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Gov’t insists on Ian Chang, Carl Singh’s appointments, Granger says Anti-Money Laundering legislation… Another NBS drops speedboat PPP Opposition mortgage says... should not crashes off Kaow Island set conditions rates further Carl Singh, Chancellor (ag)

Dead: Geeta ‘Diane’ Bhishundial


Prabhudyal ‘Ramesh’ Tarachand

Ian Chang, Chief Justice (ag)

Triangular love affair leaves wife dead, husband attempts suicide by rope

Gov't insists on continued role - Attorney in public procurement General

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday June 04, 2013

Early morning fire scorches Mocha home

The fire ravaged interior of the building


Mocha Arcadia mother is now thankful that her infant daughter is alive after an early morning fire scorched the top flat of her home. Penelope Mitchell, the infant’s mother, said that about 8:00hrs yesterday, she heard her three-year-old daughter scream as if she saw something scary. “I thought that she saw a cockroach or a spider because she normally afraid of those things,” Mitchell said. At the time Mitchell said that she was downstairs in the yard at her Lot P Mocha Arcadia home about to open her shop, when

she heard a frantic scream and decided to go and investigate. The visibly shaken mother of two told this publication that after she saw her daughter run down the stairs she then went up the stairs and saw the entire flat engulfed in black smoke. “We tried to get everything out but the fire spread quickly so nothing much could have been saved,” Mitchell said. Mitchell noted that if it were not for the prompt action of her neighbours, the entire structure would have been destroyed. “The (Continued on page 13)

Tuesday June 04, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Gov’t insists on Ian Chang, Carl Singh’s appointments, Granger says NO Opposition Leader David Granger has refused to support the confirmation of Justice Carl Singh as Chancellor and Justice Ian Chang as Chief Justice, the ruling People’s Progressive Party (PPP) said yesterday, expressing alarm. Under the constitution, the President has to consult with the Opposition Leader on the appointments. During a recent meeting with Granger, President Donald Ramotar made known his intentions to confirm Singh and Chang. Both of have been acting for several years. Singh is the country’s substantive Chief Justice, but when he was called to be acting Chancellor, Chang was called to act as Chief Justice. Chang is a substantive Court of Appeal Judge. Yesterday, Attorney General Anil Nandlall said that the confirmation of Singh and Chang is long overdue. The men have served with distinction, he added. “These are two persons who have served this country with distinction…these appointments should be confirmed,” Nandlall stated.

- victim, lover were to have been married yesterday

Opposition Leader David Granger

President Donald Ramotar He said that the ruling PPP is deeply concerned that Granger has withheld his support for the confirmation of Singh and Chang. Nandlall said that Granger has not “advanced” any reason for withholding his support. He said that the move to confirm Singh and Chang is

not new. Former President Bharrat Jagdeo was in discussions with then Opposition Leader Robert Corbin on the issue. Despite the objections by Granger, Nandlall said both Singh and Chang have security of tenure, given the positions they hold as Chief

Justice and Court of Appeal Judge, respectively. Kaieteur News understands that Granger is in favour of shifting the way the Chief Justice and Chancellor are appointed, namely that their positions be advertised and they could then undergo a selection process.

Non Pareil residents suffer loss of electricity

A striped meter box Several residents of Non Pareil, East Coast Demerara, are now without electricity following disconnection and removal of the electricity meters from their homes by the Guyana Power and Light (GPL). According to reports, the GPL team visited the area on

Sawmill murder suspect’s mom provides alibi for son

Sunday morning to carry out scheduled line maintenance checks and after examining the meters of some residents, they concluded that the meters were tampered with. The team subsequently removed the meters from the houses and severed all connections to the utility

poles. Following the removal of the meters, the residents were taken to the Vigilance Police Station where a number of them were arrested and were told to “pay bail of $10,000.” The campaign continued yesterday where several other residents in the community had their meters taken away on charges that they have been tampering with the equipment and about 15 persons were taken to the police station. There are reports that in some streets, the meters of almost all of the houses had been seized. When Kaieteur News visited the community yesterday, the wires that had been cut short from the utility poles could be seen dangling from the houses, while meter boxes were left bare. Anil Ramsarup, whose meter was seized on Sunday, said that some workers from GPL came to his house requesting to look at his meter.

Upon examining the meter, they found that the seal of the meter was broken and charged that the meter is being tampered with. Ramsarup said he explained to them that while he was doing renovations to his home, a board fell on the meter and broke the glass and the clip around the meter. He said that he reported the matter and the glass was replaced by GPL workers but they reused the clip. However, this was to no avail since his meter was still taken off and the line was cut. He was then taken to the police station where he was placed on $10,000 bail. Ramsarup’s wife, at the time of the interview yesterday, was at the GPL office on Main Street seeking to have the matter addressed. She reported later that the agents at GPL told her that they cannot do anything about the matter and she has (Continued on page 20)

The mother of the suspect in the murder of sawmill supervisor Kemraj Singh has provided an alibi for her son, who is still at large a week after his alleged rival’s battered and mutilated body was found. Singh’s body, with throat slit and head bashed in, was found last week Tuesday in a shack located in the compound of the Land-ofCanaan, East Bank Demerara sawmill where he worked. The 22-year-old is believed to have been slain by another youth with whom he had a dispute over a 17year-old girl that both men wanted to marry. The teen had eloped with Singh and the two were to have been married yesterday. Kaieteur News contacted the suspect’s mother yesterday on the same mobile phone on which reporters from this newspaper had spoken to the son last week. “Yes he is,” the woman said when asked if her son is innocent. “He was with me and my husband and a set of family,” she added, referring to her son’s whereabouts at the time of Singh’s murder. The woman insisted that her son was not “running from the police,” but said that he would not turn himself in. “The police got to come for him. He’s at home all day and nobody coming to pick him up.” The son, who also spoke briefly with Kaieteur News, admitted that he had known murder victim Kemraj Singh, but became upset when asked about the young woman at the centre of the dispute. He then terminated the call. The young man had proclaimed his innocence in

Dead: Kemraj Singh two previous telephone conversations with Kaieteur News. According to a police official, the man’s relatives have suggested that he was attending a wedding at Leguan, Essequibo, at the time his alleged rival was slain. However, police have reportedly received information that the suspect was in Land-of-Canaan around the time that the murder is believed to have occurred. A post mortem examination revealed that Singh was struck at least five times in the head with a heavy object and his neck was slashed from right to left. Police believe that the sawmill employee was battered with a hammer, which was left at the scene. This newspaper understands that the parents of the girl at the centre of the dispute had intended that she marry a young man from a wealthy family. However, the girl started a relationship with Singh. The two men reportedly almost came to blows some two months ago. Nevertheless, Singh and the young woman reportedly continued the relationship and the sawmill supervisor allegedly took his girlfriend from her parent’s home a few days ago, with the intention of marrying her yesterday. After the teen left her Land of Canaan home, her parents reluctantly accepted her decision to be with Singh.

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Kaieteur News

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Monitoring the flu outbreak In countries all over the world there are times when certain diseases rear their heads sometimes with such fury that newspapers and the other sections of the media could not resist carrying reports of the situation. Right now, the main focus is on the so-called Bird Flu that has claimed a number of lives. This is not the first time that there has been an outbreak of the Bird Flu. When the world first became aware of it health officials used all their resources to zero in on the source. Guyana got caught up and began screening people. There was a brief moment of panic when the Georgetown Public Hospital cleared out a section of the hospital for suspected cases. And as fate would have it, the authorities were certain that they had found some cases of the Bird Flu. It turned out that the people who were confined did not have the virus. But the news had gone out; people began to look at anyone from mainland China with suspicion. A few decades ago, Guyana was home to the Hong Kong Flu, and another called the Wang Yu Flu. These were not known to be deadly but they severely hurt the sufferers. This time around there is another flu outbreak but unless one were to speak to some of the sufferers this would never be known. The Ministry of Health has not issued any notice perhaps because there has been no monitoring of the incidence of this flu which is so far unnamed. A casual examination would reveal that entire offices have had to operate with skeleton crews because many of the people have fallen ill. Of interest is that this outbreak appears to be so ravenous that one wonders why has there been no attempt to highlight the incidence. The truth is that the modern constructions do not take into consideration incidences such as this. The rooms are blocked to accommodate airconditioning. The units circulate the same air, albeit a little refreshed but the virus is circulated with it. In the metropolitan countries the authorities pay close attention to the flu season. They set up centres to give people flu shots. They then instruct those afflicted to remain at home. Indeed, those buildings are fashioned the way they are because of their extreme weathers. But the administration goes further; it treats the atmosphere with some disinfectant spray that is touted to kill viruses. This has not been the case in Guyana because the nation is largely unaware that there is an influenza outbreak. No one has as yet approached the Ministry of Health for a report on this outbreak and they probably will not until something disastrous occurs.Up until the floods of 2005 most Guyanese had never heard of leptospirosis. This is a water-borne disease that enters the body through open sores and ulcers. When the floods came some thought that the occasion was time for fun and frolic. Then they started to die and the scare factor emerged. There is no indication that this flu is a killer type although medical experts say that all strains of influenza can be deadly. Factors such as age, a debilitating ailment and some allergic reactions could be the breaking point. At the same time, Guyana is not known to have a flu restraint programme. It is noteworthy that the country has one of the most efficient vaccination programmes in the region. Not so long ago the Ministry of Health introduced another vaccination to combat cervical cancer. But these programmes do not extend to issues such as flu. However, the private hospitals all charge a fortune to provide the so-called flu shots and the other vaccines that Guyanese see on television. The view is that the private hospital offers a better service. The truth is different. The Ministry of Health should resuscitate its monitoring programme. The nation needs to know how widespread is this flu epidemic.

Tuesday June 04, 2013

Letters... Where your views make the news

Politics of division and exclusion have overshadowed Guyana’s image and prosperity DEAR EDITOR, G u y a n a ’s f r a g i l e democracy, as well as its soc a l l e d We s t m i n s t e r parliamentary system, has been compromised by what can be termed “the politics of division and exclusion”. In essence, this can best be defined as a scenario in which, when one political party is in power, it is expected by many that the supporters of the losing party will have to “suck salt through a wooden spoon.” In other words, the “we time now” syndrome takes over and reigns supreme until the ruling party is defeated and this vicious cycle repeats itself. This age-old practice has divided Guyanese in a most insidious and deleterious way, and although the spectre of political violence is no longer prevalent, a certain portion of the population has been marginalized and continues to be victimized mainly because of their race and the party they support. This type of racial and prejudiced politics should no longer be tolerated. They have not only divided the two main races but have done irreparable

damage to our culture and our motto. We urge all Guyanese not to allow the two major political parties to use them as pawns. Race bait politics is largely responsible for Guyana becoming one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. Of course, there are those who abandon the principle of good governance and join the ruling party and proudly display their support. Those persons who can be described as “turn coats” quickly align themselves to the ruling clique in order to ensure that they partake in the soup drinking. And, i n t e r e s t i n g l y, t h e s e individuals are to be found in every stratum of our society, from top to bottom. This level of hypocrisy and opportunism is most nauseating, but that is the nature of politics in Guyana. Having gained Independence more than four decades ago, one would have thought that Guyanese would have moved away from this silly and ugly partisan politics. But this has not been the case. The politics of division has not o n l y s t i f l e d G u y a n a ’s

economic growth but led to massive corruption which has ruined the country and destroyed its image and reputation among its Caribbean neighbours. It has also led to contempt for the constitution and disrespect for the people. Following the 1992 elections, the PPP moved quickly to get rid of all PNC members in government positions and in some cases has replaced them with persons who were not qualified for the jobs but were simply placed there in their capacity as well-known political activists. So how can one expect Guyana to develop? How can one expect corruption not to take place when relatives and friends are placed in positions without any measure of accountability? Foremost is the issue of contracts and sub-contracted work, most of which have to do with road works projects. This is one of, if not the biggest area where corruption takes place in Guyana. The unwritten law is that all contracts, sub-contracts and works to be done must be given to supporters of the

ruling party. Transparency, c o m p e t e n c e , p r o b i t y, expertise and the ability to complete the job on time and in good stead are not necessarily the main criteria. Intrinsic in all of this are the perennial practice of kickbacks (money under the table to those who gave the contracts) and the funding of the PPP. It is a quid pro quo situation that is accepted and pursued with much alacrity and no sense of guilt. This is the primary reason why so many persons in position have moved from rags to riches overnight. When all is said and done, the politics of division and exclusion, which is largely based on racism and includes the divide and rule concept, h a s l e d t o t h e underdevelopment of Guyana, increased poverty among the masses and the lack of jobs for the youths. In the final analysis, the political leaders must find ways or should be forced to end partisan politics, corruption and kickbacks, and the marginalization of a large section of the population. Dr. Asquith Rose and Harish S. Singh

Court rules no referendum for St. Lucia to join court DEAR EDITOR, There has been a development since I wrote my last piece on the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) when I said that the CCJ is stagnant since interest is waning and it will soon be forgotten. Well since then there has been a development which has raised the hope of most Caribbean nationals so much so that it prompted a positive and favourable comment from CARICOM Secretary General, Irwin LaRocque. Chief Justice of the Eastern Caribbean Court Janice Pereira has given a ruling that it was not a legal requirement for St. Lucia to have a referendum to rid the country of the Privy Council if it wants to accept the CCJ as the final court. Pereira delivered the opinion following a request by St. Lucia’s Attorney General Philip La Corbiniere.

