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Friday May 11, 2012

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

DENYING RESPONSIBILITY The facts about athletics today DEAR EDITOR, I am sometimes overwhelmed from observing public figures becoming embroiled in matters and making statements which with – hindsight, should have been left unsaid or - at best should only have been uttered by subordinates. Although I firmly believe that it is best to be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and prove it true, I myself have been guilty of a faux pas or two; but then again, I am not a public figure. What I am saying is that public figures sometimes need to interpose themselves less in contentious areas of public discourse if there is a possibility that their pronouncements will not lead to healing but fan the flames of divisions. Nowadays what seems to be the dominant feature in the communication process is the application of (what I term) the “survival” concept called “plausible deniability” (PD) where - invariably there is an almost insatiable desire to be in a win-win position. In this situation public figures tend to act as if anything less than a win puts them at a disadvantage to the detriment of those who would support them and justifiably anticipate benefits through astute representation. The working definition of PD is a method or scheme to allow an authority to deny, in a plausible fashion, responsibility for illegal or discreditable acts performed by subordinates. In the PD mode people say and do things which can be easily denied and that denial will be taken as the truth by most people who do not have the intellect to realize that the denial is a lie. However it should not be thought that PD absolves anyone from responsibility

since all it does is highlight a patent lack of accountability. Change Factory’s Accountability and the art of plausible deniability argues that PD is a private and public sector issue “because it leaves open the door to abuse of authority and resources, shifting blame and deflecting accountability.” Among the techniques used in PD are (i.) offering a plausible argument while setting up a defensive shield to deny any request or query (“I cannot be expected to recall all correspondence meeting my office”); (ii) attacking the credibility of the questioner rather than addressing the substantive issue; (iii) omission of information (what is not said rather than what is said); and (iv) use of a word (or words) to give subtle changes in meaning thus enabling equivocation at a later stage (“We discussed concessions but I cannot recall the exact terms and conditions”). One of the more familiar approaches by senior officials in both sectors is where you are required to communicate with subordinates so they can plausibly deny knowledge of the conversation or be able to say that the subordinate misrepresented their position. Among the names which have been linked to PD in one or more of its forms are: Rupert Murdoch; Karl Rove; Bill Clinton. The argument has been

used that PD is intended to insulate the leader from direct knowledge of skullduggery or some unsavoury plot since it is not unknown for the boss to be conveniently absent when henchmen hatched plots and introduced the devil to the details; case in point the Bob Ehrlich/ Julius Henson role in the Democratic voters’ suppression scandal. Serious consequences are likely to arise including loss of: legitimacy, effectiveness, popularity, resources, and political stability when public figures avoid accountability and rely heavily on PD. Those who duck accountability and are willing to sacrifice the longer term benefits of the greater number for the immediate short term gains of a few stand to lose the trust of the very people that they need to follow them because while plausible deniability works some of the time, it won’t fool all of the people all of the time. Patrick E. Mentore

DEAR EDITOR, High performance athletics requires specific biological profiles of athletes and strong physiological traits. The science of training has made impressive steps forward in the past decades, which is one of the main reasons for constant improvement in athletic performances. Other dramatic improvements have also been made in quantity and quality of training. However, if an individual involve in sport has a biological handicap or lacks the necessary abilities for a given sport, then even an excessive amount of training cannot overcome the initial lack of natural ability in a particular sport. Therefore, scientific talent identification is vital to high performance athletics, a fact that the athletics Association of Guyana seems not to recognize in selecting teams for high level games overseas. In its haste to select teams for high level

games the Athletics Association of Guyana, in so doing, scare financial resources are been wasted sending sub-standers performing athletes abroad only to be eliminated or injured in the first round of competition. Those not selected for high performance athletics should not be excluded from the sport, they can take part in recreational programmes where they can fulfill their physical and social needs or even participate in lower level competitions. Optimal training requires optimal criteria for talent identification. The objectivity and reliability of selection criteria has been the preoccupation of high level coaches, and should not be left to the athletics association of Guyana council members debating trips based on personal interest. Some of the main criteria are health, biometric qualities, heredity, sport facilities and climate, and the availability of

specialist. Apart from talent identification, the training factor ’s pyramid namely physical, technical, tactical, psychological and theoretical preparation should be incorporated in all athletics training programmes in Guyana. Anything less is a waste of time and valuable resources. Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail. Wayne Walcott Athletics/ Therapist

NOTICE Please be advised that the Management of Wings Aviation would like to inform the general public that it has not paid for or sponsored in any way the full page advertisements that have been appearing on Page 3 in the May 9 and May 10, 2012 issue of Kaieteur News. Management

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Extended runway at Ogle…

Guyana can be ‘Brussels of the Caribbean’ - EU envoy The Ogle International Airport connects Guyana to the rest of the region, which is the institutional precondition to becoming the ‘Brussels of the Caribbean’ and in a sense the heart of regional integration. This opinion was expressed by Head of the European Union Robert Kopecký, while delivering remarks at the commissioning ceremony of the airport’s extended runway on Wednesday. Kopecký asserted that days ago, during interactions in Paramaribo, Suriname, the vision of improving Nickerie’s airport to connect that friendly country to Guyana was made known to him. Ogle International Airport presently has 10 scheduled international flights to Suriname. It is playing an important role in fostering trade and developing closer relationships with Guyana’s neighbour to the east.

By December, regional flights would enter the airport thanks to the expansion of the runway. The Ogle Airport Development Programme received 1.5M Euros funding from the European Union to extend the runway western direction by 2,200-ft almost doubling the length of it which is now 4,200-ft and 100ft wide. According to Kopecký, the process of developing Ogle Airport began over a decade ago. The initial thoughts of the programme were to support regional integration and communication. “The founding to the tune of a total of 1.5M Euros made available towards the support of the development of the Ogle Airport, originated from the European Development Fund- Caribbean Regional Programme, which covers 10 different activities around the Caribbean,” Kopecký explained. He related, “The Ogle

Airport Development Programme constituted the backbone in the overall development of the Ogle International Airport…It facilitated the extension of the widening of the runway opening up for further regional integration with larger and more planes being able to operate out of Ogle Airport in the near future.” The European Development Fund (EDF) also covered for supplies which will be incorporated into the upgraded network, and most importantly, runway lights for night operation. He commended Ogle Airport Management and staff for their continued efforts to ensure the implementation of the programme and towards the further development of the airport. These in monetary terms exceed the EDF contributions, with considerable investments ongoing in the construction of taxiways, parking aprons, etc, Kopecký said. “This is exactly the spirit of work the EU is looking for… To ensure the investments made are optimized with additional injections by the private sector,” he stated.

Friday May 11, 2012

$79M advanced from Contingency Fund still in limbo …Finance Minister re-submits request for ‘ex-poste parliamentary’ consent By Gary Eleazar Minister of Finance, Dr Ashni Singh, in keeping with a ruling by Speaker of the House Raphael Trotman, has resubmitted a request for ‘exposte Parliamentary’ approval for $79M advanced from the Contingency Fund, and which was spent in 2011. That money had come up for debate early this year in Financial Papers #7 and #8 and the opposition had voted down a number of provisions that had been requested for approval. The Finance Minister, now with Financial Paper #9, is seeking the approval of the monies that had been voted down in Paper #7 representing that which had been expended from local coffers. The amounts for which the Minister is seeking ‘exposte parliamentary’ approval include $25M as a provision for the conferment of National Awards; $29M which had been allocated for the site preparation for the construction of a specialty hospital; 18M for Capital Works at the Office of the President and 6.6M for the Ministry of Home Affairs for election-related activities.. The monies had represented the first set ever to be cut from an appropriation being sought by a Finance Minister in Guyana. Dr. Singh at the time had sought approval for in excess of $5B which had been advanced from the Contingency Fund. When the Financial Paper # 7 had come up for debate earlier this year, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU)’s

point man on finances, Carl Greenidge, had questioned why the government had to spend $29M from the local coffers when the Indian Government for 2011 had already set aside $150M for the design of the project. The Finance Minister at the time failed to convince the opposition on the merits of the expenditure. He had sought to explain that because the money initially allocated for the project was from a foreign source, and for a specific purpose, the government could not simply use it for a different project. The legality of this money being represented in the 2012 budget after it was voted down was also subject to deliberation during the recently concluded Budget debate. Dr Singh had asserted that the fact that the money was expended is a historical fact and he also contended that the authorization for such expenditure was lawful. The Finance Minister drew reference to the fact that he was the sole authority, as provided for in the Constitution of Guyana and re-enforced with the Fiscal Management and Accountability Act and the Parliamentary Standing Orders. Dr Singh explained also that what is now required, is an ‘ex-poste’ Parliamentary endorsement, for which he said he will move to the House shortly, in accordance with the ruling of the Speaker, when the allocations were disallowed earlier this year. With respect to the $150M that was allocated for the Hospital in 2011 but never expended, coupled with the fact that the Minister advanced $29.1M to the project from the Contingency Fund, Dr. Singh offered clarification. He told the House that the

Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh $150M represented inflows from India for the design of the Hospital. This, he said, was never done, and the site preparation is being funded from the local coffers, hence the $29.1M advanced from the Contingency Fund. Another amount that was vehemently questioned by the Opposition was a $25M allocation for the Office of the President which the Junior Finance Minister Bishop Juan Edghill sought to explain was to be used for the National Awards, for which there had been a prolonged hiatus as well. Edghill, in his inaugural line of defence of expenditure in the Guyana Parliament, explained that there was a previous five-year hiatus of the conferment of awards. A total of 131 persons were presented with National Awards last year and according to Edghill, the event cost the State $10M. He had said too that $15M would have been associated with the swearing-in of the new President and his Cabinet. This did little to sway the opposition which proceeded to vote down the provisions. Dr. Singh had vehemently protested the move by the opposition, and Speaker Trotman had ruled that the Finance Minister may resubmit the provisions. The $79M for which there has been no Parliamentary approval leaves the Contingency Fund void of that money, given that it cannot be reimbursed without the legislative arm of the administration giving its approval.

