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$50B NICIL funds…

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Govt has no obligation to transfer money - Brassington to Consolidated Funds

Grieving mother: Vijaiyantimala ‘Mala’ Somai

Teen stabbed, chopped to death

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Dead: Sasenarine ‘Suraj’ Persaud

Guyanese now Albouystown taxi charged with Cuban driver gunned double murder down outside home Pg 3

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday May 01, 2012

Tuesday May 01, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Teen stabbed, chopped to death A 17- year- old lad of Lot 75 ‘B’ Number 70 Village, Corriverton, lost his life on Sunday after he tried to save his stepfather from being badly beaten by two men in the area. Dead is Sasenarine ‘Suraj’ Persaud, an aspiring mechanic. He was allegedly stabbed and chopped by two men, believed to have been deported a few years ago from the United States. Their only names given for the suspects are ‘Sham’, 30 and ‘Chris’, 38, two brothers. ‘Sham’ operates a barber shop in front of his house while ‘Chris’ is unemployed. Police at the Springlands Police Station refused to release the men’s full names but a Wanted Bulletin for

‘Sham’ is expected shortly since he has gone into hiding. ‘Chris’ has since surrendered, but not after cutting his throat. He has since been admitted to the New Amsterdam Hospital where he is under police guard. Persaud’s step-father, Notan ‘Narresh’ Persaud Roopnarine, 42, was heading home when the two men, who were having a weekend barbeque at their Number 70 Public Road residence, approached him and the three began to have a conversation. Roopnarine, who could not remember much of what happened since he was intoxicated, said that the men started a heated argument with him and then took him in

Guyanese now charged with Cuban double murder

Shurlon Austin Guyanese medical student, Shurlon Austin, is now being held for a double murder in Havana Cuba. The wife of the first murder victim died today. The couple have left a five-year-old behind. On Thursday, news from the island stated that the finalyear medical student was in police custody having killed a Cuban. There were also reports that the victim’s wife was found with her throat slit. Official information out of the island was not forthcoming; the main reason being that the police were conducting their investigations. There was no stated motive for the killing. Initially there were thoughts of a triangular love affair but this has not been confirmed.

Instead, there is the view that after Austin killed the man the woman might have been a witness and hence attracted unwanted attention. Reports state that the killing occurred at 10:00 hours Thursday but the police were not notified until three that afternoon. There was also no word whether Austin was arrested at the scene or elsewhere. There was also no assessment of the mood of the Cubans; whether there is some animosity toward Guyanese. For now the students’ affairs officer has been asked to meet with the remaining Guyanese in the island and to inform them to remain within the confines of their dormitories to avoid any backlash.

... one suspect surrenders, while other on the run their yard and started to “beat him up”. Young Persaud, who was performing an errand for his mother, on seeing the men beating up his stepfather, approached the fight and tried to intervene. The men turned on Persaud and, having a sharp knife and cutlass in their possession, allegedly stabbed and chopped the young man. His mother, Vijaiyantimala ‘Mala’ Somai, 39, was inconsolable when Kaieteur News caught up with her and Roopnarine at the Springlands Police Station late Monday afternoon. “Me send me son to buy a pack coil (Sunday) night around 7:30 and when he go

and come back, I sent him to another shop and he went...and when he go he saw his uncle and them boys arguing (Roopnarine) and he go and tried to hold his uncle to put him in a car to come home (since the uncle was drunk)”. She added, “He see them boys beating him (his stepfather) and he go over the road”. Roopnarine, recounting what he could remember of the incident said, “Me drunk, drunk, stopped the car..and me son came to carry me home...After me and them boys got a little argument, he came out for his mommy to buy coil. The chaps started to beat me up and ‘Sham’

The boy’s stepfather, Notan Roopnarine slapped me on me ears until me had blackout”. The boy’s mother said

that ‘Sham’ “give me son one cuff and he held him with his hand and he dragged him and carried him in the yard and he fired one chop, and he threw my son down on the ground. And then me run to meet my son and then ‘Sham’ ran with the cutlass and put it behind the step and me run and me hug me son and asked him why he chopped my son— my son didn’t do you anything—and I asked him to help me pick him up”. ‘Sham’, she stated, refused and “after that me go down and me hold me son on he mouth and turned him and then he shake his head and I saw a lot of blood on him and I put him down back and (continued on page 8)

Right to cut budget enshrined in law The right to cut budgets is enshrined in the law, Minister of Finance said yesterday, but he nevertheless castigated the opposition for utilizing that right and chopping this year’s budget by $21 billion. The government has been fuming about the budget cuts, with suggestions that jobs will be lost and agencies would be closed down. However, Dr Singh wavered on that position when he hosted a press conference at his Main Street, Georgetown office. He said that with certainty that some jobs would be lost. But that suggestion was made even with his indication that no decision on job cuts has been made, since the government is considering what will be the future of those agencies that have had their budgets cut to “zero.” A majority of the funding that has been blocked in the budget is for the Low Carbon

Development Strategy - a total of about $18 billion. A number of programmes were budgeted for such as Amerindian land demarcation, the digging of a new canal to drain water so the East Coast would not be flooded if there is too much rain and the East Demerara Water Conservancy cannot take off the water, and a programme to give poor families one laptop. The government has been insisting that these programmes are threatened, but the Minister of Finance was not so sure yesterday. He said that there were a number of legal and administrative dimensions to consider, and added that he would shudder to think that those programmes will not go forward. Dr Singh’s press conference could have been part of the government’s attempt to “educate” the population about the

- Finance Minister opposition cuts. The Minister sought to dismiss suggestions by the opposition that the cuts in the 2011 budget could be readily reversed. The opposition has been saying that if it can find common ground with the government and is satisfied in its questions about the budget cuts, it would approve the funding later if the government brings these as ‘Supplementary” provisions. Dr Singh said that was like a customer going to the shop

and asking the shop keeping to “trust” that he will bring the money at the same time. He said that the budget cuts and the opposition’s attempt to use its majority in the Parliament as a show of power, was not a good basis for trust. Further, he argued that it is the opposition that has argued against the government bringing supplementary financial papers to the National Assembly. Meanwhile, Dr Singh said (continued on page 6)

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday May 01, 2012

Letters... Where your views make the news

Printed and Published by National Media & Publishing Company Ltd. 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown, Georgetown, Guyana. Publisher: GLENN LALL Editor: Adam Harris Tel: 225-8465, 225-8491. Fax: 225-8473, 226-8210


Another day of division is upon us With the way things are at this time sometimes laughter is the best way to forget the woes. Today is Labour Day and workers across Guyana and even further afield. They will sing ‘The International’ having marched through the streets decked in red and white. In Guyana with its divided labour movement will continue the tradition of assembling as a unified movement, marching as a solid labour movement but branching off for independent rallies to be addressed by people whose political views would be as diverse the labour movements they address. This year, the Labour Day rallies would not hear enough about which group has the workers’ interests at heart. Just a week earlier, parliamentarians were debating the budget. The government insisted that the budget was tailored to suit the needs of the workers; the opposition insisted that the budget was not worker-friendly. In the end the opposition voted to lop some money from the budget. The government then made political hay of the situation by accusing the opposition of being anti-worker; and of creating a situation that would lead to the unemployment of some workers. There were the protests even before the cuts and after the budget cuts these protests were intensified. Today, the nation would be regaled from the National Park about the anti-worker nature of the political opposition. The banners would be there proclaiming the anti-worker nature. Those attached to the state media would be out in force and they would shout and chant in support of the every statement that addresses the budget cuts directed at their institution. At the other rally the converse would be the case. Speaker after speaker, all of them supporters of the political opposition, would make speeches justifying the budget cuts. Again there would be the chants of support for the cuts. The media would report on the rallies and the nation would be none the different because the society already has firm views on the situation—those views having been formed by political affiliation. The representatives of the political opposition are going to make their political pitch about corruption and an uncaring government. Today will see charges and counter charges. In the end the workers would leave the rallies and assemble at the various union headquarters for the traditional afterrally parties. There will be smiles and laughter at the end of rallies. There was a time when there was one rally, one labour movement. Those were the days when the employer would prefer to deal without the union and enjoy paying any wage he feels was adequate. Those were the days when the workers recognized that in unity that is strength. Those days are long gone. The unions appear to have been emasculated and are increasingly becoming useless. The lone exception these days seems to be the union in the sugar industry—the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union. Sugar is crucial to the economy and the sugar industry is hurting and has been ever since the European Union slashed the preferential price it paid. To compound the situation the Skeldon Sugar factory which was intended to boost production to unprecedented levels is in fact operating in a manner that is seeing declining production. The result is that the workers can really hurt the industry that the government wants so much to succeed. No other industry holds such pride of place. The public servants have been made to believe that they are better off relying on the government than on their unions. Some of them have seen their unions take legal action only to have those actions shelved or placed in some corner of the judicial system to be called years later. Despite the various bargaining agreements the public servants know that any pay out they get would come from a government determination and they have been accepting this for years and are not likely to stop doing so now. So, today would be a continuation of what has been happening for a very long time with pro-government workers and anti-government workers rather than mere workers striving to ensure that each other enjoys the best for their blood, sweat and even tears.

Parliament’s next big job must be Constitutional reform DEAR EDITOR, If you have not been around long enough or have not studied Guyana’s political history, you may be tempted to misinterpret the noise coming from the ruling PPP in the wake of the budget cuts made by the CombinedOpposition as genuine hurt. Guyanese should not be fooled by the PPP’s antics. That party is driven by two things—maintaining its hold on Executive power at a minimum and in the final analysis, regaining the iron grip on the Indian-Guyanese community so that its total hold on power can be restored at the next election. Every action of the PPP is geared towards achieving these objectives. While the budget cuts have dealt the PPP a bodyblow by puncturing the aura of invincibility and inevitability, the PPP knows full well that its control of the overall political process remains largely intact. So long

as that control of state, executive government and society are not being seriously challenged, the PPP is relatively happy. It does not mind paying the price of $20.8 Billion to retain Executive power. So what we are seeing from them is political theatre aimed at doing two things. The first is directly racial. The political crying and cussing are aimed at scaring the populace, in particular the Indian Guyanese community. By projecting itself as the victim while framing the opposition APNU as the “heartless” bullies and the AFC as traitors, the PPP is playing to a familiar racial narrative aimed at the Indian Guyanese political reflexes. The second objective of the PPP’s theatre is to draw the opposition, particularly the APNU, into a state of complacency. The crying and chestbeating are aimed at giving the opposition the impression

that they have severely wounded the PPP. The PPP is hoping that the opposition would start congratulating itself and take its foot off the pedal. President Ramotar’s constant invocation of the word “Dialogue” and the not so veiled threat of an early election are deliberate tactics in this regard. The aim is to lure the Opposition back into dialogue with the PPP with the twin objective of bogging them down with talking and arriving at deals to reverse some if not all of the cuts. Again, this tactic of containing the opposition through nebulous dialogue has served the PPP well for the last 20 years, including up to two weeks ago. Given the above, the PPP is very worried at David Granger’s rhetoric in his recent address to the nation. His use of the term “leverage” sends a clear message that the APNU knows that the fight

over the budget is part of a larger political fight; it’s a means to an end. This frightens the PPP because it now knows that its political end-game is now being matched by APNU’s political end-game. And it is when you challenge the PPP on the political front that it starts to sweat. In closing, I am glad Mr. Granger referenced APNU’s constituency. APNU and the AFC, from now onwards, must not make any major decision without first discussing it with the people who are affected by it. The Linden fiasco should not be repeated. And APNU and the AFC must not go back to another election— Snap or Non-Snap—under the current rules which allow a party with a minority vote to form the Executive Government on its own. Hence, the next big job of the parliament must be Constitutional reform. David Hinds