In her ruling, the British Virgin Islands-born Chief Justice indicated that the Constitution clearly “contemplates and provides the freedom of St. Lucia to establish a court in common with other states or countries”. She further stated that St. Lucia was empowered to enter into such an agreement on its own and the relevant Bill would not be subject to a referendum. LaRocque said the judgment was a seminal one in the progress towards more countries accepting the appellate jurisdiction of the CCJ. The Secretary General further pointed out that the Prime Minister of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit, in a media interview, said that his country was proceeding to accept the appellate jurisdiction of the Court after having held national consultations on the issue. Skerrit said that Dominica would send a letter to the British Government

next week seeking permission to recognize the CCJ as its final court. The Prime Minister said that the Dominican government’s resolve was to move in recognizing the CCJ as the final court and “certainly this year we would see Dominica recognizing the CCJ.” I recall a few years ago, the late Professor Ralph Carnegie, who was known as the leading Constitutional expert in the region, saying at a Seminar in St. Lucia that only a few countries in the region require a referendum to remove the Privy Council as the final Court. Meanwhile the position of Jamaica is uncertain. There have been so many “ifs” and “buts”, what is

certain is that the government needs more than a majority vote in Parliament to cut ties with the Privy Council since that was a ruling of the London-based court many years ago. Trinidad and Tobago’s Prime Minister said in Parliament that she would remove the Privy Council only in criminal appeals, but since her statement more than a year ago nothing has been done to put the machinery in place for the “halfway” move. After eight long years of the inauguration of the court only three countries, Guyana, Barbados, and Belize have recognized the CCJ as the final appellate court. Oscar Ramjeet

A very dangerous message has been delivered to the people of Guyana. If the independent media can be so spitefully cast aside for selfish pleasures, then the ordinary citizen - man, woman or child – has absolutely no chance.

Tuesday June 04, 2013

Kaieteur News

Letters... Where your views make the news

All Guyanese should raise their voices against this assault on Mr. Boodoo DEAR EDITOR, Guyana is a unique country in many ways and there are very few such countries on the globe. Guyana is a multiethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious country. Guyana is indeed a beautiful flower garden. All this holds true until the issue of elections comes around - an integral part of the proper functioning of any democracy - because it is at these times that our beautiful garden always comes under the threat of very dangerous weeds. Notwithstanding the fact that elections are not around the corner, of recent some very ugly and dangerous weeds have been flourishing in our garden. A result of climate change? Certainly, our political climate. These dangerous weeds are threatening the very existence of our beautiful garden called Guyana. It is no secret that the PNC since its formation has strived and continues to strive for the ethnic division of our people. The PNC through its racial politics has fractured this nation, the consequences of which we are still dealing with, although the PPP/C has made great progress at reconciling our people. Now the PNC’s APNU and its clone the AFC are channelling all their energies towards undoing all the progress this nation has made in healing the wounds of the PNC era. It is, therefore, with great alarm, that of recent I have

observed that APNU and the AFC have turned their attention to the Guyana Elections Commission and in particular its Chief Elections Officer, Mr. Gocool Boodoo. APNU and the AFC have been stirring up racial sentiments on the grounds that Mr. Boodoo is not independent and is biased towards the PPP. Now in every modern democracy, as in Guyana, there is an independent body that is responsible for the conduct of national elections. In Guyana that institution is called the Guyana Elections Commission. The importance of this institution can never be underestimated. Its independence is critical for the preservation of peace and stability. We all know from experience and history what happened to Guyana under the PNC when the Guyana Elections Commission was directed by Congress Place. APNU and the AFC have launched a relentless and dirty campaign against Mr. Boodoo calling for his contract not to be renewed. Mr. Boodoo has presided over three general elections in Guyana, all observed by a number of reputable International Organisations, none of which has ever raised any doubt about integrity of the elections or that of the Chief Elections Officer. The Opposition parties cannot produce any credible evidence to support their claim that Mr. Boodoo is not independent. Mr. Boodoo has served his

country with distinction. His integrity and reputation as an independent and competent public functionary remain untarnished. He has been man enough to accept mistakes when made. His role in maintaining the integrity, professionalism and independence of the Guyana Elections Commission, which is dominated by PNC supporters and sympathisers, is second to none and can never be undervalued. It is this independence and professionalism that has been the precursor of the successes of this nation and every successful Guyanese. Anyone who knows about the checks and balances in place at GECOM in the calculation of the allocation of seats would know that it is impossible for Mr. Boodoo’s genuine mistake to have gone unnoticed. I am also sure that the fact that both APNU and the AFC had been applying tremend o u s p r e s s u r e o n M r. Boodoo to declare the results of the elections even before tabulation of the results was completed played no small role in him making the mistake for which they now want to hang him. How hypocritical! I call on all Guyanese to raise their voices against this assault by the Opposition on the Chief Elections Officer. I am also calling on civil society, International Organisations and foreign missions to take note. Sundar Nauth

DEAR EDITOR, The decision by the Government of Guyana to increase the minimum wages by $60.00 per hour as of 1st July, 2013, having increased last year by $40.00 per hour, making it $100.00 in recent times, is most commendable, which the undersigned fully supports, and will instantly comply, as is always the case. It is unfortunate that it was not doubled to $120.00 on this occasion. I know some clients will protest on any increase, others will refuse, and in time return. But most of all, while we agree most wholeheartedly with this increase, it is my hope that the Government of Guyana, recognizes the fact that if the sums allocated for security services rendered to all Governmental locations are not increased as of 1st July, 2013, a national security crisis could result. My advice is that the Cabinet and Ministry of Finance address this issue instantly. It must be borne in mind that when tendering for

Governmental contracts, usually, the cost is calculated to the minimum possible, and hence, security services rendering service to Government locations cannot absorb this, coupled with National Insurance (for those of us who comply) and operational expenses. I appeal to the Government, on behalf of all security agencies serving Governmental locations, to urgently look into this affair, or at least provide this increase to the security agencies requesting the adjustment. Service should not be interrupted to these

sensitive Ministerial locations, residences and valuable bonds and structures (properties of the people of Guyana). When Government wishes to increase wages to workers, the Government must think of those who tendered in the past, and put measures in place to cushion the service providers. Roshan Khan

A national security crisis could result if this issue is not instantly addressed

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday June 04, 2013

Letters... Where your views make the news

Appeals to race are now being dishonestly used for purposes of naked greed DEAR EDITOR, Some of your news stories, and much more your letter columns, are lately focused on the misuse of racial loyalties. Healthy, I suppose, to confront unpleasant issues affecting our society. But so depressing and so subjective. Where does it leave me, and perhaps a third of all Guyanese, who are not of any one race, but mixtures which some of us can’t even trace? Maybe we have a positive word to put into this unhappy discussion. Because, hey, it’s our country too. I find it so irrelevant, to what really matters to humanity, to be thinking about what part of the globe one’s ancestors happened to come from, and so immoral to try to use it for personal advantage. Looking closely at development trends among one

minority, as I have been over the last half of my life, I do believe ethnic characteristics come down to response to environment on an evolutionary timescale. Nothing anyone can do anything about, except to try and change the social environment, for the sake of a decent human life (don’t let me get started on animals) now and in the future. From this comes a preoccupation with justice, at individual and governmental level. Politics, we are forced to admit, have to come into it; we need systems for widest participation in evolving the laws under which we live. But underneath and above all the rules and mechanics of organised society, isn’t there a basis of amity we can all respond to? I’m not being facetious when I advocate biodiversity in humans. I’m in a privileged

position to recommend interracial partnerships, including marriages. From how many generations I don’t know or care, my own family has been so ethnically mixed that we can’t even find a common set of genes to marry. I believe all my siblings are as proud as I am of the results in just plain happiness. Forget all the snares and delusions of achievement, power and wealth — what’s more important than ordinary contentment in family and friends? I believe in the power of mixtures to realise the highest ends of life. Appeals to race are now being dishonestly used for purposes, let’s face it, of naked greed. Can Guyanese of all stripes rise above that degradation? Can our mixed-races and other minorities organise to lead the way forward? Gordon Forte

DEAR EDITOR, The singers currently competing in the GT&T Jingle and Star competition have indeed caught my admiration and while their progress towards international stardom will depend on the existence of a viable local industry, there is serious talent available, especially in the English genre. Former CEO of GT&T Mr. Yog Mahadeo initiated this promising spectacle and must be given credit, as well as GT&T, for continuing to promote and develop local artistes. The glitzy international concerts and

renowned artistes do not escape my rapt attention, but rarely has a second fiddle contest excited my interest as the Jingle has done. My only regret is that I was not privy to witnessing any of the live performances and I suppose it will be a challenge for GT&T to create such an atmosphere, especially for those in the country-side. In fact should this materialize, I believe it will sustain a more intimate relationship with the audience and the artistes, rather than having most of the fans following on the television. Timing and other interests, especially with the advent of

accessible internet, can cause the dilemma of a large section of the public not to view the performances and perhaps renege on texting for the best singer. It was by coincidence, really, that I was able to view the recording twice on television while browsing for something of interest, and conclusively three stars from the three counties have indelibly created quite a stir for me. The other contestants are not far behind and perhaps the choice of song will be the deciding factor since I observe that the audience is more receptive to popular tunes rather than recognizing the brilliance of an artiste combining his/her vocal cord, timing and stage presence/skill to great effect in performing any song. Whatever the outcome, I am very impressed with the quality of the contest, with the winner worthy of becoming a star. Elroy Stephney

Impressed with singers in GT&T’s Jingle competition

Tuesday June 04, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday June 04, 2013

Armed men steal millions in old age pensions …relieve policeman of firearm

One of the damaged windows Residents are calling on the police to heighten security at the Wismar Post Office. Armed men swooped down on the facility early yesterday morning, and carted off an undisclosed sum of money, that was intended to pay pensioners. The police also reported

that the armed men then forced their way into the building and removed $2 million from a safe. The robbery is the third suffered by the entity, in as many years. The brazen bandits stormed the Post Office, on Jordan Road, Silvertown, after

sticking up the lone police rank, who was standing guard at the door. They relieved him of his firearm. All this drama unfolded even as several old age and NIS pensioners watched in disbelief, as the money that was to be paid out to them was carted off by the bandits.

According to informed sources, one of the bandits broke a glass window at the counter, and jumped over to gain access to the money, which was in a vault. “It was easy to get to the money, because the key was already in the lock on the vault, as payments had already begun. These bandits really bareface because they ain’t had on mask or anything. And they order the Post Master and the clerk to lie on the ground, but the Post Master, she suffered the worst, because the one with the gun, pull she by she hair. She got long hair, and he drag she straight to the vault- this thing happened so fast, it left everybody in shock, it look like split seconds,” one eyewitness said. Continued on page 16

Leonora Hospital and its deficiencies…

Expired drugs surface More problems have surfaced at the Leonora Cottage Hospital even as investigations into the storage of a baby’s body in the facility’s fridge continue. This time, Kaieteur News discovered that there are boxes of expired drugs stored at the facility, waiting to be dumped even though the pharmacy is short of critical drugs. Kaieteur News visited the hospital recently and was told by staffers about the storage of a 28-week-old stillborn baby boy in the fridge that was used by workers to store their eatables. Meanwhile, after receiving more complaints, this publication visited the hospital once again on

Saturday last and saw large piles of expired drugs. Apart from the expired drugs, a few beds at the facility have no mattresses while some are broken. The Neonatal Unit, which specializes in the care of ill or premature neonates, has a padlock on its door. It has been closed for a “very long time”. The Maternity Unit is “out of order.” “Why do only emergency deliveries when there is a Maternity and a Neonatal unit here?” a staff questioned. Yesterday, Kaieteur News tried to contact the Minister of Health for a comment on the expired drugs at the facility but the calls went unanswered.

