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Greene could escape rape charge...

Chief Justice rules DPP’s advice is irrational Pg. 8

DPP Shalimar Ali Hack

Chief Justice Ian Chang

GRA seizes $15M in liquor Pg. 11

Wife committed Teaching Service Comm. Labour Ministry rules Pg. 6 recommended dismissal to High CourtPg.for Kissoon's UG contract 12 for 164 teachers last year septic tank murder - Sexual offences among reasons Pg. 6 properly terminated Today is Budget Day...

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2011 Budget offered US$20M for 'carte blanche' spending

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Kaieteur News

Friday March 30, 2012

Friday March 30, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Today is 2011 Budget offered US$20M Budget Day... for 'carte blanche' spending Today is Budget Day when the Minister of Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh, will present to the National Assembly and the nation at large the estimates of the expenditure for the public sector in 2012 based on revenues received in 2011 as well as projected returns for the current year. This is the Minister's first Budget to the 10th Parliament. He is also expected to report on the performance of the various sectors and the political opposition parties are especially looking to see what level of transparency there will be in the 2012 budget as against the previous years. The opposition has already made its intentions k n o w n a n d h a s demonstrated that it is prepared to use its majority in the House to influence the Budget as was the case with the final two financial papers pertaining to the end of year expenditure for 2011, for which at least four provisions were voted down. The opposition had called for more details to be attached to the budget documents of financial papers. The actual estimates of expenditure (Budget) for any given year can be divided into two categories, “capital expenditure and current expenditure.” To the layman “current expenditure” simply refers

Minister of Finance Dr Ashni Singh during one of his Budget presentations to the year-to-year recurring expenditure that has to be undertaken by the administration such as the payment of wages and salaries, telephone and electricity bills, purchase of fuel and maintenance among such spending. Capital expenditure relates to new expenditure akin – for road construction and projects like the Amaila Falls hydro project. One bone of contention that the opposition has always had, relates to 'current expenditure', for which an explanation is almost always sought, never to the satisfaction of the political opposition and some circles of civil society. For each of the budget agencies that fall under Central Government, such as Government Ministries, there are two budgetary line

items labeled under the accounting codes “ 6284 and 6294” for which the “Details of Current Expenditure” is said to be “OTHER.” That label “OTHER” has always been objected to by the opposition, who sometimes accuse the government of allocating funds for itself with 'Carte Blanche' authority. These funds sometimes amount to billions of dollars. In the 2011 estimates, the Office of the President was allocated some $126.3M to be used for “other” expenditure. These monies were divided between OP's Administration, Presidential Advisory (Cabinet and other services) and Public Policy and Planning. The Ministry of Finance had some $357M to be used for 'other' expenditure for its

administrative department as well as the Government Accounting Department. In the 2011 current expenditure there was almost $4B in expenditure set aside for which the administration had access to use as “OTHER”. The total current and capital expenditure for 2011 was some $161.4B but the government had moved to the House through Supplementary Provisions seeking approval for another $18B which it had spent in 2011 in addition to the Budget. There were some glaring instances of the opposition had called for more details such as in the case of a $464M allocation to the Guyana Defence Force to

use for current expenditure. Some of the other figures point to an excess of $300M allocated to the Ministry of Finance while another $1B has been handed to the Guyana Elections Commission to use for “OTHER” current expenditure. Some other instances of large amounts to be used for “OTHER” current expenditure falls under the Ministry of Education's Training and Development programme where some $88.4M was allocated for current expenditure under “OTHER.” The Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation also has an $80M allocation for the same purpose while the Ministry of Home Affairs had almost $100M to also be used for “OTHER” current expenditure. The political opposition has already signaled that it would be looking into each of the expenditures allocated for the various units of Government with a view to ensuring transparency and

accountability. Already the Finance Minister on his projections for the 2012 Budget has said that it will be meeting “the needs of the Guyanese people and helping to create an environment where the aspirations of the Guyanese people can be realised.” Dr. Singh says that the 2012 budget is particularly significant because it is the first budget of the tenth Parliament of Guyana, adding, “So it does provide us with an opportunity that is even more significant than would normally be the case, to review economic developments and, in p a r t i c u l a r, t o o u t l i n e government's plans and programmes, not only for 2012, but also for the medium term, certainly the next five years or so.” The budget for 2012, he said, like its predecessors for several years now, will follow the format of accounting for economic performance last year and outlining plans and programmes for 2012.

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Kaieteur News

Friday March 30, 2012

Letters... Where your views make the news Printed and Published by National Media & Publishing Company Ltd. 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown, Georgetown, Guyana. Publisher: GLENN LALL Editor: Adam Harris Tel: 225-8465, 225-8491. Fax: 225-8473, 226-8210


Budget Day There was a time when budgets in Guyana were most anxiously awaited. A skittish populace expected increases in taxes, licences and other measures that invariably impacted adversely on the cost of living. Budgets were not pleasant events in the life of the nation. Thankfully, over the last decade or more, as the economy recovered and began to climb slowly upwards, the volatility receded. Citizens began to expect budget presentations to be harbingers of less taxes and greater spending power. This year, there is once again a feeling of expectancy in the air about the budget, which will be laid in parliament today. But the anticipation has to do more with politics than economics. But then it was with good reason that Marx proposed that the two cannot be disjunctured and we should talk about ‘political economy”. In modern politics, the economic initiatives are crafted as much with an eye on the voting populace as on its fundamental economic needs. With the unique (for us) circumstance delivered by the last elections – the legislature controlled by the opposition - there are widespread expectations that this budget debate will be the occasion for an intensification of ‘war by other means’. So what are we to expect? Overall, the executive has insisted on taking responsibility for crafting the budget and even though the opposition had been invited to make recommendations, this did not come off due to scheduling clashes. The Minister of Finance has already telegraphed the thrust of his presentation: the government will be seeking to ensure that the economy continues on its upward growth trajectory. The sugar industry remains a troubled segment of the economy but the buoyancy of gold prices and production should more than compensate in maintaining the overall growth rate. But at the same time, it will be cautious that the overarching macroeconomic stability, of which it is justly proud, is not disturbed. For this reason even though the opposition has been clamouring for the VAT to be reduced from the present 16% - the government will most likely point out that such an initiative will unleash inflationary pressures unless other taxes are imposed. The opposition has already announced that revenue decreases due to a reduction in VAT will be matched by savings gleaned from their tighter scrutiny of infrastructural spending. Since this approach is speculative, it is doubtful the government will go along. The focus on direct governmental spending to boost the economy will however continue to be on infrastructural development. While the government’s initiatives in this area are commendable, even they concede that there needs to be a tightening of the process to ensure that value for money is obtained. The opposition has already promised to question the proposed allocations intensely and it will be interesting to see how far the government will be willing to go on releasing demanded information that is certain to go beyond what has been the norm up to now. In the last few years, the government has begun to experiment with public-private investment facilities to fund some infrastructure – the Berbice Bridge comes to mind. Whether due to its novelty in this part of the world or not, this innovation has not been accepted with open arms by the opposition. The government’s announcement that it intends to go that route in pushing for a Marriot Hotel to be constructed has already precipitated a firestorm of protests and it is hoped that during this budget debate the opposition will clarify whether it is opposed ideologically to the new investment vehicle or to its execution. The budget is also utilized to reallocate resources to members of the society that are in need of help. One measure that has become popular is to raise the income tax threshold: right now it stands at $40,000 and one is not taxed if one’s monthly income falls below this amount. The government might most likely raise this threshold to $45,000. The government will definitely continue with its traditional high level of spending in the social sector. Let the debate be vigorous but civil.

The unjust assassination of Ms. Dodson’s character must be condemned DEAR EDITOR, I refer to Minister Priya Manickchand’s letter in the March 28 edition of your newspaper entitled “Priya Manickchand at Odds with Emily Dodson over Linden Legal Aid Clinic.” In light of this unprecedented attack on the integrity and character of one of the most highly respected female members of the bar, I hope my legal colleagues will have the courage to join me in condemning this most unwelcome departure from the traditions of this great profession. Since Minister Manickchand has chosen to deal with this matter in the public domain, I also think it is incumbent upon me to set the record straight. I sincerely hope that Minister Manickchand will realize the seriousness of the erroneous allegations she has leveled against Ms. Dodson and offer an unqualified apology. Ms. Emily Dodson is a senior member of the bar who is well known not only for her undisputed professional excellence, but also her remarkable humility, unyielding standards of ethical conduct, and steadfast adherence to humanitarian principles. She was elected by her peers as President of the Guyana Women Lawyers’ Association, which as far as I am aware, is not a secret society nor does it prohibit its members from exercising their fundamental constitutional right to freedom of expression. As a leader in the area of women’s rights in a country that regularly proclaims its commitment to the welfare of vulnerable women and children, it is incumbent upon Ms. Dodson and all others who have a voice, to speak for the voiceless members our society. In fact, I asked Ms. Dodson to bring the matter of the funding of legal aid in Region #10 to the attention of the newly appointed Attorney General, the new parliament and anyone else who may be able to ensure that a reliable and continuous source of funding is made available for Region #10. What Ms. Dodson stated in her press release is merely a repetition of what I have told all who would care to listen over the years beginning with the Prime Minister of Guyana, the Honourable Samuel Hinds who met with some of the directors of the then newly incorporated Centre in November 2007. The Prime Minister welcomed us and after we provided him with a proposal

for funding, he called Minister Manickchand on the telephone in our presence and suggested that she allocate five million of the thirty-six million dollars that had just been voted for legal aid by parliament. The Prime Minister also arranged a meeting for us with Minister Manickchand that was to take place on Friday, December 11, 2007. After trying repeatedly to confirm the meeting with Minister Manickchand, we were eventually told that the Minister was busy and we could try again after the middle of January 2008. At that point, we dispatched a letter to the Prime Minister (a copy of which is still in my possession) outlining what had happened and seeking his further assistance, but we never heard from Prime Minister Sam Hinds again with respect to this matter. Contrary to what Minister Manickchand said in her letter, we had no funding from any source at that time. We called her office more times than I can count and eventually we were granted a meeting with the Minister in the course of which we were told many things in addition to the following words which remain etched in my memory for obvious reasons – “Linden does not need a Legal Aid Centre” and “you all can go to who you like, you have nothing to get.” Although we did not know it

at that time, these words were prophetic. We were subsequently funded by USAID to whom we had already applied and were awaiting a response and then by UNICEF later in the year, but our funding from UNICEF has not been continuous, and is far removed from the erroneous picture painted by Ms. Manickchand. Our allocations from both agencies (which will be reproduced verbatim from information requested from our auditors in the second segment of this letter) included sums representing the purchase of expensive non-expendable equipment (computers, air conditioners, copiers, printers, file cabinets etc.) and furniture as well as expenses that are unique to us such as in the area of transportation. Millions of dollars provided by USAID was used to repair, paint, carpet and refurbish the top floor of the Christianburg Magistrate’s Court Building which was destroyed in the fire. We are not currently in receipt of any grant money from UNICEF for the operation of legal aid in Region #10 and UNICEFGuyana has not been able to give us any date when we would be likely to receive future funding. This has happened on three occasions since we were first funded in 2008: August to November 2009; November 2010 to

January 2011 and September 30 to December 3, 2011 and it is during these periods that we have appealed to the government for funding but all to no avail. We have executed three grant contracts with UNICEFGuyana – the first in August 2008 for twelve months; the second in December 2009 for twelve months and the final small scale funding agreement in November 2011 for three months (ending in January 2012). UNICEF has granted quarterly extensions of funds whenever they could, but there were still periods of time when we were without any grant funds whatsoever as indicated above. I sincerely wish that we had obtained nine million dollars from April 2011 to December 2012 as the Minister alleges. After the fire, nothing was donated to us to replace what was lost. Everything that we now have was purchased from grant money provided by UNICEF-Guyana. The operating costs of the Linden Legal Aid Centre also include transportation from Linden to Georgetown that exceeds one million dollars a year. The senior lawyers who serve our clients largely donate their services to the Centre and leave their homes before 7:00am in the morning to get to the Christianburg Magistrate’s Court in Linden and then proceed to the (Continued on page 7)

Climbing Trees vs. Extra Lessons DEAR EDITOR, In the March 12th edition of Kaieteur News, the Chief Education Officer (CEO) is quoted as saying, “Children should be playing and having fun and enjoying their lives, climbing trees, scooting and falling down, scraping themselves and running around and enjoying their afternoons.” I want to believe that the pressures exerted on the CEO by the teachers of South Georgetown at the meeting caused him to transcend into the absurd. Mr. Sam continues, “I am troubled by the fact that I hear that parents feel that their children don’t have a chance of success in this system unless they drag them to lessons as early as Grade Two, and that bothers me…”. I will be most happy if the respected CEO can distinguish between the extra-lessons he condemns and the Ministry’s policy of remediation which is almost mandatory at all levels of the education system and which is the main component of the current $86.7 million intervention of the Ministry of Education. Mr. Sam will retract his uninformed condemnation when he analyzes the two and realizes that there isn’t any significant difference. The Ministry of Education (MOE) is adamant that remediation must be done. Has any training been done to help teachers understand how remediation should be planned, executed and evaluated? How are students identified for remediation? Is the

instruction differentiated? What is significantly different between the normal class teaching and the remediation? Are students performing better having undergone remediation? These are research-based questions which must be asked if the MOE wants to advocate remediation. Moreover, if these questions cannot be answered then extra-lessons and the MOE’s remediation are one and the same. There is absolutely no difference between the MOE’s idea of remediation and what happens in extra-lessons. I wish to remind the respected CEO that even if students do not go to extra-lessons, they still cannot ‘enjoy their lives’, ‘climbing trees’, ‘scooting and falling down’, ‘scraping themselves’ and ‘running around and enjoying their afternoons’ because they have to attend the Ministry’s mandatory remediation classes. If extra-lessons and the Ministry’s remediation are one and the same then why is the Ministry of Education so peeved about extra-lessons? It is simple. Extra-lessons allow a teacher to supplement his or her income and to eventually become financially secure. Numerous teachers, including officers in the Ministry of Education, have used extralessons, which they now condemn, to become financially independent. This is the Ministry of Education’s quarrel with extra-lessons. The Ministry of Education knows that they can no longer control teachers if they are financially independent. Mohammed S. Hussain

