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Fallen tree kills two in Cuyuni gold mining camp P. 3

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Kaieteur News

Monday June 25, 2012

Monday June 25, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Fallen tree kills two in Cuyuni gold mining camp

Bartica residents flocked the beach for a glimpse of the miners’ bodies. Two gold miners were killed on Saturday evening last, after an unstable tree branch fell on their mining camp at the Wyyamo Back Dam, Cuyuni, following heavy winds. The incident occurred at around 18:00hrs. A man identified as Antonio also called Mathurin, was killed on the spot, while one Clive McDonald of Mon Gripper Hill, Bartica died while being transported out of the mining district. The two were officially

pronounced dead on arrival at the Bartica Public Hospital. The camp’s Bahair (cook), 29-year-old Alicia Fiedtkou of Linden, was admitted with suspected broken bones and is said to be in a stable condition. Reports reaching this newspaper stated that the two men along with the cook were in the camp when the branch crashed through the roof. It is not clear if anyone else was in the camp at the time of the incident. Scores of residents

converged on the Bartica beach to get a glimpse of the men’s bodies. The bodies of the two dead miners were later taken by Police to Georgetown for a Post Mortem Examination. Mc Donald leaves to mourn his pregnant wife. Many have been flocking to the gold fields of Guyana as the price of the precious metal continues its upward climb on the world market. However many of them have not made it back home alive. (Edward A Persaud)

Fowl Cock row …

Mother remains on life machine, son discharged Martin Barker, who was shot twice in the chest, five days ago by his neighbour, following a row over “fowl cocks” was yesterday discharged from the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). However, his mother, Abiola Edie remained a patient in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU), in a critical condition. Edie’s mother, Pamela Edie, told Kaieteur News yesterday that her daughter is still battling for her life and she is depending on the support of a life machine, while her attacker is still on the run. She claimed that ever since the incident, her daughter’s condition has not improved a bit and she is praying for her recovery.

Retraction Kaieteur News yesterday published an article “CHEC gives one price for CJIA expansion and another on its website”. That headline is incorrect. It should have read, “CHEC gives one price for Sudan Airport project and another on its website”.

Last Wednesday, Barker’s neighbour accused him of stealing one of his “game cocks”. The young man’s mother came out to defend him but the argument got heated and their neighbour went into his house, collected his gun and shot Barker twice before shooting Edie in her face. The two injured persons were rushed to the hospital where they were admitted. The police have since launched a manhunt for the shooter.

Abiola Edie

Guyana’s 10th Parliament is but a few months into its five-year life, but there has already been a declaration of “deadlock.” This is the view of veteran politician and the highest ranking member of the Working People’s Alliance (WPA) which forms the second highest arm of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine. The APNU Executive Member, during a recent interview said that Guyana’s Parliament is clearly at a ‘deadlock’ and it is time to bring the people back into the fray, en masse. Dr. Roopnaraine drew reference to the fact that Head of State Donald Ramotar has already signaled consternation to assenting to any of the Opposition piloted legislations and the Government has already signaled its refusal to adhere to Parliamentary Resolutions by the Opposition. Asked about the Alliance For Change (AFC) Khemraj R a m j a t t a n ’s proposal that the disciplinary avenue of the Parliamentary Committee of Privileges be utilized, Dr. Roopnaraine drew reference to the fact that even this Committee is limited, in that it could only make recommendations to the House. Dr. Roopnarine has conceded that there is no real sanction that the opposition can place on the Government. He said that it must be realized that ever since the results of the elections were declared and APNU did not secure the national government it was looking for, then it was never really in a position to force the executive to adhere to any of its demands. Dr. Roopnaraine said that the Opposition will be pushing its demands and hopes that the government realizes that the old way of doing things has changed.

Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine He said that he is optimistic that the accumulation of demands will soon take its toll on the administration but stressed that this will be done in conjunction with ExtraParliamentary action. Dr. Roopnarine said that with the masses working in conjunction with the parliamentary opposition, then work on the demands can be accelerated. The Combined Opposition’s limited clout as it relates to forcing the administration to adhere to its Parliamentary demands stuck out prominently during the vote regarding APNU’s motion on State Assets. Carl Greenidge’s motion on National Assets, in particular those controlled by the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL), is seeking to have Parliament approve a Resolution directing the Ministers of Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh and Bishop Juan Edghill to make monies available from the coffers for an independent audit of NICIL. The Parliamentary Resolution is also designed

to direct Dr. Singh and Edghill to hand over forthwith, a number of pertinent records and policies on the state assets that have been disposed of/sold by the Government through NICIL. That debate is currently on hold but this publication has been reliably informed that the Ministers and Guyana Government have no intention of adhering to the Parliamentary Resolution. A senior government functionary has already said that there is absolutely nothing that compels the government to abide by the Parliamentary Resolution. In anticipation of this move by the government, the Alliance for Change (AFC) is already streamlining disciplinary measures and its Chairman, Ramjattan, has indicated that should Ministers Dr. Singh or Juan Egdhill fail to adhere to the Resolution to probe NICIL then he will immediately move with a proposition calling for disciplinary action at the level of the Committee of Privileges. House Speaker Raphael Trotman has already indicated that it would be a ‘wait and see’ situation as it relates to the Government’s adherence of the Parliamentary Resolution. Trotman had said that adherence to the Resolution will indeed test the ‘efficacy and legitimacy’ of the 10th Parliament. “I can’t speak specifically to any single motion, but the Parliament is the highest forum of the land and its Resolutions ought to be respected and adhered to by all.” The Speaker argues that the Parliament is ‘quasijudiciary’ and as such the rules of the House are meant to be adhered to.

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Kaieteur News

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Responsibility of the Press

There is no question that this newspaper has earned the ire of some in the administration – both for its editorial position and its reporting. We are not surprised. Anyone familiar with the history of democracy would know that journalism played a pivotal role in the struggle of the ordinary people against the absolutist monarchies that were the norm in the 19th century. Since that time, the press in every democracy has guarded its role as the watchdog of the interests of the people against the ever-present danger of abuse of power by the “Leviathan”. We are following an honourable tradition. Even in the US and Britain, bastions of liberal democracy, there has always been a tension between the government and the press – with the former persistently accusing the latter of overstepping its bounds. Bill Moyers, regarded as one of the most credible figures in American journalism and one who served in the White House during the Vietnam War, once said: “In the White House we circled the wagons, grew intolerant of news that didn’t comfort us and, if we could have, we would have declared illegal the sting of the bee.” Here in Guyana, many do not appreciate that the people’s right to know can be trumped by very few imperatives in a functioning democracy. Even a US President was forced to demit his office because of the press’ fidelity to its cause. As Moyers continued, “The First Amendment (the right to freedom of speech) is the first for a reason. It’s needed to keep our leaders honest and to arm the powerless with the information they need to protect themselves against the tyranny of the powerful, whether that tyranny is political or commercial.” In Guyana, our Constitution also declared that we have freedom of speech and we would indeed be derelict in our duty if we did not report the facts as we discern them rather than bend them to the agenda of the government of the day. We know that in the grand flow of history of nations, Guyana is a comparatively young democracy. For most of our history we had a commercial press that mirrored the positions of the colonial power and denied the legitimate right of the citizenry to become aware of the facts that created the chains of their bondage. However, from the abolition of slavery there were brave attempts at creating a free press that would lift the scales from the eyes of the masses. We position ourselves firmly in the latter camp. As we have pointed out on so many previous occasions, the government has nothing to fear from the truth if it or any of its agencies are not covering up that truth. The Johnson administration saw the press as the “enemy” because they wanted to hide the truth that the war in Vietnam was not going well and in fact was inexorably being lost. The press exposed the truth; the administration pilloried them as ‘aiding and abetting the enemy” but they stuck to their guns and eventually their perspective was vindicated. America gained in the end. Democracy cannot be built or sustained on lies from a government that is supposed to be governing on behalf of “the people”. In a democracy, the “consent of the governed” must be an informed consent and it is the task of the press to present the facts that will inform the citizenry – especially as it relates to the activities of the state to which they have conferred so much power. In the criticisms directed at this newspaper by representatives of the government and its partisans, we detect a level of hubris that belies the social contract that undergirds all democratic states, which declares those representatives to be “servants of the people”. It is now clichéd to point out that unless we heed the lessons of history we are doomed to repeat it. And invariably, the farce that is characteristic of the second incarnation is worse than even the tragedy that preceded it.

Monday June 25, 2012

Letters... Where your views make the news

Denesh Ramdin, Compton Bourne and incredible hypocrisy DEAR EDITOR, Dr. David Hinds (whom I consider a great Guyanese) in discussing the Denesh Ramdin incident laid the blame for Ramdin’s indiscretion on the elder Caribbean generation. He posited that they have not imparted the correct and relevant values to the younger generation. The Ramdin controversy saw many senior Caribbean persons condemning Ramdin. But on a level of hypocrisy that is sickening and shocking we don’t ever hear and these people castigating eminent Caribbean personalities for their shocking and unbecoming behaviour. Shridath Ramphal took part in the Bharrat Jagdeo’s Day of Appreciation showering praise on the most dictatorial Head of Government the Caricom region has produced. Now we have a Guyanese who was awarded the country’s highest honour,

the Order of Excellence yet he is man who is shameless in his unprofessional behaviour. But Bourne’s promised $600 million for tertiary education (Guyanese dollars) didn’t get off the ground. While opening UG’s Centre for Information, Mr. Jagdeo announced the CDB grant. But Bourne couldn’t get the money from his Board. The CDB insisted that it only funds education projects at the primary level. Last year Bourne’s contract with the CDB was not renewed. In fact he lost out to Jamaican William Smith in a vote of the Board. The two unions at UG have called for Bourne’s removal from UG. I have sat for three years on the UG Council with Bourne and I say most unambiguously that he does not deserve our country’s highest award, he did not deserve to be the President of the CDB and Guyanese must reject him as

the Chancellor. This man’s conduct as the Chancellor at UG has been most unprofessional. In the first meeting with him, I was appalled that this man could watch people in their face and reject the sacred principle of conflict of interest. The occasion was the selection of three non-UG persons to sit on a disciplinary committee to investigate sexual misconduct by lecturer Evan Persaud, a PPP-card bearing member. At a Council meeting Bourne was informed that the three non-UG personnel were also card-bearing members of the PPP and therefore were in a conflict of interest. Bourne looked me in the face and said; “are you questioning the integrity of these people.” What an asinine thing to say Bourne presided over a Council meeting in which four lecturers had their contracts terminated without any statement of complaint from

any section of the University community. It was a violation of the statutes of the University. Now an expired Council, consisting of PPP Parliamentarians and PPP members whose life has been extended by a mere two months has renewed his contact The two unions have rejected him with one of their arguments being that for his three years as Chancellor, he has not done anything for UG. He lives in Trinidad and each time he comes here with his wife, she plants a garden in different parts of the UG estate. None of her plots has survived. It was all PR stunts. Now that he is out of the CDB, Bourne is looking for a job with the Guyana Government. Rumour has it that he will be the next Minister of Trade with a reorganized Ministry with a longer title. I have been told that he may start construction soon in Pradoville 2. Frederick Kissoon

The parliamentary opposition can also block government’s bills unless it has input DEAR EDITOR, It is clear that President Donald Ramotar and his Attorney-General are illsuited for their respective jobs. First, President Ramotar said in a June 13 staged interview with state media that he will not sign any bill passed by Parliament without input from his government. The President’s clearly illconceived and ill-advised threat stemmed from the fact that the parliamentary opposition, with its one-seat majority, has defeated the government on issues brought for up-down voting in Parliament. “That is not the function of the opposition,” he complained.” They must respect what is their role… I am making it very clear that I will not assent to any bill that they carry unless it is with the full agreement of the executive and the full involvement of the executive.” How on earth does he not know that the parliamentary opposition can also issue a threat to his government by making it clear that it will not support any governmentsponsored bill brought to Parliament unless the parliamentary opposition has an input? Then there was the Attorney-General in a KN news story, “President not a puppet of National Assembly – Attorney General,” (June 23), as he piggybacked bareback on the President’s ill-

conceived and ill-advised threat. I sincerely hope media houses in the Caribbean have picked up on his intellectually challenged remark that “It would be irresponsible for a national assembly to pass a law which would collide with executive Policies and programmes which the executive is pursuing, because it is the exclusive responsibility of the executive to craft, implement, promulgate and administer policies. So you cannot make laws that would be contradictory to those policies, so it is recommended that the National Assembly is consistent with implementing laws to develop the country in line with Government policies. Legislators must ensure that the laws are in keeping with the executive’s policies.” What triteness! Anyway, AG Anil Nandlall, a man whose caiibre as a legal practitioner would never have qualified him for a similar post anywhere in the law-abiding Caribbean, tried unsuccessfully in his interview to impress us with his knowledge of what the Constitution has to say about the President assenting or not assenting to bills passed by Parliament. It was a loquacious exercise in futility, because any layperson will tell you that laws are passed in Parliament but only become effective after the President assents to

them. Traditionally, because the ruling party formed the government and controlled Parliament in Guyana, the passage of bills into law was pretty much cut and dry, since the legislative and executive branches almost always worked from the same script. I said ‘almost always’ because in 2007 - Google “President cites ‘different reasons’ for not assenting to bills,” SN, February 8, 2007 then President Bharrat Jagdeo, was forced to explain during a media briefing, why he did not assent to ten bills passed in the National assembly in 2006, a year when his party held a parliamentary

majority, and which refusal caused many observers to question his motive. But besides that exception, the general rule of thumb is that Parliament passes bills and the President assents to them so they came become law. Fortuitously, voters on November 28, 2011, changed the entire arrangement from the ruling party controlling both the executive and legislative branches of government to now allow the ruling party to control the executive branch, while the combined parliamentary opposition has voted to control the legislative branch. Under the current Continued on page 5

