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Wednesday January 29, 2014

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Letters... Where your views make the news... Letters... Where your views make the news

An open letter to the West Indies Cricket Board GENTLEMEN, Much has been said and written about the recent ICC proposals for reorganization. It is my understanding that the voluminous document is wide ranging in nature and requires careful study with regards to the benefits to individual ICC members. The WICB will seek to best serve its own interests as will the other ICC member organizations. There is no doubt that the tours of Indian cricket teams to their respective territories is of paramount financial importance and many, including the WICB, are sustained by the windfall gains which are used to offset the nonprofitable or loss inducing tours such as those of Bangladesh or Zimbabwe. In all these considerations, however, it must be said that the loser in any form of this proposal, regardless of amendment, is the sport of Cricket. Never

before in the history of world sport has so vile, selfish and arrogant a proposal been put forward. The very nature of this proposal goes against the grain of every sporting endeavour. It is patently unfair to use financial blackmail to retain your position “atop” a sporting league of any kind. Performance on the field of play applies to all other sporting disciplines, many of which are much larger revenue earners than ICC cricket. Consider if you will, F I FA s u g g e s t i n g t h a t Brazil, Italy and Spain ( t o d a y ’s f l a v o u r ) m u s t always be in the World Cup, regardless of the current ability on the field of play or FIA stipulating that the front row for all Formula One races be designated to the Ferrari team , as they are the most recognizable brand in motor racing. These examples are merely to show the

foolishness and lack of morality that has affected cricket administration. Greed cannot and should not be the motivating factor of any sporting administration, much less one charged with guiding the development of the game, globally. I strongly urge the WICB to take the moral high ground and stand fast against this tyrannical move by a few greedy, foolish and shortsighted men, what you may gain financially cannot be replaced by the loss of morality. I leave with a quote from Sir Winston Churchill “And do not suppose that this is the end. This is only the beginning of the reckoning. This is only the first sip, the first foretaste of a bitter cup which will be proffered to us year by year unless by a supreme recovery of moral health and martial vigour, we arise again and take our stand for freedom as in the olden time.” Robin Singh

Freddie’s Commentaries lack... From page 4 lecturer and presenter at several universities including UWI, St. Augustine, St. John, Baruch, Brooklyn, Hunter, Indira Gandhi, Fiji National, Univ. of South Pacific, Mahatma Gandhi Institute (Mauritius), JUNU (Delhi). I interacted with students at Delhi University and Benaras Hindu Univ during visits. In his reply to Freddie (KN Jan 25), Prof. Jeffrey deliberately quoted the American scholar Thomas Sowell on the importance of engaging in academic integrity as well as to learn to tell the truth. It was a seminal lesson given to Freddie who missed Jeffrey’s instructive

message because Freddie still lied on Jan 26 in his letter. It is understandable because Freddie has shown serious difficulty in the past in comprehending what he reads. Many credible writers and the publisher as well as the editor chastised Freddie about his inaccuracies and lectured him on the propriety of professionalism when it comes to journalism. But he ignored them all. Freddie’s commentaries are that of a person with a chip on his shoulder that reflects his shallow thinking and intellect. He is suffering from a serious inferiority complex that no one seems able to heal in spite of

repeated efforts from his friends like Mark Benschop and Malcolm Harripaul! He is irredeemable. And no amount of advice can save him. In reading Freddie, readers please exercise “caveat emptor”, or let the buyer beware! Nevertheless, I direct Freddie to Adam’s writing style so he can hone his skills. There is no need to engage in name calling. Write views and offer evidence to support them! Make a value free point. People will respect scholarship (if there is any) even if they disagree with the viewpoint. But they disrespect those who engage in attack labels that are not credible. Vishnu Bisram

There are those perennial defenders

DEAR EDITOR, Recently, I wrote an article, namely, “Soldiers should remain professionals,” published in the Stabroek News on December 31, 2013. Promptly on January 1, 2014, there was a response by one Sultan Mohamed. Now, not being a descendant of the demi gods of the PPP, I do expect that if I say something in public I must expect counter views. However, as regards this response, two factors surprised me. The first one was the speed of the response and the second was the shallowness of the writer. I am indeed led to believe and with good reasons that Sultan Mohamed is a paid writer or perhaps a ghost writer. It did seem to me that this writer is paid to write in defence of members of the PPP regime. I think in this case he has done a poor job and should be fired for his incompetence. I think Mr. Mohamed is lazy. He spent approximately 60 percent or about 30 lines of his response simply restating what I had written in my article. This was done simply to add length to his letter. I suggest that in future Mohamed should research the topic and then make a more informed counter. What I said in my first letter I still maintain, that is, there exists a relationship between the military and the politicians. I am convinced that Dr. Luncheon knows this relationship very well. However, he has deliberately twisted things to suit his political objectives. I believe that a true public servant should strive to honor our national pledge part of which states “and to be loyal to my country” rather than to a political party. At no time did

I suggest military supremacy over the civilian authority. I think that while Mohamed mentioned Madiba twice in his response he is as narrow a political opportunist as one could find. It seems to me that Mohamed is indeed a disciple of a certain resident of Region Three who is permanently obsessed about the ethnic balancing in the armed forces. We are interested in ethnic balancing of land allocations. We are all interested in ethnic balancing in the resources provided for agriculture. We want ethnic balancing in all government ministries. We want ethnic balancing in Guyana’s foreign services. We want ethnic balancing on all the boards and corporations in the country. We want ethnic balancing of the senior managerial staff on all the sugar estates. If I continue to demand ethnic balancing I will perhaps be able to demand an entire page. When Mohamed talks of rigging an election, no doubt he expects PNC supporters to run and hide. Well Mohamed, if PPP does not rig elections you ask AFC and CN Sharma how they would classify the PPP’s skullduggery during the 2006 election.Ask the PPP why it took them four days to do a simple vote count of less than 400,000 voters in the 2011 election. Finally, Mohamed, don’t try to tell Felix or Retemyer what to do. In a true democracy where merit and competence would count you may have been working for one of them and your job specifications would not have entailed defending political spin doctors. Aubrey Retemyer

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Wednesday January 29, 2014

GPL to get US$53M upgrade for future hydro By Leonard Gildarie In one of its most ambitious project yet to improve performance, the state-owned Guyana Power and Light Inc. (GPL) is working with funding agencies on a multi-million dollar programme to reduce losses while at the same time increase its efficiency. The US$52.7M Power Utility Upgrade Programme (PUUP), if approved by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the European Union’s Caribbean Investment Facility (CIF), will ready GPL for the advent of hydro-power, by changing old transformers, improving metering technology and a host of other interventions including hiring of qualified personnel. One component may very well be the introduction of concrete or steel posts to replace the largely aging and hard-to-get wallaba ones. The programme is currently in preparation stage and was being worked on since last year between GPL management, IDB and other technical officials. EU’s CIF is putting up US$26.350M while IDB will be providing a matching amount. It is proposed that the project implementation will last five years and reduce drastically electricity theft and leakages due to faulty equipment. To date, it will be among the most challenging of projects for GPL which over the years has been concentrating mostly on increasing its generation to meet growing demands. Because of the absence of

cash, it had led to critical infrastructure, like transmission lines and transformers being affected, with no new investments. NOT READY YET There have been fears that GPL’s current infrastructure, because of its leaky lines, transformers and equipment, would not have been ready to take off increased power, leading to waste and losses. Theft of electricity has also been a major concern with the project expected to introduce new technology to address this. Currently, a new 26mw plant at Vreed-en-Hoop, West Demerara, is being built to meet growing demands from especially new housing schemes. Another transmission line project with seven new substations, to the tune of over US$40M, is being run along the coasts. The PUUP project would be seen as a major shift in GPL’s attention, from one of finding monies for new generators to now improving its efficiency, reducing losses in the process. According to the initial project documents that have been placed on the IDB website, Guyana has an installed nominal generating capacity of 148 megawatt (MW) and approximately 666GigaWatt-hour (GWh) delivered annually, delivering power to nearly 167,000 customers in the coastal communities. In order for the selfgenerators, including big companies like Banks DIH and DDL, to switch to GPL’s supply, it will be necessary for the company’s output to be of suitable quality, reliability

GPL is preparing a US$52M project that will see a massive overhaul in the way it operates, and will include loss reduction initiatives like new transformers being installed. and cost. It was noted that GPL’s 2012 financial statements showed net operation losses in 2011 and 2012. According to the documents, key operational results and indicators show critical weaknesses in GPL’s operations. “Electricity losses remain high after several years of trying different strategies to curb them. Technical losses are estimated to reach 14% of gross generation, while commercial losses are estimated to add another 18%.” Quality of service is low, partly due to an aged, weak and overloaded transmission and distribution network, the latter consisting of long radial

feeders extending, in some cases, for more than 40-km. “Weaknesses in the distribution network increase technical losses, due to the low capability of handling the distributed energy and also hinder efforts to reduce commercial losses, due to lack of antifraud type installations and adequate control support.” The documents noted that these factors, together with low technical and executing capacities of GPL, high costs of generation and constraints to raise already high tariffs, contribute to poor financial results and constrain capital expenditures, among other undesired consequences. It was pointed out that

while GPL has been considering a wide range of infrastructure investments in its recent development and expansion (D&E) programme in order to address problems in the grid and to cope with projected increases in electricity demand, persistent delays in the execution of such plans have hindered the achievement of significant results. REDUCING LOSSES “In addition to the previously mentioned financial constraints, several assessments of GPL’s operations and corporate capabilities highlight the company’s limited capacity to perform within minimum international standards, in a sustainable manner, and much less within a context of a forecast 4.8% average yearly increase in energy demand for the next 15 years.” These assessments also reveal the need to produce a

cultural change, which will enhance operational and corporate capacity within GPL, including improving the performance of a challenged and stressed management and professional staff. It will call for better system planning; project management; loss reduction; network design; quality of service and collection rates. In essence, the project will finance outsourced support to senior management to upgrade skills and implement best practices; a Corporate Development Plan (CDP) to upgrade key areas of GPL and infrastructure investments to help reduce losses. With regards to the strengthening GPL’s management, it is being proposed that they will be provided with technical support in areas of operations and projects; commercial services and information technology; finance and procurement; human resources and loss reduction. It is also being proposed to introduce standardized performance agreements for GPL’s senior management and the hiring of an international expert to generate regular, independent and standard reports on improvements. In terms of operational efficiency, the programme will focus on investing in areas of planning, design, commercial operation, demand-side management, and power and network operations. There will be financing in modernization and strengthening of GPL’s Planning and Design department; improvement in the use of the Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) system, and of the Customer Information System (CIS), Continued on page 15

Wednesday January 29, 2014

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Wednesday January 29, 2014

Boy, 16, allegedly sodomised at Police Outpost - ranks to be placed under close arrest Police were last night preparing to place three ranks under close arrest following allegations that they sodomised a 16-year-old boy. A senior police official told Kaieteur News that the teen has claimed that he was sexually assaulted at around 21:00 hrs last Sunday by three ranks at the Stabroek Market Outpost. The teen, who is said to be a commercial sex worker, was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation late yesterday afternoon for a medical examination, and was also interviewed by a police rank and a social worker. He was discharged from

the GPHC at around 22:20 hrs. The official said that the teen identified the alleged perpetrators as a rank in police uniform “with a gold tooth”, and two other ranks in plainclothes. “The police ranks who performed duty that night will be placed under close arrest to facilitate the investigation,” the official said. “Wherever the hammer falls it will fall, and they will face the full brunt of the law.” A relative of the teen told Kaieteur News that the alleged victim was recently released from the New Opportunity Corps and they had received several complaints from staffers there

of sexual misconduct. The relative said that after leaving the NOC, the teen would frequent an area in the city that was popular with male commercial sex workers. Kaieteur News was also told that the ‘victim’ was sometimes seen in a police vehicle. The allegation against the police comes in the wake of allegations by former prisoner Colwyn Harding that a police rank beat him and sodomised him with a condom-covered baton. The Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR)conducted probe has recommended assault charges against the rank.

