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The need for urgent reforms in the Police Force Regardless of how much the Minister of Home Affairs would like us to believe that a professional Guyana Police Force resides among his dearest aspirations, his own colleagues seem bent on denying him that accomplishment. Precedents are being set right and left as they pertain to the enforcement of law and order in this country that would make the most despotic of administrations take due notice. How else does one describe the flouting of the law by the elite and the seeming acceptance by the police of this type of superior behavior? A report of assault against a minister’s son is not investigated with the dispatch which seems reserved for the residents of Albouystown or any of the wards south of Georgetown, but the offender is not even arrested. It is almost as if the legal process that citizens anticipate in circumstances such as these are held in abeyance because of who is involved. An allegation that a government minister wages a drunken attack on a youth is not investigated nor is the brawler even invited to the police station. These are issues which cry out for a police force unhampered by considerations of politics and race. A democratic society is intolerant of aberrations such as these. The usual consequence is a reconfiguration of the political administrative arrangement of the country. But these abnormalities are extended even further by a government minister’s departure from the scene of a possible fatal accident. The subsequent action was a tasteless demonstration that money is the only thing that matters in every situation. But there are several things very wrong in scenarios of this nature. First, certain offences were committed outside of the injured parties’ ability to waive police involvement. The police investigation of careless, reckless, or dangerous driving cannot simply be avoided by an agreement between parties to accept compensation for damages suffered. There is no way that the police can be reasonably tasked to curb drunken/distracted driving, or reduce fatal accidents by the aforementioned causes. It is just not possible to ascribe that kind of unlawful behavior only to the ordinary citizens who are expected to subject themselves to the various impediments to their constitutional right to free movement. The law abiding citizen unless she/he is seriously injured and in need of immediate medical treatment, must remain at the scene of an accident until the police arrive. If the citizen apprehends danger to his/her person by an angry crowd then she/he may depart the scene and go to the nearest police station where a report can be made. This does not seem to be the case in the incidents involving government officials in this country. It would be interesting to know if this apprehension exists in the minds of these ‘well-beloved guardians’ of our public trust that would prompt them to leave without assuring themselves that no one is seriously in need of medical attention. The ordinary citizen-in-the street knows quite well that she/he must report an accident within twenty-four hours, but must submit to a police-administered breathalyser test to determine her/his blood alcohol content. It is manifestly unfair to expect compliance with legal requirements only from the underprivileged while the political elite and nouveau riche get a free pass. If these things do not make the minister responsible for public safety look inept then it would be interesting to know what it will take for him to realize that his colleagues are doing him no favours by their very indiscretions. It is as if they want him to fail in his endeavours, probably in the belief that if people are so focused on their insecurity, the other policy failings would be ignored. In other words, acts of omission or commission of misfeasance and/or malfeasance by Cabinet colleagues are likely to flourish undetected as long as there is an obvious whipping boy in Clement J. Rohee. No amount of budgetary allocations will make the work of the police any easier or more professional if these demotivating and demoralising issues continue to beset the modernisation drive. The pertinent question remains on whether these indications of a dysfunctional system are engaging the attention of the unit set up for the purpose of reforming the Guyana Police Force?

Saturday March 01, 2014

Letters... Where your views make the news

Clearly one of these articles must go DEAR EDITOR, I have had great difficulty reconciling two articles of our constitution since a situation has developed where they presently conflict with each other, and is consequently leading to some very serious confusion in this country, violating the constitutional rights of the majority of our people in the process. I have written on this before, ever since it was explained to me. I don’t have to be a lawyer to ask these questions, since Lord Denning himself the onetime Chief Justice of the UK, once declared that a good lawyer should be able to explain the law to the common man. My problem is that we cannot have a constitution which is in collision with any part of itself. Our constitution, whatever the situation, should have been written with the vision which makes it work equitably, regardless of circumstances. Before I start however I must say, that subject to correction, there are numerous clauses in our constitution which I saw when I was searching for clause 177, which are not enforced today. I don’t know

if this is due to changes made to the document or whether, like many other laws in our constitution itself, it is being violated in this country with impunity. I will give two examples: 1. No citizen who has allegiance to any other sovereign state can become a member of our parliament, but we have in our parliament people who have green cards for the US and even worse some are citizens of some other country, and 2. Article 161 which deals with the members of the election commission. This article was temporarily suspended by Act No. 15 of 1995, but this temporary suspension seems to be permanent since it has been going on for nearly 20 years. How long was it intended to be temporary? I raise the question since the person currently sitting as Elections Commission Chairman cannot qualify to be Elections Commission Chairman under article 161, especially since he has to date turned in a somewhat less than a stellar performance. But to return to my reason for writing this letter, article 9 of the Guyana constitution states clearly that “Sovereignty belongs to

the people, who exercise it through their representatives and the democratic organs established by or under this Constitution”. It is from this first article that all other articles regarding the functioning of Parliament is founded, from this first important principle the other articles merely establish the methodology as to how the constitution will function to establish the sovereignty of the people. Since 2011 another article has imposed itself on Guyana which violates this first, most important article 9, and it is article 177, which states at 177 (2) A Presidential candidate shall be deemed to have been elected as President and shall be so declared by the Chairman of the Elections Commission. (a) if he is the only Presidential candidate at the election; or (b) where there are two or more Presidential candidates, if more votes are cast in favour of the list in which he is designated as Presidential candidate than in favour of any other list. Our constitution did not visualise that the sovereignty of the people can be violated by the enactment of article

177 which allows a lame duck president to establish the government in this country without enough seats to control parliament, and therefore the majority of the people in this country have been denied their sovereignty. Clearly one of these articles must go, and since sovereignty of the people is the foundation of our, and all other democratic constitutions existing, then it is article 177 which has to be repealed, or modified, at least to say that the president with the largest bloc of votes cannot form the government legally unless he has control of the Parliament, so that the sovereignty of the majority of the people can be established. This, in my humble opinion, based on solid legal advice, is what should be the most important issue occupying the opposition at this time, i.e., that we have a constitutional crisis in this country created by the 2011 election and nothing is being done to rectify the situation, and that the majority of the people in this country who did not vote for the PPP are being denied their constitutional right to sovereignty. Tony Vieira

A Joint Govt. arrangement is almost impossible DEAR EDITOR, The events of the last two years have shown clearly that a Joint Government arrangement between the PPP/C, APNU and AFC is almost impossible. The most glaring is the situation with the AML Bill in the Parliament. The bill, as the President explained, came out of an international process. It had the assurance from the CFATF officials that it was compliant. This bill should have never been sent to a select committee. In any other country it would have been passed immediately and be more like a formality. Look at the behaviour of the Government and the Opposition in Belize. The Opposition supported the Government unhesitatingly to avoid damaging the welfare of its people. The Opposition in Guyana demanded that the bill be sent to a special select committee for them to put forward amendments. For almost a year they did no such thing. At the very end when it was close to the deadline they introduced amendments to the principal act, which was not the subject

of any issue. The CFATF assessor pointed out that the amendments run the danger of making what is now compliant become noncompliant. Despite all of this, the Opposition entities keep insisting on their amendments knowing fully that they are exposing the country to danger and at the same time putting the well being of Guyanese in danger. Added to that, worse than Shylock of Shakespeare’s fame, they continue to demand their pound of “flesh.” They want the

government to give them the unconstitutional bills and other measures. This is a major change by APNU which is on record as saying that it was not tying the passage of the bill to anything. It was not supporting the AFC which was calling to establish the Public Procurement Commission as a condition for supporting the bill. Now the AFC has changed, it is now supporting APNU’s demands together with its own. APNU has also changed its position and is

supporting the AFC’s call also. What is motivating those parties? Clearly the ideologies of the three parties are very far apart. The PPP and PPP/C Government continue to plug for national unity, APNU has held on to its historically prejudiced line and the AFC is primarily motivated by vengeance and hate. A government comprising these parties would be a real disaster for Guyana. It will be incapable of getting anything done. Rebecca Constance

Those implications of impropriety are as erroneous as they are unfortunate DEAR EDITOR, My attention was drawn to certain statements published in “Dem boys seh column” on 28th February, 2014, which, expressly and by implication, conveyed the impression that tax payers dollars was improperly used by the Attorney-General Chambers and Ministry of Legal Affairs because the presentation of the Revised Laws of Guyana [2014] was held at the Conference Room of the Sleepin International Hotel. Reference was made to the known friendship of the Honourable AttorneyGeneral and the Ministry of Affairs and the owner of that establishment.

Please be informed that the decision to hold the event at that location was exclusively mine. It was inspired by a singular consideration, which is, that the conference facility at Sleepin International Hotel was offered to the Ministry free of cost for that event. The implications of impropriety by your publications are therefore as erroneous as they are unfortunate. Besmirching people’s character and reputation as a means of livelihood must be a most tortured existence. Ms. Indira Anandjit Permanent Secretary Ministry of Legal Affairs

Saturday March 01, 2014

Kaieteur News

Letters... Where your views make the news

This blatant eye pass to poor people must stop DEAR EDITOR, An article in Kaieteur News dated Monday 24th February 2014 captioned “Jagdeo air dashed to Florida hospital” reported that the former President had been rushed overseas because of persistent fever and diarrhea, while one in the Stabroek News of the same date captioned “Bharrat Jagdeo in US for medical treatment on suspicion of a virulent strain of dengue or Influenza” reported that he had flown via a charter to Florida “to seek a prognosis on a bout of illness that has left him weakened”. I am writing to comment on the part of the KN article that speaks about the cost of the trip. The article says that Mr Jagdeo flew to Florida by a Lear Jet, and that chartering a Lear Jet from Florida to Guyana and back for a medivac would cost between US35,000 (G$7M) to US$40,000(G$8M). I have not seen any denial of these figures. I am sorry that Mr. Jagdeo is sick and I do hope that he has a speedy recovery. I must make it clear at this point that I am not joining forces with anyone in saying nasty things about him. What I am dealing with here are the facts,

and the facts of the matter are that it is downright outrageous for him to hire a jet for that amount of money because he does not have to pay for it, but the poor people of this country who have to pay tax on their earnings and VAT do . Why is it that Mr. Jagdeo did not use the services of the GPHC or any of the other private health care facility right here in Guyana? Is it that he does not trust the local hospitals or the doctors? Yes, the Stabroek News reported that he sought medical attention from a local doctor who advised him to seek further medical checks to determine the strain of the virus and to receive necessary treatment as he was not responding well to the treatment here. But that was the opinion of one doctor. I wonder if the former President had to pay for the cost of going to Florida, out of his own pocket, if he would have done that so quickly? This blatant eye pass to poor people must stop. Here we have single-parent mothers of all races who have to work three or more jobs to provide food, shelter and clothes for their children, killing themselves in the

process, and a former president reaping the milk and honey of their labour. How can this be right? Mothers who have sick children have to line up and wait for long periods to see the doctor while a rich man, who I think can certainly take care of his medical expenses, is essentially benefiting off of the sweat of these poor people. What a big shame. Not so long ago the government announced a new minimum wage of thirty-five thousand dollars per month. I want to ask all the parliamentarians if they as human beings don’t think something is very wrong with that, when under the Former Presidents (Benefits and Facilities ) Bill former presidents would receive so many tax-free benefits (worth more than the minimum wage) when people are barely surviving? In closing, I would like to challenge all the parliamentarians (especially the women) to raise their voices in one accord over this blood-sucking bill. I plan to keep a record of all that they say and do and see whether we have real people or ghosts representing us in parliament. Wintress White Red Thread

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Saturday March 01, 2014

Bill tabled to slash Ministerial powers over Broadcast Authority Amendments to reduce the overarching influence of the Minister responsible for broadcast in the appointment of the Guyana National Broadcast Authority, as well as to give effect to the report of the 2001 Hoyte/Jagdeo Committee on Broadcast and State Mediathe recommendations of which were ignored in the Act- have reached the House. The amendments were tabled in the National Assembly on Thursday last by A Partnership for national Unity’s (APNU) Joseph Harmon, and immediately attracted the furor of the Government which signaled its intention to object to the removal of the powers of the Executive. Harmon in tabling the Bill, told Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Basil Williams, who officiated the proceedings for the first time on Thursday since his election, that the proposed amendments are informed by the provisions of the Constitution which guarantees freedom of expression and freedom to receive and disseminate information. Harmon, in presenting the Broadcasting (Amendment) Bill to the House for its first reading, reminded that in 2001 the Joint Committee was established to investigate, report and make recommendations on radio monopoly, non partisan boards and broadcast legislation. This Committee was cochaired by Government’s Chief Whip, Gail Teixeira and then Peoples National Congress (PNC), Central Executive Member, Deryck Bernard. According to Harmon, that Committee held a number

Deputy Speaker, Basil Williams, officiates his first session since being elected to the post

of consultations with a number of persons and entities such as Valmiki Singh, the head of the National Frequency Management Unit, Hugh Cholmondeley, Kit Nascimento and a host of television station owners among others. Those consultations, he said, led to a number of recommendations being made which informed the current broadcasting laws. Harmon charged however, that a number of key recommendations made by the Joint Committee, following the consultations were ignored and never made its way into law and as such, he was looking to rectify this dilemma. Key among the changes APNU is looking to effect is to seek to reduce the powers of the Minister over the Broadcast Authority and to transfer those powers -such as the appointment of its members- to the National

Assembly. The Broadcast Authority, according to Harmon, must be independent and answerable only to the House. Harmon argues too that the mode of the appointment of members of the Board must initiate from the National Assembly, as was recommended by the Committee but this was thrown out when the law was put in place. Teixeira however immediately rose and sought to castigate the move by Harmon. She told the House that while Harmon makes reference to the 2001 Joint Committee and its consultations and subsequent recommendations, another round of consultations was made subsequently. “There were follow up meetings to go through the draft Bill,” according to Teixeira. Teixeira, in lambasting APNU’s move to amend the Principal Act, told the House that the Bill now being presented to the House would remove some of the very recommendations that were included in the law.

