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Wednesday July 24, 2013

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Letters... Where your views make the news... Letters... Where your views make the news


DEAR EDITOR, I penned this letter in response to Hannah Mohamed’s “Donald Ramotar ’s integrity is unquestionable” (KN, June 5, 2013) and I forgot about it. But now, Ralph Ramkarran has resurrected it. In his expose of the nastiness within the PPP titled “The PPP has grown tired” (KN, July 23, 2013), Ramkarran said something which jolted me out of my chair. I have always maintained that Donald Ramotar lacks integrity. Ramotar’s modesty and affability are not integrity. Integrity is about morality, ethicality and honesty. It is rooted in the unflagging pursuit of right over wrongdoing. Donald Ramotar’s integrity must be viewed against his conduct when he held power as the PPP General Secretary and now as President. It must be assessed against how he used power. Integrity in leadership enlarges integrity beyond self to integrity to as it affects party, nation, people and country. There are fundamental values in integrity that cannot be bargained or subdued. A leader’s actions have telling repercussions for the hundreds of thousands who

are governed by him and his entity. A leader has the power to set a moral and rule of law course for his party and nation. A leader’s refusal to discipline a party member when faced with uncompromising evidence of wrongdoing signals that leader is accepting of wrongdoing and also encourages others to pursue wanton corruption knowing the leader will defend it or blithely ignore it. When that party leader heads a party that holds power over an entire country, the dire consequences of a lack of integrity are abysmally clear. If Ralph Ramkarran is to be believed, then Ramotar’s act was immodest, immoral, depraved, corrupt and dictatorial in that it opposed the findings of a committee of party members including a former president and founder of the PPP. There is no integrity in that conduct. This very notion that a leader who is a nice guy is naturally a good leader is bogus, deficient and laughable. Guyana would have been better off with a gruff leader who has intractable morals, valiantly fought corruption and attacked wrongdoing than some nice guy who defended

atrocity produced to him by his own party members. A refusal of a personal gift on one occasion or not stealing from one’s employer are wonderful traits but they are undermined by that individual’s governance of a menagerie of trickery, corruption and thieving without lifting a finger to reprimand the Ali Babas surrounding him. How can anyone rationally argue that Ramotar has integrity when the PPP which he took over in 1997 as General Secretary has descended into its worst period of corruption, wrongdoing, chicanery and heinousness under his stewardship? This is the same Ramotarled PPP that Ralph Ramkarran said has not produced audited financial records and reports to its membership for decades now. Monies were stolen from NCN, taken and placed directly into a personal bank account. Yet, Ramotar did nothing. Everywhere we turn in the past 18 months since he became President by a fait accompli with a show of hands window dressing vote, Donald Ramotar has been just as anemic as his predecessor, Bharrat Jagdeo, Continued on page 6

If every student experiences success in school, no child would be left behind

DEAR EDITOR, From all appearances the Ministry of Education (MOE) continues to place “new wine into an ancient wineskin”. As a consequence, intended outcomes never seem to materialize, and the unintended outcomes are seldom anticipated, or catered for. Needs at every level have changed, but MOE appears incapable of adapting. The MOE desperately needs to enhance its overall capacity, particularly its research capacity by the establishment of a research unit, staffed by a qualified team of education researchers. If the report: “No promotion for students who fail Maths, English”, SN July 5, 2013, is accurate, then the process by which the proposed revised policy of the automatic promotion was arrived at is flawed. The reasons are: 1) Faceto-face consultations between authorities and small numbers of chosen stakeholders do not, for various reasons (herd instinct, feelings of intimidation, sycophancy),

facilitate honest and objective feedback; 2) Many of the parents who should attend these consultations do not, either because of previous commitments, or feelings of intimidation; 3) Stakeholders who would have been affected most by the policy were not consulted; 4) Apparently, no independent observers, or representatives of the press were invited to any of the 30 consultations; and most importantly, 5) The revision appears to be based, for the most part, on the personal (subjective) opinions of the more vocal stakeholders who were present at the consultations, and not on hard objective evidence. A more comprehensive, and accurate picture of stakeholder opinion could have been obtained from an analysis of the responses to a validated survey instrument that guaranteed anonymity. There are several aspects of the proposed revised policy that give reason for concern. First, it would appear that all the blame for not achieving

the required proficiency in English and Mathematics rests entirely with the students, and that teacher absenteeism (official or unofficial), teacher incompetence or lack of professionalism, or current educational organization, policy and practices were not factored in into the deliberations that led to the revised policy. Second, the goal of the revised policy is narrow in scope. The emphasis is on standardized achievement and minimum competence: “it will enable students to graduate with the minimum requirement of five CSEC subjects, inclusive of Mathematics and English…,” rather than on the wider and more inclusive outcome of maximum achievement and full the full development of human potential. Wider and more inclusive outcomes have the potential to make our youth more capable of positive contributions to the development of this nation in vastly superior numbers than Continued on page 6

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Wednesday July 24, 2013

Letters... Where your views make the news... Letters... Where your views make the news

Donald Ramotar has... If every student experiences... From page 5 towards corruption, venality and wrongdoing in the PPP and the country at large. Criminality has surged under his rule. The harsh facts and evidence of Ramotar’s rule as General Secretary of the PPP and now as President indicate he lacks integrity. Where was/is Ramotar’s integrity when the working class party he lorded over was/is hijacked by a corrupt rogue cabal and tuned into a brothel of debauchery and

corruption? He was voted for by that same cabal to become President. Where was/is Ramotar’s integrity on the Marriott, airport expansion, Amaila Falls, Berbice Bridge tolls, Clico, Guysuco and other fiascoes? Leaders with integrity fight back against corruption. They discipline party organizers committing transgressions. They do not insulate vagabonds to protect the party when that shady course will eventually destroy the entire party and the nation it governs. Desmond Hoyte’s integrity showed after he got

the absolute powers of the presidency. In light of Ramkarran’s statement that Ramotar refused to discipline a corrupt party organizer, I now believe that Ramotar was not a puppet of the Jagdeoites controlling the PPP’s Central Committee but one of the puppetmasters. What this means is that there is no hope of Ramotar changing. Ramotar is really Jagdeo all over again. Thieves, crooks, the criminal-minded, corrupters and the corrupt and vagabonds will continue to thrive in the dear land of Guyana. M. Maxwell

That hydro power vote DEAR SIR, I am writing this letter to tell the AFC and APNU parliamentarians to say stay strong. Some are saying that voting against the Amaila Falls hydro-power project is antinationalist. That is a wrong view. First, such a large project needs maximum diligence. Secondly Guyana is supposed to be a democracy. The AFC and APNU together represent more Guyanese in the parliament than the PPP. That fact alone requires that they have a voice in how the country moves forward. Democracy is about trade-offs and all parties need to feel involved. Linking the vote on the hydro project to other issues critical to the Guyanese people and their representatives in Parliament is normal democratic practice. Fitzgerald Yaw, Ottawa, Canada

From page 5 is presently the case. Third, students risk being sent out into the modern world partially blind, or with only one eye open: “Manickchand stated that if a student… fails to attain the overall passing grade he/she …will be encouraged or even required to drop the areas in which he/ she underperformed”. This kind of schooling results in the separation of cultures, and is the origin of much conflict between bureaucrats and professionals. One of the distinctive features of quality secondary education is that it is essentially general education. In other words, the secondary phase of education is the one period in the entire formal education process in which learners are exposed to all major significant areas of human endeavour or knowledge. Secondary school graduates must possess the “know how” by which they can distinguish, discern, and discriminate. They must possess that broad critical sense by which they recognize competence and worth in every field. Fourth, the devaluation of Art and Physical Education by the Minister is unfortunate. It suggests a lack of cooperation and

collaboration between certain Human Service ministries – “Culture and Sports”, and “Health”. Quite recently health authorities have again been drawing attention to “Non Communicable Chronic Diseases” (for example, diabetes, hypertension/high blood pressure, obesity.), and the increasing burden that these diseases are placing on our national resources. These diseases, more often than not, are related to an inactive lifestyle. Hence the value of physical education, exposure to a variety of sports, and even art forms during the formative years. In Guyana – “The Land of Many Waters”, every student should be afforded the opportunity to learn to swim, and to be competent at rendering First Aid. Further, evidence from education research points to the relationship between physical activity and improved classroom performance. Notwithstanding all of above, it does appear that MOE is genuinely seeking a win-win resolution to this particular issue, but there is need to adopt an holistic, or systems approach. This alternative that is being offered for consideration is based upon the following assumptions: 1) That MOE is genuine in its search for a win-win resolution; 2) That the required organizational changes will be executed; 3) That every teacher is a teacher of English language, and that teacher competence is

directly related to classroom achievement; 4) That different stages of cognitive development and rates of learning are characteristic of any given age cohort of students; and particularly, 5) That confidence and selfesteem result when students discover what they can do well and strive to develop their unique talents and gifts When we accept identity as the first dimension of human greatness and a primary goal of education, we unleash a force that offers the greatest potential for personal growth and development: a person’s self-image. If all students experience success, no child would be left behind. Students must not repeat the grade or drop any subjects. Provide 90-minute after school tutoring/ coaching sessions twice per week, plus six-week mandatory summer sessions at strategically located schools for at risk students. Tutoring/teaching/ coaching should be by special teams of teachers, seniors, or peers as deemed appropriate. Teams should be encouraged to innovate, for example the use of drama, word puzzles, sports/games, English as a second language, English/Maths without borders, practical/applied maths. Each team should include at least one teacher from a subject area or field (for example: Biological Science, Geography), in which concrete phenomena can be used to simulate abstract concepts. Finally, since the admission requirements of the University of Guyana are based on Fifth Form achievements, to help facilitate this revised “no child left behind policy”, it is recommend that the two-year Sixth Form be replaced by a two-year Fifth Form. Freed resources should be reallocated to other secondary schools in the effort to establish a national network of quality secondary schools that would be of great benefit to many more students in the different regions. Clarence O. Perry

When we pause and experience silence, we discover answers that activity does not have time to reveal. During your day, take threeminute “vacations”. Relax and reenergise. Take time out to feel the peace of silence.

Wednesday July 24, 2013

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Letters... Where your views make the news... Letters... Where your views make the news

PPP wanted gridlock on Amaila to drum up congress fever DEAR EDITOR, On July 18, during what I would describe as one of the “dumb” debates in which both Government and Opposition alternated to be silent, Minister Irfaan Ali confidently denied that the raising of the national debt ceiling from $1 billion to $150 billion, has nothing to do with the cash-strapped Guyana Power and Light (GPL). I was stunned by that display of such enormous ignorance! The debt ceiling has everything to do with GPL, as the guarantee would open the gate to borrowing by GPL in connection with the Amaila Falls Hydro Project (AFHP). When taken, the additional $150 billion would send up our national debt in nominal Guyana dollars to some $530 billion, more than double of what it has been under the PNC government, up to 1992. This government has already absorbed some $57 billion debt contracted by public corporations and companies, which has been charged to the Consolidated Fund, or simply put, has to be paid back by taxpayers, now and in the future, who would have to forego future happiness to meet debt servicing and re-payments. In other words, taxpayers have to fetch the burdens of these money-losing state bodies, which are all, including GPL and Guysuco,

huge inefficient state monopolies. Both these “giants” live on hand-outs from taxpayers in the tune of several billion dollars. Last year we voted $6 billion for GPL and this year a further $5 billion. In a joint letter to the President of our Republic the combined Opposition parties requested a status report on the use of the 2012 “transfers” (I use this mild term instead of “bailout”, which the government dislikes). The government would rather chose to treat this request in a cavalier fashion much the same way as it is approaching legitimate concerns over the estimated $170 billion Amaila Hydro project, that the Opposition is obstructionist and intent on undermining national development. Any expression of patriotic concern over how we spend the people’s money would inevitably draw the same reaction from the President - that his critics are “jackass”, “anti-nationalist” and “terrorist”. As Vice-Chairman of the Alliance for Change (AFC), who has had some 50 years of political experience, I say this: We will not be “cussedout”, nor will we succumb to propaganda trash! To borrow the dictum of Cheddi Jagan: “we do not plan to dominate but we will not be dominated!”

