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Let’s start listening today We Guyanese generally expect children “to be seen and not heard”. Fathers especially, seldom spend time with children to listen to what they have to say. Now that an increasing number of mothers have joined the workforce, it should not be surprising that many children are withdrawn, sullen and subject to sudden bursts of anger. More frequently we are witnessing the anger acted out anti-socially. On the whole, listening to your children is important for their development and growth. One of the easiest ways to empower children is to listen to them: listening boosts their self-esteem. If children feel important and share little things with their parents, they feel comfortable sharing their more significant things with them later in life. Listening to each other in a family improves the quality of family life and everyone feels cherished. The best time for a family to listen to each other is during meals. While television has been a boon, in certain regards it has not only destroyed the art of reading but the art of conversation within families. We should turn off the television and talk. This is a time you can create memories that will become anchors of love to see your children through difficult times. The more one listens to children, the more confident they become, because it demonstrates that adults respect them and value their opinions. This encourages them to express themselves and boosts their development. If children get enough attention at home, they are less likely to seek it by “acting out” elsewhere. But children should not have to listen to the disagreements of their parents. Studies show that parents’ rows affect children, even if they are out of earshot. In one study, forty couples were asked either to discuss something enjoyable or a topic of disagreement, and then play with their children. A significant number of couples that had pleasant exchanges responded well to their children and listened to them, while those couples who had a disagreement responded negatively towards their children. If there are arguments between spouses, special efforts to listen and be positive towards the children must be made. Listening to children teaches them to listen to others carefully. Interaction and communication among siblings can deeply affect their feelings of self-esteem. It helps them in developing social skills that will carry them through the rest of their lives. Listening among siblings teaches them how to comfort and sympathize with another person. All the social and interaction skills children learn with, and from their siblings, are used later in life. The listening attitude of parents helps the children to express their feelings. The most difficult part of listening to your children is when they are expressing anger. But this is crucial, since the ability to deal positively with frustrations is one of the most important aspects in succeeding in life. Even caring parents find it difficult to respond positively. Comments like “Don’t make a fuss” or “There is nothing to cry about” or “Don’t be a baby” make children feel ignored or insignificant. A better course of action is not to deny the child’s feelings, but offer reassurance. Listen and make the child feel appreciated, loved and treated with respect. Parents can become better listeners by listening intently and making eye contact. By facial expression and body language, they can also convey that they are open and available for their children. Even repeating what they have said can help. It will show that you are sympathetic and paying attention. It does not mean that parents need to be non-stop ‘listening machines’. There is a limit to a person’s ability to listen, but the key is to know how to set the limits without alienating your children. Over the last decade, Guyanese children have been exposed to a series of tragedies. These horrible incidents are reminders of what precious resources children are. Let us cultivate and develop that resource by the simple act of listening to them. Let’s start listening today.

Sunday March 09, 2014

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The development of Cultural Industries rests with National policies that will benefit all DEAR EDITOR, In January 2012 ACDA held a symposium on the Theme ‘The way Forward.’ I headed a work group on the organizing of Artistic Talents and gifts into functioning Cultural Industries, a term not used in this country and void among the discourse of the politicians, even though the PPP’s Ambassador Odeen Ishmael had penned an interesting article in Kaieteur News on Dec, 6, 2009 on Cultural Industries in Latin America. The ACDA symposium was successful in this area and so in the days following, I packaged a Document that was an overview of the initiatives noted for the streamlining of Cultural Industries. This document was distributed to the following sources:

The offices of the Ministers of Culture and Finance, to which I received no receipt of acknowledgment, a courtesy of simple manners accustomed to from Ministerial Offices in the pre 1992 administrations. I delivered a copy to the opposition Parties separately, I proceeded to distribute to Mr. Zephyr of the Small Business Association, Birch Simon of Cross Colour, the Media, both electronic and print and others. I had given Artist Stanley Greaves a copy of this document. He commented that I didn’t include details, I told him that I was addressing officials who would plagiarize intellectual property and care less. I gave him the example of the Desmond Hoyte ‘IWOKRAMA’ initiative with its Principles, that Jagdeo

jumped on and never referred to Iwokrama as the prototype. We were living in ‘The Supremacy of the Shameless’ and I was going to proceed on guarded grounds. Kaieteur News has been in the forefront of exploring the discourse of Cultural Industries, CARICOM had a meeting and…? AL Creighton has covered Cultural Industries in Jamaica and developments of CI like our fledgling film Industry with Mahadeo Shivraj on Stabroek June, 10, 2010. The Caribbean Press should have been the vehicle for an official jumpstart at recognizing C.I ; instead it evolved into a little Cult, with no procedure of Accountability or defined Memorandum Of Understanding; the (Continued on page 5)

Sunday March 09, 2014

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This story has several weak points that Every event is used take away from the integrity of the report as a political platform DEAR EDITOR, The Stabroek News item in the Wednesday, March 5 edition, “Freed accomplice was 13 during Lusignan massacre –sources,” have failed to capture some angles in the saga of Dwane Williams, the youth who confessed to participation in the Lusignan massacre As the seniors at the Stabroek News would know, editors and journalists must take considerable time in making decisions as to print what dubious, infamous or people with criminal records say to them. These people could be self-serving. The Stabroek News report mentioned that then Police Commissioner, Henry Greene had stated that the police had an eyewitness to the Linden Creek murders and it can now be said that he was referring to Dwane Wiliams But was Greene being honest? When the head of the mining camp, Leonard Arokium whose relatives were victims of the killings, wanted to meet with the press to show them using logistical maps that the Fineman gang could not have done the killings, he requested to see

me. I facilitated Stabroek News into the meeting and we met at the office of the Catholic Standard editor, Colin Smith From the maps laid out by Arokium, I was convinced that at the time the joint patrol saw the Fineman gang at Christmas Falls to the time the murders occurred at Lindo Creek, it was not possible for the gang to have traversed such primitive, almost impassable terrain in that short space of time. I believe most media operatives hold the view that the mayhem was done by state security either through a mistake which was then covered up or Arokium’s theory that a robbery took place and dead men cannot reveal identities What Henry Greene did (my opinion) is to claim discovery of an eyewitness to remove suspicion from the joint patrol. I need to remind media operatives that a soldier has come forward to say he knows what happened at Lindo Creek. What has happened to that soldier since remains a mystery? Back to Greene. Was he a credible person? Just consult the American Embassy cables

on him as contained in the Wikileaks release. Mr. Simmels, Roger Khan’s lawyer openly stated that Khan was involved in tapping Commissioner Felix’s phone and it was done through Mr. Greene. Mr. Greene was a facilitator of drug barons in this country according to dispatches by the US Embassy who requested he not be made Commissioner. At the time of his death he accumulated a vast fortune information on which is contained in court documents in litigation among his relatives for his estate. Should the media trust what this man said? Mr. Greene was recommended to be charged for rape by the DPP. Surely, it is taking journalistic investigations into questionable directions to rely on the word of such a tainted, flawed, depraved citizen of this land. The news item also mentioned that Williams was found wandering at Lindo Creek and was picked up by the joint patrol. Anyone media operative who investigated the Buxton saga from 2002 to 2005 would know that makes no sense. Small boys were

Standard of living must be measured in more than one dimension DEAR EDITOR, Because I make a yearly trip to this country I may be in a better position than most Guyanese to look at what is going on in our society and make an objective evaluation. On this occasion, I believe that I have encountered an environment that seems to have forgotten to some extent the cultural and religious values with which we Guyanese have been traditionally nurtured. I was pleasantly surprised by all the new buildings, domestic and business, that have been constructed since I was here last, and the apparent larger spending power of people generally. However, below this superficial progress, I have observed that Guyanese have become absorbed in the rat race which is so manifest in the metropolitan countries, and this does not bode well for the development of principled living in our society, and the peace and harmony which we all desire for the future of our nation. It is understandable that people are striving to achieve a good standard of living, and the happiness and significance that this can

bring. That is normal, but it seems that they are being duped to believe that material progress will satisfy these needs and forget that this can only be temporary, and not really fulfilling their human aspirations in a real and permanent manner. This not only drives them to use up their physical and mental resources towards acquiring more and more possessions, but they would also be tempted to neglect the urgings of their conscience to act morally to achieve this result. This tendency to want to “keep up with the Joneses” can only result in fractured relationships, a materialistic outlook in life and violations of moral and civic laws. Standard of living must be measured in more than one dimension, and the way we live out the values which we have inherited, and which really contribute to our wellbeing, must figure in this assessment.

May we use the spirit of this season of Lent to undertake some amount of sacrifice which can empower us to recapture the essence of the principles and values we need for real and lasting progress, re-inculcate these in our lives, and so win the race to an ethical way of life that really matters. Roy Paul

part of the Buxton gang and they were cruel, indoctrinated people who acted far beyond their age. Why would Fineman’s marauders go to Lindo Creek, murder about a dozen miners and when they left, one of the boys was got lost? In that terrain, he had to be missed minutes after the gang hit the trail to their eventual exit. And why would they leave without marshalling their troops out of Lindo Creek? Was Fineman’s cabal so incompetent? And which other baby face killer from the cabal was found wandering around the place after the shooting sprees? With due respect to a sister newspaper, SN’s story has several weak points that take away from the overall integrity of the report Frederick Kissoon

DEAR EDITOR, I have only recently read the stories about the various addresses at the Flag Raising Ceremonies around the country to herald in the Anniversary of Republican status. Did anyone realize that all the addresses were PPP campaign soundings? None, not one spoke to the genesis of this accomplishment and how we as a country could move on to benefit etc. None. All went down the lane of what has been happening since the PPP took over in 1992. Usual chorus. Every event is used as a political platform. A funeral, Cheddi Jagan’s memorial, Janet Jagan’s memorial, The Enmore Martyrs – all of these events are misused to try to continue the tomfoolery. This is because the PPP officials

have nothing really to tell the populace. They have no plan to develop this country but they do have plans to clean out the coffers before they leave. The PPP took over a country and have successfully managed to bring it to almost rags and ruin. No, I think they did something - they have enforced corruption at the highest and most lawless of levels. Quite frankly, the country is owned by approximately eleven people. The rest of us are mere minions trying to run in the other direction while the rat race goes on. Mr. Editor, your newspaper is a tiny light at the end of the tunnel. Please do keep at exposing the dirty tricks. You are doing a great job! Patriotic Guyanese

The development of Cultural... From page 4 fiasco of the Caribbean Press is now common knowledge as is the Minister’s highhanded arrogant cluelessness with the 1823 Monument, and it seems he has repeated himself with the Indian Arrival Monument in Berbice as stated by the familiar contentions of Muneshwar Rup, Stabroek News 9, Feb. 2014. On Thursday, Feb. 27, 2014 a meeting, symposium or workshop was held at Yumana Yana by the Ministry on Cultural Industries, and I’m told the Cross Colour group. Of course myself, Ruel Johnson and many others who’re earning and practicing Cultural Industries and are critics of the Minister’s miserable failings were not invited. What was baffling was that Birch Simon of Cross Colours said that Minister

Anthony is crucial to the development of Cultural Industries. I‘ve known Birch for over thirty years, since he had an afro, he’s a talented and a creative musician. I still listen to Totally Connected on my cassette player. Why would Birch think that he had and still has to do a ‘Cross Roads pact’ to realize his creative self. Minister Anthony, Dr. James Rose [ who prepared a Cultural policy draft since 2008, to his credit and it has remained a Draft] have all let the ball drop, they’re afraid to engage the creative community as equals in the very way Dr Denis Williams, Miss Dolphin, Frank Pilgrim, Ms Hunt and every other official drawn into the Arts has done to the benefit of our evolution. Not these hide and sneak,

with efforts to entrap while changing nothing. The development of Cultural Industries rests with National policies that will benefit all. It is obvious this country has tremendous human talents and faces a continuous rise in poverty. It now resides with Parliament and the Government to recognize this area of marginalization, I have raised a family through Cultural Industries and were there certain systems in place I would have done much better. Minister Anthony and his colleagues are not Arts trained or have never been practitioners. This is not Politics or another form of ‘runnings’; this is about giving due to the first science of the human species. Barrington Braithwaite

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Sunday March 09, 2014

TTMF raises ceiling for low-income families Trinidad Guardian Government has increased the limit on loans for lowincome first-time home owners to $625,000. The loans will also be granted at a two per cent interest rate. This was revealed by the managing director of the T&T Mortgage Finance Company Ltd (TTMF), Ingrid Lashley,Friday, during a meeting with a parliamentary joint select committee in Portof-Spain. She said the TTMF received notice from the Ministry of Finance and the Economy of the increase in the loan limit from $450,000 to $625,000 on January 10 and consequently, the TTMF had gone back to the ministry to ask for clarification. She said the request for information was made because a customer had tried to get a loan and had said when he constructed his house on former Caroni lands he would have spent more than $625,000. She said, “That is not in keeping with the spirit of the programme.” At that point, Land and Marine Resources Minister Jairam Seemungal, a member

$.6M Loans for Homes of the JSC, said: “Under the Lands for the Landless programme, some of the lands in central and south were valued more than $500,000 for the land alone.” He asked if the TTMF could make any adjustments in specific instances. Lashley, in response, said, “The flexibility with the two per cent mortgage programme is not within our discretion.” She said when the programme was first developed, it was on the basis of cost and not value and previously the cost of the land was determined by Government with properties valued at $425,000 but sold at $200,000. “We took cost as equal to value in applying the programme at the time,” she explained. “We have gone back to the Ministry of Finance and the Economy for permission to use cost rather than value in respect of, for example, the Caroni Lands.” Seemungal then enquired whether the limit for applicants to qualify for a lowincome home could be increased from a salary of

$8,000 a month to $12,000, because young engineers and other professionals could not qualify as their salaries were more than the current limit. Lashely said on two occasions the TTMF had asked the Government to increase the limit to $10,000 and $12,000, but the requests were rejected. “In their discretion, particularly with regard to the subsidy of the programme, they have not taken action on it yet,” she added. She said the TTMF was ready whenever the Government was ready. Responding to questions from Opposition MP Dr Amery Browne on the Land for the Landless programme, Lashley said the 500 beneficiaries had prequalified for loans and were awaiting the allocations of the Land Settlements Agency before they could apply for a mortgage. Lashley said the Cabinet is to consider shortly a proposal to establish a holding company, as Government proceeds to merge the TTMF and the Home Mortgage Bank.

Panama warns Venezuela on debt Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (R) shakes hands with Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli. (AFP Photo/Leo Ramirez )

Panama City (AFP) President Ricardo Martinelli warned Venezuela yesterday that its decision to break off relations with Panama should not be used as an excuse to renege on its more than $1 billion debt. “I don’t want to think that this is an excuse not to pay and that the Venezuelan state is a deadbeat,” he told reporters. Venezuela on Thursday ordered the expulsion of Panama’s ambassador and three other diplomats. At least 20 people have

been killed in more than a month of anti-government protests in Venezuela that President Nicolas Maduro blames on a US-backed “fascist” plot. Maduro lashed out Wednesday at Panama, calling it a “lackey” of the United States for seeking a meeting of the Organization of American States on the turmoil. But Martinelli suggested that Maduro’s real motive was to get out from under huge bills owed to the Colon duty-free zone and to COPA, the Panamanian

airline. “Venezuela would appear to be bankrupt, although it shouldn’t be because it is a very rich country,” said Martinelli. It “has no excuse” to not pay off its debts, he added. The manager of the Colon Free Zone, Leopoldo Benedetti, said Venezuelan importers have about $2 billion in unpaid bills. COPA, which Martinelli said is owed $480 million, issued a statement saying its flights between Panama a n d Ve n e z u e l a w e r e operating normally.

Sunday March 09, 2014

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Sunday March 09, 2014

Sunday March 09, 2014

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Court rules Henry Greene’s millions be Dem boys seh divided between reputed wife, children De Creator chase Brazzy out de chuch The relatively new enacted Civil Law; the “Rights of Persons in Common Law Union” was enforced on Friday as Chief Justice (ag), Ian Chang, ordered that the estate of former Police Commissioner, Henry Greene, be divided between his reputed wife, Gail Stoll, and his two children. In March of last year, Greene’s two children, Troy and Shelda, had moved to the courts claiming millions of dollars in assets from his reputed wife and her attorney. Stoll had counter filed a motion in which she maintained that she was Greene’s common-law wife at the time of his death and as such she should be granted Letters of Administration to his estate. Under recently amended laws, “a single woman and a single man who have lived together in a common law relationship for not less than five years immediately preceding the death of either one of them, and if the person died intestate, the surviving woman or man shall be entitled to the same rights of a surviving wife or husband.” According to Justice Chang, since the children were the ones who brought the action, the burden of proof was upon them to prove that the defendant does not qualify under the 2012 Act. Chang stressed in his ruling that the court was not satisfied that Stoll was not living with Greene when he died. The Chief Justice explained that certain items of circumstantial evidence strongly and clearly point in the direction of an extant relationship at the time of Greene’s death even though the couple had their “ups and downs”. Chang posited that the court would refuse to dismiss the application of the defendant for a grant of Letter

Chief Justice Ian Chang (Ag) of Administration. “Indeed the court sees it fit to order that both Stoll and the children make a joint application for a grant of Letters of Administration within three months.” It was noted that either party could apply to the court for directions in the administration of the estate. Greene died in 2012, following a car accident, leaving millions of dollars in assets including several vehicles, holdings in the gold mining sector and several other properties. The children were calling on Stoll to hand over all or any documents, papers, including records of the deceased business, his bank statements and the transport in respect to his residence at Lot 80, Lamaha Springs, Georgetown. They were also demanding that the late Police Commissioner ’s reputed wife hand over all or any documents, papers, including the records of his business, bank statements and lease in respect to his poultry and livestock farm at Kuru-Kururu, Soesdyke/ Linden Highway. Stoll was also asked to hand over the documents of

Former Commissioner of Police, Henry Greene five vehicles that Greene owned, along with the insurance for one of them. It did not end there. The children were also interested in the documents and records that Stoll has in respect of the funeral expenses incurred in the burial of the late Commissioner of Police.

Last week was Ash Wednesday. Some people does only talk bout de Man above but when dem got to face de truth dem does hide. Brazzy was a man who use to go to chuch every day because he was trying to fool people. But you can’t fool de Creator. He went to chuch Ash Wednesday when de priest does put ash pun you forehead. People get up and dat fat crook Brazzy get up too. Plenty people de watching the scamp, because dem know he na good and dem know all de scampishness wha he, Jagdeo and de Bees does do. One lady tell he go fuh de ash but when she look back, Brazzy disappear from the line. He run out de house of God. At least that is how it look. But de truth is that de Creator chase he out de chuch. Dem boys seh that he is not de only one who trying to hide from de Creator. Dem boys know plenty more people, including dem politicians. And dem boys aint only talking about the ones in the Pee Pee Pee…dem also talking about all of them in Parliament. Who aint hiding from the Creator hiding from dem wife. Dem boys seh Bobby aint hiding from he wife or de Creator, he hiding from de Guyanese people. He is de front man fuh Jagdeo and always

in hiding. When Jagdeo get sick, he sneak out of Guyana like a thief in de night. De private jet come in de dead of de night. He come back in de dead of de night too. And talk about hiding, dem boys know that Uncle Sam been looking at Guyana fuh a long time and checking who hiding wha. Dem think deh safe and nuthin will happen. Now de lawmakers in that country seh wha de Waterfalls paper been saying all de time; that Guyana corrupt from top to bottom. Uncle Sam show how de Prime Minister of one country sack one o he Cabinet Minister fuh corruption. That never happen when Jagdeo was President and it ain’t happening now that Jagdeo gone and Donald tek over. But Uncle Sam watching and waiting and dat is a country dat does act when dis government don’t act. When some people do stupidness in Guyana dem likely don’t get charge. But Uncle Sam does tek action. Dem boys remember how much of dem visa get tek away and how some of dem get jail, but not for corruption. Uncle Sam watching Brazzy and all dem other kavakamites because he got plans fuh dem. Talk half and don’t beg de Creator fuh spare all a dem crooks.

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Air traffic controller abandons post as CAL flight prepares to land The Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) is investigating the circumstances surrounding an Air Traffic Controller (ATC) abandoning his post at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) control tower last Friday while a Caribbean Airlines (CAL) aircraft was getting ready to land. Reports are that around midnight last Friday the ATC attached to the GCAA left the control tower just before the flight which originated from Trinidad was preparing to touchdown. Head of the Aviation Authority Zulphicar Mohamed told Kaieteur News yesterday that an investigation has to be conducted as part of protocol for any irregularity. Mohamed mentioned however that nothing unusual manifested since his understanding of the

situation is that the ATC was in contact with his seniors and his departure was made known. He added that another staffer was immediately able to take over. A senior official from the CJIA told Kaieteur News yesterday that no report was made to the airport authority about what occurred, since flights were not disrupted. The official said that, “there were no delayed or postponed flights.” Reports indicate however that the controller was feeling ill and was not relieved when he was supposed to. After informing his colleagues that he could not work through the night, the ATC reportedly left the building. When asked about the CAL flight having to circle the airport before landing, Mohamed said that it is undetermined whether the absent ATC was the cause of this. It is however alleged that the CAL flight landed a few minutes late because of the absent tower staff. In a press release, the Ministry of Public Works and the GCAA said they “have launched an investigation into an incident that allegedly occurred at the Control Tower, Timehri a little after midnight – March 8, 2014.” “The investigation will focus on the operational procedures and code of conduct as it relates Air Traffic Control Services being provided by the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority.”