I am praying that my children will become more grateful DEAR EDITOR, I don’t believe you can teach children gratitude in America. My children are obedient and respectful, but they are not grateful. This is why I am taking them to Guyana to teach them gratitude. I don’t believe that I can teach them or they can learn gratitude living in America. In America, they have too many things; they are not lacking anything. They have too many clothes and toys so they destroy it. They have too much food which makes them waste it. They have never missed a meal. They

don’t know what it is like to go to bed or school hungry. They never had to walk six miles to school. They never had to sleep on a cold wooden or concrete floor. I believe this is why they are spoiled and unthankful. I want my children to have a better life than I had, but I also want them to be thankful for that better life. I see the children in Guyana who have much less and are much more thankful. By exposing my children to the Guyanese children, I am praying that my children will become more grateful. AnthonyPantlitz

Monday June 25, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news... Letters... Where your views make the news Was Minister Rohee’s mission to Conceding defeat in a democratic deliberately cause panic in the nation? election is not an apology DEAR EDITOR, The Demerara Waves reported in a news item on Saturday 23rd June 2012 that Minister Rohee announced that police officers will not get their full leave because of the ‘political climate’ in the country. According to the news report Minister Rohee justified this decision with these reasons: 1. Guyana is currently in some “potentially delicate period of national security” 2. “We have just come out of the elections” 3. The country is in a mood where certain things are not settled in the parliament. 4. “There is a lot of talk about snap elections”, his exact words. Unfortunately, these reasons advanced by the Home Affairs Minister raise some serious national concerns and should put not only put the opposition parties on high alert but, rather all of Guyana should be on that alert. I believe the comments were deliberately made to do two things; first to conjure up fear and anxiety in the nation by using language to arouse and create a certain psychological mindset in the PPP/C constituents. Secondly, they were used to initiate a certain kind of reaction from the opposition and the wider Guyanese society, for which they hope to use as their means for initiating their sinister plots. What Rohee has done, by proffering these reasons is to lay the ground work for the PPP/C to take a certain course of action. I wonder if the

opposition parliamentary parties are aware of what constitutes this ‘period of delicate national security’. If they don’t it might be a good question for Minister Rohee to answer at the next sitting of the National Assembly. The representatives of the people must know of this grave national security threat that looms over their lives, and that of the people they represent. Should Mr.Rohee fail to provide this information he should be cited for making statement to cause unnecessary fear and panic in the nation, a fear capable of putting the life of every citizen at incalculable risk. Other people might have been charged with treason for making such statements. On his point of just having had an election, fact is we are more than half a year into Donald Ramotar’s presidency and yet the Minister is telling us that we have just come out of an election. When does Mr. Ramotar’s honeymoon period end? He has promised many things to be done in his first year, doesn’t that first year count from day one when he got the job? I believe there is a larger collateral benefit, the PPP/C calculated they will get from telling the nation that ‘we have only just come out of an election’, and this benefit, they reason, is necessary to help to advance the psychological aspect of their plot. The number four point I believe, is the PPP/C’s biggest auction item. They

are hoping to sell the Guyanese bidders, whom they feel they can play like a deck of cards. Note that most of the leading members of the PPP/C party and government have taken time out to attempt to lure the nation into this snap elections plot. The president had his say; the attorney general Anil Nandalall had his say, Ralph Ramkarran gave his comments and practically all the PPP/C budget cut presenters hinted at the PPP/ C desire to call snap elections. But like I have said before, the people will reject them soundly this time around. What was very strange is that while making the same announcement, Minister Rohee hinted that it would be unreasonable for four top cops to all take leave at the same time. Now this, I believe, might be a reasonable cause for asking officers to split their leave, but one can imagine why Rohee just could not state this as the reason? The answer is that to do this would be to negate the opportunity of achieving all the other sinister motives, mentioned earlier, and therefore the ground work would not have been laid, for them to aid their sinister plot. It is very unfortunate that the PPP/C continues to view the citizens in as their unintelligent subjects. The Minister of Home Affairs has taken action to deliberately cause panic and fear in the nation. He should be held accountable. Lurlene Nestor

The parliamentary opposition can also... From page 4 parliamentary configuration, therefore, the executive branch cannot dictate to the legislative branch how to vote on issues. So, instead of this politically juvenile take-it or leave-it attitudinal posture by the PPP regime, what is needed is for the regime to quickly come to grips with the reality of November 28 that empowers APNU and the AFC to share in the decisionmaking process. The people want a tripartisan involvement of the PPP, APNU and AFC on all matters before Parliament, making maximum use of parliamentary committees to this end. This means that, after waiting almost seven months for the executive and legislative branches to get down to work on the p e o p l e ’s b u s i n e s s , t h e parliamentary parties need to dump the tripartite talks and take whatever was

going to be discussed in that forum to the respective parliamentary committees, so that everything is said under oath and is recorded for future legal references. To those who still think the tripartite talks are useful, I want you to know that there is no legal recognition of the tripartite forum, and players can easily renege on agreements without legal consequences. I also want to refer you to the inter-party talks featuring Jagan-Hoyte, then Jagdeo-Hoyte and ended with Jagdeo-Corbin. Was anything discussed ever made public or was any agreement legally binding? As far as I am concerned, it is beginning to appear as though the tripartite talks are being conveniently used by the PPP to engage in delay and deny tactics to achieve an ulterior goal that would

benefit the PPP only. Perhaps, the aim is to replace Parliament with tripartite talks and then screw up the talks to then claim Parliament is going to be a waste of time. Did someone warn of a constitutional crisis? Meanwhile, let us hope the President and his Attorney-General can grow quickly into their respective jobs or risk being labeled Guyana’s political version of Mutt and Jeff or Bud and Lou. Emile Mervin

DEAR EDITOR, Dr. Ravi Dev (column of June 24) is right in stating that accepting the outcome of a democratic election is not the same as an apology. And the population is looking forward for an apology and it is the right thing to do as so many towering personalities (including Speaker Raphael Trottman) have stated. The PNC rigged elections between 1964 and 1992 to retain office for its supporters. The PNC had no intention to yield power in October 1992 as evidenced by the violence and wanton destruction of property. International pressure forced Desmond Hoyte to allow the population to choose the government in free and fair elections. Even on election day, the PNC was suggesting it would not accept defeat or listen to a White man (derogatory reference to the esteemed President Jimmy Carter). And one must not forget that measures were put in place to rig the scheduled election of 1990 that was called off because the international community

stated unequivocally that it would not accept the outcome unless it was carried out under democratically accepted standards. The Western nations stated very clearly in 1990 that aid would not be restored to Guyana unless the elections were certifiably free and fair. President Bush, Senator Kennedy, Congressmen Solarz, Engels, Ackerman, etc. warned Hoyte to come clean or else sanctions would be placed on Guyana and it would be restored to the list of pariah states. Neither Hoyte nor any member of the PNC or the PNC itself ever tendered an apology for fraudulent elections or its misrule or for human rights abuses on a battered population. So holding a free and fair election cannot be equated to an apology. An apology is a sincere regret in words and actions and that was never expressed by the PNC. I had spoken with several prominent members of the PNC outside parliament chambers (individually) and virtually all of them agreed

that the PNC needs to apologize to the population for its 28 years of misgovernance and human rights abuses. But virtually all of them also stated they don’t know how and when it should be done. One fear, they expressed, is how their supporters would react and potential fall to any admission that peoples’ rights were violated for so long. An apology is needed to bring healing and to mend fences with Indians and others who felt in their hearts that the PNC targeted them for abuses and ill-treatment. Everyone suffered under the PNC’s tenure, and as Trotman once said, it would do the nation a lot of good if the PNC were to simply apologize to make amends with the population and move on. An apology could benefit the PNC by bringing a lot of votes, especially from Indians, who the PNC feels would never vote for it in light of the 28 years of abuses from the dictatorship. Vishnu Bisram

DEAR EDITOR, I am normally not a letter writer but recently I have felt compelled to do so, because of what I see happening in Guyana. From the perspective of a citizen, what I see is a government in Guyana that appears to care nothing of what the public feels, thinks or believes. And now, based on the utterances of the Honorable President and the learned Attorney general, it appears as though they also don’t care what the representatives of the people, who were elected by them and who sit in parliament do. It is an amazing series of events and one that you would normally only see in the worst dictatorships like Sadaam Hussein in Iraq or Mubarak in Egypt. And I ask myself the question — Is this because they feel that regardless of what happens,

they will be returned to Govern based on a racial vote? I hope that this is not true and that the people of Guyana eventually understand what is good for them. I would like to focus on a few interesting items. 1. NICIL - In any civilised, democratic society, if as many questions were raised about public property and the disposal of such property and the availability and use of the funds so obtained, there would have been a public presentation of all relevant information from the Government. 2. In this case, however, all we hear and see are statements from the Government suggesting that they have done no wrong. But the question remains - what has been sold? How much was received for the properties? Where is that money now? I keep hearing

talk of the companies act. But this is not a private company. Even if NICIL is considered to operate under the Companies Act, it must also operate as a public company owned by the people of Guyana to whom it owes regular financial statements. 2. NEW AIRPORT - The question that has been raised is why does Guyana need a US$150 million airport at this time given the kind of air traffic that we now have? For whose benefit is this airport? Then we understand that this agreement was signed secretly with a company known for fraud and bribery. Why can’t the members of parliament stop this project? Are they afraid of being accused of being noncooperative again? This is ludicrous and the opposition has to find a way to stop this project. J.S. Smith

The opposition has to find a way to stop this project

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Kaieteur News

Randy Morris shooting death “unfortunate” - Top Cop By Gary Eleazar Calling the shooting death of suspected serial bandit, Randy Morris, an “unfortunate” one, Commissioner of Police (ag) Leroy Brumell is also lashing out at the public and victims alike for failing to play their role in the fight against crime. The Commissioner of Police said that he believes that the police hold their own when it comes to their roles, but the public and victims are equally responsible in ensuring that justice can be served lawfully, given that they too have a responsibility. The Commissioner was responding to the fact that Morris, who was killed in a shootout with Police, following a high speed car chase through the streets of Georgetown, is a known ‘character’ and was charged 20 times and arrested numerous times more. Although Morris was arrested on numerous occasions for ‘Robbery under Arms’, he was never convicted. The Police Commissioner however reminded that it must be borne in mind, that the now dead suspect has several matters “pending” before the court and was also out on bail. This he said points to the fact that the police did charge Morris on several occasions and the process of prosecuting the suspected criminal had begun but he lambasted the missing factor in the equation. This he said is in the form of victims and eyewitnesses coming forward and giving the police statements and evidence. Brumell was critical of the fact that there are persons in society who know

the perpetrators of various criminal acts but are unwilling to give this information to the police. He said too that there are persons who would have been the victims of crimes but refuse to give evidence and this would help to nullify the work of the Guyana Police Force. The Police Commissioner did not offer a comment on the Judiciary and the ripple effect there but reiterated that the Police will not charge a person if there is no evidence to support such a proceeding. The Police Commissioner said that all are involved and must come forward with the relevant information. Brumell assured that as is the case with unnatural deaths, there will be a review and lessons drawn upon. The Police Commissioner did seek to remind that should police ranks be found culpable in the execution of their duties as it relates to investigations, then they will be dealt with. Brumell assured that no rank is above the law and reminded that each of the Divisional Commanders are au-fait with their responsibilities and they too would be dealt with for failing to execute their lawful duties. Police ranks on Saturday afternoon reportedly chased behind Morris after he tried to rob a Bourda Market businesswoman and her husband. Eyewitnesses said that the businesswoman and her husband had just closed their stall and were exiting the market when they were attacked by Morris who grabbed the woman’s bag, which reportedly contained over $500,000 in cash, including foreign currency.

