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Unions and Govt. agree locals must be given first option on state projects Living up to reputation

Brazilian First Lady visits Girl, 12, Boy, 15 businesswoman female prisons on shot, robbed twice remanded on Int'l Women's Day in four months murder charge

Child killed, several injured in ... drivers two-vehicle collision in custody

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Kaieteur News

Friday March 09, 2013

First Lady visits female prisons on Int’l Women’s Day By Leon Suseran Guyana’s First Lady, Deolatchmee Ramotar, was hailed for her courageous and historic visit to the New Amsterdam Female Prisons yesterday to mix, mingle, serve them lunch and share love and joy with the inmates there on International Women’s Day. It was perhaps a first visit to a prison by one of Guyana’s First Ladies. One of the inmates thanked the Frist Lady for the visit especially during a time when visits to such facilities are highly stigmatized; Mrs. Ramotar was described as brave. Mrs. Ramotar complimented the inmates for the enormous talent. ’When you leave this institution, there is a lot you can do out there”, she charged them. She wished them a happy International Women’s Day, much to the applause of the women. “I am very happy to be with you here today and have an opportunity to meet with you all. I have never visited a prison or a correctional institution.” She also commended the prison authorities “for the work that they are doing in providing you with new learning skills and enhancing

old skills you have, which, of course can be used upon your re- entry into the civilian society”. “We never really know why we are given the experience we are given, but I believe every experience is an important learning experience that, on the basic level, allows us to not only build character and strengthen who we are as a people, but our individual experience would allow us to enhance collectively, our society.” Mrs. Ramotar stated that for women particularly in prisons, they may sometimes believe that being in prison has “spelled the end of your lives… I do not want you to think so or believe so because this is not true”. She did agree that women will face some challenges and some stigma attached to prisoners once they enter society. “However, do not let this disadvantage you; do not let this prevent you from taking steps to live a full and productive life… “No matter what the circumstances or difficulties or situations, you can change your lives—you and I we all have in us, the qualities, the strength, the focus and determination to turn around our lives, to make a complete

First Lady receives Int;l Women’s Day gift, craft work from two female prisoners transformation…do not let this experience hold you back or prevent you later for pursing a university Degree, if that is what you want or becoming a businesswoman, nurse or doctor…” She told the inmates that it is not too late in life for them to get qualified and to succeed. “I really have great optimism that each of you is strong and capable of making a personal transformation.

Thus I urge you to take up the programmes offered to you and work to your utmost, so that on the day of your release, your time spent here can be put to productive use, not only for your society, family or friends, but most importantly for yourselves”. Officer-in-Charge of the New Amsterdam Prisons, Linden Cornette, stated, “Reflecting on Guyana’s situation, when our sphere has made significant

achievements and we started with [a woman] holding the highest office in the land, as Chancellor of the Judiciary, and so forth, unlike other countries, our women have the liberty to expand”. He added that the historic visit yesterday really and truly coincides with the Guyana Prison Service’s Strategic Development Programme. The inmates staged a cultural programme for the First Lady and sang

songs, recited poems, etc. First Lady Ramotar then presented hair-care products to the prison officers’ salon representative. She in turn was presented with crochet work and other craft work by the female prisoners. That part of the programme over, the First Lady served the inmates, and even sat and dined with them. She was accompanied by Member of Parliament, Mr. Faizal M. Jaffarally.


Dr. Bobby Ramroop

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Former President Bharrat Jagdeo

Friday March 09, 2013

Kaieteur News

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PPP/C Councillor forced to resign ... others reprimanded in Essequibo night tickets fraud A councillor was forced to resign and several others have been reprimanded following investigative findings into fraudulent activities during the most recently hosted Essequibo night. At that event a total of 13 bogus entry tickets were uncovered and a committee was formulated to probe that occurrence and recommend disciplinary actions.

Yesterday, Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Ganga Persaud, who was part of the committee, revealed that not only were investigations completed but a report was presented to the Government. Government, according to him, accepted the report and would have also acted based on its findings.

A number of officials, some employees of the regional administration among others, who were volunteers and were assigned tasks in relation to that activity, were in receipt of letters from Government. The letters, according to Persaud, highlighted areas in which there were breaches and several persons were reprimanded for their lapses among other shortcomings. Based on the investigative findings, it was recommended that one

Carnegie Hospitality Institute honours contributors - launches magazine Celebrating 80 years of training persons in the field of hospitality and improving family life is no minor accomplishment. Thus, the Carnegie School of Home Economics which can now be referred to as the Carnegie Hospitality Institute has a number of activities planned for the remainder of the year. Thursday evening saw a formal launching of these activities at the Herdmanston Lodge, Queenstown. It was during this that a few of the school’s few key contributors were honoured. They included former Principal and member of the Board of Directors of the institution, Ms. Magda Pollard. Pollard noted that even though she thoroughly pursued academics, she does not regret having joined the Carnegie School of Home Economics. She explained that the subjects offered at Carnegie and schools like it, all have to do with science- Domestic Science; food and nutrition. During a prior conversation Ms. Pollard explained that “many of us can cook, but not many of us know why the colour of the chicken changes in the pot…Many of us are into fashion but not many know how to treat and select their clothes.” Pollard posited that those are just some of the minor importance that ‘Clothing and Textiles’ as well as ‘Food and Nutrition’ plays in us pursuing healthy lives. Copies of a new Carnegie Souvenir Magazine were presented to Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand, and the guests of the simple launching ceremony. Minister Manickchand in congratulating the school expressed the need to have more men involved in its courses, since the ways of the

Ms. Magda Pollard accepts a token of appreciation from Mr. John Seeram world has changed. She pointed out that unlike before, there are more men who assist their wives in the home, be it with the chores or in looking after the children. Minister Manickchand said that likewise, the Education Ministry also wants to have more women

enroll in technical institutes. Chairman of the school’s Board of Directors, John Seeram, reiterated the need to extend the services offered by the Carnegie Hospitality Institute into the regions. This, he said, can only be done with the support that the institution hopes to receive from the private sector.

Army Officer injured during paratrooping practice Germaine Whyte, a 27-year-old Guyana Defence Force paratrooper was injured yesterday during a paratrooping exercise. According to the Army’s statement the incident occurred at Base Camp Stephenson while the officer was practising a free fall jump. Whyte, of Bagotstown, reportedly injured his leg and was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital for medical attention. According to the Army’s statement the injured rank’s leg has been ‘immobilized’.

councillor of the Regional Democratic Council be asked to resign. That councillor, who represented the People’s Progressive Party Civic slate, has since resigned. The report, Persaud disclosed, also contained clear documentation with regards to the principals and operational procedures that should inform any such activity undertaken by the Government in future. According to the Minister, the fraudulent act had in fact benefited from generous publicity from the media and “I think it is only fair to give an update. First of all it was an unfortunate incident but it happened and we are hoping that we have all learned from that bit.” He said that the checks and balances that were in place would have caused the

interception and discovery of the bogus tickets at an early stage. “If that didn’t happen it could have been 450 bogus tickets that could have been sold,” he speculated even as he insisted that no regional officials were found guilty of any wrongdoings save and except for the fact that they did not ensure that certain systems or procedures were rigidly enforced. Turning his attention to the decision to merely reprimand some officials, the Minister admitted that “in a general way reprimand in itself, if there is compelling evidence to show guilt, might not really be the right thing but in this instance the investigation would have identified culpability, system failures and others so the actions taken were based on

the evidence presence.” This publication had reported that a Region Two Democratic Councillor for the ruling party was caught with close to 500 counterfeit tickets printed for the 10th hosting of the Essequibo Night and Agriculture Fair which was held in early October of last year. The female councillor, this publication understands was arrested but was released on station bail hours after she was taken to the Aurora Police Station for questioning. Emerging reports had indicated that the tickets had no indication of a stamp or as being produced by the hosts. The counterfeit was detected after people who had purchased tickets from a booth managed by the ruling party were held up at the gate.

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There is more than meets the eye From recent utterances by the Minister of Home Affairs and the government it would seem that there is a concerted effort by the political opposition and the criminal elements to direct their attention exclusively to the Chinese population in Guyana. The Ministry of Home Affairs issued the first such statement. But even before Clement Rohee’s Ministry made such a statement there were the comments by Chinese Ambassador to Guyana, Zhang Limin. Speaking at the function at which the Chinese Government announced that it was gifting 28,145 laptop computers to Guyana’s One Laptop per Family programme, the Ambassador spoke of what he saw as attacks on the Chinese. Then there was the case of the Muslim girl who claimed that she was beaten by the Chinese proprietrix in a software store. This too sparked another protest. Reporters visited some Chinese owned and operated business places and found that all was not well. There were no receipts in the event that the buyer wanted to return the goods. This made headlines and all of a sudden there seemed to be unnecessary focus on the Chinese. Ambassador Zhang spoke of the relationship Guyana shares with China and suggested that since the two countries enjoy a friendly relationship perhaps the focus on the Chinese could be reduced. The Chinese are the largest investors in Guyana; they are the largest donors of grants to Guyana. In short they are the country’s cash cow. Guyana does not want to see its cash cow hightail it out of Guyana. The result is the attack by the government on the critics of Chinese wrongs in Guyana. There is nothing wrong with a government trying to protect any ethnic group that appears to be unfavorably targeted but it is another to suggest that there is this unfavorable targeting when there is no evidence. Cabinet has asked the police to gather statistics on the attacks against Chinese since there seems to be in the eyes of the government, an escalation of robbery attacks on Chinese-operated business places. What we do know is that every ethnic group in Guyana has been a victim of a criminal attack. Recently, the Brazilians were the prime targets of even rogue elements in the Guyana Police Force. The government said nothing. There was no claim of racism. Surely the Chinese are being viewed in a different light. The statistics would show that the Chinese are no more victims than any other ethnic group in Guyana. They may be the special interest group for the government. It has not escaped our notice that the government has been rushing to the defense of the Chinese at every turn, even to the point of telling the world that Guyana does not have skilled people to undertake constructions and in the process, justifying an all Chinese labour force. Fortunately, the message has been sent and there is unlikely to be any repetition of such a situation in Guyana. But one is left to wonder whether the Chinese are now being prepared for pride of place in Guyana. But supporting the Chinese for whatever reason is not the only issue. One must now wonder whether the government would hold a similar view if other nationalities are involved if those nationalities do not make lots of money available to Guyana. Over the last six months the Brazilians have been bearing the bulk of hinterland criminal activity. Just two days ago a Brazilian woman was shot in the heart of the city in broad daylight. She was with her husband and had just walked out of her business place. We have not heard anything about ethnic profiling as we heard when the government rushed to protect the Chinese. That same day gunmen targeted a Brazilian crew in the hinterland and not being satisfied with robbing the crew, shot and killed one of the Brazilians. We have had a recent case of soldiers targeting Brazilians. In fact, the Home Affairs Ministry was regaled with reports of people fleecing the Brazilians, even policemen. Where is the racism that Presidential Adviser Gail Teixeira spoke about? And where is the ethnic attack that Dr. Roger Luncheon speaks about. Surely there is ‘more in the mortar than the pestle’.

Saturday March 09, 2013

Letters... Where your views make the news

President Ramotar played the race card with respect to my letter DEAR EDITOR, Nothing shocks me anymore from the PPP, but I am very disturbed at two things reportedly uttered by President Ramotar at former President Cheddi Jagan’s memorial at Babu John. In his feature address, Mr. Ramotar reportedly called Moses Nagamootoo a ‘jackass’, a contemptuous act unbecoming of a President. I believe this is clear signal of the influence of the Jagdeoites over President Ramotar. The second was Mr. Ramotar ’s reputed condemnation of my letter titled “Was Janet Jagan the controlling force behind Cheddi Jagan?” (KN, March 3, 2013). Kaieteur News reported Mr. Ramotar’s fulminations in its article titled “Ramotar takes on opposition haters at Babu John” (KN, March 5, 2013) as follows: “Commenting on a letter which appeared in Sunday’s Kaieteur News in which a letter writer claimed that Mrs. Janet Jagan was behind all of the decisions made by Dr. Jagan, Mr. Ramotar called it a “racist propaganda, trying to say that only white people had brains. Imagine, someone to this day, in our newspaper today, still has that in their minds…and (George Maxwell) and the crew of them really need to have new brains! This is the quality of journalists we have in our country today!” I have no problem whatsoever with President Ramotar and anyone else for

that matter attacking my writings. I actually look forward to it, for this is how intellectual debate is generated for the betterment of the nation. What I have a problem with is blatant falsification of what I wrote, deceitful attribution of motives to my writings, mischaracterization of what was written, dismissal of the factual underpinnings of my arguments, drawing fatally flawed conclusions, misreading obvious inferences, ignoring what the article really said, tendering wrong and duplicitous perspectives on what was actually written and most importantly, jumping to a race-centric culmination when the facts and positions in my article simply rejected this racial angle. There is nothing in my article that allows for the President to jump to his misplaced race-centred conclusion on it. Absolutely nothing. I write letters almost every day condemning race politics and castigating racism in Guyana, a scourge that has decimated this country, yet the President paints me with the sickening race brush. There is a certain vulgarity and reprehensibility for a president of a racially fractured and politically divided society to stand on the presidential pulpit and call a true son of the soil a jackass and to so callously and wrongly paint a commentator with the race brush.

I remind Mr. Ramotar that there is no greater office in this country with the capacity for ethnic healing than the presidency. One has to seriously wonder what prevails in the President’s mind if this was all he could have extracted and highlighted from my article. To think that someone would see an honest question about Janet Jagan’s ideological influence over Cheddi Jagan in this light is frightening. Either the President did not read my article himself and was handed this speech to parrot or, heaven forbid, he read it and this is all he could reap from it. I remind everyone that the race card, misused or abused in a racially divided society is reputationally destructive. Now that the President has raised this racial angle in attacking my argument that Janet Jagan ideologically, not racially, controlled Cheddi Jagan, there are questions I need to ask the President. If my letter asserting that Janet ideologically controlled Cheddi and the PPP was, in the President’s mind, my endorsement of the horrible belief that ‘only white people had brains’, was Cheddi Jagan endorsing that ‘only white people had brains’ when he fawned, dutifully followed and tried to faithfully execute the ideologies of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Frederick Engels, Che Guevera, Josef Tito, Josef Stalin and Fidel Castro, among others, all Europeans or of

mostly European descent? When Cheddi Jagan tried to ram down Guyana’s throats the foreign ideologies crafted by Europeans like Marx, Engels and Lenin, was he trying to convey in doing so that ‘only white people had brains’? Was Cheddi Jagan promoting the belief that Europeans were superior when he so blindly embraced ideologies crafted in Europe by Europeans? Was Cheddi Jagan’s extreme and fanatical embrace of these philosophies and ideologies almost entirely borrowed from European thinkers and leaders an embodiment of the ludicrous ‘only white people had brains’ argument in Cheddi Jagan’s mind? Was Cheddi Jagan’s borrowing of his entire ideological frame of mind and reference from foreign sources, predominantly European, confirmation of Cheddi Jagan’s submission to Eurocentric thinking without attempting to craft a made-inGuyana model? Was this a manifestation in Cheddi Jagan of the debauched ‘only white people had brains’ mentality? At the end of the day, this country is too entangled in the continuing bitterness of racism for the President to utter such ill-conceived and misdirected abominations. I welcome condemnation from the President if it is factual and intellectually grounded, but I will not allow anyone to wrongfully accuse me of racist propaganda. M. Maxwell

Saturday March 09, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news UG’s policy-makers should reconsider this late penalty on students DEAR EDITOR, I find it wacky that the first thing that the newly appointed University of Guyana (UG) Vice Chancellor, Professor Jacob Opadeyi will give to students is a two-week deadline to pay their 2nd semester tuition fee or pay a late fee of $10,000. It must be noted that some of us still await last semester’s grades because of UG’s inefficiency. I find it hard that we are not hearing the discussion of quality of education with suitable and relevant applications and research from the University, and not forgetting access to and participation in the process to that quality education. Notwithstanding my long moderate view on this matter of the financial issues at UG, public debate should first centre on the restructuring of institution. Before handing over the reins of the education system to persons who care less and before accepting the arguments that higher tuition fees are inevitable and that free education is an outdated utopian ideal, it makes sense to take a timeout to reflect and really question what is happening to students and education in Guyana.

