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Massive racket uncovered at police vehicles auction P. 3

- Purchasers pay $$M less than actual bidding prices Newly built Good Hope, Ebo stelling ...

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Ramp breaks off, falls into river ‘Bully’ stabbed to P. 3

Body of murdered Guyanese using

seaman found loopholes to death following P. at Wales koker access Casino money row 20

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Ex Israeli PM found guilty of corruption

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Kaieteur News

Wednesday July 11, 2012

Wednesday July 11, 2012

Newly built Good Hope, Ebo stelling ... The Supenaam stelling is in the news again for the umpteenth time since the Works Ministry took possession just over two years ago. Over the weekend, a fiveton ramp used by sideloading vessels plummeted into the Essequibo River. By yesterday it was retrieved from the bottom of the river and reattached to the stelling, at an unknown cost. A source said that ever since the stelling was handed over by the contractor, BK International, it has been problem-plagued. The first calamity saw a ramp collapsing under the weight of the first vehicle to be offloaded from the ferry. Immediately the authorities closed the stelling and undertook modifications to

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Ramp breaks off, Massive racket uncovered falls into river at police vehicles auction the tune of millions of dollars. At the same time, blame for the mishap flew fast and furious. The Works Ministry blamed the contractor and mounted an investigation. The contractor blamed the engineer’s design. There were further modifications. Not long ago another section of the loading area of the stelling buckled under the weight of a vehicle and forced the closure. Last week the authorities were forced to close the stelling to traffic of any kind because the loading ramp collapsed under the weight of another vehicle. Immediately, all traffic was directed to the abandoned Adventure Ferry Stelling. Before the work could have been corrected, the ramp fell into the river. Works

Minister Robeson Benn said that the ramp was part of the drawbridge used by sideloading vessels. A piece of heavy duty machinery, probably an excavator, was being loaded onto the stelling. Minister Benn said that the piece of machinery should have been on a lowbed, and so ensure that the weight was more widely distributed. Instead it was driven onto the ramp. Yesterday the ramp was retrieved from the bottom of the river and reinstalled, the Minister said. He added that the facility will be handed over to the Transport and Harbours Department today. The cost of the retrieval and reinstallation of the drawbridge ramp was not disclosed.

Baby’s death at Day Care centre…

Cops take statements from parents, manager Police yesterday took statements from the female manager of the Sunbeam Day Care Centre where twomonth-old Baquan Shepherd was found dead on Monday. Kaieteur News was told that the manager of the Thomas Street, Kitty establishment, who was accompanied by an attorney, gave a statement to ranks at the Kitty Police Station. Investigators also took statements from the dead child’s parents. Contacted last night by Kaieteur News, the manager said that she would respond to questions after the post mortem, which is expected to be conducted today. She disclosed that the day care centre has been in operation for over five years. Baquan Shepherd was discovered dead at around 16:30 hrs on Monday when his parents went to collect him and his 22-month-old brother. The baby’s father, Randy Shepherd, told Kaieteur News that he and his fiancée dropped the two children off at the Sunbeam Day Care centre at around 08:30 hrs on Monday. He said that they returned around 16:30 hrs to take the boys home. “I picked up the first child (the elder brother) and was waiting for my fiancée to pick up the other, when the lady (at the day care centre) tell me that we have to take the child to the hospital.” He said that upon checking the child, he observed that Baquan was motionless, his lips were ‘blue’ and his skin was discoloured.

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Baquan Shepherd in the arms of his older brother The couple rushed the baby to a private hospital, “but by then he was already gone”, he said. According to Mr. Shepherd, a staffer at the day care centre said that she had fed the child around 11:00 hrs yesterday and that he had slept from then to 16:00 hrs. He insisted that his baby was in good health. “The child was not sickly; he weighed about 18 pounds. He was a heavy, healthy child.” The Mayor and City Council was originally responsible for issuing licences for the operation of Day Care centres. However, following the passing last November of the Child Services Development Act, responsibility for Day Care centres has been passed over to the Child Care and Protection Agency (CC&PA).

A CC&PA official explained that the agency is now “setting up systems” to manage the centres.

The Guyana Police Force has completed an investigation into alleged corrupt practices in relation to the auction sale of unserviceable police vehicles. The alleged corruption could cost the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) millions of dollars in unpaid taxes. The investigation centred on the misrepresentation of amounts paid for the vehicles, with some of them being sold for far less than the minimum bidding price. Officials from the Ministry of Home Affairs, who are the facilitators of the auction, are being fingered in the alleged scam. Kaieteur News understands that the scam involves the Ministry of Home Affairs staff, the auctioneer, a Police staffer and an Auditor from the Audit office. It is believed that the racket has been going on for a long time. There are reports that one official who is fingered in the racket has four cars which were allegedly bought from the proceeds of the shady sales practices. Investigators have unearthed at least two glaring cases from the last auction sale of police vehicles which occurred on March 23rd last. Kaieteur News understands that Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee had ordered the investigation after apparent attempts at a cover-up. This was after a participant in the auction had blown the whistle on the alleged malpractices. This newspaper came into possession of a document which listed the final bidding prices of a number of vehicles sold at the auction and the actual prices paid for some of them. The document showed

- Purchasers pay $$M less than actual bidding prices massive disparities between the final bidding price and the actual price paid. According to a source close to the investigations, prospective purchasers would out-bid other competitors and then strike a behind-the-scene deal with the auctioneer to pay a sum far less than the highest bidding price. In one case, a Mitsubishi Canter which carried a highest bidding price of $1.5M, was actually sold for $150,000, while a Toyota Mark II, which earned a highest bidding price of $1.76M was sold for $400,000. In a similar case, the highest bid for another Toyota Mark II was $1.2M, but the actual price paid for the vehicle was $300,000. Investigators have been able to establish that the difference is being pocketed by corrupt officials integrally involved in the auction. They have also established that one official sells and promises vehicles to certain members of the public before the day of the sales. According to the source, in these transactions, the auctioneer collects large sums of money for these vehicles in advance. Sometimes he would have these vehicles towed away for safe-keeping and they are never seen on the day of the auction. Investigators have been able to trace the purchase receipts and will be using

them as evidence to support possible charges. According to the source, these cases could be just the tip of the iceberg, since a total of 46 vehicles were sold at the last auction in March this year. The vehicles auctioned include pick-ups, canter trucks, car, motorcycles, minibuses and all-terrain vehicles. Investigators have been unable to trace several of the vehicles, since in most cases the purchasers did provide their names and addresses, as was required under the terms of sale. “When you buy these vehicles, you have to give our name and address. But most of these vehicles cannot be traced. The whole thing is a big hocus-pocus,” the source said. This newspaper understands that investigators have submitted a report to the head of the police’s Office for Professional Responsibility, who is expected to report the findings to the Minister of Home Affairs.

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Kaieteur News

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Curing the curse of resources

No one has ever doubted the “potential” of Guyana: it was based on the famed resources in our land – gold, bauxite, diamonds, manganese, agriculture and timber. In the last few decades they were joined by oil, located for certain in our continental shelf. As we have done before, three economists, of VOX-EU, recently pointed out that the presence of natural resources poses a number of potential economic challenges, especially for developing countries. They argued that resource-rich countries need to look beyond the so-called resource curse and put into action innovative policies and institutions to confront their many challenges and reap the benefits of widely shared natural-resource wealth. The challenges include: a loss of competitiveness in potentially dynamic, non-natural resource sectors leading to a narrowing of the production base; excessive government reliance on revenues derived from commodities and export earnings; too much macroeconomic and financial volatility; and rent-seeking behaviour that can undermine governance and exacerbate the difficulty of building robust, growth-enabling institutions. But there are several options available to governments in confronting those challenges. They can begin with fiscal policy. Government revenues in resource-rich countries are highly dependent on the prices of the commodities they export. Those prices are both highly volatile and hard to predict. In the short run, governments in resource-rich countries need to promote macroeconomic stability by decoupling current spending from volatile government revenues. In the long run, those governments need to establish medium-term spending plans to ensure intergenerational equity. Sustainable management of revenues derived from the exploitation of exhaustible natural resources can be achieved either through the accumulation of savings in sovereign wealth funds or through public investment in future growth outside the natural-resource sector. Fiscal institutions have proved helpful in achieving such decoupling between spending programs and revenues. For example, Chile has successfully implemented a fiscal rule that targets a structural budget balance set by an independent panel of experts. Countries with weaker institutional environments cannot, however, establish institutional arrangements capable of credibly committing to countercyclical or at least non-cyclical fiscal policies. In this context, alternative policies could be explored, such as the use of financial instruments to hedge against the volatility in government oil revenues as has been done in Mexico. Norway has vested the management of its oil wealth in its independent central bank rather than in its Ministry of Finance for the explicit purpose of increasing the distance between the management of the oil fund and the political process. The decision to set up sovereign wealth funds in resourcerich developing countries needs to be guided by domestic conditions. While countries with high capital-to-labour ratios, such as Norway, have successfully set aside large pools of savings in dedicated sovereign funds aimed at guaranteeing intergenerational equity, many resource-rich countries in Africa have an urgent need to focus on investing in public goods to diversify their economies away from the natural-resource sector and to create the jobs that Africa needs so badly. Historically, Norway has focused its fiscal policies on the provision of public goods. Therefore, Norway can afford to be patient. Understandably, many developing resourcerich countries are in more of a hurry. Even so, the Norwegian model is far from being irrelevant to them. In the short run, their limited absorptive capacity may call for some savings to be put aside, possibly in sovereign wealth funds. From the outset, Norway set itself strict standards for naturalresource management, reflected in the Norwegian parliament’s adoption in 1972 of the so-called Ten Oil Commandments. The commandments include a commitment to (i) national supervision and control of all operations on the Norwegian Continental Shelf; (ii) the development of new industries on the basis of petroleum; (iii) respect for existing industrial activities and the protection of nature and the environment; and (iv) state involvement at all appropriate levels, contributing to a coordination of Norwegian interests in Norway’s petroleum industry. The commandments underpin the transparent ways in which Norway’s oil wealth has been allocated to its oil fund, now called a pension fund. (To be continued)

Wednesday July 11, 2012

Letters... Where your views make the news

A most undeserving diplomat DEAR EDITOR, The New York-based Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) and Guyanese New Yorkers are disappointed with the poor performance of Guyana’s Consul General to New York, Brentnol Evans. Except for the ruling People’s Progressive Party’s (PPP) political base in Queens, Mr. Evans appears to be “alien” to the wider Guyanese community. His representation has been mediocre, unabashedly partisan and an embarrassment to Guyana. We therefore demand that he be recalled by the Guyana Government. I enjoy good relations with Mr. Evans and regret having to take a stand against him. But I believe the interest of the Guyanese community must transcend personal relationships. It is a national ignominy for the PPP government to have retained Mr. Evans in the position of Consul General in New York for nineteen years. A 19-year diplomatic posting is unprecedented, absurd and unethical. No country retains a diplomat at post this long as it will undoubtedly compromise that individual’s judgment, ethics and competency. Mr. Evans’s cavalier approach to executing his responsibilities, ridiculously extensive tenure, unwarranted partisanship and mediocre representation have relegated Guyana to a laughing stock in New York’s

diplomatic community. Mr.Evans does not participate in activities in the Guyanese community. Neither does he participate in activities in the CaribbeanAmerican community. I haven’t seen him in our community for years. Worst, the Guyana consulate is seldom represented at official events where other Caricom countries are represented by their full complement of diplomatic staff; including UN Ambassadors and Consuls General. This public expression of outrage was precipitated by Guyana’s no-show as a host of the 2012 Caribbean American Heritage Month celebrations. There were dozens of events at Brooklyn Borough Hall, New York City and in Albany. The Guyana Government and people were not represented at any of these events. The recurring question was “where is Guyana’s representative?” This is a disgrace for the country in which the Caribbean Community (Caricom) is headquartered. N e w Yo r k G o v e r n o r Andrew Cuomo as well as the State Assembly and Senate on June 19 hosted Caribbean-American leaders as well as members of the CARICOM corps of Consul General at the State Capitol in Albany to honor the contributions of Caribbean-Americans to development of the State. Governor Cuomo signed a proclamation honoring

Inquests are needed DEAR SIR, In the late 1970s as Coroner in the twin-Island State of St. Kitts\Nevis an Inquest was held by me into the shooting death of a civilian by two members of the police force. In my more that 50 years of practice here in Guyana I do not recall a single instance of an Inquest being held into the deaths of the untold number of civilians shot and killed by our local police. When I view TV from America I hear of the I. A. D, an Internal Affairs Divisionan investigative arm of the police force tasked with investigating shootings and other improprieties committed by the police. Here in Guyana we have no such division. What we do have are Coroners. Sect 2 of Ch 4:03 interprets “Coroner” to mean the magistrate of the magisterial district in which an unnatural death occurs, or, if that magistrate cannot conveniently or speedily be

found or is unable to act the nearest justice of the peace who is able to act. Sect 3 of the same Act states that every justice of the peace shall be ex officio a Coroner. One Randy Morris was shot and killed by the police. Eye witness accounts in the newspapers report that Morris was kneeling and begging the police not to shoot him when he was shot at least seven times and suffered multiple fractures. All our Commissioner of Police (Ag) had to say despite the fact this citizen was never convicted of a criminal offence was “that he had several criminal matters pending in the court.” May I remind the Commissioner that Morris was an innocent person...until proven guilty. I am anxiously awaiting the holding of an Inquest into this man’s death. It seems unless this is done the police will continue to murder people with impunity. Randolph Eleazar

Caribbean nationals and the Senate and Assembly adjourned regular business to honor our rich heritage and legacy. Sadly, again, Guyana was not represented at any of these events. On June 29, the NYPD in collaboration with the Caricom corps of Consuls General held a celebration of Caribbean Heritage Month at the New York City Technical College. Guyana was not acknowledged as a Caricom member country nor was its flag on display. When Brooklyn’s Deputy Borough President, Sandra Chapman, who is also Guyanese, and I objected and inquired about Guyana nonrepresentation, we were advised by the Consul General of Trinidad and Tobago that Guyana had declined to participate. The refusal to participate in this event was irresponsible, offensive and perilous to Caribbean unity. No individual can be allowed to make such a determination for the more than 400,000 Guyanese living in New York State. Mr. Evans is not here to represent the PPP and its supporters. He represents the government and people of Guyana. Thus his temperament renders him unsuitable to maintain his office as Consul General.

There have been perennial complaints about the lack of representation by the consulate. Many of us have over the years been quietly attempting to get the consulate to be responsive and address this failure. Obviously our diplomatic efforts have failed and the situation has now reached a nadir. I reject such backward, mediocre representation of my homeland – Representation that appears to be rooted in identity politics. We are a proud people with an illustrious heritage and single identity – the ‘Guyanese identity.’ Therefore we cannot allow partisans with narrow agendas to diminish and bring dishonor to Guyana in such crude fashion. It is therefore with regret that I call on President Donald Ramotar and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett, to recall Consul General Evans, and to replace him with a diplomat who genuinely understands the value of representing all Guyanese and transcending partisan politics. Rickford Burke President, Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID)

Sloppy police work at the Harbour Bridge DEAR EDITOR, After successfully avoiding being caught in traffic at the Demerara Harbour Bridge when it was closed to vehicular traffic, I was inadvertently got caught with the traffic on Tuesday 10th July, 2012. I witnessed the confusion and a traffic accident on the main road just before the junction on the western side . From all indications accidents seemed to be everyday occurrences which could be avoided if the traffic officers could just take timeoff from their social gathering around the security hut at the Western end of the Harbour Bridge. After speaking to a few drivers, I was made to understand that as the vehicular line starts to build up, a lot of drivers would try to be closer to the front of the line. Thus they would try to force their vehicle into any space they see between vehicles. Sometimes, while trying to do that they end up hitting/ grazing one of the vehicles. Apart from that, sometimes the vehicle could barely fit between two. Other drivers

with similar intentions would end up parking right behind a car trying to forge ahead in the line and there would end up being two lines, one starting some distance from the front of the main line. Most times the bridge is closed for one and a half hours and if one of the police officers could take time off from the social gathering and position himself at the junction and do some real police work, there would not be any accident or drivers trying to force themselves in front of others. In that way the traffic will flow smoothly and their work will be easier, instead of the confusion that happens when the bridge re-opens to vehicular traffic. Perhaps, the Commissioner could explore the possibility of using the Neighborhood Police to help deal with these types of traffic, because the only time I see them in my neighborhood is when they are going or returning from the police station and quite frankly I am wondering what is their purpose within the police force. Sahadeo Bates

Wednesday July 11, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news... Letters... Where your views make the news Is the Kumaka Waterfront project now a lost cause? DEAR EDITOR, The Prime Minister and a party of Government officials visited the Mabaruma Sub Region, recently. Some of them traveled on the regular flight service and some by charters. It was a busy time there. The purpose of the visit was to open a complex at Morawhanna. Could be fish, could be fuel. It is not out of the ordinary that the Government would proceed with new projects in close proximity to the mess that is now a Regional eye sore at the Kumaka Waterfront. Are these people for real? They spent taxpayers’

money on several charters, in addition to a boat ride to the Shell Beach. Would those monies not have been better spent on alleviating the suffering of the people at Kumaka and by extension, the people of the Mabaruma Sub Region (Barabina road etc)? Could the authorities say if the Kumaka Waterfront project is now a lost cause? Of concern, too, is the fact that no prior information was given on this proposed opening. Is this another of the secret deals that would be put to rest in Davy Jones’ locker? True – Nero fiddled while Rome burnt! Kumaka resident

A critic by default DEAR EDITOR, Your Sunday July 08, edition carries a letter titled: ‘APNU’s ineptitude on the PAC allowed the appointment of Gitanjali Singh asAudit Director’. May I be allowed to quote one of the less unsavoury comments: “I am a simple fellow with no stellar qualifications like Carl Greenidge and even I know it is downright dumb to rely on the advice of an adversary to weaken my position when such a self-inflicted blow would allow the adversary not only to get his way with ramming down an immoral, treacherous and conflicted act down the throat of an entire nation……”. It is not my wont to make contributions of this kind (or of any kind) on ad hominem basis, particularly when it relates to a ‘simple fellow’ like your correspondent, who goes on (somewhat repetitiously) to excoriate APNU and specifically Carl Greenidge, on the assumption that he knew better of the procedures relating to the Parliamentary Standing Committees, than the Chairman of the PAC. I sympathise with the outburst on the basis that I too was recipient of the same faulty information, which more deliberate enquiry proved to be inaccurate. One wonders whether this leak was inadvertently or mischievously contrived, and was influenced by other parochial considerations. The confirmed fact is that it was the Office of the Clerk of Assembly who provided the combustible advice. Notwithstanding, your correspondent’s ranting would appear to suggest that he succumbed to other commentaries which focused on one appointment to the exclusion of others. (It was unfortunate that SN did not publish the attached copy of the Conflict of Interest Code sent on June 28, 2012.) They would have discerned a reasonable basis for

identifying, not only all the appointees (and indeed other personnel) of the Audit Office of Guyana as falling within the pale of conflicted interests; but most egregiously was the acting incumbent of the position of Auditor General ag. The correspondent detours into a non sequitur when (recklessly) advancing the view that NICIL cannot be audited if the spouse of the Finance Minister is an Audit Director. This display of emotion is not supported by the Audit Act 2004 (which remains remarkably unread) which allows theAuditor General to appoint external Auditors. En passant it should be noted that the Audit Office is itself subject to external audit. The same law constrains your correspondent’s ambitions to have the National Assembly revoke the appointments, since there is no legal provision to facilitate such action. The tragedy about this outburst, under-informed as it has been, is that it will be digested and regurgitated by persons of equally misguided appetites, including those who find it opportune to target Carl Greenidge during this period running up to the election of a new PNC-R leadership. Or perhaps I am just a simple fellow! E B John

