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Saturday June 15, 2013

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What an onslaught on the sensibilities! DEAR EDITOR, The Order in respect of the National Minimum Wage for Regular Working Hours (for all workers in Guyana) should be of interest to employers, particularly the newcomers. At Paragraph 5 of the Order published on Sunday June 2, 2013 reference is made to the Labour (Conditions of Employment of Certain Workers) Act No 18 of 1978 (Cap 99:03), as well as the Factories Act Cap 95:02. Those unfamiliar with the first-named legislation should be advised that ‘worker’ refers to persons ‘wholly or mainly employed in any cookshop, discotheque, guesthouse, hotel, liquor restaurant, liquor store, nightclub, parlour, restaurant, retail spirit shop or tavern.’ Some of the ‘Conditions’ included in the Act and which should be more actively advised to relevant employers are the following sections: “4. (1) Notwithstanding section 11 (d) and subject to sections 6 and 7 of the Shops (Consolidation) Act and notwithstanding section 5 of the Licensed Premises Act and subject to section 7 and 8 of the said Act and subsection (2) hereof, every worker who, at the request of his employer, works for any period exceeding seven and one-quarter hours in any one day, shall be paid in respect of every hour or part of an hour so worked in excess thereof at one and one half times the rate at which he should, but for this section, be paid. (2) Except as otherwise provided under any law, every worker who is employed on a Sunday or a public holiday shall be paid a minimum of one and one-half times his hourly rate of pay for all hours worked on such days. 5. Without prejudice to the provisions of sections 9 and 11 of the Shops (Consolidation) Act, the employer of any worker shall, on each working day, allow to such worker an interval from work of not less than one hour for luncheon or dinner, as the case may be, and when his duties require him to work overtime hours, the employer shall allow to such worker an interval of not less than one-quarter of an hour for the taking of a meal for ever four hours or part thereof worked as overtime. 6. Without prejudice to the provisions of section 13 of the Shops (Consolidation) Act, the employer of workers shall provide a suitable room for the accommodation of workers during any intervals from work provided for by this Act. 7. Every employer shall grant to every worker a holiday on one week-day in every week and, in addition, shall grant such worker a half-holiday on every alternate Sunday. 8. (1) Every employer of workers shall keep a register in such form as the Minister may approve in which shall be entered – (a) particulars of wages paid to workers employed by him; (b) the date on which each worker entered his employment. (2) Every such employer shall produce the register for the inspection of any officer of

the Labour Department designated for the purposes of section 30 (1) of the Labour Act, when requested to do so. 9. For every three waiters employed in any hotel by an employer a trainee-waiter shall be employed by him. 10. (1) Every worker shall be supplied by his employer with at least one hot meal on every working day in addition to the appropriate wage payable to him under this Act. Provided that if a worker is employed in any establishment which does not serve meals he employer shall pay him in lieu thereof, the cash value of any meal not supplied. (2) The cash value of any meal not supplied shall be deemed to be the amount fixed as such by or under the terms of the worker’s employment, or if it is not so fixed, shall be as determined by the Chief Labour Officer. (3) Where any worker is required to wear a uniform, such uniform shall be supplied and kept laundered, free of charge by his employer. 11. Every employer of workers shall provide and maintain so as to be readily accessible a first-aid box or cupboard containing the appliances and requisites as specified in the Second Schedule: Provided that the Minister may, from time to time, by order which shall be subject to negative resolution of the National Assembly vary, alter or amend any of the particulars contained in the Second Schedule as he thinks fit.” Of concern however, is the sloppy preparation of Categories of Workers (near the right side of the Notice) which must clearly be an embarrassment to the subject Minister. Quite apart from the fact that no attempt was made to group together actual categories; nor even in a passable alphabetical order, one is affronted by the claim that the following are examples of ‘categories’ of workers: Internet Service and Cafes Schools Machine Shop Wash Bays Wildlife Farms Filling Stations Drugstore/Pharmacy Tailor Shop Television Field and factory operators in the agriculture and livestock sub-sectors including Heart of Palm, Coconuts, Crops and Livestock. The tedious insult to education goes on, with just the following exceptions: 1) Taxi Service Dispatchers 2) Machinists/Fabricators/Welders 3) Tour Guide Operators 4) Sawmill Workers 5) Lumber Yard Workers 6) Laundry Employees 7) Canteen /Snackette Workers 8) Shirt & Garment Workers (?) 9) Scrap Metal Workers 10) Cable Providers/Satellite TV (??) 11) Agriculture/Gardeners Then climatically “any other similar category of workers.” What an onslaught on the sensibilities! E. B. John

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Saturday June 15, 2013

Letters... Where your views make the news

The Opposition Leader is out of his league as a politician DEAR EDITOR, In Guyana, we have observed that politicians sometimes have selective and short memories. For over a year, the Leader of the Opposition has been running to the Office of the President under the pretext that, constitutionally, he must consult with the President. For whose benefit? Is he for real? Are the people of Guyana any better off since Mr. Granger commenced these 2013 rounds of talks with the President? 1. Soon after the 2011 elections, the AFC and APNU called for the establishment of a Tripartite Budget Committee and were totally ignored by the PPP. 2. In April 2012, during the Budget season, the AFC and APNU called for a reduction in VAT; a reduction in the Berbice Bridge toll; an increase in the workers’ wages; re-establishing the Public Service collective bargaining process; ceasing the blatant abuse of the contract-hiring process (with even drivers and cleaners now deemed contract workers with no security of tenure); guaranteeing the independence of the constitutional offices – Parliament Office; Gecom, Judiciary and the Service Commissions – by their removal as Budget Agencies to ensure that they receive their subventions directly from the Consolidated Fund; restructuring GuySuCo and GPL to make them into viable corporations; restructuring NICIL to bring its financial assets into the Consolidated Fund; restructuring GINA and NCN to make them into responsible national institutions; estab-

lishing the long-delayed constitutionally-mandated Public Procurement Commission as a matter of urgency; putting in place appropriate arrangements for the governance of key projects and entities, ranging from NICIL, the Amaila Falls Hydro power project to the NIS, with a view to greater transparency and eliminating corruption; devoting more urgent attention and resources to the plight of the unemployed, the youth of Guyana and the depressed communities and areas. The scorecard is that the PPP has totally ignored the majority opposition on all of the above items. Then in November 2012, the AFC and APNU submitted their 11-point letter with the most important issues they wanted resolve, many of which are above. The PPP totally ignored the majority opposition on all of the above items. With such overwhelming evidence, it is clear as daylight that the Leader of the Opposition does not understand the nature of the political animal called the PPP. The PPP as a philosophical and political entity gives nothing to the opposition. The meetings at the Office of the President are a charade, since there is zero deliverable for the people. Mr. Granger should really spend more time with the old political warriors like Carl Greenidge and Deborah Backer, learning the basics on the PPP. His army mentality is most unsuited for politics; he is not dealing with an officer and a gentlewoman in these meetings, but with experienced politicos who will smile with you and politely say no,

and as soon as the meeting is over, they throw all of the opposition ideas that do not match with theirs into the garbage. The PPP continues to operate as if it is the majority and the only reason this farce is in process is because the PPP desperately needs the AntiMoney Laundering Bill passed. Which minority government will move to institute a 26.7 per cent increase in electricity rates and the opposition leader, in whom some strength resides, will run to meet them every time they call for a meeting? The word is out in the streets, the traditional supporters of the PNC are very unhappy, and Mr. Granger will be chastised politically for this sloppy kind of politics. It happened in 2006, and with political leaders like Moses Nagamootoo, Nigel Hughes and Khemraj Ramjattan in play in the next elections, the chances are high it will happen again, especially at the upcoming local government elections, if one is to believe the secret, internal PPP poll that we saw. The masses at the bottom of the economic ladder are finding it difficult to feed their families and on top of that, this uncaring regime drops 26.7 per cent more on them, then blames Mr. Granger in the process for the budget cuts. Yet Mr. Granger essentially continues to undermine his PNC members and supporters. Where did he learn his politics, or more pointedly, does he understand his role as leader of the opposition? Dr. Asquith Rose and Harish S Singh

June is significant on Guyana’s political calendar DEAR EDITOR, The month of June is significant on the political calendar of Guyana. It is the month in which five sugar workers were brutally shot to death by colonial police for having dared to stand up for their rights. It is also the month in which Walter Rodney was assassinated for

having stood up for a free and democratic Guyana. Much has changed since those sordid years. Guyana is today a free and democratic country, quite unlike what it was during the days of the Enmore shootings and the death of Walter Rodney. At the time of the shooting to death of the sugar

workers, there was no massbased political party. Indeed, it was the shooting to death of the five sugar workers that acted as a catalyst to the formation of the PPP. At the graveside of the slain sugar workers, Dr. Cheddi Jagan made a silent pledge that he would dedicate his entire life (Continued on page 29)

Saturday June 15, 2013

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Saturday June 15, 2013

Boat captain killed in GPL proposed rate hike attracts protest Supenaam collision A 32-year-old boat captain was killed around 17:00 hrs yesterday following a collision with another vessel at Supenaam, Essequibo. Ganesh Roopnarine, called ‘Shines’ of Lot 9, Barnwell, West Coast Demerara, was reportedly hurled overboard after another vessel slammed into his. The victim was reportedly repairing his engine when the mishap occurred. Roopnarine reportedly suffered multiple injuries and

succumbed before he could be taken to the Suddie Public Hospital. Kaieteur News understands that Roopnarine had loaded his vessel, ‘Water Girl,’ from the Supenaam Stelling around 16: 30 hrs. When the vessel was some 500 yards from the stelling, it developed engine trouble. Roopnarine was reportedly trying to fix his engine when another boat, named ‘Wakenaam,’ slammed

into his. Kaieteur News understands that the boat’s bow struck Roopnarine and he was hurled into the water. Rescuers placed the badly injured man in another boat and attempted to rush him to the Suddie Public Hospital but he succumbed during the journey. According to reports, the pilot who crashed into Roopnarine’s boat attempted to flee but was apprehended by residents.

Guyana among 38 countries meeting UN’s target on int’l hunger eradication


Guyana has done well to fight hunger and meet international targets, the UN said yesterday. Guyana is among 38 countries to have met internationally-set hunger eradication targets for 2015 to halve the percentage of hungry people, the United Nations food agency said Wednesday. “These countries are leading the way to a better future. They are proof that with strong political will, coordination and cooperation, it is possible to achieve rapid and lasting reductions in hunger,” UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) DirectorGeneral, José Graziano da Silva said. Amid the 1,000 days of action for the eight antipoverty targets known as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), 38 countries have met part of the first MDG which calls on member states to halve by 2015 the proportion of people who suffer from hunger. Of those, 18 countries also reached the more stringent World Food Summit Goal of reducing by half the absolute number of undernourished people between 1990-1992 and 20102012. These comprise Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cuba, Djibouti, Georgia, Ghana, Guyana, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Nicaragua, Peru, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Samoa,

Sao Tome and Principe, Thailand, Turkmenistan, Venezuela and Vietnam. The countries that met the anti-hunger aspect of the first MDG include Algeria; Angola; Bangladesh; Benin; Brazil; Cambodia; Cameroon; Chile; Dominican Republic; Fiji; Honduras; Indonesia; Jordan; Malawi; Maldives; Niger; Nigeria; Panama; Togo and Uruguay. Graziano da Silva urged all countries to keep up the momentum, aiming for the complete eradication of hunger, in keeping with the Secretary-General Ban Kimoon’s Zero Hunger Challenge. First proposed at the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) in Brazil last June, the challenge aims for a future where every individual has adequate nutrition. Its five objectives are to make sure that everyone in the world has access to enough nutritious food all year long; to end childhood stunting; to build sustainable food systems; to double the productivity and income of smallholder farmers, especially women; and to prevent food from being lost or wasted. “Globally, hunger has declined over the past decade, but 870 million people are still

undernourished, and millions of others suffer the consequences of vitamin and mineral deficiencies, including child stunting,” said Graziano da Silva. “We need to keep up our efforts, until everyone can live healthy, productive lives.” While some 870 million people were still hungry in 2010-2012, this is just a fraction of the billions of people whose health, wellbeing and lives are blighted by malnutrition, FAO said in its flagship annual report launched earlier this month. Two billion people suffer from one or more micronutrient deficiencies, while 1.4 billion are overweight, of whom 500 million are obese, according to “The State of Food and Agriculture (SOFA)”. It adds that 26 per cent of all children under five are stunted and 31 per cent suffer from Vitamin A deficiency. On June 16, FAO said it will honour the 38 countries that reached the anti-hunger targets in a high-level ceremony at its headquarters in Rome. The first MDG also includes targets for halving the proportion of people whose daily income is less than $1.25, and achieving full and productive employment and decent work for all.

