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Friday June 08, 2012

Friday June 08, 2012

Kaieteur News

Chris Ram, Scotiabank prevail in Hotel Tower case - CJ awards defendants $75,000 each in costs Chief Justice Ian Chang yesterday ruled against Cara Investments Limited, stating in his 15-page judgment that their legal battle against Attorney at law Christopher Ram and Scotiabank was dismissed on the grounds that the evidence did not suffice to support their material allegations of fact. The defendants were each awarded $75,000 in costs. The action was filed with regards to the tender and sale of the Hotel Tower, which had encountered financial difficulty several years ago. Cara Investments Limited, back in January 2000, through its directors, had moved to the courts and filed an injunction stating that Ram, who was appointed ReceiverManager by Scotiabank, acted prejudicially and improperly did not maintain the standard of conduct and propriety which the Plaintiff had a legitimate expectation he would uphold. Cara Investments further claimed that the two defendants were in breach of its Request for Proposals for the Hotel Tower Limited. The injunction filed was restraining the two defendants , his servants and/or agents from awarding and/or allocating the purchase of Hotel Tower Limited to anyone other than the Plaintiff without proceeding in accordance with due tender requirements, and without giving due consideration to the Plaintiff’s bid. The injunction was also seeking to restrain the two defendants their servants and/or agents from awarding or allocating the purchase of Hotel Tower until an inquiry was conducted at the instance of the court as to the propriety and conformity with law of the bidding and selection process hereto. Cara Investments Limited was seeking damages in excess of $1 million for the breach of contract and also in excess of $1 million for misrepresentation generally and to the shareholders of Hotel Tower Limited as to the bid of the Plaintiff, not taking

Chartered Accountant Christopher Ram, yesterday into account their interests or as to no bid by it at all. In an invited comment, Attorney at law Christopher Ram said that he was by no means surprised by the Chief Justice’s ruling. Ram opined that the case should not have reached so far since it had no merit. According to him, it was “a very spurious piece of action which was brought by Cara Investments Limited”. Ram told Kaieteur News that one of his regrets is that the court had not awarded higher costs, which he believes would effectively discourage persons from filing frivolous proceedings. Several years ago, Hotel Tower had experienced financial difficulty. Subsequently, Scotiabank which had loaned a significant sum of money (US$2,538,102) to the Hotel, appointed Ram as Receiver-

Manager. Ram was tasked with managing the business in order to prepare it for sale. Ram later advertised the hotel for that purpose. One of the entities that had tendered for the hotel was Cara Investments Limited. Before the process was completed, Cara Investments filed an injunction against Ram and Scotiabank asking the court to stop (Ram) from carrying out the receivership. Christorpher Ram was represented by Senior Counsel Edward Luckhoo, while Scotiabank was represented by Senior Counsel Rex Mc Kay with Richard Fields S.C. and Bettina Glasford. Cara Investment Limited’s action was initially brought by Senior Counsel Ashton Chase, who was succeeded by Sanjeev Datadin and Dr. Fenton Ramsahoye, S.C.

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Importers cry foul at US$6.5M secret pharmaceutical award to Ramroop’s New GPC …deal smacks of gross corruption The award of a $1.3B contract for the importation of pharmaceuticals is being queried by the other companies that import drugs. Three major importers, among them the International Pharmaceutical Agency (IPA) said that they were never made aware of the contract; that there was no tender and that if there was, they were never allowed to tender. The award was made to the New Guyana Pharmaceutical Corporation (GPC) in a continuation of a policy that had been in place for years. Owned by Dr Ranjisinghi ‘Bobby’ Ramroop, the New Guyana Pharmaceutical Corporation had a monopoly of pharmaceutical imports for the Ministry of Health and for the Georgetown Public Hospital. The Auditor General had cause to criticize the methods used to ensure that the GPC monopolised the drug imports. He pointed to irregular tender practices which saw the government actually splitting contracts to avoid going to tender for the

imports of the drugs. The law dictates that imports over a certain amount of money must go to public tender. Instead, the government always ensured that the contracts were below the range of the tender board and simply offered the awards to Ramroop’s New GPC. The political opposition recognized the very close relationship between Dr Ramroop and the then President Bharrat Jagdeo. Dr Ramroop was identified as Jagdeo’s best friend. They challenged the contract splitting, but the government always used its majority in Parliament to defeat motions that sought to change the rules that permitted contract splitting. Asked to comment on the recent award of $1.3 billion to GPC for pharmaceutical imports, head of International Pharmaceutical Agency, Lloyd Singh, said that when he learnt of the award, he attempted to get an explanation from Minister of Health Dr Bheri Ramsaran. He said that up to yesterday he

Dr Ranjisinghi ‘Bobby’ Ramroop has not been afforded a response. He said that his calls to the Minister have gone unanswered. “Bheri (Ramsaran) is not talking. No one is.” This award is a clear case of the government rushing to continue to enhance the earnings of the New GPC before the establishment of the Procurement Commission, said Carl Greenidge, of A Partnership for National Unity. “Suppliers must come out and stop this nonsense,” said Lloyd Singh when approached for a comment.

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Kaieteur News

Friday June 08, 2012

Letters... Where your views make the news

Printed and Published by National Media & Publishing Company Ltd. 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown, Georgetown, Guyana. Publisher: GLENN LALL Editor: Adam Harris Tel: 225-8465, 225-8491. Fax: 225-8473, 226-8210


Guyana and its Environment Last Tuesday, June 5th, was World Environment Day, which was the 40th anniversary of the event that led to its establishment. The UN General Assembly decided to commemorate it at the start of the UN Conference on the Human Environment held in Stockholm from 5th to 16th June, 1972. The Stockholm Conference was the first occasion that world leaders met to discuss the political, social and economic problems of the global environment with a view to actually doing something about it. Each year, World Environment Day is hosted by a different country, and this year the host is Brazil and the theme is Green Economy. Rio+20, United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from June 20-22, 2012. President Ramotar is scheduled to attend the conference. A Green Economy, according to the United Nations Environment Programme, is one that results in improved human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risk and ecological scarcities. This can be summed up as being a socially inclusive, low carbon economy that is efficient with its resources. In more detail, economic growth, through income and employment, is driven by public and private investment that in addition to reducing carbon emissions and pollution, enhances energy and resource efficiency, and prevents the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services. In order to support these investments, a degree of targeted public expenditure, coupled with policy reforms and regulation changes, is necessary. To its credit, the government of Guyana has been in the forefront of the world’s efforts to direct our developmental efforts along a ‘green” path. Our efforts have taken two tracks. The first has been a commitment to sequester most of our forests so that they act as a huge carbon sink. By storing carbon in its trees, the forests in effect reduce the otherwise higher quantities that would have been released in the atmosphere. This would have increased the greenhouse effects of atmospheric carbon dioxide, which leads to global warming and desertification: the complete antithesis of a ‘green’ economy. The utility of this carbon sequestration has been recognized by the UN. Its REDD+ program is intended to provide monetary incentives to countries such as Guyana that are prepared to sacrifice the polluting ‘quick and dirty’ development path followed by the now developed countries in their early days of industrialisation. Some countries, such as Norway, have also acknowledged this ‘green’ path followed by Guyana and some other forested tropical countries, and are paying the latter for providing this service. There are some elements in Guyana, including members of the Opposition, that seem to suffer from the misapprehension that the monies from Norway (and soon from the UN) are actually ‘aid”. They are nothing of the sort and are payment for services provided by our country. The other track of our green development efforts is the pioneering, more explicit Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) introduced by the previous administration. This strategy outlines a comprehensive blueprint in all sectors of the economy that takes into cognisance the need to ‘go green”. Take for instance our traditional reliance on fossil fuels to generate our electricity and to power our vehicles. These activities contribute carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The government has suggested a host of initiatives to reduce our usage on fossil fuels. Firstly, there is the intention to produce enough ethanol from sugar cane and other bio mass to, at a minimum, substitute 10% of our vehicular fuel requirement. One T&T firm, Ansa McAl has already conducted a feasibility study for one such production project and the government has committed to leasing the company the necessary land. The second prong in securing green energy, of course, is the Amaila Falls Hydroelectric Project. When this comes on stream, its projected 165 MW generation will reportedly, at one stroke, save us from consuming 10,000 barrels of oil daily - and the concomitant polluting carbon dioxide waste. While there are valid concerns that we must rein in the cost of the project, there is no escaping its necessity.

It’s time for a criminal investigation into the NICIL controversy DEAR EDITOR, Within the past week the controversy surrounding NICIL finances deepened with the key NICIL Board Members refusing to appoint an independent auditor to review the books. Their language and tone speak of a determined attempt to shroud NICIL’s financial activities in secrecy. Why this secrecy over the taxpayers’ money? We were reliably informed that Guyoil transferred close to $3 billion to NICIL in the last financial year. So much for NICIL‘s claims that they have only $700 million in cash. As the NICIL quagmire continues, our reading of this latest salvo is that the minority PPP regime is bracing for a legal challenge to block any attempts by the opposition to question the board of directors of NICIL. To further complicate matters, the Attorney General’s attempt to defend the alleged conflict of interest and insider dealing on the Brassington-Hand-in-Hand Trust Company deal is highly unethical, inappropriate and untenable with respect to good governance. It is clear that many people need to have a re-look at their roles vis-à-vis the preservation of the state. What is at stake here is how a lead government negotiator on all the privatization deals during the last decade, used his position of influence to dig one financial hole to fill another, leaving the taxpayers with a deep financial hole in their pocket. Why was GNCB Trust sold if the taxpayers were going to be saddled with an exorbitant toll rate to cross the Berbice River Bridge to fund the bail out of this business after the failed Stanford-Hand-in-Hand deal?

Who made the call and sanctioned the unethical decision for Mr. Winston Brassington to purchase $225 million shares for his brother, Mr. Jonathan Brassington from Hand in Hand Trust while he was the lead negotiator? The fact that the individuals involved are trying to cover up the issue suggests that things have gone terribly wrong and if voluntary compliance is not enough to get the board of directors of NICIL to tell the truth about its finances, then Parliament and the opposition must act to ensure accountability of the taxpayers’ money. We believe that a resolution to NICIL’s problems is to have the Public Accounts Committee call for an independent forensic audit of the financial activities of NICIL over the last decade and anyone found responsible for any form of proven accounting improprieties, malpractices, and corruption at NICIL should be prosecuted. All Guyanese, especially the poor and the working class should ponder the consequences on the nation if those found legally responsible for squandering NICIL’s assets are not severely punished for their misdeeds. During the orchestrated NCN TV debate, the Minister of Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh and the Director of NICIL, Mr. Winston Brassington did not tell the nation how much money NICIL has or produced a list of its investments. Whatever one may think, there should be no disagreement that the country needs a resolution to NICIL’s financial accounts which have not been audited or updated since 2004, as well as revised arrangements for an effective anti-corruption mechanism as an integral part

Foregoing an investment DEAR SIR, The receipt of a windfall from the NBS’ investments in the Berbice Bridge Project notwithstanding the fact that NICIL had to waive the interest receivable on its investment so that the other investors including NBS can be paid, is not the issue. The issue is that NBS bought the bonds held by CLICO primarily to provide funds to pay friends and cronies of the Government who would have lost most of their investments in CLICO.

The payment by CLICO is in contravention of the Companies Act. Was the Chairman of NBS and Permanent Secretary to the Office of the President, Nanda Gopaul knowingly aware of this illegality? I support the call by Freddie Kissoon to have Gopaul appear before the Parliamentary Economic Services Committee for rigorous interrogation on this matter. I remain. R. Adam

of our governance structure. Apparently, the minority PPP administration sees nothing wrong with the way NICIL has been functioning and continues to function and is therefore incapable of recognizing corruption? But the opposition cannot give up on its quest to hold the minority PPP regime accountable. This is what the electorate voted for in the last elections. As we mentioned in previous letters on the issue, there can be no question that NICIL is a government entity with public assets, therefore the people has a right to know how their assets were spent. The deliberate attempts by the government to circumvent the process will backfire because the electorate has empowered the parliamentary opposition to ensure accountability and transparency so that the PPP regime does not continue to squander the taxpayers’ money. As serious as this may be, the PPP is not inclined to address this issue and prefer to deflect it by the trivial talk of snap elections and court action. How foolish can one be to challenge Parliament on the budget cuts when the Constitution mandated Parliament to make laws and

govern its own affairs? What is significant is that the parliamentary opposition has the authority of oversight of all public assets, including those at NICIL. The excesses of the PPP regime must be curbed, but the culture of corruption, nepotism, discrimination, and patronage is so ingrained within the party structure that change might not come easily. The “untouchables” believed that they are destined to rule the people of Guyana indefinitely and with impunity. However, this will change. We implore President Ramotar to use the goodwill of his office to cease spreading propaganda, and urge those responsible for NICIL’s debacle to tell the nation the truth. It is not enough for the PPP to profess its help for the poor and the working class, for if the party does nothing to ease their pain and hardships, there will be a much greater number to help in the near future. We affirmed that the sacred duty of the government is to be the servants of the people and be accountable to them. Does the PPP regime believe in this concept? Dr. Asquith Rose and Sasenarine Singh.

Massive corruption in the Berbice regional health authority DEAR EDITOR, As a very loyal supporter of the PPPC I am very much disappointed with the massive corruption in the Berbice Regional Health Authority and the Region Six Administration. Allow me a space in your newspaper so that someone could see and take some steps to stop this embarrassment. Let me start by saying that the Chief Executive Officer of the BHRA cannot be removed from his position

and can do anything he feels like in terms of record keeping and reporting of things. He is a master. There is a certain vehicle that is out of order and still receiving fuel. Stuff purchased for the mental asylum, only a certain amount goes there. The rest is being diverted to certain individual homes. Millions of dollars in drugs are being sold to privately owned drug stores. A lot is indeed wrong. A.TAHAL

Freddie has many reasons to be happy DEAR EDITOR, Freddie Kissoon in his June 6 column, said that he is happy Saddam Hussein of Iraq was hanged. Of course Saddam was not just hanged, he was murdered but then Freddie being who he is, is probably happy that George Walker Bush and Tony Blair have denied almost one million Iraqis their most basic human

right, the right to live. And I guess he is happy that the US and NATO are daily wiping out whole villages in Pakistan and Afghanistan. I can further assume that Freddie is quite happy that a former mayor of Linden (Kadir) is serving a life sentence in a US prison for a crime he did not commit. W.P George

Friday June 08, 2012

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

Extending oneself to Some victims of abuse must attack a necessary decision face harsh reality DEAR EDITOR, On Friday 1st June, 2012 I watched a call-in programme on R.C.A. Channel 8 called Late Talk Essequibo, hosted by Mr. Romel Roopnarine with the Regional Chairman of Region Two, Mr. Parmanand Persaud as his guest, and I am sure many other viewers will describe this programme as very poor and misleading. Mr. Roopnarine started out by criticizing the combined opposition parties particularly the A.F.C. for the budget cuts and mentioned the Ethnic Relations Commission as one of the places where workers may have to lose their jobs, and how much the Commission is needed. But what he deliberately did not say is why the combined opposition withheld the money that was requested for the E.R.C. No government or combined opposition or one opposition political party should provide the nation’s money to a Commission that is unconstitutional; all that the A.F.C. Chairman is saying is that currently the E.R.C. is not properly constituted, hence no money was approved. In the same breath he is also saying that as soon as that is corrected the A.F.C. would support whatever steps are being taken so that the E.R.C. would be able to function for the purpose for which it was created. Mr. Roopnarine spent most of his time telling

viewers how important the and the number of persons likely to be sent home which is totally irrelevant, as regards its unconstitutionality long before the 2012 budget debate and during the Robert Corbin led opposition, concerned were reportedly raised about this unconstituted body, and the noticeable bias or suspected support for the ruling party by a key member of the Commission. Those fears and suspicion were confirmed clearly for all to see, when the individual campaigned vigorously for the P.P.P. during the 2011 election, these are some of the things that Mr. Roopnarine should have told his viewers on that programme. I am sure he had knowledge of the history of the ERC, and would ask this gentleman to read the editorial of the Kaieteur News for Saturday 2nd June, 2012 so that he would be better able to inform his viewers on this topic. The Chairman then mentioned among other things, that he had invited a resident of the region to his office to discuss a problem that the resident has in relation to his NIS claim or contributions. And as the Chairman he also invited another person to discuss some problems he was having in acquiring a house lot in a housing scheme area. While no one should

dictate to the Regional Chairman in any region who he invites to his office, I am not sure if the Chairman of this region is so qualified, trained or have the experience to deal with NIS related issues, for example, contribution records, sickness benefits, medical benefits, pension and all the other claims that are likely to be made by the contributors to the scheme. The NIS regional office is a stones’ throw from the Regional Chairman’s Office and persons should be directed there. Being a contributor to the NIS from September, 1969 until recently I am in a position to advice that the staff at Anna Regina is courteous, able and capable of dealing with NIS related issues. Can you imagine our Regional Chairman meeting with about one hundred contributors daily at his office? As for the individual who cannot acquire a house lot, he should be advised to visit the Ministry of Housing local office at Anna Regina, and engage the Housing Officers, who are the persons that are knowledgeable, and should be able to advice and maybe solve his problem. We must always ensure that our officers be they those employed by the NIS, the Ministry of Housing or any other Ministry in any region are not compromised. Archie Cordis

There needs to be an end to the abuse MR EDITOR, In your newspaper and another I read recent pieces about violence against women. In the letter to you, the writer mentions several reasons for women remaining in abusive relationships and suggests steps that can be taken to ease the situation. However, the fear factor among the victims seemed to have been overlooked. Guyana’s population is relatively small. Abused women are probably keenly aware of the ‘run-but-can’thide’ aspect and are afraid that the men involved would soon find and harm them. Perhaps neighbours and others are reluctant to get involved for the same reason. As a child, I overheard, with horror, one neighbour telling another that years before, when she attempted to walk away from an unwanted relationship, her jealous partner lured her to a lonely spot one night,

produced a knife and a vial of liquid and told her that the knife was for her and the liquid for him! At the time of telling she was still with him, perhaps living a life of tension and fear. In the 1950s, something along those lines happened to the friend of a friend. The chap involved, although married, still wanted to continue a relationship with the young woman. He would turn up at her workplace and cause a disturbance, unless she agreed to speak to him out front. To avoid ‘trouble’, she would cooperate. One day he walked with a knife and stabbed her to death, then immediately swallowed poison. Such incidents were rare in those days and the young woman’s employers and colleagues were devastated she was a popular and lovable person. Perhaps Guyana really is in ‘destruction mode’ - maybe the daily stress of trying to survive is largely to blame.

