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Jagdeo backpedals on secret deal inked with Pg 2

'corrupt' Chinese company

Cargo boat heading to Trinidad capsizes ...

Cook trapped in vessel, feared dead Pg 3

Jagdeo worked at OP during Ramotar's absence Pg 3

REDjet files for

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Cane juice vendor on the run after killing labourer Pg 14

Fraud probe launched at NCN, senior official sent home

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Kaieteur News

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Saturday June 09, 2012

Jagdeo backpedals on secret deal inked with ‘corrupt’ Chinese company


f t e r h i s administration secretly inked an agreement with a Chinese Contractor in Jamaica, for the US$150M expansion of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA), former President Bharrat Jagdeo is now backpedalling, in the face of d a m n i n g Wo r l d B a n k revelations. Jagdeo, who had adamantly defended the decision to enter into a contract with China Harbor

Engineering Company (CHEC), is now calling on his successor, President Donald Ramotar, to review the contract. Jagdeo’s position, now, is that the World Bank pronouncement on the Chinese contractor “should not be taken lightly.” He is urging Ramotar to seek explanations from the Chinese Government about the conduct of the company. This Government to Government route has been suggested given that CHEC

is ultimately owned by the Chinese Government. The former President’s utterance as it relates to his new position for a review of the project is purportedly premised on the need for “value for money” as well as to weed out any possible illegalities that may be uncovered. Jagdeo has also informed that based on whatever responses would be garnered from the Chinese Government, Ramotar, “on the basis of the explanations

given, should make a decision on the project’s feasibility”. Jagdeo is still, however, contending that “what is important is that the new CJIA gets built, since its expansion is important to Guyana’s development…It is in this context, that it is important too, that Guyana secures the Chinese Soft Loan for the project.” The Chinese contractor is currently also under fire in Jamaica after a probe revealed suspicious

discrepancies in relation to a US$400M contract awarded there. It was as a result of this probe that the Jamaican Contractor General, Greg Christie, had cause to highlight the fact that the parent company has been debarred by the World Bank for corrupt practices. It was subsequently also revealed, that the same contractor which the Jagdeo administration inked the deal with and its parent company, China Communications Construction Company Limited, caused at least one Chinese official to be

sentenced to death as a result of kickbacks paid. The Chinese business executive was handed the death sentence for taking bribes. The previous day, this publication reported also that the son of a former Prime Minister of Bangladesh, was last year jailed for laundering millions taken in bribes from this same contractor. Guyanese learnt of the secret signing between Jagdeo’s representatives and the Chinese contractor now under fire, only after the story broke in the Jamaican media. This investment is the second largest Guyana would be making behind the still to be adequately functional US$200M Skeldon factory. This was also built by Chinese contractors.

Saturday June 09, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Cargo boat heading to Trinidad capsizes ...

Cook trapped in vessel, feared dead By Zena Henry Terror struck late yesterday afternoon when a 65- foot cargo vessel destined for Trinidad and Tobago capsized in the Demerara River, about quarter mile offshore. Seven crewmen were on board. One of the vessel’s occupants’, 63-year-old Gerald Da Silva, the cook, was still trapped inside the overturned boat up to press time. The others were rescued by passenger boats traversing the GeorgetownVreed-en-Hoop crossing. Kaieteur News was told that the cook got trapped in the boat because he went back for a haversack. The captain had said that everyone was up at the time of the incident and that the cook was in the kitchen. The man said that the crew quickly got life jackets and abandoned ship. The cook, however, said

The Coast Guard take up positions at the site of the capsized vessel that he was heading back for the bag. Eyewitnesses said that the incident occurred a short time after 17:00 hours. A man who operates a passenger vessel at the Georgetown stelling said that he was heading over to the Vreed-en-Hoop stelling

with passengers when he saw the boat capsize. The man said he noticed that an excavator was aboard the vessel. He said that it appeared as if the boat was turning, but in doing so, the excavator began sliding toward one side of the vessel.

Jagdeo worked at OP during Ramotar’s absence

Government has defended the presence of ex-Head of State Bharrat Jagdeo in the Office of the President. Government has defended the presence of former Head of State, Bharrat Jagdeo, in the Office of the President (OP) saying that he was there to specifically help compile a special report on the recent budget cuts. Responding to questions, Thursday, during his weekly post-Cabinet press briefings, Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon, asked for evidence that Jagdeo may have been involved in other engagements. Jagdeo was at work in the OP during the absence of President Donald Ramotar who was recently on state business in New York and Barbados. According to Dr.

Luncheon, following the $21B reduction of the $191B National Budget by the opposition in the National Assembly, there was a need for Government departments to adjust their expenditures. The exercise was being coordinated by OP and the Ministry of Finance. Luncheon disclosed that Jagdeo was involved in the process and during the period met with the Minister of Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh and other officials and department heads along with Cabinet members. The report being prepared is for President Ramotar and the process to compile it is still ongoing, the spokesman said. He also insisted that that was the “sum total” of

Jagdeo’s involvement at the OP. Asked whether it is true that Jagdeo may have been meeting with stakeholders of the One Laptop Per Family project and private contractors, Dr. Luncheon said that in all likelihood it was in relation to the report. He denied that since handing over the Presidency to Ramotar that Jagdeo was involved in the running of the OLPF. Dr. Luncheon also admitted that officials, including former Members of Parliament and others engaged by the government for work would be paid. President Ramotar had said that he would be calling on the experience of Jagdeo.

For a while, he said the boat was leaning to starboard and then without warning it capsized. He said numerous passenger vessels raced to the scene to render their assistance. From where he was positioned, the eyewitness said he saw persons waving their hands in the air, signaling for assistance. He said the men were wearing life jackets. Soon after the incident, persons said small items and other contents from the ship were seen floating down stream. Scores of persons flocked the wharf behind the market to get a glimpse of the overturned vessel. The market constabulary officers had their work cut out for them as they fought feverishly to remove, and to keep persons off the wharf. For one thing, they argued that in light of the recent break-in and the occurrences of robberies in the market they were obligated to regulate the number of on-lookers. They also said that another mishap could have occurred when the overcrowded wharf started to

sag under the mass of persons that herded the area. Members of the Coast Guard responded to the disaster and created a perimeter around the ship before other rescuers moved in. The rescue team then mounted the toppled boat and proceeded to sound the vessel. The men hammered on the bottom of the boat and that facilitated a response from anyone trapped inside the boat. Darkness fell and the (continued on page 7)

Justin Bino

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Kaieteur News

Saturday June 09, 2012

Letters... Where your views make the news

Printed and Published by National Media & Publishing Company Ltd. 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown, Georgetown, Guyana. Publisher: GLENN LALL Editor: Adam Harris Tel: 225-8465, 225-8491. Fax: 225-8473, 226-8210


Inconsiderate actions can hurt The inconsiderate actions of some can always lead to problems for others and invariably the others are innocent people simply wanting to go about their business. The most recent incident of gross inconsideration led to severe flooding that has left millions of dollars in losses in its wake. People are paid to do a job but in Guyana there are people who are paid to work but who just go through the motion. Just a week ago Education Minister Priya Manickchand made the point to teachers. She was at pains to compare the current crop of teachers to those of yesteryear who she said worked for the love of the job. And indeed those teachers of yesteryear took pride in producing quality students. It was the same with joiners, carpenters and cobblers. Seamstresses should also be included in this group. They all took pride in their handiwork and often went out of their way to ensure that the finished product was something to behold. Today, the actions or attitudes of these people are different. They could not care less. Even if there is job loss they know that they will find another somewhere. And so we come to the people who are employed to keep the tides from the land. At the lowest level these are the koker attendants who would close the kokers when the tide was high and so protect water from encroaching on the land. When the tide recedes they would open these kokers and allow unwanted water to drain from the land. Given that the coastal belt is below sea level it is necessary for the attendants to take pride in their jobs. Their inattention could affect the livelihood of thousands. Two koker attendants attached to the Mayor and City Council were inattentive. When they returned to full consciousness hundreds of people were severely affected by saline flood waters. People lost household articles and appliances; offices lost productive hours, equipment and working space. Even people far removed from the area were affected because they had to navigate the flood waters. Many vehicles have been damaged and given the cost of motor spares these two koker attendants must have really hurt the pockets of more people than they can count. This is where Guyana is sadly lacking. In other countries the question of compensation would have arisen. Insurance companies would have begun to file claims. Private home owners would have also sought lawyers to represent their interest. And all these lawsuits would have been directed to City Hall because that is the entity responsible for the kokers in the city. In Guyana the lawyers would first demand payment, something that most people cannot afford. Secondly, the move to sue a city or a state is not something common to Guyana. Should someone opt to sue one must wonder at the reception the lawsuit would attract. The Government Ministries would be able to replace all; that they have lost by simply applying to the Ministry of Finance; the ordinary man must dig deep into his resources, if he has any, to replace what he has lost to the flood. And as fate would have it, there has been no prosecution of the people who allowed the salt water to flow into people’s home. City Hall, under pressure may fire the men. Can the affected people take private action against these men? I suppose they could but these operators have no insurance or anything against which the victims could file a claim. This is the gross disadvantage in Guyana when it comes to recovering assets lost by means facilitated by the state or an agency. Perhaps this is why we are so lackadaisical. This attitude has now permeated every aspect of national life. For example, in the medical field, no one has been able to sue a doctor with the result that they continue to mutilate and to butcher people. And to crown it all, the people never seek to organize to create institutions that would help them right in times when they suffer because of the carelessness of others.

Why not invite readers to estimate how much longer it will take to complete the Amaila Falls Access Road? DEAR EDITOR, In an effort to assist in the accuracy of your reports on the Amaila Falls Access Rd., please find below a description of the seven sections that comprise the entire road. I have compiled these descriptions because in just about all your reports you furnished incorrect geographical information. I suggest you visit either SRKN’gineering or Walter Willis and solicit from either of them a map of the route. Publishing this map would greatly assist readers in understanding the location and vital factors associated with constructing the road. Section 1 - From a point on the Wismar/Rockstone Rd to the Mabura Hill Rd and heading South on the Mabura Hill Rd to Km 43.2.Total distance being 49.3 Km.. Section 2 - From the end of Section 1 at Km 43.2 on the Mabura Hill Rd heading West South West for 18.6 Km to the East bank of the Essequibo River, opposite Toolsie Persaud’s timber grant landing at Butakari.

Section 3 - From Butakari using Toolsie Persaud’s timber grant road heading West South West for a distance of 25 Km to the junction with the Bartica/ Potaro Rd and then South West along the Bartica Potaro Rd for 11 km. to a junction with another Toolsie Persaud grant road 5 Km. North of Kaburi settlement. Total length of section 3 is 36 km. Note: Old timers will remember Kaburi village as 72 mile Bartica Potaro Rd. Section 4 - From the end of Section 3 heading West South West around the Western boundary of Kaburi Village using a Toolsie Persaud grant Rd (The Kaburi Bypass road) a distance of 24 Km to the intersection with the Issano Road, 4 Km West of the Issano Rd/ Bartica Potaro Rd junction. This is on the south side of Kaburi Village and is the approximate Southern boundary of the Kaburi reservation. Section 5 - From the end of section 4 at the Issano Road heading South West for

15 km. At about 8 km it rejoins the Bartica Potaro Rd and then continues South on the Bartica Potaro Rd for 7 Km to essentially Km 134 on the Bartica Potaro Rd Section 6 - From the end of Section 5 heading West for a distance of 22.5 km to the North bank of the Kurubrong River. Section 7- From the South bank of the Kurubrong river opposite the end of section 6 heading South West for 49.5 km to the right bank of the Kuribrong River across from the powerhouse location at the base of the Amaila Falls. In addition to the seven sections, a ferry crossing must be established from the end of section 2 to Butakari on the opposite side of the Essequibo River, and a bridge constructed across the Kurubrong River linking section 6 to section 7. Also, it would be of interest to readers if you were to identify the responsible contractor for each section. As far as I am aware, a decision was made not to award a contract to upgrade Section 1. Section 2 will be built

using resources from the Works Service Group of the Ministry of Public Works and Communications. Section 3 is being constructed by a Toolsie Persaud company and I believe the same company is responsible for Section 4. Section 5 is being handled by Ivor Allen and I am not sure who has been assigned to Section 6. In fact. I am not even sure that a contract has been awarded for construction of this Section. As recently announced, Section 7 has been given to Pasha. In closing, you should invite your readers to estimate how much longer it will take to complete the road and complete should include the ferry crossing on the Essequibo and the bridge across the Kurubrong. We can then sit back and see how these dates relate to the contractual completion dates, assuming these dates have been made public. This would be informative, keeping in mind that the past contractual completion dates have proven to be unrealistic. Edward Gonsalves

We all have a role to play and we need not criticize DEAR EDITOR, As a resident of Lodge, I would like to respond to Mr. Balwant Persaud, whose letter was published in the Kaieteur News on June 7, 2012 to comment on the diplomatic community seeking publicity rather than to make a difference in communities in Georgetown.