“Some of the most powerful things that were included are being knocked out, the sections to do with the behaviour of the media and to have transparency in all media,” Teixeira lamented. The Government Chief Whip, said that the Bill contains amendments that she cannot comprehend and added that Government will have tremendous problems supporting the removal of the

APNU’s Joseph Harmon

Govt. Chief Whip, Gail Teixeira

role of the Executive and replacing it with Parliament. She argued that Government is made up of three branches, and what APNU is preparing to do is remove powers from the Executive to place in the hands of the Legislature. Teixeira reasoned that the Broadcast Authority is not a constitutional body, but rather, a statutory one which receives its funding from Government through the budgetary process. She said when the role of the Executive is removed there will be no one to appear before the Public Accounts Committee should there be queries on expenditure. The Chief Whip offered Harmon to sit with him and go through the amendments where she would point out the several clauses that Government would be opposed to and can possibly

be reworked. Harmon accepted the proposal . He called it “unusual graciousness” and said that he would meet with the Government’s Chief Whip to go over the amendments. Nonetheless the Bill as presented by Harmon was presented to the House as is, and was read for a first time. Parliament is scheduled to meet again on March, 24, where there can be a possible debate and vote on the matter. The Guyana National Broadcast Authority is currently chaired by a Peoples Progressive Party Civic, Member of Parliament, Bibi Shadick. That body is currently embroiled in litigation brought against it by several media proprietors over recent actions, including the arbitrary increase of the licence fees to ‘exorbitant’ levels.

Top Cop to retire at month end Government is set to effect changes at the top of the police force from the end of March with current Commissioner Leroy Brumell being asked for additional service after retirement. This came after Head of State Donald Ramotar via telephone contacted Opposition Leader Brig. David Granger yesterday. Granger made it known he had no objection to the move. President Donald Ramotar consulted with the Opposition Leader, telling him that Cabinet has decided that Brumell should be allowed to

retire as scheduled from this month end. The two sides agreed that Brumell could be allowed to serve an additional month in office. It is unclear who will succeed Brumell but head of Criminal Investigations, Deputy Commissioner Seelall Persaud is the most senior officer after Brumell and could likely act until a formal appointment is made. Brumell acted as Police Commissioner following the heat that came the way of now deceased Police Commissioner Henry Greene when he got entangled in an alleged rape of an East Coast Demerara woman. Brumell acted in the senior capacity for a little over a year before he was officially confirmed at the helm of the Police Force; a

Leroy Brumell confirmation ceremony that moved him to tears when he related his desire and determination to attain the commanding heights of the Guyana Police Force.

Saturday March 01, 2014

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Letters... Where your views make the news

A tribute to Laurence Clarke DEAR EDITOR, Having read the article by Mr Eric Phillips of the African Cultural and Development Association in the 28th February 2014 edition of your newspaper, I can only support his fine tribute to one of Plaisance’s finest sons that was Laurence Clarke. Every native of that hallowed soil on the East Coast of Demerara has to be very proud of their fellow villager ’s long list of achievements. I would like to add to Mr Phillips’ list of Laurence’s achievements, his long and successful years as a senior employee for the World Bank in his motherland of Africa. The last time I spoke to Laurence was at one of the Plaisance Village Reunion

dances in Brooklyn, New York about three years ago. The brother was ‘decked’ out in his dashiki and looked every inch a true son of Africa, i.e. not a ‘hyphenated’African. At the aforementioned event, he was in the company of Mrs Beryl Adams-Haynes, the author of ‘Plaisance: From Emancipation to Independence and Beyond’. Incidentally, Laurence was the editor of the book, which includes an excellent article on his numerous achievements in Guyana and abroad. He would have been a Minister of Finance par excellence. Although he had achieved so much in a life that was cut short in its prime, Laurence was the humblest of men. He had accomplished so much to be boastful and

arrogant about, but he was always respectful to everyone. I recall vividly an enlightening article/letter he authored on his schoolmate and the then beleaguered Commissioner of Police Henry Greene, where he sought to explain the former top cop’s behaviour that eventually led to his resignation from the Guyana Police Force. The article also partially explained the unruly etc…behaviour of many top officials in Guyana. I think it was published in this newspaper. At one time during the earlier part of my life, I lived next door to him in the Sparendaam area and we were pupils together at St Paul’s Anglican School. Unfortunately, I was taken away to foreign lands by my

parents, but we got reacquainted on my many sojourns to Guyana to participate in sport activities. He would engage me in deep discussions on the finer points of the noble game of cricket which we had played together as boys on many of the open spaces in Sparendaam. We affectionately called it ‘bat and ball’. On numerous occasions when passing through the city where I reside, en route to some African country, he would contact me via the telephone to ‘ole talk’. I am so sorry Laurence has left us physically, but his spirit will always remain in Plaisance, especially among his contemporaries. May he rest in peace and rise in glory. Lonsdale Skinner

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Saturday March 01, 2014

Saturday March 01, 2014

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ONLY A STRUGGLE! Guyanese overseas are catching their tail. Things are tough. The bed of roses has become a bed of thorns. The financial crisis and the ability (or rather the lack of ability) to become successful by First World standards is ever constant reminder of the word failure. They had left one struggle only to enter another. The discovery is belatedly made that while fairness was wanting back home the lack of fairness seems to be the norm in their adopted homeland. Life is a struggle. Not holding down a job, can determine whether there is a roof over your head or food on the table. Back home that was never a consideration. There was always a roof to look up to. Job or no job, back home, food could always be had somewhere. Things are rough. Life away from the sunshine of Guyana has been reduced to paying bills and living to pay bills. The weather is also unforgiving. Dealing with the cold and particularly the snow leaves many like summer leaves, blooming brightly but anticipating the impending withering that will emerge with the change in winds. The winds of hope have turned into the winds of despair. Things are tough. It is time for a break from this miserable existence. This is not living. This is a struggle,

a damn hard one at that. When they come back home to visit it is as if they had just returned from heavy shelling on a military mission. They expect to see destitution and want. They expect to be mobbed by beggars. Instead they see people have a good time. They see people happy with the little that they have. The pace is slower and people are happy. But how can this be? They are shell-shocked. Where are people finding all this money from? Surely everybody cannot be into something illegal. Things have improved, enough for them to question why they were left out of the progress. They find it hard to think that this is the same country they left eons ago. Many who still leave and experience the harshness, the discrimination and tiredness of living in another man’s country, wonder why they left, what dreams they were really chasing. They tell everyone they meet how good they have it here. Not so where they have just come from. Money does not fall from trees. You have to work hard. Perhaps it is time for them to strike out and return home. There is enough encouragement to do so. Some do; most don’t. There are strong pull factors. But there are uncertainties. Politics is ugly business here. There is uncertainty about the political fortunes of their

Dem boys seh...

Three-quarter of Guyana is criminal Ash Knee and Rob de Earth at war and all this because Donald seem to be favouring Ash Knee in front of Rob de Earth. Jagdeo did favour Rob de Earth but he in Donald bad books. Donald like Ash Knee and Ah Kneel suh Rob de Earth vex. What get he more vex is when Ash Knee move de GGMC bank account from one private bank to Bank of Guyana. He move all de money. When dem boys ask Ash Knee why he do that he seh Rob de Earth hand get more nervous since Jagdeo gone. Since Ash Knee open he mouth Rob de Earth decide to use he INews wid de fancy tick up fatty heditah fuh dig a lash in he. Dem boys seh that Rob de Earth don’t like when he colleagues jump too high. He will do everything in he power to cut. Dem boys want remind him that whenever you live in glasshouse don’t pelt brick. Donald planning fuh he and he ain’t plan fuh pelt brick. Dem boys seh that he got plans fuh put Rob de Earth behind bars and not dem gold bars that he seeing everyday— steel bars. Dem got nuff others who gun join he. Nuff of dem does thief Chronicle money—from de heditah to de General Manager. Imagine dem got de never fuh claim how de Waterfalls paper does employ criminal. Sometimes people can’t help, is Guyana we live and Jagdeo mek three-quarter of de country tun criminals. All of dem at de Chronicle is criminals—even de pressman who thief from de Waterfalls paper and get knock off dem hire he de next day. Talk half and don’t pelt brick when you live in glasshouse.

homeland. They see an opposition bent of settling scores and hiding the shameful narratives of the past. These narratives speak to failure; failure to do anything right. There are other reasons to discourage remigration. Concerns about crime; life seems cheap here. Concerns about health; you can literally age while waiting for treatment at some hospitals; concerns about mosquitoes; those nasty biting insects, concerns about the driving; it is like going on a roller coaster ride. Good enough

reasons to stay and fight it out wherever they are. Some do take the plunge and return. They often come with an attitude though. This makes one question why they ever did return in the first place. When they return it does not take long for the negative vibes to roll off their tongues and pens. Everything is seen as dysfunctional. Nothing works. The country is teeming with persons looking to swindle them of their millions. They claim to have developed eyes behind their heads. Everyone is out to make a

hustle. No one is to be trusted, not the least the government which is viewed with more scorn than suspicion. The government is never up to scratch. Why is this not fixed? Why is that not working? Why are wages so low? They seem to have all the answers. These are the classic symptoms of a condition known as foreignmindedness- the idea that everything in the western world is superior. Nothing here is ever good. They accept that Guyana is a third world country. Yet they want

first world service? Makes you wonder if they have all their marbles in the right place. Why if everything is so bad, did they decide to come back to live? Why stay? Why not return back overseas? Perhaps there is no life to return to? Only a struggle!

Restoration of Georgetown…

APNU chides govt. for damaging M&CC - Multiple crises have been engineered by the central government- Ronald Bulkan Leader of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), Brig. David Granger is adamant that the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) needs to desist from damaging the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) and support the rehabilitation of the capital city. This declaration was made during a press conference yesterday at the party’s Hadfield Street Office. Granger, in the company of Shadow Minister of Local Government, Ronald Bulkan said that the current crisis in Georgetown is as a result of several other issues. In the political sense, Granger referred to the Government’s hostile attitude towards the M&CC which he believes is due to the misconception that it is solely controlled by APNU supporters. With every catastropheGovernment, Granger noteduses the opportunity as one for confrontation, rather than municipal improvement. And the impositions of an “unpopular Town Clerk” have only served to aggravate the already deteriorating level of communication. Speaking to the financial issue of the Council, the Opposition leader opined that the revenue base is inadequate to sustain the management of the city. He said that the owners of some of the main properties in the city is the central government but it has been among the most delinquent in its payment of rates and taxes, leaving the M&CC with no other choice but to take legal action, “but the wheels of justice turn very slowly in present day Georgetown.” Commenting on the solid waste management crisis and the well known issue of flooding in Georgetown, Granger expressed that while

Shadow Minister of Local Government, Ronald Bulkan

Brig. David Granger, Leader of APNU

the M&CC may have plans to improve the city, it is hindered by the serious lack of equipment, materials and other resources to maintain the city for which it has responsibility. These points were supported by Bulkan who went on to state that he is of the firm opinion that the “Multiple crises have been engineered by the central government.” He added, “Another major impediment is the question of rating and the need for revaluation of properties so that the City Council can be able to garner more financial resources and this is a function that is currently under the review of the Ministry of Finance. Despite the honest appeals by the

City Council over the longest while, the central government has refused to engage in a revaluation exercise and may I point out as well; that many of the high rise buildings that have recently gone up, the rates paid to the city are miniscule and it is a contributing factor to the lack of financial resources of the Council which affects its ability to efficiently discharge its responsibilities.” In light of the criticisms, APNU is in the process of drafting their own solutions to the issues at hand. Granger said that he would propose bringing the central government, stakeholders and civil society into the drafting of the solutions as it would take more than one agency to

adequately deal with the individual problems. Meanwhile Bulkan added that he would believe that part of the solution would include the enactment of the reform legislation which was identified as being necessary following the 1997 elections. However, while the coalition explained its reasons for stating why the Government is responsible for the state of Georgetown, the panel was asked by the media whether they believe that the M&CC is in any way responsible for the current state of affairs. Bulkan said that when all is taken into consideration; the lack of resources in terms of equipment and funding and the impositions of an “unpopular Town Clerk,” the evidence points directly to the central government proving that more needs to be done to help the M&CC carry out its functions. Bulkan further commented on the fact that nothing has been done to date with regard to the motion presented by APNU Member of Parliament, Volda Lawrence in the National Assembly on the rehabilitation of Georgetown.