Yet, on my recent visit, I was pleasantly surprised to find people generally cheerful and helpful, seemingly resigned to the way of life (our grandparents used to say ‘You have to cut and contrive’). On my walkabouts, I ‘acquired’ enough self-styled nephews and grandsons to enable me to form my own rainbow cricket or football team - and then some! Let us all hope an answer is found soon to the abusive relationships problem. Geralda Dennison

DEAR EDITOR, It has been with great concern that I have noticed the increase in the number of attacks on women and men accused of infidelity [giving blow], more than often resulting in the demise of one or both partners. And the question always is “wha happen to these men nowadays?” I would like to offer a new slant to the view that men are always in the wrong and to offer some advice based on my own personal experience. In Guyana and around the world we always hear about abused women and hardly ever of abused men. And there are countless organisations to help and support abused women, and how many for abused men? The thing is that men who are abused usually do not complain or have no one they can turn to or talk to. They are afraid of being laughed at and being ridiculed and even being blamed for their predicament if or when they confide in their relatives, friends, the police or even their religious leaders. So they endure their abuse in silence, be it verbal, emotional or psychological, or sexual, until eventually it becomes overbearing and they react violently and attack their partner physically. Of course none of these violent acts could ever be justified and in order to avoid them, men, and also women, need to do something as early as possible. But first one must be able to recognise when one is in an abusive relationship. SIGNS YOU MAY BE A VICTIM OFABUSE; .Does your partner tease you in a hurtful way in private or in public? Does your partner call you names such as “stupid” or “bitch” or “dog” or “whore”? Does your partner act jealous of your friends, family,or co_workers? Does your partner make fun of you, your friends or your activities? Does your partner get angry about the way you dress, your hairstyle or makeup? Does your partner check

up on you by calling, driving by or getting someone else to? Has your partner gone places with you or sent someone just to “keep an eye on you”? Does your partner insist on knowing who you talk to on the phone? Does your partner blame you for his or her problems or bad moods? Does your partner get angry so easily that you feel you are “walking on eggshells”? Does your partner hit walls, break stuff or do other things that scare you? Does your partner often drink or use drugs? Does your partner insist that you drink or use drugs with them? Have you lost friends or no longer see some of your family because of your partner? Does your partner accuse you of being interested in someone else? Does your partner take your personal belongings & keep them in order to get you to do something you don’t want to do? Does your partner dare you to do things you would not normally do? Does your partner challenge you to prove your love and loyalty? Does your partner get drunk or high in order to punish you? Does your partner force you to have sex when you dont want to? Does your partner force you to have sex in ways that you do not want to? Does your partner leave marks on you in obvious places to prove ownership? Does your partner threaten to kill you or himself or herself if you leave?

Does your partner act one way in front of others and another way in front of you? If you experience one or more of the above, you need to take stock of your relationship and you may need to get out of it before its too late. Here are some simple steps you can take to help end domestic abuse.: TEN STEPS TO RECOVERY 1. Tell yourself that you deserve to be treated better. 2. Stop blaming yourself for the abuse. 3. Reach out to Higher Power, strengthen your faith in your God 4. Tell someone you trust, or one who will listen...BREAK THE SILENCE. 5. Start counseling and ask for help.... lean on someone. 6. Stop protecting the abuser and hiding the abuse. 7. Do not be ashamed any longer; try to face your fears. 8. Tell yourself you are being abused. Do not deny it any longer. 9. Share your courage and strength with others. 10. Focus on yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually. Gregory Holder

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More shocking revelations have continued to rock the country about the Chinese firm that was controversially handed the US$150M project to rebuild the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA). In November 2011, former Chairman of the China’s Hebei Port Group, Huang Jianhua, was sentenced to death for taking bribes from the China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) and its parent company, Communications Construction Company Ltd. (CCCC), among other entities. CCCC, according to investigations by Chinese authorities, gifted Huang a house worth more than 4 million yuan (US$628,000) after he arranged for them to win a bid in 2008 for the construction project at the Huanghua Port Wharf in China. Executives of a sister company of CHEC, CCCCTDC Binhai Environmental Channel Dredging Co. Ltd. gave Huang 40,000 yuan and US$10,000 in three payments. Investigators found a trail of corruption by CCCC and at least two of its subsidiaries, including CHEC. US$47,000 THANK YOU Court evidence, according to the website, shows that when Huang took his first bribe in 1995, he was the manager of Qinhuangdao Port Power Supply Company. Back then, with the help of Huang Jianhua, Huang Suzhen, the then deputy manager of the Electric Department at (CHEC), won the contract for an 110KV substation project which was part of the Qinhuangdao Port Coal Wharf Fourth-Stage Project. In exchange for Huang Jianhua’s help, CHEC gave him a total of 300,000 yuan (US$47,000) as a way to say thank you. CPC Hebei Provincial Commission for Discipline

Kaieteur News

Jailed: Arafat ‘Koko’ Rahman Inspection began a probe of the official in July 2010. A year later, Huang was sentenced to death with a two-year stay of execution by the Intermediate Court of Zhangjiakou, Hebei on Nov. 3, 2011, for accepting over 20.23 million yuan (US$3M) in bribes. The Huang Jianhua affair is not dissimilar to that of Arafat ‘Koko’ Rahman, a son of the former Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Khaleda Zia, who was last year jailed for laundering millions of dollars in bribes taken from CHEC. In a widely covered case by the media, Rahman was jailed, in absentia, for six years for laundering money he received as kickbacks from CHEC and the Bangladesh subsidiary of Germany’s industrial giant, Siemens AG. In June last year, Judge Mohammad Mozammel Hossain said in his verdict Rahman was guilty of smuggling more than 200 million takas (US$2.089M) to Singapore. The judge also fined Rahman 190 million takas (US$1.6M) and asked authorities to get the smuggled money returned. Rahman was accused of taking bribes from CHEC and the Bangladesh subsidiary of Germany’s industrial giant Siemens AG for helping them

win Government contracts during his mother’s 2001-2006 premiership. US INVOLVEMENT The United States, who was involved also in the investigations, had alleged that Siemens and CHEC bribed Rahman to secure the contracts. The U.S. said the bribes were routed through U.S. financial institutions, giving it jurisdiction. Charging Rahman of money laundering, the Bangladeshi Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) case pinpointed his illegal dealings with CHEC in relation to a Tk 351 crore contract for constructing New Mooring Container Terminal at Chittagong Port. The prosecution had said that Rahman obtained the money from CHEC in three installments— on May 6, May 31, and August 1, 2005. CHEC is currently under

fire in Jamaica after an independent probe revealed suspicious discrepancies over a US$400 million contract awarded, on a sole-source basis, by the Government, to execute its Jamaica Development Infrastructure Programme. The loan agreement between the China Exim Bank, which financed $340 million of the contract sum, and the Government, was signed in February 2010. Both agreements were executed several months after CHEC had been debarred by the World Bank. Days before President Bharrat Jagdeo left office and before the November 28 General Elections in Guyana, his administration signed a US$138M contract with CHEC in Jamaica. The secret signing was only brought to light after the story broke in the Jamaican press.

Friday June 08, 2012

The project will be the biggest capital project in the country after the US$200M Skeldon factory, which was built by the Chinese and is still plagued by problems. Revelations earlier this week by Jamaica’s Contractor General, Greg Christie that the World Bank has banned CHEC and its parent company, China Communications Construction Company Limited, from its projects, have prompted calls for Government to pull back the CJIA contract. Despite all the revelations and countrywide concerns including from, government has remained silent and is still committed to rebuilding the CJIA. Almost 1,000 persons will have to be relocated along with several farms and businesses. In defending the CJIA

Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo contract to CHEC days after it was exposed in the Guyana media, Jagdeo had said that to secure the loan from China, Guyana had to commit to award the contract for the CJIA expansion to a Chinese company.

Voted down $$$ to be dealt with next week The sitting of the House of the National Assembly has been postponed once again as has been announced by Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon, who says that an agreement between the stakeholders has finally been reached. Dr. Luncheon says that the new dates agreed to for the Sitting of the National Assembly will be on Wednesday and Thursday of the new week. Wednesday has been set aside for the conducting of the business of the nongovernmental parties in Parliament, meaning the Combined Opposition. Dr. Luncheon was at the time speaking at his postCabinet press briefing held each week at Office of the President, and reminded that there are on the Order Paper for those sittings, a number of motions that had been filed

…as stakeholders finally agree on Parliament dates some time ago and are yet to be debated in the House. The opposition motions, according to Dr. Luncheon, will be dealt with in the House this coming week. He explained that on the second day of the meeting of the National Assembly in the coming week, government’s business will be addressed. “Importantly would be consideration of the resubmitted Financial Paper #7, now labelled Financial Paper #9.” This issue, Dr. Luncheon recalled, was a part of the original Financial Papers submitted as a S u p p l e m e n t a r y Appropriation from the Contingencies Fund, but had been voted down by the Combined Opposition earlier

this year. As such the Contingencies Fund (akin to Govt. petty cash) is yet to be replenished to the tune of the money that had been voted down. This money however remains represented as expenditure for 2011 in the 2012 Budgetary Estimates. Dr. Luncheon reminded that the consideration had been urged by the Speaker of the House Raphael Trotman. Trotman, at the time the provisions had been voted down by the Combined Opposition, had informed the Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh, that at a later date they could be re-submitted for reconsideration. Dr. Luncheon calls next Thursday’s deliberations in the House an “acid test of the facility of Supplementary Provisions.” The Head of the Presidential Secretariat also reminded that up for consideration when the Government gets its turn to

conduct business in the House would be the motion related to the Prime Minister and the Integrity Commission. Dr. Luncheon pointed to the resolve clause of that motion which speaks to “the call for the House to agree to have the submission of all of their reports of assets by serving Members of Parliament brought to the attention of the House.” The Cabinet Secretary explained that the intention is coercive and aims to have another mechanism in place to have MPs compliant with the laws, “in particularly with probity in public life.” Dr. Luncheon also hinted at a second motion by the governing party to be tabled in the House for debate to specifically address probity in public life and would be calling for disclosure of submissions made and evidence of tax compliance annually. Dr Luncheon says that the motion is looking to have evidence of compliance be provided to the Speaker of the House Trotman, on an annual basis.

Friday June 08, 2012

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UN monitors shot at in Syria, Annan plan crumbles BEIRUT/UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - U.N. monitors came under fire yesterday while trying to investigate reports of a new massacre that raised the pressure on world powers struggling to halt the carnage in Syria, where a U.N.-Arab League peace plan has all but collapsed. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon described as “unspeakable barbarity” the reported killing of at least 78 villagers by forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar alAssad. Speaking at a special session of the U.N. General Assembly on Syria, international envoy Kofi Annan acknowledged his peace plan was not working and said there must be “consequences” for those

who do not comply with it. Ban said hopes for consolidating the peace plan were fading and Annan himself warned the U.N. Security Council that the crisis in Syria could soon spiral out of control, diplomats said. Annan, Ban’s predecessor as U.N. Secretary General, called for “substantial pressure” on Damascus to stop the violence. Opposition activists said up to 40 women and children were among those killed in the Sunni Muslim village of Mazraat al-Qubeir on Wednesday, posting film on the Internet of bloodied or charred bodies. “There was smoke rising from the buildings and a horrible smell of human flesh burning,” said a Mazraat alQubeir resident who told how

he had watched Syrian troops and “shabbiha” gunmen attack his village as he hid in his family’s olive grove. “It was like a ghost town,” he told Reuters by telephone, asking not to be identified because he feared for his safety. “After the shabbiha and tanks left, the first thing I did was run to my house. It was burned. All seven people from my house were killed. I saw bodies on the stairs, the bathroom and bedroom. They were all burned,” the witness said. The latest killings, less than two weeks after 108 men, women and children were slain in the town of Houla, piled pressure on world powers to stop the bloodshed in Syria. They have been paralyzed by rifts pitting Western and most Arab states against Assad’s defenders in Russia, China

More U.S. waivers to Iran sanctions likely next week

Kofi Annan and Iran. Despite growing pressure on Moscow, those rifts appeared no closer to resolution yesterday as leaders of a bloc grouping China, Russia and Central Asian states called for dialogue to resolve the Syria conflict, rather than any firmer action by the Security Council. The latest reports from the ground cast a long shadow over a day of consultations and debate on Syria at the United Nations.

China cuts interest rates as economy slows China yesterday cut interest rates for the first time in over three years and moved to allow rates to float more freely, in a bid to boost a slowing economy and advance financial reform. The People’s Bank of China, or central bank, said in a statement it would cut the

benchmark one-year lending rate by 0.25 percentage points, while the one-year deposit rate would fall by the same amount from yesterday. It will also allow banks to offer deposit rates up to 10 percent higher than the benchmark rate and provide loans with rates of up to 20

Senior Saddam aide executed in Iraq BAGHDAD (Reuters) One of Saddam Hussein’s closest aides who handed down many of the dictator’s repressive orders was executed in Iraq on Thursday, the justice ministry said. Abed Hamoud, Saddam’s private secretary, was regarded by many Iraqis as more influential than most ministers. He was number four on the U.S. list of most-wanted Iraqi officials following the 2003 invasion, after the Sunni dictator and his sons. He was sentenced to death in 2010 on charges of orchestrating a crackdown against rival political parties in Iraq in the 1980s and 1990s, including assassinations and unlawful detentions. Under Saddam, who was executed in 2006 after being ousted in the U.S.-led invasion, only the ruling Baath party was allowed to exist. Attempts by the country’s Shi’ite majority to establish political organizations were crushed. Saddam’s regime killed tens of thousands of people in campaigns against minority Kurds and the Shi’ite majority. Hamoud was often seen by the former dictator’s

Abed Hamoud side in his tours of Iraq during the 1980s and 1990s. “Abed Hamoud was executed Thursday afternoon,” said Haider al-Saadi, spokesman for the justice ministry. Hamoud was the fifth former Saddam official to be executed in Iraq after the dictator. Others, including former prime minister Tareq Aziz and intelligence chief Sadoun Shakir, have been sentenced to death but are still being held in prison. Executions of former Saddam officials have been sensitive in Iraq where sectarian tensions still run high after the last U.S. forces left the country in December last year. The Vatican has appealed to Iraq’s Shi’ite-led government not to execute Aziz, saying his death would not help reconciliation efforts.

percent lower. Analysts said the twin moves send a strong message that China is ready to ease monetary policy to shore up growth in the world’s second largest economy while pushing forward with key economic reforms. The rate cut comes amid rising concern over a growth slowdown in China, which has played a key role in supporting the global economy in the current downturn. It marks China’s first interest rate cut since December 2008. “China’s economy is in a hard landing. Loosening credit will address this situation,” Hu Xingdou, an economist at the Beijing Institute of Technology, told AFP. The move came shortly before Saturday’s release of economic data for May, which

investors fear could further confirm a slowdown. Monetary easing had widely been expected following dismal economic figures in April and weaker manufacturing activity in May. “The cut is a clear and strong signal to the market of the loosening policy stance. It reflects the concerns of the top leadership... on slowing economic growth,” Goldman Sachs said in research note. The rate cut comes hot on the heels of last month’s cut in the amount of money banks are required to keep in reserves — the third since December last year — which was also aimed at pumping more funds into the slowing economy. China’s economy grew an annual 8.1 percent in the first quarter of 2012 — its slowest pace in nearly three years.

S I N G A P O R E / WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States will announce a new list of countries that will receive exceptions to financial sanctions on oil trade with Iran as soon as early next week, a government official said yesterday. Not all of Iran’s oil buyers are likely to get the waivers, said the source, who declined to elaborate. Around two thirds of Iran’s crude exports flow to Asia, where the biggest buyers are China, Japan, India and South Korea. The United States granted Japan an exception in March and has signaled it has had good talks with South Korea about reducing oil purchases. Refiners in South Korea will switch to other sources on July 1, industry sources have said. But the U.S. may withhold waivers for China and Singapore, according to an advocate of tougher sanctions on Iran, stepping up pressure on Iran’s biggest crude oil buyer and a

major destination for its fuel oil exports. Mark Dubowitz, the advocate and head of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, said he expected all of Iran’s other oil buyers would eventually get the exceptions. He believes China has received some clandestine cargoes from Iran. Tehran has withheld the destination of some oil shipments by disabling tracking systems on its tanker fleet, according to shipping and trading sources.