Armed with placards, some people yesterday mounted a protest outside the Prime Minister’s office in Kingston, Georgetown to register their disapproval with the Guyana Power and Light Inc. (GPL) proposed 26.7 percent increase in electricity rates. Political Activist, Mark Benschop, told Kaieteur News that it is unfair for the government to wake up one morning and decide to “come to the nation and say they are increasing electricity rates not by four to five percent but by 26.7 percent.” Benschop described the move by GPL to increase the electricity tariff as “heartless. How can the country be how it is today in terms of people hardly getting jobs, cost of

living is high, unemployment is high and GPL is increasing its electricity rates?” With placards bearing “No GPL increase”; “More increase, More poverty”; “Not a cent more for fat cats or GPL,” the protesters promised to visit other parts of the country to inform the people of Guyana what the government is doing. “This is unfair, they want us to pay $5 for one cent services. We will not pay a penny more to GPL. Let them stop paying the ones in high positions so much money,” the protesters shouted yesterday. “Is this how they are treating the working class? What are the single mothers going to do? What will the pensioners do? God be with us. I just hope that

the government would find it decent enough to hold the proposed tariff increase until GPL can get its house in order,” Benschop noted. One protester described the proposed increase in electricity as a “slap in the face.” He told this publication that “Guyanese should not pay anything else until GPL show us their books. Let them pay the millions of dollars they owe in taxes.” According to Alliance for Change Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan, “They (GPL) are asking us to prepay their light bills why doesn’t the government prepay them with the 26.7 percent so they will get money to do whatever they have to do?” The protest will continue today…

Kuru Kuru murder accused remanded - Chief Magistrate steps down to read the charge Hoisted by police officers on an office chair, Shamir Ali, who appeared to be in a nonresponsive state, was yesterday remanded. Clad in a soiled short pants and a blue hand kerchief on his lap, the assailant was not required to plead to the indictable charge of murder when it was read to him by Chief Magistrate Priya Beharry at the Georgetown Magistrates’ court. It was further observed that no relatives were present for the injured man who is expected to return to court on June 24 for the commencement of his preliminary inquiry. The accused whose neck was bandaged and who had a tube protruding from it was unable to speak when Chief Magistrate Priya Beharry addressed him several times. After Chief Magistrate Beharry noticed that the man was not responding when she called his name, she asked

the officer who accompanied him, if he can hear her, to this the officer replied, “Yes your worship, he can hear you, he will shake his eyebrows.” Being accompanied by Prosecutor Vernette Pindar, Chief Magistrate Beharry then got up from her bench and went closer to him, and asked Ali to clench his fist if he could hear her and understand what she was saying. When he responded with his fist almost closed, the Chief Magistrate proceeded to read the charge. The particulars of the charge stated that on June 8, at the Kuru Kuru Squatting area, the accused murdered his wife, Shameza Ramdat. The Chief Magistrate then told the man that bail would be refused and he was subsequently remanded to prison. Moreover, the facts of the police report were not read in open court.

The Magistrate then returned to her bench and inquired about the medical report for the accused. The prosecution indicated while investigations are not complete, his medical report would be available later that day. The Chief Magistrate expressed concern for the d e f e n d a n t ’s c o n d i t i o n stating that she would like his medical report as early as possible to know how quickly he would be able to recover. She needed to be in a better position to determine his ability to be cross examined, she said. Taking the condition of the accused into consideration and the difficulty posed based on his inability to speak; The Chief Magistrate said that the nature of the matter and her concerns will be addressed with her superiors.

Saturday June 15, 2013

Have you often wondered why psychologists usually delve deep into the childhood of their clients? The reason, I am told is that your childhood experiences are never transitory but leave an indelible mark on your personality, shaping your fears and your attitude towards life. Most of us of the older generation grew up with respect for authority because in school we were flogged so often for the slightest of indiscretions that we developed a mortal fear of the whip. These days, teachers cannot whip students as they feel. The Ministry of Education has long ruled that a teacher first must obtain permission from the principal before he or she can administer corporal punishment. Some people feel this had led to a decline in respect for authority, both public and private. It is my view that in limiting flogging

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in schools we are saving our children from psychological scars. I was a child once and nothing drove fear into me more than the anticipation that some small misgiving or mistake would result in lashes from an irate teacher. If you spelt a word incorrectly, instead of the teacher helping you out with the phonics, you would be rewarded with a few stinging lashes as if you had deliberately erred. Teachers in the old days were unforgiving when it came to the minutest of mistakes. The old folks will say that education was better in their days than it is today. Let them continue to fool themselves. In the old days, only a small percentage of the schoolaged population made it to secondary school and so the passes, relative to the overall secondary school population, were high. With the increase in access to secondary education, there

was bound to be a decline in relative passes and an increase in absolute numbers. The standard of education is higher today than it was forty years ago. So please do not tell me that corporal punishment produced “good students.” In a previous article entitled Licks Like Peas, I called attention to the need for teachers to conform to the rules, regardless of their opinions about corporal punishment. I noted then that “The Ministry of Education had issued a circular that only head teachers can authorise flogging. Yet, despite these well-publicised regulations governing discipline, these rules are being openly flouted in many schools. Some teachers are in the habit of bringing their domestic problems into the classroom and taking it out mercilessly on the children. Teachers need to appreciate that they do not have an

Dem boys seh...

Rohee friend get ketch thiefing When de opposition did vote to mek Rohee shut he mouth de government get vex and claim how de opposition don’t like Rohee. Now that de IDB people come to investigate a programme that dem give Rohee money to carry out, is then Donald know why Rohee shoulda shut he mouth. Rohee get de money and he pass it on to Khemraj and is then de problem start. Khemraj mek sure that dem didn’t go to tender. He set up de thing suh he can draw out de money in parts and pay who he got to pass. People collect but Rohee didn’t expect an investigation. De IDB send in people and Khemraj smell de rat. He complain how he sick and that he got to lef de wuk. Is then Rohee know that he in trouble. He friend get ketch. When dem boys ask Rohee wha happening he tell dem that de IDB got to do wha it got to do. “Let dem try wid that. Is dem money Khemraj thief.”

Thiefing money ain’t easy to hide and is now Donald gun see who was hustling wid de money to help de criminal justice system. Well if people gun thief money fuh help fight crime dem boys now know why crime can’t done in Guyana. Is like a priest thiefing collection. That is how dem boys find out that Bobby get target by de people who got de cricket franchise. De investor tell dem boys that he specially target Bobby. When dem boys ask why he ain’t target nobody else he tell dem that he only want rich people. Bobby got to be one of de richest men in de region. He more rich that even de man who own Sandals hotel and even Ansa McAl. Imagine that dem people ain’t even get an offer to own a franchise. AND Donald can’t even think bout investigating.

inalienable right to use force on children. In the case of teachers their right to inflict pain finds no sanction in law, neither should it in public opinion. I do not want to bore you with the research conducted into the effects of this form of abuse. But the psychological scars remain with the abused child forever, and ultimately affect their behaviour in all stages of life. Our children are not musical drums that teachers can beat upon. They are human beings with feelings, too frail and small to defend themselves. The flogging of children in school amounts to advantage. This abuse must be brought to an end. Otherwise we will produce a generation of young people with irreversible psychological illnesses.” Flogging of children in our schools is unnecessary. I do not know of any child who does not want to have the affection of his teachers. I do not know of any child who would not want to do all his work and do it correctly. But

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sometimes the children simply do not understand a concept being taught, cannot express their difficulties or simply need further help in the subject area. So instead of beating them we need to find out what exactly is the problem and try to help them. In every school there are bound to be bad eggs. I know that there are many students who are indisciplined. But which one of us is perfect? We all make mistakes. The benefit of hindsight gives us the opportunity to look back on our lives and see the many mistakes or wrong turns we made. But we do not whip ourselves. So why should we support the flogging of our helpless children? I do not care whether it is in school or in extra lessons, teachers have no right to beat children. It is abuse, plain and simple. I will support corporal punishment being a criminal offence. I cannot understand how some parents can send their children to extra lessons and allow their children to be whipped by teachers who

they are paying to help their children overcome their academic difficulties. What are the teachers being paid for? To beat the problem out of the children? It is sickening to hear tales of parents who actually decide which extra lessons to send their children, based on the amount of licks shared. For some parents the more the licks, the better. A certain little girl, when asked her name, would reply, “I’m Mr. Brown’s daughter.” Her mother wanting her to be precise in her language told her this was wrong, that she must say, “I’m Jane Brown.” The next day a teacher saw the child in the cafeteria and asked, “Aren’t you Mr. Brown’s daughter?” She replied, “I thought I was, but mother says I’m not.” Guess what? She was whipped for being rude.

Murdered Brazilian died of fractured skull A Post Mortem examination conducted on the body of murdered Brazilian, Maria Jose Assis Bazerra, revealed that she died of blunt trauma to the head, fractured skull and brain hemorrhage. The examination was conducted yesterday by Government Pathologist Dr. Nehaul Singh. The body of Maria Jose Assis Bazerra was found near a mining camp at Tiger Creek, Backdam, Mahdia, on June 11, last. It was in a clump of bushes. Her hands were tied and it is believed that she was beaten. While reports into the woman’s death are unclear; Kaieteur News understands

that her husband, also a Brazilian national, and a fellow worker of the mining camp who went missing after the body was found, were detained by law enforcement officials for questioning. They remain in police

custody assisting with investigations. Kaieteur News has learnt that 11 men have been arrested and are in custody assisting with ongoing police investigations into the murder of the 47-yearold Brazilian.

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Saturday June 15, 2013

Shutdown looms for South New generators, well for Lethem as Govt. approves $174M in contracts Georgetown, East Bank Government approved $174M in contracts earlier this week that will see a new water well for Lethem, Region Nine and the purchase of new fire fighting suits for the Guyana Fire Service. Cabinet Secretary Dr Roger Luncheon at his weekly post-Cabinet media briefing at the Office of the President on Thursday announced that Cabinet during its June 11 meeting gave its no objection to the following contracts:

Work being done on the site by Chinese and local labourers In order to expand and upgrade the existing 69Kv substation in Sophia, a sixhour power outage is anticipated for North Sophia to Bygeval (Mahaica). Some sections of Georgetown will also be affected. This shutdown will occur on Sunday June 30 so that the new equipment can be connected. According to the power company, the works being done on the Sophia substation necessitated a number of power outages to consumers on the East Coast, parts of South Georgetown and East Bank Demerara. A release from the company stated that “now that new equipment has been positioned in the Sophia substation its complete shutdown is required to integrate this new equipment with the already existing ones.” The power company gave members of the media a tour of the substation which is currently under construction and which will supply power to a number of communities

in Georgetown. GPL, in collaboration with the Government of Guyana and the China Export – Import Bank, through a concessionary US$38.963 million loan, is forging ahead with the development and expansion of GPL’s transmission and distribution system. This loan from the bank is supplemented by US$3.9 million from GPL’s revenue for the preparatory works, including route clearing, site preparation and backfilling to above 2005 flood levels. GPL said that the infrastructural development project will see the construction of seven new substations, approximately 96 km of 69 kV overhead transmission lines, the upgrade and expansion of three existing substations and the construction of a Fiber Optic Network linking all substations from Skeldon in the East, Edinburgh in the West and Garden of Eden in the South to a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

(SCADA) system at the control centre in Sophia. These transmission lines and substation will serve to integrate major load centres along the coast, and will provide the capability to move bulk power from large, efficient, heavy fuel oil fired generating plants into Demerara and Berbice to those load centers. In addition, there will be new 13.8kV primary distribution feeder outlets at the substations which will allow existing long, overloaded feeders especially on the East and West Coast Demerara, to be segmented into shorter, more lightly loaded sections. GPL further stated that the first priority works on West Coast Demerara, were to be completed and commissioned since early December 2012. These said works were the expansion of the Kingston 69kV substation, the installation of a 69kV submarine substation cables across the Demerara River from Kingston to Vreeden-Hoop, and Edinburgh and the construction of a 69kV transmission line linking the two new substations. According to GPL, these developments will result in improved quality of supply, system stability, improved voltage regulations and the reduction of technical losses. They will also prepare the system to accept and distribute power from the Amaila Falls Hydroelectric project.

