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Value for money Value for money is always a talking point. The government, ever since Bharrat Jagdeo was president of the Co-operative Republic, insisted that it had the people at heart and was ensuring that it got value for money for every cent of the tax dollars that it spent. At the time the nation was complaining about the slipshod work provided by people contracted by the government to undertake works. These works were either road repairs or actual road construction. Before the intended beneficiaries knew, the works had deteriorated to a condition that was even worse than when the project started. It was the same with some other constructions. In the end, to prove that it was serious, the government created a situation that was intended to allow the beneficiary community to monitor the works. Of course there was a loophole. When the people monitored the works they had no way of reporting their findings. The system was such that there was no one who could take executive action; people complained to no one and in the end the shoddy work continued. Of course there was a difference when the media turned its attention to the poorly executed projects. The poor work was there for all to see and more often than not, there was action. The result was that people soon realized that if they wanted to get value for money, all they had to do was to seek the intervention of the media. However, there were those projects that were larger that the people that anything the wider population could monitor. The Skeldon Modernisation Plant is just one. For starters, the people learnt that they were spending US$200 million, eh most money Guyana ever spent on a project to ensure that the country become competitive in the world of sugar production. The people were not asked to monitor the construction so they were in no position to determine whether they were getting value for money. There were engineers representing the interest of the state; these were the people who would ensure that the nation got value for money. They failed miserably. News of the poor work began to surface when workers on site spoke of the trial runs that were disastrous. The nation soon learnt that this modern factory demanded more cane to produce a ton of sugar than the century-old factory that was being mothballed. Then came news that parts had to be changed even before the factory had gone into operation. Deadlines came and went with no change and suddenly the nation found that it had spent billions of dollars but was not getting what it deserved. The government which had promised value for money had failed to deliver on its promise. One could argue that the paucity of skilled in the people would always result in the country being unable to demand value for money from those foreign contractors. The people put to monitor the works are either unable to properly assess the project being undertaken or are easily distracted that they lose track of what they are supposed to observe. Things have reached the stage where even local contractors set out to boost their profit margin and so deny the nation value for money. Some of them argue that corruption is the prime factor for their actions, and not because they are corrupt. Many are victims of officials who demand money for the award of the contract. This reduces the amount to be spent on the contract and automatically cuts into the profit. The result? It goes without saying. It is surprising that many of the tall structures that defy the building code have not come crashing down. Indeed, we have seen complete walls of buildings come crashing down. There is another aspect of the government itself contributing to denying the people value for money. This is done in many ways, not least among them, paying for pharmaceuticals to a favoured importer. Yet we keep hearing about value for money.

Thursday July 25, 2013

Letters... Where your views make the news

The Amaila deal will cost US$2 billion; it cannot be supported in its current form DEAR EDITOR, Hydro Power in Guyana is truly a visionary idea; no stakeholder can question that. Thus all the calls in support of the “Amaila” deal, especially from the business community, must be recognized from that angle and welcomed. However, the people cannot support this deal blindly since it has a direct financial impact on their lives over the next 20 years and even

doorstep. So as we are in the season of begging, we beg all the players - Stop it, sit down, talk, give some and get some! We want to reflect on Cde Cheddi's words “Winners cannot take all” and “we do not want to dominate but we shall not be dominated”. Let's get down to the facts. This deal is between the Government and Sithe Global Power (Sithe) and we

(20 years at US$100 million per year) will provide a guaranteed 20 percent return on Sithe's equity investment of US$150 million (add up to return on their investment US$601 million) as well as repay the principal on the debt plus interest. The debt being borrowed is US$584 million (Chinese debt – US$484 million and IDB – US$100 million). [see table] The reality is that this

have been lied to by the PPP/C Government and thus there is now a credibility vacuum on the issue at hand. We call on the majority in Parliament to use their instrument of authority to demand that the lead negotiator on this deal, Mr. Brassington, recuse himself from any further dealing with the electricity sector. This will provide the opportunity for seamless renegotiations of this deal to

beyond. The numbers must be scrutinized. That is exactly what a group of professionals did over the last few months and now choose to share our findings. Many questions remain and if only the private sector “doyens” act as the facilitators between those with questions and those with answers, to remove the areas of doubt from the decision makers, this deal can become more “trustworthy”. All are involved and if this “Amaila Deal” meanders into another Skeldon Sugar Factory - all will be consumed, since it is bigger than the size of our economy. For this deal to survive there must be more objectivity and rigorous analysis driven by real facts. If one is to carefully observe the utterances from some Government Ministers and the President, their satellites in the private sector and even an Islamic religious leader, it is all cursory emotive outburst driven from a Personal Prejudiced Perspective Collectively. This is most unhelpful. There is no place for political sound-bites, as it aggravates a climate that requires mature minds. The PPP/C had better wake-up since their regrettable action of labelling Guyanese patriots as “terrorists” and “anti-national” is a contributor to an atmosphere of war. In a war, business cannot be done sensibly and Guyana will never win. Today we all are at failure's

will show with evidence why this deal cannot be supported in its current form and why we must engaging in some serous re-negotiations with the developer (Sithe). Sithe owns 60 per cent of the special purpose vehicle (SPV) that was designed to build and execute this project. The Government owns the remaining 40 per cent. The name of the SPV is Amaila Falls Hydro Inc (AFHI). The central component of this entire deal is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) between GPL and AFHI. The project is structured as a 20-year “take or pay” PPA through which GPL will purchase 100 percent of the generation capacity for an annual payment of approximately US$100 million. This US$2,000 million

PPP/C Government continues to mislead the people that the true cost of this project is US$834 million; this is a fraction of the truth. Mr. Ramon Gaskin, former technical advisor to President Cheddi Jagan and former Chairmen of GEC (GPL) has done his duty to Guyana, he has called the PPP/C out on this US$2 billion figure. The truth remains that this deal is costing the nation US$2 billion - sourced from the IMF (page 35 of h t t p : / / w w w. i m f . o rg / external/pubs/ft/scr/2011/cr 11152.pdf). As we unpack this deal, we find it is overpriced and will result in the cost of electricity increasing if pursued as currently structured. Our financial model is absolutely clear on this issue. This means we

make it feasible and beneficial to the Guyanese nation. Failure to allow for independent financial interrogation of this Deal will make it almost impossible for the majority in Parliament to support any increase in the debt ceiling; unless they want to face the wrath of their constituents. To prove that this deal has to be re-negotiated we ask the following questions. 1. Why is a sum of US$40 million being charged to the Guyanese people for “additional works” on top of the US$517 million that was quoted by the Chinese Contractor, when we already have US$26 million assigned for “contingency cost”? The Chinese Contractor has quoted a figure of US$517.1 million to build (Continued on page 5)

A new global order is needed worldwide

DEAR EDITOR, The economic and financial crises that have gripped a number of western countries have demonstrated in no uncertain terms that the neo-liberal model of development has failed to address in any fundamental way the issue of poverty and human misery. This essentially is the message that Pope Francis is bringing to the peoples of Brazil and the world as a whole, during his visit to Brazil shortly. The market model to development has resulted in an ever widening gap between the rich and the poor. People are poor not because they are lazy or born poor, but basically because the economic and social structures in a marketled environment militate against them and limit their prospects of development. As the Pope correctly observed, an entire

generation of young people in several western economies are unable to find gainful employment and are therefore condemned to a life of unfulfilled expectations due to no fault of theirs. What the world needs is a new and enlightened approach to development in which people and not profits are placed at the centre of all productive efforts. In other words there is need for a new global human order along the lines suggested by Dr. Cheddi Jagan. The world has an abundance of resources to provide a decent life to all of its inhabitants but it is the skewed nature of the distribution of those resources that is responsible for the mass hunger and deprivation that afflicted so many millions of people globally. Hydar Ally

Thursday July 25, 2013

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Letters... Where your views make the news

I have my concerns about those Amaila Falls project “benefits” DEAR EDITOR, I have recently read a lot about the Amalia Falls Hydroelectric Project, with the Government making great claims about how beneficial it will be to Guyana. I have my concerns about those benefits and would like to raise them now, as follows: 1. The Government claims that the project will result in reduced costs for electricity, but nowhere do they say what the estimated actual cost to the consumer will be. Minister Ali is reported as saying that it will result in a 20% drop in charges. Is this confirmed? Does the power purchase agreement identify a specific price at which power will be sold to GPL and how do we then add GPL’s transmission and distribution costs? Anyway, at this stage, I would have thought that the Government could provide a real number as to the projected cost of power to the consumer. What is it? 2. The Government claims that the facility will be owned and operated by SITHE for 20 years. Why then do the people of Guyana have to pay for it now? Why doesn’t SITHE build it and have the citizens pay for it with electricity charges over time? 3. The Government also claims that the

life of the facility is 75 years and I ask myself, can this Government and the people of Guyana be so gullible? This plant includes significant electromechanical equipment which is normally scheduled to last 15 years. How can the Government talk about a lifespan of 75 years and believe this? In the US, even the dam will have to undergo major inspection, rehabilitation and re-certification after 20 years. Sometimes at significant cost. Therefore, while the facility may continue to exist after 20 years, it will not be efficiently functional unless major rehabilitation and repair works are carried out at high cost. 4. The Government talks about the savings in foreign payments for fuel. But these should be compared with the foreign payments to service the loan. How much of an offset is there? Aren’t the loan payments nearly same as the cost of fuel or what is the difference? 5. Has Guyana attempted borrowing the money by issuing bonds? Interest rates on bonds are quite low right now. This is to raise issues which have concerned me for some time in the hope that the Government may provide some answers. James Smith

The Amaila deal will cost US$2 billion... From page 4 the 165 MW hydro power station and a 270 km transmission line. Most of the money will be spent on building the following: a. 2.5 km Dam crossing the Kuribrong River and Amaila River; b. Water intake structure, headrace tunnel, power shaft, surge shaft, and power tunnel, overflow spillway; water outlet; c. Powerhouse and turbine generators, electrical switchyard and substation located adjacent to the powerhouse; d. Emergency diesel generators (about 1 MW); e. One backup Pelton hydroelectric turbine generator (less than about 1 MW); f. 270 km of highvoltage, 230-kV transmission lines that sit on top of some 900 steel towers and two electrical sub-stations. From the detailed analysis we have done, including some comparison with some bills of quantities on other hydro power stations mainly in Africa, these figures of US$517 million plus a contingency cost of US$26 million are reasonable sums. Therefore, no one is questioning the quotation from China Railway (the EPC Contractor) for the core work. The big question mark hangs over this US$40 million for “additional works” and it must be explained and justified or weeded-out forthwith from the deal. 2. Then there is US$27 million for ”development cost” which is the cost incurred from conception to implementation. So why is

there a further US$24 million for “start-up cost”? The big question mark hangs over this US$24 million for “start-up cost” and it must be explained and justified or weeded-out forthwith from the deal. Startup costs are the costs needed to start the implementation; it is a subset of development costs. The Parliamentarians must demand detailed bills of quantities on both of these costs to weed out any double counting. 3. Then there is the good old Jagdeo favourite – “Others”. This deal has a cost item called ”others” for US$16 million? For whom and for what? 4. Then there is US$91 million for ”interest during construction”. Collection of interest during construction reduces the funds available for the real “bricks and mortar” expenses. Why can’t these interest costs be capitalized and rolled into the total payback cost and recovered when the electricity starts flowing to GPL? This is like throwing US$91 million over the falls during construction. Surely if the Bankers believe in the project to actually lend their money, then they can surely defer the interest until the juice starts flowing? 5. Then there is Risk the ”Political Insurance” from Sinosure, the Chinese insurance company and ”Lenders Fee & Advisory Cost” which we found to be comparable to what obtains internationally, so we have no concern over these two expense items. From this simple discourse, we see room to

rationalize between US$85 million to US$171 million from this Project bringing the construction cost to between US$664 million and US$749 million. The lending rates must also be reviewed considering the prevailing financial condition in the world and this will shave-off a further US$45 million to US$57 million in interest charges payable to the Bank which is currently estimated at US$429 million (CDB+IDB). We will talk about strategies in a follow-up letter (e.g. the Government can borrow directly the financing GAP which is expected to be less than US$50 million rather than US$100 million and use those funds to increase its equity stakes in the project with fully IDB engineering supervision; thus benefiting from concessionary rate of below 4.5 per cent). In the final analysis, the financial terms of this deal have to be re-negotiated and from our modeling, we see GPL paying to the developer (Sithe) closer to US$80 million per year, saving the country some US$400 million over the 20-year life of this agreement. This is a prerequisite before the blessing of the majority of the people can be showered on this project. In conclusion, the other authors of the modeling process choose not to be publicly acknowledged, since they all hold sensitive positions in North America, but I am forever grateful to these patriots for working with me on this project. Sasenarine Singh plus four others

