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Ramotar calls for ‘cool’ heads as Linden unrest continues P. 8

- does not rule out int’l experts in inquiry P. 19

What’s left of a Works Ministry truck

People prevent police from moving bodies by road P. 9 …Joint services resort to chopper

Mackenzie intensifies protest action

Linden shootings…

Police castigated but President P. 3 stands by Home Affairs Minister - GHRA says no justification seen

Six homeless after fire guts Sophia home - children playing with P. matches started blaze 16

CJIA expansion...

The fires blaze on the Wismar shore

Workers P. 3 attack Chinese managers over “non-payment”

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Kaieteur News

Saturday July 21, 2012

Saturday July 21, 2012

Linden shootings… As Linden enters the fourth day of protests today, the Guyana Police Force (GPF) is insisting that it was not politically directed in Wednesday’s shootings of three protestors in Linden. Yesterday, also, President Donald Ramotar came out in defense of Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee, saying that there was no evidence that he was on the ground at the time of the incident and that he was “directing” the police handling of the protests. The Working People’s Alliance (WPA) and People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR), among others, have called for Rohee’s resignation. During a press conference yesterday on the Linden situation, President Ramotar disagreed with the calls. “My Minister of Home Affairs was not on the ground and he was not directing anything…I don’t agree with their calls.” Earlier yesterday, the police too had their say on the matter, distancing Rohee

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Police castigated but President stands by Home Affairs Minister from the involvement. While a Commission of Inquiry to investigate the matter has been announced, it did not stop the Parliamentary Opposition parties from slamming the police shootings as excessive use of force. The Guyana Human Rights Association (GHRA) expressed disgust. “Although the picture remains far from clear, the GHRA has been able to ascertain the following information from direct interviews with victims and medical personnel. Three persons died as a result of the shooting: Selwyn Boyea from Wisroc, an 18 year-old mentally challenged person, Ron Somerset, 19 years and Allen Lewis, 54 years old. The exact circumstances of their deaths are unclear. At the time of the interviews seventeen victims of gunshot and pellet wounds had been treated at medical facilities.” According to GHRA, of the seventeen persons, 12

- GHRA says no justification seen

President Donald Ramotar

Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee

males and five females (aged between 18 to 56 years) seven were treated for gunshot wounds and ten for pellets. Under regulations, the use of live rounds in controlling crowds is clearly spelt out as the last resort. The reports of the events simply do not justify the shootings, several organizations and political

parties have said. According to GHRA, two persons were committed to the Intensive Care Unit, one shot in the jaw, and arrangements were being made to transfer one of them to the ICU at GPHC. “Either the lack of understanding of rules on use of force at the highest level of the Guyana Police

Force (GPF) is woeful, or a directive exists to set aside peaceful methods of policing demonstrations. Police allegations of robbery and burning of vehicles by protestors, even if they were true; do not justify the use of deadly force. Direct threats to the lives of other people or the police themselves are the only justification for the use of such force. According to numerous accounts neither justification was met in Linden.” In Linden yesterday as main roads remained blocked with tires being burnt, the Alliance For Change cancelled a planned press conference after reporting no access to and from that Region Ten mining community by road. Bridges and roadways have been compromised, officials said. The US, Canada and UK, in a joint statement Thursday, called for talks and cool heads. The European Union

Delegation, too, in expressing regret, said that it welcomed the commitment of the Government of Guyana to hold an investigation into the events. The EU also urged that the probe by the Commission be launched as soon as possible. “The European Union Delegation associates itself with the statement issued earlier today (Thursday) of other Diplomatic Representatives in Guyana in appealing to all parties to work together in a spirit of national unity to prevent any further violence incompatible with the right of people to peaceful protest, and advocates for the resolution of any existing tension through an open and inclusive dialogue. Lindeners are protesting plans to raise electricity tariffs. They have been enjoying subsidized rates. The new tariffs were introduced on July 1 sparking the current five-day protest that started Wednesday.

Workers attack Chinese managers over “non-payment”

By Latoya Giles Angry workers who were contracted to create an access road at the back of the airport as part of the expansion project, had to use force against Chinese managers who refused to hand over their salaries yesterday. According to several workers, they had not been paid for over a month. Foreman for the workers, Mahendra Surgrim, told Kaieteur News that he signed a contract with Chinese national, Wei Jiang, called “David” earlier in June. According to Surgrim, the original agreement was for him to create 500 meters of “roadway” so that machines such as high powered drills could be brought through the heavily swamped area. All of the works that have started at the back of the airport are part of a feasibility study underway. “De contract say we had to create 500 meters of roadway…plus six cross roads at 70 meters each,” Surgrim told Kaieteur News. The man explained that he was given a $160,000 at the beginning when works started in June. An additional $300,000 was given to him some time after. The foreman said that the remainder was supposed to be given to him yesterday, so that he could pay his

Foreman Mahendra Surgrim stands in a swamped area showing the conditions under which he and his men had to work. workers. However, when the manager, Jiang, came at the worksite yesterday he told Surgrim that he would not be paid. “They come yesterday and told us that we can’t get paid because we have to do maintenance work…That is not part of the contract,” the man told Kaieteur News. Angry workers started to attack the Chinese nationals who had to retreat to a waiting vehicle. There are reports that one of the managers were chopped. Angry workers yesterday said that they will be seizing equipment from the Chinese if they were not paid.

“They gotta learn that we ain’t fools…we can’t work so long and then they going to decide not to pay us,” one worker told Kaieteur News. The project is being done by China Harbour Engineering Company Limited (CHEC), at a cost of US$138M. China Harbour through its parent firm China Communications Construction Company had been debarred by the World Bank, under its Fraud and Corruption Sanctioning Policy. China Habour has argued that the blacklisting was inherited from the previous owner of the construction company which was taken in 2005.

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Kaieteur News

Saturday July 21, 2012

Letters... Where your views make the news

Printed and Published by National Media & Publishing Company Ltd. 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown, Georgetown, Guyana. Publisher: GLENN LALL Editor: Adam Harris Tel: 225-8465, 225-8491. Fax: 225-8473, 226-8210


Was the Wismar shooting calculated? Three men, two of them teenagers, were shot and killed by the police during a protest over the electricity hikes ordered for the mining company. The protest began earlier in the day with a rally at the bridge that spans the Demerara River. The police were there and they were allowed to work unhindered. Later in the day armed police ranks appeared. It may be that they wanted the thoroughfare cleared and the belief was that the regular police would not have succeeded. Toward sundown the police opened fire on the crowd and killed three men. They also injured nearly two dozen people, many of them women. The Minister of Home Affairs, citing an Act, has ordered the immediate removal of the Divisional Commander. The impression is that something is being done following the shooting but this cannot be considered serious action for a series of reasons. There were crowd problems in the wake of the November 28, 2011 elections. The people had taken to the streets in Georgetown and they were marching around. The business community was nervous from previous experiences with the street protests and would often appeal to the police for protection. The police were therefore on the streets to ensure crowd control and to keep the protesters from business. In any country the police are expected to be trained in crowd control. In this day and age the Guyana Police Force is not expected to be the exception. But it must have been because without provocation it shot at a crowd and injured many, including old women. The fall out was bitter and as can be expected the police sought to protect its image by placing some of the protesters before the courts. No policeman was made to face disciplinary action. It turned out that there was a problem with the command. It was said that the leader was not on the ground so the decision to shoot was taken by a subordinate. The government decides to spend even more money on the police. It spends a further $36 million on a water cannon to help combat street protests. We come to Linden. The people are assembled on the streets and the police confront them. The government was aware that there would be a protest but it makes no move to get even the water cannon bought for such a purpose in place. We now know that the water cannon is a case of wasted expenditure. It might help fight a small fire but it surely cannot get to Linden on its own and it would take an inordinately long time to reach any location away from Eve Leary. The government has also spent sums of money on rubber bullets and tear smoke. There was evidence of tear smoke use in Linden and there was evidence of the use of rubber bullets. But the issue is more about the reason for shooting than about using live rounds although that is a major question that must be answered. One must worry about the commander sending his men into the fields with live rounds to confront crowds. The people with the live rounds could have been there to protect their colleagues in the worst case scenario, for example, if they were being shot at. But for them to shoot into the crowd is a clear indication that they were instructed to shoot to kill before they were even deployed to confront the protesters. The Home Affairs Minister must be asked to explain the level of training his ranks got before they were deployed. Surely, the set at Linden learnt nothing in the wake of the Georgetown shooting. There was nothing to suggest that the police were prepared to contain the crowd. The utter disrespect for the people of the country comes when the police announce that they could not ascertain if there were casualties. They never visited the hospital and still did not more than 36 hours later. They have displayed callousness for shooting people to death that one must wonder whether the police are really to protect people. There should be legal action against the state but the people of Linden are not being advised. Somebody must be made to pay for the wanton killing of the Linden Three. There has been no visit from any Government official and that is understandable given the divisive nature of the society. But this should not be the case. The Queen of England did visit Ulster in Ireland despite the people there hated her.

A REJOINDER TO RAM: The case of Gitanjali Singh DEAR EDITOR, In my piece regarding the recent confirmation of Mrs. Gitanjali Singh as an Audit Director in the Auditor General’s Office, I described the ensuing public reaction, as an “imbroglio, politically inspired and concocted” and I contended that the same constituted an “attack by members of the legislature and their cohorts” upon the Auditor General’s constitutionally and statutorily guaranteed independence. As if solely to lend lyrical prophesy to Bob Marley’s “who the cap fits,” Mr. Christopher Lalbachan Ram has replied. I now offer my rejoinder. In his answer, Mr. Ram accuses me, inter alia, of “mischief”, “misleading”, “mis-informing”, “unworthy”, “self-serving”, and “opportunistic”. To these ad hominem remarks, I shall not respond, and to those venomous levels I refuse to descend. I prefer to predicate my public exchanges on more rational, civil and mature foundations. (1) Mr. Ram implies that my contribution to the ongoing public debate may impact upon a complaint lodged by his accounting firm with the Institute of Chartered Accountants, incidentally of which he is a member. This unwitting revelation by Mr. Ram lends itself to certain significant inferences. Firstly, that he resides very little faith, not only in the merit of the complaint lodged, but also in the integrity of the

body to which it has been lodged. His obvious apprehension is that there is a likelihood that the body will be influenced by my views, rather than by the applicable principles attendant to the complaint. Secondly, that my article not only contains compelling argumentation, but is deeply grounded in merit for it to be capable of having such a potent impact, Mr. Ram’s derision of it notwithstanding. Thirdly, I have neither seen nor heard similar protestations from Mr. Ram in respect of the views expressed by others on this matter which tend to corroborate or lend support to the complaint for which Mr. Ram protagonises. If the Institute of Chartered Accountants is as fickle as Mr. Ram apparently perceives it to be, then a reasonable conclusion is that Mr. Ram strategises to have them swayed in one direction only. This must constitute an indictment on a most prestigious professional organization. (2) I have cited two cases from the Guyana Court of Appeal in support of my arguments. They were decided by that Court when it was the summit of the hierarchical structure of Guyana’s judiciary. To date, these cases have not been overruled. In fact, and to the contrary, over the years, they have been repeatedly cited with approval by subsequent Courts. The doctrine of stare

decisis, with which Mr. Ram must have some familiarity, mandates that these cases be followed unless and until they have been overruled. The judges who presided in those cases included some of the most shining judicial lights produced by Guyana. They include, Chancellors E. V. Luckhoo and Keith Massiah, and Justices of Appeal Bollers and Crane. Their judgments in these two cases span over 110 pages in the Law Reports, yet Mr. Ram, who by any standard would be considered a mere embryo at the Bar, condemned these cases and the jurisprudence adumbrated therein as “discarded”. The disrespect is simply scandalous. (3) I graciously concede that I committed a factual error when I wrote that Mrs. Singh’s employment at the Auditor General’s Office was continuous since 1992. There was indeed a short hiatus in her employment, but that hardly detracts from the facts in issue and for the purpose of this discourse, can be considered wholly immaterial. (4) Mr. Ram next proceeds to scold me for not expressly acknowledging the current Auditor General’s acting status and for omitting to comment on the method of his acting appointment. Relevance remains the compass by which civilised discourses are guided, if they are to be constructive and fruitful. The status of the current holder of the office of Auditor General and the method of his appointment is a non sequitur and wholly

irrelevant to the issue at hand. (5) Mr. Ram next similarly accuses me of disregarding the principles and authorities on bias. Inexplicably, he has demonstrably failed to grasp that the debate concerns ‘conflict of interest’ and not ‘bias’. Similar as they may superficially appear to be, these are two different and disparate legal concepts. Bias was simply introduced by me analogously and tangentially, therefore, the cases referred to by Mr. Ram on the issue of bias, are simply not germane. They do not involve family relations placed in contradictoryinterest positions. That remains the quintessence of the debate. The expositions on the Pinochet and GT&T cases are therefore unwarranted. (6) The subject of Mr. Ram’s next vicious attack was my reference to the legal profession for guidance. If Mr. Ram continues to persevere in a legal career, he will hopefully realise that legal reasoning by analogy is a most effective weapon in the jurisprudential armoury of any successful advocate. Surprisingly, though Mr. Ram expounds lengthily about Code of Ethics of the accounting profession, he has not cited or identified a single one, applicable to the issue at hand. His arguments therefore remain vacuous. After reading Mr. Ram, I am now even more convinced that the squabble is much ado about nothing. Anil Nandlall

The Minister of Home Affairs must be held responsible DEAR EDITOR, As a born and bred Lindener I am confused as to what could have led to a dereliction of duty by the Home Affairs Minister. Something went wrong. From a layman’s view it is hard to believe that taunting by protesters warranted the use of live rounds to subdue the crowd. In my opinion this is a wanton disregard for the lives of Lindeners, and the Minister of Home Affairs must be held responsible. What is most baffling is the reaction of the security forces to this peaceful event. They appeared to have been caught off guard and resorted to unnecessary excessive force and bullyism tactics. The Bharrat Jagdeo government spent untold millions to procure protective gear and equipment to modernize the police force; a

water cannon, protective shield, riot gear etc. and the necessary training to use same. But instead of seeing the manifestation of this training and the equipment and machinery at work, we Lindeners were greeted by security forces attired in full battle gear (armed to the teeth) as the response to a peacefully planned protest. Even the less academically endowed would have anticipated that a protest of this magnitude would by nature gravitate to the bridge. If any research was conducted by the dishonorable Minister and his team it would have been noted that the WismarMackenzie Bridge is now central to the struggles of Lindeners. Why then was there not a counter plan to deal with obvious eventualities.