Holness calls for CCTV in crime hotspots Jamaica Observer Opposition and Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Leader Andrew Holness says he supports plans by the Government to have police officers wear body cameras, but has pointed to an even greater need for closed-circuit television (CCTV) and the registration of all Jamaicans to better address crime. Last week, National Security Minister Peter Bunting announced that officers assigned to select police units would soon be required to wear body cameras in light of increasing allegations of extra-judicial killings and professional misconduct. On Sunday, Holness told

attendees at the party’s Area Council One meeting at the Olympic Gardens Civic Centre in Kingston that the use of technology to minimise crime is something that he and members of his team have been examining. “I believe that one of the tools that we must bring into crime fighting is technology. So, on that basis I am not going to pour cold water on the attempt of putting in camera, because it is our view, that greater technology, greater infusion of cutting-edge technology, must be brought into the whole business of crime fighting,” he said. However, he said he was more interested in seeing the

installation of CCTV in critical hot spots in the urban areas. “That one don’t have any discretion, that when I am going to commit the crime, I turn it off. That one is always on,” he said. The Opposition leader also suggested that the Government implement a national registration programme so that the State can have records of all its citizens. He noted that a number of people have come to him, in his capacity as a member of Parliament, to sign documents to qualify them for passports, only to realise that they do not have a birth certificate as they were not registered at birth. “You can’t be born in a country and the State doesn’t know nothing about you seh you born (or) that you exist.

Wednesday January 29, 2014

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The writing is on the wall for GT&T The Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) should not be shedding any tears at this time over the plans of the Guyana government to enter into the telecommunication sector. This is not an overnight plan; it was hatched sometime ago and GT&T opted for silence instead of using its financial muscle to prevent what now seems to be unavoidable. GT&T has recently made the point that government should not be in telecommunication business. It is a point it should have been making a long time ago and therefore it needs to be questioned why the telephone company, given its influence within Guyana, did not confront the government earlier on this question. GT&T is belated in its

criticisms of government involvement in the telecommunication sector. It ought to have known a long time ago that the cable that the government is running from Brazil is not just for the proposed E-governance programme. The excess capacity generated by this cable will be used to serve the business interests of select players who have enjoyed strategic and timely positioning within the local telecommunication sector and who are cronies of the government. GT&T had to know from its technical people that the E -governance programme did not require it running cable from Brazil. The many branches of government could have been integrated using existing technology and where this was found to be inadequate,

existing players in the market such as GT&T could have been invited to make the necessary upgrades to facilitate the automation of government business. The government was however not interested in asking for such investments from GT&T. Its mission was about allowing its friends and cronies to make money and to pay no mind to fair competition and allowing existing telecommunication firms the right to provide better services. From day one, the publisher of this newspaper predicted that the cable that is being run from Brazil was to serve the interest of friends of the administration. The Egovernance programme will utilise a negligible amount of the total capacity of that cable, the rest of which will

Dem boys seh

Trouble mek Ganga cry De people seh that trouble mek de monkey eat pepper. Well trouble mek nuff thing happen. It mek two teenage boys get ketch wid a gun more big than dem. Somebody pay dem to drop off de gun suh a man can slip it in de jail to cause more trouble. Dem boys see two police ranks coming and de next thing dem know is that dem throw way de gun. Dem in jail. De same trouble mek some reporters announce that dem know Ganga story. Before bird wife whistle de story gone round how Ganga is a new father. De story mek de big man cry. But when he threaten fuh lock up all dem who scandal he name de story tek a turn. Dem boys seh that this was a man who like he skirt.

He was like chicken hawk and when he miss he use to ketch grass. That is wha put he in trouble. And that is wha dem media people start fuh talk about. But de devil got a friend. Up comes a woman minister and she know that Ganga had only one woman wid he wife and that she was an adult. Tiger Woods didn’t get away wid that excuse, Bill Clinton try it and he wife didn’t seh nutten, Ganga, well dem boys ain’t know wha happen, but dem know that he cry. De strange thing is that none of he colleagues ain’t even show some sympathy. Ah Kneel did go, but all he was concerned was wid de likker. But Donald gun deal wid he when he come back

from Cuba. He give strict orders that people must avoid Ganga. Even Jagdeo didn’t visit Ganga. He did call to find out wha happen, but he keep he mouth out of de story. He suspect that Donald woulda blame he fuh keeping people like Ganga in de party. He already got to deal wid dem who get special privilege and end up wid more money than dem can spend while de government looking fuh money fuh help GuySuCo get out of de bind it in. Donald also know that dem thief money that coulda clean up Georgetown. That is why he vex and then he mind flash pun Ganga again. Talk half and see if Ganga can keep out of more trouble.

have to be put out for commercial tenders. And who are the players best positioned to capitalise? Who have been granted licences that would allow cable, television, radio, telephone and internet services? Friends of government are the ones best positioned, because while the application for expansion and upgrade by GT&T are yet to be approved. While Digicel is still awaiting liberalisation of the telecommunication sector, the friends of the government are readying themselves to monopolise the spectrum by the advantages that have been handed to them by the government. It is inconceivable that GT&T did not see this coming. It perhaps did not, like most big companies do, wish to ruffle the feathers of the government, but it had to have been reading what the Kaieteur News had long been saying and therefore it had to have assessed that it would be pushed out of business when the cable becomes fully functional. GT&T should spare this nation its crocodile tears. It had benefitted under the former regime from monopoly status. Now it is to become the victim of another government. What poetic justice! The oligarchy has played the usual trick on companies in the telecommunication sector. It set them against each other just as it had set the Kaieteur News against Stabroek News, and just as it had set one local brewery giant against another regional competitor. While ‘Red’ was

fighting ‘Blue’, the oligarchy was preparing itself to enter the communication sector by weakening its competition. While the dailies were debating who is entitled to State ads, a new printing press belonging to the oligarchy was being imported. And while one local beer was fighting for market space against a regional competitor, the plans had long been set to have a Trinidadian firm with ties to the oligarchy establish a brewery in Berbice and with a first call on the country’s molasses. GT&T was silent for too long. It is now reaping the rewards of that silence. Had it not been for the singular effort of Glenn Lall, the oligarchy would have faced no resistance. One man stood up to the might of the oligarchy and its friends in the government. He faced down their financial pressure as well as the political pressure from a power government. That man was Glenn Lall. He saw it coming all along and he said that the cable would be used to run GT&T and Digicel out of Guyana so that the cronies of the government can take over the telecommunication sector, including telephone, internet, cable, television and radio. This is the unassailable power that is being placed into the hands of the ruling elite in this country. With it they will conclude the final chapters of the plan to own Guyana and to control everyone within it. The true communist State would have been created on the backs of capitalism.

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood.

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Wednesday January 29, 2014


The US, China, India, the Arabs: Which do you prefer? Would you prefer Arab or Chinese global domination over European hegemony? The Arabs, Chinese and the Indian sub-continent are unashamed worshippers of the white man’s culture? Why would you prefer Chinese international control of the world’s economy when the Chinese themselves are over-zealous emulators of American culture, American life, and things all-American? I do not accept big countries dominating the world. I do not accept racial superiority in international relations. But what I reject is different from the reality of the world. The reality of life

on Planet Earth is that there is one superpower. It is the US. It has preponderance in world trade. Its culture is more influential among all lands in the world. Its military reach is greater than anything seen in the Roman Empire or Pax Britannica. The United States’ nearest rival is China. The peoples of the world have to live with this reality. Small states have to accept that the US and China have gargantuan penetration in the world. There is nothing the world can do about this. It is called reality. If asked which country, like China, Brazil, India or

Russia, you would prefer to see surpass Pax-Americana, since this is likely to happen in the future, what would your preference be? I would like to stick with the US. My hope is that if there is to be one global giant in the world, I would vote for the US. In terms of philosophy, I think the US is closer to what my country and its people believe in. I think the American people in a holistic framework are more comfortable with darker skinned people, than the Chinese, Arabs, Russians and the folks on the Indian subcontinent are. In terms of freedom, I

think American culture is more philosophically inclined to respect the dignity of the human species than any other existing civilization. Let us look at some examples before I describe what I saw in 2013 with Arabowned Aljazeera and Chinese state television CCTV, both of which are available in Guyana. Marxian humanism had seventy years of existence in the then USSR. The USSR and its communist nature were supposed to be superior to western civilization. If you were twenty years in 1990 in Eastern Europe, then you were a superior

human to western man and woman, because your generation was brought up on the humanity and equalitarian instincts that inhere in communism. As the nineties began, communism ended – the USSR collapsed. Shortly after the USSR split into several independent republics, racism showed its ugly inherency. If you were African or dark-skinned or brown in complexion then you saw who were more racist – white Americans or the Slavic people of Eastern Europe. Chances are, if you are dark like me, you may more survive a late night walk in southern US than in any city in Eastern Europe, including Russia. After a visit, our famous Jan Carew wrote these words; “Moscow is not my Mecca,” and this was before the fall of communism. Have you seen what the Indian Cricket Board has done? It has recommended for adoption a change in the leadership structure for the ICC, the controlling body for world cricket. There will now be two levels of leadership in the ICC with India, England and Australia having more voting rights and power than the rest of the other boards. One board one vote is done away with. Only India, England or Australia can veto any decision of the ICC. Look at the two countries India chose to be above the rest – the

We are life savers, you should be one too! Donate blood today!!

Frederick Kissoon Mother Country, England and white Australia. Don’t forget the great Mahatma Gandhi is on record as saying that the caste system is part of Indian civilization and should not be tampered with (source: Mark Lindley, “Life and Times of Gora,” Pakashan Press, Mumbai, 2009); Dhananjay Keer, “Dr. Ambedkar: Life and Mission,” Pakashan Press, Mumbai, 2008). Gandhi later in his life significantly modified his views on caste, but did not reject it. Last year, I looked at the journalistic and anchor staff of Aljazeera and CCTV in both their head offices and their American bureaus. CCTV has only one African in its Beijing head office, all the others are white and Chinese. Except for Africa, all the reporters for CCTV in other continents are white reporters. CCTV has only one non-white in its American bureau; an East Indian named Arjun Naidoo. Aljazeera is even worse, especially in its head office in Qatar. Like Indians from India, Arabs are in love with a certain skin complexion. There are only two AfricanAmericans in the Aljazeera American bureau. One is an anchor, the other is a deputy editor; both are half-white. In the US, all the major networks have dark-skinned journalistic staff, with MSNBC way in front of all other networks. If there is to be one country to dominate the world, would you want it to be China, India, Russia, the Arabs or our neighbour, the US?

Wednesday January 29, 2014

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Expansion of Grove/ PRESIDENT RAMOTAR Diamond Sluice imminent IN HAVANA

Under the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA), six bids were opened yesterday for the expansion of the Sluice at Grove/Diamond East Bank Demerara. The bids were tendered at the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB), Main Street.

