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Friday June 21, 2013

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

The government agency There’s a lot wrong at this school chides the Opposition DEAR EDITOR, It is with amazement that I read the AFC statement that there will be national unrest if there is an increase in electricity tariffs. It is as if an arsonist who has lit his house on fire is exclaiming aloud that there will be problems if he becomes homeless. The A.F.C and A.P.N.U together, cut billions of dollars which the Government provided as subsidies for G.P.L. It was made loud and clear that these subsidies were provided to prevent either an increase in electricity tariffs or, bouts of prolonged blackouts. The joint opposition intentionally and maliciously ignored these warnings and proceeded to cut the subsidies from the budget.

Immediately, G.P.L. announced that it has one of two options: increased blackouts or increased tariffs. I suppose they chose the latter. It is simply wicked for the A.F.C to now pretend that it is surprised by this electricity tariff increase. One cannot also discount the role that the opposition played in ensuring that the government was unable to increase, in any form, electricity tariffs for Region Ten, further adding to G.P.L’s financial woes. We all know the role that they played in encouraging and misleading persons to protest, causing loss of life, personal injury and hundreds of millions of dollars in damage to property. The State was further

burdened when it was forced to set up a Commission of Inquiry costing taxpayers over $120 million and additional hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation of state property. So yes, I agree that there may be national unrest but the A.F.C and A.P.N.U must accept responsibility for it. They must now tell every G.P.L consumer where to find the money to pay this increase in tariffs. They must not be allowed to run and hide like cowards when the stuff hits the fan. If they are leaders, they must now come out and lead the people from this dilemma in which they have the placed the people in. Stephen Kissoon.

Complaining against the Home Affairs Minister DEAR MR PRESIDENT, I feel obliged to draw to your attention a grave situation developing between Minister Rohee and the Police Top Brass. Like if the public denial of the “ Kick Ass” threats are forgotten, Minister Rohee on Monday, June 10, 2013 during a meeting at his Ministry where his PS and others were present, threatened the Police Senior Officers with whom he had the meeting to withhold their retirement benefits and that they will have to line up and beg for it. This occurred because the Police had an opposing view on an issue he was addressing. The efforts of the Minister to control Operations of the Guyana Police Force has created great discontent among Senior Officers and caused the Morale of the Police Top Brass to decline significantly. Over the last two years, he is

treating Annualised Vacation Leave, which is an entitlement, as handouts. Senior officers have to go to his office and beg for this entitlement and he is only approving half it. He also offers no explanation which adds to the demoralization. This, Minister has been making a lot of public statements on his efforts to build capacity in the Police Force but in fact, he has been directing the Commissioner on which ranks should attend overseas training and whenever he is displeased of the ranks recommended, he delays his approval for them to attend until the travel dates are passed. This occurred in several cases including fully funded courses, for example, the US funded ILEA course to New Mexico last year. He has reduced the Community Policing arrangement put in place by Laurie Lewis to mere

cosmetic. It is operating parallel to the Police Force with him as Commissioner. There is no synergy or material collaboration between the Police and Community Policing Groups. He has caused Assistant Commissioner Ramnarine to be grounded for the last two years. There has been no disciplinary matter against Mr Ramnarine, however, he has been going to work and given nothing to do. He has also been instructing the Commissioner on firearm applications that should and should not be approved and recently caused a convicted drug trafficker, to receive an approval for a 9MM pistol. Mr President, should this Minister be allowed to continue his unprofessional behaviour, the Guyanese people cannot expect much from our Police Force. Concerned Citizen

DEAR EDITOR, I wish to bring to the Minister of Education’s attention of a recurring situation at the Enmore Hope Primary School. I have a niece who attends the said school. She is in Grade One. Over the last three months my niece’s teacher has been coming to school maybe twice or thrice weekly and this I have confirmed with other students and teachers alike. Recently this teacher was absent from school for about two weeks without any formal explanation to parents who

queried from the Head Teacher as to the reason for my niece teacher’s prolonged absence. Not because these children are merely grade one students or first year primary school students that it means that their teacher must take them for granted. One day I had the opportunity to check my niece’s books and I was surprised when I saw all that was written were four lines of work for a day’s school work. From what I understand, when these children’s teacher doesn’t show up and they are being placed in other classes

the respective teachers in whose classes they are being placed pays little attention to them claiming that the class is over crowded and there is only so much they can do. It is now end of term test and for two days now this teacher hasn’t come to school. It is about time that the Honourable Minister does something about this situation because our children will continue to suffer immensely. I had the privilege to attend the same Enmore Hope (Continued on page 32)

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Friday June 21, 2013

Handling of sugar funds evoking serious concerns - APNU By Gary Eleazar A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) yesterday dedicated its weekly media engagement to addressing the state of affairs in the sugar industry, and according to Shadow Minister with responsibility for Agriculture, Dr Rupert Roopnaraine, the perplexing usage of funds has evoked serious concerns among interested parties. He said that the 10-party coalition will now be using its political weight to push for the immediate reconstitution of the Board of Directors for the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo), as well as a Commission of Inquiry (COI) into the operations of the industry. Dr Roopnaraine said that the answer to GuySuCo’s chronic state cannot be annual bailouts, and added that through informal talks with representatives of the

European Union (EU), he has learnt there is “distress” that the money flowing to assist Guyana as a result of the price cuts has not been utilized as intended. “It remains a mystery why the compensation funds from the European Union are not being dedicated to the sugar industry; including the cane farmers…I know the EU is itself rather distressed about the way in which the funds are being handled, it remains a mystery, including a mystery to people within GuySuCo.” Roopnaraine reminded that government’s explanation for the way the money is being used is that it is deposited in the Consolidated Fund to form part of the pool of national resources which is then allocated across the various sectors for expenditure. He pointed out that between 2006 and 2012, Guyana received just about $24.7B from the EU.

Anthony Vieira (right) makes a point as APNU Parliamentarian Dr Rupert Roopnaraine (centre) and Executive Member, Lance Carberry, listen attentively. Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh yesterday signed for the receipt of another $6.4B in support from the EU, as a result of the cut in the preferential prices that had been paid for sugar. A n t h o n y Vi e i r a , a n APNU member and former Shadow Agriculture

Minister, suggested that utilizing the EU money for a substantial injection of cash would make much more sense than to annually fund losses by the company through minimal bailouts. On the Terms of Reference being called for as regards the call for an inquiry into the operations of the sugar industry, Dr Roopnaraine said, “It’s quite simple, what we want is a very intensive scrutiny of sugar industry…We would like to understand where the present decline set in, what have been the factors influencing that decline...” He said too that the COI into the industry should also identify what efforts would have been made to reverse the

decline, and why it has failed. He drew reference to the fact that there have been several turn-around plans, and what he described as “well-intentioned moves” by the GuySuCo Board, “but the fact of the matter is that none of this has in fact prevented the industry from arriving at its present disastrous state.” The APNU team, which also included Executive Member, Lance Carberry, drew reference to statements issued by President of the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers’ Union (GAWU), Komal Chand, who lamented the current recovery strategy for GuySuCo, in light of the significant shortfall in

production from its first crop. According to APNU, reports of the first crop yield indicate that only 48,000 tonnes had been achieved falling short by some 23,000 tonnes. GuySuCo, in reaction, decided to adjust its harvesting timetable, “bringing its first crop to a premature close in order to begin the second crop earlier.” Chand in response has indicated that the strategy will not yield the desired results, as there isn’t enough cane in the fields. It is widely believed that the industry will not achieve its target of 171,000 tonnes for the second crop. In fact, according to Vieira, his feedback from the GAWU Executive is that the company will not even achieve 148,000 tonnes from that crop. Vieira indicated that the amount, 148,000 tonnes represents the limit to meet market obligations, and it is unlikely that even this will be achieved. Vieira opined that based on all available data and projections, Guyana will have to import sugar to meet its demands and satisfy its markets. “I would say 148,000 tonnes looks not very achievable and certainly not 171,000 tonnes….I believe that it may very well be possible that we will have to import (sugar).”

Youth, 17, shot in abdomen Doctors were late last night performing emergency surgery on a 17-year-old boy who was shot in the abdomen at around 20:00 hrs yesterday, allegedly during a confrontation with police in Sussex Street, Albouystown. Sources identified him as Quinn Neblett of Lot Three

Sussex Street. The teen’s left hand was also reportedly broken. Kaieteur News understands that a police rank was also treated for a slight gash on one of his hands. Neblett’s mother told Kaieteur News that she had

sent him to purchase bread at around 18:30 hrs. She said that someone later told her that her son had been shot, but gave her no details about what had transpired. This publication was told that Neblett and two young women had joined a taxi shortly before 20:00 hrs near the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). They reportedly indicated that they were heading for Albouystown. However, when the taxi was in the vicinity of Church Street, police ranks on a mobile patrol stopped the car and ordered Neblett to step out. He was reportedly then taken away by the police. Shortly after, ranks brought the wounded youth to the GPHC.

Friday June 21, 2013

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Friday June 21, 2013

Friday June 21, 2013

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APNU SHOULD BE HAPPY IT DOESN’T HAVE TO MOUNT A DEFENCE Is APNU making an aboutface? The position of the partnership in relation to the judicial review of legislative action has long been that the courts are ousted from oversight or review of the actions of the National Assembly. APNU, in light of the many legal challenges instituted by the government, has always insisted that the legislature is insulated from the decisions of the court. It even at one stage went as far as saying that parliament was supreme. It was therefore surprising to learn that APNU is protesting a ruling by the court, to the effect that the Opposition Leader cannot be sued for the recent Budget cuts. Why would APNU protest this decision? Is it not

APNU which has adopted the position that the courts cannot inquire into the actions of the legislature? So why would it is object to a court ruling, to wit that both Mr. David Granger, the Leader of the Opposition; and Mr. Ashni Singh, the Minister of Finance, cannot be sued in relation to the Budget cuts since as members of the National Assembly they enjoy immunity from such suit. Given the public stance taken by APNU on the relationship between the judiciary and the legislature, it was surprising that the coalition did not support this recent ruling, which effectively discharges its parliamentary member from having to mount a defence to the case brought by the

Attorney General questioning the Budget cuts. The ruling in effect means that both Mr. David Granger and the Minister of Finance will no longer be defendants in the matter. It is left for the Speaker of the Assembly to defend the case brought against him by the Attorney General. The stance taken by APNU is all the more surprising considering the language of our Constitution, which at Article 172 (2) states: “No civil or criminal proceedings may be instituted against any member of the Assembly for words spoken before, or written in a report to, the National Assembly or to a committee thereof or by reason of any matter or thing brought by him therein by petition, bill,

resolution, motion of otherwise.” The ruling, on face value, merely confirms the immunities expressed and implied in Article 172(2) of the Constitution. However, APNU is contending that the ruling deprives an interested party, the Leader of the Opposition, from being heard in the case. This is far from so. The Opposition Leader can still be heard, but not as a litigant. He may still be heard if the Speaker wishes to call him as a witness, and if this application is approved by the courts. It needs however to be asked why APNU would wish to be heard when its position is that the court has no jurisdiction over the National Assembly?

Another view is that the ruling deprives the legal representatives of the Opposition Leader from cross-examining someone who has filed an interlocutory application. Why this eagerness to cross-examine someone who has merely filed an interlocutory application? What are the facts that are in dispute and which necessitate a cross examination? Surely the opposition is not contesting that the cuts took place. It voted for those cuts and approved the Appropriation Bill to that effect. So what questions of fact are being challenged by the opposition? This case revolves around questions of law. It does seem that what is at

issue is the extent of the jurisdiction of the courts into decisions of the legislature, the remedies that the court can insist on if it finds that the legislature may have acted outside of the Constitution, and the compulsory character of any such remedies. These, it would seem, are questions of “pure” law. Whether or not there were budget cuts, whoever were party to those cuts and responsible for those cuts would not, it would seem, alter the determination of the questions which the court is being asked to consider.