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Saturday March 01, 2014

Former Special Constable APNU determined to still awaiting benefits sanction Finance Minister …was acquitted of stealing service weapon An ex Special Constable who was charged with allegedly stealing a .38 revolver and six matching rounds and who later had her matter dismissed by the courts, is being given the “royal runaround” to receive her benefits. The weapon that she was accused of stealing was found in the very guard hut at the location she worked, some two months after she had been accused of the theft. The woman 62-year-old June Clement of 72 Prince William St. Plaisance, voiced her frustration over her inability to receive her benefits. She was promised her benefits by the Guyana Police Force (GPF), an institution she served for 11 years. The woman, recalling the events that led to her having to leave the force, said that in 2010 she was a security officer at the Finance

June Clement Minister’s residence. On the day the revolver was discovered missing she said that she used the washroom which the driver and other employees shared. She said that she placed her weapon without holster on the sink and forgot to retrieve it. When she

remembered about it some two hours later and checked the washroom, the weapon had disappeared. Clement said that with the help of the gardener she searched the premises but could not find the weapon. She then opted to call her superiors who she said descended on the scene and launched an investigation. She was subsequently charged and placed before the Court for allegedly stealing the revolver and its matching rounds, all property of the GPF. She lost her job. She was however informed some two months later that the revolver was found buried in the Finance Minister’s yard. The result was that the case was dismissed. According to Clement when she went to the Police Complaints Authority (PCA) she was advised by the Chairman Justice Cecil Kennard that she was entitled to her benefits. However when she went to the Finance Ministry she was told that there was no record of her documents. She went back to the GPF and was told that a police report had to go the Finance Ministry from the Ministry of Home Affairs. Clement said she spoke to the Permanent Secretary of the Home Affairs Ministry who informed her that the report did not reach her and once it does she would look at it. “I am just tired of it because it’s three years I’m running up and down. All they telling me is that I entitled to my benefits but they only got me running from here to there; every time they tell me come back for the police report,” the woman related. The woman said she is fed up of the “royal runaround” and would like to receive her benefits after all these years.

Based on the ruling of the Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman, Minister of Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh will appear before the Committee of Privileges to face one of two complaints raised by A Partnership for National Unity’s (APNU) Shadow Minister of Finance, Carl Greenidge, on Thursday. But the Leader of the APNU, Brig. David Granger proclaimed at a recent press conference that APNU is not satisfied with that decision. It is hoping to retable the second matter. The two complaints were based on the Minister of Finance failing to comply with a Parliamentary Order which asked that he lay before the National Assembly, the reports of the Government agencies such as the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission. The second part of that complaint also spoke to the fact that Singh failed to transfer the millions of dollars from several Government agencies into the Consolidated Funds. The second complaint which spoke to the fact that the Minister of Finance released over $217M to two state owned media fraternities, did not hold much ground due to the “ambiguous nature of the complaint.” Trotman said that no clear case was made out to say why Dr. Singh should be made to answer for an unauthorized release of approximately $217M to the National Communications Network (NCN) and Government Information Agency (GINA) in 2012. The Opposition had cut the budget for those very companies leaving only $1 for each media house. When the Appropriation Act was passed on April 24, 2013 and assented to by President Donald Ramotar on

Carl Greenidge, APNU’s Shadow Minister of Finance

Raphael Trotman, Speaker of the National Assembly

May 2, 2013, Greenidge expressed that the two companies had to do “certain things” before the monies were reinstated. But the Speaker in his ruling, said that Greenidge’s motion did not specify the “certain things” to which he referred. Failure to adequately explain this area of vagueness and lack of adequate information to prove that the National Assembly gave an official directive on the monies released to NCN and GINA led to the Minister not having to face this complaint before the Committee of Privileges. Trotman had said, “…and most importantly that the instruction or command was disobeyed. Before there can be a prima facie case for contempt, there has to be evidence of an instruction or command.” “Had the National Assembly passed a resolution directing Minister Singh to act in a specific way, the position of the Speaker would have been different.” Greenidge in an invited comment said, “I am unaware of any vagueness in the wording of the complaint concerning the failure of the Minister of Finance to carry

out the decision of the House. The sentence to which the Speaker’s letter refers relates neither to the Minister’s actions nor to the decision of the House.” “APNU sent a complaint to the Speaker as is required by the rules regarding motions pertaining to privilege. The Speaker ’s analysis is quite acceptable to me.” The Financial Spokesman for APNU said that the Speaker ruled by splitting the complaint into two. As regards the second category of complaints which are very important and which he believes to be “quite unambiguous,” Greenidge is “a little bewildered.” He stressed that the matter is simple. “The complaint says that the Minister authorized that the money be spent notwithstanding the fact that no money had been approved. “The analysis of the English is not an issue. I have consulted with our lawyers and we feel sure that it is a misunderstanding of the complaint which could be clarified. I have this evening (yesterday) drawn this matter to the attention of the Speaker.

Saturday March 01, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Woman says hospital failed to tell her about bullet in son’s body - pleads for medical report to take him overseas Failure to receive crucial information about her injured son has left Joy Lamaison questioning the motive of officials at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). The woman, who resides in the United States of America, was forced to return to Guyana recently to care for her son, 28-year-old Jason Fraser, who suffered a gunshot injury to his abdomen during a failed robbery at the Shakers Mexican Grill and Bar at Water Street, Georgetown. Fraser, this publication understands, was the Supervisor at the business entity up until the incident on January 26, last. Reports are that the young man was shot as he attempted to physically ward-off an armed intruder. According to Lamaison, the bullet that struck her son severely damaged his intestines. Lamaison said that doctors at the public hospital were able to surgically repair her son’s injury. They drained his bowels with the use of colostomy bags. Fraser remained hospitalised for five days at the institution after which he was discharged. “I was so worried about him...I couldn’t even sleep at nights and so since the incident I was trying to talk with the (attending) doctor as often as possible to make certain that everything is okay with him,” recounted Lamaison. She even recalled being reassured by the doctor that there was nothing to worry about since her son was going to be fine. “He kept asking me ‘why I was worrying’...and was encouraging me not to stress myself out because Jason was going to be okay,” disclosed Lamaison. Satisfied that her son was recuperating well, the woman said that she decided to enquire at the Brickdam Police Station about the status of the investigation into the shooting. There she learnt that not only was the investigation on hold since no spent shell was found at the scene of the crime but the bullet that caused her son’s injury was still lodged somewhere in his abdomen. The information furnished by the police officer came as a total surprise to Lamaison since according to her “I didn’t know the bullet was in my son all this time.” She was able to confirm the presence of the bullet after her son underwent

an x-ray at the privately operated Balwant Singh Hospital. According to the woman, the police, with whom she spoke, advised her to return to the hospital theatre to find out why the bullet wasn’t removed. And it was while on her way to the theatre, Lamaison said, that she saw the very doctor who had attended to her son. “I asked him why he hadn’t told me that the bullet was not removed and his words to me were, how you know?” “I said because I am now coming from the police station and a police told me and asked me to come and speak to somebody here. “I kept asking him why he didn’t tell me and he simply said ‘You didn’t ask me’.” “He is a doctor; he is supposed to tell me this; he was the one who did the procedure on my son,” ranted the woman. The doctor, according to her, eventually informed her that the bullet was positioned in “some layer” and went on to tell her, “The Georgetown Hospital don’t trace bullets’. Lamaison is convinced that it was a deliberate move by the doctor to not inform

her of the bullet since even the medical report he prepared did not allude in any way to the bullet still being present in her son’s body. “How is it that he could’ve discharged this boy and tell me nothing about that? I even took him back to clinic to see the same doctor and nothing was said of this bullet. They withheld information from me and that is very important information,” lamented the woman. The recent revelation has since led Lamaison to seek help from the US Embassy to take her son overseas to have the bullet removed. However, the Embassy, according to the woman, requires a medical report from the hospital stating that the bullet is still lodged in her son’s abdomen. But according to the woman “They giving me a runaround to get this report; these people have me up and down...the least they could do is give me what is required to take my son somewhere to get that bullet removed. “If they could’ve taken the bullet out, why didn’t they? And since they didn’t, why didn’t they tell me?” questioned the confused mother who believes she is being discriminated against.

Ms. Joy Lamaison, with her injured son, Jason Fraser, displays an x-ray which shows the bullet lodged in his body. She said that she had even taken her concerns to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health who had asked the Chief Executive Officer of the Hospital to furnish the needed document. The woman, this publication was told, returned to the hospital yesterday and was again told she needed to come back, a response which

“broke the camel’s back.” “All they telling me is that people does live with bullet...That is those people but allow me to take my son to get other medical attention to satisfy my mind. This thing is worrying me because I keep thinking what this bullet could do, whether it could travel and cause him harm...” Further, the woman said that she had cause to go to

the Ministry of Labour since her son’s employers, from all indication, have reneged on a promise to compensate him until he was able to return to work. “Since they said that, they have done nothing for this boy,” disclosed Lamaison who related that her son is currently incapable of caring for himself and two children of his own.

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Saturday March 01, 2014

Restoration of CLC subvention - GTUC rejects offer, snubs inclusion of FITUG rep on College board The decision by the National Assembly to approve the restoration of the government of Guyana subvention to the Critchlow Labour College (CLC) is “nothing more than a PPP [Peoples Progressive Party] orchestrated public relations stunt, bringing shame and disrepute to the National Assembly.” This is the contention of the Guyana Trade Union Congress (GTUC) which, through its General Secretary Lincoln Lewis said that the vote taken by the National Assembly “brings to bear the level of lawlessness that our country have sunk to when the highest decision making forum of the land where laws are made and respected can be used to encourage violations of the Constitution and by-laws of the CLC and disregard for the right to freedom of association enshrined in the Constitution.” According to Lewis, while GTUC appreciates the motion presented by the Alliance For Change (AFC) Member of Parliament (MP) Trevor William to have the subvention restored, the

Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Guyana (FITUG) representative on the College’s board would be to compromise and transgress their rights and the Rule of Law in their organization. Lewis explained that representatives from A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) met with the GTUC and put forward the same position taken by AFC and “it was made crystal clear the GTUC would not be advancing rights and the Rule of Law at the national level and at the same time compromise these universal principles in our organisation. It is clear that some decisions in the House are being made absent of an understanding of the issues, role and responsibilities of the MPs and the laws that should be guiding their actions” Lewis outlined. According to Lewis, the CLC is a private institution that has its own laws, is guided by national laws and is owned by the GTUC, “so for the National Assembly to arbitrarily take a decision to impose a new management structure on the college is a

usurpation of the by-laws of these institutions and a matter no law-abiding citizen should countenance, much less be voted on in the national assembly.” Lewis stressed that when it comes to the determination of the composition of boards, the National Assembly should address this on state boards such as NICIL (National Industrial & Commercial Investments Ltd) and NCN (National Communications Network) not the GTUC. He said that CLC has two representatives on its board, one from the Ministry of Education and one from the Ministry of Labour and the amendment passed in the National Assembly now “adds four government controlled FITUG members, making government’s influence six against the GTUC’s four, on a college owned by the GTUC. The GTUC is not prepared to sell its rights to the government or to any other” said Lewis. The General Secretary outlined that the Union historically has always been independent regardless of the

political support of its leadership “and this goes back to the days of Joseph Pollydore, who, though a friend of Forbes Burnham was not afraid to challenge and or provide GTUC’s support for industrial actions against successive People’s National Congress (PNC) administrations.” He said that the GTUC guards ardently the right to self-determination and independence and will not compromise it to enjoy any other right. According to Lewis, those in the National Assembly who premise the granting of government subvention on unity should look within themselves. “The PNC was birthed out of the PPP. The AFC was birthed out of the (Workings People Alliance) WPA, PNC and PPP. Perhaps this august body should go back to the PPP from whence they originated. Those who call for unity within the trade union movement have themselves come from fractured bodies but now zealously guard their right to independent existence and selfdetermination. They must respect FITUG’s right to

pursue its own pathway. They must understand that the GTUC bears no ill will or malice to FITUG and will unite with any labour organisation or body sharing common interest based on universal laws, conventions, charters and declarations.” FINANCIAL IMPROPRIETY Speaking on the assertions made that the subvention for the College was stopped because of financial impropriety in the use of state funds, Lewis said that information to the contrary can be verified from the Auditor General’s Reports and should have been sought or provided in the National Assembly to aid in its decision making. Lewis outlined that the GTUC and its attendant arms had two sources of revenue intakes, state and non-state; both being managed in separate accounts. He explained that the Auditor General’s office audited the state’s revenue, whereas the non-state funding account is audited by a private firm consistent with the national law of a private institution and the records to the relevant government

General Secretary of the GTUC Lincoln Lewis agency. He further established that these documents are all accessible to Government and the public and stressed that the Auditor General’s audits of state funds showed that no evidence of financial impropriety was ever unearthed. Speaking about the allegations made in the National Assembly by Minister Nanda Gopaul that no GAWU (Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union) member ever served as president despite having the largest block of delegation, Lewis said that remark made by Gopaul is unfortunate since he was elected Treasurer of the GTUC by popular support and knows the rules governing the GTUC.

