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Wednesday July 17, 2013

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Letters... Where your views make the news... Letters... Where your views make the news

The rhetoric and the reality of the Rodney case DEAR EDITOR, Writing in rage is not M. Maxwell’s best suit, for it lays bare the sloppiness of his arguments that aren’t even masked by the penchant for stringing ‘big words’ together. Refer to his letter “Minette Bacchus’ shamelessly convenient reasoning and typical cherrypicking,” KN July 16, 2013. The issue under focus, from day one, is the need to move from accusing Forbes Burnham of being culpable for Walter Rodney’s death to proving the accusation. The inability or unwillingness to prove by those who over the years have accused continues with all sorts of diversionary tactics and excuses. It is a behaviour that gives credence to the claim persons are cannibalising Rodney’s name to ensure their relevance/sympathy/ career. Persons are descending into the cesspool of ridiculous. It is not for me to address Maxwell’s nine pointers because he thinks they are “germane and pivotal” since they do not state culpability, which remains my interest, and are therefore best answered by him. I have not accused and have no need to prove. It is Maxwell who continues to accuse and his questions would be best served and answered at the Independent International Commission of Enquiry (IICE) by making himself available to have the panel or whomever answer his questions, they be ruled relevant/irrelevant, or he be cited for Public Mischief. It is sincerely hoped this is factored into the IICE and such carries a fine of jail or community service and the culpable be assigned to a Chain Gang to clean up Georgetown, including the Le Repentir cemetery. Maxwell’s words of July 1, repeated July 16 are, “The Burnham defenders say

Rodney had an accident and blew himself up (see Forbes Burnham’s statement from 2.46 to 3.22 of the You Tube video titled ‘War Stories Trailers’ posted by Mykal Cushnie). Rodney’s death was no accident. Logically, it can only be an accident if Rodney knew he was holding a bomb. No rational human being, after losing three of his bodyguards and lieutenants, knowingly tests a live bomb that could be remotely triggered in the enclosed space of a car (a luxury in those days) and in the company of his beloved brother.” How relevant is the insertion of the YouTube info, bodyguard, car being a luxury, blah, blah to making known Maxwell’s claim to “accident” and “bomb” which are recognised in quoting him? Was his claim distorted in anyway? No. But this is the assininity readers have to suffer in the name of Rodney! Maxwell and Freddie Kissoon are among those who find fertile ground in a society where people are not usually held to account, so they jump on the bandwagon to peddle the fare of Burnham’s culpability because it provides political/ social recognition. They are not interested in proving their case via evidence to an adjudicating body. Keeping the truth from the public of Rodney’s death and the demonisation of Burnham in fulfillment of this are more important to them that ensuring justice for Rodney and Burnham. It matters not to them the offspring of the accused and accuser are calling for answers; sections of society, or the nation’s leading newspapers editorialising to the effect (SN May 12, 2013 and KN May 13, 2013). To these provocateurs this is like throwing water on duck’s back. The limelight is more

important so they propagate their claim to “know.” Note, they are not calling for the enquiry and some among them gave lukewarm support to the government’s June 13, 2013 promise, with some seeing it as ‘strategy’ by the PPP to divert attention or create division within the APNU. When in 1980 Burnham was accused, the efforts by his administration to utilise external forensic experts were discredited by the WPA even before any arrived and seen as “the regime has been brazen enough to tell the Guyanese people that it has invited experts from wellknown imperialist police forces from imperialist capitals in a highly political incident in which they may have been involved at an earlier stage” (Press Release June 17, 1980). The inquest held during the Desmond Hoyte administration was said to have fallen short. In 1996 then Chief Magistrate K.JumanYassin charged Gregory Smith for murder and his extradition from French Guiana posed a problem given the variance in the two countries’ laws, which offered the PPP coverage not to pursue. Ralph Ramkarran’s article “Remembering Walter Rodney” proves enlightening (SN June 16, 2013). In 2005 the National Assembly voted for the IICE into Rodney’s death -the Burnham’s PNC voted yea and the PPP abstained from its motion. For those unaware, Rodney came from a family with strong PPP ties. His father Edward Percival was a PPP activist and brothers’ Eddie, a former PPP Member of Parliament and Hubert sits on State boards as the PPP representative. So the question must be asked, why aren’t these forces getting together to do right by Walter? Minette Bacchus

Have the West Indies selectors hit the panic button? DEAR EDITOR, The WICB released its squad for the first two ODI’s to be held in Guyana, and surprisingly there is no specialist wicket keeper. Even if Dinesh Ramdin wasn’t making runs or keeping well, he should have been replaced by another specialist keeper. To entrust such a responsibility on Johnson Charles or even Lendl Simmonds, part-time keepers who are now establishing themselves as competent and reliable batsmen is too risky at this stage of our cricket, and could seriously affect the confidence and competence of young Charles, Simmonds and the rest of the team. The fact that there is no Guyanese in the 15-man squad is testimony to the sad and depressing state in which Guyana cricket has

found itself. Because of the lack of a proper cricket development programmes by the Guyana Cricket Board, especially at the youth level, it seems certain that Guyanese cricketers would not catch the eyes of the Selectors. Evidence of this can be seen by the extremely poor performance of our youth teams in the regional competitions under the present cricket administration. Apparently the “powers that be” are afraid to bite the bullet, thereby omitting at least one of the recurring failures in the batting and/or bowling department where we are experiencing most of the problems. The WICB seems to have hit the panic button, in my view, unnecessarily at this stage. Claude Raphael

NAUGHTY STUDENT DEAR EDITOR, It is regrettable that Mr. Kissoon disliked my book. His surprising piece in the Kaieteur News indicates that something deeper is going on. Over the years I have had naughty students who overreact when something very personal is triggered. In such a case one has to lead the student first to serenity, and then to acceptance. Then student shortfalls can be pointed out - without offence - starting with the obvious. Vocabulary is usually a good starting point. A Glossary is a list of terms used in explaining difficult or unusual words and expressions used in the text. (Please note that I titled it “A Glossary of Terms.”) An Epilogue is a continuing part of a literary work. This is what Mr. Kissoon was referring to at the end of his piece. It is regrettable that he did not refer to Wikipedia, Book Design, before sitting down to write. This is easily accessible and lays out the traditional parts of a book. Notes and Acknowledgements, I might add, go in the front and after

the Preface. The Bibliography, which Mr. Kissoon calls Acknowledgements, is in the back of the book. A Bibliography is a list of source materials that are used or consulted in the preparation of a work, or that are referred to in the text. Factual errors in the student papers I collect, and have to grade, abound. By example, my book of 288 pages was listed as 253 in the piece. (Professionals list the number of pages by including all printed pages in the book) It is astonishing that the 83 End Notes at the end of the book were missed as well. An author may choose between footnotes and endnotes. They are the same,

just placed in different parts of a book. (This is why we used the terms ‘foot’ and ‘end.’) Reading a book thoroughly is also a virtue. Consider that Donna Dos Santos [since deceased] and her relationship with the Thomas Carroll Gang were covered in great detail. Kissoon’s turning to the Epilogue to get a quick summary suggests that he is like many of my poorer students. They skim and skip through their assigned reading, and prefer pictures with subtitles. Scholarship is demanding. The book reviews I wrote over the years (some of which were picked up by Continued on page 6

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Wednesday July 17, 2013

Letters... Where your views make the news

The ubiquitous Local Government Minister DEAR SIR, Over the last few months, Guyanese have been witnessing the clandestine moves of Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, to micromanage, the work of the City Council and many of the National Democratic Councils. He has used the imposition and political appointments of Town Clerk and Regional Executive Officers, and the imposition of IMCS. His actions remind us of “Lord of the Flies.” Several of these local government bodies have been bitterly complaining about the corruption and incompetence of these officers, appointed by the Minister, but he has refused to take action, in each and every case. But the Minister can do that and get away with it because there is no Local Government Commission as stipulated by the constitution of Guyana. In the absence of that commission the Minister assumes its powers, including appointing top officers of local government bodies and getting involved in the day to day management of these legitimate bodies. One can easily conclude that he is attempting to run the councils through his appointed officers. The

situation at the Georgetown City Council is a classic example. It is clear that, the Minister—a long- serving senior member of the PPP– would act in the interest of that party; he will not act based on the felt needs of the local bodies, particularly those that are opposition dominated. His decisions are likely to be very subjective and prejudicial because he is political programmed to think and act in a certain way. And with what is happening in parliament the government must work hard to stop the slippage of the party at the local level. Further, when one considers the Mayor’s utterances about 27 per cent vs. 73 per cent one gets to see exactly what the government is attempting to do with the citizens of Georgetown, who have consistently left the PPP in the political cold. One individual, in the person of the Minister decides who get to be appointed Town Clerk, Regional Executive Officer or any other senior post in the Councils, Never mind, the wishes and rights of the democratically elected Councils. It allows the Minister to do whatever he pleases. In this context it

makes him less accountable for his actions against the Councils, even if his actions are affecting the effectiveness of the council. Beyond that, it undercuts the very foundation of democracy, and good governance at the council level. However, a Local Government Commission would diffuse that power into several individuals and make the process more objective, fair and just. Yet, this commission has not been in place for many years. Now with the reforms been considered in parliament, the government wants almost total domination of it to continue their domination of the local democratic system. How can government claim to be democratic when it refuses to recognize and respects the will of the majority of councillors? How can a government claim to respect itself when it denies residents their constitutional and democratic rights to elect the local representatives, though local government elections? The answers to these questions are blowing in the wid of change—Egypt, Syria, Brazil and GHuyana. Aubrey James

NAUGHTY STUDENT From page 5 the Encyclopedia Britannica on line) required more than a pique of anger. Consider that I had to defend a paper at a Symposium at Hofstra University. Journal Articles, such as my research paper on Smallpox Eradication in Equatorial Guinea, also came under peer review. As for my credentials, I hold a BA from the State University of New York at Buffalo, and two Masters Degrees. Those are from PACE University and New York University, both in Manhattan. I also hold three certificates, one

of which is in Teaching English as a Second Language. This featured Linguistics as well as Grammar and Pronunciation. Perhaps Mr. Kissoon’s University education is grander than mine, but I am hardly an illiterate. Finally let me say that I did not intend to steal the limelight from anyone. I understand that I have been the subject of conversations in Guyana for two weeks now. This was not my intention. When I started this project it was because I, as an American, was horrified by what Thomas Carroll did in America’s name. When I

arrived in Guyana the tragedy took on a human dimension that never left me. I recall a student I had last year who was disruptive among his peers and plagiarized both his papers. The University required that he fail, but I gave him a D+ and requested that the grade count toward his graduation. Something deep inside the young man was eating away at him. Thoughtful reading and discussion is necessary. Wisdom requires thought and humility. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. This is your journey. Godspeed. David Casavis

Wednesday July 17, 2013

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Anti-money laundering legislation…

Banks to fork out millions more to ensure compliance - survey Local financial institutions will have to fork out more cash to meet global requirements to fight money laundering. According to a survey, The Global Cost of AntiMoney Laundering Compliance, by Washington D.C.’s Veris Consulting Inc, demands for compliance remain a significant cost factor for financial institutions globally. A Veris survey said 284 entities responded to its survey covering 46 countries and with 89% being multinational financial institutions. The bulk of the survey’s respondents included regional and US banks across the operational spectrum of retail, corporate and business banking, private banking and wholesale banking, followed by broker-dealers, money service business (MSBs) and other types of financial institutions. The findings of the survey will have only confirmed what the financial institutions in Guyana already know…that moneys will have to be spent to introduce systems and maybe hire more staffers to ensure critical reports are submitted to monitoring agencies. Guyana is currently piloting amendments to the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) (Amendment) Bill 2013. Guyana has until August 26 to submit documents pertaining to its readiness to

the regional oversight body the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF). In November, this will be reviewed. The Opposition refused to hurry up the proposed amended laws when it was presented to the National Assembly earlier this year. Rather, they sent it to a Special Parliament Select Committee. With the National Assembly scheduled to go on recess next month, the race will be on to have it ready in time for the August 26 deadline. Guyana could face sanctions if it fails to pass certain AML laws and implement changes before the November date. COSTS According to Veris’ survey, financial institutions have identified automated transaction monitoring systems as the biggest costs in the compliance efforts. “Our work in this space suggests that the cost is not only in system implementation and maintenance, but also in the analysis of the output of those systems. The majority of financial institutions are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with their current automated monitoring efforts, looking for software solutions that can actually lighten the workload

of many AML and OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) compliance departments, rather than adding to it.” The survey indicated that costs to ensure compliance could see increases of between 15%-40% over the next 12 months. It was pointed out that the situation proves harder as the operations of financial institutions become more complex and interconnected across jurisdictions – and as the rules, regulations and examination procedures of regulatory bodies continue to evolve. “Financial institutions increasingly will be required to devote considerable resources to AML and OFAC compliance issues.” In fact, there appears to be an industry-wide expectation that the overall cost for AML and OFAC compliance efforts will continue to increase for the foreseeable future, with a number of respondents forecasting cost increases of 15% – 40% over the next 12 months, the survey indicated. The OFAC of the US Department of the Treasury administers and enforces economic and trade sanctions based on US foreign policy and national security goals against targeted foreign countries and regimes, terrorists, international

narcotics traffickers, those engaged in activities related to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and other threats to the national security, foreign policy or economy of the United States. The OFAC acts under Presidential national emergency powers as well as authority granted by specific legislation, to impose controls on transactions and freeze assets under US jurisdiction. Many of the sanctions are based on United Nations and other international mandates, are multilateral in scope, and involve close cooperation with allied governments. Since the 2001 terrorist attacks on New York, the US has been moving to clampdown on dirty money and ensuring it does not in any way finance terrorism. Financial institutions are being asked to report suspicious transactions as part of the global efforts to stamp out money laundering. WORKLOAD TRIPLED Veris said that the banks surveyed also expressed concern “about the effectiveness of their compliance programs and the return on investments made in their AML and OFAC systems and controls. The survey also demonstrates a growing realization among financial

services executives that what has worked in the past may not work in the future – ultimately leading to a rethinking of AML and OFAC compliance strategies among participating institutions.” Some 61% of the banks interviewed cited an increase in a Board of Directors involvement in the compliance effort, with 66% reporting a spending increase. “Compliance costs are increasing and the expectation is that they will continue to increase for the foreseeable future. Despite these increases, adequacy of budgets and allocation of personnel remain a concern for compliance executives. The survey results show that financial institutions are spending significant amounts of their resources on automated transaction monitoring systems and customer due diligence and

that additional regulations such as the FCPA and FATCA, are further taxing their compliance budgets.” There were complaints too that compliance systems already set up for overseas financial companies have tripled workload. According to one respondent, “Since the deployment of our monitoring system, the workload within my department has tripled however, despite looking at many more alerts, we did not see an increase in suspicious activity reports filed over the last 12 months” Non-compliant entities can face sanctions of up to 30 percent withholding tax, penalties and interest, and reputational damage. In addition, foreign financial institutions (FFIs) that do not comply with FATCA will find it increasingly difficult to conduct business with U.S. financial institutions as well as FATCA-participating FFIs.