Friday March 30, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

It is time public officials be held accountable or we’ll all be consumed DEAR EDITOR, The public’s concern about Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee’s attempts to divert from the substantive issue of having the Police account for the spending of $90 million of our taxes, tells us it is time public officials be held accountable or we’ll all be consumed. The minister’s antics and unwillingness to have the Auditor General inquire into the whereabouts of our money by using the forthrightness of Assistant Commissioner David Ramanrine to silence him and others, even as the integrity of the Force is called into question, suggests there is something to hide. His claim that a Standing Order for who speaks with the media is breached cannot hold sway. For the spirit and intent of any Standing Order can never be to encourage silence in the face of violations or egregious conduct in a nation governed by laws that shun said behaviours. Our police force is a constitutional body and any Standing Order informing their conduct has to be consistent with this instrument. To therefore accuse the Officer of “set[ting] a bad example for the Force under cover of his constitutional rights,” brings into question the extent the minister is prepared to go to cover up this issue. For if a person cannot seek cover under the Constitution, which remains the foundational and supreme law of the land, then anarchy reigns. The minister is reminded of prior dire consequences this nation suffered under the guise of upholding said Standing Order that secured silence in the face of wrongs which threatened our lives and statehood. The illegal collaboration of state and private citizens with questionable background saw the police stripped of their legal standing and made impotent as rogue elements ran amok and fear stalked the land. The resulting effect has hindered police/community relationship, vital for crime fighting and ensuring the security of all. There is no doubt morale

in the Force is not at its optimum and a contributing factor being the minister’s disembowelment of this institution that by law ought to serve and protect the people, their resources and sovereignty. Yet in the midst of prevailing hindrance they are still police who take pride in their career, are role models for their children, loved ones and the community. For some these are values held dearly which the minister overlooks or is unmindful of, as he seeks to cut down an exemplary behaviour. And even as the minister claims the Police must obey the Standing Order, he ignores or hopes the society will ignore the fact that he addressed the matter in the media, and brought into disrepute the officers’ integrity. It is his actions that led to the Officers having to represent themselves

through the said medium. Apparently he was hedging his bet that he can compromise the Force and undermine their relationship with the public and escape having to account. Now that Leroy Brumell, Commissioner of Police (ag), is instructed by the minister to discipline Ramnarine, he needs to be mindful of his action(s). For clearly, if not handled with deftness, he places himself in a position where he will: 1) earn the disrespect of the society he is paid to serve and protect and, 2) undermine the Force and bring it into disrepute with a society needing answers and whose cooperation it depends on to be successful. For this request also conveys a veiled implication that he either deliver or his confirmation be threatened, which is an abuse of privilege by a minister who (Continued on page 7)

To ask boat owners to pay a fee for a non-service is ludicrous

DEAR EDITOR, I refer to KN article of March 28, 2012 captioned, “Berbice Bridge Company takes over riverway…Vessels forced to pay to pass under”, and would like to suggest that the Company must stop charging fees to river users, unless the Berbice Bridge Company shows proof that it has a transport or a title document issued through the Deeds Registry. A transport or title establishes property rights, the means by which individuals establish ownership over assets, be it land, a house, or a car, among other assets. The process of using property rights has long been established in Guyana, with enforcement provisions provided through the Courts. Property rights encourage investment, as a title or transport to land or a house can be used in financial markets to raise capital. Without property rights that are enforceable through the Courts, there would be chaos, hindering innovation, bequests and economic progress.

Typically, the high span on all bridges worldwide is built with the understanding that traffic in the river would move unimpeded and no fee is charged to boat owners for use of the river under the bridge. The rationale for the high span is to have continuous and uninterrupted traffic simultaneously on the bridge and in the river. However, limiting the time for crossing to only when there is a bridge retraction is an infringement on the boat owners’ right to make an honest living; moreover, to ask boat owners to pay a fee for a non-service is ludicrous. In fact, the Bridge Company should compensate boat owners, as they are the obstruction in river commerce that has been in operation for many decades, long before the Bridge Company arrived. Only in Guyana can we have such conflicting circumstances, where a private company that is squatting on public property (the river) imposes a fee on the public and it (Continued on page 7)

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Kaieteur News

Teaching Service Comm. recommended dismissal for 164 teachers last year Child abuse, including an increase in sexual offences, in the country’s public educational system was listed among the reasons that warranted disciplinary action by the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) last year. According to the TSC, its Disciplinary Committee recommended that a total of 164 teachers be dismissed during the past year. According to the Commission, “strong action had to be taken by the Commission against the backdrop of a heightened wave of reported sexual offences across the country.” Moreover, two Head teachers were demoted – one for forgery and one for neglect of duty, misconduct and irregularity. Additionally, 43 resignations were accepted. Actions, it was revealed, were meted out to teachers who either broke the Code of Conduct or who demonstrated that they will not continue to be good teachers. Some had to be interdicted from duty, and in some cases, dismissed because of being found guilty of touching or fondling students, child abuse, specifically, as it relates to emotional abuse; vulgar or inappropriate behaviour in school and inappropriate relationships with students. It was revealed too that during the course of last year, the TSC, in keeping with its constitutional mandate, continued its three-fold role of appointing, removing and disciplining teachers. Conscious of the large sum of money being

- Sexual offences among reasons expended on the Education system, and mindful of the important role of teachers, the Commission, through its work, sought to assist in meeting the objectives as set by the Ministry of Education. However it was revealed that although hundreds of persons applied for teaching positions, only 510 junior teachers were appointed. The TSC revealed that there were many applicants with 10 or more CSEC or CXC passes with grades I and II, but who had passes of grade IV or lower in English Language and Mathematics. Usually a pass of grade III or higher in English and Mathematics is compulsory for appointment as a Temporary Qualified Master/ Mistress. However, it is the belief of the Commission that programmes being conducted by the Ministry of Education will soon change this state of affairs. In the case of Junior Appointments, some vacancies were unfilled because of a few reasons, among them, the lack of eligible applicants in specific technical fields living within or in close proximity to the catchment area of some schools; applicants who have passes in technical fields but are deficient in English and Mathematics; unavailability of housing in some riverain areas and persons finding great difficulty in travelling long distances to reach some schools. The Senior Promotion

Vacancy Notice 2011, published at the request of the Ministry of Education and accompanied by the “Criteria for Promotion 2011”, attracted 635 applicants. From this number, 308 senior promotions were made. The Commission has also observed that every year, a large number of teachers attend the University of Guyana to improve their knowledge and upgrade their status in the profession. “While the Teaching Service Commission is happy when a teacher upgrades his/her education, a number of teachers do not properly apply for releases to attend the University of Guyana. Thus classes are left unattended, which forces the Ministry of Education to take corrective action, sometimes leading to teachers being brought before the Commission to be disciplined for neglect of duty or irregularity.” It was revealed that the Commission visited a number of Regions during last year and held discussions with Regional Chairmen, Regional Executive Officers and Education Staff with the intent of giving the TSC a face in the Regions. Another reason was to meet staff of identified schools, listen to concerns of teachers and offer advice where necessary. Meanwhile, the Commission revealed that it is now commencing the processing of applications for Senior Promotions this year.

Friday March 30, 2012

Labour Ministry rules Kissoon’s contract properly terminated The Chief Labour, Occupational Health and Safety Officer of the Ministry of Labour, Charles Ogle, has said that the recommendation that Mr. Frederick Kissoon be paid from May to August 2012 has no merit in law. “The (recommendation) has no merit in law since the University of Guyana honoured its obligation under the contracts by granting payment of three months’ salary in lieu of notice as provided for in the said contract.” The University of Guyana Senior Staff Association and the University of Guyana Workers’ Union had staged a protest over the manner in which the University had terminated the contracts granted to Kissoon and three other Lecturers. After a meeting with the University Council, the union opted to go to conciliation. The decision by the Chief Labour, Occupational Health

Frederick Kissoon and Safety Officer represented the findings of the conciliation and was communicated to Dr. Patsy Francis, President of the University of Guyana Staff Association and copied to Bruce Haynes, President of the University of Guyana Workers’ Union; Compton Bourne, Chancellor of the University of Guyana; Dr.

Prem Misir, Pro Chancellor and Dr. Marlene Cox, Vice Chancellor. The University of Guyana Staff Association had also called for a review of the manner in which the contracts were terminated. The arbitrator found that “it is the prerogative of the employer to continue to rehire workers after they would have attained the retirement age.” He added that as a consequence, no trade union or other workers’ organisation can compel an employer to do so. “It should be noted that an employer has the right to terminate a contract of employment, provided adequate notice is given or payment in lieu thereof.” When contacted, Mr. Kissoon said that he last received a salary from the University in January. Payment of three months’ salary in lieu of termination, he said, was not made to him.

Mahaicony Rice Mills’ Licence suspended

The Mahaicony Rice Mills, at Airy-Hall, Essequibo Coast had its licence suspended, and was given 40 days to pay monies owed to numerous rice farmers. The miller owes rice farmers for paddies sold over a year ago. Deputy General Manager of the Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB), Ricky Ramraj informed that the penalty prohibits the Mahaicony Rice Mills from

- has 40 days to pay farmers outstanding sums purchasing paddy with effect from the present crop Ramraj who was questioned by Minister within the Ministry of Agriculture Ali Baksh, in response to the prolonged issue of overdue payments from the Mahaicony Rice Mills, especially to Essequibo Rice Farmers, said the company owes $14M to farmers at present. The Deputy Manager explained that the sour issue has been engaging the GRDB for quite some time now. He added that the Mahaicony Rice Mills along with Arnold Sankar had owed $28M to farmers, but Guyana Rice Development Board was able to facilitate payment

amounting to half that figure. The issue of long overdue payment by millers to farmers was raised at a recent meeting at the Anna Regina Board Room, where Minister Baksh was present. Minister Baksh advised farmers to incorporate the law concerning the selling of paddy to millers, in order to protect themselves from long overdue payments. He said Government will give support to farmers through the Guyana Rice Development Board and Rice Producers’ Association. Millers have 42 days in which to settle accounts with farmers after the purchase of paddy. AFC Councilor, Natram, who is one of the farmers owed by MRL since 2011, said that the millers should ensure that senior representatives from the Guyana Rice Board are present when farmers take their paddies to the milling company.

Friday March 30, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

The unjust assassination of Ms. Dodson’s... It is time public... From page 4 Centre to interview sometimes twenty or more old and new clients per day. On many occasions they return home after nightfall having been engaged for over twelve continuous hours. No out-of-town or other allowances are provided for these attorneys, neither is there any leave or leave pay etc. — all they get is transportation which is provided currently at a cost of $12,000 per return trip (and we have been notified by the contractor of an increase to be implemented soon). In light of the dire security situation in the country, the dangers of the Linden Highway and the

fact that most of our attorneys are women, we feel that this expense is justified. The lawyers also appear in the High Court in Georgetown on the other days of the week to deal with the large number of divorce, division of property, child custody and other matters relating mainly to vulnerable women and children in the community. These lawyers can never be adequately paid for their services. Ms. Dodson is only one of many lawyers who have served the people of Linden, using her staff in Georgetown and her own paper and supplies to prepare, print and file documents for our clients

entirely free of charge. Ms. Dodson has also repeatedly and cheerfully gone the extra mile to assist pensioners to obtain their birth and other records required for securing identification cards and accessing NIS and other benefits. This is why this unjust assassination of her character is particularly egregious and painful to witness. We have always been transparent and open about our financial status. Our audited annual reports are published on our website: In November, 2010 while we were out of funds, I delivered a dossier to Minister

To ask boat owners to pay... From page 5 would appear that the relevant Government Agencies that manage natural resources have nothing to say or suggest. However, if Guyanese hold the view that the Berbice Bridge Company is an agent of the Government of Guyana, then this discourse would be pointless, as the Government holds in trust, on behalf of the Guyanese people, the title to

all public lands and natural resources of Guyana. As such, the Government of Guyana working through its agent, the Berbice Bridge Company, can charge fees for use of public property as they do for the use of natural resources such as fees for forest products, or royalties for minerals. Alternatively, if the Berbice Bridge Company is not an agent of the

Government of Guyana who holds in trust on behalf of the Guyanese people the title to all public lands and natural resources of Guyana, then we have a serious problem in Guyana. In fact, this would be is a serious breach of property rights in Guyana and it must be stopped, for the Berbice Bridge Company does not speak on behalf of the people of Guyana. C. Kenrick Hunte

Manickchand containing all our financial records dating back to 2007 from the accounting firm of Ram & McRae, annual reports required under the Companies Act and other official information and materials in an effort to secure funding, followed by numerous phone calls to her office – all in vain. Last year, in order to avoid the impending temporary closure of the Centre while awaiting grant funds, we wrote Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Roger Luncheon, but that appeal was also ignored. The remaining issues will be discussed in the next segment. Joan Ward-Mars Company Secretary Linden Legal Aid Centre

From page 5 has thus far abrogated his responsibility to account. The minister ought to be careful. For while he claims he has lost confidence in Ramnarine and wants him disciplined, the society is keenly following this matter and their confidence in him is fast eroding. A workforce that is already overtaxed and underpaid has little tolerance for

the continued misappropriation and abuse of their money. Hence, the minister needs to focus on the substantive issue and stop making Ramnarine his scapegoat. For his is the responsibility to provide leadership by encouraging Brumell to get to the bottom of the matter and give the nation honest answers. Lincoln Lewis

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Kaieteur News

Friday March 30, 2012

Greene could escape rape charge...

