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Friday July 26, 2013

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MORE HYDRO QUESTIONS It does not appear that the storm over the Amaila Falls Hydro-Electric Project (AFHEP) will blow over very soon. Behind all the inevitable politicking that accompanies such discourses and debates on national issues in Guyana, it is clear that there are some valid concerns that the government must address. The primary one has to do with whether Guyana will be getting value for the money it will be expending for the supply of electricity. It is heartening to acknowledge that not even the fiercest critic of the AFHEP is against Guyana using its abundant hydro resources to generate electricity. As has been pointed out, Hydro-power has been the dream of administrations since the 1970s. There have been questions raised, however, by APNU, whether the capacity of the AFHEP will be sufficient to supply the needs of the country when the project is completed. While the AFHEP’s top-rated capacity of 165 MW might appear adequate at this time, the more realistic figure should be the 110MW we are promised as the minimum output, which can be occasioned to any number of factors, especially diminished water supply. This supply will barely suffice for present needs and thus the criticism cannot be dismissed out of hand. Within the calls of “value for money”, there have been specific questions raised on allocations that must also be addressed. In our edition of yesterday, there was a letter, for instance, that asked, “Why is a sum of US$40 million being charged to the Guyanese people for “additional works” on top of the US$517 million that was quoted by the Chinese Contractor, when we already have US$26 million assigned for “contingency cost”?” Also questioned was US$24 million for “start-up cost” when US$27 million was already allocated for “development cost”, which is supposed to include “start-up costs”. Finally, the letter queried the cost item labelled “others” for US$16 million. This claimed,unnecessarychargeofUS$80millioniscertainlynotchicken feed,andwehopethatsomeclearresponseswillbeforthcoming. Questions have also been raised on the public-private partnership (PPP) model that is being touted as a Build, Own, Operate and Transfer (BOOT) venture. In this model, the financing and concomitant risks should be assumed by the Operator, in this case, Sithe Global. Yet, in the case of AFHEP, Sithe Global is only providing/sourcing US$150 million (@ 19% interest) of the US$840 million touted for the entire project. Guyana will be borrowing and injecting US$584 million in addition to the US$100 million sourced from the Norway Funds. Yet Sithe Global will have 60% ownership and the Government 40% of the Amaila Falls Hydro, the Special Purpose Vehicle that owns AFHEP for the next 20 years. This anomaly needs further explication. And underneath all the swirling figures being bandied about, we cannot ignore the elephant in the (large infrastructure) room, even when solid institutions such as the Inter-American Development Bank or the World Bank may be involved. In fact, while the World Bank is presently pushing infrastructural development, especially hydro-power projects, it is concerned about the cancer of corruption that tainted many past projects. According to an article on the Bretton Woods Project’s website, “At a mid April panel discussion ahead of the World Bank and IMF spring meetings, Bank managing director Sri Mulyani Indrawati, herself under investigation by Indonesian authorities, conceded that the Bank operates in “many countries where the risks of corruption are very high”. She said: “We are dealing with a dilemma: How are we going to attract more public-private partnership investment without compromising the quality and the integrity of the projects”, concluding that the Bank will have to develop new frameworks on how to combat corruption if it is to expand its public-private partnerships.” As we in Guyana embark on these large infrastructural projects such as the AFHEP, CJIA expansion, the LindenGeorgetown Highway etc., and we also utilise of public-private partnerships to finance some of them, we must insist on “developing new frameworks” to deliver value for money and reduce possible corruption.

Friday July 26, 2013

Letters... Where your views make the news

The fact about Guyana’s debt position DEAR EDITOR, Mr. Moses Nagamootoo in a letter dated (SN 24/07/2013) with a credible justification attempted to discredit the arguments presented by the government on the motion to amend the Guarantee of Loans (Public Corporations and Companies) Act. The gravity of the inaccuracies contained necessitates a response for the benefit of the public. In this regard, kindly permit me to offer some insights to the motion as well as the government’s contribution in the ongoing national discourse on the motion. Apart from addressing the flawed a r g u m e n t s c o n t a i n e d i n M r. Nagamootoo’s missive, it is important to highlight the economic soundness of the project as well the benefits and outcomes to be accrued; benefits which will diversify the country’s economic base, create additional wealth, improve competitiveness, and strengthen our macro-economic fundamentals. First and foremost, it is important to establish and emphasize that the proposed amendment to the Guarantee of Loans and Public Corporation and Companies Act will not add to the stock of national debt. Mr Nagamootoo sought to make the point that the amendment will automatically increase the national debt. An argument so premised is void of logic and would only be made by someone engaging a topic beyond their technical competence; such is the comedy of the reasoning. The government proposed amendment to the Guarantee of Loans and Public Corporation and Companies Act in part, is a contingency to cater to any operational shortfall of Guyana Power and Light (GPL) during the life of the AFH project. This point has been repeatedly made by members from the government side to prevent any misinterpretation of the objective of the proposed amendment SOUNDNESS OF THE PROJECT Existing feasibility analyses conclude that the Amaila Falls Hydro Project (AFHP) is not only financially sound but more importantly it is economically feasible. Mr. Nagamootoo should be aware of the important technical distinction between absolute and relative dimensions to such analysis. Any analysis of the performance of public debt has to take into account the other important dynamics within the economy - exchange rate movement and the

growth in the economy over the years. The $1 billion guarantee set in 1980 was approximately 73.2 percent of GDP at factor cost in 1980. The amendment to the guarantee proposed approximates to 27 percent of projected GDP for 2013. Based on projected nominal GDP by the IMF ratio of public guaranteed debt to GDP it is likely to improve further to 20.8 percent [2015]; 14.4 percent [2020]; 9.9 percent [2025] and 7.1 percent [2030]. Prudent economic management and fiscal consolidation has resulted in marked improvement in our debt position over the past twenty years. Guyana’s total public debt was approximately US$2.1 billion in 1992 when the PPPC assumed office. Ninety six cents of every dollar earned was used for debt service payment. As at 2012 debt stood at US$1.7 billion, a reduction of 22 percent when compared with the 1992 figure. Guyana is now using less than ten cents of every dollar

as debt service payment. This was reversal occurred under the stewardship of the PPPC. At the same time, our GDP has moved from US$371 million in 1992 to US$2.8 billion in 2012. Government’s revenue has risen from US$141 million in 1992 to US$637 million in 2012. Debt sustainability analysis by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for 2012 has confirmed that the debt sustainability of the country has improved significantly over the past 20 years and it is projected to be robust over the medium and long-term based on most standardized sensitivity analysis. The national debt position will remain sustainable based on all the key debt indicators. This positive debt outlook is projected to obtain for at least the next 17 years, which is three years less than the estimated payback period for the AFHP. Irfaan Ali MP

Cheap energy too important to be political football DEAR EDITOR, The Amaila Falls project is a crucial foundation to improve the lives of ourselves and our children. I continue to welcome and urge cooperation with the Opposition to remove whatever hurdles are placed in our way. However, certain statements made by the opposition to justify their rejection of cheap energy and placing in jeopardy the bright future and basic services which are every Guyanese’s right are simply not true and require addressing. It is not true that Guyana is more indebted now than in 1992. Our economy has grown by an average of five per cent over the last twenty years. Having a larger GDP means having a larger debt carrying capacity; having a larger debt carrying capacity means being able to take on – and finance bigger projects. Bigger projects mean a bright and better future for all Guyanese. I am sure the Opposition would not advocate shrinking the economy in order to shrink the debt - this is the definition of a false economy. Nor is it true that Guysuco and GPL are burdens on our country. Guysuco employs 18,000 workers and through them supports thousands more families across the country. And

this not even accounting for the supporting industries that depend on the sugar industry. The sugar industry makes up a significant percent of our economy and contributes billions over the years to our economy. Does the opposition literally want to cut off the nose of the Guyanese people in order to spite its president? Similarly, GPL produces 700 GWH of energy a year. This is the energy that keeps our lights on, our factories running and our homes welcoming. Like any system it needs upkeep and modernisation. It also needs expansion because there remain significant pockets of our country – many of them far away from the sophisticated urban environments in which many of the Opposition live. Upkeep, modernisation and expansion are some things the current and previous PPP governments have achieved – and crucially without raising the tariffs paid by ordinary Guyanese. Would the Opposition advocate ceasing efforts to reform and modernize our power sector? Do they really want to deny basic services to thousands of Guyanese, many of them our Amerindian brothers and sisters? In this instance, the answer is yes, they do. They may see some short-term (Continued on page 8)

Friday July 26, 2013

Kaieteur News

Letters... Where your views make the news

Those joint projects with Brazil DEAR EDITOR, Please let me respond to Tony Vieira’s letter (July 10) on proposed joint projects with Brazil. I think we havejustifiably-developed a sometimes excessive suspicion of our government’s decisions on public funds. No doubt, our Cabinet is aware that several of Brazil’s neighbours have lost territory to that super-power in the course of very ordinary activities over the last century. The Federal Government has never renounced the policy of living frontiers, but Guyana should have little to fear if we keep our eyes wide open. I live in a part of Guyana where it is almost essential to speak and read Portuguese

for day-to-day business; where the social life is infused with Brazilian commerce, news and culture; where hundreds of my neighbours have dual citizenship, to maintain which they have to take part in Brazilian elections; and where it’s sometimes hard to distinguish the GuyBraz from the BrazGuy. I don’t say that this reality is a bad thing for us or for the rest of Guyana. It is for every Government to safeguard the national security, geopolitical and territorial, against economic seductions from all suitors. And this government did not take power by force of arms: our executive is in place through elections certified

free and fair, under a constitution guaranteeing democratic representation to all Guyanese. We elected a Parliament to protect all our national interests. At the same time as we scrutinize and secondguess decisions taken or deferred in our name, maybe we should remind both government and opposition whom they are working for, and which is the highest constitutional authority in our land. Under a functioning Parliament, our Government should be able to keep our common interests safe from any new business partners, South or East. Gordon Forte

Complacency and the telephone line DEAR EDITOR, For months now my family’s landline has not been working properly in Buxton. Over a month ago the phone stopped receiving and sending out calls. We have been calling the telephone company since May 2, to report this problem and the farthest we have got is that ‘technicians are working on it’. We were told that it is a data cable problem so it has

to be fixed underground. Last week I spoke with someone who said the men would be working in the village this week. When they were called Wednesday and Thursday of this week to ask the progress we got the famous five words ‘technicians are working on it’. To say we are frustrated would be putting it mildly and we are not the only family in the village encountering problems with our landline

service. I question if this phone company really cares about its customers. I have no doubt in my mind that its incompetence has to do with the fact that there is no competition when it comes to landline service in Guyana. It is beyond ridiculous that in a country with such a small population, customers have to wait for months on a phone company to have their phones fixed. Mosa Mathifa

The AFC election petition DEAR EDITOR, The AFC election petition was dismissed on the application by the court of the firmly established principle that the procedural rules governing the filing of election petition has to be strictly complied with. The court applied that principle to non-compliance with the procedural rules governing election petitions. Neither the principle nor

the non-compliance was “contrived” by the court. M r. A l e x a n d e r ’s statement in the Stabroek News Column under the caption “The Time has come to break my silence on the Boodoo affair” to the effect that the court dismissed “the first case on contrived technical grounds” is mischievous and constitutes a contempt of court in that it tends to bring

the due administration of justice into disrepute and to cast aspersions on the Judicial integrity of the presiding judge. It is to the credit of the Stabroek News that in its publication of Mr. Alexander’s letter on July 11, 2013 (same date as the Kaieteur News publication), the offensive word “contrived” was wisely deleted by the editor. NICHOLA GOMES

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Friday July 26, 2013

‘Bolo’ freed of pensioner’s murder Shawn ‘Bolo’ Smith yesterday walked out of the High Court a free man after a 12-member jury returned with a verdict of not guilty. Smith was accused of murdering South Ruimveldt pensioner Hector Fitzroy Marshall, in 2009. The matter was being heard before Justice James Bovell-Drakes. State Prosecutor Natasha Backer and Dhanika Singh presented the case. Smith was represented by attorney at law Peter Hugh. Smith was indicted for the murder of 64-year-old Marshall, which occurred between January 18 and 19, 2009, at South Ruimveldt. The trial began a little over a week ago. The prosecution closed its case after presenting several witnesses, including the son of the deceased, Julian Cort Edmonds. He told the court during his testimony that on January 19,

Lusignan massacre trial…

By Latoya Giles

Shawn ‘Bolo’ Smith yesterday at court 2009, he was at work when he received a phone call concerning his father, so he went to get his mother, and they proceeded to his father’s Lot 362 Powis Close, South Ruimveldt Park home. Edmonds recalled that

when they got there, he saw persons gathered outside the yard and police officers inside. He continued that he went into the house, which was ransacked, and proceeded into his father’s room where he saw his lifeless body. The witness recounted that his father ’s hands were tied behind his back and his feet were bound together. He added that there was a piece of cloth around his father’s neck. According to the prosecution, the accused man’s fingerprints were found on a gift box, which was taken into evidence by the police from the murder victim’s home.