Sunday March 09, 2014

Woman, 64, shot dead, sister wounded A 64-year-old woman was shot dead and her sister wounded at around 22.30 hrs on Friday evening, after two masked men forced their way into a house at Fyrish Village, Corentyne. Patricia Samaroo, a mother of four, and of Lot 101 No 2 Village East Canje Berbice, was shot at point blank range in the head and was pronounced dead on arrival at the New Amsterdam Hospital. Her sister, 45-year-old Annette Samaroo, a mother of six, was shot in the abdomen and was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit at the New Amsterdam Hospital. The attack occurred at the younger sister’s home, located at Lot 10, Nursery School Street, Fyrish Village, Corentyne. There are reports that the surviving sister recognized one of the gunmen and called him by name. Police have since detained an ex-policeman who allegedly drove a car that the gunmen used. The vehicle, PPP 6437, was also impounded. Police have also detained a Nigg, Corentyne, resident who is said to be one of the gunmen. Kaieteur News understands that detectives are also trying to locate wanted man Deodat “Popcorn” Seecharran, in connection with the killing. Seecharran is said to be wanted for another murder and several other serious crimes. Nothing was stolen from the victims and no clear motive has emerged for the attack. Annette Samaroo’s

- Ex-cop among two detained reputed husband, Demant Rogts told Kaieteur News that 64-year-old Patricia Samaroo and her son had visited his home. He said he was in the bottom flat while everyone else was upstairs watching a religious movie. Mr. Rogts said he was in the washroom at around 22:30hrs when he heard about three gunshots. He immediately headed towards the house where he saw two men jump over the fence and flee on foot. He immediately raced upstairs where he saw his sister-in-law slumped in a corner with what appeared to be a gunshot wound to her head. His wife immediately called out to him indicating that she had been shot in the abdomen. He summoned help and she was rushed to the hospital. The mortally wounded woman was placed in a police vehicle and taken to the New Amsterdam hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival. The dead woman’s son, Alvin Samaroo, who was with her in the house at the time of the shooting, stated that two men with masks partially covering their faces barged into the house claiming they were policemen and opened fire, shooting his mother in the head. Alvin Samaroo said that his aunt apparently recognized one of the

Police say that Deodat “Popcorn” Seecharran is suspected to be involved in the attack.

intruders and shouted “Pop Corn what you doing?” and the gunman spun around and shot her in the abdomen. The slain woman’s daughter, Veronica Samaroo, told Kaieteur News that she received a call at around 23:00 hrs that her mother had been shot and was at the New Amsterdam Hospital. She immediately rushed to the hospital where she received the devastating news. According to a police report, at about 23.00hrs last Friday, Patricia Samaroo, 57 years, and her sister Annetta Samaroo, 45, were among other persons in their home at Fyrish, Corentyne, Berbice, when two men, one of whom was armed with a firearm, kicked open the door and entered the building. The armed man discharged rounds at the two sisters, killing Patricia Samaroo and injuring Annetta Samaroo, after which they escaped in a motor vehicle. Annetta has been admitted to the New Amsterdam Hospital. The statement said quick response by the police led to

the detaining of the motor vehicle used by the perpetrators which had been rented, and the arrest of two men, one of whom has been identified as one of the suspects. Deodat “Popcorn” Seecharran, who police say is a suspect, is wanted for the Hampshire murder/ robbery in which businessman Davindra Deodat, 34, called ‘Dave’, of Hampshire Squatting Area, was chopped and shot dead after a group of masked men stormed his business place. Deodat’s wife and father in law were also injured. Seecharran was also one of three men who were wounded in a shootout with police during a botched robbery at Betsy Ground, East Canje Berbice on December 9, 2012. The alleged robbers were on six charges each, including discharging a loaded firearm at police officers, being in possession of a firearm without being the holder of a fire arm licence, and possession of ammunition without being the holder of a fire arm licence.

Sunday March 09, 2014

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Guyanese businessman livid at former Electrician Brazilian partner’s smear campaign collapses and dies - says it is hurting Guyana’s investment portfolio while fixing machine A 47-year-old electrician collapsed at his worksite around 08:30hrs yesterday and was pronounced dead on arrival at a City hospital. The dead man has been identified as Shaeed Khan of Grove Public Road, East Bank Demerara (EBD). It is believed that the father of three, who was employed at the Pritipaul Singh Investment located on the EBD, was electrocuted while working on a machine. Yesterday, when Kaieteur News visited the dead man’s home, his wife, Sunita Khan said that she is not sure exactly what transpired regarding her husband’s demise .She said she was at home when she received a call from someone who informed her that her husband was involved in an accident. The caller requested that she go to the hospital. The woman explained that when she arrived at the hospital, her husband was already dead. There were no visible signs of injuries on his

DEAD: Shaeed Khan body. According to the woman, she was informed that her husband was working on a machine when he collapsed and died. He was rushed to the hospital by his colleagues. Khan said that the officials from the company were very helpful to her. Efforts to contact the company for a comment proved futile.

Govt. to start national meetings on Mazaruni hydro-electric project Government is set to commence briefing stakeholders on the pre-feasibility and feasibility studies that are required to be undertaken for the development of a hydropower in the Middle and Upper Mazaruni, Region Seven. Presidential Advisor on Governance Gail Teixeira, at a post-Cabinet briefing on Friday at the Office of the President, said that Prime Minister Samuel Hinds and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett, and their technical team will on March 19 commence the national stakeholders briefing on the development of the hydropower. The project is among four being pursued by way of the Guyana-Brazil Cooperation agreement, under which a Memorandum of Understanding on Infrastructure Development was signed between the Guyana and Brazil on December 5, 2013. According to a Government statement, the MOU is aimed at stimulating projects in the area of hydropower, road development and the construction of a deep water port. A G u y a n a - B r a z i l J o i n t Te c h n i c a l G r o u p w a s established with a mandate to produce proposals for concrete actions, as well as timetables for the implementation of these four projects, and to present these to the Presidents of both states. The report, submitted to the Presidents on July 2013, recommended that pre-feasibility and feasibility studies be carried out at two sites in the Middle and Upper Mazaruni in order to make a final determination on the way forward with respect to hydropower development.

A Guyanese businessman is livid with the circulation of a video in which his former Brazilian partner is accusing him of defrauding him of millions of dollars. Joseph Bkaskaran, a Sri Lankan born naturalized Guyanese has not taken too kindly to the video which was produced locally and in which his former partner Rodrigo de Paulo lambasted several state institutions, including the courts and police, accusing them of facilitating the fraud. Bhaskaran who operates a sand and stone offloading facility on the East Bank of the Demerara River had severed ties with de Paulo a few years ago following a bitter dispute over a joint venture project. According to Bhaskaran, several court battles followed and while some have been resolved in the courts in his favour, de Paulo continues to badger the local legal system with further litigations. The bone of contention is a facility at Coverden which the two men had operated as 50-50 partners. But after the falling out, de Paulo, with the help of some presidential guards had sabotaged the facility, under the claim that he was seeking to reclaim what was rightfully his property. This claim was disputed by Bhaskaran who produced documentation to show that he was a legitimate partner in the business who had invested heavily with both labour and finance to make it a reality. The constant court

Joseph Bhaskaran

Rodrigo de Paulo

battles forced Bhaskaran to establish a brand new facility at another location to continue his business. He now believes his new

success has angered his former partner whom he is convinced is on a mission to tarnish his character both locally and internationally, as

well as to smear the good name of Guyana’s legal and law enforcement institutions. In the video, de Paulo accuses the police of acting in league with Bhaskaran to defraud him of money he claimed was invested in the joint venture project. It appears to draw several conclusions that suggest that investment in Guyana is a high risk. But according to Bhaskarran, de Paulo’s campaign, if allowed to fester will definitely hurt the investment portfolio of Guyana. He also believes that it is part of a scheme to use the court to extort money from him. Bhaskaran plans to host a press conference this week to clear up all the misconceptions that are being circulated.

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Sunday March 09, 2014

PPP’s majority rule eroded its traditional …flawed principle of executive policy of compromise entitlement has not worked - Ramkarran Compromise is the only way the Guyana Government will be able to move forward with the Anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Bill (AML/CFT) in the National Assembly. This is according to former Executive Member of the ruling Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) and Former Speaker of the National Assembly, Ralph Ramkarran in his latest writings posted on his outlet. According to Ramkarran, compromise was practiced by the party in years gone by but because of its years in office as a majority, this practice receded. Ramkarran said that the PPP learned the lesson that politics is the art of compromise and further it was the basis of its early leadership. “It was attempted during the crisis years of the early 1960s, then during a u t h o r i t a r i a n rule…Compromise allowed it to negotiate around oppression and build alliances for survival.” Ramkarran said that, ignoring this history, proPPP/Government criticisms greeted his assertion of compromise last week in his article “The chickens have come home to roost.” “One critic accused me of adopting ‘false equivalencies’ between Government and Opposition, forgetting that the legislature, in the

Former Speaker of the National Assembly, Ralph Ramkarran expression of its majority will, is of equal status with the executive.” Ramkarran said that another critic suggested he should stop recommending compromises and get a ‘backbone.’ “Both ignored the fact that the Government holds a minority position in the National Assembly, cannot get its legislation passed without Opposition support, and itself offered compromise solutions to Opposition demands.” He said that at the other end of the spectrum, Professor Clive Thomas of the WPA, castigated A Partnership for National Unity (APNU). “What Professor Thomas believes to be its intention to support the AML/CFT Bill…Professor

Thomas urges that the Opposition should demand even more concessions from the Government on a wider range of issues.” Ramkarran suggests however that both extremes, if allowed to prevail, will get Guyana nowhere and will earn goodwill for neither Government nor Opposition. “For my critics, if there is a better plan than my own to keep the PPP in office, to restore the confidence of its supporters and to recover its majority at the next elections, they should outline it…Their suggestion that the PPP should huff and puff at the Opposition and blow them away is nothing but puerility.” In his writings, Ramkarran chronicled the fact that compromise was sought by the PPP throughout its history. He said that the policy of compromise led Cheddi Jagan to sign the Sandys Letter in 1963 conceding to the British the right to mediate the differences between the Government and Opposition. “In the early 1970s the

PPP supported the nationalization process and openings to Cuba and China…In 1975 the PPP offered the PNC ‘critical support.’ In 1977 the PPP offered the National Patriotic Front, the effect of which was to concede the presidency to the PNC…The creation of citizens’ unity and political unity in the struggle against the referendum in 1978/1979 could not have been achieved without compromises…Unlike the 1955–1962 period, a creative mix of support for progressive policies, efforts to compromise and struggle against oppression after 1964, preserved the existence and integrity of the PPP.” Ramkarran recalled too that after the gross rigging of the 1973 elections the PPP made compromises to its political positions and programmes to establish unity with various opposition groups, the last one being the Patriotic Coalition for Democracy (PCD) in 1985, once again after the massive rigging of the 1985 elections.

He said that only months before, the PPP was in negotiation with the PNC for a political solution, which were discontinued by Hoyte after Burnham died. After compromise talks in 1991/2 failed, the PPP sought an arrangement with the GUARD movement and accepted Sam Hinds as Prime Ministerial candidate and a number of non-PPP members on its electoral list, according to Ramkarran. He noted that recently the General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee, called for the establishment of national democracy and a broad left front which are old PPP policies that can only be achieved by unifying disparate groups and organizations by compromise. Ramkarran noted that a major compromise to save its Government by giving up two years of its term was made by the PPP under the Herdmanston Accord in 1998. According to Ramkarran, apart from that instance, with PPP majorities at every

election since 1992, except the last, majoritarianism prevailed and compromise receded. “Agreements with Desmond Hoyte and later with Robert Corbin were not implemented. The creative application of compromise, now needed more than ever before, has been jettisoned.” Ramkarran said that it is hoped that at Babu John during the course of today, in celebrating the life of Cheddi Jagan, there will be reflection on the flexible political strategies he bequeathed, which included negotiation and compromise, while adhering to political principles. According to Ramkarran “In present conditions the Government needs the support of the Opposition…In the absence of serious or creative compromise for two years, surprise, surprise, its strategy based on the flawed principle of executive entitlement, has not worked…My critics suggest more of the same. I suggest that something else be tried.”

Cops confident of capturing shopkeeper’s killers Police appear confident they will eventually track down the men who allegedly robbed and killed shopkeeper Sheniza Khan Bhola at Rock Creek, Cuyuni/Mazaruni a week ago. An official confirmed on Saturday that police are working on the theory that two of Bhola’s former employees murdered her and made off with cash, gold and other valuables from her shop. “We have an idea who we are looking for; we know where they sold the gold; we know that one of them is from Berbice,” the official said. Kaieteur News was told that police conducted a number of

raids in areas where they were told one of the suspects was hiding, but failed to locate him. However, the source indicated that police are closing in on the suspects. Relatives of the slain businesswoman alleged that the ex-employees sold some of the stolen gold in Bartica. They had also received reports that the men were seen boarding a bus at Mahdia last week Friday. One of the suspects is of mixed ancestry and is known as ‘Kishan.’ He is said to be from Mahaica. His alleged accomplice, who is of African ancestry, is known as ‘Nathan’ and is said to be from

the Corentyne. Bhola, 34, of Parfait Harmonie, West Bank Demerara was found dead in her locked shop at Rock Creek Backdam, Cuyuni/ Mazaruni two Thursdays ago. The body bore stab wounds as well as injuries to the head. Bhola, who has two children, aged 14 and 13, had operated her shop for about four years. The gruesome discovery was made after an elder sister peered through a window and saw Bhola lying motionless on her bedroom floor. Relatives allege that Bhola had provided the men with food and later and found

Sheniza Khan Bhola employment for them. According to reports, Bhola had even bought equipment for the men to assist them in prospecting. It is alleged that the men also sold the equipment after killing her.

Sunday March 09, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Home schooling P

rivate education is expanding in G u y a n a . Thousands of parents can now afford to send their children to private schools. Private schools which charge fees are able, once licenced, to play their role in the country's educational system. Private schools offer an alternative to sending your children to public schools. To many parents this is a big relief, since they may not wish to send their children to a public school because of concerns about the standard of education delivered at that school. Not all public schools are of the same standard. Since school placements are in the main based on proximity to one's address, many parents are discouraged from sending their children to public schools because they feel that these schools will not deliver the quality of education they desire. But even poor parents have gone the extra mile to ensure that their children are attending schools that deliver a good education. Wanting good schools for their children has at times forced many a parent to try to seek backdoor admissions. But others have made sacrifices to send their children to private schools. Another concern of parents is discipline. Children are now subject to a great deal of bullying in schools. As such, many parents do not wish to send their children to certain schools for fear that they will suffer abuse, both emotional and physical. For this reason, some parents opt to send their children to certain private schools where stricter discipline in usually

enforced. Of course for some parents, sending their children to private schools has nothing to do with the standard of the school or the discipline. In some cases, it is a question of status. They want to be able to boast that their child is going to the most expensive school in Guyana. Their children cannot be seen to be consorting with the children of poor. This would be a step-down in status. In other instances, parents wish for their children to enjoy a foreign curriculum, and therefore they send them to schools that specialize in these matters, even though they have to pay fees in foreign currency. This raises an important question. If parents with the means are now free to decide whether to send their children to public or private schools; should these parents not also be free to decide that their children can be home-schooled? I know of many parents who are keen to have their children tutored at home. This is called home schooling. The child does not attend either a private or public school, but rather is taught by their parents at home or by hired tutors. At present there is controversy over whether our laws permit this. It is an o ff e n c e t o k e e p y o u r children away from school. But what if a parent decides that he or she would rather his or her child to be tutored at home? And what if that parent can undertake to do the teaching or can afford to hire tutors for private tuition at home. Would the Ministry of Education allow this? I have spoken to some

rich parents, and not so rich ones, who feel that the interest of their children would be served through home schooling. Many mothers are stay-at-home moms and they feel that they have the time, the knowledge and the right environment to teach their kids at home. In fact, some of them are eager to do this, since it will allow them to spend more time with their children. These parents feel that through home schooling,

their children would be better off. For one, they argue that the children will be able to do more work under their supervision or under the supervision of private tutors. Also, the children would have less distractions and be more focused. And, some parents argue that it will actually be cheaper for them because there will be no uniforms and the children will not have to take lunches and snacks to school. Savings will also be had

from having to pay for all the things that are usually associated with sending your children to school. Additionally, the children would not have the possibility of being abused by other children or being subjected to all the other trepidations of school life. A strong case has been made out by both parents of moderate financial means as well as those who can afford home schooling. It is an option that they feel they should have.

The Ministry of Education should consider these concerns and decide if they will allow for home schooling. It is one thing to deny a child an education. It is another thing to deny a parent the right to determine what sort of education his or her child should have.

Sunday March 09, 2014

Kaieteur News

Dean of the School of Education and Humanities, Alim Hosein, addresses the Honourees.

The “cream of the crop” of the School of Education and Humanities were duly recognised when the Faculty hosted its second Student’s Honour Roll for students of the 2012/13 academic period. Those recognised during an esteemed ceremony, held on Thursday last, in the Education Lecture Theatre of the University of Guyana, amounted to just over 60 of the 600-odd student population of the Faculty. “You can easily see that these represent the top 10 per cent of our students,” said Dean of the Faculty, Alim Hosein, who underscored that the move to recognise them was linked to their “consistently high performances and consistent excellence.” In essence, the students who are identified for the Honour Roll are those achieving a Grade Point Average of 3.4 and higher, according to Hosein. “This is the best of the best...within this group many of the students have 3.6, 3.7, 3.8, 3.9...What we have here is the top half of the best.” Moreover, Hosein informed the students, who would have secured a place on the Honour Roll, that when writing their letters of application they can safely state that “I was in the top 10 per cent of the entire student

The country seems awash with gunmen who are content to take a small fee to do the bidding of a rich and vindictive official. The police caught up with some of them recently and managed to get a number of guns off the streets by arresting some people who were either in the process of committing a crime or who had committed a crime and failed to escape. Sadly, this is only the beginning of a trend that will continue as more and

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UG’s Education Faculty hosts second Honour Roll - outstanding 10 per cent ‘make the cut’

population of the School of Education and Humanities...” Although the Honour Roll was first started in 2009 by former Dean, Al Creighton, it was only reintroduced recently by Hosein. The concept had however existed for quite some time before, according to Hosein, who upon assuming the office of Dean a few months ago, opted to restore, not only the Honour Roll, but also the Journal of Education and Humanities. Hosein vocalised his conviction that the two institutions are crucial in “anything that calls itself a Faculty, in anything that calls itself a University.” The Journal, Hosein said, is one that was started to highlight the articles and researches that were done by members of staff and therefore functions as a public forum to showcase the work done by lecturers, researchers and academics of the University. And according to him, “the members of the School of Education and Humanities have been doing tons of research, but it gets hidden. Now I want to make sure that their work is in the public domain, so we are working actively to produce a Journal of Education and Humanities.” And since students also

do a great deal of work in Education, Social Studies, History, Tourism, English and Art, among others, which Hosein classified as “excellent”, he insisted that they too needed to be recognised. As such, he noted that the re-introduction of the Students’ Honour Roll was seen as the way to achieve this. “Many of the students here would have had cousins and friends and so on who would say to them ‘oh I’m on the Honour Roll’ in the universities in Canada, the United States and so on, but we never had such a thing here (before 2009), not that our students were p e r f o r m i n g to a lesser degree, they were doing just as well but not being recognised,” said Hosein. Although Creighton’s move to introduce the Honour Roll in 2009 was deemed

more the country produces desperate young men bent on making a living using their limited mental resources. ** A drowning would occur

in the ocean as a fisherman attempts to free a seine that is caught up in some driftwood. He would become entangled and by the time his colleagues recognize his plight it would be too late. ** It would be a clear case of carelessness when the authorities arrest a senior government official for fraud. This official had been under suspicion for some time. The fraud would involve collecting unclaimed money from the aged and the destitute.

A section of the students who were able to secure a place on the 2012/13 Honour Roll. rather ambitious, the event was however undertaken once, but was subsequently neglected. At the time of its introduction, Hosein was filling the capacity of Head of Department, but was involved in helping to craft its criteria. “I guess because of that I feel a little bit of ownership of the event, and I saw it as something that was worthy enough of bringing back,” he asserted. He disclosed that the event was labelled the ‘Students’ Honour Roll’ and not a ‘Dean’s Honour Roll’ since it represents a move by the Faculty to allow its students to shine, even as he emphasised that “the students are here through their own efforts. All the students are here because of their high levels of academic performances; not because the Dean likes them.” Moreover, the Students’ Honour Roll is based on their individual overall excellent performances over, at least, two academic years. “It is not based on one course. Now there might be some students who do good in one course or two courses and there might be some students whose work the lecturer understands and gives them good grades, but to get on the Honour Roll students have to do well in all their courses,” Hosein said. But identifying students for the Honour Roll, Hosein said, is no simple task. He explained that Heads of Departments are first required

to submit students’ grades, after which a Faculty meeting is held to peruse them to ensure that they are accurate. Several meetings usually follow before the grades are taken to the Faculty Board for approval and only then planning for the ceremony starts. “This is usually a rigorous process,” asserted Hosein, as he congratulated the work of the students which enabled them to be prestigiously placed on the Faculty’s Honour Roll. According to Deputy Dean, Ms Bonita Hunter, although getting on the ‘Honour Roll’ is a big event, it evidently is an attainable task. She pointed to the importance of the achievement as she noted that students’ work in this regard can help to increase their confidence while pushing them to achieve

even more by “maintaining good grades and surpassing heights set.” The Honour Roll students were also applauded by Deputy Vice Chancellor, Phillip DaSilva, who noted that while Thursday’s ceremony was one to “celebrate your hard work and your achievements” their efforts may not have been realised without a good support system. Moreover, he amplified the importance of parents, friends, loved ones, lecturers and others who would have provided them with invaluable mentoring, support and guidance. Each student on the Honour Roll was permitted to invite to Thursday’s ceremony, at least one person, who would have helped them, in some way, to perform exceptionally at the University.

