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Dangerous defence The decision to inject a racial motive into the protest against the Jagdeo-issued radio licences represents a return to the age old policy of divide and rule and one of seeking to make people once more take stands on issues in this country along racial lines. It also indicates that the government is desperate to have the criticisms stop. It knows that the people of this country are not comfortable with the race issue. Shortly before he demitted office, the then President Bharrat Jagdeo made good on a 2006 election campaign promise to liberalise radio. Of course the radio issue haunted the political landscape with the opposition constantly referring to the ruling party’s control of the airwaves. They pointed to the fact that given the ubiquitous nature of radio the denial of access to opposition views was nothing short of an abuse of power. Indeed, the opposition when it was time for the elections, would be granted limited time but the government had the option of almost all-day use of the radio to counter what the opposition would have said and to propagate its views. The international community from time to time would call on the government to liberalise radio. At the time, research showed that Guyana was perhaps the only country in the democratic world with one radio station and that radio station being in the hands of the state. From time to time the government would seek to justify the radio station in Government hands citing the Rwanda experience. But the proponents of radio liberalization pointed to all the other countries that had more than one radio station. Liberalising radio was seen as a good thing until the nation decided to examine the manner of the liberalization. Three entities, all of them closely related to President Jagdeo were granted five frequencies. The others were granted one frequency each. It was this apparent bias in relation to the allocation that sparked the protest. There were criticisms from regional bodies, not least one of the most influential newspapers in the region—the Trinidad Express—, from the United States Government and from some of the people who had applied for radio licences about a decade ago but who were not considered. The government sought to justify the allocation of the radio frequencies by contending that President Jagdeo had executive powers and could therefore make decisions in keeping with those powers. The Cabinet Secretary said that contrary to the arguments, President Jagdeo issues the licences under the controlling Post and TelegraphAct which was in force at the time. The Broadcast Act which followed would not have allowed the allocation of the frequencies in the manner President Jagdeo did because there were stipulations. But there was still; the issue of a promise to former President Desmond Hoyte and another to Opposition Leader Robert Corbin that no new licence would be issued until there was a BroadcastAct in place. It would seem that the government has run out of acceptable justifications so the focus has shifted to racial considerations. The Attorney General knows that he cannot defend the release of the radio frequencies. To suggest that it spanned the racial divide and included people across the coast does not hold water. It is a matter of fact that the people given the bulk of the frequencies are people of Indian ancestry therefore to attack the inequitable distribution of the frequencies cannot be done without a focus on the people who have been granted the frequencies. Anyone who attacks the government runs the risk of being accused of racism given that the government is Indianoriented, and given that the leaders are mainly of Indian ancestry. This is not to say that efforts have not been made to use this argument in the face of attacks against the government. The truth is that the allocation of the frequencies in the manner it was done is indefensible and for the government to use red herrings is merely to detract from the real issue. The sad thing is that this attempt at a defence is dangerous.

Tuesday May 14, 2013

Letters... Where your views make the news

Award or not, Mr. Burnham contributed to helping end apartheid in South Africa DEAR EDITOR, I am compelled to make a few comments on Mr. Dennis Wiggins’ letter ‘The South Africa Government’s initial decision has proven to be a terrible miscalculation’ Kaieteur News, 9th May 2013. My concern with this letter is its dishonesty. Mr. Wiggins is saying the totality of a person should be judged when dealing with a specific issue. I can say to Mr. Wiggins his closeness to the Rodney family makes him incapable of being impartial to the matter of the PNC Founder Leader Mr. Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham receiving the O.R. Tambo Award. But I would like to say to Mr. Wiggins that he must use this closeness not only to blame Mr. Burnham for Dr. Walter Rodney’s death but to call on the PPP administration to begin the independent Commission of Inquiry the parliament in 2005 voted for by the PNC. I can stoop to Mr. Wiggins’ level and engage in name calling, because as he wants to call those who are saying Mr. Burnham should get the award “apologists,” he can be called a profiteer of Dr. Rodney’s death, because all he has done is say Mr. Burnham is responsible for Dr. Rodney’s death but he is not calling for the government to start the inquiry. I would want to be put on public record that I think those accusing Mr. Burnham for Dr. Rodney’s death do not want an inquiry for fear of what it would reveal and what they will have to say under oath of their role in the politics of the 1970s and 1980s. The PNC is being accused of Mr. Rodney’s death, but it was the PNC that hired overseas experts to examine how he met his death and had the matter tried in court. The government of the PNC did all this and the WPA condemned them all. When WPA Member of Parliament Ms. Sheila Holder brought this motion to Parliament to have an independent inquiry into Mr. Rodney’s death it was supported by the PNC MPs. hen WPA Member of Parliament Ms. Sheila Holder brought this motion to Parliament to have an independent inquiry into Mr. Rodney’s death it was supported by the PNC MPs. It was Dr. Rodney’s son, Shaka, who did a one-man protest in front of State House during Dr. Cheddi

Jagan’s Government calling for an inquiry into his father’s death. I noticed how proud Mr. Wiggins feels about the support Dr. Rodney has around the world and in South Africa and his jubilation that the award to Mr. Burnham is deferred. I would like to advise Mr. Wi g g i n s t o s t o p t h i s jubilation and not waste the support by encouraging these “progressives” to mount a campaign and call

on the Government of Guyana to conduct independent inquiry into Dr. Rodney’s death. I have been in politics too long to know when people are serious, bluffing or piggybacking on a situation for their own interest, to get their day in the sun. The truth always prevails, but I am not s u r e i f D r. R o d n e y ’s supporters want this truth made public. Let us wait and see if a campaign will start

and not stop until an independent commission is appointed to inquire into Dr. Rodney’s death. Mr. Wiggins’ reference to some effort to look at if former president Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo is deserving of his doctorate is not the same as looking at if Mr. Burnham is deserving of the O.R. Tambo Award. The Tambo Award has specific criteria to qualify and under these (Continued on page 23)

Let the truth be told: Now is the time for the AFC DEAR EDITOR, For its entire life since independence, Guyana has little to show to demonstrate it has evolved as a nation, thanks to the misrule of the PPP and the PNC. Annual rates of population growth have averaged less than one per cent, yet countries that started this race of economic development after us are now at the front of the pack when we are still one of the poorest in the Western Hemisphere. Guyana is not on the road to meet all the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) notwithstanding that it has above average financial and technical support from the international community. Poverty is on the rise again, child mortality has not reduced by two-thirds as promised by the PPP, while the maternal mortality rate in Guyana remains relatively high. Too many of our people remain poor, too many children and mothers are dying at childbirth but yet we have money to build the Marriott Hotel but not to fix the basic healthcare system. We have money to build a new airport with only one airline (Caribbean Airlines) to service the more than 500,000 Guyanese in the Diaspora but not to rebuild the road on the East Bank of Berbice. We have money to build a new Specialty Hospital, but the government has poorly managed the public hospitals which are understaffed and without adequate medical supplies. The world lifted Guyana’s debt relief that moved our debt burden from over 209 percent of the GDP in 2001 to just 60 percent of the GDP in 2007. This was a golden opportunity to invest in job creation projects. Instead the PPP regime has invested in projects that benefit their business buddies and which hired foreigners rather than Guyanese workers. There are serious social and economic challenges in the form of high crime rates,

incessant corruption, and high youth unemployment. While this is a pretty abysmal picture, it is not drawn in permanent ink. Changes could still be made to improve the lives of the masses. The PNC and the PPP have had 50 years combined and were unable to bring about any change for the better in Guyana. We proudly say let the truth be told, now is the time for the AFC. An AFC government would make the development of Guyana its number one priority We believe that Guyana could break the vicious cycle of chronic crimes, corruption and poverty if it has a government that will implement and sustain credible reforms, supported by all. This requires a comprehensive economic programme and a deficit reduction strategy - without compromising social expenditure - to attack poverty, child and maternal mortality and improve the quality of education delivery. As we see it, Guyana needs a government that will grapple with the short-term economic vulnerabilities of borrowing more and running up an unsustainable deficit; basically not living within their means. But even more importantly, Guyana needs a government that will start to address the deep-rooted structural impediments to sustain stronger economic growth. For example, the country needs a new tax system that is fair and predictable; instilling confidence and promoting investment and employment. Both the PPP and the PNC/ APNU had their chance to develop such a programme and they failed Guyana. Isn’t it time for the people to try the AFC model as outlined in its Action Plan. Our reading of the utterances of Moses Nagamootoo and Nigel Hughes clearly revealed two mature and deep thinking and sincere leaders who are ready to build support (Continued on page 23)

How quickly we forget DEAR EDITOR, How quickly we forget. The death of a minibus passenger after being beaten by a conductor is almost all but forgotten by most, except maybe for a few (yours truly included), and his family and friends. I find it ridiculous that many persons sat in that bus and didn’t intervene in any way. All of those on the bus should be ashamed of themselves for not going to the aid of a fellow passenger. The fact that a conductor could actually feel empowered to commit such an action points to his confidence in the fact that no one would confront him or intervene. It really

says a lot about the character of those in the bus and it is a reflection of how low many persons have sunk. It is truly sad that many persons feel no compunction to assist a fellow human being attacked senselessly. Even a pet dog would not stand by and watch his master or mistress being attacked. My sympathies go out to the family and friends of the deceased, and I really hope they find a nice cellmate (the key word being “mate”) for the conductor who did this, eventually. And those passengers who watched this unfold… shame on all of you! Paul Mc Adam

Tuesday May 14, 2013

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

Our country needs a rebirth of leadership and representation DEAR EDITOR, With the ever increasing number of young people who are leaving learning institutions all across Guyana, what is assured and is of absolute certainty is the unavailability of work for them to do. Government has failed to show and convince us that employment and job creation for young people of this country is of great importance to them. Many people in Guyana especially young people are without jobs. It is incumbent for policy makers to find a coordinated response to reversing this dreaded conundrum that is plaguing our youths. I urge government and opposition to merge their ideas to attract foreign investments for the creation of job opportunities for young people. I advocate for government to establish coordinated retraining activities to help young people bridge the skills gap that is needed and those that are caused by extended bouts of joblessness. Government and policymakers, if they are serious about unemployment that is affecting this beautiful land, need to rethink their strategies and engage in three primary areas that are crucial to employment generation. According to the International Labour Organization director general Guy Ryder, “countries like Guyana and others in various parts of world that are seriously being affected by unemployment of young people need to (1) have injections of public investment into job creating initiatives while private funding remains shy. (2) By addressing rising labour market mismatch problems through retaining and reskilling programs and finally by focusing actions on youth joblessness. We need to allow for the benefits of our youths, and Guyana as a whole, for good governance and good sense prevail over the din of political rhetoric to unearth workable and practical solutions to help remedy this dire situation our youths, through no fault of their own, are faced with. I am convinced, although I have no statistical evidence

to back it up, that more than half of the students from high school, technical institutes and the University of Guyana are unemployed and unable to find a job I was hopeful that with the new makeup of the parliament, and the consciousness of government, the shaded views of the true realities the youths of this country are being faced with would have been known and addressed, even if, at a sloth’s pace. We were even more confident that the opposition, being the custodian of the majority in the tenth parliament, would have been more relentless and forceful

in their pursuit to expose and speak out against this high level of corruption and visible ethic of greed in government that is affecting our collective lives as Guyanese. I believe we need a rebirth of leadership and representation that possesses the fortitude to fully vindicate our values, particularly our rights and opportunities for the poor, and others who are most at risk. Valued efforts must be deployed by these leaders to end racial discrimination that is evident and does exist in our land despite the efforts by government and some in the media, to deny its existence. To say it doesn’t

exist, is to lie to our children and ourselves. The libel suit against Mr. Kissoon provided this nation and all those who were stubborn to accept, too much information some would say, about this distasteful reality in our country. This is nothing but a betrayal of the Guyanese trust, its confidence and its motto. It is my belief that our communal values, our social solidarity and sense of mutual responsibility should express themselves not just in churches, mosque, and temples, not just in within our neighbourhoods, towns or regions where we live. It

Developing a culture of positive interaction DEAR EDITOR, I continue to be distressed by the negative expressions by so many writers in such voluminous letters in the press. Do these people really feel that such a strategy will contribute to solving any of the countless problems that they refer to, or will they serve to harden the positions of their imagined adversary - the elected government - and so move us further from any solutions? I concede that these

personalities do seem to be genuinely concerned about the development of our country, and impress with their ability to use the language to promote their points of view. Would it then not be of better advantage to all of us if they should use this interest and skill to try to develop a channel through which they could liaison with the authorities on the matters about which they feel so

strongly, most of which I myself do feel need to be urgently addressed? I propose that such a strategy would certainly evoke a favourable reception by those they now condemn, and should contribute to the development of a culture of positive interaction which would have a greater chance of solving the burning issues which continue to hamper our progress. Roy Paul

should not be expressed only in our place of work or within a particular racial grouping or within our families but also through our government. I wish if there wasn’t an empathy deficit in our policy makers, because it is difficult to imagine that those in power would be willing to offer their mothers and fathers who would have worked and fought to preserve our independence a paltry pension, knowing it is insufficient to cushion this high cost of living. It is difficult to believe that these policy makers would not care that their children who are

skilled and qualified are without work. Enlightenment thinkers like Hobbes and Locke suggested that free men would have formed governments as a bargain to ensure that one man’s freedom did not become another man’s tyranny; that they would sacrifice individual licence to better preserve their liberty. We as young Guyanese need those liberties and freedom to work in our own land and contribute to our country’s social and economic development. Jermaine Figueira

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Attorney General introduces race in radio frequency protest

Tuesday May 14, 2013

Education Ministry spearheads strategic workshop to bolster TVET

- dub media reports “racial profiling” “Ethnicity has been made an issue,” said Attorney General, Anil Nandlall, yesterday as he offered the ruling People’s Progressive Party’s view on the issuance of radio licences in 2011. Nandlall was at the time addressing a PPP press conference at Freedom House, Robb Street, Georgetown, yesterday. He said that the move by former President, Bharrat Jagdeo, to issue radio licences was in fact the discharging of a 2006 manifesto promise to break the monopoly on radio which was held by the State. Nandlall, who is also the Minister of Legal Affairs, said that permission was granted to a wide cross-section of individuals. “We did not give one or two permissions to operate in this sphere, we granted approximately 10 permissions...When one examines the grantees one would see that they spread from Essequibo to Berbice, to Linden; so there is geographic evenness in the distributions of the licences.” Nandlall is of the firm view that the manner in which the issuance of radio licences is being portrayed in sections of the media is one that speaks to “racial profiling”. He expressed the view that “a deliberate impression is being conveyed that only persons of a certain ethnicity have been granted pick up the newspaper and you see only one ethnicity of persons whose photographs appear in articles relating to this issue.” This state of affairs, according to Nandlall, is an unfortunate practice by some media houses and in fact amplifies irresponsibility when press freedom is considered.

Attorney General, Anil Nandlall However, while acknowledging that there were articles published with photographs of all of the licencees, Nandlall failed to comment on the fact that other articles that were published with the photographs of a selected few were intended to emphasise that they were the recipients of multiple frequencies. Those that were granted multiple frequencies have been identified as the “friends” of the former President who coincidentally are all of one ethnicity, hence allowing for Nandlall’s deduction. But according to him, the articles have in fact served to “convey a distinct impression to the public that there was racial profiling and ethnic profiling in the granting of licences in relation to radio” even as he sought to emphasise that four Indo Guyanese and five NonIndo Guyanese were granted radio licences. Nandlall was at pains to say that the PPP, and by

extension the Government, will continue to be committed to freedom of expression even in the face of growing criticism. “I wish to restate that we have a long legacy and a proud history of protecting and preserving freedom of expression and freedom of the press in all its manifestations and forms,” said Nandlall. He added too that the PPP’s history in this regard can in fact be traced to January 1, 1950, when the party was formed. “...At a previous forum I had explained that we can personally relate to the denial of freedom of expression because we had been a victim of a denial of newsprint to print our party’s newspaper.” The matter then, he said, was taken to the courts which found that the PPP was not denied its freedom of expression. “We understand the importance of freedom of expression and hence from 1992 to 2011 you would have seen under this administration the establishment of over 20 private television stations stretching from one end of this country to another,” stressed Nandlall. He also alluded to the advent of two additional new daily newspapers and “you would have observed that the entities that sprung up under this administration, some of them have not been generally supportive of this administration...In fact some of these very operatives have been highly critical of this administration but this administration has never sought to use executive power to impose punitive sanction in an unreasonable and unlawful fashion...” added Nandlall.