Dead:- Randy Morris during one of his court appearances There are reports that the businesswoman, Nandrani Sookwah, 45, held onto her bag and Morris struck her in the head with his firearm. The woman’s husband, Kishore Sookwah, a licensed firearm holder, discharged two shots at Morris but missed. Morris reportedly jumped into a rented white Toyota Raum and tried to make good his escape but police on motorcycles who by this time had become aware of the robbery attempt, quickly tracked down the vehicle that Morris was driving. The ensuing chase led the ranks through Cummingsburg and then back into Queenstown where he was eventually shot dead. Police said that they have recovered a .32 pistol. Morris was presently before the court on an armed robbery charge having been fingered as one of the bandits

who was photographed fleeing on a motorcycle after an Albouystown robbery – a photograph that was

emblazoned on the front page of this newspaper. He was recently held for another high profile robbery on D’Urban Street in which Mahdia businessman Roger Hinds was shot and robbed. He has also been fingered in several high profile ‘hits’, including one on his friend Vibert Weeks called ‘Vibey’ , and was therefore constantly on the police radar. Morris, prior to his killing, had told this publication that he believes that he has been made into such a high profile criminal that his life was in jeopardy. “Whenever something goes down, the police always come looking for me,” Morris had claimed in an exclusive interview with this newspaper. Morris had admitted during an interview with this publication that he was involved in a criminal matter for which he paid a policeman to cover his tracks. “Since then he targeting

Monday June 25, 2012

Police Commissioner (ag) Leroy Brumell me. Every time something happen, he coming and asking me fuh pay he. If I don’t, I ending up in de lock-up and getting charge,” Morris said. Morris at the time had said that there were even threats to his life from both policemen and persons who suspect him of being involved in criminal acts against them. Morris was reportedly out on bail totaling $2.8M for several offences. He last appeared in court on Thursday where he was placed on $30,000 bail for a wounding offence.

Family of missing cook not giving up on recovering body The relatives of missing Seaman Gerald Fraser said that they are have not given up their search for his remains weeks after the vessel he worked on capsized. According to a relative Sharon Pickett, family members have been paying close attention to the sunken boat. She said that the vessel has since been moved from the area where it turned over. Pickett said that apparently the high tide had shifted the boat into the channel and that the owner ordered the move. She noted that she has been trying to get into contact with the boat owner Vijay Sankar but has been unsuccessful, since she claimed that he has stopped answering his cellular phone. Sankar had earlier

promised to compensate the family and assist with the cost of the funeral whenever the body was recovered. But according to Pickett to date nothing was given to them not even to aid in the search. Thus she said that it is left up to her family members to pay divers to continue the search for her uncle’s remains The woman had said that they will not rest until they recover Fraser ’s body because they need some form of closure. “Even if we get the bones we just want to send him off in decent manner, give him a little funeral or something.” “Nobody tells us anything, nobody calls us, so we don’t know what is going on. We were told that the boat is being dismantled bit by bit

Gerald Fraser and I see people out there working on it everyday,” Pickett stated. Gerald Fraser went missing after a ship on which he worked capsized midway the Demerara River. He is believed to be trapped in the 65 foot vessel. Reports are that the relatives of the 67 year old Fraser became suspicious of the circumstances surrounding the incident after his fellow crew members gave conflicting statements about his disappearance. Minister of Public Works Robeson Benn had earlier stated that the boat would be towed closer to land. The vessel remained at the same spot until Saturday morning where it was seen being towed by a tug. However, efforts to reach the Minister for a further comment proved futile.

Monday June 25, 2012

Kaieteur News

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NATO to discuss downing Islamist Morsi elected of Turkish plane by Syria Egypt’s president ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — NATO will hold emergency talks tomorrow to discuss Syria’s downing of a Turkish jet fighter, but the alliance is not expected to take military action, even if it confirms Turkey’s claim that the unarmed plane was attacked in international airspace. The incident has further raised regional tensions over the conflict in Syria, where some 40 people were reported killed yesterday in new clashes between rebels and government troops. Yesterday, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton sharply criticised Syria for downing the Turkish plane, which Turkey’s Foreign Ministry called an “open and grave violation of international law” that would justify retaliation. “The United States condemns this brazen and

Ahmet Davutoglu unacceptable act in the strongest possible terms,” Clinton said in Washington. “It is yet another reflection of the Syrian authorities’ callous disregard for international norms, human life, and peace and security.” Clinton said Washington will maintain close contact

with Turkish officials as they determine their response, including via the U.N. Security Council. “We will work with Turkey and other partners to hold the Assad regime accountable,” she said. Turkish state media reported yesterday that the RF-4E reconnaissance plane’s wreckage was found in the Mediterranean Sea at a depth of 4,265 feet (1,300 meters), but officials did not confirm the report. The two pilots remained missing. Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said the jet was on a training flight to test Turkey’s radar capabilities, not spying on Syria. He said the plane mistakenly strayed into Syrian airspace Friday, but was quickly warned to leave by Turkish authorities and was a mile (1.6 kms) inside international airspace when it was shot down.

Obama, Romney seek advantage on health care ruling WASHINGTON (AP) — Their positions are clear. President Barack Obama ardently defends his federal health care overhaul. Republican challenger Mitt Romney adamantly opposes it. But this coming week, when the Supreme Court rules on the constitutionality of the law, both sides will be scrambling for political gain no matter the outcome. If the court upholds the law, Obama will get vindication for his signature legislative accomplishment. Romney will have a concrete target for his pledge to repeal it. If the court rules against part or all of the law, Obama could blame R o m n e y, c o n g r e s s i o n a l Republicans and a conservative-leaning court for denying health benefits to millions of people in the United States. Romney could claim victory for his assertion that the government overreached. Striking down all or part of the law less than five months from Nov. 6 election

Mitt Romney Barack Obama also could mean much political uncertainty for both campaigns. That could force them to reshape long-held strategies and try to satisfy voter demands for Washington to start anew on fixing a broken health care system. Just one-third of those questioned back the law, according to an Associated Press-GfK poll this month. But there is overwhelming backing among both supporters and opponents for

Congress and the president to find a new remedy if the high court strikes down the 2-year-old law. Obama, in campaign appearances, promotes the law’s more popular elements, such as a provision allowing children to stay on their parents’ insurance up to age 26. The administration has also pumped out a steady stream of positive news, including a report this past week that nearly 13 million people would receive health insurance rebates averaging $151 per household.

CAIRO (AP) — Islamist Mohammed Morsi was declared the winner yesterday in Egypt’s first free presidential election in history, closing the tumultuous first phase of a democratic transition and opening a new struggle with the still-dominant military rulers who recently stripped the presidency of most of its powers. In Tahrir Square, the birthplace of the uprising that ousted autocratic President Hosni Mubarak, joyous supporters of Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood wept and kneeled on the ground in prayer when they heard the announcement on live television. They danced, set off fireworks and released doves in the air with Morsi’s

picture attached in celebrations not seen in the square since Mubarak was forced out on February 11, 2011. Many are looking now to see whether Morsi will try to take on the military and wrestle back the powers they took from his office just one week ago. Thousands vowed to remain in Tahrir to demand that the ruling generals reverse their decision. In his first televised speech, the 60-year old U.S.trained engineer called on Egyptians to unite and tried to reassure minority Christians, who mostly backed Morsi’s rival Ahmed Shafiq because they feared Islamic rule. He said he carries “a message of peace” to the world

(Reuters) - Lawyers for Jerry Sandusky sought a mistrial before his conviction for child sex abuse on the grounds that prosecutors showed jurors an inaccurate version of a bombshell NBC News interview with the former football coach, and the mistake may now form part of the basis for an appeal. In response to a subpoena, NBC News turned over three versions of Bob Costas’ NBC News interview with Sandusky, which aired last November on different NBC shows. One of those versions, which was broadcast on the ‘Today’ show, contained an erroneous repetition of a key question and answer - about whether Sandusky was sexually

attracted to young boys, Nils Frederiksen, a spokesman for the Pennsylvania attorney general said yesterday. The repetition, Sandusky’s lawyers contend, made it appear to jurors that he was stonewalling. “It wasn’t noticed by (NBC News), it wasn’t noticed by us, but it became obvious when it played in court,” Frederiksen told Reuters. NBC News spokeswoman Amy Lynn confirmed this account yesterday. On Friday, a jury in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, convicted Sandusky, a former Penn State assistant football coach, of 45 counts of child sex abuse and child endangerment. Sandusky, 68, is expected to be sentenced

Mohammed Morsi and pledged to preserve Egypt’s international accords, a reference to the peace deal with Israel. He also paid tribute to nearly 900 protesters killed in last year’s uprising. “I wouldn’t have been here between your hands as the first elected president without ... the blood, the tears, and sacrifices of the martyrs,” he said.

Sandusky lawyers may use NBC tape error in appeal

to more than 400 years in prison. Sandusky attorney Joe Amendola said NBC’s error would form part of the basis for an appeal. “Oh my goodness, yes,” he said, when asked about whether it could be used in an appeal

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Jack coming with new crime plan

Brazil, Uruguay pull envoys after Paraguay dumps president

... not in support of 21st century policing plan Trinidad Guardian National Security Minister Jack Warner has promised to crack down on crime and return Trinidad and Tobago to a level of normalcy, even if it means bringing back the flying squad and other measures that worked in the past he said Saturday. Warner said he plans to issue a full statement today, following a meeting with key officials in the various arms of his new ministry. A new crime plan will be revealed in two to three weeks time, the Minister assured. Warner said

A J Nicholson Jamaica Observer Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Senator A J Nicholson Friday questioned the Opposition’s proposal for a referendum to let the people decide whether the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) should become Jamaica’s

his appointment signals the “dawn of a new era” as he hopes to institute a new level of morale in the protective service and a new level of respect for the law. Warner said he was not in support of the 21st century police initiative, and had last month berated the police for the closure of the Caroni Police Station. Warner said it was a paradox that the government was building nine police stations while others are being closed. Warner said he plans to give his full support to

Jack Warner policemen who are in support of his crime-busting initiatives, which will be announced shortly, within the next two weeks to a month.

Govt. says no to referendum on CCJ

final appellate court. “Why would Opposition legislators not be willing to perform their duty, instead of wishing to leave the performance of that duty to the citizens who put them in the Parliament to carry out their obligations?” Senator Nicholson said in a statement. He stated that, for almost 80 years, none of the 39 former colonies of Britain had a referendum to de-link from the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council and to have their own final Court of Appeal. A referendum, he said was, in essence, a general election “with a political campaign being the axis on which it spins”.

Monday June 25, 2012

Said Nicholson: “No country within the Westminster system of government has wished that matters relating to its judiciary be subjected or exposed to the political hustings. Now, we appear to have persons in Jamaica who have arrogated unto themselves the kind of wisdom that is not to be found in the conventions that are packaged in the hallowed storehouse of the ages, and wish for Jamaica to go where all others before us have feared to tread.” Responding to the claim that the Government was afraid to face the people on the issue, Nicholson said that it was not a matter of not trusting the people, it was a matter of not trusting a referendum exercise to leave the country’s judiciary and judicial system unscathed. He also noted that neither in the constitutional arrangements nor the judgment of the Judicial Committee (of the Privy Council) was there any requirement other than that of a two-thirds majority vote to be obtained in each House of Parliament for Jamaica to subscribe to the Appellate Jurisdiction of the CCJ.

(CNN) — Two of Paraguay’s most important neighbours, Brazil and Uruguay, said yesterday they were pulling their ambassadors from the country in the wake of the impeachment of Paraguay’s president. Brazil’s foreign ministry said the action was “due to the breakdown of democracy in Paraguay,” and vowed to take up the impeachment with the regional blocs Mercosur and Unsur. The moves follow the lightning-quick removal from office of President Fernando Lugo on Friday. The impeachment procedures appear to have been carried out in accordance with the Paraguayan Constitution, but some Latin American presidents are calling it a coup d’etat and refuse to recognise the new president, Federico Franco. Lugo went from president to disgraced leader in less than 48 hours. The former Catholic bishop was unpopular with lawmakers, and many had

concerns about his credibility after he admitted to fathering at least two children while still in the priesthood. In all, four women claim they had babies by Lugo while he was bishop. But nine days ago, there was no reason to believe that Lugo would find himself out of a job before his term ended in August 2013. “The Brazilian government condemns the expedited removal” of the president, the foreign ministry said in a statement.

“The imposition of a new president under these conditions is not consistent with fundamental democratic practices that we must preserve in the region,” the office of Uruguay’s President Jose Mujica said via the foreign ministry. There had been calls in the past for the impeachment of Lugo, but the scandals did not rock his position too much. Lugo said Paraguayan history and democracy had been “deeply wounded.” “If indeed it is recognised that the impeachment process happened according to the procedure established in the Paraguayan Constitution, Mexico considers that the process did not offer President Lugo the space and time for a proper defense,” Mexico’s foreign ministry said. The presidents of Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic said they will not recognise Franco’s administration, and Argentina on Saturday withdrew its ambassador to Paraguay.