The Ministry of Amerindian Affairs received a lone bid for the procurement of solar powered radio transmitter systems.

Bids were also opened under the aforementioned Ministry for the procurement of motor vehicles. The bids were divided into three lots.

President Donald Ramotar is leading a Guyana delegation to the second CELAC meeting in Cuba. Here, President Ramotar, Foreign Affairs Minister Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett and Minister of Housing and Water, Irfaan Ali, meet with Bolivian President, Evo Morales, during the opening ceremony of the second CELAC Summit in Havana, Cuba, yesterday.

New US law opposes financing of... Still, under the Amerindian Ministry bids were submitted for the procurement of outboard engines.

Meanwhile the National Communications Network (NCN) received bids for the service and maintenance of Air Conditioning Units.

NCN also tendered for the servicing and maintenance of the company’s fleet of vehicles.

Finally bids were submitted for the provision of security services for NCN.

(From page 3) ChixoyRiver during the early 1980s displaced 3,500 indigenous peoples, leading to tensions that resulted in the massacre or rights abuses of some 400 people. That project was partially funded by the World Bank. Under the new legislation, the US representative at the World Bank (and, in the case of the Chixoy dam, the InterAmerican Development Bank) will now be required to offer regular updates on progress on reparations and redress surrounding both of these situations. “We began to work for reparations in 1995 and today we heard the great news,” Carlos Chen Osorio, director for the Coordination of Affected Communities by the Chixoy Hydroelectric Plant, an advocacy group, said in a statement. “We feel that we are not alone and are very grateful to all those that have com-

mitted to work on this.” In Ethiopia, meanwhile, the United States itself has come under criticism for helping to bankroll a major government development project that has included forcibly moving pastoralists from traditional lands in the Lower Omo and Gambella regions, to be settled in villages. The new law now disallows US monies from either directly or indirectly funding forced displacement in these areas. “We’ve watched donor agencies such as USAID turning a blind eye to blatant human rights allegations in these areas,” Anuradha Mittal, executive director of the Oakland Institute, a watchdog group that has carried out multiple investigations on forced displacements in Ethiopia, told IPS. (USAID did not respond to request for comment by deadline.) “It’s a real relief now to see

the US Congress offering true acknowledgement that these reports of forced evictions are not mere allegations,” she continues. “Now that they’ve taken a stand, however, we need to ensure that this is not just language but rather is fully implemented.” Indeed, civil society interest will now focus on how U.S. and international agencies implement these new provisions. While US law offers a new opportunity to mitigate adverse impacts of development funding, it is unclear the extent to which that tool will be used. “While we celebrate this achievement, we are cautious in our expectations,” BIC’s Lichtenstein says, “as unscripted and unfunded mandates, at their best, often indicate the start of serious discussion and better coordination, rather than systematic change.

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Wednesday January 29, 2014

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Wednesday January 29, 2014

Wednesday January 29, 2014

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Rohee shoots down legalising marijuana Any thought that Guyana is considering the decriminalising of marijuana soon was put to rest yesterday as Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee announced a zero tolerance against the possession and trafficking of illegal drugs. A raging debate is taking place globally over the issue of legalising the herb for medicinal purposes, with some countries and certain states in the USA, strongly contemplating making marijuana use legal. But the political head of Guyana’s security, shot down any notion that Guyana may be going down that road. “As we speak at this point in time, at twenty minutes to five, on the twenty-eighth day of January, the position and the policy of the government of Guyana is to pursue a zero tolerance policy in respect of trafficking in narcotics, possession of narcotics and any other form of activity in respect of drugs that are deemed illegal according to the laws of our country and according to the treaties and conventions of an international nature which we have signed on to,” the Home Affairs Minister declared. His announcement was made during the launching of the National Drug Report 2012 in the Boardroom of his Brickdam office yesterday. “Until such time that the policy changes, some point in time, whoever is responsible for this matter will announce

Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee the time, the date and the policy of the government,” Rohee stressed. Marijuana (Cannabis sativa) remains the world’s most widely produced, trafficked, and consumed illicit substance. According to official figures, marijuana also called ‘ganja’ or ‘weed’ is consumed by 75 percent of illicit drug users. There are almost 224 million marijuana users worldwide. To date, marijuana remains the only drug cultivated in Guyana. But it is produced in nearly every country in the world. Presently, Colorado in the USA has legalised the herb and according to lawmakers there, “the sky did not fall in” when it went on sale to the general public on January 1 last.

According to an article in the USA publication ‘The Telegraph’, “Washington State is already in the process of becoming the second to legalise the drug: it expects to issue the first licences to cannabis shops in late February”. The article went on to state… “a dozen others are looking seriously at the Colorado model, which involves taxing sales to raise funds for projects like building schools.” But Guyana’s Home Affairs Minister is not buying into such theories. He explained that there are differences of opinion in the United States on the subject, noting that the USA like Guyana is a signatory to certain international treaties that speak of the issue. Many other states in the USA have almost ruled out such moves for now. Rohee singled out Uruguay, which became the first country to legalise marijuana, noting that that country’s position is in contradiction with some of the international treaties that it has signed on to. “It’s a question that is fraught with a whole host of international and national complications,” Rohee stated. He dismissed any concern about Guyana being isolated by the international community who may be moving in a different direction with regards to the

decriminalising of marijuana. The Home Affairs Minister explained that Guyana will not be alone, since Regional Security and Foreign Ministers try as much as possible to reach consensual positions of many matters including the drug trade. He said that it is highly unlikely that one country within the Region will go off on its own to legalise marijuana without the support of the rest of the Caribbean. “We are already beginning to see signs of Jamaica, for example, where the Jamaican government, notwithstanding the heavy lobby that is taking place internally, and even by some industralised countries, who are saying that they are willing to accept export from Jamaica in marijuana, the Jamaican government has a different position,” Rohee said. “My friend Mr Nicholson (Jamaica’s Minister of Foreign Affairs) has a very strong position on the matter, which is quite similar to Guyana’s, which is that they are adopting a zero tolerance policy on this matter,” Minister Rohee added. Presently, possession and trafficking in marijuana attracts a custodial penalty in Guyana although there were previous suggestions that the penalty be lightened for persons found in possession of small amounts of the herb.


Proposed US$53M... From page 6 which would allow for on-line management of the client database, effective management of service orders, followup on requests for new connections, servicing customers through a call centre and management of the commercial cycle. Regarding loss reduction, the project will see financing in infrastructure that will focus on the overall electricity losses and the improvement of safety and reliability of the system. “This infrastructure will be planned and executed with a comprehensive and consistent approach to tackle technical and commercial losses, while building upon experience obtained from the ongoing loss reduction efforts, currently being carried out mainly with resources from the Project.” There will also be investments in improving infrastructure aimed to reduce technical losses, including network rehabilitation or reconfiguration, upgrade or optimal relocation of distribution transformers at load centres, and the addition of new distribution transformers. The possibilities of new metering technology will also be examined. An official of GPL yesterday said that the project is still being tweaked and not finalized yet and is part of a number of other initiatives to move the company to another level and have it ready when hydro-power comes on stream.

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Wednesday January 29, 2014

National Drug Report 2012 officially launched

Robb Street granny execution...

Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee says it is about time that Guyana stops relying on international agencies to report on the local fight against the trafficking of illegal drugs. Speaking at the launching of the National Drug Report 2012, yesterday, the Minister said that it is time for Guyana to show the world through “our own eyes” what is being done to combat the illegal drug trade. “Too often we have others who publish reports on our country, and we felt it is about time that we publish a report about our own situation,” Rohee said. The 26-page booklet was produced by the Ministry of Home Affairs, with support from several national agencies, and according to Coordinator of the Task Force on Narcotics Drugs and Illicit Weapons, Major General (rtd) Michael Atherly, publishing of international drug reports is now commonplace. “The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and the Inter-American Drug Abuse and Control Commissions both put out reports annually. The United States of America publishes their International Narcotics Strategy Control Report on the drug situation in most countries over the world

Remaining duo for High Court trial Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee (centre) addressing the launching of the National Drug Report 2012 in the presence of Crime Chief Seelall Persaud (left) and Maj. Gen. (ret’d) Michael Atherly (right). annually,” Atherly said. He echoed the sentiments of Minister Rohee by pointing out that it is reasonable that individual states such as Guyana should do reports that accurately reflect their own positions. The National Drug Report highlights government’s action to address the issues of drug control, both demand and supply. According to Atherly, the report reviews national policies, priorities, implementation of measures, and the results achieved from a balanced and multi-sectoral approach for dealing with the enduring challenges of trafficking and substance abuse. “The report also reflects the commitment to regional and international collaboration in areas such as information sharing, training, reporting of best practices in

law enforcement, all in keeping with government’s counter-drug policies,” Atherly said, adding that the booklet will also serve to improve public awareness of Guyana’s efforts in the fight against the drug trade and its associated ills. Minister Rohee in his brief remarks said that too often we take the fight against illegal drugs for granted and due recognition is not given to the operatives in the security sector who are carrying out a fight on behalf of the people and government of Guyana, almost on an hourly basis. “For too long we rely, we utilize, and we propagandise what others say about the drug situation in our country. It seems as though we relish and we rub our hands in glee when others write so much about our country and the

challenges we face in this respect,” the Minister stated. “Some may say that we are not objective. Some may say because it is coming out from the government, we are not telling the story as it is. But that is not true. If we don’t tell our own story, nobody is going to tell our story for us.” “They will tell our story through their eyes. It is important to tell our story through our eyes and that is precisely what these reports are all about,” Rohee declared. He described the National Drug Report 2012 as one that is official and one that ought not to be ignored, by persons who are “country watchers”. He congratulated the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU), the Guyana Police Force Narcotics Branch, the Guyana Revenue Authority’s Drug Enforcement Unit and Container Control Programme and all the other organizations and government agencies and departments who are engaged in the fight against drugs.

The remaining two of the four men accused in the execution-style killing of a 72year-old Robb Street resident, are now set to join their accomplices to stand trial in the Supreme Court. A Preliminary Inquiry (PI) into the murder of Clementine Fiedtkou-Parris was conducted before Magistrate Ann McLennan at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court. The four men who were brought before the courts on account of her murder were Orin Hinds, 37, Cleon Hinds, 36, Kevin October, 31, and Roy Jacobs, 36. The charge laid against the four detailed that on June 30, 2011 at Robb Street, Georgetown, they murdered Mrs. Fiedtkou-Parris. Through the PI, the Prosecution led by Sergeant Neville Jeffers managed to draw on their 30 witnesses to successfully establish a prima facie case of murder against all of the accused. Previously, on January 13, Kevin October and Cleon Hinds were committed to stand trial in the High Court and the Magistrate had additionally accepted their confession statements as evidence in the matter. Yesterday, Roy Jacobs

and Orin Hinds stood before Magistrate McLennan, who informed them that the court was satisfied that a prima facie case had been made out against them to stand trial for murder at the next practical time at the Demerara Assizes. A date for the commencement of the murder trial has not been fixed. Additionally, a Voir Dire was previously conducted to determine whether the confession statement of Orin Hinds was admissible and Magistrate McLennan yesterday indicated that the court believes that his statements were freely and voluntary given. It was therefore admitted into evidence. According to previous reports, Parris was riddled with bullets by two men who entered her home requesting an audience with her. She was reportedly shot twice under the armpit, once in the chest and once in the back moments before her assailants escaped in a waiting motorcar. The woman’s brother had reportedly witnessed the entire ordeal and had related his knowledge of the events to the court.