Ramotar has regrettably unqualified advisors DEAR EDITOR, I write in no official or professional capacity, only as a citizen of Guyana. In a widely reported presentation last week at the Opening Ceremony of the 33rd Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government of the CARICOM in St Lucia, President Donald Ramotar of Guyana is widely reported to have commented thus: “ we face the abomination – key (West Indies cricket) matches are now being taken out of the (Caribbean) region while some of our territories are deliberately deprived. We, while recognizing and respecting the autonomy of the sport, cannot be oblivious to the problems in the administration of the game. We therefore call for the full

implementation of the recommendations of the Patterson Commission.” His Excellency criticized the West Indies Cricket Board decision to host matches in Florida and followed this up by calling for the “full implementation of the recommendations of the Patterson Commission”. Please see below, Sir, excerpts from pages 106 and 107 of the Governance Committee on West Indies Cricket Report (commonly referred to as the ‘Patterson Report’ and the ‘Patterson Commission’ by His Excellency): 21:11:1 Assuming Responsibility for Cricket in the Americas: There is need to expand the geographical scope of cricket to include countries of the Americas for

An uncouth motorist DEAR EDITOR, On July 10, 2012 at exactly 10:14 hours, I was walking south along Camp Road on the western side of the Road in front of the Ministry of Home Affairs Annex when a Toyota open back pick-up Registration No. PMM 336 reversed out of the parking without looking back and struck me. Had it not been for a man who was walking about 20 feet behind me there might have been a disaster. He saw what was happening, and shouted to the driver who stopped. I then

walked to the front of the vehicle to speak to the driver but he just looked at me, waved his hand in a dismissive manner and drove off. The vehicle seems to belong to the Joint Services. Nobody said a word to me. I am 65 years old. I think somebody in the vehicle could at least have apologised. Sometimes I wonder about our moral standards in Guyana. I wish that someone in authority can investigate this matter and reprimand the unmannerly culprits. Elder Ewart Small

which the ICC has designated the WICB to be the focal point. The game is now established in Argentina, Bahamas, Bermuda, BritishVirgin Islands, Canada, St Maarten and the USA where a United States Cricket Federation was established in 1996. 21.11.2 Targeting Differential Markets especially within Canada and USA: Recognizing the potential of market size in North America and benefits that can accrue from growing the game, the expansion of an Americas league for example based on the CONCACAF model and perhaps the shorter version of the game should attract the necessary support including sponsorship and media coverage. In the case of the USA special marketing strategies are required. 21.11.3 With the rapid expansion of the game and the potential for new and valuable sources of income, the West Indies cements its relationship with those countries for which it has

responsibility, particularly the United States of America and Canada, and the Board move swiftly to assert itself and establish a leadership position. One cannot expect that His Excellency should be personally au fait with all the contents of the dozens, perhaps hundreds of reports – often amounting to hundreds of pages each – before him. It is therefore regrettable that the quality of staff employed at the Office of the President to act as aides and advisors to His Excellency has been reduced to the likes of the recently self-confessed ‘news carrier’ and his ‘news receiving’ superior. That being the case, this internationally embarrassing episode is unlikely to be the last for Guyana. One can only hope that the inevitable future episodes do not result in His Excellency and Guyana being subjected to the sort of scolding and reprimand as per the Jamaica Observer editorial of Saturday July 7, last Imran Khan

A poor section of roadway DEAR EDITOR, There are some ever widening potholes on the section of one mile Bartica Housing Scheme. During heavy rains, the rushing water washes away the sand and small stones beneath the asphalted surface. The daily traffic, especially the heavily-ladened lorries which ply the roadway, makes it deteriorated faster. I wish to urge the Ministry of Works to rehabilitate this section urgently because a stitch in time saves nine. George Carrington

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Kaieteur News

Wednesday July 11, 2012

Body of murdered seaman CARICOM boss plays found at Wales koker down China fears in Region “What is this thing about China…I wonder if it is not Xenophobia,” - Ambassador Irwin La Rocque By Gary Eleazar Xenophobia is said to be “an unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers, or of that which is foreign or strange” and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM)’s Secretary General, Ambassador Irwin La Rocque, is wondering if this is the case with China and the people of the Caribbean. La Rocque questioned, “What is this thing about China…I wonder if it is not Xenophobia.” In recent weeks and months, Chinese companies looking to do business in the region, have been coming under increasing fire for allegations of corruption and questionable practices, but according to La Rocque, this is not something that his Secretariat is even addressing at the moment. “The Secretariat is not looking at any of these issues…these issues are is not part of what we do,” La Rocque emphasized. The CARICOM Secretary General was speaking exclusively with Kaieteur News following the opening ceremony of the 23rd COHSOD (Council for Human and Social Development) Meeting being held at the Princess International Hotel. According to La Rocque, “China made available a line of credit and that is what is obtained. It’s not an issue on the Regional agenda.” La Rocque even sought to question if the issues related to the Chinese are even legitimate saying that “I am not even sure if it’s a matter

The body of 47-year-old Khemraj Dass, the seaman who was murdered and dumped into the Demerara River on Sunday, was found floating in an area near the Wales Police Station, West Bank Demerara, yesterday. A search party of family members and friends found the decomposing remains near a koker. Bharratt Dass, 42, a brother of the victim, called ‘Lakeram’ or ‘Lako’, of Bella Dam, Klein, Pouderoyen, said a fisherman directed them to the particular area. The fisherman had apparently seen the body since Monday but was too scared to report to the police.

“We search on Monday, but on the East Bank side of the river.” Dass was reportedly bludgeoned and had his throat slashed by a 19-yearold fellow crewmember (the boat captain’s son) during a brief confrontation between the two while on a 30-foot vessel which was moored at the Didco wharf at Friendship, East Bank Demerara. Following the report by the fisherman, the search party which had borrowed a boat from the tug’s owner, Ganesh Cheddie, a businessman from Pouderoyen, started scouring the western bank of the

Demerara River. It was around 10:00hrs in the vicinity of the Wales koker, not far from the police station, that the discovery of the body was made. The remains were identified by Khemraj Dass’ brother. The body was later taken to the Marine section of the Guyana Police Force at Ruimveldt. The dead man’s brother said that the remains were then taken to the Lyken Funeral Parlour. The victim is likely to be laid to rest today following a post mortem. Mr. Dass said that he last saw his brother about two years ago, but they communicated regularly by phone. Police on Sunday (continued on page 14)

CARICOM Secretary General, Ambassador Irwin La Rocque at all…I have been reading about it, but it is not an issue on the agenda.” Asked about fears of increased clout in the region as a result of the heavy finances being made available by China, Ambassador La Rocque said, “It always amazes me when I get that question. Nowhere has it been said when other countries were putting in a lot of money into our region that we will be swayed by them. A lot of countries have been putting money into our region and nobody is raising an outcry about them trying to persuade us one way or another. I’ll leave it at that.” In the Guyana context, the nation is still trying to assimilate news of a contract to the tune of some US$150M

for the expansion of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport. News of this broke in Jamaica, but the local Public Works Minister had denied secrecy and said that the information was being kept confidential. It was explained that a logistical breakdown saw the information being published in the Jamaica media before Guyanese could have been briefed. Guyana still awaits the US$141M loan from China’s Exim Bank and only recently the company, China Harbour Engineering Corporation (CHEC) had to defend itself again, over allegations of corruption. There are also, several questions still lingering over the state-of-the-art, Skeldon Sugar Factory, built by Chinese. To date the factory has never operated at full capacity and it is still plagued by a plethora of defects. Over in Antigua and Barbuda there is now a controversy erupting over the terms and conditions of a US$47M project there. In Jamaica, too, the very company that has inked a contract with the Guyanese authorities also came under fire by that country’s Contractor General.

Police investigators at Ruimveldt with the remains of murdered seaman, Khemraj Dass.

Parvati Persaud-Edwards fired for penning Chronicle editorial - Editor Rashid Osman suspended Freelance journalist Parvati PersaudEdwards has been relieved of her duties at the Guyana Chronicle for penning the recent editorial that sparked outrage over its alleged racist content. Kaieteur News understands that the decision to fire Persaud-Edwards was made by the Chronicle’s Board of Directors. According to sources, the Board has also decided to suspend Editor Raschid Osman, since he is the editor who was on duty at the time when the editorial was published. Osman is on leave at present but he is to be notified of the disciplinary action when he resumes duty. The incendiary editorial, which was published on July 3, 2012, claimed that young African Guyanese youths are “socialized” by the opposition to rob and murder Indian Guyanese. The editorial concluded that “hatred of Indians is ingrained in their psyche.” Its publishing caused condemnation from several organizations and prominent citizens, with some calling for a boycott of the stateowned entity. This prompted the Chronicle’s Chairman of the Board of Directors Keith Burrowes to issue an apology. “Though I was not directly involved in the oversight of this publication nor was I aware of its contents, this article still should

Parvati PersaudEdwards

not have passed the Editor’s desk and eventually went to publication,” Burrowes noted. According to Burrowes, the views expressed in the publication by no means represent the majority of shareholders, the Board nor the Management and staff of Chronicle. “It should be noted that the action has and will be taken against those (the Editor – who was on duty - and the writer of the article) who were responsible for this particular publication and if it is found that there were others who contributed to the article, the relevant disciplinary actions will be taken.”

Wednesday July 11, 2012

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Annan says Iran must be player in Syria crisis talks BEIRUT (Reuters) - U.N. peace envoy Kofi Annan waded into big power politics yesterday, insisting regional heavyweight Iran should be involved in efforts to find a peaceful solution to the Syria crisis despite the West’s firm rejection of a role for Tehran. The United States and its NATO and Gulf Arab allies are opposed to involving the Islamic Republic, which strongly backs Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and is regarded as their main adversary in the Middle East. Such diplomatic rifts have prevented effective international action to end the 16-month-old conflict in Syria. “Iran has a role to play. And my presence here explains that I believe in that,” Annan said after talks in Tehran with Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi. “I have received encouragement and cooperation with the minister and the (Iranian) government,” Annan said. Washington has said any Iranian participation would be counterproductive. The former U.N. secretary general said Iran had made clear that if the crisis got “out of hand and spread to the region, it could lead to consequences that none of us can imagine”. Russia, which along with China opposes any external move to tip the balance against Assad, has said Iran should be involved. Moscow yesterday suggested hosting regular meetings of an “action group” which would include

Kofi Annan the Syrian opposition. Annan said after talks in Damascus on Monday that Assad had suggested easing the conflict on a step-by-step basis, starting with districts that have suffered the worst violence. After his talks in Tehran, Annan met Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in

Baghdad. Assad and Maliki both have close relations with Iran, a Shi’ite Muslim power vying with Sunni Gulf Arab states for predominance in the wider region. Annan was trying to enlist the support of regional powers in efforts to revive his moribund plan for ending the crisis, in which rebels are fighting to topple the authoritarian Assad. Annan said the first attempt to call a truce on April 12 had failed. He underlined the risk of the conflict “spilling over” to neighboring states and noted that the mandate of U.N. monitors in Syria expires on July 21. Annan said Assad had proposed “building an approach from the ground up in some of the districts where we have extreme violence to try and contain the violence in those districts and, step by step, build up and end the violence across the country”.

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Egypt court overrules President over Parliament CAIRO (Reuters) Egypt’s Islamist-led parliament reconvened yesterday in an open challenge to the generals who dissolved it last month. The Supreme Court swiftly ruled the newly elected, Islamist president had acted illegally in summoning the assembly, heightening a confrontation between the newly elected head of state and an establishment that once served Hosni Mubarak. The legislature, dominated by President Mohamed Mursi’s Muslim Brotherhood and allies, was dismissed by the army in line with a Supreme Constitutional Court ruling last month, days before Mursi’s election. Mursi, the first civilian leader to lead Egypt in 60 years, ordered p a r l i a m e n t ’s r e c a l l o n Sunday. In sign the standoff

Mohamed Mursi w o u l d n o t e n d s w i f t l y, Brotherhood officials were quick on Tuesday to question the court’s right to rule against the p r e s i d e n t ’s d e c r e e a n d vowing to fight on. “I invited you to convene in accordance with the decree issued by

the president,” said parliament speaker Saad alKatatni, a Brotherhood man like Mursi, had told parliament. But many liberal groups heavily outnumbered by Islamists in parliament boycotted Tuesday’s session, saying Mursi’s decree was a violation of the powers of the judiciary. Then, just hours after lawmakers gathered, the supreme court issued a fresh order: “The court ruled to halt the president’s decision to recall the parliament,” Maher el-Beheiry, the court’s chief justice, said. Egypt’s troubled transition to democracy is increasingly being fought in the courts, but that masks a much deeper conflict with an establishment rooted in six decades of military rule, half of that period under the leadership of Mubarak.

Obama expands lead on Romney, voters more optimistic WA S H I N G T O N (Reuters) - President Barack Obama expanded his lead over Republican challenger Mitt Romney to 6 percentage points in the White House race this month as voters became slightly more optimistic about the economy, a Reuters/Ipsos poll showed yesterday. Four months before the November 6 election, Obama leads Romney among registered voters 49 percent

to 43 percent. In June, Obama held a slim 1-point lead over the former Massachusetts governor. O b a m a ’s i m p r o v e d standing was fueled in part by a slight rise in optimism about the future, with the number of Americans who think the country is on the wrong track dropping 5 percentage points to 58 percent. Obama’s approval ratings ticked up 1 point to 48 percent

and the number of Americans who disapprove of his job performance dropped 3 percentage points to 47 percent. The shift follows a low point for Obama in June as economic worries deepened and Romney consolidated Republican support after clinching the party’s nomination to challenge him in November. Obama had led Romney by 7 points in May’s poll.

“Last month was a particularly bad time for Obama but now the race seems to have returned to its normal position, which has Obama up a few points,” pollster Chris Jackson said. The poll of 1,154 adults, including 885 registered voters, was taken between T h u r s d a y a n d M o n d a y. During the period, a weak labor report was issued on Friday that showed

sluggish job gains and an unchanged unemployment rate of 8.2 percent in June. It also followed a longanticipated Supreme Court decision late last month upholding O b a m a ’s landmark healthcare overhaul. At the same time, gas prices have dropped as the summer driving season gains steam and concerns about the European debt crisis have eased slightly.

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Outgoing Central Bank Governor said…

CLICO was ‘a massive fraud on the people’ PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad - CMC - Outgoing Central Bank Governor Ewart Williams has described the financial debacle that engulfed the Colonial Life Insurance Company (CLICO) as “a massive fraud on the people” and that the bank has taken action “to charge” certain players with fraud. In an interview published in the Express newspaper, Williams, who demits office on July 16, said that “we are taking the position that CLICO was a massive fraud on the public and that’s our position”. The Trinidad and Tobago government signed a shareholders’ agreement on June 12, 2009 with CLICO following the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between government and CL Financial, CLICO’s parent company on January 30, 2009. The MOU gave government control of 49 per cent of CLICO’s shares. The then Patrick Manning government injected TT$7 billion (US$1.01 billion) into CLICO in 2009 to keep the

collapsed insurance firm running and protect policyholders. Last September, the Kamla Persad Bissessar government through legislation committed an additional TT$13 billion (US$2.01 billion) to keep the insurance company afloat. The collapse of the company is now the subject of an ongoing Commission of Inquiry. Williams said that following CLICO’s collapse, the Central Bank sought to tighten its regulatory infrastructure and improve its supervisory practices. He admitted to losing “a lot of sleep” over the CLICO issue, saying “it doesn’t put the Central Bank in the best light. “People lost money. Whenever any regulator presides over a situation where there is disruption and financial instability, where depositors and policy holders lose their savings and have reason to question the stability of the system, the regulator must be concerned. I am sure that all the members of my regulatory staff lost a

Ewart Williams lot of sleep.” Asked whether CLICO should have been allowed to fail, the former International Monetary Fund (IMF) employee said that “clearly this is a simplistic argument. “You have to recognise the potential that a CLICO failure had for having systemic negative consequences on the economy as whole”. He said CLICO or its parent company, held a shareholding of 52 per cent in the largest commercial bank here and that CLICO had the largest portfolio of pension funds, credit union funds.

Wednesday July 11, 2012

CARICOM continues lobby for removal of APD tax CASTRIES, St. Lucia CMC - Caribbean Community (CARICOM) chairman, Dr. Kenny Anthony, has written to the British Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, on the “deleterious effect” the controversial United Kingdom Air Passenger Duty (APD) tax is continuing to have on Caribbean economies. The World Travel &Tourism Council (WTTC) said that new research shows that removing the APD would result in an additional 91,000 British jobs being created and £4.2 billion (US$6.5 billion) added to the economy within a year. The APD, instituted in 1994 is a British environmental tax, aimed at offsetting aviation’s carbon footprint. In its initial stage it was set at £5 (US$7.85) per person. Regional governments have been lobbying London to remove the tax which they said negatively affect the growth of the tourism industry since the Caribbean has been placed in a band that makes travel to the region much more expensive than travelling from London to the United States. In his letter, Anthony reminded Osborne that Caribbean leaders have raised the matter on several occasions, and have also discussed its negative impact with Prime Minister David Cameron and Foreign Secretary William Hague. “The Caribbean understands the fiscal challenge faced by the UK in

respect of raising revenue, but we do not believe that APD should be imposed unfairly, or at the expense of the Caribbean economy and our community in the UK. “The Caribbean is the most tourism dependent region of the world. The industry, as Prime Minister Cameron himself has acknowledged, is developmental and should be contributing to growth at a time of economic difficulty. “Our data shows the negative effect that APD is having in this respect and hampers our ability to obtain the greatest benefit from our most valuable export industry. It also has a significant financial impact on the UK companies, large and small, with which we partner and for whom the Caribbean has been a major market,” Anthony wrote, adding that “it is also hurting our sizeable Caribbean community living

Dr. Kenny Anthony in the United Kingdom”. Citing the case of his own country, St. Lucia, Prime Minister Anthony said that “visitor arrivals from the UK declined every year for the past three years”. He said in 2010, tourist arrivals fell 19.4 per cent below the 2008 level and in 2011 registered 14.4 per cent less compared to 2008.

