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Friday July 27, 2012

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Kaieteur News

Friday July 27, 2012

Letters... Where your views make the news

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Build a new bridge The collapse of the Demerara Harbour Bridge (DHB) should serve as a wake-up call to remind us that it has served us long beyond its ‘expiration’ date. It was completed after two years of construction activity and was opened to traffic in 1978. It was conceptualised as a temporary arrangement to address the burgeoning traffic between Georgetown and western Guyana. According to its builder: “The Demerara Harbour Bridge - in Georgetown, Guyana - is a 6,074-feet (1,851 m) long floating toll bridge… link(ing) the main city of Georgetown with West Bank Demerara. When it was completed in 1978 it was the world’s longest floating bridge. It was funded by the British Government and designed, manufactured and erected by Thos Storey. Despite being required to last for only 10 years during which a permanent structure was to be built.” Even as far back as pre-1992, there had been several instances of sections of the bridge floating away, down the Demerara River. It is a tribute to the doggedness of the DHB management and maintenance team that the bridge has survived for so long beyond its anticipated lifetime. As the builder asserted, a permanent bridge was expected to have been built by 1988, but we all know by then the Guyanese economy had collapsed and the following year we were on an IMF bailout Economic Recovery Programme. But since that time the economy has been stabilised, and in fact, has been on an upward growth trajectory for the last five years. As we look to the future, we have to address the infrastructural needs to sustain that growth. The temporary halt in the traffic flow on the bridge earlier this week illustrated, more than any theoretical discussion, the disruption in economic activities that would ensue without the bridge. And this activity will only increase. Another factor that must be considered in making a decision on a new permanent bridge is the cost of maintaining the present structure. Even with the present (albeit very minimal) toll, the government has had to subsidise the DHB to the tune of hundreds of millions annually. Then there are the daily disruptions caused by the retraction of one part of the bridge to allow for ships to pass up and down the river. A properly designed permanent bridge, as the Jules Wijdenbosch Bridge across the Suriname River, could have its middle high enough above the water to allow unimpeded traffic for ships. Suriname opened this bridge back in 2000. The Dutch contractor Ballast Nedam, which built the Suriname Bridge, has already conducted feasibility studies for a bridge across the Corentyne River to connect Berbice with Suriname. The funding for the bridge is said to have been already secured by the Suriname government from China. We are proposing that a permanent bridge be built to replace the floating or pontoon DHB, and most importantly, that this project be pursued jointly by the Opposition and the government. The government has been roundly criticised by the Opposition for its methodology in going about its proposed expansion of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport. A permanent DHB, with Ballast Nedam as the builder and the Chinese as the funders, would offer the Opposition the opportunity to be exposed to the practical considerations inherent in the financing and execution of a large development project. The 1000-foot shorter Suriname Bridge cost US$60 million back in 2000 and it is expected that the costs would have increased significantly since then. However, the Opposition would also have the opportunity to engage in competitive bidding practices, which they have recommended to the government in other ventures such as the Amaila Falls Hydro Project. We believe that if the politicians are serious about wanting to develop Guyana – as they so often profess - the mishap caused by the collapse of section 61 of the DHB might provide the impetus to put their money where their mouths are. The bridge might connect more than the banks of the Demerara River.

Poor Leadership from Minister Rohee caused the Linden Martyrdom DEAR EDITOR, History and experience have taught us that a responsible government must express a moral obligation to uphold values and rule with honor, dignity and fairness. This is the raison d’etre of elected governments. According to former Canadian Prime Minister Pearson, “There is an obligation not simply to observe the law but to act in a manner so scrupulous that it will bear the closest of public scrutiny. The conduct of the public business must be beyond question in terms of moral standards….” Can Minister Rohee’s conduct in the run up to the killing of the Linden Martyrs by the police stand up to public scrutiny? We observed from Minister Rohee that as head of the security sector, he has failed the people by breaching his responsibility to “serve and protect” them; We observed from Minister Rohee serious mismanagement of his subordinates in the Police Force for which they are criminally responsible, while he is politically liable; What we saw in Minister Rohee is a Minister so compromised that he is leading the charge to coverup these brutal murders at the hand of goons of the minority Jagdeo/Ramotar PPP Government; What we observe in Minister Rohee is a Minister

who is unclear as to his ministerial duty and responsibilities and thus his “lame duck” attempt to explain away murder by his goons. From what we see, Minister Rohee can be classified as the new Rabbi Washington of House Israel. What we gleaned from some of Minister Rohee’s recent statements is his inability to manage the Guyana Police Force and as such, he should resign now and not wait for the opposition’s no confidence vote in Parliament. In ordinary use, the word ‘responsible’ means the agreement, whether spoken or otherwise, by which someone accepts the blame or credit for something done. This, however, has not been the case in Guyana where blatant wrongs have been committed against the poor and the working class by the Jagdeo/Ramotar minority regime and the Officer in Charge – Minister Rohee is trying to position excuse after excuse to divert the blame away from the PPP, rather than do the honourable thing – demit office. As it stands now, even PPP supporters have condemned these murders by Rohee’s goons and proper statesmanship dictates that in order to preserve what is left of President Ramotar and the PPP credibility, Minister Rohee must GO! If anyone is to do a survey of the people to ask if they trust the Police Force

Focus on the Deputy Mayor THE EDITOR, As one whoever so often attends the Georgetown Mayor and City Council meeting of the Councillors, I was very concerned about the low level reached by some Councillors. First, on Monday, Mr. Oscar Clarke made an excellent presentation dealing with the sending off on leave of six senior officers and the proposals for filling the vacancies. I heard Mr. Clarke as he dealt thoroughly with all aspects of the matter, yet Ms. Chase-Greene and Gwen Mc Gowan-French felt they must speak to waste time. They could and indeed add nothing to what Mr. Clarke effectively dealt with but they had to talk. The consultant who said too much time is wasted just talking is correct. The Mayor need to stop being so tolerant and bring these Councillors to their senses.

A society is made secure by the qualities of loyalty and correct behaviour. At that meeting, I again witnessed a display of disloyalty. Mr. Jordan moved and Mr. Llewellyn John ably seconded a motion condemning Dr. Luncheon’s suggestion for an IMC. The case was clear; the problem in the City had to do with the Government’s lack of cooperation and rather hostile approaches to a City it cannot control politically. Believe it or not, the Deputy Mayor who got her seat because people like myself worked hard for the GGG back in 1994, did what the PPP Councillors did – abstain. Unbelievable, but now we can no longer respect her, it is the second time she has put a knife in the back of the Mayor and the Party that put her there in the first place. – How sad; how shameful. When will she demit office? Orin Mosley

under Rohee’s leadership, the overwhelming answer will be a resounding NO. This is why the image and reputation of the police force is at its lowest level in recent years. Lindeners have made it very clear that they prefer to be supervised by the soldiers rather than the police. How clearer can the message be or is it too complicated for a “goat” to understand? However, it is clear that the people of Linden have demanded respect that has been denied to them for more than a decade by the Jagdeo/ Ramotar PPP regime. Thus Minister Rohee arrogant, disdain and disregard for the will of the people of Linden must be

acted upon by the majority opposition and someone has to pay for these horrendous slayings both criminally and politically. Saying “I broke no law” or “I did nothing wrong or was not there” is not enough Minister Rohee. These childish excuses would only serve to further aggravate the tenuous situation at Linden. A wrong has been done and you are responsible. So, “man-up” to the people and do justice to that institution called the Ministry of Home Affairs and make way for better leadership and stop foisting upon the people a sub-optimal option. Dr Asquith Rose and Sasenarine Singh

The revolution is in the making DEAR EDITOR, As the nation mourns the loss of its three martyrs - the revolution is in the making. The people are taking control of their own destiny. The PPP regime is.engaged in a massive cover-up but most Guyanese in and out of the country - are aware of the situation. They cannot believe anything the PPP and those officials in government tell them. The killing of three Lindeners and the injury to many peaceful protesters may have come as a shock to many of the residents of Linden and the nation as a whole. From my inside knowledge of the workings of the PPP and especially my own experience with Clement Rohee and Donald Ramotar I can safely conclude that

Rohee would not take ANY POSITION on the Linden protest - without highly intense discussions with Donald Ramotar, the President. Both are complicit. Both are guilty of this heinous crime against our people. The people of Linden must lead this rebellion - away from the established political leaders - who do not seem to have their interest at heart. Guyana needs a REVOLUTION - a peaceful one - where real power could be passed to the people. The demands of the people must be met - political, economic and social. We must get Constitutional Reforms - which will allow political parties to form a Coalition government after the election. Jinnah Rahman

Leave no stone unturned DEAR EDITOR, Now that it is clear that the standard I.S procedures were not used to confront what was an obvious peaceful protest at Linden, no stone must be left unturned in the pursuit of clarity and the implementation of Justice. We must explore whether the fact that the Commissioner has launched a serious in house Crusade against corruption, is linked to the Linden event as an act of drowning men to discredit his authority. The Commissioner is informed enough to know which ranks and officers, even commanders, are ‘involved’; these men will seek protection from prosecution at any means necessary. Thus, he must understand

that the current administration recruits its operatives from the fallen and discredited of this society; for example those in the ‘Carol back track cartel, ‘The Baldeo tapes’ to the shameful involvement of the state with Roger Khan. The Commissioner acting has one direction to go if he is not to be enveloped by this intriguing situation and that is forward. Barrington Braithwaite

Corruption, like a disease, eats away the foundation of people’s faith in govt. It undermines the stability and security of nations.

Friday July 27, 2012

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

The audacity of some people The PNCR must not be blinded THE EDITOR, One Mr. Navin Chand has assailed the Sunday, July 22, 2012 Stabroek News Editorial. It is clear that; in this enlightened day and age, some set of persons are unable to understand the only language we speak; that is English. I read the Sunday, July 22, Stabroek News Editorial and found that it was erudite, and achieved the quintessence of professional journalism. I happened to be in the Linden community about three Sundays ago, and addressed a concerned but peaceful gathering of Lindeners. This was followed by a number of representatives of religious groups, mainly Christians, who fervently prayed for justice. At that rally, everyone sought Divine Intervention in the affairs and trauma of Linden. I appealed to the residents to remain calm and to avoid being provoked, or, as I said, being trapped into a situation, which I suspected the powers that be wanted. My concerns were heightened when I noticed that afternoon, the body language of some senior officers, and the summoning to the western edge of the rally a riot unit in full battle gear. There was nothing said or done to justify this show of force, the only thing I noticed in the hands of a few were bibles, and one old lady had a religious tract. It is necessary to remind leaders that the people at Linden did indicate that there was a programme planned to publicly express, on the streets of Linden, their concerns with the hope of persuading the government to understand their plight and ease the strain they were experiencing. One would have expected as a standard operating procedure (SOP) that this million-dollar water cannon, which some of us thought was for the Fire Service, but the Minister made it clear that it was for the police, would have been stationed at Linden for the duration of this protest known to all and sundry. I cannot therefore understand that Mr. Navin Chand, who says he is a young person in this nation, could in anyway find something objectionable to the Sunday, July 22rd, 2012 Editorial. I hope that Chand would have read the Editorial in the said Stabroek News of the following day entitled (Lindo Creek and Linden), again a very incisive and instructive editorial. I wonder if any reasonable person could still criticize the Editorial. Mr. Chand says he is young, and may not be aware that Minister Rohee and his ilk in 1990 referred to the police as ‘goons’. Twenty years on, is Mr. Rohee

embarking on making this altruism? As an aside, I was in Parliament when Prime Minister, Sam Hinds repeated a statement attributed to Forbes Burnham in 1976, and repeated by Chand in his letter. What neither Mr. Chand nor Sam Hinds seems to realize, is that since then, the socio-economic circumstances have changed dramatically. What is amusing is that Burnham’s statement purportedly started with the word, ‘Socialism’, but we also know that the greatest

proponents in Guyana for socialism/communism were the leaders of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP). I have not heard any of them use the word in recent times, so quoting from Burnham in 1976 is no more than a diversion and a failure to deal with the real concerns of the people of Linden who are facing the pressures of the community, that only received token attention from a government that is apparently applying different criteria to communities in Guyana. Hamilton Green, J.P.