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Wednesday July 17, 2013

Wednesday July 17, 2013

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BLAME IT ON THE WEATHER It was one of those days when you wished that you could stay indoors. It was steaming hot. The early morning rain seemed to have had no effect at all. The sun came out in all its glory and steamed the environment. My regular pick-up was unavailable but had offered the advice that I should have no problem getting to my appointment. There were plenty of other

hire cars available. All I needed to do was come out on the road and flag down a hire car, and for a small fee, I would be at the appointed destination in no time. I did as was advised, but on this day the yellow cabs seemed to be using another route. I waited for about three minutes and there was no yellow cab. Strange! The Gods must have departed me, for there were usually a lot of

yellow cabs using this route! But not today. Perhaps, the heat had something to do with it. The heat was getting to me a little. A young lady came out onto the road. She was immaculately bedecked in a black leotard. In this heat, I thought she must be crazy. Beneath the leotard she wore a pink blouse. It provided a lovely contrast but must have added to the heat. On her feet she wore gym shoes with

Dem boys seh

BHERI GIVING DE PARTY A BAD NAME Fuh de first time Bheri, de man who everybody know as Berry Berry, let people see he in he true role. He is nutten but a security guard. He perform he job to a Tee when he lock out dem reporters who believe that dem job is to kiss de government tail. Dem is de reporters from Gee Nah, Hen See Hen, Hem Tee Vee, De Cranicle, and de Hard Times Paper. And like sheep, dem reporters allow de man to bully dem. Dem boys seh that is people like he giving de party a bad name. People like Berry Berry mek de party face eye pass. He attitude mek people develop disrespect. Some of

de things he trying he can’t even try in he own house. He does talk anyhow to reporters if dem come from de state media. People would believe is he children but he would never tek Gawd out of he thoughts and try that wid dem private reporters. Gordon woulda slap he; some woulda kick he. Is time Donald open he eye. He got to deal wid nuff things. He already getting a slow grip on corruption but he still got to deal wid people who accustom to getting away wid everything. Dem is de people who prove that once you got money you can get away wid anything. Nuff of dem refuse to pay

dem tax after thiefing and de Taxman don’t do dem nutten. Is get away dem done get away. Nuff of dem get in accident and walk without going to court. Some of dem does actually pay fuh get dem self out of trouble. Then you got dem who got position like doctor and politician. Dem does get away wid murder. Real murder. Berry Berry is one. De police gun start hunting dem. De politicians does get away wid murder too in more ways than one. Nuff of dem thief, but dem boys want to call dem thief to dem face. In any case de whole country know who is de thief. Talk half and watch Bheri play he mad.

white socks to complete her ensemble. I said good day and she smiled. I asked whether she was waiting for a yellow cab also. She said not really, any hire car would do. She said she was late for the gym. I asked how far away it was. She said two corners. Just as I was about to ask why she needed a vehicle for a ride two blocks away, she stretched out her hand. A white car came screeching to a stop. Without as much as a look in my direction, she opened the rear door, got in and the vehicle took off. I wondered whether she would take a ride back after her workout or whether she would simply walk or jog back. It must be the weather that forces someone going to the gym to prefer to take a cab rather than simply walk. Just then I noticed approaching in the distance a similar vehicle with “H” number plates. I imitated the action of the young lady and the vehicle pulled up alongside me. The driver was young. He was dressed in a jersey and jeans. He seemed more preoccupied with the music that was coming from his deck. I indicated my destination. He said nothing. He did not offer to open the door. I presumed though that he was waiting for me to get it. I did not know whether to sit in the front or the back. He offered no help, just

kept nodding his head from side to side in rhythm with the music. I took the front seat and off we went. Suddenly he departed from the main road and began to navigate through a number of cross streets. I began to worry. Where was this guy taking me? Without wishing to indicate my worry, I simply repeated my destination. He said nothing. He continued to dart through the side streets. Beads of sweat began to appear on my forehead. This time it had nothing to do with the temperature outside. It had to do with fear. I began to wonder where this guy was taking me. My fears raised like a tidal wave when he again turned another corner, darting in and out of side streets. I did not recognize the buildings. The place seemed strange. Where was this guy taking me? Had I made a mistake in getting into this vehicle? All those questions flooded my mind. I told myself to be calm. It would not be wise to panic in

this situation. I looked again at the driver. He was still nodding to the beat of the music. He seemed oblivious to my worry. I was just about to ask him whether we were using the right route when he stopped. I looked around and to my great relief discovered that we had actually reached my destination. I could not believe it. Relief caused the question to roll off my tongue. I asked him why he had taken such a circuitous route. Why did he not use the main road? “Too much traffic lights!” he said. “This route is shorter and quicker.” And to think that at one stage during that drive I presumed that I was being kidnapped. Shame on me! Must have been the heat!

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Wednesday July 17, 2013


The most bizarre things happen in Guyana There isn’t a third, fourth or fifth tier activist in the PPP that is so mentally flawed that he/she believes that an opposition that controls the majority in Parliament would just keep granting the PPP all its wishes and demands without an exchange, no matter how small. No political party can that be that stupid and there was never such a party in the history of the world. It is tantamount to your neighbour declaring war on your country and your Prime Minister or President opens the gates for the invading army. Even Austria didn’t do that for Hitler.

First, the PPP wanted the Speaker ’s position in Parliament. Let us say the opposition had agreed. Next the PPP wanted equal seats with the opposition on all parliamentary committees. Let’s say the opposition had agreed to that. Next, the PPP wanted the opposition to pass the budget without cuts. Let us say the AFC and APNU had agreed to that. Next, the PPP asked for support from both AFC and APNU for amendments to the anti-money laundering legislation. Let us say that the opposition had agreed to that. And we arrive at today’s request where the PPP wants parliamentary unanimity for the Amaila Falls Bill. Let us say that APNU and the AFC agree to it tomorrow, what then would be the result of all this opposition support? There could only be one

answer that is even scientifically predictable – APNU and the AFC would virtually commit suicide or become the victims of violent reaction. Which opposition in which country wins a parliamentary majority, but votes with the government in the National Assembly all the time? And in which country would the population gladly receive such an opposition with open arms when they go to visit their constituencies? No matter how quiet and docile a nation is, if people who put their faith in an opposition that they think have betrayed them, they will react with tempestuous emotions The people of this country must know that the PPP is playing silly but paradoxically dangerous games by its insistence that APNU and the AFC support the Government on the antilaundering amendments and

on the Amaila Falls legislation without a fair exchange. The PPP knows this too. What the PPP is hoping to achieve is impossible to guess as 2013 grows older. This charade has no explanation unless there is a deadly dimension to it. It is left up to the analysts to come up with answers, because no matter how illogical is the behaviour of an undemocratic regime, there must be reasons for their inscrutabilities. Hitler’s deputy, Rudolph Hess, at the height of Germany’s domination of the world, took a plane and parachuted into enemy territory. What was his motive? Sigmund Freud told us that once action is not synchronized with motive then mental instability is the factor. So Hess’s behaviour had an explanation after all he was psychologically unsound. Is the collective leadership of the PPP mentally unfit to govern? Whatever is

your answer there can be no doubt that the PPP’s games are too extreme to dismiss. How can the PPP keep asking the opposition to vote for its legislative agenda while ignoring the submissions of the AFC and APNU? The argument I advance is that the PPP is seeking to divide the opposition. If it gives the AFC the Procurement Commission, it gets the anti-laundering amendments approved. APNU could see this as a loss, since it extends the AFC credibility in the society. APNU may then want to cut a deal with the PPP to enhance its own credibility and approve other Bills by the PPP in exchange for some of its demands. The consequences of this divide and rule policy will be disastrous for democracy and good governance. My own feeling is that both APNU and the AFC are too skilled in their politics to

Frederick Kissoon voluntarily become prisoners of the PPP’s gambit. In fairness to both APNU and the AFC, they will not go down that sickening road. But Guyana is a sickening exception in contemporary world politics. It is a small unknown country that has produced phenomenal dimensions in political behaviour that if it was a known player on the world scene like small Jamaica, Israel, Ireland, Cuba, Singapore or even tiny Barbados, scholars from the top universities around the globe would have come rushing to publish volumes and volumes on its politics. There can be no question in my mind that if there was the Roger Khan saga in any of these countries, books would have been written on it by the dozens. The most bizarre things happen in Guyana.

Wednesday July 17, 2013

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Contractors not taking up bids for asphalt road to Lethem Although the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) of Region Nine placed tenders on several occasions for the construction of an asphalt road to Lethem, yesterday at the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB), Ministry of Finance, once again there were no bids submitted for the project. Contractors are concerned that the venture may not be feasible since the existing conditions would skyrocket the cost of the project, which would inevitably increase with the varying weather. In Lethem, residents have been eagerly awaiting the surfacing of the roads. Meanwhile, bids were submitted for the painting of interior walls and ceiling of main building (middle floor) Ministry of Finance.

The Health sector also received bids for the rehabilitation works to the Kwakwani Hospital Complex, Region 10.

Bids were further submitted for the rehabilitation of nurse’s hostel, West Demerara Regional Hospital, Region Three.

The Agricultural Sector Development Unit (ASDU) under the Ministry of Agriculture received a lone price proposal for the consultancy services for supporting component one and three of the Agriculture Export Diversification Programme.

The Institute of Applied Science and Technology (IAST) received bids for the construction of a chain link fence for the University of Guyana.

Still within the Health Sector, bids were opened for the rehabilitation of the ground floor of the Georgetown Nursing School Annex, Kingston.

Bids were also received for the construction of a solar dryer for the IAST.

In, addition, bids were opened for the supply and installation of dynamic mechanical analyzer for IAST.

Under the Ministry of Health bids were opened for the rehabilitation of Port Mourant Doctor’s living quarters, region six.

Further in the Health sector, bids were submitted for the completion of phase one at the National T.B Building at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

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Wednesday July 17, 2013

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Lusignan massacre trial…

Witness says accused admitted killing residents

By Zena Henry Defence Attorney Nigel Hughes took to task a prosecution witness who alleged that his client on trial for the Lusignan massacre admitted being part of a guntoting crew that slaughtered 11 persons in the early morning hours of January 26, 2008. Derwin Wright, aged 30, was yesterday’s fourth witness on the stand. He appeared before Justice Navindra Singh at the Supreme Court. Mark Royden Williams, called ‘Smallie’ and James Anthony Hyles, known as ‘Sally’ are facing murder charges. The two are being represented by attorneys Roger Yearwood and Nigel Hughes respectively. Wright was led in his evidence-in-chief by Senior State Prosecutor Mrs. Judith Gildharie-Mursalin. He told the court that during the events on the East Coast of Demerara, he was living at Company Road, Buxton. He knew Williams, the number one accused, since 2004, as he was in a relationship with his sister. Wright became acquainted with Hyles, the number two accused, through now deceased Rondell Rawlins called ‘Fine Man.’ At the time, he said he hung out at the Friendship Backdam, with Rawlins and others. On the morning of January 26 about 06:30 hours, Wright said Hyles visited his home in Buxton. The man told him to turn on the television after he was led inside the house.