Supply man in coma after ATV accident What was intended to be a joy ride, ended tragically for Elon Isaacs who now remains in a coma in the Intensive Care Unit of the Georgetown Public Hospital, following an accident on the Supply Public Road. According to reports, Elon Isaacs, 32, of Lot 44 Supply. East Bank Demerara, was riding an AllTerrain Vehicle without a helmet when he collided with a lamp post just a few corners away from his place of residence. The biker was hurled from the ATV and landed in a nearby trench. He was pulled out in an unconscious state and has since remained that way. When Kaieteur News visited the hospital Sunday night, relatives of the man were seen holding hands and praying. Merlin Melville, Isaacs’ aunt, said that around 7:30 pm on Sunday she received a call stating that her nephew had been rushed to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre in an unconscious state. She added that when Isaacs was transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital, nurses at the institution related to her that he had suffered massive head injuries and required a CT-scan. Melville added that based on a doctor’s report it was related that Isaacs suffered injuries to the head, chest and lower legs.

Some of the expired drugs

Neonatal Unit

Tuesday June 04, 2013

Kaieteur News

The sugar industry in Guyana is too big to be closed and too strategic to be privatized. There is therefore no option but to save the industry from its present difficulties. Sugar has been recording steep losses over the past few years. But being in the red was not unexpected. It was always going to be difficult for the sugar industry to recover from a one-third cut in the price paid for its exports to its main market in Europe. Very few industries ever recover from such a steep cut but the government opted to try to offset the anticipated losses by launching an ambitious plan to reduce the cost of production through the construction of a large factory at Skeldon. They also invested billions of dollars in a packaging plant so as to move away from the sale of only bulk sugar. Unfortunately, the plant at Skeldon malfunctioned in a major way. It is doubtful

whether it will ever work to full capacity. As a result of this and an overall contraction in production in the industry, the packaging plant also reportedly encountered problems in securing enough sugar to package. As a result, the industry borders on the precipice of collapse. But are we to assume that the problems of the industry are merely confined to the failure of Skeldon, the shortage of labour and the steep reduction in the prices paid for bulk sugar? Or are there other problems which are not being recognized. For one, what is verdict in relation to the weather? And now we have two sets of excuses being added to the pot. The first is that insufficient canes were being planted and thus not enough canes are there to be reaped. The second excuse is that there is a problem with the quality of the canes. In the face of all of these

variables, the debate as to just what are the primary causes for the fall in production in the sugar industry and just what is responsible for the loss of profitability will continue. No definitive position will be arrived at unless a top level team of experts is appointed to examine the state of affairs of the industry. The President may have his views as to what is behind the fall in production. He may also have his views on the decline in profitability and how this is related to the reduction in production. The managers within the sugar industry will have their views. The sugar unions will have their perspective and so too, the sugar workers. It will always be difficult to reconcile these views and come up with a definitive answer because those who have to make this judgment have their interests to protect. The managers will try to deflect attention away from

The 18-year-old waitress, who allegedly stabbed her acquaintance on the evening of May 28, last, after he pushed her into a trench was released on station bail. Charges are yet to be instituted. According to reports, an 18-year-old Richmond, Essequibo labourer,

app a r e n t l y p u s h e d t h e waitress into a trench at Anna Regina, after he was rebuffed. Reports are that the waitress, who works at a rum shop at Anna Regina, was approached by the labourer for sex on the night in question. An argument ensued and

the spurned man pushed the waitress in a nearby trench. The report added that the young woman, after emerging from the trench, proceeded to stab the labourer. The 18-year-old sustained a stab wound to his abdomen and remains a patient at the Suddie Public Hospital.

Waitress stabs amorous patron

Dem boys seh...

Ali Baba and he chores getting corner Is funny to hear some people beg, especially when dem same people was so arrogant that dem didn’t have de time to listen to anybody. Was a time when de same people who dem begging now, use to beg dem. De government want help to pass de antimoney laundering Bill. Dem boys seh that is a long time it was in de making because Ali Baba know that de day woulda come when he and de chores woulda have to explain de money. Dem boys seh that moon does run till day ketch am. That is why de opposition

don’t trust dem chores and dem boss Ali Baba. Ah Kneel shouldn’t have to beg fuh support. He should tell he colleagues to bring back some of de money. De whole thing got jail. This same Bill now give power to some country to jail people from other country. Who gun be de first convict? It might be of some help if Donald jail some of dem heself, but he and all moving sideways. Dem boys ain’t even certain that he know what he want. Talk half and call in Ali Baba and he chores.

poor management. The workers will not be willing to accept that it is their staying away from the job that has led to a fall in production. The government will in turn not want to concede that Skeldon has placed the industry in dire straits. The game of shifting blame will continue unless an expert panel is commissioned to study the industry, its turnaround plans and to advise on a way forward. It is unfair to ask the National Assembly to continue each year to bail out the sugar industry unless there is a commitment to undertake the necessary study of the sector. The government should be seeking to determine the causes of the problems in the industry and the relative weight to attach to each cause. Once it knows how these causes stack up, it can then develop a rescue plan because this is what the industry needs. The industry has long passed the stage of turnaround. There is now a need to save the industry and who know, perhaps save it from the government. It does seem ironic that the decline of the industry began just as the contract with Booker Tate was terminated. With the ending of that

Page 9

contract a few hundred million dollars should have been saved. What has become of those savings? Or have they been wiped out by the cuts in the export prices for G u y a n a ’s s u g a r, an e v e n t u a l i t y t h a t should have been predicted since it was long in the making and in fact advance notice was given of these cuts. The time has come to end the speculation. There is now a need for an investigative commission of inquiry into the sugar industry. A top- level panel should be assembled to undertake

this task. It will cost the Treasury some big bucks but failure to not undertake this exercise has the potential to result in billions more in losses and great social upheaval. The PPPC should move towards appointing an independent panel of experts to review the state of the industry and come up with proposals for the way forward.

Page 10

Kaieteur News

Tuesday June 04, 2013

=== The Freddie Kissoon column ===

Chanderpaul, Croft, Chan: Cricket’s ménage á trois Three famous names in West Indian cricket and cricket journalism will be the centre of an impending libel case. The Guyanese public will be treated to cricket played indoors rather on the field. Sports commentator, Naim Chan, told this columnist that so hurt he is at accusations made against his character by batting legend Shivnarine Chanderpaul that he is about to sue the famous cricketer for libel. In an interview, Mr. Chan said he was in tears when he

read what Chanderpaul wrote in the Guyana Times and said on NTN, Channel 69. Chan told me he credits himself as one of the persons who discovered Chanderpaul at a very early age. Chan went on to state that the batting legend has always been his sports hero and therefore he was devastated at the public accusation by Chanderpaul The story began when Chan sought financial assistance from business places to erect a large billboard to be placed in

Mahaica with the images of the two celebrated names to come out of Unity village – Chanderpaul and Colin Croft. Chan produced a document endorsed by Chanderpaul when soliciting funds. But things went astray. Chanderpaul wrote a letter in the Guyana Times asking Chan not to use his name any longer because financial accountability was missing from Chan’s operation. Later Chanderpaul was on NTN. Chan intoned that his defence was rejected by Guyana Times but carried in the April 9 edition of this paper. Captioned, “Naim Chan clears the air on Unity SC/Chandarpaul issue,” I quote; “Shiv makes a grave

allegation of financial misconduct against me… I challenge Shiv to bring forward the evidence... Shiv may shortly be asked to produce evidence before a judge…” On Sunday last, Mr. Chan told me that he is in the process of filing his affidavit. He added that he is confident he will succeed and will donate his award to charity. One of the dimensions of the Chanderpaul-Chan quarrel involves another cricketing icon, Colin Croft. Here is what Chan stated on the Colin Croft angle in his April 9 missive in the Kaieteur News: “Unfortunately, Colin’s name was dropped because Chanderpaul refused to have his face and that of Colin’s on the same billboard, he refused to even negotiate on the issue.” (end of quote) I asked Chan why then did he proceed to collect money for the project seeing that Chanderpaul was not interested in Croft’s visage being next to his. Chan explained that when he went back to certain business people they felt that if Chanderpaul wished that, then his request should be respected and they would have no objection to still donating to the project. I spoke with the owner of

the company, Andrew Arts that did the billboard. He explained that Chan first came with the blueprint for Chanderpaul and Croft then later returned to ask that Croft’s face be taken out. I spoke to Chanderpaul’s very close friend and business partner, former national cricketer Sheik Mohamed (together they own a sporting goods store in Enmore named TIGER SPORTS). He was unambiguous that he does not believe Chan converted money to his own use. He felt there was a huge misunderstanding. But he defended Chanderpaul’s alleged request to leave out the face of Colin Croft. When pressed for Chanderpaul’s reason, Mohamed said that Chanderpaul’s grievance with Croft is that Croft has never written anything positive about him and is always negative in his comments. Mohamed went on to state that he fully supports Chanderpaul’s position on Croft and he, Mohamed, would have done the same. Mohamed thinks that Croft refuses to acknowledge the positives in the career of the West Indian batting giant. For this article, there was no response from e-mails sent to

Frederick Kissoon Chanderpaul. Colin Croft sent me a lengthy statement of clarification. Mr.Croft has provided several published pieces written by him which showered praise on Chanderpaul. My conclusion is that Mr. Croft has indeed written positively on the batsman. Mr. Croft also raised issues of unfair derecognition by Guyana and the Caribbean of his talent and contribution to cricket which he deeply resents but more on that later. Croft’s niece, Shelizia Khan, who was initially the contact person for Chan spoke to me She described her shock when she heard about Chanderpaul’s attitude towards her famous uncle. She declined to comment any further but she thinks the reason for Chanderpaul’s alleged decision is that he does not see Croft as a great cricketer worthy of his image being alongside his own on a huge billboard. The billboard now stands tall on the Mahaica Cricket Ground with only one face on it. Chanderpaul remains the only cricketer to have picketed the WICB in a two-man exercise with then President Bharrat Jagdeo. Jagdeo’s placard read; “The WICB is a disgrace.” Many Guyanese feel the same about Jagdeo.

Tuesday June 04, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday June 04, 2013

Anti-Money Laundering legislation…

PPP says Opposition should not set conditions


mending laws against financial crimes is so important that the Opposition should not back down from supporting the move or setting conditions under which it would offer its support. That’s according to the country’s Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall. Nandlall was sent to Nicaragua last week to plead for more time to pass amendments to several pieces of legislation which were bundled and presented to the National Assembly as the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering of Financing for Terrorism (AMCFT) Bill. The Opposition had insisted that it would not be rushed into considering the Bill in order to avoid the country being put on a financial blacklist by the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force. T h e C FAT F i s t h e regional body of the International Financial Action Task Force (IFATF), a n i n d e p e n d e n t i n t e rgovernmental body that develops and promotes policies to protect the global financial system against money laundering and terrorist financing, among other financial crimes. After Nandlall submitted his case, the CFATF agreed to give Guyana until November to pass the amendments and if not the CFATF would be forced to blacklist Guyana as a noncooperating jurisdiction, and member countries could impose penalties that would affect a range of financial transactions. Nandlall said the Task Force was satisfied with the performance of the Financial Intelligence Unit. Also, he said that the Task Force was satisfied with the establishment of supervisory bodies over several financial arrangements. F u r t h e r, N a n d l a l l outlined the government’s efforts to pass the amendments, including President Donald Ramotar’s unprecedented message to the National Assembly. With the six-month

leeway, the government now has to convince the Opposition to support the amendments. The seven-seat Alliance for Change (AFC) has said that it would exchange its support for the amendments only if the government provides a definitive deadline for the setting up of the Public Procurement Commission and if the President re-considers assenting to two Bills which were brought to the House by the Opposition and passed. But Nandlall believes that those demands cannot hold, given the importance of the matter. “This Bill is so important that it cannot be hinged or contingent upon the happening of any other event,” he said. He added that the Bill is sufficiently important to national interest that it cuts across the political divide. “ I t ’ s s i m p l y indispensible to our national development and the welfare of our country to be made the subject of political football,” Nandlall stated. The party’s Executive S e c r e t a r y, Z u l f i c a r Mustapha, said that the PPP is concerned at the seeming disappointment by the Opposition, specifically the AFC, that Guyana was not blacklisted. “Nevertheless, the party is happy that President Donald Ramotar has been engaging the Opposition on this issue among others and we remain hopeful that the amendments will soon be approved by the National A s s e m b l y, ” M u s t a p h a stated. The Bill is now with a Special Parliament Select Committee. When that Committee completes its work, it will take its report to the full House for a vote. The government had insisted that without passing the amendments before the review, severe sanctions would have been implemented. These would include a range of implications for the financial sector especially, humbugs in the flow of international funds, such as remittances and wire transfers.

Tuesday June 04, 2013

Kaieteur News

Early morning fire... From page 2 fire service came right away and they too assisted in putting out the fire although they came from as far as Diamond,” the woman said. She however, explained that the house was constructed about three years ago and she currently pays a mortgage to the bank.