GGMC gets 26 new Mines Officers

Natural Resources Minister, Robert Persaud, with the new Mines Officers yesterday. The Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) now has 26 new Mines Officers. During an induction ceremony at Regency Suites, Hadfield Street, the new officers were told not to accept bribes as severe disciplinary actions will be

taken. The warnings were issued by Natural Resources Minister, Robert Persaud, during the closing remarks. Also, there were other representatives of GGMC and from the Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association.

In recent years, gold mining activities have seen Guyana cashing in from high prices. With increased activities in the extractive industries like bauxite and sand, there has been a demand for more officers. A number of them were sent packing for corruption.

Saturday June 15, 2013

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Saturday June 15, 2013

Govt. drops smooth-talking reality show producer after bad publicity It seemed too good to be true—a reality show to market Guyana’s tourism at far less than usual. Now, Government has distanced itself from an overseas-based producer who it says collected monies from local businesses but failed to deliver on a 50episode show aimed at improving Guyana’s tourism profile. According to the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce and the

Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) on Wednesday, it does not have a business relation with TAGG TV and its producer, Chris Bassoo. “Mr. Bassoo arrived in Guyana last year and proposed that TAGG TV produce a 50-episode show which would present Guyana as a tourism destination worldwide, and which would have showcased various businesses for a sponsorship fee.” The Ministry and GTA

said that over the last few weeks, it has been receiving numerous complaints from local businesses that would have paid their fees and have yet to see a production from TAGG TV. “While the Ministry initially endorsed this initiative, based on the premise that it formed part of an aggressive tourism plan seeking to put Guyana ahead of the Caribbean, utilizing the reach of Facebook, it has become evident that Mr.

Bassoo has failed to deliver on his obligations to those who have paid their fees and to the Guyana Government who offered logistical support.” The Tourism Ministry insisted that it does not have any relationship with Bassoo, 41, or TAGG TV and “further, we have made no financial commitment to TAGG TV or its Producer. We wish to encourage businesses that have made payments and have not yet seen a

production from TAGG TV to make urgent contact with the Guyana Tourism Authority.” Bassoo, according to local news reports, was going to use the videos of local dining, shopping and holidaying in Guyana and post these on the popular website, Facebook. His concept was that it would be shared and the more shares or tags, the more successful would be the venture in marketing Guyana. Bassoo even went so far as to have a 20-member crew, including Miss Canada 2012, Jaclyn Miles, accompanying him to visit Guyana, and meeting with Tourism Minister, Irfaan Ali. Many of them including, Miles, are reportedly unpaid. Each of the participating local businesses were reportedly promised a copy of the video with packages include a “Platinum” one for US$3,000 and a “Gold” for US$1500. The package promised that Miss Canada would visit the participating entity, which will be profiled on TAGG TV Reality Show along with a press release naming businesses as sponsors; and rolling credit at the end of each of the 36 episodes. Bassoo and his production team actually managed to finish a few episodes including featuring the Princess Hotel swimming pool, the 1763 monument commemorating the Berbice slave uprising, a longtime jewelry store in historic Stabroek Market and some of Georgetown’s night life. It may have all fallen apart last Friday when an article headlined “Tripped up in the Tropics” targeting Bassoo and his scheme, hit the London Free Press last Friday According to the article, investigating the TAGG TV project, not only were the videos not produced, but employees, including Miss India remain unpaid. Bassoo also reportedly owed thousands to banks in London. The Free Press said it tried repeatedly to reach Bassoo through Facebook, Twitter, email and phone. Late Thursday, he replied. “While there are some accounts outstanding, partial payments and some full payments have been made. “And communication has been made, to the best of my ability, to keep my clients and ex staff/consultants (sic) informed regarding developments in this regard,” the e-mail said. The report said that Bassoo was in financial trouble and with Miss Canada as his hook, he had

Dropped: Chris Bassoo success when he came to Guyana. After meeting with government officials, there was acrimony in the crew after time dragged by and no work or money was coming. Bassoo allegedly made several promises. According the Free Press report, crew members were allegedly given documents to sign — a confidentiality agreement Bassoo had drafted — and an IOU. Miss Canada said she got about half her money and two others on the crew — a production assistant and a host — were paid in full after confronting Bassoo. One Guyanese crew member, Rupesh Singh, is quoted in the article as saying that he and wife, who operate an independent TV production firm, weren’t paid. Watkins said most of the Guyanese members went without promised wages. And the work began to take on a different tone — the videos were more of a vanity project than about Guyana. Most showcased Bassoo’s workout regimen in the gym. On New Year’s Eve, a video was shot of Bassoo out at 13 different Georgetown bars, usually dancing by himself. The last video, the 26th, was posted March 13. It featured Bassoo’s gym workout, a woman singing with kids, Bassoo getting a pedicure at his mother’s salon, and a jog in run-down areas of Georgetown. The final shots are of Bassoo in a hair net at a Georgetown bakery. There’s no sign of the bakery owner. By February, Watkins said, Bassoo told her he’d met a businessperson who promised he’d buy 50 Tagg TV episodes. Bassoo contacted all his staff and said the money was on its way. It never showed up. Bassoo himself has been involved in a number of schemes, including insurance selling, banking and some other not so nice reports.

Saturday June 15, 2013

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Saturday June 15, 2013

Saturday June 15, 2013

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ImmigrationINFO... APNU to challenge Chang’s exclusion of Granger in Budget case Immigration News For

Our Community

Shadow Minister of Legal Affairs, Basil Williams along with the party’s Public Relations Officer Malika Ramsey, during yesterday’s press engagement. A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) is contending that its leader, who also serves as leader of the combined political opposition, Brigadier (rt’d) David Granger, must be a person with an interest in any matter voted on by the National Assembly. “And taken to the High Court he must be heard in any such matter.” This position was articulated by the APNU Shadow Minister of Legal Affairs, Basil Williams, who yesterday responded to Chief Justice Ian Chang’s proposal to exclude Granger as a defendant in the High Court matter regarding the budget cuts. Williams, yesterday, during a press engagement held at the Office of the Leader of the Opposition said that the coalition finds the position strange, in light of the fact that Granger has been sued by Attorney General, Anil Nandlall, on numerous occasions since the beginning of the new Parliament for which he has been represented as a defendant. Williams said that the move is a strange action on

the part of the Chief Justice given also that it has occurred “at a very late stage in the budget cut case, when Attorney General Nandlall, was expected to start leading his witness to prove his case. The Shadow Minister of Legal Affairs, reported to media operatives, that while there have been no formal arguments proffered by the opposition as yet on the matter, APNUs lawyers, inclusive of himself, Deborah Backer and Llewellyn John, have “indicated their disagreement with this proposal and are prepared to make legal submissions to support APNU’s position.” Williams said that if as the Chief Justice opines, that only the Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman, can be sued, it means that the Speaker would represent the Leader of the majority of the Opposition, Granger, in all court matters brought by the government. “In other words the Alliance for Change (AFC) would be representing in Court, the interest of APNU, if Brigadier (rtd) Granger is excluded by the Chief Justice Change…This is obviously a dubious position.”

According to Williams, APNU lawyers will on the next hearing of the matter lead arguments in support of their position. Williams said he was unsure of the rationale behind the move by Chang, adding that Speaker of the House, Trotman, had from the inception of the very first case indicated that MPs cannot be sued. The Shadow Minister of Legal Affairs said that Chang at the time had said that they can be sued. “He will probably have to explain what he is saying now, given that MPs are afforded immunity from prosecution from matters arising in the House.” Williams further charged that even if Brigadier Granger had not been sued by the Attorney General “we would have made an application to be joined in the matter.” He said that APNU would have intervened in the matter because Brigadier Granger would have a legitimate interest in the subject matter before the court. “That is trite law, where a person has an interest that he has not been joined in an action he could intervene.”

A misunderstanding between a Brazilian national and a man resulted in him and his sister being brutally attacked by an officer at a bar at Tabatinga, Rupununi, on Sunday night. According to the woman, 37 year-old Roxanne Farias, she and her brother, 29-yearold John Farias, who is a student at a University in Brazil, were at a bar called “Yellow Shop”. She added that her brother and his girlfriend, Sonia Ritchie, came to Guyana on vacation so she decided to take them partying. On the night of the attack, Farias said that she was at the bar when her brother decided to have a dance with his

girlfriend. She added that during the dance a man walked up to John’s girlfriend and whispered something in her ears. After this move the young man then returned. The woman said that John inquired as to why he was approaching his girlfriend. Farias added that after a few minutes the man then returned with a bottle and dealt John a lash to his forehead (above his temple). John in response took another glass bottle and threw it at him. After seeing the ordeal Farias and other relatives started to part the fight when a police officer named “Sugrim” aka “Sugar”

grabbed John by the neck and began to choke him. “I walked up to him and told him that I am a member of the neighbourhood police in St Ignatius. He cuffed me to my face and split my lip,” the woman said. She added that the rank did not provide any identification and was dressed in plain clothes. Meanwhile, a source related to Kaieteur News that this was not t h e f i r s t a t t a c k carried out by “Sugar”. Another man was attacked about a year ago in the same bar. An investigation has since been launched by the police.

St Ignatius woman and Brazilian brother accuse police of brutality

Attorney Gail S. Seeram Through this “Question & Answer” column, our goal is to answer your immigration questions. We appreciate your comments and questions. If you have a question that you would like answered in this column, please email: Question #1: I have been scheduled for a Visa appointment but to my understanding all paper work and payments were done for my son who they now claimed have aged out. Can you please explain to me how this works or if there is any alternative? Answer #1: If the visa is available then an analysis under the Child Status Protection Act (CSPA) would need to be conducted to determine if your son age can be recomputed based on the wait time between when the I130 was submitted and when it was approved. Note, this analysis and claiming eligibility for a visa under CSPA must be done within one year of the visa becoming available. Question #2: This year October my sister will be in her

4th year as a permanent resident and a green card holder. Can she sponsor my two younger sisters before the end of the year (2013)? Answer #2: Your sister would have to apply for U.S. citizenship and become a U.S. citizen before she is eligible to petition for a sister or brother. Question #3: I tried to enter the U.S. with a fake USA passport 23 years ago. I was caught and was sent back to Guyana. Soon after, I decided to come to the United Kingdom. I am a law abiding U.K. citizen with a British passport. I applied to visit my parents who are U.S. citizen and was denied a visitor visa due to my violation. How can you help? Answer #3: It seems that the U.S. is denying you a visitor visa based on past fraudulent misrepresentation to gain entry into the U.S. (using a fake or photo switch passport to enter the U.S.) and false claim to U.S. citizenship (by using a fake U.S. passport). These are grounds to deny a visitor visa and immigrant visa. Unfortunately, there is no waiver available. Question #4: I tried to enter the United States

illegally six years ago. I was caught up in Aruba. I was using a US citizen’s passport, which was reported as stolen. They took my photos and my biographic data and I was sent back to Guyana. I was not formally charged with anything by the US government. Recently I tried to obtain a visa legally and was denied. My question is, if I will ever be allowed to enter the US? Answer #4: S a m e answer as Question #3. Question #5: M y husband is a permanent resident in the USA. He filed for my children and me in June 2011. We now receive the DS3032 paper. How long more do we have to wait to get the other papers? How much longer do we have to wait to get the interview paper? Answer #5: Currently a visa is available according to this month’s bulletin. Once the required documents are submitted to the National Visa Center, then the interview will be scheduled. It can take 3-6 months to get the interview from this point if all required documents are submitted.

