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Contractor out of India gets mining concession P. 3

…enjoys privileged position with Govt - AFC gets US$12.5M for sugar packaging plant but never built one. gets US$4M drainage pumps contract but never built any. gets US$19M contract for Specialty Hospital, never built one. blacklisted by GuySuCo for supplying poor quality parts. CHILDREN FIXING POT-HOLE IN FRONT OF OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT FOR HIS EXCELLENCY DONALD RAMOTAR

Fly Jamaica cleared to fly Georgetown to New York

P. 6

- G/town-Toronto also approved

Maternal death at GPHC...

Patient ‘nearby’ says negligence led to wife and baby deaths P. 12

- husband hopes to meet with doctors for “truthful” answers

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Thursday June 06, 2013

Thursday June 06, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Contractor out of India gets mining concession …enjoys privileged position with Govt - AFC Minister of Natural Resources, Robert Persaud


ver 25,000 acres of lands in the gold bush has been granted to an Indian contractor and a Parliamentary party is now raising questions. The company, Indianowned Surendra Mines Guyana Inc., was granted two Prospecting Licences (PLs) in early March, one year after applying for the licences. The company is linked to Surendra Engineering Corporation Limited, the

gets US$12.5M for sugar packaging plant but never built one. gets US$4M drainage pumps contract but never built any. gets US$19M contract for Specialty Hospital, never built one. blacklisted by GuySuCo for supplying poor quality parts. same company that built the US$12.5M sugar packaging plant at Enmore, East Coast Demerara. The two companies share the same directors. The company was later awarded another contract to supply large drainage pumps to the tune of US$4M. Surendra also won a US$19M contract to build a specialty hospital at Tu r k e y e n , E a s t C o a s t

90% of farmers agree on paddy prices - negotiations continue with millers


s the negotiations for paddy prices continue, a majority of the country’s rice farmers and millers have agreed on fixed prices for a bag of paddy to be sold to millers. These prices vary with millers. It was noted that while a majority of the farmers and millers in Region Five have agreed that a bag of paddy is worth $3700, others cited $3800 as being reasonable. As of last evening, the Burma Rice Mill at Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara, has decided that a bag of paddy of any grade will be worth $3900. This was according to General Secretary of the Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB), Dharamkumar Seeraj. A few Mahaicony farmers who were anticipating a price of $4000

per bag of paddy said that the additional $100, as insignificant as it may seem, would have covered transportation cost to the mills. Nonetheless, negotiations into other parts of the country are continuing by the GRDB.

Demerara. The Prospecting Licences for the lands which are located in North West District, Region One, led the Alliance For Change (AFC) to believe that the company is a “privileged” one. “There is no doubt in my mind that Surendra Engineering is now part of the PPP’s circle of family, friends and favourites. That company will get whatever it wants, tendered or untendered, because it is so close to the former President (Bharrat Jagdeo) and former Minister of Agriculture (Robert Persaud),” AFC Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan said last evening. Ramjattan, whose party has seven seats in the National Assembly and together with A Partnership For National Unity (APNU), has a one-seat voting m a j o r i t y, s a i d t h a t indications are that Surendra never built a packaging plant, yet it won a contract

worth US$12.5M. “This was under Robert Persaud’s stewardship as the Agriculture Minister to construct the Enmore packaging plant. Though huge problems persist with the operational functioning of that plant, Surendra was paid all its monies.” It will be recalled that when the project cost was challenged, Minister Persaud said that he would facilitate any value-formoney audit. The challenge was accepted by Chartered Accountant Christopher Ram. Immediately Persaud backpedalled. The value-formoney audit was never conducted, Ramjattan said. Ramjattan also noted that while evidence suggests that Surendra never built a specialty hospital, it won a contract worth US$19M to build one here. “It won even against Fedders Lloyd. Only in Guyana. It never built mobile nor vertical drainage

and irrigation pumps, yet it won a contract for US$4M to provide a dozen or more pumps which were to have been delivered since eight months now. It won against the giant pump manufacturer Kirkloskar of India. No penalty. Rather, some generous extensions.” The Parliamentarian said that Surendra was granted a number of other contracts to provide the Guyana Sugar Corporation with parts. “GuySuCo had to blacklist this company because the parts were not up to the endurance levels represented. Probably that is one reason why GuySuCo is where it is today.” With no indications that Surendra was ever involved in gold mining, the granting of the PLs raises even more questions over the company. “It never was in the mining of gold business, yet it gets prospecting licences. Marudi miners cannot even get a claim to work for their

AFC’s Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan daily survival. Surendra has really struck gold here in Guyana.” Ramjattan also said that it is the same Minister Persaud who is now the Minister of Natural Resources, a new ministry, which has jurisdictions over mining concessions in Guyana. “The AFC will be asking certain questions concerning mining policy and administration in the Assembly. These developments it sees as being reeked with rottenness. The sultans and sahibs continue unchecked.” The demand for gold in recent years on the world market has driven prices up with the sector raking in the biggest earnings for Guyana last year. Along the way came the demand for lands to mine and the problems that came along with it. The Opposition, since the 2011 General Elections, has been waging a war against what it claims to be corruption in the administration.

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Kaieteur News

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Men outnumber women There is information available about everything under the sun. With the advancing technology mankind can sit in his living room and glean information about the deepest regions of space; he can find out in the twinkling of an eye which are the driest places on earth, or the wettest. With crime being so prominent and with each criminal trying to outdo the other, people can find out the safest places on the planet. They can also get answers to even the most mundane questions. Nothing is beyond the scope of the curious-minded these days. This then, has allowed for people to put to rest some of the fallacies that prevailed in and even out of Guyana for decades. Many people grew up believing that there were always surplus women to cater for the whims and fancies of the men. We have heard the exorbitant claims of there being as many as ten women to one man. This even spawned the featured Amazon women who went out to capture men to satisfy their needs because men were in so short supply. Needless to say, with this belief, men grew up believing that no matter what they did, there will always be a woman to pander to their whims and fancies. This may explain the pace at which people ended their relationships. The woman, on the other hand, convinced that she did not have the luxury of changing men with reckless abandon, often believed that she should sit and tolerate whatever abuse came her way. The truth is that globally, there are more men than women, and this has been the trend for a very long time. And it makes sense. Men are the risk takers and are therefore prone to injuries and even death at a greater pace than women. In times of war attrition would see large numbers of men dying and being taken prisoners, thus effectively removing them from the equation. Men are also the people who undertake the dangerous missions. They are the people who are the traditional hunters and providers. Many men die in the quest to provide for their families. The records would show that men are also the most problematic in the society. They are the hostile elements in the society and more often than not, they kill each other. At this rate whatever advantage the male of the species may enjoy is neutralized. The statistics show that globally there are about 300 million more men than women. We now understand why nature provides this buffer. However, in some societies there is a deliberate effort to tamper with the gender balance. In China where there is a one child per family policy most of the families would prefer a son. Baby girls have been killed so that they could get the son they desire. Today, there are societies that have a grave woman shortage. And this is a problem. Daughters are now gold mines. Some families actually buy one daughter to provide for two or three sons. Sharing is now a way of life. We have not heard about eloping. There is an obvious gender balancing factor that is not readily talked about but which is fast gaining currency in the wider world. These are the gays. Societies are now open to gay marriages. In the male dominated world, gay men reduce the difference between the genders and serve to reduce the friction. But in other societies such behavior is frowned on and can sometimes prove detrimental to the practitioner. Illness is also a great equalizer. It has been proven that there are illnesses that attack men more than women. These illnesses have been known to wipe out large numbers of men whenever the numbers increase. The cold hard fact is that nature does not operate in a haphazard manner. Whatever exists in nature is prompted by a reason. So whenever someone hears that there are three women to a man in Guyana, or that women outnumber men, simply smile. The truth is something else.

Thursday June 06, 2013

Letters... Where your views make the news

Politics have marginalised the trade union movement DEAR EDITOR, The British Guiana Labour Union (BGLU) became the first duly recognised union in the colony. From very early in its formation, the BGLU acted as a voice of the people. Its primary goal was to make sure that its members were treated fairly by employers. The BGLU succeeded in bringing economic and social change in Guyana in that it initiated changes to the harsh working conditions imposed on the workers by the plutocracy class. In this time of deep need, most of these union characteristics are all but lost in Guyana, due to the fact that the trade unions are caught up in the silly politics practiced by the ruling clique. As a result, the workers are forced to accept tiny increases in wages imposed upon them without consideration for the high cost of living. For the past five years, the government has enforced a 5% increase on civil servants while hiring and paying contract workers super salaries. The Public Service Union (PSU), GAWU and others have been weakened by not being

allowed to negotiate wages and better working conditions on behalf of their members. Today, it is sad to say that the once powerful Trade Union movements are a shadow of their former selves in that they have been marginalised by the antiw o r k i n g c l a s s administration. These unions are on the fringes of the mainstream decisionmaking process as the unethical and uncaring government launches a coordinated attack to destroy the trade union movement. Not even GAWU, whose members are supporters of the PPP regime, is spared with a threat of derecognition still hanging over their heads. A strong Trade Union movement means a more accountable Government, but the PPP will have none of it. Accountability, transparency and good governance are the anathema of the ruling party. But the deeper point remains unemployment. The rate of unemployment in 2012 was closer to 20% and youth unemployment is closer to 50% as defined by the UNDP in its latest Human Development

Report. July 2013 will mark the 91st anniversary of the legal establishment of the Trade Union Movement in Guyana, but is this the legacy of that movement; high unemployment? The government has no concrete national economic plan for the creation of jobs. The Alliance for Change (AFC) in its manifesto proposed an immediate strategy to employ 5,000 Guyanese with minimal economic skills to clean up the country for one year. This project would have cost the state G$2.1billion, but the socio-economic impact would have been positively felt for decades. But the government would have none of it. It was AFC founder member, the late Ms. Sheila Holder who has always preached that “we have to find solutions for new jobs and a livable wage for the people.” Ms. Holder left the AFC with its first Foundation of “More jobs; better pay.” Ask any AFC leader today and they will tell you that they all hold dearly to that principle. It was the AFC which proposed that we must outfit all primary and secondary

schools with desktop computers “made in Guyana by Guyanese; thus creating some 2,000 permanent jobs in the computer assembly business in all ten Regions”. So the PPP’s continued abandonment of the AFC’s Action Plan is to the detriment of the country. The document represents a grand opportunity to help President Ramotar attack unemployment and poverty. So to the President and his cabal, there is no reason to fret about the 2013 Budget cuts; that is old news. Get down to the business of developing Guyana for all the people and not just a selected few. It is time for the President to get a new deck of advisors since the current ‘leftovers’ are leading him down a destructive and disastrous path. To do nothing regarding unemployment is simply not an option. As Franklin Roosevelt once noted, “True individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence. People who are hungry and out of a job are the stuff of which dictatorships are made.” Dr. Asquith Rose and Harish S. Singh

Will our President be one for all Guyanese? DEAR EDITOR, I pen these words with the consciousness of the ever present fact that the issue of radio licences is of vital importance to the maintenance of our democracy. Over the past several months, our nation was informed of this deceitful plot by government due to the diligence and hard work of parliamentarian Mrs. Cathy Hughes. T h e g o v e r n m e n t ’s questionable issuance of radio licences to its cronies and close affiliates is nothing but a desperate act to consolidate itself in the arms of power. This action should not be allowed to fade away with the passage of time nor should less attention be given by the media. The serious nature of this doing should be made known and should be constantly repeated, for this is an attempt that threatens our nation’s democracy, its fundamental values of freedom, and openness to information.

I make a personal appeal to media houses, opposition parties and civil society to refuse to back down in efforts to have these licences be revoked and make way for equal, just and transparent means for the application process to be made. To relent now is to encourage the dangers and threats to our democracy. I would like to pay tribute and give accolades to Mrs. Cathy Hughes and the AFC for being attentive enough to see through the Emperor’s clothes and to awaken other opposition members from their slumber to this important issue. I would also like to acknowledge Mr. Enrico Woolford for his bold step to challenge this unworthy act of government in the courts and all other stakeholders in this struggle for equality and fair play in the media arena. Government and opposition I believe are aware that democracy cannot work if liberty is threatened. Equally, the media cannot function effectively, nor will it be able

to serve its intended purpose when important information is suppressed. I say to the powers that be that only bad governments thrive under the cloak of darkness and secrecy. Those who have nothing to hide have nothing to fear. We as a nation cannot allow government to have the monopoly or the majority when it comes to the distribution of information in the media, because it only provides the shield for those who engage in corruption and shady acts. It also provides opportunities for the perpetuation of the same while at the same time it keeps the lid on embarrassing information about government and also could prevent new information from emerging. The parliament, on both sides of the aisle, has a grave responsibility to ensure that the nation’s democracy and its liberties are protected and preserved. Our president has the opportunity to demonstrate and provide real leadership to Guyana. He has the

historic opportunity to be a president not for his party and its supporters but a president for all of Guyana, a man for the people by the people. Will he be? Will he recall those questionable radio licences? Will he encourage the implementation of the public procurement commission and allow substantial amendments to the antimoney laundering Bill for the benefit of all? Will he allow for local government elections to take place now after more than two decades of none? Will our president for the sake of closure to an unknown part of our history, seek to establish an independent commission of inquiry into the death of one of Guyana’s stalwart political figures, Dr. Walter Rodney? Will our president stand up for all Guyanese and do the right thing? I am certain that time and the future will provide all doubts, truths and answers. My wish is for it to be the latter. Jermaine Figueira

Thursday June 06, 2013

Kaieteur News

Letters... Where your views make the news

The Opposition Leader exposed the Attorney General DEAR EDITOR, The Attorney General, Anil Nandlall, a few days ago told the nation that Opposition Leader David Granger refused to agree to the appointment of Justice Ian Chang and Justice Carl Singh to fill the post of Chancellor and Chief Justice respectively. This statement was strongly rejected by Mr. Granger who stated that the AG lied to the nation. The Opposition Leader told Guyanese that what he advised the government is that a transparent process should be established to appoint the two office holders, in order that the local judicial system is blessed with the most suitably qualified and competent appointees. Mr. Granger’s rejection of Nandlall’s statement and his explanation has certainly caused the AG to appear like a most blatant liar, particularly since he has not refuted Granger’s comments in the media. Here we have the chief legal officer of the nation, blatantly and without care or

caution, telling a most vicious lie to the nation. The question is whether actions by such office holders amount to perjury. The Attorney General has taken an oath to uphold our Constitution and to carry out the functions of his office in a lawful, truthful and ethical manner, he is presumed to be under this oath for the duration of his office. What we saw a few days ago is the AG’s bold flouting of his responsibility and duty to bear truth to the Guyanese people by either recklessly or intentionally postulating a barefaced lie to the people. In some other jurisdictions, his last day on the job would be the day his lie was exposed, but then again in Guyana, I believe that the government feels comfortable to perpetuate these common wrongs against the people, because it perceives the people as passive. I commend Mr. Granger for quickly exposing Mr. Nandlall, and urge the people to be vigilant, lest we are used

as scapegoats by the PPP/C government, which we now know had no intention of making the necessary amendments to the AntiMoney Laundering and Countering of Financing of Terrorism Bill. They have been exposed here too. A call for transparency in the system used to appoint the Chief Justice and the Chancellor of the Judiciary is referred to by the PPP/C government as a refusal to agree to the appointment of two men the government already identifies for the posts. How much more pervasive can nepotism, corruption and bad governance be embedded in this regime? I also view the Attorney General’s deliberate lie as an affront to the Guyanese people, who the government continues to disrespect without care. Mr. Nandlall should not get away with this lie he must offer an apology to the nation, before he resigns. Enough of this eye pass! Lurlene Nestor