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Wednesday January 29, 2014

Wednesday January 29, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Wednesday January 29, 2014

Kaieteur News

Construction of $32M petting zoo begins today Contractor Alvin Chowramootoo is scheduled to begin construction of the $32M petting zoo today with a projected duration of about four to five months. This project is part of the Zoological Park’s modernization master plan and is expected to cost US$11M. This disclosure was made by Damian Fernandes, Protected Areas Commission (PAC) Commissioner, who said that the petting zoo, when completed could increase return visits of patrons, hence increasing revenue. Currently, about 33,000 visits are made to the park monthly. Fernandes made this announcement yesterday at the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment boardroom, Brickdam, while addressing media operatives. Displaying colourful slides as part of a PowerPoint presentation, Fernandes emphasized the modernization of the Zoological Park and how neatly the petting zoo will be fitted. The children’s area situated near the Nature School, which facilitates visits from about 120 schools yearly, will be transformed into an educational complex. He said that the petting zoo would significantly strengthen the Nature School education programme. Additionally, the playground, will serve as a complete and effective facility youthfocused education at the Zoo. “In essence, the petting zoo is meant to be a living

Damian Fernandes, Protected Areas Commission (PAC) Commissioner and Minister Robert Persaud at yesterday’s press conference example of the Zoo’s renewed emphasis on education, enhanced visitor experience, animal welfare, and higher standards,” Fernandes said. He related that the facility is based on a roughly circular design with an all-weather walkway made out of paving stones around a central semiaquatic enclosure. Outwards, on the other side of the walkway, would be a series of open enclosures that will feature docile animals conditioned to allow for human-animal interaction. According to Fernandes, a majority of the structures will be made of concrete and other heavy duty material to reduce maintenance costs. Moreover, design and construction of the petting zoo will be informed by international guidelines. The petting zoo design includes wash stations for visitors, grazing space, and

exercise areas at the back. Considering the effects of the 2005 flood, the petting zoo will be raised three-feet above the existing level. This will allow the facility to be drained quickly reducing maintenance costs and improving sanitation. Several weeks ago, Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon, who was not equipped with full knowledge of what a petting zoo was, said it was foolishness. He could not understand why Cabinet gave its noobjection to a $32.5M contract to erect such a facility. However, Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment Robert Persaud yesterday assured that Dr. Luncheon was adequately informed of what the petting zoo is, and he has embraced the idea.

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EU supports C’bean disaster prevention Guyana is one of the many Caribbean countries to benefit from a European Union 8.5 million-euro Disaster Preparedness (DIPECHO) Action Plan, according to European Commission’s humanitarian aid and civil protection. Up to the end of 2014, a total of 14 projects in 11 countries will work to reduce the region’s vulnerabilities in the face of natural hazards such as hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and tsunamis, and to improve communities and authorities’ preparedness to respond to emergencies. Recent events like the Low Level Trough System which left serious damage in the Eastern Caribbean, especially in Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, are a reminder of the need to invest in interventions that can make a difference in determining whether a natural hazard becomes or not a disaster. The EU has also supported the emergency response in those countries with 300,000 Euros. “Preparedness measures can be taken to reduce the impact of natural hazards. A community’s response to disasters depends on their preparation,” states Jocelyn Lance, ECHO Caribbean’s Head of office. “DIPECHO projects help communities at

risk to anticipate, face, adapt and to recover quickly from disasters. The fact that communities strengthen their capacities and modify their attitudes towards disasters can save lives,” Lance said. According to the European Commission’s humanitarian aid and civil protection, an estimated 654,000 people will benefit from ongoing projects in Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Jamaica, Dominica, Saint Vincent & the Grenadines, Guyana, Grenada, Saint Lucia, Suriname and Trinidad & Tobago Disaster preparedness projects funded by the European Commission’s Department of Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO) have demonstrated their relevance and success to improve the response capacity of communities in the Caribbean. Testimonies from countries where these projects are carried out indicate so, after their improved response was tested in the last years by extreme phenomena such as tropical storm Chantal or hurricane Sandy. “Humanitarian aid does not start after the disaster, but before it happens, so that its possible effects can be mitigated. That is why DIPECHO interventions are

important. They promote measures such as the structural evaluation of health facilities to verify if these can withstand a disaster, emergency plans and seismic vulnerability and flooding studies,” explains the Head of ECHO Caribbean Office. “Small mitigation works, such as bridges or retaining walls to avoid communities from being isolated or flooded and the rehabilitation of shelters to protect people displaced d u r i n g a c r i s i s are all examples of DIPECHO contributions to disaster risk reduction,” concludes Jocelyn Lance. All actions are conducted in close collaboration with the national disaster management systems and with the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency. The current programme incorporates innovations such as working on volcanic risk and integrating people with disabilities in Disaster Risk Reduction. Since 1994, ECHO has allocated over 290 million Euros in humanitarian assistance in Haiti and 147 million Euros to the rest of the Caribbean region. Of those sums, 25.9 million Euros went to disaster risk reduction and preparedness in Haiti and 29 million Euros in the rest of the Caribbean.

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First batch of EMTs graduates After three weeks of intense training, 22 persons graduated yesterday as fully qualified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) or Ambulance Technicians, at the Project Dawn facility in Liliendaal, East Coast Demerara. EMTs or Ambulance Technicians are terms used in some countries to denote a healthcare provider of emergency medical services. EMTs are clinicians, trained to respond quickly to emergency situations regarding medical issues, traumatic injuries and accidents scenes. EMTs are trained to assess a patient’s condition, and to perform emergency medical procedures as needed to maintain a patient’s

airway with adequate breathing and cardiovascular circulation until the patient can be transferred to an appropriate destination for advanced medical care. Interventions include cardiopulmonary resuscitation, defibrillation, controlling severe external bleeding, preventing shock, body immobilization to prevent spinal damage, and splinting of bone fractures. Those who graduated are Sandor Walcott, Julian Adams, Ann Marks, Eon Goppy, Bhavana Persaud, Stacey Parris, Joseph Paul, Rushell Lopes, Soniel Sampson, Mitchael Hanex, Trecia Pindal, Joseph Arjune, Naomi Klass, Candacie Shaw, Gary Anselmo, Alicia Garnett,

Pablino Cupido, Jermaine Ifill, Dichelle Fernandes, Russell Lopez, Khemlata Shewram and Sereste Frank. Emergency Medicine Specialist, Dr. Zulfikar Bux from the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) spearheaded the training with the support from experts of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, United States. “First of all let me congratulate the graduates of the first ever EMT programme for the public health system in Guyana. You are a part of a privileged group, you must realize that this is history in the making in Guyana and you are identified as leaders in Emergency Medical response system for not just Georgetown, but in Guyana,” Dr. Bux related. He encouraged the graduates to work together as a team and moved the Emergency Medicine system for Guyana forward. “Today (yesterday) marks an important event in the beginning of your lives as EMTs and you have a lot of work ahead of you but also

remember that this is something that you as a group have a chance to expand and model it as much as you want together.” Dr. Bux said that the GPHC is taking the lead in doing a pilot ambulance authority project and once it is successful, the plan is to make it a national one. GPHC’s Chief Executive Officer, Michael Khan said that it was a historic occasion for Guyana. “Although we have done EMT training before, this is the first time we have done intense emergency training, where all of you will be shortly riding ambulances and putting your skills to use,” Khan said. Shannon Langston, from the Vanderbilt University, said it is a start of a new profession in Guyana. “You will be going out into the streets and into people’s homes where they are sick and injured, and give them the care they deserve and transfer them to the hospital.” The Minister of Health, Dr Bheri Ramsaran congratulated the graduates and encouraged them to “push themselves”.

Wednesday January 29, 2014

Closed Areas Committee biased in allocating mining lands - GWMO The Guyana Women Miners’ Organization (GWMO) believes that the Closed Areas Committee is biased in the allocation of mining lands, limiting opportunities for small and medium scale miners. This opinion was expressed on Friday last by Simona Broomes, President of the GWMO, at the body’s second anniversary celebration. Broomes related that years ago miners could have identified available lands for mining on a map. But now a majority of the land is identified as closed areas, preventing miners from applying for the areas. Emphasizing what members of the GWMO find unfair, she said that oftentimes the same blocks that are marked as closed areas are awarded to some miners. The explanation behind that is that the miner, perhaps practicing mercury free mining, applied for the blocks. The application is considered by the Closed Areas Committee, who forwards the recommendations to the Minister for the final say. Broomes stressed that for the longest while there are hardly any open areas, leaving the allocation of mining lands totally to the Closed Areas Committee. According to an Officer of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC), in 2007 the Prime Minister signed a document bringing the Closed Areas Committee into being. Every year the committee is expected to be regulated so as to direct its functioning. But, according to the Officer, this has not been the case. The committee is unregulated. While there are some areas that are opened,

the majority of the lands are closed, the officer said. According to Robert Persaud, Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, “Closed areas are areas that have been returned to the GGMC. And that’s why it is called closed area, so it is not majority and minority.” He said that for a number of reasons, these areas cannot be accessed automatically, but have to go through a special process. The Closed Areas Committee was setup in the early 1990s and was given the specific mandate of making lands available. Persaud explained, “These closed areas, take for example if you have given up a PL (prospecting License) or area, it comes automatically back to the State and is considered closed area. And these are intended to be done through an open, transparent way… and two ways it has been done in the past is through auction and lottery, and then also to support mercury-free mining too, whereby the areas that have been given, those also fall under the remit.” According to the Minister, there is no committee at this juncture and one has to be appointed. “We are going through the formalities. It expired at the end of last year. And as we are going through with other boards and committees these are being reconstituted as we speak. In the meantime, no consideration is being done.” He stressed that the Minister does not allocate mining land of any sort. The powers of the Minister are prescribed in the Act in terms of recommendation and noobjection. (Keeran Danny)

Two-day CYP meeting opens today Senior government officials convened by the Commonwealth Youth Programme (CYP) are meeting in Guyana to review national and regional priorities for youth development. The meeting scheduled for today and tomorrow will be opened by Minister of Culture Youth and Sport Dr Frank Anthony. The summit starts at 09:00hrs today and will be hosted at the Regency Suites on Hadfield Street Georgetown. Representatives from several commonwealth member countries are expected to be in attendance. Apart from the host, participating countries include Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, the Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Grenada, Jamaica, Montserrat, St Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, the Turks and Caicos Islands and Trinidad and Tobago. The meeting follows closely from the November 2013 Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Sri Lanka at which leaders vowed to put young people at the head of policy making for sustainable development.

Wednesday January 29, 2014

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Solid Waste Management Programme…

Damaged GT&T cables in Mocha residents learn about Bartica affect more than 600 composting via outreach

Some of the damaged GT&T cables in Bartica. More than 600 customers’ telephone services in Bartica are affected by damage caused to several cables in the mining district by a third party contractor. According to the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) yesterday, this significant damage will require extensive excavation works, including concrete, and replacement for a section of 900-, 600- and 200-pair cables for a conduit crossing.