A section of the gathering yesterday Strategic moves have been engaged by the Ministry of Education to develop a National Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) plan, which is expected to lend to practical improvement within the sector by 2020. This was the highlight of a TVET workshop which commenced yesterday at the National Centre for Educational Resource Development (NCERD). The workshop will culminate tomorrow. At an opening ceremony at the Kingston, Georgetown venue, it was amplified that although Guyana has been recording outstanding performances in the area of TVET, moves are currently apace to further improve not only the delivery of courses in this regard but also the performance of students. This venture comes on the heels of moves by the Caribbean Examination Council, last year, to identify two local students among the top five Regional performing candidates in this area. Minister of Education Priya Manickchand,

underscored that Guyana is currently in a good place to implement recommendations that are expected to emanate from the workshop. This is possible, she noted, since the ground work has already been laid for TVET “to really take off in Guyana.” “We have, as a country, recognised the need for a more proactive movement in the area of technical vocational education as a result of which we have built institutions and we have signed on to the programme for doing TVET,” said the Minister. The vision for TVET, according to her, is one that was envisioned by the People’s Progressive Party Administration which will be brought to fruition by the Education Ministry. The vision of the TVET structure, she added, will cater to the needs of the nation’s children as it relates to “what is going to happen to our children? What they are going to be exposed to? Where they are going to work? What kind of skills they are going to have?”

She implored the modest gathering of technical experts within the Ministry to not have the workshop be reduced to merely a “talk shop” but rather be one to adopt practical thinking to the local situation. “Don’t just theorise about what’s good and what the world is moving to...but how will it work in Guyana with our resources as well as with our lack of resources and that is what must be placed on the table for every single topic.” It is the view of the Minister that while TVET is not where it is supposed to be at this point there is a great deal that can be done to change this state of affairs. Currently, technical vocational subjects are offered in all secondary schools and primary tops across Guyana, and according to the Minister one of the key elements of TVET should be to instil in students the desire to pursue further studies in this regard. It is imperative that when students leave school they are certified and competent in areas that they have been trained and become eligible to operate in the workforce, said Manickchand, who also challenged the gathering at the workshop to find ways to attract females to the (Continued on page 10)

Tuesday May 14, 2013

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Tuesday May 14, 2013

Tuesday May 14, 2013

Hopes have been raised too many times that change is in the air for the University of Guyana. However, no substantive change is likely to emerge at the University of Guyana itself. No change is likely to emerge because of policy reformation or changes in personnel on campus. The University of Guyana has gone down these roads before. Nothing has been altered. It is presumed that the problem at the University of Guyana is finances. It has been said that if the financial situation at UG is fixed the problems there will be rectified. While it is true that with financial resources a great deal more can be done, it will take much more than financial stability to fix the University of Guyana. What the University of Guyana needs is a change of philosophy. By now it should have been recognized that there is a limit, a very low limit, to what the government can afford to spend on tertiary education relative to what is spends at other tiers of the educational system. Too small a fraction of the population accesses tertiary education and this is compounded by the fact that the expenditure on a single campus is disproportionate when compared to the overall

Kaieteur News

educational Budget. In such a situation, something has to give. The only way that the University of Guyana is going to be able to raise the resources that are necessary to improve teaching and output is by moving progressively towards greater cost recovery. The reality has to be faced that there are more important priorities in the educational system that demand just as much resources as the University of Guyana is gobbling up at the moment. Therefore the only solution would be for the University of Guyana to move in the direction of charging students fees which bear a closer resemblance to the cost of delivery. And this is why there has to be a change of philosophy because whenever the need for greater resources is mentioned, all eyes turn towards the government and not towards the students. Well, that has to change and those students who believe that they will get a good quality education paying US$800 per year had better start thinking again. With that sort of level of fees, the University of Guyana is always going to be dependent on the government, as was the case recently when it had to be bailed out from some expenses it had.

Dem boys seh...

Ah Kneel jockeying fuh position in Donald camp Something going on in de party and people watching. When Bharrat was president, and de party had press conference Rob Earth was de man. He use to be de main spokesman after Donald. Anything, from elections to agriculture was Rob Earth. Now Donald is de president and dem boys notice that is a different man doing de talking. Ah Kneel talking bout everything. He talking bout budget, he talking bout Amaila, he talking bout plane and now he talking bout radio licence. Of course, de man step up fuh defend Donald big time but dem boys seh that he got he aim. Donald refuse to sign two opposition Bills and Ah Kneel seh that Donald right. He proppa talk bout that. But was de radio licence that he try fuh excel. It look like if he dancing pun one foot in Donald camp and de other foot in Bharrat camp. Dem boys seh that when a man can dance like that he got to be some acrobat and he mekking sure that he keep out Rob Earth. And that is how he come up wid de new excuse that people talking race when dem criticize wha Bharrat do wid de radio licence. Well dem boys want tell he that he excuse can’t hold water much less hold weight. Nobody ain’t believe that. Of course one set of people get all de cake then when people talk dem can only talk bout who get de cake. Is de same thing if dem get de biggest share of de cake. De truth is that not Donald, not de Lunch Man, not Ah Kneel can defend de radio licence. Dem shame and dem got to talk because nuff people talking. De Americans talking, de Trinidadians talking, de International Press talking and of course, everybody in Guyana talking. Ah Kneel got to talk bout wha Donald plan to do wid some of Bharrat people in de party. He sidelining couple of dem already. Talk half and watch how Donald does kick.

The entire financing arrangement has to change with greater emphasis on cost recovery. But this issue of cost recovery has been a political hot potato ever since Desmond Hoyte in 1991 indicated that cost recovery will have to be introduced at the University of Guyana. No government wants to deal with the political fallout of such a decision and therefore they keep postponing greater cost recovery at UG. In the meantime, tuition is mainly being funded under an extremely generous student loan arrangement offered by the government. It is believed that more than 90 per cent of the students on campus have student loans. And it is known that some eighty per cent of those who

graduate from the University of Guyana leave Guyana seeking greener pastures. So what is the state of play as regards the repayment of these loans? Is the government being repaid for the billions of dollars in student loans that are taken each year? Or will this end up being like the Clico fiasco where the government spent hundreds of millions bailing out that defunct entity? Given the multitude of reforms that are required to take place simultaneously, the only way for the University of Guyana to be r e vamped into a viable institution is for it to be closed down for two years while the reforms are set in motion. Without the closure for two years, the University of Guyana will limp from crisis

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to crisis and ultimately collapse. The World Bank can put billions into improving the facilities at the University of Guyana. That is not going to help until such time as the University is put on a sustainable financial footing. And no s u c h f o o t i n g i s possible until the issue of cost recovery is settled. Settling this issue of cost recovery requires political will and no party wants to take the bull by the horn. No party wants to attract the political fallout that will come from having to ask students to pay much more. And so UG will continue in its ways and nothing will change from that end. Change is however coming. It is coming through

technology and when that change comes, the University of Guyana will be ill- prepared for it. UG will be muscled out of its place of prominence as the country’s tertiary institution. Private universities are going to overrun the University of Guyana. And all those students who like to complain that they cannot afford to pay the stateowned institution, will find the money to pay the private universities that will pop up offering the same programmes offered at Turkeyen.

‘Black Robe’ for National Gallery, Castellani House The National Gallery presents an AustralianCanadian production, ‘Black Robe’ (1991), in its Classic Tuesdays programme today at 18:00 hours at its Castellani House premises, Vlissengen Road, Georgetown. The film’s running time is 1 hour 41 minutes. Admission is free. Acclaimed Australian director, Bruce Beresford, tells this story which begins in the early French settlement of Quebec, in 1634, where Catholic missionaries are seeking to reestablish contact with their brothers sent to convert the distant Huron

tribe. Founder of the settlement, Samuel de Champlain, chooses young Jesuit priest, Father La Forgue, to find the Hurons. He embarks on his journey in the wilderness in winter, accompanied by a young non-Jesuit, Daniel, who soon falls in love with the daughter of Chomina, the leader of the Algonguin Indians who are accompanying the two Europeans on the trip. The Indians later abandon La Forgue, encouraged to believe that he is a devil; Daniel follows them, unable to be parted from Annuka, and the priest resigns himself to

dying alone in the wilderness. When some of the Indians return to continue the journey with him, they are attacked and captured by the Iroquois, leading to torture and death within the party. There is the courage of Annuka in an attempt to save them all. Their later discovery of the French mission and the last of the Hurons is ironic, even as La Forgue tries to fulfill his mission by converting the remnants of the community. The film was shot on location in Quebec, in dramatic landscapes of mountains and river territory,

by director Beresford, considered the best of the Australian New Wave directors of the late 70’s and 80’s (The Getting of Wisdom and Breaker Morant); his later films Tender Mercies (1983) and Driving Miss Daisy (1989), earned him a Best Director nomination and a Best Film award from the American Academy awards. ‘Black Robe’, which won several Canadian film awards, is considered one of the best of his later works, meticulously researched into indigenous cultures and with the use of three native Indian languages during the film.

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday May 14, 2013

Freddie Kissoon Column

Has President Ramotar got legitimate expectations? Saturday evening I was in a hilarious mood in the Kaieteur News office and the source of my humour was President Ramotar’s explanation to the country why he will not sign the Bill that limits some of the benefits that former President Jagdeo literally gave himself when he demitted office. Ramotar said the Bill was a denial of a legitimate expectation. We cannot comprehend the world, life and the actions of people around us if we don’t understand context. It seems our President does not comprehend action within the ambit of context. So let’s explain context. The piece of legislation that the opposition amended was obnoxious because it awarded immense tangible things to Mr. Jagdeo without specific limitations. He could access how many household and clerical attendants he wants. It is this the legitimate expectation of a President who leaves office? Is it the legitimate expectation of a President that when his tenure is up, the State can pay for any amount of employees he wants to have? Well we know this was the way Jagdeo

thought that is why he awarded himself the limitless goodies. But for the new President to declare his belief in such an absurdity disqualifies him from holding high office. In which period of history, a leader retires and he expects that his post-retirement package would contain resources that have no caps? So Saturday evening at the KN offices I went through the list beginning with Dale Andrews. I asked him when he accepted the job as a reporter what were his legitimate expectations. Did it involve a SUV, holidays abroad, half a million dollars in monthly salary? Next I went to Michael Jordan who didn’t answer. Mike Baptiste replied that he would like to see more money in his pocket. Adam Harris didn’t respond. But we were all laughing because the legitimate explanation thing by Ramotar is not only asinine but totally unacceptable. During the hilarity, no one asked me what my legitimate expectations are. I would have started by saying that in the middle of the school year, with no complaints whatsoever by the University’s academic community, and with five

months more to go on its life, my logical, natural, legitimate expectation was that my contract would have run its course. Without being informed or given a hearing, my UG contract was terminated. Now I would give anything in the world to read the thinking of Ramotar if he is asked if I had a legitimate expectation. Let us look at the legitimate expectations of other citizens. Genevieve Whyte-Nedd thought that after acting for so long as Chief Education Officer, she would have been confirmed. She retired without that status thus receiving far less pension benefits. No further comment on this since the matter is before the courts. The Stabroek News, Kaieteur News and Mr. Enrico Woolford would have naturally thought they would be the first, not among the first, but the first to qualify for radio licence on the commonsensical note that they meet all the requirements. Somebody ain’t jamming right and hitting all the wrong notes since Hits and Jams got a radio licence before Mr. Woolford, KN and SN Perhaps the largest expression of legitimate

expectation occurred in Berbice when it was announced that there will be a bridge over the river. I heard (though I believe it was a rumour) that Berbicians brought out tassa drums, played Soca music and eat duck curry for two days and two nights. Then came the rude awakening. The bridge was so ugly that King Kong refuse to roar on it and the cost to travel across it was ten times what you would pay to get into the ferry. During the budget debate last month, the Government announced that it cannot reduce the toll because a private company owns the construction. By some weird logic a mini-bus owner is not

a private person. Whenever mini-bus operators decide to increase their fares, the Government steps in and literally bullies them against the increase. In some cases, the mini-bus owners were threatened. Let’s return to context. Mr. Ramotar in claiming legitimate expectation for Mr. Jagdeo’s retirement benefits, was also looking at the concept of legitimate expectation in an unseen context that political observers and opposition politicians have not picked up. Bharrat Jagdeo has a legitimate expectation that the person he gave the Presidency to would protect

Frederick Kissoon and safeguard the interest of his benefactor. I think any benefactor would have a legitimate expectation that his beneficiary would always remain grateful. But what is the legitimate expectation of the beneficiary? Has he got any?

Police figures show road fatalities on the rise The East Coast Demerara carriageway and Georgetown/ East Bank Demerara roads continue to be the most dangerous areas in Guyana, accounting for 24 of the 41 fatal accidents so far this year. Figures released by the Police Public Relations Department up to April 30, revealed that both roads had 11 deaths and with one other death each so far for the month of May, they remained ahead of Berbice which has chalked up 10 road fatalities so far. The total road fatality figure to date is three more

than the corresponding period last year. While the fatality figures are up, the traffic department has recorded reductions in relation to the other categories of traffic accidents serious, minor and damage up to April 30. So far, motor cyclists have been the main road fatalities with eight such persons having lost their lives at the end of April 2013. In addition, seven pedestrians, seven pedal cyclists, six drivers and five passengers of motor vehicles also lost their lives. Speeding continues to be a major contributory factor to

fatal accidents. It was the cause of 26 of the 34 fatal accidents recorded at the end of April 2013. Traffic enforcement by the police during the period January to April 2013 resulted in a whopping 29,047 cases being made against errant motorists; of this total 7,689 cases were for speeding. Private cars accounted for the most road deaths with 14, followed by motorcycles with nine, motor lorries, eight; pedal cycles, seven and minibus with six. An ambulance accounted for one road death so far this year.

Education Ministry spearheads... From page 6 area of TVET. Also speaking at yesterday opening was Assistant Chief Education Officer in the area of TVET, Patrick Chinedu, who in detailing an improvement plan for TVET by 2020, underscored that 50 per cent of jobs around the world are related to TVET. As such he noted that it is certainly not merely an alternative path of study. He made reference to the fact that although children are known to learn at varying rates there are various ways that they can do so. “We know that TVET provides a venue for persons to start that lifelong learning...we predict therefore when these children are given the opportunity they can

come back to the general education stream and then progress to any level of education they can have in their life.” The commencement of the workshop also saw President of the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association, Clinton Williams, underscoring that the rate of any country’s economic development is inextricably linked to its productivity and international competitiveness. This, he said, can effectively help to build a competent workforce. As such he noted that the current project document of TVET refers to its vision of education for employment, while its mission statement alludes to conceptualisation

and coordination, delivery of modular competency based education training in order to create and sustain a workforce that is accredited to be internationally competitive. He is therefore optimistic that the workshop will realise the deliverables emanating from the workshop inclusive of implementation of education training programmes across the country for both formal and non-formal education institutions, the implementation of a national strategy of assessment and certification and implementation of quality assurance guidelines for Guyana to be recognised as an accreditation body for the Caribbean Vocational Qualification, among others. The three-day workshop will be facilitated by expert Consultant Paulette Dunn-Pierre and associates from her c o m p a n y D u n n -Pierre Barnett and Associates of the Caribbean Region, who were on hand yesterday to detail the proposed agenda for the workshop.

Tuesday May 14, 2013

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City Hall Councilors walk out statutory meeting as Sooba remains Town Clerk

Several members of the Georgetown Mayor and City Council staged a walk out yesterday as the Council convened its regular statutory meeting. Of the 30 Council members that make up the constituted body, 12 were in attendance, but nine walked out as a means of demonstrating their unwillingness to work with Town Clerk (ag) Carol Sooba. For some time now, there has been an ongoing feud between the acting Town Clerk and some members of the Council. When the meeting was called to order, Mayor Hamilton Green highlighted that there were several Councilors who expressed their unwillingness to work with Sooba.

This led to one Councilor, Llewellyn John, requesting that the Major name those Councilors who were refusing to work with the Town Clerk. This however did not occur. But a short while later, the members began making their way to the exit doors; leaving only three Council members at the table; John, Junior Garrett and Ferdinand Bacchus. The meeting could not continue since the three Councilors alone did not constitute a quorum for the statutory meeting. Mayor Hamilton Green said yesterday that the Councilors’ walk out emanated from a series of events. The most recent, he said, is when Sooba tried to reverse votes from a previous

meeting. “Minutes of a previous statutory meeting related to the motion by Councilor John. The Town Clerk sought to reverse the vote count- a clear falsehood and deception.” Another instance he noted, was when the Local Government Minister requested a representative of the Council to sit on the interview panel for the Town Clerk position, Sooba alleged that she was instructed by Minister within the Local Government Ministry, Norman Whittaker, that, “the representative should come from among the administration (her staff).” This the Mayor said, proved a total untruth, since the Minister denied giving Sooba any such instructions.