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Thursday July 25, 2013

Ramotar never called Opposition - Dr. Luncheon MPs ‘terrorists’ President Donald Ramotar never compared Opposition Members of Parliament to terrorists for shutting down two Bills related to the Amaila Falls Hydropower project in the National Assembly, last Thursday. As such, there is no reason for the President to apologize, said Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Roger Luncheon during his postCabinet press briefing yesterday. He was responding to a query about the need for the President to apologize for his “act of terrorism” comment. The Government Information Agency and Guyana Chronicle of Friday July 19, 2013 edition proclaimed that President Ramotar made such a comment. The comment was subsequently repeated by members of the ruling party at a press conference. According to Dr. Luncheon, several members of the Opposition, including A Partnership for National Unity (APNU)’s Joe Harmon, have been informed by Ramotar that he did not make that comment. “I don’t believe that he has withheld that comment that he never said that…He announced it that he never said that. I know he has told Joe Harmon and Members of the Opposition that. Whether

President Donald Ramotar they believe that is another thing,” the Cabinet Secretary said. GINA, which is the information mouthpiece of Government, particularly the President who is the Minister of Information issued the press statement containing “act of terrorism”. That statement did not represent the President’s address to the nation. In a press statement yesterday APNU said, “APNU Members of Parliament will not be attending meetings of the Special Select Committee on the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Finance of Terrorism Bill until President Donald Ramotar withdraws his statement referring to the actions of the

Leader of the Opposition David Granger

AFC leader Khemraj Ramjattan

Opposition as an ‘act of terrorism’, with reference to the Government Bill on the Hydro Electric Act.” According to the AFC leader, Khemraj Ramjattan, Ramotar had called the Opposition Parliamentarians who last Thursday voted down the Amaila Falls Hydroelectric Amendment Bill and the motion to up the guarantee to public corporations to $150B, “terrorists”. “This I found most offensive and insulting. I have since written a piece explaining that it was out of prudence that the AFC voted as it did,” the AFC leader said. On Monday, Opposition members walked out from a key Parliamentary Select Committee on anti-money

laundering legislation. The Parliamentarians have threatened not to participate in future committee meetings unless the President withdraws the statement. At stake is Guyana meeting its August 26 deadline to submit critical documentation on what changes the country has made to its anti-money laundering measures. The Opposition had voted to send the legislation to the select committee. Failure by Guyana to submit the documents by August 26 and be reviewed in a positive manner in November by an international panel could attract financial and other penalties. However, this is not the first time that the Opposition

walked out of discussions in the Special Select Committee on this very legislation. In May, days before Guyana was required to defend its efforts to stem financial crimes when the Plenary Meeting of the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) met in Managua, Nicaragua from May 27 to May 30, the Opposition abandoned discussions. In fact, the issue which forced the pull out of APNU from the committee was a letter sent to Ramotar by the CFATF on April 10, last. APNU believed that Ramotar should have shared the letter earlier with Leader of Opposition David Granger. According to Dr. Luncheon, CFATF had written the President and had recommended that Ramotar share the content of the letter with the leader of the Opposition and other stakeholders. The letter was not shown in a “timely manner” and the President was assailed by the Opposition. They walked out of the Parliamentary Special Select Committee and the President acted appropriately by offering his apology for not providing a copy of the letter within that one week. “We made the point that in consideration of the importance of the Anti-money

Man jailed for father’s death Fazah Mohamed, 22, of Friendship Squatting area, East Bank Demerara has been sentenced a total of one year imprisonment for causing the death of his father, Rafeek Mohamed by means of an accident. Mohamed was arraigned on a dangerous driving last August. He was found guilty last Friday, when he faced Magistrate Leron Daly at the Providence Magistrate’s Court. However, he was remanded to prison pending sentencing. On Tuesday, Mohamed heard that he would have to serve a year in jail in addition to being suspended from driving for three years. At Friday‘s proceedings, Magistrate Leron Daly ruled that the prosecution had

proven its case beyond reasonable doubt. Mohamed made his first court appearance on August 22, 2012. Since then, several witnesses, including the young man’s mother, testified on behalf of the prosecution. The witnesses were cross examined by Defense counsel Adrian Thompson. Police Prosecutor, Sergeant Shellon Daniels, prosecuted the case. When given a chance to speak on Friday, Mohamed elected to give an unsworn statement. According to the charge, Mohamed caused the death of his 52-year-old father, Rafeek Mohamed, a coconut vendor on August 19, 2010 at Land of Canaan, Public Road, East Bank Demerara.

Police reports suggest while in the vicinity of Land of Canaan Mohamed swerved from another car and slammed into the pickup that his father was driving. At the time the pickup was about to turn into the Barama compound. Rafeek Mohamed, also known as ‘Uncle Baby,’ of Friendship Squatting Area, East Bank Demerara, was pronounced dead on arrival at the Diamond Diagnostic Centre. The victim’s wife and daughter-in-law were also among the injured. Mohamed’s wife was admitted to the East Bank Regional Hospital. The family was heading home from an outing on the Soesdyke/Linden Highway when the tragedy occurred.

Dr. Roger Luncheon Laundering Combating the Financing of Terrorism Amendment Bill that the resort to the walk out because the President did not honour a recommendation (was unfortunate). “I can’t see CFATF instructing our President to do anything. A recommendation was actually the height of ridiculousness but the President still in the greatness of magnanimity offered Mr. Granger an apology and if that was the height of magnanimity I don’t know to what extent we want the President to go now,” he said. According to Dr. Luncheon, “I cannot believe that in this day of fine instrument that clutter our offices and our desktops that the President’s address and the content of his address to the nation could be so misunderstood, misread that the notion that he called the leaders and members of the Opposition terrorists remains on the table top, remains on the front burner.” “President Ramotar has insisted that he never did and he said get the records, get the correspondence, get the transcripts of what I actually said. Now, I don’t believe that the President could be as confused as the Opposition as to what he actually said. And therefore my answer to you is that there is no need for an apology,” he said. In response to further queries as to why some top ranking officials of the PPP/C subsequently echoed the “terrorists” comment Dr. Luncheon said, “Are you saying that these individuals having completed their birth certificate, primary school, secondary school, university, graduate school are waiting on the President to inform them of what to say. I think you need to get the records of what the President said.”

Thursday July 25, 2013

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Thursday July 25, 2013

Letters... Where your views make the news

We are deeply disturbed about the plight of African Guyanese DEAR EDITOR, “The State of Black African Guyana: Time for Renewal and Empowerment” will be the theme for a Forum to be hosted by The Ghana Day Committee in collaboration with The Cuffy 250 Committee on August 4th 2013 at ACDA headquarters. The all-day forum, which is the first in a series of conversations in the African Guyanese community to mark the 250th anniversary of the Berbice Slave Rebellion, will feature presentations on the current socio-economic, political and cultural condition of African Guyanese by leading intellectuals, members of civil society and well known Africanists. These presentations will be followed by in-depth discussions by participants aimed at generating needed inputs for the evolution of a plan of action for the African Guyanese community to collectively begin to address some of the challenges it faces and to equip itself with the necessary tools for its own survival and development in contemporary Guyana. We feel that such a plan is pivotal to African Guyanese ability to participate fully and equally in Guyana’s growth and development.

Two hundred and fifty years after the epic 1763 rebellion and 175 years since the abolition of the European Slave project, African Guyanese and their counterparts in the African diaspora continue to confront the legacy of slavery in every sphere of human endeavour. The attainment of independence from colonial rule created an opening for African empowerment and ultimate freedom from want and servitude, which are critical to the attainment of ethno-racial equality in plural societies such as Guyana. But almost 50 years after independence the African Guyanese community is in crisis. The post-emancipation advances and the progress of the early post-independence period have been overtaken by under-achievement in all spheres of national life, a collective sense of alienation and disillusionment and a cultural drift away from the rich heritage of the group. These developments have resulted in insecurities and fears of subjugation. We are deeply concerned about the plight of African Guyanese and feel that it’s high time this condition be confronted in a systematic and comprehensive matter. We feel that for a muti-ethnic

society to advance, all of its ethnic groups should enjoy a sense of security, equality and ownership of the collective space. While government and other national institutions have a primary role to play in this regard, we believe that each ethnic group has an equal responsibility to tackle its own problems and search for solutions to them. Hence this initial initiative to launch this fact-finding conversation aimed at establishing the true extent of the economic, political and cultural decline in the community. We feel that there is no better symbol around which to have this discourse than the Berbice Slave Rebellion. The spirit of resistance and freedom embodied in that rebellion is the perfect reminder to African Guyanese that overcoming obstacles and downturns is part and parcel of the local and global African praxis. Plans for this forum and others to be held later in the year have been jointly undertaken by two committees of the Sponsoring Organizations-a local committee based here in Guyana and an International Committee based in the USAwhich have been working together for the past year. The forum will feature four broad plenary sessions covering the economic, political, social and cultural/ historical condition of African Guyanese. The list of presenters includes noted African Guyanese scholars and activists such as Hugh Tommy Payne, Nigel Hughes, Andaiye, Dr.Melissa Ifill, Sharma Solomon, Carl Greenidge and Dr. David Hinds. International presenters include acclaimed African American scholar-activist Anthony Browder, and Guyanese-American businessmen George Abrams and Floyd Haynes. With lengthy periods set aside for discussion, we are encouraging all African Guyanese to come out and have their voices heard. Let us look together at where we are and where we want to go together. The Forum would be held at ACDA headquarters, Thomas Lands, Georgetown, and starts at 9 am. Similar Forums will be held in the next six months in Linden, West Demerara, East Coast Demerara, Essequibo Coast, West Berbice and East Berbice/Correntyne. David Hinds For the Ghana Day Committee and Cuffy 250 Committee

Thursday July 25, 2013

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THE PRESENT LOCAL GOVERNMENT STRUCTURE INHIBITS MODERNIZATION Let us cut to the chase. Even with the decade long inthe-making reforms that will soon be passed in the National Assembly, local government will remain marginalized, stagnated and ineffectual. The legislation before Guyana’s National Assembly will not modernize the system of local government. Even if it did, it would still be ineffective because the communities in Guyana are at a stage of development characterized by dependence, something from which no legislation can liberate them. These communities need a strong dose of central government investment. They need to be nursed to maturity before any attempt is made to “liberate” them through local government elections. Such liberation will however have to involve the reconfiguration of the existing system along completely different lines to that which is presently envisaged. It is useless having a formula for the transfer of funds when such transfers, however equitable, will not impact the capacity of local organs to administer their assigned communities or, for that matter, be ever sufficient

to meet their needs. Historically, local government in Guyana has lacked the resources to undertake the infrastructure needed to transform communities. Because they lack this capacity, they end up maintaining the status quo of dependence in central government financing. Most of Guyana’s communities lie along the coast and were designed to keep persons tied to the plantations. When the plantations needed to release water, they did so into the drainage canals that ran through the villages, wreaking untold misfortune on the inhabitants. No amount of taxes collected were ever sufficient to deal with this and the myriad other problems that these communities encountered as surrogates of the plantations. And the collecting taxes has always been a bugbear. First of all, there are always problems with the rate of tax collections in communities. This rate has historically been poor. In short if people can delay not paying, they do not pay and this is why when you examine rates and taxes within the system you do not only find that it is abysmally low in relation to the services

Dem boys seh...