When asked about her loses, she said “There is millions in loses because everything in the top flat burn up and can be replaced; but the memorable things like pictures are all gone f o r e v e r. ” M i t c h e l l lamented. An eyewitness who was at the scene said that he and other persons fought to put

the blaze under control but saved as much as they could. “When we see the fire start push through the window we jump the fence and go in the yard and start a bucket brigade”, the man said. He added that the fire service “for the first time” acted promptly and was able to save the bottom flat of the house.

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday June 04, 2013

Secondary schools benefit from career day fair A

spiring to equip secondary school students with the necessary tools that will assist them in making wise career choices, the Durban Park Lions club, on Friday hosted its annual Career Day fair. Coordinator of fair and Executive member of the group, Ms Jocelyn Josiah, said that secondary schools from across Georgetown were the main target. The programme showcased organisations from both the private and public sector. The one day event featured booths from the Ministry of health, Guyana Police Force, Guyana Geology and Mines Commission, Carnegie School of Economics, GuySuCo, Air Services limited, Banks DIH Limited and the Guyana Institute of Architecture. The participating schools included Lodge Secondary School,

Tucville Secondary School, Dolphin Secondary School, Carmel Community High School and New Amsterdam Secondary School. Josiah said that the programme is keeping with the group motto, “we serve,” She said that throughout the years the Durban Park Lions Club has hosted and coordinated initiatives that foster youth, community and family development. The 64member group operates basically by way of fundraisers. “Every year we have fundraisers one of our notable events is the Sunny September brunch where the monies go to these projects, over the years we have done a lot of hands on projects where schools and other community based organizations benefited. We do it with team effort”’ The D’Urban Park Lions Club is currently involved in spearing an annual health drive, and life skills

Students of Tucville Secondary examine the display at a Guyana Police Force booth

and training programmes “The health drive is one whereby several children and elderly persons have benefited

from dental, optometry and other medical check-ups, and we are hosting training programmes for young people at the Tucville

Assembly of God Church,” Last Thursday’s event was hosted at the Girls guide Pavilion, Georgetown.

Tuesday June 04, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday June 04, 2013

Another speedboat Veteran Guyanese journalist succumbs to cancer at 61 crashes off Kaow Island

One of Guyana’s elders in the field of journalism, Courtney Gibson, lost his battle with cancer late Sunday night at the age of 61 years. Gibson, a former Editor in Chief of the state owned Guyana Chronicle, died in a hospital in Tampa, Florida, USA where he was admitted for treatment a few days earlier. Although he was ailing, Gibson’s death sent shockwaves throughout the Caribbean media fraternity, with many of his colleagues paying glowing tributes. News of his death was circulated through the association of Caribbean media workers president Wesley Gibbings, who noted that Gibson was a longstanding correspondent for what was then the Caribbean News Agency (CANA), now Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC). “I last came across him several years ago while he served as editor of the Herald of St Maarten,” Gibbings wrote. Prior to his appointments in the wider Caribbean, Gibson also served as an Information Officer at the Guyana High Commission in London, England. Another Caribbean media personality Marvin Hokstam wrote, “This is really saddening. I remember Courtney as a very knowledgeable Editor in

Courtney Gibson Chief. I still remember when he arrived in SXM to take up the post at The Herald, and the publisher asked me to collect him from the airport. I knew right from the bat that the guy sitting next to me in the car was a veteran who had seen it all. A good example for the young greenhorn I was back then. Within short order, he took a grip of the lead of the editorial department and played a huge role in taking the newspaper to its next level. He was a fair manager, who I could still call for li’l advice, even years after I stopped working under him at The Daily Herald.” “Last week I was talking to an ex-colleague from Dominica, who also worked

under Courtney at The Herald. Totally distraught by the news of his illness, she too had stories of what he meant to us young ones and to her personally while she was going through some challenges. “We heard that he had taken a turn for the worst, and I sort of expected this news, but it still comes as a shock. A great man/journalist/ teacher/friend is gone,” Hokstam added. Kaieteur News’ Leonard Gildarie, who worked in St Maarten for a number of years, upon learning of Gibson’s death stated that the media fraternity in the Region has lost a humble son. “I met Courtney almost 14 years ago in St Maarten and he always welcomed us into his home. He was willing to lend an ear to the many Guyanese living there.” Gildarie explained that in addition to being the Chief Editor at the Daily Herald, the island’s largest newspaper, Gibson was a key figure in the advocacy group, the St. Maarten/ Guyanese Foundation, and was elected President when it was established in the early 2000’s. “There are a couple of thousand Guyanese living there who needed renewals with passports and wanted help with immigration issues. The foundation, founded by myself and Gibson and a number of our country folks, were instrumental in bringing awareness to Guyanese. He was an ambassador to Guyana and a proud son of the soil at that. May God rest his soul.” Gibson hails from Adventure on the Essequibo Coast. It is not yet clear if his body will be brought back home to Guyana for its final resting place.

Several persons, many without life jackets, were injured after a speedboat crashed off Kaow Island in the Essequibo River yesterday. According to reports, the vessel which carries the name “The River Quest Jet boat service” left Parika Stelling at 4:00hrs with about 15 passengers, heading for Bartica. One hour into the boat ride the intoxicated speedboat captain lost control of the vessel and slammed into several trees. “I was sleeping when the boat crashed. Is a lucky thing is trees we crash into because if it was rocks we would have died,” one passenger told this publication. “Imagine we didn’t get no life jacket when we go into the boat either and the captain was drunk.” It was further disclosed that another speed boat in the area noticed the accident and rendered assistance while

A section of the crashed boat next to Kaow Island persons were able to contact relatives by cell phone to assist with their rescue. “The captain of the boat did not go to the hospital because he was drunk. People’s belongings were left in the boat. These situations should be investigated since these boat operators put

people’s lives at risk with their stupidity,” another passenger noted. This newspaper, is however questioning why the passengers made the decision to board a vessel without lifejackets and even with a drunk operator. The prerogative was theirs to decline using that boat.

Armed men steal millions... From page 8 The only employees in the building at the time of the incident were the Post Master, Ramona Singh, and a clerk/ cashier. Other staff had already left the Post Office to deliver mail in the district. They were however subsequently called back to the office. At the time of the incident there were reportedly about fifty persons, waiting to collect their pensions, while a few had already collected theirs. Unconfirmed reports indicate that some of the pensioners had gone to the Post Office since Saturday to collect their monies, but were advised to return yesterday. Several pensioners who

were not aware of the robbery, later turned up at the Post Office to collect their monies, but had to be turned away, as there was no money to pay them. They were however referred to the other Post Office at Mackenzie, to collect their money. A f t e r t h e r o b b e r y, several police ranks converged on the scene, but the bandits had already made good their escape. Commander Owen Trotz visited the scene and questioned the traumatized employees, about the robbery. A visibly shaken and teary eyed Post Master could be overheard recounting her ordeal. She however declined to speak with the media, saying that it was against the o rg a n i z a t i o n ’s protocol. L a t e r, p o l i c e r a n k s scoured several areas in their attempts to flush out the suspects, and took in many persons for questioning. They also kicked down the door to an apartment, belonging to Akila Melville at Third Street, Silvertown.

Melville, said that the incident occurred some time around 2’o’ clock. “These police ain’t rap, call or anything; they just come and kick down the door and the next thing I know is that they standing over me with the guns; so my child father asks them what happen and they said that they looking for guns and ammunition, and a large sum of money.” The woman said that they later handcuffed her reputed husband, Sheldon Hamilton and took him down to the Wismar Police Station, where he has been held ever since. Over a year ago bandits robbed the Wismar Post Office of some $7million in another daring daylight robbery. A few persons were subsequently held and released. Since then residents have voiced their concerns about the lack of adequate security at the facility. Persons are of the view that one police guard is definitely not adequate for an entity that holds huge sums of money, to be disbursed to pensioners and others.

Tuesday June 04, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Kaieteur News

Explosion leaves two-yearold and uncle hospitalised

Tuesday June 04, 2013

NBS drops mortgage rates further

NBS has announced a reduction in its mortgage rates, effective July 1st. (Inset) NBS’ CEO, Ahmad Khan

A distraught Shelly Ramdat (inset) and family members at the Georgetown Public Hospital Two-year-old Prity Mohamed lies in evident pain in the Burn Care Unit of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation. Her face is blackened and sections of her body are scorched. It appears that she has at least second degree injuries, the result of an explosion reportedly caused by her 20-year-old uncle, Kishan Ramdat. Her mother, Shelly Ramdat, Kishan’s sister, was seen standing at her bedside yesterday attending to her as nurses frequently rendered their expert support. This however, does not ease the pain the toddler endures with every move nor does it reduce the distress which she is too young to yet understand. But the young child, according to indications from medical personnel, stands a chance of survival and of leading a normal life. However, this does not take away from the fact that an innocent child has been reduced to a fraction of her usual animated self because

of the actions of her uncle who was reportedly drunk and smoking. He, on the other hand, has been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of the Hospital in a more critical condition. He was required to undergo a CT Scan at the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, Sunday night, according to his father, Samaroo Ramdat. Yesterday, Ramdat said that he has not been given any further information from the private hospital. He was told to return as soon as possible with $33,000, the cost of the scan. He said he would be grateful if persons could contact him on 681-7333 to render support. The man disclosed that his son was admitted in an unconscious state and up to yesterday remained the same way. “They push a tube down he throat and he deh pun some life machine.” He related that both he and his son are fishermen who have been working on his brother’s engine boat for

several years. And it was attempts by a drunken Kishan, to discard a cigarette butt that caused the explosion. The senior Ramdat explained that his son who was earlier drinking had returned to their two-bedroom River View Squatting area, Mosquito Hall, East Coast Demerara, home when tragedy struck. He said that his son, while standing on the platform of the stairways, tossed the cigarette butt away. It landed on a container of gasoline which exploded. The blast damaged a section of the house as well. At the time, little Prity who had ventured from her parents home, a few meters away, was also on the platform. She was caught in the fiery blast. It was a difficult task getting the two to the hospital, according to the child’s mother who was at the time doing chores when she heard the explosion and suddenly saw fire coming from her father’s home. This was soon followed by screams from her daughter. “All me hear was she start hollering and when me reach me see she in she pink panty and she skin pink and peeling.” The woman recounted that it was a difficult task to get a vehicle to take her daughter to the hospital. However, a man eventually volunteered to carry them to the hospital. Another vehicle took her brother to the hospital too. Yesterday family members converged at the hospital to get a glimpse of the injured.

New homeowners and others wanting a mortgage at the New Building Society (NBS) will pay lower interest rates from July 1, the society announced yesterday. The reduction in the rates will come as further good news for prospective homeowners with commercial banks and NBS reporting an increasing number of applications for mortgages. For mortgages less than $4M, the rates will be 4.25 per cent. Mortgages between $4M and $10M will now

attract an interest rate of 6.15 per cent, down from 6.25 per cent. For $10M and above, the interest rates will reduce to 6.75 per cent from 7.45 per cent. According to NBS’ Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the decision on the new rates was taken by its Board of Directors to make mortgages more affordable. NBS is the biggest mortgage lender in Guyana. In recent years, NBS’ advances on mortgages have

been growing at a rapid rate as government continued with its housing drive. Over 6,000 more house lots are expected to be shared out this year. In 2011, advances made by NBS were to the tune of $4.2B. Last year this jumped to $6.75B, representing a 60 per cent increase in its business. “…and based on what we achieved thus far in 2013, we are well positioned to comfortably surpass that,” Khan said.

Minimum Wage Order covers loopholes The National Minimum Wage Order 2013, containing the particulars governing the issuance of wages for regular working hours of all employees in Guyana has been finalized. It is available for the perusal of members of the public. The Order is scheduled to take effect from July 1. It states that the minimum rate of wage to be paid to every person employed in Guyana must not be less than $202 per hour; $1,616 per day; $8,080 per week or $35,000 per month. Categories of workers that are addressed by the document include domestic workers, employees at cement factories, wash bays, saw mills, bakeries, ice factories, filling stations, security guards and watchmen and dozens of others. It adds that if any employer is found guilty of a breach of this order, issuing wages or salaries in amounts less than the stipulated amounts, the person will be liable to a fine of $35,000 for the first offence. For a second violation of the Order, a fine of $70,000 and one month’s imprisonment will be enforced. Further, if an employee is in receipt of a wage that is

higher than the wage prescribed in the Order, the amount received by that employee should not be reduced to match the rate that is set. Instead, the employer must continue to pay at the regular rate in which the employee is in receipt of. According to the Order, a normal work week should comprise 40 hours and should not exceed five days per week. For hours of work beyond the normal hours, payment should be made in alignment with the rates set in the Labour (Conditions of Employment of Certain Workers) Act of 1978; any other law or any collective bargaining agreement in force where workers are represented by a Trade Union. Moreover, if there is conflict between another existing minimum wage order that is found to be less advantageous than the new Order, the former is to be disregarded. The introduction of a new national minimum wage for all workers is said to be the measure needed to put an end to underpayment across all sectors and lessen complaints of exploitation by employers. According to the Minister

of Labour, the Order seeks to remedy any existing financial exploitation of workers and is to prevail if there is any conflict with any other minimum wage Order. At Guyana’s 47 th Independence Anniversary held at the National Park last Sunday, President Donald Ramotar spoke of the initiative. He noted that his government has moved resolutely to end what he described as the “abuse”— the underpayment of workers. He also said that his government is going to ratify the International Labour Organizations (ILO) Convention 189, on domestic workers. In January last, the Government had announced its plan to institute a national minimum wage for all workers. It had been noted that the minimum wage had not been attended to for more than two decades. The initiative to establish a minimum wage came as a result of discussions between the government workers’ union and the private sector. It was subsequently submitted to be approved by the Cabinet which supported the initiative.

