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Cops take $360,000 to release man with sub-machine gun, drugs P. 3

- three TSU ranks under close arrest, two others in hiding

Unamco bridge, road collapse P. 6

Who builds roads/bridges like this?

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Kaieteur News

Saturday July 14, 2012

‘IMCs are made up of a lot of bandits’ - APNU …criticises gov’t over disbandment of NDCs T

he government h a s b e e n handpicking its cronies to form Inter Management Councils (IMCs) as part of a dubious plot to replace Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs), opposition coalition APNU has suggested. But the coalition is happy that citizens in some areas are resisting these efforts, as can be seen at Kwakwani in Region Ten and Lethem in Region Nine and Corriverton where more than 600 residents have signed a petition calling for the removal of the IMC and the reinstatement of the elected Town Council. As far as the APNU is concerned, the IMCs are being financed to “look

good” so that when Local Government elections comes around, the ruling PPP can then parade these very persons as its candidates to win over control of the NDCs. Further, APNU has charged that while the Minister of Local Government has the power to form IMCs to replace NDCs for various reasons, the process has not been entirely above board. APNU Parliamentarian, Desmond Trotman, said that the process has been stagemanaged by the PPP to get its select group to form the IMCs. He said that the process first has to begin with a petition from

residents clamouring for the removal of the NDC and then for a properly advertised public hearing to be held with the accusers present. In the recent cases where IMCs have been installed, Trotman said that the petition has been orchestrated, the public hearings are not advertised properly and that the venue for the hearing does not allow the widest possible participation. The government has dissolved the NDCs of Bartica, CanefieldEnterprise, Ordnance-Fort Lands 38, Enfield-New Doe Park, Kilcoy-Chesney, Maida-Tarlogie, Black Bush

Polder, Bush LotAdventure, WhimBloomfield and the Corriverton Town Council. Ronald Bulkan, another APNU Parliamentarian, said that the “ultimate brazenness” was to learn this week that the government is now looking to disband the Anna Regina Town Council and the NDCs at La JalousieNouvelle Flanders, Little Diamond-Herstelling and Plaisance-Industry. “Instead of making visible moves to facilitate the holding of Local Government Elections, they have callously continued their campaign to dismantle duly elected councils and replace them with IMCs,

largely comprising handpicked loyalists and ignoring in the process even the most basic principle of proportionality,” Bulkan stated. APNU believes that the residents have to stand up and resist these efforts. APNU Parliamentarian, Sydney Allicock, from Region Nine, said that the people of the interior are beginning to find their strength and to make informed-decisions. He has personally been handing out documents, such as aspects of the constitution and Budget Debate speeches to the people. Allicock said that before the people of the interior were only being told what the government wants to tell them. “But things are a little different now.” According to Bulkan, at the last meeting of the

Tripartite Talks, President Donald Ramotar committed the government to reintroducing the four Local Government Reform Bills which were tabled in the Ninth Parliament for immediate submission to a Special Select Committee. That committee would be responsible for finalising the text of the Bills. However, up to yesterday, the government had failed to re-submit the Bills to the National Assembly. It is heartening to note, however, that citizens are standing up to the onslaught on their democratic rights and are beginning to speak out against the violence being practised by the government. Almost 600 residents of Corriverton signed a Petition calling on the government to remove the IMC which was arbitrarily imposed on the community and to reinstall the previously existing Council.

Wife beater flips car into stadium canal -Was pursuing wife


nother bout of d o m e s t i c violence came to an interesting end last evening when a man believed to have been under the influence of alcohol crashed his car into the fence of the Guyana National Stadium, Providence. Miraculously, no one was injured but the driver of the car, Mohammed Sesh, up to press time yesterday was still in police custody at the Providence Police Station. This publication was told that just before the crash, Sesh was seen beating his wife at a location in Providence and trying to

force her into the car. However, with the help of residents in the area the woman was able to flee to safety. The man subsequently returned with a piece of wood demanding that his wife enter the car but by that time, the woman had sought refuge in someone’s home. This forced the man to drive away in haste and crash. He escaped without any injuries, but with a lot of expense. He was working the car which belonged to someone else. The man made his way out of the car and was escorted by the police to the station.

Saturday July 14, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Health Minister Cops take $360,000 to release man with sub-machine gun, drugs promises to probe Less than a week after Acting Police Commissioner Leroy Brumell warned corrupt ranks to turn in their badges, five TSU ranks are under investigation for allegedly collecting $360,000 to release a man whom they had nabbed with drugs and a loaded submachine gun. Kaieteur News understands that the incident occurred on Thursday in Kitty and that three of the ranks, including a cadet officer, are under close arrest at the Brickdam Police Station. Investigators have seized a Beretta sub-machine gun and 63 matching rounds. They are also trying to locate two other ranks who were implicated in the transaction. One of the ranks is a

- three TSU ranks under close arrest, two others in hiding constable who is believed to be the mastermind. According to reports, on Thursday, a gold dealer asked an acquaintance to pick up $360,000 for him at a Kitty location. After collecting the money, the goldsmith’s acquaintance reportedly went on an illegal transaction. While doing this, he was allegedly nabbed by five TSU ranks. However, instead of taking the man into custody, the policemen took the loaded Beretta and the $360,000. They then released the man. Kaieteur News was told that the cops ‘drove around’ attempting to sell the firearm. After failing to find a buyer,

they informed their superiors that they had found the firearm in an empty house in Charlestown. Meanwhile, the gold dealer’s friend returned to the businessman and alleged that he had been robbed. However, the suspicious gold dealer made the acquaintance accompany him to the Brickdam Police Station to report the ‘robbery’. It was then that the acquaintance admitted that he had been forced to hand over the money to the policemen. The cadet officer and two other ranks were placed under close arrest yesterday but up to late yesterday,

investigators were unable to locate the other two. The incident comes in the wake of a recent vow by Acting Police Commissioner Brumell to weed out corrupt ranks from the Force. Brumell who was presiding at his first anniversary celebration as the nation’s top lawman, had acknowledged that there is need for much work to be done to repair the damaged image of the force in terms of its integrity. He had given corrupt ranks up to last Monday to turn in their badges if they could not stop “besmirching the image of this force.”

MAN REMANDED FOR ILLEGAL GUN AND AMMUNITION George Greene, a 27-yearold foreman of North East La Penitence, was yesterday denied bail after he appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court before Magistrate Hazel OctiveHamilton on charges of illegal possession of a firearm, ammunition and reportedly exhibiting threatening behaviour. On July 10, last, at North East La Penitence, Greene reportedly had in his possession one Intractec 9mm Luger pistol, 47 live rounds for the 9mm Luger pistol and six live rounds of 12 gauge cartridges. Greene was further charged with threatening behaviour towards Shondell Evans. The defendant pleaded not guilty to each of the charges which were read separately. The court told Greene that he had no licence for the gun or the firearm. The accused was therefore ordered to provide special reasons why bail should be granted. Attorney-at-law James Bond represented the defendant. He first requested that bail be granted to the defendant in the most reasonable sum. After giving his client’s particulars, Bond

said that two special reasons were available. He said that when the articles were reportedly found by the police, his client was already in their custody. He continued that the illegal items were also found in an alleyway and not in his client’s possession. The attorney reported that the threatening language charge was made against his client by the man’s sister. He continued that his client was beaten by the police to give a caution statement in relation to the matter. Bond alleged that the injuries his client sustained were so severe that the police waited until his wounds were healed before they brought him to court. He dared the prosecution to put forward an explanation as to why his client was only now facing the court given the date of the alleged incident. Bond said he had even asked the police on numerous occasions to take his client to court but they refused, all that he said was for them to buy time. Bond concluded his submission saying that his client had no knowledge of the illegal articles and that they were not found in his

possession. But prosecutor Alexis Hosanna stated that the police information differed from that of the lawyer. She objected to bail for Greene and said that the articles were found in the accused’s possession. She said that the police was responding to a complaint of threatening behaviour after receiving certain information. She said when ranks arrived at the

location, the defendant was found on the street with an orange plastic bag in his hand. The articles mentioned in the charge were inside the bag the police said. Hosanna also said that the caution statement the lawyer spoke about was taken the said night of the incident. The court remanded Greene to jail. He will return to court on July 26.

state of West Dem. Hospital

The West Demerara Regional Hospital is a ‘work in progress’ according to Minister of Health Dr. Bheri Ramsaran. He was responding to the growing complaints about the deteriorating state of the medical facility. According to the Minister, several infrastructural works have been undertaken at the facility and promised that “more will be on the way.” Dr. Ramsaran said that while the Hospital is a part of the Ministry’s outreach, the West Demerara Regional Hospital is tasked with the technical issues related to that facility. The Minister added that he will launch an investigation into the claims of the hospital staff. Recently, staff at the facility accused the government of turning “a blind eye” to the worsening conditions of the hospital. Reports are that the hospital has been in this condition for the past seven months. The staff claimed that they can no longer work under conditions that endanger their lives. According to the

GT&T employee dies in motorcycle accident Linden Guyana Telephone and Telegraph employee, Aaron Singh, 32, was pronounced dead on arrival at the Linden Hospital Complex around 15:30 hours yesterday. According to reports the man was involved in an accident on the Soesdyke/ Linden Highway in the vicinity of Obama Drive, Amelia’s Ward. Singh, of Fair’s Rust Mackenzie, Linden, was hurled from a motorcycle he was riding at the time. The man who had borrowed his

Aaron Singh friend’s motor cycle was heading east along the Linden Highway in Amelia’s

ward close to the Obama Drive junction when he rode into a pool of water on the road. The bike skidded sending Singh crashing into four utility poles before he came to a stop. The man landed some thirty feet away from the point where he lost control of the bike. The injured man was assisted by public spirited citizens to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. He is survived by his wife, Susan Singh, and his parents who also are from Fair’s Rust Linden.

workers, live electrical wires hang from the ceiling in various departments, the Emergency Room (ER) has not been in operation for a long while and the records department is also out of order. The staff claims that, on occasion, when patients enquire about the dilapidated state of the hospital it puts them “in an uncomfortable position to have to answer.” The staff members are worried about their safety and that of the patients. The staff said that they sought the attention of relevant authorities via the media several times but that nothing was done. Some staff members described the hospital as a dead zone. Kaieteur News was told that the hospital has been in the poor state for quite some time. At present, the air conditioning unit in at least one department has been replaced with two fans, both of which have no protective covering. There are reportedly, also, no dividers to separate patients while their cards are being packed in boxes and stored in the abandoned room. Employees have now resorted to placing tables and chairs at the front of the ER room where they carry out records keeping.

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Kaieteur News

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When those who should fail to see Visually impaired children abound in the society. Many are often not detected for years because their parents have either been inattentive or simply forced to ignore the problem because they did not recognize that there is help somewhere. But if the parents fail to recognize the problems one would expect the teachers at the various schools to detect a child with a problem. Here, too, problem recognition is lacking with disastrous effect for the society. We are left to wonder about the extent of illiteracy in the society through no fault of the child but rather because parents and the teachers who spend almost as much time as parents with children never considered that the child might have had a problem. One easy way of shelving the problem is to blame everything on poverty. Indeed, most of the illiterate people come from the lower income bracket. No one thinks to investigate the cause because it is easier to apportion blame than to find the root of the problem and to work on a solution. An enterprising group of people, about fifteen years ago, started a school for the visually impaired. The founders had no formal training but they were community minded and had an interest in children. There is support from the Ministry of Education and some non-governmental organizations that focus on children with disability. Just recently, Ann Geer, a committee member of a group named United Women for Special Children, intervened to help some two dozen visually impaired children from Linden. The programme entailed bringing the children to the city for special examination at the facility operated by Dr. Karen Parsram. There was the case of an eight-year-old boy who could not see literally beyond his nose. His problem was diagnosed only a year ago by a teacher at the Linden special school. It is surprising that his mother never recognized that her child could not see. This is almost impossible. The situation gets worse when teachers at the school concluded that the child was a trickster who simply did not want to learn. Fortunately, he is young and he can catch up with what he missed. He has been rescued from the cracks that lurk in the society. Two years ago the Ministry of Education concluded that some Linden schools had the highest concentration of trained teachers. One must now wonder at the level of training. Child Psychology was one of the basic programmes in the training regimen. Teachers were trained to detect problems among children. For the teachers at the school in Linden to fail to detect that the child was visually impaired is criminal. We expect the government to solve all our problems so we may say that the government should ensure that each school is attended to by mobile clinics that would pay periodic visits to the more than two thousand schools in the country. This is not going to happen. What it comes down to is that parents must first learn to be close to the children so that they could spot any problem. Parents of yesteryear had no training to be parents and they did an excellent job to the extent that the world is now a place where there are so many things that people now take for granted. The internet has all but eradicated the need for post offices and libraries; mobility is so fast that one can reach just about any part of the world in a day. Man has defied earth’s gravity and athletes, using modern techniques are going faster and are actually stronger than their counterparts. The people who made this possible were those whose parents paid close attention to them. Today’s parents are more often than not divorced from their children with the result that any problem a child might have goes undetected. It is the same with the teachers, many of whom simply do not take the time to assess the children with whom they work. Perhaps the school inspectorate programme needs to be expanded because if something is not done the nation may very well wonder at the preponderance of people who appear to be unable to make any worthwhile contribution to the society.