•23.4M sugar support…

EU warns of conditions before release of funds By Leonard Gildarie As emotions continue to run high over the state of the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo), Government and the European Union (EU) yesterday signed off on a •23.355M financing agreement, but the country will have to meet set conditions first before drawing down. Europe has over the years been this country’s biggest customer of raw sugar, but an accumulative price cut of over 36% - starting seven years ago - had threatened to shut factories down. The EU decided, as part of its alleviation efforts, to help 20 of the sugar-producing countries from the African/ Pacific/Caribbean (ACP) grouping recover from the cuts by injecting cash. Initially the monies targeted specific sugar projects to improve efficiency, but the EU has started disbursing to the government itself. The Enmore Sugar Packaging Plant is one of the projects. The Opposition has been critical of the disbursements, saying that government is to be faulted for the state of the industry, as it did not use the EU monies to bolster the operations of GuySuCo which fell to a 20-year production low last year. Yesterday, during the signing at the Ministry of Finance, Main Street, EU Ambassador to Guyana, Robert Kopecký, agreed that the funds should really be used in the sugar industry. Already, the first crop for this year fell way short - by over 20,000 tonnes of its

target. Kopecký said that the EU has been working with government on the issue, learning along the way that monies were used in other sectors such as education. Consulting “We have been consulting each other saying this is probably not the way to continue for guaranteeing the sustainability of the industry in the future.” The diplomat urged that the monies should be used to target the industry, including areas of mechanisation, conversion of lands, drainage and other support for private farmers. Guyana is expected to collect a similar tranche next year, the last of the support. This particular amount is for the 2012-2013 period. Already, Guyana has collected •91.5 of the multiannual programme, which commenced in 2006 and which has thus far been provided as Sector Policy Budget Support. Guyana is a member of the African Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) group of countries which supplied sugar to the European Union under the Sugar Protocol Arrangements since 1975. According to a joint statement between Guyana and the EU yesterday, to qualify for the disbursements under these programmes, the Government of Guyana and GuySuCo must deliver “agreed indicators” each year which are monitored jointly by the EU Delegation and the Steering Committee of the Guyana National Action Plan (GNAP) under which it is implemented. The process is

assessed annually by an independent consultant. According to the statement, the sugar industry had to meet specific conditions in investments and performance in areas including replanting, land conversion, mechanical harvesting, drainage works and factory improvement. Conditions “In addition, the Ministry of Finance must meet the general conditions of stability oriented macro-economic conditions, and implementation of reforms to further improve public financial management.” Minister Singh, in expressing his satisfaction with the programme, stressed that the industry is working on a revised Strategic Plan 2013-2017, which will be finalized by GuySuCo’s Board of Directors “shortly”. This is expected to fully address the plight of the industry and outline the measures that will foster sugar ’s revival and survivability, Singh said. Ambassador Kopecký pointed out that President Donald Ramotar’s appeal for help and willingness to engage all interested parties in reviving the industry, demonstrated that Guyana has every intention to have sugar return to its former glory days. He urged Government and GuySuCo to work diligently to meet the 2012 indicators to ensure that the entire sum earmarked for the programme is disbursed. According to the Ambassador, it is estimated that more than (Continued on page 11)

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Friday June 21, 2013


No society like Guyana is worthy of existence I don’t believe there is a country in the world that tolerates and accepts the social abuse and humiliation that characterize Guyana. If we remain in this morbid state of affairs, then the next generation of this land will be the most sheepish nation on the face of the earth. The Guyanese people seem to be psychologically paralyzed to the point where children have no concept of what values are. On a daily basis, people are treated to the most appalling indignities and this society remains unmoved. I remember I did two columns on the pain a mother went through when her daughter was peremptorily expelled from Mae’s High School over possession of a cell phone. The mother told me she contacted two PNC parliamentarians, Clarissa Riehl and Deborah Backer, but they chose not to seek legal redress. The girl’s father, a chartered accountant in private practice, was a PNC election candidate in 1997. The son of the owner of one of Guyana’s leading supermarkets was similarly expelled from Mae’s for the same offence, and the child was traumatized. One of the regrets I have in my human rights career was my lack of action when a student in my daughter’s class at Marian Academy was immediately

expelled after she was found kissing a boy. Not one parent was willing to accompany me to the school to confront the administration. Not even the PTA was interested. That child never recovered from the psychological devastation. She dropped out of St. Stanislaus that I got her into, then, became pregnant. I can assure Marian Academy and Mae’s (and this is a promise to both schools) if complaints of similar violations of children’s rights come my way, I will use my own money to secure legal assistance for the victims. I went to Berbice Multilateral High School last week, where students have to pay $700 for one sheet of exam questions. Just one sheet cost $700. A ream of printing paper consisting of a thousand sheets is nine hundred dollars. This is a society that has a Rights of the Child Commission, and that disgraceful body has done nothing about a video on You Tube that shows a policeman beating a child and his mother at Marudi. Equally disgraceful were the words that came out of the mouth of the Commissioner of Police when asked why the rank was not interdicted. He asked why; after all he didn’t kill anyone. Now there

are photographs circulating of an Amerindian woman with blood on her face and swollen lips. She and her brother were beaten by a policeman in Rupununi. This country has long forgotten the monstrosity that visited the relatives of three dead men who were shot in the July 2012 electricity hike protest in Linden. In two cases, three million dollars was awarded and in the other, two million dollars. Yet when some accused appear in front of a magistrate, bail is set at a million dollars. These men’s lives were regarded as worthless, thus they didn’t deserve anything

substantial. In this country life has no value. I wonder if political instability should occur and should spill over in the streets, how Guyanese would react to the loss of life. That is an interesting and intriguing curiosity. Not a day passes without a sickening act of moral degradation in Guyana, and from mother to teacher to priest to opposition party to Minister of Government not a word of resentment is uttered. What is shocking in a global context is that per capita Guyana has more churches (including all the major religions) than any other country in the world. We have just under 800,000

souls, yet t h e m o s t ubiquitous sight is a place of worship. I was educated in life to think that religion is about the fighting of evil. When people can remain unconcerned about the domination of life by evil then that society is not worthy of existing. Can the heartless things that happen to the Guyanese people occur in other nations and there would be no protest? I very much doubt it. What is the explanation? I can only attempt a non-specialist explanation. I have no training in psychology. I believe that when a society goes through a long

Frederick Kissoon period of dictatorship where fear, tyranny, perpetual indignity, loss of pride, loss of hope and ubiquitous pessimism are the order of the day, then people lose their ability to judge negative and positive values. They lose the ability to distinguish between the normal and the bizarre. In other words, they lose the inner capacity to think like normal human beings.

APNU congratulates Simona Broomes A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) has extended congratulations to Simona Broomes President of the Women’s Miners Organisation (GWMO) on being recognised internationally as a Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Hero. In a press statement yesterday, one day after Broomes was recognized by US Secretary of State John Kerry as this year’s TIP hero, APNU said it is cognizant of the courageous stand and the commitment Broomes and her

organization have demonstrated in the fight against TIP. The release stated that APNU salutes Broomes on her leadership and heroism (sometimes at great personal risk to life and limb) in the fight against modern-day slavery. “APNU noted with great concern that trafficking in Persons, especially that of under-aged girls, is a grave human right violation that continues to fester especially in hinterland mining communities,” the release

stated. In light of Broomes’ achievement, the coalition has renewed the call made in the National Assembly by Brigadier David Granger, Leader of the Opposition, for a Commission of Inquiry into the scourge of TIP. The establishment of the COI was supported by Broomes. “APNU continues to advocate for the Ministry of Human Services, the Geology

and Mines Commission, The Guyana Police Force and all other relevant government agencies to urgently develop a coordinated plan and implementation programme, well supported with the needed resources, to rescue and protect the victims of people trafficking, especially minors who are subjected to sexual exploitation and abuse,” the release said.

Dem boys seh...

Don’t keep secret from Donald De government like keep things secret suh till it does often forget that it ain’t got no need to keep things secret. We go to Nicaragua and beg de people fuh hold off any sanction fuh not having de anti-money laundering Bill. De people tell Ah Kneel that he got till November fuh play de fool ,but when November come Guyana better got de Bill in place and it should be law. Ah Kneel come home and he tell Donald who tell Sam. Well from then de confusion start. David and Prakash and Moses decide that dem gun meet and vote pun de Bill. Dem fix a date. But Sam get powerful and he tell everybody that he can’t meet till July. De government forget that Ah Kneel is a man who does only remember things when dem come in a bottle. De thing in Nicaragua come word of mouth. De people tell Ah Kneel that he should tell Donald that dem must have de law in place by de end of August suh that de people can see if Guyana serious about money laundering. Ah Kneel didn’t tell Donald bout de August deadline. Well is a new panic because de opposition now claiming that dem didn’t know bout no August deadline. De funny thing is that Parliament going into recess early August, suh whatever got to happen must happen before de first part of August. Is more confusion. Well dem boys seh that Donald vex wid Sam and Ah Kneel because dem think dem was keeping secret from he when dem was really putting de whole country in jeopardy. Poor Donald. He got to call a meeting and he got to tell he Ministers that any secret dem got it must do wid dem personal business. It must do wid who thief and trying to hide it. When it come to national business, he must know. Well dem boys seh that Ah Kneel begging David and Prak and Moses to pass de Bill; how he gun give each of dem a share in Sanata and New GPC. Talk half and watch how people gun start give away a set ah tings.

Friday June 21, 2013

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Anti-Money Laundering amendments…

Regional body confirms August 26 deadline The Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) has confirmed that Guyana’s deadline for submitting relevant documentation with respect to the amended AntiMoney Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Act, is August 26, 2013. According to Roger Hernandez, Financial Advisor of CFATF, during a telephone interview with this publicat i o n y e s t e r d a y, amendments to the legislation have to be passed in the National Assembly and enacted before August 26, so that it could be submitted and analyzed. He said that Guyana has to comply with the body’s requirements by November 2013 - the date assigned this year for follow-up. However, the Act and other documentation must be submitted prior to November. Hernandez said that this was highlighted in a letter dated June 13, 2013, that was sent to Paul Geer, Director of the Financial Intelligence Unit of Guyana’s Ministry of Finance. According to the letter, Guyana has to submit along with a matrix outlining what the country has done since the last Plenary meeting in May 2013, copies of any legislation, regulations, or

guidance notes that may have been enacted as part of action undertaken to comply with the Mutual Evaluation Report’s recommendations. The letter also requests information on the size of the financial sector as at end of June 2013 or the date nearest and any technical a s sistance received, requested or obtained during the first half of 2013. It further stated, “Responses to the Secretariat should be submitted by August 26, 2013. This deadline is necessary to facilitate a proper review of any changes to your matrix and the requisite review and update of the follow-up analysis report and translation to Spanish.” Hernandez’s comments and the letter have corroborated Government’s recent announcement that the deadline for the enactment of the amendments to the AntiMoney Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism legislation is August 26. I n l a t e M a y, i t w a s reported that Guyana had been given a revised deadline of November 2013 b y C FAT F, a f t e r t h e National Assembly failed to pass key legislation before May 27 for a critical evaluation meeting in

- AFC adamant on November date

AFC Leader Khemraj Ramjattan

Attorney General Anil Nandlall

Managua, Nicaragua held from May 27-30. Guyana was unable to present the “Act” in Managua because the Opposition – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and Alliance For Change (AFC) – wanted more time to review the document. The Opposition accused the government of dragging its feet and waiting for the last moment to bring it before the National Assembly. AFC’s distrust of Government on the amendment of this pertinent legislation was once again emphasized yesterday as the party leader Khemraj Ramjattan, even after perusing the letter from

CFATF, maintained that the deadline was November 2013. Speaking at a press conference yesterday, Ramjattan referred to Attorney General Anil Nandlall’s comment that the new deadline is August 26, as

a misrepresentation and deliberate pressuring of the Opposition. “We cannot comprehend how the Attorney General misread the correspondence from the CFATF. But, we believe that there is what we call hysteria now emanating from that quarter to pressure the Opposition for not doing what is called a better Bill,” Ramjattan said. Armed with the letter, Ramjattan said the correspondence requests a matrix of what will be done up until the November Plenary. He claimed that certain provisions of the Bill that are before the Special Select Committee were deleted before being presented to the Parliament, and as such, AFC’s Parliamentarian in the Committee would like to know what was deleted and possibly have it replaced. “We also want to do

some amendments… largely to ensure that the Financial Intelligence Unit will not be will not be a oneman scenario. It is believed that one person could be compromised and therefore the body should have other members,” Ramjattan said. He recommended that the members of the Unit should be appointed by Parliament and not by the President or Minister of Finance. Ramjattan maintained that the AFC will not support the legislation unless the Public Procurement Commission is established and operational and the Fiscal Management and A c c o u n t a b i l i t y (Amendment) Bill and the capping of the Former Presidents (Facilities and Other Benefits) Bill are assented to, or there are moves made towards this end.

