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Wednesday July 11, 2018

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he culture of a country, the way its citizens think, act, behave and do things reveal in many ways the kind of country. Culture is sometimes like a hidden agenda, a silent language, a secret handshake or a clandestine gathering, known only to those involved or born into it. A country’s culture could be mysterious to outsiders. A classic example is people in other countries are not aware of the uncultured way most of us drive in Guyana and the reckless manner in which pedestrians use the roads. The general attitude of pedestrians and drivers is different from most other countries. Pedestrians of all age groups, regardless of gender and ethnicity unwisely tend to disregard the traffic signs. Some drivers would reduce their speed on sighting a pedestrian attempting to cross a street; other drivers would see it as an incentive to increase their speed. It is like waving a red flag at a bull. This type of behaviour is common throughout the country and is responsible for almost 30 percent of road fatalities and 42 percent of all traffic accidents in the country. However, good drivers will stop and beckon the pedestrians, especially the elderly and children, to cross safely. Another common experience in Guyana is that most motorists suffer from road rage very easily. Road rage has taken its toll on different drivers for different reasons, such as being in a traffic jam or if a fellow driver breaks the traffic rules. Guyana has its own style of drivers with unique skills to help them navigate the relatively narrow streets in Georgetown and in other towns and villages. Most speeding drivers, including mini-bus and taxi drivers are peeved if a slow moving car is in front of them and they cannot overtake it on the other lane, because of the presence of another vehicle. They will use the vehicle’s central warning device, the horn and create a loud and deafening sound. In a country where bad driving is almost a way of life, and gets a lot of media coverage, the vexation blast cannot be ignored when traffic grinds to a halt. Drivers become frustrated and most will use the horn to vent their frustrations, along with a few choice words that could be disturbing to hear. In the United States, the blowing of horns is rare, except for New York City, Los Angeles and a few others. This is true for Canada, and most countries in Europe. In Guyana, the blowing of horns is part of everyday life. Some drivers even blow their horns to say hello to friends and relatives. Without a good horn, the road system in Guyana probably would not work and more accidents and deaths may likely occur. However, it is prohibited to blow horns around the law courts in Guyana. Driving in Guyana can be potentially hazardous, especially on the highways where most drivers tend to ignore the traffic laws. Caution should be exercised at all times while driving in Guyana at nights, especially outside of Georgetown. Most of the highways are not properly lit; some drivers do not lower their high beam lights; and livestock, horses and stray dogs sleep on the roads. These elements on the roadways have led to traffic accidents and deaths. According to the World Health Organization, traffic fatalities in Guyana account for 27.5 percent of total deaths in the country and Guyana ranks fourth in the world in terms of traffic deaths per capita. While the road conditions in Guyana differ significantly from those in the United States, based on a population ratio, the rate of traffic fatalities in Guyana is higher than in the United States.

Editor’s Note; If your sent letter was not published and you felt its contents were valid and devoid of libel or personal attacks, please contact us by phone or email.

You’re a government minister now Broomes, behave like one! DEAR EDITOR, After viewing the CCTV video of the parking-lot incident involving Minister Simona Broomes and two security guards, I expect Acting Commissioner of Police, David Ramnarine, having seen the video himself, to now instruct that all pending charges against those two security guards be dropped with an apology. The Minister’s driver should have his firearm license taken away and he charged with assault with a deadly weapon (a moving vehicle). Minister Broomes should be charged for making a false statement to the police. Had it not been for CCTV footage that clearly shows the despicable behaviour of a sitting government minister, two innocent persons would be sent to jail for a very long time. More frightening, if Minister Broomes can so callously lie to abuse her position in government, what other lies have she told, and could she be trusted again? On several of my visits to the Guyana Revenue Authority, when I could not find a suitable parking space for my vehicle, I would drive

to the front of the GRA building where traffic cones are strategically placed on both sides of the road to restrict parking in front of the GRA building. I would then pull up parallel to the cones and wait for the traffic cop who is always there, to approach my vehicle. I would then clearly identify myself as a Member of Parliament, and ask politely if he can allow me to leave my vehicle in the restricted area for a few minutes. At all times, the police officer would remove the cones and allow me to park. Being polite and courteous have always opened doors for me. And I have never disrespected anyone in the performance of their duties, especially those persons in uniform. What Minister Broomes did is associated with thugs and bullies. A Kaieteur News article on Tuesday, July 10 gave a ‘blow by blow’ report of what transpired in the parking lot: “The Minister’s vehicle drove up to an area that had “no parking” signs. The vehicle stopped and the driver

disembarked. He then removed the “no parking” sign and returned to the vehicle. At the same time, the security guard who the Minister claimed pointed a gun at her could be seen making a gesture to her driver. The security guard was armed with a shotgun that was hanging from his right shoulder by a gun strap. He walked up to the vehicle and replaced the sign. This caused the vehicle that was just about to move off to come to a halt again. The Minister’s driver exited the vehicle once again and there was some exchange of words between the security guard and the driver. The driver moved the sign again… While this is going on, another security guard came up. The Minister exists the rear left door of a Black SUV, and proceeded to throw two “no parking” signs to the ground. The armed security guard proceeded to pick-up the signs. He later explained that he was telling the person who exited the vehicle and threw the signs away that she cannot do that. The security guard

could be seen picking up the signs again, and then the vehicle started to move forward and hit one of the security guards who was standing in front of the vehicle at this time. The vehicle stopped once again and the driver exited yet again. This time, the security guard claims that the driver pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot. The Minister can be seen going around to the driver side of the vehicle where the driver was standing at the time. The security guard said the lady told the driver, “No, no, no put the gun away, put the gun away.” The security guard said after he realized that things were escalating, he decided to move aside and let them through.” Simona Bromes is a woman who is ‘rough around the edges’. She has been a miner in the interior for many years, and learned to survive the lawlessness which is part of life there. In Parliament, Simona Brooms hardly contributes anything of substance to our debates. She is best known for her constant disruptive (Continued on page 6)

It is time for change at Stabroek News DEAR EDITOR, I would be grateful if you allowed me to use your columns to publicly ask the owners of Stabroek News to review the editorial policy of the current supervising editors and find that they have been prejudicial against a number of my letters, most recently my examination of selected banking system statistics (We have been lied to by the coalition administration, published in Kaieteur News). F u r t h e r, a n d m o r e damaging to the national psyche, is that they allow a body of thinking established by PPP die-hards who deceptively continue to promote the PPP as a viable political organization. Ramkarran and similarminded individuals have apparently been granted special privileges as they continue in vain to address the myriad issues and problems of the moribund People’s Progressive Party. To those of us who know better, these editors just bring the credibility and independence of Stabroek News into disrepute. Mr. Ramkarran and those like him, had they been as objective as they are wont to be

seen, would have long ago publicly acknowledged that the PPP has lost its credibility as a viable political entity representing Guyanese interests at the national level. The PPP as a political organization has been stolen from its supporters by its current leadership. A number of members of the party executive have been permanently stained by their association with at least one known drug runner wanted by the United States Government in the 2000s. This very same drug lord was sheltered by the PPP, did business with them via state organs, and was only caught out of Guyana through coordinated intelligence efforts of the United States Government. There can be little doubt remaining in the minds of many that the PPP is now very probably funded by drug money and gains from corrupt dealings while in government. Numerous stories have been written by Stabroek News reporters themselves which have linked the PPP to murders, drug-running and money-laundering in no small measure during their reign of terror while Roger Khan was

on the loose. These stories finger Leslie Ramsammy and Jagdeo himself, along with Ronald Gajraj during his term as minister, as being involved in these crimes against Guyanese. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind during the rampage which lasted into the late 2000s that the PPP had sponsored terrorism against Guyanese. Everything is available on the internet for all to see. During the last two to three terms of the PPP administration, their government operated as nothing short of a mafia organization, making resources of the state available to criminals. Further, let Mr. Ramkarran point to any one of the members of the PPP executives who were elected to their posts by supporters. After

in excess of fifty years in existence, very probably none. In fact, everyone was handpicked as a stooge, some lackey or family member. This is why the PPP carried on with its corruption and cared little or nothing about its supporters, bleeding rice farmers of their livelihoods and pauperizing sugar workers at the same time. There are no independent voices on the PPP executive. All are under someone’s control when voting time comes around. Everything is a setup. Instead of trying to negotiate with the impossibility of an independent executive under the current leadership, Mr. Ramkarran and people like him should be unflinching in their efforts to expose and remind Guyanese of the PPP’s transgressions and help (Continued on page 6)

No conflict of interest DEAR EDITOR, Reference is made to the letter appearing in Kaieteur newspaper dated June 13, 2018, under the caption “An untenable nursing situation” Please note that although the nurse is employed at the National Insurance Scheme, a conflict of interest does not exist in this particular instance. Dianne Lewis Baxter Publicity and Public Relations

SOME SEARCHING QUESTIONS DEAR EDITOR, Reference is made to articles appearing in Kaieteur News on the 8th day of July 2018, under the caption “NYbased company sole sourced in $366M drug contract major local suppliers disqualified” and in Stabroek News on the 9th day of July 2018, under the caption “Questions raised about Ministry’s sole-sourcing of $367m in drugs from HDM Labs”. Immediately following the publication of these articles, I was able to acquire several documents, which included a copy of the Tender Evaluation Report MMU-08-2017 and MMU-09-2017, as well as letters to the Chairman of the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB) dated 19th day of June 2017, and letters to HDM Labs Inc. dated the 20th day of June 2017. Editor, I wish to use this opportunity to ask the Minister of Public Health to answer to the nation the following questions: 1. Why were items omitted from the “big pharmaceuticals tender” and then subsequently sole-sourced from HDM Labs Inc.? 2. An examination of the items that were omitted from the “big pharmaceuticals tender” that was subsequently sole-sourced from HDM Labs Inc., strongly suggests a fixing of this arrangement. I am sure that the Minister would accept this opportunity, as part of her new found anti-corruption campaign, to explain how this omission occurred. Who was responsible for this grave violation? And if sole-sourcing to HDM Labs Inc. was the best possible option available to remedying this unusual occurrence. Could the Minister further


Kaieteur News

Wednesday July 11, 2018

state whether we received value for money by way of this purchase? 3. The Permanent Secretary (PS) of the Ministry of Public Health wrote to the Chairman of the NPTAB requesting the sole-sourcing of $366,926,660.80 GYD on the 19th day of June 2017, to facilitate this transaction and in her letter, she stated the following: “HDM Labs Inc. has great capacity in delivering Supplies to the Ministry of Public Health within two weeks time frame.” “HDM Labs Inc is a recognized and efficient supplier country wide.” Could the Minister, in the interest of transparency, inform the nation who is the owner(s) or principal(s) of HDM Labs Inc., when they were registered for business in Guyana and on what occasion(s) did HDM Labs Inc. delivered pharmaceuticals to the Ministry of Public Health within a two- week time frame, as stated by the PS of the Ministry in her letter? This would constitute emergency purchases. 4. Please provide information that will bring comfort to the public that HDM Labs Inc. is a recognized and efficient supplier nationwide. Specifically, we would like to be informed about which companies/institutions, apart from the Ministry of Public Health, HDM Labs Inc. supplied pharmaceuticals to and the quantities, within the last two years? Further, please state why companies that manufacture and distributes these

pharmaceuticals, locally, were not offered an opportunity to provide these services? 5. Further, after applying to the Chairman of NPTAB to sole-source pharmaceuticals, a day later the PS wrote to HDM Labs Inc. awarding the company the contract. Could the Minister provide the nation with the approval letter from NPTAB that allowed for this transaction and state under which category of Section 28 of the Procurement Act of 2003, was the request granted? Editor, every aspect of this transaction is suspicious and points to acts of insider trading, contract fixing, procurement fraud and squandering of public funds and the Government’s newly discovered fetish, misconduct in public office. I am sure that the Minister having publicly disclosed that there is fraud in the public sector and their blatant attempts to steal and other brazen dishonest acts perpetuated by employees, with a threat to involve the Police and state auditors, would welcome this opportunity to explain to the nation, publicly, the issues surrounding this transaction and to answer my questions, which are adumbrated above. Yours truly, Bishop Juan A. Edghill PPP/C Member of Parliament