Calls for freeze on hiring of Govt. consultants Jamaica Observer Generation 2000 (G2K) has stated that in the interest of accountability Prime Minister Simpson Miller must provide the public with a full outline of the job descriptions, salaries and benefits of all of the government’s consultants, advisors and assistants. “The politics of benefits and spoils going to party

loyalists continue to plague us in this our 50th year as a nation,” declared G2K president Floyd Green. “In order for us to move forward, transparency and accountability must be our goal. While we acknowledge that governments will, from time to time, need to look outside for scarce expertise to satisfy particular needs, it is unacceptable, given the current economic challenges facing the country, to be paying such high salaries for the wholesale hiring of party functionaries and supporters,” he said in a release today. Green urged the Prime Minister to “impose an immediate freeze on the hiring of all consultants, advisors and assistants until the list is provided and a review is undertaken by each Permanent Secretary to ensure that new personnel are not simply duplicating the roles of other public servants.” G2K is also insisting that the Government indicate how the performance of “these highly-paid consultants and advisors” will be reviewed to ensure that the country receives value for money. Green warned the Government to be very careful not to betray the trust of the Jamaican people, especially public sector workers who are “presently carrying the burden of the Government’s recent wage freeze and punishing tax package”.

Wednesday July 11, 2012

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UNCLE DONALD AND MR. RALPH When a procession of its leaders is departing from the ranks of the PPP, it says there is something that is going wrong within the ruling party. It also says there is a need for things to be fixed. First it was Khemraj Ramjattan, not a senior leader of the PPP, but one of some merit considering that he had once been the leader of the party’s youth arm. Then there was Moses Nagamootoo, a stalwart of the party. Now it is Ralph Ramkarran, who was considered a political elder within the leadership of the party. Persons come and persons leave political parties all the time, but when such leaders depart the country’s ruling party when it is holding political office, it suggests a crisis. That crisis may have been long in the making. The circumstances that triggered Mr. Ramkarran’s departure are not contestable. It reportedly occurred after some person or persons expressed unease at discussing confidential matters in his presence at an Executive Committee meeting. Mr Ramkarran was upset at this treatment and left the meeting. He subsequently resigned.

While the departure of Mr. Ramkarran may have been triggered by this specific incident, it must have, however, been an accumulation of mistreatment at the hands of his colleagues that pushed him to quit the party. It is possible that Mr. Ramkarran took the step that he did because of sustained abuse within the Executive Committee. There are many within the leadership of the PPP who are possibly glad that Mr. Ramkarran has called it a day, in so far as his membership of the PPP is concerned. Certainly, the tactic of claiming unease in discussing confidential matters in the presence of others is not a new one where the Executive Committee of the PPP is concerned, and was also used in the past to push others out of the party. Let it also be recalled that after one individual walked out of an Executive Meeting and said, “I finish with y’all,” this was unceremoniously accepted as a resignation from that committee, and there was hardly any attempt at reconciliation. The PPP, however, is now keen to have some form of reconciliation with Ralph

Ramkarran, because his resignation was preceded by an article that he wrote suggesting that corruption was pervasive in Guyana. It is possible that the hostility that Mr. Ramkarran faced at that Executive Committee meeting may have been occasioned by that article. The PPP is notorious for burying its head in the sand when it comes to criticism. And so it is possible for the two things - Mr. Ramkarran’s article on corruption and the unease that was expressed within the Executive Council about discussing certain matters in his presence- may be related. The PPP has suffered ‘fall-outs’ in the past because of the way it treated some of its political stalwarts. Donald Ramotar, the party’s General Secretary and now President of Guyana is keen on reconciliation with Ralph. He has already described him as a valuable member of the PPP and hopes to speak with him soon. He will however have to do more than simply speak with him. He will have to offer assurances that the circumstances that led to his resignation do not occur again. This is not going to be easy unless Mr. Ramkarran is

Dem boys seh

Benn mek iron float De Bible talk bout seed. It seh that de seed you sow is that you does reap. Some people misinterpret that saying. Dem want sow bora and reap pumpkin. Politicians know bout that good. Rob Earth did once give dem farmers a pepper tree and two seed. Dem man wha get de seed tell dem boys last night that de tree dead and de seed never buss. That was all part of de grow more food campaign. De man planning to go to Sammy. Rob Earth mess up de agri sector. Now he gone in de mining sector but that don’t wuk wid seed. That sector got

men who got real seed. Dem does plant gold and get diamond. Yesterday dem miners had a meeting wid he Rob Earth and he tell dem fuh tek two spade and one bucket and plant grass. One of de miner ask he fuh get wha? Yuh ra**. Right away dem call fuh get rid of he from de mining district. Is not he alone people want get rid of. Dem got dem eye pun Benn because he Benn can’t sign he own name and yet he tell people how he sign de airport US$150 million deal. He couldn’t sign fuh when Bee Kay hand over de

kack stelling. He seh up to now he nah get de stelling officially yet. Dem boys seh that de official handing over was yesterday. De two-page ad seh suh. When Benn and he entourage tun up wid de boat and de ramp come fuh he step out de five-ton ramp break off and fall in de river. It nearly tek off Benn li’l toe pun he right hand. That is wha a stroke victim at de hospital tell dem boys. Dem float up de ramp today and a new ceremony is to be held shortly. Talk half and wait fuh when de stelling gun fall down next time.

made to play a more important role within the leadership of the party or the government. Such a role will ensure that no further disrespect come Mr. Ramkarran’s way. If Donald Ramotar is keen on reconciliation he should offer an apology for what took place and then make plans to utilize the abilities of Mr. Ramkarran. Mr. Ramkarran can play an important part in the political talks that are taking place between the government and the opposition. These talks have reached a stalemate because of a combination of factors, not the least of which is the fallout from the Budget cuts. If there is anyone who can improve the relations between the government and the opposition it would be Mr. Ralph Ramkarran. He has the sobriety; he is respected because of his role as Speaker and he is likely, as his columns within the Mirror demonstrate, to be someone who can take reasonable positions. The President should therefore have his talk with

Ralph and when that talk is over he should, regardless of whether Mr. Ramkarran comes back to the party or not, ask him to be his special emissary for talks with the opposition parties, both bilaterally and through the tripartite process. Even if Mr. Ramkarran opts out of the party structure, his abilities as a mediator and negotiator should be utilized at the level of the government, because he is someone that can make a difference when it comes to improving relations with the

opposition and finding a solution to the present impasse. The President should therefore act quickly and appoint Mr. Ramkarran to head a government team that would try to find accommodation with the opposition.

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Wednesday July 11, 2012


Dining on the French Riviera with your favourite race horse Some types of revelations are not good for the heart, irrespective of your age; you can suffer an attack. Maybe a seizure. One of the richest men in Guyana (he will be quite comfortable by Caribbean standards and of course is a multi-millionaire in American terms) paid four million dollars in company tax for the year just ended in April. In terms of personal

income tax, what we call Pay As You Earn (PAYE), he paid less than a senior police officer or colonel in the army. What is sickening about this situation is not the man himself and the tax authorities that should pursue him, but the international institutions and western embassies that pour money into this country. Guyana, using any international measure, is a very poor country and hardly

one that has a modern, impressive infrastructure. Guyana is an obscure player on the world scene (it had a huge role internationally when Forbes Burnham was the President). It has no geo-strategic value to the great powers, particularly its superpower neighbour, the US. Though the US may fear Chavez’s growing influence in the Caribbean region, it is

doubtful it will see Guyana as a strategic asset and pour money into it as it did during the Cold War. In 1980, Guyana was the highest recipient of US aid per capita (remember - per capita). Guyana is a country that depends heavily on funding from international agencies. The IDB, EU and World Bank are major sources of income for this poor, Third World land. It boggles the mind that

US and European diplomats and high officials of these lending agencies do not remonstrate with the Guyanese ruling directorate on the horrible tax evasion system that robs Guyana of the opportunity to seriously remove the cancer of poverty. Tax evasion in this country amounts to more than twenty billion dollars annually. It is a tragedy when one thinks of how much money that is to an impoverished country with a small population. Surely, the World Bank and IMF can request confidential information on tax collection as a precondition for financial assistance to the economy of Guyana. When you consider the hemorrhage of money from tax evasion, then you have to conclude that we are in a fascist state of affairs in this land when the Maxwell factor is conjured up. Godwin Maxwell was a small (God, very small) dance organizer who held a yearly bash in Calcutta, Mahaicony. It is the kind of stuff other governments around the world would ignore. The GRA charged him with tax evasion (God, how much they expected to collect; not more than fifty thousand dollars for the three years they cited). Maxwell was a parochial kind of guy who hardly interacted with modern society (the villager who never left the village). He probably thought that

Frederick Kissoon Magistrates are people who order your execution. When placed before the Mahaicony Magistrate, on hearing that he was put on bail then on hearing that bail could not be secured by his family, fear of imprisonment destroyed his mind and he broke loose from the police escort and jumped into the creek where he died. He left behind six children, the youngest being a baby, and a wife. The most modern and competent institution in the entire world, the Guyana Revenue Authority, promised an inquest into the Maxwell harassment. That was three years ago. I ran into the GRA lawyer who charged Maxwell at the Court of Appeal a few weeks ago. She is the Registrar of the Court of Appeal. The next step for her is judgeship. No one knows what steps Maxwell’s family took to survive. Of course the GRA tried a Maxwell thing with me. Twice they wrote Kaieteur News to find out how much I get for my columns. But they refuse to make any inquiry into the tax evasion of the super wealthy in Guyana who import everything they eat and wear from foreign countries. I would never forget that Malcolm Harripaul told me that a rich Guyanese family imports pastries, bread and water. These tax evaders buy the most expensive SUVs, shop at foreign boutiques and organize their birthday parties in foreign territories. Yet senior police and army officers pay more PAYE than these ‘La Dolce Vita’ creatures. And the story continues – this impoverished nation goes with the begging bowl to foreign countries citing poverty as a factor. Three years ago, then PM of Jamaica, Bruce Golding referred to Guyana as an international beggar. Have you ever tasted foreign rain water? Ask the rich tax evaders who import it.

Wednesday July 11, 2012

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Guyanese using loopholes to Three foreign bids for lab-related works access Princess Casino - Gaming Authority eyes controller at doors

Three bids, from foreign companies, were opened yesterday at the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB) under the Agriculture Sector Development Unit (ASDU) within the Ministry of Agriculture for the supply, delivery, installation, commissioning and training in the use of laboratory equipment for the Government Analyst - Food and Drug Department, Food Chemistry and Microbiology Laboratories. The bids were divided into two lots, and are as follows:

Meanwhile, the Central Housing and Planning Authority opened bids for the construction of roads, drains structures and installation of pure water distribution network at the new block ‘EE’ Eccles, Industrial Site, East Bank Demerara. With an engineer’s estimate of $49,992,963 the bids submitted were:

There are complaints that Guyanese have been illegally accessing the Princess Casino, Providence. By Leonard Gildarie The country’s regulator for casinos is contemplating placing controllers at the doors to prevent Guyanese from illegally entering. The admission from officials of the Gaming Authority comes amidst increasing complaints that locals have been allowed to enter the casino at the Princess Hotel in Providence despite being barred by the laws. While the casino management made it clear yesterday that only guests of the hotel and foreign nationals are the ones allowed in, there have been reports that loopholes are being used to allow Guyanese to enter. Some enterprising Guyanese are now booking rooms for a day thus qualifying as guests. Others are reportedly tagging along with the casino members who have privileges of taking guests into the hotel. While the hotel and casino’s General Manager, Nuri Konuralp Tufekcier, was unavailable for comment, another manager insisted that only guests and foreigners are allowed in the casino. The casino has been a popular spot for especially the Chinese and Brazilians. Speaking with Kaieteur News yesterday, a member of the Gaming Authority indicated that the regulatory body has been considering placing personnel at the doors of the casino. However, the authority’s hands are tied since it is short-staffed. Gambling in Guyana, as far as casinos are concerned, is a complex matter, the official

said. The issue has been a troubling one for Guyana with the religious bodies strongly against it when the idea of casinos was first publicly introduced in earnest. However, legislation had been tabled that blocked Guyanese from flocking the casinos. There are, however, still arguments that Guyana should move more in line with other Caribbean territories, like Suriname for instance, where several casino licences have been granted in recent years. In January 2009, the authority held its first meeting under the Chairmanship of former Public Works Minister, Anthony Xavier. Other members of the authority named at the time were Roxanne Reece, Captain Gerald Gouveia, Oscar Phillips and Willet Hamilton, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Tourism, Industry & Commerce. The authority considered applications by The Georgetown Investments and Management Services Inc for a Premises Licence and an application by Princess Hotel – Casino Guyana for

Operator’s Licences. The Authority was established on December 1, 2008, by the Minister of Home Affairs in accordance with Section 32(1) (c) of the Gaming Prevention (Amendment) Act. According to the Regulations made under the Gambling Prevention (Amendment) Act, the Gaming Authority shall be the body responsible for the issuance of licences under section 32 of the Act; the monitoring of casino operations in Guyana; the administration of regulations made under the Act and advising the Minister with respect to the administration of the regulations or any other relevant matter. In February, the Guyana Government announced that former Minister of Tourism, Manniram Prashad, will be heading the new Gaming Authority Board. Other members of the board include Oscar Phillips, former Minister of Labour, Manzoor Nadir and Indranuath Haralsingh. Another person is also to be named as a board member. Under regulations, hotels with 150 rooms can apply for a casino licence.

The Regional Democratic Council (RDC) opened bids for the procurement of works for extension of Hosororo Primary School, Mabaruma, Region one. With an engineer’s estimate of $11, 999, 800 the bids submitted were:

The Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment also received bids for the supply of office equipment for the Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission.

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Wednesday July 11, 2012

Wednesday July 11, 2012

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Youth Ambassador urges CARICOM Leaders …

“Time for action, not ah bag ah mouth” By Gary Eleazar CARICOM’s Council for Human and Social Development (COHSOD) yesterday commenced a special meeting at the Princess International Hotel, with a special emphasis on “Children and Youth.” The forum is being chaired by Guyana’s Minister of Culture Youth and Sport, Dr. Frank Anthony and he together with CARICOM’s Secretary General, Irwin La Rocque, charged that there can be no compromise in “charting a brighter future for our children.” Dr. Anthony who delivered the keynote address to the Regional Ministers as well as members of the Diplomatic Corps, inclusive of the US and Russian Ambassadors, said that as it relates to the issue at hand, “no, one government, organization or agency can do it alone…it has to be a collaborative effort.” He warned that the stakeholders involved, must make CARICOM a place fit for children with the “holistic approach necessary to implement priority actions.” Over the years, there has been an outcry from youths in the region as it relates to their exclusion from policymaking halls and as such this year’s COHSOD’s meeting will benefit from the CARICOM Youth Ambassador Corps. Dean of the Youth Ambassador Corps, Dwayne Gutzmer, told those that will gather at the conference room of the Princess Hotel over the course of the next two days that, “young people need to be involved from the beginning, not at the end.” A gutsy Gutzmer, told the Regional Ministers that youths need to be looked at not as a problem but rather

Loren Black and Jada Campbell remind the gathering of what can be achieved must be involved in the decision making process. “Time for action,” said Gutzmer, “not ah bag ah mouth,” as he reminded of the popular Jamaican parlance, and said that the youths of CARICOM are “ready to lead, we are ready to act.” He told the policymakers that will be addressing the issue of youths and their social development in the region that it cannot be a case where a future is crafted, “and then thrust on us.” He said that there must be a marriage of the old and younger generations in crafting the future, and impressed on the forum that it takes, “two hands to clap.” COHSOD’s Chairman, Dr. Anthony in his remarks sought to impress on the gathering, the importance of the framework papers that have been developed for which the grouping had been adhering to, and the need to identify the gaps. According to Dr. Anthony such a review will “determine how well we are doing in meeting our commitments (to the youths

of the region.)” He emphasized that “The medium and long term value of COHSOD 23, will be determined and measured by

the political commitment with which we implement the decisions that we will take at this COHSOD.” UNICEF’s Representative to Guyana and Suriname, Suleiman Braimoh, also made a contribution to the forum and called for more “evidence-based policies.” Braimoh reminded that in just three years the region will be faced with its deadline for the Implementation of the United Nations, Millennium Development Goals and suggested that the COHSOD meeting provides an excellent opportunity for a review of the progress made thus far. He said that he is hopeful that the forum will provide for an opportunity to effectively map a way to making the 2015 deadlines. Ambassador La Rocque, in his presentation to the regional and international

leaders who have met to focus on the region’s youth, emphasized that the work of CARICOM is not being fully recognized. He urged those present to think about how much more difficult it would have been to address the issues before them had it not been for a regional platform. La Rocque lamented the fact that for far too long the economic problems of the region and the CSME initiative have been taking centre stage, with none really recognizing the work of other arms of CARICOM, such as COHSOD. “Can you imagine not having a regional platform?” La Rocque asserted, as he reminded of the many pressing matters on the agenda. The Secretary General announced that having spent a year at the helm of the

CARICOM bloc of nations he has realized that his mantra has to be Human and Social Development. Yesterday’s opening ceremony at the Princess International Hotel benefitted from an inspirational poetic recital by two young ladies, Loren Black and Jada Campbell, titled “It couldn’t be done.” In the moving piece by the elegantly dressed duo, the grouping was reminded that “With a lift of his chin and a bit of a grin, without any doubting or quiddit, He started to sing as he tackled the thing, that couldn’t be done, and he did it.” In another cultural item, the gathering was treated to an interpretative dance piece by Niketa Liverpool, Dominic Alleyne and Jamal Stewart to Michael Jackson’s Heal the World.

