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Guyanese killed, beaten in Brazilian prisons P. 6

Car Boats

This is a dual purpose road in Barbina, North West District

Chronicle board UG board EBB road shut down as estate trucks get rejects to discuss action stuck in craters Bourne’s over racist editorial ....frustrated residents P. 13

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- AFC wants Ramotar to speak out


protest conditions again

Jagdeo's 12-year - David reign a maze Granger P. 12

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Kaieteur News

Thursday July 12, 2012

Rohee, private sector clash at fiery Chambers meeting

From L to R: Pres. of CCCC, Mr Rambrich, Mr Rohee and MP Jaffarally at the heated meeting

Members did not turn up to the meeting, because they anticipated what was going to happen and it was not the first meeting we had with Mr Rohee— One we had two years ago in Number 64 Village— and his behaviour was the same, if not worse. “This will only turn businessmen away from him, so I think we need to take our issues to higher authority” said President of

...members say forum was a failure the CCCC, Mr Lakeram Rambrich. Rambrich was very upset at the outcome of the meeting and called it a “failure”. “I think it’s been a failure, because he [Clement Rohee] failed to address any issue”. The Berbice Chambers of Commerce had a meeting with Clement Rohee, the Minister of Home Affairs. The three Chambers (New Amsterdam, Central and Upper Corentyne) had asked Mr Clement Rohee to meet with them to discuss “burning issues” relating to security. He did last Saturday at Nand Persaud Rice Complex at Number 36 Village, Corentyne. But there were more disagreements than agreements during the fiery meeting with the Minister and several members of the business community. The Minister clashed with the private sector on various issues, including a specific one which dealt with the slow response of the police to a recent robbery at Bengal Farm on the Corentyne, whereby it was alleged that several Corentyne police stations’ phones were engaged for very long periods and then they kept forwarding the robbery complaint to other stations, and the police took some 45 minutes to arrive. Speaking about the slow response to crime, Member of Parliament, Faizal M. Jaffarally complained to the Minister that a specific case occurred a few days ago. It

was a robbery on the Corentyne that saw a long response time by the police. “Shortly after the robbery, the police at # 51 Police Station, their phones were engaged for 15 minutes, the people subsequently called the #62 Toll Station who referred them to Springlands Police station; Springlands referred them to Whim; Whim referred them to New Amsterdam and then some time after, they had a response— 45 minutes after— that is not good enough in my opinion”. Deputy Commander of ‘B’ Division, Eric Bassant, defended the police. “The time it takes for the police to receive proper information may take some time so the general populace will view the police at responding in a very slow manner”. He noted that the police usually take somewhere between five and 20 minutes to respond from the time they would have received the report. Bassant said, too, that all of the officers and Station Sergeants have been briefed on the Standard Operational Procedures. He said that should a particular station not have the capability to respond to the crime, that station is supposed to get on to the Operations Room in New Amsterdam who will “channel the information and we will take the information to the nearest patrol who will respond immediately”. Rohee said that people (Continued on page 8)

Thursday July 12, 2012

Kaieteur News

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UG academic board rejects ACDA launches Bourne’s resignation Emancipation activities Bishop Andrew Irving as he rendered blessings

Under the theme “reclaiming our rights through unified purpose,” the African Cultural and Development Association (ACDA) yesterday launched its 16th annual Emancipation festive celebrations at its headquarters. With necessary traditions observed, the launching provided information about the activities slated to be executed over the period July 18-August 12. An official of the association, Eric Phillips, said that the choice of the theme stemmed from considerations. Last year was proclaimed by the United Nations to be year for people of African Descent. The theme was “People of African descent: Recognition, Justice and Development.” Nine activities are slated to be executed before August 1. The general yearly event in the National Park on Emancipation Day and two final events to follow. Violet Jean-Baptiste disclosed that at the National Park, there will be performances by several groups both local and international, children fun center, Folk games, sporting activities, information booths, traditional dances, acrobatic displays and much more. The Association features

an African Guyanese Village every year in acknowledgement of the “greatest” post Emancipation entrepreneurial achievement. Guyana is the only country that has the movement. Over the years, Buxton and other like villages were featured; however, this year, the attention is turned to Hopetown. Similarly, ACDA yearly acknowledges an African country from which slaves were captured. According to Violet JeanBaptiste, many Guyanese of African descent are not aware of their ancestral origins. Therefore, the organization sees it fit to feature one of these countries each year. The country selected for this year is Uganda--a landlocked country located in East Africa. Further, Jean-Baptiste said that Afro Guyanese who have some amount of knowledge of their history are only knowledgeable of

slavery and the path thereafter. “What were we doing before then? “…This we need to let our young people know because at one time Africans ruled the world.” She admitted that slavery represented a dark period in African development but claimed that there is much more to be made aware of. She said that if Africans are made aware of their history prior to slavery “we could again become all that we were back then.” Jean-Baptiste said that some may ask why celebrate Emancipation; “Emancipation made it impossible for any other group coming to Guyana thereafter to be enslaved.” She proudly reminded that “we now have a right to have a right.” Jean-Baptiste encouraged all to be a part of the celebration as “this is not only for African people.”

The academic board of the University of Guyana has refused to accept the resignation of Chancellor Compton Bourne and is urging the University Council not to accept the resignation. The academic board wants the Chancellor to reconsider his decision and has assured him of the “strongest commitment and support.” Senior lecturers and workers of the university had called for Bourne’s head, accusing him of not doing anything for the University. The Board met Tuesday and said that the reason for Bourne’s resignation was not supported by most of the academics on the board, among them all Deans, Heads of Departments, special representatives and top University officials. “The Academic Board expressed a profound sense of concern at his resignation and deep regret over the circumstances that precipitated it,” Dr Marlene Cox, the chairman of the board said in a press statement. Dr Cox said that the Board expressed its appreciation for Bourne’s services given to the University as its Chancellor over the past three years and “the effective contributions he made to the functioning of the institution.” The Board is convinced that Bourne demonstrated a genuine interest in the University of Guyana. He spent an unprecedented amount of time working on behalf of the UG both on and off campus, in and out of Guyana, it added. The Board said that Bourne worked closely with ad interim Vice-Chancellor Prof. Lawrence Carrington on

many projects both internally and externally. These included a number of initiatives toward regulatory improvements. “Together they worked assiduously to accelerate change at the University of Guyana,’ Dr Cox stated. Through those efforts the frequency of meetings of the Council was effectively regulated and in their conduct returned closer to the spirit of what is written in the University’s Statutes, the Board stated. Notwithstanding the critical financial situation that the institution faced and still faces, this allowed the University administrators to more effectively take charge of the management of the institution, the Board added. Dr Cox stated that because of Bourne, there is a project now underway for the enhancement of the regulatory framework and operational procedures, systems and structures at the University, and the successful sourcing of considerable funding from the Caribbean Development Bank for its implementation. According to the Board, Bourne had also recently led the process which eventually resulted in the re-appointment of the Registrar, and was leading the search for a ViceChancellor with the full involvement of the University Council and academic community in a manner that met the community’s approval. “The Chancellor’s departure from this process could now seriously set back

the search for a suitable ViceChancellor,” the Board stated. The statement from the Board held Bourne as “a committed and sympathetic Officer with international reputation and influence,” saying his conduct is both dignified and erudite. Unions representing the teaching staff and workers of the University had protested the re-appointment of Bourne. They said that in his first year, Bourne has managed to make a mockery of the UG Acts and Statutes and alienated the very staff he leads. The unions said that Bourne facilitated the setting of a precedent that University lecturers can be fired at any whim and fancy of the Council because they are employed at the pleasure of the Council. The unions further stated that Mr Bourne attracted precious little by way of funding, “thereby entrenching the sense we have that the University is condemned to continue to operate with a $250 million recurring financial deficit at Turkeyen.

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Kaieteur News

Thursday July 12, 2012

Letters... Where your views make the news Printed and Published by National Media & Publishing Company Ltd. 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown, Georgetown, Guyana. Publisher: GLENN LALL Editor: Adam Harris Tel: 225-8465, 225-8491. Fax: 225-8473, 226-8210


Domestic violence

It is not clear when the society began to take note of domestic violence but over the past few years the incidence of domestic violence seems to have escalated. Indeed, for as long as one can remember there were always those men who beat their wives. There have also been women who beat their spouses. Especially in the rural areas, many will testify to hearing a woman scream because her husband would take to beating her. In fact, in each village people knew who the wife beaters were. They knew more than that; they knew the reasons for the beatings. They also knew the women who beat their husbands. In most cases back then, the man would take to beating his wife more often than not when he went home drunk. Reports would be made to the police and the wife beater would be made to spend a few hours in the lock ups before being sent home with a warning. The society accepted that men would hit a woman. Back then, too, many women never blamed their husbands for beating them. People have heard some women say that if the man did not love them then he would not beat them. Generally, it was felt that these women tolerated the beating because they felt that they had no recourse. They either believed that they would be devoid of food and shelter or they believed that the man would change. There were also women who would be heard saying that they stayed in the abusive relationship because of the children. Now-a-days the society is taking a strong view about domestic violence which is more than wife beating. There could be abusive language, there could be attacks against the children and there could be the threats of violence. Guyana has modified legislation to deal with cases of domestic violence. It has also put in place some facility that would offer shelter to victims of abuse. And the courts are not treating cases of domestic violence lightly. Magistrates are imposing jail sentences and there are private organizations that provide some measure of counseling. These things do some good but they appear to fail to stem the tide of domestic violence. Men are now killing their spouses even as some of the victims are committing suicide. There is a lot wrong and the real victims are the children. Surprisingly, no one in Guyana has sought to undertake a study to determine the extent of domestic violence. There is no indication of the communities in which there is the greatest number of cases or instances of domestic violence. The courts are in a position to determine the number of victims who would decline to prosecute their spouses. But in addition to the courts, cases of women declining to prosecute their abusers can be found in the police stations. However, we doubt that the police compile such records. The private organizations that seek to end domestic violence are forced to rely on studies done in other countries and they use the same conclusions although conditions may be different. For example, there is the view that domestic violence is more prevalent among the poorer classes. This may be the case but we cannot say with certainty that this is so because we do not look at the behaviour of people in the higher economic brackets. For one, women in the upper echelons of the society are rarely likely to go public with her beating either because of the embarrassment or because she is more inclined to walk away from her abuser because of her academic and economic status. There is also the conclusion that children who grow in homes where abuse is prevalent are more likely to become abusers themselves. In addition to its efforts the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security or some civic organization should commit to a study on domestic violence. For one, the study will allow people to take a closer look at the situation and to recognize the triggers to domestic violence. The first step to solving any problem is to understand it. In Guyana, we are not sure what has triggered the spate of domestic violence in the same way we have no knowledge of what has led to increasing child abuse.

I have never knowingly misled the nation and have no intention to do so in the future DEAR EDITOR, I write to offer the following clarification in relation to the recent article in the Guyana Times entitled “Goolsarran, Ram trying to mislead the nation again”. This article is a response to the interview I had with the Stabroek News and carried in last Monday’s edition of that newspaper. 1. Contrary to the caption of the article, I have never knowingly misled the nation and have no intention to do so in the future. It would be morally and ethically wrong for me to do so. I returned to Guyana in February last, hoping to lead a quiet life. But that was not to be, in that after two months of silence, I was thrust into the limelight after an initial interview with the Stabroek News. I was told that I still remain a public figure notwithstanding my retirement as Auditor General, and with my international experience I have much to offer to this country. 2. I agreed with this argument and I accepted requests to speak on matters within my expertise and area of competence. One

such request was a symposium for Parliamentarians sponsored by the Alliance for Change. At the symposium, I made it clear that I am not a member of any political party and that if the PPP or the PNC requests me to do a similar speaking assignment, I would willingly do so. Stabroek News was also kind enough to offer me a weekly column entitled “Accountability Watch” in which I deal with current issues. In my weekly columns, I try to help the general public in obtaining a better understanding of the issue at hand. 3. I did mention that the Companies Act requires the external auditor of a company, be it state-owned or otherwise, to be a professionally qualified accountant and that the current acting Auditor General does not meet this requirement. This is a statement of fact and represents the truth. I did not want to mention the technical details of the relevant section of the Act (i.e. being a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Guyana and

the holder of a practising certificate from that Institute) since eligibility for becoming a member is an internationally recognised accounting qualification. With appropriate experience, one can apply for a practising certificate. My omission to mention that was neither deliberate nor malicious since my intention was to simplify matters for the general public. 4. The Companies Act was promulgated in 1991. I was appointed Auditor General in September 1990 and therefore it would not have been possible for me to obtain a practising certificate from a non-existent body. I was nevertheless professionally qualified since 1986. Having said that, I agree that Article 223 of the Constitution takes precedence in that once appointed, the Auditor General, as part of the audit of the public accounts, is responsible for auditing “the accounts of all bodies and entities in which the state has a controlling interest”. But Mr. Sharma has not been appointed Auditor General. He is acting as Auditor General. I hope the difference

is appreciated. 5. There are precedents where an Auditor General is not a professionally qualified accountant but nevertheless mature, widely respected, highly qualified and experienced. An example is Sir John Bourne, former Comptroller and Auditor General of the UK. He has a PhD in public administration, was a University Professor and was considered an expert, indeed an authority, in the field of public finance and administration. 6. It is not true that I was not a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Guyana. The records will show that I once held the position of Secretary of the Institute. Having said that, I might have lapsed in terms of my membership dues. However, upon return to Guyana this year, although retired, I took steps to re-apply for membership of the Institute. 7. As regards my stint at the United Nations, I had eight months’ leave to my credit. I wanted to do Continued on page 5

DEAR EDITOR, A significant event took place a few months ago that made no news in Guyana, and that was the elevation of Guyana’s image and presence in the Persian Gulf region and amongst the 84 countries that participated in the Doha Forum. Guyana’s Middle East Envoy, George Hallaq, represented Guyana at this year’s Doha Forum that was held in May in the Qatari capital. Earlier in the year, in

February, Hallaq was in Doha to deliver a letter to Sheikh Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of Qatar from Guyana’s President Donald Ramotar. Besides using the forum to expand Guyana/Qatar bilateral ties, Hallaq used the occasion to court the private sector to participate in the first Caribbean Gulf Forum to be held in Guyana this coming November. The international guests of honour in this year’s Doha Forum included President

Mahinda Rajapaksa of Sri Lanka and former President of Senegal and current Secretary General of the International Organization of La Francophonie, Abdou Diouf. The Doha Forum 2012 was the 12th edition of this Forum and took place in the presence of Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, Emir of the State of Qatar. The Forum was organized by Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and attended by more than 610 participants

representing 84 countries and organizations, and featured very high-profile personalities, eminent political leaders, decisionmakers and members of parliament, renowned businessmen, academics, media figures and experts, as well as representatives of the civil society and regional and international organizations. Guyana was the only Caribbean country that participated in the event. Raymond Chickrie

DEAR EDITOR, I wish to highlight the atrocities being meted out to animals on the roadways. Every day I traverse the East Coast Highway to and from Georgetown and the amount of animals being seen on the roadways is very disturbing; some wandering; some in very bad conditions and most being dead after being hit by vehicles. I am very passionate about animals and it breaks my heart to see these barbaric and ruthless acts daily. This morning (July 11, 2012), a foal/ filly was lying dead just before the Turkeyen Road. It was obvious that it was hit by a big vehicle. The other horses were standing in the median

separating the two highway roads watching over it. Where is the owner of these horses? Why do they leave these animals to wander on the roadways? These animals that get into accidents are usually left to rot and smell. Only a week ago another horse was killed in the vicinity of Beterverwagting. Why can’t owners take responsibility for these poor animals? It brought tears to my eyes this morning to see this poor animal just lying there and the mother, father and maybe brother and sister just looking over it. These animals have feelings too! They will not be able to express themselves

like humans, and that’s more a reason why we as human beings should be on the lookout for their well being. There are some drivers out there that purposefully hit these animals for fun, especially when driving big vehicles. And they just drive away! Do they know, or do we as human beings and citizens of this country know that the nation is being judged by the way they treat their animals; that the heart of a man can be judged by the treatment of animals! “Animals have a life of their own that is of importance to them apart from their utility to us. They are not only in the world, they are aware of it.

