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Thursday June 20, 2013

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The opposition is not antinational and anti-development Luncheon and his cabal, antinationalism means sentiments opposed to patriotism and anti-development means the process of not having value for money to enhance the economic well-being of the people. It is clear that they are mixing up their “onions”. Having been in power for 22 years, the regime has lost the respect of most Guyanese, including many of their own former supporters. It is anti-national and antidevelopmental to build a G$12 billion Hotel in Kingston with the taxpayers’ money and allowing only workers from a foreign land to be employed. It is anti-national and antidevelopmental to pass a PPP law prescribing that a Public Procurement Commission be established but some 12 years after, the regime continues to actively undermine their own law. This law was passed in 2003 but now the cabal wants to change the law in order for the cabinet to have control of the procurement process. Where is their consistency? It is anti-national and antidevelopmental to refuse to pay the workers a living wage when the Treasury can clearly afford this. It is anti-national and anti-development not to create jobs for the youths,

whose unemployment rate is high. It is anti-national and anti-development not to reduce the extremely high tolls on the Berbice Bridge. It is anti-national and antidevelopment for a president who in his last month in office grossly insulted the Guyanese people and disrespected the rule of law by giving radio and TV licences to his relatives, friends, and his party. It is anti-national and antidevelopment to have so many homeless sleeping on the pavements. The new political dispensation as instructed by the majority of the people of Guyana is being met with increasing opposition from this dictatorial regime for reasons that are clearly not grounded in democratic values, but one of a selfcentred Stalinism and groupthink. The country is at a political, economic and social standstill as they flex their dwindling political muscles in attempts to overwhelm the political majority. Facts are facts, and our citizens must not fall for their propaganda, distortions and untruths. Dr. Asquith Rose and Harish S. Singh

Get involved in the Grow More Food campaign

products relatively stable on the local market. I take this opportunity to encourage every Guyanese to get involved in the Grow More Food campaign. Apart from saving some money, there is the added satisfaction of growing your own food. Guyana is blessed with rich agricultural land and there is absolutely no reason why Guyanese should not get an adequate supply of food at affordable prices. Hydar Ally

DEAR EDITOR, Getting familiarized with the new political dispensation since 2011 is clearly taking a physical and psychological toll on members of the regime, thus causing them to ignore the Constitution, disrespect the people, and show contempt for Parliament by not signing the Bills passed by that body. This is evident in their cavalier-style weekly press conferences where propaganda and distortions have become the norm rather than the exception. Over the past year, the regime has not only governed as though it has a majority in Parliament but has disrespected the majority opposition. As a case in point, Dr. Luncheon is quoted by GINA as saying that his study of the opposition reveals trends that show that “the opposition displays antinational and antidevelopmental postures in Parliament”. We say no to such callous statements, the opposition is not anti-national and antidevelopment, but a group of people who want an end to corruption and make sure that the resources of Guyana are used to benefit of everyone and not just a selected few. For the benefit of Dr.

DEAR EDITOR, Guyana has done well in terms of meeting the Millennium Development Goals, particularly in the area of poverty alleviation and the reduction of hunger, among the several other indicators. According to media reports, Guyana collected a Food and Agriculture Organization award in Rome

for reducing hunger in the country. This is a significant acknowledgement by the relevant international body, especially in an environment of global food shortages and hunger. Our farmers must be commended for rising to the challenge to increase food production which has kept the prices of agricultural

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Thursday June 20, 2013

Letters... Where your views make the news

The proud declaration by the Road Safety Council DEAR EDITOR, The proud declaration by the National Road Safety Council of a multi-year strategy to address safety on Guyana’s roads is a most welcome, albeit much belated, development. That the ‘strategy’ had to be composed (if not imposed) with external help is, however, not necessarily a compliment to local common sense and capacity to deal with obvious and basic deficits in road transport management in Guyana, notwithstanding the gratuitous reference to the participation of ‘stakeholders’, who presumably would have included the identifiably major private sector companies, and other entrepreneurs; some of whose vehicles ply our under-engineered routes round-the-clock. But better late than never! Amongst others, the mothers of over-run

children, the pedestrian who has survived the recklessness of a drunk driver, the medical and para-medical personnel who have to attend unnecessary injuries caused by motorists who access licences without being properly trained and validly certified, may wonder who represented their interests in the crafting of the ‘strategy’ and: in the process, must also wonder why in the instance of this visionary strategy, whether it was also necessary to have the same agency, donate exorbitant funds for a separate (and almost) exclusive programme for education of and public relations for, transporters and passengers only on the West Coast of Demerara. The more attentive might detect an indication of schizophrenia! E. B. John

Concerns about the digitalization of Guyana’s Indentureship records DEAR EDITOR, It is great news that the government of Guyana has announced the digitalization of the Indian Indentureship records, a project that a group of Guyanese and I initiated in New York, replicating what was done in neighbouring Suriname. After a decade of politicking, a private Guyanabased IT company was finally granted the approval to undertake the project which

is being funded by UNESCO. Such a project encompasses much more than just the digitalization of the ship logs that brought the passengers to British Guiana during the period 1838-1917. It should include, but not be limited to, the respective plantation records - of births, deaths and repatriated immigrants; similar to what was done in Suriname, which received high praises from UNESCO and other historical bodies and which is being replicated in Fiji, Mauritius, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago and the rest of the Caribbean. The Africans, Chinese and Portuguese indenturedship records should also be part of the project if they are still at the archives. Many of these documents are missing from what was gathered from field research. And most of the African documents are either in Dutch or missing and will require collaborating with The Netherlands or Suriname in their translation. While I have no interest

in this project, I would like to see it completed properly and to international standards that will benefit historians, researchers and those interested in their genealogy. This is not just an IT project, but one that requires participation from academia such as the University of Guyana and experts in the field. Furthermore, will a database be created whereby persons wanting to research their foreparents can access said database? If this should materialize, as we have always advocated, access to the data should be free of charge for anyone wanting to run a search/query of the database. Perhaps Guyana could collaborate with Suriname on this venture; however, at the just concluded Caribbean Conference on Slavery and Indentureship recently held in Suriname, no one from the National Archives of Guyana was present, a missed opportunity, in that Guyana could have gained tremendous feedback on this project. Ray Chickrie

Thursday June 20, 2013

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ThursdayJune 20, 2013

New quarrel brews over enactments to money laundering laws Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall, as well as Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr Roger Luncheon yesterday at different forums, said that the deadline for the enactment of the amendments to the AntiMoney Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism legislation is August 28. With Parliament scheduled to go into statutory recess on August 10 and the next scheduled meeting of the Special Select Committee on July 3, Basil Williams of A Partnership for

National Unity (APNU), says the opposition is unaware of any August deadline. Williams yesterday told this publication that the only deadline that the Opposition has gleaned from previous pronouncements is that of November. He said that the APNU had requested an official record of the recent plenary session in Nicaragua, where the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) had granted Guyana an extension to have the amendments enacted. Williams said that this has not been provided to APNU

but in the meantime the coalition at the level of the Special Select Committee will bear in mind the November deadline, as had been indicated by the Attorney General. Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr Roger Luncheon, yesterday accused the political opposition at the level of the Special Select Committee tasked with addressing the amendments of ‘deliberate sloth.” Asked about the opposition’s request for more time to have stakeholders present submissions to the

Committee, hence the deferral of the next meeting to June 3, Dr Luncheon, said that in principle the request has merit. He said that the considered position of Cabinet in accusing the opposition of ‘deliberate sloth’ can also be gleaned from the opposition’s stance that at the level of the Committee, it will not be meeting before 16:00hrs or later than 18:00hrs nor will it entertain more than one applicant making submissions on any of the given days. This stance by the opposition at the level of the committee, according to Dr Luncheon, “certainly does not convey urgency.” He said that the behaviour must be highlighted and be characterized “deliberate sloth.” Dr Luncheon posited that the avoidance of a near calamity in Managua, Nicaragua recently, where Guyana was almost blacklisted as a non cooperating country, has seemingly wetted the appetite of the opposition for “the real thing come November.” According to Dr Luncheon, CFATF has made the reality of the November deadline clearer, by conforming on the Select Committee to have the amendments enacted by August 28. This, he said, would allow for the proper considerations of the amendments come November. “Deliberate sloth invites a repetition of the calamity that was barely avoided recently.”

T&T Opposition Leader responds to allegation of conspiracy to remove govt. PORT OFSPAIN, Trinidad – Opposition Leader Dr. Keith Rowley says Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar and members of her coalition People’s Partnership government were engaged in “self-defence” as the controversy over the “emailgate” scandal continues here unabated. Rowley, addressing a public meeting of the main opposition People’s National Movement (PNM) in the capital on Tuesday night, said the country has gone into a “tailspin” and that the government is in disarray. “Their mouthpieces are biting their tongue and there is nothing productive happening in Trinidad and Tobago because the government has abandoned its responsibility and is 100 per cent focussing on self defence,” he told supporters. On Monday night, Prime Minister Persad Bissessar told supporters of her ruling United National Congress (UNC) – the biggest partner in the three-party coalition government –that

Rowley’s “secret” meeting with the chairman of the Integrity Commission, Ken Gordon, ahead of his disclosure of the emails in Parliament last month “strikes at the very heart of our system of governance and the independence of our institutions in this country”. “I am of the view that the Opposition Leader acted improperly and in breach of established conventions. As I leave here tonight, I ask whether Dr Rowley should not be charged for misconduct in public office,” she added. Gordon has released an aide memoire regarding the May 15th meeting he had with Rowley at his private residence, but Prime Minister Persad Bissessar told party supporters “it was a big secret, but you know they say the only way to keep a secret is not to have one”. Gordon was quoted in the local media on Wednesday as saying that he is likely to make a “full” statement on the issue.

New deadline for CAL KINGSTON, Jamaica Jamaica has given the new board of the Trinidad-based Caribbean Airlines (CAL) a month to indicate how it intends to use the Air Jamaica brand in the future. Transport Minister Dr Omar Davies Tuesday met with a high level delegation from Trinidad and Tobago that included Trade Minister Vasant Bharath and CAL board members to discuss the airline’s Jamaican operations and its arrears to local entities including the Customs Department and the Airports Authority of Jamaica. The meeting also discussed the status of the Air Jamaica brand amid

reports that the Portia Simpson Miller administration had threatened to withdraw the Air Jamaica brand from CAL in the wake of a recent decision to cut back on the number of flights to Jamaica. “We discussed the reduction in the number of flights between North America and Jamaica and the way forward,” Davies said, adding “related to that was the continuing use of the Air Jamaica brand name”. Davies said that the new CAL board, which came into office last month, had been “given a month to come back to us with a specific development in terms of the way forward”.

Thursday June 20, 2013

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NOT THE TIME TO BE PLAYING GAMES WITH THE COUNTRY’S SECURITY A man’s home is his castle. He should be free to enjoy his space without it being invaded by criminals and other unauthorized persons. Unfortunately, the past few weeks have witnessed some frightening home invasions. At least three such invasions took place in which the perpetrators were armed with guns. In one case, two young girls were raped. In another, two occupants, including an overseas-based Guyanese was shot and seriously wounded. In another, injuries were sustained. This is the background against which a $158M training centre was recently opened to ensure that officers of the Guyana Police Force were trained in a conducive environment. From the pictures of the inside of the building, this looks like an attempt to create an elitist environment for the training of senior members of the Guyana Police Force.

This structure could have been better utilized, for example to house the passport office which is too cramped for the services it offers. It could have also been used for the forensic laboratory for the Guyana Police Force or even to house a special unit to monitor crime patterns in the country, instead of being used as a training facility. What is wrong with the Felix Austin Training School? Why can officers not be trained in this facility along with other junior ranks? Why in this the 21st century is there still an officers’ mess and another mess or sports club for other junior ranks? This also exists in the army. It should be outlawed. Training is important but so too is intelligence gathering and good detective work. It is the latter two types of police functions that will hopefully solve the problem of the recent home invasions which have driven fear into the hearts of many law

abiding citizens who must be wondering where the next home invasion will take place. These home invasions have also taken place in the context of yet another petty attempt by the combined parliamentary opposition to not approve security legislation. This basis for this disapproval was the fact that the Bills in question were piloted by the Home Affairs Minister which the combined opposition wants to be the fall guy for the misguided actions of the opposition parties in instigating unlawful protest actions in Linden last year which resulted in the deaths of three individuals. Despite the minister being exonerated from blame

major political differences, much less when it involves the opposition vetoing security bills. This is in the context in which these recent home invasions have taken place in. These invasions which, as mentioned, have involved rape are to be deplored and there should be a united call for the government and the opposition to adopt a nononsense attitude towards these developments. Nothing should be done which would convey the idea that there is opposition to the improvement of the Guyana Police Force and to the maintenance of law and order. There are good men and women on the opposition

benches who do not support crime and would wish to see an end to all criminal activities. They should not allow a petty issue such as who is the person that tables a Bill to stand in the way of helping to protect citizens. Even if it means breaking with a misguided party policy, those who want to see a safe and secure country should vote for measures on the basis of merit, not on the basis of some misguided political decision to make someone a scapegoat for the mistakes of political instigators.