Saturday July 14, 2012

Letters... Where your views make the news The PNC/APNU’s silence on the racist Chronicle editorial is a gross insult to African-Guyanese DEAR EDITOR, The PPP is clearly unfit to govern this country. So is the PNC/APNU. Imagine AfricanGuyanese awoke from their 2006 electoral slumber to surge into polling stations to give this shamefully tragic party their votes. The PPP’s lapdog, the Guyana Chronicle, publishes one of the most incendiary pieces of journalistic filth and racist claptrap in this country’s recent memory that demonized and pilloried Africans. The response from the PNC/APNU, the same charlatans who were venturing into AfricanGuyanese homes begging for their votes, is the sound of silence. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. The PNC/APNU machine is happy with others condemning the prejudiced garbage but it will hold its peace. The AFC has been loud, vehement and bellicose in its protest of this editorial. The PNC/APNU has been quiet as a church mouse. To

think that Africans left the AFC in droves to return to the PNC/APNU in election 2011 is mind-numbing. I think it was one of the great political missteps taken in this country’s history, something I will explain in a different column. To think that the offensive editorial accused the PNC/ APNU leadership of socializing black youths to racialized criminality and ethnic violence and still gets no raging response from the PNC/APNU is incomprehensibly shocking. This approach from the political party that gets its voting bread buttered by Africans is insulting, dismissive, callous and disrespectful to Africans. It is tantamount to the PNC/APNU being afraid of defending Africans. If the PNC/APNU is afraid of being baited into a political battle with the PPP over this racist editorial rant that literally lit a fire of ethnic antagonism, it should get out

of the business of politics and stop asking Africans for their votes. It should stop the pathetic masquerade around election time. It should stop hoodwinking Africans. If the PNC/APNU of all groups and entities in this country cannot stand up for Africans, then the African is certainly better off seeking political salvation somewhere else. For this is not a matter of political gamesmanship and of not being baited into battles and of creating palatable facades, this is a matter of fundamental prejudice, basic racial degradation and utter mischaracterization against an entire race in a country driven by race and racialized politics. To hell with your optics and your appearances as a party. If you cannot stand up and be counted against this kind of flagrant despicability, you have no right ripping African-Guyanese off around election time by collecting

their votes. This is a matter that goes to the very soul and identity of an already maligned ethnic group. That the AFC would stand up for African-Guyanese with fearlessness and the doggedness of a bulldog while the PNC is in slumber, highlights the danger the PNC/APNU presents to African-Guyanese who deludingly believe it is an avenue to salvation and political redemption. The AFC did not consider the fact that Africans left it in massive numbers to return to the empty promises of the PNC/APNU in November 2011 when it decided to pound the Chronicle’s racial insensitivity. The AFC simply did the right thing by speaking out against the abomination, while the party that claims it is for African-Guyanese did nothing for AfricanGuyanese when the Chronicle went off the deep end of racism. M. Maxwell

DEAR EDITOR, A recent study conducted by two leading institutions the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) - found that roughly a third of Caribbean children live in a state of poverty. Alarming as this figure may seem, it is even higher in some parts of Africa and Asia, a situation which effectively condemns a significant number of our young people globally to one of social exclusion and concomitantly a failure to have their dreams and aspirations of a rewarding and productive life stymied from the very beginning of their development cycle. This is indeed a sad situation. According to the study, in 2009, the poverty and wretched poverty incidence among young people between the ages of 15 and 29 in the region amounted to 30.3% and 10.1% respectively. This group, together with children under 15 years old, is the most vulnerable to poverty in the region. The document also speaks to an increasing tendency to teenage pregnancy especially in the lower income bracket. Guyana, Montserrat and Aruba were listed as countries in the Caribbean with particularly high levels of teenage pregnancy with Colombia, Bolivia, Mexico

and Venezuela topping the Latin American average. According to the Report, regionally, some 16% of young people are not integrated into the education system or into the labour market. Put differently, these are people who do not work and are not studying, which effectively pushed them into all kinds of anti-social and delinquent behaviour patterns. One consequence of this double exclusion, according to the Report, is that it constitutes an explicit violation of the rights of the youths to education and also hinders the opportunities for the region to break with the trans-generational transmission of poverty. “ECLAC states, more than ever, that a structural change in our ways of producing, working and innovating is urgent, and youths must be at the core of this change” according to its Executive Director Alicia Barcena during her presentation of the document entitled “Investing in the youth is fundamental for sustaining and boosting structural change”. Guyana has made significant strides in terms of poverty reduction over the years, even though job creation continues to be a challenge, especially given the large number of young people who leave the school system at both the secondary and tertiary levels. The enhanced performance of students at the CXC examinations has raised

expectations in terms of finding suitable jobs or accessing higher education and training. One of the paradoxes of development is the difficulty of satisfying rising expectations, especially in the areas of job creation and finding gainful employment. The labour market, both with respect to the public and private sectors, is not in a position to absorb the volume of new entrants into the labour market, which makes it imperative for young people to look for alternative employment opportunities outside of the traditional public service. There is also the need to align our training programmes with the developmental needs of the country. There is currently a lack of congruence between what the country needs in terms of skills mix and training

offered at tertiary institutions, including that offered by the University of Guyana. Most of the graduates are from the social sciences, when in fact more emphasis should be placed on technology, agriculture and the natural science. In addition, new avenues for employment should be encouraged, including microenterprise education and life skills training, especially for out-of-school youths. The Guyana Government must be credited for its youth empowerment programme which is aimed not only at training in appropriate life skills, but also aligning such training with prospective employers, both in the private and public sectors. Hundreds of young people have graduated from this programme over the years and found employment at the Continued on page 5

DEAR EDITOR, UG has finally come to a dangerous pass in this ocean of intellectual dread. The tales have gone abroad. Wedding guests are being prevented from entering the wedding house and entreated instead to listen as the mariner tells about the dead bird hanging around his neck. How can the mariner survive? This tale is not yet over. The mariner, now bleary eyed from agony nevertheless shows his worth, anxiously

entreating the angels to enter the dead bodies of the sailors and take the UG ship forward. Who will do the research? Who will find out who killed the albatross? Perhaps the mariner can help. Even carrying the dead albatross he has managed to heal many diseases. But can he revive the dead? We must determine who killed the albatross? Who will do penance? Charlene Wilkinson UG Lecturer

We must determine who killed the albatross?

Saturday July 14, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

Any ideology that threatens the unity of this country should offend everyone DEAR EDITOR, I cannot speak for the rest of the Indo-Guyanese community but I cannot let Parvati Persaud-Edwards speak for me. I would like to let my brothers and sisters of African descent know that I am proud to live by their side and share a unique history and country with them. I would like to let them know that the only people who scare me are the ones who make and defend

bigoted remarks for personal or political gain, because I cannot fathom such selfabsorption and sociopathic unconcern for others. I would like to let them know that the racist language of Ms Edwards’ editorial sickened me, but that private everyday racist language worries me more. I apologise for the pervasive ethnic segregation of this country. I would like to remind Ms. Edwards that Cheddi said

VSO is no way associated with Lodge CDC or its building DEAR EDITOR, In your Wednesday 27 June 2012 edition, there is an article entitled “Lodge CDC wants its building back.” VSO Guyana is part of VSO International, which is an international development agency that works through volunteers. This article incorrectly names VSO as taking a building from the Lodge CDC. VSO does not occupy the building, does not use the building, neither have we had anything to do with the building or with the CDC. VSO is not in any way associated with the building or the CDC. Kaieteur News should have contacted us to verify the information before publishing an article which incorrectly named us at least five times.

Structural poverty

From page 4 conclusion of their training programmes. These are young people who otherwise would have fallen through the cracks but thankfully are now living meaningful and productive lives. Unemployment has now become a serious global problem in both the developed and developing world. In the United States, it has now become a major issue in national politics with one out of every ten Americans unable to find a job. The situation is even worse in some European countries such as Greece, Portugal and Spain where unemployment rates have reached double-digit figures. Hydar Ally

Corruption, is like a disease, it eats away the foundation of people’s faith in govt. It undermines the Stability and Security of Nations.

A key way in which we work is in partnership with local organizations. We feel that this article can cause mistrust and damage our reputation and working relationship, not just with current partners but also with potential partners. Tara Persaud

“Racism is the greatest curse of our land … anyone who spreads racial propaganda must be severely dealt with. Such a person is an enemy to himself and his country.” If she is afraid of “innocent, clean-living black youths” then that is a problem to take up with a counsellor or a spiritual guide or someone, not a national newspaper. I would like to let everyone know that equating certain traits and characteristics with a particular colour of skin is racism. It’s not a joke and it’s not a fact. The real facts are these: 1) crime, indecency, discrimination, violence, intelligence, moral fibre and success come in all colours, shapes and sizes, 2) we may look different and come from different places but we’re all headed in one direction – our future as a people and 3) racism hurts. Racism may be

the sad norm but it is not our culture. It is the result of colonial indoctrination; of bondage and slavery. We can rise above it if we are willing. I would like to remind everyone that social development goes hand in hand with economic development. We cannot even get off the ground if we hold on tightly to old divisive ways of thinking and being. We have to stop discriminating against people because of their age or the way they dress or whom they love or the colour of their skin. At some point, we have to let it all go and move forward together. Any ideology that threatens the unity of this country and the basic rights of its people to live with dignity and respect should offend everyone who loves Guyana fiercely. Krysta Bisnauth

The economic wellbeing of a community does not rely on the beauty of a few buildings DEAR EDITOR, I have never been a reader of that partisan and divisive rag called the Mirror. It is the greatest publisher of revisionist history and inaccurate facts on Guyana. I was however interested in reading the article on corruption in Guyana penned by Ralph Ramkarran, so I did a Google search and found the article. While looking for the article I came across a headline that said something to the effect that Government proves that Linden is not depressed. The evidence of this was a newly built or renovated building and a newly paved road. This is the appalling evidence of economic vibrancy from the genius room of the ruling party. It is insulting to the hardworking people of Linden and the entire Guyanese community to say

that we have thrown up a road and a building that look good so be satisfied. To say that Linden is not a depressed community the government is truly showing that they will not lift a finger to bring any improvement to the mining town. To prove that Linden is not depressed, I would like the Mirror to publish the following statistics on Linden: 1. The unemployment rate 2. The average income of all households 3. The poverty level in the community 4. Recent substantial investments Any half-baked economist would know that the economic wellbeing of a community does not rely on the beauty of a few buildings but the goods and services produced and how those benefit the community directly. Jerrick Rutherford

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Kaieteur News

Man found alive, 50 pounds lighter, after nearly a month in Utah desert (CNN) — Too weak to stand or walk, William M. LaFever sat in a shallow river bed in the south Utah desert, awaiting rescue that came more than a month after his family last heard from him. Thursday afternoon, a helicopter flying in the Escalante River gorge spied the bearded LaFever, 28, who had lost 50 pounds and eaten frogs and roots in his desperate effort to stay alive during his walk from a Utah city to Page, Arizona. “We came around the corner and we were pretty amazed to see him alive and sitting up,” Shane Oldfield, a Utah Highway Patrol helicopter pilot assisting the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office, told CNN yesterday. LaFever was hospitalized in St. George, Utah, in stable condition, said Becki Bronson, a spokeswoman for the sheriff’s office. Family members told a deputy that he has autism and obsessivecompulsive disorder, she said. The Colorado Springs, Colorado, man’s incredible odyssey began when he called his father on June 6 or 7 to tell him he was in Boulder, Utah, hiking with his dog, according to the sheriff’s office. LaFever said he had run out of money and someone had stolen some of his hiking gear. Authorities said they assumed he was given a ride to Boulder, as he did not have

Saturday July 14, 2012

Unamco bridge, road collapse

William M. LaFever is moved by stretcher after arriving at Garfield Memorial Hospital in Garfield, Utah. his own vehicle. “He didn’t want me to come out there,” said LaFever’s father, John LaFever. “He wanted me to send him some money to get him to Page.” The elder LaFever said he wasn’t sure how William would make it all the way to Page, but his son mentioned following the river. Within a week of his call home, William got a ride to where Highway 12 crosses the river, and set out on his journey. The younger LaFever apparently did not know the extent of the rigors he would face when he planned to walk nearly 50 miles in the Escalante Desert to Lake Powell and then obtain a boat ride, officials said.