Rice farmers being paid $2.5B in advance

Government is recommitted to ensuring rice farmers do not suffer as far as payments are concerned, according to the General Secretary of the Guyana Rice Producers’ Association (GRPA), Dharamkumar Seeraj, during a press conference yesterday. He explained that during a recent meeting with the Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy, and rice farmers in Essequibo, several measures were outlined. According to Seeraj, one of the problems highlighted was to have an advance available to the millers but payable only to farmers. “This would see the oversight of GRPA in ensuring that the cheques that are made is given to rice millers based on the amount of paddy that they would have purchased on a ratio basis,” the General Secretary explained. He added that the payment will be authorized and approved by the GRPA in conjunction with the rice board to ensure that the $2.5B that is being made available

General Secretary of the Guyana Rice Producers’ Association (GRPA), Dharamkumar Seeraj on a loan basis to the millers, is paid to farmers. The purpose of the advance is to improve the cash flow situation and to ensure that it goes directly to the farmers. “We also have different

teams looking at different aspects of problems. We have one team looking at the grades that were given to farmers and the other team looking at the time of making advanced payment from the time of purchase.” Seeraj said that it is a burning issue for the government to ensure that the rice sector itself, which plays a dominant role now in terms of the overall economy as a sustainable industry, does not suffer in any way from whatever hiccups would have occurred. “The current crop that we are harvesting (about to complete in some regions) is the largest crop. It’s just about 202,000 acres which means productivity has improved.” Two weeks ago, the Venezuela Food Minister, Felix Osoria and Dr. Ramsammy, signed off on agreements guaranteeing the export of rice. The agreement to export rice was a deal secured by the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Driver charged with causing death A man who told the court that he is a minibus conductor was yesterday charged with causing death by dangerous driving. The man Leroy Benn, 22, of 23 Alness, Corentyne, Berbice, appeared before Magistrate Adela Nagamootoo at the New Amsterdam Magistrate’s Court and was placed on $250,000. Benn is accused of driving motor car PMM 9379 in a manner dangerous to the public thus causing the death of Chandranand Singh called

“Lako” of Williamsburg Corentyne, Berbice. This happened around 21:30 hours on January 19, last, at Gibraltar Public Road, Corentyne, Berbice. A file was prepared and sent to the DPP for advice. It was subsequently returned and the accused was arrested and charged. According to reports, the 212 Toyota motor car was proceeding in the direction of New Amsterdam behind another vehicle when it is alleged that the vehicle in

front suddenly applied brakes, swerved and continued on its way. Benn had told investigators that he was suddenly confronted with a pedestrian in the middle of the road and hit him. The pedestrian was rushed to the New Amsterdam hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Benn who is being represented by Attorney at Law Ryan Crawford will have to return to the Albion Magistrate’s Court.

Green said that when the Town Clerk position was vacant in July of last year, the Mayor and Councilors did not identify Sooba but she was placed by the Local Government Ministry despite the Councilors’ disapproval. He said, nonetheless, that the Council sought to cooperate with the Town Clerk and was willing to establish a harmonious relationship. “However, it soon became clear that this was not possible since the Town Clerk (ag) is consistently flouting decisions of Council and obviously wish to manage the affairs of Council like a dictator.” This, the Mayor continued, culminated in a very disrespectful and insubordinate letter in reply to a request made for a meeting of all staff to discuss the Restoration of Georgetown. The letter resulted in the Mayor demanding the immediate removal of the acting Town Clerk. A meeting was also held on April 15 with the Local Government Minister, where three issues emerged; that the Town Clerk should withdraw the memo and apologize to the Mayor, that a new Town Clerk would be identified and that the Town Clerk should only deal with the media on administrative matters and recommended more use of the Council’s Public Relations Officer. Despite this, the Town Clerk is yet to apologize or withdraw the letter. She also called a press meeting on

Georgetown Mayor Hamilton Green May 10, notifying the Mayor only half an hour prior and discussed matters that were currently under consideration by the Council. In these circumstances the Mayor noted, “Councilors feel strongly that we could not go on. The person is not only arrogant and disrespectful, but is a mendacious.” Some Councilors are on the other hand quite upset over their colleagues walking out of the meeting. They expressed disapproval saying that while the Councilors have a right to express their dissatisfaction about Sooba remaining as Town Clerk they cannot impede on the work of the Council whose agenda is to conduct the business of the city. One Councilor in fact opined that those refusing to work with Sooba should tender their resignation and allow the city’s business to go on. “We are being paid as Councilors to the city’s

Town Clerk (ag) Carol Sooba business and every time we meet it’s a bickering or an argument and our young people are the ones who feel it. We cannot have promotions (for Council staff); we cannot get anything done.” These Councilors stated that the move by the Councilors to refuse to work with Sooba and the ongoing dispute with the Town Clerk “is leaving room for the government to impose an Interim Management Committee (IMC).” The Councilors said that despite the personal or professional dispute between the Town Clerk and other agents of the Council they cannot impede on the democratic rights of the other Councilors to have their voices heard. They said that the Council’s work should not be put on hold because their action does not reflect the position of everyone sitting at the table.

Serious crimes show slight decrease at April month end The interior district has overtaken Georgetown and its environs as the murder capital of Guyana so far for the year. Up to April 30, there were 13 murders in the interior, followed by 11 in Georgetown and its environs. While figures up to the reporting period at the end of April show that there were 36 murders, a similar number for the same period last year, there have been no less than seven other murders so far for this month alone. Of the 36 murders, 14 were of the disorderly type, seven were committed during armed robberies, one was execution type, three were domestic related, while the other 11 are so far undetermined. There was an overall decrease of two percent in serious crimes for the reporting period, in comparison to the same period last year. The total number of reports of serious crimes made between January 1 and April

30, 2013 was 1,257 compared to 1,281 for the same period in 2012. Some of the offences monitored are murder, robbery under arms, robbery with violence, larceny from the person, break and enter and larceny, burglary, rape and kidnapping. According to the police at the end of April 2013 robbery under arms overall

decreased by 16 percent, with 288 reports compared to 344 for the same period in 2012. The statistics indicate a decrease of 12 percent in the number of armed robberies involving the use of firearms; and a 22 percent decrease in armed robberies where instruments other than firearms were used by the perpetrators.

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Canadian firm signs agreement to explore for bauxite in Upper Berbice Canadian-owned First Bauxite Corporation has signed an agreement with the Guyana Government to explore for bauxite in the Berbice area. According to a statement from First Bauxite yesterday, the agreement was signed in April 22 with the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment and allows the firm to apply during the next three years of the Permission for Geological and Geophysical Survey (PGGS) for up to 12 Prospecting Licences. Currently, Russian-owned UC Rusal has bauxite mining operating in Aroaima and Kwakwani, Upper Berbice River. “Once the conditions of the PGGS have been met, the Minister is obliged to grant such licences.” On October 20, 2010, First Bauxite announced that it had acquired Bauxite Corporation of Guyana Inc. (“BCGI”), which held the rights to two Tarakulli Prospecting Licences (“Tarakulli PL’s)

hosting the Tarakulli bauxite deposit in Guyana. “The two Tarakulli PL’s were initially granted on September 7, 2007. Prior to their expiration in 2011, the Company, through its 100 per cent owned local s u b s i d i a r y, Guyana I n d u s trial Minerals Inc. (“Ginmin”), applied to the Minister for a Tarakulli-Canje PGGS over a wider area which included the two former Tarakulli PL’s and has now been informed of its successful bid.” The agreement signed last month would essentially also allow Ginmin a 50-year industrial land lease over 1,197 acres of state land adjacent to the community of Sand Hills, Demerara River. “The Bonasika Sinter plant with support facilities including bauxite ore stockpiles and storage areas will be located on the lease,” First Bauxite said in its announcement. The Tarakulli bauxite deposit is located approximately 15 km west of

the Corentyne River, which is the border between Guyana and Suriname, and approximately 90 km east of the Aroaima-Kwakwani bauxite mines, which are owned and operated by UC Rusal, the world’s largest aluminum and alumina producer. The Tarakulli deposit was discovered by Reynolds Metals Company (USA) (“Reynolds Metals”) in the 1960’s based on drilling more than 700 holes on an approximate 500 x 500 m grid. The Canje deposit, some 34km northwest of Tarakulli, was also drilled by Reynolds Metals in the 1960s. First bauxite is now moving to seek financing to develop the Bonasika Mine and refractory bauxite Sinter Plant at Sand Hills on the Demerara River. First Bauxite is a Canadian natural resource company engaged in the exploration and development of bauxite deposits in Guyana but has its head office in Toronto. Bauxite production is up again after falling in the 70s due to poor world prices. It led to hardships to especially the residents of Region Ten where the bauxite deposits are. However, the administration has since managed to attract UC Rusal and Bosai, a Chinese company operating in Linden.

Tuesday May 14, 2013

There are hindrances to the learning process The first place one is taught is at home. Most toddlers know their ABCs, when to say “please”, “thank you” and “excuse me” and how to introduce themselves even before entering into the school world. Further, in the world of school, children are taught letter sounds, how to merge those sounds to form words, the correct pronunciation of words and the essentials of grammar. In addition, one is taught the social ‘DOs’ and ‘DON’Ts’ and also experiences firsthand how good relationships are fostered and maintained when dealing with teachers and fellow students. One would expect that the values and lessons taught at home and at school are intended to create an adult who is geared to take on the world and would be capable of being tomorrow’s leaders. Granted, the learning process is a never ending one. However, learning involves taking steps forward and not backward. Conversely, though, there seems to be a pressing need to reiterate to some potential leaders what should have been grasped at the school level or even at the university level. There are reports that university graduates are not doing justice to society because of poor communication.

There are cases where errors are passed on by the media or persons who ought to have known better. But there are still cases where errors in English are voiced due to mere ignorance. For example, the common difficulty one has with ensuring that their subject and verb agrees; incorrect use of tenses; the inability to determine which tense is to be used on occasions; incorrect placement of prepositions, to mention a few. Also, the use of creolese is a rather pressing case. It is understood that creolese adds colour and creates emphasis to what is being said. Hence it is perfectly accepted when a speaker uses creolese intentionally to underline a certain point. However, the unintentional use of the dialect is what is especially worrying, where one uses it when Standard English is required without being aware of the error. Also, error in the pronunciation of words is quite prevalent where ‘wardrobe’ sounds like ‘waldrove’; ‘violent’ sounds like ‘voilent’; ‘film’ is made to be ‘flim’; ‘three’ sounds like ‘tree’; ‘they’ like ‘day’; ‘there’ like ‘dare’ and the list goes on. The members of Rotary Club of Georgetown have taken it upon themselves to

improve among young people their communication skills, which extend to their use of language, by hosting a two day public speaking workshop. Marilyne Trotz, a devoted Rotarian and a vigilant supporter of the workshop calls it “the embryo of a leadership programme aimed at helping participants to prepare for assuming the role of leadership”. The workshop, at this time, facilitates the training of 40 Rotarians to “speak for success”. Emphasis is placed on correct pronunciation and grammar; speaking with confidence, vocal clarity and poise and improving social interaction skills and behavioural modes. The opportunity is also provided for the participants to practice the guidelines that are given. Also an area where young professionals need improvement in is their sense of appropriate dress for the occasion and social etiquette. They should be able to discern between what is worn to a lime as against what is worn to a formal occasion and how to choose wisely between the two. The workshop continues this Saturday with its aim to promote high ethical standards in the pursuit of a better community.

Tuesday May 14, 2013

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2030: Shared prosperity is possible in our region By Hasan Tuluy The World Bank, under the leadership of President Jim Yong Kim, has focused attention on the ambitious and demanding work to eliminate extreme poverty in the world’s population by 2030 and to increase the income of the poorest 40 percent in order to promote shared prosperity. It may sound bold, but it is possible in Latin America and the Caribbean. The region has already made significant progress in poverty reduction and the governments and economies have evolved considerably, taking the political, social and economic steps necessary to achieve them. Improving opportunities for the less fortunate has become a priority of all governments in spite of their political bent. Preliminary data for 2011 indicate that 13.3 percent of the population lived on U.S. $ 2.50 or less per day, the income threshold used by the World Bank to determine the extreme poverty in the region. This figure represents a reduction of almost 50 percent in a decade. If this feat is repeated over the next decade, the elimination of extreme poverty will be realized even sooner than the 2030 timeline projected by President Kim. Undoubtedly the governments of LAC have

much more to do for the bulk of its population living as moderately poor (17 percent) or vulnerable (35 percent). The vulnerable earn more than the poor but they lack the economic security of the middle class. It is for these segments that shared prosperity is extremely critical. This view - backed by global financial authorities in recent spring meetings of the World Bank and the IMF has led the Bank to focus on the improved provision for 40 percent of the world population with lower incomes. This means ensuring better access to basic services like education and health. Shared prosperity will of course be easier in Brazil or Mexico than in countries like Haiti, where the size of the cake is already small. Brazil has in fact, already demonstrated that it is possible to secure economic growth to become a regional power while mainly helping the poor, embracing both economic and social progress. For example, ensuring access to quality education by disadvantaged children increases its production capacity and improving social inclusion through increased employability and productivity. This in turn spurs growth, making more resources

Hasan Tuluy, World Bank Vice President for Latin America and the Caribbean available to more people, raising their quality of life. In recent years, this

virtuous circle seems to have taken root throughout the region. A recent World Bank report shows that over the last decade the incomes of the poorest segment of the population in Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Dominican Republic and Venezuela grew much faster than the income of the wealthier segments. Four key factors make this prosperity possible and sustainable: progressive taxation, efficient, transparent and effective institutions; a favorable business climate and better risk management. A good example is Uruguay. Some years ago, this South American nation has these four factors, their extreme poverty is now below 0.5

percent and its level of inequality is the lowest in the region. Working closely with Latin American and Caribbean leaders, I have seen their determination to ensure environmental sustainability. The current search for shared prosperity cannot be achieved by reducing the options of future generations. Polluted air today will undermine the health of our children. Poor sanitation today stymies growth for future generations. The region should accelerate the reform process - such as improving the quality of education and infrastructure - to improve the chances of the majority of its population. World Bank economists,

looking for a way to measure shared prosperity in the region, identified a composite index that leaves LAC lagging behind the best performing countries in the world. In fact, according to this index, if the same rate of reduction of inequality in the last decade is maintained, LAC would have to grow 7.5 percent annually per capita to close the gap with the frontrunners by 2030. This performance is well above the estimated growth of 3.1 percent per capita this year. But I’m optimistic. The region already proved that with the right combination of reforms and leadership the situation of the less fortunate can be quickly reversed. What it has done for the extreme poor, it can do again for the vulnerable.

Region 10 optimistic that Government will fulfill television licence promise Amidst the ongoing “unfair licence distribution” saga, Region 10 is optimistic that the government will follow through with their promise to grant Linden a television license. The granting will be in keeping with an agreement signed between Lindeners and the government on August 21, 2012. Region Ten Chairman, Sharma Solomon, told the media last week that he is

setting to engage the government on the granting of the licence and is looking forward to discussing other issues such as the station’s board of trustees. Solomon said that now that the budget debates are over, he hopes that the government will take an earnest approach to fulfill its promise. “Our position is that we are firm that the region will move forward regardless and show commitment towards

honouring the agreement.” He added that several persons have already been approached to partake in the processing of the station, while the region is bent on crafting and implementing its measures for advancement. Solomon had in an earlier report said that the station Management Board will include a private investor, acting in the capacity of Chief Executive Officer. Solomon also stated

earlier this year that his administration would not make another application for a broadcast licence since the region was asked to re-apply to the National Frequency Management Unit (MFMU). He said that the Regional Administration had already sent in an application, and that is the most that it was willing to do based on the understanding of the agreement that (Continued on page 24)

Tuesday May 14, 2013

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New US immigration bill could Letters... Where your views make the news Award or not, Mr. Burnham... benefit Caribbean nationals Washington, US (CMC) The United States Congress has started formal consideration of a sweeping immigration reform bill that creates a “path to citizenship” for an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants, including Caribbean nationals. The Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to finish work on the bill this week adopting Republican amendments aimed at stronger border security. The immigration bill requires the US federal government to gain almost total control of the border, authorizing money for drones, Customs and Border Protection officers and prosecution of illegal entries. Under the bill, new guest worker programmes would be established, particularly for low-skilled workers, and employers would be required to verify the legal status of all employees. In exchange, Caribbean and other immigrants now in the US without legal status would be eligible for provisional status if they paid fees, fines and taxes. They could gain legal residency 10 years after the border was declared secure. After 13 years, they would be eligible for citizenship. The eight senators in the bipartisan group that drafted the bill - four of whom are on the 18-member Judiciary Committee - were successful in fending off changes that would derail the bill. Immigration advocates and legal experts say no previous Congressional effort to change immigration law has offered such a broad, swift reprieve to immigrants deported by the US. The bill would give a legal second chance to thousands of Caribbean and other deportees without serious criminal records who have a child, parent or spouse with a green card or American citizenship. Many deportees brought to the United States before their 16th birthday would be eligible to return as well.