He goes through the same rhetoric that many of the politicians in Guyana use to discredit the work of anyone, citizen or not, who tries to make a difference “give us the money and we will do it” but nothing ever gets done. I personally do not support the position of Mr. Persaud, the Guyanese

There needs to be a clampdown on extra lessons DEAR EDITOR, If the new Education Minister needs better grades in schools, she needs to think fast and place some restrictions on teachers in schools who are giving extra lessons at their homes or wherever. There are many teachers who are teaching their best only at the extra lessons. In schools, they are the most lackadaisical teachers. In addition, it’s a message sent to those students who do not go to their lessons. Let it be known that these teachers are also very vindictive to students who don’t go to their lessons, and go to the extreme to fail them at exams. Here is a simple reason why our teachers should not have paid lessons… it conflicts with the job. When this happens, our students are threatened and bullied. Many letters have been written on this

matter, but nothing has been done. I hope this new minister is going do something about it. Shouldn’t these extra lessons teachers pay taxes? Think about it...a teacher gives extra lessons in the afternoon to 40 students at the cost of $1500 a month. That is $60,000… and only for one grade in a school. Another day that teacher will have another grade and another. No taxes are requested from these people! Please Madam Minister, you have to do something and do something very fast. In a popular school in New Amsterdam, teachers are going around in the third forms advertising their lessons, fighting for students and days to accommodate them. What will happen to the students who cannot afford to go to these lessons? Rafael Khan

community is growing short of role models, and so what if those role models in Guyana happen to be diplomats and people from the community. I also believe that it is the responsibility of every citizen to meaningfully contribute to the care of his/her environment, however we can clearly see that the task of caring for the City is undermined by the thinking of people like Mr. Persaud, who simply want to sit and criticize everything someone else tries to do but show no evidence of what they themselves have done to improve this country. Does Mr. Persaud not recognize good news for Guyana when he sees it anymore? My hope is that this clean-

up initiative and any others that may follow would awaken the sense of responsibility in our young people and others who crave for a cleaner environment. Instead of attacking people who are trying to make a difference, Mr. Persaud should find a place where he can volunteer with other caring citizens and use his scholastic talent to enrich the lives of Guyanese. He can write so that the growing trend of violence against women increases and diplomats try to do something with the community to reduce it, or maybe he thinks that this is a job for the Government too. We all have a role to play and we need not criticize when an approach does not meet our political expectation. Dmitri Nicholson

It’s never too old to learn DEAR EDITOR, There is a story carried on Fox News (June 6, 2012) that really caught my attention. It had to do with a 97-year-old woman who received an honorary high school diploma, something she had longed for all her life but was unable to achieve because of domestic circumstance. According to the story, the woman, Anna Lupica, grew up during the days of the Great Depression in the USA, when work was more important than getting an education. She put work and family before herself;

something that countless people have done but unlike that woman never got a chance to graduate from school. I thought of sharing this story with readers if only to make the point that it is never too old to learn, especially in this age of information and communication technology, where knowledge can be obtained at the click of a button. We are entering the era of virtual learning, where knowledge and skills could be obtained within the confines of one’s home. Hydar Ally

Saturday June 09, 2012

Kaieteur News

Letters... Where your views make the news

The CCJ will not come on stream as quickly as anticipated DEAR EDITOR, It seems as if it will take a longer time for Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago to accept the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) as the final court. I was optimistic after receiving word that these two large Caribbean Community countries would have officially announced their intention of joining in August on their 50th anniversary of independence, but my hopes have been shattered recently. Jamaica’s Opposition leader, Andrew Holness, who is also the leader of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), in his Budget presentation on May 31, said he will not support the efforts to develop the CCJ unless poverty can be alleviated. He also indicated that he will not be in favour of the move to remove the Queen as Head of the country. This is indeed a very unfortunate statement, coming at a time when the country is celebrating its golden anniversary of independence. The Constitution requires two-thirds majority to get rid of the British Privy Council as the final appellate court, and

therefore the governing People’s National Party (PNP) under the leadership of Portia Simpson would be unable to do so. It seems as if the JLP has always been wavering on the issue, and it would be remembered that under the JLP administration, Jamaica pulled out of the federation. Holness should reconsider his stand, since Jamaica is financially contributing the most and is getting absolutely no benefit from the Court as far as appeals. I should point out that the CCJ has two jurisdictions; the original which deals with Treaties and interpretation of Statutes and the other which deals with Appeals, which requires Constitutional amendments before it can be adopted. Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Kamla PersadBissessar recently announced that she was in favour of the twin-island republic removing the Privy Council as the final appellate court, only as far as criminal appeals. This I find is not the best way to go and she should abolish all appeals to the

London-based Court. Her statement did not find favour with Opposition leader, Keith Rowley, who said that he would not support the halfway measure. I am surprised at Persad-Bissessar since her mentor, Basdeo Panday, was very enthusiastic about the Court, hence the reason why it is headquartered in Port of Spain. The CCJ was inaugurated seven years ago, and so far only three countries - Guyana, Barbados and Belize - have severed ties with the Privy Council. Most of the Eastern Caribbean States are interested in joining the CCJ, but they require constitutional amendments and they are somewhat reluctant to make the move. St. Vincent and the Grenadines had a referendum to amend their Constitution, which was defeated, but my view is that it was not successful because the measure was not only on the Privy Council, but it was laced with other issues such as removing the Queen as the Head of the country. Oscar Ramjeet

Holding the nation to ransom DEAR EDITOR, There is a popular saying: When elephants wage war, all else get trampled underfoot. How apt is that to Guyana! The two Parliamentary opposition parties are at the throat of the ruling Party and all Guyana is in limbo. Business is grinding to a halt because Government is not spending. When will this end? For how long can employers delay the retrenchment of workers? For how long will the trampling underfoot continue? If the opposition feels

that the Government is on the back foot, then use your Parliamentary majority to call for snap elections. The PPP will not call for snap elections because it will perform worse than the 2011 polls. The PPP has not learnt. Its field machinery has been dormant, and passing wrong information to the party hierarchy! The head honchos in the party have isolated the people and the 49 per cent at the last polls was their reward. The party is still in disarray and cannot attract people who think outside of

the box. It will therefore lose by a wide margin. NICIL, Marriott, QAII, etc, can all be challenged in Court. Let Government govern and be monitored by Parliament. Intertwining the two domains of the Court and Parliament does little to move the country forward. I therefore appeal to all parties to let good sense prevail before we implode. So, APNU/AFC, let’s go back to the polls! Stop holding the Nation to ransom! W. Skeete

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NICIL VS Guyana Stores Limited...

Brassington grilled over audit reports The High Court action between the National Industrial and Commercial Investment Limited and Royal Investment Inc. which owns and operates Guyana Stores, was again called up before Justice Roxanne GeorgeWiltshire, yesterday. Royal Investment Inc. is headed by proprietor Tony Yassin. NICIL is being represented by Rafiq Turhan Khan, while Yassin is being represented by Senior Counsel Rex Mc Kay and Edward Luckhoo. Royal Investment Inc. has been sued by the Privatisation Unit/ NICIL for failing to pay the balance of US$2 million for the 70 million shares in Guyana Stores which the company acquired for US$6million. At yesterday’s hearing, Head of the Privatization Unit, Winston Brassington, was cross-examined by Senior Counsel McKay about several annual audited reports of Guyana Stores Limited. Brassington was first asked if he had ever seen Guyana Stores’ 2000 audited report. The witness said that he had never seen it. There was no objection for the document to be tendered into evidence. Brassington was questioned about the authorization of the payment of dividends. According to the witness he was aware that the payment was authorized by the shareholders. The witness was then asked if it was paid out of profits of the company, to which he answered in the affirmative. Senior Counsel McKay then proceeded to question the witness about the audited report of 1999 and the minutes

of a board meeting. Brassington was then asked whether he had sought approval from the board for a loan of $300M from Republic Bank. According to Brassington that loan was to pay dividends. The lawyer cautioned the witness to answer directly instead of giving a lengthy explanation. Brassington was then reminded that he had said that he had paid the dividends from profits, but is now claiming that it was paid from the loan. The witness was then asked if he was knowledgeable about the Companies Act section 50. Brassington replied in the negative. He was then asked if he was aware that he was in violation of the Company’s Act, to which he said that was not his understanding. The witness admitted that by October 1999, a buyer for Guyana Stores Limited was identified. Senior Counsel McKay suggested to the witness that he was stripping the company of its assets before the sale since several items were being sold prior to Yassin taking control. It was noted that during one of the board meetings, that the loans which were taken would have to be repaid by whoever gained ownership of the company. A letter which was written to Brassington by the Finance Manager at Guyana Stores sought to have several issues clarified. However Brassington told the court that he did not remember the letter, but would not deny that it was sent to him. He was then asked about the steps he took to meet the requests the finance manager had raised. The witness told the

court that he did not recall. Senior Counsel McKay, then put the question to Brassington that he was making steps to reduce the assets of the company before handing it over. He denied that assertion by the lawyer. He was then asked if it would be true to say that the decisions Brassington made, caused Guyana Stores to suffer loss of profits. The witness sought to give a long explanation, but was cautioned by the lawyer that he needed to be direct. “Don’t be shy…answer the question,” McKay told Brassington. The matter was later adjourned to September where it is expected that Nazham Ali will go into the witness box. In an affidavit signed by Mr. Tony Yassin, he admitted that on October 4, 2000, he entered into an agreement with National Industrial and Commercial Investment Limited (Privatisation Unit) to purchase the shares in Guyana Stores Limited which was owned by the Government of Guyana. Furthermore it was stated that before entering into the agreement with National Industrial and Commercial Investment Limited, Yassin was given various information memoranda on June 5, 1996 and packages in March 1999 in respect of the matters and facts which were peculiarly within the knowledge of the National Industrial and Commercial Investment Limited, Government and Privatisation Unit. To these, the defendant stated, he had no access method of verifying through its own investigation and inquiry.

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Kaieteur News

Saturday June 09, 2012

Fraud probe launched Private Sector Commission looks to at NCN, senior mend broken Badal/Govt. relationship Chairman of the Private official sent home Sector Commission (PSC)

Sent home: Martin Goolsarran

CEO, Mohamed Sattaur

The Board of Directors of the National Communications Network (NCN) has launched an investigation over payments by advertisers but never seem to have made their way to the accounts of that state-owned company. Yesterday, the network's Production Manager, Martin Goolsarran, received a letter from the Board of Directors ordering him to proceed on leave to facilitate investigations. His job would be performed by Michael Gordon, who is now Programme Coordinator. Officials also said that a number of other staffers including Chief Executive Officer, Mohamed Sattaur, are being probed. Heading the probe is Board Chairman Dr. Prem Misir. The Board, following reports in the wake of the Budget cuts, wants explanations. Some of the payments claimed have no supporting documents. One issue has to do with a $3M cheque paid by the

Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) for programmes. There is no evidence that this cheque went into the NCN accounts. Another part of the investigation has to do with a female who is employed in the advertising department. The investigators say that this woman has been running her own operations from within NCN. Over the past weeks, following revelations in the National Assembly that NCN raked in over $500M in revenues in 2011 yet wanted over $80M in subsidy from government, there have been questions raised about the operations of the entity. The board has reportedly asked for Sattaur to produce financial documents. There have been reports of serious wrongdoings at NCN which controls the country's only authorized radio station and has the widest TV coverage in the three counties.

Ramesh Dookhoo, says that he is urgently trying to make arrangements for a private engagement with substantive owner of the Guyana Pegasus, Robert Badal and the Minister with responsibility for Tourism, Irfaan Ali. The Minister is currently in New York attending the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) Caribbean Week event in New York. Badal has complained that he is being sidelined despite being a key player in Guyana’s tourism industry. According to Dookhoo he will be looking to have the meeting held privately and seek to mend what appears to be a breach of good faith in the parties involved. This publication understands that the breakdown in communication can be traced to the local Tourism Association which was informed and would have in turn made the necessary logistical arrangements for the Guyanese delegation to travel to the US with the Minister for the Conference. Dookhoo said that Badal is not a member of the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana and that the invitation went to the association. Badal and the Pegasus were reportedly never informed and the hotelier has since taken umbrage to the Government’s position and has called it a deliberate move to sideline him and his business. In a strongly worded missive to the media, Badal had charged that the fiasco was but a continuation of the policies of former President Bharrat Jagdeo and called on the current Head of State, Donald Ramotar to intervene.

Chairman of the Private Sector Commission, Ramesh Dookhoo

Minister with responsibility for Tourism, Irfaan Ali

Robert Badal, Owner of the Guyana Pegasus

“I was hopeful that following the 2011 election, the new Donald Ramotar administration would ensure a better investment climate for the hospitality industry, removal of discrimination and a level playing field for all. “So far it would seem that Jagdeo’s policy of business frustration, discrimination and abuse of office and taxpayers resources is going to continue,” Badal said in a statement to the media. Badal said that the Pegasus Hotel was excluded from a delegation to this

week’s Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) Caribbean Week event in New York. He added that the hotel was not invited to the Sustainable Development Conference held at the Princess Hotel from April 15 to April 18, 2012. The businessman said that despite the fact that Pegasus is the local market leader in the hotel industry, the hotel has received no communication from Minister Ali since his appointment to the Tourism Ministry.

According to Badal, the Minister must be reminded that he is paid from, and is spending taxpayers’ resources, not his own, and therefore has a duty to all players in the local industry to represent their interest without any discrimination. Efforts to contact the Minister via his mobile number proved futile as the person answering the call had informed this publication that Ali had misplaced his phone and that she was still attempting to ascertain where he could be found.

Stabroek Market fire …

In a letter addressed to Mr. Kheedmat Budhu, Special Assistant to the President, the Guyana Power and Light Company has stated that the company would not be offering any compensation to Chandoutie Das. On Good Friday Das lost in excess of $5M worth of groceries after fire destroyed her Stabroek Market stall. While it has been determined

that the fire was electrical in origin the Power Company has stated that it was not as a result of the transformer as was stated in earlier reports. However according to GPL investigators pictures point to an internal fault in the stall that would have precipitated the fire. According to the letter which was dated May 21 and signed by the Company’s Chief Executive Officer Bharrat Dindyal, “It was reported in the press that Ms. Das complained that the transformer serving her stall was displaying signs of defect and she blamed this for the fire”. Further “In instances where internal faults exist and it is not clear (by the breaker tripping or fuse rupturing) the source of supply, the GPL transformer fuse is impacted…this can present itself in connections sparking or the transformer fuse rupturing.” “Where an intermittent fault eventually becomes a permanent fault (breakdown in insulation eventually resulting in a short circuit) the faulted PVC insulation on the circuit would quickly burst into flames as a massive current would be flowing (thousand amps)…this would ignite any combustible material in the vicinity.” It was also stated in the letter that a GPL crew

responding to a complaint that the transformer connection is sparking would not find anything abnormal if the fault is intermittent. Also as was stated that the Power Company was able to take photographs of the damage to the stall, the power company is of the opinion that the fault was on a supply cord to a freezer. But Das in an invited comment said she never had any freezer in the premises. The woman said that she believes that the Power Company is just trying to avoid compensating her. Das said that since she has been operating the business, she has never had a freezer as she does not sell items that need to be stored in a freezer. Ever since the fire the woman took it upon herself to rebuild her stall and restock. All of the bills, she said, have since been submitted to the Power Company. The woman said she received the letter yesterday when she visited the Office of the President to follow up on a complaint she had lodged there. She also showed this publication another letter dated May 31, which sought to inform Das that the ‘Claims for damage by fire’ process has been put on hold while the company awaits a report from the fire department.