What happens to them matters to them. Each has a life that fares better or worse for the one whose life it is.” I am appealing to owners of all animals, whether its horses, cows, donkeys, dogs, cats, goats, sheep or any other animals for that matter, please take control of your animals, please don’t have them wandering on the roadways. I am also appealing to drivers; please exercise some caution and compassion towards these innocent creatures. I am sure that all are aware that these animals are creations of the Supreme just like we human beings are. Peggy Singh

Guyana was the only Caribbean country that participated in the 2012 Doha Forum

Animals have feelings too!

Thursday July 12, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

Guyana desperately needs another GUARD at this time DEAR EDITOR, In a letter (KN 9 July 2012) Mr. Emile Mervin asks “Does anybody know whatever happened to the Civic group GUARD?” It is time to set the record straight. The Guyanese Action for Reform and Democracy (GUARD) was formed early 1990 by a steering committee that comprised Mr. Nanda Gopaul, General Secretary of the trade union NAACIE; Mr. Mike Mc Cormack, General Secretary of the Guyana Human Rights Association; Sr. Doreen Rowtie, Ursuline nun; Mr. Albert Rodrigues, architect and Chairman of the Catholic Standard; and myself, at that time President of the NGO, Beacon Foundation. Bishop Randolph George and Mr. Yesu Persaud were GUARD’s mentors. All of GUARD’s early rallies attracted large crowds with its call for electoral and moral reform while stressing that it was a purely civic, nonpolitical organization. Within six weeks of its first rally,

GUARD proposed the formation of an Interim Government for a two-year period, after which that government would administer truly free and fair elections. Supporters were asked to suggest names of suitable candidates to head this Interim Government. However the announcement of Mr. Ashton Chase as the consensus candidate met with considerable consternation among GUARD supporters, and attendance at subsequent rallies declined dramatically. Previous to this development, I had already resigned from GUARD after I became convinced that senior members of the Steering Committee had decided, unknown to the rest of the Committee, to abandon GUARD’s primary objectives, and intended to go political. In Fr. Andrew Morrison’s book, “Justice”, he recorded that, “Others resigned or left at the political decision which they considered a betrayal of the people’s trust. Among

these were Clairmont Lye and Albert Rodrigues.” In the midst of all this, Mr. Samuel Hinds replaced Mr. Nanda Gopaul as Chairman of GUARD. But no sooner did he accept this position, he resigned after being enticed by Dr. Jagan to join the civic arm of the PPP. (It is a sad commentary on the vagaries of human nature when these gentlemen - who both avidly preached the GUARD message of democracy, of the reduction to the powers of the President, of freedom of the press, of the end to corruption by government officials, of the end to state monopoly of radio – should now be so silent in the face of far more egregious offences committed by the present government.) So, Mr. Mervin, it is not that GUARD refuses to be revived. The truth is that GUARD committed political suicide twenty years ago. But yes, Guyana desperately needs another GUARD at this time. Clairmont Lye

Mr. Brumell has a hard task ahead and I wish him good luck DEAR EDITOR, Police Commissioner (ag) Leroy Brumell must be really frustrated - by issuing an ultimatum for corrupt officers to hand in their badges or he is probably hoping that the public would say he is serious about corruption and they might exclude him from the name calling. What is he going to do when he goes to work and discovers that he is the only officer reporting to duty in Guyana? It is no secret that he is put in-charge of the Guyana Police Force which is filled with all types of crimes and allegations about officers. Rooting out corrupt officers will be a hard task, especially when everyone is scared to go to the same station that the officer works to make a report against him. With the different types of media available for communication, I am hoping that Mr. Brumell will have a special department established to receive telephone calls, emails, faxes etc. with information about corrupt officers, and arrangements in place for the

I have never knowingly misled the nation... From page 4 something beneficial with my leave. I was offered a shortterm assignment with United Nations Peacekeeping Operations in Sierra Leone and Liberia to assist these two war-torn countries. The Government approved of my going on leave to undertake the assignment. Having exhausted my leave, the Government approved of a further period of no-pay leave, after which I returned home in August 2004 to resume duties. Although I could have stayed on with the UN, my decision to return home was dictated solely by my desire to continue to serve my country. There was no other consideration. 8. It is inconceivable for someone to think that I went to the UN to bolster my

pension. How is that possible, I don’t know? I was on annual leave, then no-pay leave. The no-pay leave does not count for superannuation benefits. My UN salary has nothing to do with my Guyana pension. It is computed based on a combination of my years of service with the Government of Guyana and my average salary in the last three years of my service. It should be noted that not all my service was counted in my superannuation benefits since the Government did not approve of the linking of eight years of teaching service during the period 1969-1977. But that is another matter. 9. It is true that I recommended Mr. Balram to act as Auditor General until I returned from the UN.

Mr. Balram was next in line in the Audit Office, and in accordance with the Public Service rules, I could not have recommended anyone else. There was nothing opportunistic about this. It is also true that Mr. Sharma has the same qualifications as Mr. Balram, i.e. a degree in accounting from the University of Guyana. I taught both of them at the University. In my interview with Stabroek News, I was not questioning Mr. Sharma’s acting appointment (since this was in conformity with the Public Service rules) but his rather prolonged stint as Acting Auditor General, especially since the position has been vacant since I demitted office in January 2005. I don’t understand how this is “a most vulgar display of

opportunistic opinion shopping”. I would be happy to engage in a discussion with whoever wrote the article for “Guyana Times”. 10. Finally, my son is not me. He has a mind of his own. I was working with the UN in New York when he agreed for his name to be placed in the AFC’s list of candidates for the 2006 elections. Some of my close relatives are close to the PPP. That is their choice and their democratic right. For me, I have chosen the independent path. I speak up based on my own conscience on what is morally and ethical right and with the public interest at heart. I was there before the AFC, and if my views coincide with those of the AFC, why should I be condemned? Anand Goolsarran

investigating officer to be able to travel wherever the report is coming from and reach the informant personally, away from the police station. Most people are afraid to report a corrupt officer, because those taking reports might be friends and the person and they would eventually be victimized. Truth of the matter is that most people are scared to enter a station, they cannot afford to travel or don’t have the time to reach higher authorities and in some cases, other officers prevent them from reaching the senior officer or the way the officers talked to people discourage them. Because of the low numbers of recruits applying to the police force, a lot of people with shady characters capitalize on this and they seek employment in the force, thus they are shielded under the law and continue to operate their shady activities and train others. Mr. Brumell should ensure that an attractive package is offered, a countrywide Information Centre is are set up that school leavers could get information about what are the opportunities

they get when joining the police force i.e., travelling around and out of Guyana, opportunities of furthering their education, the responsibilities they have when they are police officers, the functions of the different branches etc. In that way the police force might be able to get more qualified, honest and serious people who are competent in doing their job, and not for trying to get into areas just to collect bribes. Guyana is not the only country in the world that pays police officers low wages as they are claiming, although I believe they are getting paid far more than lots of private sector workers. All over the world that happens, and in some cases, movies are made with police actors complaining about their wages. But being a police officer you get to meet all sorts of people, and their financial hunger starts to act up when they see other people’s money and thus we have a corrupt officer. Mr. Brumell has a hard task ahead and I wish him good luck because as we all are aware, he didn’t inherit the Guyana Police Force with a good image. Sahadeo Bates

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Kaieteur News

Thursday July 12, 2012

Guyanese killed, beaten MARAD owns capsized in Brazilian prisons Guyanese prisoners in neighbouring Brazil are being killed and brutalized and there appears to be no diplomatic representation for their plight. To this end a group of concerned Guyanese is calling for urgent diplomatic intervention into the alleged physical abuse of their countrymen who are being held in Brazilian prisons. The appeal comes in the wake of the murder of a Guyanese prisoner in the Boa Vista penitentiary, Cadeo Publico, and the brutal beating of several others at the Monte Crista prison in Brasilia. According to reports, the murder and beatings are carried out by Brazilians who appear to be targeting foreign nationals in prisons throughout the largest South American country. Reports reaching this newspaper have indicated that Guyanese Kevin Dookwah was murdered in his cell at the Cadeo Publico Prison a month ago. More recently seven Guyanese inmates at the Monte Crista penitentiary suffered a severe beating at the hands of a gang of Brazilians headed by a notorious drug dealer. “The fact is that these prisoners (Brazilians) taking advantage of the foreign prisoners over there. They break one ah dem boys hand, they beat dem bad. Dem boys say that about sixty something prisoners attack dem,” a source told this newspaper. The recent beatings are apparently in retaliation for the beating of the relative of a notorious imprisoned Brazilian drug dealer by Venezuelan authorities.

“These men just start beating all foreigners in the jail, Guyanese, Venezuelan and Surinamese,” the source said. “Kevin Dookwah was killed in Boa Vista month before the last. The Brazilian prisoners hang he in the prison over there. De man was a good cook over there,” Kaieteur News was told. “The Guyanese dem ain’t get no rights deh; They can’t come out fuh sun bathe, they can’t get visiting at all in deh, dey can’t get no rights at all,” the source added. But while the incidents have left relatives of the victims in despair, the representation by Guyana diplomatic officials in Brazil leaves much to be desired. One concerned Guyanese who has close links to Brazil indicated that the Guyana representative in Boa Vista is doing very little to engage Brazilian prison authorities with a view to addressing the matter. “We asked the Guyana Consul in Boa Vista if she look into the matter and she ain’t doing nothing much,” the frustrated Guyanese told

Kaieteur News. However, according to reports, the Consul did visit the Monte Crista prison to investigate the matter but was told by the Director there that nothing had occurred and that everything was under control. “She never meet with the prisoners to hear what they have to say.” “We want y’all publish this thing so that these people at de embassy over there could do something fuh these boys. Dem Guyanese deh bad boy,” the source pleaded. Yesterday, a concerned group of Guyanese met with the Brazilian Consul in Lethem and raised the issue. According to the source, the Brazilian official assured them that he would be writing to his superiors about the situation. “The man was angry that our people were not doing anything,” the source said. “They got a Brazilian prisoner who murder a 14year old boy at Puruni and he in jail in Guyana and nobody never cruel he or do anything to other Brazilian in jail here,” he added.