Every precaution should have been exhausted in redirecting the course of this procession. For example: organizing river transportation to take protesters across the river while keeping the vital bridge accessible to motor vehicles. Also, as an alternative, a barge could have been made available to transport vehicles across the river thereby allowing the protesters to occupy the bridge. Are you saying dishonorable minister that everyone on that bridge was a protester (shame on you)? With the town being in total shut down and the bridge being the only vital link accessible to either shore by pedestrians, how then can you justify shooting persons traversing on the bridge under the guise of them being

protesters blocking the bridge? Presumably innocent individuals have lost their lives through complacency of your officers. I am now left to wonder what is taking you so long to do the obvious. I expect by yesterday, your resignation would have been tendered and your battery of lawyers working tirelessly to keep you out of jail. Who gave the command to shoot? The town has been thrown into a state of mourning. Through the incompetence of your leadership, a nation weeps. Does this not affect your sleep? It is sad to know that this is the legacy you will leave. I call upon all of Guyana to declare July 18th as Linden Martyr’s Day. Joseph Barnes Jr.

Saturday July 21, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

DEAR EDITOR, “I have cherished the ideal of a democratic society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve. But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die.” These are the words of one of the world’s greatest living statesman. Born on July 18, 1918, he dedicated his entire life to the overthrow of the hated apartheid system in which Blacks and Coloreds were relegated to the bottom of the social ladder by a minority white elite. He joined the African National Congress in 1944 after graduating with a degree in law in 1942. He was charged for treason but was acquitted in 1961. After the banning of the ANC in 1960, Mandela argued for the setting up of a military wing within the ANC after it became clear at the time that the white-dominated administration was not prepared to listen to the wishes of the vast majority of South Africans who yearned for a democratic and just society and one free from the bondage of minority racist rule. In June 1961, the ANC Executive considered his proposal on the use of extraparliamentary forms of struggle and agreed that those members who wished to involve themselves in Mandela’s campaign would not be stopped from doing so

by the ANC. This led to the formation of a military wing within the ANC. Mandela was arrested in 1962 and sentenced to five years imprisonment with hard labour. In 1963, he along with other ANC leaders were brought to stand trial for plotting to overthrow the government by force. His statement from the dock received considerable publicity. On June 12, 1964 eight of the accused, including Mandela were sentenced to life imprisonment. From 1964 to 1982, he was incarcerated at Robben Island Prison and thereafter at Poolsmoor Prison on the South African mainland. During his years in prison, Mandela’s reputation grew rapidly. He was widely accepted as the most significant black leader in South Africa and became a symbol of resistance as the anti-apartheid movement gained momentum. He consistently refused to denounce his political convictions in order to obtain his release. Mandela was released on February 11, 1990. After his release, he plunged fully in the political struggle with renewed vigour until victory was finally attained. In a message to commemorate his life and work, United Nations Secretary General Ban Kimoon drew attention to the fact that Mandela gave 67

years of his life to bring change to the people of South Africa. “Our gift to him can, and must be to change our world for the better.” ‘Today, I join the Nelson Mandela Foundation in urging each and every one of us to perform 67 minutes of public service on Nelson Mandela International Dayone minute for each year of Mandela’s remarkable service to humanity,’ he said. ‘Tutor a child; feed the hungry; care for your environment; volunteer at a hospital or community centre. Be part of the Mandela movement to make the world a better place. That is the best way to wish Nelson Mandela a very happy 94th birthday. It is the best way we can thank him for being such an inspiration to us all,’ the Secretary General said. He wished Mandela a happy birthday and noted that he has been a lawyer and a freedom fighter; a political prisoner; a peacemaker and president; a healer of nations and a mentor to generations of leaders and people from all walks of life throughout the world. Take action; inspire change; make every day a Mandela Day, Ban Ki-moon urged. There are so many people in the world today who are influenced and inspired by Mandela, including some who were his former adversaries. His ability to forgive and let bygones be

bygones has endeared him to millions of people in his own country and across the globe. One of the first things he did when he assumed political office was to set up a truth and reconciliation commission with a view to healing past wounds so that the entire society could throw past baggage away and move on to build a new South Africa. Despite being jailed, tortured and harassed by the previous apartheid rulers, he did not seek revenge but instead sought to involve as many of the key players in the new ANC-led government. Mandela has showed that there is a better way than that of confrontation and adversarial politics. Thanks to his wise and matured leadership, South Africa is today one of the emerging economies in the world. It is not coincidental that the ANC and the PPP have established close friendship over the decades. The PPP from its very inception gave solidarity to the cause of a free and liberated South Africa and participated actively for Mandela’s release from prison. Such was the nature of the relationship that the ANC conferred on the late Dr. Cheddi Jagan, South Africa’s highest national award, which was received on his behalf by PPP General Secretary and now President of Guyana His Excellency Donald Ramotar. Hydar Ally

It is time for Hinds to go! DEAR EDITOR, The events in Linden call for the authorities of our country to mend fences and protect the people of Guyana from violence and bloodshed. As a citizen and as a candidate of the PPP/Civic in the last elections, I hereby call on our President, Mr. Ramotar, to ask for the resignation of Mr. Sam Hinds from the Cabinet and the government. Mr. Hinds has been Prime Minister for twenty years and as the person in charge of

electricity in Guyana and in particular, the effects of his policies towards Linden, he should shoulder the blame for the catastrophic events there. Furthermore, as a resident of that area, he has done basically nothing much for Lindeners over the last 20 years, leaving Linden a community of few resources and a dismal place to live, with no real chance for betterment. In a recent letter I wrote to Mr. Ramotar, to which I

Corruption, is like a disease, it eats away the foundation of people’s faith in govt. It undermines the Stability and Security of Nations.

never received an answer, I made it quite clear that Hinds is a liability to the PPP/Civic government and should be replaced, but little did I know that my words would be foreshadowing the disaster which is looming over all of us. It is high time that we in the PPP/Civic face the consequences of losing the last elections and adapt to the words of President Cheddi

:”winner does not take all” and move on to some sort of genuine shared governance . Sam Hinds was given a mandate by President Cheddi to expand the Civic component of the PPP/Civic and the fact that the Civic is a toothless entity is a reflection of Hinds’ failures; failures which are compounded by the present disaster. It is time for Hinds to go! Cheddi (Joey)Jagan (Jr.)

Clarification of Help & Shelter funding DEAR EDITOR, We write in relation to the UN press release on the meetings of the Committee on Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) on 10 July 2012, at which the Guyana Government’s periodic reports were presented and discussed. We understand that the release may contain a number of inaccuracies, but pending the issue of the verbatim report, we wish to clarify for the benefit of our funders, potential funders and the general public that while Help & Shelter’s shelter for abused and trafficked women and their children is fully funded by the government (and would not be open but for government support), Help & Shelter as a whole is not. The following extract from a recent request for support sent to private sector companies is an accurate statement of our current situation: ‘Our ability to fulfill our mandate [by providing free faceto-face, hotline and courtsupport counselling and referral services to survivors of violence and a place of safety for abused and trafficked women and their children; by raising awareness of the issue of violence and the need to adopt non-violent means of communication and dispute resolution through our public education work, and by working towards the enactment and then effective implementation of

relevant laws and policies through advocacy and networking] is dependent on a combination of government support (which includes free use of the premises that house our crisis service, donation of the land on which the shelter was built (with a governmentsupported grant) and an annual subvention that now covers most of the shelter operating costs), project funding, fundraising activities (scavenger hunts, tea parties, dinners etc.) and donations in cash or kind from commercial enterprises and individuals. Due to a number of factors, including the small number of donor agencies that will fund NGOs in Guyana; the fact that as we are not a women’s organisation we are ineligible to apply for women’s funds; the general reduction in aid funding; the requirement for cash co-funding by many donors; substantial exchange rate losses on our child protection and counsellingbased projects…and the exclusion of coverage for overheads and recurrent costs from most project funding, we are in urgent need of support in order to be able to continue our desperately needed work.’ Denise Dias Isha Husain-Singh Cindy Rahaman Gaitrie Shivsankar Josephine Whitehead For Help & Shelter

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Kaieteur News

Saturday July 21, 2012

No compromise on Clement Rohee’s resignation “If he gave the order then he is guilty; if he did not give the order then he has no control over the police force. Either way he should be removed from that portfolio immediately.” This is the position of Dr. David Hinds, Senior Executive Member of the Working People’s Alliance (WPA). He called yesterday for the immediate removal of the Minister of Home Affairs with responsibility for National Security, Clement Rohee. Dr. David Hinds, is also calling for the political leaders to break off from talks at the tripartite level with the ruling People’s Progressive Party Civic Government. Dr. Hinds joined a peaceful picketing exercise staged by Red Thread and held outside Office of the President, yesterday, where he told this publication that

…as protester calls for Police Commander to be placed before the Court the murders of the three Lindeners on Wednesday represent the last straw for Rohee. Emphasizing that the breaking off of official talks by the opposition with the Government is a personal position, Dr. Hinds said that it is one that he is going to “argue publicly and inside the WPA…and if I get a chance inside the APNU.” The WPA is a component of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and holds the deputy leadership in the person of its current leader Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine. Dr. Hinds said that the WPA is currently engaged in

discussions on “how we deal with the way forward.” Dr. Hinds was adamant that the Guyana Government has signalled that it has no intention of engaging the Opposition in “an honest way…They are not interested in national unity…they are not interested in bringing some kind of a political solution…If they are not interested in doing that, then we should not engage them.” He suggested that the strategy should be one where the political leaders break off all engagement with the administration and “we should engage the people and with the people on our side

Rupununi Chamber disappointed with Wismar killings The Rupununi Chamber of Commerce and Industry has expressed its disappointment with the manner in which the Linden electricity issue was handled. The issue caused the loss of lives and damage to property and disruption in travel arrangements between southern Guyana, the coast and capital city. We feel that there should have had more dialogue with those concerned before taking such drastic action that brought about conflicts and public unrest. “We wish to extend our

condolences to the bereaved families and relatives of the fallen fighters and hope that through dialogue a workable compromise could be forthcoming in an effort to bring an end to this problem and ultimately unite our people together,” the Chamber said. “It is our hope that good sense and judgment prevail as the outcome of this conflict if not amicably resolved can seriously affect lives of our people in the hinterland and border communities,” it added. The Chamber said that it

developed an excellent working relationship with the people in Linden together with friends in neighbouring Venezuela and Brazil. “We hope to strengthen these bonds of friendship with our neighbours but unless we stand united and strong we will fail to garner support and respect from our friends on our borders.” “We await positive results from the dialogue and a speedy resumption to normalcy so that our people can continue their daily livelihood in peace and tranquility.”

then we force them to come to the table to negotiate.” Turning to preconditions for the way forward Dr. Hinds said, “Among the immediate things is not just the removal of the Commander, but the Commander should be disciplined…He should be brought before the Court and criminally charged,” said Dr. Hinds. There are currently widespread allegations against the Divisional Commander as it relates to the shooting incident in Linden, and Rohee has since removed him from the Division. Dr. Hinds says too, “We need very firmly and immediately to have a rescinding of that offending hike…That is my absolute precondition before we move forward on anything, that hike needs to be called off and the threat of that burden be removed.” Turning his attention to Rohee, Dr. Hinds charged, “The Minister should be removed from that portfolio…No way he should be left there…If he gave the order then he is guilty. If he did not give the order then he has no control over the police force. Either way, he should be removed from that portfolio.” Reminded of the numerous calls in the past for the resignation of Minister Rohee, Dr. Hinds told this publication that “in this instance three people are dead and several people are injured. That is the ultimate; that is the absolute.” Dr. Hinds said, “Now if you can’t remove a Minister because of that, when murder

WPA’s Dr. David Hinds speaks to a Kaieteur News reporter yesterday outside Office of the President is involved then we have reached the end of the line…It is not just the removal of the Minister we have to talk about now, we have to talk about removal of the government.” The WPA Executive Member told this publication that failing to remove Rohee in this instance would signal to the populace that the Government “implicitly and explicitly” is in agreement with what is going on. “We have reached the point where we have to call for the removal of this government and we have to mobilize for that in terms of a mass insurrection, in terms of bringing the government to a

halt and to put in its place a government of national unity. Dr. Hinds was adamant that the tripartite level meeting has the potential to be elevated into a true government of National Unity. “Rather than the AFC and the APNU going to this place to sit down and talk, they will sit down all of them together in there and govern.” Leader of the WPA Dr. Roopnarine also showed up at the Office of the President picketing exercise hosted by Red Thread and signaled that APNU’s message to Lindeners is to maintain the protest action.