I find it funny that this national institution that should serve the nation is using tuition fee hikes and other financial burdens as a general trend toward privatising an educational institution and putting the poor at a disadvantage. Rather than shaping minds and imparting intellectual, cultural, or scientific heritage, Professor Jacob Opadeyi wants UG to be punishing students who cannot pay. Rather than cherry-picking on persons who cannot afford to pay their fees, the Vice Chancellor should setup a committee to investigate why persons are not paying and create a flexible arrangement to ease the burden off of students. It is no secret that most students take loans, but the reality is it is the ordinary students who are regular public servants and cannot get a loan for various reasons, that is being affected by this action. The truth is, governance and financing of the university is of vital importance, but this should not be at the expense of students. UG’s council must find ways to gather the much needed funds; such as Central Government clearing

off the indebtedness of the university and the contribution of institutions of research and development to UG in general. Those who have responsibility to govern, manage and regulate the finances, accounts, investments, property, business and all affairs whatsoever of the University, and for that purpose, to appoint bankers and any other officers or agents whom it may deem expedient to appoint; and to invest any monies belonging to the University including any unapplied income, in such stocks, funds, fully paid shares or securities as the Council may from time to time think fit, whether authorized by the general law for the investment of trust monies or not, or in the purchase of property whether movable or immovable, with the like power of varying such investments from time to time by sale or reinvestment or otherwise, should start doing something other than firing Lecturer. I am asking that those with responsibility for policy development and administration to reconsider this late penalty on students who are already struggling to pay their tuition fees. Adel Lilly

A dysfunctional nation DEAR EDITOR, Over the past decades we have seen the repeated malaise coming from those in the Guyanese society that have been elected to serve with the distinction and guile that enhances the position of the state without question. We the people have placed our trust in the hands of men and women who purport to make decisions that will be in the best interest of this nation. On numerous occasions we have watched, in dismay, as the decisions made by the politicians support the knowledge and intelligence of high school dropouts. Yet these politicians expect the populace to be satisfied with the decisions made. The politicians would like to take away our right to say that what we have seen is not good enough and does not represent our collective interest as a nation. Over a period of years we have seen the muddled direction of the current government. We have seen the blatant self-interest and nepotism that goes unabated as this government tries to hide the misdirection of their

bound-to-fail policies. Yet we continue to lend support, even though it is obvious that there will be no positives from the current journey on which this government embarks. Frederick Kissoon in his court deposition removed the veil of deception occurring before our eyes. During the Burnham government, the PPP preached how despotic he was. They maligned and decried his every move, in some cases justifiably so. Today we are witnesses to the same failed policies the PPP so ardently criticized now being repeated. Except now, there is a new twist that Burnham never tried to indulge. I would attribute this new twist of a racist action to the years of domination of Afro Guyanese in the civil service. A domination that occurred based on preference and societal position is now being seen as a disadvantage to be corrected. This

recidivistic approach by the PPP has prompted some to call for an enquiry into something they see as criminal. It seems that because things are being run by the PPP, they are bent on removing all vestiges of that domination in every aspect. It behooves me to think that the PPP is so sinister in their mode of thinking that they would embark on removing career civil servants based only on race, when most have no political aspirations that would be counter-productive to the smooth functioning of the party’s operation. If this action is not arrested it would mean that every new government is privy to the same behaviour of removing all Guyanese workers from their earned positions, especially when and if they are not of the dominating race of the party in power. Patrick Barker

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Saturday March 09, 2013

Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

Propaganda and empty rhetoric commemorate the life of Dr. Jagan at Babu John DEAR EDITOR, There is much to be said about President Ramotar’s recent lacklustre address at Babu John to commemorate the life of the late Cheddi Jagan. Instead of honouring Cde. Cheddi’s works, Mr. Ramotar went on a tirade against Moses Nagamootoo, Maxwell, and other citizens of Guyana. It is now clear for the people to see that he has become the replica of the

former president. For him to use such a sacred moment to cuss down his fellow Guyanese is not only an insult to Cde. Cheddi’s children and grandchildren, but is also unbecoming of the president of this great Republic. It also shows total disrespect for Guyanese in general. In reality, Mr. Ramotar is residing in a delusional world with his empty rhetoric. Can anyone imagine in this day

and age, President Ramotar can claim that “the character of Cheddi Jagan cannot be severed from the party (PPP)”? The truth is the Jagdeo/Ramotar has not only destroyed the PPP, but they have abandoned the ideals of Jagan for more than a decade now. We would like to remind Mr. Ramotar that no one stole from the treasury during Dr. Jagan’s tenure as president. Cde. Cheddi would not have

tolerated the massive corrupt practices that are currently taking place under the Jagdeo/Ramotar cabal. Cde. Cheddi would not have given any foreigner a contract to build the Marriott Hotel with the taxpayers’ money and not employ a single Guyanese worker. Cde. Cheddi was not corrupt and he was not a thief. He was an honest and decent man. Proof of this lay in the speech from his beloved

daughter, Nadira Jagan who said; “My parents were probably the most incorruptible people you would ever find; their honesty and integrity were of very high standards, but unfortunately that does not exist or I don’t see it in many of the leaders of the party and the government.” President Ramotar has failed miserably in a classic Stalinist style as he attempted to tell the people a story that is tantamount to saying that Cheddi would have subscribed to the $400 million houses in Pradoville 2 and he would have agreed to a G$3 million a month Presidential pension package and so on. What poppy-cock! As the General Secretary of the PPP, Mr. Ramotar and his cohorts, instead of putting out bogus platforms using Cheddi’s name, should have first listened to Nadira Jagan who said they failed to live up really and truly to what her parents stood for. Ms. Nadira Jagan noted that her parents lived very simple lives. In her words: “The house is there and I really encourage people to use the opportunity to go in

Bel Air and see the house where they lived…They lived a very simple life; they didn’t have big ostentatious homes that you see nowadays that government officials and party officials have…”. After more than a decade of deceit, untruths, distortions and incessant corrupt practices that have cost the taxpayers more than $35 billion, it is clear as daylight to the Guyanese people that what we have is a bunch of white collar economic gangsters, liars and cheats, who continue to live off the sweat of the people that Cheddi really loved - the poor and the working class. In Nadira Jagan’s words “… I think the party has moved away— not the party but certain elements in the party— f r o m t h e s e v e r y, v e r y important values that held the party together and what makes the PPP what it is and so for me, when I look at some of the things happening, my parents must be churning up in the waters of the rivers (in which their ashes were sprinkled)”. Dr. Asquith Rose and Harish S. Singh

Union breaks ranks and signs agreement with government CASTRIES, St. Lucia CMC – The Trade Union Federation (TUF) has suffered a major blow in its ongoing battle with the St. Lucia government for increased salaries for public workers after the Police Welfare Association (PWA) accepted the four per cent offer by the Kenny Anthony government. “In the history of the Federation we have never had a member breaking ranks and accepting an offer as a single association,” TUF president Julian Monrose said, confirming reports that the PWA had signed the accord on Thursday. Prime Minister Anthony has said that the country could not afford more than a four per cent wage hike for the 2010-2012 triennium while the TUF is sticking to its demand for a 9.5 per cent increase or six per cent with stipulated conditions. The public workers returned to their jobs on Wednesday at the end of a second week of “sick outs” that have crippled government services and left schools closed. The TUF, whose membership includes the Civil Service Association, the Fireman Association, and thge Nurses

Association, said it is prepared to hold negotiations with the government even as Monrose acknowledged that “we are still trying to assess the impact of the behaviour of the police body. “But what I can tell you is that at the last meeting between the TUF and the government negotiation team the Police Welfare Association was represented and we unanimously rejected the four per cent. So what could have caused a change of heart by the police we do not know as they have not communicated with us,” he said. Monrose said despite the action by the PWA, the TUF remains united and would not allow the issue to divide it. “I can speak very clearly of the other members that they will stand very firmly with the position of the Federation. “I guess in all situations you will have persons who are firm and strong while you will have others who are suspect even from day one,” Monrose added. Last week, Anthony said that the government would need an estimated EC$42 million (One EC dollar = US$0.37 cents) to meet the four per cent wage hike bill adding that this could also lead to reduction in expenditure for services to the population.

Friday March 09, 2013

Kaieteur News

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State of the arts drugs supply bond opens - Health Minister draws blank on cost

The new medical storage bond The government yesterday opened a state-ofthe-art storage facility which will house medical drugs for distribution to the regional health facilities and to the Georgetown Public Hospital. Called the Supply Chain Management Complex, the facility is located at Diamond, East Bank Demerara. The size of the facility is 26,691 square feet and consists of modern racks and refrigeration applications which cater for products such as vaccines and insulin. The facility was built to international standards and is being regarded as one of the largest of its kind in the Caribbean. Minister of Health, Dr Bheri Ramsaran, could not give a cost for building the facility. He said that since various donor agencies were involved, he would have to tally up the contributions of each of them. However, the Government Information Agency (GINA) had indicated that the cost would be around $500 million. The facility is

electronically managed and has all the prerequisites including controlled temperature and fire response mechanisms such as smoke detectors and sprinklers. Dr Ramsaran said that the cost of the facility was more than originally intended, because locations were switched. At the opening ceremony yesterday, he chronicled the “transformational” nature of the facility, noting that in 1992 medical drugs were being stored at a bond at Mud Flats, Kingston which was not air conditioned, was rat infested and dusty. He said that the Kingston bond was dilapidated and there was no concept of warehousing. Later on, the Ministry of Health used private facilities to house medical drugs and was faced with heavy losses due to expired drugs. The new facility has builtin temperature-controlled rooms to ensure that medicines do not expire prematurely. It will make use of efficient and modern inventory systems to prevent

spoilage and facilitate timely acquisition of needed medicines, while ensuring that Guyana’s population has access to pharmaceutical products of the highest quality. Dr Ramsaran said that the new facility would do more than just store drugs. It is intended to determine the medical and pharmaceutical needs of the country, procure supplies in a timely manner and efficiently distribute them to health care institutions. Once at Diamond, the drugs would be checked for quality and stored with the underlying principle being minimal storage time as the products will be distributed to the health facilities in a timely manner. The facility was built under the Supply Chained Management System (SCMS) of the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) through USAID. It is implemented by the Partnership for Supply Chain Management, a nonprofit entity, comprising 13 bodies, among them private sector, non-governmental and

faith-based organisations. At yesterday’s ceremony, US Ambassador Brent Hardt reaffirmed the United States’ commitment to upholding the ideals of PEPFAR Financed jointly by PEPFAR, through the United

Inside the bond

States-Agency for International Development and the Center for Diseases Control and Prevention, the World Bank, the InterAmerican Development Bank, and the Global Fund, the new warehouse facility stands as

an example of multi-donor collaboration and partnership with the Government of Guyana, which also contributed human and financial resources, the US Embassy stated. The Embassy said the facility is expected to become a warehousing center of excellence in the Caribbean, facilitating distribution of medicines and significantly improving Guyana’s supply chain by housing essential medical commodities at one location. “This impressive new warehouse is a product of the decade-long partnership that the United States and Guyana have forged under PEPFAR and stands as a physical ‘bricks and mortar’ achievement that serves to remind us not only of what we have accomplished together, but also of what remains to be done,” Hardt stated. He said the real legacy of PEFAR is not in the structure of a building, but in the lives saved and in the lifesaving capacity that has been developed through PEPFAR.

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Friday March 09, 2013

Friday March 09, 2013

Kaieteur News

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This should be on CNN If you want to open a shop in Guyana, there is a long list of agencies from whom you have to seek permission. You must have permission from the Central Planning and Housing Authority, be registered as a business with the Deeds Registry; in some cases you need the permission of the fire service not to mention the sanction from your local government body be it a NDC or a town council. Obtaining all these permits take a lot of time, a great deal of effort and requires expending resources. When you would have obtained the various permits, you still need to apply to the Guyana Revenue Authority for a license. But before you can have this, you have to ensure you have your TIN. If you don’t, then that can mean joining a line. Doing business in Guyana requires making the rounds. By the time you are finished, you are exhausted and wondering whether it was worth it. You wonder whether it would not have been easier to become a pavement or roadside huckster. It seems that today it pays to be a street peddler or street vendor as they are called here. You do not experience all the frustrations of obtaining permits. You can set up shop and do not need a licence from the GRA

because you are vending. In fact, right now there is an amazing sight right outside of the GRA head office on Camp Street. Why the GRA decided to consolidate most of their offices at that location is anyone’s guess especially considering that is a busy area and parking was a problem before the GRA moved in, much less now that they are operating full steam from the former Clico palace. If you wish to secure a parking in front of the new GRA headquarters, you had better meet there early because parking is limited. There is hardly sufficient parking for the GRA staff much less for the public. The GRA however had a brainwave and decided to arrange for parking in Waterloo Street and along East Street. Somebody needs to remind the GRA that it is in Guyana and very few Guyanese are going to park their vehicles- security or no security- and walk three blocks to the GRA office, much less the longer walk from East Street. The GRA even resorted to asking the public to park diagonally on the western carriageway of Camp Street so as allow more vehicles to park in the limited parking area alongside the road. However there is one vehicle which is parked every working day outside the GRA. This

Dem boys seh...

Some people planning dem exhibition De whole of Venezuela cry on Friday. In fact, dem been crying since Tuesday when Hugo Chavez dead. He was de man who give poor people a chance to become somebody. Now when people dead, is customary fuh either put dem underground or bun dem. De Russians keep dem leader to this day. Dem got he lie down in a place wheh people can still watch he and this man dead nearly ninety years ago. Of course de same people ain’t sure when he born. All dem sure about is that he born in April 1870. Burnham dead just under thirty years ago but he create a record. He was de man who dead, get a funeral service, go away and one year later come back fuh another funeral service. De plan was to treat he like Lenin but de body nearly spoil suh dem put he away fuh good. Now Venezuela decide that dem gun keep Chavez like Lenin suh that people can see hundreds of years from now. At de rate dem going de world gun end and Chavez gun still be on display. Bharrat planning de same thing but dem boys telling he not to try that. Some people would thief de body fuh wuk obeah and everybody know that Jagdeo gun be bad obeah. However, he got a long time to live. Nuff of dem boys gun be dead and gone before he time come. Is that same length of time it gun tek fuh Berry Berry tell dem boys how much de drug warehouse cost. He did seh that it cost couple hundred million dollar but when dem open de place he can’t remember. All he know is that de final cost gun be more. He seh that Brazzy is de tally clerk. That is how de money does end up in people pocket— vote fuh one set and go back to parliament fuh de pocket piece. But dem do one thing. Dem bring Bishop One Edgy Hill fuh bless de place. Dem boys seh is a place of calling pun de Creator fuh forgive dem fuh all de wrang thing dem do and fuh mek it right. Talk half and pray fuh Berry Berry and de bishop.

vehicle is not parked diagonally. It is an amazing case of Guyanese ingenuity, something that we should attempt to showcase on CNN or the BBC. Right outside of the GRA head office, there is a vehicle like the ones that run mini- bus services on the road way. And you would not believe what is taking place in this “bus”. In true ingenious Guyanese-style, photocopying and laminating

services are being offered from this vehicle, parked outside of the GRA head office. So if per chance you want to have a document photocopied, you do not need to go to the established stationary store not far away. You can have it all done right there in the “minibus.” And that is not all. They are offering ‘top-up’ also. So if you are out of credit, you can get your credit recharged right there. Guyanese surely know how to seize on a

business opportunity. One has to ask, though, whether in the context of the many mobile shops that are sprouting all over Guyana, whether the GRA has given any consideration to passing legislation that would allow them to have to approve licences for these types of businesses. It does seem patently unfair for a normal shop owner to have to be subject to all manner of regulations including buying a shop

licence when businesses on wheels are now operating not like hucksters but like fixed establishments. It is something worth thinking about!

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Guyanese, Jamaicans top list of CARICOM nationals denied entry to Barbados

Some 2,128 Guyanese nationals were refused entry into Barbados between 2007 and last year. Jamaica (Jamaica Gleaner) - Jamaican and Guyanese citizens account for the vast majority of CARICOM nationals who have been refused entry into Barbados over the last five years, according to statistics compiled by immigration officials there. However, the statistics, which are among the evidence tendered before the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) in the Shanique Myrie case, have shown that the majority of CARICOM nationals seeking entry into Barbados came from Trinidad and Tobago, St Lucia and St Vincent and the Grenadines. According to the data, 2128 Guyanese nationals and 1,485 Jamaicans were refused entry into Barbados between

2007 and last year. By comparison, the figures show that for the same five-year period, Barbadian immigration officers refused entry to 131 St Lucians, 134 Trinidadians and 372 citizens of St Vincent and the Grenadines. A breakdown of the numbers for last year shows that 42,295 Trinidadians visited Barbados, but only 28 were refused entry. It also revealed that 29,781 citizens of St Vincent and the Grenadines visited Barbados, but only 41 were refused entry. By comparison, 12,888 Jamaicans visited Barbados last year and 204 were refused entry; 163 of the 21,358 Guyanese who sought entry were refused.

The Jamaican Government joined the Shanique Myrie case last year as an intervenor and is seeking to prove that there has been a “persistent and relatively constant disparity” in the number of Jamaican nationals denied entry into Barbados when compared with nationals from other CARICOM countries. Apart from the damages being sought by Myrie in the landmark case, the CCJ is being asked to interpret the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas and provide a clear position on rights and privileges it provides for Caribbean nationals. Among the rights the CCJ is being asked to adjudicate are freedom of movement, the right to hassle-free travel

within CARICOM and nondiscrimination on the basis of nationality as well as the obligations of member states in carrying out their functions to ensure respect for and protection of the human dignity of every individual. Myrie has alleged that she was subjected to two painful and embarrassing cavity searches, and held in a dark, filthy cell for several hours before she was deported to Jamaica in March 2011. The case will shift to Barbados on March 18 when lawyers for the government will begin presenting their witnesses. Following this, they will travel to Trinidad and Tobago to make final submissions to the CCJ.

Friday March 09, 2013

Girl, 12, Boy, 15 remanded on murder charge A teenage boy and his 12year-old female accomplice yesterday appeared before the court on a charge of murder. They are charged with the murder of 40-year-old Pike Street Kitty fisherman, Antonio Isles. The charge against them was indictable thus they were required to plead, when they appeared before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine Beharry at the Georgetown Magistrate’s court. Isles was reportedly beaten to death on March 1, 2013. Isles, of 248 Pike Street, Kitty, worked on a fishing vessel at sea and had only returned home in the latter part of February. According newspaper

reports, the man was severely beaten by a group of men in Pike Street. Residents of Pike Street, Kitty, however, believed that some youths were responsible for Isles’s death. One of the suspects in the group was as young as ten years old and considered armed and dangerous, they said. After the attack, Isles was left lying on the road, but eventually was taken to the Kitty Police Station and then to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation Hospital (GPHC) where he later succumbed to his injuries. A post mortem revealed that Isles died as a result of a fractured skull.

Expect blackouts, GPL warns - as infrastructural works on substations, transmission lines continue Activities under GPL’s Infrastructure Development Project are progressing, with various substations and transmission lines under construction in Georgetown, East Coast and East Bank Demerara, the Guyana Power and Light Inc. (GPL) said yesterday. In Georgetown, work is progressing on a new Control Center and a new substation at Sophia, new substation in North Ruimveldt and a transmission line from Sophia to the North Ruimveldt substation. On the East Coast, installation of the new Good Hope substation is progressing while pole planting activities will commence shortly on the new transmission line between Sophia and Good Hope. At Golden Grove on the East Bank, foundation works have just started for the new substation. Construction of the new transmission lines from Sophia to North Ruimveldt

and Good Hope requires modifications to existing distribution circuits traversing the routes to create a safe corridor. “This means that the power supply to consumers between Sophia and Bygeval (Mahaica) and the areas bordered by Sophia, Hadfield Street, Alexander Village, North and South Ruimveldt and Republic Park would be affected during various phases of the new transmission stringing.” GPL said it would advertise the outages to inform consumers of the date, time and duration. “Next Tuesday, March 12, a number of modifications will be done to the three circuits supplying consumers between Sophia and Bygeval. The outage is expected from 08:30Hrs to 14:30Hrs but as various phases of the modification are completed, power would be restored. All consumers should be repowered by 14:30Hrs..”