An amendment from Alabama Republican Senator Jeff Sessions, who is among the bill’s most vocal critics, has sought to strip out the deportee reprieve. But other opponents have welcomed it as a political godsend, describing it as such an overreach that it would make the entire immigration bill easier to defeat. Some Democrats and immigrant rights groups have pledged to defend the deportee return, characterizing it as an important step in righting a wrong. “We have had four million people deported since 2002 and close to two million since 2008,” said Angelica Salas, director of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles. “This is the only way to reunite families that have been destroyed by our outdated, broken and cruel immigration policies,” she added. The Senate bill would reduce future deportations by giving millions of immigrants in the United States

provisional legal status. But a Senate aide involved in legislative negotiations says deportees would not be granted an automatic right of return; they would have to apply. He said Caribbean and other deportees would be ineligible if they had been expelled for criminal reasons, or if they were convicted of a felony or at least three misdemeanors. The waivers would be granted at the discretion of the secretary of homeland security. Immigration lawyers, however, say that could mean approvals end up being inconsistent, adding that some immigrants would likely not trust the system that had deported them. “It’s arbitrary. It depends on who picks you up, when, and where they pick you up,” said David Leopold, general counsel for the American Immigration Lawyers Association. “So who will become eligible or ineligible in terms of illegal reentry is really luck of the draw,” he added. (CMC)

From page 4 criteria Mr. Burnham qualified. I have seen Mr. Jagdeo being given a doctorate for his contributions to social justice and the environment. You only have to follow Mr. Jagdeo’s libel suit against Mr. Freddie Kissoon, Kaieteur News and Adam Harris and look at the environment in Georgetown and around Guyana to know if he qualifies. Mr. Burnham stood in solidarity with South Africa and lent support in many ways. This cannot be

disputed and this is what the award is about. It’s a shame Mr. Wiggins for you not being able to recognise or admit the difference. I would like to say to Mr. Wiggins, Mr. Burnham’s contributions to South Africa may not be known among the people he calls “progressives.” But the leaders of the freedom fighters in South Africa, including the late Mr. Tambo, know about the support they received from Mr. Burnham and some

of it can also be found in the Hansards in the National Assembly. Award or not Mr. Burnham contributed to helping end apartheid in South Africa. When other Caribbean leaders were afraid, Mr. Burnham did not shy away from giving open support and boycotting activities when South Africa participated. “Let the Truth Prevail” B. Beniprashad Rayman Former MP and Member of the PNCR CEC

Let the truth be told: Now is the... From page 4 across political lines to progress the people’s ambitions as outlined in the National Development Strategy. Hughes has just revealed his 2020 vision and Nagamootoo has revealed his plans to engage the working class into the new developmental model to fast forward Guyana’s progress. Unlike the PPP and PNC/

APNU, the AFC leaders have signaled their intention to engage the private sector and to get them fully involved in the country’s development process. We encourage those two men to share their dreams for the masses with the people in the villages, on the culverts and at the street corners as Walter Rodney did during the 1970s. Street-side politics and meeting the people in their

communities and at their doorsteps are a sure way of gaining their support. Change is coming to Guyana. Dr. Asquith Rose and Harish S. Singh

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Kilcoy manslaughter retrial...

Defence asks that police testimony be thrown out Defence lawyer Charrandas Persaud, yesterday addressed the jury when the manslaughter trial of Wazim Mohamed, 26, called “Junior” of Mara, East Bank Berbice, continued in the Berbice High Court before Justice Dawn Gregory and a mixed jury. Mohamed is accused of killing his one time friend, Russell Nelson, 62, called ‘Josie’ of Fyrish, Corentyne Berbice on September 27, 2005 at Fyrish Corentyne, Berbice. Defence Attorney Persaud in his address stated, that there were no eye witnesses and that the prosecution only depended on circumstantial evidence which was weak. The attorney looked at the evidence of Corporal Primus Sam and asked the jury to disbelieve what the policeman said. He zeroed in on the time aspect of Sam’s evidence and wondered how in 10 minutes he could have done all that he said he did. He said that the evidence by Corporal Eon Grannum and former policeman Safraz Matadial was contradictory and very suspicious. Persaud also questioned the evidence of the other

Wazim Mohamed witnesses and asked the jury to disbelieve their story. He drew attention to the cause of death of Nelson as described by Government Pathologist Dr. Vivekanand Brijmohan as fractured skull and septicaemia. He said that Dr. Brijmohan stated that, that fractured skull could have been caused by a fall and that the septicaemia was caused by negligence which was a factor in Nelson’s death. He said that his client was in the wrong place at the wrong time and drew reference to the evidence given by Shameer

Nabbi, that on the night in question he was looking for a man without a shirt. Also testifying during the trial were Chandrawattie Mangal, Ramanan Nabbi and his wife Fazilia Nabbi, their daughter Fazila Nabbi and neighbour, Esau Mohamed. Earlier defence, Attorneyat-law Persaud had called the accused to make an unsworn statement from the docks. Mohamed told the court that on the day in question he was on the dam and had a conversation with Nelson. He then left and headed towards his home. However before he went home he stopped at his work place at Arjune’s Chicken Farm. He said he told Corporals Sam and Granum that he did not lash Nelson. “I did not beat anyone. I did not give any statement to the police. I am innocent.” Wazim Mohamed is alleged to have beaten Nelson on a dam at Kilcoy Village, Corentyne and left him in a critical condition. The man was picked up and rushed to the hospital. He died three months later on December 5, 2005. The trial continues today when the prosecutor is expected to address the jury.

Murder at K&VC Hotel…

Police launch manhunt for victim’s reputed husband As investigations continue into the brutal murder of Maryann Nauth, whose butchered body was found in a city hotel, a massive manhunt has been launched for the woman’s estranged husband. This publication was told that police ranks yesterday swooped down at a house which the man shared with his mother at Independence Boulevard, La Penitence. However they came up empty handed as the man was not there. Reports are that the man’s mother told investigators that she last saw her son early

Saturday morning and has not seen or heard from him since. Reports are that the description given to investigators by hotel staffers, strongly suggests that the woman entered the hotel with her estranged husband. Nauth, a mother of three, was discovered lying in a room at the K &VC Hotel on South Road. The woman, according to relatives, was last seen in the company of her estranged husband on Saturday night around 20:30pm. The woman’s body was discovered around 02:00 hours on Sunday.

Reports are that the woman checked into the hotel late Saturday night in the company of a man. Just before the discovery was made the man alone was seen leaving the hotel. This prompted hotel employees to check the room he had rented. There they made the gruesome discovery of Nauth’s body with a knife still stuck in the centre of her chest. There was also a photograph of a man and a woman left beside her. Initial reports also suggest that the woman’s body bore about 20 stab wounds.

Tuesday May 14, 2013

Deep water well at UGBC to help Corentyne communities The Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) is working with the University of Guyana Berbice Campus (UGBC) to advance the campus’ mission. It recently completed digging a multimillion dollar deep- water well in the compound of the Johns Campus location on the Corentyne. The well is expected to benefit the community at large with fresh, potable drinking water. UGBC Director, Professor Daizal Samad, stated that the well “provides a stable dependable source of water for experimentation purposes and drinking purposes.” He added that the well will shortly be re-activated. Water will be available free of cost to the community for drinking. “Everybody is gaining here because of GuySuCo’s collaboration with the UGBC.” Samad added that the company is also offering to the University, the use of its cricket grounds, lawn tennis

courts, and swimming pool. It has donated several garbage drums to both campuses at Johns and Tain and has landscaped the Johns campus. On Thursday, GuySuCo hosted a “Career Paths in Science” seminar at UGBC Johns campus. More than 100 students majoring in Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry, Finance and Information Technology listened to talks and interacted with Albion Estate General Manager, Mr. Dev Kumar; Albion Estate Human Relations Manager, Mr. Veemen Walter; and Mr. Hutton Griffith, Agriculture Manager. The Guysuco officials “gave them an overall sense of GuySuCo…people don’t understand fully the importance of the company’s day-to-day-life in Berbice and Guyana—big GDP [Gross Domestic Product] earner— biggest employer of workers in the Caribbean.” A system will be established shortly whereby

the company will provide internships for students. Specific degree programmes offered by UG will have an internship component. “You go into the company towards the end of your degree programme and spend three months and you are rewarded with credit hours…develop a report based on your internship and the company would then sit on the exam board…and it means that students have an inside track for job prospects”. “GuySuCo will get better and better—I am confident of that”. Prof. Samad added that shortly, the university will be meeting with the Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB), the fishermen, and the combined Chambers of Commerce. “We will be floating ideas on how we can collaborate more and what kinds of programmes that UG can mount to meet the private sector.” (Leon Suseran)

GRANDFATHER SLAPPED WITH RAPE CHARGE Collin Marks, the 54-yearold grandfather who allegedly engaged in a form of sexual act with his sevenyear-old granddaughter between May 7 and May 8 was refused bail by Magistrate Sunil Scarce, on Monday. Marks was brought to the Charity Magistrate’s Court in chains and later appeared in dock with his hands behind his back to answer to a charge of sexual

offence. The sexual offence charge was indictable and as is procedural, Magistrate Scarce cautioned Marks not to enter a plea. According to reports, Marks who resides at Westbury with his daughter and son-in-law, along with his daughter’s three young children, told the court when asked by the Magistrate, that he works sporadically at sea and sometimes in the interior.

Marks proceeded to inform the court that he was never brought before the court. Scarce however told Marks he was not inclined to grant bail to him at this stage and as such bail was refused and Marks was remanded until June10. Marks, who was unrepresented in court yesterday, is currently seeking to appeal his detention in the high court.

Region 10 optimistic that... From page 21 was signed with the NFMU. “We are saying that the agreement predates the National Broadcasting Authority.” Solomon stated if it was known that the region would have to re-apply for the licence, his administration would have never signed the agreement since at the time there was no broadcasting authority. Solomon said last week that the ongoing questionable licence distribution issue is only the tail end of a matter that existed long before former President Bharrat Jagdeo had distributed those contentious radio licences. According to him, Linden had been, for a long time, fighting to obtain a television licence and was isolated in its quest. Now the light has been shed on the licence issue and

Region Ten Chairman Sharma Solomon what appears to be an unethical distribution, stakeholders from the inception, he said, should have joined forces to tackle the licence distribution issue.

He said, “It should have been a collective voice making a collective demand.” That way, he said, the force would have been greater, likewise the voices making one call. Local media houses have however been fighting an ongoing battle for the last couple of months to have the Jagdeo-issued licence revoked, calling the distribution process biased. The former President issued some 10 licences one week before demitting office. It was revealed that several close associates of the former President, close friends, family and party associates had been issued licences. Local media houses staged several protest actions and fora of condemnation. The international community has also come on board condemning the former President’s actions.

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Tuesday May 14, 2013

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Tuesday May 14, 2013

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Overseas Professionals to host debating sessions for Muslim community - Leadership, quiz, debating and public speaking competitions amongst items

VACANCY Administrative support. Excellent English skills. Fast, accurate typist. $140K per month www. capitaltyping. com/gyjob to apply Popular 24 hour East Coast Guyoil needs day & night pump attendants, sales girl, cleaners/maintenance- Tele: 698-5559/ 684-2838 Vacancy exist for computer literate person: Apply with written application to :Manager @ Trophy stall, Bourda Market The Anna Catherina Islamic Complex (ACIC) and the Guyana United Sadr Islamic Anjuman will shortly commence a series of programs across the country aimed at preparing the Guyanese community, mainly the Muslim community, (especially young people and those currently in leadership positions) for the numerous challenges in their respective communities and further afield. The organizations will be having Leadership / Capacity Building Sessions, Debating, Quiz and Public Speaking Competitions throughout Guyana. According to Public Relations Officer, Reyaz Hussein, the leadership / capacity seminars are intended to train persons, especially young people, to effectively and efficiently function in leadership positions in their respective organizations. Sessions will be held in Berbice, Demerara and Essequibo. The first of which is scheduled for the Anna Catherina Islamic Complex. The debating competition is being organized for young people to discuss some of the many pertinent issues in the society. The topics to be

debated are: Human Rights vs Religious Rights: Is there a conflict in Islam? Islam accepts human organs donations and transplantation and Islam allows the integration of Muslims living in a nonIslamic country / environment. The Public Speaking competition, which is targeting mainly the Imams and other leaders, will allow persons to choose from the following topics: Can history, which is about the past, be of relevance to assist us in the future?; Islam states Women and men are equal ...but different; Doing what is right, is much harder than doing what is popular; If science and technology is so clever, and how come there’s still poverty in the world?. The Quiz Competition targets Makhtabs (Islamic Schools) within the country and each Jamaat /Makhtab is allowed one team to participate in the competition and each team must not exceed three persons less than 16 years. Interested Makhtabs are requested to submit the list of their team via email, to the organizations. A copy of the questions will then be made available.

The Competition will be conducted in two Stages: Preliminary Round and Semi Finals and Finals. This idea was first introduced to Guyana by Shaikh Safraz Bacchus, now Imam of Masjid Al Abdin, New York. President of ACIC, Hakeem Khan explained “that the relevance of these programs is rooted in the recognition that we live in a media-centered society. TV, radio, Internet, blogs, websites, Social Media, DVDs, newspapers, magazines…much of our days are spent communicating and/or listening. Naturally, for us to be successful and to improve the state of our respective communities, we must be able to excel in proper communication.” He further stated that many of the beautiful messages of Islam and its relevance to the present day society is lost because our Imams, Muslim Scholars and other Leaders are unable to make proper presentations and communicate with their audience effectively. The recognition that communication is an art, not a science makes people cognizant that there is no magic formula that makes

someone stand out as an orator or a writer. “There are universal rules about the art of communication just as there are universal rules about every other form of art, like painting, sculpture, and music.” The idea of these programmes came from the recent visit to Guyana of His Eminence, Huzoor Maulana Zain ul Akhtab Siddiqui who was said to be an excellent example of good and effective communicating skills. He was lauded for his ‘innovative’ ways of having interactive discourses with his audiences rather than just lectures. Facilitators will be both Muslims and nonMuslims drawn from Guyana, North America and the Caribbean. Interested persons, Jamaats and Organizations are invited to contact the organizations via email Or their respective Imams or Presidents. Non-Muslim organizations and persons interested in participating in these activities are also welcomed. For the Debating and Public Competitions, Trophies and prizes will be awarded to winners. (From page 26)

Medical Clinic seeks driver/ office assistant: Please send applications to PO Box:26022 Hair Stylist & nail technicians at TJ’s Barber shop, Grove E.B.D- contact Christine @266-0864/642-9139. Trainee refrigeration Technician call:231-0655,6838734 One experienced Legal ClerkCall:226-4283 or 624-7087 or 258-0213 Sales girl (shift) must be computer literate: Phatz Style Boutique 16E Durban Stcall:227-0501 1 full time Pharmacist: Email application to: Application deadline: Sunday May 19th, 2013

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FOR RENT Residential 2 storey concrete 5 bedroom properties in Lamaha Gardens &Eccles $1500US (neg)- contact:6876647/639-8207/223-1440 (Evenings) One furnished 2 flat fenced executive property in gated community, Roraima H/S, Versailles W.B.D: Price $120,000 call:668-6808/6734216

2 Bedrooms apartment $55,000-Newly renovated – Call:674-3735/652-8970

Commercial Building to rent at Adventure, Stelling road Essequibo Coast- contact: 693-3751: email: indiisingh

Active Business place for rent: Ideal for Internet & Boutique- Call Mariama:6140599

2 Property Atlantic Gardens E.C.D: one fully furnished, one unfurnished, long term Rental only- Tele:614-9060


TO LET Camp street 1st & 2nd floor between New Market & Lamaha Streets Tele: 6394499