“GT&T has repeatedly appealed to contractors to consult the company before carrying out excavation and construction work to avoid such damage and disruptions.” The company has been complaining about damage to its lines by especially contractors conducting public works. The company yesterday said the telephone plant facilities are most vulnerable

to damage and degradation by contractors’ activities, but more importantly, hundreds of customers associated with the telecommunications provider are adversely affected insofar as they are unable to communicate during periods of service disruption. “We apologise for the inconvenience caused and are sparing no effort to restore service at the earliest opportunity.”

GNCPP takes civil society revitalisation... (From page 23) development.” The GNCPP’s delegation comprised Dr. Philip H Mozart Thomas, Clarissa Riehl, Attorney-atLaw, Former Magistrate and former Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Attorneyat-Law for the GNCPP, Adrian Thompson, A.M.E Minister Rev. Pastor Dexter N.A. Sansulotte, also an Executive Member of the Guyana Council of Churches, Veteran Trade Unionist Norris Witter, Amerindian Rights Advocate

Patricia Phillips, Shabakie Fernandes, University Lecturer/Civil Society and Faith Based Coalition Advocate, Tracy Chan-Smith, Law Student and Youth and Student Coalition Activist, Vic Insanally, Advertising Executive and Allan Fenty, Public Relations Adviser, Columnist and GNCPP Communications Director. The GNCPP took up an active role towards the end of last year after years of preparation to revitalise the

country’s civic arm. The organization has over the past few weeks held televised programmes educating citizens on their societal role, while hosting discussions on the current affairs and its effect on the masses. One such issue was an increase in fear among citizens; a stance supported by a large number of the programme’s participants. The organization is scheduled to open its headquarters in the coming weeks.

The Georgetown Solid Waste Management Programme has embarked on a community-based outreach that seeks to educate residents about the benefits of composting to both the environment and individual citizens. New sessions are also being held in Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara and Caledonia, East Bank Demerara. According to Waste Management Specialist attached to the programme, Rufus Lewis, the composting project kicked off in Mocha with theoretical discussions and will soon be followed by practical activities. He said the stakeholders involved in the project include representatives from the Neighbourhood Democratic Council, schools, farmers and householders. Lewis said the participants are enthusiastic about learning the new techniques of gardening. Currently, they are constructing a tent to protect the compost materials from harsh weather conditions and leveling the ground. He explained that composting is the breaking down of organic biodegradable materials that are compiled and added to enhance the richness of soil for planting. As such, the project encourages all participants to store up their kitchen and yard waste such as vegetable skins, dry leaves, weeded grass and animal manure. This

process ensures that community residents do not dispose of organic waste into the Haags Bosch Sanitary Landfill Site. Not only does it take up the much valuable space at the site when it can be put to use, but organic waste in landfills also “generates methane gas, which is 21 times more injurious than carbon dioxide”, the waste management specialist pointed out. Lewis is also urging all farmers to reduce their use of chemical fertilizers on their crops and employ the method of composting, since fertilizers are harmful to the environment. “They cannot stop using it all together, especially if they have large scale farms, but farmers have a tendency of using too much fertilizers sometimes and these are leached into canals and drains, killing fish and contaminating the streams”. Two central locations in Mocha and Arcadia have been chosen as training grounds to carry out composting activities and teach residents new techniques. Tools and materials, when needed, will also be provided to perform the composting activities. Clean and Green Guyana is an initiative that falls under the purview of the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development and is funded by the Inter-American Development Bank.

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Wednesday January 29, 2014

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Wednesday January 29, 2014

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Letters... Where your views make the news...

The anomalies of the Canje road DEAR EDITOR, It will be appreciated if you would publish this letter for the attention of the Police Traffic Department. The speed limit on the road in East Canje, Berbice, is 50 K.P.H. and based on the following I wish to ask the Authority that fixes speed limits to kindly advise on the rationale used to fix the speed limit at 50 K.P.H. Canje is a rural area with no manufacturing industry, except Guysuco, Rose Hall Estate. There are no businesses except retail shops located in the villages; there are six primary schools, miles apart and one secondary school. The road is 22 feet wide with five feet asphalted shoulder on each side, a total of 32 feet then earth parapet so there is no cramped situation and no congestion on the road. Between Gangaram and New Forest where the road ends there are seven residences scattered along the two- mile stretch of road. A comparison with other areas will show that fixing the speed at 50 K.P.H. is unrealistic and inconsistent. For Bush Lot, West Coast Berbice the speed limit is 80 K.P.H. but everyone passing through there would know that after 7.30 am it is difficult to drive above 30/40 K.P.H. The entire West Coast Berbice is 80K.P.H. East Coast Demerara from Cove and John to Plaisance is 65 K.P H ; this stretch of road has areas where the road is not as wide as Canje; some parts have no shoulders and in addition are much more busy and congested. Locations like Melanie Damishana, Enmore, Annandale, Lusignan, Mon Repos all the way to Better Hope So, I ask, if these areas, where you have to crawl, are 65 K.P.H., why is Canje 50 K.P.H. Of course, the traffic policemen are making a kill on the Canje road, as the road, being free flowing, motorists unconsciously exceed 50 K.P.H. Imagine at 5.30 am when there is hardly anyone on the road, the policemen are there, hiding behind parked vehicles or shop fronts, shooting down motorist. Many times the figure they show you are not what you have been driving at, but there is nothing you can do. Motorists coming from the Corentyne or over the Berbice Bridge have to move down from 80 K.P.H. to 50 K.P.H. as soon as they hit

Canje. Many from Georgetown and elsewhere are presented with gifts of traffic tickets as soon as they enter Canje on their way to New Amsterdam as the road, not being busy they don’t expect 50 K.P.H. and are caught unaware and there is no conspicuous sign to advise them. A businessman from Canje was given a ticket for travelling at 51 K.P.H., so instead of watching the road you have to watch your speedometer and hope you don’t hit anyone as it is easy to pass 50 K.P.H. on a road that is free flowing. I am asking that if there is a reasonable rationale for it being 50 K.P.H., share it, so one will appreciate why he has to drive at 50 K.P.H. and our overseas friends will not say we are a backward country; but if there is no reasonable rationale, then review it, 65 K.P.H. is more practical. Even the traffic officers agree but say that they don’t fix it, they only enforce it and that its gazetted. If the situation demands that you drive at 20/30 K.P.H., you do so, but why be forced to drive below 50 K.P.H. when there is little or no traffic. Esplanade is a one way road with two (2) lane traffic, pedestrians do not use this road even during the day, yet it is 50 K.P.H. Why? Of course the police are there hiding behind the fence of Oldendorff Carriers Inc. The much more busy areas of Fryish and Albion are 65 K.P.H. but Tain, like Canje, is 50 K.P.H. Why? It will be appreciated if the statistics of tickets issued for the year 2013 in East Berbice showing tickets issued in the 50 K.P.H. zones against those issued in the 80 K.P.H. zones could be published, it may make for interesting reading. Another matter is that on the Corentyne there are some bridges where you are required to stop before driving over. It is baffling. These bridges are normal two- lane bridges; they are not under repairs, not located on turns, and have no blind spots. I don’t think that there is any other bridge in the country where you are required to stop before crossing. Can the Authorities say why?Iif not reasonable then remove the stop signs. Mohamed Akeel


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Kaieteur News

Wednesday January 29, 2014

Investors working to COI on C’tyne orphanage meet stone demand resumes today - Natural Resources Ministry

Stone on sale at a retail site. Amidst reports of a shortage of stone, investors are working to meet the demands of the construction sector and commercial entities. Despite the enormous demand for stone in the building sector, the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment has confirmed that investors are working to facilitate the need for the merchandise. In response to recent complaints of shortages, the Natural Resources Ministry has issued information regarding the demand and supply of the material from major local investors. According to the document, “Baracara Quarries Inc. has confirmed that although there is currently a high demand for quarry materials the company is producing at normal capacity.” “Toolsie Persaud Ltd. had some operational problems which were resolved. The company has resumed operating at full capacity and will have adequate supply in two (2) days; BK Quarries Inc. has disclosed that there has been no disruption to production; stones are

currently available for sale. “At present, Metallica CC Inc is supplying customers with the commodity, but noted its constraints with transporting their materials along the Mabura road due to the bad condition of the road, which is a major limitation in fulfilling the demands of the market while Durban Quarries a supplier to the Parika/Essequibo market …have a lot of materials on hand at the quarry that can alleviate the shortage, once permission is granted.” Information reaching this publication indicated that work at several construction sites has ceased owing to the lack of a certain dimension of the commodity. “We only have certain sizes of stone in stock, the three-eighths and the sifting, which are used to do minor construction works,” a representative of one company stated yesterday. Meanwhile, consumers have noted difficulty purchasing the size of stone used to carry out elaborate construction work from major supplier. One construction worker noted that “the unavailability of the coarser stone (three-

quarter size) will stall work at several construction sites because this is what we actually use to do the building, the three-eighths and sifting is used for minor foundation work.” He explained the stone is being sold at a retail price of $8000 per ton. The establishment of new housing developments and modernization projects, contributing to Guyana’s construction boom, has contributed to a significant shortage of stone, which has overwhelmed the sector in recent years. In a bid to rectify the issue, Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment Robert Persaud held consultations with investors on the prospect of establishing the possibility of issuing licences for new stone quarries to lend to the availability of the key building material on the local market. Persaud noted that studies were being conducted into the production and output of quarry materials, in an effort to determine why the shortages occur, and what can be done to make things better.

The Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security has announced that the public hearing into the allegations of maltreatment of orphans at Camal’s International home for abused women and children will resume today. The hearing, which is convened at the Albion Sports Complex, is based on reports of abuse by three teenage girls, who were once housed at the popular children’s home located in Corentyne, Berbice. On November 20, 2013, the girls, 12, 14 and 15-yearsold (names given) were arrested for “wandering” away from the home, and placed before the courts. They were sentenced to be institutionalised at the New Opportunity Corps (NOC). However, as allegations of maltreatment of children at the Orphanage surfaced, the Ministry of Human Services launched an investigation into the details surrounding the arrest of the three teenagers. Based on

preliminary investigations, an Attorney appearing in the interest of the Human Services Ministry filed on behalf of the girls, resulting in their release. The teenagers were being held in the lock ups of the Albion Police Station. They were subsequently placed in temporary care at the Canaan Home in Port Mourant, Corentyne. On December 9, 2013 the Ministry of Human Services announced the appointment of a Commission of Inquiry (COI) to investigate the allegations of maltreatment of orphans at the Camal’s International Home for abused women and children. As the Inquiry into the matter continues, the operations of the orphanage will be reviewed in accordance with the Minimum Operating Standards for Children’s Homes and Institutions. The COI is being chaired by Mrs. Ayo Dalgetty-Dean. Among those sitting on the investigating panel are Ms. Saudia Feroze and Mrs. Erma Bovell, both of whom are

members of the Visiting Committee for Children’s Homes and Institutions; Ms. Joan Ann Edghill, Legal Counsel at the Child Care and Protection Agency; and Mrs. Claudia Munroe, Senior Probation and Social Services Officer. The Administration of the Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security wishes to notify the public that Hearings for the Inquiry into allegations of maltreatment of orphans housed at the Camal’s International Home will restart tomorrow, Wednesday, January 29, 2014 at 09:00 hrs at the Albion Sports Complex. Persons desirous of making a contribution or express their views can do so at the public hearing. The inquiry, which began on December 12, 2013, is being conducted following the recent arrest of three young girls who resided at the Camal’s International Home and subsequent allegations of maltreatment of children housed at the Institution.