The AFC is today rising as the conscience of the Guyanese people, as we say and do what is in their interest. We share the people’s heart-beat for affordable renewable energy security not only from hydropower but from a portfolio of sources including ethanol, wind and solar power, and cogeneration using bagasse and wood waste. Therefore we have every reason to support the development of hydro-power in Guyana but with the clear caveat that it must be environmentally, socially and economically feasible. We are not going to support any project that throws good money over the waterfalls. The AFC leadership has had serious consultation which revealed that AFHP could satisfy the minimum requirements of the IDB’s Environmental and Social Management Report [environmental, hydrological, biotic, topographic, social management issues including the displacement and compensation of any community during and after construction, etc.] We believed that we have enough evidence to support the Hydro Electric Power (Amendment) Bill 2013 and remain committed to our principled position in favour of what I called this “flora and fauna” Bill, which has vital environmental

safeguards for any and all hydro schemes anywhere in Guyana, and is not limited to Amaila, as the government wrongly brands it. However, this does not mean that we must surrender our concerns that AFHP must be sound and good for Guyana. Our biggest concerns remain the key debt assumptions, the cost of finance, the lenders fee structure and advisory cost. We provided our word to the Government to respect the confidentiality of the details and thus professionally we cannot release those details in this letter, but the numbers do not add up to our satisfaction. In this regard, we have made our position clear: our full support would be reserved until the IDB completes its Economic Feasibility Technical Report (economic due diligence). Nothing is wrong with this as the editorial of Stabroek News (22/7/13) so forcefully argued. As regards the Motion on the Limit on amount outstanding under Guarantees given under the Guarantee of Loans (Public Corporations and Companies) Act, government

has not convinced us that parliamentary approval is a pre-condition for the IDB to sign on to the Amaila project. Clearly, any loans to GPL could be guaranteed by its own revenue stream whose flow in 2012 amounted to US$160 million. Government is only interested that, as a back-up, any failure to re-pay the debt would be done by taxpayers. So, why has the PPP government raised such hysteria that the Opposition had “killed” Amaila and, to use AG Nandall’s language, we have given the people “hydro-seed”? On July 18, the government wrongly tied the approval of four pieces of local government reform laws to passage, with opposition support, of the “flora & fauna” and the loans bills. The government refused to put the local government Bills up for debate and approval, and hid behind parliamentary p r o cedures. For us, of immediate concerns to our people who are tired of floods and garbage pile-up in their communities, local government elections are a priority. I was in last-minute talks with

the Prime Minister, Ministers Ashni Singh and Ganga Persaud, and Chief Whip Gail Teixiera in the Speaker’s Chambers, when I offered AFC’s support for the Hydro Electric Power (Amendment) Bill 2013. But the government team shut the door on any compromise with its “all or nothing” stance, which led me to the view that the government had intended that tragic outcome. It appears that the PPP cabal would use this grid-lock to stir up “congress fever” at what would otherwise be a damp-squib event, against the Opposition parties which would be blamed a la Animal Farm for all the blunders and failures of the tottering, corrupt regime. The alternative is constructive engagement and compromise. Give us local government reforms and Public Procurement Commission and the PPP could run with Amaila all the way to the bank! As Chris Ram said, there will be “no more free chowmein”. Moses V. Nagamootoo AFC Member of Parliament

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Wednesday July 24, 2013

Wednesday July 24, 2013

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TWENTY PER CENT CAN’T WUK With a small financial outlay, the average household consumer can reduce his or her electricity bill by 20%. All that is required is a change to energy efficient incandescent bulbs and, boom: the average consumer can enjoy reduced tariffs of about 20%. Right now electricity tariffs are high because of the high costs of fuel. The price of fuel is about four times what it was about a decade ago when fuel prices were below US$30 per barrel. If the price of fuel is halved, it is expected that electricity tariffs can be reduced by as much as 20%. There is a real possibility that fuel prices will

eventually fall below US$50 per barrel, which will be more than enough to achieve a 20% reduction in tariffs. This along with the use of more energy efficient lamps will mean that the average consumer can reduce his or her overall electricity bill by more than 40%. For this reason alone, it makes no sense Guyana investing in a costly hydroelectric station, unless there is a guarantee that tariffs will fall by 40% to 60%. It seems, however, that every time the government tries to sell this hydroelectric project to the public, the goalpost keeps shifting. At one time there was the claim

that tariffs were going to be halved. At another time, just before elections, the figure ranged from 35% to 40%. Now, we are being given an example of the anticipated reduction to households. And it is a disappointing and shocking 20%. Twenty per cent cannot work. If this is the benefit that the largest investment in Guyana is going to bring, then the project should not go ahead. With far less money, the country can reduce commercial and technical losses, which can run as high as 30% and still match that 20%, which is what the Amaila Falls will deliver. Guyana should abandon this

Dem boys seh

Barbie pick up Jagdeo fire rage Barbie really vex. In fact, anytime anybody trouble he best friend is like if dem trouble he. Old people does call he attitude fire rage. Well Barbie got to pick up nuff fire rage. Fuh now he start wid Linden. Dem boys talk how he buy de cricket franchise fuh Guyana. It cost nuff money but that was nutten because he best friend arrange fuh he get money from de government to spend pun things that gun mek he and he best friend rich. That is how dem buy de franchise. To this day nobody can’t tell de people which foreign exchange account he use and nobody don’t know how much he pay and he ain’t talking. Anyhow dem Linden people did get vex wid he best friend and dem protest. Dem boys didn’t know how vex Barbie vex. Is only when ticket fuh de cricket that he controlling start fuh sell that people know how vex he was. Linden can’t

get ticket fuh buy. Is de same kind of spite mek de man wid de hammer carry Gee Nah and de Kranicle fuh see de road end and de Amaila Falls. De other media wha does ask hard question, dem lef at Mahdia till dem tun blue. Dem only see a part of de project. Dem boys seh that Gee Nah and Kranicle got mouth but no tongue. Dem can see but dem can’t talk. However dem other media got eye, mouth, tongue and everything. Robeson, de man wid de hammer, know bout de scheme to keep out dem other

media. And dem is de same people who vex because de opposition vote against two Bills dealing wid de same hydro. If de government don’t come clean things like this gun always happen. Is wha dem got to hide? If is how de road ain’t going nowhere dem boys would understand. But if is a case of no wuk going on pun de final section then dem boys can’t understand because dem contract hand out a long time ago. Talk half and watch how Barbie spiteful.

project unless it can be proven that the tariffs will decrease by between forty to sixty per cent. This must be the basis upon which this project should be given the green light. The public should not be distracted by claims that the project is not a BOOT (Build Own Operate Transfer) one. Forget also about the contention that we should not be waiting twenty years before the project is handed over. Equally, forget about the claim that GPL may not be able to purchase 150 MW. These are criticisms without any foundation. They should be ignored. Firstly, the project is a BOOT one. It will be built, owned and operated by the investors with equity contribution by the government of Guyana. No major venture capitalists are going to come to Guyana and sink considerable funds into a hydroelectric project, unless they have tangible assurances that the

State will have a stake in a project of this nature, and the best demonstrations of that interest are the equity contributions and the guarantees that provide comfort and security for investors. Twenty years is not a long period before the project is handed over to the people of Guyana. Investors are not going to sink moneys into a project of this nature unless they will enjoy a fair rate of return for a considerable period. This is what we have with the Berbice River Bridge and this is what we are supposed to have with the Amaila Falls Hydroelectric Project. Twenty years is a reasonable period given the magnitude of the investment and the risks involved, including the political risks. As for GPL, there is no reason to doubt that by the time this investment is ready to deliver power to the national grid, there will be a demand for more than 150 MW of power. In fact, GPL is

still going to have to keep many of its generating plants so as to cater for the additional demand for power and for future growth in power usage. The bottom line for this project remains whether the benefits to consumers outweigh the costs. And with only a 20% reduction in tariffs, it makes absolutely no sense for Guyana to raise its debt ceiling, issue the guarantees that it is required to do under the contract, or for that matter, amend the hydroelectric laws. It may be much better for us to ask Brazil to build a massive hydroelectric plant in Guyana capable of generating thousands of megawatts for eventual distribution in Brazil, and in turn, give us a 150 MW free for all time.

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Wednesday July 24, 2013


Are the police servants of big business? I can take any reader back fifteen years in my columns and point them to my accusation where I have stated quite openly that the police respond quickly, investigate energetically and charge promptly, when the request comes from big business. How you explain that analytically, I don’t know. Two approaches can be advanced. One is that the ranks know that there will be goodies, including money, after the accused is charged. Secondly, it could be a situation of hopeless class servility, meaning that the investigators accept the superiority of moneyed people as part of life and such people must be served as a matter of priority.

Interesting to note, this class analysis also takes in the higher ranks who have been to university and read books on the class nature of justice and how it makes a mockery of justice. Yet the officer category behaves as sycophantically as the lower order in the Guyana Police Force. The cases I can document of incredible speed of police action when the requests come from the business class are virtually limitless. I was the main actor in two such cases last week. The traffic warden attached to a private security service explained for me how viciously he was assaulted, while on duty, by an employee of one of the supermarkets of the Sheriff Street/Campbellville area.

He made a report at the Prashad Nagar outpost. He took me to one of the eyewitnesses who agreed to testify on his behalf. Then there was the surveillance tape. I spoke to some staff members who described the violent nature of the accused. I then spoke to the wife of the owner, but she said that she was totally unaware of the incident. After four days there was no police action. The ranks at the outpost told me that they have the matter on file. I went to Kitty Police Station. Then the ball went in motion. He has since been charged. Was the delay because it was a huge supermarket involved? In the same week, the parents of a young man asked

for my assistance. An employee of a local company that has just financed the most expensive construction to date in downtown Georgetown made an allegation that a light bulb was stolen after the clean-up campaign of the Building Exposition at the Providence Stadium. A teenager working in the clean-up operation was accused. He was held for two nights and days without any movement on his case. I journeyed to Providence Stadium and spoke with Sergeant Kuldeep, who was in charge at the time I arrived. Our conversation was cordial and professional, but my point was why no station bail and two days in the remand?

The youth was eventually placed on non-monetary bond in his mother’s custody. In both situations above, police professional conduct only came about when the media intervened. Now I read that the same Sergeant Kuldeep has been featured in a similar situation involving a criminal accusation against the Princess Hotel. Let me say before I proceed. In the light bulb incident, Mr. Kuldeep was very professional. But with the Princess Hotel incident, the surveillance tape should enable the police to determine if an assault did occur. Why haven’t the police looked at the tape as yet? Is it because big business is involved? You want to ask this question because the pattern is too glaring. In the Princess Hotel scenario (featured in this newspaper in its edition yesterday), the story sounds like out of a mafia movie. What is the purpose of Patrick Mentore and his civilian oversight team when police nonsense, police intolerance and police bias go on nonstop? I met Patrick Mentore in the supermarket and told him openly for other

Frederick Kissoon shoppers to hear that I will be visiting his office once police nonsense continues. This is a country that should be named Zombieland. No one is moved by egregious and heartless police action. I read in this paper where a taxi stopped at the request of the occupant to buy cane juice. The passenger was on the way to the airport with her father. This was at Cove and John. The police arrested the chauffeur for a no-stop violation, and requested him to report to the station. The driver was ordered to empty the car of the suitcases. The woman and her father had to catch another car to the airport. All of this over a car stopping at a no-stop sign. What about a ticket if the papers were in order? Is Leroy Brumell, the Commissioner, in approval of what this traffic rank did? Over to you, Leroy!

Wednesday July 24, 2013

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$641M bid submitted for laboratory reagents, supplies Under the Ministry of Health bids were opened yesterday for the procurement of laboratory reagents and supplies at the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB), Ministry of Finance, Main Street. The bids were divided into seventeen lots:

Meanwhile, the National Agriculture Research & Extension Institute (NAREI) received bids for the procurement of goods. The bids were divided into three lots: (1) Supply of Vegetable seeds, Lot (2) Supply of Pesticides and Lot (3) Supply of Soil Ameliorants and fertilizers.

The Agriculture Sector Development Unit (ASDU) received bids for the supply, delivery, installation, testing and commissioning of laboratory equipment for the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (VDL). The bids were divided into five lots:

The Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) received bids for the renovation of laboratory for the University of Guyana.

The Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) Corporation received bids for the supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of air conditioning units and ducting at the outgoing terminal building.

In addition, CJIA received bids for the cleaning and maintenance of services.

For the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, bids were opened for the procurement of a 4x4 vehicle double cab pick-up (right hand drive.)

The Ministry of Local Government & Regional Development received bids for the procurement of garbage collection services for the Buxton/Foulis NDC.

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Health Ministry to ensure surveillance system rigorously monitored Surveillance will be one of the features that the Ministry of Health will not only sustain, but the system will be rigorously monitored, according to Minister of Health, Dr Bheri Ramsaran. His disclosure was forthcoming in a written statement presented at the most recent sitting of the National Assembly in response to a question from Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition, David Granger, in relation to the state of surveillance. The information was provided to the Minister by his Chief Medical Officer, Dr Shamdeo Persaud. In the statement the Minister said that the Health Ministry in accordance with the principals and standards established by the Caribbean Epidemiology Centre (CAREC), in the design of the MOR-BASE Data System, collects and analyses all epidemiological information, using the ICD10 coding system. CAREC, the Minister said, is now incorporated into the recently commissioned Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA). Under this package, he explained that all information on acute gastroenteritis and related diarrheal diseases are routinely collected using the registration of death forms, which captures the information from the health facilities where the events were registered.

- Dr. Ramsaran Added to this, the information is coded for the cause of death and entered into the database which is then validated with that of the General Register’s Office and then submitted to CAREC/ CARPHA for review. However, the data set does not include the names of the affected persons, the Minister related. He added though that “based on this information the Ministry can provide a line listing of the coded data on all deaths due to acute gastroenteritis and related conditions, namely acute diarrheal disease for Region One.” Granger, during a sitting of the House last month, called for a Commission of Inquiry (COI) into a gastroenteritis outbreak in Region One earlier this year. He premised this move on reports that the outbreak, which claimed the lives of at least three children and sickened close to 500 adults, earlier this year, was linked to poor data collection and by extension, late detection. And so through a Motion, Granger said that the Inquiry would be an avenue to determine the cause of the outbreak, the conditions that existed in the Barima/Waini Region at the time, and to look at the course and consequences.

In an effort to highlight that the Ministry has been efficiently collecting data, the Minister said that the Ministry has validated electronic information available that covered the period 2001 to 2011. Information prior to 2001, he said, was collected using a paper-based system which was destroyed in the 2009 fire that gutted the Ministry building. Examination of the validated data from 2001 to 2012 indicates that a total of 144 deaths were reported over the last 12 years due to Acute Gastroenteritis/Acute Diarrheal diseases. Three quarters of all deaths, that is 65.5 per cent, were males with 61 per cent being five years or younger and 11 per cent over 50, Dr. Ramsaran added. According to the Minister, he has advised the Chief Medical Officer to ensure that surveillance is maintained and the system rigorously monitored. Added to this, he has recommended that epidemiology information and analysis already done are reviewed for conformity with standards and principals established by CARPHA. The Minister said too that future collection and processing of epidemiological data and analysis are done in compliance with best international practices.