EU warns of conditions... From page 9 115,000 persons rely on the sugar industry for their livelihood, whether as GuySuCo employees, private cane growers, suppliers or service providers, as well as their respective dependents. He said that a few years ago, the EU changed its approach to development cooperation with Guyana

from “Project Support” to “Sector Budget Support”. “Only countries with mature and democratic systems can qualify for this type of assistance, since it places much of the onus on a government to manage development budgets efficiently, as the funding is disbursed directly into the National Treasury. Sector

Budget Support is also based on a partnership and collaboration between donor and recipient country which is built on confidence and trust as well as agreed objectives and targets.” EU is also supporting critical sea defences rehabilitation, including the Mangrove Restoration Project.

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Canadian couple fleeced of minibus A Canadian couple is at its wits’ end to recover a minibus for which money was sent to a relative to purchase on their behalf. The couple is also warning others against fraudsters who may be lurking to gain money from unsuspecting persons. Pamela Shaw said that her husband and two of his brothers pooled their money - some US$7000 - to buy a minibus for what she described as “investment purposes”. She explained that the vehicle was shipped to Guyana and was received by a male relative, whom she named. She said her family made a verbal agreement with the relative who lives in Vryheid’s Lust, East Coast Demerara. The woman said that there was an understanding that the relative would sell the

vehicle to reinvest in several more in a few months. Shaw said that the relative even agreed to use the bus to earn a living and pay them a monthly deposit of $50,000. The man paid $150,000, a total of three months of deposits. She said that the man eventually stopped making the deposits and made excuses of why he couldn’t. Last May, the family returned to Guyana to, among other things, have the vehicle transferred into Shaw’s name. The same relative assured them that he could have made it easier. Shaw said he told the family that it would cost them $5,000 to acquire a “tax ID” and $38,000 to process the transfer papers. She said that days later a man who gave his name as

“Persaud” called her husband explaining that another man, whom he named, would pick up the money and make the necessary changes. The woman said the man came to a city hotel where they made the payment and even took video footage of the man leaving the hotel. To date the transfer has not been made and attempts to contact the relative and calls to numbers provided by the two men are proving futile. The family left the country without the relevant documents, and to date have not recovered their investment. Shaw said that she made a report to the police while in Guyana, but since the family was leaving the country the police gave little assurance that they could help.

Friday June 21, 2013

Nations University gears to introduce enhanced LL.B programme - as plans for Master’s programme takes shape

From left: Professor Jenny Hamilton and Dr Brian O’Toole Through its collaboration with the London University’s International Programmes, Nations University is gearing to offer a boosted Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) programme. And already scores of individuals have indicated interest in the programme, which according to LL.B Programme Director at the London University, Professor Jenny Hamilton, is recognised internationally. During an interview with this publication, Professor Hamilton disclosed that the London University not only has a laudable academic reputation, but also a long history of offering its programmes internationally so that individuals in countries overseas could take advantage of them without having to leave their homelands. “It is a very flexible programme, it suits people

who are already working; those people who already have a degree. It is a fast track route if they want to boost their qualifications and get a law degree,” she said. The programme, she revealed, is supported by very high ranking colleges within the University of London federal structure which together provide the academic direction for the law programme. She explained that those responsible for writing material for the programme are from one of the institutions affiliated with the London University. “They send and mark the exams and they mark it to exactly the same standard...” However, the biggest advantage of the programme, according to the Professor, is the fact that through the international channel the LL.B programme is about ten (Continued on page 13)

Friday June 21, 2013

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AFC will not support motion to increase external loan ceiling - Awaiting IDB to approve Amaila Falls project By Keeran Danny Believing that Government is seeking to increase the external loan ceiling to accommodate the debt created by the Amaila Falls Project, the Alliance For Change (AFC) has signaled its intention to not support the motion until the InterAmerican Development Bank (IDB) approves the project. This was revealed by the party’s Chairman, Nigel Hughes, during a press conference yesterday. Hughes said that Government has presented a motion before Parliament to extend the ceiling on the External Loans Act to US$1.1B. “We believe that this motion by Government is driven by the fact to accommodate the debt created by Amaila Falls…and created by the demand to have the Government guarantee GPL (Guyana Power and Light Inc.)’s performance of its obligations under the Power Purchase Agreement that ceiling will be increased.” The other reason posed for not wanting to support the motion at this juncture is G P L’s d e p e n d e n c e o n Government’s guarantee under the Power Purchase Agreement to be entered with Amaila Falls Hydro Inc. “Given that this

AFC Chairman Nigel Hughes application for the increasing of the ceiling is clearly driven by the requir e m e n t s o f Government to guarantee t h e performance of GPL that it is premature and we would not be supporting it at this stage,” Hug h e s said. He added that the AFC has made it clear that until the IDB approves the project, the Party will not give any approval for funds for the project. He said there is no national crisis that necessitates the raising of the ceiling. Another concern the AFC has in relation to this motion is the transferring of risk from investors to Government.

“Private investors that enter into any venture ought not to have that risk removed from them and the onus of the capital onto the Government. Here we have the Government being asked to guarantee the loan or performance of GPL under the Power Purchase Agreement. In effect what would be happening is that Guyana would be underwriting the entire project, because the risk would be immediately transferred f r o m t h e investors because they may lack confidence in GPL, which falls directly o n t o t h e Government of Guyana of which all of us pay taxes,” he said. Hughes explained that if GPL does not perform under this agreement, Government would have to assume the risk. He said this scenario being presented is similar to the Marriott Hotel project where investors are absolutely protected. He said that the AFC is concerned about this transaction, and documentation received days ago would be examined. In 1973, the External Loans Act was passed for the purpose of waiving loans outside of Guyana for the purpose of financing the general development of Guyana. That ceiling was $500M and increased in 1991 to $400B.

Nations University gears to... From page 12 times cheaper when compared to actual study in London. “It is more or less the same syllabus but there are slight differences because we are targeting a slightly different market... but they are assessed to exactly the same standard,” she reiterated. According to Professor Hamilton, who will be visiting the Nations University at least once e a c h y e a r, t h e L L . B programme is unashamedly challenging because it has a reputation that is readily recognised worldwide. London University is one of the oldest academic institutions in the world, according to Director of N a t i o n s U n i v e r s i t y, D r B r i a n O ’ To o l e . I t h a s served the likes of leaders such as Nelson Mandela, Nobel Prize winners, among other intellectuals. Moreover, he disclosed that “I feel a sense of tremendous pride to be able to introduce it in Guyana...allowing people to get the same qualifications without leaving Guyana.” Among those who can

access the programme are students with at least two A’ Levels or CAPE subjects. These students will be allowed to undertake the programme and complete it within three or four years. Additionally, students with at least five CSEC subjects with grade ones and twos will be permitted to register for an intensive one-year programme in preparation for the LL.B programme the following year. However, persons with a recognised first degree can have direct access to the programme and be allowed to do nine courses rather than the customary 12. The latter entrants, according to Dr O’Toole, w i l l b e a b l e t o take advantage of a programme that is “25 per cent cheaper and 25 per cent quicker.” He disclosed that for the past few years, Nations University has been focusing much attention on its Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme, but noted that the same energy will now be directed to LL.B programme. And, according to him,

there are plans apace to collaborate with the University of Guyana to soon offer a Master of Laws (LL.M) Programme. Only yesterday Dr O’Toole, Professor Hamilton and the UG Vice Chancellor, Professor Jacob Opadeyi, were engaged in favourable discussions in this regard. The LL.M programme will cater to lawyers who have not been able to further their studies over the years. At least 20 lawyers have already stated their interest in the proposed programme and 65 are potential LL.B candidates. Once accepted to undertake the programme, candidates will be furnished with a box of materials as well as online libraries to aid their studies. Further still, Dr O’Toole disclosed that Nations University has been in consultation with Republic Bank to introduce a loan scheme for the LL.B programme which is already being offered to students of the ongoing MBA programme.

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Police on high alert as gang violence flares in Jamaica KINGSTON, JamaicaPolice in the Corporate Area have been placed on high alert following an upsurge of crime in the eastern end of the city. The cops in the division have been investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of Milton Cunningham, 72, who was killed when heavily armed gunmen invaded his home in the community of Rae Town. Cunningham’s murder took place just two days after his son, Kwami Cunningham – a reputed gang leader, was gunned down in Downtown Kingston. Kwami, was linked to several murders and shootings in the East Kingston area. The police believe his killing has sparked a wave of violence and the death of his father has only added fuel to the explosive

situation in the area. The upsurge of violence in east Kingston coincides with the release statistics from the police force, which have revealed that murders, shootings and other serious crimes are up in the city. According to the latest statistics, 481 persons have been killed between January 1 and June 15 this year.

In his contribution of the Sectoral Debate in Parliament on Wednesday, National Security Minister, Peter Bunting said the Government has been taking steps to lay the foundation of a sustained pushback against criminal activities. He said the longawaited anti-gang legislation is to be tabled in Parliament next week.

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Security firm’s owner remains in custody over stolen OLPF laptops

Friday June 21, 2013

CEO recants position on GPL Directors’ remuneration - Dr Luncheon says govt. looking to formalise salaries

Police ranks and others loading up a Canter truck with suspected stolen items on Wednesday evening. A government security contractor remained in police custody yesterday as investigators continue to probe how he came into possession of a number of laptops believed to have been stolen from the administration’s One Laptop Per Family (OLPF) programme. On Wednesday, police ranks from the city and West Demerara descended on the Laluni Street, Queenstown office/residence of Strategic Action Security Limited in search of stolen items believed to have been sold there. They reportedly stumbled on seven or eight of the laptops, several flat screen TVs, and other items believed to have been stolen. The owner of the security company, Richard Kanhai,

and a number of other persons were arrested and up to late yesterday were assisting with investigations, police sources said. Kaieteur News was told that several homes in the West Demerara area, including at Belle West, Canal Number Two; La Parfaite Harmonie and Belle Vue, were burglarized within the past weeks. A number of persons held named a senior official of the security company as the buyer of the stolen items, police sources said. A Canter load of items, including a rice plough and battery backup system reportedly bearing markings of the Ministry of Health were found stashed in a back building of the security firm. Yesterday, police were

asking persons whose homes may have been broken into, to check with the Leonora Police Station to determine whether some of the recovered items belonged to them. Strategic Action has contracts to secure a number of government properties on the Essequibo Coast. Police sources are saying that one of the main suspects in custody, who is a principal figure in the security firm, was fingered in buying the items. Kaieteur News was told that the ranks, during the search on the premises Wednesday evening, were forced to cut locks to an upstairs apartment where the items were reportedly hidden. In August last year, almost 100 laptops belonging to the OLPF programme and kept in custody at a secured Queenstown office were stolen. Several staffers of the OLPF secretariat were grilled and even took lie detector tests. However, no one has been arrested.