Miss Elliza

The cargo vessel that overturned west of the Demerara ships channel in the Port Georgetown Harbour, early last month is now the property of the Maritime Administration Department (MARAD). Owner of capsized vessel Vijai Sankar, has given up ownership of the cargo boat, Miss Elliza, after handing a letter of abandonment to officials of the marine entity. Speaking to Kaieteur News on Tuesday, Sankar said that he decided to hand over ownership of Miss Elliza to the marine officials since it is not in his capacity to salvage the overturned boat. Sankar said that the cost to raise the boat is very expensive and it is a fee that he cannot afford. He added that he provided MARAD with a letter stating that he has no further interest in the boat. He said notice was also given that the boat was a wreck and any attempt to remove or raise it should be done with the permission of MARAD. A Trinidadian team was

Tripartite talks disappointing, more consensus needed -AFC Alliance For Change (AFC) Executive member, David Patterson, says that he is disappointed at the slothful pace of the tripartite talks. It was expected that the discussions would have been more fruitful, he told a press conference yesterday at the Side Walk Café, Middle Street. The Alliance For Change (AFC) and A Partnership for

National Unity (APNU) had noted the most viable option to take the country forward was to have tripartite talks with Government. “I express my disappointment about (the appointment of boards), since we were the first party that took the lead in submitting all our nominees for all the boards, and to date I don’t think any of them has been appointed,” Patterson stated. He pointed to the Procurement Commission, which Prime Minister Samuel Hinds said would be ready by the end of June, but hasn’t been established as yet. Adding that the AFC will remain engaged in the tripartite talks, Patterson said the engagement is a time limiting one, and there are other aspects of the tripartite

AFC Executive Member: David Patterson talks that have not been explored. Noting that the talks will be in the best interest of the country, he said that notwithstanding various views the real interest is working together for the best interest of the country.

hired to conduct evaluation works on salvaging the boat. The vessel owner had stated that the outcome of the evaluation would have determined his action in taking charge of the boat. It was later disclosed that the cost to raise the boat would have surpassed $30M and Sankar expressed his inability to pay. MARAD Director General, Claudette Rogers, yesterday confirmed that Miss Elliza is now the property of MARAD. Rogers said that the boat is still being treated as a wreck and any action being taken in relation to the boat should be done with MARAD permission. Rogers confirmed that Sankar had given up possession of the boat via letter of abandonment and at present, MARAD is responsible for any decisions being made in relation to salvaging the boat. Rogers, on the last occasion had said that professional procedural steps had to be taken in relation to raising the boat and that MARAD was paying special attention to the wreck, especially for safety purposes. She further said that no definite outcome had arisen as to how officials were going about removing the vessel. Rogers reiterated those points yesterday and added that talks are still being held on the next step forward. The marine official however said that a specific date could not be given as to when the boat will be removed. The family of missing cook, 67-year-old Gerald Fraser, is however saying that they are not giving up hope on finding their relative. Speaking to Kaieteur News on Tuesday, Sharon Pickett, the niece of the missing cook said that the family is not giving up hope although constant contact is not being kept with them. Pickett, who said that she is aware that the search for her uncle has been off a long time now, related her family’s disappointment with the way authorities and the boat owner have been treating the

Missing Cook: Gerald Fraser situation. She said that to date the boat owner has not played an integral part in comforting the family with acts of interest. Pickett said that for the family’s emotional concern, and for them to receive closure, the relevant persons do not seem concerned. Pickett in fact said that she was told by a Minister (name given) that in a conversation he had with his family, he reportedly told them that had it been him trapped in the boat, he would not have wanted them to search for him and to waste time to raise the boat because he would have already been dead. Pickett condemned the insensitivity of the Minister while stating that his statement was inappropriate for the hurting family. Sankar however told Kaieteur News that he is keeping contact with the cook’s wife and he has assured that assistance in whatever way will go to the family. The man said that he is however facing difficulty himself since he now has no livelihood after losing his boat. Additionally, Sankar mentioned the bills that he has to pay. Miss Elliza, which was loaded with millions of dollars in trader goods, destined for Trinidad and Tobago, capsized a short distance away from the Muneshwer Wharf on June 8 a short time before night fall. The boat, it was reported, had encountered leveling difficulty after leaving the wharf. The captain said that he had noticed the imbalance and was trying to return to the port to have the cargo adjusted. In turning the boat, the man said the boat began to lean on its right side and eventually toppled over. At least seven of the boat’s occupants managed to abandon ship before it toppled, but Fraser, the cook, reportedly got trapped in the boat when he allegedly returned for a haversack. It is believed that the cook is still trapped in the vessel. Miss Elliza is now positioned some distance away from where it turned over west of the Demerara ships channel, Port Georgetown Harbour. The boat now sits behind the Guyana National Shipping Corporation having drifted about two weeks ago with the high tide.

Thursday July 12, 2012

Kaieteur News

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East Bank Berbice road shut down as estate trucks get stuck in craters ....frustrated residents protest conditions again By Leon Suseran The East Bank Berbice Road was again shut down yesterday after a Guyana Sugar Corporation estate truck transporting workers to the cane fields, became stuck in one of the huge craters. This occurred around 05:15 hrs. Traffic came to a halt and long lines of vehicles were visible from Heathburn to Edinburgh, the worst section of the road stretching for about a mile. Workers were seen walking out of the area, some having to travel to New Amsterdam. It was the second time in a week that a heavy duty vehicle had stuck in the huge craters. Last Wednesday, a major catastrophe was averted when just after 13:00 hrs, two cement trucks transporting cement out of the Caricom Cement Company bagging facility at Everton ended up in a gigantic crater along the roadway. The two vehicles were leaning precariously with all the cement. As a result, the entire roadway was blocked and traffic in and out of the East Bank villages was paralyzed. Long lines of vehicles remained for hours on the road until the trucks were hauled out of the craters several hours later. A grader was also, at the time, in the process of executing remedial works on the stretch of roadway in the vicinity of Glasgow, just metres away from where the two trucks became stuck. Yesterday’s catastrophe again struck a nerve amongst disgruntled residents who flocked the road. Tempers were once again high. On February 21, last, drivers and residents shut the road down. For years, the government has been spending huge sums of

money to rehabilitate the roadway which would quickly deteriorate afterwards, but the residents and drivers in February said that “enough is enough”. On May 5, President Donald Ramotar, during a visit to Plantation Highbury for the Arrival Day observances told residents, “I know from experience and I know from our own constituents who complain to me— and I know today by coming in to this village here— that your road is not in a good state”. When he said that, the crowd gave a huge applause. Mr Khemraj Ramjattan, leader of the Alliance for Change, who was also in the audience and whose party had stood in solidarity with taxi drivers and residents when they had shut the entire road down a few months ago, smiled. Promises, promises and more promises; these were the sentiments expressed by residents and hire car operators yesterday. Old wounds were reopened and frustrations with the conditions of the 25- mile stretch of road from Overwinning to Mara heightened. They could not be appeased. They wanted no other person to answer but the Minister of Public Works, Mr Robeson Benn. One estate worker, who was in the truck that got stuck, said that “this road is a health hazard!” “With people lives being endangered, like nobody ain’t gonna do anything! I could remember the residents protest about this road and from then to now, nothing has been done! Yesterday afternoon, this truck nearly toppled with us in this same hole, so nobody ain’t doing nothing!” Another concerned resident complained that every day the road is a problem “and unless

Angry residents surround the GuySuCo estate trucks that were stuck in the huge holes along the EBB road yesterday. something serious happens here, like nobody ain’t gonna come and do something...we ain’t waiting for that!” Alliance for Change representative Lionel Howell descended on the situation yesterday and was furious for the continued sufferings of the residents. “They (the government) should realise that a bad road affects the economy; it affects the livelihood of our citizens and they ought to do something! I was called here by the residents and I sympathise with them, and they are asking us from the AFC to stand up for them and we intend to do that! We need action! The economy— just look down— we have about ten cane farmers’ trucks that cannot pass; what happens to the industry?! It’s affecting the economy and we need action, when? He asked the crowd and they responded, Now!! Now!! Now!!” Regional Vice Chairman, Bhopaul Jhagroo then arrived

a few minutes later and tried to appease the crowd. He was swarmed by the media and irate residents. He promised them that remedial works will begin immediately on the road later Wednesday. But his comments were hardly met with any approvals from the angry mob. Regional Chairman, Mr David Armogan, when contacted, stated that he too is fed up with the road situation. The Ministry of Works, he said, has taken over the project and the ball is in their court. He said that

stemming from yesterday’s incident, he has given a small contract to Kris Jagdeo contractors who will fill up the major holes with crusher run, but nevertheless said that the more major works to be executed will have to be done by the Ministry. He tried making contact with Minister Benn yesterday

morning but could not. “I don’t know what more to tell the people (of EBB) because my hands are tired...and this is strictly a project with the Ministry of Works”. “The people must become frustrated”, he contended since “I myself am awaiting the Ministry to start works on the road”.

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Tariff hike…

Kaieteur News

Thursday July 12, 2012

AFC urges Lindeners to up Pathologist Dr Edward pressure on BOSAI offices Simon dies in England

Days after new electricity tariffs were introduced for Lindeners, the Alliance For Change (AFC) is calling for residents of Region Ten community to lobby the offices of the Chinese-owned, BOSAI. BOSAI is the bauxite operating company in Linden producing the electricity. As of July 1, residents were to start paying new electricity rates, under a phased programme. The opposition had cried foul claiming the rate hike was in retaliation to the governing People’s Progressive Party/ Civic doing badly in that region during the General and Regional Election in November. Senior Executive of the AFC, Gerhard Ramsaroop, yesterday urged that BOSAI be picketed and lobbied as well, since the company bears a major responsibility for the problem. “Since the electricity is produced principally for BOSAI’s own use, the applicable pricing policy should be marginal pricing, meaning only for the cost of

producing additional power, and not total cost pricing. In any case, when BOSAI bought the power facility in Linden it had already been completely written off. The company also buys fuel duty free.” Against this background, it is clear that Government cannot fairly make comparisons between BOSAI and the state-owned Guyana Power and Light Inc (GPL). “Their cost of production has to be far lower than for GPL, especially given the massive losses suffered by the latter—losses to the tune of 32 per cent. So it makes no sense for Prime Minister Sam Hinds to compare Linden’s rate with GPL.” Government has been heavily subsidizing electricity in Linden for years now with the argument being used that it is a depressed area which suffered following bauxite heyday in the 70’s and early ‘80’s. The AFC official slammed BOSAI as the ones that Lindeners should really be targeting. “Moreover, they are the ones benefitting from the

subsidy. BOSAI initially had also promised to build a smelter, and having broken successive deadlines, is yet to install a dust control system. BOSAI must be held accountable, as no company, no matter how much it invests, can be allowed to run slipshod over our people.” The AFC, in condemning the Government’s move to remove the electricity subsidy, said it believes that the act is politically motivated, “in retribution for the justifiable rejection the PPP received from Linden at the recent polls.” It is also most unconscionable, given the depressed state that Linden is in today, with some estimates placing unemployment at over 70 per cent. “Under the PPP, Linden experienced a continued decline in the bauxite industry that began under the PNC. Moreover, despite a loss in jobs from several thousand to only a few hundred today, Linden still suffers from the negative effects of the bauxite industry in the form of widespread and oppressive

dust pollution.” While the PPP has indeed spent significant sums of monies in Linden over the years, it has not been as impactful as it should due to a lack of proper policies and insufficient oversight, Ramsaroop said during his party’s weekly press conference yesterday. He accused the government of allowing BOSAI to set electricity prices outside of the PUC which is supposed to be the national electricity regulator. “This should not be allowed to continue as it clears the PUC of an important obligation, and we demand that the pricing of electricity in Linden be placed within the remit of the PUC forthwith. Second, BOSAI has taken advantage of the freedom from regulation by charging an exorbitant rate for the surplus electricity it sells. “To mitigate, this is why the Government had agreed to a subsidy. This practice by BOSAI, therefore, must stop. It must say what it charges the distributor and the basis on which it has arrived at that charge.”

Man remanded to prison for seaman’s murder Magistrate Leslie Sobers yesterday remanded 19-year-old murder accused Gilbert Gill. Gill made his appearance at the Providence Magistrate’s Court where the indictable charge was read to him. The charge states that on Sunday July 8, at Friendship, East Bank Demerara he murdered 42-year-old Bharrat Dass. Even after being told that he was not allowed to say anything Gill indicated to the court that he had something to say. After being reprimanded by the Magistrate, Gill was told he will be remanded to prison until November 20. Gill who was clad in a white long sleeve shirt and a pair of black pants wore a

blank stare as he was escorted back into the police lock-ups. Police on Sunday charged Gill after he reportedly admitted to killing Dass, although the motive for the heinous crime is still unclear. Gill, is the son of the boat captain and resides at a community off the Soesdyke/ Linden highway. Police had said that large pools of blood on the vessel indicated that the seaman had indeed been brutally slain. There were wounds to the head and shoulders, and it was clear that Dass’s throat had been slashed. The vessel, which was hauling a barge that was destined to carry lumber to a timber grant at Yaruni, Demerara River, is owned by Ganesh Cheddie, who

operates a sawmill at Pouderoyen. Kaieteur News was told that the captain had gone to rest around 23:00 hrs on Saturday, leaving his son and Dass awake. He awoke shortly after midnight and asked his son to get a sheet for him. However, when his son stood and stared back without responding, the captain enquired about Dass’s whereabouts. According to a source, the youth replied: “What you asking me about ‘Lako?’ I give he two lash, cut he throat and shove he overboard.” Apparently not believing his son, the captain then went to one of the security guards at the Didco wharf and enquired whether Dass had left the compound. After being

Murder accused: 19 year-old Gilbert Gill informed that the man had not seen Dass, the captain returned to the vessel, where his son reportedly again stated that he had killed ‘Lako’ and dumped him and the knife he (the son) had used overboard. The captain then contacted the police who took the suspect into custody.

Rohee, private sector clash at fiery Chambers... From page 2 should not get too frustrated about that issue and asked, “Does that happen all the time? There was one situation that was mentioned. Why do we want to take that one bad experience to make it look as though this is what is happening all the time? We have to be very surgical in our thinking”. Rohee said those are ex-

ceptions to the rule “and this matter was an exception”. He noted that what should have happened in such a situation, was that a note be taken by the senior rank to have it investigated. “But if we take the position that this one incident means that it happens all the time, then we will condemn the whole police force and throw (the police) into the Corentyne

River”. But the President of the CCCC differed. “If we are going to head that way, then there is not going to be a way forward...We are from a business sector and if we have to go through the circles of getting things done...If we are complaining to the highest authority that these things are happening and you are telling us that we must keep writing, then we are going to head

nowhere”. An argument then ensued. “What is your solution?” asked Rohee. Rambrich said that nobody would want to sit down and write, “because we already told you about the complaint”. The joint Chambers will soon issue a statement, he said, and this will be sent to President Donald Ramotar for further action.