Suspected robber nabbed by private security A man, who allegedly robbed five staff members of a popular paint company in the Georgetown area on separate occasions, is now in police custody after being

Dem boys seh...

Dem finding nuff thiefman A postman was preparing to open a branch of de United States embassy in Berbice. De man collect all dem letter de embassy was sending to people. He collect other letter too like he did planning to set up he own post office. Dem boys seh that he hear bout people sending money through de post office suh he was going through all dem letter. But is de embassy wuk that had he busy. Even Barbie letter from de embassy end up at this postman. De thing woulda pass if de man didn’t beat he wife. When de police come because she complain she show dem de letter. Some of dem was since Edghill was in charge of de post office. De embassy couldn’t understand why dem Berbicians wasn’t coming to de embassy like before. Dem even lower de rate. Wha dem didn’t realize is that de postman was enjoying heself. Now after he beat he wife and she call de police and land he in hot water, she decide that she ain’t want no court story. And she right because he got more story than he can

by a regional commission of inquiry, the opposition has childishly insisted on maintaining this petty and vindictive path. They have continued to behave like spoilt children when it comes to the issue of the Home Affairs Minister and have refused to accept any blame for the deaths of the three men. The history of Guyana has been very instructive when it comes to political problems and crime. The criminals read the political signals and they take advantage of certain problems that arise. As such, it is not unusual for there to be an upsurge in criminal activities whenever there are

handle. He now writing to nuff people and he wondering if dem other postman delivering he letter. De man who got name like de Berbician batsman, Rohan Kanhai, a cricketer of great fame always use to boast bout he name. Now he more than famous. Dem boys seh that he get famous fuh collecting thiefing property. De government lose dem laptop and couldn’t find any till dem raid de man house. This is a man who is a big security kingpin. Dem boys now realize that when people think he was guarding de place he was helping heself. Imagine that de police bring out so much thing from de house that had to hire a truck and coulda open a super market. Dem boys want to know if he was going to open an internet café. But then again, since he deh in Queenstown, perhaps he was trying to open a foundation, like de King Bee. Talk half and wait fuh see wha gun come out of Pradoville2

apprehended by the company’s security personnel following a brief chase. According to one of the security ranks involved in the chase, at approximately 06:32 hours yesterday a man riding a red bicycle was lurking around the area as staff members were entering the compound. The staffer said that he was on the roadside observing the environment to ensure the safety of staff, who complained on numerous occasions of being robbed and tormented in the area. “Normally robbers would torment staff. This morning a guy rode past me; our eyes made strong contact and I became suspicious of him.

And, he turned out to be the one (allegedly) harassing staff members,” he said. Recapping the exchanges the staff member said, “He turn back and ask me if I know he. I said no. Then he seh why you looking at me, and I said nothing friend. He rode up li’l bit and turn back and seh is people like you we does kill because this is my daily bread, my daily living.” He said that before riding away from the business premises the man allegedly threatened to kill him. Because, he was alone and

unarmed the security officer informed his supervisor of what occurred. Subsequently, security personnel went in search of the man whom they found riding along Mandela Avenue. The man was taken back to the company where staff members identified him as the person who allegedly robbed them. He was subsequently taken to the Ruimveldt Police Station. However, when the police were contacted they said that the man was in custody for using threatening language.

Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline, carrying it out. - Stephen Covey

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ThursdayJune 20, 2013


Dem boys seh uncle Donald want he five-year ting “Who says Uncle Donald want a snap poll?” Yuk gat fuh be joking maan! Uncle Donald ain’t going nowhere. Uncle Donald staying pon he throne till he five years done. If there is any policy Donald Ramotar is going to oppose the PPP on, it is the snap poll. The presidential subordinates can make policies without even telling the President and he will not remonstrate with them. Some of the junior dwellers in the kingdom like Ashni Singh, Anil Nandlall, Priya Manickchand and Irfaan Ali will be bold enough and they have been impertinent enough to shape policies that perhaps never had the ear of the boss. But on the question of a midterm general election, Donald Ramotar will be inflexible. Perhaps there may have been contemplations in that direction in the early months of his rule, but since 2013 and the relentless drift of the PPP’s ship into the sea of the unknown, Mr. Ramotar is not going to take chances. Social and political indicators support Mr. Ramotar’s fears. There isn’t a chance in 2014 or even in the beginning of 2016 that sugar will see a turn around. The PPP’s physiology was driven by sugar. Jagan became a hero because of sugar. The PPP achieved ethnic and political hegemony because of sugar. Sugar kept the PPP alive. If the machine that is

pumping blood to your heart collapses, you will go with it. No machine, no blood to the heart. This is the perfect analogy for the PPP and its future in power. Sugar is bleeding and with it are the sugar workers and their families. One has to remember that the sugar industry is not about thirty thousand cane cutters. It is about far more than 30, 000. It is the mountainous numbers that benefit from the viability of the industry. Mr. Ramotar may not be a strong intellectual thinker but he knows full well that the gamble on an early election while sugar is swimming in a monstrous vortex is a deadly one. He is not going to take that risk. There are four sets of attitudes in the PPP about a snap poll. One group wants it because that group argues that with each passing day the post 2011 configuration is weakening the PPP and things they very well drift too far. They feel that with money, resources and extensive media usage, the PPP could win back a majority and they feel that PPP has all of that in bountiful supply. This quarter consists of the inflexible, unintellectual, Stalinist apparatchiks. They have no respect for reality. They feel the loss in 2011 was not the PPP’s fault and the ground can be regained. The second quarter is an unsure

bunch. They are not adding to the debate in Freedom House about early elections. They feel it could go either way - the PPP wins or it secures the plurality again but not a majority. If push comes to shove, this group will probably vote with the Stalinists. Mr. Ramotar leads the third column. As President, he wants his five-year tenure. He is unsure about his nomination if there is a midterm election. He knows he is going to get a passionate fight to secure the nomination. But equally

GPHC maternal death... One doctor and two nurses have been sent on administrative leave and other actions are expected to follow, in keeping with the recommendations of the Expert Committee which has been charged with conducting an investigation into the recent maternal death at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). On Tuesday June 4, 2013, 28-year-old Luan Rodney died in the maternity section of the hospital. One day earlier she was admitted to the hospital to deliver her second child. Her baby girl, according to reports was delivered stillborn.

important, Ramotar doesn’t believe in the victory march. He is unsure of a PPP victory given the rising disenchantment. Finally, there are the young Turks. They are scaring Mr. Ramotar. They want elections as soon as now. Gargantuan ambition drives these newcomers. Each one of them wants to be President. Each one feels that Jagdeo and Ramotar caused the PPP to lose a majority but that their youthfulness can bring back the percentage that went to Nagamootoo. The young monsters are

a crudely optimistic species. Despite the graphic exposure of their venalities, immoralities and corruptibility, they are so contemptuous of East Indians that they feel they can win back the alienated and disaffected in Berbice and elsewhere. In the end there will be no snap poll. Mr. Ramotar is going to say no. They will try to persuade him; they will argue with him but he will have his five-year tenure. There will be no serious attempt to undermine Mr. Ramotar because the other

Frederick Kissoon three cabals know that if they start a confrontation with Mr. Ramotar it could lead to implosion and they all stand to lose in such a scenario. The Ramotar group knows that once Ramotar doesn’t stop the runaway train of corruption, the PPP will not win. And Ramotar will not stop that train. Even if he wants to, he cannot.

Doctor sent on administrative leave, after maternal – Health Minister Minister of Health, Dr. Bheri Ramsaran, yesterday said that the Committee in keeping with a defined timeline presented its report to Dr. Shanti Singh who is currently acting in the capacity of Chief Medical Officer. Word is that another doctor is likely to also be sent on administrative leave. Administrator of the hospital, Michael Khan, refused to comment on the state of affairs yesterday. “I am Friday we should be able to give out information.” According to Minister Ramsaran he is pleased with

the progress of the investigation even as he commended the role played by Dr Singh in the process. “She has been doing an outstanding job,” noted the Minister. He disclosed that the findings of the Report will eventually be made public as part of a legislative mandate. Meanwhile, the Minister during an interview disclosed that with a view to ensuring that measures are in place to improve maternal health services, the Ministry of Health has put in place a Committee to scrutinise the operation of the GPHC’s maternity ward. Dubbed the Maternity

Ward Inspectorate, the Committee was brought into being through an administrative provision put in place by the Minister himself. He said, though, that the Committee was established even before a worrying spate of maternal deaths had occurred. “I had noted certain concerns coming from the maternity ward, not only concerns about deaths but other concerns that visitors and other people had been raising — like cleanliness, like conditions of the toilets and so on...” The need for an Continued on page 24

Thursday June 20, 2013

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ThursdayJune 20, 2013

24 radio, cable, TV licences ready for hand out Guyana to collect $6.4B in EU’s sugar support this year Broadcasters have to pay

licence fee of $2.5 million

Guyana to sign agreement with the EU for the release of $6.4B, representing assistance to price cuts. Guyana is to sign 23M Euros ($6.4B) financing agreement today as part of Europe’s continuing assistance programme for sugar. The monies will be for the 2012/2013 programme and will see Guyana drawing down on 115M Euros since the programme started back in 2006. The measures were developed by the European Union to help Guyana and other sugar-producing nations deal with the fallout from the removal of a protected market to the

members of that trade body, which includes Britain. As a result, Guyana and other sugar producing countries were saddled with a 37 per cent price cut. Earlier this year, EU said that since 2006, when the programme started, it made available 91.5M Euros to Guyana, equivalent to more than $24.7B at today’s exchange rate. “A further amount, up to 23.4M euro is scheduled to be disbursed in 2013 on signing of the Financing Agreement for the 2012 /2013 programme, which is expected in the near

future.” The disbursements have assisted the delivery of the Guyana National Action Plan (GNAP), which focuses on adaptation of the sugar industry by measures which include the upgrading of sugar factories, adding value through sugar packaging and co-generation of power, increasing sugar production and mechanizing field operations, thereby enhancing the competitiveness and productivity of the sector. The disbursements are Continued on page 29

Revelations by Bibi Shadick, the chairperson of the Guyana National Broadcasting Authority (GNBA) show that Radio Guyana Inc. and Telcor Cultural Broadcasting have five frequencies from which to undertake radio broadcasts. However, one of those frequencies is being used to transmit signals to different parts of the country. The two stations are among 24 radio, cable and TV licences which are ready for handout by the GNBA once the approved licencees pay up the licence and the spectrum fees. Of those, there are eight TV licences, eight are radio licences and six are cable TV licences. There was no word on the plight of the other existing television stations in the capital. It was Prime Minister Samuel Hinds who announced in the National Assembly that former President Bharrat Jagdeo had handed out 11 new radio licences in November, 2011. Among those new licencees were Radio Guyana Inc., owned by Jagdeo’s best friend Dr. Ranjisinghi Ramroop and Telcor Cultural Broadcasting, which has as its directors Jagdeo’s niece Kamini Persaud and Ruth Baljit, who is the sister of Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, Mr. Robert Persaud. These two licencees, the Prime Minister had said, were each granted five radio frequencies. However, yesterday, Shadick said the GNBA approved six radio frequencies for these two licencees. Telcor has 90.1 (Georgetown), 91.5 (New Amsterdam), 104.9 (Skeldon,Corentyne), 103.3 (Linden) 104.9 (Bartica) 89.7 (Essequibo). Radio Guyana Inc. has 89.5 (Georgetown) 89.3 (Essequibo) 89.7 (New Amsterdam) 106.9 (Skeldon,