Eventually, LaFever’s food and strength ran out as he continued walking, according to authorities, and his dog ran off. Officials were looking into a report that the animal may have been located, Bronson told CNN. With her brother long overdue, LaFever’s sister called authorities Monday, seeking help and providing information on where he might be. Garfield County Deputy Ray Gardner accompanied Oldfield on the flight and told him he had learned in recent training that people with autism often are drawn to water. Oldfield said the hiker had apparently followed the river as he walked south and had been in the location where they found him for several days, sapped of almost all his strength. LaFever was only a few miles away from Lake Powell. “I think he probably hiked as far as he could until he was physically exhausted and he went into survival mode,” the pilot said. LaFever had no compass and had discarded or lost his hiking gear. All he had were his pants, shoes, underwear, shirt and a lighter. He used the lighter to set a small fire at night, officials said, and then would roll into the river to stay cool and drink water.

A section of the caved in Unamco Road Following five hours of continuous rainfall, the Unamco Bridge collapsed last Saturday evening. Unamco is located in Upper Berbice. The Kerimeru Creek runs under the bridge and leads into the Berbice River. Kaieteur News understands that as a result of the bridge collapsing, over $20M worth in lumber is stuck in the backdam on the left bank of the creek. According to sources, the Upper Berbice Logging Association and the Small Loggers Association are among some of the companies affected by this. Meanwhile, a section of the Unamco Road has also caved in as a result of the continuous usage by logging trucks on a daily basis.

Speaking to this newspaper, was one of the loggers currently affected by the situation. He said that during a meeting earlier this year, the Guyana Forestry Commission had indicated that it would have looked into the reconstruction of a stronger bridge and the rehabilitation of the damaged sections of the road. However, to date this has not happened. He also reiterated that it is quite unfair that they have to pay large sums of money for permission to conduct logging activities in that area and when something like this occurs the relevant authorities make no effort to render assistance to put corrective measures in place.

Windward Islands govt. warned about future of banana industry CASTRIES, St Lucia CMC - Windward Islands governments have been told there is need to deal urgently with the problems confronting the banana industry or risk the possibility of losing market share in Europe. A statement issued following a meeting involving the governments of St. Lucia, Dominica, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada and the marking company, WINFRESH, also gave support to efforts aimed at diversifying the agricultural

sector in the four islands, and as far as practicable, in other Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS). “They agreed that WINFRESH’s focus would be broadened away from commodity trading, to one that was more proactive in farm level production support as well as agro-products and markets development and expansion,” the statement said. “WINFRESH emphasised that there was still a strong market for Windward Islands bananas but that the bananas

had to meet the quality and volume requirements consistently. “ It said that WINFRESH is also concerned that unless the problems that continue to affect the industry are urgently addressed “the industry ran the risk of permanent displacement from the market”. The statement listed the problems as low productivity, poor and inconsistent quality, and erratic volumes, as well as the impact of diseases such as Black Sigatoka.

Saturday July 14, 2012

Kaieteur News

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The University of the Southern Caribbean Guyana (USC) looks to expand USC President flanked by students of university.

The University of the Southern Caribbean (USC) is looking to expand its programme in Guyana. This is according to Dr. Clinton Valley, President of the Organization, which is based in Trinidad and Tobago. He said that during his stay in Guyana, the facility examined how best it could serve the country as it seeks to expand and enhance its operation. Dr. Valley said that the University offers internationally recognized certification to its students. The university which is located in Anira Street, Queenstown, currently offers a variety of certified Bachelor Degree courses. However, according to Dr. Valley, the University is looking to introduce a Master’s Degree programme to locals. He said that this is scheduled to be done within the next three to five years.

“We will continue to do feasibility studies and market analysis to determine what will best serve the population. We don’t want to come into Guyana to impose programmes but rather to respond to the needs of the society.” Dr. Valley said that the University is looking to

modify its location to accommodate more faculties as they expand. The university has extension sites in Tobago, Barbados, Guyana, St Lucia and Antigua. It is currently seeking to expand to Grenada. The University of Southern Caribbean Guyana currently offers Bachelor’s

course in Business Administration, Science in Economics and Accounting, studies in Behavioral Science and Psychology and Theological arts among others. The USC was established in 1927 in Trinidad and Tobago. The Christian-based University expanded its outreach to Guyana six years

Old and Abandon vehicles being removed Government has signalled its intention to remove old and abandoned vehicles from the country’s roadways. According to Transport Minister, Robeson Benn, there has been an ongoing campaign to remove the disused vehicles for a while now. Currently, the exercise is being conducted in Corentyne, Berbice. The danger posed by these parked vehicles was recently brought to the fore with the death of some road users. On July 7, last, when a minibus transporting 16 persons to the city, slammed into a stationary vehicle on the Lusignan, East Coast Demerara public road, five persons were hospitalized. On June 25, last, two per-

sons died, while one was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of the Georgetown Public Hospital, after the Honda SUV in which they were travelling crashed into the back of a parked truck on the Novar, Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara Public Road. After the accidents, persons were critical about the parked vehicles on the road’s parapet and the role of the Mayor and City Council (M&CC). Minister Benn, when con-

tacted, said that the cost for the removal of the vehicles would be to his Ministry although it was supposed to be done by the M&CC. But Mayor Hamilton Green said that the council does not have equipment to remove the old vehicles. He added that for the vehicles to

be removed, the council would have to hire private equipment, which is impossible since the council does not have the amount of money to do so. Benn said that more focuses are being placed in the City and on the East Bank Demerara.

ago. According to the Guyana extension coordinator, Mignon Sancho, the USC caters for a diverse student population. Sancho said that the university presently has only 54 students which allows for individual attention. The coordinator said that the courses are offered at US$1,300 per semester. She said that at present, applications are being processed for a new batch of students to gain entry into the University. Sancho said that USC

does student intakes thrice a year and that the minimum requirement to enter is five subjects CXC inclusive of Mathematics and English. She added that the requirements depend on the course that a person may want to pursue. The University of the Southern Caribbean is a private co-educational institution operated by the Caribbean Union Conference of Seventh day Adventists. Since its establishment it continues to offer “valued based education”.

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Kaieteur News

Saturday July 14, 2012

Saturday July 14, 2012

Kaieteur News

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SOFT POWER WILL ALLOW THESE PROJECTS TO PROCEED To understand just how far divorced the opposition in Guyana is from today’s realities, one just has to look at the fuss that was made in April when it was announced that a Chinese firm had made a bid to buy Government’s 20 per cent shares in the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company. There was concern expressed by the opposition about the alleged links of the company to the Chinese military. These concerns parroted similar sentiments which were expressed about the investments in the telecommunication sector that the Chinese were making in the United States. Instead of being concerned about the offer to purchase the shares by a company with alleged links to the Chinese military, the opposition should have seen the usefulness of how that particular model could be applied to our own military which should have by now been trying to do what the Chinese government has long encouraged its military to do: become a corporate shareholder. It is to the credit of the Chinese military that they do have investments in companies with global reach and this is something that our local defense advisers should look at because it speaks to a business model that our local

military can adopt. The people of Guyana have nothing to fear from China. That country is not out to colonize anyone. It has never been interested in doing that in the Caribbean. China’s main interest in the Caribbean remains political and economic. Politically, it wants to stave off any influence that Taiwan may have within this part of the world. China is intent on ensuring that it has the ability within the United Nations and other international organizations to offset the influence of Taiwan which it considers part of its country. This is the main political interest that China has in these parts. It is not interested in colonizing the Caribbean. It will use soft power, including aid, investments and cultural exchanges to secure this objective. It is also in search of resources to sustain its fantastic level of economic growth. It knows that if it is to continue to grow and lift most of its people out of poverty, it has to find not just new markets for its goods but additional resources to keep up its production levels. These new markets and resource sources are being found in this part of the world and this is the main reason why there has been such significant investment by

China in Guyana. China is keen on keeping its economy going and it is doing so by providing work for its companies outside of its borders by lending monies to governments. Under these arrangements Chinese companies are expected to be granted the job. These contracts create jobs for Chinese companies and keep up a certain level of demand within their country. But these investments are also about the exercise of soft power. The millions of US dollars that China has pumped into Guyana is just a fraction of its total overseas investment. China can pull out of Guyana tomorrow and it will not hurt its economy or future. But China needs that one vote that Guyana carries in the United Nations and it will use its soft power to secure its economic and political interests in Guyana. We have seen the mastery of Chinese soft power on display over the past few months. Faced with allegations that one of its companies may have been debarred by the World Bank, the Chinese slowly and softly went about exercising their diplomacy. The company on its own did its PR without ruffling feathers. Then the diplomats complimented these efforts with their own soft power.

Dem boys seh...

Nuff people born wid glue When you like something you does do anything and everything to get it. For example when a man like sex he does encourage and support women. Women does do de same thing-vice versa. When a man like thief he does encourage and support thiefing. Dem got nuff example that dem boys can use but fuh now dem only using one. This one happen yesterday. De police buy a boat. De man who sell de boat was married to one of de Rat family. De police seh suh, not dem boys. Always when dem got more than one person fuh get a drawback from de deal dem does always got distrust and de whole story does come to light. It does buss out. Is that wha land dem senior police in trouble. One of dem get more money than what dem actually pay fuh de boat. De other two

stuups dem mouth and start grumble. And that is how de story come out. Cement Roti start de investigation but before get anyway Ohh Pee tek over. When de Rat hear is he family involve he try fuh save he face. He beg all of dem who tek de drawback fuh pay back de money suh that he family name can’t call in corrupt dealings. Little do he know that he whole generation born wid glue all over dem body, not only dun dem hand. De glue ketch pun he friends, other relatives and de Bees, not forgetting Brazzy. De whole glue pot rub off pun he. Bruh Mill got to find de solution that could wash away de Ever Stick wha stick pun some of dem rank wha he got. Talk half and watch de glue from de other half.

There is little doubt that the Chinese embassy has been working quietly behind the scenes trying to bring a resolution to the problem facing the Chinese firm that is supposed to be extending the runway at the Timehri airport. And that diplomacy has and will continue to succeed because the Chinese understand diplomacy and its use as a source of soft power. There is no way that the

opposition can prevent any of those major contracts involving Chinese firms from proceeding. If those contracts have the approval of the Chinese government, they will enjoy the full support of Chinese diplomatic efforts who will use soft power to ensure that the projects go ahead. Soft power is what will make these projects proceed. The exercise of soft power is what we are witnessing

especially when we hear diplomats speak about their assistance to Guyana and how they have always been willing to respond to a friend who was in need.

