakota Circuit. Kaieteur Sport caught up with Aaron Bethune, one of the drivers on Team Cars Mart, who promised that the duo will be among those battling for supremacy when the green lights are flashed to signal the start of the event. Bethune will team up with Anthony Boodhoo in a Honda Civic and they have expressed confidence of doing well in the race. He said Endurance racing is on the upswing and posited that even though it might not be able to rival circuit racing, it is growing increasingly popular within the racing

community. “You can see more and more teams now confirming participation and this is a clear indication that this segment of the sport is catching on,” Bethune stated. The defending champions from the last Meet are Brian Ten-Pow and Shawn Seejattan, but they are anticipated to receive stiff opposition from the likes Syed Hassan and Afraz Ally, Shiraz and Shahab Roshandin, while the Ali brothers, Mark Vieira, Bethune, Anand Ramchand and Adrian Fernandes are all experienced and formidable drivers. Meanwhile, the teams confirmed to date are: Syed Hassan and Afraz Ally, Shiraz and Shahab Roshandin, Omar Dornellas and Christopher Young, Narindra and David

Mangar, Sharima and Zafaar Khan, Amad Sammy and Team, Malcolm and Rohan Haripaul, Rameeze and Wazir Mohammed, Balram Ramdeo and Afo Harper, Motilall Deodass and Damon Singh, Arif and Reeaz Shaw, Mark Vieira and Roshan Ali, Anand Ramchand and Adrian Fernandes, Mohamed Ali and Anil Nala, Aaron Bethune and Anthony Boodhoo, Davin Panday and Azaad Hassan, Haroon Khan and Daughter and Zai and Amar. Among the major sponsors are: B.M. Soat, Ray’s One Stop Auto Sales, Vishaul Auto Toy Store, Fullworks, Zai Auto Sales, Special Auto, Motor Trend Auto Spares, Ramchand Auto Body and Crash Truck Service and Buy Me Auto Sales. Starting time is 12:00 hrs.

Butler and Etheridge to battle in final

Butler captain Andy Dindial (backing camera) about to take on Galton’s Myron Philips.

Butler lived up to their billing as pre-tournament favourites when they turned back the challenge of a young, but valiant Galton side to advanced to the final of the St. Stanislaus College Inter

House Hockey Championships. With both sides squandering numerous scoring opportunities throughout their semifinal clash, it took a moment of

brilliance from Butler captain Andy Dindial to break the deadlock in the dying minutes of the game and book his side’s ticket to the finals. The second semifinal (Continued on page 64)

Sunday May 19, 2013

Kings XI go down with a bang ESPNcricinfo - On the last day of Adam Gilchrist’s IPL career, another veteran, Azhar Mahmood, scored 80 off 44 balls to give Kings XI Punjab a consolation win over Mumbai Indians. Gilchrist, though, had the last word on the night. When Mumbai needed 51 off the last over, Gilchrist asked Praveen Kumar to keep wicket, and bowled offbreaks. Offbreak, to be more precise, because Harbhajan - the last man because Dhawal Kulkarni wasn’t batting lofted the first ball he bowled to long-on. Cue laughter, celebration, joy, and from Gilchrist an improvised version of Harbhajan’s version of Gangnam-style. The match held absolutely no bearing on the rest of the tournament. Mumbai had already qualified in the top two, and Kings XI had already been knocked out. Mumbai now go to Delhi to play Chennai Super Kings in the first qualifier, and even if they lose it they get another shot at making it to the final. Assisting the veteran Mahmood was the Kings XI Punjab veteran, Shaun Marsh, who scores a fifty every third IPL innings. Today’s 63 off 47 was his 17th in 49 efforts. Along with Mahmood he helped Kings XI recover from the early troube of 6 for 2 in the third over. Marsh took the early lead, hitting six fours in the Powerplay, reaching 28 off 20. He dominated the strike too: Mahmood was yet to get off the mark. When Mahmood did open up, he took on the best Mumbai bowler, Lasith Malinga. A top-edged pull for six was followed by three fours, a slice past point, a drive through cover, and a glance fine of fine leg. By now 6 for 2 had become 63 for 2 in eight overs. Mumbai weren’t helped by Dhawal Kulklarni’s walking off with a back trouble. They are already struggling with injury to Sachin Tendulkar. Even Dwayne Smith hasn’t played the last two games. The fifth bowler, a combine of Kulkarni, Rohit Sharma, Kieron Pollard and Glenn Maxwell, went for 53 runs. Maxwell paid the worst price, going for 18 in the 13th over with Mahmood hitting him for six, six and four in consecutive deliveries. In the next over, both the batsmen got reprieves, dropped by IPL debutant Nathan Coulter-Nile and Harbhajan. Coulter-Nile came back to be smacked for consecutive fours by Mahmood. The century was on for Mahmood when he