Chief Justice rules DPP advice irrational By Latoya Giles Chief Justice Ian Chang yesterday ruled that the Director of Public P r o s e c u t i o n s ’ recommendation that Police Commissioner Henry Greene be charged with rape was irrational. Chang read out his 65 page decision yesterday to a packed courtroom consisting lawyers, reporters and members of women’s rights groups. A few weeks ago the Chief Justice had directed the DPP to show cause why a Writ or Order of Certiorari should not be issued to bring up to the honourable court, and quash, the advice tendered by the Director of Public Prosecutions, given on or about the 3rd day of February, 2012 to the Commissioner of Police (ag), Leroy Brummel and the Assistant Commissioner of Law Enforcement, Seelall

Persaud, or either of them, to institute a charge of rape against Greene. Secondly, an Order or Rule Nisi of Prohibition directed to the Commissioner of Police (ag), Leroy Brumell and Assistant Commissioner of Law Enforcement, Seelall Persaud, to show cause why a Writ or Order of Prohibition should not be issued preventing them from acting on the said advice of the Director of Public Prosecutions, or from instituting the said charge of rape against the applicant, on the ground that the said advice by the Director of Public Prosecutions is irrational, unreasonable, unfair, unlawful, unconstitutional, null, void and of no legal effect. In December last year, a 33-year-old mother of two had dropped a bombshell when she alleged that she was raped by the Commissioner of

Police after she had sought his assistance in a police matter that she was engaged in. After weeks of investigations conducted by independent investigators from the Jamaica Constabulary Force and amidst much speculation and anxiety, the Director of Public Prosecution Shalimar AliHack advised that Green be charged with rape. But yesterday Chief Justice in his ruling said that “while the complainant did set out circumstances which unequivocally point to Greene’s commission of the offence of rape against her, it strains one’s credulity to believe that she, succumbing to verbal pressure and any threatening conduct by Greene, came out of a car and entered the hotel room without seeking to run away or escape from Greene, even though he had expressly

Chief Justice, Ian Chang

Embattled Commissioner, Henry Greene

Director of Public Prosecutor, Shalimar Ali Hack

made clear to her his intention of having sexual intercourse with her”. Also taken into consideration in the Chief Justice’s ruling were statements given by the two persons at the hotel. According to the owner of the Hotel, Maxwell Thom, Greene and the woman entered the room calmly and after they entered the room he didn’t hear anything which suggested that she was protesting. Chang said that after the two left the hotel and were driving in the car, Greene was talking to her as though they were lovers. The chief justice said that the question must be asked “why would the applicant soon after assaulting and having forcible intercourse with the complainant speak to her as though they were lovers?” More questions were raised, when Greene asked if she was hungry. According to the complainant in her

statement, Greene then drove to Regent Street opposite Guyoil Gas Station where persons were selling food. At his request, the woman exited the vehicle and went to find out what was being sold. She returned and told Greene that “Chowmein and pepper pot” were being sold. According to her statement, she said that she went back purchased the two boxes of food and returned to the vehicle. Chief Justice said that surely her conduct in this “ex post facto” event can hardly be viewed as the conduct of a distressed victim of violence and rape while Greene’s conduct can hardly be viewed as that of a person who had just violated her. According to the woman’s court documents, Greene subsequently drove to her home, issuing threats to her life in the process. The complainant stated that Greene told her that he would know if she visits any doctor in the country.

Even after the night that the complainant alleges that she was raped, the woman met Greene and accepted money from him. Further, Chang said that while it may be true that the credibility and reliability of the complainant’s story and the admissibility of the contents of the statements of other witnesses could have been adequately dealt within the criminal trial process, the court finds that the circumstances of the case were very exceptional. Moreso, he said, it required an insightful analysis of unusual circumstantial evidence on the part of the DPP, which was not done, and if done, to pass the realistic prospect of conviction test. Chang said this case was one which required the application of the “evidentiary test” by the DPP before advising prosecution against the applicant. The Chief Justice said (Continued on page 25)

Friday March 30, 2012

If you are paid by the Central Government, you should be very concerned about tomorrow’s National Budget. You should be wary especially about how you spend this month’s paycheck because depending on how things go in the National Assembly in the next two weeks, it could well be your last paycheck for some time. The National Budget is going to be read today in the National Assembly. In the past, this was a far more eagerly anticipated event than what happened in the two weeks that followed the reading. Since the government traditionally enjoyed a majority in the parliament, they managed to always push through their Budget estimates with only minimal amendments. It is a different situation this time around. The government no longer commands a majority in the parliament and therefore there is no guarantee that it will secure passage for its Budget. If there is no passage of the Budget, then public spending, including wages for workers will have to cease. That could mean that government workers may not be able to receive their salaries. In such a scenario, the President would have no other option but to dissolve parliament and call fresh elections. And since it requires some preparation, it will take some months. In the meantime, no one can be certain as to how workers will be paid. The government therefore has to be anxious about whether parliament will approve a Budget for this year. The government had refused to allow the opposition to be part of the preparation of the Budget. It was within its right to do so since the preparation of the Budget is an executive preserve.

Kaieteur News

But it also made a mess of the process of consultations to which it had agreed. This failure to consult meaningfully with the opposition parties was in the main due to the ongoing dispute between the parties in the Assembly over representation on committees, a matter that is now engaging the courts. No self- respecting government is going to allow the opposition to do as it pleases in the parliament, using its one- seat majority, and still have business as usual when it comes to consultations on the Budget. Meaningful consultations became a victim of the ongoing tussles in the National Assembly. However in the absence of meaningful consultations, it is unreasonable to ask the opposition to simply rubber stamp the Budget. The opposition is no doubt aware of the problems that can arise and the consequence of it vetoing the Budget. It knows that failure to approve a Budget could result in thousands of state employees not being paid for some time. Easter is next week and they know that most of the March salary of workers will go towards helping the workers enjoy the things associated with this popular weekend in Guyana. And so they know that come April month- end, many workers are going to be cashstrapped if the Budget is not passed and funds allocated for payment of workers. They also must be aware that the failure to pass a Budget will force new elections. But the opposition, despite claiming that they are ready for elections, may not be that keen to go back to the polls under such circumstances. The government on the other hand is not making things any easier for itself by the attitude of some of its top officials. Many of these officials continue to behave as if they are trying to force

the opposition to do something that would force an election. It is the same old attitude that turned voters away from the ruling party and it is being practiced by the usual antagonists within the government. In the end, it is hoped that good sense prevails. By refusing to consult meaningfully with the opposition, the government will be forced into protracted behindthescenes negotiations with the opposition parties if they wish a Budget to be approved.

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There will have to be giveand-take and perhaps the government will have to sacrifice some of those big projects such as the Marriotbranded hotel if they hope to have the Budget passed. While this hotel will not be financed from the Consolidated Fund, it can become the subject to the negotiations that will most likely take place in order for the government to secure passage of its Budget. The opposition so far has not said anything about the hydroelectric project. After the confidential briefing that

was held between the government and the opposition parties, the opposition has been very silent on this matter, even though there have been expressed concerns in the media about the anticipated effect of this project on electricity tariffs. One option is for the opposition to strike a de al in which it agr e e s t o approve the Budget in return for the government doing two things: first, not being an equity partner in the proposed new hotel; and secondly, ensuring that

electricity tariffs will be slashed between 40-60% under the hydropower project deal. This sounds like a fair trade and a firm enough basis on which to engage in political horse-trading.

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Friday March 30, 2012


From dust to ashes to treason to anything imaginable Late Tuesday evening, going on to midnight, a group of us traveled up to Cane Grove to do a movie. The team, which included Mark Benschop, Gerhard Ramsaroop and his wife, and Kojo McPherson, sought to film the paddy dust that spew from the huge silo when the mill is in operation. We carried a powerful torch light so we could get perfect angles. That proved unnecessary. Why midnight? Because when we were there two weeks, the mill management saw us and ceased operations. On Thursday night, we didn’t need

torchlight. From the northern side of the mill, you saw before your very eyes, the mountain of dust that came your way, heading for the nearby residencies. We parked the car right at the site and within half an hour the front windscreen was enveloped. What we witnessed last Tuesday evening in Cane Grove was ancient oligarchy in full battle dress as it was hundreds of years ago. The oligarch was the lord, the peasant his slaves and the oligarch was also the slave master of those in authority. The cruel act is happening in 2012. The

Government can simply tell the owner to stop his nonsense or he will be closed down. All the EPA has to do is to cite him for violation and close him down. All the owner has to do is to spend funds that from all appearances he has to utilise a dust pan system. It would appear that either he cannot afford it (I doubt that) or he refuses to act because he as the oligarch controls the authority of the village and the centralised government in Georgetown. Why the PPP Government doesn’t move against this miller tells a tragic story of a tragic land named Guyana. On Thursday morning, I was asked to visit Enmore

where nine sugar workers were summarily dismissed for stealing what no one in this world believes. But more than that, this firing of the workers prove how incredibly stupid are the people that administer power in this land. These were the very employees that were involved in strike action a few weeks ago. How stupid is the Guysuco leadership to think they can fool the Guyanese people. The very radical set that called the strike was targeted. We come now to ashes. Do you know what they were accused of stealing? Well, in order not to invoke the wrath of the workers and their supporters who met us, we had to stifle our humour. If you have been in the countryside for more than a day, then you would know what a fireside is. It is used for cooking. It consists of a fourteen-inch pipe that is bent to look like a basin on

which the foundation sits. A pipe of that type is not more than five hundred dollars. The workers were told that they stole four pieces of pipe used for fireside purposes. I asked the Enmore Estate manager, Mr. Yedu Persaud for an interview. He suggested I talk to Guysuco’s human resource director, Jairam Petam at Ogle. Mr. Petam said he couldn’t be of much help to me since he didn’t fire the workers; it was the decision of Mr. Persaud. I went back to Persaud but he refused to speak to me. When people like Persaud read what is written here they will accuse the press of not seeking the views of the other side. But he flatly refused to talk to me about the comical situation where workers, one of which had thirty years service, were fired for stealing four pieces of old pipe. It must be noted that when you are “summarily dismissed” you lose many of your benefits. Against this background of terrible human rights violation, we have the words

Frederick Kissoon of Dr. Roger Luncheon who told the nation that the Government may not be finished with the freed treason accused. Why should any Guyanese who lived under Dr. Luncheon’s draconian hand not believe him? So Luncheon decides who gets charged again once you are freed from the courts. Under Dr Luncheon’s Government, there was passed a law that allows the state to appeal a non-guilty verdict from a jury trial. The state has appealed five such cases of murder. When I saw Dr Luncheon on the stand during his testimony on the King Kong libel trial, I pitied my country. Dr Luncheon had to be helped to walk up the court steps, couldn’t stand in the witness box, had to be helped to sit on his chair and helped to read documents. This is Guyana.

Dem boys seh...

Look out fuh ‘other’, wheh duh,’ and ‘lead duh’ Today Ash Knee de Shaatie, presenting he budget but he worried that some runnings gun get cut up. Is de Chronicle who expose he. Dem boys thought that de budget was fuh de whole country but de Chronicle quote de man as telling de country that de same budget was to create an environment where “Our aspirations can be realised”. Who aspirations? Now dem boys want know what is he and he kavakamites aspirations. Is wha dem planning now? Some of dem aspire to get rich and dem end up filthy rich— after some of de budget was presented. Ask Irfaat and Rob Bert and Bad Jenny, aka de Rat. Dem end up wid four, five house; five, six cars; money fuh send dem children in foreign and of course, special concession fuh nuff other things. Lyken Funeral Parlour giving special concession too. It giving way nine free funeral fuh its 90th anniversary. Since Shaatie and all of dem, including dem kantractors, like grab dem boys want fuh know if dem gun grab de Lyken concession too. Brazzy got to get a special concession. He box got to mek and come from China from China National Trading, Import and Export Corporation or from China Harbour and Engineering Company. Dem dis is de two company that he been and meet, arrange and bring dem fuh truck up again. Dem done truck up de Skeldon factory. Instead of de country getting Demerara Gold it getting Berbice Pole. De other one is fuh de transmission line and Marriott. De Marriott done truck up and de airport truck up too. De budget got nuff category. Every Ministry got a line of things. One of dem call ‘Other’. That is wheh part of de thiefing money does come from. This category ain’t got owner and it bigger than Brazzy. Last year it was US$20 million. Dem boys want see de size of ‘Other’ this year. Dem also want to alert dem in de Parliament fuh watch out fuh that category name ‘Other’. When Shaatie whisper ‘Other’, dem boys must whisper ‘wha duh’. Shaatie might skip that this year because he might mistake de ‘wha duh’ fuh ‘lead ah’. Talk half and wait fuh de ‘Other’ half

Friday March 30, 2012

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Treason ruling testimony to independence of Judiciary

GRA seizes $15M in smuggled liquor

- APNU A Partnership for National Unity has lauded the decision by Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry who presided over the Preliminary Inquiry into the charge of treason against Guyana Defence Force Major Bruce Munroe and his wife CarolAnn and Reserve Officer Leonard Wharton. Joseph Harmon of the APNU Executive yesterday made the pronouncement during the party’s press engagement where he said that the ruling is testimony to the fact that the Judiciary is independent of the other arms of Government. But Harmon was surprised at the sentiments expressed by Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr. Roger Luncheon, who had indicated that the Government may move to alter and reinstitute the charges. Harmon queried what could be more malicious than arresting a married couple during the Christmas Season and keeping them separated in prison for close to two years. The APNU executives also rejected claims that the party had been silent on the issue saying that they were confident that the Attorneys representing the accused had the wherewithal to effectively defend the trio. On December 27, 2010, the three accused were arraigned on the treason charge and incarcerated. The state had claimed that the accused intended to use destructive materials to force the former President, Bharrat Jagdeo, to change his measures towards the country and at the same time, force him out of office. This allegation was determined to be unfounded by the Chief Magistrate, since

APNU Executive Joseph Harmon in deep discussion with Head of State Donald Ramotar following the ceremonial opening of the 10th Parliament it was the view of the court that important elements necessary to support the charge were omitted. Prior to the Munroes and Wharton being freed, a lengthy pre-trial hearing took place at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court. For 14 months, the three had to be shuttling between the prison and the court. The matter first convened with the three persons being tagged as associates of the Colin Jones Gang. Jones and a number of other persons are charged with acts committed against the state such as setting fire to the Supreme Court and the Ministry of Health. Members of that gang were also slapped with charges of murder, attempted murder, possession of guns and ammunition and more. Jones has pleaded guilty to several charges and is now facing an eight-year sentence, apart from those for

which he is currently being tried. On Tuesday, Jones and some accomplices were again committed to the High Court, for reportedly setting fire to the Supreme Court. The state however tried to link the Munroes and Wharton as co-conspirators, conspiring with the gang and others unknown to cause an uprising. According to law, for the act of treason to stand there must be two elements; the intention to commit treason and the manifestation of the intention, in other words, there must be an act, an overt one at that, where it clearly shows what the persons would have done to be treasonous.

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood

Authorities have announced success in cracking down on what is emerging to be a vibrant trade in smuggled liquor. According to the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) yesterday, it has seized a large quantity of foreign liquor that was being transported in a Bedford truck at Mahaica, East Coast Demerara, on Friday. Five persons were held and later placed on bail as investigations continue, the tax agency said yesterday. “On Friday March 23, 2012, the Law Enforcement and Investigation Division (LEID) of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), acting on information received, seized a quantity of alcoholic beverages that was being transported in a Bedford Truck at Mahaica, East Coast Demerara.”