Lethem residents angry over electricity tariff increase

The Lethem Power Company, Region Nine. Residents of Lethem, Region Nine, are angry that the Lethem Power Company did not consult with residents before increasing electricity tariffs by $20 per unit. Kaieteur News was told that residents received a notice a few days ago, which stated that the increase would take immediate effect. “The common man who used to struggle to pay $10,000 electricity bill per month will now have to worry about paying $18,000. I don’t know how people will manage,” one male resident said. The man added that it will be extremely difficult, since many people are working for no more than $45,000. Of all those who will be affected by the increase, the business people operating in areas such as St. Ignatius and Tabatinga are particularly worried. “…This is because the people living in those areas pay water bill, and when the electricity costs rise, so will the people’s water rate. This would result in business owners increasing the price of their items, thus affecting the middle poorer class of residents.” This newspaper was told there is a petition with over 300 signatories, a copy of which was sent to the Parliament and the Minister responsible for energy, Prime Minister Samuel Hinds. The residents say that they did not get a response, but are

determined to fight against the increase. Residents opined that things were a whole lot better when the power company was under its previous administration,. “From 2012, they said that the first 15 units of electricity burned would be free, and then after that, we would pay $45 from there, until we reach 45 units. When we pass the 45 units, we start paying $55 per unit. This was reasonable and we were thankful.” The residents complained, however, that ever since the company got a different administration, things have become hard. They said that without even consulting with residents, the company’s officials distributed notices stating that the tariff increase would take immediate effect. “They don’t even know if we can afford to pay this increase, yet dey set it so high. Nobody asked us anything. All they said is that we have to pay the increase for this whole month. How dey gon do that? The least they could’ve done was inform the people that they got an increase, so that we all know how to manage the expenses.” The resident told this newspaper that he was made to understand that a meeting will be held on Friday, where the company’s officials are planning to “sensitise” residents about the increase.

Wednesday January 29, 2014

Kaieteur News

Gunmen kill Egyptian general; ousted Mursi defiant at trial CAIRO (Reuters) Islamist militant gunmen on a motorcycle killed a top Interior Ministry official in Cairo yesterday in the latest blow to a military-backed Egyptian government struggling to curb violence and suppress dissent. General Mohamed Saeed, head of the ministry’s technical office, was shot in his car outside his home in daytime. A Sinai-based militant group inspired by al Qaeda, Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, said it carried out the attack against the “apostate, criminal” Saeed. The shooting occurred hours before deposed President Mohamed Mursi appeared in court on charges of kidnapping and killing policemen after a jailbreak during the 2011 uprising that ended Preside n t H o s n i Mubarak’s three decades of autocracy. Army chief Field Marshal Abdel Fattah alSisi ousted Mursi in July after mass protests against his rule and is expected to declare soon that he will run for president. With no challenger in sight, that would effectively return Egypt to military rule. A Sisi presidency would delight many Egyptians, but would anger the Muslim Brotherhood, which helped Mursi become Egypt’s first freely elected leader. The government has

Mohamed Mursi since declared it a terrorist group. The outlawed Brotherhood denies any links to the militants now waging an increasingly potent insurgency. Also yesterday, gunmen killed a policeman guarding a church in October 6 city, west of Cairo, security sources said. The Brotherhood says Sisi’s removal of Mursi was a coup that reversed the democratic gains of the antiMubarak revolt. Hundreds of people have been killed in clashes between the security forces and Mursi supporters since August. The authorities have crippled the Brotherhood’s

power to put large crowds in the streets, but now face Islamist violence that recalls an armed uprising crushed by Mubarak in the 1990s. In its claim of responsibility for yesterday’s attack, Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis warned Sisi, the interior minister and their aides that the group would soon avenge the state’s crackdown on militants. At Mursi’s trial, held in a police academy in Cairo, the deposed president was held in a glass cage with a sound system controlled by the court to prevent him shouting slogans against Sisi as he did in previous c o u r t s e s sions. Human rights groups see Mursi’s treatment as part of a wide crackdown on opposition. Mursi insisted he was still Egypt’s true president and raged at the judge, asking: “Who are you? Don’t you know who I am?” At times Mursi, in a white track suit, paced in his cage. Other Brotherhood leaders, held in a separate glass cage, waved to people in the courtroom. The trial was adjourned to February 22. A list of 132 defendants published by state media indicated some were Palestinians being tried in absentia. Egypt accuses the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas of helping Brotherhood leaders escape from the jail where Mursi was held in 2011.

U.N. authorizes European troops for Central African Republic UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - The U.N. Security Council approved yesterday the deployment of European troops to Central African Republic, where African peacekeepers and French troops are struggling to halt worsening violence between Christians and Muslims.Almost one million people, or a quarter of the population, have been displaced by fighting since the mostly Muslim Seleka rebel group seized power in March last year in the majority Christian country. At least 2,000 people are estimated to have been killed. The United Nations has warned that the conflict in the landlocked former French colony is at risk of spiraling into genocide. France sent 1,600 troops to Central African Republic last month to assist some 5,000 African Union peacekeepers, while

the European Union agreed last week to send around 500 troops. French U.N. Ambassador Gerard Araud said the European troops would take over from French forces protecting some 100,000 displaced people who have sought refuge at the airport in the Central African Republic’s capital of Bangui. It was unclear, however, as to which European countries would contribute troops or when they would arrive in the country. “The European Union will protect these people and it will allow the French forces to deploy more strongly through the city of Bangui ... and beyond Bangui to the rest of the country,” Araud told reporters after the council meeting. “It’s really quite a challenge because there is an incredible amount of resentment and hatred

between the two communities,” he said. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is due to report to the Security Council next month on options for a likely U.N. force within six months. Some western diplomats and U.N. officials said the African Union wanted a year to try and stop the fighting. Araud said a U.N. peacekeeping operation was needed, but “we have to discuss it with the African Union and we won’t have a U.N. force without ... the support of the African Union.” “The ceiling of 6,000 soldiers of the African Union is considered now too low because frankly the situation is very, very dire and the country is huge. So the (United Nations) secretariat is thinking at least 10,000 soldiers are necessary,” Araud said.

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Wednesday January 29, 2014

Ukraine PM resigns as govt. offers more concessions KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — In back-to-back moves aimed at defusing Ukraine’s political crisis, the prime minister resigned yesterday and parliament repealed antiprotest laws that had set off violent clashes between protesters and police. The two developments were significant concessions to the anti-government protesters who have fought sporadically with police for the last 10 days after two months of peaceful aroundthe-clock demonstrations. The protests erupted after President Viktor Yanukovych decided to turn toward Russia for a bailout loan instead of signing a deal with the European Union, but have since morphed into a general plea for more human rights, less corruption and more democracy in this nation of 45 million. The departure of Prime Minister Mykola Azarov removes one of the officials most disliked by the opposition forces whose protests have turned parts of Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, into a barricaded maze. However, Azarov’s spokesman told the Interfax news agency that deputy Prime Minister Serhiy Arbuzov will assume temporary leadership of the Cabinet in the meantime. Such a move is unlikely to please the opposition, as Arbuzov is widely viewed as just another

staunch ally of Yanukovych. Other key issues remain unresolved in Ukraine’s political crisis, including the opposition’s repeated demands for Yanukovych to resign and for a new election to be held. Azarov’s resignation came just before the opening of a special parliament session that repealed antiprotest laws that had set off violent clashes between protesters and police. Yanukovych earlier this month had pushed through new laws to crack down on protests and raise prison sentences for creating disorder. The laws also prohibited people from wearing helmets and gas masks, which many have done for fear that riot police would try to violently disperse protests. Arseniy Yatsenyuk, a lawmaker who is one of the opposition’s top figures, h a i l e d t h e p a r l i a m e n t ’s move. “We have repealed all the laws against which the

whole country rose up,” he said. Yanukovych over the weekend had offered the premiership to Yatsenyuk, but the opposition leader refused the post. Parliament will consider an amnesty measure today for scores of arrested protesters. But Yanukovych has said the amnesty is only possible if demonstrators clear the streets and vacate the buildings they now occupy — a condition that is probably unacceptable to many. The prime minister’s departure yesterday brought encouragement to those at Kiev’s sprawling protest encampment but no inclination to end their demonstrations. “The authorities are afraid and making concessions. We should u s e t h i s m oment and continue our fight to achieve a change of power in Ukraine,” said 23-year-old demonstrator Oleg Rudakov.

US Republicans to mull immigration path this week

John Boehner Washington (AFP) - US Republicans will lay out principles on immigration policy this week at their party retreat, amid an internal debate over whether to address the lightning-rod issue ahead of November’s congressional elections. On the day after President Barack Obama’s last night State of the Union speech, the 232 Republicans in the House of Representatives will seclude themselves at a resort on Maryland’s Eastern Shore to thrash out policy guidelines for 2014. “And on Thursday... we’re going to outline our

standards, principles of immigration reform and have a conversation with our members,” House Speaker John Boehner told reporters yesterday. “And once that conversation is over, we’ll get a better feel for what members have in mind.” The debate comes as congressional aides acknowledge that some Republicans at the retreat will push for an overhaul of the country’s outdated immigration laws that includes a pathway to legal status for many of the 11 million people living in the shadows in the United States. The aides told The New York Ti m e s t h a t t h e statement of principles would stop short of extending citizenship to adults illegally in the United States, although Republicans would back a path to citizenship for those illegally brought to the country as children. Republican leaders have acknowledged the need for immigration reform, citing the party’s low support among the country’s growing Hispanic community. But they have stressed they will tackle the reform piecemeal, passing bills that address issues such as improving border security.

Wednesday January 29, 2014

Kaieteur News

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$1b in IDB loans for T&T IMF says Grenada failed to capitalize …Work on flooding, infrastructure Trinidad Express - The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has approved four loans worth over $1 billion (US$159.5 million) for infrastructural and development works in Trinidad and Tobago. The loans, which were approved late last year, cover: • Flood Alleviation and Drainage Programme for the City of Port of Spain - US$120 million; • Finance Strengthened Information Management at the Registrar General’s Department— US$20 million; • Global Services Promotion Programme—US$18 million; • Letter of Agreement for an Individual Operation

within the Line of Credit for the Project Preparation and Execution Facility (PROPEF) to support the proposed Health Services Support Programme (HSSP)—US$1.5 million. The first three loans are for a five-year period, and the last for two years, because it is a preparatory undertaking, Planning Minister Dr Bhoe Tewarie told reporters at a news conference to announce the signing of the loan agreement yesterday at the Planning Ministry offices in Port of Spain. He added that the interest rate will be very low, based on libor (the global benchmark for short-term lending rates) plus a very

small percentage, so under two per cent. “The first thing is to get to this point where we can sign for the loan. Once that is done then we can see the money,” he said. IDB country representative Michelle Cross Fenty said these loans have “a very deliberate process”. “We have a timetable with expectations for where we will meet certain expectations and that is a strategic objective of any of the loans we give. We have technical experts at the bank so projects and executions are tracked carefully. We are not in the business of giving additional loans if a government can’t implement and execute the ones they’ve already got. We do have very deliberate milestones,” she said.