“Strange enough they aren’t paid,” was the assertion of Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr Roger Luncheon, on Wednesday last, when responding to queries related to who pays the Board of Directors of Guyana Power and Light Inc. (GPL). According to Dr Luncheon, each of the board members functions ‘pro bono.’ The Board of Directors of the power company, according to its 2011 Annual Report, constitutes its Chairman Winston Brassington, Carvil Duncan, Narvon Persaud, Desmond Mohamed, Mahender Sharma and Komal Ramnauth. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GPL, Bharat Dindyal, had defended the salaries paid to the ‘Board of Directors,’ but days later recanted his position, saying “the Directors I had referred to in the interview were Divisional Directors (Employees of the GPL Inc.) and not Directors of the Board.” This publication in an exclusive interview, had asked Dindyal: “There is a figure, or there is a notion that the Board of Directors receive, as the AFC likes to say, super salaries, Brassington $4M….” Dindyal at that point in time, interjected and sought to defend the fact that the “Board of Directors” as had been referred to specifically by the KN reporter, would demand ‘ m a r k e t r a t e s f o r their services.’ That article was published on June 16, with Dindyal responding in a letter on Tuesday last and published in Wednesday’s edition, where he said that he was

GPL’s CEO, Bharat Dindyal

Chairman of the GPL Board, Winston Brassington

Komal Ramnauth

Carvil Duncan

referring to the Divisional Directors and not the Directors on the Board. He indicated also that “I can confirm that neither the Chairman of the Board of Directors nor any other member of the Board is paid for services rendered to GPL Inc.” Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr Luncheon told media operatives yesterday, during his post Cabinet press briefing that while the Directors are not provided with a salary or stipend, the administration is looking to change this situation. Dr Luncheon told media operatives, “I must admit that it is not strange when one considers that many Boards

are similarly treated that their services are rendered pro bono.” He said that this, however, will not continue. According to Luncheon, it is not an ideal circumstance, “that is being brought to bear on the remuneration for boards.” He said as a result Cabinet embarked, during the early part of this year, on a comprehensive review of Director’s fee. This review according to Dr Luncheon has been completed. He indicated also that the administration by month-end, will be appointing a new Board of Directors across the gamut of (Continued on page 16)

Friday June 21, 2013

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Ex-Coast Guard ranks murder trial…

Court hears accused waited for body to disappear under water By Latoya Giles Members of the jury yesterday heard that it was Sherwin Hart who took the police to the spot where they had thrown Dweive Kant Ramdass’ body overboard and waited for it to disappear under the murky water of the Essequibo River. This piece of evidence was given by Corporal Labaichand Dyal, who is attached at the Leonora Police Station. The witness was testifying at the Suddie High Court before Justice Franklyn Holder, in the trial of Sherwin Hart, Devon Gordon and Deon Greenidge, who are accused of killing Ramdass, a gold dealer. Senior State Prosecutor Judith Gildharie Mursalin is presenting the case. Dyal told the court that during the time of Ramdass’ death he was stationed at the Parika Station. He said that on August 20, 2009, relative to a report which was made at the station, he assisted with the investigations. Dyal said that he was a police photographer and a crime scene technician. Dyal said that it was around 14:00hrs on August 21, 2009, that he was a member of a party of policemen that escorted the three accused - Sherwin Hart, Devon Gordon and Deon Greenidge - from the Parika Station to an area in the Essequibo River called Caiman Hole. Dyal said that they were travelling in a police boat. The witness explained that when they arrived at Caiman Hole, the three accused pointed to an area in the river where they said that Ramdass’s body had been thrown and they had waited for it to disappear. Dyal said that no force was used on any of the three accused to do this. The officer said that he took pictures of the area. He said that he made checks around the same area for anything of evidential value, but found nothing. The party of policemen, according to Dyal, later returned to Parika.

- Sherwin Hart took cops to spot where victim was thrown overboard

Murdered: Dweive Kant Ramdass The witness told the court that on August 22, 2009, at around 10:00hrs, he travelled again with a party of policemen, which was headed by Sergeant Lall. He said that it was some distance after Fort Island, in the water, that he observed the body of a human being, which was clad in “brown underwear”. Dyal said that he took pictures of the body in the water. He explained that there was another boat which had accompanied the police that was carrying civilians. Dyal told the court that he turned over the body which was lying face down in the water. He said that Steve Persaud, Ramdass’ brother, was in the other boat and he identified the body. The witness said he then took more photos. He said that the body was placed in the boat and taken back to the Parika foreshore, then transported to the Lyken Funeral Home. The witness told the court that he was present at the Georgetown Hospital mortuary, on August 23, 2009 at about 08:00hrs, when the body of Ramdass was again identified by his brother, Steve Persaud and uncle, Ramnaught Harrinaught. Dyal said that in his presence the doctor performed the post mortem examination, after

which he gave him the cause of death. The body was later handed over to the family for burial which took place at Bartica on August 24, 2009. Dyal testified that he had also witnessed a caution statement being taken from the sister of Devon Gordon, Vanda Adolphus, at the Parika Police Station. He further stated that he had taken pictures of money – a little more than five million dollars - at the Leonora Police Station and another portion of money totaling some $1.5m at La Grange Police Station. Dyal said that he also took pictures of the army Coast Guard boat which the three accused had been patrolling in. Dyal said that on August 28, 2009, he developed and printed the photos, and later placed the police stamp on them. The man said he lodged the photos along with the negatives with the officer in charge at the Leonora Police Station. The photos were later shown to the court, including the jury. They were tendered as exhibits. Under cross examination by attorney at law Latchmie Rahamat, it was suggested that the men had never pointed out where they threw Ramdass’ body, and that this was done by a police officer. Dyal denied this suggestion by the lawyer, stating that it was the accused who had pointed to the area. Rahamat further suggested that if it was indeed her clients who showed the police the area, the police would have had what they said “word for word”. The witness responded by telling the court that he was not the one doing the investigation; that he went there as a photographer. The witness

was asked whether he had counted the money which he had photographed and he replied in the negative. He was also asked whether he knew if Vanda Adolphus had been charged, and he said he could not recall. The next witness to take the stand yesterday was Paul Eastman, who was a security officer at the time of Ramdass’s death. Eastman along with Kurwin Chance had handed over some $17 million to Ramdass on August 20, 2009. He told the court that he and Chance had left their office in Georgetown to travel to Parika to hand over the money to Ramdass. Eastman said that upon arriving at the Parika junction they waited in the car. He said shortly after that he saw a young East Indian male approach the vehicle. He explained to the court that the man was wearing a t-shirt, jeans, hat and had on a pair of dark shades with a haversack on his back. He later learnt that the man was Dweive Kant Ramdass. Eastman said that the man came into the car, and gave him a quantity of gold which was wrapped up. Ramdass then collected a box covered with a black garbage bag that was in the car. The witness said that they drove towards the stelling and Ramdass came out and headed towards the beach with the box which was placed on his shoulder. Eastman told the court that he left the area with Chance and headed for Georgetown. Eastman said while they were returning to the city his colleague, Kurwin Chance, made a call and from his facial expression he said that he knew something wasn’t right. Eastman said they subsequently arrived back at the office and spoke with their

boss. As a result of what they heard they returned to Parika. The witness said he and Chance had received certain information and thus had started asking questions. Eastman told the court that they went to the Parika Koker to get a boat. However before that happened they received a telephone call and aborted that plan, instead they went back to the Parika stelling. The witness said while there he saw two coast guard ranks whom he later learnt were Sherwin Hart and Deon Greenidge. He said that he recognized them as coast guards because of their uniforms - dark blue pants and a light blue shirt. He further told the court that it was Chance who went up to them and immediately asked what they had done with his friend (Ramdass). Eastman said that it was Sherwin Hart who responded and told them that Ramdass had paid them $12,000 to take him to Bonasika. The two men were later invited into the station. Eastman said that he was in the station compound when Hart came outside and was talking on his cell phone. The witness said he and another young man headed towards the stelling area to look for Devon Gordon. He said that he later saw Gordon with a young lady with a bag. Eastman said that like the others, Gordon was dressed in his coast guard uniform. The witness explained that he observed that the bag the woman was carrying appeared to be bulky. The woman and Gordon were apprehended and taken to the station. While there, an officer asked the woman to open the bag. Eastman said that when the woman complied, he saw a quantity of cash inside the bag. Under cross examination, the suggestion was put to the witness that Hart never told him that he was paid $12,000 to take Ramdass to Bonasika. Eastman denied this and

insisted that Hart told him that in the presence of Kurwin Chance. The matter continues today.

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Friday June 21, 2013

Three Bosai workers die in horrific accident CEO recants position... Three employees of Bosai Minerals Group were killed and two others seriously injured after a heavy-duty truck ran over a pickup in the East Montgomery Mines, Linden, at around 10:15 hrs

yesterday. The dead were identified as Michael Williams, 45, a company foreman and driver of Coomacka Mines, Linden; Trenton Garner, 62, of Industrial Area, Linden; and Kester Grant, of Block 22, Wismar. The injured are Fabian Anthony and Marlon Pollydore, who were admitted to the Mackenzie Hospital. Pollydore was subsequently transferred to the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit, while Anthony was admitted to the Male Accident Ward. Mining activities were abruptly halted after the tragedy. According to a police release, the driver of a pickup owned by Bosai Minerals Group was attempting to overtake a heavy-duty lorry while travelling in the East Montgomery Mines at Linden, when he lost control and ended up under the truck. As a result, the lorry ran over the pickup. Grief-stricken relatives, colleagues and friends of the dead and injured flocked the Mackenzie Hospital, as word of the tragedy spread. Michael Williams’s wife, Paula, had to be treated at the

Dead: Kester Grant institution, as she is reportedly hypertensive, while his daughter, Stacy, had to be placed in a wheelchair after she suffered fainting spells. His mother also took ill and was being treated at the hospital up to late yesterday afternoon. Several persons also converged at the homes of the dead to offer their support to the relatives. Trenton Garner’s wife, Audrey, was too distraught to speak to the media, and was being consoled by relatives and friends. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment stated in a release that a team has been deployed to investigate the incident. It added that the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission, Ministry of Labour and other agencies have been mandated to conduct an urgent investigation and to examine occupational health and safety concerns at the company’s operation. “A team has been deployed to investigate an

Dead: Trenton Garner

Dead: Michael Williams incident that occurred at Bosai Minerals Group (Guyana) Inc, Linden operation where three persons were reportedly killed and two severely injured,” the release said. It stated that according to reports, a truck used in the company’s mining operations ran over a vehicle which was occupied by several persons. It added that BOSAI management indicated that efforts are being made to have the injured receive urgent medical attention.

Mahender Sharma From page 14 state enterprises, “and their levels of remuneration would be identified.” Dr Luncheon said it is anticipated that the Directors to be appointed at GPL and those that are similarly serving on a pro bono status, would in the new dispensation acquire benefits/stipends as other board members would. ULTIMATE SOLUTION Dr Luncheon also addressed the state of play regarding the halting of the proposed tariff increase and the withheld $5.2B subsidy/ capital transfer to the power company. According to the Head of the Presidential Secretariat, the ultimate solution would be a return to engaging the Opposition, “in a parliamentary intervention.” He said that there have been disingenuous arguments proffered, “about there being some other cause for the situation (with the power company).” He suggested that he would be more inclined towards the conventional and see the ultimate solution as having a link to the fundamental cause. Dr Luncheon said that President Donald Ramotar’s

Narvon Persaud

Desmond Mohamed instruction to GPL points to a strong indication by the administration that “something may yet be done…Obviously it will have to be done at the level of Parliament.” The government spokesperson used the opportunity to disclose that engagements have been made with the Parliamentary Opposition, “and would have to continue…We all have identified what is the ultimate cause of the situation and we will have to go back to the level of the Parliamentary Opposition and sort out this matter.”