Saturday July 21, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Red Thread takes protest against Linden shooting to OP The protest mounted in solidarity with Linden yesterday continued as demonstrators moved to the Office of the President. Scores gathered with political leaders and social activists to “stand up” against what they referred to as uncalled for and unacceptable brutality. The protest was initiated by Red Thread which supported the view that Lindeners should not have seen a hike in electricity tariff and the brutality displayed against them. The general call on the protest was for the Minster of Home Affairs to step down or be removed. Also, the demonstrators called for the Commander who ordered ranks to open fire to be dismissed. Wintress White, in representation of R e d Thread, said that as grassroot women who survive everyday by “pinching and stretching our dollars we are saying what happened in Linden should not have occurred.” The woman said that even though there are some jobs in Georgetown, “it is still hard”. White said that the government’s attempt to divide and conquer should not be allowed to prevail. She referred to one of the theories used to justify the hike which is that Georgetown is paying and so should Linden as a way to have the people of Georgetown stand down and

“allow injustice to prevail.” White said that her organization is willing to stand in solidarity and protest for the just cause as long as possible. “It is murder; it’s cold blooded murder. Dem shoot a man in he back and when he fall, dem shoot he in he face,” shouted Heston Bostwick, Chairman of the Justice for Jermaine Committee. He said that his organization pledges support to “the end” which is only when justice is served. The man said that after the i n c i d e n t d u r i n g a protest on December 6 with the shooting of persons with rubber bullets, an inquiry into the matter was promised. H o w e v e r, nothing has been concluded. “That is telling the people you only bluffing them.” Columnist F r e d e r i c k Kissoon said that he and a number of other persons who have been monitoring what has been going on Wednesday, know that the officer in charge in Linden was corresponding “all day” with Georgetown officials. He s a i d t h a t a r o u n d 4:00pm, the officer “began to change…we have evidence that the order to shoot came around 5:00pm

A Section of the gathering after a meeting at the highest levels in this country.” He said that a “meeting of minds” is needed with all influential groups in Guyana to plan what is next for the people as leadership plays an imperative role in the move forward. Faced with the question of how it is that Linden seems to be able to support parties, yet protest the electricity hike, Kissoon

said that one should not compare an episodic event with a monthly imposition. Duane Edwards, President of the University of Guyana student body, displayed a poster which read, “I am a Lindener; will you shoot me?” Edwards said that the University of Guyana C a m p u s h a s p e r s o n s of different views. “There are some who

understand the struggle while there are others who feel that it doesn’t affect them therefore they don’t care.” “I understand the cause and will support till the end.” Three are dead while

some 24 were injured as police ranks opened fire on a large group of protesters in Linden. The town had made public its preparation for a five-day shut down to protest the hike in electricity tariff.

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Kaieteur News

Saturday July 21, 2012

Ramotar calls for ‘cool’ heads as Linden unrest continues - Does not rule out int’l experts in inquiry President Donald Ramotar, while not ruling out a visit to the town of Linden soon, has called for Lindeners and all stakeholders to get a “cool head” and act with “soberness” in an effort to bring calm to Linden. However, Ramotar’s government is not ready to rescind the electricity rate hikes – the cause of the planned five-day protest which on Wednesday saw the deaths of three Lindeners – unless there is calm. “My administration is repeating its willingness to engage with all stakeholders in order to find the best approach to bring Linden over a specified time to the same rates as the rest of the country,” he stated. Ramotar said Lindeners have been “terribly misinformed” by extremists and political activists about the government’s intention regarding the electricity rate increases. The President said that what the government offered on April 19 in its engagement with opposition coalition, “which was agreed to” and later rejected, remains on the table. “We spoke of graduism and selectively,” Ramotar stated, and said his government is prepared to discuss this proposal again. However, he said that “fruitful discussion” cannot be had in the atmosphere that currently prevails. “We are ready to discuss

all of these matters with all the stakeholders, once normalcy is restored,” the President declared. Ramotar said that operations at the Bosai bauxite mines have been shut down and the country’s gold and diamond mines have been starved of fuel, food and other goods as protests continue over electricity rate hikes. “Bosai employs more than 500 persons and it has been closed for the past few days. The company has informed that it is reconsidering some further expansion of its business,” Ramotar said at his Georgetown office. Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment Robert Persaud is in China meeting with Bosai Minerals Group principals and directors to discuss future plans and critical strategic decisions relating to the Linden bauxite industry. It is at this meeting at Bosai headquarters in Chongqing, China that Ramotar said the company’s board was “quite nervous” about going ahead given the protests in Linden. The expansion plans would include mining of ore in new areas and the construction of a third kiln. Three persons were shot dead by Police on Wednesday, the first day of protests against electricity rate hikes in the town stunted by an unemployment rate of 70 per cent.

Ramotar has agreed to set up a Commission of Inquiry and has not ruled out calling in international experts. He said the Terms of Reference for the Commission of Inquiry would be drafted by August 2. “These developments have placed great and additional stress on the mining community which must pass through Linden to the interior regions of Seven, Eight and Nine. They rely on passage through Linden to transport food, fuel and other goods to and from the coastal belt,” Ramotar stated. The roads to Regions Seven, Eight and Nine pass through Linden, and all traffic to those regions have been stalled since the beginning of the protest. Entry into the town was completely blocked yesterday with residents placing debris and massive logs across the roads. Ramotar said this is preventing goods and other supplies from getting into interior regions and mining communities. The President repeated his government’s regret over the killings, and said he has not ruled out compensation for the victims, though these talks have not taken place. The Linden Chamber of Industry, Commerce and Development yesterday condemned the use of deadly force by the police against the protestors and appealed for restraint. The Linden Chamber, which met with the President, has called for dialogue between the government and stakeholders. “We call on the Community to desist from any acts of violence that would further hurt us,” the Linden businessmen stated. President Ramotar said that Linden will suffer a serious setback if the unrest is not brought to an end.

Judge: This evidence can’t be used to prove he’s guilty Trinidad Express Treason, false imprisonment , possession of a firearm to endanger life and possession of ammunition to endanger life. These are the offences Jamaat-al-Muslimeen leader Imam Yasin Abu Bakr admits, for the first time, he committed

during the 1990 attempted coup which he led. The evidence of Bakr’s involvement in the events which began on the evening of July 27, 1990 was read by Justice Mark Mohammed to jurors in the trial in which Bakr is charged with communicating a statement having seditious intention, two counts of inciting to demand with menaces with intent to steal and endeavouring to provoke a breach of the peace. The trial is being heard before Mohammed and a

nine-member jury with six alternates in the Third Criminal Court at the Hall of Justice in Port of Spain. The charges against Bakr arose out of comments he made during an Eid-ul-Fitr sermon delivered at the Jamaat’s Mucurapo Road, St James mosque on November 4, 2005. Portions of the sermon about the collection of Zakaat were aired later that day during CNC 3’s 7 p.m. newscast. The bad character evidence was tendered through a formal agreement by the prosecution, led by Senior Counsel Dana Seetahal, and Bakr’s attorney Wayne Sturge. The prosecution is relying on the evidence as proof that 70-year-old Bakr of La Puerta, Diego Martin, has a propensity or tendency to engage in insurrectionist behaviour since the offence of treason is closely related to the offence of sedition. According to Mohammed, the State is asking the jurors to take into consideration that Bakr, in 1990, led a group of 113 men in an insurrection and that his audience in 2005 was mainly comprised of young men. The State is also seeking to prove that Bakr was speaking literally during the Eid sermon when he said, among other things: “There is going to be a big war in the Muslim community—a real war. Lives

may be lost but there is going to be a war in the Muslim community, come next year, about the collection and distribution of Zakaat.” Mohammed warned the jurors that the evidence of Bakr’s involvement in the attempted coup must be applied very carefully and its purpose is not to generate prejudice against him. “ Yo u m u s t g u a r d against that,” Mohammed said. “The events of 1990, of itself, cannot be used to prove that the defendant is guilty of this offence (of sedition). “The defence is saying that the defendant’s past should not be relevant and that there is an important difference between 1990 and 2005, and that you should not pay any attention to this evidence.” Mohammed said the State bears the burden of proving Bakr’s propensity. “If it (the State) does not, you must reject the evidence. If it (the State) does, you must determine to what extent it helps in finding the accused guilty for the offence charged. Even if you find that the defendant has a propensity, it is not automatic that he is guilty of the offence for which he is charged. This evidence is just a small part of the case.” The trial is expected to continue on Tuesday.

MONTEGO BAY, St James — Pressure mounted Thursday on the two People’s National Party (PNP) councillors arrested by the Lottery Scam Task Force to resign, with the Opposition Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) leading the charge and calling

for campaign financing legislation. Opposition Leader Andrew Holness a l s o pressed Prime Minister and PNP President Portia Simpson Miller to take charge of the embarrassing situation and criticised her

response so far as insufficient. “I think that this matter is of such serious nature that the prime minister herself should act,” he added. “I believe that the p r i m e m inister should intervene and have words with those councillors and require them to do the right thing to spare the political process.” The two councillors — Michael Troupe, the deputy mayor of Montego Bay; and Sylvan Reid, who represents the Salt Spring Division — were among five persons taken into custody by the police on Wednesday in connection with the lottery scam. Troupe, 56, has been the PNP councillor for the Granville Division since 1998, while Reid was elected in the March 2012 local government elections.

Yasin Abu Bakr

Saturday July 21, 2012

Kaieteur News

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GUYANA IS BECOMING AMERICANIZED Too much television, like too much knowledge, can be a bad thing and more so if the television programming is primarily from one source. In Guyana television was introduced very late. It was not until the mid 1980s that it came our way and since then the source of most of the programming was from American networks. Apart from the BBC we get very little British programming on local television. Given this inundation with American television relays, it was inevitable the consumer society values would filter down to Guyana. They are doing so in torrents. A few years ago, Americans were on a home renovation craze. Families were redoing their kitchens at great cost just to keep up with the trend. The fad was transferred very quickly to Guyana. Some of the more palatial homes in Guyana can match many of the better homes in New York or Toronto. This is as a result of rapid cultural diffusion brought about by American television. Politics has not been inoculated from this bug. Increasingly Guyanese and their political parties are following American political practices, seemingly forgetting that we come from a different tradition, the British Westminster tradition, which still informs our political institutions. A few years ago, there

was a call for certain public appointees to have public hearings, similar to what happens in America when top executive appointees have to be grilled about their political philosophy and details of their personal life before being given congressional confirmation to hold public office. We now have what is known as campaign debates where the various presidential candidates square off in front of an audience and sometimes in front of the cameras. This is now something that we take for granted and which is associated with our elections, just like they are in the USA. Last year, the opposition introduced its own American adaptation of primaries in order to identify the person to lead the PNCR into national and regional. The system which was put in place was however far removed from the American system of primaries and ended up being highly criticized even though it is still said to be an example of the new wave of democracy that is sweeping the opposition camp. During the Constitutional Reform process, a new innovation, totally incompatible with the Westminster tradition, but clearly influenced by the American system was introduced into our parliament. The constitution of Guyana was amended to allow for opposition parties to introduce Bills. This was an aberration

Dem boys seh...

Wha happen to de water cannon? De government buy a water cannon that coulda build five house. When de thing come dem boys know right away that it didn’t worth de money. Somebody cut a deal and wid de kickbacks dem bring de water cannon. Fuh nearly two weeks de Linden people announce that dem gun protest but Clement didn’t think about sending de water cannon. But dem boys did suspect that something wasn’t right because wid thing like that Clement woulda be quick to show it off. He is a fella like that. When Bharrat did lef he to act and give a car wid siren de man drive all round wid de siren blazing, even when he was going to buy Chinee food. He woulda use de water cannon. After de first day of de protest when de police shoot and kill three people de cannon still park up in Eve Leary. De thing couldn’t reach Linden. Dem boys seh that it couldn’t even reach Diamond. De thing can’t climb a li’l bump in de road. Imagine if it did get to do de Highway how it woulda stick up at de foot of the first hill by Kuru Kururu. And de protesters woulda been waiting fuh de cannon till dem get old and gray. Dem boys seh that driving is one thing using de cannon is another thing. A li’l boy would pee wid more force than de cannon can shoot. De protesters would feel insulted. Instead of buying de water cannon Clement could get bout five fire engines and use dem to control de crowd. And when dem don’t have protest, it coulda fight fire. But is Clement and he get another plaything which cost taxpayers a lot of money. Talk half and wonder bout Clement fuh de other half.

because it flies in the face of the separation of powers. In the American Congressional system where there is a distinct separation between the Executive and the Congress, such a system can work since there is a system in which the members of the executive do not sit in Congress. But under the Westminster system which informs our political traditions and institutions, the members of our executive are also the members of the legislature. Under the Westminster

system it is the executive that brings Bills to the parliament and the legislature that passes these Bills. In the American system, Bills can be introduced in any of the two Houses of Congress by member of Congress. The executive, therefore, under a Westminster system cannot be hogtied in the same way as under the American system. And if the separation of powers is to be preserved, it means that the legislature should not be allowed to perform executive functions.

Therefore any Bills that are introduced and passed have to be consistent with the policy of the government, which would mean that their introduction and passage would require the approval of the government. If the government hopes to preserve intact the virtue of the separation of powers it cannot entertain the passage of any Bill introduced by the opposition and which does not find the consent of the government. If the President were to

assent to any such Bill, it would mean that he would be allowing the legislature to assume the role of the executive and worse yet allowing the opposition to assume the governance of Guyana. None of these options is tenable under our system of rule.