Bibi Shadick Corentyne) 107.3 (Linden) and 106.9 (Bartica). “Me ain’t know. I just calling out what I have,” Shadick told reporters when it was indicated that five frequencies are what the Prime Minister had announced. The licences which are ready for handout are not new. They are among the 36 broadcasters (including those approved by Jagdeo) which existed at the time the new Broadcasting Act came into force on August 28, 2012. The Prime Minister had also announced that Mirror, the newspaper of the ruling People’s Progressive Party was granted five radio frequencies. However, the Mirror has not yet submitted all its documentation to be approved for a licence under the new Act. All the broadcasters were given permission to continue broadcasting and then to apply to the GNBA for a licence under new regulations of the Broadcasting Act. Approved licencees have to pay two fees before they are handed their licences. They have to pay a spectrum fee and a licencee fee. The licence fee was set at a minimum of $2.5 million by Cabinet - the Council of government Ministers chaired by the President. Ms Shadick said that Cabinet has directed that the licence fee be calculated at

three percent of gross income for the preceding year, but it should be not less than $2.5 million. So even in a case where three percent of the licencee’s gross income is less than the $2.5 million, that licencee still has to pay $2.5 million. In the case of new companies which have been set up and which applied for licences but do not have a prior income, they would have to pay the $2.5 million licence fee. Of the licencees which have now been approved, Shadick said that only two of them are required to pay more than $2.5 million, since a calculation of three percent of their gross income exceeds the minimum fee. There is no clear cap on what the spectrum fee should be. Shadick said that the National Frequency Management Unit (NFMU) determines what the spectrum fee should be based on technical aspects of the transformer such as signal strength and the height of the transmission tower. Ms Shadick said that licencees have to pay spectrum fees per frequency. So in the case of Radio Guyana and Telcor, they would both have to pay for each of the frequencies they were granted. The licences which the GNBA is ready to handout once the fees are paid up Continued on page 29

Thursday June 20, 2013

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Human traffickers target mining camps - US slavery report Guyana is recorded as both a source and destination for men, women and children being subjected to sex trafficking and forced labour. A continued enabling environment for human trafficking has landed Guyana on the Tier 2 Watch List. This is according to the 2013 U.S. Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report released by the U.S. State Department of State yesterday by Secretary of State John Kerry. The report stated, “Guyanese and foreign women and girls are subjected to forced prostitution in Guyana, and some nationals have been trafficked abroad. It is clear that traffickers are attracted to Guyana’s interior mining communities, where there is limited government control.” According to US Ambassador to Guyana, D. Brent Hardt, Guyana is making significant efforts to fully meet the minimum international standards for the elimination of trafficking as outlined in the UN Palermo Protocol, even though that was not concluded in the report. To meet the obligations under the UN Palermo Protocol to prevent, suppress and punish TIP, the US recommends Guyana “boost

US Ambassador D. Brent Hardt efforts to hold trafficking offenders accountable by vigorously and appropriately investigating and prosecuting forced prostitution and forced labor; develop, in partnership with NGOs standard operating procedures to guide and encourage frontline officials to identify and protect victims of forced labor and forced prostitution; offer protection and assistance for victims near mining communities; and foster a climate of open dialogue on trafficking that encourages people to come forward to authorities with potential cases.”

In keeping with this year’s theme “Victim Identification: The First Step in Stopping Modern Slavery”, Ambassador Hardt said that Guyana has doubled the number of victims identified but the Government was not able to demonstrate evidence of increasing efforts to hold trafficking offenders accountable. “The lack of punishment for trafficking offenders creates an enabling environment for continued human trafficking. As a consequence, the Government of Guyana was placed on the Tier 2 Watch List,” Hardt said. He said that eradicating modern slavery remains an uphill struggle since only around 40,000 victims were identified worldwide last year. However, it is estimated that about 27 million people are victims of trafficking at any given time. “Another consequence of the failure to identify victims is that the traffickers who enslave and exploit vulnerable people are operating with impunity, beyond the reach of the law. Modern anti-trafficking laws and structures go unused, existing as theoretical instruments of justice,” he added.

Moving away from the Privy Council by Oscar Ramjeet Now that the Chief Justice of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court has ruled that there is no need for a referendum for St. Lucia to abolish appeals to the Privy Council, and legal experts say that the situation is the same for Dominica, Caribbean nationals are curious if the same apply to other countries in the Commonwealth Caribbean. It seems as if St. Kitts/ Nevis does not require a referendum since its Constitution is identical to Dominica. However, these three countries would have to get the green light from the British Government before they initiate steps to join the appellate division of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ). Grenada, Antigua and Barbuda and St. Vincent and the Grenadines require referendum before they could rid themselves of the Privy Council. Reports from St. Georges state that the Keith Mitchell government will take steps to have a referendum as soon as practicable, but the Baldwin Spenser

administration might not want to make a move unless there is a clear, unequivocal and vocal support of the opposition. St. Vincent and the Grenadines tried and failed three years ago, but I am of the view that the measure was defeated because the referendum was loaded with other controversial issues such as removing the Queen as Head of State. The situation in Trinidad and Tobago is baffling because the UNC administration under Basdeo Panday was all in favour hence, the reason why the Court is based in Port of Spain and one wonders why Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar is not introducing legislation to remove the Privy Council as the final Court as regards criminal appeals as she announced in Parliament on April 24, 2012. She should not have any fear that the Bill would be defeated because the Opposition leader has publicly announced that he is all in favour of the CCJ and wondered why the Prime Minister was only going half

way, only criminal appeals, It is clear that in Jamaica a referendum is required since the Privy Council made a ruling in this regard in 2005 when it deemed the Caribbean Court of Justice Act passed in 2004 which sought to eliminate the Privy Council as the final court as unconstitutional because a majority decision by lawmakers was not enough and the three quarters of the electorate must decide by way of referendum. The big question is why Prime Minister Portia Simpson is not moving in this regard when the opposition Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) which was against the regional court, has a change of heart and is willing to support the move to the way for its establishment. The CCJ was established since February 14, 2001, but was inaugurated in April, 2005 and so far only three countries, Guyana, Barbados and Belize, have joined the appellate division. There was reluctance in some quarters that the local judges could be influenced by regional politicians.

According to Hardt, Guyana and the US have in recent years developed a more active and productive dialogue on TIP aimed at strengthening Guyana’s ability to identify and protect victims, prosecute offenders, and prevent future cases of TIP. A workshop on TIP identification, investigation, and prosecution for government and civil society representatives was held. And, an outreach was

conducted in Bartica with local law enforcement, mining, and civil society representatives to boost understanding in that region of how to combat trafficking. “We welcome the commitment of the government and people of Guyana to work in partnership to address this global threat to the dignity of children, women and men. Nowhere was this commitment more evident than in the extraordinary work

of the Guyana Women Miners Organization (GWMO) under the courageous leadership of Simona Broomes, who was recognized yesterday by Secretary of State Kerry as a 2013 TIP Hero.” He said that Broomes and her GWMO colleagues have shown extraordinary bravery and leadership, most recently in rescuing four young victims in Puruni. “Thanks to her commitment, more trafficking victims are being Continued on page 24

Page 14

US$840M Amaila Falls Project… A Guyana delegation that includes Executive Secretary of the National Industrial and Commercial Investment Limited (NICIL), Winston Brassington, has travelled to Asia where it will be engaged in updating the China Development Bank (CDB) on the status of the US$840M Amaila Falls Hydro Electric Project. Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon, yesterday confirmed the visit but called the mission routine. The China Development Bank has committed some US$413.2M and Dr. Luncheon reminds “of the considerable role played by the Chinese Government, specifically the Chinese Development Bank in financing the Amaila project.” Dr Luncheon says that it is as a result of the significant input by CDB, “that one can appreciate the latest of the visits to China by Government delegations.”

Kaieteur News

ThursdayJune 20, 2013

Brassington, IDB, Sithe Global meet in China to address financiers concern He said, also, that the delegation is accompanied by others specifically from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and Sithe Global, “to engage in an updating of the status of the project.” The Amaila Falls is proposed to be built using financing to be sourced from China, Sithe Global, which has been granted the contract to build the project, the IDB, and equity from Guyana using funds earned under the Norway Agreement. Sithe Global’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Bruce Wrobel, had explained the financing of the project. The official during a visit to Guyana had indicated that funding for the project comes from a variety of sources including US$100M in equity from the Guyana Government. Wrobel explained that some 70 per cent of the total funding will be coming from the China Development Bank and the IDB. The IDB is being sought after for US$175M. Sithe Global will be providing US$152.1M bringing the total project cost to US$840.3M. Asked about specific concerns raised by the

Chinese necessitating the current envoy’s presence in China, Dr Luncheon said, “I don’t believe that it is in the context of concerns raised by the Chinese; it is an obligation.” He said that whether formal or not, it is imperative for the contracting parties to meet, to update themselves as to the status of the project. “This is another episode in that ongoing engagement of keeping each other informed.” Dr. Luncheon sought to remind that the Amaila Falls Hydro Electric Project is the largest and most complex ever to be undertaken by the nation. “Financiers and others would be keenly aware of developments… Built into project implementation as we approach financial closure, is the resort to have all parties at a level playing field, aware of developments and proceedings.” In terms of how the US$840M for the project is intended to be use, this publication has been told that the Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) cost of the actual project will amount to some US$519.6M. The total capital cost for

the project is pegged at US$652.5M, taking into consideration additional construction, development, start-up, as well as a contingency. The remaining US$187.8M will go towards financing costs which include Interest during Construction (US$97.1M), Lenders Fee and Advisory

Cost (US$34.9M), and Debt Political Risk Insurance (US$55.7M). Speaking to the actual construction of the hydroelectric plant, Sithe Global officials had explained that of the US$519.6M in total Capital Expenditure, the plant is expected to cost US$314M, with the Transmission Line demanding some US$126M.

The additional US$79M is for currency adjustments. Interest during the construction will amount to US$97.1M At a projected average tariff of US$101M, the plant is expected to rake in more than US$2B over the 20-year period on the Build Own Operate and Transfer (BOOT) life of the project.

Thursday June 20, 2013

Kaieteur News

Page 15

Lawyer refuses to cross examine Beharry, Habitat partnering fully clad Muslim woman to build low income homes

- says “witness is throwing her religion in the face of the court”

Alexei Prashad, owner of the two pit bull dogs For the first time, Magistrate Geeta ChandanEdmond was faced with a sensitive situation on Tuesday—a lawyer who refuses to cross examine a Muslim witness because the woman, Khairoon Ali, insists on wearing her Hijab (veil). The lawyer in question is Huckumchand. He was at Court 10 of the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court; the Attorney-at-law insisted that he would not cross examine one of the witnesses because her Hijab (veil) prevents him from knowing for certain whom he is questioning. The lawyer contended that it is important for the court to see the expressions of the woman as well as her demeanor in full. Though advice from the DPP (Director of Public Prosecutions) indicated that the woman should submit her testimony in her garment because she is protected by the constitution which allows her to observe such religious practices, Huckumchand still remained firm on his position. When the case returned to the court, with the advice of the DPP, the Magistrate took Mrs. Ali into her chambers in the company of a female officer, who verified that it was her via her passport and identification card. But this was not enough for the lawyer and he asked for the case to be sent to the Chief Justice for advice. The lawyer stated, “Khairoon Ali, who is a Muslim, is throwing her religion in the face of the court.” Mrs. Ali said that only the males in her immediate family are allowed to see her face. “The Hijab is a means of protection and a sign of modesty and my decision is an act of obedience to Allah.” The case of Mobarak Ali, 64, of 46 Austin Street, Kitty, whose arm was brutally mauled by two ferocious pit bulls in Kitty last year, now

Mobarak Ali evokes a worrying uncertainty as it may face the possibility of being thrown out of court on its next hearing. When the case was first called before Magistrate Alan Wilson at the Georgetown Magistrates’ court, the particulars of the charge read that on February 2012, in Kitty, Alexei Prashad, “being the owner of two pit bull dogs, knowingly suffered the animals to be at large in a rabid state.” Prashad pleaded not guilty. Ali had left his home at 5:15 am to visit the Kitty Masjid when he was suddenly attacked by the ferocious pit bull dogs. As a result of his cries for help, a neighbour, Aritha Scott, stood on her fence and threw buckets of water on the dogs in efforts to free him. Whilst other neighbours

assisted, the police were summoned and the defendant was arrested. When the allegation was put to him, Prashad, 37 of 49 Austin Street, Kitty, remained silent. He was subsequently charged for the said offence and placed on $10,000 station bail. The case was then transferred to the court of Chief Magistrate Priya Beharry on May 28, 2012 who later transferred the matter to Magistrate ChandanEdmond’s court where trial commenced on June 19, 2012. During trial, Prashad’s defence which started with Attorney at law, Vic Puran, was taken over by Hukumchand. The case was adjourned until June 24, when Magistrate Chandan – Edmond will make the final decision on the testimony of the witness.