Wednesday July 17, 2013

Murder accused: James Anthony Hyles, known as ‘Sally’ (left) and Mark Royden Williams, called ‘Smallie’ Hyles would not say why, Wright said, only that the television should be turned on. The court heard that the television was turned to channel 11. Bodies lay on the ground and a strap line read that ‘11 killed in Lusignan’. Wright allegedly asked Hyles whether he was at Lusignan and he said yes. He further claimed that Hyles told him if he (Wright) was there, “He would have gotten to kill some people”. That led Wright to ask Hyles whether he had killed anyone at Lusignan and he replied “yes”, before laughing. Wright further alleged that Hyles told him, “All the time black people dying, so

what if some coolie dead”. The accused, he said, then went downstairs to wash off the mud that covered his feet. When Hughes started his questions, he first wanted to establish Wright’s location for the last six months. The accused could not answer since he said he is in protective custody. It was also established that the man is in police custody for the murder of Kumar Singh, called ‘Mango man’, killed on August 30, 2007. Wright said he was charged with murder on February 12, 2008. This would have been after the Lusignan incident. From that point, several questions put to the accused were met with silence or ‘I cannot recall’. These pertained especially to questions relating to a plea bargain. Wright denied making a deal with the police to give up the Lusignan gunmen for a chance at his own freedom. He fumbled over questions relating to evidence given to the police, and when this was done, Wright told the court that when arrested for the mango

trader’s death, it was his first brush with the law, yet he could not remember it. He could not remember how many statements he gave to the police and where he did it. He said he was not afraid when he was charged with the murder of ‘Mango man’, but fumbled when asked the same question about the police implicating him in the Lusignan murders. Wright accepted and then denied telling officers that he feared for his life. He said he didn’t not know how and why he ended up in protective custody since he never mentioned the Lusignan incident when arrested for ‘Mango man’s’ murder. He then admitted telling the police about Lusignan before giving a confession statement in the ‘Mango man’ matter. This came after he had said earlier that the police were the ones to ask him about Lusignan, and that was after giving the confession statement. After some two and a half hours of questioning, Hughes gave the accused his take on what really transpired. Hughes told Wright that he was only trying to save his skin by giving evidence against the accused. He told Wright that he was apprehended for ‘Mango man’s’ murder and because the police knew he ‘rolled’ with ‘Fine man’, they implicated him in the massacre. That is when he (Wright) gave his story about Hyles. The prosecution declined to re-examine the witness following Hughes’ questions.

Prior to Wright’s testimony, three survivors gave their stories. Of the three, none was able to identify the shooters from January 26. Geowattie Thomas lost her husband Clarence Thomas and two children, Ron and Vanessa Thomas. She said she lives at Lot 40 Track ‘A’ Lusignan. She lived there with her husband and five children. On the day in question the family had retired to bed early. In the wee hours of the morning, they awoke to what sounded like g u n f i r e . Persons banged on their front door demanding they open up. The husband went into the living room. The men managed to get in and opened fire, “all over the house”, Mrs. Thomas said. She was still lying in bed silent. When she emanated from the bedroom, she said her husband appeared to be dead on the floor. The weeping mother said when she turned on the lights, her 11-year- old son appeared to be dead on his bed. Next to him was her 12year-old daughter who also appeared to be dead. The rest of the children started to crawl out of their hiding places; many of them sustained injuries. Nadir Mohamed said he lost his 22-year-old son, Shazam Mohamed, one month before his 23rd birthday. Mohamed said he, his son and wife lived at 29 Track ‘A’ Lusignan. On the day in question, he said they were awakened by gunfire. The family was together in the living room when persons started

pounding on the front door and demanding that they open up. They never opened the door and Mohamed said he went into his bedroom. His son went into the kitchen. Mohamed said he sat on his bed. Gunfire was all around the house; a bullet, he said, passed right in front his face, while another passed under the bed, entering through his left leg and exiting through the right leg. When everything calmed, Mohamed said his son was topless, face down in the kitchen. He had a wound on his back as well as on other parts. The father said he was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was admitted. And Bibi Baksh also lost her husband during the Lusignan ordeal. She lived at 24 Track ‘A’ Lusignan with her spouse, 52-year-old Shalim Baksh and daughter, 13-year-old Salina Baksh. Around midnight on January 26, gunshots awoke the family. She and her husband were sleeping in the lower flat of the house. They rushed upstairs to find a place to hide when persons started pounding on their door. The family ended up under the bed, Baksh said. Her husband was pulled from under there. The next thing she heard were gunshots and his body dropped to the floor. About half an hour later, she and daughter came out from under the bed to find her husband dead on the floor. The case will continue this morning with a star witness.

Alleged battery thief on $50,000 bail Ricardo Fernandes was placed on $50,000 bail by Magistrate Faith Mc Gusty at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court for allegedly stealing two truck batteries valued at

$64,500, property of Josh Charles. The incident took place at Hope Street, Kingston, on July 12, last. The accused pleaded not guilty to the simple larceny charge. Fernandes claimed that he was beaten and accused of stealing the items but he knows nothing of the stolen articles. “Dem beat me and tell me how I thief dem battery, but

me aint tek it …. Dem loose and I get blackout with pain… When I wake up dem tell me the police dem charge me.” Fernandes told the court that he is employed as a scrap metal dealer and resides at 611 East Ruimveldt, Georgetown. The defendant was released on $50,000 bail. He is scheduled for court on July 22.

Wednesday July 17, 2013

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Wednesday July 17, 2013

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GWI sewer reconstruction... By Keeran Danny Reconstruction of the Georgetown sewer network is

Wednesday July 17, 2013

Major city streets to be excavated for re-laying of network pipelines

expected to commence next month with the installation of force main pipelines, delivery mains, pumps and motors at

sewer stations. Installation of the force main pipelines would require closure and excavation of roadways:

Waterloo, Light, Sussex, and New Market Streets. According to Arshad Yacoub, Senior Engineer,

Capital Investment and Planning Department of Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) during a recent interview with this publication, “The system as it is right now is very fragile; you have blow-outs, burst mains, and so on. GWI’s Operations Department has to attend to those on a regular basis.” The US$10M Georgetown Sanitation Improvement Programme is being funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and has four components. This component is about 70 percent of the project cost. According to Yacoub, the project commenced in January 2013 and the contractor has completed installing about three kilometres of delivery mains and 18 pumps in six sewer stations. Works have not yet commenced on the force mains. Of the six kilometers of force main pipelines to be laid, only two kilometres would be done for 2013. “The force mains form a rectangle: in the east the force main is on Light Street, west on Waterloo Street, north New Market Street, and to the south Sussex Street. The delivery mains connect like branches to the force main,” he explained. During the first phase of component one, there was hardly excavation to roadways because works were being done to sewer stations and not pipelines. In this phase, GWI is reconstructing the entire network. “So, the excavated areas for the force mains are in the rectangle and the other areas for the delivery mains would be like Hadfield Street, Quamina Street, Barrack Street, Sussex and Princes Streets, etc.,” he added. According to Yacoub, there are 24 sewer stations in Georgetown, and in 2009, 15 of the most critical stations were rehabilitated. As such, GWI will only be focusing on nine under this programme. “But for the 15 that were rehabilitated previously, we have to put in the additional pumps and motors in the sewer stations, because we want to have two pumps in one station. One would be in operation while the other one would not be in use. So in the event the on-duty one is clogged or cannot function,

Arshad Yacoub, Senior Engineer, GWI we have the other pump to use,” he stated. He said GWI would be sending out advisories on a regular basis prior to construction to alert road users which streets would be closed and the alternative routes. The contractor would only need a small section of the roadways to install delivery mains. However, when the placements of the force mains occur, roadways will be closed. While the first component of the project seeks to physically strengthen the network, the second component deals with institutional strengthening of GWI and public awareness. According to the engineer, the network is fragile, and because of the large amount of foreign particles entering the system, the submersible pumps in the station are clogged very often. “We don’t have treated sewage going to these stations and hotel and restaurant owners are abusing the system as well by not having grease traps, so all the cooked fats and residue are going into the sewer system and blocking up the main,” he said. Yacoub said component two has three subcomponents: asset management development strategy; seminars for hotel and restaurant owners; and school awareness campaign focusing on sanitation hygiene and proper usage of the sewage network. GWI has hired a consultant to assist in improving the operations and effectiveness of assets such as new pumps and motors.

Wednesday July 17, 2013

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Customers beaten, robbed in restaurant - teen stabbed after retaliating Ashraf Ahamad, 17, was beaten and stabbed on Sunday night last, during a robbery at a McDoom, East Bank Demerara Chinese restaurant. The incident occurred at around 20:00hrs. While he was not the only person in the restaurant to be robbed, Ahamad was the only one who attempted to retaliate, and was stabbed as a result. According to eyewitnesses, the restaurant owner was behind the counter and tending to about three sets of customers when there was a power outage, and about 10 men who were standing on the road in front of the eatery, barged in and began robbing the five or six customers. The fearful restaurant owner grabbed his son, locked the door, and hid, while the customers were being robbed. A few were beaten, and those who easily gave the robbers their belongings were spared. However, Ahamad said that he had his week’s earnings in his bag pack, and was not prepared to let the men have it freely. An eyewitness told this newspaper that as Ahamad

was putting up a fight with two of the men, about four others pounced on him and started punching him about the body. He added that soon after the men left, persons started “shining their phone light” on Ahamad, who was lying on the ground with blood streaming from his abdomen and head. He was stabbed once to the lower left side abdomen, and hit in the head with a bottle. A few persons who saw as the attackers escaped recognized at least one of them. The matter was reported to the Ruimveldt Police Station. Ahamad was discharged yesterday afternoon in a stable condition. “Incidents like these just getting out of hand. It is totally unfair and unacceptable that these people can just go around and casually rob, and even kill people for their own things. It getting too common and authorities need to put their foot down,” the teen’s mother said. There has been a spate of armed robberies during the last week.

Pilot prevented major... (From page 3) engine and manifold were damaged, but the aircraft can be repaired. Nevertheless, a source estimated that the repairs would cost a whopping $10M. Engineers hope to bring the engine to Ogle by weekend. Engineers from the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), the Caribbean Aviation Maintenance Service (CAMS) and TransGuyana Airways are conducting the investigation into the crash. Captain Ally and 11 passengers were injured in the mishap. Among the injured were Esther Williams and her two-year-old daughter, Jonel; Alona Massay, 27, of Matthew’s Ridge; Naline Dellon, Wesley Johnson, Shellon Williams, Urmella Rajesh and Dexter Benjamin. Passenger Alona Massay recounted that she was sitting three seats behind the pilot when the plane circled three times in the vicinity of

the Matthew’s Ridge airstrip. “I say that maybe she (the pilot) wasn’t seeing the airstrip, and then it (the plane) made one drop into the bushes. It happened so fast that I didn’t even have time to think. It just dropped.” The impact knocked her unconscious. When Massay regained her senses, she was still strapped to her seat and she observed that the plane was in the bushes. She observed a female passenger and her husband running among the trees. Ms. Massay said that she unfastened her seat belt and crawled out of the plane. Minister of Public Works, Robeson Benn, said that there are reports that the aircraft clipped a tree some two and a half miles south of the airstrip. Minister Benn expressed relief that there were no fatalities, but added that he regrets the injuries the passengers sustained and the loss of the aircraft.

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Wednesday July 17, 2013

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Top Cop, senior officers meet today to discuss spike in serious crimes Police Commissioner Leroy Brumell will be meeting today with other senior police officials to discuss strategies to stem the recent spate of high-profile robberies. “We will be discussing what happened Monday and over the past few weeks,” Brumell said. “We are trying our utmost. We are working on intelligence gathering and proactive policing,” the Top Cop added, when asked to comment about the recent spate of armed robberies. But the police commissioner also urged the private sector to do its part. “We are also calling on the business sector to be

more security conscious. People see you flourishing and people feel that they have a right to take what you have.” Two Mondays ago, bandits escaped with $8M after killing Victor Da Silva, a 72-year-old handyman, and wounding his employer, Cecil Albert Gajadhar, 71, during a daring robbery in Kingston. Earlier that day, Tyrone Budhu was gunned down at Better Hope, East Coast Demerara, by bandits who had attacked the man and his girlfriend. And last Monday night, Heron Dennis was shot dead and an alleged bandit, Dwayne Simon, wounded during a botched robbery at

Fuzzy’s General Store in Arapaima Street, Guyhoc Gardens. Another suspected bandit, Aldrhen Adonis, was shot in the groin, allegedly while attempting to rob and ex-policeman. Earlier in the day, two men escaped with cash and other valuables after holding staff at the Minimart at Rubis Gas Station on Vlissingen Road at gunpoint. A Chinese national was also robbed. Also on Monday, bandits snatched $3M from employees at Akbar Auto Sales and Furniture Store on North Road, Bourda, in Georgetown.

Wednesday July 17, 2013 ARIES (March 21 - April 19): You can't quite figure out what's expected of you today -- and it's not a comfortable situation. That could mean that you need to ask lots of questions, or maybe that you should spend time on your own. ******************* TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): You're in the middle of something big and intense -and your mood is dark and stormy as a result! Others may find you somewhat harder to understand, but things should make a lot of sense to you. ****************** GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): Your brainy side is coming out and making life more interesting, so see if you can make use of these new insights. You may not know exactly what's going on, but your hunches are strong. ******************** CANCER (June 21 - July 22): Big things are coming up soon, but today you are still in somewhat of a holding pattern. While you wait, you need to be careful not to get your hopes too high -there is still too much up in the air and you cannot count those chickens before you hear them squawking! ********************* LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): Share some love with your family today -- at least one person really needs a lift that only you can give! It may be a good time to take on a mentoring role, as your wisdom needs a new outlet. ******************* VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): You need to pay closer attention to the people in your life today -- at least one colleague or friend of a friend has some solid advice that you've got to absorb. It may

not sound right at first, but keep listening. ********************* LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22): Your stuff is getting on your nerves. Maybe there's too much of it, maybe it's not organized -- but something is sticking in your craw. Try to whip it all into shape so you don't feel compelled to cut and run! ********************* SCORPIO (Oct. 23 Nov. 21): Your inner and outer strength are in sync - and more powerful than ever! You feel as if you could pull off almost anything, and with good reason. Push yourself to great new heights. ******************** SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 Dec. 21): You have got to get in touch with yourself -- preferably at a really deep level! Make sure that you've got the time and space to really ask yourself the big questions. You may not get another chance soon! .********************* CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. 19): You feel somewhat removed from today's big drama -- and for good reason! Either you see it as the petty madness it really is, or it's not really your business. Either way, focus on your own issues! ******************** AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 Feb. 18): You need to move forward -- but you've got some strange feelings holding you back. Try not to get too excited over this phase, but make sure that you're not sabotaging your own success! ********************* PISCE S ( F e b . 1 9 March 20): You're feeling threatened by something or someone -- but don't panic!