Guyana among countries with increased teenage pregnancy among poor: report An increased tendency in teenage pregnancy in the region has been noted in lower-income sectors of the population, in contrast with the decreasing global fertility, according to the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in a recent report. Guyana was one of the many countries listed in a report titled “The Investing in Latin American and the Caribbean Youth: a right and inclusion imperative” which notes that there is need for a comprehensive social protection and promotion systems for the youth in the region. There are also cases in

Montserrat and Aruba, in the Caribbean, and of Colombia, Bolivia, Mexico and Venezuela, in Latin America. Both institutions state the need to reach an agreement to invest in the youth with positive measures to be taken in the most vulnerable sectors, such as women and young people in rural areas. Nearly one-third of young people in Latin America and the Caribbean live in poverty, which endangers the exercise of the rights enshrined in international instruments, the report noted. It was further stated that according to UN data from 2011, in Latin America and the Caribbean, the population between 15 and 29- years-old accounts for 26 per cent of the

total population. Currently, most of the countries of the region are experiencing a phenomenon known as “demographic bond”, in which the largest percentage of the population is old enough to work and be productive compared to the groups considered dependent (children and old persons). This situation generates opportunities for social investment. According to the document, in 2009, the poverty and wretched poverty incidence among young people between the ages of 15 and 29 in the region amounted to 30.3 per cent and 10.1 per cent, respectively. This group, together with children under 15-years-old,

is the most vulnerable to poverty in Latin America. On the other hand, 16 per cent of young people between 15 and 29 in Latin America are not integrated into the education system or into the labour market, according to the report. Some of these young people carry out unpaid household tasks or live with disability, whereas others do not perform any specific activity. “This group known as “the ni-ni generation” (not studying, either working), because of being left out of both the education system and the market, denotes a persisting structural mechanism of social (continued on page 21)

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Attorney explains delay in Family Court By Latoya Giles Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs Anil Nandlall has explained why the newly built Family Court has not been fully operational. He told Kaieteur News that everyone is aware that the building has been finished for quite some time, but unfortunately it has not been in use. According to Nandlall, the rules of the court have been completed and were laid in the National Assembly. Further, the Attorney General (AG) said that he is aware that the Judicial Service Commission has interviewed several persons for appointments to the High Court as judges. Nandlall said that he suspects that the successful applicants will be assigned to the Family Court. Moreover, the AG told Kaieteur News that the issue currently holding up the court is the procurement of furnishings. He said that he was aware that a decision was made for a particular contractor to provide these items, but it was decided that the cost quoted was too exorbitant. He said that other avenues will be resorted to for the sourcing

of the items. Nandlall noted that that process has already commenced and an agency has been identified through the tendering process so as to provide the requisite items. He affirmed that the entire process would be conducted in an efficient manner. He said that once that hurdle is crossed the court would become functional shortly thereafter. THE VALUE Moreover Nandlall said that he has no doubt that having a specialized court to deal exclusively with family and children-related matters would be a tremendous boost for the entire justice system. “With a specialized court, it would certainly bring speed to the resolutions of familyrelated disputes which, unless they are resolved quickly, normally have devastating consequences on the lives of the persons involved, especially the children, which could cause social problems that pervade our society, including crime.” Nandlall said that in recognition of the importance of having a speedy resolution of these cases, the executive

in conjunction with the judiciary decided to establish the court. Additionally, he noted, in the Ninth Parliament, the administration passed legislation to modernize the statutory landscape in Guyana with regards to children. These include the new Adoption Act, the Custody Act and the Guardianship Act. Former Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Priya Manickchand, had said that the initiative of a Family Court was prompted by the awareness that the family unit is severely affected by societal demoralization. The new facility will handle issues such as divorce, division of property, domestic matters, adoption, guardianship and custody. In early 2009, Cabinet granted a two-fold approval to establish the court and erect a structure in which the entity would be housed. “This means that the process of compartmentalizing family law should begin even before the completion of the building and indicates the significance placed on judicial preparedness in family welfare matters,” the Minister had stated. The new, two-storey building, has replicated the architectural style of the Supreme Court, its adjoining mediation centre and library.

Wednesday July 11, 2012

Ex- Israeli PM found guilty of corruption JERUSALEM - Ehud Olmert was found guilty yesterday on one charge of corruption but cleared on two more serious charges in Israel’s first criminal trial of a former Prime Minister. Olmert appeared openly pleased with the verdict. Upon leaving the courtroom he smiled wide and told reporters, “There is justice in Jerusalem.” Olmert, 66, likely expected a different verdict. Israeli newspapers widely predicted that he would be found guilty of all three charges. He was accused of accepting some $150,000 in cash-stuffed envelopes from American businessman Morris Talansky and of pocketing more than $92,000 by double-billing charities on trips overseas. The court convicted him only on a charge of granting illegal favors to his friend, Talansky, while serving as Minister of Trade and Industry before becoming Prime Minister in 2006. According to Israeli law, Olmert could be sentenced to up to three years in prison, although a report by the Haaretz newspaper found that in similar cases judges had issued lighter sentences consisting of several months of community service. “There was no corruption, I received no money, there were no cash envelopes, there was nothing from all of these things they tried to attribute to me,” Olmert said. “It was all false.” He acknowledged his conviction on the third set of allegations, but he said the judgment described his behavior as “procedural misconduct.” Politicians from Olmert’s former political party, Kadima, yesterday were already calling for his return to politics. Kadima parliamentarian Yuval Zellner said Israel had lost one of its best leaders because of “recklessness and rashly penned charges,” adding that party members would

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert speaks to the press yesterday

happily welcome Olmert back into its faction in the Israeli parliament, known as the Knesset. Olmert himself fueled speculation that he was planning a political comeback by telling reporters yesterday morning, “This will not be the last time you hear from me in the next few days.” Lawmakers from other parties, however, were quick to point out that Olmert had been found guilty on one serious charge. “The fact that Olmert was found guilty of breach of trust is extremely severe, and the verdict should spell the end of his political career,” said lawmaker Zehava Galon of the left-wing Meretz faction. Olmert is still battling a separate case involving corruption charges stemming from the construction of a luxury apartment complex that juts out of a West Jerusalem hilltop. Prosecutors claim that millions of dollars were paid to Olmert while he served as mayor of Jerusalem to approve the plans for the complex known as Holyland. Speculation over Olmert’s guilt in the Holyland case, and others, began as early as 2007. In September 2008,

Olmert announced that he would resign from the prime minister’s office. His announcement came amid a slew of indictments against prominent Israeli public figures. Most recently, in December 2011, former Israeli President Moshe Katsav began serving a seven-year prison term for rape and sexual harassment. Other cases included Avraham Hirschon, a former finance minister, who in June 2009 began serving a five-year sentence for financial offenses, and Tzachi Hanegbi, who was stripped of his parliamentary seat in July 2010 after being convicted of “moral turpitude” relating to political appointments he made. Israeli newspapers have been filled with stories of soulsearching amid the public following the accusations against public figures. In last year’s International Corruption Perceptions Index, compiled by the watchdog group Transparency International, Israel fell to its lowest ranking to date, placing 24th out of the 34 countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, a grouping of the world’s richest nations. (Charlotte Observer)

Body of murdered seaman ... From page 6 detained the alleged killer, who sources said readily admitted to killing Dass, although the motive for the heinous crime is still unclear. The suspect, 19-year-old Gilbert Gill, is the son of the boat’s captain and resides at a community off the Soesdyke/Linden highway. Police had said that large pools of blood on the vessel indicated that the seaman had indeed been brutally slain. There were wounds to the head and shoulders, and it was clear that Dass’ throat had been slashed. The vessel, which was

hauling a barge that was destined to carry lumber to a timber grant at Yaruni, Demerara River, is owned by Ganesh Cheddie, who operates a sawmill at Pouderoyen. Kaieteur News was told that the captain had gone to rest at around 23:00 hrs on Saturday, leaving his son and Dass awake. He awoke shortly after midnight and asked his son to get a sheet for him. However, when his son stood and stared back without responding, the captain enquired about Dass’ whereabouts. According to a source, the

youth replied: “What you asking me about ‘Lako?’ I give he two lash, cut he throat and shove he overboard.” Apparently not believing his son, the captain then went to one of the security guards at the Didco wharf and enquired whether Dass had left the compound. After being informed that the man had not seen Dass, the captain returned to the vessel, where his son reportedly again stated that he had killed ‘Lako’ and dumped him and the knife he (the son) had used overboard. The captain then contacted the police who took the suspect into custody.

Wednesday July 11, 2012

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Acid attack victim believes he's closer to justice after seven years same yard. She alleged that on the day in question the two victims, who operate separate businesses at their premises, as did the suspect, were in their property when the incident occurred. The victim told the police that her partner was sweeping their property when she said she noticed the suspect uplift a bottle from his shop and douse Robin with a liquid which she suspected to be acid. She said her husband fell to the

Ron Robin seven years after the alleged attack

Seven years after being disfigured, allegedly with acid, Ron Robin, a Sussex Street resident believes he is one step closer to getting justice. The alleged attacker, who also injured Robin's reputed wife, Melissa Rogers, was nabbed by police two Saturdays ago and is now remanded at the Camp Street prison after appearing in court. Robin, who operates several small businesses at his Sussex Street residence, returned to the Georgetown Magistrates' Court for a second time, but found out that the matter involving him and his alleged attacker, Mortimer Hyman, was scheduled for another date. Early last week, Hyman was remanded to jail for reportedly inflicting bodily harm against Melissa Rogers with a knife. Robin's matter could not be heard by the court since the police had requested time to have the case file sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for advice. Last Monday was scheduled for the hearing of the report from the DPP and for the court to be provided with a medical report on Robin's injuries. The police thus informed that the DPP had advised that the police go ahead with the charge. They however said that they were unable to pursue the matter since they had applied

for Robin's medical report from the hospital and have not yet received it. A request was also made by the prosecution for the court to endorse a body order so that the accused could be brought from the prison to answer the charge. Last Wednesday, 33year-old Hyman was denied bail on the wounding charge which was read in relation to Rogers. Magistrate Hazel Octive-Hamilton presided over the matter which stated that on May 8, 2005, at Sussex Street, Georgetown, Hyman wounded Rogers with a knife. The accused was represented by Omeyana Hamilton who made a bail application on her client's behalf. The prosecution however objected to bail and Hyman was remanded until July 30. Ron Robin was said to have been wounded on the said day of the alleged attack against Rogers. Hyman is expected to be charged for reportedly throwing a corrosive fluid. The accused reportedly doused Robin with a harmful substance that caused a permanent disfigurement of the man's face. He also received serious injuries to the body. Information provided to the police by Robin's wife stated that the suspect and the victims were neighbours, reportedly residing in the

ground and she noticed smoke emanating from his face and body. Roger said she had never expected the incident since there was no confrontation between the suspect and themselves. The woman said that while her husband writhed in agony, she noticed that the suspect was hurriedly trying to close up his shop. She said she then approached the man and asked him why he had done what he did.

She said she held on to the suspect's hand but he pulled out a knife from his pants waist and slashed at her face. She said she managed to pull away, and the man fired another swipe which caught her on the left hand as she attempted to block the path of the weapon. Roberts told the police that the suspect then made good his escape on foot. She said she gave chase and other persons started to chase the alleged attacker, but after

remembering her injured partner on the ground, she returned to his aid. Police reported that two Saturdays ago, the defendant was apprehended in the vicinity of Laing Avenue West Ruimveldt, after Robin and his spouse had pointed him out. After a positive identification by the alleged victims, Hyman was arrested and taken into police custody. The complainants (continued on page 20)

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Wednesday July 11, 2012

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'Mommy' is 100 not out! Claudine Millicent Holder smiled sweetly when reminded that the 11th of July has come around once again…after all it's her birthday. But there's a difference about the occasion this year. It will be recognized and celebrated in a little more lively fashion. And why not? She's 100 not out today! M r s . H o l d e r, m o r e familiarly referred to as 'Mommy' by those closest to her, joins the ever-growing list of cherished daughters and sons of the soil who have reached the momentous milestone. She was born in 1912 at No. 79 Village, Corentyne. T h e c h e e r f u l centenarian, though not talkative these days, never fails to remind those around

her that she has “been around a long time”. She has been one of the beloved 'rocks' of her extended family and they all speak highly of what she means to them. The D'Urban Street, Wo r t m a n v i l l e r e s i d e n t comes from a family of “long-livers” and is the second centenarian in her family, following in the footsteps of her sister, Doris, who passed away late last year. She was 101. Claudine's husband, Cecil, for whom she bore two children, passed away in 1965. Mrs. Holder is in relatively good health for her age, and her daughter Lorna McKenzie, with whom she has resided for most of her life, is grateful that her mom has been richly blessed in this regard.

“I never had any problems with Mommy. For the greater part of her life she has always been relatively independent, and an active member of society. Her years in the Mothers' Union, particularly those as Treasurer, were refreshingly productive. She became quite popular in those days. I do pray that she stays as healthy as she has been throughout. She has been a wonderful companion to me, and an inspiration to all whose lives she has touched.” “My younger brother (Terry Holder, former GT&T executive), her only other child, has unwaveringly supported her throughout, and admirably continues to do so. She has always referred to him, and

Claudine Holder 100 Not Out!

rightfully so, as her 'baby', and speaks of him in glowing terms at all times. She adores him. Nothing, absolutely nothing, can come between them!” “I would like, on Mommy's behalf, to acknowledge all of our close relatives who have always been tremendously supportive to her, and like me, remain committed to her comfortable existence. My

husband, children, nieces, nephews and cousins, have never forgotten her. She and I cherish them all and express heartfelt thanks.” According to Mrs. McKenzie, the “birthday girl” will most likely have a restful day, before being the centre of attention at a small social gathering, following a Thanksgiving Service in her honour this evening.

Up to several years ago, Mrs. Holder attended weekly services at Saint Sidwell's Anglican Church, where she has been a member for several decades. She currently receives communion at home. The management and staff of Kaieteur News extend congratulations and sincerest greetings to Claudine Millicent Holder.

Wednesday July 11, 2012

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Corrupt officials have stolen $4bn from South Sudan - President Kiir President Salva Kiir

Sudan Tribune) An estimated $4 billion of public money has been "stolen" by officials in South Sudan, according to a letter sent by President Salva Kiir's to officials on 3 May. Despite Kiir's anti-graft rhetoric and assurances to the international community no official has been prosecuted for corruption since former rebels the SPLM came to power in 2005. The letter, sent to 75 officials and individuals close to the government, offered an amnesty to those who returned the money, a move aimed at salvaging the 11month-old nation's reputation and help it recover from decades of civil war and underinvestment. At the start of this year, South Sudan's government lost 98% of its income when, after a transit fee dispute with Sudan, it stopped all oil-production. Reuters estimates that this figure could indicate that the revenue from one in every three barrels of oil South Sudan has exported since 2005 has been stolen. Kiir's letter requested the 75 addressees to account for the large sums of money they allegedly misappropriated and either deposited it in foreign bank account or invested in properties. "We fought for freedom, justice and equality. Many of our friends died to achieve these objectives. Yet, once we got to power, we forgot what we fought for and began to enrich ourselves at the expense of our people," the letter read. "The credibility of our government is on the line." Another letter from the presidency, a copy of which Sudan Tribune has obtained, also outlined a series of anti-

corruption measures reportedly instituted in place through South Sudan AntiCorruption Corruption (SSAC), all aimed at fighting corruption. Civil society group the Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO), in a statement applauded the decision taken by the South Sudan leader, describing it as true political will in the fight against corruption which has for long deprived the masses of basic social services. “A true fight of corruption must be realized because misappropriation of public funds is an enemy of development and the cause of human suffering,” CEPO's statement partly stated. South Sudan is one of the poorest countries in the world, illustrated by its poor health and education statistics. Less than three in ten South Sudanese have basic literacy, and maternal mortality is among the world's highest. Outside the capital there are hardly any paved roads. SSAC recently announced it recovered about $60M of funds allegedly misappropriated by several unidentified officials. More than 5,000 declarations of asset forms have since been issued out to various individuals in government as part of efforts by the anti-corruption body to fight graft, which threatens to destroy the nation less than a year since its independence. So far, 1,600 forms have been returned and are being reviewed. President Kiir has also written to eight foreign governments in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the United States seeking their assistance in recovering all

funds believed to have been misappropriated by former and current officials. He also pledged amnesty to officials who will comply with the letter by depositing the stolen funds in a Kenyabased account, reportedly opened specifically for the purpose of recovering the said $4B. “I am writing to encourage you to return these stolen funds (partial or full),” Kiir said in his letter. “If funds are returned, the

Government of the Republic of South Sudan will grant amnesty and will keep your name confidential. I and only one other official will have access to this information,” he added. Last year, a report released by the country's Auditor General's, showed over $1B also remained unaccounted for between 2005-06, in transfers of oil revenues from the Government of National Unity - the power and wealth sharing partnership in Khartoum created by 2005 peace deal -

to the autonomous Government of South Sudan (GoSS) in Juba. Kiir has often pledged to empower South Sudan AntiCorruption Commission (SSACC) as part of its policy on zero tolerance for corruption but as a US departmental report released last week reiterated, the body lacks power to prosecute those implicated in corruption. South Sudan's Information Minister Barnaba Marial Benjamin told Reuters that

over half of the estimated $4 billion was from the infamous grain scandal, where large orders of sorghum were ordered but never delivered or distributed. Hundreds of grain stores, to be used in emergencies, were also paid for but not built. Currently around half of South Sudan's 8.6 million population is food insecure, with 1 million facing at risk of facing severe hunger, according to the UN. "It is a colossal sum," Marial said.

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35-year-old Wendell Freso was fatally stabbed after a row over money A 35-year-old man was fatally stabbed at around 04:00 hrs yesterday by another man following a row over a sum of money, on Alexander Street, Georgetown. Dead is Wendell Freso called “Country” of Yarrow Dam, Ruimveldt. According to information, he has been a street-dweller for over 16 years. According to information, the two men,

who are vagrants had a bitter argument on Monday night. During the argument, Freso picked up a knife and stabbed the other man, who escaped, but returned when Freso was asleep. “When he was sleeping, is then the other man come and start stabbing him,” a passerby said. Many persons described Freso as a bully, who would snatch things from people

and then chase them. Police in a statement said that there is an investigation into the murder of Wendell Freso. The statement further indicated that Freso was involved in an argument with another man over a sum of money, during which he was stabbed to his chest and abdomen. His attacker is in police custody assisting with the investigation.

PSC moves to elect new Chairman in wake of Mahadeo’s resignation The Private Sector Commission (PSC) has announced plans to hold a Special General Meeting later this month to elect a new Chairman to replace Yog Mahadeo. One week after he was elected to that position in the business group, Mahadeo resigned. It will be recalled that Mahadeo had stepped down as Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company last month following an internal audit which found system breaches within the Finance Department. Three officials from the telephone company were sent home and Mahadeo, who had publicly signaled his intentions to resign from GT&T if the audit found anything adverse, had stepped down. He handed in his resignation the same day that he was elected Chairman of the PSC, an organization which he had been serving as the Vice Chairman. His resignation was sparked by reports that GT&T had made cheque

Yog Mahadeo payments to Martin Goolsarran, Programme Director, of the National Communications Network (NCN) for camera work done on the GT&T Jingle and Song Competition late last year. Goolsarran later admitted depositing the almost $4M in cheques to his bank account. He was suspended by NCN for three months and his CEO, Mohamed Sattaur, has since handed in his resignation. The PSC said that it met yesterday to consider the

resignation of Yog Mahadeo, and to decide on the election of a new Chairman. GT&T had indicated it had no problem with Mahadeo as Head of the PSC, despite the fact he had resigned as CEO. However, Mahadeo last week indicated that he had decided to resign, nonetheless. “In accepting the resignation, the Commission wishes to recognize the considerable contribution which Mr. Mahadeo has made over the many years he has served the Commission both as a member and as the last Vice-Chairman,” PSC said in its statement yesterday. Additionally, the Commission said that it decided to convene a Special General Meeting of the Council to receive nominations from the members of the Council to elect a Chairman. “In the Interim, ViceChairman Mr. Clinton Urling will assume the responsibilities of the Chairman and will preside over the Special General Meeting. The Special General Meeting will be held on Wednesday July 25, 2012.”