Fip get fuh ride Brazzy and Ash Knee Brazzy and Ash Knee know wha dem was doing when dem hand de Amaila road contract to Fip. Dem was helping out de man because dem know that he woulda been nice to dem and lef something. Fip come to Guyana wid nutten but when he lef he was a millionaire. Fuh help de man Brazzy and Ash Knee give he a big advance to buy machinery to do de road project. De man tek some of de money and rent a garage in Campbellville to wuk as he office. De man barely start wukking when Brazzy and Ash Knee give more money to buy more equipment. Dem boys seh that de two of dem wouldn’t do that pun dem own. Somebody had to direct dem and dem follow orders. Even de reports show that Fip had friends in high places. Every time he fall behind wid de wuk somebody would come up wid de idea that eh wukking fast and that weather holding he up. Brazzy and Ash Knee put word in Walter de Wicked mouth. De man tell de reporters that Fip done 40 per cent of de wuk. Well dem boys seh that he had to change he mouth and now de worrying how much extra dem pay Fip. When Walter de Wicked do de Maths he find out that dem actually pay Fip fuh forty cent of de wuk when he did only do 28 per cent. Dem boys seh that Brazzy and Ash Knee and Jagdeo who give de direction fuh pay Fip in advance should go to jail. Dem tek people money and play wid it as though dem was playing monopoly and Fip had a card which seh ‘Get out of jail free. Now all de story coming out. Fip was de man who cut de road but when he was to drive pun it de drive de same heavy equipment into de swamp. De excavator still dem in de swamp. And people talking how de Amaila project is a blessing. Is a blessing fuh FIP and Ash Knee and Brazzy and Jagdeo. Talk half and mek up you mind to pay dear.

to be provided but the collection rate is low. In short, even the little that people have to pay, they are reluctant to pay. Modernizing the local government system would have to involve granting the local authorities the power to levy on the assets on rate payers, including seizing property for non-payment of rates and taxes. But this will never pass muster in a country in which the political parties believe that patronage involves ignoring the civil duties of citizens. On top of this, for a small country that inherited a local government system that was highly dependent on central government, Guyana has distorted the system further by instituting many layers of

local authorities. These were intended to mimic the system in Cuba but have ended up becoming highly burdensome. So there is a layer known as the NDC which is really much too small a unit to be viable; then there are municipalities which tend to be larger but which are highly politicized; then there is a regional layer in a country of 720,000 persons divided into ten administrative regions. Now how can any of these units ever be viable or be liberated from their dependency from central government. They can never under the present structure. These multiple layers also present human resource constraints. It is hard enough to find enough talent for

parliament much less to find enough qualified and competent persons to be councilors of the municipalities, and then within the villages to find sufficient numbers of similarly competent persons to become NDC councilors. On top of that, more persons have to be found by the political parties to be part of the regional system. The political parties which contest local government elections will always be challenged to find sufficient competent persons to fill all of these layers. The entire system needs to be simplified. Either the regional system is dissolved or it be kept and dissolve the NDCs. Both, but both cannot survive together.

This will involved a major revamp of the structure of local government. Unfortunately, loyalty to a party’s history prevents the system from being completely disassembled because no one wants to argue that our still very much socialist local government structure is illsuited to modern local government demands. So Guyana ends up fiddling with a few formulas, and in the end entrench a structure that remains archaic and backward. If any liberation is needed it is from the resistance to dismantling a historic relic.

Canadian company takes recycling proposal to government By Latoya Giles A Canadian Company with a bright idea on how to curb the garbage situation in Guyana has approached Government with a “recycling” plan. President of the Panther Recycling Company Michael Mosgrove says that his company has offered government a $26 M recycling centre complete with curbside pick-up for less than the garbage collection costs today. The company is willing to take on this investment at no cost to Guyana, Mosgrove explained. According to Mosgrove, his company has offered the government a Bio diesel section to the facility, but was asked not to include the bio mass facility as there was a large US$800 million electric proposal on the table. Mosgrove said that Panther Corporation has the best systems in the industry and a complete recycling programme from the house or business to the plant. He added that they are well aware and they fully understand that the landfills

are still problematic, but their biomass is the solution. He explained that the facility goes hand in hand with their recycling sort modules and takes any biomass that cannot be reused to an incinerator which creates steam and transmits electricity. Mosgrove told Kaieteur News that the system can generate upwards of 80 MW of power basically half of what has been recently rejected and would cost considerably less. He said a contract with GLP could be free to Guyana. Mosgrove further noted that the company’s investment in Guyana would address all solid waste problems with one complete programme. He noted that Guyana can benefit in so many ways. The country would have a first measure of pick-up that helps all Guyanese take back the pride in their communities and have a clean environment. The programme would hire up to 5000 people directly and indirectly and provide manufacturing for the recyclables to finish goods to be marketed worldwide. Mosgrove further told

Kaieteur News that he had met with President Donald Ramotar, about a year ago. He said that he has been in contact with Ken Singhgy. Minister of Local Government Ganga Persaud told Kaieteur News last evening he was not “sure” about the company in question. Persaud explained that the Ministry has a team which was set up to handle proposals from various companies. He said that the Ministry had received tremendous invitations. Persaud said that one set of the proposals has been evaluated and the second set is expected to be brought before cabinet on Tuesday. The Minister could not say if the “Panther Corp” Company was shortlisted, but noted that if their proposal had “substance the Ministry would be in contact with them. Last year the Canadianbased recycling company embarked on a project in Jamaica to build the first solarpowered recycling centre representing a multi-billiondollar investment and the prospect of thousands of jobs being created. The company invested

Michael Mosgrove US$26 million to construct and outfit a 30,000 square foot modular facility in Retirement, St James. With the approval of the St. James Parish council and the Mayor of Montego Bay, Panther has signed an MOU with the Parish. Over the last several months Panther has worked with all the parishes to establish a National Recycling Program. Although it was taking time there has been great progress with each and every parish.

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Kaieteur News

Thursday July 25, 2013

=== The Freddie Kissoon column ===

Incumbency and dictatorship: A theory Mr. Ralph Ramkarran has suggested that the madness that has enveloped the PPP may be due to the long burden of incumbency. This is a commonly held perspective among political observers. When regimes hold power for so long, tiredness, mental fatigue, and persistent psychological confusion take a high toll. The pattern has a long existence in contemporary world politics. In the case of Guyana, prolonged incumbency has not produced the characteristics normally

associated with such types of power. In Guyana, the longer the PPP stays in power the more mentally energized it is. What breaks the pattern with the PPP is that whereas longevity in power results in a diluting of authoritarian behaviour, in Guyana, the PPP becomes more dictatorial. Is there an explanation? We can start with President Forbes Burnham. As Burnham grew older in power, things began to fall apart but he became less tyrannical. After the WPA threat was dissolved

Burnham mellowed. He was less autocratic and more accommodating. He began talks with the PPP about power-sharing and even made preparations for negotiating with the IMF. Once Mrs. Thatcher tamed the unions, she became bored and lost contact with reality. Her party felt she was an electoral liability and removed her. In Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew began to open up after twenty years in power. In Zimbabwe, Mugabe agreed to power sharing after more than thirty years in office. The pattern can be clearly seen – protracted incumbency brings ineptitude and weariness but a lessening of authoritarianism. The Guyana situation cries out for theoretical reformulation. There is no loss of mental energy in Luncheon even though his physical movements are greatly restricted. There is no loss of mental energy in Gail Teixeira and Rohee and Ramotar even though they are getting on in age. If you examine the collective PPP after twentyone years in power, the signs of fatigue are less visible than

the signs of the autocratic mentality. The theory I put forward here is the Stalinist culture that inheres in the PPP and explains why it gets more tyrannical as it gets older in power. This explains the break in the pattern. Mrs. Thatcher, Le Kuan Yew, Forbes Burnham and other long-serving autocratic leaders were not influenced by Stalinist culture. Not so with the PPP leadership. Since the historic 2011 elections there are no signs of fatigue but a crass willingness to extend the tentacles of elected dictatorship. I think when one is looking for an explanation for the madness in the PPP’s rule after twenty years of administration, one should go back to the shape Cheddi and Janet Jagan gave the PPP after the break with Forbes Burnham in the fifties. The PPP is essentially a mixture of Stalinist politics, messianic culture and Indian racism. All three types of ideological structures reinforce the authoritarian instinct. Stalinism is the opposite of liberal constitutionalism. It does not recognize the

distribution of power. It conceives democracy as a bourgeois deception. Even if the 2011 election results went as follows, PPP 35, APNU 34 and AFC 31 giving the PPP the presidency with 35 percent of the vote, it would have still ruled with an iron fist conceding absolutely nothing. This is how it understands power. If there are no intervening circumstances from now to 2016, the PPP will not rule any different as to when it had a parliamentary majority. Fatigue and exhaustion will not come into play. Both Cheddi and Mrs. Jagan imbued PPP members with the culture of manifest destiny. Subsequent hierarchical PPP leaders after the death of their leaders labour in the belief that Guyana belongs to the PPP and the PPP has a natural right to rule. In other words, the world is wrong, history is wrong. The PPP has always been right. History will vindicate its founder-leader Cheddi Jagan. Finally, the PPP sees its raison d’ etre in Guyana as opposing the PNC in every conceivable way.

Frederick Kissoon It will not save UG, it will not clean up Georgetown, it will not refurbish the Brickdam Independence Arch, it will not put the 1823 monument near to the Burnham Park at Parade Ground, it will not have a Public Service Appellate Tribunal, it will not spend money to upkeep the Square of the Revolution, it will not pour money into Linden. All these things have some historical connection with the PNC and its founder leader, Forbes Burnham. Freud was at work when Ramotar at the last Heads of CARICOM meeting derecognized Forbes Burnham as one of the architects of Caribbean integration and asininely assigned that role to Cheddi Jagan. In its zeal against the PNC, African Guyanese become prisoners of the game.

Thursday July 25, 2013

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Teen killed in mining pit accident A teenage Pomeroon miner lost his life on Monday after a huge slab of mud fell on him in a pit at Arauguay, in the Cuyuni District. Sean Calvan, formerly of Perseverance, in the Lower Pomeroon died on his way to seek medical attention. He was being transported by his elder brothers. The eldest brother, Levon Calvan, explained that Sean attempted to ward off a huge piece of mud that fell on his stomach but his attempts were shattered as he fell. The older Calvan said that his dead brother worked with him and another brother from a young age, since the dredge they operate is family owned.

A report was similarly lodged at 70 miles, at a police outpost in Buck-Hall. The young Calvan’s body is awaiting a post mortem examination at the Suddie Funeral Parlor. Keith Rogers, a cousin, who was at the time working alongside Calvan, said that four men were in the pit at the time of the accident. Rogers added that he actually saw when the huge slab of mud came crashing down on his cousin Calvan, and he shouted at him to “run”. But Calvan fell and the mud fell on his stomach, knocking him unconscious. Rogers sustained injury to his feet. Viola Calvan, the dead man’s mother, said that she learnt of her son’s death from her eldest son, Levon, who posted a call to her phone on Monday. She said she wept after learning about her son’s death and went on to describe him as kind and loving. Viola Calvan said, the pit her son worked in was shallow but the rains were frequent which made it slippery. Funeral arrangements are currently being made by the Calvan family.