David Granger is unfit to be leader of the PNCR DEAR EDITOR, I was prompted to write this email after hearing and reading about the irregularities in the electoral process of the PNCR to elect a leader of the party. AS PNCR Congress is about to elect a new leader, Mr. David Granger’s leadership must be reviewed since it is only this that ought to determine his suitability for the post. Mr. Granger is not entitled to any position that he cannot earn and his track record is abysmal as a politician. Let Linden be the benchmark of Granger ’s political performance. Readers will also remember the embarrassment he recently brought on the PNCR by denying any founder leader for this nation . Even as Lindeners have the right momentum and international support Mr. Granger is prepared to kill it by calling for a moratorium on the Linden tariff hike instead of calling for a complete withdrawal. Once again David Granger has let down

the PNCR constituency. Many are beginning to say that the man David Granger is not working in the interest of the PNCR and PNCR supporters. How much more political blind sight do we need? MR. Granger performance is characteristic of the “peter principle” and he should not be further promoted to a higher level of incompetence. Mr. Corbin ‘s silence as Lindeners are murdered says that it is time for major change in the PNCR and that change cannot be David Granger whose only desire is to get as much power under his control . Unfortunately he does not know how to use it and has become a threat to the well being of the people who support the PNCR and APNU. Granger is the PPP’s best weapon against the PNCR. In a release today Oscar Clarke says the Acting Town Clerk is not suitable for the position. Let us prevent this travesty on this nation and on PNCR supporters. Name withheld

DEAR EDITOR, People of the PNCR must not get blinded by the Granger aura that some are trying to build. PNCR members, supporters and the nation must not be fooled by the lengths that some will go to maintain the status quo. “What manner of man desirous of becoming the leader of an organization built by another would undermine the builder and participate in actions inimical to the interest of the builder, the foundation laid by the builder, the people who identify as part of the builder’s legacy? Mr. Granger has singlehandedly sought to take away from Forbes

Burnham the title of Founding Father. He has not even made him one of many. He stripped LFSB of the title that unbiased research will credit him with ignoring the achievements of LFSB and the PNCR to the nation now known as Guyana. David Granger has allowed the party membership that he wants to be in total control off be siphoned off by a new group called YTC which has since declared its non-alignment with the PNCR. The overseas chapters of the PNCR are being called the APNU NA chapters. This is not a man who recognizes the importance of maintaining the

integrity of the PNCR as separate and apart from APNU. Note, the WPA has remained distinct even as it grows and the PNCR withers. Under Granger the PNCR will die. David Granger has allowed a partnership of parties to distribute membership forms to join APNU when he should have been building the PNCR strength separately and in APNU. David Granger supported the PPP government to undermine the economic wellbeing of the major Linden support base of the party he (Continued on page 7)

Where were the leaders? MR EDITOR, My blood boiled when I read the headline of Kaieteur news of July 19, 2012 which screamed, “Linden protest turns deadly, four dead two dozen injured.” The political opposition APNU and AFC were not instigating that the protest. Surely those who protested were supporters both of the APNU and AFC. The question which I ask is, “Were the people of Linden entitled to the leadership of APNU and AFC in this protest?” How is it that no leader of APNU and AFC was in the forefront to face the volley of bullets and protect the people? I remember well the period at the Office of the President when the people marched all the way from as far as Belladrum, West Coast Berbice. When the marched reached New Garden Street Robert Corbin lost his way and somehow found himself in the vicinity of the Ministry of Finance when the volley of bullets were fired at his comrades at New Garden Street. It is not the citizens

who were shot and killed that day; it was the PNC which lost some of its supporters. Again I recall the killing of Donna Herod in the vicinity of Freedom House. Where were the leaders of the PNC? I recall well, after the Lugisnan massacre the people were marching to Georgetown. I learnt that the police were going to fire at the crowd to ensure that the march did not reach Georgetown. I later saw in the vicinity of Beterverwagting I noticed that the police had taken up battle position. I tried to turn back the march and placed myself between the marchers and the police and the

marchers, women were crying and stating that they intended to die that day. It only when Dr Ram, the dentist at Annandale came that the people halted, he knew many of them personally. We were not leaders of anyone. I have walked with old soldiers —- Granger, Collins and Harmon (not too sure). Where was the former Commissioner of Police Felix? Where were Benschop and Kissoon? Where were champions of black rights, David Hinds and Lincoln Lewis? Where was Ramjattan. I frown upon them all. Vic Puran

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Friday July 27, 2012

Govt. defiant in face of no confidence motion against Rohee …says Parliament has no authority to remove a Minister By Gary Eleazar There is nothing in the Guyana Constitution that permits its Parliament to remove an appointment Cabinet Minister. This point was made by Minister of Legal Affairs and Attorney General Anil Nandlall as he opened the Government arguments on Wednesday evening to the no confidence motion raised against Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee. This notion was reenforced yesterday by Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon, who in updating media operatives yesterday, said that only a no confidence motion against the entire Government is catered for in the Constitution.

every single member to speak on the motion. By time the allotted hours for Wednesday’s session had expired, only a few of the Government’s speakers had completed. As such, the debate was pushed back to Monday, July 30, at which point it is expected that it will be voted on. Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition, Brigadier (ret.) David Granger, who piloted the motion, told the House that Guyana is paying attention to every word of the debate. “Guyana is learning how seriously we deal with the matters of death, law enforcement and shootings,” Granger asserted. The Opposition Leader told the House that the

“”People were suggesting that the protest was Peaceful…let us leave that to the Commission of Inquiry,” - Robeson Benn W e d n e s d a y ’ s Parliamentary proceedings got off to a rocky start as its Government Members of Parliament were greeted by a crowd of placard-bearing, chanting protesters, attired in black, who were in solidarity with the people of Linden, and made no bones about their position of having Rohee removed as Minister. Inside of the National Assembly it was no different as the Combined Opposition navigated the Parliamentary rules to have the motion debated as a matter of “urgent public business” on the very day. This was vehemently objected to by the Government, primarily through its Chief Whip, Gail Teixeira and Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, who protested the move to have the motion debated and voted on the very day. Speaker of the House, Raphael Trotman suspended the sitting of the House to consider the arguments and make a ruling. NO SUSPENSION, ROHEE MUST GO Word of the hiatus was met with the protesters chanting in the environs of the Parliament Building, “No Suspension, Rohee must go.” The House was eventually convened when Speaker of the House Trotman ruled that the motion could be proceeded with and to this, Government lined up

Minister by his own admission concedes that there are other measures that could have been applied to disperse a crowd and asked, “Why were they not applied….somebody must be responsible for making the decision.” Granger was adamant that the move against Rohee has nothing to do with Government or Opposition, but rather about humanity. “This motion is not rhetoric,

it is about dead people.” NO CONFIDENCE AGAINST GRANGER Nandlall, who vehemently defended the Minister during his opening arguments to the motion, indicated that the Opposition could “talk from now until thy kingdom come” but the end result will be the same. The Attorney General further argued that the only Member of Parliament for which the constituent allows for removal by way of a no confidence motion is the Leader of the Opposition, who in this case, is Granger. Nandlall was dared by way of heckling to bring a no confidence motion against Granger. The retired Brigadier in making a case for Rohee to be removed as Minister told the House that the People of Guyana “want a minister who will heal the wounds of Linden…who will pursue serious reform” Granger said that the Combined Opposition does not currently enjoy the confidence of the Minister to competently remain at the helm of the Home Affairs Ministry and as such declared, “we want the minister to go.” Nandlall in the Minister’s defence, boldly declared that Rohee cannot be removed simply because the House does not enjoy his confidence, and he further charged that there is nothing in law that will compel the Government to adhere to the motion. He spelled out the only provisions that would allow for the dismissal of the

Attorney General Anil Nandlall makes his presentation Minister which ultimately rests with the President The Attorney General was adamant that “What transpired in Linden is a tragedy beyond dispute and he pointed to the Government’s immediate response which included a public statement.” Nandlall also spoke to the Commission of Inquiry that has been committed to by the government, and calls the motion pre-emptive given that culpability has not been established as yet. “If we are truly concerned and not influenced by agendas outside of the Linden tragedy, then we must not make utterances in the House which would tend to prejudice the very exercise which we have all committed ourselves.” Nandlall was adamant

that the motion assumes a foregone conclusion of murder and, “by making such a calling there is a conclusion that he (Rohee) is responsible.” The Government’s Legal Adviser was adamant that this is a matter to be determined by the Commission of Inquiry and asked if every time there is a death and there is a perception of guilt on a part, “we take action.” He suggested that if this is the case then the entire legal system should be abolished. “We are condemning a Minister without any hearing.” Nonetheless, the Minister was adamant that the National Assembly has no power to remove Rohee from office, despite all of the parliamentary posturing.

The scene outside Parliament Building as MPs prepared to debate a no confidence motion brought against Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee

ROHEE DOES NOT DIRECT He was adamant also that Rohee does not have any direct involvement in the day to day administration of the Force saying that he merely has “an overall general supervisory control…he cannot direct the day to day operations of the force.” Alliance for Change Member of Parliament Cathy Hughes was adamant that as Minister, the buck should stop with him, and as such, he should proffer his resignation or be removed. Nandlall argued that “If evidence can be proffered that he is actively involved or gave directions then there is a case.” Vanessa Kisson who has been one of the key figures behind the Linden protest (Continued on page 24)

Friday July 27, 2012

Kaieteur News

U.S. fears Syria preparing Letters... Where your views The PNCR must not... for massacre in Aleppo From Lindeners. page 5 (Reuters) - President Bashar al-Assad’s forces renewed a ground and aerial bombardment of Aleppo today, extending efforts to crush rebels in Syria’s commercial capital in what the United States said it feared could become a massacre. Insurgents targeted army roadblocks and security installations, with both sides avoiding close-quarters warfare in the city of 2.5 million people, Syria’s biggest urban centre. The U.S. State Department said credible reports of tank columns moving on Aleppo, along with air strikes by helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, represented a serious escalation of Assad’s efforts to crush a rebellion that began 16 months ago. “This is the concern: that we will see a massacre in Aleppo, and that’s what the regime appears to be lining up for,” State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said. Troops stationed on the outskirts of Aleppo unleashed barrages of heavycalibre mortar rounds on the western neighbourhoods of Saladin, al-Sukkari and alFardos, while Russian MI-25 helicopter gunships struck alSakhour in the east with rockets, several opposition activists in the city said. RISING CASUALTIES In the first reported

casualty on Friday, a man of about 60 wearing a traditional white prayer outfit was killed near a park in Saladin. His body was placed in a mosque pending identification. Thirty-four people were killed in Aleppo and its environs on Thursday, according to opposition activists keeping a tally of casualties in the northern city. “The rebels have so far been nimble, and civilians have mostly been the victims of the bombardment,” said activist Abu Mohammad alHalabi, speaking by phone from the city. “There is lots of internal displacement, and schools have been turned to makeshift shelters that are packed. One shell hitting a school will result in a catastrophe,” he said. “The regime is massing troops and tanks at the entrances of Aleppo, but it seems it is for now content with bombarding the city, with the rebels constantly on the move.” Majed al-Nour, another activist, said rebels attacked a security outpost in the neighbourhood of Bustan al-Joz, which is close to the Aleppo city centre, on Thursday.

seeks to lead. David Granger only acts under pressure from harsh public opinion. He said nothing in parliament to deny that he made a deal with the PPP government regarding Linden electricity tariff when Sam Hinds announced same in parliament. He only sought to deny after Lindeners kicked a stink. David Granger is allowing 16 days to pass for a commission of inquiry to come up with terms of reference into the PPP state police murders. After this, there will a further 16 days to agree on the composition of the Commission another 16 days for funding the commission and the beat can go on. The sudden hype around Linden is not fooling

Now the greatest eyepass of all is that Granger is allowing the PPP to place the increase on hold. This is unacceptable! David Granger has not expanded the PNCR base. He underperformed Hoyte and Corbin. Granger has ignored the principle of inclusion by shutting the AFC out of GECOM. Mr. Granger is no response to the PPP. Guyana needs strong leadership, fighting spirit, and a leader who can be loved but feared for his no nonsense approach and wisdom, a leader who will stand with all of the people of Guyana not away from them. Granger cannot connect with people. Debra C

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Cuba willing to sit down with US - Raul Castro HAVANA (AP) — Cuban President Raul Castro said yesterday that his government is willing to mend fences with bitter Cold War foe the United States and sit down to discuss anything, as long as it is a conversation between equals. At the end of a Revolution Day ceremony marking the 59th anniversary of a failed uprising against a military barracks, Castro grabbed the microphone for apparently impromptu remarks. He echoed previous statements that no topic is off-limits, including U.S. concerns about democracy, freedom of the press and human rights on the island, as long as it is a conversation between equals. “Any day they want, the table is set. This has already been said through diplomatic channels,” Castro said. “If they want to talk, we will talk.” Washington would have to be prepared to hear Cuba’s own complaints about the treatment of those issues in

Raul Castro the United States and its European allies, he added. “We are nobody’s colony, nobody’s puppet,” Castro said. Washington and Havana have not had diplomatic relations for five decades. The 50-year-old U.S. embargo outlaws nearly all trade and travel to the island, and Washington insists Cuba must institute democratic reforms and improve human rights before it can be lifted. Days after prominent

dissident Oswalo Paya died in a car crash, Castro had harsh words for the island’s opposition, accusing them of plotting to topple the government. “Some small factions are doing nothing less than trying to lay the groundwork and hoping that one day what happened in Libya will happen here, what they’re trying to make happen in Syria,” Castro said. Castro also reminisced about the 1959 Revolution, promised that Cuba will complete a transisland expressway halted years ago for lack of funds, empathized with islanders’ complaints about meager salaries and said once again that his fiveyear plan to overhaul Cuba’s socialist economy will not be done hastily. The American presence in Guantanamo is a sore point for Havana, which demands the base be shut down and accuses the U.S. of torturing terror suspects held in the military prison.