Friday June 21, 2013

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Friday June 21, 2013

Mass March on July 5 Trinidad Guardian - “The time for action is now,” Oilfield Workers’ Trade Union (OWTU) president general Ancel Roget declared, as he called on the working class to march to the office of Prime Minister Kamla PersadBissessar next fortnight to demand implementation of the Workers Agenda. Roget was addressing hundreds of workers at Labour Day celebrations in Fyzabad Wednesday. Saying exploitation, political victimisation, nepotism, incompetence and corruption were the hallmark of the Government, Roget said on July 5, workers will be going straight to Persad-Bissessar with their demands. “In our thousands we will show that the power of the people is greater than the people in power! It’s time for us to hit the streets,” Roget said. “We know how they like to control the police, so we are giving them advance notice. If you are serious about the issues of the people, acting Commissioner (Stephen Williams), you will grant us permission. We will be going straight to the head of the Government.” Saying he is no friend of Patrick Manning, Roget said the People’s Partnership (PP) did not have the support of the labour movement, except for a “few sell-out trade unionists.” He also expressed disgust that PNM people were being victimised by the PP. He also accused his predecessor, Labour Minister Errol McLeod, of not caring about the plight of the working class. “Employers are taking out injunctions left, right and centre against workers and trade unions, while there is a deafening silence from the Minister of Labour, himself a prominent former labour leader,” he said. As the crowds erupted in cheers, Roget said while McLeod boasted about

Members of the Oilfield Workers’ Trade Union march through the streets of Fyzabad during Labour Day observances. PHOTO: RISHI RAGOONATH “removing applications from the Industrial Court to decertify two trade unions, the stark reality is, that the same law that allows the employer to do this remains on the law books.” Roget also accused Finance Minister Larry Howai of using the recently-published Central Bank Monetary Policy Report to suggest that the economy is improving and that growth is increasing. “They pulled out from the report that in 2011, growth was minus 2.6 per cent, and that in 2012 growth reached a positive of .2 per cent,” he said. “But what they did not and would not tell you is that our debt to GDP went from 33.4 per cent

Call for policy on mercury bulbs Barbados Nation - A SURINAMESE SCIENTIST has suggested governments should legislate the use and disposal of mercury-filled light bulbs to prevent poisoning. Dr Max Huisden, of the Anton de Kom University of Suriname, said the effects of mercury poisoning were not only global, but affected generations. Small amounts of mercury can be found in each long and compact fluorescent light bulb and those bulbs, if improperly disposed, can break causing

that mercury to be released into the environment. Mercury is also found in some laboratory chemicals, electrical and electronic devices. Speaking in the wake of a United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) sponsored workshop on Challenges For The Caribbean: The Ozone Layer And Chemical And Waste Management for Caribbean journalists, Huisden said the use of, and subsequent disposal of, energy efficient light bulbs which contained mercury, could be a problem.

in 2011 to an unprecedented 39.7 per cent in 2012. This means that our debt levels are rising and rising fast.” He added that despite the wanton spending and $50 billion-plus deficit budget, the minister had requested an additional $8 billion dollars. Whilst there have been little activity in the construction sector, Roget said the Government has not been able to stimulate the economy. “Their excessive borrowing is an attempt to hide the fact that the economy has contracted. Simply put, we are spending much more than we are making,” Roget said. He also said revenue in the energy sector has decreased. “While LNG production remained the same, indigenous crude production, oil exports and refinery throughput have all fallen dramatically,” he said. He added that the PP was the most corrupt government in the history of T&T and this was fuelling crime. “There is a link between the corruption and crime. It has been proven time and again, that with the increase in corruption and white-collar crime, there is always a corresponding increase in violent crimes and murders.” Roget added that an examination of the recent Auditor General’s report, on T&T’s public accounts for the financial year 2012, shows incompetence, corrupt practices and wastage.

Friday June 21, 2013

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Turkey warns Germany as Berlin obstructs its EU path ISTANBUL/BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Turkey warned German Chancellor Angela Merkel yesterday not to play politics with its European Union ambitions as Berlin blocked moves to open a new chapter in Ankara’s EU membership talks next week. Turkey said failure to open the chapter would be a major setback in Ankara’s relations with the bloc and one senior Turkish official said it would “draw a strong reaction”. Many EU capitals want to take the long-awaited step on Turkey’s path towards the EU next Wednesday, arguing Europe should capitalize on Ankara’s rising influence in the Middle East. But Germany has criticized Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan’s heavyhanded response to weeks of anti-government protests and refuses to agree to open a new negotiation area, potentially the first such step in three years. Germany blocked the opening of the new chapter, dealing with regional funding issues, at a meeting of EU ambassadors on Thursday, EU diplomats said. The EU has so far not cancelled next Wednesday’s planned talks with Turkey, an EU source said. EU governments agreed to think about the issue over the weekend, and may return to it next week, but at this stage, there were no firm plans to do so, the EU source said.

Tayyip Erdogan

Angela Merkel

“The Germans have to report back home but it seems they are leaning towards not opening the chapter,” one EU diplomat said, speaking on condition of anonymity. Ireland, which holds the EU presidency, said it continued to seek consensus to open a new chapter with Turkey next Wednesday. Merkel’s conservatives have rejected Turkish EU membership in their German election program, saying the country would “overburden” the bloc because of its size and economy, sparking anger in Ankara. “If Mrs Merkel is looking for domestic political material for her elections, that material should not be Turkey,” Turkey’s EU minister Egemen Bagis told reporters on Thursday. “If Mrs Merkel looks into it she will see that those who mess about with Turkey do

not have an auspicious end,” he said. Opposition in Germany to Turkish EU membership has grown in recent years, with two thirds saying they opposed it in a new poll by Forsa for Thursday’s edition of weekly magazine Stern. Merkel said on Monday she was “appalled” by the crackdown on protesters in Istanbul. The protests began over a redevelopment project in a park, but spiraled into an unprecedented show of defiance against what Erdogan critics call his authoritarianism. European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso declined comment on Turkey’s EU membership talks at a Vienna press conference on Thursday, but said: “Of course we have been following (with) concern recent developments in Turkey.”

Guinea opposition suspends talks withgovernment CONAKRY (Reuters) Guinea’s opposition parties yesterday pulled out of U.N.mediated election talks with the government, accusing police and youths of attacking one of their leaders and his supporters. The negotiations aim to secure opposition participation in long-delayed parliamentary polls, which are meant to seal the mineral-rich nation’s transition to civilian rule following a coup in 2008. Cellou Dalein Diallo, who heads the UFDG party, announced earlier yesterday that he was pulling out of the process after the attack by stone-throwing youths and police near his home in the capital Conakry on Wednesday. The opposition said 17 people were injured in the clashes. Other opposition parties decided to withdraw from the

talks after a meeting on Thursday. “We decided to suspend our participation in the dialogue to protest against the aggression suffered yesterday by former Prime Minister Diallo,” said opposition spokesman Aboubacar Sylla. He said the opposition would not return until their

security was guaranteed. “Diallo is the opposition’s torch-bearer. He was a candidate in the second round of the 2010 presidential election. If he is not spared, nobody is safe,” Sylla said. The government said the violence had been provoked by youths from Diallo’s own neighborhood.

Senate immigration deal would double number of U.S. border agent WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A flood of new federal agents and high-tech surveillance devices would be dispatched to the southwestern U.S. border with Mexico under a deal aimed at winning passage of an immigration bill in the U.S. Senate, congressional sources said yesterday. The proposal, which could be formally offered as

an amendment to the sprawling immigration bill as early as yesterday, would double the overall number of U.S. border patrol agents, according to senior Senate Democratic aides. That would mean assigning 21,000 new officers to the southwestern border in an attempt to shut down future illegal crossings by foreigners.

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Friday June 21, 2013

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Kitty woman loses livestock to “killer bees” By Javone Vickerie An attack by thousands of Africanized bees (said to have been disturbed by a thief on the run) resulted in dozens of livestock being killed by deadly stings in William Street, Kitty yesterday. According to Esther Hollingsworth (who was not at her home - Lot 41 - at the time of the incident) she received a frantic call from a relative who related to her that some of her livestock perished after being attacked by bees. The distraught woman also related to Kaieteur News that this was the first time that her small scale farm had been attacked by the insects. She lost two goats and over 20 ducks and turkeys, which were found under and in their pens. Ms. Hollingsworth, who operates her business in Bourda Market, said that she noticed the hive about two weeks ago, but was unsure whether the insects would have attacked her animals. Several family members who were home at the time were also attacked, including two children, who said that after hearing the commotion downstairs they went to investigate and were stung. The still shaken woman said that when she returned home she was “met with a sound of silence” near most of the pens where her animals once dwelled. “When I came home I cried because I didn’t know it was that bad”. She however thanked God that no one was seriously hurt.

Twelve-year-old Jamain Smith said, “We were at the back (he and his sister) picking coconuts when a man looking like he thief something come running and then he run in the bush and then is when he raise up de bee dem”. The lad said that after some of the bees moved towards him, his sister and aunt, they all tried to run for cover, but the insects began to sting them repeatedly, and moved into their house attacking other family members. Smith recounted that he ran to a nearby pipe where he immediately began to douse himself with water, but the bees then moved on to the animals, most of which were in their pens. Smith was stung on portions of his face and left hand. Meanwhile, Apiarist Linden Stewart said that based on the magnitude of the comb and the colour (golden brown) it was affirmed that the insects were there for about eight months and possessed a colony of 40,000-strong. Stewart told the family that although what occurred was tragic, the reason for the vicious attack was simply because the bees were “defending their territory”. He further explained that bees are very territorial creatures and if disturbed they will show aggression. “They are very important to us and they were simply trying to do their jobs,” Stewart said. The man said that he was called in by the Guyana Livestock Development

Esther Hollingsworth posing with one of the honey combs which was extracted from the nest.

Some of the dead animals.

Authority (GLDA) who notified him about the bees which were later removed from the tree in which they previously inhabited.

Linden Stewart just moments after the bees were removed from the tree.

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Friday June 21, 2013

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A lopsided justice system DEAR EDITOR, We the people, the real custodians of the judiciary, really need to put our strengths together to rid the judiciary of the unseen forces that hinder the judgement of our professionals in all arms of the judiciary from doing what we are paying them to do. A case may best explain the unusual behaviour. Mr Best, a friend of mine was charged with threatening language and provoking the breach of peace. The offences allegedly took place on the East Bank of Demerara,in the Grove/ Diamond New Scheme. He was caused to skip the Providence Magistrate’s Court and answer to the charges in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court where he was placed on $200,000 bail with conditions one of which is to remove from his home in Diamond, approximately 1,000 yards from the virtual complainant. isn’t this witchcraft? An Irish national was charged for threatening a sitting president, our president and was placed on $60,000 bail in the same court, if this is not witchcraft what is it?! When that magistrate decided to use her discretion to keep my friend’s case out

the jurisdiction of occurrence for trial we knew then only a guilty verdict was imminent irrespective of the other magistrate. Mr. Best eluded prison detention when his bail was posted. This case taught us and should teach others that it is not necessary to have witnesses in cases like this to have a conviction even if contradictory evidence was given by the virtual complainant and a proclamation of open hatred in court for the defendant. Guilty as expected on both accounts, my friend paid a fine and was placed on a one-year bond to keep the peace. This is plan B to try and get him to prison since

nothing is needed for a charge and a conviction. Well the officer who made the charges said in court that he knew nothing about the case except to charge the defendant, without confrontation. The real virtual complainants however seem not to be that young lady, she was chosen for common interest and her gender since the courts seem to be preying on Guyanese males. I have spoken to approximately fifteen lawyers about what goes on in the courts and they said that is why legal fees are so expensive because when they stand in court it is not only an issue of law. Mrs. Young

There’s a lot wrong... From page 5 Primary Shool in the late eighties and early nineties and during that time this school was the top school on the East Coast of Demerara producing some of the best results at SSEE which is now called National Grade Six Assessment. From what I understand, this school hasn’t produced a President’s College student for the last five years. I think that the

Minister should look into the affairs of this school and its teachers. Give them an ultimatum to get their act correct. Those who do not have the job and children at heart should find another job because it is not fair for parents to make the sacrifice to send their children to school and then when at school these children do nothing other than skylark. Randy Persaud.

