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Monday March 03, 2014

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Letters... Where your views make the news... Letters...Where your views make the news

BRINGING THE ADMINISTRATION... Is Ramotar a political prisoner of the Lords of Freedom House?

From page 4 have been asked to resign or be placed on paid leave, the local law society tasked with the legal authority to disciplining its members would have commenced its own investigation against the lawyer father, and the maid would have been released on bail with conditions. The maid would have also had numerous court appearances where she would have received full written disclosure of the particulars of charge, she would have had several opportunities to obtain legal representation and eventually she would have had her trial. All of this is called due process and not breaching either the constitutional rights or the natural justice rights of the accused maid. I don’t believe any member of the judiciary in North America would have violated the maid’s due process and audi alteram partem rights as the sentencing Magistrate did. Finally, I turn to the matter involving the learned Honourable Mr. Justice Sukhul of the Guyana Court of Appeal. It is indeed laudable that the Judicial Service Commission has looked far and wide to bring Guyanese talents to the judiciary. However, removing a Superior Court Justice, a High Court Justice or a Judge of the Court of Appeal is an extremely serious matter, and due process has to be followed. In certain jurisdictions it will take a sitting of parliament to remove a judge from office. The Committee or Commission of Inquiry tasked with investigating the complaints against the judge will hold hearings and present its findings to the government, who will then make a determination whether the judge should be removed from office. If the judge refuses to vacate office, in Canada for example, it will take a combined sitting of both the House of Commons and the Senate to remove the judge. In Guyana, all it took was a demand from the learned Chancellor for the Honourable Mr. Justice Sukhul to resign, and resign he did. I am not sure whether the

learned Chancellor is cloaked with the authority to demand the resignation of a member of the Court of Appeal but what is clear is that the learned Judge of the Court of Appeal did not have due process. Irrespective of what transpired in England, the learned Judge should have been placed on leave, pending an investigation of the complaints against him. The learned Judge could have made the decision to resign, quite independently of the demand from the learned Chancellor. It is a sad day for the administration of justice when someone with the stature of a Judge of the Court of Appeal of Guyana was denied his audi alteram partem rights by the learned Chancellor of the Guyanese judiciary. Such denial can and does bring the administration of justice into disrepute. On another note, the explanations provided by Justice Sukhul for his disbarment are quite remarkable. First, if a Judge requests a lawyer to do something, don’t ignore the request. In this case, Justice Sukhul should have brought a motion to get off the record rather than simply ignore the court’s request for him to perfect an appeal when according to Justice Sukhul, he was not retained on the matter. This begs the second question, how did Justice Sukhul’s name get on the record if he merely drafted the allegedly false document but did not file it with the court? Thirdly, never ignore a verbal or written request from the law society. Ignoring the requests of the law society will get you penalised or disbarred. The law society has the statutory power in most

self regulated jurisdictions to discipline its members. Fourthly, the explanation by Justice Sukhul that he was not disbarred by the courts does not have any weight as Justice Sukhul was disbarred by the entity which has the legal power to do so. Sixthly, don’t play the race card unless it is extremely plain and obvious. There are numerous lawyers of colour practicing in Anglo Saxon jurisdictions, who would vehemently disagree with playing the race card, and moreso, Judges of the English Court of Appeal or any other jurisdiction for that matter, do converse with each other and it is one of them who will have to adjudicate Justice Sukhul’s judicial review application. Seventh, don’t resign your membership if you are in the middle of a legal disciplinary proceeding because it will not help you. The hearings will continue with or without you, so that there will be a decision in the event you decide to reapply to become a member of the bar. In conclusion, none of the above comments ought to be considered as an attack on anyone, including the learned Attorney General, the Honourable Minister of Finance, Magistrate Chandan or the learned Chancellor. I am not familiar with any of these public personalities. However, I read the newspapers every single day and whether you agree or disagree with the position taken by these public officials, they are all hard working individuals and I commend all of them for their yeomen to public service. Oudit Rai B.A., M.A., LL.B Former Deputy Judge

DEAR EDITOR, Why has President Ramotar been nothing but “un-presidential”? Is he a political prisoner of the Lords of Freedom House? Has he been able to break the political umbilical cord from his immediate predecessor? The answers to these questions will expose why the Ramotar administration is setting itself up to be labeled as the most unsuccessful Government of Guyana; ever! It is clear that President Ramotar does not understand he can singularly win this battle for the hearts and minds of the Guyanese people if he can only focus for one and step away from all the petty politics emanating from Freedom House. If President Ramotar does not know, he has been successful at opening a hard line of communication between the AFC and APNU on national issues that will

make their positions in Parliament more resolute and strong. Rohee beware, two budgets missed your capital budget because the AFC and APNU mis-communicated; do not expect a third life. This PPP’s strategy of releasing their “dogs of war” to “cuss down” the political opposition in the vilest manner with gross untruths on social media and in the PPP dominated media houses, has failed and will continue to fail. The PPP is now at 38 percent of the popular vote, that cannot convert to 51 percent before the next elections, so the PPP better get accustomed to being a minority Government for a very long time all because they are political bullies and cannot see with the working poor. The APNU is now in the driver’s seat on this current

parliamentary debate; they will undermine the AFC’s battle for the Procurement Commission if the AFC undermines their anti-money laundering amendments. Further, the AFC has established itself as the party that is leading the struggle against corruption and for the establishment of the Procurement Commission; so clearly they cannot go to the next elections without clear evidence illustrating this fact. Anything else is political “hara kiri” for the AFC. So what can the PPP do; give the Local Government Elections, give the Procurement Commission, give the Amendments and then free its mind and its machinery to focus on the small projects in the villages to win the hearts and minds of the voters. Isn’t that political victory for the PPP? Dr. Euclid Rose and Harish Singh

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Monday March 03, 2014

Rice production increase Hardware store burgled blamed for slump in local prices twice in one week

The increase in rice cultivation by local farmers because of last year ’s attractive prices may not work in their favour in 2014. Local rice farmers have been complaining about the low prices millers have been offering for their produce. They have blamed the unrest in neighbouring Venezuela as the reason for millers dropping the price for paddy and refusing to stand the transportation cost. However, according to an official from the Agriculture sector, economics at its simplest form is playing out in Guyana’s rice industry. The official said that over 220,000 acres of lands were cultivated for this rice crop and the industry is expecting over 260,000 tons of rice. As such, the supply of rice has increased but the demand remains relatively the same. He said that farmers have been banking on the Venezuela market, which is a lucrative preferential market but there is only so much rice and paddy that market would take. Speaking about the price set by millers, the official said that Government or any regulatory agency does not determine the price millers

should pay. Authorities are also not involved transportation arrangements between the two parties. When Kaieteur News contacted Fairfield Mills in Mahaicony, Friday, a representative said that the company is currently paying $3,000 per bag for paddy until the Venezuela/ Guyana rice agreement is concluded. However, the sum being offered is not final and the difference will be paid to farmers at a later date when the agreement has been concluded. The farmers have to pay the trucks to transport their paddy. Meanwhile, a representative of Abdool Hakh & Sons Milling Company of West Coast Demerara said that it has not set a price for a bag of paddy because famers have not begun harvesting in their district. Millers in Berbice have dropped their prices, forcing farmers to sell for the lower prices because of limited storage capacity. Nand Persaud and Co. Ltd, one of the largest rice millers in Guyana, dropped its price from around $60,000 per ton of extra ‘A’ grade paddy last year to $55,000 per ton of

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extra ‘A’ grade paddy this year. The company is also offering $54,300 per ton of ‘A’ grade paddy and $53,500 per ton of ‘B’ grade paddy. In addition, the company is no longer absorbing the transportation cost .A representative of the company could not say why the company reduced its price or why it is no longer taking on the transportation costs. The Ministry of Agriculture in a press statement said Guyana’s rice export to Venezuela is expected to resume once all the logistics have been completed between the two Governments. Agriculture Minister Dr. Leslie Ramsammy stated that the agreement which is presently in its final stage remains a significant one to Guyana. Last week, a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), was inked between La Casa (on behalf of the Venezuelan Government) and Guyana’s Ambassador to Venezuela, Mr. Geoff Da Silva. The agreement is near completion and includes the purchasing order and shipment schedule. With the 2014 rice harvesting already commencing, shipment of rice is a critical part of the industry. Already shipment is ongoing to Europe, the Caribbean and to new destinations, the statement said.