Friday March 09, 2013

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Woman blames herbalist for son’s bloody vomit Another complaint about a popular herbalist that goes by the name of ‘Sister Lynn’ has surfaced. This time, a Corentyne woman is claiming that her son started to vomit blood one day after using liquid bottled concoctions that she purchased from the herbalist’s Number Two Village, East Canje clinic in December. According to Esther Tickchand, the treatment was supposed to have been for skin cancer and resulted in her dishing out US$1100 [$220,000] to the herbalist, who refused to repay any money after the vomiting episodes and allegedly chased her out of the clinic. Tickchand said that her son, Joshua, 19, had a skin condition. “He had some black spots coming out of his skin”, she stated. The boy visited numerous doctors who agreed that he had an allergic reaction “and they were treating him”. But it so happened that one night while enjoying an evening with the family, Tickchand was channel surfing and there was self- proclaimed herbalist Sister Lynn (whose real name is Lurline Smith) on the television hosting her Live TV herbal call-in programme. She decided to take her son to the clinic at Number Two Village on December 12, last, “and when she [Sister Lynn] looked at him, she said that the boy does not have a skin problem—he has a skin cancer”. She told the herbalist that the boy had visited five doctors, [one at] N/A Hospital, Dr. Anamayah, Dr. Walter Singh, Dr. Narine, and

Dr. Balwant Singh and “all of them said it was the same problem and he was on a tablet called Prednisolone”. She stated that it “kept the spots down but the spots did not disappear. That was the reason I took him to [Sister] Lynn”. He would usually have high fever and headaches when the spots would appear on the skin, “and when I carry him to Sister Lynn, she said that the boy has skin cancer, so I started to cry and told her that it was not possible…so she said that the doctors want to ‘hang their mouth’ and that she (is) trained and certified to treat cancer and that she would treat him three-month treatment and the boy would get better”. Tickchand then enquired how much the treatment would cost, “and she told me US$1100. Then she said it will be another next $29,000 separate for three cancer injections and some cancer pills”. The woman doled out the $29,000 the very day and paid the $220,000 the following day. The treatment comprised of several oneliter water bottles filled with liquid, one marked ‘Herbal tea’, tube creams, etc. During the second day of treatment, the boy started to vomit blood. “I went back and told her and she said that she cannot do anything about that and those drugs are expensive. So I asked her to return some of my money but she did not want to do that”. Upon advice from family members, she was asked to

do a biopsy to determine whether the teen had skin cancer, which she later did with Dr. Motilall at the Anamayah Memorial Hospital in Corentyne, on December 15, 2012. The results proved negative. “So I went back and told her and showed her the results and she started to threaten me to get out of there because I ‘do not know she is who and that she deals with Maccabee bible and that she can appear and disappear’. “But I know she was just trying to scare me to get out of there”. Repeated attempts to reason with Sister Lynn to collect back some of the money proved futile and Tickchand then made a report at the Central Police Station. “There was not [any] justice there and they told me that I have to go take a private action [lawyer]”. However, the woman said that taking a lawyer to sue Sister Lynn for receiving money under false pretence would be too expensive,

GPL labour dispute

Arbitration tribunal to meet Monday The arbitration tribunal setup to arbitrate the labour dispute between Guyana Power and Light Company (GPL) and the National Association of Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial Employees (NAACIE) will have its first meeting with both parties on Monday. The meeting is expected to be held at the Ministry of Labour boardroom. The panel comprises Justice Prem Persaud; Dr. Gobind Ganga, Deputy Governor of Bank of Guyana; and Grantley Culbard, former General Secretary of Clerical and Commercial Workers’ Union. Justice Persaud has been appointed the chairman while Senior Labour Officer of the Ministry Muchell Baburam will conduct duties

of Secretary to the tribunal. On February 27, GPL employees downed tools over a five percent all inclusive package. This included a one percent across the board pay increase. This has been rejected by the Union which is demanding an eight percent across the board increase. But, GPL is adamant that it cannot afford the five percent package being offered much less the eight percent. It claims that high fuel price is a burden. In addition it may have to increase its contribution to the employees’ pension fund with the Hand In Hand Trust Company. However, the Union is of a different contention. NAACIE believes that the

company could afford to pay the demanded increase because it recently accessed a $11B loan. Two days after strike action, Minister of Labour Dr. Nanda Gopual engaged both parties. They were given the weekend to ponder on the discussions and to decide on a feasible outcome. However, both parties stood their grounds and the Minister ruled the matter must be sent to arbitration. As a condition to have the arbitration tribunal functioning the six-day strike was called off and workers returned to their work duties. The power company and Union are now each tasked with preparing and submitting memoranda comprising their positions to the panel.

given that she already dished out US$1100 for the treatment. ‘She ripping off a lot of people because afterwards then I get to hear...that people telling me that she is a fraud and not only here— Georgetown too—Also I was made to understand that she did it to another man in the next village- -she took almost $249,000 from those people and almost killed the man too”. When contacted, Sister Lynn stated that Tickchand “is a lying, wicked bitch”. “It get some very wicked people—I have clients who can tell you about me”, she stated. She noted, too, that she never told Tickchand that

the boy had skin cancer, rather that the black lesions could become cancerous and prescribed the concoctions and treatment. “People come to me—no one is forced to come to me because they visit all the doctors and when they get

fed up they come to me”. Sister Lynn stated, too, that she is an “indigenous lady and I have a right to practice my indigenous rights”. The Guyana Association for Alternative Medicine has distanced itself from some self-proclaimed herbalists.

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Friday March 09, 2013

APNU dismisses Linden Commission report as ‘wishy washy’ The country’s main opposition coalition, APNU, yesterday, described as “wishy washy” the report by the Commission of Inquiry into last July’s Linden protest that left three men dead. Dr Rupert Roopnaraine, Parliamentarian for APNU, said that the section of the report dealing with compensation consisted of “disgraceful pages. “ Attorney Basil Williams, also an APNU Parliamentarian, said that while the Commission apportioned blame to the Police for the shooting to death of the three men and wounding several others, it sought to create an “exit” route for the Police. No one was specifically named for being responsible for the deaths. APNU said that the unjustified shooting to death of unarmed protesters at MackenzieWismar on July 18, 2012, was confirmed by the Commission of Inquiry. The report noted, “The positive evidence reveals – no police officer was injured; policemen were armed with guns; no evidence that anyone else was so armed” and that

- Roopnarine says slams compensation as “disgraceful” GDP from Guyana, based - says “Justice has not been done” on 2012 prices.

Dr Rupert Roopnaraine “from these factors, one can therefore reasonably conclude that the fatal shooting was done by the Police.” APNU took issue with the Commissioners, saying they were bent on attributing blame to the protestors for failing to abide by the conditions of the permission granted by the Police for the march. Dr Roopnaraine quoted the report as saying that “the evidence revealed that the conditions were

breached and therein was the birth of the ensuing problems.” He pointed out that the leaders and activists did not escape censure by the Commissioners, who stated that “the organisers of the protest must accept some responsibility or what subsequently transpired on the 18th July, 2012.” APNU called these aspects of the report as a misguided attempt at a display of even-handedness. “The Commissioners can be said to have strained at a gnat and swallowed a camel.” Dr Roopnaraine declared that the Commissioners were “predictably strong on the legal niceties and disappointingly lame on the human dimensions of the Linden tragedy.” He said that nowhere in the report is there “the slightest hint of awareness of the anguish and distress that drove thousands of our citizens to take to the streets in defence of their human rights and the well-being of their families.”

Instead, he said by a curious and twisted logic, “the victims of a crime are portrayed as responsible for the crime.” According to Dr Roopnaraine, the report is devoid of any concerns with human rights; with neither their defence nor their violation drawing comment from the Commissioners. He said that this want of human solidarity is more blatant when considering the “contemptuous socalled compensation” awarded to the families of the dead and wounded. “It has to be said that the pages of the Report dealing with compensation to the estates of the three dead men and the injured persons, written from a great height, are far and away it’s most shameful,” Dr Roopnaraine stated. For example, he said that the award to the estate of 18-year-old Ron Somerset is equal to less than five years per capita

“Is this what a Guyanese life is worth? When did life stop being priceless?” He said that the awards are predicated on a static view of the lifetime chances of the individuals killed, adding that there is not the slightest recognition that these could be lives of potentially great Guyanese, cut down in their prime. “This contradicts the international stance Guyana has traditionally supported that the lives of the poor and powerless, or Third World people, are as valuable as all others, or First World people,” Dr Roopnaraine stated. He said there is no recognition by the Commissioners that many countries have struggled in a humane way to arrive at a multi-dimensional view of how to compensate for the loss of human life. Dr Roopnaraine made reference to the Ogden

Actuarial Tables that govern compensation in the courts of the United Kingdom. He said that the Commissioners completely ignore the issue of psychological wounding in a situation where citizens, including children, continue to suffer from post-traumatic disorders consequent on the violence and murders they witnessed on July 18, last year. APNU rejected the view of Chairman of the Commission, Justice Lensley Wolfe, that justice has been done. “With the finding that the Linden martyrs died at the hands of the Police, a beginning has been made. But justice is still a long way off.” He said that APNU will work for the establishment of a Board of Assessors charged with the review of the awards handed down by the Commission so that due and full recognition will be given to those who suffered from the brutal and fatal assaults at the hands of the police in the course of the Linden protests. “Nothing less will suffice.”

Ensuring quality through product inspection essential--GNBS Through routine inspection practices, manufacturing companies worldwide are managing to control the quality of their products offered to their customers, according to the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS). The bureau noted that by “inspection” it is usually meant that at certain stages in the course of production, a comparison is made between what has actually been produced and what should have been produced. It was explained that the standard of reference may be a specification, drawing or a visual quality standard. The check made must be appropriate to the job and must be made with suitable measuring instruments. Inspectors, the GNBS noted should not waste time checking things that do not matter or fail to do a check that is important. Things that are unlikely to go wrong need little checking and those that are difficult to hold within limits will need a considerable amount of attention. A d d i n g t h a t i t ’s a misconception that the Inspector alone is responsible for quality, GNBS underscored that quality results from a combination of the quality of the original

designs, the methods used, equipment and materials used along with the skill and care of the operator. In spite of these, if the job is still wrong, no amount of inspection will put it right. According to production flow, the inspection may be divided into incoming inspection, in-process inspection and final inspection. Incoming inspection concerns goods upon delivery from vendors and/or suppliers. It consists of inspection of raw materials, components and subassemblies. The aim of incoming inspection is to prevent goods that do not fulfill the quality requirements from entering the production process. In-process inspection aims to prevent products of unacceptable quality from being manufactured. It provides data for making decisions on the product (accept or rework or reject), as well as on the process (run or stop). It was further noted that the final inspection and testing is done after manufacture has been completed, with the object of making sure that the goods concerned are satisfactory for dispatch to the customer or maybe to another department for the next operation. Based on the product specifications, inspection

instructions are prepared that lay down the details of the tests to be carried out, the measuring instruments or test equipment to be used and the criteria for deciding acceptance of the product with respect to each characteristic. Inspection instructions should also include details of the sampling plan such as size of sample and the criteria of acceptance to be followed. Measuring instruments or test equipment used for inspection should be calibrated periodically to verify their accuracy. “It is necessary to exercise suitable control over the movement of the product through the inspection area in order to avoid a mix-up of accepted and rejected products. Ways to exercise such control include: Provision of clear labels (preferably of different colours) for products awaiting inspection, accepted products, rejected products, products on hold awaiting the results of tests and/or inspection and so on; Separation of accepted and rejected products; Review of rejected products for rectification or repair or for sale as seconds; The accepted product should only be released to the next process or to the customer by a person who is authorized to do so,” the GNBS noted.

Friday March 09, 2013

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Fuel monopoly ends at Ogle Airport…

ASL invests $150M in new fuel facilities A fuel handling monopoly at the Ogle Airport Inc, East Coast Demerara, has reportedly been lifted and one company is about to cash in. According to one of Guyana’s oldest aircraft operators, Air Services Limited (ASL), it has plugged US$750,000 ($150M) to build its own fuel handling facility. ASL is now awaiting the green light to start operating, a statement from the company said yesterday. The fuel farm is located oblique to its hangar at Ogle Airport, East Coast Demerara. According to ASL, this move would allow them to refuel their entire fleet independently from other suppliers. Construction of the farm started in July 2012 and was completed last year. In a comment on the benefits from the venture, ASL’s Captain Mazahar Ally pointed out that it will lead to significant savings that will keep air transportation affordable and allow for a far more efficient turn around of their aircraft in-between flights. The official noted that once the facility is in operation, aircraft operators can choose their fuel service provider since the monopoly

Aerial shot of the ASL fuel farm.

Mazahar Ally on fuel handling has been removed. The facility will be able to handle both Jet A-1 fuel for turbine engine aircraft and Avgas 100 LL for piston engine aircrafts. According to ASL, the four tanks have a total capacity of 40,000 US gallons for Jet A-1 and 20,000 US gallons for Avgas 100 LL. Saying that the tanks meet international and national regulatory standards for environmental protection, ASL also noted that the bulk loading systems are fitted

with explosion-proof motors. “ASL staff has had practical fuel handling experience over the past few decades and has benefitted from training by internationally qualified fuel consultants brought in by Rubis, Guyoil and the Guyana Energy Agency who generously facilitated ASL’s staff participation.” The company is now

preparing for a three-day aviation fuel handling course scheduled from March 16, next. “This course will be conducted by a Global Aviation Fuel Consultant, Ravin Apadoo, from Fuel Solutions Inc, Canada. ASL extended participation to both the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority and Guyana Energy Authority who will

each be sending two representatives to this course.” ASL said that the new facility will help “fuel” the further expansion of ASL at Ogle as it is the intention to acquire three more airside lots to accommodate the “growing fleet of airplanes and helicopters and a further three acres of non-airside space to ease parking

problems and cargo storage” for customers. ASL said that it views the realization of this long held dream as a fitting celebration of the centenary of local aviation which is being celebrated this month. Last year, ASL clashed with other members of the OAI after it attempted to buy fuel from the then designated supplier.

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Friday March 09, 2013

Guyana celebrated International Women’s Day…

Prime Minister calls for women to be secured

As Guyana joined the world in observing International Women’s Day, Prime Minister Samuel Hinds yesterday declared that there is no place for violence against women; and called on all Guyanese to play their part in the elimination process. Hinds’s comments were well accepted by an audience of career women as he delivered remarks at a symposium held at the International Conference Centre. The event, which was hosted by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, attracted women from all sectors of Guyana’s labour force and in the absence of President Donald Ramotar, the Prime Minister played the part. This year’s theme under which International Women’s day is observed is “The Gender Agenda: Gaining Momentum.” Prime Minister Hinds called on the police to protect women; on the judiciary to ensure justice is awarded and on employers to ensure their right to decent work is not

violated. He also used the opportunity to call on all men to give women the “respect they deserve.” The Prime Minister’s comments come at a juncture when legislations are in place to protect women’s rights legally but enforcement is lacking. Many complaints of violence against women are treated lightly and sometimes never see the light of day in Courts, he said. Hinds, who identified his grandmother and mother as two extraordinary women, pledged that Government will continue to pursue the empowerment of women. He said that Guyana has produced many outstanding women locally and abroad and saluted the women who pioneered women’s rights, empowerment and gender equality locally. The Prime Minister acknowledged that women are integrally involved in the crafting of laws in the National Assembly and in the creation of programmes and policies that influence the lives of women in Cabinet. Women are usually the

Former president, Janet Jagan

Former First Lady and Education Minister: Viola Burnham

ones to make necessary sacrifices to keep families strong, the Prime Minister said and called on men to step forward and make an equal sacrifice in the development of family life. He said that Guyana has made steady progress in achieving gender equality, particularly, through access to primary and secondary education. However, strides are being made for parity at the tertiary level. According to Hinds,

twice the number of women than men graduate with first degrees from the University of Guyana. He said that that situation needs to be addressed since it can lead to violence in the home. Hinds said that husbands sometimes feel inferior to their wives’ achievements and resort to violence to restore the domain of power. Hinds reminded that traditionally, women were caregivers but noted that today this concept is

changing and more women are in the work force, are property owners and have a presence in the National Assembly. He recalled that in 2001 the Constitution was amended to allow equal status of women. Minister of Human Resource and Social Security, Jennifer Webster, said that though women all over the world deserve to celebrate “this day,” Caribbean and Guyanese women have more to pat themselves on the back for; since Caribbean women went through slavery and indentership. Webster, a woman of worth herself, applauded the signature contributions of a number of Guyanese iconic women including Janet Jagan and Viola Burnham She said that women have greater representation in parliament in 2013 where there are 31 per cent females in parliament as compared to 1992 when there were 18.5 per cent. Webster noted that Guyana is 25 th of 189 countries that liberate

women. The Minister then pointed out that the life expectancy of women and their maternal health have increased in Guyana. Webster told the gathering that gender equality is not a women initiative. Rather, it is one that needs to be embraced by all. She too called on every Guyanese to respect women, “work together and make sure Guyana moves on.” Khadija Musa, United Nations Resident Coordinator, UNDP, said that she is hurt to see violence against women splashed on the front page of daily newspapers. Women can transform their situation and this will require character and behavioural changes which will need to begin at home, she added. Musa said that change is possible and it is happening at a time when every country in the world had a female on its Olympics teams (London 2012); and peoples stood in solidarity with the teenage Pakistani girl who was shot because of her fight for girls to be educated.

Friday March 09, 2013

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Muslim organisations unite for renowned visit by scholar

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Brazilian businesswoman shot, robbed twice in four months

Marcia Martins

Muslim scholar, Huzoor Maulana Zain ul Akhtab Siddiqi paid a courtesy call on President Donald Ramotar. Guyanese from all walks of life and throughout the country were treated to some of the most inspiring and enlightening lectures from one of the world’s most renowned and respected Muslim scholar, Huzoor Maulana Zain ul Akhtab Siddiqi, who recently visited Guyana for a week long programmes. The programmes were staged under the theme “Muhammad is the way to paradise.” According to Public Relations, Reyaz Hussein, Huzoor Zain Akhtab lived up fully to his expectations with his unique oratory skills where he engaged the audience in his presentations. “Later on as expressed by many Muslims, His Eminence Hazrat Zain was said to be the best scholar to have ever visited the country. Not since the Late Maulana Shamshuddin, Late Maulana

Shah Ahmad Nooranie and Late Maulana Abdul Aleem Siddiqui made their visit to this part of the world in the middle and latter half of the last century, had the visit of any other Muslim scholar to Guyana generated the hype as this visit of Maulana Zain to the Guyanese Muslim Community and Guyana.” He emphatically said. Adding that the Muslim scholars’ visit to Guyana brought about the unity of all the Muslim organizations, Hussein said in fact the entire Muslim community was mobilized for this historic visit. A packed itinerary with programmes and activities throughout the country saw the visit of the scholar even though coordinated through the Anna Catherina Islamic Complex and the Guyana United Sadr Islamic Anjuman but had the support of all the Muslim Organizations in Guyana.