The PPP is shooting itself in the foot DEAR EDITOR, In a previous letter I alluded to the PPP’s Bharrat Jagdeo/Presidential candidate dilemma. With that still to be resolved, the Party’s challenges seem to be mounting unnecessarily following the performance of some of its Members of Parliament (MPs) during a recent meeting with the Parliamentary Sectorial Committee on Natural Resources and ExxonMobil. From what was reported, it appears that some on the PPP side were ill prepared to professionally and thoroughly engage the oil giant on burning issues within the public domain. This is evident from the type of questions reportedly asked with a focus more on perceived political involvement of the company. While it is imperative to seek clarity on that, the overall outcome of that engagement remains a mystery, no fault of Exxon.The woefully inept performance of MPs Neend Kumar and Pauline Sukhai, creates a very frightening picture for effective representation in the future if the PPP were to regain power. Both lack the depth of knowledge to effectively engage a company such as Exxon. Ignorance must not be used as an excuse given that an MP worth his/ her salt is expected to conduct proper research to embellish knowledge to allow for the asking of meaningful

questions.The blame for that unacceptable performance by those two elected officials must also be shared by the Chief Whip, Gail Teixeira. She, having been forewarned by General Secretary Jagdeo who publicly stated that related capacity was short, should have ensured that her MPs for that committee were fully prepared through engagement in a simulation exercise. If preparations were done, then it either means that it completely missed the mark or the two MPs lack the capacity to assimilate what was imparted. While I cannot confirm one way or the other, the performance reeks of a lack of preparation and knowledge in that field. Sending them in the first place knowing the ineptitude referred to by Jagdeo and doing apparently nothing to effect a better outcome, is a form of disrespect to the electorate especially PPP supporters.What is the PPP going to do to increase its obvious and accepted lack of knowledge to deal with this formidable oil sector in the future? First and foremost must be the debarring of Need kumar and Sukhai until they can prove their competency. If the Chief Whip did not envisage the need for preparation, then her competency comes into question from an administrative standpoint. Knowing her extensive knowledge on Parliamentary

affairs, it becomes immensely disappointing if she didn’t insist on preparation. If something as basic as that could not have been implemented, then to say that the PPP is shooting itself in the foot would be an understatement. The challenge for the PPP, which remains the hope of an increasing number of Guyanese, is to understand that the world is rapidly evolving and moving away from traditional means and must therefore adapt. They must know the strengths and weaknesses of its MPs and be more prudent in assigning them to the important sectorial committees.Haunting questions are; would it quickly come to this realization and would it be bold to reassign the Neend Kumars and the Sukhais? There is word of an alleged untouchable few in Freedom House in which both sit comfortably. Doing the right thing for Guyana by ensuring the best representation in parliament may be more daunting for the PPP than it appears. What comes first? A dilemma within another? Rajendra Doodnauth New Jersery USA


Kaieteur News

RAMSON REPRESENTS THE YOUNG POLITICAL GENERATION DEAR EDITOR, I have been following the public discussion and debate about Charles Ramson’s quest to become the presidential candidate of the PPP with keen interest. I am a young Christian afro-Guyanese man, married to an indo-Guyanese woman, with three children (one woman; one home). I voted for the APNU-AFC in the 2015 election because they promised us a change for the better. That did not happen and before Charles Ramson’s announcement recently, I had no reason to even look in the PPP’s direction. Also, after seeing the neglect of young people by this government, I lost hope in a youth movement and many of my friends feel the same way also. So when I saw Mr Ramson’s announcement, I was very pleased to see a young educated man with a family like myself and without being tainted with corruption,

expressing his desire to lead Guyana. I was also very surprised and disappointed to hear the reaction coming from former president Jagdeo because I once saw him as a man who stood for change and encouraging young people being once a young president himself. I could not believe my ears when he said that Mr Ramson broke convention and that is why he came out against it. I would like to remind Mr Jagdeo that not too long ago it was also a convention in Guyana that persons should not marry outside of their race and religion. Those days are long gone especially among the young generation and those are the kinds of conventions which has not been good for Guyana. What is the big secret that must be so tightly kept about being a presidential candidate? It makes no sense to me

and it made me feel like young people have no place in politics with either the PPP or APNU-AFC. I have heard people say that Mr Ramson does not have experience. I honestly am glad when I hear people say he does not have experience because this country has been going in the wrong direction for a long time and it is still going in the wrong direction. Guyana needs a fresh start being led by persons with fresh ideas who are not tainted or involved with the corruption. The PPP is still a party tainted with corrupt players and now so too is the APNUAFC. Unless either party brings a young fresh candidate without baggage then why would young people like myself come out of our home to vote in 2020? We were tricked in 2015 and we will not be tricked again. yours respectfully, Jason Grimmond

It is time for change at Stabroek ... From page 4 Guyanese to move away from its gross and outright racist politics at election time. PPP supporters should come to the realization that the days of Dr. Cheddi Jagan are long gone, and will forever remain only a memory to those who really knew him. It is therefore preposterous and utter nonsense to have Stabroek News, one of the Guyana’s

major newspapers, whitewashing the PPP’s crimes with the propaganda of these PPP die-hard s a s i f n o t h i n g happened, when hundreds of people were killed during the PPP’s reign of terror which had the majority of the private sector with their tails between their legs, while a few like the recent former head of the PSC stood as beneficiaries.

This kind of abuse of Stabroek News facilitated by their current editors needs to be stamped out immediately as this only fools those not quite familiar with what has transpired during the PPP’s terms in office, and perpetuates folly at our national elections. Unfortunately it is not possible to ask their gentlemen to correct their ways, because they have been like this for years, and will always continue to be prejudicial against independent voices which expose the truth and failures in our national politics. Their simple, easily manipulated minds are not anything David de Caires would have tolerated had he been alive today. Yours Faithfully, Craig Sylvester.

Wednesday July 11, 2018

MoE has been engaging CXC in all NGSA subject areas since 2016 DEAR EDITOR, The Ministry of Education (MoE) has noted a letter in the Sunday 1stJuly edition of Stabroek News written by a Mr Hydar Ally captioned ‘CXC should be asked to help with poor Maths results for grade six’. Editor, the Ministry of Education strongly believes that Mr Ally has failed to check his facts reference to the collaboration between the MoE and CXC with regards to the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA). So for the benefit of Mr Ally and the populace since 2016 the MoE has been receiving technical support and guidance from the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) to ensure that the NGSA meets international standards and that item writing and assessment is of the highest possible standard. Additionally the exam is also administered by CXC. What is strange is that Mr Ally did not hear the Minister of Education Hon Nicolette Henry on the day that the NGSA results were announced when she said the following, “For this year’s (2018) examination, the Ministry of Education has continued its collaboration with the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) to improve the quality of all primary grade assessments.

“ Teachers, subject specialists and test development officers developed the test items with the technical guidance of the Caribbean Examinations Council, addressing key areas such as item construction, weighting of items, sampling and other psychometric elements.” The MoE like the Government of Guyana (GoG) has always and will always advocate for freedom of speech. However, Mr Ally of all the people should know that as a public official it is important that facts are checked before issues are ventilated in the press that turn out to be very erroneous. The MoE has noted this year’s Maths results and it is important that we continue to work on those initiatives which saw the Maths results moving from 13.85 percent in 2016 to 45.6 percent in 2017 and 38.3 percent in 2018. Editor, the evidence of the turnaround in the education sector is in the statistics. In 2009 the overall pass rate for English Language in the hinterland was pegged at 7.51 percent; this year the hinterland region achieved an overall pass rate of 30.36 percent in the same subject area. Science moved from 4.59 percent in 2009 to 20.97 percent. The MoE is cognisant that there is much more to be done in all subject areas so

that the nation’s children have the best possible opportunity to do well. For the same period Social Studies moved from 7.75 percent to 24.20 percent in 2018. In addition to the above mentioned, the number of students from the hinterland region gaining places at senior secondary schools in Georgetown has significantly increased. When numbers decline there is this tendency to panic and look for new strategies but this cannot be the approach. As the largest Ministry in the government we will continue to work to ensure that our children are given the best opportunity to realize their potentials. Finally, in Mr Ally’s letter he said “The slide in students’ performance especially in mathematics and English must be arrested without delay”. The MoE is not sure where Mr. Ally obtained his information, because it is a mystery why such utterance will be made by Mr Ally. At this year’s NGSA, English Language 60.6 percent of the children that wrote that subject passed, the highest percentage ever achieved for any subject at the NGSA. Public Relations Department Ministry of Education

You’re a government minister now ... From page 4 heckling of PPP Parliamentarians, and is fondly referred to as one of the ‘empty barrels’ on the government side. Broomes is not without controversy. On August 27, 2013, Stabroek N e w s reported, “President of the G u y a n a Wo m e n M i n e r s Organisation (GWMO) Simona Broomes, who has been hailed for her work in combatting human trafficking, was arrested yesterday after she was accused of pulling a

gun on an alleged human trafficker who was days ago charged with assaulting her. “After being detained for more than five hours, read her rights and the allegation read to her, Broomes, who expressed shock at the arrest, was released on $10,000 station bail.” Broomes denied this allegation. Then one year ago, Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr. Barton Scotland cautioned Member of Parliament Simona Broomes for putting the House in disrepute after she videoed herself in the Chambers of Parliament mocking the Leader of the Opposition, while imitating a woman who made several tawdry short films, using phrases such as “bing bam boom out.” Simona Broomes is now a Junior Minister of Government. She is expected

to act with the utmost decorum at all times. The two security guards in the private parking lot were merely following instructions. She disrespected them. I am sure that had she identified herself to the guards and asked politely to park her vehicle there, they would have acceded to her request. Instead, like a bully, she threw the no parking signs to the ground to give her driver access to the restricted area as if she was on government property. Then she victimized the heroic security guards, falsely accusing them of threatening her with a gun. I am sure that the Minister was not aware of the CCTV footage when she deliberately lied to the police. Now that we’ve all seen evidence of the abuse of her ministerial powers, will President Granger do something about it? Only time will tell. HARRY GILL, PPP Member of Parliament Member of the Parliamentary Oversight Committee of the Security Sector


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Wednesday July 11, 2018

Pandit, son found dead with stab wounds in C/ville home - One suspect in custody


eonarine Liliah, a 61-year-old Pandit and businessman, and his 28-year old-son Gopaul Liliah were found dead yesterday in their lot 25 Craig Street, Campbellville home with stab wounds about their bodies, after not being seen since Saturday. The father and son were discovered after Leewattie Ganpat, a tenant who lives downstairs, made a report at the Kitty Police Station after not seeing the duo since Saturday last. Ganpat claims having seen her landlord and his son on Saturday around 06:00hrs in the yard, where they spoke briefly. Ganpat said later that night, around 21:00hrs, while using the WiFi that she shares with the Liliahs, she heard some walking upstairs, after which the WiFi went off, and she heard more walking that was the last of the movements coming from the flat above. Ganpat who is a Home Aid worker told police that, she was looking out for her landlord to tell him that the WiFi had gone off, but decided to

leave it until the next day. On Sunday when Ganpat looked out for the elderly Liliah, to tell him about the WIFI problem she did not see him, she took it for nothing since on Sundays she would not see much of him normally. This publication spoke to a neighbour who lives opposite the Liliahs. He claimed that he had just returned to Guyana, and did see his neighbours on Saturday, but was surprised at what he learnt yesterday, since the Liliahs were know to him for a number of years. The police received a report from Ganpat yesterday around 09:30hrs, after she became worried about her landlord and his son. She was then accompanied to the residence by Corporal Singh and other ranks. When the police ranks arrived at the home they ranks found the back door ajar. Upon entering the house they discovered the body of Gopaul Liliah lying face down on the floor in a pool of blood, with a red jersey wrapped around the head, and clad in a grey jersey and

The scene outside the building where the bodies were found a grey pair of boxer briefs. Multiple stab wounds were visible. Deonarine Liliah was found lying on his back in the living room. He was clad in white long pants and his face was covered with a multi-coloured top. Multiple stab wounds were also seen on his body. The scene was processed by Sergeant Mercurius and

ranks from the crime scene unit. The entire building was checked, but no sign of forced entry was observed. CCTV recordings were uplifted from nearby cameras, which revealed that an unidentified male was seen jumping the Western fence and entering the home, through the Northern front door and exiting by the

said means with two bulky bags and a bucket. The bodies were identified by the deceased men’s brother and uncle Jairam Liliah. Family members, who were alerted by the tenant about what had transpired, were adamant about the police not letting them into the house to see what was going on while they (police) were in the house doing their

investigation. But when the brother was asked to identify the bodies, he was barely able to contain himself, since the bodies were bloated and carried a high scent, due to the level of decomposition that the bodies were in. The police have since arrested a male suspect, who is assisting with the investigation.


