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GPHC porter caught in crashed hijacked car

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Mother, son Court stops Brassington shot in 'fowl from blocking cock' row Pegasus drainage pipe P. 13

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Kaieteur News

Thursday June 21, 2012

Thursday June 21, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Guyana to soon receive Housing Ministry warns against fraudsters US $40M from Norway Prime Minister of Norway, Jens Stoltenberg, has reaffirmed the country’s support for the implementation of Guyana’s Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) which continues to be hailed as a model for sustainable development. Mr Stoltenberg gave this assurance to President Donald Ramotar in Brazil yesterday, where many countries’ leaders and climate change experts have gathered for the Rio+20 summit in Rio de Janeiro. The Norwegian Prime Minister expressed satisfaction with work of LCDS and indicated that Guyana will soon receive another US $40M and later this year, US$60M. Guyana in partnership with Norway, which is located in Northern Europe, has been implementing an Interim REDD+ arrangement through which the country has already earned about US$70 M in performance- based payments from avoided deforestation and under which the country can earn up to US$ 250 M by 2015. During a side meeting organised by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) of India in association with the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA) and Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), Japan, on Tuesday,

- US$60M more later this year

President Donald Ramotar

Norway’s Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg

President Ramotar explained that the financing his country is garnering, is being utilised to execute projects that will allow the country to meet ‘almost its entire domestic energy needs through clean energy; support the diversification of the national and local economy and thereby reduce pressures on our forests, and to implement. During yesterday’s meeting, President Ramotar also expressed condolence to Norway’s Prime Minister for the recent tragedies the country has faced. Last July, a Norwegian national went on a shooting and bombing rampage that claimed the lives of 77 people, most of whom were youths on an island at a summer camp.

Guyana and Norway on November 18, 2009 signed the historic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), symbolically at Fairview village, Region Nine to protect Guyana’s tropical forests. The MoU is a declaration of the two countries’ determination to work together to provide the world with a working example of how partnerships between developed and developing countries can save the world’s tropical forests. The partnership is part of the Norwegian Government’s International Climate and Forest Initiative that was first launched in December 2007 during the climate change negotiations at Bali. (GINA)

Trotman endorses Ramjattan - Party opens as new AFC leader Enmore sub-office Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman, has endorsed Khemraj Ramjattan as the new leader of the Alliance for Change (AFC). This was done as the party opened a sub-office in Enmore, East Coast Demerara. It was after the martyrdom of five Enmore sugar workers that Dr Cheddi Jagan started the movement against British rule in Guyana. The village became the cradle of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP). Trotman is the current leader of the AFC which holds seven seats in the National Assembly. According to Moses Nagamootoo, a prominent member of the AFC, Trotman at the meeting, acknowledged that as Speaker of the National Assembly he could not serve as party leader anymore. Nagamootoo said that the

opening of the AFC’s office in Enmore was a revolution, given the importance of Enmore to the PPP. He said that the AFC is making great inroads in Enmore, and that the opening of the office is testimony to

the fact that the village wants to be part of the change that is taking place. According to Nagamootoo, residents complained of being threatened and victimized because of their association with the AFC.

The Ministry of Housing and Water is warning against persons claiming to have rights over reserved plots in the Eccles Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara. The reserved sites were meant to serve as playfields in the Block “EE” Eccles Housing Scheme. However, several concerned residents recently complained that there are persons falsely claiming that they have purchased these reserved plots. The Ministry of Housing and Water, in a press release yesterday, stated that these fraudsters are attempting to illegally occupy land within the subdivision and are engaging in fraudulent activities. Persons are also being urged not to participate in any

such type of activity and be aware of this problem. “The general public is hereby warned not to be lured into any transactions purportedly related to any land at Block EE Eccles. All legal transactions are conducted at the offices of the Ministry and not at any other unauthorized location(s),” the press release said. The public is also being asked to report all suspicious activities that might come to their attention, to the Head Office of the Ministry immediately. Kaieteur News understands that the Ministry will not recognize or validate any fraudulent transaction related to land at Block EE Eccles, specifically, or any other land that is within its purview.

Minister of Housing and Water, Irfaan Ali, told Kaieteur News yesterday that his Ministry is taking precautionary methods to protect citizens from being lured into such situations. While the culprits have not been identified or ‘caught’, the Ministry has received a number of telephone calls from persons, notifying them of this incident. “We have been getting calls from persons telling us that this is happening and we want to protect them. In the past we have had people falsely representing that they own certain properties and such and we have had to take them to court. So we are sending a notice out to avoid these things from happening,” said Ali.

Small vendors protest ban on foreign labeled goods Two days after the Government Analyst, Food and Drugs Department (GAFDD), announced that it will be removing all food and drug items labeled in foreign languages from shelves of local retail outlets, small vendors are asking that they give them some grace period to sell those that they have in stock. The vendors fear that their small businesses will face tremendous losses. Items in which they have invested may no longer be sold. These vendors added that their businesses survive mostly by selling small items, most of which are not labeled in English. Larger entities said that the authority should take into consideration, the plights of small business owners,

before moving to a sudden ban. Many of them also revealed that even though their products are not labeled in complete English, they do have translation, and customers have never complained about not understanding what they read. The main reason why the small vendors opt to purchase foreign branded goods is because it costs a lot less than those with English labels. They explained that drug and food items from countries such as India or China cost

less than the ones imported from European nations or other English speaking countries. The Government Food and Drug Department had initially said that the food and drug act regulation states that all regulated articles offered for sale should be English. This they said would allow better communication (continued on page 24)

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Kaieteur News

Thursday June 21, 2012

Letters... Where your views make the news

Printed and Published by National Media & Publishing Company Ltd. 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown, Georgetown, Guyana. Publisher: GLENN LALL Editor: Adam Harris Tel: 225-8465, 225-8491. Fax: 225-8473, 226-8210


Looking at the Styrofoam menace Last week, the government signaled that it was seeking to curtail the importation of material fashioned from Styrofoam and certain plastics as part of the programme to save the local environment. Indeed, these materials are non-biodegradable. They will remain on the earth without decomposing and would render that section of the soil good for nothing. This development exposes the country for what it is, a place where the people are caught up in development but are often not ready to cope with the aspects of development. Cases of such are myriad. Cars came and with them materials that needed to be disposed of in a safe manner. The more the cars came the greater the need to dispose of waste. Oils were often drained from these vehicles and simply dumped into drains and other waterways. This not only polluted the drains and waterways but killed all life. In the city where there is the greatest concentration of workshops there is the greatest need to dispose of waste material. People did not recognize how widespread was indiscriminate dumping until a thief dived under a bridge and failed to survive. The thief had snatched a woman’s belongings and in his haste to escape pursuit, plunged into a canal and sought to hide under a bridge. The thief died because he was overpowered by the fumes trapped there because of the dumping of waste oils by a nearby gas station. People who manage solid waste in the city also complain about the incidence of non-degradable material in the system. Tons of used tyres are simply discarded by the roadside and left there. When these are collected and transported to the dumpsite they will not rot. The result is understandable. In other countries as development comes there are supporting programmes. Used tyres are shredded and mixed with road building material rather than being left to pollute the environment. In Guyana, this programme is still in the experimental stage. The people with the capability to convert used tyres into something appropriate and into something that would not pollute, merely showcase the capability each year at exhibitions. It is the same with the waste oils. The Institute of Applied Science and Technology has been using the oils from restaurants and even the various workshops to produce fuel. There is not enough being produced for the government to undertake the conversion on a large scale but surely it could facilitate the collection of the oils. There are many areas where the impact of careless dumping of oil is evident—no grass and an impenetrable sludge. In the case of Styrofoam and plastics, these are dumped into the waterways, chocking many of them. We have all seen the photographs of garbage choked canals. What many fail to realize is that these canals lead to the rivers and subsequently to the ocean. Such garbage kills marine life. Increasingly, local producers are turning to plastic because of the weight. It is easier to transport more because of plastic for the same cost. Plastic actually enhances profit, therefore. However, in Guyana, these plastic containers are simply discarded in a haphazard manner. There have been attempts to convert the plastic material to briquettes for recycling. Banks DIH was one entity that was prepared to recycle its plastic bottles. It had switched from glass for a variety of reasons. It contended that it was easier to use disposable containers. Demerara Distillers Limited also eyed recycling and with good reason because each of these major companies were required to pay an environmental tax on their imports. What we find surprising is the noise that is coming from the vendors who use the Styrofoam containers. They feel that they will be left in the cold, having to invest in some other material. The truth is that for all its talk the government never seriously pursued recycling. All garbage is placed in a single container and any separation is done by the pickers at the dump site. It is time the government addresses the issue of recycling, penalizing those who fail to and rewarding those who do. There will be less non-biodegradable material in the environment.

Speaker calls on Guyana Chronicle to lift level of journalism DEAR EDITOR, On Sunday, June 17, 2012, the Guyana Chronicle carried a front-page story headlined: “Consequent Upon Rebuke of Opposition MPs…Speaker Violates Impartiality of Chair” This story blatantly, and perhaps maliciously, stated that the Speaker of the National Assembly had succumbed “to verbal onslaughts of opposition MPs and backpedals on ruling”. References were made of threats to the Speaker, and even to his family background. It was a vile attack on the Constitutional Office of Speaker of the National Assembly; clumsily disguised to implicate Opposition Members of Parliament as the real culprits. Without ever checking with the Speaker as to what

transpired on the evening of Thursday, June 14, 2012, the story stated that the Speaker was “vilified for his ruling by his colleagues who descended to the most despicable behavior and harangued in the basest terms, for hours afterwards.” This, in the opinion of the Guyana Chronicle, caused him to reverse a previous ruling. This is furthest from the truth, as when the Ruling was being read, the Speaker clearly indicated that there were some corrections to be made. Later, the Speaker circulated the corrected version of the Ruling. It is apposite to note that the Ruling on the request to exclude Financial Paper 9 was, for all intents and purposes, an extrapolation of an earlier ruling given in March, 2012 on the right of the National

Assembly to examine requests for expenditure by the Government. In that earlier ruling, the Speaker had indicated that the Minister of Finance has the right to resubmit the 4 (four) Financial Heads that were disallowed by the National Assembly. The two rulings of March and June, 2012 are meant to be read together. At no time was the Speaker threatened, or harangued, by any Member of Parliament about his ruling, and this blatant untruth being peddled is unworthy of a media house that wishes to be taken seriously. Journalistic ethics require the editors to verify the truth of statements made in stories submitted by their reporters. In this case, a story alleging that the Speaker of the

National Assembly was threatened by Members of Parliament, is so grave and threatening to the national security, order and good governance of the State of Guyana, that at the very least, the Speaker should have been asked to verify it. This report has to be condemned as shameless and cowardly journalism, and the Guyana Chronicle is called upon to retract it, and to lift the standards of its journalism if it wants to be taken seriously in the future. It is obvious that there is talent within the ranks of the Chronicle, but its journalistic excellence is being overshadowed and retarded by the specter of nasty and divisive politics. R.G.C. Trotman Speaker of the National Assembly

Calculating and better understanding internet speeds

DEAR EDITOR, In response to the letter by Jagatram Tekchand dated 2012-06-20 and titled “Not getting the DSL one pays for”, I would like to respectfully state that Mr. Tekchand is incorrect in believing that 256K DSL Lite means that we should or will get a download speed of 256 kilobytes per second (256Kb/ s). I will further explain how to calculate the internet speeds. The first thing to note is the varying measurements and descriptions of internet access speeds and to understand how they compare to the simple notion of transfer speed. There are

3 common speed measurements for internet access used by most ISPs (Internet service providers), Kilobits Per Second (Kbps), Megabits Per Second (Mbps) and Gigabits Per Second (Gbps). To get the actual transfer rates which are observed when we perform a file download, we have to divide the ISP’s original bits-persecond figure by eight (8) to get the Bytes-Per-Second transfer rate; e.g. Dial-up modem is commonly referred to as 56K and measured as 56Kbps, which is effectively a transfer rate up to 7Kb/s

Slanting the news DEAR EDITOR, We are all familiar with the admonition that “the messenger should not be murdered for the message”. Equally, we are aware of the possibilities and practices of ‘messengers’ manipulating the news to suit their personal, paid or other agendas which do not, indeed cannot, always resonate with the expectations of readers , listeners and other recipients of the news. Recent lamentations about the newspapers being replete with negative news are well taken, although there are those among us who appear to be focused on negativities or who innocently or deliberately ignore the positives. After all, Guyana is still a relatively good place to live, having regard to its Godgiven natural beauty. Doesn’t the heart beat excitedly when

we sing our national anthem proclaiming: “Green land of Guyana” with all its rivers, mountains and plains, etc.? Aren’t we free from natural disasters? How often have we not been regaled about our warmth as a people? And let’s don’t forget the basic intelligence and brilliant academic/professional performances of Guyanese, albeit flourishing more outside than within Guyana. Furthermore, we have been able to ‘accommodate’ our ethnic, religious and cultural differences a lot better than is the case in several other countries. Now, let’s hope, pray and work together and resist the politicians who might try to spoil it for us, as indeed has been attempted in the past. It is so nice to dream of a better future; Oh how much nicer it would be to achieve it! Nowrang Persaud

(Kilobytes Per Second). DSL service described as 256K measured as 256Kbps and actual maximum transfer speeds in Kilobytes per second is 32Kb/s. DSL service described as 1M (1 Meg) measured as 1Mbps (which is 1024K) and actual maximum transfer speeds in Kilobytes per second is 128KB/s (1024K divide by 8). Therefore to actually see a transfer rate of 256Kb/s we multiply that number by 8 (256Kb/s times 8 = 2048Kbps) which means the ISP would have to provide you with a connection of no less than 2Mbps. I hope this gives some clarity to your readers to

better understand our internet speeds. Mr. Tekchand was correct in his understanding that his service seems a little poor 26Kb/s which indicates an effective connection speed of 208Kbps, which may have many factors including the source of your download (slow rates from the source website), poor Telephone Line condition, DSL Modem/ computer faults(virus etc), use of improperly configured router and/or other gateway software/hardware, ISP employing the use of proxy/ filtering servers, ISP hard set limits of speed lower than promised, etc. Please note that most ISPs do not guarantee the (Continued on page 5)

Save historic and national treasures DEAR EDITOR, I have been extremely fortunate to have cross paths with some remarkable and brilliant persons over the years and I will also admit that they have contributed significantly towards my nurturing/approach in/to life and some personal achievements. One such achievement to date is my passion for preserving historical treasures/artifacts, especially taking on the task of being an Independent Tourism Advocate for quite some time now. It all started with stamp collecting and it has enabled me to garner/grasp a wealth of knowledge in the subject areas of History and Geography, and I have managed to also collect some

interesting pieces of the “British Guiana” era. It does break my heart to pieces to witness the demolishing of treasured and historic buildings. I also often wonder if Guyana will ever truly understand the importance of preservation. I would say it is due to the lack of education and exposure. Perhaps Guyana should seek some guidance from the ‘British” or the Smithsonian Institute in the USA on preservation. I will add my public support to Mark Archer’s KN publication dated June 12, 2012 and captioned, “Apparently nothing of historic value in Guyana is worth saving”. T. Pemberton

Thursday June 21, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

Enriching their friends at the expense of the little man DEAR EDITOR, Someone once told me that corruption was worse than prostitution; because the latter endangers the morals of an individual, but the former endangers the morals of an entire nation. The lengths to which the current ruling clique have gone to enrich themselves and their friends is simply mindboggling in size and scope. The audacity of some of the main players goes way beyond mere eye-pass. For the last few weeks I have been monitoring the local print media and what I found, while not surprising, made me angry. For the last few weeks the Guyana Times, a newspaper with questionable ties to past senior administration officials and one with a miniscule circulation at best, has received a disproportionate amount of government advertisement. In addition to that, the PPP party organ, the Mirror, a newspaper that many people may be surprised to know still exists, and one which by all accounts is given away, receives millions of taxpayer dollars in government ads. Yes it is true that the government of Guyana has the right to advertise with any entity, but let us not forget that the government is answerable to the people. The money that the government spends is not the PPP/C’s money, that money is the people’s money, yours and mine. Most of us work hard for our money and we demand value for our money. We would not want to entrust our hard earned cash to someone who would waste it or buy a beer for $1000 dollars when that beer retails for $100. If we had to advertise we would not want to advertise in a paper with a poor or non-

existent circulation, but instead we want to give our message the best possible opportunity to achieve the greatest visibility. We would not waste our money advertising in papers that people don’t read. Last Sunday in the weekend edition of the PPP Mirror there were 15 pages of government ads. Three of those pages were full-page ads. The Guyana Times had several pages of government ads. In fact the breakdown of advertisement per inches of newsprint in last Sunday’s newspapers was as follows; Mirror 641 column inches; Guyana Times 166 column inches; Stabroek News 139 column inches and Kaieteur News 55 column inches. The numbers show a clear pattern of favouring the Mirror and Guyana Times and the bias must be seen for what it is, a corrupt practice to enrich the party and their friends. I would have no quarrel with these people if they were spending their own money, but this is our money. The practice of this government of using our money to enrich themselves and their friends must stop. NICIL has our money, yet they don’t want to tell us what is in, essentially, our bank book. But they spend from it like a sailor on shore leave. This must end. There are so many glaring examples of the government wasting our hard-earned cash and we the people not getting value for our money, while the friends and associates of the ruling Cabal get rich with our money. This pattern of institutionalized corruption must end and the PPP must stop hiding behind its walls of incompetence and face the