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Friday June 21, 2013

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Friday June 21, 2013

MTV CHANNEL 14/ CABLE 65 Sign on 05:30hrs - Dharan Kai AwazThe Voice of Dharma 06:00hrs - Islamic perspective 06:30hrs - News Update 07:00hrs - DAYBREAK – (live) 08:00hrs - Dabi’s Variety music break 08:30hrs - Avon Video & DVD 09:00hrs - BBC World News 09:15hrs - Top Notch music Break 09:30hrs - Caribbean temptation Music Mix 10:00hrs - Amanda’s Costume jewellery Musical 10:30hrs - Comfort Sleep Musical 11:00hrs - The View 12:00hrs - Village Talk: Hydronie 12:30hrs - The Young and

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the Restless 13:30hrs - Days of Our Lives 14:00hrs - General Hospital 15:00hrs - Katie Couric Show 16:00hrs - The Bold and the Beautiful 16:30hrs - Cartoons 17:00hrs - Birthdays and other greetings 17:15hrs - Death Announcement/ In Memoriam 17:30hrs - Sitcom 18:00hrs - Sangeet Mala 18:30hrs - Kingdom Voice 19:00hrs - Soul Melodies 19:30hrs - News Update 20:30hrs - Clear Water Music Hour 21:30hrs - Music Request Hour 22:30hrs - Sitcom 23:00hrs - News Update

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Friday June 21, 2013 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19): You may be caught off guard today as your key planet Mars forms complicated aspects with serious Saturn and suspicious Pluto. TAURUS (Apr. 20–May 20): It’s tempting to sit back and soak in the good vibrations today as mischievous Mercury hooks up with your key planet Venus in receptive Cancer. GEMINI (May 21–June 20): In true Gemini fashion, you’re being pulled in two distinct directions today. Feisty Mars fires up your enthusiasm about the exciting potential in your life. CANCER (June 21–July 22): The Sun’s shift into your emotionally self-protective sign reminds you that you no one can force you to be social unless you are so inclined. Although you deserve time to rest, it may take extra effort to find your desired level of solitude now, especially if others pursue you and try to cheer you up. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22): You may feel a bit stifled today as prior obligations restrict your activities and prevent you from doing exactly what you want. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22): For some reason it’s tough to follow through on tasks that should be very simple today. The problem is that you are tempted by one distraction after another.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22): You appear easygoing, but you have an agenda and you won’t let much stand in your way of getting things done now. SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21): Your stubbornness can be so intense today that you might win an argument even if you’re wrong. In fact, you may choose to sidestep a conflict now because you have the ability to wait out your opponent; you might be successful even without direct confrontation. SAGIT (Nov. 22–Dec. 21): You may try blaming your current uneasiness on others, but it’s not really about them. The problem is that your friends and family aren’t necessarily in the same frame of mind as you are today. CAPRICORN(Dec.22–Jan.19): Confronting someone who tries to control you is a strategy that won’t likely pay off today. Other people are very subtle with manipulative behavior now and could probably justify any action while also defending their innocence. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18): You want to skate through the day, but you probably fall short of your own expectations as you get pulled into a melodrama that might not even involve you. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20): Romantic interests may be piqued today, but you might not get exactly what you expect. In fact, you’ll likely encounter disappointment if you set your goals too high.

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Murray out to crash Big... From page 40 had come and gone without a British men’s champion in sight. LAUGHING STOCK Winners emerged from Egypt to Ecuador, from Romania to Mexico, from Croatia to South Africa, from Hungary to Argentina; 22 different nations ruled over all and sundry. The country that hosts the most famous tennis tournament in the world, however, had effectively become a laughing stock for failing to produce a male champion for more than three-quarters of a century. “What is it? Like, 150,000 years?,” Swiss Federer quipped on the eve of beating Murray at the 2010 Melbourne Park final. Murray finally laid those jokes to rest last September and while he is now a bona fide member of what has turned into the ‘Big Four’ of tennis, experts sounded a word of caution to those expecting a glorious British finale. “Every year that he doesn’t win it, there is more and more pressure on Andy Murray, so

it depends on his nerves,” former Wimbledon champion Chris Evert said during an ESPN conference call. The famous four have now won 32 of the last 33 grand slams - it would have been all 33 if Federer had not blown a two-sets-to-one lead against Juan Martin del Potro in the 2009 U.S. Open final - and so far no-one has come close to ending that reign. Evert’s fellow American John McEnroe said that only the very brave would rule out the chances of world number one Djokovic, 17-times grand slam champion Federer and 2008 and 2010 winner Nadal. At 31, Federer’s silky grasscourt craft can still leave younger rivals huffing and puffing, as the luckless Mischa Zverev discovered during a 6-0 6-0 demolition in Halle last week. Iron-man Djokovic, winner in 2011, relishes the challenge of leaving his opponents gasping while Nadal will be eager to show that last year’s astonishing second-round humbling was just a blip in his glittering career.

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Friday June 21, 2013

Giraldo Cordova Cardin International Boxing Tournament (From page 34)

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The team of boxers that had participated in the 41st

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Cuban coach adamant that though local pugilists lost fights they won in experience

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Thomas turned in a great performance and Roldon said that though the decision went against him, Thomas was heralded by the audience which initially was firmly in the Cuban’s corner. Imran Khan fought Cuba’s national champion, Nolan Yera, who had won a silver medal in the 2010 AIBA World Amateur Boxing Championships in Baku Azerbaiyan and Roldon feels that though he lost fair and square he should be commended on his performance. Yera went on to clinch the bronze medal after he was defeated by his countryman, Cuba’s national champion, Vicente Paul by a 25-22 margin. Señor Roldon said Eon Bancroft also turned in a good performance but was defeated by Maimatti Tusunqiong of China, a more experienced pugilist. The Cuban coach is adamant that though the boxers lost their respective bouts, they benefitted immensely from participation. He said that Khan and Bancroft garnered additional experience when they engaged in sparring sessions with other top fighters in the championships; Khan engaged a Venezuelan, while Bancroft sparred with another Venezuelan and a Chilean. “I am pleased with their performances; they were very courageous,” said Señor Roldon. He is adamant that local boxing administrators continue to seek similar exposure for the boxers otherwise the Cuban sojourn would be a wasted effort. Meanwhile, Señor Roldon highlighted several future tournaments that he feels local boxers should attend. He said that the AIBA Games in

Ecuador, the Pan American Championships scheduled for Chile in August, the World Senior Championships in Kazakistan in late October and the Bolivanianos Games scheduled for Peru in late November are all important engagements and Guyana should endeavor to send teams to them. “These are all important games and we should aspire to attend if the developmental process is to continue,” urged Señor Roldon. Quizzed on the effectiveness of the local training programme, Señor Roldon said that much more ought to be done if Guyana is to have a realistic chance at winning the coveted Olympic Gold medal. He said that while the coaching team continues to nurture the young boxers, the training equipment at the ALBG left a lot to be desired. The boxers are forced to leave the comfort inside of the building to utilize the punching bags, mounted under a shed on the southern side of the gym. The Cuban coach said that this is not conducive to their development and pointed out several inconsistencies including the concrete flooring. Further, the exercise implements—abdominal machines, weights machine and the exer-cycle, are dysfunctional and should have been replaced ages ago. He said that the concrete flooring, inside of the gym should have been constructed instead with wood for the boxers’ safety. “Unless we are prepared to invest real money and time in the preparation of the boxers, we should stop believing that we will win that coveted Olympic gold medal,” he maintains.

Ponting to retire from all cricket

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edition of the Giraldo Cordova Cardin International Boxing tournament in Havana, Cuba returned to Guyana empty handed about one week ago, and Cuban coach, Francisco Hernandez Roldon, feels that though the preparations were adequate, the lukewarm input towards the preparations along with several other factors could have been blamed for the eventual results. That apart, the Cuban coach is adamant that the tournament was of immense benefit to the local boxers. Señor Roldon spoke with Kaieteur Sport at the Andrew ‘Sixhead’ Lewis Boxing Gym (ALBG) where the boxers that had attended the games, joined with those that were initially a part of the squad, to resume training for what has been dubbed ‘The Road to the Brazil Olympiad.’ The Cuban coach said that the challenges began from the time the team boarded a plane at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, Timehri for the one hour journey to Piarco Airport, Trinidad and Tobago. He said that the team then travelled to Panama and then had to endure a 6 hours wait at that airport before resuming the journey for a 3 hours flight to Cuba. He said that the team arrived in the Spanish speaking country at around 12:57hrs, merely six hours prior to the scheduled weigh in ceremony. Nevertheless, Señor Roldon commended the boxers’ discipline since they were spot on target and not required to shed excess poundage. He said that Dennis Thomas was the first to enter the ring and to his mind, the Guyanese pugilist was not fully recovered from the jet lag after the arduous trip. Notwithstanding,

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ESPNcricinfo - Ricky Ponting, the former Australia captain and one of the greatest batsmen of the modern age, will retire from all cricket in October. The 38-year-old is currently in England playing county cricket for Surrey but he has said that the Champions League T20 campaign with Mumbai Indians, winners of this year’s IPL, will be his last competitive outing. “While I’m enjoying my cricket as much as ever, it just feels like the right time to finish playing,” Ponting told

Ricky Ponting will play for Mumbai Indians at the Champions League T20 before retiring from cricket (BCCI)

the Daily Mail. “My body and mind are in great shape and I know I’m going to really

enjoy these last few months before the next stage of life begins.”

Friday June 21, 2013

Kaieteur News

Banks Premium Que Pools competition in Berbice

Amardat Singh and Niketa Tony are male and female champions Amardat Singh of Port Mourant, Corentyne left his best for last as defeated fellow villager, Fizal Khan in the final to win the Banks DIH Premium Que Berbice Pools competition which was played recently at the Top Notch Bar in Canefield, East Canje. For the win Singh collected $60,000 for his first place, while Khan had to settle for the runner up spot and $40,000. The final which was played in a best of three series saw Khan racing out in front by winning the first game only to see Singh crawling back into contention

by winning the second match to level the contest. The final was more of a clash of nerves as both players missed some easy shots as the intensity and tension built. In the semifinals, Singh got the better of Jamal Ali of Tain, while in the other game Khan proved too good for Tameshwar Surishpaul of Canefield, East Canje to book his place in the final. Ali copped third when he won the third place playoff from Surishpaul to take the $20,000 on offer. In a female competition, national cricketer Niketa Tony showed her all-round ability by easily carting off the title,

The two winners Niketa Tony and Amardat Singh winning a trophy and one case of beer in the process. The players will continue

training for the countrywide playoff which will be held later in the year. (Samuel Whyte)

Beenhakker, Hart take reigns in T&T PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad - Leo Beenhakker, who guided Trinidad & Tobago to its only World Cup appearance in 2006, has been named the Soca Warriors’ director of football, and former Canada national coach Stephen Hart has been hired as national team coach, the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association announced on Tuesday. Hart agreed to a two-year contract, while Beenhakker is finalizing his pact. It will be more than two months and will last beyond the CONCACAF Gold Cup, the association said. “I have made it a point from the moment of my election as the president of this organization six months ago, to take this organization into a new direction to enable the public to fall in love with football once again,” TTFA president Raymond Tim Kee said. “Enlisting the expertise of both Mr. Beenhakker and Mr. Hart marks a highpoint that will yield substantial long-term benefits for T&T football.” Beenhakker, who coached

Leo Beenhakker

Real Madrid and the Netherlands, returns to the Caribbean side with a wealth of experience and goodwill because the Soca Warriors reached their first and only World Cup with the Dutch native in charge of the national team. He is expected to arrive in T&T the final week of this month. The 70-year-old will be charged to help shape the brand of TTFA national team programmes, mentor and

advise T&T national team coaches, and provide a longterm structure in the way TTFA national teams operate. Beenhakker also will observe the T&T CONCACAF Gold Cup pool at a training camp, plus accompany the team to the U.S. as part of its delegation. “The approach taken by the TTFA establishes a longterm and substantive strategy that will positively impact the structure of the national

programmes while at the same time establishes an excellent head coach in Mr. Hart for some time to come,” Beenhakker said. Hart, a native of San Fernando, Trinidad, began his playing career in T&T and built his post-playing career in Canada through the Canadian Soccer Association within its coaching and development ranks. The 53-year-old guided Canada to a 20-10-15 record during his three-year tenure and is expected to arrive in Trinidad prior to the June 23 training report date. Hart said he would like to retain former head coach Hutson Charles, as well as several other current staff members, and will meet with the former technical staff upon his arrival. “I would like to make the transition as smooth as possible especially this close to the Gold Cup,” Hart said. “I’ve had the opportunity to speak with Hutson and we are of the same accord in our approach to how the upcoming training camp will be organized.”

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GFF pleased with IMC efforts to restore football in E’bo The Guyana Football Federation (GFF) is pleased with the efforts of the Interim Management Committee (IMC) efforts to revive football in Essequibo. Executive members of the GFF, Keith Ojeer and Ivan Persaud visited the county on Tuesday last and held a meeting with the IMC at the board room of the Fire Station in Anna Regina. Ojeer said that the GFF is happy with the performance of the IMC and is very encouraged by the number of clubs that showed interest in such a short period. Ojeer stated that they commended the IMC for being proactive in achieving this. He informed that their visit was to assist with the formation of the Essequibo Football Federation and its affiliates. Ojeer indicated that clubs were briefed on the necessary requirements to get themselves in order, such as bank accounts and constitution; clubs were also told that they must have a minimum of 18 members and a registered coach. He said that once the Essequibo Football Association is formed, they will be invited to attend refereeing courses. He told Kaieteur Sport that the Essequibo Football Federation would need a minimum of 5 clubs to become a bona-fide member of the GFF. “At the meeting, three

clubs indicated their willingness to register immediately while another 3 signified that they would be ready shortly, but clubs were given a period of 2 weeks to complete their registration after which a general meeting will be arranged by the IMC and that would allow the IMC to become a bona-fide member of the GFF; Thus the IMC will be replaced by the Essequibo Coast and Pomeroon Football Association or the Essequibo Football Association, depending on the clubs decision.” Ojeer stated that the GFF handed over 3 trophies and 30 balls to the IMC to run a competition and the IMC members agreed that 1 ball should be given to each club present at the meeting and a further 2 balls will be handed out on the completion of their registration. That was the GFF second visit to Essequibo since the IMC was formed. The Members of the IMC are Walter Joseph Chairperson, Maxine Stuart Secretary, Campton Haynes, Walter Moore, Andrea Blackman and Herald Alves committee members. Also present at the meeting were Bush Lot FC, Queenstown FC, Good Hope FC, New Opportunity Corporation Sports Club, Richmond FC, Henrietta United FC and the Essequibo Technical Institute Sports Club representatives.