Sunday March 09, 2014

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Are Berbicians still blind after than twenty-one years of proof? Today, the PPP leaders will address Berbicians on the death anniversary of Cheddi Jagan, and more certain than night following day, more certain than one and one make two, more certain that when you cut your finger blood will flow, will be the cry from every speaker, without exception, that the PNC was a bad government doing bad things to the Guyanese people, and the heroic PPP led by Cheddi Jagan saved Guyana and has brought democracy to Berbicians, which all Guyanese now enjoy. Most definitely all the speeches will be so designed as to play a psychological trick on the mind of Berbicians – to make it appear that the PNC went out of office not yesteryear, not many, many moons ago, but just yesterday. Berbicians are too young to remember the superstar rock group of the seventies named ‘Bread’ and their famous song “Just Like Yesterday,” with the line that says, “Just like yesterday you

come upon my mind and take it away.” That will be the intention of every speaker – to capture the mind of the Berbician and steal it away from its present moorings. Will it work? It is doubtful that stratagem has staying power. It is very doubtful it will work today at Port Mourant and any other time in the future. And the reason for that is that after twenty-one years of PPP power, Berbicians don’t know of the ‘bad wolf’ the PPP leaders call the Burnham Government, because they are too young. And after twenty-one years all they see is a Government whose faults are so mountainous and oceanic that no amount of bad mouthing the “blaakman” will work. Indeed twenty-one years is a very long time. Twenty-one years ago, Berbicians didn’t know of Shyam Nokta. He would be towed on his father’s Russian-made motorcycle holding on for dear life. Today Shyam Nokta is a

young upper middle class man with his own consultancy firm making lots of money with the Government. And that is because twenty-one years ago is a long time. Twenty-one years ago, Berbicians never heard about Vishok Persaud. He was a small boy hanging on to his father’s kurta when Reepu Daman Persaud conducted his Hindu sermons around Guyana. Today, Vishok Persaud is one of the wealthiest young men in his age group in Guyana. And that is because like Shyam Nokta, he has grown up and because their party, the PPP, has been in power a long time, for more than twenty-one years. One suspects that the sins of President Burnham’s Government will not be detailed for Berbicians because in the potpourri of

descriptions, too many of the deplorable things that Burnham’s Government did will bear uncanny resemblances to what the party of Cheddi Jagan has been doing to Guyana since Papa Cheddi died. The risk is too great. How can you tell Berbicians about strong men in the PNC Government doing whatever they want in Guyana when there are more examples of PPP strongmen behaving like banana republic oligarchs? Would that not be a risk, because Berbicians may say; “But isn’t Minister this and Minister that doing exactly the same thing right now?” Was it not in 2013, just last year, not 1995 soon after the PPP came to power, not in 2002, ten years after the PPP came to power, but twenty-one years after the PPP took control of

the government, that a Minister walked into NCN and demanded that a calypso being played be taken off the airwaves. Doesn’t that sound like the PNC Minister? Yes, Berbicians would be told in general terms about the awful things the PNC Government did, but no details will be offered. Instead, there will be sermons about the present nastiness of APNU and the AFC. And the wonderful achievements of the PPP in Government. A mountain of examples will be given of the betrayal of Guyana by APNU and the AFC, and as always, the PPP came to the rescue. Nothing will be said about the sudden wealth (not money but real wealth) that Cheddi’s inheritors have accumulated, like the swimming pool owners. Poor

Frederick Kissoon Forbes Burnham! The PPP continues to give him a basket to fetch water. When he died, he and anyone close to him didn’t have a house with a swimming pool. Today, Papa Cheddi’s protégés have risen from rags to riches in a supersonic time frame never before seen in history. Imagine selling a house for one million American dollars after joining the government for less than five years. Surely Berbicians can’t be that blind. If they are, God help this country, and fast!

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Sunday March 09, 2014

The TUC dictatorship is ruining Critchlow Labour College The People’s Progressive Party is aghast that Mr. Lincoln Lewis, on behalf of the Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC), so swiftly (within twenty-four hours) denounced the National Assembly which unanimously voted to restore the subvention to the Critchlow Labour College, once the TUC amended the labour component on its Board to have an equal number of representatives

from the two umbrella labour organizations, the FITUG (Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Guyana) and the GTUC. For the past six years there have been calls from many quarters, especially the political opposition and antigovernment public figures, to restore the subvention which the government had suspended, citing that there must be accountability and democratic governance within

the Critchlow Labour College. The rejection by the TUC of the National Assembly’s unanimous motion is a clear indication that all the hullabaloo they made about the restoration of the subvention, had nothing to do about money and the students, but was merely about politics. The TUC leadership has stood steadfast that it would prefer to “rule over ruin” - a sick philosophy of many in the People’s National Congress - rather than come to a consensus that would be in the interest of all stakeholders of the college and the national labour movement as a whole. Recently in the National Assembly there was that consensus, every one of the Members of Parliament, registered their vote for reform in the governance of the Critchlow Labour

College, by ensuring that the collective voice of the organized labour movement is represented on the Board of the CLC. The swift and complete rejection by the TUC is not only a slap in the face of the Alliance for Change which brought the motion and the amendment, but it also reflects on the labour aristocracy which has hijacked the CLC. A dictatorship that is not intent on managing the CLC for the development of our youth and the unity of labour movement, but to achieve the objective of making the PPP/C government look bad. It is this dictatorship that is hurting the Critchlow Labour College and preventing the unification of the labour movement. Dr. Nanda Gopaul, the Hon. Minister of Labour, in his contribution to the debate, said that it is inconceivable that one of the smallest unions in the country, with under two hundred members out of an organized labour population of fifty thousand, could hold the presidency and general secretary positions of the TUC, and for so long. The International Labour Organization (ILO) in all of its conventions and policy statements speaks to the State and stakeholders consulting with the “most representative organizations of labour” The GTUC and certainly the

composition of the Board of the CLC cannot and does not, pass this litmus test of the ILO. At least two former CLC Principals - Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine and the late Godwin McPherson - wanted to ensure that the CLC would revert to being an institution of education, rather than a vehicle of politics. Dr. Roopnaraine, Deputy Leader of APNU, in his contribution to the motion two Thursdays ago, acknowledged that there was need for the broadening of the labour representatives on the CLC board. Dr. Roopnaraine, who spoke his heart that night, had worked hard towards bringing the financial records of the CLC up to date and to deal with the accountability aspects of the CLC. He was at that time providing for the requirements which were asked of the college by the Minister of Education. This angered the GTUC dictatorship, who began to put pressure on him and even threatened to fire him, causing him to quit in disgust, saying that the CLC was being run like “cake-shop”. The late Godwin McPherson, for all his efforts to put education first and politics behind, was padlocked out of his office when he was principal. It is this bitterness and stubbornness of the TUC

dictatorship that is now turned on the National Assembly. The PPP notes that both the TUC General Secretary, Lincoln Lewis, and its president, Leslie Gonsalves, have now zeroed in on the character assassination of Dr. Roopnaraine and Dr. Nanda Gopaul. True to form, the leadership of the TUC would oppose all initiatives to bring democratic governance to the CLC. The People’s Progressive Party, a party of workers, feels vindicated that it has all along correctly spoken about the leadership of the TUC’s efforts to keep out democratic governance from being the norm in the TUC. This has been the plague of the TUC since the days of the PNC dictatorship, when at one time even two ministers of the PNC regime sat on the TUC Executive – another element which is against all of the ILO conventions. This refusal to bring democratization to the TUC has also been the cause of the split in the labour movement and the formation of the FITUG. The recent unanimity in the passage of the motion in Parliament was a rare show of consensus where the CLC was concerned; however, these hopes are once again being dashed by the minority that calls itself the Guyana Trades Union Congress.

Sunday March 09, 2014

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The police deserve kudos The police have been the most pilloried of public servants. They have been abused for being judge, jury and executioner, for being bullies and for being among the most corrupt people in the public service. Indeed, there is hardly a motorist in Guyana who has not been confronted by the police, sometimes threatened with detention unless they hand over some money. Some of the policemen have been caught and placed before the courts; others have been caught aiding criminals. There was the case of the soldiers who killed a young goldsmith in the Essequibo River. The police found money on them, but that was not the end of the story. Some policemen were nabbed with the money and prosecuted. There were policemen who were accused of loaning weapons to criminals and more recently, an entire police station had to be transferred because the community believed that the ranks were the criminals. But none can deny that the number of good policemen far outnumber the criminal few, although the criminal few make the headlines. I have always said that the police are the people who make me sleep comfortably at nights. They

are the people who might be slow to respond, but when they do, they provide people with the comfort they need. I couldn’t help but notice recent actions by the police.One of my colleagues was gung ho about the fingerprinting equipment that the police received. So excited was he that he was the first to report the arrests that followed the acquisition of this piece of equipment. Indeed, since then there have been others. Cold crimes were being solved and this bears testimony to the police crime laboratory and to the ability of the police to preserve evidence. But there was even something more spectacular about the police. In quite a few cases they just happened to be not far from the scene of a crime. In the city, when two men attempted to rob a female gold miner they were there. They were also there to chase after at least three groups of criminals who had perpetrated crimes—violent crimes. On Saturday I learnt that two men entered a home and killed a woman by shooting her in the head and wounding her sister. No sooner had this crime been committed than the police were hot on the heels of the killers. Needless to say,

they caught them. Two more criminals were taken off the streets. The cases of prompt police action are too numerous to mention and they highlight a course of action that the police have been pursuing for some time. A lot of money has been put into transport facilities and these seem to be providing the police with the kind of mobility they need. In the developed world the police can respond promptly and this has caught others too. Late last week the local police swooped down on some men who happened to be preparing to attack a facility. A search revealed that the men had guns. Thanks to the police a robbery was averted. It is this mobility that often makes the police in the developed countries appear to be so efficient. But the police still have a long way to go to win the confidence of the people. That confidence was eroded when the police were aggressive, especially during the crime wave that erupted in 2002 after five criminals broke out of the Camp Street jail on Mash Day that year. Such was the police action that people who wanted to support them simply backed away. The Guyana Human Rights Association, for example,

delivered some scathing releases against the police. And the erosion of confidence simply grew. Now that the force is seeking to be more humane, the wider society is needed. Recently, there were reports that people would call the police who would take an eternity to respond. This needs to change, but for this to happen there must be technological development. The 911 system is almost useless. People would call and get no answer. This could be frustrating. Yet for all this, Guyana should never have reached this stage. People are not born criminals. The society provides the fodder. Parenting is a dying art so many young people are left to fend for themselves. The collapse of the parental system is compounded by the failure of the education system. In school, teachers ignore the slow child much to the chagrin of today’s

society. These slow children grow up to be adults with little skills to cope meaningfully in the society with the result that they are the young criminals. And these young criminals are of both sexes. We have women luring victims for men to pounce on them. There have been numerous reports of men being approached by young women either for a ride or something. As soon as they start to respond the men pounce. At this time it would seem as though the country is on a merry-go-round.

Adam Harris Young victims of a failed education system enter the streets Ironically, some of them become policemen.

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Sunday March 09, 2014

Cheddi Jagan on budget cuts: 17 years later By Moses Nagamootoo MP Lawyers for Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Raphael Trotman, have appealed the decision of the Acting Chief Justice in the socalled Budget Cut Case. In effect, the ruling states that the elected officials of the Guyanese people in the

National Assembly cannot amend or cut any allocation in the Estimates. The National Assembly can approve or disapprove of the whole Budget. In all previous budgets, the National Assembly has been guided by its Standing Orders which provide for

amendments to increase any head of expenditure or to reduce any head of expenditure. Standing Order 76 provides for such amendments “An amendment to any Head of Expenditure to reduce the sum allocated thereto in respect of any item

therein may be moved by any Member, and shall take the form of a Motion.”, and Standing Order 77 is the procedure on how and when the Appropriations Bill is to be introduced after the Estimates have been approved, with or without amendments. With the National Assembly being placed in a straitjacket, the AFC indorses the statement made by Mr. Eusi Kwayana (Stabroek News Friday, February 21, 2014) that the Budget Debate and the Committee of Supply process are likely to be a “High Farce”. We agree with Mr. Kwayana that Standing Order 76 is the authorizing rule for amendments. I was a member of the Standing Orders Committee chaired during the 9th Parliament by Government Minister Dr. Leslie Ramsammy, and I can testify that in revising the Standing Orders, we did NOT touch or change Standing Order 76. Dr. Cheddi Jagan,

late President and an architect of our modern legislative system, must have long shared that view also, that not only the estimates but a charge on the Consolidated Fund could be reduced. On December 4, 1952 Dr. Jagan had moved an amendment to a motion to reduce pound fees for animals. Pound fees were then 48 cents for cattle and 24 cents per head for goats and sheep. It was increased to $2.00 and $1.00 respectively per day. The increase was oppressive on cattle-rearers in areas such as Campbellville, Bel Air, Sophia, Liliendaal, who provided most of the city with milk. Dr. Jagan also proposed cuts in monies for government printing to advertise tourism, and for wives of colonial officers to take holidays in England. The latter he saw as a waste of taxpayers’ money. Then he directed the scissors at the Governor’s salary, arguing that it was not

equitable for him to get $400, whilst civil servants got between $150 and $200 per month. Dr. Jagan also proposed that the vote for the Speaker, Ministers and Members of an Upper House be slashed by half. The Upper House, he had argued, was superfluous…and he wanted to cut down on waste. He was to withdraw that amendment. That is the history that the pseudo-PPP, now in power, have gleefully ignored and violated! Clearly, this PPP has lost Cheddi Jagan’s revolutionary legacy, and seek to brutally cut down all that for which he had fought and sacrificed. The AFC fears that with the 2014 National Budget, likely to be presented on March 24, it is unclear whether the National Assembly would be able to debate and dispose of it in accordance with the rules of procedure of the Assembly, as set out in the Standing Orders.

Sunday March 09, 2014

SUNDAY SPECIAL SHORTAGE OF FOREIGN CURRENCY LEADS TO HIGHEREXCHANGE RATES – CAMBIOS With Guyana failing to submit a report by its February 28 deadline to the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF), many of the local cambios have expressed concerns as to how the implications of that action will further affect their businesses and customers as well. Prior to failing to meet the deadline, Guyana had landed itself on the CFATF’s regional blacklist as a result of missing initial deadlines. Since Guyana’s blacklisted status, Cambios and other financial institutions have being experiencing the effects of the Anti-Money Laundering dilemma. Further, cambios such as A&N Sarjoo, L. Mohabeer & Son, Mohamed’s Enterprise, Sookraj and Swiss House have complained about the “sudden shortage of foreign currency.” A representative of L.Mohabeer & Son’s Cambio said, “There is a shortage of foreign currency. As a result of that, we are now selling the US dollar at $210. The exchange rates fluctuate for different reasons but this is happening because of the Anti-money laundering situation. Cambios are being made to feel the squeeze. Our customers with whom we conduct large transactions were cut by 50 percent. And our biggest clients have eased as they now prefer to do wire transfers which are cheaper.” US GOVT. OBJECTS TO EZJET BOSS CHANGING PLEA The US Government has objected to Sonny Ramdeo’s attempt to withdraw his guilty plea. The prosecutors are arguing that Ramdeo lied in

Kaieteur News

his motion and further that he only attempted to change his plea when he learnt of the length of time he would have to serve in prison. Ramdeo, who was behind the failed low cost carrier EZjet, was charged in the US with embezzling millions from the hospital chain with whom he had been employed. Ramdeo initially pleaded not guilty, then changed his plea to guilty and last month filed another motion to withdraw his guilty plea. Wifredo Ferrer, the United States prosecutor handling the case, filed a motion with the court asking that Ramdeo’s attempt to change his guilty plea be refused. According to the attorney, Ramdeo’s motion to change his plea alleges contradictions to his sworn testimony. The US Government, through Ferrer, noted that in Ramdeo’s motion, he said that counsel had not reviewed the evidence that the government would present at trial and that he had been coerced and threatened, resulting in his entry of pleas of guilty. Ramdeo further alleged that counsel did not meet with him during the recess granted by the court to discuss the plea and the factual proffer. MONDAY EDITION AMLDEADLOCK…GOVT. LOST OUT ON COMPROMISE, ELECTIONS MAY BE ONLY WAY OUT OF POLITICAL IMPASSE RAMKARRAN Former Speaker of the National Assembly, Ralph Ramkarran believes that the government lost out on an opportunity for compromise recently when it held firm to its ground, resulting in Guyana failing to pass the Anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) legislation. He believes that while it is not the most

desirable option, the only way to break the current political impasse in the National Assembly is by returning to the electorate for a vote. Ramkarran, in his weekly writings, which are posted on his media outlet, has opined that the losers and victims of the failure to pass the legislation will be the people of Guyana. He suggested that the proposed amendments by A Partnership for National Unity required a special effort to be flexible. “Striking compromises would have been a win-win result for both Government and Opposition and for the people of Guyana.” He noted, however, that compromising in Guyana’s politics shows weakness and is regarded as a bad precedent. “It is not yet appreciated that compromise can demonstrate statesmanship which the electorate will welcome.” Ramkarran in his analysis noted that the major issues of contention are the appointment of the Director of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) and the establishment of the Public Procurement Commission. FORCE’S ‘NEW DETECTIVES’SOLVING CASES FROM THEIR OFFICES He has an easy-going demeanour, and sports neither gun, uniform or badge, so one can easily mistake Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Edgar Thomas for a university lecturer, rather than the experienced cop that he is. But criminals take note: Thomas is an Information Technology expert with some 30 years of training in Japan and India. He also heads the Guyana Police Force’s growing team of ‘new detectives’, who are using their technological savvy to literally solve cases from the

The Jet Jagdeo chartered for his medivac

Page 27

EZjet Boss, Sonny Ramdeo

Shadow Minister of Finance, Carl Greenidge office, without ever having to confront a suspect face to face. Mr. Thomas is in charge of the Force’s recentlyacquired computerised fingerprinting system, which has already helped his colleagues solve at least three unsolved murders. He has several other gadgets at his disposal, from devices that can track kidnappers and visitors entering and leaving Guyana, to a $7M piece of software that can enhance blurred surveillance camera images. There are also other gadgets for ‘covert operations’ that even his colleagues have no clue exist. In an exclusive interview last week with Kaieteur News, SSP Thomas indicated that the Force is rapidly catching up with the rest of the world in terms of crime-fighting technology, and is even on par with some countries. “We cracked a lot of cases using technology, but if I expose that technology it would not do us any good.” He spoke glowingly of the Force’s recently-acquired Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), which is helping to crack cold cases.

TUESDAY EDITION SELECT COMMITTEE TO PROBE SALE OF GOVT. SHARES IN GT&T …INSIDER INFORMATION BEING USED TO CREATE CAPITALISTSRAMJATTAN The ruling Administration under the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/ C) has abused the laws of Guyana, together with insider information to create their own capitalists, something that the party’s founder, the Late Cheddi Jagan, preached against. This is according to Leader of the Alliance For Change (AFC), Khemraj Ramjattan, who said that this is exactly what transpired with the telecommunications industry, where the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) was barred from expanding its operations, while others such as ENetworks were allowed to do so, and have been mandated in the proposed telecoms law to receive telecommunications licences. When the stage was set, Government, through its Holdings Company, the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL), headed by Winston Brassington, sold all of its shares in GT&T. According to Ramjattan, it is widely known that what the Administration does is to use insider information to benefit their own so that they can take over industries, enriching themselves in the process. He reiterated that it is instances like these that demonstrate the critical need for an independent Public Procurement Commission to be put in place immediately. JAGDEO USED LUXURY JET, NOT AIR AMBULANCE FOR MEDIVAC When former President, Bharrat Jagdeo, was airlifted to the United States destined

for a Florida hospital recently, he used a private luxury Learjet instead of an air ambulance. Air ambulances are planes or helicopters that have been specially fitted with medical equipment and beds and would also include medical personnel accompanying the aircraft to treat the passenger as they are taken to the hospital. What Jagdeo used is a fixed-wing twin-engine, 10seat jet. The jet was charted from Jedami Aircraft Charter, LLC, registered in Florida. The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) last weekend lashed out at the political Opposition over what it called disparaging and insensitive remarks made when Jagdeo took ill recently and had to be flown overseas for treatment. The party in a missive, sought to remind the Opposition that several of its members, including former Opposition Leader Robert Corbin and the late Sheila Holder benefitted from assistance from the State to seek medical attention abroad when it became necessary. WEDNESDAY EDITION BRUTALLY STABBED WIFE SAYS… “LADIES, THERE’S NOTHING LIKE A SECOND CHANCE…RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!” “Ladies, there’s nothing like a second chance…run for your life.” This is the advice of Tomeakca MillerPatterson, the West Bank Demerara woman who was stabbed close to two dozen times about her body on Monday by her husband, whose lifeless body was later found dangling under a water trestle. The 27-year-old mother of one was brutally attacked by 32-year-old Curtis Andrew Patterson, three weeks after she reportedly ended their marriage of eight years. The incident occurred about 02:00 hrs (Continued on page 45)

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Sunday March 09, 2014

Nurse training has become sclerotic; without a cure, patient care will suffer Public concerns over recent and repeated reports of mis-treatment of patients, mistakes leading to maternal deaths and mismanagement in hospital wards are not misplaced. It is well known that the problems facing the primary health care system are chronic, the most serious being the conditions and quality of nurse training. The Guyana Nurses’ Association – GNA – several months ago called for “a temporary halt” to the nurse training programme until its problems could be solved. The Ministry of Health manages three nursing schools – the Georgetown School of Nursing, the New Amsterdam School of Nursing and the Charles Roza Nursing School – all of which have experienced serious problems. The most recent Professional Nursing Examination provided abundant evidence of deeprooted difficulties and deficiencies in nurse training. Senior Georgetown Public

Hospital Corporation (GPHC) officials and GNA executives expressed alarm at the high failure rate of the last cohort of student nurses from Georgetown, Linden and New Amsterdam. Results of nursing students who participated in final examinations in October 2013 were released last month – February 2014. Reports indicated that, of 120 student nurses from the Georgetown School of Nursing, only 19 were successful. All New Amsterdam student nurses failed. A total of 255 student nurses entered the three-year Professional Nursing Programme in April 2010, but just over 120 persevered to write the final examinations. The main problem has been the unmanageably large number of student nurses recruited into each cohort. It is reported that there were about 90 student nurses in a single cohort in 2007; the number rose to 144 in 2008 and soared to 255 in 2009. The

intakes have since been reduced. Such large student populations affected the length of time students experience practical studies, for example, at the Intensive Care Unit, Accident and Emergency Unit and Operating Theatre. Large batches take longer, reduce the time available for each component and deprive students of precious experience. There are insufficient full-time nursing tutors for the super classes of students. Many more fulltime tutors are needed to maintain an acceptable student-tutor ratio. One instructor is needed for about 10 to 12 student nurses in the learning laboratory and one instructor to eight student nurses in the clinical courses. It is impossible to achieve this ratio at present. Big classes also require more audio-visual aids and relevant and current text books to enhance students’ learning in the classroom. Big classes require public address

systems for tutors to be heard and screens for images to be seen properly. Present-day student nurses need much greater access to the internet and personal computers to enable their research. Big classes put pressure on the limited sanitary facilities available to male and female student nurses who could spend up to eight hours daily attending classes. On one occasion, classes had to be discontinued because of non-functioning toilets. Efforts have since been made to build ‘annexes’ but, as long as large classes persist, congestion will adversely affect students’ comfort and threaten their performance. The drive for big classes has, apparently, loosened the strict selection criteria. Some student nurses, evidently, have displayed abusive behaviour, absenteeism, unpunctuality, apathy and negative attitudes towards their studies. Misbehaviour and immaturity have been

compounded by the large student population and political interference, making it difficult for professional tutors to effectively manage the students and discipline delinquents. These problems are not new; they are well known to the People’s Progressive Party Civic administration. The lowering of training standards has contributed to increasing the pressure on better-trained nurses who, as a result, are now migrating in increasing numbers. The Ministry of Health, at least for the past five years, received several insightful reports which all called attention to issues associated with nurse training and migration problems during this time. Among them are: World Bank, The Nurse Labor and Education Markets in the EnglishSpeaking CARICOM: Issues and Options for Reform (2009). USAID, Guyana Health System Assessment

(2010). PAHO-WHO, Nurse Migration in Guyana (2011). These reports all pointed out that the local rate of attrition from the nurse labour market was 18.5 per cent in 2007. The attrition continues up to the present. The Director of Maternal and Child Health last May made reference to the fact that Guyana’s efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Four and Five which concern the reduction of both maternal and infant mortality rates could fail. Guyana’s objective to achieve the United Nationsrecommended maternal mortality ratio of 80 per 100,000 by 2015, therefore, will require serious solutions to counter the plethora problems in the health sector. There must be an immediate and intense investigation into nurse training if the haemorrhaging is to be stanched and if the problems in the health care system are to be corrected.