Thursday July 25, 2013

UGBC Director quits “It’s so bad that it’s impossible… I can’t run this campus! They have made it impossible!” - Samad By Leon Suseran Director of the University of Guyana Berbice Campus (UGBC), Prof. Daizal R. Samad, has tendered his resignation. Samad was reappointed Director of the campus only in April and was supposed to have served another three-year contract. His resignation letter to the Pro- Chancellor, Dr. Prem Misir and UG Council was dated July 4, 2013 and will come into effect on October 4, 2013. He stated that relations between him and the new Vice- Chancellor (VC) Professor Jacob Opadeyi as well as with the “dead weight” Turkeyen Campus have become strained and distant over the past weeks. He accused Turkeyen of “dictating” the day-to-day running of the Berbice Campus. Attempts to reach Prof. Opadeyi and Pro- Chancellor Dr. Prem Misir for comments, proved futile. Additionally, Prof. Samad

stated that the Berbice campus is also running at a financial deficit, a situation which developed last November. UGBC, he stated, will collapse in time unless the government stops sitting back and allowing this to happen. The budget of UGBC, he said, “is in tatters.” “That happened between November and April while I was away, under very disgusting circumstances… We’ve had surpluses over the years-suddenly the budget break.” He added that he is under attack, much of which has become “personal.” “The situation is impossible. I can’t work. I am not being allowed to work!” I’ve been cussed down on the phone. I am talking about all the ‘F’ and ‘S’—all of it. ‘Do so and so or we will fire you!’” Prof. Samad said that after Opadeyi’s appointment earlier in the year, he said that he was very optimistic that UG would have turned around for the better, “but none of it has worked.” Opadeyi had visited UGBC twice. During one visit he had with the private sector and combined Chambers of Commerce in Berbice, “he said that Prem Misir is not his boss. He also said that he will fire John Seeram-the Bursar and he will give Samad a long rope-let him hang himself. Now you don’t even know me! You haven’t met me; it means you come here with forethought and malice-it’s premeditated!” “It’s so bad that it’s impossible…I can’t run this campus! They have made it impossible!” He stated that the new VC had made several promises to him regarding UGBC, none of which have

Prof. Daizal R. Samad

been fulfilled. New programmes, delegated authority and some amount of autonym, “but what we had was death—complete removal of authority.” ALLAUTHORITY TAKEN AWAY Prof. Samad noted that the situation “has becoming much, much worst” over the past few months “and whatever little authority we had on this campus, has been taken away.” Even though he is the Director of the campus, he stated that all authority has been “taken away” from him and the campus isn’t allowed to do anything on its own, except if Turkeyen gives permission. This includes taking action against people who break the rules of conduct. “We can’t take any action. We are helpless. All the authority has been removed from us. The end result of this is that there has been a complete breakdown of authority on this campus. Anybody can do anything at any timewhatever they want-if they want to work, they work. If a clerk disobeys an instruction…she’s not working! That’s it, and there’s

nothing we can do about it, because they report directly to Turkeyen!” Prof. Samad stated, too, that his lecturers and other staff at UGBC now report directly to Turkeyen and termed this as ‘eye- pass’. “This campus has been bound around its ankles, with its wrist tied behind its back.” THREATS “I have got threatening letters from Turkeyen,” he added. Prof. Samad said that he is prepared to make any sacrifice. If this country wants my life, I will give it, but you can’t take my dignity—my life, yes, my dignity, no. That I must go to my Creator with, so the insults and threats and cuss down, I am not accepting it; I don’t have to and I shall not—that is why I have resigned!” He added that he can serve elsewhere in the Ministry of Education “but not at UG—I am done with it!” He said that he does not know why UGBC is being singled out for “this kind of destruction, except to say, when ugly people- when evil looks upon good, it reminds evil that it is evil—that is the only way I can put it. Berbice must stop this and protect this campus.”

Thursday July 25, 2013

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Thursday July 25, 2013

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Militant Barbados Opposition pressing Government Unhappy with Government’s management of the country, Barbados Opposition is preparing the people for a vote of noconfidence, though it holds a slim minority of seats in parliament. That presents an opposite scenario to Guyana’s parliamentary politics where the combined opposition holds a slender majority of one seat, and despite its stated dissatisfaction with G o v e r n m e n t ’ s administration has not spoken about a possibility of a no-confidence vote. Since 2011, Guyana’s opposition, of the APNU and AFC, has commanded 33 of the 65 seats in parliament. The Barbados Labour Party lost the election or a second term in February and became an Opposition holding 14 to the government’s 16 seats. Now, despite the relatively short time and fewer seats the BLP has spoken of a possible vote of no confidence and wants people to be prepared for it. That was the message BLP Member of Parliament representing the district of Christ Church West, Dr. Maria Agard, passed on to her constituents at the district’s annual general meeting Sunday. She spoke of the island’s prolonged challenges and worsening economic problems over the past five months. She said that the

Government was not heeding the opposition’s advice. Financial woes of the Barbados government appeared to be taking the economy to breaking point when last month Prime Minister Freundel Stuart announced a need to cut at least Bds$400 million (Bds$1 = 50 cents US) from budgeted spending within eight months. This was compounded with a downgrade in its international credit rating last week. For these reasons, Agard said, she was relaying the call from Opposition Leader Mia

Mottley, “Be on the alert and be ready, because we do not know the date or the hour when this country will need to move a motion of noconfidence against the Democratic Labour Party for all the lies and deception that led to their re-election to a government that they now cannot service”. “We must always be in a state of readiness for elections,” she said. “We ask you to stand with us, to support us, to give us your everything as we go forward.” She said, “All Barbadians should be on the alert; we

Barbados Labour Party MP, Dr. Maria Agard addressing her constituency Sunday.

should be aware of what is happening in our country. I am simply positioning them

to be conscious citizens of Barbados. We need to be informed citizens. It places

you in an ideal position to make the necessary decisions when opportunity arises”.

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Thursday July 25, 2013

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IFC helping GBTI improve access to finance for small businesses IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, is helping Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry (GBTI), the country’s second largest bank, establish solid risk management practices to support its long-term sustainability and build a strong foundation for its small and medium enterprise (SME) lending. Currently, an estimated 65 percent of Guyana’s SMEs are un-served or under-served by the country’s financial system, which limits their ability to grow and create jobs. With support of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), IFC will implement a two-year project with GBTI. IFC signed a cooperation agreement with GBTI, which was announced yesterday, to provide advisory services to build robust risk management within the institution. “Our collaboration with IFC will help support GBTI’s future expansion and financial sustainability by harmonizing our risk management policies to increase efficiency and take advantage of new market opportunities,” said John Tracey, Chief Executive

GBTI’s CEO, John Tracey Officer of GBTI. “GBTI will work with IFC to develop a more client-focused, performance-guided approach that better serves the needs of our population.” In Guyana, risk management practices need to be strengthened to ensure the long-term growth of financial institutions and improve the country’s credit penetration rate, which is currently only 30 percent of GDP. Many financial institutions are reluctant to enter into and/or expand SME lending because of the need to first implement the internal structures and procedures to identify and manage risks

related to these transactions. “IFC is committed to helping Guyana support a more inclusive financial marketplace,” said Ghada Teima, IFC Access to Finance Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean. “We engage with financial institutions, like GBTI, to develop strong risk management practices that help promote financial stability and increase access to finance for SMEs.” Since Guyana became a member of IFC in 1967, IFC has invested US$31.4 million in the country’s private sector. IFC also implements advisory programs to improve the business climate, build the skills of local entrepreneurs, and promote access to finance and markets for small businesses. IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, is the largest global development institution focused exclusively on the private sector. In 2012, our investments reached an alltime high of more than $20 billion, leveraging the power of the private sector to create jobs, spark innovation, and tackle the world’s most pressing development challenges.

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because a flight was then available. Wickham said he was surprised to see other passengers who were at the airport since 1pm still awaiting the arrival of the aircraft for their flight that night. “When the plane landed everybody applauded,” he said. “In all of this, my challenge is I find that LIAT doesn’t really communicate with you,” he said. “I saw in the situation in Guyana on Saturday where they had an underaged young man sitting in the airport for almost six hours, then they tell him that he can’t come to Barbados because he wouldn’t be able to get to Antigua [on a connecting flight],” Wickham said on radio, explaining that the boy was then rescheduled for a Sunday flight. But, the talk show host said that when he landed in Barbados Saturday night, the grandfather was at the airport awaiting the arrival of the youngster. Shareholder countries in LIAT, Barbados, Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda and St Vincent and the Grenadines, recently took out a US$65 million loan from the Caribbean Development Bank to boost services through upgrade of aircraft fleet and other capital works. Complaints about the regional air travel service, however, continue to abound. Adding to Wickham’s public disclosure of his ordeal, the Barbados Nation newspaper on Monday reported a number of passengers expressing complaints. “LIAT seems to have numerous problems. They have boosted their airline fleet but the same problems remain and, if anything, it has gotten worse. In the last six weeks of travelling with LIAT, I have five, six, and eight-hour delays at various times, and now lost luggage,” the paper quoted salesman, Vincent Ramsey, who uses the airline to conduct business across the region. He was among a number of persons expressing disgust in the newspaper over the past few days with the quality of service.

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LIAT slammed in Barbados Against the backdrop of the euphoria of a LIAT flight from Barbados landing at Ogle Airport for the first time, Monday, the airline was criticized on Barbados radio for poor management and customer service one day later. Speaking on the popular ‘Down to Brasstacks’ radio call-in programme, Talk Show Host and Caribbean Pollster, Peter Wickham, slammed the island-hopper service for over-booking, changing schedules without notification, re-routing a flight to Timehri instead of the more convenient Ogle, and inconsiderate treatment of an under-aged traveler last week. And Wickham, who heads the Caribbean Development Research Services that conducts opinion polls across the region, said his experiences beginning last Wednesday were the most recent in a long line of complaints against the quality of service offered. “This last experience was mild. It’s just that it is fresh in my mind. I’ve had worst experiences before,” he told Kaieteur News following the radio programme. Wickham said that he had booked a LIAT flight to depart Barbados last Wednesday for Ogle, but on querying Tuesday evening, was told that the destination was reverted to Timehri. “So that was my first disappointment. As you would imagine, people prefer to fly into Ogle,” he said. On arrival at Barbados Grantley Adams Airport for departure, he was then told the flight was re-scheduled to Thursday because of overbooking that resulted from contraction of flights to Guyana to two per day only. Scheduling problems again surfaced on the return flight Saturday, when he along with other travelers turned up at Timehri at 1pm for a 3pm flight only to be told there was overbooking, and he is to depart Sunday. But after being checked into a hotel, he was asked to return to the airport at 8:30pm

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Thursday July 25, 2013

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Kaieteur News

Thursday July 25, 2013

Vybz Kartel freed of murder charge

Vybz Kartel

KINGSTON, Jamaica —Dancehall DJ ‘Vybz Kartel’ was freed of murder charges in the Home Circuit court late yesterday afternoon. Kartel, co-accused Lenburgh McDonald and Nigel Thompson were freed after the prosecution declared that no further evidence would be brought against the trio. On Tuesday the presiding judge ruled that witness statements against the DJ would not be admissible in court. Kartel was being tried for the July 2011 shooting death of Portmore resident Barrington ‘Bossie’ Bryan.

Jamaica signs agreement with int’l consortium for natural gas Jamaica Observer - The Jamaica Public Service Company Limited (JPS) is one step closer to acquiring compressed natural gas for its Bogue Power Plant in Montego Bay, St James, a development that could save the national electricity service provider a whopping US$40 million a year. The reconfigured plant should start receiving the gas by December 2015, according to the development agreement signed Monday between JPS and a consortium of companies led by Fueling Tech Incorporated (FTI) International Group Inc of Canada.

The main objective of the project is to reduce the cost of electricity to the consumer. Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Anthony Hylton said as much at the signing ceremony at the Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) offices in New Kingston. “I am informed that the supply of compressed natural gas to the Bogue facility will significantly reduce JPS’ operating costs, generating anticipated fuel savings of between 15 per cent and 30 per cent on an annual basis. As such, JPS cost savings could be in the magnitude of US$40 million

annually,” he said. Under the agreement, the consortium will finance and conduct a front-end engineering design (FEED) study which will determine the final design of the compressed natural gas delivery infrastructure, along with the price of the gas delivered to JPS turbines. This, the minister said, will be done in six months. “The cost of the feed study will be borne by the consortium, and JPS has the option to walk away from the agreement if the price of the gas delivered is greater than 10 per cent of the originally proposed price,” he added.

Opposition Leader dismisses threats of legal lawsuits PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad – CMC - Opposition Leader Dr. Keith Rowley has dismissed threats by Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar and her Attorney General Anand Ramlogan to file pre-action protocol letters against him in the latest twist to the “emailgate” scandal in Trinidad and Tobago. Rowley, speaking to reporters after attending the funeral of former Court of Appeal judge, Wendell Kangaloo in San Fernando, south of here late Tuesday, Rowley described the move as “a strategy designed to prevent me from raising matters of public interest”. Attorney Donna Prowell in the letter bars Rowley from repeating the statements or making “any similar defamatory statements,” failing which the parties will “immediately seek injunctive relief before the High Court” without notice to him. Rowley has 14 days to respond to the letter. On May 20, Rowley told Parliament he had received 31 emails purporting to show correspondence between

Dr. Keith Rowley Prime Minister Persad Bissessar, Ramlogan, Local Government and Works Minister Suruj Rambachan and security adviser Gary Griffith, in a sinister move to undermine the judiciary, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) and the media. The government officials have all denied the accusations and pre-action protocol letter alleges that Rowley on May 23 at a public meeting continued to use the e-mails as the basis for his assertion. “Against the background of events during

the 20th to the 22nd May, 2013, the public was particularly sensitive to his allegations grounded on the purported emails,” the letter said, adding that the statements allegedly made at the public meeting were reported in the daily newspapers here on May 25. The letter also claims that Rowley told the public meeting that if government officials decided to take action against him and to send him to jail, he preferred “to be in the jail in Golden Grove or in Frederick Street with the criminals than to be with the criminals in Parliament”. The government ministers said Rowley’s statements claimed they conspired with other government members with the aims of “killing a journalist, bribing the DPP, attempting to bug the DPP’s office, performing acts in breach of the Integrity Act, committing illegal acts, acting dishonestly, being guilty of misbehaviour in public office and being involved in corruption and a scandal of proportions analogous to Watergate”.