- Owner forced to shut down operations Singh .O Hardware and General Supplies store located at Lot 2 Plantain Walk, West Bank Demerara was burgled twice over the past week, forcing the owner of the business to shut down his operations. According to 22year-old Omesh Singh, he has been the victim of several burglaries over the years, but has usually been able to recover swiftly, despite the inaction of the Guyana Police Force. However, the two separate break and enter incidents, which Singh suspects occurred in the night, saw burglars carting off millions of dollars in cash and hardware items. “The first one had to be on Sunday night, because when I go on Monday, I realized that somebody break into the store.” That incident resulted in Singh losing hardware equipment and a cash register containing close to $30,000. And while investigations on that matter were in progress, Singh .O Hardware and General Supplies store became a target once more. “I think is the same people who break-in on Monday. I think they probably weren’t satisfied with what they carry way first, so they come back. But this time they carry way everything…they empty the store,” Singh lamented.

According to Singh, the thieves gained entry into the well secured building by breaking a concrete wall and wrenching out a metal door at the back of the store. It is unclear as to whether anyone might have witnessed the break-in. The businessman told Kaieteur News yesterday, that prior to his West Bank Demerara store being emptied, the hardware unit that he operates in the King Panel building located in La Penitence Georgetown, was also hit by burglars. Singh was also robbed last year, during the time when he did drive-by selling of hardware supplies. While the previous robberies have resulted in significant losses, which totaled hundreds of thousands of dollars, Singh told this newspaper that last Friday’s burglary has made a significant impact on his life. He said that he is not only forced to shut down his business, but to also restart from scratch. “I have loans that I have to repay and bills that I have to pay, so it’s not easy. I invested all my savings into this business, and it did going well. But now me ain’t sure what to do, but it look like I gah start over from scratch. It hard, very hard...” Singh explained that ever

Businessman, Omesh Singh since the first break-in last week, he arranged to have a security guard stationed at his store. The guard was supposed to report for work on Saturday evening last. “…but before the man could start work, dey rob the store again.” Singh said that the matter has been reported to the Vreed-en-Hoop Police Station, but he is not sure whether the ranks there will be able to locate the perpetrators. “The first time I get robbed, was over $200,000, but police never found the people, but ah really hoping that dey find dem this time, because I might be able to get back my stuff,” an optimistic Singh said.

Singh .O Hardware and General Supplies store located at Lot 2 Plantain Walk, W.B.D.

Monday March 03, 2014

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Letters... Where your views make the news... Letters...Where your views make the news

Antigua honours its outstanding citizens

DEAR EDITOR, Former Speaker of Guyana, Ralph Ramkarran, SC. has recently spoken out against the failure of the PPPC administration to announce national awards annually as was done under the Forbes Burnham and Desmond Hoyte PNCR administrations. And the recent knighthood bestowed on three former test players last Friday by the Antigua and Barbuda Government prompted me to write this piece. Andy Roberts, Richie Richardson and Curtley Ambrose are not the only cricketers to be knighted by the Antiguan government, the master blaster, Viv Richards got his in May 1999, and several other Antiguan nationals including politicians, lawyers, diplomats were so honoured. Even non-Antiguans were included in the highest national knighthood group, including prominent and outstanding Guyanese Fenton Ramsahoye for his

outstanding legal work and Brian Alleyne of Dominica, who acted as Chief Justice of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court and Guyanese Ronald Sanders, who served as High Commissioner in the UK under the Lester Bird administration. I should point out that Sir Ronald was also knighted by Her Majesty the Queen in her 2002 Birthday honours. Knighthood is an English tradition dating back to the ancient Rome several centuries ago, and Antigua and Barbuda, a former British colony, adopted the “knighthood” award in 1998, but its honour is not by the Queen, but by the government of the twin-island state handed out by the Governor General, who is the Head of State and the Queen’s representative. There are also honours for outstanding females called “Dames” There is a disparity because a wife of a Knight is called “Lady” but the husband of a Dame does not have a title. Barbados, also a former

British c o l o n y, w h i c h gained independence in 1966, by Letters of Patent on July 25, 1980 included Knights and Dames of St. Andrew in their National honours and since then have bestowed knighthood on a large number of their outstanding citizens including politicians, cricketers, academics. Among them were former Prime Minister Erskine Sandiford, cricketers, Clyde Walcott, Seymour Nurse, Wes Hall, Conrad Hunte and a few other cricketers, academics Keith Hunte, Hilary Beckles and several other academics. Jurists David Simmonds, Henry Forde, Richard Cheltenham also received knighthood from the Barbados government. Among the Barbadian Dames were Nita Barrow and Billie Miller. Two world class cricketers from Barbados, Sir Garfield Sobers and Sir Everton Weekes were knighted by Her Majesty the Queen. Oscar Ramjeet

What has happened to the Surapana farm?

DEAR EDITOR, When many Guyanese leave these shores, after a few years overseas, on their return they refer to themselves as Americans, Trinidadians, Antiguans, Barbadians ect. ect. and many with a different accents, ridiculing the country of their birth. I made the above remarks to indicate that I am one hundred percent Guyanese. I came to Mackenzie, Wismar and Christianburg from the village of Agricola, East Bank Demerara in the year 1955 and I’m still here. Because of the amount of years I have spent in linden, I feel qualified to speak on some issues that affect Lindeners. One of the many important issues I want to refer to is the Watooka, Surapana Agriculture Farm and Club. On the 15 02 2014 a friend Mr. Compton Parkenson were on our way to his agriculture farm within the Watooka area. While riding I recognize that we were in the vicinity of the Surapana Farm. Not being able to easily identify its

location I enquired whether we had reached the farm and my friend replied in the affirmative. I hadn’t gone to that area for quite some time but what was very shocking and amazing is that I saw only the frame of the Surapana Club’s building; the farm house is no more. All of the chicken pens, duck pens and offices are gone and what is left is covered within a jungle-like area. Many years ago the Surapana Farm produced eggs, chicken, pork, bacon, ham, greens, vegetables and other items which were sold to Lindeners and other people outside the mining town. Some years ago the

Surapana Farm was touted as the largest in the Caribbean. My questions are what went wrong? Who, if there is a who, is responsible for its demise? I feel the citizens of Linden have a right to know! The citizens of Linden Town continue to suffer from the demise of many things. We need to ask ourselves, why? And when we find proper answers, let’s move forward in unity irrespective of our colour, race or religion. Let’s not forget, greedy business people and politicians are like vultures. Money and power go together. Remember our motto: one people one nation one destiny. Winslow Parris

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Monday March 03, 2014

Monday March 03, 2014

Kaieteur News

Absent Home Affairs official... (From page 10) number of inquests convened, and the number of complaints that required criminal charges. In 2011, the Authority received 339 oral complaints by telephone. The Authority, according to the report, “was able to dispose of those matters primarily by telephone calls made either to the Commissioner of Police, the Crime Chief or the Commanders of the appropriate police divisions for the necessary action...” Twenty of those reports included corrupt acts by police ranks, 50 represented the

use of unnecessary force, 70 for unlawful arrest, 135 for neglect of duty and 31 complaints against ranks brining discredit to Force. In the previous year; 2010, 238 written complaints were received. The Commissioner reported on 177, 42 were rejected, 19 were outstanding and no disciplinary action was recommended. There was one inquest (investigation) and none of the ranks involved in any complaint were recommended to face criminal charges. The Chairman had also reported that due to the lack of funds he was limited in

travel, especially to interior locations in the execution of his duties. It was also mentioned that apart from the Chairman, the “autonomous body” should be assisted in the discharge of it functions by two other panelists. Despite their absence, the Chairman said the “Authority has not been affected in any way.” Justice Kennard has noted however that his Office is fully commissioned. The Chairman reiterated however, that the 2012 police complaints report will be available as soon as it is returned to the Authority.

