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Friday May 18, 2012

Guyanese faces up to 70 years, US$1M fine for identity theft


ennsylvania, US ( ) -A man who has been deported from the United States four times will be charged with illegal reentry and other charges, including identity theft. The United States Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Pennsylvania will charge Leonard Sampson, 62, a native of Guyana, with illegal re-entry, aggravated identity theft, falsely claiming to be a United States citizen, false statements related to acquiring a United States passport and food stamp fraud. Federal authorities said Sampson used someone else’s name to re-enter the United States and commit fraud. He was arrested in Wilkes-Barre in March 2012. He faces up to 70 years in prison and more than $1 million in fines if convicted.

Friday May 18, 2012

Kaieteur News

Clues suggest Insurance Executive was slain by close acquaintance By Michael Jordan Insurance executive Bert Whyte was murdered by a close male friend who reportedly lured him to Bentick Street with the sole aim of killing the 44-year-old and stealing his car. While police are still seeking a breakthrough, information about the murder suggests that victim and killer knew each other well, and that Whyte trusted the individual enough to go with him to a desolate area that is a known haven for robbers. The fact that the individual was armed with an ice-pick also indicates that the crime was premeditated. In addition, the fact that Whyte’s Toyota Sprinter, PKK 8566, is still to be located seems to bolster suggestions that theft of the vehicle was the killer’s main motive. Whyte, it is believed, had to be disposed of because he could identify his attacker. The fact that Whyte was still in possession of cash, his cellular phone and a gold ring may have misled police into believing that a dispute, rather than robbery, was the primary motive for the murder. Information suggests that the killer was a professional robber since he was able to dispose of his victim with two stab wounds which were

inflicted directly to the victim’s heart and to one of his lungs. Detectives are going through a list of the slain man’s associates to ascertain who the individual might be. According to eyewitness reports, Whyte, of Pouderoyen, West Bank Demerara, was seen struggling with another man in his car before exiting the vehicle and running into Main Street and collapsing outside of the Palm Court Restaurant and Bar. The description that sources have given of the attacker is of a slim, darkcomplexioned young man of African ancestry. Information reaching Kaieteur News suggests that Whyte’s association with the individual may have begun some two years ago. Whyte had held managerial positions at the Guyana and Trinidad Mutual Life Insurance Company Limited and the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation. Checks of Whyte’s movements last Monday reveal that he had picked up his niece from a private school in the city hours before his death. The child told detectives that there was another man who is unfamiliar to her in Whyte’s car when she was picked up.

opening ceremony. CARICOM leaders are also expected to discuss a number of pressing issues, including tourism, trade and investment and technical cooperation. They will also deliberate how to exchange ideas on the Inter-American system; and the identification of means by which CARICOM and Mexico could collaborate in hemispheric multilateral fora such as the Organization of American States (OAS) and the recently constituted Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC). Another key agenda item will be next month’s United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD)

Govt. distances self from airline feasibility study “We challenge KN to provide document” - Luncheon

Bert Whyte Instead of taking his niece home, Whyte reportedly dropped the girl off at the Stabroek Speedboat Stelling for her to make her way home to Pouderoyen. Accompanied by his killer, he then made the fateful journey to Bentick Street, Tiger Bay. After he was stabbed, Whyte ran to Palm Court before collapsing in front of the popular nightspot. He managed to give his cellular phone to the security personnel at the establishment who subsequently contacted relatives. They managed to rush him to the GPHC where he died shortly after.

B’dos to host second CARICOMMexico summit next week BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (BGIS) — Barbados is set to host one of the most important conferences on the 2012 calendar, when the second CARICOM-Mexico summit begins next Monday. It will be preceded by a meeting of ministers of foreign affairs on Sunday, May 20. Mexico’s president, Felipe Calderon, is expected to lead a high-powered delegation to the one-day summit, which will also bring together regional heads from the 15 CARICOM nations. Barbados Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, Calderon and the current chairman of CARICOM, President Desiré Bouterse, of Suriname, are expected to address the

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Rio+20 in Brazil. Convening the summit is representative of Mexico’s ongoing commitment to fostering South-South cooperation and hemispheric collaboration. Mexico assumed the presidency of the Group of 20 (G20) earlier this year and will also take the opportunity to brief CARICOM heads of government on its strategic vision for the G20, as part of its overall goal to establish a forum in which open and constructive dialogue may be facilitated. Barbados and its CARICOM partners have identified Mexico as one of the Latin American states with which closer relations should be encouraged as a means of increasing economic activity.

Government has distanced itself from a feasibility study for a new national airline. The Office of the President (OP) in a statement yesterday also denied that the study, conducted by Canada-based Unimac International, was paid for by government. “The administration rejects the claims absolutely and in its entirety stating the following - at no time has the PPP/C administration used public funds to commission a feasibility study in establishing a national airline in Guyana.” Last week, a series of fullpage advertisements in Kaieteur News said that government paid a hefty sum for a feasibility study on an airline business. That study recommended the construction of a new, upgraded airport so that the Guyana flag carrier could fly directly to any United States port. The advertisement also said that government recently announced a US$150M project to build a brand new Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) and expand the runway. Yesterday, in its statement, OP said that Cabinet, the highest decision-making body of the executive government, has never been approached and as such, “Cabinet has never issued an approval for the use of public funds for such a study. Furthermore, at no time has the PPP/C administration sought to incorporate a national airline nor to establish such an airline as a national flagship carrier.” However, Kaieteur News is in possession of a copy of a feasibility study titled “Air Guyana Corporation Business Plan”, which according to the document was prepared “for the Government of Guyana” by Unimac International.

The front cover of the feasibility study which Kaieteur News will make available to OP OP insisted in the statement that it is a “ridiculous” claim to say that the announced expansion at CJIA was an effort to obtain a new category from the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). “The records would show that CJIA had that original category, (and) lost that category because of human capacity constraints and it was not any reconstruction or rehabilitation of the airport that is needed to restore the loss (sic) category.” The administration said it is “calling on the accusers, Kaieteur News, to produce the evidence, to make public the documents they claim that

show that this administration was involved in their ridiculous claims.” According to the newspaper’s Publisher, Glenn Lall, he is more than willing to provide a copy of the feasibility study to government. “The Office of the President can as early as today pick up a copy of the study from Kaieteur News’ offices in Saffon Street.”

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Kaieteur News

Friday May 18, 2012

Letters... Where your views make the news

Printed and Published by National Media & Publishing Company Ltd. 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown, Georgetown, Guyana. Publisher: GLENN LALL Editor: Adam Harris Tel: 225-8465, 225-8491. Fax: 225-8473, 226-8210


Lessons and Death A 17-year-old youth has been stabbed to death outside a ‘lessons place’ and his just as young assailant is incarcerated. No; it is not déjà vu: just three months ago an identical tragedy unfolded in front of another ‘lessons place’. While we do not have a conclusive study on the phenomenon, these two fatal stabbings of schoolboys by their peers at ‘lessons’ probably equal such outrages in the entire school system over the past decade. While correlation does not imply causation, our authorities would be failing in their duty if they do not enquire into whether the environment of the ‘lessons’ culture facilitates such deadly bursts of anger in youths. In the past decade, we have witnessed an ever rising tide of violence in our official school system – and this in the face of a structure in place to ensure discipline and orderly behaviour. If that system is breaking down, should we be surprised that in the after-school (or ‘before school’) lessons where the children are ‘on their own’, there is a greater likelihood of tempestuous youths resorting to violence to settle the inevitable disputes of that cohort? There are several issues that must be addressed. Firstly, youth is a time of hormonal-induced rambunctious behaviour, especially in asserting pecking-order preeminence. In the latest murder, we understand that one youth was being bullied about the ‘status’ (or lack thereof) of his clothes. In the earlier stabbing the argument was about a girl. One of the functions of our school system is to inculcate values in our youths so that their choices in action do no become one of life and death. Are our youths exposed to anger management techniques? Why are we not introducing counsellors in our schools? Rather than all those thousands of sociology graduates from UG, who cannot find jobs, shouldn’t we be steering some towards counselling? The other issue – the resident elephant in the room of our education system – is the role of “lessons”. On the matter before us at this time – that of discipline – youths typically believe that they are free from the need for control once they are out of their schools’ premises. That some of them actually change out of their school uniform reinforces this belief. It is high time that these lesson-places be regulated just as any other private schools, and that they are made responsible for their charges. As a not-so-incidental aside, are these institutions paying their taxes? It is common knowledge that they are literally gold mines for their operators. And of course, we cannot escape the fundamental question as to why the need for lessons is so pervasive that they exist in every nook and cranny of the Guyanese landscape? Perhaps in a culture that is so focused on earning certificates from exams, in this period when CSEC and CAPE are being taken, we can expect students to have an extra ‘brush up’. But we know that the lessons culture goes far beyond ‘brushing up’. In fact, we have a parallel educational system that has subverted the official one to such an extent that it will take a Herculean effort to repair matters. Even in the premier schools, teachers – especially in the ‘difficult’ maths and science subjects – routinely do not cover the syllabus. They openly opine that the lacunae be filled by lessons. It is extraordinary that the Ministry of Education does not audit these matters. The Ministry has inveighed against its teachers conducting lessons, but after the initial expressions of disapproval, matters have subsided into the old status quo. We have ranged perhaps widely from the unfortunate snuffing out of a youthful life. But it is our firm conviction that the authorities will have to deal with the lessons phenomenon, and its ancillary fallouts, in a comprehensive manner. Parents also have a role to play. Why are they not insisting that the syllabuses be completed during school hours? Our condolences to the families of both the deceased and incarcerated youths.

Dr. Singh misled the National Assembly DEAR EDITOR, Page 414 of the March 15 parliamentary debate on Paper 7 for replenishment of the Contingencies Fund, Mr. Khemraj Ramjattan, the AFC MP, drew the attention of the National Assembly to section 24 of the Fiscal Management and Accountability Act (FMAA) which requires of the Finance Minister, “when introducing a supplementary appropriation Bill, [to] present to the National Assembly the reasons for the proposed variations and provide a supplementary document describing the impact that the variations, if approved will have on the financial plan in the annual budget.” The Speaker, either because he did not appreciate that such supplementary document ought already to have been presented or because he wanted to take his “brother” off the hook, intervened as follows: Speaker: Hon. Minister of Finance, will you be in a position to give an

undertaking that you will accord and abide by the conditions of the Act? Most persons would have to think for a moment or two to come up with a convenient excuse. Others will simply lie. Without a blink, instead of being gracious and honest in accepting such a generous hand from the Speaker, Dr. Singh chose to respond as follows: Dr. Singh: Mr. Speaker, as has always been the case (emphasis added), the relevant submission will be made in accordance with the law. The truth is that Dr. Singh has never once presented at any stage-- in close to fifteen s u p p l e m e n t a r y appropriations Bills introduced by him since 2006 – any supplementary document required by section 24 of the FMAA. The irony is that on this particular occasion he could simply have said that since the year had already expired, the supplementary document

was really academic and he did not think it would serve any useful purpose. But, no, Dr. Singh had to misrepresent on the parliamentary record an “impeccable” compliance record since his ego was more important than the truth. Not that Dr. Singh’s action on this occasion was surprising. He sat silent while his ministerial colleague Irfaan Ally misled the National Assembly over the earlier $4 billion transaction with GuySuCo. He played a leading role in either misleading the public about CLICO or concealing its truth, as he is doing concerning the Kingston Marriot. And most importantly and currently, he is central to the NICIL illegalities. So consistent has Dr. Singh been that I cannot be confident that if Dr. Singh was asked similar questions about the tabling of any of the following, instead of the truth, he would also say that “as has always been the case, the

relevant submission will be made in accordance with the law”: 1. The annual report and audited financial statements of NICIL. 2. Filing of annual returns of NICIL at the Deeds Registry. 3. The annual midyear report within sixty-days of June 30 under the FMAA. 4. The annual report of the GRA. 5. The annual report of the NIS. 6. Loan agreements under the External Loans Act. But Dr. Singh’s distortions go beyond these. He failed to disclose to the National Assembly that in 2010 he closed dormant accounts with balances of more than $30 billion when the budgeted Norway funds did not arrive. It is not only uncomfortable, but also dangerous to have a Finance Minister who puts his ego ahead of the truth. Christopher Ram

DEAR EDITOR, I wish to commend the Guyana Police Force’s ‘Operation Safeway’ for its modest successes over the first four months of 2012. I admit to being concerned at the disregard that some motorists exhibit for their safety by not using seatbelts; unlikely as it may sound maybe we need to be continually educated on that score. Although the figures on prosecutions for cell phone use while driving are indicative of a focused intervention I feel that some attention should be paid to the emergent phenomenon of pedestrians texting on cell phones while on the roadways. Almost daily I have had cause to wonder how many accidents or near misses are occasioned by pedestrians engrossed in whatever it is that they are doing on their phones. I am sure that many of us have from time to time been faced with a pedestrian talking on the phone and being so totally out of his environment that he was seemingly unaware of the likely consequences of his careless use of the road. The empirical evidence suggests that this practice is not confined to any particular age, group or gender although researchers at the University of Alabama found that children walking to school while using a phone are particularly prone to accidents. And lest we forget the personal security aspect there

are reports of persons having cell phones snatched while walking and talking or texting. So there! We know what the handheld cell phone while driving restriction is intended to achieve, in terms of road safety, but is the hands-free mode really any better in preventing accidents? In January 2004 in Michigan a 20 year-old woman was observed not looking down, not dialing the phone, or texting, but looking straight ahead while talking on her cell phone as she sped at 48 mph past four cars and a school bus which were stopped at a red light. She never touched her brakes as she slammed into the third or fourth car going through the intersection on

the green light. Researchers determined that the crash which caused the death of a 12-year old boy was a “classic case of inattention blindness caused by the cognitive distraction of a cell phone conversation” (LiveScience Bad Medicine 2012). A National Safety Council March 2010 White Paper on “Understanding the distracted brain: Why driving while using hands-free cell phones is risky behavior” pointed to vision as the most important sense for safe driving (but) yet, drivers using hands-free phones (and those using handheld phones) have a tendency to “look at” but not “see” objects. Among the problems associated with talking or texting on cell phone while

walking is gait disruption “to such a degree as to cause accidents” according to scientists at Stony Brook University in New York who focused on researching the basic mechanics of putting one foot in front of the other while using a cell phone as against “unexpected physical dangers, such as walking into a car or down a manhole.” Since it is not my intention to arrogate to myself the functions of the Traffic Department I guess we can safely anticipate that they themselves might recognise the need to conduct the relevant research on the factors which inhibit situational awareness and negatively impact on good road safety practices. Patrick E. Mentore

The blindness that cell phones cause

A most untenable situation

DEAR EDITOR On behalf of the students of the University of Guyana (UG), I write to highlight the level of disdain and contempt with which the students are customarily treated. In doing so, I will use one example, out of the myriad instances available. Since last semester, some time around October/November, 2011, the air conditioning system in the UG Library has ceased working. Upon inquiry, I was informed that the UG Library roof was under repair. Consequently, the air conditioning system could not work – maybe because of some open spaces in the roof through which the cold air could escape. The students who use the library throughout the semester and, even more so, around exam periods were inconvenienced. After much protestation by the students, an inadequate number of fans were provided to minimize the discomfiting heat resulting from the poorly ventilated building. Being understanding human beings, the

students endured the slightly ameliorated discomfort during their study periods in the library, thinking that in a couple of months or so the roof would have been completed and the air-conditioning system would have been ‘up and running’. Approximately eight months have since elapsed; another exam period is upon us, and the roof seems to be nowhere near completion. As a matter of fact, the work on the roof has been stalled for some months now. And, from the look of things, the students will be forced to endure the same discomfiting conditions they endured last semester. It might be necessary here to point out that the Ministry of Education assumes the responsibility for capital works at the University of Guyana, therefore, the contractor working on the roof of the UG Library is directly contracted by that Ministry. Duane Edwards President University of Guyana Students’ Society