Saturday June 09, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Teenage girls were Jagdeo’s witness suffers from amnesia not sexually involved FREDDIE LIBEL SUIT...

Executed businessman Errol Butcher’s son, Jason Abdulla, yesterday continued to be cross examined by Attorney at Law Nigel Hughes. However Abdulla complained that he could not remember much since he was involved in an accident and was having difficulty with his “memory”. Former President Bharrat Jagdeo has filed the motion against Kissoon, Kaieteur News’s Editor Adam Harris and the newspaper’s Publisher, Glenn Lall, seeking $10 million in damages. The former President in his statement of claim said that the article ‘King Kong sent his goons to disrupt the Conference’ libeled him. The matter is being heard before Justice Brassington Reynolds. The witness was questioned about several articles published by Freddie

Kissoon. Hughes asked Abdulla if he ever read the book King Kong. The witness replied in the negative but said that he saw movies about the subject. Hughes then requested the witness to identify three attributes of “King Kong”. Abdulla said that his recollection of the movies is not there, because it was such a long time ago. He was the asked if it would be correct to say that he could not remember the attributes at this moment. The witness was then asked whether from his recollection if “King Kong” a hero or villain. It was at this point that the witness said that since his last appearance in court, he was involved in an accident and was having problems with his memory. “I remember sometimes and other times I can’t remember” Abdulla told the court. According to the witness he fell on the stairs in

his house. The lawyer continued to question the witness about Kissoon’s articles which mention the word “King Kong, Dictator”. In a majority of the articles the witness could not properly determine the meanings of several words used. There was an objection by the Plaintiff’s lawyer, Sase Gunraj, who said that the witness was being asked questions he had answered before. However Justice Reynolds overruled the objection and stated that the witness was being tested. The witness was asked whether he understood the articles written by Kissoon about the Irfaan Ali controversy and the Nigel Hughes incident. According to the witness he wasn’t sure about the Housing Minister’s matter but that the Nigel Hughes incident had something to do

with statements made by the former president. At this point Hughes attempted to show the witness an article which was published in Kaieteur News regarding the same incident. However Gunraj objected. According to Gunraj the court needed to see the original source of the document. Hughes said that there was no problem with getting the original document. The matter was adjourned for July 5. Abdulla on the last occasion denied allegations that he was part of a group behind the “liveinguyana.blogspot”. Abdulla claimed to be employed by the Government of Guyana and would normally report to Neaz Subban, Kwame McKoy, Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee and Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon.

Cook trapped in vessel, feared dead From page 3 rescuers were still at work. Minister of Public Works and Transport, Robeson Benn, said that the vessel left Muneshwer’s Wharf around 16:00hours. He said that the boat was carrying timber, rice, coal, and coconuts. The Minister also said that the Water authorities, Coast Guard and Marine Police were quick to respond to the mishap. He said the Coast Guard officials were hammering the hull of the boat and they received two returning sounds, mobile torches and welders were later brought in. The minister however said that there was no response when the sounding continued. He further said that from where the sounds were emanating it

is believed that there may have been fuel tanks and other explosive materials and thus an attempt to weld the area would not have been met with a positive result. Minister Benn however said that today the ship will be pulled in shallow waters and the work will continue on how they could salvage the boat and make the recovery. The captain of the vessel, St. Vincent national, Justin Bino, said that he realized as soon as he departed the wharf that the ship started to lean and was taking in water. He said that he decided that he was no longer going out to sea and was lining up to go back to the wharf to adjust the cargo. That is when he said the boat started to take in water

from the starboard side. “She started to take in water from the side and she kept going and never turned back.” Bino said that apart from himself and the missing cook, Ronald Saroop; first mate, Deodat; Chief E n g i n e e r, Vi c t o r Christopher; second engineer, Anthony Bowen; and Sahadeo Baldeo were on board. Both the captain and Minister Benn ruled out overload as the cause of the accident. The captain said that the boat manages 750

tons but was at the time bearing 550 tons. One trader, Carlos De Freitas who had 73,000 coconuts aboard the vessel said he may have lost in excess of $4M. A source close to the safety authorities however argued that the incident was as a result of negligence on the part of wharf authorities. He confirmed that an excavator was aboard the ship, but explained that the vessel was at the time being loaded, and this was not done properly.

Parents and guardians of the three young men who were found in the company of three school girls in a Canal Polder house are claiming that the story was somewhat farfetched. Two Wednesdays ago, this newspaper reported that four school girls were found in a compromising position with two men during school hours. Further, the article stated that the girls were subsequently taken to the West Demerara Regional Hospital for medical examinations. Meanwhile, the men were taken to the La Grange Police Station, WBD for questioning. However, parents of the involved young men yesterday refuted that that is the exact way the incident occurred. The mothers yesterday said that the girls weren’t caught having sexual intercourse even though they were indeed in the house with the young men. They further clarified that instead of the previously reported two girls and four men, it was really three girls, two young men and a teenage boy. The women claimed that the girls were at the home to visit the teenage boy who is their classmate. She said that the school the teens attend

- mothers was not in session for that day. This was confirmed by a teacher of the school. “That is the reason the girls were there, because they only knew when they showed up at school. Even my boy went to school and come back home,” said one of the mothers. The woman said that the other two young men were there because it is routine for them to go home at lunch time. “They are working men and they does usually come home for lunch. Now people pointing them out as molesters’,” said the woman. She further stated that the girls’ medical examination proved that they hadn’t any sexual intercourse that day. The young men were released from the station the following Thursday morning without being charged. The woman said that she feels strongly that the incorrect story was intentionally given to the press because of some grievances held by neighbours. “We suffered a lot for this, wicked stunt and just want the public to know the truth”, said the woman.

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US Judge sentences ‘Dudus’ Coke to 23 years in jail NEW YORK - CMC - A United States judge in Manhattan yesterday sentenced convicted drug lord Christopher M. Coke – a powerful ‘don’ who once ruled in Jamaica’s capital with “virtual immunity” to law enforcers – to 23 years in federal prison. Judge Robert P. Patterson Jr. imposed the maximum sentence under terms of Coke’s plea arrangement with the US government. The minimum term recommended under the advisory federal sentencing guidelines was 14 months less. The sentencing ends a two-year extradition saga that led to the deaths of scores of

Christopher M. Coke Jamaicans and contributed to a government’s downfall, only to be followed by Coke waiving his right to an extradition hearing and

agreeing to face a US judge. In August, Coke, 43, who was extradited from his native Jamaica in 2010, had pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy charges. He admitted that he led a narcotics trafficking organisation that distributed crack cocaine and other drugs in Jamaica and in New York. “Coke assumed the role of judge, jury and at times, executioner,” the United States attorney’s office in Manhattan told Judge Patterson before sentencing, adding that Coke was so powerful that he enjoyed “virtual immunity from the reach of law enforcement”. Coke went by various monikers in Tivoli Gardens, including “the President”. In an attempt to capture Coke, over 70 people were killed in a gun fight with police and soldiers in the volatile inner-city community of Tivoli Gardens in West Kingston. Then-prime minister Bruce Golding and his Jamaica Labour Party’s involvement in legal efforts to thwart Coke’s extradition weakened his administration, leading to him announcing his resignation last September. The JLP was voted out of office in the November 29 general elections.

Saturday June 09, 2012

We’re not leaving CARICOM, says Portia PRIME MINISTER Portia Simpson Miller says her administration has no intention of severing ties with the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). Addressing journalists during a post-Budget Debate press conference at Jamaica House Thursday, Simpson Miller said her Government had no plans to leave the regional bloc. Former Minister of Industry and Commerce Karl

Samuda recently lamented that Jamaica was not benefiting from its membership in CARICOM and suggested that the country leave the bloc of Caribbean member states. In his contribution to the Budget Debate, Samuda charged that Jamaica should advise its CARICOM partner, Trinidad and Tobago, that the island was not its breadbasket. However, Simpson Miller argued that to

walk away from CARICOM would be tantamount to disrespecting the vision of Norman Washington Manley and the late Trinidad and Tobago prime minister, Eric Williams, who were instrumental in the formation of the regional group. “I am not looking at leaving CARICOM. What I am looking at is how Jamaica can assist to reposition CARICOM and to strengthen the regional body because that is critical and important for us to keep the region strong.” Simpson Miller said her Government would be pushing for the strengthening of the regional bloc. (Jamaica Gleaner)

Venezuela court decisions shake up two small parties CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Venezuela’s Supreme Court has issued decisions shaking up the leadership of two small political parties, potentially preventing them from backing opposition presidential candidate Henrique Capriles. The court’s decisions, which call for immediate changes to the leadership of the parties Podemos and PPT, drew a sharp rebuke yesterday from one prominent party leader as well as criticism by the opposition. Ismael Garcia, who was pushed aside as leader of Podemos, blamed President Hugo Chavez for the court’s actions. “The government isn’t going to expropriate us,” Garcia said in a televised speech as supporters cheered, saying party members still back Capriles regardless of the court’s ruling.

Capriles condemned the legal decisions, saying that Chavez’s government is resorting to desperate tactics to keep the two parties from supporting his candidacy. Both used to be pro-Chavez but have moved to the opposition. Chavez’s critics have repeatedly accused the president of wielding undue influence over the judiciary and using it to go after his adversaries. Chavez has denied those accusations. In the case of Podemos, Capriles said, “in the end the decision is to prohibit them from nominating Capriles as candidate for president. That was the only objective of that decision.” Capriles had said Thursday on Twitter that most members of the two parties will remain with him regardless of the decisions.

LATVIAN SAILOR FACES LIFE IN PRISON FOR DRUGS YACHT ODYSSEY HAMILTON, Bermuda CMC - A bearded Latvian man, sailing home from Trinidad with US$48 million worth of cocaine and a gun aboard his yacht and forced to call at Bermuda to repair his damaged vessel, now faces the prospect of a lifetime in prison for his stopover. Janis Zegelis, 29, to be sentenced on Tuesday after a jury returned from four hours of deliberation on

Thursday with unanimous guilty verdicts in his nineday trial on drugs trafficking and weapons possession charges. He faces a life sentence. Zegelis showed no emotion as the verdicts were delivered. Asked how he was feeling as he was led to a prison van, the father of three replied: “How would you feel in my place?”

Zegelis was sailing from Trinidad and Tobago to Latvia in northern Europe, when damage to his 38-foot yacht Arturs forced him to stop in Bermuda for repairs. Prosecutors said he was smuggling the drugs to raise two million dollars for his family, who were struggling financially in the impoverished Baltic republic. But Zegelis claimed he was the victim of a plot by a

Russian mobster who hired him to deliver the boat. He said the man hid the drugs and gun on the boat and he did not discover them until three days into his voyage. He further claimed that he was too scared to dump the drugs or tell the authorities what happened because the Russian — whom he refused to name — threatened to kill him and his family.

Saturday June 09, 2012

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THE AIRPORT CONTRACT FIASCO The government can listen but should not be unduly influenced by what the former President of Guyana, Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo, has to advise about what needs to be done in relation to the controversial airport contract. The government should instead demand a detailed explanation as to how the company that was chosen to undertake the works was selected. It has already been mentioned that once a loan is granted by a Chinese bank or government, then the work has to be undertaken by a Chinese company. Why should this be so? If a private citizen goes into a commercial bank to take a loan to build a house, does that bank have the right to dictate which contractor or from where the contractor should be drawn? This would mean that the bank could force a potential homeowner to pay three times the cost of the

house because there is no competitive bidding. The fact that there may be international stipulations to a loan, amongst which could be requirements that the contractor should be from the country from where the loan originates, should not deny a selective but competitive bidding process. After all, there are many major construction companies in China and therefore even if a Chinese company had to be selected, there is no reason why there could not have been a selective but competitive bidding process between prequalified Chinese companies. Under prequalification, more than one firm is identified before and to bid for certain projects. There still has to be bidding. The contract is not simply given to any company. The previous administration which inked that controversial contract to extend the runway at the

Govt. approves commercial licensing for helicopters The Guyana Government has approved a decision to commence the commercial operations of helicopters in the local aviation industry. Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr. Roger Luncheon made the announcement on Thursday. He said that the decision was arrived at during the Cabinet meeting on Tuesday last. According to Dr.

Luncheon similar licences were temporarily granted in the past, “with a requirement for security clearance of the operator or the licencee.” He explained that the Cabinet decision in relation to the commercial licensing of helicopters locally would impose additional mandatory technical requirements for the potential licencees.

Dem boys seh...

Some thiefing get expose at Hen See Hen The thiefing get suh rampant that everybody thiefing. Fuh a long time dem boys know that wid all de noise dem people at Hen See Hen was mekking dem bread was well buttered. Dem didn’t have to depend pun a salary because dem was thiefing all de time. De salary was money to sport. Is a good thing de opposition cut de budget because de thiefing people at Hen See Hen woulda never get ketch. When dem boys ask bout how much money de company does mek and why it got to get a subvention, de answer shock even de people who been asking fuh money to give Hen See Hen. Uncle Donald decide to order a probe. Dem boys seh that he demand a proper probe suh he call Prem. Dem boys seh that Prem don’t like Fuzzy suh he smile and tek on de task. But he smart. A trapper does got to hang out bait and dem hang out Martin. He get send home. Since Fuzzy is de big thing Prem giving he long rope. He already hear how somebody call de girl from de accounts department fuh see if she can help dem out. But as everybody know, when dog accustom to suck egg it can’t stop. Prem expect that even as he investigating somebody thiefing But dem boys remember that Fuzzy use to wuk at a bank and he had to lef because of some problem. Janet did like he and is suh she send he to Hen See Hen. And he had de nerve to protest de budget cut and how people getting send to de breadline. Is only Martin get send to de breadline fuh now and that is because he see and he tek. He tell a friend that he learn from some good ones. Talk half and thief de other half.