LAND FOR SALE 13 Acres land; Behind Emerald Tower Madewini call:622-0860 Golden Grove East Bank Demerara- Call:610-5761 House lot for sale: Friendship EBD & drafting of house plans call: 2230733, 223-0730 Transported land, Lot 44 South of the Central Dam Pouderoyen, W.B.D $1.5M – Contact:685-3874: Serious enquires only

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Tuesday May 14, 2013

Pakistan’s Sharif seeks to ease mistrust with India (Reuters) - Nawaz Sharif, poised to become prime minister for a third time after a decisive victory in Pakistan’s election, said yesterday the mistrust that has long dogged relations with India must be tackled. Sharif said he had a “long chat” with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Sunday and the two exchanged invitations to visit - a diplomatic nicety in some parts of the world but a heavily symbolic step for South Asia’s arch-rivals. Asked by an Indian journalist if he would invite Singh for his swearing-in as prime minister, Sharif said: “I will be very happy to extend that invitation.” “There are fears on your side, there are fears on our side,” Sharif added during a news conference at his home on the outskirts of Lahore. “We have to seriously address this.” Sharif’s power base is Pakistan’s most prosperous province, Punjab, which sits across the border from an Indian state with the same name. A free marketeer, he

wants to see trade between the two countries unshackled, and he has a history of making conciliatory gestures towards New Delhi. In 1999, when he was last prime minister, Sharif stood at the frontier post waiting to welcome his counterpart Atal Behari Vajpayee - to arrive on the inaugural run of a bus service between New Delhi and Lahore. It was a moment of high hope for two countries that were divided amid bloodshed at birth in 1947 and went on to wage war three times in the decades that followed. But by May of 1999, the two sides were sucked into a new conflict as the then-army chief of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf, sent forces across the line dividing the disputed Himalayan region of Kashmir. And by October, Sharif had been ousted by Musharraf in a bloodless coup. Sharif’s return to power 14 years later has raised concern that he will again cross swords with the military, which has long controlled Pakistan’s foreign and security policies. But Sharif said he “never

Nawaz Sharif had any trouble with the army”, just Musharraf, and as prime minister he would ensure that the military and the civilian government worked together. Sharif will need the army’s cooperation to help confront Pakistan’s many security challenges: a Taliban insurgency, separatists fighting in the western

province of Baluchistan, and the rapid rise of sectarian groups such as the militant Sunni Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, which on Monday claimed responsibility for an enormous truck bomb in the city of Quetta. Musharraf, who resigned as president in 2008 and went into self-imposed exile abroad, returned in March to run in Saturday’s elections. Instead, he was arrested for his crackdown on the judiciary during his rule and put under house arrest. OPEN TO LIKEMINDEDALLIES Sharif said his Pakistan Muslim League - Nawaz (PML-N) - won enough of the 272 National Assembly seats contested in the election to

rule on its own, but suggested he was open to allies joining his government. “I am not against any coalition. But as far as Islamabad is concerned, we are ourselves in a position to form our own government,” Sharif told the news conference. “All those who share our vision, we will be happy to work with them.” The election was a democratic milestone in a country ruled by the military for more than half its history, marking the first transition from one elected government to another. However, Sharif inherits a stack of challenges from a government led for the past five years by the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), which failed to tackle corruption, poverty and a Taliban insurgency. Another bailout from the International Monetary Fund to avoid a new balance of payments crisis is seen as inevitable. Sharif has suggested that he would be willing to implement politically sensitive reforms to secure an IMF lifeline. He has picked Senator Ishaq Dar as his finance minister in the new cabinet, a party spokesman said on Monday. Dar, who served as finance minister in a previous Sharif cabinet in the 1990s, has said he plans to lean on provincial governments to collect agricultural taxes, a policy that could set him on a collision course with some of the Pakistan Muslim

League’s (PML-N) wealthy supporters. Sharif said ahead of the election that Pakistan should reconsider its support for the U.S. war on Islamist militancy and suggested he was in favor of negotiations with the Taliban. Pakistan backed American efforts to stamp out global militancy after the September 11, 2001, attacks on the United States and was rewarded with billions of dollars in U.S. aid. But many Pakistanis have grown resentful, saying thousands of Pakistani soldiers have died fighting “America’s war”. As prime minister-elect, Sharif chose his words carefully yesterday, saying Islamabad and Washington have “good relations” and “need to listen to each other”. Asked about U.S. drone strikes against militants on Pakistani soil, which many Pakistanis regard as a violation of sovereignty, he referred to it as a “challenge” to sovereignty. “We will sit with our American friends and talk to them about this issue,” he said. Underlining the security issues facing Sharif, a 2,000 pound truck bomb destroyed the home of the police chief in the western province of Baluchistan late on Sunday. Police said it was the biggest bomb in the history of the province. The police chief survived but at least eight people died and 98, mostly police, were injured. Lashkar-e-Jhangvi claimed responsibility.

Obama calls IRS actions outrageous, seeks to neutralize crises

(Reuters) - President Barack Obama sought yesterday to neutralize two crises that threatened his second term agenda, calling the apparent targeting of conservative groups by tax officials “outrageous” and an uproar over his response to American deaths in Libya a “sideshow.” At a news conference with visiting British Prime Minister David Cameron, Obama tried to put his stamp on the two issues, which are overshadowing other policy priorities just months after he took the oath of office. The Benghazi, Libya, controversy has been simmering for months but flared up last week after internal emails were made public showing the administration trying to shape “talking points” to explain how four Americans,

US President Barack Obama including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, were killed in an attack there. Obama rejected claims of a cover-up on information about the attacks and said the assertions were made with

political motivations aimed at him and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a potential 2016 presidential candidate. “The whole issue of this - of talking points, frankly, throughout this process has been a sideshow,” he said. The IRS issue arose on Friday when an official of the agency revealed at a meeting of tax lawyers that it had singled out Tea Party and other conservative groups for extra scrutiny of their claims for tax-exempt status. “If in fact IRS personnel engaged in the kind of practices that have been reported on, and were intentionally targeting conservative groups, then that’s outrageous,” Obama told reporters at the White House, noting he first heard about the allegations on Friday himself.

Tuesday May 14, 2013

Kaieteur News

Prosecutors seek 6-year jail term for Berlusconi in sex trial

Former Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi (Reuters) - Italian prosecutors called yesterday for a six-year jail sentence and a lifetime ban on holding public office for centre-right leader and former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, who is charged with abuse of office and paying for sex with a minor. The 76-year-old billionaire media tycoon and senator is accused of paying for sex with Karima El Mahroug, better known by her stage name “Ruby the Heartstealer”, when she was under 18, during the now notorious “bunga bunga” parties at his villa at Arcore near Milan in 2010. However, prosecutors considered by far the more serious charge was that he abused the powers of his office during a separate incident by arranging for her to be released from police custody where she was being held on theft charges. They requested five years imprisonment for that and a year for paying for sex with a minor. The verdict is expected on June 24. But no final verdict will be enforced in either case until the appeals process, which can last for years, is exhausted. Still, Berlusconi’s legal difficulties have created growing tension within Prime Minister Enrico Letta’s governing coalition, which includes the ex-premier’s center-right party. “At Arcore there was a system of organized prostitution aimed at the satisfaction of the sexual pleasure of Silvio Berlusconi,” Milan chief prosecutor Ilda Boccassini said in a more than six-hour closing argument. Boccassini said a small army of young women, many

of them aspiring starlets, took part in the sex parties at Berlusconi’s residence, hoping to make it big on one of his television channels. Those who stayed on after dinner were rewarded with cash, cars or free apartments, she said. The prosecutor said mobile phone records showed that Ruby, a Moroccan runaway, had spent the night at Berlusconi’s home on at least seven occasions between February and May 2010. “There is no doubt that Ruby had sex with the defendant, from whom she received benefits,” Boccassini said, adding that Berlusconi was well aware she was a minor. DENIAL Berlusconi flatly denies the accusations. El Mahroug, who staged a dramatic protest outside the Milan court last month, denies being a prostitute or having had sex with Berlusconi. Boccassini portrayed Ruby as a “shrewd, intelligent girl who like some young people of the latest generations has only one objective: that of making it in the world of show business and making easy money”. When, in May 2010, she was held by police on suspicion of stealing a 3,000euro bracelet, Berlusconi “was forced to intervene and abuse his office” to keep her quiet and cover up the affair, Boccassini said. In a statement, Berlusconi called Boccassini’s arguments “lies inspired by prejudice and hatred”. The sentencing request added to a morass of legal problems facing Berlusconi,

who last week lost an appeal against a four-year sentence for tax fraud in connection with his Mediaset broadcasting empire. He has launched a second and final appeal against that sentence. Berlusconi mounted a fierce attack on prosecutors over the weekend at a stormy rally in the northern city of Brescia that was attended by centre-right members of the government including Interior Minister Angelino Alfano. Letta’s own centre-left Democratic Party (PD) sharply criticized Alfano’s presence at the rally and the prime minister warned his coalition partners that there could be no repeat if the government was to survive. Berlusconi’s campaign continued on Sunday with a lavish two-hour special on his own Canale 5 channel presenting his version of the “bunga bunga” evenings. The program showed El Mahroug admitting that she had lied about certain aspects of her life to investigators but flatly denying any sexual relationship with Berlusconi and complaining at media representations of her as a prostitute. It filmed the dining room and theatre at Berlusconi’s palatial villa near Milan and presented an array of witnesses who said the evenings there were convivial parties where he entertained guests by singing and telling stories. However several women who testified at the trial spoke of girls, sometimes dressed up as nuns, stripping off at the parties while performing raunchy pole dances.

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Ahmadinejad could face 74 lashes over Iran election ‘violation’

Iranian presidential candidate Esfandiar Rahim Mashaie (L) with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Tehran. Photo: EPA/ABEDIN TAHERKENAREH Mahmoud Ahmadinejad could face 74 lashes or six months in jail if punished to the full extent of the law for breaking electoral rules by accompanying his chief of staff to register as a candidate in Iran’s forthcoming elections. Footage of a smiling Mr Ahmadinejad accompanying Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei to the electoral registry was broadcast on State television on Saturday. In an off-guard moment, the Iranian president was caught apparently muttering to his aid and confidant that if questions were raised as to why he had accompanied him to the electoral registry, “tell them I’m on a day off work”. The Guardian Council complained about the president’s conduct on Sunday. Iran’s constitutional

watchdog has said it might seek charges against Mr Ahmadinejad. The Council’s members said that public fund rules were broken when Mr Ahmadinejad accompanied Mr Mashaei to the election registration office. The Guardian Council is charged with vetting all 680 hopeful presidential candidates, including Mr Mashaei. Mr Ahmadinejad, who is constitutionally forbidden from running for a third term, has pushed hard for Mr Mashaei to succeed him when the country heads to the polls on June 14th in a campaign his opponents claim has been funded with public money. The men have a close political bond, cemented by the marriage of their children. However, Mr

Ahmadinejad’s longstanding feud with Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and the ruling clerics is working against the presidential hopeful and undoubtedly played a role in Sunday’s complaint against him. Mr Mashaei, who announced his intention to run for the presidency on 11 May, has been accused of the Ayatollah’s allies of seeking to undermine Islamic rule and criticised for his “deviant” tendencies. Mr Mashaei, described as a “religious-nationalist”, has outraged Iranian Islamic conservatives with his nationalistic and allegedly pro-Israel position. He once stated that Iranians are “friends of all people in the world – even Israelis”.

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Tuesday May 14, 2013

CAL on auto pilot - Staff query who’s in charge at national airline as losses multiply (Trinidad Express) Who’s minding the store? Two days ago, the Sunday Express reported on the million-dollar write-off at national carrier Caribbean Airlines (CAL) in the midst of the company’s financial turbulence. Part Two today considers whether CAL is being run in the best interest of its shareholders, the governments of Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica, by the people appointed to manage it. It’s the question being asked by the company’s staff in the face of mounting million-dollar losses and a potential $200 million writeoff on cargo revenues and possible credit card fraud. Several executives have raised concern about the degree to which the company is being micro-managed by its board, aided by management officials and the negative impact certain decisions have

had on the company’s bottom line, contributing to lack of profitability. While the CAL board has fiduciary responsibility, the airline’s top management has a responsibility to operate in the best interest of the airline, the Express was told. Some executives have questioned whether the airline is carrying out its responsibility to its shareholder, the Government, or whether it is carrying out the ruling People’s Partnership’s agenda. For instance, when CAL was first launched, it was a leaner, cost-efficient operation that had replaced the debt-riddled BWIA. But the six-year-old company now resembles its predecessor, from taking on old, abandoned routes such as London, to adding new ones without a view to profitability. This, the Express understands, has put CAL in

the red with its financial statements for 2010, 2011 and 2012, in stark contrast to its break-even position achieved in 2008. Apart from millions in losses that CAL will have to write off, the State carrier has lost millions more in questionable decisions which were the collective

responsibility of the board and the company’s senior management. Among those decisions are the cash payment for CAL’s ATR aircraft; the integration of Air Jamaica’s operations; the wet leasing of aircraft due to delays experienced in the start-up of CAL’s London route; and the company’s response to competition. These decisions were taken at the board level with top management who sat in on board meetings. The Express understands that the board and

management approved the last-minute “wet-leasing” of aircraft at high prices to fly routes and to fly more frequently. It has cost the company close to US$31 million in 2012. “No other options such as lease by the hour or rerouting flights or cancelling flights were even considered,” one executive told the Express. The Express learnt that CAL’s board has now mandated its management “they will not support any wet-leasing going forward unless it is critical”.

“Management is now forced to come up with ways to operate without these expensive wet leases. Staff in CAL are now confused why this was not done before by management instead of using the most expensive option,” the source explained. With regard to Air Jamaica operations, the acquisition of the airline’s routes was costly to the company. “There were no plans to build upon and improve these routes, to grow this brand which has very strong nationalistic appeal. Instead, management let it

Record catch off Tobago ..1000 pound Blue Marlin landed off Castara (Trinidad Express) Angler Brendan Bernard on Sunday caught a Blue Marlin weighing 1005.9 lbs, the largest Blue Marlin catch on record in a locally-based game fishing tournament. The previous record was 890 pounder caught five years ago. Bernard was a member of the team aboard ‘Predator’ participating in the Tobago International Game Fishing Tournament which took place between May 9 and 12. For landing a Blue Marlin weighing more than 1,000 lbs, Bernard and four fellow anglers have won a Mercedes Benz. The boat was captained by Brendan Farfan and included anglers Peter Reid, Simon Bernard and Michael Rostant. The tournament began in 1995 at Pigeon Point, Tobago. Now relocated to the north end of Tobago in Charlotteville, the Tobago International Game Fishing Tournament pulls in anglers from the Caribbean to North

Angler Brendan Bernard with his record catch and South America, and Europe. This year 18 teams

participated in the international division and 41 teams in the local division.

Tuesday May 14, 2013

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Jamaica to spend US$20 million to expand ICT space MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica (JIS) — Jamaica’s minister of science, technology, energy and mining (STEM), Phillip Paulwell, says the information commutation technology (ICT) sector is poised for continued growth with the government providing some US$20 million for the expansion of office space. “Jamaica is on a growth trajectory once more. We are seeing expansion taking place, especially in Montego Bay, and we want to facilitate and encourage that,” Paulwell stated. “The Minister of Finance will again be allowing another US$20 million funding for the creation of office space and we got a commitment from Factories Corporation of Jamaica for the construction of 60,000 square feet of space,” he noted. Paulwell, who was addressing a press briefing on Friday, after a tour of call centre operations in the Montego Bay Free Zone, said the government is pleased that the private sector “is

Phillip Paulwell looking at their own role in expanding space”. “We want to be in touch with this industry, because we believe that there is such vast

potential, and every month, a team of us from related Ministries hear the concerns and work through issues to ensure that we continue to

see growth,” he said. Paulwell said focus is also being placed on training to provide qualified personnel for the sector. State minister at the ministry of industry, investment and commerce, Sharon Folkes-Abrahams, who was also on the tour, said she is encouraged by the number of young people employed in the call centre operations. She stated that with prospects of expansion, her ministry will be working with the education ministry and HEART/NTA to boost capabilities in this area by providing more training for young people. “We know that young people are very talented here in Jamaica. The young people here have the aptitude for the technology, we have the English skills, we are near shore to the United States of America, and we can only develop this industry for the betterment of Jamaica,” she stated.