Tuesday June 04, 2013

Kaieteur News

Tailor found dead in Lusignan house

Page 19

Deplorable ‘B’ Field access road overdue for repairs - residents

The house in which Harold’s body was found Fifty-two-year old Khemraj Harold was discovered dead in his Lot 340 Market Road, Lusignan, East Coast Demerara home. He was not heard from or seen since Friday. The man, a tailor, was reported to be the only person occupying the twostorey house. Neighbours said that they would normally check on the elderly man by calling over or they would hear his sewing machine “vibrating” and know that he is working. Kaieteur News was told that last Friday was the last day anyone saw or heard from

him. One neighbour, Margaret, related that acting on a request by a woman to deliver a message to the tailor, she called repeatedly on the man but got no response. Margaret said that the man’s brother, who frequently visits the home, instructed her to check the rear entrance of the house to determine if he was home and it was there that she caught a “funny” scent. The woman then alerted the man’s brother who subsequently arrived at the house accompanied by police and after breaking into the premises found blood seeping through the ceiling from upstairs where the

Teen chopped at Stabroek Market; assailant still on the run A misunderstanding between two young men on Sunday night resulted in a brutal clash outside Stabroek Market which left a Guyhoc teen nursing chops about his body. Reports reaching Kaieteur News revealed that Ashley Cummings, 17, of lot ‘E’ 19 Guyhoc Park, accompanied by his friends was approached by a male armed with a cutlass. The teen became engaged in a heated argument with his assailant and was chopped about his body several times before he fell to the ground. The assailant who is said to be also in his teens fled the scene soon after the chopping; while police remain on a look out for him. Up to press time, Cummings was still a patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

man’s already decomposing body was found in a chair in the living room. The body was taken to Lyken’s Funeral Home and shortly after the scene was investigated by officers from the Criminal Investigations Department. Although the post mortem to be conducted on Wednesday will determine the cause of death of Harold, foul play has not been ruled out. Harold’s brother said that he discovered that an air conditioning unit in one of the rooms was misplaced and thought it to be strange. Kaieteur News understands that Harold currently has a land dispute matter between himself and wife that is being handled in the courts. His wife is reported to be living some communities away in Good Hope, East Coast Demerara along with their two sons and one daughter. One of the man’s sons and his daughter who were present at Harold’s home after his body was found were reluctant to speak to this newspaper. The daughter, speaking briefly, disclosed that she had not heard from her father in months. The family is awaiting the results of the post mortem.

A section of the main access road Residents of Pattensen South, which is commonly referred to as ‘B’ Field, Sophia, are requesting Government’s intervention as the main access road is overdue for critical rehabilitation especially since the rainy season has brought more complications and discomfort for commuters. According to residents, this main road and the other carriageways within the community serve over 5,000 residents and cater for approximately 150 personal vehicles. It has deteriorated significantly. Residents noted that to date there has been absolute silence on the works to be done. Youths sometimes use builders’ waste and other materials to fill the gaping potholes. Another resident said that it is a wonder that some minibuses still transport people to and from the area. Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools suffers harm.

“They know people work and need transportation so some minibuses continue to help when they can to go as far as possible. But the roads indeed are in a horrible state.” he said.

Page 20

Kaieteur News

Tuesday June 04, 2013

Triangular love affair leaves wife dead, husband attempts suicide by rope By Leon Suseran A triangular love affair came to a deadly end just after 21:00 hrs on Sunday after a 28-year- old woman was allegedly strangled by her husband. The lifeless body of Geeta ‘Diane’ Bhishundial was discovered by her sister, Vashti, on a bed in the living room at Geeta’s home at Lot 57 High Reef, Albion, Corentyne. Not too far away, too, hanging in the same room and in an unconscious state, was the woman’s husband, Prabhudyal ‘Ramesh’ Tarachand, 34, a carpenter attached to the Albion Estate. The couple was married for the past seven years. A postmortem performed yesterday at New Amsterdam Hospital concluded that the woman died of strangulation. Bhishundial’s parents in Edinburgh, East Bank Berbice received a call that the couple were “fighting”. Vashti rushed to the scene only to find the Albion house locked up. After several frantic calls for Ramesh and Diane, she gained entry by breaking down the door to the house only to discover what she termed as shocking. “My sister was lying on the bed”, she stated. “Ramesh kept saying he would hang himself and it is the kind of relationship where it reached to a point that was unbearable to her…but I

never knew it would have reached this stage”. Ramesh, she stated, was hanging with a cord tied to his neck. The one- year-old son of the couple, Jayden, was upstairs asleep. The other two children, Nichail, 7 and Brianna, 3, were staying at the time with an uncle not too far from the house. They called the police immediately and rushed both individuals to the Port Mourant Hospital. Diane was pronounced deadon-arrival. Ramesh was hospitalized “for drinking thinner.” He was later taken to the Albion Police Station for questioning, and remains in custody up to press time. “He killed her. No matter what they say justice can’t be done. Diane can’t come back.” The woman’s mother, Khemranie Bhishundial, stated that she received a telephone call on Sunday morning when her daughter complained that “Ramesh choking me.” “She cried and I called him and asked him why he did it and that I would take him to the Probation Officer.” She also claimed that when her husband, Clifford, visited the couple’s home Sunday afternoon to try to talk to Ramesh, “he chopped up the phone...he started to share out his tools and said that he will die tonight and he will hang himself tonight…I

Geeta ‘Diane’ Bhishundial, her husband, Prabhudyal ‘Ramesh’ Tarachand and the kids during happier times didn’t know he will kill my child like this.” Vashti also claimed that her sister was going through a period of psychological and mental abuse by Ramesh. “He was always a jealous

Non Pareil residents suffer... From page 3 to wait until after three working days to have the matter addressed. The woman is anxious about the fate of her family and of other residents in the community. “They took away meters from internet cafés and shops. How will the school children get their work done? Things in the fridge will spoil and so on.” Nadira Ramnarine, another disgruntled resident, whose meter was removed yesterday, is contemplating what steps the community should take to restore their electricity. “This is eyepass. Nobody nah tamper with the

meter. Is GPL self does go in that meter”. Ramnarine thinks that the community should “knock up something” that would generate electricity to the community. GPL’s Public Relations Officer, commenting on the removal of the meters, said that the power company is in the middle of a countrywide power watch and that a disconnection notice was published in the newspaper. Regarding the removal of the meters of the residents, she said that the meters would not have been removed if the team were not certain that they were tampered with. She added that the meters will be

fully investigated by the loss reduction department to establish confirmation. With regard to the bail that the residents were required to pay, she said that they were lucky since with offences such as these, perpetrators can be charged with as much as $100,000 in addition to any outstanding balances. She said that the likely outcome of the situation would be that the residents would have to pay their penalties and then apply for a new service. However, this is not definite since investigations into the matter are ongoing.

husband—I don’t know if they made rough jokes…it was not an abusive relationship to the point where he hit her. He would always say ‘ I will hang myself’, so she would feel limited because she cannot do better-she doesn’t have so much education like us so she can get a job…so she stuck it out with him and tried to make the marriage last.” “He killed my sister and for whatever reason he killed her, he will have to live with

that.” She noted that the family knew about the little quarrels the couple would have but never thought that the emotional abuse would reach the stage it did. “He comes from a family that hang themselves—his dad, his uncle and somebody else…” Ramesh’s brother told another story. He claimed that Luke turned up at the couple’s home on Sunday evening and tried to start an argument. He stated that he, too, received a call on Sunday evening informing him that his brother was arrested and taken to Albion Police Station. When he arrived, “Ramesh and the sweet man—the police had them there having a confrontation…” This affair has been going on for quite a while and Ramesh got knowledge or something but he loves his family-he said no matter how much it got worse, he will stay in the marriage.” He also stated that on April 26, there was a major confrontation between Luke, Diane and Ramesh at their residence, whereby the police were called in. Luke, he stated, was warned to stay away from Diane. “Police arrested both of them and charged them the following day and they came to a compromise, mended matters and he [Ramesh] came home back with this wife.” Tarachand, who stated that his brother, from his hospital bed, related to him what transpired on that fateful night. “The affair continued secretly…until like up to last night that this boy can’t take it no more-he came here and tell Ramesh that ‘let this girl

choose between you or me’”. Tarachand said that he asked Luke to leave and then he locked the door and went in the house with his wife. He also claimed that the couple had an argument after which he drank some ‘thinner’ and then passed out. After waking up a few minutes later, “when he got up he ain’t see his wife…so he thought she gone with Luke.” He stated that his brother told him that he then attempted to hang himself “with a passion…cutting the cast- net cord, tied it to the rocker and jumped on the window sill and he didn’t know anything afterwards— when he wake up he was at the hospital…” “He [Ramesh] felt bullied that Luke was coming to be with Diane in his presence— full out—so that was what he couldn’t take.” “Both of them [Ramesh and Luke] have to be treated as a suspect—the three of them were alone and only they knew what happened.” “[Diane’s family] are trying to cover up her fault”, he stated. “I don’t believe he did it…because he can’t beat this girl—the girl beats him— she has some size to overpower him—I don’t think he can able to physically manhandle her. Up to press time, both Luke and Ramesh remained in police custody at the Albion and Whim Police Stations respectively. Kaieteur News was also informed that it was ordered that Ramesh is to undergo a psychological evaluation by a Psychiatrist at the National Psychiatric Hospital (NPH).

Man dies two weeks after being doused with gasoline and torched Almost two weeks after he was doused with gasoline and set on fire, 29-year old Elroy Sealey lost the battle for his life, succumbing on Sunday at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation. And to date police are still hunting his attacker who is believed to be hiding out in the goldfields of the Cuyuni region. According to the police, on May 21 last, Sealey, 29, a gold miner of Yorkshire Hall, Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara, was confronted by a man at Chinee Landing, Cuyuni, during which he was doused with gasoline and set on fire. He received severe burns to his entire upper body. Speaking via telephone from her home in Mahaicony, the dead man’s mother, Sheila Sealey, related that two weeks ago she was contacted by an unfamiliar person via telephone, who informed her that her son was badly burnt and that he was being taken to Bartica. “I ask how bad he was and the person told me that he (Elroy Sealey) was not speaking,” Sheila Sealey told Kaieteur News. She said that the person left her son at the

Bartica Hospital and went back into the backdam. Eventually the badly burnt man was brought to the city and admitted to the GPHC, where he had been on a strictly liquid diet. According to Mrs. Sealey, she last saw her son alive around 17:30 hours on Sunday when she visited him in the hospital. She told this newspaper that from his appearance, she was not surprised that he “did not make it”. “Yesterday (Sunday) when I look at him I knew he would not make it. He stopped eating since Thursday,” she said. The woman recalled that she left her son at the hospital around 17:30 hours on Sunday and later received a call around 04:00 hours informing her that he had died. Mrs. Sealey said that her son did not say much about what led to his confrontation with his attacker, but he did give his assailant’s name to the police. She said that Elroy Sealey, who is the last of her four children, has been working in the goldfields since he was 18 years old. He leaves to mourn a daughter.

