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A perennial nuisance most difficult to curb There is nothing more frustrating than going home to rest and being unable to. Some people suffer this discomfort because of domestic squabbles, others because the weight of domestic duties is such that they must satisfy these duties before they can rest, and yet others for medical reasons. In the case of the second, for example, many women work outside the home and must then go home to tend to children and husbands, who in the typical West Indian tradition, believe that they are exempt from certain duties. What is worse for everyone concerned is the noise that disrupts sleep when that sleep is much needed. People have been known to come to work the next day bleary-eyed because they simply could not sleep. They offered all manner of excuses not least among them warring neighbours who beg attention through their raucous behaviour. However, the most disturbing have been those playing loud music until the wee hours of the morning. In many cases the music is the base of the impromptu parties, be they birthdays, christenings or simply a case of music for music sake. There are those who for their own entertainment would play their music as loudly as they could, regardless of the discomfort to neighbours. The police have expressed zero tolerance for such behaviour which has spread its tentacles into the city. The evidence of urban migration is overwhelming. For starters, the music sets are much larger than they were a few decades ago. Even the speakers are much more powerful than their counterparts of yesteryear. The law precludes anyone from using noise-making instruments without the express permission of the law. The consequence has been nightclubs which do not have soundproofing or noise abatement facilities are descended on by the police. In some cases the music equipment is removed and the proprietors prosecuted. And such actions are not confined to the nightclubs or to those homes that host parties. Tradition allows certain instances when people can play their music loudly. One instance is a wedding. In rural Guyana wedding receptions are either at homes or in community halls. Neighbours do not complain about noise nuisance because more often than not, they are invited. With the increased movement of people from the rural area to the urban communities where noise tolerance is less there could be problems. Our contention is that there should not be the selective application of the laws governing noise nuisance. Whenever there is a report of a disturbance the police should act. Sometimes it matters that there is no complaint. The police patrols would often encounter cases of noise nuisance but they sometimes pay no attention to it. There have been complaints of people paying the police to ignore the issue. But more often than not, the police would insist that the volume be lowered. Minibus operators have been the most targeted among us, but one would never know that, given the continued chances they take to maintain their reputations. The culture is embedded. A solution to that aspect seems some way off. Suffice it to say that the issue of noise nuisance is not confined to music sets. These days there are places of worship that are well-known for their energetic, hyped-up services. They too have large speakers and they too are known to drown out the neighbourhood. The respect for religion often allows the “offenders” to get away with the noise nuisance, although more and more people are complaining. Prosecutions are not as frequent as one would expect given the repeated breaches of the law. It must be because the courts are overcrowded and because the authorities prefer to resort to other means. Perhaps there could be a case the patrols issuing tickets that could be paid on the spot. Perhaps the only resort to the court should be based on the offenders’ desire to defend his action. One is not clear whether the law allows for ticketing, but if this nuisance is to be curbed that may be the way to go, and the fines should be hefty.

Saturday March 08, 2014

Letters... Where your views make the news

Guyanese women have a lot to celebrate, but we still have a lot more to do DEAR EDITOR, Women the world over are celebrating International Women’s Day today. There is much to reflect on since this day has assumed a new dimension for women throughout the world – developed, or under-developed societies. It has become the focal point for the evaluation of the coordinated efforts of women to secure rights and equal participation in all aspects of life. For many women in various parts of the world their dream of having the basic rights to make choices for themselves in a variety of ways is virtually impossible. Societal norms, traditional and religious beliefs have left millions of women without any recourse to their basic human rights. As we reflect and observe this day, we need to recognize that the journey has just begun for some while others have advanced. As we reflect on the journey of 100 years and more, it is necessary to assess the tremendous achievements made the world over for the right to vote, to be elected and to participate in the development of society. It was only two countries of the world prior to 1902 where women had the right to vote. By the end of the 20th century, women in 66 countries won that right. Over that century, women had reached

positions of head of state or government in 93 countries. Even though there are remarkable strides, a serious economic and social imbalance remains. Women own only one per cent of the world’s property and earn only 10% of the world’s income but perform 66% of the work and produce 50% of food. A WHO study revealed that 20% of women worldwide experience sexual abuse as children. There are 5,000 honor killings per year; in South Africa one woman is killed every 6 hours by an intimate partner. In India 22 women are murdered each day in dowry-related incidents. 80% of the world victims of human trafficking are women; 100-140 million girls have been the victims of Female Genital Mutilation, 60 million girls per year are forced into marriage as child brides and worldwide 25% of pregnant women are subjected to physical or sexual abuse. Clearly, the world needs to do much more for women based on some of the statistics presented. We in Guyana are indeed fortunate since women activism has been on the front burner since the early forties. A vibrant women’s movement has prompted many positive actions in propelling legislations and policies to advance the empowerment of women.

Let us all work together to reduce the incidence of violence against women and children while ensuring at the same time that poor and single parents are given the necessary guidance and leadership to take charge of their lives positively. We in the WPO believe that the women of Guyana have a lot to celebrate while acknowledging at the same time that we have a lot more to do. We must collectively walk the talk so that the struggle by the garment workers who led the way for better conditions in 1857 must continuously inspire and energize the women who are in the forefront of the drive for increasing women’s empowerment. The WPO wishes to use this occasion to salute its own stalwarts as well as those who have consistently championed the struggle for women’s equality; the foremost among them being its late President Mrs. Janet Jagan, founder member of the WPEO and the WPO. Today, the 8th of March, at 3.00 p.m., there will be an official activity organized by the WPO to celebrate International Women’s Day. Happy International Women‘s Day to all Guyanese women. Women’s Progressive Organization

Adam’s comment on construction long overdue DEAR EDITOR, Adam Harris’s commentary on following sound engineering practices in the construction boom is long overdue (March 2). I have been noting the construction boom over the last decade; kudos to those responsible for the boom and infrastructure development. But I did notice some buildings tilting and some built on unstable ground. Major accidents are waiting to happen if builders did not utilize engineering designs in constructing some of these structures. Potential home owners and even some builders feel they can throw up a structure like in the past that was done with wood (board building). Constructing a building (of steel and concrete) is a different kettle altogether. Sound designs, piling and use of the right materials (reenforceable concrete) may be required for heavy structures. I am not an engineer by training but I have done considerable reading on the

construction industry and traveled extensively to learning about construction. Buildings have collapsed in China, France, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Africa, etc., when proper engineering designs were not followed, in unstable areas. Shoddy designs and lack of strong foundations led to collapse of buildings and loss of countless lives and billions of dollars in property. I recall construction of a road in Trinidad, just outside of San Fernando, that was paved and repaved numerous times and every time it was done, it sank, with some of the road protruding into the side drain. There were similar scenes in other parts of the lovely island. I kept telling officials, paving and repaving was not the issue. Piles were needed to prevent movement of the soil and the road. I noticed last year, piling was done on some of the road work (maybe the work of Brazilian engineers) and the roads seemed to be holding up when I visited the area last month. Engineers stress sound designs and

solid foundation in any construction. Soils are usually tested to determine type of construction or even if a building should be put up in an area. One cannot build “willy nilly” – studies have to carried out. Unlike, say in New York (where there may be bedrock), Guyana’s soil is not “solid” and is subject to movement. As Adam noted, piling, may be a requirement in Guyana and one has to question what structural designs were utilized if piling was not used to have a stable foundation for a large edifice. Buildings can sink or tilt and even collapse under their own weight if proper engineering requirements are not followed. The authorities in Guyana need to exercise due regulation and “policing” over the construction industry to ensure that buildings are safely designed and properly constructed. And please, corruption should not be a part of regulation – lives are at stake. Vishnu Bisram

The quality of your work will speak for you DEAR EDITOR, I submit this letter in an effort to encourage the young people of our dear country. The scripture says: ‘The strength of a nation is in its youths.’ Young people must work to acquire what they desire. Hard work is the surest and most definite prevention against poverty. Success is relative to productivity. When you produce more than what you consume, you become prosperous. But when you consume more than what you produce, it leads to material poverty. If you take a look

around you, you will find that people who violate or go against this principle of life run their lives at a loss. Even God himself worked six days and rested on the seventh day. But lazy people want to rest for six days and work for only one day! Of course we must admit that some are already working so much with little results to show for it. Do not faint, don’t give up. But listen; the creation of wealth requires more of mental discipline than physical exercise. It is the worth of your thoughts that gives value to the work of your hands. It is part of hard work for

you to sit down today, and task your mind to concentrate on your immediate assignment or obligations, to think through problems, and to create possible solutions. When you become an expert through hard work, the Bible says of you that Kings will send for you. The quality of your work will speak for you, it will take you places and your dreams will become reality. I encourage you today to work hard, for this can only bring value to you, your family and by extension, Guyana. Deji Aderemi

Saturday March 08, 2014

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

The demise of Andy and the state of the Guyanese child DEAR EDITOR, The gruesome death of 14-year-old Andy whose skull was reportedly crushed by a truck has once again provoked me to question whether the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport understand their role in this dynamic society and world in which we live. The tragic death of this child raises a number of questions, many of which I raised in previous letters. The state of the Guyanese child, under this government, is troubling to say the least. Andy’s death highlights a damning indictment on the ministries identified above. A dangerous revelation regarding how we as citizens, neighbours, employers, vendors, passersby, or simply human beings live should also cause us some concern. According to a KN report, the police are working on a theory that Andy’s skull was crushed on a parapet at 20th Street, Foulis, E.C.D. on Wednesday 27 February 2014. In that same news item, the owner/ driver of the truck is reported to have said that he did not know that the child was sleeping under his truck. Now that Andy is deceased, we are learning a lot of his background and his daily struggles. The fact that Andy was associated with a

community just a few miles from the capital city, where the heart of the government and the relevant agencies can be found must also be troubling to us, and cause us to think about what might be happening to our children who live in the remote areas of the country. After this child’s lifeless body was discovered on the Foulis Public Road, we learned that Andy lost his parents when he was two years old, he has never been to school, only has a first name, worked as help for various people, slept anywhere he could rest his head, dwelt mainly in the Foulis neighbourhood for a number of years, etc. Reading and listening to all the news reports on this incident tells me that many people knew of Andy’s situation; many also utilized his labour (child labour), but none apparently felt it their duty to help to remove him from the pains of his daily travails. It would be interesting to know if the plight of this homeless child was ever reported to the Ministry of Human Services; if it was what was done to protect him. If those of us who knew of this child’s struggles failed to consider it our duty to seek help for him from the relevant authorities, then we must hang our heads in shame! Those of us who demanded his labour and seemed to have no care about

An insult to an intelligent audience DEAR EDITOR, Those of us who attended the inspiring lecture by Professor Clem Seecharan titled: “El Dorado Complex in the Shaping of the IndoGuyanese: A Revisionist Perspective” on Wednesday, 21 February 2014 at the Umana Yana, would have been excited to experience a repeat of the presentation. This opportunity was (allegedly) offered by Channel 11 last week. I therefore called a number of colleagues who had missed the live presentation – to listen and be educated. Unfortunately I was not prepared for its abrupt

truncation which robbed viewers of Professor Seecharan’s critically climatic appeal to the divided society of a ‘sovereign state’ to have a conversation that would lead eventually to a ‘unified nation’. The insensitive personnel who made this unfortunate decision clearly did not appreciate the disservice they did to the comprehensiveness of the Professor’s presentation; the insult to an intelligent audience (of tax payers); and, not exceptionally, of their own intellectual handicap, if not perhaps spiritual sterility. I am a disenchanted viewer. E.B. John

his welfare should also feel much guilt about this entire situation. How can we be so callous and inhumane when it comes to protecting our children? How can we knowingly watch a child who should be in school, protected and provided for go night after night sleeping under trucks and in the streets? According to basic innate human qualities shouldn’t we report matters like these to the authorities? Don’t we also have a legal obligation to report child abuse/neglect matters? Or is it that because laws in Guyana remain to be enforced that we seem not to care for our children? And what about the Ministry of Human Services, are we working in the communities enough? Too many of our children are falling through the cracks and we seem to view this dangerous situation in a very casual manner. Recent accounts of serious criminal activities, involving weapons, are alleged to have been committed by children. Like Andy, it is clear that these teenagers who are alleged to be committing these heinous crimes, and being shot dead in the homes of their intruders are neither going to school nor are they meaningfully engaged in any structured legitimate program. How the Ministry of Education accounts for students’ absence and what they do with the information regarding students not attending school is anyone’s guess. It is clear to me that there is no effective collaboration between the Education and the Human Services ministries. How else do you explain the fact that children who have been dropping out of the school system go

undetected for years and quickly become victims of a vicious criminal enterprise which seems to have engulfed the nation? This criminal enterprise is allowed to quickly transform our children into hardened criminals and the political masters of the day couldn’t care less! This situation does not augur well for the future of the country. If the “political bosses” are pigheaded and foolish enough to believe that they are immutable and will outlast the next generation, then the future of Guyanese youth will continue to be of little or no importance to them. The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport often boasts of actions it initiated to develop skills training programs for young people, but yet there is no real account of the successes of any of these programs to the point that youths it supposedly trained remain gainfully and productively engaged as a result of knowledge and skills acquired through these programs. Today my heart bleeds for Andy and so many other children who are left to simply exist, on their own. As the political, social, and education system continues to fail them, many of us are beginning to accept these failures as the new norm. So, when a teen commits a murder and robbery we simply echo the sentiments of the regime who dubs these teens as criminals whose parents are to be blamed for the crime. This is

the kind of stance the PPP/C government has taken with respect to youth involvement in crime. Sadly, however, this attitude will only result in even more heightened criminal behaviour and disruption of our livelihood, because of our reluctance to deal with the real issues regarding youth violence and criminal behaviour. Andy’s tragic death should cause us to reflect on the lives of our own children and those we love, and ask whether any child deserves to live like Andy lived? And why didn’t any of us who are familiar with this child’s situation take action to ensure his welfare was protected? Again, is it that we have no faith in the political system that is expected to protect him, so we simply ditched him? Why did we have him work for us and refuse to allow him a chance to experience the pleasure of being in school? When he was finished labouring for the day, why didn’t we offer him a decent place to sleep, where he is protected from the dangers of the night? What about the police who conduct regular night operations in various communities, had they ever visited Foulis to do spot checks of any sort? If they did had they ever run into little Andy sleeping on the road? If they did what did they do? I am hoping that Andy’s death does not only end with someone being charged, but that a thorough investigation will ensue to ensure that we as a society understand our

responsibility to protect every child. The workings of the Ministry of Human Services and Ministry of Education must also be examined to determine where the ball is being dropped on our children. I am quite sure that there are many “Andys” out there, and so we must work to protect them. Let me close by asking: who will protest for Andy? Who will walk the streets and demand justice for this homeless little boy who was never exposed to education, but who was made to labour for many? Who is prepared to stand up for the “Andys” in Guyana, those little boys and girls whose only crime is that the political system and those responsible for their welfare, security and education failed continue to fail them? Andy cannot simply be a name to us, his existence and the tragic end to his life must implore us to demand a full investigation of his life. We must speak to the members of the community in which he existed, those who had him labour for them, the Ministers of Education and Social Services must also be heard from on this issue. Andy cannot just be a name; his life and his struggles demand that we seek justice for him. The photograph of his little, innocent face will forever have a place in my heart. This child probably died with the belief that there is no love in the world and that no one cared for him. May his soul rest in peace! Lurlene Nestor