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US$42M GPL upgrade to reduce technical losses Although theUS$42M upgrade to the Guyana Power and Light (GPL) distribution network is some 70 per cent complete, this is yet to translate into any substantial reduction in technical losses. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Power Company, Bharrat Dindyal, said that the only area that any reduction has been achieved has been on the West Coast of Demerara. He said that on WCD, substations have been deployed at Vreed-en-hoop and Edinburg “and those are having an impact on the west coast alone. According to Dindyal, with the massive programmes for Georgetown and East Coast Demerara, the company is hopeful that by the end of August, the new substations in the vicinity of the North Ruimveldt Multilateral School would be up and running and will have an impact on Georgetown. He says that the company is optimistic that the substation at Good Hope will be completed shortly also and this will in turn have an impact on the East Coast of Demerara. “Then we will start to see some benefits,” said Dindyal but reminded that the losses in the medium voltage system is just about four per cent. The US$42M that was launched in August last year promises the replacement of 110km of faulty electrical transmission lines between Berbice and Demerara and the building sub-stations and a state-of-the-art control room linking them. The project includes the construction of seven new substations at strategic load points

…IDB review finds company woefully lacking qualified, experienced personnel in Demerara and Berbice, as well as 26 new 13.8kv distribution outlets, which will address the age-old problem of circuits being overloaded. A fibre optic cable linking the sub-stations and a sophisticated SCADA (Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition) system to facilitate the monitoring, control and protection of the entire system, will be integrated. IDBFINDINGS Regarding the Inter American Development Bank (IDB) due diligence regarding GPL’s involvement of theAmaila Falls Hydro Electric Project, Dindyal told this publication that a number of gaps had been identified. He said that the first review conducted was an operational assessment of GPL. It was completed last year and in that investigation the IDB had addressed the power company’s management capacity. “They identified that in particular areas, like our design department that our engineers don’t have the amount of experience to be expected,” conceded Dindyal. He said that the IDB was looking forward to have the design department play a greater role in the “GPL of the future,” but it was found that the company did not have enough expertise in section. Dindyal said that the IDB found that in the company’s control centre, there needs to be more qualified engineers managing the system on an “hour by hour basis.” He said that it was also found that in the finance division of GPL there was a need for more

qualified accountants. Dindyal said that the assessment by the IDB ran the gamut of the operations of GPL and included the Executive Management. “They said that we have pockets in GPL middle management, in particular, and in technical areas where we don’t have with required experience.” Dindyal cautioned that the persons in the employ of the company were found to be qualified but without the required experience. This, the CEO said, can be attributed to the high turn-over in staff. “When young engineers come on the job you have to give them some time to get experience…In a lot of cases in three, four years when they get the experience they migrate.” Dindyal opined that the findings in the reports have in no way delayed the IDB’s financial closure for its equity in the Amaila Falls Hydro Electric Project. He said that the very report along with a subsequent report by the very consultant will be used to determine what level of investment will be required in GPL and in which areas. GPL recently announced an intention to increase its tariff by 26.7 per cent, a move that has attracted condemnation and criticism from various sections of society inclusive of the political parties and union bodies. The Alliance for Change this past week accused the company of not doing enough to curb its technical and commercial losses that account for almost $4B Party leader Khemraj Ramjattan told media operatives this past week that, that 17 per cent of losses by the power company is as a result of electricity theft and amounts to some $2.4B each year. Technical losses if eliminated could save the company some $1.4B, according to Ramjattan.

Saturday June 15, 2013

Deplorable road woes continue…

“GPL refused to come put on my light because of this ‘back dam’ road”- Westminster resident Everyone seems to have a story to tell as it relates to the deplorable condition of roads in most parts of the country. Those living in Westminster, La Parfaite Harmonie Housing Scheme, West Bank Demerara, are no different. Kaieteur News recently visited several streets in the area where persons complained that even the drivers of sand trucks are refusing to “put strain on their vehicles” and risk injuring themselves by delivering much needed construction materials to customers. “People does be facing losses, because our building materials that we buy, we gotto use it to full the swimming pools on these roads…plus, we does got to account for it when we sending in our home loan reports to the bank. Then it got some of those who does tell you straight up that they are not coming in,” one woman said. She added that the roads pose as a grave inconvenience. This would in turn pose as an inconvenience to those building their homes on loans or on a tight budget. Shop owners are also at a point where delivery vans are avoiding taking their orders, so as to avoid the road. Nalini Singh, who recently moved into Westminster, said that apart from delaying the construction of her home at Last Bridge, the road has also been the cause for her not receiving electricity weeks after making payments to the Guyana Power and Light (GPL). “A GPL contractor guy refused to come to my home to put on my current. I paid my money more than three weeks

The condition of one of the roads at Westminster, in La Parfaite Harmonie Housing Scheme now, but I still got to suffer. The man refused to drive his vehicle through my street. And I don’t blame him because I have a vehicle too, and this road damaging it every day. They got to see how soon they gon fix these roads,” Singh added. Meanwhile, in the latter part of last month (May) the Ministry of Housing and Water had announced that several roads will see upgrades and maintenance this year, 2013. The 2013 work programme caters for upgrading of roads in Parfaite Harmonie, Westminster, Onderneeming, Recht-Door-Zee and Schoonord Housing Schemes to asphaltic concrete surfaces, amounting to 12km, and construction of an alternative access road (approximately eight metres wide and 2.8 km long), within the vicinity of Goed Fortuin, linking

the West Bank Public Road to the La Parfaite Harmonie Housing Scheme. When contacted, Minister of Housing and Water, Irfaan Ali said that works have already started on the project. The housing ministry had also said that it will be expanding the housing area with additional works later this year. In addition, the 2013 work programme would also include new infrastructural development at Plantation Lust-En-Rust which is immediately west of Plantation Recht-Door-Zee, phases- I and II which is expected to bring direct benefit to more than 1,500 families. Nonetheless, while the residents are thankful for the upgrade initiative, they are calling on the housing ministry to speed up the process, as many are faced with extreme discomfort as well as financial expenses.

Father of three succumbs after coma ‘He showed signs of improvement’ - relatives Thirty-three-year-old Elon Isaacs, who was in a coma for two weeks at the Georgetown Public Hospital, following an accident on the Supply Public Road, succumbed on Monday evening. According to Isaacs’ sister, Candacy Isaacs, around 21:00 hours on Monday she received a call from the hospital notifying her that her brother had died from injuries he suffered. The tearful sister said that when she and other family members arrived at the hospital, Isaacs was still on his bed unwrapped in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The woman also noted that during his recovery period Isaacs was responding well to doctors as a number of tests were done. Isaacs said that

although he made tiny gestures he never regained full consciousness. “He was young and full of life. We honestly thought he would have pulled through this but we don’t know the time… no man does”, the woman lamented. On July 14 Isaacs would have celebrated his 34 th birthday. The sister said that her brother now leaves to mourn three girls, one of whom resides in Canada and is expected to arrive today for her father ’s funeral on Monday, one day after Father’s Day. “The two small girls aged three and two don’t really understand death so they might not remember when they get older”, Isaacs said. She added the eldest

daughter asked her mother, “Mommy is this the last time we coming back to Guyana for vacation?” Based on reports she received, Isaacs apparently borrowed the ATV from a friend in Georgetown and was coming home at the time of the accident. He was not licenced to drive the vehicle nor was he wearing a helmet. She believed that if her brother was wearing a helmet he would have had a better chance at surviving the accident. Meanwhile, a post mortem report which was done by Government Pathologist Dr. Nehaul Singh on Monday revealed that the minibus driver died from a fractured skull, broken spine and hemorrhaging in the brain.

Saturday June 15, 2013

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President Ramotar meets with Brazil team

As a deadline looms later this month for a critical report on a number of large scale infrastructure collaborative projects, between Guyana and Brazil, a team from that neighbouring country met Thursday with President Donald Ramotar to apprise him of the situation. The projects include the Georgetown to Lethem road, a deep water harbour and a hydroelectricity project. Governor of the State of Roraima, Jose de Anchieta Junior, was among the team that met with the President, Government announced on Thursday. Also there were Brazilian Ambassador to Guyana, Luiz Seixas De Andrade. The projects were conceptualised during bilateral discussions involving the former administration and Brazil’s President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, and according to the Roraima State Governor, are of great importance to both countries. It was agreed, for example, that the hydro project, once established, will source cheap energy for Guyana and supply power to northern Brazil. In February, the two countries set a June target for anticipated proposals including timelines for implementation of the major infrastructural projects. Spearheading the initiatives is the Brazil-Guyana Working Group on Infrastructural Projects. The working group was established with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Guyana’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett and the

…as deadline looms for critical report on hydro, Linden/Lethem road

President Donald Ramotar in talks with governor of the State of Roraima Jose de Anchieta Junior (second from left) Brazilian Minister of External Relations, Antonio Patriota in December last year. It was agreed then that the group would have submitted its report by the first quarter of 2013. Included in the report would be the proposals, designs and other issues relating to the long stretch of road, (Linden to Lethem) Presidential Adviser on Governance Gail Teixeira had told residents of Aishalton during a visit in May. The stretch of road has over the years been undergoing maintenance works but travel has badly been affected in the rainy season. At the commissioning of the Takutu River Bridge in 2009, the former Brazilian

President had assured that the road would be the next major undertaking through the Guyana-Brazil partnership. Last December, Minister Rodrigues-Birkett had explained that the road was imperative to the full realisation of the trade potential between Guyana and Brazil, particularly the northern part of Brazil which is in proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. The Takutu Bridge links Brazil and Guyana with significant trade increases reported since its opening. With Brazil a growing powerhouse in trade, Guyana would badly want to increase ties. Brazil understandably would want the road through

Guyana as it will provide a much shorter route to the Atlantic Ocean, thus easing shipping time. It is the plan that container trucks will use the road to either a port in the city or altogether a new one. Neighbouring Brazil, because of its vastness, has been examining several

options of easing its shipping woes, with the Linden/Lethem Road being a highly attractive one. They have offered to help fund the construction of the road. Already, a bridge across the Takutu River, which separates Guyana from Brazil, has been built, and vehicles

using the outlying state of Boa Vista have been gladly utilizing it. Lethem has been reporting increased trade since the bridge was commissioned in late 2009. The current 265-mile Linden/Lethem trail has been known to become impassable in rainy times, halting activities of miners, forestry operators and residents who would use it. It is filled with river crossings and ruts and there have been calls to pave it. But this will prove an expensive venture for the Guyana government alone. Brazil had signaled its intentions as early as three years ago to help fund a 220megawatt hydro power project near the border with Guyana. Brazil would purchase around100 megawatts to help power some of its northernmost areas, closest to Guyana. With the high prices of gold in recent years, Guyana has been seeing an influx of Brazilians in especially the mining districts. In the city, there have been a number of Brazilian businesses springing up. It is estimated that over 15,000 Brazilians live and work in Guyana.

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Saturday June 15, 2013

Local professionals graduate

The MBA graduates 2013 A small group of local professionals have acquired complete knowledge and skill to master their line of business after graduating with Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degrees from the Australian Institute of Business (AIB). The programme, which is offered via the Nations University, saw its first batch of students graduate on Tuesday evening. The batch of 20 students recorded an 84 per cent pass rate. The programme is done in collaboration with (AIB), an approved higher Education provider in Australia. The institution is rated at number three on the list of top Universities in Australia and among the top ten in Europe. The MBA course has became the Flagship programme of Nations University. Guest speaker, Ms Beverly Harper encouraged the graduates “to lead out loud.”