All of us are hurt by the bad actions of a few DEAR EDITOR, As we continue the process of building this nation, which includes holding politicians accountable, time must be taken to commend the opposition for taking constructive and strident positions in protecting it from the continuous assault by an elected few. During the Budget presentations, there has been one revelation after another highlighting the abuse of our tax dollars by those given the privilege to govern. They have abused our trust and have done untold damage to this country under the guise of public service. The continuous doubledipping, employment of exministers, political allies and cohorts at salaries and benefits that cannot be justified is very disturbing. The proposals to secure money in the absence of credible justification and respect for the rights of the collective are damning. Clearly, this government has run amok with our tax dollars to enter into and sustain lifestyles that defy decency. These moneys could have gone towards employment for the ordinary man and woman; increase public servants and teachers’ wages/salaries; improve health care, education, utilities, services and other infrastructural development. Evidently this is a matter of rampant plundering and exploitation of our resources and this economic tyranny has over the years been masked by instigated divisions along racial and class lines. On one hand,

racism becomes the pretext to engage in acts of ‘payback time’ which witnesses the economic alienation and destruction of the racial other. On the other hand, classism becomes the pretext for selfsatisfaction why leaders deserve a better quality of life than their rank and file supporters living in economic deprivation. And as the propaganda machineries churn out their messages of falsification to galvanise support and sustain suspicion/dislike among groups, the political leaders escape accountability. The application of classism and racism to maintain power and discrimination today reveals an economic plundering that leaves many speechless. It confirms that the time is now

for us to openly confront and address these destructive policies that have further divided this nation, escalate conflicts, and undermine peaceful co-existence and equitable development. The watchdog role of the opposition on the executive can go a far way in welding this nation together, as the government is held accountable to manage consistent with our Constitution, halt the abuses of our resources, and govern in the interest of all. The executive also has a selffulfilling role to uphold their Oath of Office and govern in the interest of all, even as they hold the opposition accountable to the said standards. Collectively, the politicians can police themselves, those within their group and the general

citizenry. The citizenry too have a role to hold all politicians accountable as they equally hold us and we so hold ourselves. It is to our collective wellbeing when a wrong is committed that it is seen and called for what is. An unchecked wrong by one poses a threat of this wrong spreading and becoming cancerous which eventually consumes and destroys the entire body, our entire life. We are at this stage today in so far that the government has been allowed to plunder and exploit our resources on the backs of workers. All of us are hurt by the bad actions of a few, and collectively, we must change course for the betterment of this nation and its people. Lincoln Lewis

Mr. Watson should issue a public retraction

DEAR EDITOR, I refer to a letter published in your newspaper purportedly penned by Abraham Watson where he made certain accusations to the conduct of Freddie Kissoon during our protest action of the Aquatic Centre. The claims made by Mr. Watson are disrespectful, rude and totally untrue. I was present at the protest action with Mr. Kissoon and other patriotic Guyanese from the start to finish, and at no time was any of the team disrespectful or threatening to the staff present. In fact, I was elected to be the spokesperson for the group for that selfsame reason; we wanted to convey our concerns (i.e. the non-accessibility of public pools to the general public) knowing fully well that our concerns could not be addressed by the staff present, but was a matter for the policy makers.

I took particular care to ensure that our actions would not compromise the employment of the staff present; as such I asked the supervisor to telephone his superior to convey our demands, a request to which he complied, afterwards informing us that we have to address our concerns with the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport. Our entire protest action was recorded by the electronic media, thus the above facts can easily be ascertained. Mr. Watson should issue a public retraction to Mr. Kissoon for the false statements that he has allowed his name to be affixed to, since if this matter is taken further, they can have legal consequences. It is sad that for someone who claims to have been a member of such a noble institution as the military, that Mr. Watson can so easily be misled. David Patterson

Tuesday May 01, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

We should take guidance from President Ramotar’s words DEAR EDITOR, H.E. President Donald Ramotar, in addressing the Guyanese nation concerning the recent budget-cut crisis, stated that “my faith in dialogue remains undiminished.” These words are indicative of a responsible, reasonable and mature leader, and the importance of his judicious words must be emphasized rather than trivialized if we are to indeed bridge the parliamentary gaps and work together in furtherance of a brighter Guyana, particularly in these dark hours of uncertainty. These words must resonate in the minds of both sides of the legislative battleground if we are to plot a course of mutually satisfactory betterment for our nation. We must all take lessons from these wise words and strive to be liberal and open-minded at the proverbial bargaining table with but one goal in mind: the best interests of Guyana and of all our Guyanese brothers and sisters. President Ramotar’s gallant call for continued inter-party dialogue came at a much needed time; at a time when hundreds of our Guyanese brothers and sisters are sitting at the selfreflective crossroads where they ponder over job security and their family’s livelihood. Moreover, it comes at a time of uncertainty over the developmental path of our nation. No, President Ramotar’s call is not a miraculous fix-all solution to our crisis, but what it is, is our way forward, and for this reason we must draw from his justified confidence in the fruits of what a consultative process can possibly produce. Truthfully, what is important to realize is that President Ramotar’s call for continued dialogue is precisely what our nation’s founding father, Dr. Cheddi Berret Jagan would have advocated for, were he faced with our present budgetary crisis: broad-based consultative and democratic dialogue. On January 30, 1985, at the National Assembly for the 5th Parliament of Guyana, in his

Budget Debate address, Dr. Jagan stated that “The P.P.P. has always expressed the view that even though it can win free and fair elections, it believes in the interest of national unity and social progress…The P.P.P….calls for the convening of a conference of all democratic and political forces to iron out good ways and means whereby all Guyanese can cooperate and build a new Guyana. The Party intends to hold dialogue with its membership and will also carry out the broadest possible consultations with other progressive political and social forces including trade union businesses,professional, religious and other bodies.” Dr. Jagan concluded his address by stating that “The P.P.P. intends to invite all the progressive forces in this country to see what should be done to take our country out of this mess and to build a new Guyana, a people’s Guyana.” What Dr. Jagan spoke of in 1985 is directly applicable to our present political environment and offers us a guide to our nation’s way forward, which, as aforementioned, is through broad-based consultative and democratic dialogue. This has always been the philosophy of the P.P.P/C. More so, the fact that President Ramotar is putting into practice the infinitely

astute instructions of his political hero and teacher Dr. Jagan, proves beyond any reasonable doubt that President Ramotar, and by extension, that the P.P.P/C, is interested only in the best interests of Guyana and of all our Guyanese brothers and sisters. Despite the recent occurrences with regards to the budget-cuts by the AFC and APNU, it is my sincere belief that due the fact that the overwhelming majority of the population are in disapproval of and condemn these cuts, those men and women comprising the AFC and APNU, who are also presumably concerned with working in furtherance of a brighter Guyana, can now set aside their partisan robes and be reasonable, mature and open-minded enough to meet President Ramotar’s noble call for continued consultative dialogue and thereby, in doing so, undo some of the societal and economic wrongs which we have recently been witness to in the past week. Let us all now work together, towards the one goal that President Ramotar had in mind in calling for continued inter-party dialogue: the best interests of Guyana and of all our Guyanese brothers and sisters. Cheddi Berret Jagan II, Esq.

Public officials must mind the words that are released from their mouths. DEAR EDITOR, My dear late friend, Dr Desrey Fox, used to say all the time that despite returning to Guyana with Master’s and PhD Degrees and rising to the office of Junior Minister within the Ministry of Education, that she still felt that there was still some level of prejudice against Amerindians in Guyana. In the past month, I have heard several officials with utterances that are not only offensive to the ears but also can be termed as ‘discriminatory’. I am appealing to our public officials to pay closer attention to the words that

leave their mouths as the message some are sending to us, the Citizens of Guyana, is that they do not ‘think’ before they speak. Dr Raquel ThomasCaesar

Wallowing on the seashore of blissful ignorance

DEAR EDITOR, With utter astonishment and bewilderment I flipped the pages of the KN on Apr. 30 2012 and spotted one of the most intellectually obtuse missives entitled “Replying to Freddie Kissoon”. I’m moved to address this issue due to the unintelligible nature of that response. I have long opined that for a person to become a defender of the present corps of Guyanese political elite they must take on a mudheaded numbskull persona and of necessity, defile their own conscience. I cannot understand how a public official serving in a public office addressing a public issue would reduce a “professional” office to a personal cuss-out stage. I don’t believe for one minute that Mr. Kissoon threatened the personnel at the pool, because kinds like Watson and his political slave masters are waiting for the slightest occasion to drag Kissoon off to jail. Who would believe that Kissoon threatened the pool staff and no police report was made and a battalion of black clothes officers did not descend on Kissoon’s home to arrest him? Who Watson thinks he is talking to? In response to Watson’s assertions, I visited all three of the “public” swimming

pools and I was told point blank I cannot access any of them, except I belong to what seems like an elite group of some sort. All I have always wanted to do was have an occasional swim. I offered to pay a peruse fee but even that option was refused. The pools’ personnel were very clear I have to belong to a club, so Mr. Watson is a lowdown dirty fibber with a Machiavellian curdle. \Watson’s mind is so corrupted with defending the elitist status quo of the pool that he cannot appreciate that public facilities in general should be accessed using the same basic principle, “open to the public” on a walk-in basis, even if a user fee is c h a r g e d , example the harbour bridge, botanical gardens, the zoo, the national park etc. For Watson, the swimming pools are different from all other public facilities and he is right when he intoned, “… we have rules and regulations on how the facilities operate.” Rule number one, a citizen must belong to an elite club to

access any of the pools. This well learned, military trained expert and competent staff defence officer, displayed an awesome level of crass stupidity by claiming that Mr. Kissoon swam on the seashore, tisk tisk tisk, how ignorant can one guy be? Abraham Watson, the seashore is the sandy, muddy area (the land) that leads up to the sea (water), however, as soon as you hit the water you are in the ocean. Because you swim in the political mire doesn’t mean you have to drag others in with you. Continue to wallow on the seashore of blissful ignorance. The issue raised by Mr. Kissoon has not been addressed by the likes of Watson and Kumar. Will someone please tell me the days and times when a member of the public could visit these pools and actually have a chance at an occasional swim? Until then, the issue still remains that public pools should be open to the public and not left for abuse by a selected few political minions. Lenno Craig

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday May 01, 2012

$50B NICIL funds …

Govt has no obligation to transfer money to Consolidated Funds - Brassington There is nothing in law that says that Government is obligated to transfer what is believed to be over $50B from the coffers of the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) to the Consolidated Fund, according to Head of NICIL, Winston Brassington. The monies, representing largely the privatization proceeds of Government assets, has been a subject of contention with growing calls for more transparency and for it to be moved to government’s central accounts- the Consolidated Funds. According to Government’s spokesman and Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Roger Luncheon, the legal regulations that direct the

operations of NICIL do not speak of the proceeds having to be transferred to Central Government. “No obligations on the government. There are 20something articles that underpin the creation of NICIL and none of them says that money from NICIL has to be put into the Consolidated Fund.” Luncheon was responding to questions following his weekly press briefing last week. The opposition has been accusing Government of abusing NICIL’s resources. Government has announced plans to build an almost US$60M Marriott Hotel in Kingston with part funding from NICIL. The announcement has

not been going down well with especially the Alliance For Change (AFC) and A Partnership For National Unity (APNU), opposition parties in the National Assembly which together hold the majority over the People’s Progressive Party/ Civic. It was one of the number of instances in which NICIL’s transactions have come under the microscope. Others include the sale of the Sanata Textile complex, the Duke Lodge annex sale and the privatization of a number of other properties. Both opposition parties have been indicating a growing intolerance to a number of government projects and policies with over $21B slashed from the

Child allegedly molested by stepfather ...

Mother fails to facilitate requested second medical examination The mother of the nineyear-old girl, who was allegedly sexually abused by her stepfather, had insisted on a second medical examination. Yesterday she failed to show up at the prescribed time at the agency. The mother showed-up one hour later and claimed that she was waiting at Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). The medical examination was scheduled for 13:30hrs yesterday, the child’s mother was to report to the agency. She was the one who claimed the first medical report was incorrect and had insisted on a second one. According to a source, an

agent at Child Care Protection Agency (CCPA) had advised the little girl’s mother to be present at the agency’s head office before 13:30 hrs yesterday. The source revealed that the agent at CCPA did not inform the family at which hospital the little girl would have been examined. Reports are that a Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara man, in his 40s, was arrested two Mondays ago after his nine-year-old stepdaughter revealed to her stepmother that he had allegedly sexually assaulted her. She also told her stepmother that she told her mother every time the man

touched her but her mother would turn a blind eye. Her biological mother however, told Kaieteur News that her daughter never reported anything to her. She also said that her husband would never molest her daughter. The mother said that her daughter has been instigated by someone. The man however, was placed on a $100,000 station bail. The little girl however, has been placed in the custody of her father and her stepmother, who are residing in the city, until the CCPA completes its investigation. The medical examination has been rescheduled to Friday.

National Budget recently during weeks of heated debate. Between 1994 and 2008, NICIL said that it raked in over $23B from the privatization process. During a taxation and privatization seminar in August 2008, NICIL’s head, Winston Brassington, had defended that body’s system of holding on that amount of monies saying that previous privatization processes have created ad hoc accounting processes in Guyana. At the time of making the statement, Brassington was responding to questions about proceeds from privatization transactions being transferred to the Consolidated Fund. An example of such a transaction is the sale of some six acres of land at Industrial Site, Ruimveldt, for which the monies ($350M) were yet to be deposited in the Consolidated Fund. According to Brassington, previous accounting processes have seen some proceeds being deposited in consolidated and divestment accounts, but he noted there was a deficiency. “What you did not have was adherence under the law of how you distribute a

NICIL’s Head, Winston Brassington

Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Roger Luncheon

company’s assets.” According to Brassington, proper accounting requirements dictate that money from the sale of assets should first be placed in the company account, provided that it can adequately discharge all of its liabilities “With the Company’s Act, the company would then do a distribution by way of dividends, with all of its shareholders…That process happened in earlier years, and was very ad hoc because it did not adhere to principles.” Using current accounting principles for monies from privatization deals to be placed in the Consolidated Fund requires the completion

of the accounting process. The Head of the Privatization Unit had also during that forum, admitted tardiness on the part of NICIL as it relates to submitting annual returns since, according to him, the entity has not received audited reports from the Auditor General. When monies go to the Consolidated Fund, the National Assembly must decide on its release. However, when it goes to other funds, such as a holdings firm, there is no need for Parliamentary intervention. The Privatization Board is chaired by the Minister of Finance with its membership, the Cabinet of Ministers.