Friday May 11, 2012

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news DEAR EDITOR: Either President Donald Ramotar is being improperly advised or he is proving rather quickly and early on in his presidency that he is actually no different from or better than his predecessor when it comes to being accountable with public funds. I mean, leadership issues are one thing, but money issues? Come on, man! While I remain troubled by the stout defence of many pro-government folks that the billions of dollars from NICIL transactions do not have to be placed in the Consolidated Fund, even as constitutional clauses are cited showing all revenues must be placed in the CF, it was when the President jumped into the fray, head first, and repeated the same misguided line of

reasoning that I realized change and hope are highly improbable. Thanks to Messrs Sasenarine Singh and Nigel Hinds, among others, we learned that, Article 216 of the Guyana Constitution clearly states: “All revenues or other moneys raised or received by Guyana shall be paid into and form one Consolidated Fund.” Now, do we really need to go to court and have a judge help us define what ‘revenues’ really mean? Is this what this dictatorial and corrupt PPP regime really wants, another court defeat? Or is this pending court defeat the main excuse the PPP is looking for to attach snap general elections to long overdue local government elections?

A Reply to Mr. Lincoln... From page 4 know that the Government had to provide billions of dollars to bring all of these up to date so that no worker would be left out in the rain as the old company was wound up. Mr. Lewis would know too that the Pension Plan was run neither by the Company nor the Government. Mr. Lewis would know that as overwhelmingly preferred, the actuaries calculated what each member of the Pension Scheme would receive and having received his payout, there were a number of options before each worker regarding what he could do, as an individual, with his money. If my memory serves me correctly, I received G$964,000 from my twenty-five years in the bauxite industry. I presume that Mr. Lewis too received what was due to him. Mr. Lewis should remind himself of the difficulties in the bauxite town. These were becoming obvious from 1976 when new buildings having been started had to be abandoned; difficulties which culminated in 1983 when nearly 2000 workers- about one third of the workforce in Linden then- were retrenched. That retrenchment was the greatest assault on Linden and the people of Linden! That was when Linden entered its lowest period. It is time that Mr. Lewis look around Linden today and see how much better off Linden is today than it was in 1983 or in 1992. It is time that Mr. Lewis put aside his rose-tinted glasses of the glorious days of bauxite, of 1976 and earlier, thirty-five and more years ago and look for the new opportunities and help us create a renaissance of Linden on new up to date bases.

For the record, GPL has not yet engaged the PUC in discussions about any increase in tariffs- indeed the Government’s intended allocation of G$6billion was to enable GPL to hold prices or minimize any increase in tariffs. Another instance where Mr. Lewis affirms what is not so! In Guyana, nearly every statement could be judged by someone to be “coded”- it is thus even more important that statements be accurate. Lincoln Lewis needs to be held accountable for the things he says and does and he too must seek to fashion relationships based on truth and equality. He too can be accused of blatantly setting out to divide our people on ethnic and regional lines. As I remarked on another occasion, Mr. Lewis must guard against misleading the people of Linden with the thinking that the only thing wrong with bauxite, Linden and Lindeners, is this PPP/C Government whilst people in Berbice and Sugar can do whatever they want and have whatever they want because of the PPP/C. Both peoples would be greatly deceived and misguided. Samuel A Hinds, O.E, M.P, Prime Minister and Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Energy

How can a government anywhere sell people’s assets and not place the receipts from such sales into a fund or account that is subjected to legislative scrutiny or have such receipts reflected in the annual expenditures and estimates of the nation? All government departments and agencies that rake in monies from business transactions have to do this, but not NICIL? By the President’s logic, NICIL can sell off Guyana to China and Russia and the monies never be turned over to the people of Guyana or the sales not reflected in our

National Budget or even be subjected to scrutiny by Parliament, the highest decision making forum of the country. NICIL is above Parliament, is essentially what President Ramotar is illadvisedly and misguidedly stating. Is the AttorneyGeneral still providing the President with legal counsel? Mr. Editor, on Monday, the US Government reportedly announced ‘it expects proceeds of $5.8 billion from its latest offering of shares in American International Group (AIG), the insurance company it

acquired as part of the government bailout of the insurer in 2008, at the height of the financial crisis’. The AIG rescue was said to be the largest U.S. government bailout of a private company in history. The story being referred to here is not exactly the same, but the principle holds steady. The US Government took US$182B in taxpayers’ money from the US Treasury and plunked it down into the largest US insurance company during the 2008 financial crisis, and the insurance company recovered to the point where it decided to repay the US government. The government, in turn, is

seeking to give the money back to the people via stocks being sold from AIG. I repeat: The money the US government used to bail out AIG belonged to the American people and so it has to be returned to the American people or the US Treasury. In Guyana, the assets sold by NICIL belong to Guyanese people, and so all monies should be placed into accounts held by the Guyana Treasury. Anything else is an avenue for corruption, to which the PPP regime is no stranger! I sense a court fight coming and this is going to be an easy win...again...for the people of Guyana! Emile Mervin

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GRA officers accused of forging signatures on duty-free letters The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) say that it is investigating two officers after the signatures on a number of letters granting duty free concessions were found to be forged. The concessions were for All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) and other heavy duty vehicles used in the mining industry. Yesterday, GRA said the fake signatures were affixed to Remission of Duty Letters (commonly referred to as CG or Tax Exemption letters) used for issuing duty-free concessions for the ATVs and the mining equipment which under normal circumstances would have attracted concessions for eligible applicants. “The detection was made as part of the routine system of checks and balances in place to prevent such occurrences. The officers found culpable, denied the allegations, but irrefutable evidence from the records of the Division which facilitates tax exemptions, has implicated them,” GRA said. According to Commissioner-General, Khurshid Sattaur, “This is once again a typical case of putting systems to safeguard the state’s revenues and these are being deliberately undermined by very junior ranks out of greed and reckless conduct on their part

in collusion with the owners of businesses. The officers’ integrity has obviously being compromised because of the inducement offered and greed.” Sattaur said that the agency’s Total Revenue Integrated Processing System (TRIPS) has once again proven how invaluable it is to have accountability. “While we would never be able to avoid these occurrences in the future, we can however detect them, weed out the corrupt elements and take them to task swiftly. Fortunately all of these irregular situations leave an audit trail that not only identifies the officers involved, but more importantly, the taxpayer who would have paid the inducement to corrupt the system.” Such acts, GRA pointed out, are typical of the

practices engaged by some elements of the private sector, who seek to evade the payment of their fair share of taxes. It noted that this leads to the GRA being accused of being corrupt or harbouring corruption. It is also too early to precisely determine the level of revenues involved, if any. “It would appear to be more a case of paying officers in order to avoid complying with the necessary documentary requirements, commonly referred to as ‘expedition’ inducement”, GRA said. When all the evidence has been gathered, the matter will be placed in the hands of the Guyana Police Force for full investigation. “I hope and would expect that the guilty parties, both the officers and the businessmen, are charged and placed before the court,” Sattaur said.

Friday May 11, 2012

City woman and car vanish A countrywide search is under way for a 24-year-old Georgetown woman who disappeared without a trace last Monday. Tristell Manifold left her 232 South Road, Bourda residence in her red Mazda RX8, PNN 6943, just after 21:00hrs on Monday. She did not tell anyone where she was going, but she had assured relatives that she would have been back home the following morning. Today there is no trace of Manifold or her car and worried relatives are desperate for any word on her whereabouts. According to her sister, Louanna Cadogan, leaving at nights and returning the following morning was nothing unusual for Manifold. However, she would always maintain contact with family members via telephone calls or text messages. This time no such connection is being made.

Tristell Manifold Cadogan told Kaieteur News last night that when her sister did not return home the following day as expected, they were not too worried. “But the next day (Wednesday) when we realized that nobody had made contact with her, even by BBM (BlackBerry Messenger), we got worried,” Cadogan said. Manifold’s friends and other relatives were contacted

and still there was no clue as to where she was, as no one reported seeing her after Monday night. The police were contacted and an official missing person report was made. It is not clear whether Manifold has left the country with her car via the border crossing at Moleson Creek, Corentyne. And since she had visited Suriname recently, relatives are not ruling out that she has returned there. However, the no-contact scenario coupled with the fact that she did indicate that she would have returned home the following day has left relatives and friends baffled. “She left with her car and that was it. She didn’t pack nothing,” her sister said. She is asking anyone with information on her sister’s whereabouts to contact the nearest police station or telephone numbers 601-9035; 673-6034; 672-3680 or 226-7231.