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Saturday March 08, 2014

NICIL blocked Stockfeeds Bartica ferry awaiting from paying its shareholders parts from overseas Chairperson of the Guyana Stockfeeds Inc, Robert Badal, has lashed out at the Guyana Securities Council (GSC), over what he calls, a misleading notice it has published in the media. According to Badal, the GSC’s notice is based on an incorrect premise, and is thereby misleading. The GSC Advisory informed the public that although the company had claimed in an Interim Report that it had paid dividends totaling $80.3M for the financial year 2012, it was brought to the GSC’s attention that several shareholders had not received dividend payments. Badal notes too that the GSC further informed the public that it had contacted the Company, and was told by its Attorney that no dividends had been paid. “The GSC then required the Company to correct the incorrect Report and to disseminate the correction in the same manner as it had done in the initial Report, and that the Company had not complied with the GSC’s requirement… It concluded by advising shareholders to seek independent advice.” Badal has since responded saying that the “the GSC has been very economical with the truth.” According to Badal, what the GSC did not tell the public

“The Securities Council has been very economical with the truth - Badal

NICIL’s Executive Director, Winston Brassington

CEO of Guyana Stockfeeds Inc., Robert Badal

was that although dividends totaling $80.3M had been approved by the Company at Annual General Meetings in 2011 and 2012, and the funds were deposited in a special account for distribution, one shareholder, namely, the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL), had obtained two injunctions ex-parte from the High Court, restraining the Company from actually disbursing payments to shareholders. NICIL is headed by Winston Brassington. According to Badal, the GSC was told that one of these injunctions was discharged

by the High Court for nondisclosure (concealment of material facts from the court) and the Court is yet to rule on the other. Badal said that out of respect for the Orders of the Court, Guyana Stockfeeds Inc. has not made any payments. “The Company did not comply with the GSC’s request, as there was nothing erroneous in the Report.” He noted that after an initial publication of the Advisory, the Company sought and obtained professional advice that contrary to the GSC’s assertions, the Report was in full compliance with applicable internationallyaccepted accounting standards. “Accordingly, the Company wrote to the GSC informing it that the Company’s Report was not in fact incorrect, and that the GSC’s Advisory was, therefore, based on an erroneous premise…The Company then requested of the GSC that it clarify the situation as caused by its misleading Advisory.” According to Badal, the GSC has failed to do so and the Company has no alternative but to conclude that it has no intention of doing so. As such, Badal said that the Company has no choice but to place the facts within the public domain, so that members of the public may evaluate the situation and the Advisory for what they are. “It is regrettable that a Regulator – when confronted with its own error, appears reluctant to admit it and to properly advise or inform the public…It is even more regrettable that the GSC, armed as it was with all of the facts, did not simply direct shareholders to check with the Company’s offices, rather than to knowingly publish a misleading Advisory.”

MV Malali on the Essequibo River.

A ferry operating on the Parika/Bartica route, Essequibo River, is expected to be fully operational in nine days, the Transport and Harbours Department (T&HD) has announced. MV Malali has been operating with only one engine causing delays and raising the ire of passengers who said that they were taking several hours more on trips. T&HD said that it has ordered critical parts from MACORP and they are expected in the country next Thursday.

It would take about four days to conduct the repairs. Passengers and traders who depend on the vessel have claimed loss of business after the vessel reportedly reduced its schedule callings. Meanwhile, the MV Makouria which is the designated vessel on the Parika to Bartica route, is currently docked at E.C. Vieira’s, Houston, for its scheduled rehabilitation works. That vessel is expected to resume operation early next month.

Essequibo farmers protest low paddy prices Farmers protest

Rice farmers who are still owed millions of dollars by millers and are concerned with the current low prices that are being advertised for paddy, yesterday staged a protest on the Anna Regina High bridge. President of the Essequibo Farmers Paddy Association and Alliance For Change Regional Councillor, Naith Ram has vowed that the protest will continue until a meeting with President Donald Ramotar is held. The farmers held placards reading “Farmers demanding 3,800 per a bag “and “Essequibo farmers wake up from their sleeping slumber,

“among others. Harvesting of the spring crop has commenced in Region Two but while this exercise began three weeks ago, General Secretary of the Guyana Rice Producers Association, Dharmurkumar Seeraji in an invited comment explained that the price for paddy has decreased from primarily because Guyana’s production has doubled. He indicated that 100,000 tons of rice still remains in the system from the previous crop through the efforts of two rice millers on the Essequibo Coast would see a small quantity of rice being shipped to Haiti by Sunday.

Seeraji also noted that from 2012 to2013 the production increased by 113, 00 thousand tons. He said Venezuela accounts for the utilization of seventy percent of Guyana’s production, noting also that Venezuela’s export remains at 200,00 thousand tons per annum. Seeraji said exports to other traditional markets, like the European Union and the Caribbean Markets have also increased. Rice production is the major economic activity in Region Two. Last year farmers protested being owed by millers.

Saturday March 08, 2014

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First Lady Deolatchmee Ramotar The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Today I wish to extend greetings to all Guyanese women on the occasion of International Women’s Day (IWD). As we observe this occasion it is important to reflect on the advancement women have made worldwide since this day was first celebrated in the early 1900’s. Since then, the struggle undertaken by countless of ordinary women has today allowed us to live in a country and a world with greater gender equality. The sacrifice and efforts of many make it a norm today in many countries including Guyana for women to vote, to have access to education, to be leaders of countries and industries just to name a few. While these are achievements which must be celebrated and which should inspire us as we continue to

strive to make our world a gender equal place, it is important that we realize that the struggle for gender equality is not yet over. The United Nations is observing this year’s International Women’s Day under the theme of ‘Equality for women is progress for all’. This is appropriate since, it has been proven that when women have access to employment it is indeed progress for all because the entire family is able to benefit since more of the income is reinvested within the home. In Guyana we are quite fortunate that it is a norm for women to be attending schools – in fact a large percentage of women are graduating from the university and in fields of engineering that were once considered male only sectors

– it is also a norm for women to be participating in the workforce and hold high offices both in the private and public sectors. Sadly, however, notwithstanding these achievements, we find that in their private lives some women are subjected to mental and physical abuse. This is a serious cancer in our society that is a fundamental violation of women’s rights, and shows that despite the advancements women are still not seen as being equal to men. While I know that the various Ministries and NGOs have programmes that are attempting to combat violence against women, it is important that there be more education and involvement at community level to eradicate this disease.

United States Ambassador to Guyana D. Brent Hardt IWD is more than a moment marked on a calendar. It is a day not just to renew our determination to make the world a more peaceful and prosperous place — but to recognize that a world where opportunities for women grow is a world where the possibilities for peace, prosperity, and stability grow even more. Countries that value and empower women to participate fully in decisionmaking are more stable, prosperous, and secure. The Obama Administration has made advancing the status of women and girls a central element of U.S. foreign policy, and the U.S. Embassy in Georgetown will continue to reach out to the Guyanese community to support and recognize women who are

making a difference. In its early years, IWD honoured the women’s rights movement, including advocating for the right to vote and hold public office, and for ending discrimination in the workplace. Efforts to ensure equal rights and access for women have achieved notable success. Throughout the world, more girls are in school. More women are in the workforce. More women serve in public office. And more countries have passed laws recognizing and ensuring women’s equality. Despite this progress, the struggle continues. Women are still more likely to be among the world’s poorest, most prone to sickness, and most likely to be lacking in nutrition. Today, IWD is observed

as a time to reflect on progress, to advocate for even more change, and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by women who have made a difference in their communities and countries. This year’s Department of State theme is “Women, Peace, and Security,” and women in Guyana, and throughout the world, have worked diligently to achieve these noble goals. The Department of State has multiple and wideranging global initiatives to protect women and girls from violence, promote women’s social and economic development, and enhance women’s full participation in civic and political life. Our Embassy is dedicated to supporting the development and empowerment of women and girls in Guyana.

The PPP salutes all the women of Guyana on the occasion of IWD. The party is proud of the sterling contribution our women have made and continue to make in all facets of national life including politics, culture, sports, administration and in the several other disciplines. The Party has noted with great pride the fact that a woman in the person of the late Mrs. Janet Jagan had risen to the highest political office of the land, that is, Executive President. The Party commends the ruling PPP/C administration for putting measures in place both at the legislative and administrative levels to protect and further advance the rights of women. Women today enjoy the same rights as their male counterparts.

The adage “ a woman’s place is in the home” is no longer applicable in our context as an increasing number of women are taking advantage of educational and training opportunities and are entering the world of work. Many of them are trail blazers in their respective areas of competence and performing with grace and distinction. The Party has taken note also of the fact that Guyana is one of the few countries in the region where it is constitutionally mandated that women comprise at least one-third of the list of candidates for national and regional elections. This is an indication of our evolving political maturity and our recognition of the contribution can and do make to national development.

RED THREAD For IWD 2014 Red Thread has circulated a card calling on other grassroots women to join us in the following pledge: “The more those of us who are poor remain divided, the richer, more powerful and more exploitative those at the top become! In 2014, let’s fight those who are keeping us down instead of fighting each other!” We also launched a pilot TV talk show “Grassroots women; real issues” to mark the day. The topic of the first show, which aired live on Channel 2 on Wednesday March 5th, was economic violence. We explained that while we will always continue our activism against all forms of violence – domestic, sexual, racial/political, and state, as well as corporal punishment at home and in schools, we believe that it is at least as important to oppose the growing inequality between rich and poor in Guyana. All forms of violence are connected. For us March 8 is not a day just to exchange greetings but a day to demand recognition of the ‘caring work’ women do to build and rebuild the economy, the work without which no other work is possible. This is the work that is clearly invisible to all those who behave as though grassroots women’s demand for

a living income is a demand for a handout. It is a demand for our rights! The Government has announced $35,000 a month as the new minimum wage from July 1st 2013. This meagre wage cannot cover all the basic necessities that

women and children and families need to live a decent life and not hand to mouth. On this IWD, let’s organize and demand a better minimum wage and affordable housing for grassroots women and their families as a beginning step towards breaking the system that keeps us poor while the rich get richer.

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Saturday March 08, 2014

Minister of Human GUYANA ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN LAWYERS Services, Jennifer Webster On this IWD, the Guyana Association of Women Lawyers stands in solidarity with women in every corner of the world for human rights, dignity and equality. We salute and applaud those women who are working for positive change in their families, their communities and their countries as well as every individual, government and organization working for and supporting women’s empowerment and gender equality. We celebrate the many achievements accomplished along the road to gender equality, and resolve to continue fulfilling the mandate of the Association, that is, supporting justice and equality, with a view to supporting the fight for the rights and opportunities of women and girls in Guyana. Each of us has a role to play in this struggle for equality and GAWL believes that the genesis of efforts should be with parents who need to teach their children that all human beings are created equal and should be treated as such. Although progress in women’s

empowerment and gender equality in Guyana has been tremendous, particularly over the past two decades, gender-based discrimination is still very much a part of our society. One glaring reflection of its existence in our society is the continuing violence against women in all its forms. Until this issue is genuinely seen as a violation of human rights and an impediment to the achievement of equality, development and peace, as was identified by governments in 1995 at the Fourth World Conference for Women, the persistence and prevalence of violence against women would be unabated. It takes more than condemning the scourge and requires leadership and political will backed by action and resources. In this regard, GAWL believes that the time is ripe for the establishment of a Women’s Caucus in the National Assembly and stands ready to support any such initiative. In keeping with the theme for this year let us encourage advocacy for women’s advancement in every way.