Guyana lost one of its premier Pathologists, Dr Edward Simon, who passed away in London, England on June 25 last after a prolonged illness. Dr Simon, who was the Director of Standard Medical Laboratory on Croal Street, was 86-years old at the time of his death. He was known for the meticulousness with which he carried out his duties when it came to forensic science, especially autopsies. His work was featured in a number of high profile unnatural deaths in Guyana including the suspected murder of Felicity Holder, the 11-year old schoolgirl whose body was found in the bathroom of her great-aunt and her reputed husband in 1997. Dr. Simon in his autopsy had found that someone had raped and strangled Felicity. That person had then tried to cover up the actual cause of death by staging her hanging. Suspicion fell on Oscar Lamazon, the reputed husband of the child’s great aunt. He was charged, sentenced to death, but then freed in 2004 by Justice Jainarayan Singh. In the judge’s opinion, the prosecution had failed to produce an iota of evidence to show that he had killed Felicity. During the autopsy, Dr. Simon had taken samples from the slain girl’s vagina and from under her fingernails. He hoped that the samples, once tested overseas, would reveal the DNA of Felicity’s killer. But according to Dr. Simon, he sealed the forensic samples and turned them over to the police. The intention was that the specimens would be sent for DNA testing in Dade County Forensic Laboratory in Miami, Florida. But, when time passed and he received no feedback from the police about DNA results, Dr, Simon decided to check with the police. To his consternation, he was told that the samples had never left Guyana after all. Dr Simon had also witnessed the 2004 post mortem of murder accused Mark Thomas, called ‘Kezorkee’, who was a figure in the infamous ‘Phantom Squad’ that was fingered in the deaths of a number of criminal suspects. Thomas’s sudden death while he was hospitalised at the Georgetown Public Hospital had raised suspicions considering the

Dr Edward Simon explosive death squad allegations surrounding him and others following the murder of cattle farmer Shafeek Bacchus. Dr Nehaul Singh, the government’s pathologist who performed the postmortem examination, was unable to find what caused the man’s death. The autopsy was observed by pathologist Dr Edward Simon on behalf of Thomas’ employer, Aubert Van Sertima. Again Dr Simon was said to have taken samples from 12 different parts of Thomas’ body and had recommended that they be sent to a laboratory in Miami. However, once again even as the samples were prepared to be sent off via DHL Worldwide Express, the police took possession of them informing that they would keep the samples frozen and would decide who would send them off to which laboratory. Nothing ever came out of the matter. Thomas reportedly had his last meal shortly before he died and many had speculated that the man might have suffered a heart attack. But the post-mortem ruled this out, as nothing was found wrong with his heart. Dr. Simon was again featured in the news when he was detained by Trinidadian airport security personnel after his licenced firearm was found in his luggage. As it turned out, the doctor had forgotten the weapon in his suitcase before he left Guyana on his way to England. It was surprising that the local Customs and Immigration officials did not find the weapon, and not for the first time. He was subsequently released without charge. Dr Edward Simon who would be buried tomorrow leaves to mourn his wife, Iris; Sister Eileen; four children and 12 grandchildren among other relatives.

Thursday July 12, 2012

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A UNIVERSITY OF SCHOOLS IS NEEDED There is only one solution to the never-ending crisis at the University of Guyana. The government should bite the bullet and close the institution down for one year while it reconstitutes it into a viable and more reputable institution. The problem with the University of Guyana is not management. The problem is also not politics, even though it is a hotbed of opposition politics and the political conflicts deter change. The problem with the university is that it is under-funded. This shortage of funding does not represent a deficit of government spending at the University of Guyana. The government pumps sufficient funds into the institution. The problem is the unwillingness of the university to increase the fees paid by students, a failure to adjust these fees for inflation, the failure to have more differentiated rates for courses, and the long moratorium given to students before they begin to repay

their student loans. For years now the fee structure at the University for many programmes has remained the same. The fees have not been adjusted for inflation. The original basic fee for most courses was US$1,000 which is far too cheap for any university serious about standards. With the depreciation of the Guyana dollar to an exchange rate of now US$1= G$205, the fees should have at the minimum increased to around $200,000 per year. This has not happened and therefore the expenses of the university will continue to outstrip its revenue stream. There are obviously some courses in which higher fees are charged. This practice should be encouraged across faculties and programmes with all departments being allowed to set market rates for their courses. If there was this flexibility in the fee structure, several of the programmes that are presently offered would have

had to go since they would have been undersubscribed and would have represented a drain on the resources of the university. But perhaps the greatest problem that affects the financing of the university is the virtual guarantee that the university has from the government loan agency. What this policy allows is for things to remain the same at the university by failing to stimulate competition amongst the various programmes offered. Eventually this loan agency is going to end up in serious problems because the moratorium period that is offered before students begin to repay their students’ loan is too long with the result that there is likely to be a high rate of default. Obviously, the education system as a whole cannot be subject to market forces. But it must be recognized that university education cannot be free in Guyana since only a small percentage of the total

Dem boys seh...

Dem police learn from Bharrat Ramroop Two private company offering two first class ticket fuh de rest of de cricket match between West Indies and New Zealand. Dem also offering free hotel and meals plus drinks fuh a week in de country wheh de cricket playing. Anybody can win de prize but dem have to answer a quiz. When dem boys hear de announcement dem decide that dem gun send in nuff entry. De question is ‘Nuff company, including Bee Kay and Babbie, sponsoring de cricket in Guyana pun Hen See Hen. Who name dem must mek out de cheque in? Martin Goolsarran, Fuzzy Sattaur or Hen See Hen?’ Send in you answer to Bharrat Ramroop in care of Santa Complex. Bruh Mill did give de whole force a chance fuh tun in dem badge. He guh to wuk early Monday morning and stand up wid two truck waiting fuh collect de badges. Dem boys seh that he know de force got plenty corrupt police. One very senior man tun up and tell he that is de whole force and dem beg he not fuh collect dem badge because dem gun change, that dem gun tun from dem corrupt ways. Dem seh that Jagdeo shoulda been wid dem police de same time when dem plan fuh change. But fuh sure some of dem gun go home.

Dem can’t born again. Dem sell all de vehicle to dem friends and pay in next to nutten to de government and pocket de hag of de money. Bruh Mill seh that dem is not corrupt; dem behave bigger and more powerful than Jagdeo. Dem had to learn from Jagdeo. Bruh Mill seh that he guh deal wid dem. Dem boys want tell Uncle Donald that if he bax back de records he gun see wuss than wha dem police do at that auction. He guh see some brand new vehicle show that it sell fuh next to nutten although de bidding price was very high. De same does go lang at de Deeds registry when dem got auction there. Nuff property does give way under de table. And not under de court table. Dem boys seh that is all about surviving. One man seh that he survive going to school barefoot; one seh that he survive beggin fuh a cent fuh get a taste of sugar cake. One man survive walking miles fuh got to school. Another one seh that he survive when de boat tun over in de Corentyne River. Wha dem boys want is fuh God to mek dem survive fuh see Chinee get rob wid de money dem plan fuh thief from Guyana fuh de hydro seed and de hydro port. Talk half and hope we survive fuh de other half.

population moves toward this form of education. As such there is a strong case for having university education more subject to the wiles of the market. The days of the free- forall should cease. Competitive rates could still be charged for quality education but this would entail greater flexibility in the free structure. What the University of Guyana needs is for the various faculties to be divided among schools with each school being run by a semiautonomous management and setting its own fees. These schools would have to pay a rent of lease for the use of the facilities at Turkeyen. Once this happens, and students are required to pay an economic cost for their education; the financing of the

university is going to improve and with it will come an end to the unending problems that the university faces. Will the students be able to pay? Of course they will, except that it will mean a government guaranteed student loan for only a portion of the fees, with the students having to make some down payment toward their programme. With higher fees will come greater resources to do and have the things that a good university should have, including better pay for staff. You cannot ask for better pay without higher fees and it would be unfair for the government to bear the burden of these higher fees. But for these changes to be generated, the government has to bring on board

persons with ideas on how to organize a university along the lines of market fees, rather than sticking to this archaic model of a university financed by the government and cofinanced by students through a student loan arrangement also with the government. With a new model in mind, the university should at least be closed for one year so that it can be reorganized, existing staff retired, and a new organizational structure consistent with a university of various schools to be put in place.

Security guard beaten to death at worksite Yet another murder has rocked an East Bank Demerara district. A 58-yearold security guard was beaten to death while on duty at his worksite early yesterday morning. Fifty-eight year-old Ishri Holadar, of 540 Cinema Street, Diamond was pronounced dead on arrival at the Diamond Diagnostic Centre after he was tied up, beaten and gagged by men who invaded his worksite. Holadar was employed by KRS Construction CO. and Equipment Rental, New Hope, East Bank Demerara. The dead man’s wife, Gaitree Persaud, told this publication that she saw her husband alive late yesterday afternoon when they visited some relatives in Diamond New Scheme. “He does live between me and he mother. He sister come in the country and we all went over and I left and come home and he tell me he going to work later,” Persaud said. Persaud said she never knew that would have been the last time she would have spoken to her husband. The

Dead: 58-year-old Ishri Holadar bereaved woman said early yesterday morning her daughter received a telephone call, informing her that her husband had died. The woman said she was merely informed that her husband and another man were doing their regular security duty when four men invaded the premises. This publication was told that Holadar and the other man were tied up, gagged and beaten with metal rods. “All them tell me is that the men when dem done beat me husband and tie them up,

break into a container and carry away some stuff”. Persaud added that she was told that her husband’s colleague managed to untie himself after the men left. “He say when them men left he go fuh help me husband and when he tek off the thing wha dem tie up me husband mouth with, he make a last breath and like he dead,”. Persaud only saw her husband’s remains while he was at the hospital, where she also saw her husband’s colleague. He was treated for a wound to his head. “Something ain’t right to me. How come me husband get so bad beat up and all the other man get is some bruises and he get tablet from the hospital and send home?” Persaud also spoke about her concern for other security guards who are employed with little or no proper systems in place. “These men does wuk deh all hours and no lights in the place; just a kero lamp. Up to press time yesterday, Holadar’s colleague was still giving statements to the police about the incident.

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Kaieteur News

Thursday July 12, 2012

=== The Freddie Kissoon column ===

Are humans inherently flawed? I entered the University of Guyana as a history major. In my first year, I met a Catholic nun, Professor Mary Noel Menezes. Her course for freshmen in history, “The Philosophy of History” was a fascination for me because if UG had a degree in philosophy I would have opted for it. I came to love philosophy after working as an eighteenyear-old in the Michael Forde Bookstore where I stole some books in philosophy, a confession in later life which brought scorn from people like Ralph Ramkarran and Dr. Henry Jeffrey. As I am on the topic of book-stealing let me say I have no regrets. I’m glad I stole them.

They made me a better human being, and permanently influenced me to participate in the changing of the world for the better. Karl Marx once wrote; “The philosophers have interpreted the world, the point is to change it.” I can say those books have caused me to stay away from organizations and government that violate the rights of fellow human beings. I don’t know if one can say the same for Ralph Ramkarran and Dr. Henry Jeffrey. But I guess that is my opinion. Sister Mary Noel Menezes was a powerful teacher of philosophy. She introduced us to materials that looked at the role of

choice, free will and imagination in human existence. On those questions, I had already made up my mind. I was exposed to Jean Paul Sartre’s version of existentialism and the existentialist take on life is that we, by our own violation, make our decisions that decide our fate and destiny. However, when you look at actual people in real life events and when you trace the course of history, you are perplexed (and perhaps tormented) that Sartre may be wrong and free will and choice may just be philosophical categories and nothing else. In other words, they don’t exist in human society. I was forced to write this

article here after reading the Stabroek News column of Dr. Henry Jeffrey of July 4. Before we get to the irritation I endured reading Jeffrey’s lamentation, let us rewind the tape to the first quarterly issue of 1994 of the PPP’s publication, “Thunder.” Here is what Jeffrey wrote; “At present, the Civic is made up of some thirty persons. The Civic does not have a separate forum but meets once a month or as is necessary. “There is normally a formal agenda which can include all aspects of governance, questions of matters of major importance, motions to investigate any issue of national life. The Civic, then, is not a static handful of people but a growing institution with major access to power.” The person who wrote those words stayed in the PPP Government for seventeen years. After a national blow up with President Jagdeo three years ago over the EPA prepared by the European Union, Jeffrey was asked to resign. Dr. Jeffrey wrote that he was offered the position of Ambassador to Suriname but

after his request for additional resources were denied, he left the Cabinet. Here are the words of Dr. Jeffrey on July 5, 2012. Interesting to note his caption; “Where liberal voices are muted, greater atrocities result.” Jeffrey wrote; “What these developments tell us (authoritarianism in the PPP and PNC) is that it matters not which party we belong to, we must urgently demand their reform.” My question to Jeffrey is whether he demanded reform for the seventeen years that he was in the CIVIC sharing power with the PPP. What happened to the other thirty persons including Dr. Dale Bisnauth who like Jeffrey wanted to see reform in the present PPP? My point is that human beings always seem to demand changes in governments that are dictatorial but only do so when they are out. Why didn’t they change their entities when they were inside these machines? Often you hear a former Prime Minister advocating that his/her successor pursue

Frederick Kissoon an iconoclastic course on a matter of national importance. But they never ventured in those uncertain waters when they had the opportunity to do so. When he was Chancellor of UG, Dr. Bertrand Ramcharran had dinner with me and the student leader Jason Benjamin. We told him as Chancellor, that he should not accept a party official, Dr. Prem Misir being ProChancellor. He got annoyed and threatened to end the conversation. Three years after he resigned, he wrote in his Stabroek News column that a party official should not be Pro-Chancellor of UG. Someone else has to do what Jeffrey and Ramcharran hadn’t the courage to. Where does that leave free will and choice?

Thursday July 12, 2012

Kaieteur News

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East Coast Demerara minibus operators targeted in ‘mag rims’ campaign


s the police continue their campaign against the use of ‘mag rims’ minibus operators on East Coast Demerara are now feeling the squeeze. Last week, several minibuses that operate on the East Demerara highway were taken off the roads and detained at the Cove and John Police Station for possessing ‘mag rims’. This newspaper learnt that the fitness certificates of the embattled vehicles were revoked. Doodnauth Arun, a Mahaica minibus operator told Kaieteur News that he is baffled about the campaign. He claims that this is the first time he encountered such a

problem with the law. “We can’t understand this thing all the minibus stop work, when they start this morning some of them empty them whole load to turn back to go home and park ; them that already on the park say they aint coming back till late because they ain’t want get charge. We can’t work and is de passengers gon suffer.” Arun said that he purchased his minibus from the dealer with the ‘mag rims’ and later obtained fitness license to operate same. In addition the man said that he renewed his fitness certificate for the said vehicle merely on Friday last. The man said that he was made to understand that an accident was purportedly

caused by a ‘mag rim’ minibus and resulted in the death of a senior policeman’s son and that sparked the whole campaign. However, according to the police, the campaign is an ongoing one where all public transportation with ‘mag rims’ will be targeted. The source said that the fitness licences of all minibuses that are found in possession of these wide wheels would be cancelled. In relation to questions of minibus operators

claiming that the police gave fitness certificate for their minibuses in spite of the mag rims, the source said that it boils down to the police words against theirs. The force further stated that the minibuses with revoked certificates of fitness will be returned to the operators. This newspaper learnt that more that 34 minibuses were taken off the roads for the use of ‘mag rims’. Last week more than 65 minibus operators on West Coast Demerara protested

the removal of mag rims, calling the campaign “senseless.” The men claimed they are persistently under duress by police for numerous miniature matters. The workers said that there is much distrust for procedure since the police restored their fitness certificate to continue to operate their vehicles with mag rims. The operators said that they are seeking the intervention of the Minister of Home Affairs to clarify the issue. The operators also

threatened to strike if their issues are not addressed. According to the operators, their vehicles did not exceed the maximum width required by the law to maneuver. The operators claim that mag rims give their vehicles a more “sturdy” balance. However, a police source told Kaieteur News that all the vehicles that were detained were in breach of the traffic regulations and that exercise was to caution minibus operators.