Kaieteur News

Diversity Education and Inclusiveness workshops for teachers across Guyana


he Ministry of Education through its Department of Education Georgetown held a workshop which focused on ‘Diversity Education and Inclusiveness’. The two-day workshop which began Monday was held at the North Georgetown Primary School and will be held again in the last week of August 2018. Workshops will continue in similar fashion during the school breaks so that teachers can be engaged. The initiative is as a result of direction given by Minister of Education, Nicolette Henry to enlighten teachers about how the education system needs to cater for diversities and the need to promote inclusivity.Minister Henry had advised that the Ministry

must devise an intervention to ensure that no child in any educational institution in Guyana experiences any form of discrimination.Further, Chief Education Officer, Mr. Marcel Hutson recommended that all education officers, teachers and other ancillary staff, from public and private schools, be trained in Diversity Education and inclusiveness.The exercise is also being facilitated through partnership with the Ministry of the Presidency, Department of Social Cohesion, Culture, Youth and Sport.The initiative is being executed by targeting teachers in clusters. It is the intention to reach as many teachers in the Georgetown district as possible. However, this programme will be rolled

Correction In the Tuesday [July 10, 2018] edition of this newspaper an article headlined ‘2,404 candidates fail to meet benchmark at 2018 NGSA’ was published. However, the 2,404 candidates referenced by Senior Education Officer, Ms. Carol Benn, in the article were in fact those undertaking the sixyear transitional programme the previous academic year [2017-2018]. We apologise for the error and any inconvenience this inaccuracy caused.

out in all of the remaining 10 education districts. Delivering remarks to the 38 teachers present at Monday’s exercise was Chief Education Officer, Mr. Marcel Hutson, who reminded the teachers that they are critical to the process of education delivery.He said that teachers are most knowledgeable about the issues that affect children. As such, the CEO said that teachers must be supported and their issues and needs addressed so that they can execute their duties. He urged the educators to be constant and persistent with the work they do in the classroom. Mr. Hutson advised that teachers need to be conscious of how they portray themselves in front of children because their actions can have either positive or negative impacts on the life of the child.“They (the children) can be encouraged or discouraged. It is important to build healthy positive relations with people” Mr. Hutson said. The CEO said that the Ministry of Education believes strongly that teachers are the persons that can change the status quo in Guyana through the delivery of education.

Wednesday July 11, 2018

Prosecution closes case in $600M larceny charge against Dr. Westford


ector Butts, the Finance Secretary at the Ministry of Finance, was among the witnesses called yesterday to testify in the $600M larceny charge against former Minster of Public Service Dr. Jennifer Westford and Margaret Cummings. Following these testimonies, the State, represented by Prosecutors Natasha Backer and Teshana Lake, closed its case against the duo. Westford and Cummings have denied the charge which alleged that between August 2011 and April 2015, while being employed in the Public Service of Guyana, they stole $639, 420,000. They are currently out of $4.8M bail each. During his testimony, Butts told the court that police had requested information from him on whether or not funds were released from the public sector modernization project in 2011. Among other things, he revealed that he checked records at the Ministry of Finance to ascertain whether or not the project commenced in 2011. Lawyers for Westford and Cummings, Senior Counsel

Ms. Margaret Cummings Dr. Jennifer Westford Neil Boston and Dexter Todd, were given until July 31, to present their clients’ defence. According to court facts, Westford was employed as Minister of Public Service from 2001-2015, while her coaccused was the principal personnel officer of the Ministry. Cummings was also in charge of the Ministry’s accounts department. It was discovered that on numerous occasions Westford signed memoranda, amounting to $639,420,000,

and sent them to the Office of the President for approval. Approval was granted and cheques were prepared and encashed by Bank of Guyana. The monies were requested to carry out various activities throughout the 10 administrative regions. However, personnel from the various regions were contacted and denied ever receiving the cash. Investigations were carried, but the monies were never recovered.


he Police Commis sioner must explain why it is, two security guards operating on private premises were detained overnight based on an allegation that the men pointed a gun at a sitting Minister of government. According to a report in yesterday’s Kaieteur News, video footage of the incident does not support this allegation. In fact, it may even establish that the security guards were the victims rather than the villains. It just goes to show that in a country like Guyana how the weak and powerless can be easily punished because of the influence and reputation of the powerful. Imagine if there were no video footage what would have resulted. The two security guards would not only probably still be in jail, but they would probably have been hauled by

now before the courts and, who knows, since a gun was alleged to have been involved, denied bail. Imagine the trauma that their families had to go through, knowing that they were not released on bail but were detained overnight. Why could they not have been placed on bail? Why? Is it because of the status of the person making the allegation? The police have to act at the behest of citizens and not as agents of the powerful in our society. Poor people also have rights. They should be treated fairly. It was unfair that before the truthfulness of the allegations against the men was established that they should have been detained. The action of the police in detaining the men was excessive and unwarranted. Calls have been made for action to be taken by the

President. The President cannot act until the facts of the matter are determined after an examination of the versions of all sides to the story, including that of any possible eyewitnesses. And that is for the police to do. The Guyanese people, however, have learnt not to be too optimistic when it comes to the complaints against top government officials. A staffer of the Ministry of the Presidency was alleged to have made racial slurs in 2017. An investigation was said to have been done and no malice was said to have been established. But even before the findings of the investigation were made public, the person alleged to have made the offensive remarks was rewarded by being allowed to accompany the President overseas. The investigation found


GTT selling Blaze but giving people smoke

Clement Rotie sit down and seh how goat ain’t bite him. That was when dem boys ask him if he gun run fuh president. Dem boys seh if goat bite Rotie then wild cow kick Simona. She been doing a set of stupidness and hanging out wid a set of roughnecks and scamps since Soulja Bai mek she a Minister. One of dem deh in front de court right now. De odda night she cause trouble. Dem boys seh she had to be smoking something and it couldn’t be ganja. She was high suh till she see double. She even see a man pointing a gun at she. People does forget that almost every business got cameras. And dem cameras don’t sleep. When Simona tackle de security guard de man didn’t know if she was still suffering from de wild cow kick or from wha she smoke. Yesterday when she head stop spin and she brain clear she seh everybody lie pun she. She seh even de CCTV camera lie pun she,


Kaieteur News

Wednesday July 11, 2018

too. Dem boys hear she didn’t tun up to wuk yesterday thinking she could hide from Soulja Bai. Is not she alone does tell lie. GTT does tell bigger lies day after day. Dem had a scheme fuh rob de Guyanese people. Is only de odda day dem boys find out how dem doing it. De Waterfalls paper have to use de internet to upload de newspaper every night so people any part of de world can see it when dem wake up. De workers suppose to be going home to sleep in dem bed. Instead dem going home day clean every day because of de slowness of de internet. De Waterfalls paper buy anodda internet bandwidth just to speed up de system so de workers can go home and sleep in dem bed. Lo and behold, same thing going on. When de company do in house speed test dem getting less that half de bandwidth GTT charging dem for. Dem boys want to know wha you call that? Kokishness, scampishness of

skullduggery? When dem boys call dem, is different rigmarole and salla walla dem throwing at de company. One of dem tell de boss man, “Is true. Dem only tell you dem giving you five bandwidth but is only two dem give you.” Dem is de people who advertise Blaze and give de customer smoke instead. That is like de con man selling rice. He got two sign board sticking out from one tray of rice that seh $4 a gallon and $5 a gallon. Is de same rice but de measuring cups wha de vendor got that does mek de difference. One is three-quarter pint and de odda one is a full pint. Which one you pay for is that you gun get. GTT wuss than that. Dem giving you half pint and charging you fuh a full pint. Talk half and don’t tek anything fuh granted from anybody, not even from Soulja Bai. Lately he been bob and weaving on so many scampishness.

that there was no malice. In the present case, if the allegations made against the men are disproved, then what is the basis for the allegations? Was it malice or mischief or both? Do not expect any action from the government. As far as the government is concerned this matter has nothing to do with any ethical conduct on the part of any

government official. It is a criminal allegation which should be dealt with by the police. The government is simply going to sidestep this matter. As for the police, they will not say anything either. The matter will die a natural death, unless it can be established that the allegations against the men are truthful, in which instance the men will

face the full brunt of the law. This is Guyana for you; a place where the poor can be trampled upon by the police and where influence and power reigns supreme.


Wednesday July 11, 2018

Kaieteur News


There is no longer the Medvedev syndrome in Guyana After serving two terms, Vladimir Putin could not run for the presidency in 2008. Though the Russian constitution does not impose term limits, a president can only serve two consecutive terms. He can later down the years be elected again. What happened then is that Putin manoeuvred his ally, Dmitry Medvedev, into the presidency in 2008 waiting to return in 2012. Thus was born the Medvedev syndrome, meaning Medvedev was simply a surrogate of Putin. Real power was not with Medvedev, the president, but the powerfully placed Putin. Why it is referred to as the Medvedev syndrome is because Medvedev was simply holding on for Putin to come back. Medvedev could not have become his own man between 2008 and 2012, because after 2012 he would have felt the wrath of Putin. Putin virtually controls and dominates “United Russia,” the ruling political party. United Russia would not have accepted Medvedev as its presidential candidate in 2012 once Putin was contesting the nomination. Had Medvedev freed himself from Putin’s control after he

became president in 2008, then after 2012, his political life would have been over. So he simply held the fort for Putin until 2012. Putin won in 2012 and 2018. The presidency is now for six years. Putin cannot run again in 2024 but will have to skip another election as he did after 2008. So the Medvedev syndrome may go on in Russia. In Guyana, Donald Ramotar allowed himself to be subordinate to Bharrat Jagdeo because, as all PPP leaders do, he believed that the PPP would never lose a general election and since Jagdeo virtually owns the PPP, he, Jagdeo may be the president again if he won the term limit case at the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ). It was an identical situation with Ramotar and Medvedev. But Jagdeo’s defeat in the CCJ has removed the possibility of a PPP presidential candidate having to fear that a future Jagdeo presidency can victimize him/her if they do not toe Jagdeo’s line. There is no longer the Medvedev syndrome in Guyana. Here is why. Suppose the PPP wins the presidency in 2020, what fear will the president of the

country have of his party leader; in this case Jagdeo? The president is a very powerful figure under the constitution. Every president from Burnham onwards has used the power of his office to reshape his/her political party. Jagdeo was a virtual unknown when he became deputy Finance Minister. Roger Luncheon, testifying at Jagdeo’s libel case against me, said he first knew Jagdeo after the 1992 general elections. Yet today, Jagdeo has overridden scores of quintessential Jaganite protégés and has completely taken over the PPP. Mr. Jagdeo was in primary school when some strong PPP leaders were dominating the PPP. Those “old heads” are still in the PPP leadership and they accept their subordination to Jagdeo. How did Jagdeo do it? He emulated President Desmond Hoyte. Hoyte was never a favourite among PNC leaders, especially the women and youth sections. He was never one who socialized with the PNC leadership. After he became president in 1985, Desmond Hoyte literally purged the PNC of its Burnhamite fulcrums. He installed those he preferred.

How did he do it? By using the presidency. Jagdeo put presidential power at his service to transform the PPP in his image. This is where we are at today. It is obvious that Jagdeo will be instrumental in the selection of the PPP’s presidential candidate. But even here the Medvedev syndrome is dead. If the candidate behaves like a surrogate, he will look comical in the eyes of the world. Here is a person who is likely to be the president of the country and he/she is a mere rubber stamp for his/her party leader. It is a foregone conclusion

that citizens will say we are not electing him but Jagdeo instead. All over the world, without exception, a presidential candidate is seen as the main figure in his/her political party. What is facing the PPP and Jagdeo as we move into election overdrive is that either the presidential pick asserts himself/herself over the PPP and the party’s election campaign or continue with the Medvedev syndrome. But the Medvedev syndrome in the 2020 battle isn’t going to help that candidate. Normal humans vote for a person to

Frederick Kissoon lead their country who they feel will be the person in charge. My own opinion is that with the CCJ decision on term limits, we are seeing the slow death of the Medvedev syndrome. Jagdeo may not like it and may not accept this, but his era is over.

Wednesday July 11, 2018

Kaieteur News


Police seize private chartered aircraft with suspected false registration The impounded jet

- convicted charter company owner, several Venezuelans detained

Michael Brassington, who was jailed in the US in 2011 following a luxury jet crash, is in custody with six Venezuelans following the landing of a private chartered aircraft with

suspected false registration here on Monday. The aircraft was impounded after landing at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport. A release stated that Brassington, along

with four passengers, was taken into custody yesterday after turning up at CID Headquarters, Eve Leary, on their own accord. Two pilots were subsequently detained after arriving at CID headquarters with ranks from the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU). The passengers, two of whom are attorneys-at-law, and the pilots, are all Venezuelans. Police said that the private chartered aircraft landed at around 15.20 hrs on Monday at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport. �In keeping with enhanced security postures and intensified collaboration with management of the various Units /Agencies operating at the CJIA, ranks of the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit were alerted and conducted a preliminary inspection of the aircraft and discovered certain irregularities, which were promptly reported to higher Headquarters. “Based on subsequent enquiries made to certain Authorities, it was revealed that the Continued on page 26


Kaieteur News

Wednesday July 11, 2018

First Lady, Mrs. Sandra Granger (sitting, second from right) with facilitators and young participants.