Govt. defends choice of Jairam on... From page 3 respect the wishes of the Rodney family. “It is against the backdrop of that historical tapestry that Terms of Reference and composition of the Rodney's COI must be viewed.” He noted that the GHRA attack to the Terms of Reference are bewildering in its claims that that the CoI had the “rich potential for stirring up Indo-Guyanese resentment against the PNC.” “This belief is irrational at best and ludicrous at worst. Like every Commission of Inquiry, this one is intended to bring forth the truth regarding the facts and circumstances surrounding the death of Dr. Rodney. The Terms of Reference were carefully constructed to navigate the Commission to that destination.” Nandlall pointed out that Dr. Rodney was a politician who openly challenged the governmental regime of the day. “It is a matter

of public notoriety that political opponents of that regime were subjected to various forms of violence, intimidation and surveillance by different groupings. The Terms of Reference are designed to permit, as far, as possible, the Inquirers to form a clear picture of the political situation, atmosphere and environment in which Dr. Rodney operated at the time of his demise. There is nothing ulterior about them.” On June 13th, 1980, Rodney at the age of thirty-eight was killed by a bomb in his car, a month after returning from the independence celebrations in Zimbabwe and during a period of intense political activism. His brother, Donald Rodney, who was injured in the explosion, said that a Sergeant in the Guyana Defence Force named Gregory Smith had given Walter the bomb that killed him. After the killing, Smith fled to French Guiana, where he died in 2002.

As we celebrate IWD, we must recognize the progress made towards securing gender equity and the empowerment of women in Guyana. Increasingly, IWD is a time to reflect, solidify gains, charter a different course, inspire change and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in our society. In Guyana, we can proudly celebrate IWD, as there has been much progress made with respect to women’s personal and national development and their continued active participation in the affairs of the home, community and our nation. Today, we must be proud of our accomplishment as a

people, of achieving the millennium Development Goal (3) of eliminating gender disparity in primary and secondary education, and giving greater attention to the participation of women in the highest echelons of decision making in Guyana. In this context, I wish to salute Guyanese women who have led the voice of change for all women, past and present, including Guyana’s first female President – the Late Mrs. Janet Jagan, and her colleagues with whom she first entered Parliament. Today, in our National Assembly, female representation is 32%! This is a significant achievement. As an advocate for women’s rights, I concede that our country should be united in its recognition of the

rights of our women and girls, as there is still a lot of work to be done. Today, our women have access to improved social services and health care, and greater access to training opportunities in many fields, including Engineering, Information and Communication Technology, Mining, Forestry and Medicine. As a nation, we must not rest until all women in Guyana can enjoy a better quality of life, and benefit from the same opportunities as men, and where our society creates an enabling environment for women to pursue their dreams and aspirations in the same manner that a husband, brother, father, friend, boss or neighbour would.

Guyana Human Rights Association Whether women’s status and rights are in better shape than they were the previous year is an understandable question to ask on IWD 2014, although perhaps a year isn’t long enough to assess the issue. Over a longer period, however, there is clear evidence that rights of women are being progressively realized in Guyana at the legal level, but, alarmingly, are more unpredictable and insecure in their implementation. Over the past two decades, human and women rights activists have been successful in securing modern legislation on a number of women’s issues. The more pertinent

question then becomes, what is preventing vigorous implementation of these laws? The easy targets for criticism are bodies such as the police and the courts, but the problems may also relate to their capacity rather than their willingness to embrace change. This then calls for different strategies on the part of civil society. Naming and shaming remain effective tactics for generating emergency responses to individual cases of victims of trafficking or police brutality, but leaves the inefficient implementing legal or administrative machinery largely intact. A point frequently

overlooked is that every case of abuse that attracts national attention takes place in a locality or neighborhood and the lack of institutional capacity to address it is usually located in local police stations, health centres, magistrates’ courts and village councils. The obvious first response is that a far larger number of women need to be encouraged to become active. A second consideration is that since women spend more time than men in their neighbourhoods, their activism will also be predominantly based in the communities. All of this points in the direction of greater involvement of women in local government and administration. This is the most sustainable and effective starting-point to secure women’s security, rights and status.

Saturday March 08, 2014

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The GHRA has further disgraced itself The late Walter Rodney was betrayed many times after his death. It should therefore come as little surprise that he is being sold out again by those who were close to him. But as much as this continuing betrayal of Rodney is to be expected from forces within his party, the position taken by the Guyana Human Rights Association (GHRA) with respect to the Commission of Inquiry (COI) appointed to investigate the death of Rodney can only be described as stunning. The position adopted by the GHRA concerning the COI into Rodney’s death is shocking. Firstly, the GHRA was formed as a direct response to the political repression that was inflicted on opponents of the Burnham regime, including Rodney and his party, the WPA. The GHRA was a creature of that political repression. As such it was best positioned to address the COI with respect to the political climate just prior, during and subsequent to the death of Rodney. Was it not the very

GHRA which had described the charges against Rodney and his colleagues as part of a plan to use the courts as an instrument of political harassment? Secondly, the GHRA was always in the forefront of the struggle to have a Commission of Inquiry into the death of Rodney. Was it not Kwayana who also credited the GHRA, the UK Human Rights Parliamentary Committee, Lord Averbury, the Rodney family, the WPA and others with pressing demands for an investigation into the death of Rodney? Also, the GHRA cannot claim not to have had influence in having Caribbean Rights invite a team from the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) to visit Guyana just after democracy was restored. That team deemed the Inquest held by Hoyte into the death of Rodney as flawed. It recommended a Commission of Inquiry. Was it not the GHRA which had highlighted that the 1980 US State Department Report on Human Rights in

Dem boys seh...

Bobby hiding and Glenny celebrating When people get an award dem does be happy. Tek de Oscar; all who get nominated tun up and when dem name call dem run pun de stage fuh collect de award. Some of dem was so happy that dem cry. Of course, dem put on dem best clothes and dem did want everybody see dem. Some of dem pose fuh de camera and when dem done dem had a party. But in Guyana dem got nuff people who hiding when dem get an award. Bobby is one. But this is not de first time he hide. When he get de Premier League he was supposed to mek a tour of all dem country. De only time dem boys see he was when he meet some man fuh label de league. He call it Limacol. But after then he disappear like if he fall off de world. Even when the games done and was time to present dem trophies, there was no sign. De other night he get an award from dem manufacturing people who bring Basdeo Panday. Of course dem boys seh that was a gathering of crooks wid one and two good people. Bobby get an award but he hide. Was like if he didn’t want people see he wid he colleagues. De man get de president award which immediately mek people think bout Jagdeo. Of course Jagdeo didn’t buy it because he normally don’t buy nutten. Suh Bobby get this award. When de MC call he name people tun round fuh see de man because few people know he. Nobody ain’t get up and come forward. When dem boys check round one of de people who hold de award tell dem that Bobby come back from Florida wheh he been wid Jagdeo but it look like if he ain’t lef Jagdeo side. Gafoor been and collect he own and he is a big man. He didn’t shame. Even Pritipaul who busy, send he son. But Bobby is a different kettle of fish. But dem got more important thing to think about. Glenn budday is Sunday and Adam flying home because he can’t miss de day. He got to be wid Glenny. He bringing two rose from New York fuh present to Glenny. Dem boys seh that de two of dem close more than Jagdeo and Bobby. Is 20 years dem deh suh close but dem boys ain’t saying nutten. Some of dem staff looking at dem funny and aint saying nuthin. Nobody want to miss out pun de budday drinks. Dem seh that every man to he own order. Talk half and wish Glenny a happy budday wid Adam

Guyana had accused the then PNC government of being implicated in the death of Walter Rodney and in the subsequent removal of key witnesses from the country? In expressing its unwillingness to support the COI, the GHRA has now shed all semblances of credibility and respectability. It has dishonoured its long history in the fight for human rights and its own role in agitating for an inquiry into the death of the late historian and coleader of the opposition Working Peoples’ Alliance. The grounds advanced by the GHRA for opposing the COI are facetious. Firstly, it says that a COI will cause racial divisions. Well, is the GHRA implying that because the COI will stir ethnic sensitivities it should not be undertaken? Is the GHRA suggesting that any matter touching on race and ethnicity be now excluded from a public process? This is a most untenable position for any human rights body to undertake. If the human rights campaigns that have taken place in Latin America had to be abandoned because they would stir ethnic sensitivities, much of the region would still be under authoritarian rule. The GHRA has called for a number of things which can similarly be deemed to have a bearing on ethnic sensitivities. Should those

calls be ignored? But just how exactly can a COI which attempts to bring closure to the death of Rodney be seen as stirring ethnic cleavages? The GHRA seems to have run out of grounds to oppose the Rodney COI. The argument about the reviving of ethnic divisions was the same argument that GUARD - which the GHRA was closely associated with - in tandem with the WPA had used to break up the Patriotic Coalition for Democracy (PCD) at a time when the PCD was seeking a consensus slate for the 1992 elections. The same argument about ethnic divisions is being pedaled again. It had no merit then. It has none now. The second basis for opposing the COI was that it grants an absolute pardon to all those who may have been found guilty of involvement in the death of Rodney. This provision in itself should be seen as guarding against ethnic hostility. But also in the context that this COI is taking place more than thirty years after the death of Rodney, an absolute pardon was an absolute necessity to encourage those with information to come forward. More fundamentally, the pardon helps to promote reconciliation. The provision of the COI granting pardons was patterned along the lines of the pardon granted under

the auspices of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa. Under that process, persons who confessed to wrongdoing during the apartheid period were granted a pardon. Not satisfied with the facetious grounds that it advances, the GHRA goes nitpicking by taking umbrage with the COI inquiring into any possible surveillance against the political opposition at the time of Rodney’s death. The GHRA says this process was marginal and has the potential of generating horror stories that can stir up Indo-Guyanese resentment against the PNCR. The real horror story is the suggestion by the GHRA that the surveillance of political opponents was

marginal. Not only were the phones of the political opponents of the government tapped, but their every movement was monitored. And these opponents were not of one ethnicity. Even the GHRA would have been spied upon. The GHRA knows this very well, because its leaders took precautions. The GHRA by opposing the COI has lost respect and credibility. It can now be deemed a lost cause and unfit to be regarded as a human rights organization.

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Saturday March 08, 2014

Anti Money Laundering law strong despite no prosecutions - Govt.

Despite the fact that there has only been one report of a suspicious financial transaction sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) coupled with the fact that there have been no prosecutions, Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh, insists that Guyana’s current Anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Law is strong. “The principal act that we have in place is itself a very strong piece of legislation,” said Dr. Singh, who was at the time speaking at a special media briefing held at the NCN Studios to update on the current limbo surrounding the Bill in the Special Select Committee. Dr. Singh, when asked about enforcement of the existing law said he does not agree that it was not properly enforced. He added that “one has to understand the various elements of an effective anti money laundering institutional architecture.” According to the Finance Minister, there first needs to be the legislative prerequisites in place which is the 2009 Anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism

Act. This law he said was relatively strong notwithstanding the identification of some deficiencies by the Caribbean Financial Action Taskforce (CFATF) recently when it reviewed the law and made recommendations for its strengthening. Dr. Singh said that with legislation in place, a number of subsequent steps were required to be put in place to establish an effective mechanism, “an effective architecture for fighting money laundering.” This he said includes the establishment of a Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), the issuance of guidelines and regulations, the development of institutional capability, the introduction of protocols for identification of suspicious transactions and the appointment of supervisory authorities over the various classes of reporting entities among others. “If one were to look at the various actions that were taken to establish that institutional architecture, I believe it would be fair to say that quite a lot was achieved,” according to Dr. Singh. When confronted with the question that no one has been prosecuted to date,

despite the architecture that has been put in place, Dr. Singh responded by saying, “this is a process…this is work in progress, there remains more work to be done.” Dr. Singh said that when CFATF reviewed Guyana, there was a clear acknowledgment of the efforts and accomplishments by the Government of Guyana in developing strong capability to fight money laundering. The CFATF statement referred to by Dr. Singh, states “Guyana has made efforts to address its deficiencies, however, it has not taken sufficient steps towards improving its AML/CFT compliance regime by failing to approve and implement required legislative reforms.”

Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh Dr. Singh announced too that Government in its quest to effectively tackle money laundering has developed an action plan. Some aspects of the plan are legislative according to Dr. Singh, “but some are none legislative and it is for that reason we have proceeded

apace to implement the legislation.” Chairperson of the Special Select Committee, Gail Teixeira, who was a part of the panel, in weighing in on the enforcement of the anti money laundering laws and the fact that Guyana has had no prosecutions, said it would be a useful exercise to look at other countries and their enforcement of their anti money laundering laws. “Obviously there has to be comparison.” Guyana submitted its most recent report to CFATF at the end of February where it had to state that the Bill is still in the Special Select Committee and is still to be passed. CFATF had warned that if this was not done, it will report Guyana to the Financial Action Taskforce (FATF) for a review and possible international blacklisting. Guyana is currently

blacklisted in the Caribbean Region. Dr. Singh had cautioned too that because of this blacklisted status, overseas banks are threatening to close accounts belonging to Guyanese and Guyanese businesses. A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) has vowed that it will not return the Bill to Parliament until its proposed amendments are included. The Chief Parliamentary Counsel is yet to complete the draft so that it can be included in the Bill. But the inclusion of the amendments will only mean support at the level of the Committee given that APNU wants the President to assent to a Bill that the Opposition had piloted and passed in the House as well as issue the commencement order for the Local Government Commission.