Thursday July 25, 2013

Kaieteur News

Egypt’s army raises pressure on Islamists with call for rallies CAIRO (Reuters) Egypt’s military chief called for mass rallies tomorrow to give him a mandate to tackle violence that has surged following his overthrow of Islamist President Mohamed Mursi, ramping up pressure on the ousted leader’s Islamist supporters. General Abdel Fattah alSisi, who deposed Mursi on July 3 and installed an interim administration in the wake of huge street protests, said yesterday he did not want more bloodshed and urged national reconciliation. Mursi’s Muslim Brotherhood, which accuses Sisi of leading a coup, said the call for nationwide demonstrations raised the specter of a military crackdown, and warned of possible civil war. Underscoring the potential for trouble, Mursi’s backers announced plans for 34 marches in and around Cairo tomorrow. Egypt’s public prosecutor later ordered the arrest of Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie and eight other senior members of the movement in a probe over

Abdel Fattah al-Sisi accusations of inciting violence. Badie and other Brotherhood figures have been detained before and subsequently released since July 3. The Brotherhood, which for decades existed largely underground before the fall of strongman Hosni Mubarak in 2011, fears a broad crackdown. Egypt’s first freely elected president, Mursi has been held at an undisclosed military facility since he was shunted from power. Speaking after days of sporadic street clashes that have left more than 100 dead, Sisi said ordinary Egyptians

should rally to strengthen the hand of the army and police. “I request that all Egyptians next Friday ... go down (into the street) to give me a mandate and an order to confront possible violence and terrorism,” he told a military graduation ceremony in remarks broadcast live by state media. Citing the “current situation”, the United States said President Barack Obama had decided to delay delivery of four F-16 fighter jets to the Egyptian army, signaling deepening concern in the West over the course taken by the Arab world’s most populous country.

Amaila project overpriced... From page 3 fees, among other things. Regarding statements from the government that the project is cheap and provide reliable power, the indications are to the contrary, Gaskin argued. Compared to Uganda's Bujugali hydro electric project in which a 250 megawatts facility cost US$900M, at about US$6M per megawatt, the Amaila Falls project will cost about 40 per cent more despite the latter being a 165 megawatts of power. Sithe Global was also a major player in the Bujugali project. 19% INTEREST RATE Also questioned by the two men, who overtime have been critical of a number of projects, was the high interest rates of 19 per cent that the developer Sithe Global will be paid over the years. In addition to the US$840M being spent, Guyana through the Guyana Power and Light Inc. (GPL), which will be purchasing the power, will be paying over US$1,400M over the 20-year period, putting total costs of the project to US$2.4B. With amended laws allowing GPL to set tariffs, and the regulator, the Public Utilities Commission (PUC), will have little or no say, the situation is even more serious, Gaskin said. The financial and operations problems with GPL, currently also cannot be over-

looked in context of the Amaila Falls project. With $24B spent annually on fuel importation, the state-owned power company is also saddled with a 31 per cent of losses, with almost half of that technical loss. When Amaila comes online, studies have indicated that GPL will record a US$9.4M loss in the first year. Despite a US$40M project to run new transmission lines and build seven new sub-stations, the questions are still there about GPL's readiness. Both Ram and Gaskin noted also, that what was worrying with the information available is that Guyana has built the deal around US dollars which have been spiking upwards in recent times. This will have implications on the tariffs being charged to customers. EQUITY However, perhaps the most worrying decision in the entire deal was where, despite guaranteeing up to 82 per cent of the funding, Guyana will only own 40 per cent of Amaila Falls Hydro Project, the local subsidiary of Sithe Global which is managing the project for the 20 years. Gaskin expressed puzzlement over a stipulation in documents that also has GPL requiring permission to visit the Amaila Falls hydro site. Regarding the Build Own Operate Transfer (BOOT) ar-

rangement, the reality is that Guyana by guaranteeing the loans is the true owner and therefore the BOOT arrangement is a joint venture. Guyana should then own the project, Gaskin stressed. Another area that should be taken into account is the fact that the coming of the hydro facility will not stop Guyana from getting blackouts. The contract allows for at least five types of outages -- no water, an act of God, forced blackout and in cases of emergencies. This will entail GPL maintaining its engines, at another cost. The entire proposition on the selling of the power to be produced is also based on the assumption, that several large players will come on board. According to Gaskin, there are no indications that drinks companies like Banks DIH and Demerara Distillers Limited will abandon their current systems of self-generation for the hydro power. With regards to the implications of borrowing such a huge sum or guaranteeing, currently Guyana's local and external debt is US$1.7B. The Amaila Falls hydro debt is US$2.4B, eclipsing that. Gaskin made it clear that he is not against any hydro project. However, the current deal cannot be approved by Guyanese in its structure. “This particular deal is bad and I will never support it. We have to reject it.”

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68-year-old father stabs teen over two eggs - “We have to shut up and take everything because it is his house,”- mother Up to late last night, doctors at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) were battling to save the life of a 15-year-old boy who was stabbed once to his abdomen by his 68-year-old father over two eggs. The incident occurred around 01:30pm yesterday at Vevey, Mahaica. Injured is Paul Thomas, a Unity Secondary School student. His 68-year-old father is in Police Custody at the Mahaica Police Station and according to the teen’s mother, Elizabeth, the eggs which caused the “whole stabbing up are burst and scattered in the yard.” According to information reaching Kaieteur News, the teen asked his father, a horse cart operator, for two eggs to give his mother to make eggnog but his father refused and got upset, and took a knife from the kitchen and stabbed his son. Yesterday, at the hospital, the injured teen’s sister, Natasha Thomas stood quietly in front the theatre door, awaiting words on her brother’s condition. “My father is very tormenting; he can’t see us happy. Every day is a problem with him. He picks trouble with everyone in the house. He beats my mother a lot,” a depressed Natasha told this newspaper. Natasha, a mother of three, lives next door to her parents and ten siblings. She explained that she was at her home when she heard arguments emanating from

Natasha Thomas her parents’ quarters. “This is normal; everyday is a problem and normally I would peep out my window and shout on them to stop but I didn’t do that (yesterday) because I only hear his (her father’s) mouth.” A very disturbed Natasha said that a few minutes after the argument, her brother ran out from his house and requested her to take him to the hospital. “I said ‘you joking’ and when I look down on he, I see blood on his pants and he holding a shirt to his belly. I just run inside, put on some clothes and leave.” The injured Thomas was taken to the Mahaicony Cottage Hospital but was later transferred to the GPHC for surgery. Elizabeth, the teen’s mother, told Kaieteur News that she was in the kitchen cooking when the incident occurred. “I was cooking and is bend I bend to take the cover off the pot and he pick up the knife and stabbed my

son, right in front my eyes. He does always tell me he gone kill somebody but I never believe him,” the woman cried. She explained that there were twelve eggs on the table and her son asked him for “only two eggs he asked for, only two. He tell his father that he tekking the eggs because he does mind the fowls and he pick it up. After he father start to curse, my son put it down back and he (68-yearold) pick up all the eggs and pelt all away. Then he pick up the knife- all I could have said was ‘oh Lord!’ nothing else.” According to Elizabeth, when her daughter took her son to the hospital, she immediately went to the police station to report the matter. “The police came, took the knife and he to the station.” The woman described her husband as a person who has no respect for anyone. “We have to shut up and take everything because he does always remind us that we living in his house.” On December 17 last, Elizabeth lost one of her sons, Rohan Simon, to an accident at Mahaicony. Rohan and one of his friends were travelling in the tray of an open-back motor pick-up vehicle along the Airy Hall Public Road, Mahaicony, when they fell out as the driver was negotiating a turn. Rohan’s friend survived the accident but he wasn’t that lucky. A few years before Rohan’s death, the family also lost two of their young family members, Randy, 8, and his three-year-old brother, Junior Thomas. The three-year-old accidently fell into a nearby trench and his brother tried to save him. Both of them drowned.

Miner shot over prostitute An argument between two men at Arau, a location in the Cuyuni, Region Seven, over a prostitute, has ended bitterly with one of them nursing a gunshot wound to his right hand and the other on the run. Injured is 39-year-old Nigel Jerrick, of Lot 40 Bee Hive, East Coast Demerara. Yesterday, at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) Jerrick, a miner said that he was sitting under a tree by a shop when he saw his friend, a prostitute from Venezuela, talking with another guy. “After the girl saw me, she left him and came over to me and we starting talking. But like this guy thought that we had something going so he come over to me and he start calling me names. I turned to him and said ‘not because I am not answering you, it means I’m easy’ and I left from there,” the father of eight recalled. He explained that he left and went to change his pants, “When I coming out back, I see a gun inside my face and then he just fired.” According to the 39-year-old man, after his attacker left, he immediately went to the landing and took a plane and came to the GPHC, after making a police report.

Nigel Jerrick

Thursday July 25, 2013

Guyana in debt trap …now like a dog chasing its own tail - Nagamootoo By Kiana Wilburg Guyana already has some $380 billion in Domestic and External debt, said Moses Nagamootoo, Vice Chairman of the Alliance for Change (AFC). He posited that raising Guyana’s debt ceiling from $1B to $150B could place Guyana in a debt trap. He said that it is simply impossible to think that the government would want to add another $150B to Guyana’s current debt without plausible explanation as to the feasibility of a project that could be financed by any such loans. The project at hand is the Amaila Falls Hydroelectric project which is touted to be constructed at a cost of US$840 million. Nagamootoo said that the Government is simply playing a game of politics with the Guyanese people by exciting them about the notion of “reduced electricity rates.” He said that the technical aspect of this project should not be overlooked. Many questions still remain unanswered. “How much of a reduction you will have depends on the efficiency of the delivery because we all expected that with the falling prices of oil at the moment that the electricity will go down but as we saw last month the government wanted to raise the electricity

rate by 27.6 per cent. “World price was coming down and they were saying that our operating costs are going up. Why is it going up? It is because of inefficiency and not because of fuel prices going up. They have to correct that before they can talk about bringing down the cost of electricity to consumers. “We have figures to show that the cost per megawatt of producing electricity by Amaila far exceeds the cost in several other countries, including Hong Kong. “If the cost of producing it is high then the cost to the consumers would be high as well,” explained Nagamootoo. He said that no one is questioning the dream, the vision or the necessity to have a hydro electricity project. He said that the Opposition has passed that stage. However in a fragile state of just over 750 000 people, Guyana has gone passed its threshold for debt. “Our country has now gone to about $380B, most of which is new debt. The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) likes to talk about the days of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNC) and how much the debt was at that time but the last year under Desmond Hoyte, it was $263B. “So we are like a dog chasing its tail in a vicious circle, just going round and round. We spin so fast

chasing our tail that we have gone past the $263B and now the Government is talking about raising the ceiling from $1B to $150B. “And they are upset when the Opposition wants more information to justify such. This is not sweetie; it is not grass; it is money because it will be added on to our national debt if the entity or entities on which the investment is made turn out to be unprofitable.” The Member of Parliament continued, “If you do the Arithmetic, as it is now, the debt level per capita is about $500,000 each. As a child is born, before you could even clap the child backside and he says squaw, there is a label or tag of $500,000 attached to that child. You are ultimately born in debt.” The former Government Minister stated that the fact that the President is saying that electricity rates will be reduced by 50 per cent and the Prime Minister is noted to be saying that the reductions will be down by 25 per cent and more fundamentally, the International Development Bank (IDB) cannot assure at this point that the electricity rates will be reduced, it is a classic case that “too many cooks spoil the broth.” He said that the fact that the extent of reduction is unclear indicates that there is confusion among the members of the Government.