Wednesday July 24, 2013

Electricity woes continue in Orealla It is the wonder of many whether the breakdown in the electricity system in Orealla located in Region Six would permanently be resolved. About three months ago, it was reported by Head of the Village Council, Toshao Floyd Edwards, that the generator which supplies the village’s electricity had been damaged after the radiator which cools the engine ran dry. The generator had been installed by central government four years ago. The Toshao had disclosed at the time that the Council had expended over $700,000 using revenue from the sale of sawn lumber and logs to get the repairs done. However, he informed that in excess of $1.2M of the Council’s funds had been expended to cover the repairs which involved an overhaul of the engine. The Toshao had informed

that the Council intended to review the circumstances surrounding the damage to determine what needs to be done to ensure there is no recurrence of the ordeal. This was to no avail, however, since it was reported that the faulty generator has now encountered an added fault. According to the Toshao, the generator’s turbo charger is currently not functioning. This has resulted in the community being out of electricity for the past three weeks. Lamenting that since the previous repairs the Council’s funds had sorely run down, the Toshao said that he had requested assistance from the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs as well as the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) of Region Six to replace the faulty turbo charger. Although he is yet to

Toshao of Orealla, Floyd Edwards receive word from the Ministry, the Toshao reported that he has received confirmation of financial assistance provided by the region’s RDC. The generator part is estimated to cost $400,000.

‘Walk through’ aquarium at National Museum delayed Plans to install a walk through aquarium at the National Museum have been delayed. Minister of Culture Youth and Sport, Dr Frank Anthony made this disclosure during a recent Parliamentary sitting. The Minister was responding to a question posed by A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) parliamentarian, Christopher Jones. The Culture Minister had announced at the last budgetary debate that the

Museum would be upgraded with the construction of a walk through Aquarium to showcase the biodiversity of various aquatic life forms. However, so far the project has been delayed due to “non delivery of materials”. In 2012, the budget allocation for the project was in excess of $4 million. The money is allotted for the procurement of an acrylic tunnel and accessories. According to Dr. Anthony, the contract was

awarded to a local supplier under the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board, but the National Museum is awaiting the delivery of the materials. Once received, the Minister promises that the second phase of the Project will commence, that is the installation of the aquarium. The construct of the walk through aquarium was announced as part of Government‘s plan to enhance the facility.

Wednesday July 24, 2013

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Security boss for court over stolen OLPF computers Owner of Strategic Action Security Limited, Richard Kanhai, could appear in court on the West Demerara as early as Friday in relation to the discovery of a number of stolen items at his Laluni Street, Queenstown property, a little over a month ago. Kaieteur News understands that the Director of Public Prosecutions has recommended that the security boss be charged with receiving stolen property. This was after perusing several statements, including those from persons who had positively identified their property from among those that were recovered during a police raid on Kanhai’s property. Among the items recovered were computers which were confirmed stolen last August from the Queenstown office of the government’s One Laptop Per Family (OLPF). More than 100 of the laptops had disappeared from the OLPF’s Queenstown bond. Although no one was arrested, several staffers of the OLPF were placed under lie detector tests. But there were no signs of the missing

Richard Kanhai laptops until about seven or eight were found last week at the security firm’s premises. The laptops are reportedly part of the 90,000 that government is distributing, over a three-year period to poor families. In mid-June, the police had arrested Kanhai, the main principal of Strategic Action Security Limited, after a raid unearthed the stolen property. The raid stemmed from police investigations into a spate of burglaries that took place on the West Coast and West Bank of Demerara. A number of persons arrested for the burglaries

Opposition demands... (From page 3) actual work of the committee, Harmon said that APNU was justified in sending the matter to be considered more indepth by a Special Committee. With the documents more in the public domain now, the Parliamentarian said that several stakeholders, including accountants and others, have been making critical submissions. “These concerns have to be carefully considered.”

fingered the security company’s official as the buyer. Police swooped down on his Queenstown property and got the shock of their lives after stumbling on several flat screen televisions and laptops marked with the OLPF logo stashed in a separate building. Also found were a plough and a power supply bearing markings of the Ministry of Health. According to police sources close to the investigation, it took quite awhile for the charges to be instituted because investigators wanted to ensure that they build an airtight case against the security official. Kanhai’s company has several government security contracts, but the administration said that it cannot legally terminate the state contracts awarded to the company. Both Attorney General Anil Nandlall and Junior Finance Minister Juan Edghill had made it clear that the termination of any of Strategic Action’s contracts is not likely to happen anytime soon. However, the Minister said any future contract might be affected, as the security firm will have to disclose as part of the bidding process any current legal troubles or other litigation. According to Christopher Jones, Chairman of GYSM, the pulling of the contracts would prove if indeed President Donald Ramotar is serious about stamping out corruption. Jones said that Strategic Action Security receives about 90 percent of state contracts, to the tune of millions of dollars, to secure Government buildings, including schools and hospitals.

Wednesday July 24, 2013

Matthews Ridge plane crash…

ASL pays $3M in medical bills for injured passengers Air Services Limited (ASL) has paid some $3M in medical bills for the 12 passengers who were injured in the Matthews Ridge plane crash. A release issued yesterday by ASL stated that all the passengers have been discharged from hospital. “All 12 passengers are now out of hospital. Medical bills paid by ASL so far total approximately $3M,” the release said. “ASL has also disbursed approximately $600,000 to cover incidental expenses and transportation costs. ASL staff members have stayed in touch with all 12 passengers. They had meetings with them last Friday, 19th July and Monday, 22nd July, to discuss claims for compensation,” it added. According to the release, Esther Williams, of Baramita and Urmella Rajesh, of

Berbice underwent surgery for fractured facial bones. They were the last two passengers to be discharged from the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital last Saturday. “They are scheduled for a follow-up visit this Thursday, 25 July 2013 with Dr. Abalberto Fernandes. They are staying with relatives in Mocha, EBD, and Enmore, East Coast Demerara respectively,” the release said. “Previously Aloma Massay (injury to right leg) Lloyd Thomas (main injuries to right shoulder, wrist and forehead) and Ulan Benjamin (hip injury) were sent home last Thursday. Dexter Benjamin who suffered lacerations on the lower right eye-lid was discharged from the Balwant Singh Hospital on Wednesday 17th July. The release stated that five other passengers – Naline

Dellon, Wesley Johnson, Troy Henry, Clifton Campbell and Sheldon Williams – were treated and discharged from Woodlands Hospital on the same day of the crash. The remaining passenger, Christina Mangru, opted to travel out with ASL from Matthews Ridge the day after the crash, 16th July, and was seen and discharged from Woodlands Hospital on the same day. “ASL thanks all passengers for their patience and understanding. Any queries can be addressed to ASL’s Personnel Manager Mr. Umadat Singh, (ASL, Ogle Airport Tel: 222-1234) who has been interfacing with passengers and their families.” The pilot and passengers suffered injuries when the Cessna Caravan aircraft they were in crashed at Matthew’s Ridge two Mondays ago in inclement weather.

Overseas-based Guyanese spearhead outreaches countrywide A recently established body called ‘Partners in Christ’ has already started its outreach programme here in Guyana. It commenced on Monday last (July 22) and will continue through August 6 in Berbice, Essequibo and Demerara. The group consists of 49 persons from several churches in the United States of America. Since it was formed by mostly Guyanese living abroad, the group decided to conduct its inaugural mission here. The aim of the group is to

spread the word of God through the various outreaches. The activities are being funded by way of donations (both individually and by churches),and fundraisers. A number of areas will be targeted and each will be spearheaded by various professionals (Economists, Doctors, Nurses, etc) within the group, its Secretary, Dionne Kowlessar said during a press conference yesterday. Special emphasis will be placed on Youth. There will be a few basketball matches

with teams from the US playing against locals. There will be two concerts. Medical booths will be set up to do screenings and diagnosis, as well as provide education and counseling on issues affecting the human body, as well as ways to not only prevent sicknesses, but also how to live and deal with the various kinds, including HIV and AIDS. Dental care will also be administered. The group plans to turn this into an annual outreach programme, not just in Guyana, but across the world.

Wednesday July 24, 2013

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WANTED Live In Live Out Babysitter Domestic - Call: 225-6070 Live in waitress- Call:6439007/ 697-2978 Wallaba Round Posts Makers- Call: 683-2575/ 218-3399 Machine Operator: Apply in person at ComfortSleep, Eccles Industrial Site 1 Qualified cook (East Bank area)- Call:614-4358 Two Experience carpenter/ masonry: One Welder Fabricator-Contact the Office @ 265-3586 Wanted urgently: Diver/ Salesman for canter truck on E.C.D- Call:616-3802/6499876/222-3927 (Attractive wages) Salesgirl: requirements Computer Literate, English & Mathematics, & Porter: Apply @ Best Buy Food Supplies, Dennis & Middleton Street Campbellville. One general domestic 30-40 years & one waitressCall:233-5450/650-3680 Minibus or minivan to rent, preferably ‘G’ or ‘P’ seriesCall:693-4959 One general domestic between the ages of 35-45 years old: Preferably on the East Coast- Call:663-4866

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CHI looking to expand, collaborate in quest to improve service delivery In light of the fact that the structure of Caribbean Heart Institute (CHI) is quickly becoming too small for its operation, moves are apace for expansion. This disclosure was made by Medical Director of the facility, Dr Mahendra Carpen, who during an interview with this publication recently said that not only are plans moving swiftly along in terms of extension, but there are moves for the development of a public sector cardiology wing. This move, he said, will allow for the interconnection of the operation of CHI and a public sector cardiology wing operated by the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). In essence, Dr Carpen said that CHI will exist alongside the public hospital’s operation cardiology unit and “we will be seeing patients with all kinds of different pathologies”. Though the plans are indicative of a major development, Dr Carpen pointed out that it was in fact in the planning phases for awhile, but is now progressing with great support from the University of Calgary of Alberta, Canada, the Ministry of Health and the Georgetown Public Hospital Administration. The collaboration is essential, Dr Carpen noted, since in order for such big developments to happen there must be the cooperation of several partners. Added to this, he said that CHI will be an integral part of what happens in the public part of cardiology because “we will use this unit as the nursery to train people to go out and be part of cardiac care.” However, CHI will remain a privately-managed facility situated in the confines of the semi-autonomously operated GPHC which caters to the medical need of public patients. But as Consultant Cardiologist to the GPHC, Dr Carpen is tasked with managing patients who suffer from cardiac conditions “to the best of the abilities within the context of what is available.” These patients who are greater in number than those seen by the CHI are often much sicker and are therefore generally the ones who “a lot of the time need the type of care only available at CHI or over at the Dr Balwant Singh Hospital, and unfortunately, there are factors that prevent those patients from getting care immediately.” Moreover, Dr Carpen said that efforts are being made to address the issues surrounding this state of

affairs. “These are not things that we will be solving overnight, but lots of contributing factors have to come together so that we could have the proper outcome of these patients,” the Medical Director said. He said that the CHI will continue to provide an efficient service to its patients, which is aided by an outstanding staff comprising about 12 nurses and doctors, including Haydock Wilson and Clement McEwan. The mentioned doctors, according to Dr Carpen, have immense experience, as they have been practicing medicine for a number of years here and already have a huge patient base. “Our biggest strength is the personnel who work with us; you would find that everyone of them is a kind, compassionately strong can talk to our patients, and we have treated patients from all levels of the society, talk to them, and you will find out that the experience that they get here from our staff, they feel that sense of caring and this is personal to us,” Dr Carpen asserted. He boasted, too, that the level of care that patients receive in terms of cardiology at CHI is comparable to that offered at any other facility in the Caribbean. Added to this, he said, the operation is on par with what is found further

afield. However, although CHI caters to 400 heart patients per month, half of whom are new cases, Dr Carpen disclosed that there are still some who are unwilling to use the local facility. He added too that “the fact that some people don’t want to come here is cultural, and you can’t fault people for still thinking that way; they were probably led into that belief, but I can one hundred per cent guarantee you that the level of care that our patients receive is comparable to anything that you would find in the Caribbean.” “Yes there are places with more fancy equipment and people with longer experience doing a lot of things, but the solid scientific principle of managing patients here is no different than anywhere else and that includes North America,” said a confident Dr Carpen who insisted that “I can speak with authority on the way we manage our patients at CHI.” But despite the impressive status that CHI has developed for itself, Dr Carpen noted that the facility, like any other ‘worth its salt’, “will lose patients and that is something that doesn’t hopefully happen too often, but when it happens, the success pales in comparison to the loss that is felt by us and the family of that patient who is gone.”