DEAR EDITOR, The New Building Society must be commended for consistently bringing down the mortgage interest rates. According to media reports, interest rates have declined further for all categories of loans, even though the loan ceilings have increased significantly. There can be no doubt that the housing drive initiated by the government along with easier credit arrangements facilitated by the banking sector, have impacted significantly on the housing sector, making it possible for thousands of Guyanese to own their own homes, which under the

previous PNC administration was a distant dream for the average Guyanese family. Many Guyanese were forced into squatting on state lands in order to obtain a roof over their heads. The current PPP/C administration has not only provided thousands of house lots at highly subsidised costs to eligible Guyanese but have also regularised many of the squatting areas by putting in the necessary infrastructural developments such as roads, electricity, potable water, health and educational facilities among other amenities. Sophia is just one example of Government’s

intervention to regularise and upgrade the status of erstwhile “squatters.” Guyana is experiencing a housing boom. Throughout the country, the landscape is changing with proliferation of new housing schemes, the construction of new homes and the modernisation of existing homes. This development is a direct result of the emphasis placed by the current administration to make housing accessible to all Guyanese in keeping with the government’s philosophy of people-centred development and ‘development with a human face.’ Hydar Ally

Guyana’s housing boom ‘Development with a human face’

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Thursday June 06, 2013

Letters... Where your views make the news

Bank of Guyana explains its role in anti-money laundering DEAR EDITOR, Reference is made to your Editorial printed on May 30,2013 under the caption “The fact and the fiction.” Attention is drawn particularly to the following statement: “Others contended that the Central Bank, which is provided by law with all transactions that occur in the commercial banking system, was in a position to detect the suspicious transactions even if the commercial banking did not report them. “The way in which the laws have been applied would suggest that there have been no illegal transactions since the Central Bank never moved against any of the transactions that may have been recorded by the commercial banks. It transpired that the Central Bank did not have the support of the existing legislation.” This statement is a gross misrepresentation of the role of the Central Bank in detecting and prosecuting illegal financial transactions. The true position may be gleaned from a perusal of the relevant provisions of the

Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Act No. 13 of 2009. The AntiMoney Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Act No. 13 of 2009 (The Act), provides that reports of suspected money laundering and terrorist financing should be made to the Financial Intelligence Unit(FIU), a Unit established by section 9 of the Act. Section 18 of The Act places the obligation on reporting entities (including commercial banks) to, in accordance with the provisions of The Act, report all suspicious transactions to the FIU. The a FIU, upon receipt of such reports, has the responsibility of analyzing and forwarding these reports to the competent authority (Director of Public Prosecutions) if there are reasonable grounds to suspect that a transaction involves money laundering or terrorist financing. The role of the Central Bank is quite different. The Act appointed the Central Bank as a Supervisory Authority with the mandate

of compliance oversight over some of the reporting entities (including commercial banks) as listed in the schedule to The Act. Section 22 of The Act details the scope of the Supervisory Authority’s duties which includes the examination and supervision of reporting entities to ensure that they are conducting their businesses in compliance with the provisions of The Act and that they have implemented adequate controls aimed at preventing criminals from using the financial system to launder funds and facilitate terrorist financing. Further commercial banks are not required by The Act or by any other piece of legislation to provide, to the Central Bank, information on its transactions and as such the Central Bank is not privy to “all transactions that occur in the commercial banking system,” as was represented in the Editorial. It is kindly requested that this unfortunate error be corrected expeditiously. Lawrence T. Williams Governor

Carrington: Big countries continue to woo region Trinidad Guardian - The Caricom region is a recipient of trade and investment from powers like the United States and China because of its strategic importance, said Edwin Carrington, T&T’s ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary to Caricom. “No secretary general of the Organization of American States (OAS) ran for election of that post without first

checking for Caricom. “Why? Because Caricom has about 14 of the 34 votes needed for anyone to be elected to that post. When you have a lot of votes, as Caricom as a bloc has, countries will court you,” he said. Carrington who is a former secretary general of Caricom spoke to the media yesterday at a seminar on Trade in the Caribbean Region held by the American

Chamber of Commerce T&T at the Capital Plaza Hotel, Port-of-Spain. “The principle of Caricom being sought out by various countries for support and for votes is nothing new or surprising,” he said. On Sunday, China announced US$3 billion in concessional financing for eight Caricom countries as China’s President Xi Jingping ended his three-day state visit to T&T. The Chinese leader met with leaders of Caricom countries that have diplomatic relations with Beijing rather than Taiwan, which China regards as a renegade province.

Thursday June 06, 2013

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Thursday June 06, 2013

Obama picks confidante Rice U.S. says Iran’s nuclear reactor plans ‘deeply troubling’ as national security adviser WA S H I N G T O N (Reuters) - President Barack Obama chose close confidante Susan Rice as his new national security adviser yesterday, increasing White House control over foreign policy and defying Republican critics of her handling of last year’s deadly attack on a U.S. compound in Libya. The hard-charging Rice, selected to replace low-key Tom Donilon in the post, is expected to play a highprofile role in defending Obama’s foreign policy, particularly on the civil war in Syria. Obama has come under fire for his cautious approach in response to mounting evidence that President Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons against rebels seeking to oust him. Obama will nominate Samantha Power - a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, former White House aide and Harvard professor - to replace Rice as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, White House officials said. The selection of Rice will likely anger Republicans who have sharply criticized her role in the handling of last September’s attack on a U.S. compound in the Libyan city of Benghazi that killed four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens. Obama had been expected to pick Rice, 48, as national security adviser since she withdrew last December from consideration to replace Hillary Clinton as secretary of state amid the criticism by Republicans about Benghazi. She had been Obama’s first choice to replace Clinton. The job instead went to John Kerry.

Obama will avoid a congressional fight, though, because the post does not require Senate confirmation. Rice will replace Donilon in July as the official who coordinates U.S. foreign policy from the White House. Republicans accuse Rice of playing down the Benghazi incident for political purposes by initially describing it on Sunday TV news shows as the result of a spontaneous protest, rather than a terrorist attack. White House spokesman Jay Carney defended Rice. “Ambassador Rice went out to the Sunday shows and conveyed what was the intelligence community’s best assessment of what had happened in Benghazi at the time,” Carney told a briefing. Under Rice, the conduct of foreign policy is likely to be centralized out of the White House, raising questions about how much leeway will be given to Kerry, said Aaron David Miller, a foreign policy scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Center.

“She’s very direct, very outspoken, very tough but extremely skilled and confident, which makes her formidable,” Miller said. “The fact that she’s close to the president makes her extremely formidable.” The shakeup comes as Obama grapples with a welter of foreign policy challenges, from Syria to China’s rise on the world stage, an issue that will be brought to the fore this week when Obama meets Chinese President Xi Jinping in California. Power’s selection for the U.N. post was a bit of a surprise. U.N. and U.S. diplomats had anticipated that Obama would choose Deputy Secretary of State Williams Burns. This is a fresh chance for her after her discretion and diplomatic skills were called into question when she labeled then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton - running against Obama at the time for the party’s White House nomination - a “monster” in 2008. The remark prompted her resignation from Obama’s campaign team. Rice’s critics were largely holding their fire. Republican Senator John McCain, a leading opponent of how Obama has handled the Benghazi controversy, tweeted that he disagreed with Rice’s selection but that “I’ll make every effort” to work with her. Rice is one of the original members of the team that helped Obama win election in 2008, a victory in part won on his opposition to the Iraq war. She became the first black woman to serve as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

(Reuters) - A mosque burned down in Britain in a suspected arson attack yesterday, intensifying fears of a backlash against Muslims after a British soldier was killed on a London street last month. Police said they were treating the mosque fire as suspicious and that the letters “EDL” had been found scrawled on the side of the building. EDL is the a c r o n y m of the English Defence League (EDL), a farright group that has held several protests in London and elsewhere since the murder. The EDL denied any involvement.

“Exactly when and where that graffiti was placed is a focal point of the inquiry,” Chief Superintendent Adrian Usher said in televised remarks. The Islamic centre in the Muswell Hill neighbourhood of north London was mainly used by the local Somali community. Fire brigades were called to the scene overnight after reports of an explosion. No one was hurt. Last week a mosque in the northeastern city of Grimsby was pelted by petrol bombs and similar attacks were reported in the south of England after the May 22 murder of Lee Rigby, a

serving soldier. Police, politicians and religious leaders have called for calm and unity after the murder. Rigby’s family has appealed against any reprisals. “This is the latest in a series of attacks on Muslim institutions since the horrific murder of Drummer Lee Rigby,” Farooq Murad, secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, said in a statement. “The British Muslim community came out in droves to condemn this murder, and it is despicable that Muslims should be held to account and suffer in this way.”

Susan Rice

Mosque burns down in London in suspicious circumstances

VIENNA (Reuters) - The United States said yesterday it was “deeply troubled” by Iran’s plans to start a reactor in 2014 that could yield nuclear bomb material while failing to give U.N. inspectors necessary design information about the plant. The comments by a U.S. envoy to a board meeting of the U.N.’s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) highlighted deepening Western concern about the heavy water reactor that Iran is building near the town of Arak. Iran hit back, saying the IAEA had had continuous access to Arak and that the United States, which accuses Tehran of seeking nuclear weapons capability, could not be trusted after going to war in Iraq over reports of weapons of mass destruction that were never found. “We will not yield to pressure, sanctions, threats of attack,” Ambassador Ali Asghar Soltanieh told reporters, underlining Tehran’s determination to press ahead with its nuclear program despite international demands to curb it.

Tension over Iran’s nuclear course is rising with talks between Tehran and six powers stalled. Israel, widely assumed to be the Middle East’s only nuclear-armed state, sees Iran as its greatest threat and has threatened to bomb its nuclear sites if diplomacy and sanctions fail to restrain Tehran. Iran says the Arak plant will make isotopes for medical and agricultural use. But analysts say this type of facility can also produce plutonium for weapons if the spent fuel is reprocessed something Iran says it has no intention of doing. Tasked with ensuring that nuclear material is not diverted for military purposes, the IAEA says Iran must urgently give it design data about Arak to allow it to monitor the site properly. “We are deeply troubled that Iran claims that the IR-40 heavy water reactor at Arak could be commissioned as soon as early 2014, but still refuses to provide the requisite design information,” Joseph Macmanus, the U.S.

Joseph Macmanus ambassador to the IAEA, told the 35-nation Board of Governors. He cited IAEA rules that a member state must inform the Vienna-based U.N. agency about a nuclear plant, and give design details, as soon as it has decided to build one. Iran says it must only do so 180 days before bringing atom fuel to the plant. In a joint statement, the six powers said they were “deeply concerned” about Iran’s nuclear activities.

Egypt prosecutor orders trial for leading activists CAIRO (Reuters) Egypt’s public prosecutor referred a group of 12 political activists to trial yesterday on charges of inciting violence near the Muslim Brotherhood’s headquarters in March, the state news agency reported. The group included Alaa Abd El Fattah, a blogger who played a leading role in the protests that led to the overthrow of president Hosni Mubarak in 2011, judicial sources said. Several hundred people were injured in the March violence, a sign of the tensions between the Islamists who support President Mohamed Mursi and more secular-minded parties. The case is the latest in a number of prosecutions of political activists. The accused also include Ahmed Douma, who was sentenced to six months in jail on Monday for calling Mursi a criminal. Writing on his Twitter feed, Abd El Fattah said the authorities were trying to destroy his reputation. “The defamation that is happening to us is a part of the regime that will end when

the regime falls,” he said. Mursi’s opponents accuse him of seeking to dominate the post-Mubarak order and trying to smother Egypt’s new freedoms charges he denies. The Brotherhood accuses the opposition of using violence to sabotage his rule. The activists have been charged with inciting violence using social media and other means. Abd El Fattah and Douma were among five activists ordered arrested in late March when the prosecutor began his investigation. Those arrest warrants drew a statement of concern from the United States, which supplies Egypt with $1.3 billion in military aid each year. On Tuesday, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was sharply critical of an Egyptian court’s decision to convict 43 democracy workers, including 16 Americans, in what he described as a politically motivated case against international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). The investigation into the NGOs, including the U.S.-

based National Democratic Institute and International Republican Institute, focused on charges that they were operating without licences and receiving funds from abroad illegally. Court documents showed that the judges who handed down Tuesday’s sentences saw U.S. funding as part of a plot to subvert Egypt’s revolution to suit the United States and Israel - a country Egypt made peace with in 1979. “Funding is one form of control and new domination ... used by donor states to disturb the security and stability of the recipient states,” it said. Though the investigation was launched before Mursi assumed office, Tuesday’s rulings have further darkened the mood among civil society activists after the president drafted a new law to regulate NGOs that they say is too restrictive. “The verdict will not only have a chilling effect on civil society but also illustrates that the mindset of Mubarak’s police state is still alive and kicking,” said Heba Morayef, Egypt director at Human Rights Watch.

Thursday June 06, 2013

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INCREASED CONSUMPTION IS GENERATING INCREASED WASTE The amount of waste generated each day by the business community today is more than what was generated by the entire country thirty years ago. This volume of solid waste will continue to grow. More importantly, more food is being wasted today than ever before. And this means that the country and the people as a whole are losing valuable income as a result of the spoilage and dumping of food. This point was effectively recognized during World Environment Day which was observed yesterday. There was an equally important

recognition made about the need to maintain a healthy environment. Apart from discouraging the indiscriminate dumping of garbage, efforts must also be made to reduce human consumption so as to lessen the amount of garbage generated. Guyana’s waste disposal system was never geared to handle the massive increase in the consumption of food and other items. The system was hardly sufficient in the days when the supermarket shelves in the country were barren. As such, it cannot cater for the tremendous increase in consumption that

has taken place in Guyana over the past twenty five years. As such, all the pleas for personal efforts to be made to reduce littering will not fundamentally address one of the main problems facing the country: the massive increase in the amount of garbage generated and the massive amount of garbage generated in particular in Georgetown which has now acquired the sobriquet of the ‘garbage city.’ Banning Styrofoam is inevitable. As soon as the oligarchy is convinced that it can corner the market in the importation of alternatives to

Rohee discusses drug fighting strategies at antinarco conference in Russia

Styrofoam and cardboard boxes, pressure will be brought to bear on the government to ban these products. As soon also as there is the capacity for largescale recycling, only then will we see measures being rolled out to turn trash into cash. There have been in the past many solutions offered that could use the amount of solid waste generated to create jobs and provide income for persons. Take for example, the city’s markets. These generate millions of dollars in waste each day, including a large quantity of vegetable waste. Yet, with a simple device such a bio-digester, this waste can be converted into useful organic fertilizers for agriculture albeit, on a small scale. A great many jobs can also be created for the scavengers that can be found around the markets. But to date no one has seen the value in obtaining or building such a bio-digester so as to convert vegetable waste into useful

products that can earn income and create jobs. A major recycling plant for plastic and for cardboard will also create numerous jobs and if Guyana wants to go modern, it can even contemplate converting human waste into energy as is done in many countries. Right now most of the human waste in the city is dumped into the ocean, not far away from where a major hotel is being constructed. Instead of dumping this untreated sludge into the river, it can be converted into a variety of other products. The reason that these actions are not being taken is because these activities are being looked at from the perspective of commercial profits rather than social objectives such as creating jobs and small scale industries. There is a great potential for small scale environmental projects and this is what the international community should be encouraging.