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Friday June 08, 2012

CTO chairman makes pitch Prosecutors want to would-be tourism investors Allen Stanford jailed NEW YORK - CMC - One of the Caribbean’s leading tourism officials told potential investors Wednesday that the region is an “emerging” destination “rich with investment options” despite the crippling effects of the global economic meltdown. Chairman of the Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) and tourism minister of St Kitts and Nevis Ricky Skerritt urged business leaders gathered for the second annual Invest Caribbean Now Power Forum not to miss the opportunity to capitalise on an “emerging” tourism destination. “Despite the volatile period since the banking

Ricky Skerritt crisis, the fact is that the Caribbean is still the most desirable warm weather vacation destination in the world, in other words in spite

of the uncomfortable financial and the fiscal transformations taking place around us, there is still an increasing demand for leisure travel to the Caribbean and that translate ladies and gentlemen if you do it right to dollars and return on investments,” he told the forum. “With the public investment programmes of so many of our Caribbean government having been compromised because of recent fiscal challenges...more opportunities than ever before for private investors to get involved in financing, designing, building and even operating a select public infrastructure and service relating projects.”

for 230 years

HOUSTON, Texas - CMC - US prosecutors have asked that the convicted fraudster Allen Stanford, described as a “ruthless predator” whose US$7-billion Ponzi scheme was based in Antigua, be given the maximum penalty at his sentencing next week – 230 years in prison. “Robert Allen Stanford is a ruthless predator responsible for one of the most egregious frauds in history,” said the US Justice Department in documents filed before US District Judge David Hittner who is to impose the sanction here on June 14. But Stanford has asked that his sentence be limited to the three years he spent in jail awaiting trial. “Displaying an audacity that only further illustrates his depravity, Stanford seeks a sentence of time served, brazenly arguing that there are no losses,” it added. In March, a jury found the flamboyant 62year-old Texas financier found guilty of

defrauding more than 20,000 investors of US$7-billion through the sale of bogus certificates of deposit at his Stanford International Bank (SIB).

Emir of Qatar ‘wants to build hotels in Grenada’ Grenada - One of the world’s richest men, the Emir of Qatar wants to build hotels in Grenada. Confirmation on this has come from Finance Minister Nazim Burke. Burke’s comments follow a recent visit to the island by the Emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, who met with Prime Minister Tillman Thomas at the Spice Island Beach Resort.

Burke told a radio programme yesterday morning a cooperation agreement between both countries is expected to be signed soon. “It was a very short but a very important visit….the main area of interest appears to be tourism infrastructure,” Burke said on live radio on Wednesday. “What we are talking about with the Emir is the

July CARICOM Summit to be ‘modest but dignified’ CASTRIES, St. Lucia CMC - Preparations for St. Lucia’s hosting of the annual Caribbean Community Summit are well underway here, with incoming Chairman Prime Minister Kenny Anthony stating that arrangements would be modest but dignified given current economic difficulties in the 15-nation regional bloc. “The arrangements, said Prime Minister Anthony, “will be modest but dignified. This is a very difficult time for all the economies of CARICOM and there is really no room for extravagance of any kind.” The 33rd regular

meeting of the Conference of CARICOM Heads of Government will be held from July fourth to sixth. “What we lack in our resources will be compensated by the legendary hospitality of our people. As plans progress, we will ensure that the public is kept fully informed as we are anxious that our visitors are made comfortable in our midst”, the St Lucian leader said in a statement Wednesday. The 2011 CARICOM summit was held last July in Basseterre, the St Kitts-Nevis capital.

possibility of some hotel construction here in Grenada.” Burke declined to go into further details but said the meetings were very encouraging and that the countries are in the process of preparing co-operation agreements. Prime Minister Thomas met the leader of Qatar last September while attending the United Nations summit. During a ten minute conversation between the two leaders, the Emir promised to send a team to

Grenada to probe investment prospects. Burke admitted that two scouts came to Grenada earlier this year to gather information on Grenada to take back to Qatar. “In February, two persons from Qatar came to Grenada…they looked around they saw what they liked and then they went back to Qatar and gave a report,” the Finance Minister said. “As a result of this visit, he’s now seen several things and is interested in talking about tourism construction.

Two Caribbean governments increasing travel taxes BRIDGETOWN, Barbados - Even as Caribbean governments and tourism officials have lamented the negative impact from of higher travel taxes and duties imposed in overseas source markets, two island authorities are introducing new travel taxes. The government of Jamaica announced Wednesday that an agreement has been reached between the Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association (JHTA) and the government on tax measures to be imposed on the tourism sector under the 2012-2013 Budget. The agreement will see the introduction of a US$ 20 fee for each arriving passenger, whose trip originates abroad, as of August 1, 2012. Effective September 1, 2012 an accommodation tax will be introduced for each occupied room per night of US$ 1 for

properties with less than 51 rooms, US$ 2 for hotels with 51-100 rooms, and US$4 for hotels with 101 rooms and above. This news follows on the heels of last week’s announcement coming out of Antigua and Barbuda that the government had presented and passed the Airport Administration Charge Act, 2012, which now takes the Antigua’s overall airport taxes to US $93.75 up from US $63.75, and will be built into the cost of travellers’ tickets. This move was strongly condemned in March by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which reportedly wrote a strongly worded letter to Civil Aviation and Culture Minister John Maginley stating that the new taxes would stand at a level that far exceeded the regional average and stood well beyond a viable level for airlines.

Friday June 08, 2012

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Improving political discourse in Guyana The nature of political and social discourse in Guyana needs revamping. For too long this discourse has been combative; for too long we have been speaking at rather than to each other; for too long we have been speaking with forked tongues rather than trying to reconcile the various interests that we pretend we do not represent. A fresh start is needed to public discussions and I am happy to be asked to make a contribution towards enabling changes in the way we speak to each other. I begin with a simple question. If all the parties in Guyana agree that development is good for Guyana then why would the opposition parties cut projects that can promote development? Are these cuts a product of the nature of the way our leaders relate to each other? Is their dialogue aimed at finding common ground or is it is based on either side attempting to prevail over the

other? That approach has to change and give way to each side considering the issue from the perspective of the other while leaving the other with enough space to change their mind or modify their stance. What is needed is for a new approach to national issues, one in which each side can consider the other’s interests and instead of trying to only defend or only criticize one another, both sides can try to find a basis for agreement. Take for example the airport project. This is a highly vexatious issue. The opposition is suspicious of this project, beginning with the manner in which this deal was signed. It was a secretive deal which was only made public after it was reported in the foreign media. The Guyanese people were not aware that the government, just before the election, had signed a major deal with a Chinese firm to undertake

MACORP recently hosted a launching and a seminar of the New Cat Product Link. This event was held at the Guyana International Conference Centre, Liliendaal, East Coast Demerara. “It pays to know where your equipment is, what it is doing and how it is performing at any given moment,” MACORP said in a statement. “The all-new Cat Product Link helps you get that information to the right people at just the right time— so you can maximize efficiency, raise productivity and lower owning and operating costs for your fleet.” It is just good business for owners of equipment / machines to protect their investment by knowing the location of these valuable

assets, what they are doing and how they’re performing, the company said. The Cat Product Link remote monitoring system— featuring robust new cellular hardware and an intuitive web-based user interface called Vision Link—provides the information owners need to efficiently and effectively manage their machines. In addition to the conventional benefits of Product Link, owners will have access to valuable information. MACORP added that new functionality includes management of maintenance by mileage, engine and transmission PTO usage updates, alerts for loss of main battery power, notification of non-authorized movement during “key-off” intervals and access to odometer readings.

major works to the Timehri airport. The contract means that some US$150M in debt is going to be contracted by the people of Guyana so that the airport can be become a category one facility. The question needs to be asked, therefore, is why if this is such an important developmental project that would bring benefits to the economy of Guyana, was it necessary to keep it away from public scrutiny? Why the secrecy? Where there is secrecy, people smell rats, and in the case of this deal, some people smelt a Big Rat. The first issue, therefore, that needs to be addressed, is whether there is need for an upgrading of the airport to category one. It has been suggested that in order for a national carrier to fly from Guyana to certain locations, the country needed to have a category one airport. This brings us to the next question as to whose interest

is going to be served by having a category one airport. Obviously, it will be the interest of whichever airline wins the national flag carrier status. So this now begs the question as to why should taxpayers be incurring a debt of US$150M so that an airline can be branded as the national flag carrier of Guyana. If the main reason is to allow for category one status, it means the cost to the treasury for achieving this status is US$150M. And since this status is necessary for an airline to be designated a national flag carrier, then the controversy can be solved simply by asking whichever airline is designated the national flag carrier to pay US$150M in order to be branded as the national airline of Guyana. It may be argued, however, that the Guyanese taxpayers should foot a share of this bill since the economy will benefit. But suppose the perceived benefits do not

materialize. What it means is that the taxpayers of this country will be burdened with a debt of US$150M just because the designated national flag carrier did not deliver the economic benefits that it said it would. What happens also if the national flag carrier runs bust. It would not be fair for taxpayers to be so burdened with a US$150M debt plus interest. This therefore brings us back to the issue that needs to be settled before any monies are spent on this airport project. Is this project being pursued because of its value to the national economy or is it being pursued solely to put monies into the hands of private investors? No compelling arguments have so far been made that would suggest that Guyana is going to benefit tremendously from having a category one airport? And in the absence of that alone, this entire project is questionable

and needs to be squashed. After all, those who signed this deal cannot convince the Guyanese taxpayers that this project can pay for itself, that is, the government will within a certain period make back the sum it is borrowing plus a big profit, then why should taxpayers have to incur such a massive debt? This is the question that has to be answered and if it cannot be answered, then the project should be halted immediately. But that is not the only reason why the airport project should be aborted. Those who inked the contract now have to answer as to how they came about choosing the contractor for the proposed job. To be continued.

MACORP launches machine tracking Some of the CAT equipment at the launching

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Friday June 08, 2012


Opposition politics and grave reality in Guyana In the Monday edition of the Stabroek News, the editorial titled, “Six months wasted,” made some damning criticism of the opposition for lack of achievements since it won a parliamentary majority in last November’s general elections. There can be no doubt that the opposition parties are not without their faults. It is also unfair to compare the failings of the AFC with its more powerful and institutionalized partner on the opposition benches, APNU. In a forthcoming column, I will look at APNU since the election, but this I will say for now – in another general election, APNU’s constituencies may not vote or vote against it. The disappointment with APNU

has been extensive and intensive. Having said that, it is theoretically valid to argue that in a dead society like Guyana, opposition activities cannot be as energetic and optimistic as what obtains around the world. The most uneducated person can attempt some form of analysis when it comes to understanding how dead this country is. You don’t have to go to school to understand that the population in this country is not interested in any kind of activism, be it social or political. The gravest wrongs can be done to the people of Guyana by their government and they will take it. When there was the industrial dispute at UG in February this

year, I met Raphael Trotman in the studio of Channel 6, where we were both recording interviews. He said to me that at UWI in Barbados, a lecturer was dismissed and the student population brought the campus to a halt. This was in a small, tourist island like Barbados. If anything should have brought thousands of persons out into the streets it was the horrible danger that faced the communities that bordered the dumpsite in Le Repentir Cemetery, when the situation got totally out of control. Hospital waste was disposed of there. A toxic emanation had formed in the atmosphere, but the residents showed no inclination to protest. When Mark

Benschop and I got arrested for allegedly blocking the entrance to the site, you would have thought that even a small gathering would have turned up outside the police station or at the Magistrates’ Court. Not even a solitary supporter showed up. It was clear from what emerged at the preliminary inquiry into the treason charges that the State had prosecuted the three accused wrongfully. This was a case of three persons who faced horrible political victimization. After eighteen months of court hearings, only five of us held picketing action for these victimized citizens. Absolutely nothing moves the people of Guyana. The people of Guyana are

Workers need level playing field, - GPSU no double standards The Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) has called for the creation of a level playing field for all workers, without discrimination and double standards. The union expressed this notion in a statement in observance of its 89th anniversary, today. According to the union, it “remains entrenched as a proud, confident and determined organization in its ongoing pursuit of social and economic justice for the working class, particularly public sector workers, and similarly committed to the cause of such people in general, worldwide. “Today’s workers suffer betrayal by many of those they have promoted to advance their cause at the political level and who have formed allegiances with materialists that are greeddriven, regardless of the human cost. Such allegiances have fostered anti-working class alliances and have carried out ruthless and

massive attacks on workers, who continually seek to climb out of the morass of poverty.” The Union stated that these alliances could prove terminal to the very existence of the working class, if not defeated. “A major concern in this struggle is the unwitting involvement of some sectors of workers, who unconsciously undermine their own welfare and that of other workers, by becoming suckers to political cronyism. This weakness or deficiency must be perma n e n t l y repaired and a campaign launched to reunite the working class, as an active force, working in the interest of all.” The GPSU emphasised that the constant struggle for fair and equitable treatment for the working class in Guyana has become an elusive aspiration, even though promises in that regard have been repeatedly made during campaigns for political office.

“The case in point was evidenced on the campaign trail in the recent General Elections, where several commitments were given, from all sides of the political divide, to address matters that would significantly contribute to bettering the cause of workers generally, including treating, as a priority, with the concerns of the working poor. This was foremost amongst the pledges by the current political administration. It has been six months since the installation of this PPP/C Government and as usual, the outpouring of much cautious optimism, but so far to no avail. The expected changes have not been forthcoming and from what we have experienced, so far, the PPP/ C’s methodology for dealing with the working class has assumed its all-familiar trend. In short, nothing has changed and change seems unlikely.” The Union noted that it recommended: the unification

of the Public Service, where all positions were permanent and pensionable, enjoyed security of tenure and were constitutionally protected from political tampering and/ or interference; the reactivation of the Public Service Appellate Tribunal, which in violation of the provisions of the Constitution, has been deactivated for over a decade; respect for collective bargaining agreements and ILO Conventions; respect for the reemployment of retired persons agreement, whereby the Union’s concurrence is a compulsory factor; full respect for the Check-off Agreement and the restoration of the Agency Shop Agreement; the adherence to the Public Service Rules and Public Service Commission’s Rules, including the procedures for the amendment of these rules; and the creation of a level playing field for all workers, without discrimination and double standards.

prepared to take the nastiest of physical and political abuse by their government and just go on their merry way. In such an environment, it is unreasonable to expect opposition parties to be overflowing with passion, motivation and resources, and prepared to confront an unjust and harmful government. Nature didn’t make politicians to be superhuman organisms. To add insult to injury, there are stakeholders from whom the Guyanese people expect to see some form of patriotism; instead they see the invisibilities of these organizations. How courageous do you expect an opposition party to be when none of the three major business organizations has ever uttered a word of criticism against a government that commits the most egregious violations short of gunning people down in the streets? The PPP Government can commit the most depraved and immoral wrongs on this nation and our business leaders, who tell us every day that they are the future of Guyana, will find it convenient to shut their mouths, and when they do open them, it would be to give support to an elected dictatorship (I don’t know if I can still use that term because the

Frederick Kissoon government is now a minority regime). Perhaps the most graphic manifestation of this indecency is when the Private Sector Commission, through its chairman, told Mr. Granger in the most insulting, contemptuous and flippant manner that if he has a problem with the way NCN is being administered, then raise it with the Government. In the same breath they told the Opposition Leader that they would like to meet with him because the budget cuts will affect profits. The Guyana Bar Association is dead. The only time it opened its mouth in the past five years was to call for the confirmation of the Chief Justice and Chancellor. This defunct entity does not see it fit to pronounce on the state’s frequent assault on the rule of law. Dead too is the Guyana Press Association. Dead too is Guyana. Against this lugubrious background of gloom and doom, don’t expect a livable opposition party.

Dem boys seh...

Nuff people vex wid Jagdeo Some people got power and some does pretend that dem got power. When de one wid de power talk nobody can ask one question. Some Customs people did get knock off ‘bout three years ago. Bharrat Jagdeo knock dem off. Dem had big investigation, but de people was innocent. Dem boys seh that Jagdeo get vex, but he spiteful. He don’t like know that he wrang. De Board clear de men and tell dem fuh go back. De men dress fuh go to wuk. Uncle Donald hear and he ain’t seh nutten. Dem boys seh that he approve. Jagdeo hear that de men going to wuk and he show that he got power. He tell dem not once he alive. De men ain’t get back de wuk. Is de same attitude mek two koker attendant flood de city. Jagdeo mek dem people get frustrated from de time he hold back de taxes and mek de council couldn’t pay de workers. De koker people decide that de best thing is fuh drink and get drunk. Yesterday morning Sam and Robeson get a shock. When dem go to wuk dem had more water than corn flour. Sam shorts get wet. De people in Kingston had it bad. One man roll off he bed and nearly drown. Dem chair spoil, de salt water short circuit dem fridge and all of dem decide that dem carrying dem furniture to Jagdeo house because is he mek dem pump attendant drink and get drunk and forget de koker. Imagine that Uncle Donald lef to go to a meeting in New York. As soon as he back tun, Jagdeo kavakamites in de government give he best friend $1.3 billion fuh buy drugs. Dem do de thing secretly and when dem boys talk everybody hear when de friend seh that is a secret order, that everything does got to be done in secret. Dem boys know fuh sure that when Jagdeo and he clique going to jail it ain’t gun be no secret. Talk half and keep de other half a secret.