A GRA officer examines a portion of the seized liquor.

- five on bail GRA said that the vehicle contained a quantity of uncustomed alcoholic beverages valued approximately at $15M and included Ciroc Vodka, Johnny Walker (Black Label), Hennessey, Smirnoff Vodka, Heineken Beers and Tequila. “When intercepted, the driver and porters were unable to produce any documentation to prove that the goods were legally imported and that the relevant duties and taxes were paid. This was in contravention of Section 218 (d) of the Customs Act, Chapter 82:01.” The government agency said that an investigation is underway and information will be released to the public

upon completion. This was not the first time that GRA has seized smuggled liquor. A popular Main Street nightspot was recently in the news after a consignment of liquor came in on a shipment but was not declared. The management later said it was unaware of the liquor. But smuggled liquor, according to GRA officials, is big business for especially nightclubs and bars. A US$8 bottle of Tequila could be resold in Guyana for as much as $8,000. Vodka like the Absolute and Grey Goose brand, are also in high demand. The smuggled liquor comes especially from neighboring Suriname.

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Friday March 30, 2012

Wife committed to High Court for septic tank murder Approach to vessels governed Berbice Bridge...

by enacted laws - Company

GINA, The Berbice Bridge Company Inc. (BBCI) said that the decision taken for vessels to pay to pass under was to protect the integrity and is an enforcement of existing laws. The company in a release said that their approach to vessels using the river is wholly governed by the government approved Bridge Regulations made under the ‘The Berbice River Bridge Act (Act No. 3 of 2006)’ as enacted on November 11, 2009 and its responsibility to ensure the complete safety of the travelling public, both on the river and on the bridge. The release explained that after the opening of the bridge in December 2008, most small vessels such as tugs or barges and some vessels with shaped hulls were allowed to transit under the high span whether north or south bound. However, large vessels were made to book to transit through the retractor opening whether north or south bound. There was a series of incidents that resulted in vessels colliding with the bridge causing damage, some of which were major, to the bridge sub and super structure…there were also incidents in which vessels encountered problems and drifted dangerously close to the Bridge, so that if they had collided with it, major damage

would have resulted…as recently as last week, the M.V. Sandaka started drifting dangerously close to the bridge and the relevant authorities, had to be, and were written to about this matter”. BBCI also noted that some of the vessels using the river were unseaworthy with unlicensed pilots and sailors, as such, due to these incidents, the insurance cost to the bridge has increased significantly. “…with the advent of these regulations, in order to maximise safety for bridge traffic and river traffic, all vessels had to book to transit through the retractor opening”. BBCI said that there were two exceptions, first, the bauxite companies, which had spent millions of US dollars to modify their fleet of vessels so that they can pass under the High Span from the mines to the transshipment basin and vice versa and secondly, vessels carrying sugar. In view of the importance of sugar to the national economy, it was decided that unladen sugar vessels could pass under the high span when southbound, provided the mast(s) were below a certain height. They would however, have to pass through the retractor opening when laden and northbound; all vessels with their mast(s) above a certain height must

pass through the retractor opening. “In the latter part of 2011 and during the first quarter of 2012 some sugar vessels developed mechanical problems…on one occasion the propeller of one of the vessels fell off…the construction of these vessels, namely those with shaped hull and single propeller propulsion, increase the risk of collision with the bridge when they are fully laden and could cause significant damage to the cluster piles, pontoons, anchors, panels and transoms, thereby rendering the bridge unfit for its purpose”. “If BBCI allowed unrestricted access through the high span it would not be long before a serious incident occurred which could result in serious injuries to persons and in the prolonged close of the Bridge…BBCI which is owned by major financial institutions and other private sector entities in the country, takes its responsibilities very seriously...every major Bridge of this nature in the world has regulations defining the passage of vessels…it must be emphasised that safety cannot be compromised in anyway…every effort must be made to prevent loss of lives and injuries to those who use the bridge and damage to property”.

Fifty-nine year-old Desiree Jeffers was committed to stand trial in the High Court for the murder of police Detective Constable Igris Bobb-Blackman. The Preliminary Inquiry into the matter ended yesterday at the Wales …Magistrate’s Court before Magistrate Ann Mc Lennan, who threw out the defence’s no case submission. In making her ruling, Magistrate Mc Lennan told the court that she is convinced that a prima facie case was made out against the accused based on enough circumstantial evidence. The Magistrate then asked the accused if she had anything to say or if she was interested in calling any witness to the stand. The accused however declined the opportunity, saying that she would reserve her statements for the High Court.

On January 25th last year, Jeffers, a United States of America-based Guyanese, was charged with the murder of her reputed husband Igris Blackman. It is alleged that between Wednesday January

19 and Thursday 20, last, she murdered Bobb-Blackman. There were mixed emotions as the woman’s relatives appeared shocked at yesterday’s decision, while relatives of the deceased said they were satisfied and pleased with the court’s decision saying that from all indication, justice will be served. Bobb-Blackman went missing the day before his bound and gagged body was pulled from a septic tank at the back of a La Parfaite Harmonie house. The man’s body was discovered there by relatives who had mounted a search for him following his disappearance. A post mortem examination revealed that the 33-year-old Bobb-Blackman died as a result of a fractured skull due to blunt trauma to the head.

Less than a week after Vishnu Narine, a 42-year-old sailor of Golden Fleece, Essequibo Coast, allegedly jumped into the Essequibo River near the mining camp, at Rockstone, his family discovered his body at Butukari. Nandranie Narine, the man’s sister, said that she traveled to the area and launched a search for her brother’s remains with the assistance of some other people. According to Narine, her brother’s body had floated up several days earlier,

however no one took the body out of the river and she learnt that it drifted. She said the body was finally located and when she saw the remains of her brother the sight was devastating. Narine added that her brother had no feet and arms, and his nose was missing. Nandranie also said that her brother’s eyes were also missing. She said his face was swollen and there were visibly additional marks of violence on his body. The grieving woman said

that a hole was dug and her brother was buried. Nandranie said that the lone police officer ordered her to sign a statement and without realising what she was doing, she complied. She said that the police did not carry out any proper investigation and a post mortem was not conducted. Narine said that she learnt too, that her brother had some problems with some of the men with whom he was working and is calling on the police to exhume the body and conduct a thorough investigation.

Murder accused Desiree Jeffers.

Friday March 30, 2012

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Bandits pose as GPL operatives to rob Stewartville chicken farmer

The house where the robbery took place. Three bandits posing as employees of Guyana Power and Light Inc. descended on a chicken farmer in South East Housing Scheme, Stewartville, West Coast Demerara, yesterday, tied up the lone occupant of the house and escaped with an undisclosed sum of cash and jewelry. According to the victim, Seetaday Jagdeo, the same three persons that robbed her yesterday visited her home on Wednesday, claiming to be from GPL and pretended to be checking out her meter and house wiring. The partially traumatised woman explained that she shares the house with her husband and son. She said that she was cooking at the time when the

same three men visited her home once again yesterday and were walking around and looking at her meter. “I was cooking in the kitchen and see one of them standing at the door. I then asked him what he was doing there. He said that he come to check the meter since it got a fault. And he then ask me for some water,” she explained. Jagdeo said the tallest of the three men approached her from behind and pushed her, while another man came with a gun and placed her on a chair to sit before taping up her mouth, hands and feet with duct tape. “Then they ask me where the money and the jewelry deh. I then told them I had nothing much and they can take what they wanted and

leave me…One of them went upstairs and ransacked the house and downstairs too. They told me not to make any noise or they will shoot me.” The men then fled the scene. The chicken farmer explained that after a while, she did not hear any noise or sounds in the house and she realised that the bandits were gone. She then slipped out of her restraint and called for her neighbours to assist in releasing the duct tape. “They took the gold bangle on my hand and earrings. They carried away my cash and other valuables.” Miss Jagdeo added that the police subsequently visited her home and took a statement from her.

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Victim in Land of Canaan crash clings to life The condition of one of the four remaining victims of a two-vehicle crash at Land of Canaan, East Bank Demerara (EBD) earlier this month took a turn for the worse, sending family members into panic. Faith Evelyn, 19, of Mocha Village, also on the EBD, is now a patient in the High Dependency Unit (HDU) of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). Evelyn was previously in the Female Surgical Ward up to a week ago but her condition has turned from worrying to critical. Her father, Timothy Evelyn, told Kaieteur News that his daughter’s condition is severe. He said that he was told that his daughter is suffering from ruptured intestines. “They already perform two surgeries on her and there is another one pending,” the father stated. He said that although she can talk, the injured woman is unable to move around because she also sustained spinal injuries. The 19-year-old girl and four of her friends were involved in an accident involving two cars on March

Faith Evelyn a few days after the accident. Her condition has worsened. 4 last. Evelyn and her friends were rushed at the GPHC. One of her friends, Marvin Wray, 27, who was driving the car, was instantly admitted to the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU), where he succumbed a week later. Her remaining three friends were treated and later

discharged. Kaieteur News was initially told that the driver of the car that collided with the one Evelyn was travelling in, had escaped from the scene. However, yesterday a source said that the driver was hospitalised and the police are still conducting further investigation.

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Friday March 30, 2012

AFC calls for acquitted NBS managers to be compensated


he Alliance For Change (AFC) has come out in support of the senior managers of the New Building Society (NBS) who were recently acquitted of charges of conspiracy to defraud. In June 2007, the then Director/Secretary/CEO, Maurice Arjoon; Operations Manager, Kent Vincent and Mortgage Manager, Kissoon Baldeo were charged. According to AFC Executive Member, Gerhard Ramsaroop, it is almost five years and the three accused have not been paid monies due, including the pension for the CEO, to which he has contributed for 30 years. It is therefore evident that an investigation is urgently needed. He explained that the party is of the firm view that it should not live in a country where laws are blatantly broken and the victim must resort to the courts to prove his/her innocence, which can then take years. “Staff, in support of the three men, soon after signed a petition confirming that the following day the Chairman of NBS said to them, ‘I know that none of these gentlemen did not benefit from a penny; I looked at the Principles of Accounts (POA) and having 41yrs of service, I could not detect that it was fake. Up to now the police don’t know nor do we know if this document was forged. We know that they are innocent but the matter is now in court so we have to wait’,” Ramsaroop said. He explained that the NBS Board of Directors did not wait, and the services of the three officers were terminated shortly after. F u r t h e r, d e s p i t e t h e statement by the Chairman, Directors of NBS later held press conferences implying the guilt of these men, with one even stating “the Perpetrators were handed over to the Police.” Ramsaroop said, former Director David Yhann, publicly confirmed that at no time did the NBS Board contemplate that the three men were criminally or

otherwise involved in the fraudulent withdrawal of funds from a member’s account. He explained that the AFC has noted that soon after the men were charged, they wrote to the Minister of Finance, Attorney General and Cabinet Secretary to have the matter investigated, with information provided on how their innocence can be proven. “We have been informed also that the Bank of Guyana and the External Auditors of NBS may have conducted investigations indicating that the three men were innocent,” Ramsaroop told members of the media recently. In 2008 two Directors, Leon Rockcliffe and David Yhann, wrote to the media reaffirming their resignations and their wish not to be associated with NBS board decisions, which they felt could cause harm to the good name and reputation of the NBS. “They asked that their resignations should also be seen as a protest against the direction in which some Directors appear bent on taking the New Building Society, one which they feel will ultimately not serve the best interests of the members and Guyana as a whole.” In July 2010, Amendments to the NBS Act was forced through the N a t i o n a l A s s e m b l y, changing the maximum 100 members ( required to apply to the Minister to inspect the books and examine into and report on the affairs of the NBS if they felt it was necessary) to approximately 10,000, a virtually impossible feat. The AFCs Khemraj Ramjattan had felt that the Bill was aimed at “empowering and entrenching” the board members who were close f r i e n d s o f t h e administration. He had noted that while the AFC supported a majority of the proposed amendments, there were some which were a “degradation of good governance” and were aimed at “outfoxing” certain persons. He said too that this did not reflect transparency.

Friday March 30, 2012

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Europe wants more foreign market access for its goods, services The European Commission is pushing for a more level playing field for its products and services. Yesterday, the body signaled its intentions to restrict market access to countries that do not allow fair trade. The Commission disclosed that it is proposing to improve business opportunities for EU firms in procurement markets. The last available statistics indicate that in 2010, Guyana exported to the EU, goods worth 170 million Euros, whilst its imports from the EU were 89 million Euros, thus creating a positive trade balance in Guyana’s favour of 81 million Euros. With these results, the EU continues to be the third most important trade partner of Guyana after Canada and the USA. Main items of Guyanese exports to the EU are sugar and its derivatives, rice, bauxite, rum, processed timber, diamonds and sea food. Guyana’s imports from the EU include machinery and mechanical appliances, dairy, agricultural products and medicines. “The main objective of the initiative is to help open worldwide public procurement markets and to ensure European businesses

…threatens to restrict trade to non-complying countries have fair access to them. The proposal also aims to ensure that all companies (both European and non-European firms) are on an equal footing when it comes to competing for business in the EU’s lucrative public procurement market,” a European Commission statement said. Public procurement affects a substantial share of world trade flows and amounts to •1,000 billion per year. “In the EU, public procurement represents up to 19% of GDP and is an essential lever for kickstarting growth again, especially during an economic crisis. The EU’s public procurement market is traditionally very open. However, this is not always matched by a similar degree of openness by our trading partners.” The Commission, in its statement, insisted that worldwide, only a quarter of the world’s procurement market is open for international competition. “The restrictions applied by our trading partners affect sectors where the EU is highly

competitive, such as construction, public transport, medical devices, power generation and pharmaceuticals.” INCENTIVES The new initiative proposed by the Commission will see an increase in the incentives for the EU’s trading partners to open up their public procurement markets to EU bidders. “It will ensure that EU companies can compete in the internal market with foreign companies on an equal footing. This initiative shall increase business opportunities for EU companies, both in the EU and internationally; boost the potential for small- and medium-sized enterprises to operate in a globalised economy; and increase employment and promote innovation in the EU.” Michel Barnier, European Commissioner responsible for the Internal Market and Services, has declared: “The EU should no longer be naïve and should aim for fairness and reciprocity in world trade. Our initiative builds on Europe’s belief that the

The European Commission wants more access to international markets for its goods and has threatened to restrict businesses for countries that do not comply. opening up of public procurement generates benefits at global and European levels. We are open for business and we are ready to open up more, but only if companies can compete on an equal footing with their competitors. The Commission will remain vigilant in the defence of

European interests and European companies and jobs.” Karel De Gucht, European Commissioner for Trade, said: “I am a firm believer in making sure trade flows freely, and government procurement must be an essential part of open trade markets worldwide. It’s good for

business, good for consumers and brings value for money for taxpayers. This proposal will increase the leverage of the European Union in international negotiations and with our partners to open up their procurement markets for European companies. I am (Continued on page 24)

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Guyanese-American attorney takes lead role in USA ObamaCare case Deborah Misir, a prominent GuyaneseAmerican attorney, has filed legal briefs and participated in the most important litigation before the US Supreme Court in 50 years the Obamacare case. In 2010, the US Congress passed and US President Barack Obama signed the US Affordable Care Act (also known as ObamaCare that would require all Americans to purchase private health insurance from private insurance companies, or pay a large fine to the government. The US federal government does not have the authority, under the Commerce Clause of the US Constitution, to force Americans to purchase health insurance from private insurance companies. The US Supreme Court should strike down the individual mandate as unconstitutional, stated Misir. Misir is a partner in the New York law firm of Lally & Misir (, a top rated commercial, international and immigration law firm. Before entering private practice, Misir served in Washington, DC as a White House Ethics attorney and as the United States Deputy Assistant Secretary of Labour. She is the highestranking Guyanese-American to have served in the United States government. Misir is the daughter of

Deborah Misir New Amsterdam, Guyanabased attorney Jorawar Misir. The US Supreme Court took an unprecedented three days of oral argument during this week, and is expected to render a decision on the ObamaCare case in June. Misir has been extensively profiled in the US media, including by New York Newsday Bobbing in the sea of legal papers filed in the dispute over the new national health care law is a 25-page brief filed by a Mineola law firm with fewer attorneys than the U.S. Supreme Court has justices. Lally & Misir, a sevenmember firm, filed a friend-ofthe-court brief with the court on behalf of the Caesar Rodney Institute, a Delaware advocacy group against the Affordable Care Act that requires every American to buy medical insurance.