First Lady opens ICT Workshop for Region Three youths First Lady, Mrs. Sandra Granger on Monday, launched yet another Information Communication Technology (ICT) training programme; this time, in the Essequibo Islands-West Demerara Region (Region Three), to provide youths with skills in the areas of information technology, literacy and numeracy, entrepreneurship, sexual reproductive health, STEM subjects, and other soft skills. The programme, which is being executed through a collaborative effort between the Office of the First Lady, the Ministry of Social Protection and the Board of Industrial Training (BIT), will run for four weeks and caters for 30 participants. Training sessions are conducted at the Leonora Secondary School, West Bank Demerara. In brief remarks, the First Lady congratulated the participants for making the decision to be a part of the programme and told participants that the workshop does not only focus on ICT, but is also designed to prepare them for the world of work. “You are living in an age of technology and if you want to participate in a meaningful way in the world you are going to inherit, you have to have the knowledge of ICT,” she said.

Mrs. Granger also expressed her gratitude to the Ministry of Social Protection and the BIT for their continued support. “The beauty about this Board of the Industrial Training workshop is that it has a recognised certificate…This is why I want to challenge you to do your best to make yourselves employable… With the skill that you need to get ahead,” she said. Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Richard Maughn encouraged the participants to embrace the opportunities afforded to them through the smart use of ICT to become productive citizens. “As individuals, you need to be able to make good use of information in this the age of ICT… information technology can empower your lives and it is our intention to make sure that every one of you achieve success,” he said. Regional Executive Officer, Mr. Denis Jaikaran who also addressed the gathering, took the opportunity to thank the First Lady for her efforts to empower youths and expressed gratitude for having the programme launched in Region Three. He also pledged to award all students with a 90 per cent attendance rate, with prizes on behalf of the regional administration.

Wednesday July 11, 2018


Kaieteur News

I don’t need other party members at my press conferences - Jagdeo By Abena RockcliffeCampbell Does Guyana have a oneman political opposition? That’s the impression being given each time the parliamentary opposition holds a press conference at which Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo is the only representative. However, last week, Jagdeo made it clear that it is his prerogative and he will decide when he wants to share the spotlight. Jagdeo holds weekly press conferences where he speaks on a wide range of issues. In fact, he touches on all sectors and topical issues. To put things into perspective, the National Assembly is the main parliamentary forum. In the National Assembly, there is a government side and an opposition side. The government side consists of ministers and representatives of the various regions. The opposition side has its leader, shadow ministers and representatives of the various regions. When there is a Budget debate, each member makes contributions based on their portfolio, then for the opposition, its leader wraps up the debate. In that system all views are heard, each member is given an opportunity to speak. When there is a motion to be debated, suitable members on each side of the House make contributions.

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo

But, it seems as if occasions such as the aforementioned are the rare opportunities where the views of other opposition members can be made known. Jagdeo, as Opposition leader, holds weekly press conferences, but never has he allowed any other member of the opposition to sit with him at the head table. If there is a legal issue, Jagdeo speaks exclusively at the press conferences. This is despite the fact that Anil Nandlall is shadow Attorney General. In fact, only recently, Jagdeo attempted to explain the bearing that the CCJ ruling on presidential term limit will have on the GECOM case. If there is an issue in the

Education system, Jagdeo speaks. This is despite the fact that former Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand has responsibility for this as Opposition MP. Two press conferences ago, Jagdeo spoke about an issue in the education system where the government wants teachers to become licensed. Jagdeo speaks on security despite the fact that Former Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee has responsibility for that in Parliament. Just recently, he lamented that government still cannot get a handle on piracy and other crimes affecting the populace. Jagdeo also speaks exclusively at these press

conferences on health matters, despite Frank Anthony being the Shadow Minister of Health, and so it goes with all other sectors. Last week, he spoke about drug shortages.

In Kaieteur News’ coverage of Jagdeo’s press conferences, Members of Parliament have been observed many times lurking or observing the press conference through a

transparent wall. Former Minister Juan Edghill was observed many times at the press conference and only last week, Manickchand was spotted on Continued on page 15


Wednesday July 11, 2018

Kaieteur News

NGOs targeted as USAID launches ‘local capacity for local solutions’ Aimed at improving managerial and organisational capacity of NonGovernmental Organisation [NGOs] within 10 countries of the Eastern and Southern Caribbean, including Guyana, the United States Agency for International Development [USAID] yesterday launched ‘Local capacity for local solutions project’. The goal of this investment is to increase NGO efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability so that they may be better able to contribute to national development. The Project is supporting NGOs engaged in the youth and citizen security sector [a priority area], HIV/AIDS, and the environment. Organizations that work on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, and intersex [LGBTI] issues, as well as gender, are also being targeted. The launch of the event, by way of a workshop at the Quamina Street, Georgetown, Cara Lodge hotel, was graced by United States Ambassador to Guyana, Perry Holloway. As he delivered remarks Holloway revealed, “This US Embassy-supported US$8 million initiative represents an on-going partnership with

Officials and participants at the USAID launch yesterday. Guyana and the nine other countries in the Eastern and Southern Caribbean. It demonstrates our collective commitment to promote more resilience and prosperous communities, in which government and civil society can work hand in hand to develop sustainable solutions to the region’s most pressing problems and

challenges.” Holloway noted that since the late 1970s, NGOs and Civil Societies Organisations [CSO] had played an increasingly critical role in the development sector contributing primarily at the grassroots level and often working with those marginalised. He noted that over the

past five years the region has witnessed an expansion of NGOs in advocacy as well as service delivery at the community level. According to the Ambassador, too, “Guyana itself is privileged to boast an active NGO presence that is growing daily, and I am happy to report that the US government has enjoyed

mutual beneficial partnerships with many local NGOs including the Guyana Red Cross, Lifeline Counselling and the Volunteer Youth Corps just to name a few.” Under the Embassy’s Health portfolio, the USAID Guyana’s civil society leadership project implemented, through the Volunteer Youth Corps,

strengthened the National Coalition Incorporated - a network comprising 20 civil society organisations that support the National HIV/ AIDS response. Holloway noted that although government leads national development, it has been proven that the NGO sector is a necessary factor in contributing to a country’s economic and social progress. “It is our belief, and that of our partners, that investing in building the capacity of NGOs to make them more efficient, effective and sustainable. We can better harness individual commitments to tackle the issues that threaten the stability and security of our partner country,” he added. In this regard, the Ambassador said that the US government is proud to continue its history of partnership with the people of Guyana and those throughout the Region, and investing and strengthening the managerial, organisational and administrative capacity of NGOs. “This will serve to improve outreach to the various beneficiaries that you all serve,” Holloway said to Continued on page 15

Wednesday July 11, 2018

I don’t need other.... From page 13 the premises as the press conference was in progress. Jagdeo does not even allow a moderator; he does that job himself. At his last press conference, Jagdeo was asked why no one else from the political opposition is represented. He was asked if he does not think PPP’s constituency deserves to hear from more than just him. Jagdeo said that no one else is represented at the press conference because, “it is the leader of the opposition press conference, not anyone else’s.” In response to the

question about constituency hearing from other members, Jagdeo said, “That is for me to determine.” He asked if this newspaper would like to make a suggestion as to who else should be represented at the presser. “I will (consider inviting others) on the recommendation of Kaieteur News, since Kaieteur News has the PPP interest so much at heart.” Sources within the PPP explained that various members, on many occasions, made themselves available and expressed willingness to speak at these press conferences.

NGOs targeted as USAID... From page 14 the representatives of organisations in attendance. He noted that through the programme, 130 NGOs participated in the marketing assessment to gauge the needs of the regional NGO sector and 75 organisations participated in focus groups which formed part of the assessment. Further, he said, the programme will support NGOs to create, improve and implement policy systems and practices to boost performance and ultimately contribute to the achievement of national development. “We recognise that forums such as this advocacy workshop will improve the engagement with policymakers as well as each other, particularly in terms of peer to peer exchanges and learning across the region,” said Holloway. Also lauding the venture yesterday was Minister within the Ministry of Social Protection, Mr. Keith Scott. Scott noted, “Our government is happy to continue the long and fruitful relations which it continues to have with USAID.” This relationship, he said “comes at a time when we shall be observing 51 years of an enduring bilateral development agreement which impacts regional programmes and activities through USAID.”

Govt. rejects proposed... (From page 3) bridge needs to be, to ensure that the company can operate and maintain the bridge and meet its obligations to its investors. “Sadly, the contractual obligations of the government as it relates to these adjustments have not been met. Please note that the failure to implement these adjustments is inconsistent with the Concession Agreement and the provisions of the Act. The cumulative result of the government's failure to implement the contractual agreement has led to the bridge company now accumulating a loss of 2.8 Billion Dollars and the company now faces bankruptcy.” “These accumulated losses and shortfall of cash flow have compromised the bridge company's obligation to efficiently operate and maintain the bridge, including the timely servicing of its 39 pontoons under the bridge, and have resulted in the company defaulting on its obliga-

tions to its investors.” Following similar problems last year, a team of engineers from the Demerara Harbour Bridge was dispatched to Berbice. Minister of Public Infrastructure David Patterson, noted that some recommendations were made, including one for the acquisition of a piece of land in Berbice to construct a dry dock to repair and maintain the pontoons. The BBCI will require about $150M to bring the proposed dry dock into operations. With regards to financing, Patterson says, there are possibilities of selling shares on the open market. The bridge, he pointed out, has a guaranteed rate of return, and there are possibilities also to divert some of the dividends for maintenance. Asked about the possibilities of further intervention from Government, Minister Patterson was critical of the company, which had made it clear that it was privately run.

Kaieteur News



Kaieteur News

Wednesday July 11, 2018

SARU to help evict persons occupying Gov’t living quarters rent-free – PAC hears The State Asset Recovery Unit (SARU) has been asked to assist with the eviction of several persons, who have been occupying government living quarters rent -free. The Auditor General report in 2016 outlined that out of 300 buildings owned by

the Region Four Administration, 132 were occupied. However, from that amount only 26 of these occupants were actually paying rent. Among the occupants are individuals from Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL) and TOPCO.

The matter came to the fore on Monday, when Regional Executive Officer for Region Four, Pauline Lucas, met with the Public Accounts Committee (PAC). Lucas explained that she had appealed to the SARU for assistance in the eviction of those not paying rent. However, PAC‘s Committee Chairman Irfaan Ali expressed dissatisfaction at how the situation is being handled. Ali instead called on the Regional Administration to take the necessary action to ensure that the matter is adequately dealt with. This is not the first time the issue has been brought to the attention of the PAC.Last year it was revealed that 27 Region Six officers lived rent-free in Government quarters for over a year when they should have been paying rent. In a bizarre twist, one of the officers has taken the Region to court to continue living at his quarters for free. The issue was flagged by the Auditor General’s Office in 2015. During an audit of the region’s affairs it was found that 72 residential buildings were occupied by officers of the Region; however the Regional administration was not in receipt of rents from the occupants. Additionally, regional officials could not say if any of the properties were furnished, neither could they verify who were eligible to live rent-free.

Wednesday July 11, 2018

Kaieteur News

Getaway driver nabbed while changing number plates - following robbery of bank customer

The getaway car. Police have detained the driver of a getaway car after he stopped to change the number plates of the vehicle. He is believed to be linked to an attack at around 10.00 hrs yesterday on an East Coast Demerara resident who had just left a commercial bank. Police said that the three suspects had used a Toyota Spacio. Ranks responded promptly and

intercepted the car on the Railway Embankment. “The driver who was found changing the vehicle’s registration plate has been arrested but the other two suspects fled and are currently being pursued. None of the stolen money recovered. The driver, 28, of South Ruimveldt, is assisting with the investigation.”

GPOC announces recommencement of “Express Mail Service” The Guyana Post Office Corporation (GPOC) in a statement yesterday indicated that it will be recommencing its Express Mail Service to Great Britain from next Monday July 16, 2018. The service will allow for the expedited delivery of letters and parcels within seven days of arriving in Great Britain. Additionally, GPOC disclosed that there has been an interruption to the conveyance of mail to French Guiana due to Suriname Airways suspending its flights to that administration. “GPOC will be working with the French Guiana Postal Service to identify a suitable alternative air transport. For further information customers are kindly asked to contact our Customer Services

Department on telephone number 226-3127 or email,” the statement concluded.