Three more police witnesses have testified as the Lusignan massacre trial continues before Justice Navindra Singh at the High Court. Mark Royden Williams, called ‘Smallie’ and James Anthony Hyles, known as ‘Sally’ are facing murder charges. The two are being represented by attorneys Roger Yearwood and Nigel Hughes respectively. Floyd Hosanna was the first witness called yesterday. The police corporal said that he was a rank in the Criminal Investigation Department attached to the “Crime Scene Unit”. According to the witness, he attended several courses which were offered by the Guyana Police Force and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Hosanna said on the day of the incident, it was 04:15hrs when he received certain information and as a result he proceeded to Track “A” Lusignan, East Coast Demerara (ECD). He said that he was in the company of other police officers including Force photographer Trotman, who is now retired. The witness told the court that upon arrival in the area he proceeded to lot 20, which was a wooden house. Hosanna said he went upstairs and saw the body of a male East Indian who was wearing blue three-quarter pants. In that same premises, Hosanna said he also saw the motionless bodies of two females who were lying face down. He explained that one of the females was wearing a “flowered night dress” and the other in a “blue trousers”. Hosanna said that after that he asked Trotman to photograph the bodies. The witness told the court that he examined the external parts of the bodies and observed what appeared to be gunshot wounds. He said that the photographer took photos of those too. The witness further

stated that he found four objects which appeared to be “spent shells”. Hosanna said that he collected the objects and placed them into a white envelope which he marked “FH2H2, 2008”. He said that he further examined the crime scene where he saw five cartridge casings, and he instructed Trotman to take photographs. Hosanna said that he later placed the cartridges in a white envelope and marked them as FH2HQ “A”, 2008. The witness further stated that he went over to Lot 23. He said that he went into the building and saw the body of a female in a blue night dress lying face down. Also in the house there was the body of a male East Indian in a “grey brief” and another in a yellow vest and white trousers. He said that he instructed the photographer to take pictures and the same procedure as the previous crime scene was observed. Hosanna said that he conducted a further investigation of the crime scene, but did not find any spent shells or cartridges. The witness further told the court that he went onto Lot 25 Track A, and went into that house where he saw the motionless body of a male East Indian lying under a bed face down. Once again the process of taking photos and examination of the remains was observed Hosanna said he found eight objects which appeared to be spent shells, and he instructed Trotman to take pictures. He said that he collected them and placed it into a white envelope and marked it as FH3HQ 2008. Also at that scene, Hosanna said he found two objects which appeared to be ammunition. He said that he placed it into a white envelope and marked it as FH3HQ “A”, 2008. He said that he found what appeared to be a fired bullet; a photograph was taken, and it was placed into a white envelope.

Hosanna said that he went through other houses in the area where bodies were found. The witness brought to court a total of nine envelopes which contained spent shells, cartridges and bullets which were found at the scene. Of the nine envelopes, only six were tendered into evidence. Under cross examination by attorney at law Roger Yearwood, the witness was asked whether “CSI” (Crime Scene Investigation) meant only picking up spent shells or taking pictures. He answered in the negative. The witness was asked whether he caused any fingerprinting to be done and Hosanna said no. The witness agreed with the suggestion from the lawyer that fingerprints at scenes like that would have been important. Hosanna was questioned about whether he had caused anyone to do fingerprinting, but he said that he could not recall. The lawyer suggested to the witness that he never told anyone to take fingerprints. Hosanna again declared that he could not recall. Yearwood continued to question the witness about his knowledge about the workings of certain weapons. Hosanna said that he had “some kind of knowledge, but not all”. He was asked about the workings of a shotgun and whether one would have to manually put the cartridges in and he answered yes. Yearwood in a follow up question asked Hosanna if it wasn’t possible to get fingerprints from it like that. The witness admitted to that suggestion. “As a crime scene investigator you would have done everything in your power to bring the perpetrators to justice…isn’t that so Mr. Hosanna?” the lawyer asked the witness, who answered in the affirmative. Yearwood then asked (Continued on page 33)

Friday July 26, 2013

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Friday July 26, 2013

Letters... Where your views make the news

The PPP Congress will not change anything DEAR EDITOR, By any measure, Guyana should have been a prosperous country because of its huge assets in natural resources, but it has been plagued by a series of manmade problems. Most of these problems have occurred during the last twelve years under the maladministration of the Jagdeo/Ramotar cabal. During this period the crime rate quadrupled, illegal trafficking of narcotics increased tenfold, corruption skyrocketed and the nation’s security has collapsed. Instead of addressing these

issues, the cabal has turned its full attention to the Congress where fluff and propaganda will be used to fool supporters into believing that the country is progressing. But the youths will have none of it much less the ordinary man in the street who continues to struggle to make ends meet. Congress will not change the direction of the PPP because it will be the leaders and not the delegates who will have the last say. Those who expect significant changes from the Congress will be disappointed because

the delegates are there to rubber stamp what the leadership wants. The Congress is not going to address the issue of corruption, crimes or any issue that would embarrass the PPP cabal. A large number of supporters are outraged at those who have used the state resources to enrich themselves, relatives and friends or to practise nepotism, but their voices will be drowned out at the Congress. Simply put, the PPP Congress will not change anything. Dr. Asquith Rose and Harish S. Singh

Cheap energy too important to be... From page 4 gains to be made by disrupting the governance of the country, but on this occasion Amaila Falls is simply too important, too unarguably good for all of us – their children as well as mine and as well as yours – to be to be turned into a political football. Fourthly, it is wholly false to argue that the completion of the

IDB’s due diligence would unblock their support for the project. Since the opposition’s shocking rejection of Amaila Falls, the government has been working day-in, day-out to do everything it can to save this crucial project and preserve the prospect of an empowered Guyanese nation. The government is in constant contact with the IDB: THEY CANNOT COMPLETE THEIR DUE DILIGENCE UNTILTHE BILLSARE PASSED. This is not the appropriate forum to get into the details of what is a complicated endeavour for the country. In

principle, that should be parliament. But it is important that the reality of the situation be made plain: IDB funding to Amaila Falls requires a government guarantee. This is right and proper. That guarantee requires parliamentary approval. Without that approval there is no guarantee, and there is therefore no Amaila Falls and energy will continue to be a drain on government coffers and the pockets of all Guyanese. We want to put money back in people’s pockets. We want to put the people first. I welcome Mr. Granger’s statement that the bills can be reintroduced to parliament. I ask that Mr. Granger control those in his retinue who persist with painting a false picture of our economy. If he does not it is all of us who will suffer. Dharamkumar Seeraj,, MP

Friday July 26, 2013

Kaieteur News

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The only way forward Creative accounting has now reared its head in the efforts to demonstrate that the Amaila Falls Hydroelectric Project is overpriced. This new form of accounting for project cost involves adding interest payments and rates of return and ending up with a figure that is said to represent the overall cost to the Guyanese people. It is very much as if someone takes a loan of $10M to build a house, but then decides that the real cost of the house is not the $10M alone to build it, but all the interest payments and everything else that have to be paid, not just from start to completion of the house, but also over the life of the loan. If this method of determining project cost is standardized throughout our economy, the taxman is going to be smiling, because his capital gains intake and property taxes are going to skyrocket overnight The hydroelectric project is going to be built by private investors with equity contribution from government. The monies that are going to be borrowed from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) will no doubt be backed by a government guarantee, but will be essentially and contractually treated as a loan to the company undertaking the project. Forget, therefore, all that nonsense about the actual cost of the project running into billions of US dollars. This is creative accounting. If we begin to use that method then the cost of a car to the owner is going to be almost twice the showcase price. If the opposition parties are concerned about the cost of the hydroelectric project, they should do what was done many years ago, in relation to the Omai Project. They should ask the government to have an independent opinion as to the cost of the project. Experts, that the opposition parties have confidence in,

can be recruited and asked to make an independent assessment of the project. This can then inform whether the opposition parties will support or not support this project. One political party, the Alliance for Change, has already signaled that it is awaiting the opinion of the IDB. But the IDB cannot be considered an independent actor, because it will end up financing this project and thus become a stakeholder. The IDB also has an interest in lending to this project, because that is the business that it is in. If the IDB does not find projects to lend funds towards, then its operations in Guyana will grind to a halt. The government is justified in claiming that the opposition parties are inflexible. They have been. But the opposition can also justifiably counter that the government has not been willing to offer reasonable compromises. APNU wants a new framework for the governance of the country, but it is not compromising. The government on the other hand wants its projects to continue, but is stuck in the old, Jagdeo–style of no quarter to be given to the opposition. With this scenario, there is only one direction that the country will move. Compromise is needed on both sides. In the instance of the Amaila Falls Hydroelectric Project, the government has been willing to provide documentation to the opposition about the project. They also even arranged for a confidential briefing. This was over a year ago. The opposition did not afterwards express any reservations about the project. They still are not. They are however now playing politics, as perhaps is their right, with this project. Except that for the average consumer, when the opposition plays politics, the cost can be counted by the amount of food on the table. For the vast majority of

Guyana, except perhaps, those who are enjoying special electricity tariffs, monthly electricity bills are an onerous financial burden. People want relief from that burden. And they will view the political gamesmanship over this project as hurting large numbers of them. In short, they will see the jettisoning of this project as not allowing them to reduce electricity rates. And they have a point. The opposition may thus be forced to seek refuge in manufactured criticisms which are now being given

credibility by boosting the credentials of those making them. But how well-founded are these criticisms? And how authoritative are the sources of these criticisms? What experience do those making assessments of the project have in evaluating projects of this scale? Compromise is needed from all sides. Firstly, disclosures should henceforth be full and consistent. Right now, when it comes to the final cost of electricity to the consumer, there are two sets of responses from the

government. One person is hinting at a 20% reduction; another is saying 40%. Which is correct? That needs to be clarified, as well as whether we are dealing with subsidized costs or not. The second thing that needs settling is the overall cost and viability of the project. In this regard, the government should offer to have an independent assessment done and this assessment should be undertaken by persons jointly selected by the government and the combined opposition.

This is what compromise is about. Not about walking out of the National Assembly and about bashing one another. It is about making hard choices and having the patience and willingness to sit down and do so, even if it takes weeks to arrive at a consensus. This seems at this stage the only way forward.

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Friday July 26, 2013


In the Ministry of Education, an evil injustice goes on About three years after the PPP came to power in 1992, I went to Dr. Dale Bisnauth, Minister of Education, with an explosive piece of research. Shortly before the PNC Government demitted office, I began the project. I even sought and got an interview in 1991 with then Permanent Secretary in the Education Ministry, Noel Adonis. I collected data given to me then and continued to receive help from education officials who by then were serving a new government. Dr. Bisnauth told me the findings were too burdensome for him, and that the recommendations in the research were beyond his jurisdiction. He suggested I seek the intervention of President Jagan.

After six months, I did not receive any correspondence from President Jagan, so I made contact with his office. He told me he passed on my findings to Donald Ramotar to study so it can be brought up by the PPP as an issue to forward to the Government. That was the end of the matter. In all honesty, that was so long ago, I cannot remember if I spoke to Mr. Ramotar on that specific issue. What my four-year inquiry found was that primary school placements concealed terrible, horrible, horrific injustices against poor people. In all the top primary schools (of which St. Margaret’s and Stella Maris were the most sought after), the children of poor parents were excluded, even though residence

proximity and place of employment would make those schools the logical choices. Mr. Adonis told me that Minister of Education, Deryck Bernard, was working on a six- point innovation in which primary school placements would be based on where you live, place of employment, siblings at the same school, etc. The PNC Government instituted that system in the final years of its rule. But my research contradicted this policy and I told Mr. Adonis this. The placement fiasco was a nightmare for the PNC Government and Dale Bisnauth didn’t want to touch it, because he knew it was a volcano. The injustice was sickening. Rich people’s children who lived hundreds

of miles away from St. Margaret’s and Stella Maris attended those schools, while children who resided in close proximity to these buildings were dispatched to institutions hundreds of miles away. In other words, if you dwelled in Kitty, your child got a school in Charlestown, even though Stella Maris was a five-minute walk from Kitty. From 1990, when I was a weekly columnist with the Stabroek News, I wrote about this semi-civilized injustice. In my Kaieteur News career, I must have mentioned this nastiness about ten times in my columns. Then when Dr. Henry Jeffrey was Minister of Education, I got into a confrontation with him. A female neighbour of Dr. Daniel Kumar of UG went to him in tears. She lived one