Sunday March 09, 2014

Kaieteur News

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IAST stands out in recycling processes The Institute of Applied Science and Technology (IAST) has been playing a major role in transforming Guyana to an environmentally-friendly economy, through the recycling of a variety of ‘waste materials’. Director of the IAST, Professor Dr. Suresh Narine, sought to shed some light on some of the recycling procedures and activities being undertaken by the institute, during a tour of the facility with Clean and Green Guyana/Guyenterprise. He noted that the rice and food commodities industries generate a significant amount of currently unused byproducts, which the IAST has found useful in the manufacturing of valueadded food and feed products. Such materials are being used to make various noodles, cereals and risotto – which is made from broken rice. These will be produced on a commercial scale, while other local materials are being combined to make nutritionally targeted aquaculture feed. Since 2006, the institute has been processing waste frying oils into bio-diesel. “Prior to our process, waste oil would end up in the drains, leading to clogging due to precipitation and foaming and also leading to increased biological oxygen demand, which occurs when materials are present that bacteria can consume in the drains: the bacteria proliferates and when they do that, the bacteria also consume increased amounts of oxygen, which decreases the amount of oxygen available to other aquatic organisms - the results are that the other organisms die and the drains begin to smell,” Dr. Narine explained. He noted that the waste material that would normally

A Bio-diesel fuel pump used by IAST

Samples of roof tiles being manufactured end up in the drains now goes through a process of filtration, and then it is heated and chemically processed into fuel that meets and exceeds

American and German standard requirements for biodiesel. This recycling process allows the institute to save up to $35M in diesel

annually. However, this commodity is not being produced on a commercial scale, due to the limited amount of the waste that is

produced in Guyana. The institute did however construct a commercial biodiesel plant in Wauna, Region One, to process palm oil into Biodiesel. Guyana is the first Caribbean country to commercially produce biodiesel, as a result of the institute’s capacity. Glycerol, a byproduct of the biodiesel process, is also recycled when it is combined with sawdust and used to fuel the boiler used in the process, instead of wood. The purified glycerol is also used in another of the institute’s projects, to produce liquid soaps and hand sanitizers. H i g h - d e n s i t y polyethylene, low-density polyethylene and polypropylene (specific types of plastic) are also recycled and transformed into roof tiles by combination with up to 50 percent waste from the sawmilling (sawdust), sugarcane (bagasse), and rice milling (rice husks) industries. The tiles are a high-value product which is significantly cheaper to manufacture than asphalt shingles and other high-value roof construction materials. The institute is currently seeking to commercialize the process, which includes extrusion and injecting molding. “We don’t utilize PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) because its melting temperature is very high and it’s hygroscopic, meaning that

Dr. Suresh Narine, Director of IAST it absorbs water so when you heat it up in an injection molder, because its melting temperature is higher than the temperature at which water boils into steam, the absorbed water becomes steam…which can be really problematic and unsafe”, Dr. Narine pointed out. While this process can also generate other artifacts, roof tiles were chosen to satisfy the current boom in Guyana’s construction industry. The IAST is also undertaking a project to combine animal waste with antelope grass (which clogs our waterways) to produce biogas to provide power for street lamps. The institute already has an operational bio-reactor which currently powers biogas-fuelled lamps in its own compound. However, it is currently in discussion with the University (Continued on page 43)

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Book Review: Reviewer: Dr. Glenville Ashby Deanne Heron may have just found a magical formula of a literary kind. The sequel to her quietly riotous Pardner Money Stories explodes with relentless comedy and a more than healthy dose of Jamaican patois. By the time Herron offers the final tale swirling around her endearing family, readers, unfamiliar with that island’s argot are sucked into its linguistic orbit. Volume Two lumbers out. It is a slow and pedestrian start, that, for one unfamiliar with Heron’s comedic talents, may have begun to wonder. But “Volume 2” gathers momentum, leaving “Driving me mad” behind, and gallops with flair, originality, and unrivaled wit. It is a joyous ride featuring a Manchester family that is culturally Jamaican and distinctly Caribbean. Heron recounts tales that

Kaieteur News

Sunday March 09, 2014

SOCIAL COMMENTARY DRIVES COMEDIC JOURNEY Book: Pardner Money Stories Volume 2 Author: Deanne Heron are rich, heart-felt and peppered with sidesplitting humour. Verbal jabs, laden with patois, do not truncate the book’s overall appeal and fluidity. “Gwaan,” “Inna,” “Fi,” “Pon,” come at you with abandon, perplexing the “outsider” in the process. But its dizzying appeal is undeniable. After a few chapters, the uninitiated will surely get a handle of things and savour the lingua franca. Heron is deft at creative writing, displaying a prosaic bluster second to none. Her description of an old church proves such: “The grand old building with its sturdy buttresses, ornate carvings and mock marble pillars had seen better days.... the rose bushes, severely pruned back for the winter protruded from the tilled soil, stark and they waited patiently for the quickening of spring.”( Heron’s sequel, scintillating with humour

carries an overriding social message that is absent from “Pardner 1”. That religion continues to be integral to the Caribbean family is invariably played out. Not that each member is sold on the God question. There is a tinge of doubt expressed, and at times, the historical version of God, visà-vis the black experience is raised. Yet, there is acknowledgment of “something” up there that listens to your supplications. Heron recalls her upbringing in Jamaica, and the influential role of her grandmother. Calling on Jesus when one is in a predicament is sown into Heron. To the harangued soul, it seems to work, always, like magic. Heron recalls the days when respect for elders and discharging of one’s responsibilities were expected, a far cry from today when children assume the role of adults. Black pride is rife with the election of the 44th president of the US, reflected in the family matriarch’s congratulatory letter to the White House. It is an occasion that tears down regional barriers and italicises black awareness, globally. Interestingly, injecting patois as an indelible part of identity bolsters the relevance of Heron’s work. “But when we was likkle an’ growing up, my maddah used to beat us fa speaking patois and tell us fi speak English. Bwoy times change

een”? Cousin Babsie noted, followed by: “Well, all I know is, I am going to buy the first copy of the patois bible yu, yu hear Ferdie?” Cousin Myra said. ( Race and the ugly psychology behind colour consciousness and bleaching - a global phenomenon - is also addressed. It is an intriguing discourse until it devolves into an incredulous theory on the origin of the white skin, courtesy of a slightly inebriated relative who injects levity to a bittertasting subject. Hair texture, wigs, and black women become another important subject, a touchy one, at that. What does concealing one’s natural hair say about self-image and identity? Kelly, confronted with the subject by non-black women, skillfully responds. “Have you ever noticed the variety of black hair types? African-Caribbean hair is so versatile; we experiment with different products and styles. It’s fun to create new styles. It expresses our individuality and creativity in a way nothing else can,” But in a paradoxical twist, Auntie Bliss later remarks: “Some women married fi years an’ dem husband noh know what dem hair look like. Is good t’ing too because dem husband would run if dem see dem without di wig.” Life’s lessons cascade without an iota of psychobabble. Passion, hurt, pain; the tragedy of abandonment, and the

The book cover of Pardner Money Stories Volume 2 sterility of urban life are openly discussed. Amid all the strains, this is a family that gives back to the community. When a flood sweeps through Manchester leaving a path of destruction, the family goes to work. From peril cometh something good, according to Heron. This is a family that remains brash and colourful, but warm and sensitive. Cousin Babsie, Ferdie, Michael, Cousin My, JJ, Kelly, Shari, and Mala, are unique and easily distinguishable in style and philosophy. But they are close-knit, and the

consummate island family in Manchester, England, with little appetite for relinquishing their Jamaican roots. F e e d b a c k : Follow him on Twitter@glenvilleashby Pardner Money Stories Volume Two by Deanne Heron Hansib Book Publishers Email: ISBN: 978-1-906190-53-8 Available: Rating: Highly recommend

Sunday March 09, 2014

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World Glaucoma Week begins today…

Let’s ‘Beat Invisible Glaucoma’ By Romila Boodram “Many people suffer with glaucoma and they don’t know it,” said Dr. Shailendra Sugrim, an ophthalmologist and Glaucoma Specialist at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). Glaucoma is an eye disease in which the optic nerve (the nerve primarily responsible for sight) is damaged in a characteristic pattern. This can permanently damage vision in the affected eye(s) and lead to blindness if left untreated. To emphasize its importance, the World Glaucoma Association and World Glaucoma Patient Association has dedicated a week annually to raising awareness about the disease. From today to next Saturday, World Glaucoma Week will be observed worldwide. The theme for this year’s campaign is ‘B.I.G- Beat Invisible Glaucoma.’ According to Dr. Sugrim, it’s called “invisible” glaucoma, because the disease acts silently by causing damage to the optic nerve without the patient having any notable symptoms. Hence, bit by bit over the years this damage continues, unknown to the patient, until the entire nerve is destroyed. This nerve damage (called glaucomatous optic neuropathy) is permanent and cannot be reversed. Hence, at that time when the patient begins to start experiencing visual symptoms, they would already have had significant nerve damage. Thus, there is need for early screening of the disease. Once glaucoma is diagnosed in the early stage, treatment can commence, and thereby prevent persons from

Dr. Shailendra Sugrim, an Ophthalmologist and Glaucoma Specialist at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). becoming blind unnecessarily. Statistics have shown that in 2010, 60.5 million people had glaucoma globally and given the aging of the world’s population, this number may increase to almost 80 million by 2020. Dr. Sugrim explained that glaucoma can be categorised into two types: Open-Angle and Closed-Angle. The angle refers to the area between the iris and cornea, through which fluid must flow to escape via the trabecular meshwork (a sievelike structure). In Open-Angle glaucoma, even though the angle is wide and open, slow clogging of the drainage canals can increase the eye pressure. In Closed-Angle glaucoma there is a closed or narrow angle between the iris and cornea. As a result drainage is obstructed and results in a sudden rise in intraocular pressure. Dr. Sugrim related

that glaucoma is generally a disease of aging, more frequent in patients over age 60, but if a person has other risk factors (genetic, structural and systemic) that can affect their drainage system, it can occur in younger persons. In Guyanese patients, open-angle glaucoma is the most common form of this disease. Patients of AfroGuyanese origin are more prone to develop open-angle glaucoma and are more likely to have family members suffering from glaucoma. It has also been found that glaucoma in Afro-Guyanese patients is usually very severe and more difficult to treat. Patients who suffer from closed-angle glaucoma and other secondary glaucoma may or may not have eye pains and other symptoms, but in general open-angle glaucoma does not routinely cause eye pains. Treatment of glaucoma includes anti-glaucoma eye drops, laser treatment and surgery. The usual pattern is to start patients on antiglaucoma eye drops and some patients can be prescribed as much as 4 different eye drops. If eye drops fail to control glaucoma, patients can then be given the option of having laser treatment or glaucoma surgery. At the GPHC, the Department of Ophthalmology offers services for diagnosing and treating Glaucoma. The hospital also offers daily eye clinics on weekdays where patients can be given eye examinations for the detection of Glaucoma. Patients need to be referred to the hospital before they can obtain an appointment for any service.


These referrals can be obtained from their general physicians. Management of glaucoma at GPHC includes constant follow-up visits to the eye clinic to have the eye pressures being checked and for the ophthalmologist to evaluate whether the eye drops are controlling the glaucoma. The visual field examination results of patients are evaluated on a regular basis to ensure that the patient’s optic nerve is being protected from further damage. The ophthalmologist posited that persons need to understand the importance of using their medications on time and in the correct manner. At GPHC, the most common surgery that is offered for glaucoma is called Trabeculectomy. During this procedure, a piece of tissue in the drainage angle of the eye is removed, creating an opening. The opening is partially covered with a flap of tissue from the sclera (the white part of the eye) and the

conjunctiva (the clear thin covering over the sclera.) The new opening allows fluid to drain out of the eye, bypassing the clogged drainage channels of the trabecular meshwork. As the fluid flows through the new drainage opening, the tissue over the opening rises to form a little blister or bubble, called a bleb.The bleb is located where the sclera, or white of the eye, joins the iris, the coloured part of the eye. After surgery, the specialist would look at the bleb to make sure that fluid is still draining out of the new opening. Unfortunately, once a patient has lost all function of their optic nerve there isn’t any option available currently to regenerate the nerve. Damage to the optic nerve is permanent - thus loss of vision is permanent.

This year, in observance of World Glaucoma Week, the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Georgetown Public Hospital has created an information pamphlet on glaucoma that will be distributed at regional hospitals and health centres. The pamphlet, created by Glaucoma Specialist Dr. Sugrim carries basic information about glaucoma and how to get your eyes screened. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at the GPHC, Michael Khan in an invited comment said that he is very pleased with the services being offered by his Ophthalmology Department and promised to ensure that the public is provided with the best service. He further thanked Dr. Sugrim and the other doctors at the department for doing a wonderful job.

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Sunday March 09, 2014

Rotaract Linden gears up for packed week of activities - joins entities worldwide in annual commemoration Every year, members of the Rotary International family across the globe commemorate World Rotaract Week (WRW) during the week of March 13 to commemorate the founding of the first club in 1968. World Rotaract Week is noted as the time Rotarians and Rotaractors celebrate the success and importance of the Rotaract Programme. It is also an opportunity provided not only to get community members involved but also for club members to raise awareness. The journey began in North Carolina in January 1968 when Rotaract, Rotary International’s service club programme for young adults, was officially inaugurated under the leadership of President Luther Hodges. On March 13, 1968 the Rotaract Club of the University of North Carolina in the United States was the first club to receive its official charter. Although that club is recognized as the first Rotaract club, it should be noted that Rotarians have been sponsoring similar organisations for young adults since early 1920s. Rotaract can aptly be described as is a Rotarysponsored service club for young professional or tertiary level men and women between the ages of 18 and 30. With six clubs across the country, Guyana currently boasts the second largest Rotaract constituency in this region (District 7030).

The clubs namely Georgetown, Georgetown Central, Linden, New Amsterdam, University of Guyana and Corriverton are both community and institution-based. Currently there are about 200 Rotaractors in Guyana who play various leadership roles in delivering on the purposes. The four main activities of Rotaract are community service, professional service, international service and leadership development. To elaborate, Rotaract clubs organise a variety of projects and activities, depending primarily on the interests of the members of the club which is said to be influenced by the needs of their communities and the world at large. All Rotaract efforts begin at the local grassroots level, with members addressing their communities’ physical and social needs while promoting international understanding and peace through a framework of friendship and service. Service defines Rotaract character and is the basis of appeal and visibility in the community. Rotaract Clubs in Guyana have over the years contributed to community development through various projects that range from supporting Special Needs schools, adoption of orphanages, geriatric homes, medical outreaches, donation of school supplies to children in need and orphanages; and

many more. The Clubs have collaborated with their counterparts abroad in providing the basic needs in their communities and fostering international understanding. For the upcoming weeks, the six clubs in Guyana are expected to embark on a number of activities in their various communities. ROTARACT LINDEN The President of the Rotaract Club of Linden, Nutritionist Analese Roman who recently spoke to Kaieteur News has indicated that her members are extremely excited to observe what would be their sixteenth World Rotaract Week. Roman said that for the past forty-six years, the spirit of Rotaract has been able to not only survive but actively and passionately live and thrive worldwide. She indicated that on Monday and Thursday this week, her members will be promoting their club on the radio (103.1FM) and National Communications Network (NCN) respectively. However, she said, amidst their efforts to sensitize the public about the club, during the week Rotaract Linden has several activities planned for the community of Linden in Region Ten. The club will be executing a footwear distribution project on Wednesday and will embark on painting the Children Garden Nursery School in Kara Kara, Mackenzie, Linden on Saturday. Roman said that her membership will end the week by hosting a picnic and day of outing with the children of the Centre for the Differently Able on Sunday.

President of the Rotaract Club of Linden, Analese Roman, offering her expertise at a medical outreach

Members painting the fence of a school

Sunday March 09, 2014

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The Patagonian mara


he Patagonian mara, Dolichotis patagonum, is a relatively large rodent in the mara genus (Dolichotis). It is also known as the Patagonian cavy, Patagonian hare or dillaby. This herbivorous, somewhat rabbit-like animal is found in open and semiopen habitats in Argentina, including large parts of Patagonia. It is monogamous, but often breeds in warrens that are shared by several pairs. It has distinctive long ears and long limbs. Its hind limbs are longer and more muscular than its forelimbs and it has a longer radius than humerus. The feet are compressed, making them hoof-like. The forefeet have four digits while the hind feet have three. Its tail is short, depressed and almost hairless. It has a grey dorsal pelage with a white patch on the rump separated from the dorsal fur by a black area. In addition, the mara has a white underside with a somewhat orange flank and chin. The mara has a head and body length of 69–75 centimetres (27–30 in) with a tail of 4–5 centimetres (1.6–2.0 in). It weighs 8–16 kilograms (18–35 lb). Unlike most other cavids, the anal glands of the mara are between the anus and the base of the tail rather than being anterior to the anus. Maras prefer sandy and low shrub habitat and are adapted to a cursorial lifestyle on the open plains and steppe, with its long legs, reduced clavicle and

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well-developed sensory organs making it capable of running and communicating in these open habitats. When running, maras have been compared to deer and antelope and are largely herbivorous. They feed primarily on green vegetation and fruit. They are primarily diurnal and 46 per cent of daily activities are made of feeding. The temporal activity rhythms of maras are related to environmental

factors. Males spend most of the day sitting, being vigilant for predators which can include felids, grisons, foxes and birds of prey. Maras are also hosts for parasites like the nematode w o r m We l l c o m i a dolichotis. The social organizations have a unique combination of monogamy and communal breeding. Being monogamous, pairs of maras stay together for life with replacement of partners only

occurring after its death. The male has almost the sole responsibility in maintaining the pair by following the female wherever she goes. A male will mark his female with urine and mark the ground around her with secretions from his glands and with faeces, making the

grounds around the female a mobile territory. Pairs will breed together alone or with other pairs in warrens shared by up to 29 pairs. Gestation lasts 100 days in the wild. Females produce one litter each year in the wild, but can produce as many as four litters a year in captivity. Young can walk almost immediately postpartum. Dens are dug during the breeding season for the young to be raised. Litters from 1-22 pairs are grouped together in these dens. Communal living provides protection from predators with the survival rate for young being higher in larger groups than in smaller groups. One pair visits the den at a time for around one hour and the other parents will circle around the den. One to two pups are nursed at a time by a female. A female may sometimes nurse a young from another pair. While a female may prevent young other than her own from nursing her, some young are able to steal milk. Mothers do not actively cooperate in raising their young. For the first three weeks, young remain near the den. At this time there is low inter-individual distance, frequent body contact, huddling, grooming and extended play among the pups. After this, the young are able to leave the den and

Dolichotis patagonum

graze with their parents. Young are weaned after 13 weeks. Maras will make a number of vocalizations during grazing or slow locomotion. When seeking contact, a mara will emit an inflected 'wheet' while a low repetitive grunt is made when following a conspecific. Maras tooth chatter and emit low grunts when threatened. They also produce a series of short grunts when grooming. Maras will stretch and sniff the soil and then sit upright with an arched back and the anogenital area flattened to the ground, a process known as anal digging. In addition, a male will stand on his hind legs and urinate on a female's rump to which the female will respond by spraying a jet of urine backwards into the face of the male. The male's urination is meant to repel other males from his partner while the female's urination is a rejection of any approaching male when she is not receptive. Both anal digging and urination are more frequent during the breeding season and are more commonly done by males. The Patagonian mara is considered to be a near threatened species. Their skins have been used for bedspreads and rugs. (Source: Wikipedia – The Free Online Encyclopedia)

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EU tangibly empowering women locally

Ambassador Robert Kopecký with female staffers at the EU Delegation in Guyana The European Union is currently funding about 200 projects and initiatives around the world to help women benefit from education, healthcare, to work and live free from violence and discrimination and to assume their rightful place in society. For years, Guyanese women have benefited from the generous contributions of the European Union (EU) through collaboration with Government and civil society. This is according to EU Ambassador Robert Kopecký on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2014. The Ambassador said that the EU remains committed to the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women. The

rights of all women and girls are a universal priority for the EU and this is reflected in the current discussions on the post-2015 framework for poverty eradication and sustainable development. In Guyana, the EU is working closely with the Government and civil society to promote gender equality and the rights of women through programmes such as the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights and the Non State Actors/Local Authorities instrument. Kopecký stated that these instruments help to empower women, combat domestic abuse and end gender discrimination by funding projects with local partners such as Help & Shelter, AGAPE, ChildLink, Merundoi

and the Mangrove Reserve Women Agriculture Producers (an association comprised entirely of women entrepreneurs). He related that these collaborative efforts between the EU and local organisations are resulting in the empowerment of Guyanese women. The EU also remains committed to cooperating closely with the Government of Guyana in implementing international resolutions condemning violence and discrimination against women on all fronts. “Where women prosper, societies prosper; where women suffer, so do the societies they live in. I have had the privilege of meeting many inspiring women who through their hard work and sacrifices have played an

extraordinary role in the history of their countries. Today I pay tribute to these women, whose courage and determination pave the way for future generations,” Kopecký said. Echoing remarks by Catherine Ashton, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the

European Commission, he stated “today (yesterday), on International Women’s Day, we celebrate the real transformation the world has witnessed in women’s rights, thanks both to individual achievements and our common participation in political life. Women have made great advances, but there is still a long way to go to achieve a

world free from gender-based discrimination. Equal access to education and health services and the chance to become a full participant in political life is everyone’s right and an essential ingredient of democracy. Long-term stability and development can only be achieved if violence and discrimination against women are addressed.”