He said that the Central Islamic Organization of Guyana (CIOG), the Guyana Islamic Trust (GIT) and the Anjuman Hifazatul Islam (HIFAZ), Darul Uloom are the major organizations that lent support to the tour while all the other Muslim organizations were committed in some way or the other to the visit. Adding that at the main programme at the Anna Catherina Islamic Complex, his Eminence electrified his audience which included Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, Leader of the Opposition political parties in Parliament, David Granger, with his presentation. Hussein said the packed Lecture Hall was treated to a never before interactive speech of great eloquence. Courtesy calls were also made on President of Guyana, Donald Ramotar and other dignitaries.

Sylvester Joseph said police planted drugs on him

… but heads to jail Sylvester Joseph, called “Squeaky”, 24, of Victoria Street, Cumberland, East Canje, Berbice was on Friday jailed for three years and fined $51,600 by Magistrate Adela Nagamootoo when he appeared before her at the New Amsterdam Magistrate’s Court. He was found guilty on a charge of possession of narcotics for the purpose of trafficking. Prosecutor, Sergeant Godfrey Playter, said that around 01:05 hrs on December 29, last, the police were on mobile patrol when, in the vicinity of Main and Pitt Streets

they noticed Joseph, who was carrying a bag, acting in a suspicious manner. He was stopped and searched and in a camouflage bag he was carrying over his shoulder, nine Zip Lock transparent plastic bags containing leaves, seeds and stems of the marijuana plant were found. He was told of the suspicion, arrested and taken to the Central Police Station where the contents were tested and weighed and found to be 43 grams of marijuana. He was subsequently charged. He told investigators that someone sent him to buy the drugs, but could give no plausible description of who the person was. In court Joseph had earlier pleaded guilty, but had

informed the court that he did not know about the drugs. Thus the magistrate had entered a not guilty plea for him. He had told the court, “Your worship, I don’t know about any drugs. I went and sport at a bar in New Amsterdam and a get drunk. When a done drink me been going home and me go and standup at Pitt Street waiting to see how ah gone reach home. Same time the police come and start beat me up fuh nothing. They bring a bag and put it over me shoulder and tell me how a get drugs on me.” At the conclusion of the trial Joseph was found guilty on the charge of possession of narcotics for the purpose of trafficking and jailed.

Brazilian businesswoman, Marcia Maria Martins, 47, was shot and robbed yesterday for the second time in four months. This time the incident occurred on Regent Street at around 15:00hrs. Martins was shot in her right leg. The woman was said to have been out shopping with her husband “Rakesh” when the incident occurred. According to the man, they had just exited the Chinese store opposite Riaz Computer Services and were about to get into the car when the incident occurred. He explained that he had almost got into the driver’s seat of the vehicle when his wife who was walking towards the passenger door of the car, was approached by a skinny male who demanded her purse. The man said that it was after his wife refused to hand over her purse to the man that she was shot in the foot.

“Rakesh” said that before he could do anything, the robber snatched the woman’s purse and ran away. He however noted that should he come across the man again, he will be able to positively identify him. The contents of the woman’s purse are still unclear. Sales representatives of the Chinese store told Kaieteur News that they were sitting in front of the door just inches away from the woman when she was shot. “We were sitting right here and we see when the man rush up to she and ask for her purse. The woman said no, and we see the man pull out a gun. We didn’t even wait for anything else. All ah we, even to we pregnant boss lady, rush inside and run fuh go to the back. But before we could reach deh, we hear the gun fire,” one employee said. Another noted that just seconds after, the gunman ran away, and they came back

outside only to find Martins lying on the ground with blood spewing out of her right foot. “The man with the woman, I think is her husband, he tek off he shirt and quickly wrap up the woman foot and put her in the car,” one of the sales girls said. Martins was treated for the single gunshot wound at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) and discharged. Martin was also shot to her hip and robbed on December 1, last, in, again, broad daylight at the corner of Cummings Street and South Road, where her business, the Sunflower Hotel, is located. Kaieteur News understands that during the time of that incident, the security camera on the building was off. This drastically lessened the chances of police ever finding Martins attacker.

Man jailed for hitting wife with rum bottle

A man who assaulted his reputed wife with a rum bottle was yesterday sentenced to nine months’ imprisonment by Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry. On March 7, last, at River View, Ruimveldt, Nazir Rahim assaulted Raywattie Boodhoo, his reputed wife, so as to cause her actual bodily harm. He pleaded guilty to the charge when it was read to him, yesterday. Police prosecutor, Seon Blackman, told the court that Boodhoo and the defendant are living together at 14 River View, Ruimveldt. He said that on the day in question around 21:45hrs Rahim and Boodhoo were at home when Boodhoo went to a nearby shop and bought four Banks beers and returned home. Blackman further stated that Rahim gave Boodhoo a beer to drink and she refused to consume it. He said that the accused became angry and dealt Boodhoo a lash to her

Nazim Rahim, jailed

head with a rum bottle causing the bottle to break. He said that the VC suffered from a head concussion. The matter was reported to the Ruimveldt Police Station and the accused was arrested. Boodhoo’s medical showed that she received multiple lacerations. The presiding Magistrate

sentenced him to nine months’ imprisonment. Following the ruling by the Magistrate, Rahim blurted out “My worship, me and wife decide to work things out. However the Magistrate informed the man that her ruling was final and that he will have to serve his time in prison.

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Friday March 09, 2013

Child killed, several injured in two-vehicle collision ...drivers in custody A 13-year-old student of the Tagore Memorial Secondary School on the Corentyne lost her life while traveling on her way to school in a Tapir shortly after 08:00 hrs yesterday. In what might have been the first fatal accident in a very long time involving Tapirs, the two- vehicle smash- up occurred along the treacherous Number 68 Village turn resulting in several persons—mainly school children on their way to school—and a teacher, being injured. However, Nicola Artie Bridgelall was not so lucky. She was due to migrate to St. Kitts next Friday. Reports state that one vehicle, H 6505 was heading north to Tagore School when it collided with another HA 2572, heading south. “The other one [HA 2572] turn in front of him, and when he turned, he ‘draw brakes’ and hit the other one [HA 2572] on its side,” stated an eyewitness. The two drivers, who both reside at Number 72 Village, are currently in police

custody at the Springlands Police Station. The driver of HA 2572, reportedly tried to flee the scene but was quickly accosted by villagers. That same driver is reported to have been “banned [by police] from driving” a few months ago. Three passengers along with the driver and conductor were in the Tapir H 6505 while reports suggest that two passengers, excluding the driver occupied HA 2572. The child’s mother, Pushmawattie ‘Navita’ Bridgelall, was too traumatized to speak about the incident. The dead child’s grandmother, Priya, said that the family heard about the accident shortly after 08:00 hrs yesterday and rushed to the scene. The child left home in the usual manner and took her brother to a nearby nursery school, after which she boarded the vehicle. “We heard that the driver who knock her down was hiding in another Tapir but the police catch him and took him down”, she related. “She was a very clever girl- -a very good girl. The whole class of children started to cry this morning when they heard about her death,” her grandmother

DEAD: Nicola Bridgelall related. “My granddaughter very good, she said while breaking down in tears. Only Friday [coming] she suppose to ‘go away’—to St. Kitts, to develop her life”. At the Lot 11 Number 71 Village home yesterday, the headmistress of the school which the child attended and a few teachers were also present with the grieving family. Kowsilla Ramroop, 14, was traveling with her best friend, Nicola. The traumatized young lady was, up to press time, still not aware that Bridgelall had died. She stated that she became very scared when the Tapir

Tapir H 6505 in the police station compound after the accident she was in hit the other. She sustained minor injuries about her forehead and was admitted to the Skeldon Hospital and then released. “Every morning we catch the same Tapir”. Other students of Line Path Secondary School who were passengers of HA 2572

also received minor injuries. Young Nicola leaves to mourn her siblings Rohit, 11; Isha 5; Kevin 4 and her father, Anand Shiwprasad. Tapirs are relatively popular along the Upper Corentyne area for traveling. The fares are reasonable and accident rates are virtually

low to non- existent. A Tapir is a small homemade box shaped van that accommodates about eight passengers. After 30 years they are the only mode of public transportation between Crabwood Creek and N0. 51 Village on the Corentyne.

The police recently identified the East Bank Demerara roadway as the most deadly in the country. Yesterday two motorists sought to continue that tradition and ended up in a canal at the side of the

roadway. In the vicinity of Prospect, East Bank Demerara, according to eyewitnesses, the two vehicles were heading in a southerly direction. The driver of the grey

car indicated that he wished to turn but at the same time the driver of the red car attempted to overtake. The result was that they proved the adage ‘More haste, less speed’.

Living up to reputation

Friday March 09, 2013

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Friday March 09, 2013

Unions, Govt. agree locals must be given first preference on state projects Government has agreed to put systems in place to ensure locals are given first preference to jobs in stateowned projects. Following a meeting Thursday between a team led by Prime Minister Sam Hinds and the Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) at the Critchlow Labour College, a joint statement was issued yesterday. The issue of locals being given first preference came to the fore a few weeks ago after revelations that the construction of the US$51M Marriott-branded hotel involved mostly Chinese workers. Government later explained that the contractor, Shanghai Construction Group, had the discretion under its contract to hire its own workforce. They also said that a skills shortage in Guyana and language barrier posed challenges, forcing the decision to hire Chinese workers. The issue had sparked protests by unions and saw Government claiming that the Chinese, who have been financing a number of large government projects, were

being targeted. According to the joint statement yesterday by Government and GTUC, it was agreed at the meeting that rules and systems be put in place that “citizens at all times be given an opportunity to be employed in appropriate jobs before consideration be given to foreigners”. The administration, in the statement, reiterated its position that in the absence of sufficient appropriate skills, the issue must be looked at within the context of Guyana’s national policy of training and education to meet the expected quality that exists at the international level. Also at the meeting Thursday were GTUC’s General Secretary, Lincoln Lewis; President Norris Witter and members of the affiliates of the GTUC, and accountant/columnist Christopher Ram, who is an advisor to the GTUC. During a PowerPoint presentation, head of the Atlantic Hotel Inc. (AHI), the state-owned company overlooking the construction of the hotel, Winston

Government and Union officials during the meeting on Thursday Brassington, “detailed accounts of efforts to achieve transparency, information sharing, the financial structure, the involvement and arrangements by the various entities involved in this project; the likely outcomes as it relates to the securing of about 350 permanent jobs as a result of the Hotel and its entertainment center inclusive of its nightclub and its casino,” the joint

statement said. Also there were representatives of the private sector. “GTUC has stated that while the request for the meeting was made by the Prime Minister and Leader of the Government Business in the House, there are other issues of concerns that are grounded in rights and the rule of law and are equally important to be raised during subsequent discussions

amongst which, outstanding industrial relations issues at BCGI/RUSAL and the restoration of the subvention to the Critchlow Labour College.” GTUC acknowledged that while it has concerns regarding the manner in which the decisions related to the construction of the Marriott Hotel were arrived at, it also recognises that the project cannot be stopped at this juncture.

“As such, it would like to see arrangements be put in place to avoid a recurrence of the issues that gave rise to the denial of the rights of the citizens of Guyana to work, and be equipped the requisite skills to compete.” A proposal was also made to develop capacity in construction management and expanding the available pool of skilled and semiskilled workers in Guyana.

Saturday March 09, 2013

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Global leaders, celebrities honour Chavez at funeral CARACAS (Reuters) Mourners from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to U.S. Oscarwinner Sean Penn paid an emotional farewell to Hugo Chavez at yesterday’s funeral for the charismatic but divisive Venezuelan leader who changed the face of politics in South America. Chavez died this week at age 58 after a two-year battle with cancer, devastating millions of mostly poor supporters who loved him for putting the country’s vast oil wealth at their service, but giving hope to foes who saw him as a dictator. A frequent visitor to Caracas and fellow “antiimperialist,” Ahmadinejad received a standing ovation as he took his place in a guard of honor by Chavez’s coffin, then broke protocol to touch the casket and clench his fist in a revolutionary salute. “Commander, here you are undefeated, pure, living for all time,” Chavez’s preferred successor, acting President Nicolas Maduro, said over the casket, his voice cracking with emotion. “Your soul and spirit are so powerful that your body could not hold them, and now they are traveling this universe, growing with blessings and love.” The mourners chanted: “Chavez lives! The fight continues!” Maduro laid a replica of the sword of 19th century independence leader Simon Bolivar on top of the coffin, which was draped in the country’s red, yellow and blue flag. A singer in a cowboy hat serenaded the mourners with music from Chavez’s birthplace in Venezuela’s “llanos” plains. The late president’s body is to be embalmed and shown

Visiting heads of state stand next to the coffin of Venezuela’s late President Hugo Chavez, during the funeral service at the Military Academy in Caracas yesterday. REUTERS/Presidency of Mexico/Handout “for eternity” - similar to how Communist leaders Lenin, Stalin and Mao were treated after their deaths. His remains will lie in state for an extra seven days to accommodate the millions of Venezuelans who still want to pay their last respects to a man who will be remembered as one of the world’s most colorful and controversial populist leaders. Huge crowds of “Chavistas” gathered from before dawn for the ceremony at a military academy where his body was lying in state. Many were dressed in the red of the ruling Socialist Party, carrying his picture and waving Venezuelan flags. “I asked God to grant him life, not me,” said Leonida Munoz, 73, wearing a T-shirt bearing the image of Chavez’s eyes. “He deserves to live more than I do.” She said she had been waiting more than 26 hours to view Chavez’s coffin. More than 2 million people have

filed past the casket since Wednesday, many sobbing, some saluting, and others crossing themselves. In Caracas were most of Chavez’s highest-profile Latin American friends, such as Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa and Brazil’s former leader, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. “Most importantly, he left undefeated,” Cuban President Raul Castro said, referring to Chavez’s four presidential election wins, among a string of other ballot victories in his 14-year rule. “He was invincible. He left victorious and no one can take that away. It is fixed in history.” Celebrity mourners included U.S. civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson, who led a prayer at the service and renowned conductor Gustavo Dudamel. Dudamel, who heads Venezuela’s Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra and the Los Angeles Philharmonic,

Residents urged to take precautions ST. JOHN’S, Antigua CMC – The National Office of Disaster Services (NODS) yesterday warned Antiguans to take “the necessary precautions” against the effects from the Soufriere Hills Volcano in neighbouring Montserrat even as officials on the British Overseas Territory said that activity at the volcano “is low”. “Residents may notice a slight discolouration in the atmosphere and a foul odour. As a result of a change in the wind direction, a stench caused by the gas emitting from the Soufriere Hills volcano has reached our shores,” the NODS said in a statement, adding that it is encouraging

people who have sensitive eyes to stay in-doors. “Those who suffer from asthmatic conditions are also advised to do the same, avoid strenuous physical activities and take measures necessary for their well-being,” NODS said, adding it would continue to monitor the situation regarding the volcano that roared to life in July 1995. But the authorities at the Montserrat Volcano Observatory (MVO) said that one rockfall, two volcanotectonic earthquakes and one hybrid event had been recorded during the entire week. It said that sulphur

dioxide measurements for the week gave an average flux of 368 tonnes a day with a maximum of 552 and a minimum of 213 tonnes daily. “Variable winds blew the volcanic plume over inhabited areas for much of the week, particularly the first half, and the smell of volcanic gases was very noticeable at times, “it said, adding “there has been no visible emission of ash from the volcano this week”. “MVO has received some reports of ash, but these could not be verified,”it said, adding that pyroclastic flows can occur at any time without warning on any side of the volcano”.

led musicians at the funeral playing classical numbers and the national anthem. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko and Ahmadinejad were among the more controversial figures present. Ahmadinejad has caused a storm back home for saying Chavez would be resurrected alongside Jesus

Christ and a “hidden” imam who Shi’ite Muslims believe will rise up to bring world peace. As well as leftist friends of Chavez, conservative leaders such as Chile’s Sebastian Pinera and Colombia’s Juan Manuel Santos were at the funeral. The United States did not send senior officials. Former U.S. Representative William Delahunt and U.S. Representative Gregory Meeks were attending, amid speculation of a possible post-Chavez rapprochement between the two ideologically opposed governments. A government source said Chavez slipped into a coma on Monday before dying the following day of respiratory failure. The cancer had spread to his lungs, the source added. Chavez never said what type of cancer he was suffering, and for privacy, chose to be mainly treated in Cuba. His death paved the way for a new election in the OPEC nation that boasts the world’s biggest oil reserves. But it is unclear when the vote will be held.

At the gates of the academy, activists handed out photos of Chavez along with printed quotes of his call for supporters to vote for Maduro should anything happen to him. The constitution stipulates that an election must be called within 30 days, but politicians say the electoral authorities may not be ready and there has been talk of a possible delay. Maduro, 50, a former bus driver who became foreign minister and then vice president, looks certain to face opposition leader Henrique Capriles, 40, the centrist governor of Miranda state who lost to Chavez in October’s election. The Supreme Court ruled on Friday that Maduro would not have to step down to campaign. Capriles called the decision a “constitutional fraud.” Opposition sources say the 30 or so political groupings making up the Democratic Unity coalition have again agreed to back Capriles, whose 44 percent vote share in 2012 was the best performance by any candidate against Chavez.