“We have a reputation for doing a lot of constitutional litigation, even though we’re small,” partner Deborah Misir said. “As far as we know, and we’ve checked extensively, we are the only Long Island firm involved in the appeals.” Misir, a graduate of the University of Minnesota law school, has been an attorney for 14 years and served with the U.S. Justice and Labor Departments. Grant Lally, a graduate of Boston University School of Law, has been prominent in Republican politics and ran unsuccessfully for Congress in 1994 against Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-Roslyn Heights). “This is the most important case now before the U.S. Supreme Court and most important case dealing with the scope of federal power in a generation,” Lally said. “I felt it was important that we contribute, to be part of this case and support the position of individual freedom and constraint on government power.” The attorneys said they were approached by Caesar Rodney and also filed papers on the group’s behalf in the U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Florida, which ruled the health law unconstitutional last year. Two other federal appeals courts upheld it, leading to the case before the nine justices of the Supreme Court this week. Misir said the brief argues that Congress failed to explicitly point out that it was acting under its authority to regulate interstate commerce. “It is particularly troubling that Congress failed to make a more explicit statement in its findings underlying the act because historically health care and welfare is the domain of the states, not the federal government,” it said.

Friday March 30, 2012

BlueBerry Hill interior designer held for Linden murder A Blue Berry Hill, Linden man was on Wednesday evening taken into police custody for allegedly murdering Texwayne Duncan in May Last year. But according to the man’s father Henry Thompson, his son, Adrian Thompson was not even in Linden when Duncan was murdered. The elder Thompson is convinced that the police detention of his son was orchestrated by a vengeful neighbour who had a misunderstanding with the young suspect. “Now ten or eleven months after this Texwayne get murder, police coming and pick up me son, who don’t

know anything about that because at the time of that murder, my son was in Mabura, where he had gone to do a wedding. You know he does the interior décor for halls and such like-so I really don’t know who come up with this ridiculous idea that Adrian kill that guy- that is really crazy. I brought up my children to be peaceful law-abiding citizens. They don’t get into problems with nobody. But where the police is concerned, they don’t look in the right places, but they always taking advantage of innocent people, while the real culprits walking the streets free, because of their connections.”

Thompson said that his son was taken to the Mackenzie Police station and later transferred to the Amelia’s Ward Station. Last year Texwayne Duncan was murdered and set alight in his car in a desolate area in South Amelia’s Ward. Neighbours had reportedly heard a loud explosion and subsequently witnessed the conflagration. Some eyewitnesses had reported seeing three persons, two men and a woman hurrying away from the scene. The following day, police removed Duncan’s charred remains from the burnt out car.

Europe wants more foreign... (From page 23) confident that they will then get a fair opportunity at winning government contracts overseas and so generate jobs.” The Commission stressed yesterday that the EU commitments taken in the WTO (World Trade Organisation) Government Procurement Agreement and bilateral trade agreements are fully respected with this initiative. “The initiative clarifies EU international commitments for the European contracting authorities in a legally binding manner.” Among other things, the proposal for a regulation will be calling for an important level of openness of the EU’s public procurement market. “The Commission may approve that EU contracting authorities, for contracts above •5 million, exclude tenders comprising a significant part of foreign

goods and services where these contracts are not covered by existing international agreements. In the event of repeated and serious discrimination against European suppliers in nonEU countries, the Commission will have at its disposal a mechanism allowing it to restrict access to the EU market, if the country outside the EU does not engage in negotiations to address market access imbalances.” Any restrictive measures will be targeted, for example, by excluding tenders originating in a non-EU country or imposing a price penalty. Finally, the proposal increases transparency on abnormally low offers in order to combat unfair competition by non-EU suppliers on the European market. BACKGROUND The 2011 Commission Communication on a “Single Market Act” and the 2010 “Trade, Growth and World Affairs” both highlighted fair competition and access to public procurement markets as one of the key tools for economic growth and job creation, in particular in the context of the recent

economic crisis. In its conclusions of 23 October 2011, the European Council called for a Commission proposal for an EU instrument for opening up public procurement, pointing out that Europe will continue to promote free, fair and open trade whilst at the same time asserting its interests in a spirit of reciprocity and mutual benefit in relation to the world’s largest economies. In December last year, the European Commission presented an overall programme to modernise public tendering in the EU. “Today’s initiative complements this domestic effort with a set of rules for the external dimension of the procurement policy. The EU has traditionally been an open economy and an advocate of free trade. This includes public procurement. The EU’s approach is not entirely shared worldwide. Most of the EU’s major trading partners operate restrictive public procurement practices which discriminate against EU suppliers.” The current economic crisis has increased the use of such practices.

Friday March 30, 2012

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The Abigail Column Don’t get too drawn in to your ex-husband’s affairs

DEARABIGAIL, I divorced “Steven” several months ago after many years of marriage. Friends were shocked and puzzled by the divorce. One said she always thought we were “the perfect couple.” Unfortunately, my exhusband is a sex addict. I came up with the names of 50 women (I know there were many more) with whom he had a sexual relationship. At any one time, he was seeing as many as 10 women. He kept records that described some of his encounters. Knowing about his

promiscuity, I had to be tested for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Here’s my dilemma: I know he’s still seeing as many women as possible. Most are probably clueless about what kind of man he really is. He has been seeing some of these women for more than three years. I really don’t feel I should interfere in Steven’s life because we’re divorced, but should I alert any of the women as to his true nature? Or should I let them live with their delusions? Conflicted Dear Conflicted, If you can craft a very simple message that is both informative and impersonal, and if you can send this

message to other women that you know your ex-husband is sexually involved with, you would be giving them an important health warning (leave their delusions out of it). I suggest you set up a separate e-mail address for yourself and send a message like the following to the women whose contact information you can locate: “I was married to Steven for many years, and it has come to my attention that he has been sexually involved with many other women. If you have had a sexual relationship with him, I suggest you get tested for STDs, as I have done.” Beyond this warning, I would discourage you from getting too drawn in to your ex-husband’s affairs.

Friday March 30, 2012 ARIES (MAR 21 - APR 19): A new job offer or promotion in an existing position will be accompanied by pleasing financial news. You will have to work hard to earn the respect of a tough minded colleague but your sign never shies away from a challenge. ******************************* TAURUS (APR 20 - MAY 20): Mild aggression coupled with charm and creativity will carry you successfully through the day. When opportunity knocks, don’t be reluctant to push yourself forward. ******************************* GEMINI (MAY 21 - JUN 20): Seize the chance to catch up on family business and personal affairs even if you had no such plans as the day began. An all round renewal in optimism is likely to take the form of a joint agreement which will bring future benefits your way. ******************************* CANCER (JUN 21 - JUL 22): You draw strength from the help, support, praise and respect of family and friends. The best results will come through group efforts. ******************************* LEO (JUL 23 - AUG 22): You might choose to abstain from romantic and social delights in order to develop a skill or pursue a special aim. If you feel you have been neglecting your talents, now’s the time to work on ideas that have been brewing in your mind. ******************************* VIRGO (AUG 23 - SEP 22): Whether it’s a day out with friends or an overseas jaunt, a change of scene would do you the power of good.

LIBRA (SEP 23 - OCT 22): Working behind the scenes will give you a hidden advantage over those who don’t know what’s going on in the background. ******************************* SCORPIO (OCT 23 NOV 21): Wherever you might be, a busy, relentless pace awaits. Keep forging forward as the rewards could be substantial. An eventful day when your admirable efforts will win the admiration and approval of people who matter. ******************************* SAGITTARIUS (NOV 22 - DEC 21): Today’s hard working efforts could lead you to making a major step towards achieving a life long ambition. If promotion is not offered to you today, you can be sure it is very much in the offing. ******************************* CAPRICORN (DEC 22 JAN 19): A work related journey or change of scene could make you realise what you have been missing out on lately. Although it might not be possible today, you might make it your aim to find more time for leisure and pleasure in the future. ******************************* AQUARIUS (JAN 20 FEB 18): Where there are problems and difficulties, you have the power to reverse your current situation. All you need do is acknowledge that you are in control and you are ready to take charge. ******************************* PISCES (FEB 19 - MAR 20): A spirited encounter could make you look at someone you’ve rarely had time for in the past, with new eyes.

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Chief Justice rules DPP advice.... From page 8 that it was a case in which such misunderstanding of her function as a prosecutorial authority had to be corrected by way of judicial review in the public interest. Justice Chang said that the case was an appropriate occasion to debunk the pervasive fallacy that the decision whether or not to prosecute rests solely on the answer to the legal question as to whether there is a prima facie case and that the reliability of the contents of statements made to the Police in criminal investigations is within the exclusive province of the jury. “The low rate of prosecutorial success and the heavy backlog of criminal matters pending hearing may well have a functional relationship with this fallacy which seems to permeate the mindset of the prosecutorial authorities in Guyana. The decision whether or not to prosecute is of fundamental importance in the criminal justice system – particularly in an accusatorial system which obtains in Guyana. It is a very important stage in the criminal process since it involves far reaching consequences to those affected by it.” The consequences for a defendant frequently do involve irretrievable loss of reputation or employment, disruption of family relations, substantial financial expenditure and even deprivation of pre trial liberty. The consequences for the victim of a crime where an incorrect decision not to prosecute is made can be equally damaging. As such, Justice Chang stated, it behoves prosecutorial authorities, such as the DPP to perform their function in such decision–making carefully and consistently with rationality and legality (and with procedural fairness). The Chief Justice also ordered that Greene pay costs of $50,000. Meanwhile, Attorney at Law Neil Boston, who represented Greene, told the media yesterday that the charge recommended against

the Commissioner is based on irrationality and if the decision is irrational, the Chief Justice has the jurisdiction to set it aside. He explained that it doesn’t

matter how clamorous is the call made by John Public that there should be a public trial. A public trial ought not to be taken if there is not a realistic prospect of a conviction.

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ACCOMMODATION Signature Inn luxury suits & apartments formerly Raddison suites 83 Laluni St Queenstown cheap room rates. Call: 227-5037, 226-2145 WANTED Garden/ maintenance crew 15-28yrs. Exciting job/ Georgetown. Call:621-2453 Waitress for bar, preferably from East Bank, 19- 23 yrs. Call: 233-5477/643-2090 for interview. Male & female between ages 35-45 for New Security Company experience an asset. Tel: 231-0633 Experience Dispatcher. Call: 227-1200, 225-4111 Responsible hire car driver, contact: 231-7475. 1 babysitter to work in the Interior. Call: 663-4476 Live in maid must know to cook. Call: 663-4476 1 handy boy to work in the Interior. Call: 663-4476

WANTED Drivers, porters and office clerk with computer, Apply at Survival Lot 10 Vlissengen Rd 1 half Day Gardener for 3 Days a week. Call; 220-3973 between 8:00am- 12:00pm One able body security guard from Grove Diamond Scheme area to work at night. Call: 623-1615, 225-5800 Carpenters, masons, labourers, bulldozers& excavator operator, truck drivers. Call: 681-0685, 6263644

Experienced Tractor drivers to work on Logging concession. Call: 261-2553

Experience dispatchers, mini bus and taxi drivers at princess hotel. Contact: 2657075, 616-5419

1 Maid, 1 handyman to work at hotel. Apply in person @ 12 Henry Street. Tel: 2236284

Seamstress with factory experience $2,500-$3,500 perday. Call: 225-2598

Live-in/ live-out babysitter/ clerk/domestic. Call: 2250188,225-6070 Technical series Inc Industrial Site Eccles, 1 accounts clerk, Tool room clerk, 1 Industrial electrician, apply in person. Call: 6144358 Minibus drivers. Call Wayne: 664-4945 1 welder/ fabricator, 2 machinist (must know to weld) knowledge of late sharper & milling machines for interior. Call: 679-9088 2 cooks to work in the interior female $80,000. Age 35-45. Call: 686-2201 East Coast Guyoil wanted day & night pump attendants, washman, manager, office assistants & sales girls. Call: 684-2838, 671-3983 EXPERIENCE SALES CLERK FOR HARDWARE ELECTRICAL,CLERK FOR HARDWARE E L E C T R I C A L D E PA R T M E N T COMPUTER LITERATE, HARDWARE EMPORIUM Small business needs live pigs, cows and red snapper @ whole sale price. CallDenella: 675-9801, 231-0635 Live in attractive waitress. Call: 228-5129 1 live in domestic &50,000. Age 35-45. Call: 686-2201

One shop assistant. Must be willing and hard-working. Serious enquires only. Contact:225-2940 One experience waitress @ Mambo’s Barr 93 Barr Street Kitty 2 certified mechanics for overseas job. Contact Jonny: 611-8742 Shikhan, cleaners & casher, apply in person 34 Princess Street Wortmanville One general domestic must be clean & honest. Must start working at 8:00am to 5:00pm. Please Call: 639-9473, 233-2631 One cook at Bar B Que Shack 76 Church & Light Street Alberttown. Call: 639-1764 Labourers and Porters, apply Wieting & Richter Ltd.