Miners’ association expresses protection concerns The Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners’ Association (GGDMA) is dissatisfied with the limited numbers of police ranks that are dispatched in mining districts to protect citizens and their properties. With increases in the price of gold, mining in the interior is a lucrative business that many enjoy. This has

attracted an increase in criminal activities that miners feel would reduce if there are enough ranks in the interior. The association’s president, Patrick Harding stated, “The police who are responsible for interior security are not fully equipped… They don’t have sufficient manpower. They are now getting some new

equipment and facilities.” Harding related that the association’s members are willing to work with the Guyana Police Force to establish new outposts and guide ranks to troubled locations. He is optimistic that the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) through its reorganization plan would appoint additional Mines Officers to enforce order in the mining industry. “When miners mine under

GGMC regulations it would help reduce some conflicts they are having: raiding of claims; illegal shops…one cause of security breaches. We are hoping with more manpower they would ensure shops are setup on legal landings and they meet the requirements of an interior shop,” Harding stressed. He disclosed that the association has requested GGMC to establish a complaints desk to facilitate

and quickly resolve miners’ complaints. “One of the most popular concerns that the Commission will be looking into is the indiscriminate issuance of cease work orders. That order stops the miner from operating, which would be problematic for the miner who would have already invested large sums… These things should be expedited quickly so that the miner could get back to work in the short time possible,” Harding said.

Friday May 11, 2012

Reports in the online media are that the administrative staff of the Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC) met with the opposition A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), beseeching them to release funding for the Commission. This is a most disturbing development that will now raise concerns as to the future independence of that body. This approach to the opposition was obviously done out of desperation. It was the combined opposition that cut the funding for the ERC and created the situation whereby the staffers were fearful for their jobs. They were no doubt anxious about their future given that the opposition has cut funding for the ERC. And now facing the breadline, they may have become so desperate that they may have felt that their only recourse was to go and beg the opposition to spare them their jobs.

Kaieteur News

But in pursuing this approach, the ERC administrative staff may have done irreversible harm to public perception about the Commission’s future ability to be impartial. It was a misguided approach by the administrative staff of the ERC. The Commission is supposed to be a constitutional commission and the staff in their orientation ought to have been guided about the need to always maintain a certain distance from the ruling and opposition parties. To protect the independence of the staff, it was necessary to avoid them having to meet with the opposition or the ruling party, and more so to meet to beg for the cuts to be reversed. It will take some undoing for the administrative staff collectively to convince the nation that after having pleaded with the main opposition party to release funds to pay them, that the

ERC administrative staff is not in the future going to be beholden to the opposition. It was equally misguided of APNU to meet with the administrative staff, knowing what the consequences of any commitments it gave could translate to in terms of the future independence of that body. The staff of the ERC which met with APNU has further jeopardized their own future. The budget cuts had effectively placed most of them on the breadline and even if the opposition now restores the cuts, then it compromises the independence of the ERC. This leaves the government no choice, even if funds can be found which is doubtful, to ask that the entire Commission, inclusive of its staff, be reconstituted. The government is not likely to have negotiated any restoration of cuts in a piecemeal fashion. The government was betrayed by APNU during the talks

Girl,14, thrashes would-be rapist en route to school A 14-year-old girl put her boxing skills to effective use yesterday after a would-be rapist attacked her on a lonely Soesdyke/Linden trail. The teen bit, kicked and punched her alleged victim mercilessly before fleeing and reporting her attack at a police outpost. Kaieteur News understands that the victim was walking down a trail on her way to school when a man, who had a jersey tied around his face, grabbed her. But when the would-be rapist placed his hand on her mouth to prevent her from

screaming, the teen, an amateur boxer, went into action. She clamped her teeth on one of the man’s fingers, causing him to beg her to release the finger. The desperate would-be rapist began to punch the schoolgirl, who retaliated by throwing several punches of her own. She also pulled off the man’s makeshift mask, thereby getting a good look at her attacker. The man, according to sources, attempted to force the girl to the ground, but received a kick to the groin

which stopped his attack. The teen then managed to escape her assailant. She reported the assault to ranks at a police outpost, and then, accompanied by her mother, gave a statement to police in Georgetown. Because her face was swollen from the punches she received, police also had her treated at a hospital. Kaieteur News understands that the assailant is dark in complexion and his hair was in corn-row plaits at the time. He is also likely to have a badly swollen finger.

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between the two sides on the Budget and thus it is clearly not advisable for the government to go into any piecemeal negotiations with the opposition. As such, if the opposition wants to reverse its mischief it will have to do so as part of a total package of measures and not by first approving the funding for the ERC. In any event, there is now no basis of trust for the tripartite talks to continue. There is now no basis for any talks to take place, because the government can no longer trust the opposition. The private sector has offered to meet with both APNU and the government on the budget cuts, but it clearly lacks the influence or the ability to bring the parties back to the negotiating table. The incomprehensible cuts by the opposition have effectively soured all hopes of future political cooperation. The opposition by itself cannot restore any cuts that it has made. Any restoration will have to be made by s u p p l e m e n t a r y appropriations, and it was the very opposition which early in the life of parliament had

initially argued that it could only approve a supplementary provision if the spending could not have been predicted. The AFC subsequently abstained and allowed the financial bills to be passed, but the principle upon which the opposition had threatened to withhold assent was never repudiated. The opposition’s position was that supplementary spending could not be approved unless the government established that the expenditure in question could not have been anticipated. It would therefore be contradictory of the opposition to adopt the position that it will approve supplementary provisions for expenditure which were part of the government’s plans, but which the opposition jettisoned. It would also be an empty promise for the ERC staff to be told that there will be no problem with the payment of their salaries. You cannot cut the entire budget of the ERC and then say that payment of staff should not be a problem. It is a problem. There is no appropriation for these staff. So where is the money

going to be found to pay them? And by virtue of the fact that some of the staff went to beseech the main opposition party to pay them, they may have created some problems for the image of the ERC. While the administrative staff does not make decisions for the Commission, they form part of the overall body and therefore it is always desirable that they do no nothing that would compromise the image of impartiality. A deal between the government and the opposition is doubtful at this time. But even if a deal can be made between the government and the opposition to restore funding for the ERC, there will be reservations as to whether the administrative staff is likely to be beholden to those whom they approached in order to save their jobs.

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Friday May 11, 2012


Does dying come easily at the Georgetown Public Hospital? I will say at the start of the description of this story that Mike Khan, CEO of the Georgetown Public Hospital and Matron Audrey Corey were very helpful to the patient. I called both Mr. Khan and Matron Corey to help and they did. But these nice people cannot do anything to stop the mess at the Georgetown Public Hospital. The problem is a structural one. The problem lies in central government spending. The problem lies in management science. At 17:00 hours (5 p.m.) on Tuesday, the 14-year-old daughter of AFC executive member, Michael Carrington, could not walk because an excruciating pain attacked the right side of her abdominal region. He took her to A&E

at the Georgetown Public Hospital. At 18:00 hours, I reached the Georgetown Hospital accompanied by Cindy Sookdeo, the Secretary of the Region Five group of the AFC. Carrington told me that after an hour, she was still to be seen. I have had an overabundance of horrifying experiences with one of life’s hell holes named the Accident and Emergency Department of the Georgetown Hospital in a country named Guyana. I knew that little girl would be in danger if I didn’t move quickly. I called Mike Khan. At 20:00 hours we were sent to the Out-Patient section which closes at that time. We barely got in. At 21:00 hours, the doctor at Out-Patient sent us back to A&E. The problem

was that Out-Patient has no machines to diagnose if it was appendicitis. At 22:00 hours, the patient was sent for blood tests and a urine test, the latter costing $240. Cindy Sookdeo left at that time. I remained. It was no point staying because other patients told us that the tests would not be ready in less than three hours. The next morning at 01:00 hrs, Michael Carrington rang me at home to say that the tests were still not available. And they were still there sitting on the bench with the little girl enduring her pain. From 17:00 hrs (5 p.m.) the previous day to 01:00 hrs (1 a.m.) the next day, no doctor at the Georgetown Hospital could determine what was wrong with this little girl. And no machine was available to

ascertain if the cause was the appendix. At 02:00 hrs (2 a.m.) on Wednesday, Michael Carrington left the Georgetown Hospital with his daughter the way they came in at 17.00 hours, the previous day. The doctor advised Carrington that he must have his daughter take an ultra sound at a private institution and take the film back to A&E. My first question to Carrington was; “Did this doctor tell you who to go to and where and when after you arrive at the Georgetown Hospital?” His answer was he was told about an ultra sound examination to see if it is appendicitis. Michael Carrington had to take his daughter back home deep on the Soesdyke/Linden

Trini teen’s murder…

Suspect’s mother says son visited her on day after killing

The mother of murder suspect Ramesh Sookram admitted yesterday that the fugitive visited her Soesdyke, East Bank Demerara home on

the day after he allegedly killed his 18-year-old exgirlfriend Nikita Ramischand in Trinidad. But Dhanwattie Sookram says that she knows nothing about his present

whereabouts and is appealing with her son to turn himself in. Ms. Sookram also expressed fear for her safety, alleging that a group of men “with big guns” threatened the family on Wednesday, beating one relative and giving the family a two-day deadline to locate the suspect. “Wherever he is, I would like him to turn himself in, because right now we are being abused by the police. They are saying I am the mother and I have to know where my son is.” Twenty-five year-old Sookram, called ‘Alvin,’ has been on the run since April

Frederick Kissoon appendix? This is the way poor people are treated at the Georgetown Hospital. This is the state of modern medicine at the Georgetown Hospital. This is yet another column from me on the horror stories at the Georgetown Hospital. But nothing changes at the Georgetown Hospital. Carrington was just told to have his daughter do an ultra sound. There was no bureaucratic procedure in place to facilitate Carrington the next day when he would have taken the ultra sound results back. Carrington would have had to join a line with two hundred persons and wait to explain to a clerk why he was there. This is exactly what happened. The Georgetown Hospital does not practice scientific management. I guess you just die at the Georgetown Hospital.