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Shopkeeper’s alleged killers reportedly boarded Mahdia bus

- cops notified Relatives of murdered shopkeeper Sheniza Khan Bhola are urging police to investigate reports that the men suspected of killing her were spotted at Mahdia on Saturday. Bohla’s relatives told Kaieteur News that they had received reports that Bhola’s two former employees were seen boarding a bus at Mahdia at around 16.00 hrs on Friday and might have been heading to Georgetown. It was alleged that the two suspects were sitting at the back of the vehicle in the company of a third man. Relatives yesterday said that they had tried unsuccessfully on Saturday to convey this information to the Force’s ‘F’ Division ranks, in the hope that roadblocks would have been erected. One of the suspects is of mixed ancestry and is known as ‘Kishan.’ He is said to be from Mahaica. His alleged accomplice, who is of African

ancestry, is known as ‘Nathan’ and is said to be from the Corentyne. Relatives have expressed concern that he may try to flee to Suriname. Sheniza Khan Bhola, 34, of Parfait Harmonie, West Bank Demerara was found dead in her locked shop at Rock Creek Backdam, Cuyuni/ Mazaruni last Thursday. She is believed to have been slain by two former employees who have since gone into hiding. Police believe that the men carted off a substantial amount of cash, jewelry and other valuables after killing their 34-year-old employee. Relatives told Kaieteur News that the victim appeared to have been stabbed three times to the stomach with an ice-pick. She also had a gaping wound to the right side, as well as head injuries. Bhola, who has two children, aged 14 and 13, had operated her shop for about

Sheniza Khan Bhola four years. The gruesome discovery was made at around 10:00 hrs on Thursday after a young man visited the shop and found it locked. He then informed an older sister of Bhola’s that Sheniza “gone out without telling anybody.” The sister immediately became concerned, since she knew that Bhola would not leave her shop without informing anyone. The sister became further concerned when she observed a slipper belonging to Bhola outside the shop. Believing that her younger sister had fallen ill, the woman peered through a window and saw Bhola lying motionless on her bedroom floor. Persons assisted the sister in breaking open the front of the shop and their worst fears were confirmed when they entered Bhola’s bedroom. An aunt, who lives in St. Maarten, described Bhola as a hard-working individual, who had provided the men with food and later found employment for them. According to reports, Bhola had even bought equipment for the men to assist them in prospecting. However, the men reportedly rewarded her kindness by refusing to give over any of their gold produce and also stole from her shop. On Saturday, the aunt again pleaded with the Guyana Police Force to do their utmost to apprehend the suspects. Bhola’s body is at the Bartica Hospital Mortuary and a post mortem is likely today.

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Monday March 03, 2014

President inspects East Bank and CJIA expansion projects (From page 19)

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President Donald Ramotar along with Minister of Public Works, Robeson Benn and Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh and several engineers yesterday inspected works ongoing on the East Bank Demerara four –lane road, and the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) expansion project. The latter is expected to meet its deadline of August

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2015 as works are scheduled to commence on several aspects of the building during the course of this year. The East Bank four-lane expansion has a June deadline. P r e s i d e n t Ramotar inspected three segments of the East Bank road expansion at Mocha, Little Diamond and Diamond New Scheme, where works are in progress, and expressed satisfaction with the progress thus far. According to the Government Information Agency (GINA), President Ramotar stated that the new airport will bring Guyana up to world class standard, which is very important for the country. Meanwhile, Minister Benn explained that there were some delays with the East Bank expansion, due to several factors including inclement weather, supply of road material, and the removal of utilities. He noted that now that the weather has improved, works are progressing, and the latest completion date is June month-end.

Meanwhile, CJIA’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ramesh Ghir said the airport expansion project is proceeding as planned, and the contractor is currently carrying out excavation works at the end of the runway. Ghir further said that excavation and back filling works have started on a test section of 160m x 160m of the runway, which is about 10 percent of the runway’s extension and that in itself, is about 70% complete. “We anticipate that in a few months we will begin the designs for the terminal building and start construction works on that building,” Ghir said. The US$150M project is funded by the Government of China through the Chinese Exim Bank. The expansion will cater for a new terminal building with eight boarding bridges, elevators and CCTV. The runway will be extended by 3,500 feet, and there will be eight international parking positions.

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(From page 15) in Music Education. He also composes and produces music. Purnashhas performed extensively and had the honour of opening for Sonu Nigam’s Concert in New Jersey in 2012 and Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s Concert in Guyana. Jeffrey Iqbal is no stranger to Guyana. Indeed, he developed an immense fan base following in Guyana on account of his performances at the Shreya Ghoshal concert and a series of Diwali events October/ November 2013.Jeffrey’s career on the world stage began when he was chosen in a talent search by the legendary music director AR Rehman from among thousands of applicants to perform at Rehman’s mega concert in New York. Thereafter, Jeffrey entered ZEETV’s US Saregamapa, emerging as the first runner up. Jeffrey recently entered the Bollywood music industry and is enjoying success. In 2012, he was invited to tour with Bollywood’s current playback Queen Shreya Ghoshal and he performed in Canada, USA, UK and the Caribbean. A studio has been specially designed and constructed for the filming of the series and members of the public will have the opportunity to be part of the studio audience. Auditions to be part of the show commence on March 4, 2014. For more information or to register for auditions, persons can call 623-1143

Monday March 03, 2014

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Monday March 03, 2014

Opposition spokesman urges Govt. Venezuela opposition musters thousands to beware of deals with China for march despite Carnival holiday Jamaica Gleaner foreign trade issues. Opposition Spokesman on Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Edmund Bartlett is urging the Government to address concerns by some Jamaicans that a heavy Chinese economic infusion into Jamaica could negatively affect the country’s sovereignty. Bartlett described the prevailing suspicion of the Chinese as an age-old discussion on how international aid and investment influence the sovereignty of a nation, whether it tramples on democratic rights of its citizens or allows breathing space to an economically challenged state. “Certainly, we have come a long way in dealing with similar issues of imperialism and colonialism, cultural penetration, as well as political domination,” Bartlett told The Sunday Gleaner. With China poised to play a pivotal role in the establishment of the logistics hub and the Caymanas Economic Zone, after already driving major infrastructural development, concerns have been raised in the public domain as to whether Jamaica stands to lose much of its sovereignty even if it benefits economically. According to Bartlett, potent political will is necessary to resist what is not good for the country and to embrace what is of benefit to the people. “One of the things that we cannot and must not do is to sacrifice self-determination for straight economic good,” he asserted.

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood

Edmund Bartlett “I believe that with China’s position in the global landscape, it is unavoidable for any country that has the peculiar problems that confront Jamaica, which is in dire need of investment flows, to deal with that country,” said Bartlett. “Not many countries that can are willing to do that sort of an investment arrangement that China is offering,” added Bartlett. “So I believe that Jamaica is going to have to chart its way [with China as partner].” Bartlett expressed cautious optimism about Jamaica’s relationship with China, although he expressed some worry that not everything will work for Jamaica in a way that its Government and people desire. “But I believe that the skills of diplomacy, which we have had over the years, should guide in terms of making those arrangements which will inure on a balance, strongly in our favour.” The opposition spokesman on foreign affairs argued that an alliance with China is necessary in a world that is now at a different crossroads in its approaches to economic convergence. He said it was essential that greater focus be given to the developmental value added of foreign affairs and

“Every decision-making component must carefully weigh the variables to determine not only the qualitative benefits or feelgood factors, but more especially, measurable quantitative social and economic development benefits in Jamaica.” Added Bartlett: “To this end, Jamaica needs to be significantly more proactive in carefully targeted areas in the international organisations in which we are presented.” Bartlett proffered that it is necessary to carefully examine all situations, in terms of Jamaica’s involvement in the international sphere. “This is where the notion of economic logic in the political equation comes in,” he said. He stressed that every Jamaican should be given the opportunity to acquire a better appreciation of the country’s role in international affairs. “The issues must not be seen as being foreign and unrelated to the life of the man in the street,” he argued. “In this regard, there is a need for a better joining up of relations with regard to the areas linked to the economic chain, such as industry, investment, agriculture and finance, as well as social and national security, said Bartlett. “People,” he opined, “understand better if you can relate to these key areas that will make it more meaningful to the average man, and that is the challenge that we will have to deal with. “So when we ask the prime minister and the minister of foreign affairs to report on their visits overseas, it’s part of that process of enabling people to feel that the decisions that we are making in international fora are necessary.”