Wednesday July 11, 2018

Kaieteur News

Police seize private chartered aircraft...

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further that the “Data Plate “which contains vital information about the aircraft, is missing. “The aircraft has since been detained as the investigation continues.” Brassington, along with his brother, Paul Brassington, were jailed in the US in September 2011, after a jet from their luxury charter company, Platinum Jet Management LLC, barreled off New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport runway in 2005. The jet ploughed through a steel perimeter fence and struck two cars as it crossed six lanes of a highway before crashing into a clothing warehouse and bursting into flames. A total of 14 people, including both pilots, were injured. A jury found that they put profits ahead of safety in a scheme to overload jets with cheap fuel. Michael Brassington, the President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Pilot, was portrayed by prosecutors as the architect of a scheme to defraud passengers, charter brokers, the Federal Aviation Administration and others by misrepresenting his company’s compliance with safety regulations. He was found guilty on the most serious charge of endangering the safety of an aircraft in flight. The jury found him guilty on eight additional charges and cleared him on 12 counts of making false statements. His younger brother, a former Vice President largely responsible for sales and marketing, was found guilty only of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and was acquitted on four other counts. Michael Brassington was sentenced to two and a half years while his sibling was jailed for 18 months. The charge of endangering the safety of an aircraft in flight related to Michael Brassington’s concealment of dangerous over-fueling and weight distribution practices that caused the jet’s centre of gravity to exceed its forward weight limit for takeoff, contributing to the Feb. 2, 2005, Teterboro crash, according to National Transportation Safety Board investigators. Both men apologized to the judge and the victims of the crash, and maintained they never intended to hurt anyone.

Wednesday July 11, 2018


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Regional governments urged to include disaster planning in budgets BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (CMC) – A call has been made for emergency management and disaster preparedness to be mainstreamed in the budgets of Caribbean countries. Barbados’ Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Gayle FrancisVaughan, made the appeal yesterday as she addressed a two-day Caribbean Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Seminar at the Hilton Barbados Resort. “Personally, as the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry responsible for disasters and emergencies, I would like to see emergency management and disaster preparedness mainstreamed in the budgets of our countries,” she said. Francis-Vaughan called on those present to remember the efforts that were made in the fight against HIV and AIDS when budget lines were developed and funds were made available in every country. “We knew how much money we had and what we had to do with it. It is something you can discuss and explore; it is something that we should do. We have departments, but we have to properly fund them and give the resources to handle the very important jobs,” the

Permanent Secretary maintained. Francis-Vaughan said issues related to the development of resilience in Barbados and support for the region, were high on the Government’s agenda. She added that the devastation left behind following last year’s hurricane season was evidence that countries could never be totally prepared, and they could not do it all on their own. “It reminds us that the Caribbean region is really a family that comes together immediately if any one of us is impacted seriously by any sort of disaster, but especially disasters brought on by hurricanes. No Caribbean country is alone when preparing for hurricanes and dealing with the aftermath,” she remarked. Noting that Caribbean countries all shared a common apprehension and anxiety during the Atlantic hurricane season, FrancisVaughan said they did not have to be lobbied during times of crisis because they rushed to each other’s aid. Executive Director of the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA), Ronald Jackson, said the effects of last year’s hurricane season had prompted the Heads of

Health emergency plan... (From page 19) at disaster and risk management, exercises like these are essential within the Regional structure,” Allicock said. Kerry Jarvis, Mayor of Lethem, lauded the Ministry’s effort for conducting the simulation exercise in his municipality. He said it is always beneficial to have consensus and cooperation in everything; hence he is happy that the Lethem Town Council (LTC) was given the opportunity to participate in the workshop. “It is an obvious expectation, but nevertheless, I’d like to urge you to pay keen attention to whatever medium is being utilised to disseminate information, so that at the end of the session we can share our views and join hands for the advancement of this initiative,” Jarvis said. Meanwhile, Dr. Alex D’Aguiar, Medical Superintendent at the Lethem Hospital said he was happy with the response during the training. The simulation exercise, which demonstrated the yellow fever and measles cases, gave us an opportunity to assess our capabilities presently, and take stock of our resources that we have and what is also needed in the event of a health emergency,” Dr. D’Aguiar said. The simulation exercise was the first of its kind in the Region, and Dr. D’Aguiar intends to engage his staff and other Region officials in further discussions to conduct a few more exercises to better prepare and equip not only the Lethem Regional Hospital, but other collaborating agencies to respond to health crises. By the end of the three-day programme, participants got insight into developing surveillance activities and how to detect, verify and respond to public health threats. They were also coursed in developing Emergency Operating Centres at local levels to help deal with emergencies and to implement a rapid vaccination campaign in affected communities. Other aspects of the three-day programme included creating work flow and triage areas to help increase capacities for attending any epidemic at a Regional hospital; to implement and make functional isolation areas in the Regional Hospitals; to use Personal Protective Equipment worn to minimise exposure to hazards that can cause serious injuries and illnesses; to implement additional control measures for surveillance and isolation of ports of entry with bordering countries; to test the roles and responsibilities of the participants, and to identify areas for improvement in the emergency plan and its implementation.

Government of CARICOM, during their annual conference last week, to reaffirm their commitment to

the regional agency. He added that they also pledged to redouble their efforts to ensure that there was sustainability of the agency. However, Jackson noted that in an effort to truly

achieve a resilient Caribbean, regional governments needed to look at strengthening social protection mechanisms across the region; examining the whole issue of environmental sustainability;

improving economic opportunities; safeguarding infrastructure including critical infrastructure; and strengthening operational readiness for support and early recovery.


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Wednesday July 11, 2018

Wednesday July 11, 2018

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Wednesday July 11, 2018

Wednesday July 11, 2018


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Kerber through to semi-finals on seventh match point LONDON (Reuters) German 11th seed Angelique Kerber reached the Wimbledon semi-finals with a 6-3, 7-5 win over Russian Daria Kasatkina yesterday but she needed seven match points to see off the 14th seed. Twice Grand Slam winner Kerber, 30, will next face Latvian 12th seed Jelena Ostapenko in the last four tomorrow after taking an hour and 29 minutes on a distinctly chilly Center Court. “I think there are no favourites anymore,” said Kerber of her next challenge. “We are in the semis right now. I’m not looking left or right. “I think the match starts from zero. I mean, the pressure is not always on my

side. She (Ostapenko) won a Grand Slam, as well.” The highest seed left in the women’s draw, 2016 finalist and former world number one Kerber was 30 up in the first set before her 21-year-old opponent had time to react. Kasatkina steadied herself to reach 3-4 before she double-faulted on break point and lamely surrendered the game to Kerber, who then served for the set. That was to be the story of the match with the Russian, also a French Open quarter-finalist this year, delighting the gasping crowd with outrageously talented returns and shots even she described as ‘crazy’, only to self-destruct on serve.

DOUBLE-FAULTS Kerber again broke to go 3-1 up in the second set before Kasatkina leveled for 3-3 only for another double fault to put Kerber back in the driving seat. The Russian, who made seven double-faults in the match, broke back again for 4-4 but the German replied in kind immediately. With Kerber serving for a place in the last four, Kasatkina earned two break points with a forehand and leveled the scores before again failing to hold her serve and being left on the backfoot. Kasatkina then saved five match points before surviving yet another thanks to Hawkeye, with Kerber’s lob landing just beyond the baseline.

Wednesday July 11, 2018 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19) A party or meeting of some kind could occur nearby, Aries. You might decide to go. You could feel like you have one foot in this world and one in another. TAURUS(Apr.20–May20) This is a great day to develop any latent talents you've wanted to explore, particularly those involving the arts. You might want to try working with friends who have the same talent. GEMINI (May 21–June 20) Today you might feel especially artistic, particularly regarding the visual arts. A lot of exalted ideas could come your way, perhaps inspired by the masters of the past. CANCER (June 21–July 22) You're a deep thinker by nature, Cancer, and today your mind may not be in this world. Books on psychology and metaphysics could be appealing. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) Group events taking place at churches, meditation centers, and other places with a spiritual orientation could draw you near, Leo. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) It's likely that the previous few days have been especially hectic, Virgo. Today you're apt to entertain a few daydreams about getting away from it all. Perhaps there's another field that you've wanted to pursue.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) Today your intellect is likely to be more inclined than usual to explore fields that seem a bit speculative. SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) Some intense dreams could visit you tonight. Keep a notebook and pen by your bedside, Scorpio. It's important you remember them. You'll want to visualize every single detail. SAGIT(Nov.22–Dec.21) Social events involving the arts or spiritual studies could take place today. New people who share your interests could show up. Love and romance could take on a fairytale aura, Sagittarius. CAPRI (Dec. 22–Jan. 19) Daydreams about your future could take up a lot of time today. Inspiration could give a real boost to projects you've been working on. AQUARIUS(Jan.20–Feb.18) You might find yourself daydreaming about faraway places, perhaps toying with the idea of taking a long vacation by air to a place you've always wanted to visit. This isn't a good day to make definite plans. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20) You might look around your house and think of some new and exciting ways to spruce it up a little, Pisces. Perhaps some new paint, wallpaper, or carpet, or even a small art object could make a big difference.

The German finally made sure of her third career Wimbledon semi-final appearance when she won a 16-point game that stretched to five deuces and included one 25-shot rally. “I think we both played on a really high level, starting from the first point,” said Kerber. “I think the last game shows how good we both played and how she was fighting until the end.” “I was expecting a match like this,” added the German. “I think for me it was important to be playing aggressive, trying to take the challenge of how she was playing.” Kasatkina said she had tried to clear her mind as one match point followed another. “My head was just empty. I didn’t feel any pressure, any fear,” she said. “I was just going on the next point and playing, playing, playing. I mean, almost every match point, it was something like crazy things I was doing. “Today I showed everything that I can do, all my shots, emotions and stuff. Yes, I lost, but at the end I’m happy with my performance.”

‘Nations’ beat... From page 37 156-6 in 36 overs with Andrew Samaroo leading the way with a fluent 46, decorated with four fours and a six. Davenand Khemraj (16), Wayne Bollers (19), Rahul Singh (14) and Rajendra Singh (14) and Shivrattan (12*) all contributed to the victory for the Kingston School.

GFF names... From page 38 Constitution of the GFA. c. Organising the competitions of the GFA. d. Establishing an office for the daily operations of the GFA. e. Preparing and submitting monthly reports to the Executive Committee of the GFF. The appointment of an IMC for the GFA became necessary following a non-functional Executive Committee and was taken in accordance with the guidelines and provisions of Article 2 Para. [d] & [e], Article 13. Para. [a] of the GFF Constitution and Article 82 in addition to Article 8 Para. 2 of the FIFA Statutes. The members of the IMC will not be eligible to contest the GFA election when held.

Four newcomers... From page 38 the squad which is currently in Antigua taking part in a highperformance programme. Natasha McLean, Chinelle Henry, Akeira Peters and Shabika Gajnabi have also made a return to the squad. The Windies women have been in two high-performance camps since April 30, but took a working break in June where they represented their national sides for the Women’s Championship. Up to July 16, the squad of 20 will be in Antigua for another high-performance program which will include on and off the field sessions including yoga, nutrition and mental conditioning, along with the simulation of game conditions and other cricketing techniques. In May, the women in camp were also exposed to the UNICEF Child Protection course. The squad will have a warm up in September when they host South Africa. The 20-member squad in camp reads: Shania Abdool – TT Merissa Aguilleira – TT

Shemaine Campbelle – Guyana Shamilia Connell – Barbados Britney Cooper – TT Deandra Dottin – Barbados Afy Fletcher – Windward Islands Aria Fortune – Windward Islands Shabika Gajnabi – Guyana Sheneta Grimmond – Guyana Chinelle Henry – Jamaica Qiana Joseph – Windward Islands Kycia Knight – Barbados Hayley Matthews – Barbados Natasha McClean – Jamaica Anisa Mohammed – TT Chedean Nation – Jamaica Akeira Peters – Windward Islands Karishma Ramharack – TT Shakera Selman – Barbados Captain, Stafanie Taylor is unavailable due to other commitments and will play for the Western Storm in the UK in the Kia Super League which ends in August.