Friday June 08, 2012

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Mapping of country’s forests boosted with GIS training - land use agencies to collaborate on technology use Guyana’s capacity to monitor its vast hinterland resources have been given a major boost with the completion of a critical 12month course in training to handle the Geographic Information System (GIS)/ Remote Sensing technology. A total of 30 persons participated with 17 from the forestry sector. As a result of the training, the GFC (Guyana Forestry Commission) has seen a vast improvement in the quality of maps and information that were produced by the GIS Unit,” Deputy Commissioner, Jagdesh Singh said during the closing ceremony yesterday at the Kingston

headquarters. “Updated and reliable GPS information was being collected by field staff, enabling the GIS Unit to produce updated maps for use during field exercises and, participants of the training are now knowledgeable about the principles and application of GIS and RS in Sustainable Forest Management.” The project was a joint collaboration between GFC, USAID Guyana and the US Forestry Service Programme. At the technical level, it will support the work the GFC has been doing in promoting the sustainable management of the country’s State Forest Estate and the implementation

Staffers of the Guyana Forestry Commission who were part of the 12-month training in the GIS/Remote Sensing technology. Seated second from left is US Ambassador, D. Brendt Hart of the activities under the Redd + Governance Development Plan, as part of the US$250M agreement

Prison Officer electrocuted in Ann’s Grove A Prison Officer was last evening pronounced dead on arrival at a Doctor’s office in Cove and John, East Coast Demerara, after being electrocuted at his home. The dead man has been identified as 28-year-old Colin Brian Gravesande who was at the time of his demise, a serving member of the Guyana Prison Service and a father of two. The man’s mother, Evelyn Gravesande, told this publication that the incident occurred at around 17:15 hours at his reputed wife’s home in Ann’s Grove. Mrs. Gravesande said she had just finished eating when someone informed her that her son had been electrocuted. “I just reach home and had something to eat and I see my son sister-in-law come running saying come see ‘uncle’ get shock and he dead.” The woman said by the time she raced over to her daughter-in-law’s home they had already left with her son for the hospital so she followed in a car.

Dead: Colin Gravesande “We see they stop at a doctor in Cove and John and when we reach there the doctor said my son dead, when I go in and look at him he was frothing from his mouth and his tongue was blue,”. Meanwhile, the man’s reputed wife Tesha Collins said minutes before the incident, Gravesande was doing some construction work at the back of the house. “He come in front and tell me to bathe them two children and make tea for them, so

while I bathing them I heard a slight scream so I run inside.” Collins said when she went into the shop she noticed Gravesande lying on the floor next to the transformer which was plugged into the wall with a drop cord. “After I see he on the floor I run and scramble he but I get shock and all I see he pointing to the wire to the wall and I pull it out and start calling for help, but is going he did going to plug out the drop cord because it de burn.” According to Collins, by that time neigbours had rushed to her assistance and assisted in taking Gravesande to hospital. The woman added that the police were also informed and they visited the scene and removed both the transformer and the drop cord. Investigations are ongoing. Gravesande had been working as a Prison Officer stationed at the Camp Street facility for the past eight years. He is survived by his reputed wife and two children, aged seven and two.

between Guyana and Norway. At the end of the project, 17 staffers from the Forest Resources Management Division (FRMD) and the Forest Monitoring Division (FMD) were trained in the principles and application of GIS and RS. GFC is working to prepare manuals that will be used to train new staffers. “The capacity and knowledge that was built, has assisted the GFC in developing new systems to support its work in ensuring forest legality. For example, GPS coordinates from stump inspections are plotted on updated GIS maps and are being provided to GFC to assist in identifying the location of trees harvested and to determine if it has been harvested within the legally allocated forest concession boundaries.” Singh also disclosed that GFC has been providing technical support to the other

land use agencies, like the Guyana Lands and Survey Commission and the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission. The idea is to develop and manage GIS data to assist in the integration of GIS data generated by the land use agencies. “The GFC sees this not as the final stage in the capacity building project with USAID, but as part of a continuous process of building local capacity in key areas of Redd+, SFM and general forestry matters.” Also at the graduation were US Ambassador to Guyana, D. Brendt Hart, and Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, Robert Persaud. According to the Minister, the training is critical and plans are now underway to bring more awareness to the use of the lesser known species of wood. The use of the GIS/

Remote Sensing technology is important to the development of the country’s monitoring and verification systems. Systems will help reduce illegal logging in keeping with US and EU demands. He also noted that with a shortage of such expertise, government is moving to work with the University of Guyana and even a planned mining school with will target similar programmes. He also said that the use of GIS will be shared between the other sister agencies. There are cases where maps produced by the various agencies are not fully correct and the sensing technology of the GIS is intended to correct this. According to the US Ambassador, the training is but one of the effective partnerships between Guyana and the US which has “taken root” and will “bear fruit”.

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Sick baby’s relative drives ambulance from Diamond Hospital to GPHC The relative of an ailing baby had to drive an ambulance from Diamond, East Bank Demerara, to Georgetown last Wednesday night, because no driver was available at the East Bank Demerara Regional Hospital. The unusual incident occurred at around 20:00 hrs on Wednesday when relatives took the five-monthold to the Diamond health facility after the infant had difficulty breathing. Staff recommended that the baby be transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital. However, there was no ambulance driver on duty. The staffers were forced to turn to one of the baby’s relatives to man the vehicle. The relative, a licenced driver, then took the child by ambulance to the city hospital. Chief Executive Officer of the East Bank Demerara

- no driver on duty Regional Hospital, Kevin Manna, confirmed that the incident had occurred and said that the incident is being investigated. “I received a report from the doctor on call and the matter is engaging the attention of the Ministry of Health and the Regional Administrator.” According to the CEO, the baby did not suffer any untoward effects from the delay. Asked why no driver was available he added: “We are human beings; even ambulance drivers get sick.” The CEO told Kaieteur News that efforts were made to get an ambulance from the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) and the Davis Memorial Hospital. However, no ambulances

were available at the time. He said that whenever there is no ambulance driver, the administration would seek help from the West Demerara Regional Hospital or the GPHC. Kaieteur News was told that about three weeks ago, relatives of a badly injured man also had to take the patient by ambulance from the East Bank Demerara Regional Hospital to the GPHC, because no driver was on duty. The hospital is also said to have a shortage of attendants. When victims of the recent Coverden minibus crash were taken to the institution, media operatives had to assist hospital staff in lifting one of the passengers, 77-year-old Manfred Parks, into the hospital’s ambulance.

No sign of M’cony escapee Police and fishermen in the Mahaicony River came up empty-handed in their search for the body of escaped prisoner Colin Sealey, twenty four hours after he plunged to his death. Police sources in the area told this newspaper that they combed several sections of the river bank as well as with relatives and friends and there was no sign that Sealey, 53, made it to shore. They are now convinced that he suffered a similar fate to that of Godwin Maxwell whose body was recovered at the mouth of the river two days after he too jumped in to escape from the police almost three years ago. Sealey was arrested by the police about 16:30 hours on Tuesday during investigations into allegations of threatening behaviour, assault and indecent exposure. Police in a statement said that a police rank went to the lock-ups to take out Colin Sealey, a fisherman of

Colin Sealey Zeskenderen, Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara, to escort him to the Cove and John Magistrate’s Court. During this process, Sealey overpowered the policeman just as he was about to be handcuffed and escaped out of the station. He then ran and jumped into the river. Eyewitnesses recalled seeing Sealey, called ‘Tish’,

swimming north in the Mahaicony River. From all appearances he became tired and held on to one of the ropes that was holding back a fishing boat moored in the river. But the current of the river was so strong that Sealey was having difficulty keeping himself from drifting further out into the river. One eyewitness said that Sealey then tried to swim to the eastern bank of the river but turned back when he saw that the police were waiting there for him. It was at this time that he apparently encountered more difficulty and went under. Sealey’s reputed wife of five years, Allison Leitch, is leaving his fate up to God. “I cannot say what happened to him. I putting my trust in God. I don’t know if he gone down or if he make it,” Leitch said, adding that she is hoping that he faked drowning just to avoid capture.

Friday June 08, 2012

12-year-old mother wants to go back to school The 12-year-old girl, who reportedly gave birth to her stepfather’s son at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) on Thursday, May 31, via caesarian section, has been discharged along with her son, and both mother and baby are said to be in a stable condition. The girl has decided that she wants to start afresh. Apart from the physical pain and agonizing memories of her stepfather touching her, the child is positive and ready to move on from the nightmare. She wants to pursue her education and become a Teacher. When she returns to school in September, her mother will take care of the baby. Speaking to Kaieteur News yesterday afternoon, the child’s mother said that she is awaiting her daughter’s National Grade six Assessment results before purchasing her school uniforms. The child plans to enroll in whatever Secondary school her results permit, and work hard to get a good job and become a productive young lady. As of now she is residing with her newborn at the home of her mother’s relatives in

- stepfather remanded to prison Cotton Field, West Coast Berbice. They have been acting as her caretakers ever since she had been discharged. Although her mother has to stay at their Rosignol, Berbice home to take care of her younger brother, the woman would visit her daughter every day. The girl’s mother posited that she will never forgive the man who caused her daughter so much pain and hurt. She added that had she known, or had the slightest idea of what her reputed husband was doing to her daughter, the matter would not have escalated. “A big, big person does can’t bear the pain of mekkin’ a baby, and that man mek me daughter face that pain. If she bin only tell me seh mommy this man ah do this to me, me woulda deal with he long. This thing wouldn’t ah get so big”, the irate mother said. Initial reports are that the girl was being repeatedly raped by the man since she was10-years-old and became pregnant in August, 2011, shortly after her menstrual cycle began at age 11. Kaieteur News

understands that the culprit who hails from the North West District moved into the young girl’s Berbice home about two years ago. This is when the sexual abuse began. A source had told this newspaper that the cane cutter would threaten to chop the child if she told anyone about the abuse. This publication was made to understand that it was teachers at the girl’s Primary School who observed her being consistently nauseous during morning assemblies and informed the Schools’ Welfare Department. Investigations began and in January, last, the child was taken to the Fort Wellington Hospital for a medical examination. There it was revealed that she was five months pregnant. It was after being repeatedly questioned that the child broke down and attributed responsibility of her pregnancy to her stepfather, who later denied ever touching the girl inappropriately. The perpetrator was remanded to prison, following investigations.

E.C.D. road expansion affected by inclement weather Continued inclement weather, particularly along the East Coast of Demerara has slowed the progress of preliminary works to facilitate the road’s expansion into four-lane from Better Hope to Montrose and from Montrose to Golden Grove. As such, the works may not conclude by the August schedule. This is according to Kelvin Clarke, Engineer, of Public Works Ministry, who emphasized that the project is not progressing as the Ministry and contractors would like. Every time, it rains

the contractors have to clean the drains and steel without preceding the day’s job, he added. Clarke noted that the contractors are currently constructing drains to the extreme width of the road. The construction of the First Lot is being undertaken by Falcon Transportation and Construction Services to a tune of $468,214,760. Lot Two, at a cost of $671,623,054, is being executed by Dipcon Engineering Services. He enlightened that the main drainage was affected in some communities. As a

result, drainage was rerouted through some community drains. In other areas, the excavated stretch is being used as the drainage system. According to Clarke, this may be a challenge for the contractor since that area will need to be drained thoroughly before construction commences. Meanwhile, the contract for the feasibility study and design of the East Coast Demerara Roadway Four Lane Extension project was awarded to and DIWI Germany Gmbh in (Continued on page 13)

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Drunk koker attendant causes flooding in Kingston

The koker which was left open Early yesterday morning residents of Kingston woke up to an unusual and frightful occurrence – as much as three feet of muddy water in some premises and their general environs inundated.

It was determined that the koker attendant had slept away after drinking with the foreman, thus the resultant flooding as the koker was left open. Some residents had water

An employee makes his way into the Works Ministry compound

in their living rooms while others had to deal with it in their yards. Many residents of Barrack Street who spoke with this publication said the situation was very frustrating since

they have incurred significant damage. “When this water drain off you have to pick up vinyl and carpet, not to mention what happen to the wooden flooring,” one woman said.

AG now seeks Interim order, drops Conservatory order Attorney General Anil Nandlall yesterday informed the court that the government was no longer seeking a Conservatory order in the move to the courts to set aside the $20.9B budget cut. Instead it was applying for an interim order which would allow the Minister of Finance to withdraw monies from the Contingency Fund. On Tuesday, Government, through Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon, had moved to the High Court by way of an exparte motion, which seeks to state that the National Assembly has no power to cut the annual budget. Nandlall along with the Solicitor General Sita Ramlall, and Senior Counsel Ashton Chase are appearing for the government and Finance Minister Ashni Singh. Attorneys at law Deborah Backer, Robert Corbin, Joseph Harmon, James Bond, and Khemraj Ramjattan are representing Opposition Leader David Granger and Speaker of the National Assembly Raphael Trotman. Attorney General Nandlall, yesterday, told Kaieteur News that Chief Justice Ian Chang heard his application in Chambers. He said that he presented the arguments and was relying on the outlined constitutional structure. The AG further told Kaieteur News that the

- wants Finance Minister to take money from Contingency Fund National Assembly has the power to approve a budget which is presented by the Finance Minister. He said that inherent in that, is power to disapprove. However, Nandlall said that the National Assembly did not have the power to reject the Finance Minister’s estimates and replace those estimates with its own. He said that the opposition does not have the power to substitute its own budget and pass it. Nandlall sought to explain that the interim order that he is seeking is one allowing the Minister of Finance to withdraw monies from the Contingency Fund. Khemraj Ramjattan yesterday described the case as a disgruntled Executive seeking to bypass to get back the flow of funds which were voted in accordance with all due constitutional requirements. He said that the bypass mechanism is an interim court order. Ramjattan opined that the main purpose of this order is to permit the government to raid the contingency fund. He said that the entire process is misconceived. The other parties were given up to July 3, to reply to

Nandlall’s submissions, before the Chief Justice. Dr. Luncheon in his motion noted that indeed, and admittedly, the National Assembly has an additional financial responsibility to approve expenditure as provided for in Article 120, but the same relates and is confined to expenditure connected with future offices to be constituted by the President. The Cabinet Secretary said that none of the offices and entities which formed the subject of these proceedings are new offices; they are all existing offices; indeed, the express confinement of the power of approval to future offices fortifies the contention that no power is vested in the

National Assembly by the Constitution to affect funding to existing offices, save and except, a power of complete disapproval as contemplated by Article 218. Therefore, all reductions of the Annual Estimates of Revenues and Expenditure purportedly affected by the Committee of Supply of the National Assembly were ultra vires the Constitution and the jurisdiction and authority of the National Assembly. Dr. Luncheon is seeking the third-named defendant, Dr. Ashni Singh, to be at liberty to make advances/ withdrawals from the Contingencies Fund, pursuant to Article 220 of the Constitution, for the purpose of restoring the funds to the Agencies listed, as originally budgeted in the Estimates of the Revenues and Expenditure of Guyana for the year 2012.

E.C.D. road expansion... (From page 12) association with Sief Engineering Consultant and Marcel Gaskin and Associates Limited. This aspect of the project is funded by the Kuwaiti Government and cost US$3.2M. The East Coast Demerara Highway is being extended by 18 kilometres, stretching from Better Hope to Golden Grove. This project seeks to improve the mobility and accessibility of the population via this extension which links Georgetown to numerous highly populated villages along the East Coast Demerara Public Road.

The compounds of several Government buildings were also under water up until 11:00 hours yesterday and Minister of Public Works Robeson Benn said his ministry suffered some losses. Minister Benn confirmed that the flooding was as a result of a koker door being left open to the mercies of the high tides. Benn said early yesterday morning he contacted the City Engineer who was very apologetic for the incident which could have been avoided. Benn said he was informed that both the koker attendant and the foreman had been delinquent in their duties. According to Benn, it was also unfortunate that there was high tide at the time which caused the extensive flooding in the area. The Minster added that

his Ministry suffered some damage as a result of the flood. He explained that several documents which were being stored in the bottom flat of the building were affected as well as air conditioning units and computers. He added that his staff, up to noon yesterday, was still assessing the damage. Meanwhile Mayor of Georgetown Hamilton Green has ordered a thorough investigation into the embarrassing incident. At around 18:00 hours yesterday, the Mayor said he was given the preliminary findings and he has since recommended that condign action be taken against those who were at fault. He added that he has also been in discussion with the Union on the matter of disciplinary action.

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GWI embarks on survey to reduce non-revenue water Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) has embarked on a pilot survey to reduce the instances of non-revenue water. According to Head of Field Services, Sunildat Barran, non-revenue water is water for which GWI does not generate revenue and can be placed under two categories which are technical and commercial losses. He explained that the technical losses occur when water is lost through breakages and leaks in the distribution system, as well as wastage by customers. He further stated that the commercial losses encompass incorrect meter readings, billing inaccuracies as well as inaccurate customer information. “We intend to correct all these obstacles through the pilot survey,” stated Barran, “this will be done through visits to customers’ homes in order to verify their account information, ensure that

meters are providing accurate readings and other activities related to reducing the amount of non-revenue water.” He stated that the study will be executed in several areas including sections of East Berbice, Cotton Tree, West Berbice, Cane Grove, East Coast Demerara, Silver Town, Linden, Goed Fortuin, West Demerara and Lima, Essequibo. He noted that communities in Georgetown and East Bank Demerara will be added to the pilot areas later in the year. Barran also explained that following the results of the initial survey, GWI plans to include more pilot areas with the aim of eliminating the loss of revenue through leaks and wastage. The Field Services head explained that another objective of the Pilot Study is to determine the actual value of non-revenue water in particular areas since GWI

depends heavily on estimated figures for water lost via wastage and leaks. “This study will assist us by providing real-time data to calculate the actual amount of non-revenue water in the pilot areas identified for the study,” stated Barran, “it is imperative that we determine the actual value of non-revenue water and take necessary action to reduce the occurrence.” GWI customers who reside in the identified areas can expect monthly visits from GWI personnel who will be conducting various exercises including testing the accuracy of meters, requesting account information, verifying the addresses of customers and ensuring that water service connections are not leaking. “The goal of the study is to reconcile the service the customers are receiving with what GWI is producing via its various water production sites including well stations and water treatment facilities,” Barran explained. Barran insisted that GWI customers will benefit from improved customer service following the success of the survey. “We are asking all GWI customers to partner with us, as this survey will significantly aid GWI in providing an enhanced level of service to customers country-wide.”