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Caribbean foreign ministers to meet in Trinidad (CMC) - Caribbean Community (CARICOM) foreign ministers will meet in Trinidad and Tobago today to review the region’s strategic bilateral relationships, the Guyanabased CARICOM Secretariat has announced. It said that the two-day meeting of the Council for Foreign and Community Relations (COFCOR) will be followed by the Community Council meeting on Thursday. The Secretariat said that the foreign ministers will review the Community’s strategic bilateral relationships including those with countries in North and Latin America, Europe, Asia and the wider Caribbean and will also hold discussions with their counterparts from New Zealand and the Dominican Republic. The Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs and Special Envoy of the Government of Japan will also attend the meeting. The Secretariat said that among the agenda items for the meetings include international development cooperation, preparing a coordinated approach to 2013 and 2014 multilateral engagements with a focus on hemispheric and international organisations as well as an update on the situation in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The CARICOM Secretariat said that Thursday’s meeting is also in preparation for the CARICOM Summit scheduled for Port of Spain, July 4-6. It said the meeting “begins on the date of the 40th Anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Chaguaramas which established CARICOM” and that the foreign ministers “will review and approve the agenda for the Heads of Government Meeting and will receive an update on the arrangements being put in place. “The Council will also consider issues related to the reform process in CARICOM including work being done on a Community Strategic Plan and progress of the change process at the CARICOM Secretariat,” it added.

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Tuesday May 14, 2013

Tuesday May 14, 2013

Muscle Invasion... By Zaheer Mohamed The Guyana Amateur Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (GABBFF) hosted the National Novices and Intermediate championships on Sunday evening at the Theatre Guild in Kingston, Georgetown with Berbician Dwayne Mars flexing his way to the overall title. Mars, the 2012 Berbice

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Mars cops GABBFF national novices Flex Night winner, proved that his achievement at that event in the Ancient County was no accident, as he muscled his way to victory over the very best local novices at the national championship, dubbed “Muscle Invasion.” Mars, who trains at Fitness Zone gym, had earlier won the Light Middleweight division and was up against other category winners in the overall show down.

Mars performed excellently, displaying shred abdominals, well defined quadriceps and carved arms in his free routine and obligatory poses. He was up against Kelvin Bobb-Semple, who had earlier won the under-21 category, Shahid Toloram (flyweight champion), Jermaine Bacchus (lightweight champion), Rawle Cole (welterweight champion) and Anthony

Peres (heavyweight). On the distaff side, 2012 Flex Night Miss Bikini conqueror, Shawnell Warner, captured first place in the Miss Fitness Open, beating gym-mate Stacy Small of Fitness Paradise into second. Small also secured the runner-up spot to Candacy Lynch in the Miss Physique face-off. The event was graced with the presence of Mr.

Barbados 2012, Stevenson Belle, who was the guest poser. The 5’7", 215lbs Bajan certainly gave the audience its money’s worth, as he paraded his well chiseled structure to the lyrics of Nicki Minaj’s hit song “Moment for Life”, much to the delight of the spectators. The top performers were presented with cash prizes and trophies compliments of Banks DIH Limited, while the

winners of each division also received supplements, compliments of Fitness Express of Sheriff Street. Other corporate entities on board were Guyana Lottery Company, DeSinco Trading, Sterling Products Limited, Trophy Stall, Sleep Inn and Windjammer International Hotel. At the conclusion of the night’s activities, officials of the GABBFF dubbed the event a major success.

USA based marksman Sigmund... Tuesday May 14, 2013 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19): You might start the day off feeling invincible, but your plans may crumble if overconfidence makes you careless in your execution. Being prepared for what’s ahead is crucial today and rewards are possible if you don’t try to skip over the necessary details. TAURUS (Apr. 20–May 20): You were recently tempted to surge forward in a burst of enthusiasm, but now you’re less certain about your best course of action. Slowing down so you can sustain a steady pace today is essential to reach your goals. GEMINI (May 21–June 20): The ease with which you interact with your world often makes you appear like a magician, but you are so charming that your cleverness could ultimately get in your way today. CANCER (June 21–July 22): You may grow anxious now that the evocative Moon is back in your sign, stimulating intense feelings that you have recently avoided. However, staying aware of your emotions helps you to calm down, but it doesn’t mean you must express them. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22): You may feel a bit of an emotional letdown today, but this is only a temporary dip in the intensity level. However, it’s a challenge to balance your desire for success with your current responsibilities now. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22): Sometimes direct action is a challenge when it comes to telling others what you want. However, today you could go overboard with an authoritarian approach as stern Saturn forms an awkward aspect with resourceful Venus.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22): You’re quite skillful when it comes to handling others, but you might give up your own power today as you strive to make those around you feel comfortable. It’s nearly impossible to know how far to go in your efforts to be gracious as your key planet Venus is overshadowed by hard-nosed Saturn. SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21): Your stamina is increasing and you have ample energy to come through for others now. However, you must be cautious about using your new-found power for your own personal gain. SAGIT (Nov. 22–Dec. 21): You might be feeling less confident today with the Moon’s presence in reflective Cancer, but a little self-doubt won’t be enough to keep you down for long. CAPRICORN(Dec.22–Jan.19): Even if you’re feeling healthy, this is still a great time to upgrade your diet and exercise program and make whatever modifications are desirable. This doesn’t mean that you are doing anything wrong in particular now, but there is always room for improvement. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18): You may be tired of all the intense people in your life, even if they are offering you exciting alternatives to your current routine. You might even become uncharacteristically nostalgic and long for the relaxed pace of the good old days. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20): If complex issues on the home front have grown even more complicated lately, this is your chance to concentrate on the current situation.

From page 37 Guyana, “It’s kind of tough but I’ve made a commitment to the sport and I have put things in place where I budget and plan for these tours”. The outspoken Douglas took some time to share his views on how he would like to see the sport progress in his homeland. “One of the things I would like to see for the improvement of fullbore shooting in Guyana on a whole is more sponsorship being available. It’s not a spectator sport where we could garner funds; we have to depend on Government and corporate Guyana to assist. When I look back over the years under the Captaincy of Mahendra Persaud, I think we are the most successful sporting association in Guyana. We have done it all, we are the undisputed champions of the ranges in the Caribbean and I don’t think we are given the credit that is due to us.” He noted that the sport is not a cheap one since a proper rifle can cost as much as US$6000, apart from the other equipment which would include your scope, gloves, hat, jacket etc. “I feel that something should be put in place where we get more support and rec-

ognition for what we are doing. We have a lot of unsound heroes in the current team make up and you can pick anyone of us in that regard, we are true Guyanese sons doing our country proud despite the challenges we face. We just do what we have to do for club and country but country comes first.” “Regardless of what people might think about Guyanese here and there, we are the best fullbore rifle shooting team in the West Indies, every country wants to dethrone us. What we have is what the others don’t have; we have a togetherness that is second to none. We might have our ups and downs but when it comes to team, the cohesiveness is paramount, this is

what guides us to success.” Douglas offered some words of encouragement and advice to persons who might have a love and desire to be a part of the sport. “Rifle shooting is unique, it teaches you discipline, you’ve got to be true to yourself and once you start, that gun powder is addictive, you wouldn’t want to stop. You’ve got guys like Mr. Richard Fields who is in the business for over 50 years and Paul Slowe close to 40 years. It’s the only sport that I know of that there is no retirement age, you can start from as young as 15 and you can shoot until 80 plus. Its mental, it’s physical but it’s a beautiful sport that you wouldn’t regret if you joined the ranks.”

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Tuesday May 14, 2013

Roberto Mancini sacked as Chicago Bulls coach Tom Manchester City manager Thibodeau fined by NBA

Roberto Mancini

BBC Sport - Roberto Mancini has been sacked as Manchester City manager after three-and-a-half years at the helm. A club statement said he “had failed to achieve any of the club’s stated targets this year, with the exception of qualification for next season’s Champions League”. But chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak said: “Roberto’s record speaks for itself, he secured the love and respect of fans. “He has done as he promised and delivered silverware and success.” Assistant manager Brian Kidd will take interim responsibility for the remaining two games of the season and the summer tour to the United States. Manchester City added it was “a difficult decision” but explained it was “the outcome of a planned end of season review process that has been brought forward in

light of recent speculation”. The 48-year-old Italian replaced Mark Hughes in December 2009, winning the FA Cup in 2011 and City’s first top-flight league title for 44 years in 2012 - a year to the day before his sacking. But this term, City are a distant second to champions Manchester United, went out in the Champions League group stages and lost the FA Cup final to Wigan. Manuel Pellegrini, Malaga’s Chilean coach, is favourite to succeed Mancini. However, on Sunday night the 59-year-old, who spent one season in charge at Real Madrid in 200910, insisted he was not about to become the new City boss. “I deny here and now being the new coach of Manchester City, I haven’t signed any agreement with anybody,” he said after Malaga’s goalless Primera Division draw with Sevilla. Mancini was critical of Manchester City officials for

failing to deny the newspaper reports that surfaced on the morning of Saturday’s FA Cup final stating he would be sacked and replaced by Pellegrini. City were beaten by Ben Watson’s 90th-minute header at Wembley as Wigan, struggling to avoid relegation from the Premier League in 18th place, became the lowest ranked team to win the FA Cup since West Ham in 1980. City thrashed rivals United 6-1 at Old Trafford in October 2011 en route to their first Premier League title and although they beat them again on their home ground this season, Sir Alex Ferguson’s team wrapped up their 20th league crown last month with four matches remaining. Mancini’s record in the Champions League has also come under scrutiny. The furthest he has been in Europe’s elite competition is the quarter-finals, with Inter Milan, and City have been eliminated in the group stages of both their campaigns during his reign. Having finished third behind Bayern Munich and Napoli in 2011 they again failed to qualify this term, winning none of their six matches in a formidable group that also contained Borussia Dortmund, Real Madrid and Ajax. Their tally of three points was the lowest by an English side in the group stage of the competition.

Upsets run riot at Mackeson ‘Keep Your Five Alive’ football tourney Leon Yaw scored a first half double for Alexander Village that ensured them a 3-0 win against North East when the Mackeson ‘Keep Your Five Alive’ football tournament continued Saturday night at the California Square, East Ruimveldt. Before another impressive crowd at the venue, Yaw skilfully put his team in command in the fifth minute. The Alexander Village posse that turned out to support their team had reason to start the celebrations when Yaw effected his brace the next minute. Quincy Bouren completed the 3-0 for Alexander Village that will now move on to the next round in the ninth minute. Riverview edged Team LA 3-2 on penalties after a 1-1 deadlock ensued following the regulation time. Daniel Favourite had given Team LA the lead through a 13th minute strike, but Riverview levelled the scores when Quacy Weekes scored in the second half. Meanwhile, Ray Cole scored in the 10th minute to give a 1-0 win against West Back Road while Liliendaal upset favourites, Albouystown via a similar margin when Akeem Saul scored in the 12th minute. In other results, Laing Avenue edged Tiger Bay ‘A’ 6-5 on penalties following a 1-1

CHICAGO – Coach Tom Thibodeau responded to the officiating, the calls against the Bulls and the lack of calls against the Miami Heat after the Heat’s Game 3 victory against the Chicago Bulls on Friday. The NBA responded to Thibodeau on Sunday. The league fined him $35,000 for “comments made about the officiating following the Bulls 104-94 loss to the Heat.” Thibodeau delivered shots at the officiating in several answers to questions from news reporters. “Watching how things are going, I see how things are going,” Thibodeau said following Game 3. “I watch very closely. I watch very closely. What I’m seeing is, we’ll adjust accordingly. “When you play this team, you have to have a lot of mental, physical and emotional toughness. Things aren’t going to go your way. That’s the way it is. We’re not going to get calls. That’s reality. We still have to find a way to get it done, and we can.” Thibodeau’s availability with news reporters Sunday concluded before the fine was announced. Through a team spokesperson, Thibodeau declined to

Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau was fined by the NBA.(Photo: Steve Mitchell, USA TODAY Sports) comment on the fine. Thibodeau also said he didn’t understand why Miami’s Udonis Haslem and Chris Andersen weren’t called for more fouls. “I’m watching some of the other plays with (Udonis) Haslem and (Chris) Andersen, and I don’t get it. I don’t get it,” Thibodeau said. The difference in the game? “They got to the free throw line,” Thibodeau said. Of Bulls swingman Jimmy Butler’s defence on James, Thibodeau said, “ “I’m

watching him play defence, and I’m looking at some of the things being called on him … He’s got a lot of toughness. He’ll figure it out.” Of Chicago center Joakim Noah’s effort, he said, “Had a tough call – a big offensive rebound – that went against him.” Thibodeau also accused Heat forward LeBron James of flopping and defended Nazr Mohammed, who shoved James and was ejected. Thibodeau said Mohammed did not deserve the ejection.

BM Soat confirms support for... From page 36 hard-pressed to retain the title won at the previous Meet. Seejattan and Ten-Pow will have to drive their skins out to deny the combination of Syed Hassan and Afraz Ally, Shiraz and Shahab Roshandin, while the Ali brothers, Mark Vieira, Aaron Bethune, Anand Ramchand and Adrian Fernandes are all experienced and formidable drivers capable of handling the anticipated pressure come race day. Meanwhile, the teams to confirm so far are: Syed Hassan and Afraz Ally, Shiraz and

Shahab Roshandin, Omar Dornellas and Christopher Young, Narindra and David Mangar, Sharima and Zafaar Khan, Amad Sammy + Team, Malcolm and Rohan Haripaul, Rameeze and Wazir Mohammed, Balram Ramdeo and Afo Harper, Motilall Deodass and Damon Singh, Arif and Reeaz Shaw, Mark Vieira and Roshan Ali, Anand Ramchand and Adrian Fernandes, Mohamed Ali and Anil Nala, Aaron Bethune and Anthony Boodhoo, Davin Panday and Azaad Hassan, Haroon Khan and Daughter and Zai and Amar.

Boxing analysts implore continued... stalemate at the end of regulation time. Anthony Clifton gave Laing Avenue the early lead in the 8th minute. Jamal Blackman equalised for Tiger Bay ‘A’ in the10th minute. Broad Street ‘A’ overcame Rastas 3-2 on penalty kicks as both teams were unable to find the back of the net in regulation time. The tournament that is being held under the theme “Your skill, your style, your five, your stout” is a knockout contest which will see the surviving team pocketing $300,000 and trophy while the second place team is to take home 150,000 and trophy. Each game lasts 15 minutes; 7½ minutes per half with no extra time allowed in the preliminary rounds if the game is drawn after regulation time. There is a zero-tolerance attitude toward issues of indiscipline as the tournament continues to progress smoothly.

From page 36 towards a common goal. “Most of the work is done by (Terrence) Poole and while such commitment is laudable one must admit that a conflict of interest scenario might be possible,” opined Roberts. He said that the coaches should be able to huddle and discuss varying strategies for the common good of those boxers identified for international duties. Touching on the appointment of Cuban coach, Francisco Hernandez Roldon to the national team, Bazilio said that it was indeed a good move, but the Cuban must aspire to work with the local coaches

in order to further understand the challenges they encounter. He said that while Cuban boxers have ruled the roost on the world scene, Guyanese boxers are differently cultured and unique. “We should be focusing on improving their strengths rather than attempt to change their styles,” Bazilio suggested. Both Bazilio and Roberts share the view that the time has arrived for coaches to be graded and categorized. “In that way local boxers are better guided of the quality of their mentors,” he said. He feels that when this becomes effective coaches would feel constrained to improve on

their acumen and strategies or suffer the fate of exclusion. Consequently, both analysts opined that boxers must frequent the gyms so that their coaches may be able to evaluate their potential and progress regularly. Roberts reminisced on the tactics of the late Caesar Barrow, “he knew how to attain a high level of fitness in his charges and was a master coach.” Bazilio conceded while adding, “Caesar was a condition freak; presently our coaches have perfected that art while our boxers are very courageous; they need to spend more time on strategizing and tactics.”