Azhar Mahmood hits the first six of the innings (BCCI)

missed a Malinga full toss in the 18th over. Kings XI got a satisfactory 27 off the last 16 balls. Mumbai’s non-regular openers, Maxwell and Aditya Tare fell inside the first four overs. Ambati Rayudu, promoted because he generally doesn’t get to bat much, couldn’t covert his start and gloved a bouncer through to Gilchrist. A Dinesh Karthik duck later, it was down to regular Mumbai

saviours, Rohit and Pollard. Piyush Chawla bowled Rohit with a quicker delivery, and Pollard fell under the pressure of rising asking rate. Mahmood signed off the night with his 200th T20 wicket when he bowled Coulter-Nile in the 19th over. Scores: Kings XI Punjab 183 for 8 (Mahmood 80, Marsh 63) beat Mumbai Indians 133 (Chawla 2-20, Mahmood 2-24, Gilchrist 10) by 50 runs.

Shaun Marsh (BCCI)

Kennard Memorial Turf Club horserace meet postponed The inclement weather has forced the organisers to postpone the KMTC PreIndependence Horserace meet set for today at their racetrack, Bush Lot Farm, Corentyne, Berbice. Honorary President of the KMTC, Justice Cecil Kennard, explained that the track was heavy following much rain overnight and the organisers decided to postpone the event. A new date will be announced.

Over 60 of the country’s top racehorses had taken entry to the meet which featured a main event for D 1and lower horses over 7 Furlongs. Other races were for G3 over 7 Furlongs, the 6 Furlong race for three year Guyana and West Indies Bred animals, F class race, ‘I’ class over 6 Furlongs, the J class 6 Furlongs race, the K class event over 5 furlongs and the L and lower race.

Sunday May 19, 2013

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Oxbow denies Orb on Triple Crown bid at Preakness BALTIMORE — Horse racing’s search for another Triple Crown winner will stretch into almost its fourth decade as Kentucky Derby winner Orb lost the Preakness Stakes to Oxbow, who won in a wire-to-wire finish. “I get paid to spoil dreams,” said D. Wayne Lukas, the 77-year-old Hall of Fame trainer for Oxbow, who gave him his sixth Preakness victory and a record 14th Triple Crown win. Oxbow, with veteran jockey Gary Stevens aboard, finished unofficially in 1:57.54. Itsmylucky day was second, Mylute third and Orb fourth. The 50-year-old Stevens said his third Preakness win was “so special.” “We were flying under the radar after the Derby,” Stevens said after Oxbow was sixth at the Derby two weekends ago. Losing trainer Shug McGaughey said Orb “never was really comfortable.” Joel Rosario,

the jockey on Orb agreed: “I kind of worried a little bit (at the ½ mile pole).” Since 1989, when McGaughey ruined the Triple Crown chances of Sunday Silence, there have been three Belmont trainers ruin Triple Crown chances. The others: Scotty Schulhofer with Lemon Drop Kid in 1999 and Nick Zito with Birdstone in 2004. The Triple Crown, racing’s ultimate prize for horses in their 3-year-old seasons, requires wins in the Derby 1 ¼ miles), the Preakness (1 3/16) and the Belmont (a long haul at a mile and a half). Eleven horses have won it since Sir Barton first pulled it off in 1919. None has done it since Affirmed in 1978, the last of three horses to accomplish it in the 1970s. One theory about why the Triple Crown hasn’t been clinched since is that priorities in breeding horses have changed to emphasize speed and attractiveness at sale, overlooking the stamina and