Tuesday June 04, 2013

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Gov’t insists on continued role in public procurement - Attorney General The ruling People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has “revolutionised” the public procurement process over the past 20 years, making it clear the party is committed to the establishment of the Public Procurement Commission, Attorney General Anil Nandlall said yesterday. However, he insisted that the government must maintain its “observer” status in public procurement. Currently Cabinet - the Council of Ministers chaired by the President - has the power to accept or reject recommendations for the award of contracts by the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB). The Public Procurement Commission was an idea of the Constitutional Reform Commission with the intention of rooting out corruption, fraud and waste

in the award of contracts for the provision of goods and services to the government. In 2003, the government, which then had controlling powers in the National Assembly, agreed to include in the Procurement Act a clause that says that the role of Cabinet would be progressively phased out. However, the very government has now changed its position. Nandlall argued that since the government is answerable for the way it uses the public purse and for public infrastructure projects, it follows that it should now be able to have the power to give its approval or disapproval of contracts. “If Cabinet and the executive are to be held responsible to the electorate for the infrastructural development of this land and for the expenditure of public

funds, the Cabinet inevitably must have a role in the procurement process,” Nandlall stated. He said that the PPP/C is committed to transparency and accountability in public expenditure and this could be seen in the many changes in the process over the years. Speaking at a press conference at Freedom House, the headquarters of the ruling PPP, Nandlall said that before the PPP came into office 20 years ago, the public procurement process was so veiled that no one knew what state properties were being sold, the conditions under which they were being sold and the price for which they were being sold. He said that over the years, the PPP passed modern legislation and put in place the NPTAB which is comprised of public servants. Further, he said contractors

are able to demand a review of the award of contracts if they feel slighted and that minutes of the meetings of the NPTAD are now posted online. All of this, he said, is evidence that the government is wholly committed to a transparent and accountable public procurement process. However, he said that if Cabinet loses its role in the award of contracts, then it would be burdened with the responsibility of being answerable for projects when it would have had no influence in the award of those contracts. The Constitution provides for the Public Procurement Commission to monitor the procedure under which goods and services are procured and to ensure that works are conducted in a fair, equitable, transparent and cost effective manner. The Commission is

expected to monitor and review all procurement systems and also investigate complaints and irregularities. The Constitution provides for the Commission to have five experts in procurement, law, finance and administrative matters. Members of the Commission are named by the Public Accounts Committee but must be approved in the National Assembly by way of a two-third majority. Nandlall said that the PPP is willing to set up the Commission once there is consensus and once Cabinet maintains its role. The seven-seat Alliance for Change has nominated chartered accountant and attorney-at-Law, Christopher Ram and former Auditor General Anand Goolsarran. A Partnership for National Unity’s (APNU), which holds 24seats in the House, has

Minister of Legal Affairs Anil Nandlall nominated Attorney-at-Law Emily Dodson; Accountant Nigel Hinds; Former Budget Director Winston Jordan; Agriculturalist and former Guyana Sugar Corporation (Guysuco) Manager Tony Vieira, and Civil Engineer Berkeley Wickham The opposition parties have been calling on the PPP to submit its nominees.

Squatters want probe of government official who cheated them out of land A section of the site plan showing the finished house, its owner and location

Residents of Tuschen North say that much will be gained if a probe is conducted into the acquisition of a plot of land by a government official whom they claim cheated them out of their property. The irate residents, who were formerly squatting at Tuschen North Jai Dam, East Bank Essequibo, said that Mrs. Philomena SahoyeShury, Director of Community Development Councils, told them that they had to remove from the area because a road was going to be constructed. They said that Shury instead built a two story concrete house on the property, while they, of meager means- had to bear the expense of re-locating. They also argued that now the Housing Ministry is regularizing the area, they are missing out on the opportunity.

Rakesh Dyal, 22, told Kaieteur News that for more than 10 years he lived at Tuschen North. He said Shury came to the area some two years ago and declared to at least five families that the area where they lived was marked for road construction. He said she recommended a new location, but much effort and financing had to be placed into preparing the land and moving their homes. Some of the families, he said, could not bear the expenses, so they ventured to alternate locations. But added to his worries, Dyal said, he is now faced with eviction, since some five months ago his family received notice from the Ministry of Housing that they are to remove from the location where Shury had put them. Dyal said a massive

concrete fence was the first thing constructed around the property. Subsequently, he charged, work commenced on the building which is still under construction. Shury is regularly seen at the location while work is ongoing. A contractor, Melvin Singh, alleges that he too was cheated by the Development Council Director. With the provision of a site plan to this newspaper, he said that Shury contracted him for the construction of the building but he is still to be paid for his labour. According to Singh, Shury had him purchase building materials, promised to reimburse him, but never did. He charged that the woman owes almost a million dollars for purchased materials and for the work that was done to the home which according to the site plan, is located at Lot 260, Tuschen

The concrete house erected instead of the road North. Singh explained that while a regular government issued house lot is about 45 feet in width and 80 feet in length, the property in question is some 109 feet wide and 334 feet long, “Enough to hold seven or eight houses comfortably,” he opined. He added that the property, specifically the fence, has spilled onto the government reserve where ordinary citizens have been restricted to occupy. He said that building material suppliers are hounding him for their money while some have threatened legal action. Singh continued that Shury told him to buy the materials and when he makes the trips to the city, the money would have been

returned. This, he said was done, and the payments were always in cash, up until Shury abruptly stopped paying and severed all contacts. Work on the property stopped at the end of November, Singh said, when a man came to say that work was closed. His employees are yet to be paid he expressed frustratingly. “I have a wife and three children. How could people do these things? I want she to know I want my money,” he steamed. Kaieteur News was able to make contact with the architect whose name appeared on the site plan. He told this news agency that he was approached by Mrs. Shury who dictated how she wanted the property to be built. When asked, he said he is unaware as to who owns

the property but it was Shury who approached him and told him how she needed the building designed. The woman’s name appears on the site plan where it says ‘owner’, the property’s location appears where it says ‘address’ and the architect’s name appears where it says ‘drawn by’. When Kaieteur News contacted Mrs. Shury she was quite upset about a recent publication on the matter. She hammered Kaieteur News about the article saying that it should have not been published, while threatening legal action. When asked whether she is the owner of the two-storey concrete house she said, “I am not telling you anything,” and hung up the phone.

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Tuesday June 04, 2013

Tuesday June 04, 2013

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Protocol breaches embarrassed us - Rowley The Office of the Leader of the Opposition Dr Keith Rowley yesterday issued a statement, claiming that Government had committed a series of embarrassing protocol breaches during the State visit of the President of China Xi Jinping. President Jinping arrived in Trinidad on Friday and left on Sunday. At the Piarco International airport, he was welcomed by President Anthony Carmona, Prime Minister Kamla PersadBissessar, Chief Justice Ivor Archie and Dr Rowley. On Saturday, the Chinese president paid a courtesy call on President Carmona and his wife, Reema, at the National Academy for the Performing Arts in Port of Spain. He then met Persad-Bissessar at the Diplomatic Centre, St Ann’s. President Jinping also hosted a luncheon at the Hilton Trinidad and Conference Centre, and that night attended a State banquet at the Hilton Trinidad, hosted by President Carmona. According to the Statement from the Opposition Leader’s office, “It

Leader of the Opposition Dr Keith Rowley is with some disappointment that the Opposition People’s National Movement has observed serious and continued breaches of protocol on the part of the Prime Minister and her administration. We have witnessed in the past, the Prime Minister making her arrival at major events after the arrival of our Head of State, the President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Also on occasion, the Prime Minister has seen it

fit to address major gatherings after His Excellency had spoken. These actions are wholly unacceptable and we feel the Prime Minister needs to be reminded of her role and function as prime minister and that of the president as Head of State”. The release stated “Last weekend, we observed in dismay even more serious breaches in protocol with the visit of the Vice President of the People’s Republic of China to Trinidad and Tobago. Splashed on the front pages of our newspapers were photographs of the Vice President of China and his contingent being welcomed by the President of Trinidad and Tobago along with the Prime Minister and other dignitaries and state officials. It was most appalling to see our Head of State trailing behind, not only the Prime Minister, but also behind lesser dignitaries, almost lost in the crowd. The Opposition is hereby calling on the Prime Minister to acknowledge that she is not the head of state.

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Tuesday June 04, 2013

Obama administration disputes charge attorney general lied (Reuters) - The Obama administration yesterday pushed backed against Republican accusations that Attorney General Eric Holder lied during a congressional appearance last month about his involvement in leak investigations that involved reporters. Republican lawmakers have called Holder’s credibility into question by alleging that he failed to tell the truth in testimony to the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee about the Justice Department’s secret seizures of journalist records. Holder told the committee on May 15 that he was not involved in the potential

prosecution of a reporter under the 1917 Espionage Act. Reports later surfaced that he had signed off on a search warrant and a subpoena for the records of Fox News reporter James Rosen. Adding to the furor over Holder, who has been President Barack Obama’s attorney general since the Democratic president took office in 2009, was a New York Times article on Sunday that said some in the White House had privately told associates that they wished Holder would resign. White House officials said yesterday that Obama supports Holder, who has faced a number of

controversies over the years that the administration has blamed on Republican partisan maneuvering. White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough issued a statement in which he said Obama and his team “believe that the attorney general has the intellect, experience and integrity to efficiently run the Department of Justice and not get distracted by the partisans who seem more interested in launching political attacks than cooperating with him.” In a letter to Republican lawmakers yesterday, a Justice Department official wrote that prosecutors never sought to file criminal charges against Rosen

despite the FBI describing him in an affidavit as a coconspirator in espionage. “At no time during the pendency of this matter before or after seeking the search warrant - have prosecutors sought approval to bring criminal charges against the reporter,” wrote Peter Kadzik, a deputy assistant attorney general, without naming Rosen. CLARIFYING TESTIMONY Two Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee, Chairman Bob Goodlatte of Virginia and James Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin, wrote to Holder on May 29 asking him to clarify the earlier testimony about prosecutions of reporters.

Yesterday’s letter from Kadzik said that because prosecutors never sought to bring charges against Rosen, Holder’s testimony “was accurate and consistent with these facts.” Kadzik also wrote, “We are unaware of an instance when the department has prosecuted a journalist for the mere publication of classified information.” Replying immediately to the letter, Goodlatte and Sensenbrenner said it was an inadequate response because it did not come from Holder himself. Rosen reported in 2009 that U.S. intelligence officials believed North Korea would conduct more nuclear tests in response to U.N. sanctions. Stephen Kim, a former analyst at the State Department suspected of being Rosen’s source, faces trial on charges he violated an anti-espionage law. Republicans shrugged off the criticism from the White House and insisted Holder has to provide some answers. “I think that Eric Holder has damaged his credibility, and I think he should ask himself whether he’s really effectively serving the president of the United States. Clearly there have been some contradictory statements,” Republican U.S. Senator John McCain of Arizona told NBC’s “Today” show. Holder has been trying to assuage concerns from the news media that Justice Department leak investigations have gone too

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder far and are running counter to First Amendment freedom of press guarantees outlined in the U.S. Constitution. Last week he held a private meeting with leaders of several news organizations. More such meetings are planned. A former press secretary for Obama, Robert Gibbs, said Holder needs to do more than hold private meetings but doubted he would be leaving his job soon. “He is going to serve as long as the president wants him to, and I think there is certainly no evidence that the president wants him to leave so I don’t expect ... (him) to go anywhere,” Gibbs told MSNBC on Monday. However, he added, “I think it would really behoove the Department of Justice and the a t t o r n e y g e n e r a l t o come out and explain the rationales behind these investigations.”

U.S. says WikiLeaks soldier driven by ‘arrogance’ (Reuters) - Military prosecutors said arrogance drove the U.S. soldier who went on trial yesterday accused of the biggest leak of classified information in U.S. history through the WikiLeaks anti-secrecy website three years ago. But at the opening of the court-martial of Private First Class Bradley Manning, 25, his defence lawyer portrayed him as a naive young soldier who had leaked the documents, combat videos and other data because he wanted to reveal the human cost of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Manning case has pitted civil liberties groups who want more transparency in military and diplomatic affairs against the government, which accuses Manning of endangering lives and damaging diplomacy by leaking classified information. Manning, a former

intelligence analyst, faces a possible life sentence without parole if convicted at his court-martial in Fort Meade, Maryland, for leaking more than 700,000 secret documents in 2010. “This is a case of what happens when arrogance meets access to classified networks,” lead prosecutor U.S. Army Captain Joe Morrow said in his opening statement. “This had great interest to our adversaries and to our enemies.” The slightly built Manning, wearing dress uniform, sat between his lawyers at the defence table. He faces 21 counts, including the most serious one of aiding the enemy, and prosecution under the Espionage Act of 1917. Manning pleaded guilty in February to 10 lesser charges, but prosecutors rejected the pleas and are pursuing their original charges.