Wednesday July 17, 2013

Habitat extends Volunteer Programme

Participants at the HVP session held in Georgetown While its primary aim remains to lend support to the housing sector in Guyana, Habitat for Humanity Guyana (HfHG) is stretching its barriers to accommodate the enhancement of marginalised communities in Regions Three, Four and Ten. The areas of focus were selected by means of the

Participatory Market System Development; a methodology employed by the organisation to carry out a study of the housing sector. The study zeroed in on those who have encountered obstacles when seeking to secure homes, as well as low income families. Through the training course, the Habitat Volunteer

Programme (HVP), the initiative undertaken by the organization, is being recognised. The HVP was implemented as the need to educate HfHG’s volunteer base on acquiring knowledge and skills to be used in enhancing the deprived communities became necessary. The training commenced last month with workshops being held at the Vreed-enHoop Secondary School and more recently at the CIDA Programme Support Unit building in Georgetown. It was noted that the HVP is an interlude into a wider programme by the international organisation. HfHG’s Program Development Consultant, Donna Pierre, explained that it is patterned after the organisation’s global strategy to design and implement programmes that will facilitate sustained development of communities, which will later trigger enhancement in the housing sector and subsequently the wider society. Specific objectives of the programme that were identified included supporting developments of communities across Guyana, while increasing the number of skilled community volunteers. According to Pierre, orientation sessions were held in the various regions, prior to the programme’s startup, where communities highlighted their needs. Following the orientation sessions, along with the feedback from the communities’ participants, the organisation identified key areas that would be targeted within the initiative’s borders. These included the exercises on developing leadership skills, lessons on financial literacy, disaster risk reduction and response, and construction. The sessions are expected to close during the coming weeks with the final training courses being hosted in the three aforementioned regions.

Wednesday July 17, 2013

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IDB funding for Amaila Falls project faces July 30 deadline hardships upon the people of Guyana that would in effect serve to wipe out the “struggling” manufacturing sector, PSC said. The Commission is a grouping of businesses vocal on issues affecting the country. In addition to this deadline, Government is also worried about another one. Miles of road to the Amaila Falls site in Region Seven are still to be completed before year end. Several contractors have been dismissed and a critical phase has been reportedly awarded to China Railway First Group, the same contractor that is building the 165-megawatt facility. The roads are needed to move heavy equipment and supplies to the area and will affect funding and cause Guyana to even be penalized millions of dollars if it is

CHALLENGES: The Amaila Falls Hydro Project is facing a July 30 deadline for the National Assembly to pass critical legislation or face delays.

The US$840M Amaila Falls hydro project is facing another major hurdle. This time, unless the National Assembly passes two major bills by a July 30 deadline, it could place in jeopardy a US$175M loan that is needed from the InterAmerican Development Bank (IDB). The two Bills are the “Guarantee of Loans (Public Corporations and Companies) Act” and “Hydro-Electric Power (Amendment) Bill 2013”. IDB’s Board of Directors is scheduled to meet in October to consider approval of the US$175M, a critical part of the financing which is needed to get the project off the ground. The “Hydro-Electric Power (Amendment) Bill 2013” is a piece of legislation which creates a protected area for biodiversity conservation and is reportedly a prerequisite for IDB Board’s approval of the project. The “Guarantee of Loans (Public Corporations and Companies) Act” will, once passed, allow Government to raise its guarantee limit from $1B to $150B (US$750M). The new proposed limit of $150B (US$750M) is needed to guarantee that the Guyana Power and Light Inc. (GPL) honours its financial commitments under the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to be entered into between the power company and Amaila Falls Hydro Inc (AFHI), the local company that will be managing the project. GPL is the state-owned power company. Under the PPA, GPL commits to purchase the power from Amaila Falls for an average annual capacity payment. Government’s obligation is in the form of a Performance Guarantee. The Ministry of Finance says that “the Performance

Guarantee is not a guarantee of debt, but rather a guarantee of GPL’s obligations under its Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to pay for power delivered from the hydro facility.” According to the Private Sector Commission (PSC) yesterday, it understands that the Amaila Falls HydroElectric Project has reached the stage where two critical pieces of legislation require Parliamentary approval for the advancement of the Amaila Falls project and obtain IDB Board approval for the IDB portion of project funding. The PSC said similar projects could be placed at risk. “If the project does not go ahead this year, the cost of attempting it in the future would rise significantly and potential investors in other areas for major investment would be unwilling to take investment risks. In addition to these consequences, all other large public-private partnership projects would be put at risk since its failure would lead to a lack of confidence in the country’s ability to realize these projects.” PSC appealed to the Government, the Parliamentary Opposition and the Attorney General’s Office to work together, regardless of time, to ensure the smooth passage of the required legislation before July 30. PSC said that it “wishes to stress the critical importance of moving the Amaila Falls project forward as swiftly as possible. Competitive energy pricing is essential to attract new investment in the economy, particularly for diversification and value added industries that will reduce dependence on the vagaries of commodity-priced exports such as sugar, gold and bauxite”.

Warning that rising fossil fuel prices and alternative, less expensive, renewable energy sources such as hydro-electricity are crucial to the survival of many businesses, especially those in the manufacturing sector where growth is stymied by existing energy prices, PSC said it is appealing to all parties responsible for the passage of the necessary legislation to have the national interest as a paramount priority. “From the data we have gathered on the true cost for generating and distributing electricity, it is important that the public and all the parties involved be aware of certain consequences if the Amaila Falls project is not approved this year. Among those consequences is the fact that the cost of electricity for end users could rise to a true cost of approximately US$0.40 per kilowatt hour.” This will visit untold

pushed beyond 2013. Of the total US$840M for hydro project, US$100M will come from the Government, US$413M from China Development Bank, US$175M from IDB while the developer, Sithe Global will be providing US$152.1M. According to the Finance Ministry, the project will save approximately US$200M annually in avoided fuel cost, in exchange for paying on average an estimated amount of US$100M to $110M per annum over a concession period of 20 years, and will revert to GPL/Government at the end of that time at no cost. The project is expected to have a life of approximately 75 years. Earlier this year, the Opposition blocked almost $20B in funding for the project, citing concerns over costs, among other things.

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Wednesday July 17, 2013

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Wednesday July 17, 2013

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Wife beater collapses after receiving sentence Magistrate Judy Latchman yesterday handed down a 14-month jail sentence to a man who the court heard had battered his reputed wife. Forty-eight year-old Kitty resident Michael Augustus was charged for wounding his partner of eighteen years, Dawn Garraway. The woman sustained severe injuries to her skull and eyes. After the Magistrate made her ruling, Augustus collapsed while being escorted by police officers, outside of the courtroom. He apparently suffered a seizure. Augustus had beseeched the court not to jail him. Earlier this month, he

appeared before the same Magistrate and pleaded guilty to the act. He was remanded to prison pending sentence. Augustus’s visibly injured reputed wife told the court on the last occasion that she was fed up with his behaviour. “Let him go down. I feeling pain. I can hardly hear out of my left ear,” the woman had said to the court. Augustus used a piece of wood and dealt Garraway several lashes to the head on Friday, June 29. The woman sustained injuries to left ear, eyes and cranium. On the said date, Augustus went home under

the influence of alcohol and became upset at children on streets, who were taunting him. His wife told him “not to worry because they are just children.” The man became even more incensed and abused his wife. He used a series of expletives against the woman before taking up a piece of wood and hitting her. Garraway was unconscious for some time. When the woman regained consciousness, she proceeded to report the matter at the Kitty Police Station. Augustus was subsequently arrested and charged for the offence.

R.K. Security flip-flops on contracts termination threat With Government unwilling to increase rates on existing security contracts, R.K. Guyana Security Services was forced to terminate one of its contracts. However, the company did not proceed with its threat of terminating 15 contracts by July 15. According to Roshan Khan, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, due to professional ethics and discuss i o n s w i t h t h e respective entities, a decision was made to not pull security services from the Ministries, Ministers’ residences, and Government agencies. Khan said the company was forced to withdraw services from one entity. However, he was tightlipped about the details. He is hoping that Government would revisit its decision and increase the hourly rates to match the new minimum wage that was implemented on July 1. According to Khan, the new minimum wage should be higher and Government’s commitment to this initiative should be reflected in the value of its contracts. As such, adjustments should have been made to existing contracts. Last week, Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon at a post-Cabinet press briefing made it clear that Government would not be making monetary adjustments to contracts awarded to R.K. Guyana Security Services to match the new minimum wage. And, Government would willingly accept the termination notices and retender the contracts. “Where employers holding or currently executing contracts feel so moved on whatever grounds… but those specifically relating to

- Pulls only one, undisclosed number of staffers sent home consequences of the implementation of the minimum wage order they can withdraw and squash the contract and then allow us to go back to tender and allow them to retender if they so intend,” Dr. Luncheon asserted. Khan is aware that the contracts would be retendered, but would have preferred if Government would have “come out of this difficult posture”. He is disappointed with Government’s decision and claims to be operating at a loss to continue servicing the entities. According to Khan, the company was forced to make the hard and unfortunate decision of temporarily letting go of some staffers. However, efforts are being made to solicit private contracts to absorb them back in the company. If Khan had made good on his threat, over 80 staff would have been dismissed. This situation being played out by R.K. Guyana Security Services and Government is contradicting earlier statements made by Samuel Goolsarran, Consultant Adviser, Consultative Association of Guyanese Industry Ltd (CAGI). According to Goolsarran, discussions on the new

minimum wage started over 18 months ago and the tripartite discussions involved Government, trade unions, and the Private Sector Commission, with CAGI as the representative. R.K. Guyana Security Services is not a member of the Private Sector Commission, but was called in for discussions with CAGI in June weeks after Dr. Luncheon announced the new minimum wage. Khan believes the discourse time with CAGI on the matter was insufficient and its implementation by Cabinet was too quick. However, according to Goolsarran, if any enterprise feels that their operation is at a disadvantage, a case should be made up. He explained that the company could present profit and loss figures to Government for incentives. He said that no one will lose their jobs, since the private sector would pass the cost on to customers which would be the easy thing to do. However, he said that companies could recover their additional costs from Government. “If your cost goes up by ‘X’ amount, your operating cost will go up. It will be offset by the taxation you pay to government by whatever percent,” he said.

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Wednesday July 17, 2013

Violence overshadows new Egyptian cabinet CAIRO (Reuters) Egypt’s army-backed leaders swore in a new interim cabinet yesterday after a night of street violence, with not a single minister representing either of the main Islamist groups that have won five straight elections since 2011. Seven people were killed overnight and more than 260 wounded in running battles between supporters of toppled president Mohamed Mursi and the security forces. In an ornate hall in the presidential palace, 33 mainly liberal and technocratic ministers took turns being sworn in by Adli Mansour, a burly judge installed as interim head of state by the army when it deposed Mursi on July 3. The armed forces chief who removed him, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, was given the post of first deputy to interim Prime Minister Hazem elBeblawi, a 76-year-old liberal economist who has been given the task of implementing a “road map” to restore civilian rule and repair a crumbling economy. Mursi’s Muslim Brotherhood movement fumed.

“It’s an illegitimate government, an illegitimate prime minister, an illegitimate cabinet. We don’t recognize anyone in it. We don’t even recognize their authority as representatives of the government,” its spokesman Gehad El-Haddad told Reuters. Not one of the new ministers is from either Mursi’s Brotherhood or Nour, the other main Islamist group. Together they have won two parliamentary elections, a presidential vote and two constitutional referendums since the 2011 uprising that brought down long-serving, army-backed autocrat Hosni Mubarak. The army said it was carrying out the popular will when it removed Mursi after millions took to the streets to demand his resignation at the end of June. A spokesman for interim president Mansour said Nour and the Brotherhood had both been offered cabinet posts and he believed they would participate in the transition. The Brotherhood said it would never yield in its demand for Mursi’s return.