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Falkland Islands defy Argentine sovereignty push with referendum (Reuters) - Voters in the remote British-ruled Falkland Islands hold a referendum on their future tomorow that seeks to challenge Argentina’s increasingly vocal sovereignty claim. Thirty-one years since Britain and Argentina went to war over the windswept archipelago in the South Atlantic, tensions between London and Buenos Aires are running high. That has unsettled some of the roughly 2,500 islanders and strengthened patriotic feeling. Just 1,649 Falklands-born and long-term residents are registered to vote in the twoday referendum starting on Sunday in which they will be asked whether they want to remain a British overseas territory. A near-unanimous “yes” vote is likely, prompting Argentina to dismiss the referendum as a publicity stunt. British bookmaker Ladbrokes described the result as “the biggest certainty in political betting history” and said no one had placed a bet on a “no” vote. But high turnout is

expected as islanders embrace the ballot as an opportunity to make their voices heard. “People feel strongly about this. It’s our chance to make a unified stand on something that affects us deeply,” said Kerri Jamieson, a Falklands-born small business owner who has been selling commemorative referendum T-shirts. So far she has sold about 50 T-shirts bearing the logo “Our Islands, Our Decision,” and the orders keep coming in. Jamieson lives in a remote West Falkland settlement, where a mobile voting station will be flown in to allow the handful of residents to cast their ballots. In the quiet island capital of Stanley, where most islanders live, the post office has produced a line of official stamps to mark the occasion. “For the Argentines, it’s just an academic exercise, but for us, it affects us enormously,” Jamieson said. Islanders say fiery remarks by Argentine President Cristina Fernandez and her foreign minister,

Hector Timerman, have fueled patriotic sentiment on the islands, which lie nearly 8,000 miles (12,700 km) from London and just a 75-minute flight away from southern Argentina. Tensions have risen with the discovery of commercially viable oil resources in the Falklands basin and Fernandez’s persistent demands for Britain to hold sovereignty talks over the Malvinas, as the islands are called in Spanish. Timerman said last month the referendum had the “spirit of a public relations campaign” and government allies have questioned its legitimacy. “It’s almost an act of selfsatisfaction to ask British people if they want to be British. As far as we’re concerned, it seems completely meaningless,” said Senator Daniel Filmus, head of the Senate’s foreign policy committee. Argentina has claimed the territory since 1833, saying it inherited it from the Spanish on independence and that Britain expelled an Argentine population from the islands.

Saturday March 09, 2013

High court affirms Maduro acting president

Venezuela’s Vice President Nicolas Maduro raises his fist as he arrives along with Foreign Minister Elias Jaua, right, for the funeral ceremony for Venezuela’s late President Hugo Chavez at the military academy in Caracas, Venezuela, yesterday. (AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd) CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Venezuela’s Supreme Court says Vice President Nicolas Maduro became acting president the moment Hugo Chavez died, and can run for president. The decision comes just hours before Maduro is to be sworn in as acting president before the National Assembly

and it was issued during the state funeral for Chavez. National Assembly speaker Diosdado Cabello had earlier announced the planned swearing-in, which the opposition says it is boycotting. In a tweet, opposition leader Henrique Capriles called yesterday’s court ruling

“a constitutional fraud.” The constitution specifies that the National Assembly speaker should have become interim president as Chavez was never able to assume office before he died Tuesday. Chavez was re-elected on Oct. 7 but never sworn in. He anointed Maduro his successor.

Portia Simpson Miller

Kamla Persad Bissessar

unacceptable, will not be tolerated and every effort will be made to bring the perpetrators of these acts against the human rights and dignity of women to justice.” “I extend heartfelt sympathy to the families, here at home, who have lost a mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, grandmother, niece or cousin over the past year through violence. The anguished pleas and stifled screams, the physical and psychological pain of women and girls subjected to violence and abuse must stop now.”

She said her government would continue to review existing legislation on the health care and protection of women and children to ensure compliance with international obligations and best practice. “Women cannot continue to live in fear for their lives and for that of their children,” she said. Prime Minister Simpson Miller said that Jamaica cannot ignore the unacceptable and horrible incidents of violence committed against women and children.

Women prime ministers urge an end to violence against women

PORT OF SPAIN - CMC – The Caribbean only two women heads of government yesterday pledged to end violence and discrimination against women in their respective countries as they joined the global community in observing International Women’s Day. Trinidad and Tobago’s Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar and her Jamaican counterpart, Portia Simpson Miller said the theme to observe the occasion is timely and resonates not only for women but every sector of their countries. International Women’s Day is being observed under the theme “A Promise is a Promise: Time for Action to End Violence Against Women”. Prime Minister Persad Bissessar said that she would continue to use her term in office and position regionally and internationally “to propose, champion and influence policy and decisions targeted to eliminate violence and discrimination against women. “As Prime Minister, I unequivocally state that violence against women is

Saturday March 09, 2013

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Finance Minister hails agreement with public sector unions KINGSTON, Jamaica CMC – Finance and Planning Minister, Dr. Peter Phillips has hailed the decision by two public sector unions to agree to a wage freeze until March 2013, saying their decision has provided a level of certainty in the wage bill, without which there would be no deal with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Phillips said the Washington-based financial institution is “concerned that there should be little risk of surprises” which would require sharply higher expenditure on the part of the Portia Simpson Miller government over the period. The workers’ commitment to wage restraint, over the next three years, provides a certainty as to the trajectory of the wage bill, he stated. In addition to the Jamaica Civil Service Association (JCSA) and the Jamaica Confederation of Trade Unions (JCTU), at least 20 other unions representing public sector workers, signed the Heads of Agreement for the 2012-2015 contract period on Wednesday and Phillips said as a result, the country has substantially crossed the last remaining barrier to securing a financing agreement with the IMF. Last month, the head of an IMF mission to Jamaica, Jan Kees Martin, said that the financial institution had reached a “staff-level agreement” with Kingston on the key elements of an economic programme that can be supported by US$750 million four year arrangement under the Extended Fund Facility (EFF).

Dr. Peter Phillips “We have agreed on understandings that are reflected in the authorities’ economic programme, as stated in the Letter of Intent that will be reviewed by IMF management and finalized before the agreement is approved. “Staff envisages that the IMF’s Executive Board would consider the proposed arrangement under the EFF by the end of March, subject to the timely completion of prior actions to be taken by the Jamaican government and obtaining necessary financing assurances,” he said. Phillips said that the decision by the unions marks “a point of conclusion, once we get all the other groups who have already committed to sign, of the prior action requirements”. He pointed out that the agreement takes into account the realities of the country’s economic situation. He commended the public sector workers, noting that the

agreement “represents a supreme act of patriotism” and also hailed the bond holders, whom he said, made a similar sacrifice by participating in the National Debt Exchange (NDX). Phillips said the wage agreement is based on commitments by the government in relation to non wage issues, including improvements in the working conditions and training for public sector workers. The government has also agreed to effectively carry out its responsibilities under the Economic Reform Programme as well as ensure growth and job creation in the Jamaican economy. In the meantime, Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Finance and Planning, with responsibility for the Public Service,. Horace Dalley, who led the government’s negotiations, said there is an Omnibus Clause in the Heads of Agreement, which requires that all other matters that there might be discrepancy about, will be resolved within 60 days. “This goes to the good faith and trust that has been developed with the unions,” he added. The Heads of Agreement for the 2012/ 2015-contract period was signed at Jamaica House during a function attended by Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller,who hailed the civil servants and called on the country to “recognise in a special way, the huge sacrifice,” being made by the workers in the interest of Jamaica.

Commercial banks breached Trinidad Guardian Commercial banks across T&T have been put on alert after a security breach which has put large numbers of Visa and MasterCard debit and credit cards across the Caribbean at risk. The breach came to light after a nationwide credit-card recall across banks in the Bahamas in late February. Financial institutions there were on high alert as they scrambled to protect the funds of thousands of consumers whose credit cards were compromised by a major data breach. As a result, banks in the Bahamas had to reissue thousands of cards. The Caribbean Association of Banks (CAB) issued a security alert Thursday, saying banks and other financial institutions had been affected by the

... regional hacking alert breach at a data centre in Barbados, where sensitive information on the accounts of thousands of cardholders was stolen. CAB advised cardholders that “out of an abundance of caution” banks and credit unions might be contacting customers to have their cards replaced. It stressed that those measures were precautionary as no fraud had yet been detected. “Our member banks and other financial institutions throughout the region take client confidentiality and security very seriously and provide assurance that customer interest remains soundly protected,” CAB said in a statement. The association added those measures were precautionary and no fraud had been attributed to this case. The CAB has members

in 17 Caribbean countries, including T&T. Regional media reports said the unnamed international cardprocessing facility in Barbados had been hacked last month. The Antigua Observer reported last week that four local financial institutions had been affected by the security breach, though no cases of fraud had been reported. They were Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated Bank, Antigua & Barbuda Investment Bank, HSBC and Caribbean Union Bank. An Observer story quoted Jessel Gadsby, general manager of the St Kitts-based Caribbean Credit Card Corporation, as saying: “I believe it is nearly all of the banks in the Caribbean, certainly all of the banks in the Eastern Caribbean have been impacted by it.”

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Saturday March 09, 2013

In U.S. court, bin Laden Berlusconi sex hearing relative denies plot charge postponed as he goes to hospital (Reuters) - A son-in-law of Osama bin Laden pleaded not guilty in a New York court yesterday to conspiring to kill Americans, becoming one of the highest-ranking al Qaeda figures to face trial in the United States for crimes connected to the September 11, 2001 attacks. Suleiman Abu Ghaith, a militant who has acted in videos as an al Qaeda spokesman, made his initial appearance in U.S. District Court in Manhattan, only blocks from the site of the hijacked plane strikes on the World Trade Centre. The son-in-law of bin Laden, mastermind of the September 11 attacks who was killed by U.S. forces in Pakistan in 2011, was captured on February 28 and brought secretly into the United States on March 1, prosecutors said in court. Government sources said he was arrested in Turkey, although some news outlets were reporting he was taken into custody in Jordan. The balding, bearded Abu Ghaith, 47, was led handcuffed into the crowded courtroom, the largest in the courthouse. Dressed in dark

Suleiman Abu Ghaith blue prison garb, he appeared to be cooperative and to follow the proceedings closely through an interpreter, frequently nodding. Evidence against Abu Ghaith, one of the highestranking al Qaeda figures to be brought to the United States to face a civilian trial, includes videos, audio recordings of him and others and a 22-page report with transcripts of remarks he has made to law enforcement since his arrest, prosecutors said. Abu Ghaith spoke twice in court, answering “Yes” when Judge Lewis Kaplan asked him if he understood the accusations and “Yes” when asked if he wanted

court-appointed lawyers Martin Cohen and Philip Weinstein. Weinstein, who previously represented Faisal Shazad, a Pakistan-born U.S. citizen who admitted trying to set off a car bomb in Times Square in 2010 and is serving life in prison without parole, entered a not guilty plea on Abu Ghaith’s behalf. Security was especially tight at the courthouse, where entrances were barricaded. Earlier efforts by the Obama administration to hold civilian trials in New York City for suspected September 11 plotters met with resistance over the needs for extreme and costly safety measures. Mayor Michael Bloomberg said in 2010 the cost of hosting a trial for another leading suspect, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and four accomplices would top $200 million annually. With public opposition so strong, the case was moved to the U.S. military base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Prosecutors said they expect the Abu Ghaith trial could last three weeks. A trial date will be set at a hearing on April 8.

MILAN (Reuters) - Italian judges yesterday postponed a hearing in former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s “bunga bunga” sex trial after the media mogul checked into hospital with an eye condition. The trial, on charges he had sex with an underage prostitute, is seen as the most damaging of three cases currently against him as he fights for his political future following last week’s inconclusive election. The case was entering it final stages when his lawyers asked for an adjournment to allow him to get treatment. Prosecutor Ilda Boccassini told the court she suspected the move was a delaying tactic and asked for an independent check on his condition. But Judge Giulia Turri and two colleagues accepted Berlusconi had a legitimate reason for a postponement and moved the hearing to Monday. A final ruling in the case had been expected on March 18 but it was not clear if the adjournment would cause a delay. Berlusconi has always denied any wrongdoing, and said on Thursday that all the charges against him were “judicial persecution... which re-emerges every time there are politically complex moments in the political life of our country.” He fell short of a victory in last week’s vote, even

though he rallied his supporters and performed better than expected. The vote ended with a hung parliament and the president is still struggling to form a new government. Berlusconi has a condition that causes “pain, intolerance of light and disturbed vision” that is best treated in hospital, Berlusconi’s personal doctor, Alberto Zangrillo, told reporters. “He’s in day hospital treatment now, but he probably will spend the night as a precautionary measure.” By law, the 76-year-old billionaire has a right to be present at all his trial hearings. On Monday, the prosecution in the sex trial said parties at Berlusconi’s Milan villa were arranged for prostitution and were not the

elegant dinners he suggested. The parties involved dinner, erotic “bunga bunga” dancing and then sex between aspiring female TV stars and invited guests, prosecutor Antonio Sangermano said. Lawyers for the owner of the country’s biggest private broadcaster, Mediaset, have also asked that a hearing scheduled today in another trial be postponed because of his eye problem. In that trial, Berlusconi is appealing against a four-year jail sentence for tax fraud in connection with the purchase of broadcasting rights by his television network. Under Italian law, Berlusconi will not serve any jail time until the appeals process is exhausted, and a higher court could overturn the ruling. Berlusconi was convicted three times during the 1990s, before being either cleared by higher courts or benefiting from the statute of limitations by which cases expire if a final verdict is not reached within a given time period. On Thursday, an Italian court sentenced Berlusconi to one year in jail over the publication by his family’s newspaper of a transcript of a leaked wiretap connected to a banking scandal in 2006. In that case, the statute of limitations for the charges expires in September, before the appeals process can be completed, legal sources said.

BEIRUT (AP) — Syrian President Bashar Assad “is not bluffing” about his determination to stay in power, Russia’s foreign minister said in comments broadcast yesterday, as the United Nations said arrangements had been made for the release of 21 U.N. peacekeepers held by Syrian rebels. Also, the World Food Program said it aims to feed 2.5 million Syrians by next month, up from 1.7 million now. Need has risen sharply as growing numbers of Syrians are displaced by the civil war and as the country’s economy disintegrates in the face of the chaos. The uprising against Assad began two years ago with largely peaceful protests, but shifted into a brutal civil war after a harsh government crackdown on dissent. More than 70,000 people have been killed, according to U.N.

estimates. The conflict has been deadlocked for months, with neither side able to gain the upper hand, although the rebels have scored a series of strategic victories in recent weeks, seizing a provincial capital in the northeast, capturing the country’s largest dam and overrunning a number of smaller military bases. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told the BBC in an interview broadcast Friday that the Syrian leader is digging in and “is not going to leave.” “We know this for sure, and all those who get in touch with him know that he is not bluffing,” Lavrov said. He added that Russia, a close Syria ally, will not pressure Assad to leave. “It’s not for me to decide, it’s not for anybody else to decide, except the Syrian people,” Lavrov said. Syria’s opposition has criticized the West for not

helping arm rebel fighters even as Russia and Iran support the regime with weapons. Earlier this week, Britain announced it would provide armored vehicles and other equipment to the rebels, while stopping short of arming them. The West has balked at sending weapons, fearing they could fall into the hands of Islamic extremists fighting in the rebel ranks. In India, Assad adviser Buthaina Shaaban said Britain’s decision will only prolong the fighting. She alleged that most of the rebels are linked to the al-Qaeda terror network and conservative Islamic groups. “Britain should not think that terror activities by such groups in Syria, will not one day go back to haunt Europe or Britain,” said Shaaban, who is in India for talks with Indian leaders to rally support for Assad.

Silvio Berlusconi

Russia says Assad ‘not bluffing’ about staying put

Saturday March 09, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Cameron put on spot by Conclave to elect new pope to start Tuesday watchdog over austerity remarks

Who will be the next Pope? VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Roman Catholic cardinals will enter a conclave to elect a successor to Pope Benedict on March 12, the Vatican said yesterday, with no clear favorite emerging so far to take charge of the troubled Church. Benedict’s surprise abdication last month has brought most of the world’s cardinals to the Vatican for discussions on the problems facing the 1.2 billion-member Church, and to decide on the profile of the man they want to lead them. After five days of closeddoor debate, the red-capped prelates decided yesterday to begin their secret votes in the frescoed Sistine Chapel on the afternoon of next Tuesday following a Mass in St Peter’s Basilica in the morning. A total of 115 electorcardinals, all aged under 80, are set to take part in a series of ballots which continue until one man receives a twothirds majority, or 77 votes. The last six popes have all been elected within four days, with Benedict becoming pontiff in 2005 in barely 24 hours. The cardinals have made clear they want another quick decision this time to make sure they can all return to their dioceses in time to lead Easter celebrations - the most important event in the Roman Catholic calendar. “It’s been 10 days since I left the archdiocese, and as the old song goes, ‘I wanna go home!’” U.S. Cardinal Timothy Dolan said in a blog yesterday. The names of several possible frontrunners have been mentioned by church officials ever since Benedict’s announcement on February

11 that he was quitting the papacy for health reasons after a rocky, eight-year reign. Amongst the most mentioned are Italy’s Angelo Scola, Brazil’s Odilo Pedro Scherer and Canada’s Marc Ouellet. Italians dominated the papacy for 455 years before the election of the Polish-born John Paul, Benedict’s predecessor, in 1978. With the vast majority of Catholics now living outside Europe, there is growing pressure for a pontiff from another part of the world. Whoever takes over will face a daunting challenge, with the Church struggling in the face of sex abuse scandals, rivalry and strife inside the Vatican, a growing shortage of priests and a rise of secularism in its European strongholds. All the men entering the Sistine Chapel next week were appointed by either Pope John Paul or Benedict — both conservative theologians who fiercely defended traditional Church teachings on moral issues. It is therefore highly likely that another conservative will emerge from the ranks. Vatican watchers say it is vital that the next pope is able to engage confidently with the public in a way that the shy Benedict struggled to do. “I think the thing we really need is somebody who can communicate the gospel in a way that is understandable and attractive to people in the 21st century,” said Rev. Thomas Reese, Jesuit scholar and author of “Inside the Vatican”. “The other thing that I think the cardinals are looking for is someone who can reform or reorganize the Vatican Curia (bureaucracy),” he added. Concern about the Italian-dominated Curia was

aired during this week’s discussions, according to various leaks, with some cardinals demanding details of a dossier prepared for Benedict about the dysfunctional administration. He put the report aside for his successor to tackle and has not released the findings. Cardinals were in the past locked into areas around the Sistine Chapel when they entered the conclave and not allowed out until they had chosen a new pontiff. But the rules changed before the 2005 ballot and the prelates now get to reside in a comfortable Vatican hotel while they are not voting in the chapel itself.