Dem boys seh... Dem want Guyana believe anything dem seh

- claims men with guns beat other son, gave family two-day deadline to locate alleged killer By Michael Jordan

Highway at 2 a.m., with a terrible pain in her side. After nine hours at the Georgetown Hospital, that institution had no machine to ascertain if this child’s appendix had ruptured. This child went back home on the Linden Highway with the pain. Any schoolboy will tell you that modern medicine is now a machine-based science. Once you are wheeled into a hospital, the machines are placed all over you. At the Georgetown Hospital in the year 2012, a poor patient can only know if she is suffering from appendicitis if her father pays for an ultra sound examination at a private hospital. Why then did they keep her for nine hours? Why did Out-Patient send her back to A&E when the doctor there knew that since appendicitis was suspected the Georgetown Hospital couldn’t do anything about its detection? Why didn’t A&E tell her father that they did not have the facilities to search for a swollen

Murdered: Nikita Ramischand 25 last, when Nikita Ramischand’s mutilated body was found near her home in Maracas, Trinidad. Local police say that immigration records revealed that the suspect entered Guyana the day after (Continued on page 11)

In all de Holy Books de Creator seh that man mek fuh woman and woman mek fuh man. He seh that marriage must be between a man and a woman. He mek Adam then Eve. He mek Adam fuh Eve, never Adam fuh Steve, and Yvette fuh Eve. Now that other one Obama jump up and claim how he think man should marry man and woman should marry woman. What a shame. Dem boys seh that as long as dem live dem would never accept, encourage or believe in that until death. De Creator never mek Osama fuh Obama. But he de Obama jump in and want mek heself personal. He want people believe that de unholy and nastiness is right. Robeson, de man wid de hammer, want people believe too. He tell de nation that a Chinee big one come walking through de region waving millions of US dollars and how Guyana had to grab fuh mek over a new airport. He think people stupid but dem boys seh that he is de one who dotish, clumsy and stupid. Airport is not a project fuh grab money for. Is better he did tek de money and seh that he buying condoms for Guyana. At least that woulda save people from disease like AIDS. De truth is, however, dem boys seh is de Rat tell he fuh seh suh because he done collect he hefty kick back in Jamaica when de airport deal sign, secretly. Dem boys seh that dem never believe de Lunch Man, too, and dem would never believe him—nutten wha he ever seh or wha he about to seh or wha he will seh. Remember? Not even a dawg believe him wid de $69 million dem seh dem spend pun a $10 million NIS building. Now he come fuh tell awee that another set of Chinee man come and pay US$30 million fuh de 20 per cent share in a company without even looking at de people books to see if de company mekking money. Dem boys want to know which part of de world any human being or company would do something like that. De truth is that no Chinee man ain’t buy dem shares. Is dem who had access to de books and know what was going on fuh all de years, buy it fuh dem Mooma and dem Mooma man through de Chinee man. People ain’t stupid. Talk half and tell we if you believe de other half.

Friday May 11, 2012

Kaieteur News

Page 11

Procurement Commission Suspect’s mother says son... ‘by the end of June’ By Gary Eleazar The Public Procurement Commission which is a constitutional body born from the Public Procurement legislation should be established by the end of June. This is according to Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett, who was at the time responding to her shadow Parliamentarian, APNU’s Deborah Backer, in the House yesterday. Backer had raised the argument that one of the provisions of the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the European Union is the establishment of such a commission which had already been enshrined in the Guyana Constitution. The Foreign Affairs Minister told the House that to the best of her knowledge this is a matter actively engaging the attention of the political opposition and the administration. She said that at present the status quo is set at the submission of names. The parliamentary opposition and the government are to submit the names of persons to sit on the commission. This committee would subsequently be finalized by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Parliament which is set to be established shortly, following a ruling in the High Court by Chief Justice (ag) Ian Chang on the Parliamentary Selection Committee. Cabinet’s involvement in matters related to the procurements shall have to cease when the Public Procurement Commission is established. The Procurement Act of Guyana stipulates the role of

the Commission. Under the current Legislation, Cabinet has the right to review all procurements that exceed $15M. According to the legislation in force, Cabinet shall conduct its review on the basis of a streamlined tender evaluation report to be adopted by the Public Procurement Commission. “The Cabinet and, upon its establishment, the Public Procurement Commission, shall review annually the Cabinet’s threshold for review of procurements, with the objective of increasing that threshold over time, so as to promote the goal of progressively phasing out Cabinet involvement and decentralising the procurement process.” The Procurement Act also states that in conducting a review, Cabinet may object to the award of the procurement contract only if it determines that the procuring entity failed to comply with applicable procedures. If the Cabinet objects to an award, the matter shall be referred to the procuring entity for further review. It is emphasised that the legislation’s clause shall not be construed as authorising the Cabinet to award a tender to any other supplier or contractor. The president, at a recent press briefing, told media operatives that the usual differences of opinion between the government and the People’s National Congress Reform is what led to the delay in the resubmission of the administration’s nominees for the Public Procurement Commission. Former President Bharrat Jagdeo had said some years ago that three nominees were submitted but there was a

Foreign Affairs Minister, Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett huge debate on the candidates and as such the process was paused. The role of the Public Accounts Committee, which will deliberate on the names submitted by Government and the Opposition, includes the monitoring and reviewing of all public procurement systems. It also monitors the performance of procurement bodies. In such cases, the adherence to regulations in procuring services and the execution of works are examined. The PAC has responsibility over the procedures of ministerial, regional and national procurement entities, as well as those of project execution units. The Public Procurement Commission, once established, has the task of investigating complaints from contractors and public enterprises, along with suppliers and cases of irregularities. It has the authority to propose remedial action in all instances. The Constitution stipulates that the commission should be independent, impartial and should discharge its functions fairly.

(From page 10) Ramischand was slain. Police Commissioner (Ag.) Leroy Brumell has expressed confidence that the fugitive will be captured. According to Ms. Sookram, her son telephoned her at around 23:00 hrs on Wednesday April 25, and said that he was coming home. He then turned up at her Soesdyke, East Bank Demerara home the following day at around 09:00 hrs, allegedly dressed in a shortsleeved jersey and carrying a black bag. While media reports out of Trinidad suggested that security cameras at the Piarco International Airport showed the suspect with a bandaged hand, Sookram’s mother said that he had no injuries. The woman alleged that he did not appear to be nervous and said nothing about the murder in Trinidad. Kaieteur News was told that the suspect borrowed his mother’s phone to make a call. “He ask me to make a phone call, then he pick up his bag and my phone and say he coming back.” According to the mother, he never returned. She said that at around noon the same day, a group of policemen and persons in civilian clothing visited her home. “They said that my son slit a girl’s throat and they searched my house and the homes of my two other sons, but didn’t find anything. “Then my son (Ramesh Sookram) call back Friday (April 27) and I say ‘Alvin, what is the trouble?’ I tell him ‘the people say that you kill a girl in Trinidad’, and he say that he don’t know nothing about that.” According to the woman, since then, she has been unable to reach her son on the phone he borrowed from her. Ms. Sookram alleged that

shortly after midnight yesterday, about 12 heavily armed men in civilian clothes visited her home. She claimed that after searching her home and those of her two other sons, the men kicked her 23year-old son after placing him on the ground. They eventually left, but reportedly not before giving the family an ultimatum. “They say they will come back…they give me today (yesterday) and tomorrow to find the boy, (but) I trying to explain to them that I don’t know where he is.” Asked if she believed that her son had killed Nikita Ramischand, the mother replied: “Why did he run from Trinidad? Why he run from (my) home? Why he in hiding?” Dhanwattie Sookram explained that Ramesh had been living in Trinidad for three years. She said that he had told her that he was in love with a girl in Trinidad. Nikita was the daughter of Trinidad-based attorney, Odai Ramischand, and the niece of Guyana’s Attorney General Anil Nandlall. Nikita and Ramesh met a little over three months ago, when the teen’s father hired construction workers to work on the family’s property. According to Trinidad media reports, the two spoke frequently on the phone, but things soured when Nikita rejected Ramesh’s marriage proposal. Kaieteur News

Suspect: Ramesh Sookram understands that unknown to the victim’s father, the suspect continued to visit the teen even after he had stopped working at their home. It is alleged that Ramesh began making threatening phone calls to Nikita, and even scaled a razor-wire fence surrounding the family’s property and began threatening the teen. Nikita may have further angered the suspect after she started a new relationship. It is believed that she was walking to her mother’s salon when her assailant dragged her behind a guest house, slashed her throat and stabbed her six times in the abdomen.

Page 12

Kaieteur News

Neesa Gopaul PI...