- sworn in without a single Islamist

A supporter of deposed Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi throws a tear gas canister. (Reuters) Nour said it was reserving its judgment on the cabinet for now. Crisis in the Arab world’s most populous state, which straddles the Suez Canal and

has a strategic peace treaty with Israel, raises alarm for its allies in the region and the West. Mursi’s removal has bitterly divided Egypt, with thousands of his supporters maintaining a vigil in a Cairo square to demand his return, swelling to tens of thousands for mass demonstrations every few days. The ousted president is being held incommunicado at an undisclosed location. He has not been charged with any crime but the authorities say they are investigating him over complaints of inciting violence, spying and wrecking the economy. Two people were killed at a bridge across the Nile in central Cairo and another five were killed in the district of Giza overnight in the worst violence in a week, said the head of emergency services, Mohamed Sultan. More than 400 were arrested. “We were crouched on the ground, we were praying. Suddenly there was shouting. We looked up and the police were on the bridge firing tear gas down on us,” said proMursi protester Adel Asman, 42, who was coughing, spitting and pouring Pepsi on his eyes to ease the effect of teargas. The new cabinet faces a dire task rebuilding an economy wrecked by two and a half years of turmoil. Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait rich Gulf Arab monarchies happy at the downfall of the Brotherhood - have promised a total of $12 billion in cash, loans and fuel. Investors are skeptical

that major reforms can be enacted before a permanent government is put in place. The new planning minister, Ashraf al-Arabi, said on Monday the Arab money would sustain Egypt through its transition and it did not need talks with the International Monetary Fund on a stalled loan. Egypt had sought $4.8 billion in IMF credit last year, but months of talks ran aground with the government unable to agree on cuts in unaffordable subsidies for food and fuel. Ahmed Elmoslmany, spokesman for the interim president, said the authorities expected the Brotherhood and other Islamists to agree to participate in national reconciliation. “I am hoping and expecting, and I am in contact with members from the Muslim Brotherhood, and I can see there is an acceptance to the idea,” he said. Senior Brotherhood figure Mohamed El-Beltagi said the movement had not been offered cabinet posts, and would have rejected them if it had. “ We w i l l n o t s e e reconciliation unless it’s on the basis of ending the military coup,” Beltagi said at a square near a Cairo mosque where thousands of Mursi supporters have maintained a vigil into its third week. Nour has been more circumspect. It did not directly oppose the toppling of Mursi, whom it criticized for his intransigence. But it has denounced the authorities for violence since then. It has

announced a boycott of the transition but says it is advising the government and endorsed technocrats in the cabinet. “We did not nominate Islamists or anyone from our party, as we want to come to power through elections, not by being hired,” senior Nour figure Nader Bakar told Reuters. The group had submitted names of technocrats for government posts and was studying the list to see if its recommendations were heeded. By sunrise calm had returned. The latest unrest was less widespread than in the days after Mursi was toppled when 92 people died, but Egyptians still worry about continued violence. At Tahrir Square, rallying point for anti-Mursi protesters, a Reuters reporter saw teenagers in civilian Tshirts being handed rifles by troops in an armored vehicle. It was not clear if they were civilians or security personnel in plain clothes. Washington, which supports Egypt with $1.5 billion a year mainly for its military, has so far avoided saying whether it regards the military action as a “coup”, language that would require it to halt aid. The United States was never comfortable with the rise of Mursi’s Brotherhood but had defended his legitimacy as Egypt’s first elected leader. Its ambiguous position attracted outrage from both sides, which accuse it of meddling in Egypt’s affairs. Washington has urged a rapid return to free elections. The fast-paced, army-backed “road map” to full civilian rule calls for a new constitution to be hammered out within weeks and put to a referendum, followed by parliamentary elections in about six months and a presidential vote soon after. A former ambassador to the United States became foreign minister and a U.S.educated economist is finance minister. A police general was put in charge of the supply ministry, responsible for the huge distribution system for statesubsidized food and fuel.In a last-minute change, the post of culture minister did not go to the musician whose appointment was announced a day earlier. It was unclear why Ines Abdel Dayem was replaced. When the Islamist-led government fired her in May as head of Cairo Opera, artists and intellectuals had mounted a protest campaign.

Wednesday July 17, 2013

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World powers hope to Sudan’s Bashir leaves resume Iran talks quickly Nigeria, ICC calls for arrest BRUSSELS (Reuters) World powers expressed hope yesterday of resuming negotiations with Iran over its disputed nuclear program “as soon as possible” but gave no indication of a possible date for any new talks. Senior diplomats from the six countries negotiating with Tehran - the United States, Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany - met in Brussels to map out plans for diplomacy following the June 14 presidential election in Iran. Negotiations have been on hold since a failed round in April and the six nations are keen to get back to the table amid concerns a breakdown in diplomacy could prompt Israel to attack Iran and spark a new war in the Middle East. The European Union’s foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, who oversees talks with Iran on behalf of the six powers, said they were waiting for Tehran to nominate a team of negotiators after the presidential vote, before making concrete plans. “We very much hope that will be soon and we look forward to meeting with them as soon as possible,” she said in a statement. The election of a relative moderate, Hassan Rouhani, on June 14 has raised some hopes for a resolution of the long-running dispute over Iran’s nuclear intentions. The six powers believe Iran is seeking the means to make bombs, and have demanded Tehran abandon its most sensitive nuclear work. But Tehran denies that and says it needs atomic power for energy generation and medical research. Russia has expressed frustration over a lack of progress in diplomacy but Western diplomats have cautioned that it was unclear

Catherine Ashton whether Iran was ready to make a deal. Rouhani, who takes office in August, has pledged a less confrontational approach than his predecessor, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, under whose presidency, over the last eight years, Iran has come under increasingly tough international sanctions. But Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei has the final say on nuclear policy. So far, Western diplomats have said the next move in diplomacy belonged to Iran, urging it to accept an offer of moderate sanctions relief in exchange for curbs in the nuclear work, extended in Kazakhstan earlier this year. But nuclear experts have said the West may have to refine its strategy to help Rouhani strike a deal. A former senior U.S. administration official said last week it was not yet known whether Rouhani’s election would improve the prospects for a nuclear deal, but that Washington and its allies would need to move quickly if they were to take advantage of whatever opportunity may exist after the vote. “There will be a natural

tendency within the administration to stand pat for now and wait to see whether the new Iranian government will alter its approach when talks resume,” Robert Einhorn, the U.S. State Department’s nonproliferation adviser until last May, wrote in a July 10 Foreign Policy article. “Such caution is understandable, especially given Iran’s disappointing track record.” But, he said, “The United States needs to do everything it can in the weeks and months ahead to prepare itself for any promising opportunity that presents itself when talks resume.” The efforts are being closely watched in Israel, widely believed to be the only nuclear power in the Middle East. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that Iran was getting closer to the “red line” he set for its nuclear work, a level at which Israel thinks Iran will have amassed enough uranium to fuel one nuclear bomb. Officials also have expressed concern that the six powers might be willing to accept a compromise offer from Iran that would fall far short of Israeli expectations. Senior Israeli official have told Reuters they were worried Tehran would propose to temporarily suspend the enrichment of uranium to 20 percent, one of the six powers’ three demands, and that they would accept it, giving up on the other two. “This proposal is totally unacceptable from Israel’s perspective,” one official said. The six powers have asked Iran to ship out its stockpile of 20-percent uranium and to close a facility where such work is done.

Italian PM warns of ‘huge risk’ that Britain leaves EU (Reuters) - Italy’s prime minister said yesterday that there was a “huge risk” that Britain would leave the European Union in the next few years and he urged other countries to work to reduce the prospect of an exit. “We are convinced that in the European Union countries, we are (underestimating) the risk of having the UK out of Europe. In my view, it’s a huge risk,” Enrico Letta told an audience in London after making a speech. “We have to be very cautious ... and we have to prepare a discussion on trying to prevent this risk,” he said in response to a question. British Prime Minister David Cameron, who is due to meet Letta today in London, has promised to hold a referendum on Britain’s continued membership of the EU by the end of 2017, if his Conservative party returns to power at elections in 2015 and he can win concessions on Britain’s relationship with the EU.

Surveys suggest Britons are divided on staying in the EU, with slightly more favouring an exit, but many remain undecided. Letta said that an EU without Britain would be less committed to free markets and less of a global player. Italy is due to hold the 28nation bloc’s presidency in the second half of 2014. In his speech, Letta said moves towards more integration in the euro zone should not threaten the EU’s single market or leave countries outside the single currency area less comfortable with their membership of the bigger union. “We will work together to give good reasons for the UK to see its future in a reformed European Union,” he said, listing less regulation, a deeper single market and new international trade deals as attractions for Britain. Letta was speaking at the Chatham House think-tank in London at the start of a two-day visit to Britain.

ABUJA (Reuters) Sudan’s President Omar alBashir has left Nigeria, where his presence at an African Union HIV/AIDS summit defied International Criminal Court (ICC) calls for his arrest on charges of genocide and war crimes, officials said yesterday. His press secretary and Nigerian hosts both denied reports in the local media that he had left early fearing arrest. Monday was the main day of the two-day summit. Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, chairman of the African Union, was the only leader who was at a breakfast for them at the presidency yesterday morning, an official there said. But Nigeria’s presidency said two others, President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya and Ali Bongo Ondimba of Gabon, had also stayed on for the second day. “President Bashir returned normally to Khartoum after participating in the summit in Abuja to resume his work in Khartoum,” his press secretary Emad Said told Reuters.

Omar al-Bashir Bashir, who is accused of orchestrating genocide and other crimes during the conflict in Sudan’s Darfur region in which some 200,000 people were killed, arrived in Nigeria on Sunday, to the chagrin of human rights campaigners. The New York-based Human Rights Watch and the British government both expressed dismay at the decision to let him in, and a local activist group filed a court petition demanding his arrest, in line with Nigeria’s obligations under the ICC treaty.

Sudan’s Foreign Ministry reacted angrily to negative comments from Britain’s Africa Minister Mark Simmonds. In a statement, the ministry suggested Britain was being hypocritical because of its participation in the Iraq war. “Britain participated in the Iraq invasion after it had manipulated the domestic and international opinion with reasons it knew were lies. Iraq, our friend, still suffers from the destruction,” the ministry said. The ICC’s pre-trial chamber said yesterday it had asked Nigeria to arrest Bashir and hand him to the ICC the day before. The African Union voted in 2009 not to cooperate with the ICC indictments against Bashir. Nigeria’s presidency says its decision to allow him in was in keeping with that decision. African enthusiasm for the court has waned over the years, partly owing to a perception that prosecutors disproportionately target African leaders, a charge the ICC denies.

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Wednesday July 17, 2013

Canadian prime minister brings in new-look team after scandal OTTAWA (Reuters) Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper brought new, younger faces into his cabinet on Monday after an expenses scanda l dented his C o n s e r v a t i v e government’s popularity, but he kept senior players such as Finance Minister Jim Flaherty in place. “He’s the best minister in the G7. We’ve got to keep that going. The economy remains a priority,” said Harper spokeswoman Julie Vaux of the decision to keep Flaherty, 63, in a job that gives him a crucial role in managing the economy. Flaherty, who is taking medication for a rare skin ailment, had made it clear he wanted to stay as finance minister until the federal budget is balanced, forecast for 2015. “He’s shown that he’s capable of doing the job. He tells us he’s healthy and doing fine,” Vaux said. The Conservatives have long considered their handling of the economy as a strength. Canada emerged faster from the 2008 recession than most other leading industrialized nations.

Stephen Harper Harper said in a statement that he would “continue to focus on creating jobs, growth and long-term prosperity in all regions of the country”. He named James Moore, a rising star in the government, as industry minister with responsibility for telecommunications and for reviews, which are often politically charged, of major foreign takeovers of Canadian companies. Moore, who was heritage minister for almost five years, will be the key point person responding to any bid for

ailing Canadian smartphone maker BlackBerry Ltd, which reported disappointing sales and a wider than expected loss in its most recent quarter. Another person facing a challenging role is new Transport Minister Lisa Raitt, who will lead Ottawa’s response to the train disaster in Quebec 10 days ago that killed 50 people. Some critics say government deregulation of the railway industry was a factor in the crash, in which a runaway train carrying crude oil derailed in a small Quebec town and exploded. The right-of-center Conservatives - who don’t face an election until October 2015 - have been on the defensive since May, when two members of Parliament’s upper house, the Senate, quit the party caucus after improperly claiming expenses. The scandal undermined the popularity of the party, which came to power in early 2006 promising to boost government accountability. Recent polls have shown the Conservatives trailing the centrist Liberals, who are led by Justin Trudeau, the telegenic son of former

Liberal prime minister Pierre Trudeau. “Today’s cabinet shuffle will not provide Canadians with the real change they want to see. It is clear that the only minister who has any power in this government is the prime minister,” Trudeau said in a statement. Although Harper brought eight new faces into the cabinet, most were in secondary posts. The big loser was former industry minister Christian Paradis, who is now

international aid minister. Paradis was heavily criticized for the way he handled a bid by China’s state-owned CNOOC to take over Canadian oil company Nexen last year and was nowhere to be seen when Harper announced the takeover could go ahead. Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, credited with boosting Conservative support among ethnic communities, had been tipped for a big promotion but found himself at the newly

created Ministry of Employment and Social Development. Even as immigration minister, Kenney had focused attention on trying to tackle serious issues in the labor force, including a lack of skilled trades people such as pipe welders. “I will work hard to end the paradox of too many people without jobs in an economy that has too many jobs without people,” Kenney said on Twitter, describing his new post.