Edward B. Beharry Limited (EBB) and Habitat for Humanity Guyana Inc. (Habitat Guyana) have partnered to raise funds for the construction of homes for low income families. The ‘Beharry Build’ project will be launched tomorrow at the Edward B Beharry & Co. Ltd Training Facility located at 191 Charlotte Street, Georgetown from 10:30am. This 12-month partnership will see Habitat Guyana receiving a portion of funds raised from the sale of Edward B Beharry products such as Chico, Champion, and Indi. The monies raised will contribute to Habitat’s efforts to alleviate poverty housing through its community. development initiatives inclusive of youth empowerment programs, disaster response and recovery training, and the like. The EBB/Habitat relationship will be one characterized by corporate responsibility in an atmosphere of collaboration to further the prospect of Guyanese families realizing the joy of home ownership. Edward B Beharry & Co. Ltd. has been in operation since 1937. Starting from

humble beginnings the company is now one of the largest food manufacturing and distribution companies in the Caribbean. The organization has an extensive range of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certified products include Spices, Noodles, Confectionery, Baking Products and Pasta. The company’s distribution area includes Suriname, Trinidad and most of the Caribbean, and also extends to North America. Beginning its work since 1994 following an invitation from then President Dr. Cheddi Jagan, Habitat for Humanity, Guyana was officially registered in Guyana in 1995. Since then the organization has supported more

than 3000 families within the country’s ten administrative regions, through partnerships with affiliates, home partners, volunteers and sponsors to build simple, decent and affordable housing for low income earners. The organization has undertaken home repairs, rehabilitation works, and assisted in accessing secure tenure. With a new programme direction added, focus will be placed on community development, disaster risk reduction, and social action and awareness. Via resource centres the organization seeks to make a stronger impact on communities through training, mobilization, and planning of various community driven projects.

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Thursday June 20, 2013

Thursday June 20, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Kaieteur News

ThursdayJune 20, 2013

Opposition rejection of accountability in Bagotville man stabbed to parliament most alarming - Dr Luncheon death at Bartica night spot The abuses of the parliamentary process by the opposition using their oneseat majority continued during the most recent sitting, according to Head of the Presidential Secretariat (HPS), Dr. Roger Luncheon at his weekly post-Cabinet press briefing at the Office of the President, yesterday. “Four security pieces of legislation tabled by Minister Clement Rohee were rejected by the opposition. They were rejected without even a pretense of a contribution by the opposition at a debate,” Dr Luncheon noted. He explained that the opposition Members of Parliament did not offer a single word justifying their rejection of those specific bills. Adding that such actions are the height of disrespect, contempt and abuse, Dr Luncheon said that the opposition’s rejection of being accountable even in parliament is most alarming. “Explanations, justifications to Guyanese, to stakeholders even to their own constituency is obviously considered by the

opposition as something voluntary, 32 MP’s telling and emphasizing to Guyanese that we don’t have to offer any explanation to anyone of you on such matters,” Dr Luncheon asserted. Dr Luncheon also characterized the behaviour of the opposition and special select committees as being “slothful” when dealing with the Anti-Money Laundering Combating Terrorism Amendment Bill. “The avoidance of a near calamity in Managua Nicaragua recently, seemingly has whetted their (opposition) appetite for the next real thing come November 2013 with no Bill. Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) has made the reality of that November timeline even clearer by confirming on the Parliament Special Select Committee (PSSC) request that the amendment Bill will have to be enacted by August to allow their proper consideration by the November deadline. Deliberate sloth invites a repetition of the calamity that

was barely avoided in Managua.” The government defended its efforts to stem financial crimes when the Plenary Meeting of the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) met in Managua, Nicaragua from May 27 to May 30. Thus the extension was given. The Opposition had chided the government for bringing the amendments to the House at the last minute. However, the government was put on notice at least twice before by the CFATF to amend the legislation. The CFATF is the Caribbean branch of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the international body which examines a country’s efforts to stem money laundering and dictate what new measures need to be enforced. In the third round Mutual Evaluation Report, which was adopted by the CFATF Council of Ministers in May 2011 in Honduras, Guyana was placed on expedited follow-up and required to report every Plenary.

Postman in hot water after undelivered mail found in Berbice home A postman attached to the New Amsterdam Post Office, is in some trouble after a quantity of undelivered mail was found at his home in New Amsterdam. The police were called in after a report was made by a woman of assault by her husband. The woman also informed investigators about the undelivered mail in the

house. The man was eventually freed on the assault charge after the virtual complainant declined to give evidence in the New Amsterdam Magistrate’s Court. However, the Guyana Post Office Corporation (GPOC) was informed of the development and is conducting investigations

into the matter. The alleged perpetrator has been sent on leave and disciplinary action may follow. It is understood that among the set of mail found at the home were those from the U.S. Embassy and from Utility Companies, among others. They are reportedly dated between January and May 2013.

Assailant in police custody…

Caesar Bradford An ugly feud which broke out at a Bartica night spot between two men over a slap, ended fatally for a Bagotville man who was stabbed to his abdomen on Friday night. A police press release

stated the dead man, Caesar Bradford, 32, of Bagotville, West Bank Demerara, succumbed to a number of stab wounds on Sunday at the Georgetown Public Hospital. According to a relative of Bradford, the man was at a bar when he and his girlfriend’s brother began to have an argument. A fight ensued between the two which lead to the assailant stabbing the miner in his stomach. When Kaieteur News visited the man’s sister, Eunice Bradford, who said that based on reports she received f r o m h e r d e a d brother’s girlfriend, the two men were at a bar in St Mary’s, Bartica drinking alcohol when the

alleged attacker said something which annoyed Bradford. The woman added that after her brother became annoyed he then slapped the man’s face. This prompted the brother in law to pull out a knife and stab him several times. The distressed sister added that he was then rushed to the Bartica Hospital where he was treated before he was transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital on Sunday. Bradford later succumbed. The suspect has been arrested and is in police custody assisting with the investigations.

Doctor sent on administrative leave... From page 10 inspectorate was recognised and moves to implement one were soon after engaged, he said. However, the inspectorate, the Minister said, is not one mandated by law to inspect hospitals. Rather it is an administrative committee which is designed to include women’s rights advocates. “We have, for example, invited members of the Women and Gender Equality Commission and I am told that that inspectorate, that watch dog committee as it were...already had one visit to the GPHC maternity ward.” The Committee, according to the Minister, is separate from the GPHC internal visiting group which is tasks with visiting the maternity ward regularly. “Those are

things that I think should be noted and we hope to involve more and more women groups so that they can join this inspectorate and visit the maternity ward frequently,” said the Minister. He disclosed that he had since impressed on the office of the Chief Medical Officer the need to involve more women’s group so that they can join the inspectorate. The Minister said that there are other positive things that the Health Ministry has been doing in order to improve maternal health services. He alluded to continuous training and re-training of medical personnel who execute functions relative to maternal health. Among these are doctors who are expected to work in maternity departments, said

the Minister. He disclosed that the Ministry has introduced the Advanced Labour and Risk Management (ALARM) programme, which is a short intense course that is internationally certified. And according to the Minister all of the Cuban-trained doctors are required to undergo this training before they are dispatched to render their services. “All the Cuban trained graduates are gathered as a group before they are dispersed to the different locations and they are indoctrinated in the tenets of ALARM,” informed the Minister. The move, he noted, is important so that doctors charged with overseeing maternity wards are efficient in risk management.

From page 7 identified and rescued from a life of slavery. All of Guyana should be proud of what she and her Organization have been able to accomplish to protect some of the most vulnerable people in society,” Hardt said. According to Hardt, for transparency and strengthening efforts in the

US and in partnership with other countries, the TIP Report contains a tier ranking and narrative of U.S. progress in addressing human trafficking. “We hope this assessment will illustrate that the United States holds itself to the same standards it encourages in other countries and that we support a self-

critical approach among all countries in their antitrafficking efforts,” the Ambassador said. Hardt said, “People often ask why the United States prepares a Trafficking in Persons report on other countries. The answer is that we believe that only a concerted global effort can bring this human tragedy from the shadows into the light.” He explained that US aims not to criticize, but to call attention to a global threat to vulnerable groups of people. “We seek to stimulate action and create partnerships around the world in the fight against modern-day slavery. Only by understanding the scope of the threat can we take meaningful action to protect victims, prevent future abuses, and investigate and prosecute perpetrators,” he said.

Human traffickers target...

Thursday June 20, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Minister no show at GPSU International Too many cases being thrown out for lack of evidence and poor preparation - President Public Service Day address By Abena Rockcliffe President’s referral is the trea- some other extraneous circum-

After waiting for almost two hours yesterday afternoon, public servants walked out of a scheduled meeting to celebrate International Public Service Day 2013. The Public Service Minister was a no show. Minister Jennifer Westford was the special speaker to address public servants who would have had an opportunity to ask questions and to relate to the minister, issues facing them as state workers. The workers started

with the Minister to have discourse about the government’s vision and the concept of the public service. He said the discourse would have given an insight into the administrations expectations and plans for state workers, plus an opportunity for healthy discussions between the Minister and the public workers. He said, “We were advised that the Minister was called away to an emergency. In my view I have never experienced a discourtesy by the Minister and there must be very good reasons

members, especially since the major employer is the government. He “wished as much as possible to have them (workers) directly informed from the principles as to how they view them, what they expect and what they intend to do for them.” Workers from various arms of the public service were available yesterday. They came from the judiciary, energy, aviation, health etc. During discourse with GPSU officials, workers strongly expressed that they were not

Workers walk out almost two hours after waiting for Public Service Minister leaving the Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) building in groups, unwilling to wait any longer. GPSU staff sought to stall the crowd with questions, and updates on past and upcoming events for the union’s 90th anniversary but that was not as successful as hoped. The union said that in recognition of United Nations International Public Service Day 2013 which would be celebrated under the theme: “Transformative e-Government and Innovation: Creating a Better Future for all”, the Minister consented to address Public Servants on the Government’s Vision and Concept of the Public Service. The address was scheduled for 13:30 hrs at the Union’s Headquarters at 160 Regent and Shiv Chanderpaul Drive, Bourda. GPSU head Patrick Yarde told Kaieteur News that June 23 is the United Nations public service day and it was agreed

why she couldn’t make it.” It was mentioned that the Minister had an important meeting at Office of the President. Yarde continued that there are quite a few things happening in the public service and the workers would have surely been informed of some of the things they should expect from the government. He said, however, that communication between the union and the government is not as efficient as it ought to be. Very often, he stated, members would tell the union about issues affecting them at their various locations. This led the union to dispatch a letter to the public service Permanent Secretary, who in a reply said discussions could have been facilitated. Since the union was celebrating its anniversary, Yarde said it was felt that this was a perfect time to communicate with union

receiving correspondence from the union at their various places of employment. While senior union staff explained to the workers that indeed relevant information was being sent to their workplace as it related to union business, workers charged that they were not being informed of any information reaching their work places that they should be aware of. One of the major concerns of public workers is an increase in salary. Last year workers were given a five percent increase to salaries and wages retroactive to January 1. Yarde had stated that for 17 years, the government had been imposing arbitrary increases in wages and salaries on public workers. He stated, too, that the government refused negotiations with the union and has not increased workers’ travelling allowances for the past 17 years and meal allowances for the past 16 years.

President Donald Ramotar took a swipe at the Guyana Police Force on Monday when he said that too many cases are being thrown out of the courts as a result of lack of evidence and tardiness on the part of the Guyana Police Force. The Head of State said that that reality is one which torments him “from time to time.” Ramotar’s utterances were made at a ceremony where the Ministry of Home Affairs officially handed over a $158.4M building to the Guyana Police Force. The ceremony was attended by police ranks, most of which were senior officers and the President used the opportunity to point out quite a few deficiencies in the Force. One of the deficiencies cited by the President was the “amount of cases that the police make and are thrown out of court for the lack of evidence and poor preparations.” Ramotar said that lack of evidence and poor investigative preparation are “simple things that allow lots of criminals to walk free in our society.” He said that he hopes that the new building, which has been erected for training purposes, “and other facilities that we have in society will help to uplift the quality and standard of work, so that we will be able to prepare far better for the cases in our country.” A case which suits the

son charges against Army Reserve Officer, Leonard Wharton, Major Bruce Munroe and his wife, Carol Ann Munroe which was dismissed by Chief Magistrate (ag) Priya Sewnarine- Beharry who said that the charge laid against them was faulty. The State had alleged that the accused were intending to use harmful materials to carry out their act but it was revealed to the court that a mere intention to reportedly commit an act was deemed treasonous. The court contended that vital elements to warrant a treasonous act were omitted in the prosecution’s case. Last February, Dwight Da Silva who was accused of killing five Kaieteur News pressmen on August 8, 2006, was freed of the murder charge. Da Silva, along with Quincy Evans and Jermaine Charles called ‘Skinny’ now deceased, were charged for the murders of Eion Wegman, Richard Stuart, Mark Maikoo, Shazim Mohamed and Chetram Persaud. Evans was previously freed in the Magistrate’s court. According to sources within the Director of Public Prosecutions, the matter against DaSilva was discharged because of the lack of evidence. He was released from prison early last February. Also, in September 2010, it was reported that tardiness on the part of the police and

stances, have forced Magistrate Alan Wilson to discharge several cases at the Lethem Magistrate’s court. The Magistrate discharged no less than 10 cases, including a narcotics matter involving three Brazilians. Lack of evidence was also cited as one of the reasons for the dismissals. Some of the cases dated back to as far as 2008. In dismissing and discharging the matters, the Magistrate took into consideration the length of time that an accused spends in custody pending trial, and the probative cost to the state to transport and accommodate prisoners on every court hearing. Wilson had accused the force’s administration of not doing enough to ensure that the witnesses attend court and have the exhibits presented. The Magistrate’s Court at Lethem is convened every three months and most prisoners on remand are housed at locations that are far removed from the district. There are other cases where ranks have left the job and see no obligation to travel to Lethem to testify in any matter that they were involved in while police ranks have been transferred. The President also voiced his concern about the cases struggling to get to the court but said that “that’s another issue.”