Tuesday May 14, 2013

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POLLARD BLAST TAKES MUMBAI TO NO. 1 Kieron Pollard is ecstatic after scoring the winning runs (BCCI)

ESPNcricinfo - An unreal Kieron Pollard blitz transformed a daunting run chase into a cakewalk for Mumbai Indians at the Wankhede, as he tore the match from Sunrisers Hyderabad’s grip in a sevenball stretch that yielded 36. At the end of the assault, Mumbai dethroned Chennai Super Kings and rose to No.1. Sixes rained down on a delirious Mumbai crowd, whom for much of the run chase may have anticipated the hosts’ first loss at home this season. But with 62 needed from the last four overs, 29 was plundered in the 17th from Thisara Perera, in which he bowled three balls in Pollard’s slot and was duly smashed over the straight boundary three times, after Rohit Sharma had already hit a six earlier in the over. Pollard had had no answer to an intense Dale Steyn, who conceded only four runs in the 16th over, making a turnaround seem all the more unlikely. But Sunrisers’ supporting cast could not muster death-over competence, and the 21-runs off Amit Mishra’s 18th over effectively sealed the match for Mumbai. Having been 9 runs off 10 balls at the end of Steyn’s over, Pollard finished with 66 from 27, ending the match with two massive legside sixes off Perera, whose confidence was clearly shattered by then. Pollard bludgeoned eight sixes in all, and one four, and despite Steyn’s final over going for only five, Mumbai reaped 67 from the last 21 balls of the match. The late heroics had followed 16 overs of somewhat meandering batting from Mumbai, who

attacked in bursts, but seemed largely content to allow the asking rate to mount - perhaps anticipating a late rally, though even they could not have imagined that Pollard would be so punishing nor Sunrisers so generous. Having been relatively cautious towards the start of his innings, Sachin Tendulkar had looked set to accelerate through the middle overs, but he hurt his bottom hand after striking Karan Sharma over long-on for six, and was forced to retire hurt for 38 off 31 balls. Dinesh Karthik chipped in a 30 off 23 balls, and helped keep wickets in hand, which paid rich dividends in the final countdown for the hosts. Sunrisers’ 178 for 3 had been set up by Shikhar Dhawan, who hit 59 from 41 at the start of the innings, and finished by Cameron White, who blasted 43 from 23. Dhawan prospered square of the off stump, as the Mumbai bowlers continued to indulge him outside the off stump throughout the innings. He found success elsewhere as well, slamming Pragyan Ojha over cow corner in his first over, before reversesweeping him powerfully to the fence in his next. He reached his fifty with a openfaced drive through the covers off Lasith Malinga, but was dismissed not long after, yielding the floor to White. Sunrisers must now win both their remaining games to stand a decent chance of making the playoffs. Scores: Mumbai Indians 184 for 3 (Pollard 66*, Tendulkar 38*) beat Sunrisers Hyderabad 178 for 3 (Dhawan 59, White 43*) by seven wickets.

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West Indies Fullbore Rifle Shooting C/ships Individuals – Day 3

RAIN CURTAILS RIVALRY, 3 RANGES TO BE CONTESTED ON TODAY’S FINAL DAY Heavy mid afternoon showers ensured that the 900 Yards Range was not a possibility on the penultimate day of action at the 2013 edition of the West Indies Fullbore Rifle Shooting Championships being held at the Paragon Ranges, Christ Church, Barbados. Guyana shot with Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Antigua & Barbuda and the Channel Islands and the only range that the elements above allowed them to shoot was the 500 Yards Range and even that range was disrupted for about 30 minutes. Given the fact that the ranges were complete for the day, no scores were available. Based on reports from the Guyanese shooters, defending reigning Individual Champion Lennox Braithwaite dropped one

point at the 500 Yards Range recording a score of 49 Points with 6 V-Bulls. Ransford Goodluck recorded 48-2, while Dylan Fields and Peter Persaud had similar scores of

47-2. At the end of the second day of rivalry, the Great Britain shooters were, as expected, large and in charge of proceedings with Braithwaite in charge of proceedings from a Caribbean perspective and well on the way to retaining his title as the King of Individual shooting. However, it is not over as yet, today’s final day will of

course be the defining moment for all. But what is sure according to the experienced shots, the Long Range (900 & 1000 Yards) will separate the men from the boys. It is anticipated that the day, which will start at 08:00hrs to make up back time that was lost yesterday, will start with the 900 Yards move to 600 Yards then to the 1000 Yards.

Metro Office and Computer Supplies latest sponsor for Guyana Independence T20 Cup As the date draws closer, sponsorship has been flowing in with Metro Office and Computer Supplies being the latest sponsor on board for the Guyana Independence T20 Cup. At the presentation which was done recently, Mr Chetram Sookra, Marketing Representative of Metro Berbice, said that his company is always pleased to support charity with cricket being their major interest. He said that his CEO; Mr Taajnauth Jadunauth is a keen follower and lover of the game. The company was happy with the mileage they got in the 2012 edition and without hesitation, came on board for this tournament. They were also impressed with the quality of entertainment the 2012 tournament provided for the entire family. Receiving the cheque on behalf of the event, Ms Angela Haniff, Secretary of the Berbice Cricket Board and member of the committee, was high in praise for the continued support this event and many other programmes of the BCB receives from Metro. She called on all Guyanese, at home and New York to continue to support Metro so they can continue to give back

to our communities. Anil Beharry, event chairman, who was present, also thanked Metro for their continued support. He challenged other companies to come on board. He said that many businesses and private individuals feel that giving charity is an expense, but he begged to differ. He said that giving back to less fortunate is a God made law and is also an investment for returns. Proceeds from this event will go towards assisting with the development of Sports in the Region as two first division cricket clubs (Albion and Bermine) and schools are identified for allocations. In addition, contributions will be made to two orphanages in Berbice and assistance to rehabilitate the Commentary Booth at the historic Albion Sports Complex. The balance will be shared equally by the two organisations to fulfill their social obligations and community work under the Power to Change Programme. Patrons will have an opportunity to win fabulous gate prizes including cell phones, mp3 players, hampers among other tokens from various companies

Ms Angela Haniff receives cheque from Mr Chetram Sookra, Marketing Representative, Metro Office and Computer Suppliers. which will be distributed free of cost. The games will commence at 10:30hrs with two games being played during daylight followed by a cultural ceremony. Admission to the venue is $500 for adults with gates opening from 9:00hrs. Tickets will be sold only at selected venues to be named and patrons are urged to grab them early. Meanwhile, the Berbice Senior selectors have announced the teams for the Universal DVD, Berbice Titans and Berbice Karibee Rice. Teams: Universal DVD Berbice Titans: Veerasammy Permaul (Capt), Richard

Ramdeen, Shimron Hetmeyer, Sewnarine Chattergoon, Assad Fudadin, Narsingh Deonarine, Gajanand Singh, Jonathan Foo, Rajiv Ivan, Delbert Hicks, Devindra Bishoo, Eon Hooper, Keon Joseph, Yogendra Harrinarine, Clinton Pestano. Berbice Karibee Rice: Shawn Perreira (Capt), Romario DeJonge-Shepherd, Arthley Bailey, Joemal LaFleur, Stephen Latcha, Keith Fraser, Kevin Ramdeen, Renrick Batson, Jason Sinclair, Gudakesh MotieKanhai, Raun Johnson, Michael Newland, Keon De Jesus, Dineshwari Prashad, Dominic Rikhi.

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Tuesday May 14, 2013

Seven months on, officials still mum Boxing analysts implore continued By Rawle Welch Sunday, May 12, Mothers Day, marked seven (7) months since Guyana played Mexico (October 12) in a relocated 2014 World Cup qualifier, at the BBVA Stadium , Houston, Texas. To this day, members of the former executive who formed part of the negotiating team that appointed promoters Sponsports and Planet Futbol to act on its behalf continues to treat the football community with disdain, offering no word on the amount of money that was derived for switching the game and ultimately denying local fans from witnessing the full repertoire of the Mexican stars that included Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez, Giovani dos Santos, Rafael Márquez and Andrés Guardado. One would have thought that with the new dispensation that has engulfed world football environment in relation to rooting out corrupt officials, the FIFA, CONCACAF and CFU might have been more than willing to know exactly what transpired with the monies accrued from the relocation of the game since it was CONCACAF who had given the green light for the fixture to be played in the United States.

Following the scandal that rocked the football community within the Caribbean that resulted in the resignation of former CONCACAF Supremo Jack Warner and suspensions or ban for other officials, CONCACAF and CFU should have felt duty-bound to offer some amount of cooperation to the local Federation to investigate whether or not there was any fraud committed by those involved in the negotiations since answers to the questions that were asked pertaining to the monies derived, remain elusive, despite numerous appeals from those within the fraternity and the media. If the call to rid the sport of corruption is to be observed, then this particular case is one that needs to be investigated. There is a preponderance of evidence which suggest all is not well within the world football community and that the administration of the sport is being threatened by crooked officials. Many feel that powerbroking and cronyism have reached alarming proportions, and have effectively replaced transparency and integrity. FIFA and its affiliates since the cash for votes embarrassment have moved in the direction of correcting

a system that previously either failed to detect fraudulent activities or simply ignored them and the former has decided to put into operation an investigatory chamber headed by Ethics Committee Chairman Michael Garcia, who will be at the governing body’s disposal. All this is good, but when important stakeholders call for assistance to investigate questionable transactions that threaten to bring the sport into disgrace then timely and supportive responses become obligatory. FIFA President Sepp Blatter ’s expression of “roadmap to reform”, that followed a scandal-ridden crisis ahead of the 2011 Congress, will only gain traction if reports of corruption are thoroughly investigated and culpable perpetrators punished. In the absence of information even after incessant pleas, the Guyana versus Mexico game presents a strong case for inquiry. The recently installed executive have inherited a debt of in excess of $29million according to a release that this newspaper was privy to see, and, perhaps, the money made from switching the Mexico game could have erased that financial b u r d e n . How long will Guyana’s case be ignored?

BM Soat confirms support for Endurance Meet -18 teams entered so far BM Soat confirmed support for next Sunday’s Guyana Motor Racing & Sports Club (GMR&SC) Endurance Meet scheduled to be staged, at the South Dakota Circuit, starting from 12:00 hrs. During a simple presentation ceremony held recently at the Company’s Head Office on Croal Street, Manager Rameeze Mohammed handed over a cheque for an undisclosed sum to Club Manager Rayon Samaroo, who acted on behalf of the entity. Samaroo thanked the Company for its support towards motor racing, adding that without assistance from the corporate community it would be nearly impossible for the sport to grow. Eighteen teams have so far confirmed participation for next Sunday’s event which promises to be an exciting and keenly contested day of endurance racing. According to a release from the entity, defending champions Shawn Seejattan and Brian Ten-Pow will be (Continued on page 35)

Manager of BM Soat Rameeze Mohammed (left) hands over the sponsorship cheque to GMR&SC’s Rayon Samaroo recently.

efforts to reenergize sport

- Admits to talented crop of pugilists By Michael Benjamin Approximately three years ago President of the Guyana Boxing Board of Control (GBBC), Peter Abdool, created the Friday Night Fights, an 8 card initiative that consisted of 4 amateur and an equal number of professional bouts. The idea was to create opportunities for the professionals to practice their trade on the international scene even as the amateurs engaged in frequent bouts while procuring valuable experience. The initiative seemed to be working; several professional pugilists have won lucrative Caribbean Boxing Federation (CABOFE) titles, while the amateurs benefitted immensely from increased activity. However, despite what appears to be a positive step in the right direction, top promoter and head of the People’s Syndicate Promotions, Keith Bazilio and former professional boxing champion, Jeff Roberts is adamant that the sport is in dire straits and in need of a further shot in the arm if locals are to impact on the international scene. The two boxing experts took time out to share their views with Kaieteur Sport even as they extended their services to those responsible for developmental strategies. Both individuals shared the view that both entities, the Guyana Boxing Association (GBA) and the GBBC are dependent upon each other and have unique roles to play in the developmental process. “The sport is currently in dire straits,” declared Mr. Bazilio who is best remembered for his shrewd promotional skills during the eighties when the sport was at an all time high. He lauded the ProAm initiative saying that it was a savior to those boxers (both amateur and professional) that were inactive during those days when promoters became scarce. However, Bazilio poked a jab at the effectiveness of the programme saying that while a few amateur boxers might have benefitted, a large group are not privy to that type of exposure.”One could not have expected all of the boxers to box on the card (which facilitated just 4

EXCHANGING VIEWS: Roberts (left) and Bazilio remain adamant that fresh initiatives are needed for boxers’ advancement fights) so to my mind there was a need for additional input from the GBA to fill the void,” opined Bazilio. Despite Bazilio’s prognosis, executives of the GBA are adamant that they are addressing the key concerns of their charges as they prepare them for the 2016 Brazil Olympiad. Furthermore, a team of these boxers are currently engaged in stiff training in preparation for international duties at the Roberto Balado and the Cardova Cardin boxing tournaments scheduled for Cuba early next month. “I have not seen any boxer that I would identify with Olympics quality,” offered Mr. Roberts. He said that he had seen Imran Khan in action against Trinidadian Lawrence Singh in Trinidad and Tobago during his (Khan) preparations for the 2012 London Olympics and though Khan won the bout he (Roberts) was not as impressed by the Guyanese performance. “Winning is good but in the end one must be able to take away some important lesson from a fight if he is to boast of improvement,” Roberts maintained. He feels that the answer lies in the establishment of a nursery with the relevant professionals to guide the boxers. “Boxing is indeed suffering because of an absence of a proper nursery programme supported by adequate professionals to steer them in the right direction,” chimed in Bazilio. He pointed out that Guyanese boxers have been dominating the sport at the

Caribbean level ever since boxing was inaugurated into the Carifta Games in 1985. At those games Guyana had won two gold medals (Michael Benjamin and Earl Greene), one silver (Terrence Munroe) and one bronze (Garfield Sam). This is no longer the case as most of the Caribbean countries have since caught up after employing the right strategies. Local pugilists are now relegated to the back burner with Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and Jamaica carting off the lion’s share of prizes at the afore mentioned games. “Our officials must firstly reorganize their thoughts and stop accepting mediocre achievements; they somehow believe that silver and bronze medals are just as lucrative and must be lauded,” opined Bazilio. He further pointed out that local boxing administrators are smug with bronze or even silver medals. “We must stop accepting that second and third places are lucrative and must be celebrated; on the contrary it should be viewed as an insult to the many warriors that have blazed the trail and left a rich legacy for other pugilists to capitalize on,” maintained Bazilio. But what is the answer to a return to those years when amateur boxers were most productive? Mr. Roberts believes that there must be collaboration among the coaches. He feels that they must pool their resources and share their knowledge (Continued on page 35)

Tuesday May 14, 2013

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USA-based marksman Sigmund Douglas hitting the bullseye from miles - committed to Guyana H & the sport

Sigmund Douglas

e has the distinction of being the lone Guyanese that has consistently invested in coming back to represent his nation in a sport that Guyana has been dominating for many years at the Caribbean level, we’re talking of Fullbore Rifle Shooting and the marksman in focus is Sigmund Douglas who resides in the United States of America. Douglas took some time out from his demanding schedule in Barbados to have a chat with Kaieteur Sport on his love for the sport and his commitment to representing the Golden Arrowhead. The former Meadowbrook Gardens resident disclosed that he first started shooting in 1983 under the guidance of current West Indies Fullbore Captain and Guyana Wind Coach, Paul Slowe. “I started at the TSU Ranges with Paul Slowe where he used to teach me with the .22 rifle and I graduated from

there and started fullbore at Timehri, since then I’ve never looked back.” Douglas would have shot for Guyana on numerous occasions over the years and as he puts it, “With some success.” The best year for Douglas representing Guyana to date was in 2010 at Bisley in England. “We were fortunate to bring home gold medals from that shoot where we also made the prize list on a couple of occasions at that same event.” This year will mark 25years since Douglas would have migrated and of all these years he has only missed representing Guyana on two occasions. Asked what is the motivating factor that brings him back to his homeland at a heavy cost to himself, this was Douglas’ response: “I love rifle shooting, anything to do with firearms I have a love for it. The passion is still there, I haven’t lost the zest and zeal

and of course I haven’t yet achieved what I want to achieve in the sport.” Asked what it is that he would like to accomplish, the mechanic by profession said: “My dream is to win the Queens final at Bisley in England. In 2010 I missed getting into the second stage by a single point. There, after the first stage, 300 shooters go forward to the second stage and then the final is with 100 shooters. So that’s what I would like to achieve, it’s my dream”. Douglas noted that in recent years his level of competitiveness has come on and is crediting former Assistant Commissioner of Police Paul Slowe, who is also Guyana’s Wind Coach, with this improvement. “You know, former Vice President of the Guyana National Rifle Association Neville Denny told me once that when you reach the age of 50, you will enjoy your best years in the sport and he

is certainly correct, I’m enjoying it having gone past the half century mark a few years now.” Douglas, competing at the West Indies Championships hosted by Guyana in 2012, shot a possible in the team match. Back in the USA, to keep active, Douglas has an electronic trainer which is known as a Scatt and would also do some Air Rifle training as well as some fullbore shooting at the Ranges whenever he gets the time based on his job. “It’s a little different in the US job wise. I work Tuesday to Friday and would normally go to the ranges Sunday and Monday’s as much as possible”. Douglas shared that it is an expensive venture for him to come and represent (Continued on page 25)