Friday May 18, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

Indians did fight for right to vote The shoe is on the other foot DEAR EDITOR, Mr. Lincoln Lewis challenged President Donald Ramotar’s claim that Indians “fought for the right to vote” in Guyana in his missive captioned “The President Opted for a divide and rule strategy” (KN May 9). Such statement is reckless and smacks of ignorance and is unhelpful in improving race relations. As I learn from my doctoral political studies, the “Right to Vote” is not a right that could reasonably be separated or isolated from the larger struggles for human rights, social justice and freedom. Every act of resistance, defiance or rebellion is driven by the desire for liberty, equality and justice and to be able to play a role in the governance of their nation. Africans, Indians, Europeans, Chinese, Amerindians, Mixed all fought for the right to vote at one time or another. Africans were the first to fight for human rights. Indians entered the struggle for human rights soon after they arrived in the colony in May 1838. Initially, the indentured Indians were docile but later on as they became increasingly oppressed, they, like their African patriots, became militant and rebelled against the planters. As I learn from my studies in Political Science, the “right to vote” substantially involves politics and law as well as constitutional and social reforms. It is true that of all the ethnic groups, Indians entered the political arena last. The Immigration Agent wrote (quoted in Nath’s book) that the Indians had confidence in the Colonial government to handle political issues. They were more interested in their rice fields and farms and in their children to follow in their footsteps and as such they declined from participating in the politics. But some of them

did become interested in political issues and lobbied for the right to vote which was determined primarily by literacy (English, not Hindi or Urdu), income and property requirements. Many other well-educated descendants of indentured Indians became parliamentarians and helped to release Guyana from the colonial experiences of British rule. Stalwarts like JV and his brother EA Luckhoo, AE Seeram, JB Singh, K, Peer Bacchus, CR Jacob, Ayube Mohammed Edun struggled to expand the voting rights. But it was Cheddi Jagan who led the struggle for universal franchise and political independence. Cheddi Jagan wrote: “The black middle class, which had emerged earlier historically… saw the emergent Indian middle strata as a threat. They perceived the lower rungs of the colonial administrative ladder as their preserve. In this sense, they tended to be conservative; wanting a maintenance of the status quo. And so, they assumed, for instance, in Guyana, increasingly a conservative political posture and opposed (voting) reforms for adult suffrage and selfgovernment.” After the franchise was obtained in 1953, it was Forbes Burnham and the PNC that rolled back the voting rights gains by rigging every

election from 1968 thru 1992. During this period, it was mostly, though not exclusively, Indians, including some of us in North America, who fought for the restoration of the franchise and which led to the return of democratic rule in 1992 after 26 years of dictatorship. Baytoram Ramharack, Ravi Dev, Vassan Ranracha, Arjune Karshan, Chuck Mohan, and myself, among others fought for the restoration of the vote. I don’t recall ever seeing Lewis condemning Burnham or the PNC for taking away our vote and I am not aware of any role Lewis played in the battle to regain the vote. To question President Ramotar on whether Indians ever fought for the right to vote is a provocative vitriol on race relations in Guyana where efforts are being made by decent individuals to harmonize relations. I can’t quite understand what would drive a union leader not to recognize the role prominent older Indians like Jagan, Boysie Ramkaran, Jainarine Singh, etc. and younger Indian stalwarts like Moses Nagamootoo, Prakash Ramjattan, Ralph Ramkarran, Feroze Mohammed, Donald Ramotar, Nokta, N.K Gopaul, Lionel Peters, etc. played in the struggle for the vote sometime between the end of indenturedship in 1917 to 1992. Vishnu Bisram

An unfortunate case DEAR MR. EDITOR It is ironical that the letter “Excessive Security?” in KN May 16, 2012 would appear at a time when Republic Bank, reported on spending millions of dollars on security. On Friday May 11, thieves broke into the Water Street Branch and stole their in-house entertainment system, how funny. From all appearance RBL is concentrating on looking on their employees and not the outside thieves. What a shame. RBL Staff

DEAR SIR, I wish to comment on the article published in S.N on Monday 14th May, 2012 p.12 titled “Police Abuse of LawAbiding citizens a deepseated problem”, by the former Speaker of the National Assembly, Ralph Ramkarran. The Public is aware that Mr. Ramkarran has not brought a new discovery to the forefront for this has been a sore topic in the eyes and ears of the Guyanese public. The abuse by the Police has been spoken of and condemned in no uncertain terms by just about every section of this society. This is a good time to remind the public that one of the roles of Government is to prevent unjust policies or practices. In my view and I am sure in the view of most sane Guyanese, the Governing party for the past 19 years or so has failed miserably in this area. This Government has lost the moral authority to pronounce on any wrong doing by members of society. Why? Because it has encouraged and endorsed criminal activities. One only has to recall the well documented trial of Roger Khan in the United States. The evidence in this case fingered a present serving Minister of this Government as permitting the said defendant to purchase the equipment used to aid

criminal activities. In any decent government this Minister would have been long gone. But instead he has been rewarded by yet another term in office. On another occasion another Minister was caught red handed giving support to criminals. What this Government did? They rewarded him by posting him to India, I suppose he excelled in his job so they rewarded him with an overseas appointment. Yet another serving Minister of Government, a few years ago, was caught up in the Law Books scam in the Ministry of Home Affairs. What did this Government do? They rewarded him by giving him a Ministerial position. This is enough evidence for anyone to conclude that the idea of this Government taking the forefront and leading in the area of Law and Order seems very much an impossibility, their ideas are spent. In the article Mr. Ramkarran claimed that one of his sons, an Attorney-at-Law was ordered out of the Police Station by one who appeared to be an arrogant Policeman. But what about the abuses that left countless mothers shedding tears for their children who perished at the hands of criminals who are on record as saying they worked for this Government?

It must be noted that I am in no way trivalising the issue raised by Mr. Ramkarran, in fact I believe it is a very important one. However, I also believe that it ranks pale in comparison with those of which resulted in family members shedding tears for loved ones. This Government has become confrontational. Anyone who opposes its views or initiates a discourse with a view to bringing order, decency and justice to society have been attacked vigorously. Even the Government chief spokesman, a man who has been known to carefully choose his words, said recently in relation to the Budget cuts and I quote “the battle may have been lost but the war has now begun.” Ray Phillips

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Kaieteur News

Friday May 18, 2012

Neesa Gopaul murder PI…

Defence counsel calls for end to proceedings Controversy surrounded the preliminary inquiry (PI) into the death of 16-year-old Queen’s College student Neesa Lalita Gopaul yesterday when Defence Attorney Vic Puran argued for the discontinuance of the pre-trial matter involving the dead teen’s mother Bibi Gopaul and the mother’s lover Jarvis Small. Apart from this, the prosecution’s final witness, Bibi Gopaul’s father, Mohammed Kayum, was deemed a hostile witness since the man’s evidence to the court “could not be taken with total confidence”. Another controversial aspect arose when the defence argued that the court procedural process had been abused. Before the clashes of the opposing sides, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Marlon Chapman returned to the witness box to be cross-examined by Jarvis Small’s lawyer Senior Counsel Bernard De Santos and Puran. During Chapman’s testimony, information was released to the court which sparked numerous objections by Puran. It was noted that at the time, necessary evidence to charge the accused was not with the police, yet Gopaul and her co-accused were charged with murder. Subsequent to that revelation, Puran stood up to make a joint application on behalf of De Santos and himself. He claimed that the preliminary inquiry into Neesa

- says court process being abused

Neesa Lalita Gopaul Gopaul’s death should stop for the simple reason of the court’s procedural process being abused. This came in light of Chapman’s evidence. Puran argued that the accused should have never been arrested since the police did not have evidence to consider that the couple had committed the crime. He continued that it was a violation of every known right and further a violation of the accused individuals’ human rights that they were charged when evidence against them did not exist. That matter was addressed by Chief Magistrate Priya Beharry who noted the application. Subsequently Gopaul’s father, Kayum, took to the witness box. On the previous occasion, the PI was adjourned prematurely when Kayum requested to approach the Magistrate to disclose his discomfort with the prosecutor. Kayum alleged that the prosecutor was forcing information on him and that he was being made to say what is in favour of the prosecutor. Prosecutor

Pritima Kissoon on that occasion explained that the witness was indeed given material to refresh his memory, since he had difficulty remembering what he had told the police. Kissoon also said that what Kayum was given was in relation to the statements that he gave subsequent to Neesa Gopaul’s death. Puran at that time made submissions for Kissoon to remove herself as prosecutor in the matter. He sought to display Kissoon’s measures as illegal and further called for the witness to be deemed hostile since his evidence would be one that would not be given willingly to the court. The court ruled on those applications yesterday and it was in favour of the prosecution. Prosecutor Kissoon was made to remain in the matter. The court said that the prosecutor did not deny any of the allegations made by the witness, but instead offered an explanation for her actions. The explanation was enough to dispel any consideration of wrongdoing by the

prosecutor. As the PI continued, Kayum took the stand. He maintained that he did not remember the events leading up to him now being in court. And after a few unwilling answers to the prosecutor’s questions, Kissoon requested that the court deem Kayum a hostile witness, prior to saying that he was refusing to co-operate with the prosecution. That application was granted by the court. After that, Puran again made a submission. In relation to Chapman’s evidence, Puran said someone should be held responsible for charging the accused. The prosecutor had stated that the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) had advised the police to charge the accused with murder. Puran then said that if Chapman, “a policeman four ranks below that of Commissioner could say on one hand that there was no evidence to charge the accused and on the other hand the office of the DPP instructed the police to charge the accused, then someone

Bibi Gopaul and Jarvis Small from that office should be brought to court to explain why the arrest was made”. Puran said it would be in the interest of clarity for the court to make its ruling as it pertained to ceasing the court procedure in the PI. This issue was also the catalyst for Puran claiming an abuse of court process. The Magistrate however assured Puran that the court would seriously consider his application to have the PI stopped, but as the lawyer continued to press the issue, an answer was given. The court revealed that the PI will not stop and neither will anyone from the DPP’s office

be summoned. The Magistrate further opined that what was before the court was adequate to continue the procedure. In light of that, Puran advised that the defence would then be moving to the High Court to get a motion to discontinue the pre-trial matter. Magistrate Beharry then advised that the court had no issue with the lawyer’s wishes. Puran was further advised that until the High Court orders a halt in the matter, the PI would be continuing without delay. The matter was adjourned until next Wednesday, May 23.

Kaneville murder trial to commence Monday The High Court trial for Dwight DaSilva is expected to get underway on Monday before Justice Roxanne George. In 2009, DaSilva was committed to stand trial by Magistrate Nigel Hawke, for the 2006 murder of businessman Barbot Paul. Yesterday, the indictment was read to DaSilva who pleaded not guilty. He is being represented by attorney at law George Thomas. State Prosecutors Konyo Sandiford and Renita Singh are presenting the case. A mixed jury has been empanelled. On August 7, 2006 five

gunmen swept through Kaneville, East Bank Demerara, and killed the businessman after a 45minute ordeal. Paul, 54, was shot as the bandits attacked and robbed S&N Sunrise Flat Shop Grocery and Variety Shop, the business place which he operated along with his reputed wife, Latifan. It was reported that on the night of the incident around 21:10 hrs, Paul and his wife were attracted by shouts of “Thief! Thief!” from the street. According to a police statement, the businessman went to close the gate of his premises when he was

confronted by one of the men who shot him in the back and took away his licenced .32 Taurus pistol. Paul’s wife had stated that her husband told her to close the shop, and she was about to do so when she saw a gunman standing on the step leading into the yard. She said before she had time to react, the man began firing several shots in her husband’s direction. The woman said her husband, who was a licenced firearm holder, retaliated by firing his pistol, telling her to hide. Five armed men then entered the grocery store and

Barbot Paul took away an undisclosed sum of cash, jewellery and four cellular phones, she said.

Friday May 18, 2012

Kaieteur News

Russia says action on Syria, Iran may go nuclear MOSCOW (Reuters) Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev warned yesterday that military action against sovereign states could lead to a regional nuclear war, starkly voicing Moscow’s opposition to Western intervention ahead of a G8 summit at which Syria and Iran will be discussed. “Hasty military operations in foreign states usually bring radicals to power,” Medvedev, president for four years until Vladimir Putin’s inauguration on May 7, told a conference in St. Petersburg in remarks posted on the government’s website. “At some point such actions which undermine state sovereignty may lead to

Dmitry Medvedev a full-scale regional war, even, although I do not want to frighten anyone, with the use of nuclear weapons,” Medvedev said. “Everyone

should bear this in mind.” Medvedev gave no further explanation. Nucleararmed Russia has said publicly that it is under no obligation to protect Syria if it is attacked, and analysts and diplomats say Russia would not get involved in military action if Iran were attacked. Russia has adamantly urged Western nations not to attack Iran to neutralize its nuclear program or intervene against the Syrian government over bloodshed in which the United Nations says its forces have killed more than 9,000 people. Medvedev will represent Russia at the Group of Eight summit in place of Putin,

whose decision to stay away from the meeting in the United States was seen as muscleflexing in the face of the West. Since Putin announced plans last September to seek a third presidential term and make Medvedev prime minister, Russia has vetoed two Security Council resolutions condemning Assad’s government, one of which would have called on him to cede power. Russia’s G8 liaison Arkady Dvorkovich said Russia will try to influence the final version of the G8 statement at a summit in Camp David this weekend to avoid a “one-sided” approach that would favour the Syrian opposition.

Cameron tells Europe to quell the turmoil MANCHESTER, England (Reuters) - Prime Minister David Cameron urged Europe’s rulers yesterday to do more to quell the euro zone debt crisis and raised the prospect of a Greek default to argue he must stick to his unpopular attempt to cut spending and reduce debt at home. Warning that the survival of the euro was now in question, Cameron showed growing alarm and frustration that the crisis was spinning out of control, threatening Britain’s $2.5 trillion (1.58 trillion pounds) economy and his own electoral prospects in 2015. “Greece is on the brink, the survival of the euro in question,” Cameron told business leaders on a grey and damp morning in the northern English city of

Manchester. “Faced with this, I have a clear task: to keep Britain safe. Not to take the easy course but the right course,” he added. Echoing the words of Bank of England Governor Mervyn King, Cameron said the crisis in the European Union - Britain’s biggest trading partner - had lasted more than two years but the “storm” was far from over. “We are in uncharted territory which carries huge risks for everybody. As I have consistently said, it is in Britain’s interest for the euro zone to sort out its problems.” He said Europe’s problems showed the dangers of scrapping his government’s attempt to cut Britain’s vast budget deficit,

Obama eases investment curbs on Myanmar, names ambassador

President Barack Obama yesterday eased investment curbs on Myanmar and named the first US ambassador to the country in more than 20 years, hoping to reward a “nascent” political reform drive. But Obama, seeking maximum leverage on Myanmar’s nominally civilian government and to preserve his options in case of “backsliding,” maintained wider US sanctions on Myanmar and figures linked to the former junta. “As an iron fist has unclenched in Burma, we have extended our hand, and are entering a new phase in our engagement on behalf of a more democratic and prosperous future for the Burmese people,” Obama said in a statement.

Obama’s move followed calls from business and political figures in the United States, Europe and Asia to lift sanctions, and warnings by democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi against excessive optimism over a political opening. The US government will now license certain types of investment in financial services and allow US businesses to work in Myanmar, though will ensure that those who abuse human rights and seek to slow progress do not benefit. “It is a recognition of progress, it is a recognition that opening up greater economic engagement between our two countries is important to support reformers,” a US official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

David Cameron though he called on the European Central Bank to stimulate demand to help

peripheral euro members. “It is becoming increasingly clear that they are less likely to be able to sustain that necessary adjustment economically or politically unless the core of the euro zone, including through the ECB, does more to support demand and share the burden of adjustment,” Cameron said. He added that the Bank could do more to support the economy if inflation fell below its target, a barbed way of asking Governor King to help boost demand.

Diabetes, obesity, hypertension ‘on the rise’ in the Caribbean UNITED NATIONS CMC - The number of Caribbean people with high blood pressure and diabetes is drastically increasing as elsewhere in both developed and developing countries, a United Nations report has said. “This report is further evidence of the dramatic increase in the conditions that trigger heart disease and other chronic illnesses, particularly in low- and middle-income countries,” said the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Margaret Chan.

WHO’s World Health Statistics 2012 report, which includes data from 194 countries, said that one in three adults worldwide has raised blood pressure and one in 10 suffers from diabetes. The global average prevalence of diabetes is around 10 per cent, with up to one in three people in some Pacific Island countries having this condition, the report said. Left untreated, diabetes can lead to cardiovascular disease, blindness, amputation of limbs and kidney failure.

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Kaieteur News

Friday May 18, 2012

Jamaica should lead fight Minister ‘for legalised abortion, gay against T&T trade advantages rights,’ but distances government

The Private Sector Working Group (PSWG) says Jamaican manufacturers must be part of the fight to address some of the perceived advantages enjoyed by their counterparts in Trinidad and Tobago. However, PSWG Chairman Joseph M. Matalon also believes that the Jamaican Government should be leading the charge, given its role in renegotiating the revised Treaty of Chaguaramas which governs the movement of goods and services in the region. “Of course, the manufacturers need to be a part of the fight, but we are talking about a government-to-government treaty arrangement,” reasoned Matalon, who is also president of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica. Matalon was speaking during a Gleaner Editors’ Forum held at the newspaper’s central Kingston offices yesterday. His comments came days after the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce (JCC) was publicly criticised for suggesting that local manufacturers should stop complaining about the perceived advantages enjoyed by their T&T counterparts and seek redress at the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ). JCC President Milton Samuda has conceded that he believes the manufacturers have a grouse, but maintains that they have failed to provide actual examples of these perceived advantages. Samuda said he was also at a loss as to why they were reluctant to fight their cause through the mechanisms available at the

Joseph M. Matalon regional level. However, the Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association (JMA), one of the groups that criticised the JCC, admitted it was aware of the legal options through the CCJ, but said it was seeking to have the issues resolved at the government level. Speaking during Wednesday’s forum, businessman Chris Bicknell agreed with the JMA’s approach, pointing out that they were not signatories to the treaty. “It’s the Government that signed that document and the manufacturers and everyone else have to follow it,” he emphasized. (Jamaica Gleaner)

PORT OF SPAIN - CMC Describing abortion and gay rights as “two elephants in the room”, Trinidad and Tobago’s minister for gender affairs Senator Verna St. Rose Greaves has thrown her personal support behind their decriminalisation, insisting that the country can no longer choose to ignore them as urgent human rights and public health issues. But the coalition government minister also stressed that her position was not necessarily that of the Kamla Persad Bissessar administration and that it was up to Cabinet to decide. “We open up the issue so that people can express their views without getting beaten up. Once you have a view that is different in this country,

Verna St. Rose Greaves there is a tendency that people beat up on you and then you go quiet because you are afraid of what will come,” she told a consultation on the government’s national gender policy on Wednesday. She acknowledged that

the draft policy on gender and development was often held up by the two issues, which she described as “the two elephants in the room”. On gay rights, the human rights activist turned minister said she was for everyone being able to access the rights of ordinary citizens and gave her full support to the gay, lesbian and transgender group, CAISO, which held a protest outside the Red House, the seat of parliament here, last Friday. St Rose Greaves noted that legal abortions were available in Barbados’ public health facilities under certain conditions. She could not say if such a facility might eventually be made available in Trinidad and Tobago, TV6 News reported.