durability required to win the Derby, Preakness and Belmont. The Derby winner started his day from the No.1 post position where only two horses – Bally Ache (1960) and Tabasco Cat, trained by Lukas, have won in the past half-century. He had won his last five races coming into the Preakness including the Kentucky Derby, Florida Derby and Fountain of Youth Stakes. “I’ll be more disappointed tomorrow (when it sinks in),” McGaughey said. “But I know the game.” While Rosario was despairing at the 1/2 mile pole, Stevens was exhilarated: “I said is this happening? I just walked the dog (home).” Oxbow, at 15-1, paid $32.80, $12 and $8.80. Itsmyluckyday paid $7.80 and $5. Mylute, with Rosie Napravnik making her first Preakness start, paid $5.20 to show. Next up is the Belmont Stakes on June 8 at Belmont Park in Elmont, NY.

National Sports Commission three stage cycle road race

Bajan Jamal Eastman leads, Geron Williams, Orville Hinds, Robin Persaud in pursuit All eyes were on the Team Cocoa quartet, Paul DeNobrega, Raynauth Jeffrey, Raul Leal and Christopher Holder but in the end it was 19 years old Barbadian, Jamal Eastman, who secured the best overall time when the first two stages of the 31st edition of the National Sports Commission (NSC) organized three stage road race concluded in New Amsterdam yesterday morning and Carifesta Avenue, yesterday afternoon. Eastman rode a brilliant first stage, 46.6 miles from Corriverton to New Amsterdam, and finished ahead of the pack before returning to emulate his performance in the second stage, 60.4 miles up to Carifesta Avenue, to take the lead and start this morning’s final leg, from Kara Kara on the Linden/Soesdyke Highway to Georgetown, with a slight advantage of just 10 seconds (2:34:19). The event was very competitive as highlighted by the close finishes in the second and third places; Geron Williams clocked 2:34:29secs and will start the final stage with a shave below the leader’s advantage, while Orville Hinds registered an overall time of 2:34:31secs, just in front of Robin Persaud at 2:34:32secs. Kaieteur News’ correspondent followed the race from Corriverton and reported that early morning

Jamal Eastman showers that lasted for just over an hour had subsided about 30 minutes before 73 cyclists pedaled off at 07:30hrs and proceeded at a blistering pace. They remained bunched for about one mile into the journey until several of them seized the initiative and surged ahead. The race was not incident free and 8 riders out of the leading pack, including Jamaican, Marlo Rodman and Guyanese Enzo Matthews lost valuable time after their machines sustained punctures about 30 minutes into the race. The riders reached the Rose Hall Municipal Market without further incident with the front bunch reduced to 60 riders but, shortly afterwards, was hit by ill fortune after a cow meandered into their path and resulted in a minor spill. Thereafter, several of the top guns surged ahead and retained a fast and competitive clip. They included Eastman, Alonzo

Greaves, Hinds, Williams, Raynauth Jeffery, Horace Burrowes and Raul Leal. As they neared the finish line, Eastman sprinted to the finish line leaving the pack in his wake to finish at 1:44:11. The distaff group was represented by Naiomi Singh, Hassena Barrett, Marica Dick and Tashwana Doris with Singh and Barrett performing commendably after finishing among the front bunch. However, only Singh managed to complete the second leg after her companions experienced varying difficulties along the way. Constant reports coming in during the second leg suggested a keen contest which picked up steam around the Mahaica/ Mahaicony area. The blaring sirens of the police out-riders had barely pierced the air when the four front runners sped into Carifesta Avenue from the Rupert Craig Highway, each pedaling furiously to reach the line in the above mentioned order. The riders would have had a good night’s rest and will return this morning for the final leg of the race. Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Frank Anthony, joined several other cycling officials and enthusiasts at the finish line, Carifesta Avenue, yesterday afternoon and is expected to witness the culmination of the race this morning.