Ricky Burns beats Jose Gonzalez to retain world title B

BC Sport - Ricky Burns ended the tremendous challenge of Puerto Rico’s Jose Gonzalez to retain his WBO world lightweight title in Glasgow. Gonzalez, unbeaten in his previous 22 bouts, retired at the end of the ninth round with a damaged left wrist. At that point, there was little to separate the two as Burns was tested to the full in his third title defence. And the 30-year-old Scot must have experienced as much relief as delight when the bout was ended prematurely. The partisan crowd would have wilted the fighting desire of lesser men but Gonzalez was bright and game in the opening round, flashing out his left fist to keep the more aggressive Burns at bay. The opening two rounds suggested the fight could be a thriller, with Gonzalez breaking from his more languid style to mix it up on occasion with the home favourite. B u r n s ’s n o s e w a s bloodied in the third and the challenger enjoyed success

with two-fisted attacks towards the end of the round. H o w e v e r, t h e S c o t grinned at the attempt and was ferocious with his own assaults. With 17 knockouts in an unblemished 22-fight career, the challenger posed considerable danger to Burns but, as is his style, he was prepared to take a few shots to land some of his own on the 29-year-old from Toa Baja. Against Kevin Mitchell in his last defence, Burns looked bigger and stronger than his opponent: not so with Gonzalez. By the midway point in the fight, the pair looked evenly matched, each able to boast of inflicting pain on the other and of making their opponent miss with superb reflexes. Worryingly for the champion, Gonzalez looked wonderfully composed, even winking to his corner on occasion. The seventh round was Gonzalez’s strongest as he pinned Burns against the ropes and blasted at his arms and body. Burns was off balance and ragged and was under the greatest threat since the opening rounds of

the bout against Roman Martinez, which he won to become world c h a m p i o n a t s u p e rfeatherweight. Whatever advice trainer Billy Nelson imparted had the desired effect as Burns caught Gonzalez with a sickening left to the body to stem the tide in the eighth, an impression that continued into the ninth as he began to assert himself once more by being quicker off the mark in their exchanges. And when the challenger remained seated in his corner as the bell sounded for the 10th, the crowd roared to acclaim their hero - and the talent of the challenger. On the undercard, John Simpson was too accurate and too composed for Choi Ts e v e e n p u r e v f r o m Mongolia. The Greenock fighter took the vacant WBO inter-continental superfeatherweight title with a unanimous points win - 116112, 117-112, 116-113. As has been the case throughout his career, the 41-year-old proved impossible to stop and at

Ricky Burns and Jose Gonzalez in action (Getty Images)

lea st he left Glasgow with that record intact. But Simpson had to work hard for his win, wisely choosing when to attack and when to cover up to avoid the upper cuts and sharp punches from the brave opponent. In the end, despite a bloody nose, Simpson’s work was the

more telling and his victory was thoroughly deserved. E d i n b u r g h ’s S t e v e Simmons won the vacant Celtic cruiserweight title after Michael Sweeney’s corner retired the Irish fighter with an unspecified injury after three rounds. Glasgow superfeatherweight Michael Roberts survived a cut eye in

the third round and some thumping, varied shots in the sixth to beat Brentfordbased Polish southpaw Mariusz Bak. Judges gave the Scot the nod with a score of 58-57. The 26-year-old takes his record to 12 wins and no defeats as he seeks to build a case for a tilt at the British title.

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GCB appoints Lynch as Territorial Developmental Officer


he Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) has appointed Monte Alan Lynch as its Territorial Developmental Officer with effect from April 18, 2013. The Guyanese, who migrated to England as a teenager, is a former English cricketer who played three One Day Internationals for England against the West Indies in 1988. He was a hard-hitting batsman, an occasional off-spin bowler and a fine slip fielder. Lynch played one season for Guyana in the 1982-83 Shell Shield 4-day competition. He also played for the West Indies on the rebel tour of South Africa the

Monte Lynch following season. He also played in the County Championship for Surrey between 1977 and 1994 and Gloucestershire

from 1995 to 1998. Since retiring from first class cricket, he continued to play club cricket in Surrey and started his own sports equipment company, MAL Skills. He was also the cricket coach at the Royal Grammar School, Guildford and Southern Rocks cricket team in Zimbabwe. Lynch, a level three English trained coach, also worked in Argentina and Suriname. Lynch’s job description includes establishment of a Secondary School Cricket Programme, supervising the WICB/GCB Digicel grass root and Scotia Bank kiddies cricket, revamping of the GCB Coaching and Cricket Development programmes.

GTTA/NSC Independence Table Tennis C/ships...

Britton wins two titles; Greaves,Nedd, Wong also triumph


ueens College student and Malteenoes Sports Club racquet wielder, Shemar Britton secured the Boys’ Under-15 and Under-18 titles when the Guyana Table Tennis Association (GTTA) and the National Sports Commission (NSC) Independence tournament continued at the National Gymnasium. Britton won the U-15 title from Kyle Edghill, while Scott Garraway and Elishaba Johnson placed joint third; he then won an U-18 accolade from David Duncan with Johnson and Garraway again placing joint third in the category. Miguel Wong claimed the Boys’ U-13 title from Terrence Rausch while U-11 Boys winner, Tyriq Saunders was joint third with Sandor Kanhai. Meanwhile, Priscilla Greaves defeated Girls’ U-13 winner, Nevaeh Clarkston for the U-15 title. Anna Joao and Simran Bissu placed joint third in an evenly contested group. However, Greaves fell to Akeicia Nedd in the Under18 Girls competition, while Joao and Clarkston were joint third place winners. Johnson and Duncan teamed up to win the Junior Boys Doubles title from an Edghill and Britton pair, while K. Corbin and K.

Priscilla Greaves

Tuesday May 14, 2013

French Heroine, Marie Migot impresses on Opening Day Chelsea Edghill

Marie Migot in action Monday at the LIEBHERR World Championships


ot the youngest player on duty at t h e L I E B H E R R Wo r l d Championships in Paris, that honour belongs to Kyrgystan’s, Kamila Mashanloeva, she is eleven years, being born on Tuesday 24th July, 2001, but most certainly the youngest member of the French Team is Marie Migot. The girl with golden hair will celebrate her 15th birthday on the penultimate day of the Championships, Sunday 15th May. On Monday, the first day of competition in Bercy, France, she was very much the French heroine; she paid one visit to the table and duly emerged successful in a most impressive manner. Quickly adjusting to the situation, she accounted for Colombia’s Joana Araque in

four straight games (11-3, 11-6, 11-4 and 118). A fine result and most certainly makes her very much the strong favourite to finish in first place in the group. Earlier in the day, Joana Araque accounted for Guyana’s Chelsea Edghill in four straight games (11-6, 11-8, 12-10, 11-7). “Certainly, I was a little nervous before the match”, admitted Marie Migot. “My first World Championships and in Paris, it made everything a special occasion,” she added. Equally, the win endorsed the quite rapid progress she has made since being a member of the ITTF World Hopes Team in 2010; earlier this year in Örebrö she won the Junior Girls’ Singles title at the Swedish Junior Open. (

PM Spencer talks WI cricket arib Arena article -Antigua S t . J o h n ’s Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer recently held wide ranging discussions with newly elected President of the West Indies Cricket Board Mr. Dave Cameron along with Vice President Emmanuel Nanthan. During the discussions, Prime Minister Spencer who is also the Chairman of C A R I C O M ’s P r i m e


Shemar Britton McKenzie were adjudged joint third with R. Miller and Garraway. It was Nedd who teamed up with Greaves to win the Junior Girls Doubles title from Joao and Todd while Clarskton and Bissu placed third. In the Mixed Doubles competition, Nedd teamed

Akeicia Nedd up with A. Hopkinson to win ahead of Greaves and Wong. Joao and D. Persaud and J. Todd and Corbin placed joint third.

Ministerial Sub-Committee on Cricket congratulated President Cameron on his election and indicated that he is looking forward to a renewed West Indies Cricket Board that will work towards the development of West Indies Cricket. Prime Minister Spencer said that he is confident that President Cameron’s track record in management and his experience with the West Indies Cricket Board will result in the advancement of

David, Franklin booted in first round at LIEBHERR World C/ships - Edghill Gets Shot At Redemption Today Against French Heroine


uyana’s hope of a Men’s Singles World Championship title in Table Tennis were dashed yesterday when United States-based, Paul David and locallybased Christopher Franklin were both booted in the first round at the LIEBHERR World Championships in France.

Norway’s Eric Berner defeated Franklin 4-1 before Lithuania’s Valdas Martinus also had the better of Franklin 4-1 in his opening group, which ensured the exit of the Guyanese. David won against United Arab Emirates’ Jassem LinJawi 4-3, but lost to Venezuela’s Henry Mujica 0-4 to

also suffer a first round exit. Meanwhile, in the female competition, Guyana’s and Caribbean phenom, Chelsea Edghill lost to Columbia’s Joana Araque 0-4 and will get a shot at redemption today in her second game. David and Franklin are also to contest the Men’s Doubles competition.

the game within the region. Prime Minister Spencer also sought clarification and information on a number of cricketing matters which were of concern to him and Heads w i t h i n CARICOM and indicated that he is looking forward to discussions later this year on the way forward for West Indies Cricket with the West Indies Cricket Board and his CARICOM Colleagues. President Cameron and Vice-President Nanthan were accompanied in the meeting with Prime Minister Spencer by WICB Director Enoch Lewis, WICB CEO Michael Muirhead and President of the Antigua and Barbuda Cricket Association Zorol Bartley. During his recent visit to Antigua, President Cameron also held an extensive meeting with the management and staff of the WICB at their headquarters located in St. John’s.

Tuesday May 14, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Berbice Bridge boosts D’Edward Volleyball club with jerseys, sports gear


he Berbice Bridge Company Incorporated (BBCI) donated a quantity of sportswear and sports equipment to the Three Doors Strikers Vo l l e y b a l l C l u b o f D’Edward Village, West Bank Berbice over the weekend. The items: 24 uniforms for the team members; 2 volleyballs, and 1volleyball net, were handed over to the President/ Coach of the club Mr. Naresh Jairam. Additionally, at the hand-over ceremony, the company entertained over 30 children at a fun day at the Three Door Strikers temporary court at D’Edward where the children were treated to a scrumptious meal, sweets and trophies. Assistant Administrative Officer of BBCI, Ms. Faneeza Alli, said the company decided “to come on board mainly due to the fact that volleyball in Berbice (East and West) has

progressed and created a great attraction to Berbicians.” “Also, it must be noted that the Three Door Strikers has done outstanding work in creating a pastime for youths thereby keeping them away from drugs, crime and other illicit activities.” President of the Three Doors Strikers Volleyball Club, Mr. Naresh Jairam offered his thanks and appreciation. “I must say how grateful we are to receive the equipment as well; as providing sweets and trophies for the kids in this community. We thank the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Omadatt Samaroo and Admin Assistant for helping out to make this a success and also Mr. Chetram Deochand and Mr. Tee for contributing to the volleyball club. We the members of the club would like to say a big thank you to all the people in this community for their support and with this we will always

strive to be a better club. As the president and coach of the club, I am happy to work with the youths for making a better community.” Alli stated that the company will continue to sponsor other events subjected to the availability of funds “and is looking at a wider cross- section of sports and other charitable, non- charitable, Government, NonGovernment (NGO)”. “The BBCI does not only play the role of collecting tolls and facilitate vehicles crossing the Berbice River Bridge and vessels transiting through the retractor span and under the High Span, but also discharges its corporate responsibilities, that is, being a good corporate citizen and more importantly play an important role in the development of sports and charitable and noncharitable organizations.” In the past, the company has sponsored many events that benefitted communities both on the eastern and

BBCI’s Ms Faneeza Alli hands over the sports equipment and jerseys to the coach/President of the Three Door Strikers Club, Mr. Naresh Jairam in the presence of the players. western sides of the Berbice River, as far as Moleson Creek and New Amsterdam as well as in other regions and Georgetown, Linden, Parika and Hinterland, etc. Alli revealed, too, that for the year 2013, the company has received 26 Public Relations requests “and managed to approve 20 of those requests comprising of sponsorships of Mashramani 2013 Events;

sponsorship of horseracing events; donations of trophies to various NGOs and educational institutions; facilitated tours of various schools and waivers for toll charges for tour buses.” The company also sponsored a cricket tournament recently. Additionally, at the ceremony over the weekend, three volleyball players as well as three students of the Cotton Tree Primary School

received trophies for their outstanding work on the team and in school. Alesha Ally, Sarah Jairam and Chureisa Prasad received trophies for excelling at their recent examinations, while Ritesh Singh received a trophy for Most Improved Player on the volleyball team; Rafeek Mohamed and Azim Alli for Most Disciplined Players. (Leon Suseran)

Camille Sukhai cops RHTY&SC/DTV Mother of the year Award


hirty Three (33) year old Camille Sukhai of Woodley Park, West Coast Berbice on Saturday was honoured as Mother of The Year by the cricket teams of Rose Hall Town Youth and sports Club and DTV-8 under their 6th annual Mother of The Year Programme. Ms. Sukhai was nominated by her fifteen (15) year old daughter Soma and was chosen by a three (3) member judges panel headed by the club Secretary /CEO- Hilbert Foster. Mrs. Krishna Kumarie Goberdhan of No.2 Village East Canje and Mrs. Vanessa Brandt of Fyrish Village were honoured as runners up. The long serving Secretary/CEO stated that the Club and DTV-8 each year hosts the Programme as a tribute to mothers and also to identify positive role models to the younger generation of mothers. Foster stated that motherhood is perhaps the greatest gift a person receives from God and he congratulated the awardees

on being good parents to their children. He urged them to always be their children’s best friend and to be a constant source of love, advice and most importantly to be positive role models. Noting that family life is in a crisis, the RHTY&SC Secretary called on families to be united and to look after each other. He expressed gratitude to DTV-8 for their constant support of Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club and called the management of the television station as true friends of the club. Mother of The Year Camille Sukhai expressed gratitude to both the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports C l u b a n d D T V- 8 formakingher2013Mother’s Day special and stated that she felt very honoured. The mother of five (5) two boys and three girls stated that motherhood is a direct blessing and a mother’s love is natural for her children. She praised the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club for its

outstanding work and urged the club to continue to do so in the future. Each of the mothers received a Mother of TheYear Certificate and gifts. The Cricket teams which organized the programme were the Rose Hall town Farfan and Mendes Under15, Bakewell Under-17 and second Division, Pepsi Under-19 and intermediate, Gizmos and Gadgets Under21and first division and Metro Female Teams.

The mother of the year awardees along with two youngsters after they were rewarded for their efforts.

Laura Robson beats Venus Williams in Rome


aily Mail - Laura Robson claimed the most prestigious, if not the highest ranked scalp of her career today when she mastered horrendous conditions at the Italian Open to beat Venus Williams. In an environment more suited to sandyachting than tennis, the Wimbledon-based teenager showed much great control and composure to beat the five-time Wimbledon champion 6-3 62 in an hour and 24 minutes amid a swirling wind that gusted around the Court Centrale at the historic Foro Italico. Robson now meets sister Serena after adding the older Williams to the list of Grand Slam champions she has eliminated in the last nine months. Li Na, Kim Clijsters and Petra Kvitova have all fallen to her, as did world number four Agnieszka Radwanska last week. Venus does not have the status she once did, now 32 and these days a perennial struggler on clay, but then it is not

Robson’s best surface either. The repeat Wimbledon winner is still ranked 24 in the world and her previous match record of 10-3 this year has not suggested a dramatic decline. But with the wind whipping the clay up in bright sunshine it was the British number one who coped better, and although she failed to close the match out at 5-1 in the second she claimed a third match in the following game and clinched it with an inside out forehand winner. Her exquisite timing served her particularly well, and so far there is no sign that being coachless is adversely affecting her, quite the opposite infact. Meanwhile Brits Jonnay Marray and Dominic Inglot won their doubles match against Americans John Isner and Sam Querrey. They emerged 5-7, 7-6 (10-8), 10-12 winners in their first round doubles match in Rome.

t r o Sp West Indies Fullbore Rifle Shooting Championships Individuals - Day 3

Rain curtails rivalry, 3 ranges to be contested on today’s final day

MUSCLE INVASION Overall winner Dwayne Mars (right) of Berbice collects his trophy from Banks DIH representative, Clayton McKenzie

Lennox Braithwaite

Pollard blast takes Mumbai to No. 1

Mars cops GABBFF National Novices Mr. Barbados 2012 Stevenson Belle was the guest poser of the evening.

Kieron Pollard smacks the ball for a six during his brutal innings(BCCI)

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