Calculating and... From page 5 maximum transfer speed indicated on a continuous basis, as their service is most often referred to as Dynamic and/or Shared vs. Dedicated. Dedicated or Guaranteed speeds often cost much more than what we pay for current 256K or 1M rates. What we should be more concerned

with at this point are the rates we are paying for the services we are getting. An A grade service should get A grade money and a B grade service a B grade money. There is no secret that our ISPs can be much more generous in their offerings, whether speeds or payment rates. S. Ali

nation with the truth. It is my hope that the third branch of government, the judiciary, is paying keen attention and building a strong case against the wrong-doers. For every day it becomes clearer that the PPP as a government lacks the political will and is not interested in putting an end to the status quo. That corruption in Guyana has become so all-pervasive that none is exempt, may not be farfetched. My only hope is that there are still a few good men and women left to say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done. Mark Archer

A lack of accountability and more excuses

DEAR EDITOR, I hate what this government is doing to Guyana. They are just like the previous party that was in government. I know hate is a strong word, but there is no other word to describe how I feel. I hate the fact that our road infrastructure is in such a deplorable state. The electricity situation is dangerous. On the East Bank, the voltage fluctuates wildly at times - I can see it with my lights going bright and then dim at times. I know GPL knows what I am saying is true. Yes, I know it’s not the connection to my house. I don’t care to hear their excuses. The water situation is dismal. All the Minister of Housing does is talk about how glorious things are. It’s not so. The roads in the villages are in such a deplorable condition. In Diamond, Eccles, etc. What I hate is that it’s not so because of lack of resources. The roads in Eccles were repaired

in February this year, and by the end of May, the roads have craters. It’s because of the corruption that pervades the society that results in poor infrastructure works. Bharrat Jagdeo used to say show him the corruption and he will deal with it. When he was showed, he did nothing. An example of this is the $69 million bungalow for the NIS in Corriverton, Berbice. Now all the corruption is coming to light all the corruption that has been happening for years. All the white collar crimes are being exposed. It is this deep-seated corruption, this lawlessness, this lack of accountability that is responsible for the dismal state of most of the infrastructure. All this letter will achieve is talk, talk and more talk from government ministers and party apparatchik. It’s all just excuses. I hate it!!! Ganesh Singh

UWI to launch Caribbean Disaster Risk Atlas KINGSTON, Jamaica — The University of the West Indies (UWI) will unveil the Caribbean Disaster Risk Atlas on Monday. The Atlas, which arose from the need for reliable data to enhance decision-making to reduce the serious economic and social impacts caused by natural hazards in the region, is being branded as a paradigm shift in the development of comprehensive risk management strategies in the Caribbean. According to vice chancellor, Professor Nigel Harris, UWI is very honoured to be at the forefront of this initiative. “The UWI has once again raised the bar for Caribbean integration. Under the management of the Institute for Sustainable Development (ISD) and the technical expertise of the Seismic Research Centre in St Augustine, and the Mona GeoInformatix Institute, the Caribbean can now benefit from cutting edge technology, providing upto-date and verified data available for the analysis and management of natural hazards in the region,”

commented Harris. “As the UWI continues to connect the Caribbean, this analytical tool is proof of the structured manner in which the UWI is positioning itself as a premier applied learning institution to be the repository of knowledge to inform policy and planning for growth and development, locally and internationally,” Harris concluded. This Atlas, the major output of the disaster vulnerability and risk assessment mapping for Jamaica and the wider Caribbean, is funded by the World Bank to the amount of US$510,000 through its Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery. “Additionally, the regional risk atlas contains

spatial data on risk from floods and earthquakes for three Caribbean countries namely: Jamaica, Barbados and Grenada. Another significant feature of the Atlas, is that it will be available free of cost to most users,” said Dr David Smith, co-ordinator of the ISD and principal investigator for the Caribbean Disaster Risk Atlas Project. Scores of persons from across the Caribbean from the highest levels of the University, risk managers, GIS

specialists and planners as well as government officials and the diplomatic community will witness the demonstration of the Atlas publicly for the first time. The launch of the disaster atlas precedes training on June 27 and 28 in Ocho Rios for experts in the sector. A symposium culminates these activities and will include the presentation of technical papers arising from the two-year investigations that occurred in Jamaica, Grenada and Barbados.

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Kaieteur News

Thursday June 21, 2012

Gov’t admits buying $80 cream for more than $1,909 …disputes other prices The government yesterday admitted buying the anti-fungal Ketoconazole cream for a price even higher than the cost cited by Kaieteur News. Health Minister Dr Bheri Ramsaran suggested that the government has no control over the prices it pays. According to Dr Ramsaran, once the tender process is followed and the most suitable bidder is recommended by the National Procurement and Tender Board Administration, that is what the government goes by. With the government not knowing how much drugs it needs, millions of dollars in drugs end up passing the expiry date and have to be dumped. The Health Minister yesterday said that he did not know what quantity of expired drugs is being dumped. While millions of dollars go down the drain, the government continues to procure drugs at prices that are way above the actual price the drugs could be had for on the market. Dr Ramsaran said that this would change when the government moves to its new warehouse being established

at Diamond. He described this warehouse as state of the art. During the transition of the period between Farm and Diamond, Dr Ramsaran said that there would be an inventory of the drugs in the system. This inventory would be computerized. This newspaper reported on Sunday, that the government is buying the Ketoconazole cream at a cost of $1,909 per tube when the same cream is being retailed in India, inclusive of taxes, for as little as $80. Yesterday, Health Minister Dr Bheri Ramsaran said that the actual price the government pays is $1,990. The cream is used to treat jock itch, dandruff, and athlete’s foot, The government buys from the New Guyana Pharmaceutical Corporation (New GPC) and then distributes it to public hospitals and health centres. Of the Ketoconazole creams being produced by companies in India, Kaieteur News found that the government is buying the cheapest one at a price that is almost 25 times the Indian retail price. Despite this, Ramsaran

conducted his own probe and was satisfied that nothing was amiss with the purchases. He indicated that there was no independent verification of the prices for the items purchased, saying that once the tender process is followed, the government goes with whatever the Tender Board recommends. The New GPC is the government’s largest supplier of pharmaceuticals. This company, Atlantic Pharmaceuticals, the Guyana Times and several other companies, are owned by Dr. Ranjisinghi Ramroop, the best friend of former President Bharrat Jagdeo. Yesterday, Dr Ramsaran could not say how much money was paid over to the New GPC last year. While not disputing the cost of the Ketoconazole cream, Dr Ramsaran disputed the pricing of some other items cited by Kaieteur News and procured by New GPC for the Ministry of Health. This newspaper reported that the Georgetown Hospital buys a syringe for $8,000 when it could be bought for $600. Dr Ramsaran said his records show that the presyringe product was bought this year for $1,957. He disputed the cost of aspirins noted by Kaieteur News. Ramsaran said that a 1,000 package of aspirins (300 milligrams) was bought for $485 last year and for $468 this year. This newspaper had put the cost at $2,700. In addition, the Health Minister said that Atenolol was bought for $1,165 last year and $1,461 this year. Kaieteur News had put the price the government pays at $18,000. Kaieteur News, through its New York agent, was able to secure quotations for a bottle containing the same 1,000 Atenolol tablets for as low as $2,000. Local pharmacies are

Dr Bheri Ramsaran retailing it on average of $6$10 each. In a statement Tuesday, the New GPC stayed away from the prices it sells pharmaceuticals and medical supplies to the government for. The company called on the Auditor General’s office to carry out a Value for Money Audit to review the

prequalification process that was conducted in 2010 beginning with the advertisement for Expression of Interest, to the evaluation and subsequent approval of submissions for prequalification to supply pharmaceuticals and medical supplies to GPHC. The company said it is calling on the Auditor General

Dr Bobby Ramroop to carry out the audit to determine if GPHC is receiving value for money based on the criteria and other established benchmarks as set out in the prequalification process, “to set the record straight and let the general public be aware of the facts”. Dr Ramsaran said that he has already been meeting with the Auditor General.

Lindeners use three times more electricity than others Lindeners consume two to three times more electricity than other Guyanese, the government stated yesterday, insisting that the town must pay more from July 1. Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr Roger Luncheon, said that opposition arguments that the town is a depressed community cannot stand, given the amount of electricity being consumed by Lindeners. According to Luncheon, the government last year spent $3 billion subsidizing electricity in Linden. If that money were to be saved by the Guyana Power and Light company, all Guyanese would benefit from a 10 per cent reduction in electricity rates. The government’s intention to press ahead with

electricity tariff increases for the town continues to meet with resistance from Lindeners. Region Ten Chairman, Sharma Solomon, said that the government is being stubborn and is refusing to understand the grounds under which Lindeners are rejecting the increased tariffs. “It is not that Lindeners don’t want to pay; the issue is that they are unable to pay,” Solomon told Kaieteur News. The subsidy in Region Ten has seen only two tariff rates; residential and commercial. This is different from what obtains in the rest of the grid; whereby there is a differentiation among business, commercial and industrial. These tariffs are

present everywhere else in Guyana with the exception of Region Ten. Lindeners currently pay $12 to $15 per kilowatt hour, while the rest of the grid at the lowest level in the commercial category pays $63 per kilowatt hour. The Region Ten chairman said that the people of Linden are prepared to demonstrate to stakeholders that they are unable to pay the increased tariffs. He said that the unemployment rate in Linden is 70 per cent and this demonstrates that the town is a depressed community. As far as Sharma sees it, the government is intent on painting a picture that says the people of Linden are but a “bunch of beggars” and should pay up. However, he said that that is far from the truth, and that the people of Linden are prepared to show that with high unemployment rates and poor living conditions, a hike in electricity tariffs is unjustified. Sharma said that the people of Linden would be seeking the help of both opposition parties in Parliament.

Thursday June 21, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Romanian ex-PM attempts House panel votes Holder in contempt of Congress suicide as jailers arrive BUCHAREST (Reuters) Former Romanian prime minister Adrian Nastase tried to kill himself yesterday when police came to take him to start a two-year jail term for corruption, a case touted by Romania as proof that it is getting tough on graft. Nastase appeared to have attempted suicide when police arrived at his house in an up-market part of the capital to take him to prison, the Bucharest Court of Cassation and Justice said in a statement. A Reuters witness saw the 61-year-old, who was prime minister from 2000 to 2004, being stretchered from the house and taken away in an ambulance. Local media reported he had shot himself with a pistol and was wounded in the neck. Prime Minister Victor Ponta, a party ally of

Adrian Nastase Nastase’s, rushed to the hospital where he was being treated. “I could not stay away,” he said. “Doctors told me the situation is under control.” The Supreme Court had earlier confirmed Nastase would have to serve two years in jail, surprising many

who thought politicians were still above the law in Romania. The failure to tackle endemic corruption in Romania and neighbouring Bulgaria, the EU’s two newest and poorest members, has led to both being blocked from joining the passport-free Schengen zone. Nastase is the most senior politician to be convicted in Romania since the end of communist rule in 1989. Prosecutors said $2 million had gone missing from the state budget in 2004 when profits from an event organized by a state construction watchdog were used to finance Nastase’s presidential campaign. Nastase lost the election to Traian Basescu, who is still president. Nastase denied any wrongdoing and said the case was political.

Greek coalition takes power, promises to revise bailout ATHENS (Reuters) - A conservative-led government took power in Greece yesterday promising to negotiate softer terms on its harsh international bailout, help the people regain their dignity and steer the country through its biggest crisis for four decades. The swearing-in of Antonis Samaras as prime minister after elections last Sunday ended weeks of uncertainty that rattled financial markets and threatened to push near-bankrupt Greece out of the euro zone. Samaras, a Harvardeducated economist from a prominent Greek family, will head an alliance of his New Democracy party and

Socialist PASOK rivals - the same discredited establishment parties which have dominated politics since 1974. “I am fully aware how critical this time is for our nation,” Samaras said after he was sworn in at a ceremony conducted by robed Orthodox priests at the presidential mansion “I know very well that Greek people are hurt and need to regain their dignity. I know that the economy must quickly recover to reestablish social justice and cohesion.” The coalition parties are in a race to overcome public disgust with their records, face down an emboldened leftist opposition that

Eric Holder

said they would schedule a vote in the full House next week on the contempt charge. House Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor said if the requested documents were submitted before that vote, it would provide an opportunity to resolve the issue. In theory, an official charged with contempt could be punished with a fine or jail, but no one expects it to come to that. Weeks or months of controversy feeding into the presidential election

campaign is the more likely result. The “Fast and Furious” operation - similar to one conducted during George W. Bush’s administration - was meant to help federal law enforcement agents follow the flow of guns from Arizona into Mexico, where they were thought to fall into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. U.S. agents lost track of many of the weapons, which later were involved in crimes, including the killing of U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.

U.S. to slap “terrorist” label on Nigerian militants Antonis Samaras narrowly failed to win the election, and persuade reluctant euro zone partners to ease the terms of a bailout that has caused deep economic suffering. The cabinet has yet to be named, although a technocrat banker is expected to become finance minister.

Hamas signals ready for truce after Israel kills 2 GAZA (Reuters) - Gaza militants said yesterday they were ready to sign up to an Egyptian-brokered truce to end three days of cross-border fighting after Israeli air strikes killed a Palestinian militant and a 14-year-old boy. In a statement, the militant wing of the Islamist Hamas group in control of Gaza said: “Responding to the Egyptian efforts, we and the armed resistance announce our commitment to stop this round of confrontation as long as the occupation stops this aggression.” Israel had no immediate comment. It customarily avoids responding whenever intermediaries reach an accord with Gaza militants as Israel refuses to recognize them citing the Islamists’ refusal to acknowledge Israel’s existence. The Israeli military had earlier said in a

WA S H I N G T O N (Reuters) - A U.S. congressional panel voted yesterday to charge Attorney General Eric Holder with contempt of Congress after the Obama administration invoked executive privilege for the first time since coming to office, withholding some documents related to a failed gun-running investigation. The Republicancontrolled House of Representatives’ Oversight and Government Reform Committee, on a party-line vote, decided to cite the nation’s top law enforcement officer in connection with the operation, code-named “Fast and Furious.” The contempt move set up yet another confrontation between Democratic President Barack Obama and the House, intensifying the bitter partisanship that has prevailed in Washington since just after Obama took office. With the so-called “fiscal cliff” showdown between the White House and Republicans looming after the November 6 presidential election, the timing could not be worse for another source of friction. Republican House leaders

statement it would “continue to operate with perseverance and determination against those who use terror against the State of Israel”. An Egyptian source had earlier told Reuters that efforts were afoot to try to achieve a ceasefire in fighting seen as risking a wider conflict at a time when Egypt faces political uncertainty after a contested presidential election. Monday’s violence erupted after a crossborder attack launched from Egypt’s Sinai desert killed an Israeli civilian. Israel shot dead two of the attackers, then launched air strikes on Gaza, killing eight, including Wednesday’s victims. A newly formed radical Islamist movement, the “Shura Council of Mujahideen in the Holy Land”, claimed responsibility for Monday’s raid from Egypt.

WA S H I N G T O N (Reuters) - The U.S. government is expected to formally apply a “foreign terrorist” label today to three alleged leading figures of the violent Nigerian militant group Boko Haram, officials said. The action by the State and Treasury departments follows growing pressure on the Obama Administration to take stronger action against Boko Haram. The group, which says it wants to establish an Islamic caliphate in northern Nigeria, has stepped up attacks on Christian places of worship this year. Today’s anticipated action, officials said, involves applying the “terrorist” designation to three men presumed to be central figures in the group. The three individuals, an official said, are Abubakar Shekau, aged around 43, described as a Boko Haram leader who allegedly aligned himself with al Qaeda in a video message; Abubakar Adam Kambar, aged roughly 35; and Khalid al Barnawi,

aged approximately 36. All three are native Nigerians. The expected action will freeze any assets they have in the United States, and bar U.S. persons from any transactions with them. It is among the first such action the U.S. government has taken against Boko Haram, but falls short of demands from some U.S. lawmakers and the Justice Department to designate the entire group as a “foreign terrorist organization.” The State Department has been under pressure to act against Boko Haram for months. In January, Lisa

Monaco, the Justice Department’s top national security official, sent a letter to the State Department arguing that the Nigerian group met the criteria for a “foreign terrorist” listing because it either engages in terrorism that threatens the United States or has a capability or intent to do so. Boko Haram increasingly is seen as a potent threat to Nigeria, t h e c o n t i n e n t ’s m o s t populous state and major oil producer, and as part of growing arc of Islamist extremist groups stretching across northern Africa.