Friday June 08, 2012

Drug charge against Nigerian dismissed - Remains in custody on another Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry yesterday dismissed charges against a Nigerian national who was accused of having 430 grams of cocaine in his possession in a city hotel last year. The charges were brought against Sulaiman Delodin by ranks of the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU). It had been alleged that on February 23, 2011, three persons were arrested at Comfort Suites Hotel, located in Bel Air, Georgetown. The police said that they were acting on information when they entered a hotel room where Wilfred Reece, 52, Shontel Mansfield, 29, and Delodin were said to have been. Yesterday’s hearing was scheduled for a decision, and indications were that there were some inconsistencies in the evidence produced. These resulted in the court’s dismissal of the matter.

Of the three persons who were charged, only the Nigerian had faced prosecution. Kaieteur News was told that prior to the court hearing, last year; the drug ranks had withdrawn charges against the other two persons. At the initial court appearance, the prosecutor had stated that on the day of the incident, the ranks visited the hotel and were allowed entry into the room by Reece. He was in the company of the other accused. The court heard that as the officers proceeded to search the room, they observed a bag containing what was suspected to be, and later determined to be, cocaine. Defence Counsel Hookumchand, who represented Reece, argued that his client was a taxi driver, merely collecting money that was owed to him. Attorney Nigel Hughes represented Delodin, and in

Incessant showers early yesterday morning , coupled with the high tide resulted in

the areas along First and Second Avenues between Fifth Street and Sixth Street becoming flooded. Bartica is a hilly community and with Fifth and Sixth Streets being at the lower levels of the community and close to the Essequibo River. The water rose about six inches above the river bank. Also flooded was an area that is located on the Byderabo Front-Road, next to the Byderabo Creek. The areas on First Avenue where most

Sulaiman Delodin addressing the court, explained that Shontel Mansfield was intimately involved with Delodin. She was said to have been visiting the man on the day in question. Despite the dismissal, Delodin will be kept in state custody, since he was recently charged with drug trafficking which reportedly took place at Berbice – a matter which is now engaging the attention of the Berbice Magistrates’ Court.

Rain, high tides cause flooding at Bartica

businesses are located, got immediate relief as the new interim management committee (IMC) councillors and public-spirited citizens took to the task of immediately opening up the koker at First Avenue and Fifth Streets. The ne w l y i n s t a l l e d IMC for the Bartica NDC said that the clogged-up drains, poor management and upkeep of the koker are responsib l e for this periodic flooding around these areas .

Friday June 08, 2012

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Friday June 08, 2012

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Grenade bandit for court today

The grenade, firearm, ammunition and ski mask recovered from the haversack in the possession of the suspect. The man who was held by police on Tuesday night with a live concussion grenade is likely to appear in court today, as investigators try to ascertain the real motive for his possession of the device. The suspect was nabbed by ranks of a mobile anticrime unit on Broad Street, Charlestown. The grenade was found in a haversack that also contained a .32 pistol with five matching rounds and a ski mask. Crime Chief Seelall Persaud yesterday told this newspaper that the man and an accomplice, who was detained with him, are both known to the police. While acknowledging that the men obviously had criminal intent he declined to disclose what was the suspects’ real intention. “The evidence will come out in court,” was all the

Crime Chief was prepared to say on the particular issue. Grenades are not the first choice of the ordinary criminal, but its presence in the hands of individuals within recent times is a cause for concern. Early last year, a similar device exploded in the vicinity of the Stabroek Market killing one man. The then Commissioner of Police Henry Greene had told the media that the victim was merely the courier of the device. Yesterday, the Crime Chief recalled a number of instances recently where similar devices were found. “We have seen a few, there was one thrown at the Brickdam Police Station, there was one found in Linden during the arrest of Colin Jones, one was disabled at the home of the head of the GEA

Sharma,” the Crime Chief recalled. On Tuesday, the police ranks stumbled upon the men who were walking on Broad Street and acting in a suspicious manner. Upon seeing the ranks, the men who were from all indications about to commit a crime, decided to run. One of the men, who was carrying a haversack, attempted to remove the contents from the bag as he was fleeing, but he was quickly cornered by the cops before he could have done so. “We don’t know if he go to throw it away or throw it at the police,” a man who claimed to be an eyewitness told this newspaper. A check of the bag unearthed the grenade and the firearm with the ammunition, along with a ski mask used by criminals.

Granger restates support for higher salaries for public servants Opposition Leader Brigadier David Granger has called on the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) administration to implement fully the recommendations of the Armstrong Tribunal that was established after the eightweek Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) strike in 1999. Granger, addressing public servants on the occasion of their Union’s 89th anniversary, pointed out that the administration’s adversarial attitude to the GPSU had been harmful to national development, institutional strength of the service and personal wellbeing of public servants. He said that no government could function without a professional public service and no public service could

function if it was demotivated, demoralised and depressed, and it would be in the public interest for the PPP/C to alter its approach to working with the GPSU. The Opposition Leader congratulated the Union on its struggle over nearly nine decades to overcome the impediments of decades of discrimination during the colonial era and of alienation over the past 20 years by the PPP/C administration. He also assured Union members that APNU was committed to bringing the abuse of contracts by the PPP/C administration to an end. “Engaging public servants on contracts, instead of career employees, was clearly intended to diminish the viability of the Union and undermine the

independence and impartiality of the entire service,” Granger asserted. Quoting the words of a former union official Leslie Melville who described public servants as “the employed poor,” Granger said that the public service today is under siege. “It is under-resourced, underequipped and underpaid.” He disclosed that, although A Partnership for National Unity had recommended increased salaries for public servants in its budgetary proposals, it fully respected the Union’s legitimate right to collective bargaining with the administration to secure higher salaries and better conditions of work for a good life for all public servants.

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IDB, GMSA ink energy conservation pact The country’s manufacturing and services sectors will be actively promoting energy conservation, after the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GMSA) and the InterAmerican Development Bank (IDB) on Wednesday signed the grant for a project to steer local companies towards energy efficiency and conservation in their operations. The project cost is estimated at US$200,000 and the venture is expected to run for approximately fifteen (15) months with immediate effect after the signing. Many local companies had begun to generate their own base loads, mostly due to insufficient and sometimes unreliable output from the national grid. The project was designed to address three distinct, but interrelated components of energy efficiency application - Energy Conservation; Energy Consumption and Alternative Energy Sources – and is being jointly funded by the IDB grant and the GMSA, in a 70:30 percent ratio, respectively. GMSA President Clinton Williams asserted that for years the GMSA has been advocating with several government and private sector agencies and companies to devise a programme that would address the subject of energy usage in business. He added: “It is agreed that energy costs are high and that supply is not at the required level and quality. So we devised a comprehensive plan that requires the full involvement of every pilot company and all others that need expert guidance in assessing their energy needs, along with the compatibility and modernity of their installations. Whether they power their operations from the national grid or from their own generators, this project will identify and correct their

GMSA President Clinton Williams & IDB Country Representative, Sophie Makonnen ink the agreement. inefficiencies, and teach them the best ways to conserve energy usage.” IDB Country Representative, Sophie Makonnen, explained that the programme is being financed by the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF), one of two branches of the IDB’s local operations. She explained that the MIF is focused on disbursement of small loans to entrepreneurs, towards enhancement of their production and productivity. The official disclosed that the IDB is giving a partial loan of 70 percent of the project cost (US$150,000), with the remaining 30 percent being

provided by the GMSA. She gave the assurance that the IDB will continue to render assistance for economic and other projects in Guyana. The GMSA oversees the development of enterprises in the Manufacturing & Services Sectors which have been categorized into seven (7) sub-sectors: - AgroProcessing; Forestry & Wood Products; Minerals & Related Products; Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals; Engineering & Construction; Textiles & Sewn Goods; and Industrial Services (comprising Energy, Te l e c o m m u n i c a t i o n s , Transport, Water, and ICT).

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U.S. Treasury recognizes IDB’s Basic Nutrition Programme in Guyana

From left: Meri Helleranta, IDB Social Protection Specialist; IDB President Luis Alberto Moreno, and Leticia Ramjag, IDB Operations Sr. Analyst. The Inter-American Development Bank’s (IDB) Basic Nutrition Programme in Guyana was recognized for its development impact by the U.S. Treasury in an award ceremony yesterday. U.S. Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner, presented the “Development Impact Honors” award to IDB President Luis Alberto Moreno during the ceremony at the U.S. Treasury Department in Washington, D.C. According to a statement from the bank, the programme in Guyana has benefited over 41,000 infants in 79 health centres. “Distribution of micronutrient supplements “sprinkles” reduced overall cases of anemia by around 30 percent among pregnant women and children under five years old. Since 2002, the

IDB has supported the Government of Guyana’s efforts to reduce early childhood malnutrition through a $5 million programme.” IDB said that malnutrition in Guyana is high by international standards, particularly among children between six months and two years old. Low birth weight and stunted growth are also relatively high compared to other countries. This, it was noted, is especially true in rural Amerindian communities, where rates of chronic malnutrition are higher. Children receive micronutrient supplements and food coupons under the programme, which also finances training in basic nutrition and communication skills for health staff, along with communication

campaigns to promote better nutrition. Coupon distribution and other programme activities reduced by about 30 percent the prevalence of poor food consumption and altered metabolic state in participating communities. The incidence of moderately and severely stunted growth was reduced by 21 percent, and breastfeeding rates improved by 12 percent. “I am especially pleased that you have chosen to recognize the Basic Nutrition Programme in Guyana, because this programme tackles a problem that often stays below the radar. Stunting is the result of chronic nutritional deficiency during the first thousand days of a child’s life,” said President Moreno. “Today the IDB is focused on learning more about what works –and about what doesn’t work. We are using what we learn to craft programmes, like this one in Guyana, that unleash the potential of our people,” he added. A total of over 55 organizations were nominated for the awards, which were inaugurated this year. Along with the IDB, the U.S. Treasury recognized programmes carried out by the African Development Bank, the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank. The Guyana programme has been featured in the new online platform called MapAmericas which allows users to easily view and track the results of development projects financed by the IDB and carried out by member countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Friday June 08, 2012

Third accused remanded in alleged abduction and robbery case A third man was arrested and charged in connection with the staging of an alleged abduction and robbery involving a clerk who worked at a gas station on the East Coast of Demerara. Natram Persaud was on Tuesday remanded to jail when he appeared before Magistrate Hazel OctiveHamilton at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court. The man was accused of simple larceny and was identified as one of the alleged accomplices of the clerk who reportedly staged his own kidnapping in a bid to steal the money entrusted to him by his employer. The police stated that on March 19, last, Persaud, along with others, stole $4M property of Ultra Nauth. The incident reportedly took place at South Road in Georgetown. Persaud was not required to plead to the indictable charge. The accused stood unrepresented. He made an application for bail but the prosecution requested that he not be granted pre-trial liberty, based on the seriousness and prevalence of the offence. The police prior to the accused being remanded said that Persaud was previously arrested and charged. He however escaped from the Brickdam Police Station. The prosecutor continued that the accused was caught and rearrested on Thursday, last, in

the vicinity of the Berbice bus park. Persaud however defended himself by saying that he did not escape from police custody. The man told the court that a police officer had released him from the prison cell to have a drink of water. He said when he turned around looking for the policeman, he was nowhere to be found. He also said that someone told him that he should go home and clean up himself since the police were violating his rights by keeping him beyond the stipulated 72-hour detention period. He said he then walked out of the police station. Persaud was remanded to jail and will make another court appearance on June 20. Joel Ali, 25, of 4 Riverview, West Bank Demerara and former employee of ‘K&K Service Station’ located at Unity Village, ECD, along with Sewsankar Geet, 23 of Lot 7 Public Road, Nooten Zuil, East Coast Demerara were granted bail to the tune of $300,000 each when they first appeared before Chief Magistrate Priya Beharry on March 22, last. The charge stated that on the day in question, Ali collected $4M in cash from his employer and was supposed to deposit the sum at a bank located in the city. Instead of doing so, the prosecution said the man and others conspired to steal the

Natram Persuad sum of money. They said during investigations, $2,100,000 was recovered from the number two defendant, Geet. Ali had told authorities that he was driving along South Road on the day in question when another vehicle slammed into him from behind. He said he exited the car but was confronted by two men who at gunpoint forced him into their vehicle. The accused further said he was blindfolded and bound at the limbs before being transported to an undisclosed location. While there he was reportedly beaten and robbed of $4M in cash and a $4M cheque. Ali said he was left at the location while his abductors made their escape.

Youth Expo launched “The Youth of Guyana are in dire need of guidance in many aspects; however, an issue of significant importance is the availability of job opportunities for the individual without a diploma or degree” said Coordinator Nigel Ralph, as ‘Xtreme’ Entertainment yesterday launched this year’s Youth Expo at Upscale Restaurant and Bar at Hincks Street, Georgetown. Under the theme “Opening Closed Doors,” Youth Expo will be held June 29 to July 1. According to Ralph, the event’s theme is based on the mission of its execution, which is to open doors for youths who have just left school and are seeking employment, but “don’t know what exactly is the next step”. Xtreme Entertainment intends to do this by inviting the Joint Services and the private sector to be a part of the venture. Further, Ralph informed that 90 percent of the active Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Georgetown were invited to

showcase and enlighten of the services they offer. It is anticipated that the information will aid those seeking to be involved in clubs. Ralph stressed that limited opportunities are available for youth employment in Guyana, and the daily news reflects that many young people are essentially lost. Therefore, Youth Expo is aimed at redirecting them and providing information for those who are about to “begin their adult journey”. The coordinator noted that the event was held annually between 2002 and 2005. It was successful in both attendance and in being beneficial to those who participated. “I know of youths who are now gainfully employed as a result of this event,” Ralph reflected. He expressed optimism about the participation of the University of Guyana, Cyril Potter College of Education and other private tertiary institutions across the country, even though

confirmations of such have not yet been made. Anjeta Hinds, Brand Coordinator of sponsoring company, Ansa Mc Al, yesterday in her remarks, noted that “there is nothing better than assisting with the enhancement of youths, thus our company is obliged to be involved in such an initiative”. Hinds encouraged parents to promote involvement in this event to their children. In previous years, Youth Expo was held at the Sophia Exhibition Centre, however, this year it will be held at the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) ground on Carifesta Avenue, since the rental of the Sophia facility is a prohibitive $6M for two nights with a $1 million advance, for what the coordinator insists is a “for youth by youth programme”. Nevertheless, Ralph assured that “despite the change of venue, the event will still be the same informative, fun experience, so I encourage youths to come out and be the masters of their future”.

Friday June 08, 2012

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The Abigail Column Got boyfriend and great family - but no friends DEARABIGAIL, I am twenty-one and have pretty much no friends or no group of people to hang out with on the weekends. Otherwise, my life is full and where I want it to be - loving boyfriend, family etc. I have a few (two or three) friends from my youth that I see twice, maybe three times, a year but that is it. I’m not a wallflower and love to talk to people about anything - I have lots of interests and go out often, but not with any

friends. What should I do to meet people my age? I want to go out to clubs and bars and the rest with some girl/ man friends other than family and my boyfriend! It’s getting lonely. No friends Dear No friends, Making friends may look easy, but as you’ve found out, it’s not so simple. It may be easy to make casual acquaintances, but to really develop a friendship takes time and mutual effort. For some people, making new friends, or sustaining existing

relationships, can seem even harder to do when part of a romantic duo. You can start by spending time in places where people are likely to share your interests — if you like sports or sports bar. Is sci-fi more your thing? Maybe you can arrange for one evening a week to be “friends” night — where you arrange to go out to dinner, or whatever interests you, with a new person you have met, while your boyfriend does the same. Once every couple of weeks, you can meet up and go out all together.

Friday June 08, 2012 ARIES (March 21 - April 19): Do not let someone's nasty comment eat away at you -- they are only trying to push your buttons, and if you get mad, you'll only play into their hands. ******************* TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): Someone at work or school is trying to get a rise out of you by acting in an unusual or controversial way. ****************** GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): Are you feeling intimidated by an intellectual who's just popped onto the scene? Don't be! The more they talk about how much they know, the more obvious it will become that they don't really know what they are talking about. ******************** CANCER (June 21 - July 22): Tempo is key today -do your best to stay in rhythm with the people around you, which will be no easy task. Each of the people you encounter today is marching to the beat of their own drummer, and you'll have to be ready to go faster or slower, depending. ********************* LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): Give yourself a lot of compassion today -- you might not need it, but you have to remind yourself that if the chips are ever down, you can always rely on yourself. ******************* VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): To encourage more growth in one of your friendships, you should be more generous with your constructive criticism. ********************* LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22): Today, try to spice up your life by trying something

new and different -- whether it's a new household renovation project, a new bestselling novel, a new type of cuisine, or just a new route to and from work. ********************* SCORPIO (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21): You will probably get a strong urge to exercise your creativity on your living quarters today. And if you have the time to do it, you definitely should -- the universe is sending you all the energy you need to repaint the kitchen, fix a broken chair, clean out a closet and execute other types of domestic reengineering. ******************** SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21): More than ever before, you are feeling confident and your communication skills are exceptional. You are finally ready to have that difficult discussion you've been putting off for a while. .********************* CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. 19): Someone who is where you want to be in life is giving you a vision of the future you want to have some day -- but what you might not realize is that that day is closer than you think. ******************** AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 Feb. 18): More than ever today, it is important for you to remember that you are not in charge of anyone else's happiness -- you are only in charge of your own. ********************* PISCE S ( F e b . 1 9 March 20): Despite the fact that the people around you right now might be less than thrilled about what is going on, you have to keep your bright outlook!