Media barred from asking... (From page 3) figures. He emphasized that those figures could not be accurately used in a comparison given that there was a recent rebasing of the National Accounts. But Ali said that with the coming on stream of the Amaila Falls project, there will be a reduction in the importation of fuel by 20 to 25 per cent, and argued that the savings outweigh the annual payments. Minister Ali said that with Amaila in place, the electricity tariff will be reduced by 40 per cent and he sought to explain the ripple effect of such a reduction, both to households and businesses. Ali added that with the Hydro Power project in place, Guyana would qualify for an additional US$10M in the sale of carbon credits. He said that the country has over time lost out in terms of several large investors, primarily because of the high cost of energy. He said the project is sustainable, viable and would serve to create wealth. To kill it, he stressed, would pose a severe problem

for the nation, given the message it would send in relation to foreign direct investment. Not a Government Project Ali said that the Amaila Falls Project is not a Government project but rather a private sector- driven one, with significant Foreign Direct Investment. President Donald Ramotar in his plea for a “buy-in” on the project said that if Guyana is to move from its current status as a middle income developing country to a developed country, then the Amaila Falls Hydro facility is critical. “Every leader in Guyana in the past has wrestled with the idea and the issue of how to develop Guyana further, and while this administration has managed to put in place a significant amount of infrastructure in order to move to the next level, it will require cheaper energy,” Ramotar said. “It is time to pitch our eyes to the future, not be confined to the present and allow our past to shackle us,” the President said. “The dream of hydro power and its benefits can be realized in this generation of

Guyanese,” said Ramotar, who went on to state that it is because he realized the critical nature of the project, he had arranged consultations with the political opposition, and had included representatives of the Inter-American Development Bank. Ramotar expressed his surprise at the negative stance being taken. “Almost everything, if not everything, has been shared with the political opposition”. In his plea for support for the project, Ramotar also emphatically stated that “standing still is not an option; standing still means you will be left behind.” The Head of State said that Guyana’s economy is not as minuscule as previous times when debt servicing was oppressive, and added that the savings as a result of the Amaila project will be enormous. THEAMAILAFALLS HYDRO ELECTRIC PROJECT Sithe Global has been contracted as the developer of the project, and has already inked a contract with China Railway First Group to construct the facility. In terms of how the money will be used, Sithe Global officials had explained that the Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) cost of the actual project will amount to some US$519.6M. The total capital costs for the project, according to the officials, will be US$652.5M, taking into consideration additional construction, development, start-up, as well as a contingency. The remaining

US$187.8M will go towards financing costs which include Interest during Construction (US$97.1M), Lenders Fee and Advisory Cost (US$34.9M), and Debt Political Risk Insurance (US$55.7M). As it relates to the actual construction of the hydroelectric plant, the officials explained that of the US$519.6M in total Capital Expenditure, the plant is expected to cost US$314M, with the Transmission Line demanding some US$126M. The additional US$79M is for currency adjustments. Interest during the construction will amount to US$97.1M The project will include a 270-km transmission line and new substations near Georgetown. In 2002, Synergy Holdings headed by Makeswhar ‘Fip’ Motilall and Harza International were granted a licence by the Government of Guyana under the HydroElectricity Act for the development of a hydroelectric plant at Amaila Falls. The licence was reportedly amended and extended in 2004 when Harza pulled out, leaving Synergy as the sole licencee. The licence was again extended in 2006. Synergy Holdings was later granted a US$15.4 million contract to build the access roads to the proposed site for the hydropower plant. This contract was terminated in January 2012 because of under-performance, but not before the licence for the Amaila Falls Hydroelectric Project was sold to Sithe Global for a substantial sum.

block away from West Ruimveldt Primary School, which at the time housed the famous Common Entrance teacher, Wilfred Success. But her child got a school ten miles away and she didn’t have the money for the daily transport. Dr. Kumar asked for my intervention. We went to see Jeffrey. He was unmoved. He told us school placement was a random process. I rebuked him in a Stabroek News letter, but he repeated his random explanation in reply. I sought the intervention of the Ombudsman. I didn’t hear from him and on contact he told me the Education Ministry refused to reply to him Confidential sources in the Ministry of Education have told me that this morbid injustice has reached pathological levels in the past two years. Parents who live in fancy suburbs up the East Coast and whose residences are outside of Georgetown have secured placements at St, Margaret’s and Stella Maris. Go to these schools in the afternoons and see the parked, expensive SUVs

Frederick Kissoon outside waiting for the children. One parent lived as far as Mahaica. Yet poor parents who live and work near these prestigious institutions are denied placements. One parent was in tears when she spoke to me on Tuesday. She works two blocks from St. Margaret’s. Her child went to Starters Nursery behind St. Margaret’s yet her daughter wasn’t given St. Margaret’s. This injustice, apart from devastating the children of the working class, also has an ethnic bias involved. It is time a lawyer file an injunction to stop an unreasonable placement, with the request by the lawyer to the judge for the Ministry of Education to produce the intake list with the addresses of the students and place of employment of parents. I sincerely ask such human rights lawyers if they can get in touch with me. Let’s ask for court intervention to bring this evil to an end.

Dem boys seh...

Nobody ain’t talking de truth bout de hydro Is funny how when something important people does gang up. When a country at war, almost everybody does line up and gang up to fight who ever want to attack dem country. Well dem boys see how de whole government gang up to fight to keep de hydro project alive. Is war. Burnham fuh all he power he had couldn’t get he government to fight like how Donald get he own to fight fuh de hydro. And Burnham was trying to build a hydro too. Dem boys seh that de reason different. In this case is nuff money and people want dem cut. If de project fail then some of dem got to pay back wha dem tek. Imagine dem call a forum to answer all de questions about de project but dem ban reporters from asking any question. Now is de reporters who got to explain to de people. But is not that. Dem know that de reporters got de real questions and dem can’t bluff. How much money de project really need? When de road gun done? Who tek money from de project and run? Why de secrecy when de government talking bout any project? Dem is de real questions. Donald ain’t talking bout that. He know that de hydro is a good thing but is de price that got dem boys worried. Who fix de price? Why de price climb up after de contract sign and climb suh till it can’t climb no more? And de man who bring de project and all de strings attach ain’t uttering a word. Jagdeo arrange all de money; he arrange de contractor; he arrange Fip and now that people asking question he ain’t saying nutten. Is like he lef Donald wid de big swelling below de waist. Dem boys seh that hydro is a good thing. It gun bring cheap power if dem do it right. But de way things looking, and de way de contract fashion, Guyanese gun have to pay fuh de imported fuel and de hydro at de same time. That gun mek de electricity cost go up. But then again, Bharrat ain’t saying nutten. Talk half and prepare fuh more hydro story.

Friday July 26, 2013

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Friday July 26, 2013

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Friday July 26, 2013

A new PPP should look to woo members who have left - Ramkarran Former Central Executive member of the ruling People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Ralph Ramkarran, in his statement earlier this week, opined that the ruling party should take steps to return to the days when it was respected. Several members or “comrades” of the party would have left. It is now time to woo them back, he said. “It (the PPP) should consider steps which will bring back those comrades, retrieve its stature of the past and the respect and esteem in which it has once been held by people everywhere. Unless it does so, it will soon be out of office, still spitting and sputtering abuse against the messengers and everyone else, except itself.” In June last year, Ramkarran, a two-time Speaker of the National Assembly, resigned from the

PPP, weeks after he wrote a critical piece on corruption in the party’s newspaper. It was a big blow to a party which had only a few months before lost its Parliamentary majority following the 2011 elections, the first time in its 20-year reign. Ramkarran has since been penning a number of pieces on his website and which have also been appearing in a private daily newspaper. Over the weekend, the PPP took on Ramkarran wondering why he kept quiet about corruption in the party while he was there. The party, in a statement, also made it clear that Ramkarran never raised the corruption issue while making his bid to become the Presidential Candidate for the party in the run-up to the November 2011 elections. Responding to those

Ralph Ramkarran criticisms, Ramkarran said that the party leadership is destroying the PPP and tarnishing its “great image and ideals” which thousands of dedicated comrades have given much to sustain. “It has driven and is driving many comrades away

in circumstances which are deeply painful, which I will fully reveal in my article next week. Instead of sharing responsibility for governance with the Opposition, it is handing the country over in its entirety to the Opposition on a platter.” In damning allegations this week, Ramkarran whose father Boysie Ramkarran was a founder of the party, claimed that the PPP never placed anti-corruption on top of its agenda despite the growing criticisms. As a matter of fact, he said, under the rule of former President Bharrat Jagdeo, there was intolerance to any criticisms raised by party members. The former Speaker was convinced that the “post-

Cheddi Jagan PPP does not now have, nor has ever had, any intention of dealing with corruption, either in its ranks or anywhere else.” Ramkarran denied he kept quiet on corruption, saying it was raised in the party’s newspaper, The Mirror, and even in the state-owned Guyana Chronicle. He had also spoken of waging a war on corruption should he become President of Guyana. Several large projects, including the Amaila Falls hydro and the Cheddi Jagan International Airport expansion, have been under scrutiny, with accusations of collusion between government officials and contractors. Despite calls, there have been delays in establishing

the Public Procurement Commission, an independent body that is to regulate the issuance and monitoring of contracts. Ramkarran also urged the PPP not to kill the messenger but deal with the issues. Two prominent members of the party, Khemraj Ramjattan and Moses Nagamootoo, also left the party in recent years. Both are part of the Alliance For Change and sit in the Opposition in the National Assembly. Next weekend, the PPP is set to hold its first congress in five years, in which founders Dr. Cheddi Jagan and his wife, Janet Jagan will be absent for the first time since the party was established.

Preparatory work for Rodney COI moves step further The Office of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry (COI) into the June 1980 bomb-blast killing of Dr. Walter Rodney would be housed in the Family Court building, which has never been used since its construction in 2010. According to Government’s chief spokesperson Dr. Roger Luncheon, the outcome of the COI would “definitively bring the perpetrators, planners, and executioners of this act into the knowledge and awareness of Guyanese”. “And it is in that context that in discussions, it was agreed that the Commission and its work would be supported by the contemplation of initiatives that were not used before and not offered before, such as immunity from prosecution and of course, amnesty,” he said. Dr Rodney, co-founder of the Working People’s

- Family Court to house office Alliance, scholar, historian, and activist, was killed when a bomb exploded in a car in which he was an occupant. He was 38 years old at the time. Rodney’s brother, Donald Rodney, who suffered injuries during the explosion, claimed that Former Guyana Defence Force (GDF) electronics expert, Sergeant 4141 Gregory Smith, had given the politician the bomb that killed him. It was alleged that Smith planted the bomb in a walkietalkie that blew up on Rodney’s pelvic region while he was on John Street, Werken-rust, between Hadfield and Bent Streets, less than 100 metres from the Camp Street Prison. However, Smith died of cancer 11 years ago in French Guiana, where he had gone to live under the name of Cyril Johnson, immediately after his escape from Guyana.

Dr. Walter Rodney There have also been claims that Rodney’s assassination was set up by the government of Forbes Burnham, whom Rodney was opposed to. This was because his assassination came at the height of a planned civil rebellion (Continued on page 16)

Friday July 26, 2013

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PYO takes Amaila protest to APNU H/Q

Protestors raise their placards outside Parliament Building By Tiffanne Ramphal Projecting the outlook that concerns of the Amaila Falls Hydro Project do not only concern those politically inclined were members of the Progressive Youth Organisation (PYO), who turned up in their vast numbers outside Parliament Building yesterday. The youth-based group staged a spirited picketing exercise to voice their concerns with the Parliamentary Opposition’s stance on the development of the hydro project. The action included a staging in front of the Office of the Leader of the Opposition. However, the group’s members claimed to have been forced to move by “elements emerging from the compound”. Lining the pavement east of the Parliament building, the youths waved their placards with statements of “Youths need development, not cuts” and “APNU/ AFC trying to steal the future of our youths”, while heartily chanting “We want hydro power, Opposition slowing the progress”. Romel Roopnarine, member of the National Steering Committee/ Public Affairs Officer of the PYO, described the active protest as joining the chorus of Guyana’s citizens in coming forward in support of the project. He said that the group has always been supportive of the Amaila Falls Hydro Project, and as such, they are concerned about the message that the Opposition has been sending. “The first issue that they raised was the issue of corruption and transparency in this project. Suddenly, that position has been shifted to the feasibility of the project”, Roopnarine said. He said that it is their strong belief that the Opposition “jumping from one position to the next” is

really an attempt to stall the positive developments of the hydro project. Roopnarine pointed out that the circumstances are not new, since the Opposition had opposed other “transformational” projects in the past. “Of course they have an excuse for every initiative. Every single project they have opposed, and that sends a message.” By means of the protest, the youths hoped to signal to the Opposition as well as to the Government that they are in full support of efforts to realise the AFHP since “it stands to benefit all Guyanese, particularly youths”. Roopnarine called to mind increased employment that would be brought about for youths, as well as cheaper energy that is projected to be provided once the project pulls through. “We want to ensure that the youths here and our children are bequeathed with a future that is deserving of them.” While the group had indicated that their collective decision to voice their concerns were independent, a statement issued by Opposition alliance, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), pointed towards a diverse start. According to the statement, APNU had been informed that workers from Mahaica-Berbice (Region Five) were bullied and coerced into travelling to Georgetown to picket in front of the Office of the Leader of the Opposition and Parliament Buildings. The statement said that workers from the Region had called into the Office to complain that they are being forced to travel to Georgetown to protest. “They said they were told that they have to go and protest against the Opposition because they

voted against the Hydro.” Further, Leader of the Opposition, David Granger, expressed that he believes that the protestors do not know what they are protesting for. He explained that in contrast to what the group views as the Opposition’s stance on the project, they have opposed the proposed Bill to raise the debt ceiling and not the hydro project itself. He added that he understands that some chose to come because they were being released from work and were provided with transportation. Additionally, APNU’s Shadow Minister of Local Government, Ronald Bulkan agreed with the Opposition Leader when he noted that the protestors do not have a full understanding and appreciation of what it is that they are so vocally demanding. “This project is mired in controversy. And if it comes to fruition in its current form, it will be an albatross around the necks of Guyanese people, and it is those very young people who will be saddled with the responsibility of repaying that debt. It will be a millstone around their necks.” “It will be over $2.2 Billion for a project that should cost one-quarter for the size and capacity,” the Shadow Minister pointed out. He also made reference to a letter written by Alliance For Change (AFC) Vice Chairman, Moses Nagamootoo, in which it was stated that the per capita national debt now stands at $50,000. He said that the analogy was made that for every baby born now, they are faced with an IOU, owing the state $50,000. “We are actually mortgaging the future of our young people through a misguided project that is mired in controversy. That project needs to go back to the drawing board.”