Cross-examination of two witnesses continues The preliminary inquiry (PI) into the death of Neesa Lalita Gopaul continued yesterday, with two witnesses giving further evidence in the matter involving Bibi Gopaul and Jarvis Small. The two are facing the pre-trial proceedings in relation to the 2010 murder of Bibi Gopaul’s daughter. The matter is being presided over by Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court. On Wednesday, Assistant Superintendent of

Police (ASP) Marlon Chapman gave evidence. He returned to be cross examined by Attorney-at-law Vic Puran after completing his evidence-in-chief while being led by State Prosecutor Primita Kissoon. Yesterday, the senior police officer returned to court to conclude his cross examination by Puran. Puran is representing the dead girl’s mother, while Senior Counsel Bernard De Santos, who has been absent for several hearings, is representing Small. The prosecution declined

Sugar, rice sectors severely impacted by heavy rainfall The recent heavy rainfall has impacted on residential areas as well as farmlands, and the sugar and rice sectors have suffered severely. According to Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy, these two industries have faced a number of setbacks which resulted in significant losses in production. “The rice and sugar industries have been impacted seriously and the sugar areas in Region Six, particularly in Albion and Port Mourant, have been inundated. Therefore it has brought the crop to a halt,

– Agri. Minister and given the rainy season, we will have to consider whether certain areas like Albion and so on, would have to bring the first crop to an end,” Dr. Ramsammy said. Kaieteur News understands that in April, the sugar workers at the Albion Estate could only work for 1 2 d a y s d u e t o t he downpours during that month. It was noted that the rice farmers are impacted in Region Six mainly because of the late start of their first crop.

the re-examination of ASP Chapman following the conclusion of his testimony. Next in the witness box was Detective Sergeant Mitchell Caesar, he also returned to court to be further cross- examined by Bibi Gopaul’s attorney. Caesar related evidence based on his role in the investigation. The last time the officer was in the witness box he was required to return with certain information that he would have received from the police station. The officer’s testimony was over in approximately 10 minutes. Subsequent to stepping out of the witness box, the prosecution indicated its desire to call two more witnesses, one of whom an arrest warrant has already been issued for. Two dates were also set for the continuation of the PI and in light of the prosecution’s declaration, Puran requested that the prosecution make available all its remaining witnesses on the second day of the pre-trial matter, where it would be likely that the prosecution would close its case. However, after a rebuttal by the prosecution, the court granted the prosecutor’s request of not having their case confined to a date that was convenient to the defence. The PI will continue next Tuesday.

Friday May 11, 2012

Buxton celebrates the life of newest centenarian Being the second senior in her family to celebrate the momentous milestone of becoming 100 years old, Mrs. Evadney Talbot of Lot 51 Company Road Buxton, received a grand birthday bash yesterday when a number of family and friends congregated to show appreciation to the woman who they said impacted their life in so many ways. The centenarian, who is an active member of the Buxton Golden Age Club, said that she never thought that she would live to see 100 years and often wondered what it would be like. Yesterday, Mrs. Talbot said it was great to have reached the landmark, and without a doubt, she believes that God has truly favoured her. The wife, mother, grandmother, great and great, great grandmother said that it was effortless to meet the stage that she is at today. According to her, God has been the true purpose of her success in life, family and prolonged existence. For one thing, the Buxtonian said, principle is in most cases the essence of living, and to her children and all those close to her, she tried to transfer to them what she was taught about life. Mrs. Talbot spoke of certain values which she expressed as being dear to living itself. She said that she tried to instill in her children a way in which they could appreciate others and thus people may learn to appreciate them. “The basic things are what I tried to teach them. Learn to appreciate people; be kind to them, help them and not get angry too fast.” Mrs. Talbot had five children - two girls and three boys. Remaining are two boys and one girl, all of whom were present yesterday to celebrate with their mother. The lively centenarian said her husband passed away on June 16, 1985, a date she remembers all too well. She said that at that point she

Mrs. Evadney Talbot and one of her many grandchildren realized that she was no longer a housewife and a mother, she was now all of those things and “the father of the home”. She recounted that with the assistance of her wonderful children, she began to do what she knew was necessary. “I always did my little sewing, domestic duties and then I started selling at the village market. I did what I had to do for my children.” Mrs. Talbot was proud to be surrounded by the various generations of her family. Fondly referred to as ‘Mother’, she sat and listened as scores of persons wished her well and extended heartfelt greetings. Among those wishing well were her grands and great grands. Mrs. Talbot said that from her offspring, she has about 50 grandchildren, 32 great grand and six great, great grandchildren. Many of those wishing Mrs. Talbot the best on her

day, sought to unravel one secret and while others claimed that they knew or had an idea, they all wanted to know what the secret to her long life was. She opined that God had richly blessed her and had obviously had a purpose for her being here for so long. She did reveal that she never liked sitting down and that keeping up to speed was probably the main thing. She said she often went to bed late and would rise early in the morning. Mrs. Talbot aid it couldn’t be food because when she was asked by a relative what it is she eats and whether she is a vegetarian, the woman replied that she ate everything. The country’s newest centenarian was vibrant and energetic at her birthday bash, ready for the years ahead. Her family advised her not to change a thing and they all look forward to sharing many more birthdays with her.

Friday May 11, 2012

Kaieteur News

Cabinet approves over $1B in contracts Twelve contracts for various sectors were given no objections by Cabinet at its last meeting on Tuesday. This was disclosed by Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr. Roger Luncheon at his weekly press conference at Office of the President on Wednesday. The contracts that were given the green light:

Page 21

Mahdia residents stage protest - Call for better roads, potable water

A police rank pleading with some of the residents

Patron in nightspot shooting succumbs One of the two men who were shot at the Cornbread Bar on D’urban Street, Werken-Rust last Monday, succumbed to his injuries at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) on Wednesday morning last. Glen Xavier, who was shot under his left arm and in the left side of his chest, had been placed on life support. His friend, Irving John, 48, who was shot in the lower abdomen, is in the hospital’s High Dependency Unit . Reports are that Xavier, 32, of Harlem, West Coast Demerara, and John, of St. Cuthbert Mission, were drinking near the entrance of the popular nightspot when two men on a motorcycle stopped outside the premises. One of the men, who brandished a handgun,

Dead: Glen Xavier

entered the establishment and pointed the firearm at John and Xavier, and demanded their money. An eyewitness claimed that after the gunman pointed the gun at the victims and demanded money, they (victims) hesitated. This angered the bandit, causing

him to “shoot at both victims.” “After he shoot at dem, he stand up watching dem lit bit, then they pick up they bag and wallet and walk out to the road.” A source said that the victims were carrying a large sum of money.

Residents of Mahdia were up in arms yesterday in their most recent attempt to call for better roads, potable water and the removal of the Regional Executive Officer (REO), Ronald Harsawack. The residents took to the streets of the mining town in full protest mode around 11:00 hours blocking the main access thoroughfare with burning tyres and large logs as they voiced their concerns. According to residents, the main access road has been in a deplorable state for more than a year. Recent

rainfall has also contributed to further deterioration they revealed yesterday. Their concern in relation to the access of potable water was created when excess water flowing through the pipelines caused it to break away recently leaving the entire area without the precious substance. The residents said too that they have been constantly taking their concerns to the Regional Executive Officer who has thus far done nothing noteworthy to address the

situation. It was against this background the residents said that they were forced to “take it to another level” in the hope that the relevant authorities would heed their cries and implement urgent remedial measures. The protest action, which continued into the afternoon had attracted the attention of the police, thus officers were dispatched to clear the roadway. However the residents took their protest action to another section of the road for a while longer.

Page 24

Kaieteur News

UG not immune to writing shortcomings - Lecturer ...but measures are available to address difficulties Writing challenges are not unique to the University of Guyana, they are also evident elsewhere, even at other higher institutions of learning. This assertion was made by Lecturer attached to the University, Ms Pamela Rose, as she made her contribution to the University’s Research Day recently. Her presentation entitled ‘Confronting the challenges of teaching and learning academic writing at the University of Guyana’ sought to outline some of the many writing challenges that have surfaced among students. Rose drew reference to a number of notable challenges adding that “we can identify with many of them such as plagiarising materials to meet academic course requirements, poorly written assignments, late submission of written assignments and confessions from students of not knowing how to transform thoughts and knowledge into written discourse.” The lecturer however pointed out that although these challenges persist in higher education, efforts are constantly made to examine and find strategies to address students’ difficulties in relation to academic writing. According to her, one of the many strategies that have been employed is the move to embrace Academic Literacy. Academic Literacy, she pointed out, is designed to consider epistemological and ideological issues that

Pamela Rose are embedded in students’ writing and the practices surrounding things that they write. “We are talking here about things like ‘students are told to write using the third person and not the first person, so we have issues with ownership of the writing and so is also sensitive to practices that students have to adopt; new ways of knowing, understanding and interpreting information,” Rose explained. She added too that “we can talk here about those students who come from secondary school and they are accustomed to copying information off the internet and then they are coming here (university) now and they are required to understand, interpret and use information in different ways.” Academic literacy, Rose noted, does not look at writing as merely good or bad and in need of fixing, but accommodates more than

such judgements. Firstly, it recognises that the university as a community of practice is not homogenous, thus variation exists in the types of writings required in various disciplines as well as the interpretation of these variations. “It also recognises that there are variations in meaning-making strategies and once we have those variations we’ll have conflicts between students’ personal identities and those implicit of the setting.” Further, Rose asserted that the importance of Academic Literacy is that it recognises and accommodates the variety of contested areas that are barriers to students producing successful academic texts. Additionally, it exposes gaps that need to be bridged in the teaching and learning of academic writing. “Here we are talking about gaps between students and staff expectations and students’ interpretation of these gaps....and academic literacy has also shown that in many cases even the staff would have different interpretations of what counts as successful academic writing.” In essence, Academic Literacy provides richer insights into students’ writing difficulties, “areas that we need to take account of if we are going to scaffold students through the complex multi-layered processes that characterise academic writing,” Rose asserted.