Gary Stevens aboard Oxbow, right, wins the 138th running of the Preakness Stakes as John Velazquez aboard Itsmyluckyday finishes second at Pimlico race course. (Paul Frederiksen, USA TODAY Sports)

National Schools Basketball Festival

MARIAN WIN TWO IN A ROW, BISHOPS CLAIM FIRST Marian Academy yesterday won their second straight game in the senior category of the Youth Basketball Guyana (YBG) National Schools Basketball Festival (NSBF) with a more impressive performance against Government Technical Institute (GTI) on their home court. Marian Academy won 4032 when the Digicel, Banks DIH and Beharry Group of Companies-sponsored nationwide event continued with its City Conference. Selvuaghn Moseley scored 14 points for Marian and grabbed six rebounds. Darroll Williams finished with 14 points for GTI in the contest. Marian dominated the game on both offensive and defensive ends, playing with much more ease than they did last weekend. Turnovers and missed attempts seemed to be the theme of GTI that once dominated basketball in Guyana in the 90s. Marian also struggled early in the game with their offence, failing to capitalise on the errors of the opposition. The result was a close game at halftime with the scores at 16-14 in favour of the home team. However, following the break, Marian came out with an offensive mindset, racing ahead and maintaining a nine-point lead with 1:53 to play in the game. Williams nailed a big three-point jumper with a 1:44 to chop Marian’s

lead and provide a little hope. But Marian was up to the task as they dismantled GTI’s offence with an intermittent zone that the opposition struggled to figure out. They scored four straight down the stretch to ensure their second Under-20 NSBF 2013 victory. In the Under-17 game earlier in the day, Bishops High School defeated Brickdam Secondary 25-16 for their first win. After trailing 14-9 at the end of the first half, Bishops controlled the paint on both ends of the court with their ‘big men’ dominating. Daniel Haynes had four points for Bishops, but grabbed eight rebounds, while teammate Matthew Budrah led the team with six points and hauled five ‘boards’ in a complete team effort. Joshua Lee scored six points for Brickdam while his teammate Eon Sullivan had seven steals to give them chances that they failed to capitalise on. The Under-14 contest saw Marian Academy edging Plaisance Secondary

18-17; although Marian had seven turnovers compared to Plaisance’s two, Marian out rebounded them 22-12 to pull off the close win. Jaleel Young, Jonathon Mangra and Joshua Brazoa combined to score six apiece for Marian in the game. Moses Matthews scored a game high seven points while Andrew Johnson had six for the Plaisance unit. Meanwhile, in the one Berbice (Ancient) Conference game played on Friday, Port Mourant Training Centre routed Comprehensive Secondary 42-24 in a onesided contest. Antonio Islam scored 13 points for Port Mourant and dished four assists. Jermaine Hope, who scored all of his nine points with shots from behind the arc, was the leading scorer for Comprehensive Secondary. The NSBF continues today with the East Coast (Country) Conference at the Mon Repos Primary School Hard Court. (Edison Jefford)

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Sunday May 19, 2013


NACRA Senior Men’s Championship

Great Britain shoot their way to title; West Indies ‘A’ finish 3rd

Dramatic second half rally propel Guyana to 19-17 victory over B/dos

Paul Slowe Seven days of pulsating and hard fought battles at the Paragon Ranges here in Christ Church Barbados climaxed yesterday afternoon with Team Great Britain winning the prestigious Australia Match, which saw the best shooters in the West Indies, Great Britain, Australia and Canada facing off for top honors. When the final shot was fired at the fourth of four ranges, the 1000 Yards, the Great Britain team, pre-match favorites came out comfortable winners dropping some 48 points (1952) out of a possible 2000 while also hitting 167 V-Bulls. Taking the second spot was Australia with 1909

points and 130 V-Bulls. The West Indies ‘A’ Team, Captained by Guyanese ACP Retired Paul Slowe took the 3rd place accumulating 1791 points and 99 V-Bulls, Canada ended with 1741 points and 91 V-Bulls, International Magpies 1738 and 66 V-Bulls, while the West Indies ‘B’ Team brought up the rear with 1724 and 71 V-Bulls. Like the other days of competition, conditions were no less favourable for the shooters with the experienced and well oiled Great Britain team mastering the conditions to end their tour of the Caribbean unbeaten, having visited Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago and finally Barbados, winning in all the territories. So it was no surprise that they came out victors on a day that saw the shooters scurrying for cover from the elements above at the 1000 Yards range at 15:25hrs for about 15 minutes having commenced that range at 14:30hrs. But the Great Britain team at that point would have already completed shooting, underlining their dominance and quality. West Indies Captain Paul