WASHINGTON — After quietly testing Predator drones over the Bahamas for more than 18 months, the Department of Homeland Security plans to expand the unmanned surveillance flights into the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico to fight drug smuggling, according to U.S. officials. The move would dramatically increase U.S. drone flights in the Western Hemisphere, more than doubling the number of square miles now covered by the department’s fleet of nine surveillance drones, which are used

primarily on the northern and southwestern U.S. borders. But the high-tech aircraft have had limited success spotting drug runners in the open ocean. The drones have largely failed to impress veteran military, Coast Guard and Drug Enforcement Agency officers charged with finding and boarding speedboats, fishing vessels and makeshift submarines ferrying tons of cocaine and marijuana to America’s coasts. An additional drone will be delivered this year to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s base in Cocoa

Beach, Fla., for operations in the Caribbean. The Federal Aviation Administration has already approved a flight path for the drones to fly more than 1,000 miles to the Mona Passage, the strait between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. “There is a lot more going on in the deep Caribbean, and we would like to know more,” said a law enforcement official familiar with the program who was not authorized to speak publicly. The official said drones may be based temporarily at airfields in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

Fernando Lugo

U.S. plans more drone flights over Caribbean

Monday June 25, 2012

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THE BIKINI AT THE FUNERAL So appalled was a pastor at the attire he witnessed recently at funerals in Barbados that he indicated to those planning to attend future funerals that it was okay for them to wear whatever they had and not be

restricted in wearing black and while clothing. The same thing may have to happen in Guyana. Traditionally, the colors for mourning are black and white or dark maroon. Most Guyanese at funerals try to

stick to these colours. However, it is not the colour coding that is presenting the problem but the nature of some of the outfits worn by mourners. There are men who are going to funerals dressed in

banditos. And whether it is raining or shining, a great many of the mourners at funerals don dark shades these days. The headwear and shades are not making a cultural statement. It is all about

Parika Roll on/Roll off stelling…

Pontoon, ramp retrieved and taken to Supenaam stelling

A section of the ramp that was submerged off the Parika Stelling, as it holds onto one of the two pontoons. Officials from BK International have relocated the pontoon and ramp that sank off the Parika Stelling on Saturday. Last Saturday speedboat operators upon turning out to work noticed the pontoon on its side with the ramp partially in the water, while another pontoon had submerged. Efforts by this newspaper to contact Minister of Public Works Robeson Benn failed.

The incident will further delay the two US$14M Roll on/Roll off ferries from going into operation. Another factor which is contributing to the setback of the roll on/roll off stelling is the need for 75-foot greenheart piles for the modifications to the design. The Public Works Ministry is having difficulty in sourcing these piles. Initially it took more than four hours for the ferry to travel between Parika and

Adventure. The government decided to limit the travel time to less than three hours by constructing the stelling at Supenaam. At a cost of more than $400 million BK International constructed the stelling which then remained idle for nearly two years. There had been concerns after the company was awarded the contract for the Parika Stelling, especially following problems with the new Supenaam stelling a few

Dem boys seh

De Waterfalls boss man going into pharmaceuticals Is a TV programme mek dem boys know why dem got all de lawsuits. At first dem boys think was joke. Dem couldn’t believe that Bobby would resort to Plan C to sell he paper. Is when one of he friends talk. And is somebody in Canada tell dem boys. De Hard Times paper don’t sell although de owners seh that dem increase dem circulation dramatically. De plan is to shutdown de Waterfalls paper. Well dem boys seh that it can’t happen because de people ain’t gun allow it to happen. Poor Tony give up he TV station and he kicking heself today. He even give away he news team like if dem was

property and Bobby capitalize. It ain’t gun be de same wid de Waterfalls paper. De Boss man did promise to sell Bobby de paper but that was before Bobby set up he own. But de staff was out of de equation. That is why Bobby recruit staff from all dem other news agency. Some from de Waterfalls paper actually go but dem run and come back. De grass look green but it was bitter over deh at de hard times paper. Now de Waterfalls Boss Man seh that he getting into de pharmaceutical programme and he betting that he gun do better than Bobby, that Bobby gun lose market share.

And dem boys want to know how come de Norway people giving Uncle Donald de money and dem was not giving Bharrat. It had to be a signal. And now that Uncle Donald getting de money dem boys want to know if he gun still quarrel bout budget cuts. And wha happen wid de probe at Hen See Hen fuh determine who really thief? Martin still on leave and Fuzzy still hoping that things gun blow over. But dem boys seh that dem intend to keep on de heat because dem got too much thiefing all round. Talk half. Lef de rest to dem boys.

years ago. Shortly after that stelling was commissioned, there were issues with the support beam holding the ramp leading from the stelling to the ferry. The two roll on/roll off ferries arrived in Guyana late December as a “gift” from the Chinese Government. Each vessel has three decks and can hold up to 800 persons, 44 cars, and 20 lorries and can travel at a test speed of 12.5 knots. The ferries will continue to provide a crucial link between Essequibo Coast, Region Two, and the city. Rice and cash crop farmers are heavily dependent on ferries to transport their produce. They also provide a link to Wakenaam and Leguan, two islands in the Essequibo River.

fashion. With this display of fashion, sobriety is being thrown out of the window. You sometimes wonder whether some of the female mourners are dressed for a funeral or whether they are dressed for a party. If you attend a funeral these days, you will find that many female mourners are wearing evening clothes and some of these outfits are far from modest. In fact many of them are downright outrageous with deep plunging necklines and short hemlines. There is a lot of cleavage and much leg on display breaking with tradition which dictated simplicity and modesty in dress at funerals. Things are changing rapidly at funerals these days and many old timers feel that there is a need for us to return to basics when it comes to funerals. Unfortunately, we may have long passed that stage. We may in fact be entering a phase in which we are unable to distinguish between a wake house and a party, whether someone is dressed for requiem service or a night out at the discotheque. Inhibitions are being let go when it comes to funerals. There used to be a time, for example, when if a criminal died, persons would be embarrassed to be seen at his funeral. The onlookers used to outnumber the mourners because even close friends used to be ashamed to be seen at the funeral of a criminal. Not anymore. In fact, many persons now take great pride in being seen at the funerals of those associated with criminal wrongdoing. And they are keen not just to be seen at these funerals but they dress in a way to make themselves very noticeable. Some of them relish in the occasion, often making an exhibition of themselves by their dress and behaviour. What we are seeing is a change in our value-systems. The funerals of criminals are now occasions for grand processions and partying.

Loud music and elaborate dress are on display and alcohol is freely consumed both during and after the funeral. In the old days, you could not see a beer bottle at the burial ground. Today persons stand outside the church consuming alcohol. Beers are distributed at the funeral parlour. And when the funeral procession is moving, drinking takes place and loud music can be heard. There also used to be a time when a funeral procession was underway that persons would either tip or take their hats or caps off out of respect for the dead. These days, persons are attending funerals with all manner of things on their heads and there is no tipping of hats when a funeral procession passes. In fact, no one now gives way to a funeral procession. In the old days when a funeral procession was passing, drivers not in the procession stopped to give the procession the right of way. These days, no respect is shown to funeral processions. But the most disconcerting aspect which no doubt triggered the response of that pastor from Barbados concerns the outfits that are worn at funerals. Some mourners need an education about how to dress at funerals. Given the price of some of the outfits on display at funerals including highheeled shoes, it cannot be a case of those persons who are inappropriately dressed not having any other clothing to wear. The cost of the accessories alone can refinance an entire wardrobe. What we are seeing is a case of a break with tradition and it is always sad because traditions are so important. One day someone is going to turn up at a funeral in a bikini.

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More ‘Fallen Comrades’ for Parliamentary recognition

Robert Williams

Sheila Holder

Everall Franklin

The National Assembly will this week break into a somber tone when it meets to consider recognizing three more of its fallen comrades. The 65 Members of Parliament will delve into the memories, contribution and legacies of the Late Sheila Holder, Everall Franklin and Robert Williams. The motion remembering Everall Franklin who held the post of MP representing the Guyana Action Party is in the name of Deborah Backer, while the one for Holder is in the name of the Alliance for Change Chairman Khemraj Ramjattan. Basil Williams pilots the one for Robert Williams. The motions are calling on the House to Resolve to pay tribute to the committed and meritorious service of the former Public Servants and “directs that an expression of our heartfelt sympathy be conveyed” to the sorrowing families. Holder, a

former Parliamentarian for both the AFC and Working People’s Alliance (WPA), was described as a homemaker, civil society activist, consumer advocate and politician, who was married to Noel Holder, an agriculturist, for the last 36 years, a union which produced two sons and a daughter. Holder entered the National Assembly in 2001 on a GAP-WPA ticket and was a member of the Parliamentary Management Committee, the Committee for the Appointment of Members of Constitutional Commissions, and the Standing Orders Committee. Along with Trotman and Khemraj Ramjattan, two leaders of the AFC, she participated in the World Bank Seminar on Parliament, Good Governance and Poverty Reduction in Helsinki, Finland, in 2003. It was during this time that she was contracted by the OAS to prepare a study on

“Political Party Campaign Financing” in Guyana. Former parliamentarian and leader of the Guyana Action Party (GAP) Everall Franklin passed away in late November last year after a period of illness. He is credited with playing an important part in the drafting of fundamental documents of the Joint Opposition Parties which later morphed into A Partnership for National Unity. Williams was Deputy Mayor of Georgetown at the time of his passing earlier this year and was 62. He was also a Commissioner at theGuyanaElections Commission but had been ailing for some time before his condition deteriorated. Williams was a former Minister of Fisheries under the Forbes Burnham-led Peoples National Congress (PNC) administration in the early 1980s. During its last sitting the House also remembered the contributions of Dr. Moti Lall.

Monday June 25, 2012

AFC sees support base growing as it heads to biennial National Conference The Alliance For Change (AFC) is finalising preparations for the Party’s third biennial National Conference in the midst of a growing support base, according to Executive Member Michael Carrington. He noted that the National Conference is the largest gathering of AFC members and serves to bring members up to date on what the Party has been doing and also to allow the full membership the opportunity to design the way forward for the AFC over the next two year period. Carrington explained that the AFC anticipates that the 2012 National Conference will be the biggest ever as the Party celebrates the advances made over the past two years, especially those of the 2011 National and Regional Elections. AFC members from all across Guyana and the Diaspora will converge in Region Four for the Conference, which will be held on July 28, at the Ocean View Convention Centre. It will be a celebration and also a time to align the Party to maximise on the strides made since the AFC stepped

unto the local political arena in 2006, Carrington stated. He explained that from 2006 to present, the AFC continues to attract Guyanese from across all racial, social, religious and other divides and is ever growing as the voice of reason in a society that has been fragmented by politics of the past. “More recently, the AFC has positioned itself as the Party strongest on anticorruption and is fighting against injustices meted out to the ordinary people by those in authority,” he stated. Adding that the AFC is built on rock-solid membership and grassroot support, coupled with leadership that encourages open dialogue and a strong focus on youth development, Carrington noted that the party support base in and out of Guyana continues to grow and this is demonstrated by the number of persons joining the Party and the thousands of others who verbally express their appreciation and support for what the Party is doing. Last Saturday, the National Executive Committee

AFC executive Michael Carrington (NEC) of the AFC met at Ocean View Hotel and advanced the planning for the Conference. Delegates from all 10 administrative regions in Guyana, the Caribbean, Canada, the United States and the UK have committed to participating in the conference. He further noted that at last Saturday’s meeting members affirmed their commitment to the AFC, its principles and positions and reassured the Leadership and colleagues of their unwavering support.

Golden Grove mechanic’s body recovered in North West The body of the Golden Grove, East Coast Demerara mechanic, Floyd Mathis has been recovered. This publication was told that the man’s decomposing remains were fished out of the river on Friday evening last. However because of the state of decomposition police ranks and other relatives were forced to bury the remains in

the area. According to Mathis’ relatives, his body was discovered minus an arm and his face was badly disfigured. On Saturday June 16th last Mathis went for a swim at Bamboo landing, North West District, but went under the water and never resurfaced. A search was conducted but persons in the

area failed to locate him. Over the past week relatives had complained that their efforts to locate Mathis were frustrated as they were constantly told by police in the area that transportation to carry out a search for the body was not available. It was only after a report was made to Police Headquarters in Georgetown that the ranks in the area were instructed to find transportation. Over the past week there have been three reported incidents of drowning in the interior. On Monday last a boat went down in the Puruni River, claiming the lives of two miners, George Bowman and Devon Cadogan. Their bodies were recovered three days after the incident.

Monday June 25, 2012

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Deadly year for media workers …

Trinidad’s President urges Red Cross-like immunity for journalists Media workers at the Hyatt Hotel in Trinidad yesterday for the IPI World Congress.

President, George Maxwell Richards

The year 2012 is shaping up to be the deadliest one for media workers with 72 persons in the field killed for the year and the International Press Institute (IPI) has expressed alarm. Speaking yesterday to hundreds of Journalists and

Editors during the opening session of the IPI’s 2012 World Congress in Trinidad & Tobago that country’s President, George Maxwell Richards, urged for consideration of immunity for media workers, similar to what the Red Cross has.