Boat accident captain out on bail Five days after being hospitalized under police guard, at the Suddie Public Hospital, police have released Paulo on station bail. The Wakenaam speedboat driver, was involved in a boat accident at Supenaam, and was hospitalized with Hypertension following the June 14 accident. Paulo’s release came after a Post Mortem examination was conducted on 32-yearold Ganesh Roopnarine, a/k “Shines”. Roopnarine was formerly of Barnwell, West

Coast Demerara and Affiance, Essequibo Coast. He died of Multiple Injuries according to Pathologist Dr. Nehaul Singh. Meanwhile, police are pursuing advice from the Chambers of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), pertaining to charges stemming from the boat collision. Initial reports have suggested that Roopnarine, who was described as a seasoned speedboat operator who plied the Supenaam/ Parika route, was killed on

June 14, at Supenaam after he sustained a severe blow to his head. He was struck by a boat driven by Paulo. The collision occurred after Roopnarine’s boat encountered problems and was drifting in the Essequibo River. Paulo was at the time transporting five passengers to Wakenaam. His boat was not equipped with a “bow man”, who could have alerted him to Roopnarine’s stranded boat. Paulo had emerged from the Supenaam Creek area.

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ThursdayJune 20, 2013

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PROPERTY FOR SALE Tuschen Housing SchemeCall: 692-3454/616-7632 1 Business Property at Bloomfield public rd, BerbiceCall: 690-6520/ 642-0110 2 Bedrooms Concrete Flat: 12th Street Diamond Housing Scheme: $11 Million- Call:613-9085

Rooms - Call: 225-3234

Charlestown $15.5M; Kitty $10M; East Coast $27M; Republic Park $65M- Call Diana @227-2256/ 626-9382

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Business property to rent (Georgetown)- Call:2239727/ 673-0373/ 666-7001

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Thursday June 20, 2013

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Thursday June 20, 2013

Kaieteur News

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DHB installs modernized retractor mechanism

Mainframe connected to the PLC

Guyana is among the first countries in South America to acquire a modern Programme Logic Control (PLC) System. The mechanism was recently installed at the Demerara Harbour Bridge (DHB), which once held the title of the world’s longest floating bridge. A programme Logic Control system is a digital computer used for automation and electro-mechanical processes, such as control of machinery on factories, assembly lines, amusement rides and light fixtures. DHB General Manager, Rawlston Adams, stated that this achievement is in keeping with continuous effort to preserve the integrity of the structure. The modern Programme Logic Control system is valued at $16.1 million. Adams explained, “A technical crew is now in charge of the bridge during the retraction period, to ensure the smooth operation and subsequently better management of traffic.” The modernised retractor span control system comprises wireless internet

Broadcasters have to pay minimum... From page 12 would expire at the end of the year. But to get that licence, the station was informed that it has to pay two separate fees to the GNBA. The fees CNS TV 6 has to pay are $680,000 for the use of the frequency under which Channel 6 broadcasts and a licence fee of $2.5 million. One of the approved licencees is CNS TV 6, owned by Chandra Narine Sharma. He intends to query how the GNBA arrived at its figures. He has been asked to pay the minimum licence fee plus $680,000 as the spectrum fee. This he does not understand, since in the past, he said, he

paid $320, 000 to the NFMU and nothing has changed about his frequency. Shadick has said that the GNBA is not yet processing new applications. She said that the broadcast spectrum operated as if the spectrum was “squatting area” and so the GNBA Board has sought to first “regularize” what currently obtains before proceeding to the new applications. Shadick said the GNBA has not yet decided on a deadline by which approved licencees must pay the spectrum and licence fees. Of the broadcasters currently in operation, nine

TV stations, three radio stations and two cable operators are yet to meet all the requirements in order to be approved for licences. The GNBA has also not decided on how much more time they would have to comply. The Board at a recent meeting also agreed to the establishment of a Monitoring Committee, which would replace the Advisory Committee on Broadcasting and the Media Monitoring Unit. Shadick said that Members to that Committee would be named once they accept the offer to sit on the Committee.

From page 12 determined on the basis of the Government of Guyana achievement of general macro-economic conditions as well as indicators that monitor the sugar industry’s performance. Funds are also channeled towards studies, evaluations and audits to ensure effective implementation, EU had said. Guyana’s sugar industry has fallen from being top earner as labour worries, falls in prices and outdated equipment combine to make it hard to compete. Several Caribbean countries have pulled out of

the sugar business, but Guyana has remained committed. It has invested more than US$200M in a new factory at Skeldon, mechanisations of field operations, and a new packaging plant at Enmore. Recently, the EU’s agricultural arm voted to extend the deadline, to 2020 from 2015, for the opening of the market there, giving Guyana a little breathing space to get its house in order. On Sunday, President Donald Ramotar called for help to rescue the industry even offering lands to sugar

workers and their unions under a cooperative-style deal. Last year, sugar recorded its worst performance under the PPP/C administration and the trend continued this year with the crop a dismal one, falling way short of projections. Guyana is among 20 or so sugar producing African/ Caribbean/Pacific (ACP) countries benefitting from the sugar assistance programme being carried out under EU’s “Accompanying Measures for Sugar Protocol Countries affected by the Reform of the EU Sugar Regime”.

modulators and a control panel which is responsible for sending signals to the four main stations on the bridge causing it to open and close. The system, which was acquired through the Dutch-owned HM Project Limited, underwent a successful final test run yesterday. In addition, the DHB operation team underwent a brief informative training session on the functions of the now fully computerised system. Proprietor of the Dutch o w n e d e n t i t y, H e n n y Muskens, explained that unlike the old system, this new PLC is relatively smaller but has the same capacity. The training sessions enlightened the maintenance crew on the updated technology. The team was given firsthand experience on the operations, when the bridge opened on Tuesday. The new system is controlled by a state of the art, Computer system which will allow for modification of speed and control during tidal strain. Adams says that the system can still function effectively by use of a joy stick as well as digitally.

SERVICES First Choice Laundromat: $700 per load: Dry cleaning of Wedding Gowns, from $5000: Gents Suits $2500Tele: 225-6337 Repairs, sales & spares air conditioning, microwaves, washer, fridges & stoves. Ultra Cool. Call: 225-9032, 647-2943 Repairs to Fridge, Freezer, AC, Washers, Stoves, TV: Call 683-1312,627-3206 (Nick) House Plans, estimates and constructionContact T.Boodhoo 625-9883/ 6759296 WE FILL OUT VISA FORMS: USA, UK & CANADA & CREDIT CARD SERVICES CALL: 231-5789 ONLINE SHOPPING ZERO COMMISSION, WEEKLY SHIPMENTS,AFFORDABLE RATES, FREE PRIVATE MAILBOX.CALL:2315789, 225-9030 HOUSE PLAN DRAFTING FOR ONLY $10,000CALL:694-9843/227-2766 Blackberry unlocking $1500- call: 675-2239/ 6527560 Have a property/Land/ House/Apartment for sale or rent?- Call:223-8479 or 6473768 R o c o t s To o l R e n t a l : R a n s o m , Ta b l e S a w, Compactor, floor sander, Bobcat etc.- Call:675-0767

LAND FOR SALE House lots 50’×118’ New Hope E.B.D: Negotiable prices. Call: 266-2711/ 609-4594 7 Acres cultivated, citrus, house, fish pond, storage at Parika- Call:226-7968 Twelve House Lots in one block along Corriverton public road- Call:626-6245

Guyana to collect $6.4B in EU’s...

MASSAGE American Style massage services- Call:609-4036

TransponderTV: No Monthly Fees, No Hidden Fees, No Additional Charges: 250 Channels + 50 HD ChannelsCall: 675-3201 We repair fridge, freezer, AC, washer, dryer call:2310655,683-8734 Omar

(From page 28)

VACANCY One fitter machinistTele:234-0780, Cell: 613-1588 or 694-8450 24 hour East Coast Guyoil needs day & night pump attendants, sales girl, Experienced Fuel Tanker Driver- Tele: 688-9611/ 684-2838 Technician: Knowledge of cameras, TV’s & computers. Certificate from the Technical Institute required $100,000 monthly-Call: 2230595 Hire Car Drivers & Body Work Men: A-1 Taxi- Call: 220-1000 Experienced female bartenders and cleanerscall: 225-8572 Between 7am-9am One Female Clerk- Call:2315171 One security guard for day shift: West Side Shore Plaza public road Ruimzeight, W.C.D- Call:269-1525/ 6563561 Handyman/yardman. Must have a valid Police Clearance: Salary $3,500. Per day- Call: 223-0595 CAR RENTAL Caricom June 30th- July 1st: Marshall Rapids & Capoey Lake- Call Joy @218-1285/ 649-9059/ 691-3114

Call The USA For $10 Per Minute- Call: 672-4090 Permanent & Visitors Visa Applications, Professional Immigration Consultant Room D5 Maraj Building Call: 225-6496, 662-6045, 223-8115 Technician specialized in repairs & servicing to washers, dryers, fridges, A/ C units & stoves: Home Servicing available- call:6615099 Georgetown computer repairs in Homes- Call: 6757292

SALON Make Up Courses, Artist Trained & Certified in Trinidad. Call: 660-5257, 647-1773 Natural beauty salon & spa: Grove Market Street EBD tele:265-4138,652-5800 specialized in everything for women & children

Qualified Therapist: Pinch nerve, painful body, extreme tiredness, organ failure in Males, neck & shoulder pain- Call Sally @649-4227

Florida & New York ToursCall: 675-7292 CAR RENTAL

Earn a certificate in Cosmetology, Nails & Facial courses at Beautopia- Call: 629-3497/ 604-3002

The Gent’s spa: Come be pampered by beautiful sophisticated masseuses four hands special call:6575979

Progressive Auto Rental cars from $4000 per day. Call 643-5122, 225-8711; email www. progressive autorental. com

Relax $2500, colour $2000, finger tips $2200, toes $600, pedicure $2500, facial $2500- Call:2258701/622-2643

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ThursdayJune 20, 2013

Obama challenges Russia to agree Italy court rejects bid to deeper nuclear weapon cuts to block Berlusconi

BERLIN (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama used a speech in Berlin yesterday to call on Russia to revive the push for a world without nuclear weapons, offering to cut deployed nuclear arsenals by a third, but Moscow immediately poured scorn on his proposal. Speaking in Berlin where John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan gave rousing Cold War speeches, Obama urged Russia to help build on the

“New START” treaty that requires both countries to cut stockpiles of deployed nuclear weapons to 1,550 each by 2018. The speech, a day after Obama met President Vladimir Putin at a summit where they disagreed publicly about Syria, was given a frosty reception by Moscow which said it could “not take such proposals seriously” while Washington was beefing up its own anti-missile defenses.