24 MURDERS IN TWO MONTHS, GUN ROBBERIES UP BY 62% The New Year has brought police no respite from the disturbing rise in serious crimes, with the Force’s Public Relations arm recording a 20 percent rise in murders and a 65 percent rise in firearm robberies at the end of February. According to a statement issued yesterday, 24 murders were recorded at the end of February 2014 in comparison to 20 murders for the same period in 2013, which is a 20 percent increase. Of the 24 murders, four were of the

disorderly type, five were committed during armed robberies, three were domestic-related, while the other 12 are so far undetermined. Last January, Police recorded an alarming 70 percent increase in murders, and an overall seven percent increase in serious crimes, compared with the same period last year. According to those statistics, 17 murders were recorded at the end of January 2014, while 10 murders occurred for the same period

in 2013. Of the 17 murders last month, four were of the disorderly type, three were committed during armed robberies three were domestic related, while the other seven are so far undetermined At the end of February 2014, robbery under arms overall has increased by 42 percent, with 206 reports compared to 145 for the same period in 2013. The statistics indicate an increase of 62 percent in the number of armed robberies involving the use of firearms; and a 12 percent decrease in armed robberies where instruments other than firearms were used by the perpetrators. “An overall increase of one percent in serious crimes has been recorded at the end of February 2014 in comparison to the same period in 2013. The total number of reports of serious crimes made between January 01 and February 28, 2014, was 642 compared to 637 for the same period in 2013,” the release said. At the end of January, police had stated that robbery under arms had increased by 44 percent with 105 reports, compared to 73 for the same

period in 2013. The statistics indicate an increase of 50 percent in the number of armed robberies involving the use of firearms; and a 30 percent increase in armed robberies where instruments other than firearms were used by the In relation to traffic statistics for last month, there were 19 road fatalities from 18 accidents at the end of February 2014, while there were 19 road fatalities from 17 accidents for the same period in 2013. Eight pedestrians lost their lives at the end of February 2014, while six motor cyclists, four pedal cyclists, and one passenger of a motor vehicle also lost their lives during this period. Speeding continues to be a major contributing factor to fatal accidents and was the cause of 12 of the 18 fatal accidents recorded at the end of February 2014. Traffic enforcement by the police has resulted in a total of 13,321 cases being made against errant motorists unto the end of February 2014; of these total 3,418 cases were for speeding. There has been one road fatality o far for the month of March, 2014.

Saturday March 08, 2014

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Nurses’ training has become a dismal failure - Every time a nurse fails, taxpayers’ money is going down the drain -Dr. George Norton

(FROM THE LEFT) Leader of APNU, Brig. David Granger, Dr. Karen Cummings and Dr. George Norton, Shadow Minister of Health Leader of the political Opposition coalition, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), Brig. David Granger is demanding a complete transformation of the training of nurses, in an effort to improve patient care. This was categorically expressed yesterday at the headquarters of the APNU Leader on Hadfield Streets, Georgetown. His call was further supported by his counterparts, Shadow Minister of Health, Dr. George Norton and one of the newest additions to the National Assembly, Dr. Karen Cummings. Granger, during his presentation, wasted no time in highlighting to members of

the media that even the Guyana Nurses’Association (GNA) has pointed out that there are problems facing the health care system which have become chronic. One of the most serious is that of the conditions and quality of nurses’ training. The political leader said that his party has noted the public concerns expressed over repeated reports of mismanagement in hospital wards, mistreatment of patients and mistakes leading to maternal deaths. Further, the three nursing schools; The Georgetown School of Nursing, the New Amsterdam School of Nursing and the Charles Roza Nursing School which are

being controlled by the administration of the Ministry of Health, have experienced many difficulties. Proof of this is the most recent Professional Nursing Examination which reflected the “deep-rooted difficulties and deficiencies in training.” Granger noted that the results of the nursing students in the final examinations in October 2013, which were released, last month indicated that of 120 student nurses from the Georgetown School of Nursing, only 19 were successful. Some 225 student nurses entered the three -year Professional Nursing Programme in April 2010 but just over 120 proved eligible

to write the final examinations. The Brigadier also said that senior officials of the Georgetown Public Hospital and the Guyana Nurses’ Association expressed their “alarm at the high failure rate of the last cohort of student nurses from Georgetown, Linden and New Amsterdam.” The APNU Leader went on to elaborate on some of the main problems facing the schools. These were overcrowding, understaffing, insufficient training materials, inadequate infrastructure and indiscipline on the part of some students. On the issue of overcrowding, Granger related his concern over the number of student nurses that

Government stands by position on appointing Jairam on Rodney’s COI Government stands by its position to appoint Trinidadian Jurist, Senior Counsel Seenauth Jairam as a Commissioner on the Commission of Inquiry (COI) into Walter Rodney’s death. Presidential Advisor on Governance Gail Teixeira yesterday said that APNU’s call against Jairam being part of the COI speaks volumes. Teixeira said that APNU should not question Jairam’s competence in executing his duties without bias. She stressed that even though the party has a right to its own opinion; government looks at it as being “highly prejudicial”. Teixeira maintained that the Commission was made of “outstanding jurists” within the Region, whose integrity has not been challenged. She opined that there may be an ulterior motive why some people are uncomfortable with the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry. Last week A Partnership for National Unity raised questions on the appointment of Jairam as a Commissioner. Party Member Attorney at Law Basil Williams had raised the issue of Jairam being retained by the Government

Says APNU clutching at straws after the Parliamentary Majority in the National Assembly reduced the Budget. “Given the very sensitive political nature of this Commission, the Partnership would have hoped that the PPP/C Administration would have selected Commissioners that are politically neutral and individuals with no links to the PPP/C Government so as to at least give the perception of impartiality” Williams stated. In 1974 Rodney had returned to Guyana from Tanzania. He was due to take up a position as a professor at the University of Guyana but the then Government prevented his appointment.

He became increasingly active in politics, founding the Working People’s Alliance, a party that provided the most effective and credible opposition to the PNC Government. In 1979 he was arrested

and charged with arson after two government offices were burned. On 13 June 1980, Walter Rodney at the age of thirtyeight was killed by a bomb in his car, a month after returning from the independence celebrations in Zimbabwe and during a period of intense political activism.

are recruited into each batch. “It is reported that there were about 90 professional student nurses in a single cohort in 2007: the number was 144 in 208 and 255 in 2009. The intakes have since been reduced. Such large student populations affect the length of time students experience practical studies, for example, at the Intensive Care Unit, Accident and Emergency Unit and Operating Theatre. Large batches take longer and reduce the time available for each component.” Moreover, as it relates to understaffing, the Member of Parliament said that there are insufficient full-time nursing tutors and that the number is inadequate in relation to the sizes of the super classes of students. This problem is further complicated by the lack of audio visuals and relevant and current text books which are required to enhance learning in the classrooms. In addition to this, “Unhygienic sanitary facilities have affected the large numbers of students… Efforts have been made to build ‘annexes’ but as long as large classes persist, congestion is likely to adversely affect comfort and standards.” Granger then made reference to credible reports, which over the past five years have called attention to the said issues and the effects of migration. “The reports all pointed out that the local rate of attrition from the nurse labour market was 8.5 percent in 2007. According to the data provided, 75 nurses were reported to have left the nurse labour market for various reasons. The attrition rate continues up to the present.”

Moreover, Brig. Granger said that Guyana spends approximately $600M on nurses’ education annually but it is losing too many graduates through migration to foreign countries. Reiterating this notion was Norton, who said that “What we have in Guyana is professionalism being sacrificed at the altar of political expediency.” Meanwhile, “The performance of nurses at the Georgetown Hospital leaves much to be desired...and of course there is another situation where you have 52 patients to two nurses and you find that even if they are willing to work, they might be clearly unable to complete the tasks.” The politician also reminded of a situation where a contract for a $30M nursing school was signed in 2010 but to date the project still remains in construction phase. “That is unacceptable. We are now in 2014 and yet we have in the Georgetown School of Nurses both males and females using the same washrooms. That is a situation that is not only about the money but the interest, and that desire to improve the conditions under which the nurses use.” Norton then stressed, “We continue to bury our heads into the sands and saying that everything is ok. Every time a nurse fails, taxpayers’ money is going down the drain and it is time we take the bull by the horns and devise solutions to the problems.” Dr. Cummings used the opportunity to congratulate those nurses that were successful in their final exams and those who strive to uphold the Florence Nightingale’s Pledge.

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Saturday March 08, 2014

Opposition engages NCN in talks over balanced coverage Head of the Communications Department of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), Mr. Mark Archer is engaged in dialogue with Mr. Michael Gordon, Chief Executive Officer (ag.) of the National Communications Network (NCN) over allowing the coalition air time to voice its position on issues of national interest. This was disclosed to

- NCN was not established to be the propaganda arm of the PPP/C Administration - APNU Communications Director, Mark Archer media operatives yesterday at APNU’s headquarters on Hadfield Street, Georgetown, during a press conference. APNU’S Leader, David Granger said, “I have been assured that the Head of the Communications Department of the Office of the Leader of

the Opposition is in touch with NCN. As you know in 2012 when the tenth Parliament was in session, we had been engaging NCN and the Government Information Agency (GINA) to get a more balanced coverage. It is a matter that was brought to the

attention of the Speaker of the National Assembly (Mr. Raphael Trotman).” The APNU Leader expressed that as a result, the Opposition used its legislative power to disapprove of funds for the two governmentowned agencies. “And it is the subject of another matter which is engaging the attention of the Committee of Privileges because there is evidence that the Minister of Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh spent an unapproved some of money (for both agencies). So our concern with NCN and GINA has been expressed and we have continued to seek balance from the state institution.” In the letter addressed to Gordon, Archer said, “Over the last few months the National Communications Network (NCN) has consistently devoted an inordinate amount of prime time coverage to the Peoples

Progressive Party/Civic Administration’s propaganda on the Anti-Money Laundering and the Countering of the Financing of Terrorism Amendment Bill. In contrast, the parliamentary majority, A Partnership for National Unity and the Alliance For Change, have not been afforded the equal opportunity to share their points-of-view with the nation on this very important piece of legislation, through NCN.” Archer, a published writer, then referred to the PPP/C press conference on Tuesday last which was aired for more than an hour on the NCN Channel. During the conference the Opposition was intensely lambasted and labelled with names such as “anti- national” and “anti- development.” Archer said that the Network was not established to be, “the propaganda arm of the incumbent PPP/C

Communications Director of APNU, Mark Archer Administration but, instead, to provide, in an even-handed manner, opportunities for the Guyanese people to hear all sides on important national issues.” The APNU member also made a request for the coalition to be granted one hour of prime time on March 12 for a live Opposition press conference on the AntiMoney Laundering and the Countering of the Financing of Terrorism Bill.

GECOM should pronounce on readiness for Local Govt. Elections - Moses Nagamootoo

The Alliance For Change (AFC) is insisting on an August 1 deadline for the holding of Local Government Elections. According to AFC’s Vice Chairman, Moses Nagamootoo, there is nothing stopping the elections from going ahead in Districts that are demarcated already, and in Georgetown. Nagamootoo’s urgings comes even as the Administration said that the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) is likely not ready for the polls. With Local Government Elections last held in 1994, pressure has been mounting on Guyana to hold one as soon as possible. Recently, the west diplomats and several civil society organizations jointly called for elections by August 1st. Nagamootoo, in an AFC statement, made it clear that it was the former PPP leader and President, Dr. Cheddi Jagan, who said that a number of Local Authorities exist illegally and are “squandering the people’s money. They are not accountable to anybody. Nobody knows what is going on with these Local Authorities. There are a lot of rackets going on and now they have wrecked everything.” “Were he alive today, Cheddi Jagan would have castigated those who would shed crocodile tears for him and shout his name in vain,

for not holding Local Government Elections over the 17 years since he has died.” The AFC official said that the August 1st date was one approved by legislation in the National Assembly last month. “The AFC commends the diplomatic community and civic/social organizations for their forthright position in support of holding these elections by August 1. Everywhere, from our cities to our villages, our communities are in shambles and suffer from gross neglect.” Nagamootoo called on the Chairman of GECOM to pronounce on its readiness to hold the elections and warned about statements made by Attorney General, Anil Nandlall and Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee. The Parliamentarian suggested that one way of conducting elections by August 1st is to start in existing NDCs, which need no further demarcation and in the towns, including Georgetown. “We are against any political, bureaucratic and administrative humbugs that have jettisoned elections, due since 1997. AFC also wishes to use this occasion not only to urge early Local Government polls, but to complete the constitutional mandate for fully monitoring the integrity of persons in

AFC’s Vice Chairman, Moses Nagamootoo public life, by having a fully composed and functioning Integrity Commission.” The MP insisted that the Executive is in breach of the Constitution that commands the establishment of a Public Procurement Commission. “The Executive is in breach of the law that says that the role of Cabinet in procurement shall phase out after the establishment of the Public Procurement Commission. The PPP/C has for too long paid lip service to the need for good governance, with full accountability and transparency in Guyana, which is why the floodgates of corrupt practices have been open wide.”