These small scale projects will allow for dollars to be made from things that are usually dumped. There is no doubt, a need to reduce the pile up of garbage in the country. But the demand for waste disposal services will always be chasing the supply of garbage unless there is a change in the consumption patterns in Guyana. With more monies in their hands, Guyanese are consuming more and more and as is known the more stuff that people accumulate the less they dispose of other stuff. Unless therefore there is a serious attempt to address local consumption patterns there will always be solid waste disposal problems in Guyana. The faster we understand this, the better it will be for all concerned.

Dem boys seh...

Tell Priya dont get vex Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee

CANU Boss James Singh

Crime Chief Seelall Persaud

Guyana and South Africa have both committed to intensifying efforts to suppress the trade of illegal drugs through a triangular drug route that also includes Brazil. The commitment was made during a bilateral meeting between Guyana’s Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee, and the Minister responsible for the South African Police Service, Mr. Nkosinathi Mthethwa. The two gentlemen are attending the 30 th International Drug Enforcement Conference, which is currently being held at the World Trade Centre in Moscow, Russia. A statement from the Ministry of Home Affairs said that Minister Rohee is attending the conference at the invitation of the Federal Drug Control Service of the Russian Federation and the Drug Enforcement Administration of the Department of Justice of the United States of America. Accompanying the Minister to the Conference are Crime Chief Seelall Persaud and James Singh,

Head of the Customs Anti Narcotic Unit. The Conference, which is an annual event, allows for policy makers and senior law enforcement officials of various countries of the world to discuss and develop additional strategies aimed at countering the illegal trafficking, manufacture and use of drugs as well as related illegal activities such as money laundering and the unlawful use of precursor chemicals. According to the Home Affairs Ministry, Minister Rohee and his South African counterpart agreed to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in furtherance of a commitment made to intensify the fight against narcotics trafficking. “It was also agreed that a study would be done of the Triangular Drug Route – Guyana, Brazil and South Africa - with a view to suppressing it through joint efforts.” More than 600 South African drug mules and drug traffickers are in foreign jails. Almost half of these are in jails in South America, including

Guyana. In 2009, Cheryll Nosia Kwitshanna, a South African by birth who was living in the United Kingdom was nabbed at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport Timehri with a quantity of narcotics. Kwitshanna was charged with trafficking in narcotics and was found guilty by Magistrate Priya Beharry who sentenced her to three years’ imprisonment and ordered that she be deported upon completion of the sentence. Also in 2009 two more South Africans appeared in a Georgetown Magistrates’ Court after they entered Guyana illegally. Francis Thulani, a 43year-old engineer, and Jonny Momadugebuna, a football coach, both pleaded guilty to the charge of illegal entry into Guyana. They admitted that they entered Guyana by sea (Continued on page 23)

When Priya wake up de other morning, she didn’t expect to see school children looking like slave fetching wood to cook. Somebody wake up de children, dress dem fuh school and then send dem to de mountain fuh wood that somebody cut wid power saw. Boys and gyal had to wuk side by side. No exemption. This thing was happening fuh some time and all de people talk nobody ain’t tek notice. One man seh that he even write a love letter to Priya, “Dear Priya. Dem have some li’l children wukking like drugga ants just to put some food in dem stomach. Your friend, Glenn.” Nutten ain’t happen suh de man buy a camera and tek out de photo. He get more action that he could imagine. Priya get vex. She claim how de Waterfalls paper pay fuh de photo. Wha wrang wid that? What is worth having is worth paying for. Dem boys seh that she husband pay fuh de ring she wearing. A team going in fuh see de children fetch de wood. Dem walking wid a tape to

measure de children chest muscle and dem biceps fuh outfit dem fuh de Olympics body building competition. Dem got other children doing some wuk in de city. None of dem more big than eleven but dem already know fuh repair road. Dem boys see a set wukking outside Ohh Pee filling a hole wha Donald shoulda full but wha he lef because he claim how de budget cut. Was a small hole when it start but de people at Ohh Pee tek it fuh nutten. Now it get big. It nearly swallow Jagdeo car and is that mek dem li’l children run to borrow a donkey cart to do de repairs. Priya didn’t hear bout de child labour in this case because de wuk was to help out Donald. Dem now got a plan fuh tek de set in Georgetown and send dem to Plaisance to fix another road that Jagdeo bruck up. De powers can even send dem into de bush to fetch wood. Dem can use de cart. Talk half and tell Priya don’t cuss de messenger

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Thursday June 06, 2013

=== The Freddie Kissoon column ===

From Lion King to Mama Mia: A night at the Theatre Guild I was on the computer when my daughter rushed into our study; “We have to go to this, we cannot miss this,” she yelled out in decibels that reminded me of my loudmouthed characteristic. She showed me the advertisement in the newspaper of a one night staging of the superb musical The Lion King. When the film came out, she was in primary school at St. Agnes. I will never know what happened to my daughter but The Lion King overwhelmed her psychology. I had to follow the pattern as before when I

had to go searching for Ninja Turtles and Pocahontas knapsack, water bottle, lunch kit, lunch plate and bath towel. The Lion King brand proved the most difficult. I got every item with Ninja Turtles and Pocahontas but in the Lion King ensemble the bath towel was nowhere to be found. Life is indeed strange. So smitten was my daughter by The Lion King that I searched everywhere to get Lion King Memorabilia but the towel was just not there. One day, I went to the pharmacy of the Medical Arts Centre, Guyana’s oldest private medical hospital on

Thomas Street opposite the Georgetown Public Hospital. I am in the pharmacy waiting for my prescription to be filled and my eyes glance at a small boutique next to the pharmacy with children stuff. I could see clearly Pocahontas items. I walked in and there was this huge bath towel with the large image of Simba. On Tuesday night, if I had to make the revolution my daughter would have said to me what the husband of a Bolshevik said to his wife during the Russian revolution. He was in the bath tub and the revolutionaries were passing by his window with banners and guns in their hands. She yelled out to him, “Get up, get up, go outside, the revolution is on. “ He slid back into the tub and with pure

nonchalance said to her’ “My dear, the revolution is dialectical, it will happen with or without me.” So off I was with my kid last Tuesday evening at the Theatre Guild to see the highest grossing musical of all times, The Lion King. I saw the movie, didn’t care too much for it, but Elton John’s phenomenal philosophical theme, “The Circle of Life,” is simply an incredible song. “The Circle of Life” will remain for centuries to come one of the greatest philosophical songs ever written. Lyrics were by the famous Tim Rice. You get a surreal tinkling of the emotions when you listen to Elton John. It has been covered countless time but John’s version cannot and will never be surpassed. Put on by the American School renamed the Georgetown International Academy, the production was a journey into an ocean of talent in this country waiting to float into the skies for all Guyana to see. It is simply amazing how a poor

country like this, without continuous development, absence of a substantial human resource base, a putrid city, run-down infrastructure and widespread poverty can produce such talent. If you saw The Lion King last Tuesday, you have to admit it was as if you were looking at a stage presentation anywhere else in the world. The ambience and the structure of the Theatre Guild belong to the ancient past. The sound system is primitive, the space is horribly small and the stage is unfit for a country in the 21st century. I sat next to Gordon Moseley at the annual meeting of media practitioners held at the Guild three years ago and I told him, even your everyday high school in the US has a bigger, better stage. In the 21st century you don’t have a playhouse without a revolving stage. The sound system took away from the integrity of the production but not in a major way. But whatever structural faults the Theatre Guild has, the performers in The Lion

Frederick Kissoon King made up for it. Except for the young Simba (which strangely the director cast a female in that role then switched to a male when Simba grew up), the other actors were superb. I don’t want to be harsh on Nakisha Narine who played young Simba but my advice would be to work on voice modulation if she is going to continue in drama. Wesley Strand as Scar has a promising future in drama should he continue. His acting was impeccable. UG should have done what this high school did. What a shame for our only university. I hope I see in the coming months the staging of yet another great musical, Mama Mia. I don’t think there is a human being on Planet Earth that doesn’t like the music of ABBA.

Thursday June 06, 2013

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Maternal death at GPHC... Unless officials of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) are able to prove otherwise, Nigel Rodney, is intent on holding medical personnel accountable for the demise of his wife, Luan and their baby daughter. While reports suggest that the baby was delivered stillborn, information emanating from the hospital revealed that the 28-year-old mother who was admitted on Monday was pronounced dead at 07:50 hours the following day. In expressing sincerest condolences, the hospital in a statement Tuesday disclosed that an investigation has already been launched into the circumstances surrounding the unfortunate incident. But according to Rodney, yesterday, a doctor informed him that his wife’s death was caused by a ruptured uterus which resulted in excessive bleeding. It was explained, too, that due to the heavy bleeding there was no way efforts could have saved the baby. The grieving husband and father, has since found that nurses on duty in the wee hours of the morning when his wife went into labour, were negligent. He disclosed that since his wife was past her May 22 due date, a doctor Monday night decided to induce labour. “She called me around 10 pm Monday night and tell me that the doctor had inserted a pill in her to help her go into labour but at the

Kaieteur News

Thursday June 06, 2013

Patient ‘nearby’ says negligence led to wife and baby deaths - husband hopes to meet with doctors today for “truthful” answers

Dead: Luan Rodney time she wasn’t feeling any pain.” However, the man said that he was reliably informed that around 02:30 hours Tuesday his wife began experiencing labour pains. He said that there are reports that a patient nearby recognised the developing situation and told an attending nurse who simply advised the patient to return to her bed. By the time the patient returned to her bed she observed that Luan, who was by then moaning, was also bleeding. The man said that he was told that the patient returned to the nurse urging her to attend to the bleeding woman. This state of affairs prompted an emergency

reaction on the part of the medical personnel who were soon rushing the woman to the operating theatre in an attempt to save the lives of both mother and child. However, the desperate moves were not nearly enough to reverse the already progressing situation. DISTRESSING CALL According to the man, who said that he now has to remain strong for his fouryear-old daughter, Marsha, whom his wife had delivered at the same hospital incident free, he was plunged into a state of depression when he got a telephone call from a doctor Tuesday morning. “I had just drop off my daughter at school when my phone rang and the doctor said ‘we got some news for you concerning your wife and if I can come to the hospital’. I keep asking the doctor if she get baby. If she alright? But the doctor just keep telling me ‘I can’t give you any

Nigel Rodney and his daughter Marsha yesterday information over the phone’,” disclosed the man yesterday. In a distraught state he said that he rode his motorcycle to his Bamboo Drive, Meadow Brook, Georgetown, squatting area, home where he related to his mother what the doctor had said. “I just drop the bike and I say ‘mommy we got to go to the hospital now’. We catch a car and we went there...I was real worried about my wife because I found it strange that the doctor had to call me,” the man revealed. He said that when he arrived at the medical institution he was taken into a room where he was asked to make himself comfortable before a doctor informed “‘I am sorry to say we have some bad news...your wife is dead’...They told me how my wife’s uterus burst and she was bleeding very heavily internally and because of the amount of bleeding it carry the baby too.” The man said that

according to one of his cousins who is a practising doctor, “once the uterus burst she had a slim chance of surviving but they could have done something to save the baby’s life...Now I ain’t got no baby, I ain’t even got a wife; I can never get back a woman like my wife.” IDEAL PREGNANCY Recounting that his wife had no problems with her pregnancy, Rodney said that she was attending clinic regularly. She was in good health and high spirits. He remembers feeling his baby kick and press against his wife’s belly and was only too anxious as the due date neared. He noted that like his wife’s first pregnancy, the only concern was that her feet had become swollen during the third trimester. “She was fine the whole time it was only her feet start swelling and this time it was a little more but it was understandable because we done know that the baby was big.” This development

however forced the nurses at the Hadfield Street, Georgetown, Clinic which his wife was attending, to refer her to the Georgetown Public Hospital’s clinic. She was required to attend clinic weekly by this time. The man said that two ultrasounds at separate entities not only revealed that the baby was rather large but that Luan’s due date should be May 22. He took his wife to the Public Hospital on the stated due date but was given another date to return as medical officials there said that she was not ready for delivery. On Saturday last the man said that he again took his wife to the Public Hospital to be admitted. However, an examination revealed that the woman was still not ready for delivery and therefore she was sent home. But according to Rodney the report from the hospital was that “everything appeared normal. They said if she didn’t get pains by Monday (June 3) I should carry her back to the hospital and they are going to admit her.” And since there was no pain on Monday, the man said that he took his wife to the hospital around 10:00 hours. However, he informed that his wife was not admitted until 15:00 hours since according to him a number of other women were ahead of her. He said that he waited until the 16:00 hours visiting time to see his wife again, adding that “I talked good with her...we had a nice conversation and laugh and suh...I even tell she I ain’t coming back in this ward tomorrow (Tuesday) for you...I passing straight and going up stairs to see my baby. I was done saying how I was gonna model round the ward with me baby.” The man said that based on the size of the baby Continued on page 24

Thursday June 06, 2013

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Confirmation of Chancellor, Chief Justice…

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Delinquent Prison Officer freed on aiding and abetting charge

Dr. Luncheon says Granger’s only role is to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ P

The only role of the Opposition Leader in the appointment of the Chancellor and Chief Justice is to say whether he agrees or disagrees with the names put forward by the President. That’s according to the g o v e r n m e n t ’s c h i e f s p o k e s m a n D r. R o g e r Luncheon, who attended meetings President Donald Ramotar had with Granger on the issue. A c c o r d i n g t o D r. Luncheon, President Ramotar expressed his intention to confirm Acting Chief Justice Ian Chang and Acting Chancellor Carl Singh. Dr. Luncheon repeated an earlier statement by the Attorney General Anil Nandlall; that Granger was not in support of confirming Chang and Singh. Dr. Luncheon said that the constitution provides for the President to consult with the Opposition Leader, but that consultation should not be interpreted to mean that Granger should have an input in the appointment process. He said the constitutional provisional and the habit has been simply for the President to say whom he is considering for appointments and for the Opposition Leader to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ because there is no other “defined” role for the Opposition Leader in making the appointments.