Slowe said that his team did very well given that this is the first time in many years that they have pulled together a team and it augurs well for the future of the sports in the Caribbean. “I think the team performed creditably, at one stage the conditions were very rough at the 1000 Yards. In terms of the placing, we were hoping to finish ahead of Canada and we managed to do that. We know that the Great Britain and Australia teams are hard nuts to crack but we can see we now have the makings of a West Indies team all we have to do is stick with it and once we do that I am sure we’re going to get there one day soon.” The last time the West Indies shot as a team was back in 2008 but the Captain said that he is satisfied with the process of selection and the way the shooters committed and performed. The fact that over 20 shooters were able to shoot for the West Indies in the A and B teams, Slowe believes, shows that there is some

depth in the Region which is very encouraging for the present and future. “We have the Palma Match coming up in 2015 at Camp Perry, Ohio, USA and we will be looking at 16 shooters and 4 reserves, at least we have the nucleus here, so we have to take it from here.” The Australia Match is the biggest fixture on the International fullbore circuit to be shot at both the Short and Long Range and ranks second only to the Palma Match in importance. The Australia Match started in 1907 and is shot for by teams of 10 firers. Each shooter fires 2 sighters and 10 shots to count at 300, 600, 900 and 1000 Yards. This win by Great Britain is their 23rd in the history of the Match, Australia has won it on 18 occasions, New Zealand 6, Canada 4. A grand presentation is scheduled for this evening with the teams expected to start their journey’s back home, tomorrow. Following are the results:

Great Britain

300 Yards

600 Yards

900 Yards

1000 Yards


Luckman D. Calvert D. Shaw I. Rylands T. Watson C. Ball N. Morris G. Crispin D. McQuillan R. Underwood J.

50.008 49.007 50.007 49.004 50.005 49.003 50.006 50.004 50.005 50.004 497.053

48.006 49.003 50.006 50.004 50.005 50.006 50.006 47.004 50.005 45.001 489.046

49.004 50.005 50.005 48.004 50.003 48.002 49.004 50.005 48.003 49.005 491.040

48.001 49.004 47.002 43.002 49.005 48.002 46.001 49.006 49.003 47.002 475.028

195.019 197.019 197.020 190.014 199.018 195.013 195.017 196.019 197.016 191.012 1952.167

49.004 49.004 47.004 50.004 49.005 49.000 48.001 47.002 49.003 49.004 486.031

48.004 50.008 48.004 49.005 48.002 50.004 50.006 49.004 47.005 48.001 487.043

47.000 48.005 47.003 46.004 47.005 49.002 49.003 48.003 49.002 50.004 480.031

49.003 47.004 44.002 40.002 47.001 47.005 45.002 45.003 43.000 49.003 456.025

193.011 194.021 186.013 185.015 191.013 195.011 192.012 189.012 188.010 196.012 1909.130

48.005 47.007 47.001 46.002 49.004 47.005 44.001 48.003 50.004 42.001 468.033 4

49.002 43.002 43.001 43.000 47.004 47.003 48.004 45.001 45.002 46.004 56.023

42.001 48.004 45.004 49.005 43.000 42.004 45.005 43.000 46.003 46.001 449.027

36.001 49.002 31.001 45.001 49.003 46.003 41.000 43.001 43.004 35.000 418.016

175.009 187.015 166.007 183.008 188.011 182.015 178.010 179.005 184.013 169.006 1791.099

Australia Berry T. Jeffrey J. Enslin D. Pozzebon M. Webb-Enslin G. Emms B. Gardiner D. Negus D. O’Loghlen K. Whalen R. West Indies Brathwaite L. Persaud M. King M. Goodluck R. Gomez N. Nunez J. Rrickman D. McNair W. Elliott S. Coley C.C.C.