Timehri airport needs therefore to explain just how it came about awarding a US$150M contract to a firm which is now the center of controversy over its track record in other countries. The government ought to now be concerned about the reputation of the firm that has been awarded the contract. Reputation is vitally important when national government contract foreign firms and individuals to undertake work for them. A few years ago, the Guyana Government was in discussion with the former head of the New York Police Department for him to provide advisory services. The gentleman even came to Guyana. Given his experience he must have offered good advice. But no sooner did he become embroiled in his own legal problems at home, was he dropped like a sack of hot potatoes even though his problem had no direct link with the advice he was offering Guyana. So why did the then government not sustain the

advisory services? The reason is because the integrity of the individual was being called into question and this is something that countries are mindful of. You are not going to find too many governments who will want to do business with persons who are either convicted or facing court trials or embroiled in fraud investigations. This is the same standard that is applied to local firms also. In Guyana, if a firm is found to be in default of its NIS contributions for its employees or has major tax liability it is automatically debarred from consideration for major contracts. The Donald Ramotar administration does not have to decide whether it will do business with a firm whose reputation is under the microscope and whose parent companies were debarred by international organizations. The Donald Ramotar administration cannot do business with such firms. It is as simple as that! There are those who would want the Donald Ramotar administration to limit

Gunmen rob McDoom worshipper A member of the Mc Doom, East Bank Demerara (EBD)’s Assemblies of God Church, was relieved of his cash and jewelry last Thursday around 22:15hrs by three men. The attack occurred in front of the church. Gairy Duke, 35, of Lot 120 New Road, Vreed-en-Hoop, said that he had just finished locking the doors of the church and was approaching his car when the three gunmen confronted him. He claimed that one of the men held a gun to his head and demanded money and jewelry. “They took my ring, chain, and wallet which had about $40,000 and some foreign currency.” Duke said that after the men relieved him of his cash and jewelry they “leave and I jump in the car, with my wife and daughter and was about to drive away when the bandits them turn back and was knocking on my windscreen.” The man said that after the bandits were continuously

hitting on his wind-screen, “my wife just roll down the window and they ask me ‘where is the band’ and I told them that I don’t have a band but a watch and they say they don’t want that and left.” The 35-year-old man explained that persons from the neighbourhood had told him that a few months ago, some young boys were at a ‘corner’ discussing his jewelry. “They were telling me that the guys were talking who will take the band, the ring and the chain.” The incident was reported but up to press time yesterday no one was arrested.

itself only to examining whether the contract was lawfully awarded or whether there is value for money involved. But the issue goes beyond that. The government cannot undertake business with firms if it is not convinced that the firm’s reputation is beyond reproach. It would be politically disastrous for this to happen. The Donald Ramotar administration has to therefore request, from those involved in the signing of this airport contract, an explanation as to how the firm chosen to undertake the work was selected. They have to decide whether this was through a transparent

process. More importantly, they have to question those involved about the due diligence that was conducted and how come the red flags that are now being picked up by the media were not detected. And from what is being detected and reported by the media, it would seem as if the previous government did not do its homework or were for some reason very eager to sign on the dotted line.

REDjet files for bankruptcy Airone Ventures Limited, the company doing business as REDjet, has announced the suspension of all operations in Barbados. “REDjet profoundly regrets this decision and its impact on its suppliers, staff and passengers,” chairman Robbie Burns said in a statement. He said the company believed that if it had secured the full aero-political support of the Government and authorities in Barbados and had it gained access to all markets as a designated national carrier this turn of events could have been avoided. “However regrettably this has not been the experience

of the airline over the past two years,” Burn stated. With no consensus at a political or technical level to deliver on these commitments which are critical to the development of any airline, “there can be no future for REDjet in Barbados.” Therefore, Burns said that despite the best efforts of the airline and its committed staff, the airline has been forced to make the regrettable decision to suspend all its operations. The company has filed with the Supervisor of Insolvency a “Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal” to the company’s creditors under the Bankruptcy & Insolvency Act.

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Saturday June 09, 2012

Social Services launches probe into baby’s death A post mortem examination conducted on the remains of the six-month-old Sophia baby, who died on Monday, last, revealed that the infant died of pulmonary aspiration; this is commonly referred to….when food or liquid “going down the wrong pipe”. This newspaper previously reported that the baby had nothing to eat except a small amount of tea given to him by his older

brother during the 24 hours his mother was absent from the home. According to a neighbour - who supplied the tea to the older brother - he told her that upon feeding the child with a small amount of tea, he regurgitated it and “he say how he drink de rest”. ”I am deeply saddened to know that we have lost yet another baby in a situation that could have been avoided,” said Director of Child Care Ann Greene, on

- PM reveals cause of death as pulmonary aspiration Wednesday last. Faced with the question of whether a social worker was deployed to work in the community, Greene responded, “Too much is being left for the agency to do. Child Protection is a job for the family, the community and professionals working together for the betterment and care of children all across

Guyana.” She said that there are not enough, and she does not think there will ever be enough social workers to tackle every situation that occurs in homes, so the Ministry will always need the assistance of citizens to effectively do its job. “A neighbour shouldn’t go to bed knowing that the

children next door didn’t get anything to eat,” she added. Greene said that in cases like those, adult neighbours and community members could simply contact the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security’s hotline numbers and make reports of the situation so that the Ministry could be of assistance. She said that the Ministry is now conducting its own investigation into the matter so as to protect the remaining children. When asked what strategies will be implemented to limit the possibility of situations of this nature, Greene said that among other things, the Ministry will seek to raise community awareness and levels of responsibility for each child in the community. The dead infant’s mother, Robin Moore, 30, and her 14year-old son, are still in police custody while the remaining children between the ages of nine and one are staying with

a relative who also lives in Sophia. Police, on Monday evening, detained a Sophia mother of six in relation to the death of her six-month-old baby boy. Ranks that launched an investigation into the matter are of the belief that the infant’s death most likely resulted from starvation and neglect. Moore told investigating ranks that she left her ‘E’ Field Sophia home on Sunday last around 17:45 hours in search of money. She said that she was forced to leave her children behind in the care of their eldest sibling, the 14 year-old. She said that upon her return, 24 hours later, the baby, whose only name was given as “Two-Two”, was motionless. Moore said that as she returned home she immediately went to the baby - who she thought was asleep, and began her failed attempt to breastfeed him. She later realized he was dead.

A gasoline shortage has hit Berbice for the past two weeks. The situation appears to be worsening and taking its toll as many ‘No Gas’ signs are being displayed across the region. Several petrol stations across East and West Berbice have run out of gasoline. Kerosene is also very scarce. A few Shell stations have gas because Tatoil has been shuttling fuel directly from Georgetown, while the Guyana Oil Company has ensured that its Palmyra, Canje, petrol station, its only companyowned station in the region, has the reserve supplies, resulting in long lines at that station for cheap gas. The reason for the shortage is said to be the supply boat that encountered mechanical problems and which is yet to arrive in Berbice. Kaieteur News contacted Guyana Oil Company Heathburn, East Bank Berbice terminal Thursday afternoon and spoke to an official who said that the boat is scheduled to arrive on Sunday. The official described the “setback” as one which is under control by the stateowned fuel company. He noted that the boat would normally come from Georgetown and then to Berbice where the distribution would be done to several petrol stations. He said that even in this situation, the terminal has enough fuel to supply its company- owned station at Palmyra, Canje until Sunday. Speaking of the Palmyra

Station, the only Guyoilowned company station in the region, long lines were evident on Thursday as vehicle operators flocked for the cheapest gas around. Gas was selling for $216.6 per litre, as opposed to $252 per litre at Shell and $240 per litre at Tatoil on the Corentyne. David Subnauth, Manager of Tatoil, at Number 58 Village, Corentyne said that Berbice would have been in a dire fuel crisis if his company had not been shuttling fuel from Georgetown to supply to several stations here during the past two weeks. He said that he is supplying fuel at $240 per litre “since it is being shipped all the way from Georgetown...and if we weren’t in the picture, many of these gas stations that are not [Guyoil] company- owned would have closed down and caused a lot of trouble for motorists. In the whole of East Berbice, only Palmyra is the company- owned station and they [Guyoil] have kept all of the [existing low supplies of gas] for that particular station”. Subnauth added that the cost to cross the Berbice River Bridge has incurred additional fees on him and he has no choice but to pass this on to the consumer. “We brought kero from Georgetown to supply here and Palmyra is getting from Guyoil. The [Berbice River] Bridge cost and weight of the vehicle takes up the cost $6- $7 more per litre”.

Fuel shortage hits Berbice

Saturday June 09, 2012

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Saturday June 09, 2012

Cane juice vendor on the run after killing labourer


p to press time yesterday police o n t h e We s t Coast of Demerara were on the hunt for a man identified as Michael Powley who reportedly stabbed his

neighbour to death during a confrontation. The incident occurred around 07:50 hours yesterday at Plastic City, Vreed-en-Hoop, West Coast Demerara, resulting in the

d e a t h o f 2 6 y e a r- o l d Vishnauth Narine. According to a police report on the matter the two men were involved in a heated argument during which Narine called 'Buddy'

received a single stab wound to the left side of his chest. The injured man was rushed to the West Demerara Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. The dead man's mother, Sheila Narine, said that the incident stemmed from a previous matter that had been ongoing between the two men. She said that her son's killer was accused of stealing a gas bottle from a relative and was invited to the Vreed-en-hoop police station for questioning, some two days ago. “When Michael reach at the station he tell the police how Buddy know about the gas bottle so the police lock up both ah dem.” However the owner of the item indicated on Thursday that she did not want to pursue the matter because relatives of both men had indicated that they will purchase a gas bottle and return to her. Ms. Narine said that on Thursday evening Michael began taunting her son saying “if yo think it done hay I gon kill yo.” The woman further related that

Dead, 26-year-old Vishnauth Narine this remark sparked another argument between the two men. “Then Thursday night Michael run to the station and complain to the police that Buddy cuss he up. The police come looking fuh Buddy but he run away.” As any mother would do Mrs. Narine said early yesterday morning she advised her son to go to the police station again. “Meh say boy nah run. If de police want yo, go see wa dem want. With that he de walking going out me yard fuh go to the station and Michael wife start cuss he up

and even chuck he up in he head and me see she give Michael something in he hand.” According to Narine within seconds she saw Michael walking up to her son then stab him with an ice pick. “Me see meh son fall down pon de ground but he ain't had no blood. All you seeing is a fine hole in he chest like by he heart and we rush he to the hospital. Michael run away.” Amidst tears Narine said that her son was about to go to the police when he met his demise and she did her best to appease the situation since she paid back for the stolen gas bottle. The woman said her son worked as a labourer and kept to himself in the area. The man's body has since been taken to the Ezekiel Funeral home where it is awaiting a post mortem examination. Up to press time yesterday police were still trying to locate Powley.

Saturday June 09, 2012

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Kaieteur News

Saturday June 09, 2012

Escaped prisoner’s body recovered from Mahaicony River The Skeldon Primary School teacher embroiled over a matter whereby she was allegedly assaulted by a parent which resulted in a subsequent miscarriage, feels the matter has now been left on her shoulders to handle and that the Guyana Teachers’ Union “has taken itself out clean” from the matter. Carmalita Hackim, 28, filed assault charges against the parent from Crabwood Creek. The two made their first appearance on Thursday at the Springlands Magistrate’s Court, where Magistrate Krishendat Persaud postponed the hearing to June 14 next. The teacher was unrepresented and was told by the GTU that the union will only pay half of the legal fees. The parent, who has filed counter charges, was represented by Adrian Anamayah. On January 19, last, around 12:45 hrs, Hackim said that she was supervising a class when she “was confronted by the parent, Nikita Ramdehol, and she asked me if there was a problem– that I hit her nephew (name of child given). “I told her I did not, that I only tapped the child on his shoulder for him to tell the other child ‘sorry’ and she turned to me and asked me for a demonstration of how I dealt with her nephew”. The teacher said that she then tapped the woman on her shoulder to show her how she dealt with her nephew and “then she turned and dealt me three

Skeldon Primary teacher Carmalita Hackim blows in the arm, severely…Then she asked how I would feel if she would have hit me like that so I told her I did not hit the child and she had just hit me”. The woman then said that she was going to visit the Department of Education in New Amsterdam. As the teacher was turning to go back to her class, she was once more allegedly dealt another two blows to the back, “and I was near two months’ pregnant– seven weeks, three days pregnant”. The teacher provided the medical certificate to this newspaper showing a miscarriage. The teacher was summoned to tell her story to Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand at the GTU Conference in New Amsterdam a few weeks ago and received full support of

Goldminer succumbs to gunshot wounds The 46-year-old man who was found in his bathroom with two gunshot wounds to his abdomen three Mondays ago succumbed to his injuries at the Intensive Care Unit of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), on Thursday. Kenneth Melville, a goldminer and a licensed firearm holder of Lot 30 Tuschen Housing Scheme, East Bank Essequibo was found in his bathroom bleeding profusely from what appeared to be gunshot wounds. The gun was found next to him. Melville’s sister, Maisey had told Kaieteur News that since her brother was shot, he had not regained consciousness and was not showing any signs of improvement. On May 20, last, Melville was found in his bathroom by one of his sisters. He was rushed t o t h e L e o n o r a

Cottage Hospital and was later transferred to GPHC, where he eventually succumbed. She added that a few days after her brother was shot, one of her sisters received a text message from an unknown person. She explained that the text message was “threatening” and contained information concerning her brother’s shooting. The family is now contemplating whether Melville’s injuries were selfinflicted or someone had shot him. Kaieteur News was told that Melville had no problems with anyone but he was once involved with a woman for about six months. According to relatives, the woman “made his life hell” and had threatened to harm him. There has been no information of the woman’s whereabouts since Melville was shot.

the Minister that the perpetrator “should face the full force of the law”. However, since then, the teacher said that she feels that she has been battling the issue on her own since there has been reduced interest by the GTU. Now the teacher is worried that she cannot afford a lawyer and legal representation to fight her case, especially since the parent has a very prominent lawyer on her side as well as filing counter charges of assault, which the teacher is refuting. “She claiming I hit her on the back twice— she changed around the whole situation!” the teacher argued. The teacher said she has “been cleared” from the standpoint of the Department of Education and Student Welfare Department in New Amsterdam of any claim of hitting the child, since both organisations performed separate investigations and even questioned the children in the class. “When I called [Colin] Bynoe, he told me it’s a personal matter and I will have to put part of the [legal fees] money and GTU will put another part”, she said. “GTU gave me the assurance but like now I am on me own”. She added that she spoke with GTU General Secretary, Coretta MacDonald, who assured her that she will “try to get on to Manickchand” about the matter to find out what else could be done. Hackim suspects that the authorities “want to duck this issue” because on the day she attended the GTU conference to tell her story to Manickchand, she said “they called the head teacher [of her school] downstairs to tell her not to raise the issue in front of Manickchand and they kind of sending pressure on my HM”. The teacher said it is not fair that she has been faithful in paying up her GTU union dues and “I gotta push my hands in my pockets and this is nothing personal— it happened in the school building— and Mr Bynoe had to tell me it is a personal issue and I have to put half of the money”. GTU President Colin Bynoe said that the union stands fully behind Hackim. “I asked her to call [GTU Rep] Desmond Nelson so that I could get a report. As a union, I could then report to the Minister so she can support her and we can know what we have to do. She has not called me up to now”, he said. “I got so many other people I have to deal with; so many issues, and if she did not inform me, how can she blame the union?”