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Anti-money laundering legislation …

Opposition’s amendments will have rippling effects - Teixeira Presidential advisor on governance and Chief Whip Gail Teixeira has articulated that the amendments that APNU want to apply to the Anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Amendment Bill which is currently within the Special Select Committee will lead to changes in legislation outside of the remit of the Committee. A Partnership of National Unity (APNU) has said that it is looking at the amendments that are being proposed within the Select Committee. The opposition coalition also highlighted that the Chief Parliamentary Counsel is taking too long to put into legislative language “some simple amendments” that were presented by APNU and

stressed that there must be some “hidden hand” behind, dragging the process along. Teixeira, who is also the chairperson of the Parliamentary Special Select Committee, expressed however, that APNU’s amendments were not simple and alluded that they would have rippling effects within other areas that were previously never looked at. According to Teixeira, the Parliamentary Select Committee has been advised by the Chief Parliamentary Counsel Cecil Dhurjon, with his presence and in writing on two occasions, of the problem and the dilemma he faces drafting APNU’s amendments. She said, in particular “…the amendment to the

governance structure that APNU is proposing, where they are saying that Parliament will appoint this body not the President. So they have written it in such a way that Parliament selects ten people and they are appointed by the Parliament, that legislatively is a nightmare, there is no such precedent in our law and we can’t find in other laws.” Secondly, she said, is that the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) “will be appointed by a Parliamentary Committee and its director and staff. The problem with that may not be a big legislative problem but a problem with CFATF.” According to Teixeira, Dhurjon has put in writing “the challenges he faces and that it is not just changing one

section of the Principal Act, there are consequential changes…One of his challenges is that the amendments that APNU now want will require other amendments in other Acts that we haven’t even contemplated, so the remit of the committee has gone haywire, it has gone into areas that we would now have to be amending Bills or Acts that were never brought before the House.” She said it means you have to have consequential changes to other Bills, other Acts such as the Bank of Guyana Act which is not before the Committee. “Do we have the authority as a committee to start changing laws all over the place that’s not our remit but it’s because of the amendments brought by APNU. It’s like an onion,

Chairperson of the Select Committee, Gail Teixeira peeling off the layers and you get more and more and more, that’s what we are discovering in the drafting, so it is unfair

of them to say what they are saying, they have a right to their opinion but they are wrong” Teixeira opined.

Int’l Women’s Day…

Improvements in equality enhance future generations On that first International Women’s Day on March 8, 1911, more than one million people took to the streets in several European cities. More than 100 years ago, the German activist Clara Zetkin proposed a march advocating women’s right to vote and barring discrimination against them in the workplace. This was referred to by IDB President Luis Alberto in an address to commemorate the occasion. “Since then, some of the reasons for that protest march have disappeared. But sadly, others remain. We have still not achieved true equality between men and women,” he said. This year the United Nations chose as its theme ‘Equality for Women is Progress for All’ as a way to stress that this is the best way to move forward along the path of development. The IDB President said the economic data bear this out: improvements in equality not only help reduce poverty but also enhance the level of human capital in future generations, as women invest more in the education of their children. “At the IDB, we are convinced that this is true. Since we approved our policy on Gender Equality in 2010 we have quadrupled the number of loans we make to projects whose goals include progress in gender equality. We have also doubled the dollar amount of our direct investment in projects that share this objective,” he noted. One example is Ciudad Mujer, which was implemented in El Salvador with technical and financial support. Its centres offer shelter to victims of gender-based violence as well as high quality services designed to promote economic autonomy and sexual and reproductive health for women. Other countries in the region have shown interest

- IDB President

IDB President Luis Alberto in setting up similar programs of their own. As banks cover just a fraction of the investment and working capital needs of smalland medium-sized companies in Latin America and the Caribbean, we are launching the program known as weB (women entrepreneurship Banking) to facilitate access to credit for this segment of the population, which has such great potential to create wealth and jobs.” “To mark International Women’s Day, we have introduced a blog called (What if we talk about Equality?), a venue for our specialists and other experts in the region to share ideas and solutions with readers. With all of these activities, the InterAmerican Development Bank hails the contribution that women have made toward a more inclusive type of development in Latin America and the Caribbean.”

Sunday March 09, 2014

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IAST STANDS OUT IN RECYCLING... From page 29 of Guyana (UG) to construct a large biogas reactor, to power all of the campus’ street lights, “because they spend about $1M a month to power all their street lights and our solution would also allow them to effectively deal with their waste issues”, the Director noted. A rubber recycling plant is also operated at the institution, which produces rubberized asphalt cement. “Tyres are debeaded, shredded and then granulated…the metals and nylons are separated and the rubber components are granulated into crumb rubber - 0.4 mm or less in particle size”. Dr. Narine added, “We then use a chemical process

to react the crumb rubbers at a high temperature with bitumen, which creates a product called rubberized asphalt cement”. This material from tyres is used to coat the Demerara Harbour Bridge and other steel bridges. This year, the institute has arranged to acquire a mobile asphalt plant to allow the rubberized asphalt cement material to be applied to the bridges at location, since before the plates from the bridge had to be brought to the institute to be coated. He noted that this material is adhesive and elastic, therefore it lasts longer and in addition provides more friction and therefore is safer compared to the materials used currently. The institute also

produces biomass briquettes from rice husk, sawdust and bagasse, which was commercially tested at the Enmore Sugar Factory. Dr. Narine said “The findings were amazing -

equivalent weights of briquettes made from waste produced significantly more energy than the firewood that is currently being utilized by the factory”. The institute is on the verge of

commercializing this project, as it has secured an industrial partner. The IAST’s quiet efforts in recycling have not been well publicized, but the organization has been playing

an integral and innovative role in this area. The institute also hosts the only such laboratory of its kind and capacity in the Guyana and the greater Caribbean region.

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Immigration INFO: Immigration News For Our Community Renewal of Deferred Action for DREAMers (Young Immigrants) By Attorney Gail S. Seeram, Those individuals granted DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) during the period of June 15, 2012 until August 15, 2012 may submit a request to renew their status and renew their employment authorization. Back in June 15, 2012, U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano and President Obama announced that certain young people who were brought to the United States as young children, who do not present a risk to national security or public safety, and meet several key criteria, will be considered for relief from removal from the country or from entering into removal proceedings. However, this “deferred status� is set to expire on June 15, 2014. If the previous period of deferred action (or DACA status) expires before you receive a renewal of deferred action under DACA, you will accrue unlawful presence and will not be authorized to work for any time between the periods of deferred action. For this reason, applicants are encouraged to submit their request for renewal 120 days before your current period of deferred action under DACA expires (which is June 15, 2014). Note: guidance has not been issued regarding the renewal of DACA for those applicants granted deferred action status after August 15, 2012. An applicant whose case was initially deferred under DACA (during the period of June 15, 2012 until August 15, 2012) may be considered for Renewal of DACA if he or she: 1. Was under the age of 31 as of June 15, 2012; 2. Came to the United States before reaching his or her 16th birthday and established residence at that time; 3. Has continuously resided in the United States since June 15, 2007, up to the present time; 4. Did not depart the United States on or after August 15, 2012 without

Gail S. Seeram advance parole. 5. Was present in the United States on June 15, 2012, and at the time of making his or her request; 6. Entered without inspection before June 15, 2012, or his or her lawful immigration status expired as of June 15, 2012; 7. Has graduated or obtained a certificate of completion from a high school, has obtained a general educational development certificate, is an honorably discharged veteran of the Coast Guard or Armed Forces of the United States; or was in school at the time he or she requested DACA from ICE and: 1) has successfully completed an education, literacy, or career training program (including vocational training) and obtained employment, 2) is currently enrolled in high school, postsecondary school or a new/different education, literacy or career training program, or 3) has made substantial, measurable progress toward completing an education, literacy, or career training program and, 8. Has not been convicted of a felony, significant misdemeanor, three or more other misdemeanors, and does not otherwise pose a threat to national security or public safety. Lastly, if your application for renewal of DACA or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is denied, there is no appeal process or motion to reopen/reconsider. Thereby, it is important for each applicant to sufficiently document his or her eligibility under the above requirements.

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From page 27 at Lot 18 Goed Fortuin, West Bank Demerara, where Mrs. Patterson was residing with her eight-year-old daughter after she walked out from her matrimonial home. On Tuesday, at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), the woman was in tears as she recalled how she almost lost her life because of her “stubbornness” and her wanting to give her dream man “a second chance”, despite being in an abusive relationship. “I lef ’ him already but I tek him back because I thought he would change, but he didn’t. He was the same way,” a devastated Tomeakca recalled. OPPOSITION WANTS TO SEIZE POWER THROUGH THE BACKDOOR – GOVT. Government has accused the political opposition of looking to seize power through the backdoor by transferring it to the legislature where it has a oneseat majority. This was the charge by Minister of Legal Affairs, Attorney General Anil Nandlall, who on Tuesday, along with fellow Government Ministers, Dr Ashni Singh and Juan Edghill and Chief Whip, Gail Teixeira, during a live televised press conference at NCN, sought to lambast the opposition over its stance on the Anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Bill. “The one-seat majority is engaged in a singular quest and that is to grab Executive power from the government, which the constitution resides with the Executive and to unlawfully and unconstitutionally transfer it to the legislature.” Nandlall told media operatives that this is evident in the amendments tabled by A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), in order to transfer the appointments of the members of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) into the hands of the Legislature and removing it from the Executive. THURSDAY EDITION OVERPAYMENTS, FINANCIAL IRREGULARITIES BY MINISTRIES AT INTOLERABLE LEVEL – GOOLSARRAN Several Ministries have been hauled before the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) in recent weeks based on financial irregularities documented in the reports of the Auditor General (AG). The AG’s Report has shown that among some of the glaring financial irregularities, there were instances where

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millions of dollars in overpayments were made to contractors for work that was not completed. Considering this, Former Auditor General Anand Goolsarran is calling for the implementation of an organized internal audit system to police the accounting systems of Ministries daily. This is in an effort to prevent some of the financial indiscretions. Just recently, senior officials of Region One, Barima-Waini, were summoned before the body based on the examination of the 2011 Auditor General Report. The PAC blazed the Regional officers for an engineer who approved the overpayment of $1M to add a new section to the Regional Administration Office at Mabaruma, which has not been done. The Regional Executive Officer (REO), Nigel Fisher, informed members of the Committee that the engineer, unfortunately, cannot be located. EMBASSIES, CIVIL SOCIETYREITERATE CALLS FOR EARLY LOCAL GOVT. ELECTIONS The pressure is piling up for Guyana to hold local government elections early with a joint statement from civil society and three embassies Wednesday signaling a growing unhappiness over the current situation. Everything seems to be in place for votes to be cast as early as August 1st, the strong statement said. It has not been the first time that such a statement has been issued, with the last being a year ago. This time, the British High Commission, Embassy of the United States of America and the High Commission of Canada made it clear that with new laws in place and the elections machinery ready, August 1st seems a very possible time. “The political parties have reaffirmed their desire to hold local elections and are making campaign preparations. It is therefore our hope, as the PPP/C, APNU, and AFC pledged in their 2011 election manifestos, that local government elections will be held…” Also endorsing the statement were the Berbice Chamber of Commerce; Consultative Association of Guyanese Industry; Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Guyana Association of Women Lawyers; Guyana Bar Association, Guyana Manufacturing and Services

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General Secretary for PPP, Clement Rohee Association, Guyana Trades Union Congress, Justice Institute, Private Sector Commission and the Transparency Institute Guyana Inc. With many of the 65 Neighbourhood Democratic Councils replaced by Interim Management Committees after members either died or passed away, the absence of elections because of a political agreement for reforms has led to an intolerable situation. FRIDAY EDITION YOUTHS NARROWLY ESCAPE BULLETS DURING HIGH SPEED CHASE Two youths, one of whom is a member of the Guyana Police Force, were lucky to escape unhurt when ranks on a mobile patrol unit opened fire on them during a high speed chase around 20:45 hours Thursday. The duo took the police on a hair-raising chase that began at Middle Road, La Penitence and ended in front of a house in Republic Park, East Bank Demerara. Reports reaching this newspaper stated that the police spotted the two men in a white Toyota Premio motorcar acting suspiciously and when they were about to challenge them, the car sped away. Several other patrol units responded to a request for back-up, but the car eluded them all, and despite the car being struck by at least two bullets from the police’s highpowered rifles, the men did not stop. They made it to the Republic Park house where they fled the car and ran inside with the police in hot pursuit. The two men were eventually brought out from the house and began giving the ranks who had converged on the scene, several conflicting explanations as to why they did not stop. One of the men told this newspaper that he drove away because he thought that the occupants of the

vehicle that was trailing them had come to seize his car, since he was in arrears with his payment for the vehicle. This is despite the police using their siren throughout the chase. GNBS EMPLOYEES HELD WITH MARKED MONEY IN STING OPERATION Three employees of the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) were arrested Thursday after they were found in possession a large quantity of cash after they had fleeced a city businessman. The three suspects were nabbed Thursday following a carefully planned sting operation, which was in response to a scheme in which they extracted huge amounts of cash from gullible fuel truck owners. Kaieteur News understands that the three employees ran a scheme in which they demanded $300,000 from fuel truck owners to certify their vehicles for the transport of fuel. The licences cost $52,000 each. According to reports, the businessman, who operates a fuel station, received a complaint from a fellow fuel dealer that the employees were making exorbitant demands to process the licences. He decided to check for himself and he was soon surprised to find out that what was reported to him was indeed happening; the employees were demanding $300,000. He went along with their demand, but little did the employees know he had his own plan. In collaboration with the police, he placed secret marks on several currency notes, which he used to pay the unsuspecting

employees. Minutes after they had collected the money, detectives from the police Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Headquarters moved in, before the employees could have stashed their ill-gotten gains. When they were searched, the notes with the secret marks were found on them. SATURDAY EDITION US$123M NEEDED TO DEVELOP EAST DEM. CONSERVANCY – AGRI. MINISTER GOVT. EYES INT’L DONOR PARTNERS Significant development of the East Demerara Water Conservancy would cost an estimated US$123M (G$26B), an amount Government does not have to invest. As such, it is seeking support from international developmental partners to help finance these critical works. This assertion was made by Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy, at the workshop/ presentation of the Managing Flood Risk in Guyana Report to local stakeholders and international donor partners including the World Bank and the European Union. At the event held at Regency Suites, Hadfield

Street, Dr. Ramsammy emphasized the correlation between infrastructural development and Guyana’s ambitions of becoming a higher middle income country. The country’s susceptibility to flooding and the severity of the effects were felt in January 2005, when 60 percent of the Gross Domestic Product was affected and the coastland was inundated with floodwaters for about three weeks. To effectively manage the country’s flood risk a study - The Conservancy Adaptation Project (CAP) was done by Mott MacDonald. The findings have enabled the Ministry of Agriculture to determine the critical and priority works that need to be executed on the East Demerara Water Conservancy (EDWC). “The studies done…on the East Demerara Water Conservancy have now become popularly known as the CAP: CAP One and CAP Two. Part of what we are going to be dealing with today (yesterday) is how the studies of CAP One are going to emerge as package of projects that constitutes CAP Two. There will be things that we will not cater for in the US$123M that we have estimated as the cost of all the things we need to do, because of the CAP studies,” Dr. Ramsammy stated. According to the Minister, execution of works on the EDWC, which is estimated to cost approximately $26B, is a huge undertaking for a country like Guyana and its partners. Guyana is unaware where financing for the projects will be derived from. However, it is confident that collaboration between Government and development partners will see the realization of these projects in phases. The Minister emphasized that the Ministry has already articulated a World Bankled CAP II project valued approximately US$11M. This project would see the re-establishing of discharge into the Atlantic Ocean.

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Hollywood blockbuster ‘Noah’ faces ban in Arab world Three Arab countries have banned the Hollywood film “Noah” on religious grounds even before its worldwide premiere and several others are expected to follow suit, a representative of Paramount Pictures told Reuters on Saturday. Islam frowns upon representing holy figures in art and depictions of the Prophet Mohammad in European and North American media have repeatedly sparked deadly protests in Islamic countries over the last decade, fanning cultural tensions with the West. “Censors for Qatar, Bahrain and the UAE (United Arab Emirates) officially confirmed this week that the film will not release in their countries,” a representative of Paramount Pictures, which produced the $125 million film starring Oscar-winners Russell Crowe and Anthony Hopkins, told Reuters. “The official statement they offered in confirming this news is because ‘it contradicts the teachings of Islam’,” the representative said, adding the studio expected a similar ban in Egypt, Jordan and Kuwait. The film will premiere in the United States on March 28. Noah, who in the Bible’s Book of Genesis built the ark that saved his family and many pairs of animals from a great flood, is revered by Judaism, Christianity and Islam. An entire chapter in the Koran is devoted to him. Cairo’s Al-Azhar, the highest authority of Sunni Islam and a main center of Islamic teaching for over a millennium, issued a fatwa, or religious injunction, against the film on Thursday. “Al-Azhar ... renews its objection to any act depicting the messengers and prophets of God and the companions of the Prophet (Mohammad), peace be upon him,” it

U.S. film director Darren Aronofsky poses during a photocall at the 12th Marrakesh International Film Festival in Marrakesh December 3, 2012. announced in a statement. They “provoke the feelings of believers ... and are forbidden in Islam and a clear violation of Islamic law,” the fatwa added. Mel Gibson’s 2004 film “The Passion of the Christ” on Jesus’s crucifixion was widely screened in the Arab World, despite a flurry of objections by Muslim clerics. A 2012 Arab miniseries “Omar” on the exploits of a seventh century Muslim ruler and companion of the Prophet Mohammad also managed to defy clerics’ objections and air on a Gulfbased satellite television channel. PROTESTS The publication of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad in a Danish newspaper in 2006 touched off riots in the Middle East, Africa and Asia in which at least 50 people died. A 2012 amateur Youtube video deriding Mohammad

produced in California stoked protests throughout the region, and may have contributed to a deadly militant raid in Libya which killed the U.S. ambassador and three other American staff. “Noah,” whose official video trailer depicts a burly Crowe wielding an axe and computer-animated geysers swamping an army of sinners hoping to board his ark, has also stoked religious controversy at home. Jerry A. Johnson, president of a conservative National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) group, said last month he wanted to “make sure everyone who sees this impactful film knows this is an imaginative interpretation of Scripture, and not literal.” Paramount responded by agreeing to issue a disclaimer on advertising for the film. “While artistic license has been taken, we believe that this film is true to the essence, values and integrity of a story that is a cornerstone of faith for millions of people worldwide,” the advisory reads. (Reuters)

Sunday March 09, 2014

Children watch less TV than adults, according to report Even though almost half of all children aged five to 15 use a PC or tablet to watch TV, nearly all (98%) spend time sitting in front of the traditional living room TV set. According to a new report, children still rush home from school to watch their favourite programmes. It also discovered an increase in the size of televisions at home. The data, from TeleScope 2014 and carried out by TV Licensing, found that children spend two hours 23 minutes a day watching TV, an hour and a half less than the national average of three hours 55 minutes. It also found that, in 2013, the use of tablets at home has tripled (42% from 14% in 2012) for five to 15-year-olds, while those who had a TV in their bedroom dropped (from 59% to 52%). TeleScope is the annual TV industry report produced by TV Licensing which looks at the UK’s television viewing

habits annually. Families are now leaning towards a larger screen with seven in 10 sets sold classified as ‘big’ (between 26" and 32") and jumbo screens (43" plus) now accounting for nearly 16% of sales. The head of revenue management at BBC TV Licensing, Pipa Doubtfire, says that the television is still a central part of home and family life. “The families we spoke to during our research for TeleScope 2014 had a wide variety of viewing habits, but all found TV programmes had

the ability to bring the family together,” she said. “It was also fascinating to see, despite children having more devices and more ways in which to consume their favourite shows, the traditional TV set and live viewing are still the overwhelmingly most favoured methods. “With so many ways to watch TV, it’s important to remember a TV licence is needed to watch programmes online via your computer, laptop or tablet as they’re being shown on TV. (Reuters)

Walt Disney, Shanghai Media Group to develop Disney-branded movies

Walt Disney Studios has signed an agreement with Shanghai Media Group Pictures to develop Disneybranded movies, the latest move by a U.S. studio to grow its presence in China’s entertainment b u s i n e s s . U.S.-based writers will team up with local writers and filmmakers to develop stories and scripts that incorporate Chinese themes in Disney movies, the studio said in a statement. The studio said the multi-year partnership with Shanghai Media will expand training opportunities between Chinese and American writers and filmmakers. Tony

To, the studio’s executive vice president of production, will oversee the codevelopment program, which could allow for easier releases of English-language films in China. A 37-member Film Censorship Committee vets every movie in China for nudity, violence and politically sensitive scenes. Western films in addition must meet the committee’s “amendment opinions” to be one of the 34 Hollywood films permitted in China each year. Last year, Disney’s superhero film “Iron Man 3” debuted in China and included a top Chinese

actress and footage shot in China, additions that helped the film ease past strict censors and often confusing rules for Western films. In February, the official Xinhua news agency reported that China will maintain its quota for imported Hollywood movies this year, rejecting reports it had planned to increase access for U.S. films to the world’s second-largest cinema market. Production companies like Viacom Inc’s Paramount Picture and DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc have hired Chinese actors and set up co-productions with Chinese firms.