Right to cut budget enshrined in law ... From page 3 that the budget is not a document that is grounded in certainty, since the government cannot know for sure how much money will come from revenues, or how much will come from loans and grants and other sources of funding. Dr Singh said that the

budget cuts were unjustified and are unjustifiable. He said that the cuts were ridiculous and were but a vulgar display of power by the opposition. He said that the budget cuts were for programmes that are in the interest of national development. The Finance Minister said that the government was very

deliberate in its attempts to answer all the questions by the opposition on the programmes and that they exhausted all such questions. While he said that the right to cut the budget is enshrined in law, Dr Singh said that in his opinion, the budget had no “fat” which could be cut.

Tuesday May 01, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday May 01, 2012

Govt. maintains human trafficking not a major problem in Guyana Government is adamant that human trafficking is not a major problem in Guyana. Instead, the sex business, particularly in the “gold bush” is being labeled as the world’s oldest profession, prostitution. Human Services Minister, Jennifer Webster, has acknowledged that there are instances of Trafficking in Persons (TIP) in Guyana but claims that coverage of the issue in the media is being overrated. Webster stressed that there should be a clear understanding between prostitution and TIP, which are both illegal activities in Guyana. She emphasized that what is being purported in some instances as human trafficking is prostitution. The Minister stated that a meeting at the level of the Task Force chaired by Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee would be held soon to discuss issues of prostitution and human trafficking.

Webster asserted that Government is willing to have perpetrators of human trafficking brought to justice but most alleged victims are reluctant to testify. Recently, four minors were rescued from a sex ring in Oko Backdam, Region Seven. One of the girls had escaped with aid from the Guyana Women Miners’ Organization. Ranks of the Bartica Police Station after hearing the teen’s plight went in search for the remaining three. The girls claimed that they were lured from their homes to take-up jobs as shopkeepers in the interior. However, upon arrival they were forced to entertain men and the two fifteen-year-olds had sex with men. Prior to this instance, a Region Three teenager was lured from her home to also work in the interior. After an article was published in the media about the matter the teen was returned to her family. In both cases, the teenagers felt that it was their duty to contribute to their families’ finances. The Minister has rejected this ‘excuse’ and stressed that

education is free and the teenagers should have been in school. She pointed out that there are supportive systems in place such as the school uniform programme to ensure children stay in school. Nonetheless, parents have an integral role to play in their children’s wellbeing. She said that some parents have the psyche that they should not provide for their children. As such, family values are fading away in society. There needs to be a revival of family life, Webster asserted. The Minister noted that she will be meeting US Ambassador to Guyana D. Brent Hardt to discuss human trafficking.

Last year, the United States had accused Guyana Government of failing to take action against “official complicity” in human trafficking, but then Human Services Minister Priya Manickchand, denied this and wanted the US Government to supply the evidence. The US in its Annual Trafficking in Persons Report said that the Government of Guyana does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking, but “it is making significant efforts to do so.” Manickchand rebutted the report’s claim that continued rhetoric from higher levels of the government has minimized the

Teen stabbed... From page 3 started to holler for my brother and nephew and they came and took him out of the yard”. Persaud was chopped across his abdomen; he was stabbed before he was chopped. He was rushed to the Skeldon Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. The boy’s mother added that her son and the two suspects “had no wrong with each other” and “he does go and cut his hair and them does be little friends and talk and he and nobody ever get any wrong”. “Me grow him up from little baby; me does bathe him, powder him— he does sleep on this one hand and he sister does sleep on the other hand—”, the boy’s stepfather stated. His mother said that her

son was a “very quiet, very good child to me”, before she collapsed in tears. “He was so loving and friendly— all me story me does go and tell him— anything bother me— anything worry me, I does call he and tell he ‘babe, so and so story does bother me’...and we two sit down and see movies—until 11 o’clock in the night and then we go to bed...He was very kind and good to me, never fought with anyone”. “My son get killed for one pack coil”, the wailing woman stated. “Better I did take the mosquito bite before me take this hurt!I feel so hurt!” Persaud is survived by three siblings: Kamo, 20; Shivanie, 11; and Rocky, 8. Persaud’s body remains at the Skeldon Hospital Mortuary, where it is awaiting a Post- mortem examination.

potential scope of human trafficking. Ambassador Hardt recently met with members of the Guyana Women Miners Organization (GMWO), a Non-Governmental Organization, which has been vocal about human trafficking in Guyana’s mining areas. The Embassy in a release stated that the Ambassador pointed out that meeting the challenge of TIP requires the active engagement and collaboration of dedicated NGO’s, such as the Women Miner’s Organization, working in close cooperation with Government and the international community. The Ambassador assured the organization that the U.S. Embassy looks forward to supporting GWMO’s interaction with its network of TIP partner organizations and institutions in order to more comprehensively address TIP. The GWMO’s delegation led by its President Simona Broomes presented the Ambassador with an

overview of the organization’s goals, which include highlighting the roles and contributions of women miners; calling attention to the challenges they face; and helping to secure financing and access to credit. The body also seeks to address issues of abuse, TIP, and forced prostitution. Broomes and her colleagues shared perspectives with the Ambassador about the issue of TIP in mining communities. The group also made reference to their recent rescue mission of the four minors held in sexual exploitation. The GWMO expressed interest in participating in training opportunities and workshops for HIV/AIDS and gender issues. As an organization that promotes gender equality in a sector that has traditionally been dominated by men, the GWMO conveyed its eagerness to learn more, as well as share their valuable insights.

All Black Party lands couple in hospital A couple is now at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), nursing bodily injuries as a result from an accident last Sunday at 03:30hrs on the Soesdyke/ Linden Highway. Injured are Delnay Denhart, a cameraman at Hits and Jams Television (HJTV) and his girlfriend Gericia Francis, an employee at Princess Hotel. According to

information, the rented car that Denhart was driving slammed into a parked truck and flipped a number of times. The couple was returning from the Linden Town Week’s All Black Party when the accident occurred. Francis, who is also a model, sustained a broken leg and a neck injury. Denhart, however, received serious injuries to his hip and knee.

Tuesday May 01, 2012

Kaieteur News

Page 9

THE BUDGET CUTS ARE AN ANTI-JAGDEO VOTE On the campaign trial, the opposition painted the government bureaucracy as being over bloated riddled with waste and rife with corruption. It was contended that by reducing corruption alone, the monies could be found for all the things that the opposition parties were proposing, including the 20 per cent increase in wages and salaries that the AFC had promised it would give if elected to office and which it subsequently downscaled to 12 per cent.. Against the background of these charges of and especially in light of the constant references to Auditor General’s reports which the opposition claimed pointed to malfeasance, lack of transparency and accountability, it was expected that the opposition would have been combing the estimates of expenditure with a fine-teeth comb so as to reduce over- bloating, trim fat and eradicate squandermania. One especially had expected that the capital profiles would have been sanitized to remove those allocations that would have paved the way for corruption. None of this happened. The cuts that have been made by the opposition to the 2012 Budget were not informed by a mindset aimed at weeding out waste or

corruption, nor were they intended to promote greater transparency and accountability. Their sole purpose seems to have been to punish the PPPC government, triumphantly demonstrate just who the boss is and discredit the projects developed under former President Bharrat Jagdeo. The initial Budget laid before the National Assembly was for about $200 billion dollars. The final cuts amounted to just over $20B which means that overall the Budget was cut by a mere 10%. This certainly does not confirm to the picture that the opposition parties were painting about rampant corruption and fat within the government. However on closer examination, $18.5 billion of the $20 billion that was cut was for an LCDS programme. This means that in reality the fat trimming that the opposition did was a mere $1.5 billion or slightly more than one per cent. Yes, slightly more than half of one per cent. The cuts did not even reach two per cent of the Budget if you take out the LCDS cuts. Is this what the opposition has in mind when it said that it was committed to trimming the over bloated government spending? Less than two per cent of the Budget? One would have expected

Dem boys seh ...

Rob Bert thief a vehicle number De people at Hen See Hen and Geena going to GT&T to tek lessons on how to mek a dollar work. Is some time now that GT&T start to mek use of a dollar and everybody know that a Guyana dollar ain’t worth the material that mek it. Last week de opposition in Parliament decide that it gun give Geena and Hen See Hen one dollar a piece. That is why dem going to GT&T. If dem don’t go then dem can chat fuh two minutes and de subvention done. But while dem studying to mek de dollar wuk Rob Bert using numbers to mek he life easy. Dem boys spot that he got a vehicle that share de number wid another one at Ohh Pee. Normally, is only one car does got one number but Rob Bert conserving pun material since he tek over de environment. Rather than waste material fuh mek a new number he just use de same number another vehicle got. And he gun get away wid it because Government vehicle don’t have insurance suh if it get in an accident is just like if is any one of dem. That is why Rob Bert vehicle and another one at Ohh Pee got de same number. Dem boys seh that people des thief anything and when a man can thief a vehicle number he really gone bad. He is a habitual thief. That ain’t nutten. Dem boys seh that a former Minister hide de Prado that he get and now that he lose de wuk he driving de Prado. Nobody ain’t telling he nutten because Uncle Donald don’t know. In de day this vehicle does deh cover up and it does only come out in de night when people sleeping. And because it ain’t got insurance is no big deal. Is de budget debate mek dem boys know who got what. Is who buying de gasoline? De amount of money that dem spending pun gasoline can help Geena survive till de next budget come around. Talk half and hide de next half.

fat; this is revenge for past political hurt. This was vendetta politics. On top of this, the opposition parties cut the subvention to the Ethnic Relations Commission. One of the opposition parties has in our courts challenged the constitutionality of the ERC but instead of awaiting the outcome of that verdict, the combined opposition opted to cut the Budget, effectively disabling a constitutional commission. The biggest cuts were of course of the LCDS project and the reason advanced by the AFC is laughable. The reason given is that the monies are not yet in the country and therefore the project cannot be approved. A great deal of other monies for other projects is not yet in the country but it does not

mean that they should not be approved. What a joke! The LCDS cuts make no sense and therefore will be viewed by many as a way of getting back at the person who developed this strategy, the former President of Guyana, Bharrat Jagdeo. It is striking that of the many projects that are contained within the Budget, the ones that came under the knife were those linked to the former President of Guyana. And this is why these cuts cannot be seen as being aimed at reducing fat, reducing corruption and avoiding waste. The unavoidable

Simple larceny leads to jail for drug possession

Mark Anthony Jones, 48, a grandfather of High Dam Angoy’s Avenue, was yesterday sentenced to three years’ jail by Magistrate Adela Nagamootoo when he reappeared before her at the New Amsterdam Magistrate court and was found guilty on the charge of possession of narcotics for the purpose of trafficking. The prosecution led by Corporal Roberto Figueira stated that on January 8, 2012 the police were on patrol in the area. In the vicinity of Patrick Dam, they noticed the accused acting in a suspicious manner. They stopped and

that armed with the Auditor General’s reports over the past years, the opposition would have gone through the line items with a microscope and would have instituted judicious cuts to trim fat, cut wasteful expenditure and result in corrupt practices.. It was interesting that the combined opposition could find nothing in the Budget to cut from the police or the army. Very interesting indeed,, especially in the context of the big hurrah which was raised about some 90 million dollars which was supposed to be paid to the police during the elections period. Instead, the less than two per cent cuts were aimed at the subventions of GINA and NCN, and targeted contract workers at the Office of the President. This is not trimming

A Corentyne Belvedere man who was arrested on an allegation of Simple Larceny was yesterday jailed for three years on charges of Possession of Cocaine and Possession of Smoking Utensil after he pleaded guilty. The accused, Arvin Mohan, called ‘Wear’ of Belvedere, Corentyne, was arrested on Friday by members of the Community Policing Group in the area on allegation of Simple Larceny and taken to the Albion Police station. While at the station a search was conducted on the accused and a plastic bag in a Brown paper bag with a whitish substance was found concealed on his person. The item was retrieved and when tested and weighed was found to be two grams of cocaine.

Further checks on the accused unearthed an improvised Metal pipe which is suspected to be used for the smoking of Cocaine. He was told of the offences and subsequently charged. In court he pleaded guilty to both charges and begged the magistrate for just a ‘small sentence’. He was subsequently sentenced to a total of four years in jail — three years on the Possession of narcotics charge and one year for the possession of smoking Utensil. The sentences will run concurrently.

conclusion which can be drawn from the LCDS is that the cuts were a means of getting back at former President Bharrat Jagdeo. It is sad that this is what Budget scrutiny has come to, but even more sad that this is what an opposition with a combined majority had to resort to when its majority could have been deployed more constructively.