Anti-government protesters hold crucifixes with names of victims of violence during a rally against Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro government in Caracas yesterday. REUTERS/Tomas Bravo CARACAS (Reuters) While many Venezuelans went to the beach to enjoy the Carnival holiday, thousands of antigovernment demonstrators marched in the capital yesterday, trying to keep up the momentum from weeks of protests demanding President Nicolas Maduro resign. There are no signs that Maduro, who says the protests are part of a U.S.backed coup plot, could be ousted in a Ukraine-style overthrow despite widespread discontent with soaring inflation and chronic product shortages. Government leaders have urged Venezuelans to skip the protests and make their traditional trips to the beach during the Carnival holiday. State television was filled with images of packed beaches and smiling holidaymakers. Opposition marchers that ranged from students to middle-aged professionals

and senior citizens filled a square in the east of Caracas to protest problems including 56 percent annual inflation and one of the world’s highest murder rates. “We have nothing to celebrate at the beach,” said Carlos Torres, 34, an engineer. “Going on vacation would give credence to the government’s version that there’s nothing going on.” The unrest evolved from sporadic regional protests into nationwide movement after three people were shot dead following a February 12 march. At least 17 people have been killed in the South American nation’s most violent unrest in a decade. Maduro sought to take the steam out of the protests by extending the usual fourday Carnival holiday by two days. Opposition moderates question the demonstrator’s tactics of blocking streets, setting up barricades and exchanging volleys of rocks with police and security forces. They say this may backfire and boost support for Maduro. Violent street protests helped briefly drive late socialist leader Hugo Chavez from power in a 2002 coup. The opposition repeatedly staged street protests later that year as well as in 2004, but they fizzled out as protesters grew weary of blocked streets and barricades made from smoldering trash. Maduro’s adversaries, tweeting to stars under the h a s h t a g #OscarsforVenezuela, sought to persuade Hollywood stars, including Leonardo DiCaprio

and Penelope Cruz, to make statements of solidarity during Sunday’s broadcast of the Academy Awards. Celebrities including Madonna and Cher have chimed in over social media, criticizing the government for what they called excessive use of force against protesters. Maduro counters that security forces have in fact been restrained in the face of violent attacks. He also says barricades set up by protesters caused deaths by preventing patients from receiving emergency health treatment. “They want to prohibit Carnival what do you all think about that? Never. The people of Venezuela have been victorious,” Maduro said in televised comments from a state-run market selling subsidized groceries. “Venezuelans are enjoying the beach, the rivers, and the mountains.” The state prosecutor’s office said on Sunday it had released 41 people who were arrested on Friday night in a melee involving protesters and police at the upscale Plaza Altamira, where clashes have been taking place almost every day. At least 500 people have been arrested in the violence, most of whom have been released. Maduro in April narrowly won the election to replace Chavez after his death from cancer. He has vowed to continue to extend his predecessor’s 14-year self-styled socialist revolution that won the adoration of millions but also bitterly divided the nation of 29 million.

Monday March 03, 2014

Kaieteur News

Canada cracks down on citizenship fraud OTTAWA, Canada CMC – As concerns heighten over the recall of former St Vincent and the Grenadines’ Deputy New York Consul General, Edson Augustus, the Canadian government has announced that it is cracking down on citizenship fraud. Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander said he is reinforcing the government’s commitment to tackling citizenship fraud through measures proposed in Bill C24, the “Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act”. “The government is cracking down on citizenship fraud by enforcing stronger penalties for those who do not play by the rules,” said Alexander in a statement. “Changes to the Citizenship Act reinforce the value of citizenship and will help ensure new Canadians are fully prepared to participate in Canadian life and have a stronger attachment to our country,” he added. “Stronger penalties for those who commit citizenship fraud will protect the integrity of Canadian citizenship,” Alexander continued. “The government’s changes to the Citizenship Act reinforce the message that Canadian citizenship is valued around the globe and will be afforded those who recognize that it comes with duties and rights, privileges and responsibilities.” Under the new legislation, the Canadian government will have the authority to develop regulations to designate a regulatory body whose members would be authorized to act as consultants on citizenship

Edson Augustus matters. “This change will help protect applicants and deter third-party fraud,” said the statement, adding that Bill C24 “reinforces the value of citizenship by cracking down on fraud and ensuring Canadian citizenship is only offered to those who play by the rules.” The proposed measure includes stronger penalties for fraud and misrepresentation (a maximum fine of CAN$100,000 and/or five years in prison); expanding the grounds to bar an application for citizenship to include foreign criminality, “which will help improve program integrity”; and making it an offence for unauthorized individuals to “knowingly represent or advise a person on a citizenship application or hearing for a fee.” Alexander said “ongoing large-scale” fraud investigations conducted by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) have identified more than 3,000 citizens and 5,000 permanent residents linked to major investigations—a majority of them related to residence. In addition, he said nearly

2,000 individuals linked to the citizenship fraud investigations have withdrawn their applications. He said the legislation brings Canada in line with “most of our peer countries, by providing that citizenship can be revoked from dual nationals who are convicted of terrorism, high treason and spying offences (depending on the sentence received), or who take up arms against Canada.” He said permanent residents who commit these acts will be barred from applying for citizenship. Claiming that its immigration system was broken and was being taken advantage of by “bogus” refugee claimants from “democratic, human rightsrespecting countries,” such as St Vincent and the Grenadines, Alexander ’s predecessor, Jason Kenney, last year announced a major overhaul of the system. Kenny’s announcement had come amid what has been described as heightened fraudulent claims for asylum in Canada by Vincentians and other Caribbean nationals. In an exposé, on November 12, 2011, the Toronto Star, under the caption, “SVG - Is this Caribbean Idyll the Worst Place in the World to be a Woman,” said that the majority of Vincentians flocking to Canada, seeking refugee status, are women, who, it appears, are “fleeing domestic violence.” In response, the then Consul General to Toronto, Steve Phillips, said there was “no political, religious or social conditions in St. Vincent that justify any Vincentian applying for refugee status.”

Government signs agreement with United States NASSAU, Bahamas CMC – The Bahamas says its collaborative efforts with the United States remain critical for the continued fight against the “constant assault” of trans-national criminal activity. “Today, money laundering and trafficking in illicit drugs, illegal small and light firearms and human continue to test and challenge the national law enforcement agencies of countries globally,” said Foreign Affairs and

Immigration Minister Fred Mitchell as he signed the “Modification / Amendment Five to the Letter of Agreement (ALOA) on Narcotics Control and Law Enforcement of September 24, 2010” with Washington. Mitchell said criminals were becoming more ingenious in their methods of trans-national criminal activity, “which have no boundary and continue to attack and destroy the very essence of our society”. He said the signing of the

agreement signals the commitment of the two countries in the areas of law enforcement, support, counter-narcotics control, drug demand reduction and anti-corruption reform. “On behalf of the Government and the people of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, I offer my thanks for this contribution of $1,850,000, which will assist in the efforts of The Bahamas in its initiatives and fight against the surge of organised crime,” Mitchell said.

Barbados Nation - CLICO POLICYHOLDERS MAY be getting a dream offer from a North American firm, which wants to buy all of the assets of Clico International Life (CIL) Insurance Limited and repay the principal sums to the policyholders and investors in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean. The North American firm has been meeting with CIL’s judicial manager (JM) Deloitte Consulting Inc. as a result of correspondence going back to 2013. The offer to purchase

Page 21

CIL’s $800 million-plus in assets, including large tracts of land, and ensure policyholders receive over $441 million, was contained in the proposal sent to the JM and Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler recently. Delivered two days ago to Deloitte, the document obtained by the SUNDAY SUN confirmed the firm’s commitment that policyholders in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean be restored their principal investment or “made whole for their principal”.

Chris Sinckler

More cases of chikungunya virus reported in the Caribbean STOCKHOLM, Sweden CMC – The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDPC) says there are reports of new cases of the chikungunya virus in the Caribbean. The ECDPC said in the past week, 293 new cases of chikungunya have been reported in the region, with confirmed ones in St. Martin (French), Martinique, St. Barthélemy and Guadeloupe. New cases also surfaced in Dominica and French Guyana as well as St. Kitts and Nevis. The ECDPC said as of

February 21, 2014, more than 5, 900 suspected cases have been reported in the region. An outbreak of chikungunya in the Caribbean was reported from the French part of the island of St. Martin on December 6. The chikungunya transmission was detected during a concomitant dengue outbreak in the Caribbean. Both diseases are transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito. Chikungunya is a mosquito-borne viral disease causing symptoms such as fever, joint pain, muscle pain,

headache and nose and gum bleeding. Chikungunya is present in parts of Africa, Southeast Asia and on the Indian subcontinent. The most recent large outbreaks were reported in 2005–2006 from Réunion Island, Mauritius, Mayotte and several Indian states. The first transmission within continental Europe was reported from northeastern Italy in August 2007. Every year, imported cases among touri s t s are identified in several European countries.