“Some educate the mind to think as he does but a truly great teacher ensures that you think and create for yourselves… be passionate about what you do, continue to challenge yourselves and others, constantly question, challenge, invent reinvent, think outside the box.” Ms. Harper is the Chief Executive Officer, (CEO) of Ansa McAL Guyana. She admonished that the key ingredients to a successful career are integrity intelligence, and energy. Local businessman and pioneer, Stanley Ming, charged the professionals to “be competitive but to make room for others even though we all want to win, while Valedictorian, Vishnu Doerga, encouraged his fellow graduates to further improve themselves. Those in attendance included Prime Minister Sam Hinds, AIB Chairman of the Academic Board, Professor

Rod Oxenburry, and Emeritus professor Kevin O’Brien of AIB. Oxenbury said, that the AIB had built a great deal of expertise, which has aided the delivery of the MBA in a number of countries

Citizen’s Security Prog. Investigation…

including the United Kingdom, Asia and Africa and now the Caribbean. The duration of the course is between 12 and 15 months. Those eligible for the programme must have a first

degree from a recognized University or parallel institutions; individuals with an advanced diploma and three years of work experience or individuals that have been in a managerial position for at

least three years are also eligible. The MBA degrees and the qualifications have been accredited by the Australian Government. Local facilitators included Michelle Johnson, Selene Davis, Yog Mahadeo, Ruth Lee and Indar Deodat. The Graduates received Diplomas in Management and Certificates in Management. Among them were bank managers, entrepreneurs and employees of Caricom, Ministry of Health, GuySuCo, Digicel, Guyana Power and Light, Laparkan, and the Guyana Tourism Authority. Director of Nations University, Dr Brian O’Toole also assisted in facilitating some of the sessions. O Toole said that size of the group has tripled over time, thus expansion is imminent. Nations University is now onto its fifth MBA intake.

Rohee: ‘Let the IDB deal with that’ - says Khemraj Rai resigned before investigation started

Coordinator of the Citizen’s Security Programme, Khemraj Rai, resigned before fraud allegations against him began. The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), which is funding the US$19 million programme, has asked its Office of Institutional Integrity to investigate claims of fraud leveled against Mr Rai. Contacted for comment on the matter, all Rohee would say is: “Let the IDB deal with that.”

While Rohee told this newspaper that Rai resigned before the investigations began, he could not give the date off-hand. Mr Rai’s resignation was never made public. The IDB’s Resident Representative to Guyana, Sophiem Makonnen, could not be reached for comment on the status of the investigations. This newspaper understands that IDB investigators were recently in the country. Investigations began into how Rai was spending the IDB funds when contractor Mr Viddiadat Jaisari discovered that millions of dollars were deposited and withdrawn from an account with his name but without his knowledge. Jaisari of Number 7 Village, West Coast Berbice, was contracted by the Ministry of Home Affairs as a construction supervisor from November 2011 and was being paid a monthly salary of $250,000. Jaisari told the IDB

investigators that Mr Rai was bidding for projects using his company’s name, but he never knew of it. Further, he said that he never knew an account bearing his name existed through which Mr. Rai could withdraw funds as a joint signatory to the account. Jaisari claimed that he never signed the documents bearing his signature. The documents included bids for the supply of various appliances, like TV sets, microwave ovens, freezers and other items, along with office furniture, all under the Citizen Security Programme. In most cases, the bid price came in just short of the amount required for special approval and so the contracts awarded under Jaisari never came in for close scrutiny. In one of his emails to IDB investigators seen by Kaieteur News, Mr Jaisari claimed that Mr Rai was issuing cheques to his (Jaisari’s) name and as a joint account holder, Rai was himself collecting these cheques. Jaisari was fired last year July. It was at that time that he said he went to the bank to get a statement of his accounts and realized that some $7 million was deposited and withdrawn from the

Khemraj Rai account using his name. The provision of goods and services ranged from building pavilions to building and furnishing centres, all under the Citizen Security Programme. Under IDB-funded projects, individual companies/entities go through an administrative process that permits the accused firms and/or individuals to respond to the allegations pursuant to the Sanctions Procedures. Sanctions are meant to prevent and deter fraud and corruption in Group-financed activities according to the IDB.

Saturday June 15, 2013

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Taxi driver compliments CANU Defence counsel tries to officers then heads to jail Dweive Kant Ramdass murder

introduce torture claim

Detective Sergeant Suraj Singh yesterday maintained that neither he nor any of the ranks in his presence assaulted Deon Greenidge nor any of the other men accused of killing Dweive Kant Ramdass. Singh was at the time being crossed examined by defense counsel Latchmie Rahamat. Greenidge, along with Sherwin Hart and Devon Gordon, are all charged with the 2009 murder of Ramdass, who was a gold miner. Rahamat was posing questions to Singh about whether he saw if Greenidge had any visible injuries that would suggest that he was beaten. “I’m putting to you Mr. Singh, that Deon Greenidge could have hardly stepped on his left leg and his right arm also had injuries” Ms Rahamat suggested to Singh. However the witness maintained that he never saw anything that would suggest that he “Greenidge” was beaten. The lawyer further put to

the witness that a caution statement which was given by Greenidge and read by Singh was a “deliberate fabrication” stating that the accused was incapacitated due to the “alleged beating”. The witness was further questioned about a station diary which certain information was supposedly written inside. According to Singh, he had made several checks for the diary last month but did not locate it. Rahamat sought to suggest to the witness that without that station diary, there was no way to verify his claim of what Greenidge said. Singh however did not admit to what the lawyer was saying. He said that he related what was translated. The next witness to be called after Singh was woman Corporal Yvonne Manjet. Manjet is stationed at the Parika Station and she is one of the first police officers to come into contact with the accused men. Manjet said that she

checked a bag containing $5.7m which was in the possession of one Vanda Adolphus. Manjet said that it was Deputy Superintendent Terrace Paul, who later came and arrested the suspects and the woman. The matter is expected to continue next week at the Suddie High Court before Justice Franklyn Holder. Senior State Prosecutor Judith Gildharie-Mursalin is presenting the case for the state. Attorney at law Latchmie Rahamat is representing the three men. The former army ranks were manning the Coast Guard RC 12 motor boat in the Essequibo River, when they allegedly confronted Ramdass in a boat at the Parika Stelling. They allegedly forced him into their boat and took him to another location in the river where they relieved him of $17M in cash, which he was carrying in a box to Bartica for his employer, who operated a gold and diamond business in the city.

Special equipment to test bulk fuel acquired by GNBS

GNBS representative explaining the use of the “Seraphin Test Measure” Government in collaboration with the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) purchased a 500- liter mobile Volumetric Field Standard Test Measure used to verify bulk terminal tests at various gas stations. The “Seraphin Test Measure” will be used for the calibration of liquid petroleum meters. Seraphin measures are designed to ensure there is no chance for air entrapment, as well as

providing a complete and consistant drain. Accuracy and repeatability are the keys to the measurable success. Head of the Standards Compliance Department, Shailendra Rai, said that the test measure will be available for private and public sector verifications. He said that persons have also complained about petrol terminal supplying an inadequate amount of fuel, so in an effort for transparency

in the sector the bureau acquired the device to measure the petrol terminal. Acting Executive Director of the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS), Ms. Evadnie Inniss, said that the test measure cost $6.7M and the government assisted greatly with funding while the bureau also contributed. She explained that there is a cost recovery in place and fees attached to usage of the services.

…after ‘coughing up’ accomplice

Obead Brazilio

Andrew Michael Park

Yesterday, a 41-year-old man who was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment for the possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking, related to the court that he would like to congratulate the officers at CANU (Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit) for the good work they are doing. When Adrian Michael Park also known as “Parks” who resides at 1082 (B12) Pattensen, Turkeyen, appeared before Chief Magistrate Priya Beharry, many were shocked at how candid he was. On Thursday, last, at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, the defendant had in his possession, 3.124 kilograms of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking. When confronted in court Park placed his right hand across his chest and said, “I am guilty.” The Chief Magistrate then explained to the defendant that the offence carries a minimum of three years’ imprisonment and a maximum of five years along with a fine of $30,000. He was then asked if knowing this, he still wants to maintain his plea, and to this, the defendant said, “Yes

your worship. I wish to maintain my plea.” According to the Prosecution, on the said date, the defendant, who is a taxi driver, went to the Cheddi Jagan Airport to travel to New York via Caribbean Airlines on flight BW524. About 03:15 am, the defendant checked in a black suitcase and went to the departure lounge. At 04:30 am, C.A.N.U officers, after receiving information, approached Parks. The officers then asked him to identify his suitcase and requested to search it. During the search, officers then found the illegal substance which they suspected to be cocaine at the bottom of the suitcase. The defendant was then taken for questioning. Parks told the officers that he has knowledge of it and added that the cocaine was given to him by someone to take to the U.S.A and that upon arrival someone would receive the case. He added that when the drop would have turned out successful, he would receive US$5,000. The defendant was then cautioned and charged for the said offence.

“A guy name Odel who gave me the case tell me that the cocaine was baked into the material and guaranteed me that it would not be found. But when the officers showed me where it was, it was just sitting at the bottom of the case in its powdered form,” said Park. Immediately, CANU got information that Obead Quail Brazilio of 36 John and Joseph Pollydore Streets, Lodge, Georgetown had knowledge of the cocaine. Brazilio was identified as a businessman and CANU wants anyone with information on the whereabouts of Brazilio to contact the Customs Anti Narcotic Unit (CANU) on telephone Nos. 227-03507 or 226-0431 Meanwhile, in the wake of the arrest and seizure, the suitcase containing the narcotic was escorted to CANU headquarters where other information was also obtained. Adrian Park said that “this was not supposed to happen. I didn’t know that the cocaine was at the bottom of the suitcase. I am pleading with you; I have six kids and other financial difficulties that I am trying to get off my chest. I humbly apologize to my brotherhood and my sisterhood. Park added that he cooperated with the officers completely and gave them all the information they needed. Prosecutor Oswald Massiah told the court that investigations are still ongoing prior to the defendant’s arrest. Taking into consideration, that the defendant has six children, two loans along with all the other facts that were presented to the court and the prevalence of the amount being trafficked, the Chief Magistrate then sentenced Park and ordered that he pays a fine of $30,000.