Fifteen graduate from Operating Room Technician Programme Some of the participants yesterday

The Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation yesterday held a graduation ceremony for 15 health workers who successfully completed the Operating Room Technician Programme. The course which concluded after nine months of rigorous training started on February 11, 2013 and included three months preceptor-ship. The group comprised two registered nurses, four nursing assistants and nine patient care assistants. One registered nurse and five patient care assistants were from the GPHC while the others were selected from Regions One, Three, Seven and Nine. Among those who successfully completed the programme are Yonette Major, Marshall Atwell, Aniola Hyman, Latoya Bess, Afi Hickson, Isara Adams, Jennifer Griffith, Harrinarine Persaud, Subda Ramsey, Kateri James, Rehaema Rahaman, Nazeela Jowaheer,

Alicia Clarke and Avril Jones. Kaieteur News was told that yesterday’s batch of participants was the fourth since the programme started two years ago. Gail Gill, Theatre Supervisor said that the course covered areas such as Code of Conduct in the Operating Room, Infection Control, Care and Knowledge of the Operating Room Equipment and Instruments and Confidentiality of Patient Information. The programme was facilitated by GPHC’s medical and nursing staff whose mandate was to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to provide competent pre and post operative care and support to patients, assist the surgeon intra-operatively and to maintain the efficient functioning of the operating room. Chief Executive Officer, Michael Khan congratulated the participants and advised them to do their best when they return to their respective Regions.

Saturday March 01, 2014

Kaieteur News

Rice farmers alarmed by reduced rice prices Local rice farmers believe that the unrest in neighbouring Venezuela is the reason for millers dropping the price for paddy and refusing to stand the transportation cost. They are hoping that the authorities would step in to ensure fair treatment. Venezuela happens to be Guyana’s most lucrative rice market, which has allowed farmers to enjoy high prices for their produce within recent years. Though harvesting began this week, several rice millers have not yet set their prices for paddy while others have reduced their prices to the disadvantage of farmers. In fact, over 220,000 acres of land were cultivated this year and the industry is expecting over 260,000 tons of rice. When Kaieteur News contacted Fairfield Mills in Mahaicony, yesterday, a representative said that the company is currently paying $3,000 per bag of paddy until the Venezuela/ Guyana rice agreement is concluded. However, the sum being offered is not final and the difference will be paid to farmers at a later date when the agreement has been concluded. The farmers have to pay the trucks to transport their paddy. Meanwhile, a representative of Abdool Hakh & Sons Milling Company of West Coast Demerara said that it has not set a price for a bag of paddy because famers have not begun harvesting in their district, However, the Ministry of Agriculture in a press statement said Guyana’s rice export to Venezuela is expected to resume once all the logistics has been completed between the two

- Believe rice millers using Venezuela unrest to fleece them Governments. Agriculture Minister Dr. Leslie Ramsammy stated that the agreement which is presently in its final stage remains a significant one to Guyana. Last week, a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), was inked between La Casa (on behalf of the Venezuelan Government) and Guyana’s Ambassador to Venezuela, Mr. Geoff Da Silva. The agreement is near completion and includes the purchasing order and shipment schedule. With the 2014 rice harvesting already commencing, shipment of rice is a critical part of the industry. Already shipment is ongoing to Europe, the Caribbean and to new destinations, the statement said. Farmers who were disheartened by the millers’ behaviour have found comfort in the Ministry’s release but are worried that the reduced cost for paddy would remain, since millers are the ones who set the price and conditions. Millers in Berbice have dropped their prices, forcing farmers to sell for the lower prices because of limited storage capacity. Nand Persaud and Co.

Ltd, one of the largest rice millers in Guyana, dropped its price from around $60,000 per ton of extra ‘A’ grade paddy last year to $55,000 per ton of extra ‘A’ grade paddy this year. The company is also offering $54,300 per ton of ‘A’ grade paddy and $53,500 per ton of ‘B’ grade paddy. In addition, the company is no longer absorbing the transportation cost .A representative of the company could not say why the company reduced its price or why it is no longer taking on the transportation costs. “It is highly unlikely that any farmer would receive an extra ‘A’ grade for his paddy and with us now taking on the transportation cost the farmer could essentially get $3,000 per bag of paddy. This is exactly what farmers do not want,” a farmer said. Yesterday, Kaieteur News was unable to obtain comments on this issue from the Minister of Agriculture, Director of Guyana Development Board Jagnarine Singh or the General Secretary of the Guyana Rice Producers’ Association, Dharamkumar Seeraj.

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IMMIGRATION INFO: Immigration News For Our Community Attorney Gail S. Seeram, Through this “Question & Answer” column, our goal is to answer your immigration questions. We appreciate your comments and questions. If you have a question that you would like answered in this column, please email: Question #1: I went in to the American Embassy twice for a Visitor ’s visa and because I don’t have kids they did not issue me a visa. But you see my problem is that I have a fertility problem and I can’t have kids. Does this mean that I can never get a visa because I can’t have kids? Answer #1: Besides strong family ties (such as a spouse and children), the Embassy also looks for strong financial, property, and employment ties to Guyana before issuing a Visitor‘s visa. Family ties are not the only factor considered. Question #2: My grandfather is a U.S citizen. However my mom has no proof of this except his name

is on her birth certificate. She knows nothing about him, but my grandmother told her when she was born her father took her to the U.S. Embassy and registered her birth. He told my grandmother to take her back to the U.S Embassy when she was 18 years old. My grandmother never did and my mom is 36 years old now. The question is; if he did register her what can she do? Answer #2: Your mother can inquire at the U.S. Embassy if her U.S. citizen father registered her birth as a child born abroad to a U.S. citizen. If not, then she is not a U.S. citizen. If she was registered, then the U.S. Embassy will advise her of the proper paperwork to complete. Question #3: M y question to you is that I am a green card holder and wish to spend most of my time in Guyana. What are the immigration issues surrounding this decision. Secondly, can I stay out of the USA and still be eligible for citizenship and, if so, how long can this be? Answer #3: Remaining out of the U.S. for extended periods of time can result in

Gail S. Seeram you losing your green card. You must spend 1825 days continuously in the U.S. (among other requirements) to qualify for U.S. citizenship. Continuously means no one trip for more than 6 months outside the U.S. – which will break continuity of your residency for citizenship purposes. Question #4: My mother is a US citizen and she filed for two children and me under 21 years of age. The date of the interview is very soon; I would like to know what I have to take with me to the Embassy. Answer #4: T h e Embassy will send you an appointment letter but you will take your medical exam. The other documents should have been submitted already to the visa center (such as police clearance, copy of passport, certified birth certificates, certified marriage certificate, affidavit of support, etc.).

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Saturday March 01, 2014

Kaieteur News

Cops hunt two former employees of murdered shopkeeper Sheniza Khan Bhola, who was found murdered in her shop at Rock Creek Backdam, Cuyuni/ Mazaruni last Thursday, is believed to have been slain by two former employees who have since gone into hiding. Police believe that the men carted off a substantial amount of cash, jewelry and other valuables after killing their 34-year-old employee. Crime Chief Seelall Persaud told reporters yesterday that Bhola, who is from Parfait Harmonie, West Bank Demerara, was found dead in her shop, which was locked from the outside. Relatives told Kaieteur News that the victim appeared to have been stabbed three times to the stomach with an ice-pick. She also had a gaping wound to the right side, as well as head injuries. Bhola, who has two children, aged 14 and 13, had operated her shop for about four years. The gruesome discovery was made at around 10:00 hrs on Thursday after a young man visited the shop and found it locked. He then informed an older sister of Bhola’s that Sheniza “gone out without telling anybody.” The sister immediately became concerned, since she knew that Bhola would not leave her shop without informing anyone. The sister became further concerned when she observed a slipper belonging to Bhola outside the shop. Believing that her younger sister had fallen ill, the woman peered through a window and saw Bhola lying motionless on her bedroom floor. Persons assisted the sister in breaking open the front of the shop and their worst fears were confirmed when they entered Bhola’s bedroom. The whereabouts of Bhola’s workers are unknown, although there are reports that the men were seen boarding a truck that was heading to Iteballi, and may

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Sheniza Khan Bhola FOR RENT PLANNING AN EVENT? BIRTHDAY PARTY, GRADUATION,WEDDINGS, ANNIVERSARY, ETC. – CALL DIAMOND TENTS: 216-1043; 677-6620 Business Space - Tel: 6490956 GT TOOLS RENTAL: TEL: 675-0767; 627-5098 Business place located @ Ruimveldt Public Road EBD Highway, 2 minutes away from Town, Restaurant/Bar & Night Club – Tel:660-5309

have later sold Bhola’s jewelry in Bartica. One of the suspects, called ‘Nathan’, is said to be from the Corentyne, and a relative expressed concern that he may already have fled to neighbouring Suriname. The other man is known as ‘Kishan’ and is reportedly from Mahaica. An aunt, who lives in St. Maarten, described Bhola as a hard-working individual, who had provided the men with food and later found employment for them. According to reports, Bhola had even bought equipment for the men to assist them in prospecting. However, the men reportedly rewarded her kindness by refusing to give over any of their gold produce and also stole from her shop. The aunt yesterday pleaded with the Guyana Police Force to do their utmost to apprehend the suspects. “They know who the suspects are; they have enough information to track down these guys (but) the one from the Corentyne may already be in Suriname.” Namawattie Khan, the victim’s mother, said that she last saw her daughter alive in January. However, she had spoken to Bhola recently, and

was told that she was expected home yesterday. Bhola’s body is at the Bartica Hospital Mortuary.

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Kaieteur News

Saturday March 01, 2014

Justice Sukul’s Mechanisms being put in place to enforce AML Act disbarment suspended With Government having control over the non-legislative aspect of satisfying recommendations made by the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF), it has been putting measures in place to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism. This is according to Anil Nandlall, Attorney General during a presidential press conference at the Office of the President on Wednesday. Nandlall related that CFATF’s recommendations were given to Guyana in two components- legislative and nonlegislative. Guyana is in default of the legislative requirements since the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (Amendment) Bill was not passed for its November 2013 deadline. However, in terms of the non-legislative requirements, Guyana is moving swiftly ahead because it does not include input from Parliament. He said that Government has already established guidelines for the supervisory authorities. “So that there is a whole mechanism in place in the whole commercial architecture of the country that puts all the organizations that have to work in collaboration with each other in the infrastructure created by this Act,” Nandlall said. According to Nandlall, Government has connected them in working relationships with guidelines and certain regulations. In addition,

a National Task Force comprising several organizations including the Ministries of Legal Affairs, Home Affairs, and Finance the Guyana Revenue Authority and the Governor of the Central Bank, Commissioner of Insurance, and Commissioner of Police, have been established. He said that Government is also working on establishing an organized specialized crime unit (SUCO). It will be set up in the office of the Commissioner of Police and tasked with the investigations under the Act. “You would have seen in the newspaper that advertisements have been placed…and recruitment of staff to that unit has already commenced. So work has already begun to put all the recommendations in place,” he said. The Attorney General emphasized that the public statement issued by the CFATF in November 2013 indicated that Guyana has made progress; however, there are specific deficiencies still to be addressed. These largely lie in Guyana’s inability to pass the amendments to the AntiMoney Laundering Bill. “In a nutshell we have done everything we are required to do at this stage other than to pass the Bill. That I believe is a demonstration of the Government of Guyana, the Executive Arm of the State to move the process forward in terms of making our country to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism,” he said.