Attorney General, Anil Nandlall

Chancellor, Carl Singh (ag) Granger had suggested that a new method be used to select the Chancellor and Chief Justice, namely, that the positions be advertised and that a special panel be appointed to conduct interviews and select the best c a n d i d a t e . H o w e v e r, President Ramotar is not likely to agree to that suggestion. Regarding Granger’s position; Luncheon said:

Opposition Leader, David Granger

Chief Justice, Ian Chang (ag) “The President in unmistakable terms expressed his unwillingness to go down that road.” Luncheon said that what Granger has proposed is outside of what the constitution provides for and apart from the idea being a “novelty,” Granger did not advance any arguments of “merit” as to what is wrong

with the current way of making the appointments. In accordance with Article 127 (1) of the Constitution, the President and the Leader of the Opposition must agree on the appointment of the Chancellor and Chief Justice. Granger on Tuesday said that the Constitutional provision was not to be a mere consultation but a complete agreement to be made between the President and the Opposition Leader. Former Opposition Leader Robert Corbin and former President Bharrat Jagdeo had started consultation on the issue eight years ago but there was no agreement. “After eight years of deadlock, we need to move forward and I proposed a methodology to move forward…and if interviewed by a panel and they are the best, I will agree,” Granger said Tuesday. Unless the current President and Opposition Leader decide to shift their positions, there would continue to be deadlock and Justices Singh and Chang would continue to act. Justice Singh is substantive Chief Justice while Justice Chang holds the position of a Court of Appeal Judge.

rison Officer Orlando Jaundoo, 26, of Lot 1 Content, Mahaicony, who was charged with aiding and abetting the escape of a convicted prisoner back in June 2011, was on Monday freed by Magistrate Adela Nagamootoo in the New Amsterdam Magistrate court. This was after a defence no case submission was forwarded by Attorney at Law Charrandass Persaud. Jaundoo who held the rank of Prison Officer at the New Amsterdam Prison, and was a Tutor and Literacy Officer was charged on Saturday June 4, 2011 while being an officer at the New Amsterdam Prison at Penitentiary Walk, New Amsterdam, He was said to have aided and abetted convicted prisoner and former businessman Krishna Paul Doerga to escape from the confines of the New Amsterdam Prison. According to the prosecution, around 13:30 hrs on the day in question Jaundoo and Krishna Paul Doerga, 52, a Surinamese National exited the New Amsterdam Prison compound with the pretext of having him repair a sewing machine at the Prison Officers’ Recreational Hall and Sports club across the street, but

ended up with him in Springlands and then in Nickerie, Suriname. In Nickerie, in what appeared to be an escape bid, Doerga entered a waiting taxi first and told the driver to drive. However, the prison officer held on to the door and ended up in the vehicle where a scuffle ensued and the men were taken into custody by Suriname police. Doerga, a Surinamese, cannot be extradited because there is no Extradition treaty between the two countries. Attorney at Law Charrandass Persaud, in his no case submission, argued that no case has been made out against his client. He stated that his client had no case to answer. He submitted that Jaundoo had taken Doerga out of the prison compound legally and according to regulations. He had escorted the man over to the Prison Officers’ Sports Club to repair a sewing machine and while on their way a car stopped and his client was forced into the vehicle at gun point. He was under duress until they reached Suriname. There is no evidence that he offered assistance to the prisoner to get him out of the country. He was out on $200,000 bail. Jaundoo in his testimony, had testified that he was abducted at gunpoint by two (Continued on page 23)

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Thursday June 06, 2013

Education Minister condemns the use of children to fetch firewood - Investigations launched E

d u c a t i o n Minister, Priya Manickchand in response to the appalling discovery surrounding the school feeding programme at Kato Primary school in Region Eight condemned the use of children to facilitate the project. “We view this as a very serious and important matter to be addressed… We absolutely condemn the use of children to fetch firewood to use as energy to cook. At no time should children be asked to fetch firewood, water or engage in any programme related activity that could be deemed as exploitation of children.” The students at Kato were pictured carrying logs from beyond the far reaching Paramakatoi Mountains to the school, for the supply of hot meals at least thrice weekly under the hinterland school feeding programme. The Minister, in an

attempt to clear the air on the issue, during a press briefing yesterday, however, deemed the situation at Kato as an “isolated incident.” While the feeding programme is being monitored on a monthly basis, Manickchand said that the situation was only brought to the attention of the Ministry following the Kaieteur News article under the heading “Hinterland primary students trek miles with logs for ‘hot meals.” She explained that the incident occurred while the Head Teacher of Kato Primary School, Karen Abrahams, was on five days leave. She added that the person who was left in charge completely disregarded the policy of the Community based programme. “This is completely

Sacks containing dried meat and fish

Area used for cooking and meal distribution

against the regulations and rules governing the feeding programme. The funds provided to the school under the school feeding programme are meant for the payment for all food supplies, payment of a small stipend to the cooks preparing meals, payment for all fuels used in the preparation of meals, gas, kerosene, coals and firewood, purchase of detergents and all other cleaning agents used in the school kitchen and payment of all other expenditures associated with the provision of the daily meals including transportation.” Manickchand further said that the matter has been taken into serious account. The revelation has since sparked investigations into the School Feeding (Continued on page 23)

Education Minister Priya Manickchand (centre) surrounded by other Ministry officials

Thursday June 06, 2013

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Local Government elections are not at my feet


n another exhibition of what remains the continuous tug of war between the government and the now majority seated opposition, parliamentary Chairman Basil Williams has refuted claims by the Local Government Minister that he (Williams) is stymieing Local Government elections. Williams told Kaieteur News that the authority to hold Local Government Elections does not rest with him. He was adamant that if these elections are not held soon, it will not be the fault of the Select Parliamentary Committee whose job it is to prepare the Local Government reform bills and which are expected to be completed no later than two weeks hence. Williams said that the Fiscal Transfer Bill is the last to be finalized by the Special Select Committee before the four Bills under review are to be presented to Parliament for debate, and to be later passed. Williams told Kaieteur News that it is not his intent to hold up any progress since what is being achieved now could have been done 12 years ago but wasn’t. Williams pointed out that three of the Bills, the Local Government Commission Bill, the Local Government Amendment Bill and the Municipal and District Councils Amendment Bills have already been completed. This Friday he told, Kaieteur News, the committee will meet and issues pertaining to the final Bill will be addressed. Local Government Minister, Ganga Persaud, has however placed the blame of preventing Local Government Elections squarely on the shoulders of the Opposition member. He highlighted that some of the issues already dealt with in relation to the Bills have been concluded, but Williams is seeking to introduce the matter before the Parliament where they can use their one seat majority to get their way. He told reporters at a press briefing on Monday, that the prospects of having

- Basil Williams Local Government elections anytime soon might as well be impossible with the new hurdles that the Opposition is setting in relation to the Bills. Persaud further expressed his concerns with Williams setting the Bill in a manner where some responsibilities of the Minister are being taken away and will be handed to the Local Government Commission. The initial Local Government Legislation allows for the government to select members to be placed on the commission. The Committee has however sought to amend the clause relating to the Commission’s composition; that is, making it three Opposition members, three Government members and one independent body. Williams told Kaieteur News on Monday that the Opposition had objected to the clause which gave the government almost total power in setting the Commission. He added that the Commission will however be the one to hire or fire persons within the Local Government fraternity and this will ease the tensions that are presently occurring in many of the nation’s Regional Democratic Councils. Williams concluded that the proposals set will lead to the Local Government elections and like the President said, “He is waiting on Basil Williams’ committee,” so it is not at the feet of the committee for Local Government elections to be held, he told Kaieteur News. The last Local Government election was held in 1994. Under the Municipal and Districts Act, elections are supposed to be held every three years. The Opposition has accused the Government of willfully delaying Local Government elections so that they can continue their dictation of its operation and maintain steady control of the Local

Government organs. Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon, however mentioned at a cabinet meeting last year that Local Government Elections were more than likely this year. He told media operatives that Local Government Bills were reintroduced in Parliament and based on the support of the major political parties, they will be enacted. He noted that many recognize how fundamental

the problems have been since Local Government Elections were held in 1994. He opined that the efficiencies in managing the Local Government System had worsened and essentially played havoc at

the community level. Luncheon added, ”As a consequence, apart from the commitment of President Ramotar for having Local Government Elections, a commitment shared by the Opposition, the PPP

Administration has made changes, and these have been done to make more effective and more efficient the Local Government system in the period of that hiatus until Local Government elections.

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Thursday June 06, 2013

Thursday June 06, 2013

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Thursday June 06, 2013

Albion murder accused to appear in court today Prabhudyal ‘Ramesh’ Tarachand, 34, of High Reef, Albion, Corentyne, is set to appear at the Springlands Magistrate’s Court today where he is expected to be charged for the murder of his wife, Geeta ‘Diane’ Bhishundial. Ramesh’s cousin, Brian Luke, of High Reef, Albion was released late Monday afternoon. A triangular love affair involving Diane, Ramesh

...children in grandparent’s custody and Brian Luke came to a deadly end just after 21:00 hrs on Sunday evening after the 28- year- old woman was allegedly strangled by her husband. Her lifeless body was discovered by her sister, Vashti, on a bed in the living room at her residence. The brother of the

accused, Muniram Tarachand, stated that the t r i a n g u l a r l o v e a ff a i r involving his sister-in-law and the two men was what may have pushed his brother over the edge, before he drank a quantity of paint ‘thinner’ and hang himself using a cord.

He stated that Ramesh was well aware of the extramarital affair that his wife was having, but felt the need to make the marriage work. “This affair has been going on long-quite a while - and Ramesh got knowledge or something but he loves his family-he said no matter

Geeta ‘Diane’ Bhishundial, her husband, Prabhudyal ‘Ramesh’ Tarachand and their kids during happier times how much it got worse, he will stay in the marriage.” “This was his wife…and he will live with the infidelity and handle the situation,” he stated. In so doing, Ramesh sort of cut off contact about issues relating to his marriage and the problems being experienced with other family members and even neighbours. “So neighbours and family around here had less to do with them since then. When anything happens here, people don’t really pay attention-they just leave them off their own and that was why people didn’t respond on Sunday night during the commotion.” “Plenty times I called him and told him I will support him 100 per cent in whatever way-If he wants back his wife- whatever

decision he made I will support him…” Muniram said that his brother was living with the issue “and his conscience pricking him and this person was trying to bully him… “He [Ramesh] felt bullied that Luke was coming to be with Diane in front of his presence-full out-so that was what he couldn’t take.” The man’s brother added that the police were well aware of the marital problems that the couple was experiencing since the April 26 incident whereby a confrontation involving the trio ensued at the residence, in police presence. Ramesh and Bryan were both arrested and taken to the Albion Police Station where they spent the night in the lock- ups and were released the following day, with Bryan being warned to stay away from Diane. Diane’s sister, Vashti Bhishundial, related that her sister would call very often on the telephone and say how unhappy she was in the marriage due to Ramesh’s behaviour. “Ramesh does create a scene over little things and turn it around-and of late, she would say things like…talking about the emotional abuse-no physical abuse, but the mental abuseso that was it and he came from a family that hang themselves.” The couple’s children, Nikhail, 7, Brianna, 3 and 1year- old Jaden are currently being cared for by their maternal grandparents at Edinburgh, East Bank Berbice.

Thursday June 06, 2013

Soesdyke children murder PI…


r o m a l l indications, triple murder accused John Blanchard will not be having his matter concluded anytime soon as the matter has been recalled. Hence, the Preliminary Inquiry into the murders which he has been accused of committing will recommence on June 28th. Blanchard, whose matter has been in the Magistrates’ Court since October 2011, has been charged with the murders of his three children, Joy, Belika and Daniel Blanchard. Currently, his matter is being heard at the Providence Magistrate’s Court before

Kaieteur News

Matter recalled, PI to recommence month end Magistrate Leron Daly. On Friday last, when the matter was called, the Magistrate informed the accused that the matter is being recalled, meaning the Preliminary Inquiry will have to start all over again. Initially the matter was being heard by Magistrate Leslie Sobers who is now off the bench, as there has been no word about the renewal of his contract as Magistrate. Sobers had already started the PI into the matter. The wife of the accused, Onica Blanchard, his sister, Cheryl Blanchard-Cameron; and his m o t h e r- i n - l a w D e n i s e Cumberbatch had already offered evidence. These

Husband remanded for injuring “unfaithful wife”


esterday, Michael Reid, 27, appeared before Magistrate Judy Latchman at the Georgetown Magistrates’ court on an allegation of punching his wife in the face for cheating on him with her past lover. Reid pleaded not guilty. On June 3, the defendant unlawfully and maliciously inflicted grievous bodily harm on Samantha Harris. Court documents revealed that on the said date, the defendant and his wife who share a home in Kingston, were involved in an argument. The defendant suspected that his wife was

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cheating with her ex lover who is also the father of her child. The assailant became annoyed as Harris continued to deny his allegations. He then dealt her several punches to the face. Medical reports revealed that Harris suffered disfigurement to the jaw. Based on the medical reports, Prosecutor Vishnu Hunte objected to bail on the grounds that they reside at the same house and there is a high likelihood that he may interfere with the victim. Reid was subsequently remanded and his matter adjourned to June 10.

persons will again have to enter the witness box to rehash their stories leading up to the killing of the children. Late December last year as Blanchard’s wife was wrapping up her evidence she burst into tears when she requested to say a few words to the court before leaving the witness box. A tearful Mrs. Blanchard told the court that while living with her husband and children, the family was struggling to

make ends meet financially. The woman further told the court that before leaving for the interior her husband promised to take care of their three children, Joy, Belika and Daniel. According to her it was agreed that she would go to make a better living for her family. The woman sobbed, “I went and this is what happen”. On October 11, 2011, Blanchard was detained for allegedly chopping the three

young children. Belika Blanchard and her five-yearold brother Daniel died instantly, while six-year-old Joy Blanchard succumbed to her injuries several days later. The family resided at Soesdyke, East Bank Demerara and according to persons, at the time of the incident, the children’s mother had left for the interior where she sought a better job. It is alleged that the chopping incident stemmed from a phone

conversation Blanchard had with thewomanmomentsbefore. Blanchard who sold clothing to sustain his family had reportedly been experiencing difficulty with his companion. The two had allegedly split up, with the woman leaving the children behind. It was indicated that he had sought the support of his younger sister on the night of the incident. She claimed that Blanchard had tried to contact her but was unable to do so.

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Kaieteur News

Thursday June 06, 2013

Thursday June 06, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Security guard struck Cabinet approves over $2BM worth of contracts by speeding car - driver leaves victim in a taxi without paying fare On the night of April 24 last, a mother of one had just left her workplace and was heading home to her family when a speeding car struck her down on the East Coast Demerara Public Road around 09:15pm. Aneatta Bagot, a security guard attached to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) was standing on the Enterprise Public Road, East Coast Demerara (ECD) in the vicinity of (Enterprise turn) when a speeding car, PRR 3515 struck her and drove away. Luckily, the car’s rearview mirror with its registration number fell off at the accident scene and a driver who saw what transpired collected the number and followed the driver. The driver was later

identified as Mark Ross. He was demanded to return to the accident scene and take the injured woman to the hospital but instead, he dropped her off at a taxi service on Sheriff Street and disappeared without paying the taxi fare. Bagot told Kaieteur News that she paid her own taxi fare and went to the hospital. There she found out that she suffered a fractured right wrist and a fractured left foot along with lacerations to her body. The woman recalled, “I was waiting to cross the road, a police car passed first, then came another car. The car that hit me was the third car. All I remember was that I was standing on the road and this car passed. I hear a loud noise and the next thing I realized I was on the ground and he drove away.”

Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon yesterday disclosed that Cabinet has offered its “no objection” to several contracts in various sectors totalling more than $2B. The contracts are as follows:

According to Bagot, she was given two weeks sick leave but every time she visits the hospital for a checkup, her time away from work increases. She is the only breadwinner for her home. According to the 38-year-old woman, she reported the matter to the Vigilance Police Station and the police managed to contact the driver. “We went to the station and the police told us to go outside and come to an agreement. The driver told me that he will give me $20,000 and I told him I can’t accept that and both of us left,” Bagot claimed. She said that it has been over one month since she has been home on sick leave and she has not got any information from the police. Neither has the driver tried to contact her.

Chinese road fatality victim sustained multiple injuries …driver released on $100,000 station bail

As investigations continue into the fatal accident of a Chinese national who was struck down on Mandela Avenue last Thursday, the driver of the motor car has since been released on $100,000 station bail. He had spent more than 72 hours in police custody. A post mortem which was done on Monday by Government Pathologist Nehaul Singh revealed that 43 year-old Xue Fang Feng, of Lot 195 Mandela Avenue died of multiple injuries. Information reaching this publication also stated that a file has been sent to the

Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) for advice on any further charges. According to reports, Feng was returning home and was about to cross the second half of Mandela Avenue when she was struck by the taxi and thrown several feet away. When Kaieteur News arrived at the scene of the accident, the mangled body of Feng was lying on the road covered with a white, bloodstained sheet as police officers tried to clear the backed-up traffic. It was also related that Feng and her mother were

robbed and beaten the night before the accident. A source, on that occasion, noted that about 10:45 pm last Wednesday, Feng was at the counter of the restaurant when three men, one of whom was armed with a gun, demanded cash and threatened to kill her. The source added that the men then called the two women out along with other men (cooks) and began to beat them. After the robbery, the men sped off in a motorcar. The restaurant had remained closed the entire day.

Ganja found on Mahdia bus On Wednesday, a traffic rank in Linden charged a route 72 minibus BPP 1255 coming out of Mahdia, Potaro, with 18 passengers. The driver had his brother as conductor. The police said that the bus was overloaded and escorted the vehicle with all

on board to the Mackenzie Police Station where a search was carried out. A tightly sealed television box with scotch tape that was part of the luggage on board was ripped opened by the search party and they uncovered 3,606 grams of

cannabis. All on board denied having knowledge of the box. The passengers were subsequently sent away but the driver and his brother were detained. They are still in police custody assisting with investigations.

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Thursday June 06, 2013

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Thursday June 06, 2013

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Annual Muslim National programme for ACIC The Anna Catherina Islamic Complex (ACIC) will be the venue for the 17th Annual Al Isra Wal Meraj (Meraj-un-Nabi) Program to be held on Sunday June 9, 2013 at 1.30PM. Al Isra Wal Meraj is a very important event in the history of Islam and mankind and the programme continues to be held under the theme “The Journey that changed History for Mankind” as was done since it was introduced in 1997. The programme, which is now a premiere activity on the calendar of events for Muslims in Guyana, is hosted by The Guyana United Sadr Islamic Anjuman and the Anna Catherina Islamic Complex. According to Public Relations Officer of ACIC, Reyaz Hussein, internationally acclaimed Muslim scholar, Mufti Ashraul Haque of India is

- Internationally Acclaimed Muslim Scholar Mufti Ashrahul Haque to grace programme expected for the programme. He will deliver the feature address. The presence of this scholar is made possible through the Anjuman Sunnatul Jamaat Association Inc (ASJA) of Trinidad & Tobago. Mufti Haque was born in India and educated at the famous Al Ahzar University in Egypt. He is currently attached to

Qaseeda Committee, Hajji Imam Ahmad Hoosein. Hussein noted that also expected at the programme is Hafiz Hadji Sarafat Ali and Vice President of Suriname’s Hedayatul Islam, Hadji Mahmud Ghafoer. The programme is being hosted in Guyana by the Anna Catherina Islamic Complex and The Guyana United Sadr Islamic Anjuman.

Education Minister condemns... From page 14 programmes at hinterland schools across the country. Kato Primary School, which is among several other hinterland schools benefiting from the school feeding programme receives on a

Rohee discusses... From page 9 on August 1 at Pomeroon River, Essequibo, without the consent of an Immigration Officer. Although police suspected that the men were part of an international narcotics ring, their excuse was that they were brought to Guyana through Venezuela by a friend who had promised them that they would be able to explore here. Apart from meeting with his South African counterpart, Minister Rohee also held discussions with the State Secretary – Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Mr. Rigor N Zubov. During that meeting, an agreement was reached to strengthen bilateral cooperation between the two countries, specifically in the areas of training of police ranks including specialized training. At present, a group of Guyanese lawmen are in Russia undergoing a threemonth training programme. From April 13 to April 21, Inspector Jermain Johnson, Corporal Mahendra Thuknauth and Constable Earl Rowley attended a course on administration and detection of certain types of crime related to the use of computer information and high technology, abduction and trafficking, theft of vehicles, road traffic accidents, riots, terrorists and extremist acts at the Nizhny Novgorod Academy of the Interior Affairs Ministry of Russia. Minister Rohee and his Russian counterpart also exchanged information on the Police Reform Programmes that both countries are currently undertaking.

the Anjuman Sunnatul Jamaat Association (ASJA) of Trinidad & Tobago as the Principal of the Hajji Ruknudeen Institute of Higher Islamic Education in the twin Island. He is one of the most qualified Sunni Muslim scholars in the Caribbean. He will be accompanied to the programme by Chairman of ASJA’s International

According to the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Russian Minister showed strong interest in Guyana’s Community and Neighbourhood Policing Programmes. Rohee also held a meeting with the Brazilian delegation that is attending the Conference.

monthly basis the sum of $474,059 to provide daily meals for children enrolled at the said school. The minister said that the hinterland residents would prefer the current means of cooking on firewood. She explained that based on a signed document from the community, prior to the commencement of this programme, “there are times when parents are asked to contribute firewood for cooking “In order for a school to have been a part of the community-based school feeding programme it would have had to submit a proposal signed by key persons in the com-

munity, Village Chairman/ Toshao, Head Teacher and Treasurer. “Secondly the school must have had a kitchen that met the standards of the Ministry of Health. No thatched roof, wooden or concrete floor, must have an entrance and an exit. Ensure that raw food is not mixed with cooked food and a source of potable water. The cooks were trained and certified as food handlers by the Ministry of Health.” $1.2B is being spent this year on the school feeding programme for more than 64,000 children. A team is expected to visit the area before Friday, June 14, 2013.

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ANTIGUA, Guatemala (AP) — U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, on his first trip to Latin America since taking office, gauged prospects yesterday for improving badly strained ties between the United States and Venezuela that have steadily deteriorated over the past decade. Kerry was to meet Venezuela’s foreign minister on the sidelines of an Organization of American States meeting in Guatemala to explore ways to repair relations. The encounter comes at Venezuela’s request and is to occur just hours after Venezuela released from prison an American filmmaker who had been jailed on espionage charges, removing at least one irritant in the

John Kerry relationship. U.S. officials with Kerry said the secretary was hopeful, but not certain, that Timothy Tracy’s release could be a sign that the Venezuelans are interested in a rapprochement. The

Delinquent Prison Officer freed... From page 13 men while walking with Doerga, forced into a car and taken first to Springlands, beaten and forced into a boat where they were taken to Nickerie when the convict made his escape bid. Doerga who had origi-

nally come to Guyana to establish a rice mill at Crabwood Creek was charged on the 27th June 2001, with accepting money under false pretence. He allegedly began collecting monies for rice and had issued two ‘bounced cheques’. He was jailed in his

absence on January 8, 2003 by Magistrate Krishendat Persaud at the No. 51 Magistrate’s Court for that offence. He was then arrested on January 17, 2011 after he slipped back into the country some eight years after and was jailed for the matter.

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Kerry eyes better ties with Venezuela officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly about the matter. The discussion between Kerry and Venezuelan Foreign Minister Elias Jose Jaua will be the first at cabinet level between the two countries in at least several years and the first substantial contact since Venezuela’s disputed April 14 election to replace the late populist president Hugo Chavez. Chavez protege Nicolas Maduro claimed victory at the polls, but the opposition is still contesting the results. Washington is willing to work with Maduro’s new government but has said opposition questions about the electoral process must be addressed.

(From page 22)

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MASSAGE American Style massage services- Call:609-4036 Get help: Muscle Pain, Stiffness, Circulation, Swelling, Diabetes, Numbness & Cramps. Call: Sally, Qualified Therapist @649-4227

Driver needed, must have 3 years experience in lorry & car- Call: 225-8229/ 227-2969/ 660-1131

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Kaieteur News

Thursday June 06, 2013

Tiger Creek Bridge needs Guyana to ask Argentina for details on terror cells claim extensive work - RDC

The dilapidated Tiger Creek bridge “Dangerous!” is just one of words used to describe the current condition of the Tiger Creek Bridge, located in Mahdia, Region Eight. The Bridge, which is located about four miles from Brian Sucre Junction, serves as a main access to logging and mining districts, in the Region. Heavy-duty machinery had been temporarily prohibited from traversing the area, due to its deplorable state. This is a great inconvenience to loggers and miners, venturing into the region. While proposals were made for maintenance works to be carried out on the bridge, concerned member of Region Eight’s Democratic Council (RDC), Mahomed Neim Gafoor, explained that recommendations were made to the administrative body that simply repairing the bridge, was not enough. Gafoor, the Vice Chairman on the works committee of the RDC, recommended the construction of a culvert and subsequently a road at Tiger Creek instead of a bridge. He claimed that his advice was overlooked. “That bridge should be

condemned! The foundation is constantly eroding. Even if a new bridge is constructed there, it will be unsafe or not sturdy. Accidents can happen at any time,” the Councillor stressed. He is of the view that this gateway to interior locations has the potential to generate revenue that can be more than bauxite, sugar and rice combined. Gafoor, while seeking to discredit the accusation made by the administration against the Council on several issues affecting the Region said that the fault lies wholly on the shoulder of the administrative body, which is responsible for funding projects. The Regional Administrative body has accused the RDC of not functioning in the best interest of Region Eight’s development. Kaieteur News was, however, told that even after some $36 million was allocated to the Local Government Ministry for the construction of roads in the region, several thoroughfares have been neglected. At the last general elections, the Alliance for Change won Region Eight,

which is predominately an Amerindian Region. Since then many social issues have mounted and the regional and administrative authorities continually ignore the Region’s plight. This, according to Gafoor, has been the norm. “Those administrative levels spitefully ignore the regional issues, and the people continue to suffer.” The RDC councilor noted that the Tiger Creek Bridge is a mere “glitch” compared to an host of other setbacks that go unnoticed by the regional authorities. Region Eight Executive Officer, (REO) Ronald Harsawack, however refuted these claims. He argued that he never received any recommendation on behalf of the RDC in regards to the Tiger Creek Bridge. “This is the first time I am hearing of these recommendations…. but based on technical research the construction of a road or culvert at Tiger Creek is just not feasible given that it is a creek,” Harsawack said. Meanwhile calls made to the Minister of Local Government for a comment were unsuccessful.

The Guyana Government says that it plans to ask Argentina “on what basis” one of its state prosecutors claimed that Iran has set up terror cells here. “This is anticipated,” Dr. Roger Luncheon, the government’s chief spokesman said, yesterday, when asked if the Guyana Government would be seeking clarification from Buenos Aires. “The Argentine government has not submitted in any official way that they have evidence of terror cells set up here by the Iranians,” Luncheon said. Luncheon said that the regional trade and integration bloc, CARICOM, could also demand answers from Argentina on the allegations. “Those disclosures were the first that had been brought to our attention, indirectly, because I know for a fact that the Argentine Government and international bodies have not submitted to the Government of Guyana in any official way, that they have evidence or they have concerns about setting up of terrorist cells by Iran in Guyana,” he said. The state prosecutor

Alberto Nisman involved is Alberto Nisman, who is investigating the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community centre in Buenos Aires that killed 85 people. Argentine courts have long accused Iran of sponsoring the attack. In a 500-page-long document, Nisman cited what he said was evidence of Iran’s “intelligence and terrorist network” in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago and Suriname – among others. Nisman said new evidence underscored the responsibility of Mohsen Rabbani, the former Iranian cultural attaché in Argentina, as mastermind of the AMIA bombing and “coordinator of

the Iranian infiltration of South America, especially in Guyana.” “I expect that not only Guyana, I think those other CARICOM countries as well as those other nonCaricom countries that the Argentine prosecutor identified would all be interested on what basis these allegations have been made,” Luncheon said at the Presidential Secretariat. Only last Wednesday, Argentina promised closer ties with Guyana following the reopening of its Embassy in Georgetown. “With the reopening of our Embassy in Georgetown, Argentina hopes to further strengthen our bilateral ties and develop areas of mutual cooperation. I pledge the total commitment of my government to work closely with the Government and the people of Guyana in the spirit of integration and very particularly, within the framework of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR),” Ambassador of Argentina to Guyana, Luis Alberto Martino said. The first Embassy was established in 1980 but was closed in 1991.

Patient ‘nearby’ says negligence...

From page 12 revealed by the ultrasounds it would not have been a surprise if the doctor had recommended that his wife undergo a Caesarean Section. ANSWERS NEEDED But according to Rodney although he is a bit calm about the situation he is at a loss as to why a C-Section was not performed on his wife. “If you see this person ain’t got passage go ahead and cut she nah...I understand that they could have even removed the uterus to save her life...This is not something that should have happened to my wife...This

whole situation is unacceptable,” lamented Rodney. The man said that although a doctor gave him a summary of what happened to his wife he was too distressed on Tuesday to even ask any questions at the time. “I was in shock and so I couldn’t even say anything but they have to explain in detail, from beginning to ending, what happened to my wife,” asserted the man yesterday. He said that he had requested another meeting with doctors of the hospital, which should have occurred yesterday but this did not materialise due to the lack of communication.

The meeting is expected to be held at 08:30 hours today. “I need to get some answers...I need the truth from these people...because I don’t think the doctors were truthful with me,” added Rodney. The man said that even Post Mortem examinations conducted on his wife and dead daughter yesterday did not bring any comfort. The Cuban pathologist revealed that the examinations were inconclusive. Rodney said that he was told that samples were taken from the two for further examination. “I don’t know who will examine the samples or where exactly they are taking the samples but the doctor said that it will take about 10 days before they can say anything more.” Rodney said that he has already made funeral arrangements for his wife of six years and daughter to be buried in the same casket on Monday, one day before he celebrates his 30th birthday. “I can’t even have a happy birthday this year,” said Rodney. “How so many lives could be lost in this day and age when you have facilities in place? The Government keep saying that facilities are there but they have to get the trained people with good attitude toward their work to deal with patients,” the man added.