Page 12

Kaieteur News

Thursday July 12, 2012

Jagdeo’s 12-year reign a maze F

ormer President, Bharrat Jagdeo’s 12-year reign at the helm of the Administration, has been “a commercial and industrial maze” that A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) is still attempting to unravel. This was the comment by Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition, Brigadier (rtd) David Granger yesterday during a party briefing to mark the c o a l i t i o n ’s o n e y e a r anniversary. Granger was asked to weigh in on the completed review by the Ministry of

P u b l i c Wo r k s , o v e r allegations of corruption surrounding China Harbour Engineering Corporation (CHEC). That Chinese Company has secured the US$150M expansion project for the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA). Granger said that with Jagdeo at the helm, the commercial transactions have been a maze and APNU is using whatever mechanisms available, to garner the relevant information on the several Chinese projects in Guyana. He said that the dealings

- Granger involving Guyana, Jagdeo and the Chinese have been heavily shrouded, hence the reason for Jagdeo to still be present at Office of the President, chairing meetings. “Several things happened during the 12-year Jagdeo regime which is obscure and which we are still to discover…I cannot weigh in on them, I don’t know of the full implications at this time.”

Granger said that he is positive that as the work of the 10th Parliament continues, the mystery will be unraveled. “We will know what happened at NICIL, what’s happening with the Chinese, what’s happening with lands, gold mining royalties.” The Brigadier was adamant that “there is a lot that Mr Jagdeo has to answer for.” The leader of the

Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition David Granger Parliamentary opposition expressed confidence in his technical team. “We will be looking at that Jagdeo regime through a microscope over the coming months.” The Opposition Leader conceded that he did not know enough about the China deals. He speculated also that he is unsure if there are persons in the ruling People’s Progressive Party Civic that can speak “authoritatively on all of those deals…the cables and the ferries and everything else…It is really a commercial and industrial maze.” Desmond Trotman of the Working People’s Alliance (WPA) who holds a seat under the APNU banner also weighed in on the issue and sought to castigate the media. “While I applaud the media for some of its reporting, I think it leaves a lot to be desired on occasion.” He said that there are times when Government

Ministers speak of investigations of serious wrongdoing “and these investigations are taking place by themselves.” He posited that it is the role of the media to point out the jeopardies associated with the investigations. Leader of the Peoples National Congress Reform (PNCR), Robert Corbin reminded that the current political climate has not blue print. “We are traversing the two branches of government; one is in the Executive and one in the Legislative.” Corbin said that there is power in the legislative branch through the sector committees. The work of the committees in the House has been stymied as a result of the court challenged to the makeup of the Parliamentary Committees by Attorney General Anil Nandlall. Corbin added that through those Parliamentary Sector Committees, “all have power to summon officials of the government to report.” He conceded that in the previous Parliament Ministers were reluctant to appear before the Committees when summoned. “I think the precedent has been established in the previous Parliament so that as the Parliament gets going, more scope will be available to the Parliamentarians.” Corbin suggested that this is one of the reasons that Nandlall has gone to the court, “because to the extent that they stymie these committees it frustrates the further investigative work that the Parliament could do.”

Thursday July 12, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Chronicle board to discuss action over racist editorial - AFC wants Ramotar to speak out


he Parliamentary opposition party, Alliance For Change, has called for President Donald Ramotar to speak out on the “racist” July 2 Chronicle editorial. “The AFC demands a full retraction of the editorial by the Chronicle and an apology to all Guyanese, and in particular, to AfricanGuyanese. Also, in his capacity as Minister of Information, we demand a statement on the issue from President Ramotar,” the AFC stated yesterday. The editorial, which suggested that young African Guyanese are “socialized” by the opposition to rob and murder Indo-Guyanese, has sparked outrage and generated protests and public burning of the newspaper. GNNL Board Chairman Keith Burrowes had issued an apology over the editorial and had hinted at disciplinary action against the writer, the editor on duty an d o th er s w h o w er e involved. The writer of the editorial was ParvattiPersaud Edwards, a f r e e l a n c e w r i t e r. T h e Guyana Chronicle has been unable to contact her since the protests. She has decided to sever ties with the newspaper, according to a conversation she has had with some people. Mr Raschid Osman, the editor at the time, is on leave, and would be dealt with when he returns to work. Burrowes said, recently, that the Chronicle has a code of ethics and this was not adhered to. He said a copy of the code has been circulated to staff again. Burrowes, in his apology published last Sunday, said the editorial should not have passed the Editor’s desk. Burrowes said that the views expressed in the publication by no means represent the majority of shareholders, the Board nor the Management

and staff of Chronicle. Burrowes said that while he understands the frustration that has led to the protests, he finds it ironic that the very ones who are protesting have publicly said, that they don’t read the Guyana Chronicle. “It’s a double standard. Suddenly they realize that the Chronicle exists and they can protest against it,” Burrowes told Kaieteur News. However, Burrowes in an earlier interview had said that he was willing to meet with anyone who wants to discuss the issue. The PNCR, the main party in the opposition coalition APNU, has deliberately stayed away from commenting on the issue, leader Robert Corbin said yesterday. Corbin said the PNCR believes that the ruling PPP wanted to “bait” the party into getting into a political quarrel, but it resisted and was “happy” that civil society, social activists and the media have been the ones championing the campaign against the editorial. Corbin said he believes that the issue is best served if it is not transformed into a PNCR/PPP issue. “We’re very happy the way the issue has been frontally dealt with,” Corbin said, referring to the actions of civil society and the social activists. The AFC accused the ruling PPP of backing and engineering “heinous anonymous writings including scurrilous personal attacks” in the state media and on internet blogs. “This is totally unacceptable and must stop. The most shameless thing about this is that taxpayers’ money is used in this enterprise; we are paying for the fomenting of division in our own society and for attacks on ourselves!” AFC executive Gerhard Ramsaroop stated. He called for an

immediate reform in the state media apparatus along the lines of how the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) operates. “ We d e m a n d i t s immediate depolitisation and the establishment of a new board drawn from distinguished resident and non-resident Guyanese to oversee its operations.

Robert Corbin Finally, all hate internet blog sites, whether pro-

Keith Burrowes government or opposition must be also shut down, with

Gerhard Ramsaroop immediate effect,” Ramsaroop stated.

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Kaieteur News

Thursday July 12, 2012

Port Kaituma residents disgusted with deplorable road

A section of the deplorable Port Kaituma access road Residents of Port Kaituma, Region One, are disgusted at the deplorable state of the main access road which links Port Kaituma and Matthews Ridge. Minister of Public Works, Robeson Benn, yesterday reiterated his comments from earlier this year that he is aware of the situation and his officials from the Ministry will look into the issue. Kaieteur News understands that the barricades have been erected to prevent vehicles from using the road because of its current state. The problem is compounded by heavy rainfall. Naeem Mohamed, Hinterland Engineer attached to the Works Ministry, said that numerous complaints about the Kaituma Access Road have been received and a team headed by Minister Benn will be visiting the region within the next two weeks.

Mohamed said the visit to the region will allow them to make an assessment on the state of the road and what appropriate measures need to be taken to rectify the current state. This deplorable road links Port Kaituma and Matthews Ridge. Accessing the approximately 30-mile long loam road comes at a toll cost of $5,000 for buses and SUVs; $12,000 for trucks and $75,000 for excavators. There were reports of these vehicles, because of the road’s condition, usually being stuck for hours at a time. In a government statement issued in January, former Chief Roads Engineer of the Ministry of Public Works, Leon Goring, stated that a contract valued at $50M was awarded to the Reunion Manganese Company to execute maintenance and rehabilitation works to the road.

Thursday July 12, 2012

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Kaieteur News

Thursday July 12, 2012

Customers to be Timehri is most appropriate prosecuted for illegal for international airport

- Benn Government sees reconstructing the Cheddi Jagan International Airport Corporation (CJIA) as the most feasible option for a “modern” airport. This is based on the notion that there are enormous investments already at CJIA. Government has contracted a Chinese firm, China Harbour Engineering Company, to rebuild the airport and expand its runway to a tune of some US$150M. According to Robeson Benn, Minister of Transport, other options such as building a new airport from scratch or transforming Ogle International Airport would be too costly. Private investors believe that the country’s main port of entry should be relocated at Ogle, close to the capital city, Georgetown. Their rationale is that travel time would be reduced, there would be less fuel consumption, and manhours would be saved. But, Benn said, “There is an enormous sunk investment at Timehri in terms of CJIA.” He stressed that the development required at Ogle would be more enormous than what is required at CJIA. “The costing, the work on the runways, the replacement of infrastructure in terms of the airport building, the air traffic control tower, and the ancillary and auxiliary facilities for fire fighting, baggage handling- the cost would have skyrocketed,” Benn stated. He also cited the height of Timehri above sea level when compared with Ogle which is below sea level. He added that recently Government spent nearly $1 billion to upgrade the air

Cheddi Jagan International Airport

connections - GWI

- Customers who report illegality to be rewarded

Ogle International Airport traffic control tower. If Government were to relocate that tower to Ogle it would be a “Mickey Mouse” because the structure needs to be at a certain height with certain capacities and infrastructures, Benn said. He also questioned the motive behind the call by some persons for the airport

to be relocated. It was pointed out that some persons squatting on airport lands that work at CJIA or carry out activities related to the airport have been calling for it to be relocated to Ogle. Benn accepted that traffic congestion is a major issue affecting passengers travelling to CJIA. He pointed

out that Government is also widening the East Bank Demerara Public Road into four-lanes to enhance the flow of traffic. Other options are also being explored. “We are looking at bringing in larger buses on our roads-- coaches going from our airport to various places,” he said.

In excess of 30,000 Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) customers have been disconnected for nonpayment, and they have never visited an office to have their service reconnected. This has resulted in the water company launching a new customer service campaign that targets delinquent customers who have reconnected their service or tampered with GWI’s service equipment such as water meters. Under the theme “Stamp Out Tampering”, the campaign also aims to reward GWI customers who report tampering and illegal connections by crediting their GWI water service accounts with a special cash reward. The utility company also noted that it lost $400M annually through theft in the system. This was disclosed at a press conference held at GWI’s Vlissengen Road Shelter Belt headquarters yesterday. According to GWI’s Director of Customer Service and Commercial Relations, Earle Aaron, the company is more concerned about the risks that illegal connections pose to the health of customers rather than the significant revenue lost. “These customers have illegally reconnected their service and we are losing valuable revenue because of this.” According to GWI’s Scientific Services Manager, Donna Canterbury, customers who illegally reconnect their water service are endangering the health of their entire community. “Customers who reconnect their service do not possess the requisite knowledge or approved equipment to properly seal the connection,” stated Canterbury. “This can lead to impurities entering the service line and eventually contaminating the entire network.” The Scientific Services Manager explained that such

an occurrence can have disastrous results. “Illegal connections allow water borne diseases and harmful bacteria to enter our network,” stated Canterbury. “Entire communities can become seriously ill since dangerous bacteria can be easily spread once they have entered the network via an improperly sealed service connection. “Customers with illegal connections must be cognizant that they are not only putting their health at risk, but all the persons who are using water from the network for domestic purposes. We are appealing to these persons to visit the nearest GWI office and avoid what could potentially be a life threatening situation since water borne diseases such as Leptospirosis, Typhoid and Dysentery can cause death in a relatively short span of time.” GWI’s Director of Customer Service is urging all customers with illegal connections to visit their GWI commercial office before the situation becomes detrimental to their health. “We are also appealing to those persons who are aware that their neighbors or someone in their community has an illegal connection.” stated Aaron, He continued: “to show our appreciation to those reporting tampering and illegal connections, during the campaign we will credit their GWI accounts with a cash reward. Persons reporting illegal connections to our Customer Services Call Centre will be treated with the strictest confidentiality; in fact customers are only required to indicate their account number when making tampering reports, no other information is necessary.” He further stated that once the tampering or illegal connection report is verified, the cash reward will be credited to the customer’s account.

Thursday July 12, 2012

Kaieteur News

Page 17

GPHC launches probe into Sixty illegal Brazilians arrested for death of 77-year-old woman crossing border criminal activities In wake of the controversial death of 77year-old Ernestine Hernandez, the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) management has launched a probe into the matter. This is according to the hospital’s public relations officer, Alero Proctor. Proctor said that if hospital staff members are found to be guilty of negligence, causing the death of the woman, they are likely to be dismissed from duty. She said that the hospital will later issue a press statement on the matter. After losing her mother at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), a distressed Anne Hernandez said that a lack of patient care and professional ethics caused her mother’s demise. Her mother, Ernestine, of Montrose, East Coast Demerara succumbed on June 23, last after she was admitted for two days at the medical facility. According to Anne Hernandez, it is depressing when a public medical

institution has personnel who are employed to care for the sick, and neglect their duties. The woman lamented that her mother was admitted to the GPHC on June 21 last. Two days later she died, and a post mortem was not performed. Reports are that when Hernandez received the news of her mother’s constant vomiting and what appeared to be a stroke, she was in the city at that time and visited the GPHC where she made a call through the switchboard requesting an ambulance since she noticed one was in the compound. The woman said that she was told that no ambulance was available. She called another hospital and an ambulance was provided promptly. Hernandez said that when her mother arrived at the emergency section of the facility the two foreign doctors on duty appeared least concerned about her suffering. The following day, when the woman reportedly visited

Ernestine Hernandez her mother, she said it was clear that the situation had gotten worse since she was also told by other patients that the nurses and doctors were not checking on her mother. “When I asked to speak to the doctor on duty, she had no idea what was going on and asked me to get the chart and she told me to come back Monday to see the doctor. My mother had already died by then. When the hospital call and I reached there, my mother’s limbs were like solid pieces of wood, Rigor Mortis had already stepped in.”