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Wednesday July 11, 2018

Curators predict high quality Sabina pitch for 2nd Test Jamaica Observer Michael Hylton, the curator at Sabina Park cricket ground, says he aims to match or improve on the mostly high standard of pitches provided this season in home Test series against Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. In the recent three-Test clash between West Indies and Sri Lanka — which ended 1-1 — pitches at Queen’s Park Oval in Trinidad and Tobago, Darren Sammy Stadium in St Lucia and Kensington Oval in Barbados had fair covering of grass. The first match of the two-Test series against the Bangladeshis, won by the home side at Sir Vivian Richards Stadium in Antigua last week, had a similar surface. All offered a balanced contest between bat and ball, except at Kensington Oval where conditions decidedly favoured bowlers. Attention turns to Sabina Park for the second Test, to begin tomorrow. Monday afternoon there was considerable grass on the batting square, a sure sign of a likelihood of lively pace and bounce for faster bowlers and a recipe for an entertaining match. “We’re looking forward to the second Test between West Indies and Bangladesh. In the series before, against Sri Lanka, the pitches they played on seemed good for

cricket, in general,” Hylton told the Jamaica Observer moments after sprinkling water on the strip earmarked for the second Test. “We plan to have a similar pitch here: good for the cricket. If you bowl well and bat well, you get wickets and you get runs. Hopefully we (the Sabina pitch) will be the best of the lot, so let’s see come Thursday morning. [The Test being] competitive between bat and ball, that’s what we want,” he reiterated while in the presence of Kent Crafton, the Cricket West Indies (CWI) regional curator. In recent years, CWI has placed heavy emphasis on improving the quality of pitches in the Caribbean. It is an area that has been of concern to cricket observers, with bone-dry pitches across the region producing low and slow bounce, offering so much help to slow bowling, that it has exaggerated the competence of some otherwise ordinary spinners. Conversely, it has discouraged some of the fast bowlers in the region, making them totally innocuous in some cases. Crafton’s role in providing technical assistance includes preparation and maintenance, as well as pitch allocation, rotation, and outfield drainage and management. “It’s so far, so good. We’ve got the grass on the pitches [and though] maybe

Sabina Park curator Michael Hylton (left) bounces a cricket ball on the pitch as Cricket West Indies regional curator Kent Crafton looks on yesterday afternoon at Sabina Park. it’s not 100 per cent, we’re heading in that direction and we are extremely happy with what we have had so far,” Crafton said in reference to curators around the region catching on to the renewed focus on pitches. “We’ve had four Test matches so far and we’ve

been quite comfortable with all four. In my opinion, Queen’s Park was the most improved, and I must say well done to the guys down there because it was good preparation that got them to that position. “Here at Sabina, I must say I’m really impressed with

what has been done to be where we are right now. It’s a beautiful pitch and the levels are great with good grass cover and we expect a belter here,” the St Lucian told the Observer. Hylton expressed appreciation for the part that Crafton has played in the turn-

around across the region. “We must say thanks for the role that the West Indies curator has played in lifting the general standard of the pitches and fields in the Caribbean. It has been good working with him; we’ve learned so much and we hope it continues,” Hylton said.

Ronaldo signs for Juventus from Real Madrid MADRID (Reuters) Cristiano Ronaldo has joined Italian champions Juventus from Real Madrid on a fouryear contract for 100 million euros ($117.34 million) signaling the end of nine years at the Spanish giants filled with trophies and goals. The two European giants yesterday announced the much-anticipated deal for the five-time world player of the year who joined Real from Manchester United in 2008 for a then world record 80 million pounds ($106 million). The 33-year-old Portugal forward is the Spanish club’s all-time top scorer with 451 goals in all competitions and won two La Liga titles and four Champions League trophies with them. The signing of the latest Ballon d’Or winner and top scorer in the Champions League for the last six seasons represents a major coup for Juve, who have had a stranglehold on the Italian title since 2012 but

have not won Europe’s top prize since 1996. The signing also strikes a blow for the profile of Serie A against La Liga, which has now lost two of its three most famous players in the last year after Paris St Germain signed Neymar from Barcelona for a world record fee last August. Real paid tribute to Ronaldo, who is the alltime top scorer in the Champions League, in a lengthy statement on their website and said the player had asked to be transferred. “Real Madrid announces that it has agreed to transfer Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus FC due to the will and desire expressed by the player,” the European champions said. “Today Real Madrid would like to express its gratitude to a player that has proved to be the best in the world and has carved out one of the most brilliant eras in the

history of our club and world football. “Beyond all the trophies and matches he won on the pitch during these nine years, Cristiano Ronaldo has also been a role model in commitment, hard work, responsibility, talent and a desire to always exceed himself.” REMARKABLE CONSISTENCY Despite his remarkable consistency, Ronaldo often appeared unsettled at Real and had threatened to leave on several occasions, first airing his dissatisfaction with the club’s hierarchy in 2012 by saying in a post-game interview: “I’m sad and the club know why”. Reports emerged last year that Ronaldo was again upset with the club’s President Florentino Perez over a pay dispute and was intent on leaving, although he stayed on to lead the club to a third successive Champions League triumph. R o n a l d o , h o w e v e r, soured the celebrations

Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates after winning the Champions League in Kiev, Ukraine - May 26, 2018. (REUTERS/Phil Noble/File Photo) immediately after the 3-1 win over Liverpool in the final in Kiev by indicating he had decided to leave, saying in a post-match interview “It was beautiful to play for Real Madrid.” The Portugal interna-

tional scored two goals against Juventus in Real’s 41 win in the 2017 Champions League final and earlier this season struck a jaw-dropping bicycle kick against the Italians in a 3-0 win in a quarterfinal first-leg game in Turin

which prompted Juve supporters to give him a standing ovation. The Portuguese converted a stoppage-time penalty in the second leg to knock the Italians out 4-3 on aggregate.

Wednesday July 11, 2018


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RHTY&SC Patron’s Cricket Academy, Republic Bank Camp make successful start The Class of the 2018 Cricket Academy posed with Coach Winston Smith and Eon Hooper.

The 11th Annual Republic Bank Educational School holiday Camp and 28th Annual Cricket Academy of Guyana’s leading youth and sports organization, the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club, bowled off with great success on Monday last at Area ‘H’ Ground. A combined total of 134 youths drawn from Berbice were present for the first day of the two programmes which are being organized by the ten cricket

teams of the Club under the supervision of 18-year-old Assistant Secretary Simon Naidu. Club Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster at the official launching ceremony for both events urged the youths to take advantage of the opportunities being given to them, free of cost by the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club, Ms. The Club, he stated is totally committed to making a positive difference in the lives

Students of the Republic Bank Summer Camp pose with Damon Vantull.

of youths via Sports and Education. Sports is the best avenue he stated to get youths to Say no to Drugs, Crime, Suicide, Alcohol and Tobacco, while education is the Key to a successful life. Foster urged the attentive youths to always reject the evil ways of Satan and to seek out positive role models who would serve as an inspiration in their lives. The long serving Secretary spoke at length about the

benefits, a professional cricketer can get, once he plays for Guyana or the West Indies at the highest level. He committed the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club to assisting every one of the youths present to fulfill their full potential on the cricket field and in the classroom. Organiser Simon Naidu expressed pleasure at the large turnout of youths as a result of widespread promo-

tion of both programmes by the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club. The Academy, he noted is being sponsored by funds from President David Granger $1M donation to the Club for 2018 and a financial contribution from the Guyana Oil Company. The Rose Hall Town Branch of Republic Bank is sponsoring the School holiday Camp. The Camp would last for five weeks with Damon Vantull serving as the Coor-

dinator. A panel of experienced educators would teach the students a number of subjects including Maths, English A, English B, Integrated Sciene, Agricultural Science, Information Technology and Physical Education. Outstanding Students from both the Patron’s Cricket Academy and the Republic Bank Camp would be rewarded with prizes including trophies, medals, cricket gear and educational materials.


Wednesday July 11, 2018

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Injury forces Roach out of second Serena keeps calm and Test, Joseph named as replacement carries on past Giorgi KINGSTON, Jamaica, CMC – A hamstring injury has forced West Indies fast bowler Kemar Roach to miss the second Test against Bangladesh which begins tomorrow at Sabina Park, Jamaica. In his absence, Alzarri Joseph has been named in an otherwise unchanged 13-man squad, which will look to wrap up the series with a win in the final Test.Roach, who has been ordered to rest, produced a sensational spell of fast bowling on the first day of the first Test, finishing with the impressive figures of 5-8 from five overs, as the Windies dismissed Bangladesh for their lowest ever Test score of 43. However, he picked up the injury and was unable to bowl in the second innings as the home side won by a mammoth innings and 219 runs, their fifth largest margin of victory. The 21-year-old Joseph’s recall comes following a lengthy layoff where he was recuperating from a stress fracture. He made an instant impact on his return to international cricket, grabbing 4-53 from 15 overs for a President’s XI side which faced Bangladesh in a two-day warm-up game just under two weeks ago.

Alzarri Joseph has been called up to replace the injured Kemar Roach. A series win for the Windies would see them move up one spot to eighth in the ICC Test Rankings. There were also some positive movements in the ICC rankings for several players. Roach, 20th and Kraigg Brathwaite, 16th are now in the top 20 in bowling and batting respectively, while captain Jason Holder moved up two places to 52nd in the batting rankings and to 23rd in the bowling. Kieran Powell also moved up five places to 61st in the

batting rankings and fast bowler Miguel Cummins moved up 12 places to 55th. The squad reads: Jason Holder – Captain Devendra Bishoo Kraigg Brathwaite Roston Chase Miguel Cummins Shane Dowrich Shannon Gabriel Shimron Hetmyer Alzarri Joseph Shai Hope Keemo Paul Kieran Powell Devon Smith

Goerges’ Wimbledon nightmare turns into dream run LONDON (Reuters) - In her last five appearances at Wimbledon, Julia Goerges might as well have been playing on quicksand - albeit topped with lush manicured blades of grass - as she failed to win a singles match at the championships. Luckily, the German 13th seed did not let that nightmare break her because yesterday she was whooping with joy after ending the giant-killing run of her close friend Kiki Bertens to reach her first Grand Slam semi-final with a 3-6, 7-5, 6-1 win. “Wow, it is pretty amazing. I just tried to fight for every point,” the 29-yearold said after finally reaching the last four of a major on her 42nd attempt. “It’s pretty unreal for me at the moment to get to this stage of a Grand Slam. It’s obviously always been a dream for every player, to be in the semis in Wimbledon.” Waiting to take her on will be a certain Serena Williams - a player who knows what it takes to succeed at

Wimbledon having already triumphed at the All England Club seven times. But the American’s formidable record could not dampen Goerges’ jubilation yesterday because as she admitted: “After five years of first round losses, I have grown a lot.” There was plenty of evidence of her new-found confidence. Goerges and Bertens often go out for dinner together when they are playing at the same tournaments but there was no room for sharing any friendly banter as both eyed a place in the last four of the world’s most famous tennis tournament. UNSTOPPABLE FORCE Dutchwoman Bertens, who had gained an appetite for eating up higher-ranked players having beaten ninth seed Venus Williams and number seven Karolina Pliskova in the past week, appeared set to swallow up another when she won the first set. But Goerges kept on believing as she recovered from 4-1 down in the second to

level up proceedings when Bertens swiped a backhand into the tramlines on the German’s third set point. Goerges turned out to be an unstoppable force as she won eight of the last nine games to subdue her friend, whose lunging effort on match point rolled into the bottom of the net. “I didn’t quite take my chances in the first set but tried to stay calm and keep working for the points,” added Goerges. “It is never easy playing a friend and especially when you know an opponent so well. I’m just pleased with my game today.” Goerges’ win kept alive the possibility of Wimbledon staging an all-German women’s final on Saturday as twice major winner Angelique Kerber takes on Latvia’s Jelena Ostapenko in the other semi. “It sounds crazy to maybe have the chance to share a German final in Wimbledon. It sounds pretty cool,” said Goerges. “ I t ’s s t i l l o n e m o r e match to go for both of us. But it’s great to see there is a chance. It’s great for German tennis.”