Undertakers remove Sealey’s body from a boat in the Mahaicony River Police yesterday recovered the body of 53-year old Colin Sealey, less than 48 hours after he plunged into the Mahaicony River to escape from custody. Sealey’s body was found on the Mahaicony foreshore, about a mile west of the mouth of the river. It was brought inland around midday. The river mouth is about three kilometres from where Sealey made his fateful plunge last Wednesday. The discovery brought an end to speculation that Sealey, of Zeskenderen, might have somehow made it to shore after eluding the police and was hiding out somewhere waiting for the ‘heat to cool off’. Some were disappointed and relatives were devastated although they had hoped against all odds that he was still alive. A police source said that after there was no sign of Sealey up to early yesterday morning, a team led by a cadet officer rounded up some of his relatives and went out once more in a boat to search for his body. After travelling for almost an hour they spotted an object lying on the foreshore and upon closer examination they were relieved to discovered Sealey’s remains

which had begun to decompose. Wrapping it in a tarpaulin, the team placed the body into their boat and brought it to the Mahaicony wharf where it was taken away by undertakers. On Wednesday, Sealey who was arrested the previous day for indecently exposing himself to a woman, made a dash for freedom while he was being escorted from the Mahaicony Police Station lock-ups to the Cove and John Magistrate’s Court. He plunged into the river, where the strong current carried him several yards down river before he managed to hold on to a rope that was securing a fishing boat. According to eyewitnesses, after a few minutes, he let go of the rope and tried to swim to the eastern bank of the river but turned back when he saw the police waiting there for him. It was while trying to get to the other side that he went down. “Me gat fuh see he body fuh believe he drown. Da man is a swim man,” a resident of Mahaicony had declared hours after Sealey disappeared. Yesterday, a woman who lives close to where Sealey made his final plunge recalled that she saw when he went

Dead: Colin Sealey under the surface. “Me say is dive he dive because me know how he wicked. Is now me believe dat he dead,” she said after the body was brought ashore. Several villagers lined the Mahaicony Bridge, braving a drizzle to get a glimpse of the boat with Sealey’s body in it. Even motorists became curious when they saw the crowd. Relatives of the dead man were inconsolable. One of his cousins, who had lost her son, Godwin Maxwell, in almost identical fashion three years ago broke down and had to be removed from t he scene by other relatives. Sealey’s body is now lying in a city mortuary awaiting a post mortem examination.

One of Sealey’s relatives who lost her son Godwin Maxwell in similar circumstances was inconsolable.

Saturday June 09, 2012

Kaieteur News

Thirty-two complete Junior Officers’ Course

Some of the officers who completed the Junior Officers’ Course No.22 Yesterday 32 ranks of the Joint Services successfully completed the Junior Officers’ Course after enduring some two months of intense training. The officers were each presented with their certificates during a simple ceremony which was held at the Police Officers’ Mess, Eve Leary. On the occasion Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee, commended the ranks for their endurance, participation and dedication. He further lauded the efforts of the force’s administration which he said has clearly recognized the importance of strengthening the middle management of the force and at the same time strengthens the capacity.

“The force has recognized the importance of training at all levels as such; you the members are no exception. I am sure that the training that you have received will enhance your performance and will equip you with the needed knowledge to take up leadership roles within the force and allow you to cope with challenges that will confront you from day to day,” the Minister noted. He added that the force training officer was tasked with ensuring that officers were trained in various subject areas and from all reports, the training officer did not fail. “You all have benefitted from facilitators from the University of Guyana; from some of your superiors, politicians and persons from

other areas all of whom made significant contributions.” The Minister added that it is his hope that the officers will return to their respective posts with renewed knowledge and they must at the same time make maximum use of the knowledge acquired to bring about change. He further challenged the officers to carry out their functions in a professional manner more so when dealing with members of the public. The Minster added that as the days go by, the challenges of law enforcement are becoming more difficult with the rapidly growing information technology. “We now have to deal with a new age of crime. Cyber (continued on page 18)

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Immigration TALK: Questions & Answers By: Attorney Gail S. Seeram, Through this “Question & Answer” column, our goal is to answer your immigration questions. Many of you have questions on backlog time and eligibility – we seek to clarify these issues and more. We appreciate your comments and questions. If you have a question that you would like answered in this column, please email: Question #1: I was in removal proceedings in the U.S. and took voluntary departure but never left the U.S. I am currently married to a U.S. citizen, can I apply for a green card? Answer #1: The answer to your question depends on when your voluntary departure order was issued. However, in general, if you agree to voluntary departure and do not leave the U.S. within the specified time, then the voluntary departure order automatically turns into a removal order. You will not be eligible for adjustment of status or to apply for a green card in the U.S. once the removal order is active. A possible option is filing a motion to reopen your prior case and rescind the removal order. Question #2: I lost my

wallet with my green card, driver’s license and social security card. How do I apply for a new green card? Answer #2: It is good practice to copy your green card (front and back) and keep it in a safe deposit box. It is the law to carry your green card with you at all times so don’t think about leaving it at home or in a safe deposit box. Once you have your alien number, you can apply for a replacement green card. The process can take three to six months and the filing fee is $450. Question #3: I am a green card holder and every time I enter the U.S. the officer takes me into a room for secondary

inspection where they ask me questions and look at the computer? Answer #3: S e c o n d inspection is conducted when the U.S. Custom and Border Protection officer sees something in your alien file that indicates that you may be inadmissible into the U.S. or the officer has questions about a note in your file. If you believe there is an error in your alien file and you would like it corrected then file a redress claim by visiting Question #4: I am married and living with a U.S. citizen and he has not filed a sponsorship petition for me? We have two children together who are U.S. citizens. I entered the U.S. with a visitor visa but overstayed and have no status. My husband is verbally and physically abusive to me and the children. Do I have any options to self-petition on my own? Answer #4: Yes, under the Violence Against Women Act, an abusive spouse can self-petition for a green card. Note, you will be required to provide the abuse and submit evidence to document the abuse. It is not required that you have a petition pending or that your spouse filed a sponsorship petition for you. Contact our office for a consultation.

The main road around Wakenaam Island is in a deplorable condition and nothing is being done to remedy the situation. As a result, the residents are experiencing tremendous difficulties to get from one place to another. The cost of motorized transport is astronomical. Among those who suffer most are the school children who have to ride bicycles to the secondary school on a daily basis. The village of Ridge on the south-eastern end of the island has been virtually cut-off from the rest of the island. The village has

about thirty-eight households and the residents are unable to leave their village by the road. When it rains the road is flooded and snakes and other reptiles are seen in the huge pools of water that form there. Most secondary school children are forced to be absent on rainy days. The main road which runs around the island is full of deep craters which take a heavy toll on the vehicles. Residents claim that they have been neglected for the longest while. They argue that when the roads began to lapse

into a state of disrepair no one made any effort to arrest the declining situation. Although there is stone to patch a section of the chipped seal road, the local Works Ministry workers have been unable to acquire two drums of tar to service the road. What is most disturbing to the residents, is that the recently constructed chipped-seal road from Domburg to Maria’s Pleasure is no better than the crush and run road on the other side of the island. Efforts to get a comment from the Region Three administration by telephone proved futile.

Gail S. Seeram

Wakenaam roads: A living nightmare


Eminent Persons Group calls for immediate Commonwealth action Members of a Commonwealth Eminent Persons Group (EPG) that authored a report on reform of the Commonwealth have called for immediate Commonwealth action in relation to threats against the life of Pakistani lawyer and human rights activist, Asma Jahangir. The EPG, of whom Jahangir was one, last year submitted the report A Commonwealth of the People: Time for Urgent Reform, to Commonwealth Heads of Government at their meeting in Perth last October. One of its key recommendations is that the Commonwealth should establish a Commissioner for Democracy, the Rule of Law and Human Rights. Members of the group made their call for action in a letter to the Commonwealth

Secretary-General, Kamalesh Sharma and the Chairman of the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG). The letter declares that the EPG members “are extremely troubled by the charges that Dr. Jahangir has reliable information that her life is under threat from Pakistan’s security establishment”. They declared: “Given our knowledge of her and of her highly regarded work, we are confident that her charges would have been made only after the most careful consideration and in light of credible intelligence”. The Group called on the Secretary-General “to request the Government of Pakistan to provide full protection for Dr. Jahangir and to launch an immediate and transparent inquiry into the threats directed at her”.

“We are sufficiently alarmed to suggest that you should appoint a ‘good offices’ representative to be engaged in this matter with the authorities in Pakistan to furnish both you and the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG) with information” the Group said. Copying their letter to the Chair of CMAG, the EPG members asked that CMAG take appropriate steps “to advise the Government of Pakistan of the deep disquiet that this matter has engendered”. The letter was signed by Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Dr. Emmanuel O. Akwetey, Ms. Patricia Francis, Mr. Samuel Kavuma, The Hon Michael Kirby, Rt Hon Sir Malcolm Rifkind, Sir Ronald Sanders, and Senator Hugh Segal.

Page 18

Kaieteur News

Guyanese in Toronto mall shooting…

Firestorm prompts new measures/background checks T o r o n t o ( - In the months before the Eaton Centre shooting, Christopher Husbands, was supposed to be under house arrest in a suburban apartment awaiting trial on a sexual assault charge. Instead, he was supervising children in an after-school programme run by the city, playing soccer with them, helping with homework and taking part in craft-making sessions. Although he did not submit a required criminal background check, he was able to work there for more than six months. Mr. Husbands was fired on May 18, a little over two weeks before the incident at the downtown mall in which he is accused of killing Ahmed Hassan and wounding six others. The revelation touched off a firestorm at city hall on Wednesday. Councillors and the Mayor condemned the oversight, while the Parks Department hastily eliminated a policy that allows new hires to work with children for up to three months without a background check, and vowed to root out any other employees who had fallen through the cracks. At Stan Wadlow Clubhouse in East York, where Mr. Husbands was employed, parents were surprised to learn an accused sex offender had been working there. Children, meanwhile, recalled him as a pleasant, helpful presence in

Accused shooter: Christopher Husbands the programme. “What is a guy doing in with six- to 12-year-old kids when he’s charged with sexual assault?” said Lorraine Scattarelli, whose eight-year-old daughter, Emily, attends Stan Wadlow. “The most upsetting part is that Emily had developed a friendship with Chris, and it’s hard to explain that the rest of the city is mad at this person.” Emily said Mr. Husbands was one of the nicest counsellors. “He was my friend, he would always ask us how our day was,” she said. “Whatever we needed help with, he would help.” Alessandra Murillo, meanwhile, said children look up to staff. “This is a very vulnerable age; they see these guys as heroes,” she said. “How do you know you can be safe in any of these programmes? It’s mind-boggling.” Mr. Husbands was charged with sexual assault in November, 2010. He was released on $4,000 bail the next month on condition that he went to live with one of his

two sureties in a Scarborough apartment. He was not to go out except for school or in the company of a surety. In November, 2011, the month he started working for the city, Mr. Husbands applied for a background check, which would show any charges or convictions, police spokesman Mark Pugash said. The check took about two weeks and his application was “red flagged.” Mr. Husbands was contacted and asked to come in for finger printing, but never responded. Because of privacy legislation, Mr. Pugash said, the police could not share the information with anyone but the applicant. Jim Hart, the General Manager of Toronto’s parks, forestry and recreation department, said there are likely other parks employees without a criminal background check on file. “We followed up on a monthly basis with staff in the field after three months, sent out lists to follow up, and this one wasn’t followed up [on.] Simple as that,” he said. “I’m not pleased with that at all. That’s why on a go-forward basis we have to make sure that we get these documents in place before the individuals start and not chase them after the fact.” Councillor Janet Davis, whose ward includes the community centre, introduced a motion at Wednesday’s council meeting asking for a review of the city’s police record check policy.