A number of media entities including Kaieteur News, Stabroek News, Capitol News and Demerara Waves are in the Twin-Island Republic for the Congress, which is being held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Port-of-Spain. IPI has membership in more than 120 countries. According to the President, journalism is no walk in the park. “The reports of 110 journalists killed in 2009 and 66 in 2011 give no comfort whatsoever and the record of deaths over the last five years should lead to sustained thrust in the international arena in the matter of impunity for those who threaten, harass or kill journalists, which impunity seems to be the norm.”

The statesman drew comparisons of media workers to diplomats. The Congress, held under the theme “Media in a Challenging World - a 360 Degree Perspective”, is slated to conclude tomorrow and includes issues like reporting on corruption, the role of state-owned media, natural disasters and its impacts on press freedom and online media ethics. So far this year … 72 journalists have died because of their work. Last year was the second-worst on record … with 102 journalists killed. And 2009 was the grimmest ever … with 110 deaths – 32 of them in a single election convoy massacre in the Philippines in which another 26 civilians were slain.

According to Alison Bethel Mckenzie, IPI’s Executive Director, it is deeply disturbing that journalists are dying on the job in record numbers. The most lethal country in the world for journalists so far this year has been Syria – where a largely-peaceful ‘Arab Spring’ uprising has morphed into a violent conflict. So far in 2012 … a total of 20 journalists and citizen reporters … both foreign and local … have been killed in Syria. Meanwhile Richards shared his views on the emergence of the internet and news websites. “Let me say, for what it is worth, that the internet, the fifth estate, cannot replace the media…Some may (continued on page 18)

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Monday June 25, 2012

Monday June 25, 2012

Kaieteur News

East Coast Dem. residents benefit from Nabaclis Health Fair


cores of residents from Nabaclis and surrounding communities on the East Coast of Demerara, on Saturday benefited from medical services offered at a health fair sponsored by the Dr. CC Nicholson Hospital and the Ministry of Health. Services such as eye care, diabetic foot care, vaccination, blood pressure, b l o o d s u g a r, Vi s u a l Inspection with Ascetic Acid screening (VIA) and HIV testing were offered free of cost to the residents. Speaking with this publication, Dr. Ameeka B r e e d y, t h e p h y s i c i a n attached to the Dr. CC Nicholson Hospital said that this initiative was undertaken with the aim of promoting the services that are available at the hospital. She added that these services are free of cost and are available to the public at their convenience. Dr. Breedy said the hospital is now equipped to handle deliveries, with the establishment of a nine-bed ward, however she added that the more complex deliveries will be referred to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation since they are not equipped to handle those cases. Persons were also given the opportunity to donate blood through the presence of the staff from the National Blood Transfusion Service. Dr. Breedy noted that the response from the public towards donating blood was well received, hence she is looking at the possibility of hosting a blood drive soon at the hospital. The health fair was held under the theme “self management equals health management�. Meanwhile females would be given the opportunity to receive (VIA) screening by the end of July at the Nabaclis medical institution. Dr. Breedy said that the hospital has decided to make this service available since a vast amount of women who visit the hospital have been expressing their interest in the VIA screening. Dr. Breedy added that the VIA screening, once introduced at the hospital. will be done twice per month. The visual inspection with acetic acid (VIA) was introduced to in 2007 and ensures early detection and treatment for cervical cancer. Since then 25 sites have been established at various health institutions throughout the country since

Diabetic Foot Care examination

Guyana has a high percentage of cases. VIA screening is recommended for any woman who is sexually active. Emphasis is placed on a single visit approach where women are screened, diagnosed and treated for cervical cancer in one visit. The prevalence of HIV/AIDs in women in developing countries makes

the need for national screening programs more urgent. The Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), the leading cause of cervical cancer, is more aggressive in H I V- i n f e c t e d w o m e n because their immune system is weakened and they can't fight it. About 288,000 women a year die from cervical cancer, according to the World

Health Organisation. Most live in the developing world. With c e r v i c a l c a n c e r, e a r l y screening is the ounce of prevention that can cure. The Dr. CC Nicholson Hospital was established in 2000 and is currently functioning under the leadership of Dr. Ameeka Breedy along with 17 other medical staff.

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Monday June 25, 2012

Kaieteur News

Visually impaired persons want laws for disabled enforced The Guyana Association for the Visually impaired (GAVI) has called for more to be done by the relevant authorities to enforce legislation which protects the rights of the disabled. Andrew Green, GAVI planning committee member, noted that there is a need for a level playing field for persons with disabilities. His comments were made during a presentation ceremony for winners of a quiz competition sponsored by Edward B. Beharry and Company and the Guyana Chronicle. The competition was held during April, which was

designated Blind Awareness Month. He said the government and those in prominent positions in society need to put better systems in place so that a person with a disability such as visual impairment would be treated properly. Green said that the public is not sensitized to the issue thus disabled persons are usually treated as second class citizens. He added that more needs to be done by the Ministry of Human Services to raise awareness about people's legal responsibility to the disabled. Green said that even though the Disability Act of

2010 is in place more can be done to enforce its content. He explained that job accessibility is one challenge faced by disabled persons. Green claimed that he is exceptionally computer literate but that he cannot access a job because people see his disability as a liability, even before they consider hiring him. He said that whatever a sighted person can do, the blind can also do. “We are quite useful; we clean, we dress ourselves and we cook without burning down houses.” He added that the challenges they face cause

“Winners of the quiz competition.” them to be time conservative. The man said that GAVI can better fulfill its mandate if the visually impaired are given a building to house their operation. He said the organization has been trying to get a government subvention for a long time now. “We would usually get funding through fund raising activities, nongovernmental organizations and a few public sympathizers.” The first prize winner of the quiz competition, Farida Mahatoo, said that she was

grateful for the opportunity to promote such a worthy cause. Mahatoo stated that she knows that life must be most challenging for those who are visually impaired and that she hopes that the company will continue to support the association and that the event will be an annual feature. Mahatoo received a laptop computer as her prize while the two other winners, John Massay and Boodmatti Mahabali, received a microwave oven and a food hamper as their respective prizes.

Monday June 25, 2012

Kaieteur News

Page 15

BEWARE OF THE DOG The newspaper headlines read “Dangerous Dogs Act”. I know about Lassie and Rin Tin Tin but, I thought, this is ridiculous. When I was growing up the cinema was divided into three seating areas – “pit” or the section in front the screen where the worst behaved patrons sat; “house” for those of us on an elevated plane and separated by a barrier from the roughnecks in “pit”; and then “balcony” where you took your girlfriend if you had the dough or promised to take her if you wanted mo’. Could they be speaking about “pit” bulls in a cinematic sense I asked myself? But it couldn’t be, so I figured that maybe because several governments in the region were threatening to take action against pit bulls, their owners were teaching them how to act as if they were loving and playful. That would not last

for long, I thought. It is like the riddle, “What do you get if you breed a pitbull terrier with Lassie?” A dog that would bite your arm off and then run for help. Some dogs can act even better than Lassie or Rin-TinTin. A man was about to enter a bar when a dog tugged at his pants fold and said to him, “Hey, pal! You want to make some quick money?” The man couldn’t believe his ears. He said to the dog, “Can you talk?” “Yes” replied the dog, “and that’s how we can pick up some easy money. You take me into the bar with you, pretend I’m your dog, and bet everybody I can talk.” The man thought that was a great idea so he took the dog into the bar, set it on the counter and announced to everyone that the dog could talk. The other patrons didn’t believe him, and it wasn’t long before several thousand dollars had been bet. Finally, after all the bets had been

placed, the guy said to the dog, “All right, go ahead and say something.” Nothing. He told the dog again, “Hey! All the bets are placed! Say something, for God’s sake!” The dog just looked at him and whined. He, asked again and again, but the dog wouldn’t say a word. Finally, the fellow had to pay all the bets, scooped up the dog in disgust and walked out. Once outside, he screamed at the dog, “You just cost me way over a thousand dollars! You got anything to say before I seriously boot your mangy tail?” “Take it easy, pal! You’re not thinking straight,” the dog answered. “Tomorrow night, we’ll be able to get odds of a hundred to one.” Some politicians can act even better than pit-bulls. In several Caribbean countries where rampaging pit-bulls were (and are) attacking people the Governments

Mabura accident victim’s wife lambastes GPHC personnel When Dias Trotz left his home on Saturday last, little did he know that it would have been the last time he kissed his children “goodbye” as he journeyed into the interior to take care of his business. Trotz, 27, the son of Senior Superintendent of Police Owen Trotz, Commander of ‘C’ Division succumbed to his injuries following a horrific smash-up on the Mabura Road. The father of three of Lot 136 New Road Vreed-enHoop operates a beer garden in Mahdia, where he has been spending one-third of his time for the past few years. According to the man’s wife, Alisha Trotz, her

Dias Trotz husband was sitting in the front seat of the mini bus when the accident occurred. The wife stated that her husband was returning to Mahdia to tend to his

business after spending a week with his family. She described her husband as a hard worker who wanted to build a future for his three children. “He is very kind, he wanted his children to live happy and comfortable and he did whatever he could to make them happy.” She said when she got the news about her husband’s accident, she, as well as other relatives rushed to the Georgetown Hospital and were surprised to see that the staff at the facility were not prepared for the patients, who were transferred from the Linden Hospital. “They didn’t had no attendants, the nurses (continued on page 18)

developed legislation to deal with “dangerous dogs” but never put them into effect. One of my friends says that in this context the term “Act” is entirely appropriate. It is an Act. In one Caribbean country after pit bulls made mincemeat of several people, a Dangerous Dogs Act was devised, took extremely long to proclaim, then when it was due to go into law, was withdrawn for further study ostensibly because pit-bulls are not the only dangerous dogs in town. There might be other dangerous dogs but throughout the world increasingly the pit-bull is recognized as truly dangerous. According to WIKIPEDIA, “A large number of jurisdictions have enacted breed-specific legislation (BSL) in response to a number of well-publicized incidents involving pit bull-type dogs and some government organizations such as the US Army and Marine Corps have taken administrative action as well. These actions range from outright bans on the possession of pit bull-type dogs to restrictions and conditions on pit bull ownership… One point of view is that pit bulls are a public safety issue that merits actions such as banning ownership, mandatory spay/ neuter for all pit bulls, mandatory microchipimplants and liability insurance, or prohibiting people convicted of a felony from owning pit bulls…In a 2012 ruling involving the mauling of a child, Maryland’s highest court held that pit bulls are “inherently dangerous,” making pit bull owners, and landlords renting to tenants who own a pit bull, strictly liable for any injuries caused during an attack by said pit bull.”

An old friend from Trinidad sat in a bus-shelter and was killed by pit-bulls. He was a soft-spoken sportsman from my hometown and I don’t think anything ever happened to the dogs or their more vicious owner. We have three dogs but they’re all lap-dogs. That is because of the speed at which they lapped up their milk when they were little. Now they’re “foo” dogs – not the stone creatures that guard the Chinese temples but one word, “Foodogs” because of their appetites. They threaten and snap but they’re so small that one loud shout will make them scamper. They’re very smart – they only chase parked cars. Not so with pit bulls. The first Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Dr. Eric Williams, once said, “When I talk let no damn dog bark.” All well and good for his time and for what one of my friends term his “pothound” sycophants but now dogs like pitbulls are bred to be silent when attacking. Fortunately, I am not but, even so, no amount of shouting can come between a pit-bull and his dinner, especially when you’re the dinner. Recently I heard a story about something worse than the worst pitbull and I asked, “You talking Rott?” It was not a Rottweiler. According to the story, after realising that the arms race would end the world, the US and Russia decided to settle the Cold War with a dog-fight. Each team had five years to breed the best fighting dog in the world and whichever side’s dog won would be entitled to dominate the world. The losing country would have to lay down its arms. The Russians found the biggest,

meanest pit-bull bitches in the world and bred them with the most vicious Siberian wolves. They selected only the largest and strongest puppy from each litter and gave him all the milk. They used steroids and after five years came up with the most fearsome dog the world had ever seen. Its cage needed steel bars that were five inches thick. Nobody could get near it. When the day came for the fight, the Americans showed up with a strange animal. It was a nine-foot long Dachshund. Everyone felt sorry for the Americans because they knew there was no way that this dog could possibly last ten seconds with the Russian dog. When the cages were opened up, the Dachshund came out and wrapped itself around the outside of the ring. It had the Russian dog almost completely surrounded. When the Russian dog leaned over to bite the Dachshund’s neck, the Dachshund leaned up and consumed the Russian dog in one bite. There was nothing left of the Russian dog. The Russian President came up to the Americans shaking his head in disbelief. “We don’t understand how this could have happened. We had our best people working for five years with the meanest dogs in the world.” “That’s nothing,” the American President replied. “We had our best plastic surgeons working for five years trying to make an alligator look like a Dachshund.” *Tony Deyal was last seen saying that pit-bull owners should breed their dogs with retrievers so when one of their dogs bites off their leg it would bring it back to them.