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Kaieteur News

Monday March 03, 2014

Venezuela frees protesters, braces for more demos Caracas (AFP) Venezuela released dozens of anti-government protesters and an Italian photographer yesterday, but that did nothing to appease demonstrators set for more rallies against President Nicolas Maduro. At least 18 people have been killed and 250 injured since a wave of nationwide protests began February 4 led by students angry about a soaring crime rate, spiraling inflation, the lack of basic goods in stores, and limited democratic rights in the oilrich nation. Students and the opposition have accused the leftist Maduro government of heavy handedness in dealing with protests that have roiled the capital Caracas on nearly a daily basis and also spread to other major cities. Maduro, facing the biggest test of his presidency since narrowly winning last year’s election to succeed socialist icon Hugo Chavez, has also been accused of targeting the domestic and foreign media, while hundreds of people —

including opposition leaders — have been detained. Among them was Italian photographer Francesca Commissari and about 40 protesters arrested on Friday in Caracas. Commissari declared her freedom on Twitter Sunday, thanking friends, the Italian consulate and her lawyer for getting her out. Venezuela’s journalist association SNTP confirmed the release of Commissari, who lives in Venezuela and works for the local El Nacional newspaper, and about 40 protesters. A total of 863 people have been arrested since February 9, the NGO Foro Penal said, with 30 still behind bars. There was rare calm on the Caracas streets Saturday, and the first time in nearly three weeks that security forces did not fire tear gas to disperse protesters. “This is the first time that this has happened in the last 18 days,” said Ramon Muchacho, mayor of the wealthy Caracas neighborhood of Chacao, an opposition stronghold and

focus for many of the demonstrations in the capital. Maduro says the protests are part of a Washingtonbacked coup plot supported by opposition figures aimed at toppling his nearly year-old government. He called a six-day holiday to mark the beginning of Carnival, an annual celebration that normally sees many Venezuelans leave the cities and head to the beach. Critics say the holiday was a blatant attempt to undermine the demonstrations. But protesters have largely stayed put, and were busy gearing up for new demonstrations in Caracas yesterday. Juan Requesens, student leader at the Central University of Venezuela, said that students will depart from four points in the city and meet at the Plaza Brion to demand the release of detained activists. “We honor the dead. No Carnival, there is nothing to celebrate,” engineering student Argenis Arteaga told AFP.

Anti-government demonstrators protest in eastern Caracas. (AFP Photo/Leo Ramirez) Marco Ruiz, head of the SNTP, said the arrests of foreign reporters were part of a deliberate government policy to intimidate the overseas press in the same way they had already done with local media. “The pattern of attacks that is repeating itself is now

against international correspondents,” Ruiz said. Among those detained Friday, when protesters clashed with security forces who fired tear gas, were eight foreigners “held for international terrorism,” state VTV television said in a brief statement.

They included US freelance reporter Andrew Rosati, who writes for the Miami Herald, a team of journalists from the US-based Associated Press and Commissari. It was not immediately clear if all of them had been released.

Caribbean urged to invest in care for hearing loss

UNITED NATIONS CMC – The United Nations health agency is calling on Caribbean and other governments around the world to invest in hearing care, as a new survey finds that many countries lack the capacity. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about half of all cases of hearing loss worldwide are easily prevented or treated. However, a report published by the agency on the occasion of International Ear Care Day, observed last Monday, says that just 32 of the 76 countries who responded to a WHO survey have developed plans and programmes to prevent and control ear diseases and hearing loss. WHO said many countries lack trained health personnel, educational facilities, data and national plans to address the needs of those living with ear and

Dr. Etienne Krug hearing problems. “The results of this survey are a clear call to action for governments and partners to invest in hearing care, especially at community and primary level,” said Etienne Krug, Director of the WHO Department of Violence and Injury Prevention and Disability. “The programmes must aim to benefit all, including

disadvantaged parts of the population who are least able to access hearing services,” added Dr Krug. WHO noted that a leading cause for hearing loss in younger people, particularly in low- and middle-income countries, is untreated ear infections, which often presents with discharge from the ear. Va c c i n e - p r e v e n t a b l e infectious diseases such as rubella, meningitis, measles, or mumps can also lead to hearing loss. WHO said good ear care practices, such as reducing exposure to noise and avoiding insertion of objects into the ears, can prevent many from developing ear and hearing problems. It said a large percentage of people living with hearing loss can benefit from early identification and appropriate treatment. “Ear and hearing problems and the use of hearing aids are often associated with myths and misconceptions,” said Shelly Chadha of the WHO unit for the Prevention of Blindness and Deafness. “National programmes should, therefore, not only focus on prevention and service provision but also on awareness-raising,” she said.

Monday March 03, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Ukraine mobilizes after Putin’s ‘declaration of war’ KIEV/BALACLAVA, Ukraine (Reuters) - Ukraine mobilized for war yesterday and Washington threatened to isolate Russia economically, after President Vladimir Putin declared he had the right to invade his n e i g h b o r i n M o s c o w ’s biggest confrontation with the West since the Cold War “This is not a threat: this is actually the declaration of war to my country,” Ukraine’s Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk said in English. Yatsenuik heads a pro-Western government that took power when the country’s Russiabacked president, Viktor Yanukovich, was ousted last week. Putin secured permission from his parliament on Saturday to use military force to protect Russian citizens in Ukraine and told U.S. President Barack Obama he had the right to defend Russian interests and nationals, spurning Western pleas not to intervene.Russian forces have already bloodlessly seized Crimea, an isolated Black Sea peninsula where Moscow has a naval base. Yesterday they surrounded several small Ukrainian military outposts there and demanded the Ukrainian troops disarm. Some refused, leading to standoffs, although no shots were fired. With Russian forces in control of majority ethnic Russian Crimea, the focus is shifting to eastern swathes of Ukraine, where most ethnic Ukrainians speak Russian as a native language. Those areas saw more demonstrations yesterday after violent protests on Saturday, and for a second day pro-Moscow activists hoisted flags at government buildings and called for Russia to defend them. Russia has staged war games with 150,000 troops along the land border, but so

Ukrainian soldiers guard a gate of an infantry base in Privolnoye, Ukraine, yesterday. (AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic) far they have not crossed. Kiev said Russia had sent hundreds of its citizens across the border to stage the protests. Ukraine’s security council ordered the general staff to immediately put all armed forces on highest alert. However, Kiev’s small and under-equipped military is seen as no match for Russia’s superpower might. The Defence Ministry was ordered to stage a callup of reserves, meaning theoretically all men up to 40 in a country with universal male conscription, though Ukraine would struggle to find extra guns or uniforms for significant numbers of them. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry condemned Russia for what he called an “incredible act of aggression” and brandished the threat of economic sanctions. “You don’t just, in the 21st century, behave in 19th century fashion by invading another country on a completely trumped-up pretext,” Kerry told CBS program Face the Nation. Kerry said Moscow still had a “right set of choices” to defuse the crisis.

Otherwise, G8 countries and other nations were prepared to “to go to the hilt to isolate Russia”. “They are prepared to isolate Russia economically. The rouble is already going down. Russia has major economic challenges,” he said. He mentioned visa bans, asset freezes and trade isolation as possible steps. Analysts said U.S. economic sanctions would likely have little impact on Russia unless they were accompanied by strong measures by major European nations, which have deeper trade ties with Moscow and are dependent on Russian gas. A Kremlin spokesman declined to comment after Kerry’s remarks. Ukraine’s envoy to the United Nations said Kiev would ask for international military support if Russia expanded its military action in his country. At Kiev’s Independence Square, where antiYanukovich protesters had camped out for months, thousands demonstrated against Russian military action. Speakers delivered

rousing orations and placards read: “Putin, hands off Ukraine!” “If there is a need to protect the nation, we will go and defend the nation,” said Oleh, an advertising executive cooking over an open fire at the square where he has been camped for three months. “If Putin wants to take Ukraine for himself, he will fail. We want to live freely and we will live freely.” The new government announced it had fired the head of the navy and launched a treason case against him for surrendering Ukraine’s naval headquarters to Russian forces in the Crimean port of Sevastopol, where Moscow has a major naval base. Obama spoke to Putin for 90 minutes by telephone on Saturday after the Russian leader declared he had the right to intervene and quickly secured unanimous approval from his parliament. The Kremlin said Putin told Obama Russian speakers were under threat from Ukraine’s new leaders, who took over after Yanukovich fled huge protests against his repression and rejection of a

trade deal with the European Union. Putin reiterated this stance in a telephone call with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday, the Kremlin said, adding that he and Merkel agreed that Russia and Germany would continue consultations to seek the “normalization” of the situation. Ukraine, which says it has no intention of threatening Russian speakers, has appealed for help to NATO, and directly to Britain and the United States, as cosignatories with Moscow to a 1994 accord guaranteeing Ukraine’s security. After an emergency meeting of NATO ambassadors in Brussels, the

alliance called on Russia to bring its forces back to bases and refrain from interfering in Ukraine. But despite expressing “grave concern”, NATO didn’t agree any significant measures to apply pressure to Russia, with the West struggling to come up with a forthright response that does not risk pushing the region closer to military conflict. “We urge both parties to immediately seek a peaceful solution through bilateral dialogue, with international facilitation ... and through the dispatch of international observers under the auspices of the United Nations Security Council or the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe,” NATO said in a statement. Washington on Saturday proposed sending monitors to Ukraine under the U.N. or OSCE flags. The United States has won tentative support from many members of the OSCE, Europe’s main human rights and democracy watchdog, for such a mission, its envoy to the group said yesterday. So far, the Western response has been largely symbolic. Obama and others suspended preparations for a G8 summit in Sochi, where Putin has just finished staging his $50 billion winter Olympic games. Some countries recalled ambassadors. Britain said its ministers would stay away from the Paralympics due next in Sochi.