BCC congratulates Harry, E’bo U-17 team The Bartica Cricket Committee (BCC) has extended congratulations to Keano Harry on his selection to the national U-17 team and the Essequibo side for winning the Guyana Cricket Board U-17 tournament. The full text of the message reads, “We at the BCC wish to congratulate

Keano Harry and the Essequibo U-17 team on their achievement recently. We would also like to wish Harry all the best in the regional competition and in his career. We are very happy that Essequibo tasted success at the inter-county level and hope that this will motivate the players.”

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Friday June 21, 2013

CONCACAF Women’s U-17 C/ship VCB’s absence a big blow to ‘Worlds’ medal prospects — Wilson starts in Jamaica October 30 Miami, FL - The 2013 Women’s Under-17 Championship of the Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) will b e g i n O c t o b e r 3 0 i n M o n t e g o B a y, Jamaica, featuring eight teams from across the region, with two bids to the FIFA Under-17 Women’s World Cup Costa Rica 2014 on the line. The entire tournament will be played in Montego Bay, which recently hosted the 2011 Men’s Under-17 Championship. The competition kicks off on October 30, and concludes with the championship match on November 9. “We are looking forward to returning to Jamaica, this time for the 2013 CONCACAF Under-17 Women’s Championship, showcasing the best of the region’s young talent in the women’s game,” said CONCACAF President Jeffrey Webb. “We know the 2014 FIFA Women’s Under-17 World

Cup in Costa Rica will be a tremendous success, and we are anxious to see which two teams from our Confederation join the hosts in that competition.” Defending champion the United States returns in search of a third regional title. The U.S. is joined by 2010 CONCACAF champion Canada and Mexico, a two-time FIFA Under-17 Women’s World Cup participant. In addition to the three North American teams are host Jamaica, Central American qualifiers El Salvador and Guatemala, and two more Caribbean nations to be determined next month. The competition follows the same format as in past years, with two-four team groups producing two semi-finalists each. The tournament’s two finalists will earn a berth to the 2014 FIFA Under-17 World Cup, joining CONCACAF Member Association Costa Rica.

Eight amateur boxers in 4 exciting bouts as Guyana Fight Night action nears A night of fistic fury is envisaged when 8 amateur boxers step into the ring to battle it out in four bouts when the 28th Edition of Guyana Fight Night gets underway at the Uitvlugt Community Centre, Saturday June 29 next. When the action gets underway at 20:00hrs, Jamie Kellman of the Young Achievers Boxing Gym (YABG) will square off with Quancy Wright of the Essequibo Boxing Gym (EBG) in the 50-54lbs class followed by Squalie Wright (EBG) up against Shemar Bumbury of the Forgotten Youth Foundation (FYF) in the 7579lbs division. Wright’s gym mate, Shaka Moore, will take on Stephon Green of the Harpy Eagles

(HE) in the 105-109lbs category and Quincy Boyce (GDF) will bring the amateur segment to a climax when he faces Travis Hubbard (HE) in the 118-125lbs division. These bouts will precede the professional segment where Trinidad and Tobago based pugilist Dexter Gonsalves will square off with Barbados based Guyanese, Revlon Lake, in a 12 rounds scrap for the local jnr/lightweight title. Berbician, Kelsey George will come up against veteran, Troy Lewis, in a 4 rounds middleweight encounter while welterweight pugilist, Lared Stewart, will make his professional debut against Anson Green, also over 4

rounds. Eversley Browne and debutant, Romeo Norville, will also go after each other in a 4 rounds middleweight, scrap. Meanwhile, both categories of boxers are training diligently at their respective gyms to attain optimum fitness. Fans are also assured of uninterrupted entertainment even if it should rain; administrators have said that they are prepared for such eventualities and the ring would be set up under a large tent with similar facilities for patrons. An admission fee of $1,500 will be charged for any part of the ground. Musical entertainment will be provided by Slingerz Sound System.

BSA to host President’s Cup at Port Mourant this and next weekend The recently formed Berbice Softball Alliance (BSA), which is being headed by cricket enthusiast Vickram Seubarran, will over the next two weekends, host its inaugural President’s Cup knockout competition at the Port Mourant Community Centre ground. The BSA was formed with the aim of fostering and promoting softball cricket in the Ancient County, in a disciplined and structured environment and this tournament, which is the first under the new body, will have trophies and cash prizes up for grabs for the respective winners. Preliminary round games will be played on Sunday in both the male and female

categories, with the semifinals and finals set to take place next Sunday at the same venue, with the male winner taking home $200,000 and a trophy and the second place team $75,000 and a trophy, while the third placed team in the male category taking home a trophy. In the female category, the winner will cart off $100,000 and a trophy, while the second placed team will take home $50,000 and a trophy. Already, teams such as Universal DVD Store Berbice Titans, Karibee Boyz, Jagdeo’s XI, Vinesh Super Team, Port Mourant, Computer Doctor, Taliban, D’Edward Rangers, Capo’s

XI, Edinburgh, Blairmont and Sentinel Blazers are down to do battle in the male category. Amongst the females, Universal Solutions Tigresses, 4R Lioness, Karibee Girls and Trophy Stall Angels will be battling for supremacy. Sponsors such as Republic Bank, Ansa McAl, E-Networks, Trophy Stall, Universal DVD Store, Universal Solutions, Poonai’s Pharmacy, Rafeek and Sons Construction, Chris Jagdeo, Karibee Rice Company, Singers, Courts (Guyana) Incorporated and Sentinel Security Company are on board with the BSA to make this inaugural President’s Cup tournament a successful one.

Maurice Wilson (right) and Veronica Campbell-Brown Jamaica Observer - The absence of defending World Championships 200m gold medallist Veronica Campbell Brown from Jamaica’s team to the biennial meet in Moscow, Russia, could affect the quality of medals to be won by Jamaica, says national senior team head coach Maurice Wilson. Her absence, he also said, would weaken the 4x100m relay team. “Veronica Campbell Brown has medalled in almost every senior championships she has been to and her absence from the Jamaican team could affect the quality of the medals we could win,” Wilson told the Jamaica Observer Wednesday, on the eve of the JAAA/Supreme Ventures National Senior Championships. On Tuesday the Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association (JAAA) announced that Campbell Brown had “voluntarily withdrawn herself from competition and accepted the provisional suspension” after she was identified as having returned a positive test for a banned substance at the Jamaica International Invitational meeting held at the National Stadium in early May. Without the multiple medal-winning Campbell Brown, who attended her first Olympic Games in 2000 as an 18-year-old Vere Technical schoolgirl Wilson said it would prove even more difficult to go up against archrivals the United States in the 4x100m relays. In their most recent meeting the Jamaican team ran a National Record 41.41 seconds but finished second to the USA that ran a World Record 40.82 seconds. Wilson, who was in charge of the Jamaican teams to the 2011 IAAF World

Championships in Daegu, South Korea and the Olympic Games in London last year, said he was confident that the level of professionalism in the team would drive others to lift their standards. “I do believe we have lots of professionalism in the team, and while we will miss Veronica’s experience and leadership qualities, we have others who we are confident will give of their best.” Meanwhile, the IAAF Wednesday described her doping violation as ‘minor’. Nick Davies, deputy general secretary of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), was quoted in online articles as confirming the adverse analytical finding in Campbell Brown’s sample that was taken at the Jamaica International Invitational (JII) i n M a y, b u t a s k e d f o r caution in how people react to and perceive the information. “We can acknowledge that there is a case, but also take the opportunity to urge a sense of perspective... this seems, from evidence, to be a minor doping offence, according to our rules, so we want to remain realistic in our reaction, pending the conclusion of the case,” Davies was reported as saying. Davies later confirmed to the Jamaica Observer that he had given an interview to a news agency and the quotes were in fact correct. The IAAF’s declaration and earlier information reaching the Jamaica Observer that the two-time World Indoor 60m champion had declared the substance on her medical declaration form after winning the 100m at the JII meet, is expected to go a far way in lessening whatever punishment that would have been issued when

she faces the Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association (JAAA) Disciplinary Committee. On Tuesday, six days after news broke that the 31-yearold — who has won 16 medals at the Olympic and World Championships levels — had tested positive, the JAAA issued a release that the Florida-based runner “voluntarily withdrew herself from competition and accepted the provisional suspension”. Later, on Tuesday, Campbell Brown’s management team, headed by Claude Bryan, broke their silence with a release defending her integrity, saying in part: “Veronica is not a cheat, she has, via hard work and dedication, accomplished a record on the track which is absolutely remarkable.” Well-placed sources had told the Observer last weekend that “no serious drugs were involved; No PEDs (Performance Enhancing Drugs) were involved...” The source also said that Campbell Brown had declared the substance she had used on her medical declaration form, but said no prior Therapeutic Use Exemption had been submitted, which would have allowed her to use certain banned substances for medical reasons. The suspension effectively rules her out of competing at this weekend’s JAAA/Supreme Ventures National Senior Championships and the IAAF World Championships later this year in Moscow, Russia. Campbell Brown won the 200m at the 2011 World Championships held in Daegu, South Korea, and would have had an automatic entry this year as the defending champion.

Friday June 21, 2013

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GTTA names squad for WICB/WIPA announce joint venture Caribbean Pre-Cadet C/ships

(From left) Tyriq Saunders, Kaysan Ninvalle, and Neveah Clarkston The Guyana Table Tennis Association (GTTA) has named a 34-member squad to commence the preparation phase ahead of national selection for the Eighth Caribbean Pre-Cadet Table Tennis Championships slated for August 10-15 in Guyana. The Pre-Cadet Championships engages players within the ages of 13years-and-under and 11years-and-under and has been the incubator for the development of regional table tennis since its

commencement. “These Championships provide Guyana the opportunity as host to showcase 32 of its Pre-Cadet players: eight boys and eight girls in the 11-years-andunder category; eight boys and eight girls in the 13years-and-under category,” a GTTA release informed. “In addition to allowing the association to promote and work with our young talented players as an asset for future success and growth of the sport as we embark on

THE GTTA PRE-CADET SQUAD: Boys 13-years-and-under Girls 13-years-and-under Miguel Wong Kristie Lopes Jeremey Singh Pryanna Ramdhani Khalil Ninvalle Simran Bissu Jordan Conway Davonna Bess Sandor Kanhai Brittney Bunbury Vincent Henry Annabelle DeFretias Khalid Gobin Tyrese Jeffery Joshua Norton Shamar Williams Jamal Butts Boys 11-years-and-under Tyriq Saunders Terrence Rausch Kaysan Ninvalle Niron Bissu Yeudistir Persaud Hemant Dalip Ty Dickson Brandon Jaikarran Navendra Persaud Isaiah Layne Khalid Glasgow Anferee George Sherwin Atherly

Girls 11-years-and-under Selenas Jackman Nevaeh Clarkston Abigail Martin Charlia Webb

to the road to excellence, the growth and well-being of the game,” the release continued. It was noted that the GTTA plan to use the tournament as a catalyst to jump-start and market the National Cadet, Youth and Development programmes. In this regard, the association has already commenced: (a) inviting schools to witness the Championships and engaging in the strategies to involve kids and (b) commenced training and competitions programmes, and marketing of those programmes to schools across Guyana. Teams from Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Barbados, Dominican Republic, Suriname, Barbados and host Guyana have confirmed participation in the Eighth Caribbean Pre-Cadet Table Tennis Championships. “The association would be embarking on having the Junior and Cadet team and Senior players train with members of the PreCadet team in view of improving the technical and tactical skills; reinforce fundamentals and improving confidence,” the release said. The team has commenced training under the tutelage and guidance of Coaches, Linden Johnson, Idi Lewis, Lisa Lewis, Floyd Conway, Melissa Dow, Mooniram Persaud and Godfrey Munroe at varying venues in Georgetown.