By Latoya Giles Twenty-eight-year-old rape accused Devon McFarlane was yesterday freed by a jury of seven men and five women, who found him not guilty in proportion eleven to one. McFarlane called ‘Kang’ was charged with raping a then 26-year-old security guard and mother of three as she walked home on January 11, 2009. She lived at Bare Roots, East Coast Demerara. The jury deliberated for just over two hours following a summing up of the evidence by Justice Roxanne George-Wiltshire, which lasted for approximately three (3) hours. Justice George explained certain principles of law to the jury including that of the burden of proof which rests on the prosecution to prove the case beyond reasonable doubt; the inferences to be drawn, inconsistencies and discrepancies and the elements of the offence of rape. Explaining these elements, the Judge said that the prosecution had to prove that the complainant was female, that her vagina had been penetrated, however slight, by the penis of the accused, that this penetration occurred without her consent and that at the relevant time, it was done by fear, force or fraud. Most importantly, Justice George said, was whether it was the accused who had committed this horrible act on the complainant. This case, the Judge pointed out, was based on recognition and identification since the complainant claimed she had known the accused for more than a year and he passed her home twice per week and greeted her; that her husband, a soldier, had invited him to their wedding anniversary celebrations the previous August and that he was married to her husband’s cousin. However, following the incident, she did not tell her husband that she knew her attacker or mention any of these things related to the accused. Instead, she gave her husband a description of the man who raped her. The Judge told the jury that they had to determine whether by giving this description the complainant did not know the man who had raped her. Further, Justice George told the jury that Constable Paul Tirat’s evidence left much to be desired since he apparently suffered a memory lapse as he “could not remember” almost everything in relation to this offence. She

Wednesday July 11, 2012

observed that Tirat’s evidence highlighted the deficiencies in the police investigations of this matter and although he could not remember almost everything, yet he recalled that the complainant gave a description of her assailant and mentioned that his ‘call name’ was ‘Kang’ when she reported the matter and before the accused was arrested. However, this was not mentioned by the complainant in her evidence and the judge told the jury they had to decide whether the Police Officer had said this to bolster the case for the complainant against the accused. Following the verdict, the Judge told McFarlane that he must consider himself fortunate as it was a very difficult case involving recognition and identification and that from the time she read the depositions, she had realized how difficult it was. The Judge also told McFarlane that he was free to go and must ensure he does not get himself into any more trouble as the Judge observed that his pregnant wife was sitting in the courtroom. McFarlane thanked the Judge and then p r oceeded to shake the hands of the jurors as they exited the jury box. McFarlane’s wife had testified on his behalf, mentioning for the first time that he had been at home with her that night and that she would usually breast feed her baby four times per night and she would wake him up on each occasion to “keep her company.” She blamed his lawyer in the Magistrates’ Court for not allowing her to testify on his behalf there. The woman told the court that she and the accused

have three children, aged 4, 3 and 1, and that they could not afford to pay their rent of $7000 per month as he had not worked since October 2008 when he had come out of the interior. The complainant had testified that she was walking home at about 00:45hrs when McFarlane had rode past her, then he passed her again, after which he waited at a corner in front of her, having used another route to get there. He had held her up with a “dutty, rusty gun,” taken her to an unfinished concrete house where he raped her. The following morning she reported the incident and took the police back to the unfinished house and pointed out the accused on a nearby bridge. However, her husband and the accused testified that the police had arrested the accused and his friend and had asked the complainant if she knew either of the men and it was then she had pointed out the accused. Both men were arrested and placed in the lock-ups and the accused claimed the police had checked his penis since the woman had reported that the man who raped her had beads in his penis. The accused testified that the police found no beads in his penis. The woman had denied ever telling the police about any beads in the man’s penis and she had said that the only beads she knew about were “beads you put in your hair.” McFarlane, who had indicated he could hardly read and write, was assigned Attorney Ronald BurchSmith to represent him while the State’s case was presented by Prosecutor Renita Singh, who was associated with Judith Gildharie-Mursalin.

Acid attack victim believes he's ... From page 20 gave new statements and Hyman was charged. Speaking to Kaieteur News yesterday, Robin said that he indeed notified the police about his alleged attacker's whereabouts. Robin said that his knowledge was that after the attack, the suspect had escaped to Suriname and would quietly return to Guyana for short periods before making his way back to the neighbouring nation. Robin said that he had received information from a friend, who told him about the suspect's presence in the country.

He said he requested from his friend that he trail the suspect and to keep him in sight while he (Robin) got the police. After continuous contact with the friend, Robin said he took the police to Hyman's location. He further told this publication that seven years later, he is still unsure of the cause for the attack. He said he remembered a small exchange over a table between himself and the suspect, but he hardly believes that that incident could have sparked such a grave reaction from his alleged attacker. Hyman is expected in court today.

Wednesday July 11, 2012

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Protest over “racist” article moves to Finance Ministry The protest against the recently published editorial in the Guyana Chronicle, that denounced black youths, yesterday moved to the Ministry of Finance. Social activists said that they saw it fit to protest the office of Juan Edghill, Minister within the Ministry of Finance, because of his statement indicating that the said editorial is factual and that there is evidence to support such. The group said that it is calling on the Minister to produce such evidence to support his statement. They voiced that as a “supposed religious leader”, Edghill should not condone or moreover support such statements as the Bible promotes love, unity and equality as opposed to racial segregation. Further, as a public servant, “he shouldn’t

get caught in such a web.” They said that what is strange is that Edghill is also a man of African descent; and by supporting the editorial, he is in turn essentially saying that he also has a hatred for Indians. Since the editorial was published, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Chronicle, Keith Burrowes, has issued an apology. However, the immediate management of the Chronicle is yet to issue a statement in the same vein. The demonstrators said that the article indirectly gives permission for black youths to be gunned down or jailed without a cause since “they are out to kill Indians” .Further, “it has the potential to cause racial tension”. The demonstrators said that they also wish for the female writer of the article

Suspension of new river mining licences…

Yesterday’s protest outside the Finance Ministry

“whose identity we know” to be sacked for her racial “views because her statements are by no means factual. A Partnership for National

Unity (APNU)’s David Hinds said that if he, as a black man, had made such a statement pertaining to Indians, “The Heavens and Hells would

Miners support noconfidence vote in Minister

Miners at the GGDMA special meeting yesterday A motion by the Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association (GGDMA) of noconfidence in Natural Resources and the Environment Minister Robert Persaud, was yesterday supported by miners. The action stemmed from last week’s suspension of new river mining permits as well as the Minister’s management of the sector. The Association said that it will be seeking legal advice on the way forward from tomorrow. The special meeting held yesterday afternoon followed a meeting earlier in the day with Minister Persaud, who stated that the main reason behind the suspension of the river mining permits is because of complaints from the

Amerindian communities of river pollution and environmental degradation. President of the GGDMA Patrick Harding; said the Association felt that it was being ignored by the government and Persaud summoned them to talks only after their concerns were outlined in a paid advertisement in the daily newspapers. The Association yesterday said that, they would like to know who has the final say as it relates to miners in Guyana - the Commissioner of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC); the Chairman or Secretary of the Board of GGMC or the Ministry of Natural Resources through the

Permanent Secretary. The miners said that they need to have “crystal clear” guidelines as it relates to this issue. They are of the view that Persaud is incompetent and has no mining background and as such he should not be involved in such decision-making. They stated that Persaud has been micro-managing the mining sector. They also called for supervision of mines offices in the fields since it was noted that many stations are either un-manned or mines officers are not visible. “The mines officers are corrupting the mining industry even further and everything is about bribes for them” said one miner. The Association said

they are also concerned about the delays in the processing of alternative blocks which the Closed Area Committee has recommended but they are yet to be informed of the approvals of these blocks. Simona Broomes, President of the Guyana Women’s Mining Association (GWMO), said her organization is frustrated with the decision taken by the Mining Minister for the suspension of new river mining licences and is supporting the GGDMA fully to set up a mobilization committee to take the required action against Persaud, since she said the mining sector contributes significantly to the country’s growth and development.

have been ready to criticize.” He said that policies should have been in place to debar such articles from being published. He said that it is part of a global bill to put down black people. “We have to stand up for our youths. We don’t want an apology. We want to see these people brought before the necessary authorities.” Social activist Mark Benschop said he is appalled that none of the Opposition Leaders has made a public statement to denounce the editorial, and called on both to have their say. Alliance for Change’s Gerhard Ramsaroop, said that with all the government is faced with including corruption, resignations and scandals, it has resorted to its “oldest trick in the book, and that is the race card.” He said that the administration has been encouraging “gutter journalism” for too long and it must stop. Columnist and social activist Frederick Kissoon cited the findings of the last census which showed that 75 percent of the Guyanese population is aged below 35. He said considering that, and the fact that the Indian population is just eight percent more than Africans, it means that the article is saying that a sizeable percent of the Guyanese population is violent. Kissoon said that it is a depressing signal that the Minister of Information (the

President), to this point, has not seen it fit to sanction about such an issue. He added that for Edghill as a Cabinet Minister to make such a statement as aforementioned is appalling and brings the CARICOM assessment of this country into focus. “This is why CARICOM is losing respect for us. When these kinds o f h a t e messages are promoted…if he can go on record to say that black youths hate Indian people and want to kill them for their wealth t h en Guyana is gone, completely gone.” Kissoon said that APNU should be reminded that the majority of persons who voted for them are of African descent and would be affected by the editorial. “They are watching and listening, they wouldn’t forgive the APNU.” The general opinion at the protest was that the silence of “Black elites and political leaders” shows that either they are fearful to speak out against such statements or they condone the same. “All they want to do is win the votes of black youths, but don’t care anything about them thereafter. On Monday last, the group staged a symbolic burning of the Chronicle newspaper at the Square of the Revolution. (Abena Rockcliffe)

Guyana among countries ... From page 13 exclusion,” the report noted “On the one hand, it constitutes an explicit violation of the rights of the youth to education and employment; on the other, it directly hinders the opportunities for the region to break with the transgenerational transmission of poverty and leverage the demographic bond.” ECLAC states, more than ever, that a structural change in our way of producing,

working and innovating is urgent, and the youth must be at the core of this change. “Investing in the youth is fundamental for sustaining and boosting such a structural change,” officials underlined. The report intends to become a reference tool and document for informing policy-makers for the youth and decision-makers on investment priorities for the development of young people in this region.

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WANTED Workers for landscaping Call: 656-1326,626-1044 Apartment to rent Call:6480797 Action Tyre 17 Croal Street & Sendall Place,Georgetown.Drive/ Salesman,Mechanic,Sales Clerk.Please Apply Within 1 Domestic worker must know to cook Mon-Sat 7:00am-3:00pm $15,000 30-45 yrs 628-6160 or 227-8998 (Richie) 1 Handy boy to work in the interior Call: 688-0197 Survival Shopping Complex,Sheriff Street needs cashiers,salesgirl,bag packers Call:227-5287-90

SALON Make up courses, artist trained & certified in Trinidad: 660-5257,647-1773 Cosmetology Classes & Small Classes from as low as $4,000.Learn in our peaceful & happy environment Call: 226-9448 Summer special from July 16-August 31 in C o s m e t o l o g y, N a i l s & Make-up Call Abby 2161950,666-5241,619-7603 DRESS MAKING 6 weeks course in designing and sewing Call Sharmie 2252598, 641-0784

One general domestic to do cleaning Call:227-5500 Handyman to clean yard,must have knowledge of dogs Call:227-5500 Experienced hair dresser needed at Xpressions Salon call 226-7268 Canter driver $20,000,Porter to worker $15,000 on the W.C.D Call:684-8231

WANTED Domestic worker Call: 2239725 Taker for sawmill at Yarrowkabra Wood Mizer; experience will be an asset Call: 261-2553

EDUCATIONAL Princeton College Summer Classes,Primary/Secondary School,Students Age 618,CXC Adults Classes,Affordable Fees Call:690-5008,611-3793 SUMMER CLASSES : Phonics & Reading, Mathematics & Language, Science & Social-Studies, Craft & Fun day, Garnett Street Kitty Call: 654-8650 Summer computer classes, age 5-16, Micrographics Technology, Vreed-en-Hoop Call: 264-3057 Summer computer classes, age 5-16, Micrographics Technology, Parika( Bollywood Building) Call: 264-3057

Registered Now!! Monar Educational Institute 163 Crown Street, Queenstown.Day care,Play school,Nursery,Primary & Secondary Call:2237226,227-3338

Live in/live out babysitter/ domestic. Call: 225-0188, 225-6070

To work at bar male & female to work in kitchen, female cashier and waitress Call:225-0963,626-0189

Weeder to clear 3 acres in Demerara River opposite Timehri Dock $25,000 monthly,benefits long term Call:613-7704 Cleaner & Part time counter attendant wanted Call:2319804 between 3pm to 5pm.

SUMMER CLASSES:Come learn to do tips,hand design,make up and poised $10,000 Call:226-9448,6287880

1 Watch man,1 Yard man Please Call:223-5273-4 Larry/ Leanand One Optometrist to work in Trinidad Call Mr.Khan 6626420 Urgently need caretaker to cultivate 5 acres land,Demerara River opposite Timehri Dock Serious inquires Call:6137704


Transported land at Soesdyke access to both river & public road Call:2615146,261-5020,675-1671

LEARN TO DRIVE MASSAGE American style massage service Call: 609-4036 Get massaged by a professional. Call Nicole: 612-7209

Prudential learning ‘Training to pass’ automatic also stick/ manual 642-4827,661-5028 Soman & Sons Driving School,First Federation Building Call:225-4858,6445166,622-2872,615-0964

VACANCY Teachers for Nursery,Primary & S e c o n d a r y. M o n a r Educational Institute 163 Crown Street,Queenstown Call:223-7226,227-3338, Vacancy exist for porters,drivers,office clerks.Apply Lot 10 Vlissengen Road.

SERVICES Permanent &Visitors Visa Applications Professional Immigration Consultant Sabita - Room E-4 Maraj Building 225-6496/ 223-8115/662-6045. Problems with PC? Call Roul for assistance 610-9490 We refill HP cartridges for $1800 Call: 650-7699

5 acres fully developed farm Pearl,E.B.D,16,000 chicken pens capacity,bearing fruit trees Call:689-9991,227-5362

Vacancy for gardening boy 18-25 Call 8:00am-5:00pm 621-2453

US & Canada VISA application services. Call: 643-6630. Family discounts available.

Vacancy for welder,apply in person to 65-67 Robb & Orange Walk Street,Bourda.

Would you like to have the grass in your yard spray? Call:681-6603

New 5 Speed Drill Press,4 ton portable poller, energy saver bulbs Call:641-1127

Be part of our world class customer care team.Call:2200401-3 or Email: recruitment Guyana


New Honda Pressure washers Call:614-8564

Laptop bags & sleeves, wireless mouse & cameras, computer accessories, car alarms, DVD players, laminators. Brand new Call:625-6833 T-Shirt printing & mug printing,plotter machine,leaf & twig shredder,car DVD players,Car alarms..Call:2760245,625-6833 Printer ink cartridges $2,500, Power inverter $20,000 Call: 650-7699 MAC STUDIO FIX POWDERS $7,900, SACHA 2in1 $2,000 MAKE UP – top Brands Tel :647 -1773 Pure breed pitbull pups,6 weeks old ideal for family settings and security 6429753,622-1217 Ducklings (French Peeking) Call:686-5656

1 ½ acre, 48ftx1300ft V/Hoop Call: 627-9351

TOUR Suriname Summer Vacation Return Trip 19-22 July Call:639-2663,644-0185,6655171,227-8290

MINELAB & GARETTE GOLD DETECTORS. 6097625, 675-7292 NARS lipgloss, eyeshadow & Clinique Chubby Stick. Tel: 669-8374.

1996 T 100 V6 4X4,2002 Tacoma V6 4X4,2005 Tacoma 4 cylinder Call:651-8870,2336161

One handyman/gardener for East Coast residence Call:624-6392,222-7003

Porters to work at grocery stall Stabroek Market Call:226-9800, Experience is an asset. Attractive live in waitress Call:228-5129

Anchorseal Call:BR&T Paint Store 265-3541,695-4785

Special Advanced Diplomas in computers for students completed 2012 CSEC, Micrographics 264-3057 $15,000 Discount Vreed-EnHoop

Private Summer Tutoring for children preparing for Grade 1 & 2 Contact Miss Gittens 641-6484,673-7186

1 Cook Call:225-7259

One Hilux Vigo (2011) New Call:231-5171,619-7134

2009 Seadoo jetski 18 ft 6 inch x 7 ft 6 inch fiberglass speed boat with 175 Yamaha 2336161,651-8870

Mature couple to work on farm at Kuru Kururu, Linden Soesdyke Highway. Call: 641-4952

One female bartender to live and work in interior,Attractive salary Call:662-8052 or 616-7241 Live in family.Husbandlabour services, Wife-light domestic.Car/Van licence driver Call:227-1830


Summer computer classes, age 5-16, Micrographics Technology, Grove Public Road Call: 266-3976

Live in waitress 18-25 Yrs Salary $50,000,boarding & lodging free Call:610-5043

Two welders,Five apprentice weldess Call:624-6391

Wednesday July 11, 2012


1-50 Gallon, electric water heater (brand new) Call: 647-1773 One PC 300 Komatsu bigger than 320 Caterpillar.Price $ 2 4 Million Call:2258334,640-4627 Live meat birds Call:650-4421 Complete car washing equipment. Power washer, vacuum, water tank, almost new. Tel: 653-7806 or 6250428. Dell computers complete with 17 & 19 inch LCD from $50,000 Future Tech 231-2206 PLL Series Runx motor car Call:667-0338 Samsung Chronos 7 Laptop INTEL CORE i5, 8GB MEMORY, 750GB HDD, 14'’ LED HIGH DEFINITION, WINDOWS 7. NEW / SEALED $180,000. TEL: 683-3161

Cashier apply at Shell Ramsburg Service Station,Providence East Bank Demerara Call:265-7305 One driver salesman, must have lorry on licence Call: 220-1500,614-4626 CUSTOMER SERVICE R E P R E S E N TAT I V E CALL:225-9030 FOR MORE INFORMATION Vacancy exists for 1 heavy duty mechanic to work in the interior.Attractive Salary Call:226-3799,687-8677,6847516

FOR SALE Toyota Starlet EP71 Call: 6247155 Used Sthil 51 chainsaw Call:662-7034

ONLINE SHOPPING NO COMMISSION,WEEKLY SHIPMENTS,AFFORDABLE RATES,FREE PRIVATE MAILBOX.TEL:231-5789. FREIGHTLINKEXPRESS@ GMAIL.COM WE FILL OUT PASSPORT & VISA FORMS:USA,UK & CANADA.TEL:231-5789 We repair fridge, freezer, AC, washer, dryer Call:2310655,683-8734 Omar Thinking about building or renovating,need an estimate? Contact Carlos for reliable & professional services Call:648-6128,2232695 Visa Application & Passport Forms,Electrical Installations & Air Conditioning Services K&P Project Management Co. Call:231-5876 Looking for a job,need assistance Contact N & A Estab 694-0096,673-6604