Minibus driver accused of punching woman into state of unconsciousness Because Tushaule Rossmiller, a minibus driver, insisted that her comrade must join the line at the route 45 bus park and wait his turn, she was punched several times to the face to the point where it was alleged that she became unconscious. Yesterday at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court, Wendell Morris, a father of two, was brought before Magistrate Fabayo Azore to answer to the charge of unlawful assault causing actual bodily harm. The 40-year-old defendant pleaded not guilty. The charge stated that on July 20, last, at Cornhill Street, he assaulted 34-year-old Rossmiller of 78 Bougainvillea Scheme, Farm, East Bank Demerara, causing her actual bodily harm. Morris drove his minibus BMM 6311into the Cornhill Street bus park and joined the front of the line instead of the rear. In doing so, his minibus

collided with Rossmiller’s minibus BJJ 2392. A quarrel ensued and the defendant reportedly came out of his vehicle and proceeded to the complainant and dealt her several punches to the face. Rossmiller was then rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital by public spirited citizens where it was found that she sustained swelling and bleeding to her nostrils. Attorney at Law, Omeyana Hamilton, who represented Morris, requested reasonable bail for her client. She stated that Morris was at the front of the line when the complainant ran into his vehicle several times. The lawyer added that Morris’s actions was a matter of self defense as the victim was armed with an ice-pick and threatened to kill him. However, in response to Hamilton’s submission on her client’s defense, Attorney at Law, Basil Williams who is

looking at Rossmiller’s interest, stated that his client was battered by the defendant to the point where she was unconscious and lying on the ground. Williams said that his client had to be assisted to the hospital by onlookers. He said that it was the defendant who left his vehicle and went to his client and punched her in the face several times. “There was no record of an ice-pick being in my client’s possession. Her dentures were also damaged to the total cost of $87,000 in repairs,” expressed the lawyer. The Prosecution objected to bail on the grounds that the defendant threatened to kill Rossmiller and if granted bail, there is a high likelihood that these threats may be carried out. Magistrate Azore placed Morris on $75,000 bail and transferred his matter to another court for report and fixture on August 6.

Thursday July 25, 2013

Kaieteur News

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US Cadets complete Pres. Ramotar to open jungle training in Guyana Berbice Expo tomorrow US Cadets and their Guyanese counterparts at a simple ceremony after the completion of their course.

Thirty-five U.S. Military Cadets graduated from a training phase at the Colonel Robert Mitchell Jungle and Amphibious Training School (CRMJATS). Under the guidance of the CRMJATS leadership, the Cadets received training and familiarization on a broad range of survival skills. This training phase culminated with a 48-hour exercise that tested the Cadets’ mental fortitude, personal courage, and newly acquired skill sets. The Cadets had previously completed joint training with the Guyana Defence Force cadets at the Colonel John Clarke Military School (CJCMS) located in Tacama. The Adjutant General of the Florida National Guard, Major General Emmett Titshaw, U.S. Army Cadet Command, in

conjunction with the Military Liaison Office of the U.S. Embassy in Guyana, recommended Guyana as an ideal venue for the Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency (CULP) Programme in July 2013, and the Florida National Guard was grateful for the Guyana Defence Force’s willingness to host the CULP program. Activities under the CULP Programme include humanitarian service with the host population, military-to-military training, and education on the social, cultural, and historical aspects of the community. CULP seeks to build a foundation to support understanding, cohesion, and meaningful partnership between the next generation of U.S. and Guyanese military officers.

Lusignan trial continues….

Police witness takes stand The murder trial of two men accused of killing eleven people at Lusignan, East Coast Demerara on January 26, 2008 continued yesterday. On trial for the murders are Mark Royden Williams, called ‘Smallie’, and James Anthony Hyles, known as ‘Sally’. Senior State Prosecutor Judith Gildharie-Mursalin is presenting the state’s case. The two men are being represented by Attorneys at Law Nigel Hughes and Roger Yearwood. At yesterday’s sitting, police officer Kellon Fraser testified that he was in the company of a party of policemen who went to the scene on January 26, 2008 around 02:30hrs. At the time of the incident Fraser said that he was stationed at Vigilance Police Station. According to Fraser he assisted with the investigation. When he arrived at the scene he went to Lot 30 Track “A” Lusignan, ECD. Fraser said that he went into the house and observed that a male was lying on his belly on the floor. That male was identified as Clarence Thomas. Fraser said that Thomas was clad in blue trousers. The officer said that he observed what appeared to be gunshot wounds to the body. Also in

the same house was Ron Thomas. He too had what appeared to be gunshot wounds. The third person to be found in the house was Vanessa Thomas who was lying on a bed. Like the others she had what appeared to be gunshot wounds. Fraser told the court that all of the bodies appeared motionless and were lying in pools of blood. Fraser further told the court that he moved to the second house which was Lot 23 Track “A” Lusignan, ECD. In that house the bodies of Mohandan Goordat, 32; Seegopaul Harilall, 10; Seegobin Harilall, 4 were found. The court heard that Seegobin Harilall was found lying on Goordat’s back. In the third house at Lot 26 Track “A” Lusignan ECD, Fraser said the body of Shazam Mohamed, was found. The witness said that he along with the police moved on to Lot 24 Track “A” where the body of Shaleem Baksh was found. The bodies of Dhanwajie Ramsingh, 52; Seecharran Rooplall, 56; Raywattie Ramsingh were found in their home at Lot 20 Track “A” Lusignan, ECD. Fraser further told the court that he escorted the 11 bodies to the Georgetown Hospital where doctors

pronounced them “dead on arrival”. On January 28, 2008 the witness said he was present at the post mortem examination. All of the post mortem reports were tendered into evidence yesterday. Under cross examination by Attorney at Law Roger Yearwood, the witness denied that he took finger prints at the scene. The witness was asked whether he recalled anyone at the scene saying that they had seen who was shooting, and he answered in the negative. Yearwood ended his cross examination. Re-examination was declined by the prosecution. Williams, called ‘Smallie’ and James Anthony Hyles are accused of being part of a gun-toting gang of men that slaughtered 11 persons in the early morning hours of January 26, 2008.

President Donald Ramotar will open the ninth Annual Berbice Exposition and Trade Fair tomorrow. According to President of the Central Corentyne Chambers of Commerce (CCCC), Mr. Leekah Rambrich, all systems are in place for the hosting of the 4- day activity which will see the participation of dozens of companies from all across Guyana. The event will run from July 26 to July 29, next under the theme ‘‘Raising Our Standards, Enhancing our Competiveness’. The event is planned and executed annually by the CCCC. There was a media tour of the Albion Sports Complex earlier this week to afford members of the press a firsthand opportunity to see the groundwork and layout of the ground as well as how booths were being set up. Rambrich stated that nearly all of the spaces for exhibitors have been booked solid. “The main pavilion is already jam-packed…we didn’t have any more space, and it’s the largest expo we will be having.” He stated, too, that more than 40 “big exhibitors” will be participating in the event. Sadly though, no foreign contingent is expected to participate. The chamber was hoping to involve Venezuela, Trinidad and Brazil, “but we have a lot of newcomers this year especially from Georgetown.”

One of them is the Guyana Manufacturers’ Association (GMA). During tomorrow’s opening ceremony, he stated that there will be a packed cultural programme. Speaking about entertainment, there will be entertainment on the ground every single night as well as nightly fireworks displays. Security is a major concern, Rambrich stated. Four meetings were held with the top security officials in the Region. “ I guarantee topnotch security-vehicles will be secured on the outer location on the road and we will be having more police presence and Sentinel Security.” Rambrich said that since its launch, attendance to the expo has doubled from just

CCCC President, Leekah Rambrich over 15,000 during the first Berbice Expo to over 30,000 last year. “The event has seen a remarkable improvement year after year.” However, he criticized the “limited” support from the businesses in Georgetown.

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Thursday July 25, 2013

Thursday July 25, 2013

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Thursday July 25, 2013 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19): You’re riding on a high horse today and you might not be willing to heed the advice of anyone else. Unfortunately, you could be your own worst enemy if you also forget to listen to your heart. TAURUS (Apr. 20–May 20): You have something important to get off your chest today. Fortunately, a little compassion will go a long way when it comes to sharing your thoughts. GEMINI (May 21–June 20): Pay close attention to your pocketbook, for your inclination now is toward extravagance. The problem is that you may feel so confident that everything appears to be coming up roses. CANCER (June 21–July 22): There still is a heavy emphasis on your home and family no matter how hard you try to balance your current professional commitments with your personal life. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22): Other people may encourage you today while still secretly plotting against you. Perhaps a coworker or acquaintance is being extra nice to you now in an effort to cover his or her own tracks. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22): The greatest thoughts are of little value unless they are brought out into the open for everyone to see. Share your creative ideas now, for they are more worthwhile than you realize.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22): Turning up the volume on your own intuitive voice today prevents you from responding too quickly to the actions of others. You will be better off by acting on what you actually need, but you must quiet down enough to figure out how you really feel. SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21): It may feel like you’ve been treading water recently, without making much progress. Now, however, the tide is shifting, the clouds are lifting, and you can see blue sky and many possibilities on the horizon. SAGIT (Nov. 22–Dec. 21): You are drawing your personal power from a deep well today, and others can’t help but stand up and take notice. CAPRICORN(Dec.22–Jan.19): It’s not easy to relinquish control, yet you should come out ahead if you moderate the expectations you place on yourself. Nevertheless, it’s so tempting to get swept up in someone’s grandiose scheme today that you can promise the sky before you realize what happened. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18): You are on a personal mission and have specific tasks to complete today. Woe to anyone who gets in your way as you try to complete your appointed rounds. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20): Quite a lot of change is being packed into a short amount of time these days. Yesterday, you weren’t sure about a relationship.

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::: Letter to the Sports Editor :::

EAST COAST CRICKET BOARD DUBS DEMERARA BOARD A PHANTOM The Executive and Members of the East Coast Cricket Board (ECCB) have expressed their profound disgust at the continuing dishonesty of those individuals the Board is accusing of pretending to be the Executives of the Demerara Cricket Board (DCB). Their latest escapade was to place an article in the newspapers of July 21 inviting clubs of the ECCB to meet with them to discuss cricket and the Board’s competitions. “The proposed meeting we consider to be a charade for the mystery group of the DCB to gain some form of acceptance and to deflect the real issue that they are an illegal Executive. On January 25, 2013, Madame Justice Diane Insanally granted an injunction preventing Rajendra Singh, Lalta Digamber, Anand Sanasie, Alfred Mentore, Anand Kalladeen, Ravindranauth Persaud, Ronald Sarjoo, Nazimul Drepaul, Colin Europe, Ray Persaud, Krishnchand Mangal, Chetram Singh, Lionel Jaikaran, Ramsey Ali, Fizul Bacchus, Dru Bahadur, Troy Mendonca, Terrence Holder and Rayon Griffith from holding elections of the DCB.” The Competitions Committee of the ECCB said that it turned up to find out who is the phantom group of the DCB but was met by only Anand Sanasie and Raj Singh who could not explain the purpose of the proposed meeting nor say who are the purported Executives Members of the DCB. The secrecy surrounding this phantom group is intended to avoid charges of contempt resulting in imprisonment, the committee added. “We view this latest reprehensible action by this

illegal group as another feeble attempt to divide and cause confusion within a Board that has a legal and properly constituted Executive in place. That the meeting did not come off for lack of attendance is testimony to the respect that the clubs on the East Coast have for the rule of law and in particular for Madame Justice Insanally’s order.” Meanwhile, the ECCB has held a number of competitions for 2013, some of which will resume after the rains. Two new ones are

scheduled to be launched in addition to the Carib T20. Also, the Annual Cricket Academy will be held in August 2013. “There is no cricket at all being played in West Demerara or on the East Bank. These two areas are controlled by Anand Sanasie and Raj Singh. This illegal DCB Executive has selected teams for the ECCB and has blatantly discriminated against and marginalised talented young cricketers, the East Coast Board noted.