Friday July 27, 2012

Regional media group comments on plans by Govt. to establish code of ethics PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad - CMC - The Association of Caribbean Media Workers (ACM) yesterday warned of a threat to press freedom in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) after the government said that it is contemplating developing a code of ethics for professional media operators on the British Overseas Territory (BOT). “This move appears to be in contradiction with growing international recognition of the value of media selfregulation,” said ACM president Wesley Gibbings. “I don’t see any other outcome but wholesale state censorship and direct threats not only to press freedom but the broader right of people to express themselves freely. It also certainly won’t survive any serious challenge in the judicial system at the highest level,” he added. Education and Culture Minister Myron Walwyn told

Myron Walwyn Parliament earlier this week that the code is aimed at encouraging the BVI media to be more responsible in their reporting. “We look forward to having the opportunity to sit with media professionals and develop a code of ethics that can be agreed on. “Madam Speaker, I am one that understands and respects the position of media professionals; however, I also

believe that as we develop in the Virgin Islands, we also need to advance the way we conduct our affairs as professionals, both in the public and private sectors,” Walwyn said. He said that the “reckless manner in which matters are reported with no concern for fact or truth is getting out of hand. “There was a time when one read the newspaper knowing that the information gleaned was reported to inform and educate our society, and I want to express ‘educate’, Madam Speaker. “It seems as though some news outlets are comfortable with reporting half-truths, taking things out of context and putting it into their own context and thus distorting the truth, Madam Speaker. What ought to be news to disseminate facts and to educate our population, has become sensational entertainment, tabloids if you may.”

Korean company named as preferred Suriname state oil company considering partial privatization bidder for LNG developer in Jamaica PA R A M A R I B O , Suriname - CMC - Suriname state oil company Staatsolie is considering selling stock through a partial privatisation similar to those carried out by state energy firms in Colombia and Brazil, a company official has said. Shares will also be sold in telecommunications firm Telesur and Suriname Airways, which are state owned, and the bank Hakrinbank, which is partly owned by the government.

The official said the government is preparing to conduct a study on a possible share offer in Staatsolie, which could help finance exploration of onshore and offshore areas that have drawn the interest of overseas oil companies. Suriname will likely approach any stock sale with caution given that a plan to privatize Staatsolie in 1999 was met with widespread protests that ultimately forced the president to leave office.

“Staatsolie wants to explore the possibility of issuing shares,” said the company’s general manager Marc Waaldijk in a statement. “The state can sell a minority of its shares and use the proceeds for high-priority national objectives,” he added. A committee made up of state and company officials will conduct a study and offer recommendations to the government. Waaldijk said the goal would be to create an ownership structure similar to that of Brazil’s Petrobras or Colombia’s Ecopetrol, which sold shares to private investors but left the government in control of key decisions.

KINGSTON, Jamaica CMC - The Jamaica government has named the Korean-based Samsung company as the preferred bidder for the development and operation of the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) infrastructure on the island. Science, Technology, Energy and Mining Minister Phillip Paulwell, told Parliament that submissions had been received from three companies and assessed by the LNG Project Steering

Committee, which recommended to Cabinet that Samsung be given the nod to develop and operate the project. “The Committee will now commence negotiations with Samsung,” he told legislators of the plant which is expected to constructed at a cost of J$52 billion (One Jamaica dollar=US$0.011 cents) in St. Catherine. The authorities said that the 360 megawatt plant would reduce the country’s electricty bill by 30

per cent. Paulwell said that the process to select an LNG supplier has been extended to today. He said that all three short-listed supply bidders had requested an extension of the original deadline of Tuesday, July 17, 2012. Paulwell said that the Steering Committee will be critically assessing the overarching framework and project parameters before making a final decision in order to determine the way forward.

Jamaica makes another step towards CCJ Jamaica Gleaner - The Government has taken a major step toward making the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) Jamaica’s final appellate court. Leader of the House of Representatives Phillip Paulwell Wednesday gave notice that at the next sitting of the House Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller would be moving for first reading of three bills related to the establishment of the CCJ. In order to establish the CCJ, the bill which

is proposing to amend the constitution, requires a two-thirds support in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. The Government has a two-thirds majority in the House and one less than two-thirds in the Senate. The Parliamentary opposition has indicated it will only support the CCJ as Jamaica’s final appellate court if the matter is put to the country and approved in a referendum.

Friday July 27, 2012

It seems hardly a month goes by that there is not some exposition. We have had a number of such events over the years. All have served the interest of the business class. From GuyExpo to the Building Expo, the business community has been at the forefront of these expositions and it is the business community that mostly benefits from these activities. The Building Expo, for example, highlighted products that enticed the small man to build and redecorate their homes. The biggest windfall from the exposition was the additional sales that the business community obtained from being able to advertise their products. The small man could only look and dream at some of the products on display, many of which were too expensive for them. Some individuals even admitted that they went there to look at some designs which they can have made for them at a cost far cheaper than what was being advertised at the exposition. In the main, these expositions are not for poor people. What is therefore needed in Guyana is a small man’s exposition, an exposition for the working class. The greatest need of the working class in Guyana today is jobs. Workers want to be respected. They want to be able to work for what they earn. They are not looking for freeness and handouts. They want jobs.

Kaieteur News

The next exposition held in Guyana should be organized by the Ministry of Labour and should take the form of a job fair. A job fair allows for businesses from all over to advertise the vacancies that may need filling. And it allows those seeking jobs to be able to see what is available and to apply for these jobs. But better yet, if there is a onestop-shop process at a job fair where jobs are advertised, the applicant makes his application, is interviewed, short listed or given the job right there on the spot. Even the government can come on board. There is a great need for skills within the government. For example, the Ministry of Legal Affairs needs persons skilled in drafting legislation. This need not be a full-time job, neither is there any need for the person to be resident in Guyana. The service can be provided online. By advertising the position or positions, some Guyanese living overseas and qualified in legal drafting may apply, and may be able to place before parliament far more legislation. The Ministry of Human Services says it needs psychologists. Perhaps they can find a few through a job fair or even encourage persons to take up studies in psychology. If the demand is great, the University of Guyana may even see the wisdom in starting up a degree in human psychology. There are many schools throughout Guyana in which

specialist teachers are not available. Yet there are specialist teachers out there who need jobs and who can fill these vacancies. This is where a job fair can help. But perhaps the greatest benefit that a job fair can have is providing jobs for the thousands who are looking for employment in the construction sector. It is amazing the amount of houses that have been built in this country and yet many persons complain about not finding construction jobs. And contractors make the opposite complaint: they say

Page 9

that they are struggling to find labourers. In some cases they have to advertise for such persons. The solution, therefore, may be to have a job fair that brings together contractors seeking workers and workers seeking construction jobs. The problem often is one of imperfect information flows, whereby the workers do not know where jobs are available and many contractors do not know where to find good workers. At the same time, there are imperfect information flows when it comes to

homeowners finding contractors and vice versa. There are also some persons who are willing to do certain kinds of jobs which do not require academic qualifications. Some persons really do not know how to apply for some of these jobs which are advertised in the newspapers; others do not know about them because they do not regularly read the newspapers A job fair would greatly assist. It would increase construction activities, find jobs of all kinds for jobseekers and help to reduce

the unemployment rate in the country while boosting the economy. It would find jobs for all manner of individuals. People will have jobs, and with these jobs they will be able to take care of their families. The Ministry of Labour should seriously consider job fairs in each region.

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Friday July 27, 2012


The white man left us with some democratic values The nonsense, ignorance and utter disregard for sacred principles that come out of the mouths of Ministers of the Government go on relentlessly. It is a downright shame. Most definitely, our Ministers need to be less mediocre in their proclamation of their conceptualizations. It makes Guyana look stupid in the eyes of the world. The unions at UG, through APNU on Wednesday, have tabled a petition to Parliament to change the structure of the Council of the University. The unions want more professional persons to make policies rather than the school of political appointees from the Government that at present obtains. Demerara Waves quoted the Education Minister’s reaction to the petition. She cautioned against objecting to persons with certain political persuasion being

members of the UG Council because, as the Minister went on to state, such people are entitled to the right to freedom of association. If this is not ignorance coming from a Minister, then surely civilization is lost in Guyana. For all the years she has lived in this world, Priya Manickchand must know that judges have lost their right to associate with certain sections of society and that curtailment occurred a long time ago, and can be found in most countries in the world. Not only is a judge expected not to be a member of a political party, but if he/ she was at the time of appointment, that judge would have to resign. The world has come to accept that it is morally unacceptable for a judge to be involved in politics. Maybe there are exceptions that only Manickchand knows about.

It does not end there. The Minister foolishly confuses the right to associate with the legal privilege to make policies for a country. How can the two be the same? They are not related at all. The convicted child molester has a right after he would have served his sentence to join a cricket club. He certainly should not be given the legal mandate to be the headmaster of a children’s play group. The difference here is the right to associate and the right to make decisions. Surely Manickchand ought to know the difference. If she doesn’t, she may end up like Rohee, with a parliamentary vote of no confidence against her. In the UG Council at the moment there are nine members who belong to PPP groups; four are PPP parliamentarians—-Gail Teixeira, Bibi Shadick, Indra Chandarpal and Dharamkumar Seeraj. The

five PPP members are Prem Misir, Phulandar Khandai, Nirmal Rehka, Dr. Gancham Singh and Berbician attorney Annamaya who was a PPP candidate in the last election. These people sit in the UG Council, not to associate with each other as the Minister mistakenly believes, but to make policies for the country’s only university. The petition in Parliament is not to prevent these nine persons from associating with others at UG, but to ensure that the Council comprises persons who would not inject political bias into their decisions or be influenced by party considerations or to attend Council meetings just to vote along party lines. The horrible fact of life in this country the past forty years is that the administration of the affairs of Guyana has been in the hands of persons who put their political party and their political preferences in front of the nationalist love for

country. It has led to the ruin of a wealthy territory that has gone nowhere since then, and is going nowhere under the power crazy directorate we have. I will expand on this obsession with power in a future column by looking at the bypassing of the POO series for vehicles. The licence plates at the moment carry the PPP series. The white man colonized us, but when he packed up, there were some priceless values he left with us. He gave us the concept of the neutral civil servant. We destroyed that. Under Bharrat Jagdeo, three Permanent Secretaries belonged to the ruling party. Of course it went back over fifty years ago when Dr. Jagan

Frederick Kissoon demoted his Permanent Secretary and secured the position for a party member, a high school teacher. President Burnham invented the paramountcy of the party, which Mr. Jagdeo perfected. Now, in 2012, an Education Minister sees nothing wrong with nine members of her party making policies at the University of Guyana She calls it the right to associate.

Dem boys seh...