Mechanic tool sets, 230 pieces, mastercraft also 80 GB HD Call: 675-5196, 267-1513 One 15 Hp Yamaha long foot Call: 689-5254 or 643-0332 Brandnew American made Crosely 10.5 cu ft Refridgerator for sale $75,000.697-5677 American Dog Food,Sell Off Price,33 lbs-3,000 Call:6289119 American pool table 277-0578 1 Steel slide up shutters,length 9ft,weight 6ft 10 inch,price $150,000 Call:619-8280,677-8202 John Dickinson Exercise Books (Large Quantity) wholesale only Call:6191105,622-3766 One Wedding Dress Reasonable Price Call:6973051,681-9561,695-3926 IBM Thinkpad laptops.Brand new $75,000 Call:681-2111 Toshiba laptop Brand new $125,000 Call:681-2111

TO LET 1 house, Bel Air Park.3 rooms, self contained with A/C, US$2,200 Unfurnish, US$2,500 Furnish Call:2317839 8am-4pm-No Agents Fully furnished short term apartments, Eccles. Call:6797139 Eccles $80,000, Albertown US$750,Campbellville US$1,250, Nandy Park US$1,800 Diana 227-2256, 626-9382 VEHICLES FOR SALE Nissan Wingroad Wagon,Toyota Runx 6122522, 645-5893 Unregistered Toyota Silver Allion Call:671-7701 (Continued on page 23)

Wednesday July 11, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news

‘Turn in your badges by Monday’ and other nonsensicalities in a farcical Guyana DEAR EDITOR, The Commissioner of one of the most corrupt entities in Guyana, the Guyana Police Force, provided my daily humour on July 8, 2012. In this country of asininities, the Commissioner’s statement is one of the most foolish ever uttered on the issue of corruption. A call for ranks to voluntarily resign because of corruption has to be right up there with the kind of inanities the PPP has provided us with as the entire country calls for strong measures to tackle corruption. The Commissioner’s statement shows how infantile the GPF and PPP’s approach is to targeting corruption and how these two oceans of corruption must think the people in this country are a bunch of blithering idiots. Does the GPF and the PPP think that making empty statements with nothing to back them up will fool the people of this country? The corrupt police force is not implementing any strong

anti-corruption measures to combat corruption. It is implanting self-policing for the corrupt police force. More foolishness has not made the news in a long time. Since when will those thieves, crooks and rogues in uniforms preying upon the nation walk away from the gravy train? They have to be investigated, prosecuted and kicked out of the forces with their badges snatched from their hands before they go to jail. I did not hear anything from the Commissioner on upcoming hard, tough and unforgiving measures to combat corruption. The police force became this corrupt monstrosity under the PNC. It grew even bigger under the PPP because criminality led by drug trafficking and gold smuggling achieved stratospheric proportions under the PPP rule and most powerfully during the Jagdeo reign. The rise in the GPF corruption goes hand in hand with the potent rise of PPP

Not in Atlantic Gardens! DEAR EDITOR, We seek through your newspaper to bring to the attention of the relevant authorities the establishing of a commercial tyre business at Lot No 26 W Atlantic Gardens, and to ask that something be done urgently to stop this madness. These people have hundreds of tyres in the open space with a 14 foot fence around so no one can see, and don’t talk about the mosquitoes. Now it appears as if they are expanding although we learnt that the Government recently told them and the owners of Lot No 27, to stop what they are doing. Somebody must do an inspection and see what we are talking about. Atlantic Gardens is a prime residential area and we cannot understand how these people are getting permission to do what they are doing. Perhaps it is true as they are boasting openly; they have money and they can pay the right people. We call on Government to take urgent action in this matter. Definitely, corruption is involved here. Residents of Atlantic Gardens

corruption. The PPP cannot fix the GPF because it has no moral legitimacy and it is consumed with fear. Fear within the PPP has paralyzed its response to corruption within the army and police force. This is why the armed forces which were seriously corrupt by 1992 have remained largely untouched and unchecked by the PPP. When the PPP had majorities for the past 19 years, it had the moral, legal and democratic justification to crack down on the GPF. Now in the throes of minority government, the fear is even greater and continues to trap the mice mimicking men in the

Coin toss for London Olympics flag bearer DEAR EDITOR, At the 1972 Munich Olympic Games, the late Guyanese Olympian, Mr. Gordon Sankies (Judo) was the flag bearer during the opening ceremony and due to the terrorist attack on the 11 Israeli Olympians, I understand that he did not get to participate in his event. The 1976 Montreal Olympic Games was boycotted for political reasons. The devastating news was received just after the march past of the athletes. The flag bearer was again Guyanese Olympian, Mr. Geoffrey Sankies (Judo). The forum is now open to anyone to make any corrections if the above is not totally accurate..My source of information is currently out of town and this data was from a brief conversation in the past. So, the Judo Fraternity on two occasions in the past

Guyana participated in the 2012 Doha Forum DEAR EDITOR, A significant event took place a few months ago that made no news in Guyana, and that was the elevation of Guyana’s image and presence in the Persian Gulf region and among the 84 countries that participated in the Doha Forum. Guyana’s Middle East envoy, George Hallaq, represented Guyana at this year’s Doha Forum that was held in May in the Qatari capital. Earlier in the year, in February, Hallaq was in Doha to deliver a letter to Sheikh Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of Qatar from Guyana’s President Donald Ramotar.

Besides using the forum to expand Guyana/Qatar bilateral ties, Hallaq used the occasion to court the private sector to participate in the first Caribbean Gulf Forum to be held in Guyana this coming November. The international guests of honour in this year’s Doha Forum included President Mahinda Rajapaksa of Sri Lanka and former President of Senegal and current Secretary General of the International Organization of La Francophonie, Abdou Diouf. The Doha Forum 2012 is the 12th edition of this Forum and takes place in the presence of Sheikh Hamad

PPP from acting against the police force. Unless there is radical reform of the police force, there will be no serious change or challenge to corruption at the highest level where the nation loses the most. A corrupt force and the refusal to tackle corruption aids the corrupt PPP as it fears a clean, transparent and honest police force will crack down on the biggest thieves within the PPP fold. So, the GPF will not be cleansed until the head of the animal, the PPP and its upper echelon, is cleansed. Thank you Mr. Commissioner for the comedic relief. M. Maxwell

Bin Khalifa Al Thani, Emir of the State of Qatar. The Forum is organized by Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It was attended by more than 610 participants representing 84 countries and organizations features very high-profile personalities, eminent political leaders, decision-makers and members of parliament, renowned businessmen, academics, media figures and experts, as well as representatives of the civil society and regional and international organizations. Guyana was the only Caribbean country that participated in the event. Ray Chickrie

was denied the opportunity of participation due to unforeseen circumstances. However, I believe with the advancement of technology and security in place in London, the Guyanese Olympian Raul Lall (Judo) is very likely to have a safe running in London. Raul Lall (Judo) has been one of my picks to once again be the flag bearer on behalf of the Judo Fraternity and my expectation is that the third time will be the charm. Brittany Van Lang (Aquatics) is another pick because she might very well be the youngest from the entire contingent and for sure among the females. If my pick becomes a reality from the shortlist, perhaps a coin toss might be the way out for the Guyana Olympic Association. For the record, I have never met or known Raul Lall or Brittany Van Lang. I also hope the reason for my pick is understood and there is not any bias towards the other athletes that makes up the contingent to the 30th Olympiad, London. T. Pemberton

CAR RENTAL Progressive auto rental, cars from $4,000 per day. Call: 6435122, 656-0087, Al’s car pick up & canter rental Call:698-7807 Premio,110 Corolla.Call:6797139 FABS RENTAL,cars & jeeps rental Call:600-6890 or email

(From page 22) FOR RENT Complete salon to rent: dryers, chairs, workstation, sink; Hadfield Street, Simone 227-0501 Bobcat for rent Call:610-3575 East Street hospital vicinity,two flats,residence and doctor’s office.B&G’s Realty 227-4125,6179717,682-4094 Accomodation urgently required to rent 2/3 bedroom unfurnished house in Wisroc/Amelia Ward Linden Call:225-6178 for details. 3 Storey Building,fully furnished Nandy Park US$2,200 Call:699-5490.

VEHICLES FOR SALE Just arrived: Allion and Premio, tel: 624-2000, 6221610 2007 Toyota Ractis $2.7M,2004 Mazda RX8 $2.8M,Never Registered Call:617-2891 3 Ton enclosed,3 ton freezer & 3 ton open back canter,never registered Call: 617-2891 Toyota Tundra,fully loaded with tray cover,rims GKK series $3.2M Call:2272027,227-5500,623-4045 Toyota Hilux pick-up, solid DEF, 4X4 long base, diesel, excellent condition Call: 6230243 Titan 4x4 GMM,tray cover,rims $3M Negotiable Call:227-2027,227-5500,6234045 Dually Dodge RAM for interior Call:227-2027,2275500,623-4045 Toyota IST PNN Series Excellent condition Call:678-3148,672-5166

PROPERTY FOR SALE Two storeyed house & land with all modern conveniences on prime road front location on W.C.D Call:625-6833 13 Acres transported land,double lot with a 2 storey house,lots of fruit trees,Canal # 2 $11M Call: 660-1353 One two storey property for sale concrete, fully grilled, concrete fence etc Call:6577226 Property @ Coven Garden $9.5M Negotiable Call:2653227,651-8931 East Bank $12M,Kitty $35M,Section K $27M,Albertown $29M DIANA 227-2256,626-9382 Sheriff Street $70M, Campbellville $30M, Queenstown $130M,Robb Street $150M DANA 2272256,626-9382 One business propert, Brickery Public,East Bank Demerara Call:660-8128 1-3 bedroom house,going business spot (newly renovate), Bloomfield Public Road,Berbice Call: 690-6520, 642-0110 House for sale located at Yarowkabra on 100sq x 300sq,land light and water available Call:690-5931 Samantha Point 3M,Business Property Church Street US$600,000,Agricola 3 house 1 lot $20M Call:699-5490 Shell Road Kitty,3 storey $55M,Agriculture Road (Land) $21M,Mon Repos (Property) $25M Call:699-5490

To y o t a P r e m i o , 2 0 0 2 , silver, CD, fogs, never registered 269-0432,6860323 Toyota IST,2002,Silver,4 wheel disc brakes, mags, CD, never registered 269-0432, 686-0323 Toyota Corolla (NZE), magrims, music system etc. mint condition $1.950M Negotiable Call:6915703,627-6317 1 EP 71 Starlet,1 Toyota Ceres,192 Carina,AT 170,1 Mitsubishi RVR and Lancer,1 Carry Pickup Call:644-5096,697-1453 Toyota Caldina Wagon,New Engine & Transmission Call:623-5252 Quantum Auto. In stock Toyota Premio, Allion, Spacio, Fielders and Raums Fully loaded 624-7684,6172378 1 Spacio (Unregistered) new model,fully loaded $2.5M,1 Premio (Dark Grey) Unregistered $3M Call:6210956, 641-0795 Mercedes Benz E-Class PMM Series Call:688-8177 Jags’Auto, VVTI, IRZ Manual Buses, Premio, Wagon, IST Call: 616-7635 1 Toyota Pick up V6 Call:642-4779 1 long base VVTI, ABS Mini bus in excellent working condition BLL 7119. Contact Tony 641-3906 1-F-150 Year (2002), Six cylinder engine (milage 36000), fully loaded, excellent condition. Call: 690-6520, 6420110

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Wednesday July 11, 2012

The Abigail Column Girl’s friend sleeps around DEARABIGAIL, My friend has had sex with several men. She is having safe sex, so it’s not dangerous in that sense and she claims to be enjoying herself. However, it seems to me that such behaviour is unhealthy and damaging to one’s emotional state and reputation — but I’m not sure how to explain to her how I feel, or articulate what is wrong with her how she’s

acting. Do you think what she’s doing is wrong, and if so, how should I confront her? Concerned Friend Dear Concerned Friend, While it may be disconcerting for you to think of your friend having sex with multiple partners, it’s tricky to pinpoint exactly how (and if) this behaviour will impact your friend psychologically or socially. For some young women, casual sex can be associated with depression or lower self-esteem. But it’s not safe to assume that casual sex will cause negative outcomes for all women (or your friend).

Once you’re clear about your own concerns, you can propose that the two of you have a conversation about the fact that you seem to be making different sexual choices and how those choices may be impacting you positively and negatively. Remember to ask permission before getting started — your friend may not want to talk about it, that’s her decision. Also, keep in mind that while you have concerns for your friend and are a good friend for expressing them to her, she may not end up sharing those concerns.

Wednesday July 11, 2012 ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) Don’t let your jealousy be the reason for a decaying relationship. Coworkers may not be completely honest with you; try not to rely on help from others. You will have to control the way you feel.

LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) Don’t use the interstate as a racetrack. You can make money if you get involved in real estate deals. You can make a difference if you take a position of leadership. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22)

TAURUS (Apr. 21- may 21) Changes in your home will be positive. Property investments should payoff. Don’t make unreasonable promises. Look into the cost factor, but don’t try to get backing yet. GEMINI (May 22-June 21) Better still, take your mate and let them foot the bill. This is a good day to check out your investments. Try not to lend or borrow money today. CANCER (June 22-July 22) Don’t be too quick to judge those you live with. Financial affairs do not look too favorable today. Be on your best behavior. LEO (July 23-Aug 22) Your diplomatic approach and rather outgoing nature will enhance your reputation and bring you the support you need. You may be tempted to get involved in secret affairs or love triangles. Good day for romance.

Don’t blow situations out of proportion. This is not the best day to visit relatives who get on your nerves. Be careful not to lead someone on if you truly have no interest. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 Dec. 21) Focus, and concentrate on yourself and your future. Your involvement in organizational events could open doors to new and exciting opportunities. Selfimprovement could bring amazing results. CAPRICORN (Dec 22.Jan. 20) Take care of any medical problems if they’ve been troubling you. You will meet potential new mates through friends or relatives. Your determination may make you a little overbearing when dealing with others. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) They didn’t fully understand what was expected. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Do what you can but don’t jeopardize your health trying t o p l e a s e everyone.

VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) You will have excellent ideas for changing or renovating your home. An older member of the family may need assistance. You need to fulfill your needs and present your talents.

PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) Your high energy must be directed into productive goals, or frustrations will occur. Don’t expect anyone else to pay your bills for you.

Wednesday July 11, 2012

Kaieteur News

Letter to the Sports Editor

Tapeball cricket has lost another great warrior DEAR EDITOR, Only last year November the Tarmac Sports Club lost Patrice Welcome their inspirational Captain by accident on Aubrey Barker Road. Now the former National Tape Ball Champions is mourning again, this time for the charismatic fast bowler Garfield Morris. Morris passed away Monday 10th July 2012 after a brief illness. Known more for his exploits for Police Sports Club in Division one cricket, he also had the distinct honour of representing Demerara several times at the Senior Inter County level. In 2005 Morris was appointed Captain of the First Demerara Inter County

Tapeball Team, and at the helm he ensured Demerara won both matches against Essequibo in 2005. Sleep on Champ. The 2005 inaugural inter County Demerara Tape Ball Team : Garfield Morris deceased\ Patrice Welcome deceased Justin Plummer Nagassar Sawh Julien Kellman Wahid Warde Shahid Gittens Rawle Allicock Rudy McDonald Ashford Ifill David Dick Lawrence Farnum Antonnet Atwell Paul Bevaughn

Garfield Morris Estwick Warde Dexter Lewis Charwayne Walker Manager Jermaine Neblette - Coach Charwayne Walker

FIFA to name key anticorruption figures next week (Reuters) - FIFA will appoint next week the two figures who will play key roles in trying to banish corruption from soccer’s governing body, a decision that was originally due to be taken in May. FIFA’s executive committee will hold a special meeting on July 17 to confirm the nominations for chairmen of the two chambers of its recently-reformed ethics committee, FIFA said in a statement on Tuesday. The meeting will also discuss its recent decision to allow a team representing the former Serbian province of Kosovo to play friendly international matches. FIFA’s Congress has already approved the decision to split the ethics committee which in the last two years has been responsible for investigating several cases of corruption.

These related to the contest for the hosting of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups and last year’s FIFA presidential election. Although the ethics committee has banned a number of high-ranking officials, including FIFA presidential candidate Mohamed bin Hammam who has been kicked out of the game for life, it has been criticized for not taking the initiative and only acting in the wake of media reports. Top international prosecutor Luis MorenoOcampo, best known for pursuing war criminals, is expected to be named as head of the chamber responsible for investigating cases. The other chamber will be responsible for judging cases and handing out sanctions. The chairman proposed by FIFA’s independent

governance committee declined the offer for health reasons in May, delaying the reform process. The members of the two chambers will also be confirmed next Tuesday, FIFA said. However, further reforms proposed by the governance committee, headed by Professor Mark Pieth from the Basel Institute for Governance, will only be put before FIFA’s next Congress in May 2013. These include age limits for the FIFA president and executive committee members who would also be restricted to two four-year mandates. On Kosovo, FIFA said in May it would allow a national team to play friendlies but the decision upset European soccer ’s governing body UEFA as well as the Serbian football federation.

London residents lose missiles case (Reuters) - Worried residents have lost a High Court battle to stop surface-to-air missiles being stationed on the roof of a 17-storey residential tower block during the London Olympics. The tenants fear the missile base above their heads could make them the focus for an attack but a judge ruled on Tuesday they did not have an arguable case, the Press Association reported. The Ministry of Defence (MoD) says there is no credible threat and that the siting of the missiles is both “legitimate and proportionate”. The block is one of six sites in the capital where missiles, including rapier and highvelocity systems, will be deployed to protect Games venues. The residents applied for permission to seek judicial review, saying there had been a

“disproportionate interference” with their human rights, and that they were not consulted properly. Their lawyers argued during a one-day hearing that those who wanted to move out should at least be relocated in hotels by the MoD for the duration of the Games, or a gantry should be erected away from the block to take the missile system. But Mr Justice Haddon-Cave said in his ruling on Tuesday: “The law and the facts militate against the claim for judicial review. “In my judgment the MoD’s voluntary engagement with the community and residents in this matter were immaculate”. On Monday Marc Willers, representing the residents, told the court: “It is the unprecedented sitting of a military base or missile site in peace time on English soil that brings us to this court.”