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Thursday June 21, 2012

Rio+20 summit kicks off under a cloud of criticism RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) - Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff welcomed world leaders to a rainy Rio de Janeiro yesterday under a cloud of criticism that a three-day summit is falling far short of its promise to establish clear goals for sustainable development. Before the official start of the event, known as Rio+20 because of the landmark Earth Summit in the city two decades ago, Brazil convinced visiting delegations to finalize a draft declaration for their leaders. But many delegations and summit organizers - as well as outraged environmentalists and activist groups - are lambasting the document as weak. “Let me be frank: Our efforts have not lived up to the measure of the challenge,” said Ban Kimoon, the United Nations secretary general in opening remarks. “Nature does not wait,” he added later. “Nature does not negotiate with human beings.” The draft document, finalized on Tuesday, laid out aspirations, rather than mandatory goals, on issues like food security, water, and

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon (C) shakes hands with Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff (R) as Sha Zukang, secretary-general of the Rio +20 looks on at the opening of the Rio+20 United Nations sustainable development summit in Rio de Janeiro, yesterday . REUTERS/Sergio Moraes energy. It also called for countries to pursue so-called “sustainable development goals,” a vague set of U.N. objectives built around the environment, economic growth, and social inclusion. Many of those who agreed upon the draft, however, say

it was stripped of vital specifics. “I was disappointed that we did not go further,” said Nick Clegg, Britain’s deputy prime minister, in prepared comments yesterday. Expectations have long been low for the gathering,

Jamaica urges financial institutions to prepare for new US law KINGSTON, Jamaica CMC - Jamaica’s Minister of Finance and Planning, Dr Peter Phillips, has urged local and regional financial institutions to prepare for the implementation of the United States Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), which has implications for these entities. “We are still at an early stage in the implementation of FATCA. My impression is that the final regulatory arrangements are still not clear, even in the mind of the US authorities, but nevertheless, we understand the asymmetries of power and influence that exist, and I think it is important that we

be prepared here,” Phillips told a seminar on FATCA in the capital, Kingston, on Tuesday. FATCA, which was enacted in 2010 by the US government as part of provisions under the Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment (HIRE) Act, “is an important development in efforts by the US to combat tax evasion by US taxpayers with investments in offshore accounts,” the statement said. It said the Act is of “particular significance to the financial services sector in Jamaica and elsewhere in the region, as it places an obligation on foreign or non-

US financial institutions to report to the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) information about financial accounts held by US taxpayers, including entities in which the US taxpayer holds a significant ownership interest.” Phillips stated that his government would shortly be putting several measures in place to help institutions in Kingston prepare for FATCA’s implementation in 2013. He said this will include the Bank of Jamaica carrying out a risk assessment on its licensees to determine the state of readiness of these entities and their systems.

which is expected to include nearly 100 heads of state and government by the time it

concludes tomorrow. Many leaders at present are more focused on the global economic slowdown and the debt crisis in Europe. Despite the presence of the president of France and the Russian and Chinese prime ministers, several other high-profile leaders are missing, including U.S. President Barack Obama and Germany’s Angela Merkel. Compared with the original Earth Summit, which led to historic decisions on biodiversity and greenhouse gas emissions, organizers say this summit is only the beginning of a new goalsetting process for global development. The 1992 event, they point out, was the culmination of years of prior negotiations. Demonstrators, meantime, have made their displeasure known. Outside the summit, a gargantuan series of warehouse-like conference halls in the strip mall-filled suburbs of southern Rio, environmental activists, political parties, and others

marched through steady drizzle and called for bold action. Earlier this week, barebreasted feminists marched through the city center and Amazonian tribesmen, donning war paint and arrows, descended upon Brazil’s national development bank, which is financing dams and other controversial infrastructure projects in the Amazon rainforest. Diplomats said Brazil’s push for a draft document had opposing outcomes. While it forced delegations to focus and come to an agreement, it may have prematurely shut the door on bolder action by leaders when they arrive. That, they added, leaves little leeway for the draft to improve before a final pronouncement on Friday. “Everybody has things that they have given up in the document in one way or the other,” said Todd Stern, U.S. special envoy on climate change. “This is the thread that once you start pulling on it, it unravels quickly.”

Low grade for CARICOM WASHINGTON - CMC - Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries were rated in the lower half of a survey of 26 countries that examined their ability to foster low carbon energy growth. Jamaica at number 16 topped the eight CARICOM countries included in the survey undertaken by the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and Bloomberg New Energy Finance. The other CARICOM countries in order of rankings were Belize, Barbados, Bahamas, Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana and Suriname.

According to the IDB, the top countries headed by were headed by Brazil followed by Nicaragua and Panama. Countries were ranked based on four parameters: enabling framework; clean energy investments and low-carbon financing; low-carbon business and clean energy value chains; and greenhouse gas management activities. The IDB said that while Latin America and the Caribbean boast extraordinary renewable energy resources, the local clean energy sector is just beginning to gain traction, last year attracting less than five per cent of an estimated US$280 billion invested worldwide.

‘Gender quota’ among changes in new Haitian Constitution PORT-AU-PRINCE - CMC - A new version of the Haitian Constitution – including an unprecedented quota for women in government, the creation of a permanent elections commission and a new definition of what makes a Haitian national - passed by lawmakers more than a year ago is finally to be made legal, President Michel Martelly said on Tuesday. Flanked by the head of the Haitian Supreme Court, the presidents of both chambers of parliament and members of the foreign diplomatic corps, Martelly told reporters here that he will publish the

amendments to Haiti’s 1987 constitution that underwent reform before he took office on May 14, 2011. Martelly had later annulled the amendments after some lawmakers said what was ultimately published was not what they voted on. “Today is an important day,” said Martelly in making the announcement shortly before leaving Haiti for Brazil to join more than 100 world leaders and environmentalists at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, referred to as Rio+20. “The three branches of power will advance together.”

Thursday June 21, 2012

Kaieteur News

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A STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION The Minister of Health has announced that a probe is going to be held into the controversial billion- dollar procurement of medicines. This announcement, however, is not entirely reassuring. The Minister’s announcement that there will be a probe, comes against the backdrop of a statement made by the government itself that the medicines were procured as part of a total package. The promise of a probe also comes amidst a robust defense of the contract itself by the Minister’s predecessor speaking on a private television channel. Within the government therefore, there is a view that the procurement may be above board. It is in this context that the Ministry of Health is launching a probe. This begs the question: what happens if the probe finds that there were indeed problems with the procurement? The decision to have a probe also comes against the background of a recent noobjection decision by the government to award a similar contract to the same company that is now under the microscope. This is the conundrum that the government finds itself in and therefore in the interest of having a probe that will enjoy public confidence and which will not be viewed as merely an act to confirm

what has already been expressed within the government. As such the Ministry of Health should select a probe team that is independent of the government to undertake the review of the process of prequalification of the bidders and the actual process of evaluating the tenders that were submitted by the prequalified bidders. At the heart of the national procurement system is the encouragement of competitive bidding. Prequalification is not intended to reduce competition but only to weed out unqualified bidders without stymieing competition amongst bidders. Prequalification should also not employ requirements that are unfair or unreasonable, and the decision to shortlist prequalified companies should not be whimsical, uninformed or biased. It will be for the probe team to determine whether prequalification rules were rigged against certain companies or whether the process was fair, objective and in compliance with the law. The probe team should also examine the issue of whether value for money was obtained. The company which was awarded the contract has itself called for the Auditor General to carry out such an audit. However, the Auditor General needs to be reminded that his office is

Dem boys seh ...

Tek anything free how you get am Dem boys hear strange things in dem lifetime. But dem never hear nutten like this one. De Chinee company wha building de airport bribe some people. One of dem who tek bribe get jail. Another one get de death sentence. All two of dem did tek kickbacks from de company. That is how dem get ban by de World Bank. Now dem singing a different tune. Dem telling people in Guyana that dem get ban from building roads and bridges only; but dem nah get ban from building airport. That is like a thief man telling de magistrate that he been get ketch thiefing coconut in de farm; and he been get ketch thiefing orange in another farm and how de police pick he up in a cane field and tell he how he gone fuh thief cane. He tell de magistrate how he did thief de coconut and de orange; but he nah go to thief de cane, only fuh smell it. Is de same thing wid Leslie and Mike from wheh everybody does guh when dem get sick. Dem boys talk bout de high price Leslie and Mike dem pay fuh de drugs. In dem defence dem claim how de man who dem buying de drugs from, does give dem free storage. And that is one of the main reason dem does tek whatever de man give dem. Dem boys want fuh know if de same criteria dem does use if a man carry home thing to dem house free, if dem does allow de man fuh do wha he want wid dem wife or dem daughter, or even dem because of freeness. After all Leslie and Mike seh anything that come free dem got fuh tek. And is de same thing mek de hospital porter highjack a car yesterday. He get ketch and he seh “If de big one dem at de hospital thiefing and giving dem friends de hog of de money and me a get a li’l jokee salary wha can’t feed me pickney wha you expect me fuh do? Nah thief like dem?” Talk half and try give dem porter de other half.

not an agency of the government and the government has no authority to ask him to conduct any investigation. He has to do that of his own free will and his report submitted to parliament and not to the government. The government, itself, however has an obligation to undertake its own inquiry and it is a welcome development that the Minister of Health has decided to do so. But he should ensure that the probe team is so comprised that it enjoys public confidence because we are not dealing with a million dollar contract or a contract for a few million dollars. We are dealing with a billion dollar contract. This probe will become the acid test of how serious the government is about

ensuring probity in government. As such the government should ensure a probe team that enjoys the widest possible confidence. There is no need for a full scale inquiry. A good threeperson team will suffice. A full scale inquiry would be too formalistic and take too much time. A small probe team would be an informal arrangement which has seen works very efficiently in cases in which the terms of reference of the probe is not wide-ranging. In the case, for example, of the one-man team established to examine the implementation of the recommendations of the Burrowes Commission of Inquiry into the Georgetown municipality, the one- man team it is said, has unearthed more corruption that the

actual commission of inquiry. There is no reason therefore why Mr. Ramon Gaskin along with two other independent persons should not be asked to constitute the probe team into the medicine contract. Such a team will enjoy public confidence and will signal that the government is prepared to act where the evidence exists. The ball is therefore now entirely in the court of the Minister of Health. The country is not going to accept any in-house probe. Only a thorough review with terms of reference which includes examining the relevance of the criteria used for prequalification and the actual process used to select the successful bidder will satisfy the public that the government is serious about addressing serious concerns

about the way in which it does business. The track record of the PPPC administrations and the stubbornness of some politicians within the government to not cede any political turf may stand as an obstacle in the way of a probe that enjoys widespread public confidence. But if the government is serious about burnishing its image, it should take the necessary action to make this probe the first step in the right direction when it comes to public transparency and accountability.

GPHC gets Dialysis center The Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation yesterday afternoon commissioned its first ever Hemodialysis centre. The centre is located next door to the National Blood Transfusion Service (Blood Bank) at Lamaha and East Streets, Georgetown. Several months ago the then Minister of Health Dr. Leslie Ramsammy, had promised to have a center started at the hospital which would be convenient to all inpatients at the GPHC. GPHC had been partnering with the Doobay Renal Center at Annandale, East Coast Demerara, Mc Masters University and Humber River Regional Hospital, Toronto, Canada to have the service introduced at GPHC. The partners have sent their technical advisors, who have worked with the staff of the GPHC to have the unit functional. The centre currently has three dialysis machines (chairs), a state of the art water purification system, and some specialized consumables. Kaieteur News was told that all of these things were donated. The

equipment was installed by the Doobay Medical Renal Centre’s team. Health Minister Dr. Bheri Ramsaran yesterday said that the commissioning of the centre means a lot to the hospital. Dr Ramsaran told the media this new venture has signaled the Ministry’s intention of strengthening the dialysis treatment. The Minister said that patients at present would not have to pay anything for this service. He said that this is because of charitable individuals and institutions who continue to pledge their

support to benefit the hospital. Moreover, the Minister said that he intends to strengthen the focus on tackling chronic illnesses to prevent persons from reaching the stage of having to receive dialysis treatment. Both the Minister and the Chief Executive Officer, Michael Khan said that the service, which costs close to $26,000 per treatment, will be provided to the patients of the hospital free of cost. Kaieteur News was told that GPHC’s staff will continue to monitor the system to

ensure efficiency. Overseas technical advisors will visit periodically to lend their support and advice. These patients who require the service will be seen by a visiting Nephrologist every six weeks to have their conditions assessed. GPHC also has the skilled capacity to administer this treatment – two nurses have to-date been trained. This centre is a prerequisite for kidney transplant operations to be conducted, a service which GPHC hopes to have recommenced some time in the future.

Schools tour Victoria mangrove site The Environmental Community Health Organization (ECHO) on Saturday last conducted a school tour to the Victoria Mangrove Site, East Coast Demerara. There were approximately 70 students from schools throughout Regions Three and Four. They learnt of the importance of environmental health and about the effects of not being environmentally

conscious and friendly. The group first stopped at the Mangrove Centre at Cove and John where the representatives for the Centre had discussions on mangroves. They were also able to gather information that can be used for future reference and even school assignments and homework. ECHO’s Public Relations Officer, Oneeka Brown, said that the s t u d e n t s w e r e

encouraged to start by taking leadership on environmental issues in their communities, in an effort to develop a greener, healthier world. They were further encouraged to be a part of ECHO Clubs in their respective schools. The students were accompanied to the site by teachers from their respective schools, as well as coaches and volunteers of ECHO.

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Thursday June 21, 2012


Vignettes of repetitive asininities My May 25 column was titled, “Send in the Clowns.” In that commentary, I looked at some of the most comical statements by high-ranking PPP Ministers or Parliamentarians that should never, at anytime, anywhere in any country come out of the mouths of high officials. And to make the cretinism more conspicuous, these asininities were uttered at press conferences which were then transmitted to Guyana and the world. Just in case you missed that article, I gave examples

where a then Cabinet Minister told his press briefing that when he heard talk in Guyana that there was a Minister involved in illegal things he thought he was the person referred to because he is a man that would more do such things. At a press conference, a PPP MP defended the Government’s policy of not opening up the three public swimming pools to the public by stating that to use a pool you have to take a bath before. I forgot to mention that

when Robert Persaud was acting Prime Minister and Clement Rohee was acting President for four days, they made extensive use of the siren in their official security escort. The satirical column in the Kaieteur News, “Dem boys seh” poked hilarious fun at Persaud. It claimed that even when he was driving on the backdam roads in agricultural areas, the sirens were blasting off. Now we had, last week, the most amusing scene from Prime Minister Samuel Hinds. I have written several times on this page on the obvious spectacle Sam Hinds make himself when he can be seen with six security details plus his driver whenever he walks around the city to meet citizens. It simply looks stupid. One evening, while waiting for my wife to see the doctor at St. Joseph Hospital,

he came in with his seven-man entourage. People were just laughing. Here is what Mr. Hinds did last week. Could it get so hilarious in another country? Mr. Hinds tabled a motion in Parliament to ensure that parliamentarians adhere to the law and submit their completed list of assets to the Integrity Commission. The laughter comes in because there is no Integrity Commission. All it took was a phone call by the PM to ascertain that. Now it seems logical to me that if PM Hinds can have seven employees (three times I counte d i t a n d i t w a s seven; 1- on Saffron Street, 2- jogging on High Street, 3- at the hospital) with him w h e n h e w a l k s around Georgetown then he must have a large staff and one of them could have liaison with the secretary of the Commission. As it turned out, it was the Opposition Leader who contacted the secretary and she informed him by letter that the life of the Commissioned has lapsed. You can assign a funny analogy to this lapse by Mr. Hinds. You indicate to your

wife that you want your kid to dress superbly for the kid’s first day at the neighbourhood school. The wife then says which school; there isn’t a neighbourhood school where we live. Then there is this media guy who has to be the second source of fun for Guyanese now that “Killaman” has been posted to a foreign country (how that country can accept “Killaman” as a diplomat in their country is another joke). Of all people this Government chose to head the Advisory Committee on Broadcasting (ACB) is Mr. Evan Persaud. He recently faced a high level disciplinary committee at the University of Guyana for constantly using sexual vocabularies to students and in his classroom. None other than the “memory” man, Dr. Luncheon has advised the nation that the government that presided over the dirtiest capital city in the world intends to ban the importation and use of Styrofoam and plastic utensils and bags. Come to think of it. Is Evan Persaud more a source of amusement than Dr. Roger

Frederick Kissoon Luncheon? How this gentleman gets these hilarious words to come out of his mouth has to be a phenomenal scientific act. Foreigners from another planet who heard Luncheon’s affirmation on the intended ban on plastic and Styrofoam must have thought that Guyana must take environmental hygiene more seriously than the South Koreans without knowledge that Georgetown is the globe’s dirtiest city. The asininities that characterize this Government are oceanic or mountainous. Bharrat Jagdeo’s second witness in his libel against me, the son of “Taps”, Jason Abdulla told the court that he fell down on his steps, bounced his head and now suffers from memory lapses. He gives testimony again on July 5. Come and see and hear nuff laugh.

Thursday June 21, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Mother, son shot in ‘fowl cock’ row - Suspect on the run, wife and child abandon home A row over “fowl cocks” ended with a McDoom, East Bank Demerara man opening fire and critically wounding a 38-year-old woman and her 21-year old son. Abiola Edie, who was shot in her face, is now a patient at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Georgetown Public Hospital. Her son, Martin Barker, who was shot twice in his chest, has also been admitted to the same hospital. The suspect, who is said to be their neighbour, has gone into hiding. The incident has left a wedge between residents of the East Bank Demerara community forcing relatives of the suspect to flee their home to escape possible retaliation. Police confirmed the incident in a statement. They said that about 11:00 hours yesterday, Martin Barker, of Middle Street, Mc Doom Village, was involved in an argument with another man in the community, during which

the man pulled out a firearm. The police said that Barker’s mother, Abiola Edie, intervened and was shot to her face, after which the man turned the gun on Barker, shooting him in his chest, and escaping. When this newspaper arrived on the scene, there was a huge pool of blood on the road bearing evidence of the serious injury to one of the victims. Eyewitnesses told this newspaper that during the argument, the suspect who is a scrap metal dealer, ran into his yard and came back with a gun which he used to discharge several rounds at Edie and her son. “Some fowl dey rowing for and he run in fuh he gun and come out back,” one neighbour told this newspaper. “You gun shoot people fuh a fowl?” another neighbour asked. Edie’s mother, Pamela, yesterday sat anxiously in front of the hospital’s ICU awaiting news of her daughter’s condition.