LONDON (Reuters) Prime Minister David Cameron was reprimanded by a budget watchdog yesterday for claiming that it did not see his austerity agenda as a drag on Britain’s economy. In a speech on Thursday, Cameron said his deficitcutting agenda was not responsible for the country’s depressed growth rate which was instead caused by the financial crisis, the euro zone’s problems and higher oil prices - a view he said was endorsed by the independent watchdog. The Office for Budget Responsibility’s (OBR) Chairman Robert Chote replied yesterday in a letter to the prime minister which it published on its website. “For the avoidance of doubt, I think it is important to point out that every forecast published by the OBR since the June 2010 budget has incorporated the widely held assumption that tax increases and spending cuts reduce economic growth,” Chote wrote in the letter. While it was unclear how much of a drag the government’s belt-tightening had on the economy - and the factors cited by Cameron were likely to have been factors - the OBR believed it had reduced growth over the past couple of years, he said. Chote’s letter was seized upon by the opposition Labor party which has lambasted the government over its economic policies and said it

David Cameron must change course to return to growth. “Deep spending cuts and tax rises have reduced economic growth, as the OBR says, and so it was deeply misleading for David Cameron to claim otherwise,” said Ed Balls, Labor’s main economics spokesman. Britain risks tipping into its third recession in four years after the economy shrank in late 2012. It was stripped of its tripleA credit rating last month by ratings agency Moody’s which said weak growth had knocked off track the government’s plan to fix the budget deficit and rising debt.

The government uses the OBR’s projections as the basis for its budget planning and has made much of the credibility of its forecasts. The next budget is due to be announced on March 20. Cameron said in his speech on Thursday that the government would not deviate from its plan to tackle the deficit. A Downing Street spokesman defended Cameron’s choice of words and said he had been referring to reasons why Britain’s economic growth had been weaker than the OBR’s original forecasts. “The OBR has today again highlighted external inflation shocks, the euro zone and financial sector difficulties as the reasons why their forecasts have come in lower than expected. That is precisely the point the prime minister was underlining,” the spokesman said. But a former chairman of the OBR said the letter “could be regarded as something of a rebuke” to Cameron. “I’m quite surprised that someone’s briefed David Cameron to use the words he did,” Alan Budd told BBC radio. “No one who’s read any of the OBR documents could possibly have thought that was true.”

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Kaieteur News

Saturday March 09, 2013

Sturdy job gains offer Turkey says EU arms embargo bright sign for economy on Syrian rebels skews conflict WA S H I N G T O N (Reuters) - U.S. employers added a greater-thanexpected 236,000 workers to their payrolls in February and the jobless rate fell to a fouryear low, offering a bright signal on the economy’s health. The data from the Labor Department yesterday showed the economy gaining traction. The jobless rate fell 0.2 percentage point to 7.7 percent, the lowest since December 2008 as more people found work and others gave up the hunt. Economists welcomed the report, but worried that budget tightening in Washington could slow the recovery’s momentum. “We had already moved from a slog to a jog and we are on course to really get rolling. The risk here is, while the economy is gathering speed, the politicians are stepping on the brakes,” said Bill Cheney, chief economist at John Hancock Financial Services in Boston. A 2 percent payroll tax cut ended and tax rates went up

for wealthy Americans on January 1, and $85 billion in federal budget cuts started taking effect on March 1. The employment report, which showed broad-based job gains, was just the latest sign of the economy’s fundamental health, and it added fuel to a rally in U.S. stocks that had already propelled the Dow Jones industrial average to record highs. At the same time, the dollar raced to a 3-1/2 year high against the yen, while the yield on the benchmark 10-year U.S. Treasury note hit an 11-month high. While payrolls growth beat economists’ expectations for 160,000 jobs, it was not seen as a game changer for the Federal Reserve, which has pumped more than $2.5 trillion into the economy to foster faster growth. “It’s a first step down a long road before the Fed is convinced we are really we are seeing a substantial improvement in labor market conditions,” said Michael Hanson, a senior economist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in New York.

“They will want to see 200,000 job growth, not just in one month, but several months in a row. The unemployment rate is still too high.” The central bank is buying $85 billion in bonds per month and has said it would keep up asset purchases until it sees a substantial improvement in the labor market outlook. It is likely to remain leery of withdrawing its support too soon given the tightening of fiscal policy. Although December and January’s employment data was revised to show 15,000 fewer jobs added than previously reported, details of the report were solid, with construction adding the most jobs since March 2007 and hours for all workers increasing. The pace of hiring in February marked an acceleration from the 195,000 per month average of the prior three months, and it approached the roughly 250,000 jobs per month economists say are on a sustained basis to significantly reduce unemployment.

LONDON (Reuters) Turkey said yesterday antigovernment fighters in Syria were at a disadvantage because they weren’t properly armed, and stopped just short of calling for a European Union arms embargo to be lifted. In some of his strongest comments on the subject so far, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said he had discussed the embargo barring delivery of all arms to Syria with Britain and Germany. Turkey, which shares a 900-km (560-mile) border with Syria, is seen as a pivotal player in backing the Syrian opposition and in planning for the era after Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad. “If there was international support ... or a common stance against certain war crimes, I don’t think there would be a need for arming the rebels,” Davutoglu told reporters during a visit to Britain, saying he thought such pressure would topple Assad.

Ahmet Davutoglu But the minister said he had discussed the status of the embargo with British Foreign Secretary William Hague as well as with German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle, who has publicly defended the embargo. When asked to say if he favored lifting the embargo, Davutoglu said: “If one side only has weapons at the end of the day the side which has weapons in their hands have all the opportunities to kill the other side.”

Likening the Syrian conflict to the 1992-95 Bosnian war, he suggested the world should not repeat the same mistakes it made then. “In Bosnia they were looking for weapons from anyone to defend their homes. Now the same thing is happening in Syria,” he said. “For three years, we have the green light to Milosevic, Mladic and Karadzic to continue killing people.” An EU embargo prevents weapons being supplied to Syria’s rebels, but sanctions have been amended in recent weeks to allow more nonlethal equipment, prompting Britain to expand the scale and scope of its aid to the Syrian opposition. One of the issues which has made many countries wary of lifting the embargo is the presence of Islamist fighters among the Syrian opposition and a perception that radical Islamist influence is on the rise within their ranks.

Officials admit selling secrets to Murdoch’s Sun tabloid LONDON (Reuters) - A former policeman and an exprison officer admitted yesterday to selling information to the Sun, the tabloid newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch, in the first guilty pleas to come out of a huge police investigation into wrongdoing by journalists. The charges stemmed from an inquiry launched in 2011 into allegations journalists from Murdoch’s now-defunct News of the World newspaper had hacked into mobile phone voicemail messages. That inquiry was later widened to include other activities, including payments to public officials for stories.

The long-running scandal forced the closure of the News of the World and has called into question the judgment of British Prime Minister David Cameron, who was friends with several of Murdoch’s senior executives. Former police officer Alan Tierney pleaded guilty yesterday to two counts of misconduct in public office for selling stories to the Sun about the mother of England football player John Terry and about Rolling Stones member Ronnie Wood. Ex-prison officer Richard Trunkfield pleaded guilty to misconduct in public office for selling information about a high-profile prisoner.

In separate cases yesterday, Rebekah Brooks, the former head of Murdoch’s News International British newspaper arm, appeared in court and the case in relation to her was adjourned to a later date. Andy Coulson, an exNews of the World editor and Cameron’s former spokesman, and Clive Goodman, a former News of the World reporter, also appeared and the cases in relation to them were adjourned. John Kay, the Sun’s chief reporter, pleaded not guilty to an offence of conspiracy to commit misconduct in public office.

(Reuters) - French forces in Mali have discovered tonnes of weapons stockpiled by al Qaedalinked fighters who planned to use the country’s north as a base for international attacks, France’s defence minister said yesterday. France launched a ground and air operation on January 11 to break Islamist rebels’ hold on the northern two-thirds of Mali, saying the militants posed a risk to the security of West Africa and Europe. While the rapid offensive has now taken back most of the

territory seized by the militants nearly a year ago, French and allied Chadian forces have met heavy resistance from militants holed up in mountains near the Algerian border. Speaking at the end of a twoday visit to Mali yesterday, French Defence Minister JeanYves Le Drian said the Islamist rebels, many of whom have flooded in from abroad, had been well armed and hoped to make the impoverished, arid nation a “terrorist sanctuary”. “What struck me most was

the scale of the arsenals that we have discovered in the north and in the region of Gao. There was certainly the desire to make it a base for international actions,” he told journalists in the capital Bamako. French soldiers this week killed about 15 militants and captured a French national fighting for the Islamists, after discovering a small army of jihadists in the isolated Ametetai valley. About 30 French soldiers were wounded in the clashes.

Al Qaeda rebels wanted Mali as base for global attacks – France

Friday March 09, 2013

Kaieteur News

Muse or Amuse

Imbeciles, Morons and Cowards On March 5, 2013 at 13:12hrs, one Capt Gerry Gouveia, made a statement on his facebook page. His statement came just hours after the President of Guyana called one of his fellow politicians a jackass among other things. The occasion was the annual cuss-down pilgrimage that the PPP holds to commemorate Cheddi and Janet Jagan. Every year the PPP diehards gather at the Babu John ground for what has become a laughable spectacle. Three years ago, then President Jagdeo abused the ears of this nation and disgraced the memory of Jagan in a “buse out”, “cussdown” session at Babu John ground. Last year he was joined by Ramotar. This year, President Ramotar finally embraced fully, the Jagdeosytle presidency and did the same. A thrust here, a parry there, a jab there, a twist here -- they have been doing this for years but could not knock out the opposition for the tencount at the last election. This year, however, the Gerry factor came out strongly after Ramotar’s tirade. Hats off to Capt Gouveia. He is a brave man. He said (hours after President Ramotar’s cuss-down) “Character assassination is a facile weapon of Morons, Cowards and Imbeciles”. Wow. Gerald?

You call the President that? Gerry’s statement made me see Ramotar and Jagdeo in a different light. What makes his statement even better is his posting it on the AFC page! Now I admire this man. He has done to Guyana what few others can boast of. He owns hotels and resorts. He owns an airline. He owns an exposition and is a permanent fixture on a number of boards. He is a people’s hero. Yes, I admire this man. He bought Duke Lodge from the Privatisation Unit headed by Brassington and Ashni Singh. He then bought the annexe to the Lodge from the same team. Is it he who voted on the Skeldon factory project and voted for the Marriott Project and voted on the sale of GT&T’s shares to the Chinese among other things? Anything wrong with all of that? Gerry hats off to you. By the way, your slip is showing – has been showing for a while. The protégé is also a good man. One goes with the other. They are together and maintain a tight ship over various entities and boards. Protégé is believed to be heading for a public office. The former president made some concessions to Protégé’s employers. It was even rumoured that Protégé

has a piece of land at Pradoville II. He will be on the next national awards list too. Hats off to you too Protégé. You are a good man. Last week we mused about the conflict of interest that may be in place. We have seen statement after statement from the groups controlled by certain individuals – but none of these statements sought to answer the questions. They just attacked the message and started the hunt for the messenger. Their statements might have been better positioned in answering the questions we mused about. Do these people head organizations and boards that ultimately award contracts to their own companies and affect the livelihood of their peers? Simple. Do they vote on matters that affect their peers? Simple. Do they sit on boards in conflict of interest situations? Next time we will create a list of questions. It is better to address the issues raised instead of beating up the messenger. Answer the questions about Marriott instead of attacking the questioners. One day Pandora will open the box at NICIL and the other one at OP. Meanwhile we remind Captain and his Protégé, your slips are showing.

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Immigration INFO Immigration News For Our Community Attorney Gail S. Seeram Through this “Question & Answer” column, our goal is to answer your immigration questions. We appreciate your comments and questions. If you have a question that you would like answered in this column, please email: Question #1: I’ve been a lawful permanent resident for 20 years and just filed a sponsorship petition for my nine-year-old daughter in January 2012. How long will it take before she gets to the United States? Answer #1: Your filing is considered a family preference 2A category, child under age 21 of a lawful permanent resident. Currently, visas are being issued for petitions filed on or before October 8, 2009. So, since you filed in January 2012, you have about a twoyear wait before your daughter will be issued an immigrant visa to the United States. Question #2: My U.S. citizen sister filed for me about 25 years ago. I don’t remember completing the paperwork or process. I would now like to emigrate to the U.S. Does my sister have to re-file or can I restart the process from the prior filing?

Answer #2: I would advise you to contact the U.S. Department of State-National Visa Center at 603-334-0700 and give them your receipt number or case number and they can tell you whether the prior petition is still active. Generally, if the visa is available but there is no response from the beneficiary within a year then the case is considered abandoned. In limited circumstances, the visa process can be reinstated. Otherwise, if you are told the prior process was abandoned and cannot be reinstated then your sister will have to re-file a family sponsorship petition. Question #3: M y husband is a US citizen by naturalization. He has filed a petition for me. It has been three months since our case is at the initial review stage. Can you tell me how long this stage takes and which stage takes the longest time? Answer #3: For a U.S. citizen filing for a spouse living abroad, the processing time is about 9 months to 1 year. Initially, the petition is reviewed by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services then it goes to the National Visa Center and last to the U.S. Embassy. The initial (or first stage) can take about 3-6 months

Attorney Gail S. Seeram, before it is sent to the National Visa Center. Question #4: M y husband and I got married March 1, 2012. He is a U.S. citizen. He would like to file a sponsorship petition for me but has excessive credit card debts of $8000. Does he need to clear his debts and liabilities before filing for me? Answer #4: No. He will have to show he is working and has enough income or assets to support you and his current household. Note, if his income is not enough then he can get a joint sponsor who can submit tax returns and proof of employment to support your petition.

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Kaieteur News

Friday March 09, 2013

Contractor occupation of Enmore playfield illegal – Minister Whittaker - must relocate swiftly along with squatters The contractor at the heart of a land dispute at Logwood, Enmore, East Coast Demerara, as well as squatters in that area have all been asked to relocate following an investigation by officials of the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development. The investigation, which followed on the heels of an article published in t h i s newspaper last Tuesday under the caption ‘Contractor takes over playfield’ had in fact revealed that not only did the contractor illegally occupy a playground but there are a number of individuals who have similarly transgressed the area. At least this is according to Minister within the Ministry, Mr. Norman Whittaker, who at the Ministry’s press briefing yesterday said, “We ourselves visited Enmore;

myself and a team including Regional Officials we engaged the Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC), we engaged the contractor himself at the site and there were 10 squatters at the site. I determined and we all agreed that they were all there illegally,” asserted Minister Whittaker. In addition to the contractor, the Minister said that none of the squatters was able to provide any documents from any source so authorised to give them permission to occupy Government lands in that area. “So the contractor himself and the 10 persons who built homes in what can only be described as an insanitary type environment were told that they had to relocate,” disclosed the Minister. He said that they have been given one month to comply with this request. The contractor on the

other hand was told that he had to find an alternative site. According to the Minister the contractor has indicated that he has another site not far from the area where he is squatting. “We have asked him to relocate as early as possible to that alternative site,” said Whittaker. He noted too that the squatter dwellers have been offered assistance by way of appointments for them to apply for legitimate lands and “it should be noted also that some of the persons who were squatting were in fact given house lots by the Central Housing and Planning Authority.” According to Minister Whittaker, in one instance the house lot was sold, in two other instances the house lots were leased or rented and in the fourth instance the person would have got a house lot only on Monday. This newspaper published earlier this week that residents of Logwood, Enmore, were up in arms over what was described as an extension of the lawlessness that is taking

place in Guyana. Residents stated their concerns about the taking over of the area’s playfield by the contractor, a situation that is not dissimilar to one in Subryanville that is engaging the Minister of Labour. The Logwood, Enmore playfield, they reported, has been taken over by heavy machinery owned by the contractor and a fence has been constructed there too. Kaieteur News understands that the contractor claimed that he bought the land from the Enmore NDC.

While some Councillors of the NDC were tight-lipped about this development, others denied any knowledge of any sale to the contractor, dubbing his occupation of the playfield as illegal. Attempts to reach the Chairman of the NDC were futile, as were attempts to reach the contractor. This publication was reliably informed that there was a private transaction between a senior NDC official and the contractor for a plot of land on the Foulis Embankment, and many had speculated that the NDC was

turning a blind eye to the contractor’s occupation of land and roadways in Logwood. Some residents who queried the contractor’s actions were told that the “Minister” was aware of the situation. Kaieteur News understands that several Councillors of the NDC’s Interim Body had tendered their resignations over the failure of the NDC to take action against breaches within the NDC. The Minister of Local Government was unaware of the resignations.

The theme for this year´s International Women’s Day is “A promise is a promise: Time for action to end violence against women”. This message echoes the need to eliminate violence against women around the world, and provides momentum to initiatives aimed at ending violence in Latin America and the Caribbean, according to the Inter American Development Bank. President of the bank, Luis Alberto Marino, said that in the region, the last decade has been witness to important advances in gender equality. Young women are staying in school longer than young men, and women now represent more than half of university students. Women’s participation in politics and in labour markets reach historical highs; their increased incomes are responsible for a 30 percent reduction in poverty rates, he added These positive trends, however, are in contrast with high rates of gender-based violence that still affects the countries of the region. “Violence against women

has serious consequences beyond the gruesome physical and psychological outcomes for its victims. It also affects families, communities, and economies as a whole. Victims of violence have lower productivity and earnings, and the amount of public money spent on prevention, detection and services is significant. The IDB was the first multilateral development bank to tackle the issue of violence against women in the region. Currently, the Bank is supporting two key parts of the region´s response to violence against women. First, it supports integrated, multi-sector interventions that combine quality services for survivors with activities to empower women economically and inform them about their rights. To do this, it is financing the creation of “one-stop shops” that lower the transaction costs that women face to make use of services. In addition, these onestop shops such as Ciudad Mujer in El Salvador empower women to achieve economic independence that gives them a realistic opportunity of

putting an end to violence in their lives. Second, the IDB supports community-based prevention programs to change underlying social norms and behaviours in order to reduce the prevalence of violence against women. Beyond these investments in the area of violence, the IDB has a policy of promoting gender equality and avoiding gender-based risks in all of its operations. During 2011 and 2012, the Bank invested over US$56 million to promote gender equality, incorporated gender equality into more than 50 loan operations, and trained over 2,000 IDB staff and members of executing agencies working in specific sectors, including rural water, public transport, export promotion and access-tofinance for women-owned businesses. Our mandate to mainstream gender equality in all IDB operations, as well as the specific programs aimed at tackling violence against women, signal our ongoing support to the region´s efforts to make violence against women a thing of the past.