The Shadow Minister expressed his regret that “young people are being misguided” and that their time should have been spent more productively rather than to be used by politicians to narrow and selfish ends.

Romel Roopnarine relays the group’s concerns to members of the media

Page 16

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Friday July 26, 2013

Guyana has increased debt capacity - Dr. Luncheon Guyana could entertain more debt. Because of the country’s creditworthiness, International Financial Institutions (IFIs) are willing to lend, declared Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon. “Yes… why we can entertain further debt is because the man who’s lending you the money said yes.” He made this assertion during his post-Cabinet press briefing at the Office of the President on Wednesday. Luncheon was at the time responding to a query as to why Government wants to significantly increase the external debt ceiling from $1B to $150B. Whilst emphasizing that debt and the debt ceiling are different, Dr. Luncheon took to task a recent correspondence by Alliance For Change (AFC) executive member Moses Nagamootoo on the raising of the debt ceiling. The Joint Opposition, AFC and A Partnership for National Unity, voted down the Bill increasing the external debt ceiling from $1B to $150B in the National Assembly on July 18. In early June, it was reported that Government was looking to increase the limit on total guarantees that can be issued under the Guarantee of Loans (Public Corporations and Companies) Act. According to the

Ministry of Finance, the proposed increase in the guarantee limit follows on the commitment to the Amaila Falls Hydroelectric Project, which will reportedly cost US840M.The increase seeks to guarantee that Guyana Power and Light Inc. (GPL) honours its financial commitments under the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to be entered into between the Power Company and Amaila Falls Hydro Inc (AFHI).Under the PPA, GPL commits to purchase the power from Amaila for an average annual capacity payment. According to Nagamootoo, the debt ceiling has everything to do with GPL, as the guarantee would open the gate to borrowing by GPL in connection with the Amaila Falls Hydro Project. “When taken, the additional $150 billion would send up our national debt in nominal Guyana dollars to some $530 billion, more than double of what it has been under the PNC government, up to 1992. This government has already absorbed some $57 billion debt contracted by public corporations and companies which has been charged to the Consolidated Fund, or simply put, has to be paid back by taxpayers, now and in the future, who would have to forego future happiness to meet debt servicing and re-payments.”

…it is now more creditworthy

Moses Nagamootoo According to Dr. Luncheon, “Debt is what has happened and the debt ceiling sets a limit beyond which you statutorily define you should not go. I have seen Moses’s correspondence on this matter. He hasn’t changed much… PPP Moses and the AFC Moses.” He said the reality of the matter is that Guyana has been engaging in the world of high financing with agencies such as the IFIs, with whom Guyana has debt arrangements. “We have been borrowing and they (IFIs) have over the years provided stricture. They have provided us with best practices. Best practices I am quite clear that Moses seems to be totally unaware of…how to assess debt, how to treat debt. His

writings recently betray even an elementary familiarity with the IFIs on the debt issue.” According to Dr. Luncheon, when the PPP/C took Office in 1992, the debt issue was very important since it contributed to uncreditworthiness of the nation. “And we had to take pains to resolve this debt issue. And we did. We worked with the donors, the people who lent us money. And, the work was done assiduously, the work was done in consonance with the best practices from the IFIs and we regained creditworthiness, so much so that the Moses of this world could rail, but the man who does lend money doesn’t rail, he’s willing to lend… quite different from 1992.” Dr. Luncheon said financial institutions are

lending Guyana now because of analysis and statistics. “If Moses wants to talk about debt…if any of us want to talk about debt, get the books and read li’l bit…try to understand the fundamentals and don’t be shooting your mouth at nonsense. You look stupid and you would just look stupid and make the whole world know you ain’t know,” he added. According to Dr. Luncheon, Government has established debt servicing principles in the Ministry of Finance, accorded itself with the best information available, trained professionals, and maintained debt sustainability ratio and features that allow borrowing. “…And borrow when you go and read every year the IMF comes here and they do

Dr. Roger Luncheon their consultations…They speak to the issue of debt sustainability. Can we entertain further debt? What impact does it have? What are the ratios, the debt on our export earnings…debt on our GDP? Ask Moses to speak about such matters if he wants to intrude on the world of high finance,” he said.

Preparatory work for Rodney... (From page 16) against the Burnham-led administration. But Burnham’s party, the People’s National Congress (PNC), had firmly denied being any part of the bomb blast killing. According to Dr. Luncheon, preparations for the COI have moved a step further with the visit to Guyana by a Board member

of the Atlanta-based Walter Rodney Foundation. It was agreed that the Family Court will house the Office of the Commission and funds would be appropriated to resource the body to discharge specific activities. Many of the activities would commence now, even before the formal hearing of the Commission is conducted. “Such activities include

the collection of data from the variety of sources that has historically been involved in review and judicial reviews in some cases and parliamentary reviews of Dr. Rodney’s assassination. Also, the elaboration of the TORs (Terms of Reference) that would guide the Commission, and of course, the identification of the Commissioners,” he said.

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US spearheads programme to strengthen Guyana’s Parliament The Guyana Leadership and Democracy (LEAD) project, one designed to strengthen the functions of the National Assembly, was officially launched on Wednesday evening last by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)-funded International Republican Institute (IRI). The venue was Cara Lodge, on Quamina Street, in Georgetown. The aim of the venture is to create a better relationship between Guyana’s Parliamentarians and members of the public, while maintaining a standard and professional structure. Spearheading the project is Chief of Party for LEAD, Glenn D Bradbury. He has been a senior advisor to the parliament of Canada for over 20 years, and has worked with other countries across the world. During his remarks, Bradbury said that he believes that the elected representatives in the National Assembly are capable of achieving beneficial national goals through commitment and energy. “Certainly, their rationale and motivation remain mutually consistent,

irrespective of their political allegiances, that being, to do all in their constitutional power to benefit the lives of the people of Guyana and serve those who have placed their faith in them.” Bradbury, who has been in Guyana for just about a week, told Kaieteur News that during the course of next week, further meetings will be held with members of the Government and Opposition Parties respectively, on areas that they feel should be given priority. He said that before coming to Guyana, he studied the country well, and has an idea of what needs to be addressed. He did not disclose those ideas, but noted the programme will be geared towards what parliamentarians feel is best for the country. The LEAD project has a time span of about two years, Bradbury said. Meanwhile, United States Ambassador to Guyana D. Brent Hardt during his remarks said that the project is one that is timely, especially since Guyana’s National Assembly is grappling with serious issues that need to be dealt with in a manner which is in the nation’s best interest. Ambassador Hardt also

Opposition Parliamentarians Khemraj Ramjattan and Joseph Harmon engage US Ambassador to Guyana D. Brent Hardt highlighted that the United States of America has recognised that the new dispensation in Parliament can pose many challenges, and that if those are not handled accordingly, can lead to a stalemate and frustration. The Ambassador commended stakeholders

who have helped to shape the direction intended for the project. One of the main issues raised by these stakeholders was the hosting of local government elections. In this regard, Hardt expressed hope that all the parties come together to

Chief of Party for LEAD, Glenn Bradbury, making his remarks approve the legislation and pave the way for elections this year. Hardt added that the U.S., through USAID, will immediately assist in the area of educating citizens in an effort to prepare them for the local government elections and renewed local

governance. Leader of the Alliance For Change, Khemraj Ramjattan, and A Partnership for National Unity (APNU)’s Joseph Harmon were also present at the ceremony, which also sought to welcome Mr. Bradbury to the ‘Land of Many Waters’.

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Friday July 26, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Moves apace to engage young men in teenage pregnancy discussions VACANCY Experienced Female bartenders & cleanersCall:225-8572

Health Minister Dr Bheri Ramsaran (left) and Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Dr Frank Anthony

Pump Attendant @ Shell Service Station Providence, E.B.D: Must be able to work shift-Tel:265-7305 Email: One Upholster & two JoinersCall:219-1342/610-7005

Over the past two decades a great deal has been done by many agencies to protect the young female, a notion that was recently amplified by Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Dr Frank Anthony. But although there has been nothing to minimise or render such programmes complacent, Dr Anthony, who was at the time speaking at a press conference at the Guyana International Conference Centre, disclosed that a great deal is not done to protect the young male. At the time he was speaking in direct reference to the situation of teenage pregnancy, which, according to him, has implications for both genders. “Men are part of this, and too often the discussions about teenage pregnancy centre around young women, but we do not involve the young male as a participant, but only as a bystander.” Moreover, he insisted that one of the concrete measures to remedy this situation is to involve the young male who, he noted, is marginalised even at the academic level. He pointed to the fact that more women are entering university, and are better qualified, thereby allowing them to claim most of the professional careers. Adding his bit to the state of affairs, Minister of Health Dr Bheri Ramsaran noted that previously the Caribbean had indications from various

studies that the young male was in trouble. However, he speculated that “probably because that phenomenon had not exploded globally it was not getting traction”. As such, he noted that although the Ministry of Health has been collaborating with the Ministries of Education and Culture to raise awareness about male friendly programmes, “we will continue to support and try to expand our girl-friendly programmes- programmes aimed at promoting the health and wellness of the girl child and young women- but we now have to ‘wake up and smell the coffee’ because our young men are part of the problem too.” Alluding to moves by Barbados to address the same situation, Minister Ramsaran said that “they have an approach with the boys who have gotten young girls pregnant and are trying to engage them when the baby would have been born to be part of the process...” The Barbados programme is designed in such a way that it caters to incorporating the young women back into the school system after giving birth. Barbados, the Minister said, has a very robust programme in this regard, which is in fact a best practice that Guyana has plans to adopt in the very near future. “These are some of the important things that Guyana needs to look at, and myself

and Dr Anthony have committed to look at them,” Dr Ramsaran stated. He however noted that while moves are being made to prevail on the young male to desist from their engagements with the young female, “We are saying why speak to him after that engagement? Why not speak to him before he gets the young lady into this tight spot?” According to the Health Minister, the debutant age of many youths in the Caribbean has been found to be as low as nine, a situation he opined is often fuelled by the lyrics of some songs made popular by the media. Moreover, he noted that the media must take responsibility for helping to create the existing problem “where the young female is pressed to go into certain activities to prove herself and where the young male is given a certain connotation of what or how the young female should be treated.” The problem, according to Dr Ramsaran, is linked to the fact that the young people are not given access to needful knowledge, and by extension, the consciousness that adults have before engaging in adult behaviour. FOR RENT Rooms to rent in Prashad Nagar. Contact: 227-2993

Vacancy exists for 1 Parts Sales Clerk: Sound Secondary education with knowledge in Japanese vehicles spare parts- Call:231-7839 Refrigeration, A/C Technician. Call 231-0655/ 683-8734 Male & Female Sales manager & drivers @ #7 Bakery, W.C.B. Call 3302399/623-5920 Drivers for (Corentyne) & 1 Accountant (Rosignal), RA Soda Factory. Call 330-2399/ 623-5920 Clerical Office Clerk: Minimum subjects 3 CSES: Apply @ Avinash Water street- Call:227-7828/226-3361 One Canter driver: Apply @ Avinash Water streetCall:226-3361/227-7828

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(From page 30)

Courses in cake decoration, pastry making & cookery, Call: 670-0798. Also Wedding dresses for sale SALON Make Up Courses, Artist Trained & Certified in Trinidad. Call: 660-5257, 647-1773

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One bedroom apartment @ ‘B’ Field Sophia. Call 661-3801

Suriname Tours: August 1st4th, Shopping Dolphins Butterfly Gardens, Book early. Call 639-2663/644-0185/ 665-5171/227-8290 Suriname Carifesta Summer Tour: August 15th-20th & August 22nd-27th; Casino & Site seeing; Book early. Call 639-2663/644-0185/665-5171/ 227-8290


Two Bedrooms house to rent @ Haslington- Call:6639816/642-0466 LEARN TO DRIVE Soman & Sons Driving School , First Federation Building Call 225-4858, 6445166,622-2872,615-0964

Complete two bedrooms House- Call:265-4867 2 Bedrooms house, street Charlestown: Very clean & grilled $30,000- call:2262856/604-1788

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Friday July 26, 2013

Friday July 26, 2013

Kaieteur News

Page 33

Telecommunication Three more police witnesses... Authority to get new building - Guyana to transition from analog to digital system

The NFMU building which is to be demolished Apparently, renaming the National Frequency Management Unit (NFMU) to the Telecommunication Authority is not the only change that body will experience. The existing building that the entity uses in Hadfield Street, Lodge, is to be torn down and a threestorey concrete structure erected. This was disclosed by Dr. Roger Luncheon, Cabinet Secretary during his postCabinet press briefing at the Office of the President, on Wednesday. “The existing structure would be demolished and a three-storey concrete structure 18,000 square feet would be constructed to replace it.” According to Dr. Luncheon, the new structure is intended to house Government and State telecoms broadcasting entities. In addition, Guyana will be transitioning from the analog system currently in use to the digital system by the year 2015.