Grandfather jailed for ganja possession searched him and found a transparent plastic bag with what turned out to be Marijuana concealed on Jones’s person. Jones was arrested and taken to the Central Police station when the substance was tested, weighed and found to be 99 grams of Marijuana. He was subsequently charged and taken to court and found guilty. In addition to the threeyear sentence the accused was fined $118,800, the equivalent of three times the value of the drugs or a further 12 weeks in jail.

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Tuesday May 01, 2012


The most nonsensical scene in the history of the world Have you asked yourself what is the basis of Mr. Ramotar’s presidency? Or what legitimacy Ashni Singh had in presenting the budget? In other words why should Guyanese recognize the Ramotar presidency and the right of Ashni Singh to be Minister of Finance? Why shouldn’t the citizenry make Carl Greenidge the Finance Minister? The answer to that question was provided by President Ramotar and Singh themselves. When the AFC and APNU requested to be part of the composition of the budget, both Ramotar and Singh said that it was the

constitutional prerogative of the Government to craft the budget. The President and the Finance Minister were citing law. The legitimacy of the Ramotar presidency and Ashni Singh’s Ministry reside in law. The presidency was arrived at after an election in which voters chose Mr. Ramotar over his contenders. Mr. Ramotar’s party won a plurality of votes that is why that party formed the Government. That party then decides who head the Georgetown Public Hospital, the Bank of Guyana etc. That party has the legal power to make these appointments

because (at the expense of repeating myself) it won more votes than other individual contestants in an election. Should people overthrow an elected government? The automatic response is that it would be illegal to do so since the government was legally elected. Contest the election and beat them would be the response you will get. By some strange, contorted logic, the ruling party in Guyana which defends its physical validity in legal terms seems reluctant to recognize the legal fulcrum of the opposition. This is dangerous thinking because if you don’t

accept the validity of your adversary why should your opponent offer recognition to you? The total posture and the complete attitude of the ruling party since the poll results of 2011 towards the joint opposition is that it does not recognize the election basis of the opposition majority in the Guyana Parliament. To put it in the most hackneyed way – this is total madness. The President has popular power through a vote. The opposition has a parliamentary majority through a vote. It was the most nonsensical scene since the world began to witness President Ramotar on Friday evening lambasting a parliamentary majority as if that group (of legally elected Parliamentarians) was a fringe element bent on overthrowing a constitutionally elected government. If one came from another planet in the universe since the 10th Parliament has convened, one would think

that the PPP was duly elected to serve and that its opponents are a bunch of rogue elements. Everything points to that description of which the ugliest dimension of the scene is one in which the ruling party tells its competitors across the floor in the House that it must do what the ruling party says because the ruling party was elected. It is no exaggeration to say that a dangerous virus has taken over the collective psychology of the PPP where it cannot see much less understand that there was an election that it lost in terms of the second most important pillar (some would say the most and put the judiciary second) in a country – the Legislature In the psychology of the collective minds in Freedom House, the PPP is in charge and runs the Government because they were voted into office. But the AFC and APNU were voted into Parliament and when their strength is combined they dominate Parliament in the

Frederick Kissoon way the PPP dominate the Executive branch of Government. If the PPP continues to behave as if the power of the 10th Parliament does not derive from the sovereign will of the population then it is courting danger. Fringe elements and extremists can argue that you have a ruling party that does not recognize the votes of the people therefore why should they accept the voter basis of the PPP’s power. The most nonsensical scene in the history of the world did not take place only last Friday evening, it is going on right now. The Parliament has to give money to NCN because the Executive says that must be done. The Parliament has to give money to the Ethnic Relations Commission because the Executive says so. And why is this so? Because the Executive is a legitimate authority in Guyana. It contested a general election and won and therefore has constitution authority to govern by some weird logic, the APNU and AFC are extremist wayside preachers who came out of the jungle looking to steal the government for itself. And we must always remember, it is a government that was duly elected.

Tuesday May 01, 2012

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Kaieteur News

Albouystown taxi driver gunned down outside home - was eyewitness to cousin's murder in same street By Michael Jordan


n Albouystown taxi driver was gunned down around 02:00 hrs yesterday in the same street where he saw his cousin murdered three years ago. Renie Williams, 25, of Lot 138 King Edward Street, Albouystown, was shot twice in the back by a lone, black-clothed man armed with a 9mm pistol as he sat in his car outside his home with his wife. He died shortly after at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation. Williams's wife, Shondeen Walters, who was sitting next to him, escaped unhurt. Eyewitnesses said that the killer fled on foot. Residents said that while they heard the gunshots, no one looked outside until they heard Williams's wife screaming. All the residents were reportedly indoors since it was late and raining at the time. Williams's relatives say they suspect that the killer was waiting for him to arrive. They suggested that the gunman may have been lurking in a nearby passageway where residents found a strange cap and several cigarette butts. Police recovered two spent 9mm shells at the scene and a 9mm warhead from Williams' taxi. Police are said to be following leads that suggest that the killing is linked to a prolonged vendetta between Williams's family and another family from the same community. Williams, a former policeman who was seconded to the Tactical Services Unit, was a witness to the murder of his cousin, Marvin Boston, who was stabbed to death in the same street in October 2009, allegedly while coming to Williams's aid. Williams himself was injured during the brawl. One man has been charged with Boston's murder while another was charged for assaulting Williams. Eyewitnesses are still giving evidence in the matter, which has reportedly reached the High Court. A source said that detectives have questioned members of the family with whom Williams had a dispute.

They have also taken statements from them. Kaieteur News was told that Williams, who was employed with Starlight Taxi Service, was gunned down minutes after he returned home with his wife. The slain man's wife, Shondeen Walters, who celebrated her twentieth birthday on Sunday, told Kaieteur News that they had attended the Linden Town Week celebrations. Her husband had then dropped off some friends and the couple then went to the seawalls before heading home around 02:00 hrs yesterday. Williams, she said, parked his car outside their home and wound the windows up. At the same time, she stretched over to the back seat to pick up some items from the car floor. It was then that a gunshot shattered one of the back windows. She was sprayed with broken glass. She then heard a second gunshot and saw someone dressed in black fleeing on foot. Ms. Walters said that on rising up, she saw her husband slumped and “shaking” in his seat. “He was going into shock; he was shaking and trying to say something. I was hollering and calling the neighbours but nobody was coming.” Ms. Walters said that she then used her mobile phone to contact some of her relatives. After that, she exited the vehicle and began screaming and banging on her neighbour's doors. Relatives, accompanied by the wounded man's wife, drove in the same taxi to the GPHC. Kaieteur News was told that some 20 minutes later, a doctor examined Williams and informed his family that he was dead. The slain man's relatives insist that he had no dispute with anyone. A sister who spoke with Kaieteur News said that Williams had “locked up a lot of people” while he was in the force. He reportedly left the police force some three years ago. The family has been embroiled in a prolonged dispute with another Albouystown family.

It is alleged that on October 24, 2009, two brothers, Cordell and Carl Bennett, stormed the family's home at 138 King Edward Street, Albouystown, to challenge Renie Williams to a fight. Williams' cousin, 24-year-old Marvin Boston, was stabbed multiple times allegedly while going to Williams's aid. He succumbed at the

GPHC. The Bennett brothers were subsequently detained. Carl Bennett, of 148 Cooper Street, Albouystown, was subsequently charged with murder. His brother, Cordell Bennett, of James Street, Albouystown, who had allegedly assaulted Renie Williams, was charged with assault causing bodily harm. He pleaded not guilty.

Dead: Renie Williams

Williams's cousin, Marvin Boston

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Tuesday May 01, 2012

Kaieteur News

EU-funded tourism, fisheries project for completion next month A number of European Union-funded tourism and fisheries projects started in 2009 are expected to be completed next month. Head of European Union Delegation to Guyana, Ambassador Robert Kopecký visited Northern Rupununi, Region Nine during April 26 and Sunday to commission the Toshao's Building in Bina Hill and to inspect another project funded by the European Union in Aranaputa, Woweta and Rewa. All these projects are

dedicated to boost tourism development and fisheries and are being implemented by Iwokrama International Centre for Rainforest Conservation and Development. According to the EU yesterday, the project of building individual, organisational and institutional capacities for ecologically sustainable tourism development and fisheries management in the North Rupununi Wetlands commenced on December 23, 2009 and is expected to

be completed by June. The total budget of the project was €300,000 of which the EU has contributed €270,000. EU explained that the specific objective of this project is to strengthen the organisational capacity of the North Rupununi District Development Board (NRDDB), which is the umbrella body for the 18 communities of the North Rupununi. Among other things, the projects are focussing on supporting NRDDB's strategic and

From left: Alfonso Forde, Pauline Lucas Cummings, Sixtus Nash, Robert Kopecký business planning to improve

long term sustainability and enhancing fisheries management by extending the North Rupununi Arapaima Management Plan to cover all fish species. It also includes the enhancement of individual capacities in fisheries and resource management and tourism business development and the enhancement of existing tourism products in Annai, Aranaputa, Woweta, Surama, Fairview, Rewa and Yupukari. To improve the fisheries sector in the six communities, a manual was developed and management plans were drafted in consultation with each community. “The objective is to establish sustainable fishing in the wetlands (rivers and

lakes). Fisheries in the community can be described in three categories: on the community level, small scale fishing and commercial fishing. Permits are necessary for the latter. “Workshops were held in the communities to create a better framework for fisheries, which defines fishing periods for certain species and explains new fishing techniques and methods.” EU said that three of the communities are involved in developing aquaculture in their village since fish is the main source of protein. The communities are interested in raising Tilapia (predator), a species that is not indigenous. The project is currently working to promote a local herbivore in the ponds. In the area of tourism, the major activity is capacity building. Manuals in the area of financial record keeping, product development, services delivery, ethics and standard were developed. Wo r k s h o p s w e r e conducted in the villages and tourism business plans are being finalised. Additionally, a small infrastructure project in each village is currently being undertaken. The sustainable tourism and fisheries management project is nearing completion and will enhance the capacity of the communities in both domains, EU said.

Tuesday May 01, 2012

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Moulders, multirip saws, resaws, cross cut saw and genset Tel 616-5595 Rodney

One EP71 Starlet, 1 AE91 Sprinter,1 Mitsubishi RVR and Pajero JR,1 Nissan Pathfinder PMM, 1 Honda FIT 2004 Call:644-5096,6971453

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday May 01, 2012

Colin Jones, co-accused discharged on shooting matter

Traffic woes for commuters, drivers along East Bank Demerara

Colin Jones and three of his alleged associates will have one less matter to worry about. The matter of discharging a loaded firearm at the East La Penitence Police Station against Police Constable Carl Marks was discharged yesterday. The ruling which was made by Magistrate Hazel Octive-Hamilton at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court came after it was found that sufficient evidence to uphold the charge against the men had not been presented by the prosecution. The police had claimed that on November 4, 2009 Colin Jones, Randy Mars and Jahfar Sampson discharged a loaded firearm at the police constable with the intent to maim, disfigure or disable him. When the prosecution closed their case against the accused, Attorney–at-law George Thomas who had been representing the four men, made submissions based on the evidence the police had produced. He argued in defense of his clients that there was no

evidence to substantiate the charge. The lawyer in a comment to this publication claimed that while the charge said that the men discharged the firearm at the police rank it was still not proven that they had committed the act. Thomas said that the caution statements taken from the defendants had not been tested for its voluntariness, and no circumstantial evidence was provided to suggest guilt on the part of the persons. The court agreed with Thomas. The pre-trial hearing came to a close when the court said that a prima facie case had not been made out against the accused because enough evidence was not given to facilitate a trial in the Supreme Court. During the Preliminary Inquiry (PI) it was found that the caution statement of victim conflicted with his actual testimony. The officer claimed that he had not seen the persons who were shooting. But in the caution statement it was alleged that the accused approached the station and were seen in the act. The locations where the

Police still investigating Kitty murder Detectives are still following up several leads in the execution style murder of Kitty taxi driver Balram Jadoonauth called “Sanjay”. Jadoonauth, 24, was killed almost two weeks ago by a gunman who ambushed and shot him in front of his Dennis Street, Campbellville home. Sources close to the investigation said that they have questioned several associates close to the victim. This newspaper understands that the police have a fair idea of who might be behind the killing but they lack the evidence to prove it. The police source explained that they will continue to investigate the matter until justice is served. Police had detained an East Coast Demerara man after he reportedly admitted to threatening to kill Jadoonauth over an affair Jadoonauth was having with his wife. The police said that they were working on the theory that Jadoonauth was slain because of that relationship. Kaieteur News understands that checks of the man’s phone records revealed that he had contacted Jadoonauth on numerous occasions. A source said that the last phone calls were made just a few days before Jadoonauth was slain. According to sources, the husband admitted to the police that he had threatened to kill Jadoonauth over the affair between his wife and Jadoonauth. He reportedly said that he had even complained to

incident occurred also proved different when evidence was given in the matter. While the charge alleged that the incident was committed at one police station the police evidence had provided that it occurred at another. The accused along with Basil Morgan and Anthony Watson also saw the matter of attempted murder allegedly committed against Clayton Westford being withdrawn against them by Special prosecutor, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Fazil Karimbaksh. It was reported that Westford had failed to produce himself to the court on numerous occasions. Westford had however been associated with the alleged Colin Jones gang when a series of charges were brought against Jones. Apart from the attempt murder of Westford and the police constable, Jones was charged with attempting to murder two other police officers on the same date. He was also charged with setting fire to the High Court, a matter in which Westford was also implicated. Jones is already facing eight years behind bars which was given to him by Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine- Beharry when he was slapped with charges ranging from murder to arson to possession of guns and ammunition to escaping from lawful custody and cultivating cannabis.