“After a comprehensive review I have determined that we can ensure the security of America and our allies, and maintain a strong and credible strategic deterrent, while reducing our deployed strategic nuclear weapons by up to one third,” Obama said. “I intend to seek negotiated cuts with Russia to move beyond Cold War nuclear postures,” he said at the Brandenburg Gate, which once overlooked the Berlin

Wall that divided the communist east and the capitalist west. Russia says U.S. plans for anti-missile defenses harm the goal of arms reduction by requiring Moscow to hold more missiles or lose its deterrent capability. “How can we take the idea of strategic nuclear weapons reductions seriously when the United States is building up its ability to intercept these strategic nuclear weapons?”

fraud verdict

(Reuters) - Italy’s constitutional court yesterday rejected a bid by Silvio Berlusconi to block a tax fraud conviction linked to his Mediaset television empire, clearing the way for a final verdict and deepening uncertainty facing Prime Minister Enrico Letta. Berlusconi issued a statement immediately after the ruling, saying the decision was contrary to good sense and legal precedent but would not affect his support for Letta’s left-right coalition government. The 76-year-old media tycoon is not in government but Letta depends on his People of Freedom (PDL) party to survive after deadlocked elections in February that left his own centre-left Democratic Party (PD) short of a viable majority in parliament. Despite Berlusconi’s assurance of continued support, the ruling is likely to increase tension in the coalition, which is already struggling to contain serious differences over core economic policies. Ministers from the PDL issued a statement saying they were “shocked, bitter

and profoundly worried” at the verdict, which comes ahead of an even more widely anticipated ruling on Monday on charges that Berlusconi paid for sex with a minor. He has frequently attacked what he calls leftist magistrates who he says want to eliminate him from politics. There was little immediate reaction from the PD apart from a statement saying the decision should be respected and calling on PDL lawmakers to “lower their tone”. Berlusconi’s lawyers had challenged a ruling in Milan last year that sentenced him to four years in prison with a five year ban on holding public office after it found him complicit in tax fraud at Mediaset. They argued the case was flawed because judges had refused to allow a delay on March 1, 2010, for Berlusconi, who was prime minister at the time, to attend a cabinet meeting. The constitutional court ruled the judges in the original case had been within their rights to reject Berlusconi’s assertion that the cabinet meeting constituted a so-called “legitimate impediment” to the hearing.

(Reuters) - Western government sanctions against Iran suffered a big setback yesterday when Britain’s top court ruled that the government was wrong to have imposed sanctions on the biggest Iranian private bank over alleged links to Tehran’s nuclear programme. The Bank Mellat case and more than 50 like it pending at the European Union’s two highest courts have clouded the future of EU sanctions and alarmed Washington, which relies on European support to throttle Iran’s links to the global economy in hopes of getting it to curb its disputed pursuit of nuclear power. The British Supreme Court decision yesterday mirrored a January ruling by the EU General Court, which overturned sanctions imposed on Bank Mellat in 2010 on grounds that EU governments had failed to provide enough information

to support their case that the bank had assisted the nuclear programme. EU governments appealed that decision and a new verdict is pending at the highest court, the European Court of Justice. The British Supreme Court ruling paved the way for Bank Mellat to sue Britain for damages. A bank spokesman told Reuters yesterday it was considering launching a claim against Britain that “could exceed 500 million pounds”. Supreme Court Judge Jonathan Sumption ruled that the British government had been “arbitrary”, “irrational” and “disproportionate” to single out Bank Mellat for sanctions. A British government spokeswoman said it was “disappointed” with the decision and was “considering the judgment and its implications for any future orders (for sanctions)”.

British Supreme Court ruling threatens Western sanctions against Iran

Thursday June 20, 2013

Kaieteur News

T&T Opposition Leader responds to allegation of conspiracy to remove govt.

Dr. Keith Rowley PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad – Opposition Leader Dr. Keith Rowley says Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar and members of her coalition People’s Partnership government were engaged in “self-defence” as the controversy over the “emailgate” scandal

continues here unabated. Rowley, addressing a public meeting of the main opposition People’s National Movement (PNM) in the capital on Tuesday night, said the country has gone into a “tailspin” and that the government is in disarray. “Their mouthpieces are biting their tongue and there is nothing productive happening in Trinidad and Tobago because the government has abandoned its responsibility and is 100 per cent focussing on self defence,” he told supporters. On Monday night, Prime Minister Persad Bissessar told supporters of her ruling United National Congress (UNC) – the biggest partner in the three-party coalition government –that Rowley’s “secret” meeting with the chairman of the Integrity Commission, Ken Gordon, ahead of his disclosure of the

emails in Parliament last month “strikes at the very heart of our system of governance and the independence of our institutions in this country”. “I am of the view that the Opposition Leader acted improperly and in breach of established conventions. As I leave here tonight, I ask whether Dr Rowley should not be charged for misconduct in public office,” she added. Gordon has released an aide memoire regarding the May 15th meeting he had with Rowley at his private residence, but Prime Minister Persad Bissessar told party supporters “it was a big secret, but you know they say the only way to keep a secret is not to have one”. Gordon was quoted in the local media on Wednesday as saying that he is likely to make a “full” statement on the issue.

New deadline for CAL KINGSTON, Jamaica Jamaica has given the new board of the Trinidad-based Caribbean Airlines (CAL) a month to indicate how it intends to use the Air Jamaica brand in the future. Transport Minister Dr Omar Davies Tuesday met with a high level delegation from Trinidad and Tobago that included Trade Minister Vasant Bharath and CAL board members to discuss the airline’s Jamaican operations and its arrears to local entities including the Customs Department and the Airports Authority of Jamaica. The meeting also discussed the status of the Air Jamaica brand amid reports that the Portia Simpson Miller administration had threatened to withdraw the Air Jamaica brand from CAL in the wake of a recent decision to cut

back on the number of flights to Jamaica. “We discussed the reduction in the number of flights between North America and Jamaica and the way forward,” Davies said, adding “related to that was the continuing use of the Air Jamaica brand name”.

Davies said that the new CAL board, which came into office last month, had been “given a month to come back to us with a specific development in terms of the way forward”. With regards to CAL’s debt to Jamaican entities, it was agreed that the airline will in the future remain within agreed credit limits and Davis said that during the high-level meeting, complaints regarding the hiring of Jamaican employees by Caribbean Airlines were placed before the Trinidadian officials. In April, Davies said he was concerned about what he cited as the “discriminatory hiring practices” of CAL after 15 flight attendants’ positions were cut at the airline’s Jamaican operations and some Jamaican pilots, based in Trinidad were sent home in March.

Trinidad Express Somebody should have gone to jail over the CLICO fiasco, Opposition Senator Terrence Deyalsingh said Tuesday. “Somebody shoulda make a jail, as we say in local parlance,” Deyalsingh said during his contribution to the Insurance Bill 2013 in the Senate. Finance Minister Larry Howai said the Insurance Bill 2013 is proposing a penalty of $10 million and 10 years imprisonment for the directors of insurance companies found guilty of fraud.

Deyalsingh said the country should have learnt from the previous failures of companies. “The problem we are being faced with now in Trinidad and Tobago is that the horse has already bolted from the stable and we are now trying to close the stable doors,” Deyalsingh said. The proposals of the Insurance Bill 2013 are aimed at preventing another CLICO fiasco, Howai said. Deyalsingh said too stringent measures could stifle the insurance industry, while too lenient measure

could create “mavericks”. “How do we balance those competing interest of too much legislation which stifles the industry and too little legislation which gives rise to mavericks,” Deyalsingh said. “The balancing act is a very delicate one because if we go too far to one extreme we stifle growth, if go too far to the other extreme we create the mavericks,” he said. He said there should be harmony with all the financial legislation in terms of penalties. The Insurance Bill 2013 has been sent to a Joint Select Committee.

Dr Omar Davies

‘Someone should have gone to jail over CLICO fiasco’

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Thursday June 20, 2013

Thursday June 20, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Serena apologizes for World Cup legacy for Brazil goes statements on rape case beyond soccer, says Blatter USA Today - Serena Williams released a statement on her website Wednesday apologizing for controversial comments made in a Rolling Stone article about the Steubenville, Ohio, rape case. Her statement: “What happened in Steubenville was a real shock for me. I was deeply saddened. For someone to be raped, and at only sixteen, is such a horrible tragedy! For both families involved — that of the rape victim and of the accused. I am currently reaching out to the girl’s family to let her know that I am deeply sorry for what was written in the Rolling Stone article. What was written — what I supposedly said — is insensitive and hurtful, and I

by no means would say or insinuate that she was at all to blame. “I have fought all of my career for women’s equality, women’s equal rights, respect in their fields — anything I could do to support women I have done. My prayers and support always goes out to the rape victim. In this case, most especially, to an innocent sixteen year old child.” Two players from the celebrated Steubenville, Ohio, high school football team were convicted in March of raping a drunken 16-year-old girl; one of the boys was ordered to serve an additional year for photographing the girl naked. The case gained widespread attention in part

because of the callousness with which other students used social media to gossip about it. Here is the excerpt from Rolling Stone: “Do you think it was fair, what they got? They did something stupid, but I don’t know. I’m not blaming the girl, but if you’re a 16-year-old and you’re drunk like that, your parents should teach you— don’t take drinks from other people. She’s 16, why was she that drunk where she doesn’t remember? It could have been much worse. She’s lucky. Obviously I don’t know, maybe she wasn’t a virgin, but she shouldn’t have put herself in that position, unless they slipped her something, then that’s different.”

Thursday June 20, 2013 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19): Remaining present with your feelings is tricky if your emotions raise issues that you prefer to avoid. You’re ready to swing into action so you can evade a troublesome subject before it even comes up. TAURUS (Apr. 20–May 20): You may realize that your participation in a discussion won’t necessarily be of much help today. You’re eager to assist someone through a sticky situation, but it’s important to acknowledge that you don’t have any quick answers. GEMINI (May 21–June 20): You wish that you could jump around and enjoy one fun activity after another, but your fearful emotions might unexpectedly hijack the day. CANCER (June 21–July 22): A recent emotional conflict or a disappointment in a relationship might be the cause of your current feeling of loss. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22): Today is another turning point on your continuing journey of change. However, there could be a lot of internal movement that remains invisible to others now. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22): Your perspective on what’s happening today is generally positive, but the secretive Scorpio Moon’s presence in your 3rd House of Communication indicates that it’s wise to keep your thoughts to yourself.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22): Managing your money should be top priority today, especially if you’re insecure about your fiscal situation. The Moon’s current visit to your 2nd House of Personal Resources brings your material world into focus, raising concerns about whether or not you can meet your financial obligations. SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21): You might feel as if you’re on the edge of an emotional cliff, yet you realize there is no one else to blame for your current predicament. SAGIT (Nov. 22–Dec. 21): It's challenging to accept the reactions of others at face value, especially if they quietly retreat or just look at you with bemused puzzlement. CAPRICORN(Dec.22–Jan.19): It’s crucial to reconnect with your life purpose today, especially if you have been standing on unstable ground. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18): Your emotions are all riled up today, but that doesn’t mean you want others to know how you’re feeling. You might wish that you had a plan to keep your turmoil to a minimum, but your worries may bubble up to the surface anyhow. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20): It’s true that your goals are lofty, but you can make significant headway toward them if only you set your mind to it.

RECIFE, Brazil (Reuters) Brazil will benefit with more than just new soccer stadiums from hosting the 2014 World Cup, FIFA president Sepp Blatter said as unrest in the country continued to overshadow the Confederations Cup. “In football, the whole country gets the legacy,” Blatter said in an interview with Rio’s O Globo newspaper. “Football involves the whole country. The country improves airports, hotels, highways, telecommunications, sustainability programs.” The eight-team Confederations Cup, the test event for the World Cup, is taking place against a backdrop of street protests that have swept across Brazil. Although demonstrators originally focused their demands on a reduction in bus fares, their gripes have grown and many are aiming their anger at what they see as too much investment in sport and not enough in essential services like health, transport and education. “I can understand that people are unhappy,” Blatter added. “But football is here to unite people. Football is here to build bridges, to generate excitement, to bring hope. “Brazil asked to host the World Cup. We didn’t force it on them. It’s obvious that stadiums need to be built but that isn’t the only thing in a World Cup: there are highways, hotels, airports and a lot of other items that remain as a legacy.” Blatter and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff were booed by a capacity crowd at the Confederations Cup opener on Saturday and other matches have provided a rallying point for protests. In Brasilia, police fired tear gas at protesters who tried to reach Brazil’s first game and they also fought running battles with demonstrators outside the Maracana stadium in Rio and the Mineirao arena in Belo Horizonte. The Brazilian government has pledged to spend at least

26.6 billion reais (7.8 billion pounds) on the World Cup, which will take place in 12 Brazilian venues starting next June. But with the stadiums the only obvious gain so far, and many of them destined to be white elephants, protesters made their anger known with placards reading: “Teachers are worth more than (Brazil striker) Neymar” and “We want schools and hospitals,

not stadiums”. Blatter said he was in contact with Aldo Rebelo, Brazil’s Communist Party Sports Minister, and was confident authorities have the situation under control. “We’ve spoken, of course,” Blatter said. “This is something for the Brazilian government and regional governments to deal with. It’s up to them to resolve it.