By Rawle Welch Looking anything but champions in a less than inspiring first half display, defending Southern Caribbean title holders Guyana produced a dramatic second half rally to beat Barbados 19-17 in their NACRA Senior Men’s Championship yesterday, at the National Stadium. The Guyanese ruggers were led to victory through two tries from Guyana Defence Force player Avery Corbin and one from the experienced Claudius Butts, while Captain Ryan Gonsalves converted twice from three attempts. Shaun English went over the tryline twice for the Bajans, while Christian Preece did it once and Dwight Forde made a solitary conversion. Playing before a disappointing low turnout of fans, the Guyanese ruggers made a plethora of uncharacteristic mistakes in the opening period as even the experienced players such as Ronald Mayers, Butts and Gonsalves struggled to keep possession of the ball, thereby creating many turnovers. The game started out with the Bajans pressing forward very early and a long kick allowed them possession deep within Guyana’s territory, before a strong surge for the locals backline ended with a try. The conversion was missed. The visitors muffed an opportunity to stretch their lead when awarded a penalty which was missed as well much to the elation of the partisan fans. However, even after that slight reprieve the Guyanese ruggers continued to look lacklustre going forward and paid the price when Barbados’ Preece evaded two tackles, before finishing over Guyana’s tryline for a 10-0 advantage. Once again, the conversion failed to land between the uprights. Guyana’s Cloyd Prowell had the best opportunity to reduce the deficit, but he fumbled the ball inches short from going over the Bajans tryline much to the consternation of the local

fans. Bouyed by their good luck, the Barbadians made good of the escape and increased their lead just before the break when English netted his second try, before the conversion was made by Forde as they went to the half with a decisive 170 advantage. Needing a more inspired performance in the second period, the Guyanese came out of the break looking to be more aggressive and it was that insistent style of play that saw a determined effort from Butts, who broke a series of tackles to finish over the tryline and give Guyana its first set of points. Gonsalves lined up the conversion which sailed wide of the uprights as Guyana trailed 5-17. However, undaunted by the slight setback, the fitter looking Guyanese were suddenly in attacking mode and appearing every bit the regional powerhouse as they attacked the Bajan backline with ferocious intent and got the desired result when Corbin burst down the right flank, avoided a couple of players, before ending unimpeded over the tryline. This time Gonsalves’ conversion was good as the Guyanese drew within 5, down 12-17. The Bajans by this time looked a tired bunch and it was clear that if Guyana kept possession of the ball it would only be a matter of time before they scored again and who else was to ensure that. Corbin, who many felt was playing his best ever game for Guyana, gave them that chance as he collected a pass, tore down the left flank this time and beat the scrambling Barbados defence in a nerve tingling foot race to finish for 5 points. Gonsalves nailed the conversion for a 19-17 Guyana lead, the first time they had led in the match. With time running out, the Bajans placed themselves in a solid position to make a final push, but a dogged defensive stand by the Guyana team was successful until the final whistle sounded handing them a hard fought win. They now move on to play Trinidad and

GCA\NBS competition postponed Due to heavy overnight and early morning showers which left most of the grounds in the city waterlogged, the competition committee of the Georgetown Cricket Association postponed all their New Building Society 40-over second division matches that were scheduled for this weekend.

Sunday May 19, 2013

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NACRA Senior Men’s Championship

Great Britain Dramatic second half rally propel shoot their way to title; Guyana to 19-17 victory over B/dos West Indies ‘A’ finish 3rd GMR&SC Endurance Meet

Endurance, dexterity and reliability on show today

Guyana’s hero Avery Corbin leaves a defender on the turf en route to his first try yesterday.

Guyana offensive line seen on the attack in yesterday’s clash against Barbados.

Bajan Jamal Eastman leads, Geron Williams, Orville Hinds, Robin Persaud in pursuit

National Sports Commission three stage cycle road race...

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