The frustrated woman told Kaieteur News that she was standing a few steps from where her daughter and grandson were shot. She recalled hearing “a few gunshots and when I watch I see me daughter fall down.” “…He (suspect) say me grandson trouble he fowl but me grandson don’t trouble anybody thing. He wasn’t at home, but like when he come home, he wife tell he how my grandson went fighting he fowl and he come out and start arguing over that,” the woman related. The elderly Edie said that she remembered hearing the suspect saying “…. ‘I gun f*&! all of you up’ and he do exactly that. He went in, collect he gun and shoot like he mad.” Kaieteur News understands that doctors at the hospital have listed the woman’s condition as ‘critical,’ while her son is said to be in a stable state. Neighbours said that immediately after the shooting

Three new Bachelor’s Degrees being offered at UG - Dr. Luncheon Government has approved the establishment of three new Bachelor’s Degrees at the University of Guyana. Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr. Roger Luncheon said that the degrees will be in the areas of medicine, pharmacy, rehabilitation medicine and optometry. Dr. Luncheon told the media yesterday that the new programme areas have an attached $250,000 per year tuition fee. According to

Luncheon, Government has also approved the retention of the Associate Degree Programme at UG. He said that this was a relatively new move by government, aimed at delivering quality health care services to citizens. Dr Luncheon said that the University introduced a Master’s of Medicine in obstetrics and gynaecology, which is aimed at helping the local health sector to realize

the Millennium Development Goals. In 2002, the BSc in Nursing was introduced to meet the needs of health care system in Guyana by preparing nurses for overall performance as nurse managers and leaders, public health nurses, nurse educators and specialty clinical nurses. Last year the first batch of dentists graduated from the four-year Bachelor’s Degree in Dentistry programme.

the badly wounded woman and her son were rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where they were treated immediately. The police, who were informed, arrived at McDoom and facilitated the reputed wife of the suspect and her infant children in fleeing their home to get away from any potential danger from the increasingly hostile neighbours. As news of the shooting spread, another son of the injured woman who was not at the scene when the incident occurred came up a while later only to be told of the plight of his mother and brother. Minutes after he arrived at McDoom he reportedly received a telephone call from the suspect who expressed

Martin Barker regret over the shooting. However, this failed to placate the young man. “He callin me and tellin me bout he sorry he shoot me mother. He tell me dat me brother run up to he with some knife and he had to shoot me …mother, dat is wha he callin

The injured woman, who is now battling for her life. me and tellin me,” the angry young man blurted out. The neighbours were unanimous in their claims that it was the suspect who was brandishing a gun and a knife. Up to press time, the suspect had not been arrested.

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Thursday June 21, 2012

Two policemen on International and local bodies meet close arrest for bribe on discrimination, equality issues

Two policemen attached to Central Police Station, New Amsterdam, are now in hot water after they decided to induce a bribe from the wife of a man whom they had arrested and placed in custody on Father’s Day. According to information, the man who hails from New Amsterdam, was visiting his brother who resides in Fort Ordnance, East Canje. Around the same time the police had gone to his brother’s residence to arrest him on a charge of threatening behaviour. The man tried to intervene and he and his brother were arrested and taken to the police station. It being Father’s Day, the two constables who were on duty decided to approach the

victim’s wife with the deal that her husband had committed a serious offence and will be charged. She was told that in order to secure his release especially for Father’s Day she will have to pay $50,000. The woman secured the money and handed it over to the ranks. They then negotiated his released. However, the corrupt transaction got to the hearing of senior officials of the station who immediately launched an investigation and ordered the officers to be placed under close arrest. After intense interrogation the men admitted to accepting the money. They are still under close arrest and have since returned the money. The man has since given statements to the relevant authorities.

Over the past three days, several stakeholders were part of a discussion dealing with the law as it relates to discrimination and equality. The workshop was facilitated by Red Thread, Equal Rights Trust and Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination (SASOD) and held at the Ocean View Hotel. Jim Fitzgerald, who is Head of the Advocacy at the Equal Rights Trust, said that the workshop is aimed at discussing discrimination in all areas of society. The Equal Rights Trust is an international organisation which promotes equality and combats discrimination on all grounds and all areas of life. Fitzgerald said that so far according to his research, Guyana has in some respects,

strong systems of equality laws. There are good provisions in the constitution. Having said this, he made reference to the Prevention of Discrimination Act, which he said, covers a number of different grounds of discrimination. Fitzgerald pointed out that there is specific legislation related to persons with disability, which Guyana should be lauded for. “We have conducted a major research project and we are currently discussing a draft report which finds that despite all these legislations there are still some significant problems with discrimination in Guyana.” According to Fitzgerald, the research has shown that there are two principal problems. These, he explained, have to do with the Lesbian Gay Bisexually Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) population, whereby these groups are directly discriminated against. He added that this group is subjected to criminal laws which apply specifically to them and they enjoy no protection from discrimination from under the law.

Fitzgerald however lamented that there continues to be a series of problems affecting other groups including women, persons with disability and the indigenous population where despite the existence of legislations these groups continue to face discrimination. It was also pointed out that there are also problems about the way the laws work in practice, their implementations and enforcement. As it relates to the recommendations, Fitzgerald said, recommendations were made in ten key areas with much emphasis being placed on the possibility of repealing the law which criminalizes the LGBTI population. “We also made recommendation which seeks to make provision and protection for them under the current anti-discrimination legislation and then a series of steps which the government needs to take to actually implement these laws to make sure that they are effective”. In addition, there has also been the call for raising public awareness, collecting data which looks at the situation

in terms of employment, education and health care for the different vulnerable groups. Fitzgerald added that another area which needs to be looked at is, ensuring that commissions that are established under the constitution are effective. He however pointed out that the document which they are hoping to produce is currently in its draft state. It is not etched in stone that the recommendations made will be final. “We find that coming from an international organization we have to be conscious of the danger of coming from the outside without proper knowledge of the context so we are keen to get the views of Guyanese people about whether this report is accurate and if the recommendation is relevant”. A public forum was also held yesterday. It was aimed at getting the public’s view on equality and discrimination. Fitzgerald said that his organization will be seeking to meet with the government and other stakeholders with the aim of ensuring that Guyana meets it international obligations.

Thursday June 21, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Court stops Brassington from blocking claims plan intended Pegasus drainage pipe -toBadal “damnify” Pegasus hotel The High Court yesterday granted an injunction preventing Winston Brassington from blocking the main drainage of the Pegasus hotel. The pipe in question drains Pegasus’s waste water through a canal that leads into the Demerara River. The pipe has been used for the past 43 years. Brassington wrote the Pegasus in his capacity as Chairman of Atlantic Hotel Incorporated (AHI), the company created to build the Marriott hotel right next to the Pegasus hotel in Kingston, Georgetown. Brassington, who also heads the government investment arm, NICIL, was demanding that the Pegasus Hotel “make the necessary arrangements” to have the

Winston Brassington flow of waste water from the hotel relocated. The pipe is located underground. Brassington, in his letter, claimed that the canal in which the waste water from Pegasus flows is on the property owned by AHI. Brassington had threatened

Robert Badal that the pipe would be removed by May 28, 2012, claiming that it is affecting the Marriott Hotel Project. The government has not

secured financing to build the hotel project, except for the tax payers money it intends to take out of NICIL. In court documents, Pegasus owner, Robert Badal, said that the hotel has the right to drain water through the underground pipe and adjoining canal which falls within the land called Block Alpha. This is the block which is owned by AHI for the Pegasus hotel. Pegasus said that its right to drain water through that means was part of a lease since 1967. Badal said that the pipe and canal “was and is” the only means of draining waste water from the hotel. He also stated that the pipe and canal are the only means of draining rain water from the Pegasus hotel compound and

Colombian deported after illegal entry A Colombian national was yesterday ordered to be deported to her country after she entered Guyana illegally. The 22-year-old woman was also ordered to pay a $50,000 fine or face three months imprisonment. E v o n Tatian Valencia Cortez appeared before Magistrate Hazel OctiveHamilton at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court. She pleaded guilty to failing to present herself to an immigration officer after entering the country. With the help of a language interpreter, the court

heard that on February 10, at Lethem, Rupununi, she was held for entering the country without presenting herself at a port of entry. They said that the woman is the holder of a Colombian passport. They said that on February 9 the woman was in Brazil and she made her way over to Guyana through Lethem. The police further said that on June 19 the defendant was at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport as a passenger on an outgoing flight back to her country. On checking, the

immigration officers there noticed that there was no entry stamp in the woman’s travel document. She was then arrested and taken to the Criminal Investigations Office, Eve Leary. The defendant was represented by Attorney-atlaw Oneka Archer. She gave the defendant’s particulars and said that her

client had no intention of wasting the court’s time. She said that her client was on her way home and had no desire to remain in Guyana. Archer also requested that the court not impose a custodial sentence. The d e f e n d a n t w a s ordered to pay the fine forthwith or face the jail term.

surrounding areas. Badal claimed that if the pipe is removed or the canal is blocked, the hotel would be unable to drain its waste water, and this could “damnify” the Pegasus. The High Court yesterday granted an injunction against Brassington or AHI or their workmen from removing, destroying or interfering with the underground pipe. Badal is being represented by lawyers Khemraj Ramjattan and Neil Persram. In court documents, Badal noted that his acquisition of the Pegasus hotel in 2009 was the subject of a m a j o r political controversy in which the then Bharrat Jagdeo government had disagreed that he be the purchaser. The government holds four percent of the shares in the Pegasus hotel. “The 96 per cent

shareholder, however, proceeded to sell to me because of my bid. This resulted in disappointments and angst from the said government,” Badal stated in court documents. The Pegasus hotel was built on a portion of state land, almost eight acres in size. The land was leased in 1967 for a period of 99 years. The lease will therefore expire 55 years from now. Badal stated that he received the letter from Brassington to remove the pipe shortly after he publicly criticized the government for putting taxpayers’ money into financing the Marriott Hotel; something which Badal insists ought to be financed by the private sector. Badal had also publicly called for Brassington to be removed as the Chief Executive Officer of NICIL.

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Thursday June 21, 2012

Soldier admits to raping 16-year-old neighbour - victim forced to re-live ordeal A soldier has reportedly admitted to raping his 16year-old neighbour. He is now under arrest at Army headquarters, Camp Ayanganna. The incident occurred a fortnight ago, and the soldier has reportedly sent text messages to the young lady apologizing for what he had done. The young lady had just returned home after writing her last subject for the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate exams when she was reportedly assaulted. The teen’s parents are frustrated that the Guyana Police Force has not yet charged the accused with rape, even though, he admitted to the crime. They are also furious that their traumatized daughter was forced to confront her attacker twice in one day after

the incident- once at the Leonora Police Station and the other at the victim’s house. At their residence, the victim was forced to demonstrate what the accused did to her, the woman related. The accused, who was also given the opportunity to demonstrate his encounter with the teen, admitted to the unlawful act. The distraught mother feels that the police have added to her daughter’s grief as she was forced to relive those horrifying minutes. Though unaware of the background of the case, former Minister of Human Services and Social Security and pilot of the Sexual Offences Act of 2010, Priya Manickchand, disagreed with the actions of the ranks if the allegations by the victim’s mother are accurate. Quoting from the Act,

Manickchand stated that under section 42 (1) “Where a report is made of an offence under this Act, at no point during the investigation shall the complainant be required to recount the complaint or any part of it, in the presence of the accused unless the complainant wants to do so. She further stated, 42 (2) “The complainant shall not be required to view or be in the presence of any person referred to in the complaint as having perpetrated any offence under this Act save for the purposes of an identification parade and then only.” According to the teen’s mother, she went to the Office of Professional Responsibilities, Eve Leary, yesterday, and was told that the Police Force cannot stop the army from collecting a military personnel involved in a case. In addition, the police have three months to investigate the matter. A police source stated that since the accused is military personnel the Director of Public Prosecutions has to advise on the matter. There is a possibility that by Friday the

accused would be charged. However, the woman is confused as to why the Force needs to investigate the matter further even after the accused admitted to the act. In addition, a medical examination at the West Demerara Regional Hospital proved that the teen was raped. She noted that the accused has sent about six text messages apologizing for his wrongdoing. The tearful victim during an interview, related details of her ordeal. Minutes before the attack the accused, who is a family friend and next door neighbour, uplifted a package from the teen’s home. The teen recounted that the accused spent 30 minutes in the kitchen watching television whilst waiting on a phone call from her mother, who was at La Grange, West Bank Demerara. Following a brief telephone conversation with her mother the accused left the premises, she noted. “I locked the front and back doors after he gone. Only the verandah door was opened because six toddlers my mother takes care of were sleeping there. About 15 minutes after he left he appear in the house again asking me

if we gah cream and I said no. I was shocked to see him but didn’t make anything of it,” the teen said. She added, “He gone in front and I think he leave so I continue…bam. Next you know he come lean in front me and tell me he ready for the ‘cat.’ I ask he which ‘cat’ and he said ‘the one between your foot’.” Overpowered by the attacker, the teen said that she was pressed face down to the ground with only her left hand free. She said she screamed for help, but these calls went unanswered. “I was able to get on my back and kick him off and I try crawling to the fridge but he grabbed my foot

and pulled me into his control again. This time my body froze and I had no energy to fight him. He inserted two fingers in me,” the child said. She stated that after the accused was finished he ordered her to stand and stop crying. He was irate with her noncompliance and tried to help her up but was unable too. “He fixed my tights and leave me there on the ground. I was afraid to call my mother so I texted my sister in Canada and she called my mother and told her about what happened. My mother came home and we went to Den Amstel Station and the ranks there apprehended him,” she said.

Schoolchildren survive bus crash Some primary school pupils narrowly escaped death yesterday afternoon, after the mini-bus that was transporting them to their various homes suffered a blow out and ran into a trench, at New Road, on the Essequibo Coast. Reports suggested that the mini-bus was traveling at a fast rate when one of its

tyres blew out, causing the driver to lose control and end up in a nearby trench. The driver who reports added, is in a critical state, had to be rushed to the Suddie Public Hospital. The incident, which has left school children traumatized, occurred between 15:00 hours and 15; 30 pm.

Thursday June 21, 2012

Kaieteur News

GPHC porter caught in crashed hijacked car The captured hijacker.

The vehicle being pulled out of the trench

Residents of lower East Coast Demerara were treated to a movie style high speed chase which ended with the capture of a hijacker because the car he and his accomplice had hijacked careened into a trench along the Lusignan Golf Road. The young hijacker, Vernon Benn, from Sophia went all the way to Coldingen, East Coast Demerara to hijack the Toyota Premio motorcar. Benn, who also works as a porter at the Georgetown Public Hospital was spared a sound trashing thanks to the prompt arrival of the members of the Lusignan Central Community Policing Group. Benn and his accomplice had hijacked the car from its

driver, Latchman Rattan, called 'Naresh' in Dazzell Housing Scheme, Paradise, around 14:00 hours after they pretended to be legitimate passengers. Speaking with this newspaper, Rattan said that he picked up the two men at 'Coldingen Turn' and they requested to be taken to the Dazzell Housing Scheme. Rattan, who has been operating his taxi at the Coldingen location for several years, said that he did not have the slightest idea that the men were crooks since they claimed that they were going to pick up a female. He said that after he reached the location, he was instructed to turn around and (continued on page 20)

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Thursday June 21, 2012

Kaieteur News

Salem residents want new contractors …. Construction constantly for sea defence works being washed away by sea After residents identified sloppy works by sea defence workers at Salem, East Bank Essequibo, they said the present structure is

constantly under reconstruction. It is being washed away by seawater as contractors grapple to save the dilapidated concrete erection again.

“This is wasting money, because every time they (contractors) build something the sea water just washes all the cement and concrete away. And they

A section of the sea defence work which was damaged by the sea water washing away the concrete forming a hole in the blockade recently. return and try it again and the same thing happens. This

project needs proper contractors or we will get a serious flood at the back here,” an irate resident noted. Residents further noted that in 2006 a contractor did a part of the sea defence which halted the erosion of the soil. However, the present works being carried out are substandard and should be investigated. The government has set aside $2.9 billion in this year ’s budget for the country’s sea and river defence systems. It was collectively noted that workers on the project seem lackadaisical. One man argued that the workers would sometimes visit the sea dam and carry out works. Days later they would visit to do more works causing the water to overtop and damage the previous construction. Residents are repeating their pleas for the Minister of Public Works and other relevant authorities to investigate sea defence works being carried out in the village. According to them, the erosion of the sea defence has been a major

issue. It was explained that a barrier built two months ago was severely cracked and is falling apart. At present there are constant patches being made and it appears to be an act of futility, since the erosion of the structure continues to be torn apart with sea water. “When the wall they trying to build give away, the worker placed sandbag which get washed away into the sea. If the Minister come and see it now; it crack up all over; and sand bags wash up onto the mud bed,” another resident said. According to farmers in the area, they do not want the government to step in to deal with the sea defence when it’s too late; they have been flooded with sea water and have experienced substantial losses. “We are complaining now because we know how high this water comes and we don’t want to experience any flooding.” Efforts to contact Chief River and Sea Defence Officer, Geoffrey Vaughn, and Minister of Public Works Robeson Benn failed.

Thursday June 21, 2012

Kaieteur News

Gregory Gaskin dies in motorcycle crash Attorney-at-Law and Chairman of COPS (Guyana) Limited, Gregory Gaskin died yesterday after crashing his motorcycle at South Dakota Circuit. According to reports, Gaskin was riding at the South Dakota Circuit and fell off his bike, breaking his rib which later punctured his heart resulting in internal bleeding. He later succumbed to his injuries at a city hospital. Attorney at law Gregory Delmar Gaskin, who was a former Queen’s College graduate, was also president of the Guyana Association of Private Security Organizations (GAPSO) for several years. He was the son of Berkeley Gaskin, former British Guiana cricketer, West Indies board member and Manager of West Indies Cricket Team and Winifred Thierens-Gaskin, former Minister of Education and Guyana’s High Commissioner to the Commonwealth

Attorney at law Gregory Gaskin Caribbean, stationed in Jamaica. Gregory Gaskin spent his early years in the Guyana Defence Force, eventually rising to the rank of Colonel. More recently he pursued legal studies and was admitted to the local Bar about seven years ago. News of his death sent shockwaves through the community.