Dr. Luncheon also mentioned that the authority will be hosting the visit of an I n t e r n a t i o n a l Telecommunication Union (ITU) expert from July 29 to August 2. The specialist will be here to assist Guyana in developing the roadmap to transition from analog to digital terrestrial television broadcasting. The Cabinet Secretary

said that the likely agenda for the visit would include the national roadmap team, representatives of the telecommunication and broadcasting sectors in Guyana, and the ITU experts. They will examine policies, guidelines, and provide some primary elaboration of the likely details that would be applicable in the Guyana market.

(From page 6) Hosanna if didn’t he see it as important to dust for fingerprints and he answered no. Attorney at law Nigel Hughes, in his crossexamination of the witness sought to ascertain whether he knew who the head for the investigation was. Hosanna said that he did not know. The witness was asked if there was line of communication and he said yes, adding that it was done by telephone. Hughes asked Hosanna whether the police were able to ascertain how the perpetrators came, if it was by road or by the backdams. Hosanna said he recalled that at Lot 30 Track A, they saw footprints heading to the canefields, which led to a canal. Hosanna said that he believed that the photographer took pictures.

He was asked whether he saw any evidence that anything crossed the canal and he said no. The second witness to be called was Sergeant Eon Jackson, who was deemed a ballistics expert after Senor State Prosecutor Judith Gildharie-Mursalin made an application after his qualifications were listed. Jackson has been working in that field for the last 18 years, and did training in Barbados and the United States. According to Jackson, he received the ballistics which were taken from the scene and he did examinations. He said that he prepared a ballistic

analyst report and later wrote a statement. He said that he later handed over the report. The third witness called was Assistant Superintendent of Police Trevor Reid. Reid is the officer in charge of the ‘Serious Crimes Unit’ and is stationed at the Criminal Investigations Department. During Reid’s evidence in chief, the matter was adjourned. He is expected to return today.

Page 34

Kaieteur News

Friday July 26, 2013

Rowley wants ‘transparent’ deal on CL Financial assets Trinidad Express Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley Wednesday warned Government against any “under the table” deals in any disposal of assets within the CL Financial portfolio. “Such disposal should be done openly and

transparently, getting the best price on the open market,” he said. “It must stand full public scrutiny,” he declared. “We are aware that there are initiatives in place to cherrypick certain assets and such interests are prepared to pander to the Government so

that the Government would initiate one of its outrageous decisions which would result in the loss of public assets,” he claimed. “I refer specifically to the Angostura shares,” he added. Rowley said he was putting the Government on notice that the Opposition was aware that there were local interests which were looking to the Government for “sweetheart deals” over the Angostura shares. “We would be monitoring that and we would hope that we do not have to report another Government mishandling of

public resources,” the Opposition Leader stated. Rowley said any arrangement which is to replace the initial shareholders’ agreement should be one where the Government’s input is properly collateralised and a proper repayment schedule be put in place with safeguards for the public monies. “That is possible and that is a requirement,” he said. Rowley said it should be now clear that the bailout which took place with public monies was against the background of the company having assets in its portfolio which could provide a revenue stream to repay the bailout money. He said for three years the country had listened to Government spokespersons, including Ministers of the Finance, talking about the wasting of public monies and the monies paid in the bailout were lost or wasted. He said what happened was that the bailout was required to stabilise the economy and that the asset base of the company over time and with good management have been now shown to be able to service a loan portfolio that is servicing the bailout money. The Government and CL Financial are in negotiation for a new agreement which would allow Government to recover the sums pumped into the conglomerate over the past four and a half years. That sum is estimated to be $23.3 billion.

DPP defends not-guilty verdict in Vybz Kartel case Jamaica Gleaner Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Paula Llewellyn is cautioning critics against laying the blame on her office or police investigators following the collapse of another highprofile case. She was speaking just hours after a Supreme Court Judge Wednesday instructed a jury to return a not guilty verdict in the highly publicised murder case against dancehall entertainer, Vybz Kartel. The DPP is seeking to focus attention on what she describes as the country’s intimidatory environment which is scaring witnesses. She says very often witnesses are refusing to go into the witness protection programme and end up returning to the same communities where the accused person resides. Llewellyn says in some cases witnesses will accept money from relatives or friends of an accused person to discontinue a case or simply refuse to attend court. She is cautioning Jamaicans that they cannot expect justice if they sit at home and do nothing when they witness a crime. Kartel, whose given name is Adidja Palmer, was acquitted, along with his two co-accused, of the murder of St Catherine businessman Barrington Burton in July 2011 after Justice Bryan Sykes

Paula Llewellyn refused to allow the statements of two witnesses to be admitted into evidence. Sykes said he was not convinced the prosecution had taken enough steps to locate the witnesses. Prosecutors later informed the court they would offer no more evidence against Kartel. This development comes four months after two other highly-publicised cases ended in acquittals and concerns about the conduct of police investigations. Just days apart in March, police Sergeant Lloyd Kelly was freed of murder in the St Ann Circuit Court arising from a shooting incident that was recorded on a cellphone device while reputed gang leader Tesha Miller had his robbery conviction and 15year prison sentence set aside by the Appeal Court. The Director of Public Prosecutions has also disclosed that for the Hilary term of the Home Circuit Court the crown secured 31 convictions as against 15 acquittals and the two nolle prosequi. For the Easter term, which ends later this month, she said 32 convictions, 22 acquittals and 11 nolle prosecqui have so far been recorded. And across the rest of the island, the DPP said 80 convictions and 52 acquittals were recorded from some 621 cases listed for the Hilary term.

Friday July 26, 2013

Kaieteur News

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164 soldiers graduate from recruit course By Javone Vickerie Relatives and friends of 164 soldiers yesterday cheered and watched on as they marched across the National Cultural Centre tarmac to officially conclude their basic recruit course for the year. Chief-of-Staff of the Guyana Defence Force, Commodore Gary Best, charged the successful graduands to uphold their oath to serve and protect. “I charge you to uphold the values of the Guyana Defence Force, which are duty, discipline, identity, integrity and loyalty. I charge you to live by the Force’s creed which is ‘I am a professional in the Guyana Defence Force and service is my motto’. I charge you to serve your people,” Best emphatically stated. Best noted that this will be the last set of recruits he will be addressing as Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force. ‘As I reflect on my many experiences, at a time when I stood on this same square, I realized that I could achieve all that I could achieve when I stood in similar fashion some 33 years ago,” Best said. The Chief of Staff said that he sincerely believes that the recruits, while members of the force, could achieve anything they desire if so

Graduates of Basic Recruit Course 2013 display their marching skill inclined. “Why are you here? Why did you answer the call when we advertised? Why did you push yourself beyond your own expectation? To ensure you graduate here today. Never quit, never give up, never give-in, and never go absent from their work. “For most of you I believe the answer is I just wanted to become a soldier, and that is a good answer. For others it was just for employment. That too is a good answer. When I joined the force over 33 years ago I s i m p l y needed a job,” the Chief of Staff said. Best told the ranks that they also need to know what a soldier is and what is required.

“As a soldier, you’re a person that has agreed to give your life to your country. Giving one’s life is the greatest contribution any citizen can give,” Best said. He added that as soldiers, their constitutional duty is to defend their country and to maintain order. These two tasks, he stressed, would require some amount of sacrifice from army ranks. Best highlighted that the GDF is committed to providing each and every soldier with the opportunity to acquire academic qualifications in addition to their military skills. “We will educate you up until the level of University once you possess the

Motion passed… COI to be set up for riverine incidents By Abena Rockcliffe After about an hour and a half debate on whether there should have been an adjournment of the sitting or to go on with the business of the National Assembly, the order paper was proceeded with. The first and only item dealt with yesterday was Opposition leader David Granger’s motion titled “Appointment of a Commission of Inquiry to investigate the incidence of Maritime and riverine incidents, injuries and deaths.” The government was against the move to have a sitting yesterday, and so it decided not to deal with its business. Therefore, the sitting officially started dealing with Private Members’ business. Granger’s motion, as the title basically explains, is to ensure that all boat accidents are investigated. This, Granger said, is to be undertaken so that the shortcoming could have been identified, evaluated and corrected.

Despite Minister of Public Works Robeson Benn’s submission that instead of appointing a Commission of Inquiry (COI), collaborative works between him and his “shadow” can address the problem, the Opposition insisted on a COI. As Granger introduced the motion, some members of the government walked out and Granger expressed that he understood very clearly why the government would not want to support his Motion. He nevertheless stated that there is an urgent need to pledge support to the safe use of the waterways. He pointed that it is reported that the average death rate resulting from boat accidents yearly is nine. Granger said that it must be noted that some years it would be more and some less. “But we prefer to not to lose even one life.” He said that his party, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), is not satisfied that the Ministry of Public Works has the capability to prevent riverine accidents. He noted that his party is also not satisfied with the

infrastructure set to save lives and prevent accidents. According to Granger, innocent commuters are vulnerable as there are a number of unqualified captains; “some can’t even spell boat.” However, Minister Benn objected to Granger’s statement as he said, “I am sure they can spell lots of four-letter words”. He said that Granger’s statement was an insult to the ordinary man. Benn said that he acknowledges that there are challenges that need to be addressed; however, a number of initiatives are being introduced to address those challenges. “It’s just that we don’t beat our own drum.” The Minister said that to appoint a COI for such an issue, as important as it is, will drop the standard of COIs. He therefore submitted that his Ministry work along with the Opposition to keep up the strides made and together tackle the issue. Granger, however, chose to move through with his Motion. The Motion was passed and the Commission of Inquiry will be set up.

requirements,” Best vowed. The Chief of Staff said that he strongly believes that the soldiers will make a difference in the Force and the society as a whole. He urged

them to stay focused and be the best they can, while wishing them success in their pursuit. On April 3, a total of 242 recruits assembled at Base

Camp Ayanganna. According to a release from the GDF, on April 10, the ranks commenced a period of 16 weeks of training at Tacama at the Colonel John Clarke Military School, Base Camp Stephenson – Timehri and Colonel Robert Mitchell Jungle and Amphibious training school – Makouria. Over the period of training, the force lost a total of 78 recruits who did not meet the standard of the course mainly because of medical reasons. During yesterday’s ceremonial proceedings, seven ranks were awarded for their different accomplishments during the course. The best student was RCT 22896 Shaquel Carrol along with the runner up RCT 22731 Basil Watson.