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Wednesday July 24, 2013

Wednesday July 24, 2013

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400 patients utilise GPHC’s services daily - CEO By Keeran Danny Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) extends its services to about 400 patients daily, even though there are regional hospitals, health centres and health posts in various Regions. In fact, the hospital has a policy of not turning patients away, says Michael Khan, Chief Executive Officer of GPHC. Situated in Georgetown, GPHC is the country’s national referral hospital that accepts patients from all 10 Administrative Regions. Patients, many times tagged as high risk, are provided healthcare that may not be available in other Regions. In addition, GPHC is the City’s hospital and provides services to residents in Georgetown and is the major hospital for Region Four. It is also the teaching and learning institution for medical students of the University of Guyana. According to Khan, many

GPHC’s CEO Michael Khan persons prefer to come to GPHC because they believe a better quality of care is provided. “My colleague CEOs in other public hospitals may want to deny that, but that’s the perception people out there have. GPHC never turns away anyone who comes to the emergency room or outpatient. Even if it takes a little while, everyone would

be seen,” he stressed. Without statistics at hand to definitively say which one of GPHC’s clinics is the busiest, he said the emergency room, medical outpatient, and medical clinics usually have a steady influx of patients daily. He noted that the GPHC’s human resources capacity to respond to this high number of patients is inadequate, but staffers are doing their best to ensure every patient is treated equally with quality care. “We will never have the adequate resources that you would need to run an optimum quality service and there is a difference between optimum and quality,” the CEO said. “One department that is faced with the challenge of limited human resources is the Obstetrics and Gynecology. This department is always in need of midwives and those who are part of GPHC’s team are very dedicated and do the best they can. It is said that many

of the hospitals are like that, but you work with what you have. We admire the staff we have; they go the extra mile. We have some staff that work beyond the hours of duty. We have many staffers that are not what you may call ‘clock watchers’.” Speaking on the issue of medication, Khan said the GPHC has a sufficient supply. “If medication is not available at the same time for patients they would be sourced from the bond and available the next day. The question is do we run out of medication to the detriment of patients, and the answer is no. And, that is what people must realize,” he said. The “running out” of medication is not an inventory problem, Khan said, adding that persons need to understand certain factors may hinder the timely delivery. “We are located in a sense at the bottom of the world. Most medication is from India and China and it’s a lot of

different things as to how long it takes to ship to our country. And you are caught between a rock and hard place as to how much you should have in stock and sometimes the intention of our supplier is to bring it in, but external forces may happen to delay it,” Khan explained. According to the CEO, some medication may not be in storage because there may be untimely virus outbreaks and/or unpredictable natural disasters. For instance, Guyana may be faced with flood and GPHC does not have the relevant medication because the facility cannot predict things controlled by

the forces of nature. “You may have the influenza and that does not come in the regular time like the flu season…What will you do? I can only say the Government is trying its best to provide medicine to its population.” According to Khan, GPHC has a 24/7 pharmacy that is stocked with relevant medication. “The system is not perfect but management is working to develop it. From August, the Ophthalmology department will have a pharmacy area, where patients would be given their medication. This will significantly reduce their waiting time.”

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Wednesday July 24, 2013

William, Kate show off newborn royal baby boy LONDON (AP) — A beaming Prince William and his wife, Kate, emerged from a London hospital yesterday with their newborn baby boy, presenting the world with a first glimpse of the prince who is third in line to the British throne. The royal couple, both 31, looked happy and relaxed as they waved at the crowds of journalists and onlookers gathered outside London’s St. Mary’s Hospital, posing for photographs and joking with reporters. Kate, wearing a baby blue polka dot Jenny Packham dress, smiled and waved as she stepped out from the hospital doors with the future monarch in her arms. “It’s very emotional. It’s such a special time. I think any parent will know what this feeling feels like,” she told journalists. Kate then gave the baby to her husband, who, cradling their child, said: “He’s got her looks, thankfully. He’s got a good pair of lungs on him, that’s for sure.” William added: “He’s a big boy. He’s quite heavy,” and laughed when a reporter asked him about the baby’s hair. “He’s got way more than me, thank God,” he said. The couple also revealed that William has had a go at changing the infant’s first diaper. “He’s very good at it,”

The royal couple leaves St. Mary’s Hospital and greets the world with their son. Kate said. The new parents drew whoops and excited applause from well-wishers as they revealed the newest member of Britain’s royal family. William said they’re still trying to decide what to name the little prince. The couple re-entered the hospital to place the child in a car seat before re-emerging to get into an SUV. William drove them away — palace officials said they will head to an apartment in Kensington Palace and spend the night there. The young family’s first public appearance together has been the moment that the world’s media and crowds of onlookers camped outside the hospital had long been waiting for, and the photographs snapped Tuesday are likely to be reprinted for decades as the baby grows into adulthood and his role as a future king. The appearance recalls a similar one three decades ago, when Princess Diana and

Prince Charles carried a newborn William out to pose for photographs on the same steps in 1982. Katie Allan, 26, was elated to witness the 2013 edition. “William gave us a wave as they drove away so it was perfect. Days like this really bring the country together,” she said. Earlier, William’s father, Charles, and his wife, Camilla, as well as Michael and Carole Middleton — Kate’s parents — visited the young family at the hospital. Charles called the baby “marvelous,” while a beaming Carole Middleton described the infant as “absolutely beautiful.” It was not immediately clear when Queen Elizabeth II would meet the newborn heir. The couple’s Kensington Palace office said Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, gave birth to the 8 pound, 6 ounce (3.8 kilogram) baby boy at 4:24 p.m. Monday. The news was greeted

with shrieks of joy and applause by hundreds of Britons and tourists gathered outside the hospital’s private Lindo Wing and Buckingham Palace. Revelers staged impromptu parties at both locations, and large crowds crushed against the palace gates to try to catch a glimpse — and a photograph — of the golden easel placed there to formally announce the birth. Hundreds were still lining up outside the palace gates Tuesday to get near the ornate easel. In London, gun salutes were fired, celebratory lights came on, and bells chimed at Westminster Abbey, where William and Kate wed in a lavish ceremony that drew millions of television viewers worldwide. Halfway around the world, royalist group Monarchy New Zealand said it had organized a national light show, with 40 buildings across the islands lit up in

blue to commemorate the royal birth, including Sky Tower in Auckland, the airport in Christchurch, and Larnach Castle in the South Island city of Dunedin. A similar lighting ceremony took place in Canada; Peace Tower and Parliament buildings in the capital, Ottawa, were bathed in blue light, as was CN Tower in Toronto. The baby is just a day old — and may not be named for days or even weeks — but he already has a building dedicated to him. Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said an enclosure at Sydney’s Taronga Park Zoo would be named after the prince as part of a gift from Australia. The government would donate 10,000 Australian dollars ($9,300) on the young prince’s behalf toward a research project at the zoo to save the endangered bilby, a rabbit-like marsupial whose numbers are dwindling in the wild.

British media joined in the celebration, with many newspapers printing souvenir editions. “It’s a Boy!” was splashed across many front pages, while Britain’s top-selling The Sun newspaper temporarily changed its name to “The Son” in honor of the tiny monarch-in-waiting. The birth is the latest driver of a surge in popularity for Britain’s monarchy, whose members have evolved, over several decades of social and technological change, from distant figures to characters in a well-loved national soap opera. “I think this baby is hugely significant for the future of the monarchy,” said Kate’s biographer, Claudia Joseph. For some, though, it was all a bit much. “It’s a baby, nothing else,” said Tom Ashton, a 42year-old exterminator on his way to work. “It’s not going to mean anything to my life.”

Iran offers India $1 bln sovereign guarantee for oil shipments NEW DELHI (Reuters) Iran has offered to underwrite insurance for its vessels to keep oil exports to India flowing, after New Delhi asked for assurances to help halt a fall in shipments. Letters seen by Reuters show Iran is offering sovereign guarantees of up to $1 billion per incident to back its ships sailing to India, its second biggest oil customer after China. India’s crude imports from Iran have been hit by insurance problems triggered by western sanctions, falling by 59.4 percent in June, and the

state guarantee could keep oil revenues flowing. In letters seen by R e u t e r s f r o m I r a n ’s industries, mines and trade minister Mehdi Ghazanfari and Oil Minister Rostam Ghasemi told India that liabilities of $50 million to $1 billion are covered by “sovereign guarantee and government special fund”. The two ministers said Iran’s finance minister will issue a final letter on the sovereign guarantee in due course. India abides by United Nations sanctions on Iran but does not follow U.S. and European Union measures which are aimed at choking off funds to a nuclear programme which the West says is a drive to achieve a weapons capability. With limited options available, India had sought sovereign guarantees for the Kish and Moallem protection and indemnity (P&I) clubs that insure I r a n i a n vessels against personal injury and environment clean up claims. European Union sanctions on insurance from a year ago bar members of International Group of P&I who account for the majority of cover for the tanker market - from covering Iranian

shipments. U.S. sanctions from July 2013 forced foreign container shipping lines to shun business with Tehran. New Delhi had given a temporary approval to the two clubs but wanted Iran’s backing longer term. India will take a call on extending long-term approval for the two clubs by endSeptember. The biggest potential drawback for vessels insured by Iranian companies, even with a sovereign guarantee, is that they may struggle to pay claims outside Iran because Western sanctions prevent banks from channelling cash out of the country, shipping and insurance officials say. For liabilities up to $50 million, a consortium of Iranian insurers led by the Central Insurance of Iran (CII) will provide the bulk of the cover, the letters said. Kish, Moallem and CII have been blacklisted under the U.S. sanctions. Ghazanfari also said in the letter that a similar guarantee is available for the Qeshm International Trust Alliance P&I Club. This company has not featured so far in the list of insurance clubs approved by India.

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Wednesday July 24, 2013

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House GOP, Democrats clash over immigration WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republicans took a tentative step toward offering citizenship to some unauthorized immigrants yesterday, but hit an immediate wall of resistance from the White House on down as Democrats said it wasn’t enough. The dismissive reaction to the GOP proposal to offer eventual citizenship to some immigrants brought illegally to the U.S. as children underscored the difficulties of finding any compromise in the Republican-led House on the politically explosive issue of immigration. That left prospects cloudy for one of President Barack Obama’s top secondterm priorities. Congress is preparing to break for a month long summer recess at the end of next week without action in the full House on any immigration legislation, even after the Senate passed a sweeping bipartisan bill last month to secure the borders and create a path to citizenship for the 11 million immigrants already in the country illegally. The back-and-forth began hours before the House Judiciary Committee opened a hearing Tuesday afternoon on the question of legal status for immigrants brought here as children. House Republican leaders have embraced offering citizenship to such immigrants, and Majority Leader Eric Cantor is working on a bill toward the goal along with Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte. They haven’t released their bill yet but that didn’t stop Democrats from dismissing it even before the hearing began, saying that any solution that doesn’t offer citizenship to all 11 million immigrants here illegally falls short. Over Twitter, White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer slammed “the cruel

Jay Carney hypocrisy of the GOP immigration plan: allow some kids to stay but deport their parents.” That got a counterattack from Cantor spokesman Rory Cooper. “If White House opposes effort to give children path to staying in only country they know, how serious are they about immigration reform?” Cooper responded over Twitter. In fact, Democrats and immigration advocates pushed hard in past years for legislation offering citizenship to immigrants brought as youths. The socalled DREAM Act passed the House in 2010 when it was controlled by Democrats, but was blocked by Senate Republicans. But now, with a comprehensive solution like the one passed by the Senate in sight, Democrats and outside activists say they won’t settle for anything less. “Times have changed and they demand a comprehensive approach,” said Hector Figueroa, an executive board member at the Service Employees International Union. Democrats and outside advocates are also concerned that the Cantor-Goodlatte bill — tentatively titled the Kids Act — will be narrower in scope than the DREAM Act,

which would have offered legal status to people under age 35 who arrived in the U.S. before age 16 and had lived here for five years and obtained a high school diploma. Slightly more than 2.1 million immigrants could have qualified, according to an analysis by the Migration Policy Institute. At the same time, Democrats were attacking Republicans for an apparent turnaround after the House’s GOP majority voted in June to overturn an Obama administration policy halting deportations of some immigrants brought to the U.S. as youths. The Obama administration put the policy in place after Congress failed to pass the DREAM Act. “Which is the real Republican Party?” said House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, D-Md. House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, insisted that though he has rejected the Senate bill, House Republicans are committed to dealing with immigration, they just want to do it in a stepby-step and deliberate fashion. “Nobody has spent more time trying to fix a broken immigration system than I have,” Boehner said during a morning press conference. Several hours later, White House spokesman Jay Carney responded with derision. “The idea that you can — oh, I don’t know — declare yourself to have been more committed than anyone to improve our immigration system and then have nothing to show for it is a little laughable,” Carney said.

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Turkey’s main opposition leader lambastes PM over media freedom ANKARA (Reuters) Turkey’s main opposition leader accused Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan yesterday of cowing local media into selfcensorship after a journalist group said dozens of reporters were fired for their coverage of anti-government protests. The Turkish Journalists Union (TGS) said at least 72 journalists had either been fired, forced to take leave or had resigned in the past six weeks since the start of the unrest, which spread to cities around the country. The demonstrations, which began as a small effort to save an Istanbul park from redevelopment, quickly mushroomed into an unprecedented show of defiance against the government, emerging as the most serious public challenge to Erdogan’s 10-year rule. The protests have now largely died down although smaller demonstrations have persisted in Istanbul and Ankara. “Why are you letting the journalists go? Why are you forcing them to take leave? Because they write stories their bosses don’t

Kemal Kilicdaroglu like,” said Kemal Kilicdaroglu, head of the CHP party. “We are now facing a new period where the media is controlled by the government and the police and where most media bosses take orders from political authorities. A period where stories approved by political authorities are published and those that aren’t are censored,” he said. Kilicdaroglu was speaking to reporters in Ankara at the launch of a report by his party on imprisoned journalists in Turkey. According to the

report, 64 are now in jail. Turkey has slumped to the bottom of international rankings on press freedom in recent years and has come under increasing criticism over the jailing of reporters, with one media group dubbing it the “world’s biggest prison” for journalists. Erdogan’s government says most of the detained media workers are being held for serious crimes, such as membership of an armed terrorist group, that have nothing to do with journalism. The Turkish leader dismissed last month’s protesters as “riff-raff” manipulated by “terrorists” and blamed foreign and local media for inciting the unrest. Mainstream media outlets, many owned by big conglomerates with links to the prime minister, selfcensored their coverage of the protests, stepping up reporting only after Erdogan himself commented on the unusual scenes of chaos, prompting many Turks to turn to social media to follow the events.