…pending appeal in the UK High Court The Bar Standards Board of England and Wales has formally suspended the disbarment it had imposed on former Court of Appeal Judge Rabi Sukul A copy of the letter sent to Justice Sukul noted that the judge has filed an appeal against his disbarment. The suspension would remain in force until the determination of the appeal. Justice Sukul returned to London earlier this month to consult with specialist lawyers and to file his appeal against the disbarment imposed upon him by the Disciplinary Tribunal in his absence. When Justice Sukul was asked about this new development he said that his lawyers learnt that a document dated January 6, 2012 that is central to the case was not disclosed to the Disciplinary Tribunal. The appeal against the disbarment was filed earlier this week in the High Court. If the appeal is allowed, the disbarment will be overturned. This newspaper has also been informed that certain irregularities that concern the procedure that the Bar Standards Board used to hold disciplinary proceedings against Justice

Sukul, have been identified. The judge, who until his forced retirement earlier this

month, was a judge in the Guyana Court of Appeal. He has not had a complaint of professional misconduct upheld against him for the 25 years he practiced law in the United Kingdom. The new developments, according to Justice Sukul’s lawyers, seem to be turning the tide in the former Judge’s favour since the news broke of his disbarment. Attached is the letter announcing the suspension of the disbarment.

Saturday March 01, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Armed men seize two airports in Ukraine’s Obama warns Russia against Crimea, Russia denies involvement intervention in Ukraine

SIMFEROPOL, Ukraine (Reuters) - Armed men took control of two airports in the Crimea region yesterday in what the new Ukrainian leadership described as an invasion by Moscow’s forces, and ousted President Viktor Yanukovich surfaced in Russia after a week on the run. Acting President Oleksander Turchinov accused Russia of open aggression and said Moscow was following a scenario simliar to the one before it went to war with fellow former Soviet republic Georgia in 2008. A day after gunmen seized the Ukrainian parliament and raised the Russian flag, a representative of Turchinov in Crimea said 13 Russian aircraft had landed on the Black Sea peninsula with 150 personnel on board each one.

More than 10 Russian military helicopters flew over Crimea and Russian servicemen blockaded a unit of the Ukrainian border guard in the port city of Sevastopol, the guard said. A serviceman at the scene confirmed to Reuters he was from Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, part of which is based in Sevastopol, and said they were there to stop the kind of protests that ousted Yanukovich in Kiev. Some witnesses also reported seeing Russian armored personnel carriers and at least one warship on patrol. The fleet denied its forces were involved in seizing the military airport near Sevastopol, where armed men later also occupied the runway, and a supporter described the armed group at

the civilian international airport in Simferopol as Crimean militiamen. U k r a i n e ’s c o m m e r c i a l airline said later that it had been refused entry into Crimean airspace. Moscow has promised to defend the interests of its citizens in Ukraine. It has said it will not intervene by force, but its rhetoric since the removal of Yanukovich a week ago has echoed the run-up to its invasion of Georgia. Any armed confrontation in Crimea would have major global repercussions, with Russia and the West already at odds over the change of power in Ukraine and supporting opposite sides in Syria’s civil war. They have, however, pledged to cooperate to prop up Ukraine’s faltering economy.

France striving to stop Central African Republic split, Hollande says

(Reuters) - French President Francois Hollande told the Central African Republic yesterday that his troops would work to stop the country splitting in two and endeavour to disarm rival fighters engaged in months of inter-religious killing. Arriving in the capital Bangui from Nigeria, where he attended unification celebrations, Hollande met the interim president, religious leaders and addressed French troops. “We need to stop scoresettling, establish the authority of government, allow it to engage in dialogue and avoid any temptation to partition the east of the Central African Republic,” Hollande told French soldiers in a helicopter hangar at the airport in Bangui. France sent

troops four months ago to the majority Christian country where predominantly Muslim Seleka rebels seized power last March and have since been pushed back by Christian “anti-balaka” “anti-machete” in the local Sango language - militia. Its force now numbers some 2,000 soldiers. France’s parliament voted on Tuesday to extend the mission, despite tepid support at home for a military operation in the former French colony where thousands of people have been killed and around a million forced from their homes. Thousands of Muslims have fled northeast from the capital towards the border with Chad, creating a de facto division of the country which the U.N. human rights chief has said

now faces “ethnic-religious cleansing”. In addition to French troops, 6,000 African Union peacekeepers (MISCA) are also deployed and up to 1,000 EU soldiers are still to arrive. However, speaking in Geneva after two months in charge of civilian protection for the United Nations in Bangui, Philippe Leclerc said there were still not enough troops on the ground and the lack of security was forcing the evacuation of civilians, contributing to the ethnic cleansing. “When the situation of the people who are escaping is so difficult, the U.N. has no other possibility than trying to evacuate them to safer places or ensure safe passage to places that they believe are safe,” Leclerc said.

(Reuters) - President Barack Obama warned Russia yesterday that any military intervention in Ukraine would lead to unspecified “costs,” and expressed deep concern about reports of Russian military movements inside Ukraine. Obama made a hastily arranged appearance in the White House briefing room to try to head off Russia after reports that armed men had taken over two airports in the Crimea region of southern Ukraine. “We are now deeply concerned by reports of military movements taken by the Russian Federation inside of Ukraine,” he told reporters. Obama said any violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity would be “deeply destabilizing.” “The United States will stand with the international community in affirming that there will be costs for any military intervention in Ukraine,” he said. It was unclear how

Barack Obama Washington might respond to rapidly changing events in Ukraine days after proWestern protesters prompted pro-Moscow President Viktor Yanukovic to flee to Russia. Armed men took control of two airports in the Crimea

region in what the new Ukrainian leadership described as an invasion by Moscow’s forces, and Yanukovich surfaced in Russia a week after he fled Kiev. Ukraine fell into political crisis last year when Yanukovich spurned a broad trade deal with the European Union and accepted a $15 billion Russian bailout that is now in question. The crisis has presented Obama with a difficult challenge. Obama supports the proWestern demonstrators who forced Yanukovich out of power, and his administration is working on an urgently needed aid package for Ukraine. He is also engaged in a veiled struggle for influence in Ukraine with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has wanted to keep Kiev in Moscow’s orbit and for whom the Russian naval base at Ukraine’s Black Sea port of Sevastopol is a vital asset.

Fugitive Yanukovich urges Russia’s Putin to take firm line over Ukraine R O S T O V- O N - D O N , Russia (Reuters) - Viktor Yanukovich urged Russian President Vladimir Putin to take a bolder line with Ukraine’s new rulers who had ousted him, telling him yesterday that Russia could not remain indifferent to what had happened in the former Soviet republic. Appearing in southern Russia where he has taken refuge since fleeing Ukraine on February 21, Yanukovich said: “I think that Russia should act and is obliged to act. “Knowing Vladimir Putin’s personality, I am surprised that he is still saying no t h i n g . R u s s i a cannot be indifferent, cannot be a bystander watching the fate of as close a partner as Ukraine,” the 63-year-old Yanukovich said. “Russia must use all means at its disposal to end the chaos and terror gripping Ukraine,” he said, clearly encouraging the Kremlin leader to take a firm tack with the new proEurope Ukrainian leadership. Yanukovich spoke in the southern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don, about 200 km (125 miles) from the Ukrainian border, as Ukraine’s new rulers grappled with the takeover by pro-Russia armed groups of airports and other strategic

Viktor Yanukovich and Vladimir Putin points on the Crimean peninsula. Yanukovich, who fell to a popular uprising against his rule after he pulled out of a trade deal with the European Union, said he would not give up the fight for the country’s future. At a news conference in Rostov, he railed against “nationalist, pro-fascist gangsters” who had forced him out of power and he blamed Western governments for “indulging” protesters seeking his overthrow. Yanukovich said lawlessness and chaos had followed an agreement he signed with his opponents last week Friday, which was brokered by the European Union and had been intended to end three months of crisis. The agreement would have allowed him to stay in power until early elections in

December. But protesters, angered by about 100 deaths in clashes with police, shouted down the agreement on Kiev’s Inde p e n d e n c e Square and he fled for his life. Yanukovich, dressed in a suit and tie, maintained he had been the victim of a coup and denied he had ordered police to shoot at protesters before he was forced out of power. He implied th a t responsibility for the bloodshed in Kiev lay with the demonstrators, praising the Berkut riot police despised in Kiev and since disbanded by Ukraine’s new rulers - for their “courage” in withstanding petrol bomb attacks by protesters. “I want to ask for forgiveness for all those who are suffering and all those who suffered ... if I was in Ukraine I would bow before everyone,” he said.

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Kaieteur News

Saturday March 01, 2014

T&T Govt. says purchase of Chinese vessel not a done deal Trinidad Express - Prime Minister Kamla PersadBissessar says the offer from the government of the People’s Republic of China of a long-range vessel (LRV) for the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard is not a done deal. Persad-Bissessar also said while her administration now wants two LRVs to protect the nation’s maritime borders, it might not be possible to acquire two anytime soon as she maintained her position that the People’s Partnership administration was right to cancel the contract for the three offshore patrol vessels (OPVs) pursued by the previous Patrick Manning administration with British ship-builder BAE. Persad-Bissessar spoke on the matter with members of the Trinidad and Tobago media Thursday after she toured the Children’ Hospital of Fudon University, in response to a question about a press release from her office on Wednesday which stated “she convinced Chinese Premier, Li Keqiang, that the T&T Coast Guard needed two vessels to lock down this country’s borders in light of the increase in arms

Kamla Persad-Bissessar and narco trafficking”. “There is not a commitment yet to purchase. There were discussions and an offer made that we could have this vessel, which is already completed. Two vessels? You’ll take another year, one more than a year to get another one, but this vessel is already completed for the Chinese navy,” Persad-Bissessar said of China’s offer of one LRV. She said the financing arrangements for the LRV “will now have to be worked out”.

“We will, of course, look for competitive advantage, we will not be seeking to buy a defective vessel. A technical team was already here. In fact, a technical team has visited several countries,” PersadBissessar said. She said the team visited Holland, South Korea, the People’s Republic of China and Colombia and will evaluate where the State “will get the best competitive advantage”, as she again defended the cancellation of the OPV contract, which the Opposition has cited as a reason for the high rate of homicides due to the illegal gun and narcotics trade in Trinidad and Tobago. “Why we cancelled the other OPVs? The other OPVs were cancelled because they were...they did not meet the specifications, you may recall. They were given time extensions upon extensions, they did not meet the specifications,” PersadBissessar said. She said the estimated cost of the LRV being offered by China is US$50 million (TT$305 million) and added that is one-third the price of one of the three British-built OPVs, now in use by Brazil’s,” he added.

Government unable to meet arrears owed to public servants ST. GEORGE’S, Grenada – CMC - The Grenada government says it will not be able to pay as schedule the EC$12 million (One EC dollar = US$0.37 cents) in retroactive payment to public servants. A government statement said that while the process of preparation for payment is almost completed, the Keith Mitchell administration “is mobilizing external funding which has not yet arrived”. The third installment of the retroactive payment to public officers, teachers, prison officers was due to be made yesterday and the statement said that all unions and welfare associations have been informed of the situation. “The total cost of this installment of retroactive payment is $12 million. This third installment will bring the total retroactive payment to $30 million with Government having paid $18 million in 2013,” the statement said, adding that an update will be made on March 17 as to when payment would be made.

“The Government of Grenada expresses its appreciation to the unions and their members for their cooperation and understanding on this matter,” the statement added. Earlier this month, the Grenada government said it was urging trade unions to accept a three-year wage freeze as it seeks to enter into an agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to deal with an ailing economy. The IMF had earlier said despite two consecutive financial arrangements with Grenada, totalling more than US$28 million, the island missed the key programme objectives of securing a sustainable fiscal position and a higher growth path. The IMF said that Grenada during the period 2006-11 had received US$15.2 million in assistance under its Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility (PRGF) arrangement and a successor US$13.3-million Extended Credit Facility (ECF)

arrangement that was approved in April 2010. Late last year, Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell told nationals that while the international community was willing to restructure the island’s debt, the country would have to make sacrifices. Mitchell, whose New National Party (NNP) came to office in February last year, said Grenada was unable to pay its creditors and was seeking the assistance of the international community to restructure its debt. Since then there have been several activities aimed at finding a s o l u t i o n t o restructuring the debt that is estimated at more than two billion EC dollars (One EC Dollar = US$0.37 cents) The government has appointed the Londonbased White Oak Advisory, which describes itself as an independent financial advisory firm providing specialist, high-level and impartial advice to governments and other clients on matters relating to sovereign finances and sovereign debt, to advise it.