GDA\Harris and Elias Draughts tourney set for Sunday The Guyana Draughts Association (GDA)\Marlon Harris and Gentle Elias tournament is set for Sunday at the National Gymnasium. The tournament will be played using the 100 square boards on a round robin basis. Registration starts at 09:00hrs while game time is 10:00hrs. Entrance fee is $300 per person. Both sponsors promised to make it an annual event while President of the GDA, Jairam thanked them for their support. He said that others should emulate the efforts of Harris and Elias since the GDA depends solely on

sponsorship. Jairam added that Draughts in an indoor sport and the cost to sponsor a competition is minimal. Players countrywide are invited to participate. Mr Harris recently handed over the trophies. Meanwhile, winners of the GDA fund raising raffle which was drawn on May 18 are asked to collect their prizes not later than three months after this publication. Following are the results; 1st prize no. 1322, 2nd prize no. 372, 3rd prize no.1274, 4th prize no. 29. Number 558,381,806,991 and 711 won consolation prizes.

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Ravindra Jadeja is having a sensational year (Associated Press)

ESPNcricinfo - Even as Clint McKay and Xavier Doherty were doing their darnedest to drive Australia to a sensational victory over Sri Lanka at The Oval, there were plenty of nonAustralians cheering them on, just so that the cricket world will be spared yet another India-Sri Lanka ODI. In the last five years, the two sides have met a mind numbing 44 times in ODIs, and will face off again in a triseries in the Caribbean starting next week. The teams are so familiar with each other and their strategies that MS Dhoni said: “You can also cut

the extra 15 minutes of time in a team meeting and keep it simple.” At least unlike a majority of those previous encounters, today’s clash is a high-stakes, high-profile game. Even that could be ruined, though, as the weather forecast is dire. Sri Lanka, whose cricket season at home is regularly blighted by rain, are the only team to have been fortunate to get three full group matches, but that run looks set to come to an end with plenty of showers expected in Cardiff. What’s worse for Sri Lanka is that, in case of a

Thursday June 20, 2013

India v Sri Lanka, Champions Trophy, semi-final, Cardiff

TEAMS FRET MORE OVER RAIN THAN FAMILIAR OPPONENTS washout, India will go through on account of being winners of Group B. The Champions Trophy is marketed as a “short, sharp” tournament, but not having a reserve day for the knockout matches is stretching that concept a bit too far. The only other times these teams have met in the Champions Trophy was also in a big game, the final in 2002, which was washed out despite the reserve day. A week ago, midway through the league stage, Sri Lanka seemed headed for the exit as Ravi Bopara’s burst in the final over lifted England to 293. Sri Lanka, however, hunted down that total before reeling off an impressive victory over Australia to progress to the semi-finals, a stage they regularly reach in global tournaments. Despite that, they have precious little silverware to show so far, something the likes of Mahela Jayawardene and Kumar Sangakkara will be desperate to change. To achieve that, they have to get past the form team of the tournament. There had been a bit of trepidation over how a revamped India would cope with the loss of vastly experienced players like Yuvraj Singh, Gautam Gambhir and Zaheer Khan. Their absence hasn’t been felt yet, as India’s new opening pair of Shikhar Dhawan and

Rohit Sharma have been prolific, and Ravindra Jadeja’s miraculous season continues. A team traditionally filled with slow-coaches has now been transformed to one the normally cautious Dhoni calls “the best fielding side in the world”. In the crunch matches, though, will the inexperience show? WATCH OUT FOR... Two of Sri Lanka’s batting giants, Sangakkara and Jayawardene, have already played match-winning innings in this tournament. The third, Tillakaratne Dilshan, hasn’t hit the same heights, though he has contributed with the ball, and took an athletic caught-andbowled that confirmed Sri Lanka’s qualification. Dilshan has top scored in Sri Lanka’s two longest ODI tournaments in recent years, the World Cup and the CB series in 201112. Sri Lanka will be looking to him to lift his game when it counts once again. R Ashwin has firmly established himself as India’s lead spinner, and has grown so much in confidence that he even attempted a conventional legspinner in the Pakistan match. India’s bowling has yet to be strenuously tested in this tournament, and with a callow pace attack that is yet to prove itself under serious pressure, Ashwin’s role assumes even more

importance. TEAM NEWS India are unlikely to make any changes to the line-up that has served them so well in the league phase. Sri Lanka are also likely to retain the same XI. The one change they might consider is bringing in Thisara Perera for Shaminda Eranga. PITCH AND CONDITIONS Pitches in Cardiff have been of contrasting nature. More than 600 runs were

scored in the opening match, and the next was a lowscoring thriller between Sri Lanka and New Zealand in which 19 wickets went down for 277 runs. The semi-final will be played on a fresh surface that hasn’t yet been used in the tournament. More than the pitch, though, the weather will be key - light to heavy rain is expected through the day, which will lead to a curtailed match or, at worst, a washout.

Blake to miss National Trials Jamaica Observer MONTEGO BAY, St James — Defending IAAF World Championships men’s 100m champion Yohan Blake has withdrawn from the JAAA/ Supreme Ventures National Senior Championships set to start at the National Stadium this morning. A release from his manager, Cubie Seegobin, last night said, “Yohan’s coach is not satisfied with the progress of his injury, and hence his level of fitness will not allow him to compete at this time. We will continue to assess the situation and reevaluate as we approach the World Championships.” As defending champion in the 100m, Blake has a bye to this summer ’s IAAF World Championships in Moscow, Russia, but it

means he will not attempt the sprint double as he did last year at the London Olympics, coming away with two silver medals, both behind training partner Usain Bolt. Blake competed two weeks ago when he ran a 200m race at a JAAA Allcomers meet at the National Stadium in 20.72 seconds, his first outing since injuring his right hamstring at the UTech Classic in April. Seegobin told the Jamaica Observer last night they were taking things “day to day, he is just not fit enough to race this weekend over 200 metre”. Seegobin, who arrived in the island earlier this week, said Blake is scheduled to race at a meet in Edmonton, Canada, next weekend, June 29, but they would watch his progress.

Explosive Game 7 on tonight after Heat beat Spurs 103-100 in OT MIAMI (AP) — LeBron James led a titlesaving charge, and now his crown will be on the line one more time in Game 7. James powered Miami to a frantic fourthquarter rally and overtime escape as the Heat beat the San Antonio Spurs 103-100 on Tuesday night to extend the NBA Finals as far as they can go and keep Miami’s repeat chances alive. Losing his headband but keeping his cool while playing the entire second half and overtime, James finished with 32 points, 10 rebounds and 11 assists, making the go-ahead basket with 1:43 remaining in the extra period. “If we were going to go down tonight, we’re going to go down with me leaving every little bit of energy that I had on the floor,” James said. Tim Duncan scored 30 points for the Spurs, his most in an NBA Finals game since Game 1 in 2003, but was shut out after the third quarter. He added 17 rebounds. Game 7 will be in Miami today, the NBA’s first do-or-die game to determine its champion since the Lakers beat the Celtics in 2010. “They’re the best two words in sports: Game 7,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. And two the Spurs were oh so close to avoiding. They looked headed to a fifth title in five chances when they built a 13-point lead with

under 4 minutes left in the third quarter, then grabbed a five-point edge late in regulation after blowing the lead. But James hit a 3pointer and Ray Allen tied it with another. Just 5.2 seconds remained in regulation. The Heat were that close to the edge. James was just 3 of 12 after three quarters, the Heat trailing by 10 and frustration apparent among the players and panic setting in among the fans. Nothing to worry. Not with James playing like this. He finished 11 of 26, even making a steal after his basket had given Miami a 101-100 edge in the over time. Before that, he was 12 minutes from hearing the familiar criticisms about not being able to get it done, from having to watch a team celebrate on his home floor again. Then he changed the game and erased that story. The Heat, who haven’t lost consecutive games since January 8 and 10, had too much defence and way too much James for the Spurs in the final 17 minutes. They are trying to become fourth team to win the final two games at home since the NBA went to the 2-3-2 format for the finals in 1985. They said they welcomed this challenge, a chance to show they how much mentally tougher they were than the team the Dallas Mavericks easily handled in Game 6 that night. James made sure they did, looking nothing

like the player who was so bad in the fourth quarters during that series. He was simply unstoppable down the stretch of this one. Kawhi Leonard had 22 points and 11 rebounds for the Spurs. Tony Parker had 19 points and eight assists, but shot just 6 of 23 from the field. The Spurs had one final chance down 103100, but Chris Bosh blocked Danny Green’s 3-pointer from the corner as time expired. Bosh had said Green wouldn’t get open the way he has all series - and he didn’t. Green finished 1 of 5 from behind the arc after going 25 of 38 on 3-pointers (65.8 percent) in the first five games. The Heat, the NBA’s 66-win powerhouse during the regular season, will be playing a seventh game for the second straight round, having needed to go the distance to beat the Indiana Pacers in the East finals. The race will go down to a final day. Parker’s 3-pointer over James tied it at 89 with 1:27 left. He then came up with a steal, spinning into the lane for a 91-89 lead with 58 seconds to go. Miami coughed it up again and Ginobili made two free throws, and he made another after a third straight Miami turnover to put the Spurs ahead 94-89. But James nailed a 3-pointer with 20 seconds left, and the Heat had one more chance after

Leonard made just one foul shot to give the Spurs a 95-92 edge. James missed but Bosh got the rebound out to Allen, the league’s career leader in 3-pointers, who made another one from the corner to even it up. The Spurs went ahead by three again in overtime, but James found a cutting Allen for a basket, then scored himself to put the Heat on top. They clinched it when Bosh blocked San Antonio’s final two shot attempts. Bosh finished with 10 points and 11 rebounds. Mario Chalmers scored 20 points and Dwyane Wade had 14. Duncan made all six shots in the first quarter, but consecutive 3-pointers by Shane Battier and Chalmers late in the period rallied Miami to a 27-25 advantage. Duncan made his first eight shots, scoring 13 straight San Antonio points over nearly 8 minutes in the second quarter. Boris Diaw finally stopped that stretch with a little scoop shot in the lane and Leonard tipped in a miss with 1.3 seconds left, capping the Spurs’ 11-0 run to end the second quarter. It was 50-44 at the break. With Duncan 37 and Ginobili nearly 36, the Spurs know they may never get another shot like this one. Duncan knew how tough it would be to get back to the top six years ago, when the Spurs swept James’ Cleveland Cavaliers for their most recent title.

Thursday June 20, 2013

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Mohamed, Persaud feel Guyana can win Regional U-17 title By Zaheer Mohamed Manager of the National U-17 team, Nazeer Mohamed, told Kaieteur Sport that Guyana have what it takes to win the regional U-17 tournament which will played in Trinidad from June 29. Speaking during the team practice session yesterday at the Gandhi Youth Organization ground in Woolford Avenue, Mohamed who hails from Wakenaam, said that guys are responding well to the training sessions. “The players are committed and eager to do well. I am confident the players will do a good job. They are supporting each other and the spirit is high. We have some talented players who can hold their own in any given situation,” he said. Captain of the team Travis Persaud, who plays for the Demerara Cricket Club, stated that he is excited to captain his country. “It’s an honour to lead my country, the coach and manager put their trust in me to win this competition and i will do my best,” he said. Persaud indicated that he

is happy with his form. “I scored a few half centuries recently in the West Demerara second division tournament and I am hoping to continue in the regional competition”, he informed. He said the players are gelling well. “We are doing drills together which help to us to identify our weaknesses and we can improve out techniques,” informed Persaud. He stated that he expects a lot from vice captain Shimron Hetymer and fast bowling all-rounder Kemo Paul. “These are two senior guys in the team, I know what they are capable of and I am looking forward to their support in every department”, added Persaud. The captain affirmed the team allround ability is superb. “The bowlers are good enough to restrict oppositions, we have a variety to choose from, and our batsmen are more than capable of posting respectable totals,” he declared. When quizzed about the team’s fielding, he pointed out that the inclement weather prevented them

Shimron Hetymer bats in the nets yesterday.

somewhat from getting enough practice in this department, but the players did well in the few drills they have had. He stated that he is looking to make his country happy and as long as the guys play as a unit they will be very hard to beat. Meanwhile, Kemo Paul, who

recovered from the injury he sustained during the recently concluded inter county competition which was won by Essequibo, said they are focused on the task ahead. “We are prepared to give one hundred and ten percent and hopefully bring home the silver ware,” Paul stated emphatically.