Page 16

Kaieteur News

Monday June 25, 2012

Sections of Corentyne Highway deteriorating less than a year after completion By Leon Suseran The upper portions of the (Upper) Corentyne Highway, which was built less a year ago, have started to deteriorate. This revelation was made by Region Six Chairman, David Armogan. He said that the deteriorating roadway exists between the Number 74-76 Villages area. The road works were carried out by H. Nauth and Sons. Armogan has written to the Minister of Works and Communication “pointing out that the contractor needs to go back and do remedial work on that section of the road”. Several attempts to contact H. Nauth & Sons proved futile. The Corentyne highway was resurfaced in phases and completed by two different contractors; BK International and H. Nauth and son. The latter company resurfaced the portion of the road that is deteriorating. Presently it has developed many holes. “I suspect they will take action to ensure that (work) is done because it doesn’t make sense spending all that money— do a road last year— and that is not DBST and crusher run, that is bitumen road and it should have been done in a good way and therefore, in my own opinion, the contractor should go back there and do remedial works— it’s not good enough at all,” Armogan declared. EAST AND WEST CANJE ROADS Speaking about the East and West Canje roads, the

Regional Chairman said that these have been, for most part, completed. However, there are some minor works to be done. Armogan said that the contractor, H. Nauth & Sons Civil Engineering Contractors has informed him that they are working assiduously to complete all the works so that the two roads can be handed over to the government and the people of those areas. The US$8.5M project was negatively impacted throughout the past 18 months by unpredictable heavy rainfalls which stalled the workers from progressing at the usual pace. While several delays were encountered before the initial project completion date, the road at West Canje, Berbice, was completed on schedule. The entire project deadline had initially been extended due to difficulties encountered surrounding the inclement weather patterns and the deadline has been further extended to the end of June 2012, which Armogan said will be met. “Almost the entire roadway in the West Canje is completed; in terms of the 14kilometre long East Canje, a substantial part of that road has been completed as well. Now presently, they are working in the New Forest area because the road is going straight down into New Forest— and right now H. Nauth & Sons are in that area.” Street lights have also been installed by Cummings Electrical Services Limited on

the two roadways and Armogan said that they will be switched on as soon as the roads are handed over. He added that both roads are part of the same contract. Walkways have also been constructed on both roadways so that pedestrians can move with ease. Armogan is appealing to residents to care the roads and warned against its use by combines that are designed for the rice field. “Those are the things that can cause serious destruction to the road, so in as much as we are spending large sums of monies to make the road, we have to appeal to our people to ensure they care the road.” BLACK BUSH POLDER At Black Bush Polder on the Corentyne, BK Construction “is undergoing road works there and they were supposed to have completed the work already by May of this year, but because of inclement weather conditions and other factors, they have asked for an extension up to October this year.” Armogan does not believe this deadline would be met. “From my observation— I have been going into Black Bush fairly regularly, almost every two weeks— and from the works I have seen there, I have my own doubts that it will be completed by the end of October.” In that regard, he said that government can enact a penalty against the contractor

A section of the newly-completed East Canje Public road with road markings and street-lights

for failing to meet the deadline on several occasions. “They could if they want to, but BK has assured us that he is progressing with all the speed that he can, despite all the weather conditions and he is hopeful that it will be finished by the end of October.” The Black Bush Polder 25-mile stretch of roadway does not come with light fixtures. “Different funding agencies have different kinds of things that go with their funding and the InterAmerican Development Bank (IDB) has been doing lights when they do their roads.” The contractor, BK International had written to the Ministry of Public Works last November asking for another extension to the April 4 deadline. But Armogan did say that 60 percent of the roadway in Black Bush polder has been completed as at last April. The US$6.6M project has seen several delays and residents, especially farmers in Black Bush are wondering if the road will ever be completed. It should be noted that while the contractor was executing works, it was observed that beneath the existing roadway there were wooden culverts, which farmers utilized to drain their rice fields. As such, April 2012 was the new date given to facilitate the installation of 80 pipe culverts, which were not in the initial design, along the 34.5 kilometres (km) of

roadway. To date, the contractor has installed 52 pipe culverts, erected five concrete bridges and constructed 16.5 km of roadways. During a visit to the Region on April 5, President Donald Ramotar and Minister of Works, Robeson Benn toured the Black Bush Polder Road to inspect the ongoing works. At a press conference after that tour, Ramotar assured the contractors are working very hard to catch up... “and we looked at some areas where remedial works had to be done.” “It (the road) should have been completed in April; that was the original schedule but I’ve seen they have revised the finishing time for the road to November this I am very optimistic they will finish the extension this November and we hope that this will be a very good road for the people of Black Bush and I will check it back in November.” EAST BANK BERBICE ROAD Speaking about the contentious East Bank Berbice roadway where the deplorable conditions had residents in an uproar a few months ago, Armogan said that he has been in regular contact with the Minister of Works and President Donald Ramotar. Up to last Friday, he said he and Ramotar discussed the road and there were t be further discussions with Minister Benn “to move

Region Six Chairman, David Armogan quickly to get the road done because in my own opinion, I feel that we are taking a bit too long to move on that road..and the president also feels the same way.” Armogan noted that funds are being acquired (besides what the Region 6 Administration has), and “Minister Benn, when they looked at the road, said it might be insufficient to do the road in a good way, so they were looking to a funding agency to combine with what funds we have to get the road going but those things take time and the people don’t have the patience and quite rightfully because the road is very bad and they shouldn’t be exercising too much patience, because it is creating serious havoc for them, serious inconveniences for them and their family so we are insisting at the regional level— and I also know the president is supporting us— to have a new road immediately.”

Monday June 25, 2012

Kaieteur News

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The Abigail Column

DEARABIGAIL, I have been dating a man for well over a year-and-ahalf, and we really enjoy each other’s companionship. We have a great friendship and a great sex life. The problem is that I am finding myself attracted to another person. I think this other person has a girlfriend. Furthermore, I don’t want to have a relationship with this other person — it’s just that I find myself dreaming about

kissing him because he is so attractive. I know I’m crazy because everything is great in my relationship and people envy the relationship I have with my boyfriend. I just can’t get this man off my mind. What should I do? Dreaming Dear Dreaming, It is completely natural to think and even dream about people other than your primary partner. All you need to remember is that there is a difference between fantasy

and reality. Attractions to others are one of the many joys of life. If you find yourself wanting to move forward with your attraction, it could prove useful to examine your current relationship. Thinking creatively about ways to achieve what’s lacking in your primary relationship may be beneficial. You may then choose not to follow through on your impulses so that you may strengthen the bonds of trust you’ve built over time.

Monday June 25, 2012 ARIES (March 21 - April 19): All eyes will be on you today, but don't succumb to stage fright -- these eyes belong to very friendly, supportive people. It looks as though this is one of those critical points you've been waiting for (although you might not even have realized it). ******************* TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): Good things come to those who wait -- so if you have been waiting for a time when things might free up a bit, today just might be the day! ****************** GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): Preparing for a challenge? Then start visualizing your victory! As soon as you get up this morning, fill your mind's eye with the image of a gold medal being pinned to your chest. ******************** CANCER (June 21 - July 22): Old problems can be tricky. On the one hand, you should learn how to forget the past and move on. But on the other hand, if you don't learn your lessons from what has happened in the past, you are doomed to repeat some unpleasant patterns. ********************* LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): Someone's recent dramas are going to serve as a good education for you, so pay attention! Get the details from this person, and you will learn some valuable pointers on how to navigate the potentially choppy waters that await you. ******************* VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): There won't be many shades of gray in your life today -- all the issues should be straightforward and easy

for you to figure out in your usual efficient way. Plus, there is a great deal of agreement on what to do, so there won't be any arguments to speak of. ********************* LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22): If someone is not getting the message you are trying so hard to send, today is the day to think about letting go of this particular project. ********************* SCORPIO (Oct. 23 Nov. 21): If you feel any urge whatsoever to hold on to your money, obey it! You are feeling highly sensitive about financial matters, and there could be good reasons. ******************** SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 Dec. 21): Your version of what needs to happen and someone else's ideas of where to go from here are not in sync right now -- and this will naturally cause a pause in the action of your lives together. .********************* CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. 19):Today is a good day to throw yourself deeper into something that's already a part of your life -- and rediscover it. ******************** AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18): A quick look at your social calendar today should tell you that you are starting to spread yourself too thin! One great way to save yourself time and stress is to consolidate your social engagements. ********************* PISCE S ( F e b . 1 9 March 20):Anything is possible today! It is a great day to get something new started -- something that you are just the tiniest bit intimidated by. Pick your biggest goal and go for it!

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Kaieteur News

Monday June 25, 2012

Nigeria says it needs new anti-terrorism tactics (From page 19) VEHICLES FOR SALE Just arrived: Allion and Premio, tel: 624-2000, 622-1610 1 New Model 212 & 2-RZ Excellent condition & 1 3 Y Minibus Call: 678-0191,2201693 or 658-7034 One 2005 Nissan Titan, limited edition, fully loaded (Black), price $3.500,000 Neg. Call: 618-1480 3 ton enclosed & open back canter, unregistered. 6172891 Toyota Runx, special edition, PNN $2.3M, New Model Nissan Wingroad Sports Wagon $2.3M unregistered Call: 6122522,645-5893 One Allion for sale $2.1 million Call: 647-9470 1 Toyota Wish $3.750M,1 Toyota Noah Unregistered $2.3M Call: 648-6869

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ABUJA (Reuters) Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan said yesterday he sacked his defense minister and national security adviser last week because the government needed new antiterrorism tactics. Militant Islamist sect Boko Haram has been fighting an insurgency against Jonathan’s government since he entered office over a year ago. Several military crackdowns and a state of emergency have failed to stem the violence. The presidency issued a statement on Friday saying Jonathan’s two top security chiefs had been dismissed but did not give a reason why. “We think some new

persons have to come in to change tactics in our fight against terrorism.... It’s not that they were not working but just that we need to change tactics,” Jonathan said in a meeting with reporters aired on state television yesterday. Boko Haram, which is based in the remote northeast, has rapidly overtaken militants in the oilproducing southern Niger Delta as the country’s biggest security threat. Niger Delta militants gave up arms in return for training and stipends in a 2009 amnesty but brief efforts to hold a dialogue with Boko Haram earlier this year failed.

Trinidad’s President urges... From page 11 regard it as one of the challenges which you face, but I see it rather as an instrument which can facilitate. There ought to be no competition which can have the negative result of sensation replacing responsible journalism.” The challenges, he said will not disappear. He urged that diplomacy be used to have dialogue with key decision makers. “The media, having played a significant role in the liberation of people, would hardly be willing to appear to be enslaving itself in any form. Nevertheless, the guiding principle of responsibility must be critical to your endeavours.”

“Boko Haram has no face and government will not dialogue with a faceless people. They must come out and tell us why they are doing what they are doing,” said Jonathan. Gun and bomb attacks blamed on Boko Haram have killed hundreds since the movement started its

uprising more than two years ago. It is fighting to carve out an Islamic state in Nigeria - a country nearly evenly split between Muslims and Christians. Attacks on churches have intensified this month, sparking deadly religious violence in northern Kaduna state.

Mabura accident victim’s... From page 15 weren’t prepare for the patients, there was no wheel chairs and I only saw two doctors tending to the four critical patients,” the wife claimed. She said there were a lot of delays at the hospital, which was a “big waste of time.” “He sustained a broken left leg, dislocated right knee and laceration to his head,” Mrs. Trotz told this publication. The dead man’s father had also spent several hours at the hospital while he was being treated and was hoping for the best. But when news of Trotz’s death was relayed late Saturday evening, the family

was not prepared. Meanwhile, the other persons from the accident are said to be in a stable condition. Last Saturday, a Mini bus, BMM 7746 and a pickup GNN 5696 collided at 58 Miles Mabura Road. Nine persons were reportedly in the mini bus, while two were in the pickup. According to reports, the mini bus was on its way to Linden when it ‘veered’ into the lane of the pickup, and caused the collision. The passengers were rushed to the Linden Hospital, where some were discharged and three were transferred to GPHC. Two remained hospitalised and one succumbed.