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Letters... Where your views

June is significant on Guyana’s... From page 6 to struggle for the liberation of the Guyanese people from the yoke of colonial rule and oppression. He was later instrumental in the formation of the People’s Progressive Party which until today remains the true voice of the working people and the vanguard of the liberation struggle for a better and united Guyana. Walter Rodney fought valiantly for a democratic Guyana. Unlike the period of the slain sugar workers who later became known as the Enmore Martyrs, Guyana during the time of Rodney’s death had freed itself from colonial rule, but there was a new kind of oppression that resulted from the destruction of the democratic fabric of the society following the removal of the PPP from government in the elections of 1964 and the installation of the PNCUF coalition government. One of the first indications of the rise of authoritarian rule was in 1967, one year after the attainment of political independence, when the PNC booted out its junior coalition partner the United Force from government and hastily called fresh elections, but only after it had taken full control of the elections machinery. From a minority party in all elections prior to 1968, the PNC dramatically arrogated to itself, through force and fraud, the status as the ‘paramount’ party. It was against this background that the struggle for a democratic Guyana has meaning and significance. While the country was independent from British colonial rule, the dark shadows of authoritarian rule became a limiting factor in the country’s quest for genuine freedom and statehood. To a large extent, freedom from colonialism was overshadowed by a new oppression which saw the systematic erosion of civil and constitutional rights of the

Guyanese people. The high expectations of a prosperous and united Guyana following the attainment of political independence were shattered by the insatiable greed for power by the PNC regime which shamelessly rigged all elections since 1968 until democracy was finally restored to Guyana on October 5, 1992. Hydar Ally




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Wanted in confidence a serious investor(s) for pig and poultry farm, could start almost immediately- call: 6446551 3 Bedrooms House @ Silver City, Wismar LindenCall:685-2005/ 680-5408

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Saturday June 15, 2013

Obama to discuss way forward on Syria at G8 conference WA S H I N G T O N (Reuters) - After authorizing for the first time sending U.S. weapons to Syrian rebels, President Barack Obama is set to discuss how to help end Syria’s civil war when he attends the G8 conference in Northern Ireland next week, the White House said yesterday. Obama will discuss U.S. evidence that President Bashar al-Assad’s forces have used chemical weapons - what the U.S. president has called a “red line” in the two-

year-old civil war - and what to do next, the White House said. “This is a fluid situation, so it’s necessary for him to consult with all the leaders at the G8 about both our chemical weapons assessment and the types of support we’re providing to the opposition,” said B e n R h o d e s , O b a m a ’s national security spokesman. “He’ll be discussing with those leaders what the best way forward is. He’ll

hear from them what their plans are,” Rhodes told reporters at a White House briefing. Obama has authorized sending U.S. weapons to Syrian rebels, a U.S. official said on Thursday. Obama also will meet privately with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the meeting, Rhodes said. Russia has backed Assad and has accused the Syrian opposition of using chemical weapons. The United States and Russia are trying to

arrange diplomatic talks to try to find a political settlement in Syria. “There are no illusions that that’s going to be easy,” Rhodes said, although he held out hope the two leaders could find common ground. “What Russia has articulated to us, and publicly, is that they don’t want to see a downward spiral, they don’t want to see a chaotic and unstable situation in the region, they don’t want to see extremist elements gaining a foothold in Syria,” Rhodes

added. In Moscow, Putin’s senior foreign policy adviser, Yuri Ushakov, said information that the United States has given Russia about suspected use of chemical weapons by Assad’s forces “does not look convincing”. Ushakov also said more U.S. military support for Assad’s opponents would undermine joint efforts to bring together Syrian government and opposition representatives for peace talks.

President Barack Obama

Iran votes for new president, Khamenei slams U.S. doubts DUBAI (Reuters) Millions of Iranians voted to choose a new president yesterday, urged by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to turn out in force to discredit suggestions by arch foe the United States that the election would be a sham. The 50 million eligible voters had a choice between six candidates to replace incumbent Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Having been vetted by Iran’s electoral authorities, none is seen a challenge to the Islamic Republic’s 34-year-old system of clerical rule. Polling stations closed five hours later than planned in the capital Tehran because of what Iranian state media reported were large queues of people waiting to cast their vote. Voting was extended by four hours across the rest of the country. With authorities estimating a turnout of over 70 percent, final results are unlikely to be announced today. The first presidential

election since a disputed 2009 contest led to months of unrest is unlikely to change rocky ties between the West and the OPEC nation of 75 million, but it may bring a softening of the antagonistic style favored by Ahmadinejad. World powers in talks with Iran over its nuclear program are looking for any signs of a recalibration of its negotiating stance after eight years of intransigence. Voting in the capital Tehran, Khamenei called on Iranians to vote in large numbers and derided Western misgivings about the credibility of the vote. “I recently heard that someone at the U.S. National Security Council said ‘we do not accept this election in Iran’,” he said. “We don’t give a damn.” On May 24, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry questioned the credibility of the election, criticizing the disqualification of candidates and accusing Tehran of disrupting Internet access.

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — As many as 73 Syrian military officers — including seven generals and 20 colonels — have crossed the border with their families “seeking refuge” in Turkey, the country’s state-run news agency reported yesterday. The Anadolu Agency said the group — totaling 202 people — arrived in the border town of Reyhanli and were taken to a Turkish refugee camp that houses military officers who have defected from the Syrian army. The report did not say when they had arrived and Turkish Foreign Ministry officials and the local administrator in Reyhanli could not immediately

confirm the report. The report of the defections come after U.S. President Barack Obama authorized lethal aid to Syrian rebels following a U.S. announcement that it had conclusive evidence that the Syrian regime used chemical weapons against opposition forces. U.S. officials are still grappling with what type and how much weaponry to send. Earlier yesterday, Turkey said the U.S. announcement corroborates its own findings and urged the international community to take a decisive stance against the regime’s “atrocity.” Turkey has said preliminary tests on some injured Syrians indicated that chemical weapons had been used.

73 Syrian officers, families cross border

Saturday June 15, 2013

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World Bank issues T&T major drug find at Port warning on growth WASHINGTON - CMC – “Growth in the Caribbean continued to disappoint, decelerating to 3 percent in 2012 as growth decelerated in the Dominican Republic and in Haiti, while Jamaica’s economy fell into recession,” said the Washington-based financial institution in its “Global Economic Prospects, June 2013.” “Regional growth in the first quarter as approximated by industrial production softened, with industrial production remaining relatively flat, after a slight contraction in the fourth quarter, with growth decelerating to slightly below potential, the positive output gap nearly closed in 2012,” it continued Overall, the World Bank said growth in the Latin America and the Caribbean region decelerated an estimated 1.4 percentage points to 3 percent in 2012. In per capita terms, it said growth has fallen below 2 percent for the first time since the global crisis. The decline in growth was partly due to “bottlenecks

that constrained growth in some of the larger economies in the region, partly because of softening in global activity mid-year due to Euro Area uncertainty, and partly because of a decline in nonoil commodity prices.” But even with gross domestic product (GDP) growth below potential in 2012, the report said the positive output gaps that opened during the recovery from the 2009 crisis “still persist or have only now closed.” The World Bank said slower domestic consumption, in conjunction with weak external demand, caused economic activity to slow in many countries in the region, stating that inflation rates in the region have remained “relatively anchored” for the most part, especially core inflation, “although they have remained stubbornly high or even accelerated in countries where economic output is at or near potential.” The report said lower food and energy inflation also contributed to the decline in

General Assembly elects UN Ambassador of Antigua as President of 68th session UN News Centre - The United Nations General Assembly today elected by acclamation Ambassador John W. Ashe of Antigua and Barbuda as President of its upcoming 68th session. Taking the floor immediately after his election, Mr. Ashe, who is Antigua and Barbuda’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York, said that in 18 months, the world body would launch an agenda for sustainable development for all, which “may very well be the boldest and most ambitious project that the United Nations has ever had to accomplish.” “In order to succeed, the General Assembly needs to be equally bold, ambitious and collaborative if we are to rise to the task we are about to undertake and ensure its completion,” he said, adding “failure is not an option. Let us show the world…we can be bold and decisive in our actions.” While it was important to draw on past experiences, lessons learnt from the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), he said that it would also be important to reflect on new and emerging development challenges, with attention to two main goals: overcoming poverty and ensuring sustainable development. New and revised partnerships are paramount in integrating economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainability, the President elect-said. “The post-2015 development agenda must represent the evolution in the thinking of the international community,” he said, adding: “To say it more clearly, development in general and sustainable development in particular is the work of the General Assembly…it is our reason for being”. Offering his congratulations to Mr. Ashe, SecretaryGeneral Ban Ki-moon paid tribute to his “impressive experience”, which included co-Chairmanship of the Bureau for the Preparatory Process of the Rio+20 Conference, Chairmanship of the Fifth Committee (Administrative and Budgetary) and Group of 77 and service on the governing bodies of major United Nations environmental agreements.

inflation in Central American economies, while inflation in some of the Caribbean economies was “low on account of weak domestic demand.” The Bank pointed to strong domestic demand in many countries in the region and in some cases small or positive output gaps which led to a “worsening in current account positions in 2012.”

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad - CMC – Customs officials here have made another massive drug haul when they found over 300 kilograms of high-grade Jamaican compressed marijuana in a 40-foot container at the port of Port of Spain. Customs communications officer Alicia Charles said the discovery was made late Wednesday while a Customs officer was conducting a routine patrol. The officer spotted a

black duffel bag in a secluded area and checks revealed several packages wrapped tightly with brown packaging tape. A sweep was later made of the area and nearby containers in which Customs recovered six other duffel bags with more marijuana. The shipment was found in a container that had several Volkswagen vehicles. Best Auto Ltd, which is jointly owned by Neal and Massy and Southern Sales, acknowledged the discovery

in a press release on Thursday. Best Auto indicated the container was shipped from the Volkswagen plant in Mexico and may have docked at various ports in transit to Trinidad. Senior Customs sources told the Express they are very concerned with the importation of marijuana from non-traditional areas such as Jamaica and the United States because the potency THC level of the drug is much higher from these places.

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Saturday June 15, 2013

Saturday June 15, 2013

Kaieteur News

MTV CHANNEL 14/CABLE 65 Sign on 06:00hrs - Living Word presentation 06:30hrs - Peace Love & Harmony (live) 07:00hrs - Dabi’s bhajan Hour 07:30hrs - Times of Refreshing (live) 08:00hrs - Full Life Broadcast with Pastor Findlay 08:30hrs - News Update 09:30hrs - Living the Life 10:00hrs - Children Movie: Treasure Buddies 11:30hrs - Escape from Planet Earth 12:00hrs - National Geographic: Serengeti 3D 13:00hrs - Our fathers are special with Tara

13:30hrs Cartoons 14:00hrs - National Geographic: Attack of the giant jellyfish 15:00hrs - Payless variety Show 16:00hrs - Father’s day greetings with Maria 16:30hrs - Alabama Trading Music break 17:00hrs - Birthdays & other Greetings 17:15hrs - Death Announcements/ In Memoriam 17:30hrs - CNN News 18:00hrs - Searching the Scriptures with Devi Persaud 18:30hrs - Cabinet Briefing 19:00hrs - Apex Forum (Live) 20:15hrs - MTV music break

20:30hrs - Indian Movie: Heyy Bala 23:00hrs - English Movie: Super 8 Sign off DTV CHANNEL 8 08:55 hrs. Sign On 09:00 hrs. Back at the Barnyard 10:00 hrs. Smart Guy 11:30 hrs. Prime News 11:50 hrs. Movie: Ella Enchanted 13:30 hrs. Movie: Spy Kids 3 17:00 hrs. The Baptist Hour 18:00 hrs. World News 18:30 hrs. Nightly News 19:00 hrs. Greetings and Announcements 20:00 hrs. Alliance on the Move (Live) 21:00 hrs. DTV’s Summer Movie Fest 00:00 hrs. Sign Off

Guide is subject to change without notice

Saturday June 15, 2013 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19): You may become more concerned about changing your habits to sustain your physical energy and improve your overall well-being now that the Virgo Moon is occupying your 6th House of Health.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22): The timid Virgo Moon’s trip through your 12th House of Spiritual Retreat may be problematic today if you overbook your schedule. Unfortunately, it might be difficult to find time to check in with your inner world.

TAURUS (Apr. 20–May 20): Explore new ways to enjoy your time off while the practical Virgo Moon is hanging out in your 5th House of Fun and Games. But don’t ignore your chores, because you still need to have a sense of accomplishment.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21): No matter how preoccupied you are today, it’s crucial to set aside a block of time when you can imagine the possibilities ahead or freely talk about your hopes for the next phase of your life with a close friend.

GEMINI (May 21–June 20): Although the Moon is in your 4th House of Home and Family, you are tempted to sneak out for some fun today instead of fulfilling all of your domestic obligations. CANCER (June 21–July 22): Although the perfectionist Virgo Moon is visiting your 3rd House of Communication, an argument with a friend doesn’t have to ruin your whole day. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22): Someone may take you by surprise today, talking his or her way into your heart and then turning your entire world upside down. There is likely to be a clash of values now that the evocative Moon is traveling through your 2nd House of Core Beliefs. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22): The Moon’s current visit to your sign blesses you with the ability to say exactly what’s on your mind.