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Guyana Police Force (GPF) ‘A’ Division managed to maintain its lead over Headquarters at the Police Sports Club Ground, Eve Leary, yesterday when day two of the annual track and field championships ended at the venue. After 15 finals, ‘A’ Division was on 224 points ahead of Headquarters’ 203 points, maintaining the lead they held following the first day of competition on Tuesday. Country, and not ‘C’ Division, as was previously reported, was third on 62 points. Country Division comprises five Divisions, namely ‘C’, ‘D’, ‘E’, ‘F’ and ‘G’ Divisions; the ‘B’ Division was fourth following yesterday’s close of events on 58 points. The GPF will rest today and return tomorrow for the grand finale beginning at 2pm. Headquarters stayed within striking distance of ‘A’ Division following strong performances from a few of its seasoned national

campaigners; if ‘A’ Division is to win the GPF title, it will mark the first time in eons the feat has been accomplished. Headquarters swept the two top spots in the Men’s 5000m race when Nathaniel Giddings edged a surging Dennis Horatio on the line in the event. Giddings returned 17:08.9, while Horatio ran 17:09.3 for second and ‘A’ Division’s Larry Josiah 18:19.8 for third. ‘A’ Division fired back in the Women’s Triple Jump when Tenisha Punch landed 9.32m for the top spot and Cindy Fraser 9.29m for second. Headquarters’, Lashawna Benjamin was third with a 7.90m mark. In the Men’s Triple Jump, Troy Williams landed 13.23m to win the event for Headquarters while ‘A’ Division’s Yoel Benjamin (12.36) was second. Headquarters’ Clarence Greene leaped 12.30m for third in the event. Natasha Alder threw the Javelin 33.56m to win the Women’s contest, while

Latoya Rodney with a mark of 29.39 was second and Stacey Wilson (28.46) third. Cordell English took the male event for ‘A’ Division with a 43.57m throw with Keshon Shepherd (41.28) also of ‘A’ Division finishing second and Colwin Leacock (39.71) of Country Division, third. Seasoned campaigners Janela Jonas and Kevin Bayley won the female and male 800m races with Jonas returning 2:36.00 and Bayley 1:58.00. Berbice’s Melissa Byass won the Girls’ Youth Club 800m race in 2:42 ahead of Jabitha Bowman and Roxanne Gills. Kevin Abbensetts added the 200m title to his day one 100m win the Boys’ Youth Club race in 23.6 seconds, while Samuel Doris was second in 23.8 seconds. Kevin Scott finished third in 24.1 seconds. In the female version of the race, Tiffany Carto sprinted to 27.5 seconds ahead of Juanita Hooper (28.9) and Whitney Hooper (31.5) respectively.

BCB/Scotia Bank Cricket Academy attract large turn out The 6th Annual Berbice Cricket Board’s Bank of Nova Scotia Academy started on Monday last at the Area “H” Ground with fifty of the ancient county’s most promising junior cricketers in attendance. The cricket academy, the only of its kind to be organised by a county Board in Guyana, is sponsored by the Bank of Nova Scotia at the cost of $150,000. BCB President Keith Foster at the launching ceremony, urged the young cricketers to listen carefully to the coaches and put into practice what they have learnt. Foster noted that the Berbice Cricket Board under his administration has invested heavily into the development of young cricketers and programmes such as the Annual Cricket Academy, Guyoil Coaching Programmes and Elite Training Sessions have all been highly successful. The President told the young cricketers that Berbice has a rich tradition of success and it was their duties to uphold the high standards that players like Rohan Kanhai, Basil Butcher and Joe Solomon had set in the

past. He pledged that the Berbice Cricket Board would continue to invest in youth development both on and off the cricket field with the main aim of allowing all cricketers to fulfill their true potentials. Other speakers at the launching included former BCB President Malcolm Peters, Senior Selector Albert Smith, Secretary Angela Haniff and President of the Guyana Teachers Union Colin Bynoe. Bynoe called on the cricketers to understand the importance of education and to choose their friends very carefully. Head Coach Michael Hyles-Franco stated that the Academy had attracted the cream of Berbice cricketers and special emphasis would be placed on improving their batting, bowling and fielding skills. Lectures have also been organised on topics of importance to assist the young cricketers to understand their roles as sport ambassadors of Berbice. The other coaches at the academy are Albert Smith, Winston Smith and Renwick Batson.

Participants and Board Officials at the BCB 6th Annual Cricket Academy

Thursday July 25, 2013

Noble House Goals Galore Indoor Hockey Championships

Ol Skool take GCC to school with commanding display The annual Noble House Goals Galore Indoor Hockey Championships saw its first major upset of the tournament on Tuesday evening as Ol Skool schooled top local men’s side GCC in a 14 – 2 one-sided affair. Ol Skool, comprising of a number of former national players enjoyed a +6 handicap at the start, while GCC started on +1. Contrary to the expectation that GCC would close the gap, Ol Skool chalked up three unanswered goals through Stephan Fernandes, Ivor Thompson and Alan Fernandes before GCC could muster their first and only goal of the match in the 10th minute by Orland Semple. While Ol Skool clearly did not have the pace and conditioning to run with the GCC lads, they used their guile to maximum benefit as Alan Fernandes added three more to take his personal game total to 4 and Philip Fernandes added a double to see out the victory. The Hikers Under-19 continued their strong run for the title by toppling tournament top seeds the Hikers Generals by 5 – 4. The Hikers Under-19 side, beginning with a +3 handicap to the Generals +0, were first on the board in the 8th minute through a swift Jamarj Assanah penalty strike. The Generals led by two goals each from nationals Robert France and Shane Samuels staged a brave comeback but Assanah would have the final say with his second goal of the match just 2 minutes from full time for the 5 – 4 victory. Old Fort (+3) enjoyed their first senior division win of the tournament with a 9 – 7

victory over Hikers Under-23 (+5). Old Fort got off to a blistering start as Ascofu Simon slammed home a shot in the opening minute of the match. Ascofu’s younger brother Aderemi then got into the act with a double while John Abrams scored one and Ascofu his second, all before the Hikers could find the net for the first time. Travon Younge managed to tally 2 goals for the Hikers in an attempted comeback but Jason DeSantos put an end to this ambition with a final Old Fort goal to leave the score at 9 – 7 for Old Fort. In the lone ladies fixture, Revelation (+8) managed to chalk up their first competition win against the Hikers Divas (+2) by 10 – 4. The fast improving Revelation had to survive an onslaught of chances by the Divas but were up to the task each time. Charlyn Elliott and

Romichelle Brummell scored one each for Revelation while the goal scorers for Divas were Maria Munroe and Cora Towler. In the junior men’s division, GCC (+0) managed to upstage the Recruits (+4) by a final score of 7 – 4. In a match mostly featuring newcomers to the game, there were hints of talent and the promise of good players in the making as both sides produced hockey beyond their experience. GCC’s Kareem McKenzie would be the star of the match however with a 4 goal tally for GCC while teammate Mark Sargeant scored a double and Keon McKenzie added one more. The tournament continues tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday with the three finals scheduled to begin at 5:00PM on Sunday.

Regional U-19 3-day tourney

GUYANA SURRENDER FIRST INNINGS TO T&T Guyana surrendered first innings points to Trinidad and Tobago in the second round of the Regional U-19 Three day tournament yesterday at Molineaux in St. Kitts & Nevis. Replying to Trinidad and Tobago first innings score of 194, the Guyanese resumed on overnight total of 27 without loss and were bowled out for 159 in 76.1 overs. Middle order batsman Kamesh Yadram top scored with 25, while skipper Shawn Pereira supported with 24,

Romario Shepherd made 23 and Tagenarine Chanderpaul 18. Bryan Charles was Trinidad and Tobago leading wicket taker with 5-59 from 26 overs while Jesse Bootan grabbed 3-38 from 19.1 overs and Mohan 2-7. Batting a second time, Trinidad and Tobago closed the second day on 61 without loss, enjoying a lead of 96. Jeremy Solonzano is unbeaten on 30 and Bryan Christmas on 26. Today is the third and final day.

MADHOO-SPONSORED DARTS TOURNAMENT ON TOMORROW Former national champion Norman Madhoo, who now resides in the USA, but is currently back home on holiday is the host of tomorrow’s Darts Tournament which wil be held, at the Malteenoes Sports Club Pavilion. According to a release from the Guyana Darts Association (GDA), the tournament which is being sponsored under The Water Store, a purified water company owned by Madhoo, will comprise the Luck of the Draw and Men’s Singles competitions and will have cash prizes up for grabs. Madhoo, who has been a multiple-times national

champion and someone who has represented at the prestigious World Darts Championship in England, played superbly to capture the Singles title in a GDAsponsored competition, at the same venue and word is that he has been displaying terrific form since returning and is still the player to beat. In the Luck of the Draw competition, Team Mark Persaud and Shaundelle Hyles were defeated by the pair of Anthony Bissoondyal and Sherwyn Greene 2/0 in their semi-final clash, while Sudesh Fitzgerald and Norman Madhoo defeated Colin France and Delon Correia 2/0 in the other half of

the draw. Madhoo and Fitzgerald were surprisingly defeated by team Bissoondyal and Greene, 3/2 in the final. Mahdoo came out on top in the Men’s Singles, only losing 1 out of 6 matches played, which was to Fitzgerald in the preliminary stage. He defeated Lallchand Rambarose in the semi finals 2/0 and then faced Anil Lachman in the final after he had defeated Colin France 2/ 1 in their semi final encounter. In the best of 3 final, Madhoo left no doubt about his ability as he won in straight sets from Lachman to claim the top prize.

Thursday July 25, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Academy students equipped with educational materials for new school term The cricket teams of the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club (RHTY&SC) last weekend launched their $1M summer ‘School bags for Sports’ programme with the distribution of $300,000 worth of school bags, exercise books and other educational materials. Benefitting were the 120 students of that attended the Club’s Cricket Academy and Republic Bank Summer Camp. Club Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster expressed gratitude to the GTM Group of Companies, Universal DVD and other sponsors for making the donations possible. Foster stated that the RHTY&SC cricket teams were pleased to assist the students with the hope that, that would serve as an inspiration to them to stay in school and pursue a solid education. He disclosed that numerous persons had asked why the Club invests so heavily in educational programmes and the answer was simple, “Because the club strongly believes that education is the foundation to a successful future.” The attentive youths were encouraged to always place high emphasis on education and to never lose focus. They were told that an educated mind makes a better sportsperson. Foster advised members of the cricket Academy to make sure that they balance education and sports properly, while expressing the hope that every cricket and sports club

Stag Beer/ WDFA Senior League Competition in the Stag Beer sponsored West Demerara Football Association (WDFA) will continue this weekend with doubles headers fixed for Saturday and Sunday at the Den Amstel Community Centre Ground.

RHTY&SC Patron Ms. Beverly Harper with some of the students that collected the materials. in Guyana should get involved in the Pro-education Campaign with special emphasis on their own members and less fortunate youths in their respective areas. Club President Keith Foster admitted that they have a policy that education takes priority over sports as an educated mind lasts a lifetime, while a sports career last for a while. Assisting others, the President stated comes naturally to the RHTY&SC and called on the

students to take proper care of the educational materials. Foster expressed gratitude to the donors of the school bags and challenged others to make similar contributions. Club Patron Beverly Harper assisted with the distribution of the materials to the happy students. Senior Berbice player Eon Hooper and West Indies Female International Player Shemaine Campbelle stated that the cricketers of the club

were pleased to undertake the school bags project under their personal development programmes. Those teams are Rose Hall Town Farfan & Mendes Under-15, Pepsi Under-19 and Intermediate, Bakewell Under-17 and Second Division, Metro Female and Gizmos & Gadgets First Division and Under-21s. The teams have set themselves a total of 80 programmes for 2013 and to date, have completed 65.

Slingerz strengthen grip at the top; 4 matches set for the weekend On Saturday, Wales will take on Seawall in the opening game from 14:00hrs to be followed by a clash between Stewartville and Beavers. Sunday’s main event brings together Uitvlugt and Bagotville with the curtain raiser featuring Den Amstel and Jetty.

In the latest set of matches, Slingerz FC strengthened their hold at the top of the standings when they recorded their fifth win in as many matches; a 5-0 whipping of Young Achievers. Devon Millington netted a brace (28, 33) with one each

from Vernon Mills in the 38th minute, Joshua Browne 67th and Clive Nobrega closing out proceedings in the 80th minute. Uitvlugt Warriors blanked Jetty Gunners 3-0. The players on target were Jamal Petty (7), Kevin Duke (21) and Jamal Harvey in the 26th.