Stranded fugitive Snowden seeks temporary asylum in Russia MOSCOW (Reuters) Former U.S. spy agency contractor Edward Snowden applied for temporary asylum in Russia yesterday after three weeks holed up at a Moscow airport trying to avoid prosecution in the United States on espionage charges. The White House said Snowden is “not a dissident” and should be expelled and returned to the United States to face trial. Snowden is seeking refuge in Latin America after leaking details of U.S. government surveillance programs, but has not risked taking any flight that might be intercepted by the United States. He flew into Moscow from Hong Kong on June 23. “He reached the conclusion that he needs to write an application for temporary asylum (in Russia), and this procedure has just been done,” Anatoly Kucherena, a lawyer who met Snowden on Friday along with human rights activists, told Reuters. “For now he is not going to go anywhere. For now he plans to stay in Russia,” he said. If Snowden were granted temporary asylum, Kucherena said, he should have the same rights as other citizens and be free to work and travel in Russia. The asylum application could end Snowden’s time in limbo but risks deepening U.S.-Russian tensions. Russia has refused to expel him to his homeland but has also kept him at arm’s length, saying he has not crossed its border because he remains in the international transit zone at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport. President Barack Obama’s administration repeated its call for Russia to send Snowden, 30, back to the United States. “He is not a human rights activist, he is not a dissident. He is accused of leaking

Edward Snowden classified information,” White House spokesman Jay Carney said. “He is a United States citizen who has been charged with crimes, and ... he should be afforded every bit of due process here in the United States. And he should return here to face trial.” Unlike political asylum, granting Snowden temporary asylum would not require a decree from President Vladimir Putin, who may hope it is the best option for minimizing the damage to U.S. ties without looking weak in the eyes of Russians. The Kremlin sought to distance Putin from the asylum decision, which is formally up to immigration officials but is widely expected to be in the president’s hands. “If we are talking about temporary asylum, this is an issue not for the president but for the Federal Migration Service,” Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, told reporters in the Siberian city of Chita. The head of the FMS, Konstantin Romodanovsky, confirmed the agency had received Snowden’s application. Anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks, which has been helping Snowden, said on Twitter that he had applied for “a temporary protection visa”. Snowden, 30, is trapped in the transit zone of

Sheremetyevo airport, an area between the runway and passport control which Russia regards as neutral territory. He said on Friday he would seek refuge in Russia only until he can travel to one of the three Latin American countries ready to give him political asylum - Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua. He said the United States and its allies were preventing him from reaching those countries. Washington has revoked Snowden’s passport and urged other countries not to help him reach an asylum destination. Kucherena said he expected a decision on Snowden’s asylum request “soon”, though the FMS has up to three months to decide on the application. Temporary asylum is granted for up to a year, with the possibility of extension. After Snowden met lawyers and activists at the airport on Friday, many proKremlin politicians went on state television to say Russia should grant him asylum. “He fears torture or the death penalty may be applied to him (if extradited),” said Kucherena, who said he had been advising Snowden since the airport meeting. Putin has rebuffed U.S. calls to send Snowden home but has said he does not want the fugitive to harm relations with Washington. Ties have been strained over issues ranging from the Syrian conflict to Putin’s treatment of opponents since he started a six-year third term in 2012. Snowden is useful as a propaganda tool for Putin, who accuses the U.S. government of preaching to the world about rights and freedoms it does not uphold at home. But Putin has invited Obama for a summit in Moscow in early September and both countries have signaled they want to improve relations.

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Talks fail to resolve issue on fuel subsidy KINGTSOWN, St. Vincent - Recent talks have again failed to resolve the issue of the fuel subsidy Caribbean Airlines (CAL) receives from the government of Trinidad and Tobago, which LIAT argues is illegal. Further, Kingston has complained that a subsidy Port-of-Spain gives to Trinidadian manufacturers puts their Jamaican counterparts at a disadvantage. Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, chair of LIAT’s shareholder governments, told reporters in Kingstown last week that he is bent on resolving the subsidy issue as it relates to LIAT. But he said that during the recent talks in Trinidad, neither LIAT nor CAL budged from their respective positions. “I am of this view that this matter is going to be resolved only through arbitration and or the Caribbean Court of Justice. I don’t think that Trinidad and Tobago would want to settle this matter,” he

told a press conference in Kingstown. He said that during the talks, the position of the different persons who spoke for Trinidad and Tobago was “to admit that they do a subsidy then to deny that they give a subsidy, then that if they give a subsidy, it doesn’t mean that it impacted negatively on LIAT. “And I simply ploughed along with the facts on my side and the law on my side,” said Gonsalves, a lawyer. “We didn’t yield, and, except for their equivocation as to whether they had a subsidy or not, they didn’t yield,” Gonsalves further said. He said the meeting should have been a private one. “I am still hoping that there would be a private meeting. But I put all the matters transparently to the public because this is not a friend-friend business. This is a serious matter concerning the people. “I don’t see how I can be asked to pay in LIAT $130,

$140, $150 U.S. a barrel for fuel and CAL pays between $50 and $60 and you coming on the same routes with me. That’s unacceptable, it’s wrong, it’s unlawful. And I have the facts and I have the law on my side with this one,” he said. “If we can’t settle it amicably, we will have to take the option of going to arbitration in one direction or under the CCJ in another.” Gonsalves said Trinidad and Tobago said they might remove the subsidy all together. But he said that while that is fine with him, even if the subsidy is removed, LIAT still would have suffered loss and damage and can claim it. “But if we are to get that subsidy or something close to what CAL gets, we can drop the fare in LIAT. That’s the reality,” he said. He further said there might be a lot of reasons why CAL loses a lot of money. “And it would lose more money if it didn’t have the subsidy. So, on this matter, I

Former Barbados Prime Minister says Bahamas cannot remain out of WTO NASSAU, Bahamas – CMC - Former Barbados prime minister Owen Arthur says it is inconceivable that the Bahamas could continue to remain as the only country in the Western Hemisphere, which is not a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO). In an address to the Grand Bahamas Chamber of Commerce on the Value Added Tax (VAT) and its impact on the Bahamas, Arthur, said that for a country whose economic activities and performance are influenced, to an extraordinary degree, by its participation in the global economic arena, “it is inconceivable that the Bahamas will be able to

indefinitely maintain this “odd man out” status where relating to a rules-based international economy is concerned”. He told the business leaders that the relevant issue therefore is not that as to whether Bahamas should become a member of the WTO. “It is that as to how best the nation should prepare for and negotiate the terms of its participation in this critical institution, and how it should do so while giving equal priority to the other reforms that the forging of such a relationship with the global economy are sure to trigger.” He said the introduction and potential impact of a VAT in the Bahamas must be

discussed in that broader context. “It has to be viewed as an essential part of a broader suite of economic reforms which have to be implemented as a single, coherent undertaking,” said Arthur, adding the introduction of a VAT “can be viewed as a necessary response to an evolving fiscal situation which derives from Bahamas’ special domestic circumstances. “This country has a very narrow tax base that allows it to compete effectively with territories in its immediate neighbourhood, which are still colonies of Britain, and which have economic structures similar to that of the Bahamas.

am not mincing my words,” he said. He further said that when he raised the issue of the fuel subsidy, Jamaica raised the matter of subsidy for manufacturers in Trinidad and Tobago. “… they get a subsidy too,” Gonsalves said of the Trinidadian manufacturers. “They deny it but they get a subsidy too,” Gonsalves said. He said the only way Trinidadian manufacturers can deny getting a subsidy is if all countries pay the same price, post-refinery, for fuel, not taking into account transportation, insurance and other mark-ups.

Gonsalves said the fuel subsidy fired reservations in the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) ahead of joining the CARICOM Single Market and Economy. “We had a study done in the OECS which showed that the OECS could lose, if we entered the Single Market. But we went in saying what we lose on the swing we gain on the roundabout, for instance the CARICOM Development Fund. “But the CARICOM Development Fund ended up not having enough money as it should have had. So we lose on the swings and we ain’t really gain that much on the

Dr. Ralph Gonsalves roundabout… “This subsidy is a serious problem in CARICOM — fuel subsidy which Trinidad airline and producers of goods and services get,” Gonsalves said.

Rousseff’s popularity sinks after Brazil’s protests: poll BRASILIA (Reuters) President Dilma Rousseff’s approval rating plummeted and her re-election chances have dimmed in the month since massive protests of poor public services, corruption and other complaints shook Brazil, a new poll published yesterday showed. The number of Brazilians who approve of her government’s performance fell to 31.3 percent in July from 54.2 percent in June. The number of those who think it has done a bad job soared to 29.5 percent from 9 percent, the survey by polling firm MDA Pesquisa said. The poll is the second to be released since the protests began. A previous survey, by pollster Datafolha, also suggested that the myriad factors that led to the demonstrations, from the high

Dilma Roussef cost of living to the poor quality of public health and education, have quickly undermined Rousseff’s oncetowering approval ratings. According to the new poll, commissioned by private transport sector lobby CNT, Rousseff’s personal approval

rating fell to 49.3 percent in July from 73.7 percent in June. The poll showed that 84.3 percent of Brazilians approve of the protests that drew 1 million people onto the streets of Brazil’s main cities when the they peaked in June. Of those surveyed, 33.4 percent said they would still vote for Rousseff, who is expected to run for re-election next year. Meanwhile, 20.7 percent favor former presidential candidate and environmentalist Marina Silva and 15.2 percent would vote for Aecio Neves, the expected candidate for the main opposition party PSDB. Another 7.4 percent said they would vote for Eduardo Campos, the governor of Pernambuco state. The poll of 2,003 people was conducted July 7-10. The study has a margin of error of 2.2 percentage points.

Private sector groups form working group to advise in trade agreements within CARICOM Jamaica Gleaner - On the heels of recent public commentary regarding Jamaica’s trade agreements with CARICOM come news that four of the country’s major organisations have formed a broad-based Private Sector Working Group to examine CARICOM and other free trade agreements.The Jamaica Chamber of Commerce (JCC), Jamaica Exporters’ Association (JEA), Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association (JMA) and the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) have formed the committee based on feedback from their members. The four organisations also said they believe that, given the current International Monetary Fund (IMF) agreement, and the consequent adjustments to the tax and other legislative landscape that will follow, it is critical that Jamaica’s trading arrangements are structured to complement these adjustments, in order to bring long-term benefit to the Jamaican business environment. The committee will be especially focused on determining whether there is any merit to

the complaints from their members, and ensuring that Jamaica is on the same level as its regional trading partners. The group said it aimed to work in tandem with the Government and would, therefore, make recommendations as necessary to our policy makers. The terms of reference of the committee are: “While acknowledging the value of the CARICOM relationships, this committee has been formed to review conclusively the impact, actual and potential, on the Jamaican economy, of the existing CARICOM trade arrangements and the present and proposed free trade agreements signed with and to be implemented by Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica. The committee also intends to make recommendations for the amelioration of the negative aspects of those agreements, as well as to propose a more unified and efficient working mechanism between Government and the private sector for the negotiation and establishment of such agreements.”

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PM wants former national security minister investigated P O R T- O F - S PA I N , Trinidad - CMC - Prime Minister Kamla PersadBissessar Monday night called for an investigation into her former national security minister Austin “Jack” Warner after a newspaper reported that he had solicited millions of dollars from businesses using his ministerial office. Addressing the ruling United National Congress (UNC) Monday night forum in Chaguanas in Central Trinidad, Persad-Bissessar made reference to an investigative report carried in the Sunday Express in which Warner is alleged to have engaged in an improper solicitation of funds from private business interests in his official capacity as a government minister in 2010 and 2011. “These allegations, if true, would amount to criminal conduct as it relates to the offences under the Integrity in Public Life Act, Section 27, the Prevention of Corruption Act and Tax Evasion in particular, and should be investigated by the relevant authorities,” Persad Bissessar told party supporters. “I read about one Christmas party. That was in December 2011. But since that article appeared Monday, people have come forward and said there were other parties, which they attended.

Kamla Persad-Bissessar

Austin “Jack” Warner

“I understand there were Christmas parties in 2010, 2011, and 2012. I understand there were Carnival fetes in 2011, 2012, and 2013 — all at the Centre of Excellence. Who paid for that? Who funded that? Please Mr Warner, tell us. Were requests made to contractors to pay for these functions?” she said, adding “Jack Warner needs to answer these serious charges published in the Express”. The salvo by the prime minister is the latest in the ongoing battle for control of the Chaguanas West constituency in the byelection on July 29. Warner, who had previously represented the constituency on a UNC ticket, has formed his own Independent Liberal Party (ILP) and is contesting the

seat. There are four other candidates including one from the main opposition People’s National Movement (PNM). Warner resigned the seat after the CONCACAF released a damning report accused him of financial fraud. The report accused Warner of using deceptive methods to secure funds from CONCACAF and FIFA, as well as induce FIFA to transfer funds earmarked for development purposes to bank accounts he controlled. But Warner dismissed the report saying the procedure used to gather information was flawed because it authorised counsel to conduct necessary interviews in person, by telephone and without reference to the committee. Persad Bissessar, who on

Colombian, Venezuelan leaders say will meet to mend ties (Reuters) - Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and his Venezuelan counterpart, Nicolas Maduro, plan to meet next week in a bid to improve relations after a diplomatic spat in May triggered by Santos’ meeting with Venezuela’s main opposition leader. Maduro was infuriated by what he called Santos’ “betrayal” for meeting Henrique Capriles, who narrowly lost Venezuela’s presidential election in April, and accused Santos of being part of a plot to overthrow him. “On Monday I will meet on the border with President Maduro for a complete revision of the state of relations,” Santos said in a message from his Twitter account on Tuesday. He did not specify on which side of the border the meeting would take place. In a televised broadcast, Maduro confirmed the planned meeting but said the precise location had not yet been determined. “We go with the best