SAGIT (Nov. 22–Dec. 21): You would like to play out your role as an effective leader at work or in the community now that the industrious Virgo Moon is shining in your 10th House of Public Responsibility. CAPRICORN(Dec.22–Jan.19): If you are considering a vacation or even just a quick getaway, this is an excellent day to start making your plans. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18): The Moon’s visit to your 8th House of Shared Resources indicates a good time to make a financial investment. But it’s tricky to decide how much time and money should be put into a project now. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20): You may be involved in a tiresome disagreement, increasing the tension between you and your friends. Your frustration tempts you to throw in the towel and walk away from the whole mess.

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CHRIS BOSH FINED FOR FLOP IN HEAT-SPURS GAME 4 Chris Bosh had his best game in a month Thursday for the Miami Heat. It came with a cost. The Heat center was fined $5,000 Friday for a flop during the 109-93 Game 4 victory, which evened the NBA Finals at 2-2. Bosh repulsed himself away from San Antonio Spurs center Tim Duncan on a second-quarter play, flying to the floor despite only a slight push from Duncan, who was whistled for a foul. The call wiped away a layup by Spurs guard Gary Neal while the Heat led 41-32. But it also may have galvanized the Spurs, who closed the half on a 17-8 run to tie it. Bosh’s performance went beyond acting, though. He had 20 points and 13 rebounds in his best performance since Game 3 of the Eastern Conference semifinals against the

Chris Bosh (USA Today)

Chicago Bulls on May 10. He joined with superstars LeBron James (33 points) and Dwyane Wade (32) to account for 78% of Miami’s scoring. The NBA’s crackdown on flopping this season has stretched into the postseason, with LeBron James and Shane Battier of the Heat also receiving fines. There were several other plays in Game 4 that could have drawn fine consideration.

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Saturday June 15, 2013

POORAN CREDITS EXTRA WORK FOR QUICK RISE Trinidad Express PORT OF SPAIN, TRINIDAD - At age 17, Trinidad and Tobago wicketkeeper Nicholas Pooran is the youngest player in the inaugural Caribbean Premier League (CPL) Twenty20, and the hard-hitting left-hander relishes the opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the best players in the world. He would have even had the opportunity to play against one of his favourite international cricketers, Adam Gilchrist, if the Australian wicketkeeper had not pulled out of the tournament with an injury. Pooran, who is from Mc Bean, Couva, was selected on the T&T franchise team as one of their two Under-23 players for the CPL T20 which runs from July 30 to August 24. The other Under-23 player selected was leg-spinner Yannic Cariah. The Naparima College student,

Pooran, said the last few months have been really exciting for him, and that he is eagerly looking forward to the next two. “I made my debut for the Trinidad and Tobago senior team earlier this year at the age of 17 and I was really excited,” he said. “That gave me a start and now getting picked for the Trinidad CPL franchise is another start and another chance for me to make a name for myself.” Pooran credited the extra work he has done this year for his quick rise up the ranks of T&T cricket. He said he worked hard in the nets, and spent more time honing his skills. “Last year I was relaxing but this year I took it upon myself to train a lot harder and I just believed in myself and went out there and performed. “I am very excited because at 17, any youngster would be happy to make a CPL franchise

Nicholas Pooran and I am just glad and I thank God for giving me this opportunity,” he added. “I just want to go out there and perform to the best of my ability and make a name for myself, and go forward in my cricketing career. “I

want to do my best. I know my family wants me to do well, and I know they are supporting me.” The T&T franchise assistant coach, David Williams, who is also the T&T national team coach and T&T Cricket Board technical director, is also backing the young wicketkeeper to do well. “He is very special,” Williams said of the 17-year old. “He is very talented and we just hope that he can keep his feet on the ground and continue to improve as he goes along. “I think he is a tremendous player. He is also a very young man, so I think we would want to keep him at bay and make sure he does the right things, and with that talent, (I am sure) he has places to go,” Williams added. Asked if Pooran was their first pick wicketkeeper in the draft, Williams explained: “The draft was such a way that you just had to keep picking players. “At the end we got

him, and we were very pleased about it. We did not get Denesh Ramdin, which was our first choice, but once Denesh was gone, we had no doubt that he (Pooran) would be the second man,” Williams added. Pooran, who plays for First Citizens Clarke Road United, said he was “quite surprised” with his CPL pick, especially since he is the number one T&T wicketkeeper for the July 17-August 21 Regional Under-19 Championships. The clash means that the indemand wicketkeeper will most likely miss the Under-19 championships. Chairman of T&T Under-19 selection, Lalman Kowlessar confirmed the clash, and the addition of wicketkeepers Brandon Ramdial and Justin Samkaran to the Under19 training squad. “It is one of my dreams to play for the West Indies in the Under-19 World Cup,” said Pooran. “I just hope I am on that side.”

MICKELSON, HORSCHEL Cyclists say rule being flouted SHARE CLUBHOUSE LEAD to accommodate favourite Phil Mickelson

ARDMORE, Pa. — Billy Horschel made three birdies and hit 18 greens in regulation on Friday. That’s a pretty good recipe for success. Phil Mickelson made only one birdie, but it came after the horn sounded and as the sun set. That’s a pretty good way to close out a round and keep yourself at the top of the leaderboard. Mickelson (72) and and Horschel (67) share the clubhouse lead in the incomplete second round of the 113th U.S. Open at Merion Golf Club.

They are at 1-under 139 overall. Three of the game’s top players still chasing that first major championship are one shot back and in the hunt. Luke Donald (72), Justin Rose (69) and Steve Stricker (69) were in the clubhouse at even par. Rose managed to get his round finished after the horn had sounded, meaning he won’t have to be back at the course early Saturday. Scott played in the marquee grouping with Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy,

who were at 3 over after each shot 70 in the second round. Woods then dropped his left hand off the club and shook his wrist while putting his tee shot wide of the fairway at No. 8, just as he had done several times on Thursday. The left arm clearly bothered him again on the next shot, which he put in the rough near the green. He saved par on the hole, helping him stay in contention if he can stay healthy. “It’s hard with the wind and the pin locations,” Woods said. “They’re really tough. ... We didn’t think they were going to be as severe as they are.” Woods was tight-lipped about his elbow, saying only that it first bothered him at the Players Championship five weeks ago. Asked what he felt, he answered: “Pain.” Four-time major champion Ernie Els was at 3 over. The top 60 and ties will play Rounds 3 and 4; the projected cut was at 8 over par. Mickelson has finished second at the U.S. Open a record five times. He’s in the mix again.

“We’re not just here to... From page 37 Trinidad and Tobago or even the Caribbean, recognizes that this is CONCACAF equivalent to the European Champions League and by W-Connection and Caledonia qualifying back-to-back, what a huge feat this is. These games are televised and it gives you a chance to showcase your

community and your country so I think from that point, once CONCACAF can initiate an awareness programme then we will do what we can to urge the fans to come out,” said Shabazz. Though a commencement day has been made public by CONCACAF, a fixture is yet to be formulated for the tournament.

Caledonia AIA ended their 2012 – 2013 season by retaining their First Citizen and FA Cups while finishing second in the ProLeague behind Defence Force, but were knockedout of the DIGICEL ProBowl and Lucozade Sport Goal Shield by W-Connection who won both titles. (Rawle Toney)

By Edison Jefford Some sections of the local Cycling fraternity yesterday expressed their dissatisfaction of flouting the rules to accommodate “favourites”, which seems to be a practice emanating from the Guyana Cycling Federation (GCF) ahead of the National Championships. Some cyclists and aficionados, who wished to remain nameless for fear of victimisation, said that the rule that states that all cyclists must compete at the National Championships to be eligible for the national selection is being flouted to accommodate a particular cyclist. A senior member of the local cycling fraternity told Kaieteur Sport yesterday that a letter seeking to excuse United States-based cyclist, Geron Williams, from competing at the Championship had surfaced at a GCF meeting that was held on Thursday. “The letter stated that Williams is unable to attend the National Championships because of some financial reason. This is utter nonsense; he just finished riding the threestage; he could’ve stayed a few more days and compete at the National Championships,” the person said. Williams placed second at the National Sports Commission Independence three-stage race three weeks ago and left to compete in the United States afterward. Some sections of the local cycling

Cheryl Thompson

Geron Williams

fraternity is of the view that Williams is not bigger than the sport, and must return to compete at the National Championships slated for this month end. The individuals are contending that Williams is aware that according to the UCI (International Cycling Union) rules, these Championships are held in the 26th week of the year and that it has to be a priority on any cyclist calendar to be eligible for national selection. It was disclosed that persons finishing 1-10 at the National Championships are submitted to UCI for records. “If you do not participate at the Championships you are not eligible to represent your country at any Championship overseas,” another cyclist indicated. However, this newspaper was also told that it was related to the cycling fraternity on Thursday at the meeting that whoever wins the National Championship will not be automatically

selected to represent Guyana if their competition record is in doubt. “This is like saying to us that if we win we will not be selected because we did not ride in all the competitions of the year. That cannot be fair. The national champion is the national champion at any level, which has nothing to do with how much you ride for the year,” a disturbed cyclist had indicated. “If I didn’t ride whole year and I go and win the National Championships, does that mean that I am not the national champion and therefore I cannot represent Guyana? No it doesn’t and should not,” another cyclist sarcastically mused. They believe that Williams has to ride at the National Championships to be eligible and will be protesting any moves to circumvent such rule. Williams rides for the Continental Cycling Club for which GCF President, Cheryl Thompson is also President.

Saturday June 15, 2013

Kaieteur News

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POLLARD WICKET HANDS SOUTH AFRICA SEMI-FINAL PLACE ESPNcricinfo - It has been a decade since South Africa’s miscalculation of DuckworthLewis saw them exit the World Cup in the first round. Finally, they will consider themselves redeemed. In a twist of fate as perfectly formed as the ringlet on a young girl’s crop of hair, West Indies were pushed out of the Champions Trophy after a rain-affected tied match. After 26.1 overs, with six wickets down, they needed 191 runs to win the match. They left the field on 190 for 6 as the drizzle drifted down. The result awarded a point to each side and South Africa progressed to the semi-finals by virtue of a greater net run rate. If ever one ball was wholly decisive on the outcome of a match, the first ball of the 27th over was it. Kieron Pollard was dismissed when he threw his bat at a Ryan McLaren short ball and was caught at third man. Had Pollard not been out, West Indies would have won the match because they were ahead of the DuckworthLewis par for five wickets down. Then it would have been them, not South Africa, who advanced to the semifinals. As the second innings developed, it seemed more likely West Indies side would

pull off a heist. Despite losing Chris Gayle early and seeing their required run-rate soar to 9.5 per over, Marlon Samuels and Pollard plundered 58 runs off 33 balls to resurrect ghosts of tournaments past for South Africa. When the requisite 20 overs had been reach to make sure the match would count West Indies were 14 runs behind the Duckworth-Lewis total they would have needed to win. At 130 for 4, Samuels decided it was time to tuck in and he took 15 runs off Robin Peterson’s next over to close the gap. But the fit-again Dale Steyn swung the pendulum back South Africa’s way. He sent down four dot balls, including a superb bouncer, before conceding just two singles and the onus was on the batsmen again. Lonwabo Tsotsobe entered the ring next and Pollard took him on. Two blistering boundaries, one mistimed over third man, the other a pull to midwicket, clawed West Indies in again. The protagonists would not have been misplaced at a Wimbledon doubles match as Samuels set on Steyn again. A pull for four off the first ball of his next over put pressure back on Steyn but he delivered the ace. Full, straight and on-target, he uprooted Samuels’ middle-

stump. Enter Dwayne Bravo, whose clip for four kept West Indies exactly on par at the end of the 24th over. Pollard played the shot of the match with a straight drive for four off Tsotsobe in the next over and West Indies inched ahead. They stayed ahead after 26 overs and then Pollard made the mistake he will rue on the flight back home. West Indies had taken 72 runs off the seven overs before Pollard was dismissed and seemed capable to continuing in that vein. The way West Indies batted will not answer questions of whether South Africa propped up by Colin Ingram’s 73 at the top of the order and the 68-run fifth-wicket stand between Faf du Plessis and David Miller - had managed enough runs in a rain-affected affair. The performance will, however, put to rest some of their other concerns. Ingram notched up his highest score since taking over the opening role and acquitted himself particularly well against the spin of Sunil Narine. He and Hashim Amla put on the highest first-wicket stand of South Africa’s campaign so far. Their finishers had the opportunity to get into the game and did. Du Plessis and

Miller took an average total and turned it into something South Africa would feel comfortable with. Most importantly for them, Steyn made a successful return from his side-strain. He bowled at good pace and found swing to restore South Africa can present later in the competition. West Indies showed glimpses of the same. Tino Best bowled quickly - his fastest ball was 151.3kph Ravi Rampaul had a menacing slower ball and Gayle, Samuels and Pollard cleared the boundary at will. They got wrong the most crucial thing wrong. So often, South Africa have been on that side of the equation. In 1992, they were eliminated from the World Cup because of rain. In 1996, the lost to West Indies. In 1999, they tied a semi-final against Australia and had to leave the World Cup because they had lost to them in the group stage. In 2003, they fell foul of Duckworth-Lewis. And at the 2004 and 2006 Champions Trophies defeats to West Indies put them out. They may well see this result as a cathartic way to move past all of those and an omen that their major tournament fortunes are changing. But the real knockouts are still to come.