CEOs ‘see new investment, partnership opportunities in the Caribbean’ WASHINGTON - CMC - Caribbean and Central American business leaders, meeting behind closed doors this week, in Trinidad have identified new opportunities for investment and partnerships in the Caribbean, its organiser, the Organisation of American States, said yesterday. Convened by OAS Assistant Secretary General Albert Ramdin and hosted by Trindad and Tobago’s Minister of Trade and Industry Stephen Cadiz, the Port-of-Spain meeting also identified obstacles to business, including transnational business registration laws, visa restrictions, port congestion problems, taxes, duties and tariffs. Taking part in the meetings were representatives of top conglomerates, public and private companies, business families, and government representatives and ministers, including the secretaries general of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) and the Central American Integration System (SICA). The gathering, which the OAS said represented billions of dollars in business interests from both regions, was also addressed by Panama’s President Ricardo Martinelli. Ramdin said the vision behind the

Albert Ramdin

meeting is to use international trade and business diplomacy to “generate more opportunities for employment, increase earning potential, economic growth, alleviate poverty, and improve security. “If we hope to improve the quality of life for citizens of both regions, we need to be practical and proactive,” he added. “Central America and the Caribbean face similar challenges. If businesses succeed in these regions, it means a better standard of life for people,” Ramdin continued.

Grenada’s Foreign Affair resigns ST.GEORGE’S, Grenada CMC - Prime Minister Tillman Thomas said yesterday that he has accepted the resignation of the Minister for Foreign Affairs Karl Hood. Hood tendered his resignation from the government yesterday morning. A statement from the Prime Minister’s Office said Thomas had accepted Hood’s resignation yesterday morning. Hood is the second senior minister to resign in less than

a month, following the departure of tourism minister Peter David, and comes two days after the administration survived a no-confidence motion in Parliament that appeared to expose deep rifts between the prime minister and his cabinet colleagues. “The Prime Minister thanked Mr. Hood for his service to the government of Grenada over the past three and a half years and wished him well in his future endeavours,” said the prime

Karl Hood minister’s office in a brief statement. The count has now risen to four ministers who have either been fired or resigned since Thomas became prime minister in 2008.

Friday May 18, 2012

“Believe you me, once the elections are over, the United States government and the International Court of Justice are going to put their hands on some of these government ( of Guyana) officials. Believe you me!” These were the sentiments expressed by one caller to an Internet call-in programme on Guyana. They say you either live in hope or die in despair. The caller clearly had hopes that after the elections many of the top officials in government would face indictment in international courts for the many alleged cases of wrongdoing which he was no doubt brainwashed into believing had been committed. The clear expectation was being generated that the United States in particular was about to close the noose around the administration. The guy spoke with a certainty and conviction of someone with an inside track to US actions. There are many others like him around. They are good with words; they have a ready-made audience that lives in constant hope that the PPP administration will face international sanctions because of its practices. Desiring more than anything else to see the back of the PPP, they live in constant hope and end up believing the stream of propaganda that is spread to them by political extremists. These elements would have the nation believe that the US is going to go after the government because of alleged links to narcotrafficking. Sadly, there are enough gullible minds out there willing to absorb and turn it into a storm in a teacup. The indictments are still to come. Instead of indictments, what we are seeing is political cooperation in the fight

Kaieteur News

against narco-trafficking with funds, albeit a pittance, being provided by the United States. However, by the time the next election comes around, the same old nonsense is going to be drummed up about international charges being laid against government officials. Live in hope or die in despair! Just after the elections, there was another hue and cry about some funds given to the Guyana Police Force to support their work on election year. Not one shred of evidence was ever provided to show that any funds were misappropriated. Yet all manner of imputations were made in the print and electronic media. Suggestions were even made as to where the money went. The Auditor General was called in, and based on reports in the media it seems as if all the funds have been accounted for. So all the noise about misappropriation were just gaffe, of which Guyana has a lot. In a small country where achievement dwarfs ambition, the smallest issue assumes national significance. A simple audit would have revealed what happened to the funds, but instead of waiting on this, a whole range of conspiracy theories were spun about the funds. These theories are about to fall flat on their face, if reports in the media are to be believed. During the elections campaign, the opposition used the former president’s benefits as a campaign issue. Some of them went as far as threatening to cut these benefits. The reality, however, is that these benefits cannot be cut since to do so would constitute deprivation of property, which is outlawed by the constitution unless

Two drown in Potaro River mishap The bodies of two Chenapau men were recovered on Wednesday, a day after they disappeared following an accident in the Potaro River. Police in a statement said that the bodies of Joseph Marco, 22 and Dwayne Williams, 20 were found in the river by a search party. The boat mishap occurred around 02:00 hours on Tuesday. Police said that their investigations have so far revealed that a boat driven by Joseph Marco of Chenapau with occupants Dwayne

Williams and Donald Andrews, also of Chenapau, and two other persons, struck an object and toppled, while navigating the Potaro River. Andrews sustained injuries and was taken to the Mahdia Hospital for medical attention while the two other persons escaped injuries and are reportedly safe.

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood

compensation is offered. The compensation for reducing the former president’s salary would amount to the value of the reduction. Thus, it makes no sense to cut, since whatever is cut will have to be replaced via compensation, which is prescribed by the constitution. As such, the talk shifted from cuts to a review, and then to review without prejudice to benefits due to the former president. Then it shifted again to where it is now: an option to cap and not cut.

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When it comes to cuts, the most illogical cuts ever in the history of Guyana took place in respect to the 2012 Budget. These cuts have created a major crisis for the opposition. They have lost face in the country because they have failed to convince even themselves that there is any logic to the Budget cuts. Their arguments ring hollow and their actions have been exposed as being vindictive and aimed at demonstrating that they can exercise power, even if it is at the cost of development. Faced with this, the

proceeds held by NICIL and its subsidiaries have become an object of deflection. And therefore the charade has started once again. First, it was being argued that the constitution says that the funds must be passed through the Consolidated Fund. Since that argument has been effectively debunked, we are now seeing a shift. Dissolution of NICIL is now being touted. That is another pipe dream. The opposition has no chance at all of achieving this. The opposition has nothing in

their arsenal of a majority of one to achieve the dissolution of NICIL. And they are not likely to risk time and resources on instituting any legal action against NICIL. The threats against NICIL is all bluff. Believe you me! Believe you me!

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Friday May 18, 2012


There is more than one absolute king in Guyana Mr. Carl Greenidge, in an interview with this newspaper with reference to how power is administered, when asked about NICIL, said; “It is not an absolute monarchy here (Guyana) in which the King wakes up one morning and decides that I am going to give all this money to somebody and nobody must ask me anything.” Mr. Greenidge’s memory is slipping. He must know that since 1999, monarchial features crept in, and the leading Leviathan had a few kings that worked alongside him

The King got up one morning and decided that he is going to run a lie detector test on the head of CANU and eight other CANU officers. The King said they failed the test and were peremptorily fired. In colonial times it was called dismissal at the pleasure of the King. The King woke up one morning and decided that his friend must get tax concessions that were not backed by law and slapped down Guyanese icon, Yesu Persaud, when he publicly objected. The King, while in New York, heard there was

industrial action by the airtraffic controllers. When he touched down in Guyana, he addressed them, telling them that if they had struck, on his return he would have fired them. It was called in colonial times, dismissal at the King’s pleasure. Of course monkey knows which limb to jump on. The King knows who to mess with. One day, Mark Benschop and I drove into Pradoville 2 (will tell you below about another king that woke up one morning and gave land away in Pradoville 2) to see the majestic constructions

going up on kingly land once owned by the people of Guyana. The King’s security told us to stop and park for the King to pass. We refused and the King’s limousine passed my car and Benschop’s vehicle in very close proximity. The King watched at us, particularly Benschop, and said not a word. His security detail was quieter than lambs. Indeed monkey knows on which limb to perform his acrobatic acts. There is the sleepy king who woke up one morning and decided to share out State lands. Testimony in the

Student chopped, stabbed at LBI school by gang - Assailants storm premises two days later Police are currently investigating the chopping and stabbing of a 16-year-old schoolboy by a gang on Monday afternoon last at LBI (La Bonne Intention) Primary School. The gang members subsequently created more unease when they returned two days later (Wednesday) in search of the Headmistress and another teacher who were investigating the incident. Kaieteur News understands that the victim and a friend were standing at the school’s gate around 14:30 hrs, when a gang of about six men approached them and started to punch the victim. The boy, a 10th grader, reportedly then struggled to make his way back into the school’s compound, while his friend with whom he was

standing, hurriedly made his way home on foot. As the lad was almost into the school building, he received a chop from a cutlass to the back of the head. It is alleged that as he staggered to get up, he was also stabbed in the abdomen with an icepick. The wounded teen was left to bleed at the entrance of the lower flat of the school as his attackers escaped upon hearing the sound of footsteps. Many were of the opinion that had the teen not tried to make his way back into the school’s compound, he would have been killed, especially since the attackers only fled because of an approaching teacher. The same teacher immediately rushed the injured teen to the Georgetown Public Hospital,

where he received treatment and was sent home. When Kaieteur News visited the school yesterday, some of the students were still gossiping about what had happened to their colleague. And while some of the teen’s friends maintained that he had no rivalry with anyone, several other students said that they believed the lad’s attackers were the cousins of a boy he had a confrontation with earlier in the week. “Is de same boy wha he de chuck. De boy went and bring he cousin dem pon he,” one student remarked. Efforts to contact the teen’s grandmother proved futile. Meanwhile, while that incident occurred on Monday, the attackers invaded the school at about 12:45 hrs on Wednesday carrying weapons, and

questioning a cleaner about the whereabouts of the Headmistress and another teacher. Kaieteur News spoke with a staff member who noted that the attackers were young men. The staffer said that they barged into the school demanding to know the whereabouts of the Headmistress and a first form teacher. The witness also said that at least one of the young men was carrying a gun, while the others had cutlasses.Their faces were wrapped with rags. Some persons believe that the assailants might not have been aware that the students had a double session (half day). Parents and teachers were all noticeably tense at the school yesterday. Investigations by the Ministry of Education and Police are continuing.

WCB drainage structures for restoration Reconstruction of drainage structures between Belladrum and Cotton Tree, West Coast Berbice, is expected to commence in mid-June. The contractors are currently mobilizing resources. According to Sunil Ganesh, Public Works

Ministry Bridge Engineer, this development comes under Phase Thre e o f t h e Transport Infrastructure Rehabilitation Programme, funded by the Inter-American Development Bank. Works will be executed in two Lots by two construction companies.

Kares Engineering Inc. will be rebuilding four bridges and six culverts from Belladrum to Experiment, to a tune of US$2.6M. And for US$2.7M, V. Dalip Enterprise will be rehabilitating four bridges and six culverts from Experiment to Cotton Tree. The contracts were

awarded last month and each has a 16-month duration. The defects liability period is one year. The programme commences months after Phase Two of the Transport Infrastructure Rehabilitation Programme concluded. That programme saw the development of 25 bridges and culverts from Timehri to Rosignol. Under that project, Courtney Benn Contracting Services installed 16 culverts to a tune of US$2.8M between Garden of Eden and Timehri. While in 2009, BK International rehabilitated the Abary Bridge at a cost of US$350,000. R. Bassoo and Sons Construction Company constructed eight bridges to the tune of US$3.4M. The Inter-American Development Bank provided US$6.8M for that programme.

libel case said that he called his friend in Linden and offered him a house lot in Pradoville 2. The satirical column in KN, “Dem Boys Seh” refers to another king as “Bruk Up Benn.” “Bruk Up Benn” instantly fired the head and deputy head of a public corporation. In colonial times, it was called dismissal at the King’s pleasure. There is the king who exclaimed loudly to the nation, “Ah wan be president; why not; goat ain’t bite meh.” Of course there is a young king who just completed his mansion, swimming pool and attractive pool-house with the throne’s money. There is the king who marched into cricket land and took it over while he refuses to pay those poor souls for their work in Carifesta. The people at the Theatre Guild are begging him for the $1.4 million he owes them for their Carifesta theatrics. They told me they need the money to pay their light bills from GPL There is the intoxicated king who went around beating people. Then in an explosive incident, the result was the death of his wife which was officially ruled as suicide. Now who is the other king in power that is similar to the king in that famous story that was fooled and told

Frederick Kissoon he was wearing fantastically new clothes when in fact he was inpuris naturalibis (Latin meaning, stark naked)? Yes, Mr. Greenidge, there are more than one monarch in power in Guyana that get up in the mornings and decide to do what they want. Long after colonialism died in Guyana, we have kings and queens who dismiss State employees at the pleasure of the monarch. But Mr. Greenidge ought to know that these emperors did not bring back the throne through some coup or revolution gone wrong. Guyana’s kings and queens were made into absolute emperors because the Guyanese people, opposition parties and civil society, like a fearful population in Hitlerite Germany, stood by and allowed the throne to return in 1999, after Independence came in 1966. Now it may be too late to stop the monarchs in their absolute niches. But we must try to.

Dem boys seh...

Brazzy trying de devil in Hell There is an old saying, and Brazzy proving it right. It seh that guilty conscience speaks louder than words. Brazzy continue running. In de Hard Times paper he try fuh defend he actions. He seh that when he sell de Santa Complex, he drive a hard bargain. Dem boys seh that he bargain was hard like a yellow plantain. He eyes pass people, Nobody want fuh know wha kind of bargain he drive, whether it soft or hard. People want fuh know how much you sell de US$50 million complex for Brazzy? Dem boys believe that y’all cut a deal; that you guys plan to give it away to de Rat and he best friend fuh next to nutten long before de so call sale. And you Brazzy damn well know that Bobby and Jagdeo is de richest couple de region got, and would ever see. Dem boys wouldn’t rest until you come clean. Fuh too lang you, Brazzy, been running Ponzi scheme wid de poor people of this country assets. You enrich yuhself and yuh bosses. De scheme coming to an end and all y’all got to guh to jail. Uncle Donald seh suh quietly. All Ponzi scheme does come to an end. Dem boys want remind dem bout Allen Stanford and Bernie Madoff, both of dem in pumpkin jumpsuit. And if you head hard, dem in jail and dem ain’t coming out. And every time dem boys talk ‘bout jail, Bobby, Brazzy and now Rohee does get nervous. Rohee seh that he nah able wid jail. That is why he tek over de police commissioner wuk, yesterday. Dem boys seh that de first thing he do was to move Ramnarine, de man who dem didn’t give no money and seh dem give. And because de man talk, dem vex. Dem boys seh that dem now change Rohee name. He now name Lewoy Dumbell Whoey. Brumell is de other commissioner. Talk half and prepare fuh de other half in jail.

Friday May 18, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Ramnarine stripped of Commander post By Dale Andrews

- banished to obsolete department at Eve Leary

In a move that is certain to be viewed as a means of silencing him, outspoken Assistant Commissioner of Police David Ramnarine has been relieved of his post as Commander of the Force’s East Coast Demerara Division. Ramnarine, who was scheduled to resume duties on Wednesday following his Annual Vacation Leave, has been “banished” to the Department of Development, leaving his one-time Deputy, Senior Superintendent Owen Trotz, to run the volatile Division which currently leads in the most murders so far this year. The move against Ramnarine comes a few months after his public spat with Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee, following his outspokenness on the allocation of funds for the police elections duties. The Assistant Commissioner had publicly declared that he had received no money from the Guyana Police Force to feed the ranks in the Interior Division, who were under his command during the elections period. His openness rattled Minister Rohee, who accused

him of breaching the Force’s Standing Orders, which prohibited him from speaking publicly on matters related to the organization. Rohee had publicly declared that he had lost confidence in the officer and had requested that Commissioner of Police (Ag) Leroy Brumell discipline Ramnarine. Brumell, acting on the Minister ’s request, subsequently wrote to Ramnarine for him to show cause why he should not be disciplined.The outspoken Ramnarine duly sent a reply, the content of which was not made known.