City Hall ‘Big Three’ spark more woes Though, City Hall has the authority to send three senior officers mired in fraud allegations on vacation leave to allow a thorough investigation, it has not done so. In fact, a proposal at Monday’s Statutory Meeting to send the officers- Town Clerk Yonette Pluck, Treasurer Andrew Meredith, and City Engineer Gregory Erskine- on vacation leave was turned down by Mayor Hamilton Green. Green in his explanation to Councillor Ranwell Jordan, who made the proposal, said that he is seeking advice on the matter. The officers stayed away from the meeting claiming they were sick. At a press briefing prior to the Statutory Meeting, Councillors spoke at length of the disadvantage of having those staff on the job. Emphasis was also placed on the refusal by the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development to send the officers on leave. Minister within the Ministry of Local Government, Norman Whittaker, had noted that the police will investigate the matter. Though Councillors have welcomed this, they are concerned that the officers

will still be executing their duties. Councillor Oscar Clarke providing a perspective of the implications of having the officers on the job said it seems that mischief is afoot. Apparently, Councillors have no idea when the investigation will commence or if it is in progress. In addition, they are worried about the duration of the investigation which could mean that officers would remain at City Hall for months. Clarke said that the Gaskin report, which recommended that the officers be sent home, was accepted by the Ministry but the Minister does not want to execute that aspect, the councillors said. He reiterated the Councillors’ belief that the

officers should be sent on leave to allow investigations and if they are found guilty the relevant penalty should be meted out. Another concern of Councillors is that vital information for the investigation would disappear. According to a source at City Hall, the Systems Analyst has written to the Town Clerk on network intrusions. In the memorandum, the officer mentioned that it has observed over the past two weeks abnormal activities on the network. “I have observed the logging onto the server and network by the City Treasurer (ag) recurrently at some anomalous times outside normal working hours and from various computer stations within the past two weeks.”

( PA R A M A R I B O , Suriname)Increased cooperation between the Suriname army and soldiers stationed in French Guyana has so far resulted in the arrests of close to sixty illegal Brazilians suspected of cross border criminal activities. Two gendarmes were killed last month during clashes between gendarmes (police) and Brazilian gangs near Dorlin, a village of gold miners in French Guyana. Two officials conducting an operation against illegal gold mining, similar to Guyana’s Operation El Dorado, were killed on June 27 after a gang including a group of illegal Brazilian gold miners ambushed the enforcement officers in neighbouring French Guiana. Since then the gangs have evaded capture by slipping over the Marowijne River, the border between Suriname and French Guyana. Surinamese and French armies have worked together to capture them. A new military post was opened on the Surinamese side, in the Amerindian village of Anapaike, opposite the army station in the village of Twenké. This river barricade is intended to prevent illegal crossing of the river by the criminals, explained Melvin Linscheer, Suriname’s National Security Director.

The gold rich hinterlands of Suriname and French Guyana have over the past years attracted thousands of Brazilians. Suriname is flanked by Brazil in the south and French Guyana in the east. Speculations place the number of Brazilians that live in Suriname at some 30,000, many of them illegal. Just like the Maroon population of east Suriname, many of the Brazilian gold miners operate on both sides of the border. Clashes with local residents and authorities are common. It hadn’t been the first time that the Suriname/French Guiana border has ignited in clashes in which illegal Brazilians were involved. After nine people were killed in a fight between feuding gangs last January in Dorlin, then French President Nicholas Sarkozy promised to increase military presence in the area. And on the Suriname side of the border, tensions with the Brazilians erupted in the village of Albina when a Brazilian gold-miner stabbed a Maroon, following a long broiling feud. Maroons subsequently went on a rampage, aiming their anger at the immigrant population of the village, setting Chinese shops on fire, beating up and raping Brazilians. Five were eventually sentenced to prison terms for these crimes,

but the tense situation obviously remains a source of concern. High on the list of suspects of men wanted by both Suriname and the French, is 25-year-old Ferreira Manoel Moura aka Manoelzinho; in Suriname he is wanted for the murder of fellow Brazilian Arauja Antonio Gomes on June 21, last, in Paramaribo. The French suspect that Manoelzinho was involved in the shooting at Dorlin that left the two Gendarmes dead. Colonel Linscheer reported that the intention is to deport the 57 illegals that have been arrested so far during the joint Suriname/ French exercise, back to Brazil.. Suriname Army Commander Colonel Hedwig Gillard last Friday met with his French counterpart, General Bernard Metz, to discuss further cooperation and strategies aimed at curbing the cross border criminality. “The problem of the illegal Brazilian gold miners is a joint one that we have to tackle jointly. (Fortunately) we have a good relationship with the French,” Gillard said.

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Kaieteur News

Thursday July 12, 2012

Guyanese cons people Post mortem reveals through Facebook bronchial aspiration Baby’s death at daycare…

As police continue their investigation into the death of two-month-old Baquan Shepherd, a post mortem examination has revealed that the baby died as a result of bronchial aspiration. The post mortem was done yesterday and the findings were handed over to the Police who said they are to get a further statement from the other caregiver of the day care which the baby once attended. A source close to the

investigation has stated that some additional information is needed from the hospital where the baby was initially taken and was pronounced dead. After this information would have been received a file will be prepared for the Director of Public Prosecution. Baquan Shepherd was discovered dead at around 16:30 hrs on Monday when his parents went to collect the infant and his 22month-old brother. The baby’s father, Randy

Essequibo robbery suspect arrested Detectives at Anna Regina have confirmed that the suspect into a robbery involving a Teacher/Pastor at Hampton-Court last Thursday has been arrested and is being questioned. The arrest of the suspect followed a collective description of the man’s image which was relayed to the police by the victim. On Thursday night last, at Sparta, the home of the pastor was broken into. According to reports, the Pastor, who had returned from a graduation at her School that night, sustained a severe beating from the lone bandit who also choked and attempted to rape her. He escaped with household items, cash and a cell phone. The bandit had gained entry through a window.

Shepherd, told Kaieteur News that he and his fianceé dropped the two children off at the Sunbeam Day Care centre around 08:30 hrs on Monday. He said that they returned around 16:30 hrs to take the boys home. “I picked up the first child (the elder brother) and was waiting for my fiancée to pick up the other, when the lady (at the day care centre) tell me that we have to take the child to the hospital.” He said that upon checking the child, he observed that Baquan was motionless, his lips were ‘blue’ and his skin was discoloured. The couple rushed the baby to a private hospital, “but by then he was already gone”, he said. According to Mr. Shepherd, a staffer at the day care centre said that she had fed the child around 11:00 hrs yesterday and that he had slept from then to 16:00 hrs. He insisted that his baby was in good health. “The child was not sickly; he weighed about 18 pounds. He was a heavy, healthy child.”

Former One Laptop Per Family (OLPF) employee, Aubrey Smith, has been accused of fleecing several persons of large sums of money by posing as a retailer of Blackberry cellular phones on the social network, Facebook. Reports are that the young man, whose Facebook account name is “Aubrey Swagga-boss Smith”, has been advertising Blackberry cellular phones for sale at extremely low prices. A number of persons responded to his posts, all interested in the prices and procedures of how they could obtain phones through “such a great deal”. However, Smith was fleecing them all and had a history of taking people’s monies under the pretext of delivering brand new cellular phones. Dwayne De Camp, one of the victims of this fraud, told Kaieteur News on Saturday, that he gave his sister $40,000 to pay for four Blackberry 8520 cellular phones that Smith was purportedly selling. One of these phones was being sold for $15,000. De Camp’s sister, Gwen, knew Smith for about six years and had him as a contact on her Facebook account. It was through his posts of pictures and offers of a variety of Blackberry cellular phones that she became interested and told her brother about the deals. “My sister knew him years now since he was working at the airport and when she add him on bbm and exchange numbers through this selling business he started ringing down phones to collect the money. He said that he used his money from some other business stuff to pay for the phones and that I had to give him back the money in full. When he got the money he started ignoring calls and he just vanished,” said De Camp. According to Gwen, after

Aubrey “Swagga-boss” Smith numerous failed attempts at locating the man at his Waterloo Street residence and via telephone calls, she publicized the situation on her Facebook account. When she called the OLPF office to speak with him she was told that he no longer worked there. “I couldn’t find him and my brother wants back his money so I publicized it on my Facebook account and he got embarrassed and contacted me to take it off. I didn’t and then his mother kept calling and asking me to take it off that he is engaged to a Diplomat in England and it is bad for his reputation. She said I would get back the money but still we haven’t got back our money.” De Camp explained that he was told that Smith boarded a flight to England a few days ago and he is worried that this man made off with his hard earned money. Kaieteur News understands that Smith’s mother promised that within six days De Camp would be refunded “some” money. Though today will make six days, De Camp is of the opinion that he will never be refunded his money, and that Smith will not return to Guyana. “I was told that he is out of the country and gone to

England where his fiancée lives and he is getting married. But I just want back my money and like me, there are other people who started complaining that Smith took their money. It is through me putting it up on my Facebook as well that people came forward and contacted me and my sister so that we could all see how to get back our money together.” Gwen and her brother along with friends visited the Brickdam Police Station on Saturday where they gave statements about the situation. “We were at the Brickdam Station for like two hours; they had us waiting that long. Then a policeman there took notes from us about the incident and asked us to go into detail and explain it all to him. After that we were told how it is a private matter,” added Gwen. Meanwhile, Chimene Browne, told Kaieteur News on Saturday that she and another friend identified as Althea Allicock paid a large sum of money to Smith in exchange for two Blackberry cellular phones. Browne stated that she made the payment for her phone on Monday, last, and is concerned that she has also been fleeced after speaking with a number of persons who complained that Smith took their money in exchange for cellular phones. He failed to deliver the products which they had paid for. “I don’t know if he is in the country or not but he robbed a set of people. I heard the guy just disappeared. Now I just want back my money,” said Browne. Late Saturday afternoon, Kaieteur News received a telephone call from a man claiming to be Smith, stating that he was in London and about to get married. He requested that the newspaper cease the publication of this matter as he was not in Guyana.

Thursday July 12, 2012

Kaieteur News

The Abigail Column Tear down jealousy by building a life

DEAR EDITOR, Is it ever possible for jealousy to stem completely from within yourself and not be caused by your significant other? I’m constantly thinking my live-in boyfriend is cheating on me, even though I have absolutely no reason to believe it. I turn everything into a possible sign that something is going on. (I usually keep it to myself, although he knows I am insecure; we have discussed it.) He works with lots of girls. So I’m worried what will happen to me if we

break up. He is my sole support system. What can I do to stop feeling this way? It’s making me miserable, and it’s taking a toll on our relationship because I pick fights about nothing because I’m worried he doesn’t want to be with me anymore. I take everything as a sign – currently focusing on a drop-off in our sex life. (I mean, we live together, so this is normal, right?) Jealous Dear Jealous, What you’re asking isn’t merely possible: Most jealousy comes completely from within yourself. It’s a belief that your partner is with you only because she/he

hasn’t found someone better, and so threats to your wellbeing are everywhere. Even when your partner does act suspiciously, as soon as the suspicious behaviour becomes more of a rule than a rare exception, you’re also responsible because you’re the one choosing to stay with someone you don’t trust. In your case, though, the person you don’t trust is you, to be able to handle life on your own. Start by changing the way you live. As in, get your butt out there. Simplistic as it seems: Choose one organised group that aligns with your interests, and join it.

Thursday July 12, 2012 ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) It might be best not to spend your money on luxuries today. You will be attracted to unusual forms of entertainment and foreign cultures. Efforts made to improve yourself will turn out to your satisfaction. TAURUS (Apr. 21- may 21) Difficulties with your mate may lead to isolation. Travel will be exciting. Be careful what you consume today. GEMINI (May 22-June 21) Your determination may make you a little overbearing when dealing with others. A residential move may be in order. You might find that delays will cause setbacks and upset. CANCER (June 22-July 22) Talk to people who can give you important knowledge. Don't make a move; your confusion has caused this dilemma and you are best to back away and reassess the situation. Channel your energy into passionate interludes with your lover. LEO (July 23-Aug 22) Try to keep an open mind. Erratic behavior at home may be hard to handle. If you put your mind to it, you could entertain or host a multitude of social events. VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) Make changes around your house and plan to do some entertaining. You need to spend some time reflecting on past experiences and involvements. You will tend to overeat today.

LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) To avoid any minor health problems, don't get too stressed. You won't be well received by superiors or by your spouse. Your attitude could be up and down like a yo-yo. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) You have to feel free to come and go as you please to achieve happiness. You will attract potential lovers, but be sure that they're unattached. Do not invest in joint ventures. SAGIT (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) Don't let your mate bully you into thinking that you owe them your time and your life. You need an outlet that will not only stimulate you but also challenge your intelligence as well. CAPRI (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) Get back into a routine that promises a better looking, more aware individual. Pamper yourself; the self esteem it brings you will be most gratifying. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) Try to find another time to present work or ideas today. Some time spent with that special someone should be your intent. You will be able to make financial gains. PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) Make sure that you get legal matters checked out thoroughly. Be prepared to take care of the issues at hand. Take time to listen to children and help them with projects that seem impossible to them.