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Monday March 03, 2014

Pistorius channel goes Netanyahu vows tough on air in South Africa line for White House talks PRETORIA, South Africa (AP) — A cable TV channel devoted to the Oscar Pistorius murder trial went on air in South Africa yesterday night showing footage of the blonde model the worldfamous athlete shot dead at his home a year ago. The video includes footage of her playing with dolphins. The 24-hour channel began broadcasting just over 12 hours before Pistorius is expected in court for the start of his trial. Dedicated completely to the trial, some of its early programming focused on the life of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, the model and reality TV star Pistorius killed on Valentine’s Day last year when he fired shots through a toilet door at his house. In one video taken by security camera, a smiling Steenkamp is seen arriving at the gated community where Pistorius lived just hours before she was killed. There was also video of her swimming with dolphins while shooting a reality TV show for South African television. At one point, two

Oscar Pistorius dolphins tap their snouts on her cheeks. As Pistorius’ trial starts today, live television pictures and a live audio feed will be broadcast from the courtroom at North Gauteng High Court in the South African capital, Pretoria, after permission was granted by a judge. Pistorius’ lawyers opposed the applications to broadcast the trial on television and radio. The channel, called “The Oscar Pistorius Trial - A Carte Blanche channel” is on South Africa’s most popular

cable TV network which is one of the three broadcasters which asked the judge to allow live coverage of the trial. Three remote-controlled cameras have been installed in the courtroom. There are some restrictions on the live broadcasts of the trial. Testimony by Pistorius and defense witnesses will not be shown because of objections by his defense team. Some prosecution witnesses can also ask for their testimony not to be shown and the trial judge, Thokozile Masipa, has the option of stopping the live coverage if it becomes intrusive. Pistorius faces charges of murder, illegal possession of ammunition and two additional counts relating to shooting a gun in public in two separate incidents before the Valentine’s Day slaying of Steenkamp last year. Pistorius denies murder and says he shot Steenkamp after mistaking her for a dangerous intruder inside a toilet cubicle in his bathroom during the night.

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel’s prime minister headed to Washington yesterday for a high-stakes meeting with President Barack Obama about U.S.-led Mideast peace efforts, vowing to maintain a tough line in the face of heavy international pressure to begin making concessions to the Palestinians. Benjamin Netanyahu’s defiant tone set the stage for what could be a difficult meeting today with Obama. But with the clock ticking toward an April target date for a preliminary agreement, the Israeli leader could soon be forced to begin laying out a clearer vision for a future peace deal with the Palestinians. Shortly before takeoff, Netanyahu vowed to “stand steadfast” on Israeli interests. “In recent years, the state of Israel has been under various pressures,” he said. “We have rejected them in the face of the unprecedented storm and unrest in the region and are maintaining stability and security. This is what has been and what will be.” After two decades of intermittent negotiations, including five years of deadlock following Netanyahu’s return to power in 2009, the United States relaunched peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians last July. The sides agreed to a nine-month target for forging a final peace deal. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has traveled to the region more than 10 times for meetings with Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. He has also talked to them on the phone repeatedly. But with no signs of breakthrough, Kerry has been forced to scale back his objectives. The initial goal of a final deal by April was later replaced by more modest U.S. aspirations of brokering the contours of an agreement. In recent weeks, there were expectations that Kerry would present his own ideas for such a framework, with Abbas and Netanyahu agreeing to continue talks for up to a year on that basis. But the gaps between Abbas and Netanyahu remain wide, and it’s not certain Kerry will present a framework in such conditions. Speaking on NBC’s “Meet the Press” yesterday, Kerry said Netanyahu’s White House meeting should not be viewed as a “showdown.” He said conversations would continue with both sides,

Benjamin Netanyahu “and hopefully, over the next weeks, we can reach some kind of understanding about how to negotiate a final status agreement.” The Palestinians seek the West Bank, east Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip — territories captured by Israel in 1967 — for an independent state. They have demanded that Israel agree to base the final borders with a future Palestine on the pre-1967 lines, with small land swaps that would allow Israel to keep some of the Jewish settlements it has built in the West Bank and east Jerusalem. Netanyahu has refused to recognize the 1967 lines as a starting point. He wants to retain an Israeli presence in a strategic area of the West Bank along the border with Jordan and keep large blocs of settlements closest to Israel. He has given no indication as to how much territory he is willing to cede and he has rejected any division of east Jerusalem, the Palestinians’ hoped-for capital. Netanyahu has also demanded that the Palestinians recognize Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people. The Palestinians reject this out of hand, saying it would undermine the rights of displaced Palestinian refugees who claim properties in what is now Israel as well as the rights of Israel’s Arab minority. Kerry apparently made little headway, most recently at a meeting with Abbas in Paris. The Palestinians fear the emerging American proposal will largely side with Israel, particularly on the Jewish state and by including only a vague mention of Palestinian “aspirations” in Jerusalem, rather than a specific reference to east Jerusalem. “It’s clear that Secretary Kerry has found out he cannot bridge the gap between the two positions if he insists on the demand to recognize Israel as a Jewish

state, which we will never accept,” said Hana Amireh, a member of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s Executive Committee, part of Abbas’ inner circle. “Thus he is asking President Obama to intervene, and we know that when President Obama intervenes, there will be more pressure on us,” he added. Abbas is scheduled to visit the White House on March 17, and Israel is expected to release 26 longserving Palestinian prisoners at the end of the month under a pledge made at the outset of the negotiations. What happens after that remains unclear. But ahead of his visit, Netanyahu has stuck to his hard line. “I will never compromise on Israel’s security. Never. And never apologize for the fact that the Jewish people are living in their ancestral homeland,” he told a gathering of Jewish American leaders last week. Behind the rhetoric, however, Netanyahu is facing intense international pressure to begin making concessions. The international community has shown growing impatience with Israeli settlements on lands claimed by the Palestinians. Kerry has said the construction raises questions about Israel’s commitment to peace, and warned a burgeoning international movement to boycott Israel over its settlement policies could gain steam. Kerry has also warned that unless a Palestinian state is set up, Israel stands to become a binational state — in which Arabs could soon outnumber Jews. Yoaz Hendel, an excommunications director for Netanyahu, said his former boss is well aware of the dangers of a binational state and is far more pragmatic than many believe. But he said Netanyahu will delay all tough decisions for as long as possible, and that his pragmatism has limits. He said Netanyahu will never agree to return to the 1967 lines due to ideological and security concerns. He also said that Netanyahu would be constrained by opposition from Israeli hard-liners, his base of support. Hendel described Netanyahu’s goal as trying to keep “maximum land and minimum Palestinians” under Israeli control. For that reason, he said Netanyahu would eventually try to reach an interim deal that falls short of a comprehensive peace.

Monday March 03, 2014

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Thousands march in pro-invasion rally in Moscow

More than ten thousand pro-Kremlin demonstrators many holding Russian flags march in central Moscow, Russia,yesterday. (AP Photo/Pavel Golovkin)

UK joins U.S., France in pulling out of G8 preparatory meetings LONDON (Reuters) - Britain will suspend its participation in preparations for a G8 meeting in Sochi after Russia violated Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, British Foreign Minister William Hague said yesterday. The United States has already said it will not take part in the meetings, and a source in President Francois Hollande’s office said France has also pulled out. Western countries are scrambling to respond to developments in Ukraine’s Crimea, where Putin has claimed the authority to send Russian troops in the biggest confrontation between Moscow and the West since the Cold War. “The United Kingdom will join other G8

countries this week in suspending our cooperation under the G8, which Russia chairs this year, including ... meetings this week for the preparation of the G8 summit,” Hague told media before boarding a flight to Kiev to meet with the pro-Western government that took power when Russian ally Viktor Yanukovich fled last week. Hague said Russia would have to “think hard” about the united diplomatic and peaceful international response to its actions and said he hoped direct communication between Ukraine and Russia would be able to take place. “We call on both sides to ensure that there can be a reduction in tensions and the avoidance of conflict,” he said.