That matter is presently in limbo, as Ramnarine proceeded on his Annual Vacation Leave on April 4, with a hearing still pending. A reliable source in the hierarchy of the Force informed Kaieteur News that prior to him proceeding on leave, Ramnarine was contacted by the Office of the Commissioner of Police (Ag), advising him of an official audit into the $90M police elections duties funds. He was told that he would be needed to facilitate a certain aspect of the audit, putting paid to his plans to travel overseas. “The leave was subsequently approved, but Ramnarine on the advice he received, informed the Force that he will make himself available,” the source said. But Ramnarine was never contacted by the auditors and according to reports, the Auditor General has hinted at winding down the audit. The embattled Assistant Commissioner could face censorship or a year’s seniority. Sources within the Guyana Police Force have

RUSAL last year paid over $160M in taxes and royalties to government and is making significant impacts in this country, Russian Ambassador to Guyana, Nikolay Smirnov, said yesterday. Speaking at the regular business luncheon of the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GMSA) at the Regency Hotel, the official also announced plans by his country to write-off more than $50M debt that Guyana owes. In the past, Russia had cancelled several millions of dollars in debt that Guyana had owed. Speaking about bilateral relations with Guyana, the official pointed to the 2004 joint venture RussianGuyanese company, Bauxite Company of Guyana Inc (BCGI), which since the

inception of its operations has been growing in leaps and bounds. “Local municipalities benefit from its operations. Some 500 Guyanese workers are employed by the company. More working places will be created in coming months as the company has brought a large quantity of new heavy equipment into the country.” In September of 2011 the company sponsored a group of students from Aroaima to study at the prestigious People’s Friendship University of Russia. The new specialists will return in five years to serve Guyana’s economy, the diplomat said. According to the official, traditional cooperation with Guyana continues in the area of education. “Annually the Government of the Russian Federation grants

scholarships to Guyanese students to study in universities. In June 2012 a group of Guyanese new doctors and economists is planning to return to Guyana to work for the benefit of this country.” Despite the modest amount of bilateral trade, Smirnov said that Russian exports to Guyana in 2011 were worth US$1.3M and imports from Guyana, US$682,000, but this is “growing constantly”. “Russia is interested in further broadening cooperation with Guyana, be it cultural or economic spheres through such organizations like GMSA, Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as on an individual basis,” the official promised. “Guyana in particular has made the concerns of small

Assistant Commissioner David Ramnarine

told this newspaper that it was not surprising that Ramnarine, upon his resumption of duty, has been reassigned to the Department of Development. The department is viewed as a banishing ground for senior officers who run afoul with the force administration and/or the government. It once housed embattled former Assistant Commissioners Paul Slowe following his spat with former Home Affairs Minister Ronald Gajraj; Steve Merai, during his ‘battles’ with former Commissioner Winston Felix, and Balram Persaud, whose driver is implicated in the murder of drug counselor Ralph Turpin. Ramnarine himself had been placed there as a Superintendent of Police, after he and the Force administration had a falling out in 2005. “We saw this coming, it was no surprise. And then you have people saying that there is no outside (political) interference in the Force,” one Divisional Commander told this newspaper. Ramnarine, who received

his recent letter of transfer on Wednesday, declined to comment when questioned by this newspaper. “This man was a Commander and he was not relieved of that post because of failure or any criminal allegation. He was to resume duties as a Divisional Commander. If this is not unfairness and victimization then I don’t know what is,” said a colleague of Ramnarine. There are others who are of the view that Ramnarine went too far when he took on the Force’s Administration on his own, especially since the Minister of Home Affairs had been pronouncing on the matter. It is the view of many that Ramnarine, who at one time was tipped to be Commissioner of Police, sealed his fate when he verbally confronted Rohee in a Letter to the Editor. “His outspokenness has cost him. I hope he learns his lesson. There is no point trying to prove anything. This place does not reward professionalism,” the colleague said. But even junior staff of

Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee the force lamented the treatment meted out to the former Commander. One officer on the East Coast of Demerara, referring to the recent upsurge in criminal activity in that division and the concomitant interference and instructions by a section of the civilian community, said, “If Mr. Ramnarine was here, this woulda never happen.” It is not too clear if the move to banish Ramnarine to the Department of Development is the end of the disciplinary action requested by the Minister of Home Affairs.

Business leaders and others during GMSA’s business luncheon. countries heard on the issue of climate change and it is pioneering in its partnership with Norway to build a model for cooperation between the

developed and developing world in the fight against this global threat. We wish Guyana success in its endeavours.”

Regarding the region’s fight against terrorism, drug trafficking and organized crime, Russia stands ready to (Continued on page 23)

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Friday May 18, 2012

Friday May 18, 2012

Kaieteur News

UN envoy hails workshop related to Guyana-Venezuela border dispute Representatives of Guyana and Venezuela met earlier this week as work by the United Nations continues in an effort to resolve a longstanding border controversy. According to the United Nations, in a statement from Norman Givran, Personal Representative of SecretaryGeneral Ban Ki-moon, the meeting is a demonstration of both countries’ ongoing commitment to a peaceful resolution of the matter. The workshop, held on Tuesday and organized with support from the UN Department of Political Affairs, focused on multidimensional approaches and best practices in the resolution of controversies, based on examples from around the world, the UN statement said. “This workshop took place in the context of the extremely friendly and cordial relations now existing between Guyana and Venezuela and their commitment to the good offices process established by the Secretary-General [Ban Ki-moon].” Among the participants were both countries’

UN’s Good Officer, Norman Givran and Secretary General Ban Ki-moon facilitators in the good offices process – Ralph Ramkarran for Guyana and Ambassador Roy Chaderton Matos for Venezuela – as well as both countries’ Permanent Representatives to the United Nations in New York. “The participants displayed a tremendously positive and constructive spirit, and everyone agreed that we are all equipped better with relevant information,” Girvan added, noting that the workshop participants are

currently exploring possible next steps. Venezuela has an age-old claim to a large swath of Essequibo. The matter, although settled, has been rearing its head from time to time and the UN had appointed a Good Officer to handle the matter for the Secretary General. That officer is Mr. Givran. Late last year also, Guyana applied to the UN for a 150-nautical mile extension of its continental shelf.

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Works Ministry focuses on solar energy for traffic signals The Public Works Ministry is aiming to have 24 of its 47 traffic signals utilize solar energy as its primary source of power, and energy from Guyana Power and Light as its secondary supply, by year-end. According to the Ministry’s Electrical Engineer, Terence O’Brien, upgrading and modifying 50 percent of the existing hybrid systems (both utility and solar powers) will be made possible via a research conducted. He related that the Ministry has a prototype that is being used at the junction of Church Street and Vlissengen Road. This system was expected to provide ‘no break’ power to the signals in proximity. The Ministry, he noted, is pleased with the response it is receiving from the prototype. O’Brien disclosed that a request has been made for money to purchase the necessary material to modify the traffic signals. These signals are situated at critical areas such as on the East Coast Demerara and Mandela Avenue. He is optimistic that the Ministry will release the money shortly. Nonetheless,

the procurement process has begun. The contractor, who created the prototype, will be responsible for upgrading some of the signals. The Ministry’s engineers, who will be working alongside the contractor, will modify most of the signals themselves. To facilitate this upgrade, several solar boards powering traffic signals along Main Street, Georgetown, will be relocated. O’Brien noted that some traffic lights are under large trees, which prevents the solar boards from receiving full energy from the sun. He termed the present installation of those traffic lights (the ones under the large trees) as “poor engineering”. “Having the traffic lights powered by solar energy, with back-up power supply from the utility company, was the desired option,” O’Brien stated. However, the contracted company, CMS

Traffic Systems Limited of India, insisted that the systems receive their main power source from the utility company. Government executed the traffic light project through a Line of Credit of US$2.1M from The Export-Import Bank of India The initial project sought to install 50 traffic signal systems. This was changed with the erection of 47 systems. On the 7th November, 2006, the civil works agreement was inked. Physical work on the project commenced on January 27, 2007, and works were completed on July 11, 2007. The contracting company engaged the services of local subcontractors: Gaico Construction Inc; Civ- Tech Construction & Contracting Services; Godfrey Bovell Construction Services and Novad Consultants & General Contractors, for the execution of the project.

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Kaieteur News

Friday May 18, 2012

Under-fire GGMC boss to Teen to be charged with murder proceed on retirement leave Schoolboy fatal stabbing…

Police are expected to lay charges against a 17-year-old boy who allegedly stabbed his classmate to death late Wednesday afternoon. St. George’s High student Shane George was stabbed several times about the body and was pronounced dead on arrival at the Georgetown Hospital. Police sources yesterday said that the teen has refused to give a statement to the police and is expected not to give one. He is being represented by attorney at law Mark Waldron. The source further told Kaieteur News that a post mortem will be done this morning and afterwards the teen would be taken to court. Meanwhile a mechanic nearby said that he recalled seeing the two boys in an earlier altercation and they

were separated. He said that the suspect had left and returned with what he described a “long kitchen knife”. He opined that parents should check their children’s haversacks when leaving the house. According to relatives, details about the issue are still sketchy and they did not want to speculate. George, of 144 Jasmine Lane, Roxanne Burnham Gardens, Georgetown, was stabbed multiple times about the body allegedly in front of the Morgan Learning Centre in John Street and Stone Avenue, Campbellville. George, who was bleeding profusely, was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. The young suspect was nabbed at the

scene by police. Kaieteur News was told that George, who was sitting this year’s Caribbean Examination Council (CXC), and his assailant, were seen arguing. Eyewitnesses said that the two teenagers were in a row over “brand name” clothes. A scuffle ensued and George was stabbed. Meanwhile, other students from the private lessons claimed that the two were arguing over a female student who also attends classes there. It was unclear what was said, but the suspect became angry, pulled out a knife and stabbed the victim several times. Persons who claimed to be eyewitnesses said that the suspect attempted to run but was nabbed by other students and was handed over to the police, who arrived shortly after the incident occurred. This is the second schoolboy murder for the year. In February last, 17 year old Anfernee Bowman was fatally stabbed by an 18-yearold in a row over a girl. It was reported that both teens attended lessons in Aubrey Barker Road, South Ruimveldt. His attacker turned himself in several hours later. He was subsequently charged with the murder and the preliminary inquiry is continuing.

- new head being sought Four months after confirming Karen Livan as its new Commissioner, mining regulator, the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC), is now looking for a new head. Livan, a 30-year veteran at the GGMC, came under fire Wednesday during a meeting between government and foreign nationals involved in mining. Government, in its move to clamp down on illegal mining, has announced sweeping measures that will mandate foreign nationals to be in possession of work permits before entering the country’s goldfields. There are over 15,000 Brazilians working and living in Guyana with a significant number of them undocumented. It was during that meeting at Celina’s Restaurant, located on the Kitty seawall, that a Brazilian claimed he was granted permission earlier this year to mine on a government reserve in Kamarang, Region Seven. The permit was signed by Livan who at the time was unable to explain how the permit was granted.

GGMC’s Chairman, Major General (retd.) Joe Singh, disclaimed knowledge of the transaction when asked by Natural Resources Minister, Robert Persaud. This drew an angry response from the Minister who ordered that Brazilian visit his office yesterday with the documents permitting him to mine on state property. Yesterday, GGMC’s Board of Directors reportedly met where it was agreed that the process to replace Livan would start. The Commissioner is due to proceed on retirement leave in a few months. “There is frustration of the Board in GGMC’s management and an urgent need to arrest years of poor management and lawlessness in the mining sector,” an official said last evening. It was also pointed out that numerous complaints have been laid to government by the Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association (GGDMA) over the “nonresponse” from GGMC over a number of outstanding issues.

GGMC Commissioner, Karen Livan Earlier this year, government announced plans for a major overhaul of GGMC’s operations. With gold prices at an alltime high, there has been a rush to the interior, with government recently admitting it is facing environmental and other monitoring problems. With a number of murders and reports of illegal guns and rampant prostitution, GGMC’s operations had been coming under increasing scrutiny. Guyana’s dense forest and rough terrain have not made monitoring any easier.

First ever skills and trade job fair today

For the first time ever persons seeking employment within the mining sector will be able to do so through services provided by a reputable company. This will be made possible through IKS Services Unlimited. According to Managing Director Dilorece South, among services being offered by the company are: securing licences for exploration companies, Environmental Protection Agency licences and procurement services. Ms. South said her company is multi-faceted and caters to small, medium and large scale business, particularly those in the exploration business. To formally introduce the services to the public, ISK will be hosting a Skills and Trade Persons job fair today. The event is scheduled for 13:00 hours at the Girl Guides Pavilion, Brickdam. Ms. South said that during the fair, several medium and large scale mining companies will have booths open showcasing

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood

ISK Managing Director, Delorece South themselves. Further, ISK will be doing on-the-spot interviews for persons seeking employment within the sector. These persons, South said, will be added to the company’s database, and as soon as an agency indicates to them the need for skilled persons, the most suitable candidate will be called. However, South explained that the persons who will be added to their database will be properly screened; will have to provide proper

references as well as valid police clearances and their certificates of qualification, when necessary. South said that her company has been fully endorsed by the Ministry of Labour which will be dealing with safety at work places and the rights of workers. The Minister of Natural Resources Robert Persaud has also endorsed the company’s initiative. According to South, ISK will also be providing services to persons, both nationals and non-nationals, who will be seeking work and mining permits. Already, too, several large scale mining companies have registered with ISK, including Hopkinson Mining of Bartica and Mahdia Gold Corp. Meanwhile, South stressed the need for more such companies in Guyana, since many persons don’t see the importance of servicebased agencies. “I felt the need for such a company, since I noticed that Guyana certainly needs more of this type of business. We are not a service-based country, but because we are heading into the future where we have to go with the times, we are in upward mobility.”

Friday May 18, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Kaieteur News

Friday May 18, 2012

Friday May 18, 2012

Kaieteur News

Antigua finds drugs in suitcase from Guyana Antigua, St John’s ( – Antiguan authorities say that they seized a suitcase containing 1.1 kg of cocaine at the VC Bird International Airport on Tuesday. Officers of the Office of National Drug and Money Laundering Control Policy (ONDCP), while conducting routine checks, observed a suitcase with no identification except for a green string. The suitcase was tested and found to be positive for cocaine. When checked, it was found to contain a package containing

1.1 kg of cocaine. Checks were carried out and it is believed that the suitcase arrived aboard a

LIAT flight from Guyana. The drugs have an estimated street value of EC $155,406.68 (US$57,540).

Guyanese JFK employee nabbed for stealing items meant for U.S. troops (New York Daily News) A sticky-fingered airport employee with a stone-cold heart was collared for snatching pricey items from packages meant for U.S. troops overseas, officials said. Guyana-born, Terrence Ralph, 41, who has worked at Kennedy Airport in cargo services since 2008, was callously wearing a $100 watch that was previously reported stolen when he was arrested Tuesday, officials and his ex-wife said. Port Authority police officers also found a $300 necklace and a $150 cell phone with a $10 case and a

- found with stolen US$100 watch $10 charger on Ralph after they nabbed him, officials said. Postal inspectors had Ralph under surveillance for a week after reports of missing property surfaced from Germany, said Donna Harris of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service. Packages that arrived in Germany with signs of tampering were traced to a sorting facility at the Queens airport, Harris said. Ralph was caught redhanded when he was seen on surveillance tape “rifling through the parcels” that

Laptop project moving forward despite budget cuts - OP The One Laptop Per Family (OLPF) project will continue despite the opposition parties’ cuts to the National Budget, government stated yesterday. According to the Office of the President, from where the project is being coordinated, it has opted to continue the short term component of the programme. During the recent passage of the $192B budget in the National Assembly, the opposition parties which hold a one-seat majority, slashed $21B off, affecting the OLPF programme, among other projects. “The Office of the President has declared - we will receive and we will continue to distribute the laptops. The Office of the President further states - we are urging residents in areas of distribution to come out to assist and to support the effort to distribute the laptops, subsequent to verification.” The ruling administration said in the statement that it has contemplated the impact

of the opposition budget cuts, specifically on its ICT 4G National Strategy. “The vision that propelled the One Laptop per Family initiative has been affected by those cuts,” OP insisted. “The Administration, refusing to be daunted by the most recent anti-development actions of the opposition, has opted to pursue the more short-term component of the initiative, and that is, the verification and the distribution, using support and assistance from stakeholders.” OP said that it will not allow the unconscionable actions of the political opposition in Parliament to frustrate its ambitions and plans for the future of Guyana and for Guyanese. “The ICT 4G National Strategy will continue to be enforced.” Under the programme, government intends to distribute 90,000 laptops to poor families over a three-year period. The contract for the supply has been awarded to Haier, a Chinese-owned company.

were bound for Germany, according to Harris. The accused bandit confessed once investigators told him his mishandlings were recorded on film, Harris said. Several other allegations against Ralph are being investigated, sources said. Ralph moved from Guyana to East Flatbush, Brooklyn, in 2007 with his now ex-wife, Camille Ralph. He’s a “good father” to their young daughter, Camille Ralph said at her Rockaway, Queens, home. “It surprised me,” she said of his arrest. “This makes me sick. . . . I don’t know him as a person like that.” Ralph was charged with petty larceny and criminal possession of stolen property and was issued a desk appearance ticket, a spokeswoman for the Queens district attorney said. He is due back in court on June 21.