People prevent police from moving bodies by road …Joint services resort to chopper The third day of the Linden protest saw even more people taking to the streets despite inclement weather and continued heavy military presence. And the bodies of the three Linden men, who were shot and killed by police on Wednesday, were whisked away by helicopter after the joint services unsuccessfully tried to transport the bodies to Georgetown by road without informing the relatives. They were thwarted in their efforts by angry residents who blocked the road at Kara Kara. In a massive show of resistance and solidarity Lindeners continued to send a clear message to those in authority that they were not prepared to back down until the government withdraws what many consider to be an electricity increase that’s too ‘astronomical’ for even the few that might have the means to pay. And the cry remained the same, “We ain’t paying no increase”. As on previous days, Lindeners trekked from all across the community to the Mackenzie/Wismar Bridge, but instead of congregating on the bridge itself, as they had done on Wednesday, and again on Thursday, people congregated on the Wismar shore, where they stood around in groups. As night fell, many sat around on the logs that were placed to block the roads. No vehicular traffic could traverse Burnham Drive due to the massive barricade. And people who were travelling to the coastland from the goldfields were forced to walk. Some had been stranded in the ‘bush’ ever since the protest at Linden. Yesterday there were three times as many logs across Burnham Drive as Thursday, when the few logs that were placed across the road were cut up by a man and discarded by the police. Traffic was also

effectively blocked on the Mackenzie Shore at Kara Kara, where huge fires raged for most of the afternoon. Fires were also lit at the Five Corner leading to the washer Pond Road and at Lovers Lane Amelia’s Ward among other places. Last night the first wake was held for the three who were shot and killed by police on Wednesday evening. The wake was held on the Wismar shore, on Burnham Drive, where Lindeners converged in the hundreds. Last night’s wake followed on the heels of Thursday night’s candle light vigil where hundreds also turned out. The mood was somber and very emotional, with many not even related to the dead freely shedding tears. Lindeners are adamant that they ‘will not give up the struggle’. Many of them walked long distances every

day and night to congregate at the Mackenzie Wismar Bridge. The current protest action was sparked by Government’s refusal to reconsider increasing electricity tariffs in the mining Town. That increase was supposed to become effective

from July 1, but Lindeners have vowed not to pay a cent more. Regional Chairman Sharma Solomon has repeated on numerous occasions that “it is not that the people are unwilling to pay, it is that they cannot afford to pay. (Enid Joaquin)

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Kaieteur News

Saturday July 21, 2012

=== The Freddie Kissoon column ===

The Chief Justice ruling: The story of opposition betrayal This column here is not a commentary on the preliminary statements of the Chief Justice ruling into the budget cuts. One area that is clear among the Chief Justice pronouncements is that the Ministry of Finance could restore funds to the Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC). It is in that ruling that the people of Guyana will see and know if this country has a credible or a stupid Opposition that does not deserve to represent the Guyanese people. If the Guyana Government did not challenge the budget

curtailments, then we would never have had the judgement on the ERC. What the ruling party and government have done since the results of the November 2011 General Elections is to take the fight to the Opposition and they have done that relentlessly. In the case of the ERC, they have won. At least the PPP has a post-election victory in the form of the continuation of the life of the ERC. You can add a second one - the appointment of Mrs. Ashni Singh which was given parliamentary approval. Let the Opposition show

us a single victory they have chalked up since November last year. Are the budget cuts a success? Where? NCN and GINA are very much alive. Now the ERC will be back on track. Where are the Opposition’s moments of glory? In a column after the election when the Government asked the courts to rule on the numbers for the parliamentary committees, I argued that the PPP was doing what is logical – it is fighting the government. The Guyanese people must not delude themselves into thinking the PPP has stopped. The Government went to court twice. On the committees issue it lost but it has appealed. On the budget cuts, we await further comments from the Chief Justice but what is factual if that ruling is based on the Chef Justice ruling, the ERC can be back in operation tomorrow. Something may be logical yet be wrong. The PPP is

doing what is politically logical – it is confronting the Opposition, so far on the political front (protestors were brought onto the streets to denounce the budget cuts) and in the courts. It is on the legal level that the PPP is winning the battle and the war. This columnist can cite more than forty areas of policy-making that the Opposition, before last November’s election and after, where it could have fought the government. And even if it didn’t win twenty of those cases, it could have won at least ten. We will not go back before November last year. We can start with 2012. Is the imposition of IMCs on the local government systems in some geographical areas legal? Why not test it in court. Why not do what Anil Nandlall does – fight your enemy in the courts? Why up to now, is there no court case by the Opposition on NICIL? When asked why this is so, this writer was told that if the

Opposition takes it to court then Parliament cannot discuss it. But is there a legal basis for that decision? Why not go to court on NICIL then test the water and see if the law prevents Parliament from discussing it? Again, I urge the Opposition to do what Anil Nandlall is doing. Has there been any court matter in which the Opposition is asking the court to look at the legal basis for the continuation of the life of the Advisory Committee on Broadcasting? Is the UG Council acting within the statutes of the University? Has APNU tried to test that in court seeing that Mr. Granger was the clear winner in terms of support at UG during the election campaign? Is it not a constitutional violation to prevent one type of mini-bus operator from crossing the Berbice Bridge but another set can do so? Have the AFC and APNU gone to court on the issue, especially the AFC which won handsomely in Berbice?

Frederick Kissoon At the time of writing, the AFC and APNU are preparing next week for internal elections for leadership roles in their respective parties. Political decency and commitment must be the standard bearers. If you want to lead an Opposition party, then you must be prepared to fight for the citizens who have reposed faith in you. Anil Nandlall and his Government are engaged in running political battles with the Opposition. The voters who put the Opposition in Parliament expect them to do the same. One must ask the leaders in APNU and the AFC if they are going to emulate Anil Nandlall and keep the government busy in court. They ought to!

Saturday July 21, 2012

Kaieteur News

Page 11

Linden protestors vow to continue protest T

wo Linden protestors, who were shot on We d n e s d a y, w e r e transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) on Thursday, nursing gunshot wounds to their body during the protest. Injured are Reuben Bowen, 56, of Lot 27 Silver City Wismar and Collis Duke, 36, of Lot 768 South Amelia Ward, Linden. Bowen, who would be celebrating his birthday on July 24, sustained a gunshot wound to his left leg, while Duke was hit to his right side face and one to both legs. At the hospital yesterday, Bowen and Duke vowed to continue their protest once they are discharged. They claimed that they would not only protest over the hike in electricity tariff but also for justice and compensation for those who lost their lives. Shemroy Bouyea, Ron Sommerset, 19 and Ivan Lewis, 46, were fatally shot by the police during the protest. Bowen said that he was on the Wismar shore

when he heard gunshot sounds emerging from Mc Kenzie shore, “I went there and I see the police a distance away shooting.” He said that the police, who went to the scene, “went with the intention to kill. They released teargas, then shoot pellets at the crowd and lastly, fired live rounds. The crowd got angry when the police start shooting.” He said during the shooting, he was shot and was taken to the hospital. Duke said that he was part of the protest from the start. He said that the protestors moved from Christianburg to the Mackenzie Bridge to get attention. “Only when we go on the bridge then we does get attention.” He said that after blocking the bridge, the police came and order them to clear the bridge but they refused. “They left and come back and ask us to move about five times and when we refuse they start with their madness.” He said that the protest will continue until the authorities listen to them.

Govt. officials did not give order to shoot protesters - Police


he top brass of the Guyana Police Force is denying what it said are reports that Government officials directed ranks to open fire on the Linden protesters. A release yesterday from the Police Public Relations Department stated that “cognisant of rumours circulating among concerned members of the public, the Guyana Police

Force wishes to categorically state that at no time was any directive or instruction given to the police, either verbally or in writing, by any political personality including Ministers of the Government, in relation to the policing of the protest demonstrations that have been occurring in the community of Linden since (Continued on page 12)

Reuben Bowen

Collis Duke

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Kaieteur News

Saturday July 21, 2012

Guyana Watch Inc medical team arrives

The team at CJIA


nother Guyana Wa t c h t e a m arrived in Guyana yesterday for a round of medical clinics around the country. For more than two decades, Guyana has benefited from numerous outreach programmes by Guyana Watch. The team comprises 10 medical doctors, and 15 supporting staff including two dentists and a pharmacist all from the United States of America. They will be supported by a Guyana team. The group held its first outreach programme at the United Sad’r Islamic Anjuman orphanage in Kitty. Kaieteur News had leant that a number of activities are slated to be executed in the coming days. Guyana Watch Inc. is a charitable non-profit humanitarian organization which was established in 1992. Its main mission has been centered on reaching out to communities that need medical assistance and health care. The organization has also been responsible for sending approximately 20 patients for heart surgery

overseas and financially assist in much needed medical interventions in Guyana. In 1998, Guyana Watch Inc. (GWI) brought in an ophthalmology team and completed 58 cataracts surgeries in Guyana. It has since sponsored many corrective and other eye surgeries in Guyana andoverseas. In Education, it was in the forefront, building a state of the art 32 computer work station laboratory at the University of Guyana Berbice Campus along with computer laboratories in some schools. It is a total volunteer programme where each visiting medical person would pay his own traveling and accommodation expenses during these medical outreaches. Recently in the last four years the organization began to pay for the air travel and hotel stay for the medical doctors. The Organization continues on an annual basis to identify where health care is needed most and to reach out to those communities whilst assisting other groups, churches and other organizations in their programmes of assistance to needy people.

Govt. officials did... From page 11 Wednesday July 18, 2012. “The maintenance of law and order in the country is within the mandate of the Police Force and the Force Administration, inclusive of Divisional Commanders.Theadministration has been unilaterally dealing with all administrative and operational aspects involved in the situation at Linden.” The statement came a day after the Home Affairs Ministry issued a release distancing itself from any involvement in the tragedy. “The Ministry of Home Affairs wishes to emphasize that the events which took place at the MackenzieWismar Bridge was strictly a

Police operation with no direct or indirect involvement of the Ministry of Home Affairs,” that statement said. Questions are being raised as to who ordered the ranks to shoot at the gathering. Opposition political groups have accused the ranks of using excessive force, pointing to the fact that the protesters were unarmed. The Ministry of Home Affairs has since announced that it has given orders for the removal of the Police Commander in the area. The Ministry also said it has requested of the Commissioner of Police (ag) a “full, comprehensive, and immediate report on the matter”.

Saturday July 21, 2012

Kaieteur News

Page 13

New book dedicated to Ashton Chase on 86th - among top ten birthday world professionals G

uyana’s highest n a t i o n a l awardee and Senior Counsel, Ashton Chase, was given a fitting gift for his 86th birthday anniversary with the launch of a book titled “Ashton Chase – The Bengal Tiger”. The book chronicles his life, accomplishments and contributions to Guyana. President Donald Ramotar who wrote the foreword for the newly released book joined Cabinet members, politicians, attorneys at law, Guyanese of distinction, family members and well wishers who gathered in the auditorium of the newly commissioned New Building Society for the auspicious occasion on Wednesday. The author, Dr. Nanda Gopaul, sought to charm persons to purchase the book by withholding details about the origin of the name the Bengal Tiger which connotes fierceness, and deep strategic intelligence of the most majestic of the big cats roaming the Indian sub continent. Senior Counsel Chase felt that he didn’t fit the demeanor of a tiger which by its nature is agile and full of strength. Nevertheless he was surprised and appreciative of the Labour Minister’s effort to record his past achievements and contributions. Within the 216 pages are records of the presentations Chase would have made while leading the National Association of Agricultural Commercial and Industrial

Employees’ (NAACIE’s) delegation in tribunals against the SPA and the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo), his role in trade unionism, politics and the struggle for Guyana’s sovereignty and nationalism. Minister Gopaul said that while part of his research initiatives were the sourcing of the Parliament Hansards, some were acquired through one on one interactions with Chase that were secretly recorded. The disclosure brought humour to the launching and solved the mystery surrounding the articulate information, according to Chase. Chase said he was particularly elated with the documented tribunal presentations which he believes would be useful to the trade union movement of today and which President Ramotar contends is undemocratised. Head of State, President Ramotar, recalled Chase’s instrumental role as Minister of Labour, to pilot the Labour Relations Bill of 1953 which he regarded as the pillar in trade union democracy. The Bill was approved long after Chase would have gone into retirement. “One of the major problems in the labour movement is still the need to democratize the trade union movement in our country. As long as those fundamental issues of representation of workers within their unions, we will not overcome some of the difficulties that the trade union movement is still

experiencing,” President Ramotar said. Reflections were also made on Chase’s “throne” speech which Minister Gopaul said addressed many issues that are still highly debated today. Chase’s involvement in trade unionism dates back to the age of nine when he said he was first introduced and his role in leadership as a teenager is living proof that youths have the vision to lead. Minister Gopaul regards Chase as his mentor and (Continued on page 18)

President Donald Ramotar with a copy of “Ashton Chase – The Bengal Tiger”; the book’s author, Dr. Nanda Gopaul (right) and Ashton Chase

Page 14

Kaieteur News

Saturday July 21, 2012

Saturday July 21, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Kaieteur News

Saturday July 21, 2012

Witnesses still a no show Six homeless after fire in Kwame McCoy trial guts Sophia home

Witnesses to present evidence on behalf of Information and Press Liaison to the President Kwame Mc Coy, were again a no show when the assault matter brought against the government official was called before Chief Magistrate Priya Beharry at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court yesterday. McCoy, who is charged for threatening language and malicious assault reportedly committed against Clifton Stewart, was supposed to provide two persons to prove his story that on the day of the alleged assault he had no contact with the victim; that he had lodged what is thought to be the assault weapon with the police; and that he on his duties was escorted by police officers. McCoy told the court that he could not make contact with the relevant persons and he was thus unable to present them to the court. The Magistrate was however willing to waste no more time in the matter since McCoy was on three previous occasions given a chance to present his alleged witnesses. As a result, the court ordered that McCoy close his defence and make his submissions. Senior Counsel Bernard De Santos who is representing the defendant closed the case and laid over that his client had no case to answer to. McCoy’s lawyer touched on several points in putting over that the prosecution’s case is weak. De Santos first submitted that the victim could have inflicted the wound on himself. He

… defence closes case with “victim could have inflicted wounds on himself” said although there was no evidence to prove this, one must keep in mind that there was a possibility of that being done. De Santos had put forward the reasoning after he said that the wound Stewart received was inconsistent with that which was received from a gun since all that was shown was a mere swelling on the head. De Santos then submitted that the evidence of Police Officer Chalmers was unconvincing. Chalmers had given evidence in relation to arresting McCoy and further contact he had with the defendant in relation to the alleged crime committed. De Santos reiterated that the evidence provided by the prosecution was not enough for his client to answer the charge. With that the lawyer closed his case. Mc Coy who reportedly told the victim that he was a marked man and then lashed him on the head with a handgun, had to present two police officers; one who he said had collected his firearm when he lodged it at the Brickdam Police Station, allegedly two days before the incident. He also had to present the officers who had reportedly escorted him on his duties as he and his crew of workers erected photos of the People’s Progressive Party’s (PPP) presidential candidate. McCoy had previously presented two persons;

Chalmers was one of them. The other was a senior rank of the Tactical Services Unit (TSU). Both persons had denied playing any of the roles McCoy had said. The TSU rank had even testified that escorting McCoy during his duties as he posted photos was far below his status. McCoy still could not present those witnesses he spoke of. That left him with no witnesses to attest to the truthfulness of the government official’s information. On November 12, last year, days before the General elections, Stewart and McCoy had ended up in an exchange of words where McCoy had reportedly assaulted Stewart with a firearm. Stewart alleged that McCoy had also threatened him. After picketing the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) McCoy was finally made to face the court for the alleged incident. McCoy is also scheduled for another criminal matter, this time involving one Natalie Ross. The government official reportedly ran the woman down with his sports utility vehicle under the same circumstances as Stewart. Ross had to be hospitalized overnight. In Stewart’s case, the prosecution is expected to respond to the defense submission on the next

- children playing with matches started blaze The gutted house

Some of the occupants A family of six was left homeless yesterday evening after a fire, reportedly caused by children playing with matches, destroyed a twostorey house at Lot 450 A Field Sophia.