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Wednesday July 24, 2013

At least nine die in Cairo violence, two killed in Sinai CAIRO (Reuters) - Nine people were killed in Cairo yesterday in clashes between opponents and Islamist supporters of Egypt’s deposed President Mohamed Mursi, state-run media reported, keeping the most populous Arab nation in turmoil. The violence broke out before dawn near a Brotherhood protest at Cairo University, where Mursi supporters have been camped out since the army removed the Islamist politician from power on July 3 following protests against his rule. The Brotherhood described it as an attack on peaceful protesters. Police sources said hundreds of Mursi supporters clashed with local residents, street vendors and others near the sit-in. They said gunshots were fired and stones were thrown. With the Brotherhood vowing to stay in the streets, the bloodshed was a fresh example of the instability facing Egypt as the newlyinstalled interim government moves along an army-backed roadmap towards elections in about six months. “The longer this standoff

continues, the more hardened the positions become, and the more likelihood there is for violence, and oppression,” said Yasser el-Shimy, Egypt analyst with the International Crisis Group. “It needs an urgent political deal or compromise and unfortunately we are not seeing any signs of that.” The state-run Al-Ahram newspaper quoted a health ministry official as saying nine people had been killed and 33 wounded in the Cairo University clashes, while two wounded in fighting on Monday had died, bringing to 14 the number of deaths in violence between rival protesters in Egypt in the last two days. At least 15 burned-out cars lay abandoned around the university area where the clashes took place. Splattered blood and broken glass disfigured the pavements near the shopping area where a traffic police station was set on fire. Brotherhood members with sticks guarded the entrance to the protest site after the clashes calmed, while residents stopped cars on the road to Cairo University to

check for weapons. About 100 people have died in violence since the army deposed Mursi and replaced him with an interim administration led by the Adli Mansour, the head of the constitutional court. The Brotherhood accuses the army of orchestrating a coup. It said on its website that seven “martyrs” had been killed overnight in two separate attacks on Mursi supporters, one at Cairo University and another during a march near a bigger round-the-clock sit-in in the north of the city. Egypt’s general prosecutor ordered 22 proMursi protesters be detained for 15 days while they are investigated over accusations they attacked the ousted president’s opponents in central Cairo on Monday, the state news agency said. They are also accused of carrying unlicensed fire arms and ammunition, the report said. The Brotherhood vows to keep up its vigil until Mursi, held in an unknown location since the army ended his year in power as Egypt’s first freely elected president, is

Members of the Brotherhood and supporters of ouster of Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi clash with anti-Mursi protesters yesterday. (Reuters) reinstated. “Leaders of the military coup continue to terrorize the peaceful protesters in Egypt,” the Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party said in a statement. Mursi’s family said on Monday it would sue the army for holding him without charge. The United States, which gives Egypt $1.3 billion a year in military aid, has called for Mursi’s release and an end to “all politicized arrests and detentions”. Some residents near the Islamist movement’s main protest area in Nasr City have filed a complaint with the public prosecutor asking for the removal of the protesters. A security source said on

Tuesday a court was expected to rule on the case soon “to give the army a legal basis to end the protests”. The National Salvation Front, an alliance of liberal and leftist parties that supported Mursi’s ouster, condemned what it described as attacks by Brotherhood supporters on protesters over the last three weeks. In separate overnight clashes, a civilian and a policeman were killed in the lawless North Sinai region, near Egypt’s borders with Israel and the Palestinian Gaza strip, where hardline Islamists have stepped up attacks on security forces. A security vacuum following the 2011 uprising

that ousted President Hosni Mubarak resulted in a surge of attacks in North Sinai. At least 20 people have been killed in militant violence there since Mursi’s overthrow on July 3. Israel has boosted its rocket defenses near its southern border with Egypt to counter possible attacks from Islamist militants there, Israeli officials said on Tuesday. “We hear reports every day of attacks there and our concern is that the guns will be turned on us,” Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon said. “We have indeed strengthened our deployment along the border.”

South Sudan’s President sacks cabinet amid party power struggle (Reuters) - South Sudanese President Salva Kiir sacked his cabinet, the deputy president and suspended his top negotiator at talks to defuse tensions with Sudan yesterday, state media said, amid talk of a succession struggle in the African oil producer. Analysts said Kiir was trying to stem dissent and divisions inside his ruling party over an economic crisis, largely the result of disputes with Sudan that have prevented it exporting its lifeblood crude oil, and endemic corruption. But the timing for the biggest shake-up since winning independence two years ago could not be worse as South Sudan grapples with multiple challenges - the confrontation over oil flows with its former civil war foe to the north, as well as escalating rebel and tribal violence. State television cited a presidential decree saying Vice President Riek Machar had been sacked, and Machar’s spokesman James Gatdet Dak confirmed this.

South Sudanese President Salva Kiir The decree also said Kiir had suspended Pagan Amum, Secretary General of the ruling Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) and South Sudan’s top negotiator at talks with Sudan. Machar had recently hinted in an interview that he might challenge Kiir for the SPLM leadership before the 2015 national elections, and Kiir had already stripped Machar of some his duties in April in what seemed to be a move to curb his profile.

The men were on opposing sides of a split within the SPLM during much of the 1983-2005 civil war with Khartoum. Political analyst Andrea Mabior said Kiir had dismissed his cabinet to remove Kiir. “It’s a way to fire the vice president. He can say, ‘I have fired the whole cabinet’ - not just the vice president,” Mabior said. Since the SPLM has no political rivals of any standing, the battle for leadership of the SPLM is effectively the race to be president. Amum, for his part, had recently criticised Kiir for suspending two ministers in a fraud probe, according to local media. The decree said a party committee would investigate him. No more details were immediately available. It was also not clear when Kiir would appoint a new cabinet. The ministries would be run for now by their undersecretaries, the decree said. Barnaba Marial Benjamin, until now information Continued on page 29

Wednesday July 24, 2013

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Despite promises to talk, new Pakistan PM gets tough on insurgents (Reuters) - Months after promising peace talks with Islamist insurgents, Pakistan’s new prime minister appears to be backing down and accepting that the use of military force may be unavoidable in the face of escalating violence across the South Asian country. Almost 200 people have been killed in rebel attacks in Pakistan since Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif came to power last month, advocating peace talks with the Pakistani branch of the Taliban. Sharif ’s tougher line signals that Pakistan’s powerful military still has the upper hand in policy-making, despite hopes that the government would have a larger say after he came to power in the country’s first transition between civilian administrations.”Of course we want to try talks but they are a far off possibility,” said a government official, who has knowledge of discussions between civilian and military leaders on how to tackle the Taliban. “There is so much ground work that needs to be done. And when you are dealing with a group as diverse and internally divided as the Pakistani Taliban, then you can never be sure that every sub-group would honour talks.” The military has ruled Pakistan for more than half the 66 years it has been independent. Seeking to dispel a view that he is losing the

momentum, Sharif, who once said that “guns and bullets are not always the answer”, has promised to come up with a new security strategy. But progress has been painfully slow, blighted by infighting and the army’s long-standing contempt for the civilian leadership. An official report into the killing of Osama bin Laden by U.S. forces in Pakistan in 2011, leaked this month, offered striking insights into just how deep this distrust runs. In the document, the former chief of the ISI intelligence agency, which is dominated by the military, was quoted as saying bluntly that the country’s political leadership was “unable to formulate any policy”. In the meantime, attacks continue unabated. A bomb ripped through a busy street in Lahore on July 7, striking in the heart of Sharif’s otherwise relatively peaceful home city. President Asif Ali Zardari’s security chief was killed in a suicide bomb in Karachi on July 10. “They (the Pakistani Taliban) see this as an opportunity. They want to send a message to Nawaz Sharif of their strength and his relative weakness,” said Ahmed Rashid, an author and expert on the Taliban. “The army is against the talks right now. They want to hammer these guys a little bit more.” Yet, the military and the ISI are in favour of talks involving the Taliban in

Nawaz Sharif neighbouring Afghanistan. Although the Pakistani Taliban accepts the leader of the Afghan faction as its own leader, the two groups operate separately. Pakistan’s military leaders are at pains to distinguish between the Afghan Taliban, which they argue can be seen as fighting against occupation, and its local imitators who they see as domestic terrorists. The United States, Pakistan’s biggest donor, wants Islamabad to come up with a clear plan and step up its campaign against groups such as the Haqqani network which regularly attacks U.S. forces in Afghanistan from hideouts in Pakistani mountains. The Haqqani network is allied to the Afghan Taliban, but has bases in the rugged borderland between Afghanistan and Pakistan where other militant groups

South Sudan’s President sacks... From page 28 minister, said he had only learned about his sacking from the evening television news. Amum, one of the most prominent officials abroad, also said he had been caught by surprise when Reuters reached him on his mobile phone. “I don’t have all elements at hand,” he said, giving no more details of the evening’s dramatic events. Kiir also removed 17 police brigadiers. There were no signs of increased military presence in the capital Juba after the announcement. The army, an umbrella of former civil war militias, is the power broker in the African country. Still, the United Nations and aid groups told their staff to stay indoors until further notice, U.N. sources said. Western diplomats fear a slide into instability for South Sudan where a government mostly made up of former guerrilla commanders has been unable to kickstart development. Basic services such as health and education

are mostly provided by the United Nations. Nhial Bol, editor of the independent Citizen TV, said Kiir had acted to end paralysis in his government. “Things have not been moving in the government because of this internal fighting over who is going to control the SPLM,” he said. Abraham Awolich,

administrator at the Sudd Institute, a local think-tank, said the SPLM leadership was facing “irreconcilable differences” and divisions. The economic situation is expected to worsen after Sudan said it would close cross-border oil pipelines unless the South stopped supporting rebels on Sudanese soil.

are also based. “The hardball talk (from the government) has only come because the militants have shown that they really don’t care ( w h o i s i n power),” said Samina Ahmed, South Asia Project Director for the International Crisis Group. “(The Taliban) are willing to take them on regardless.” Known as the Tehreeke-Taliban, the Pakistani Taliban is a loose alliance of al Qaeda-linked militants fighting to topple the government and to enforce austere Islamic law. The army says talking to them is meaningless unless they lay down their arms. But the Taliban themselves, enraged by a May 28 drone strike that killed their deputy chief, Wali-ur-Rehman, are in no mood for negotiations either. “We have authorised our people all over Pakistan to fully react if the government and security forces conduct operations against them,” said one Taliban commander in the tribal western region of South Waziristan. Indeed, ceasefire deals

have failed in the past, only allowing militants to regroup and strike again. Sharif’s plan sees a shift from the previous government’s 3D policy of “deterrence, development, democracy” to “dismantle, contain, prevent, educate and reintegrate”. It’s unclear what this means in practice, and there is still no consensus. An allparty conference, designed as a step in adopting the new security plan, has been postponed indefinitely. One stumbling block is the military - Pakistan’s army largely has a free hand regarding internal security. It is the army, its intelligence agencies and the Taliban itself who will decide whether to talk or fight. Politicians hope that may be changing. “The army also understands that it can’t go it alone any more and for the sake of domestic stability and for its own survival, it may just relent,” said a source in Sharif’s ruling PML-N party. For now, Sharif, who has twice been prime minister and was ousted in a 1999 military

coup, is manoeuvring carefully. He has made a rare visit to the ISI headquarters to confront the generals face-toface, while also ordering to set up a working group to initiate peace talks with militant groups. His main idea is to establish an independent body above the government to coordinate intelligence sharing and correct what is known in Pakistan as the “civilian-military imbalance”. Some in the military believe the ball is in his court. “Today it would be incorrect to say that the army has full control over policy making,” said one retired senior army officer. “It is just fashionable to say the army doesn’t let civilians work. Question is, do they want to work?” But for now, when it comes to the Taliban, there is more confusion than clarity. “On the ground there is no policy as such,” said one senior police officer posted in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region on the Afghan border. “Should I fight them or talk to them?”