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Opthalmologist calls for more accountability at GPHC’s Low Vision Unit The Low Vision Unit of the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPHC) could be a source of immense finances to help improve the current operation of the Ophthalmology Department. However, according to Head of the Department, Dr George Norton, this is currently not the case. Government had introduced the Low Vision Unit with a view of making eye care more accessible and affordable when compared to what obtains at private health facilities. As such, the facility has been providing, among other services, low cost spectacles to citizens in need of eye care, unlike the private entities that are known to provide both high-cost and low cost frames. “If you come and set up something (a service) at the GPHC, everybody would get the impression that this is being offered by the Government and there is the tendency for people to flock that service.” Given the number of persons who seek after the Low Vision service and the lack of improvements that have been realised, Dr Norton is convinced that there is a dire need for more accountability at the GPHC. This is even in light of the fact that persons who have been trained as refractionists, have been tasked with examining the eyes of persons throughout the length and breadth of Guyana, with the objective of referring them to the Low Vision Unit. “It is a lucrative business they have gotten into....but does the eye clinic benefit? No it does not! We still have a situation where we don’t have the right needles, we don’t have the right instruments and so many

things we need we are just not getting them, and I think we need to get that situation addressed.” The Eye Department, according to the Ophthalmologist, is currently furnished with antiquated, condemned and rusted equipment that “we are using every day and as far as I am concerned, low vision is reaping a large sum of money and I would think we would have benefited more.” Dr Norton emphasises that he has been asking the hospital’s administration “week after week” in an attempt to secure consumables for the eye department, but “we are not getting it...a needle to do retro-bulb injections and the right type of solutions we are just not getting, so I am not happy about the whole situation at all.” Commenting on the role of the refractionists, Dr Norton revealed that they were afforded a mere six-month training programme, which was facilitated by foreigners. “They have formed themselves into an entity and they have brought foreigners here to come and train the Guyanese to do the eye test and they train persons from all the different areas just to do the test.” These trained refractionists, the Ophthalmologist explained,

Dr George Norton are tasked with practically setting up clinics at health centres. “What is happening, for instance, in some areas, is that we have a doctor who is there to attend to somebody and instead of examining that person’s eye, the doctor sends that person to that refractionist who has had six months of training.” When you only have a hammer everything looks like a nail; they (refractionists) can only test eyes, that is all they are trained to do when the doctor should have examined the patient and prescribed treatment, instead they are sending them over to people who are not even technicians,” Dr Norton lamented.

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Friday May 18, 2012

Friday May 18, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Friday May 18, 2012

Friday May 18, 2012

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Not enough done to address situation of Repsol ships in special equipment to deal with chemical waste developing countries - President Ramotar President Donald Ramotar yesterday addressed the United Nations (UN) General Assembly on behalf of the Caribbean Community on the occasion of the UN high-level Thematic Debate on the State of the World Economy during which he highlighted the global concern about the persistent adverse state of the world economy and the UN’s obligation to ensure that the response to these challenges is inclusive, effective and sustained. President Ramotar urged the international community to craft effective solutions, not only to the larger issues at the heart of the global downturn, but solutions that also respond to the peculiar development challenges of the small vulnerable states of CARICOM, states which he noted are often lost in multilateral considerations for urgent action. Work, he said, began three years ago, with the Conference on the World Financial and Economic Crisis and Its Impact on Development, to stimulate the recovery of the world economy which today is still fragile with bleak mediumterm prospects. CARICOM’S CALL The President stated that, “while the international community is prepared to explore new approaches, policies and initiatives considered taboo or morally hazardous in the past, for the developed countries who now find themselves in difficulties - with huge debt overhang and servicing, huge fiscal deficits and high levels of unemployment,

- at UN General Assembly on State of the World Economy debate they are not prepared to move with the same broadmindedness on initiatives that the Caribbean regards as vital for a sustainable medium-term strategy”. As such, he said, “CARICOM calls for special consideration of debt relief measures for small heavily indebted middle income countries. We also call for a more structured and inclusive inter-governmental collaboration on international tax matters.” The Guyanese Head of State asserted that, “We must be ready to take the bold steps necessary to ensure that the challenges we face do not result in development remaining the province of a few and an aspiration for many. CARICOM calls for a clear agenda of concerted efforts and greater attention to addressing the circumstances of small vulnerable states. The UN has an important role to ensure that all concerns are taken into account and in the fashioning of the global response.” CRISES Noting that it is premature to talk of recovery, President Ramotar said any sign of renewed growth is still extremely uneven. He observed that while several major contributors to global output are unable to implement adequately the measures needed to stimulate a lasting recovery, “The challenges in the Eurozone, faltering growth in the US economy, and a slowdown in

Russia preparing to write... (From page 11) lend support, he said. “In this regard I would like to note the signing between Russia and Guyana of an agreement on cooperation in fighting illegal drugs in February 2012. Russia is ready to provide to the respective law enforcement agencies of Guyana and CARICOM states technical and training support. With respect to other areas of cooperation, Russia is ready to offer modern technology in agriculture and energy sector.” At the luncheon yesterday were several business leaders and Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, who spoke of the relationship between Guyana and Russia and the significance of RUSAL’s local operation.

growth in major emerging economies are indicative of the fundamental problems that still exist at the global level.” Explaining that while the cause of the global financial and economic crises has not been adequately addressed, developing countries have borne and continue to bear a high cost for the crises not of their own making. ”The current debate can therefore only be a prelude to more deliberate and concerted action by the UN in followup to previous undertakings,” he said. The financial and economic crises in conjunction with other challenges will slow the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the Guyanese President noted, and pointed to increased poverty and hunger, and the fact that poverty eradication gains have been eroded. “The rise again in food prices, unless contained, could further aggravate the poverty challenge and have a devastating impact on poorer economies,” he declared. Regarding international trade, President Ramotar stated that developing countries are already wrestling with harmful trading arrangements, and the consequences of an inconclusive Doha Development Round. He posited that unfavourable effects have included cuts to social programmes, reductions in the flow of foreign direct investment (FDI), on international trade volumes and the level of indebtedness of developing countries. (GINA)

The V-IR Thermal Unit

Repsol Exploracion S.A. which is currently drilling for oil offshore in Guyana has brought special equipment to deal with its chemical waste. According to the Spanish-owned company, the equipment is part of its procedure towards comprehensive waste management, treatment and disposal of all waste generated by the operation. The V-IR Thermal Unit or the Vertical Infrared Desorption Unit is the first of its kind in the country. According to Repsol, it uses infrared heating elements to treat spent chemicals, sludge, oil waste generated from its mud plant processing, oily rags, booms and filters. “Measuring 8 ft wide, 20 ft long and 5 ft high, the VIR utilizes little space for its purpose and holds approximately 30 cubic yards of soil/sludge at the optimum fill level. The unit is made from

extremely durable components and is operated under a constant negative pressure to ensure that volatilized contaminants are not released as fugitive emissions.” The unit, which is currently at the John Fernandes Limited container facility in Ruimveldt, also operates in accordance with international standards and air quality and noise standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency. “After waste is processed through the V-IR, it is no longer hazardous and can safely be disposed at the Haags Bosch Landfill site,

recently opened by the Government of Guyana. Since the waste is broken down to a sludge/soil, the volume that is disposed becomes much less and reduces potential strain on the carrying capacity of the landfill site,” Repsol said yesterday. The V-IR also contains an oil-water separator that will allow water from the separator to be sent through a charcoal filter, which is then recycled for use in the scrubber. “Waste oil in this operation is collected by a local mining company for use in their operation, resulting in zero oily waste entering the landfill, and a significantly reduced footprint in Guyana.”

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Convict brutally stabbed at Camp Street Prison A Camp Street prisoner on Tuesday was viciously stabbed several times about his body by fellow inmates who accused him of “snitching” during an early morning raid. Adrian Bishop, 24, who is currently serving a two-year sentence for committing robbery under arms is presently nursing stab wounds to his chest, buttocks, back and head, and has sustained a broken arm. Reports are that prison officers conducted the raid and discovered a cellular phone in a prisoner’s possession. This prisoner blamed Bishop for the discovery and sought revenge against him. The victim’s mother, Adriene Bishop, told Kaieteur News yesterday that it was on Tuesday around 11:00 hrs when she received a telephone call from a nurse at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) notifying her that her son was injured. According to the distraught mother, she rushed down to the hospital where she saw him waiting for medical attention. She stated that her son had been stabbed to the head, chin, waist, buttocks, back and arm among other places. “He was bleeding through his nose and had blood on his clothes and his hand. He had two prison officers with him and they were nice to me but my son was waiting for a long time to

see the doctor. When he got through they told him to come back in two weeks and that is for his hand. What about his head injuries?” the woman asked. She told Kaieteur News that her son was in the dining room playing a game of dominoes with other inmates when three prisoners attacked him from behind. “One man was armed with a crowbar while the other two had jukkers.” “They call the one in charge ‘Buck’ and when the raid was done they discovered ‘Buck’ had a cellphone in his possession. For some reason he thought my son reported it and he and his gang just start beating and stabbing my son in the presence of everyone, including prison wardens. This isn’t right, I won’t give up my bad for anyone good, and for the prison officers to allow this to happen and watch on is barbaric.” Adriene Bishop explained that upon investigation she was told that ‘Buck’ had already stabbed three persons in prison in less than two months. She is fearful that her son is unsafe in prison as his assailants are not being punished for their actions. “They are just walking in and out and doing what they want in prison and my son is injured. I want justice and I want him to be safe since his time in there is almost up. Right now ‘Buck’ is going to court for murder, too, and we have begun to receive threats

from him,” said Adriene. This newspaper was told that on Wednesday, the inmate apparently telephoned the woman from the Camp Street Prison and admitted he stabbed her son. He also allegedly told her that should his name be called in this matter she and her family would suffer the consequences. “He called me and threatened me and my family. My daughter does not want to go to classes because she is scared for her life and so am I. This man needs to be punished for what he did and is doing and he is now threatening us.” Kaieteur News understands that Adrian Bishop suffers from a heart condition and he is presently in a lot of pain. When his mother visited him at the Prison yesterday he was evidently in pain and his left eye had “shut down”. “He drinking the pain tablets but complaining that they aren’t helping and his head hurting and they didn’t do any tests to see if he suffering from head injuries or internal bleeding. His left eye swollen so much and it shut down and now his other eye start swelling. He still bleeding from his nose so I know my son needs medical treatment and they need to do it because I don’t want to hear my son die. He has a hole in his heart,” Adriene said. “They need to do something… keep my son safe, or put the assailants in isolated cells away from people and stop hurting others. He is my son and I want justice for him because if my son had done this to other people they would want justice. And I would want them to have it,” she added.

Friday May 18, 2012

CIOG receives vehicle donation

The vehicle donated to the CIOG The Central Islamic Organization of Guyana (CIOG) has received a new vehicle, compliments of Mehran Trading Company, an overseas-based company operating in Guyana for the past three years. The vehicle - a Mazda bongo minibus valued at $1.5M – will be used by the CIOG as a hearse. Local representative of the company, Osama Qasmi,

handed over the bus to Mohamed Sattaur, Chief Executive Officer of the National Communications Network, and member of the CIOG. The presentation was done at the CIOG compound in Thomas Lands, Georgetown. Over the last three years, CIOG aided in 536 burials, 53 of which were free of cost, while 98 were partly paid for by relatives of the deceased.

Religious Adviser, Shaikh Moeen Ul Hack, extended gratitude for the donation, on behalf of the CIOG, and noted that “the kindness will assist CIOG in its mandate to help the people of Guyana”. The religious organization has been serving both Muslims and non-Muslims, by providing free education, homes, finances, and other necessities, since 1979.

Guyana wants T&T oil expert on petroleum advisory body Guyana has requested help in its oil quest from neighbouring Trinidad and Tobago. According to Trinidad’s Energy Minister, Kevin Ramnarine, Guyana has asked for a T&T representative to be on its petroleum advisory body. “I have asked Petrotrin to recommend somebody to serve on that committee. They need someone who is a geologist or geophysicist to help them.” Ramnarine, in a Trinidad Guardian report yesterday,

told reporters that he is expected to meet with Guyana’s Minister of Natural Resources, Robert Persaud, who will be on a two-day visit to T&T next week. The ministers are expected to discuss how T&T can partner with Guyana to develop that country’s energy sector, Ramnarine said. “Trinidad has to play a huge role in supporting the development of the oil industry in Guyana, supporting them in terms of services, in terms of people

and so on.” Asked what type of services can T&T provide he said: “We have like cementing services, we have welding services, we have labour supply. We can also provide them with a lot of materials that they need. For example right now we are coating pipes for the Venezuelans ... it is an opportunity for T&T.” Trinidad has a strong petroleum industry while Guyana is currently exploring for oil in its offshore concessions.

Friday May 18, 2012

Kaieteur News

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The Abigail Column Wants to be more than friends, but how? around him or what? Friend DEARABIGAIL, There is a boy I know and we took to lunch. I like him a lot, but I don’t know how to tell him, because he thinks we are going to lunch as friends. I would like to go a little more than just friends. Also, last time we went out he kept rubbing my elbow. Should I put my arm

it would be good to talk with him to help clear up any possible confusion over a potentially awkward situation. If he was not into it at all, you should tell him. And, if you discover that he just wants to stay friends, at least you know, so you can move on and pursue someone else who’ll be able to return your interest.

Dear Friend, Yes, you can wrap your arm around him. Or, you can put your hand next to his and then gradually and gently begin to hold or intertwine his fingers with yours. If you decide to test the waters, whatever his reaction,

Friday May 18, 2012 ARIES (March 21 - April 19): It might feel like you've been through the emotional ringer lately, but don't worry -- you're due for a break today. Everything is going to go much more smoothly than it has been, and you will benefit from the ambition of others. ******************* TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): When you feel like you're in too much of a hurry today, slow down! It sounds simple, but lately you have been letting yourself get caught up in the momentum of your days' activities. ****************** GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): Why not let other people take the wheel today while you just follow along behind them? Not only is it is easier to just go with the flow, it can be a lot more interesting too! ******************** CANCER (June 21 - July 22): Think about a person who really taught you something valuable in your life, and bring that good memory to life in the present for a while. Remembering this person, whose encouragement helped you in the past, will help you keep a positive attitude today. ********************* LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): Today you'll think that you are too busy for a long debate over issues, but you are wrong -- there is always time to learn more about things that are important to you! When you meet someone who challenges your opinions, don't just smile and pretend you agree. ******************* VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): The problems you had with some feisty coworkers are gone for now, and there is a much lighter mood at work -- it's finally time to exhale. *********************

LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22): Reflecting on your own life isn't selfish -- in a way, it's selfless. By understanding why you do the things you do, you are able to learn the right kind of lessons you need to become a better friend, a better partner, and a better employee. ********************* SCORPIO (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21): Something big happens today that will force you to take a controversial stand, but sticking to your principles will cause your friends to admire you even more than they already to. ******************** SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21): Mixing your business with pleasure is not always a bad move -- it just requires very delicate footwork. Are you up for it? Make sure you are, because juggling romance with your workload takes a lot more energy than you might think. .********************* CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. 19): No one will be able to find fault with the points you are making today -- no matter how hard they may look for faults to find! Your mind is sharp and you know the subject you're talking about inside and out. ******************** AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 Feb. 18): You are feeling more experimental today -- you'll be drawn to avant-garde ideas and expressions that used to make you suspicious or even fearful. Suddenly they are making more sense and you are more comfortable with the idea of exploring them. ********************* PISCE S ( F e b . 1 9 March 20): Are you in the mood to hide from the world? Good, because today the universe is sending you the right amount of energy and a great opportunity to do just that.