UGSS intensifies industrial action The University of Guyana Workers Union and the Guyana Senior Staff Association (UGSSA) yesterday upped the ante as they intensified their industrial action calling for the removal of the current council. Representatives from the UGWU and the UGSSA started a march yesterday in the compound of the University campus around noon yesterday. Dr. Patsy Francis, President of the UGSS, told members of the media that currently as it is, the administration has no power and they will do everything to ensure that this changes. “The problem is that Compton Bourne, who is a Guyanese and who is the chairperson of the Council, has never responded to any of our questions or any of our appeals. He has never asked to speak with us so we are saying that he must go. We want a new council.” Francis said that UGSS is calling for a new group of

MINISTRY HOSTS TRAINING FOR BUILDING EXPO EXHIBITORS The Ministry of Housing and Water yesterday hosted a one-day training programme for companies participating in the 2012 Building Expo at the National Stadium from July 6 under the theme ‘Embracing Standards - Building the Future.’ T w e n t y - f o u r representatives from 20 companies participated in the training titled “Successful Exhibiting Maximizing Your Trade Show Investment”. The Training was conducted by business consultant, Sandra Ann Baptiste, who specialises in international marketing, training, business development and communications. She has been conducting trade show training for over ten years. Topics covered in the

training included trade show planning and promotion, budgeting, adequately staffing the booth, effective marketing a n d s a l e s , securing orders and leads, turning inquiries into sales, exhibiting overseas, calculating a return on i n v e s t m e nt, post show evaluation and follow up. Participants in the training programme came from various sectors of the building industry and ancillary services including construction, home furnishing, housing development, electrical and hardware companies, insurance and security. International Building Expo is a partnership between the Government of Guyana, specifically the Ministry of

Housing and Water, Central Housing and Planning Authority, and the Private Sector. Close to a hundred companies are signed up to participate in the 2012 Building Expo, compared with 80 companies in 2011. Building Expo brings together all the stakeholders in building and construction from the block maker to the landscaper and the vision is to make Building Expo the premier Building and Construction Expo in the Caribbean and Latin America. Several overseas companies are expected to attend the 2012 Building Expo, including from Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Suriname, Brazil, Canada, and the United States.

Guyana, Suriname collaborating ... From centre collaboration with its neighbours, including Suriname, to monitor, regulate and enforce cross movements in an effort to thwart the smuggling of gold and other illegalities. It is the plan for the Ministry to collaborate with the Ministry of Natural Resources in Suriname to strategically enforce regulations to eliminate activities of illegal gold trade between the two. Additionally, a number of initiatives are being implemented to combat this form of illegality, one of which is the launching of the campaign “Operation El Dorado” to target illegal mining, smuggling

and other related activities. “Also, more strategic interventions are being taken to combat illegal mining and smuggling through the establishment of a special inspectorate unit within the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission, construction of 12 additional mining stations with check points to boost monitoring and expanding the services of the Guyana Gold Board at Port Kaituma, Charity, Bartica and eventually Lethem, which will allow for a more prudent trading of gold within Guyana.” Meanwhile, according to the Ministry, Guyana’s gold sector maintained its position as the largest contributor to

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total mineral output of the economy and returned a record year in 2011 with production surpassing the OMAI gold mine highest output of 2004 by 2.5 percent. At the same time, recording a third consecutive year above the 300,000 ounce mark, Guyana’s total gold exports for 2011 stood at US$517.1M, a 49.3 percent increase over 2010. This is attributed to an expansion in gold mining as both the small and medium scale miners expanded their operations, spurred by favourable world market prices, while volume increased by 14.9 percent to 347,850 ounces.

persons interested in the University’s business; persons who have the University’s best interest at heart. “We want people with the capacity, the character, the experience and persons who are able to run the university, this is not a cake shop or a trading post, this is a high institution, we need a good leadership”. Meanwhile, in a press statement the UG Administration said that they remain committed to meaningful dialogue. According to the statement the Unions’ recommencement of industrial action is because a scheduled meeting of the Negotiation Team was not held due to the lack of a quorum, and their statement of June 18 noted that it was the second time that the Administration had breached the Terms of Resumption. “The Administration wishes to advise that there were nine items on the Terms of Resumption and the unions were referencing two – (i) resumption of discussions at

- calls for removal of Council the bilateral level on a monthly basis for the next three months and thereafter on a mutually agreed basis to discuss matters of interest and (ii) the Administration agrees to convene a meeting between the Unions and the Negotiating Team within one month of the submissions of their Memorandum of Demands for workers within their respective bargaining units. Three meetings have been held since the resumption. There was a follow up meeting on June 19. A meeting scheduled for April 18 (three weeks after the first meeting) was not held and the UGSSA is aware of efforts to reschedule the meeting prior to the one held on June 8.” It was stated in the release that in seeking better conditions of work and study, the right to pursue industrial action should always be seen as the last resort. Such action may have long term unforeseen consequences.

Since the resumption of work on February 27, the Administration believes that all parties have endeavoured to adhere to the Terms of Resumption and to work together. The UG Administration said in the interest of cordial working relations, there are other means for the expression of any concerns the Unions have that may not renew tensions among the parties – Administration, Council, workers’ and student unions – and that will not detract from the collective efforts of achieving the desired objectives of improving the work and study conditions at the University. Photo saved in server Thursday as UG protest Caption: Representatives from the University of Guyana Workers Union and the Guyana Senior Staff Association (UGSSA) during their industrial action yesterday.

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Thursday June 21, 2012

Guyanese urged to give a Puruni mishap victims’ “backpack” for needy students bodies recovered

Local companies and individuals are being called upon to open their hearts and pockets to assist students in need of school materials by The Backpack Project, a not for profit organization. The Backpack Project, which targets Fifth and Sixth form students in the Caribbean, provides a backpack of school materials at the starting of the first school term and refills during the second and third terms. Only students identified by educators are recipients of the backpacks. Since its establishment in 2010, the organization has sponsored 55 students in Guyana, 65 in Trinidad and Tobago and 30

Michelle Kandasammy in Haiti. It is anticipated that by September this year

Student arrested after found with marijuana A fourth form male student of the Vryman’s Erven Secondary School in New Amsterdam was yesterday found with threeand-a-half grams of cannabis sativa (marijuana) in his possession. The teen had the substance concealed in his pants during a routine search by a teacher at the school. He was reprimanded and taken to the office where he was grilled by the police and teachers. A Criminal Investigations Department (CID) officer attached to the Central Police

Station was summoned to the school. Police said that the teen told them that he found the illegal substance on the road at Lot 31 Stanleytown, New Amsterdam. When asked if he knew what it was, he (the boy) responded in the affirmative. The student reportedly has a history of misbehaviour in the school and was taken to the Central Police Station for further questioning and investigation. His mother resides out of the country. Sources revealed that he will face the courts, shortly.

several Jamaican students will benefit. The organization has seven Board Members residing in Canada, Trinidad and Tobago and United States of America. The two co-founders are Melissa Enmore and Michelle Kandasammy. The, organization, which is managed virtually through social media, such as Facebook, Skype and Blackberry Messenger, has become more structured and is ready for expansion. In an interview with Kaieteur News, Kandasammy said the organization sought to partner with organizations with ties to individual Board members in order to develop credibility as a start-up organization. They include the Queen’s College Alumni Association’s Toronto Chapter, The Rotaract Club of Linden (Guyana), Tutorial High School Alumni Association’s Toronto Chapter, TD Bank (Greater Toronto Area), Anytime Fitness (Greater Toronto Area, Canada), and Business Development Company (Trinidad). She related that organizations or individuals wishing to donate could contribute money or school items. Some schools that benefited locally include Queen’s College, St. Rose’s High and Tutorial High School.

Police recover the body of George Bowman The body of 35-year-old George Bowman has been recovered along with the remains of another man who went missing following a boat mishap on Monday. This publication was told that police ranks and other public-spirited citizens recovered the bodies some time yesterday in the Puruni area. According to reports, 16 passengers, including one woman, had travelled from the Puruni backdam to the ‘landing’ on Sunday last, for a Father’s Day celebration. They were heading back to the backdam on Monday afternoon when the vessel capsized. A man claiming to be an eyewitness said that the vessel overturned after it became snagged on a rope that was tied to a barge.

Bowman’s mother Helena Smith, said that she was informed that her son, who knew to swim, was wearing long-boots when the boat capsized. Last evening Smith said she received a telephone call from the interior saying that her son’s body was recovered. Ever since the incident the woman said she was hopeful that her son would be found alive. Bowman has four children aged 18, 10, three and ten months.

Dead: George Bowman

GPHC porter caught in crashed hijacked car From page 15 await the arrival of the female. Seconds after he stopped his car, one of the men wrapped a rope around his neck from behind and tried to pull him into the back seat. He said that he did not see the men with any weapon. “Dem pull de cord tight and me jump over and dem, man seh, 'Don't move stupid'. Dem man drive and den they put me out,” Rattan told this newspaper. The men took his cellular phone and his money. He said that he managed to flag down another taxi and thinking quickly he borrowed a cellular phone to contact his father. This move paid handsome dividends as rattan's father, along with a friend went into action immediately and they were able to track down his stolen car on the Non Pareil Railway Embankment. Rattan's brother, Terry, who was in another car recalled seeing the car on the embankment with his father's car behind. He said that at first he was unaware of what had taken place. It was not until he passed the car that he realized that it was not his brother inside. He turned back his AT 170 Carina and pursued. The hijackers were heading west along the Railway Embankment when they came upon a bus that had broken down in the middle of the road

at Lusignan, forcing them to turn north at Lusignan as they sought to make their way to the main East Coast Demerara highway. However, another vehicle was in their path and in their effort to overtake it, the car was clipped causing the driver to lose control, sending the vehicle into the trench. When the car crashed into the trench it was turned on its top. However the two hijackers managed to hurriedly make their way out of it and ran in different directions. According to an eyewitness, one of the men used an empty lot and headed back to the Railway Embankment while Benn ran into the arms of some waiting residents. “He like he get stupid, he didn't know whey fuh go,” one of the residents told this newspaper. “When dem come out de car, I holler 'tief, tief' and dem man block he off. De one wha go straight, we catch he. He say he nah know de driver, how de man stop and pick he up fuh give he a drop,” a relative of the hijacked victim said. A policeman who was driving a squad car said that he saw the hijacked car and became suspicious, but as he was contemplating pursuing it, he had to proceed with caution because a child had run into his path. He said that by the time he could move again, the car had vanished.

Thursday June 21, 2012

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Guyana observes June criminal session World Sickle Cell Day opens in Berbice The Ceremonial opening of the June 2012 session of the Berbice High Court occurred on Tuesday with the usual pomp and ceremony in front of the Berbice High Court building on Esplanade Road, New Amsterdam. Justice James Bovell Drakes took the salute then inspected the guard of honour. Justice Drakes is presiding over the Criminal sessions of the Berbice High Court. He was accompanied by Justice William Ramlal, who is presiding over the civil court. They were escorted by Commander of B division

Assistant Commissioner Dereck Josiah and Cadet Officer J Dufu. The police guard of honour was made up of ranks of the Felix Austin Police Training School B division. They were led by Superintendent of Police Boodram , Inspector William Henry and Sergeant Michael Newland. A total of 43 cases are listed to be heard. They include six murders, seven for manslaughter, two for attempted to commit murder, three for causing grievous bodily harm, one for felonious wounding, three for robbery under arms, three for rape, 12

for Carnal Knowledge, two for sexual activity with a child, two for possession of firearm and one for attempt to commit rape. No matter was started, however, Justice BovellDrakes took the opportunity to address the jurors and outline to them their roles, purpose and reason and how they are selected to jury service. The judge told the potential jurors that their roles are important in the dispensation of justice. Court was then adjourned to next Tuesday. Attorney at law Rhondell Weaver is the prosecutor.

Lethem resident on $120,000 bail A 32-year-old man from Lethem will have to post $120,000 if he is to be granted pre-trial liberty following an alleged rampage in the interior area. Eric Bobb appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court before Magistrate Hazel Octive- Hamilton to answer five charges stemming from one incident. The police said that on June 17, last, at Lethem, he unlawfully and maliciously wounded Jen Davis. On the

same day Bobb reportedly assaulted a police officer while he was acting in his duties. Bob reportedly resisted arrest when the officer again sought to execute his duty. The police continued that stemming from the incident Bobb also behaved disorderly while in the police station. The police said that Bobb was charged for damage to property. They said that Bobb damaged one pair of police pants.

According to information, the defendant, on the day of the incident had a misunderstanding with Davis and reportedly wounded the woman. The police were summoned and reportedly got a difficult time arresting the man. The defendant applied for bail. He said that he was a taxi driver who resided at Central Lethem. The prosecutor did not object to bail. Bob will return to court on July 6.

Malfunctioning septic tank closes market stalls

The Guyana Sickle Cell Association (GSCA) is asking for improved support and care to be given to persons afflicted by the disease. On Tuesday, the association observed World Sickle Cell Day 2012 by holding a seminar at the National Library to raise awareness. Among the participants were Health Minister Dr Bheri Ramsaran, health care workers and GSCA members. Dr Ramsaran proffered recommendations for better systems to be put in place for persons suffering from the ailment. He said that there is a need for computerised system that will allow the records of such patients to be easily accessible to health workers. Ewart Adams, a GSCA founder-member, noted that more can be done by the public in terms of support to those affected. He said that the organization, which has been in existence since 1997, is open to anyone who wishes to contribute to the cause. Adams explained that funding is limited, adding that they are normally supported, financially, by several nongovernmental and charitable o v e r s e a s - b a s e d organizations. He said that the association has had moderate success but reiterated that there could be improvements. Another member of the association, Grace Bond, told Kaieteur News that the health sector needs a specific protocol to address persons

… focus on improved support for persons living with disease living with sickle cell anemia. She said that from 2007 to 2010, there have been 264 reported cases, but that number has since grown. Bond opined that persons need to be more informed about the disease. She stated that the blood disorder is passed on genetically, and added that early detection is important. She noted that some of the symptoms associated with the disease are swelling of the wrist or ankle, discoloration of the eyes and severe pain. The disease, she said, is incurable, but treatable. Bond also pointed out that the disease is more prevalent in persons of African descent than any other race. The association’s doctor, John Dickinson, stated that GSCA members would usually meet once monthly at the Guyana Nurses Association headquarters to have discussions. He emphasised that there is need for a clinic that caters specifically to sickle cell anemia patients in Georgetown, in addition to the one that he heads in Linden. Sickle cell anemia is a blood disorder caused by sickle hemoglobin that attacks the red blood cells which

develop into a sickle or crescent shape. In a crisis these cells which are discshaped block the flow of the regular cells and the various parts of the body of oxygen. The crisis can be triggered by extreme heat, extreme cold or an infection. The disease affects every organ of the body. Symptoms vary from person to person characteristics are swelling, tiredness and chronic pain among others. When the pain is at its most severe it is referred as a “crisis”. A person in that condition would require urgent medical attention. Even though there is no known cure, the disease can be treated by prophylactic antibiotics and by including foods rich in folic acids in one’s diet. In extreme cases, patients may resort to blood and marrow stem transplants. This ailment is strictly hereditary and is known as one of the world’s most genetically lethal diseases. However it is not likely to affect every family member since some persons may have sickle cell trait and not the actual disease. This sickle cell trait could, however, trigger sickle cell anemia in another family member. Thus early screening and testing is important in diagnosis.

Relatives request proper investigation into Diamond resident’s murder

Vendors operating at the Supenaam Market have said that they are worried about their health. They say that they have to cope with the overflowing of sewage which has been flooding the inner section of the market for almost two weeks. The toilets have also been overflowing for the past two months. Marcia Basil, a councillor attached to the Supenaam Market, said that sewage continues to leak from the malfunctioning septic tank inside the market compound. Basil added that both vendors and consumers are

being affected on a daily basis and the existing situation if not dealt with immediately, will cause vendors to contract some illness and eventually force them to close down their stalls. Some vendors have already closed their stalls. Although the problem was reported to the local Neighbourhood Democratic Council and the Region Two Administration, nothing was done to effectively resolve the issue. Basil said that visits were made by the Regional Executive Officer and members of the NDC at Aurora.

Another vendor, Sandra, who operates a snackette, said that she cannot operate in the market on a regular basis, due to the existing situation. She said each day she has to disinfect her stall and the surrounding area. She also spoke of the stench. Sandra, whose stall is closest to the septic tank added that she has to contend with the situation, since she does not have any other alternative. An officer attached to the local NDC said they are aware of the problem and the NDC intends to address the issue.

Relatives of Rajendra Puran who was killed in Enmore, East Coast Demerara on May 3, 2012 are calling on the Minister of Home Affairs, the Commissioner of Police and other relevant authorities to further investigate suspects who were held for the killing. “The police held a man from Grove and loose him. When they loose him, the man start tell people in Grove about the crime. When we tell the police they say that they have to get written statements from people before they hold him again. Why can’t the police carry out the investigation? Just like how others hearing about it, they can too,” one relative lamented. Rajendra Puran, 40, known as Rajesh, of Section C, Block Y, Diamond, East Bank Demerara, drove a white Toyota Raum, HB 9875, which is yet to be located. He was

- stolen vehicle yet to be located found in a drain at Logwood, Enmore. A post mortem on May 4 revealed that he had died of manual strangulation and blunt trauma to the head. Detectives at the crime scene had said that Puran’s death might have resulted from robbery/hijacking. They surmise that he had been killed elsewhere and his body dumped at the Enmore location. “What the Grove suspect said was that the men were carrying out a robbery, and they hired Rajendra who was a taxi driver because he knew exactly where the robbery victim was living. But when he learnt of their plans he refused and he was kidnapped and killed,” relatives disclosed. Police officials noted that several persons were arrested

Dead: Rajendra Puran and subsequently placed on bail. However, investigations are ongoing. Police are looking for other suspects whom they believe have information to further the case. The barefooted murder victim’s hands had been tied behind his back, and his feet and mouth had also been bound.