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Wednesday July 24, 2013

CARICOM head wants greater assistance for developing countries NEW YORK, USA (CMC) — The seventh general meeting of the Caribbean Community (Caricom), its associated institutions and the United Nations began Monday with Caricom Secretary General Irwin LaRocque underscoring the importance of providing aid to developing countries like those in the Caribbean to ensure their future socioeconomic development. In addition, La Rocque, who said the forum provides an excellent opportunity for discussions on issues of benefit to Caribbean people, also urged the world community to assist in the fight against crime which he said was strangling the Caribbean’s development. “Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, with the current global events, all of which demand your attention, it is heartening that our Caribbean Community’s biennial encounter is of sufficient importance to ensure your presence,” LaRocque said, noting that the 15-member grouping placed much importance on the deliberations. “These biennial meetings are not merely ritual

encounters or polite engagements, but are vital working sessions in which discussions are of necessity, strategic, pragmatic, forwardlooking and results-oriented. “The meetings provide an excellent opportunity for regional and international technical experts, who are well informed and well positioned, to exchange views, diagnose current cooperation and to identify concrete projects in specific priority areas which will yield results on the ground, ensuring tangible benefits to the citizens of the Caribbean Community.” LaRocque said that the meeting was taking place at a time when the world is contemplating the future beyond the global development compact represented by the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). He noted that Antigua and Barbuda’s diplomat, John Ashe, was also assuming the presidency of the 68th Session of the UN General Assembly beginning next month that will be crucial in setting the stage for the launch of the post-2015 agenda. “We have a great interest

in developments in relation to its elaboration, and our Community will take an active role in the deliberations with a view to ensuring that the region’s interests are adequately and effectively addressed. “We seek an integrated, comprehensive and flexible Development Agenda building on the lessons learned from the MDGs and which is responsive to the diverse development realities with which individual countries and regions are confronted.” LaRocque said that one of the critical areas in which the UN and Caricom have forged an enduring and important partnership is citizen security, which he described as “an issue of paramount concern to the Caribbean Community”. He said such are the dimensions of the scourge of crime and insecurity in the region that Caricom leaders have made security the fourth pillar of the Community. “Caricom joined the global family of nations earlier this year, under the auspices of the United Nations, to adopt a landmark agreement, the Arms Trade Treaty. “For us in the Caribbean,

Irwin LaRocque the stemming of the illegal trade in arms, and in particular Small Arms and Light Weapons, is of paramount importance. Such illegal trade, in which the Caribbean finds itself a vulnerable transiting point, is wreaking havoc in our small communities, terrorising neighbourhoods, claiming innocent lives, and compromising our economies by undermining our investment climate and socioeconomic development efforts. “ LaRocque said that Caricom fully understands that crime in the Caribbean cannot be solved by such interventions alone and must do its part to help itself and has since developed a targeted strategy to address the issue. “The 2013 Caricom Crime and Security Strategy is an important weapon in the Caribbean arsenal to fight the war against crime and I look forward to the UN’s full support in its implementation including through the longawaited re-opening of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime in Barbados.” In his address, the region’s top public servant said that development threats come in many forms, and even as the Caribbean grapples with those posed by crime, it grapples too with the effects of a protracted global financial

and economic crisis that holds many of its small developing economies in a near stranglehold. He said small economies like those of Caricom have structural and institutional characteristics which increase their vulnerability to external events and limit their capacity for adjustment. “This situation is exacerbated by onerous debt, and graduation from access to concessionary development funding based on criteria, such as GDP (gross domestic product) per capita, which do not take due account of vulnerability. “The resulting prognosis for Caricom’s economic resilience is unfavourable. Our member states are, however, firm in their commitment that the Caricom Single Market and Economy is the best means to attain sustainable development in the region.” LaRocque said that the recently held Caricom summit in Trinidad and Tobago provided an avenue for the regional leaders to discuss a framework to generate economic growth and development and in so doing recognised the need to pursue a development path which engenders inclusiveness of all stakeholders. He said that path should also lift the knowledge base, innovation capability, and entrepreneurial capacity of the region’s people to engage in competitive, higher valueadded economic activities. “However, while these undertakings must be Caricom-owned and driven, they can only be realistically achieved if Caricom can examine, adapt and adjust global best practices to its needs, and benefit from the kind of international expertise and support that international organisations, such as the UN and its agencies, can offer. “ He told the conference

that climate change was also another matter of relevance to the region’s development, adding that as Caricom pursues its development agenda, it is obliged to factor in what for many seems like an abstract threat, “but what for us is a lived, fearsome reality”. “I refer here to the effect of climate change and the related phenomena of sea level rise, increasing oceanic temperatures, and increased and more intense weather events. The Community’s advocacy regarding the implications of these intertwined phenomena on the socio-economic and fragile physical environment of the low lying island and coastal states of Caricom is a fight for our very survival. “ LaRocque said the region’s call for reliable, accessible, and sufficient climate financing, through mechanisms such as the UNFCC Green Climate Fund to allow it to build capacity to adapt and mitigate, is a critical factor in our pursuit of sustainable development. “It is essential for Caricom, in pursuit of its goals, to engage in strategic alliances and sound negotiating and lobbying strategies. It also needs to have access to credible expertise, which the UN through its relevant institutions has been pivotal in providing. “We count on that continued support as Caricom prepares to participate in the Third International Conference for Small Island Developing States (SIDS) in Samoa in September next year. “ He said another key area for Caricom is noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) recalling that the UN High Level Meeting convened in September 2011 at the initiative of the regional grouping had focused global attention on the scourge that NCDs represents.

Labour Ministry to assess protests at Chinese operated sugar factories Jamaica Gleaner - The Labour Ministry says it is assessing the protests being staged by workers at three of Jamaica’s sugar factories operated by the Chinese-owned Pan Caribbean Sugar Company. Permanent Secretary Alvin McIntosh told The Gleaner/Power 106 News Centre that he is leading the team assessing the situation. The workers are calling for the company to withdraw letters issued on Sunday placing 132 security guards on discretionary leave with pay and the subsequent hiring of private security guards as replacements. Three unions, the Bustamante Industrial Trade Union (BITU) the National Workers’ Union and the University and Allied Workers’ Union have been leading the protests at the

Monymusk, Bernard Lodge and Frome sugar factories. BITU’s deputy island supervisor, Harold Brown, says Sunday’s action by the sugar company follows a redundancy exercise on Friday in which 90 positions were axed. He says a meeting with the management yesterday ended without a resolution as the company refused to reinstate the workers pending further discussions. He says this is the latest in a less than smooth relationship between workers and the sugar company since its takeover of the factories in 2010. The BITU executive says the protest should be a signal that the issue must be settled before cane reaping season.

Wednesday July 24, 2013

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Avoid international fallout! FID warns of implication if commitments to Caribbean Financial Action Task Force not kept Jamaica Observer Officials of the Financial Investigations Division are urging the Government to take steps to carry out its commitment to the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force to ensure several groups are regulated by November this year or risk seeing the country on a watch list which could scare investors. “In 2012 [the ministries of] Finance, Foreign Affairs, Justice and National Security made a commitment to the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) to see these bodies regulated by November this year,” Chief technical director of the Financial Investigations Division (FID) Justin Felice told editors and reporters at the Jamaica Observer Monday Exchange at the newspaper’s Beechwood Avenue headquarters in Kingston Monday. In 2010, Cabinet approved a list of entities referred to as non-designated businesses and professionals that includes attorneys-at-law, accountants, casinos, real estate brokers, trustees, and dealers in precious stones and metals. As part of CFATF, Jamaica along with its Caribbean counterparts are obligated to implement common

Chief technical director of the Financial Investigations Division Justin Felice fielding questions from editors and reporters at the Jamaica Observer Monday Exchange. At right is Albert Stephens, principal director of the Financial Crimes Investigations Unit. (PHOTO: NAPHTALI JUNIOR) countermeasures to address the problem of criminal money laundering. “Now if we don’t do things like that we are going to come up against it, because we have an inspection in 2014 and we will be heavily criticised, and we could end up on a watch list which then stops financial institutions worldwide from doing business with us,” Felice said Monday.

“... If we are on this watch list, basically it says Jamaica is not a safe place to do business. So the implications of not doing some of these things are far-reaching and certainly some of them are linked to the International Monetary Fund agreement as well,” he said further. “What we want is for the powers that be to enact whatever legislation [is

necessary] to bring them under the reporting umbrella, and where there would be sanctions for failing to report,” principal director of the Financial Crimes Investigations Unit (FCIU) Albert Stephens said at the meeting. As a member of the CFATF, Jamaica is required to implement the Financial Action Task Force’s (FATF) 40 recommendations on AntiMoney Laundering and the nine special recommendations on Countering the Financing of Terrorism. Failure to implement these measures puts Jamaica’s reputation and the good standing of its financial sector and law-enforcement authorities at serious risk. Failure to implement these measures appropriately could also fundamentally affect Jamaica’s chances of successfully launching an international financial services centre. The Caribbean Financial Action Task Force is an organisation of 29 states within the Central America and Caribbean region which have agreed to implement common countermeasures to address the problem of money laundering and terrorist financing.

Venezuela seeks $5 billion China loan for scandal-plagued fund (Reuters) - Venezuela is seeking a loan of up to $5 billion from China to finance a state investment fund that was recently the victim of an embezzlement scheme by the fund’s own employees involving millions of dollars. State media yesterday cited a government official saying that Venezuela was in talks for a third tranche of financing for the Joint Chinese-Venezuela Fund, which invests in projects such as housing and infrastructure and repays loans with oil shipments. President Nicolas Maduro’s government said this month that eight people were arrested for appropriating $84 million from the fund, which has received two $4 billion tranches from the China Development Bank since its inception in 2007. “In the next two weeks we are going to have another round of high-level

negotiations in Caracas with China Development Bank,” said Temir Porras, president of state development bank Bandes that administers the fund, in comments reported by state media. “(The next tranche) could reach $5 billion. That’s what we’re negotiating right now.” The public prosecutors’ office has said it plans to charge four fund employees, including one identified as the acting executive manager, with money laundering and financial crimes. Four employees of an industrial maintenance company were also implicated. A website for the fund,, which provided only basic information including a onesentence description of its purpose, appears to have been largely taken down following the arrests. In an unrelated corruption case also involving Bandes,

Nicolas Maduro U.S. authorities in May charged employees of a New York broker-dealer with generating more than $66 million through a kickback scheme use to win Bandes’ bond-trading business. Maduro has launched what he calls a battle against corruption and has announced arrests for crimes ranging from extortion of

merchants to contraband of iron at a state-run mining firm. Opposition leaders call the effort a smokescreen that avoids targeting his most important allies and does nothing to improve the transparency of murky staterun investment funds that spend billions of dollars without the oversight of Congress. The new loan from China may help provide hard currency for Venezuela’s exchange control system, which business leaders say does not provide enough dollars for imports of consumer goods, leading to sporadic shortages of products such as toilet paper. Oil Minister Rafael Ramirez said earlier this year the OPEC nation had received a total of $36 billion from China as of last August, at which point it received an additional tranche of $4 billion.

Wednesday July 24, 2013

PM and Attorney General threaten legal action in “emailgate” scandal

Opposition Leader Keith Rowley and Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar. (File Photo) PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad – CMC - Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar and her Attorney General Anand Ramlogan have filed pre-action protocol letters against Opposition leader Dr. Keith Rowley as the fall out continues over the “emailgate” scandal in Trinidad and Tobago. Attorney Donna Prowell in the letter bars Rowley from repeating the statements or making “any similar defamatory statements,” failing which the parties will “immediately seek injunctive relief before the High Court” without notice to him. Rowley has 14 days to respond to the letter. On May 20, Rowley told Parliament he had received 31 emails purporting to show correspondence between Prime Minister Persad Bissessar, Ramlogan, Local Government and Works Minister Suruj Rambachan and security adviser Gary Griffith, in a sinister move to undermine the judiciary, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) and the media. The government officials have all denied the accusations and pre-action protocol letter alleges that Rowley on May 23 at a public meeting continued to use the e-mails as the basis for his assertion. “Against the background of events during the 20th to the 22nd May, 2013, the public was particularly sensitive to his allegations grounded on the purported e-mails,” the letter said, adding that the statements allegedly made at the public meeting were reported in the daily newspapers here on May 25. The letter also claims that Rowley told the public meeting that if government officials decided to take action against him and to send him to jail, he preferred “to be in the jail in Golden Grove or in Frederick Street with the criminals than to be with the criminals in Parliament”.

Vybz Kartel case faces collapse

...Judge refuses witness statements Jamaica Gleaner Supreme Court judge Bryan Sykes has turned down the application to accept two witness statements at the murder trial of dancehall artiste Adija ‘Vybz Kartel’ Palmer. Justice Sykes handed down his ruling yesterday afternoon. He said he was not convinced that the prosecution took enough steps to locate the witnesses. The 12-member jury is to return to the Home Circuit Court today. At that time, the prosecution is expected to offer no further evidence and the judge will then direct the jury to return a formal verdict of not guilty. Kartel, Lenburgh

Adija ‘Vybz Kartel’ Palmer McDonald and Nigel Thompson were taken into custody for the 2011 shooting murder of the St Catherine businessman, Barrington ‘Bossy’ Burton. However Kartel will remain in custody because he has another murder case pending against him.

Wednesday July 24, 2013

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Wednesday July 24 2013

Gerardo Martino replaces Tito EMILE GRIFFITH: HALL OF FAMER Vilanova as Barcelona Manager DIES IN NEW YORK AGED 75

Barcelona have appointed Argentine Gerardo Martino as their new coach after he agreed a two-year contract. The 50-year-old former Paraguay boss replaces Tito Vilanova, who stepped down as Barcelona Manager to continue his treatment for cancer. He was recently in charge of Newell’s Old Boys, who he led to the Argentine Torneo final title last season. He becomes the fourth Argentine to manage Barca after Helenio Herrera, Roque Olsen and Cesar Luis Menotti. It will be Martino’s first job outside of South America since a six-month spell playing for Tenerife in 1991.

A number of coaches had been linked to the vacant position, including former Barcelona B boss Luis Enrique, Tottenham’s Andre Villas-Boas, Swansea’s Michael Laudrup and Guus Hiddink, who quit as coach of Anzhi Makhachkala on Monday. However, the Catalan club have ignored more highprofile candidates in favour of Martino, who is considered to have a similar style to former Athletic Bilbao Manager Marcelo Bielsa. Martino was a key player in the Newell’s Old Boys side Bielsa managed in the early 1990s and both hail from the Argentine city of Rosario.

Barcelona captain Carles Puyol says Martino’s managerial style will fit in with the playing philosophy at the Nou Camp. “We know about his career, he is a very good coach,” Puyol said before Martino’s appointment was confirmed. “He likes Barcelona’s playing style. I think all the names mentioned are capable of coaching this team. “We have a certain way of playing; a philosophy. The coach that comes in will follow that line and I’m sure that Zubi (sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta) and the directors want a coach that can adapt to our characteristics.”