Sunday March 09, 2014

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Varicose Veins and Venous Skin Ulcers By Dr. Kumar Sukhraj, BSC, MBBS What are varicose veins? Varicose veins are enlarged veins that can be seen near the surface of the skin. They are mostly found in the legs and ankles. Normally veins in the body have one-way valves which keep blood flowing from your legs up toward your heart. Varicose veins are caused by weakened valves and veins in your legs, increased pressure in the leg veins, damage to the leg veins and venous insufficiency. Varicose veins often run in families. You may be born with defective valves or weak walls in your veins, or you may develop them later in life. Pregnancy is a common cause of varicose veins. During pregnancy, hormones relax the veins and more blood travels through the veins. Extra weight and a heavy uterus place pressure on leg veins too. When these valves do not work as they should and there is an increase in pressure, blood collects in your legs, and pressure builds

By Dr. Kumar Sukhraj, BSC, MBBS up. The veins become weak, large, and twisted. HOW DO YOU KNOW IF YOU HAVE VARICOSE VEINS? Varicose veins look dark blue, swollen, and twisted under the skin. Some people do not have any symptoms. Mild symptoms may include: · Heaviness, burning sensation, aching, tiredness, or pain in your legs. Symptoms may be worse after

you stand or sit for long periods of time. ·Swelling in your feet and ankles. ·Itching over the vein. More serious symptoms include: ·Leg swelling. ·Swelling and calf pain after you sit or stand for long periods of time. ·Skin changes, such as: oColor changes. oDry, thinned skin. o Inflammation. o Scaling. ·Open sores, or you may bleed after a minor injury. Varicose veins are common and usually aren’t a sign of a serious problem. But in some cases, varicose veins can be a sign of a blockage in the deeper veins called deep vein thrombosis. If you have this problem, you may need treatment for it. WHATARE TREATMENT OPTIONS? Varicose veins can be taken care of by the following: ·Wearing compression stockings. ·Prop up (elevate) your legs. ·Avoid long periods of

sitting or standing. ·Get plenty of exercise and try to lose weight. ·Contact you doctor when you notice changes because varicose veins can lead to venous skin ulcers. VENOUS SKIN ULCERS WHAT IS A VENOUS SKIN ULCER? A skin ulcer is a type of wound that develops on the skin. A venous skin ulcer is a shallow wound that occurs when the leg veins don’t return blood back toward the heart the way they should as a result of insufficiency. These ulcers usually form on the sides of the lower leg, above the ankle and below the calf. Venous skin ulcers (stasis ulcer) are slow to heal and often come back if you don’t take steps to prevent them. Some things can increase your risk of venous skin ulcers. These include: ·Deep vein thrombosis, in which a blood clot (thrombus) forms in the deep veins of the legs. ·Obesity. ·Smoking. ·Lack of physical activity.

·Work that requires many hours of standing. There are two other types of skin ulcers that can happen on the lower leg or feet. They are different from venous skin ulcers. · Arterial skin ulcers are less common than venous skin ulcers. They happen when an artery disease is present (sometimes in combination with venous disease). These ulcers tend to be extremely painful. They are usually on the toes and feet. · Neuropathic skin ulcers are also known as diabetic neuropathic ulcers. They occur in people who have little or no sensation in their feet because of diabetic nerve damage. WHATARE THE SYMPTOMS OFA SKIN ULCER? The first sign of a venous skin ulcer is skin that turns dark red or purple over the area where the blood is leaking out of the vein. The skin also may become thick, dry, and itchy. Without treatment, an ulcer may form. The ulcer may

be painful. You also may have swollen and achy legs. If the wound becomes infected, the infection may cause an odour, and pus may drain from the wound. The area around the wound also may be more tender and red. Call your doctor when you first notice the signs of a venous skin ulcer, because you may be able to prevent the ulcer from forming. If an ulcer has formed, get treatment right away, because new and smaller ulcers tend to heal faster than larger ones. Please feel free to send an email to or call 6228032 for further enquiry and discussion on the topic. Patient education plays an important role in the diagnosis and management of diabetes and any other illness. Please look forward for a continuation of the discussion on common health problems in the next publication. Reference “Varicose veins” in Health Encyclopaedia

Immune upgrade Study ties troubled sleep to lower brain volume gives ‘HIV shielding’

Doctors have used gene therapy to upgrade the immune system of 12 patients with HIV to help shield them from the virus’s onslaught. It raises the prospect of patients no longer needing to take daily medication to control their infection. The patients’ white blood cells were taken out of the body, given HIV resistance and then injected back in. The small study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, suggested the technique was safe. Some people are born with a very rare mutation that protects them from HIV. Analysis This is a

fascinating study and a significant development in tackling HIV. But let’s be clear - this is not going to be a routine treatment any time soon. Currently excellent drugs keep the virus in check, but if treatment stops then HIV runs rampant again. Genetically modifying the immune system so that it can resist HIV’s attacks could eventually free people frommedication. However, for now this is just an early test and there will be questions about safety, cost and effectiveness as this treatment is developed. But add this finding to the vaccine trials taking place and

the HIV baby ‘cures’ stories and there is a growing sense that a significant turning point for HIV is on the horizon. It changes the structure of their T-cells, a part of the immune system, so that the virus cannot get inside and multiply. The first person to recover from HIV, Timothy Ray Brown, had his immune system wiped out during leukaemia treatment and then replaced with a bone marrow transplant from someone with the mutation. Now researchers at the University of Pennsylvania are adapting patients’ own immune systems to give them that same defence.

People who have trouble sleeping tend to have less volume in certain regions of the brain than those without sleep problems, a new study of Persian Gulf War veterans suggests. “People discount the importance of sleep. So many things seem so much more important than a few extra hours of sleep a night,” lead author Linda L. Chao told Reuters Health.“The study suggests we shouldn’t discount sleep importance,” she said. Chao, from the University of California, San Francisco, collaborated with researchers at the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in San Francisco on the study published in the journal Sleep. Previous research has linked sleep disturbances to structural brain changes, the authors note. In their study, sleep was associated with the amount of gray matter in the brain’s frontal lobe in particular. “There’s other corroborating data showing that insomnia and a variety of psychiatric illnesses are reflected in reduced volumes in the brain, which makes sense because sleep and mood are functions of the brain,” Dr. John Winkelman told Reuters Health. A

psychiatrist, Winkelman is chief of the sleep disorders clinical research program at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. He was not involved in the current study. He described the frontal lobes as “an essential part of human functioning,” necessary for planning, strategizing, mood and affect. Veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) frequently complain about sleep difficulties, according to Chao and her colleagues. Studies have found high rates of sleep disorders among veterans of America’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan who had head injuries or PTSD (see Reuters Health story of October 28, 2011 here: For the current study, the

researchers scanned the brains of 144 mostly male veterans using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). They measu r e d s l e e p quality with the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, a crude, self-rated index that asks broad questions about sleep patterns over the past month. For example, the index asks participants a single question about the time they usually went to bed over the past month and another about how long it usually took them to fall asleep. The researchers found participants who reported poor quality sleep overall had less frontal lobe gray matter than vets who reported sleeping relatively well.

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RODNEY COMISSION OF INQUIRY, GIVE PRES. RAMOTAR SOME CREDIT FOR TRYING By Ralph Seeram We are all familiar with the old saying “you can please some of the people all the time, but you can’t please all the people all the time”. President Donald Ramotar finds himself in this “Catch 22” situation, if he doesn’t do something he gets criticized, if he does something he gets criticized also. Seems like the poor chap can’t win for trying. Let’s take the Rodney Commission of Inquiry for instance, the man try to pick distinguished jurists from the Caribbean and still get criticized, by the opposition specifically by the PNC. Could you imagine if he had drawn its members from Guyana? It’s going on some 34 yrs since Rodney was murdered, too long for the majority of young Guyanese to know who he was, what a political force he was to the PNC dictatorship in the late seventies to his murder in 1980. But I will come back to Rodney after I get a few things off my chest, since we are speaking about justice here. People may have justification in not trusting the justice system, and those who are supposed to administer it impartially. Like the case that came into prominence this week where a Magistrate remanded someone to jail despite the fact that the Prosecutor informs the Magistrate that the charge is an error, this Magistrate was either intoxicated, or so intoxicated with power, that common sense went through the window.

This brings into question the quality of people being appointed Magistrates these days, are these people from “the bottom of the barrel of the legal profession” who cannot make it as a practicing lawyer? In the old days some prominent lawyers took on positions as acting Magistrates to help relieve the back up of cases, but on the whole, most Magistrates were described as “cuss case lawyers” who really could not make it as practicing attorneys. They took the Magistrate jobs for the steady pay and hopefully some “bribe money” to make up the low salary. But back to the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry. Already PNC Basil Williams is finding fault with one of the Commissioners, I wonder if he is setting the stage as an excuse in the event the report comes out damaging to the PNC, now disguised as APNU. I recall the period when Rodney came on the political scene during the late 70’s early 80’s. It was a period of hopelessness for the Guyanese people. The PNC dictatorship was at its heights, the opposition PPP was powerless and toothless, they were not a force, and Burnham had reduced them to that. It was a time of great food shortage, and for the information of the young, we are talking of spending hours in a line in burning sun, for a pint of cooking oil, a few pounds of sugar, there was no flour, that was banned, kerosene oil and all

of the food items young people take for granted today. This may sound alien to young people today, but some people had to use candy to sweeten their tea, yes it was that bad. True we produced a lot of sugar and rice then, but most of it was exported to earn much needed foreign currency, so the lowest quality of rice was offered to the Guyanese public, can anybody remember “sifting” rice to get out the husks and black bits of rice before cooking? Now not everybody suffered the same, like how the PPP award contracts these days, ‘if you know somebody who know somebody” you could get the good stuff without going into a line. Leon Dundas wherever you are I still thank you for letting me have my supply of good rice in those days. So that was the situation when Rodney burst on the political scene. Here was a young man who challenged Burnham. He called Burnham all sorts of nasty names like King Kong at one meeting I heard him tell the crowd everything Burnham touched turned to s**t. I recall when Rodney kept his meeting in New Amsterdam a PNC stronghold, thousands turned out to listen to him. I saw PNC thugs cut the PA Systems wires in front of helpless policemen to silence him, but did not. I witnessed his meetings on the Corentyne, and believe me when I tell you that even Dr. Cheddi Jagan at that time didn’t draw that kind of crowd. The crowd was from all sections of the Guyanese

society, all races Indian or Black, he seemed to be the unifying force Guyana was l o o k i n g f o r. T h e c r o s s section of the crowd he drew would be the envy of today’s political leaders. At the time I came to the conclusion, this is the man to lead Guyana out or the morass it was in. Here is a man that stood up to the Kabaca; there is no question that the PNC was afraid of him. Let me tell you a little story how afraid the PNC was afraid of him. I am not sure if I mentioned this before, after a meeting in New Amsterdam, Rodney and his WPA entourage including a member of the La Bennett family was booked to sleep at the Penguin hotel after the meeting. Pressure was brought to bear by the PNC on the La Bennett’s, the owners of the Penguin not to let Rodney and his entourage sleep there, including their close relative. It was already late into the night to look for alternative accommodation. Attorney at Law Malcolm Ta h a r a l l y who live obliquely across from where the meeting was held invited the entourage to sleep at his house. They all slept in his living room, I know, I was there in the living room. Before Rodney was murdered I was two months away from leaving Guyana, I had mixed feelings, mixed emotions about leaving Guyana permanently for the US.

When he died on that fateful day in June 1980 whatever hope I had for Guyana died also, there were no doubts anymore I had to take my family out of the PNC dictatorship. I left in August. I am not sure what will come out of this Inquiry, it will bring some measure of closure to his family and supporters, and it is common knowledge who might have been responsible for his death, at least at that period of time. Most of the principal

players are dead, real evidence might be hard to come by now, but any Inquiry is better than none. I can tell you this in my view Donald Ramotar and the PPP don’t have much to worry about the finding of this inquiry. I can tell you who will - the PNC and all the cronies who are in bed with the PNC, now under the name APNU, the party that Rodney died for, the WPA. Politics do indeed make strange bedfellows. What do you think Walter is thinking now Rupert?

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Sunday March 09, 2014

Yesteryear characters influence young woman’s... (From page 57) were told. Their role back then centered on getting married and taking care of a family, and in some cases an extended one. However, 30-year-old Charles recalls that growing up, she knew that such a life was not for her, and with the motivation of strong and determined female characters of the past, she knew that she was going to at least fight to live the life she wanted to. That was the life of an independent woman. “As a young woman who was born and raised in a third world country, I wasn’t expected to have high aspirations. I was expected to get married at a young age, have babies, be a house wife, and take care of my family while my husband is the provider for the home. After all, that was the role of the majority of women who surrounded me.” Charles said that it was only until she moved to the United States of America at the age of 13 that she met women who had already come out of the “yesteryear” isola-

(From page 63)

LAND FOR SALE 2- Acres cultivated, 2-1 Acres cultivated, 7 Acres cultivated, citrus, house, fish pond, storage at ParikaCall:226-7968 House lots for sale on the West Bank of Demerara Harbour Bridge in Harbourville Schoonord- Contact:650-0402 One Transported large Lot at Zeelught EBE - $2.2M – Tel:617-4439 High Income land for sale @ Diamond - $5.5M Negotiable Tel: 683-9699. Parafaite Harmonie with foundations (20ftX30ft) $1.5M – Tel:675-7292 Romrima Trust Versailles @ W.B.D – Tel: 652-3707 One house lot in gated area at Versailles,WBD -Tel:622-6527 Parafaite Harmonie - $1M Tel: 675-7292 Parafaite Harmonie - $1.4M Tel: 675-7292 20 Acres Poultry Farm @ Yarrowkabra & 120 acres @ Mahaicony, 10 acres @ Moblissa, house & land @ Windsor Forest. – Tel:6864994; 225-3070

tion. “I watched women own their own businesses and did jobs, which according to our culture back then, was not properly suited for a woman.” “Of course as a woman I have aspirations of being a wife and a mother but that wasn’t all that I wanted to be,” Charles maintained. Deemed as the “concrete jungle where dreams are made of,” Charles was motivated by the kind of women she had been associated with in the United States. “I know that I could have become anything I wanted…as long as I stayed focused on my goals and aspirations.” Years later, Charles said that she found herself doing exactly what she was told not to do- become independent and follow her dreams. “I knew the only way I could have done that was by becoming an educated woman. Education is one of the most powerful tools that anyone can have, and I knew that in order for me to succeed, I had to become more than just an average student.” As such, she, with the support of her parents, left no stone unturned as it relates to obtaining knowledge and credentials. She recalls however that “By no means was I the most intelligent, but I was extremely disciplined and I did what I had to in order to succeed, but I did it all the right way,” the young woman posited. “I remember while in college my friends would go out partying and I was stuck at home writing papers at 3am in the morning, but it was a sacrifice that I knew I had to make in order to set myself apart from the rest of my peers who did the bare minimum in order to get by.” Charles boasted that today, she is the second person in her family to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree and the first

to obtain a Masters Degree. “It was a big accomplishment for me and I knew I was setting a precedent for the generation after me. My mother had to drop out of school because her parents couldn’t afford it, so she stayed home and helped with raising her younger brothers and sisters. That’s why she made sure I took my education seriously and did extra by sending me to lessons in the evening so that I can excel in my studies.” Amidst many challenges, Charles said that at age 25, she started working with the US Government. She declared proudly that at that time she was the youngest black woman to hold a management position at the municipality. “I started out as an intern, but then I was offered a permanent position.” She said that, “in college, we learned about the glass ceiling and I always say that my goal is to break that glass ceiling because as women, being treated less than our male counterpart simply isn’t fair.” According to Charles, she started her own business in the United States at the age of 27. This was in the form of a fully recognized and nationally approved day care center. “I did this without any knowledge of child care, and I employed caretakers. I remember telling a few people about it and they told me it was completely impossible. People even went as far as to laugh in my face, telling me that I had too many big dreams.” Charles pointed out though that while the harsh words did hurt her, she was not prepared to have negative people influence the way she wanted to live her life and the things she wanted to do in order to make a difference. Although she was already successful in her busi-

ness career, Charles said that somewhere “deep down inside,” she wanted to do something more. Not something to which would gain her money and professional recognition (as she already had that), but something that would change somebody else’s life for the better. Especially since the former St. Joseph’s High School student knew what it felt like to grow up in poverty. “I then decided that charity was what I had to embark on, so I chose to believe in my abilities, and I had mentors who guided me along the way, always imposing a saying that ‘wherever there’s a woman, there’s a way.” “Trust me, it wasn’t an easy road, many times I would just sit and cry because I thought I took on too much on my plate, I thought I’m just another little poor girl with high aspirations.” But, Charles said that she always resorted to remembering the words of powerful women like the great Oprah Winfrey who said that “Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness.” “Those were the words that kept me going, even though I felt like giving up, I didn’t. I stuck through all the trials and tribulations and kept on believing in myself

and in the power of the women before me.” As a result of her perseverance, and example set by women all across the world, including Guyana, Onica Charles has been able to grow into a massively ambitious young woman who is well known as the founder of the International Children’s Outreach (ICO). This is a USbased Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that has been helping children from all across the world. Feeding them, clothing them, and empowering them, especially young girls. Emphasis is also placed on Charles’ homeland, Guyana. Charles is currently constructing a community centre for the children of Craig/ Grove East Bank Demerara, where children will be given free extra lessons and modern library facilities along with healthy meals and a place to conduct sport related activities. Asked about her opinion regarding International Women’s Day, the day set aside to honour the successes of women in all walks of life and almost every field of work and society, Charles believes that over the past decades, women have come a long way; from not being able to vote to now becoming Presidents. “I think as women we need to support and uplift each

other and then it would be guaranteed that we can accomplish great things in the future.” The young entrepreneur added “I think International Women’s Day is a great time to reflect on the progress women have made and to celebrate the acts of courage and determination by not just female celebrities, but also by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of our communities.” To this end, Charles said that she is extremely proud that today, the women of Guyana are those of substance who make great role models. “I applaud them.” It is true that International Women’s Day is observed once a year, but the gender continues to contribute significantly to the growth of countries worldwide. And apart from their invaluable roles to the development of economies, the majority of them still continue to maintain their roles as homemakers and the greatest one of all- motherhood. In reflecting the growth of women and their strength, one must remember the word of renowned Philosopher Charles Malik- “The fastest way to change a society is to mobilize the women of the world.”

APNU’s ‘threat’ regarding media... From page 59 employed its legislative power to disapprove of funds for the two government-owned agencies after its efforts failed. Despite this course of action, the Finance Minister went ahead and spent an unapproved sum of money for both agencies. The matter is being dealt with by the Committee of Privileges Mr. Mark Archer, who serves as the Head of APNU’s Communication Department emailed Mr. Michael Gordon, Chief Executive Officer (ag.) of NCN over fair coverage on Friday last. In the letter addressed to Gordon, Archer said, “Over the last few months the National Communications

Network (NCN) has consistently devoted an inordinate amount of prime time coverage to the Peoples Progressive Party/Civic Administration’s propaganda on the AntiMoney Laundering and the Countering of the Financing of Terrorism Amendment Bill. In contrast, the parliamentary majority, A Partnership for National Unity and the Alliance For Change, have not been afforded the equal opportunity to share their points-of-view with the nation on this very important piece of legislation, through NCN.” Archer, a published writer, then referred to the PPP/C press conference on Tuesday last which was aired for more than an hour on the

NCN Channel. During the conference the Opposition was intensely lambasted and labeled with names such as “antinational” and “antidevelopment.” Archer said that the Network was not established to be, “the propaganda arm of the incumbent PPP/C Administration but, instead, to provide, in an even-handed manner, opportunities for the Guyanese people to hear all sides on important national issues.” He requested that the coalition be granted one hour of prime time on March 12 for a live Opposition press conference on the AntiMoney Laundering and the Countering of the Financing of Terrorism Bill.

Sunday March 09, 2014

Kaieteur News

CARICOM leaders to discuss marijuana legalization GEORGETOWN, Guyana (AP) — Researchers with a Caribbean trade bloc have found that decriminalizing marijuana and exploring its use for medicinal purposes could help boost the region’s sluggish economy. CARICOM leaders are expected to talk about the preliminary report in a twoday summit that begins Monday in the eastern Caribbean island of St Vincent. The report was released Friday to The Associated Press. Experts said the Caribbean already has a builtin competitive advantage with marijuana cultivation, noting that Jamaican researchers have launched a company that produces therapeutic and cosmetic products derived from the plants. “The region may wish therefore to explore any commercial benefit from a potential multi-billion industry including research and development and also the production of medical

marijuana products,” the report stated. Activists in Jamaica, St Lucia and other islands have pushed to legalize ganja use, with Jamaica’s health minister recently stating he was “fully on board” with medical marijuana. However, many in the Caribbean still consider it a dangerous drug, and marijuana possession can lead to jail time and stiff fines across the region. CARICOM spokesman Leonard Robertson said leaders would examine the report next week, but noted it

is not a key issue on the agenda. His comments were echoed by others including St. Vincent Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves. Marijuana has been decriminalized in other parts of the Western Hemisphere. Uruguay recently became the first country to approve nationwide ganja legalization, while the US states of Washington and Colorado passed recreational laws in 2012. In addition, 20 US states and the District of Columbia already have medical marijuana laws.

Doctor in death of baby boy during C-section sent home pending probe Trinidad Express - The doctor who performed a Caesarean section during which a baby boy’s head was sliced, penetrating his brain tissue, was Friday suspended pending the report of an independent investigation. Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan told the Express Friday that after receiving a report on the incident he indicated to chairman of the North Central Regional Health Authority (NCRHA) Dr Shehenaz Mohammed that the doctor be immediately suspended. On Carnival Saturday, a C-section was performed on Quelly Ann Cottle, 38, at the Mt Hope Women’s Hospital during which her baby died . The baby’s father, Emil Millington, through the Express, pleaded for answers surrounding his son’s death and called on the authorities for action, claiming there was an attempt to cover up the incident by cremating his baby the very day he died. The baby’s body is now at a funeral home as the date for a funeral is still to be decided. He was to be named Simeon. Sources told the Express there were many questions to be answered with respect to this case as the doctor who performed the surgery only recently obtained his specialist certification and should not have conducted the surgery without senior supervision. Sources disclosed that the senior consultant on call on that day was not around and will also be called to answer for the absence and why the doctor, who is said to be in his early 30s, was allowed to lead the surgery unsupervised. Mohammed told the Express the NCRHA board met yesterday at 1 p.m. and after reviewing the preliminary report and autopsy report and after consultation with the minister, a letter of suspension was sent to the doctor. The doctor, who became a registrar after receiving his specialist qualifications, was

suspended with basic salary. Mohammed said consultant psychiatrist Dr Neleene Baboolal was mandated to continue to provide support and counselling for the family. She said in keeping with good industrial practices and natural justice, the doctor in question was also offered counselling through the Employee Assistance Programme. Told of the doctor’s suspension yesterday, Millington, speaking to the Express by phone, said he expects more stringent action to be taken but will await the outcome of the investigation. Millington was also sympathetic towards the doctor, saying, “He’s a human being too but we have to know exactly what happened. I don’t like the idea of taking bread from another man’s mouth, but if a man can take away a life from me he has to understand there is a consequence to that.” Millington said he welcomed the independent investigation but fears information will be tampered with as he again claimed were attempts to cremate his baby’s body the very day he died. “The medical system as it is right now, this is against Trinidad and Tobago, this is greater than the insurrection of 1990 but I believe some good will come out of it,” said Millington. He said he does not intend to “sit back and wait” and plans to seek the advice of a lawyer. Millington said his family continues to grapple with its loss and he is trying to control his anger against the system. “My hope is that this what happen to me, that it never happen to anyone else again and if there is going to be compensation given I will set up some kind of fund to help others who have suffered in this way as I have suffered. This is too much for me,” said Millington.