Mings Products and Services makes donation to St. Joseph Mercy

Mrs. Audrey Ford and Dr. Michele Ming, Directors, Mings Products and Services (MPS) handing over the AED to Ms. Helen Browman, Chief Executive Officer of St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in the presence of Dr. Rohan Jabour, Managers, Staff and Students of the hospital. Mings Products and Services (MPS) recently presented a “ZOLL” Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) to St. Joseph Mercy Hospital. This was coordinated by Dr. Rohan Jabour, Pediatrician who works at the hospital. The

piece of equipment is worth $360,000. The AED is a vital piece of equipment that delivers an electric shock through the chest to the heart. This shock can stop an irregular rhythm and allows a normal rhythm to resume in cases of sudden

cardiac arrest. Uncorrected, these heart conditions can rapidly lead to irreversible brain damage and death. The donation of this life saving device will not only improve services at the hospital’s 24-hour Emergency Room but the entire hospital.

Saturday June 09, 2012

Flooding shuts down Anna Regina market Two days of near incessant rain fall has resulted in severe flooding, especially at the Anna Regina Municipal market. Almost all of the stalls occupied by vendors in the old market have been inundated. Vendors were unable to display their products and shoppers found it difficult to access the vendors. Mark Mc Lean, a popular businessman said he was unable to display his products, both on Thursday and Friday, due to his stalls being flooded.

He said flooding is a serious issue for vendors and sadly nothing has been done to address the issue in the best interest of vendors, at the Anna Regina Market. He said the drains in the vicinity of the market are poorly kept and as such the market is easily flooded. Mc Lean said two days sales have been lost, items were damaged and the furious businessman said that water was knee deep. Vendors were forced to prepare sand bags to prevent the water from getting into their stalls.

Another vendor whose stall was also inundated said that the market continues to be affected by flooding because of persons dumping garbage in the trench. Only recently, vendors said that they were allowed by the council to undertake modifications to their stalls. Mayor Sammy Rampersaud had said that while the situation concerning the flooding was sad, negligence on the part of some residents who tend to throw garbage in the trenches, oftentimes contribute to flooding.

East Coast man remanded on several criminal charges A 24-year-old man from East Coast Demerara pleaded not guilty to seven charges of armed ro b b e r y, o n e o f attempted m u r d e r, felonious wounding and one assault charge, when he appeared before Magistrate Alex Moore at the Sparendaam Magistrate’s Court yesterday. Danny Rajkumar, first appeared in court in February and was not required to plead to the indictable charges. The armed robberies and assault charges are now being heard summarily. The police said that all the matters took place on the East Coast of Demerara. They are alleging that on December 22, at Better Hope, Rajkumar reportedly robbed Rashid Mohammed of $300,000. They said that on that date, during the course of the robbery, the accused

attacked and assaulted the victim. Rajkumar pleaded not guilty to the assault charge. On February 16, 2012 at Vryheid’s Lust, Rajkumar allegedly robbed Marsline Benn of cash and a cell phone valued at $65,000. On December 23 at Better Hope, the accused robbed Ravindra Persaud of a cell phone and cash totaling $4,500. Again on February 16, at Vryheid’s Lust, Rajkumar reportedly robbed Dennis Lewis of a cell phone valued $8,000. On February 23 at Vryheids Lust, the accused robbed Ian Adams of a motor car valued at $1.2 million. Last year on June 24, at Ogle, the accused robbed Safizz Allicock of a motor car valued at $1.3 million. On February 23 at Better Hope the accused robbed

Naratee of one cell phone and cash, totaling $80,000. In these matters the charges stated that all the victims except Allicock had been robbed with a fire arm. Rajkumar then heard that on February 23, last, he reportedly attempted to murder La Shawna Beckles. He was not required to plead. Rajkumar finally heard that on February 23 he maliciously wounded Annisa Sanders. Again he did not have to plead. Originally the accused was charged with attempting to murder Sanders but that charge was withdrawn by order of the DPP leaving Rajkumar to now answer the felonious wounding charge. Two of the victims were present in court. All parties will return to court on June 29 for statements.

Thirty-two complete Junior Officers’ Course From page 17 crime is something we must be able to deal with while we still have a lot more to do with the other crimes we have happening,” Minister Rohee further stated that there needs to be a more comprehensive approach towards domestic violence and teenagers who are involved in crimes. He lauded the efforts of the Guyana Police Force for establishing youth and scout groups in some depressed area. This, he noted, is a good method of tackling the issue of youths involved in crimes. Acting Commissioner of Police Leroy Brumell shared similar sentiments as he congratulated the officers for completing the course. He too called on the officers to make the best of the knowledge imparted to them

by the facilitators as they go back to their respective post. Brumell called on the officers to continue to be good leaders and to apply what they were taught as it would be beneficial not only to them but to those whom they serve. “The training you have received will not only make you better individuals but it will make your organization better, your family better and your community better.” T h e Junior Officers’ Course commenced on March 5, with 32 participants under the theme “Training for greater efficiency and effective management” The objectives were to improve the professional competence, upgrade participants’ knowledge in the art of leadership, techniques

of human behaviors and the skills of communications, upgrade participants’ competence in the use of English as a means of increasing the effectiveness of their job performance and to enable participants to appreciate their role in the context of the legal framework pertaining to Guyana. The course covered topics such as management, report writing, gender issues, motivation and job satisfaction, dynamics of stress, power and politics, module two administrative issues, the role of the sub division officer, climate change and some aspects of psychology. Facilitators included member s o f t h e J o i n t Services, political leaders and lecturers from the University of Guyana.

Saturday June 09, 2012

Kaieteur News

Page 19


DEARABIGAIL, I recently discovered that my husband has a secret email address and has been meeting women while on business trips. In the past year, he has e-mailed seven different women. When I vaguely questioned him, he changed his upcoming dates of travel. I finally confronted him, and he told me he was bored

on those trips and admitted to having sex with one of the women. I was so angry that I filed for divorce. I e-mailed the women, and apparently it is true that he only had sex with one of them. Now he is extremely remorseful. When my husband travels, I call daily talk to him. I thought we had the perfect marriage and a great sex life. I am heartbroken beyond belief. My attorney is encouraging me to do everything possible to save the marriage. Do I give him another try?

I am so afraid he will revert to his old ways. Heartbroken Dear Heartbroken, Your attorney sounds like a man of integrity. Some people who rush into divorce regret it later. Before finalizing anything, try counseling. can’t promise your husband will remain faithful, but it will help to take him up on his offer to stop traveling. Although quitting his job might not be a practical option. Counseling will help both of you decide how best to handle this.

Saturday June 09, 2012 ARIES (MAR 21 - APR 19): A busy partnership scene continues. New business contacts are likely to arise from social and professional get togethers. It’s a great time to join forces with another. ********************************* TAURUS (APR 20 - MAY 20): A career move or extra duties will bring tremendous job satisfaction as well as paying off financially. Combining skills with a colleague seems to be the ideal state of affairs when someone seems to know how to bring out the best in you. ********************************* GEMINI (MAY 21 - JUN 20): A greater longing for emotional fulfilment could take you down some new and exciting pathways. Acknowledging your needs and feelings will be a step in the right direction. ********************************* CANCER (JUN 21 - JUL 22): Domestic changes are likely over the next four weeks; these will be positive and may involve a house move or renovation. Family life seems to be full of excitement and you can’t wait to know what’s going to happen next. ********************************* LEO (JUL 23 - AUG 22): If meeting important people for the first time, you will make a good impression. Becoming involved in a new scheme could be a subtle way to break away from ties that no longer bring you any satisfaction. ********************************* VIRGO (AUG 23 - SEP 22): New financial outlets are likely to appear over the next four weeks. Being able to earn more money will brighten your life, giving it extra meaning. You have a wonderful sense of emotional and material security.

LIBRA (SEP 23 - OCT 22): Self improvement is the theme of this new phase of your life. Press ahead with plans to improve your circumstances, no matter what the area. Your intention may be to enhance your financial or social standing or develop a special talent. ********************************* SCORPIO (OCT 23 NOV 21): Stay in the background if you want to spot the best opportunities over the weeks ahead. Keep a sharp eye on career developments to see if you can pinpoint the best direction to take. ********************************* SAGITTARIUS (NOV 22 - DEC 21): Over the month ahead you might have to make some difficult emotional decisions. What you decide on will be for the best for all concerned. ********************************* CAPRICORN (DEC 22 JAN 19): If you feel stuck in a rut you need to do your own thing and follow your impulses and aspirations. New professional contacts could offer you the chance to enter a whole new kind of social life. ********************************* AQUARIUS (JAN 20 FEB 18): Personal aims will move ahead slowly, especially if these are linked with your work. Sometimes you might wish things would happen more quickly but the good thing is: at least everything’s moving in the right direction. ********************************* PISCES (FEB 19 - MAR 20): There’s the lure of the exotic; travel and long term plans are finalised. Contact with people from a distance could have you arranging a trip for the near future.

DTV CHANNEL 8 08:55hrs. Sign On 09:00hrs. Supah Ninjas 10:00hrs. Power Rangers 11:30hrs. Prime News 12:00hrs. Movie: Reservation Road 14:00hrs. Movie: Fifteen and Pregnant 16:00hrs. Goosebumps 17:00hrs. The Baptist Hour 18:00hrs. World News 18:30hrs. Nightly News 19:00hrs. Greetings and Announcements 20:00hrs. Issues of the People (Live) 21:00hrs. DTV’s Summer Movie Fest 00:00hrs. Sign Off NCN CHANNEL 11 05:00 – Inspiration 05:30 – Newtown Gospel 06:00 – 3rd Test West Indies VS England – Day 3 08:00 – Pulse Beat 08:40 – Cricket Resumes 13:30 – Lotto’s Cricket Info & Quiz 14:00 – Gospel Zone 14:30 – Feature 15:00 – Youth Expression 16:00 – Save the Children 16:30 – Payless Hour (Live) 17:30 – Choices 18:00 – NCN News Magazine – Live 18:30 – Law Enforcement & You 19:00 – Let’s Talk Tax 19:30 – Feature 20:00 – 3d/daily millions/ play de dream/lotto draw 20:05 – President’s Diary 20:35 – Video Hitlist 21:35 – Bollywood Hits 22:35 – NCN News 23:00 – Movie MTV CHANNEL 14/ CABLE 65 06:30hrs - Peace Love & Harmony (live) 07:00hrs - Dabi’s bhajan Hour 07:30hrs - Elim Petecostal presentation (live) 08:00hrs - Full Life Broadcast with Pastor Findlay 08:30hrs - News Update 09:00hrs - Cartoons 09:30hrs - Living the Life 10:00hrs - Movie: A Monster in Paris 12:00hrs - National Geographic: Earth: The Power of the Planet

13:00hrs - The Payless Variety Show 14:00hrs - National Geographic: Wild America: The Wild Black Bear Invasion 15:00hrs - The Mix 15:30hrs - Sitcom 16:00hrs - BBC World News 16:30hrs - Alabama Trading Music break 17:00hrs - Birthdays & other Greetings 17:15hrs - Death

Announcements/ In Memoriam 17:30hrs - Aljazeera News 18:00hrs - Searching the Scriptures with Pastor Floyd 18:30hrs - Cabinet Briefing 19:00hrs - Apex Forum (Live) 20:15hrs - MTV music break 20:30hrs - Indian Movie: Krish 23:00hrs - English Movie: Drive 24:00hrs - Sign off

Guides are subjected to change without notice

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Saturday June 09, 2012


TO LET 3 Bedroom semi furnished 2 flat house, Nandy Park, fully grilled, enclosed garage Call: 670-930 Apartments,35 Howes Street, Georgetown. Contact Petboy Shop. Apartment Call: 6760399,688-1435 Short term apartments , business space Call: 6671549 Short term apartments, Eccles. Call: 679-7139 East Street US650,US750, Alberttown US750, Nandy Park US1200, US1700, Diana 227-2256,626-9382 2 Bedroom upper flat with toilet & bath,2 bedroom lower with toilet & bath, Meten Meer Zorg WCD Call: 227-3743,626-0150 Excellent spot for offices/ school or other business, Camp St area Call Richard 609-7675,233-2614,610-2506 Furnished studio apartment (third floor) Call: 233-2770 Top flat to rent,261 Golden Grove EBD,(2) two bedroom Call: 216-2629,617-2261,2335802

(From page 15)

VACANCY 1- Domestic, must know to cook, preferable from Greater Georgetown Call: 223-9725 One female clerk. Call: 2315171 Bilingual representatives. Must be fluent in Portuguese and English. Send CV to: 64 Industrial Site, Beterverwagting ECD Call: 220-0401-3 One refrigeration, washing machine technician Call: 2310655, 683-8734 Attractive salary for bright, well spoken sales assistant with 5 CXC. Write to P.O. Box 101599 Georgetown. 1- Male / female to work @ Internet Café Call: 223-9725 1- Part time gardener from Kitty / Campbellville Area. Salesgirl/boys & guards. Apply Avinash Complex, Water St. Georgetown Call: 226-3361,227-7828 Be part of our World Class customer care team. Send CV to: 64 Industrial Site Beterverwagting ECD Call: 220-0401-3

SALON Make up courses, artist trained & certified in Trinidad: 660-5257,647-1773 Qualify yourself in Cosmetology or nails, make up, Register, Limited spaces. Call Abby: 216-1950, 6197603, 666-5241

IT Technician & Occupational Health & Safety officer. Please send CV to: 64 Industrial Site, Beterverwagting ECD. Call: 220-0401-3 or email: recruitmentguyana

Cosmetology courses Call: 225-6026,682-2604 June offer, pedicure $2000, manicure $800, hand tips $2000, toe tips $700 Call Fiona: 651-9418

TOURS Suriname 4 days Caricom Holiday weekend return. Trip June29-July2 Call: 6392663,665-5171,644-0185,2278290

I’ll Have Another out of the Belmont Stakes and out of the Triple Crown Yahoo! Sports – A leg injury has taken I’ll Have Another out of the Belmont Stakes and out of the running for the Triple Crown. The issue is with a swollen left-front tendon, according to reports. There were indications Friday morning that something was amiss. Trainer Doug O’Neill took I’ll Have Another to the track for his morning jog hours earlier than he had been going for the past three weeks. O’Neill then left the Belmont track without speaking to the media, and owner Paul Reddam was also not available. That was highly unusual for what had been a media-friendly group. “I was watching him this morning,” said trainer Ken McPeek, who has two horses in Saturday’s race – Unstoppable U and Atigun. “I wanted to see what his energy level was like, his aura, and the screen [on his stall] was closed. I thought, ‘What’s that about?’ There was people in there. It was a little unusual.” Rumors began to circulate late Friday morning that something was wrong with the horse, and O’Neill confirmed the shocking news TO RENT Office space ideal for Doctor’s office etc. 2 Rooms & bathroom, Lower Carmicheal St. Tel: 226-2181 Space to rent location diamond housing scheme. Contact# 6455347