The property is owned by Mrs. Paulette Thompson and is said to have been valued at some $7M. The occupants said that nothing was saved. The property was occupied by Mrs. Thompson,

who is in her sixties; her son, Clifford Thompson and his children, aged five, three and eight months, and his sister Nefertiti Thompson, who is a nurse. Clifford Thompson, a policeman, said that his children were at home with a 19-year-old female when the fire started. He said that the children were playing with matches. According to reports, the children lit a fire close to the house at around 18:30 hrs and the flames spread to the building. A resident said that a fire tender arrived about five minutes after but firefighters were unable to save the building. He said that before the fire tender arrived, residents using buckets, had attempted to douse the flames. However, they were forced to retreat after electrical wires near the building began to spark. The fire had already been extinguished by the time Clifton Thompson and his mother arrived. An inconsolable Mrs. Thompson could be heard lamenting that all her labour had been in vain. The family had occupied the property for over ten years.

Saturday July 21, 2012

Kaieteur News

Page 17

Customs seize $$$ Millions in Berbicians brace for imported goods from Suriname new tobacco legislation ...importers say they are being victimised

Businesswoman Mrs. Habeeb and Mr. Latiff standing in front of the truckloads of items which were seized and are currently in the BASS Compound The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) has seized several millions of dollars in goods belonging to an Upper Corentyne importer and businesswoman after accusing her of smuggling the items from neighbouring Suriname. Up to press time, the items which were transferred to six trucks remained in the custody of the Berbice AntiSmuggling Squad (BASS) at Number 78 Village, Corriverton. But the businesswoman, Bashoon Habeeb, has said that she produced the necessary documentation and paperwork to the local authorities in Corriverton and believes that she is being victimised. She added that the seizure is costing her business millions of dollars. Bashoon Habeeb, owner of BN Habeeb Supermarket of Line Path, Corriverton, said that she applied to the GRA Corriverton office as she usually does to bring across goods for her supermarket. This application was made last Friday. She said that they gave her the go- ahead on Monday and her boat went across to Nickerie, Suriname and was loaded up with the items. The boat arrived in Corriverton late Monday evening, during which time the GRA office was closed. She related that the Customs officials do not work after 18:00 hrs. If the boat had remained in Nickerie, Habeeb said that the boat would have had to pay double wharfage fee, “so the boat come across and sleep at Line Path”. The following morning the water was still low, preventing the boat from going closer to the wharf, “so you can’t get the documents from the boat to go and report to customs”.

The same morning, Habeeb said, she received message from the Customs officials “that it come from Mr. [Khurshid] Sattaur’s office, to ‘hold up’ everything and don’t release anything, so the boat left again (on the water loaded with the items) Tuesday night to Wednesday afternoon”. When the contents of the boat were eventually discharged, the Customs officials announced that the items were to be detained and taken to the BASS compound. “They refused to collect the duties since Tuesday”, she added. They eventually collected the duties on Thursday morning and “they want the boat to pay $20,000 fine— They said that the boat was wrong, that it didn’t report to customs”. Another Upper Corentyne businessman, Mohamed Latiff, vented his frustration too. Similar incidents would normally take place and a group of 17 businesspersons met with President Donald Ramotar at his office, two weeks ago, “but this thing getting more worse. Since we see the President— worst victimisation you call it”. The woman related that the President called Mr. (Clement) Sealey, the deputy for Mr. Sattaur, and “tell him to get everything to resolve and let the people go do their work”, he said. Habeeb said that she was accused by Customs of the boat having extra goods “and it take out goods because it spent the night in the Ocean”. She stated that she had them check the list and declarations of goods from Suriname and the documents corresponded with the contents of the boat when it arrived in Corriverton, “and everything is correct—The list that came from Suriname,

the Manifest the boat came with and the declaration of duties and they still hold it up”. The businesspersons are confused at the entire situation and want a hearing from the higher authorities. “We got about 16 importers; I am the only woman. I am 60 years and have families to maintain. This is the work I depend on and I do this work for over 30 years”, she said. “Last week, I paid $3.1M in duties; today (Thursday), I paid $2.8M in duties— so we are getting lots of pressure, lots of problems”. She even vented her frustration on the Upper Corentyne Chambers of Commerce (UCCCI), since her business is registered with them but they tried their best and could not assist further. Up to press time, the six truckloads of imported goods remained on the lawn outside the BASS office in Corriverton. The authorities wanted the goods to be moved in the BASS compound, however, Mrs. Habeeb showed this newspaper the state of the compound with huge holes and craters and said that it was impossible for the trucks to head there. When Kaieteur News contacted the officer, Mr. Manifold, who dealt with Mrs. Habeeb’s matter, he forwarded the newspaper to the GRA Georgetown office for comments. GRA Commissioner General, Mr. Khurshid Sattaur was out of office as was his Deputy, Mr. Clement Sealey. Head of Integrated Regional Tax Office, Mr. Jameel Baksh said that he “knows nothing about the matter”. When asked to explain the seizure, he suddenly had to take another call and his secretary asked that this newspaper call back.

“Guyana should always be ready for changes that deal with protecting people’s health,” said Kesaundra Alves, Legal Advisor, Bloomberg Tobacco Control Project. She was speaking at the University of Guyana Berbice Campus, recently, on the context of tobacco use and control and a proposed Bill which would be tabled in Parliament. She said that if there is not a healthy nation, you cannot have a wealthy nation, “so you just can’t just say that tobacco is a lucrative business. You need to look at persons’ health at the end of the day, because when they get sick, you lose the labour that person would have provided for many decades; families suffer because they lose the bread winner. There is a lot of cost and burden that we bear as a nation as a result of people using tobacco products and being exposed to second- hand smoke.” Alves said that she knows for sure that when the Bill is tabled in Parliament, there will be opposition from the tobacco companies here, “which will try to dissuade law- makers from actually implementing the legislation” but that would not stop the MoH from pushing ahead with the Bill because that “is our duty as the MoH…and we are eager to protect the health of each and every citizen of Guyana”. The changes, she said, will be accompanied by a lot of public- education so persons are aware of what is coming. The Tobacco Control Legislation is as a result of Guyana becoming a signatory to the Framework Convention to Tobacco Control. There are certain obligations in terms of implementing laws and policies aimed at curbing tobacco use and protecting persons from exposure to second- hand smoke. The Ministry of Health (MoH), in collaboration with Tobacco- Free Kids and the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO), held a Consultation on Tobacco Control Legislation recently at the University of Guyana, Berbice Campus (UGBC). In attendance were several school children and other community- minded persons and individuals from the Berbice area. Alves said that the national consultations on the Tobacco Control Legislation are seeing widespread support from Guyanese. The main component of the proposed legislation would be to protect persons from exposure to second- hand smoke. “We’re not aiming to ban smoking rather aiming to regulate the way in which it is done so that persons would not be exposed to the health dangers and health effects...” She noted that another thing the Bill intends to do is to regulate tobacco sales in such a way that minors are not exposed to tobacco products and that it would not be easy for them to access those products. “No place can employ a minor if that place is selling tobacco products and no business owner and anyone should sell to a minor”.

Ms. Kesaundra Alves There would be no more automatic vending machine sales of the products, since there would be no way to tell how old the person is. “You wouldn’t see any children walking around selling cigarettes in trays”. Another key aspect of the legislation would deal with packaging and labeling whereby at least 50 per cent of the tobacco product would have graphic health warnings and not just the message from the Minister of Health. Alves revealed, too, that there would be a graphic image of a person who has lung cancer or oral cancer so that it can deter someone from buying the product. Additionally, tobacco- advertising and sponsorship would be banned, “because tobacco use is an epidemic and the way in which it is spread is not by bacteria. It is spread by promotions, advertising and sponsorship, so if we can wipe out the advertising, then we get to the root and weed it out”. The Bill has not been taken to Cabinet or Parliament; it is in its consultation stages. Under the Bill, there wouldn’t be banning of smoking in vehicles, except where a minor is being transported. She said the legislation, when passed, would also give a voice to workers. “We conducted a study in bars and restaurants and found out that workers in these bars were prone to second hand smoke. We took out the strands of their hairs and tested them and found that the nicotine content was actually in the strands in their hair and these are people who don’t smoke. The waiters, she said, would not have the courage to tell the owner of the hotel or bar that he or she does not want to serve people in the bar or hotel who smoke, “so by empowering people, we give a voice and protect workers’ rights”. The tobacco industry in Guyana, like in other parts of the world, is booming. Ms. Alves stated that it is a very lucrative business in the world, “because once you get people hooked, you get them hooked for life”.

Suspected thief nabbed with $5.9M Jairam Persaud, the professed miner of 71 Aurora Village, Essequibo Coast, who said that some police ranks attached to the Aurora Police station stole $6M after carrying out a raid at his home, will be charged for Simple Larceny and Defamation of Character. Persaud is currently in the lock-ups at the Aurora police station for allegedly stealing a boat belonging t o h i s e m p l o y e r. T h e

incident reportedly occurred on June 22. Police said that Persaud’s story which was published in July 8, last, in Kaieteur News is false. In fact, the money that was confiscated by police was $5.9M that Persaud acquired after an allegation was levelled by his employer that he, Persaud, stole 110 ounces of gold. A portion of that gold was sold by Persaud. “The money that was confiscated was from

the gold he stole from his employer.” The police at Aurora said Persaud is not a miner; that he is a labourer. Police further explained that Persaud’s employer made the allegation and a search was carried out at P e r s a u d ’s r e s i d e n c e a t Aurora, where the$ 5.9M was discovered. Persaud, who remains in custody, has since threatened to end his life.

Page 18

Kaieteur News

Crime scene photographer completes testimony in cane juice murder PI Crime scene photographer Lance Corporal, Desmond Johnny, was the only witness to take the stand yesterday as he completed his evidence in the preliminary inquiry (PI) into the death of 20-year old cane juice vendor, Madhuri Padumdeo, who was discovered dead with a piece of rope tied tightly around her neck in the home she shared with her reputed husband, Michael Anthony Persaud. Persaud is currently charged with the murder of his lover on December 22 last year. Johnny, who returned to continue his evidence-inchief, is being led by police prosecutor Robert Tyndall. The matter is being heard by Magistrate Judy Latchman. Senior Counsel Bernard De Santos is representing the accused. The crime scene photographer testified to taking photographs of the crime scene and of the deceased. He told the court what he did with the images and where he had lodged them. He explained to the court what he had done in providing the said pictures which were later presented and tendered as evidence. De Santos however objected to the court’s acceptance of the photos stating that the images had no relevance to the case. The senior attorney said that the photographs were repetitive and that the position of the deceased was allegedly changed to accommodate the photos that were being taken. He also made mention of the contents of the photo which he said exposed nudity on the part of the deceased. The court then saw it necessary to ask about the relevance of the numerous

Madhuri Padumdeo

Michael Anthony Persaud

photos that exposed much of the deceases private parts, but the prosecution simply replied that all the photos had their purpose since they make up the prosecution’s case. The court then accepted the 25 tendered images. Johnny also presented a black plastic bag to the court that contained items reportedly taken from the crime scene. The police photographer as procedural, made connections with the bag and explained to the court how he was able to identify the said black plastic bag. He then revealed its contents and one by one the court accepted and tendered the items. The police had presented items including a piece of rope and a piece of wire. Underwear reportedly belonging to the deceased and the accused were also tendered by the court. Again De Santos objected to the evidence that was given. He maintained his objection in relation to the evidence throughout the matter. De Santos said he did not see the relevance of the items of the black bag being produced. The prosecutor again forwarded that all the

items were taken from the crime scene and were quite relevant to the case as it was also part of the prosecution’s evidence against the accused. Johnny before leaving the witness box was cross examined by De Santos. Johnny was then excused from the box after the prosecution denied reexamination. The matter is expected to be called again on August 10. Persaud was reportedly found by police officers lying next to his dead reputed wife while a piece of rope was tied tightly around her neck. The woman was found half naked in the home she shared with her lover at Lot 8 North Sophia, Bel Air. Persaud along with the dead woman’s employer were arrested in connection to the crime. The employer was however released while Persaud was charged. There was no clear motive for the woman’s murder but there was speculation that the woman allegedly had multiple relationships while she was with her lover. The deceased, a mother of one, worked as a cane juice vendor not far from where she lived.