Luncheon more junior than some adviser Luncheon vex. He is de boss fuh nuff of dem but he didn’t know that Bar Rat didn’t got he as de favourite. Bar Rat end up paying people more than he pay Luncheon. And this thing was a big secret because when de Parliament first ask ‘bout how much money some of de advisers to de president does get, dem tell de parliament that Gail use to get $800,000 a month. And dem do that because dem know that Luncheon use to get li’l more than $800,000. De news buss out that Gail getting $900,000 and Luncheon only getting $800,000. Imagine de worker getting more money than de boss. Suh Luncheon get vex. He decide that he quitting. When Uncle Donald hear he tell Luncheon that he shouldn’t get hasty, that he gun get two house lot at de new Pradoville. Luncheon seh that he got to think about it. But de Ministers vex. Dem want know how dem advisor getting more than a Minister. One man seh that is better he tek advisor wuk because he gun get four times de salary he getting now. But people still doubting Shaatie and he list. De first list had some figures that sound more real and when he de Shaatie realize what he was letting out de bag, he claim how de list wrang. He then produce a second list wheh de figures more small. Some Minister seh that dem ain’t stupid, that Shaatie can’t fool dem. Dem doubt de new list and all of dem now want lef de wuk to tun advisor or wuk wid Rob Earth. Dem boys seh that is only one man who refuse de advisor wuk fuh tek Minister pay and that is Rob Earth. He done decide that he know how fuh get ten times wha dem advisor does get if he tek over a Ministry. At de agri ministry all he had to do was dig couple drain. Now, he can sell couple claim, or rent dem. He is de smartest Minister. But when all is said and done Papa Cheddi tunning in he grave. He was de one who fight super salary. Talk half and tun advisor fuh de other half.

Friday July 27, 2012

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Int’l call rates reduction… Mobile giant, Digicel, has vowed to aggressively defend its decision to slash international call rates, despite criticisms by government and an appeal to a court decision by competitor, the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T). High Court judge, Justice Rishi Persaud, ruled that the monopoly held by GT&T to provide telecommunications service or to regulate voice and data transmission over the internet is unlawful and void. Digicel has indicated that it had long challenged GT&T’s claim to a monopoly on international services in Guyana since 1990. GT&T said this week that it has appealed the ruling. Government has not been too happy with the move by Digicel to slash the international rates, saying that the matter is being appealed. Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr. Roger Luncheon noted that “the unilateral amendments and alteration to existing telecommunication rates based on Justice Persaud’s ruling is inconsistent with Justice Persaud’s ruling, since that ruling was stayed on an appeal by GT&T.” Digicel has announced up to 88 percent reduction on international calling rates following the High Court’s ruling on GT&T’s monopoly. According to Digicel yesterday, it is willing and ready to fight any legal action mounted by or on behalf of

Digicel CEO, Gregory Dean GT&T and will aggressively defend its legal right to provide low cost international calls to the people of Guyana. Chief Executive Officer, Gregory Dean noted that “Digicel has long promised the people of Guyana that it would provide hugely reduced rates for international calling and the company is determined to do so.” “As champion of the consumer, we immediately made good on that commitment following the Court’s decision. We are ready and willing to compete with GT&T and challenge them to take us on where it matters – in the market. Is GT&T ready and/or willing?” Dean asked. Digicel said that it has written to the Court Services of Guyana, stating it is ready and available at short notice

to appear before the Courts to defend any efforts which may be made to prevent Digicel’s ability to provide low cost international calls to the people of Guyana. “The company fully expects that it will be notified of any legal action that may be mounted to resurrect the GT&T monopoly and be given a proper opportunity to fight for the rights of the Guyanese consumer in any legal action that may be pursued.” Digicel insisted that Guyanese have been paying too much for international calls because of GT&T’s monopoly - a monopoly that the latter said was only on paper, since there are widespread instances of illegal bypasses. “Guyanese have been ripped off for too long and we will not sit idly by and allow a return to the bad old days of monopoly prices. We are thrilled with the incredible response we have received from the public and sincerely thank all those who have expressed their support and encouragement. Digicel wishes to assure all Guyanese that it will not give up this battle for lower rates as well as better and more widely available services,” Dean said in the statement yesterday. After 11 years of operation, Digicel Group Limited claims to have over 12.8 million customers across its 30 markets in the Caribbean, Central America and the Pacific.

Girl, 13, detained for trying to poison sister A 13-year-old girl has reportedly confessed to mixing rat poison into a meal of corned beef in an attempt to poison her sister. The teen reportedly mixed the deadly concoction on Wednesday night after a quarrel with her 20-year-old sibling. Kaieteur News understands that the girl lives at Mahaicony, East Coast

Demerara, with her elder sister and the woman’s husband and a small child. According to reports, the elder sister left the house after cooking a meal of corned beef. When she returned she took a small portion of the meal and became suspicious when it tasted bitter. When some of her neighbours alleged that they had seen the teen putting

something in the pot, the woman decided to contact the police. This newspaper was told that after being questioned, the girl admitted that she had ground some rat poison into the meal because the sister had cursed her. The teen has been detained. Police are to have the meal analyzed.

Pregnant woman among three... (From page 3) minutes after his children left home. Tamika Brumell, a mother of one, was a security guard for eight years at Strategic Security Service, while her father is the supervisor. Her 23-year-old boyfriend, Winston Lyte, told this publication that he lost what

was supposed to be his first son and th e w o m a n h e loves. Kaieteur News was unable to contact Shurland Thomas' wife but was told that he got married three weeks ago. Thomas also lost his nephew, Alwin Carlos Thomas, in an accident four days ago at Lamaha and Camp

Streets, Georgetown. Although persons at the scene opined that Thomas was driving fast, residents of Supply said that the now dead policeman was a careful man and never drove fast. They described him as a “helpful and honest person” who assisted anyone in need.

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PUC orders Digicel to cancel rate adjustment The Public Utilities Commission dealt a severe blow to the expanses of Digicel. By way of a letter dated July 26, 2012, the commission ordered and directed that Digicel “forthwith withdraw the notices which your company caused to be published” advertising drastically reduced rates for international calls. The order from the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) came on the heels of an injunction granted to the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) restraining Digicel’s actions. That injunction now prevents Digicel from “advertising, commencing, running or operating an international call service other than through interconnection with GT&T or without first obtaining a licence to do as required by the provisions of the Telecommunications Act of 1990.” The interim injunction further restrains Digicel from fixing, advertising, charging or collecting other rates in respect of such services without first obtaining the approval of the PUC, after the Commission has had a public hearing as required by the PUC Act.

…accuses company of usurping power Digicel’s actions followed a ruling by Justice Rishi Persaud in the High Court that found the monopoly held by GT&T to provide telecommunications service or to regulate voice and data transmission over the internet, is unlawful and void. “ D i g i c e l h a s been pushing for many years to have this outdated monopoly brought to end. This decision of the High Court is wonderful news for the Guyanese consumer. We intend giving the people of Guyana something that they have never seen before in terms of value and service on international calls,” said Digicel’s Chief Executive Officer, Gregory Dean said. The telephone company said it will take immediate steps to pass on the benefits of this ruling through lower international rates, high-tech mobile technology, increased investment in far-flung communities and exciting new products and services. Those aspirations were halted by the PUC. “The

Commission wishes to advert your attention to the fact the PUC by order had fixed rates, including those for overseas destinations, which rates are still in effect. “Your company is also aware that rates for telecommunication service must be approved by the Commission and there are statutory procedures prescribed for the application of same,” the PUC noted. In the wake of the announcement by Digicel that it was cutting the international rates the PUC wrote to the company seeking an explanation. Until this development, Digicel had vowed to fight any challenge that GT&T would have made against Justice Rishi Persaud’s ruling. Digicel had vowed to aggressively defend its decision to slash international call rates, d e s p i t e c riticisms by government and an appeal to a court decision by competitor, the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T).

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Friday July 27, 2012

Demerara Harbour Bridge returns to normalcy Normalcy has resumed on the Demerara Harbour Bridge with heavy trucks and other large vehicles being allowed to start traversing yesterday. It would have been three days after a section on the western end dramatically collapsed, leaving thousands of commuters stranded and a chaotic situation on both banks of the Demerara River. Yesterday, it was business as usual as relieved businesses rushed to stock up on supplies and complete postponed engagements. On Monday, hours after workers removed a pontoon to repair corroded

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood

connections, two temporary pontoons broke off and sank shortly after the bridge reopened from an early morning closure. It caused the two westernmost spans to buckle at its connections and to be partially covered by river water. A minibus filled with passengers was caught on one of the spans. However, the panicked driver who abandoned the vehicle managed to return and help a few of the passengers out. The vehicle was safely removed. It was a traffic nightmare as workers and others rushed to the Vreed-en-Hoop speedboat stelling on the West Bank. Emergency measures had to be put in place to allow for the speedboats to operate at night

to cater for the crowd. Several farmers in their trucks were caught with the perishables and there were reportedly significant losses suffered by some. A number of lumber and rice trucks were left stuck too. Reportedly, also, patients could not be transferred to the city. On Wednesday, bridge authorities were forced to allow a canter from the West Demerara Hospital to pass for emergency supplies of oxygen. The bridge’s workers were at it around the clock as they battled the tide and time to have the problem fixed. The structure was commissioned in 1978 and given a 20 years life, it is the main link between Essequibo and West Demerara to the capital city, Georgetown.

Three days after a section collapsed, normal traffic was allowed to use the Demerara Harbour Bridge yesterday.

Holidaying Trini assaults Guyanese wife - ordered to get counselling A Trinidadian man vacationing here with his children and Guyanese wife was yesterday ordered by Chief Magistrate Priya Beharry to seek professional counseling after he pleaded guilty to assaulting his partner over another man. The jealous husband, Ramlall Bachan, appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court after his wife Salini Boodhoo of Howes Street, Charlestown, reported to the police station that the man had cuffed her in the chest. The charge against Ramlall stated that on July 23, while himself and wife were at the Central Immigration Office, Bachan unlawfully assaulted Boodhoo. The accused admitted his guilt to the court. The court prosecutor said that the victim and the defendant are living in Trinidad, but are currently on vacation in Guyana. She said that the defendant is always in the habit of abusing his wife. She continued that on the day in question, the couple had gone to the Immigration Office. The husband, while the wife was waiting inside the building went in to her, and told her that one Robin was waiting outside for her. The prosecutor said Bachan became annoyed and dealt his wife one cuff to her chest. The matter was later reported to the police station and Bachan was arrested. Bachan accepted the information which the police read and told the court that he is a Trinidadian vacationing with his wife and children. The man said he and

Ramlall Bachan his wife went to the immigration office and they ended up in a “li’l argument”, he said “I really didn’t cuff her, I shoved her and I’m really sorry.” Bachan who said he is retired and is a pensioner, reiterated his sorrow for what had transpired, he also promised that it would never happen again. The court was told, after requesting the information, that the couple is scheduled to return to Trinidad late next month. The matter was later put down so a probation officer could be contacted, as the court opted to use its discretion and have professional help available to the couple. The couple was then asked to give the undertaking that they would seek professional help, despite the wife saying that she wished not to give evidence against her husband. The husband was subsequently released on self bail. They will return to court on July 30 for a report on the abuse matter.

Friday July 27, 2012

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Renowned pianist calls on President after successful workshop Internationally renowned, Guyanese pianist Dr. Ray Luck returned to the country of his birth to host another five-day piano workshop which he dubbed a success, culminating it with a courtesy call on President Donald Ramotar yesterday. The sessions conducted in the morning and afternoon hours, targeted a batch of 40 students and their tutors, who showed keen interest and vigour in the process, much to the satisfaction of the pianist. “As a Guyanese coming home it’s wonderful to see that within the next generation, there is so much talent. I felt that all the teachers appreciated it very much… so it has been very gratifying for me,” Dr. Luck told the Government Information Agency (GINA). The workshop is the second such for the visiting pianist who within the last eight years has been engaged in similar ventures throughout the Caribbean. During his visit last year, Dr. Luck performed renditions at a Ministry of Culture, Youth

and Sport-hosted piano recital at the National Cultural Centre (NCC). The artiste would have loved to perform in front of a live Guyanese audience again but a fault in the piano at the venue hindered the process. A disappointed Dr. Luck highlighted the issue to President Ramotar during yesterday’s visit. He was accompanied by workshop coordinator Elsie Croal, Director of Culture Col. Lyndon Ross, Music Teacher Marilyn Dewar and Director of Music in the Police Force Band Assistant Commissioner Cecil Bovell. His stay in Guyana was too short to facilitate a visit to the recently opened National School of Music that was commissioned last November, fulfilling the dream long held for a national institution where music can be taught to children. The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport had then outlined a programme of activities that will see students at the school sitting external examinations, until Guyana can develop its own

A Jamaican national who entered Guyana illegally to visit his daughter was yesterday ordered to be deported to Suriname, the port from which he unlawfully made his entrance into Guyana on July 23 last. The man, Blake Thomas, was said to have entered the country via Springlands by boat. Particulars of the charge said that Thomas was not granted permission to stay in Guyana or to even enter the country; he further failed to present himself to an immigration officer or any immigration entity. The matter was called before Chief Magistrate Priya Beharry at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court.The defendant pleaded guilty to the charge. The court prosecutor said that on the day in question, Thomas came to the country via boat and disembarked at Springlands before booking a room at the Secret Ville Hotel in Berbice. The facts continued that the defendant went to the immigration office and applied for a passport under the name of Troy Samuel Rockcliffe. It was however discovered that the information was false, and the man was detained. The prosecutor said that

they would be filing for the deportation of the defendant who would be sent back to Suriname from where he came. Mention was also made about the false information that the man would have uttered to immigration staffers. The prosecution had even told the court that Thomas had signed on a declaration form declaring the false information he gave immigration ranks. The police however wished not to institute further charges on the defendant. The Chief Magistrate after asking the defendant his purpose in Guyana, heard that the man had come to visit his daughter. That was further verified when the mother of his child stood to confirm the information. Thomas was told that the police had applied for him to be deported out of Guyana. That was granted, but the court advised Thomas that though he is scheduled to be deported, if he wishes to stay in Guyana he could apply to the Commissioner of Police who could in turn use his

President Donald Ramotar with renowned pianist Ray Luck (third from left) Music Teacher Marilyn Dewar, workshop coordinator Elsie Croal (third from right) Deputy Director of Culture Col. Lyndon Ross (second from right) and Director of Music in the Police Force Band Assistant Commissioner Cecil Bovell. certificate programme. Dr. Luck’s early schooling in music started at Queen’s College where he attended and later elevated to the Royal College of Music in London after receiving the Licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music (LRSM) and the Fellowship Diploma in TESOL Education Studies (FTCL) diplomas. He subsequently won the first prize in piano and Chamber Music from Paris’ Conservatorie National Superieur de Musique and later graduated from Indiana University of Bloomington, USA. (GINA)

Jamaican fined, ordered deported for illegal entry

Blake Thomas discretion and opt to have him remain in the country. It was further advised that the police head could however choose to follow the court’s order and have the defendant deported. Either way Thomas was told that the decision would lie with the high ranking official. The defendant was later ordered to pay a $30,000 fine or spend the next three months imprisonment.