DTV CHANNEL 8 08:55hrs. Sign On 09:00hrs. Live! With Kelly 10:00hrs. The A-Team 11:00hrs. The View 12:00hrs. Prime News 12:30hrs. The Young and the Restless 13:30hrs. The Bold and the Beautiful 14:00hrs. The Talk 15:00hrs. Boy Meets World 16:00hrs. Beverly Hills, 90210 17:00hrs. The Wayans Brothers 18:00hrs. World News 18:30hrs. Nightly News 19:00hrs. Greetings and Announcements 20:00hrs. Channel 8 News 21:00hrs. DTV’s Summer Movie Fest 23:00hrs. Sign Off NTN CHANNEL 18/ CABLE 69 05:00h - Sign on with the Mahamrtunjaya Mantra 05:10h - Meditation 05:30h - Queenstown Masjid Presents Quran This Morning 06:00h - R. Gossai General Store Presents Durga Bhajans 06:15h - Jettoo’s Lumber Yard Presents Durga Bhajans 06:30h - Muneshwar Limited Presents Durga Bhajans 06:45h - Double Standard Taxi Presents Durga Bhajans 07:00h - RRT Enterprise Presents Hanuman Bhajans 07:15h - M & M Snackette Presents Raja Yoga Discourses 07:30h - Dr. Balwant Singh’s Hospital Inc Presents Durga Bhajans 07:45h - The Family of the Late Leila & David Persaud Presents Durga Bhajans 08:00h - Timehri Maha Kali Shakti Devi Mandir Presents Durga Bhajans 08:15h - NTN This Morning Live with Reyaz Husein 09:30h - Indian Soap - Yahaan Mein Ghar Ghar Kheli 10:00h - Indian Soap - Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 10:30h - Indian Soap - Pavitra Rishta 11:00h - Indian Soap - Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuyien 11:30h - Indian Soap - Punar Vivaah 12:00h - DVD Movie:JOSHILAAY (Eng: Sub:) *ing Anil Kapoor, Sri Devi, Meenakshi, Sunny Deol, Shakti Kapoor & Prem Chopra 15:00h - SITCOM - FRINGE 16:30h - Devotional Time 17:00h - Drying Tears Live

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WANTED Guards for Land of Canaan location, accommodation available Call: 676-6700 Wanted to buy, Washiba Squares & Logs. Call Jettoo’s Lumberyard & Sawmill @ 261-5041 or 2615042 Office Clerk, CXC English/ mathematics. 225-0188, 2256070 One live in domestic to work in Mahaicony River , 20years to 35years $45,000 monthly Call: 225-6571 Handyman to do cleaning. Apply to 68 Robb Street, Nut centre. 1 Carnegie trained cook 2035yrs Call: 614-4358 East Coast Guyoil pump attendants wanted (day and night), wash man, office assistant & sales girls. 6842838, 602-5031 Taxi drivers (yellow) Tel: 2253234 1 mechanic to work in the interior. 688-4905 Porters; male & female, to work in Grocery Shop, Stabroek Market. Call: 2269800 Contract cars. Must be in Hire & Yellow. Base free. $3500 weekly. Call 660-9977 1- Male cleaner. Apply Technical Services Inc., Eccles 18-23 Industrial Site EBDem. Dredge workers Tel: 6232728,618-1967,667-5717 Urgently needed, live-in waitresses to work in Bar. Attractive salary offer. Tel# 259-0574 Male tool room clerk, computer literate. Apply Technical Services Inc. 1823 Eccles Industrial Site EBDem Call: 614-4358 Cashiers, porters, drivers and salesman. Lot10 Vlissengen Rd. Survival Wholesale Bond. One experienced hire car driver Contact Mrs. Z.Marques at 11 Thomas St. Kitty Tel: 226-7948, 646-6000 Live in domestic Mon-Sat, no cooking, no washing Call: 639-7700 One experienced driver. Apply Hack’s Halaal Restaurant, 5 Commerce St. Sales girls. 10 Bent and Camp Streets. Apply in person with written application. 227-7182.

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CAKES & PASTRIES Courses in cake decoration, pastry making & cookery, tel: 670-0798. Wedding dresses for sale & rental.

SERVICES Permanent &Visitors Visa Applications Professional Immigration Consultant Sabita - Room E-4 Maraj Building 225-6496/ 223-8115/662-6045. US & Canada VISA application services. Call 643-6630. Family discounts available. We refill HP cartridges for $1,800. Call:650-7699 Visa and Immigration forms prepared for Canada, USA and UK. Also Passport forms. Call 626-9857

WANTED Sales representative to work in electronic & bicycle department. Apply to Guyana Variety Store,68 Robb Street. Carpenter to work in Linden, must be able to work with limited supervision Call: 6478040,609-3281,694-3058 Family to live on farm near Craig/ Grove. Free housing & stipen . Call: 226-0011,6117777 Live-in/Live-out babysitter/ clerk/domestic. 225-0188/ 225-6070 Reputable taxi service is seeking experienced hire car drivers and dispatchers Call: 622-8350 1 kitchen assistant/cook to cook for family in the interior. 688-4905 1- Small engine mechanic,1handyman Call: 2332408,233-2631 General domestic age 2535yrs Call: 233-5450 Sawmill workers Call: 6539752,261-6412 Labourers to work on wood concession , accommodation provided $4000 per day Call: 653-6236

Repairs, sales & spares, air conditioning, microwaves, washer, fridges & Stoves. Ultra Cool: 225-9032, 647-2943 ONLINE SHOPPING NO COMMISSION, WEEKLY SHIPMENTS,AFFORDABLE RATES, FREE PRIVATE MAILBOX. TEL: 231-5789. FREIGHTLINKEXPRESS@ GMAIL.COM

Electrical installation domestic & commercial maintenance & repairs also AC installation , estimates , call Marlon Tel: 216-0934,626-6298 or 669-8992 HOUSE PLAN DRAFTING FOR ONLY $10,000 Call: 694-9843 Service and repairs to gasstoves, deep fryers, washing machines, electrical stoves Call: 686-6209 We repair fridge, freezer, AC ,washer, dryer Call: 231-0655, 683-8734 Omar. We do ink refill for Canon, Lexmark, Dell,HP. Typing services available Call: 2318181

Waitress & experienced cook @ Mambo’s Bar,93 Bar St. Kitty Call: 678-1481

Millennia Travel Service Agency, City Mall 6688000,669-0700. For all your travel arrangements.

Carpenters with own tools, Apply to 68 Robb Street, Nut Centre. Sales representatives for electronic store, 3 CXC subjects. Apply in person to Guyana Variety Store,68 Robb Street. One domestic to work 5 half days a week Call: 225-6571

Property for sale at EnmoreFoulis. Contact 2550584 or 696-3186 South $10M, Kitty $25M, Newtown $18M, Alberttown $21M,Church street $39M Call Diana 227-2256,626-9382 House at Friendship, double lot Neg. Tel: 270-4149,647-8595 20x40 Two flat concrete building @ Kitty. All amenities. Price $23M to be seen. Call: 668-9512,223-2570 Property Lot8 Smyth Street (opposite License Office) Contact owner directly 6531015,665-1452 Regent, Robb Street, Kingston back –lot, New Providence, Festival City, Enterprises, Mc Doom Contact GMC Realty 231-2199,618-7483

Do you need a female bahir (cook) or bartender to work in interior? Call Andrea: 6921798,652-7355 S&H Expediter for you, procurement/expeditingspares,food,fuel,workers etc., mobilizing & demobilizing camps Call: 694-1440,663-3179 For welding and fabrication Call: 225-7907 TO RENT Space to rent location diamond housing scheme. Contact# 6455347

FOR SALE 6 brand new in box IPod touch. 8GB $60,000, 32GB $75,000. Price neg. Contact: 686-5004 Brand new American made Crosely 10.5 cu ft Refrigerator for sale $75,000. 626-4452/697-5677 Going cheap, foreign used Perkins Engines, pressure & clutch plates, hydraulic pumps. 661-3043 (2)60-180 Leyland DAF I working condition Call: 6281756,228-5655 1 Tundra, 1 Perkins engine & Welder 400 amps. Call: 660-5462, 611-5114 Spares for washer, microwaves, fridges, stovetimers, gear boxes, pumps, etc. Contact 225-9032, 647-2943 Dell Computers, complete with LCD monitor, $59,000. Tel: 225-3709, 691-2077, 6410537 One ERF hauler and 45FT trailer in contact Call: 6534455 Pallet Wrap & Plastic Film. Tel: 231-8819

LAND FOR SALE 95 acres, transported land, W.B.D, Maria Lodge, fully drainage and aggregation. $40 million. Contact 266-5447 1½ acre V/Hoop 48ft x 1300ft, housing, parking lot, work shop, lumber yard, etc. Call: 627-9351 5 Acres Enmore Public Rd. ideally suited for (mall, hospital, housing scheme etc) Richard 609-7675,2332614 Land V/Hoop 3 acres: school, housing. Factory etc. Call: 658-0115

Hello, the doctor is back!! Have your gas stove repaired and serviced. Tel: 601-0595, 220-4073, 220-5785 Mahadeo’sConstruction , reliable services for your renovations, contact Tony Tel 618-3523,669-7376. For free estimates and plans.

Joiners with own tools. Apply to 68 Robb Street, Nut Centre.

PROPERTY FOR SALE House & land, Diamond, E.B.D. Tel: 677-3472


Wanted immediately (1) rip saw operator to work @ East Bank Sawmill, salary commensurate with experience. Call: 6098727,625-9475

Painters with own tools. Apply to 68 Robb Street, Nut Centre.

Friday June 08, 2012

EDUCATIONAL Learn to speak Spanish in 1 month. Call: 673-1232 Princeton College. CXC Adults/Students. Slow learner classes. Day & Evening. January/May June 2013. 690-5008, 611-3793

Big blow out sale at Lot 29 Croal Street Enterprise, kids shoes $200 and lots more. Call:664-2209 5 Acres fully developed farm Pearl, EBD,16000 chicken pens capacity, bearing fruit trees. Call: 689-9991, 2275362. Stall for sale at Stabroek Market Call: 601-4661 after 6PM

NARS lipgloss, eyeshadow & Clinique Chubby Stick. Tel: 669-8374.

Hilux Solid Axle Pick-up. Just arrived. Tel: 222-2662, 691-2077 Corolla Wagon, excellent condition Tel: 677-7666,6107666 International Tow Truck with flat aluminum bed; takes two vehicles. Call: 6393900, 619-5400 Guyana Auto Sale. Unregistered 2007 Tacoma, Solid Def Pick-up, Raum, Refrigerated and Dump Isuzu Truck. 227-1737 PPP series Alteza, fully loaded. Tel: 677-7666, 6107666 Two (2) Nissan Titan; year 2004. LE and SE model; new tires $3.5M and $3.7M, price neg. Contact 681-3300. Toyota RAUM, black, fully loaded, never register year 2000 Call: 269-0432,686-0323 3 Ton freezer canter, unregistered Call: 617-2891 First Class Auto. Allion, Premio, NZE, Fielder, AT212, Carina & Raum. Tel# 6098188, 602-6307 Two door Jeep with Toyota engine open/ closed back manual, cheap Call: 2690432,686-0323 GMC Tw truck, scrap 720 Nissan pick up,one industrial lathe Call Richard 609-7675,233-2614,610-2506 1 RZ minibus in excellent condition Call: 675-3093

Complete floristry equipment & supplies, variety of paints, office chairs, one electric stove (GE) Call: 623-1575

2002 Toyota RAV 4 $3.7 Neg., fully loaded,2000 Toyota VITZ $1.9 Neg. ,PNN series Tel: 276-0229,641-0909

Brand new Blackberry Torch 9800, under $100,000. Call: 676-7443

3 ton enclosed & open back canter, unregistered. 6172891

Pine lumber for sale @ River View Wood products Inc. Address: 164-165 Friendship EBD Call: 266-0296,639-2577

Toyota Prado, 2004 Prado, 2005 Mark II GX110, 2005 Tundra. All fully loaded. Excellent condition. Call: 600-5759

15" Celestion speakers 1600 watts, one complete stage, size 24ftx20ft Call: 644-3390 or 667-7511 Roofing shingles Call Mr. Skepmire 227-5195 (8AMto5PM) Eight week old mixed breed Tibetan Terrier and Pekingese Tel: 644-1972,6612837,644-1965


VEHICLES FOR SALE Just arrived: Allion and Premio, tel: 624-2000, 622-1610

Motorcycle/4x4 tyres (225x16). All sizes Call: 2260011,611-7777

Pitbull pups Tel:225-6137

Cricket bowling machine with automatic feeder and balls. Priced at $1.2Million for quick sale Call: 689-0305

One 15HP Yamaha long foot Call: 689-5254,643-0332

15-15-15 Fertilizer Call: 2662711,609-4594

Hummer H2 Sut Model 22" rims, DVD sound system Call: 639-7700 One EP 71 Starlet Auto, 1 Toyota Ceres, 212, 192, RZ minibus. 1- 2 seater Go Cart. Tel: 644-5096, 697-1453. Toyota Corolla (NZE), fully loaded (rims etc), mint condition Call: 6276317,691-5703 Leading Auto, unregistered Allion, Premio, Runx, Fielder, Raum,212, Verossa Call: 6777666,610-7666 2004 Mazda RX8, fully loaded, unregistered $2.9M 617-2891 (Continued on page 27)

Friday June 08, 2012

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Whitmore: It’s time to deliver (Jamaica Observer) MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica — Time to deliver. That’s the view of Theodore ‘Tappa’ Whitmore, head coach of Jamaica’s national senior football team, the Reggae Boyz, following Wednesday’s final major training session at the Montego Bay Sports Complex here in the second city. “We have the team, we have the goods and we have the ammunition, it is just for us to go out there and deliver,” Whitmore told the Jamaica Observer at the end of the squad match on the well-cut pitch.

“I think it (training session) was positive again, the guys came out and achieved what we set out to achieve... it was excellent and the ground had a lot to do with it as well,” added Whitmore, a former Reggae Boyz captain and two goal hero at the 1998 World Cup Finals in France. Wednesday’s session followed one on Sunday evening after the team returned to the island from its game against Panama last Friday. There was another practice session at the Noranda Sports Club on Monday, two at the same venue on Tuesday and

Wednesday’s squad match practice at the Montego Bay Sports Complex. Whitmore admitted that the players looked sharp, despite the fact that some of them were carrying slight knocks and niggles. But despite that, Whitmore said he was “a hundred per cent confident” of his team doing the job against Guatemala at the National Stadium tomorrow to kick off their campaign on a winning note. Dane Richards, who scored against Panama in a losing cause last Friday in Panama City, looked sharp, as

did Je-Vaughn Watson, who was on target on a couple of occasions in the session playing from the right side of midfield. The other two teams placed in Group A are the United States and Antigua and Barbuda. Following today’s game, the Boyz are set to depart the island on Saturday for the eastern Caribbean island of Antigua, whom they oppose next Tuesday in the second round of qualifiers. The US will host Antigua and Barbuda today, before visiting Guatemala next Tuesday.

Mahdia Secondary School aiming to correct last year’s setback

Principal of Mahdia Secondary School, Richard Sinclair, speaking with a section of the media via telephone recently said a loss or even a draw is not part of the plan as they prepare to participate in this year’s Digicel-sponsored Nationwide Schools Football Competition which is set to commence next Friday. Sinclair said that the team lost the opportunity to compete in last year’s final after being eliminated from the competition by the toss of a coin, referring to it as a bitter disappointment, but a setback which they are aiming to correct this time. He informed that the team has been in training since January which according to him is testimony of how serious they are taking the tournament, while adding that he believes they stand an

excellent chance of winning the tournament. “The team is made up of players who play for clubs in the area”. According to him, the decision to select experienced players to form the core of the team was an easy one since it meant that the coaches did not have to go through the fundamentals of the sport, if they had gone another route. He mentioned also given the fact that most of the players are already members of clubs they will then benefit from additional practice. Apart from the boys being members of football clubs, Sinclair said that discipline plays a major role, “the boys are not only players, but they are also ambassadors for the school.” The players are drawn from Forms three and four and

the decision to contain the selection of players to those classes only is because students in the higher class are currently writing exams and it would not be a wise thing to disrupt their studies. The team currently is being trained by two coaches, one a teacher/coach and the other a coach provided by sponsor Digicel. At present moves are being made to have the business community of Mahdia fully involved in the team’s preparations and even to sponsor competitions. This he opined could further strengthen the sport at the school level and even serve as a catalyst to make the sport more competitive in the mining town and also produce some of the best players. Sinclair, however, said that one of his disappointments is that there

DDL continues partnership as Bush Lot... From page 31 strong belief that the relationship between the turf club and DDL will continue as the years progresses, Kennard hoped that the adverse weather eases to allow an exciting meet at Bush Lot Farm as this meet will be a major one since the April 15 meet. In response, Brands Manager of DDL, Marcia Munroe said that DDL was pleased with the joint venture once again with Kennard’s Race Meetings for 2012 and stated that the company will be dedicated towards supporting Kennard’s Memorial Turf Club as the entity works very hard in organising their races. The Brands Manager also noted that the company will continue to support the development of sports throughout Guyana. The Pre-Independence Race Meeting will see horses galloping for a top prize of

$500,000 in the D & Lower W/ A Class (one mile). Horse owners will have another opportunity to walk out of the turf club with $350,000 in the 3 Yrs (GUY & W.I BRED) Class race which covers one mile as well. The winner of the DDL’s G & Lower W/A Class, which

will see horses covering a distance of 7 furlongs, will be rewarded $250,000, while the winners of the H & Lower W/ A (6 furs), the I 2 & Lower W/ A (6 furs), L W/A (5 furs) and K & LW/A will be rewarded with $200,000, $180,000, $120,000 and $100,000 respectively.