Men caught with drugs in hotel Four men who were caught with a quantity of drugs during a police sting operation at a New Amsterdam hotel, were yesterday charged with possession of narcotics for the purpose of trafficking. The arrest came on Wednesday at Main and King Streets, New Amsterdam. It is alleged that they had 18 grams of narcotics. The men, Mark Major, 28, of 28 Anira Street, Queenstown, Georgetown; Walleyeo Anderson, 39, of 177 Freeman

Street, La Penitence, Georgetown; Imran Ramsaywack, 18, of 7 Adelphi, Canje and Cortez Fraser, 18, of 181 Tucber Park, New Amsterdam appeared before Magistrate Adela Nagamootoo at the New Amsterdam Magistrate’s Court and pleaded not guilty to the charge. According to information the police acting on information, swooped down on the hotel and after a search, found the drugs in the room the men occupied. They

were arrested and charged. They were granted bail in the sum of $75.000 each and ordered to report to various police stations on Monday. Major will have to report to Alberttown Police Station; Anderson will have to report to the East La Penitence Police Station, Ramsaywack, the Reliance Police Station while Fraser will have to report to the Central Police Station, New Amsterdam. They will have to return to court on August 24.

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Kaieteur News

Stepfather on bail for threatening Step-daughter A 44-year-old man was on Thursday placed on $10,000 bail after he reportedly threatened his stepdaughter. Shawn Jerodin, of Kiskadee Drive, South Ruimveldt, allegedly conducted himself in an unlawful manner after his male neighbour reportedly told him that his wife was having an affair. Jerodin appeared before Magistrate Hazel OctiveHamilton at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court and pleaded not guilty to threatening behaviour which he reportedly committed on July 9 at Kiskadee Drive, South Ruimveldt, against his 16-year-old step daughter. The girl’s mother made an appearance on her behalf. The prosecution told the court that it had no objections to the defendant’s pre-trial liberty. They only asked that the defendant give the

undertaking to keep the peace during the continuance of the matter since the parties all resided in the same home. Jerodin was then placed on the $10,000 bail and asked to return to court on July 24. Kaieteur News, however, understands that the incident involving the parties stemmed from allegations made against the victim and her mother by a neighbour. According to the information received the defendant would perform labourer work in the interior, leaving his wife and stepdaughter at home. It is alleged that on the day in question the neighbour came over to the defendant’s home where they began to drink alcohol and to chat. It was alleged that the neighbour told the defendant that in his absence from home “slackness” would be the order of the day. The neighbour allegedly told the defendant that his wife would have another male in the home while he was away and an affair was going on. As a result of this information, the defendant became angry and reportedly chopped the doors, walls other parts of the house with a cutlass, all this reportedly in the presence of his 16-yearold stepchild. A report was later made to the police and the man was arrested and charged.

Saturday July 14, 2012

Prashad Nagar teen missing without a trace A Prashad Nagar couple is worried sick over their son who has gone missing for over a month now. They are seeking the help of public spirited citizens and those in authority to help them locate their son. The boy’s father, Sultan Ally, said that on June 5, last, his son left home for school and never returned home. Ally said that his son, Imraan Ally, is a fourth former of St Mary’s High School. He was last seen wearing his school uniform. The man said that he suspected something was “off beam” when his son did return home at 6 o clock. “He said that he had halfday because he had examinations. He left normal to go to school and we does usually meet up at the Islamic studies in the afternoon. When he did not turn up I get worried and start to find out. “I don’t know of any reason why he would want run away we aint beat he or threaten he, he never say he want run away before he only tell he want be an artist cause he good at drawing,” Ally said. He said that several reports were lodged at a nearby police outpost and that the police told him that the information would be forwarded to the various police stations. Ally said that he was advised by the police to place advertisements in the

Missing teenager Imraan Ally

Parents of the missing teen newspapers which he did, but that did not make a difference. The man said that he has utilized a substantial amount of resources in the search for his son Ally said that he later made checks with other relatives but no one could tell him anything comforting about his child. He expressed dissatisfaction at the way that the police have been handling the investigation into the matter. The man fears that his son might have fallen prey to human trafficking or worse, dead. “He could be any where people tell he thing and carry he way, I can’t even say cause something else could happen to he but we ain’t even find he body or

nothing, “ Ally said According to the distressed couple, their son was a very quiet individual while to their knowledge he had no problem with anyone. “He was well known in the area even the boys used to come till from Sophia to play cricket with Imraan he ain’t got no enemy or problems that we know about,” the man said The man told this newspaper that soon after his son went missing the teachers at St Mary’s School revealed that the boy only attended school 27 days for the school term. The man noted that the teacher never informed them of his son’s absence at school. “The teachers never communicated with us that

this boy was not going to school and he was preparing to write CXC” Ally noted. The missing teen’s father said that he is on constant look out for his son since he works as a driver for Central Islamic Organization of Guyana CIOG. In addition, he said that members of the Muslim community have been helping him in the search. Ally said that he has arthritis in his limbs and can’t travel long distances because his sickness restricts him. “I always on the look out cause I does be around. Whole day I keep checking with police and so to see if I get any information about where he might gone right now. I fed up but I ain’t give up. This thing real heart rending my son gone over a month now.” Ally lamented. The man plans to utilize the various avenues available to him to aid in the search for his missing son. “I gon go them television station and so to see if they could help” he said.

Saturday July 14, 2012

Kaieteur News

Woman alleges beating by male officers in her home at night


N e w Amsterdam woman says that she was brutally beaten by a gang of four male police officers in her bedroom on June 23, last. The beatings resulted in her left hand being broken. Audrey Cummings, of Lot 20 St John Street, New Amsterdam, related the chilling series of events that allegedly took place while she was home alone that night. She said that around 21:00 hrs, “I was in my bed when the police came and surrounded my house and knocked at my door, asking me to open my door.” Cummings refused since she was alone at home at the time. She enquired as to what they wanted and “they said they come to look for guns, ammunition and narcotics”. She refused again and she went back in her bed. The woman stated that the police men then started to kick down her back door, “until it opened”. “They then came in to the hall and when they saw I was in my bedroom, in my nightgown, they kicked down my bedroom door, too and they came in and one [name of officer given], pulled me off my bed by my hair and took me out in the hallway and they braced me up on the wall and they got this cadet officer, he took a cow pistle and started to hit me on my leg, branding it up. “And then he lashed me on my hand and it broke”. She added that “with all the beatings and curses, they started to call me whore, bitch, stink dog, etc”. They then began to search and ransack the house. The woman claimed that the police beat her “and slapped me and cuffed me and all kinds of things they did me”. When they were finished abusing the woman, they went back into her bedroom and started to ransack it. “They stand up on my bed and break the edge and take down my DVD and throw it on the ground and they went into my safe, took out all my ration and throw it out”. The officers then allegedly took a spoon and stirred the woman’s cooked food in the pot, in their quest for narcotics, probably. She claimed also that one of the officers took $60,000 “box- hand’ money which she had and which was placed in a red purse.

....said they dumped urine on her head “[Name of officer] took a Bible and throw it on my back”, she alleged. As if that was not humiliating enough, one of the officers then allegedly took a chamber pot filled with urine and dumped it on her face. “When they done do me all this things, they left after three hours and they broke up my windows— it’s a renting house”. She said that they then took her down to the station and then they called for a female officer. She said that at the station the ranks told the female officer that they wanted to take out a search warrant for the woman. Cummings’ ordeal was far from over. She was taken to the Central Police Station “and they had me skin up on a chair and she (the female officer) with a gloves in my vagina, fingering for what God in heaven knows and when they done, they put me on the bench to sit down with my broken hand”. The woman said that she was in excruciating pains and was begging all the time to go to the hospital, but her calls were falling on deaf ears. “Them said they ain’t carrying me to no hospital that they don’t have any female, and I had to sleep there with the pain”. Then early Sunday morning, a Sergeant (name given) came and asked her what had happened, “and I said they beat me and break my hand”. That officer then ordered that Cummings be taken to a hospital. “They take me to the hospital without a medical”, she said. She was examined and the doctor examined her and declared her hand broken. It was cast in Plaster of Paris, after which she was taken back to the station and placed on $5,000 bail for Disorderly Behaviour. The woman argued, “I want to know how I can I have done disorderly behaviour in my own house when they beat me and I have a broken hand?” Cummings related that she reported the matter the next day to the Police Complaints Desk at the Central Police Station and they took a statement “and he sent me over to the Crime Chief and he asked me what

was going on and I told him and he sent me back over to the Complaints’ Desk to get a medical and go to the hospital”. When the woman was about to leave that division with her medical, the police, she claimed collected the document.

She then tried to visit the Commander, Deryck Josiah “and for two weeks I am running to see the Commander and I cannot see him”. She told her story, too, to the Second-in-Command (Deputy Commander, Eric Bassant) whom she claimed sent her back to the Crime Chief and the run around continued. She said that she is currently in pain. “My leg is (Continued on page 18)

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Audrey Cummings

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Kaieteur News

Saturday July 14, 2012

Saturday July 14, 2012

Kaieteur News

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President Ramotar urges apprentices to set new standards in sugar industry By Leon Suseran President Donald Ramotar has called on the 45 apprentices who graduated from the Port Mourant Training School on Wednesday, to set new standards in the sugar industry. He further urged them to practise good work ethics too. He directed their attention to how fast China is developing. It is because of the powerful and hardworking human resource. He mentioned Japan and India, too. “We believe that the most important factor for development is people”. “You (the apprentices) are coming at a time when you can be free of the baggage that many still carry in the corporation”. He urged them to be the ones to set new trends, new standards where “all of us will have to make a contribution”. He also asked management to shake off the

culture of managing by excuse. When persons are trained to enter GuySuCo fully, “it’s a good sign that we have a healthy and living organism which will grow and continue to develop”. President Ramotar underscored the importance of training as the government tries to secure the future of everyone in Guyana. GuySuCo, he said, is “the grandfather” of all industries in Guyana. It has provided managers for other sectors, skilled workers in many areas and has helped in the development and diversification of this country, the Head of State added. Without the sugar cane, he said, Guyana would have taken a lot longer time to build other factories in the country. The sugar industry, he reflected, was in the hands of foreigners more than 300 years and “we are still— only now— we are

transforming the industry”. CHALLENGES IN THE INDUSTRY The industry still has challenges, some of which have been as a result of no one in Guyana, but rather the overseas powers, President Ramotar said. “When the UK decided to join the EU, they established the Sugar Protocol...but the Europeans have ended that with the stroke of a pen and that is part of this transformation and adjustment we are going through”. In 2010, he noted, the price of sugar was cut at 36 per cent and Guyana lost US$45M “just by the stroke of a some bureaucrat, thousands of miles from here; who does not care how hard people have to work to cut the cane and to produce sugar”. As a result of that, many industries, he said, went out of sugar, for example Barbados, St Kitts, Trinidad, and Antigua. “Jamaica is

The graduates of the PMTC 2012 batch struggling, but we persevered with the industry here, because the industry has a future”. He said the price of sugar today internationally “is not bad but we have not been able to take the advantage of it because of the level of production that we have”. T h e i n d u s t r y, h e admitted, has been having a rough time since the 2005 floods. “I hardly go on any estate without hearing complaints

that managers are managing the estates from cell phones and they blame each other for the problems”, he said. Forty- five young men graduated and specialised in various fields of study such as Sugar boilers, fitting and machining section, etc. The Best Graduating Student was Jacob Franklin. Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy said that the Training School will be better when it takes in more women, since females

are dominating many industries and field of work today. That brought a lot of cheers from the men at the school. Chief Executive Officer of GuySuCo, Paul Bhim, made a special appeal to the graduates to remain in the employ of GuySuCo because over 80 per cent of the graduates, he said, leave. “We have invested heavily in your training and look forward to you staying on for a long time”.