Primary Schools Windball Cricket finals on today The finalists of the Boys category in this year’s MCYS / NSC / Al Sport Primary Schools Windball Cricket Championships pose for a photo op ahead of today’s showdown.

Michael Williams 13. Bowling for Mae’s, Navindra Persaud bagged 29. St. Margaret’s will play St. Agnes in the third place playoff. St. Agnes are the defending champion. For the girls, Redeemer,

another first timer will play St Agnes, while St. Pius square off against West Ruimveldt for third place. St Angela’s won the title last year. Among those anticipated to be present at today’s finals is Director of Sport Neil Kumar.

BVA names U-19 training squad in preparation for Inter Guiana Games

The curtains will come down today when the Boys and Girls finals of the Ministry of Culture, Youth & Sport (MCYS) / National Sports Commission (NSC) / Al Sport & Tour Promotions Primary Schools Windball Cricket Championships are played, at the National Park Tarmac, starting from

13:00hrs. In the Boys final- West Ruimveldt will play Mae’s after scoring impressive wins in their respective semi-final clashes, while first timers Redeemer take on St. Agnes in the Girls final. In results of semi-final action- (Boys) - West Ruimveldt beat St. Agnes by

five runs. West Ruimveldt batted first after winning the toss and scored 54-6, with Sachin Singh hitting a topscore of 15. Charles Chester picked up two wickets bowling for St. Agnes. St Agnes in their turn at the crease were restricted to 49-4, with Joshua Chan 19,

Shawn Mars 12. In the other semi-final, Mae’s defeated St. Margaret’s by 42 runs. St. Margaret’s invited Mae’s to take first strike after winning the toss and they ended on 70-1 with Yudistir Persaud 27, Tyree Payne 20. St. Margaret’s in reply were restricted to 28-4,

The Berbice Volley Association, which is one of the most active associations in Guyana, is continuing with its push ahead to spread the game to all parts of the county. The BVA has shortlisted a number of U-19 players that have begun training in preparation for a number of competitions and tournaments in and around the country. One such is the Inter Guiana Games (IGG) U19 volleyball competition which will be held shortly. The squad, which is being trained by National Coach, Levi Lawrence Nedd, is being carried through their paces at the Port Mourant

Training Centre. Those involved in the sessions are- Creston Rodney, Beepaul Bandoo, Akeem Bowling, Ryan Munroe, Kevin Daymon, Ikram Khan, Van Bowling, S. Veerapen, M. Persaud, Muaaz Inshan, Kemo Bess, Suresh Kallichand, M. Budhram, R. Stewart, A. Alli, R. Singh, B. Singh, J. Goriah, R. Haniff, Surendra Motiepersaud, S. Fraser, Y. Dhoray, Rohan Balkarran, Asif Singh and Rayan Dhoray. Sessions are held on a daily basis from 15:00hrs and on weekends from 10:00hrs. (Samuel Whyte)

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Saturday June 15, 2013

GCB Inter County U-17 tourney Guyana Amazon Warriors among six CPL team names announced Energetic Essequibo beat Demerara After weeks of speculations and hundreds of suggestions via social media, the much-anticipated Caribbean Premier League franchise team names have been announced and their logos revealed. Guyana is probably best known for its pristine Amazon rainforest, and so it is no surprise that team Guyana will go by the moniker Guyana Amazon Warriors. The team logo was created using the shapes within the national flag to create arrows and represent the dynamism of the team and its warrior spirit. “We are thrilled with the final team names and the logos; we believe they are reflective of the character and culture of each country and I’m sure each team will live up to their name,” said Damien O’Donohoe, CPL CEO. “Our fans had some very inspired suggestions which were taken into consideration, and definitely contributed to the creative process which resulted in these names.” O’Donohoe added Antigua will go by the name Antigua Hawksbill, which speaks to the hawksbill turtle, the most common sea turtle in Antigua, and an

endangered species. Barbados fans will be cheering for the Barbados Tridents whose gold and blue colours are front and centre on the logo which depicts a trident formed as a crown representing the notion of kings, and a desire to win and be dominant. The strength, fearlessness and physical prowess of the Jamaica team is captured in its name, Jamaica Tallawahs. Tallawah is a Jamaican term for something or someone who is sturdy, strong and not to be underestimated. A crocodile is used in the logo because it is native to Jamaica, and plays an important part in the country’s history and folklore. It is also featured in the Jamaica coat of arms and many of the government’s official seals. St Lucia is one of four islands in the Caribbean known for its zouk music, and so a fitting name for the Lucian team is the St Lucia Zouk. The logo is a colourful mixture of blues and yellows with a flame symbol that is derived from the national coat of arms, representing a desire to win. The two characters in the logo are based on a

combination of a classic zouk dance pose, a cricketer hitting a six and a backwards dive catch, all depicting the team spirit that franchise players Darren Sammy and Herschelle Gibbs will surely bring to the CPL. The sixth and final franchise team is the Trinidad & Tobago Red Steel, the name itself suggesting a force to be reckoned with if franchise player Dwayne Bravo has anything to do with it. The national flag and its dominant diagonal strip are key recognisable symbols so it made sense to combine them in a classic sporting icon, and link it to the idea of battle strength on the field of play. The inaugural Caribbean Premier League gets underway on 30 July in Barbados when the Barbados Trident take on the St Lucia Zouk. Note: CPL Ltd is the owner of these marks in all the countries holding all exclusive rights and has granted licenses to the teams to use the marks. Merchandise and licensing will be available with these markets throughout the Caribbean and Worldwide.

Linden Secondary Schools U-19 B/ball C/ ship resumes Monday at MSC hard court The stage is set for the resumption of play on Monday with a double header feature in this year’s 9th edition of the Linden Secondary Schools Under-19 basketball championship which has five remaining playing days. The tournament had been temporarily suspended due to the inclement weather which came during the Linden Town Week and then the CSEC Examinations came along in full force with several students playing in the tournament being affected. The organizing committee of the Linden Amateur Basketball Association met on Wednesday and in a statement said that it had decided that with the conclusion of most students

who were writing their CSEC examinations and hopefully a break in the weather that they reschedule the remaining matches in the tournament to arrive at this year’s winners. The first set of matches will be played on Monday when at 2:30pm New Silvercity Secondary take on Linden Foundation Secondary while at 4:00pm Mackenzie High and Linden Technical Institute, the defending champions, clash. On Wednesday another double header is on at the Mackenzie Sports Club hard court where in the first game at 2:30pm Linden Foundation Secondary play Wisburg Secondary and the second will see Christianburg/ Wismar Secondary face New Silvercity Secondary.

On Friday next New Silvercity Secondary and Mackenzie High play at 2:30pm and the final game in the preliminary round will see Christianburg Wismar Secondary challenge Wisburg. The following Wednesday the semifinals are to be played and the following Friday the final and third play playoff will be held. Christianburg/ Wismar Secondary ‘Multi’ and Wisburg Secondary are tied in the points standings with six points after winning their three matches played so far with Linden Foundation Secondary and Linden Technical Institute next on five points after winning two and losing one game so far, as Mackenzie High remain winless after three games for their three points as New Silvercity Secondary are in the cellar spot from two losses and two points. Meanwhile, the LABA will be holding a meeting with its referees and table officials at 5:00pm today at the Mackenzie Sports Club pavilion and it has invited those who have been officiating and have an interest to turn up for a prompt start.

by 6 wkts in opening fixture

By Zaheer Mohamed A vigorous Essequibo team, led the charismatic Kemo Paul, who marshaled his troops well, backed up by consistent bowling which was complimented by excellent wicketkeeping by Ryan Adams, defeated host Demerara by 6 wickets when the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) 50 over U-17 Inter County tournament got underway yesterday at the Everest Cricket Club ground. Demerara won the toss and elected to bat after the match started at 14:00hrs, and was reduced to 20 overs due to rain, which also caused the ground authorities to shorten the boundary somewhat to make play possible, and were restricted to 92-7. They were put on the back foot early when pacer Kemo Paul uprooted the stumps of Tevin Imlach (00) with the score on 02 in the first over. The inform Ronaldo Renee was then bowled by medium pacer Kevin Martinborough for 06 to leave the score at 24-2 in the 4th over. Chetnarine Pooran then had his furniture disturbed by Neiland Cadogan for 13 before Paul had the talented Sherfene Rutherford taken at mid-on for 05 to leave the home team in trouble 39-4. It then became 49-5 when Clitus Johnson was run out for 02. Demerara skipper Travis Persaud and Narendra Persaud tried to revive their team’s innings but active medium pacer Travis Drakes knocked back the stumps of Narendra Persaud (01) at 60-6 before Travis Persaud (13)

Travis Drakes

Nathan Persaud

was leg before to Akenie Adams 3 runs later. Navindra Seeraj and Daniel Chunilall then saw Demerara to their eventual total with level headed batting. Seeraj cut Drakes to the point boundary before flicking the said bowler over square leg for a maximum, ending not out on 20 which came off 17 balls, while Chunilall made 06 not out. Paul was the pick of the bowlers for the Essequibians with 2-14 off 7 overs, while Drakes, Adams, Martinborough and Cadogan had 1 each. Openers Nathan Persaud and David Williams then got Essequibo off to a fine start with a stand of 33. Persaud stroked Daniel Basdeo for consecutive fours before pulling Travis Persaud to the long-leg boundary before Williams (02) was trapped in front by Narendra Persaud in the 8th over. Nathan Persaud continued the onslaught by hitting Chetnarine Pooran for six and gliding the said bowler to the fine leg boundary

before he was leg before to Narendra Persaud as he attempted to hit the bowler out of the ground at 44-2; he belted four fours and one six. Essequibo then lost Paul (03) who was bowled by Narendra Persaud as he tried to pull a short ball that kept low. However, any hopes of a Demerara victory was halted by Keano Harry and Drakes; the pair added a valuable 40 runs for the fourth wicket before Drakes, who slammed one four and two sixes, was leg before to Travis Persaud for 24. Ryan Adams then crowned a fine day, starting behind the stumps, then hitting Travis Persaud for a maximum over long off; the first ball he faced to seal the issue for the visitors as they ended on 94-4 in 17.2 overs. Harry was unbeaten on 10 as Narendra Persaud grabbed 310 off 4 overs while Travis Persaud had 1-13. The competition continues today with Essequibo facing Berbice at the said venue.

Essequibo Skipper Kemo Paul is bowled by Narendra Persaud.

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