Saturday March 08, 2014

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Venezuelan airline, Conviasa to make weekly flights to Guyana

IMMIGRATION INFO: Immigration News For Our Community Attorney Gail S. Seeram, Through this “Question & Answer” column, our goal is to answer your immigration questions. We appreciate your comments and questions. If you have a question that you would like answered in this column, please email: Question #1: My daughter recently left Guyana with her dad and stepmom. Her step-mom was the petitioner who sponsored her dad and her. Her dad left Guyana in Dec. 2010 and my daughter left in Jan 2012. I am told that she got her green card; however, she cannot leave the US within 2 years. Or if she leaves, only her step-mom can accompany her. My question is: Is this possible and true? I have never heard anyone saying this before. And why does she have to be accompanied if I want her to return home this summer for vacation with me? I can only afford her ticket and not two tickets. Answer #1: This is incorrect. It sounds like your daughter has a two-year conditional green card based on fact that maybe her dad was married less than two years to the step-mom at the time of visa approval. She can travel immediately after receiving the green card (even if it is a two-year green card) - there is no two-year waiting period. If she is a minor (under age 21), she can also travel unaccompanied (without an adult) but arrangements need to be made with the airline. Question #2: In Feb. 1992, I was arrested in Puerto Rico going to U.S.A with somebody else’s name, I spent six months in jail and was deported on Sept. 6 1992. The judge banned me for two years. I am a farmer. In 2006 I was chosen to go to a trade fair in America…California. I paid someone to fill up my visitor visa application form. I told him about the issue. He told me not to worry that was a long time ago and did not list my prior deportation. It was the first time I ever went in the U.S.A embassy in Guyana. They took my fingerprints and my file came up. They refused the visa and said that I lied to them. In 2008 I wrote an apology letter to them. They replied to me, saying that it will be left to their discretion. Answer #2: Once you lie

to an immigration office to gain an immigration benefit then this is a ground for denial of a visitor visa and immigrant visa. Also, if you were deported in the past, depending on the grounds for the deportation, this may also be a barrier to obtaining a visitor visa and immigrant visa. Question #3: What is the procedure for a US citizen husband to file for his newly married wife and her two children (not his) who are over age 26 and married? Answer #3: He can file for his wife but not her children. Processing time is about one year. Since his wife’s children are married, his wife would have to become a U.S. citizen before she can file for her children. Question #4: My grandmother is a US citizen and she had sponsored my father and family case

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Gail S. Seeram preference category F3 Married sons and daughter of US citizen. I am 23 years old. I wrote to the visa center since I was 20 for child status protection, but never got a reply from them. My brother is 20, will he be able to go with my parents and how much longer my family has to get through? Answer #4: For F-3 visas, married child of a U.S. citizen, visas being issued for petitions filed on or before June 15, 2003. NOTE: child status protection cannot be determined until the visa is available.

Government has announced that Venezuelan airline Conviasa will be making weekly flights to Guyana. Presidential Advisor on Governance Gail Teixeira made the disclosure yesterday at the weekly post cabinet press briefing. Teixeira is currently filling in for Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon who is ill. According to Teixeira, government had approved the request of the airline during its last Cabinet meeting which is held every Tuesday. Teixeira explained that the airline will operate non- scheduled air services to Georgetown. She noted that Cabinet only facilitated the approval and all other technical arrangements will be handled by the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority. Last year the Venezuelan airline, made its inaugural day at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA), Timehri, starting a direct service from Puerto Ordaz to Georgetown, Guyana. The airline, which is located at the Simón Bolívar International Airport in Venezuela, is the largest airline in that country, operating

services to domestic destinations in the Caribbean and South America. Minister of Public Works Robeson Benn had stressed that the move has strengthened relations between Guyana and Venezuela. Before the inaugural flight, President of Venezuela Nicholas Maduro and his Excellency Donald Ramotar had signed a Memorandum of Understanding which agreed that the two countries will have air transport links. CJIA’s Chairman Ramesh Dookhoo had said that many persons from the private sector were looking for an easier way to get to Venezuela to conduct business; hence this new airline will be of great help. He pledged to assist in marketing the airline and ensuring that the seats are filled when leaving Guyana. Within the last year two airlines had tapped into Guyana’s aviation market. The airlines included Fly Jamaica which began servicing the Guyana- New York route via Jamaica. Travel Span began their service last December with the same route but only directly from Georgetown to New York.

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Shot teenager discharged from GPHC From page 18 father told this publication that his son is now bed-ridden and is expected to travel to the United States of America for further treatment. According to the older Ballram, he is awaiting some paperwork from the Ministry of Health. “When I get all the papers ready, then I will know when he will be going,” the shot teen's father said. When Kaieteur News spoke with the injured teenager three days before he was discharged from the hospital, he had complained about the severe pain he was experiencing but he was very jovial. Meanwhile, the distraught father expressed dissatisfaction with the way the police are dealing with the matter. He said that ranks had held a man and then released him on $50,000 bail without informing him or any other family members. The father is positive that the man who was held by police is the same man who shot his son and left him bed-ridden since he (the man who was held) is a known criminal. However, When Kaieteur News contacted a rank from the police station yesterday, he said that they had arrested someone but released the individual after 72 hours since no one showed up to identify him. The lawman added that they were waiting on the teen to be discharged from the hospital to carry out an identification parade - which is now expected to be done.





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Needed: Operator Securities. Apply in person to B.M Enterprise Inc, Guyana Fisheries Wharf Limited Houston, E.B.D. Factory Assistants and Security Guards for Land of Canaan location. 266 4427 1 Able bodied handyman / yardman, two passport photos, valid police clearance - $25,000 weekly Call: 223-0595

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(From page 22)

1 Live in maid, 22 years & over. Home study correspondence certificate courses (upgrade) available. Preferably out of town - Tel: 680-7402 1 Domestic to do cleaning – Tel:227-2027 One maid – Tel:612-9570

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Saturday March 08, 2014

Guyanese urged to report Magistrates’ misconduct Acting Chancellor of the Judiciary, Justice Carl Singh yesterday urged members of the public to report any legitimate cases of Magistrates’ misconduct, noting that he is very much accessible to the public. Singh was at the time addressing an audience comprised of residents, students and members of the Bar Association, including Chief Magistrate, Priya Sewnarine-Beharry at the recommissioning of the new Wales Magistrates’ Court. The $44M building is located in the compound of the Wales Police Station on the West Bank of Demerara. It was built after it was realized that the old court building, which still stands neighbouring the new one, was dilapidated. Justice Singh stressed the need for complaints to be accurate, noting that gone are the days when a Magistrate can be dismissed just by mere allegations. The Chancellor was at the time referring to a call, which

was made by a letter writer in yesterday’s edition of the Kaieteur Newspaper to have a city Magistrate be removed from her post, following a case in which the letter writer stated his belief that the Magistrate was unfair in her ruling. Justice Singh made clear though that a blind eye will not be turned on such allegations. He went on to explain that while it is important to have a proper building and convenient resources, these can only make a difference and be meaningful if those who utilize it do so demonstrating proper work ethics, with the aim of eradicating crime. He emphasized that everyone is equal and deserving of justice, and that this should be served in a fair and transparent way. He urged too that should a party be dissatisfied with a ruling, the way to go would be an appeal, since between the local courts and the Caribbean Court of Justice, persons are bound to get

…as new Wales court opens

The newly constructed, Wales Magistrate’s Court redress for justice to be served. However, he pointed out that the aim is always to satisfy justice at the level of the Magistrate. In addressing the gathering of primary and secondary school students, Singh said that he was very happy that they were paying close attention to the speeches being made, advising that they avoid

wrong doing, since the consequences might hinder their chances of a productive future. Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall in his brief address to those present at the re-commissioning exercise said that the court has been out of commission for a while now, and that during that period, legal matters were being heard in the dilapidated building. Nandlall, the Attorney General, noted that yesterday’s event represented Government’s commitment to resourcing the Judiciary in order to ensure that it delivers to the citizens, a high and deserving quality of justice. He pointed out that “over the last seven years, Government has expended some USD $25M through a loan with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to modernize the justice sector.”

He said that the programme has now come to an end, and according to him, “much has been achieved to show for this.” He said that almost every court building in Guyana has been refurbished or expanded, and in some instances, new buildings like the one at Wales, were constructed. Works on the Linden and Lethem courts are continuing, and these are expected to open soon, Nandlall said. “We compiled and published 12 volumes of the Law Reports of Guyana, from 1977 to 2007, bridging a gap of some 30 years.” He added that the complement of high court judges was recently expanded, and after approximately 30 years, it has been increased from 12 to 20. “We may not have the physical capability now…to accommodate the new

appointees that are expected to be appointed under this increase of complement, but I want to assure you that every effort will be made to ensure that such capacity is realized.” Nandlall added that the Family Court will soon become operational, as the rules have been completed and the building is currently being furnished. The Minister said too that an automatic voice recording system will soon be installed within both the High Court and the Court of Appeal. In closing, Nandlall rejected comments made in the letter, describing that the statements were irresponsible in condemning the integrity of magistrates. He declared that the justice system has never been in a better state than it is in today. “…But yes, there is a lot of work more to be done.”

Recently refurbished Wauna Bridge, Mabaruma Sub Region reopened to vehicular traffic.

Saturday March 08, 2014

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Saturday March 08, 2014

Putin rebuffs Obama as Ukraine crisis escalates

U.S. President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin (Reuters/RIA Novosti) M O S C O W / SEVASTOPOL, Ukraine (Reuters) - Russia said any U.S. sanctions imposed on Moscow over the crisis in Ukraine will boomerang back on the United States and that Crimea has the right to selfdetermination as armed men tried to seize another Ukrainian military base on the peninsula. In a telephone conversation with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned against “hasty and reckless steps” that could harm RussianAmerican relations, the foreign ministry said yesterday. “Sanctions...would inevitably hit the United States like a boomerang,” it added. It was the second tense, high-level exchange between the former Cold War foes in 24 hours over the pro-Russian takeover of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said after an hour-long call with U.S. President Barack Obama that their positions on the former Soviet republic were still far apart. Obama announced the first sanctions against Russia on Thursday. Putin, who later opened the Paralympic Games in Sochi which have been boycotted by a string of Western dignitaries, said Ukraine’s new, pro-Western authorities had acted illegitimately over the eastern, southeastern and Crimea regions. “Russia cannot ignore calls for help and it acts accordingly, in full compliance with international law,” he said. Serhiy Astakhov, an aide to the Ukrainian border guards’ commander, said 30,000 Russian soldiers were now in Crimea, compared to the 11,000 permanently based with the Russian Black Sea fleet in the port of Sevastopol

before the crisis. Yesterday evening armed men drove a truck into a Ukrainian missile defense post in Sevastopol, according to a Reuters reporter at the scene. But no shots were fired and Crimea’s pro-Russian premier said later the standoff was over. Putin denies the forces with no national insignia that are surrounding Ukrainian troops in their bases are under Moscow’s command, although their vehicles have Russian military plates. The West has ridiculed his assertion. The most serious EastWest confrontation since the end of the Cold War resulting from the overthrow last month of President Viktor Yanukovich after protests in Kiev that led to violence escalated on Thursday when Crimea’s parliament, dominated by ethnic Russians, voted to join Russia.

U.S. says ready to do business with BJP’s Narendra Modi NEW DELHI (Reuters) The United States would welcome Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi if he wins the upcoming election, a U.S. official said, in the clearest sign Washington will drop a travel ban on Modi imposed after anti-Muslim riots in 2002. U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Nisha Biswal told a television interviewer that Washington was ready to do business with Modi, the front runner ahead of the AprilMay general election who is best placed to form a coalition government. “I would just say that the United States has welcomed every leader of this vibrant democracy, and that

a democratically elected leader of India will be a welcome partner,” Biswal told Headlines Today when asked if Modi, as prime minister, would be granted a U.S. visa. Biswal made her comments in New Delhi on a visit to rebuild trade and political ties shaken by a row over the arrest in New York last December of an Indian diplomat suspected of visa fraud. U.S. Ambassador to India Nancy Powell visited Modi at his home in Gandhinagar in Gujarat last month, ending a long estrangement over riots that erupted in the state governed by the Hindu nationalist leader. At least 1,000 people,

most of them Muslims, were killed in 2002 when mobs went on a rampage across Gujarat after a train carrying Hindu pilgrims was torched, killing 59 people. Powell’s visit was the highest-profile encounter between U.S. officials and Modi since the State Department revoked his visa in 2005 over the bloodshed to which rights activists say he turned a blind eye. He denies the allegation. Biswal said the United States hoped India would continue to build a tolerant, moderate and secular society when asked if Washington had put its human rights concerns on the back burner because of Modi’s political rise.

Saturday March 08, 2014

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Pistorius trial hears damaging testimony PRETORIA, South Africa (AP) — In a day of damaging testimony, a former girlfriend of Oscar Pistorius said at his murder trial yesterday that he once shot his gun out of a car sunroof and later cheated on her with the woman he killed last year, and a security guard recalled the athlete telling him everything was “fine” after neighbors reported gunshots coming from Pistorius’ house on the night of her death. The gripping accounts capped the first week of the televised trial of the doubleamputee Olympian, whose chief defense lawyer has tried to sow doubt about the testimony of neighbors who said they heard a woman’s screams before gunshots. Proceedings have also focused on past incidents involving alleged gunplay, part of an apparent prosecution effort to portray Pistorius, 27, as a hothead who sometimes thought he was above authority. Prosecutors say he intentionally killed Reeva Steenkamp during an argument, but he insists it was a mistake, and that he fired through the locked toilet door in his bathroom believing an intruder was behind it. The security guard, Pieter Baba, testified that he telephoned Pistorius after the reported gunshots in the predawn hours of Feb. 14, 2013, and that the athlete assured him in their brief conversation: “Security, everything is fine.” Moments later, Baba said, Pistorius phoned him back, started crying and didn’t say anything and then the line went dead. It was minutes after he shot Steenkamp, a 29-year-

Oscar Pistorius sits in the dock during his trial at the high court in Pretoria, South Africa, yesterday. (AP Photo/Themba Hadebe) old model. “Not everything was in order as Mr. Pistorius was telling me,” Baba recalled saying to a fellow guard as they were outside the runner’s villa. Earlier, ex-girlfriend Samantha Taylor, who cried twice during her time on the stand in the Pretoria court, said Pistorius always carried a firearm when they dated and sometimes shouted angrily at her and her friends. There were murmurs in court when Taylor said their relationship ended because Pistorius cheated on her with Steenkamp. Taylor said she started going out with Pistorius in 2011 when she was 17 and that

the relationship ended in November 2012. She described some of Pistorius’ habits, including what side of the bed he slept on at home, the fact that he placed his gun on the bedside table or next to his prostheses on the floor at night and how he would balance against things if he was walking on his stumps. Pistorius was born without fibula bones because of a congenital defect, and his legs were amputated when he was 11 months old. He ran on carbon-fiber blades and is a multiple Paralympic medalist. He also competed at the London Olympics but didn’t win a medal.