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Digicel supports Devers Journalist returns to T&T Brain Surgeon on July 23 International Cricket broadcaster and Guyanese Sports Journalist Sean Devers will return to Trinidad on July 23 for evaluation on his Brain Tumor and Digicel has chipped in with financial support. The former National Cricketer was seen by Radiologist Dr Omar Khan and Brain Surgeon Dr Robert Ramsarran in Trinidad in February and it was recommended that Surgery not be done at that time since it would have affected Devers’ speech. Devers is currently on two types of medication to control seizures which is triggered by stress. The Level One Cricket Coach is also being treated for depression and explained that he is now more able to control his seizures ahead of his return to Trinidad. Digicel on Friday last contributed US$1,000 to the cost of Devers’ MRIs and his air travel and Devers expressed gratitude to the cell phone service providers. “Digicel continues to be

a great corporate citizen not only by supporting sports or entertainment but by helping to save lives. This (contribution) was touching since I did not even ask for it. Digicel is my cricket sponsor and I was told by Gavin Hope (Digicel’s Events and Sponsorship Manager) that an e-mail was sent to me offering funding for some of my medical bills. I had not even read it and it had to be re-sent. That is the type of Company Digicel is,” Devers informed. “This has been a terrible year for me but I believe everything happens for a reason….” Devers, who says his priorities have changed since his illness, appealed to the public to help six-year-old Shurlock Semple who has to raise US$50,000 for his Brain Tumor surgery in Trinidad. “I am fortunate to have gotten so much support due to cricket and I can just imagine what Shurlock’s parents are going through. He has not even lived his life as yet. I have put a little bit into

Sean Devers his Republic Bank account (751-025-8) but it will take quite a lot to reach his goal. I hope that my plea for him helps in some way since I can tell you what it feels like emotionally to know you have a tumor in your brain despite how positive you try to be,” Devers said. Devers said he is lucky to have found out about his tumor in its early stages and encouraged people to go for regular check-ups even if they are not sick since the general culture of West Indies is to only go to the doctor only when you are ill.

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Bolt could break nine-second barrier says Tommie Smith (Reuters) - World 100 meters record holder Usain Bolt could break the ninesecond barrier if he gets a start as fast as his training partner Yohan Blake, according to the former world 200 meters record holder Tommie Smith. Bolt, who was beaten by Blake in both the 100 a n d 2 0 0 a t t h i s y e a r ’s Jamaican trials, set his world record of 9.58 seconds at the 2009 Berlin world championships. He also reduced his own world 200 record to 19.19 in Berlin. “If he gets a Blake start, we are looking at 8.9, 8.88, three eights in the 100 meters,” Smith told Reuters on Tuesday. “If he gets a Blake start in the 200 and comes off the turn with that technique of his, he might really go sub-19.” Smith set a world record of 19.83 seconds in the thin air of Mexico City at the 1968 Olympics, a mark which stood for 11 years. On Smith’s own reckoning if he had not lost speed by raising his arms in triumph over the final strides he would “have been pushing 18.9, 19.1, 19.2.” “I thought I was great when I ran,” Smith added. “I didn’t have the start and I didn’t have the power. “My

average speed was quite close to Usain Bolt’s speed. But he gained his full speed I would say five meters, six or seven strides sooner than I did. He’s so powerful that he can get full speed 40 meters out in the 100, 120 meters of the 200. “He’s taller than me and more powerful. It scares you.” Americans Smith and John Carlos, who finished third in Mexico City, provided one of the iconic images of the turbulent 1960s when they bowed their heads and raised black-gloved fists at the victory ceremony in an unprecedented protest on behalf of their oppressed black compatriots. Smith was in London for a brief visit at the invitation of the campaign group Operation Black Vote, who paid for his fare, where he will help promote the film “Salute”, which tells the story of Australian Peter Norman who finished second in Mexico City. Smith will also attend the athletics competition at the London Olympics next month. Norman, who died in 2006, wore a human rights badge on the podium in support of Smith and Carlos. None of the trio was ever selected to run for his country again.

BLAKE (left) and BOLT... to run both sprints

Haynes Foundation supports American Cancer Society - Ride for a cure

The Haynes Foundation Team from left: Jerry Laine, Dr. Stacy Haynes, Paul Haynes, Patrick Haynes, Greg Kupniewski and Lindi von Mutius. On Sunday, July 8th, 2012, the Haynes Foundation Inc. participated in the 40th Annual American Cancer Society (ACS) Bike-a-thon in efforts to raise $1 Million to fight cancer. The annual bike-a-thon is ACS’s largest fundraising event. ACS is all about saving lives by helping people stay well, get well, find cures, & fight back. The American Cancer

to assist George, a serving rank of the Police Force. Boyce adding that he realized that the athlete at this time needs all the support that he can acquire stated that he expects him to come out successful at the London Games. The President of the Association continued by staying that the donation made my Fitness Express will be a boost to Track and Field in Guyana. Boyce hopes that the George continues to

Society is a nationwide, community-based voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, the ACS has 12 chartered Divisions, more than 900 local offices nationwide, and a presence in more than 5,100 communities. The Haynes Foundation team comprised of Paul Haynes, Patrick Haynes,

Jerry Laine, Greg Kupniewski, Dr. Stacy Haynes and Lindi von Mutius a cancer survivor. The 66 mile ride began at the Ben Franklyn Bridge – Philadelphia, PA and ended at the Buena Vista Campgrounds - Buena, NJ (Atlantic County). The Haynes Foundation was excited about their part in fighting cancer and plans to make this an annual event. Haynes Foundation Inc.

is a New Jersey based nonprofit charity that promotes programmes which enhance the development of life skills through education, health and sports by providing the necessary resources and services to enhance the personal growth and development of disadvantaged children who might otherwise never realize their potential in both Guyana and the USA.

Sanasie‘s perjury case adjourned to... From back page accusations were baseless and explained that as Secretary of the GCB Sanasie is obliged to sign all GCB documents adding that everything he signs is under the instruction of the GCB after their lawyers would have been contacted. Datadin said the offending document was drafted by the Board’s Lawyer and nothing in the Affidavit is false giving the charges no base in law. The charges were made indictable and Datadin lamented the lack of readiness of the Police. “It’s a travesty that for months the Police have been investigating this matter and asked my client to report to the Eve Leary Police Station on four occasions yet they

Olympic qualifier Winston George... From page 31 body.”We don’t have a lot of Olympians and that only comes around every four years. I have been reading about his exploits for the past few months in the dailies and I know 400m sprinters can benefit greatly from supplementations.” On behalf of the Athletics Association/Guyana Police Force, Boyce commenting after the presentation expressed his gratitude to the owner for coming on board

Wednesday July 11, 2012

recognize the need to work as he endeavors to bring home a medal to the Land of Many Waters. “I trust that George will continue to recognize the need to work hard and not only to make himself proud nor the Guyana Police Force proud, but the Cooperate Guyana as he endeavors to bring home a medal. If he does not get into the final, well so be it, I think he has quite a far way to go and he is still young and focused.” (Juanita Hooper)

turned up in Court today (yesterday) and were not ready to move forward,” Datadin said. “The Judicial system in Guyana is so slow in protecting the trampling of the rights of its Citizens that by the time Mr Sanasie and the GCB are able to clear their names the damage would have already been done,” Datadin opined. This latest twist in the saga started with court proceedings involving two rival factions of the GCB and its affiliates, which prompted government’s move to bring some order to local cricket following by appointing an IMC to run the game after a now famous ruling by Chief Justice Ian Chang, which in part deemed the GCB as a legal non-entity. This resulted in more trips to the High Court and the locking of the GCB office by the Ministry of Sport. An eventual order was obtained by the GCB to have the doors reopened. However, the subsequent moves by Government saw legal proceeding instituted and several officials of the GCB, including Sanasie’s home and business premises, searched. This turned out to be the last straw for the GCB officials who tendered their resignations, leaving the IMC to deal with the sport. In between, the WICB and

CARICOM intervened and several meetings were held between the stakeholders and the WICB and by extension the ICC. The latter two stated that Government should not forcibly take over the sport. The WICB subsequently withdrew several international matches from Guyana following Government’s move. A frustrated Datadin said that an example of the slow working of the judicial system

in Guyana is the case between former GCB official and the Attorney General which went to the Caribbean Court of Justice and was heard in a very short time. “The Caribbean Court of Justice issued a ruling in three weeks and directed the Guyana Court of Appeal to hear the matter. We are ready and have been waiting for a month now and we are still to hear anything about the matter,” Datadin informed.

Gayle tells Windies to... From back page in 2011. Wednesday’s match will be at Warner Park on the island of St Kitts, the sister island of Nevis, where Morton was born and learned to play the game. “The last time I was here was sad moment for the funeral of my friend Runako Morton. We are using this as a tribute game to Runako. As players, we came together and decided to pull this together,” Gayle said. “This is one for Runako. I gather that his wife will be here for the match and we want to give his family and the crowd something to cheer about. We will wear his number on our shirts. We will put in the extra work and try to win tomorrow for Runako. It’s a Public Holiday and we are hoping for a huge turn-out.” First ball today is 9.30 am (8.30 am Jamaica Time). FULL SQUAD: Darren Sammy (Captain), Dwayne Bravo (Vice Captain), Tino Best, Johnson Charles, Chris Gayle, Sunil Narine, Kieron Pollard, Denesh Ramdin, Ravi Rampaul, Andre Russell, Marlon Samuels, Lendl Simmons, Dwayne Smith

Wednesday July 11, 2012

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Tour rider arrested for doping Fully loaded! Fraser-Pryce takes VILLIE-MORGON, France (AP) — A French rider in the Tour de France has been arrested at his team hotel and suspended by his team in connection with a doping investigation. Judicial officials said Cofidis rider Remy Di Gregorio was arrested Monday night. The officials requested anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly as the investigation is ongoing. Officials said two other people suspected of supplying Di Gregorio with banned substances were arrested - one along with the rider in Bourg-en-Bresse, and another in Marseille. Cofidis said in a statement that it will stay in the race but Di Gregorio is ‘’provisionally suspended’’ pending the outcome of an investigation. ‘’The suspicion surrounding the rider that has been implicated, Remy Di Gregorio, led us to strictly and immediately apply our team sanctions for breaking ethical rules,’’ the French

Remy Di Gregorio team said in a statement. Cofidis said Di Gregorio will be fired if convicted of any wrongdoing. Di Gregorio’s team was staying in Bourg-en-Bresse on Tuesday, the Tour’s first rest day. The investigation began last June and is led by the French police agency responsible for doping investigations, OCLAESP, and Marseille police. The 26-year-old Di Gregorio was in 35th place

after Monday’s ninth stage. The Marseille native turned pro in 2005 with French team Francaise des Jeux, and was once considered one of France’s most promising young riders. When the investigation began last year, Di Gregorio was riding for Astana. He won one stage in the 2011 ParisNice race with the Kazahk team. This season, he has had one stage win, in the Spanish Tour of Asturias in April. In the 2008 Tour de France, Cofidis pulled out of the race following Italian rider Cristian Moreni’s positive test for testosterone. In 2004, French police arrested then-Cofidis riders David Millar of Britain and Cedric Vasseur of France in another doping investigation involving the team and seized male hormones, EPO and amphetamines. Another former Cofidis rider, Phillipe Gaumont, accused several of his teammates and the team doctor at the time of widespread doping.

DRS research not shown to ICC board From page 28 endorsed by both the ICC’s cricket committee a n d chief executives committee, with Dr Rosten’s research a critical part of winning their approval. Following the CEC meeting, an ICC statement read: “CEC recommended to the Board the universal application of the DRS after being satisfied with the technology enhancements provided by new Hotspot cameras and the results of the independent research on ball tracking conducted by Dr Ed Rosten, an expert in computer vision technology. Dr Rosten had tested the accuracy and reliability of ball tracking in a recent Test series and concluded that the results were 100% in agreement with the outcomes produced from his assessments.” Much has been made of the back-room politics of the executive board, which appears to be far more consequential to the running of the global game than anything said in formal meetings. Edwards, however, said he did not find it unusual that the DRS was not tabled for a vote, based on his previous experience on various corporate and cricket boards in Australia. Instead, he awaited India’s response to the research they will be presented with. “Obviously if there are debatable issues we try to

debate them. The more difficult the issue, the more you should talk,” Edwards said. “But in any boards that I’ve been on, there are very few decisions that will actually go to a ‘we’re going to count the votes here’ situation. Governance is one of them, but most others you’ll find a consensus that says ‘yeah right we’ll give that a run’. I didn’t find it unusual. “We knew where India stand on it, and at this point in time they’re not ready to change their thoughts. Those lines you see on TV, are they accurate, that’s the

scepticism. It looks accurate, but from their point of view they are reluctant just to accept it as gospel. I think it is possible they’ll change, but we’ll have to wait and see how they go with this new information in India.” Previous attempts have been made to demonstrate the intricacies and accuracy of ball-tracking and other technology to the BCCI, notably via a planned trip to Australia during the 2010-11 Ashes series. On that occasion the visit was at first approved by the BCCI but then ruled out due to “scheduling difficulties”.

on sprint double at Olympics Jamaica Observer HAVING set the National Stadium alight in winning the sprint double at the JAAA/ Supreme Ventures National Championships last month, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce will tackle both events in London in a matter of weeks. The Olympic 100m champion heads a list of 49 athletes named yesterday to represent the nation in four sporting disciplines at the Olympics Games which begin on July 27. The ‘Pocket Rocket’ clocked a national record 10.70 seconds to erase her previous mark of 10.73 to win the 100 at the June Olympic Trials, then returned to post a personal best 22.10 seconds to win the 200m. The athletics competition at the Games is slated for August 3-12. Not surprisingly, reigning world 100m men’s champion Yohan Blake, who also doubled at last month’s Trials, will do likewise in London, as will triple gold medallist Usain Bolt. Fraser-Pryce is one of 23 female athletes named, with double 200m champion Veronica Campbell-Brown — who is seeking a third halflap title and her first over 100m — also included. Defending champion Melaine Walker heads the list of female 400m hurdlers, alongside Kaliese Spencer and Nickeisha Wilson, with Novlene Williams-Mills, Rosemarie Whyte and Christine Day down for the individual 400m and Shericka Williams, Shereefa Lloyd, and Dominique Blake part of the mile relay squad. Olympic 100m silver medallist Kerron Stewart will line up in the short dash as

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce well as in the sprint relay, while Sherone Simpson will compete in the 200m and will be part of the 4x100m relay squad alongside Samantha Henry-Robinson and Schillonie Calvert. Kenia Sinclair (800m); Brigitte Foster-Hylton, Shermaine Williams, and Latoya Greaves (100m hurdles); Allison Randall (discus); Korine Hinds (3000m Steeplechase), and Kimberly Williams and Trecia Smith in the triple jump complete the Women’s lineup. On the Men’s side, Asafa Powell will be hunting his first individual 100m medal, while Michael Frater, Kemar BaileyCole and Nesta Carter will form part of Jamaica’s defence of its 4x100m title. Hansle Parchment, Andrew Riley and Richard Phillips (110m hurdles); Jermaine Gonzales, Dane Hyatt and Rusheen McDonald in the 400m; Errol Nolan, Riker Hylton and Edino Steele in the 4x400m; Roxroy Cato, Josef Robertson and Leford Green in the 400m

hurdles; Dorian Scott (shot put); first-timers Traves Smikle and Jason Morgan in the discus; Warren Weir in the 200m and Damar Forbes in the long jump complete the Men’s squad. Jamaica will be represented at the Olympics for the first time in Taekwondo by Kenneth Edwards. That competition runs August 8-11, while swimmer Alia Atkinson competes in the 100m breaststroke. This sport takes place July 28 to August 4. Equestrian Samantha Albert, who is based in the United Kingdom, will be the first Jamaican to bow into action when she takes her mount Carraigh Dubh through the eventing competition at Greenwich from July 28 to August 1. The team of officials will be headed by chef-demission Don Anderson, with Compton Rodney as his deputy. Merlene Hamilton (female manager); Ludlow Watts (athletics team manager) and Donald Quarrie (athletics technical manager); Maurice Wilson, Maurice Westney, Bert Cameron and Fitz Coleman (coaches); Dr Warren Blake (chief medical officer); Dr Pramainand Singh, and Winston Dawes (medical officers); Karen Julius and Michelle Depass (physiotherapists); Everald Edwards, Gavin James, Colin Turner and Patrick Watson (masseurs); Anthony Pasmore (equestrian team manager); Gladstone Bernard (taekwondo manager); Martin Lyn (swim team manager) and Christopher Anderson (swim coach) complete the list of officials.

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Wednesday July 11, 2012

GFF/FFP donates footballs GFF KO Super League set for today to Timehri Prisons The commencement of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) 2012 Knock out (KO) Super 8 League, which was slated for last week and was forced to be postponed due to unforeseen circumstances which were beyond the organisers control will get underway today. The League which will see eight top teams participating and battling for a spot in the final will see action at the Georgetown Football Club (GFC) ground with a double header from 18:30 hrs. The first match will be an engagement between Mining Town’s Milerock and Western Tigers of the city; the youthful Milerock participated in the CFU Club

Championship which was held at the Guyana National Stadium earlier in the year and will look to make their mark and move onto the latter stages of the tournament. Pele and Amelia’s Ward will throw down the gauntlet in the final match for the night in another Linden vs Georgetown affair. Amelia’s Ward is currently ranked 3rd in the GFF Super League with 18 points after defeating Milerock. The League continues Friday at 18:00 hrs with Rosignol United and Den Amstel engaging. In the feature game Alpha United and the youthful Buxton United will clash. The Semifinals and Final are scheduled for Wednesday July 25th July and Sunday July 29th at the same venue.

Hope Solo tests positive for prohibited substance, gets public warning

GFF General Secretary Noel Adonis (right) hands over one of the balls to Officer in Charge of the Timehri Prisons Mr. Carlton Cameron in the presence of MOL&HS Social Welfare Officer Ms. Carol Beresford. The Guyana Football Federation (GFF) in conjunction with Food For the Poor (Guy) (FFP)

recently handed over a quantity of footballs to the Timehri Prisons for use by the inmates of that facility.

GFF/EDFA U-13 League to kick off at Melanie Ground today Under-13 youths on the East Coast of Demerara will get into competition mode when the Guyana Football Federation / East Demerara Football Association Under-13 League kicks off at Melanie Community Ground from 13:30hrs today. Set to get the action underway are Bakewell Buxton Stars and Plaisance with Black Water FC coming up against Youth Developers at 14:45hrs. Two more matches will be contested on Friday; BV Triumph United will take on Buxton United with the feature game between Golden Stars and home team Melanie Damishana.

Ballot Box Martyrs 55-Miler set for Sunday in Berbice The annual Ballot Box Martyrs 55-mile cycle Road Race will be contested this Sunday in the Ancient County of Berbice from 09:00hrs. Riders will pedal off from Freedom House, New Amsterdam - seniors and juniors proceeding to Corriverton Police Station before returning to No. 63 Village for the finish. Veterans, upright and female competitors will finish on the upward journey at 63 Village. The first six (6) finishers in the open category will be rewarded while the first three (3) juniors, veterans, upright and first two (2) females along with the first veteran

over-60 years will also receive prizes. Sunday’s event is sponsored by Mr. Chris Jagdeo of Corentyne. Warren McKay won the senior category last year in Two Hours 14 Minutes 03Seconds. Neil Reece was the junior winner, while Seeban Fernandes took the veteran category, Richard Charles upright; Walter Isaacs (veteran over – 60) while Marica Dick won among the females. M e a n w h i l e , transportation for cyclists and officials to Berbice will leave at 05:00hors on Sunday July 15 from the National Sports Commission Office, 91 Middle Street, South Cummingsburg.