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TRAFFIC LAWS UP FOR AMENDMENT TODAY On conclusion of a debate over the amendment of the Summary Jurisdiction Act, traffic ranks may have additional tasks to perform in relation to the issuing of traffic tickets. A motion to amend the existing Act is scheduled for discussion in the National Assembly today. According to a notice released by the Clerk of the National Assembly, the House will be looking at the procedural process relating to the issuing of traffic tickets to offenders. It will also amend the consequences for those who fail to adhere to traffic penalties imposed on them. According to the Parliament document, Clause 2 of the existing bill will require traffic ranks to not only issue traffic tickets but also to submit copies of such to the officer in charge at their respective stations and to the clerk of court. The amendment is also seeking to install the penalty that if an officer fails to do the abovementioned, then he commits an offence against discipline and is thus liable to punishment as imposed under the Police (Discipline) Act. Clause 23, the document continued, deals with the disqualification of the license, and sets out procedures to be followed where the alleged traffic offender does not appear at the court at the time mentioned in the notice. The amendment will

provide for the progressive increase in the penalty for the failure to pay the sum attached to the traffic ticket. It further sets out the purpose for disqualification, and the penalty to be incurred, where the disqualified person applies for or obtains a licence during the period of disqualification. The procedure to be followed by the clerk of court and the disqualified person where a disqualification order has been made will also be outlined. The amendment notice has shown that traffic ranks will submit traffic ticket copies for the purpose of record which will be submitted within no more than three days to the clerk of court of the magisterial district in which the offence was committed. The amendment in relation to drivers who commit a traffic offence reveals that if a complaint under section 8(6) is made in respect of an offence in

connection with driving and the alleged offender does not appear in court at the time of the notice, the court may proceed with the matter. An order can also be made disqualifying the alleged offender from obtaining or holding a driver’s license until the time the offender pays the sum specified. The bill notice stated that a disqualification may have the same effect as a conviction or order under the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act. The clerk of court in relation to this disqualification, shall send notice of the order to the Licensing Authority and Road Traffic Act and the Commissioner of Police. The disqualified person shall on demand by any police constable, surrender his licence. Upon payment of the specified sum to the clerk of court, the disqualified person shall apply to the police constable for the return of his licence.

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(From page 15) FOR SALE/RENT American pool table 2770578

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Thursday July 12, 2012

Joao Havelange, ex-Fifa president, received huge sums in bribes Janeiro hospital this year for septic arthritis. He resigned his 48-year International Olympic Commitee membership citing health reasons in December, days before the Olympic body was due to sanction him following its own investigation into wrongdoing connected to ISL. Teixeira, the former sonin-law of Havelange, resigned this year as head of Brazil’s football federation and the 2014 World Cup organizing committee, and gave up his Fifa executive committee seat, citing unspecified health and personal reasons.

Court documents have revealed former Fifa president Joao Havelange was paid huge sums in bribes by collapsed marketing company ISL. Havelange received at least 1.5m Swiss francs (£986,000) and executive committee member Ricardo Teixeira at least 12.74m. The Swiss prosecutor’s report, published by Fifa, reveals they may have received up to 21.9m Swiss francs. The pair are the only two Fifa officials named in the report. The document also revealed that officials repaid 5.5m Swiss francs (£3.6m) to end the prosecution office’s

investigation on condition their identities remain secret. Fifa president Sepp Blatter said in October 2011 that he wanted to release the ISL dossier, despite his organisation seeking to deny access to its contents at the same time. “Fifa is pleased that the ISL non-prosecution order can now be made public,” football’s world governing body said in a statement. Havelange was Fifa president for 24 years before being succeeded by Blatter in 1998. The 96-year-old Brazilian, who remains Fifa’s honorary president, has been treated extensively in a Rio de

Joao Havelange

From back page Samuels. New Zealand were 125 for 5 and the priority switched from looking to belt the bowling around, to trying to play out the entire quota of overs. Once again the young top order failed: Guptill added to his run of low scores, Daniel Flynn didn't improve his pedestrian ODI record, Tom

Latham made 12 and Kane Williamson played-on for 9. One man who would have thrived in these conditions, Brendon McCullum, wasn't picked as New Zealand decided to give him time to acclimatise - he only flew in to the Caribbean a day ago. His brother Nathan, promoted to No. 7 ahead of Jacob Oram, did more than what was expected of him, reaching his fourth ODI half-century, and Watling made his third significant contribution of the series to ensure New Zealand didn't collapse to an embarrassing score. During a 66-run stand with

McCullum, Watling again showed his enterprising brand of batting. There were scoops, sweeps and his bread-and-butter nudge in front of square leg, and with West Indies trying to force him to score on the off side, he unleashed several cuts and a terrific inside-out lofted drive over extra cover for six. He exited trying another scoop, after which McCullum started to take more risks, even hooking Dwayne Bravo over deep-backward square leg for six. Till Watling's dismissal in the 41st over, McCullum had been cautious, happy to work

the singles and make sure no more wickets went down. He finally fell in the final over of the innings, pretty much making sure no overs went to waste. It still looked too small a total for New Zealand to defend, but a combination of kamikaze batting, outstanding fielding and disciplined bowling proved enough to consign West Indies to their tenth straight defeat at Warner Park. Scores: New Zealand 249 for 9 (Nicol 59, N McCullum 50, Russell 4-57) beat West Indies 161 (Russell 42*) by 88 runs.

From page 23 junior coach and Technical Director of the national federation. The battle of the two basketball minds will be one of the best NCBL contests todate in the competition. The easy prediction will be to choose Hamid and Central McKenzie because of the depth of what can easily be called a 'Dream Team'. In the guard positions, Central McKenzie has 'The Dream', Akeem Kanhai with Steve Neils Jr. and Kevin 'Two Feet' Joseph. Neils is a former national shooting guard, who captained Guyana at the last Caribbean Basketball Confederation (CBC) Championships in the Bahamas. Kanhai is an ex-national junior guard with Joseph having a bit of senior national exposure in the position as well. Then there is Orin Rose, who is as lethal locally from downtown as any. In the forward positions, Marvin Hartman and Shane Webster are definite forces to reckon with. Centre, Jason Alonzo has his own class at about 6'9” and will be difficult to defend if he plays. The point is: Central McKenzie is a deep team

of well-exposed players at all levels. In that regard the underdog status must apply to Kwakwani, who is now developing a senior force with most of its players still in transition from the schools' and junior levels. Nevertheless, Shelroy Thomas, Dave Plass and Dominic Douglas will come out to play ball. This is a team, judging from their run in the tournament that has been a true representation of talent in communities across Guyana thus far, that has shown no fear of opposition.

Kwakwani has toppled respectable teams in the NCBL to reach the quarterfinal stage after they'd finished second in their group. Their performance against previous big teams cannot be diluted in any analysis. Their fundamentals could create an upset Saturday night. However, the bottom-line is that the showdown in the Mining Town will decide the dominant force in Region 10. It will become a territorial battle and that pride among athletes from the region usually produces historic results.

New Zealand get first win of tour ...

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Showdown in the Mining Town

Bolt’s agent says Olympic champ ‘feeling good’ LONDON, England (AP) — Usain Bolt’s agent says the three-time Olympic champion is back in full training and “feeling good”. Ricky Simms tells The Associated Press that the Jamaican sprinter is fit ahead of the defence of his titles in the 100, 200 and 4x100 at the London Games. The holder of the world record in both sprint distances, Bolt lost to Yohan Blake in the 100 and 200 at

recent Jamaican Olympic trials. He had his right hamstring stretched out by a trainer after the 200. Bolt pulled out of the Monaco Diamond League meet on July 20 — his last race before the Olympics — with what his coach called “a slight problem”. Britain’s Daily Telegraph said Tuesday that Bolt flew to Germany last week for treatment on a tight hamstring.

Thursday July 12, 2012

Kaieteur News

Bounty Farm supports Blind Cricketer Bounty Farm Ltd has come on board to support the Guyana Blind Cricket Association and specifically Mr. Ganesh Singh, one of the Guyanese selected on the West Indies Squad to train in Jamaica from July 16 – 23, 2012 for possible selection to

their visual abilities. The B1 category comprises those players that are totally blind while the B2 category is that of the partially sighted. B3 category is for those players that are partially blind. The two selectees are grouped in the B1 category. They have

activities. One of their major bugbears is the acquisition of adequate funds to offset expenses relating to preparations and both players appealed to members of the corporate community for assistance in this

Receiving the sponsorship cheque of $250,000 from Mr. Patrick DeGroot (left), Managing Director, Bounty Farm Ltd on behalf of the Guyana Blind Cricket Association was Ms. Theresa Pemberton. attend the World Blind Cricket indicated that they would be department. T/20 Championships practicing diligently in order Answering the call was scheduled for Bangalore, to clinch a spot on the final Mr. Patrick DeGroot, India November 27 – squad. They are no strangers Managing Director, Bounty December 8, 2012. to the sport, having been Farm Ltd, who presented a Singh and Oliver Kerr are involved since the inclusion cheque of $250,000 to Ms. the two Guyanese to merit of blind players within the Theresa Pemberton, who selection in the 25 member fraternity in 2006. Both players collected on behalf of the squad currently preparing to had participated in the Guyana Blind Cricket represent the West Indies. inaugural tournament. Association. They said that they are They are presently Those interested in honoured to have earned a engaged in stiff training in the contributing to the players spot on the training squad. gym, for strengthening can contact Mr. Singh at the Players are placed in one exercises and also on the field Blind Institute or on of three categories based on where they engage in cricket telephone #226-4496.

GFF Female 2012 ISL resumes on Tuesday

Action in the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) Female 2012 Inter Association League (ISL) resumes on Tuesday 17th July when Rupununi comes up against West Demerara at the Den Amstel ground at 16:00 hrs. The competition continues on the 19th with a clash between Georgetown and Rupununi at the Georgetown Football Club (GFC) commencing at 17:00 hrs. The final game which is scheduled for Saturday July

21st will see Bartica and Rupununi engaging, this game is slated to be played at either Den Amstel ground or GFC ground from 14:00 hrs. All of the games are important, if Rupununi wins all its games they will become winners of the League, but once Bartica and Georgetown both beat Rupununi they will each end up with 10 points; depending on the results, goal difference will kick in. Georgetown has a difference of +9 whilst Bartica

has a difference of +18. In order for Georgetown to pull off the League they will have to be in fine form hence defeating Rupununi in excess of 11 goals and hope that Bartica win their match by a goal difference of 1. H o w e v e r, R u p u n u n i have other ideas and they are saying that last year they were edged out as runner up and this year they will not be denied a victory. Points standing in the League:

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Hearts of Oak Master’s 15th Summer Football camp starts Monday By Samuel Whyte The 15th edition of the Annual Hearts of Oak Masters Football Club “Teach them Young” football summer camp in conjunction with the Corriverton Links football club (who are in their second year), will be staged from Monday 16th July to Friday 17th August 2012 at the Scot Church ground, Princess Elizabeth Road, New Amsterdam and the nearby Prison Officers Sports Club, while the Corentyne sessions will be held at the Skeldon Community Centre ground, Upper Corentyne. The programme will be held five days weekly from Mondays-Fridays from 09:00hrs -13:00 hrs. President of the Hearts of Oak Football Club, Neil “Grizzly” Humphrey, will be in charge of The New Amsterdam session, while his opposite, Michael DeSouza will be in charge of the Sessions at Corriverton. The organisers are catering for youths 4-16 years and both boys and girls are invited to attend. During the camp the youths will be instructed on

the finer points of the game, which includes both theory and practical. The programme also caters for the developing of their interpersonal skills and relationship. The practical sessions will entail showing the youngsters the various ways in receiving, passing, shooting, taking, dribbling, Goalkeeping and throwing the football among other points. The youths are also expected to be schooled in discipline, etiquette, good table manners and general education which will also include session on HIV and AIDS. Physical fitness is also expected to be an integral part of the sessions. According to Coordinator, Neil ‘Grizzly’ Humphrey, the main aim of the programme is to have the youths better able to appreciate the rules and regulation of the game, improve their knowledge and skills and understand general sportsmanship and have a better human relationship with others and improve their discipline generally. According to Humphrey

Britain’s Bradley Wiggins comfortably retained his lead of the Tour de France as Thomas Voeckler won stage 10. Team Sky worked hard to catch Italy’s Vincenzo Nibali after he escaped on the descent of Col du Grand Colombier, the first big climb of this year’s Tour. Wiggins still leads 2011 winner Cadel Evans by one minute and 53 seconds, with compatriot Chris Froome third and Nibali staying in fourth place overall. Frenchman Voeckler won the stage ahead of Michele Scarponi and Jens Voigt. Voeckler, who wore the yellow jersey for 10 days last year, was part of a 25-man breakaway that was whittled down to five riders by the end of the 194km stage. The 17.4km climb to the 1,501mhigh summit of the Colombier was expected to shake up the top of the general classification but, with Edvald Boasson Hagen and Richie Porte working hard, Team Sky set a fierce pace at the front of the peloton to negate any potential attacks. Their biggest threat came from Nibali, who lost the yellow jersey group as they came down from the summit and at one point opened up a gap of close to a minute. Nibali started the day two minutes and 23 seconds

Bradley Wiggins

Thomas Voeckler

behind Wiggins but threatened to move ahead of Froome, who held a 16second advantage. Porte ensured Nibali was caught before he reached the top of Col de Richemond, and he could not escape again on the descent to the finish line. Defending champion Evans attempted to claw back some seconds in the finale but Wiggins was alert and stuck to the Australian’s wheel to roll in one place behind him in 13th. Afterwards, the 32year-old Londoner was pleased with his team’s efforts, explaining they were

willing to sacrifice yellow in order to stay near to his closest rivals. Today, Wiggins will become the first Briton to wear the maillot jaune for four days in one Tour, beating the previous best of three days set by Chris Boardman in 1994 and David Millar in 2000. But he can expect his rivals to launch more attacks as the race stays in the Alps, with a mountain-top finish at La Toussuire after going over the top of two huge climbs, Col de la Madeleine and Col de la Croix de Fer, which are both over 2,000m-high.

during the camps the youths will be involved in exchange visits and at the end of the camp they will be presented with certificates and other memorabilia, while the more outstanding players will be selected to participate in a tour to the either Georgetown or the Corentyne where they will participate in a number of goodwill games. He is expecting a good response as school is out and the programme has now become a part of the youths annual out of school package. Some of the personals and coaches that will be involved in the sessions are former national players Adrian Forde, Phillip Carrington, Kenrick Bowry, Neil Humphrey and Sherwin Forde. Others include Randy Sears, Nigel Felix, overseas based Shawn Semple and Officer in charge of New Amsterdam Prison Assistant Superintendent of Prisons Carl Graham. Interested persons can make contact with Humphrey on 333-5525 or 687-8764 or Secretary Kenrick Bowry on number 333-4451 or any member of the two clubs.