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Father’s Day Special- Lake Mainstay, June 17th,2012 Sean: 657-0825,218-1285 EDUCATIONAL Learn to speak Spanish in 1 month. Call: 673-1232

June special- Santa Mission $4500 per person, June 10th,2012 Joy:218-1285,6499059,692-3114

Princeton College. CXC Adults/Students. Slow learner classes. Day & Evening. January/May June 2013. 690-5008, 611-3793

VEHICLES FOR SALE One Nissan Station Wagon (FB13) stick gear call: 6228350

Imperial College- CXC 2013. Forms (1-5)/ lessons/adults classes, flexible hours. Affordable fees Call: 2277627,683-5742

Toyota Runx, special edition, PNN $2.3M, New Model Nissan Wingroad Sports Wagon $2.3M unregistered Call: 612-2522,645-5893

MASSAGE American style massage service Call: 609-4036

I'll Have Another being groomed by his handlers on The Dan Patrick Show. “It’s not tragic, but it’s a huge disappointment,” O’Neill told Patrick. Today’s Belmont Stakes were highly anticipated, as I’ll Have Another was on the cusp of becoming the first horse since Affirmed in 1978 to win the Triple Crown. Never a favorite in any of his previous races, the threeyear-old I’ll Have Another was a 4/5 favorite to win the final leg of the horse racing’s

most elusive prize. “It’s too bad,” said McPeek. “It’s a hard thing. I feel really bad for the connections. I feel terrible for them. “Now,” McPeek said of today’s race, “it’s wide open.” I’ll Have Another is only the third Triple Crown aspirant to miss the Belmont Stakes due to injury. The others are Bold Venture in 1936 and Burgoo King in 1932.

Poland held by Greece as two sent off (Reuters) - Greece fought back to draw 1-1 with co-hosts Poland in the opening match of Euro 2012 on Friday but also missed a penalty as both teams ended an action-packed Group A clash with 10 men. Robert Lewandowski headed Poland into the lead after 17 minutes as they dominated the first half with some positive attacking football and they looked set fair when Greece had Sokratis Papastathopoulos sent off for a second booking in the last minute of the first half

following an innocuous challenge. Greece, surprise European champions in 2004, played with much more vigor in the second half and equalized in the 51st minute through substitute Dimitris Salpingidis. Poland goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny was then sent off for tripping Salpingidis 20 minutes from time, only for replacement keeper Przemyslaw Tyton to save Giorgos Karagounis’s resulting penalty.

Russia thrash Czech... From page 21 in Wroclaw as the Czechs were poor. Czech coach Michal Bilek now faces a huge task lifting his deflated players ahead of their next game against Greece on 12 June, a match they cannot afford to lose if they are to advance in the tournament. With co-hosts Poland earlier held to a 1-1 draw by 10-man Greece, both teams knew victory at the Municipal Stadium would earn them an early lead at the top of the group. And Russia, semifinalists in 2008 under Guus Hiddink, are going to take some stopping as they showed they mean business in the tournament.

Arshavin, on loan at Zenit St Petersburg from Arsenal, was inspirational, setting up one goal during an inspirational performance from the 31-year-old. Czech Republic had Chelsea keeper Petr Cech and Arsenal’s Tomas Rosicky winning their 91st and 86th caps respectively yet even their vast experience failed to prevent their opponents from racing into a 2-0 lead inside the opening 25 minutes. Attacking midfielder Dzagoev, who turns 22 next week, showed terrific composure to break the deadlock with a first-time finish from 12 yards after Kerzhakov had headed against the far post in the 15th minute.

Saturday June 09, 2012

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Brilliant James red-hot as Rafael Nadal beats David Ferrer to reach final Heat tie series in Boston (Reuters) - A red-hot night from LeBron James fired the Miami Heat to a crushing 9879 victory over the Boston Celtics on Thursday, sending the NBA Eastern Conference Final series to a decisive seventh game. The series, now tied at 33, climaxes in Miami on Saturday when the Heat will be favored to take the clincher on their home court and set up a finals series against the Oklahoma Thunder, who knocked off San Antonio in the West. James scored 45 points, close to half his team’s tally, and added 15 rebounds - 13 of them defensive - with five assists in a dominant performance. “I felt like I was aggressive from the opening tip, and the guys kept trying to find me,” said James. “As long as I was on the court I wanted to make plays, offensively and defensively, to help our team win.” James, the league’s Most Valuable Player, made 19 of 26 field goal attempts and also hit two three-point shots. “You want to keep feeding him, keep feeding him,” Miami guard Dwyane Wade said. “He was absolutely fearless tonight and it was contagious.” Miami coach Erik Spoelstra praised his team for their resilience after Tuesday’s loss. “Nobody likes to get dirt thrown on your face when you are not even dead,” he said. Thirty of James’ points came in the first half - a playoff high for him - as he helped Miami build a double-digit

LeBron James #6 drives in the second half against Brandon Bass #30 lead which they hold it for most of the game. James scored 40 or more points in a playoff game for the tenth time, but it was the first time since he joined the Heat from Cleveland two seasons ago. “It’s a great feeling when you feel like everything you put up is going in,” he said. Boston coach Doc Rivers conceded James’s performance had been outstanding but thought his defense should have marshalled him better. “He was sensational and set the tone for their whole team. He made a lot of tough shots,” he said. “But I still don’t think we guarded him with the force we needed to.” The recently out of form Wade chipped in with 17 points, including 11 in the second half. Boston were forced to

Russia thrash Czech Republic 4-1 Russia produced a powerful performance as two goals by Alan Dzagoev helped dismantle Czech Republic in their opening Euro 2012 game. Dzagoev gave Dick Advocaat’s side the lead with a shot after Aleksandr Kerzhakov headed against the post. Roman Shirokov made it 2-0 with a chip following good work by Andrey Arshavin. Vaclav Pilar reduced the deficit before two thunderous finishes by Dzagoev and substitute Roman Pavlyuchenko completed the rout. Russia were as ruthless (Continued on page 20)

press as they chased the game and committed a number of unforced errors. “We clearly didn’t have the right energy. You never know why,” said Rivers. Guard Rajon Rondo lead the Celtics with 21 points and 10 assists, while Brandon Bass and Kevin Garnett each had 12 points, but Boston were out-hustled by a keyedup Miami team with their season on the line. Thwarted by aggressive Miami defense inside, the home team tried to attack from long range but shot a miserable one of 14 threepoint attempts. “I didn’t like the way we played offensively. We have to trust the pass. We didn’t do that tonight,” said Rivers. “The good news is, we get to do it again. The bad news is, we have to do it on the road.” Celtics captain Paul Pierce, who had urged Boston fans to come to the stadium prepared to make noise, made little himself with just four of 18 attempted field goals. Looking ahead to Game Seven, Spoelstra expected another big game from his major weapon and James seemed happy to provide. “I won’t regret Game Seven win lose or draw,” he said. “I’ll go in with the mindset I’ve had this whole season, and we’ll see what happens.”

BBC Sport - Defending champion Rafael Nadal reached a record seventh French Open final by destroying David Ferrer 6-2 62 6-1. The second seed saved two early break points to win five games in succession and take the first set in 39 minutes. Nadal continued the onslaught either side of a break for rain and hit some sparkling shots to move two sets up. The ruthlessness continued as Nadal broke for a third time in the third set to win in one hour and 46 minutes. He will meet Novak Djokovic in the final. “Today was my best match of the tournament, against the best player I’ve faced here so far,” said Nadal, who plays Djokovic in Sunday’s showpiece after the world number one beat Roger Federer 6-4 7-5 6-3. “It is a very important victory for me - to win with this result against one of the best players of moment, and the world. “I don’t believe in perfection, it doesn’t exist in my opinion, you can play always better. But I’m very happy with the way I’m playing.” It will be Nadal’s fifth consecutive Grand Slam final and the victory extended his phenomenal record at Roland Garros to 51 wins from 52 matches, his only defeat against Robin Soderling in 2009. Having beaten one record he shared with the legendary Bjorn Borg - the

Rafael Nadal number of French Open finals - the 26-year-old now has the chance to eclipse him again by becoming the first player in the Open era to win the title seven times. The French crowd arrived for the 13:00 local time start at a leisurely pace and Nadal was also a shade slower out of the blocks than usual as the bustling Ferrer comfortably held his first two service games, then created two break point opportunities in the fourth. Nadal, utilising his customary quick feet to unleash his whirling forehand whenever possible, duly responded by forcing some Ferrer errors and breaking to love in the next. The wind was blowing clay particles off the court and Nadal soon began to do the same to Ferrer,

breaking to love again and winning 18 out of 20 points in taking the first set. Nadal even managed to win a point whilst sitting on the clay having slipped, which led to a break in the third game of the second set. He broke again to lead 4-1 and the only halt to his march into the final came from the elements as heavy rain resulted in a 55-minute delay on the Court Philippe Chatrier. The rain gave way to clear skies and Nadal unveiled more classic strokes from his repertoire, a dexterous overhead backhand smash swiftly followed by a running forehand down the line as the second set was sealed in 36 minutes. Ferrer had often outclassed British number one Andy Murray in their quarter-final but could find no answer to the supreme nature of Nadal’s strokeplay. The 30year-old’s only win in 13 previous matches on clay against Nadal came in their first meeting, a 2004 encounter in Stuttgart. His chances of improving that statistic receded further when Nadal quickly moved 2-0 ahead in the third set. The six-time champion proved his backhand was just as fearsome as he recorded two more breaks and wrapped up his 39th victory in 43 matches this year. “He plays better than me all the time,” said Ferrer. “It’s difficult to say something, no? He was better, and he had a very good match.”

Djokovic beats Federer to reach 1st French final PARIS (AP) Novak Djokovic beat a mistake-prone Roger Federer 6-4, 7-5, 6-3 Friday to reach his first French Open final and close in on becoming the first man in 43 years with four consecutive Grand Slam titles. The No. 1-ranked Djokovic lost three previous semifinals at Roland Garros, including last year, when Federer stopped the Serb’s 43-match winning streak. On Friday, 16-time major champion Federer didn’t play his best, ending up with 46 unforced errors to Djokovic’s 17. Djokovic won Wimbledon and the U.S. Open last year, then the Australian Open in January. If he beats six-time French Open champion Rafael Nadal in tomorrow’s final, Djokovic will be only the third man in tennis history with four major titles in a row - and first since Rod Laver in 1969.

Novak Djokovic

CENTRAL MACKENZIE SPOIL PARTY IN GEORGETOWN From page 23 completed a 13-point run for Central Mackenzie that tied the game a 53 points. However six unanswered points from Diamond owed to a Burnett drive and Slater inside move helped them recover out the offensive slump. But Neils and Joseph combined to cut the lead to two points with just a minute

left in the contest. Alonzo put-back with 16 seconds brought Central Mackenzie to within one point, 63-62, before a travelling call on Slater gave them another possession with 7.5 seconds left. Three inbound attempts went awry for Central Mackenzie before Neils was gifted with final shot, which

he missed on the baseline, but was somehow placed on the free-throw line. Neils made the second of the two shots after missing the first to send the game into overtime. An obviously deflated Diamond/McDoom team could not find the tenacity to play the extra time as Alonzo and Joseph led Central

Mackenzie to the huge win. It was a good reprieve for the team that was out-played for most of the game, and sweet revenge for Linden. Earlier in the night, Universal Group of Companies Wortmanville/Werk-en-Rust edged the other Linden team in the competition, Wismar, 75-68 to finish at the top of Group ‘D’. Randy Burgess

scored 19 points while Shawn Gillis had 17 and Naylon Loncke 10 points. For the young Wismar team, Chris Williams had 12 points, Harold Adams 11 points and Marlon Pollydore nine points. Wismar will continue their sojourn in the tournament tonight against when the event moves to the Mackenzie

Sports Club Court against BV/ Melanie. The Western Union-sponsored Central Mackenzie will then take on Tucville/Guyhoc in the other game scheduled for the night. The games tonight are expected to commence at 7pm. Tomorrow’s games are the final games of the preliminary round before the Super Eight.

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Saturday June 09, 2012

Digicel Triple Sports Fiesta on tonight Tonight local sports fans will have the opportunity to witness a new innovation in the sporting arena here in Guyana when the Digicelsponsored Triple Sports Fiesta is unveiled, at the National Gymnasium. An idea specifically conceived by Digicel’s Events and Marketing Manager Gavin Hope, fans will get to see high class action involving three disciplines under one roof in what is being deemed the first of its kind here and many are of the view that the amalgamation of netball, volleyball and hockey should have been experimented with a long time ago. However, through the undeniable support for athletes and sports development from Digicel, the link between the three

Gavin Hope disciplines has finally been made and an exciting night of action is anticipated. In the netball segment, the national Ladies squad will take on a Rest Combination and according to Secretary of the Guyana Netball Association Shanomae Pearce- Baptiste the nationals

will be using the competition as part of their build up to compete in an international tournament scheduled to be played in Trinidad and Tobago. The Volleyball Competition will feature national champions Young Achievers going up against the up and coming Port Mourant Training School, a team that possesses some of the brightest young prospects in the sport and a keenly contested match is anticipated. The Hockey segment is another highly anticipated affair that features defending Diamond Mineral Water International Indoor champions Old Fort versus reigning national indoor champions Pepsi Hikers and everyone in the hockey fraternity knows that

whenever these two teams collide, especially in the indoor format, exciting stuff is witnessed. There will also be action among the Ladies that will see GCC and Hikers battle each other for supremacy and that too promises to be a scorching encounter. Apart from monetary incentives for the respective winners, all three governing bodies will also benefit from the munificence of Digicel, while players and fans will also have the opportunity to cash in on some fantastic offers. Fans are being urged to come out and support the inaugural venture which according to the sponsor’s representatives could very well become an annual event. Admission is free and starting time is 18:00 hrs.