Saturday March 01, 2014

Kaieteur News

New Era Mackeson/Cell Smart KO Futsal tournament

‘Clint’s Fashion in Style’ sponsors trophies; tournament launched Clint’s Fashion in Style, located in the Mackenzie Market in Linden, became the first business from the Mining Town to support this year’s New Era Entertainment Mackeson/Cell Smart Futsal Tournament, which starts on March 8 at the Mackenzie Sports Club Hard Court. Proprietor Clint Cornelius handed over the trophies for the second through fourth place finishers to Co-Director of New Era Entertainment, Aubrey Major Jr, at a simple

but yet significant presentation where he expressed his pleasure of being a part of the tournament. According to Cornelius, giving back to Linden is nothing new to him, but with regards to sports, this tournament will be the first time that he is sponsoring a major event. Major, in accepting the trophies, thanked Cornelius, stating that they are more than happy to have the fashion

boutique on board and they are looking forward to a long lasting partnership with the entity. The twelve – team tournament will be played on a knockout format and will fetch a first prize of $200,000, while second through fourth places are set to pocket $100,000, $75,000 and $25,000 respectively. Meanwhile, the tournament was officially launched yesterday at the Ansa McAl Beterverwagting Head Office.

Saturday March 01, 2014 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19) Think of yourself as a marathon runner. You have a very long distance to travel, but the sweetness is not just to be found in crossing the finish line, but rather in relishing all the sights along the way.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) Why does being patient have to take so long? quipped one frustrated soul. Could it have been you, Libra? Waiting has never been your strong suit, there's no question about it.

TAURUS (Apr. 20–May 20) It's time for you to tap in to that inner resource that you have always known existed. Your ability to heal is extraordinary, and there's no point in denying it any longer.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) We all know the adage, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." But you can't help feeling that you have tried and tried and tried to no avail. All that is about to change, Scorpio, as you begin to reap the fruits of your labors.

GEMINI (May 21–June 20) Don't take anything at face value today, Gemini, especially if it involves money. It's likely that a friend or colleague will approach you with a deal that is too good to pass up.

SAGIT (Nov. 22–Dec. 21) Whatever you want, Sagittarius, you need only ask for it and there is a good chance you will get it. And it's about time, too. It seems you have been working exceptionally hard lately.

CANCER (June 21–July 22) How annoying when work gets in the way of pleasure, but there are times when professional opportunities are simply too good to pass up.

CAPRI (Dec. 22–Jan. 19) It's time once and for all to tie up all those loose ends of projects left undone. Much as you may dread it, think of it this way, Capricorn: by completing these tasks you clear space for exciting new projects to come your way.

LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) One disadvantage of attics is that so much junk tends to get stored up there. Today is the day for you to clean house. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) It seems your ship is about to come in, Virgo. At least, the planets seem to think so. Your years of cultivating business relationships will pay off in the form of increased sales or new business opportunities. Congratulations!

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18) Junk mail and a few telephone solicitations would almost be a welcome relief from the intense communications you've been having with people lately. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20) It isn't nearly as bad as you think, Pisces. In fact, things are definitely looking up. Of course, you'll never know that if you refuse to drag yourself out of bed to see for yourself.

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Mangal goes for Two Stag Beer/EBFA Div. One League matches set for tomorrow hat-trick in ECI Golf Tourney When play in the Stag Beer sponsored East Bank Football Association (EBFA) division-one league continues tomorrow at the Grove Playfield, two matches will be contested. In the feature game, Kuru Kururu Warriors will be chasing their second win in as many matches when they come up against Mocha Champs, yet to get off the mark having lost their opening encounter. Warriors took care of Diamond FC by a 3-1 margin in their first game and will be seeking to notch up another three points. Mocha on the other hand will be looking to open their account but will start as the underdogs. The opening clash at 13:00hrs brings together Timehri Panthers and Diamond FC. Timehri, coming off a solid win over Mocha, will be harbouring thoughts of another win to consolidate their quest for the championship trophy and cash prize.

Mike Mangal will be aiming for three wins a row when he tees off in the ECI Engineering Services Golf Tournament tomorrow. Mangal took the DeCaires/Basil Sukhram Memorial and the Heineken Cup in the past two weeks and seems to be enjoying the hard conditions that often require his type of bump and run game to chip close to the pin positions. Other in-form players include George Bulkan, Shonel Webster and Andre Cummings. Tee off time is set for 12:00pm.

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Kaieteur News

Team Fullworks boast of dominating Dexterity Challenge Not wanting to be outdone, Team Fullworks which is being powered by Blue Spring Water and Fullworks Windows responded to the bragging of other teams when they too issued their boast of dominating today’s Guyana Motor Racing & Sports Club Race Challenge (Dexterity) Meet, at the National Park Tarmac. The team, which comprises brothers Roshan and Asad and sons Roshan Jnr and Nasad, will be looking to win the overall title and add another trophy to their burgeoning cabinet. Roshan, who is the team’s leader speaking with Kaieteur

Sport yesterday at their Hope, East Coast Demerara location, said that they are confident and ready to put on a show for the anticipated large influx of fans. The Dexterity challenge is geared to showcase the skill and adroitness of drivers along an obstacle laden Course with the driver to cover the track in the fastest time being declared the winner. Meanwhile, the Organisers are urging all competitors to observe that safety and the well being of everyone will be a priority and they are therefore advising all to walk with their helmets and

proper seat belts. Competitors are also being advised that an official Booth will be set up to register all those interested in competing and this could be done from 12:00 hrs, while a period for practice sessions will follow the registration process before the competition begins. JR Burgers and a full drinks bar will be there for patrons as well. Action time is 16:00 hrs and Rent-a-Tent floodlights will be available along with parking and security detail from the Guyana Police Force. Admission is $1000 for adults and $500 for children.

Flying Ace Cycle Club and Courts... From page 31 the event and coach of the FACC Randolph Roberts. McKenzie stated that, “It is part of the company’s motto to give back to the community from which it garners its support. It is also a wellknown fact that Courts has been supporting community and sporting activities throughout Guyana and is one of the biggest corporate sponsors in the country.” He said that Courts was

happy to be part of cycling in Berbice and promised to continue with its support for the sport. “Courts is a community based company and we will continue to support any event that will help to develop the community,” he stated. Roberts, speaking on behalf of the club, said they are extremely grateful to the company for their support of the event. He is also calling on other business entities in the county to be good corporate

citizens and come forward and put a percentage of their profits back into the community and invest in the youths and education. There will be prizes for the first six finishers, the first three veterans and the first three juniors. There will also be a race for beginners. Eight sprint point prizes will be up for grabs. The event is also being supported by the Region Six Administration. (Samuel Whyte)

Sixteen teams to battle for... From page 31 accountability, to have earned continued support. He said that government has brokered a partnership with the executive of the GFF and recently, Sports Minister, (Frank) Anthony, has indicated that he is ready to sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to distribute the requisite land to the GFF for the establishment of their Gold Project facility. He also urged the NAMILCO boss to discuss the modalities with the Fruta Conquerors administrators for the initiation of a youth tournament to support the senior one. Almost

on cue, Mr. Sukhai took up the challenge and instructed his Finance Controller to look into the possibility of an U-17 youth tournament. Mr. Matthias also extended congratulations to the organizers even as he noted that the Milling Company’s support was instigated through Fruta Conqueror ’s demonstration of discipline, transparency and accountability among other valued traits. He then encouraged other clubs to em u l a t e t hese traits even as the GFF supports their efforts while fulfilling its mandate as set out by FIFA and

CONCACAF. The second place finisher receives $600,000, while those finishing 3rd will take home $400,000 and the 4th place prize is $200,000. Those teams will also receive trophies. Marketing Consultant (NAMILCO), Affeeze Khan, performed duties of the Master of Ceremonies. Participating teams are Top XX, Pele, Buxton United, Alpha United, Western Alpha United, Fruta Conquerors, Monedderlust, Riddim Squad, Netrockers, BV Triumph, Guyana Defence Force, Santos, Slingerz, Camptown and New Amsterdam United.

Roger Federer beats Novak... From page 29 the ATP Tour’s official website. “I knew I was in a bit of trouble (after the first set) and not looking good at all, because he has a tendency to really run with it and play more freely on your serve. “It was just a matter of trying to play consistent but remain aggressive sometimes being overly aggressive to see if it works. “Then I started to serve

very well, something I haven’t been able to do really this week yet. I knew to have a chance (against Djokovic), I needed to serve well, so I’m just very happy I was able to deliver that.” World number two Djokovic won the opening set in convincing fashion but, after a weather-enforced break, 17-time Grand Slam champion Federer broke in the sixth game of the second set to force a decider. Federer

immediately broke his opponent in the third set and eventually consolidated his break after saving two break points. A further break moved him 4-1 ahead and he closed out the match to end Djokovic’s hopes of a first ATP Tour title in 2014. It was a first win over Djokovic for Federer since beating him in the final of the Cincinnati Open in August 2012.

Saturday March 01, 2014

Wartsila donates road race...

Wartsila’s OSH&E Manager, Gary Hall (second, right) shakes AAG President, Aubrey Hutson’s hand to officially handover the Road Race Time-Keeping Device donated to the association as part of the Wartsila 20k Road Race tomorrow morning. Wartsila Contract Manager, Arron Fraser also shares the moment. From page 33 always follow road races and I saw the need for a clock,” he said. “When I did track and field, my coach always told me it doesn’t matter what distance you do, you must always be aware of the timings because the days that you don’t feel too well are the days you might

run the fastest times, so without the AAG asking us I thought it was responsible to make the donation,” Fraser continued. Also present was Wartsila’s Occupational Safety, Health & Environment (OSH&E) Manager, Gary Hall. The Wartsila 20km race starts tomorrow at 6am sharp and will make

its way down from the East Coast to Kingston, Georgetown. A new category was added for the Wartsila staff after members of the sister branch in Antigua showed interest in participating. Some of Guyana’s top distance athletes will be a part of the race in hopes of winning the lucrative cash prizes.

2014 Tenelec Inc. U15 tourney bowls off this weekend in Berbice The 2014 Tenelec Inc. Under-15 cricket competition in Berbice is set to bowl off today and continue tomorrow with matches in the four geographical Zones. The preliminaries will be

played on a one-day twoinnings format while the quarterfinals and semifinals are scheduled for two days each. Fourteen teams have registered to participate and

at the completion of the preliminary round the top two teams from each Zone will move on to the quarterfinals. The first round in three of the zones will commence today:

Saturday March 01, 2014

Kaieteur News

Berbice Cricket Board Raffle drawn The raffle organised by the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) has been drawn. The drawing which was held on Friday in the office of the BCB at Charlotte Street, New Amsterdam, Berbice, was witnessed by members of the media and other well-wishers. The holder of ticket number 0002081 is the winner of the first prize of one 19 inch flat screen television set. The second prize of one washing

machine will go to the holder of ticket number 0003584.Winning the third prize of one microwave oven was the holder of ticket number 0003183, while the fourth prize of a 3-burner gas stove will go to the holder of ticket number 0004058. Speaking at the simple ceremony, BCB Second Vice President and former national player, Hubern Evans, used the opportunity to thank all

those who supported the event in one way or the other in making it a success, either by the selling of tickets or the donation of prizes. First Vice President Anil Beharry, who was also present, is asking all winners to visit the office at the above address, or call number 3332375 so that arrangements can be made for them to uplift their prizes. Persons have 90 days in which to do so.

West Indies legends knighted in Antigua CMC - ST.JOHN’S, Antigua - Former West Indies fast bowlers Andy Roberts and Curtly Ambrose and former Windies captain and batsman Richie Richardson were knighted during the first One-Day International (ODI) between West Indies and England in Antigua yesterday. Roberts, Ambrose and Richardson, regarded as cricket legends, received their knighthood at a ceremony during the lunch interval of the game at the Sir Vivian Richards stadium. Governor General Dame Louise Lake-Tack presented the three cricketers with their knighthood in a ceremony also attended by Prime Minister Baldwen Spencer. “I am so proud to be in a position to honour some of the best players our island has produced,” declared Prime Minister Spencer.

“Andy Roberts and Curtly Ambrose both taught the world how rapid fast bowling could really be, and Richie Richardson showed both leadership as Windies captain and great skill with the bat. Nobody can question his excellent record of wins or the 16 test centuries he achieved during his career”. Roberts, the first Antiguan and Barbudan to represent the West Indies, made his debut against England in March of 1974. The bowler was part of the “quartet” of West Indian fast bowlers from the midseventies to the early eighties that had a devastating effect on opposition batsmen at both Test and One Day International levels. Prime Minister Spencer paid tribute to the former players especially Richardson.