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Friday July 26, 2013

Egyptians brace for bloodshed as rival protests called A supporter of Egypt’s Islamist President Mohammed Morsi in front pictures of President Mohammed Mursi at Nasr City, where protesters have installed their camp yesterday. (AP Photo)

CAIRO (Reuters) Supporters of Egypt’s deposed president and his opponents predicted blood on the streets ahead of what could be a violent day of mass protests, summoned by the Muslim Brotherhood and the army in a struggle for the country’s future. In a dramatic escalation of rhetoric ahead of a day that both sides view as a potential turning point in Egypt’s history, ousted leader Mohammed Mursi’s Muslim Brotherhood accused the army of pushing the nation towards civil war and committing a crime worse than destroying Islam’s holiest site. The main anti-Mursi youth protest group replied that its supporters were taking to the streets to “cleanse Egypt”. Army chief General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who overthrew the country’s first elected leader on July 3, has called on Egyptians to take to the streets today to show their support for action against “violence and terrorism”. Mursi’s Brotherhood, organizing its own marches today against Sisi, fears the

army appeal is a harbinger of a crackdown to wipe out an Islamist movement that has won repeated elections since the fall of autocrat Hosni Mubarak in 2011. Prime Minister Hazem elBeblawi, head of the interim cabinet, said there was escalating violence by increasingly well-armed protesters, citing a bomb attack on a police station. “The presence of weapons, intimidation, fear this causes concern, especially when there are calls for many to come out tomorrow (today) from different sides,” he told a news conference. After a month in which close to 200 people have died in violence triggered by Mursi’s downfall, many fear the protests will lead to more bloodshed. One security official forecast violence beginning today night and stretching into tomorrow. “The history of Egypt will be written on those days,” said the official, part of a security establishment that accuses the Islamists of turning to violence. Reiterating his group’s

commitment to peaceful protest, senior Brotherhood politician Farid Ismail accused the security services of readying militias to attack Mursi supporters, adding that Sisi aimed to drag Egypt into civil war. “His definition of terrorism is anyone who disagrees with him,” Ismail told Reuters. “We are moving forward in complete peacefulness, going forward to confront this coup.” Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie issued a statement accusing Sisi of committing a crime worse than destroying the Kabaa - the site in Mecca to which all Muslims face when they pray - “brick by brick”. But many Egyptians are no less passionately backing the army, determined to see the Brotherhood reined in. “There are men carrying guns on the street ... We will not let extremists ruin our revolution,” said Mohammed Abdul Aziz, a spokesman for Tamarud, an anti-Mursi petition campaign that mobilized protests against his rule. “Tomorrow (today) we will cleanse Egypt,” he told Reuters.

Turmoil hits Tunisia after secular politician slain

TUNIS (Reuters) - Tunisian opposition politician Mohamed Brahmi was shot dead yesterday in the second such assassination this year, setting off violent protests against the Islamist-led government in the capital and elsewhere. “This criminal gang has killed the free voice of Brahmi,” his widow Mbarka Brahmi told Reuters, without specifying who she thought was behind the shooting outside their home in Tunis. Brahmi’s sister later accused the main Islamist Ennahda party of being behind the killing. “Ennahda killed my brother,” Souhiba Brahmi said. Ennahda has condemned the murder. The politician’s wife said Brahmi had

left the house after receiving a telephone call. She heard shots and found his body lying on the ground outside as two men fled on a motorcycle. Brahmi belonged to the secular, Arab nationalist Popular Front party, whose thenleader, Chokri Belaid, was killed in a similar way on February 6. His death ignited the worst violence in Tunisia since President Zine alAbidine Ben Ali fell in 2011. Divisions between Islamists and their secular opponents have deepened since the popular uprising against Ben Ali, which unleashed unrest across the Arab world, unseating rulers in Egypt, Libya and Yemen, and leading to a civil war in Syria.

Friday July 26, 2013

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Friday July 26, 2013 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19): Your most elusive dreams have a chance now to come true. The current cosmic connection presents an interesting opportunity, although it may not be quite as wonderful as it sounds. TAURUS (Apr. 20–May 20): You could fall head-overheels in love with your own shadow today and not even realize that it’s attached to you. Your temporary dreamy state prevents you from seeing the truth as it exists separate from your own desires. GEMINI (May 21–June 20): It may seem as if all is well on the home front. However, there could be a problem now stemming from confusion over relationship dynamics. CANCER (June 21–July 22): You must choose your words very carefully today because people filter your ideas through their own hopes and dreams. Ironically, you might be misled by y o u r own overactive imagination.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22): Your current optimism keeps slipping out of your grasp like a greased watermelon. One moment, you’re absolutely sure your goals are within reach. SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21): You may sink into a funk if a romantic bubble suddenly fizzles. Or, fairy tales can come true if you spontaneously fall in love with someone. Whichever reaction you have to this surreal planetary transit, you need to be vigilant. SAGIT (Nov. 22–Dec. 21): You may be tied up in a dilemma between your innermost needs and the demands of the outer world. Home and family dynamics pull one way while your career goals pull the other. CAPRICORN(Dec.22–Jan.19): Your life can seem pretty intense today as you feel the rug pulled out from under you. But you are in a fight-back mood and you’re not going to idly stand by as reality slips from your grip.

LEO (July 23–Aug. 22): Although you might be sure of yourself much of the time, you’re not feeling so confident now. It’s challenging to remain clear about your intentions when the world seems enchanted.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18): Your romantic attraction to someone special may stir up a bit of trouble today. You can still get lost in your own fantasies even if you don’t act on them.

VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22): No matter how sharp your senses are tuned and how precise your analytical skills may be, reality isn’t what you think.

PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20): You may think you know what you want and how you are going to get it, but this certainty isn’t what you are projecting now.

Friday July 26, 2013

GSCL TO COMMENCE SECOND 12/12 TOURNAMENT Following the successful hosting of their inaugural tournament last May, the Georgetown Softball Cricket League (GSCL) will be commencing another 12/12 competition on Sunday next, August 4, that will be played over three days. The venues to be used for this tournament are the Everest Cricket Club and Ministry of Education grounds while the 12 teams will be divided into four groups of three, with the top two advancing to the quarterfinal stage, According to an official of the GSCL, a gala opening ceremony is planned for the opening day at 09:30hrs at the Ministry of Education ground, following which teams will get into the preliminary round action. The quarterfinals will be played the following Saturday with the semifinals and finals bowling off the following day. An Over-40 exhibition T20 contest featuring Regal XI and an opponent that is yet to be named will precede the finals. The man-of-the-match from the semifinals will receive $5,000 and a trophy, with the fans who are expected to throng both venues to witness the action, receiving free giveaways compliments of the GSCL as well as their other sponsors. Already, Wolf Warriors, Regal XI, Universal DVD Club Titans and Memorex XI, who won the inaugural competition back in May,

have indicated their interest in competing for the top prize of $600,000 and trophy. The runner-up will pocket $200,000 and a trophy. Other interested teams are encouraged to register before next Tuesday when registration closes while the drawing of fixtures will be done at the Guyana National Industrial Corporation Sports Club at 17:30hrs. For registration teams can call 225 4802, 623 2704 or 653 5374, while they are being reminded that the registration fee is $50,000 per team. The final is expected to be live on NCN Radio while fans

attending can also look forward to live musical entertainment. Venue is the Everest Cricket Club ground on Sunday August 11. Corporate entities on board to date are The Trophy Stall, Regal Stationery and Computer Centre, Wolf Furniture Store and Everest Cricket Club. Meanwhile, with the aim of decentralizing the sport of softball, Regal Stationery and Computer Centre will sponsor a 12/12 Open and Over-40 T20 tournaments for teams in the Cinderella County of Essequibo. (Continued on page 39)

Friday July 26, 2013

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Match officials LANCE ARMSTRONG ACCEPTS HE IS NOW THE ‘WHIPPING BOY’ OVER CYCLING DRUGS SCANDAL appointed for T20Is Olympic medalist O’Grady admits to doping in 1998 Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong has admitted that he deserves the title of ‘whipping boy’ as yet another rider from the past two decades has said he doped during the Tour de France. Australian Stuart O’Grady could be stripped of his Olympic medals after admitting to using performance-enhancing drugs at the 1998 Tour. Speaking to to Cyclingnews, Armstrong said: ‘It is what it is. It’s popular now to make me the whipping boy. I get it, I understand it, and I will live it. After all, I brought it on myself. ‘My initial reaction is that I am not surprised. As I have said, it was an unfortunate era for all of us and virtually all of us broke the rules, and lied about it,” When asked about O’Grady and how the French authorities have released the names of people who were found to have taken performance-enhancing drugs in 1998, he said: ‘I have not been contacted by anyone. ‘I suspect in many ways they [WADA] are afraid of a TRC [truth and reconciliation commission] as it would fly in the face of the now famous talking point ‘’the most sophisticated doping program in the history of the world’’.’ O’Grady, who retired this week, told a newspaper on Wednesday that he had used the banned blood-booster erythropoietin (EPO) before the notorious 1998 Tour. The admission came after a French Senate inquiry named him among riders with ‘suspicious’ test results in a damning report into the 1998 race. A successful Olympic track cyclist, O’Grady won a madison gold at the 2004 Athens Games, following a team pursuit silver at the 1992 Barcelona Games and a pair of bronzes at Atlanta in 1996. ‘It’s sad,’ Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) spokesman Mike Tancred told reporters on Thursday. ‘He won’t be remembered as a fantastic competitor that we all thought he was. Instead he’ll be remembered as an athlete who succumbed to the temptation of drugs in sport just to get an edge on his fellow riders. ‘In regard to his medals,

it’s a matter for the international federation, so the UCI (International Cycling Union) will consider the medals and they will then make some recommendation to the IOC (International Olympic Commission). The AOC had already called on O’Grady to step down from its Athletes’ Commission, a 10-member advisory body comprised of respected athletes. ‘Members of our London Olympic team ... are entitled to be angry knowing they had supported an athlete who had cheated,’ AOC president John Coates said in a statement. O’Grady, one of Australia’s most celebrated cyclists, could also stand to lose his three national citations, which include an Order of Australia Medal awarded in 2005. The French Senate inquiry found the the top three finishers at the 1998 tour Italian Marco Pantani, Germany’s Jan Ullrich and American Bobby Julich - were among 18 riders who had tested positive for EPO. O’Grady was among 12 riders whose tests were said to be ‘suspicious’ and the 39year-old did not waste time confirming he had used EPO to the Adelaide Advertiser, insisting he had acted alone in sourcing it. He announced his retirement on Tuesday after helping his GreenEdge team to a time trial victory in this year ’s Tour, his 17th appearance tying George Hincapie’s record. He had been expected to race on in 2014, however, and push for a record 18th Tour. GreenEdge was rocked by doping revelations last year involving sports director and former cyclist Matt White, who was implicated in the United States Anti-Doping Agency’s dossier on disgraced drug cheat Lance Armstrong. The Australian team sacked White after he admitted to doping with Armstrong’s U.S. Postal team, but reinstated him earlier this year after he completed a six-month ban. GreenEdge said it supported O’Grady ‘as a person and an advocate for a clean sport’. ‘Like the majority of the riders in his generation, he was also exposed to the issues and wrongdoings of the sport and made some

Lance Armstrong

Stuart O'Grady

wrong choices in that environment,’ GreenEdge general manager Shayne Bannan said in a statement on the team’s website ( Cycling Australia also declined to condemn O’Grady, blaming the era and the European ‘environment’. ‘The late 1990’s was clearly a dark period in cycling’s

international history,’ the governing body said in a statement. Coates, though, said the ‘everybody else was doing it’ line was no defence for cheating. ‘This was a shameful period for the sport of cycling which has been well documented, that is no excuse for the decision taken by Stuart O’Grady,’ he added.

Federer stunned by Brands in Swiss Open

Roger Federer (Reuters) - Top seed Roger Federer suffered a shock 6-3 6-4 defeat by Germany’s Daniel Brands in his opening match at his home Swiss Open on Thursday - the latest setback for the former world number one. The 17-times grand-slam champion was beaten in 66 minutes by the 55th-ranked Brands in the second round in Gstaad, a week after beating the same player in the Hamburg tournament. “It helped that I already played him in Hamburg last week,” Brands said on the ATP website ( “Of course you are very

impressed when you face him on the court for the first time. It’s completely different from what you see when you watch him on TV once you see him on the other side of the court.” Federer, 31, slipped out of the world’s top four for the first time since 2003 following a shock defeat by journeyman Sergiy Stakhovsky at Wimbledon and last week lost in the Hamburg semifinals to then 114th-ranked Argentine Federico Delbonis. Losing in his own backyard will be particularly galling for Federer, who is now ranked fifth in the world and who recently switched to a larger-headed racket. When he arrived at the tournament for the first time since winning it in 2004, Federer was presented with a cow named Desiree to mark 10 years since his first Wimbledon triumph. Brands, who gave Rafael Nadal a scare in the French Open first round, was offering no gifts though as he saved all five break points he faced and served 11 aces. Defeats against players ranked outside the top 10 used to be almost unheard of when Federer dominated men’s tennis but they are now happening on a more regular basis. Federer’s only title this year came on grass at Halle and he has reached only one other final, losing to Nadal in Rome.