The donation was consistent with the objectives articulated by both the Federation and FFP for the distribution of the footballs intended for disadvantaged groups and communities, all over Guyana, and for the development of the game. Receiving the balls on behalf of the Timehri Prisons were Officer in C h a rg e M r. C a r l t o n Cameron and Probation and Social Welfare Officer of the Ministry of Labour and Human Services, Ms. Carol Beresford. The donation from the GFF and FFP was a direct result of a request from Ms. Beresford who in her professional capacity has responsibility for developing programmes to aid in the rehabilitation and social interaction of inmates and to prepare them for life after incarceration. The football development is therefore seen as one component of a larger sports programme planned for the Timehri and other Prisons. The Prison authorities were commended by Mr. Adonis for their initiative and progressive outlook in having the inmates involved in sport activities, and gave assurance of the GFF’s ongoing support for the programme, not only at Timehri, but also at other locations.

The day before the U.S. women’s soccer team departs for its Olympic training camp in England, goalkeeper Hope Solo has accepted a public warning from the U.S. AntiDoping Agency (USADA) after testing positive for a prohibited substance. Solo won’t face any punishment beyond the warning since the agency accepted her reasoning that the presence of the prohibited substance was from a doctor-prescribed medication for premenstrual purposes. The USADA’s official website stated: Solo, 30, tested positive for Canrenone as the result of an out-of-competition urine sample collected on June 15, 2012. Canrenone is prohibited under the USADA Protocol for Olympic and Paralympic Movement Testing and the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) anti-doping rules, both of which have adopted the World Anti-Doping Code (“Code”) and the World AntiDoping Agency Prohibited List.

Canrenone is classified as a Specified Substance, and therefore the presence of Canrenone in an athlete’s sample can result in a reduced sanction. Solo was taking a prescribed medication, in a therapeutic dose under the care of a physician. The medication when metabolized resulted in the adverse analytical finding. “I took a medication prescribed by my personal doctor for pre-menstrual purposes that I did not know contained a diuretic. Once informed of this fact, I immediately cooperated with USADA and shared with them everything they needed to properly conclude that I made an honest mistake, and that t h e m e d i c ation did not enhance my performance in any way,” said Hope Solo. “As someone who believes in clean sport, I am glad to have worked with USADA to resolve this matter and I look forward to representing my country at the 2012 Olympic Games in London.” According to the

Hope Solo USADA’s guide, Specified Substances are “particularly susceptible to unintentional anti-doping rule violations because of their general availability in medicinal products or which are less likely to be successfully abused as doping agents.” And since Solo’s excuse checked out in the agency’s investigation of circumstances, she’s just been given the warning and will still play in the Olympics.

DRS research not shown to ICC board Cricinfo ICC Site - Independent research that may have swayed the ICC’s executive board into approving mandatory use of the DRS was not shown at its meeting in Kuala Lumpur, despite being pivotal in convincing both the cricket committee and the chief executives’ committee of the technology’s accuracy. Wally Edwards, the Cricket Australia chairman, has revealed that the research on ball-tracking conducted by Dr Ed Rosten, an expert in computer vision technology, was left off the agenda of the executive board meeting, which concluded without the issue of DRS even being put to a vote due to India’s reluctance to accept its use. The ICC will now send a mission to India to show Dr Rosten’s research to the BCCI, alongside details of the enhancements made to Hot Spot, the infrared cameras used to detect edges that had their accuracy questioned after the 2011 Test series between England and India. Edwards told ESPNcricinfo that while other members of the board had also expressed some reluctance to go ahead with mandatory use of the DRS, he believed the

tabling of Dr Rosten’s research may have resulted in a different outcome. “ICC had got some independent research done on the accuracy and all those issues. Now unfortunately they didn’t present that information to the board,” Edwards said. “India have agreed and the boards have agreed for ICC management to go to India and take all the information, take their presentations, take their technical support and talk to them over there. “India are willing to look at it, but they’re sceptical, and others are too - it’s not just India. I think it is part of the game for the future, but it’s a good time to review. Unfortunately if that presentation, or whatever it is they had, had been presented to the board it might have changed things. But we probably need another process, because people would have to go back to their boards and say ‘this is the latest, can we move from where we are to there’. Obviously Australia supports it, and we understand there’s still an error factor, but overall it’s better than what we had.” The accuracy of the DRS had been warmly Continued on page 27

Wednesday July 11, 2012

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25th Edition Friday Night Fights Bradford urges GFF to widen their lenses when selecting national teams Clive Atwell goes after Revlon Lake in toughest bout of his career

By Rawle Welch Chairman of Region 7 Gordon Bradford, speaking with this newspaper shortly after the conclusion of the regional final between Waramadong and Santa Rosa in this year’s Digicel Nationwide Schools Football Competition, called on the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) to widen their lenses when selecting players for the national team. Bradford, who was invited to witness the game during one of his community outreaches, said he was extremely impressed by the talent on display during the game and urged the GFF to not only contain their focus on players from the coastland, but also in the hinterland where an abundant of talent reside, especially within the Amerindian communities. “We have a lot of players who to my mind are just as good or even better than some of those t h a t I ’ v e s e e n selected to the national squad and I’m making an appeal to the local administrators of the sport to send scouts into some of these areas where they can spot some of the rich talent that reside there,” Bradford stated.

Gordon Bradford Giving Region 7 as an example, Bradford spoke of the passion for the sport among the communities where players start honing their skills from an early age under supervised leadership, while the advantage of playing consistently helps to their abilities and also increases their intelligence of the game. He opined that until what he has suggested in done, then Guyanese will never feel satisfied with the composition of the national team since it lacks representation from a wider cross section of the country.

Bradford also spoke of the support the sport receives within the various communities which again according to him is enormous. Residents come from remote villages travelling sometimes for as much as 2-3 hours on water in makeshift boats just to have the opportunity to support their teams. Many players according to him go across the border and play at a high level, but always return to represent their communities, especially during their Inter-District Tournament which is run in August. According to Bradford it would be a good thing for the GFF Acting President Franklin Wilson to visit the area during its staging to get a firsthand look at the talent that abound in the hinterland regions. He said he would be issuing an invitation for Wilson to attend the event. Meanwhile, Bradford took the time to thank Digicel for proving the opportunity to the players to exhibit their talent and pleaded with the Company to contemplate bringing a semi-final or final to the community.

Quarter-final action heats up today at four venues

At the Carifesta Sports Complex ground, Georgetown champions Lodge Secondary School would be brimming with confidence following their authoritative 5-1 humiliating win over New Campbellville Secondary will go up against the champions of Region 9, St. Ignatius Secondary School. While the Georgetown champions can look to their inspirational skipper Keith Fletcher who will receive support from Kareem Johnson, Jarrel Thom, Jamal Gibbs, Travis Lyken and their diminutive custodian in Jamal Daly to see them through to the semifinals, St. Ignatius will be relying heavily on Frankie Parks and Mark Joseph to create the upset their coach Terrence Parks is looking for. At the Wisburg ground in Linden, defending

champions of Region 10and last y e a r ’s tournament runners-up Wi s m a r / C h r i s t i a n b u r g S e c o n d a r y, w i l l m a t c h strides with the lesser known Charity Secondary School, with Mario Batson, Nigel Caesar, Marmalique Davidson, Travin Dryden and Daniel English leading the home team’s charge. Not much is known about their opponents, but the fact that they made it this far in the tournament speaks volumes for them and if Wi s m a r / C h r i s t i a n b u r g decides to sit back on their laurels as they did in the first half of their last encounter against Paramakatoi Secondary, then an upset can occur this afternoon. In the Ancient County of Berbice, Tutorial Academy, who are the regional champions of Region 6, will go up against Waramadong

Secondary who will be representing Region 7 with pride and looking to Mc Curd Kramer, Cirilo George and Myles Albert to lead their challenge in today’s encounter. The final quarterfinal action for today, pits Leonora Secondary School who were crowned champions of Region 3, taking on Bygeval Secondary School at the Beterverwagting Community Centre ground, with Andrew Fowler, Kevin Dorway and Aubrey Greene leading the charge for the former against the wiles of Johnson Jack, Kelvin James and Samuel Charles, who will take up the mantle for the latter team. Action in all four matches kicks off at 1530hrs and with a place in Friday’s semifinals being up for grabs along with one year bragging rights and $500,000 for a project of the winning school’s choice, today’s encounter can be mouth watering, if all the principles showcase the talent that brought them thus far in the tournament

Trainer Orland Rogers (standing) and the Berbice boxers appearing on the July card.

Clive Atwell, on a high following his devastating second round knockout over Rudolph Fraser in the 24th edition of the Friday Night Fights last month, will be out to sustain the tempo when he squares off with Barbadian based Guyanese, Revlon Lake when the Guyana Boxing Board of Control (GBBC) presents the 25th edition of that programme at the Cliff Anderson sports Hall (CASH) July 27 next. On a card with heavy emphasis on young talent, Berbician, Richard William son and Dilan Allicock will make their professional debut in a 4 rounds bantamweight encounter, while another debutant, Kishan Simon of the Pocket Rocket Boxing Gym (PRBG) will square off

with Patrick Boston in a 4 rounds catchweight affair. Gladwin Dorway commenced his professional career with a 2nd round knockout victory over David Thomas and will look to improve his standing in a 4 rounds jnr/welterweight contest against Anson Green. The bout becomes more interesting when it is noted that Green had s u r r endered an earlier decision to Thomas and is on the redemption trail. The fighters convened at the Avenue of the Republic offices of Abdool and Abdools Insurance brokers yesterday afternoon and inked their signatures on their respective contracts. Lake is still to arrive from his Barbados base but we

were assured that he will arrive in Guyana soon. Meanwhile, the other pugilists opened camp at their respective gyms countrywide and have assured that they will whip themselves into decent shape for their battles. The ProAm affair is a Guyana Boxing Board of Control initiative in collaboration with the Guyana Amateur Boxing Association (GABA), the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and the National Communication Network. Initially the fights were shown live but are now taped for a delayed broadcast. The admission price still remains at $1,000 and $500 for adults and children respectively. Bell time is 20:00hrs.

Eye injury ends Boucher’s.... From page 30 been a true Proteas warrior, a patriotic South African, a fighter who asks nothing and gives everything. You have been a 100 percenter for this team. “You have been more than a performer, you have b e e n a m o t i v a t o r, a n inspirer, an energizer… and a good friend to many. You leave us today with sad hearts, but also with a deep gratitude for your contributions to our team, and to us as people. The fighting spirit you brought to team remains with us. We wish you a good as possible recovery from your injury. As we bid you a farewell as an International cricketer and wish you well for your future, we keep you as a friend and respected

Proteas warrior.” This tour to England was set to be his final duty for South Africa and the Lord’s Test would have been his 150th appearance. Boucher will end on 998 international dismissals, including 555 from 147 Tests, which is a record. He also took a catch in the field against West Indies when AB de Villiers was keeping. “The extent of the eye injury can be described as severe. The eyeball (globe of the eye) was repaired during the operation,” Mohammed Moosajee, the South Africa manager, told ESPNcricinfo earlier on Tuesday. “The longterm prognosis at this stage remains unknown. He will return home as soon as able to travel and the selectors will announce a replacement

shortly.” The South Africa selectors will name a replacement for Boucher on Wednesday. Thami Tsolekile, earmarked as the successor to Boucher and nationally contracted from April 1, is the likeliest candidate to be called up. However, the coach Gary Kirsten said AB de Villiers would take the gloves for the first Test at The Oval. Tsolekile recently played for the South Africa A side in the two unofficial Tests against Sri Lanka A and has also been named in the squad to travel to Ireland to shadow the senior side from the third Test. He last played for South Africa in 2004 when he represented the country in three Tests including one against England at Port Elizabeth.

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Bopara stars as England rout Australia 4-0

England celebrate their 4-0 series victory. AFP – MANCHESTER: Ravi Bopara starred with bat and ball as England routed Australia by seven wickets in the fifth and final one-day international at Old Trafford here on Tuesday to complete a 4-0 series win. It was the heaviest defeat ever suffered by Australia, still the world number one in the 50-over game, in any headto-head limited overs series. Man-of-the-match Bopara took two wickets for eight runs in four overs with his medium-pacers as England’s attack held Australia to 145 for seven in an innings reduced by rain to 32 overs. Then, after a further rain break saw England set a revised victory target of 138 in 29 overs, Bopara made 52 not out off 56 balls with five fours. Together with England captain Alastair Cook, who made 58, he shared a stand of 92 in 98 balls that took the team to the brink of victory. And when Eoin Morgan struck the winning runs England — who’ve now won 10 one-dayers in a row — triumphed with 11 balls to spare. Before this match, Australia coach Mickey Arthur had called on his side to show some “mongrel” but there was precious little in evidence in this day/night fixture or indeed the series as a whole. And had it not been for a washed-out third match at Edgbaston, England might have been looking at a 5-0 clean sweep which would have taken them to number one and put them on top of the standings in all three international formats. England’s attack put the

brake on Australia’s innings after David Warner had made a run-a-ball 32 following Cook’s decision to field first in overcast conditions upon winning the toss. Australia slumped to 55 for four and 86 for six before No 7 George Bailey’s unbeaten 46 gave them some hope. Off-spinner James Tredwell, in for the injured Tim Bresnan (elbow) and playing his first match at this level since England’s World Cup quarter-final defeat by Sri Lanka in Colombo in March last year, took two for 23 in his maximum seven overs. Australia’s plight would have been worse had not England dropped two catches and missed another before they’d taken a single wicket. But Australia failed to make England pay for their mistakes, with Warner lbw after missing a sweep as Tredwell struck fourth ball. Peter Forrest was run out when Tredwell gathered Samit Patel’s throw from long-on. Two balls later Matthew Wade, who faced 41 balls for just 12 runs after opening in place of the injured Shane Watson, was stumped comfortably by opposing wicket-keeper Craig Kieswetter after going down the pitch to a sharply-spun Tredwell delivery. Clarke couldn’t halt the slide, run out for one by Eoin Morgan’s direct hit. Steven Smith made a useful 21 but was caught down the legside by Kieswetter off Bopara’s first ball loosener. And Bopara made it two for three runs in seven balls when potential dangerman David Hussey, trying to run the ball down to third man, was caught behind.

England, chasing a seemingly modest total, suffered a first over setback when man-of-the-series Ian Bell chipped Clint McKay to Bailey at short mid-wicket. After the rain break, they soon lost Jonathan Trott, bowled trying to sweep Clarke’s fourth ball of left-arm spin. But fellow left-arm spinner Xavier Doherty was driven gloriously through the covers for four by Bopara and ‘milked’ for 34 runs in five overs. Scores: England 138 for 3 (Cook 58, Bopara 52*) beat Australia 145 for 7 (Bailey 46*, Bopara 2-8) by seven wickets (D/L method).

Wednesday July 11, 2012

Perera puts Sri Lanka on top AFP – Young all-rounder Thisara Perera followed his four wickets with 75 off 86 balls as Sri Lanka seized control of the final Test against Pakistan in Pallekele on Tuesday. Pakistan, seeking a serieslevelling win, paid for sloppy fielding as Sri Lanka recovered from a middleorder collapse to make 337 in their first innings on the third day. The tourists, trailing by 111 runs, were 27-1 in their second knock by stumps, losing opener Taufeeq Umar for four, leg-before to seamer Nuwan Kulasekara. Mohammad Hafeez was unbeaten on eight and Azhar Ali was on six, with Pakistan trailing by 84 runs with nine wickets in hand. The resolute batting by the hosts has given them a chance to build on the 1-0 series lead. Sri Lanka won the first Test by 209 runs before the second was drawn. Sri Lanka were only 10 runs ahead when they lost their seventh wicket, but Perera and Kulasekara (33) snatched the initiative by adding 84 for the eighth. Perera, a 23-year-old from Colombo playing only his sixth Test, smashed four fours and three sixes in his maiden half-century after being dropped twice on 11 and 22. Seamer Umar Gul first missed a return catch and then saw skipper Misbah-ul Haq spill a low chance in the slips off his own bowling. Perera, whose four wickets in the first innings engineered Pakistan’s collapse for 226, was last man

Thisara Perera out when he was bowled by left-arm seamer Junaid Khan. Junaid finished with 5-70, his second successive fivewicket haul, while off-spinner Saeed Ajmal claimed 3-66. The third day’s play provided a keen tussle between bat and ball, compensating for the entire second day being lost due to rain. Tharanga Paranavitana and Thilan Samaraweera led Sri Lanka’s charge with a fourth-wicket stand of 143 after surviving a testing morning session in overcast conditions. The pair had come together when skipper Mahela Jayawardene fell off the last ball of the first day’s play to leave Sri Lanka

tottering at 44-3 at stumps. Left-handed Paranavitana scored 75, his highest score in the series, and Samaraweera made 73 in a timely return to form after aggregating just 21 runs in the previous two Tests. Pakistan bounced back in the post-lunch session as Ajmal grabbed two quick wickets to leave Sri Lanka on 204-6 after they were comfortably placed at 187-3. Samaraweera was lucky to get to a half-century as Younis Khan floored a shoulder-high catch off Gul when the batsman was on 49. The fourth-wicket stand was broken midway through the afternoon session when Samaraweera played back to Ajmal and was out leg-before. New man Angelo Mathews began with a promising on-drive off Mohammad Sami for four, but fell for nine when he sliced Junaid to Asad Shafiq at gully. Paranavita’s five-hour vigil ended soon after, bowled by Ajmal to make Sri Lanka 2046, still 23 runs away from gaining the lead. Pakistan felt the absence of wicket-keeper Adnan Akmal, who was confined to the dressing room with a hairline fracture in his left hand sustained while batting on the opening day. Umar, who kept wickets, conceded 16 byes. Scores: Pakistan 226 and 27 for 1 (Hafeez 8*, Azhar 6*) trail Sri Lanka 337 (Paranavitana 75, Perera 75, Samaraweera 73, Junaid 570) by 84 runs.

Eye injury ends Boucher’s career

Mark Boucher was struck in the eye by a bail after Gemaal Hussain was bowled.

Mark Boucher has retired from international cricket after undergoing surgery on the severe eye injury he sustained on the opening day against Somerset. Boucher admitted he faces an “uncertain recovery” after his three-hour operation on Monday evening. Boucher had to leave the field at the end of the 46th over of Somerset’s innings on Monday when a googly from Imran Tahir hit the stumps and a dislodged bail struck Boucher in the left eye. He was diagnosed with a lacerated eyeball and he will return to South Africa as soon as he is able to travel. In a statement read out by Graeme Smith, Boucher said: “It is with sadness, and in some pain, that I make this announcement. Due to the severity of my eye injury, I will not be able to play international cricket again. “I had prepared for this UK tour as well, if not better

than I have prepared for any tour in my career. I had never anticipated announcing my retirement now, but circumstances have dictated differently. I have a number of thank you’s to make to people who have made significant contributions during my International career, which I will do in due course. “For now I would like to thank the huge number of people, many of whom are strangers, for their heartfelt support during the past 24 hours. I am deeply touched by all the well wishes. I wish the team well in the UK, as I head home and onto a road of uncertain recovery.” Smith also spoke on behalf of the team: “Bouch, we have walked a long road together, and we are saddened to part under these circumstances,” he said. “For the 14 years of your international career, you have Continued on page 29

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