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Friday July 27, 2012

Guyana Watch leaves West Berbicians extremely contented

Dr. Chiran Reddy performs an extraction on a child and gives an adult a check–up

By Leon Suseran The 20th Guyana Watch medical team’s clinic rolled into Region 5 yesterday, with a massive healthcare delivery exercise being held at the Bath Primary School, We s t C o a s t B e r b i c e . Hundreds turned up as early as half an hour before the 08:00 hrs commencement and the team worked beyond midday just to ensure that all who had gathered were expertly tended to. And their efforts were lauded. Joycelyn, of Rosignol, said that she felt so thankful, “because, you know, they come here to help us and it is free. I extend heartfelt thanks to them”. Raj, of Bath Settlement , said that he heard from a friend about the outreach and decided to attend. He was there to see the dentist. Jean Rajkumar, also of Bath Settlement, revealed that this was her second visit. She was doing a check- up on her feet. “It benefit me a lot; thanks to the team.” Nandra, from Bath, said that some time ago she was referred to the clinic by a friend. She, too, attends every year. “I like the medication I

Bath Settlement resident Abdool Rasheed was high in praise of the Guyana Watch team receiving...and the doctors really speak nice to you”. She experiences severe discomfort in her waist. Abdool Rasheed, another Bath Settlement resident, saw the notice in the Kaieteur News. “I feel very much glad. It is not the first time I come to see the doctors...I am very grateful, because I suffer from serious pain. I love the service…it can come permanently. If they come two or three times for the year, I would be glad for it because it is a great help to our community.” He noted that he visited several doctors across the (Continued on page 23)

A patient has his blood pressure tested

Friday July 27, 2012

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Friday July 27, 2012

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Friday July 27, 2012

Friday July 27, 2012

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Guyana Watch leaves West Berbicians... From page 14 country and they were unable to help him. “I come here, and I find help from these doctors— the public doctors just give you couple tablets— not much— I come here and I get very, very good pain tablets and when I drank them I felt relief. I am proud of this (outreach). I find better service here than the public hospitals. I find it more easy; you come here, there is no pushing around. Sometimes you go to the public hospital and you are in front of someone and then that someone just go ahead of you.” Dr Chiran Reddy, a dentist out of India, spoke to Kaieteur News. It was his seventh visit with the Guyana Watch contingent. He practices in New York. Most of his patients had cavities, “probably because of the lots of sugar they eat and because of the fluoride— water doesn’t have fluoride here. The kids, especially, they have so many cavities… one after the other. The only way people can prevent that is by brushing at least twice per day”. When asked what persons should do to care their teeth, Dr Reddy stressed that they should brush regularly, floss and use fluoride supplements, as well as have regular dental check- ups. “It’s very important that they get a check- up at least once every six months, if not earlier, just to make sure there are no cavities.” Tony Yassin, President of Guyana Watch Inc., noted

that the response by the West Berbicians has been enormous, save for a problem with the sugar workers, “they started to work since last week, so many of the people that were coming here, may have gone to work, so it is a little bit less than last year, because here at Bath Settlement we get an overwhelming response of people, and many of them have medical problems of all kinds”. The team is capable of seeing 600-700 patients at each clinic site. “We try to give the best services to people; give them the best medication, 3, 6 or 9 months.” He revealed, too, that patients are referred to medical institutions for further treatment should the need arise. “One patient was referred at Tain to the Balwant Singh Hospital, who promised to do all medical tests for us free, and we gave another referral to the New Amsterdam Hospital and hopefully that person will get help.” He added that the Guyana Watch doctor would diagnose whatever is wrong and write the referral and the team would normally followup to determine the outcome. Guyana Watch is an annual medical outreach mission which has been visiting Guyana for the past 20 years. The team conducts 6-8 clinics across the country annually. Yassin revealed that it is a charitable, non- profit organisation and “we bring 812 doctors each year and we give people medication....and all of the people who come to Guyana are volunteers and

pay their own way”. He noted, too, that this trip has 15 persons who paid their own airfare and hotel fees. The doctors’ air travel and hotel fees are paid, but they pay other fees and expenses. “We help people in a very big way and apart from that, during the year we do heart surgeries for children— we try to get a few children”. Guyana Watch moves to West Demerara tomorrow, and will be at Leonora and Canal #2 Polder. The team leaves on Sunday morning. Mr. Yassin has dubbed the 20th mission a very successful venture. “The team is very efficient. We have to triage people very quickly and move the line, in order to see 600-700 people and not leave anyone back. We try to complete all of them, it’s never our position to deny anyone help… so we work extremely fast, efficiently and very organized.” Patients who attend the clinics are screened and registered, have their blood pressure taken, then they are weighed before they see the doctors, whether dentists or general practitioners. They then collect their medication from the pharmacy section, to complete the process. “We are very familiar with the medication needs in Guyana; the kind of things they need and what they should have, in terms of our pharmacist is well prepared in that regard, and we are not out of them, and we give very generous amounts of medication and advise the patients well”.

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Finance Minister underscores private sector’s importance to economy’s growth Guyana’s economic growth has been attributed by Minister of Finance Dr Ashni Singh to the Government’s policy framework and support from the private sector, with the latter driving growth. Speaking to participants at the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (GCCI’s) banking and investment seminar at the Pegasus hotel on Wednesday, Minister Singh highlighted the importance of members of the private sector recognising that they are not passive observers in the economic development of the nation. “You are in fact active participants; you are the persons who drive the growth in our economy,” the Minister reiterated. He pointed out that when the financial services sector and large investors make themselves more protective, innovative and expand, “it is then all of the attendant multiplier effects which are consequent to growth of the economy are generated to the benefit for all.” Stressing that it is the private sector which drives most of the dynamism of the

economy, Minister Singh said Government would do all it could to ensure that it is favourable to produce the quality framework, “but it is the private sector that ultimately determines how interested you are in penetrating the market, and growing and expanding your businesses and economy as a whole.” Observing that Guyana’s financial services sector is very well managed and regulated, Minister Singh also pointed out that while persons in this sector are looking for good lending opportunities, “we have at the same time, a production sector…looking for financing to expand business.” The Minister said there is the need to manage the two sectors, “to make it easier for the financial services sector to have good lending opportunities on the one hand and, to make it easier for the small and new business to be able to a c c e s s finances.” This bringing together of and protection of the two sectors is something that needs to be addressed on many fronts. Minister Singh said, on the policy and

legislative side, Government has recognised the benefits for more efficiency in the financial services sector. He pointed to the legislation taken to Parliament more than a year ago aimed at the establishment of a credit bureau in Guyana. “With the establishment of a credit bureau, the financial services industry will find it easier and more efficient to access goods for its opportunities; and you potential investors will find it easier and more efficient to finance from the financial services industry.” He pointed to the fact that policy decisions of the credit bureau that will be put in place, will help to address several issues, as well as things that could be done apart from policy and legislative interventions. The one-day banking and investment seminar according to president of GCCI Clinton Urling was geared to build capacity in the private sector, while Canadian High Commissioner to Guyana, David Devine also alluded to investment opportunities available. Participants were drawn from small, medium and large business. (GINA)

Page 24

Kaieteur News

Indigenous Peoples Commission hands over first report to House Speaker The Indigenous Peoples Commission (IPC) yesterday handed over the first report since its inception in 2010, to Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman. In commending the body, Trotman explained that since the National Assembly does not have interaction with civil society, there is need for reports to be submitted by various commissions. “I don’t want to have these reports placed on the desks of parliamentarians, I need them to be discussed and debated and to have you present at these kinds of sessions.” Adding that he is thinking of breaking tradition, Trotman said he wants to allow citizens to address the National Assembly, whereas this is only done by parliamentarians. Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai, said the IPC was formed in September 2010 and it is impressive that for a relatively new commission they have already submitted a report to the National Assembly. “It is an important sign that Guyana has taken a bold step in the promotion of indigenous rights and where

Friday July 27, 2012

Sophia murder suspect listed as stable The man who reportedly slit his girlfriend’s throat three days ago at her ‘D’ Field, Sophia residence is now in a stable condition and has been transferred to the High Dependency Unit (HDU) at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). Akeito Clay, previously nursing stab wounds to his neck, chest and abdomen in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), was transferred to the HDU late yesterday after his condition was listed as stable. Clay, who hails from Essequibo, allegedly slit his 24-year-old girlfriend, Sheurma Mentore’s throat on

Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman receives a copy of the report from Indigenous People Commission (IPC) Chairman Doreen Jacobis in the presence of Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai. their concerns can be raised… and deal with issues that come before them,” Sukhai said. Indigenous People Commission (IPC) Chairman Doreen Jacobis said the

entity needs funding and assistance from parliamentarians and as such, from the report presented, would underscore the various issues faced by the Amerindian community.

The suspect at GPHC Tuesday last. Clay then escaped, but was later apprehended by the police after he showed up at GPHC with stab wounds to his body.

It is unclear under what circumstances Clay sustained the wounds, but persons have opined that he probably tried committing suicide.

Govt. defiant in face of no... (From page 6) along with Regional Chairman Sharma Solomon, told the House that the young men were murdered by ranks of the Guyana Police Force, operating on the general instructions of Rohee as Minister. She pointed to the pathologist report conducted on the victims which confirmed that all three men were shot to the heart. She was adamant that based on the information available thus far, it is a clear case of orchestrated murder. Kissoon even pointed to the sequence of events and told the House that there is the belief in Linden that there was a plot on July 18, when the three Lindeners were killed, to assassinate the leadership of Linden, including Solomon. She was adamant that “Rohee must take responsibility and resign.” Kissoon said too that now that the pathologist report has been completed “there is now need for a criminal investigation and charges must be laid against

the policemen.” Presidential Advisor on Empowerment Odinga Lumumba, in his presentation, sought to apologise on behalf of the Government for the killings, but said “it had nothing to do with Rohee. He said that the Commission of Inquiry will determine the facts, and at present there is no evidence that Minister Rohee was guilty. Several other government officials spoke to the motion, with some at times questioning the peaceful nature of the protest march which eventually led to the shootings. PEACEFUL PROTEST? Public Works Minister, Robeson Benn during his presentation lamented the fact that the protest action had taken an unlawful turn while on the bridge. While he did express regret on the part of the shooting, he sought to remind the House that by preventing access across the Wismar/Mackenzie Bridge the protesters had been in breach of the laws. He even pointed to the protest action that was being held outside of the parliament chambers at the time and said that that too was illegal. The Minister, through heckling, was dared to send the police to shoot the persons involved in the ‘illegal’ protest action outside of the Parliament Building. Some Ministers sought to insinuate that the motion had nothing to do with Rohee but instead was targeted at the entire Government. Public Works Minister Benn told the House that as it relates to the electricity tariff increase for Linden, the people of the region never intended to make the payment. “Kissoon had screeched from that side of the House…Let me withdraw and say scream…we ain’t paying

anything,” said Benn who sought to explain that “positions taken on this matter have somehow led to an unfortunate situation.” Benn told the House that he listened to the heartrending account given by Kissoon as it relates to the shooting incident and pointed to the police action. The Minister said that he has seen video footage showing that the police ranks gave warnings to the protesters to disperse on several occasions. He added that he saw a banner which was unfurled indicating that the protesters should remove themselves from the bridge and added that, “we never would have contemplated anyone would be shot to death….” The Public Works Minister suggested that a quick perusal of the laws of Guyana would reveal that the blocking of any public road or bridge is an unlawful act, “right now the blocking of entrance to parliament is an unlawful act.” The Minister, as did some of his colleagues, said “People were suggesting that the protest was peaceful. Let us leave that to the commission of inquiry,” said Benn. He did declare that the current blocking of the Bamia and Kara Kara bridges along with the roadway on Linden is unlawful and is only compounding the situation further. Prior to the sitting of the National Assembly on Wednesday, A Partnership for National Unity organized a rally which saw hundreds attending at the Square of the Revolution. The rally was one of a series of events hosted by APNU for what it called a National Day of Mourning. After the rally, the crowd marched west along Brickdam to Parliament building where they awaited word on the fate of the Minister.