“The tenacity he (Richardson) demonstrated in scoring 194 against India in 1989 to help the Windies to a draw, when other great batsmen were struggling, shows the resilience that great cricketers have always demonstrated, and the gratitude owed to these great men by the people of our country and the region transcends political divides,” said Prime Minister Spencer. “We can all agree that these men have earned this honour in fine style, and players like these show the West Indies and the world how much talent our country has to offer.” Former West Indies captain and middle order batsman, Sir Viv Richards, arguably the finest batsman of his generation was knighted by the Antiguan government in 1999.

Roger Federer beats Novak Djokovic in Dubai semi-finals

Page 29

Michael Lumb’s ton fails to prevent Windies victory BBC Sport - Michael Lumb scored a superb century on his one-day international debut but failed to prevent England from losing their opening match against West Indies by 15 runs. Openers Lumb and Moeen Ali, also on his debut, put on 96 for the first wicket after the tourists were set 270 to win. But following the dismissals of Moeen (44) and Lumb (106), England lost wickets cheaply and finished on 254-6. The next game in the three-match series is tomorrow, again in Antigua. In that second ODI, stand-in captain Stuart Broad and limited-overs coach Ashley Giles will be hoping their new-look side avoids another capitulation. Giles, according to ECB chairman Giles Clarke, is a “strong candidate” to succeed Andy Flower as the man in charge of all formats, and will be keen to ensure an improvement on Sunday. His team selection will be closely monitored and whether he tinkers with the XI remains to be seen. On Friday, some of his picks underperformed, but there were others who took their chances. One of those was 34year-old Nottinghamshire lefthander Lumb, who produced a near-perfect performance as an ODI opener; steady, while keeping the scoring rate moving along during the early stages. On a momentous day for the Johannesburg-born player, his innings of 106 from

116 balls was the highest by an England one-day debutant and the seventh highest of all time. He and fellow debutant Moeen, 26, also produced the highest opening ODI partnership by debutants, surpassing the previous record of 71 held by Piet Rinke and Terry Duffin for Zimbabwe against Kenya in 2006. The pair had never played together before but showed the understanding of a veteran partnership. They reached 53 in 10 overs with little trouble, bar one delivery that struck Lumb in the groin area. Worcestershire’s Moeen was languid but calculating in his stroke-making, although a miscalculation led to his dismissal in the 20th over when he found Sunil Narine at long-on. ODI and T20 veteran Luke Wright was in next but never looked at ease during nine balls which brought just one run, before Yorkshire’s Joe Root, who scored a century in the pre-series warm-up match, appeared to settle the tourists’ nerves with a calm knock. Lumb survived the nervous nineties to raise his bat for a brilliant maiden ODI ton following a single off Darren Sammy. Eight balls later he was out, after trying to drive Narine over cover, and that precipitated England’s collapse. The score moved from 180-3 to 192-4 when Durham’s Ben Stokes saw his leg stump clipped by Narine. Root (37) continued to offer a steadying influence until he

too was out when he nicked off-spinner Narine to keeper Denesh Ramdin. Even after Jos Buttler skied Dwayne Bravo to Jason Holder at extra cover for 12, England still had a good chance to win the match with Ravi Bopara and Tim Bresnan at the crease. However, the pair failed to find muchneeded boundaries as England’s innings ended meekly - the visitors scoring just 30 runs in the final five overs. This was all in sharp contrast to the West Indies innings. The home side were reduced to 45-4 after 16 overs, more as a result of poor judgement rather than spectacular bowling. However, their innings was saved by 108-run partnership between the patient Lendl Simmons (65) and the more cavalier Dwayne Bravo, who was later joined by the explosive Darren Sammy (61 from 52 balls) as the West Indies finished strongly, a late burst which ultimately proved the difference between the two sides. Summary Scores: West Indies Innings: 269/6 (50 Overs). Dwayne Bravo* 87*, Lendl Simmons 65, Darren Sammy 61, Dwayne Smith 24; Tim Bresnan 10-1-68-3, James Tredwell 10-1-23-1, Moeen Ali 6-1-25-1, Joe Root 9-2-47-1. England Innings: 254/6 (50 Overs). Michael Lumb 106, Moeen Ali 44, Joe Root 37, Ravi Bopara 23; Sunil Narine 10-1-36-2, Darren Sammy 10-0-46-1, Dwayne Smith 6-0-30-1, Ravi Rampaul 10-0-53-1.

WICB Media - ST. JOHN’S, Antigua – Members of the West Indies Cricket Board’s senior umpires’ panel and 24 match re f e r e e s wrapped up two days of t r a i n i n g o n We d n e s d a y here. With the Regional 4D a y To u r n a m e n t s e t t o begin on Friday and the ultimate aim of improving the quality of officiating, it was timely that the WICB, in collaboration with the International Cricket Council, the sport’s World governing body, staged the training seminar. ICC Umpires Performance and Training Manager Simon Taufel, a former ICC elite umpire from Australia, and ICC Umpires’ coach David

Levens, along with four of t h e r e g i o n ’s l e a d i n g umpires –retired international umpire Goaland Greaves, as well as current international umpires Nigel Duguid, Gregory Brathwaite and Joel Wilson were among the facilitators for the seminar. “This is a great initiative which will benefit our umpires and match referee,” said WICB project officer – cricket operations Rawl Lewis. “A seminar like this are a great way to raise the quality of our officiating and by extension the game in the region. “We are happy that our match officials have had this opportunity to train ahead of the Regional 4-Day Tournament and we hope that

the skills they have acquired will benefit them during the season.” Lewis said: “It’s also important that the decisions made by our match officials are standardised and correct and this was one of the focuses of this course. “From time to time, issues and problems will pop up in matches, but we hoped this seminar will now help guide our match officials on how to deal effectively with them.” The seminar involved training on various aspects of the game, including the mental side of umpiring, match management, team work, communication, roles of the third and fourth umpires and match referee, as well as a practical training in a match simulation.

Regional umpires complete 2-Day seminar

Roger Federer writes on the camera following his victory. BBC Sport - Roger Federer earned a first win over Novak Djokovic since 2012 to reach the Dubai Tennis Championships final. The Swiss world number eight, 32, took advantage of a rain delay to fight back and claim an impressive 3-6 6-3 62 victory in one hour and 45 minutes. It was a first win over

the Serb in four attempts and denied the world number two the chance to level their overall head-to-head record at 16-16. He will meet Tomas Berdych, who beat Philipp Kohlschreiber, in the final. It gives Czech Berdych, who claimed a 7-5 7-5 victory, a chance to make amends for

his defeat in last year’s final to Djokovic. Federer admitted he feared the worst again at the start, but recovered well by adopting a more aggressive policy. “I think I was able to play a bit more aggressively as the match went on,” Federer told (Continued on page 26)

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Saturday March 01, 2014

Regional Four-Day tournament

Jamaica end opening day in driver’s seat against Guyana By Sean Devers in Jamaica In Association with Sterling Products Ltd, Auto Fashion & Payless Varity Store On Jamaica Day where Jamaicans are urged to wear their national colours, host Jamaica ended the opening day of their Regional fourday cricket fixture against Guyana yesterday at Sabina Park in the driver’s seat, needing 28 runs for first innings honours with nine wickets in hand. Guyana were bowled out for 117 and the home team were well placed on 89-1 by the close with John Campbell on 32 and Nkrumah Bonner on nine. Guyana, without Shiv Chanderpaul and Ramnaresh Sarwan because of an injured finger and back respectively, reached 51-4 from 21 overs by lunch with Sewnarine Chattergoon, Vishaul Singh (18), Narsingh Deonarine (0), Assad Fudadin (21) all going cheaply. Asked to bat on a twopaced track which dried out into a good pitch, the Guyanese aided their own demise with a series of impetuous shots with Chattergoon edging Jerome Taylor to the Keeper before Guyana had scored. And while Fudadin battled away on a track with early moisture for 99 minutes and 52 balls for his resolute 21, nobody offered him assistance before he was bowled by Andre Russell just before the interval to leave the

Campbell fends off one from Keon Joseph. South Americans on 46-4. This was after Vishaul Singh wasted a good start and was caught off Russell at 35-2. Deonarine, who played in the last Test series in New Zealand, made little of his latest chance to impress and was quickly caught behind by Carlton Baugh off Russell for a duck as the Guyanese lost for wickets in the first session in sweltering heat. At the interval, Chris Barnwell was on five and Wicketkeeper Anthony Bramble on three, but the two

did not really prolong their partnership as off-spinner Jamie Merchant broke the affiliation at 80-5 when Bramble was removed for 16. Barnwell edged a ball from Merchant, who struggled to turn the ball on a surfaced which Chanderpaul described as a road, after taking 136 minutes and 69 balls for his confident 34, at 108-6. The 24-year-old Merchant in only his second First-Class outing, then bowled Veerasammy Permaul with one that did not turn before

he had scored as Guyana, who lost to Jamaica last year by 212 runs at Providence, slumped to 108-7. Devendra Bishoo was going well on 11 before he gifted his wicket to Merchant with a tame catch to short midwicket, one run later before Amir Khan, in his second match at this level was run out for five. Russell then cleaned up the tail by bowling Keon Joseph for a duck to skittle out Guyana 17 minutes after Tea which was taken at 108-8. Merchant ended with 4-

29, while Russell finished with 4-33 for the home team, hunting their 19th win in 54 matches against Guyana at this level. By the close 21 year-old left-hander John Campbell, who played some delightful shots in his unbeaten knock and Horace Miller added 76 for the first wicket to give Jamaica a firm foundation. Campbell and Miller, who was dropped on 28 off Barnwell by Bramble, who dived in front of first slip with

the score on 38 without loss, flourished against the new ball pair of Joseph and Ronsford Beaton. Permaul made the breakthrough when he induced Miller to edge a defensive push to Bramble after batting for 96 minutes and 71 balls. He stroked eight boundaries in his 46. Bonner joined Campbell, who delighted the small crowd with a fabulous array of scintillating stroke-play as Bishoo bowled a bit too flat on a pitch getting better and better for batting. Khan was introduced and bowled in tandem with Deonarine in the closing overs but Jamaica ended the day ‘large and in charge in their own backyard’. Guyana Coach Esaun Crandon disclosed that the absence of their two leading batsmen (Chanderpaul and Sarwan) put a huge spoke in Guyana’s wheel. ”We definitely missed our two most experienced players and the plan was to bat as long as possible and at the same score some runs also. We did not apply ourselves after the pitch got better for batting in the afternoon,” Crandon said. “We had too many soft dismissals and now our bowlers have got to bring us back into the game. Sarwan is expected to have an X-Ray on his back tomorrow (today) while Shiv should have surgery done to his thumb,” the former Guyana fast bowler stated.

GCB launches its 70th anniversary edition magazine From page 32 Guyana U-19 team and the GCB 2014 calendar. The marketing manager said that the GCB has begun to mark some very worthwhile achievements. “The national cricketers are currently competing in Jamaica in the regional 4-day tournament and without a doubt has been better prepared than previous years and the national team reached the semis in the WICB super 50 but for a wide spread flu epidemic in Trinidad and Tobago surrendered in the semis”, he said. Singh stated that the Board has launched their Scotiabank Kiddy cricket programme in January and the grassroots programme in February and within the next few months will be rolling out other major projects- a national t20 league, a website, development of the LBI facility, schools cricket and training courses for coaches

across Guyana. “The GCB has great plans for cricket development and we ask that you hold us accountable with our promises and our accomplishments as we make strides to bring the pride back to our cricket starved nation.” He expressed gratitude to the sponsors and indicated that they endeavour to make the magazine an annual feature. Singh informed that they were able to attract the major banks, insurance companies, beverage giants, phone carriers and other select sponsors adding the magazine will be distributed free of c o s t . “ We h a v e b e e n tasked with administering t h e g a m e o f c r i cket in Guyana and we do take this mandate and responsibility very seriously and will do all within our legal capabilities to preserve the integrity and assets of the GCB.