Scores of passengers travelling along East Bank Demerara yesterday morning were stuck in traffic for lengthy periods due to works being carried out in specific areas to facilitate the expansion of the road. The construction work being conducted at Diamond village, EBD, close to the junction between the Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL) and the burial ground nearby, caused a number of workers en route to Georgetown to be late for their jobs. Many minibus drivers refused to travel past Diamond to villages such as Grove, Craig and Friendship for passengers since they would have to endure the long lines and be stuck in the heat and sun with bus loads of angry passengers. Several people complained that the operators who were in charge of monitoring the vehicles on each lane were not “being fair” and sometimes they allowed more vehicles in the other lane to pass the area. “It ain’t right that they allowing 20 or 30 cars and buses them to come up from Georgetown side to go up Timehri side and got us who going to town to work and do business in long, long line and got we perspiring and in heated minibuses waiting all the time. “Then when they get we line going they only letting 10

or sometimes 15 car and so pass them before they stop we again and let the next lane move,” argued one woman. A father of two was taking his children to school and had left earlier than he usually would in order to cater for delays. However; the time he took to get from Craig to Georgetown and take his children to their schools was more than he expected. “I left home like an hour before I does normally go because I hear about the Harbour bridge traffic and I know about Herstelling traffic lines and jams with the construction. But when I see long line in Grove until DDL side is then I realise that they doing work there too and I spent about 45 minutes in the line. “When we come out of that line, we end up in the traffic jam for the Herstelling/ Farm line and I reach late with my children to their schools, “he complained. For passengers coming from Georgetown heading into the direction of Timehri, they experienced the same ordeal since the traffic line was long from Diamond to Covent Garden, EBD. “Unfortunately we had line from Providence side for the Herstelling construction part and were waiting for the line to move. But we left surprised when we come out of that line

EZJet Airlines encountering delays at checking in Balram Jadoonauth Jadoonauth’s parents. Jadoonauth, a GR Taxi Service employee, was reportedly shot in the back shortly after arriving home in his car. Relatives are certain that robbery was not a motive, since the young man was still wearing his gold chain and rings. He also had all his money in his wallet. The dead man’s sister, Ranuka Azeez, had stated that her brother left the taxi service and went home. The woman told Kaieteur News that family members heard gunshots, but assumed that a car was backfiring. She said that it was only after police ranks came to her parents’ home, that the family became aware of what happened. The woman said she was told that after he was shot, he managed to drive away. However, Jadoonauth crashed into a light pole a short distance away from his home. Kaieteur News was told that residents called the police and ambulance.

While flight operations for the EZjet airlines, operated by Dynamic Airways, has thus far proven to be successful after commencing flights to Guyana on December 16, 2011, the airline is still encountering some problems that lead to flight delays at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA). The airline’s Operations Manager, Rosalinda Rosool, told Kaieteur News that since its establishment in Guyana, both feedback and business have been positive for EZjet. Every month its market continues to expand. Rosool added that this past month the airline has recorded full flights out of Guyana. However, a major factor that continues to affect EZjet’s services is the checking in time for passengers. Kaieteur News understands that when passengers arrive too late for check in, this badly affects the arrival time at other airports and causes the company to incur a number

- company losing money to refund passengers who miss connecting flights of unnecessary expenses. It was noted that many passengers using the airline have connecting flights and because of such delays they would miss their flights. They hold the airline accountable for the inconvenience thus resulting in EZjet having to refund their money for the connecting flights. “There are other airlines at CJIA here too that do checking in at the same time as EZJet and there would be a major congestion here. We need to get the aircraft out on time because it costs us a significant amount of money to refund or repay passengers with connecting flights. “When we miss the time slot allotted to us at the John F. Kennedy (JFK) airport in New York, we can’t land there also and we have to park somewhere else,” Rosool pointed out. She said that at the CJIA, the staff and Chief Executive

Officer (CEO), Ramesh Ghir, have been offering tremendous support to her company and whenever such problems are encountered the CJIA tries to assist. “Mr. Ghir is very supportive and would try to help in whatever way when we encounter problems such as the delays, but the infrastructure still remains the same. We are looking forward to the airport being up and running with their expansions soon because this will help.” Rosool also told this newspaper that the EZjet airline has major expansion plans in the near future. These plans will include services being offered to various locations and having larger aircraft travelling to different routes. EZjet Airline offers flights from JFK to Georgetown five times per week with its B767 aircraft that has the capacity to hold 218 passengers.

and a few streets away in Covent Garden there was another line for the traffic jam leading up to Diamond. I know a number of people going to airport will be at disadvantage because they can miss check in times and even flights,” an older woman stated. Meanwhile some students told Kaieteur News that they understand that such works are necessary for improvement and modernization but they are hoping that the contractors complete their jobs speedily. “We have to get up way earlier now and have to leave home before normal hours that we are accustomed to. One thing before this is that not so many buses does come to Craig and Grove line before the New Scheme open and now construction work start they hardly coming so we have to walk up from our villages to Diamond most times. “Then we reaching late to school and so and some teachers understand but some are piggish and telling we how we not leaving early enough so I just hope this work finish fast,” said a fourth former of Christ Church. Yet another student expressed similar sentiments as she commented on the situation. “We on the East Bank always have to suffer from such traffic problems and while it is for the good of the area it is putting pressure on a lot of us. I have to drop my little brother at play school in Grove and then have early morning lessons before I get to school. “It isn’t easy cause I already late today (yesterday) and if this continues then I may miss my exams this year CXC,” the 16year-old lamented. A number of minibus conductors and drivers are also annoyed with the way in which the operators are allowing the traffic lines “to flow.” Although the lines are causing a number of inconveniences the motorists and passengers are just pleading that equal number of vehicles on both sides be allowed to pass and that things are done in a more systematic manner. “If they have to have a line or two lines and even if they end up being long then they should ensure that the same number of vehicles on the left side pass and then the same number pass on the right side lane. At least people can’t complain they aren’t being fair,” one driver added.

Tuesday May 01, 2012

FROM THE PPP The People’s Progressive Party salutes the working class of Guyana as we observe International Labour Day 2012. Their contributions must be recognized on this day as it is their efforts that have helped us to avoid the worst of the economic financial crises that have gripped many workers in many parts of the world. The PPP has tirelessly worked to improve the conditions of the working class of this country. Our Party led the fight for Universal Adult Sufferage close to 60 years ago and made May Day a national holiday since 1958. Another significant measure was the removal of the “means test” in 1993, which previously deprived our senior citizens of a pension. This was a demand of the Trades Union movement some four decades before it became a reality. This year, pensions were increased by over 20 per cent. The rights of workers are more safeguarded than they have ever been in any period of our history through legislation piloted by the PPP/ C Government. These include “the Termination of

PNCR May Day is a special occasion for the Labour Movement and workers in Guyana. It is a time when they should be able to celebrate the consolidation of their rights, increased wages and benefits, improved working conditions, the protection of pension rights and the general progress of the labour movement. Unfortunately, on May Day 2012, Guyanese workers are forced to lament the absence of any such gains. Guyanese workers cannot forget that, since acceding to Government in 1992, successive PPP Administrations have used their majority in the National Assembly to pass legislation designed to intimidate members of the labour movement and undermine the recognised trade union body, the Guyana Trade Union Congress (GTUC) and have it replaced by the PPP cronies in the so-called Federation of Independent Trade unions (FITUG). In this context, note should be taken of the deliberate policy of encouraging trade unions aligned to the PPP to poach on the preserve of more independent unions in order to marginalize and destroy them. There has been a

Kaieteur News

Employment and Severance Pay Act, Holiday with Pay Act, the Prevention of Discrimination Act, the Occupational Health and Safety Law” among others. The dream of workers of owning their own homes is now a reality through the many innovative interventions by Government. The working class and their families were also supported by this year’s national budget. Resources towards subsidizing the consumers of electricity and water, continued expansion and improvement of health care and education services countrywide; providing working class families with laptops and IT skills training, greater assistance to the vulnerable and an increase in the income tax threshold by 25% from last year which will result in workers taking home more money to their families. The PPP/C however recognizes that the work to improve the lives of the working class is far from over. That is why the Government has been working tirelessly to consolidate and expand our gains. Investments that create jobs and improve the productive capacity of the

country have always been encouraged. Unfortunately those gains are being threatened by an opposition that showed their anti-working class colours recently. The cutting of Government 2012 budget is a demonstration of this. It is widely acknowledged that in times of recession and financial difficulties workers face the daunting prospect of being laid off. However, the decision by the opposition to close entities and put workers on the breadline or slash support for agencies and programs which will have a direct impact on workers and their families is taking place at a time when Guyana’s economy is the healthiest it has ever been. To add insult to injury the opposition has callously described it as collateral damage. Now under pressure they are saying that they can look at a Supplementary budget. The PPP has always maintained that its decades old struggles have always been in the interests of the working class of this country and in solidarity with workers the world over. On this day we reiterate our sentiments to the working people of Guyana and the world.

continuing and concerted effort to roll back the gains achieved, since the pioneering and foundational efforts of Hubert Nathaniel Critchlow and other stalwarts who made major personal sacrifices for the achievements of many of the workers’ rights that are now under attack. Indeed some anti-working class elements are peddling the idea that trade unions have outlived their usefulness, and that those conditions which Critchlow fought for, such as a living wage and better conditions of work, can be better provided for by employers, such as the Government, themselves. It should be clear, to all genuine members of the labour movement in Guyana, that it would require unity of purpose to successfully defend their hard earned rights. As a consequence of the anti working class policies of the PPP Administration, even before the advent of the global economic events, Guyanese workers have been caught up in a vicious struggle to survive and ensure their material betterment. Indeed, with the introduction of the unconscionable 16 per cent Value Added Tax (VAT) in 2007 the cost of living in Guyana spiked, considerably undermining the ability of our workers to provide for their families and sustain

themselves. Public Servants in Guyana continue to be under the hammer of their employer, the uncaring and callous PPP Administration, which continues to negate the Agency Shop Agreement with the Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU), and brazenly commit many breaches of the Collective Labour Agreement with the union, such as deliberately protracting t h e a n n u a l salaries negotiations and then breaking them off towards the end of the year so as to impose its own arbitrarily determined paltry increases which are usually well below the costof-living. Guyanese workers must be consciously aware of the current fragile state of the National Insurance Scheme (NIS), which has resulted from the accumulated mismanagement and manipulation by the acolytes of the PPP Administration. On the occasion of May Day 2012, therefore, the PNCR recognises the critical role that Trade Unions have played in the political, economic and social development of the country and urge the Movement to remember that such a role can only continue if the Trade Union Movement, as a whole, remains united to protect the interests of all Guyanese workers.

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GUYANA PUBLIC SERVICE UNION As we prepare to observe May Day 2012 we cannot ignore the political developments under the recently elected minority government and the just concluded Parliamentary debate on the National Budget that manifested serious differences and divisions between the government elements and the joint opposition parties and their representatives which when put within the working class context is also a clear indication of the road ahead. Therefore, while May Day is an occasion that we traditionally celebrate achievements and improvements of past years and show optimism about expected progress and/or developments for the future, a dark cloud looms through the obvious lack of conscience shown through the political spin on budget cuts, which were displayed by the Government of the day, which included the unfortunate message to the nation by President Donald Ramotar. Let us examine for the benefit of all citizens the truth of the matter: The Government failed in its quest to satisfy the combined opposition that the sums cut were indeed required during 2012, resulting in the combined opposition deciding that until the matters were clarified to their satisfaction, a nominal sum of $1 would be made available. The nominal sum of $1 is a clear indication that the matter could be revisited and possibly approved at a later date. However, the Government, including the President, would have the nation believe that the joint opposition was callous and uncaring; It was refreshing to note that there was a provision for protests, even in the immediate environs of Parliament Buildings, and this could be done without prolonged notice to the Police and/or without Police intervention, water cannon, Police fired pellets or rubber bullets.