Tuesday June 04, 2013

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Tuesday June 04, 2013

Kaieteur News

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UTT are Caribbean League champs again

Anicia Wood of Barbados and American Kayle Mannis of Glamorgan attempt to block as Channon Thompson (with ball) spikes for University of Trinidad and Tobago during the women’s final. – Photo: Ishmael Salandy

UNIVERSITY of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) are the women’s champions of the Caribbean Volleyball League for the second year in succession. In a re-match of last year’s gold-medal match, they defeated Glamorgan in five exciting sets, 25-17, 23-25, 1025, 27-25, 15-7 when the fiveday tournament came to a conclusion Sunday night at the Sports & Physical Education Centre (SPEC) of the St Augustine Campus of the University of the West Indies. The victory was sweet revenge for UTT as the Glamorgan outfit, comprising four Americans and two Barbadians, had defeated them in four sets in the match to determine the winners of the round-

Tuesday June 04, 2013 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19): You’re not inclined to start a project today unless you already have a concrete plan in place. Fortunately, you’re able to think through several contingencies and map out a sound strategy. TAURUS (Apr. 20–May 20): It’s crucial to practice selfdiscipline today because you might struggle if you try to accomplish too much now. GEMINI (May 21–June 20): Your ruling planet Mercury is working overtime today to smooth over the rough spots in your life. Unfortunately, your ability to rationalize is so natural that you could be the victim of your own cleverness. CANCER (June 21–July 22): You excel at communicating your feelings now that chatty Mercury is in your sign; unfortunately, even a close friend might not fully understand your perspective. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22): Although you might not seem insecure, you still may be concerned with a coworker’s emotional response today. Your strategy could backfire if you try to hide your anxiety by being purposefully vague. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22): Today you might be able to get away with some sloppy thinking or even fall for a bit of trickery as long as you don’t take things too far.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22): You don’t like being put on the spot, especially if it’s on your own territory. However, you might choose not to express your annoyance today because you can also see things from other points of view. SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21): You can easily exhaust yourself today as you run through a mental obstacle course over and over again. However, each time you attempt to manage the resistance in the same manner you believe that your strategy will work. SAGIT (Nov. 22–Dec. 21): You’re lost in a sea of deep thinking now, but you might not want to go public with your thoughts. Nevertheless, you could come across as if your emotions aren’t very important, especially if you talk about them in an offhand manner. CAPRICORN(Dec.22–Jan.19): Although fulfilling your obligations quickly fills up your schedule, you still might believe that you can fit more activities into your day. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18): You may feel uncomfortable if a conversation at work becomes too personal today. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20): It’s tempting to slip into a caretaker role today because you are so empathic when it comes to the feelings of your friends.

robin phase of the tournament two nights earlier. It looked like lightning would strike twice when they won nine points in a row from 2-2 in the third and eventually claimed it in convincing fashion to break the deadlock. But the UTT squad, which consists of the majority of players on the national team, ended up squeaking out a nail-biting fourth and then blew the abbreviated decider wide open when they scored nine

unanswered points from 53 down. They then took three of the final five points to seal the deal in 73 minutes and c o l l e c t the US$5,000 winners’ cheque. Glamorgan had reached the final by beating New Arising Sports Company in straight sets during Saturday’s day session, while UTT whipped Technocrats 25-20, 26-24, 25-15 in the second semi-final during the night session. Technocrats picked up the bronze medal Sunday

afternoon with a 25-9, 23-25, 25-18, 25-20 triumph over newcomers New Arising in 84 minutes. Technocrats defeated Big SEPoS (South East Port of Spain) 26-24, 2519, 20-25, 25-21 in Saturday night’s semis, after Toco had stunned Glamorgan in five sets during the day session. Glamorgan were also upset for the bronze medal Sunday when BIG SEPoS whipped them 25-22, 25-20, 25-23 in 72 minutes. (Shammi Kowlessar Trinidad Express)

Jamaica-bound USA edge Germany 4-3... From page 28 back for the Germans in the 79th minute and Draxler trimmed the margin to 4-3 in the 81st, taking the rebound off a Sydney Sam shot that US goalkeeper Tim Howard sprawled to deflect and tapping the ball unchallenged into the goal. But the US stiffened at the finish to preserve the victory. German defender Per Mertesacker missed a golden chance from the heart of the penalty area in the 10th minute while one-on-one with Howard, pushing his shot just wide of the goal to the right of the Everton netminder. Altidore gave the Americans the lead in the 13th minute, blasting a cross from Graham Zuzi with a left-footed volley into the back of the net from just inside the penalty area. A 16th-minute blunder by German goalkeeper MarcAndre ter Stegen gave the US side a 2-0 edge. Ter Stegen misplayed a pass from defender Benedikt Howedes and the ball rolled off his foot and across the goal line. In the 24th minute, German captain Miroslav Klose took a breakaway pass and flicked a right-footed shot past a helpless Howard, but the Lazio striker was offside on the play, nullifying the effort as Germany trailed 2-0 at half-time. Klose remains one goal

shy of Gerd Mueller’s all-time German national team record of 68 goals. The Germans lacked several top names from Champions League finalists Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid stars Mesut Ozil and Sami Khedira. But they boasted Lars and Sven Bender, the first twins to start for Germany in 39 years. Germany was the final opponent for the Americans ahead of three crucial 2014 Brazil World Cup qualifying

matches later this month. The US squad plays at Jamaica on Friday, then hosts Panama four days later and Honduras on June 18. US players wore “Boston Strong” uniform patches in tribute to those killed and injured in the April explosion at the Boston Marathon, with jerseys to be auctioned to benefit the victim relief fund. The Americans were expected to arrive in Jamaica yesterday for their CONCACAF World Cup qualifying match at the National Stadium on Friday.

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Tuesday June 04, 2013

Brydens Super Classic Indoor Hockey Championships (From page 26)

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Hockey of the highest calibre witnessed on final night -Hikers, GCC Women dominate

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Members of the victorious Mr.Toppers Second Division winners Hikers pose with their hardware following the presentation ceremony. Hikers Generals roared back from a 3-0 deficit to edge their Cadets unit 4-3 and be crowned the Kellogg’s First Division champions as the Brydens Super Classic Indoor Hockey Championships came to an end on Sunday night, at the National Gymnasium, Mandela Avenue. In the Ladies Tetley Tea Divisional final, Georgetown Cricket Club (GCC) Spice defeated GCC Tigers 2-1, while Hikers defeated Ol Skool 2-0 on penalties after their clash ended 5-5 in the Mr. Toppers in the Second Division final. In the Men’s final, Hikers Generals smarting from an earlier 5-2 loss to the talented Cadets in the preliminary rounds looked to be sliding to another defeat after conceding a goal as early as the ninth minute when Jamarj

Assanah struck from a short corner. That lead was extended one minute later through a flash of individual brilliance by Assanah, who upon receiving the ball on the left flank deep in opposition territory weaved his way into the shooting arc, evading the diving attempt by the Generals goalkeeper, before finishing with power. It was a moment worth remembering and one that brought the fair-sized crowd to their feet. Clearly shocked by the tenacity and skill of the Cadets, the Generals slumped further into the abyss when Assanah accomplished a hattrick with a low strike down the middle of the goal in the 14th minute. However, the experienced Generals loaded with national

Jamaica-bound USA edge Germany 4-3 in warm-up WASHINGTON, USA (AFP) — US captain Clint Dempsey scored two goals in the second half and the Americans held off a late comeback, Sunday, for a 4-3 victory over second-ranked Germany in an international football friendly. Tottenham striker Dempsey netted his 34th and 35th international goals in his 96th appearance for the USA, moving past Eric Wynalda into second on the all-time US scoring list, 14 shy of Landon Donovan’s record. Dempsey’s brace gave the Americans a dream 4-1 lead in the US Soccer

Federation’s centennial celebration match, just four days after they struggled in a 4-2 loss to Belgium. A German side missing many of its top stars battled back on late goals by Max Kruse and Julain Draxler, but could not net the equaliser, falling to 6-3 against the Americans with their first loss to a US side since falling 2-0 at the 1999 Confederations Cup in Mexico. Former German star Jurgen Klinsmann coached the Americans against a German side he managed in the 2006 World Cup, a team now guided by his former

assistant, Joachim Loew. German substitute Heiko Westermann’s header in the 51st minute off a corner kick from Kruse pulled the visitors within 2-1. But the Americans answered in the 60th minute, Jozy Altidore playing the ball to his right into the penalty area and Dempsey taking it on one bounce and hammering a shot into the back of the net. Dempsey struck again four minutes later, firing a leftfooted rocket from just beyond the penalty area for a 4-1 US lead. Kruse pulled (Continued on page 27)

players the calibre of Devin Munroe, Shane Samuels, Robert France and Robert Fernandes started their fightback, putting together some threatening build-ups, before Samuels’ 18th minute effort reduced the deficit to two goals. They slashed the deficit to one on the stroke of halftime with Captain France etching his name on the scoresheet with a strike right down the middle of the goal in the 20th minute as the break came with the Cadets clutching to a slim 3-2 advantage. The resumption saw the Generals take command and three minutes on they got the equaliser through the resourceful Colonel Heywood, who was left unchecked on the right side and hammered the ball past the goalkeeper to ignite wild celebrations among supporters. Deadlocked at 3-3, Generals took the lead for the first time in the contest as Heywood completed his double, one minute later with a flat strike through the leg of the Cadets shot stopper that effectively sealed the win. In the Ladies final, GCC Spice defeated GCC Tigers 21 on penalty kicks after regulation time found both sides deadlocked at 4-4. Tricia Woodroffe and Sonia Jardine recorded doubles in the 13th and 17th and 18th and 30th minutes respectively for the winners. Rebecca Xavier, Ashley DeGroot, Marzana Fiedtkou

and Kerensa Fernandes were on target for Tigers in the 30th, 32nd, 37th and 40th minutes respectively. Hikers defeated Ol Skool 2-0 on penalties to win the second division title after normal time found both teams tied at 5-5. Assanah who also competed in the lower division and Aroydy Branford led Hikers with a brace each in the fourth and 38th and eight and 20th minutes respectively. Heywood, who also participated in the second division, netted in the seventh minute. Alan Fernandes led the Ol Skool effort with a hat-trick in the 11th, 18th and 34th minutes, while Philip Fernandes contributed a brace in the 24th and 31st minutes. In the earlier fixtures, Hikers Generals defeated GCC 5-2 in the first Kellogg’s first division semifinals, while Hikers Cadets overcame Old Fort by a 6-2 score line in the second semifinal. On the distaff side, GCC Spice pummeled Hikers Revelations 10-0 in first Tetley Tea semifinal. Hikers Divas went down to GCC Tigers 7-2 in the second semifinal. On the individual side, Branford was adjudged to be the Most Valuable Player (MVP) for the second division while Alysa Xavier was voted the MVP for the women’s division. Assanah rounded out the individual accolades as he collected the MVP for the First Division.

Tuesday June 04, 2013

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Djokovic, Haas advance at French Open PARIS (AP) — In the first set, Novak Djokovic angrily busted his racket. At the end, he happily threw a punch at the red clay he’s so eager to conquer. He hopes to keep swinging for three more rounds at the French Open. Djokovic lost a set for the first time in the tournament, then rallied to reach his 16th consecutive Grand Slam quarterfinal by beating Philipp Kohlschreiber 4-6, 63, 6-4, 6-4 yesterday. After falling behind, Djokovic became more aggressive, punctuating winners with lots of fistpumping as he pulled away. He repeatedly escaped trouble with his serve, erasing 11 of the 13 break

points he faced. Djokovic will next play 35year-old Tommy Haas, who became the oldest French Open men’s quarterfinalist since 1971 by beating Mikhail Youzhny 6-1, 6-1, 6-3. Haas is also the oldest man to reach the quarters at any major event since Andre Agassi at the 2005 U.S. Open. Victoria Azarenka swept the final nine games and advanced to the women’s quarterfinals by beating 2010 champion Francesca Schiavone 6-3, 6-0. Azarenka will next play Maria Kirilenko, who reached her first French Open quarterfinal by ending the surprising run of 67thranked American Bethanie Mattek-Sands, 7-5, 6-4. Roland Garros is the only

Germany’s Tommy Haas serves to Russia’s Mikhail Youzhny Kenzo Tribouillard, (AFP/Getty Images)

major tournament Djokovic has yet to win, and he hopes to become the eighth man to complete a career Grand Slam. The six-time major champion has said the French Open is his most important tournament this year. Even so, Djokovic was subdued at the start of the match, his first since he learned that his first coach, Jelena Gencic, had died in Belgrade, at age 76. She mentored him for about five years, starting when Djokovic was 6. Gradually he became more animated. The abuse of his racket when he fell behind didn’t inspire an immediate turnaround, but in the second set his shots began to carry more sting, and he was quicker to pounce on balls near the net. Djokovic avenged a straight-sets loss to Kohlschreiber in the third round at Roland Garros in 2009. The No. 1-ranked Djokovic seeks to become the first man since Jim Courier in 1992 to win the Australian Open and French Open in the same year. Djokovic’s streak of consecutive major quarterfinals is the third longest among men in the Open era. Haas became a first-time Roland Garros quarterfinalist

in his 12th appearance at the tournament, a record for such a breakthrough. He’s the first German man to reach the final eight since Michael Stich and Bernd Karbacher in 1996. And he’s the oldest men’s quarterfinalist at Roland Garros since 39-year-old Istvan Gulyas in 1971. Seeded No. 12, Haas needed 13 match points to beat John Isner in a thirdround marathon, but his victory over Youzhny took less than 90 minutes. By the second set Youzhny was so frustrated he demolished his racket by banging it nine times against his changeover chair. “Bad luck for that racket,” Youzhny said. Haas served well and dominated with his returns, winning 25 of 41 points on Youzhny’s first serve and breaking eight times. Ranked No. 2 when he was 24, Haas is now the oldest player in the top 100. He was sidelined from February 2010 to April 2011 because of hip and shoulder injuries, but he’s 25-9 this year, and his ranking his risen to 14th from 205th at the beginning of 2012. The women began play in weather so cool that both dressed in long sleeves, and Azarenka wore leggings under her skirt. From the