Friday May 11, 2012

NICIL controls revenue of several major govt. entities - GUYOIL, NCN, Chronicle, GNCB, Linden Electricity Co., GNSC etc. As of December, 31, 2003 the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) now headed by Winston Brassington and Marcia Nadir-Sharma owned and controlled several major companies. They also controlled monies earned from the Privatization Unit. Money accrued to the Privatization Unit is earned through the disposal of State Assets and would include revenues earned from transactions such as the sale of the Sanata Complex at Industrial Site. This asset was acquired by Queens Atlantic Investment Inc. The Subsidiary Companies that NICIL controls include The Guyana National Newspapers Limited,

Winston Brassington publishers of the Chronicle, NCN, GUYOIL, National Edible Oil Company, Guyana National Printers Limited, Linden Electricity Company, and Guyana National Shipping Corporation. It has shares in several other

Marcia Nadir-Sharma companies including Guyana Stockfeeds Limited among others. Brassington has argued that the money controlled by NICIL is less than the $50B being bandied about and has promised to come clean on the accounts.

Friday May 11, 2012

Kaieteur News

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The Abigail Column We love each other, but we fight all the time we try a new approach? Confused DEARABIGAIL, I’ve been dating my current boyfriend for about a year, and we do love each other very much. However, I believe we both want very different things from our relationship, and we fight on a regular basis. We fight about everything from spending time with friends to how we feel we are being treated and so forth. We have a lot of trouble identifying with each other and being considerate of each other’s needs. Should I move on and accept that we are incompatible, or should

you in a relationship and a partner and what you value about the relationship you have. If you can figure out what you both want from your relationship, it may be time to move on to talking about how you want your relationship to change. Conflict isn’t always negative, but it’s important to find healthy ways to address it. It’s really hard to change behaviour patterns in general, and probably impossible for you to change your boyfriend’s behaviour if he’s not motivated to change himself. If you aren’t both invested, it may be time to move on.

Dear Confused, You’re not the only one struggling to sort through whether it makes sense to stay in a relationship. It’s often a big step to acknowledge to others that you’re having relationship troubles, so it’s brave of you to write in. Hopefully, some reflection and conversation with your partner can help you decide what to do. If you’re both dedicated to making changes, you might start by practicing your listening skills. Take turns listening to each other describe what’s important to

Friday May 11, 2012 ARIES (March 21 - April 19):Have the confidence to do what you want today. Don't be afraid to step into a new situation. Sure, you might not know how everything works at first, but that doesn't have to put you at a disadvantage. ******************* TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): Relationships are fluid - people are moving in and out of the center of your life all the time, whether you realize it or not. ****************** GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): The warmth you feel from friends will keep you in a very jovial mood today. You are gaining a whole new level of appreciation for the richness that your friendships bring to your life, and today will offer you a few opportunities to show it. ******************** CANCER (June 21 - July 22):Today, you would much rather stay at home than go out. Puttering around and taking care of little chores will be much more tantalizing to you than the prospect of going out and painting the town red. ********************* LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): Okay -- you may never find your exact, precise, withouta-doubt purpose in life, but that doesn't mean you should stop looking! ******************* VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): Sticking with things, even when they aren't that much fun anymore, is sometimes necessary. If you make choices about what to do that are all about what will enter-

tain you most, you won't learn too much about yourself, will you? ********************* LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22): Holding on to your good humor and unlimited hope can help you overcome any obstacle today -- and bring you closer to someone you have been dying to get to know better. ********************* SCORPIO (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21): If your relationships feel like they're in a holding pattern, start thinking about the future. Where do you want your friendships and/or romantic partnership to go? ******************** SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21): This day will roll along at a fairly leisurely pace, which will fit your mood quite nicely. It's a day to savor the sweet little aspects of the people and places around you. .********************* CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. 19): You can expect to start this day with a lot of high energy -- so much so that you might jump out of bed and dance the tango! ******************** AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 Feb. 18): Are all the little social games in your life getting tiresome? If you are tired of people being all talk and no action, then it's time to make a choice. ********************* PISCE S ( F e b . 1 9 March 20): The problem with being too philosophical is that it can be easy to get caught up in your own thoughts.

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WANTED One cook, must know to cook Roti & Puri. Call 6477432

Kaieteur News

PEN PAL Mixed male, age 52, with own home seeking female companion. Tel: 683-0040

Live in domestic. Light duties. 1 skilled Lathe Operator. Live-in Handyman duties. Excellent remuneration. Tel: 227-1830 1 male/female shop assistant to work in the interior # 688-0197 Live-in domestic must know to cook and 1 waitress, salary 50,000 monthly. Call:610-5043 Persons/family to live & take care of farm @ E.C.D, attractive salary offered. Contact: 690-1943, 691-8021 Two male shop assistants to work in Georgetown & the interior, serious enquiries only. Call: 225-2940, 225-0305 Urgently: chainsaw operator to work in the interior. Call: 626-0006, 231-3159 Live in attractive waitress contact 228- 5129 1 Tutor to teach Form 1, apply Bissan’s Trading, 94 King Street. Call: 227-7306 1 handy boy to work in the interior #688-0197 Full time gardener/ handyman reference needed. Call: 226-0240, 225-3557 Manager’s Assistant general duties including Custom and Bond, Security Guards, accommodation available. Call: 676-6700 Female workers needed, 3 subjects or sound secondary education call 225- 7307 Waitress to work night shift @ Container Bar, Vryheid’s Lust Road, E.C.D. Tel: 6585357, 220-3810 Honest/Experienced sales clerk. Apply with written application Nanda’s Boutique, 223 Camp St. Tel 226-1621 Experienced sewing machine operators. Tele no.: 220-4337 Sales Girls & Porters. Apply with written application at Best Buys Food Supplies, 1E Dennis & Middleton Streets, Campbellville. Security Guards. Investigative & Tactical Services. 227 South Rd. Lacytown. Must have valid ID, NIS & TIN. Cooks, Waitresses and Bartenders to work in Kitty area. Call tel# 226-7054 or 623-9645

SERVICES Permanent &Visitors Visa Applications Professional Immigration Consultant Room E-4 Maraj Building 225-6496/662-6045. Supreme Repairs. All wiring, fridge, washer (AC), freezers, dryer, ect. Tel: 629-8136, 6532719 US & Canada VISA application services. Call 643-6630. Family discounts available.

WANTED Contract cars. Must be in Hire & Yellow. Base free. $3500 weekly. Call 660-9977 One live-in female to take care of elderly woman. Call: 253-3049 1 driver to drive in the interior. Must have bus and canter license. Tel# 688-0197 Sales representatives, country wide, for musical CD original. Tel: 267-1565, 6788193 Waitresses @ Diamond Gate Liquor Restaurant and Bar, Lot 18 Belmont Mahaica. Tel# 228-5013, 622-5599 Carpenter with own tools. Apply at Guyana Variety Store, 68 Robb Street. Tel no. 225-4631 1 female storekeeper. Must be computer literate. 1 female Bahir to work in the interior. Call: 231-3159, 626-0006 1 female to wash. Come in person to Dian’s Delli. Bar St., Kitty, opposite Kitty Market. One general domestic. Contact: 616-0335. Between 8am to 5pm. One live-in or out maid & experienced sales girl. Call: 264-3356, 253-4149, 668-3985 Sales boy and girl. 615-3090 Taxi Drivers and Carpenter. Call: 225-3234

Now open KDRS Pharmacy at Mon Repos Mall 220-8675 nutritionist available every Saturday We refill HP cartridges for $1,800. Call:650-7699 CVs, applications, typing, etc. Tel: 667-1549

Skilled carpenters to work out of town. Must be able to work with limited supervision. # 615-7526 Labourers to work at Jettoo’s lumberyard & Sawmill @ Coverden Public Road, East Bank Demerara. Call: 2615041, 261-5042, 226-2756

FOR SALE One Hilux Vigo (new) GNN series 231-5171, 619-7134

VEHICLES FOR SALE 99 Honda Civic Leather interior. Call:648-2075

Toyota Starlet 2 E Turbo engine with gearbox and ECU: Call: 624-7155.

Just arrived: Allion and Premio, tel: 624-2000, 6221610

NARS lipgloss, eyeshadow & Clinique Chubby Stick. Tel: 669-8374.

Leading Auto. Unregistered Allion, Premio, Allex, Runx, Verossa, Avensis, 2 ton Canter, 212. Tel: 677-7666, 610-7666

One Driver & one Salesman at Humphrey’s Bakery & Farm Products Ltd. Tel 2257864 Experienced Hair Dresser at Nalline Beauty Salon, Vreeden-Hoop Junction (Raymond Building). Attractive salary. Contact: 687-3341, 639-9884 Be part of our world class customer care team. Join us now! Phone: 220-0401-3 Vacancy exists for 3 guards, 2 males and 1 female, and a Mechanic for TM Trucks. Call: 642-0176, 699-4483

Visa and Immigration forms prepared for Canada, USA and UK. Also Passport forms. Call 626-9857 Repairs, sales & spares, air conditioning, microwaves, washer, fridges & Stoves. Ultra Cool: 225-9032, 6472943

Hire car drivers & dispatchers wanted from East Coast. Contact 220-1000

Looking for a job? Office Domestic & need assistance, contact Angela: 694-0096 We repair fridge, freezer, AC, washer, dryer. Call: 231-0655, 683-8734 Omar. Roxy’s Catering. Creole foods, cakes, pastries, snacks, finger foods, etc. Call# 223-0095, 223-0092 or 689-5169 Job fair. Girls Guide Pavilion. May 18, 1-8PM. 223-1719 Hello, the doctor is back!! Have your gas stove repaired and serviced. Tel: 601-0595, 220-4073, 220-5785 Service & repairs to gas stove, deep fryers, washing machines, electric stoves. Call 686-6209.