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Thursday June 21, 2012

No extension period for registration - GECOM There will be no extension period for registration at this time, the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) said yesterday. However, those who were left unregistered this time will get a chance to do so before the end of this year. According to a GECOM official, if it is that persons are worried about snap elections, this was never announced. But should that be the case, the official said that a “Claims and Objections” process would be conducted, and persons can get registered then. The registration period ended on Monday, and GECOM locations all across the country were flooded with last minute registrants, both young and old. Although the lines at the locations moved at a sluggish pace, many were prepared to wait out of fear that they might have been penalized since it was announced via the media that persons eligible and unregistered will be prosecuted. Thus, many were calling on GECOM to extend the registration process, so as to provide for late registrants, most of whom are a part of the working world. Some attributed their tardiness to their employers. “I does have to work. Me boss man don’t want give me time off,” Anita Gomes complained. She noted that there are many like herself, who, in fear of losing their jobs, preferred not to get registered. Many were on Monday last calling on the authorities to look into cases like these, before opting to prosecute unregistered persons. In addition, persons protested that it is only fair that every village has registration locations, so as to avoid the clusters and confusion all at one location. Reference was made to the Little Diamond location, where registrations were also being conducted for persons in large areas like Diamond and Grove Housing Schemes respectively.

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Thursday June 21, 2012

The Abigail Column Girlfriend knows coercion is unacceptable

DEARABIGAIL, I am confused as to where the line is drawn between trying to please your partner and being rudely manipulated into giving in. Recently my boyfriend and I were getting intimate. I wasn’t really into it and I told him I wasn’t in the mood. He said, “It’s OK - you don’t have to enjoy it.”

Am I right in believing that this is not an OK thing to say? I told him that saying that to me is unacceptable, but I gave in and did what he wanted. I’ve been manipulated sexually before, with other men, and he knows that. Worried Dear Worried, Your so-called boyfriend has sexually manipulated and coerced you into having sex after you said you didn’t want to. Evidently, he missed the “no means no” memo. Break off your relationship with this bully.

Also consider calling the police. “I gave in and did what he wanted” doesn’t sound like consent to me. You should hold the men in your life to the same standard you would expect from your closest friends and family members. In a healthy relationship, partners honour and elevate one another. Because this seems to be a pattern for you, after you break off your relationship you should seek professional help to better understand your own impulses and behaviour.

Thursday June 21, 2012 ARIES (MAR 21 - APR 19): It’s no fun for others to wait for your response to issues that are important to them. You may not think it imperative to give answers to propositions or reply to correspondence, but someone else may disagree. ****************************** TAURUS (APR 20 - MAY 20): You’re heavily involved in family affairs and keen to encourage a loved one’s schemes and dreams. Your support is appreciated but don’t fall into the trap of giving so much to others you forget about yourself. ****************************** GEMINI (MAY 21 - JUN 20): Your time is at a premium, you’re already working to a strict schedule and further demands come your way. Make an early start in sorting out your priorities and stick to your original intentions. ****************************** CANCER (JUN 21 - JUL 22): Nervousness or timidity can blight relationships and cause unnecessary misunderstandings. Don’t hold back if you know the answer to a problem someone is trying to solve. ****************************** LEO (JUL 23 - AUG 22): Refuse to allow trivial matters to distract you from what you should be getting on with. Impulsive acts should also be avoided. A moment’s extravagance could for instance have a bonus or one off payment spent almost before you’ve got it in your hot little hands. ****************************** VIRGO (AUG 23 - SEP 22): You’ve always had faith in your judgement; but dare you rely on intuition alone today? Your sixth sense will be your greatest asset in situations where it’s difficult to make up your mind.

LIBRA (SEP 23 - OCT 22): Not everything will go according to plan and patience is needed to get through some aggravations. At the same time, not knowing what you might be doing from one moment to the next will prove extremely refreshing. ****************************** SCORPIO (OCT 23 NOV 21): You need to be one step ahead of those who are inclined to be manipulative or controlling. Impatience or carelessness with details could lead to mistakes and provide others with the chance to take charge. ****************************** SAGITTARIUS (NOV 22 - DEC 21): Don’t make any new and unnecessary agreements or take on obligations which you may come to regret. You’re inclined to say what others want to hear without thinking about what you are agreeing to or letting yourself in for. ****************************** CAPRICORN (DEC 22 JAN 19): Pay no heed to those who accuse you of being old fashioned and conservative. If you prefer to stick to familiar routines and traditional methods, why let anyone talk you out of this? ****************************** AQUARIUS (JAN 20 FEB 18): Allowing your partner to have his or her say won’t mean anything if you aren’t really listening. You have your views and they’re unlikely to change but at least make it look as if you’re considering what they have in mind. ****************************** PISCES (FEB 19 - MAR 20): Tension and unease mars a close relationship. Cast your mind back over the past few weeks and you will see where you’ve been going wrong.

NCN CHANNEL 11 02:00 – NCN Late Edition (R/B) 02:30 – Late Nite with GINA 03:00 – Movie 05:00 – Inspiration 05:30 – Newtown Gospel 06:00 – NCN Late Edition News(r/b) 06:30 – Feature 07:00 – Guyana Today 08:00 – Feature 09:00 – Stop the Suffering 09:30 – Cartoons 10:00 – CCTV 11:00 – History 12:00 – CNN 12:30 – NCN Newsbreak 12:35 – Feature 13:00 – Revelation & Power 13:30 – Movie 16:00 – Cartoons 17:00 – Anderson 18:00 – NCN News Magazine – Live 18:30 – Farming Today 19:00 – Al Jazeera 19:30 – NIS & YOU 20:00 – 3d/daily millions/ play de dream/lotto draw 20:05 – Changing Course 21:05 – Ravi D Show Essequibo 22:05 – NCN News Late Edition 22:35 – Caribbean Newsline 23:00 – Movie MTV CHANNEL 14/ CABLE 65 06:00hrs - Islamic Perspective 06:30hrs - News Update 07:00hrs - DAYBREAK 08:00hrs - Dabi’s Musical Hour 08:30hrs - Avon DVD Club music break 09:15hrs - Top Notch Music Break 09:30hrs - Caribbean Temptation Music Mix 10:00hrs - Payless Variety Music Mix 10:30hrs - Double day Int. Music Break 11:00hrs - H Persaud( Crown Chowmein) Music Break 11:30hrs - The View 12:00hrs - Current Affairs 12:30hrs - The Young and The Restless 13:30hrs - Days of Our Lives 14:00hrs - The Revolution 15:00hrs - General Hospital 16:00hrs - The Bold and the Beautiful 16:30hrs - Cartoons 17:00hrs - Birthdays and

other greetings 17:15hrs - Death Announcements/ In Memoriam 17:30hrs - Al Ja Zeera News 18:00hrs - Viewer’s Choice 18:30hrs - Jai Santoshi Ma 19:00hrs - Soul Melodies with Trans Globe 19:30hrs - News Update 20:30hrs - Winners Row Quiz 21:30hrs - Let’s talk Tax 22:00hrs - Movie: CODE 207 23:00hrs - News Update 23:30hrs - Movie: CODE 207 Continues Sign off DTV CHANNEL 8

08:55hrs. Sign On 09:00hrs. Live! With Kelly 10:00hrs. The A-Team 11:00hrs. The View 12:00hrs. Prime News 12:30hrs. The Young and the Restless 13:30hrs. The Bold and the Beautiful 14:00hrs. The Talk 15:00hrs. Boy Meets World 16:00hrs. Beverly Hills, 90210 17:00hrs. MacGyver 18:00hrs. World News 18:30hrs. Nightly News 19:00hrs. Greetings and Announcements 21:00hrs. IBDA Movie 23:00hrs. Sign Off

Small vendors protest ban on foreign labeled ... From page 3 and understanding between manufacturers, distributors and consumers. The GAFDD said that proper labeling will allow consumers to make safe and healthy choices when purchasing goods. The articles on sale should be clearly understood by persons who are restricted by their beliefs or otherwise.

With regards to cosmetics and skincare products the GAFDD said that safety information on hypoallergenic and sun protection is required. The government analyst said that it took into consideration the impact that all these issues could be for the safety and protection of consumers.

Guides are subjected to change without notice

Thursday June 21, 2012

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Dhoni earns more than Rooney & Bolt Team India Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has pipped the likes of Manchester United star Wayne Rooney and ‘ Sprint King’ Usain Bolt in the latest list of the 100 highest- paid athletes for the year 2011- 12 released by Forbes Magazine on Monday. According to the list, Dhoni is ranked 31st, ahead of Rooney (37th with $ 24.3 mn), Bolt (63rd with $ 20.3 mn), tennis World No. 1 Novak Djokovic (62nd with $ 20.6 mn) and even batting legend Sachin Tendulkar (78th). Of his total earnings of $26.5 million (approximately Rs 145.7 cr), Dhoni earned $ 23 mn (Rs 126.5 cr) through endorsements. Tendulkar earned $ 18.6 million (Rs 102.3 cr) with $ 16.5 mn (Rs 90.7 cr) from endorsements in the past year. Interestingly, the Indian Captain’s earnings through endorsements are more than that of Portugal Captain Cristiano Ronaldo and Argentine football star Lionel Messi. Ronaldo, who is ninth in the overall list, raked in $ 1 million less than Dhoni, while Messi — 11th in the list with

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

total earnings of $ 39 million — earned $ 19 million from endorsements which is $ 4 million less than that by Dhoni. This proves that despite cricket not being as popular as football or tennis, the sheer market size of India has put Dhoni above many of

the more renowned athletes. Serbian tennis ace Djokovic — the winner of six Grand Slams singles titles — is 62nd on the money list with $ 20.6 million to his name in the past year, while Olympic 100m champion Usain Bolt is 63rd with total earnings of $

Didier Drogba signs for Chinese club Shanghai Shenhua Former Chelsea striker Didier Drogba has signed for Chinese club Shanghai Shenhua on a two-and-a-halfyear deal. He will team up again at Shanghai with exBlues colleague Nicolas Anelka. Drogba, 34, said: “I considered all the offers I have received in the past few weeks, but feel Shanghai Shenhua is the right move for me at this time.” The Ivory Coast forward’s last act in a Chelsea shirt was scoring the winning penalty in the Champions League final defeat of Bayern Munich in May. One of his first games will be against Manchester United with Alex Ferguson’s team playing Shanghai Shenhua on July 25 as part of their pre-season tour. Drogba joined Chelsea from Marseille for £24m in the summer of 2004, becoming one of Jose Mourinho’s first signings. He helped the Blues to win three Premier League titles, four FA Cups and two League Cups during his eight-year spell. In that time he climbed to fourth on the list of Chelsea’s all-time goalscorers with 157 and is also the club’s leading scorer in European competition with 34. However, he decided to leave the Premier League club after their Champions League triumph. Drogba said: “I’m looking

forward to a new challenge and experiencing a new culture, and am excited about developments in the Chinese Super League. “When Chelsea went to China last year, we had a great time and I met some amazing fans. “I hope to help promote Chinese football around the world and further improve the links between China and Africa.” Shanghai Shenhua were the first football club in China to become independent of government control and are majority-owned by local businessman Zhu Jun. In the past they have signed wellknown players including

Carsten Jancker and JorgAlbertz. They play at the Hongkou Stadium, which has a capacity of 35,000. Zhu Jun believes Drogba’s arrival in July will help cement his club on the football map.


(From page 22) HEALTH HIV/AIDS Are you infected? Help is available, Results Guaranteed Call:6396054,691-7070

From page 27 way back to tie it at 35 on Wade’s 3-pointer with 7:57 remaining in the half. With the crowd back in it, Bosh got them even more fired up by diving on the floor for a loose ball, then leaping up after he was fouled and screaming toward the fans.

Amla, who failed to match his good form of Tuesday and was out for a meagre 11 runs in the third over. Top-order batsmen Vusi Sibanda (58), Hamilton Masakadza (55) and Captain Brendan Taylor (38) set up a competitive Zimbabwe total on a wicket that has favoured sides batting first as it tends to slow as a game goes on. While South Africa will point to the absence of rested stars AB de Villiers, Johan Botha, Jacques Kallis, Morne Morkel and Dale Steyn, injuries have sidelined top Zimbabwe duo Tatenda Taibu and Raymond Price.

Yet the Thunder never gave up the lead, Westbrook constantly coming through with a bucket every time the Heat seemed to get within one point in the final minutes. The Thunder took a 49-46 lead into the break after Shane Battier missed a 3-point attempt just before the buzzer. Miami finally went in front again in the third, Wade hitting a pair of free throws and James rifling a pass to him after a rebound for a basket that made it 50-49, and the Heat would play from in front for most of the remainder of the period. TO RENT Space to rent location diamond housing scheme. Contact# 6455347 1 big business place & 2 bedrooms new house Anna Catherina W.C.D Call:2760818 Prime business location situated in Robb Street Call: 226-0357,692-9824,6503758,678-0909

MANAUS-BRAZIL (4) Days Tour CARICOM Holiday Weekend Return trip June 29-July 2 2012 Call: 226-7777,668-6501 Email: June Special , Santa Mission $4500 per person, July Special 1St Capoey Lake $8500 per person . Call Joy 218-1285,649-9059 July Special 1St , 2Nd St. Cutbert Mission $6000 per person Call Sean 2181285,657-0825,692-3114

PROPERTY FOR SALE 20x40 Two flat concrete building @ Kitty. All amenities. Price $23M to be seen. Call: 668-9512,223-2570

Suriname Caricom Holiday weekend return trip 29th June-2nd July Call: 6392663,644-0185,665-5171,2278290

Ongoing business property at Agriculture Road ECD, land 35Wx600L, $20M Call: 220-7220 East Bank $12M,Bent Street $17M,Robb Street $160M,Regent Street US$3.2M Call Diana: 2272256,626-9382 One property opposite Charlestown Secondary School,2 BLD in yard,ideal for business Call: 2310631,689-5103

MASSAGE American style massage service Call: 609-4036 The Gents Spa, let beautiful masseuses unwind you. 4 Hands massage 20% discount Call: 657-5979

Rosignol Village W.B.B Call Moon 330-2551,328-8172 LINDEN WISMAR 2 storey wood/concrete, residential building in a commercial area.$14M negotiable Call John 225-2455

SALON Make up courses, artist trained & certified in Trinidad: 660-5257,647-1773 Qualify yourself in Cosmetology or nails, make up, Register, Limited spaces. Call Abby: 216-1950, 619-7603, 666-5241

Heat top Thunder...

Zimbabwe shock South... From page 28 left much to be desired against Bangladesh, they flopped in all departments against Zimbabwe with Colin Ingram (48) and opener Richard Levi (40) the only significant run contributors. Bowler Wayne Parnell, who was dismal against the Tigers, fared better with 2-33 off three overs on a cool, clear winter afternoon in the Zimbabwe capital, but the attack never wrested control from the Zimbabwe batsmen. “We leaked 20 runs too many and did not build partnerships,” admitted South Africa skipper Hashim

20.3 million. Maria Sharapova is the richest among women’s sportspersons at 26th position with earnings of $ 27.9 million. Boxers Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao topped the Forbes list. Mayweather, who ranks No. 1 for making $ 85 million off two fights last year, is serving a three- month jail sentence for domestic battery in Las Vegas. Pacquiao, second on the list at $ 62 million from earnings and endorsements, lost to US fighter Tim Bradley on July 9. Tiger Woods, who had topped the Forbes list since 2001, fell to third this time with $ 59.4 million, his earnings of $16 million from the previous year and by half since his peak in 2009, mostly due to lost endorsement deals following his sex scandal. Miami Heat star LeBron James ranks fourth at $ 53 million, the highest of 13 basketball players and on the list. Swiss tennis star Roger Federer was fifth at $ 52.7 million followed by NBA star Kobe Bryant at $ 52.3 million, US golfer Phil Mickelson at $ 47.8 million, English football star David Beckham of the Los Angeles Galaxy at $ 46 million and Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo at $ 42.5 million. American football star Peyton Manning, of Denver Broncos, ranks 10th overall with his earnings of $ 42.4 million. (Mail Today)

EDUCATIONAL Learn to speak Spanish in 1 month. Call: 673-1232 Princeton College. CXC Adults/Students. Slow learner classes. Day & Evening. January/May June 2013. 690-5008, 611-3793

CAR RENTAL Progressive auto rental, cars from $4,000 per day. Call: 643-5122, 656-0087, Al”s car pickup & canter rental Call: 698-7807

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LEARN TO DRIVE Soman & Sons Driving School;First Federation Building Call: 225-4858,6445166,622-2872,615-0964

Academia : Summer classes and courses July 9thAugust 24th,entire package $4500, age 8-18 Call: 600-3775 SUMMER CLASSES, Reading, Phonics, Language, Mathematics, Art, Games, lots more!! Roxanne Burnham call: 6194355,218-2076

PEN PAL An African male seeking a female for a serious relationship Age 18-30 yrs Call:602-4742,648-6486

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Thursday June 21, 2012

Michael Schumacher backed by Ross Brawn for Valencia victory Michael Schumacher could become the season’s eighth winner in eight races at Sunday’s European Grand Prix, his team boss Ross Brawn says. Brawn believes his Mercedes team will be competitive in Valencia and that Schumacher can end a run of bad luck. “There’s every opportunity that at the next race in Valencia we’re going to have an eighth winner,” Brawn said. “There are some very quick drivers in very quick cars who have not won a race yet - think of Michael in our car.” Brawn also mentioned Lotus and Sauber as challengers among the teams yet to win. He added: “I expect Valencia to be a reasonably good track for us and I expect us to be competitive as we have been in most of the races this season.” Schumacher has scored only two points this season following a series of reliability problems. The German veteran has finished only two races, having retired because of car failure from four others - including the most recent Grand Prix in Canada - and following a driver error in the other. Brawn, who was talking in an interview on Mercedes’ YouTube channel, described

Michael Schumacher the poor reliability of Schumacher’s car as “a huge frustration”. “Our standards are very high,” he said. “We haven’t changed anything or let our standards slip on any way, so it has been highly frustrating that we have had so many problems. “It’s peculiar we have had one car do every lap of every race and one with so many problems.” Brawn said Mercedes had not fulfilled their potential so far this season. “We still have a lot of races left,” he said, “but I am pleased with the performance of the car because we have won a race and were second in Monaco. “The car is nearly always in the top four or six in qualifying, so I think it is much more competitive this year. “But we haven’t quite put the whole programme together. We have dropped

the ball in a couple of races and we have not made the most of it. “I intend for the rest of the season to make sure we as a team fulfill our potential because I think the potential this year is much better than previous years.” Despite that, their other driver Nico Rosberg is fifth in the championship, just 21 points off the lead, having scored more points than any rival since his win in the Chinese Grand Prix in April. Brawn said he believed the German could still win the world title this season. “Nico is driving very well, the car is extremely competitive and he is one race win away from leading the world championship. “We just have to fight with everything we have to achieve the best results we can and see what evolves, but there is no reason why not.”