AFC On the occasion of Labour Day, the Alliance For Change recognizes the contribution of all workers in Guyana. We are proud to join the Guyanese workforce in once again commemorating the achievements of labour movements around the world. Here at home, the AFC wishes to remind workers that the social and economic gains that were fought for by generations of Guyanese workers should not only be celebrated, but carefully guarded, to ensure that they are not eroded by the increasingly inequitable distribution of the nation’s wealth and resources. Today, in the midst of

I guess only Government orchestrated protests could be so undertaken, while other citizens have no rights. That’s a clear and open truth; When Channel 6 was cut on more than one occasion from the airwaves, Stabroek News denied advertisement, Critchlow Labour College denied its subvention etc., and there was no consideration for the employment of its staff, their children or households. The joint opposition cut funding to GINA and NCN, while requesting of Government certain reforms. What was clear was that the joint opposition was demanding that these entities produce a people’s product, as opposed to openly serving the interests of the ruling party at taxpayers’ expense. There is the nagging issue of “contract workers” which Government has increased over the years to serve its better good, rather than that of the nation as a whole. In seeking the truth in this statement one observes that a public service establishment exists under the supervision of a constitutional agency, the Public Service Commission (PSC). Over the past years, the Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) has been in a constant struggle to preserve hard won rights and benefits for all Public Servants, whether or not they were members. The Union could reflect proudly at its achievements. The GPSU was privileged to enjoy free collective bargaining and have any agreements with Government treated with respect. However, the current trend of disrespect followed the death of a respected President and leader of the PPP/C; The Union was privileged to share an environment where Government itself submitted and ratified ILO Conventions no. 87, 98, 149 and 151 that guarantees workers’ rights, specifically addressing nurses and public servants in the last two conventions referred to, in conformity with international standards. Undoubtedly, the results of

National Elections on November 28, 2011 clearly conveyed a national displeasure to what was evolving in Guyana. There is a popular view that the true results of that election would have manifested the true displeasure of the nation’s human resources that have witnessed the orchestrated depletion of national resources, which would have gone a long way towards bettering the lives of the populace. So significant was the elections outcome that it demanded that those who ran for office in this democracy, regardless of political lineage, must agree to common ground in order to move the Country forward. From all appearances, it is obvious that the desires of the people are being strongly resisted by the Government. The GPSU endorses the PSI position this May Day and together with that body restates its determination to defend the fundamental human and trade union rights of public sector workers and the right of all citizens to universally accessible public services. Together with our brothers and sisters worldwide we would engage in the ideological battle to save the livelihood and the public service so many people value and depend on. We commit ourselves to join together to fight for freedom of association, collective bargaining and freedom of expression, which are all obviously under threat; to defend young people to see a future with prospects for decent work, a fair wage, decent life and gender equality. We must mobilize now to confront the existing injustices in order to etch out a future that is built on fairness, justice and human rights. As a public sector union we recognize and are confident that we are integral to the foundation of a just and democratic society and that our fight is a fight for all. Notwithstanding the obstacles to be overcome and challenges faced, the Union wishes you all a most pleasant May Day.

economic and social crises, Guyanese workers continue to toil to create the wealth for this nation, and from which we must all benefit. It is therefore more than appropriate that we recognise and honour all workers especially on Labour Day. The travails and injustices meted out to Guyanese workers are monumental. They face depressing world market prices for our commodities that threaten retrenchment, a government that is unresponsive and uncaring about working condition, and most of all the continuing division and dissension within the Guyanese trade union movement. TheAFC remains committed to the principle that all Guyanese

workers deserve to be adequately remunerated, so that they can enjoy living conditions commensurate with the real wealth of our nation. The AFC expresses hope that the trade unions in Guyana would find the courage, maturity, and strength to forge a better relationship with each other, and being united and strong, reap for their members, the social and economic benefits they so richly deserve. It is our party’s hope that workers gathering to observe this year’s LabourDay, will see this as an occasion to unite around issues of importance to all Guyanese. The AFC wishes all Guyanese a happy and peaceful Labour Day.

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Kaieteur News

CANU loses Springlands 40 kilo cocaine case Lawyers for alleged Corentyne cocaine trafficker, Salim Bacchus, secured his freedom yesterday when they successfully argued the unreliability of the witnesses in the case. Bacchus, who was on trial for trafficking in 30 kilograms of cocaine, was represented by attorneys at law Glen Hanoman and Ramesh Rajkumar. Hearing the matter was Magistrate Fabian Azore at the Whim Magistrate’s Court. The Magistrate upheld no case submissions made by the defence. She said that she had difficulty believing the testimony given by the Prosecution’s star witness, the team leader of the Customs Anti Narcotics Unit that had carried out the drug bust. Bacchus, alias ‘Black Salim’, of Line Path, Skeldon, Corentyne was one of four

men initially charged last November with tracking in cocaine. The other three men, Canadian resident Narayan Jarbandhan, of Lot 11 Gordon Street, Kitty, Georgetown; Gary Belgrave, of Section ‘C’ Turkeyen, East Coast Demerara and Leo Hernandez, of Block X Section ‘C’ Diamond, East Bank Demerara, all pleaded not guilty to drug trafficking and were subsequently released. Jarbandhan had previously faced another trafficking in cocaine charge in 2010. He was convicted of trafficking in narcotics, sentenced to five years’ imprisonment and fined $30,000 but has appealed the conviction and was granted bail pending the outcome of the appeal. Bacchus is the brother of Azad Bacchus also known as

‘Ak 47’, who was killed in a shootout with the Berbice Anti-Smuggling Squad (BASS) in 2001. The case is that sometime in November last year around 06:00 CANU agents swooped down on a location in the Crabwood Creek/Skeldon Line Path, Corentyne area, where they recovered 40 kilograms of cocaine, which is believed to have come through Guyana’s North West District and was en route to Suriname. The operation commenced after the area had been under surveillance for a few days. During the trial attorneyat-law Mr. Glen Hanoman, representing Bacchus, had complained to the Court that his client was tortured. He alleged that no account could be given of US$1,900 and documents his client had in his possession when he was arrested.

Notorious criminal Mark Lee Young, called Junior, 36, of Lot B Four Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara, who gained notoriety for the number of robberies he committed in various parts of Guyana was on Monday sentenced to five years in jail by Magistrate Adela Nagamootoo, yesterday. The sentence was handed down when Young appeared at the New Amsterdam magistrate court and pleaded guilty to robbing Chetram Sirkissoon of one minibus.

He however pleaded not guilty to a number of other charges allegedly committed on the same day. On February 3, last at Susannah (No19) Village, East Coast Berbice, Young and others who were armed with guns, robbed Chetram Sirkissoon of one minibus valued $2M property of Inderjeet Deosarran. The men had entered the bus en route to Corentyne when in the vicinity of Susannah one of them stopped the vehicle to relieve himself.

While the vehicle was stopped, Young is accused of putting a gun to S i r k i s s o o n ’s h e a d a n d robbing him of the bus. Young then took hold of the vehicle and drove it to a desolate area aback of Palmyra where it was found abandoned. The prosecution urged that the full penalty be meted out to the accused who is notorious and has a number of other charges pending in various courts in Guyana

Minibus robber jailed for five years

Tuesday May 01, 2012

Linden man gets 8 years for killing wife Justice Franklyn Holder yesterday sentenced a former Linden resident to eight years imprisonment for stabbing his reputed wife to death. The man Wilson Chan had earlier pleaded guilty to the lesser count of manslaughter. Chan was accused of murdering Louisa Loretta Ramessar, 44. The court was told that he stabbed Ramessar on September 10, 2007. The woman succumbed to injuries on October 17, 2007. Chan was initially charged with attempted murder, but it subsequently changed after Ramessar died. The case was presented by State Prosecutors Zamana Ally and Diane Kowlessar while Chan was represented by Attorney at law Jailall Kissoon, in association with Satesh Kissoon. Chan’s lawyers in a mitigation plea told the court that Chan has become reformed. According to Jailall Kissoon, his client has taken advantage of a majority courses which the prison

offers. He asked the court to examine all the circumstances of the case. The defendant who spoke briefly assured that he was very remorseful for his actions. He said that he has attended several prison programmes and excelled. The court was also given a probation report. On the day of the stabbing, based on a report, Police Constable Quincy Alexander had gone to the home of Ramessar on September 10. He had heard voices coming from one of the apartments. He knocked at the door, saying: “Police! Open up!” The court was told that the officer heard a voice saying “Ah can’t come …ya gotta kick the door down”. Then he heard the said female voice saying, “Yes, I gon drink it.” And a male voice saying, “Drink it now!” The policeman followed what the woman said and kicked open the apartment door and entered in time to see the accused, Wilson

Chan, kneeling on a bed over Ramessar with a knife in his right hand. He saw the accused stab her to the left side of the abdomen. Constable Alexander then pulled out his revolver, pointed it to the accused and told him to drop the knife, which the man did. The accused came off Louise Ramessar, and lay flat on the floor. The woman was taken to hospital, and the accused was charged with attempted murder. Louise Ramessar died on October 13, 2007. A postmortem done on October 17, 2007 revealed seven wounds on her body; but the cause of her death was given as peritonitis due to perforation of the intestines as a result of stab wounds. Peritonitis is inflammation of the peritoneum, which is the thin issue that lines the inner wall of the abdomen and covers most of the abdominal organs. The post-mortem also revealed that the woman was a diabetic and had bed sores.

Man dumped from minibus identified The man who was found dead on the Versailles Public Road, West Bank Demerara has been positively identified as 33-year-old Kelroy Kaser. The man was positively i d e n t i f i e d by relatives yesterday who visited the Ezekiel Funeral home. This publication was told that the man resides at Parika

Backdam, East Bank Essequibo. He left home early Sunday morning. According to a police source the man indicated that he was not feeling well and was heading to the Georgetown Public Hospital. However after realizing that he passed the West Demerara Regional Hospital he decided to stop the minibus he was travelling in. It was at that point that he was dropped off at Ve r s a i l l e s w h e r e h e collapsed and was left lying on the road for some time until the police were summoned.

By the time the police arrived the man was dead. He was taken to the funeral home. Relatives said that they just received a call saying that Kaser was dead but that he seemed pretty normal when they last saw him. In the meantime the relatives said they too are awaiting the results of a post mortem examination. Early Sunday morning Kaser’s body was found on the Versailles Public road. Initial reports were that the man was dumped out of a route 32 minibus in the vicinity of the Aracari Resort.

Tuesday May 01, 2012

Kaieteur News

The Abigail Column Confused in love sit down and fix the problem. Now, he just ignores it and leaves, and smokes his cigarettes. What’s your advice? Confused DEARABIGAIL, I have a boyfriend and we’ve been together for seven months now. We both love each other so much and I always make sure he knows that. I do everything for him: cook, clean, wash clothes, practically everything to make him happy. He used to be really loving with me. I mean, he still is, but I feel as if he’s changed in some way. Before, we used to be able to tackle our problems and if we argued, we would

the door. Clarify the problem. Do you feel unappreciated? Why? Do you feel as though he loves you less than before? Why? What will make you happy? Do you rely on him for your happiness? If so, what can you do to change that? Are there other things that are bothering you? In what ways has he changed? Make a list of all the things you like about your boyfriend and the relationship. Then, make a list of what you don’t like. What are you willing to live with, and what won’t you tolerate? When you speak with him, do not accuse him of ignoring problems or not doing much for you.

Dear Confused, You and your boyfriend need to speak about this soon. Tell him that you are confused about your relationship. Ask when a good time would be to have a conversation (not an argument) about your concerns. Choose a time when you know you’ll both be relaxed, and a place where you won’t be interrupted — at home may not be the best spot, unless you take the phone off the hook and agree not to answer

Tuesday May 01, 2012 ARIES (MAR 21 - APR 19): Contrary to popular belief, you can really make a difference when it comes to world problems. Do some research into charitable organisations that speak to your heart. Devoting time or money to such a cause will chase away those feelings of helplessness. ************************************ TAURUS (APR 20 - MAY 20): Although you’ve always craved material security, this preoccupation can be a burden. Sometimes, you want to leave all of your possessions behind for a simpler, easier life. ************************************ GEMINI (MAY 21 - JUN 20): Disagreements over joint finances, taxes or corporate money could be a source of strife. Resist taking a dictatorial approach to this matter, even if you are in a superior position. ************************************ CANCER (JUN 21 - JUL 22): Stop exposing yourself to stressful situations and unhealthy habits. Your body is probably sending you signals that something isn’t right. Refusing to respect these signs could complicate a small problem. ************************************ LEO (JUL 23 - AUG 22): This isn’t a good time to take gambles of any sort, especially financial or sexual ones. If you’ve been thinking of making a move on an attractive love interest, hold your fire. ************************************ VIRGO (AUG 23 - SEP 22): You’re determined to push past limitations that were imposed on you at childhood and while your resolve is admirable, it’s important to be gentle with yourself. If you don’t see immediate results at first, don’t panic.