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LAND FOR SALE Land V/Hoop 2 acre: school, housing, factory, etc call:6580115 32 Acres for sale, Lot 5 Content, E.C.D, $256,000.00(USD) Call: 813319-4219 or Land at block ‘E’ Sophia. Cultivated with permanent crops. Size: 160ftx80ft. Prices $2.7M negotiable. Call 6183093 Bazaar St., Parika. No agents. 661-3043

15-15-15 fertilizer. Call: 2662711, 609-4594 2x2x1.5MM, Hollow section $4500 VAT inclusive. Call: 220-6100, 680-5900 Peking ducks, call: 266-2711 / 609-4594 Quality upholstery materials tel # 220-3356/643-3627

FOR SALE Dell computers, complete with 19" LCD, from $69,000. Future Tech. Call 231-2206, 644-6760

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Verossa PNN. Call:665-3067, 228-2609 2 Raum, 1 Pit Bull contact 663 – 9727, 609 6458 1 Nissan Cube ( like Raum) PMM 1088, 1.350 M Neg. call 233 – 5557, 610 -1309

Moulders, multirip saws, resaws, cross cut saw and genset Tel 616-5595 Rodney

Mercedes Benz A-140 fully powered, sound system PMM series $2.8M neg. Call: 621-4000, 690-6000.

Used: QSC Amps MX2000 & MX3000, Roland sampler SP404, Rcf speaker: 12" & 18", celestion speaker: 15". Contact: 644-3390

Hummer H2 sut Model 22" rims, DVD sound system. Call: 639-7700

One ERF Hauler with 45 ft trailer (in-contract) & one Model M Truck. Tel: 6534455 1 Mitsubishi Fuso truck, 4 ton enclosed, 20 feet, new $5.2M. Call Salim 641-5075, 622-6746 New Air Brush Kit, gun, hose, compressor $35,000. 592-643-5720 Roofing shingles. Call: Mr. Skepmire . 227-5195 (8am to 5pm) Mixed breed, short foot puppies. Dewormed & vaccinated. #663-3397 Going cheap, foreign used Perkins Engines. 661-3043 1 vehicle (Ipsum) in good condition. Call: 225-8673, 600-7448

Brand new 2700 psi Honda Pressure Washer. Best price guaranteed. 614-8564

Sales representatives, country wide, for musical CD original. Tel: 267-1565, 6788193

Male & female between the ages of 18-24 years, for general work in stall 15 K&L Bourda Market.

VACANCY Kitchen assistant @ Charlestown- ages 18-35. Call: 614-1020

One driver needed with at least (5) years experience. Requirements CXC subjects, driver’s license & police clearance. Tel: 2272969, 225-8229.

Taxi Drivers at Princess Hotel. Contact 616-5419, 265-7075

1 driver to drive in the interior. Must have bus and canter license. Tel# 688-0197

Friday May 11, 2012

15ft Fiber glass boat $170,000 call: 260-0301, 685-1233 1 New Centurion Generator $175,000. 1 Frigidaire freezer $115,000. 1 Kitchen Aid Stainless fridge $140,000. 1 Samsung Microwave $12,500. Tel 694-5371 Sale Sale Sale on all zinc sheets 40% off. All lumber 30% off. All pine lumber 8% off. Tel: 226-7054 Spares for washer, microwaves, fridges, stovetimers, gear boxes, pumps, etc. Contact 225-9032, 6472943 Now in stock, solar panel, 180 watts, at Trophy Stall, Bourda Market. 225-9230 Brand new blackberry torch 9800, under $100,000. Call: 676-7443 1 dragline 10RB. 687-6174 1 240 Massey Ferguson Tractor. 687-6174

Unregistered Premio & Allion with TV, mags, back Cam. Call: 609-8188, 6026307 2005 H2 Hummer, 38,500 mileage fully loaded, chrome kit etc. Call: 6393100, 619-5400 Hilux 4x4 solid def pick-up, diesel, long base, excellent condition Call: 623-0243 1 special edition Toyota Runx PNN. 2 Nissan Wingroad Wagon. Tel: 6122522 Corolla Fielder just registered, AT 170 Carina. Price negotiable. Call 6149623 One Toyota RZ Longbase EFI, hardly used BKK series $1.6M. Call: Rocky 621-5902 Lexus LS400/Luxury, BMW 740IL/Luxury, BMW 635CSI/ Sports. Bring mechanic, make offer. Call: 612-1486, 646-8326 One EP71 Starlet, 1 AE91 Sprinter, Toyota Ceres & Fun Cargo, 1 Nissan Pathfinder PMM, 1 Honda Fit 2004. Call: 644-5096, 6971453 Sale, Axela, Vitz, Toyota Succeed Wagon, cheapest. 616-7635. Mercedes Benz S300, fully powered, armored, DVD system $4.5 million. Call: 621-4000, 690-6000 Cherokee Lorado, 4 doors AC windows, power locks PHH series $1,950,000. Call: 621-4000, 690-6000 One Toyota Short Base, enclosed canter, GMM series, hardly used $1.8M. Credit can be arranged. Tel: 673-6660 (Continued on page 27)

Friday May 11, 2012

Kaieteur News

GT&T Male and Female 10/10... From back page female, on show. One of the coordinators of the 10/10 tournament, Richard Sookdeo noted that they are pleased with the level of play displayed this year especially among the females. “We are happy to see the level of play on the rise over the past couple of months. The ladies especially have grown leaps and bounds.” Sookdeo said that rain will not stop the action since the Providence Stadium is one of the better drying grounds in the world. On the entertainment side of things, Bollers stated that the aim is to put together a decent package for the fans as an added incentive after the on-field action would have ended. “So at the end of all the excitement inside we are going to bring the curtains

down with some more excitement on the outside and based on what I’ve seen so far fans are in for a treat. We will use the opportunity to highlight some of the young talent that GT&T would have invested in over the past few years.” Contestants from the GT&T Feel the Beat Competition, the English & Bollywood Jingle and Song competition winners will also be performing along with the Karma Band of Trinidad and Tobago. Bollers intimated that exposure of the young talented local artistes is vital to their continued development. CFO Sookdeo in his remarks stated that GT&T would have invested over 50 Million dollars in this year’s tournament whilst about Thirteen-Thousand players would have been exposed

and able to participate during the tournament which reached every community in Guyana this year. “Saturday’s event is a paid one with tickets on sale at $1500 for any seat in the stadium. With this entrance fee you get a tee shirt and you get to see the cricket and view the show as well as get a chance to win huge prizes and giveaways and win the FAN SUV. I think it’s a great package but fans will have to be at the Stadium in order to have a chance to cash in on any of these prizes.” Other corporate entities that have teamed up with GT&T to bring off another successful 10/10 tournament are Banks DIH (Powerade &Vita Malt), Guyana Lottery, Kings Jewellery World, Cell Phone Shack, Gizmos & Gadgets, Impressions and NCN.

Kennard Memorial Turf Club Pre-Independence... From page 28 expected to whet the appetites of lovers of the sport including the race among the 3 years old animals, the H and Lower division and the K&L category. Meanwhile, the organizers have assured that the meet will comprise of qualitative races and turfites could expect thrilling encounters. This boast is further enforced with improved track conditions. The organizers wish to remind horse owners that the event is being conducted under the aegis of the Guyana Horse Racing Authority

(GHRA) and that all of the rules would be applicable. Horse owners may also register their animals with Justice Cecil Kennard (2261399, 225-4818, or 623-7609) or Roopnarine Matadial aka Shine (325-3192), Ivan Dipnarine (331-0316) or Isabella Beaton (325-3007, 693-7812). Horse owners must also present their animals for examination by the vet by 11:00hrs on race day.

Sponsors of the event are Mohamed’s Enterprise, DDL, General Equipment and Farm Suppliers, Yunas Contracting Service, Anirude Ramcharitar, Pomeroon Oil Mills, h Nauth & Sons Civil Engineers Contractors and Chatterpaul Deo and Ariel Enterprise. The other dates projected for meets by the KMTC are Sunday August 12, Sunday October 14 and Wednesday December 26.