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WANTED One cook, must know to cook Roti & Puri. Call 6477432 Tailors. Contact Paul’s Tailoring, 14 Lombard St. G/ Town. Tel# 223-8266/6808046 Counter servers, roti/curry cooks, pastry makers & handy boys. Apply Hack’s Halaal, 5 Commerce St. Live-in domestic must know to cook and 1 waitress, salary 50,000 monthly. Call:610-5043 Persons/family to live & take care of farm @ E.C.D, attractive salary offered. Contact: 690-1943, 691-8021 Two male shop assistants to work in Georgetown & the interior, serious enquiries only. Call: 225-2940, 225-0305 Urgently: chainsaw operator to work in the interior. Call: 626-0006, 231-3159 1 male or female to look after layer birds in the interior. Tele# 688-4905 1 driver to drive in the interior. Must have bus and canter license. Tel# 688-0197 Manager’s Assistant general duties including Custom and Bond, Security Guards, accommodation available. Call: 676-6700 1 Diesel Mechanic, to work in the interior. Tel# 688-4905 Honest/Experienced sales clerk. Apply with written application Nanda’s Boutique, 223 Camp St. Tel 226-1621

Kaieteur News

WANTED East Coast Guyoil pump attendants wanted (day and night), wash man, office assistant & sales girls. 6842838, 602-5031 Contract cars. Must be in Hire & Yellow. Base free. $3500 weekly. Call 660-9977 Taboo Employment Agency. Jobs available. Tele Communications Field. Call: 233-6517, 233-6523, 622-1957 45 plus years driver for week end duties. Tel: 22-71830 Waitresses @ Diamond Gate Liquor Restaurant and Bar, Lot 18 Belmont Mahaica. Tel# 228-5013, 622-5599 Carpenter with own tools. Apply at Guyana Variety Store, 68 Robb Street. Tel no. 225-4631 One live-in or out maid & experienced sales girl. Call: 264-3356, 253-3149, 668-3985 Bright, well spoken sales assistant for small store. 5 subjects CXC. Send written application to PO Box 101599 1 General Domestic. Must know to cook, from East Bank Dem. Area. Tel# 614-4358

Labourers to work at Jettoo’s lumberyard & Sawmill @ Coverden Public Road, East Bank Demerara. Call: 2615041, 261-5042, 226-2756

One Hilux Vigo (new) GNN series 231-5171, 619-7134

Land V/Hoop 2 acre: school, housing, factory, etc. call: 658-0115

25 acre farm land with 4 bedroom concrete house. Located Parika Backdam. Tel: 615-8046 Enterprise Gardens. 3 bedroom concrete, EBD $15M, $30M Riverside, North $18.5M. Call: 231-2199, 231-2200, 618-7483 East Bank $12M. East Coast $20M. Linden $20M. Newtown $19M. Hotel $130M. Diana 227-2256, 6269382. Lot 9 Johns St., Port Mourant, Berbice house with 12 rooms, on 16 Acres Land. Call: 337-1500. Business spot, 3 lots Cummings & Middle Street, including store & glass cases, etc. $750,000 US neg. Call: 621-4000, 690-6000. ACCOMMODATION Signature Inn Luxury Suites & Apartments 83 Laluni Street, Queenstown. Call for reservations 226-2145, 2275037

Experienced Graphic Artist. Tel# 233-2725, 233-2439 Experienced House Keeper. To work on the E.C.D (parttime). Tel: 648-3151 Sales girls: please send written application to: Naudia’s City Mall, Ground Floor, 111-112, Camp Street, Georgetown. Factory worker. Apply in person with written application @ Comfortsleep, 49 Eccles Industrial Estate, E.B.D. Skilled carpenters to work out of town. Must be able to work with limited supervision. #615-7526

Toyota Starlet 2 E Turbo engine with gearbox and ECU: Call: 624-7155. NARS lipgloss, eyeshadow & Clinique Chubby Stick. Tel: 669-8374. 15-15-15 fertilizer. Call: 2662711, 609-4594 2x2x1.5MM, Hollow section $4500 VAT inclusive. Call: 220-6100, 680-5900

Sawmill workers. Tel: 2616412/653-9752 Salesboys and Salesgirls at D. Singh & Sons. 226-1316, 226-0881 1 experienced welder to fabricate grill and other welding work. Apply to Alabama Trading, Georgetown. Skilled Arc/Acetylene Welder. Very good rates offered. Tel – 22-71830. Female workers needed; 3 subjects or sound secondary education. Call: 225-7307.

Cummings Lodge, 110x127 ft. $25M. Tel# 615-8690

Going cheap, foreign used Perkins Engines. 661-3043

One Massey Ferguson 399 Tractor. Call: 619-6093

15ft Fiber glass boat $170,000 call: 260-0301, 685-1233

1 four wheel Utility Trailer, 1 16" Bore irrigator pump on trailer. Tel: 227-1830

Sale Sale Sale on all zinc sheets 40% off. All lumber 30% off. All pine lumber 8% off. Tel: 226-7054 Spares for washer, microwaves, fridges, stovetimers, gear boxes, pumps, etc. Contact 225-9032, 6472943

1 240 Massey Ferguson Tractor. 687-6174 Original slimming green coffee 800 $1300 W/sale and original slimming green coffee 1000 $2300 w/sale Call:681-2111

(1) New Model 212 Carina & RZ minibus in private & (1) 3Y foreign use engine Call” 678-0109,220-1693,658-7034 Games for PS2 $900, XBox 360 $2600, PS3 $2600. Call Junior 672-2566, 265-3232 Exercise Bike new Schwinn 131 Digital info screen with Heart Rate Monitor, $79,000. 665-9405 Two 8ft Slate American pool tables, one Nissan Titan & variety of restaurant equipment. Call: 622-1957 1 Tundra, 1 Perkins engine & Welder 400 amps. Call: 6605462, 611-5114 Complete Bakery equipment for sale. Call: 659-7484 for further information.

One (1) General Worker to work shift system in G/Town. Tel# 225-6337.

Lonely? Single? Are you looking for sex toys? Call soon, 685-0550.

One Bond Clerk. Apply in person Alabama Trading, Georgetown Ferry Stelling, Stabroek.

Generator diesel, silent 27KVA 400 Gallon tank; key start like new $1.8 Million Call:621 – 4000,690- 6000

VEHICLES FOR SALE Just arrived: Allion and Premio, tel: 624-2000, 6221610 Leading Auto. Unregistered Allion, Premio, Allex, Runx, Verossa, Avensis, 2 ton Canter, 212. Tel: 677-7666, 610-7666 Verossa PNN. Call:665-3067, 228-2609 2005 H2 Hummer, 38,500 mileage fully loaded, chrome kit etc. Call: 639-3100, 6195400 Hilux 4x4 solid def pick-up, diesel, long base, excellent condition Call: 623-0243


True Shattaz fashion, closing down sale #6893860 Honda Pressure washers, 2700 PSI, 614-8564

West Coast $3.5M. North Road $45M. Continental Park $10M. Diana 227-2256, 6269382.

Roofing shingles. Call: Mr. Skepmire . 227-5195 (8am to 5pm)

1 dragline 10RB. 687-6174


Bazaar St., Parika. No agents. 661-3043

Peking ducks, call: 266-2711 / 609-4594

Brand new Blackberry Torch 9800, under $100,000. Call: 676-7443

Girls to work as waitress , age 18 to25 in Bar. Call: 256-4096

1 experienced hauler/truck driver. 1 able bodied male cleaner/gardener. Apply to Alabama Trading.

Intelligent live in to look after (1) female elderly & (1) middle aged person. Person Health Certificate required. Tel Maria: 226-8094

20 X 40 two flat concrete building @ Kitty. All amenities. Price $28 M Call: 668 – 9512, 223- 2570

24 yrs old female looking for male friends, 35-up. Tel# 6735997.

Sales Girls & Porters. Apply with written application at Best Buys Food Supplies, 1E Dennis & Middleton Streets, Campbellville.

Labourers and Porters. Apply Wieting & Richter Ltd.


Drivers with lorry license. Apply Wieting & Richter Ltd.

Assistant Manager. To work at an out of town hotel. Contact 226-9768, 682-4387

Taxi Drivers and Carpenter. Call: 225-3234



Taxi Drivers at Princess Hotel. Contact 616-5419, 2657075

Experienced sewing machine operators. Tele no.: 220-4337


Sales boy and girl. 615-3090

Bulldozer operators, Excavator operators, Service men. To work in interior. Previous experience an asset. Contact: 226-9768, 629-0037

Friday May 18, 2012

Yamaha outboard engine parts for 115HP-200HP, crankshaft fat & fine top, pistons, bearings. Call: Terry665-9405 Massage Leather table, brand new, heavy duty & hot stone kit with electric warmer. Call: 665-9405. $99,000 20 flat screen TVs, cheap 19"-50" : Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, Samsung; LG. Need repairs. Call: 665-9405 10 KVA voltage stabilizer single phase 200 amp fuse switch, 300 amp bust bar. #627-7835 CRV PMM, DVD, TV, CD. Good condition. 226-7915, 668-6586 Lyvan Motor Cycle. Good condition. 226-7915, 6686586, 600-5130 Lenovo laptops brandnew $60,000 Call: 681-2111 Brand new American made Crosely 10.5 cu ft Refrigerator for sale $75,000. 626-4452/ 697-5677 Blu Ray DVDs. Perfume Dazzle 231-9485 Bag Neck Seal Tape. 231-8819 One Caterpillar D6 Bulldozer. Call: 622-1957 Slate pool table, 6 base music set, merry go round Call:2282098 1 Cabin Cruise 431’x8’. 1 InDord Hull 50’x13’ Boat. Tel: 622-5500 EBD. One Blackberry Curve 9300, 60K. Call: 609-2466

1 special edition Toyota Runx PNN. 2 Nissan Wingroad Wagon. Tel: 6122522 Corolla Fielder just registered, AT 170 Carina. Price negotiable. Call 6149623 One Toyota RZ Longbase EFI, hardly used BKK series $1.6M. Call: Rocky 621-5902 2004 Mazda RX8, body kit, black, unregistered, $3M. 617-2891 One EP71 and 82 Starlet, 1Toyota Ceres and RZ Minibus,1Nissan Pathfinder, PMM Call: 6445096,697-1453 One RZ Minibus, BMM 1420 $2.5M Call: 615-7825 Unregistered Allion and Spacio. Tel# 697-0294 1 Premio PNN series, TV, camera. # 616-6000 2 & 3 ton enclosed canter, unregistered. 617-2891 Lexus LS400/Luxury, BMW 740IL/Luxury, BMW 635CSI/Sports. Bring mechanic, make offer. Call: 612-1486, 646-8326 1 Carina 192. No. HB 8358. Call: 663-2882 Toyota Prado, 2004 Prado, 2005 Mark II, GX110, 2005 Tundra. All fully loaded, excellent condition. Call: 600-5759 One 2 ton, enclosed Canter, price $1.2M neg. One Tapir, price $160,000 neg. Contact# 253-3349, 693-8830 2005 BMW 320i (new shape), just arrived. Tel: 6154114. rashanautosales Jag’s Auto. Spacio, Premio, Wagon. Cheapest. Call 6167635 Toyota Carina “My Road” Stick Gear Car. Tel 226-1757, 225-6446 AE81, driving condition, for parts, neg. Tel: 676-2719 (Continued on page 27)

Friday May 18, 2012

Kaieteur News

Col. John Lewis elected to head GRFU Colonel John Lewis was elected President of the Guyana Rugby Football Union which held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Monday, at the outgoing President’s home in D’urban Backlands. Col. Lewis replaces Christopher ‘Kit’ Nascimento, who did not seek re-election. Other former members who did not seek re-election in their respective capacities were former Secretary Roxanne ThomasAlleyne, while Senior Vice-President Robin Roberts will now serve on the Committee. Nascimento was first elected President in 2002. He resigned in 2006 when he was elected President of NAWIRA in the same year and was re-elected President of the GRFU in 2010. The full executive is: President - Col. John Lewis Snr. Vice President - Mike Mc Cormack Jnr. Vice President - Alwin Etwah Secretary - Ariane Mangar Treasurer - Leonardo Butcher Asst. Secretary/Treasurer - Nicole Nero Public Relations Officer - Gem Madhoo-Nascimento Match Secretary - Peter Campayne Committee Members: - Robin Roberts - Joseph Rahaman - Grace Jarvis

Thunder strike late to beat... From page 28 home crowd by taking a 3328 lead after the first quarter, but the Celtics flipped a switch in the second and never looked back. Fired by Garnett and a stout defense, the visitors held Philadelphia to just 33 points over the second and

third quarters to carry a 23point lead into the fourth. Thaddeus Young finished with 22 points to lead the 76ers, who will look to rebound at home in Game Four today. Pierce collected 24 points and 12 rebounds for Boston, with Rondo scoring 23 and contributing 14 assists.



Kitchen assistant @ Charlestown- ages 18-35. Call: 614-1020

Toyota Raum, black, bodykit, mags, year 2000, roof rack. 269-0432, 686-0323

Salesgirls & Salesboys. Apply: Avinash Complex, Water St. Georgetown. 2263361/227-7828

2007 Toyota Axio & 2003 Toyota Premio & 2005 Toyota Belta W/TV/CD. Tel: 6 1 5 - 4 1 1 4 . w w w. f a c e b o o k . c o m / rashanautosales

Experienced Hair Dresser at Nalline Beauty Salon, Vreeden-Hoop Junction (Raymond Building). Attractive salary. Contact: 687-3341, 639-9884 Be part of our world class customer care team. Join us now! Phone: 220-0401-3 Hire car drivers & dispatchers wanted from East Coast. Contact 220-1000 Accountant. ACCA qualified, 5 years experience. Application sent to:, Mahdia Gold Corp, 72 Barrack St. Kingston, Georgetown. Male Sales Clerk. Hand written application. Perfume Dazzle, 137 Regent St., Lacytown, G/Town. Fish cleaners. Eccles. 2332546, 675-5467 Vacancy exists for one (1) Domestic. Please call: 6777123

Stuart Broad’s six puts... From back page and gave Bairstow at point his first catch in Test cricket. Denesh Ramdin followed shortly afterwards, taken at first slip by Strauss off a ball from Broad that climbed and moved away, but Chanderpaul continued to grind away, unperturbed by an lbw shout from Swann that would have sent him packing had it been referred. His partners continued to come and go, skipper

Darren Sammy well caught by Bresnan at gully off a leading edge and Kemar Roach superbly held by a diving Broad in his follow-through as he prodded at a full one. Fidel Edwards fell to what proved to be the final ball of the day, edging to a tumbling Matt Prior, to further justify Strauss’s decision at the toss. Scores: West Indies 2439 (Chanderpaul 87*, Barath 42, Broad 6-72) v England.

and even more.” In remarks Harper stated that she was very proud of RHTY&SC, “It has done such great things not only in the club but also in the community.” Rajindranauth Ganga, General Manager of Bakewell, in his brief remarks disclosed that the company was bigheaded and pleased with the output from RHTY&SC over the years of partnership.

Sponsorship rolls in for... From page 28 prizes including cell phones, mp3 players, lazy boy suite, hampers among other tokens from various companies which will be distributed free. Other sponsors on board so far are Digicel, EZ Jet, Banks DIH Limited, Demerara Distillers Limited, Universal

DVD, Karibee Rice, Cops Security, Mings Products and Services, TCL (Guyana), Metro Office and Computer Supplies, Singers Guyana Limited amongst others. Admission to the venue is $500 for Adults and $200 for children and gates are expected to be open from 9:00Hrs.

2004 Toyota Avensis’s with TV/CD, Oz racing Rims, silver & green. Tel: 615-4114. w w w. f a c e b o o k . c o m / rashanautosales 2005-2007 Toyota Allions, with TV/DVD, back-up camera. Tel: 615-4114. w w w. f a c e b o o k . c o m / rashanautosales One 19 seater Pitbul in excellent condition, original seats, A.C., TV, mag rims, BPP series. Tel: 621-8957

DRESS MAKING 6 weeks designing/sewing classes. Sharmela 225-2598, 641-0784

Hummer H2 sut Model 22"rims, DVD sound system call:639-7700 Mercedes Benz S300, fully powered, armored, DVD system $3.5million. call:6214000,690-6000 Cherokee Lorado, 4 doors AC windows, power locks PHH series $1.950.000.Call 621-4000,690-6000

One unregistered new model Noah. Financing available. Price $3.6M. Tel: 629-2314 One Allion, fully powered, A/C, music, mag. Tel: 2590839, cell: 621-7838 Well kept, owner driven, Toyota Corolla AE100. Price $1.1 million. Telephone: 6615897. Serious enquires only.