Four men flogged for homosexuality in Nigeria Kano (Nigeria) (AFP) - An Islamic court in northern Nigeria Thursday ordered four men to be flogged with horsewhips and fined after being convicted of homosexuality, a court clerk told AFP. The four, aged between 22 and 28, were sentenced and received 15 lashes each in secret after a trial at the Upper Sharia Court in the Unguwar Jaki district of the city of Bauchi. Court clerk Abdul Mohammed said the case was concluded behind closed doors for security reasons after an angry mob attacked

the court during their trial, demanding they be executed and forcing the hearing to be suspended. “The four... on trial were sentenced to 15 strokes and fined 20,000 naira ($125) by the court and the sentence was immediately carried out,” Mohammed said. “The court session was kept secret from the public and the judgment given and executed before the news filtered into the city,” he said. The court would adopt a similar strategy on three pending cases, he added. The four were among seven defendants formally

charged by the Bauchi State Sharia Commission on January 6 with belonging to a gay club and receiving $150,000 in donations from the United States for an apparent membership drive. Four others were brought before a separate Islamic court on the same charges, while a Christian suspect was presented before a secular, state court. The arrests and formal charges came days after it was confirmed that Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan had signed a bill into law banning gay marriage and same-sex unions.

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Saturday March 08, 2014

LIAT to cut unprofitable routes BRIDGETOWN, Barbados - CMC – The regional airline, LIAT, says it will take “decisive action” to deal with unprofitable routes as the Antigua-based airline seeks to make its operations financially variable. “We have been trying, before going the harsh route, to persuade people to invest. We have met with a number of governments and Prime Ministers... we have

expressed to them that we will have no other option but to cut the service,” LIAT chairman Jean Holder told a news conference Thursday evening. “I think we have reached the point, after a lot of challenges, where we need to do as we say that we will do. That may after all be more effective than the persuasion route,” Holder said after a meeting of the shareholder

governments. “We’ll have to take a very hard look at our current schedules and the profitability of our current routes. We have brought in some experts to assist us in looking more deeply into the route analysis issues, but it is clear that LIAT cannot continue to provide essential social services to 21 countries in the Caribbean on a daily basis, offering close to 1 000

flights weekly, and only four countries put any funds into this operation,” said Holder. Holder said that this would involve reshaping the routing system in a way that would ensure there is no longer an abundance of social routes at the expense of commercial operations. In October 2012, then chief executive officer of LIAT, Ian Brunton, had warned that the cash-

strapped airline would soon be dropping at least eight routes deemed to be consistently unprofitable. He said that the situation would only change if the airline, whose major shareholders are Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Dominica and St Vincent, was able to secure some kind of support from affected governments. Holder said that the company has taking the stance that it needs to be more professional and implement the changes needed to keep the airline on an even keel. St Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves, who is also chairman of shareholder governments, told reporters he had been putting public pressure on his counterparts across the region, particularly from those countries that benefit considerably from the operations of the airline. “We’ve not been putting the same pressure on Dr Keith Mitchell of Grenada because I know he has just come into office... and is trying to sort himself out... We give him a break, but he

too has to come to the table,” said Gonsalves. He said that the existing contributing countries were not immune to the ravages of the global economic meltdown but, since 2008, had been demonstrating their commitment to the region. “Despite the stresses and strains, we have come up with significant monies and I am sure that that is a factor which some governments, who have not put in, will bear in mind. “But I also think that because some governments have [received] a free ride for such a long time... it’s always better for someone to have a free ride that for them to pay for the ride,” Gonsalves said. The prime minister said Holder and acting chief executive officer Julie ReiferJones had made presentations to the meeting which outlined a plan for sustainable recovery of the airline, as well as an immediate programme for implementation. LIAT said it would employ an expert to assess the unprofitable routes which would not only entail cutting, but rescheduling or reviewing them.

New York City mayor drops challenge to law on police profiling of Caribbean immigrants NEW YORK – CMC - New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says his administration will drop a lawsuit against the City Council that sought to block new legislation intended to prevent the police from profiling Caribbean immigrants and other minorities. The mayor had campaigned on a promise to “end the era of stop-and-frisk policing”, an issue which was a very divisive one during the mayoral race last year. De Blasio said the city has reached an agreement with civil rights lawyers, who argued that the New York Police Department (NYPD) policy violated the rights of minorities. “We believe in ending the overuse of stop-and-frisk that has unfairly targeted young African-American and Latino men,” he said. The former Michael Bloomberg administration had sought to appeal the August 12 ruling of US federal Judge Shira Scheindlin, which said that the NYPD’s use of stop-andfrisk violated the

constitutional rights of minorities. Bloomberg had denounced Scheindlin’s ruling, saying it would put the safety of New Yorkers at risk. But de Blasio said New York City would accept the remedies ordered by Judge Scheindlin, including the appointment of an outside monitor to oversee NYPD reforms. The agreement also calls for the oversight by the monitor, Peter Zimroth, to last three years rather than no end date, as in Judge Scheindlin’s decision. “We believe these steps will make everyone safer. This will be one city where everyone rises together, where everyone’s rights are protected,” said de Blasio. Unions representing police officers have filed their own challenge to the law. “Our opposition to this legislation has been and continues to be that it penalizes our members and the public rather than addressing bad policies,” said Patrick J Lynch, the president of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association.

Saturday March 08, 2014

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Young Warriors face No. 71 in the NBS Condition of F1 legend ‘not changed’ 40-over final tomorrow at Cumberland With much more stable weather being experienced c u r r e n t l y, t h e B e r b i c e Cricket Board (BCB) has scheduled the final of the 2013 New Building Society 2nd division 40-overs cricket competition for tomorrow. After being postponed on a couple of occasions before, the game will be contested at the Cumberland ground, Canje, featuring Young Warriors and No. 71.

Leading Yo u n g Warriors are off spinning all-rou n d e r s Kevin Ramdeen and Sanjay Khan along with wicketkeeper- batsman Ishwar Singh, off spinner Kassim Khan and v e t e r a n s A n i l B e h a r r y, Hubern Evans a nd Rudolph Baker. No. 71’s aim to win the tournament would be spearheaded by the tournament’s leading run scorer to date, Soomdat

Singh who has blasted 500 runs including two centuries. He will be backed up by batsmen Khemraj Sugrim, Manouram Vincent, Nazim Mohamed and Andrew Seamber and bowlers, Navin Vincent, Deoprakash Ramdar and Lionel Seegobin. The standing Umpires are Zaheer Moakan and Clement Brusch with Orwin Archer as the standby. Game time is 11:00hrs.

Saturday March 08, 2014 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19) Children or possibly some close friends or a love interest could be upset today, Aries. The financial coffers aren't full enough to afford something they think they absolutely have to have right now. TAURUS (Apr. 20–May 20) Worry about a family member may be on your mind today, Taurus. This person could be all wrought up over work, money, or possibly a love affair that's broken off. GEMINI (May 21–June 20) Uneasy feelings may be plaguing you throughout the day, Gemini. There could appear to be no valid reason for this. Everything seems to be going well for you, and no one close to you has anything heavy going on. CANCER (June 21–July 22) A friend, perhaps a woman, cou l d w e l l b e upset or even angry with you today, Cancer. Money might be involved in some way. There may be nothing you can do to reassure her at this time, so it's best to give what reassurances you can and then back off. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) Is your boss a woman, Leo? If so, stay out of her way today. To put it mildly, she isn’t in a good mood. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) Travel may cause more problems than it's worth today, Virgo. You may forget some vital items when packing or there could be too little time to get everything ready.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) Finances may cause an upset between you and a friend today, Libra. Perhaps this person owes you money and can't pay it back, or vice versa. SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) A social event could put you in touch with someone who's carrying around a lot of bitterness and anger, Scorpio. SAGIT (Nov. 22–Dec. 21) The workplace could be very hectic today as a colleague prepares to leave on an important business trip, Sagittarius. Nerves could be strained and tempers short. CAPRI (Dec. 22–Jan. 19) You may have a wonderful day today, Capricorn. Your imagination, intuition, and creativity are all high, and inspiration for new artistic works could be filling your heart and brain. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18) Your home could be a very busy place today, Aquarius. Visitors could come and go throughout the d a y, probably annoying you at times. You might also find yourself having to soothe angry outbursts on the part o f a m e m b e r o f y our household PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20) Someone you work with might need a sympathetic shoulder to cry on today, Pisces. Stresses on the job extend beyond everyone's capacity to endure, so don't be surprised if at some point a colleague sheds a few tears. You might find your patience pushed beyond its normal limits.

Doctors treating injured Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher are still working to ring him out of a coma. The seven-time champion, 45, suffered a severe head injury in a skiing accident in the French Alps on December 29. “Michael is still in the wake-up phase,” said his manager Sabine Kehm in a statement yesterday. “The situation has not changed.” The German has been in a medically induced coma to help reduce the swelling in his brain. Last month, Schumacher’s family said they still “strongly believe” in his recovery, adding: “We are aware the wake-up phase can take a long time.” Investigators probing the accident said Schumacher had been going at the speed of “a very good skier” at the

rock, investigators said. Experts reconstructed events leading up to the crash after examining Schumacher ’s skiing equipment and viewing footage filmed on a camera attached to his helmet. Schumacher retired from racing in 2012 after a 19-year career. He won two titles with Benetton, in 1994 and 1995, before switching to Ferrari in 1996 and going on to win five straight titles from 2000. (BBCsport)

Michael Schumacher time of his crash in the resort of Meribel. He had been skiing 8m offpiste when he fell and hit a

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President Putin opens Winter Paralympics Ukraine flag-bearer Mykailo Tkachenko during the opening ceremony

The 2014 Winter Paralympics have been opened by Russian President Vladimir Putin in a spectacular ceremony. The ceremony at the Fisht Olympic Stadium in Sochi, was themed Breaking the Ice and featured music, dance, special effects and fireworks. The GB team were led by 15year-old visually-impaired skier Millie Knight. “I call upon all those who experience these Games to have barrier-free minds,” said International Paralympic Committee President Sir Philip Craven. “Dreams do come true, and since winning the Games

seven years ago, this part of Russia has undergone a monumental transformation. “The Paralympics will surprise you, tremendous skills will excite you and examples of human endeavour will inspire you. The sport you witness here will change you. Not just for now, but forever.” The Ukraine team only confirmed yesterday morning that they would take part in the Games after fears they would boycott the event following Russia’s occupation of Crimea. Ukraine Paralympic Committee President Valeriy Sushkevich warned that any escalation of

military conflict would result in the team leaving Sochi. The Ukraine team were only represented in the athletes’ parade by their flagbearer Mykailo Tkachenko with a number of his teammates opting not to take part, though they were elsewhere in the stadium. Action starts today and runs until Sunday 16 March and the Games will feature 547 athletes from a record 45 countries, with 72 gold medals up for grabs across the five sports - biathlon, crosscountry skiing, alpine skiing, ice sledge hockey and wheelchair curling. (BBCsport)

Saturday March 08, 2014

WGC Cadillac Championship: Rory McIlroy trails by two shots Rory McIlroy completed a two-under-par 70 to trail by two shots after the delayed first round of the WGC Cadillac Championship at Doral in Florida. The Northern Irishman resumed one under after 14 holes following Thursday’s storms and collected two more birdies before bogeying his final hole. Defending champion Tiger Woods returned a 76, his highest score in 40 completed rounds at Doral. American Patrick Reed has a one-stroke advantage at four under. Woods, who will be deposed as world number one if he finishes outside the top 10 and Adam Scott wins the tournament, withdrew in the final round of last week’s Honda Classic because of back trouble. The 38-year-old was two over after 10 holes when play was suspended because of fading light on Thursday,

Rory McIlroy

then dropped four shots in as many holes to slip to six over when he resumed on Friday (yesterday) morning. Three successive birdies followed but another shot went at the par four 18th after he drove into the water and had to hole a putt from 15 feet for a five. Scott fared only stroke better after a similarly mixed round. Resuming two under after 10 holes, the

Australian mixed two double bogeys, three bogeys and two birdies in his remaining eight holes. Australian Jason Day, who withdrew from the event with a thumb injury, won the first of the fourtournament series - last month’s WGC Match Play with the Bridgestone Invitational and the HSBC Champions due to take place later in the year. (BBCsport)

Duncan leads Spurs past Heat, 111-87 San Antonia (AP) - Led by a no-frills coach, the San Antonio Spurs have long stated the regular season means little to them. Yet even normally stoic San Antonio couldn’t hide its emotion on the court, and the satisfaction afterward, of toppling the twotime defending champion Miami Heat. Tim Duncan had 23 points and 11 rebounds, and the Spurs never trailed against the Heat, weathering a sluggish third quarter for an intense 111-87 victory Thursday. In their first home game against Miami since losing a heart-wrenching, seven-game NBA Finals, the Spurs handed the Heat their worst loss of the season. The rematch brought out a raucous sold-out crowd and sparked high emotions from both teams. Players dived recklessly for loose balls and yelled at officials, while Popovich often screamed at his own players. Tony Parker scored 17 points, including 14 in a wild first half, Boris Diaw added 16 and Kawhi Leonard had 11 for the Spurs (45-16), which has won five straight. Chris Bosh had 24 points, LeBron James added 19, Dwyane Wade had 16 and Michael Beasley 11 for Miami (43-16). James, who ditched the protective mask he was wearing early in the first half, was hounded by Leonard into shooting 6 for 18. The Spurs didn’t do anything different defensively than they had in

San Antonio Spurs forward Tim Duncan, right, defends Miami Heat forward LeBron James the past, James said, but the NBA did. The four-time MVP said the short-sleeved, tightfitting ‘’El Heat’’ jerseys Miami had to wear are not conducive for shooting. James got rid of the mask that protected his broken nose with four minutes left in the first quarter. He missed his first two attempts sans mask, tossing up a wild 14-footer that banged off the front of the rim and backboard, then

botching a reverse layup. His first mask-free basket was a 5-foot running floater over Leonard with 6:26 left in the half. The Spurs opened the fourth quarter on a 13-6 run, returning to the breakneck attack that led to a 17-point lead in the first half. Duncan’s 18-foot jumper gave San Antonio a 99-85 lead with 3:00 remaining, drawing a fistpounding of the scorer’s table by Manu Ginobili as he waited to enter the game.