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Kaieteur News

Sunday March 09, 2014

Malaysian plane still missing; questions over false IDs

Relatives of passengers onboard Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 are surrounded by the media at the Metropark Lido Hotel. KUALA LUMPUR/ HANOI (Reuters) - A Malaysia Airlines flight carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew went missing off the Vietnamese coast yesterday and was presumed to have crashed. There were no reports of bad weather and no sign why the Boeing 777-200ER would have vanished from radar screens about an hour after it took off from Kuala Lumpur for Beijing. There were no signs of sabotage nor claims of a terrorist attack. However, in Europe, news reports and officials said at least two people on board may have been carrying stolen passports. The Italian foreign ministry said in Rome that an Italian was listed on the flight’s manifest although no national from the country was on board. The passenger list provided by the airline includes Luigi Maraldi, 37, an Italian citizen. Newspaper

Corriere Della Sera reported that Maraldi’s passport was stolen in Thailand last August. The Italian Interior Ministry was unable to immediately comment on the report. In Vienna, the Austrian foreign ministry said an Austrian listed among the passengers was safe and had reported his passport stolen two years ago while he was travelling in Thailand. Asked for a possible explanation for the plane’s disappearance, Malaysia Airlines CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya told a news conference: “We are not ruling out any possibilities.” By late last night, there were no confirmed signs of the plane or any wreckage, over 20 hours after it went missing. Operations will continue through the night, officials said. Vietnam said its rescue planes had spotted two large oil slicks and a column of smoke off its coastline, but it was not clear if they were connected to the missing plane. “We sent two maritime boats and some military boats there to clarify, each boat with about 20 people,” Pham Quy Tieu, vice minister

of transportation, told Reuters by telephone yesterday evening. “The oil spills are about 15km long. Those boats will be there in about three to four hours.” A crash, if confirmed, would likely mark the U.S.built airliner’s deadliest incident since entering service 19 years ago. And it would also mark the second fatal accident involving a Boeing 777 in less than a year. Boeing said it was monitoring the situation but had no further comment. A large number of planes and ships from several countries were scouring the area where the plane last made contact, about halfway between Malaysia and the southern tip of Vietnam. Earlier yesterday, the airline had said people from 14 nationalities were among the 227 passengers, including at least 152 Chinese, 38 Malaysians, seven Indonesians, six Australians, five Indians, four French and three Americans. Chinese relatives of passengers angrily accused the airline of keeping them in the dark, while state media criticized the carrier’s poor response.

Sunday March 09, 2014

Kaieteur News

China draws ‘red line’ on North Korea, says won’t allow war on peninsula BEIJING (Reuters) - China declared a “red line” on North Korea yesterday, saying that China will not permit chaos or war on the Korean peninsula, and that peace can only come through denuclearization. China is North Korea’s most important diplomatic and economic supporter, though Beijing’s patience with Pyongyang has been severely tested following three nuclear tests and numerous bouts of saber rattling, including missile launches. “The Korean peninsula is right on China’s doorstep. We have a red line, that is, we will not allow war or instability on the Korean peninsula,” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told reporters on the sidelines of China’s annual largely rubber-stamp parliament. Wang called upon all parties to “exercise restraint”, adding that “genuine and lasting peace” on the peninsula was only possible

with denuclearization. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry visited China last month and said after talks in Beijing that China and the United States were discussing specific ways to press North Korea to give up its nuclear program. Western countries and independent experts have accused China of failing to implement properly U.N. sanctions on North Korea, including punitive measures adopted after Pyongyang’s third nuclear test in February last year. North Korea has forged ahead with its nuclear development after declaring the socalled six-party talks dead in 2008, overturning its commitments made under a 2005 disarmament deal aimed at rewarding it with economic incentives. Wang reiterated China’s calls for a resumption of the talks between North Korea, South Korea, the United States, Japan, Russia and host China.

Abbas: No recognition of Israel as Jewish state RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) — Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said there is “no way” he will recognize Israel as a Jewish state and accept a Palestinian capital in just a portion of Israeli-annexed east Jerusalem, rebuffing what Palestinians fear will be key elements of a U.S. peace proposal. Abbas’ comments signaled that the gaps between him and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu remain wide after seven months of mediation efforts by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. Abbas, whose remarks were published Friday by the Palestinian news agency WAFA, said he withstood international pressure in the past, when he sought U.N. recognition of a state of Palestine over Washington’s objections. Speaking to youth activists of his Fatah party, he suggested he would stand firm again, particularly over the demand that the Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state. “They are pressing and saying, ‘No peace without the Jewish state,’” he said, though not spelling out who is applying the pressure. “There is no way. We will not accept.” Netanyahu gave interviews to Israeli TV stations, excerpts of which were broadcast Friday night. “I am ready to proceed, I am ready to reach the end of the conflict, but it must be the

end of the conflict,” Netanyahu told Channel 10 TV. “We won’t allow the establishment of a Palestinian state so that it will continue the conflict, so it needs to recognize the state of the Jews just like they are demanding from us that we recognize the state of the Palestinians.” Netanyahu said Jerusalem will remain under Israeli sovereignty. Netanyahu has said such

recognition is required as proof that the Palestinians are serious about peace. Abbas has noted that the Palestine Liberation Organization recognized the state of Israel in 1993 and said this is sufficient. Palestinians fear the demand is an Israel attempt to restrict possible return options of Palestinian refugees and the rights of Israel’s large Arab minority.

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Kaieteur News

Sunday March 09, 2014

Protests continue after Venezuelan diplomatic win

Nicolas Maduro CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Venezuelans returned to the streets in protest yesterday, while the government continued to celebrate a diplomatic victory in the Organization of American States. Students called yesterday’s demonstration the “empty pots march” to highlight Venezuelans’

growing frustration with shortages of some everyday items. In Caracas, the march was scheduled to end at the country’s Food Ministry, but the evening before Caracas’ mayor announced that he had not authorized the march. Hundreds of riot police and National Guardsmen were posted in the area yesterday morning.

President Nicolas Maduro was scheduled to appear at a separate event recognizing the international day of the woman. Maduro has faced several weeks of daily student-led protests in Caracas and some other cities. The protests have been joined by mostly middleclass Venezuelans fed up with inflation that reached 56 percent last year, the shortages of items such as flour, cooking oil and toilet paper, and one of the highest murder rates in the world. Late Friday in Washington, the Organization of American States approved a declaration that rejected violence and called for justice for the 21 people the government says have died in weeks of street protests. The resolution also offered “full support” for the Venezuelan government’s peace initiative, in which the opposition has so far refused to participate. Student and political opposition leaders, one of whom is jailed, have refused to engage in dialogue with the government until all jailed protesters are released.

Twenty-nine countries voted in favor of the declaration, but the United States, Panama and Canada voted against it at the conclusion of 15 hours of debate spread over two days. Venezuela broke off relations with Panama, expelling its ambassador and three other diplomats, this week after that country asked the body to discuss the situation in Venezuela. The objections from the U.S. and Panama attached to the declaration were longer than the declaration itself. They argued the declaration

violated the body’s own rules against picking sides. “The OAS cannot sanction a dialogue in which much of the opposition has no voice and no faith,” according to the U.S. objection. “Only Venezuelans can find the solutions to Venezuela’s problems, but the situation in Venezuela today makes it imperative that a trusted third party facilitate the conversation as Venezuelans search for those solutions.” In a telephone interview with Venezuelan state television Friday night,

Foreign Minister Elias Jaua said it was a victory for Latin American and the Caribbean. Venezuelan government spokeswoman Delcy Rodriguez tweeted: “The meddling minority against Venezuela in the OAS, Panama, Canada and the U.S., is defeated in a historic decision that respects our sovereignty.” The government and opposition appear to have reached a stalemate, in which street protests continue daily while the opposition sits out a peace process it calls farcical.

US rapper rues lack of suppport for Kartel Bad Vybz! Jamaica Observer AMERICAN rapper Spliff Star, who, along with Busta Rhymes, flew into the island last week to support jailed deejay Vybz Kartel, expressed disappointment that local artistes are not coming to court in support of their beleaguered colleague. Spliff Star, who is of Trinidadian descent and appeared on Busta Rhymes’ album The Coming, shared his observation with the Jamaica Observer Friday. “Other artistes in Jamaica should come and support him. I can’t believe it. All Jamaican artistes should have stood up right here. Every artiste should have been right here,” said Spliff Star, 38, whose given name is William Lewis. “I don’t like that. Ask yourself, if you were in that position wouldn’t you want the support?” said Star, who, with Rhymes, was in the Number Two courtroom of the Home Circuit Court in downtown Kingston for a second day. Star and Rhymes left the courthouse with Vybz Kartel’s grandmother, Valda Palmer, sister Naydia Palmer and a cousin Chrisann McPherson. They were enveloped by a throng of supporters and media personnel on King Street. Rhymes hugged and chatted with Kartel’s relatives while supporters of the embattled DJ rallied around them. Rhymes (given name Trevor Smith Jr) has Jamaican roots and has previously collaborated with Kartel. While unwilling to speak about the case, he was in the island to show his support. “Me jus’ waan support the family of Kartel and support everything dat is right,” he said in Jamaican dialect. Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer; Shawn

Campbell, popularly known as Shawn Storm; Shane Williams; Andre St John; and Kahira Jones have been on trial since November 18 over allegations that they beat Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams to death at the entertainer’s Havendale, St Andrew home, on August 16, 2011 over the disappearance of two illegal guns. Meanwhile, presiding judge Justice Lennox Campbell in his second day of summation told jurors yesterday that this would be their last weekend on the trial. He indicated he would turn the case over for deliberation next week. Lawyers seemed uneasy with aspects of Campbell’s summation. His use of the word “scheme”, in describing the defence of conspiracy, seemed to have ruffled the attorneys. An attorney was observed mouthing the word “scheme” in surprise. The justice also apologised to the jurors for misquoting, on Thursday, the

evidence during his summation. But following that correction, Jones’s attorney, Pierre Rogers, had to correct him about misquoting the main witness’s evidence regarding the time he testified he had reached Havendale with Williams. Campbell again raised eyebrows among defence counsels when he said of the main witness: “The person who is dead is his friend.” The jurors are to determine whether Williams is in fact dead. Moments later, Campbell told the jurors that the main witness had testified that he was scared. “Ladies and gentlemen, these are not soft guys. These are men who locked guns. These are men who you wouldn’t think scare easily. Their knees wouldn’t buckle easily. What he’s telling you is that they were scared of the situation they were in,” Campbell said. Campbell will continue his summation tomorrow.

Sunday March 09, 2014

Kaieteur News

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“Nothing new on the West Indies front!” Colin E. H. Croft Starting today at Kensington Oval, Barbados, West Indies takes on England in three T-20 games, both team’s last proper engagement before going to Bangladesh for ICC World T20 World Cup 2014. These T-20’s are vital preparation for both teams and should be great entertainment value! As defending 2012 World T-20 champions, West Indies should also be able to tell, after this series, if they are up to defending that world title. Only time will tell, but reviewing last week’s ODI’s at Sir Vivian Richards’ stadium, Antigua & Barbuda, and even as all would like West Indies to repeat, I would say a resounding “No” to that suggestion now. West Indies looked too frenetic in those three ODI’s and not at all properly organized. In truth, England should have won all three of those games, eventually winning the series 2-1! The tourists, ICC WT-20

2010 winners here in the Caribbean, that year’s final played at said Kensington Oval, are, arguably, much more comfortable than West Indies right now, even after England had been recently destroyed by Australia in T-20’s, and even as West Indies are playing at home. That tells of the state of confusion of West Indies! England played its full T-20 team against West Indies in three ODI’s last week; only Alex Hales and Jade Dernback did not play; and won, while West Indies now have a fully revamped team for T-20 games! While England certainly wanted to win the ODI series, especially after Australia, they also realized that those ODI’s were great opportunities for T20 players to get much needed cricket under their belts, and, with the larger picture of ICC World T-20 2014 in sight, used that same team for both ODI’s and T-20’s. Even as Ian Bell is now also in as cover for injuries, that plan worked wonderfully well for England. England’s

batsmen had good hit-outs and all go into this T-20 series v WI in confident, winning shape! West Indies T-20’s team is much different than its ODI team, with tremendously dynamic and explosive Chris Gayle scheduled to play in Barbados, subject to being fit enough, of course. But West Indies also have several different, if not new faces, for the T-20’s, including leg-spinner Samuel Badree, wicket-keeper-batsmen Johnson Charles and Andre Fletcher, left-arm fast bowler Sheldon Cottrell, Gayle, allrounder Andre Russell and another medium-fast lefthander, Krishmar Santokie. If the hope is to give nowjoining WI players opportunities to play proper representative cricket, as England correctly called it earlier, then why had these players, except injured Gayle, not been selected to play v England in these three ODI’s? I strongly believe that any sports-person is as good as his or her last game, sometimes even series, but

Sunday March 09, 2014 ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) Don't let your boss make you feel guilty enough to take work home with you. Travel will turn out to be far more exciting than you imagined. TAURUS (Apr. 21- May 21) Get down to business and do the work yourself. Business conducted in your own office will proceed smoothly. Read between the lines before you sign your name. GEMINI (May 22-June 21) You will meet new friends and enjoy a multitude of new activities. Travel could be in order. Deceit with coworkers is apparent. CANCER (June 22-July 22) Don't overspend on entertainment, on children, or make poor investments. Daydreaming will be your downfall.

LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) Try not to overreact to the loss. You will inspire confidence in others. Deception is apparent. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) Do not overexpand if you have your own business. Sit tight. You need to do your own thing and work on making yourself the best you can be. SAGIT (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) Don't let your emotions interfere with moneymaking deals. Try not to be too lavish with your lover. Be careful when dealing with superiors. CAPRI (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) Some of your new friends may not be that trustworthy. Social gatherings will be conducive to meeting new potential mates. You need some help today.

LEO (July 23-Aug 22) You have a lot to offer. You will learn a great deal about yourself if you go somewhere secluded. Don't upset elders in your family who don't understand your present situation.

AQUARIUS Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) Don't let individuals with wild schemes talk you into a financial deal that is not likely to be successful. Travel should be on your mind.

VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) Cultural activities will prove to be quite enlightening for everyone. Don't let others take advantage of your good nature.

PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) Opportunities to travel will be favorable in terms of moneymaking connections. Turn your present relationship around or start a new one.

should not be picked based solely on some distant memory of over six months ago, sometimes even more. Certainly Charles and Fletcher, who both looked very poor last month representing Windward Islands in WI 50-overs competition, and Russell and Cottrell, who looked slightly better representing Jamaica, should have been included for ODI’s. Badree and Santokie have not played proper games in anger for months! Meanwhile, medium-pacer Ravi Rampaul looked extremely ordinary, heavy and jaded, 28 overs in three ODI’s costing 148 runs, dismal economy rate, for a front line bowler, of 5.28, getting only three wickets! Surely Cottrell, Russell or Santokie, or all of them, alternately, could have been given a run in those three ODI’s, to bring fresh legs and different approaches, instead of Rampaul’s lackluster, optimistic trundling. WI top order batting salvoes v England in the three

ODI’s were also severely putrid: 45-4, 30-3 and 43-4. It is a fortunate situation that Darren Bravo is not included in West Indies T-20 squad. With scores of 2, 13 and 16, the left-hander looked so out of that series that one wonders what could really be the matter. He certainly needs to make runs for Trinidad & Tobago in the 4-day competition, for his very own good! Dwayne Smith has again flattered, only to deceive; again, while Kieran Powell seemed perplexed, out of his depth! Had it not been for redeeming innings from Lendyl Simmons, Dwayne Bravo, Darren Sammy and a wonderful first ODI century from wicket-keeper Denesh Ramdin, results could have been much worse. But it is not only cricket on the field that worries fully, but that of West Indies team philosophy, as viewed from the outer. What exactly are they trying to do when they play any game? It should be to win, or at least to improve, but do they even believe that

Colin E. H. Croft says: they could achieve either, since winning alone takes severe planning? In all sports, there must, or should, be plans, but WI’s plans seemed not to materialize against England in those last three ODI’s. It was if West Indies were sometimes simply playing by rote and numbers! Dwayne Bravo batted well and bowled reasonably, but at times, his captaincy lacked objectives or imagination. While England compiled 3036, ODI # 3, Bravo often looked confused as to what to do next. So, these three T-20’s must be redeeming factors for West Indies. Enjoy!

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Milo / Petra Organisation Schools Football Competition

Sunday March 09, 2014

CIDI National Park 11 Race Cycle Meet

North Georgetown upset Tucville; QC, David Hamza Eastman takes feature 35-lap contest; Michael Anthony is juvenile winner Rose and Kingston also in winners’ row North Georgetown needing a victory to keep alive their chances of advancing to the Round of 16 in the Milo / Petra Schools Football Competition did what they were required to do after registering a hard fought 1-0 upset over favourites Tucville yesterday, at the Ministry of Education ground on Carifesta Avenue. On target for the winners was Rueben Miller, who netted in the 29th minute of play. Miller ’s goal came after both teams had shared equal ball possession in the opening segment of the game, before North Georgetown produced a magical sequence of play that saw them string together some clinical passes and Miller collecting a delivery from the middle on the right flank and fired low past the Tucville custodian. The half ended with no addition to the score. On the resumption, both teams looked for the opening, but stout defending and errant shooting nullified any chance of any team hitting the jackpot. Both teams created a few chances to score, but once again the goalkeepers were

the heroes as they made brilliant saves to keep the game on a knife’s edge, before the final whistle sounded, handing North Georgetown a well deserved win. In the first game of the day, David Rose scored an impressive 5-1 win over Richard Ishmael to justify the faith of football pundits who had predicted that they could gain full points from this contest. Stephon Green, Sherwin Charles,Akeem Giddings,Adrian Wong and Sherwin Joe were all on target for the winners, while Ricardo King responded for the losers. Queen’s College then squeezed past Tutorial by a 2-1 margin with Jaydev Mona and AshmarAngel netting their goals, while David Coates had briefly given Tutorial the lead. Kingston then sent an ominous warning to all contenders with an impressive 31 triumph over Carmel. Levi Williams, Allistair Holder and Shawn Gravesande were the players on target for Kingston, while Marlon Nedd was the lone responder for Carmel. In the day’s full results: David Rose 5 vs Richard Ishmael 1. David Rose Scorers; Stephon Green 24th,

Sherwin Charles 33rd, Akeem Giddings 43rd, Adrian Wong 44th, Sherwin Joe 58th. Richard Ishmael’s Scorer; Richardo King 60th. Queen’s College 2 vs Tutorial 1; QC Scorers; Jaydev Mona 9th, Ashmar Angel 42nd. Tutorial Scorer; David Coates 3rd. Kingston 3 vs Carmel 1. Kingston Scorers; Levi Williams 7th, Alistair Holder 31st, Shawn Gravesande 45th. Carmel Scorer; Marlon Nedd 14th. Tucville 0 vs North Georgetown 1. North Georgetown Scorer; Rueben Miller 29th. The competition continues today with four more matches at the same venue. 11:00 hrs- Christ Church Secondary vs. Cummings Lodge Secondary 12:30 hrs- Freeburg Secondary vs. North Georgetown Secondary 14:00 hrs- Charlestown Secondary School vs. New Campbellville Secondary School 15:30 hrs- North Riumveldt Secondary SchooL vs. Tucville Secondary.

Feature race winner Hamzah Eastman receives his trophy from CIDI representative, Ms. Alicia Katideen Caribbean International Distributors Inc. (CIDI) made a welcome entrance to cycling with the successful hosting of an 11-race Meet at the Mecca of the sport in the city, the National Park, yesterday. Organised by National Coach Hassan Mohamed, the feature 35-lap school boys

and invitational race saw United Bike shop Hmaza Eastman pedaling to victory over a seasoned field in One Hour 18 Minutes 03 Seconds leaving in his wake veteran Paul Choo-Wee-Nam, Orville Hinds, Robin Persaud, Alanzo Ambroze and Paul DeNobrega in that order.