Friday July 27, 2012

DTV CHANNEL 8 08:55hrs. Sign On 09:00hrs. Live! With Kelly 10:00hrs. Law & Order: Criminal Intent 11:00hrs. The View 12:00hrs. Prime News 12:30hrs. The Young and the Restless 13:30hrs. The Bold and the Beautiful 14:00hrs. The Talk 15:00hrs. Boy Meets World 16:00hrs. Beverly Hills, 90210 17:00hrs. MacGyver 18:00hrs. World News 18:30hrs. Nightly News 19:00hrs. Greetings and Announcements 20:00hrs. Channel 8 News 20:30hrs. DTV’s Summer Movie Fest 23:00hrs. Sign Off

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NTN CHANNEL 18/ CABLE 69 05:00hrs - Sign on with the Mahamrtunjaya Mantra 05:10hrs - Meditation 05:30hrs - Queenstown Masjid Presents Quran This Morning 06:00hrs - R. Gossai General Store Presents Durga Bhajans 06:15hrs - Jettoo’s Lumber Yard Presents Durga Bhajans 06:30hrs - Muneshwar Limited Presents Durga Bhajans 06:45hrs - Double Standard Taxi Presents Durga Bhajans 07:00hrs - RRT Enterprise Presents Hanuman Bhajans 07:15hrs - M & M Snackette Presents Raja Yoga Discourses 07:30hrs - Dr. Balwant Singh’s

Hospital Inc Presents Durga Bhajans 07:45hrs - The Family of the Late Leila & David Persaud Presents Durga Bhajans 08:00hrs - Timehri Maha Kali Shakti Devi Mandir Presents Durga Bhajans 08:15hrs - NTN This Morning Live with Reyaz Husein 09:30hrs - Indian Soap - Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 10:00hrs - Indian Soap - Rab Se Sohna Isshq 10:30hrs - Indian Soap - Pavitra Rishta 11:00hrs - Indian Soap - Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuyien 11:30hrs - Indian Soap - Punar Vivaah 12:00hrs - Ramadan Program 13:00hrs - DVD Movie:CHHAILLA BABU (Eng:

Friday July 27, 2012 ARIES (March 21 - April 19): You've got a lot to think about -- but much of it is actually flying underneath the radar of your consciousness. Just let your inner self twist itself into knots, and things should settle down soon. ******************* TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): If you are in the midst of planning something like a trip or a party, give yourself more time. As excited as you may be, you need to take your time and give yourself more space to do some research. ****************** GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): A new focus on health and diet will come into your life today, shifting your priorities away from taking the easy way out and toward putting in the hard effort that you know will pay off. ******************** CANCER (June 21 - July 22): Do you know what the best way to deal with a suspicion is? Go to the source and ask them to confirm or to deny. Things have gone too far for too long, and it goes on much longer, all that frustration will cloud any chance you had for progress. ********************* LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): You thought you totally understood your feelings about a recent encounter, but today confusion might swim up to the surface again. Having doubts about what happened is fine, but do not make any changes based on your doubts -- it's a waste of time. ******************* VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): If you are confused by a comment someone makes today, pursue it until you get complete clarity. Ask them to repeat themselves and ex-

plain what they really mean. ********************* LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22): The hottest thing in your life right now isn't the weather, and it's not your romance, either. No, all the heat that's being generated is coming from the fresh ideas brimming from your head! ********************* SCORPIO (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21): You are the center of the action today, baby! Get ready for a lot of attention -- put on a sharp outfit, polish up your attitude and practice a few one-liners. ******************** SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21): Getting your hands dirty would do you some good today. It is time for you to build your ideas into something solid and make your dreams manifest. .********************* CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. 19): There will be several dramas whirling around you today, but you can handle them ... and who knows? You might even enjoy them, since they involve some of your favorite people. ******************** AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 Feb. 18): Your emotions are yours, and you certainly have a right to feel the way you feel -- but not everyone else needs to know exactly how you feel at all times. ********************* PISCE S ( F e b . 1 9 March 20): Concentrate your attention on the decision-makers in your life today, and try to get a handle on what motivates them. They have a lot of influence over your life right now, so it is in your best interests to understand them as completely as you can.

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Kaieteur News

Friday July 27, 2012

CAR RENTAL Progressive auto rental, cars from $4,000 per day. Call: 6435122, 656-0087, PROPERTY FOR SALE One business property Brickery Public Road, East Bank Demerara call:660-8128 WANTED One 2 or 3 bedrooms apartment, moderately priced and close to Georgetown . Call Curtis 6682319

CAKES & PASTRIES Courses in cake decoration, pastry making & cookery, tel: 670-0798. Also Wedding dresses for sale.

1 Bartender to work in Kitty area Call: 226-7054

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1 old model Raum, corporate yellow, 4WD, good condition, $1,150,000 negotiable, call: 646-3777 2004 Nissan Cefiro 200JK, Luxury sedan, Hid light and 17’’ chrome rims Call: 6015500 or 601-5589 GX110 Toyota Mark 2 PJJ Series Call Owner 644-6608 (Continued on page 27)

Friday July 27, 2012

Kaieteur News

Page 27

Eight straight! A clutch performance for the Guyana’s boys team and a formality win to finish off a completely dominant girls team tournament win for the girls team, guaranteed Guyana its eight straight overall title. Guyana has now won an unprecedented eight titles at the Caribbean Area Squash Association’s (CASA) Junior Caribbean Squash Championships. The girls’ team also became seventh time girls team champions with an impressive 4-1 victory

(From page 26) against host team Jamaica. Team captain Mary FungA-Fat capped an awesome tournament performance in her final match by beating Jessica Perkins in straight games. With that win, FungA-Fat finished the tournament with an immaculate record on the stats sheets winning all her matches without losing a single game in both the girls U19 singles and the girls team tournament. Fung-A-Fat was seeded number one in the girls U19

ITTF Latin Circuit impacts Edghill Guyana’s most celebrated junior female table tennis player, Chelsea Edghill said yesterday that the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) Latin American Circuit had an immense impact on her career moving forward, following her return from Mexico. Edghill reached the quarterfinal in the U-15 category playing among the best junior players in the super strong Latin American block. The talented player received an ITTF ranking and will compete at the 2014 World Junior Olympics in China. “It was great. You could never get that opportunity again if you miss it. That is why I am happy that I got to play among some of the best players in this part of the world. I know exactly where my game is at the moment,” Edghill told Kaieteur Sport yesterday. Edghill believes that she has lots of hard work to put in and will be working out

Chelsea Edghill among the more senior players to ensure that she maintains a high level. “I know how my professional career has been progressing and that is a great thing,” she continued. The 14-year-old Bishop’s High School student, who belongs to the Malteenoes Sports Club fold said that her stint on the Latin Circuit is all part of her dream of playing professional table tennis, and she is satisfied that she was able to hold her own among the best. (Edison Jefford)

Usain Bolt hails ‘great’... From back page of the cameras, he doesn’t really like the cameras,” he said. The world record holder said his biggest aim in life was “to become a legend”. “I will definitely be disappointed if I don’t win. This is what I’ve been working for, this is what I want, this is my goal in life,”

he added. Powell said the Jamaican 4x100m relay team was “definitely” capable of beating their own world record of 37.04secs. “We are running against the clock. We are not running against anyone else,” he said. “We have 36 seconds in mind but we have to get the stick around.”

Guyana win overall at... From page 30 Selenas Jackman got a bronze in the Mixed-Doubles event. In the Boys’ Doubles event, Singh and Tyriq Saunders also won bronze. In the Singles, the 13Years-and-Under Boys finals, Elishaba Johnson went down to Barbados’ Stephan Payne 4-0 with joint third place going to Edghill and Knight. In the Girls’ contest, Do-

minican Republic’s Esmerlyn Castro defeated Priscilla Greaves 4-1 with joint third place going to Homer and Kelice Sinclair (Jamaica). The Championship attracted eight countries and over 100 players from Aruba, Barbados, French Guiana, the Dominican Republic, Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago, St Maarten, and the host country, Jamaica.

draw and captured her fourth Caribbean titles by beating compatriot Ashley DeGroot in the all Guyanese girls Under 19 final. The other victors in Guyana’s final match of the tournament were Victoria Arjoon, Rebecca Low and DeGroot. In the U19 second string match up DeGroot defeated Dana Saulter, while Arjoon also eased to a 3-0 win against Mary Mahfood. Rebecca Low also completed a stunning 3-1 win against Mia Mahfood, while Larissa

Wiltshire lost to three time Junior CASA champion Alyssa Mullings. In spite of their injuries, illnesses and loss of confidence from their semifinal defeat to Bermuda on Wednesday night, the Guyana boys team mustered up the courage to secure one more win to put Guyana in a position to reclaim the overall title. With Under 17 champion Nyron Jean not at one percent, U 17 second string Jean Claude Jeffrey took his place and lost to Nku Patrick in

straight games. Jason Ray Khalil played through his hamstring strain, but lost to Mandela Patrick also in three games. Nevertheless, National U15 champion Benjamin Mekdeci, Shomari Wiltshire, and Steven Xavier came to team Guyana’s rescue with crucial wins in their encounters. Shomari Wiltshire defeated Nicholas Caddle 3-0, Mekdeci powered ahead of Chad Salandy in straight games while Xavier crushed Michael Gillezeau.

Raul Lall representing Guyana at Judo at London Olympics Starting today, national lightweight judo champion Raul Lall of the Rising Sun Judo Dojo will become the first Guyanese Judoka to actually compete at the Olympics. Lall started playing Judo about 3 years ago, coming from a strong a judo family, both his father and uncle played, his uncle being one of the best judokas a Guyana ever produced and the founder of the Rising Sun dojo. Raul shot up through Judo ranks bouyed by amazing natural talent, the ability to absorb what he is taught and a stubborn attitude to just win competitions, he has absolutely dominated the

able to power past them in competition. He will hope to combine his power and skill to bring Guyana glory at these game, no easy task, but his tenacious nature will ensure he gives his best shot. Lall is trained by Bruce Fraser - Instructor Rising Sun, and the entire club is rooting for him to do well at the London Olympic Games. FOR SALE/RENT

Raul Lall lightweight category. For the last 2 years no local lightweight could get past Lall. The use of heavy weights has given the 18 year old a distinct advantage against competitors his size, being

25th edition Friday Night... From page 29 Smith and Anson Norville, two elite boxers, clashed once with the former boxer coming out victorious. The latter will now attempt to reverse his fortunes which make for an interesting, action packed affair. Otherwise, Christopher Tilliman (Essq) will take on Kevin Mullings (HEBG) in a 70-74lbs affair. ProAm boxing is a Guyana Boxing Board of Control

initiative in collaboration with the Guyana Amateur Boxing Association (GABA), the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and the National Communication Network. Initially the fights were shown live but are now taped for a delayed broadcast. The admission price still remains at $1000 and $500 for adults and children respectively. Bell time is 20:00hrs.

American pool table 2770578

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TOUR Suriname summer vacation return trip 02-05 August, book seats early. Call: 6392663, 644-0185, 665-5171, 2278290 29th July Santa Mission, 1st5th August Fort Island Call Joy 218-1285, 649-9059

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LAND FOR SALE 1 ½ acre, 48ftx1300ft V/Hoop Call: 627-9351

Furnished 2 bedrooms house Crane Housing Scheme W.C.D Call: 613-5715

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Malta Supreme HRC & Bodybuilding Show...