LATEST POINTS STANDINGS Team Slingerz Uitvlugt Bagotville/Nismes Stewartville Seawall Young Achievers Den Amstel Beavers Jetty Gunners Eagles Dekenderen Wales

P 5 3 4 3 2 3 3 2 4 3 4 4

W 5 3 3 2 2 2 2 0 0 0 0 0

L 0 0 1 0 0 1 1 2 4 2 4 4

D 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0

GF 42 11 6 8 11 12 8 1 4 1 1 3

GA 1 2 4 2 2 5 3 6 10 13 26 34

GD +41 +9 +2 +6 +9 +7 +5 -5 -6 -12 -25 -31

Points 15 9 9 7 6 6 6 0 0 1 0 0


The Flying Ace Cycle Club continues to keep the sport on the move in Berbice and has organised another cycling event in the ancient county. The Club will this S u n d a y, 2 8 t h J u l y, b e organising the 8th Annual Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry (GBTI) 40-mile cycle road race along the Corentyne Coast. The event will see the cyclist riding off from in front of the Bank at around 10:00 hrs and journey to Nand Persaud and Company Limited on the Corentyne Coast before returning to its place of origin. The race, which is for Berbicians only, is expected to see cyclists from two clubs participating, with the riders from the FACC expected to be joined by those from the newly formed Trojan Cycle club and it is expected to be keenly contested. Defending champion Dwight Holder, now donning Trojan colours, is expected to be hard press to retain his title

by multiple champion Neil Reece whom he dethroned last year to take the title. Other top riders like Elijah Brijadder, Syborne Fernandes, Gary Benjamin the Crawford brothers will be on show. Defending female champion Marica Dick is expected to have things her way on the distaff side. The bank recently handed over the sponsorship package to coordinator and coach of the Club Randolph Roberts. Prizes which will include trophies cash and other incentives will be awarded to the first six finishers in the open category. The top three finishers in the junior category, the first three females and first veteran riders will all be awarded while 10 prime point prizes will also be up for grabs. The race will be started by officials of the bank who will also be on hand to present the prizes. Randolph Roberts is the coordinator. (Samuel Whyte)

Hope Football Club Inaugural U-20 tournament continues in Berbice Play is continuing in the Hope Football Club (HFC) inaugural Under-20 competition for teams in Berbice with one game remaining to complete the first round. Results of the latest round played were - Hope Football Club (HFC) gained a walk over from Cougars Football Club in a game that was scheduled for the Scott Church Ground; at the Monedderlust ground, Paradise Football Club (PFC) with goals from Allister Wilson, 21st minute and Eric Callender, 56th minute won from Monedderlust 2-1, with Alwyn Brown scoring for the losers. Rosignol United playing at home, defeated HFC ‘B’ 3-1 with Shemar Richards10th, Lynton Neil 29th and Jamal Campbell 72nd minutes the goal scorers. Devon James in the 56th minute responded for HFC’B’. The Hope Football Club which is an arm of the Hope Memorial Foundation was founded by overseas-based Guyanese Kevin Henry. Henry is a US Army Soldier who hails from New Amsterdam. The winner of the tournament will receive $60,000 worth of football equipment, second-placed team will receive $40,000 worth of football equipment, while the team finishing third

will collect some $20,000 worth of football equipment. There are also individual prizes for the best goalkeeper, best defender, best midfielder, best forward and highest goal scorer. The teams that were expected to participate were Hope Football Club A and B, New Amsterdam United Football Club, Cougars Football Club, Corriverton Lynx Football Club, Rosignol United Football Club, Hopetown Football Club, Monedderlust Football and Paradise Football Club, however Corriverton Links and Hope Town have not played a game so far and have pulled out of the competition. This is the second tournament organised by the Organization. The first was the inaugural Hope Memorial Inter School Football Tournament (HMFT) which was played last year. (Samuel Whyte)

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Kaieteur News

Thursday July 25, 2013


Campbelle to lead Berbice Female Inter County team

Dwayne Bravo heaves the ball over the top (WICB)

Marlon Samuels hits down the ground (AFP)

GROS-ISLET, St. Lucia – Lively fast bowling from Tino Best failed to ignite West Indies and Pakistan claimed a

dramatic four-wicket victory in the fifth One-day International on Wednesday here, following half-centuries

SCOREBOARD WEST INDIES (maximum 50 overs) J. Charles c Haris Sohail b Mohammad Irfan 43 D.S. Smith c Mohammad Hafeex b Junaid Khan 7 D.M. Bravo c wkpr Umar Akmal b Junaid Khan 9 M. Samuels c Shahid Afridi b Mohammad Irfan 45 C. Gayle c wkpr Umar Akmal b Junaid Khan 21 +L. Simmons c Mohammad Hafeez b Saeed Ajmal 25 *D.J. Bravo c Haris Sohail b Saeed Ajmal 48 D. Sammy not out 29 S. Narine not out 0 Extras (lb6, w9) 15 TOTAL (7 wkts) 242 Did not bat: J. Holder, T. Best Fall of wickets: 1-26 (Smith, 6.4 overs); 2-44 (D.M. Bravo, 18.4); 3-98 (Charles, 25.3); 4-131 (Gayle, 35.2); 5-159 (Samuels, 41.2); 6-170 (Simmons, 44.1); 7-223 (D.J. Bravo, 48.4) Bowling: Mohammad Hafeez 6-2-22-0; Mohammad Irfan 10-1-34-2 (w6); Junaid Khan 10-1-48-3 (w1); Asad Ali 9-1-45-0 (w1); Shahid Afridi 5-0-30-0; Saeed Ajmal 10-2-57-2 (w1) PAKISTAN (target: 243 off 50 overs) Nasir Jamshed run out (Gayle) Ahmed Shahzad c *D.J. Bravo b Best Mohammad Hafeez c wkpr Simmons b Sammy *Misbah-ul-Haq c *D.J. Bravo b Holder Haris Sohail c wkpr Simmons b Best *Umar Akmal c (sub) Roach b Best Shahid Afridi not out Saeed Ajmal not out Extras (lb5, w9) TOTAL (6 wkts) 242

23 64 11 63 17 37 13 1 14

Did not bat: Junaid Khan, Asad Ali, Mohammad Irfan Fall of wickets: 1-51 (Nasir Jamshed, 10.5 overs); 2-64 (Mohammad Hafeez, 16.4); 3-123 (Ahmed Shehzad, 30.2);

4-160 (Haris Sohail, 37.6); 5-226 (+Umar Akmal, 47.4); 6-242 (*Misbah-ul-Haq, 49.2) Bowling: Holder 9.5-0-47-1; Best 10-2-48-3 (w2); Sammy 10-0-35-1; Narine 10-0-42-0 (w3); Samuels 5-0-25-0; D.M. Bravo 5-0-41-0 (w4) Result: Pakistan won by four wickets Series: Pakistan win five-match series 3-1 Toss: Pakistan Man-of-the-Match: Misbah-ul-Haq (Pakistan) Man-of-the-Series: Misbah-ul-Haq (Pakistan) Umpires: P. Reiffel (Australia), J. Wilson TV umpire: S. Davis (Australia) Match referee: D. Boon (Australia) Reserve umpire: P. Nero

from Ahmed Shehzad and Misbah-ul-Haq. Best replaced ailing compatriot and fellow fast bowler Kemar Roach and ended with 3-48 from 10 overs, but no other bowler made an impact, as Shehzad with the top score of 64 and Misbah with 63 saw Pakistan successfully chase 243 for victory on a hard, true Beausejour Cricket Ground pitch. A stoppage for rain with 14 balls remaining and Jason Holder’s dismissal of Misbah in the final over added to the drama in the closing stages before Saeed Ajmal hit the winning run with one ball remaining. The result meant Pakistan claimed the five-match series 3-1 series, after victories in the first and fourth ODIs. West Indies won the second ODI and the third match ended in a tie last Friday here. West Indies captain Dwayne Bravo led a late charge, as the Caribbean side posted 242 for seven from their 50 overs after being sent in to bat. Bravo came to the crease with his side on 170 for six in the 45th over and hit five fours and three sixes in the top score of 48 from 27 balls. Bravo beefed up the total in a stand of 53 from just 27 balls for the seventh wicket with his predecessor, Darren Sammy, before he was caught at long-off from the bowling of Ajmal. West Indies failed to make the breakthrough in the mandatory power play overs at the top of the innings, as Pakistan coasted to 51 without loss before Chris Gayle’s direct hit ran out Nasir Jamshed for 23 in the 11th over. Sammy had Mohammad Hafeez caught behind for 11 in the 17th over, but Misbah anchored partnerships of 59 with Shehzad for the third wicket and 66 for the fifth wicket with Umar Akmal that put the visitors firmly on course for victory. Best, who shared the new

ball with Holder after Roach was sidelined with a stiff back, dismissed Akmal for 37 in the 48th over and Holder removed Misbah, threatening to a late fight-back before the Pakistanis wrapped things up. West Indies lost wickets at regular intervals after they had earlier been sent in to bat and a handful of batsman got starts without carrying on. Marlon Samuels scored 45, Johnson Charles made 43, Sammy was not out on 29, Lendl Simmons added 25 and Gayle 21, but West Indies failed to gain momentum as Junaid Khan grabbed 3-48 from 10 overs, while Ajmal and Mohammad Irfan collected two wickets apiece.

Shemaine Campbell

Tremayne Smartt

The Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) has named the squad of fourteen (14) for the Female Inter County 50-Over cricket competition. Returning as Captain is West Indies Women’s allrounder Shemaine Campbelle, while her West Indies team-mate, pacer Tremayne Smartt has been named Deputy. Yet another West Indies female pacer Subrina Munroe cannot participate due to a leg i n j u r y, s h e h a s b e e n advised to rest for a month. Also in the squad is former West Indies pacer Erva Giddings, while there are eight others who

represented Guyana in the past; Jacqueline Singh, Katano Mentore, Natasha Gangoo, Nikita Toney, Phaffiana Millington, Stefanie Rodney, Trishanie Cort and Tinisha Cort. Berbice will clash with Essequibo today and Demerara, tomorrow. The squad of 14 reads: Shemaine Campbelle (Captain), Tremayne Smartt (Vice Captain) Melanie Henry, Jacqueline Singh, Katana Mentore, Tessa park, Natasha Gangoo, Stephanie Rodney, Phaffiana Millington, Erva Giddings, Nikita Toney, Trishanie Cort, Sherica Campbelle and Tinisha Cort.

Kildonan Concerned Citizens Development Group starts emancipation celebrations The Kildonan Concerned Citizens Development Group has planned a series of sporting activities to mark the 175 Anniversary of the Abolition of Slavery. The week of activities is expected to kick off on Sunday 28th July with Athletics Road from Manchester to Kildonan a distance of over three miles, beginning at 08:30 hrs. There will be categories for males and females as well as juniors and seniors with the top finishers in each category receiving trophies. The senior citizens will not be left out as they are slated to take part in a Senior Citizens Walk covering the same route and distance. A Cycle Race Road race will be held on the same morning beginning at 08:00 hrs. The cyclists will pedal off from Manchester and proceed to Eversham and back to Kildonan, covering a distance of 16 miles. The event is open to all cyclists in Berbice, including upright and BMX cyclists. Trophies and other incentives will be up for grabs for the top finishers in each category. The BMX riders will also be expected to get their chance to show off their worth with a race from Manchester to Kildonan. A number of other in and outdoor games have been planned for the rest of the day at the Kildonan Sports Complex including Softball Cricket, Dominoes, Circle Tennis and Football among other activities. These and other events are expected to last throughout the week. In fact a fitness walk to get persons in shape and enhance awareness was held on

83 years old Doreen Kyte, with Guyana flag, leads the way.

Sunday 14th July covering a distance of four miles under the theme “Together we believe together we achieve.” The walk began at Auchlyne Village and journeyed to Kildonan a distance of four miles. The activity drew participants from Manchester, Auchlyne, Limlair, Alness, Nurney and Kildonan. The main purpose of the walk was to create an awareness of Emancipation and what it means. The oldest participant was 83 year old Doreen Kyte who completed the entire journey.

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