IDB President Joins Action Call to End Violence against Women

Court regular jailed for four years on break and enter and larceny charge Tony Lucius, 42, of no fixed place of abode, was sentenced to four years in jail by Magistrate Adela Nagamootoo on Friday at the New Amsterdam Magistrate’s court. He pleaded guilty to two charges of break and enter and larceny. Prosecutor Corporal Orin Joseph said that on February 24, at St. Ann Street, New Amsterdam he broke into the dwelling house of Edwin

Chung and stole a quantity of cosmetics, underwear, a set of clothing, and $8,000 from Rookmin Seenarine. On the same day he also stole two wrist watches from Edwin Chung. It was stated that on the day in question the virtual complainant locked up his premises and went to the barbershop. On his return he noticed his house broken into and the items missing. A report was made and

after investigations the accused was arrested and charged after he confessed to the crime. The court was told that the accused is a regular and was recently released from prison where he had served time for a similar matter. In court Lucius begged for leniency and apologised. He was sentenced to two years each on both charges. The sentences will run concurrently.

Saturday March 09, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Saturday March 09, 2013 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19) You are ready to go and it seems as if nothing can stop you when you are in your impulsive phase — not even logic. TAURUS (Apr. 20–May 20) There may be a conflict between your needs and what others want from you now. This stress can surface anywhere that you are supposed to be in charge, whether at home, in school or at the office. GEMINI (May 21–June 20) Your unrestrained optimism might get you into trouble if you move too quickly today. Luckily, you can see your current situation from several different angles — as if you were an eagle flying far above the field. CANCER (June 21–July 22) You might get by without experiencing any turmoil if you act directly from your gut feelings, but unfortunately, this tactic isn’t a possibility now. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) It’s as if someone added a few extra ingredients to the mix today, and there isn’t much you can do to change that. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) You typically react to new information with a cool, analytical head and a rational outlook. However, you may get tangled up in the details today, so you might choose to ignore them instead.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) You may be unsure of yourself today, even if everything is looking positive. There might be a potential love interest that is tickling your fancy, and it feels good to play the possibilities through in your mind. SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) Your faith may be tested as a situation on the home front prevents you from expressing how you feel. SAGIT (Nov. 22–Dec. 21) Your ruling planet, Jupiter, is in charge of bigger things, better ideas and more of everything. This cosmic magnifying lens cranks up your mental powers today, so everything seems more important than it is in reality. CAPRI (Dec. 22–Jan. 19) You are often the one who others seek out when they require a reality check. But now you are being tempted by circumstances to take radical action because everything looks great. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18) Your feelings are close to the surface and your emotional sensitivity is heightened now that the evocative Moon is back in your sign. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20) You are on an energetic upswing and you feel inexplicably cheerful about things in general, even if you’re facing some difficult issues.

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Kaieteur News

Friday March 09, 2013

Saturday March 09, 2013

Kaieteur News

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East Coast Elizabeth Style 40-Overs 2nd Div final set for tomorrow at Ogle

Elizabeth Style Logo Cricket fans on the East Coast of Demerara are expected out in their numbers at the Ogle Community Centre ground tomorrow when the final of the East Coast Cricket Board Elizabeth Style 40Overs second division tournament culminates in an expected exciting encounter between Ogle Cricket Club and Golden Grove Cricket Club.

This tournament is sponsored by Elizabeth Styles, a company based in the USA and India that produces hair, body and baby care products, cosmetics, lotions, brand name colognes etc. The company is currently sponsoring both 2nd division 40 overs and the 1st division 50 overs cricket on the East Coast. The teams reaching the

Support pours in for 4th Annual Desmond Dorsett Memorial Road Race and Fun Day As preparations continue for the Fourth Annual Desmond Dorsett Memorial Classic Road Race and Fun Day, a number of sponsors are getting on board. The activity which will be held on Sunday 24th March 2013, will be staged at the popular No53 Sports Complex and sponsored by the Dorsett family of Leeds, Corentyne Berbice. A number of activities are listed for the day include athletics, softball cricket, volleyball, football, dominoes and a number of novelty events including egg and spoon, three legged race, sack race, needle and thread and Sal Pass among others, while a number of ring games are also expected to be a part of the day’s programme. The athletics race, which will be held in three categories, is open to athletes from throughout Berbice. The categories are males and females open, U19 and U15. The senior and U19 athletes will cover a distance of five Km and will run from No 47 village, while the U15 and the female athletes will run from No 49 village. Both will culminate at the popular No 53 Sports Complex. Following the road race a fund day will be held at

the No53 Sports Complex beginning at 10:00hrs. A number of persons and business including overseas sponsors are already on board with sponsorship for the day’s activities. Attractive Prizes which will include cash incentives, trophies, T shirts, ribbons and other memorabilia will be presented to the winners and other outstanding performers, while certificates of appreciation and participation will be presented to all participants by the Dorsett family. Proceeds from the day’s activities will be used to help fund and stock the Negla Ross Library at the No 53 Complex. A native of East Canje, the late Superintendent Dorsett was an ardent sports fan who participated in numerous sporting activities during his tenure in the force. Dorsett migrated after retiring and would return with his family from time to time to do charity and community work. His wife Waveney Dorsett is the coordinator of the activities. Interested persons can make contact with telephone numbers 3394475, 665-7854, 339-4133 and 339-4626 for further information. (Samuel Whyte)

finals possess talent but the hungrier of the pair will be the likely winner. This is the first time in many years that both Ogle and Golden Grove would have reached the final. Thirtysix second division teams participated in the tournament and at the semi-finals Golden Grove defeated Fairfield and Ogle beat Strathaven to reach the final.

The team from Ogle Cricket Club will come from: , Khemraj Dindial (Capt),Darshanand Pooran, Anand Persaud (V-Capt), Andre Gomes, Thakur Pooran, Parmanand Sanicharan, Andrew Bento, Tulsieram Balkaran, Christopher Bianchini, Ayodha Joseph, Khalid Haslim, Akshay Rampersaud, Soopaul Sanichar, Sahadeo

Pooran, Ganesh Balkaran, Manager / Coach Ashmul Ali. Golden Grove Cricket Club will come from: Richard Woolford (Capt), Rudolph Singh, Ranjeet Hirdlall, Sherfone Rutherford, Christopher Surat (V-Capt), Shavis Rutherford, Shawn Thomas, Steven Mangal, Akeem Bowen, Azel Da Silva, Oswin Blair, Kerron Gordon, Nawaz Mohamed, Zalim

Mohamed, Delon Skeete, Manager / Coach Bernard Daw. The umpires for the match are Mr. Dhanraj and Mr. Validum Ritney with Ms. Kenalyn Baker being the stand-by. Overseeing the day’s proceedings is national match referee Mr. Judister Rampersaud. The first ball will be bowled at10:30 hrs sharp.

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Kaieteur News

Saturday March 09, 2013

Rutherford scores debut century as NZ build lead DUNEDIN (Reuters) Hamish Rutherford’s century on debut helped New Zealand to a 235-run first innings lead over England on Friday before rain and fading light stopped them from extending their advantage by cutting short the third day of the first test. Rutherford scored a dynamic 171, the second highest score by a New Zealander in his first test, to help the hosts reach 402 for seven in reply to England’s 167 when play was stopped about 20 minutes into the third and final session of the day. Umpires Asad Rauf and Paul Reiffel decided the light mist that had been drifting across University Oval for 45 minutes was too bad to continue and no further play was possible. New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum, who was unbeaten on 45, and Bruce Martin, who had made 17, will resume their promising 32-run

partnership on day four. McCullum, one of the best exponents of aggressive batting in test cricket, would have been looking to up the tempo in the final session and give his bowlers another crack at the England batsmen sooner rather than later. With the entire first day having been washed out but the pitch still a good batting surface, the hosts probably need some time to try and bowl out the much vaunted England lineup for a second time. NEW BALL SUCCESS Rutherford became the ninth New Zealander to score a century on debut before England’s bowlers wrested back some of the advantage they had ceded with five wickets falling in the second session. The lefthander added just four runs to his lunch score of 167 when he popped a catch to substitute fielder Chris Woakes off James Anderson with the first

delivery of the second new ball. The 23-year-old, who had a double century well within his sights, cut a disconsolate figure as he trudged off, only acknowledging the standing ovation from the crowd on his home ground as he approached the boundary rope. “To be fair you get picked to score runs and that’s the job you do, so while it’s great to get the first ton, just a raise of the bat,” Rutherford said in a televised interview of his undemonstrative acknowledgement after he was dismissed. “To get out first ball with the new ball was very disappointing, I wanted to bat another half an hour after lunch and go from there. “I don’t like getting out (but) was nice to get it here at my home ground. I do know what the surface is doing, the surrounds and the crowd too.” Mathew Sinclair’s 214

against West Indies in 1999 is the highest score by a New Zealand batsman on debut. Swing bowler Anderson (4-108) was the pick of England’s bowlers. After dismissing Rutherford he had the opportunity for a double strike in the same over when Dean Brownlie was dropped at third slip by Joe Root. Anderson was incensed by the missed opportunity but still managed to dismiss Ross Taylor for 31 and Brownlie for 27 before Stuart Broad bowled BJ Watling (nought) and Tim Southee (25) to drag their side back into the match. “I thought we bowled much better than we did yesterday,” Anderson said. “We asked a lot more questions of them and bowled really well with the

New Zealand’s Hamish Rutherford hits a six to bring up his 150 runs during the third day of the first test against England at the University Oval in Dunedin March 8, 2013. REUTERS/David Gray second new ball. “I thought Broady bowled well all the way through yesterday and today and was unlucky not to pick up more wickets.”

Scores: New Zealand 402 for 7 (Rutherford 171, Fulton 55, Anderson 4-108) lead England 167 (Trott 45, Wagner 4-42, Martin 4-43) by 235 runs.

Dottin, bowlers help make it 4-1 for West Indies ESPNcricinfo - West Indies completed a tight seven-run victory over Sri Lanka in Colombo take the five-match T20 series 4-1. Deandra Dottin, the opener, had a quiet series before this but found form in her innings of 43, which included two fours and three sixes. That delivered a strong start for West Indies after they chose to bat. Juliana Nero supported Dottin with 25 at No.3, but both fell in quick succession. Wicketkeeper Kycia Knight and Shaquana Quintyne then helped take the score to 122. Sri Lanka were in trouble early, reduced to 24 for 5 in 8.4 overs at one stage. But Eshani Kaushalya threatened a turnaround with her bighitting abilities. She smashed 44 in 26 balls, including four sixes, and gave her team a

Deandra Dottin

Shanel Daley

strong chance of bouncing back but fell with the team score on 90 in the 17th over, off the bowling of Tremayne Smartt. Sri Lanka’s chances grew tougher after Kaushalya’s departure, and though Dilani Manodara made an unbeaten 29, wickets fell quickly at the other end. Shanel Daley

finished with 4 for 33, three of those wickets coming in the final over off which Sri Lanka needed 12. Scores: West Indies Women 122 for 5 (Dottin 43, Nero 25, Prabodhani 2-8) beat Sri Lanka Women 115 (Kaushalya 44, Manodara 29*, Daley 4-33, Smartt 221).

Demerara Cricket Board U-15 tourney set to commence shortly The Demerara Cricket Board is in the process of organizing the staging of the annual inter- Association cricket competition for under-15 cricketers in the county. The competition is for players born on or after 1st September, 1998 and shall be used to select players to represent the county in the GCB (Sponsor to be named competition) Inter County Competition, which is scheduled to start by the end of March, 2013. Representative teams are asked to have their submission of players, manager and

coach by Monday 11th March, 2013. The start of this DCB Inter-Association tournament is fixed for Friday the 15th March, 2013 at venues to be announced. The tournament format shall be 50-overs duration starting at 9:30 am with playing conditions to be discussed with team management before the start of tournament. Member associations make contact with Raj Singh, Colin Europe and/or Alfred Mentore to formalize arrangements.

Saturday March 09, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Milo /Petra Organisation Under-20 Schools Football Competition...

THREE EXCITING MATCHUPS ON TODAY Three more teams will be eliminated when action in the Milo/Petra Organisation Under-20 Schools Football Competition continues today with a triple header, at the Ministry of Education ground, Carifesta Avenue. In the opening fixture from 12:00 hrs Charlestown takes on Tutorial High and that will be followed by the clash between Lodge and Carmel at 13:50 hrs, before New Campbellville and Chase Academy square off in the final game of the day at 15:45 hrs. The Charlestown versus Tutorial affair should see the former advancing if one is to judge the strength of the two teams on previous performances and paper. Charlestown will be relying on the services of the in-form Anthony Bartholomew, Shane Morris and Omari James to take them into the next round, but on the other hand, Tutorial’s chances of winning will rest on the shoulders of Teshawn Rodney, who has shown admirable ability, Alistair

Wa l k e r and St e v e Staunton. The Lodge versus Carmel showdown is an interesting contest and could go either way. Lodge has shown the tenacity and pedigree to upstage any team in the competition and the skills and composure of players such as Travis Simpson, Kevin Butters and Sherwin Joseph will be on full display, while Marlon Nedd, Aubrey Hodge, Jamal Hamilton and Moses Gritten will also be aiming to showcase their brand of talent in the eagerly anticipated encounter. In the day’s final clash, Chase Academy who started the competition slowly has looked impressive as the tournament progressed, playing with greater confidence and fluidity and could pose a formidable challenge to New Campbellville, another team that has played with an admirable level of consistency. Chase’s quest for victory will be spearheaded by Ryan

Action in this year’s Milo /Petra Organisation U-20 Schools Football Competition.

Watson, Carl Semple, Isaiah Reddy and Steve Sankar, while New Campbellville’s search for a win and a place in the next round will rely on the performances of Shamar barrow, Keon David and Shemar Fraser. With one round of the knockout phase completed, today’s matches should

produce even more excitement as schools position themselves top win the coveted first prize. The top four schools will receive cash awards that will go towards the creation of a project of their choice. The champion school will receive $200,000, runner-up

$100,000, third place $50,000 and fourth $25,000. All four institutions will also be given medals and trophies, while the Most Valuable Player, Highest Goal scorer, Best Goalkeeper, Best Coach and Most Supportive Parent will be recognised for their achievements.

Meanwhile, the matches scheduled for tomorrow are as follows: 12:00 hrs- Tucville take on North Ruimveldt 13:50 hrs -South Ruimveldt tackle North Georgetown 15:45 hrs- Bishop’s High square off against Dolphin.

GCA’s Hadi’s and Noble Former Flamengo goalkeeper sentenced to 22 years for murder House competition continue Action in the Georgetown Cricket Association’s Hadi’s World Incorporated-City Mall 1st Division (2-Day) Cricket Competition and the Noble House Seafoods 2nd division (2-day) competition will continue today and tomorrow. In the fixtures this weekend’s matches; In the Hadi World Incorporated-City Mall 1st Division (2-Day) Cricket Competition: Starting from 09:30hrs: Everest vs Transport at Camp Road Umpires: Matthew Kissoon & Shannon Crawford Police vs GCC at Eve Leary – Umpires:

Bruno Souza, former goalkeeper of Brazil’s Flamengo soccer club, attends his trial in Contagem, near Belo Horizonte March 7, 2013. Picture taken March 7, 2013. REUTERS/Handout/Renata Caldeira/TJMG RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) - Former goalkeeper Bruno, once tipped for a place in Brazil’s World Cup football squad, has been sentenced to 22 years and three months in prison for the murder of his ex-lover. Reports have said her body was fed to dogs. The jury’s verdict on the death of victim Eliza Samudio was read out by Judge Marixa Fabiane Lopes Rodrigues at Brazil’s Contagem Court of Justice in the early hours of Friday. “The conduct of the

crime of murder has sordid details and demonstration of absolute ruthlessness,” the judge said in her verdict. “The defendant Bruno Fernandes believed that by having the body consumed, impunity would be granted.” The 28-year-old Bruno, who played for Brazilian first division sides Atletico Mineiro and Flamengo, has been in custody since July 2010. His contract with Flamengo was suspended when the murder came to light.

As well as hiding the body, he was also found guilty of kidnapping the son he had with Eliza but his former wife Dayanne Rodrigues was absolved from the charge as it was considered she was put under pressure. Prosecutor Henry Vasconcelos said the murder in June 2010 was carried out by another man known as ‘Bola’ with help from Bruno’s close friend Macarrao, who was sentenced to 15 years. Bola’s trial is set for April 22.

Hortence Isaacs & Cyril Garnath GNIC vs DCC at Queenstown - Umpires: Colin Alfred & Ryan Banwarie Malteenoes vs GYO at Thomas Lands Umpires: Edward Nicholls & Montgomery Chester Bye: GDF. In the Noble House Seafoods 2nd Division (2-Day) Competition – Zone –A play starting from 11:00 hrs will see: Transport vs Police at GYO - Umpires: Mario Nichols & Zaheer Mohamed Third Class vs Vikings at GNIC - “ : Linden Matthew & Edward Bowen.

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Kaieteur News

Saturday March 09, 2013

Saturday March 09, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Dr. Hunte hails Windies Women and Jennifer Nero on International Women’s Day St John’s, Antigua – President of the West Indies Cricket Board Dr. Julian Hunte hailed the West Indies Women team and the only female WICB Director, Jennifer Nero, on International Women’s Day, today, March 8th. “As we celebrate the achievements and successes of women the world over on this day specially dedicated day, the WICB salutes the rise of the West Indies Women’s Team under the inspirational leadership of Captain Merissa Aguilleira,” Dr. Hunte said. “Our Women’s Team has been a source of unmitigated pride in recent years and we are most pleased with their steady ascendancy in the rankings to the stage where they are now ranked Number 2 in ODIs and Number 4 in T20s. As a Board, we have, as part of our Strategic Plan, given them the support that they require, in terms of retainer contracts, specialist training and preparatory camps, increased number of matches and tours and technical expertise,” Dr. Hunte outlined. “I take this opportunity too to congratulate the team on their successful tour of Sri Lanka during which they won both the ODI and T20 series and this coming after their

- observes that WICB at the forefront of regional gender equality impressive campaign in the ICC Women’s World Cup in India,” Dr Hunte said. “I wish to take this opportunity to place on public record the Board’s thanks to our first female Director, Jennifer Nero, for her continued contribution to West Indies cricket. Ms Nero’s appointment as a Director in 2011 was not only historic but visionary and steeped in inclusivity,” Dr. Hunte added. “Director Nero’s contribution to the deliberations and decision making of the Board of Directors has been insightful, robust and incisive. She has been an asset and immensely influential addition to the Board. We look forward to many more years of her distinguished service to cricket, including the championing of the cause of our women cricketers and administrators,” Dr Hunte said. “At the WICB Secretariat as well, we have women at senior managerial positions who contribute, on a daily basis, to the administration and management of West Indies Cricket,” Hunte noted.