Giftland OfficeMax maintains support One of Guyana’s leading Departmental Stores, Giftland OfficeMax has maintained its support of the Hugh Ross Classic Bodybuilding & Fitness Show which is set for this Saturday (tomorrow) at the National Cultural Centre. Marketing Manager Compton Bobb recently handed over the entities contribution to Hugh Ross at the Water Street based store. Bobb in brief remarks reminded that Giftland OfficeMax has been a fervent supporter of Ross and the Classics from the beginning and they were more than happy to continue that support, pointing out that the event provides a positive avenue for the athletes to showcase their talent. “We have always been supporting sports and its continued development in Guyana and in this case, bodybuilding which we believe has the potential to come really big here. We have been following the exploits of Mr. Ross on the World stage and we are pleased that he has decided to give back to his homeland in the form of the Classics among other things.” Bobb noted that

Giftland OfficeMax Marketing Manager Compton Bobb hands over his company’s contribution to Hugh Ross. athletes in the sport need all the encouragement and support they can get since it is quite costly to compete. Ross in response thanked Boob and Giftland OfficeMax for their unflinching partnership while promising that tomorrow’s event will be exciting having attracted the

best athletes in the land. He also stated that the HRC will continue to make positive contributions towards the continued education of Guyanese when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle and exercising. Tomorrow’s show is set to commence at 19:00hrs.

Friday July 27, 2012

Nationwide rivalries to be intense By Edison Jefford As the Bible says, a “three-fold cord is not easily broken”, and as registration forms continue to pour in from across Guyana, teams comprising the best possible three players will be aiming to be unbroken on their way to the 2012 Mackeson Smooth Moves title. The Ansa McAl Limited coordinated 3-on-3 Basketball Championships will intensify the rivalry among the teams from across Guyana for the biggest purse in local basketball; the massive $1M winner-take-all prize will be at the centre of those rivalries. Large crowds were drawn to the tournament that had preliminary games as far as in Bartica and New Amsterdam last year. There is absolutely no doubt that this year’s event will be bigger and better with pulsating Showtime ‘street-ball’ among talented players as more communities will be engaged as playing venues as the event expands its scope. According to the Ansa McAl Mackeson Brand Manager, Jamaal Douglas, the tournament must surpass the expectations of last year. For that reason, he said that all

Teams announce names of players for BSB inauguration match The Port Mourant Community Centre ground is expected to come alive on Sunday, when the newly formed Berbice Softball Board (BSB) host their inauguration one day four team tournament from 1000hrs sharp. The four teams who will be doing battle for $200,000 and a trophy are Berbice XI, Wolf Warriors, Demerara Select XI and reigning Guyana Telephone and Telegraph (GT&T) 10/10 champions Regal XI, while female 10/10 champions Trophy Stall Angels and a Berbice Select XI will do battle in an exhibition encounter for $50,000 and a trophy. Other incentives up for grabs are best batsman and bowler in the finals and best batsman in the two semifinals and with the hype surrounding this activity, the teams wasted no times in naming their squad to cart off the top prize. Amieith Raj (formerly known as Amit Jairam), Balvinder Shivpersaud, Safraz Karim and Amir Nizamudin will be looking to lead Wolf Warriors, who won the GT&T 10/10 championship in 2011, to the top prize, once they get past

their semifinal opponent, who is unknown. Regal XI has been involved in several softball tournaments around Guyana in recent times and having missed out in the first two GT&T 10/10 tournaments, they rebounded to whip Wolf Warriors in this year’s final to take the coveted top prize of $2m. The possibility of the two meeting in either the semifinals or finals is not ruled out and to this effect, Chien Gittens, Troy Kippins, Patrick Rooplall and even Samuel Kingston who will be performing the duties of player/coach, will all be looking to ensure their team maintain their supremacy in local softball cricket. While much is not known of the Berbice Select XI, they do have some quality players in Rajiv Ivan, who is tipped to lead the side, Balram Samaroo, Imran Khan, Sharmindra Hardyal, David Looknauth and Lalbachan Veerasammy, who on their day, can turn the tide of things in a cricket match. Troy Gonsalves, Navin Singh, Surujpaul Deosarran, Adrian Singh and Jagdesh Deosarran, will lead the Demerara Select XI, a team that is made up of players from

various clubs in the county, especially Rockaway, Trophy Stall Warriors and Builders Lumber Yard. The teams for the various contests will be chosen from: Wolf Warriors- Amieith Raj, Diaram Persaud, Mohammed Riaaz Karim, Safraz Karim, Asif R Sathie, Balvinder Shivpersaud, Amir Nizamudin, Dhanraj Champalall, Vish Thamnechandra, Yougistra Dacshan, Chetram Jainarine, Azeez, Azarudin Sathie and Madanlall Doodnarine. Imran Hussain (Manager) MRK Sathie (Coach) Regal XI from: Troy Kippins (Captain), Mohamed Ayume, Richard Latiff, Krishna Balgobin, Ricky Sargeant, Pritvi Motielall, Chien Gittens, Balram Roopnarine, Lakeram Roopnarine, Medhan Dhanpaul, Patrick Rooplall, Murphy Ramnauth, L. Veerasammy, Samuel Kingston and Lynden Lyght. Berbice Male Select XI from: Rajiv Ivan, Balram Samaroo, David Looknauth, Lalbachan Veerasammy, Imran Khan, Sharmindra Hardyal, Sasenarine Earnest, Joshua Garnett, Rambharat, Devendra Thakurdeen, Poorendra Debidyal, Chandrashkker Arjune, Shazir

Kandasammy, Khalendal Khemlall and Vishal Singh. Demerara Select XI from: Troy Gonsalves, Gary Singh, Fizal Rafeak, Kumar Bishundial, Mahendra Ramlakav, Latchman Somrah, Ramnarace Bissessar, Jagdesh Deosarran, Navin Singh, Ajay Singh, Sohan Raganand, Carlos Gonsalves, Surujpaul Deosarran and Adrian Singh. Trophy Stall Angels from: June Ogle-Thomas (captain), Heema Singh, Monica Seales, Kavita Yadram, Taneisha Isaacs, Rihanna Harris, Alicia Alleyne, Nalini Sumintra, Roxanne Demonick, Janelle Nero, Abiola Alleyne, Keisha Lall, Roopmini Persaud and Fiona Ward.

Ansa McAl Brands Coordinator, Nigel Worrel (right) talks with Travis “Blurr” Burnett from the defending champions, Pacesetters ‘A’ Team, following his heroics to win last year’s tournament. systems are being erected to ensure that both player and patron benefit in substantial ways. Equal to the money up for grabs, the year’s bragging rights is always priceless. The talk is that a host of city combinations have begun to form their ‘Super Threes’ for the event. The street vibes have built up to an engulfing wave of chatter about who are the best ‘street-ballers’ in Guyana. The answers to that question will be available when the 2012 Mackeson Smooth Moves contest bounces off early in August. The stakes are high, registration forms are pouring in and it will be time soon to cash in on what is certainly money to influence rivalry. The locations for registration will be published in the newspapers. With six Mackeson caps and the registration form being the entry criteria, teams

comprising four players will have a chance to cash in on the ‘milli’. The games will be played for 15 minutes–7½ minutes per half–with a 30second timeout in each half. A team must consist of four players, with none being under 18 years. The rules of the tournament will be reinforced. If any of the competing teams are found guilty of breaching the rules penalties that amount to a disqualification from the tournament could be the result. The 3-on-3 format is an established International Basketball Federation (FIBA) format. The rules for the format include the fact that each basket from beyond the arc (three-point line) will usually count as two points while other buckets count as one point. The first team to reach 21 points will before the 15-minutes time expires will be declared the winner.

Mix up are Persaud Dominoes champs Led by Fidel Birbal who marked 17 games, Mix Up (84) won the Khemnauth Persaud Domino competition which was contested last Sunday at Carlosh Restaurant in Good Success, Wakenaam. Hemwattie R who finished with 81 games placed second, while Warriors with 70 games

settled for third spot. Khemanuth Persaud 17, Amit Ramnarine 13 and Jermain Wolf 13 were the leading players for Hemwattie R, while Nazeer Mohamed scored 15 for Warriors. Mix Up took a trophy and $5,000, while Birbal received $3,000 for the being the most valuable player in the final.

More action continues Sunday in Independence Masters Cup - Success Masters defeat Park Ranger Masters by 6 wickets Success Masters last Sunday at the C.P.C.E ground conquered Park Ranger Masters by six wickets to advance when play in the Independence Masters Cup Cricket competition continued. Hakin Majed of Success Master made a total of 39 runs as his team mate

Dean Mohabir did an excellent job with the ball taking four wickets for 14 runs. Park Ranger Masters Rudy Persaud took two for 34, while Mohammed Rajeek handled the bat very well to score 40 runs. The Independence Master Cup continues on

Sunday at the ground with Savage Masters and Bedi Masters playing the second semi-final game from 1:00pm. Meanwhile, the will be a 10/10 Over 40 years competition on August 1st from 9:00am. Interested teams can contact 678-7037 or 2223605 for registration.

Friday July 27, 2012

Kaieteur News

Page 29

Police Annual Athletics Championship ends today Gayle survives chance,

leads WI reply

Headquarters look to take title again The excitement and enthusiasm will continue today in the final showdown at the Police Annual Athletics Championship which started Tuesday at the Sports Club ground, Eve Leary. The Championship will get underway from 9:00am with the 1500 meters. Without thinking twice, Guyana (‘A’ Class) and Headquarters (‘B’ Class) after taking an authoritative lead during the week will surely be celebrating at the conclusion of the Championship when their official victory has been secured. The Women’s sprint double will have high expectations with queen of the track, Shannon Thornhill looking to turn the tables on new comer Alita Moore who

has been dominating in the sprint events for a while now. Both athletes will be facing the starter’s command in the 100 meters and 200 meters finals; Leota Babb who is in good form along with Nadine Rodrigues, who is nursing an injury, will also be competing in the race, which will be keenly contested among the fastest sprinting lawwomen. Another keenly contested race for Women’s will be the 400 meters which features Janella Jonas, Thornhill, Akelia Alves, Tracy Moses and Rodrigues. Trevor Benn will be looking to make a comeback in the Men 100 meters ‘B’ Class finals after a defeat from Derwin Eastman in the heats. Terry Easton, who won the

Leota Babb

Men 200 meters heats, will also be in the 100 meters dash with Okeme Stewart, who is a bit rusty. Easton will be looking to clock a faster time in the 200 meters finals as he tries to stamps his authority against his rivals again. Mandela Collins who has been having a great week on the track will be looking to

repeat his 400 meters heat win in the finals against National Table Tennis player, Nigel Bryan and Kevin Bayley. Bayley, suffering an upset in the 800 meters, will be gunning to defeat the field in the Men ‘B’ Class 1500 meters after being outclassed by Edward DaSilva and Collins on day two of the Championship.