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Kaieteur News

Saturday July 14, 2012

Two parliamentary stalwarts honoured! F

ormer leader of t h e P e o p l e ’s N a t i o n a l Congress, Robert Corbin, and Pandit Mr. Reepu Daman Persaud, of the People’s Progressive Party were honored on Thursday by Parliament for their outstanding services

throughout the years. M r. R e e p u D a m a n Persaud, O.R., served as a Member of Parliament for the People’s Progressive Party from May 18, 1965 to May 2, 2006. During this time he served inter alia, as Chief Whip, Deputy Speaker, Chairman of the

Former Member of Parliament Reepu Daman Persaud receiving his token of service from APNU’s Amna Ally Public Accounts Committee, Chairman of the Constitution Reform Select Committee and Leader of the House. The motion to have them recognized was brought by Clement Rohee of the PPP/C and Volda Lawrence of APNU. It was stated that the National Assembly acknowledges that the Parliament has been served with honour and distinction by outstanding leaders and

Members of Parliament over the many decades. Persaud, according to members of the House, has been recognized for his unparalleled knowledge and skills on the conduct of parliament, parliamentary rules and procedures, norms and conventions which were most particularly needed when he guided this National Assembly with a steady and fair hand in periods which are now considered critical and

Former Leader of the Opposition Robert Corbin receiving his token from PPP/C Gail Teixeira historic with regard to the evolution of our country’s present day constitutional and parliamentary architecture. Corbin served continuously as a member of the National Assembly from August 2, 1973 to October 28, 1997 and from April 1, 2001 to January 15, 2012, totaling a period of 35 years 9 months and 26 days. Corbin, during the above mentioned period, served Guyana as Member of Parliament, Parliamentary Secretary, Minister of State, Senior Minister, Deputy

Prime Minister, and on one occasion was sworn in to act as President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana. Corbin also served during the above period as an Opposition Member of Parliament holding several shadow portfolios. He retired as Leader of the Opposition. The former Parliamentarian, according to colleagues, was actively involved in debates, policy decisions and other activities and has made a sterling and exemplary contribution.

Saturday July 14, 2012

Kaieteur News



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Kaieteur News

Saturday July 14, 2012

Saturday July 14, 2012

Kaieteur News

Page 17

ImmigrationTALK: Wanted bulletin issued for man in ‘fowl cock row’ shooting Questions & Answers The Guyana Police Force has issued a wanted bulletin for Mark Assing called “Jessy” whom they say is wanted for the murder of Abiola Eddie-Barker on June 20, last, at Mc Doom, East Bank Demerara. The man’s last known address was listed as Lot 61 Sussex Street, Charlestown, Georgetown, is of mixed race. He was born on July 17, 1970. Anyone with information which may lead to Assing’s arrest is asked to contact the nearest police on telephone numbers: 226-7065, 227-1149, 225-8196, 225-6411, 911 or the nearest police station. On June 20, last, Abiola Edie and her son, Martin Barker, of McDoom, East Bank Demerara were shot by their neighbour. Barker was

If you are less than four feet tall, and want to enjoy a free and promising Guyanesestyle concert, that too for a noble cause, then the Bath Settlement and the Port Mourant Community Centre Grounds are the places to be on July 14 and July 15 respectively. There will be another concert at Anna Regina on July 20. This mega event is being organized by the New Jersey Arya Samaj/ Guyana Central Arya Samaj Humanitarian Mission, in association with Angels Entertainment Group of Companies and Natraj Centre for the Performing Arts. Proceeds of this event will aid a humanitarian mission village at Babu John, Corentyne. It promises to be a ‘time to remember’, and a fun-filled family oriented event. The event will showcase over a dozen overseas-based Guyanese artistes. They

By: Attorney Gail S. Seeram,

Wanted: Mark Assing

Dead: Abiola Eddie

accused of putting his game cock to fight his neighbour’s roosters. The young man’s mother came out to defend him but the argument got heated and their neighbour went into his

house, collected his gun and shot Barker twice. Eddie was also shot in her face. Barker was treated at GPHC and was eventually discharged but his mother succumbed to her injuries.

Dheeraj Gayaram

Geeta Bisram

includeInternational Recording Artist, Geeta Bisram; International Acclaimed Dancer and Choreographer, Vashnie Ambhu; Angels Caribbean Band; Randy Reckless and the Tassa Drummers; Dexter and Tricia Alleyene. Also to perform are winners of the GT&T Jingles and Song Competition, Gail

Ann Singh and Andy Rattan. Admission for those above five feet tall is $1000, VIP $2000.

Through this “Question & Answer” column, our goal is to answer your immigration questions. Many of you have questions on backlog time and eligibility – we seek to clarify these issues and more. We appreciate your comments and questions. If you have a question that you would like answered in this column, please email: Question #1: Is it illegal for me to take my daughter to a public school in New York City for a period of four months while both of us are on B1/B2 visas? Answer #1: In 1982, the U.S. Supreme Court in Plyler vs. Doe, recognizes “the right of all children, regardless of immigration status, to attend public school as long as they [have] met the age and residency requirements set by state law.” In May 2011, the US Departments of Justice and Education issued a memorandum informing the nation’s school districts that it is against the law for school officials to request documents or other information that might reveal the immigration status of students enrolling in public schools. So, the public school (grades 1-12) cannot ask about your child’s immigration status when you enroll her in school

in New York. However, if the Immigration officer finds out that she will be attending school or has attended school in the U.S., they can deny her admission, revoke the B-1/B-2 visa and require she apply for a student visa (F-1). Question #2: I was adopted by my aunt but the immigration papers she filed never got approved. Can my biological parents, who are now U.S. citizens file for me? Answer #2: Unfortunately, once you are adopted, it severs the legal relationship between you and your biological parents for immigration purposes. So, only your adoptive mother, father or siblings can file a sponsorship petition for you. Question #3: I received my U.S. citizenship in 1972 but got convicted of two misdemeanors (domestic violence and shoplifting) in 1998. I’m scared because Immigration is more aggressive in deporting people from the U.S. Can I be deported or removed from the U.S.? Answer #3: As a U.S. citizen (by birth or naturalized), you cannot be deported for crimes committed AFTER you became a U.S. citizen. However, if you committed fraud in obtaining your U.S. citizenship then you can be denaturalized (very difficult

Gail S. Seeram for the government to prove). If denaturalized then deportation/removal is possible. Question #4: I entered the U.S. with a visitor visa and Form I-94. I am now married to a U.S. citizen, but lost my Form I-94. Can my husband still petition for me? Answer #4: Yes, to be eligible for adjustment of status in the U.S., you must prove lawful admission. So, you will have to apply to get a replacement Form I-94 before your husband can file for you. Once you obtain the duplicate I-94 then your husband can petition for you to be a lawful permanent resident in the U.S. Contact our office for assistance in applying for a duplicate Form I-94.

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Kaieteur News

Man accused of Bully’s murder threatens suicide Omesh Chaitram was yesterday charged and remanded to jail for the murder of 35-year-old Wendell Fresco, called “Country” of Yarrow Dam, Ruimveldt. The man before leaving the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court promised to kill himself after reporting that he was innocent of the murder charge. Chaitram claimed that he would get rid of himself since he had done nothing to the accused and it was the victim who in fact tried to rob him of his cash. The accused appeared before Magistrate Hazel Octive-Hamilton who read the charge. It is alleged that on July 10, at Georgetown, Chaitram reportedly took Fresco’s life. The accused was not required to plead to the charge but he sought to address the court in relation to wounds he said he received during the alleged confrontation with the deceased. Chaitram alleged that the deceased had attacked him and “bored him” after he tried to rob him of his money. He requested to show the court his wounds. Magistrate OctiveHamilton entertained the accused’s request for him to

Omesh Chaitram approach her for a better view of the wound. The accused explained that the deceased had reportedly bored him with a steel rod. The police officer who would have investigated the murder matter was present in court and he informed the court that the accused was already taken for medical attention. The accused however reiterated and insisted that he had not harmed the now deceased Fresco. Chaitram is expected back in court on July 27 before Chief Magistrate Priya Beharry. Allegations are that the

Woman alleges beating... From page 11 still branded up and I have to go to get another medical because the hand is still paining me and it is swollen”. She went to Georgetown at Eve Leary to see the Commissioner of Police about the matter “but I didn’t get anybody in there”. Cummings said that the police did not find anything they were looking for during the searches. She revealed, too, that she was previously charged with being in posses-

sion of narcotics, even though she claimed that she never had the substance on her person. That matter is ongoing in the court. Commander Josiah stated that he was not aware of such incident “and I have no information; no police break nobody hand”. He further said that if “she made a report, it would be investigated”. Efforts to reach the Crime Chief, Police Complaints Desk and Eve Leary all proved unsuccessful.

accused stabbed Fresco to death after a row over money. According to previous reports the accused on the day in question reportedly had a misunderstanding with Fresco. The report stated that the stabbing occurred around 04:00 hrs on Alexander Street, Georgetown. The deceased was said to be a street dweller for more than 16 years. Both he and the accused were said to be vagrants, who had a bitter argument last Monday night. During the argument, Fresco reportedly picked up a knife and stabbed the defendant, who allegedly escaped, but returned when the deceased was asleep. An eyewitness alleged that while Fresco slept the accused started to stab him in the chest and abdomen. The deceased was described as a bully.

Saturday July 14, 2012

Guyana to spearhead eradication of regional hunger “As we gather here in Georgetown, Guyana, 52.5M persons in Latin America and the Caribbean, our sisters and brothers, are under-nourished. Many of these persons are our children,” said Agriculture Minister, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy, Thursday. The two-day meeting, which concluded yesterday, looked at the progress made at the national and sub-regional level to achieve food and nutrition security (FNS) in the region; the activities carried out by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) supporting the Initiative; the new challenges and needs at the national/subregional level for the Initiative; the regional governance of FNS; and the role of the regional integration bodies, the Initiative and the Committee on World Food Security. Representatives of the Latin American and Caribbean countries participated in the meeting, as well as parliamentarians, representatives of international organizations and civil society. Dr. Ramsammy said that agriculture has played a critical role in reducing poverty and hunger over the last century and it must continue to play a pivotal role in pursuit of a hunger-free society. He made reference to the

improved gross world food production which went from 1.84B tons in 1961 to 4.38B tons by 2007. “I am confident that we will meet the goal of a hunger-free Latin America and the Caribbean by 2025, confident because we have nurtured a strong collaborative team. The collaboration includes the Food and Agriculture Organization,” said the Agriculture Minister. FAO Sub-Regional Coordinator for the Caribbean, Florita Kentish, said that the meeting is another step towards fostering stronger bonds and sharing new and creative ideas towards the eradication of poverty and hunger. “We meet today to continue our battle for our people to eradicate this scourge of poverty and hunger” said Kentish. She added that although the participating countries all come from many different cultural backgrounds the coming together at the meeting show their commitments as one to work towards the single goal of ensuring that hunger is eradicated by 2025. This event has been held on an annual basis since 2006. This is the first time that Guyana has been the host country.

52-year-old charged with robbery, rape Goodwin Hubbard, a/k “Breadie”, of DevonshireCastle Village, Essequibo Coast, has been arrested and charged with rape and burglary. He appeared in court and was remanded until August 24, next. Hubbard appeared before Magistrate Leron Daly, at the Suddie Magistrate’s Court, yesterday. The charges being indictable, Hubbard was not required to plead. In court Hubbard wept while proclaiming his innocence. On July 5, last, at Devonshire Castle, Essequibo Coast, the victim claimed that her apartment was broken into by an unknown bandit. Reports suggested that the victim was severely beaten and relieved of cash, cell phone and other household items. The lone bandit, reports said, choked the victim and “attempted” to rape her. He had gained entry through a

window. Police had initially apprehended another individual who was subsequently released after police was told he was not the person who had staged the robbery and attempt rape. On Tuesday, Hubbard was told by police officers to report to the Anna Regina Police station because an allegation of robbery and rape was leveled against him. “He didn’t use his penis her, but an object instead.” Arvil Garraway, Hubbard’s reputed wife said the police have picked up an innocent man for the crime” Garraway added that Hubbard was with her for the night of the reported incident. She said that he was with her that entire day. “All day and all night, I know to my heart that he did not do it and the rapist is still out there. Police should go and look for the rapist.” Lucille Brumell, who also protested Hubbard’s innocence, said the man is like

a brother and father to her. Both women are contending to the newspaper that they were aware of Hubbard’s whereabouts on the night in question.