Saturday July 21, 2012

After four months…

Fisherman’s family conducts funeral service The Bhagwandin family, realizing that they needed closure, and that there is no way that their missing loved one, Lakeram Bhagwandin may still be alive, has conducted a funeral ceremony in his honour. According to the fisherman’s mother, Margaret Bhagwandin, it is not possible for her son to still be alive and not make contact with his family, thus, she is forced to believe that her son is dead. The woman during a telephone interview with Kaieteur News said that as hard as it was for her to conduct her son’s last rites, it was the right thing to do, as she was advised that her son’s soul may not rest in peace if his body is never recovered. It was alleged that the 32-year-old Foulis, Enmore resident had been “tripping out”. He

got involved in an argument after which he was taken to rest in a cabin from where he disappeared a short while after. While it is still unclear as to whether someone witnessed Lakeram actually jumping off the vessel, his mother, Margaret Bhagwandin had maintained that she does not believe that her son would just jump off a boat in the middle of nowhere. However, it was alleged that the 32-yearold fisherman jumped off the fishing trawler named the “Noble Sun” some 17 miles off Charity and about 25 miles off the mouth of the Pomeroon River in early April last. Hours after the incident, Bhagwandin’s family, while clinging to some sort of hope, had ventured out to scour the rough Pomeroon waters for his body, but returned to the shores empty handed.

Judge to rule on submissions in Grandmother manslaughter trial The manslaughter trial of Thakurmani, 64, of Bennett Dam, Rosignol, West Berbice who is alleged to have killed her husband, Yodha, called ‘Ramsook Maikhoo,’ a fish vendor on April 27, 2008 at their home is continuing in the Berbice High Court before Justice James Bovell-Drakes and a mixed jury. The matter is expected to continue on Tuesday when Justice James Bovell Drakes is expected to rule after submissions were made by Defence Counsel Rabindranauth Singh in the absence of the jury after the Prosecution’s final witness, Pathologist Dr. Nehaul Singh, had testified. Dr. Singh had testified in the place of fellow pathologist Dr. Vivikanand Brijmohan who had performed the autopsy at the NewAmsterdam Public Hospital. Dr. Brijmohan was unavoidably absent due to illness. Among injuries observed

Stray catchers needed

on the body, according to the report, were four incised wounds under the right arm. The left eye socket was exposed with the lower and upper eyelids completely eaten while most of the upper and outer eyelids on the right and the outside were missing. There were extensive bruises to the right lower arm, elbow and upper arm, a series of transverse bruises on the right lower lateral aspect of the abdomen and the right and upper quadrant of the buttocks. The cause of death was given as shock and haemorrhage and multiple incised wounds. The incised wounds could have been caused by a sharp instrument, notably a chisel, scissors, bottle, cutlass, knife, zinc, or glass. State Prosecutor Ms. Rhondel Weaver in her opening address, on June 28 last, revealed that the accused and the deceased had lived together for over 40 years at Lot 50 Bennett Dam, Rosignol, West Bank Berbice. They had seven children. A number of witnesses had testified, including the victim’s brother Charrandan Maikhu who gave evidence to seeing his sibling two times for the day. The second time he was in a pool of blood. He

was subsequently taken to the Fort Wellington Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. He was later taken to the Mortuary. Detective Corporal Duke Jack also gave testimony to the part he played in the investigation and after carrying out his investigation, he subsequently arrested the accused and placed her in custody. Krisendat Maikhu the couple’s son testified to identifying his father’s body at the Post Mortem examination. Kundal Persaud also testified that on the day in question he saw the accused in the morning. The man asked him for rum, which he gave to him. He did not see him again. Police Inspector Grace Bristol also gave evidence in the matter, stating that during the time of the incident she was a subordinate officer attached to the Blairmont Police station. Thakurmani was initially charged with the capital offence, but was committed on the lesser charge at the completion of a Preliminary Inquiry held at the Blairmont Magistrate’s Court by Magistrate Nigel Hawke. She was subsequently granted bail in the sum of $200,000.

New book dedicated to...

Clearly, the stray- catching initiative between the Home Affairs Ministry and Region Six Administration has not caught on. It was announced over a month ago that stray- catching was set to resume and that the system would work this time around, having failed on previous occasions.

Region Six Chairman, David Armogan, had said that the applicants were awaiting their Police Clearances to begin working; that was over a month ago. These cattle disrupted traffic yesterday along the main exit road out of the town of New Amsterdam, the Esplanade Road. Will the stray- catching initiative ever come on stream?

From page 13 someone who has influenced his life significantly. The valiance which Chase and others demonstrated in coming to Minister Gopaul’s aid when he was imprisoned in the “repressive era,” stands out in the minds of many onto this day. Having worked alongside the father of the Trade Union Movement, Hubert Nathaniel Critchlow, and former President Dr. Cheddi Jagan as the pillars of strength in Guyana’s politics, President Ramotar

said there are few people of distinction with interesting characters like Chase who should be given the loyalty they deserved. Chase has joined the list of top 10 professionals in the world after the International Biographical Centre (IBC) in England which brought the good news to him in a correspondence on July 12. The award which is accompanied by a laminated certificate makes Chase a new member of the IBC. The award will also be recorded in the halls of the IBC.

Saturday July 21, 2012

Kaieteur News

Page 19

Six senior M&CC officials Mackenzie intensifies ordered on leave protest action

Six senior Mayor and City Council officials were yesterday handed letters to proceed on leave by the Ministry of Local Government. Those who are expected to proceed on leave from Monday are Town ClerkYonette Pluck, TreasurerAndrew Meredith, City Engineer-Gregory Erskine, Personnel Officer —Paulette Braithwaite, Assistant Town Clerk- Harry Munroe and Solid waste Manager-Hubert Urling. This follows the discovery of fraud within the M&CC. The fraud was revealed through an investigation headed by Keith Burrowes and supported by Ramon Gaskin. Almost immediately after the public release of the findings, Mayor Hamilton Green submitted a letter to the Ministry of Local Government

recommending that the Town Clerk, Treasurer and City Engineer be sent on leave to facilitate a thorough in-house investigation. However, the Mayor’s request was not granted at that time. In response to that letter, the Minister of Local Government Ganga Persaud had indicated that his Ministry was at an assessment stage and was not going to act until that aspect has been completed. Persaud said that there must be a comparison between the findings of the investigation to the Town Clerk’s response before any further actions could have been taken. Yesterday, Mayor Green said that he did not see the need to send all six officers on leave but was prepared to comply with the decision. According to him, the Deputy Mayor was

summoned to a meeting with the Minister at which she was handed the letters. Greene was adamant that that should not have been the case since “she is not an office assistant.” The Mayor said that the matter should have been dealt with through the personnel department. Three employees are already slated to take up the mantle of those sent on leave. Meanwhile, Local Government Minister Persaud said that the police will continue investigations and they will be working closely with Burrowes’ investigative team. The investigation was sparked by allegations against the Town Clerk and Treasurer by the Auditor General. The Mayor and City Council has been under investigations many times before.

Saturday July 21, 2012 ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) You will have an inaccurate assessment of your status in society. You should be able to get a lot done. You can make new connections through friends or relatives. TAURUS (Apr. 21- May 21) You will find good buys and you will lift your spirits. Don't get involved in other people's problems. There might be one who is quite willing to take the credit for your work. GEMINI (May 22-June 21) You're eager to learn. Most partner problems are a result of both people not living up to their promises. Elders may get you going today. CANCER (June 22-July 22) Question your mate if you must. You may be ill-treated if you have to deal with institutional environments. Spend time with friends or family. LEO (July 23-Aug 22) Don't bother trying to make someone you live with see your point of view. You can discuss your intentions and ideas with your colleagues or friends today. New romantic partners may attend a function that puts you in the limelight. VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) Try not to say the wrong thing at the wrong time. There's a good chance that they won't come back. You will be in the mood for competition, and your ability to lead a group will bring you popularity.

LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) Get involved in physical activities that will stimulate you. Financial gains can be made through wise investments. You can make headway if you share your intentions with someone you care about. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22)

You can make extra money. Rewards will be yours if you put in the overtime required. Secret affairs will come back to haunt you. SAGIT (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) Make sure all of your travel and driver's documents are in proper order. Keep an open mind when listening to the opinions of others. Reevaluate your motives. CAPRI (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) Get together with people who stimulate you mentally. Don't overspend on entertainment, on children, or make poor investments. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19)

You must be careful not to reveal secrets or get involved in gossip. Don't donate more than you can afford in order to impress others. PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) You will be relentless when it comes to getting yourself back into shape. You need to get out and challenge yourself. You'll find it easy to deal with government agencies or large institutions.

…Lindeners vow to remain resolute in struggle Region Ten, particularly Linden, remained tense all day as small fires erupted across the bauxite town with tyres, lumber and other objects being used as fuel to deter free movement of traffic in the locale. Roads were blocked strategically along the main arteries starting from the Soesdyke/Linden Highway junction. In the mining town last evening the police and soldiers employed the use of a Hymac to clear the roadways. At least one police rank was seen operating a Hymac to clear smoldering debris from the roadway even before reaching into the main township. Two trucks belonging to the Ministry of Public Works were set ablaze as the angry residents continued to protest the shooting to death of the three Lindeners on Wednesday evening. An excavator which was being transported atop one of the trucks was also thrown off as the angry residents continued to vent their frustration. There were reports that the employees that accompanied the trucks were attacked but Lindeners vehemently denied this. “Is the police killing people here….Nobody aint do nobody nothing in here…Is the police, not the civilians.” Nonetheless, solidarity ran high in the mining town, as the protest action intensified on the eastern bank of the Demerara River, in the Amelia’s Ward as the Mackenzie residents joined in what is now being called a “prolonged struggle.” There was the feeling among some that only the persons of Wismar would usually protest matters affecting Linden, but this changed yesterday as the roadway on the Mackenzie section of Linden was blocked. According to reports, Mackenzie residents joined in the struggle en masse and

this is expected to continue today. This publication also understands that the planned five-day protest has morphed into one that will intensify until the demands are met. “Personally, I feel that this thing will continue….. we don’t have job opportunities…It will continue until the President comes to say something to us about the high rate of electricity they want to put on us….We done suffering in here with the price of food...the price of everything so high. Now when you got to pay higher light bill wha gun happen to we?….a gallon off rice is a $1,000.” Kaieteur News was told that the residents are resolute in their decision to protest the electricity hike, economic conditions of the community and the killing of the three Lindeners now dubbed “Martyrs.” Lindeners were particularly upset with Head of State Donald Ramotar for not even visiting the community or making any public pronouncements. “At least (Bharrat) Jagdeo used to show he face,” said another angry resident. Repeated reference was made throughout the day among residents to a protest action in Berbice.

That protest action had seen a Police Station being torched and Government responded by dispatching a Ministerial team to pacify the situation. “Wha happen to we here in Linden? Why dem got to shoot we when we protest?” At 19:00hrs last evening, Ramotar appeared on the Linden NCN Television Channel. Ramotar, in his address said that the Administration was deeply concerned and warned that it was not only the Region Ten Community that was affected. “That man stubborn…No way,” were some of the lamentations by residents as they listened to the President who said that the discussions will continue only when normalcy is returned to the community. Ramotar was at the time speaking to the fact that some leaders have misinformed the Lindeners into the protest action. The President intimated that the majority of Lindeners want to go out and work rather than engage in protest action. This sentiment was greeted with the shout, “The vast majority of the people on the road protesting.” Up to late last evening police were observed attempting to clear debris from the roadway.

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Saturday July 21, 2012

DDL carts off Dominoes series (From page 15)

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VEHICLES FOR SALE Quantum Auto. In stock Toyota Premio, Allion, Spacio, Fielders and Raums Fully loaded 624-7684,617-2378 Lexus IS200,Honda CR-V Both fully loaded PKK series, price negotiable Safraz 6747576, 633-5062 One Toyota AT 192,Ceres AT 170,EP 71 Starlet,1 Mitsubishi RVR and Galamt Call:644-5096, 697-1453 2003 Nissan X Trail PLL series, excellent condition $3.2M Negotiable Call:6233839 One silver grey L-Touring wagon.PHH 9872.Good Condition $900K Call:2278006, 682-1799, 697-2981 GX110 Toyota Mark 2 PJJ Series Call Owner 644-6608

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El Dorado Conquerors (Demerara Distillers Ltd.) edged out Team Banks DIH by one point to win the Beverage Companies threematch aggregate dominoes series but Ansa McAl Trading starred in the final round played Thursday at DDL Sports Club at Diamond, East Banks Demerara. DDL finished the series with an overall aggregate of 215 games followed by Team Banks on 214 and Ansa McAl on 209. Scores in the final round read Ansa McAl 85 games, DDL 75 and Banks on the carpet 58. Leading the charge for Ansa McAl were Chrisanthony Pasramen and Shawn Fraser with 17 games each, A. McDonald 16 and Troy Cadogan 13. Jennifer Sarjoo was in top form for DDL with 16 games, while Ulric Atkinson supported with 12 games. Owen Grannum was the top scorer for Banks with 17 games and he shared the Most Valuable Player (MVP) prize with Pasramen of Ansa Mc Al. The love birds were Arthur Sagon and Suruj Ramkarran of Banks.

El Dorado Conquerors (DDL) players pose with the Championship trophy following their success over Banks DIH and Ansa Mc Al Trading. Banks had a 16-game lead over DDL going in the final round but the advantaged diminished as DDL urged on by their supporters cleared the deficit by the second sitting as Banks struggled while Ansa McAl surged ahead. Fraser with 47 games in the series was adjudged the

player with the best aggregate and received a trophy for his feat. Tournament Coordinator Troy Peters, Banks DIH Communications Manager, said the series was very competitive and indicated that three beverage companies will be engaged in other social activities in the

not too distant future. Ansa McAl Public Relations Officer Darshanie Yusuf said her company looked forward to similar tournaments, while DDL’s Human Resources Liaison Romona Rahat said the series brought camaraderie among employees of the three companies.