25th edition Friday Night Fights to explode tonight When Clive Atwell enters the ring tonight against Barbadian based Guyanese, Revlon Lake, he will obviously be cognizant of the latter fighter’s knockout propensity. The two will clash over 8 rounds in the jnr/lightweight division and both will be compromising to make this bout a reality. Lake, the current lightweight champion will be stepping down one division while Atwell, the local featherweight champion will step up one division. Lake has already sounded a warning to Atwell that he will take him out by round 4. “I am not in a playing mood and will just get the job done,” said Lake. Atwell shrugged aside the threat and made his own pronouncement, “Talk is cheap!” he retorted. “I’m in the best shape of my life and it’s a tough task to put me away at all much less in four.” In as much as Atwell has asserted his position, one cannot ignore Lake’s punching power nor take his pronouncements lightly. One only needs to reflect on his devastating seventh round knockout over Mark Austin, a wicked left hook that connected to his opponent’s jaw and deposited him on the canvass for the full count. Atwell also fought Austin and after 8 grueling rounds the judges rules a draw. Both fighters felt that they had won and complained of being ‘done in.’ Atwell quickly regrouped and challenged Rudolph Fraser and despite the latter fighter’s pre-fight threats, Atwell delivered a clinical display that left Fraser in ‘dizzy land’ seconds into the second round. That display has

SMELL THIS: Clive Atwell (l) seems to be saying to Revlon Lake when they posed off moments after the conclusion of the press conference yesterday afternoon improved Atwell record to seven fights with the only blemish being that drawn decision but more importantly, it has propelled Atwell in the rankings, resulting in Lake’s call for his head. The organizers of the Guyana Boxing Board of Control (GBBC) managed to bring the two pugilists together and tonight both fighters would be required to back their chat when the governing professional boxing entity presents the 26th edition of Friday Night Fights at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall (CASH) tonight. Patrick Boston was also in an expansive mood and predicted a 3rd round knockout for Kishan Simon when they clash in a 4 rounds catchweight affair. The latter fighter was nonplussed, “This is a game of gladiators and one cannot afford to play around so naturally I will be all serious for this one,” Simon retaliated. The

youngster operates out of the Pocket Rocket Boxing Gym and though this is his debut fight, oozes confidence. Boston has had an unflattering career but he is a veteran that could be dangerous especially since he seems to have little regard for his opponent. A thrilling encounter is envisaged. In other fights of the night, Richard Williamson will match gloves with Dilan Allicock in a fight of the debutants. This will be a 4 rounds bantamweight encounter and of all the preliminaries, fans could expect a slugfest between these two. Both fighters have had a commendable amateur career; Allicock has compiled 110 bouts and won 96 of them while Williamson has chalked up 44 wins of his 64 bouts. Both pugilists have had some international exposure fighting in Barbados and Trinidad among other

countries. During their careers, fans have anticipated a matchup but the two somehow averted a showdown. Tonight’s clash is unavoidable and one is left at a loss to pick a winner since both boxers are equally talented and determined. Gladwin Dorway matches gloves with Anson Green in a 4 rounds jnr/welterweight contest. Both fighters are unbeaten in just one fight apiece and as the saying goes ‘Somebody’s ‘O’ will have to go.’ Dorway commenced his professional career with a 2nd round knockout victory over David Thomas and yesterday afternoon signaled an intention to replicate the feat tonight. Green refused to be drawn into pre-fight gab and simply said that he will win the bout. Meanwhile, Organizer of Bouts of the Guyana Amateur Boxing Association (GABA), Terrence Poole intimated that the amateur boxers were matched to provide high entertainment. He said that the card represents the hopes and aspirations of the future of the sport while pointing out that three of the bouts are grudge matches. The middleweight bout between Ron Smith (GDF) and Romeo Norville (HEBG) is one such since both boxers have registered earlier victories over each other. This bout is considered the tie-breaker. Shaka Moore (Essq) and Royan Sumner (5SBG) fought once in the 70-74lbs class with the former boxer prevailing. Mr. Poole surmises that tonight’s clash would be a classic since both pugilists are determined to win. Ron (Continued on page 27)

NORTH SOUND, Antigua – Chris Gayle benefitted from a huge slice of fortune and marked his return to Tests with a typically flambuoyant half-century to lead a strong West Indies reply against New Zealand in the first Test on Thursday here. The talismanic opener, playing in his first Test for more than 19 months, was unbeaten on 85 and Kieran Powell was not out on 58, as West Indies reached 145 without loss, replying to New Zealand’s first innings total of 351 at the close on the second day. Gayle produced a spectacular volley of strokes, after Sunil Narine captured 5-132 from 43 overs, as New Zealand’s innings folded about an hour-and-a-quarter after lunch. Left-hander Gayle galloped to 36 with strokes all around the wicket before he fenced a delivery from Bracewell that rose sharply to backward point and Daniel Flynn put him down. This failed to deter Gayle and he reached his 50 from just 39 balls with a single to long-on in the first over from left-arm spinner Daniel Vettori. Gayle got into stride immediately with four straight boundaries in the first over of the innings from Chris Martin. He dragged the third delivery through mid-on, drove the next delivery through mid-off, drilled the penultimate delivery straight, and lifted the final delivery over extra cover. Gayle also collected three fours in Neil Wagner’s third over, when he swatted a short delivery over mid-on, drove the fourth delivery on the up past extra cover, and slashed another short delivery – outside the off-stump – over backward point from the final delivery of the left-arm fastmedium bowler. After he reached his landmark, Gayle slowed down, choosing discretion as the best part of valour, and the zeroed in on making the occasion grander. Powell, a graduate of the West Indies High Performance Centre, remained unflappable at the other end and arrived at his 50 from 128 balls with a sweep to the deep fine leg for his eighth boundary. He looked as classy as he usually does and drew on the presence of Gayle at the other end to offer stability to his batting, and continued to pick off runs each time the New Zealand bowlers fractionally strayed off line or length. Earlier, West Indies captain Darren Sammy had continued the demolition of the New Zealand innings after lunch, when Vettori miscued a pull at a short, rising ball and was caught at mid-wicket for 17. Next over, Narine, playing in only his second Test, completed his five-for, when Kruger van Wyk turned a sharply spun delivery to forward short leg and was caught for 11. West Indies appeared to have wrapped up the New Zealand innings, when umpire Paul Reiffel of Australia upheld Narine’s lbw appeal over Bracewell. The home team players were already trekking off the field, when TV technology suggested the delivery would have missed the stumps after the Black Caps’ tail-ender reviewed the decision. West Indies bowlers, Sammy in particular, came in for some harsh treatment from Bracewell, whose 31-ball cameo contained five fours and a pair of sixes before Shivnarine Chanderpaul held a remarkable catch running back at deep mid-on to dismiss him off Ravi Rampaul. Rampaul ended with 2-44 from 23.1 overs and Kemar Roach finished with 2-55 from 23 overs. Before lunch, West Indies had started to make inroads into the New Zealand batting, as the visitors reached 287 for seven at the interval. Narine set the Black Caps back early, after they resumed from their overnight total of 232 for four, when he had nightwatchman Neil Wagner caught at slip for four, sparring at a delivery that bounced sharply in the second over of the morning. West Indies were held up, when Dean Brownlie and Kane Williamson batted resolutely for close to an hour to consolidate for the Black Caps with a stand of 40 for the sixth wicket. Roach, returning for his second spell of the morning, separated them, when he bowled Williamson for 19 off the inside edge with a delivery that moved back and the batsman tried to force through the off-side. Ravi Rampaul continued the slide, when Brownlie edged a perfectly-pitched delivery that bounced and moved away, and was caught behind for 23. Scores: West Indies 145 for 0 (Gayle 85*, Powell 58*) trail New Zealand 351 (Guptill 97, Narine 5-132) by 206 runs.

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Friday July 27, 2012

Guyana win overall at Caribbean Pre-Cadet TT C/ships


u y a n a ’s w o n overall at the seventh PreCadet Caribbean Ta b l e Te n n i s ( T T ) Championships in Jamaica over the last weekend after picking up a total of five gold medals, five silver medals and eight bronze medals to topple the usually strong Dominican Republic. Upon the team’s return yesterday, table tennis coach, Linden Johnson, who went to Jamaica with the team, indicated that Guyana secured a total of 48 points to win overall ahead of the 46 points that the Dominican Republic secured. Barbados was third. “I cannot recall in our history, no table tennis team that has ever brought back so many medals at any level. This says a lot about our junior programmes,” Johnson told Kaieteur Sport yesterday, following a photo

- Successful, well-decorated team returns

Guyana’s successful pre-cadets table tennis team,coaches and parents pose with their medals and trophiesthat were gathered from the recent Caribbean Championships in Jamaica. opportunity with the national pre-cadet team. The 13-Years-and-Under Boys team comprised Elishaba Johnson, Kyle

Edghill, Miguel Wong and Rajiv Muneshwer; they defeated Barbados 3-1 in the final to win gold. Earlier in the group stages, Barbados

had beaten Guyana 3-1 but could not repeat that performance. The U-13 Girls team namely Priscilla Greaves,

Jamaali Homer and Kristie Lopes won the round-robin playoff when they beat Jamaica in the deciding match 3-1 to also win gold.

In the Boys Doubles, Edghill and Johnson beat the Barbados pair of Stephen Payne and Tyrese Knight 3-1 in the final. Joint third place w e n t t o Wo n g a n d Muneshwer (Guyana) and Orlando Greene and Ishmael Leon from Jamaica. In the Girls’ version, Homer and Greaves took care of Kristie Lopes (Guyana) and Ray Thomas (Trinidad) 3-1 in the final while the Mixed-Doubles final saw Johnson and Greaves defeating the Edghill and Homer pair 3-0. Joint third place went to Lopes and Wong and Stephan Payne and Alleyne (Barbados). In the 11-Years-andUnder Girls contest, Nevaeh Clarkston, Selenas Jackman, Abigale Martin and Simran Bissu secured a bronze medal in the team’s event while Jeremey Singh and (Continued on page 27)

Friday July 27, 2012

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E-Networks Inc. supports Tennis champion national team with support and therefore would like to extend thanks to the Company for its generosity. A c c o r d i n g t o McCalman, the kindness extended by E-Networks Inc provides Gentle with the

E-Networks Inc. Customer Services Supervisor Vanie Devers (left) hands over the cheque to GTA Vice-President Grace McCalman in the presence of Shawna Gentle (centre) yesterday, at the Company’s Head Office.


eigning junior tennis champion and finalist in the Ladies category of this y e a r ’s G B T I O p e n Championships Shawna Gentle was the recipient of financial support from her employer E-Networks Inc after the entity made a presentation of an undisclosed sum towards her airfare and accommodation to participate in the St. Vincent & the Grenadines International Open

Championships shortly. The Company’s Customer Services Supervisor Vanie Devers handed over the cheque to Guyana Tennis Association (GTA) Vice-President Grace McCalman in the presence of Gentle at their Head Office on Camp Street yesterday. Speaking at the occasion Devers said the Company has been following the exploits of Gentle for some time now and was extremely

impressed by her results and steadfast commitment to the sport and therefore had no hesitation in offering its assistance for her to travel to participate in the tournament. McCalman, who spoke on behalf of the GTA informed that the Body is always appreciative of the support the business community offers, adding that E-Networks Inc has come forward and presented a member of the junior

Boucher requires further surgery but outlook optimistic (Reuters) - Doctors are “”cautiously optimistic” that former South Africa wicketkeeper Mark Boucher will regain sight in his left eye, they said on Thursday. Boucher, who was forced to quit cricket after being hit in the eye by a bail in the first match of South Africa’s tour of England this month, underwent his second operation this week. “While it is impossible to predict the longterm outcome of Mark’s eye injury, his

medical team are nevertheless cautiously optimistic that he will have a reasonable recovery of the vision in his left eye,” a statement from medics said. “Over the next three to six months, Mark will undergo further surgery procedures in an attempt to improve his vision.” The 35-year-old played in 147 tests for South Africa and managed 555 dismissals, a world record.

opportunity to gain valuable exposure in her last year at the junior level. Gentle in her response thanked E-Networks for its assistance, especially CEO Vishok Persaud, who she said has been very

supportive and the entire staff. According to Gentle, because of the support she has received she is determined to do well not only for herself, but also for the Company.

t r o Sp

Gayle survives chance, leads WI reply

Sunil Narine celebrates one of his wickets.

Chris Gayle drives Martin

P. 29

Kieran Powell

Usain Bolt hails ‘great’ Olympics preparation


sain Bolt says he has overcome back and hamstring problems and is ready to defend his Olympic titles in London. The reigning 100m and 200m champion was beaten in both events at the Jamaican trials by training partner Yohan Blake. “I have been training great over the past two or three weeks so everything is coming together,” said Bolt, 25. Bolt, who will be Jamaica’s flag bearer at the opening ceremony, also hinted he may go for four golds by running in the 4x400m relay, as well as the 4x100m. “If I feel like I’m up to it after the 200m, then why not? For my country, I would do it, if it was necessary,” he said. The sprinter said the defeats by Blake had made him refocus on the Olympics. “It’s always a wake-up call to get beaten. It opened my eyes and I sat down to rethink a few things. It’s all about getting things right on the day,” he said. Bolt was speaking four years to the day since he smashed the 100m world record at the 2008 Beijing Games with a time of 9.69 seconds, despite slowing to celebrate yards from the finish line. He broke his own record a year later with a time of 9.58 secs at the World Championships in Berlin, before losing the world title to Blake in 2011 after a false start. Bolt, who was speaking at a media conference in east London alongside teammate Asafa Powell, added: “The vibe is good and I am happy. “I am always ready, for me I keep telling you guys it’s always about the champs, it’s never about one run, never about

Usain Bolt

the trials. “My back was a little bit stiff and caused a problem but I’m over that.” Bolt missed his team’s open training session at the University of Birmingham on Tuesday. “The coach determines if I train in front (Continued on page 27)

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Friday Edition

Kaieteur News  

Friday Edition