Azzurri hold on for crucial 4-3 win Balotelli keeps up his 100 per cent record from the penalty spot (Getty Images)

Italy booked their semifinal place as they snatched a barely-deserved victory from a pulsating game in Recife to dump Japan out of the Confederations Cup. Italy scored three times in 11 minutes either side of halftime, through Daniele De Rossi, Atsuto Uchida’s own goal and Mario Balotelli’s penalty after Japan had established a 2-0 lead courtesy of Keisuke Honda’s spot-kick and Shinji Kagawa’s neat finish. Shinji Okazaki made it 3-3 in the 69th minute, but Sebastian Giovinco netted four minutes from the end to

give Italy the points and ensure they will progress from Group A alongside hosts Brazil. Japan’s early dominance was rewarded in the 21st minute when, from a short Mattia De Sciglio backpass, Gianluigi Buffon stormed off his line to meet Okazaki, sliding into ball and player. The referee hedged his bets by giving a penalty but not sending Buffon off, and Honda dispatched an unconvincing spot-kick past the goalkeeper. It was 2-0 just after the half-hour mark as Kagawa took advantage of some

uncertainty in the Italy defence, spinning and firing low past Buffon at the near post. Having been outplayed for 40 minutes, Italy got themselves back in the game from a corner four minutes before the break. Andrea Pirlo’s outswinging delivery was perfect and De Rossi got ahead of his marker to thump a header past the keeper. Italy almost levelled in first-half stoppage-time as Emanuele Giaccherini shot sharply on the turn, sending the ball against the base of the post. But they did not have to wait long after the

restart to get back on level terms as Japan handed them an equaliser. Maya Yoshida attempted to shield the ball out of play, but Giaccherini stole it off him, centred the ball and a sliding Uchida poked the ball into his own net. Moments later Italy were in the lead thanks to another controversial penalty. Makoto Hasebe was harshly adjudged to have handled as he made a sliding block, and Balotelli converted from the spot. Japan could have been forgiven for letting their heads drop but they were level again in the 69th minute when Okazaki made a great run to the near post to meet Yasuhito Endo’s free-kick and headed home. With nine minutes to play, Japan went agonisingly close to a fourth as Okazaki’s shot from the edge of the box hit the post and the rebound went quickly to Kagawa, whose header bounced off the turf, on to the crossbar and away. And they were made to pay as, against the run of play, substitute Giovinco turned home Claudio Marchisio’s cross with four minutes remaining. Still Japan almost equalised as Okazaki hit the bar and Yoshida converted the rebound, only to be denied by the offside flag.

Essequibians hoping that IMC’s input will revive football in the county Essequibians are hoping that the newly formed Interim Management Committee (IMC) efforts to reinvigorate football in the county will bear fruits. Recently Kaieteur Sport recently spoke with some residence in the county who said they can’t wait to play the game competitively. They stated that they played on a friendly basis but would like to participate in tournaments. Amit Persaud of Good Success, Wakenaam stated that there are a number of talented players on the island who if given the opportunity can excel in the sport. “We have some talented players here but they don’t get the exposure, we are hoping that the IMC will put systems in place so that we

can advance in the game,” he said. Persaud said that sometimes more than one games are being played on the said ground because of the number of players. He indicated that the youngsters are fond of the game, but they would like to do some coaching and refereeing programmes in the near future. The people indicated that if the IMC can get things on track, it will advance the sport in the county. They informed that cricket is the most popular game there but football can achieve similar heights. Some of them opined that it will also help to keep the youngsters more occupied. (Zaheer Mohamed)

Rain puts GCA cricket on hold Captain’s workshop set for Saturday Due to the incessant rainfall being experienced in the City, the Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA) was forced to suspend all of its competitions until further notice. However, according to GCA’s Public Relations Officer (PRO), Colin Alfred, the Association will recommence its development programmes on Saturday June 22 with a Captains Workshop at the M.Y.O pavilion, Woolford Avenue from 09:00hrs. The facilitators are former Guyana players Roger Harper and Neil Barry. Meanwhile, the G.C.A will also be holding a Junior Scorers Workshop on Saturday, June 29 at a venue to be announced.Under-13 and Under-15 cricketers from member clubs affiliated to the Association are invited to participate. The following cricketers are asked to attend:Govinda Muniram, Trevor

Hossein (Third Class C.C), Johsua Ram, Keon Morris, Collin Barlow, Sunil Singh (Transport S.C), Melroy Stephenson (University of Guyana), Mohan Ramdeen, Chris Persaud, Troy Gonsalves, Darshan Persaud (Everest C.C), Nicose Barker, Shaquille Williams, Denzil Allen, Vishal Narayan, Kevon Williams, (Malteenoes S.C), Deryck Koulen,Wazim Mohamed, Kamesh Yadram (G.Y.O), Leon Johnson, Devon Lord, Renaldo Mohamed, Samuel McKenzie (G.C.C), Chien Gittens, Joshi Pooran(M.Y.O), Lawrence Smith, Christopher Barnwell, Tevin Imlach, Michael Shalim, Cleon McEwan, Reaz Ali (D.C.C),Collis Butts, Jason George, Ryan Shun, Baskar Yadram (G.N.I.C), Garett Allen, Leon Gittens (Sophia C.C), Fitzroy Culley, Norwayne Fredericks (Police S.C), Marcus Watkins, Paul Castello (G.D.F) Hassed Hamid, Reaz Amil (Queens College).

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Thursday June 20, 2013

TCL/RHTY&SC 2013 Cricket Academy launched

TCL Guyana Inc. Plant Manager Mark Bender (right) hands over the cheque to RHTY&SC CEO/Secretary Hilbert Foster in the presence of Marketing Rep., Eric Whaul. With solid emphasis on ensuring that their foundation is solid one for the future, the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club (RHTY&SC) in association with sponsor, TCL Guyana Inc. unveiled their 16th Cricket Academy at the latter’s 2-9 Lombard Street Head Office. Plant Manager Mark Bender and Marketing Representative Eric Whaul joined RHTY&SC CEO/ Secretary Hilbert Foster in revealing details for this year’s activity which will target 120 youths between 8 – 18 years-old and will be conducted at the Area ‘H’ Ground from July 8-19.

Bender in feature remarks pointed out that TCL - in its second year of sponsorship of the Academy - had no hesitation in approving this year’s request due to the fact that the academy is holistic in nature. “Cricket is just being used as a catalyst, but we really like the idea of the academy while enhancing the cricketing skills of the participants, they are also tutored in areas such as the danger of drugs, the importance of education, HIV Aids, teenage pregnancy and so on”. Bender is of the view that

given all the social challenges that faces the youths of today, there isn’t always easily accessible counseling for students or parents who don’t have the know how to deal with some of these challenges. Dealing with these issues at the academy is something that TCL is very impressed with according to Bender. The value of this year’s sponsorship is $200,000. Conducting the academy will be Coaches Winston Smith, Michael HylesFranco and Renwick Batson. Sessions would be held daily from 09:00 – 14:00hrs.

Special emphasis would be placed on batting, bowling, fielding, and physical fitness while classroom sessions would focus on the social ills of society as well as the history of cricket and personal hygiene among others. Those participants who are outstanding would be rewarded at the conclusion of the academy. Other clubs in the Ancient County will have the opportunity to send up to three representatives according to Foster as the RHTY&SC aims to assist others in their development.

of the things that lies ahead from an opportunity standpoint,” Webb told the Jamaica Observer in an exclusive interview in Kingston recently. The first move, noted the Caymanian, is to have all the relevant players sitting around the same table with an open mind to explore the possibilities. Webb said CONCACAF has already proposed a meeting for October this year, with a specific date and place to be announced. “We are inviting the sports ministers to a conference in October this year. We will have the presidents and general secretaries (of football bodies) and then we will create some dialogue between government representatives and sporting associations,” he said. Webb, who is also a FIFA vice-president, said the proposed meeting will seek to, in part, project sport and football to another dimension above and beyond the field

of play. “We will also present some of the best practices throughout the region and the world to show that football is not just physical education, but football helps so many from an educational standpoint. “It also helps a lot from a health standpoint to fight hypertension and obesity and so forth... for us it’s more collaboration to ensure that the clear values are established that sport and football can help nationbuilding,” he noted. Webb, who heads FIFA’s Anti-racism and Discrimination Task Force, said parallel to efforts to help enhance the agenda of sports tourism in the region must be an equally robust programme that will develop the football product in the Caribbean. “We have to look at the development of Caribbean football from a grassroots standpoint and also from a club standpoint... I would like to do an analysis and establish a working group to

opportunity to thank all for their support during his recent period of illness which has caused him to resign with immediate effect as Public Relations Officer of the Berbice Cricket Board. Foster said that he would now, based on his doctor’s advice, decrease his work load but has assured that systems are in place to ensure the normal high level of efficiency is attained. The club remains on target he stated to achieve the 175 programmes/ activities target that they have set themselves.

Ansa McAl completes STAG ‘Crown Your Community’ initiative -hands over equipment to MSC in final phase By Edison Jefford Ansa McAl on Tuesday completed its ‘Crown Your Community’ promotion when it handed over the final piece of equipment, which was a $600,000 John Deere Grass Cutter, to Mackenzie Sports Club’s (MSC) Management as part of a $3M ground makeover. Public Relations Officer at

CONCACAF proposes Caribbean confab on sports tourism Jamaica Observer CONCACAF, the football confederation that embraces North and Central America and the Caribbean, is seeking to bring governments and sporting associations of the region to the discussion table with a view of further exploring sports tourism as an income earner. President of CONCACAF Jeffrey Webb says with its enormous potential the Caribbean region lags behind other places in institutionalising sport, and football in particular, as a tool to bridge social gaps, generate economic growth and to be a pillar in overall nation building. “Sports tourism is huge and all over the world it continues to grow... I don’t think that the Caribbean, from a sports and government standpoint, have sat down to create dialogue and engage each other, to see how best sports can assist governments, and nations within the Caribbean and CONCACAF... and that’s one

“We at the RHTY&SC are quite confident that as usual, the academy would be quite successful and that more new and exciting talent would be unearthed. The club management would like to express profound gratitude to TCL Guyana Inc., for the sponsorship and also to our friends, Mr. Mark Bender and Mr. Eric Whaul for their continuing support. Please be assured that the academy would be well organised and all the objectives would be achieved”, Foster informed. The long serving CEO/ Secretary also took the

look at club football throughout the region from a professional perspective,” Webb told the Observer. He said this drive to build on the grassroots and to develop a professional club structure region-wide to target bringing the Caribbean game up to par with their North and Central American counterparts will require “some real analyses”. “We have to conduct feasibility studies as we look for sustainability of professional club football in the Caribbean and this is something that we must discuss,” said Webb, who is one year in the job as CONCACAF president. He has reiterated with every opportunity that while there are pressing matters facing CONCACAF which is on the rebuild following the cash-for-vote scandal and allegations of corruption against former top executives,” improving the game” in every area is also integral to the work of the confederation is .

Ansa McAl, Darshanie Yussuf, told the media that the Company wants the facility to benefit the people and the community. She said that the STAG initiative shows that Ansa McAl is serious about the holistic development of sports. “We resurfaced the ground as MSC requested and as part of maintenance, we are handing over an equipment that we’re certain will give the ground a neat finish,” Yussuf said, adding that the cost to resurface the ground amounted to $2.4M exclusive of the equipment. The Grass Cutter and resurfacing cost accounted for the $3M ground makeover under the STAG Beer brand. Treasurer at the MSC, Phillip Gibbons, in receiving the equipment, thanked them for the gesture, adding that it will certainly enhance their care of the facility. “We are not too happy that you had to come at a time when the ground is not fully completed but we are grateful for this gesture; it will ensure that we have a beautiful surface so that sports could come back to the MSC at a high standard,” Gibbons said. Ansa McAl has had a

hands-on approach to the management of the MSC ground project through its completion. However, while the ground is levelled and fully grassed there is still a final phase of rolling to be done, which the inclement weather has prevented. The MSC was chosen as the venue for the makeover after the popular liming spot, Chicken’s Bar in Linden had won the STAG Beer ‘Crown Your Community’ promotion. The outlet in Linden is renowned as a popular STAG Beer ‘watering-hole’ in the community. Yussuf had described the promotion as “revolutionary”. It was based on the community that had collected the most STAG Beer crowns (corks), and highest weight, being adjudged the winner at the end with a field renovation prize worth $3M. However, in addition to the field renovation, Ansa McAl Trading had also done Dressing Rooms aback the MSC Basketball Court. The Dressing Rooms were named after one of Linden’s and one of Guyana’s most prolific basketball players, James Brusche.

Carib Super Six Softball set for Sunday in Essequibo Carib will on Sunday host a male and female Super Six Softball Cricket Competition at Golden Fleece Beach, Essequibo, beginning at 10am and featuring the top softball cricket players out of the area for lucrative cash and prizes. Teams will comprise of six players and

an innings will worth six overs per side. The entrance fee per team is $3,000 and the winning male team will pocket $100,000 while second place takes home $25,000; the female champions will pocket $50,000 while the runners-up tale home a sum of $20,000 in the Cinderella County.

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