Trophy Stall Golf tourney on today Local golfers will be looking for improved weather this weekend as they compete in the Trophy Stall Medal Play tournament at the Lusignan Golf Club. An estimated 40 players will grace the Lusignan course today for what is expected to be a keenly contested tournament. President of the Club, Jerome Khan has expressed

gratitude to Managing Director of Trophy Stall, Ramesh Sunich, for his continued sponsorship of golf locally. “Mr. Sunich has been one of our main sponsors over the years and we would like to welcome him once again and thank him for his support,” Khan said. Prizes will be awarded to the top three players with the

best net scores as well as Nearest to the Pin and Longest drive. Among the players expected to be in action are William Walker, Dr. Ram Singh, Patrick Prashad, Mike Gayadin, Maurice Solomon, Mike Mangal, Chatterpaul Deo, Mark Lashley, Rawl Moore, Brian Hackett, Troy Cadogan, Brian Glasford, Kishun Bacchus, Joaan Deo,

Christine Sukhram, Carlos Adams, Colin Ming, Dave Mohamed, Andre Cummings and John Tracey. Tee off is at 12:30 hours. The weather has affected this year’s programme but officials are hoping that the weather improves as golfers prepare for a hectic second half of the year that will see at least two major tournaments including the Guyana Open.

From back page Coach Gilbert said that the players have responded well to training sessions and he is confident that they will take these lessons to their respective matches. “I am confident

that the rigorous sessions endured by this team is comparable to those instituted by coaches in other international territories,” boasted Mr. Gilbert. He also lauded the players' response to the technical

and physical sessions even as he intimated that sessions encompassed the holistic development of the youngsters. “They were exposed to physical, technical, social and psychological tutoring,” explained Mr. Gilbert even as he juxtaposed his methods with those of soldiers engaged in jungle warfare. “In those instances the aim is to outwit the opposition,” he revealed. The coach is very confident that his charges will deliver and cart off the honours in their group. Meanwhile, Mr. Wilson wished the team well and told the players that their efforts were well supported by the business community as well as the executives of the GFF. He urged them to work hard and win their respective games as this could serve as compensatory. Mr. Wilson expressed deep gratitude to the

management of the Watooka Guest House as well as the many business persons that contributed to the team's preparations. Some of those entities are Demerara Distillers Ltd, Republic Bank and the Bank of Nova Scotia among others. Mr. Wilson also joined the rest of the management team in expressing deepest sympathy to Kareem Knights whose father passed away while the player was encamped. The other members of the team are Jason Cromwell (goalkeeper), Shamar Richards, Trevor Jones, Troy Lewis, Stefan Enoe and Cedric Osborne (defenders), Myles Albert, Paul Miggins, Keiron Solomon, Mark Wrong, Kellon Primo and Nicosie Denny (midfielders), Frank Parks and Christopher Bacchus (forwards).

Confidence levels high as footballers ...

Saturday July 21, 2012

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66 Karatekas tested at JKA/ Guyana Netballers WF Guyana grading exercise nailed by Canada 70-23

The Japan Karate Association / World Federation Guyana (JKAWFG) held its Second Grading exercise for 2012 on Saturday July 14 where a total of 66 students were tested for promotion from their three

(1st yellow); 3 adults were outstanding - Richard Toney, Micah Morgan and Maxene Joseph, advancing from white to 8 KYU (2nd yellow); 10 advanced from 9 KYU to 8 KYU (2nd yellow); 14 advanced from 8 KYU

Ramdas, and Andy SamReddy (Berbice) excelled advancing from 2 KYU to 1 KYU (last stage brown). These 3 will now start the intense preparation training process to take their Shodan examination (1st Dan - Black

Students and Instructors that participated in the Japan Karate Association / World Federation Guyana (JKAWFG) Second Grading exercise. combined Dojo’s. Grading for Georgetown took place at their headquarters and main Dojo in the National Park Thomas Lands, where 40 students were graded. Some 26 students were graded in the afternoon at the Rose Hall Community Centre in Canje, Berbice (14 from Port Mourant and 12 from Canje Dojo’s). The results of the grading were as follows: In the Beginners stage: 7 students advanced from 10 KYU (white belt) to 9 KYU

(yellow) to 7 KYU (orange belt); 11 advanced from 7 KYU (orange) to 6 KYU (green). Intermediate Stage: 4 advanced from green to purple; 5 from 5 KYU (1st purple) to 4 KYU (2nd purple); 2 advanced from 4 KYU to 3B KYU (brown belt). Advance Stage: 4 advanced from 3 KYU (1st brown) to 2 KYU (2nd brown); 3 advanced from 2 KYU (2nd brown) to1 B KYU; while 3 students - Annessa Taylor (Georgetown), Deoram

Cavendish wins 18th stage, Wiggins still in yellow

AFP – Britain’s Mark Cavendish produced a stunning finish to claim victory on the 18th stage of the Tour de France and equal the record number of 22 stage wins for a sprinter on the race. Sky teammate and compatriot Bradley Wiggins came over the finish line seconds later with his 2min 05sec overall lead on British teammate Chris Froome intact. Italian Vincenzo Nibali is still third overall at 2:41 after the 226 km ride between Blagnac and Brive-LaGaillarde. Wiggins, who is set to become Britain’s first winner of the world’s biggest

bike race on Sunday, played a starring role for his Sky teammate Cavendish in what was a technical but thrilling finale into Brive. Despite his yellow jersey making a rare appearance in the final kilometres as Sky led the chase of a small leading group, Wiggins said it was payback for the sacrifices Cavendish has made in the race. “He’s been an incredible teammate the last couple of weeks. It’s nice to be able to pay him back,” said Wiggins. “It’s been hard every morning, thinking about the GC (general classification) and maybe sacrificing some sprint stages.”

Over-50 veteran footballers called to prepare for upcoming engagements Over-50 veteran footballers are being called to a practice session tomorrow at the Georgetown Football Club ground, Bourda from 9:00 in the morning. The practice is the start of a series as the ‘Old boys’,

stars of yesteryear, prepare for a local tournament and the visit of an overseas team for a series of matches in the coming months. The veterans are encouraged to come out for tomorrow’s session.

belt) testing in one year’s time. The Berbice Grading had a compliment of Black Belts students and other senior members from HQ Dojo in Georgetown who attended the session to train and conduct Bunkai demonstration (Kata applications) with the students. The parents and other curious onlookers got a firsthand glimpse of the depth of this art form and went away with a completely different perspective of Shotokan Karate. Grading exercises were conducted by local Chief Instructor Sensei Christopher Chaves (4th Dan) and assistant instructor Sensei Marvin Singh (2nd Dan).

By Juanita Hooper in Trinidad and Tobago Guyana went down 77-23 to Canada Friday evening, the seventh day of the Americas Federation Netball Association (AFNA) Senior Netball Championship at the Jean Pierre Complex, Port-ofSpain before scores of anticipated spectators who gathered to witness the international competition. Looking to create an upset on Court two, Guyana played with a burst of energy in the first quarter but could not have blocked the tactical players of the Canadians, who were fitter than the locals. The Canadians dominating throughout the four quarters of the game, looking untroubled by their opponents led 19-9, 37-14, 57-15 and 70-23. Canada attacking both of the wings created rings around the Guyana team. Consistent Guyanese shooter Angeline McCarthy netted a total of 18 goals from her attempted 27;

Simonica Fanfair looped in 5, while Shonnette Estwick failed to net from one attempt. Canada’s Cherry Don Nickie and Sabrina Versteeg opening the account for their team, each scored 17 and 2 (total, 19) respectively to create a 10 points lead against the Guyanese who only had 9. McCarthy netted 5 as Fanfair entered 4 in the ring. The lead was extended by an average margin of 23 points in the second quarter as the Canadians turned on the heat which was soon extinguished in the third quarter. Nickie scored another 17 points for her team while Versteeg managed to only score one from her four attempts. The third quarter saw McCarthy being the only scorer for Guyana as the Canadians camped the goal scoring circle for Guyana looping in 20 from their attempted 27. The final quarter which

commenced with Guyana 15, Canada 57 concluded at 70-23 in the latter favour.Again McCarthy was the only local player to score 8. Versteeg added in seven in the winning account while Kelsey Binns who managed to score one in the third quarter, encircled the ball into the nets six times. Guyana will attempt to secure a win against Grenada and Bermuda today at the Complex. Meanwhile, Trinidad and Tobago faced their first defeat in the AFNA Championship to Barbados by 11 points, 59-48. They will be approaching their biggest hurdle in the Championships today when they collide with Powerhouse of the Caribbean, Jamaica. The Jamaican over the past six days have not been defeated by another other participating country.

The National Paralympic Committee of Guyana, NPCG, will be conducting Consultations in Regions 2, 3 and 4 combined, 5, 6 and 10. High on the agenda are discussions on the Draft Constitution which will be the main focus of the consultations. Persons with

disabilities, guardians, NDCs, Sports Officers, Private Sector and all interested agencies are invited. Contributions are necessary during consultations in an effort to complete the final compilation of the document. The NPCG is in the process of applying

to be affiliated to the International Paralympic Committee, IPC. Mr Andre Collins, cofounder and Director of Trinidad and Tobago Alliance for Sport and Physical Education (TTASPE) will be in Guyana to work with the NPCG during the Consultation process.

- face with Bermuda and Grenada today for final games

CONSULTATION SCHEDULE DATE July 23,2012 July 24,2012 *July 25,2012 To be announced later Amsterdam Berbice July 26,2012 July 27.2012

TIME 10:00hrs 9:00 hrs 10:00hrs 10:00hrs 9:00 hrs 10:00hrs

REGION# 2 3&4 5 6 3&4 10

LOCATION Queenstown CBR UNIT Guyana Society for the Blind Litchfield WCB DPN UNIT Special Needs School New Guyana Society for the Blind LINSEED

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Cricket-South Africa fight back against England (Reuters) - South Africa fought back against England on the second day of the first test on Friday, first with the ball and then the bat, to close on 86 for one after bowling England out for 385. Captain Graeme Smith, playing his 100th test match, was 37 not out and Hashim Amla was on 47 after being dropped on 40 by first slip Andrew Strauss off Ravi Bopara. Alviro Petersen went for a duck, lbw to James Anderson with just one on the scoreboard. The second-wicket partnership between Smith and Amla capped a muchneeded improvement by the tourists after a lethargic display on day one, when England were mostly in control. Morne Morkel finished off the England innings with four for 72, while Dale Steyn and Jacques Kallis claimed two wickets apiece. Alastair Cook added just one run to

his overnight score to depart for 115 and Matt Prior added a vital 60 from 90 balls. It was an impressive comeback by the Proteas after England resumed on 267 for three. The bowling was more accurate and aggressive, although bowling conditions were better with the sun being replaced by cloud cover. Prior’s innings was a vital contribution as England, at one point, looked as if they were going to collapse at 313 for seven as the Proteas squeezed them with some tight, penetrative bowling. Prior struggled early on but after lunch was more fluent, hitting three fours in six balls in one sequence. Prior reached his fifty by straight driving Vernon Philander for four. He was eventually Morkel’s third victim and was also one of AB de Villiers’ five catches, which would please the team having lost the services of veteran

wicketkeeper Mark Boucher to a freak eye injury on the first day of the tour. Cook was the first man to fall in the day when he dragged a full-length ball from Steyn back on to his off stump. Steyn then picked up Ravi Bopara, making his latest comeback, for a duck when he mistimed a hook shot and edged to the keeper. Ian Bell was bowled for 13 by Kallis after some clever swing and seam bowling that outfoxed the batsman. Stuart Broad (16) and Graeme Swann (15 not out) chipped in down the order. Despite taking only the one wicket, England would at least have been encouraged by occasional evidence of sharp spin from Swann and uneven bounce. Scores: South Africa 86 for 1 (Smith 37*, Amla 47*) trail England 385 (Cook 115, Trott 71, Prior 60, Morkel 472) by 299 runs.

Cricinfo - Yet another India v Sri Lanka series is upon us. While the Indian team has racked up its frequent flyer miles with regular trips to Sri Lanka over the past few years, they start this series in an unfamiliar location. The stadium at Hambantota, a port town in southern Sri Lanka, was built for the World Cup and India haven’t played a game there yet.

previous ODI series, the Asia Cup in Dhaka. One advantage India will have over the home side is that the team comes in with six weeks of rest, a rare luxury in recent years. On the other hand Sri Lanka, especially their IPL players, have been playing almost non-stop since their previous home season began last August. With the SLPL starting days after this series ends, and the

controversial rotation system and being rested. In those matches, he blasted the record-breaking 219 in Indore, but hasn’t otherwise crossed 30. Sri Lanka’s batting order has undergone plenty of changes over the past few months. Will they again push Jayawardene to the top of the order or stick with Upul Tharanga, who had a poor series against Pakistan? And if Jayawardene takes a middleorder place, will it be his usual position at No. 4, or will he go one spot lower as he did against Pakistan? One of the questions India will have to address is whether to play Irfan Pathan as an allrounder at No. 7, or go in with a specialist batsman at that position. If they do pick a specialist batsman for that position, it will likely be Manoj Tiwary, who has spent plenty of time on the bench over the past few months. Dhoni hinted that they will pick Irfan for the first game. “He gives us the liberty of playing with five specialist bowlers,” he said. “We can play two spinners and three seamers because Irfan can also bat.” Sri Lanka have experimented with a whole lot of spinners over the past couple of years, but are still to zero in on a permanent slow bowler for their limited-overs side.

India’s break ends, Sri Lanka’s grind extends

India’s break ends, Sri Lanka’s grind extends The ground recently hosted a couple of Twenty20s during Pakistan’s tour and, if those matches are anything to go by, the bowlers should enjoy themselves. With Zaheer Khan back spearheading the attack, and Umesh Yadav providing the pace, India’s bowling looks in better shape than it did in their

World Twenty20 following soon after, Sri Lanka’s players have a while to go yet before they can think of a rest. Form guide Watch out for... In the 15 months since last year ’s World Cup, Virender Sehwag has played only nine ODIs due to a combination of injuries, the

Saturday July 21, 2012

‘We wanna see Bolt!’