LIBRA (SEP 23 - OCT 22): A business or romantic partner may undermine your confidence. The fact is, nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission. If you’re really insecure about your knowledge, take a class or two. ************************************ SCORPIO (OCT 23 NOV 21): Nothing is more frustrating than being unable to meet a child or lover’s needs. That may be the case today, though. Resist the urge to pretend that nothing is wrong. Instead, explain the situation as best you can. ************************************ SAGITTARIUS (NOV 22 - DEC 21): Much of your behaviour is dictated by disappointments you experienced as a child. Instead of battling these demons, tune into your own heart’s desire. ************************************ CAPRICORN (DEC 22 JAN 19): Your strong convictions could be challenged by a sibling, neighbour or cousin. It’s not necessary to get in a big argument. Sometimes you can agree to disagree. ************************************ AQUARIUS (JAN 20 FEB 18): You want to be financially independent, but it seems you can’t make a move without an organisation’s approval. Find other ways to assert your independence. ************************************ PISCES (FEB 19 - MAR 20): Occupying a position of power has a definite down side, which you’ll experience today. Maybe you’ll have to fire an employee or discipline a child. Perhaps you’ll have to put a loved one on a budget.

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Eyewitness accounts, positive ID does not guarantee justice - State Counsel After being sexually assaulted by two men in the presence of an eyewitness, who attempted to dissuade the criminal act, a young woman is still without justice. In fact the case which had gained the attention of State Counsel attached to the Chambers of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) did not even come to trial in any court of law. This is according to State Counsel, Konyo Sandiford, who said that the matter never even reached the court, simply because of delay. The State Counsel said that this was the state of affairs despite the fact that the assaulted woman knew who her attackers were. Additionally, “an old man saw what was happening and he shouted out to the two men ‘what are y’all doing?’ but they were able to shut him up. Apparently he didn’t leave.” The matter, as a result, was brought to the attention of the police and subsequently the DPP Chambers. However, by the time the matter was set to commence in court, the old man in question had died and the woman at the heart of the matter could not be found, Sandiford said. However, the State Counsel noted that even as the matter was being processed there were reports that the woman was continuously inquiring about when the matter would be brought to court. “We learnt that she was inquiring from police officers when is my matter coming up...? Additionally it was found that when a matter comes up four, five, six years later, witnesses are disinterested; they are matured and some are just not willing to go back to the past.” As a result, Sandiford said that it is crucial that “we work towards cleaning up our act in terms of investigation of the kind of matters we bring to the court. There are a lot of problems facing our judicial system as it is...” Among the challenges that face the judicial system is the identification parade process, which according to

State Counsel Konyo Sandiford Sandiford is at times compromised. She alluded to the instances when witnesses are tasked with identifying the alleged perpetrator of a crime through a one-man identification parade which

by extension serves to tarnish the process. The ideal situation, Sandiford explained, should see the victim of a crime being able to give a general description of the perpetrator ahead of an identification parade consisting of the alleged perpetrator and others with similar description. However, the State Counsel noted that “if the police show the alleged perpetrator to the victim first then calls the ID parade then that process is compromised...Is it that you have picked the right person or you are so traumatised that you pick the very first person shown to you? So we need to clean up our act and the kind of investigations that we bring before the court,” she asserted.

NEW TIME FOR PENSION PAYMENT The Guyana Post Office Corporation has said that for ease of comfort there will be changes to the usual time for pension payments at its various offices. As such the following will obtain for tomorrow. Offices in Georgetown and Greater Georgetown - 8:30am

Offices in Essequibo, Berbice, West Demerara, Linden - 11:00am Offices on the East Coast of Demerara – 10:00am The Guyana Post Office Corporation is also assuring the public that staff members will be working throughout the day to effect payments.

Guides are subjected to change without notice

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TO LET Short term apartments Eccles. Call:679-7139 New 2&3 bedroom apartment, prime location Diamond AA block X. Call:682-3483 Harmony inn fully furnished self contained a/c apartments, Short term& long term Parfaite Harmony WBD Tel:694-7817

WAR OF WORDS By Haydn Gill Sunday Sun - The West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) and Chris Gayle are trading blows again. In the latest development in the long running controversy, the WICB says Gayle may be reneging on a commitment to make himself available for the majority of the imminent tour of England. A series of emails between Gayle and WICB chief executive officer Dr Ernest Hilaire – copies of which were obtained by the SUNDAY SUN – revealed that a resolution paving the way for

Short term apartments. Call: 667-1549 Diamond Scheme one bedroom furnished apartments (Toilet/ Bath) single person. Call: 216-2637, after 4:00pm East Coast -$45000-$5500US600, Campbellville US750, Bel Air-US1250. Diana: 227-2256, 626-9382 Bottom flat 220 Lamaha St Kitty Georgetown. Call: 6927218, 257-0150 Fully furnished 3 bedroom top flat US$950, 2 flat residence/business US$1,200, 609- 2302/645 2580/ 233 5711 Newly built apartment – WCD, call: 698-6496 Four (4) bedroom apartment. Contact: 682-8875 Nails & hair station Tel:2231051, 619-5357 E.B.D furnished 3 bedrooms house, 2 bathrooms, a/c, hot and cold, grilled, meshed, telephone, internet, parking, US$500 tel 697-4131

Tuesday May 01, 2012

PROPERTY FOR SALE Two story wooden and concrete building located at 14 ‘A’ Kersaint Park, L.B.I., E.C.D land measuring 75ft, by 75ft, kitchen cupboards, window grills, 6 bedroom, alarm, system,concrete fence and drains, large storage bond adjoining property price 21 Million (negotiable). Call: 643-2403, 227-2712 Alberttown-$20M, Republic Park-$25M, Queenstown$35M, Newtown-$30M. Diana:227-2256, 626-9382 20 X 40 two flat concrete building @ Kitty. All amenities. Price $28 M Call: 668 – 9512, 223- 2570

the opening batsman’s return to the West Indies team appears to be some distance off. Gayle wrote the WICB on April 20 indicating he would be available for the tour after fulfilling obligations to his Indian Premier League (IPL) team and asked if he could be informed whether he would be selected, given his additional commitments to English county, Somerset. “The board has now considered your request and is extremely disappointed, that following the progress we had seemed to be making towards final agreement, you now seem unwilling to honour the commitment you made with respect to your Somerset contract,” Hilaire told Gayle in an email on April 26. “I remind you that in your “side letter” of March 23, 2012 to Prime Minister [Dr Ralph] Gonsalves, you stated that

you would forego your contract with Somerset, after your IPL contract in India, to make yourself available to play for the West Indies. “You reiterated this commitment in your April 1 letter, in response to WICB’s request for clarification. Your most recent communication appears to suggest that you may be reneging on your availability as you now state that you are willing to make yourself available and not that you are making yourself available. A player cannot be considered for selection if he has not made himself available for selection.” West Indies will leave for England on Tuesday (today) for a tour that runs until June 24, but Gayle is contracted to IPL franchise Royal Challengers Bangalore until May 27. Prior to making progress in a year-long standoff with the WICB, Gayle secured a deal in January with England County, Somerset, to play for the club in the Friends Life T20 competition starting on

Ernest Hilaire

Chris Gayle

June 12. “They [Somerset] require me to give an undertaking of my availability for the entire duration of my contract which actually clashes with the West Indies and England tour,” Gayle wrote in his email to the WICB. “However, I would appreciate if I could be informed whether I will be contracted for the West Indies team for [the] England tour before I give my commitment to Somerset. “I only ask this so I would be in an informed position before I respond to Somerset, given the fact that I indicated my availability to the West Indies team after the IPL.” The WICB did not take

the matter lightly. “It is in complete contradiction to the commitment made in the memorandum of resolution and your side letter that you would now seek a commitment from the WICB on your selection for the West Indies tour of England, (which as you are well aware cuts across the English county season), so that you can give an undertaking to Somerset,” Hilaire said. “That apart, you would recall that during our meeting with Prime Minister Gonsalves, the WICB was clear that team selection is the purview of the selection panel and not the board of directors.”

Man City beats Man United 1-0 to top EPL MANCHESTER, England (AP) The Manchester derby went to City. Next, it hopes, is the Premier League crown. Manchester City finished a sweep of its local rivals Monday when Vincent Kompany’s powerful header lifted it past Manchester United 1-0 to take the Premier League lead with two games remaining. In what had been billed as the biggest Manchester derby ever, Kompany connected off David Silva’s corner kick for the only goal in first-half stoppage time at the Etihad Stadium. City then held on for a potentially title-deciding victory; it leads United on goal difference and once again has matters in its own hands, having erased an eight-point

deficit in three weeks. ‘’Absolutely buzzing. ... We’ve been waiting for this moment,’’ Kompany said. ‘’It’s far from over, and we know that, but just to give our fans two wins over Manchester United this season - we have to finish it off.’’ City still has a difficult job remaining as it next visits fifth-place Newcastle United, then hosts relegation-threatened Queens Park Rangers in the remaining games. United finishes against Swansea at home and Sunderland away. ‘’It’s great to win tonight, but Newcastle is now our focus,’’ City goalkeeper Joe Hart said. City has an 8-goal differential over United.

GFF pulling out all the stops to prepare... MASSAGE American style massage services. Call: 609-4036 Get massage loosen all your joints. Contact: Glorie: 6692154 Relax your mind and boy with a massage 622-6256

EDUCATIONAL Learn Spanish. Call: 6731232 Princeton College Forms 15, CXC adults’ classes’; $1500 a subject S.A.T/Phonics etc. Call: 690-5008, 611-3793

From back page overseas. Guadeloupe is a formidable opponent according to Shabazz, having qualified for the last two CONCACAF Gold Cup qualifiers so players will have the opportunity too impress with the aim of perhaps getting selection to the squad that will face the Central America giants in Mexico and Costa Rica. He informed that the locally-based players have an excellent opportunity to impress the selection panel, while the exposure that will be gained is also critical for their holistic development going forward. Shabazz said the players will have another chance to exhibit what they’ve learned from the experience when they participate in the Parbo Bier Cup in Suriname shortly. Wilson in his remarks

spoke of the work the GFF is doing to give the ‘Jaguars’ the best possible preparation to engage teams the quality of Mexico, Costa Rica and El Salvador with the meagre funds that they have. He revealed that the GFF is hoping to provide a minimum of five friendlies for the ‘Jaguars’ in the coming months and this is after securing a similar amount previously. He extended thanks to sponsors such as GT&T, Ansa McAl, Sponsports, the Government and all the others whose contribution aided in making Guyana’s participation in the qualifiers and more possible. He said that the May 12 is the date set to officially launch the WC campaign. Khan in brief comments spoke of the soon to be launched brand new website

where Guyanese both home and abroad could access information and offer feedback pertaining to the ‘Jaguars’. Meanwhile, the touring squad is Richard Reynolds, Colin Edwards, Julien Edwards, Kester Jacobs, Ryan Crandon, Travis Grant, Daniel Wilson, Anthony Benfield, Sheldon Holder, Pernell Schultz, Konata Manning, Anthony Abrams, Quincy Madramootoo, Kris Camacho, Colin Nelson, Trayon Bobb, Eon Alleyne, Devor Dennis, Brion Baker and Dwight Peters. The officials are: Jamaal Shabazz (TD), Wayne Dover (Coach), Ivan Persaud (Trainer), Mark Xavier (Manager), Rawle Adams (General Manager), Andrew Hazel (Goalkeeper Coach), Trevor Burnett (Equipment Manager) and Donna Marie Wickham (Physiotherapist).