Billy Doctrove retires... From page 28 was changed to a draw in 2008 before being reversed again to an England win in 2009. Doctrove was also Dominica’s first FIFA referee and between 1995 and 1997 he officiated in a number of internationals in the Caribbean, including a World Cup qualifier between Guyana and Grenada in 1996. He quit football in 1997. Vince van der Bijl, the ICC umpires and referees manager, said: “Billy has been an excellent servant of the

game and we thank him on behalf of the entire cricket fraternity for his outstanding contribution as an international umpire for 14 years. “To have remained as one of the game’s top officials for that length of time has required Billy to be selfmotivated, confident and well respected. “Billy is a very special man, with strong values, firm beliefs yet with an underlying gentleness and humour, and a great family man - a wonderful blend.”

is no competition for females, disclosing that Mahdia has a lot of talented players who are just waiting for an opportunity to play competitive football. Mahdia he said once had a team called Lily, but said that the team fell apart after the organiser of the competition returned to Bartica. He said that he has no problem lobbing for reorganising of female football as it would be great for the community to have a female team and one that will have the same opportunity to compete at the schools level as the boys are doing.

(From page 26) TO LET Furnished 2 bedroom apartment with hot & cold water & internet in Amelia’s Ward Linden Call: 6144415,444-4704 Apartments,35 Howes Street, Georgetown. Contact Petboy Shop. 2 Bedroom apartment to let ECD Call: 687-1442 Short term apartments , business space Call: 6671549 Short term apartments, Eccles. Call: 679-7139 East Street US650,US750, Alberttown US750, Nandy Park US1200, US1700, Diana 227-2256,626-9382 2 Bedroom upper flat with toilet & bath,2 bedroom lower with toilet & bath, Meten Meer Zorg WCD Call: 227-3743,626-0150 Excellent spot for offices/ school or other business, Camp St area Call Richard 609-7675,233-2614,610-2506 Furnished studio apartment (third floor) Call: 233-2770 Excellent spot for offices, school, or other business, Camp St. Area call Richard 609-7675,233-2614,610-2506 Top flat to rent,261 Golden Grove EBD,(2) two bedroom Call: 216-2629,617-2261,2335802

MASSAGE TOURS Suriname 4 days Caricom Holiday weekend return. Trip June29-July2 Call: 6392663,665-5171,644-0185,2278290 Father’s Day Special- Lake Mainstay, June 17th,2012 Sean: 657-0825,218-1285 June special- Santa Mission $4500 per person, June 10th,2012 Joy:218-1285,6499059,692-3114

American style massage service Call: 609-4036

Progressive auto rental, cars from $4,000 per day. Call: 6435122, 656-0087, Al’s Car & Pick-up Rental. Call: 698-7807 Premio, 110 Corolla. Call: 6797139

2004 Mazda Axela with spoiler, body-kit, chrome rims etc. price $2.50 Call owner: 600-1898 2005 BMW 3201,2007-2005 Allions, 2004 Avensis L 1some with TV &backcam Tel: 615-4114,665-4480 Zoom Auto Sales: Allions:2006,2004, Toyota Belta 2006,TV back camera etc. Call: 685-7611 One Allion- female driver,1 year old- automatic $2.6M Negotiable Call: 618-3093 Quantum Auto-Allion with TV/ camera. Spacio & Fielders/rims, grey & silver Premio, excellent condition Call: 624-7684,617-2378 One Nissan Station Wagon (FB13) stick gear call: 6228350 Toyota Runx, special edition, PNN $2.3M, New Model Nissan Wingroad Sports Wagon $2.3M unregistered Call: 6122522,645-5893

VACANCY 1- Domestic, must know to cook, preferable from Greater Georgetown Call: 223-9725 One female clerk. Call: 2315171 One live-in nanny/maid. Location Kuru Kururu, long term employment Tel: 6561284

SALON Make up courses, artist trained & certified in Trinidad: 660-5257,647-1773 Qualify yourself in Cosmetology or nails, make up, Register, Limited spaces. Call Abby: 216-1950, 6197603, 666-5241


VEHICLES FOR SALE 1 Toyota 4x4, V6. Tele: 642-4779

Cosmetology courses Call: 225-6026,682-2604

One refrigeration, washing machine technician Call: 2310655, 683-8734 Attractive salary for bright, well spoken sales assistant with 5 CXC. Write to P.O. Box 101599 Georgetown. 1- Male / female to work @ Internet Café Call: 223-9725

June offer, pedicure $2000, manicure $800, hand tips $2000, toe tips $700 Call Fiona: 651-9418

1- Part time gardener from Kitty / Campbellville Area. Salesgirl/boys & guards. Apply Avinash Complex, Water St. Georgetown Call: 226-3361,227-7828

LEARN TO DRIVE Prudential learning “ Training to Pass” automatic also stick/ manual 642-4827. We’re #1

TO RENT Office space ideal for Doctor’s office etc. 2 Rooms & bathroom, Lower Carmicheal St. Tel: 226-2181

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Kaieteur News

Friday June 08, 2012

Thunder strike down Billy Doctrove retires from international cricket Spurs, advance to finals ESPNcricinfo - Billy Doctrove, a member of the ICC’s Elite panel of umpires, has announced his retirement from international cricket. Doctrove, who served as an international umpire for 14 years, will not be seeking a renewal of his contract after it expires at the end of this month. Doctrove was due to officiate in the ODI and Test series between Sri Lanka and Pakistan but had to withdraw and return home to Dominica due to a family bereavement. The second Test between New Zealand and South Africa in Hamilton in March this year was his last international assignment. “After much consideration I have informed the selectors of my decision to retire,” Doctrove said. “It has been an incredible 14 years for me as an international umpire and I have enjoyed every moment of it. “It has been a dream journey and to supervise international matches which were played by many great players at iconic venues. “I am also honoured and privileged to have been part of the transformation process in cricket with the introduction of technology which is now considered as an integral component of international cricket and the introduction of the

Billy Doctrove revolutionary twenty20 format which has taken cricket to a completely new level.” Doctrove made his international umpiring debut

in 1998, in an ODI between West Indies and England in St Vincent, and stood in his first Test two years later when West Indies took on Pakistan in Antigua. He went on to stand in 38 Tests, 112 ODIs and 17 T20 internationals, including the final of the ICC World Twenty20 between England and Australia in Barbados in 2010. He became part of the ICC’s International Panel of Umpires in 2004 and was promoted to the Elite Panel in 2006. “It was a highlight to umpire in the ICC World Twenty20 final in Barbados,” he said. “That was a special and an unforgettable occasion. I am extremely thankful to my family and friends worldwide, for their support and encouragement that they afforded to me during my career. “I would also like to thank the WICB and the ICC for the many opportunities they provided me to serve this wonderful game.” Doctrove umpired in the controversial Oval Test of 2006 between England and Pakistan. His on-field partner then was Darrell Hair, who was at the centre of the controversy. Accusations of ball-tampering prompted the Pakistan team to refuse to take the field after tea on the fourth day and England were declared victors - the result (Continued on page 27)

Maria Sharapova defeats Petra Kvitova to reach final BBC Sport - Maria Sharapova booked a spot in her first French Open final and moved up to world number one by overcoming Petra Kvitova in straight sets. Sharapova produced the more assured play to steer herself to a 6-3 6-3 win over the fourth seed. The victory also keeps the Russian on course to achieve the career Grand Slam by winning the one major tournament which has eluded her. Sharapova will play Italian Sara Errani, ranked 21, in Saturday’s final. The new number one, who displaced Victoria Azarenka to move top of the women’s rankings, will be a huge favourite to beat surprise finalist Errani, especially considering the manner of her victory against left hander Kvitova. Sharapova was contesting her third French Open semi-final and had high hopes of victory at Roland

Maria Sharapova Garros having come into the tournament on the back of clay court wins in Stuttgart and Rome. The Russian had beaten Kvitova on the way to victory in Stuttgart and, after saving break points in both her opening service games, Sharapova grew in confidence and consistency to break her rival in the fifth game. Kvitova’s power and precision had helped her beat her opponent to claim the

Wimbledon title last year but Sharapova had the answer to anything the Czech could throw at her. The blustery conditions on court Philippe Chatrier were an issue but the Russian dealt with them better. Some heavy blows were being traded and Sharapova regularly came out on top before going on to win the first set. Kvitova exerted more pressure on Sharapova early in the second set, although like the opener she failed to take a break point and lost her own serve in the following game to go 3-1 down. This time around, however, the number four seed broke back to level, although any hopes of a comeback were quickly extinguished. Sharapova was controlled and concentrated and again broke her more wayward rival before a second serve ace secured victory.

(Reuters) - The Oklahoma City Thunder booked their place in the National Basketball Association finals on the back of a furious second-half comeback led by Kevin Durant to take a series-clinching 107-99 win over the San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday. The Thunder roared back from an 18-point deficit in the first half, outscoring San Antonio 5936 after the intermission to claim the best-of-seven Western Conference series 4-2 on their home court. Oklahoma City will now play the winner of the Eastern Conference final between the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat in the best-ofseven NBA championship series. After halting the Spurs’ 20-game winning streak last week, Oklahoma City surged into the championship series by taking four straight games to overturn a 2-0 deficit. Three-time NBA scoring champion Durant, 23, led the charge with a game-high 34 points and 14 rebounds while playing the entire 48 minutes. “This is the toughest game I’ve played since I’ve been here,” Durant said in an on-court ceremony as the packed home arena crowd interrupted him with a chant of “MVP, MVP, MVP.” “But we kept playing hard. I tried to inspire my team mates with my play on both ends of the floor, and I’m glad we got this victory for Oklahoma City.” Durant and 23-year-old point guard Russell Westbrook helped bring the Thunder to the NBA Finals in the franchise’s fourth season in Oklahoma City after the move from Seattle. The Spurs, a veteran team with core players Tim Duncan (36), Manu Ginobli (34) and Tony Parker (30), came out on fire, determined to force a Game Seven back in San Antonio. French point guard Parker lit up the Thunder with 21 points and handed out 10 assists in the first half, with Duncan adding 13 points as the Spurs held a 15-point lead at halftime 63-48. “PLAY WITH FORCE” Durant said the halftime message to the Thunder was clear. “The coaches said we got to play with force, with a sense of urgency and we didn’t want to go back to San Antonio,” he said. “Leave everything out on the floor.” The Thunder went on a 14-4 run to close to 67-62 and grabbed a 79-77 lead on one of Durant’s long three-point bombs from well beyond the arc late in the quarter. Parker, silenced for most of the third period, came to life at the end of the stanza, scoring on a spinning drive to the hoop to give San Antonio an 81-80 edge going to the last quarter. Durant and Westbrook, however, helped the Thunder build a six-point lead at 90-84

Kevin Durant #35 of the Oklahoma City Thunder celebrates with the trophy after defeating the San Antonio Spurs to win the Western Conference Finals and San Antonio could not catch the younger, faster team. “They were more energetic,” said Spurs guard Manu Ginobli. “They played better defense, they were more aggressive. “Of course, we can’t have their legs, their energy. We’re never going to jump as high or run as fast.” Veteran guard Derek Fisher, added to Oklahoma City’s young roster during the season, hit a critical three-pointer late in the game and banked in a jumper to help keep the Thunder ahead. “We’re just playing and doing it for each other, and great things can happen when you do it for each other,” Fisher said. Westbrook, 23, added 25 points for Oklahoma City. Parker finished with 29 points and 12 assists, but just eight points and two assists coming after intermission. Tim Duncan contributed 25 points and 14 rebounds, while Stephen Jackson came off the bench to score 23 points, going 6-for-7 from three-point range for San Antonio. Game One of the NBA Finals will be staged in Oklahoma City on Tuesday. As elated as the Oklahoma City players were, coach Scott Brooks reminded his team there was more work ahead. “We don’t want to just get to the finals,” said Brooks. “We want to win championships.”

Errani beats Stosur to reach first grand slam final (Reuters) - Underdog Sara Errani upset the heavy-hitting sixth seed Sam Stosur 7-5 1-6 6-3 at the French Open on Thursday to reach her first grand slam final. The nimble-footed Italian, who stands only 1.64 meters tall, had been expected to struggle with Stosur’s high, kicking serve and heavy topspin groundstrokes, but after losing the opening two games she quickly got on top. She stepped inside the baseline to take the Stosur serve early and edged the first set with some deep, penetrating groundstrokes. The Australian struck back,

however, with a dominant display of power hitting in the second set which she wrapped up in only 36 minutes. The 28-year-old Stosur might have hoped her experience would help her kick-on in the decider, but it was the favourite who tightened up and froze on the big stage. The 21st seed claycourt specialist, who had already knocked out former champions Ana Ivanovic and Svetlana Kuznetsova, exchanged breaks with Stosur at the start of the decider before capitalizing on

Sara Errani a string of unforced errors to wrap up the match. “I have no words, it is incredible,” a teary-eyed Errani, who collapsed on to her back in her moment of victory, told an on court interviewer. Errani will play second seed Maria Sharapova on Saturday.

Friday June 08, 2012

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Usain Bolt pips Asafa Powell in Diamond League 100m Usain Bolt was pushed all the way in the 100m before powering home to take victory at the Diamond League in Oslo in a time of 9.79 seconds. The world record holder finished clear of Asafa Powell, who came second in 9.85 seconds, his best time of 2012. Team GB’s Marlon Devonish finished sixth but Mark Lewis-Francis was disqualified following a false start. Jessica Ennis , who was taking part in the 100m hurdles, also paid the price for leaving the blocks early. The men’s 100m was the race everyone was waiting for and it did not disappoint. Jamaican Powell has history in Oslo after setting the stadium record of 9.72 seconds two years ago. Neither he nor Bolt could emulate that time but Powell did enjoy his best time of the year so far, as the compatriots head into form at the right time. Powell started the better, as he burst out of the blocks and must have thought, for a split second at least, he had got the better of his countryman, only for Bolt to power through to pip him at the post. Such was his surge at the end, his momentum almost saw a flower girl sent flying but, still beaming from victory, the Jamaican showed some neat footwork to keep the girl on her feet. It was a night of mixed emotions for the Britons in action with Lewis-Francis and Ennis disqualified. Ennis, who was making a rare appearance at the Diamond League, qualified for the final of the 100m hurdles in third place, behind world champion Sally Pearson. But as she lined up for the final she was too eager to get out of the blocks and was eventually shown a red card. The race got under way without the heptathlete and as expected Australia’s Pearson won in some style, with a time of 12.49 seconds, with Great Britain’s Tiffany Porter in third place. Britain’s world 400m champion Dai Greene was making his first Diamond League appearance of the season and admitted he struggled to keep the pace set by winner Javier Culson. The Puerto Rican cruised to victory in a time of 47.82 seconds, with Greene in

fourth with 48.98. “I think I went off too fast for where my fitness levels are at the moment,” said a disappointed Greene, who has been suffering with a virus. Nicola Sanders was another who was left disappointed after she came eighth in the women’s 400m, some three seconds behind Botswana’s Amantel Montsho who made easy work of the field in a time of 49.68. “I’m really disappointed,” said the 29-year-old Brit. “I felt really good in warm-up. It’s a shocking time, just wasn’t good enough.” Abi Oyepitan finished second in the women’s 200m behind Murielle Ahoure, who ran the fifth fastest time in the world this year. Oyepitan also competed in the 100m but finished in last place, in a time of 11.70. Fellow Brit Montell Douglas finished fifth, while Norwegian Ezinne Okparaebo took first place on home turf. There was better news in the 800m where Britain took first and second place. Gareth Warburton set a new Welsh record as he won the race in one minute 44.98 seconds, which is also an Olympic ‘A’ standard. Guy Learmonth came second, with a personal best of 1:47.14.