SERVICES Permanent &Visitors Visa Applications Professional Immigration Consultant Room E-4 Maraj Building 225-6496/662-6045. ONLINE SHOPPING NO COMMISSION, WEEKLY S H I P M E N T S , AFFORDABLE RATES, FREE PRIVATE MAILBOX T E L # 2 3 1 - 5 7 8 9 FREIGHTLINKEXPRESS@ GMAIL.COM WE FILL OUT PASSPORT & VISA FORMS:USA, UK & CANADA TEL#231-5789 We repair fridge, freezer, AC, washer. Omar:231-0655,6838734

Vehicle steam cleaning. Tel: 627-7835

Register now for full time & adults CXC classes. Call: 683-5742, 227-7627 Easter computer classes all ages-$6,500, Micro Graphics Technology Vreed-en-Hoop/ Grove Public Road. Call: 2643057 Easter computer classes all ages &6,500, Micrographics Technology Parika Highway (Bollywood Building). Call: 670-5734

FOR SALE I slate pool table. Call: 2654161

Repairs, sale & spares, air conditioning, microwaves, washer, fridges, stoves. Ultra Cool: 225-9032, 647-2943

One new brand craftsman tiller (motor plough) 208 CC engine price: $140,000. NegCall: 685-6589, 683-1215


Taurpoline any size US Army Surplus Mix Color for trucks/ dredge camp, 20x20=$40,000, 20x30=$60,000.Call: 681-0786

House plan drafting for only $10,000. Call: 694-9843 VISA FOR USA, CANADA OR THE UK! Non immigrant visa application processing. 225-0762, 18 Garnette Street VISAPLUS For all general construction, carpentry, mason, painting etc. Affordable Cost. Call: 648-7013, 231-0821


Live in attractive waitress (Preferably) from Berbice. Call: 650-7144

Creative Cakes with Wilton certified cake decorating. Call Corrie:225-7298, 610-8333

One general domestic to cook and clean. Tel: 226-1877 or 641-3687

Character cakes: 1-lb #5,000. Call: 223-9497

MASSAGE American style massages service. Call: 609-4036 Relax your mind and body try a massage. Call: 622-6256

FOR SALE QSC Amps, Denon 5000 Juggler, Roland sampler 404, Ashly EQ & Crossover, also speaker: RCF 18", RCF 12" Celestion 15" Peavey 44 xt Drivers. Contact: 644-3390. 2 Miller welder. Tel:660-7572/ 621-6952 Toyota Starlet 2 E Turbo engine with gearbox and ECU: Call: 624-7155. Diving suits. Call: 613-5158/ 265-3449 One Tapir with Datsun engine $240,000 neg. Goed Fortuin Public Road. Call: 253-3349 4 Massey Ferguson tractors & one 45" flat screen TV & one pressure Washer. Contact Rayman:668-9020

Trinidad work permit enquires. Call: 614-4705/6758352

Jet and Marack men to work in interior. Tel: 694-2310

Off road drivers for logging company; Bedford Company TM & MACK double axel trucks, attractive salary. Call: 694-2554, 661-1075

EDUCATIONAL Princeton College Forms 15 CXC Adults Lesson for students. S.A.T.-Phonics etc. Call: 690-5008/611-3793

We refill HP cartridges for $1,800. Call:650-7699

Courses in cake decoration, pastry making & cookery, tel: 670-0798. Wedding dresses for sale & rental.

Sales girls & porters apply with application, Best Buy Food Suppliers, lot 1 E Dennis and Middleton Street C/Ville

Friday March 30, 2012

2 seas Doo Jet Ski for sale. Contact: 233-5289/ 657-4114 1 Cargo ship 1500 Tons as is, engines need repairs. Call: 227-2027, 623-4045 Sony video camera. Call: 2661969, 682-8380 Larvada Cylinder trackchain and Gearbox. Call: 657-5145 1 steel barrage as is 198ft x 50ft, 114ft Draft. Tel: 2272027, 623-4045 Clarion, Clarion Crossover, Rockford, Fosgate, Alphasonic, Lighting cap, Pioneers’’ in box, Delta PRO 8’’ Eminence. Call: 657-0529

(4) Caterpillar (long booms & short booms) also spare parts for CAT 312 & short booms for CAT 320. Tel: 656-2350 NARS lipgloss, eyeshadow & Clinique lipstick. Tel: 6698374. Satellite phone with minutes. Call: 614-4705/675-8352 Two cabin cruise boat 43 feet length, width 8 ft dept 5 ft @ Soesdyke East Bank Demerara. Call: 611-9297 Bottle cap & seal. Call: 2318819 10 acre of lease land at Kuru Kururu. Call: 692-6239 High end Greases water resistant Heavy Duty 5 gal pail $23,800. Call: 653-0666 Clean empty barrels 45 gal. call: 653-0666 New Dell laptops, Mp3/Mp4, car music transmitter, card reader. Call: 642-6664 New nails airbrushes & compressor kit Brushes, compressor & hose-$35,000. Call: 226-3077

FOR SALE Blackberry Torch- $90,000, Mita Photocopy machine $180,000. Call: 653-0666. Dell computers complete with LCD from $49,000, Dell. Future Tech. Call:231-2206, 644-6760 Spares for washer, microwaves, fridges, stoves timers, gear boxes, pumps etc. contact: 225-9032, 6472943 1 Ice cream truck, slush machine, pop corn machine, freezer, cotton candy machine, 1 ice cream machine. Call: 641-2597 Roofing shingles $5,995 per bundle. Call: Mr.Skepmire: 227-5195 Slightly damaged zinc sheets. Call: 226-7054 1 Cannon HD Camcorder. Call: 673-1232 1 Overhauled & repainted Ford 5000 tractor with Boughton winch. Call: 6619318 Original slimming green coffee 800 and 1000 available. Wholesale. Call: 681-2111 Taxi service for sale, cars already in yellow serious enquires only. Call:6609977, 621-1548, 226-7268 Pool tables, freezer, QSC Peavey Amplifier Ashly cross over RCF & SPEAKER, CD & DVD Duplicator’s chairs & table. Call: 601-7776 Games for PSP -$900, PS2$1,200, WII-$1,600, x-Box 360-$2,600. Junior: 672-2566, 265-3231 Champion pure bred Rottweiler pups parents imported. Grandparents are international champions in the dog show. Call: 6852584.

PLAY STATION 3 & XBOX 360 Video games call of Duty MW3, Uncharted 3 etc. Call: 609-8132 (Max)

1 330 Bedford engine for sale excellent condition. Contact:687-4490

120 KVA Perkins generator excellent condition $2 Million. Contact Brian: 6281079

1 complete 14’’ Misil water Dredge excellent condition. Contact: 663-0852

Lancer Cedia 4G15 CS2A Engine, throttle body and transmission for sale. Contact: 609-4121 price negotiable

Used cassette AC units 36,000 BTU 3 Ton $160,000, 48,000 BTU 4 Ton $200,000. Contact Brain: 628-1079

1 company laptop computer. Call: 675-1168 Puppies’ German shepherds, we also have Pit-bull pups. Top line best quality. Call: 622-1957

American made Generac generator 7000 watts gas/ Propane, low noise, automatic transfer switch cylinder included. Call: 6463326,612-1486

1 blackberry repairs kit $5,000, 1 laptop Acer $70,000 almost brand-new, new cordless phones $12,000 each. Call: 622-1957, 2336631

One 2002 Tundra, low mileage and one welder 4 cylinder with Perkins engine 400amps. Call: 685-8962, 6115114

Magrims set for only $100,000, 2 metal detectors for security $10,000 each. Call: 622-1957, 233-6631

Brand new Laptops, fully programmed , antivirus 2018, web cam, leather bag $89,000, tel: 609-7625

6 weeks old Pitbull pups, 2 female and 1 male vaccinated. Call: 653-7772, 641-3458 Gold & Diamond land concession, take up procession to work. Call: 600-0036 or 223-1719 5000 BTU window A/C, 600 Watt Generator switch ceiling/light hanging light. Tel:646-3326, 612-1486 1 IPod 32 GB. Call: 682-8236 (Continued on page 27)

Friday March 30, 2012

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(From page 26) LAND FOR SALE House lots on East Bank Demerara. Call: 692-0509 Transported- Land of Canaan. Tel: 266-0014/6698139 Lot 20 St.John’s and Savannah Road New Amsterdam, 85’x60’. Call: 615-2085

CAR RENTAL Cars. Call: 643-1131 Al’s cars canter & pick up rental. Call:698-7807 Progressive auto rental, cars from $3,500 per day. Call: 643-5122, 656-0087, Premio, 110 Corolla. Call: 679-7139

TOUR (Rodeo - Rodeo ) excitement Rodeo in Lethem site, Seeing fun Easter Weekend. Call: 639-2663, 665-5171, 6440185, 227-8290

1 BJJ Mini bus 1.1 Million. Call: 622-1031 TO LET 1-3 bedroom furnished 2 Flat houses Nandy Park fully grilled enclosed Garage. Price $120,000. Tel: 670-9302, MMC. Security Service

1 Toyota land cruiser pickup, 2008 model. Fully loaded with all accessories 27,000KM. Tel: 656-2350 1 Toyota Hilux double cab pickup PKK series. Tel: 2278682, 227-3681

PROPERTY FOR SALE Essequibo 3 bedroom-18M, 4 Stalls Bourda-9.8M. Steve: 629-4231 Flat concrete house at Kuru kururu, land 100x200. Call: 692-0509 Property in Pomona, Essequibo Coast, two storeys -30x50. Price negotiable. Call: 690-4673

Furnished two bedroom apt Eccles E.B.D. Tel: 698-3644/ 602-5089

Just arrived: Allion and Premio, tel: 624-2000, 6221610

Transported property 3 stand New Amsterdam Berbice. Flat concrete building 8.M negotiable. Contact: 220-2936, 333-4419

Newly built apt. call:698-6496

1 Toyota Tundra, magrims, tray canter, fully loaded, $3.5M, 1 Nissan Titan $3.5M, GMM Series. Tel: 227-2027, 623-4045

Diamond-$18.5M, Atlantic Garden-$18M, Mahicony$60M. Steve: 699-5490

Short term apartment Eccles, 679-7139 One 1 bedroom furnished apt Parfaite Harmonie W.B.D. Call: 602-8769, 6947817 Lamaha Garden-$90,000, South-$100,000, Bel AirUS1700, Hotel & Bar -US1700 / US$3,500. Diana: 227-2256

1 Dually, Dodgeram ideal for interior purposes, off road tires.GNN Series. Tel: 2272027, 623-4045

Short term apartments. Tel: 667-1549

Cherokee Lovado 4 door fully powered automatic excellent condition PHH series $2.2M. Call:621-4000/ 690-6000

Hair & Nails stations must have clients $5,000 per week Middleton St C/Ville. Call: 619-5357

Unregistered Tundra, Tacoma and interstate batteries. Call: 265-2103, 6459860

2 bedrooms Top Flat. Self contained 16 Stanley town W.B.D. Call: 689-9836

Mercedes Benz A 140 PMM series excellent condition $3.2M. Call:621-4000/6906000

1 bottom flat for rent for couple. Contact: 265-4867

Paramaribo 7th -11th comfortable rates Capoey Lake , St-Cuthbert’s Mission, 8th, 9th April. Joy: 218-1285, 657-0825 LEARN TO DRIVE B&C Driving School pick up & drop off: 225-0150, 6806826, 229-7258

SALON Make up courses, artist trained & certified in Trinidad: 660-5257,647-1773

VEHICLES FOR SALE 99 Honda Civic Leather interior. Call:648-2075

Prudential learning “Training to pass” stick/ manual also automatic. Call: 642-4827. We’re #1 VEHICLES FOR SALE

Cosmetology courses. Tel: 225-6026, 682-2604

1 long base Canter for sale going cheap. Contact: 2654867

Quality yourself in Cosmetology or nails, make up, Register, Limited spaces. Call Abby: 216-1950, 6197603, 666-5241

Leaving must sell Red BMW, 635 CSI, Lexus, LS 400, Good working condition/ BMW 740 IL. Call:646-8326/612-1486

UNREGISTERED ALLION, PREMIO, RUNX, ALLEX, SPACIO, 2-ton Canter, tel: 677-7666 / 610-7666 White Honda CRV, fully loaded flair kit, sun roof, AC, magrims, 2.5M Negotiable. Call: 673-8467

3 bedroom flat house @ 20th Street Diamond New Scheme. Call: 680-3345, 2330134 BV-$6M, Prospect (E.B.D)$12M, Eccles-$45M, Bel Air$45M. Diana: 227-2256, 6269382 House for sale 275 Third Street Grove Housing Scheme. Call: 698-3886, 6926699 Rosignol Village W.C.D. Call: 330-2551, 648-3245

VACANCY Office assistant. Send application to Shigam Inc by

Toyota Premio & Raum Fully loaded and unregistered. Call: 269-0432, 686-0323

Movie Grill is looking for cashier & waitress call between 8:00am -5:00pm Mon-Fri. Tel: 233-6631, 6221957

1- Toyota IST, Fog lamps, TV, Spoiler, full body kit, mag rims, CD player, reverse camera. Call: 612-4017

For porters, carpenters, mason, apply in person ,65Robb & Orange walk ,Bourda

Hilux 4x4 solid Def pick up, Diesel, long base, excellent condition. Call: 623-0243

Vacancy male and female workers accountant checker RA Soda Factory Berbice. Call: 330-2399, 623-5920

One Hilux Vigo 2011 (New) GNN series. Contact: 2315171, 619-7134 1 Toyota Corolla AE 91. Contact: 696-9078. Price negotiable 1 Camry $600,000. Tel: 6216965 1- Fielder Wagon, complete Flair kit Hid headlight fog lamp, late PNN series fully loaded. Call: 626-9519