“The Board in 2012 appointed the first ever female Corporate Secretary – Verlyn Faustin; our long-serving Legal Officer, Alanna Medford and four of our managers – in the areas of Commercial (Nelecia Yeates), Events (Cindy McLean), Finance (Joy- Neta Noyce) and Corporate Services

Marlon Samuels against Bangladesh in November. His last competitive match was on February 14, in the Bangladesh Premier League. The other players to miss out from the squad that played the Bangladesh series, which was West Indies’ previous Test assignment, include batsmen Kirk Edwards and Assad Fudadin. Narine had had a poor run in that series, taking three wickets in two Tests at an average of 114.33. Twenty-three-year-old

regard to gender equality,” Dr. Hunte said. “Finally I am obliged to observe that the WICB is one of very few international cricket boards in the world which has a woman as a Director and as many women in senior managerial positions and I personally look forward to the day when we have

Young Warriors Mash Cup 2013 fundraiser set for tomorrow March 10 The Young Warriors Cricket Club of Cumberland Village, East Canje, Berbice, Mash Cup 2013 cricket competition, which was postpones from February 23, 2013 is now on for tomorrow, Sunday March 10, 2013. Ten teams will now participate in the tournament for incentives over $200,000 and they are all drawn for the Canje area. The day promises to be full of entertainment for adults and kids. There will be gate prizes and giveaways sponsored by DIGICEL, Geddes Grant and Sham Beer Garden. Proceeds from this event

Samuels returns for 1st Test v Zimbabwe BRIDGETOWN, BARBADOS - Allrounder Marlon Samuels returns to the West Indies squad after a two-month injury break, having been picked for the first Test against Zimbabwe that begins on March 12. Offspinner Sunil Narine did not feature in the 13-man squad, and in his place Shane Shillingford came in. Samuels had missed the limited-overs leg of the Zimbabwe series after picking up a facial injury during the Big Bash League, Australia’s T20 competition, in January. Fast bowler Shannon Gabriel, who debuted in the Lord’s Test last year but was then sidelined by a stress reaction in his back, made a comeback. Two exclusions of note on the fast-bowling front included Ravi Rampaul and Fidel Edwards. Rampaul had returned to the domestic circuit in February after two months out due to knee trouble and had said at the time that he was “100% fit”. Edwards had taken a match-haul of seven in his previous Test match -

(Simone Davis) – are all women,” Dr Hunte highlighted. “Indeed when one examines Caribbean-wide organizations and institutions one would have to conclude that the WICB is one of the organizations that is at the very forefront of inclusivity and empowerment with

greater representation by women not only at the highest levels but at all levels, including more women playing the game, serving as administrators and team and match officials,” Dr Hunte said. The WICB will host a function in Barbados on Sunday evening to honour the West Indies Women’s Team for their performance in the Women’s World Cup where they made it to the final.

left-arm spinner Veerasammy Permaul, who had a relatively better series with eight wickets at 31.62, retained his place. Wicketkeeper Denesh Ramdin kept his role as Test vice-captain, while Chris Gayle returned after asking to skip the limited-overs series against Zimbabwe. Experienced batsman Ramnaresh Sarwan, who returned for West Indies on last month’s limited-overs tour of Australia after a contentious 18-month break, was not handed a Test comeback. West Indies and Zimbabwe will play two Tests in all, and the hosts’ squad for the second Test will be named at a later date. West Indies 1st Test Squad For Zimbabwe Series: Darren Sammy (Captain), Denesh Ramdin (Vice Captain), Tino Best, Darren Bravo, Shivnarine Chanderpaul, Narsingh Deonarine, Shannon Gabriel, Chris Gayle, Veerasammy Permaul, Kieran Powell, Kemar Roach, Marlon Samuels, Shane Shillingford.

will go towards acquisition of pitch covers and fencing of th e ground. All arrangements remain the same and tickets purchased will be valid. The club takes the opportunity to say thanks to their sponsors that have come on board: Republic Bank Ltd, J’s Supermarket, Metro Office

Supplies, Ansa McAl, Banks DIH Ltd, S Satar General Store, Mortimer George, Inshan Satar, J. Sripal, Chandra Sohan, Charrandas Persaud, Martin Singh, Terminate, A Mahabir, Zaheer Liquor Restaurant, Homeline Furnishing, Mangru Supermarket, Ramadhar Liquor Restaurant, Roger Trucking Service, Natasha

Travel Service, Sharple Furniture Estb, Geddes Grant, Ashiek and Son Motor Supplies, Pan American Auto Sales, N Hamid and Sons, Balram Shane, Danzies Auto Sales, Uprising Liquor Restaurant, Price is Right, Bishram Chicken Estb, Home Design, Clarence David, Church View Gift Shop, Digicel and Rafeek Kassim.

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Kaieteur News

Saturday March 09, 2013

Hamson’s Trading Schools Rugby Competition...

North G’town, St. John’s crowned champions - rated a success The Guyana Rugby Football Union (GRFU) on Thursday concluded its first Under-14 Schools Competition for the year, and according to Junior Development Officer, Troy Yhip, the tournament was a success.

Yhip said the Hamson’s Trading-sponsored event was productive because it provided the opportunity for new players (boys and girls) to be introduced to the sport at an early age. The Junior Development

Hope, Samuels hit half tons for HPC on Day 2 against Zimbabwe WICRICNEWS - Sagicor West Indies High Performance Centre (HPC) were 213 for seven off 75 overs in reply to Zimbabwe’s first innings total of 255 for eight declared off 104 overs – at the close of play on the second day of the three-day match at Desmond Haynes Oval here yesterday. The not out batsmen were Yannick Cariah on 36 and Jason Dawes, nought. Samuels batted for 104 minutes, faced 80 balls and hit ten fours in his 55, while Hope was at the crease for 164 minutes, received 133 balls and struck seven fours and one six in 62. Cremer has five for 74 and Jarvis, two for 37 bowling for Zimbabwe. Earlier, Hamilton Masakadza, who resumed on 109, scored 112 before he was run out after Zimbabwe started the day on 222 for five. His overnight partner Waller made 64 from his overnight 45. Left-arm spinner Jomel Warrican took two for 48 off 19 overs for HPC.

Part of the action in Hamson’s Trading-sponsored U-14 Schools Rugby Tournament that ended on Thursday at the National Park. Officer described the event as a positive expansion for the sport, especially since this year saw an increase in the amount of teams that participated when compared with previous years and according to him that is testimony to the high level of interest that resides within the junior category.

The tournament attracted for the first time players from Covent Garden, Tutorial High, St John’s College, Marian Academy and North Georgetown and was played at the National Park Rugby Field as part of the five-year youth development programme of the Union which commenced in 2010.

In results of the day’s activities: North Georgetown Secondary School ‘A’ team played unbeaten to lift the winning trophy in the Boys category. En route to the final, they defeated their B-team counterparts two tries to nil, then got past Covent Garden four tries to nil and drew with

St John’s ‘A’ one-all. St John’s College Girls defeated Marian Academy Girls one-nil in the best-ofthree format to be crowned champions. Previous youth tournaments were sponsored by Geddes Grant, Sterling Products and Dyna’s Embroidery.

Trinidad puts Guyana under pressure as the chase 322 for a win At Queen’s Park Oval, Guyana required a further 322 for victory at the close of play on the third day of the fourth round of the WICB Regional Four-Day cricket Championship. The Guyanese closed the day on 54-1 after T&T had declared on 251 for 2. Guyana had earlier been dismissed for 185 replying to 319 made by Trinidad in their first innings. Scores in the match so far: TRINIDAD & TOBAGO 319 (Denesh Ramdin 84, Darren Bravo 66, Lendl Simmons 51, Imran Khan 44, Sunil Narine 24; Veerasammy Permaul 3-60, Paul Wintz 2-50, Ronsford Beaton 2-58) and 251 for two decl. (Lendl Simmons 69,

Adrian Barath 56, Kieron Pollard 54 not out, Darren Bravo 48 not out). GUYANA 195 (Leon Johnson 87, Tagenarine Chanderpaul 42, Assad Fudadin 29; Sunil Narine 6-40) and 54-1 (Tagenarine Chanderpaul 27 not out). Over at the 3W’s Oval: CCC lead the Leewards by 270 runs. Scores: CCC 180 all out (Raymon Reifer 45, Shacaya Thomas 35; Larry Joseph 332, Gavin Tonge 3-55, Anthony Martin 2-36) and 333-6 (Raymon Reifer 85, Anthony Alleyne 71, Floyd Reifer 48, Shacaya Thomas 2 1 , Akeem Dewar 20; Anthony Martin 3-112, Tonito Willett 2-79)

LEEWARD ISLANDS 243 (Steve Liburd 53, Tonito Willett 44, Devon Thomas 40, Kieran Powell 28, Anthony Martin 24; Kevin McClean 339, Kesrick Williams 2-37). At National Stadium: Jamaica beat the Windwards by 91 runs. JAMAICA 207 (Nikita Miller 55, Dave Bernard 52) and 97 all out (Odean Brown 27; Darren Sammy 4-20, Shane Shillingford 4-45). WINDWARD ISLANDS 130 all out (Devon Smith 49, Johnson Charles 30; Nikita Miller 2-16, Tamar Lambert 227, Brown 2-31) and 83 ( Ty r o n e T h e o p h i l e 2 0 ; Nikita Miller 7-30, Odean Brown 3-17).

Saturday March 09, 2013

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IMPERIOUS SANGAKKARA MAKES BANGLADESH TOIL (Reuters) - Kumar Sangakkara struck his 31st test century to equal the Sri Lanka record held by Mahela Jayawardene as the hosts reached 361 for three on the first day of the first test against Bangladesh on Friday. Sangakkara, playing his first competitive match since

December after recovering from a finger injury, smashed the hapless Bangladesh attack to all parts before he departed for 142 after he was caught by Jahurul Islam in the covers off Sohag Gazi. He was dropped on 111 when Mohammad Ashraful put down a head high chance at mid on off Gazi who took

the other two wickets to fall. “It’s a great privilege to equal Mahela’s record. Getting runs and scoring more hundreds sometimes you can say there is a selfish element, but if you keep doing that, you benefit and your side benefits as well,” said Sangakkara. “It was very satisfying

Football Referees body to hold AGM today The Guyana Football Referees Council will hold its Annual General Meeting today at Carifesta Sports Complex on Carifesta Avenue to elect officers to serve for the next two years. High on the Agenda will be the election of office bearers, presentation of the Financial Report and review the GRFC constitution. Council’s plans for 2013 will also be put forward to members. There will be a report from incumbent President Alfred King who will be seeking reelection.

King who is the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport is among several members nominated for positions on the Executive Committee. The other nominees are Carlos Bernard, Dion Inniss, Troy Peters, Dwayne Lovell, Natasha Lewis, Stanley Lancaster, Ingram Johnson and Sherwin Moore. The GFRC recent conducted a Beginners Training Programme as part of its recruitment drive. Thirty of the country’s elite referees also attended a

FIFA/GFF sponsored Referees Assistance Programme (RAP) conducted by regional and local referees’ instructors. Outstanding members of the Council will also receive awards. Referees from Georgetown, Linden, Bartica, Berbice and East and West Demerara will attend today’s meeting which start at 14:00 hours. The Annual General Meeting is being held ahead of the GFF Ordinary Congress schedule for April 15 where a new executive committee will be elected to office.

getting back into the runs. Going into this match I had only batted three or four days and I had worked really hard on those sessions.” On a flat track, Bangladesh took the second new ball in the 81st over but bowled only four more before rain brought an early end to the day. With Lahiru Thirimanne, who scored his third test halfcentury, Sangakkara put on 124 for the third wicket. Thirimanne was unbeaten on 74 at stumps with skipper Angelo Mathews on 25 not out. Bangladesh’s only success in the afternoon session was the wicket of Dimuth Karunaratne, who was trapped leg before on the back foot by Gazi for 41. Karunaratne had earlier left the field when on 15 after he tried to pull a delivery from Shahadat Hossain and took a blow on his left elbow. “Dimuth suffered from dizziness and double vision and was forced to retire,” Sri Lanka manager Michael de Zoysa told reporters.

Kumar Sangakkara showed no signs of discomfort after returning from injury © AFP

Karunaratne’s opening partner Tillakaratne Dilshan had Sri Lanka off to a fast start after Mathews had won the toss for the home side on his test debut as captain. Dilshan hit 54 before he

came down the track to Gazi and offered a low catch to Mominul Haque at mid-off. Scores: Sri Lanka 361 for 3 (Sangakkara 142, Thirimanne 74*, Dilshan 54) v Bangladesh.

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Saturday March 09, 2013

National squad selected as beach footballers prepare for world cup qualifiers Twelve players have been selected by the Guyana Beach Football Association (GBFA) to represent Guyana at two international games; the CONCACAF beach football world cup qualifiers scheduled for Nassau Bahamas, May 8-12 and the USA Open Virginia tournament scheduled for June 7-10. The selectors had earlier dispatched a list to the executives of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) for ratification and following approval the national team was selected. The selectors believe that the team comprises a mixture of youth and experience, many of whom have represented Guyana in the past and the selectors believe that they are the best choices available. Those making the grade are: Michael Wilson, Darrel George, Travis Bess, Jarmaine Grandison, Claude Dennis, Keon Sears, Ron Fiedtkou, Marmarlaque Davidson, Odil Allicock, Omeion Wills, Colric Beckles and Colwyn Davids. Meanwhile, General Coordinator of activities (GBFA), Rollin Tappin,

Rollin Tappin explained that the sport has the potential of lifting Guyana on an international pedestal. He explained that the ball weavers are currently engaged in the Banks DIH League Cup tournament at the Bayroc Sand Reserve Ground Linden which, apart from identifying the best team, will also serve to provide valuable practice sessions for those selected. Further, the GBFA have organized several tournaments that will heighten their preparation in order to maximize their chances at the upcoming games. The players will also have their first meaningful practice match early next

month against a team from Trinidad and Tobago. Mr. Tappin also informed that the organizing committee (GBFA) has managed to accrue approximately one million dollars to offset the required four million needed for participation in Nassau Bahamas and consequently, Tahiti. He said that his executives have sent out letters to several corporate entities soliciting their assistance to offset the huge cost of the tournaments. A similar correspondence has also been sent to Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Frank Anthony and Mr. Tappin is confident of a favourable response. His executives are aiming to have all of the modalities in place by this month end. The local players and officials are tentatively set to depart Guyana on Tuesday May 14 next. Ten countries out of the 35 members in the CONCACAF zone are playing beach football and Mr. Tappin is adamant that Guyana could attain world recognition after his men would have made their mark on the championships.

Central Corentyne Flexout...

Berbicians gearing up for muscle flexing tonight Like powerlifting, the sport of bodybuilding is gradually gaining and regaining popularity in the Ancient County of Berbice. The name Vijai Rahim is well known in the powerlifting fraternity and beyond and he is a home grown and bred Berbician. The search is now on for a Rahim in the bodybuilding circle so this evening’s Central Corentyne Flexout competition is a step in the right direction in this regard. Hosted by Messer Raheem Ali and Kumar, this event will mark the official launch of the House of Pain Gym, a welcome addition to the many other existing gyms in the area and Guyana by extension. Expert assistance for the event is being provided by Flex Night Incorporated, and experienced group headed by former GABBFF President and General Secretary, Donald Sinclair. With the return of Flex Night to the bodybuilding calendar, the sport can only get better and will certainly regain the popularity that it once enjoyed a big plus for the Guyana Amateur Body

Female Berbice bodybuilder Candace Lynch (right0 and Ms Flex Night winner Alisha Fortune. Building & Fitness Federation. Based on reports emanating from the Ancient County, the entire Corentyne area is buzzing with excitement as they brace for what is anticipated to be an entertaining evening at the House of Pain Gym, located at Ankerville, Port Mourant. Traditionally, Berbicians and fierce lovers of sport and will be out in their numbers to support their local athletes.

Added entertainment for the fans will take the form of guest posing by reigning Mr. Guyana Devon Davis and Ms. Flex Night Best Legs winner Nadina Taharally, two experienced practitioners of the sport. The blinds are expected to be drawn at 19:00hrs when it will be time for the dozen athletes to showcase their hard work they have put in over the past few months to get their bodies in shape.

Saturday March 09, 2013

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t r o Sp New Era Ent/Cell Smart Super-8 tournament bounces off tonight - Ramchand Auto Spares and Star Party Rental on board

Representatives from New Era Entertainment receiving their sponsorship from Ramchand Auto Spares and Star Party Rentals

After months of planning and preparation, the New Era Entertainment/Cell Smart Super-8 basketball tournament will officially bounce off this evening at the Mackenzie Sports Club Hard Court in Linden with a double header following the gala opening ceremony. The opening ceremony is set for 17:00 hours after which Wismar Pistons and Block 22 Flames will play the first game of the tournament, while New Era 12 and Half Mile Bulls are set to do battle in the second game. Eight teams – Amelia’s Ward Jets, Retrieve Raiders, Bulls, Wismar Pistons, Victory Valley Royals, Block 22 Flames, Kashif & Shanghai and New Era 12 – will be competing for a chance to cash in on the tournament’s top prize of $200,000. Second through fourth place are set to collect $100,000, $75,000 and $25,000 respectively. The teams will be divided into two groups of four, with each playing in a round robin, after the completion of which the top two will go on to play in the semifinals. Meanwhile, Ramchand Auto Spares on Sheriff Street and Star Party Rental have joined the growing list of sponsors and those from Georgetown supporting the Linden

basketball tournament. At two simple presentation ceremonies, the two entities known for their heavy affiliation to sports in Guyana, both expressed parallel sentiments for the reason of their support, stating that people from Linden are supportive of their business and this is a way of them giving back to the people of the Bauxite mining town. Cell Smart, the sponsors of the first, third and fourth prizes along with Mackeson (second place sponsor) are the core sponsors of the championship. Two Brothers Service Station and Planet Fitness who provided the tournament with the balls and nets are the other sponsors from the city. Corporate Supply Limited is the sponsor of the Most Valuable Player (MVP) prize with the entity handing over a pair of high cost basketball sneakers to the adjudged player and Bobby Noel General Store is responsible for the prize that will be given to the best defensive player. Other sponsors include Bella Harry Lumber Yard and Hardware Store, Bolo’s Variety, Foreign Links Auto Sales, Triple ‘T’ Bakery, Snooks Variety Store, Power’s Car Rental, Alvin Porter and Gordon Alleyne.

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