Thursday June 06, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Timehri North residents shaken over report to level community by month end Members of the Timehri North community, East Bank Demerara, expressed emphatically at a community meeting last Sunday, concerns over rumours that residents will be removed by month end. The residents said they understand that the community is expected to be flattened. They are also concerned about information which alleges that mechanisms, such as fortifying the local police station, are being put in place since there are expectations of civil unrest during the leveling exercise. The community’s Public Relations Officer, Sherlander Daniels, told Kaieteur News on Monday that the community is making preparations to address the situation and are seeking to hold a press briefing on Thursday. She told this publication that residents are concerned over the non -communication of government officials who say that a relocation committee is working in the community’s favour. According to the circulating information, Daniels said, it is alleged that plans are in the making to level the homes of residents by the end of the month. She added that news reached the community that sometime last week, at a site meeting with Government officials and BK international; it was asked of the construction firm to donate a gate to the Timehri Police Station in the event that there is unrest during the leveling of homes. She charged that the government has made no

attempt to reach residents and to update them on the removal situation. Having been levelled at least two times before, residents say they are taking no chances given the silent treatment that is being meted out to them. She said it is hoped that the relevant authorities play an active role in the Timehri dilemma, while consultations with community lawyers have recommenced. Minister of Works Robeson Benn has however debunked the rumours. While he refused comments on when the ‘squatters’ of Timehri North will be removed, he stressed that no such plan is in the making for month end. He told Kaieteur News that it is all “misinformation and an attempt to cause trouble.” He continued that at present, the Ministry of Works, airport officials, members of the Central Housing and Planning Authorities and Local government officials who are working towards the relocation plan for the community, meet every two weeks to address the matter. When asked about the community’s concern that none of the residents are on that committee he said, “of course they would not be a part of the committee,” as it is at a governmental level where ‘squatters’ will be informed of the developments when the time comes. Benn further explained that in relation to the gate issue, during the expansion of the fourlane roadway leading to the nation’s international airport, the police station fence was demolished and set back to confirm with safety regulations

in relation to proximity of fence and road. In any case, he explained, the fence would have been removed and relocated, emphasizing that it has nothing to do with any unrest. Benn went on to say that BK International’s work was delayed by six months because of the time it took to remove vendors from the recently demolished and relocated community market. He said this too had to be placed at a safe distance, away from the main road to confirm to procedures. Kaieteur News also made contact with BK International on the gate issue. A senior engineer (name given) at the firm, confirmed that only yesterday morning he was informed of a new gate for the police station. He noted that he is unaware as to whether the gate will be donated since he is aware that a quotation will be made out for the safety feature as part of the works in the area. He said since the road has been extended, he is aware that the fence had to be moved. In the case of this kind of work, he continued, if it requires such moves to be made it has to be facilitated, catering for the building process. Towards the end of last year, Timehri North residents called for an audience with government officials and to date they said there has been no response. They argued that for years the community had been promised to be developed with Ministry official, Ms. Philomena SahoyeShury, asking persons to attain utilities before the community is regularized. Government has however, highlighted other plans for the Timehri community. They are setting to extend the country’s largest airport to facilitate what they said is the expectation of larger planes and an influx of visitors, especially with the construction of the multi-milliondollar Marriott Hotel and the growing eco- tourism direction that the country is taking. The residents are however in the way of these plans, government say, and they will eventually be removed.

Thursday June 06, 2013

Fly Jamaica cleared to fly Georgetown-New York …Georgetown-Toronto also approved

Fly Jamaica- Fly Jamaica’s 200-passenger Boeing 757 The long wait is over for officials of the new aviation runner, Fly Jamaica, as Government announced the go ahead for the Jamaican air carrier to service the country. Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon told media operatives yesterday that Fly Jamaica will be operating out of Guyana to New York and Toronto. He said the approval came after the standard evaluation procedures by the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority and the recommendation to Cabinet by Public Works Minister Robeson Benn. Dr, Luncheon said that a $40M bond is expected to be deposited by the airline. Officials of Fly Jamaica expressed enthusiasm at the announcement and expressed their delight to serve Guyana, especially with a son of the soil being a coowner of the executive team. Captain Ronald Reece told

Kaieteur News that it is too soon to say exactly when service will start, but hopes are high that this will be done by next month. The air carrier has however, come in the nick of time. Guyanese passengers have been faced with hiked air fares and the peak season is not yet here. Officials had anticipated the likely increases during the peak summer season with ticket prices to the United States falling somewhere around $700US, one way. With the pull out of Delta Airlines which made its final flight out of Guyana in early May, it was likely that Caribbean Airlines would have dominated the Georgetown-New York route. Fly Jamaica is entering Guyana’s skies at a time when airlines such as REDjet, the Caribbean’s first low-cost carrier, failed, claiming its inability to compete with airlines in the region that are

subsidized by governments. It is also coming at a time when chartered carrier, EZjet, ceased its extremely low fare flights after its owner was arrested in the US and charged for fraud. Fly Jamaica operates a 200-passenger Boeing 757 (same type of aircraft operated by Guyana Airways and GA2000), which it owns. Fly Jamaica commenced scheduled operations into New York on February 14, 2013 after attaining approval from the American government. It is said to be heavily supported by the Jamaican Government and people. The CEO is Guyanese aviation entrepreneur Captain Ronald Reece who also owns Oglebased Wings Aviation Fly Jamaica will also have its inaugural flight out of Toronto Canada this summer after attaining full support and authorization from the Canadian Government.

Pepper Spray bandit captured A bandit, who told the court he was from Linden and who used pepper sauce to douse a businessman in an attempt to rob him, failed in his bid and was captured, given a sound trashing and handed over to the police. The man, Jermaine Rowland, 19, of Linden,

Upper Demerara appeared in the New Amsterdam Magistrate’s Court before Magistrate Adela Nagamootoo on a charge of robbery with violence. He pleaded guilty and was remanded to jail awaiting sentencing. The court was told by

Prosecutor Sergeant Phillip Sheriff that around 07:30 hrs on Tuesday May 28, at the Guyoil Depot Providence, East Bank Berbice, Rowland accosted businessman Mahendra Arjune who was there to conduct a business transaction and while dousing him with pepper spray, robbed him of $2.017 million which he had in a bag, and his cell phone. Although blinded by the Pepper spray the businessman held on to the bandit who subsequently broke free but his getaway was short lived as public spirited citizens responded in a timely manner and helped to apprehend the thief. In court he pleaded guilty and was remanded to jail until June 10 when he will be sentenced. According to the prosecution, Rowland was first seen in the area with a bird cage in his hand, picking bird seeds.

Thursday June 06, 2013

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Bermuda among Overseas Territories summoned to London for tax evasion talks Royal Gazette - British Prime Miniser David Cameron has summoned senior ministers of countries considered tax havens come to London on the eve of this month’s G8 summit in order to discuss a tax informationsharing deal. Bermuda has been summoned to a London summit as Prime Minister David Cameron pushes for more transparency to end what he terms the “scourge of tax evasion”. Mr Cameron has warned Britain’s overseas territories and crown dependencies that he has made tax avoidance a priority of the G8 summit, which he is hosting in Northern Ireland on June 17 and 18. According to UK media reports, senior ministers from 10 territories including Jersey, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands have been invited to a meeting this month where they will be urged to sign up to greater tax transparency Finance Minister Bob Richards is likely to be among senior ministers from Bermuda who will attend the summit. Mr Cameron has warned overseas territories of the need to ‘get our own houses in order’ and will attend the Open for Growth conference on the weekend before the G8 summit opens, the Daily Mail reported. Senior ministers from Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Gibraltar, Anguilla, Montserrat, the Turks and Caicos Islands, Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man are expected to attend. “Some of the islands and outposts are widely regarded as offshore tax havens, though they dispute this description and regard their low-tax regimes as vital to their economies,” the Daily Mail said. “There is said to be disagreement in Whitehall

about how much pressure to put on the islands, fearing excessive demands from London could lead to them refusing to cooperate. “Mr Cameron is examining the idea of getting the tax havens to sign up to an OECD convention on the sharing of information on tax between countries, which is seen as a key to tackling evasion.” Last month Mr Cameron wrote to the British overseas territories, including Bermuda, warning them that he had made “fighting the scourge of tax evasion and aggressive tax avoidance’ a priority for the G8 summit”. He added: ‘I am looking to all the overseas territories and crown dependencies to continue to work in partnership with the UK in taking the lead on two critical issues: tax information exchange and beneficial ownership. “I respect your right to be lower tax jurisdictions. I believe passionately in lower taxes as a vital driver of growth and prosperity for all. “But lower taxes are only sustainable if what is owed is

actually paid — and if the rules to achieve this are set and enforced fairly to create a level playing field right across the world. “There is no point in dealing with tax evasion in one country if the problem is simply displaced to another.’’ The Daily Mail said a Downing Street spokesman commented: “We strongly welcome the overseas territories’ positive engagement with our G8 presidency agenda on tax transparency and the significant progress they have made in this area. We look forward to welcoming them to our G8 Open for Growth event in the run-up to the G8 leaders’ summit and will continue to work with them and others to agree commitments to advance trade, ensure tax compliance and promote greater transparency.” Last month Mr Cameron hailed a breakthrough in talks to secure an Europe-wide deal on sharing information to stop multinational firms avoiding paying tax. The Prime Minister said European Union agreement

P O R T- O F - S PA I N , Trinidad – CMC - The Bankers’ Association of Trinidad and Tobago (BATT) has dismissed international media reports that Trinidad and Tobago is a known money laundering haven where anyone can stash millions of dollars and transfer funds to offshore accounts without being arrested. “These statements are unfortunate and misguided,”

said the BATT, which represents all the commercial banks operating here. The Canadian Montreal Gazette in an article on May 30 quoted Canadian money-laundering specialist Garry Clement, a director with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as saying that “Panama and Trinidad and Tobago were known money laundering havens”. The newspaper report

followed the arrest in Panama of Arthur Porter, the former head of the McGill University Health Centre, and his wife on money-laundering and conspiracy charges arising from a CAN$1.3 billion hospital construction contract. The two were on their way to Trinidad and Tobago when they were arrested, but did not appear to have any business links in Port-ofSpain.

David Cameron, pictured walking to Parliament yesterday, has summoned ministers from British territories to a tax summit this month

T&T bankers peeved at label by Canadian newspaper

had been reached on tackling tax evasion and avoidance, after warning countries face ‘staggering’ losses. Britain’s Guardian reported: “The intensity of the pressure that Cameron will place on the 10 crown dependencies and overseas

territories to be more cooperative has, however, not yet been determined, amide signs there are some disputes between Downing Street and the Treasury on what to demand, and whether excessive public pressure will lead them to refuse to cooperate. “Cameron wants British offshore havens to sign an OECD convention to give mutual assistance in tax matters, which provides for the sharing of information between countries, seen as key to ending evasion. “Some of the British havens have agreed to the automatic exchange of information with some western economies, but not as widely as prescribed by the convention.” The prime minister plans to chair a tax and transparency conference alongside Nick Clegg on the weekend before the G8 summit itself. “Cameron is looking at the possibility of the UK dependencies and overseas territories formally signing the

OECD convention in the cabinet room on Saturday, but government sources said the plan could yet unravel in the face of hostility from the overseas territories,” the Guardian reported. “The precise constitutional relationship between the UK and the overseas territories is a matter of dispute, but some aid agencies claim the UK can in effect force the crown dependencies to close down the tax loopholes.” Melanie Ward, head of advocacy at ActionAid UK, said: “It is perfectly possible to achieve a G8 deal to tackle tax dodging that works in the interests of rich and poor countries alike. The prime minister has said that he will do this, but the question is whether he has the clout to achieve it. “The first test is in the UK’s own backyard, and is whether he will pull all 10 of the UK’s own tax havens — the overseas territories and crown dependencies — into line.”

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Thursday June 06, 2013

Thursday June 06, 2013

Kaieteur News

Non Pareil residents still without electricity Three days have passed since Guyana Power and Light (GPL)’s loss reduction team swooped down on the Non Pareil, East Coast Demerara community and removed the meters from the homes of residents on charges that the meters were being tampered with. The days to follow saw GPL’s Commercial Office flooded with anxious villagers seeking to have their power reconnected. According to reports, some of the residents who returned to the office on Tuesday were advised by the Customer Clerk, of fees amounting to $23,200 that had to be paid before their meter could be reinstalled. The total fee included a fee for the replacement of the meter, an investigation fee and a reconnection fee. One resident, Parawattie Singh, said that in addition to the aforementioned sum, she was told that there was a back bill attached that could be paid by means of a contract, and that she should return the following day to have the arrangements of the contract finalized. However, based on the outcome of the meeting held by Government and GPL’s officials on Wednesday evening, residents saw no need to return to the office. The meeting, held at the Enterprise Community Ground, was attended by Chief Executive Officer of GPL, Bharat Dindyal; Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports,

Dr. Frank Anthony; and Attorney General Anil Nandlall who sought to address the concerns of members of the community. According to residents, word of the meeting spread quickly and attracted an attendance of over 200 residents. Gaitrie Sahadeo, whose meter was taken away on Sunday, said that the officials proclaimed that they want to work with the people and that they want everyone to be repowered. However, some deemed the meeting as noisy where even attacks to GPL staffers in relation to the tampered meters were made. Reports are

that some of the tampered meters were taken along and shown to the villagers who reacted by proclaiming their innocence. With regards to the $10,000 bail that the villagers were required to post, the officials assured that the people will be refunded their money and that measures will be made to reduce the fees that the residents are required to pay. Meanwhile, the GPL loss reduction crew along with Operations Manager, Wayne Watson, ventured into the community yesterday where they went house to house to review the cases of the residents whose meters

were taken away. According to the residents, when the GPL crew visited their homes yesterday, they were told to visit the Sheriff Street Branch today where they will be advised of their next step. Sahadeo said that the staffers who disconnected her meter along with the Operations Manager visited her home and rechecked her meter. She stated that the men referred to the document which was written up on the day she lost her meter while the technicians pointed out their findings to the Operations Manager. It is expected that electricity to the residents who lost their meters will be restored some time during this week. Residents are hopeful that the promises made will not go unbroken since they have already endured days without current. Regarding the fees that were paid to the Office on Tuesday, the residents are hoping today’s visit to the Sheriff Street office will clarify whether they will be refunded that sum as well since the response to questions put forth to officials at the meeting on Wednesday evening regarding that sum of money were unclear. The Sheriff Street office is likely to brief the residents on the steps that are needed to take in order to reclaim their meter, after which they would be forwarded to the Commercial Office to make the necessary payments.

“Because of the road situation, criminal elements know that the police can’t rush through the streets, so by the time the police reach any crime scene or robbery the bandits always make good their escape,” the CPG official noted. “All the roadside shacks are hiding places for prowlers who prey on victims that walk the road late in the night or who come home from work late. Many people are robbed after the criminals surface

from behind these roadside shacks. They even hide under the shacks waiting for their victims. Many persons even get raped.” Another issue underscored, was the unused empty house lots that are being taken over by trees and bushes in Sophia and South Turkeyen, East Coast Demerara. It was noted that many persons would hide out in these areas after fleeing from a crime scene especially if there is a makeshift building or shack on the land.

“The Minister of Housing should also visit the area and realize there are many house lots that should be repossessed since years have passed and no one is using the lots they were granted. Many need house lots and are not getting. Criminals also hide out in these heavily busy areas and prey on people.” The Minister of Public Works, Robeson Benn and Minister of Housing Irfaan Ali were not available for comment.

GPL staffer inspecting meter

Shacks, bushy areas, deplorable roads a haven for criminals - GPG official Of the five fields in Sophia, the Police and Community Policing Group (CPG) will be enhancing its patrols and networking after a recent meeting with residents. Another meeting which is in the pipeline will be held in Field ‘E’ Sophia (Cummings Park.) An official of the CPG also noted that Minister of Public Works Robeson Benn needs to visit the area and remove the many shacks that are hideouts for criminal elements in the night.