LONDON (Reuters) - For 35 minutes on Centre Court Serena Williams was knocked off her stride by a feisty Italian who looked as though she had ripped a page from the American’s tennis manual. Playing in her first Grand Slam quarter-final, unseeded Camila Giorgi went toe-to-toe with the seven-time champion and became the first player to take a set off her so far. All eyes were on 36-yearold mum Williams to see how she would respond to such a challenge to her supremacy at Wimbledon, where she is unbeaten since 2014. The answer was emphatic. Williams raised her intensity level, added some velocity to her groundstrokes and some decibels to her growls and powered back to win 3-6, 6-3, 6-4 — a scoreline that was a touch closer than what actually transpired on court. Williams has fallen 13 times in Grand Slam quarterfinals — more than in any other round — but was never panicked. “It’s weird. Sometimes I feel, ‘man, I’m in trouble’. Sometimes I feel, I can fight. For whatever reason, today I was so calm. Even when I was down the first set,” Williams who ended with 24 winners and only nine unforced errors, said. “I never felt it was out of my hands. I can’t describe it. I just felt calm. Hoping I can channel that all the time.” Considering she went through a difficult childbirth nine months ago and played only a handful of matches this year before her 18th Wimbledon, her physical condition has been impressive. “I’m not tired at all,” said Williams, who has avoided any seeds in reaching 11th Wimbledon semi-final. “When I was out there today, not once was I out of breath. “Maybe it’s because there

Serena Williams of the U.S. reacts during her quarter final match against Italy’s Camila Giorgi. (REUTERS/Peter Nicholls) weren’t many long points, but, hey, got to look at the positives, right?” There were many of them — not least her mighty serve. She lost only four points on it in the opening set, all of them in the sixth game when a courageous Giorgi rifled a backhand deep into enemy territory to snatch a break out of nowhere, setting the Centre Court crowd abuzz. It stung Williams and she went 0-40 in the next game, but Giorgi showed real steel to hold for a 5-2 lead. When Williams hit a forehand long to hand Giorgi the set, it looked possible that her quest for a 24th and possibly most remarkable Grand Slam title might be in peril. Even when Giorgi held for 1-1 in the second with an ace though it seemed a matter of time before the match turned. The next time Giorgi served, it did. Williams unleashed some savage forehands that rocked the Italian then secured her first break with a crosscourt winner.

Italy’s Camila Giorgi in action during her match against Serena Williams of the US. (Reuters Andrew Couldridge)

There was a controlled fury about Williams’s play and when she conjured an offbalance backhand winner to break in the third game of the decider, the outcome was inevitable. Giorgi hung in gamely to at least make Williams serve to reach her 35th Grand Slam semi-final and 11th at Wimbledon. Williams stepped up to the line at 5-4 and brought up match point with an ace before completing victory, her 91st here, when Giorgi pushed a forehand into the net. She will face Germany’s Julia Georges next — a player she beat at the French Open last month before injury curtailed her first Grand Slam tournament since returning from giving birth to daughter Alexis Olympia last September. “That was four or five weeks ago. That doesn’t matter. This is a whole new match, it’s a new surface, it’s everything. We’re starting from zero,” Williams said.

Wednesday July 11, 2018


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Umtiti header sends streetwise France into World Cup final

France’s Kylian Mbappe in action with Belgium’s Eden Hazard and Jan Vertonghen. (Reuters Henry Romero)

Belgium’s Thibaut Courtois makes a save from France’s Benjamin Pavard. (Reuters Anton Vaganov) ST PETERSBURG (Reuters) - Samuel Umtiti’s 51st-minute header sent an impressive France into the World Cup final with a 1-0 win over Belgium in an absorbing first semi-final yesterday. Didier Deschamps’ side will face England or Croatia in Moscow on Sunday as the French look to lift the trophy for the second time following their triumph on home soil in 1998. In an enthralling, albeit highly tactical rather than incident-packed match, it was once again a set-piece that proved decisive with Umtiti’s near-post header from an Antoine Griezmann corner

settling matters. Having gained the lead, France showed the defensive nous to nullify the threat from Belgium’s Eden Hazard and Kevin de Bruyne, closing out the game for a win that sent them to their second straight major tournament final, following their loss to Portugal in Euro 2016. It had been suggested that France needed to step up a level in quality if they were to get past the Belgians and they did just that. But the worrying factor for whoever wins today’s game in Moscow is that France still look to have another gear to move into.

Deschamps, coach at Euro 2016 and captain of the 1998 World Cup winners, suggested as much. “We showed character and mentality, it was very hard for us tonight. We worked hard defensively, we needed to take advantage a bit more in the counter-attacks but congratulations to my players and my staff,” he said. Belgium manager Roberto Martinez was left frustrated by his team missing out to a set-piece goal, a familiar outcome in this tournament. “Unfortunately for us the difference was a dead-ball situation. The game was very close, very tight and it was

going to be decided by a little bit of luck in front of goal,” he said. EARLY CONTROL Belgium took early control of midfield with France content to sit deep and eliminate the threat of counter-attacks Hazard and De Bruyne. But it was by no means a purely negative approach as the French offered their own danger on the break, perfectly illustrated when Paul Pogba’s delivery sent Kylian Mbappe racing towards goal and Belgium were thankful their keeper Thibaut Courtois was alert to snuff out the danger. The first real opening

came in the 16th minute when De Bruyne hooked the ball into the path of Hazard whose shot was just wide of Huge Lloris’s far post. Hazard was dangerous again moments later when he cut in from the left and unleashed a rasping drive which clipped off the back of Raphael Varane and just over the bar. From a Belgium corner, Toby Alderweireld tested Lloris with a smart shot on the turn but as the half progressed France began to create more. Olivier Giroud flashed a header just wide and Mbappe set up Benjamin Pavard

whose low shot was kept out by the outstretched leg of Courtois. It was a fascinating first half and all that was missing was a goal but one came soon after the break. From Griezmann’s corner, Umtiti beat Marouane Fellaini at the near post and powered a header home to put France ahead. Fellaini flashed a header just wide and Axel Witsel forced a good save out of Lloris as Belgium pushed forward for an equaliser and France hung on in six minutes of stoppage-time to reach their third World Cup final.

Brooks’ century leads Windies A recovery against India AUNTON, England, CMC – A fighting century from West Indies A captain Shamarh Brooks led a West Indies A fightback, but honours were left evenly shared at the end of the opening day of the second fourday “Test” against India yesterday. Brooks led from the front, stroking an unbeaten 121 as the Windies closed on 301-9 after winning the toss and electing to bat at the Cooper Associates County Ground. His knock was one of the few bright sparks, as no other Windies batsman made 50, and only two made more than 20. Brooks was the mainstay of the innings, having batted for oneminute shy of five hours and faced 224 balls. He has so far struck 15 boundaries. With the Windies struggling on 222-8 and in serious danger of being bowled out, the skipper found an unlikely partner in Sherman Lewis. The two added 70 valuable runs in a ninth-wicket partnership which helped to carry the Windies to relative safety and frustrated the Indian bowlers in the process. By the time Lewis was dismissed for 18, caught behind off the bowling of Mohammed Siraj, the score

had grown to a respectable 292. Oshane Thomas (2), is the other unbeaten batsman. Earlier, the West Indies had wasted a decent start from John Campbell and Devon Thomas, who added 49 in an opening partnership. Once Thomas lost his wicket for 27, it led to a mini-batting collapse with the Windies losing three wickets for 65 runs. Campbell was bowled for 41 by Vijay Shankar, and soon after the wickets of Jermaine Blackwood (12) and Sunil Ambris who made a duck, soon followed to leave them on 1144. Vishual Singh didn’t last long either, making just eight, as Raymond Reifer (11), Romario Shepherd (5) and Jomel Warrican (5), followed in quick succession. Brooks and Lewis though steadied the ship to see the Windies batted through the end of the day. Shahbaz Nadeem has been the pick of the Indian bowlers so far having taken 3-42, while Mohammed Siraj ended with 3-67. Scores: West Indies A 301-9 (Shamarh Brooks 121 not out, John Campbell 41, Devon Thomas 27; Mohammed Siraj 3-67, Shahbaz Nadeem 3-42).

Sharmarh Brooks scored an unbeaten century to lead a West Indies A fightback.


Wednesday July 11, 2018

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CASA Junior Squash C/Ships…

Gifted Wilshire does it again!

Michael Alphonso captured U-13 Gold

Abosaide Cadogan

The third day of action at the Caribbean Area Squash Association’s (CASA) Junior Championships at the Liguanea Club in Kingston, Jamaica saw 14-year-old Shomari Wilshire successfully defending his Boys U-15 title he won last year on home soil by defeating Bajan Darien Benn in three straight games to take match 11-3, 11-3, 11-9 in emphatic fashion. Guyana’s Michael Alphonso beat Barbados’Aidan Parris, 11-3, 1210, 11-3 in the Boys U-13 Final although the Bajan threatened briefly in the second game which he lost by two points.

There was also a Gold Medal performance from Guyanese Christiana Fernandes who beat Bajan Phoebe Gittens 11-3, 12-10, 11-2 in the Girls U-11 Final in the morning session. However, in the Girls-15 Final Bajan Sumirra Suleman beat Guyana’ Abosaide Cadogan, 11-1, 5-11, 5-11, 11-4, 11-9 after Cadogan had recovered from an 11-1 loss in the opening game to win the next two before losing the last two in a competitive five game match to settle for Silver. Not unexpectedly, U-17 and U19 Finals were played last night with no Guyanese participating after

- Gold for Fernandes (GU-11) & Alphonso (BU-13), Silver for Cadogan

Christiana Fernandes, who plays a backhand shot during a local tournament, claimed the U11 title in Jamaica. Most of the top seeds made it through to the finals in Monday night’s action. In the Boys events Guyana’s Michael Alphonso and Bermuda’s Taylor Carrick beat the second seeds to reach the U-13 and U-17 finals, while in the Girls’ U-13 Trinidad’s Sigourney Williams and Jamaica’s unseeded Savannah Thompson beat the top two seeds before Thompson beat Williams 11-4, 11-7, 12-10 in yesterday’s Final. In Monday’s semi-finals Boys U-11: Jayden Williams (Eca) beat Chad de Abreu (Guy) 11-1, 116, 11-2

U-13: Michael Alphonso (Guy) beat Alex Stewart (Bar) 11-7, 11-1, 611, 11-7 B U-15: Shomari Wiltshire (Guy) beat Matthew Elliot (Ber) 11-2, 11-1, 11-2 Darien Benn (Bar) beat Samuel Ince-Carvalhal (Guy) 11-9, 9-11, 118, 11-3 B U-17: Khamal Cumberbatch (Bar) beat Daniel Islam (Guy) 11-3, 11-2, 11-4 B U-19: Josiah Griffith (Bar) beat Rithew Saywack (Guy) 11-6, 11-3, 9-11, 11-2 Jonathan Walker (Jam) beat Alexander Cheeks (Guy) 11-4, 11-

8, 11-7 Girls: Round Robin U-13: Sigourney Williams (Tri) beat Georgiana Fernandes (Guy) 119, 12-10, 11-8 U-15: Abosaide Cadogan (Guy) 3-0 [¾] Kirsten Gomes (Guy) 11-7, 11-7, 11-7 Sumirra Suleman (Bar) 3-0 [¾] Madison Fernandes (Guy) 11-6, 11-0, 11-0 U-17: Alexandria Yearwood (Tri) beat Rebecca Low (Guy) 11-8, 14-12, 11-1 The 2018 Caribbean Area Squash Association’s Junior Championships will run until Saturday.

FIFA, Man Utd & Kyle Walker offer support to young players The 12 young footballers freed from a cave in Thailand have been offered the chance to attend the World Cup final but are too ill to travel, FIFA says. Divers completed the rescue of the Wild Boars Football Team and their Coach yesterday, 17 days after they got trapped underground. Offers of support have come from across the world, with Manchester United offering the chance to attend a game. England’s Kyle Walker and Jack Butland have offered to send kit to the boys. Those offers have come after one of the boys rescued was pictured wearing an England shirt. FIFA had invited the boys to fly to Moscow for Sunday’s World Cup final, but said they would not be able to go as they needed time to recover. ”Our priority remains the health of everyone involved,” FIFA said. We will look into finding a new opportunity to invite the boys to a FIFA event to share with them a

moment of communion and celebration.” The boys entered the caves on 23 June during an excursion with their coach, with heavy rains causing flooding and cutting off their route out. Rescuers brought out the first of the group on Sunday, with the last brought out by divers on Tuesday evening. ”We would love to welcome the team from Wild Boars Football Club and their rescuers to Old Trafford this coming season,” said a Manchester United statement. Manchester City defender Walker, part of the England side who have r e a c h e d t h e Wo r l d C u p semi-finals in Russia, said: “Amazing news that all of the Thai kids are out of the cave safely! I’d like to send out shirts to them.” Goalkeeper Butland, one of Walker’s England teammates, added: “Really glad everyone is safe! I’d like to join and send over some gloves for you guys as well!” (BBCsport)

We’re out too! The four Navy SEALs - three divers and one army medic - are seen giving the thumbs up after they emerged safely from the cave yesterday.