Good Hope Branch Ban Manger sale manager driver Albion Ban Manger Canter/Delivers apply in person @ P.Ramroop & Sons, 23 Lombard Street with references from previous employers Porters apply in person @ P. Ramroop & sons

Nissan Titan 2005, 4 wheel drive PMM series, excellent condition $3M. Call: 6214000/690-6000 Mercedes Benz S 300, fully powered, leather seats armored $3.8M. Call: 6214000/690-6000

DRESSMAKING 6 weeks course in designing & sewing. Call Sharmela: 225-2598, 641-0784

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Mayor’s Cup Annual KO Inter Ward Football continues today Tiger Bay will square off with Alberttown in a highly anticipated thriller moments before West Ruimveldt opposes Newtown in another masterpiece when action continues in the Mayor’s Cup Annual Knock-Out Inter Ward Football tournament at the Georgetown Football Club this afternoon. Tiger Bay will field a strong lineup as it attempts to cart off the $500,000 put up by Banks DIH for the team that finishes first. Captain of that team, Solomon Austin will be parading the centre half position with Shemroy Author in the midfield position and striker, Rensford Coldridge should provide valuable support. Calvin Shepard, who has been performing in the Pro Leagues in Trinidad and Tobago, will also comprise the squad thus heightening its chances of progressing to the next round. Alberttown will also feel that it has an even chance of winning with the likes of the prolific Michael Henry who is in the hunt for the most goals prize after breaching the uprights thrice in earlier games. Two worthwhile defense players, Delon Cadogan and Michael Stewart should present problems for the Tiger Bay squad which presents an interesting scenario. The West Ruimveldt/ Newtown Kitty match should also an interesting affair. The formidable strike duo of Nedd Fraser and Devon Millington should present a strong challenge for the team from Newtown Kitty. Add the skills and versatility of Dwayne Ali and Sherman David in the

defense and the Newtown Kitty side could be hard pressed to advance. However, that team boasts an equally strong lineup in midfielder Gavin Bobb and strikers Eon Hopkinson and Prince Wharton. Then there is Michael Stewart in the defense that creates doubts of the opposition’s ability to get past the defense cordon. The action so far has been riveting and from all indications this trend is set to continue. Meanwhile, Digicel will put up the second prize of $250,000 while Beepat and Sons has donated $150,000 for the team finishing in the third place. The Guyana Beverage Company will take care of the $100,000 fourth prize. Several other corporate entities have also contributed to the success of the tournament including MACORP, John Fernandes Ltd, Nazar Mohamed of Mohamed’s Enterprise, Lombard Street, CIDI, General Equipment Guyana Ltd, New Thriving Restaurant, Sterling Products and Courtney Benn Construction Company. Activities commence at 16:30hrs. Other playing dates are April 1, 4, 6, 10 and 13 when the final and third place playoff will be staged.

DEFENDING CHAMPS WOLF WARRIORS... From page 29 a lesson, thumping them by 52 runs. Monar Educational Institute 120-3 in 10 overs; Zaheer Mohamed 82 off just 32 balls. Hit and Run XI 68-8 in their 10 overs. Trophy Stall XI mauled Back Road Boyz by 106 runs. Trophy Stall 130-8 in 10 overs; Surujpaul Deosarran scoring an 18 ball 50. Back Road Boyz saw just why Trophy Stall XI are considered one of the top teams by being as they were reduced to a meagre 24-9 in their overs. March 25 at Everest Pitch 1 Everest vs CID Headquaters, Everest won by 66 runs. The Vipers lost to Supreme Warriors by 25 runs. P&B Electrical lost to Builders Lumber Yard X1 by 8 wickets. Ultimate Challengers lost to PP All Star by 8 wickets. Toucan Power House defeated Tarmac Allstar by 3 wickets. Round 3 Queenstown Masjid defetaed Backstreet Warriors 6 wickets. Regal X1 hammered tamed Blazing Lions by 8 wickets. Young Guns X1 fired their way to a 7 wicket win over Marine. Rising Star lost to Wartsila by 109 runs. The former were bowled out for 69 in 8 overs responding to Wartsila’s 1791; Jermaine Reynolds 113 (10x6 7x4). Zone C Female Linden -

Sunburst Orange Juice... From page 29 could share the spotlight include Gregory Lopes, Joel Neblett, while the upcoming brigade headed by current ‘B’ Class champion Carey Griffith could also be in the mix for

Friday March 30, 2012

the chequered flag. Meanwhile, in a release, Continental Agencies said that the Company is pleased to once again be associated with Vieira, adding that as a champion, they are proud of the exploits of the racer.

March 24 Bayrock Ground (Round 3) Wiruni Conquerors beat Totally Moulding. Sunrise 124-2 in 10 overs; Remona Zenetta 44; Blazing Fire 106-7 in 10 overs; Sunrise won by 18 runs. Too Hot to Handle 77-6 in 10 overs; All Star Conquerors 78-1. Zone C Male Linden March 24 Bayrock Ground (Round 2) LECI Connections 124-5 in 9.1; Hill Foot Roosters 123 in 10 overs. LECI Connections won by 5 wickets. Cinderella Knight Riders and Vipers won by walk over from Exedus and Totally Moulding. Hill Top Wash Bay 72 in 8.4; Wiruni Male 75-5 in 8 overs, Wiruni Male won by 5 wickets. Kwakwani Allstars won by walk over from Kwakwani Kings. Uprising Sunset 84-8 in 10; Bayroc Blazers ‘B’ 85-3 in 6.1, the latter winning by 7 wickets. Bayroc Blazers ‘A’ 76-2; Constab Dominators 73 in 9.2. Classic Cricket Club a 849; Hill Foot Strikers 87-2 in 5.2 overs, Hill Foot won by 8 wickets. March 25 Round 3 Coomacka Mines United defeated LECI Connections by 3 wickets. Kwakwani All Stars 65-2 in 7.4 overs; Young Stars 61 in 9.1. All Stars winning by 8 wickets. Tello Warriors beat Exedus, Andrew Venture grabbed 6-8 in 2 overs. Bayroc Blazers ‘B’ lost to Hillfoot Strikers by 6 wickets. Wiruni 82-5 in 10 overs; Vipers 84-3 in 7.5. First Alley Hill Shatta 74 in 9.5; Bayroc Blazers ‘A’ 751 in 4.2. Lower East Caost -

Lusignan Ground Trophy Stall ‘B’ demolished El Commandante XI by 36 runs. Trophy Stall ‘B’ 151-9 in 10 overs; Davindra Deosarran 36 (5x6) off 14 balls. El Commandante 115-9 in their 10 overs. Vishnu Jeewan 2-13 from 2 overs. Regal MH Begal XI defeated JJ Bengal Tigers by 7 wickets. JJ Bengal Tigers 82 all out in 10 overs; Rudolph Rodrigues 3-23 from 2 overs. Regal MH Begal 85-3 in 5.1 overs; Jagdesh Samaroo 41 not out. Marshon Sports Club demolished Buxton Conquerors by 5 wickets. Buxton Conquerors 116-9 in 10 overs; Dwight Mc Allister 42 (5x6), Delroy Glasgow 41 (5x6). Marshon Sports Club 120-5 in 9.4 overs; Junior Bremmej 67 not out off 24 balls (9x6). KK Warriors defied crowd support for Rockaway Auto sales ‘B’, cruising to a 5 wicket win. Rockaway ‘B’ 78-4 in 10 overs; KK Warriors 80-5 in 9.5 overs. Super XI banged their way to made 53 run win over Fire Squad Empire. Super XI 117-6 in 10 overs; Sukhdeo Budram 26. Fire Squad Empire XI 65 in 7.1 overs; Budram 216 from 2 overs. Success Warriors One defeated Better Hope Royal Plantium by 6 wickets. Better Hope Royal Plantium 89 in 10 overs. Success Warriors One 90-4 in 9.2 overs; Rabindranauth Jaikeshan 36 off 19 balls (5x6). Challengers 11 defeated Mighty Warriors by 76 runs. Challengers 156-3 in 10 overs; Seekumar Budram 71 (9x6), Diyaram Ramnauth 62 (6x6). Mighty Warriors were limited to 80-9 in 10 overs. Gaza Boys defeated Star

boys by 7 wickets. Star Boys 89 all out in 10 overs; Javed Ally 3-23 in 2 overs. Gaza Boys 90-3 in 7.3 overs; Satish Chandra unbeaten on 28. Jaguars defeated Suprem Hawks by 2 wickets. Supreme Hawks 100-6 in 10 overs. Jaguars 101-8 in 9.5 overs. Rockaway Auto Sales ‘A’ defeated Cumming’s Lodge Mandir by 9 wickets. Cummings Lodge Mandir 39 all out in 9.5 overs; Richard Gomes 4-7 in 2 overs. Rockaway ‘A’40-1 in 3.1 overs. Shooting Star mauled Biodiesel Jaguars by a massive 103 runs. Shooting Star 165-6 in 10 overs; Shazam Ally 40. Jaguars 62-8 in 10 overs. Success Masters defeated Full Clip by 52 runs. Success Masters 145-3 in 10 overs; Hafiz Samad 56* (8x6) off 13 balls. Full Clip 93 all out in 9.4 overs; Samad returning to snare 2-8 in 2 overs. Female category 4R Lioness defeated Guyana School of Agriculture (GSA) by a massive 85 runs. 4R Lionness 140-1 in 10 overs; Tracy Glasgow 72* (12x4), Vanetta Chunoo 30. GSA 55-5 in 10 overs. 4R LIONNESS will now contest the final against Fazal Kayume. Essequibo - Helena Ground Round 2 Fairfield Sports Club 1329, Vincent Pompey 50(5x6); Helena # 1&2 Sports Club 498, Fairfield won by 83 runs. Young Challenger Extreme 74-8; Dundee Kings 75-6, Dundee Kings won by 4 wickets. Pooran Persaud 4-10. Street Vybes Warriors 105; Foulis All Stars 176-5. Vickram Sukhai 90 (13x6), Joshua Persaud 51 (6x6), David Ahmad 3-4. Helena #1 Vishnu Mandir 87-8; Nootenzuil X1 51-8.

Friday March 30, 2012

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GMR&SC ‘Race of Champions’ Meet

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GT&T 10/10 nationwide softball cricket tourney...

Sunburst Orange DEFENDING CHAMPS WOLF WARRIORS CONTINUE WINNING WAYS Juice back on board with Vieira Continental Agencies under its Sunburst Orange Juice product confirmed its standing relationship with reigning Caribbean Superbike champion Stephen Vieira after presenting him with a cheque for an undisclosed sum yesterday, at the Company’s Head Office in Industrial Site. Vieira, who has been the best local rider over the past four years speaking about the generosity extended by Continental Agencies which has been ongoing for the past three years, said he is extremely grateful for the support and thanked the CEO Mr. Puri and the Sunburst Orange Juice family who has made it possible for him to have the best possible preparations for Sunday’s Guyana Motor Racing & Sports Club (GMR&SC) ‘Race of Champions’ Meet, at the South Dakota Circuit. The sponsorship was handed over by staff members Poonardai Kumar and Vedwattie Doodnauth to the local speedster. Speaking about his chances on Sunday, Vieira, who is familiarly known as ‘Valentino Rossi’ the famous Italian MotoGP great, said he is ready to throw down the gauntlet on Canadian Kevin Graham and fans could look forward to another chapter in their enduring rivalry which has brought a lot of excitement over the seasons. “Me and Kevin has been going at each for sometime now and the fans love the rivalry and the battle for supremacy on Sunday will be no different so I urge all motor racing supporters to come to the South Dakota Circuit and enjoy a day of fun among the superbikers,” Vieira promised.

He spoke of the improvement that many of the riders in the category have shown and this he pointed out augurs well for the future of the division. Vieira reminded he and Kevin enjoy an excellent relationship both on and off the track, but this does not affect the way they go at each other as they battle for victory. “We understand the fans love to see us go at each other and it is usually breathtaking to watch so we know that despite our friendship we go out there and do our best to entertain the fans,” he stated. Graham, who has been coming to Guyana for quite a while has in the past disclosed he is officially retired from the higher level of racing, but his love for this country is so strong he just can’t refuse the opportunity to come here and compete and is also known for sharing tips with many of the locals riders on how to improve their skills in the sport. Apart from the two marquee riders, others who (Continued on page 28)

The heat and tension continues to build as the GT&T 10/10 nationwide softball cricket tournament continues around Guyana. Teams are battling for over 30 million dollars and incentives and one thing is for sure, there is no place for pretenders in neither the male or female segments of the competition. Defending champions Wolf Warriors of West Demerara continued their impressive run, easing past all their opponents to date. Their latest victim being Bonasika Challengers who they brushed aside by 9 wickets. Bonasika Challengers batted first and were bowled out for 84 in 9.4 overs; eight of their batsmen went via the run out route. Asif Saffie took 2-18 in 2 overs. Wolf ’s Warriors were blasted to 85-1 in just 4.4 overs on account of a breezy unbeaten 58 form the bat of Azad Azeez who smashed 7 sixes in the process. In other results from the West Demerara: No Limit lost to Super X1 – No Limit were limited to 844 off their 10 overs, Mohan Chatram hit 44. No Limit replied with 86-6 in 7.5 overs, Jagmohan Singh made 36.

Pauline London promises... From back page Norville (HE) and Ron Smith (FYF) will clash over three rounds, while Richard Williamson (PRBG) will square off with Delon Charles. His brother, Joel will box against Shawn Michael in a flyweight encounter. It was also revealed that the amateur fraternity will benefit from the expert tutelage of a competent Cuban Coach who has been contracted by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports. President of the Guyana Boxing Board of Control (GBBC),

Peter Abdool is adamant that such input would serve as a benefit to the young amateur boxers. The GBBC boss further revealed that the fights would not be shown live but promised a later showing. The ProAm affair is the initiative of the GBBC in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sports and the National Communications Network. Admission fee is $1000 and $500 for adults and children respectively. Fight time is 20:00hrs.