Cayman Islands to host 2014 CONCACAF Women’s U-20 C/ship in January Miami, FL - The Confederation of North, Central America and the Caribbean Association Football announced on Wednesday that the 2014 CONCACAF Women’s Under-20 will take place in the Cayman Islands in January of next year. The competition will include eight teams from across the region vying for the three spots in the 2014 FIFA Under-20 Women’s World Cup, to be played in Canada, in July of that same year. The three qualifying

teams will join a fourth CONCACAF nation, Canada, which automatically qualifies as host of the World Cup. “We are proud to witness the continued growth of the sport inclusive of both genders in our Confederation, traditionally among the strongest in the world in the women’s game,” said CONCACAF President Jeffrey Webb. “The CONCACAF Women’s Under-20 Championship in the Cayman Islands and the upcoming World Cup in

Canada will give us yet another opportunity to showcase these advances on the world stage.” The regional championship kicks off on January 9 and concludes with the third-place match and final on January 19. The host Cayman Islands will be joined by three-time Confederation champion the United States and 2010 runner-up Mexico, as well as teams from the Caribbean and Central America yet to be determined.

WICB - St. Johns, ANTIGUA – The West Indies Cricket Board and the West Indies Players Association formally announced a historic partnership to stage an awards ceremony honouring the best performances by West Indian players, in both regional and international cricket, for the 2012 calendar year. The leadership of both the WICB and WIPA have been in discussions regarding several joint initiatives, and they have agreed to collaborate on the staging this year’s ceremony. “The WICB had been planning a ceremony to honour the winning team from the ICC T20 World Cup,” said WICB CEO, Michael Muirhead. “It makes good sense from any angle for WIPA and us to stage the 10th anniversary of this event jointly. As part of the overall plan to re-position cricket, we think the collaborative approach is more attractive to the corporate sector and cricket fans. The awards present a fantastic opportunity for the partnership to grow even more.” This year’s event will be known as the WICB/WIPA Annual Player Awards Ceremony, and will see fourteen categories of awards presented on the evening, along with a special presentation to the winning West Indies World Twenty20 team members. Two new awards will also be included among the 14 – the WICB Lifetime Achievement Award and the WIPA Lifetime

Michael Muirhead (right) and Michael Hall Achievement Award. The event will be held during the Trinidad and Tobago leg of the Celkon Mobile Cup, on July 4th, in the Grand Ballroom of the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Portof-Spain. It is expected to be broadcast live on regional television stations. Both WICB and WIPA are currently in discussions with potential commercial partners, and expect to make an announcement regarding these discussions in the next few days. Both WICB and WIPA have agreed to use a part of the net proceeds from the event to fund an initiative which will be for the benefit of past players, and these details will be announced in the near future. The sale of tickets, both corporate and individual, has already begun, and WIPA CEO Michael Hall is encouraging the support of corporate Trinidad & Tobago in this regard. “There has

always been tremendous support for the event through the purchase of tables by the private sector, and with the World T20 champions being the honoured guests this year, we are certainly expecting that support to broaden and expand,” Hall commented. For the past nine years WIPA had staged the awards ceremony on its own through sponsorship support from First Citizens Bank in Trinidad and Tobago. Regrettably First Citizens recently advised WIPA of their inability to continue this arrangement. “We are extremely grateful to First Citizens Bank for their previous commitment,” said WIPA CEO Hall. “Through their support, the annual ceremony honouring the achievements of our players has grown in stature with each passing year and we are now able to expand and grow this event on an even larger scale.”

St Therese’s win Inter-Primary School U-13 girls football competition St Therese’s Primary School of New Amsterdam were declared the winner when the Hearts of Oak Masters Football club in collaboration with the Guyana Teachers Union (GTU) -New Amsterdam branch, staged their Inter-Primary School U-13 female football competition on Tuesday at the All Saints Scott’s Church ground, in New Amsterdam. The tournament which was played on a round-robin basis saw four schools participating in the 15 minutes a game competition. The schools that took part were St Therese’s Primary, All Saints Primary, Overwinning Primary and New Amsterdam Primary schools. In results of the matches played: St Therese’s Primary started things off on a winning note by defeating Overwinning Primary 2-0 with Trishel Joseph scoring twice. Game two saw All Saints Primary edging New Amsterdam Primary 1-0 through an Alicia Alexander goal. The next game was Overwinning Primary needling All Saints Primary 1-0 with Denelle Williams finding the back of the net.

New Amsterdam Primary then squeezed past St Therese’s by a 1-0 margin with Theresa Lucius scoring. In Game 5, Overwinning Primary then drew with New Amsterdam Primary 0-0, while the final game also saw a 00 draw between St Therese’s and All Saints Primaries. The second place team had to be decided from the penalty spot with All Saints Primary edging home 1-0 over New Amsterdam Primary in the ensuing shoot out. At the end of the competition, trophies and medals were presented to the top three teams. The individual category saw Destiny Lewis of New Amsterdam Primary being adjudged Most Valuable Player with school mate Melinda Williams copping the best Goalkeeper award. Trishel Joseph of St Therese’s primary received the prize for scoring the most goals, while Asha Surujnauth of Overwinning Primary was adjudged most promising player. They all received trophies. The competition was coordinated by Neil ‘Grizzly’ Humphrey.

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Friday June 21, 2013

SECOND-STRING SPAIN SCORE 10 AGAINST TAHITI Torres skips past Roche after missing the penalty to score the ninth goal of the game (Reuters)

Torres slid the ball in at the near post to put Spain in the lead early in the match (Action Images)

BBC Sport - Fernando Torres scored four goals and David Villa grabbed three as Spain completed a resounding Confederations Cup win over Tahiti. Chelsea’s Torres beat Tahiti goalkeeper Mikael Roche and waltzed past Roche again after David Silva’s finish. Villa then scored either side of half-time before the Spanish forwards sealed their hat-tricks from crosses. Juan Mata made it 8-0 and Torres ran in a fourth after missing a penalty before Silva pinched a second late on. Spain are not assured of their place in the semi-final just yet but they look oddson to reach the last four after this record win in the competition. And although the scoreline marked the gulf in class between the two sides, Tahiti once again won new

fans with their willingness to get on the scoresheet rather than defend in numbers. The defeat matched a record loss for the South Pacific islanders, who lost by the same scoreline against New Zealand in 2004, but their endeavour and undoubted class made this occasion far more than a straightforward thumping. Torres’s goal after five minutes, where he beat Roche at his near post after a one-two with Villa, looked like it might signify a goal rush but Tahiti’s amateurs played with some distinction for the first half hour against the reigning world and European champions. Coming after their historic goal in the 6-1 defeat by Nigeria in their Group B opener, Tahiti again employed a high defensive line. It allowed plenty of gaps in behind coach Eddy Etaeta’s defence, but an energetic

midfield and poor composure from Spain kept the scoreline more than respectable given the 137 places in Fifa’s world ranking between the two sides. Indeed, energetic bursts into Spain’s half from Steevy Chong Hue and Jonathan Tehau gave Tahiti confidence and roused the home crowd. While not exactly struggling, Spain were not at their fluent best to begin with. Given the standard of their opposition, perhaps it was understandable that La Roja could not lift themselves to their usual heights. With 10 changes to the team that beat Uruguay, Spain finally ended Tahiti’s resistance with three goals in eight minutes before half-time. Villa, who was the only Barcelona player in the starting side, cut in from the left and played in Manchester City’s Silva, who slotted past

Murray out to crash Big Three’s Wimbledon party LONDON (Reuters) There will be an unfamiliar whiff of British success in the air at Wimbledon this year when Andy Murray, and thousands of patriotic fans, will try to stop the partypooping antics of champions Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafa Nadal. Tennis’s so called ‘Big Three’ have lorded over Wimbledon ever since Federer won the first of his record-equaling seven titles in 2003, slamming the door shut on any pretender who threatened to gatecrash their invitation-only, VIP party. Eleven months ago, however, Murray demonstrated that peering in

from the outside year after year was no longer an option as he smashed the gilded cage the trio had built around themselves by winning an Olympic gold on the hallowed turf. Murray’s euphoric triumph at the All England Club, albeit at the London Games, offered a glimmer of hope that an end might finally be in sight for Britain’s interminable wait for a homegrown men’s champion at Wimbledon. That hope intensified tenfold when Murray hoisted the U.S. Open trophy weeks later with a heart-pumping, nerve-jangling, five-set win over Serbian Djokovic at

Flushing Meadows. That win means that for the first time in 77 years a reigning British male grandslam champion will amble in to the manicured grounds in southwest London when the club throws open its immaculately-painted gates for the start of the 2013 championships on Monday. The last time such an event occurred was when Fred Perry showed up in 1936 to complete his hat-trick of Wimbledon wins before turning professional. Since Perry captured the last of his eight grand-slam titles at the 1936 U.S. Championships, 286 majors (Continued on page 35)

Roche. Torres then grabbed his second when he collected Mata’s through ball, rounded Roche and passed into an empty net and Villa got his first when he controlled Silva’s pass and steered in. Given that they had held out for half an hour, the scoreline at the interval was perhaps harsh on the Tahitians. Yet it was clear that their confidence had been shorn when Villa scored his second four minutes after the break by converting Nacho Monreal’s cross.

New Manchester City signing Jesus Navas replaced defender Sergio Ramos at the break, and it was not long before the winger injected some pace into Spain’s attack down the right. Having burst and crossed from the right once, his second attempt set up Torres for his hat-trick after 57 minutes. Villa then matched his team-mate four minutes later after the Barcelona forward capitalised on Roche’s mistake following a long through ball.

Chelsea’s Mata made it 80 when he dribbled through the Tahiti defence to fire in, and although Torres hit the crossbar with a penalty he burst through the defence to seal his fourth. Tehau had a penalty claim towards the end, but Silva’s second rounded off the scoring a minute from time. It was a competitive game only in name but it marked an experience that Tahiti will not forget and they rightly lapped up the Maracana’s acclaim at the final whistle.

National basketball player critical after fatal Bosai accident By Edison Jefford Former junior national basketball player, point guard, Marlon Pollydore was listed as ‘critical’ at the Linden Hospital Complex at Mackenzie, Linden following a fatal Bosai accident that claimed the lives of three sometime around midday yesterday. Pollydore and Fabian Anthony are the lone survivors after a 100-ton heavy-duty Caterpillar truck reportedly crushed a pick-up truck they were travelling in at the Bosai Bauxite Company, Linden Mines site. Five individuals were travelling in the pick-up truck. Dead are Michael Williams, Trenton Gardener and Kester Grant. Kaieteur Sport understands that Pollydore sustained serious injuries to the head, for which he underwent an emergency surgery at the Linden Hospital Complex yesterday afternoon. President of the Linden Amateur Basketball Association (LABA), BOSAI’s Mines Maintenance

Marlon Pollydore Senior Planner, Haslyn Graham, said that he saw Pollydore after the accident and he appeared to be shocked and unable to speak before being rushed to the hospital. “When I saw him, he looked confused and he was in shock. It was a really sad scene; I hope that things work out for him. I know that he was expected to undergo surgery,” Graham said,

adding that family, friends and the basketball community is hoping for the best. “We are hoping that from the perspective of the LABA, we get a speedy recovery. It has been a really sad situation here,” Graham, who took over as LABA President earlier this year continued. He said that Pollydore has been one of Linden’s iconic young players. Up to press time this newspaper could not have ascertained an updated report on the status of the surgery. The 20-year old Pollydore attended the New Silver-City Secondary School and Linden’s Technical Institute. He was employed at Bosai as an apprentice mechanic. Pollydore was a prolific basketball player with the ability to score at will. He represented Guyana at the Inter-Guiana Games (IGG) in 2010 and 2011 where he became the starting guard in his final year of junior national basketball in Suriname. Pollydore is a member of the Victory Valley Royals Basketball Club in Linden.

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