Wednesday July 24, 2013 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19): You want to keep your thoughts in order today, but it becomes more challenging to stick to the facts as the day proceeds. Ironically, you’re quite capable of starting with unformed complex concepts and transforming them into concrete ideas. TAURUS (Apr. 20–May 20): You might believe that you know what’s going on in a relationship now, but nothing is exactly as it seems. Perhaps you have gone out of your way to express deep feelings over the past few days. GEMINI (May 21–June 20): When your phone rings today you might find a conundrum on the line. Even if it seems impossible, it’s your future calling you for a little chat. CANCER (June 21–July 22): Your words today are more important than usual because they accurately reflect what’s in your heart. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22): Your mental clarity returns just in the nick of time for you to take decisive action today. Even if you are still slightly confused, you have sense enough to either accept what you are being told or to reject it outright. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22): Your mind is busy with important work now as you integrate developing values with the fundamental structures of your life.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22): Although you’re on the edge of an expansive period in your life, today is best devoted to taking care of practical details in the present moment. Your mission is to figure out the best ways to communicate your creative ideas. SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21): Your strength today comes from carefully thinking through all the details surrounding an important issue that may be affecting more people than just you. SAGIT (Nov. 22–Dec. 21): Serious and meaningful conversations are on your agenda today, but even if you’re ready to talk, your partner may not be so inclined. CAPRICORN(Dec.22–Jan.19): You may feel as if the same set of issues returns again and again. But this time you’re ready to share what you have been withholding for too long. However, you aren’t interested in just rambling on and on to hear yourself talk. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18): You might be very excited about a project or a relationship now, but it’s time to slow down the growth process so you can sustain the experience. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20): You want everyone to listen to your ideas and to accept what you say now as the truth. However, you might feel like the “Little Boy Who Cried Wolf.”

Former world champion boxer Emile Griffith has died aged 75. Griffith, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1990, died in New York. He suffered from pugilistic dementia. The US Virgin Islands fighter was best known for his 1962 title bout against Bennie Paret, who fell into a coma and died after being knocked out during the fight. “Emile was a gifted athlete and truly a great boxer,” said Hall of Fame director Ed Brophy. “Outside the ring, he was as great a gentleman as he was a fighter.” Griffith headlined at Madison Square Garden 23 times and was known for his overwhelming speed and slick style. Under the stewardship of trainer Gil Clancy, he grew into a New York Golden Gloves champion and eventually turned professional, quickly earning a welterweight title shot against Paret in 1961. Griffith won the championship with a 13thround knockout at the Garden before losing the belt to Paret in a rematch five months later.

And he won back the title in their ill-fated clash, before retiring in 1977 after losing his last three fights. Griffith went on to train a

number of successful fighters, including Puerto Rican world champions Wilfred Benitez and Juan Laporte.

Wednesday July 24, 2013

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Arturo Yamasaki It is with sadness that CONCACAF learns of Mr. Arturo Yamasaki Maldonado’s passing. Mr. Yamasaki’s contribution to soccer throughout his rewarding and influential career has had a profound and positive impact as a player, coach and referee throughout his extensive path on the green carpet not only in the CONCACAF region but also at an international level. For over fifty years, Mr. Yamasaki has become a true role model of constant effort and achievement that exemplifies excellence in the game. While expanding as an international referee for both men and women’s soccer and serving as chair for the Mexican Federation’s Referee’s Commission (20032006), Mr. Yamasaki has demonstrated a firm determination to guard the foundation of the sport and ensure fair play. As part of his legacy, in 1978 FIFA honored him with a Referees’ Special Award. In addition, Mr. Yamasaki has been endowed as honorable member of CONCACAF’s Hall of Fame since 2007. He leaves behind a valuable legacy that will inspire players, coaches, officials and fans as one of the finest sports professionals in recent decades. The football family extends its condolences to Mr. Yamasaki’s family and friends. Our prayers are with them.

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Wednesday July 24 2013


Dinesh Chandimal

A second, successive sub-standard performance with the bat saw South Africa undo their significantly improved showing with the

ball to go 2-0 down in the series. On a slow surface, batting was laboured, and Sri Lanka’s attack was able to defend with ease, the spinners

getting the opposition batsmen into a tangle, again. South Africa’s challenge was dealt a serious blow before it even began. Hashim Amla, who missed the first match with a neck niggle but recovered in time for this one, was injured in the field and could not open the batting. Amla slipped in the 43rd over while trying to field a ball at fine leg. He fell on his knee and was immediately taken to hospital for a scan. Having dropped Colin Ingram to make way for Amla, South Africa needed another makeshift opener and pushed Robin Peterson up the order. He became the first spinner to open both the batting and the bowling for the country, having been given the first new ball earlier, but it was not an occasion for celebration. Peterson watched as his partner, Alviro Petersen was dropped off the fourth ball of the innings but he had no such reprieve. He kept out one Lasith Malinga yorker but was comprehensively beaten by the next, which crashed into the stumps to see South Africa’s opening stand

GBA PLEASED WITH COACHES’ SEMINAR, PLANS MORE To stage DDL Under-16 Championship this weekend The Guyana Boxing Association (GBA) has expressed pleasure at the outcome of the recently staged Coaches’ seminar. President of the association, Steve Ninvalle, described the event as highly successful and timely. He noted that the participants dealt with both theory and practical sessions and it was heartening to see 19 turning out on each day of the programme with one coming from Mahaica. Ninvalle informed that

National Coach Wincel Thomas has been doing some work in Mahaica after being invited by Naim Chan and the folks at the Unity Sports Club, and it was one of the members there that came for further training to better serve the budding talent in that area. It was noted that efforts are underway to have a boxing gym in the area. The GBA head said it was heartening to see the two females involved, boxing champ Pamela London and

Cameroonian Football Association suspension lifted FIFA passed a decision on July 22 last to lift the suspension of the Cameroonian Football Association (FECAFOOT) given that the conditions previously set have been met. As requested by the FIFA Emergency Committee, the normalisation committee that was appointed on July 20, 2013 was able to take up its duties this Monday, July 22, 2013, at the FECAFOOT headquarters, with FIFA and CAF observers present.

The lifting of the suspension means that FECAFOOT’s clubs, officials and other representatives can immediately resume their activities, which had been interrupted. The same applies for the resumption of the courses and various programmes provided by FIFA, CAF and other member associations. FIFA and CAF will continue to closely monitor the situation, particularly in relation to the revision of the FECAFOOT statutes.

Coach Paulette Nurse, and that another two-day programme has been organised for sometime next month as the feedback from the participants was that the programme was well received and they requested continuity. Commendation was also extended to Cuban Coach Francisco Hernandez Roldon and Terrence Poole for the work they are doing to assist the junior coaches. Meanwhile, the Under-16 boxers will be in action this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, at the Andrew ‘Six head’ Lewis Gym when the association, with corporate partner, Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL), stage the Under-16 Championships. This is the second year DDL has sponsored the programme and Ninvalle said that there has been a distinct improvement among the young fighters and he is hopeful that trend will continue as the level of coaching is improved. The association also has plans to hold the Under-16 tournament in several venues in the future including Linden, Essequibo, Berbice and Georgetown.

broken in the first over. Petersen and JP Duminy seemed to settle, with both hitting boundaries that showed their class, but they only had a 32-run stand to show for it. Thisara Perera managed some superb movement and got Duminy to feather an edge to Kumar Sangakkara. Rangana Herath struck in his first over again, getting Petersen lbw playing for turn to one that went straight on. Tillakaratne Dilshan removed AB de Villiers on review when the South Africa captain missed a sweep. When Faf du Plessis was caught behind in the next over to become Herath’s 50th ODI wicket, South Africa were 69 for 5 and defeat was imminent. With rain looming, David Miller and Ryan McLaren tried to keep up with the Duckworth-Lewis target but they had fallen too far behind. Form in the top order has been exposed as severely lacking by Sri Lanka’s wily attack. With none of Duminy, de Villiers or du Plessis posting

a half-century in their last five innings, South Africa’s batting will have to improve even more than their bowling did in this match. Although the South Africa attack sent down 14 wides, they found their lines quicker than they had on Saturday. Morne Morkel struck the first blow when he had Upul Tharanga caught by Peterson at mid-wicket but South Africa would have shuddered to see the in-form Sangakkara stride out. He immediately added stability with the first boundary of the innings, a well-timed flick through the leg side off a wayward Chris Morris delivery. Sangakkara continued to place the ball well even as Dilshan grew frustrated but he was dismissed against the run of play, to a spinner. Sangakkara was tempted by Aaron Phangiso’s persistent flight and could not clear extra cover. Dilshan had to take on the role of anchor and played an uncharacteristically watchful knock. For 36 deliveries after

Sangakkara departed, Dilshan and Mahela Jayawardene could not find the boundary and had to content themselves with nudging for singles. In their 40-run stand, Jayawardene had one shot in anger, a back-foot punch through point, before missing a reverse-sweep and being cleaned up by Peterson. Dilshan’s vigil ended soon after. He got a thick edge off Morkel and de Villiers took a sharp, one-handed catch to his right to send the last of Sri Lanka’s senior batsmen on his way. It was up to the young captain, Dinesh Chandimal, to steady Sri Lanka. He survived a rain interval and the loss of both Jehan Mubarak and Perera but not du Plessis’ instincts. Chandimal was out to a superb catch but his 43 proved crucial to helping Sri Lanka post a competitive score on a surface where batting became more difficult, and he can now look forward to sealing the series on Friday.

GTTA names Senior Squad for 55th Caribbean Table Tennis C/ships The Selection Committee of the Guyana Table Tennis Association (GTTA) met and named a male and female national squad in view of preparation and selection for participation at the 55th Senior Caribbean Table Tennis Championships scheduled for August 26 to September 1, 2013 at the Beausejour Indoor Facility, Gros Islet, St Lucia. The championship is being used as one of the qualifiers for the Central American and Caribbean games scheduled for November next year. Caribbean bronze medalist, Paul David who is currently ranked as G u y a n a ’s n u m b e r o n e player in the world rankings, will headline the male team. The full men’s squad reads: Paul David, Christopher Franklin, Nigel Bryan, Edinho Lewis, Joel Alleyne, Shemar Britton, Brad Belle and Idi Lewis (Player/ Coach). Women’s Squad: Trenace Lowe, Chelsea Edghill, Natalie Cummings, Jodyann Blake, Michelle John and Akecia Nedd. Veterans Squad: Colin France 2012 Silver medalist, Donald Duff and Michael Vieira. Guyana’s female team won silver medal in the

Michelle John

Paul David

Trenace Lowe

Christopher Franklin

Women’s event at the 54th edition of the tournament held in the Dominican Republic in 2012. Trenace Lowe is who is based in the USA, spearhead the women’s team’s chances of bringing Guyana regional honours. The team may miss the services of Chelsea Edghill, last year 21 years and under girls bronze medalist who will be unavailable for the engagement given her commitment to participate in

Canadian Open Junior Championships in September 2013. Play will be contested in the men singles, women singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles. Men’s Team, Ladies Team, Men’s Singles, Ladies Singles, Men’s Doubles, Ladies Doubles, Mixed Doubles, Under 21 Men’s Singles, Under 21 Ladies Singles, Veteran Over 50 Men’s Singles.

Wednesday July 24, 2013

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Philander Out to Show His Short Form Credentials in LCPL

Vernon Philander South Africa seam and swing bowler Vernon Philander is out to show he is more than just an outstanding Test match bowler during the upcoming Limacol Caribbean Premier League (LCPL). The 28 year-old’s red-ball credentials are outstanding with 89 wickets in 16 Tests, reaching 50 wickets in the longest form of the game in just his seventh match, the third fastest to the mark in the history of the game. However, Philander has been overlooked by South Africa’s selectors for the most part for short-form cricket with only eight One-Day Internationals and seven Twenty20 Internationals under his belt. He hopes he can use the Limacol CPL, where he will line up for the Jamaica Tallawahs, as a way of putting himself forward for selection when the time comes to pick the Proteas’ limited-overs lineup in future. “I have obviously not played a lot of whiteball cricket for South Africa,” he said. “This tournament is a chance for me to step up in

the shortest form of the game and I am pretty excited about it. “I back myself in the shorter formats and want the opportunity at international level so if I can put my name on the board then that is what I want to do.” First and foremost though, Philander will have to adapt to Caribbean conditions which are not always regarded as wholly conducive to swing and seam bowlers of his type. “The conditions will pose challenges and as I have not played in the West Indies before that is something I will have to get used to,” he said. “It will be a case of getting used to the decks and bowling up front as quickly as possible. Philander is currently playing with Kent Country Cricket Club. “I know the (Tallawahs) squad is linking up this week but I have got some more commitments with Kent and will not arrive until around the 29th (of July) but the good thing is I am playing matches for Kent, including plenty of Twenty20 games, and there is no better practice than playing out in the middle.” With his aim to play for South Africa in the shorter forms of the game, Philander could be forgiven for having one eye on next year’s ICC World Twenty20 in Bangladesh, the next global event on the calendar. But he is happy to take one step at a time, starting with trying to impress in the Caribbean. “I am not looking as far ahead as that (ICC) World Twenty20,” he said. “Obviously I would love to play in it but my first priority has to be to do well in the LCPL. “If I can do that, make my mark and make a name for myself then I will be in a much better position for selection but the LCPL is the first thing to get right.” The Tallawahs get their campaign underway with a clash against the Guyana Amazon Warriors at Providence Stadium on 2 August and are stocked with a host of top players including not only Chris Gayle but also fellow West Indies stars Andre Russell and Ravi Rampaul, and Sri Lanka’s spin wizard Muttiah Muralitharan. How does Philander rate their chances? “Like any bowler, I am relieved to be on Chris’s team rather than up against him,” he said. “He will pose a real danger to any opposition side but we will have our challenges too. It will be up to us to win a couple of games early on and if we can do that then who knows how far we can go.” The inaugural Limacol Caribbean Premier League starts on July 30 in Barbados and concludes on August 24 in Trinidad.