Monday June 25, 2012

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Kaieteur News

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One pair of white geese to buy Call: 644-8381

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Experience welder/ fitter.Apply Wieting & Richter Ltd

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Caribbean Guinness Street Challenge Futsal Competition

Underdogs St. Vincent shock Team Guyana 2-0 in final It was a case of sweet revenge when underdogs St. Vincent and the Grenadines rebounded from an earlier loss to hosts Team Guyana to defeat them when it mattered in the championship game and stun a packed National Park Arena on Saturday night as the curtains came down on the inaugural Caribbean Guinness Street Challenge Futsal Competition. Dwayne Dennie opened the scoring in the 18th minute, before Juma Jilkes added another in the 27th minute to seal the deal and ensure that the major spoils return to the small Island. After a somewhat disappointing turnout in the preliminary rounds, thousands of Guyanese football fans came out in support of Team Guyana on the final night of competition, but sadly St. Vincent and the Grenadines inflicted two crushing daggers that completely silenced the home crowd and was enough to

Monday June 25, 2012

Diamanti seals shootout glory for Italy

- TT claim third spot return to their homeland with the first prize of US$4,000 and the winning trophy. In the playoff for third place, Trinidad and Tobago squeezed past St. Lucia through a solitary strike from Kerwin Simon, who netted in the 23rd minute of play. Earlier, Team Guyana looked in confident mood when they cruised to a 1-0 win over St. Lucia with national player Travis Grant’s 20th minute effort separating the two teams and kept them unbeaten to that stage. In the other semi final game, St. Vincent and the Grenadines won on penalty kicks from Trinidad and Tobago after regulation and extra time failed to break the 1-1 deadlock. In regulation period, Kerwin Simon had given the Trinis the lead in the 6th minute, before Dwayne Dennie erased the advantage with the equalizer four

minutes later. During the penalty shootout, Juma Jilkes and Aaron Clarke netted, while Tola Taylor was the only player on target for TT. Team Guyana carted off US$2,000 for their efforts, while TT took home US$1,500 and St. Lucia US$1,000. The winning team will also receive a brand new Futsal Court in a community of their choice back home. The tournament was graced by Guinness Brand Ambassador Trinidad and Tobago Captain and Stoke Coty star Kenwyne Jones, who interacted with the teams and also paid visit to various communities during his stay in Guyana. Meanwhile, in the exhibition match, Albouystown beat Antigua and Barbuda 2-0. Shaka Jones netted both goals in the 2nd and 13th minutes.

Italy goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon saves a shot from England's Glen Johnson during the Euro 2012 soccer championship quarter-final match. (Reuters) - Alessandro Diamanti struck the winning spot-kick as Italy beat England 4-2 in a penalty shootout having dominated a 0-0 draw after extra time in the last Euro 2012 quarterfinal on Sunday. England’s Ashley Young and Ashley Cole missed their penalties, leaving Diamanti to

European GP: Fernando Alonso wins brilliantly in Valencia Fernando Alonso became the first man to win two races this year with a spectacular victory in the European GP. The Spaniard won his home race at Valencia after a series of overtakes and Sebastian Vettel’s retirement. Lewis Hamilton was set to finish second after Romain Grosjean’s retirement, but crashed out with three laps remaining. The McLaren driver was pitched into the barriers after a tussle with Williams’s Pastor Maldonado, handing second to Lotus’s Kimi Raikkonen. Alonso started 11th and fought his way up to fourth place before a safety car was

deployed. He gained third after a pitstop problem for Lewis Hamilton, passed Romain Grosjean on the restart and saw leader Vettel retire with alternator failure on lap 35. Battling fading tyres, Hamilton was passed by Raikkonen before Maldonado crashed into the side of him having rejoined the race track after running wide trying to pass the Briton around the outside. Grosjean retired from second with 16 laps to go with alternator failure - the same problem that caused Vettel to retire. The frantic action promoted Mercedes’s

Michael Schumacher to third place - the first podium since his comeback in 2010 - and Red Bull’s Mark Webber to fourth from 19th on the grid. It was by far the most exciting race the Valencia street circuit has ever produced and it was won by a top-drawer performance from Alonso. BBC F1 cocommentator David Coulthard said: “A truly world class drive - and bitter disappointment for Lewis Hamilton after a tap by Maldonado, who T-boned him after running wide.” Few would have predicted the result in the early stages as Vettel, who started from pole position,

streaked away from the field at the front and pulled out more than five seconds in the first three laps. Vettel controlled the race, building a lead of 20 seconds over Grosjean, before the safety car was deployed on lap 30, with 26 to go, because of debris on the track following a collision between Caterham’s Heikki Kovalainen and Toro Rosso’s Jean-Eric Vergne. Meanwhile, Alonso was driving one of the best races of his illustrious career, moving up to eighth on the first lap and taking seventh from Force India’s Nico Hulkenberg on lap 12.

From page 23 Williams at Loo Creek. The riders inter-changed the lead at various intervals to keep the momentum going as they left the main pack in their wake. Matthews was dropped on the upward journey; Mc Kay suffered a puncture while Williams cramped up at Soweyo which left Hinds standing alone. This was not new to him as many times he trains alone on the Highway, he {Hinds}kept digging in and motivating himself as he was able to hold off the main pack to win the race. Jeffrey too, recorded the biggest win of his still young career. The 18 year-old member of Carlton Wheelers

Cycle Club (CWCC) also said that he was confident before the race and that he worked hard for the victory. Niles was in vintage form and was fresh sine he did not compete in the Time Trials on Saturday. His rivals were not able to hold him off as he was able to outmuscle Ian ‘Deaf Boy’ Jackson and Shameer Baksh in that order to the line. Fraser-Green was pushed to the limit as local based Naomi Singh upped her game and was narrowly edged by Fraser-Green for the top spot. The race which started at Amelia’s Ward in Linden saw the senior riders going all the way to Madewini on the

Linden Soesdyke Highway and returning to the starting line for the finish. The Junior competitors which numbered 16, made their way to Kuru Kuru before returning, while the females and veteran cyclists turned back at Dora. The top three finishers in each category were presented with gold, silver and bronze medals with winners each receiving a championship jersey which they can wear at races throughout the next year. Similar prizes were presented to the top performers at the Time Trials. The fans in Linden welcomed the move by the GCF to start and end the race there and it was the view of many that the race route

should be maintained as their premier route for the National Championships given the challenging nature of the course. Full results: Seniors – Orville Hinds, Andrew Reece, Eric Sankar, Walter Grant-Stuart, Davenand Bissoon, Enzo Matthews, Gordon Sampson, Lear Nunes, Robin Persaud and Jude Bentley. Juniors – Raynauth Jeffrey, Raul Leal, Michael Anthony, Akeem Arthur. Veterans – Junior Niles, Ian Jackson, Shameer Baksh, Kennard Lovell, Raymond Newton. Females – Claire FraserGreen, Naomi Singh, Marica Dick.

Niles repeats; Hinds, Fraser-Green & Jeffrey...

coolly slot home and earn the Italians a semi-final clash with Germany on Thursday. Italy struck the woodwork twice and had a goal disallowed in extra time while England failed to trouble Italy goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon after an early chance for Glen Johnson. “ We p l a y e d a g r e a t game and deserved to win,” Italy coach Cesare Prandelli told reporters. “They haven’t just been great, they’ve been more than that and then in penalties you always need a bit of luck.” Italy started strongly and Daniele De Rossi crashed a speculative 20metre shot off the inside of the post in the third minute. J o h n s o n ’s scooped effort was clawed away by Buffon but Italy continued to create good opportunities, striker Mario Balotelli squandering several and kicking the post in frustration at one point. The Italian attacking partnership of Balotelli and Antonio Cassano created problems for England’s defence with clever flicks and movement, while De Rossi and Andrea Pirlo were content to shoot from distance. E n g l a n d ’s J o e H a r t made a stunning double save from De Rossi and Balotelli in the 52nd minute before Riccardo Montolivo fired over the crossbar with the goalkeeper stranded. E n g l a n d w i n g e r Yo u n g fired wide in the 65th minute after substitutes Andy Carroll and Theo Wa l c o t t created an opening. DEFT DRIBBLES Pirlo pulled the stings for Italy throughout the match, his deft dribbles and passing often providing

the platform for his side’s attacks. Carroll’s aerial presence gave a new dimension to the English attack and Wayne Rooney almost connected with captain Steven Gerrard’s dangerous free kick. Diamanti forced Hart into a smart save after coming on as substitute for Antonio Cassano with 10 minutes left and Rooney blazed an overhead kick over the crossbar in the last minute of stoppage time. Italy continued to dominate possession in extra time and almost made the breakthrough when Diamanti’s curling cross clipped the outside of the post with Hart beaten. England’s exhausted-looking side dropped even deeper in the last 15 minutes of the extra period as the Italians laid siege to Hart’s goal. Italian substitute Antonio Nocerino headed the ball into the net but the effort was ruled out for offside. In a battle between two teams with poor records in shootouts, England had the early advantage when Montolivo dragged his shot wide. But after Young crashed his spot-kick against the bar, Nocerino scored, Cole’s effort was saved, and Diamanti was left to seal victory for Italy. “The players have given everything,” said England captain Gerrard. “I thought we might have the luck in the penalty shootout but it wasn’t to be. “When you get your nose in front during a shoot-out, you just hope you can hang on but credit to Italy, they got the luck in the shootout. The lads at the back were fantastic, we have done the country proud but we go home heartbroken and that is hard to take.”

Monday June 25, 2012

Kaieteur News

Guyana Olympic Association Under-15 Junior Badminton tournament underway The Guyana Olympic Association Under15 Junior Badminton Tournament 2012 started on Saturday at the Queens College Badminton Courts. The Tournament is part of a series of events that the GOA is doing for the Olympic Month. This was also done last year. The Tournament attracted players from a number of schools around Georgetown and will also serve as preparation for the National Team for the Pan American Badminton Championships to be held in Alberta, Canada in July and also the Caribbean Games (CAREBACO) which will be held in Dominican Republic in August. The Results of the tournament is as follows: Boys Singles Semi-Finals: Narayan Ramdhani defeated Omari Joseph: 21-8, 21-6 Cecil Abrams defeated Jonathan Mangra: 21-16, 8-21, 22-20 Girls Singles Semi-Finals: Priyanna Ramdhani defeated Nadine Jairam: 21-7, 21-4 Ambika Ramraj defeated Arian Kayume: 21-11, 8-21, 16-21 Boys Doubles Semi-Finals: Narayan Ramdhani/Jonathan Mangra defeated Katan Persaud/ Shane Shewjattan: 21-3, 21-4, Cecil Abrams/Darnell Benn defeated Omari Joseph/ Jonathan Persaud: 21-13, 21-9 Girls Doubles Semi-Finals: Priyanna Ramdhani/Ambika Ramraj defeated Jea Ramsammy/

Kara Abrams: 21-13, 21-8, Nadine Jairam/ Arian Kayume defeated Crystal Dey/ Cindy Sookwah: 21-13, 21-10 Mixed-Doubles Semi-Finals: Narayan Ramdhani/Priyanna Ramdhani defeated Jonathan Persaud/Nadine Jairam: 21-9, 214, Jonathan Mangra/Ambika Ramraj defeated CecilAbrams/KaraAbrams: 21-19, 15-21, 15-21 The Tournament continues today at 4:30pm with the play-offs with all the finals. Other results are as follows: Boys Singles Quarter-Finals: Narayan Ramdhani defeated Diante Callender: 21-4, 21-4 Omari Joseph defeated Shane Shewjattan: 21-15, 8-21, 21-19, Cecil Abrams defeated Jonathan Persaud: 21-4, 21-10, Jonathan Mangra defeated Katan Persaud: 21-9, 21-5, Omari Joseph defeated Darnell Benn: 21-15, 8-21, 21-19 Girls Singles Quarter-Finals: Priyanna Ramdhani defeated Cindy Sookwah: 21-4, 21-5 Nadine Jairam defeated Kara Abrams: 2112, 21-15, Arian Kayume defeated Jea Ramsammy: 21-16, 13-21, 10-21, Ambika Ramraj defeated Crystal Dey: 21-9, 21-9 Mixed Doubles Quarter-Finals: Jonathan Persaud/ Nadine Jairam defeated Omari Joseph/ Crystal Dey: 21-17, 19-21, 19-21, Cecil Abrams/Kara Abrams defeated Darnell Benn/ Arian Kayume: 21-12, 21-15, Jonathan Mangra/Ambika Ramraj defeated Shane Shewjattan/ Jea Ramsammy: 21-8, 21-10

Hales outstanding as England down... Dwayne Smith smashed 70 off 54 balls.