Saturday March 08, 2014

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Guyana reach 35-0 in reply to Bajan’s 184 in historic day/night match at Providence By Sean Devers In 2010 pink balls were used for the first time in West Indies first Class cricket when Guyana opposed Trinidad and Tobago in the inaugural Day/Night Four-Day game in Antigua. Last night at the Guyana National Stadium at Providence, First-Class cricket was played in Guyana for the first time under lights with Guyana ending the opening day of their historic Regional Four-Day contest against Barbados on 35 without loss replying to the 184 all out made by the visitors. Only Roston Chase offered any prolonged resistance with an accomplished 55 as 23-yearold Raun Johnson made an auspicious entry to FirstClass cricket on a flat track with an impressive 13-over spell which earned him figures of 3-38. Left-arm Test spinner Veerasammy Permaul ripped out the last three batsmen without conceding a run to end with 3-32 and move to 10 wickets in the tournament. When Guyana, who collected three bonus bowling points, began their run chase, Sewnarine Chattergoon got going with an inside edge for four off Miguel Cummings before stroking the pacer majestically to the cover boundary a few overs later. Taignarine Chanderpaul whipped a full toss from offspinner Ashley Nurse to the mid wicket boundary as the

Bajan Skipper Kraigg Braithwaite is kept on a tight rein by debutant pacer Raun Johnson yesterday at Providence

pair survived the 65 minutes remaining in the day’s play. Chattergoon (14) and Chanderpaul (11), just back from a successful Under-19 World Cup in Dubai, carried Guyana, who left out Amir Khan and Chanderpaul Hemraj from their starting lineup, to safely to the close. Taignarine, the son of prolific left-hander Shiv Chanderpaul, has his father’s temperament and although Tino Best bent his back and tested him with a few short balls the young ‘Tiger’ played the supporting role to Chattergoon to leave Guyana 149 runs short of the Bajan total. Earlier, Barbados won the toss and elected to bat in

bright sunshine on a slow track with a tinge of green and watched by a handful of fans, including students from the Success Primary School, reached six before they lost their first wicket. The 6ft, 4 inches Johnson got his maiden First-Class wicket when he removed Rashidi Boucher (1) caught by Skipper Chris Barnwell in his second over at this level. Johnson created history by joining Keon Joseph as the first pair from Bush Lot United Sports Club in West Berbice to share the new ball in a FirstClass match for Guyana and should have had Skipper Kraigg Braithwaite with the score on 11. Johnson induced the

slimly built right-hander to edge a ball which passed between Chattergoon at first Slip and Assad Fudadin at second at catchable height as neither of the two moved much to the consternation of Johnson, who produced an impressive opening spell. Chase joined his former Barbados Under-17 Captain and got going with a sweetly timed cover drive off Johnson for four and together they quietly took the score to 30-1 by the first water break. Braithwaite is only 21 years-old but has already scored four fifties from 10 Tests and his job was to bat as long as possible. But yesterday he got one from leg-spinner Devendra Bishoo

‘Smith the greatest Test captain ever’ – Kirsten Gary Kirsten, the former South African batsman and coach, has called Graeme Smith the “greatest captain ever” in Test cricket. What instantly struck and stayed with Kirsten, who played his final four Test series under a 22year-old Smith, was the young captain’s credibility as a leader and a genuine feeling for the job. Self-belief, presence, leading from the front, manmanagement and shielding his players from critics and media were what made Smith his best captain, Kirsten pointed out. “Is he the greatest captain ever in Test match cricket? In my view he must be,” Kirsten told ESPNcricnfo. “I don’t think anyone had led as long. We know that. He has taken South Africa to great heights. The kind of success he has had, the kind of success he has taken South African cricket to, I would argue that he is the best

captain that has ever lived.” Smith’s endurance as a Test captain was second to none. He lead South Africa in all but the first eight of his 117 Tests, the most in the history of Test cricket. The next best was Australia’sAllan Border, who led in 93 matches. According to Michael Atherton, the former England captain, there is nothing tougher mentally than opening the innings and captaining in Test cricket. Kirsten, a former opener, agreed with Atherton, saying Smith played the dual role without ever showing the stress and strains of the job. What Kirsten always liked about Smith was that he could trust the captain to stand up for his players. “Having played under him, which I really enjoyed even though he was a young captain at the time, I felt he was believable to me,” Kirsten said. “He had credibility in my eyes. Because I knew he

would front up to difficult situations.” When Kirsten became South Africa coach, he noticed Smith had become a complete captain. “By that stage he had learned a lot about leadership,” Kirsten said. “We always had a good connection and we had an enormous amount of fun over the two-year period we were together leading the team. We were able to tweak a few things and take the performance to even greater levels. We both believed that South Africa could become the No. 1 team in the world.” Ian Chappell, the former Australia captain, differed with Kirsten’s opinion. Although he called Smith a “strong leader”, Chappell did not rate him high on the tactics ladder. “He was obviously the sort of character who his team-mates would follow, but tactically on the field, I think he was pretty limited and really, I think

South Africa should’ve been looking for another captain quite a few years back, but certainly the leadership side of his captaincy was quite a strong point,” Chappell told ESPNcricinfo. Chappell said the major drawback about Smith’s captaincy was that he tended to “sit back”. “South Africa’s style of play is designed to beat all the teams below them in standard and most of the teams that are level with them in standard, but it will never beat a team that is either absolutely level with them in ability or slightly better. They wait for teams to make mistakes. Now, really good teams don’t make mistakes. You got to provoke that. (Alastair) Cook and Smith tend to sit back. They wait for the opposition to stop the run flow and wait for the mistakes. As I said, that won’t beat the really good teams, that way of playing cricket.”

which turned away from him, found a thin edge and was taken by Wicket Keeper Anthony Bramble for 19 to leave Barbados on 47-2. Jonathon Carter (5) was trapped LBW to Narsingh Deonarine, who took 7-26 two years ago when Barbados fell for their lowest ever total against Guyana and the visitors had slipped to 57-3, three balls before Lunch. Guyana struck again two overs after the interval when Limited overs Skipper Kevin Stoute was run out for a duck to leave the team from the most Eastern Caribbean Island on 58-4. Chase cut Permaul for four and the diminutive Shane Dowrich hammered Devendra Bishoo for another boundary as the pair orchestrated ‘operation rebuild’, bringing up their 50 partnership in 15.4 overs. Chase soon reached his maiden First-Class fifty with five overthrows to pass his previous highest score of 49 which he also made against Guyana last year. His half-century lasted 163 minutes, 131 balls and was decorated with six fours on the lush green and fast outfield. Dowrich and Chase put together 59 for the fifth wicket before Dowrich was taken at mid-on by Permaul as he tried to ‘check’ his shot when Joseph cleverly bowled a slower ball to leave the Bajans on 117-5 with the floodlights taking effect under a cool night sky. Dowrich’s 35 was decorated with five fours, spanning 67 minutes and 68 balls; his demise brought Carlos Braithwaite to the crease.

In their 67th meeting at this level since 1966 when Regional cricket acquired sponsorship, and on a docile track which made fast bowling a laborious task, Chase, in his seventh FirstClass game, looked rock solid until he edged the impressive Johnson to the keeper. He batted for 208 minutes, faced 166 balls and reached the boundary eight times to leave on 132-6. By Tea, Barbados with a record 21 titles to their name, were 138-6 and after the break Nurse crashed Permaul gloriously through extra cover for four but Carlos Braithwaite (13) was trapped plumb in front by the towering Johnson at 145-7. Suleiman Benn, the tallest man in game at 6ft 7 inches, came forward and pushed Johnson one-bounce to the cover boundary before edging him agonizingly close to the Keeper for another four. Barnwell surprisingly replaced Johnson 25 minutes after Tea and released the pressure. Nurse pounced on the medium pacer and smashed him for four before ‘doctoring’ him with a pugnacious six in his first over in a new spell. The partnership of 39 was broken when Benn was taken at slip for 15 off Permaul who trapped Best for a duck next ball at 1849. He then bowled Cummins in the same over as Barbados collapsed in dramatic fashion, leaving Nurse unbeaten 29. To d a y i s t h e s e c o n d day and play is scheduled to commence at 15:00hrs. Admission is free.

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Rising Sun / Shariff Horse Race Meet

Gene Equip Company gallops with organisers

Teeram Ramdehall (right) of Gene Equip (John Dere) Company hands over the cheque and trophy to a representative of the organisers. Gene Equip Company, suppliers of John Dere machinery and equipment is the latest entity to lend support for tomorrow’s Rising Sun / Shariff Horse Race Meet set for the Rising Sun Turf Club, Arima Park, West Coast Berbice. The company handed over its contribution to the organisers yesterday noting that they are very pleased to be a part of the activity. The seven event card has prize monies totaling over $8.5M and has attracted over 75 of the best horses in the country.

Saturday March 08, 2014

Johnson, Bobb defy Mohammed to wreck T&T Port of Spain, Trinidad The Windward Islands, led by pacer, Delorn Johnson, dominated hosts Trinidad & Tobago on the opening day of their Round 2, Regional 4Day match at the Queen’s Park Oval. The hosts managed to get past 200 on a slow day of scoring but are merely just hanging on to this match in the first innings. They were sent in to bat first when Liam Sebastien won the toss in the morning. Their batting was always a bit suspicious. Within the first ten overs, it was confirmed. With just eight runs on the board, Evin Lewis’ leave alone off Delorn Johnson, cost him his wicket. He had the sympathy of many watching. He was struck outside off-stump but the ball hit him above the knee-roll. Next to follow was Darren Bravo, who has been struggling for runs. He stuck around for a little while but then nicked one to Lindon James and he was gone for just one. At the other end though, Adrian Barath, was looking solid. He was one of the potential walking wickets for T&T. But he batted with purpose, seeing out the first session with the help of Jason Mohammed. They batted slowly, failing to turn over the strike frequently.

Delorn Johnson

Things got a little bit easier for both batsmen after Lunch though. They started with a flurry of boundaries each. However, on 39, Barath went after a wide ball from Johnson and got a thin edge through to James. Mohammed then linked up with wicket-keeper, Steven Katwaroo, as both put on 55 runs together. They too, batted quite slow. Katwaroo batted 67 balls for his 20 before he advanced down the track looking for a single, only to miss the ball

and be stumped. Mohammed had batted well for T&T. He struck ten fours during his 164-ball stay at the crease, and looked T&T’s best batsman. However, he would be the first of Alston Bobb’s four victims. He was out for 73. At 141-5, T&T lost two more quick wickets. Skipper Rayad Emrit and leg-spinner, Yannic Cariah, combined in a 50-run partnership to add some steel to the hosts’ innings. Both rotated the strike much better than their colleagues. Emrit hit three fours and a six in his knock of 28 before he was beaten for pace by Johnson. Not long after, Cariah would follow his skipper back to pavilion, becoming Johnson’s fourth victim. Marlon Richards played a few shots in his knock of 15 but he would be Johnson’s fifth and final victim as T&T were bowled out late on Day 1 for 222. It left the visitors with just two overs to see out and it was safely negotiated by both Devon Smith and Tyrone Theophile. The Wi n d w a r d s finished Day 1 on 12-0, trailing T&T’s first innings score by 200 runs with all 10 wickets still in hand. Day 2 starts at 10:00hrs Eastern Caribbean Time today.

GT Masters preparing for Barbados tourney As preparation for the GT Masters Football Team tour to Barbados in June heightens, the team will engage in their first warm up game tomorrow at the Georgetown Football Club Ground against a Rest team.