Goal-line technology a ‘necessity’ Blatter:

Warsaw, Poland (AP) - The most powerful man in soccer called goal-line technology a ‘’necessity’’ Wednesday, only hours after Ukraine was denied what appeared to be a legitimate goal in its must-win match against England at the European Championship. ‘’After last night’s match GLT is no longer an alternative but a necessity,’’ FIFA President Sepp Blatter wrote on Twitter. Marko Devic’s shot in the 62nd minute of Tuesday’s match looped up off England goalkeeper Joe Hart and appeared to cross the goal line before it was cleared by defender John Terry. The official standing near the post didn’t signal for a goal, leaving the referee no option but to play on. If the goal had been awarded, Ukraine would have pulled even at 1-1. But the cohosts instead lost 1-0, a result that eliminated them from the tournament. Ukraine’s players complained furiously, Coach Oleg Blokhin raged on the touchline and Twitter was quickly awash with indignation, reaction and opinion on goal-line technology. The high-profile incident added to the momentum behind providing referees with high-tech aids to make accurate decisions. UEFA is using Euro 2012 to trial the fiveofficial system that features a referee, two linesmen and two additional assistants beside the goal. Its UEFA President Michel Platini’s preferred alternative to goal-line technology. FIFA will decide on July 5 whether to approve the five-official system and either of

the two goal-line technology systems currently being tested in England and Denmark. Speaking at a media briefing in Warsaw on Monday, Platini said he expects goal-line technology to be approved at the IFAB meeting. ‘’Yes, Blatter will do it,’’ Platini said. ‘’He will (introduce) the technology, but I think it’s a big mistake. ... it’s the beginning of the technology, the arrival of the technology.’’ There have been a number of memorable goal-line incidents to which critics often hark back whenever a fresh controversy occurs. The most famous came in the 1966 World Cup final, when Geoff Hurst’s shot that hit the underside of the crossbar and bounced down was ruled a goal. It gave England a 3-2 lead and Hurst later completed his hat trick for a 4-2 win. In a match between the same two countries at the 2010 World Cup, a long shot by England midfielder Frank Lampard bounced down behind goalkeeper Manuel Neuer’s line before spinning back out. Uruguayan referee Jorge Larrionda looked across at his linesman and allowed play to continue. The goal would have made it 2-2, but instead England lost 4-1. Platini said Monday that if an official had been beside the goal that day, he would have spotted that Lampard’s shot crossed the line. ‘’Of course, because it’s his job to see if the ball is inside the line,’’ Platini said. Two days later, those words are coming back to haunt him.

Thursday June 21, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Guyoil,Castrol/BCB Coaching...

Twenty-eight successfully complete Programme The development of cricket in Berbice particularly at the junior level took a massive stride when twenty eight aspiring Coaches successfully completed a Prelevel One Coaching Seminar at the Albion Community Centre on Sunday last. The three-day seminar was held from June 15-17 and was conducted by Senior Coaches Michael Hyles Franco, Winston Smith and Julian Moore; it was organised under the Guyoil/ Castrol Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) County wide Coaching programme. Those attending the historic coaching seminar were Michael Newland, Veerapen Permaul, Gudakesh Motie Kanhai, Loyydel Lewis, Kandasammy Surujnarine, Mahadeo Mallay, Shawn Pereira, Shailendra Shameer, Delroy Tiexeira, Yugendra Harrinarine, Michael Chinsammy, Royston Crandon, Sharaz Ramcharran, Gregory Crandon, Carlton Sinclair, Shemaine Campbelle, Erva Giddings, Linden Austin, Suresh Dhanai, Muthuswammi Permaul, Javed Saywack, Pierra Tello,

BCB President Keith Foster (seated centre) takes time for a photo with the participants of the coaching seminar, coaches and fellow BCB Execs. Paul Depnarine, Akram Rahaman, Ameer Rahaman, Gordon Sam, Keon Jospeh, Sunil Jhappan and Totaram L a t c h m i n a r i n e . Muthuswammi Permaul, cricket Manager of the Albion Cricket Club was voted the best participant of the seminar by the Coaches. BCB Special Events Committee Chairman Hilbert foster said the activity was a

resounding success and forms a vital part of the cricket development programme of the Board. He said it was organised with the main aim of producing more learned coaches in the County system. More Clubs in the Ancient County would now have access to better coaching and as such Berbice should be able to produce better all-

round players at the Under13, 15, 17 and 19 levels. Foster however expressed his frustration that several established clubs including Skeldon, Edinburgh and Bermine did not send any representatives to the seminar. He blasted some cricket administrators whom he said did not have the interest of the game at heart. BCB President Keith

Foster expressed delight at the success of the programme and the induction of twentyeight new Coaches into the Berbice system. The Board, the President stated is determined to make the sport the best at all levels and to develop the game from the grassroots. He urged the coaches to go back to their clubs and to impart to the players all that

they have learnt. The President also informed his attentive audience that they are now in a position to contribute to the development of Berbice cricket and urged them to grasp the opportunity with pride and passion. The main resource person at the seminar, Michael Hyles Franco praised the attitude and performances of the participants and noted that they were all determined to be successful. He also expressed gratitude to Guyoil and Castrol for their sponsorship of the programme and for the roles they were playing in the development of new talent in the Ancient County. The participants as a collective praised the BCB for organising the programme and called on the Board to organise many more. Michael Newland of the Police Cricket Club and Muthuswammi Permaul urged their peers to use their newfound knowledge to develop more players the caliber of Narsingh Deonarine, Assad Fudadin and Devendra Bishoo.

Heat top Thunder 104-98, one win from NBA title Miami (AP) - The pain was so great, LeBron James said, that his body practically shut down on him. He could hardly stand, certainly couldn’t run. Good thing all he needed to do was shoot. A limping, grimacing James shook off the pain of left leg cramps to hit a tiebreaking 3-pointer with 2:51 remaining and the Miami Heat held off the Oklahoma City Thunder for a 104-98 victory Tuesday night and a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals that no team has ever blown. ‘’He was hurting,’’ teammate Dwyane Wade said. ‘’But that’s what it’s about this time of the year. It would hurt more if we lose the ballgame, so it feels a little better if you can win it.’’ Imagine how good it will feel if the Heat get one more victory. Better get well fast, LeBron. You’re one win from the biggest party of your life. Game 5 is today night and James will have a chance to finish a nine-year chase that started in Cleveland before he famously - or infamously - left for South Florida before last season. ‘’Of course it’s there to think about,’’ said James,

making it clear he plans to play. ‘’I’ll be ready for Game 5.’’ With James watching the final moments, Mario Chalmers finished off a stellar 25-point effort that matched Wade. James had 26 points, 12 assists and nine rebounds, missing a shot at a tripledouble only because he was on the bench at the end after the thigh cramps emerged following a fall near the Thunder basket. The Heat needed all James could give and more to hold off Russell Westbrook. He scored 43 points for the Thunder, who wasted an early 17-point lead but were never out of the game because of their sensational point guard. Kevin Durant had 28 points but James Harden threw in another clunker, finishing with eight points on 2-of-10 shooting. Westbrook and Durant were the only Thunder players to score in the last 16:46. James stumbled to the court on a drive midway through the fourth quarter, staying on the offensive end of the floor as the Heat regained possession on a blocked shot, and he made a short jumper that made it 92-

90. After Westbrook missed a jumper, the Heat called timeout as James gingerly went to the court. Unable to walk off, he was carried to the sideline. He returned to a huge roar with a little over 4 minutes left and the Heat down two, and after Chris Bosh tied it, James slowly walked into a pull-up 3-point attempt - perhaps doing so knowing he couldn’t drive by anyone and drilled it. ‘’That 3 was just sheer will and competitiveness, to contribute in some way,’’ Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. That made it 97-94, and when Wade followed with a layup with 2:19 left, the Heat finally had enough room to withstand Westbrook, who kept coming all night. Chalmers, the player who was struggling so badly that the Thunder put Durant on him in hopes of avoiding further foul trouble, made 9 of 15 shots, scoring more points than he had in the previous three games. The Heat couldn’t have done it without James, who refused to let any pain prevent him from taking the biggest step of his career.

LeBron James (6) drives against Kevin Durant (35)

The Heat led 2-1 in the finals last year but James’ struggles were their biggest problem as they lost the next three to Dallas. He was at his brilliant best in this one, keeping up his scoring surge but also willingly kicking it out to open teammates whenever he was doubleteamed. He tried to play through the pain, but the Heat had to call another timeout and remove him for good shortly after his go-ahead basket, and Spoelstra said the Heat

couldn’t keep playing four against five. Bosh finished with 13 points and nine rebounds for the Heat, who quickly climbed out of the 17-point hole by scoring 16 straight points, with Chalmers and backup Norris Cole helping steady them until James and Wade got going. Neither team could gain separation during a dizzying middle two periods, one score quickly answered on the other end as Miami took a 7975 lead to the final 12 minutes.

Westbrook hit his first four shots and the Thunder made six of their first seven in a 13-3 burst out of the gate. A run of six straight made it 2312 against the stunned Heat, who started 5 of 17, and it grew to 33-17 on Harden’s fast-break layup with 21 seconds left. The Heat found their spark in Cole, who hit a 3pointer and then opened the second quarter with another to kick off a 16-0 burst, and the Heat would come all the (Continued on page 25)

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Scotiabank/Pepsi School Football Academy competition...

Coach satisfied with team’s performance

Thursday June 21, 2012

RCMTC CARICOM Day Horserace Meet nears Berbicians in high anticipation

THE CHAMPS!!! Scotiabank/Pepsi 2012 School Football Academy Champions North Georgetown Secondary in a jubilant mood at the GCC Ground following their championship win. North Georgetown Secondary School (NGSS) female football team Coach Celeste Mullin has disclosed that she is satisfied with her side’s performance following the conclusion of the 2012 edition of the Scotiabank/ Pepsi School’s Football Academy Tournament, last weekend. NGSS repeated as champions for the second successive year and Mullin said she was elated that they rose above the many challenges that confronted them to lift the championship trophy again. Speaking with Kaieteur Sport, Mullin shared that the girls played with a lot of determination, aggression

and patience; attributes which saw them through. They were also happy to have faced Tucville in the final. Mullin who was rewarded by the Guyana Sports Development Foundation (GSDF) as the female Coach of the Year noted that that some of the players were extremely tired from their semifinal game against Campbellville Secondary which was played the day before the final. North Georgetown Secondary defeated Tucville 2-0 to win the championship. Reflecting on what they did to be successful, Mullin said that they would normally train everyday during the tournament but towards the end of the term that was

curtailed as a result of end of term examinations. The team found it tough to score in the first half of a close battle but the deadlock was broken by the multi talented Mariska Corbin who is also a National athlete and member of the Mercury Fast Laners (MFL) Athletic Club. Corbin rocked the nets in the 48th minute from the 6 yards box. Putting the icing on the cake was Lady Jag Under-17 player Althea Holligan in the 54th minute; her goal securing the championship. The talented Holligan is also one of the 11 players of the Scotiabank/Pepsi School Football Academy tournament All Star team.

Zimbabwe shock South Africa in T20 tournament Zimbabwe shocked powerful neighbours South Africa by 29 runs at Harare Sports Club on Wednesday in the third game of a non-cap Twenty20 tri-nation tournament. The home team posted 176-4 off 20 overs and restricted the visitors to 149 in 19.2 overs before a large, delirious crowd used to seeing Zimbabwe suffer heavy losses against one of the top cricket nations in the world. Unfortunately, the Harare tournament is unofficial so the result will not enter the record books, but the outcome can only boost Zimbabwean morale ahead of an ICC World Twenty20 clash between the countries on September 20 in Sri Lanka. Zimbabwe top the table halfway through the mini-league phase having defeated Bangladesh by 11 runs in the opening match last Sunday while hot tournament favourites South Africa had 39 runs to spare over the Tigers Tuesday. While the Proteas’ bowling and fielding (Continued on page 25)

Vusi Sibanda and Hamilton Masakadza

Delmur Company Limited representative Loresa Mohabir (left) hands over the trophies to RCMTC&SF Secretary, Noresa Saul. Turfites are currently preparing intensely and most of the animals are doing good gallops in anticipation of the stiff competition as the Executives of the Ryan Crawford Memorial Turf Club and Sports Facilities (RCMTC&SF) presents its CARICOM Day Horse Race Meet at the Club’s headquarters on July 2 next. Activities would be staged in collaboration with beverage giants, Banks DIH Limited, at the Club’s Alness Village Corentyne facility and would see jockeys straddling the country’s top thoroughbreds for lucrative prizes. Ten events are listed for the day including the ‘E and Lower’ class dubbed ‘River Dance Spring Classic’ over 1200M for a first prize of $500,000. Then there is the race among the 3 years old, over 1600M and featuring animals that are Guyana and

West Indies bred. They will compete in the 31st running of the Alness Derby. The trophies in this event are donated by Sunil Tickram of the USA and the winning horse will race away with $500,000 and trophy. Jockeys would be competing for more than $9M in cash prizes along with trophies and other memorabilia. Among the races to be contested is the one among the 2 years old animals that are Guyana and West Indian bred. They will be competing over 1100M for a winning purse of $450,000 and the Robbie Tickaram trophy, complements of the Tickaram family of the USA. The other races that comprise the meet are among the two year-old Guyana bred horses over 950M for a winning purse of $400,000 and the Kingsway Memorial Trophy; the ‘G and Lower’ for

GOA to run off Olympic Day Cycle Race Programme The Guyana Olympic Association (GOA) will run off a BMX Cycle Race Meet on Saturday at the Inner Circuit of the National Park to coincide with Olympic Day 2012, action set to pedal off at 09:00hrs. The events listed for the day are: BMX Boys 6 to 9 years - 2 Laps BMX Boys 9 to 12 years - 3 Laps BMX Boys Open - 3 Laps BMX Boys 12 to 14 years - 3 Laps BMX Boys Open - 3 Laps Organiser of the day’s activity is National Cycling Coach, Hassan Mohamed.

a top prize of $400.000; the ‘H and Lower event over 1400M for a first prize of $300,000; the ‘I Class’ race over 1400M for a top prize of $180,000 and the K&L (Division 2 and 3) event over 1400M for a winning stake of $150,000. Among the trophies on offer are those donated by the Suknandan Family of the USA and former top trainer, Roopnauth Sewsankar of the USA. There are also other trophies compliments of Trophy Stall and other donors. Trophies donated by overseas based sponsors have recently arrived in the country. Prizes would also be given for outstanding individual performers including top jockey, trainer and stable. Meanwhile, organisers are currently restoring the venue to acceptable standards with a complete facelift. The track, one of the better facilities locally, also boasts excellent drainage. Among the top sponsors of the event are Banks DIH Limited, Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry, Trophy Stall Bourda Market, Delmur Company Limited, Omai Transportation Ltd. and Attorney at Law Rajendra Poonai among others. Interested persons can contact the club’s office at Number 13 Hermitage ECB, Bobby Vaughn (624-6788), Noresa Saul (333-0290, 3330301) or Dr Dwight Walrond (623-0100 or 220-6557).

Thursday June 21, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Uitvlugt edge LaGrange 3-2 in pulsating encounter Uitvlugt player Kevin Dundas (with ball) dribbles past a host of defenders during their clash against La Grange yesterday.

Uitvlugt goalscorers from left, Kevon Jones, Jevane Eastman and Kevin Dundas. It was perhaps one of the most exciting games in this year’s Digicel Nationwide Schools Football Competition to date and fans had a real opportunity to see the stars of the future on display yesterday in the clash between Uitvlugt and LaGrange over, at the West Demerara Secondary School Ground. In the end, Uitvlugt held on to win 3-2 in a pulsating encounter that heated up in the second half and the fans were entertained by the two schools that saw end to end action after a goalless first period. Uitvlugt took the lead in the 39th minute through Kevin Dundas, who blasted in a powerful strike from about 25 metres out that produced a partial save from the goalkeeper, before the ball trickled over the goal-line. Three minutes later, the skilful Jamal Bentick, who netted a brace, opened his account for LaGrange after he was left unmarked in the penalty area and easily tapped in off a corner.

Bouyed by the equalizer, Bentick was back in the fray as he unleashed a cracking free kick that beat the opposing goalkeeper all ends up to give La Grange the lead for the first time in the match. That goal came in the 48th minute of play. However, Uitvlugt despite falling behind continued to play positively and was rewarded in the 50th minute when Jevane Eastman dribbled past two defenders,

before piercing the goalkeeper with a well placed right foot shot into the far corner. It was now a game of who could hold their nerves better and who could string together the better passes to put themselves in a position to break the deadlock before the final whistle sounded. It was Uitvlugt that did just that when the pint-sized Kevon Jones beat the goalkeeper from close range

Zafrull, Lake guide Eastern Wakenaam to WDA Title Mohamed Zafrull marked the maximum 18 games while Eric Lake supported with 16 as Eastern Wakenaam totaled 80 games to win the Wakenaam Domino Association (WDA) competition which was played recently at Good Success. All Star finished second with 76 games and Movie Star third with three games less, 73. Anand Dhanyshore (17)

and Nazeer Mohamed 15 were the leading markers for All Star while Suraj Persaud chalked up the maximum 18 and Mohamed Sherifudeen 15 for Movie Star. The lone lovebird on the night was Amit Ramnarine of Movie Star. Eastern Wakenaam received a cash incentive of $24,000 for their efforts while Mohamed Zafrul copped the Most Valuable Player award.

after collecting a pass from the left side. The teams continued to battle each other until the final whistle

sounded with no addition to the scoreline handing Uitvlugt a well deserved win and a place in the next round.