Juan Manuel Santos good faith, the best goodwill,” Maduro said from the presidential palace in Caracas. “We believe in the coexistence of brothers, in the peaceful coexistence of different models and we will talk with President Santos and hopefully re-establish the rules of play for the prosperity of both our nations.” The South American nations have had patchy relations for the past decade due largely to ideological

differences, but centre-right Santos’ diplomatic approach since taking office in 2010 has eased tensions. Colombian Foreign Minister Maria Angela Holguin said this week relations with Caracas were “a little cold” but added that dialogue had continued since the diplomatic dispute. Monday’s meeting would be the two leaders’ first encounter since the spat. Capriles’ visit to Colombia’s presidential palace was part of a planned tour of Latin American nations to press his case that the election that Maduro won by a margin of 1.5 percentage points was fraudulent. Maduro, the political heir of late socialist President Hugo Chavez, put bilateral relations under review and questioned whether Venezuela would remain involved in peace talks held in Cuba between the Colombian government and Marxist FARC rebels. Chavez died in March after a long battle with cancer.

the campaign trail has been questioning Warner’s source of finances, also said that he had not travelled out of Trinidad and Tobago since November last year. “After that visit in November there were allegations in the newspaper that at that time there were some matters involving his children in the United States, since then Mr Warner spent one day in Miami and has never travelled out of Trinidad and Tobago since November,” said PersadBissessar. She said on two occasions she asked Warner at Cabinet meetings to travel

on official business relating to his former portfolio. Persad-Bissessar said she asked Warner to attend a CARICOM meeting in Haiti where US Attorney General Eric Holder was also in attendance and where the topic of discussion was related to security issues. “I asked Mr Warner...I need you to go with this because the only item on the agenda was security matters and this is your portfolio. Mr. Warner then said he tired travel, he don’t want to travel with us, he fly 100 countries. “Mr Warner has not travelled since November on government business or on

private business and that is the truth of the matter. As it comes I will tell you the truth as I know it and as I see it,” she said. The prime minister said for years she stood by Warner with allegations swirling around him. “I told him to go clear his name and when he did that, I will reinstate him. But he has betrayed me and be betrayed all of you. He betrayed the trust this country placed in him,” she added. Warner has in the past dismissed the allegations by the uNC leader saying he has no intention of criticising Persad Bissessar in public.

China provides 18 million for projects in Dominica

ROSEAU, Dominica CMC – China is providing more than EC$18 million to Dominica for a number of community-based projects and the construction of a new hospital in the capital. “This assistance is being granted to us by China at a very difficult time for all of us in the world including China, but because of the extra ordinary friendship between the two countries. China continues to be a very dear and sincere friend to the Government and people of Dominica and we are indeed very grateful for this” Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit said. Skerrit and Charge D’affaires of the People’s Republic of China, Qui Wei Wei signed the two agreements, according to a government statement. It said the accord follows the promise made by Chinese President XI Jing Ping when he met with Prime Minister Skerrit and other Caribbean

Roosevelt Skerrit leaders in Trinidad and Tobago last month. “The first agreement is for $50 Million RMB, as grant aid from the Government of the People’s Republic of China coming out of our meeting with the President of China in Trinidad who offered this assistance to the Government and people of Dominica. This sum will be used largely to assist in addressing some

community based projects in various parts of the country,” said Skerrit. He said the second agreement will cover the plans for the construction of the new Princess Margaret Hospital. “There is a delegation which will visit Dominica in the next few days that will put forward the designs for the new Princess Margaret Hospital. This assistance will no doubt trigger that process,” he added. The Chinese diplomat said that the agreements are testimony of the growing cooperation existing between Dominica and China. “This agreement is another step in the cooperation between our two countries. We are very glad to see that this aid will be put into programmes which will benefit the local people. The Chinese government will continue to provide this type of aid to Dominica and we will continue to work together with your government”.

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The Open Championship

Doping-Coach defends Jamaican Tiger Woods primed for sprinters Powell, Simpson

Muirfield challenge

Tiger Woods and skier girlfriend Lindsey Vonn were together during his practice round. (PA) BBC Sport - Tiger Woods says he is unconcerned by a recent elbow injury as he attempts to win a fourth Open title and first major for five years at Muirfield this week. The world number one hurt his arm in his Players Championship victory in May and aggravated it again at the US Open at Merion last month. Woods, 37, has not played competitively since to allow time for it to heal but insists “everything is good to go”. “I feel very good about my game,” he told a packed news conference. Woods has won four times this season and said he was still confident of adding to his 14 major titles as he chases Jack Nicklaus’s record of 18. “Even though I haven’t won a major in five years I’ve been in a bunch of them where I’ve had chances. I just need to keep putting myself there and eventually I’ll get some,” said the

American golfer. Woods, who won his last Open at Hoylake in 2006, was tied third at Royal Lytham last year. He was in contention during the second round of this year ’s Masters at Augusta before his approach to the 15th hit the pin and bounced back into the water. He made a bogey six and was then penalised two shots for an illegal drop, finishing in a tie for fourth. He slumped to a share of 32nd at Merion after struggling with his elbow in the thick rough. Since his last major victory, the 2008 US Open at Torrey Pines, Woods has played in 16 majors and finished inside the top six eight times. “It’s just a shot here, a shot there,” he added. “It’s making a key up-and-down here or getting a good bounce there. “For instance, this year at Augusta I really played well and a good shot ended up having a bad break. It’s not

ICC defends umpires... From page 39 to umpire,” read the ICC statement. The ICC’s chief executive, David Richardson, added: “The umpires did a good job under difficult conditions. This reflects the calibre of umpires Dar, Dharmasena and Erasmus who have consistently performed at a high level. Like the players, umpires can also have good and bad days but we all know that the umpire’s decision, right or wrong, is final and must be accepted. “While the ICC has complete faith in the ability of its umpires, our confidence in technology is also strengthened by the fact that there was an increase in the number of correct decisions in the Trent Bridge Test through the use of the DRS. “Technology was introduced with the objective of eradicating the obvious umpiring errors, and to get as many correct decisions as possible. If it can help increase the correct decisions by 5.5 percent, then it is a good outcome, but we must continue to strive to improve umpiring and the performance of the DRS.”

much. It could happen on the first day or the last day. But it’s turning that tide or capitalising on an opportunity. That’s what you have to do to win major championships.” Woods was bidding for the third leg of a Grand Slam after winning that year’s Masters and US Open - when the Open was last held at Muirfield in 2002, but a severe storm on the Saturday blew him off course with an 81. This year the hot, dry conditions and favourable forecast could make Muirfield play similar to Hoylake, when Woods hit only one driver all week as he negotiated his way around the fast-running links with irons. “It’s playing really fast out there,” he said. “The golf course is set up perfectly. I’m looking forward to a fantastic championship at one of the best venues.” Woods refused to be drawn into the debate on Muirfield’s male-only membership policy and the R&A’s decision to use the club to host the Open. “I don’t make the policies here. I’m not a member, so I’m not going to speak for the club,” he said. Woods did tangle with management when he was prevented from practising before 07:00 BST on Monday. Woods’s preference is to go out very early and practise with few people about, but he says he understands the reasons why he was stopped.

A Carabinieri police officer stands outside the hotel where Jamaican sprinters Asafa Powell and Sherone Simpson stayed in Lignano Sabbiadoro, northern Italy July 16, 2013. REUTERS/Alessandro Garofalo L I G N A N O SABBIADORO, Italy (Reuters) - The coach of Jamaican sprinters Asafa Powell and Sherone Simpson said on Tuesday they were not to blame after the Olympic medalists failed dope tests. “It came as a big surprise, I think, to them,” Stephen Francis told Reuters outside the Fra i Pini hotel which has long hosted training camps for Jamaican athletes and is adorned with the island’s national flag and memorabilia. “Asafa has been somebody who doesn’t use that kind of stuff. Over the 10 years I have coached him we have had great difficulty getting him to take basic stuff like protein, like vitamins,” said Francis, who is the coach

of Powell and Simpson at the MVP track and field club. Italian police are investigating the two sprinters and their Canadian trainer Christopher Xuereb on suspicion of violating doping laws, Italian media reported. Newswire Ansa said the Udine military police health protection unit had seized some 50 boxes during a search of the hotel in north-east Italy, and would analyze pills, vials, sprays and creams to see if they contained banned substances. Former world 100 meters record-holder Powell and Olympic 4x100 meters relay silver medalist Simpson said this weekend they had tested positive for the banned stimulant oxilophine.

Francis criticized Xuereb. “(Xuereb) kept to the outskirts of the training and he basically only dealt with Asafa. I tried to instruct others in the group that ‘Look, I don’t agree with this guy’.” The Fra i Pini hotel said the athletes had left their rooms. Powell won a relay gold medal at the 2008 Olympics. Discus thrower Allison Randall has become the third athlete to confirm a positive drugs test from the Jamaican trials in June. She tested positive for a banned diuretic but, like Powell and Simpson, denied knowingly taking a performing-enhancing substance.

Mickey Arthur legal claims leaked ESPNcricinfo - Former Australia coach Mickey Arthur has reportedly claimed in legal documents that Michael Clarke described Shane Watson and his faction as “a cancer” on the national squad, while also alleging he was the victim of racial discrimination during his time with the team. The Seven Network has reported the documents tendered to the Fair Work Commission in Sydney, which form part of Arthur’s claim for up to AUD 4 million in compensation from Cricket Australia or his job back after his sacking last month, two years before his contract was due to expire. The network reported that the documents claimed “major tension” between Clarke and Watson, and that Arthur felt he was “the meat in the sandwich” between them.

Arthur has released a statement on the leaking of the documents, describing his distress at their details becoming public. “I am extremely upset and disappointed that confidential documents appear to have been given by others to the media,” Arthur said. “The matters raised in my application to the FWC concerning issues within the Australian cricket team are very sensitive, which is why I was at pains to keep them confidential, especially at this time. “I have kept them confidential,unfortunately others have now made them public. I want to stress how important to me the members of the team were, and still remain to me. The welfare of the Australian cricket team is upmost to me.” Arthur’s legal representation confirmed allegations of racial discrimination and scapegoating. “We can

confirm that last week Mickey Arthur filed proceedings on a number of grounds in the Fair Work Commission (FWC) Sydney for being sacked and scapegoated,” a spokesperson for Arthur’s law firm said. “The grounds include racial discrimination. This legal action was filed confidentially with FWC as Mickey was at pains to resolve this issue privately.” Speaking at Lord’s on Tuesday, Clarke said the airing of the team’s dirty laundry would not be allowed to derail their preparations for the second Ashes Test. “First I’m not going to get involved in it, the most important thing is that we as a team are as focused as we can be on Thursday,” Clarke said. “We’ve obviously got a huge game in front of us, the boys are feeling great, as we showed in the last Test match

we’re here to fight and do as well as we possibly can in this Test series, and I think we showed that the other day.” Arthur also allegedly reported in the documents that Watson had told him about David Warner’s punch at Joe Root in a Birmingham pub during the Champions Trophy, which led to Warner’s suspension. Watson previously stated that he was not responsible for passing the information on to Arthur. The Seven Network also reported that in the documents Arthur claimed Cricket Australia did not support him over the decision to suspend four players on the tour of India over the socalled homework incident. Arthur alleged that he was discriminated against because he was South African and did not understand the Australian way.

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It’s a dark day but Coe insists Hope Mem. U-20 football athletics will get rid of drug cheats tournament underway Daily Mail - In the University Hospital in Lausanne, Switzerland — a couple of miles from the International Olympic Committee’s glass-fronted headquarters — there are 5,000 blood and urine samples from the London Olympics. And it is to that storage room which the latest dark story in the drug-smirched world of athletics could lead. For Sportsmail can reveal the IOC are watching the fallout from the raft of recent positive doping tests, most damagingly involving two of history’s fastest men, Tyson Gay and Asafa Powell, with an eye on re-examining their chilled cavern of samples. ‘If the evidence is there, we could retest at any time, particularly if new methods of detection come to light or if we discover new drugs are being used,’ confirmed IOC spokesman Mark Adams yesterday. ‘We are watching developments closely and this could lead to re-opening the London samples.’ The implications for last summer’s Games are potentially far-reaching: tests were mandatory for the top five in every track-and-field event and another two finalists were tested randomly. However, the IOC will not act precipitately because they can hold the samples for eight years and will try to balance the desire for the swiftest possible action against the need to let science develop to catch up with as yet undiscoverable drugs. The IOC have already successfully re-tested samples from the 2004 and 2006 summer and winter Olympics in Athens and Turin. The credibility of athletics is under serious scrutiny heading into next month’s World Championships in Russia, a country reeling from drug abuses. But Lord Coe, double Olympic champion and architect of London 2012, said: ‘We do not know the pathology in these particular cases but the broader message is simple: abnormalities will be found out. There is no ambiguity about that. We will get rid of the cheats. ‘Has today been nice? No, but I would rather this than to look back in 10 years and wonder why we did not have a system to root this out.’ While Gay and Powell have attracted the starkest headlines, about 25 Turkish athletes, including 1500 metres champion Cakir Alptekin, have tested positive for doping this summer. Along with the Russian dopers, 12 Jamaicans (including Powell) have failed tests or been banned since 2008. Among the ‘fakers’ dozen’ from Jamaica is Veronica Campbell-Brown, holder of 18 world and Olympic medals, who tested positive for a diuretic that can act as a masking agent for performance-enhancing drugs. Her fall from grace was felt especially hard on her home island, where she was venerated as their most saintly sporting figure. Gay, who is American, has admitted his guilt but not disclosed the substance involved, while Powell has revealed he tested positive for oxilofrine but insists he has ‘never knowingly or wilfully taken any substances that break any rules’. Four other Jamaicans, including Sherone Simpson, the 4x100m relay gold medallist from 2004, were also implicated. While the results of B samples are awaited, the Italian police provided a