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Wednesday July 11, 2018


CWI Regional U-17 tourney

Serieux slams ton as Windward Islands overcome Guyana by 59 runs Teddy Bishop plays down the ground. (Zaheer Mohamed photo)

By Zaheer Mohamed in Trinidad and Tobago in association with VNet Communications, Regal Stationery and Computer Centre, Mike’s Pharmacy and Bel Air Rubis. Led by a fine century from Garvin Serieux, Windward Islands defeated Guyana by 59 runs when the C r i c k e t We s t I n d i e s Regional U-17 50-over tournament commenced yesterday in Trinidad and Tobago. Wi n d w a r d I s l a n d s decided to take first strike on a decent batting pitch at the National Cricket Centre in Balmain, Couva and pacer Silvan Williams provided them with the breakthrough when he had opener Jahiel Walters caught and bowled without a run on the board in the first over. However, Lee Solomon and Garvin Serieux added 43 for the second wicket. Solomon wasn’t afraid to play his shots and drove Sheldon Charles for four before taking boundaries off Williams who was guilty of over pitching early in his spell.

The introduction of spin ended their resistance as Dwain Dick had Solomon neatly stumped by Youdistir Persaud for 31 which contained six fours and came off 19 balls. Akeem Auguste was then run out without scoring before Teddy Bishop and Garvin Serieux picked up boundaries off Williams and Dick as they capitalised on some inconsistent bowling and fielding by the Guyanese. The duo continued to accumulate runs on both sides of the pitch and Serieux soon reached his fifty off 63 balls with six fours and one six which came off Bissu who struggled with his length. Bishop swept Nigel Deodat for fours and rotated the strike nicely as they frustrated their opponents in hazy conditions. He then reached his half century off 52 balls and five fours. The right-handed Serieux was quick to dispatch the bad balls as he continued to time the ball well. He stuck Charles sweetly through cover and drove Deodat for a couple of boundaries.

Sir Garfield Sobers International Schools tourney


uyana’s School of the Nations brushed off their first round defeat against Bajan School Queen’s Collage with a four-wicket win against Foundation College of Barbados in their second game in Sir Garfield Sobers International School’s tournament at the Police

Guyana skipper Sachin Singh gave his team a decent start. (Zaheer Mohamed photo)

Seon Glasgow

He reached his well deserved century off 107 balls and counted 15 fours and one six before he was caught off Andre Seepersaud for 122. Bishop pulled Leon Swamy who bowled consistently short for fours but was caught and bowled

by Williams for 93. He stuck 10 fours and faced 115 balls. Following his dismissal, the Islanders lost a few quick wickets as they finished on 284-8. Charles was the pick of the bowlers with 2-28, while Williams had 2-43; Dick, Bissu and Seepersaud had

one each. Skipper Sachin Singh flicked and drove pacer Jamie Buddy for fours, while Navindra Persaud pulled Ethan Doctrove to the midwicket boundary to get Guyana’s reply off in fine fashion. Singh continued to look positive as he hoisted Simeon Gerson for a straight six and used his feet nicely to Keygan Arnold hitting him for four to bring up his half century off 58 balls with seven fours and one six. He was then lbw to the said bowler for 52 as Guyana lost their first wicket with the score on 87. Seon Glasgow drove Gerson, the first ball he faced, to the cover boundary before driving the said bowler for fours. He then smashed Akeem Auguste for two sixes and kept the scoreboard ticking. However, Guyana lost their second wicket when Persaud played around a full length ball and was bowled for 35 with the score on 145. While Glasgow continued to play his shots, Guyana loss Yeudistir Persaud, who was caught at slip for six off Auguste.

Glasgow soon reached his fifty off 40 balls with three fours and one six before he was caught on the long-on boundary off Auguste for 51 with the score on 167. Andre Seepersaud was then removed by Auguste for one as Guyana lost their way somewhat. With 111 needed off 11 overs at 8.76, a lot would have depended on Dick and Swami. However, Dick who deposited Dominic Auguste for six over mid-wicket was caught off the very next ball for seven leaving the score at 181-6. Swami was then taken off Dominic Auguste for 18, while Charles went for 10 as the asking rate continued to climb. Williams made one while Deodat was dismissed for 26 with three fours leaving Bissu not out on one; Guyana were bowled out for 225 in 47.5 overs. Dominic Auguste captured 4-42, Akeem Auguste 4-50 and Gerson 242. Guyana were guilty of leaking too many runs in the field and that proved to be the difference.

‘Nations’ beat Foundation College by 4 wickets

ground in Bridgetown yesterday. Asked to bat in bright sunshine on a hard pitch, Foundation College, on the back of an attractive even halfcentury from Jared Lovell, which included four fours and a six, were bowled for 155 in 35 overs. Jakeem Forde (18) and

Tremell Blanche not out 16, supported with the bat for the home side. Darrius Andrews (3-20), Tathesh Shivrattan (223) and Andrew Samaroo (243) bowled well for the Guyanese school. In reply, watched by a good size crowd, the Guyanese School reached (Continued on page 31)

Darrius Andrews

Tathesh Shivrattan

Andrew Samaroo

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Wednesday July 11, 2018

GKF hosts another National Junior Karate Championship - Shamar Francis and Jayanti Ram win double gold

Participants of the GKF 2018 National Junior Karate Championship with President Amir Khouri and other Instructors display their medals following the presentation. An action packed evening of karate culminated at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall on Sunday last with the 6-8 years-old Karatekas taking centre stage at the Guyana Karate Federation National championships which was declared open by federation President, Amir Khouri. Upsets were recorded in the 12-14 yearsold Male category with Shamar Francis

winning gold in the Kata and Kumite events. Also outstanding was Jayanti Ram who also won gold medals in the Kata and Kumite, Female 15-17 years-old categories. However, the fight of the night by the crowd’s reaction was the final bout in the 1517 years-old Male 55+ kg which saw Shemar Parkinson defeating Trevon Miller to take the Kumite gold medal.

GFF names members of GFA Interim Management Committee

The GFA IMC which was recently appointed. The three Members with their credentials: (from left) Nolan Lancaster, Trevor Williams and Major Shen Fung. The Guyana Football Federation (GFF) has appointed three persons to serve as the members on the Interim Management Committee (IMC) of the Georgetown Football Association (GFA) effective July 9, 2018. The three are: Chairman Trevor Williams, while

Major Shen Fung and Nolan Lancaster are members of the body, which has a sixmonth lifespan. According to the IMC’s Terms of Reference, the G FA’ s I M C w i l l b e responsible for the daily operations of the GFA with key responsibilities including:

a. Managing the daily operations of the GFA in accordance with the Constitution of the GFA. b. Organising the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the GFA and organising elections accordingly by December 31, 2018, in accordance with the (Continued on page 31)

Following are the full results of the day: Male 6-8 years - Kata Male 6-8 years – Kumite 1st Jose’ Rodrigues 1st Idress Hussain 2nd Jian Hong Zhang 2nd Jose Rodrigues 3rd Anas Hussain 3rd Anas Hussain Female 6-8 years - Kata Female 6-8 years – Kumite 1st Amara Nandan 1st Claire Persaud 2nd Emily Santana Leon 2nd Amara Handan 3rd Claire Persaud 3rd Amaya Jairam Male 9-11 years - Kata Male 9-11 years – Kumite - 40kg 1st Jeremy Hargobin 1st Najeeb Mohamed 2nd Abdullah Hussain 2nd Reshaun Ulla 3rd Diego DeNobrega 3rd Abdullah Hussain Male 9-11 years - Kumite 40+kg 1st Johathan Ng-a-Fook 2nd Amar Jairam Female 9-11 years - Kata Female 9-11 years - Kumite 1st Chelsea Benjamin 1st Piya Parasram 2nd Aarti Ramgolam 3rd Alyssa Ramotar Male 12-14 years - Kata Male 12-14 years - Kumite - 45kg 1st Shamar Francis 1st Shamar Francis 2nd Matthew Gurahoo 2nd Kevin Fraser 3rd Sruti Jairam 3rd Shailendra Haripersaud Female 12-14 years - Kata Male 12-14 years - Kumite 45+ kg 1st Hannah Farinha 1st Doodnauth Jairam 2nd Rachael Ramlall 2nd Sruti Jairam 3rd Taissa DeNobrega 3rd Shaquan Norville Female 12-14 years - Kumite Female 15-17 years – Kumite 1st Jasmin Hodge 1st Jayanti Ram 2nd Rachael Ramlall 2nd Rebecca Ramlall Male 15-17 years - Kata Male 15-17 years - Kumite - 55kg 1st Shakeem Walcott 1st Kristian Cameron 2nd Trevon Miller 2nd Kevin Bradford 3rd Shamar Parkinson 3rd Shakeem Walcott Female 15-17 years - Kata Male 15-17 years - Kumite 55+kg 1st Jayanti Ram 1st Shemar Parkinson 2nd Aaliyah Seeram 2nd Trevon Miller 3rd Jessica Callender 3rd Andes Roberts

Four newcomers in Windies T20 training squad for World Twenty20 Championships ST JOHN’s, Antigua, CMC – As the West Indies women continue their preparations for the upcoming Women’s World Twenty20 Championships, four newcomers have been added to a 20-member squad

currently in training. The regional outfit will be looking to defend their t i t l e w h e n t h e Championships get underway in the Caribbean from November 9 and runs until November 24.

Trinidad and Tobago’s duo of Shania Abdool and Karishma Ramharack, along with Aria Fortune of the Windward Islands and Guyana’s Sheneta Grimmond, are included in (Continued on page 31)

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Wednesday July 11, 2018


Guyana Cup organisers releases race programme, sponsors pitch in As preparation for the largest horserace Meet in Guyana history is ongoing; we are talking here about the Guyana Cup organised by the Jumbo Jet Thoroughbred Racing Committee, sponsors have begun to come on board for the August 19th event at the Rising Sun Turf Club. Yesterday BM Soat Auto Sales stepped in with a hefty sponsorship support for the event which will see the best racehorses in the country on show for the millions of dollars and other attractive p r i z e s o n o ff e r. M i s s Nandanie Persaud, Secretary at BM Soat, presented their sponsorship cheque for the Guyana Cup 2018 to o rg a n i s i n g C o m m i t t e e member Roy Jafarally, which marks a continuation of the business entity’s support for sport, in this case horseracing.Full disclosure of the meet will be made shortly when the organisers host a media briefing to officially launch the event. However, the programme of events for the day has been released and as is customary, the C Class event is the main

attraction. The full programme Reads: 1) C class and lower, 1 6 0 0 m . To t a l p u r s e : $3,875,000: This race is open to call imported and locally bred of all classes, and open to all ages and sex (stallion or mare). 2) 3yr old Derby 1100M - purse: $2,000,000. This race is only for Guyana Bred horses that’s 3 years old and open to any sex. 3) G1 and lower 1400M purse: $1,550,000. This race is open to all Guyana and West Indian bred horses classified G1 and lower and also open to any imported horses E3 and lower who have not earned prize money in their last start. It is open to any ages and sex. 4) H3 and lower 1100M purse $1,350,000. This race is open to all Guyana and West Indian bred horses classified H3 and lower, also open to West Indian bred horses classed G1 and lower, first time starter in Guyana and also open to any ages and sex. 5) 2yrs old Guyana Bred

1100M - purse: $680,000. This race is open to only Guyana Bred horses 2 years old and of any sex. 6) I class and lower 1400M - Purse: $581,000. This race is open to Guyana Bred horses only that’s classified I class and lower and is open to any age and sex. 7) J3 and lower 1400M. Purse: $485,000. This race is for only Guyana Bred horses K class and lower and open to Guyana Bred J3 who have not earned prize money in their last start. It is open to all ages and to any sex. 8) L class 1400M - purse $390,000. This race is for Guyana Bred Colts and gelding only classified L class and it is open to any age racehorse. 9) L class 1400M - purse $390,000. This race is for Guyana Bred fillies and mares only classified L class. It is open to any age. 10) L class 1100M – purse $290,000. This race is open to all Guyana Bred horses classified L class who have never earned and also open to any sex and age.

Miss Nandanie Persaud, Secretary at BM Soat, hands over the cheque for sponsorship of the Guyana Cup 2018 to Roy Jafarally of the organisers.

rt o p S

Umtiti header sends streetwise France into World Cup final P. 35

France’s Samuel Umtiti scores their first goal versus Belgium at Saint Petersburg Stadium. (REUTERS/Dylan Martinez)

CWI Regional U-17 tourney

Serieux slams ton as Windward Gifted Wilshire does Islands overcome Guyana it again! by 59 runs Gold for Fernandes

CASA Junior Squash C/Ships‌ P. 36

P. 37

(GU-11) & Alphonso (BU-13), Silver for Cadogan

Caribbean U-15 champion Shomari Wilshire plays off the glass during a local event. He defended his regional title successfully yesterday in Jamaica. Garvin Serieux picks up runs through the off-side. (Zaheer Mohamed photo)

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