Saudi women activists demand end to ‘absolute’ male control Riyadh (AFP) - Saudi women activists have petitioned the country’s consultative council to back a demand to curb the “absolute authority” of male guardians over women in the ultra-conservative Sunni Muslim kingdom, a signatory said. Saudi Arabia imposes a strict interpretation of Islamic law, forbidding women to work or travel without the authorisation of their male guardians. It is also the only country in the world that bans women from driving, and a woman cannot obtain an identification card without the consent of her guardian. Activist Aziza Yousef told AFP that “rights activists have petitioned the Shura (consultative) Council on the occasion of the International Women’s Day (on March 8)

demanding an end to the absolute authority of men over women”. They demanded “measures to protect (women’s) rights,” in their petition to the Shura Council, she said. Laws in the kingdom enforcing such restrictions on women “are not based on religious” teachings, said Yousef. The petition, signed by 10 female activists, also calls for allowing women to drive. Women in Saudi must obtain permission from a male guardian to perform “certain surgeries” and to “leave the university campus during study hours,” she added. She cited a recent case in which a pregnant student had to give birth on campus after a women-only university in Riyadh denied access to paramedics. And a university student

died in February after paramedics were prevented from entering her campus because they were not accompanied by a male guardian, a must according to the strict segregation rules in the Muslim kingdom. Earlier this year, Saudi Arabia suspended a notification programme that had been running since 2012, which alerted male guardians once women under their custody left the country, even if they were travelling together. Three female members of the Shura Council presented a recommendation that women be given the right to drive in October, but the maledominated 150-member assembly blocked the proposal. The Shura Council is appointed by the king and advises the monarch on policy, but cannot legislate.

MOSCOW (AP) — Thousands marched freely through Moscow yesterday in support of Russia using military force in neighboring Ukraine, while at an antiinvasion protest nearby dozens were detained. Russian state television ratcheted up its pro-invasion rhetoric over the weekend and showed what it claimed were buses full of refugees pouring across the Ukrainian border, fleeing what anchors call the “fascist thugs” who took power after Russia-leaning President Viktor Yanukovych fled the country last week after months of protest. At least 10,000 people waving Russian flags rallied in central Moscow. Some dressed in Soviet military uniforms and shouted slogans like “Fascism will not pass!” and “No to Nazism!” — evoking parallels with the repulsion of Hitler’s troops from Ukraine in World War II. But at an anti-invasion protest near Red Square, dozens of demonstrators — one of whom held up just a blank piece of poster paper in protest — were quickly detained by police. The Associated Press witnessed more than 50 detentions and spotted at least five police vans, which carry between 15 and 20 protesters, driving away from the square.

Since parliament gave President Vladimir Putin the green light to use military force in Ukraine late on Saturday, the Russian leader has defied calls from the West to pull back his troops, insisting that Russia has a right to protect its interests and those of Russianspeakers in the strategic Black Sea region of Crimea and elsewhere in Ukraine. Russia’s state-controlled media has played almost nonstop footage of the Ukrainian crisis since the announcement, highlighting what it says are videos of attacks on pro-Russian activists by activists from Kiev or regions further west. Russia Today claimed that 675,000 of Ukraine’s population of 46 million had fled across the border to Russia, and showed the governors of Russia’s western-most regions gearing up to accept the flood of refugees. State-owned channel Russia One showed what it alleged were cars lining up to flee the border into Russia — but the sign marking the border was actually for Shegini, a town on Ukraine’s western border with Poland. While many Russians have long believed Moscow should maintain strong ties with Ukraine’s east and south,

the media campaign has helped nudge public opinion toward favoring more dramatic action. A poll by independent Levada Center released on Feb. 26 showed that 43 percent of Russians considered the protests in Ukraine a “violent government coup,” while 45 percent believed the protests were sponsored by Western governments attempting to win “geopolitical influence” in the region. “We are one brotherly nation, we are all Russians in our souls,” said Galina Kravchuk, a retiree at the proinvasion rally who said she had lived in Crimea all her life but was visiting her daughter in Moscow. “Those protesters (in Ukraine) are hired. They are paid by the West and by America.” But among many at the rally, active support seemed paper thin. Many were delivered to the square by buses marked as city government property, and others confessed that they had been forced by their employers to attend. “The boss forced us to come,” said Elena, who wouldn’t give her last name for fear of repercussions at her workplace. “Do you really think that all these people came here voluntarily? Never.”

Suspected Islamists kill 85 in northeast Nigeria (Reuters) - Suspected Islamist militants have killed at least 85 people in northeastern Nigeria, witnesses and officials said yesterday, in a further setback to President Goodluck Jonathan’s military campaign. Twin bomb blasts in the city of Maiduguri killed at least 46 people on Saturday evening while, around 50 km (30 miles) away, dozens of gunmen were razing a farming village, shooting dead another 39. The attacks will heap pressure on Jonathan, whose intensified military push to end the Islamist sect Boko Haram’s four-and-ahalf-year-old insurgency has been running for almost a year. While the bloodshed has not diminished, the army had at least had some success in confining it to remote rural areas in recent months, so that the attack on a densely populated market area in Maiduguri will be seen as a

setback. Jonathan is expected to run for re-election next year in what is expected to be a close contest. Boko Haram, which has killed thousands in its fight for an Islamic state in northern Nigeria and become the biggest threat to security in Africa’s top oil producer, is increasingly targeting the civilian population. The attack on the village of Mainok on Saturday evening is typical of recent raids by Boko Haram as its fighters continue to target anyone they view as supporting the government’s effort to end its insurgency. “They were shooting sporadically and throwing explosives on buildings. I counted 39 bodies this morning,” Mainok resident Mansur Buba told reporters in Maiduguri. “I fled the place because nobody is safe.” Mustapha Musa, another resident, said the village was in ruins with every house burned to the ground.

An emergency relief official confirmed the death toll as 39 but asked not to be named because he was not authorised to speak officially. There was global outrage last week when dozens of school children were shot or burned to death in a rural region near the northeastern city of Damaturu. Insurgents killed more than 300 people last month, mostly civilians. Among the attacks were two in which more than 100 people were killed. In one, militants razed a village and shot panicked residents as they tried to flee. Western governments are concerned about Nigerian groups such as Boko Haram linking up with al Qaeda-linked cells in other countries in the Sahel region, such as Mali, where France sent troops a year ago to oust Islamist militants who had seized control.

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Regional Four-Day tournament

Monday March 03, 2014

Total Fitness/GABBFF Novice Championship

Sylvester Andrews emerges Singh’s responsible 73 as the new Novice King push match into final day By Sean Devers in Jamaica In Association with Sterling Products Ltd, Auto Fashion & Payless Variety Store A responsible halfcentury from diminutive lefthander, Vishaul Singh, led a resolute Guyana batting performance yesterday to frustrate the Jamaicans on the third and penultimate day of their Regional First-Class first round fixture at Sabina Park in which 28 maidens were bowled in 89.5 overs. The 25-year-old Singh top-scored with 73 from 300 minutes and 227 balls to ensure the Guyanese reached 219-8 by the close, enjoying a lead of 42 going into today’s final day. The GCC left-hander bettered his previous best of 66 against Barbados in 2011 as he posted his second 50 at this level. Assad Fudadin (33) and Narsingh Deonarine (38) lent useful support as Guyana, who lost by 212 runs inside three days last year at Providence when the teams last met, batted out the entire day as they battled desperately to save the game. The 29-year-old Test pacer Jerome Taylor had an impressive spell finishing with 5-29 to put the home firmly in control. Scores (Guy 117 all out & 219-8), Jamaica (294 all out) Guyana resumed on 32-1 ne e d i n g 1 7 6 t o m a k e Jamaica bat again and the overnight pair of Fudadin and Singh batted resolutely in a slow but invaluable partnership and after the first hour had crawled to 66-1. They added just 34 runs with Fudadin taking 98 balls for 12 runs and Singh using up 84 balls for his 22 at the water break. But the important thing from a Guyana perspective was the diligent occupation of the crease by the second wicket pair on another day blessed with glorious sunshine. Fudadin, who has played three Tests, took on the innocuous off-spin of the non-turning Jamie Merchant, who captured four wickets in the first i n n ings and accelerated towards the end of the first session with two boundaries off the slow bowler. Sheldon Cotterell replaced Dave Bernard from the Northern end and tested the batmen with a