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Assistant Superintendent freed on aiding and abetting charge The senior constabulary rank, who was implicated in the escape of prisoner Krishna Paul Doerga back in 2011 from the New Amsterdam Prison, has been freed on the charge of aiding and abetting the release of a convicted criminal. Charles Roberts, an Assistant Superintendent attached to the New Amsterdam Constabulary and of Lot 50 Stanleytown, New Amsterdam, Berbice, on Monday walked out of the New Amsterdam Magistrate’s court a free man after Magistrate Adela Nagamootoo agreed with the no case submissions made by Defence Counsel Mursaline Bacchus. The prosecution was contending that Roberts, on Saturday June 4, 2011 at Penitentiary Walk, New Amsterdam, Berbice, aided and abetted convicted prisoner and former businessman Krisha Paul Doerga to escape. Roberts was the second person charged with the offence following Prison Officer Orlando Jaundoo who was also freed of the charge. Roberts was detained after investigations revealed that the rank was in the vehicle which transported Prison Officer Orlando Jaundoo and escapee Krishna Paul Doerga from New Amsterdam to Springlands. However it is understood

that the officer had denied any involvement in the offence and was prepared to defend his innocence. He was initially detained at the Central Police Station after he was invited and appeared with his lawyer. The matter was forwarded to the DPP for advice and he was subsequently charged. Roberts was placed on $400,000 bail by Magistrate Adela Nagamootoo. In his submission Defence Counsel Attorney at Law Mursaline Bacchus submitted that the prosecution at no time led any evidence to show that Roberts participated in the escape of the prisoner. Bacchus also submitted that there was no evidence that his client at any time assisted in the escape of the prisoner and thus, urged the Magistrate to dismiss the case. The Magistrate subsequently concurred with the defence submissions and freed the accused. Doerga had left the New Amsterdam Prison with Jaundoo under the pretext of repairing a sewing machine at the Prison Officers Recreational Hall and Sports club. However, the two men ended up at Springlands and then in Nickerie, Suriname where Doerga tried to slip the Prison officer.

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Thursday June 06, 2013

Wednesday June 06, 2013

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Players’ union boss quits in protest at governing body

Tim May (left) has ended his 16year involvement with players' associations (Getty Images) BBC Sport - Tim May has resigned from his role as head of the international players’ union fter becoming frustrated at the way he sees the sport being run.

Ex-Australia spinner May, in charge of the Federation of International Cricketers’ Associations (Fica), claims the current system is “failing”.

The 51-year-old’s departure comes less than a month after he lost his position on the International Cricket Council’s cricket committee.

Thursday June 06, 2013 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19): The frenzied pace of life slows down a bit now that the Moon is in grounded Taurus. It’s as if something shifted and you awake to a quieter and gentler world today. TAURUS (Apr. 20–May 20): Contentment is your key word today with the Moon returning to your sensual sign. Thankfully, you’re able to relax while remaining in touch with your feelings. GEMINI (May 21–June 20): Your mind might be racing a mile a minute now, but it seems as if everyone else is shifting to a slower pace. Needless to say, this disconnect can be quite annoying. CANCER (June 21–July 22): You might suddenly feel like canceling your upcoming party. Or, maybe you want to bow out of a social engagement and just stay home. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22): You’re expected to take care of someone today and you might not have much of a choice in the matter. Others are relying on you and you must deliver on your promises. Even if you have misgivings about a prior obligation, everything will likely turn out better than you think. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22): You might lose motivation today, especially if your work has become too routine. The problem is exacerbated by your overactive imagination, making it nearly impossible to concentrate on the necessary details.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22): You want others at work to lean on you today because you are confident that you can provide the necessary support. However, it may be quite useful to establish clear boundaries so you don’t lose yourself in the service of someone else. SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21): The Moon in your 7th House of Relationships may create an awkward situation that quickly reflects your feelings back to you. SAGIT (Nov. 22–Dec. 21): It’s time to take a fresh look at your work priorities while the practical Taurus Moon is visiting your 6th House of Daily Routine. You may need to set aside big plans so you can tie up loose ends on an unfinished job. CAPRICORN(Dec.22–Jan.19): Your friends and coworkers seem needy today, but you won’t likely lose your patience even if their dependency makes you feel uncomfortable. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18): The presence of unresolved feelings clashes with your more detached intellectual style to increase your anxiety. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20): You’re able to express yourself lovingly today without wasting a lot of words. Luckily, you can manage lots of activities at once now without necessarily appearing too stressed out.

“The players deserve better,” said May. May has been in charge of Fica since 2005 and a member for 16 years. But he said he was tired of battling the International Cricket Council’s executive board, one he claimed was unwilling to make governance changes recommended by the Woolf Report. The International Cricket Council’s independent governance review, headed by Lord Woolf, called for sweeping changes in the administration of cricket and the running of its governing body. The Woolf Report called for a restructuring of the ICC’s executive board to make it more independent and less dominated by the bigger countries. It also recommended a reexamination of the rights and benefits of the Test-playing full member nations, calling for measures to increase transparency in dealings by the ICC and its members. “Cricket increasingly seems to be pushing aside the principles of transparency, accountability, independence and upholding the best interests of the global game, in favour of a system that appears to operate through threats, intimidation and backroom deals,” May said in a statement. “Increasingly, the administrators of the game seek to force out or alienate those who question its alleged misuse of power, or those who seek greater transparency, or provide rational argument against the ills of the administration. “It appears that some administrators just don’t want to be held to account to the standards that are expected... the current system is failing us.” England captain Alastair Cook, speaking on behalf of the England team, said May has been a great servant of the game. “Current players have reason to be very grateful for his hard work and advocacy

on our behalf,” he added. Professional Cricketers’ Association chief executive Angus Porter added: “Tim has fought tirelessly and fearlessly, not only for

cricketers’ rights, but also for what is right for cricket.” When approached by BBC Sport, an ICC spokesman declined to comment on May’s departure and claims.

England beat New Zealand... From page 33 delivery as a sharply turning ball squeezed between Guptill’s bat and pad as he pushed forward. Root ousted Kane Williamson for his first ODI wicket, Tim Bresnan dismissed Colin Munro first ball in the next over and Tredwell had skipper Brendon McCullum caught at the wicket cutting to leave the Kiwis 111-5 in the 20th over. Cook positioned himself in the gully and snared a sharp chance there to dismiss James Franklin off Broad but the threat of Taylor and how England’s part-time fifth and sixth bowlers would fare remained. Taylor swept Root over mid-wicket and into the car

park and when Tredwell returned with 67 needed from the final eight overs he hit successive maximums. He almost made it three in a row but was ninth out as Finn, the tallest man on the field, took a catch on the boundary and pushed the ball to Bresnan before falling over the rope, before the tourists were all out in the 47th over. The teams will meet again on Sunday week in the Champions Trophy, which begins on Thursday with India against South Africa in Cardiff. Scores: England 287 for 6 (Bell 82, Morgan 49, Buttler 47*, McClenaghan 354) beat New Zealand 253 (Taylor 71, Tredwell 3-51).

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Wednesday June 06, 2013

CONCACAF 2013/14 Champions INDIA AND SOUTH AFRICA SET FOR OPENER League Draw Takes Place in Miami BBC Sport - India and South Africa, two of the top three one-day teams in the world, get the Champions Trophy under way today. The sides meet at Cardiff in the opening Group B game of a tournament regarded by many as a “mini World Cup”. Hosts England begin their campaign on Saturday against defending champions Australia in Group A at Edgbaston. The final of the eightteam competition, which features 15 matches, will be held at Edgbaston on 23 June. India are the reigning world champions and sit top of the International Cricket Council one-day rankings, but captain Mahendra Dhoni knows they cannot afford to make a slow start. “You don’t really have much time,” he said. “You have to get your act together really quickly, be at your best right from the very start. It’s a tough tournament.” South Africa skipper AB de Villiers, who could be without pace bowler Dale Steyn today because of a side

strain, said: “We know we have a good chance and we’re just going to free up those wings and give it a good shot. “There aren’t a lot of concerns. I’m very positive about what’s lying ahead; I’m very confident going into this tournament.” Gary Kirsten stands down as South Africa coach after the Champions Trophy, marking the end of a two-year reign in which South Africa have established themselves as the best Test team in the world. “It would be nice to give him a good farewell; he’s been a great coach to us,” said de Villiers. “I find it funny calling him coach because no one calls him coach. He’s almost like one of our friends and a mentor. He’ll be dearly missed.” West Indies face Pakistan on Friday, with new Windies skipper Darren Bravo promising to “give the English fans something to support”. “Winning is my main priority, but we’re going to

entertain and we’re going to continue to play the game with flair and glamour,” said Bravo, who, in Chris Gayle, has arguably the most destructive limited-overs batsman in the world at his disposal. Australia, who were bowled out for 65 in their final warm-up game against India, will attempt to defend the title they won in South Africa in 2009 - before the Ashes against England start next month. “If we win the Champions Trophy that’s the best preparation possible (for the Ashes),” said skipper Michael Clarke, who is doubtful for Saturday’s clash because a long-standing back problem. England go into that encounter on the back of a one-day series defeat by New Zealand. This edition of the Champions Trophy looks likely to be the last, with the ICC keen to introduce a Test Championship for 2017 and have world champions in all three forms of the game.

Jiaram, Simon are National Draughts Champs

MIAMI - The Group Stage draw for the 2013-14 edition of the CONCACAF Champions League took place Monday evening in Miami, generating many intriguing match-ups as the confederation’s annual club competition will crown a new champion next year. The quest to become CONCACAF’s best will take place without Mexico’s Monterrey, which had won the previous three championships, but did not qualify for a fourth attempt. Despite the Rayados’ absence, 24 clubs discovered their opponents in a draw that sorted the qualifiers into eight groups consisting of three teams each. Mexican sides Cruz Azul and Club America, which share the record for most CONCACAF club titles at five, were drawn into Group 3 and Group 4, r e s p e c t i v e l y. Tw o - t i m e Champions League runnerup Cruz Azul will meet Herediano (Costa Rica) and Valencia FC (Haiti), while current Liga MX champion America will face Alajuelense (Costa Rica) and Sporting San Miguelito (Panama). This season marks the Montreal Impact’s first

participation in the competition since it made an impressive run to the 2008-09 quarterfinals, where it fell narrowly to Santos of Mexico 5-4 on aggregate. The Canadians are in Group 5 with the San Jose Earthquakes, also of Major League Soccer, and a yet to be determined Guatemalan representative. The draw also produced some rematches of past Champions League encounters, with the USA’s Houston Dynamo taking on Arabe Unido of Panama in Group 1, plus the LA Galaxy and El Salvador ’s Isidro Metapan were pitted against each other in Group 8. Metapan and Honduras’ Olimpia are the only two teams to have qualified for all six editions of the tournament. Competition rules prohibited teams from the same country, as well as those from Mexico

and the United States, from meeting in group play. Such a scenario presented itself twice during the draw, requiring adjustments to the groups afterwards. The schedule of matches will be released at a later date. 2013-14 CONCACAF CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Group 1: Arabe Unido (Panama), Houston Dynamo (USA), DirecTV W Connection (Trinidad & Tobago) Group 2: Olimpia (Honduras), Sporting Kansas City (USA), Real Esteli (Nicaragua) Group 3: Herediano (Costa Rica), Cruz Azul (Mexico), Valencia FC (Haiti) Group 4: Club America (Mexico), Alajuelense (Costa Rica), Sporting San Miguelito (Panama) Group 5: San Jose Earthquakes (USA), Montreal Impact (Canada), Guatemala #2 (Guatemala) Group 6: Comunicaciones (Guatemala), Toluca (Mexico), Caledonia AIA (Trinidad & Tobago) Group 7: Club Tijuana (Mexico), Victoria (Honduras), Luis Angel Firpo (El Salvador) Group 8: LA Galaxy (USA), Isidro Metapan (El Salvador), Cartagines (Costa Rica)


The outstanding performers display their trophies after the presentation. The National Draughts Competition concluded last Sunday at the National Gymnasium with Jiaram winning the ‘B’ Class title and Tarlton Simon taking the ‘A’ Class honours. The games were played on the sixtyfour square boards. Current ‘B’ Class champion, Jiaram with eighteen (18) points defended his title in comfort; his two consecutive wins earned him promotion to an ‘A’ Class player. Jiaram has been consistent in the ‘B’ Division for a number of years. The ‘B’ division is now vacant and the next possible champion is quite uncertain, according to a press release. Second place in the ‘B’ Class went to West Bank Demerara veteran, Haroon Bacchus, who gained 14 points for the position.

Newly-appointed ‘B’ Class player, Shawn Weekes and first time competitor, Patrick Balram from East Coast Demerara were tied with thirteen (13) points each, but Balram failed to turn up for the tie breaker, leaving Weekes to claim the third prize. Meanwhile, Simon scored 32 points to take a narrow lead over Jiaram in the ‘A’ Class division and Linden’s Floyd Cumberbatch with 31 points each. A keen tie-breaker was played, but after two ties Cumberbatch quitted the game leaving Jiaram to claim second. The current champion, Khemraj Pooranmall was beaten into the fourth place with 29 points. Trophies, compliments of the Trophy Stall, Bourda Market, were distributed to the winners. The next game would be played on the 100-square boards sometime this month.