However, investigations have revealed that both women were not definitive in their statements to the police about Hubbard’s whereabouts.

Victims of Facebook scam being refunded Some victims involved in the Facebook scam revolving around Aubrey “Swaggaboss” Smith and the sale of Blackberry cellular phones have already been refunded their monies. Others have received part payment from the young man’s mother on behalf of Smith, who is out of the country. His mother, who visited Kaieteur News on Wednesday evening, stated that after the publication of the article she began to receive telephone calls from persons claiming that Smith had fleeced them. She said that she was aware of a few persons whom he owed monies to and had already repaid them, some long before the publication of the newspaper article. The woman produced the receipts to this newspaper for verification. The two women whose names were on the receipts both acknowledged that they had received their monies in full. Smith’s mother explained that the number of telephone calls was too much for her to believe that they all had to be refunded and her son denied even knowing half of the persons who kept calling her.

“After the article was printed in the papers we got a set of telephone calls at my house with people saying that Aubrey owed them so and so much of money for phones he was to bring in for them. “When I spoke to him (Aubrey) he said that he didn’t know many of the people who were calling. So it isn’t everyone calling or posting things on Facebook that are speaking the truth. It is just a set of mischievous people doing this,” she stated. Smith has been accused of fleecing several persons of large sums of monies by posing as a retailer of blackberry cellular phones on the social network, Facebook. Reports are that the young man, whose Facebook account name is “Aubrey Swagga-boss Smith”, has been advertising Blackberry cellular phones for sale at extremely low prices. A number of persons responded to his posts, all interested in the prices and procedures of how they could obtain phones through “such a great deal”. They subsequently contacted the media to highlight the story after they claimed that they were not being refunded their monies.

Saturday July 14, 2012

Kaieteur News

Page 19

Guyanese wins Media Awards on Water Freelance Editor and Videographer, Shane Hubbard, of Guyana has been named the winner of the inaugural Media Awards on Water established by the Global Water PartnershipCaribbean (GWP-C). Mr. Hubbard’s television submission under the theme “Water and Food Security” was the unanimous top pick by the competition judging panel which consisted of Caribbean experts and professionals. The television piece which was written, directed and narrated by Mr. Hubbard, gives a compelling look into the critical importance of water in Guyana ’s agricultural sector. It carefully and creatively illustrates a plethora of issues related to water’s vital link to food security; steps taken by

the Guyanese government to ensuring the country’s food security; the strain on Guyana’s water with agriculture being a large consumer of the resource; among other issues. Amidst these issues, the video also encapsulated the need for Guyanese citizens to be more aware of the realities of water scarcity and the key role they can play in conserving water. The GWP-C which was established in 2004, works to support Caribbean countries in the sustainable management of their water resources to foster an Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) approach at the community, national and regional levels. In its commitment to building greater awareness on water management, GWPC launched its Media Awards

on Water on March 5, last in an effort to inspire Caribbean journalists to report more on water and also to commemorate the United Nations’ World Water Day which is celebrated on March 22 each year. The competition called for Caribbean media practitioners in the areas of print, television, radio and multi-media to submit original, published works within the period March 5 - April 10, 2012, on themes such as Water and Food Security; Water Conservation; Water and Poverty; Water and Health; Water for All; Water and Sanitation; Water-Use Efficiency; Climate Change; Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM); among other water related topics. Entries into the Media

Saturday July 14, 2012 ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) Your partner may be erratic today if you haven't paid enough attention to him or her. Difficulties will result if you have to deal with controversial groups today. Go over their important documents and take the time to suggest alternatives.

LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) You will be best suited to doing things around the house or inviting friends over for a visit. You have a real need to be vocal. Be aware of any deception on the part of those you deal with.

TAURUS (Apr. 21- May 21) Don't count on others to cover up for your shortcomings. Relationships will form if you get out and do things that you enjoy. Visit friends you don't get to see that often.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) Your charisma will no doubt attract a lot of attention. Make plans that will take you to exotic destinations. Don't let situations get out of control.

GEMINI (May 22-June 21) Spending too much time talking to friends or relatives could easily turn into a debate that could lead to estrangement. You are best to deal with those outside your family. CANCER (June 22-July 22) Finish those changes you've been talking about making to your residence. You will meet exciting new people through interest groups or functions that you attend with your children. LEO (July 23-Aug 22) You will do well if you mingle with the brass today. You have bent over backward trying to help them and now it's time to let them stand on their own two feet. It's a good time for long awaited relationships to begin. VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) Remember that no one can walk through your door if there's someone standing in the doorway. Romantic encounters are evident through travel or educational pursuits. Look into some personal changes.

SAGIT (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) You may find that your anger stems from lending or borrowing money. Do whatever your mate wants; it really doesn't matter as long as you're together. CAPRI (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) The talk you have may be eye-opening with regard to your present situation. Changes involving your domestic scene may be unpleasant. You are going through a period of questioning. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) Channel your energy into projects that will enhance your home. Try to slow down, and take another look. You need to put some trust in others. PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) Take time to relax. Stress and pressure at home may have worn you ragged. You should be able to get a lot done. Tell it like it is.

Awards on Water were rated based on the journalist’s ability to clearly communicate the chosen topic and highlight the essence of the issue; originality and creativity in expressing the topic; accuracy of content; and the overall quality of the material submitted. Mr. Hubbard will be presented with his first place Award by Irfaan Ali, Minister of Housing and Water of Guyana at a prize giving ceremony being arranged by the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) on GWPC’s behalf. The award was presented yesterday. Minister Irfaan Ali was seen as an appropriate person to present Mr. Hubbard with his Award due to his known work and commitment to effective water management in Guyana and his advocacy for a more integrated approach to water resources management in the country.

Two women, including the wife of US-based Guyanese, Abdool Shakeel Majid, who are charged with his murder have been further remanded to jail. The women, Hemwattie Abdulla, 37, called “Anita Nazeema Khan” formerly of Albion Corentyne and Canje and of Ozone Park, New York, USA and Surojinie Tirmaul, 43, of Belvedere New Housing Scheme, Corentyne, Berbice, appeared at the Springlands Magistrate’s Court on Thursday before Magistrate Krisendat Persaud. They were further remanded to prison until July 20, next. In court, the owner of the hired car took the stand and gave evidence as the preliminary inquiry began. The women are being represented by Attorney at Law Mursaleine Bacchus. They were charged following the discovery of Abdool Shakeel Majid’s body on April 28 at No. 63 Beach. Police was able to crack the case when the man’s wife returned to the United States after the man went missing. The woman was asked to report to the New Amsterdam

Media Awardee receives his award from GWI Chairman of the Board Ramesh Dookhoo Since last year the GWP-C use of Guyana ’s water has been supporting the resources. The draft Policy and Ministry of Housing and Water Roadmap are soon expected to in the development of an IWRM be finalised following Policy and Roadmap to guide the stakeholder consultation in sustainable management and Guyana.

Owner of hired car testifies Police Station to identify her slain husband’s body. She was promptly arrested. The body of a man was found with his scalp missing and other injuries at the Number 56 Village, Corentyne foreshore around 07.40 hrs. Bloodstains and sand were found in the car trunk

that the couple had rented. Detectives had also retrieved the woman’s driver permit from the car. The remains were only identified on May 16 last, when a brother visited Guyana after becoming suspicious about the wife’s behaviour.

Page 20

Kaieteur News

Saturday July 14, 2012


(From page 15) VEHICLES FOR SALE 2007 Toyota Ractis $2.7M,2004 Mazda RX8 $2.8M,Never Registered Call:617-2891 PROPERTY FOR SALE 1-Top flat wooden building,20"x16"x8" and land 64"x56" Kuru Kururu Soesdyke Linden Highway Price Negotiable Call:6754853 Blankenburg gate community $17.5M negotiable,Paradise $10.5M negotiable,Enterprise Gardens $15M Call:655-8361 Fabulons Hanes Realty East Bank $12M,Kitty $35M,Section K $27M,Albertown $29M DIANA 227-2256,626-9382

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Progressive auto rental, cars from $4,000 per day. Call: 6435122, 656-0087, Al’s car pick up & canter rental Call:698-7807 Premio,110 Corolla.Call:6797139 FABS RENTAL,cars & jeeps rental Call:600-6890 or email

Three man administrative boxing team in Upper Demerara talent spotting mission Technical Director of the Guyana Amateur Boxing Association (GABA), Terrence Poole, and a high leveled delegation of coaches left Georgetown yesterday morning for the Mining Town of Linden on a two day mission aimed at recognizing new talent for future development. He is accompanied by national coach, Wensel Thomas and Cuban coach, Francisco Rosen, here in Guyana on a coaching stint under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and would identify youngsters with talent to add to the pool in Georgetown and its environs. Kaieteur Sport learnt that the three coaches have

already conducted a similar exercise in the gyms in Georgetown and the East Coast of Demerara and will soon turn their attention to Berbice and Essequibo. The move is timely especially since Linden is noted for the production of commendable boxing talent the likes of former world rater Terrence Ali as well as notable amateur pugilists like Christopher Bowen and Mark Yaw among others. Several gyms have also mushroomed in the Ancient County and GABA officials will travel to that location shortly to conduct a similar fact finding mission. Those gyms include the Rose Hall Jammers, Pocket Rocket Boxing Gym and Central

Boxing Gym. One such institution, the Essequibo Boxing gym, is in operation in the Cinderella County and that region would soon receive similar attention. Officials of GABA has demonstrated an alacrity in joining forces with administrators of outlying communities as well as the other administrative regions in an all encompassing move to spread the sport throughout the country. Upon its return to Georgetown, the team will submit a report to President of GABA, Steve Ninvalle and subsequently huddle to peruse and discuss the reports with an aim of implementing the best module for the boxers’ development.

Waramadong, Christianburg set... From back page of play, along with Kenzy George (49th), Myles Albert (63rd) and Armon Fredericks' 64th minute goals. Samuel Charles 62nd minute strike was the consolation goal for Bygeval. In the Christianburg versus St. Ignatius game, the Lindeners took the lead very early through Halley, but St. Ignatius responded almost immediately through Parks. They eventually took the lead when Robinson reached on to the end of a corner kick that had eluded goalkeeper and defender and fired in from close range. That scored remained until the half. Immediately after the resumption, Christianburg gained the equalizer through Simon, who spilt two defenders from a well directed squared ball from the right flank and pierced the goalkeeper with a cracking shot. Bouyed by their success, Christianburg orchestrated several attacking plays, and

eventually got their reward when Simon completed his double from the penalty spot after a teammate was fouled inside the box. However, the game was to experience another twist when Smith took full advantage of being left unchecked inside the penalty area following a scrimmage and booted home from close range. With both teams attacking and looking for the ascen-

dancy everyone knew that something was about to happen and it did as Christianburg won a corner and up strode the big central defender Blyden, who rose above everyone else and headed past the keeper sending the sprinkling of Linden supporters into rapturous celebration. They survived several tense moments after that before the final whistle sounded to set up a clash with Waramadong tomorrow.

From back page suffered a leg injury while batting during the third ODI in St. Kitts. Tom Latham kept the wickets in his place, but that role is likely to be taken up by a returning B McCullum, who is likely to replace Daniel Flynn at No. 3. That could open a batting spot for Dean Brownlie, who played in the first ODI. Bowling-wise, fast bowler Doug Bracewell and medium pacer Andrew Ellis will be available for selection

after recovering from their respective injuries. And West Indies may have harboured the thought of resting key players before the third ODI, but a heavy defeat means that the series is still up for grabs and therefore, the home side is likely to continue with their strongest XI. However, wicketkeeper Denesh Ramdin will miss the match due to his wedding. He has been replaced by Devon Thomas.

ODI series still up for ...

Saturday July 14, 2012

Kaieteur News

Page 21

GBTI Open Tennis C/ships - National Junior team leaves for Caribbean Championship next week in JA The Guyana National Squash Association (GNSA) in collaboration with National Sports Commission (NSC) yesterday afternoon officially launched its Summer Squash Camp in the presence of the Minster of Sports, Dr. Frank Anthony and players at the National Racquet Centre, Woolford Avenue.