ACDA DOMINOES ON THIS EVENING The African Cultural Development Association (ACDA) and the African Welfare Convention will be hosting a three-team Emancipation Dominoes

competition this evening at the African Welfare Convention Hall, Thomas Lands, starting from 19:00hrs. Teams slated to take part

are ACDA, African Welfare Convention and Combo. At stake are trophies and medals donated by The Trophy Stall, Bourda Market, ACDA, Caphe Jones.

TNT, Assassin & Providence through to semis of Faye Joseph’s Dominoes TNT, Assassin and Providence have qualified for the semi finals of the Faye Joseph Dominoes competition which culminates tonight at Gaulin Place, South Ruimveldt with the semi finals and final. B 6 which drew the bye to the final marked

73 games to beat TNT 71 and Turning Point 68 in their quarterfinal show down which was played on Monday evening at Dynasty Sports Club. Action starts at 19:00hrs this evening and teams are asked to be on time.

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GUYANA U-19 GIRLS RETURNS FROM T20 SERIES IN TRINIDAD The Guyana Under-19 female cricketers experienced mixed fortunes in the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board (TTCB) Invitational T20 Competition which was contested from July 18-21, 2013 in Twin island Republic. This tournament was organised between four territories interested in developing their young female cricketers. The young ladies, 12 of whom played cricket for the first time overseas, won one game, lost one and two were abandoned due to rain. The team accumulated four points in all; two for the win and one each for the abandoned matches. Their venture into the competition started on Thursday. The first match against Barbados was washed out, but they easily defeated St Lucia by five wickets in the second which was reduced to 15 overs a side. St. Lucia batted first and totaled 63-5 with Mandy

Mangru accounting for two of the wickets. Guyana chased down the target comfortably reaching 64-5 in 13.2 overs. Latoya Smith and Lashana Toussaint were among the runs with 22 and 14 respectively. On Saturday, they lost to Trinidad and Tobago Board X1 who posted 74-8 in their 20 overs, and bundled out Guyana for 55 in 18.3 overs. Then on Sunday, in their final match, Guyana had Trinidad and Tobago’s main team suffocating at 28-9, but the host managed to reach 56-9 in their 20 overs. Paffiana Millington grabbed 3-11 while Steffi Rodney, Mandy Mangru and Monique Benn snatched two wickets each. Guyana did not get a chance to reply as the rain came and washed out the rest of the game. Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago’s Board X1 were tied at the top with five points, but Barbados was adjudged the winner since they had a better net run rate.

As part of the Guyana Cricket Board’s Developmental Plan, especially as it pertains to Women’s Cricket, the Tour was arranged to ensure the National Female Team is provided with necessary exposure in blooding new talent. The GCB covered all airfare costs and stipend for players. Before the team departed for the Tour, the GCB engaged the Under-19 girls in Trial matches with the senior women as preparations for them to be competent enough to take on their Regional counterparts. The team consisted of Anita Goberdhan, Daveena Goberdhan, Latoya Smith, Odesa Caesar, Lashuna Toussaint, Mandy Mangru, Erica Batson, Paffiana Millington, T’Keyah Isaacs, Shabika Gajnabi, Steffi Rodney, Shirley Boyce, Monique Benn, Teniesah Cort. The Manager was Tremayne Smartt with Andre Percival as the Coach.

Defending Champions Headquarters trail ‘A’ Division -after first day of GPF Inter-Division Athletics C/ships Defending Guyana Police Force (GPF) Inter-Division Track and Field Champions, Headquarters trail ‘A’ Division after the completion of six finals on day one of the annual athletics competition at the Police Sports Club Ground, Eve Leary, yesterday. ‘A’ Division closed on 96 points, which was a healthy 19-point lead over ‘A’ Division, who had 77 points after just six finals; ‘C’ Division is third with 27 points, while ‘B’ Division is in fourth with 26 points at the close of the initial day of competition. ‘A’ Division began in commanding fashion following the delayed start owed to high tides that flooded the venue for half of the day; they swept the Women’s Long Jump with Tracey Moses leaping to 5.25m, Cindy Fraser 5.21m and Tandica Burgess 4.97 respectively. Headquarters steadied their ship when Jabori Joseph took the Men’s Long Jump with a best mark of 6.45m; ‘B’ Division’s Cordell Mentore was second with 6.39m and Headquarters’ Troy Williams third with 6.14m, earning Headquarters two top spots in the event. However, strong

Jabori Joseph

Leota Babb

performances from ‘A’ Division in the Discus event swung the pendulum back in their favour when Julio Sinclair threw 38.62m and Cordell English 35.50m to finish first and second in the Men’s contest; Headquarters’, Warren Duncan (31.42m) was third. In the Women’s version of the event, Latoya Rodney kept the momentum for ‘A’ Division with a 29.89m mark as Headquarters’ Donna Ferguson took second with 27.50m and Joan King-Brown finishing third for ‘C’ Division with a 24.90m effort. ‘A’ Division then wrapped up their excellent showing on day one in the Women’s 3000m when Jonella Jonas ran 12:06 for first and Shion Boyer

13:27 for second. Headquarters’ Tisha Grimes (13:31) finished third in the lone distance event of the day. Apart from those finals yesterday, the seasoned sprinters gave a glimpse of what can be expected at the grand finals on Friday when Kevin Abensetts, Leota Babb, Keith Roberts and Alita Moore sizzled in the 100m Heats on the wet and heavy track at Eve Leary. Shawn Semple was also impressive in his 100m and 400m heats, setting up a keen rivalry on the final day; Roberts, Trevor Scotland and Kevin Bayley also qualified for 400m finals along with Moore, Nadine Rodrigues, Tenisha Punch and Babb. (Edison Jefford)

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Wednesday July 24 2013

Tour de France: Labour deputy Ashes 2013: James Pattinson ruled out of remaining Tests leader calls for women’s race

Group of female riders

Labour Deputy Leader Harriet Harman has written to Tour de France Director Christian Prudhomme calling for a women’s race at the event. Harman wants a women’s race at next year’s Tour, which starts in Leeds. British cyclist Emma Pooley was one of four riders who published a petition to resurrect the event, last held in 2009. “After the success of the Olympics, women’s cycling should not be allowed to slip back into the shadows,” Harman wrote in her letter to Prudhomme. Next year’s Tour runs between Leeds, Harrogate, York and Sheffield on July 5 and 6 ext year before moving on to Cambridge and London on July 7. Chris Froome was crowned as Tour de France champion on Sunday, the second successive British winner - following Sir Bradley Wiggins’ success in 2012. “Britain has some of the best women cyclists in the world - but for years they had to compete for foreign teams as there was no investment in an elite women’s team,” added

Harman. “The Grand Depart being held in Yorkshire and from Cambridge to London in 2014 presents a great opportunity to hold a women’s event and set an example to the rest of Europe and Le Tour.” More than 70,000 people have signed a petition launched earlier this year by Britain’s former world champion and 2008 Olympic time trial silver medallist Pooley, Olympic road race champion Marianne Vos, St Kitts and Nevis national champion Kathryn Bertine and British ironman triathlon champion Chrissie Wellington. The International Cycling Union (UCI), cycling’s governing body, has rules in place that limit the distance women can ride in a single stage to much less than men. It means a female Tour alongside the current event would not be possible unless they started or finished stages in different places. The women’s Tour began in 1984 but has not been run since 2009, mainly due to problems finding sponsors. (BBC Sport)

Rambalak wins G/town leg of Premium Pools tournament Ryan Rambalak was crowned champion of the Georgetown “Premium Cues Showdown” Pools tournament last Sunday at Buddy’s Pool Hall on Sheriff Street. In a keenly contested Georgetown leg of the countrywide tournament, Rambalak battled to victory against 32 players and for his win he took home a first prize of $60,000 and a trophy. Troy Soodoo captured the runner up position securing $40,000 and a trophy, while third place finisher Bernard Bagot claimed $35,000 and a trophy. The three players will now represent Georgetown in the grand finals of the countrywide tournament billed for Sunday at Stabroek Sports Bar above Idiho Restaurant starting at 11:00

hours. Banks/Premium Beer Manager Brian Choo-Hen disclosed that 21 players representing seven zones will contest the finals. The countrywide tournament is sponsored by Banks DIH Limited under the Premium Beer brand. The winner will take home a top prize of $125,000 and a trophy with the runner-up securing $70,000 while the third place finisher will

collect $35,000. Choo-Hen said the tournament received overwhelming support and he thanked players and pools enthusiasts from Berbice, Georgetown, West Coast Demerara, East Bank Demerara, Essequibo and Linden for coming out and supporting the matches. According to Choo-Hen the players are anxiously awaiting Sunday’s showdown in the open straight pools competition.

Australia fast bowler James Pattinson will miss the rest of the Ashes series against England after suffering a stress fracture of the lower back. The 23-yearold complained of soreness in his hip and back at the end of the second Test at Lord’s. “Unfortunately he will not take any further part in this Test series,” said Australia team doctor Peter Brukner. The tourists say they have no immediate plans to call up a replacement, which could mean a recall for Mitchell Starc. Starc was left out of the side which was thrashed by 347 runs on Sunday as England established a 2-0 series lead ahead of the third Test at Old Trafford starting on August 1. The right-arm paceman, who took 5-135 in the first Test at Trent Bridge, only recently returned to fitness after undergoing ankle surgery. Pattinson took seven wickets in the first two Tests at a cost of 307 runs, and almost helped Australia pull off an unlikely Trent Bridge victory with a gritty 25 not out

James Pattinson in a thrilling climax to the first Test. But this is the latest setback in a career blighted by injuries, with the Victoria cricketer breaking down four times in 2012 alone. Two other potential replacements, Jackson Bird and Pat Cummins, have endured

serious back problems of their own in recent times. Cummins, a highly-rated 20-year-old quick, took 4-43 for Australia A against Zimbabwe in Harare last week. James Faulkner is also available as back-up to frontline seamers Peter Siddle and Ryan Harris, while Josh Hazlewood, Nathan CoulterNile and Chadd Sayers could be called up from the Australia A squad. “Scans have identified an early stage low back stress fracture,” Prukner said of Pattinson. “He will commence a rehabilitation programme with the aim to have him back for the Australian summer.” Cricket Australia general manager Pat Howard added: “While we are obviously disappointed for James, the selectors have five bowlers fit and ready to perform in England, providing them with many options. “It is also important to note that several players have been performing for Australia A and are available to be called up at any stage if the national selection panel requires them.”


GUYANA SUFFER MIXED FORTUNES ON OPENING DAY Defending Overall champions Guyana opened its quest for top honours in the Caribbean Junior Squash Championships with mixed results on the first day of competition, at the Cascadia and Queens Park Oval Courts in Trinidad and Tobago. According to information received via email, matches were played in all of the eight categories and below are the results of the Guyanese players. Girls Under-13 Makeda Harding defeated Sascha Broderick (Cay Is) 11-1, 11-1, 11-6 Maya Collins lost to Mia Lake (Jam) 11-9, 3-11, 3-11, 711 Makeda Harding lost to Mia Mahfood (Jam) 4-11, 711, 9-11 Boys Under-13 Daniel Islam beat Joe Rousseau (Jam) 11-6, 11-7, 8 – 11, 11-7 Anthony Islam lost to Adam Ardito (Jam) 2-11, 711, 3-11 Shomari Wiltshire beat Anaya Smith (Ber) 11-9, 1012, 9-11, 11-4, 11-4 Daniel Islam lost to Khamal Cumberbatch (Bar) 1-

11, 1-11, 7-11 Boys Under-13 Plate Anthony Islam lost to Kobe Khan (T & T) 8 – 11, 117, 11-13, 11-7, 5-11 Girls Under-15 Savannah Mendes lost to Sarah Conway (Jam) 3-11, 311, 13-11, 10-12 Sarah Lewis lost to Marie Claire Barcant (T & T) 1-11, 11-13, 3-11 Rebecca Low lost to Alexandria Yearwood (T & T) 11-9, 8-11, 8-11, 8-11 Boys Under-15 Alex Cheeks lost to Jonathan Walker (Jam) 6-11, 7 – 11, 4-11 Boys Under-15 Plate Alex Cheeks beat Carl Miller (T & T) 11-13, 13-11, 911, 11-8, 11-9 Girls Under-17 Taylor Fernandes beat Tiye Williams (Ber) 11-6, 118, 11-7 Gabrielle Fraser beat Gianna Alexander (OECS) 113, 11-8, 11-4 Larissa Wiltshire beat Deiriai Myers (OECS) 11-2, 111, 11-4 Boys Under-17 Nyron Joseph beat Darnell Gittens (T & T) 11-1, 11-2, 11-5 Alex Melville lost to

Daniel Murphy (Cay) 4-11, 711, 12-14 Girls Under-19 Victoria Arjoon beat Nike Broderick (Cay) 11-0, 11-1, 110 Boys Under-19 Jean Claude Jeffrey beat Eswan Adams (OECS) 3-0 Tomorrow’s matches commence at 9.00 am and are as follows: Boys Under-13 semi finals - Shomari Wiltshire against Kai Bentick (OECS) Boys Under-15 quarter finals - Ben Mekdeci against Rithew Saywack Girls Under-17 quarter finals - Akeila Wiltshire against Lara Conolly (Cay), Larissa Wiltshire against Faith Guillezeau (T&T), Taylor Fernandes against Gylla Mc Kenzie (Bar), Gabrielle Fraser against Jaime Leigh Edgehill (T&T) Boys Under-17 quarter finals - Nyron Joseph against Sean Murphy (Cay) Girls Under-19 semi finals - Victoria Arjoon against Talia Abdool (T & T) Boys Under-19 quarter finals - Jean Claude Jeffrey against Brandon Straker (Bar), Steven Xavier against Julian Morrison (Jam)

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