Rambo X1 defetaed Gunners by 7 wickets. Gunners made 67-8 (Sanath Lachana 33); Mahendra Chitranjan 4-19. Rambo X1 68-3. De Kindren Uprising mauled Street Vybes who were on top in the first part of their match scoring 118-7 in 10 overs, Umadat Pralaad scored 25 off 14 balls; Subyan Younge took 3-21. In reply, De Kindren Uprising led by skipper Richard Reddy (47 off 13 balls) sped to 116-2 in 6.3 overs. Hyde Park Warriors thumped Max Life by 31 runs. Hyde Park 107-5 in 10 overs; Dhaniram Lallaram 42 off 20 balls. Govinda Gaindalall 2-22. Max Life were limited to 76-7 in their 10 overs; Gaindalall 28. Super Street defeated United Nexus by 15b runs. Super Street 102-6 in 10 overs; Yeanauth Agloo took a hatrick in his 4-19 from 2 overs. United Nexus 87-8 in their 10 overs. Rajendra Kumar 3-10 and Zahid Khan 3-24. Sunday Matches: Cornelia Ida Cricket Club hammered Ultimate Warriorss All Star by 105 runs: Cornelia Ida 163-4 in 10 overs; Chanderpaul Persaud 53 (5x6). Ultimate Warriors All

Star were reduced to 58-9 in 10 overs, Persaud returned to take 2-5, capping a fine all round performance. Royal Assasin trounced Devil’s Pitbulls by 10 wickets. Devil’s Pitbulls 104-8 in 10 overs; Kemo Lall 3-12. Royal Assasin went on a rampage in response, scoring 106 without loss in 6.2 overs; Arivinda Amarnauth 46* (6x6), Neil Smith 40. Giant Killers Leonora All Stars XI made up of Under-15 players lost to Leonora Youths by 12 runs in a match that was a see saw affair. Leonora Youths 87-6 in 10 overs; Narine Shaw 2-14, Malcolm Hubbard who had two catches dropped off his bowling 2-15. In the Leonora All Star innings, Malcolm Hubbard showing maturity beyond his years top scored with 30 and was last man out trying to up the scoring. Premendra Arjune took 2-13 to check the scoring. Cross Breed XI defeated Hits and Jams All Stars XI another Under-12 team that won the hearts of the fans by their talent by 5wickets. Hits and Jams All Star 62 all out in 9.5 overs. Cross Breed XI 635 in 7.2 overs. Kevin Ramnarine of Cross Breed

took 4-11 from 2 overs. Ocean View XI made light work of Road Warriors who were shown the road after Ocean View made 136-9 and bowled out their opposition for 89. Softball Ground Regal XI sporting a powerful line up demolished Royal XI by 38 runs. Regal XI 124-2 in 10 overs; Doodnauth Ramdeen 57 off 24 balls. Royal XI 86-7 in 10 overs. Chris Auto Spares XI playing good consistent cricket defeated ICEE Warriors by 9 wickets. ICEE Warriors 82-4 off 10 overs; Malroy Gomes 25. Chris Auto Sales XI 84-1 in 6.1 overs; Amir Khan 60. IDEA Graphics defeated Lotto Super Sixers by 8 wickets. Lotto Super Sixers 104-6 in 10 overs; Earl Bobb 56 off 27 balls (6x6). IDEA Graphics 107-2 in 6.2 overs; Clint Persaud 79 off 25 balls. Kings Jewellery World XI arrested Felix Austin XI by 30 runs. Kings Jewellery World XI 106-6 in 10 overs; Ramnarine Persaud 41 off 10 balls. Felix Austin XI were bundled out for 76 in 9.2 overs. Monar Educational Insittute taught Hit and Runs (Continued on page 28)

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Friday March 30, 2012

Sammy: Windies can still do it A

ustralia have named an unchanged team for the second and final Twenty20 against the West Indies in Barbados. The tourists lead the series 10 after an eight wicket win in

St Lucia on Tuesday. If Australia win today’s game it’ll be the first T20 series victory overseas since beating New Zealand in 2005. Despite this, West Indies captain Darren Sammy believes his team

Aussies unchanged for today’s match can replicate Australia’s efforts in the One-Dayers by levelling the two-match Tw e n t y 2 0 s e r i e s i n

Barbados. Australia beat the Windies’ in last week’s fifth and final ODI to finish that series 2-2 before taking a 1-0

lead in the T20s with an eight-wicket win in St Lucia on Tuesday. But Sammy feels his team can bounce back to avoid a series loss just like Australia did in the 50-over format. “Australia bounced back and levelled the series and now it’s our turn to do that,” Sammy told reporters upon arrival in Barbados on We d n e s d a y. “ T h e confidence in the team is quite high so now we have to come back and do some more things right and hopefully we will be victorious and level the series.” Sammy went on to say he was likely to bring experienced fast bowler Fidel Edwards into the lineup for the match at Kensington Oval after feeling his team lacked firepower in game one.

Australia are trying to win back-to-back matches on the road for the first time in their international T20 history, as they chase just their second T20 series win away from home. West Indies will be without the allrounder Andre Russell, who missed the first game due to a minor strain to his right hamstring. Russell has also been ruled out of Friday’s T20. West Indies: Dwayne Smith, Johnson Charles, Nkrumah Bonner, Danza Hyatt, Dwayne Bravo, Kieron Pollard, Marlon Samuels, Carlton Baugh (wk), Darren Sammy (capt), Sunil Narine, Fidel Edwards, Krishmar Santokie, Garey Mathurin. Australia XI: Shane Watson, David Warner, Michael Hussey, George Bailey (capt), David Hussey, M a t t h e w Wa d e , D a n Christian, Brett Lee, Clint McKay, James Pattinson, Xavier Doherty, Nathan Lyon (12th man).

Intermediate players to clash in GASP scrabble showdown The Guyana Association of Scrabble Players (GASP) will continue to provide a platform for the lowly graded players to improve their lot when its Executive host the Intermediate Scrabble competition at the Malteenos Sports Club Thomaslands this Sunday, April 4. This tournament will allow those players with a rating above 1750 to improve their standing and subsequently break into the top ten rankings. Several players have shown vast improvements recently and no doubt would be starting the tournament as firm favourites. These include Maurice Munru, Delon Moffat and Prudence Lewis among others. A point to note too is that Grace Hercules has been winning the special prize put up at senior competitions for players below the top ten category. Munru was the last player to cart off the prize. Sunday’s tournament would define those players that are truly worthy of matching wits with their senior counterparts. The players debarred from participating in this competition are national champion, Abigail McDonald, Moen Gafoor, James Krakowsky, Ewart Adams, Leon Belony, William Woolford, Ulric Harris, Frederick Collins and Floyd Carmichael. Registration period starts at 09:45hrs and concludes at 10:00hrs when the tournament gets underway. Players arriving late will be placed at a disadvantage as their clocks will be activated in their absence. The top three finishers would receive beautiful trophies. The tournament is sponsored by Guy America Purified Drinking Water.

Friday March 30, 2012

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DDL recommits to cycling programme


e m e r a r a Distillers Limited (DDL), under its Diamond Mineral Water brand, has renewed its sponsorship for the staging of an 11-race programme at the inner circuit of the National Park tomorrow. The event, which will pedal off at 09:00hrs, is organised by President of the Carlton Wheelers Cycling Club, Hassan Mohamed who is also National Cycling Coach. Ye s t e r d a y , D D L’ s M a n a g e m e n t Tr a i n e e , Trishwantie Doodnauth, presented the sponsorship cheque and cases of Diamond Mineral Water to

Mohamed at his National Sports Commission’s office on Middle Street, noting that her company is pleased to sponsor the event for the seventh year in succession. “ We h a v e b e e n extremely impressed by the efforts to develop the talent of cyclists and we are always happy to support these efforts,” she said. “We also recognize the importance that proper hydration plays in an athlete achieving his maximum potential in any activity and thus our presentation of Diamond Mineral Water as one of the leading forms in Hydration in Guyana.” Doodnauth also noted that “As a company we are

Baker Memorial Cycling Classic at Linden on Sunday


uyana’s leading cyclists are set to collide on Sunday in the Bauxite Mining Town of Linden when the the Guyana Sports Development Foundation (GSDF) in collaboration with the Linden Bauxite Flyers Cycle Club (LBFCC) hosts the historic inaugural Baker’s Memorial Cycling Classic. This mammoth event pedals off the Linden cycling season with a wide variety of races involving clubs and riders from all over Guyana. With over $200,000 in trophies and prize monies up for grabs, the likes of Robin Persaud, Warren ‘Forty’ Mc Kay , Alonzo Greaves, Walter Grant-Stuart, Geron Williams, Kirk Edwards, Orville Hinds and Marlon ‘Fishy’ Williams among the younger and outstanding brigade of Paul De Nobrega, Raul Leal, Michael Anthony and Raynauth Jeffrey will all relish the chance to go at each other again. The Baker Memorial Cycling Classic is being held to honour the memory of Joseph and Adelaide Baker, the parents of one of Linden’s prominent cycling families. Cycling time is 11:00hrs with events set for the Amelia’s Ward Cycling Circuit. Three (3) of the B a k e r ’s s i b l i n g s w o n various national titles during the seventies and eighties, with two going on to represent Guyana.

In addition to the annual Memorial Cycling Classic, a plan will be implemented to provide training DVDs, bicycle parts and bicycles to assist the development of cycling not only in Linden, but eventually all of Guyana. Plans will also be made to identify persons desirous of becoming cycle coaches and provide local and overseas training for such individuals. In this ongoing effort to develop cycling amongst the youth of Guyana, BMX races in the 6-9, 9-12 and 1214 year old categories, will provide ample opportunities for the youngsters. Juveniles and juniors will also be able to demonstrate their skills in the racing cycle and mountain bike categories. On the distaff side, races for the ladies in the racing cycle categories promises to provide much excitement for the large crowd of spectators expected for this festive event. The veterans who have kindled and kept the flame of cycling burning in the Linden community will be have several races to demonstrate their continued commitment to the sport. The Team trial event will renew the age old competition between teams representing clubs from Linden and Georgetown. The community is being asked to come out and support this event while enjoying a day of fun with a bar and DJ providing music to entertain.

always happy to give back to our consumers and the communities in which they live.” “Demerara Distillers Limited and its Diamond Mineral Water brand remain committed the development of sports and young athletes in Guyana and take this opportunity to wish the cyclists a competitive, safe and successful race,” she concluded. Mohamed, said DDL has always been supportive of

cycling, and he happy to once again welcome them on board. The feature race will be the usual 35-lap School Boys and Invitational where the ‘big boys’ compete for trophies, prime prizes and of course, bragging rights. Other races planned for the day include those for BMX, Veteran, Junior/Juvenile, Upright, and Female riders. Executives of DDL are expected to be on hand to assist with the presentation of prizes.

DDL’s Management Trainee, Trishwantie Doodnauth, presents sponsorship cheque to Hassan Mohamed.

t r o Sp 21st ProAm Boxing Card...

Pauline London promises fireworks, Hardy threatens to put Austin to sleep


fter several disappointments where her opponents opted out of previous contracts to engage her, Mandessa Moses will finally grace the ring against Pauline London and the latter fighter has promised to unleash fireworks on her way to victory. Simeon Hardy was also in a talkative mood and promised to read Mark Austin a late night bedtime story before he tucks him in. The fighters appeared at the pre-fight press conference yesterday afternoon in the National Communications Network (NCN) and while London is spouting confidence, Moses is spewing vitriol with both promising to cart off the spoils. A slim rangy fighter whose weight hovers just around welterweight, Moses will be giving away many pounds to London, a natural light/heavyweight pugilist. Despite this, the former fighter is confident that she will cart off the spoils when the smoke is cleared tonight. She divulged this much

yesterday afternoon at the pre-fight press conference. In a cool calculating manner Moses intimated that she will teach London a lesson in the finer aspects of the sport. She shrugged aside suggestions of ring rust saying that her absence from the square jungle did not mean an absence from pugilistic activities. Moses said that even as she endured a p l e t h o r a o f disappointments she had resolutely stayed in the gym. “Boxing is risky business but I am ready for whatever London brings to the ring,” assured Moses. Indeed, London has promised to bring a lot. “Mandessa’s words get me vex and I promise her that when the bell ring is fireworks,” proclaimed London in her usual vernacular. Moses was quick to retort, “We sparred before and I really cannot remember what fireworks Pauline is talking about.” “That was because I purposely held back the bombs to encourage you to accept this fight so now you will get the real McCoy,” London fired back. The two

Mark Austin

Simeon Hardy

continued for a while with each promising to inflict all manner of punishment to the other. London is a hard worker and has been in the gym even though she was not contracted for the upcoming card. Her adjustment should be automatic and Moses should be warned not to be complacent. London has been a regular feature on the Pro/Am cards and has always provided entertainment even when she lost. She should provide the kind of test to cause trouble for Moses especially if the latter fighter enters the fray with overconfidence. Hardy was also at his

talking best and unlike Austin who refused to let the proverbial cat out of the bag when quizzed of his strategy he elaborated on his plans. “Like those before him Austin he will have to pass the ‘chin check’ test,” warned Hardy. Not to be outdone Austin fired back, “It’s when the chin checker gets his chin checked then

we will know what he is made of,” he warned. The two will match gloves over 6 rounds in a welterweight affair. Barbadian based Guyanese Gardiel Roberts was also in the house. He matches gloves with Rudolph Fraser in a featherweight shindig and he is confident of reversing an earlier loss. “I have the key t o u n l o c k R o b e r t ’s weakness,” professed Fraser, “So you think,” responded Roberts “I am nobody’s mat to be walked over.” He said that he has made several changes to his strategy during training and is good and ready to take on his nemesis. Otherwise, Edmond Declou, normally a reticent fellow, told Kelsie George to his face that they are not in the same category. He said

that George has barely entered the professional arena yet had the gall to entertain thoughts of defeating him (Declou) who had made immense sacrifices to attain his current ranking. “I will not allow that to happen,” Declou affirmed matter of factly. George was unable to travel to the forum from his Berbice location where he is honing his skills at the Pocket Rocket Boxing Gym (PRBG) but in an earlier conversation had said that he will surprise Declou even though the latter pugilist is the more experienced. Four amateur bouts will add flavor to the card including the jnr/flyweight contest between Ansilla Norville (HE) and Keisha Arokium (RHJ). Middleweights, Romeo (Continued on page 28)

GMR&SC ‘Race of Champions’ Meet...

Sunburst Orange Juice back on board with Vieira Pg. 29

Sunburst Orange Juice reps Poornardai Kumar (right) and Vedwattie Doodnauth hands over the cheque to Stephen Vieira yesterday.

Sammy: Windies can Aussies unchanged still do it for today’s match Pg. 30

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