Championship despite losing some of their established players. President of the Squash Association, Andrew Arjoon in his brief remarks thanked the Minster of Sports along with the Director of Sports, Neil Kumar for the effort shown in the sport while guaranteeing that the Camp will be a success. National Coach Carl Ince

presently working along with the team as they prepare for the upcoming Championship. This publication was made to understand that the players have improved tremendously with the assistance they have received from Fernandes. Fernandes, who is pleased to work along with the players, disclosed how fortunate the

The Sukra siblings and Oswin Coggins were among those who made solid starts to this year’s GBTI Open Tennis Championships which got underway yesterday, at the Bank’s Recreational Centre in Bel Air Park with a number of exciting matches. In the opening match, Krystal Sukra and Nicola Ramdyhan set the tone for the tournament with some high quality tennis with the former going for her shots against the excellent retrieving ability of Ramdyhan. Both players who are part of the junior development programme played aggressively and it ended with Sukra prevailing 6-3, 6-4

as she held her nerve to stave off a comeback by Ramdydan, who broke serve at 3-5 in the second set. In a Men’s Singles first round encounter, Oswin Coggins and Kester Abrams had their own battle, with Coggins serve and Abrams ground-strokes being their main weapons. Abrams took the first set 6-4, before Coggins stormed back to take the remaining two sets 6-3, 6-3 to book his place in the second round. Nomenchandra Persaud, a newcomer to the sport put on a brave effort as he nearly upstaged Benedict Sukra, who played conservatively and eventually prevailed 6-4, 6-4, while Viraj Jugdeo and

Andre Lopes posted easy victories in their encounters against Mindat Lallbeharry and Dillon Pyle respectively. The tournament continues with matches daily at 17:00hrs and features some of the top players in the country competing against each other for the first time this year. Results of Thursday matches are: Ladies Singles Krystal Sukra defeated Nicola Ramdhyan 6-3 6-4 Men’s Singles Oswin Coggins beat Kester Abrams 4-6, 6-3, 6-3; Benedict Sukra defeated Nomechandra Persaud 6-4, 6-4; Viraj Jugdeo trounced Mindat Lallbeharry 6-1, 6-0 and Andre Lopes blanked Dillon Pyle 6-0, 6-0.

to the Squad are Richard Staglon, Ronald Mayers and Claudius Butts, in Trinidad & Tobago, Kevin McKenzie in Australia and Rupert Giles in the UK. The Rugby World Cup will take place in Moscow, Russia, next year (2013). Nine core teams are automatically qualified to be joined by an additional 15 teams drawn from the Regional Qualifiers. The North America & Caribbean Qualifier will be contested by USA, Canada, the 8 Caribbean countries and Mexico. The Ottawa tournament is combined with the NACRA Caribbean Championships, including Mexico. Guyana are current Champions having won the tournament six years in succession and are clearly favourites to win the tournament and contest against Canada and the USA for the 2 Regional Qualifying World Cup places. Qualifiers for Regional Championships and the 2013

Sevens World Cup are also taking place in Africa, Asia, South America, Europe and Oceania. The 9 core teams already qualified for the tournament are Kenya, South Africa, Argentina, England, Russia, Wales, Fiji, New Zealand and Samoa. The Squad is as follows: Dwayne Schroeder, Rickford Cummings, Cloyd Prowell, Vallon Adams, Peabo Hamilton, Claude Alexander, O’Neill Charles, Christopher Singh, Rondell McArthur, Cyon Kitt, Claudius Butts, Elwin Chase, Theodore Henry, Ryan Gonsalves, Walter George, Richard Staglon, Ronald Mayers, Avery Corbin, Breon Walks, Kester Lowe, Marvin Stephenson, Blaise Bailey, Lance Adonis, Carl Lewis, Akeem Fraser, Leon Greaves, Rupert Giles, Kevin McKenzie, Joseph Rahaman, Samuel Leach and Troy Bascom.

Anthony speaking at the opening of the Summer Camp stated that the Camp is a continuation of the schools programme which started yearly in the year. Wishing the National Squash team, which will be representing Guyana in Jamaica for the Caribbean Junior Championship, the Minister confidently stated that the team should be able to retain the

stating how grateful he was for the camp, disclosed that the National team will be going out to do their best in their attempt to retain the title, “The team has been training hard,” he said. Present at the launch was also International Squash player, Nicolette Fernandes who won the women’s junior and senior awards for the sport. Fernandes, a role model to the players, is

players are now, “When I used to play squash we only had the opportunity to practice on one day in each week and that was on Saturday,” she said. Fernandes promising that she will do her part while she’s in Guyana for the players, also stated that her aim will be to market the sport, allowing other people to understand and respect it.

The Guyana Rugby Football Union has announced the selection of the players for the National Sevens Squad called to national practice today, Saturday July 14, in preparation for the International Rugby Board 2013 Rugby World Cup Regional Qualifier and NACRA 2012 Caribbean Championships which will take place at the Twin Elms Grounds, Nepean, Ottawa, Canada on August 25 & 26. The selected Guyana based players are asked to be at the National Park for a 2:00pm commencement of the practice session. Overseas players named

From page 23 mandate. Present at that forum were Interim chairman of the Guyana Horse Race Association (GHRA), Justice Cecil Kennard, organizer, Compton Sancho, coordinator, Melissa Chattergoon and Public Relations and Media Specialist, Ajay Baksh. Ms Chattergoon beseeched support of the public even as she envisaged the excitement in store. She urged the nontraditional fans to be a part of the day's activities which would also include lots of family oriented events while the popular Slingerz sound system would provide delectable musical entertainment. Mr. Kennard added his voice to the cause and once again pleaded for appropriate legislation to regularize the sector. He said that there has been immense improvement in the sport bolstered by the competitiveness of the many events. Mr. Kennard also hinted at more stringent measures to curtail doping of the animals. He pointed out that such behaviours could be counterproductive; placing the animals at great risks. He subsequently urged horse owners

to desist from such practices. Mr. Sancho has been an integral part of the sport and has been organizing events for over three decades. He said that indeed the sport has improved immensely ever since the late Harold Tulsi, another horserace enthusiast, had increased the winning stakes to one million dollars. “Presently, jockeys are competing for prizes well over that amount which is an indication of the strides made in the sport. Indeed, the feature attraction for next month end's event, the 'A & Lower over a distance of 1400m, carries a first place prize of 3 million dollars with a second prize of half that amount. The third and fourth place finishers will win $750,000 and $375,000 respectively. Then there is the race among the 3 years old horses over a similar distance where the winner receives 2 million dollars. The 2nd to 4th place finishers receive $1,000,000, $500,000 and $250,000 respectively. The two years old animals will compete over a distance of 1000m and the winner rides off with one million

dollars. The second place finisher will get $500,000, while the 3rd and 4th places receive $250,000 and $125,000 respectively. The other races on for the day are the E & Lower, F & Lower, G & Lower, 3 years Old Open, 2 years old Open, H & Lower, 13 & Lower and the Division 1, 2 & 3 event. Several top notched thoroughbreds will be on show including Jet Set Go, Whoso-

ever, Swing Easy, Night Crescendo, Gotta Go and Awesome Warrior among others. Horse owners are required to lodge a 50% non refundable deposit not later than Monday August 20. Entries can be made through Chandu Ramkissoon (624-9063/2320633) or Chris Jagdeo (6246123/322-0369). Additional information could also be had from any of the above mentioned individuals.

Minster of Sports, Dr. Frank Anthony along with the Director of Sports, Neil Kumar, President of Guyana’s Squash Association, Andrew Arjoon, National Coach, Carl Ince and International Squash player, Nicolette Fernandes at the National Racquet Centre, Woolford Avenue during the launch of the Summer Camp.

Sukras, Coggins make solid start

Over $30M at stake as nation's top...

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Kwakwani take on Central Mackenzie in Linden tonight Kwakwani will have to prove that the adage that suggests ‘small axe cut down big tree’ is true in the quarterfinal game against Central Mackenzie in the National Community Basketball League (NCBL) tonight at the Mackenzie Sports Club Court in Linden. The easy prediction will be to choose Central Mackenzie because of the depth of what can easily be called the community’s ‘Dream Team’. Central Mackenzie has an abundance of players with the requisite quality and will be eyeing a semi-final place. Kwakwani has toppled respectable teams in the NCBL to reach the quarterfinal stage

after they’d finished second in their group. Their performance against previous big teams cannot be diluted in any analysis and that is what makes them too obvious to underestimate. Central Mackenzie has more to prove in the contest. They will want to concretise their place as a definite force in local basketball whether or not they are in the best shape. The team is on a move to prove a point and that motivation could be dangerous for Kwakwani. However, Kwakwani’s usual fundamentals could create difficulties for the fairly rusty Central Mackenzie that has Akeem ‘The Dream’ Kanhai with Steve Neils Jr., Kevin ‘Two Feet’

Joseph and Orin Rose rotating between point and shooting guard. Neils is a former national shooting guard, who captained Guyana at the last Caribbean Basketball Confederation (CBC) Championships in the Bahamas. Kanhai is an ex-national junior guard with Joseph having a bit of senior national exposure in the position as well. Orin Rose is as lethal as a marksman from downtown locally. In the forward positions, Marvin Hartman and Shane Webster are also forces to reckon with the 6’9" centre, Jason Alonzo as the inside tower. Central Mackenzie is basically a team of ex-senior and junior national players that may still be in contention for national selection. Because of that, the underdog status must apply to Kwakwani, who is now developing a senior force with most of its players still in transition from the schools’ and junior levels. Nevertheless, Shelroy Thomas, Dave Plass and Dominic Douglas will come out to play ball. Kwakwani, judging from their run in the tournament that has been a true representation of talent in communities across Guyana thus far, has shown no fear of opposition. It will be a good game. Kwakwani cannot be underestimated.

Saturday July 14, 2012

Entries close tomorrow for Norman Singh Digicel $11M horserace meet Entries are expected to close tomorrow for the Norman Singh Memorial Turf Club, Digicel one day horserace meet set for Sunday July 22 at the club’s track, Bel Air, No 6, West Coast, Berbice. Eight races are slated for the days programme with a whopping $11M in cash and trophies up for grabs. So far most of the top horses in the country have taken entry for what is expected to be an action packed day of races. The feature event is for B class horses over 1700M. The winner will gallop away with a hefty first prize of $2M, with the first five finishers set to collect decent rewards. The second place finisher will gallop away with $1M. The top Guyana and West Indies Bred three years old horses in the country are expected to be in action as they battle for the top prize of $1M also over 1700M. The three year old event for Guyana Bred horses has $400,000 for the winner over 1400M. The E Class event also has a tantalizing first prize of $700,000 with the distance set at 1200M. In the two year old West Indies Bred race, the animals will compete for a first prize of $600,000 and will be run over a distance of 1000M. The Guyana Bred Two year old Horses will run for a winner’s money of $400,000 over 1000M. The other races listed for the day’s programme are the I1 and Lower 1200M race with $250,000 going to the winner. The final race for the day will be for unclassified Division 1,2&3 animals and will see them racing over 1200M with the winner taking away the $200,000 first prize. The feature event has

Approximately 75 entered so far attracted entrants such as California Strike, The Trip on me, Dark and Lovely, The Message, Jest Set Go, Grande Roja, Who so ever, Score’s even, Marathon Man and Zelick. The 3 year old event will see Settle in Seattle, Storm in a tea cup, Serenity, Happy Choice, Rock Sonia, Silent Lizzy, Watch my Shadow and Rosetta, while the E class event features Fairy Landing, Majestic, Got to go, Appealing Harvest, Top of the line, Technology, Traditional man and Bridle Stone Corner. Race official Gansham Singh informed that the track at No6 was in excellent condition despite the recent weather and they have been monitoring and taking every precaution to have it ready for race day. Organiser Compton Sancho stated that races will start on time as scheduled on the programme and all horses must be in the observation paddock 15 minutes before the start or they will be disqualified. It was noted that owners of 2 year old horsed must provide their certificate of Registration or Breeders Stud Certificate at the time of

entry or on race day according to the rules governing the meet. All the winners will be presented with trophies compliments of the sponsors. There will also be rewards for the outstanding individual performers which will include top jockey, trainer, stable and horse compliments of Ramesh Sunich of the Trophy Stall, Bourda Market, Digicel and the organisers. The race meet will be run under the auspices of the Guyana Horse Racing Authority and those interested in entering their animals can do so by contacting Secretary Gansham ‘Ganesh’ Singh on Telephone 649-3636, 2320219 or organizing Secretary Campton Sancho on 690-0569 or at the Club’s office at No 6 Bel Air West Coast Berbice. Horse owners are also reminded to get their horses properly registered with the Guyana Horse Racing Authority, as those horses not properly registered will not be allowed to participate in the day’s proceedings. Race time is 12:30hrs. (Samuel Whyte)

Horseracing IMC holds general meeting The Interim Management Committee (IMC) of the Guyana Horseracing Authority (GHRA) will be holding a general members meeting today beginning at 13:00hrs at the Kennard Memorial Turf Club, Bush Lot farm Corentyne Berbice. A number of topics are set to be discussed including looking at race meets for the rest of the year, classifications and reviewing

meets that were completed since the formation of the committee in May. Issues affecting horse owners and the smooth running of horseracing will also be discussed including disciplinary matters. Chairman of the IMC retired Chancellor Justice Cecil Kennard is expected to chair the meeting which is expected to be attended by representatives of all the horseracing clubs in Guyana, the major stables and horse owners. The meeting is also expected to hear from the various committees that have been put in place on the work that they have done so far.