SALON Make up courses, artist trained & certified in Trinidad: 660-5257,647-1773 Qualify yourself in Cosmetology or nails, make up, Register, Limited spaces. Call Abby: 216-1950, 6197603, 666-5241

EDUCATIONAL Princeton College Forms 15, CXC adults’ classes’; $1500 a subject S.A.T/Phonics etc. Call: 690-5008, 611-3793 Imperial College – CXC Jan/ June 2013 exam. Day/ Evening classes, flexible hours. Contact 227-7627, 6835742 Private tutor – homeschooling CXC/GCE English A&B. Call: 649-4247 Advanced Diploma in Computer Studies for CSEC students 2012. $15,000 discount. MicroGraphics Technology. Vreed-En-Hoop 264-3057 Special Computer Classes for 2012 CSEC students. MicroGraphics Technology, Parika (Bollywood building) Tel: 670-5734

Mercedes Benz A-140 fully powered, sound system PMM series $2.8 neg. call:621-4000,690-6000

Mercedes Benz 190E fully skirted, customized interior work need repairs $650,000. Call:621-4000, 690-6000

Bakewell continues sponsorship... From page 30 sponsorship for the 13th time, “On behalf of the Patron Ms. Beverley Harper, President Keith Foster, the Executive and members of the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club, I would like to express profound gratitude to Mr. Nasir, Mr. Ganga and the Management of Bakewell for their continued confidence in us and for all the investment

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Top Notch Auto Sales. 2004 Mazda RX8, $3M. Free reg. Tel: 674-2844. One Jeep, with Toyota 3A engine, going cheap. Manual. 269-0432, 686-0323

Seeta & Soma Salon. Specialists in perming, relaxing, styling, manicure, pedicure, etc. Tel: 618-6346/ 644-7142 LEARN TO DRIVE Soman & Sons Driving School; First Federation Building. Call: 225-4858, 6445166, 622-2872, 615-0964 MASSAGE American Style Massage Service. Call 609-4036

(From page 26)

SERVICES Permanent &Visitors Visa Applications Professional Immigration Consultant Room E-4 Maraj Building 225-6496/223-8115/ 662-6045. Supreme Repairs. All wiring, fridge, washer (AC), freezers, dryer, ect. Tel: 6298136, 653-2719 US & Canada VISA application services. Call 643-6630. Family discounts available. We refill HP cartridges for $1,800. Call:650-7699 Visa and Immigration forms prepared for Canada, USA and UK. Also Passport forms. Call 626-9857

TO LET Harmony inn fully furnished self contained a/c apartments, Short term& long term Parfaite Harmony WBD Tel:694-7817

Repairs, sales & spares, air conditioning, microwaves, washer, fridges & Stoves. Ultra Cool: 225-9032, 6472943 We repair fridge, freezer, AC, washer, dryer. Call: 231-0655, 683-8734 Omar.

Four (4) bedroom apartment. Contact: 682-8875

Get your VISA or get refunded. Call: 233-2338

1 2 bedroom house, 1 1 bedroom house, Good Hope, Essequibo. Call: 680-4990, 277-3033

House plan drafting for only $10,000. Building estimate for only $10,000. Call: 694-9843.

Short term apartments. Tel: 667-1549


(2) bedroom furnished house @ 31 Second Street, Liliandall Pump Road. Tel: 222-3838, 617-9004 Business place to rent, very spacious. Call: 226-2674/6846360,223-1301,682-6822 Short term apartments, Eccles. Call: 679-7139 West Coast $35,000. South $100,000. Nandy Park US$2000, Accommodation, Hotel. Diana 227-2256, 6269382

WE FILL OUT PASSPORT & VISA FORMS: USA, UK & CANADA. TEL: 2315789 Repairs in all types of JetSki, stern-drive, inboard and outboard engine (2 & 4 stroke). Contact: 694-7949

2 bedroom apartment. Self contained, for visitors @ Santa Cruise, Trinidad. Call: 0011-868-483-2495, 672-8771 South Ruimveldt . Unfurnished Lower flat independent 1 bedroom Apartment with en suite, kitchen and full amenities. Call 227-1218 One bottom flat, 2 bedroom. Toilet & bath also bath tub, kitchen cupboards. Tel no – 629-4997 or 664-4998 Executive type furnished one & two bedroom suites in Section A, Diamond for rental. Call 609-2466.

CAR RENTAL Progressive auto rental, cars from $4,000 per day. Call: 6435122, 656-0087, First Choice Car Rental cars $5,000-7,000 per day 6680306, 225-6337 Al’s Car & Pick-up Rental. Call: 698-7807 Premio, 110 Corolla. Call: 679-7139

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Kaieteur News

Friday May 18, 2012

More support promised as FFP Boyz taking shape for Guyana match Trelawny — Jamaica’s Reggae defence on the team in the bibs, along with Miami Incorporated conducts BoyzBRACO, had a final training session at the Harbour View’s Jeremy Lyn were then switched Montego Bay Sports Complex starting at 6:00 to the other team during the second half of yesterday as the coaching staff tried to the scrimmage. fact finding mission in Berbice pm finalise the starting 11 in today’s friendly Jacomeno Barrett kept goal for the team in Mr. Javier Ramirez receives a token from BCB President Keith Foster in the presence of other officials The Miami branch of Food for the Poor (FFP), a non-governmental, charitable organization, has in the past joined with its local arm in supporting sports administrators of Berbice towards the realization of their respective objectives and over the years has donated millions of dollars worth of cricket items to the many sports clubs in the Ancient County. To this effect, executive members of the Miami arm arrived in Guyana last Wednesday and visited the Ancient County on a fact finding mission and has since promised to continue assisting the Berbicians in the developmental programmes and objectives. The visiting delegation included Mark Khouri –

Director of the Gifts in Kind Department, Javier Ramirez International Operations Manager, both of FFP, USA and Jameel Davis, Manager of the Guyana operations. While in Berbice, the group met with several organizations and individuals including representatives of the local head office in Georgetown Guyana and Berbice and officials of the St Francis Community Developers (SFCD) where they assessed the progress made on several projects that they are currently funding. The overseas group also visited the head office of RHY&SC at Area H, Rose Hall Town and interacted with officials of that entity, the BCB and the BVA among other clubs. They also used the opportunity to evaluate

Thunder strike late to beat Lakers, Celtics win (Reuters) - The Oklahoma City Thunder scored nine unanswered points in the final two minutes to edge the Los Angeles Lakers 77-75 on Wednesday and seize a 2-0 lead in their second-round playoff series. There was no late drama in the Eastern Conference, where the Boston Celtics trounced the Philadelphia 76ers 107-91 to move ahead 2-1 in their best-ofseven series. Although the 76ers lost by a bigger margin, it will be the Lakers who will probably be suffering more due to the manner of their loss. Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum both scored 20 points as the Lakers led 75-68 with two minutes left and looked set to inflict a first defeat on the Thunder in the playoffs this year. But Oklahoma then rallied with James Harden scoring four in those final minutes and Kevin Durrant five, including a soft floater to put the Thunder ahead with 18 seconds remaining, to leave the home fans ecstatic. “We kept our composure,” Durant told

reporters after scoring a teamhigh 22 points. The Lakers had a chance to win the game but Steve Blake misfired on an open three-pointer with Los Angeles trailing by one with three seconds on the clock. Durant then landed a final free throw to add to the Lakers’ pain. It was one of a number of mistakes made by the experienced Los Angeles side late on. Two consecutive turnovers in the final minutes soured a credible defensive effort that saw them contain the lively Thunder. Oklahoma City had crushed the Lakers by 29 in the opening game but Los Angeles were able to control the pace and the contest until the final, fatal minutes. The Lakers will need to lift themselves for Game Three in Los Angeles today. In the East, the evergreen Kevin Garnett pushed his 35year-old body to contribute 27 points and 13 rebounds, while Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo also added doubledoubles for the Celtics. The 76ers ignited the (Continued on page 27)

the progress made on a number of projects that they have funded, or are currently funding. Several other officials joined their overseas counterparts on the fact finding mission including Alex Foster president of the SFCD and Berbice Representative, Regional Chairman David Permaul Armogan, Deputy Commander of the Berbice Police ‘B’ division, Senior Superintendent Eric Bassant , Superintendent Ian Amsterdam and Woman Inspector and Commandant of the Berbice branch of the Felix Austin Training College, Yonnette Stephens. The visitors also held discussions with representatives of the BCB including President Keith Foster, Secretary Angela Haniff, Carl Moore and Hilbert Foster, BVA President, Gregory Rambarran and over 50 other representatives of various clubs from Corentyne, West Berbice, New Amsterdam, Canje and East Bank Berbice. West Indies female players Tremaine Smart and Erva Giddings also attended the function. M e a n w h i l e , representatives of the various groups took turns in expressing gratitude to the overseas visitors while voicing the hope of continued amicable relationship. Officials of the overseas based organization also heard that the BCB is one of the best cricket boards in the Caribbean even as they were briefed on the internal structures of that and other sports entities. The visiting delegation was impressed by the achievements and lauded the strides made by administrators of the respective entities. They also pledged to continue working with the local groups while committing to more assistance in the future. The visitors subsequently were presented with tokens and gifts by the various associations.

international against Guyana at the same venue. The squad went through a nearly twohour training session at Braco Wednesday after which head coach Theodore Whitmore told the Jamaica Observer that while they had a starting team in mind they would not be certain until after yesterday’s session. “You always know who you want to play,” he said, “but anything can happen between now and game time.” Young striker Dino Williams, who impressed in his debut against Cuba earlier this year, was paired with overseas-based Luton Shelton on the team that could be the starting selection today. Joel Senior, Keammar Daley, Ewan Grandison and Rohan Reid were the midfielders in front of the back four of Xavian Virgo, Nyron Nosworthy, Adrian Mariappa and Nathan Smith, with Arnett Gardens’ Damion Hyatt in goal. They were on the team in black shirts, while the other team wore orange-coloured bibs. Veteran defender Claude Davis, who had partnered Damion Stewart in the central

the bibs that also included Central Americabased Sean Fraser and Scotland-based Omar Daley, who were paired in the midfield. While saying they were not able to accommodate all the players they would usually have at the JFF residence, Whitmore said he was satisfied with the players they had as they were still trying to work out their best team leading up to the June 8 World Cup Qualifying opener against Guatemala. “We are never fully satisfied (with the players), but we are pleased with what we have accomplished,” the coach said. “There are still some areas we are working on and some players we are accessing,” he added. There are a number of areas where they will be focusing on today. “We will be working on our marking, transition, team organisation, ball possession and finishing,” he told the Observer. Asked whether any of the new players had impressed the coaching staff, Whitmore said it was still too early to tell. “New players will always want to impress coaches in training and games, but we will see as we go on.”

Sponsorship rolls in for Guyana Independence T20 Million Dollars Cup Sponsorship has started to roll in as the date approaches for the much anticipated Guyana Independence Twenty 20 Berbice cricket competition organised by the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) and the Berbice Chamber of Commerce, slated for Monday 26th May (Independence day) at the Albion Sports Complex. With games day less than two weeks away the organisers are pulling out all the stops to make the one day spectacle a memorable occasion. Berbicians and cricket fans countrywide are all excited and are bracing themselves for the action which is expected to unfold in what is being dubbed the largest 20/20 Tournament ever to be held in the county. The Tournament, which is being staged as part of Guyana’s 46th Anniversary celebrations, will see four exciting teams battling for supremacy with two of those teams coming from Berbice, namely the Berbice/ Universal DVD Titans and the Karibee Rice Tigers, while the other two teams will be Hits and Jams Superstars and New Line Cavaliers battling for the more than one million dollars in prizes which will include trophies and cash. On Tuesday beverage giants Ansa McAl Trading, Berbice Branch, through regional manager Mark Bikhai presented the company’s sponsorship package to Coordinator of the Tournament

In Picture Ansa Mc Al regional manager Mark Bikhai right hands over sponsor cheque to BCB treasurer and BCCDA executive Anil B (2) Anil Beharry. Speaking at the simple ceremony Mr Bikhai expressed Ansa McAl’s delight in being a part of the tournament which will be done under the company’s “Carib Brand”. He stated that cricket is an all encompassing activity and his company is pleased to be associated with the two organisations and the promotion of the game. Ansa McAl has been actively involved in community development through sports as part of their commitment to giving back to the communities from which they garner their support. Bikhai stated that the company will continue to be involved in positive activities. In response Coordinator of the Tournament Mr. Anil Beharry thanked the sponsor and pledged that the tournament will be managed

with proper accountability and transparency. The day’s activity is expected to commence at 10:30Hrs with the two semifinal games which will be followed by an action packed cultural ceremony. The final and third place playoff will be played under flood lights using 10 massive light towers which is expected to illuminate the atmosphere as never been seen at the Albion Sports Complex. The organisers will also be using Big Screen Projectors, Cheer Leaders, Fireworks and other entertainment packages. A number of top artistes will also be a part of the entrainment package which will also see a number of popular Sound Systems in attendance. Patrons will have an opportunity to win fabulous (Continued on page 27)

Friday May 18, 2012

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ASTP / GTT / MCYS Primary Schools Windball Cricket C/ships... Linden’s Ceaser hopes to inscribe his Massiah and No.48 respective Zone winners name in jump records

The winning Massiah (Boys) and No.48 (Girls) Primary Schools pose for a photo op after capturing the respective Zone finals. Troy Williams The President’s/Jefford III Classic this Sunday at the McKenzie Sports Club ground, Linden, will be one of great anticipation, in both Track and Field events as Guyanese athletes engage in keen rivalry on the 300m perimeter track from 10am. The Lindener’s will have something to cheer for and talk about again when Parrish Cadogan, Winston Ceasar and Marlon Moshette compete in the field events, Long and Triple Jump. Cadogan, a junior athlete and also Inter-Guiana Games (IGG) Triple Jump bronze medalist, is President’s/ Jefford Classic current record holder for the Triple Jump. The jumper was one of the athletes that produced one of the best performances last year in the field events when he bounded to 13m73cm. For this year, Cadogan has been frequently leaping 13m in the Triple jump. Cadogon a 2010 CARIFTA Games athlete, can be in for some ill-treatment from his own club mate, Winston Ceasar in the Triple Jump. With Caesar being one of the most persistent athletes in the Triple Jump for the athhletic season, Cadogon’s 13m73cm record can be broken. For the year, Caesar has held his head above the waters in the Triple Jump to remain unbeaten with his massive leaps of which no other competitor has surpassed. The aggressive athlete, who stated to this publication that he has all intention of winning both of his main events on Sunday, achieved his personal best in the Triple Jump (14m51cm) on the very ground that he trains on daily (McKenzie Sports Club ground). That leap was made at the Upper Demerara Developmental Meet. Caesar also stated that he will be looking to break the record which Leon Bishop of the Guyana Defence Force Track Club has since 2010, “I

Ryan Scott

Leon Bishop am focused. I have my mind set for the competition and on that day I will not be partaking, but I will be performing in my events.” The 6m72cm record, which was logged two years ago, can be broken by not only Ceasar but by other local athletes such as Ryan Scott, Parrish Cadogan, Patrick King, Quacy Payne and even Troy Williams. Bishop will be in for one of the greastest challenges in his jumping career as the event will be the most competetive one at the Classic for the field events with such strong jumpers whichh have been interchanging positions on the podium. Bishop faced a suprising defeat from his club mate, Ryan Scott in the Long Jump at the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Developmental Meet at the GDF ground. Scott’s 6m98cm leap was just 2 centimeters from 7m. Bishop best leap for the year was at the Upper Demerara Developmental Meet. His 6m89cm jump clearly allowed him to defeat his rivals, Parrish (6m75cm) and Ceasar (6m72cm). Joint Service Long Jump gold medalist, Patrick King, was second to Bishop with 6m73 at the National Youth, Junior and Senior Championship; Quacy Payne one of GDF’s top jumpers was third 6m53cm, to make it a cleansweep. (Juanita Hooper)

Results in the Upper Corentyne Zone ASTP / GTT / MCYS Primary Schools Windball Cricket Championships played, at the Skeldon Community centre ground. In full results: GirlsNew Market beat No.43 by 8 wickets. No. 43 made 39-4. New Market replied with 41-2. Corriverton defeated No. 68 by 9 wickets. No. 68 reached 39-4 with wides being the top-score of 20. Odessa Ceres grabbed 3wkts.

Corriverton in reply, ended on 40-1, Nangila Seenarine 19, Yameni Seawar 10. Upper Corentyne champions Massiah lost to No.48 by 9 wickets. Massiah made 30-2, wides contributed 11. Nariefa Hussain picked up 2wkts No. 48 in their turn at the crease reached 48-1. N. Hussain 20, wides 15. Zone Final: No.48 beat New Market by 19 runs. No. 48 made 56-2, Nariefa Hussain 19, extras 32. New Market was restricted to 37-1. Hussain 1-3.

BoysMassiah then beat No.48 by 8 wickets. No. 48 compiled 45-3, Yodukumar Sagadowyar 15, Mohendra Balbachan 10 Massiah in reply, ended on 46-2, Fawaz Mohamed 15, Zidan Ganny 15. No.68 went down to Corriverton by 9 wickets. No. 68 totaled 41-2, Tuleshwar Deowray 25. Corriverton 44-1, Michael Pitman 35. Skeldon defeated No.59 by 9 wickets. No. 59 made 37-4 with Ramesh Henry 10. Ramesh

Sawh 2wkts. Skeldon, 38-1 Torend Shiwambar 12. Massiah then beat Corriverton by 19 runs. Massiah 71-5, Kemashwar Chatterpaul 17, Zidane Ganie 14. Alando Welch 2wkts. Corriverton 52-4, Desmond Alder 12. K Chatterpaul 2wkts, Fawaz Mohamed 2wkts. Zone finalMassiah romped to an easy 8 wickets win over Skeldon. Skeldon 41-7, Torend Shiwabar 15, Tahair Allaisen 2wkts. Massiah 42-2 K Chatterpaul 25, Vidor Persaud 2-9.