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Team Guyana, Albouystown favoured to advance to final - fans urged to maintain good behaviour By Rawle Welch Team Guyana (Back Circle) could not ask for better preparations ahead of next month’s inaugural Caribbean Guinness Street Challenge Football Tournament after witnessing the high quality of play exhibited during the warm-up competition which climaxes tonight with semifinals and final action, at the National Cultural Centre Tarmac, starting from 20:00 hrs. The defending ‘Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ champions looked clinical in their opening performance, before surrendering to the inform Albouystown unit led by the prolific Andrew Murray Jnr, but they bounced back into winners’ circle in their next clash against another solid team in Tiger Bay which must have boosted their morale ahead of tonight’s semi-final encounter against an inconsistent D’urban Street side in the first game of the night. In the other semi-final, tournament favourites Albouystown, who has displayed terrific form since the start of the tournament will collide with a resurgent Island All Stars and this matchup has all the hallmarks of an explosive clash. The opening game should see Team Guyana, by virtue of their superior individual abilities start as favourites with the likes of Daniel Favourite, Vincent Thomas, B. Pedro, Allan Kennedy and Phillip Rowley

A view of the massive crowd that witnessed the final round of the preliminary phase on Tuesday night at the National Cultural Centre. in their line-up. Favourite has been on the score-sheet consistently, while Thomas and Kennedy are both capable of playing admirable supportive roles and could be a dangerous duo if given the space to operate. D’urban Street, who gained their first win in the competition in the final round of the preliminary phase after beating the high-touted Alexander Village on penalty kicks could view that result as the turning point in their fortunes and Team Guyana will be well advised to take them seriously and not go into the contest over-confident. Goal-scorer in their previous match Jamal Hunte is a cunning and crafty player and capable of netting from difficult angles. Albouystown versus Island All Stars should be a

crowd pleaser, despite the former already holding bragging rights after defeating them in the preliminary rounds. What more could be expected from the classy Murray, who has scored in every match to date and has clearly demonstrated the ability to be classified as one of the best exponents of the street format. Murray, a former national footballer is a class above the rest and with the support of Shaka John and Renault Fraser, they are almost impossible to beat. Island All Stars have found form and momentum late and could be seen as peeking at the right time with lucrative prize monies now at stake. Orson McCurdy, Eusi Phillips and company will no doubt be looking to register the upset so Albouystown just

as is the case with Team Guyana will be advised to take their opponents seriously because too much is at stake now. Every venue has been well supported with fans bursting the fringes of the playing area and come tonight the situation should be no different. Meanwhile, the Organisers have extended thanks to all the fans that’ve attended the matches so far for their good behavior and called on them to exhibit similar conduct during the staging of the finals. The tournament that carries a first prize of $200,000, while the second, third and fourth placed finishers will take away $100,000, $50,000 and $25,000 respectively. Meanwhile, the teams that failed to make it to tonight’s segment will each be presented with $15,000.

QC defeat Marian Academy in Badminton tourney Queens College Badminton Team defeated Marian Academy Badminton Team 3-2 to win the Friendly Team Tournament played off at the Queens College Courts last Tuesday. Marian Academy were welcomed by Mr. Johnny ‘Overseas’ Barnwell, the Games Master of Queens College and Mr. Quasen Nedd, Physical Education Teacher and Cricket Coach of Queens College. This is the second encounter of the two teams with Marian Academy winning at home a few weeks ago 3-2 and now Queens College returning the favour by a similar 3-2 score. The results of the Team Tournament were: Boys Singles: Narayan Ramdhani of Marian Academy defeated Noel Shewjattan of Queens College: 21-9 Girls Singles: Greer

QC & MA Team with QC Games Master & PE Teacher

Jackson of Queens College defeated Tisel Patterson of Marian Academy: 21-6 Boys Doubles: Cecil Abrams/Omari Joseph of Queens College defeated Jonathan Mangra/Ronald Chang Yuen of Marian Academy: 21-14 Girls Doubles: Ambika Ramraj/Angelica Holder of

Queens College defeated Priyanna Ramdhani/Anesa Bird of MarianAcademy: 21-10 Mixed Doubles: Narayan & Priyanna Ramdhani of Marian Academy defeated Noel Shewjattan/ Greer Jackson: 21-17. MARIANACADEMY BADMINTON TEAM Narayan Ramdhani-

Captain Ronald Chang Yuen Jonathan Mangra Brandon Debidin Priyanna Ramdhani Angelica DaSilva Meshonn Persaud Aaliyah Rodrigues Tisel Patterson Anesa Bird QUEENS COLLEGE

BADMINTON TEAM Greer Jackson- Captain Omari Joseph Cecil Abrams Noel Shewjattan Kara Abrams Nadine Jairam Angelica Holder Ambika Ramraj Crystal Dey Arian Kayume

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Azteca baptism awaits Golden Jaguars “This is the game of our lives and careers” - National Coach Jamaal Shabazz Mexico City, Mexico Guyana’s Golden Jaguars and CONCACAF powerhouses Mexico ranked 99th and 19th in the FIFA world rankings lock horns in a group B encounter, on the opening match day, of the third round 2014 World Cup qualifiers at the world famous Estadio Azteca in Mexico City, from 7:00 pm (8:00pm Guyana time). Although five other matches will also be kicking off almost simultaneously around the North, Central American and Caribbean Zones in Group B, A and C this game carries the most interest since it is set-up as your archetypical “David vs Goliath” match-up, due to the two nations football histories. Mexico colloquially referred to as “El Tri” has qualified for 14 of the 19 FIFA world cups and consecutively since 1994 tournament that was help in the United States. The Jaguars on the other hand don’t have such significant football accomplishments of their curriculum vitae and only recently had its greatest national football moment when they toppled Caribbean football giants Trinidad and Tobago in the previous round - a night that Guyanese football enthusiast now term “11-11-11”. Add this to fact that the Azteca is sound fortress for the Mexicans with them having not lost a competitive or friendly game on this hallowed venue since 2002 which is most famous for hosting the game of century (Brazil vs Italy 1970 world cup final) and Diego Maradona’s “Hand of God Goal” in 1986. CAMPAIGN PREPARATION Both sides have gone about their preparation for this semi-final round in drastically different manners. With the altitude factor always very prominent when teams visit Mexico the Guyana team held a training

camp in Columbia where they played two games along with friendly internationals in Panama and Jamaica over the past month and although they lost all of those games - the purpose of those matches was targeted towards this June 8th encounter instead of whether the team was triumphant or unsuccessful. The Mexicans played three friendlies in America versus Wales, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Brazil winning all of those matches. Their 2-0 win over Brazil although it was a under23 Olympic side mainly, was greatly praised by coach Jose Torre at a press conference yesterday, in which he praised the performances of his Carré Magique (Magic Square) attacking strikers Javier Hernandez , Giovanni Dos Santos, Pablo Barrera and Andres Guadardo. SHABAZZ AND NURSE THOUGHTS Guyana National coach and captain respectively Jamal Shabazz and Chris Nurse spoke briefly before the team left for training and both although positive in their outlook, were suffering from no delusions of grandeur of the task that awaits the team. “This is a big moment for Guyana and the toughest game we will ever face in our life and a opportunity we are ready to take, it’s a great learning experience and what a game for our lives and careers - may we live in interesting times”, said Shabazz humbly. Speaking about tactics and his feelings about how the team has adapted to the altitude during the camp he said “We will be forced to defend for long periods, so this game will test our character, and ability to be disciplined and constant. We have done the preparation that we can do and the commitment shown by players thus far has been first class and we look forward to giving our best for our country”. Nurse who is the only

player in the Guyana team to play high level football in Mexico for his North American Soccer League side Carolina Railhawks during the CONCACAF Champions league, echoed much of what Shabazz said, spoke on the eye opening receptions the Guyana team got on their arrival in Mexico, flocked by a crescendo of local reporters. “As gaffer said we are away from home in Mexico, altitude is going to have a massive say on the style we play, regardless if you are fit as fiddle based on my experience of playing in it - is very difficult to breathe. For some people it can take months, so hopefully the camp would have put the boys in good stead. It was an experience for all of us how those journalist flocked us when we arrived - we see it on TV, but to have it happen for us, made us all appreciate the top level international we are at right now.”, Nurse reasoned. 80,000 to 90,000 fans according to the Mexican Football Association are expected to flock the stadium that hold 105,000 at full capacity and both Nurse concluding by suggesting that playing in front of such a large and likely hostile home crowd could inspire the Jaguars to do something great on the night. PLAYERS TO WATCH With Shabazz acknowledging the defensive style the team is resigned to playing, how quickly Guyana on the counter attack can get the ball up to strikers Carl Cort and Gregory Richardson when they are in goal-scoring positions, may turn out to be a key for the visitors. Guyana also have a massive height difference advantage over Mexico, so once they manage to breathe well on the night, set-pieces goal options may also prove invaluable for them. As aforementioned the “Magic Square” are Mexico’s main source of goals. With their short stature, low center of gravity and lightning quick

Sammy hopes for brighter weather BIRMINGHAM, England – Darren Sammy said West Indies was still eager to win the third and final Test against England which endured a wet start on Thursday. Not a ball was bowled on the opening, as rain swept across this city in the West Midlands of the country, forcing the ground-staff at Edgbaston to keep the playing area covered throughout the day. “We are disappointed there was no play because we said if we could get a win in a Test here in England, it would have been an achievement for the team,” said Sammy. “We need as much play as possible over the next

four days to accomplish this, so we are disappointed that we have lost the entire first day.” West Indies trail 0-2 in the three-Test series, after a five-wicket loss at Lord’s and a nine-wicket defeat at Trent Bridge. No toss was spun and neither side declared a final 11. “We now have to go all out to win, but it all depends on the weather, something which we have no control over,” said Sammy. “The weather outlook for the next few days does not look to bright, so we will keep our fingers crossed that whatever play we can get, we will look to win those sessions.”

Jamaal Shabazz turn of pace that can embarrass the best of defenders in world football the Guyanese back-line that will be marshalled by Leon Cort, John Paul “JP” Rodrigues and Charles Pollard will know they have to bring their Agames to the table to keep them quiet over 90 minutes. However El Trini isn’t all about attack, since captain and former Barcelona defender Rafael Marquez, brings experience and composure in leading the back-line. Guyana Football Federation acting President Franklin Wilson, Aubrey

“Shanghai” Major, Faizal Khan, Mark Phillips of the Georgetown Football Association and Dexter Austin of Western Tigers are some of the notable football personalities from Guyana expected to be at the game. Guyana 22-man squad: Goal-Keepers - Ronson Williams, Richard Reynolds, Colin Edwards, Defenders Leon Cort, Charles Pollard, JP Rodrigues, Walter Moore, Howard Newton, Chris Bourne, Aubrey David, MidFielders - Chris Nurse, Kayode McKinnon, Konata Manning, Kester Jacobs, Dwight Peters, Dwain Jacobs, Howard Newton, Strikers Gregory Richardson, Anthony Abrams and Shawn Beveney. Jamaal Shabazz - Head Coach, Wayne Dover -

Assistant coach, Managers Rawle Adams and Mark Xavier, Physiotherapists Donna Marie Wickham, Debita Harripersaud, Andrew Hazel - Goal-Keeper coach, Trevor Burnett - equipment manager Mexico squad: GoalKeepers - Jose Corona, Guillermo Ochoa, Alfredo Talavera, Defenders - Rafael Marquez, Francisco Rodrguez, Carlos Salcido, Hector Moreno, Severo Meza, Israel Jiminez, Hugo Ayala, Jorge Nino - MidFielders - Jesus Molina, Edgar Andrade, Pablo Barrera, Angel Reyna, Jesus Zavala, Luis Perez, Andres Guadardo, Edgar Lugo - Strikers - Javier Hernandez, Giovanni Dos Santos, Aldo Di Nigris. Coach: Jose Manuel de la Torre.

Pakistan bowlers deliver series lead in rain-curtained encounter Yahoo! Cricket – Pakistan made a triumphant start to the ODI series as they registered an easy six-wicket win over Sri Lanka in the first one-day international at Pallekele, on Thursday. Mohammad Hafeez top-scored with 37 in a chase of 135, as the visitors secured their ninth win in 11 matches over Sri Lanka. The match was interrupted several times by rain, as Umar Gul harnessed the conditions to grab three wickets in a sharp opening spell, restricting the home team to 135-8 after Mahela Jayawardene elected to bat. The fast bowler (3-24) removed skipper Jayawardene, Tillakaratne Dilshan and Dinesh Chandimal to send Sri Lanka reeling at 23-3 in nine overs, in the rain-curtained encounter which was eventually reduced to 42-overs-a-side. Although Pakistan lost Azhar Ali and Younis Khan early in the chase, Hafeez, skipper Misbah-ul-Haq (30) and Umar Akmal (36 n.o.) ensured that there were no further hiccoughs for the visitors, as they romped home in the 35th over with six wickets to spare. Earlier, Gul was superbly backed by paceman Mohammad Sami, who dismissed Kumar Sangakkara and all-rounder Angelo Mathews in his first two overs to reduce the hosts to 41-5. Sami finished with 3-19 off six overs. Lahiru Thirimanne, who added 50 for the eighth wicket with Nuwan Kulasekara (18), top-scored for Sri Lanka with an unbeaten 42 while extras contributed 31, the secondhighest tally of the innings. Thisara Perera (17) and Upul Tharanga (10) were the other batsmen to reach double-figures. Sangakkara, who took 20 deliveries to open his account, made just nine runs before being trapped leg-before while Mathews was caught at first slip by skipper Misbah-ul-Haq for no score. Off-spinner Mohammad Hafeez bagged two of the last three wickets to finish with an impressive 2-20 off 10 overs. Gul struck in his third

Gul, Sami shine with ball in six-wicket win

Umar Gul was the most incisive of the Pakistan seamers with three wickets over when he had opener Dilshan (five) caught by Saeed Ajmal at mid-on and then trapped Jayawardene (three) leg-before in his next over. He put more pressure on Sri Lanka when he bowled Chandimal for no score in his fifth over. The second one-dayer will also be played in Pallekele on Saturday and the last three games in Colombo on June 13, 16 and 18. The one-dayers will be followed by a three-test series starting on June 22. Scores: Pakistan 135 for 4 (Hafeez 37, Akmal 36*) beat Sri Lanka 135 for 8 (Thirimanne 42*, Gul 3-24, Sami 3-19) by six wickets (D/L method).

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Kennard’s Memorial Club Pre-Independence Race Meeting…

DDL continues partnership as Bush Lot Farm set to come alive Sunday


n keeping their tradition, Guyana’s Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL) through their El Dorado brand yesterday afternoon continued their partnership w i t h t h e K e n n a r d ’s Memorial Turf Club by donating a substantial contribution along with a trophy for the G & Lower W/A Class race for Sunday’s Pre-Independence Race

DDL Brands Manager of El Dorado, Maria Munroe, presents Justice Cecil Kennard with the trophy for the G & Lower W/A Class race for the Kennard’s Memorial Pre-Independence Race Meeting.

Meet which was postponed from May 20th due to the inclement weather. The meet which will be held at the Bush Lot Farm, Corentyne, Berbice presently has a registration of over fifty horses set to compete in the seven Classes. Justice Cecil Kennard, in brief remarks at his Office, indicated to the media that this year will mark the 41st

year of Demerara Distillers Limited collaborating with the Turf Club. Kennard, who stated that he was grateful for DDL’s contribution as it will assist tremendously with the

successful promotion of any sporting activity, disclosed that the condition of the track in Corentyne is very good since it has dried out considerably. Being of a (Continued on page 27)

t r o Sp

England v West Indies:

Day one of third Test abandoned D

The groundstaff fought a losing battle on the opening day.

ay one of the third Test between England and West Indies at Edgbaston was abandoned without a ball being bowled because of heavy rain. Umpires Kumar Dharmasena and Tony Hill made the inevitable call that no play would be possible at 15:35 BST. England are looking to seal a 3-0 series sweep but their chances could be hit by further rain today. It is the first full Test match day to be washed out in England since the 2009 Ashes, at the same venue. Two years previously, against West Indies at Chester-le-Street, was the last occasion no play was possible on day one of any home Test in this country. Should there be a second successive washout at the start of this match, it will be the first time in England since 1964 - against Australia, at Lord’s. England wicketkeeper Matt Prior was

Usain Bolt pips Asafa Powell in Diamond League 100m Pg. 29

Usain Bolt was pushed all the way in the 100m before powering home to take victory.

passed fit following an eye infection, so reserve Steven Davies returned to county action with Surrey. But West Indies batsman Shivnarine Chanderpaul is doubtful after undergoing a scan on a side injury on Thursday. Chanderpaul, the world’s top-ranked batsman, scored 87 not out and 91 in the first Test at Lord’s and is the key player in an experienced side. “Shiv went to hospital for a scan,” a West Indies team spokesman said. “A day off gives him a chance to see how he goes.” West Indies captain Darren Sammy hinted on Wednesday that one of the two reserve batsmen, Assad Fudadin or Narsingh Deonarine, could come in if Chanderpaul’s injury failed to heal. England lead the series 2-0 after victories at Lord’s and Trent Bridge. Spectators will be entitled to a full refund on their tickets from day one.

Injury probe for Windies ace Chanderpaul AFP – West Indies star batsman Shivnarine Chanderpaul has undergone a hospital scan after suffering soreness in his side, a team spokesman confirmed Thursday. Fortunately for the tourists, Thursday’s first day of the third and final Test against England at Edgbaston was washed out completely, meaning they were not obliged to name their team. Meanwhile, Chanderpaul was taken to a nearby hospital for a scan, and the spokesman said he hoped a day’s rest would bolster the veteran left-hander’s prospects of helping the West Indies avoid a 3-0 series defeat. “Shiv went to hospital for a scan,” the spokesman

Azteca baptism awaits Golden Jaguars

said. “A day off gives him a chance to see how well he goes.” The 37-year-old Chanderpaul is one of a select group of batsmen who’ve scored over 10,000 runs in Test cricket and he averages over 50 in 142 matches at this level, with 25 hundreds. In this series alone, he’s scored 235 runs at an average of 78.33.

“This is the game of our lives and careers” - National Coach Jamaal Shabazz Pg.30

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