Kingstown, St. Vincent – The West Indies Cricket Board on Thursday advised of the match officials for the Twenty20 International Series between West Indies and Pakistan this coming Saturday and Sunday at the Arnos Vale Multiplex here. Barbadian umpire Gregory Brathwaite will make his first appearance in the series, standing in both matches with the Trinidad & Tobago pair of Joel Wilson and Peter Nero, who will share duties on the field and in front of the TV monitor in the two matches. Deighton Butler, the former St. Vincent & the Grenadines and Windward Islands left-arm fast-medium

bowler, will be the reserve umpire on both days. David Boon, a former Australia batsman, will be the Match Referee for the two T20Is. Match officials July Sat 27: First Twenty20 International – Arnos Vale Multiplex, Kingstown, St. Vincent Umpires: Gregory Brathwaite, Peter Nero, TV umpire: Joel Wilson, Match referee: David Boon, Reserve umpire: Deighton Butler Sun 28: Second Twenty20 International – Arnos Vale Multiplex Umpires: Gregory Brathwaite, Joel Wilson, TV umpire: Peter Nero, Match referee: David Boon, Reserve umpire: Deighton Butler. (WICB Media Release)

World boxing body suspends England federation LAUSANNE, Switzerland (AP) — The governing body of boxing has provisionally suspended the Amateur Boxing Association of England and asked its disciplinary panel to review the case. Governing body AIBA says it ‘’could not tolerate the serious violations committed.’’ AIBA did not specify details. The suspension bars English boxers, coaches and officials from competitions six weeks before the junior world championships in Ukraine.

The senior worlds will be held Oct. 11-27 in Kazakhstan. AIBA was already investigating ‘’political conflicts’’ involving England and its other British member federations. This month, AIBA withdrew the British Lionhearts franchise from its World Series of Boxing professional competition. AIBA says it also suspended the Cameroon federation in a separate case and requested new elections there within three months.

Qatar to host boxing world championships in 2015 Switzerland (AP) - Qatar will host the 2015 world boxing championships, beating a bid from Bangkok. C.K. Wu, the President of governing body AIBA, says ‘’it is very exciting for AIBA to explore new horizons and we are looking forward to

visit Doha in 2015.’’ Wednesday’s decision was made by AIBA’s executive committee at a meeting in Jeju, South Korea. The biennial tournament will be in Almaty, Kazakhstan, from October 11-27.

GSCL to commence... from page 38 Both tournaments are set to bowl off the same day as the GSCL Inc. 12/12 tournament and carries a first place prize of $100,000 and trophy for the Open category and $50,000 and trophy for the Over40s. The runners-up will take

home $25,000 and trophies while the man-of-the-match for both finals receiving a trophy each. Registration can be done through Patrick Rooplall as soon as possible on telephone number 622 3196. Registration fee is $5,000 for both competitions.

Linden Secondary Schools’... from page 44 Maxie Stephens donated eleven of the twelve individual prizes including the Most Valuable Player of the final, Best Rebounder, Best Offensive Player and Most

Disciplined team among others. The tournament bounced off in April but unforeseen challenges would have curtailed the smooth flow but it will end today.

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MAYERS KEEN ON LCPL BIG STAGE He may just be 20-years old but all-rounder Kyle Mayers is no stranger to the big stage. The talented Barbadian has already seen his fair share of action around the world at various age group levels, campaigns that have prepared him well for his next big assignment – the Limacol Caribbean Premier League which bowls off across the region in just a few days. Mayers, who bowls rightarm seamers and bats lefthanded, was snapped up as one of the Under-23 players in the draft and will turn out for Barbados Tridents during the July 30 to August 24 tournament. “At 20, I am very happy with the position I am in right now. I am in the High Performance Centre but in the past I played for West Indies Under-15s, West Indies Under-19s and all the Barbados youth cricket teams coming up so that is a plus for me,” Mayers said. “I played for the senior (Barbados) team this season in the 50-over and the T20 after playing last season for

“You learn all the time and there is a lot that I can learn from everyone”

Combined Campuses and Colleges, so I think I am going forward in my cricket. I was recently selected for the West Indies A team to play against Sri Lanka A so I guess things are going well.” He added: “It is very challenging playing sometimes against Test cricketers and players who have played the game at the regional level for a long period of time. I think it is very testing, and playing this cricket is a learning stage for me so it can only get better.” Mayers has been one of the products of the West Indies developmental system and therefore, is an ideal fit for the Limacol CPL. What has been key for him, is that at every level at which he has played, he has gained valuable experience of performing on the big stage. It is this know-how that he hopes to put to good use not only in the Limacol CPL but as he continues to play in the

West Indies first class competition and hopefully when he breaks into international cricket. “I was very excited to play in the Under-15 for West Indies. To be 15-years-old and representing millions of people was great,” he reminisced. “[At Under-19 level] we played together as a team for a year. We travelled to the United States, India and then we went to the World Cup which was in Australia. “Although we did not do as good as we should have, it was still a great experience to travel to those countries to play against the youth players from around the world. Some of these players are at Test level now so we were definitely playing some of the best.” The excitement of the Limacol CPL is likely to be right up Mayers’ alley. With strong arms and broad shoulders, he packs quite a

punch when on the go. His 21-ball 37 – including four massive sixes – for Barbados against Windward Islands in the Caribbean T20 earlier this year, is testament to his power. “For sure, batting wise, I will bring power. I am a strong lad and can hit the ball a good distance. In the field, I am a good boundary fielder so I think I can bring those things to the (Tridents) side,” Mayers said. “To be honest, I favour the shorter version of the game. It is more exciting and I like a lot of excitement in terms of boundaries, taking quick wickets, good fielding, so I prefer the Twenty20 and the 50-overs.” With the prospects of playing alongside quality international players like Shakib al Hasan, Shoaib Malik and Umar Akmal, as well as West Indies stars Kieron Pollard and Dwayne Smith, Mayers is already chomping at the bit. “I am very excited to be part of the Limacol CPL knowing that it is the very first one, and I am looking forward to making a mark and remaining in the League. You

Friday July 26, 2013

Kyle Mayers

don’t know if you will be selected next year so getting into the first one was a good step. Now I just need to maintain a place and maybe move up the ranks,” he pointed out. “I think I can learn a lot. These are international players who play all over the world so there is a lot to learn and cricket is a learning game. Whether it’s my

regular teammates Carlos Brathwaite or Jason Holder or one of the international players, I can gain something from them, and I plan to do just that.” Mayers’ first opportunity to learn will happen on 30 July when the inaugural Limacol Caribbean Premier League bowls off in Barbados with the Barbados Tridents facing the St Lucia Zouks.

Asafa Powell vows to return More drugs shame on Jamaica after football player fails doping test after positive drugs test

Asafa Powell

Former 100m world record holder Asafa Powell says he wants to return to the track as soon as possible after his failed drug test. The 30-year-old tested positive for banned stimulant oxilofrine at the Jamaican Championships in June. When the news emerged, he said he had never “knowingly or wilfully taken any

supplements that break any rules” and has reiterated that stance. “This has been the most difficult week of my athletic career,” said Powell. “The supplements I took formed part of a very strict and rigid training regimen,” he added in a statement. Powell and American sprinter Tyson Gay’s failed drug tests were made public 10 days ago and both are now awaiting the results of their B samples. Powell said checks done by his team “told us the supplements were fit for consumption by professional athletes”. “I have retained legal counsel and as such I cannot now discuss all the details of the case,” he added. “I will say, however, that I have requested that my B sample be tested and I await the results. “Should this sample return adverse results, my team and I hope that the hearings will happen as fast as possible so as to allow me to return to my team, to once again represent my country, and to make my family, friends, and fans proud.” Powell was the last man to hold the individual 100m record before compatriot Usain Bolt broke it in 2008. He later helped Jamaica win 4x100m relay gold at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Sherone Simpson, a 4x100m relay silver medallist at last year’s London Olympics, failed a drug test at the same event as Powell. Discus thrower Allison Randall confirmed she had returned a positive test at last month’s trials on 15 July, the same day police in Italy raided the hotel rooms of Powell and Simpson and took away unspecified drugs for analysis. Jamaican world 200m champion Veronica Campbell-Brown tested positive for a banned diuretic in May, the same month Gay provided his positive sample in an out-of-competition test. (BBC Sport)

A Jamaica footballer tested positive for a banned substance after a World Cup qualifying match against Honduras, in the latest doping case involving the Caribbean island’s athletes. The Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) said it was notified by FIFA that a “member of the Jamaican squad returned an adverse analytical finding on his urine sample” after the June 11 game. The player and the substance involved were not identified. “The player has been informed and we await further information from FIFA,” the federation said in a statement late on Wednesday. “The JFF has taken this matter very seriously and a thorough investigation has already started by the chairman of the JFF Medical Committee.”

Last week, the Jamaican sprinters Asafa Powell and Sherone Simpson were confirmed to have tested positive for oxilofrine, a banned stimulant, among five cases involving track and field athletes. The JFF said that FIFA will manage the case. The player is likely to receive a provisional ban during disciplinary proceedings. In a previous doping case, the Peru midfielder Joel Sánchez was provisionally suspended when testing positive for the stimulant methylhexaneamine after a 1-1 draw in Bolivia last October. FIFA suspended Sánchez from all football for two years in March. Jamaica lost 2-0 in Honduras and are bottom of a six-team CONCACAF qualifying group led by the United States.

Swimming’s World governing body, FINA, has approved the introduction of mixed relays, featuring two men and two women, to official competitions from September 25 this year. The decision was made during a Congress in Barcelona where delegates from 134 national federations were present. The mixed relays will be included at a major event for the first time at the 2014 World Short Course Championships. Beijing Olympic silver medallist Keri-Anne Payne tweeted: “This is amazing!” Great Britain have already tried out the event this year and attained success. Just last week a GB quartet landed mixed freestyle relay silver at the European Youth Olympic festival in Utrecht, Netherlands.

“I think it’s going to be interesting and exciting and a lot of tactics are going to come into play,” said former world champion and BBC Radio 5 live summariser Karen Pickering. “A lot more teams will be able to field very competitive teams, whereas it’s difficult for some countries to put four good swimmers together for a men’s or female relay. But two of each is definitely more doable for a lot of relays, so the races will be closer and we’ll have more teams entered. “My only reservation is where they are going to fit it into an already very crowded programme. You’re going to see a lot of swimmers having to add another two races to an eight-day programme and that’s going to be tough.” (BBC Sport)


Friday July 26, 2013

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DONOVAN FIRES USA INTO FINAL, PANAMA TOPS MEXICO Landon Donovan scored twice at Arlington’s Cowboys Stadium on Wednesday as USA beat Honduras 3-1 to book their place in Sunday’s CONCACAF Gold Cup final. The veteran LA Galaxy forward, on whom his country so often rely, struck the second and third goals for Jurgen Klinsmann’s team after Eddie Johnson opened the scoring. Johnson provided an early breakthrough in the 11th minute when Donovan smartly forwarded a pass from Clarence Goodson into the striker’s path. Still 35 yards out from goal when he collected the ball, Johnson surged forward and in behind the Honduras defence before clipping a firm shot high and beyond the reach of goalkeeper Donis Escober. USA were two goals in front and firmly in charge by the 27th minute, when Donovan hit his first of the contest. This time a headed flick to Nick Rimando’s goal kick by Eddie Johnson found Alejandro Bedoya on the right of the penalty area. Bedoya staved off the close attentions of two defenders to flick a pass inside, onto the

chest of Donovan, and he made poking home rightfooted from 10 yards look easy. There was a momentary scare for the home team when shabby defending allowed Nery Medina to power home a header from Marvin Chavez’s free-kick in the 52nd minute. But Donovan immediately restored the two-goal cushion when Goodson’s long pass over the top allowed Bedoya to dash beyond the defence and drill a low cross from the right that was converted on the run from just inside the six-yard box. Donovan was substituted in the 72nd minute, to a warm reception, while head coach Klinsmann was dismissed from the technical area late on for apparently saying too much to referee Walter Quesada. In the late match, Panama repeated their 7 July victory against Mexico to return to their first Gold Cup title game since 2005 when they lost to the Americans. Mexico dominated but Panama converted better on opportunities starting with Blas Perez’s goal in the 13th

Panama celebrating their win over Mexico

minute. El Tri struck back to tie the contest on Luis Montes’ header in the 26th minute before Roman Torres delivered the decisive blow for Panama in the 61st minute off a Gabriel Torres corner.