KINGSTON, JAMAICA The Caribbean Premier League yesterday drafted players into their respective franchises. The tournament is anticipated to be keenly contested judging from the calibre of players involved in the various franchise teams. The Guyana Franchise with world number one T20 bowler Sunil Narine as a key component; have several top talents including Pakistan’s Mohammed Hafeez, Ramnaresh Sarwan, Lendl Simmons, Denesh Ramdin, New Zealand’s James Franklyn, Christopher Barnwell and New Zealand’s Martin Guptill. All the teams feature similar calibre squads and the stage is set for an explosive Caribbean flavour CPL. CPL Player Draft complete: ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA: Marlon Samuels, Ricky Ponting,

Kieran Powell, Johnson Charles, Kemar Roach, Steven Smith, Sheldon Cotterell, Dave Mohammed, Devon Thomas, Gavin Tonge, Justin Kemp, Rakheem Cornwall, Jahmar Hamilton, Anthony Martin, Montcin Hodge BARBADOS: Kieron Pollard, Shoaib Malik, Dwayne Smith, Shakib Al Hasan, Umar Akmal, Jason Holder, Shannon Gabriel, Rayaad Emrit, Ashley Nurse, Carlos Brathwaite, Jonathan Carter, Kyle Mayers, Devendra Bishoo, Kirk Edwards, Ramon Reifer GUYANA: Sunil Narine, Mohammed Hafeez, Ramnaresh Sarwan, Lendl Simmons, Denesh Ramdin, James Franklyn, Christopher Barnwell Martin Guptill, Krishmar Santokie, Steven Jacobs, Ronsford Beaton, Trevon Griffith, Narsingh Deonarine, Veerasammy Permaul JAMAICA: Chris Gayle,

Muttiah Muralitharan, Andre Russell, Ravi Rampaul, Shaun Marsh, Vernon Philander, Danza Hyatt, Carlton Baugh, Nikita Miller, Jacques Rudolph, Chadwick Walton, Jermaine Blackwood, Akeem Dewar, Dave Bernard, Nkrumah Bonner ST LUCIA: Darren Sammy, Herschelle Gibbs, Albie Morkel, Tino Best, Tamim Iqbal, Shiv Chanderpaul, Shane Shillingford, Devon Smith, Andre Fletcher, Garey Mathurin, Liam Sebastien, Dalton Polius, Kavem Hodge, Kenroy Peters, Nelon Pascal TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO: Dwayne Bravo, Ross Taylor, Darren Bravo, Fidel Edwards, Aaron Finch, Samuel Badree, Kevon Cooper, Kevin O’Brien, Suleiman Benn, Adrian Barath, Delorn Johnson, Nicholas Pooran, Yannick Cariah, Miguel Cummins, Justin Guillen

Wednesday June 06, 2013

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Verbal warfare sets the stage as 28th edition of Guyana Fight Night looms The last boxing card staged by the Guyana Boxing Board of Control (GBBC) was dubbed ‘Firestorm’ and fans could attest to the aptness of the sobriquet. After a month’s absence because of the unavailability of the venue, the action will resume when the ruling professional boxing body presents the 28th edition of Guyana Fight Night at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall (CASH), Friday June 28 next. Romeo Norville has never entered the professional ring before but he has had an illustrious amateur career, chalking up 77 wins after fighting 91 times. The young pugilist will take his career one step further when he strips off his shirt to oppose Eversley Brown and already, he has adopted the tact of his contemporaries, spewing verbal vitriol at his opponent. These two boxers were a part of the group that convened at Abdools and Abdools Insurance Brokers, Avenue of the Republic, Georgetown, for the contract signing ceremony and Norville had much to say to his adversary. “I know that Eversley (Brown) is more

experienced but this fight is going to be a walk over,” he stated when asked of his intentions. While Norville sports the barrel chest of a rough and tumble boxer, Eversley is tall and rangy with the attributes of a slick boxer. It is this contrast and the reach advantage that suggest an interesting bout. He refused to be drawn into a verbal battle but Norville was not to be denied his moment in the sun “Lil axe does cut down big tree,” he warned his nemesis. Dexter Gonsalves will oppose Revlon Lake for the local jnr/lightweight title but only the former boxer was at the contract signing ceremony; the latter is rounding off training in Barbados. Gonsalves is based in Trinidad and Tobago and said that he trains at the Cecil Forde Boxing Gym in Marabella. He boasts a 9-1 record with the only defeat coming at the hands of Barbadian, Miguel Antoine. Though Kaieteur Sport could not immediately verify this, Gonsalves said that one of his biggest wins was against Barbadian Prince Lee

Troy Lewis

Gladwin Dorway

Isadore. Boxing buffs will remember, oh so well, when Isadore fought Clive Atwell late last year and extended him into the deep rounds before the Guyanese eventually stopped him and captured the Caribbean Boxing Federation (CABOFE) light/welterweight title. This is the Isadore that Gonsalves says he knocked out in the 2nd round in a fight in Trinidad in 2009. Notwithstanding his high level of confidence, Gonsalves admits that Lake is a good fighter but he (Gonsalves) is much better and will be out to prove it. “I saw Lake fight Atwell twice and he was knocked out; I am confident of emulating Atwell,” declared Gonsalves. He has already opened camp

at the Forgotten Youth Foundation (FYF) and is under the tutelage of Joseph Murray and Sebert Blake. Anson Green will oppose Laured Stewart in a 4 rounds welterweight encounter and he is also confident of winning his bout. A relatively young professional, Green has fought thrice, defeating David Thomas by decision and Dereck Richmond (KO in 4) while losing the other to Gladwin Dorway. Stewart is unperturbed saying that he will take care of Richmond. “I will bring speed and discipline to this bout and I cannot imagine losing,” was Stewart’s prognosis. Green simply shrugged his shoulders while muttering, “We will see!” Kelsey George and

Dexter Gonsalves

Laured Stewart

Anson Green

Romeo Norville

veteran boxer, Troy Lewis, will also meet in a 4 rounds middleweight encounter and this should be an interesting encounter. George is still to register a win since taking off his shirt last year while Lewis has been in many a slugfest. The former boxer said that he has done some introspection,

applied the relevant adjustments to his style and is ready for battle. He also hinted that he has a few surprises up his sleeve for Lewis. The price of admissions remains at $1,000 for adults, while children will be allowed in for half that amount.

England beat New Zealand to lose one-day international series 2-1 Ian Bell lofts down the ground (Getty Images)

BBC Sport - England won by 34 runs in the final oneday international at Trent Bridge as New Zealand claimed the series 2-1. Ian Bell made 82 but the innings was revitalised by Jos Buttler, who hit three sixes in 47 not out off 16 balls. Buttler shared 62 in 24 balls with Eoin Morgan (49) as England posted 287-6, scoring 76 runs in the last four overs. James

Ross Taylor tried to keep New Zealand afloat with his third fifty of the series (Getty Images)

Tredwell (3-51) dislodged Martin Guptill (38), who made unbeaten tons in the first two games, and the Kiwis were 253 all out despite Ross Taylor’s 71. Although the series had already been lost, averting a first home whitewash since 2006 and rectifying deficiencies in all three facets of the game ahead of Saturday’s Champions

Trophy opener with Australia made this far from a routine dead rubber for England. Buttler’s exploits and a greatly-improved display in the field helped to achieve that but the early exchanges, with the floodlights on from the start in overcast conditions, offered little encouragement. Only six runs came from the first six overs with Alastair

Cook out lbw for a duck. He surprisingly decided to use the only review to challenge the decision by ex-England batsman Tim Robinson, standing in his first ODI. But, on his former home ground, the official’s decision was vindicated as replays showed the ball crashing into legstump. Jonathan Trott’s strikerate as ever was the subject of much scrutiny as he made 37 from 53 balls during a stand of 66 with Warwickshire teammate Bell before falling lbw playing across the line in the 19th over. Having completed a typically stylish 26th ODI half-century, Bell picked out mid-off. With Joe Root run out for 33 four balls earlier, it left Morgan and the recalled Ravi Bopara, one of four changes in the England team, both on nought in the powerplay overs. Both appeared painfully out of touch, Bopara dropped on three, with only 20 runs accrued in those five overs. Bopara, who made 28 from 38 balls, was caught on the mid-wicket boundary but Buttler almost surpassed that in six deliveries from seamer Kyle Mills, dispatching a six and four fours. The Somerset

wicketkeeper-batsman’s vibrant hitting appeared to inspire Morgan, who launched Mitchell McClenaghan over long-on for six, the left-arm seamer feeling the pressure as 20 came from a 10-ball over, when his first five overs had yielded 2-9. With a mixture of innovation, extraordinary bat speed and elements of fortune, Buttler, who came to the crease at number seven for the final ball of the 46th over rather than in the 30th over at number six in Sunday’s defeat at Southampton, was on the verge of the fastest fifty in ODI history. The final ball was hooked valiantly but landed short of the ropes and went for two instead of the six required for the record. New Zealand had Guptill

to provide an emphatic response, and after six overs they had amassed 39 with only Luke Ronchi dismissed. Having made 319 runs without being dismissed in his last three ODI innings, Guptill’s golden run continued with ruthless precision, both on the short ball and driving through the off-side. England badly missed the rested James Anderson and though Stuart Broad was fit to return, he conceded 37 from his opening four overs, while Steven Finn leaked 26 from his first four. But redoubtable spinner Tredwell, England’s highest wicket-taker with 11 in the 3-2 series defeat in India in January, was brought on in the 10th over and claimed the prize scalp with only his fifth (Continued on page 31)

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NAMS, BEI advance to semi-finals in “Patto” April U-17 football competition in Berbice New Amsterdam Multilateral School (NAMS) and Berbice Educational Institute (BEI) have advanced to the semi-final, joining Berbice High School (BHS) and Canje Secondary School (CSS), when play in the Inaugural Patrick “Patto” April Inter School U17 Knockout football competitions continued for schools in the New Amsterdam/ Canje area. NAMS made light work of Tutorial Academy Secondary (TASS) winning 3-0 to book their place in the semis. The lads from NAMS looked more purposeful and completely dominated the game from the start, scoring all three of their goals in the first half. Godfrey Coward with a double and Jamal Butts one accounted for their goals. In the other game between BEI and Vryman’s Erven Secondary School (VESS) things were evenly balanced throughout with BEI sneaking

home on penalty kicks 3-2 after the game ended 1-1 after full and extra time. Stephen Boucher opened the scoring for VESS from the penalty spot in the first half with BEI getting the equaliser just before half time from a defence error. The semi-finals were set for yesterday featuring BHS against CSS and NAMS taking on BEI. The final and third place play off are set for today. Starting time is 14:30 hrs. The presentation ceremony will take place immediately after the completion of the final. The top three teams will be presented with trophies and other accolades while there will also be prizes for the top individual performers including the most valuable player, best goalkeeper, best defender, the best midfielder and best striker. Meanwhile, in earlier action, Berbice High School (BHS) used their superior

condition to demoralise New Amsterdam Technical Institute (NAMS) with a crushing 4-0 beating, while Canje Secondary School (CSS) also stamped their authority with a 4-1 whipping of School of The Nations (SON) when play kicked off in the Inaugural Patrick “Patto” April Inter School U-17 Knockout football competition for schools in the New Amsterdam/ Canje area. Playing in the first game of the double header, at the Scott Church Ground, Princess Elizabeth Road New Amsterdam, BHS made light work of their opponents. Mark Wrong with a double, one in each half, Steffan Hinds with a first half strike and national cricketer Shimron Hetmyer with another in the closing minutes of the game helped to dent the NATI’s effort. In the other game, Canje Secondary School (CSS) recovered from a 0-1 deficit to blast home four unanswered

BHS goal scorers: (from left) Steffon Hinds, Shimron Hetmyer and Mark Wong goals to help themselves to a moral boosting win ahead of their semifinal clash with BHS. Scoring for CSS were Jamal Benjamin, Trevon Griffith, Kevin Dey and a

defence error, while SON had opened the scoring through booming 20 yard strike from Shaqueel Rohitalle. Benjamin had responded with a similar airstrike to open the account

for CSS immediately after. The competition, which is organised by the Hearts of Oak Masters Football Club, is coordinated by Neil “Grizzly” Humphrey. (Samuel Whyte)

England U21s beaten by Italy in opener

East Ruimveldt Secondary students gain first- hand look at Berbice’s oldest gym One hundred and twenty students as well as eight teachers of the East Ruimveldt Secondary in Georgetown visited Berbice recently and took time out to visit Berbice’s oldest, and which has ironically become the most modern, gym (in the Ancient County) — the Fitness Zone Gym located at Lot 49 Stanleytown, New Amsterdam. According to one of the teachers, Ms. Ruschelle Greaves, the trip to the Ancient County saw students visiting the Rice Mill at Number 48 Village as well as the bagging company and Number 63 Beach so as to give students on-hand experiences about life and production in Berbice. “The trip has been thrilling and the children have been having fun—many of

them have never seen paddy or how rice is produced in Guyana so this is a learning experience and they were very excited to see how rice is being produced.” Students took time out to use the various exercise machines as well. Proprietrix of the facility, Ms. Melba La Goudoue stated that it was a pleasure to accommodate the students and outlined the gym and its rich history, which dates back to 1965 when it was started up by her late father, Willet La Goudoue, Alfred Barker and Samuel Humphrey, all friends. She stated, too, that the gym is “a gym of the champs” since Dwayne Mars, Champion of the Novice Weightlifting competition, was a member there. The facility, she stated, has modernized as well as

GCA congratulates Roger Harper on CPL appointment The Executives and Members Georgetown Cricket Association have extended congratulations to its President, Mr. Roger Harper on his appointment as Head Coach of the Guyana Franchise in the Caribbean Premier League T20 Tournament. In a release the GCA notes; “We in the GCA know that Harper, who is a former coach of the West Indies

Senior Team and also Manager of the Guyana Senior Team, would, with the help of his assistant, the great Curtley Ambrose, guide the franchise to the inaugural title.” “We at the Georgetown Cricket Association would like to wish Mr. Harper and the Guyana franchise, best of luck in their quest for glory,” the release stated.

improvised equipment, along with a health and nutritional corner where smoothies and other health drinks can be ordered. The students of the school which visited were enlightened about the hours of operation of the facility as well as procedures to become members. La Goudoue also remarked that Fitness Zone was also home to first Berbician to win Mr. Guyana, Mr. Horace Fields in the late 1990s. She added that soon the facility will be further enhanced with the installation an overhead projector which will facilitate an aerobics class for females who are desirous to keep fit. There is currently a training programme for school children around New Amsterdam under the guidance of teacher, Mr. Anicise Adethom of School of the Nations New Amsterdam branch. He is currently training youths from various secondary schools to be a part of athletic championships as they undergo weightlifting training at the facility. He won the Power Lifting Amateur Championships in March. Many of the students expressed elation as well as excitement having visited the facility. Many of them stated that it was also their first visit to Berbice.

Italy scores against England (Getty Images) Italy’s Lorenzo Insigne struck a 79thminute winner as England made a disappointing start to their European Championship campaign in Tel Aviv. The Napoli winger floated in a 20-yard free-kick to beat Jack Butland. England’s Craig Dawson had scrambled the ball over the line in the 48th minute but the goal was disallowed for a Steven Caulker push in the build-up. Jordan Henderson almost snatched an injury-time equaliser but his free-kick was saved by Francesco Bardi. It was the only time the Italian keeper was forced to make a save as England struggled to cope with the dominant Italians. England had won their last nine games without conceding a goal but rarely looked like extending their record as they were pinned back for much of the game. They struggled to contain dangerman Insigne, whose late goal was the first conceded by Stuart Pearce’s side in 899 minutes, stretching back to November 2011. Insigne always looked the most dangerous threat and fired an early warning with a low shot drilled past Butland’s near post. The winger then carved out another opportunity when he exchanged passes with Genoa’s Ciro Immobile but lifted his shot over the bar with Butland diving at his feet. Insigne’s winner finally came 10 minutes from the end when his delicious curler beat Butland at his near post after Nathaniel Clyne had caught Italy substitute Manolo Gabbiandini on the edge of the box. It seemed as though referee Antony

Gautier had initially pointed to the penalty spot before changing his mind and it was not the only time the French official caused confusion. Most noticeably he disallowed Dawson’s 48th-minute header after the stadium scoreboard and announcer had awarded the goal to England. Dawson’s central defensive partner Caulker was adjudged to have pushed Inter Milan defender Luca Caldirola as he hooked the ball back for the West Brom defender to head it over the line. The referee had already frustrated the Italian players when he waved away penalty appeals after defender Jack Robinson appeared to catch midfielder Alessandro Florenzi midway through the first half. England can take solace that Italy are regarded as their strongest opponents in the group and will hope to have key players back to face Norway and hosts Israel, who drew their opening game 2-2 earlier last evening. Pearce was without Wilfried Zaha and Henri Lansbury, who were both suffering from niggling injuries, while Thomas Ince and Danny Rose were serving controversial suspensions following incidents after last October’s win in Serbia. The England coach handed an Under-21 debut to Nathan Redmond and the Birmingham winger was England’s liveliest attacker. He created England’s best opportunity of a flat first half when he wriggled past two challenges but blasted high over the bar.

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