Secretary of the GCB Anand Sanasie third from left presents one of the magazine to director of sport Neil Kumar in the presence of from left chairman of selectors Rayon Griffith, Raj Singh and president of the E’bo CB Fizul Bacchus

Saturday March 01, 2014

Kaieteur News

Page 31

7th edition of Fruta Conquerors One Love Reloaded football competition

Sixteen teams to battle for millions as tournament launched

Sixteen of the nation’s best football teams will throw down the gauntlet for a top prize of $1.2M when the Fruta Conqueror’s Football Club (FCFC) in association with the National Milling Company (NAMILCO) stages the 7th edition of the One Love Reloaded football

competition at the Tucville Ground, commencing March 23 next. Yesterday afternoon, the organizers convened at the Rahaman’s Park venue, Houston EBD, and briefed the media of the particulars of the tournament. Among those in

attendance were President of the FCFC, Wayne Forde, Managing Director (NAMILCO), Bert Sukhai, his Finance Controller, Fitzroy McLeod and another financial executive, Automaram Lakeram, Director of Youth and Sports, Neil Kumar and

Milo/Petra Organisation Schools Football Competition

Teams jostling for maximum points today With the preliminary rounds near completion, teams will be jostling for maximum points when the Milo/Petra Organisation Schools Football Competition resumes today with four more matches, at the Ministry of Education ground, Carifesta Avenue. In the first game of the day, Central High takes on St. Mary’s from 11:00hrs and this is an important encounter for the former, who failed to show for their opening game against Lodge Secondary. St. Mary’s produced a determined and workmanlike performance to earn a draw against Bishop’s High, so on the basis of their current form should start as favourites. In attempting to assert Central High’s chances will be nothing more than guesswork so fans will be keen to see what kind of performance they will manufacture when they take

the field. In the second game, Freeburg battles North Ruimveldt at 12:30hrs. North Ruimveldt should start as favourites in this one, especially after producing a top-class display against North Georgetown who they drubbed 6-0. Once again the likes of Jeremy Garrett and Jamal Europe are expected to lead the assault along with support from Matthew Harrison and Carl Griffith. Freeburg on the other hand will look to rebound following a loss to one of the tournament’s top teams Tucville in their opening fixture. The third matchup of the day pits Cummings Lodge versus South Ruimveldt and this game should produce an exciting brand of football. Picking a winner here is not easy as both teams won their opening encounters and looked in good form. Cummings Lodge seems the more technically

efficient, but South Ruimveldt showed that they are a tenacious bunch and not easily intimidated so an absorbing battle is in the making. In the final game of the day, defending champions S t . G e o rg e ’s t a k e o n Charlestown and this clash too should provide entertainment for the fans. St. George’s commenced their defence of the title with an efficient performance against New Campbellville, winning 2-0, while Charlestown gained a walkover from St. Joseph’s. However, Charlestown are traditionally strong contenders at the junior level and are anticipated to maintain that practice. It will be needed against a team that has undoubtedly performed the best among Georgetown teams in recent competitions.The tournament continues tomorrow with four more matches at the same venue.

President of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF), Christopher Matthias. Mr. Forde expressed sincere gratitude to the NAMILCO administration for its continued support to the development of football but more particularly, that of the host club.

The FCFC boss pointed out that the continued support offered by his benefactors is based on the demonstration of commitment and accountability of his executives and he urged other clubs to portray similar traits in order to attract

similar support. Mr. Kumar heaped praise on the NAMILCO boss for his commitment to the Fruta Club even as he noted that the executive of the latter entity must have demonstrated the key variables-commitment and (Continued on page 28)

Flying Ace Cycle Club and Courts stage Mashramani Road race on Sunday

Courts Berbice Branch Manager Stanley McKenzie (left) presents the sponsorship cheque to organiser Randolph Roberts. The Flying Ace Cycle Club (FACC) of Berbice has started the year with a bang and is set to continue in that way. After receiving platitudes for successfully staging the Sanko Benjamin 80th birth anniversary event, the FACC is at it again and come this Sunday March 3rd the club will be staging the

Mashramani 40-mile event. The race, which is sponsored by Furniture Giants Courts, is open to Berbicians only. The cyclists will pedal off from Marks Bridge at No. 60 Stanleytown at 08:30hrs, proceed to Adventure on the Corentyne before returning to finish at Main and

Alexander Streets in New Amsterdam. On Friday a presentation ceremony was held at the Courts New Amsterdam Branch store. At the simple event, Manager of the NA Branch, Mr. Stanley McKenzie, handed over the cheque to organiser and coordinator of (Continued on page 28)

Page 32

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GABF ‘Road to Mecca’ starts at CASH tonight

Saturday March 01, 2014

GCB/Scotiabank Kiddy cricket - West Demerara

Cornelia Ida and Wales declared joint winners

- Georgetown’s Nets battle Linden’s King’s in feature game

Orin Rose The Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation (GABF) ‘Road to Mecca’ National Basketball Club Championship starts tonight at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall (CASH) with four games being played including the featured clash between Nets and Kings. The Georgetown Amateur Basketball Association (GABA) number two ranked Colts will get the tournament going when they take on the Berbice Amateur Basketball Association (BABA) thirdranked Rose Hall Town Jammers in the first game from 6pm. Then the BABA secondranked Smythfield Rockers will play the Linden Amateur Basketball Association (LABA) number four ranked Retrieve Raiders at 7:30pm before BABA number one seeded team, New Amsterdam Wa r r i o r s t a k e o n Georgetown’s Ravens. The final game of the night will see Georgetown’s

Fabian Johnson

Omally Sampson

Captain of Wales Primary Sean Paul (left) and Cornelia Ida skipper Travis Fraser share a moment after the final.

Marvin Hartman

Drumson McCullay

fifth-ranked Nets facing the herculean task of o v e r c o m i n g L i n d e n ’s number one ranked Kings. The battle is expected to be a humdinger among two good teams that have re-emerged over the last two years. Nets’ guard, Pelham Doris will lead his side that includes Drumson McCullay, Fabian Johnson, Mortimer Williams and Hodayah Stewart against a formidable Linden side that

includes Omally Sampson, sharp shooter, Orin Rose and forward Marvin Hartman. At stake at the end of the road, is a top prize of $400,000 for the winning club while second place takes home $200,000 along with trophies. A total of $1.2M will be given out to clubs according to the structure that is set out below. The competition will continue tomorrow with four games at the same venue.

Cornelia Ida Primary of West Coast and Wales Primary of West Bank were declared joint winners of the West Demerara district after their final matchup ended in a tie when the Guyana Cricket Board/Scotiabank nationwide Kiddy cricket festival continued yesterday at Wales. Cornelia Ida batted first and managed 137-4 in 10

overs. Aroon Kumal made 6 while extras assisted with 16. Jamaal Bramdeo and Sean Paul grabbed two wickets each. Wales replied with 136-6 in 10 overs with 18 extras. Sean Paul scored 9 while Kumal and Ricardo Panaram took two wickets apiece. Both teams will contest the county playoffs. M e a n w h i l e , Wa l e s overcame Vreed-en-Hoop

Primary by 31 runs in the West Bank final played earlier. Vreed-en-Hoop took first strike and made 102-10 in 10 overs. Sherlon Somerset scored 8; Tiffany Douglas snared three wickets and Christopher Singh two. Wales responded with 133-7 in 10 overs. R. Ragnauth made 7 as Shawn Patterson captured two wickets.

GCB launches its 70th anniversary edition magazine Yesterday marked a significant achievement in the history of the Guyana Cricket Board with the launching of its 70th anniversary edition magazine called ‘The Guyana Cricketer”. The launching took place at the Georgetown Cricket Club. Speaking at the c e r e m o n y, M a r k e t i n g Manager of the GCB, Raj Singh, said that the idea for this magazine manifested through the president Drubahadur some six months ago at one of the board’s monthly meetings and he was given the task of making it a reality. Singh informed that the revenue obtained from this publication was earmarked to be used for cricket development and co-

sponsoring of the senior 4day inter county tournament. He stated that the major objective of the magazine is to document and showcase the achievements of our cricketers and generally to improve upon the communication process with the board and the cricketing public during the year under review. “No one from the GCB had any prior experience or expertise in working on or producing such a document, so naturally we sought the professional help from some known external marketing consultants. We interviewed and engaged two different consultants during the latter part of 2013, but made very little progress even though a decent remuneration package was negotiated. Due

to the frustration experienced, we eventually decided to undertake this noble project and today (yesterday) we are extremely proud to announce that the Guyana Cricketer is no longer as dream but rather an actual success and accomplishment of this board,” he added. The book contains features on Shiv Chanderpaul, who achieved the milestone of 150 tests and counting representing the West Indies and Ronaldo Ali Mohamed, messages from the WICB president, the GCB head, Director of Sport Neil Kumar, secretary’s report, the 2013 awards ceremony, an extensive cricket report section and the selection of an all time (Continued on page 30)

Saturday March 01, 2014

Kaieteur News

Page 33

Frank Watson Memorial Football championships

Fruta Conquerors/Western Tigers prevail as tourney concludes

Nehemiah Gomes Fruta Conquerors FC suffered a 2-1 defeat by sudden death penalty to Western Tigers in the U-14 category, but their U-16 squad repaired the damage somewhat with a convincing 2-0 victory over Pele FC when the curtains came down on the action in the Frank Watson Memorial Football championships at the Georgetown Football Club Ground Thursday evening last; Nehemiah Gomes carved out a brace, one in each session to lead the senior squad to victory. Gomes’ first success was a classic, coming after he sped down the left flank and evaded the opposition’s defensive line up and deftly tucked the ball into the left corner of the goal. It was almost 2-0 shortly afterwards when Gomes made another enterprising run but was brought down by one of the opposition’s midfielders. The referee rightly called the foul and sent the offender packing with a straight red card. L u c k i l y, t h e

The winning Fruta Conquerors U-16 ball weavers pose for a victory shot infringement cost the Pele team nothing as the ensuing free kick sailed over the bars shortly before the whistle sounded for the end of the first session. The battle for honours resumed at the very start of the second session and it was not long afterwards that Gomes made his presence felt with a scorcher that sped past the opposition’s custodian and pushed victory further away from Pele. Two minutes later, it should have been three goals if not for a terrible blunder by Ryan

Hackett. He was fed a dolly that landed on his foot just in front of the goal and he attempted to swivel into the right position for the shot. Instead, all he could manage was a limp kick which hit the upright before the Pele c u s t o d i a n e ff o r t l e s s l y scooped it up. There were a few other inconsequential raids which failed to net any further successes and when the final whistle sounded, the Fruta Conquerors team and its supporters started the celebrations. They had much more to celebrate after

Gomes received the award for being the best offensive player in his category and received one I Phone. His teammate, Jeremy Garrett was adjudged the Most Valuable Player in the U-16 category and received a lap top computer. Malachi Adonis played well for the Western Tigers and received a similar prize after receiving a similar award, this time in the U-14 category. Orin Moore, of Pele, received a prize for being the best defender in the U-16 category, while Tyrace Tanner shone for Western

Tigers and duly received a similar award in the U-14 category. Delon Clarke was adjudged the best offensive player in the U-14 category. Further, each member of the U14 and U-16 All Stars team received a gift voucher to shop for school supplies at Giftland Office Max. Meanwhile, one of the organizers, Ivor Carrington, said that he was satisfied with the standard of play. He said that the tournament was organized to support the efforts of local administrators to boost

youth football. The former footballer further urged the players to continue working hard even as he promised to continue supporting. He disclosed that the next edition of the tournament would be staged early next year as the Pele organizing committee plans to return to Guyana in February for a similar tournament. More than 160 players from thirty teams started the tournament which got underway one week ago.

Wartsila donates road race timing device to AAG Wartsila Operations Guyana Inc. yesterday donated a modern Road Race Time-Keeping Device to the Athletics Association of Guyana (AAG), which will be first used tomorrow morning when the company hosts its mega 20km Road Race Classic. The road race, which will be the most lucrative in Guyana’s history with

$3.3M up for grabs in total prize monies, starts at Paradise on the East Coast and finishes at Wartsila Headquarters located at u p p e r Wa t e r S t r e e t , Kingston. At a simple presentation c e r e m o n y, A t h l e t i c s Association of Guyana (AAG) President, Aubrey Hutson, said that the clock will benefit the association

in many ways and he hopes that Wartsila will continue to partner with local athletics. “A great big thank you to Wartsila for their tangible contributions in the form of a race clock; this clock will be used for road races and it can be used for the 100m,” Hutson said, adding that “Wartsila has been contributing to our sport and we must be grateful to

- ahead of tomorrow’s 20km Road Race them.” Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the event, Edison Jefford said that the race has surpassed the South American Road Race in terms of monetary prizes in the form of the $3.3M in six categories that will be up for grabs, which is extremely

exemplary coming from a local company. Wa r t s i l a C o n t r a c t Manager and former junior national athlete, Arron Fraser, who pioneered the initiative, said that track and field, especially road races, is a sport that he follows extensively as long as he is in

Guyana and it was in need of such a boost. “Being good corporate citizens means that sometimes you have to act without being asked to act; in recent years, we have observed the good work the AAG has been doing… I (Continued on page 28)

t r o Sp

Michael Lumb’s ton fails to prevent Windies victory P.29

Michael Lumb flicks through the leg side during his century. (Getty Images)

Dwayne Bravo puts all his power into a pull. (AFP)

Team Fullworks boast of West Indies legends dominating Dexterity Challenge knighted in Antigua P.28

Andy Roberts leads Richie Richardson and Curtly Ambrose in a parade after they were knighted. (Getty Images)


Leader of Team Fullworks Roshan Ali poses next to his Alteeza at his business location on the East Coast of Demerara yesterday.

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