Bradley Wiggins keeps lead as Voeckler wins stage

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Kaieteur News

Overseas-based Baird advances to 400m semis as James' journey ends By Juanita Hooper Overseas based quartermiler Kadeacia Baird yesterday morning qualified for the Women's 400 meters semifinals after failing to meet the criteria for the Women's 100m, an unusual event for her while her team mate, local 400 meters sprinter, Stephan James patterned after her in the 100m as he failed to reach the finals in his pet event at the IAAF World Junior Championships in Barcelona, Spain. Baird running heat five out of lane six at the Montjuic Olympic Stadium at the Championships clocked 53.29 seconds to finish second behind Jamaica's Chrisann Gordon who registered 52.99 seconds from lane four. Baird stating in one of the dailies that the 100 meters was

- Baird can be the one to medal for Guyana more of an experiment for her completed the race in a time of 12.24 seconds to finish at seventh place after registering 11.72 seconds in the preliminary round on the opening day. Baird's heat (2) was won in a time of 11.68 seconds by Anthonique Strachan of Bahamas. The former Royal Youth Movement athlete will be looking to book her spot for the 400m finals today. Baird's 400m semi-finals heat will open the day of events. The athlete who has a personal best time of 52.14 seconds is scheduled to run in lane 4 at 20:35 hrs (Barcelona time). Despite not qualifying for the finals of the Men's 400m,

Running Brave athlete James achieved one of his goals, breaking the 47 seconds barrier, his coach Julian Edmonds mentioned in an interview. James yesterday afternoon registered 47.35 seconds in his semi-finals heat; his performance was not good enough for the finals. The race (heats) was won by USA's Arman Hall in 46.42 seconds. James however on the opening day of the Championships fulfilled his goals when he attained a new personal best time and shattered the National Junior Record in 46.99 seconds. The record, 47.26 seconds (recorded in Trinidad and Tobago) was held by Tia Payne.

Olympic coverage to get Caribbean flavour

THIS year’s TV coverage of the Olympics will be the first to focus mainly on Caribbean athletes without the usual “American bias”. International Media Content (IMC), parent company of sports cable channel SportsMax, is spending big bucks to ensure that regional heroes will be in the spotlight. Before, Caribbean broadcasters would take a US feed, said SportsMax’s chief operations officer, Newton Robertson. But not this time around. IMC is investing US$4 million ($360 million) to guarantee fuller coverage of Caribbean competitors in boxing, sailing and equestrian events. “From time to time sports get sidelined because of the heavy focus on swimming and track and field,” said executive producer Lance Whittaker, “but this project

guarantees a more wholesome coverage of the Caribbean.” IMC acquired exclusive Caribbean broadcast rights across all platforms to London 2012, which will be transmitted on six channels from the Olympic Broadcast Services (OBS) on a 24-hour basis to broadcasters. This partnership with OBS will ensure that, for the first time, the Caribbean audience will be able to follow events of their interest. But lovers of nonCaribbean events such as synchronised swimming and gymnastics will still be able to enjoy those sports. “We won’t deny the wholesome Olympic viewer of the event they’ve been accustomed to because we’re focusing on the Caribbean,” Robertson said. An additional 124 persons have been hired for the period to ensure smooth operations,

including four London-based and five Kingston-based presenters; eight track and field analysts; and four swimming analysts. Sixty-two interns from the University of Technology, the Mona campus of the University of the West Indies and the Northern Caribbean University have also been employed. With more than 396 hours of television coverage and 130 hours of radio coverage to be transmitted, IMC has sold rights to 18 broadcasters across the region, including CVM TV for television coverage and RJR for radio coverage in Jamaica. It will also negotiate with other companies, such as Digicel, for the rights to use Olympic symbols with their sponsored athletes. Robertson declined to say what the company hopes to earn from the venture.

From back page However, Charity got a consolation via a penalty which was scored by Fazal Williams in the 73rd minute. Christianburg now move on to play St. Ignatius at Dem Amstel on Friday, while Waramadong takes on Bygeval on the same day at

Carifesta Avenue Sports Complex. In the other quarter-final results: Waramadong defeated Tutorial 9-0; Bygeval defeated Leonora 7-0 and St. Ignatius cruised past Lodge 8-1. Digicel's Purchasing & Logistics Manager Azam Alli

speaking after the game encouraged Charity to continue to improve since he hope to see them in the competition next year. He congratulated them for reaching the quarter-final stage of the tournament, adding that with over 150 schools registered they achieved a lot and should not be disheartened by the loss. Alli in his remarks to Christianburg said they showed what it takes to be a champion, adding that they displayed great discipline and good work ethic and those attributes will definitely take them a far way. He wished both teams well in their future endeavours.

Christianburg send ominous...

Thursday July 12, 2012

Adam Gemili wins 100m gold at World Junior Championships BBC Sport - British sprinter Adam Gemili warmed up for the Olympics by striking gold in the World Junior Championships 100m in a new personal best of 10.05 seconds.

Gemili won his semi-final in some comfort in 10.18 seconds, and improved on his previous personal best of 10.08 by a further three hundredths of a second in the final, in the same Montjuic

on loan at Thurrock in the Isthmian League Premier Division earlier this season. Britain’s Sophie Papps finished sixth in 11.54 secs in the women’s 100m final, with Anthonique Strachan of the

Adam Gemili (2nd right) wins the 100m gold medal The 18-year-old, who shot to prominence when he ran 10.08 in May and was second at the Olympics trials , beat the championship record of 10.09 set by Trinidadian Darrel Brown in 2002. Gemili follows in the footsteps of fellow Britons Christian Malcolm (1998), Mark Lewis-Francis (2000) and Harry Aikines-Aryeetey (2006), who all became junior world champion. His time was 0.12secs quicker than American Aaron Ernest, who took silver in 10.17, with Jamaican Odean Skeen third in 10.28.

Stadium in Barcelona where Linford Christie won 100m gold at the 1992 Olympics. Only Frenchman Christophe Lemaitre, who ran 10.04 in Rome in May, has run faster than Gemili among Europeans this year. Gemili will compete at London 2012 in the 100m and could also run in the 4x100m relay for Team GB. Gemili is the fastest Briton over 100m this year but only switched full-time to athletics from football in January. He was a trainee at Premier League club Chelsea and moved to League Two Dagenham & Redbridge. He played 10 games at right-back

Bahamas taking victory in 11.20. Emelia Gorecka provided Britain’s first medal of the championships on Tuesday with third place in the 3,000m, pushing the pace along herself and then holding on for bronze. Sophie McKinna finished sixth in the shot put final. Jessica Judd and Emily Dudgeon won their 800m heats, Pippa Woolven qualified for the 3,000m steeplechase final by finishing fifth in her heat and Nick Percy made it through in the men’s discus, but Charlie Grice missed out on the men’s 1500m final.

Guyanese cyclist Geron Williams, who now trains in the United States of America, on Sunday last won the Under-23 category of the Just Be Natural (JBN) road race held in Pennsylvania. Williams who won the Third Annual Seven Seas / Dr. Chase 50 Mile Road Race two

Sunday's ago on the West Demerara, returned to the USA on CARICOM Day to continue his winning ways. The JBN race saw the Category 2&3 as well as the Under-23 competitors riding together; Williams who is still representing his local Club Continental,

blew away his opposition. He won ahead of Dakota Schaeffer of Young Medalists/Team Rothrock and Nicholas Roeder of Tri State Velo in that order. The race was organised by LWA Racing and Gotham Cyclists of Bethlehem, PA.

Geron Williams is top U23 cyclist at Just Be Natural Race

Geron Williams (2nd left) powering to the line ahead of Robin Persaud in the Seven Seas / Dr. Chase 50 Mile Road Race.

Thursday July 12, 2012

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4th Annual Inter Corporation Dominoes tournament launched The fourth annual InterCorporation Dominoes tournament, organized by the Next Level Sports Club in conjunction with Banks DIH under the R1 Vodka brand, was launched yesterday at the Banks DIH Sports Club at Thirst Park. Banks' Media Relations Manager, Troy Peters, said that last year the competition attracted 55 teams and had a first prize of $150,000 but this year's tournament is bigger and better with Banks DIH making an increase of $25,000 for the winner's prize with all of last year's teams already confirming participation in addition to new teams entering. Banks DIH is providing the first prize and venue. The tournament will be played on a two in one out basis under the rules of the Guyana Dominoes Federation and is scheduled for July 27 & 28 at Thirst Park. Registration closes on

July 20 and of the $9,000 registration fee, $2,000 will be donated to a Charitable home. In addition to the $175,000 first prize, the winning team will also receive a Trophy, nine medals and a free trip to a local Resort. The runner-up gets $100,000, a trophy and nine medals, while the third placed team collects $75,000, the fourth placed team $50,000 and the fifth placed team $25,000. The MVP of the competition will take home a gold chain and tournament Organizer Lyall Gittens disclosed that each team is required to walk with a good pack of Dominoes and that the first 30 teams to register will collect gifts. Peters explained that last year four teams were disqualified for walking with guest players and reminded that again this year no guest players will be allowed to participate and teams which

Brands Manager of R1 Vodka Ian DeBarros (right) hands over the championship trophy to Tournament Organizer Lyall Gittens at yesterday's launching, while other officials look on. breach this rule will be dumped from the tournament with no refund of their entrance fee.

Gittens can be contacted on cell phone numbers 6298128 or 697-2929. Peters said Banks DIH

has been supporting the tournament from its inception since the Beverage Company feels the

competition lends to camaraderie of the wider society by bringing teams and their fans together.

Ann Gordon

Abdulla Hamid

Showdown in the Mining Town By Edison Jefford Guyana's most successful female basketball coach, Ann Gordon may have all the titles stacked under her name at the national schools' level, but this weekend she must convert that success to the senior level in a basketball showdown in the Mining Town. Gordon's Kwakwani

- NCBL returns Saturday night senior team will take on Central McKenzie in the remaining quarterfinal of the National Community Basketball League (NCBL) at the McKenzie Sports Club (MSC) Court in the Bauxite Mining Town of Linden Saturday night. Gordon has been at the

helm of basketball in Kwakwani for quite some time and is graduating national junior players like an institution. But why not, Gordon is a basketball institution that has been tested and proven with competitive teams. The female coach is the

most successful coach at the National Schools Basketball Festival, and is aiming to transfer that success to the senior basketball level when she takes on another basketball mind, Abdulla Hamid, who she knows extremely well. Hamid is the leader of the Central McKenzie team and is also a former national Continued on page 20

t r o Sp

New Zealand get first win of tour to keep series alive New Zealand's tour seemed to have hit rockbottom midway through the third ODI against West Indies when their only consistent batsman of the series, BJ Watling, joined their lengthy list of injured players. This was after their s t r u g g l i n g a n d inexperienced batting lineup got the gift of a pancakeflat track, a tiny ground where the straight boundaries are only 60m long, and the chance to bat first, but could only reach 249. It was, the pundits agreed, a total that wouldn't challenge Chris Gayle & Co, and West Indies seemed set to continue their dominance in this series. Instead, New Zealand had their best session of the series, and picked up their first win of the tour. The first sign that New Zealand weren't completely demoralised by their woeful performances so far came in the second over. Trent Boult

fired in a yorker in his first ball in ODI cricket, which Gayle managed to squeeze out. The baby-faced Boult walked back to his mark with a smile, unfazed by the pressure of bowling to the most destructive batsman in the world. All the talk in the lead-up to the match had been about how to stop the marauding Gayle - he had four fifty-plus scores in four games coming into this match. So far, Gayle had combined casual brutality with consistency to put West Indies in charge of every match. This time, though, he was out early, as he edged an away-going delivery from Tim Southee to slip, exposing West Indies' explosive-but-brittle batting line-up. The one department in which New Zealand have been as good, if not better, than West Indies is the fielding. yesterday was no different, as they pulled off three run-outs and a sharp

Digicel Nationwide Schools Football Competition Last year's beaten finalist Christianburg Secondary sent an ominous warning to all rivals that they are not in a mood to accommodate any obstacles in their way after inflicting a crushing 11-1 win over Charity in quarterfinal action of this year's Digicel Nationwide Schools Football Competition yesterday, at the Wisburg ground in Linden. Beaten in last year's final by the Government Technical Institute (GTI), Region 10 champions Christianburg showed their superior class as early as the 8th minute when the prolific Marmalique Davidson neatly took a pass on his chest and in one motion hammered a volley into the right hand corner of the goal. Three minutes later, the 'big' central defender Travin Dryden, who had made it into the opposition goal area after a corner was awarded to them, jumped high above the goalkeeper and hit a bullet-like header

catch. That catch by Nathan McCullum sent back Dwayne Smith, who continues to infuriate and enthrall by turns, for 19. Dwayne Bravo was run out soon after, as he attempted a third after Southee had fired in a laser-guided throw from deep midwicket, which reached the bowler inches from the top of the stumps. Martin Guptill made up for his batting failures with a sensational stop at cover that resulted in Marlon Samuel's wicket - on making the save, Guptill instantly flung the ball towards middle stump at the striker's end to catch Samuels short of his ground. Kieron Pollard whacked a full ball straight to deep square leg, and Darren Sammy played one from McCullum too early, lobbing a return catch to the bowler. West Indies had stuttered to 95 for 7 and the game was up, despite Andre Russell showing off some clean hitting and highlighting the

lack of gremlins in the track at the end. An already flatlining innings shifted to an even lower gear as Rob Nicol, the only top-order batsman to capitalise on the perfect batting conditions, miscued a catch back to the bowler Continued on page 20

Nathan McCullum made a crucial half-century

Andre Russell (right) was the bright light in the Windies innings with 4 wickets and an unbeaten 42

Christianburg send ominous warning, crush Charity 11-1

into the net. The soggy conditions made life difficult for both teams to construct passes, but the advantage clearly favoured the host and they stretched their lead further through Davidson, who was left unchecked following a scrimmage in the goal area and he fired a shot past the stranded keeper. After that it was one-way traffic as Christianburg benefitted from an own goal in the 23rd minute, before Davidson added his third three minutes later. By the break, Christianburg had added one more goal which came off the boots of Allen Halley, who netted in the 36th minute to lead 6-0. After the resumption, Christianburg collected another own goal in the 60th, before Shane Luckie (62nd), Ezra Ashby (64th), Dryden (76th) and Leon Hohenkirk (89th) completed their tally. Continued on page 22

Region 10 champions Christianburg pose with Digicel Purchasing & Logistics Manager Azam Alli (left) shortly after beating Charity yesterday.

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