Rising Sun Judo Club revels in performance at National Judo Championships Top local Judo club, Rising Sun, based at the Marian Academy School, Carifesta Ave, fielding eight athletes, bagged six medals at the Judo Association of Guyana sponsored 2012 National Judo Championships held at the Marian Academy auditorium on June 3. With the exception of one, all the medals won by the Rising Sun Dojo were in the senior categories. Former four time national champion Bruce Fraser claimed his fifth open title with clinical precision, winning all his fights by Ippon, demonstrating that he is still the number one Judoka in Guyana. His only real test came from former national silver medalist Anthony Girdhari. Raul Lall and Elimane Ba also demonstrated why they

The Guyana Amateur Boxing Association (GABA) and Demerara Distillers Ltd (DDL) joint effort in the staging of several boxing cards will commence tonight with the inaugural Andrew ‘Sixhead’ Lewis/DDL U-16 boxing tournament on the tarmac situated on the northern end of the Andrew ‘Sixhead’ Lewis Boxing Gym, Independence Boulevard. The action commences at 17:00hrs on both nights and will conclude under floodlights. A number of the country’s leading amateur fighters will be on show over the two nights. At the launch of the event, GABA explained that they decided to place more emphasis on the development of the nursery of the sport in order to give local pugilists a realistic opportunity of procuring the coveted gold medal in future international tournaments. Sales Manager of the DDL, Alexis Langhorne, at the

launching, explained that the relationship between her company and the GABA, which dated back to April 24 when her executives agreed to the deal. She said that the programme is geared towards the well being of young amateur boxers and to provide them with an opportunity of participating in organized activity. “On behalf of the DDL and its Pepsi brand I would like to wish the boxers well even as I encourage the public to come out in its numbers to support the youngsters,” she had said. GABA President Steve Ninvalle had stated that his executives are mulling the idea of initiating tournaments in honour of past stalwarts. He reminded that the GABA has already dedicated a tournament in honour of Michael Parris, Guyana’s lone Olympics medalist and was intent on fulfilling this mandate for other notable pugilists.

Guyana denied Azteca training opportunity

Seven of the eight athletes from the Rising Sun Judo club at the recently held championships. are two of the best young Judokas in the country by dominating their categories. The medals won were as follows- Bruce Fraser - open gold medal winner, Raul Lall-

minus 73kgs gold medal winner, Elimane Ba- minus 73kgs silver medal winner, Jaime Jabar- minus 73kgs bronze medal winner, Keymo Alleyne - open bronze medal

winner and A. Rodrigues minus 90kgs gold medal winner. The club has expressed joy at their achievements and is extending congratulations to the members on winners’ row.

Fifth Inter-Organisation B/ball competition on today The Fifth Annual InterOrganisation Basketball Competition gets underway today at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall beginning at 11am with the Royston Siland-led defending champs, Neal and Massy Group of Companies aiming to defend their title. Host of the event, VP Update’s Vijay Panday, told Kaieteur Sport yesterday that the tournament is expected to be more intense this year since it has been growing over the years. He said that he anticipates a smooth and timely corporate competition today. Before Neal and Massy won the title, the Lugard Mohan-led Guyana Power

DDL, GABA inaugural Andrew Lewis U-16 boxing tournament starts tonight

Vijay Panday and Light Company (GPL) had staked its claim in 2010. However, Panday informed that GPL will not be among the competing teams this year, but there were other additions.

He said that Geddes Grant returns to the event and will battle against the many other companies scheduled to compete. Bosai Minerals, National Insurance Scheme, Guyana Geology and Mines Commission and Guyana Defence Force are among the teams to compete. Panday informed that Digicel, Giftland OfficeMax, White Castle Fish Shop, Hinds and Vaughn Accountancy, Sonic Boom and Wildfire Entertainment are among the main sponsors of the 2012 Inter-Organisation Basketball Competition. He added that the National Sports Commission and Director of Sport, Neil

Kumar have offered their support for the event as well. Panday believes that the event will continue to be a calendar event promoting a healthy lifestyle among the corporate community.

Mexico City, Mexico - An enthusiastic Golden Jaguars contingent suffered a slight disappointment in preparation for their clash versus Mexico, as they were denied the chance to train at the Estadio Azteca before match day. According to FIFA regulations both teams were allowed a 1-hour training session Thursday each on the ground. The home side had their’s in the morning from 10-11am, while Guyana were scheduled to train from 6:15 - 7:15pm. However on arriving at the venue, the teams joy was squashed as the saw the outfield of the historic venue under covers due to heavy afternoon rain and they were informed by the Mexican FA and FIFA officials that they could not use the venue and

they were moved to the nearby Centro de Capacitacion ground. That venue unlike the Azteca did not have lights so the team sessions was cut short to 45 minutes. A high ranking official who wished to remain anonymous stated that it was part of FIFA regulation that on the day before a game, if rain falls, training could not take place there. National coach Jamaal Shabazz in light of these events stated: “Of course we are disappointed we couldn’t get the use the ground here, but I have told the boys in all our team meetings to expect strange things to happen and in some ways although it’s understandable, we still managed a good session this evening”.

Cubans fall to Canada in qualifying opener AFP - Olivier Occean scored in the 55th minute to give Canada a 1-0 victory over Cuba in Havana on Friday in the opening match of CONCACAF’s semi-final qualifying series for Brazil 2014. The Group C encounter was among six on Friday’s program to launch the

penultimate round of qualifiers in the CONCACAF region. The two top finishers in each of three groups advance to the finals qualifying round. The Canadians overcame the expulsion of goalkeeper Lars Hirschfeld in the 64th minute as backup Milan Borjan entered and helped

keep the Cubans from scoring the rest of the way. Honduras were set to host Panama later Friday in the other opening match from Group C. Canada will host Honduras on Tuesday, and Cuba will visit Panama also on Tuesday before a break in qualifying matches until September.

Saturday June 09, 2012

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Central Mackenzie spoil party in Georgetown - tournament moves to Linden tonight By Edison Jefford Central Mackenzie spoiled the party in Georgetown Thursday night after they prevented the City teams from celebrating a clean sweep of opposition from Linden when the National Community Basketball League (NCBL) continued at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall. Central Mackenzie, undoubtedly one of the strongest teams in the competition, came from behind in unusual officiating circumstances, tied the game they looked set to lose and then won 69-66 in overtime, leaving Diamond/McDoom in absolute shock and dejection. In a below-par offensive performance for such a team as Central Mackenzie with Akeem Kanhai, Steve Neils Jr, Jason Alonzo, Marvin Hartman, Kevin Joseph and Orin Rose, who are all players with national experience, a win Thursday night seemed highly improbably.

However, Neils, who benefitted from a foul call on the regulation buzzer and had the opportunity to win the game from the freethrow line, but could only manage to level the scores, finished the game with 17 points while Alonzo had 16 points and Joseph 15 points. Travis Burnett was pure class for Diamond that led the game up until the final two minutes when some dubious officiating intervened. He scored 21 points while Horace Hodges, Jermaine Slater and Ryan Stephney had 10 points each in the top-of-the-table showdown. Diamond’s shooting guard, Trevor Smith landed consecutive three-pointers in the last minute of the initial period to give his team an easy 21-10 lead at the end of the opening quarter as Central Mackenzie was obviously struggling offensively, and with their chemistry. Neils and Marks continued to struggle to convert in the second period while Diamond sustained their high shooting

p e r c e n t a g e . H o w e v e r, Central Mackenzie seemed to find some rhythm in the period before Burnett went on a rampage, clinically taking apart their defence. Diamond went to the guards, Stephney, Burnett and Rodwell Fortune for results and immediately the early offensive momentum re-emerged with a 24-15 lead with a little over five minutes left in the first half of the game. The Central Mackenzie’s offence was taken aback. Diamond’s defence was outstanding, switching the zone and man strategies intermittently before Stephney’s three-pointer gave them a 32-20 advantage with a minute to play in the first half that ended 35-24 in favour of Diamond/McDoom that looked set to win the game. An ‘And-One’ move from Burnett further extended Diamond’s lead as Central Mackenzie looked to Alonzo and Marks in the paint for answers. Instead, the game got defensive with both teams in a highintensity battle for the top

Steve Neils Jr. spot in Group ‘B’ of the competition. Burnett broke down the entire Central Mackenzie defence at the top of the key with his crossover then faked their whole defence for a left-handed lay-up. Rodrigues then landed a running buzzer-beater to end the third quarter 53-40 with Diamond still in firm control. However, that control immediately rescinded at the start of the fourth period when Kanhai nailed a big three-pointer to make it a 10point game. Neils assist then three-pointer made further inroad to Diamond’s lead as Central Mackenzie caught the team napping. Two free-throws and a three-pointer from Neils (Continued on page 21)

Naylon Loncke

Jason Alonzo

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Test suffers consecutive washouts F England v West Indies, 3rd Test, Edgbaston, 2nd day

or the first time since 1964 - at Lord’s against Australia - the first two days of an England home Test were washed out after the second day at Edgbaston went the same way as the first. Such had been the volume of rain in Birmingham that the umpires took the decision shortly after the scheduled lunch interval and no one was surprised. The forecast for the weekend is better - although showers remain likely - but the outfield has taken a battering over recent days and despite improved drainage there are a number of very soggy areas that will cause concern. With the series decided none of the players will want to take risks on a wet outfield. It was clear from well before the start time that play was unlikely and some England players did not bother rushing to the ground. A few used the indoor net facilities while Kevin Pietersen spent time signing autographs for those supporters who lingered through the dire conditions. It remains to be seen whether the shortened match increases the chances of England resting Stuart Broad alongside James Anderson which would mean places for Steven Finn and Graham Onions. However, the second washout gives Shivnarine Chanderpaul further time to rest the side injury that forced him to visit hospital on Thursday.

More rain prevented play on the second morning

Golden Jaguars battle-but go down 3-1 at the Azteca Mexico City, Mexico - A spirited second half performance could not prevent the Golden Jaguars from going down 3-1, to CONCACAF giants Mexico on the opening day of Group B action, in the third round, 2014 World Cup Qualifiers at the Estadio Azteca Stadium. Scoring the goals were Carlos Salcido (10th minute), Giovanni Dos Santos (14th minute), JP Rodriguez own goal via a Javier Hernandez flick in (50th minute) and another own goal awarded to Hector Moreno in the 60th minute off a deflected Gregory “Jackie Chan” Richardson shot. The Jaguars stepped onto the world famous stadium to an electric atmosphere that was highlighted best by how the Mexicans in the crowd sang the national anthem in the stadium in a loud and emotional manner and sight of home town hero Javier Hernandez kneeling and praying before kick-off. In front of and almost capacity home crowd in which according to the Mexican Football Association reached almost

100,000, proceedings commenced with El Trico putting on a passing exhibition that would have made Barcelona proud. The ultimate tiki-taka movement was on display as they strung together almost 30 passes in almost five minutes before Guyana touched the ball. Mexico opened the scoring in when a sharp leftwing cross by Andres Guadardo was not cleared sufficiently and left-back Carlos Salcido arriving in mid-field volleyed in the opener. Soon it become 2-0 when as some more world-class combination play from the Mexican literally parted the Jaguars defense that national coach Jamaal Shabazz set up very tight - like the red sea. Firstly right-winger Pablo Barrera flummoxed left-sided players Howard Newton and Walter Moore with some intricate close control, he than pass into mid-field who sent it to Hernandez who played audacious back heel into path of Dos Santos who slammed his shot past the outstretched palm of Guyana

keeper Ronson Williams. Things were certainly not going to plan for the Jaguars and with the deafening crowd screaming and booing every time they touched the ball - a procession was feared. However the Jaguars gradually got better as the half progressed and got their best chance of half chance in the 43rd minute. Mexico made their first passing mistake of the half, which striker Carl Cort who had a wonder game pounced on. He darted wide and sent a sharp cross into right-winger Ricky Shakes who ran into the box intelligently and headed wide of the mark. When second half resumed coach Shabazz brought on Gregory Richardson for Howard Newton, with an intent on attack after a first half in which in instructed the team to be disciplined defensively. But it was Mexico who continued to do the attacking when another Guadardo cross from the left was tucked home neatly by Hernandez and the crowd erupted to the approval of their star scoring on the

Severo Meza (R) vies for the ball with Christopher Nurse.

Jesus Zavala (L) vies for the ball with Ricky Shakes (AFP).

night. This goal was later and away from keeper Jesus if Guyana was more clinical changed as aforementioned Corona to make it 3-1. a 3-2 or 3-3 draw was a to an own goal. Shakes who was the strong possibility. The final 30 minutes of other outstanding Guyana The Mexico defense the game genuinely saw the player on the night was again without their regular captain Jaguars dominate as the into the action as he sent a and experience defender C o r t / R i c h a r d s o n sharp right-wing cross, Rafael Marquez and they combination made the w h i c h C o r t v o l l e y e d seemed lose their defensive Mexican defense work. superbly - but it smashed the shape as the Jaguars attacked A third uncharacteristic top of the cross-bar to the them in the latter stages. mid-field mistake on the agony of the Guyana Guyana can take much night by the Mexicans was technical staff. heart from this performance finally finished off by the Anthony Abrams and as they now come to host the Jaguars. Shakes flew Dwight Peters were the other other CONCACAF giant in forward from mid-field, substitutes brought on and the group Costa Rica in their passed wide to Richardson they continued the modus second Group B encounter at who ran left and his hard shot operandi of attack in the final the Providence Stadium on was deflected off Moreno minutes, where in summary June 12th. Printed and published by National Media & Publishing Company Limited, 24 Saffon St.Charlestown, Georgetown.Tel: 225-8465, 225-8491 or Fax: 225-8473/ 226-8210

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