BIRMINGHAM, United Kingdom (AFP) — Olympic 100m and 200m champion Usain Bolt and Jamaica’s starstudded track and field team have been training under heavy security at the University of Birmingham since their arrival here just about a week ago. Bolt, World 100m champion Yohan Blake and three-time Olympic gold medallist Veronica CampbellBrown are among the big names already at the camp, but fans have been left frustrated by the behindclosed-doors training sessions. “You are not allowed to take any photos around the school campus, it’s a private area,” a member of the university security team shouted as fans and a few journalists who tried to peep through the hedges which surround the 400m track yesterday. “No peeping is allowed on the athletes,” shouted another security guard. A fan, who only gave his name as Pete, was very upset about the guarded track. “This is our country, this is our Olympics. We should be allow here, not on the track,

Closed-door policy frustrates fans in Birmingham

Usain Bolt but certainly here to watch, that’s what it’s here for, to watch, not for them not to watch,” he said. “I’m here to see Usain Bolt, who I got a glimpse of yesterday (Wednesday), a tall guy, looking very swift.”

Charles Wilson, a student at the university, who at one point climbed onto the gate to get a look, said he came only to see Bolt. “I am just trying to get a glimpse of him because he’s a big inspiration of mine, so I will do anything to get a glimpse of him,” Wilson said. Jenna Hadley, Olympic Communications Officer at the University of Birmingham, said that media would be given a chance to take photos and interview the athletes on July 24. She said no access at all will be provided before then, despite pleas for special consideration to be given to Jamaican journalists. Meanwhile, some members of the team did relay practice yesterday, though it was not clear who exactly took part. Several of the athletes went on a tour of the city centre, but it was no surprise that Bolt, Blake and CampbellBrown were not seen. Beijing relay gold medallist Michael Frater was among the athletes on the tour.

Mahendra Persaud takes Bronze Bar at Bisley shooting championship

Mahendra Persaud National Fullbore Captain Mahendra Persaud won a Bronze Bar when he placed 37th overall in the Daily Mail tournament at the Annual Bisley Rifle Shooting Championships in Great Britain. The top 40 shooters received the Bronze Bar. Persaud recorded 75 points with 7 Vs to secure the Bronze Bar shooting the X Class which has all the top shooters in the world. In the A or O classes, Persaud would have medaled, one point or one V can displace you by 25 spots down the chart, a Bisley knowledgeable disclosed. The first place in the event was shared by MCJ Button and P Patel who both shot scores of 75 with 14Vs.

Another outstanding performance was Persaud’s shoot in the St. George First Stage where he shot 73.7 with the cut off to progress to the St. George’s Second Stage being 73.9. According to Persaud the weather in Great Britain has also affected his performance. The Bisley regular described the weather as raining and cold. Last year, Persaud performed creditably in the St. George’s international shooting Match, finishing 40th overall from a field of 875 shooters in the prestigious tournament which attracts the world’s leading marksmen. He had

shot 73:8 at 900 yards for a total of 148:15 to place a creditable 40th place and was elevated to Class “X” moving from his previous “A” classification. The national rifleman is expected to lead Guyana’s challenge in the West Indies Fullbore Championships to be hosted here later this year at the Timehri Rifle ranges. The regional tournament will attract teams from Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Barbados, Antigua/ Barbuda, Bermuda and host Guyana in one week of shooting action including two days of team competition.

‘Jumbie’ 18-team Domino Competition heads to Parika Mark ‘Jumbie’ Wiltshire has organized an 18-team Domino Competition which will be staged tomorrow at Rhonda’s Place, Parika, West Coast Demerara. According to Wiltshire, teams from across the country are invited to participate in the competition and transportation to the venue is

expected to leave Demico House at 11:00 hrs tomorrow and the fee is $800 return. The winning team will receive $100,000, second placed $50,000 and third placed $20,000 and double-six time is 13:00 hrs. Among the sponsors is Joe Charles.

Corruption, is like a disease, it eats away the foundation of people’s faith in govt.It undermines the Stability and Security of Nations.

Saturday July 21, 2012

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Tradewind Tankers V/ball Tournament resumes today in B/ce The Tradewind Tankers True Champions Volleyball Tournament now moves on to the second leg of games which are scheduled for Berbice today and July 28, at the GTM Hardcourt in New Amsterdam and the Guysuco Training Centre in Port Mourant respectively. Today's action will see the six teams which have qualified for the second stage begin battle for the prize monies and ultimately a place in the final stage of the tournament where the top four teams square off for the lucrative top prizes. Already the tournament has shown some shifts of power and surprises for the first time in many years, defending champions Young Achievers, who are now evidently weakened by the absence of star setter Khemraj Singh suffered defeat at the hands of

upcoming and promising unit Guysuco Training Centre (GTC). They were held to a draw by host Castrol Strikers, who in probably the biggest surprise in this year's tournament managed to dig deep and cart off $20,000 dollars by winning the 2's format of the first leg. However, being the team they are, Young Achievers bounced back to easily win the 4's version by a clear 12 points of second placed GTC 1, carting off the $20,000 top prize for their win, while GTC took home $10,000. Aside from those notable results, Castrol Strikers suffered an upset after losing to Lusignan in the 4's format which enabled the latter to win the last qualifying spot for the 6's segment. The points standing for the 2's and 4's are as follows: In the 2's: Castrol

Strikers - 99 points, Young Achievers and TC 1 – tied on 98 points, Rollers – 81 points, Port Mourant Jaguars – 79 points and Lusignan – 62 points. I n t h e 4 ' s : Yo u n g Achievers – 92 points, TC 1 – 81 points, Rollers – 79 points, Port Mourant Jaguars – 78 points, Castrol Strikers and Lusignan – tied on 63 points. Today Rollers will host the 6's format at their training venue, GTM Hardcourt in New Amsterdam and the event is expected to serve off promptly at 9:00hrs. All volleyball fans, especially those in the very active Berbice association are urged to come out and witness the best that volleyball has to offer locally. The event is expected to run until around 16:00hrs.

Downes /Mitchell upset Miller/Ramdyhan Adams and Panday to face off for 45 Men's title Rebecca Mitchell made a successful return to local tennis which she teamed up with last year's Men's champion Anthony Downes to defeat the number one seeded team in the GBTI Mixed Doubles category. Defending champions Shelly Ramdydan/Jeremy Miller started off in a hurry and capitalised on the match rustiness of Mitchell as they served excellently and blasted several winners to wrap up the first set 6-1. Mitchell who is a former Ladies Champion and college player then found a groove with her game and with Downes turned the tide and wrapped up the second set 6-3 to force a decider. The match which was of extremely high quality was a see-saw affair with both teams hitting excellent shots and in the end it was Mitchell/Downes who secured a break and took the set 6-3. Downes/Mitchell moved on to the semi-finals where they will face Sandeep Chand/Thi Fernandes who

posted a hard fought 6-3 6-4 victory over Grace McAlman and Nicholas Glasgow. Chand/Fernandes quickly secured a 5-2 lead before closing off the set. The second set was tied up at 4-4 before Glasgow's serve was broken and Chand served out the match. In the other matchups for the night Carlos Adams showed his class in the Men's 45 singles as he easily put away a tricky opponent in Victor Devchanko who had posed problems for a number of his opponents through the tournament with his steady play. Adams used his excellent court sense to outplay Devchanko as he moved his opponent around before putting away the volleys. Adams who captured three titles last year is favored in the final where he will face Harry Panday who posted a 6-4 6-4 win in his semifinal encounter with Steve David Lange. Panday was leading 5-2 in the second set and after surviving a bout of cramps was able to pull off the set 6-

4. The first set also was 6-4. Saturday's matches will feature the semi-finals in the Ladies Open category with Carol Humphrey taking on the winner of Aruna Ramrattan & Thi Fernandes while Shawna Gentle will take on Krystal Sukra in the second semi-final. There will also be matchups in the Men's Open Doubles where the Glasgow brothers Nicholas/Jason Glasgow will take on the winner of N Fenty/A Erskine vs B Dalip/K Abrams and j u n i o r s K h a l i f Gobin/Benedict Sukra will f a c e L e y l a n d Leacock/Gilbert Barckoy. Men's 45 Singles Harry Panday def Steve DavidLange 6-4 6-4. Mixed Doubles Rebecca Mitchell/Anthony Downes d e f S h e l l y Ramdhyan/Jeremy Miller 16 6-3 6-3. Mixed Doubles Thi Fernandes/Sandeep Chand vs Grace Mc Calman/ Nicholas Glasgow 6-3 6-4. Men's 45 Singles Carlos A d a m s d e f Vi c t o r Devchanko 6-0 6-0.

(Flashback)- Part of the action in last year's competition played at the GuySuCo Training Centre.

Confidence levels high as footballers leave for Twin Island Republic for CFU engagement

t r o Sp Digicel's Horserace Classic anticipated to be exciting With over $11.5 million in total prize monies up for grabs, tomorrow's second running of the Digicel Horse Race Classic is anticipated to produce some fast times according to Co-ordinator Compton Sancho, who made the disclosure to Kaieteur

the West Coast of Berbice and witness what is easily the best event on the Horse Race calendar. A number of overseasbased Guyanese have arrived for the Meet, while jockeys from overseas including Jamaica and

among others will contest over 1700 metres for a first prize of $2million. The 3 years old West Indian and Guyana bred race over 1700 metres is the cofeature that carries a top prize of $1million and that too is anticipated to produce

Mr. Wilson poses with the management team and a few players at yesterday's function. L-R Kareem Knights, Robert Christiani, Sampson Gilbert, Carlos Bernard, Michelle Jackman. Jermaine Fletcher and Daniel English The feats of Guyana's premiere footballers, The Golden Jaguars, in their quest for honours in the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers, are well documented and seem to have injected fresh enthusiasm among pundits and the nation as a whole, of the positive direction the sport is heading. It is with this high level of enthusiasm and hope that a team of U-17 footballers leaves for Trinidad and Tobago this morning to participate in the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) tournament. C o n s e q u e n t l y, t h e players will be in action on Tuesday July 24 when they face off with Suriname. Two days later, the local ball weavers will clash with the British Virgin Islands and on

Saturday July 26, they will e n g a g e Tr i n i d a d a n d Tobago's 'Young Soca Warriors' in their final game. Yesterday afternoon, the management team, accompanied by a few players briefed the media of the players' itinerary and other topical matters at a press conference at the Section K Campbellville offices of the Guyana Football Federation. Those in attendance were President (ag) of the GFF, Franklyn Wilson, Manager of the team, Carlos Bernard, Coach Sampson Gilbert and Medic, Michelle Jackman. Some of the players were also in attendance including Kareem Knights (midfielder), Robert Christiani (defender),

Jermaine Fletcher (midfielder) and Daniel English (goalkeeper) Mr. Bernard informed that the players commenced preparations for the tournament on May 26 with a rigid physical test. He explained that the youngsters were committed to exams at their respective schools and during that time they were encamped for brief periods, over two weekends. The manager further said that these arrangements were subsequently formalized and they were encamped at the Watooka Guest House, Linden, on a more sustained basis. During that time they honed their skills on the Bayrock and the Linden Technical Institute grounds. Continued on page 20

(Flashback) - Action in one of the races at last year's inaugural Digicel Horse Race Classic. Sport yesterday. According to Sancho, most of the horses completed their gallops on the track on Thursday and presently the facility is closed to allow preparations to finish. Sancho informed that despite the inclement weather recently, the track is in excellent shape and some exciting races are expected so fans are being urged to get down to the Norman Singh Turf Club on

Trinidad and Tobago will be participating in the day's races. Horses from the Jumbo Jet Stables, Colin Elcock, Sheriff Stables, Chris Jagdeo, Habibullah and the Crawford Stables have been confirmed as entries on the day's card, while the feature event is the 'B' Class & Lower where the likes of Zellick, How So Ever, Jet Set Go, The Message and Fairy Landing

a scorching display by the horses entered. Meanwhile, sponsor Digicel have also included a packed programme for turfites which includes an after race concert that will feature a surprise artiste along with the locals and tassa drums. There will also be two booths where patrons can go and get cell phones at specially reduced prices throughout the day.

Malta Supreme Hugh Ross Classic & Body Building Show

Hand in Hand Group of Companies lends a hand Insurance Giants Handin-Hand Group of Companies has joined hands with the Hugh Ross Classic Committee to ensure that the 3rd edition of the Body Building and Fitness Show set for Saturday July 28, 2012 is a success. On Thursday at their 1-4 Avenue of the Republic, Georgetown Head Office, Senior Supervisor, William Ward handed over a cheque to Hugh Ross noting that the company was pleased to be a part of the Classic. Wa r d , h i m s e l f a competitor, said that Hand in Hand has a rich history of

supporting the development of sports in Guyana over the years and this is just a continuation of that commitment. Ross in response thanked the entity for their commitment towards making the show a success. Ross promised that this year's Classic will showcase a number of young and exciting competitors with some of the experienced athletes also set to grace the National Cultural Stage as they battle for the top spots and bragging rights as Mr. Hugh Ross Classics 2012.

The females will vie for the Ms. Figure Crown. Meanwhile, the Fitness Walk is set for tomorrow, Sunday July 22 starting at 06:00hrs at the National Park. Participants will proceed East along Thomas Lands, North into JB Singh H i g h w a y, We s t i n t o Carifesta Avenue, South into Camp Street, East into Lamaha street and north into Albert street to end at the National Park. All participants will receive a free tee shirt, compliments of Banks DIH which will also provide liquid refreshments for all.

Senior Supervisor of Hand in Hand, William Ward, hands over cheque to Hugh Ross in the presence of from right, Vivek Joshi (HIH Business Development Manager), Andre Poonai (HRC Technical Director) and Andrea Khan (HIH Marketing Coordinator).

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