The Barbados tournament which is a yearly affair will attract teams from Antigua & Barbuda, Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia, Grenada and the host country. Tomorrow’s game will kick

off at 09:00hrs. GT Connection: Shawn O’Niel (Captain), Jerrod Greek (Manager), Kevin Allen, Jolyon Lewis, Shawn Forde, Linden Bacchus, Joseph Luke, Stanford Miller, Wayne St. Jules, Julian James, Anthony Stanton, Anthony Marks, Andre Trotz, Terrence Plummer, Prince Johnson, Sheldon Bobb, Mark Critchlow, Cloney Charles, Paul Rodrigues, Ronald Barker. Rest Team: Frank Paris (Manager), Terrence Willis, Lawrence December, Shawn Jacobs, Lloyd Smith, Natty Wiltshire, Kevin Walcott, Deon Barnwell, Ivor Durridge, Andrew Bright, Seon Mc Kenzie, Ola Pedro, Malcolm Dawson, Gavin Gibbons, Brian Thompson, Mark Cox, Lionel Grimes, Orin Agard, Dallas Sharples, Terrence Lewis.

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Saturday March 08, 2014

Stag Beer / West Side Mashramani Champions Cup

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Stag Beer / EBFA Division One League

Slingerz, Den Amstel Grove tackles Soesdyke in feature clash finals postponed to March 15

Travis Welch

Susan Ramcharan of Fagus General Store (left) and Ms. Roodnauth, R&K Service Station hands over their sponsorship cheques to Slingerz FC’s, Errol Baird. Tonight should have seen the climax of the Stag B e e r / We s t S i d e Mashramani Champions Cup with the final between Slingerz FC and Den Amstel but that will not be so as it has been postponed to Saturday March 15, according to the organisers. The venue remains the same – Uitvlugt Community Centre Ground with the organisers confident that the new date will allow for even more exciting play. Hosted by the Slingerz Football

Club, the tournament is being played to commemorate the club’s first anniversary and during its brief existence to date, they have already been crowned champions of the West Demerara Football Association (WDFA).This highly anticipated final will be a rematch of last year’s finals which was easily won 3 – 0 by Slingerz and it also was the first of their three tournament wins which includes the Banks Beer Cup and WDFA League. Just like

the previous year, $500,000 is set to be awarded to the w i n n e r, s e c o n d p l a c e $250,000, third place $150,000 and fourth place $100,000. Meanwhile, Fagus General Store and R&K Service Station, both located at Parika have made contributions towards the tournament joining Double Day Hotel, Star Party Rentals, Nicola’s Bar, Two Brothers Service Station and Ansa McAl as the other corporate entities to have supported.

Cavaliers Sport and Tour Club to stage Race Walk events The cream of the country’s Race Walkers and a host of newcomers will match steps when the Cavaliers Sports and Tour Club stages a number of events to commemorate the death anniversary of the late President, Dr. Cheddi Jagan. The first race is billed for Sunday March 9 commencing at 06:30hrs at President’s College, Golden Grove, East Coast Demerara, proceeding to the Village Market before

returning to the place of origin for the finish. The activities will continue on March 16 starting from the Bank of Guyana, Church Street proceeding along Main Street and ending at the Cheddi Jagan Research Centre, High street, Kingston. On March 17, a 10k junior walk race will be staged around Soesdyke from 06:30hrs commencing from Calvin Gilkes’

residence on the Back Road. The final race will be on March 23 at 06:30hrs at Wismar end of the Linden Bridge going along the Winifred Gaskin Highway and ending at the Bayroc Recreational Centre, Wisroc. Trophies, medals and other prizes will be at stake for the top three finishers in the male and female (senior), juniors (boys and girls), veterans and differently-able participants.

Price is Right Supermarket / Upper Corentyne cricket The second semifinal of the ongoing Price is Right Supermarket sponsored Upper Corentyne Cricket Association second division cricket competition will be played tomorrow at the No. 48 Cricket ground. The first semi final

which was scheduled for Monday March 3 was also affected by rain and that will now be played on March 16 at the No. 69 Red Rose ground between No. 71 and Corriverton Cricket Clubs. Both semi finals and will be 50 overs per side affairs

and the games are set to begin at 09:30hrs. A small admission fee will be charged and there will be well stocked bars and music. Price is Right Supermarket has branches located at No. 79 Public Road, Corriverton and the Skeldon Market.

Soesdyke Falcons will be going all out for their second win in as many matches when they clash with home team Grove Hi Te c h i n t h e f e a t u r e showdown on day four of the Stag Beer sponsored East Bank Football Association (EBFA division-one league at the Grove Playfield. T h e d a y ’s o p e n i n g match-up at 13:00hrs brings together Agricola Red Triangle and Herstelling, a match where the Agricola boys will also be chasing their second win. Soesdyke, 6-0 winners over Herstelling in their first game will be harbouring thoughts of another three points but will find that the Grove unit will be much tougher than Herstelling. Grove lost out in a close tussle against Agricola by a 1-2 margin and will be aiming to make amends. Colin Mc Lean who netted a brace in their first game will aim for consistency against Grove as

Ulatto Smith will Ulatto Sam, Roger Dey, Colin Mc Lean and Kelcey Benson who all hit the back of the nets. Grove will look t o w a r d s their Captain Domini Garnett for inspiration as they chase their first points. Back up will come from Levi Braithwaite, Mervin Squires, Clive Matthews, Akeem Wa l c o t t a n d M i c h a e l Matthews among others. Agricola did look a good side against Grove and with more playing time, like the other teams will certainly improve. Tomorrow’s clash will see if they have improved from their first showing and while Herstelling is the weaker of the two on paper and experience, a good game is anticipated. Agricola’s charge will be spearheaded by their scorers from game one, Travis Welch and Gordon Grant with support from Yohance Roberts, Lance Brown, Michael Young,

Gordon Grant

Colin Mc Lean Gordon Grant, Sherwin Damon, Dexter Ray and Winston Rawlins. T h e y o u n g Herstelling line up will feature Jamal Small, Devon Winter, Denzil Devon, Steve Deosarran, Anthony Ramkellawan, Damion Bacchus and Joshua Heywood among other players. Kick off time is 13:00hrs

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Saturday March 08, 2014

Stakeholders commission basketball court in Plaisance

Minister of Culture, Youth & Sport, Dr. Frank Anthony, (fourth, right) participates in the ribbon-cutting exercise to officially signal the commissioning of the Plaisance Community Centre Court that his home to the Plaisance Guardians Basketball Club. Stakeholders that included members of the c o r p o r a t e c o m m u n i t y, Plaisance Guardian Basketball Club and Minister of Culture, Youth a n d S p o r t , D r. F r a n k Anthony recently commissioned what will be

home to the club, a full-sized basketball court, in P l a i s a n c e . T h e commissioning exercise was part of the club’s celebration of its fourth anniversary with the court at the Plaisance Community Centre. Funding for the construction of the

court came from a programme under the ‘President Youth Choice Initiative’. A release from the club stated that the Minister has committed government’s support in providing lights and bleachers around the

court. The Minister commended the work of the club for what he believed is a good development initiative for the sport in Guyana. Also in attendance at the ceremony were President of the Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation (GABF), Nigel Hinds, C h a i r m a n o f Yo u t h Basketball Guyana (YBG), Chris Bowman; Mackeson Brand Manager, Jamaal Douglas; Grace Kennedy Guyana Limited Marketing Manager, Natheeah Mendonca and officials from the Interim Management Committee of the Plaisance-

Industry Democratic Council. President and Coach of the Plaisance Guardians Basketball Club, Junior Hercules, gave all those who were present some insight into the establishment of the club. Hercules said that the initial intention was to teach basketball to a few players, who wanted to play basketball for a team they can identify with from foundation. In the second year, he said the focus shifted towards growing the senior membership of the club while focusing on youth

development and adding an academy in the third year. Meanwhile, this year, Hercules informed that the aim will be on building a core group of players to become role models to their peers, the community and the society. Some of the sponsors included, Grace Kennedy Remittance Services Guyana Ltd through its Bill Express Brand; they donated uniforms for Plaisance Guardians Division I and III clubs while the beverage giant, Ansa McAal sponsored under its Mackeson Brand.

Busta Champion of Champions semifinals on today The semifinals of the 10th Busta Champion of Champions cricket tournament will be contested today at the Area ‘H’ Ground, Rose Hall Town and Port Mourant Cricket Ground. Port Mourant will entertain last year’s losing finalist Albion while defending champions RHT Gizmos and Gadgets (RHTG&G) will host Young Warriors. Port Mourant’s quest for a place in the final would centre on Andrew Lyght Jr., Joshua

R a m s a m m y, Yu d e n d r a Harrinarine, Devindra Thakurdeen, Manoj Looknauth and Robert Moore while the Albion charge for glory would be led by Jonathan Foo, Kandasammy Surujnarine, Gudakesh Motie- Kanhai, Sharaz Ramcharran, David Latchaya and Balchan Baldeo. Five of Albion’s main players are on duties with the Guyana team. Defending champions RHTG&G challenge will be

spearheaded by Delbert Hicks, Rajiv Ivan, Dominic Rikhi, Jason Sinclair, Shawn Pereira, Shailendra Shameer, Troy Mathieson, Khemraj Mahadeo and West Indies ODI player Royston Crandon. Young Warriors would depend heavily on West Indies Under-19 opener Shimron Hetmyer, Kevin Ramdeen, Ishwar Singh, Balram Samaroo, Shanguille Williams, Linden Austin and Suresh Dhanai. Both matches will commence at 09:30hrs. The winner of the competition will be rewarded with $100,000 and the Busta trophy.

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Saturday March 08, 2014

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GASA Mash Meet 2014

Raekwon Noel and Tzedeq Sekhel set new national records; Amy Grant notches 7 wins Petra Organisation Schools Football Competition

Exciting matchups on today and tomorrow From left, Raekwon Noel, Amy Grant and Tzedeq Sekhel There were some outstanding performances recorded when the Guyana Amateur Swimming Association (GASA) held its Masharamani four-day Meet from March 1-4, 2014. This year’s Meet brought a new dimension to the swimming pool as Raekwon Noel and

Tzedeq Sekhel set new National records while rising star, Amy Grant notched up seven victories. These youngsters ended the Meet with times they have never swam before, and only if they were to take the sport seriously will they improve their times to

become more competitive locally in the Caribbean and further afield. To break records locally takes some doing and to emulate such feats at the Caribbean level and further afield would mean some disciplined, dedicated and committed work along with

a high level of financial investment. Following are the results of the three swimmers achieved at the GASA Meet. Raekwon Noel of the Dorado Speed Swim Club competing in the Boys 8 and Under achieved had six wins.

By Rawle Welch Eight more matches are on this weekend when the Milo / Petra Organisation Schools Football Competition resumes at the Ministry of Education ground on Carifesta Avenue. Starting today, David Rose tackles Richard Ishmael in the opening encounter from 11:00 hrs and this clash promises to be a bruising affair since both teams are currently struggling in the competition. David Rose lost to Kingston by a 4-2 margin, but many felt that they are an improving team and could very well earn full points this time around. They will be relying on the services of their leading marksmen Sean Murray and Akeem Giddings, while Ta q u a n G l a d s t o n e i s anticipated to lead the charge for victory for Richard Ishmael. In the second game of the day, Queen’s College fresh off their impressive showing against St. Winefred who they hammered 7-2 will look to maintain their efficiency when they face Tutorial High. Once again the focus will be on their potent strike force that includes Aftab Crandon, who already is in the race for top goal scorer, while Stephen King and Ashmar Angel will lend support as they seek to remain unblemished. The third game pits Carmel versus Kingston High and this encounter has all the hallmarks of being a scorcher. Kingston High started on a positive note with a 4-2 win over David Rose, while Carmel gained a similar result in their clash against Richard Ishmael. Tremaine McCurdy, Nemar Douglas, Vincent Thomas and Shawn

Grovesnor were the players entering the scoresheet for Kingston High, while last year’s leading goal scorer Marlon Nedd has already shown his form with a brace in their previous encounter. In the final matchup of the day, North Georgetown engages Tucville. North Georgetown will come into this game with a lot of pressure on them following their lop-sided loss to North Ruimveldt. Tucville on the other hand is a consistent performer and will go into the game feeling positive about themselves after a smooth performance in their initial clash against Freeburg, coasting to a comfortable 2-0 win with stars Keifer Brandt and Jamal Trim, the players on target. The competition continues tomorrow at the same venue. The fixtures for the two days are as follows: Today 11:00 hrs D a v i d Rose versus Richard Ishmael 12:30 hrs Q u e e n ’s College vs. Tutorial High School 14:00 hrs Carmel Secondary vs. Kingston High 15:30 hrs N o r t h Georgetown Secondary vs. Tucville Secondary Tomorrow 11:00 hrs Christ Church Secondary vs. Cummings Lodge Secondary 12:30 hrs Freeburg Secondary vs. North Georgetown Secondary 1 4 : 0 0 h r s Charlestown Secondary School vs. New Campbellville Secondary School 15:30 hrs N o r t h Ruimveldt Secondary S c h o o L v s . Tu c v i l l e Secondary

t r o Sp

Team Guyana arrives in Chile The Guyana Team on arrival in Chile for the South American Games. The athletes will compete in Athletics and Boxing.

Guyana reach 35-0 in reply to Bajan’s 184 in historic day/night match at Providence


Bajan Roston Chase cover drives Devendra Bishoo during his fifty yesterday as Taignarine Chanderpaul takes evasive action at silly point.

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