couple of short balls on a flat, straw coloured track. H o w e v e r, the confidence of both batsmen increased as their innings progressed and they played with more freedom to take their team to Lunch at 90-1 with Fudadin on 30 and Singh, who swept Merchant for the fourth boundary of the opening session in the penultimate over of a frustrating session for Jamaica, on 38. Fudadin had batted for 197 minutes and Singh for 166 minutes and while their partnership was exciting as watching paint dry, the value of the stand cannot be overstated as Guyana fought bravely. Fudadin’s vigil ended 16 minutes after the interval when he edged Ta m a r L a m b e r t t o t h e Keeper for 33 after facing 162 balls and batting for 213 minutes. He reached the ropes four times and his demise left Guyana on 97-2 and broke the solid 78run partnership. Deonarine hit Lambert for four, off his second ball, to bring up the Guyana 100 in 217 minutes. The left-arm pacer Sheldon Cotterell, who p l a y e d a s o l i t a r y Te s t , greeted Deonarine with a couple of quick bouncers and the spattering of spectators voiced their approval as the left-hander from Albion in Berbice fended uncomfortably. Singh reached his half century from 180 balls and 261 minutes after getting his maiden 50 at this level in 2011 against Barbados but he was made to work really hard for it. Deonarine, not one to be bugged down, danced into Lambert and hit him for six back over his head to free the shackles. Merchant replaced Lambert just before Tea but bowled much too fast and flat on a pitch offering little help for the bowlers. Singh and Deonarine soon brought up their 50 partnership from 93 minutes and 138 balls and Deonarine celebrated the landmark by lofting legspinner Nkrumah Bonner for a nonchalant six. At Tea Guyana were 1542 with Singh on 55 and Deonarine on 38. Their partnership was worth 57 runs as they further frustrated the ‘Yardies’ in ideal conditions for batting on a lush green

Sabina Park sward. Bonner finally made the break-through when he had Deonarine caught and bowled in the first over after Tea before Guyana had added to their Tea time score. Deonarine, who has nine tons from 114 First-Class matches, again wasted a good start just when he seemed set for his 43rd half-century. Chris Barnwell joined Singh in sunny conditions with a cool breeze blowing across the ground before Barnwell, who hit two fours in a quick 14, was sent packing for the second time in the match by Merchant to leave the South Americans on 180-4. Wicketkeeper Anthony Bramble kept Singh’s company and dumped Bonner for six to bring up the 200 from 482 minutes and 95.4 overs. With the shimmering blue Caribbean Sea in the background and pulsating Reggae music blasting in the stands, Singh and Bramble added 31 for the fifth wicket before Horace Miller held a good, low catch at extra cover when Bramble (11) played an irresponsible drive at Jerome Taylor at 201-5 when he should have been playing the supporting role to Singh and looking to bat for long as possible. Devendra Bishoo joined Singh and Jamaica took the second new ball after 101.5 overs at 205-5. Taylor induced Singh to steer a short ball to second slip without addition to the score as Singh gifted his wicket after doing all the hard work. Veerasammy Permaul (1) was caught at second slip off Taylor at 213-7 while Amir Khan whipped Taylor elegantly for four to get off the mark as he and Bishoo almost survived to the end without further loss. However, Khan (4) was removed by Taylor off the last ball of the day when Miller, at short leg, held a sharp catch as the 29-year-old Taylor made an auspicious return to First-Class cricket for the first time in a couple of years with his 13th five-wicket haul at this level. Bishoo who scored his highest First-Class score last year in Trinidad, will need to reproduce that form and plenty of support from the last two batsmen and possible pray for some rain if Guyana will have any chance of avoiding their second consecutive defeat against Jamaica today.

By Franklin Wilson Parading a 170.6lb structure of well-defined and balanced muscles, Sylvester Andrews, a member of the Total Fitness Gym located at Soesdyke on the East Bank of Demerara was crowned the new Novice champion of Guyana when Total Fitness/Guyana Amateur Body Building and Fitness Federation (GABBFF) held its Novice championships at the Theatre Guild, Kingston on Saturday night last. The well put together show attracted 28 athletes from ten (10) Gyms across Guyana including Berbice, Linden, East and West Bank and the Capital City. The confident Andrews, who reigned supreme in the Light Heavyweight class (166 – 176lbs, 80kg), defeating three other athletes, came back in the Overall showdown, which featured five other category winners, to stave off a stern test from Casey Vickery of Fitness Paradise to gain the thumbs up from the five-man judging panel as the best athlete on show, overall. Vickery had won the Lightweight (144 – 155lbs, 70kg) division in a five way battle from John Seabra of Buddy’s gym. The other category winners that faced off with Andrews were Raymond Stephen (Heavyweight 177lbs & over) of Buddy’s Gym, Lloyd Thomas of Total Fitness Gym who won

both the Welterweight (155 – 165lbs, 75kg) and Masters 40 years & over categories, Kemo Boyle (Bantamweight 143lbs, 65kg) a member of Tower Gym and Power House Gym member Tajpaul Gwensammy who won the Flyweight (Under 132lbs) class. The winner of the junior category (Under 21 years), Marlon Trim of Fitness Zone Gym was not included in the overall clash. This category attracted seven competitors as did the Flyweight class. GABBFF President Keavon Bess, in welcoming fans to the show following the parade of athletes, informed that this year will be a busy year for the federation while acknowledging that 2013 was a very good year. Bess said that the GABBFF was very encouraged with the interest shown by athletes leading up to this show, stating that they had visited Corentyne and Essequibo among other areas looking for athletes to compete. In the end he noted that they had lots to choose from. Gratitude was extended to the sponsors, Fitness Express, Hand in Hand, Subs and Salads and Eddy’s Printery. All the category winners were presented with hampers compliments of Fitness Express which also sponsored all the trophies.

Following are the full results: Category: Junior Under 21 years Name Gym Marlon Trim Fitness Zone Demetri Chan Interline Fitness Jairam Seemangal Interline Fitness Andy Grant (15yrs) Total Fitness Carlos Petterson Body Max Category: Flyweight Under 132lbs Name Gym Tajpaul Gwensammy Power House Jairam Seemangal Interline Fitness Andy Grant Total Fitness Terrance Lall Muscle Mania Anil Persaud Tower Category: Bantamweight 143lbs (65kg) Name Gym Kemo Boyle Tower Demetri Chan Interline Fitness Deryck Scott Interline Fitness Eon Hall Total Fitness Category: Lightweight 144 - 154lbs (70kg) Name Gym Casey Vickery Fitness Paradise John Seabra Buddy’s Shem Zammett Interline Fitness Errol Smith Total Fitness Elcid Smith Total Fitness Category: Welterweight 155 - 165lbs (75kg) Name Gym Lloyd Thomas Total Fitness Marlon Trim Fitness Zone Category: Light Heavyweight 166 - 176lbs (80kg) Name Gym Sylvester Andrews Total Fitness Coel Marks Buddy’s Carlos Petterson Body Max Rakesh Jaggernauth Power House Category: Heavyweight 177lbs & Over Name Gym Raymond Stephen Buddy’s Royston Adonis Interline Fitness Prince Sinclair Fitness Zone Karl Marks Upper Demerara Barbel Club Category: Master’s 40 years and Over Name Gym Lloyd Thomas Total Fitness John Seabra Buddy’s Karl Marks Upper Demerara Barbel Club Overall Winner Sylvester Andrews Total Fitness

Weigh in Weight 156.4lbs 141.8lbs 113.8lbs 130lbs 176lbs

Position 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

Weigh in Weight 131lbs 113.8lbs 130lbs 125.6lbs 132lbs

Position 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

Weigh in Weight 143lbs 141.8lbs 143lbs 142.3lbs

Position 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

Weigh in Weight 146lbs 148.2lbs 149lbs 148lbs 147lbs

Position 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

Weigh in Weight 164.9lbs 156.4lbs

Position 1st 2nd

Weigh in Weight 170.6lbs 172lbs 176lbs 166.2lbs

Position 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

Weigh in Weight 190.4lbs 194.2lbs 181.6lbs 187.2lbs

Position 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

Weigh in Weight 164.9lbs 148.2lbs 187.2lbs

Position 1st 2nd 3rd


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