GCA weekend matches postponed The Georgetown Cricket Association is advising that all of its cricket matches in the Carib Beer/Friends Of Cricket Heroes Cup First Division and NBS 40-Overs Second Division scheduled for today and tomorrow have been postponed due to the heavy rainfall being experienced presently. A new date for the game and the continuation of the fixtures will be announced.

Saturday July 14, 2012

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Guyana ready for AFNA Netball Championship in T&T Guyana's National Senior Netball team yesterday afternoon departed Guyana to take part in the Americas Federation Netball Association (AFNA) Netball Championship in Trinidad and Tobago, Portof-Spain. The Championship which runs from July 14th21st will see eleven female

with the training sessions, “It been a number of years the team (Guyana) have not participated at this level of competition,” the coach stated. Fraser-Thomas dissatisfaction with the team's training session was because the team, according to her was unable to access the facilities, National

which hindered the team preparation, Fraser-Thomas believes that the team will give a good account of themselves given the fact of the exposure the team have, “Most of the players were exposed to International level of the sport but most being U-16 tournaments,” she added. The squad which

Guyana's female National Senior Netball Team, elegantly clothed in dresses pose for a photo opt before they depart from the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall, yesterday afternoon to participate at the AFNA Championships in Trinidad and Tobago. players representing Guyana a g a i n s t Tr i n i d a d a n d Tobago, St. Lucia, USA, Grenada, Bermuda, Jamaica, Canada and Barbados at the Jean Pierre Center. National Netball Coach, Lavern Fraser-Thomas revealing that it is the first engagement for Guyana in the Tournament, which is sponsored by AFNA, stated that the team is ready to field their skills in the Twin Island despite being dissatisfied

G y m n a s i u m a n d C l i ff Anderson Sports Hall (CASH) which the Guyana Netball Association (GNA) was given permission for, “I am not totally satisfied with the sessions as the team was unable to acquire full uses of the National Gymnasium and Cliff Anderson Sports Hall, so most of our preparations were hampered.” Despite all of the factors

attended the opening ceremony last evening, Adel Chalmers (Captain), Robin Thomas (Vice Captain), Shonette Estwrick, Sherika Estwrick, Tasnica Lovell, Simona Fanfair, Renae Anderson, Angeline McCarthy, Margaret Cipio, Natisha Fordyce and Gracelyn Lewis will be in action today against Trinidad and Tobago in Court 1 from 5:30 pm at the Centre.

6th Annual Guyana Cup Horserace Meeting

Over $30M at stake as nation's top horses throw down the gauntlet

The principals of the horserace meet shortly after the conclusion of the press conference yesterday afternoon. L-r Chairman of the Guyana Horse Race Association (GHRA), Justice Cecil Kennard, coordinator, Melissa Chattergoon, organizer Compton Sancho, and Public Relations and Media Specialist, Ajay Baksh. Eleven exiting races among horses that are bred in North America and the Caribbean; over thirty million dollars in cash and other prizes at stake and a projected attendance of more than ten thousand screaming turfites are just the ingredients needed for a

day packed with excitement and the officials of Jumbo Jet Auto Sales have promised just that when they stage the 6 th annual Guyana Cup Horserace Meeting at the Port Mourant Race Track, Corentyne Berbice, on Sunday August 26. Dubbed the largest

horserace meeting in Guyana, the forum is touted to be a family affair and the organizers hosted a press conference at their lot 92 Smyth Street Werk-en-Rust offices yesterday afternoon to fill in media operatives of their efforts to address their Continued on page 21

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Malta Supreme Hugh Ross Classic

Athletes receive boost from Fitness Express Aiming to be as shredded, chiseled and ripped to the max to ensure that they are well positioned to cart off the top prize in their respective category apart from challenging for the overall crown is the ultimate goal of all the athletes selected to compete in the 3rd Malta Supreme Hugh Ross Classic Bodybuilding and Fitness Show set for Saturday July 28. It is no secret that the necessary supplements and vitamins are quite costly in Guyana. But a Good Samaritan in the name of Fitness Express of Sheriff and John Streets, Campbellville has stepped forward to assist the athletes in their quest to be in the best possible shape. Jamie Mc Donald, Manager/Owner of Fitness Express made the commitment to the HRC Organising Committee and has since made donations of supplements and vitamins to all the athletes that are competing. A total of 33 athletes inclusive of females Alisha Fortune and Nadina Taharally will be gracing the stage of the National Cultural on July 28 in their quest for glory. Fortune has the distinction of being the winner of the Ms. Fitness Crown on the two previous occasions the HRC

was held. Four will compete in the bantamweight category, two in the lightweight, five in the welterweight, nine in the middleweight, four in the light middleweight and seven in the heavyweight category. Mc Donald spoke about his entity's reasons for powering up the athletes: “We

care about their goals and achievements. This is why we chose to offer personalized supplement packages for the athletes.” He further stated that they {Fitness Express}decided to do the donation prior to the competition for all the athletes who qualified to compete in the finals because they wanted

Fitness Express Manager/Owner Jamie Mc Donald (right) shakes hands with athlete Kerwin Clarke as fellow athletes Shawn Henry (2nd left) and Ronier Caesar display their items. decided to give the supplement packages before the competition for several reasons. We always prefer and are willing to offer forms of support which specifically benefit Guyana's athletes with regards to their performances. We want athletes to know that when we offer our support we are not just throwing resources blindly at them for purely promotional purposes, but genuinely and personally

to provide a level playing field with regards to supplementation. “We hope that this will allow the athletes to bring out their very best physiques for the 2012 Hugh Ross Classics.” The HRC Committee expressed gratitude to Mc Donald and Fitness Express for partnering with the entity to ensure the success of this year's competition and the continued growth of the athletes.

t r o Sp West Indies v New Zealand, 4th ODI, Basseterre, St Kitts

ODI series still up for grabs For the first four games of the tour, West Indies were clobbering New Zealand as they haven't clobbered any Test-playing nation in a long time. However, an all-toofamiliar collapse by the hosts at St Kitts has left the ODI series in the balance and opened the door for New Zealand, who have Brendon McCullum back in the side. West Indies' initial success was partly due to the inexperience in the New Zealand side and partly due to Chris Gayle, who was bullying the bowlers almost single-handed. There is probably no harder job in limited overs cricket than to plan for Gayle, and New Zealand's young captain Kane Williamson couldn't have been faulted for his team's successive failures. It looked like West Indies would wrap up the series in the third ODI, but then the Gayle failure arrived. The way West Indies collapsed to a disappointing 88-run loss showed why, despite looking unstoppable at times, they remain a work in progress with a fragile batting-order. This was their chance to secure their first ODI series win against toplevel opposition inmore than four years, and build on their performance during the drawn home series against Australia earlier this year. The target was modest, the bowling attack manageable, the ground small, and the track full of runs but their capitulation when facing a modest chase was all too familiar. On the other hand, a struggling New Zealand team could have found the belief that they needed to compete in the series. However, to keep challenging West Indies, they will need a stronger effort from their batsmen, especially, after the loss of BJ Watling - their best batsman in the series. Ahead of the fourth ODI, the home team remains favourite, although they need to show that they are more than a one-man team more often. Watch out for... Brendon McCullum was not part of the original New Zealand ODI squad, but rejoined the tour midway owing to a spate of injuries in

Baird claims 400m Silver in Central American and Caribbean Junior record time

Kadecia Baird (right), Erika Rucker (centre) and winner Ashley Spencer after the race.

West Indies No. 3 batsman Dwayne Smith has often given his wicket away during this series the team. The loss of captain Ross Taylor due to a shoulder injury during the Twenty20 leg in Florida made New Zealand's batting appear woefully short of experience and any firepower to counter West Indies' heavy batting artillery. B McCullum's addition is a further boost to the side after their unexpectedly big win in the third ODI. Dwayne Smith made a comeback to the ODI squad after two years in England. In five matches since then, he has scored two half-centuries - a marked improvement over his three fifties from his previous 77 matches. Although, he played most of his career lower down the order, his batting was plagued by wrong choice of shots. In his new avatar as a No. 3, Smith's fifties have been flanked by innings where he has again given it away too easily. Can he help his own confidence in the remaining two games? Or more importantly, will he be able to justify the responsibility of his new role? TEAM NEWS N e w Z e a l a n d wicketkeeper BJ Watling Continued on page 20

Guyana experienced the taste of glory last evening when overseas-based 400 meters sprinter, Kadecia Baird executed a stunning 400 meters race at the IAAF W o r l d J u n i o r Championships in Barcelona Spain at the Montjuic Olympic Stadium.

Digicel Nationwide Schools Football Competition By Rawle Welch Any true football aficionado would have dreamt of a Waramadong versus Christianburg final and lo and behold that vision came through yesterday when they both registered contrasting wins in their respective semi-final matchups in the Digicel Nationwide Schools Football Competition which concluded, at the Eve Leary and Dem Amstel grounds. Despite the unhelpful

Medgar Evers' Baird earned herself a silver medal in fashion when she registered a blistering 51.04 seconds, taking more than a second from her personal best time of 52.14 seconds. Winning the race was crowd favourite Ashley

Spencer of the United States of America in 50.50 seconds; Erika Rucker was third with 51.10 seconds. Baird must be delighted and thrilled with her performance which is now a new PB and also a new Central American and Caribbean Junior Record.

Waramadong, Christianburg set up dream final tomorrow

developments that have surfaced during the tournament, no one could dispute the fact that the Digicel Tournament should be the yardstick used to select a true composition of a national junior team and nothing else. Over at the Den Amstel Community Centre ground, beaten finalist in the inaugural tournament Christianburg undaunted by the majority support for St. Ignatius survived a stern test

to make it a second trip to the championship round after defeating them 4-3 in a match that was played on a soggy pitch. On target for the winners was Yannick Simon, who netted a brace in the 46th and 68th minutes, while Alan Halley (4 th ) and Travin Dryden (82nd) completed their tally. St. Ignatius, who many felt were unfortunate not to advance, got their goals off the boots of Franklyn Parks

Repeat finalist Christianburg Secondary School poses for a photo op following their semi-final triumph over St. Ignatius yesterday.

McCurd Crammer (7th), Kenroy Robinson (43rd) and Michael Smith (80th). They will now have to play Bygeval on Sunday in the third place playoff. Over at Eve Leary, Waramadong led by Cirilo George, who found the back of the net in the 17th, 22nd, 36th, 38th, 58th and 71st minutes led the way for the Region 7-based team which inflicted a crushing 12-1 win over Bygeval. George was supported by Mc Curd Kramer's hat-trick which was netted in the 72nd, 83rd and 88th minutes Continued on page 20

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