Eastman and Choo-WeeNam pulled away from a breakaway pack on the 21st lap and never looked back. With about 800m to the finish line, Eastman pulled away from Choo-Wee-Nam to seal a memorable win. Following are the full results:

Hosein leads rout but honours even Port of Spain, Trinidad The tide swung so many sides today, but at the end of the second day at the Queen’s Park Oval, it was just about even. It was always going to be a crucial day that would decide which way this Round 2 contest between Trinidad and Tobago and the Windward Islands was heading. But even on a day that claimed 17 wickets, the match still hangs in the balance. The Windwards started the second day on 12/0, trailing T&T’s first innings score of 222 by 210 runs. Openers Devon Smith and Tyrone Theophile started the day slowly but they looked relatively comfortable. They had edged up the score to 38 when T&T skipper, Rayad Emrit, celebrating his 33rd birthday today, broke through for the hosts. Theophile drove a wide ball straight to Adrian Barath at extra-cover. The wicket seemed to shake up the Windwards. Seven runs later, Dalton Polius’ attempted quick single was ended in misery when Evin Lewis ran in from point, picked up and threw down the striker’s end wicket. He had chanced the NAGICO Super50’s

best fielder. Suddenly, an avalanche came down, and it was caused by a 20-year old kid, playing in his third First Class match. Akeal Hosein was the hero T&T were looking for at the start of an uncertain Day 2. His left-arm spin took 6-33 that helped his team skittle out the Leewards for 122 runs. Jason Mohammed provided good support for him at the other end. Mohammed took 2-17. T&T had gained a 100 run lead in the first innings. The visitors had a dream first half of the day, but it seemed T&T didn’t know what to do with the lead. Either that, or the Windwards’ bowling was just superb. Either way, T&T were reduced to 59/6 in their second innings and hanging on by a thread, and that thread was Darren Bravo. The West Indies batsman, who has been struggling for runs recently, seemed more focus at the wicket this time around. He started his innings slowly, as one would expect with T&T’s loss of early wickets. He built an innings that other batsmen could bat around him, but few took up the offer. Emrit joined him in the middle with T&T on 59/6. Both took the score to 106, putting on 47 runs together. Emrit made 18 runs from 57 balls,

hitting a six and a four along the way. Darren Bravo continued on strongly when his skipper was out. He finished the day on 57 not out, having struck nine boundaries. His knock has so far lasted for 148 balls. Yannic Cariah is a potent partner, who is with him, unbeaten on eight. T&T closed Day 2 on 127/7. That’s an overall lead of 227 runs with three wickets in hand. Day 3 promises to be the pivotal one, and that starts at 10am Eastern Caribbean Time tomorrow. Summary Scores: Trinidad & Tobago 1st Innings: 222All Out (85.4 Overs). Jason Mohammed 73, Adrian Barath 39, Rayad Emrit* 28, Yannic Cariah 24; Delorn Johnson 17.4-5-48-5,Alston Bobb 22-2-534, Nelon Pascal 9-1-27-1, Kenroy Peters 16-6-34-0. Windward Islands 1st Innings: 122All Out (41.5 Overs). Devon Smith 48*, Lindon James+ 22, Tyrone Theophile 17, Liam Sebastien* 9; Akeal Hosein 13.5-2-33-6, Jason Mohammed 72-17-2, Rayad Emrit 6-1-27-1, Marlon Richards 5-2-11-0. Trinidad & Tobago 2nd Innings: 127/7 (48 Overs). Darren Bravo 57*, Imran Khan 25, Rayad Emrit 18,Adrian Barath 6; Delorn Johnson 5-3-16-2, Nascal Pascal 8-1-26-2, Kenroy Peters 7-2-23-2, Liam Sebastien 14-7-24-1.

Thirimanne, Malinga give... From page 67 not out) hit the winning runs. Thirimanne, who reached his hundred with a single off Khan, was finally bowled by Ajmal who finished with 3-26. Sri Lanka had also won the Asia Cup in 1986, 1997, 2004 and 2008. Earlier, Pakistan, who decided to bat after winning the toss, were helped to 260-5 by a brilliant unbeaten 114 by Fawad Alam and a solid 65 by skipper Misbah-ul Haq. Alam’s knock helped Pakistan recover from early devastation caused by paceman Lasith Malinga, who took the first three wickets to force Pakistan on to the back foot, before he finished with 5-56. Alam added an invaluable 122 for the fourth wicket with

Misbah and then another 115 for the fifth wicket with Umar Akmal who made a 42-ball 59. Alam, who returned to the team with a brilliant 74 against Bangladesh on Tuesday after a four-year absence, hit eight boundaries and three sixes off 134 balls.Alam became the first left-handed Pakistan batsman, other than openers, to hit a one-day century. He hit paceman Thisara Perera over long-on for a six to reach his century off 126 balls. Akmal hit seven boundaries to give impetus to the innings as Pakistan scored 101 in the last ten overs. Earlier, Malinga rocked the innings with the wickets of Sharjeel Khan (eight), Ahmed Shehzad (five) and

Mohammad Hafeez (three) in his incisive four-over spell, pushing Pakistan to 18-3 by the fifth over. Misbah and Alam played steadily during their 122-run partnership and were lucky to survive some close chances. Misbah was ruled not out on 19 by Australian umpire Bruce Oxenford when action replays suggested he edged Mathews to wicket-keeper Sangakkara. Misbah hit three boundaries and two sixes during his solid 98-ball knock before Malinga returned for his second spell and had the Pakistan captain caught in the deep. Five-times champions India, hosts Bangladesh and Afghanistan were the other teams in the competition.

Sunday March 09, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Benn snares 5-29 to give Colours Boutique chips Bajans 44-run lead in with sponsorship - Guyanese squander 92-run 1st wicket stand Malta Supreme Hugh Ross Classic Body Building Show

By Sean Devers Resuming on 35-0 in reply to Barbados’ 184, Guyana squandered a solid 92-run opening partnership between 32-year-old Sewnarine Chattergoon (50) and 17-yearold Tagnarine Chanderpaul (41) to be dismissed for 140 in the second session of day two of their Regional four-day second round day/night cricket encounter at Providence yesterday. None of the other Guyanese batsmen passed 25 as they offered little resistance to 32-year-old left arm spinner Sulieman Benn who befuddled the batsmen with 5-28 from 17 overs. This was Guyana’s second total below 150 following their 117 all out in Jamaica. The visitors, who have not lost to Guyana in over three decades on South American soil, were 116-4 in their second innings, enjoying a lead of 160 runs. Rashidi Boucher 36 and Roston Chase 30 are the main scorers so far, the not out batsmen are Kevin Stoute 15 and Shane Dorwich 9. Skipper Kraigg Braithwaite (5) was removed by Keon Joseph at 12-1. Earlier, Chattergoon, in his 63rd First-Class game for Guyana reached the boundary eight times and cleared it once in an even half-century - his 20th for Guyana - before he cut off-spinner Ashely Nurse to Kraigg Braithwaite at point in the 40th over. Watched by a fair size crowd in sultry conditions on a track which played much better than on the first day,

GCB/Scotiabank Kiddy Cricket Enterprise defeated Strathspey Primary school by 53 runs to win the final of the Central East Coast Demerara District when the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB)/ Scotiabank nationwide Kiddy Cricket Festival continued yesterday. Playing at the Enterprise ground, the home team batted first and rattled up 173-6 in 10 overs. Edmond Pearson

Chattergoon batted for 159 minutes and faced 129 balls before his demise trigged a batting collapse which saw 10 wickets tumbling for just 48 runs. Chanderpaul, playing in only his fifth game at this level, contributed a carefully constructed 41 from 193 minutes and 156 balls with five fours but once the openers were separated on a pitch which held no terrors, the innings went into terminal decline as the batsmen were downed in a sea of hastiness. Chattergoon, who has four centuries for Guyana at this level, was in watchful mode although some of his shots, especially the cuts, were delightful to watch as they sped across the fast outfield. The left-hander from Albion in Berbice hit the only six in the innings when he pugnaciously hooked Tino Best into the stands behind square-leg in the 31st over but he failed to build on a good start. Chanderpaul caressed Jonathon Carter behind point for an exhilarating boundary before he played a rare bad shot when he drove at Benn and was d r o p p e d a t m i d - o f f by Miguel Cummins as the ball went for four with the West Indies youth left-hander on 29. He batted out the entire first session but Guyana lost three more wickets in a session that produced 72 runs and four wickets from 33 overs. Assad Fudadin, one of the mainstays in their loss

against Jamaica was removed for a first ball duck the next ball after Chattergoon’s departure. Narsingh Deonarine averted the hat trick but did not last long. Five runs later he was run out when he played the ball to backward point and was caught ball watching. Chanderpaul took off for a suicidal run and both batsmen ended up at the striker’s end to leave Guyana on 97-3. At 99-4, Skipper Christopher Barnwell (2) was caught by Kraigg Braithwaite at short cover as Nurse struck again in the opening session and by Lunch the Guyanese had reached 107-4. After the interval Chanderpaul, who fell one short of his highest first class score, was run out at 111-5 and without addition to the score Vishaul Singh, who scored 73 in Jamaica, edged Benn to the Keeper after making five and although Anthony Bramble came off the mark with a thumping boundary off Nurse in his 22, he was bowled by Benn at 138-9. This was after Benn, w h o l a s t p l a y e d a Te s t match in 2010, had gotten rid of Veerasammy Permaul (0) and Devendra Bishoo ( 4 ) i n q u i c k succession before disturbing the stumps of last man Raun Johnson (1) to finish with his 14th five wicket haul at this level. Nurse supported well with 3-51 for Barbados, hunting their 25th victory against Guyana in 67 matches since 1966. Today is the third day and play is scheduled to commence at 15:00hrs.

Colours Boutique Customer Service Representative Ms. Allicon Blackman hands over the cheque to HRC’s Dexter Garnett in the presence of Hugh Ross. Colours Boutique, located on Robb Street in the City is the latest corporate entity to lend support to the Fourt Hugh R o s s C l a s s i c a n d Body Building Show which is slated for Saturday March 29, 2014 at the National Cultural Centre. Customer Service Representative Ms. Allicon Blackman handed over the entity’s contribution to Hugh Ross Classic Sponsorship Officer Mr. Dexter Garnett in the presence of Mr. Hugh Ross. Blackman noted that

Colours Boutique has been a part of the show from its inception and feels vindicated to its continued participation since the show brings together the best athletes in Guyana and it also contributes towards the development of the sport. Ross in response expressed gratitude to Ms. Blackman and the Management of Colours Boutique for the confidence they continue to display in the Show which will have as its Guest Poser, IFBB Pro athlete, Jeff ‘Classic’ Beckham.

Thirimanne, Malinga give Sri Lanka fifth Asia Cup title

Enterprise Primary are Central ECD champs slammed four sixes in a top score of 24 while Clinton Alexander supported with 16 and extras contributed 20. Tyrese Brown claimed 2-2. Strathspey responded with 122-7 in 10 overs. Aaliyah Trotz was their leading batter with 14 and Randy Andrews made 10. Pearson snared 2-0 and Annika Layne 2-5. Meanwhile, Strathspey

edged out Annandale Primary in the bowl out after their semi final game ended in a tie. Strathspey hit the stumps twice while Annandale failed to score; each team had five attempts. Strathspey took first strike and posted 137-6 in 10 overs. Aru Hinds stroked 14, Darren Benjamin and Tyrese Brown chipped in with 10 and 9 respectively. Beyonce Jackson captured 2-5. Annandale scored 137-4 in 10 overs in reply. Delwyn Boyce led with 14 while Shawn Roopnarine and Romel Ramdatt contributed eight each. Crystal Alphonso was the pick of the bowlers for Strathspey with 2-6.

Three female categories will be contested on the night which includes Female Bodybuilding, Miss Figure and Miss Bikini. The male categories are, Bantamweight – up to 65kgs (143lbs), Lightweight – up to 70kgs (144-154lbs), Welterweight – up to 75kgs (155-165lbs), Light Middleweight – up to 80kgs (166-176lbs), Heavyweight (176 and over). The respective category winners will then compete in the overall when the winner will be crowned Mr. HRC 2014.

Lahiru Thirimanne celebrates after scoring a century Opener Lahiru Thirimanne Lanka’s successful chase of a hit a magnificent century to 261-run target in 46.2 overs for help Sri Lanka thump Pakistan his country’s fifth Asia Cup by five wickets to regain the title at Dhaka’s Shere Bangla Asia Cup title in Dhaka stadium. Thirimanne, who also yesterday. The left-hander notched 101 for his third one- scored a hundred in the day hundred to anchor Sri tournament’s opening match

against the same opponents, hit 13 boundaries during his 108-ball knock and steadied the chase during a solid 156run third-wicket partnership with veteran team-mate Mahela Jayawardene, who made 75. Pakistan’s main spin weapon Saeed Ajmal had broken through after Sri Lanka’s confident start of 56, dismissing Kusal Perera (42) and dangerman Kumar Sangakkara (nought) off successive deliveries. Jayawardene, who had a poor run of scores with 13, nine, 14 and nought in the tournament, benefitted when wicket-keeper Umar Akmal dropped a regulation catch off Shahid Afridi. Jayawardene, then 36, hit nine boundaries and a six before he holed out off paceman Mohammad Talha. Sri Lanka also lost Ashan Prinyanjan (13) to Junaid Khan and Thirimanne to Ajmal but skipper Angelo Mathews (16 Continued on page 66

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Journey to Mecca continues tonight - Eight top basketball clubs faceoff By Edison Jefford Eight teams will battle tonight at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall from 6pm to secure places in the semi-final of the ‘Road to Mecca’ National Basketball Club Championships, which is being held to herald the best basketball club in Guyana. The nation-wide club championship has already seen eight clubs crashing out of the tournament in what has been a long journey; after tonight, another four teams will be booted, as four carry on a mission to become the nation’s leading basketball enterprise. In the first half of the draw, Georgetown’s number two seeded, Colts will play the fourth seeded, Pepsi Sonics in the first game in what should be an evenly contested battle. Colts seeding alone is testament of how the club has emerged in two years. The threat of guards Shelroy and Sheldon Thomas along with Dave Causway has caused a lot of problems for varying defences. Add Nikkoloi Smith to that line-up, and the speed and pace of the Colts offence may be unmatched in local basketball. However, their deficiency is on the defensive and offensive boards because of their size, which is where Sonics will have an advantage with Collis ‘Forty’ Pluck continuing to dominate in the low and high posts for Sonics. He will be difficult to defend tonight. In addition, Sonics will try

to match the speed of Colts’ triple-threat with Jason Squires at the top along with Aubrey Austin. Pepsi Sonics also have the services of former junior national centre, Drexel Amsterdam, making them ‘big’ on the inside. Linden’s second seeded, Amelia’s Ward Jets and third seeded Victory Valley Royals will play in the game following the keenly contested Sonics vs. Colts match-up; again at stake is a semi-final place with Jets’ centre, Shane Webster having a key role. Webster will lead the clan of Websters, with three other brothers on the team, with guard, Kevin ‘Two Feet’ Joseph at the top. Emmanuel Archibald also represents a formidable force for them in the paint against an understaffed Victory Valley team. Though equipped with big men, Alwyn Rodney, Harold Adams and Mark Richards, Royals will feel that it does not have its best team with several key players unavailable. One such player will be guard, Chris Williams, who’s shooting, Royals will miss tonight. The third game of the night will feature Linden’s number one seeded, Kings against the fourth ranked, Retrieve Raiders. Kings have stocked its veterans on its roster with forwards, Abdullah Hamid, Omally Sampson and Marvin Hartman all part of the Kingdom. Shooting guard, Orin Rose is also on Kings’ roster to face Dwayne Roberts’ Retrieve

All roads lead to Rising Sun Turf Club Today, all roads lead to the Rising Sun Turf Club, Arima Park, West Coast, Berbice for that entity’s annual one-day Horse Race Meet which is being held in collaboration with the Shariff Business Enterprise and Racing Stable, West Coast Berbice. Seven races are listed today with over $8.5M in prize monies and trophies up for grabs and it is anticipated to be a day of scintillating races. Over 80 horses have entered for this Meet which is being touted as the biggest for the year to date. Corporate support has been excellent with the likes of Beverage Giants Banks DIH Limited, Trophy Stall, Republic Bank, Gene Equipped (John Dere) Company, the Shariff Business Enterprise, Jumbo Jet business Enterprise, Inshan Bacchus Hard

Running Trucking Company and Racing Stable and Romell Jagroop Construction Company among others, on board. The feature event is for horses classified C and Lower and will once again be sponsored by Banks DIH Limited, a winning purse of $1M is there for the taking from a total package of $2M and the Banks DIH trophy. Top individual performers including champion jockey, champion trainer and champion stable will be presented with accolades compliments of Trophy Stall, Bourda Market. The Meet is being held under the rules of the Guyana Horse Racing Authority and bugle time is 13:00hrs. Proceeds from the event will go towards charity. (Samuel Whyte)

Shane Webster Raiders. National forward, Neil Marks and Louis James forms parts of Raiders’ team for what will be an epic grudge contest at Guyana’s leading indoor venue. The last game will be a humdinger between Georgetown’s number one seeded club, Trinity Grid Holding (TGH) Pacesetters and fourth ranked, Dyna’s Ravens; Ravens have disposed Pacesetters on their last three meetings, including the 2013 Georgetown League, Playoffs and 2013 Brusches Classic in Linden. Pacesetters will want to turn the tide this year with arguably the country’s best inside playmaker, guard Travis Burnett leading them against a quality Ravens team. Pacesetters will feel that their chances have increased with Royston Siland back in the team. In his absence, Randy Richardson had filled the void and continues to do so with excellence. Veterans, Naylon Loncke and shooting guard, Steffon Gillis are all part of what should be a good side for Pacesetters on paper. However, the team seemed somewhat disjointed, notwithstanding their overwhelming talent, following the migration of their Coach, Robert Cadogan to the United States last year. Conversely, Ravens with guard/forward, Akeem Kanhai, Ryan Stephany, Rodwell Fortune and a host of other quality players, Ryan Gullen and Stephon Henry, have literally ascended to become the team to beat in recent months with an outstanding record. From winning the Brusches Classic to trumping Suriname’s best club in an exchange programme a few weeks ago, Ravens have emerged as one of the top teams with its classic systems, ball-rotation and entertaining transition offense. Tonight will feature four quality games as four teams move closer to the $400,000 first place prize and a year’s bragging rights.

Sunday March 09, 2014

Michael Benjamin rants: Kaieteur News special sports awards ceremony And the winner is —tanahnah—Shem, Larry and Moe!!! Suspense, anxiety, fear and confusion, all the ingredients that constitute a horror movie as it reaches its climax, have characterized the National Sports Awards Ceremony even as the curtains are lowered, leaving the audience confused and angry—another flop, another anti-climax and another waste of time and money going to the cinema to witness what was touted to be a blockbuster but instead evaporated into a lame Tom and Jerry cartoon with a skewed storyline and devoid of a concomitant plot. Now, it is axiomatic that Kaieteur News has a wide circulation and is a must read for droves in Guyana and around the world. As such, it is unsurprising that most, if not all of the local sports executives resolve to have their stories printed in these pages; many have gone the extra mile and a half to ensure that their event hits ‘the next edition’ of Kaieteur News. That must be saying something for the team of sports reporters at this august institution. Yet, not one of those individuals vested with the task of nominating the best for deliberations and eventually, selection, has found it apt to nominate any of the sports reporters of this august institution for the, once prestigious, award of eminent sports reporter. Now, hold up, we are treading on thin ice here and least we hear the famed ‘sour grapes’ epithet, let it be understood that it is not us at this newspapers that will have to eat those sour grapes, rather it is the nation at large, the readers, the many sports associations that send their releases to us with terse notes of what would happen if these stories fail to make the next edition of Kaieteur News—those are the stakeholders that must be fearful of the effects of such tardy and might I say, spiteful selection policies and/or handiwork. This forum can be likened unto the Grammy Awards which is in fact a compilation of all the stars where a panel of distinguished personnel examines the work of selected individuals and pronounce on its qualities. At the aforementioned awards, the names of the many stars are rattled off as Beyonce, Boys to Men, Gloria Estefan and Lionel Richie among others, compete for the ‘Holy Grail’ and after a close tussle the winner is announced. Now, the result might not

go down well with the public but what is important here is that the contestants all dished out ‘unforgettable’ tunes that were acknowledged as competent enough to have been nominated for the top award; their inability to impress the judges may be a purely subjective issue; at least they were nominated. Now back to the local awards——did we see a similar pattern? Were the best among the lot given an equal opportunity of clinching the prized prize? Rhetorical questions indeed! Really, a strong (sports) media core of journalists from all of the local entities should feel slighted that the mechanism to select the best among the lot of hard working reporters was inefficient and naturally ineffective. At the risk of being tarred with a nepotistic brush, the sports journalists of this newspaper would venture to query the absence of such individuals as Franklin Wilson, Edison Jefford and Rawle Welch, all individuals that have clinched the award before and whose work over the preceding year had produced astounding results. Wilson had travelled to Peru and Barbados to report on the local teams’ performances in the South American Youth Games and the Caribbean Rifle Shooting Championships as well as Australia versus the World Match. He had reported on the exploits of our sports representatives, coupled with his militarism in rifle shooting, bodybuilding, powerlifting and cycling etcetera, etcetera, etcetera; his efforts went for naught. He might have received some consolation after being nominated as the sports photographer of the year; this deserves a huge LMAO. Readers, do you remember the Gumendra Shewdas powerlifting episode where that athlete was honoured for his accomplishments then brought to earth after the Kaieteur News expose? The quality of work here was astounding and nudged the executives of the local entity to reality, albeit with positive results for local sports development yet Jefford, the architect of such sterling journalistic prowess failed to attract even a nomination for the top prize. Jefford’s pen was also consistent in covering athletics, table tennis and basketball among other

disciplines. Once again, in face book jargon that would have attracted 100 lols and a big LMAO. We were told that Guyana Boxing Association President, Steve Ninvalle comprised a part of the august group that voted. He it was that had bestowed the Best Journalist award on Michael Benjamin when his executives held their prize giving ceremony late last year. Inexplicably, this esteemed President found nothing amiss that his choice failed to earn consideration at the higher level—another resounding LMAO. Welch excelled in his coverage motor racing and football among other disciplines but yet no recognition. Well, the smoke has cleared and the various recipients have been announced and sometime in the near future, this esteemed group of awardees will convene at someplace to receive their awards at the prize giving ceremony. The following day, there will be a rush to the newsstands as the principals, friends, families and sports buffs buy a Kaieteur News newspaper to be properly appraised of what had transpired at that function. Mark my words, at the ceremony, glorious words would be uttered but no one will care to mention the apathy where numerous associations refused to be a part of the sham and did not submit nominations. No mention would be made of the fact that (woman) c r i c k e t e r, Shemaine Campbelle, only got her just due after strong opposition by (Kaieteur News) Sports Editor, Claude David, who nominated her from the floor. Few, if any, are aware of the criteria for nomination and selection and still fewer would be given an explanation for the omission of most of the top (sports) journalists up for consideration. Well this year, there will be more surprises for you all; Kaieteur Sport will be nominating three contestants and believe me, we have no doubt that they will make the grade and when one considers the modus operandi for nomination and eventual selection, Kaieteur Sport’s choices would be considered meritorious. Ladies and gentlemen, today we present for your consideration, Shem, Larry and Moe——all in favour say ‘aye.’

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