Impeccable Fung-A-Fat outclasses Wiltshire Three time Caribbean girls champions Mary Fung-A-Fat shook off the rust of inactivity on her first night back and dominated her under study Akeila Wiltshire in straight games on night two of the Guyana Squash Association’s (GSA) Woodpecker National Junior Squash Championships. Playing on court three at the Georgetown Club squash courts, 2008 Caribbean under15 champion Fung-A-Fat, was in top form in spite of the fact that she had been absent from tournament play over the last few months. Her Impeccable form was evident from the onset and she overpowered the reigning under-15 champion Wiltshire 11/4, 11/6, 11/3 in what may be their penultimate tournament before the Caribbean Area Squash Association (CASA) Junior Championships this year in Jamaica. In an invited comment after the game Fung-A-Fat said, “It felt really good. I thought I would have been playing a lot worst.” Fung-A-Fat marksmanlike accuracy helped her execute several lethal winners to kill her opponent’s confidence early. “I thought I played reasonably well,” she stated.

“Maybe I should take more time away to focus on my studies if it will keep me playing like this,” she added. Nevertheless, Fung-A-Fat did credit Wiltshire for the significant improvements in her game and said that she will be a force in her age group. Fung-A-Fat, who turns 18 next week, said that she is very confident of her chances to win her maiden under-19 title at nationals this year. With the Jeffrey twins and Ashley Khalil no longer eligible to play at the junior level, FungA-Fat said that her main challenger will be multidiscipline athlete (squash and hockey) Ashley DeGroot and that encounter takes place later tonight. Eight-year old Shomari Wiltshire continued to impress and completed a remarkable shut-out victory against newcomer Dominic Collins who was unable to score during the encounter. Shomari, who was adjudged the most outstanding player in the Kool-Aid Junior Easter Tournament, is the favourite to win the national under-13 title. Reigning Caribbean Under-13 champion Benjamin Mekdeci, who will be competing as an under-15 competitor this year, had to double up on the night, but still managed two comfortably

Mary Fung-A-Fat

Shomari Wiltshire

wins both in straight games. Rebecca Low also went two of two on the night defeating Makeda Harding, who lost to Savannah Mendes on night one, and Maya Collins respectively. Mekdeci (U15 and U17), and Low are two of the players who are competing in two age categories in this year’s event. The Woodpecker National Junior Squash Championships organized by GSA in collaboration with its number one corporate sponsor Digicel will continue tonight at 18:30hrs. Wednesday’s Results: Rebecca Low defeated Makeda Harding 11/2, 11/0, 11/1 Rebecca Low defeated Maya Collins 11/1, 11/7, 11/3 Travis Whitehead defeated Zach Persaud 11/3, 11/1, 11/2

Anthony Islam defeated Daniel Islam 3/11, 11/8, 11/9, 12/10 Taylor Fernandes defeated Lydia Alphonso 11/ 3, 11/2, 11/3 Patrick Fraser defeated Pablio Mundini 11/9, 11/6, 8/ 11, 11/8 Ben Mekdeci defeated Mahendra Khusial 11/0, 11/1, 11/1 Ben Mekdeci defeated Alec Melville 11/5, 11/1, 11/1 Shomari Wiltshire defeated Dominic Collins 11/ 0, 11/0, 11/0 John Phang defeated Gianni Carpenter 11/9, 11/8, 11/7 Steven Xavier defeat Joven Benn 11/2, 13/11, 11/1 Mary Fung-A-Fat defeated Akeila Wiltshire 11/ 4, 11/6, 11/3 Nyron Joseph defeated Avinash Odit 11/2, 11/0, 11/0

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Friday May 18, 2012

Carl Cort Ready for Gayle ton delivers crucial win for Bangalore Reggae Boyz Challenge Royal Challengers Bangalore needed to win at the Kotla, to draw level with Chennai Super Kings on 17 points, to move one ahead of Kings XI Punjab, and to pull further away from Rajasthan Royals, their closest competitors. Defeat against league leaders Delhi Daredevils, who had already secured a playoff spot, would have been debilitating to their campaign. So the time and place Chris Gayle chose to score his season’s first century - 128 off 62 balls with 13 sixes - was perfect. He and Virat Kohli took 204 runs, the second best Twenty20 partnership, off a Morne Morkel-less attack to lead Royal Challengers to the highest total of 2012, and ultimately a match-winning one. In the end, Royal Challengers were glad Gayle and Kohli gave them 215, because their profligate bowlers needed that many. Daredevils were without

Virat Kohli and Chris Gayle added 204 Virender Sehwag, who was unwell, but their batsmen were aggressive from the outset and sustained the attack for a considerable period. Several batsmen made small but explosive contributions but it was Ross Taylor, the one Daredevils wanted desperately to find form, who led the chase. His 55, scored at a strike-rate 211, kept the

home side abreast with the asking-rate. Taylor, however, was dismissed in the 17th over. Gayle had stayed for all 20, and that made the difference. Scores: Royal Challengers Bangalore 215 for 1 (Gayle 128*, Kohli 73*) beat Delhi Daredevils 194 for 9 (Taylor 55, Zaheer 3-38) by 21 runs.

Bakewell continues sponsorship for 13 years with RHTY&SC Yesterday marked thirteen years since Guyana’s leading bread Company, Bakewell, continued their sponsorship with the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club (RHTY&SC) for the Second Division and under17 team. The relationship which began in 2000 has been highly successful with both entities developing into the best in Guyana, Public Relations Officer Hilbert Foster, stated. The Rose Hall Town Second Division Team since its formation has won five Second Division Berbice Titles and three U-17 Titles including the last Leslie Amsterdam Memorial Title. Foster informed the media that the Rose Hall Town Bakewell U-17 team is currently awaiting for the rain to stop to play Albion for the 2011 U-17 title. He also stated that the Bakewell Second Division Team has reached the quarterfinals of the 2011 New Building Society Tournament. Going into the great history of club, Foster revealed that the club has over the years produced six National senior, 66 for Berbice at all levels, 21 Junior National Cricketers, 5 National females, one each for the West Indies U-15 and U-19, One Day International and “A” team, three West Indies female

Montego Bay, Jamaica - Striker Carl Cort, the brother of defender Leon Cort who scored the historic winning goal versus Trinidad and Tobago on November 11th, 2011 now famously dubbed “11-11-11”, that propelled Guyana into current position in the 2014 World Cup qualifiers, is hoping to make an impression when the Golden Jaguars tackle Jamaica in international friendly action this evening at the Montego Bay Sports Complex. The 34-year old Cort has played in the top level of English football from since his professional career began in 1996. His stints include spells at Newcastle United, Wimbledon FC, Norwich City, Wolverhampton Wanderers along with 14 caps for England Under-21 in 1997/98, where he played alongside current England and Liverpool FC captain Steven Gerrard. During his days as a Newcastle player in the 2002/03 season had the distinction of playing in the UEFA Champions League, where in one game he was an unused substitute at the Nou Camp versus a Barcelona team that included players such a Patrick Kluivert, Xavi Hernandez and Carlos Puyol in its ranks. However due to injuries the 6 Feet, 4 Inches tall front man, has not donned colours of the national side since Guyana’s final second round world cup qualifier versus Trinidad at Hasley Crawford Stadium, on November 15th, 2011. With his young brother already writing his name into the annals of Guyana’s football history as aforementioned, Cort is hoping the Jamaica clash, which will be his third national cap once he plays, can be the stage where his goal-scoring prowess, finally makes a mark for the Jaguars. “It feels good to be back amongst the national set-up after this lay-off. When I first came down and played those two games against Trinidad and Tobago late last year, I wasn’t 100% due to a hamstring injury I got during a game with my then club AFC Wimbledon. So in a way I sort of aggravated

it by playing and I have spent the last few months basically training and trying to get myself back to a fitness level that I’m satisfied with”, explained Cort. Cort further noted that he has been in talks with clubs from China and Thailand and North American Soccer League clubs, but has not made a commitment to any the offers to date. Along with China and Thailand, the newly booming Asian football league market in countries such as Qatar, United Arab Emirates and India has in recent times attracted notable world stars who are at the back end of their careers like Cort; such as Nicolas Anelka, Robert Pires, Robbie Fowler, Hernan Crespo and Raul Gonzalez to name a few. After the Jamaica friendly, the Jaguars face Panama in Panama City on May 20th, before going into camp ahead of their opening, third round, world cup qualifier versus CONCACAF powerhouses Mexico on June 8th at the Estadio Azteca. While articulating his eagerness to test him himself against Jamaica, he is already looking forward to facing the Rafael Marquez skippered “El Tricolor” unit, which is currently ranked 20th in the world according to the FIFA rankings. “The Jamaica game is a about as quality an opposition I could have hoped to test myself against on return I would say. I played a lot against Ricardo Fuller and Marlon King in English football so it would be great from that standpoint to renew some old acquaintances. It would have been great if the full strength Guyana team on show no doubt, but it opens a chance from some of the younger players to get a look it”, Cort reasoned. He concluded by saying:”It’s important that in the next few weeks that our preparation is good and everyone is in the right frame of mind. Playing Mexico at home will be a great occasion for me the entire squad – but it will also be a very difficult game against a top class team so we have to be ready for anything they throw at us.

Punjab thrash Chennai, stay in hunt for play-offs General Manager of Bakewell, Rajindranauth Ganga (right) hands over an envelope to Beverley Harper yesterday morning to signal their sponsorship renewal. cricketers, while Assad Fudadin is on the verge of becoming our first Test Player. The Public Relations Officer further commended Shemaine Campbelle for her superb performances in her cricket career, “Shemaine Campbelle is making all of us proud playing for the West Indies and is on the way to becoming one of the top players in the world.” He added that players such as Assad, Abel Fudadin, Delbert Hicks, Dominique Rikhi, Clinton Pestano, Renwick Batson, Shawn Pereira, Arif Chan, Campbelle and Erva Giddings are all

products of Bakewell sponsorship. Bakewell’s sponsorship to RHTY&SC also includes in RHTY&SC Annual Magazine and Awards Ceremony, our Christmas Charity Programme, Annual Cricket Academy among others. Last year, RHTY&SC received the International Olympic Committee Award for Sports, “We knew that without Bakewell it would have been impossible to become the best,” Foster stated. In closing, Foster stated that they were delighted that Bakewell renewed the (Continued on page 27)

Yahoo! Cricket – Dharamsala, (IANS): Kings XI Punjab severely dented the chances of Chennai Super Kings qualifying for the playoffs and kept themselves in the reckoning with a convincing six-wicket win in the Indian Premier League (IPL) at the picturesque HPCA Stadium on Thursday. Skipper Adam Gilchrist, making a comeback to the Kings XI set-up after a hamstring injury kept him out of nine matches, scored an unbeaten 64 of 46 balls to carry his team past the 121run target set by Chennai. Thus, Kings XI (16 points) moved into the fifth position behind Chennai (17). Punjab have to play tabletoppers Delhi Daredevils while Chennai have finished all their 16 games. Two wickets each by Praveen Kumar, Azhar Mahmood and Parvinder

Awana helped Kings XI restrict Super Kings to a paltry total of 120 for seven and gain two crucial points. Mandeep Singh (24) and Gilchrist gave their team a sprightly start, scoring 51 in six overs, before the Indian youngster got castled by Albie Morkel. In the absence of Shaun Marsh, Punjab’s batting line-up looked thin in star power. Nitin Saini (1) and David Hussey (9) put their team in a spot of bother by getting out in quick succession. Gilchrist, however, held his end up, hitting out aggressively. He exploded towards the end, scoring 22 runs of Yo Mahesh’s 15th over and that sealed the win for Punjab. Put in on a pitch with a greenish tinge, defending champions Chennai lost Murali Vijay (10) and Michael Hussey (7) without much on

the board. Suresh Raina, who is the only player yet to miss a match in the IPL, smacked Mahmood for two sixes. However, he fell caught behind in the same over while slashing at a wide ball. Skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who promoted himself up the order, again played a lacklustre innings scoring six off 16 balls. West Indian Dwayne Bravo came to the rescue of Super Kings when his team was reeling at 46 for four in the 11th over. He played a watchful innings of 48 off 43 balls, stringing small partnerships with Ravindra Jadeja (13) and Morkel (14) as Chennai stuttered to a below par score. Scores: Kings XI Punjab 123 for 4 (Gilchrist 64*, Bravo 2-18) beat Chennai Super Kings 120 for 7 (Bravo 48, Awana 2-12, Praveen 218) by six wickets.

Friday May 18, 2012

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Modern Optical sponsors shooting championship


odern Optical renewed its commitment to the Guyana National Rifle Association (GNRA) Small Bore Section by sponsoring the third Annual InterServices Shooting championships set for Sunday at the Timehri Ranges. Seven security organizations will vie for top honours and several attractive prizes in the oneday event which will fire off at 09:30 hours. The competing teams are - GNRA, Guyana Defence Force (GDF), Guyana Police Force (GPF), Presidential Guards, Bank of Guyana S e c u r i t y , Ve n e z u e l a Embassy Attaché and Queensway Security. Each team is allowed a maximum of eight shooters, while the competition will be shot in three stages shooting 9 mm pistols only, Small Bore Captain Ryan McKinnon disclosed.

He said registration will close 10 minutes before the tournament starts. “Prizes will be awarded to the top three shooters in each stage and the overall top three in each class. Shooters will be classified into A, B and C Class, using the three sectioned stages that make up STAGE 1,”McKinnon revealed.

Registration fee is $2,000 per shooter. D r. J o s e D a S i l v a , Managing Director of Modern Optical presented the trophies and a sponsorship cheque to officials of the GNRA at a simple ceremony Wednesday at its office on Middle Street. GNRA Secretary Ryan Sampson received on behalf

of the Association in the presence of GNRA Treasurer Lt. Col. Terry Stuart, SmallBore Captain Ryan McKinnon and Dr. Johan DaSilva. Dr. Jose DaSilva said he was extremely pleased to be sponsoring the tournament for the third successive year and said he anticipates another exciting day of shooting.

Dr. Jose Da Silva, Managing Director of Modern Optical presents the championship trophy to Ryan Sampson (left), Secretary of the GNRA, while officials of the two organizations look on.

t r o Sp

Stuart Broad’s six puts hosts in control

Stuart Broad

Adrian Barath unfurls a cover drive.

BBC - Six wickets from Stuart Broad put England in a strong position against West Indies on the opening

day of the first Test despite a typically obstinate innings from Shivnarine Chanderpaul.

Once again West Indies’ best batsman by a distance, 37-year-old Chanderpaul made an unbeaten 87 as they battled to 243-9 on an attritional day at Lord’s. He survived a number of close lbw shouts as well as the dreadful run-out of Darren Bravo to flourish despite Broad’s excellent display. After playing second fiddle to James Anderson in the morning, Broad returned to end the day with 6-72 in conditions that offered movement both in the air and off the pitch. If at times it was a gentle start to the Test summer, England left the field content with their haul in a series that the bookmakers expect them to win at a canter. The hosts handed a first Test cap to 22-year-old Jonny Bairstow and picked fellow Yorkshireman Tim Bresnan ahead of Graham Onions and Steven Finn, while West Indies brought in fast bowler Shannon Gabriel for the injured Ravi Rampaul.

Shivnarine Chanderpaul plays a paddle. After Andrew Strauss won the toss and decided to bowl on a fresh, cloudy day, Anderson - newly crowned England player of the year removed opener Kieran Powell for just five with a beauty that came back significantly into the lefthander and clipped the top of off stump. Kirk Edwards was lbw for one, playing round a fast, full one from the same bowler, but the tourists began to mount a stern defence through the application of diminutive opener Adrian Barath and the much-heralded Darren Bravo. Barath arrived in England with a reputation as a shot-maker but he was content to dig in as his side took lunch on 83-2, only for Anderson to send him

packing for 42 after the restart with a sharp parry and catch at gully off Broad. Veteran Chanderpaul went into the game averaging 66 at Lord’s and began with elan, but refused Bravo’s call for a single to square leg early in the afternoon session that ended with both players at the striker’s end. Bravo had looked good for his 29, his batting style an uncanny echo of his cousin Brian Lara. But he was given no chance by his senior partner, and both looked on as Graeme Swann collected Matt Prior ’s wayward relayed throw and removed the bails. Bravo trudged off the pitch with bat trailing, brow furrowed, leaving Chanderpaul to play the role he has made his own in the

18 years since his Test debut: dropping anchor and accumulating with minimal fuss. Anderson thought he had Chanderpaul lbw when he shouldered arms to another vicious inswinger, only for a referral to come to his aid. To the naked eye it appeared to be hitting middle and off, but Hawk-Eye had it missing off and Chanderpaul survived to flourish. His fifty - his 60th in Test cricket - came up off 102 balls and, as the ball lost the last of its shine and shape, he began to attack in tandem with an increasingly punchy Marlon Samuels. The fifth-wicket partnership was up to 81 when Samuels aimed an expansive drive at Broad, found a thick outside edge (Continued on page 27)

Carl Cort Ready for Reggae Boyz Challenge Pg. 30

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