Tuesday May 01, 2012

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Regal X1, Rockaway Auto Sales ‘A’, Mike’s Wellwoman & Trophy Stall Angels into semis QUARTERFINALS The 3rd edition of the GT&T / Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport / Guyana Softball League 10/10 nationwide cricket competition is now down to the semifinals following the final set of quarterfinal matches at the Everest Cricket Club, Ground on Sunday last. Sealing the final four slots on a day that was overcast for the most part, were Regal X1 who defeated Karibee Boys by 11 runs; Rockaway Auto Sales ‘A’ X1 won off the penultimate ball by 5-wickets against Speed Boat Sports Club; Mike’s Wellwoman hammered Falcon Girls by 52 runs and Trophy Stall Angels overpowered the game Rising

Stars by 37 runs. All pretenders have made their way out with many of the teams possessing the potential to do well choking when it mattered in tense situations. Karibee Boys of Corentyne Berbice came into the match against Regal X1 with lots of confidence having reached this far without losing. But that confidence was to suffer a defining dent, compliments of Regal. Regal took to the crease first and in the face of some contained bowing, reached 93-3; led by Patrick Rooplall’s top score of 43 (2x6 3x4), Wasim Haslim’s 18 (2x6) and Chien Gittens’ 15. With such a modest total to overhaul, Karibee Boys would have fancied their chances of winning but that was not to be as the Regal

Bowlers bowled with discipline backed up by efficient fielding. When their 10-overs ran out, Karibee Boys were left stranded on 82-5, 11 runs short of the winning target. Sherminda Hardyal was left unbeaten on 38 (3x6) and with him was Mahendranauth Sooklall on 4. The only other contribution of worth came from Imran Khan who made 17. West Bank Demerara’s Speed Boat Sports Club were not allowed to speed away against Rockaway Auto Sales when the two collided, the West Bank boys were restricted to 85-4 off their 10overs batting first. Safraz Esau contributed 30*, Mahendra Singh 23 (3x6) and Shazim Hussain 13. With such a modest total, Rockaway Auto Sales did not cater for the closeness of the

Debutant LTI win ‘Screw’ Richmond Schools Football title - Mackenzie High defeat New Silvercity for third place Debutant Linden Technical Institute (LTI) led by a brace from the tournament’s Highest Goalscorer Colwin David, who netted in the 23rd and 43rd minutes defeated four-time finalist Christianburg / Wismar 2-1 to capture this year ’s Edward ‘Screw’ Richmond Memorial Schools Football Competition which ended last Thursday, at the Mackenzie Sports Club ground. Kwesi Quintin made the lone response for Christianburg / Wismar in the 85h minute. After a delayed start which was caused by obstacles left on the ground from an event hosted the previous evening, the two teams seized up each other early with no clear chance created, but more of a midfield battle ensued. However, LTI looked the more constructive, especially with David orchestrating all the plays in the centre of the field and it was a clinical pass that provided the opportunity for them to take the lead. It came from a foul that was committed which resulted in a free kick being awarded just outside the penalty area and David strode up to take the shot, a powerfully struck one which ricocheted off the goalkeeper’s partial save and into the path of the tournament’s most potent striker who gleefully accepted

the gift, before hammering another fierce effort past the defence and goalkeeper. LTI had another chance to stretch their advantage, but the shot hit the left upright and rebounded harmlessly back into play. Shortly after, Christianburg / Wismar came close to leveling the contest, but the powerful header was spectacularly saved by the LTI custodian falling to his left. However, two minutes before the break, David got onto the end of a give and go between himself and a teammate, before unleashing his trademark power that saw the ball fly swiftly past a transfixed Christianburg / Wismar keeper. LTI went to the half enjoying a 2-0 lead and most of all a good enough cushion with enough confidence to take them over the line. The resumption saw a more spirited challenge from Christianburg / Wismar side, but solid defending kept LTI in the ascendancy. However, a lapse in concentration by LTI allowed Christianburg / Wismar some respite and almost kept them in the game when Quintin outran his markers following a long pass from the back, before beating the retreating goalkeeper with a well placed shot into the far corner. In the third place playoff, Alando Lewis’ 1st minute strike gave Mackenzie High

some consolation after they defeated the New Silvercity 1-0. The presentation ceremony followed shortly after and a number of players were rewarded for their outstanding performances during the course of the competition. Those awarded were: Kwesi Quintin (CWSS) – Most Valuable Player Colwyn David (LTI) – Best Forward (finals) & Most Tournament Goals (16 Total) Trenton Lashley (LTI) – Best Midfielder (finals) Andrew Breedy (LTI) – Best Defender (finals) Keon Boston (LTI) – Best Goalkeeper (finals) Dwaylon Farrell (NSSS) – Best Coach (tournament) Among the sponsors was Guyana Youth Development Association (GUYDA) out of the United States, Edward Richmond Memorial Foundation, Comfort Zone Taxi Service, James ‘Gads’ Dennis of Canada and Compton London of the United States. The Foundation extended thanks to all its supporters and well wishers for their continued support of youth football. The aim now according to a release is to undertake tournaments involving the primary school boys and girls of grades 5 and 6, and the females of the secondary schools in Linden in the very near future.

Trophy Stall Angels Captain June Ogle smashes the ball away in her unbeaten innings of 58 against Rising Stars.

match as the Speed Boat boys were tight in their bowling and in the outfield. It came down to Rockaway requiring 11 runs off the final over and after some spine chilling moments, they won the battle with one ball to spare. Taking them into the semifinals was Asif Alli who hit the penultimate ball for a four, Rockaway ending on 865 with one ball to spare. Jagdesh Deosarran gave the innings momentum with a well compiled 35, Saikichan Jhagdeo chipped in with 19.

Mike Wellwoman, led by Zola Telford’s even half century which was decorated with 4 maximums and 3 boundaries, compiled a challenging 119-2, the highest team score of the day. Katoma Mentore was undefeated on 39. Falcon Girls requiring 120 to win were never in the hunt and were sent packing for 67. The only contribution of worth was Allisa Azad’s 14. Doing the damage with the ball were Hassena Mohamed with 3-9 and Reneka Isaacs who grabbed 3-13. Also breezing through to

the semis were Trophy Stall Angels, 37 run winners over the Cornelia Ida based Rising Stars, a young but determined bunch of players who will develop into a solid unit in a few years. Trophy Stall Angels, an experienced and well oiled unit batted first and posted 99-3 with Captain June Ogle batting trough the innings to end on 58 (1x6 2x4), Monica Seales made 19. It was always going to be a tough ask for the young Rising Stars but they made the best of it and when their overs ran out they were 665.Yet again, they were led by the exciting 15-year-old Roshanna Harper who contributed 28 and Tenika Thorman who made 12. Teams have a few days to further fine tune their strategies and must come out all guns blazing when the semifinals are held this Sunday at the Everest Cricket Club Ground. Four pulsating match-ups are anticipated, two male and two females. Gracing Sunday’s action with his presence was West Indies and the world’s number-one Test Batsman Shivnarine Chanderpaul who had the honour of spinning the toss before the feature game between Trophy Stall Angels and Rising Stars.

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Farfan and Mendes First Division Hockey League...

GCC and Hikers 1-1 in breath-taking clash

The two teams Hikers (left) and GCC pose with the sponsor’s representatives shortly before the start of play. The thrills and excitement echoed from the stands of the GCC ground when Hikers and GCC took the field in the first showdown of the Farfan and Mendes First Division Hockey League. The menacing attacks of the Young Hikers’ boys were constantly turned back by the experienced Damon Woodroffe and goalkeeper Michael Xavier with some superb saves. It was GCC who took the lead when Goalkeeper Azad DeAbreu made a beautiful diving save but was not enough to stop Devin Hooper in the 37th Minute from picking up the rebound and hammering in a blistering shot that found that back of the nets. The attacks continued back and forth by

both teams but the score remained 1-0. Coming down to the dying minutes of the game, a beautiful touch-ball play initiated by Robert France, saw the balled played around the GCC’s defenders to find Colonel Heywood in the 62nd Minute who netted in his team’s first goal and the match ended in a draw 1-1. Continuing on in the John Fernandes Second Division League tournament, Hikers defeated Saints in an 8-0 drubbing. The score card was opened when Colonel Heywood in the 3rd Minute found the back of the after beating goalkeeper Lorenzo Bethune. Hikers continued to press forward and Akeem Thompson netted in five goals for his team in the 12th, 26th, 39th, 48th and 56th

minute with his many skillful finishes. Saints tried to fight back but their efforts were constantly shut down by the Hikers’ defense. Jamar Assanah and Reginald Harper added two more goals for their team in the 58th and 61st minutes respectively ending the game 8-0. In the second game Old Fort defeated Airbenders 3-2 in what was a close victory. The intensity soared from both teams in their attempts to find the back of the nets. It was Kevin Melville in the 3rd minute that dribbled past the Airbenders defenders and flicked his ball beautifully into the uprights of the goal. Old Fort took the lead to 2-0 when John Abrams in the 20th minute hammered in his

GLTA donate equipment to Presidents College

shot taking advantage of the Airbenders defensive error. However, the Airbenders were relentless and it was Cora Towler in the 25th minute who found the back of the nets for her team to narrow down the goal margin. Despite the pressure being applied by the Airbenders, John Abrams for Old Fort in the 50th minute broke through the Airbenders’ Defense and netted in his second goal for his team to take the score to 3-1. Airbenders continued to press on with their attacks and Samantha Fernandes in the 62nd minute dribbled down the baseline and beat Goalkeeper Simon on his inside post to add another goal for the Airbenders but this was not enough to stop Old fort from keeping their lead and the match ended 3-2. Airbenders was expected to take on the All Greys at 16:00 hrs at the GCC ground yesterday.

Ram flays GOA over lack of accountability - Believe two-term limit is enough for association heads Outgoing President of the Guyana Tennis Association (GTA), Christopher Ram Thursday night flayed the Guyana Olympic Association (GOA) in his address at the association’s Annual General Meeting and Elections for what he called lack of accountability and transparency. “I am embarrassed to state that as members of the Guyana Olympics Association, we have never been provided with a copy of the GOA’s financial reports. It is our view that all national bodies owe a duty to their members and to the general public to provide them with timely, accurate and reliable financial information,” Ram said in his address. The prominent accountant and lawyer believe that the GOA and the National Sports Commission (NSC) should set examples in that regard. “We cannot criticise others for lack of accountability and transparency when our practice and conduct are no better,” he posited. Ram said that his association is leading in that regard with the presentation of audited financial statements at the AGM. He described the association’s financial position as “moderately strong” and shared the view that heads of associations should not serve more than two terms.

Scrabble players convene for ‘Serious off Roaders’ trophies today

GLTA Coach Shelly Daly-Ramdyhan (centre) hands over some of the balls to President’s College Student, Crystal Denny. At left is GLTA President, Ramesh Seebarran. Following the handing over of a spanking new Lawn Tennis Court valued at 9.3 Million dollars to President’s College by Bakewell, the Guyana Lawn Tennis Association (GLTA) took the opportunity to hand over a set of racquets and balls to the school. Accepting the donation on behalf of the school from GLTA Coach Shelly DalyRamdyhan was Student, Crystal Denny. Daly-Ramdyhan handed over the equipment to Denny in the presence of new GLTA President Ramesh Seebarran and donor of the new Court, Naeem Naseer, CEO of Bakewell, among other dignitaries including

immediate past President, Christopher Ram. The students were all encouraged to make full use of the facility and that would be achieved, proclaimed Physical Education Teacher and Accredited Coach, Cecil Chin. Denny said that the students are all excited to have a Court of their own which would be fully utilized to aid students in keeping a high level of fitness, while learning the fine arts of the sport. It was also disclosed that President’s College have sought membership of the GLTA; Past President Ram in his presentation, encouraged the new GLTA to accept their request.

In the not so distant past predicting a winner in scrabble tournaments proved to be a relatively simple task since only a choice few played their way to championship honours. And so it was that even before the tournament got underway names like Abigail McDonald, Fred Collins and Moen Gafoor among other top seeds were destined for the prime podium spots. In an effort to remove such advantages and create opportunities for the lower placed seeds to compete instead of just participate the executive of the Guyana Association of Scrabble Players (GASP) decided to issue a special prize for the player outside of the top ten rankings in the hope that the standard of play of those players would improve. The ploy seemed to have worked and several lowly

rated players have shown remarkable improvement to the extent that they are currently posing a treat to the top seeds. These players will get a chance to showoff their skills this morning when the GASP hosts the Labour Day Open championships at the Malteenos Sports Club this morning. Activities get underway with the registration period starting at 09:45hrs and the first tile would be moved at 10:00hrs. Players are also reminded that those arriving late would be at a disadvantage as their clocks would be activated in their absence. As is now the norm, prizes will be awarded to the top three finishers and the best player out of the top 10, the registration fee remains at $500. The tournament is sponsored by Serious off Roaders, the authorized distributors of ARB 4x4 accessories.

Christopher Ram “As you are aware, in 2010, we amended the Constitution to prevent any president from serving for more than two terms. I believe this is [the way] it should be since for organisations to grow and develop they need to be continually injected with fresh blood and new ideas,” Ram said. “Sports in Guyana have been retarded as organisations continue to operate as selfperpetuating oligarchies headed by virtual presidents for life. Those organisations operate under opaque constitutions that preclude any attempt at transparency and accountability,” he continued. “It is time we learn from cricket where a twenty-year presidency in the Guyana Cricket Board was followed by a period of national turmoil from which we are still recovering. I would like to see all our national sporting bodies operating under proper and effective laws and operating within strict rules on reporting, accountability and term limits,” he posited. Ram noted that one of the biggest disappointments for the GTA has been its failure to establish a working and cordial relationship with the Government. He informed that his association has been trying relentlessly without success to engage Government. “The Ministry of Sports as well as the National Sports Commission have ignored our invitations so often that except for special occasions, we no longer invite them to any of our functions, and activities. It was a great disappointment at the commissioning of the President College’s Tennis Court that, notwithstanding a rescheduling to a date more convenient, neither the Minister of Education, nor any of the Minister or Director of Sport or the Permanent secretary of the Ministry found it possible to attend,” Ram noted in his address.

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