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ACCOMMODATION Signature Inn Luxury Suites & Apartments 83 Laluni Street, Queenstown. Call for reservations 226-2145, 2275037 (From page 26)

DRESS MAKING Bridesmaid dresses, working uniforms, made professionally. Sharmela 2252598, 641-0784 6 weeks designing/sewing classes. Sharmela 225-2598, 641-0784

CAR RENTAL Progressive auto rental, cars from $4,000 per day. Call: 6435122, 656-0087, Premio, 110 Corolla. Call: 6797139 First Choice Car Rental cars $5,000-7,000 per day 6680306, 225-6337


Al’s Car & Pick-up Rental. Call: 698-7807

American Style Massage Service. Call 609-4036

TO LET Short term apartments Eccles. Call:679-7139

Qualify yourself in Cosmetology or nails, make up, Register, Limited spaces. Call Abby: 216-1950, 6197603, 666-5241

EDUCATIONAL Princeton College Forms 1-5, CXC adults’ classes’; $1500 a subject S.A.T/ Phonics etc. Call: 6905008, 611-3793 LIVE AND WORK IN CANADA. GET CANADIAN CERTIFICATION AS A CAREGIVER. CALL 227 – 4881 OR 416 674 7973 Imperial College – CXC Jan/ June 2013 exam. Day/ Evening classes, flexible hours. Contact 227-7627, 6835742 Private tutor – homeschooling CXC/GCE English A&B. Call: 649-4247 Advanced Diploma in Computer Studies for CSEC students 2012. $15,000 discount. MicroGraphics Technology. Vreed-En-Hoop 264-3057 Special Computer Classes for 2012 CSEC students. MicroGraphics Technology, Parika (Bollywood building) Tel: 670-5734

1 Honda EK3, mid PJJ series, price $950,000 neg. Call: 6857133 or 679-3867 2 & 3 ton enclosed canter, unregistered. 617-2891 2004 Mazda RX8, body kit, black, unregistered, $3M. 617-2891 1 Carina 192. No. HB 8358. Call: 663-2882 2005 White Nissan Titan V8 engine with 6 CD changer and a/c. Contact: 682-9021. (GKK 9391) for further information. Toyota Tacoma, 4wd, 2.7L engine, very good condition. Contact Andrew: 638-8599

Treat yourself to a relaxing massage. 622-6256

SALON Make up courses, artist trained & certified in Trinidad: 660-5257,647-1773

VEHICLES FOR SALE Mercedes Benz 190E fully skirted, customized interior work need repairs $650, 000. Call: 621-4000, 690-6000

Harmony inn fully furnished self contained a/c apartments, Short term& long term Parfaite Harmony WBD Tel:694-7817 Newly built apartment – WCD, call: 698-6496

Ford F150, 4wd, V8 engine. Including cab. Excellent condition. Contact Hans: 645-5596 2000 Ford Economy Club Wagon. Heavy duty, power steering, V8 50400CC. 7715388, 771-5387, 680-1198 1 Honda Civic Ferio. PKK series. Manual transmission. Price $1,100,000 neg. Contact #650-5567

Four (4) bedroom apartment. Contact: 682-8875 E.B.D furnished 3 bedrooms house, 2 bathrooms, a/c, hot and cold, grilled, meshed, telephone, internet, parking, US$500 tel 697-4131


East Coast $55,000, Kitty $60,000, Alberttown $80,000, Bel-Air US$1500, Hotel US$5,000; Diana 227-2256, 626-9382

20 X 40 two flat concrete building @ Kitty. All amenities. Price $28 M Call: 668 – 9512, 223- 2570

One two bedroom bottom flat apartment. Tel no.: 6644898

25 acre farm land with 4 bedroom concrete house. Located Parika Backdam. Tel: 615-8046

1 2 bedroom house, 1 1 bedroom house, Good Hope, Essequibo. Call: 680-4990, 277-3033 Short term apartments. Tel: 667-1549

Business spot, 3 lots. Cummings & Middle Street, including store & glass cases, etc. $750,000 US neg. Call: 621-4000, 690-6000

Fully furnished two bedroom apartment with internet in Linden. Short term. Overseas & local guests. 614-4415/4444704 (2) bedroom furnished house @ 31 Second Street, Liliandall Pump Road. Tel: 222-3838, 617-9004

LEARN TO DRIVE B&C Driving School. Pickup & drop off. Contact 2250150, 680-6826, 229-7258

One spacious 3 bedroom top flat at Lot GG Freeman St. East Lapenitence, G/Town. Call: 623-7683 FOR RENT

Soman & Sons Driving School; First Federation Building. Call: 225-4858, 6445166, 622-2872, 615-0964

Chairs for rent. Pauline’s Hair Salon, 177 Charlotte St. #6443555/680-1969

FOR RENT Salon Chairs for rent. Exotic Glow Harbour Bridge Mall. # 233-5495/600-1969

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Kaieteur News

Friday May 11, 2012

Government, corporate community’s unremitting support vital By Rawle Welch They are the perennial champions of the Sevens format of rugby in the Caribbean, dominating the sport for just around six years, but when they face Trinidad and Tobago on June 2 in the Southern Caribbean Qualifying Round for the Rugby World Cup 2015, at the National Stadium, the national ‘ruggers’ should expect a tough encounter against their long-standing nemesis. The Guyanese, who have been the main architects for disrupting the long term aspirations of the ‘Trini ruggers’ will know that, even though they are undeniably the best team in the Sevens format, they have not been quite as dominant in the 15’s version, despite scoring a narrow 22-20 win over the

Trinidadians in recent times, which was only the second time they had defeated their neighbours in 31 years. On that occasion, Guyana managed to assemble a very strong team, which included all of the players that usually represent the country in the Sevens version in addition to those who were left off the same squad, and they beat a strong Trinidadian team, before falling to Bermuda. The Trinidadians have revenge on their minds and have already announced that they will be preparing vigorously for the upcoming engagement, determined to avenge their previous losses to the ‘Kings’ of rugby in the region. A recent visit to the locals training session revealed the seriousness in which the

locals are taking the threat to their dominance judging from the fitness regimen that has been set up by Fitness Instructor, Barrington Browne, who justly has been spearheading that segment of the preparatory programme. However, there is a major setback, and that is that more than four experienced players will be missing at least for the opening game against Barbados on May 19 due to injuries and other personal issues, while for the Trinidad game, it is ‘up in the air’ whether they will be available as well. The Barbados game, which according to Head Coach, Theodore Henry, is not anticipated to be as tough as the TT one, should not be dismissed as merely an easy task, which would allow complacency to step in, but rather it should be used as an opportunity to get the right combination in place and to assess the chemistry and fitness of the team, before the highly touted engagement against the side from ‘Soca Land’. The TT Board have been steadily moving in the direction of improving their standards both on and off the field, and Guyana will have to be cognizant of this development if we are to

Minister of Sport Dr. Frank Anthony (right) and Director of Sport Neil Kumar, two of the persons who could change the current state of affairs within the rugby fraternity. maintain our status as the best in the region. They have the support of the Government and all the other branches that lend assistance to sports organisations across the country and those support systems will definitely lend to positive results over the long term. On the contrary, if we do not follow suit, but rather remain in an indeterminate state, we could find ourselves slipping down the rankings.

A slip in rating would be a sad episode for a bunch of dedicated athletes who have made huge sacrifices to put Guyana on the map of rugby recognition with their presence on the World Stage time and time again, playing against the best exponents in the sport on the same stage with modest support at home. The Government needs to do more as well as members of the corporate community, and even though the same

Kennard Memorial Turf Club Pre-Independence race meet postponed Persistent rainfall over the past weeks have forced a postponement to the Kennard Memorial Turf Club (KMTC) Pre-Independence horserace meeting initially scheduled to be staged at the entity’s Bush Lot Farm Corentyne facility on Sunday May 20. Activities are tentatively set for May 27 provided the inclement weather pattern improves. A release from the club explains that the persistent

rainfall has resulted in administrators being forced to close the tracks with the owners and trainers unable to prepare their animals for the meet. When activities eventually get underway, turfites are assured of the action packed events that characterize these meets. The country’s top horses, straddled by the top jockeys, would be competing for honours.

Once again, the nation’s best horses as well as those born and bred in other Caribbean countries will grace the starting line for highly competitive races. The feature attraction pits animals in the ‘D’ and Lower Class over a distance of one mile with a first prize of five hundred thousand dollars. The second placed winner will cart off half that amount while the third and fourth place finishers receive $125,000 and $63,000 respectively. Several other events are slated for the day starting with the G and Lower Class over a distance of 7 furlongs. The winner will cart off $250,000, while the second place finisher wins half that amount. The third and fourth place finishers receive $63,000 and $32,000 respectively. Then there is the I2 and lower Class event, also over a distance of 6 furlongs where the winner carts off $180,000. The second place finisher gets $90,000 while the third and fourth place finishers receive $45, 000 and $23, 000 respectively. Several other races are (Continued on page 27)

call, which was made to the Union, had ruffled a few feathers, they too need to step up and replicate the initiatives that are being taken by their Caribbean counterpart. We have beaten countries that have a full administrative arm and some credit must be given to our Union that has had to work with little, but over the long term, it begins to take its toll and perhaps that is why the sport is struggling for mainstream recognition locally. Rugby in Guyana, by virtue of its unrivalled success should be an automatic choice for substantial largesse; it should also be promoted as one of the national pastimes and be financially backed by the Ministry of Sport through the National Sports Commission (NSC), which is one of the appendages of Government. Monies to assist in the development of those sports that could generate positive interests in our country should not be negated. But somehow to some, Rugby, though its achievements have been recognised over a prolonged period at the National Sports Awards for a number of years, still suffer the indignity of having to shamefully beg every time a regional or international tour comes around. A quote from T&T’s national rugby coach Larry Mendez, who thanked the Sport Company of T&T (SporTT) for its support and assistance to the T&T Rugby Football Union (T&TRFU) during preparations for the Barbados clash sums it up. “Support services are absolutely essential in modern high performance sport. The use of modern technologies and sport science are no longer a luxury but a necessity,” added Mendez. He said that players’ demands on the national team with regard to fitness and skill development are much more than before, despite rugby being an amateur sport in T&T. “If we are to keep them (players) motivated it is important that the TTRFU and Sport Company continues to work hand-inhand. Preparation for Guyana will be more intense and demanding than it was for Barbados. “The guys will be asked to work even harder because we simply have to be a much improved team by June 2,” he concluded. The fact of the matter is that the Government and the corporate community’s unremitting support will be vital for our continued success going forward.

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