Claude Charles Memorial Powerlifting C/ships

Winston ‘Little Master’ Stoby shatters Nat. deadlift Rec.; sets unofficial World Rec. By Franklin Wilson Winston ‘Little Master’ Stoby has continued to show that age is just a number when he smashed his National deadlift record and in the process set a new unofficial World Record on his way to the Overall Champion trophy at the 2013 edition of the Guyana Amateur Powerlifting Federation (GAPF) Claude Charles Memorial Masters Championships. All the riveting action took place at the George Walcott Lecture Theatre, University of Guyana Campus, Turkeyen on Sunday afternoon. Stoby, who achieved the World Record at the World Powerlifting Championships in Killeen, Texas last year of 272.5kg (606lbs); raised the bar further on Sunday Name Winston Stoby Errol Henry John Edwards

afternoon in fine style, witnessed by a lively and supportive crowd. His first attempt at the new record of 277.5kg (611.8lbs) in the Masters M2 Category failed, his second attempt overall having achieved 265 on his first attempt. Knowing that he had one more chance to accomplish the feat, Stoby ensured that his composure and focus were recharged for the third attempt. With the crowd now fully behind the champ, Stoby approached the weights with a high degree of confidence to the extent that the weights buckled under his guidance and command; herald a new National Record and unofficial World Record – 277.5kg (611.8lbs). For the World Record to Wt. Class M2 M2 M1

Squat 74kg 93kg 120kg

be acknowledged a Category 1 Judge needed to be in place; Guyana has two Category 2 Judges in ‘Big’ John Edwards and Gordon Spencer, the latter officiated on Sunday while the former, competed. While Stoby’s feat was again phenomenal, the Maters athlete did not go full throttle as he is aiming to peak in time for the Pan American and Caribbean Championships set for the USA, July 1-7, 2013. The ‘Little Master’ is also aiming to defend his World Title at the World Championships set for Orlando, Florida from September 23-29. In powering his way to the Overall trophy at the Claude Charles Memorial and the 75kg Class, Stoby accumulated 657.5kg with Bench Press 240kg 230kg 295kg

Dead Lift 140kg 140kg 195kg

Wilks Points totaling 479.52. ‘Big’ John Edwards who is also preparing for next month’s Pan American and Caribbean Championships where Guyana will be defending the Team Title, was also pacing himself and not going full throttle. Edwards took the Masters M1 120kg Division tallying 765kg and 444.62 Wilks points. Well, Errol ‘Big Man’ Henry was his usual energetic and chalky self as he kept the crowd on their feet with his loud rants building up to him approaching the weights. Henry won the Masters M2 93kg Category with a total of 620kg and 394.69 Wilks Points. All three masters’ athletes are members of the Kingsrow Barbel Club. Total 277.5kg 250kg 275kg

Wilks 757.5kg 620kg 765kg

Pts 479.52 394.69 444.62

Novak Djokovic reacts after defeating Philipp Kohlschreiber to reach the quarterfinals. (Photo: Miguel Medina, AFP/Getty Images)

baseline the two traded strokes and grunts. There were four consecutive service breaks before Azarenka took the lead for good, holding to make it 4-3. The superior pace and depth of her shots began to wear on the unseeded Schiavone, and Azarenka took charge by winning 11 of 12 points during a stretch late in the first set. The Belarusian broke serve seven times and committed only 14 unforced

errors. No. 12 Kirilenko overcame a 4-1 deficit against Mattek-Sands, who stunned 2011 French Open champion Li Na in the second round. Leading 5-4, Mattek-Sands asked for medical attention, and from there, Kirilenko won four games in a row. Kirilenko, who is engaged to two-time NHL MVP Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals, also was visited by a trainer, getting a massage on her right shoulder in the second set.

LaRose edge D’Andrade in Trinidad Guyana’ Trinidad and Tobago-based distance campaigner, Lionel D’Andrade fell 14 seconds off the pace to drop to second on Sunday in the Eastern Credit Union (ECU) 25th Granny Lucess 5Km Road Race. Jules LaRose edged D’Andrade with his 16:09 time while the Guyanese had 16:23 for second in the race. Trinidad’s Shayne Barran (16:51) was third. D’Andrade had finished third last Sunday in the National Sports Commission Independence Half Marathon in Guyana. “After placing third in the Independence Half Marathon last week in Guyana, I’ll been working on my speed for the Heart of Barbados 10K and Ministry of Works 5K in Trinidad and Tobago upcoming this month,”

D’Andrade told Kaieteur Sport yesterday. He said that he wants to thank his sponsor, Builders Lumber Yard and Mr. Muhammad Salim for his unflinching supporting. D’Andrade and Kelvin Johnson, who was fourth in the male 15k race of the Granny Lucess event, has been campaigning in Trinidad. Johnson placed second in the Independence Half Marathon. Meanwhile, Alika Morgan, who did not compete in Guyana’s Independence Half Marathon, was second in the female 15km Granny Lucess race. Trinidad’s distance ace, Tonya Nero won in 58:18 while Morgan had 1:02:39 for second and Guadeloupe’s Christelle Laurent 1:04.38 for the third spot.

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday June 04, 2013

Efficient Pakistan ease to facile win ESPNcricinfo - There were enough Pakistan supporters at The Oval to give the impression that this warm-up ahead of the Champions Trophy mattered, but in essence it was pointless, not just in terms of the group stages but also in the general scheme of things. Pakistan will claim a psychological advantage after breezing to a six-wicket victory against South Africa with more than four overs to spare, and their supporters celebrated a well-drilled victory with their usual enthusiasm, but it will not much matter in the morning. These sides meet again at Edgbaston in a floodlit affair in Group B in a week’s time, but if Pakistan’s comprehensive victory will ensure they will go into the match with their confidence high, it will all count for little the moment the real match begins. Of more concern to South Africa will be the state of Dale Steyn’s back. Steyn departed at the end of the fifth over, clutching his side, but it could have just been that he does not like warm-ups, especially a warm-up which included his loss of a bouncer battle with Nasir Jamshed, who got two in three balls, top-edged the first one and then hooked the second over fine leg for six. It is an odd thing that the top eight teams in the world are in England for the Champions Trophy and that

some of them are practicing against each other a few days before the off, but not in any sort of meaningful way, in the nonsensical “15-a-side, bat and field 11” hybrid that is gradually gaining currency as a way to provide decent practice, while quietly undermining the game in the process. Pakistan rested arguably their two most threatening bowlers, Saeed Ajmal and Mohammad Irfan and took a look at the rest of their attack. It was a shrewder move than playing all 15 and they were not complaining when they made good use of helpful bowling conditions and reduced South Africa to 83 for 7 after 22 overs. But South Africa did field 15 and, when that happens, the best XI almost invariably get to bat. With JP Duminy coming in at No 8 and Ryan McLaren one place lower, their position was in essence stronger than it appeared. The eighth wicket added 94 in 23 overs and South Africa escaped to the sort of score that gave Pakistan some decent batting practice. That did not scrub out Pakistan’s good memories in the field. Hashim Amla lasted only two balls before Junaid Khan had him lbw. Colin Ingram took a single to Misbah-ul-Haq which was presumably based on the Always Run To The Oldest Player In The Tournament theory, only to find that his stumps were thrown down at

Mohammad Hafeez scored a half-century in Pakistan’s sixwicket win against South Africa in the warm-up match at The Oval (Associated Press)

Ryan McLaren helped give South Africa’s total respectability but it was not enough to challenge Pakistan (AFP) the non-striker’s end. Asad Ali bowled a decent new-ball spell and finished with 3 for 30, while Wahab Riaz, who took identical figures, responded to his destruction of South Africa’s middle order - Faf du Plessis, Farhaan Behardien and David Miller within the space of four overs - by fist-pumping celebrations that he would struggle to beat were he to take wickets in the final itself. When Pakistan batted, life continued to go swimmingly. Jamshed ran himself out carelessly, a direct hit by Amla from midwicket, but Imran farhat batted capably,

Mohammad Hafeez retired out with a half-century to his name and the most outlandish dismissal of all, suffered by Asad Shafiq, as the bowler Lonwabo Tsotsobe freakishly parried his drive to Aaron Phangiso at mid-off raised merely an eyebrow or two. Somehow, cricket just about gets away with these low-intensity games. The warm-ups have been deliberately under-promoted so as not to devalue the real tournament, but TV still provides live coverage of this cricketing wallpaper and treats it with fake seriousness. The

matches are played with a respectable level of intent and, who knows, some players might even be playing for their places, but there is no discernible tension. The game just floats by in a vaguely harmless manner. Pakistan’s tour of Scotland and Ireland, and South Africa’s warm-up in the Netherlands were proper warm-ups, offering the chance of an upset that matters. So, too, the series between England and New Zealand. The game would

have better served if other warm-up matches had taken place against the counties, offering further chance of a spot of giant-killing, but there is so much cricket in England you could not have trusted the counties to put out full-strength sides and no doubt the telly would not have liked it. Scores: Pakistan 207 for 4 (Farhat 56, Hafeez 54 retired) beat South Africa 202 for 9 (McLaren 55, Duminy 43, Wahab 3-30, Asad 3-30) by six wickets.

Second seed Maria BARCELONA COMPLETE SIGNING Sharapova eases into OF BRAZIL STRIKER NEYMAR French Open last eight

BBC Sport - Brazil striker Neymar has completed his move from Santos to Spanish champions Barcelona for an undisclosed fee. The 21-year-old passed his medical and signed a fiveyear deal after arriving in Catalonia on a private jet following Sunday’s 2-2 draw with England in Rio. The deal was agreed last month, with Neymar giving a tearful farewell to Santos prior to the internationals. The player - who was a target for Real Madrid - is to travel back to Brazil for the upcoming Confederations Cup. The signing ends years of speculation about which team would be the first to persuade him to make the move to Europe. As well as Real Madrid, Neymar had also been linked with Chelsea and Manchester United since making his debut for Santos in 2009.

Neymar (right) with a club official after his official signing (AFP) He led the club to their greatest run since Brazil legend Pele stopped playing for the club in the 1970s, helping them win the 2010 Brazilian Cup, the 2011 Copa Libertadores and three

straight Sao Paulo state championships. He is the club’s leading scorer in the post-Pele era with 138 goals in 229 matches. Neymar is also considered Brazil’s key player

for the 2014 World Cup, which they are hosting. Next on his agenda is the warm-up event for the tournament, the Confederations Cup, which runs from 15-30 June.

BBC Sport - Second seed Maria Sharapova eased into the French Open quarterfinals with a comfortable win over Sloane Stephens. The reigning champion recorded a 6-4 6-3 triumph over the American 17th seed. Victoria Azarenka will meet Maria Kirilenko after defeating 2010 champion Francesca Schiavone 6-3 6-0. Tommy Haas thrashed Mikhail Youzhny to set up a last-eight meeting with Novak Djokovic, while Stanislas Wawrinka will face Rafael Nadal after fighting back to beat Richard Gasquet in five sets. MATCH OF THE DAY Stanislas Wawrinka (Swi) [9] beat Richard Gasquet (Fra) [7] 6-7 4-6 6-4 7-5 8-6 Wawrinka fought back from two sets down to beat Gasquet in a

swashbuckling battle on Court Suzanne Lenglen. In a match that saw both men suffer physically, and the Swiss engaged in a furious argument with the umpire, it was still the quality of tennis that shone through. Gasquet, who had lost four times from two sets up in Grand Slams, twice had break points in the fourth set that would have seen him serve for the match. But it was Wawrinka’s 92 winners to Gasquet’s 57 that held sway as he closed it out with a thumping forehand after four hours and 16 minutes. “I don’t want anybody to cry over this,” said Gasquet. “I’ve had worse things than losing a match, you know. “I don’t want anybody to cry at home, but I’m very disappointed to have lost. What else can I do? It’s tough.”

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