Lord Coe has vowed to do his very best to help clean up athletics after the latest revelations. (Action Images) dramatic twist on Sunday by raiding Powell’s hotel room in north-east Italy, where he and other Jamaican athletes have been training. They found about 50 boxes and vials containing medicine and pills. According to reports, police were ‘surprised’ by the quantity of drugs because it was ‘disproportionate’ to the needs of one athlete. The drugs have been sent for identification. The World Anti-Doping Agency asked for police help, hoping any haul might act as a smoking gun that will take them closer to the heart of the Jamaican drug menace. Suspicion naturally falls on Usain Bolt, the icon whose demise would be a mortal blow to his sport. However, Bolt, who has never failed a test, is not part of Powell’s MVP training group, coached by Stephen Francis, but of the island’s other elite squad, the Racers Track Club. Gay’s guilt is dismaying enough, not least given his reputation as strongly anti-drugs. Five years ago, he said: ‘I complete clean because I believe in fairness and, besides that, my mom would kill me.’ When Sportsmail visited him in Clermont, a sleepy town in Florida, in 2011 he spoke of the strong Baptist faith inculcated by his ‘mom’ Daisy. He said that at 28 he had never so much as sipped a beer. Gay, now 30 like Powell, denounced Justin Gatlin when he returned from a drugs ban to deny his fellow American a bronze medal in the 100m at last summer’s Olympics, saying: ‘Everybody knows my stance on drugs. I work real hard so I don’t want to be cheated out of nothing. Nobody does.’ Of Campbell-Brown, with whom he went to school at Barton County Community College and University of Arkansas, he said: ‘We’re all accountable for what goes in our system but mistakes do happen.’ Gay, who was yesterday suspended as an ambassador by adidas, has only half accepted responsibility for his lapse. He said he would take his punishment ‘like a man’ but added: ‘I put my faith in someone and I was let down.’ Who that someone is he has not said.Gay is now back with Lance Brauman, the coach he stood by despite Brauman’s one-year imprisonment for fraud, theft and embezzlement in 2007, having recently cut all ties with former Olympic silver medallist sprinter Jon

Drummond. Brauman was in Amsterdam with Gay when he learned of his failed test. ‘The news has shaken me and my entire group,’ said the coach. ‘We do not support or encourage or tolerate the use of performance-enhancing drugs whether it was on purpose or not.’ Campbell-Brown was also once part of Brauman’s squad but is thought to have been unattached to a permanent coach at the time of her positive test. Gay’s excuse was given short shrift by Iwan Thomas, Britain’s 1997 relay world champion, who said: ‘I don’t know if he’s implying his coach or someone told him to take a supplement. If so, that’s just ignorant. You can’t put something into your body and then blame somebody else.’ Amazingly, some believe it is time for doping rules to be relaxed. Doug Logan, the former chief executive of USA Track and Field, said: ‘Laws that can’t be enforced shouldn’t be on the books.’ There are certainly shortcomings with WADA — even their chief executive David Howman admitted a couple of years ago that they were largely only catching the ‘dopey dopers’ — but thankfully there is no mood among wider officialdom to bow to Logan’s law of the jungle. The IOC will instead strip Olympic medals from those they can prove cheated their way on to the podium — and that might impinge on Bolt, who shared in his country’s 4x100m relay success in London if, as expected, his team-mate Nesta Carter is confirmed in the next 24 hours as one of Jamaican’s five offenders. Powell, Gay and Bolt were once called sprinting’s Holy Trinity. Only the Father, Bolt, remains untarnished.

The newly formed Hope Football Club (HFC) of Tucber Park, New Amsterdam has launched its inaugural Under-20 football tournament for teams in East and West Berbice. The tournament which kicked off on July 6th with three matches is expected to conclude on August 4 and feature some eight teams. The teams have been placed in two groups with the top two teams in each group advancing to play in home and away semifinals matches. The clubs expected to participate are - Hope Football Club, New Amsterdam United Football Club, Cougars Football Club and Corriverton Lynx Football Club of East Berbice, while Rosignol Football United, Hopetown Football Club, Monedderlust Football and Paradise Football Club make up the contingent from West Berbice. The winner of the tournament will receive $60,000 worth of football equipment, second-placed team will receive $40,000 worth of football equipment while the team placing third will collect some $20,000 worth of football equipment. In addition, there are individual prizes for the best goalkeeper, best defender, best midfielder, best forward and highest goal scorer. The Hope Football Club is an arm of the Hope Memorial Foundation which was founded by overseas-based Guyanese Kevin Henry. Henry a US Army Soldier and former N.A.M.S student and New Amsterdam resident in memory of his late friend and villager Wilbur Hope. On September 17, 2012, the inaugural Hope Memorial Inter School Football Tournament (HMFT) was launched. The fiveday tournament was keenly contested among the secondary schools within the New Amsterdam/ Canje school district. Hope, a former resident of Tucber Park, New Amsterdam

Kevin Henry suffered from an acute heart condition and at the young age of 33. During his days he participated in numerous sporting activities including Football, both hard and soft ball Cricket,Athletics, Basketball, Table Tennis and Volleyball and went on to represent Guyana in Football and Athletics. A pavilion in honour of his 10th death anniversary was also constructed and donated by his family to the people of Tucber Park. The tournament kicked off on the West Coast of Berbice with two matches being played so far. Results of matches played so far are - At the Rosignol Ground; Rosignol United led by a penalty in the dying minutes of the game from Devon James edged past Paradise United Football club1-0. Rosignol dominated most of the play, but failed to convert their chances. Paradise for their part also squandered some good goal scoring opportunities with one clear chance being wasted in as early as the fifth minute. In the second match of the double header played at the Monedderlust ground at No Five, West Coast Berbice, the home team with two goals off the boot of Kevin Layne in the 17th and 38th minutes and one from Joel Thom in the 19th minute dispatched Hope Football Club (HFC) ‘B’ 3-0. (Samuel Whyte)

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Wednesday July 17, 2013

Narine spins Windies to series leveling win By Sean Devers Number one ranked ODI bowler Sunil Narine returned to form with 4-26, while the Bravo siblings, Darren (54) and Dwayne (43*& 2-9) spearheaded West Indies to a series leveling 37 runs win in the second ODI of the five match series at the Guyana National Stadium at Providence yesterday. Watched by a fair size crowd in glorious sunshine the West Indies reached 2328 off 50 overs before bowling out Pakistan for 195 in 47.5 overs to avenge their 126-run loss in the opening match on

Sunday. Darren Bravo, the 24-yearold Trinidadian registered his 12th ODI fifty and added 79 with Johnson Charles (31) for the second wicket after Chris Gayle fell in the first over of the match for one. Dwayne Bravo, Kieron Pollard (30) and Marlon Samuels (21) also contributed to the West Indies’ total while man-of-match Narine, the 25year-old off-spinner from Trinidad, grabbed his fourth ODI four-wicket haul to help hand Pakistan their 14th ODI defeat in the Caribbean in 31 games.

Powell, Simpson would not face further charges should same positive dope tests return Xuereb came highly recommended — Doyle Jamaica Observer MONTEGO BAY, St James — It is unlikely that Jamaican sprinters Asafa Powell and his MVP teammate Sherone Simpson will face further charges should they return further similar positive dope tests at track meets held subsequent to the National Trials in June. That’s the view of Dr Paul Auden, a well-known medical practitioner who has been involved with the sport for decades, and one who has accompanied a number of national teams on international duties. Dr Auden was responding to the possibility of the drug reappearing in subsequent tests, in light of the fact that the athletes have blamed physical trainer Christopher Xuereb of Canada for providing them with the supplement that contained the banned substance. “It is the same compound that would show up, and in that short period of time, so the analysts would see that and it would not be counted as multiple positives,” Auden told the Jamaica Observer Monday. Paul Doyle, who is the agent for both Powell and Simpson, told the Observer that Xuereb had “departed and it is unlikely we will ever see him again”. Doyle admitted that it might have been a mistake to

hire the Canadian, whose LinkedIn profile says he has been a ‘Sports Injury specialist and trainer’ who has been in practice since January 2000. “He came highly recommended by another Canadian trainer we had used in the past and had worked with other athletes,” Doyle said. Xuereb, he added, had lived at Powell’s home in Kingston and worked with him on a daily basis and had achieved some success. “Not too long ago Asafa ran 9.88 seconds in Lausanne and has stayed healthy.” The agent hastened to add that he did not think Xuereb had intentionally given the athletes the illegal substances. “I don’t think this was a deliberate act, I think he was trying to do his best, and up to now we have no evidence that anything was deliberate.” Both athletes were notified last Friday at their Lignano, Italy, base that they had returned positive tests for a stimulant ‘ o x i l o f r i n e ’ (methylsynephrine) following the respective 100m finals on June 21 at the National Stadium. They were among five Jamaican athletes that returned adverse analytical findings at the five-day championships along with female discus throw champion Allison Randall and two other still unnamed athletes.

Bravo siblings also contribute Bravo supported Narine by picking up the last two wickets off successive balls to start his next match in St. Lucia on a hat-trick. Once Shaid Afridi failed to reproduce his form of two days ago when he smashed an explosive 35- ball 76 Pakistan were never really in the hunt despite half centuries from opener Nasir Jamshed (54) and Wicketkeeper Umar Akmal (50). Put in to bat on the same track that was used for Sunday’s match, West Indies lost Gayle with just two runs on the board when left arm seamer Mohammed Arfan ensured the Jamaican’s recent poor form continued. Charles was joined by Darren Bravo as both teams remained unchanged and the pair took the score to 50-1 when rain interrupted play for 43 minutes from 09:47hrs. The contest resumed in sunny conditions and the second wicket pair soon posted their 50 partnership much to the delight of small crowd which gradually built as the day progressed. Sunday’s hero Afridi broke the 79-run stand in the 19th over when he lured Charles, who hit three fours and a six, out of his crease for wicketkeeper Akmal to complete the stumping and leave West Indies on 81-2. Bravo reached his 50 from

72 balls and played some delightful shots around lush green Providence sward before he was outfoxed by a beauty which went on with the arm from off-spinner Saeed Ajmal and was bowled through the gate as the lefthander played for turn. His 54 lasted 81 balls and was decorated with six fours. From 123-3 West Indies slipped to 137-4 when Samuels tried to cut a ball but only succeeded in doing so on his stumps from Ajmal and was bowled as he threw his wicket away with an injudicious shot just when he looked set for a big score. He faced 61 balls and managed just a solitary boundary. Afridi struck again when he removed Lendl Simmons (10) to a diving catch by Akmal running towards square-leg at 150-5 to bring Dwayne Bravo to the crease in the 39th over. Bravo and fellow Trinidadian Kieron Pollard put together 70 for the sixth wicket with an array of thumping shots on the large ground in just 9.2 overs as they clobbered 19 from the 47th over bowled by left-arm pacer Wahab Riaz. After Pollard who slammed 30 from 27 balls with two fours and a six, was bowled playing a huge drive at 220-6. Darren Sammy (3) and Kemar Roach (0) were then

run out in quick succession as the host were reduced to 226-8 leaving the Skipper unbeaten on 43 from 27 balls with two fours and a six. Ajmal and Afridi conspired to take two wickets each for Pakistan who began their run chase in a circumspect manner with Roach sending down four maidens on the trot. Holder with 4-13 on Sunday also bowled well and found the edge of Nasir Jamshed before he had scored only to see Darren Bravo at slip juggle the ball before grassing it with the score on 11. The left-handed Jamshed responded with nonchalant six over mid-wicket and Ahmed Shehzad pulled Holder over mid-wicket for another six in the next over. But his fight was not a prolonged one and he was caught behind for 19 at 37-1, while Mohammed Hafeez departed at 64-2 off Narine after striking three fours in 20. Sammy then bowled Skipper Misbah ul-Haq as one of Pakistan’s most successful ODI batsman against West Indies was sent packing for 17 to leave the total on 1033. It was soon 122-4 when Asad Shafiq fell to Samuels for 10. Jamshed, dropped on 0, 19 and 32 in addition to being miss-stumped on 45, rode his luck well to reach his 50 off 85

balls with a four and a six as Pakistan remained in the hunt. But Jamshed’s luck ran out with him on 54 from 93 balls when he hit a catch to Roach off Pollard with Pakistan on 137-5. The 150 was posted in 39.3 overs and with 73 needed from 63 balls and Afridi at the crease the target looked very gettable. However Afridi charged down the track to Narine, operating from around the wicket, missed a big heave and was stumped for five at 151-6. Neither the shot nor the result was unexpected from the highly talented but disappointingly inconsistent Afridi who almost single handedly won the match for his team on Sunday. With the pugnacious Afridi out of the way it was always going to be a difficult task for Pakistan on a slow pitch with some assistance for the spinners and Narine picked up his third wicket when he dismissed Riaz (3) and had further success when he got rid of Ajmal (1) as Pakistan slipped to 164-8. A four and a six by Akmal off Bravo kept hopes alive for the visitors but the West Indies Captain finished off the match in two balls by having Akmal taken at longoff after striking five fours and a six and Asad Ali (2) caught on the mid wicket boundary. The Teams now move to St Lucia for the Final three matches in the ODI series from Friday.

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