Misbah-ul-Haq replaces Luke Pomersbach in LCPL Pakistan’s Test and OneDay International (ODI) captain Misbah-ul-Haq will replace Luke Pomersbach of Australia in the St. Lucia Zouks team for the inaugural Limacol Caribbean Premier League (LCPL) T20 Tournament which begins in a matter of days. Pomersbach has been forced to pull out of the tournament on compassionate leave. Misbah, who has been captaining Pakistan’s ODI side against the West Indies in the Caribbean, will immediately link up with the Zouks squad ahead of the side’s first match – the tournament opener - against the Barbados Tridents at Kensington Oval on Tuesday. Misbah’s latest Twenty20 action saw him lead the Faisalabad Wolves to victory in Pakistan’s Super Eight T20 Cup in March and he scored 189 runs at an average of 37.20 during the tournament. “Although it is unfortunate that Luke Pomersbach will not be joining us, we have a highquality replacement in Misbah-ul-Haq,” said St Lucia Zouks assistant coach Matthew Maynard about the

Misbah-ul-Haq change to the squad. “He brings with him a vast amount of experience of international cricket, something that will only be of benefit to our younger players, and his latest Twenty20 performance speaks for itself. On top of that he has been in excellent form during the recent ODI series against the West Indies so he is completely acclimatised and match-ready and that is an added plus for us and for him.” Misbah joins a wellbalanced squad with experienced West Indies international players like Darren Sammy and Tino Best, as well as exciting young talents like Andre Fletcher, Nelon Pascal and Dalton Polius and high-quality

overseas players Herschelle Gibbs, Albie Morkel and Tamim Iqbal. “We are excited Misbah is joining us and look forward to working with him as we strive for success in this inaugural Limacol Caribbean Premier League,” added Maynard. Misbah made his international debut in 2001 and since then has played 39 Tests, 125 ODIs and 39 Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is). In those 39 Tests he has scored 2419 runs at 43.19, including three hundreds and 18 fifties. In ODIs he has a total of 3819 runs at 44.40 with 29 fifties, four of those halfcenturies coming in the recently-concluded series against the West Indies, and in T20Is he has 788 runs at 37.52 with a strike-rate of 110.20 runs per hundred balls faced. In each format of the game his statistics improved after taking over the Pakistan captaincy and he has led his country in 20 Tests, 51 ODIs and eight T20Is. The inaugural Limacol Caribbean Premier League starts on July 30 in Barbados and concludes on August 24 in Trinidad.

Taufel calls for umpire ‘succession planning’ London: Former Test umpire Simon Taufel has called for more countries to produce leading officials in a bid to boost “succession planning” while admitting technology poses a “double edge” for decision-makers. The Australian, who retired from umpiring after the World Twenty20 in October, was speaking Wednesday while delivering the 13th MCC Spirit of Cricket Cowdrey Lecture at Lord’s, said the ongoing Ashes series between England and Australia “highlights one significant challenge — that of succession planning”. England and Australia between them provide eight members of the International Cricket Council’s 12-strong panel of elite umpires. That means only four men — Pakistan’s Aleem Dar, Sri Lanka’s Kumar Dharmasena, South Africa’s Marais Erasmus and New Zealand’s Tony Hill — are currently eligible to officiate in the Ashes, with the current fivematch series set to be followed by another five Tests in Australia starting later this year. Taufel added: “The neutrality guidelines mean that eight of the 12 Elite Panel umpires are not eligible to officiate (in the Ashes).” “We have a real need to encourage and support the other Test playing countries to invest more resources in this area. This representation trend by two countries needs

more competition from the others,” said Taufel, now the ICC’s umpire training and performance manager. “Umpiring is everyone’s business, everyone seems to have an opinion on it but we need to alter the mindset and have all the countries investing more in the future of match officiating.” England lead the Ashes 20 but both the first two Tests have featured controversial incidents regarding the use of the Decision Review System (DRS). While the likes of former Australia captain Ian Chappell have said DRS should be solely in the hands of the umpires, with player reviews a thing of the past, Taufel was coy over whether any changes should be made. “The technology genie has been let out of the bottle and it’s not going to go back in.” “I would simply advocate that we look at ways to be as pragmatic as possible so we can get more correct decisions and deliver more justice,” said Taufel. “I do have an important message on this topic though as it is often asked, ‘what is your view on the DRS?’ I’m not sure that this is the right

Simon Taufel question. Perhaps we should be asking ‘are we using technology in the best way to serve the players, supporters, umpires and values of our game?’” “No matter what system of technology review/referral we implement in our game, it will not be perfect or 100 percent.” “There are trade-offs and compromises with every system adopted. “Today, everyone umpires the game by watching television. The invasive nature of this broadcasting has a double edge to it — it does put more pressure on players and umpires.” “Not too much now happens on a cricket field that is not captured by a camera, a microphone or piece of technology. This has the ability to bring out the best in the game and also the worst.”

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Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago – Lycamobile, Europe’s largest Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), has purchased the Trinidad & Tobago Red Steel franchise just days before the inaugural Limacol Caribbean Premier League (LCPL) T20 Tournament gets underway. The global cell phone carrier, which boasts a market share of 30 million customers across 16 countries, will use its worldwide influence to enhance brand awareness of both the Red Steel team and the LCPL. Lycamobile Group Chairman, Subaskaran Allirajah said: “As Lycamobile’s presence expands across the globe, so too does the customer base we serve and interests they share. Lycamobile has a strong heritage in cricket as the sport captivates and unites many of our communities. “We are incredibly excited to join the Trinidad & Tobago Red Steel team from the very beginning of their journey and look forward to growing with them through the series of prosperous and victorious tournaments to come.” “We are absolutely thrilled that Lycamobile has joined the Limacol Caribbean Premier League franchise family,” said Damien O’Donohoe, CEO of the CPL. ”We think that the Trinidad & Tobago Red Steel franchise, indeed the League itself, is a good fit for Lycamobile because both parties embrace the values of hard work, tenacity in achieving its goals and delivering a quality product of the highest standard. We trust that this partnership will be the catalyst for Lycamobile to establish its brand in the region, and expand operations into a very profitable market.” The partnership also involves a minority ownership of Empire Media Group which

boasts a number of high profile entertainment clients and, with Chairman Jon Talarico, looks to ensure a strong partnership. Ajmal Khan, Chairman of Verus International and shareholder of the LCPL commenting on the sponsorship said, “The response from the corporate sector in Trinidad & Tobago has been fantastic and we are greatly encouraged that people share the vision and see the potential for this incredible tournament.” Red Steel Team Manager Colin Borde believes this new development bodes well for the future of the team. “A new owner of the magnitude and global experience such as Lycamobile sends a clear message that the LCPL, and by extension the Trinidad & Tobago Red Steel, is viewed as a vibrant, professional and progressive unit,” said Borde. ”This can only benefit all parties in this new age of technology and branding. Red Steel is proud to be part of this new and expanded vision as this can only be good for the development of local and regional cricket.” Avid cricket fan Cearn Bello concurs. “As a long-time supporter of Trinidad & Tobago cricket, the idea of a Caribbean T20 tournament is welcomed,” said Bello who has followed the T&T Red Force to Barbados and St Lucia in their previous T20 Tournaments. “What is even more pleasing is that an international company like Lycamobile would back the Red Steel team in this introductory tournament. That should say something about our potential as a team. We can do great things in T20 cricket, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what comes out of this partnership with Lycamobile.” The inaugural Limacol Caribbean Premiere League T20 tournament begins on Tuesday July 30 and concludes on Saturday, 24 August. The Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel’s first match takes place on Wednesday, 31 July in Guyana against the Guyana Amazon Warriors, and the first match at Queen’s Park Oval will take place on Wednesday 7 August when the Red Steel take on the Jamaica Tallawahs. Trinidad & Tobago will also host the semifinal and final matches.

SERBIA’S TROICKI SUSPENDED FOR DOPING VIOLATION (Reuters) - Serbia’s former world number 12 Viktor Troicki has been handed an 18-month suspension by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) after violating doping regulations. The ITF said on Thursday that the 27year-old, a Davis Cup team mate of world number one Novak Djokovic, had been found guilty of “refusing or failing without compelling justification to submit to sample collection.” Troicki, who is now 53rd in the world rankings, is one of the most high-profile players to break doping rules in tennis. In a statement the ITF said Troicki had been notified on April 15 that he had been selected to provide a urine sample and a blood sample in association with his participation at the Monte Carlo Masters event. “(He) provided a urine sample, but did not provide a blood sample. He asserted to an independent tribunal that he was assured by the Doping Control Officer (DCO) that it would be acceptable not to provide a sample on account of him feeling unwell that day,” the ITF’s statement read. “However, the tribunal concluded that the DCO told Mr Troicki that she could not advise

Viktor Troicki him as to whether his reason for not providing a blood sample was valid, and that no such assurances were given by her.” The ITF said Troicki’s actions constituted “a failure and a refusal” to provide a blood sample, and that his explanation for not doing so was not “compelling”. Troicki, who the tribunal heard was under stress at the time, will be suspended until January 24, 2015.

Friday July 26, 2013

EVEN THE MOST VOCAL CRITIC WOULD HAVE TO CONCEDE By Rawle Welch Now that we are two days away from the conclusion of another edition of the Annual Digicel Nationwide Schools Football Championship, even the most vocal critic would have to concede that the event has assumed a lofty status on the local sports calendar. In three short years, the Organisers have been able to gradually eliminate many of the initial hiccups that had plagued the competition at the start and have now covered a significant part of the journey which is to assisting in the development of local football, while also serving as a channel to expose our youths to the geography and diverse ways of life of our six races. The Championship which begun in 2011 saw just over 120 schools registered to participate and that figure was exceeded the following year when close to 140 schools took to the field and even that total was surpassed this year with nearly 160 educational institutions taking to the starting blocks. Since that time, almost every other feature of the Championship has followed suit with the most significant being the involvement of the media thanks to the wisdom of the Organisers, who must

have felt that this medium was integral to the event’s success. Another strategic move that the Company made was to get coaches and former players involved in improving the tactical and technical aspects of the tournament aimed directly at developing the general standard of the competition and to this end teams, teachers and officials were able to benefit from the expertise of accredited personnel and even before its conclusion, the common feedback is that in most areas there are improvements. Digicel has now set the stage for the fortunes of Guyana’s football to change and if what the Company is doing is augmented by all the relevant stakeholders then this country’s quest to once again become a force to be reckon with within the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) and even the Confederations of North, Central American & Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF). There is no doubt that what the Company has done is unprecedented, no other entity in recent memory has dared to take on the logistical challenge of involving all ten regions in one single tournament, but Digicel,

despite the vastness of the country combined with all the other exigencies made a decision to accept the challenge. This year has also witnessed a number of other positives, but perhaps the most noteworthy of them all is the unmistakable presence and support of parents, always a key component for success at the junior level. Over the past two years, this critical support was seen largely from teams out of Georgetown and Region 4, but this year has witnessed an increase in parental presence and spectator turnout, especially among those who were previously absent. There is no doubt that the popularity of the tournament has been amplified and all the signs point to an even bigger competition come next year. Teachers of the schools have vowed to prepare much earlier and this could lead to further improvement in the level of play, an exciting impression about the sport’s future here. The Guyana Football Federation, the various Associations, Clubs, Ministries of Education and Sport have received this gift on a platter and it is now up to them to utilise it to the best of their respective abilities.

GUYANA NRA SHOOTERS RETURN FROM BISLEY The Guyana National Rifle Association (GNRA) had three representatives at this year’s Bisley Imperial Shoot, in England, where 795 shooters from around the world participated. The local Team was lead by Fullbore Captain Mahendra Persaud with current West Indies Champion Lennox Braithwaite and USA based Sigmond Douglas attending. At the end, the Imperial Meet Grand Aggregate showed Mr. David Luckman of England as winner with a score of 698 out of possible 705 points. Guyanese shooter Lennox Braithwaite was the best of the West Indians in attendance with a score of 674, followed by Mahendra Persaud with 672, West Indies Full Bore Shooting Council President Norris Gomez of Trinidad and Tobago shot 667 and Jamaican David Rickman shot 662 and Sigmond Douglas shooting 623 points. Persaud had possibles in the Daily Times 75 Points 6 V-Bulls and the POW 75 Points 11 V-Bulls. Braithwaite shot possibles in the Daily Times 75 Points 10 V-Bulls, Times 50 Points 5 V-Bulls and also qualified for the Queens First Stage where he shot two possibles, 35 Points 5 V-Bulls and 35 Points 6 V-Bulls at 300 and 600 and 33 Points 2 V’s at 500. In the Queens 2nd Stage, he shot 49.6 at 300; 48.6 at 500 and 48.5 at 600 placing 110th, however the cutoff for the finals was the first 100 shooters. The Queens Prize Finals was

won by James Corbett of Australia. The West Indian shooters participated in two Team shoots. They won The Junior Mackinnon carting off the Challenge Cup and six gold medals. The Team shot 377 points out of 400 with Malaysia taking Silver and Germany Bronze. They won Silver in The Junior Overseas team shoot with 398 points, being edged by one point by Malaysia who shot 399 out of 420. In both Team Shoots, Mahendra Persaud had the highest scores or 95 out of 100 and 103 out of 105 respectively. Persaud and Braithwaite also participated in the 2013 Commonwealth Shooting Federation Championship, held July 23 – 25 which is a prelude for the Commonwealth Games next year. Up to press time, the results were not available. The standby shooter at the games was Ransford Goodluck whose participation in the Imperial Meet was hampered by the GNRA’s financial situation. Meanwhile, the GNRA wishes to thank Commodore Gary Best, Chief-of-Staff of the Guyana Defense Force, Commission Leroy Brummel of the Guyana Police Force, the Guyana Revenue Authority, Crown Mining Inc, Queensway, the Guyana Olympic Association and all those persons who assisted in making this tour possible. The shooters are expected home this weekend.

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