From back page Fidel Edwards. His partnership of 159 with Ravi Bopara (59) was also the third highest for any wicket in all Twenty20 internationals. “The way Alex Hayles played was fantastic,” said England Twenty20 captain and Nottinghamshire colleague Stuart Broad, celebrating his 26th birthday on Sunday. “He was pretty distraught not to make his hundred and 20-odd thousand people in Trent Bridge felt the same.” This result meant West Indies had failed to win a single international match this tour after England three-match Test and one-day series by 2-

0 margins. England lost opener Craig Kieswetter early in their chase. But the 6ft 5in Hales, playing only his fifth Twenty20 international, took up the challenge by pulling Ravi Rampaul for six. He also scored boundaries off the first balls from spinner Sunil Narine and seamer Bravo before lofting Bravo for his third six. And when Hales forced West Indies captain Darren Sammy square through the offside for four, he surpassed his previous Twenty20 international best of 62 not out against the West Indies at The Oval in September last year. Hales had a lucky break

when a bottom edge off Narine went for four but there was no denying his class when he hooked Edwards for six to surpass Morgan’s mark. England needed 17 off the last two overs but Bopara struck two successive fours off Rampaul, the first seeing him to a 39-ball fifty. Bopara too fell with England in sight of victory when he holed out off spinner Marlon Samuels, having been dropped on 44. Earlier the West Indies, who’s slumped to 57 for three at the halfway stage, recovered to 172 for four on the back of Dwayne Smith’s T20 international best 70 and all-rounder Dwayne Bravo’s 54 not out. Opener Smith’s 54-ball knock featured five sixes and five fours. Together with Bravo, he put on 77 for the fourth wicket before adding an unbroken 65 with Pollard (23 not out). England, who lost the toss, struck an early blow when they removed dangerman Chris Gayle for just two after he top-edged a pull off a Steven Finn bouncer to Jonathan Bairstow, running round from fine leg. England’s next match is the first of a five-game oneday international series against Australia at Lord’s on Friday, while West Indies face New Zealand in two Twenty20 internationals in Florida on June 30 and July 1. Scores: England 173 for 3 (Hales 99, Bopara 59) beat West Indies 172 for 4 (Smith 70*, Bravo 54) by seven wickets.

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Pulsating International Weekend jumps off in six days - Guyana, D.C Jammers, Brooklyn Bulldogs for tri-partite series By Edison Jefford If you are a basketball junkie, a fan, or just a curious patron, then the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall is the place to be this next weekend when Guyana takes on two United States-based teams as part of the National Community Basketball League (NCBL) International Weekend. Make no mistake about it, the Washington D.C Jammers, who are no strangers to Guyana, with a host of professional and semi-professional players, will be the favourites to win a tri-partite series that also include Guyana and the Brooklyn/Queens Bulldogs. The two US-based teams, both with Guyanese roots in some form or the other, will begin arriving in Guyana this week. The event is being dubbed one of the most important historical and developmental moments in the annals of the sport in Guyana. The big question is whether or not Guyana is ready to host such major teams. Coordinators of the NCBL International Weekend, Kwame Mentor and Robert ‘Bobby’ Cadogan made it clear Saturday that the Land of Many Waters is more than ready. “This is major, this is huge and we are ready to continue making a difference in local basketball when we host those teams this weekend. The idea is an added developmental boost to the sport in Guyana,” Mentore

told Kaieteur Sport. He said that they have taken seriously the complaints that there is not enough international exposure of local players. Mentor stopped one breath short of indicating that charity begins at home and there is no better place to start than inviting teams with deep Guyanese roots. The DC Jammers have been here before and holds an unbeaten record against Guyana. But that was the Guyana that never participated at the Caribbean Championships. That has since changed and they will face a national team that participated in the last Caribbean Championships in the Bahamas. Guyana must have learnt something in the Bahamas. For those who did not get to see Guyana perform in the Bahamas, here is your chance this weekend at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall. It promises to be just as intense and competitive with the DC Jammers possessing talents that are just as good as any Caribbean or International team. “This will test the skills level of the Guyanese team. It will also give the local coaches a chance to observe who on the Guyana team can hold their own against formidable opposition. This can only benefit the basketball community in Guyana,” Mentor continued. He said that the tripartite tournament is just one aspect of what they will be doing this weekend. According to him, they will be visiting two charities of choice to make a

contribution, and there will be visits to communities to assess the state of basketball infrastructure. There will also be a clinic for male and female youth players at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall. Guyana National Team: Travis Burnette, Dave Causway, Shelroy Thomas, Kerwin Blades, Naylon Loncke, Steffon Gillis, Chris Williams, Akeem Kanhai, Ryan Gullen, Jermaine Slater, Shane Webster, Jason Alonzo, Randy Richardson, Royston Siland, Ryan Stephney. Mark Agard (Head Coach) and Andrew Hercules (Assistant Coach). NCBL All Stars: Rodwell Fortune, Jason Squires, Nikkoloi Smith, Dominique Douglas, Nevin Grenville, Orin Rose, Drumson McCulley, Horace Hodges, Oniko Fraser, Ron Campbell, Travis Foster, Fabian Johnson, Harold Adams, Quincy Jones. Kimiston Cameron(Head Coach) and Darcel Harris (Assistant Coach). Washington D.C Jammers: G l e n n Stokes, Joseph Flegler, Mouktar Fawehinmi, Kevan Creppy, Keron McKenzie, Gordon Klaibor, Steffon Farley, Dexter Martin, Lancelot Loncke. Michael Creppy (Head Coach), Clarence Wallerson (Assistant Coach) and Dennis Baird (Manager). Brooklyn/Queens Bulldogs: Richard Mohandat, Ronsard Humphrey, Marlon Thorton, Ashford Johnson, Triston Lake, Ronald Alkins, Warren Butts, Wilfred Branche, Randy Jaggernauth. Bernard Daniels (Head Coach) and Rundell Ramsay (Assistant Coach).

Benn stars with ball and bat as... From back page comeback’, but it’s good to hit the ground running. I give thanks for this opportunity to get back into West Indies cricket and contribute to the success of this team.” In the first half of the match, Benn combined with pacer Jason Holder to pull back India A after Rohit Sharma hit a polished half century. Holder took 3-19 off three overs and also had a run out off the last ball of the innings as India lost their last seven wickets for 25 runs in the last four overs. Benn had all three wickets in his third over. Sharma was

well caught at backward point by Krishmar Santokie; Wriddiman Saha was bowled as he missed a pull; and two balls later Jalaj Saxena was cleaned up with a fast yorker. In the West Indies innings the topscore came from wicket-keeper Carter who made 35 off 21 balls with three leg-side sixes, as he added a crucial 33 off three overs with Holder. Opener Nkrumah Bonner gave the innings a breezy start with 25 off 22 balls. “I think we fielded very well ... guys were throwing themselves around in the outfield...there was a

buzz...we came out full of life. The captain did an excellent job in his first match leading a West Indies team. He rotated his bowlers very well while under pressure,” said the 30-year-old Benn, who has played at the first-class level for 12 years. “I felt Carter batted extremely well and also performed well under pressure. He gave the innings the perfect injection when it was required. Overall we played well. Everyone backed up each other.” The second Digicel T20 was played at Queen’s Park Oval last night.

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Forde leads GDF to 10km Olympic Day Team run

Participants in the Olympic Day 10km Team run. Guyana Defence Force (GDF) ‘A’ Team (3hrs 55mins3secs) yesterday morning claimed another victory for the year at the Olympic Day 10kmTeam run which started at 6am at the YMCA, Thomas Lands, Camp Road. They came ahead of their rivals, Police Progressive Youth Club (PPYC) who entered two teams, A (4h 08mins4sec s) and B (4hrs 54mins). The symbolic activity in observance of the global ‘International Olympic Day’

which was under starting orders of the British High Commissioner, Mr. Andrew Ayre, saw Guyana’s little Kenyan of GDF, Cleveland Forde as usually completing the 10km ahead of the contestants in a time of 33:22 seconds, to assist in his team pocketing the first prize of $60,000. Tyshon Bentick of the GDF also, was second to Forde in 34:19 seconds as his other team mates, Jamol Chisholm (36:51), Carlon Halley (38:38), Ashanti Scott (42:48) and Keysha Aaron

(52:20) contributed with their times which when tallied were enough to claim to top prize. Police ‘A’ team saw, Kevin Bayley turning in a the fastest time for his team, 34:45 seconds to finish third overall as Dennis Horatio who competed for the second time for the athletic season, finishing fourth in 36:21 seconds. Euleen Josiah-Tanner, the first female to complete the team run registered 38:54 seconds to finish eight out of the 25 competitors. The

other team members on the A team, Larry Josiah, Trevor Scotland and Adama Roberts finishing in 38:88, 44:17 and 46:13 seconds respectively, to claim the runner-up position to GDF. Finishing in third was Police ‘B’ which comprised of Derwin Eastman (42:12 seconds), Calvin Thomas (42:23 seconds), Clarence Greene (45:19 seconds), Yoel Benjamin (56:12 seconds), Eva Harry (49:11 seconds) and Tisha Grimes (58:42 seconds).

Digital Technology contributes to rising table tennis star

D i g i t a l Te c h n o l o g y Incorporated, a computer sales and solutions p r o v i d e r, o n S a t u r d a y made a financial contribution to rising table tennis star, Niron Bissu to assist with offsetting his expenses in his quest for regional honours at the Caribbean Championships. The presentation was made at the company’s newly built Headquarters located in Diamond, East Bank Demerara. Bissu, a young table tennis champion and part of generation next for Guyana’s table tennis, will be part of the national 10-Years-and-Under national cadet team that will be representing Guyana at the Caribbean Championship, July 19-26 in Jamaica. He was selected along with Jeremy Singh, Khalil Ninvalle and Tauriq Saunders in that category. The GTTA has selected 16 of its youngest talented, disciplined, and brightest prospects to represent Guyana at Caribbean Cadets Championships. The Guyana Table Tennis Association (GTTA)

Monday June 25, 2012

GABA looks to future programmes The Guyana Amateur Boxing Association (GABA) will be focusing on their future programmes in the coming weeks and months, that’s the word from the association President, Steve Ninvalle. Speaking to Kaieteur Sport, Ninvalle disclosed that GABA is looking to encamp at least 15 leading junior boxers who they will target for specialised training to improve their overall skills ahead of future overseas endeavours. In this vein, Ninvalle said they are looking for closer ties with the Guyana Police Force and the Guyana Defence Force. He noted that efforts are currently in train to resuscitate the Police Force Boxing Gym. The GABA boss indicated that due to the disciplinary code in the two military organisations, they are hoping to see more numbers coming from the two organisations and to partner with them to enhance the sport in general. The last boxer from Guyana to compete at the Olympic Games was John Douglas of the Police Force. The services of the National Boxing Coach and the Cuban Coach is also available to all organisations as GABA attempts to have a unified approach to training and ensuring that all boxers benefit from the highest level training to improve the local standard. Ninvalle further disclosed that the next segment in the DDL collaboration U-16 series heads to Berbice

Steve Ninvalle during the month of August. Director of Sport Neil Kumar has thrown his support and will be providing the transportation to ferry the boxers from Georgetown and Linden heading to the Ancient County. Ninvalle noted the improvements being shown by Berbice, pointing out that it is the largest area producing amateur boxers outside the Georgetown Region 4 area. He noted that the quality of the fighters is improving and GABA is looking forward to helping them further advance their performance and to see more Berbice boxers in overseas outings. A team of GABA officials is headed to Berbice this week to look at probable venues for the August DDL/GABA U-16 tournament. Rose Hall has been touted as a possible venue as the association looks to take the sport to the people across the country. A decision will be taken after the team would have visited several venues listed as potential host in Berbice.

WI name uncapped Badree for T20Is in United States

Digital Technology Customer Representative, Joneeka Fernandes makes the presentation to Niron Bissu in the presence of Chief Financial Officer (centre) and other staff members on Saturday. Assistant General Secretary, Linden Johnson expressed his gratitude on behalf of the GTTA to the sponsor for supporting the GTTA, outlining that sponsorship was truly critical to enabling the players to gain much needed exposure. He took the opportunity

to ask other sponsors to consider the request for sponsorship for the promising team. Chief Financial Officer of Digital Technology, Subrina Sukhu wished Bissu and the Guyana success at the event. She outlined that Digital Technology, as a corporate

responsible company, has been supporting the development of sports and athletes. The team has been in intense training, under the guidance of a panel of coaches, Linden Johnson, Colin France, Mooniram Persaud and Idi Lewis.

NOTTINGHAM, England – The Selection Committee of the West Indies Cricket Board yesterday announced a 13-member West Indies squad for the two Digicel Twenty20 Internationals against New Zealand on Saturday, June 30 and Sunday, July 1, at the Central Broward Regional Park in the city of Lauderhill in the American state of Florida. The Squad: Darren Sammy (captain), Samuel Badree, Dwayne Bravo, Johnson Charles, Fidel Edwards, Chris Gayle, Sunil Narine, Kieron Pollard, Denesh Ramdin, Ravi Rampaul, Marlon Samuels, Lendl Simmons and Dwayne Smith. Commenting on the squad, Chief Selector Clyde Butts said: “The team is well-

balanced and has been selected with the Twenty20 World Cup in mind. “Looking at the team, we expect this side to do very well against New Zealand, as our preparation for the World Cup continues.” Leg-spinner Samuel Badree has been picked for a senior West Indies side for the first time and Butts looks forward to seeing him play. “Badree has been a consistent performer in regional tournaments over a period of time and the selectors felt it was the right time to introduce him to the team,” said Butts. West Indies depart from the British capital of London today and arrive in Fort Lauderdale later in the day ahead of the two T20Is.

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