Over at the Carifesta Sports Complex, The Business School inflicted a 19-1 drubbing on St. John’ College.

Assassins win Atinas Super Foods inaugural Father’s Day dominos Assassins, led by Colin Mc Ewan brushed aside all opponents to win the inaugural Father ’s Day domino competition sponsored by Atina’s Super Foods of 55E Upper Robb Street and held at the Strikers Sports Club. Assassins tallied 77 games in the closely fought final and for their efforts carted off the top prize of $100,000 and the sponsor’s trophy while Fire which ended just one game back for second took home $60,000 and a trophy sponsored by F&H Supremes. Having to settle for the third place on 73 games was C-7 who did not live up to expectations, they walked away with $40,000 and trophy

compliments of Strikers Sports Club. The Father’s Day activity organized by Fox and Gittens was deemed a success and brought together eight teams; Providence Sports Club, Strikers, C-7, Assassins, Fire, Mix Up, Dominators and Lightning Reflection Bar. At the event, Representative of Atina’s Super Foods Mr. Jerry Jaikarran said his company which was formally launched and caters for the low income earners who can get quality American made items at unbeatable wholesale and retail prices, was pleased to be associated with such an event that brought together dozens of fathers in a social atmosphere.

The organisers were very critical of the way in which a beautiful sport as dominos was heading where punctuality and behavioral conduct in and out of the venue was not as it ought to be. The game which was slated to start at no later than 14:30hrs never got going until 16:15hrs and concluded at 01:55hrs because of the unbecoming and usual lackadaisical attitude of the participating teams. Fathers were treated to Ansa McaL and Banks DIH giveaways. Trophies for this event were sponsored by F&H Printing, Mr. Michael Persaud, Patterson & Patterson Associates and Atina’s Super Foods.

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BCB to host 5th Annual Scotiabank Academy The Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) is set to host the Fifth Annual Bank of Nova Scotia Cricket Academy from the July 23 – 28, 2012 at the Area ‘H’ Ground, Rose Hall Town, Corentyne. A total of 90 young and promising players from Under-13 to 19 including females have been invited by the Junior Selection Committee of the BCB to be a part of the Academy which would be conducted by a battery of coaches including Michael Hyles Franco, Julian Moore, Floyd Benjamin and Winston Smith. Students of the Academy would also be exposed to several classroom lectures including HIV/AIDS, Peer Pressure, Drug Abuse and Public Speaking among others. BCB Special Events Committee Chairman Hilbert Foster is urging all the young players who have been selected to attend the Academy to do so, as the Board is making attendance compulsory. Special emphasis would be placed on personal and skills development and understanding the role as a sports ambassador and

positive role model. The following players are advised of their selection for the Academy and to make all the necessary arrangements to be present. Kevin Sinclair, Shalim Gaffar, Malcolm Mickle, Kris Ramnarine, Emanuel Seecharran, Retesh Unroa, Rabindranauth Roopchand, Mohamed Sibdhanny, Tyrone Pooranauth, Brandon Persaud, Adrian Sukwah, Javid Seecharran, Suraj Dookhna, Neren Ramoo, Joshua Harrichand, Totoram Rajaram, Azam Khan, Kevindra Persaud, Jaleel Jafaar, Devon Rambarose, Shumar Jack, Renaldo Adams, Matthew Hardial, Haresh Jaipaul, Daniel Samaroo, Shimron Hetmyer, Leon Andrews, Kierre Henry, Deon Esau, Daniel Lewis, Parmanand Ramdhan, Richard Henry, Grisean Grant, Clifton Lindie, Mahendra

Mangal, Balchan Baldeo, Karran Singh, Jason Anderson, Kassim Khan, Gavin Moriah, Joshua Giddings, Enoch Carmichael, Vadanana Sugrim, Akeem Miller, Nicholas Cameron, Ashkay Homraj, Arif Chan, Viendra Gooniah, Sharaz Ramcharran, Hakeen Hinds, Nick Ramsaroop, Rishi Persaud, Nial Smith, Manoj Looknauth, Devin baldeo, Thomas Mc Donald, Derek Narine, David Latchaya, Mahendra Veerasammy, Madan Budhram, Raju Singh, Arnold Outar, Ravindranauth Edwin, Kandasammy Surujnarine, Veerapen Permaul, Karamchand Ramnarine, Parmanand Narine, Linden Austin, Shailendra Shameer, Boujnarine Persaud, Kevin Ramdeen, Gudakesh Motie Kanhai, Shawn Pereira, Loyydel Lewis, Akram Rahaman, Romario De Jonge, Quacy Mc Pherson, Suresh Dhanai, Bisham Deola, Collis Cort, Jamal Jarvis, Hemchand Kalu, Avinash Waqio, Kevin Pellew, Treva Thomas, Kevon Jawahir, Avishkar Sewkarran, Abdool Subhan, Akeem Bowling and Phaffiana Millington.

Berbice Cricket Board honours Michael Ramdeen as Father of the Year Fifty-year-old, Michael Ramdeen, of Reliance Settlement, Canje was on Sunday last honoured as the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) Father of the Year 2012. The father of three was selected by the Special Events Committee of the BCB based on the key role he has played in the lives of his children especially his two sons Richard and Kevin who are both Berbice players. Richard has represented Berbice and Guyana at the Under-15, 19 and senior levels and also represented the West Indies at the Under19 level. Kevin has so far represented Berbice and Guyana at the Under-15 level and also played for Berbice at the Under-17 level. Board Treasurer Anil Beharry in making the presentation of gifts to Mr. Ramdeen, congratulated him on being a positive role model, parent to the two cricketers and his daughter, Melissa. Beharry noted that the BCB is proud to honour parents who instill the importance of discipline, hard work and respect for others into the lives of their children while highlighting that Ramdeen is

BCB Treasurer Anil Beharry (left) hands over the gifts to Michael Ramdeen. one of those parents. He urged the BCB Fatherof-the-Year to share his parenting skills with the younger generation as the Board was determined that all future Berbice players must be disciplined, rounded individuals the likes of Kevin and Richard Ramdeen. An elated Ramdeen, in accepting the award, stated that he was a very proud parent as all three of his children have followed the correct path. Ramdeen expressed the hope that the

Guyana Cricket Board situation can correct itself, thus enabling all young cricketers including his two sons to fulfill their true potential. He congratulated the BCB on its sterling work and for lifting the game of cricket to an all time high. He also pledged his continued support for Berbice cricket noting that the key to his success as a parent were Patience, Faith in God and a willingness to sit and listen to his children.

Thursday June 21, 2012

West Indies A squad for Digicel T20s Port-of-Spain, Trinidad The West Indies Cricket Board Selection Panel yesterday named the West Indies A Team 13-man squad to face India A in two T20 matches. Left-handed opener Kieran Powell has been named captain of the squad which features a number of players who have represented the West Indies at the international level. The Selection Panel has called up left-arm spinners Sulieman Benn and Garey Mathurin; batsmen Jason Mohammed and Danza Hyatt; all-rounder Christopher Barnwell; left-arm seamer

Krishmar Santokie; as well as and leg-spinner Samuel Badree. The matches will be on Saturday and Sunday at Queen’s Park Oval. There has been an adjustment in the start time. First ball is 7 pm (6 pm Jamaica Time). The West Indies won the three-match Digicel four-day ‘Test’ series 2-1. West Indies lost the first match by two wickets but rebounded to win the second by 125 runs and clinched the third by 10 wickets. Squad - Kieran Powell (Captain), Samuel Badree, Christopher Barnwell, Sulieman Benn, Nkrumah

Keiran Powell Bonner, Jonathan Carter, Jason Holder, Danza Hyatt, Delorn Johnson, Garey Mathurin, Jason Mohammed, Krishmar Santokie and Devon Thomas (Wicket-keeper).

Dwayne Bravo slams umpires over Gayle decision

West Indies’ Dwayne Bravo risked disciplinary action after criticising officials for the “game-changing” decision to give Chris Gayle out in the second one-day international against England at The Oval. Opening batsman Gayle had made 53 in just 51 balls, with five sixes and three fours, when he was given out lbw to off-spinner Graeme Swann by New Zealand umpire Tony Hill on Tuesday. The 32-year-old left-hander immediately asked for a review of the decision. But third umpire Kumar Dharmasena of Sri Lanka, after several minutes’ study, decided Hill’s verdict should stand. It seemed a close call either way as to whether the ball had hit the bat or pad first but the upshot was that Gayle’s dismissal sparked a collapse that saw the West Indies decline from 63 without loss to 79 for four. Bravo, who top-scored for the tourists with 77 and shared a stand of exactly 100 with Kieron Pollard, helped get the West Indies to 238 for nine. But it never looked like being enough as a century from England Captain Alastair Cook saw the hosts to an eight-wicket win with five overs to spare and an unassailable 2-0 lead in this three-match series following last weekend’s 114-run success at Southampton. Afterwards, all-rounder Bravo was adamant the umpires had got it wrong in giving Gayle out. “What confused us is they used the technology, and then the decision was given,” he said. “It’s okay, umpires do make mistakes — that’s accepted — but not when they see the referral as well and realise they’ve made the wrong decision and then stand by it. “It was a game-changing moment, and it was always difficult then to get a big total. If the decision had gone a different way, it might have been a different ball game. “We lost our way in the middle there. Pollard and I fought our way back, but we were not in a position to have the firepower to finish off the innings.” Meanwhile Gayle was glad to be back playing international cricket for the first time in 15 months following a dispute with the West Indies Cricket Board. However, he ended this match with his foot heavily strapped after missing the Southampton fixture due to a shin injury. “It’s not too bad, it’s just age catching up

Dwayne Bravo on Chris Gayle,” he said. “I just have to monitor it. As you know, I’m struggling with basically a stress fracture,” he added ahead of Friday’s series finale in Leeds. “It’s good to be back to be honest.” Gayle, a star of the Twenty20 Indian Premier League, insisted he remained available for all three international formats. “I’m available for all forms of the game,” the former West Indies Captain said. “I’ve picked up niggles here and there but I’ll just monitor them as much as possible. “There’s a lot of cricket to be played and I’m looking forward to it, hopefully I can score some more runs in international cricket. “I don’t know what will happen (at the next IPL). We’ll just wait and see what that window will bring. “Whatever happens we just have to work it out. No-one knows what will happen next year.”

Thursday June 21, 2012

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The NCBL and its wonderful dynamism

By Edison Jefford The decision to impose as a rule that national players competing in the National Community Basketball League (NCBL) must return to represent their communities has changed the face of local basketball over the past few weeks of the competition. If you have not been to the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall over the past weeks to support the tournament, you are missing the best of local basketball. It is the only tournament that combines all levels of the sport in Guyana and that has made the competition unique. The senior national players, the junior national players and the emerging players akin to just street ball have all combined to form their various community teams. The NCBL has therefore emerged as a collage of true Guyanese basketball talents. The Coordinators had decided to eliminate the ‘guest player’ feature of the tournament, which is a reformation of the InterWard Competition, in an attempt to strengthen the communities of origin of Guyana’s best players at both the junior and senior

levels. The decision is one of the best administrative moves of the NCBL; communities that would have otherwise been eliminated in the tournament have held their own in the competition as a result of the decision. It is a refreshing move that augurs well for the event. Prior to the rebranding of the Inter-Ward under the NCBL, communities were allowed to go fishing, as they say in the NBA, for the best talents to strengthen their teams. What that rule did was to fortify some teams at the expense and elimination of others. For instance, Albouystown/Charlestown would have normally shopped Kevin ‘Two Feet’ Joseph and Dwayne Roberts from Linden, Rodwell Fortune from the East Bank and about two others from other communities around the country. They shopped positionspecific players, who were extremely important to the success of their home community. That phenomenon was eliminated t h i s y e a r a n d s a d l y, Albouystown, who won the last Inter-Ward tournament, exposed their real quality or

BVA hosts 2nd Trophy Stall volleyball Tourney


olleyball players out of Berbice will be in action when their parent b o d y, t h e B e r b i c e Volleyball Association (BVA), in collaboration with the Trophy Stall of Bourda Market, stage the 2nd edition of the annual Trophy Stall Volleyball competition on the GTM Hard Court, New Amsterdam, Sunday, June 24 next. Activities commence at 10:00hrs. The competition will be played using the round-robin format and already several teams have signaled an intention to participate. These include GTC/PM 1 & 2, Port Mourant Jaguars, Albion United, Falcons of Reliance, Eaglets of Canje, Three Door Strikers of D’ Edward and Rollers of New Amsterdam. Selectors would be on the lookout for top players to comprise the senior squad to represent the Region in imminent tournaments. Trophies will be presented to the first, second and third place teams as well as for other outstanding performances including most valuable player, best better, best spikier, best blocker, best server, and best libero (back row defensive specialist). Meanwhile, the BVA is very grateful for the support of proprietor of Trophy Stall, Ramesh Sunich and assured that the gesture would aid in the promotion and development of the sport in the region.

- your community needs your support

lack thereof. Albouystown/Charlesto wn was booted from the tournament in the preliminary round of the event after the Coordinators imposed a ‘no-trade’ clause in the NCBL rules. It made it impossible for them to acquire the services of some of the best ‘ballers’ in Guyana. Familiar

performers in the InterWard, North Ruimveldt and Wortmanville/Werk-EnRust got to the quarterfinals, but that was as far as they got in the competition. They both succumbed to the e m e r g e n c e o f Plaisance/Vryheid’s Lust and Diamond/McDoom; two teams that both reached the Final Four in the

competition for the very first time in its history. The irony here is simple, when there was the ‘trade’ rule, communities that shopped players were dominant, but when the trade rule was eliminated for developmental reasons, those communities didn’t get very far in the tournament that has gotten better by the week. Now if you still don’t have any plans on visiting

the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall Saturday night when the NCBL continues with its first semi-final, you will be missing what has easily become the best of local basketball on show. Your community needs your support!

t r o Sp Guinness Caribbean Street Football Challenge - Soca Warriors/Stoke City star starts tonight Kenwyne Jones arrives this evening By Rawle Welch It is now just a case of awaiting the arrival of Soca Warriors and Stoke City star Kenwyne Jones, the designated Guinness Brand Ambassador tonight, but at the Launching of the Caribbean Street Challenge Competition which was held yesterday at the Princess Hotel, the Organisers of the event told a gathering of local and foreign media that all systems are pointing to go for the start this evening, at the National Park. The media witnessed the arrival of the four overseas teams in Antigua and Barbuda, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago and St. Lucia who will do battle with Team Guyana (Back Circle) in the inaugural competition which is anticipated to attract thousands of spectators over the 3-day period. Apart from the teams, those in attendance yesterday included Sales & Marketing Executive Carlton Joao, Regional Brand Manager Gareth Geddes, Local Brand Manager Lee Baptiste, Banks DIH PRO Troy Peters and Co-ordinators Marlan Cole and Troy Mendonca. Joao in his remarks first apologized for the no-show of Haiti, who he said was

Representatives from the participating countries pose with their respective colours. From left- St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Trinidad and Tobago, Antigua and Guyana. unable to attend the tournament due to logistical issues getting to Guyana. He pointed out that Guyana and Banks DIH suppliers of Guinness are indeed privileged to be hosting the first ever regional Guinness Street Challenge Football Tournament, adding that Guinness has decided to make the event a ‘larger than life’ experience for the players and the fans. He promised three days of exciting action, informing that all the teams have won the right to represent their respective countries by virtue of winning their local tournaments and as a result is

on top of their game. Joao initially welcomed the visiting teams and Press and urged them to immerse themselves in the local culture and have a wonderful stay. Geddes, who is no stranger to these shores, spoke of the activity as creating lots of passion and football in Guyana over the next three days. “The interest in this format here in Guyana is unrivalled and I say this because there is no country that I’ve visited that displays the same sort of passion that I’ve witnessed here,” Geddes stated. He assured that the quality of competition will

not be lacking judging from what he witnessed in Tr i n i d a d a n d To b a g o recently. The Regional Top Man said that they would like the standards to be very high and was optimistic that that will be so after listening to the various Captains speak about their respective preparations. He praised Guyana for being the forerunner in the particular format of the sport, but cautioned that other countries are becoming just as good. Geddes spoke about some of the gains the winner of the tournament will benefit from, adding that the players will be legends in their own

Digicel Nationwide Schools Football Competition ....

Uitvlugt edge LaGrange 3-2 in pulsating encounter P. 29

right and have their names engraved on the facility that will be built in the community of choice of the winner. Cole gave an overview of the tournament highlighting the rules and regulations that will govern the competition. He extended thanks to Banks DIH for providing the opportunity and having faith in them and helping to promote the format of the sport. Joao spoke of the safety of the athletes and fans, informing that all the nights there will be aggressive security presence where everyone entering will be searched and scanned for

weapons and any other item that might be deemed offensive. Tickets for the first two nights will be sold for $500, while the final night, price of admission will be $1000. The respective Captains expressed confidence ahead of the start, disclosing that they’ve all prepared assiduously and are here to enjoy the tournament, but at the same time carry back the top prize. Five matches are scheduled for tonight. The respective colours are –St. Vincent (yellow), T&T (red), Antigua (white), St. Lucia (blue) and hosts Guyana (green).

BVA hosts 2nd Trophy Stall P. 31 volleyball Tourney

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