Rowley: Govt. a bystander in US$100m drug bust Trinidad Express Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley will meet the Oilfields Workers’ Tr a d e U n i o n (OWTU) on last month’s oil spills later this week. Speaking to the media Monday, Rowley said he had informed the union he would meet with it either today or Friday. Rowley said the People’s National Movement (PNM) believed the board of Petrotrin, the management and the Cabinet had some element of culpability in the oil spills. This, he said, was due to the fact that highlyqualified personnel were driven out of their jobs, dismissed summarily or were frustrated and were replaced by persons of dubious qualifications and wholly political appointees. Rowley said both the union and the PNM had

Dr Keith Rowley been complaining over the past three years that persons were getting their

jobs at Petrotrin and other State com p a n i e s o n t h e basis of the connection to the political directorate and not on the basis of superior skills. “We want to know if that policy” had to do with the oil spills, he said. Rowley reiterated his call for a comprehensive investigation into the causes of the oil spills. He slammed the Prime Minister for her decision not to meet with the OWTU on the major environmental damage to the country. On the issue of the US$100 million drug bust, Rowley said the gag order placed on Cabinet members on the issue was laughable. He said the Government was trying to give the impression that it had some role in the seizure when it was just a “bystander” in the matter.

US Coast Guard establishes new facility to assist Caribbean ST. CROIX – CMC - The United States Coast Guard says it has inaugurated a new support facility that will enable it to better conduct and support operations in the Caribbean. Capt. Drew W. Pearson, Commander, US Coast Guard Sector San Juan, said the new Coast Guard Resident Inspection Office and Boat Forces Detachment will “allows us greater access to better serve and answer the needs of mariners, boaters and our partners. “This new location

reduces Coast Guard response times to Search and Rescue and Law Enforcement cases and expands our ability to execute other Coast Guard missions in the area,” he added. US Virgin Islands Delegate to the US Congress, Donna Christensen, welcomed the facility. “The increased boat safety, search and rescue operations and ability to interdict contraband on its way to St. Croix is important to us but also important is the

increased visibility of the Coast Guard in the community,” she added. The Coast Guard said personnel from the new facility have moved into the 5,000 square-foot facility comprising office space, a boat maintenance shop, an armory, storage space and parking for customers. The governmental lease also provides temporary pier space for two 29-foot Response Boat Small II generation boats, the Coast Guard said.

on successive assistance programmes

WASHINGTON – CMC The International Monetary Fund (IMF) said yesterday that despite two consecutive financial arrangements with Grenada, totaling more than US$28 million, the island missed the key programme objectives of securing a sustainable fiscal position and a higher growth path. The IMF said that Grenada during the period 2006-11 had received US$15.2 million in assistance under its Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility (PRGF) arrangement and a successor US$13.3 million Extended Credit Facility (ECF) arrangement that was approved in April 2010. The IMF said on January 13, this year, its executive board discussed the ex post assessment (EPA) of the longer term programme engagement in Grenada and “broadly agreed with the staff ’s assessment that engagement with the Fund under two consecutive arrangements during 20062011 had helped Grenada cope with major shocks and advance key reforms, including the introduction of a value-added tax and improved financial regulations. “Nonetheless, they considered that the overall economic performance under the Fund-supported programmes had proved uneven, and the key program objectives of securing a sustainable fiscal position

and a higher growth path had largely been missed.” The Washington-based financial institution said against this background, the IMF has drawn “lessons that should inform the design of future programmes with Grenada and comparable small economies” It said the IMF executive directors highlighted the importance of choosing programme objectives that are consistent with extensive capacity and institutional constraints and the critical need of securing programme ownership by country authorities. The IMF said a new programme “along these lines could benefit Grenada by catalyzing external financing and helping restore fiscal sustainability. “Strong prior actions would strengthen the credibility of the authorities’ objectives and boost the likelihood of their achievement.” The IMF agreed that a new programme should support urgently needed fiscal consolidation, promote faster and more inclusive growth, and focus on a few macro-critical reforms. “In this regard, ambitious steps to enhance competitiveness and the

private sector’s participation in the economy would be critical. “Fiscal adjustment and reform, possibly including debt restructuring, would also be necessary to create space for priority spending and put the public finances on a sound footing. Greater emphasis on regional collaboration and further technical assistance from the Fund and other development partners would also be important,” the IMF added. The IMF said Grenada’s engagement with it in the past played an important role in supporting the small island economy after it was buffeted by major adverse shocks. “Fund support catalyzed substantial donor aid in the wake of unprecedented damage from two hurricanes and provided additional resources when the global crisis hit. Key reforms were also advanced, including the implementation of a VAT (Value Added Tax) and strengthening of the nonbank regulatory framework. “Nevertheless, a series of adverse shocks, in particular the global recession, took a heavy toll on growth which declined during Grenada’s engagement with the IMF,” the IMF said.

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Kaieteur News

Wednesday January 29, 2014

Historic Bermuda hotel sends home workers HAMILTON, Bermuda CMC — Bermuda’s ailing tourism industry suffered a fresh blow yesterday when the historic Fairmont Hamilton Princess, the island’s second largest hotel, announced it had laid off at least 10 of its workers. Due to changes in our business needs, we are restructuring our operations. As part of this decision, I can confirm that the hotel has made redundant 10 positions,” said the hotel’s

general manager, Len Czarnecki. “Letting colleagues go is tremendously difficult at any time and I would like to thank these colleagues for their service to the hotel,” he added. The Bermuda Industrial Union (BIU) held talks with the hotel representatives and another was scheduled for later yesterday. A spokeswoman for BIU president Chris Furbert said no statement would be issued by the union to the media until it had met with the hotel workers

affected. Hotel general manager Len Czarnecki said: “ Sources said the redundancies included managers in the hotel’s food and beverage sector and jobs linked to group convention business and conferences. Other workers made redundant included employees who work in the hotel’s bars and room service. “You never know who’s next and the rumours are spreading that there may be more job losses to come. The general feeling around here is

that we all need to watch out,” said one worker, who asked not to be named, The hotel, the oldest in the Fairmont chain, opened its doors on January 1, 1885. American author Mark Twain, a regular visitor to the hotel, loved to smoke cigars on the veranda and author Ian Fleming, a guest during the Second World War, is said to have used its fish tank-lined Gazebo Bar as a motif in his James Bond novel Dr No set in Jamaica.

Government to stage national forum on violence

Portia Simpson Miller and Peter Bunting KINGSTON, Jamaica – CMC - The Jamaica government will stage a National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention tomorrow. It is hoping to attract more than 500 delegates to the daylong event that is part of the “Unite for Change” movement aimed at creating awareness, build social capacity, share best practices and drive action by Jamaicans from all walks of life to take the country back from the clutches of criminals. National Security Minister Peter Bunting said the “forum is expected to be one of the biggest and most inclusive ever to be held on the island to look at violence prevention among the youth of this country. “Although it is anchored by the Ministry of National Security, it is a collaborative movement spanning seven key ministries of government and stakeholders from the private sector, civil society and academia,” Bunting

added. Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller is expected to make a special presentation at the forum that will also be attended by Finance and Planning Minister, Dr Peter Phillips; Youth and Culture Minister Lisa Hanna and Dr Gary Slutkin, epidemiologist and innovator in violence reduction. The forum will also be addressed by Jack Calhoun, author of the books “ Hope Matters” and “Through the Hourglass”, and considered a leading voice on violence prevention and family policy in the United States. The Ministry of National Security said that at the end of the forum, Bunting will present a ‘Statement of Action’ outlining areas for follow-up and the next steps towards realising the objectives of ‘Unite for Change’, which aims to empower law-abiding citizens to work together to create a united front against crime.

Trinidad Guardian Strong, potentially toxic smoke and fumes from 12 fires in the Beetham dump, reportedly lit by angry Beetham Estate residents, Monday forced the closure of several nearby companies and schools after it blanketed Port-of-Spain and environs. Staff, teachers and children were sent home. Reports said they were adversely affected. There were reports that people living in the Port-ofSpain area suffering from asthma also were badly affected. Fires were reportedly burning at 12 separate spots on the landfill site. Up to 4.30 pm yesterday, the T&T Solid Waste Management Company Limited (SWMCOL) said it had experienced only “limited success in containing some of the affected areas.” SWMCOL

said that resulted in some relief to the Port-of-Spain areas and environs with road and ambient visibility notably improved. “However, SWMCOL staff and contributing agencies are continuing efforts to contain the fires on the eastern side of the landfill which are still alight at the moment.” This means that the threat could continue into today for citizens living, working or conducting any form of activity in and around the city. Hundreds of drivers heading into Port-of-Spain early yesterday had to drive in dangerously low visibility near the area, barely making out the vehicle in front of them, it was reported. “I came to town around 6.30 am and I couldn’t see when I was driving over the flyover (near John John). The place was completely covered in smoke.

Citizens forced to flee capital

Wednesday January 29, 2014

Kaieteur News

Treacle creates one of... From page 38 Kharag Family and Metro. While some may blame it on bad tactics and perhaps bad riding, in the end it was Treacle that came out victorious with the biggest win of its career to send tongues wagging. Treacle ridden by Rad Dreapaul was in ripping form and will definitely be the horse to beat and the one to watch for in 2014 as it earlier came through with blistering speed to take the F and Lower event in a close encounter from front runner Damascus Dream, Top of The Line and Gold Rush. That win was worth $400,000 and trophy.

Top of the Line with Colin Ross won the G3 and lower race from War Craft and Gold Rush for the $300,000 winner’s prize and trophy. I Get Another won the event for Three Year Old Guyana bred horses from Royal Cash and Triples. The win was worth $250,000 and trophy. Third World, of the Quinn stable and ridden by Jamaican Brian Blake came first in the event for H and Lower animals to cop the $250,000 first prize from Party Time and Easy to Win. Famous Pride ridden by Navin of the Washington’s Stable won the J1 and Lower event to pocket

$200,000 and trophy from De Gump, Pick Pocket and Smarty Light. Lady Secret of the McKenzie’s Stable with Colin Ross on its back rode away with the $150,000 winner’s prize and trophy in the J3 and Lower event from Iron Man. Treacle was adjudged the champion horse for its two victories; Drepaul copped the champion jockey accolade with the Habibulla Stable the top entity on show. Fazal Habibulla was adjudged the top trainer. The day’s event came off with a bang having attracted over 75 horses. (Samuel Whyte)

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Match Officials for the NAGICO Super50 PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad – Please see below the match official appointments for the preliminary round matches in the NAGICO Super50 Tournament. January Thursday, 30th: Windwards vs Jamaica at Queen’s Park Oval Umpires: Leslie Reifer, Nigel Duguid TV umpire: Gregory Brathwaite 4th official: Anthony Sanowar Match referee: Hayden Bruce Friday, 31st: Guyana vs Ireland at Queen’s Park Oval

Umpires: Gregory Brathwaite, Lennox Abraham TV umpire: Leslie Reifer 4th official: Lyndon Rajkumar Match referee: Narine Bideshi February Saturday, 1st: Leewards vs CCC at Queen’s Park Oval Umpires: Patrick Gustard, Danesh Ramdhanie TV umpire: Nigel Duguid 4th official: Kellman Kowlessar Match referee: Rawle Richards Sunday, 2nd: T&T vs Barbados at Queen’s Park Oval

Mercedes driver... Wednesday January 29, 2014 ARIES (March 21 - April 19): You have a kind of creativity that knows no bounds today, Aries, and a kind of originality that knows no limits. How are you going to go about expressing this rich creativity that abounds inside of you? ******************* TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): This is an ideal day to take a look at your financial situation, so get out your bank statements or dividend reports. ****************** GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): You may have been worrying about something you did recently that you aren't very proud of. Today you'll discover that all that worrying was for nothing. ******************** CANCER (June 21 - July 22): Not all friendships are the same, Cancer. You may have learned that the hard way, but that's OK. Today you could feel like putting your friendships in some kind of order and getting a bit of perspective on things. ********************* LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): Not only do you want to live life to the fullest every second, you also feel the need to leave your special mark on the world you live in. ******************* VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): Your mind is in a period of great activity, and your curiosity about the world around you is practically insatiable. You're interested in anything and everything. You want to be able to understand everything from the simplest to the most complicated.

LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22): It's very difficult for you to reconcile your desire for creativity and originality in your life to the constraints that society puts on you to be an efficient, productive person, Libra. ********************* SCORPIO (Oct. 23 Nov. 21): You seem to have a lot of resentment toward someone who may have hurt you. Don't keep these feelings inside or they'll eat away at you, Scorpio. ******************** SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 Dec. 21): Today, Sagittarius, you may feel like hiding yourself away in your ivory tower and watching the performance that is going on before your eyes. And why not, if this allows you to get the perspective you need on things? .********************* CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. 19):Have you been wanting to talk to your partner about something important, Capricorn? Well, it's up to you to make the first move. ******************** AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 Feb. 18):You enjoy your freedom, Aquarius. You're a very independent person and you hate it when anything gets in your way. That's all right, but you may want to take a look at your financial situation even if that's not really your thing. ********************* PISCE S ( F e b . 1 9 March 20): Today is a good day to take chances, Pisces. You may be quite successful if you're ready to defend the things you really care about. Pretend that you're the director of a film and that you've just met a potential producer for your movie

From page 37 Toro Rosso, Sauber, Williams, Force India and Caterham all completed at least some running. Red Bull managed two laps, with reigning world champion Sebastian Vettel getting out with just five minutes to go. McLaren were unable to get their car running while Marussia’s is en route from their factory in Oxfordshire to southern Spain. Lotus are skipping this test because their car is not ready. New rules this year, which involve new turbo-charged engines and significant aerodynamic alterations, mark the biggest regulation change for a generation. All of the teams are predicting reliability will be a major concern through testing and into the start of the season. (BBCSport)

Umpires: Lennox Abraham, Nigel Duguid TV umpire: Danesh Ramdhanie 4th official: Anthony Sanowar Match referee: Michael Ragoonath Monday, 3rd: Jamaica vs Ireland at Queen’s Park Oval Umpires: Zahid Bassarath, Leslie Reifer TV umpire: Patrick Gustard 4th official: Lyndon Rajkumar Match referee: Narine Bideshi Tuesday, 4th: Guyana vs Windwards at Queen’s Park Oval Umpires: Patrick Gustard, Gregory Brathwaite TV umpire: Danesh Ramdhanie 4th official: Kellman Kowlessar Match referee: Rawle Richards Wednesday, 5th: Leewards vs T&T at Shaw Park Umpires: Lennox Abraham, Leslie Reifer 4th official: Nigel Duguid Match referee: Hayden Bruce Thursday, 6th: CCC vs Barbados at Shaw Park Umpires: Lennox Abraham, Nigel Duguid 4th official: Leslie Reifer Match referee: Hayden Bruce Friday, 7th: Ireland vs Windwards at Queen’s Park Oval Umpires: Patrick Gustard, Danesh Ramdhanie TV umpire: Gregory Brathwaite 4th official: Lyndon Rajkumar Match referee: Michael Ragoonath Saturday, 8th: Guyana vs Jamaica at Queen’s Park Oval Umpires: Leslie Reifer, Gregory Brathwaite TV umpire: Nigel Duguid 4th official: Anthony Sanowar Match referee: Narine Bideshi Sunday, 9th: CCC vs T&T at Queen’s Park Oval Umpires: Nigel Duguid, Gregory Brathwaite TV umpire: Patrick Gustard 4th official: Lyndon Rajkumar Match referee: Michael Ragoonath Monday, 10th: Barbados vs Leewards at Queen’s Park Oval Umpires: Zahid Bassarath, Patrick Gustard TV umpire: Leslie Reifer 4th official: Kellman Kowlessar Match referee: Rawle Richards (WICB)

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Kaieteur News

Letter to the Sports Editor

No Mercy!!! The Gun has been once again raised against yet another citizen DEAR EDITOR, A young man, Trevor Rose was the victim of a brazen attack by a shameless assassin who shot him several times at point blank range in the early morning of Sunday, January 26, at Eccles East Bank Demerara. A Guyanese of multiple talents is no more. He has gone to the great beyond for reason (s) still unknown. Trevor, a popular Costume Designer, Events Co-ordinator and basketball player and Administrator was brutally killed in the presence of his female companion and a taxi driver. The culture and sports fraternities have lost a Giant, who is not immediately, replaceable. Trevor who showed his likeness for art early in his life was cut down at a young age. The circumstance under which Trevor Rose was murdered continues to be prevalent in our society. Guns seem to be in the possession of anyone. No one seems to have value for human life as the guns are used wantonly by those who are contracted to use them, or by the owners themselves. Development needs people with the necessary and relevant skills and expertise, without which a

country cannot progress. Killing will not help. Trevor Rose like many others contributed to the growth and advancement of this country in meaningful ways. The agencies concerned must make every effort to ensure that a full investigation is conducted, the perpetrators caught and brought to justice. Too many such activities are left unsolved. People are dying in their houses, business place and on the streets. The killers are walking freely and continue their programmes when called upon. Families and the nation as a whole are faced with the consequence of being deprived of valuable human resources. Trevor Rose was a close friend of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport/ National Sports Commission. His regular visits to and discussions with the Director of Sport were valuable. His willingness to organize programmes, especially for the youths was evident during his tenure with the Georgetown Amateur Basketball Association and also the involvement of young persons in his construction of costumes for Mashramani for schools and the commercial companies.

The provision of the two backboards at the outdoor facility at Burnham Court and the improvement and development of the environment is an example of his commitment and dedication to the proper organizing and efficient running of Basketball in Georgetown. His winning of the best costume designer award at Mashramani, on several occasions is a manifestation of his love for the art and the energies and dedication he brought to bear during the activities. Trevor Rose was always an adorable and loving individual. He demonstrated peace, kindness and respect. His ability to lead and be a team person was obvious and was noted by all with whom he came into contact. The entire nation mourns the loss of Trevor Rose, one who touched the lives of many in the art form and sports and in other ways. Sincere condolences are extended to his immediate and extended families, friends, fans, colleagues and all those who admired and supported him during his life on earth’s plain. Neil Kumar JP, MP. Director of Sport

Wednesday January 29, 2014

GFF/Banks Beer Premier League to resume this Sunday After a break to accommodate the yearend tournaments, the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) 2013 / 14 Banks Beer Premier League will resume this Sunday with four (4) double headers scheduled to be played, at different venues. At the Georgetown Football Club ground, Santos takes on Mahaica Determinators at 18:00 hrs

and that will be followed by the feature clash between the GDF and BK Western Tigers. At the Buxton Community Centre ground, starting at 13:30 hrs, BV/Triumph tackles Winners Connections, while at 15:30hrs host Buxton United entertains Grove Hi Tech. At the Mackenzie Sports Club ground, commencing from 18:00 hrs, Milerock square off against

Den Amstel, while Silver Shattas play host to leaders Alpha United at 20:00 hrs. Over at the #5 ground in West Berbice, Young Achievers do battle with New Amsterdam United at 18:00hrs, while in the feature game, Riddim Squad goes up against Rosignol United. Meanwhile, the points standing to date is seen below:

Meanwhile, the Federation in a release yesterday summoned all associations’ representatives and clubs participating in the League to a meeting at the entity’s Head Office in Section ‘K’, Campbellville, starting at 13:30hrs today to discuss the resumption of play.

Albion Community Centre lighting project progressing smoothly Guyana will soon be blessed with another sports facility which should fit international standards with the posting of floodlights at the Albion Community Centre ground. The project which is being done at a cost of $91M is being done in three phases. The first phase includes the supply of the equipment to provide the floodlights. Phase two includes the actual construction which entails placing of the foundation and erection of towers; while the third phase would see the project coming to being with the installation of all the imported equipment and powering of the system. According to estimation, should everything work to plan, the project should be completed by March 15th. Sports Minister Dr Frank Anthony was elated to receive such information and plans to stage an exhibition cricket game at the venue, following the official commissioning of the floodlights. The project is now in its second phase with

the first phase being completed with the arrival of the Electrical Components from Overseas. That aspect was delayed due to some shipping problems. The second phase which is being undertaken by Cummings Electrical and supervised by Engineering Consultant and Engineering Firm is now in full swing with the construction of the foundation for the towers around the ground. Minister of Youth, Sport and Culture, Dr. Frank Anthony accompanied by Permanent Secretary Alfred King on Monday paid a visit to the project site where he inspected the work being done and expressed his satisfaction despite the earlier hiccups. The Minister during his inspection and discourse stated that, “We are setting up this complex to meet the International Cricket Council’s standards so in order to attract international matches and other national and international sports.” Minister Anthony stated that the Government is

Dr. Frank Anthony & team inspect one of the six completed foundations at the Albion Sports Complex. committed to provide facilities for the population and taking the Albion Sports Complex to another level is part of its commitment. He said that additional facilities such as drainage, outfield and

enhanced seating arrangements will be addressed by the Government after the lighting project is completed. There will be six towers with seventeen luminaries on each

pole, totaling 102 -1500 watts bulbs which will be powered by Guyana Power and Light (GPL) Inc. a high power generator is expected to be acquired in the near future. Also present at the activity

were Vice-Chairman of Region 6 – Bhupaul Jhagroo, Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O) of Cummings Electrical Michael Cummings and senior functionaries of GuySuCo.

Wednesday January 29, 2014

Kaieteur News

Diversity training debuts in St. Lucia

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Success for Mata and Liverpool, Arsenal held

Attendees at CONCACAF’s first diversity training session for coach-educators CONCACAF on Friday last held its first diversity training session for coacheducators as a part of the Confederation’s Grassroots development course being held in St Lucia. The first event in the Embrace Diversity campaign’s educational activities for 2014 involved 21 coaches, teachers and community sports workers. Internationally recognized best practices in the area of inclusivity and nondiscrimination were introduced. Attendees actively addressed issues such as stereotyping, discrimination, access to the sport for all and the need for sensitivity in dealing with diverse communities.

“I found the segment on embracing diversity to be very useful and helpful and it brought home that it is not just about racism but that people should be aware of how easy it is to prejudge people, maybe because of their community or their religion,” said attendee Claudia Lamontagne. “It highlighted that it is good to be mindful of just how diverse communities are in the Caribbean. “It was clear that CONCACAF is all about inclusion and not exclusion and it was a really good session and we learnt a lot from it.” CONCACAF’s grassroots course is focused on developing coaching and organizational skills for those working in football with

children aged six to twelve years old and participants at the three-day event spent time in classroom lectures and out on the field putting theory into practice. From this year, grassroots courses, which will be held across the CONCACAF region, will also feature sessions on diversity as the Confederation delivers on its commitment to grow football among all communities. “It is important to have sessions like these because our youth have to be educated, have to understand the situation so they can adjust to it,” said Coach Alvin Corsinie. The grassroots course will conclude on Saturday with a Football Festival for over 100 local children.

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton upbeat despite testing crash Hamilton’s Mercedes is towed back to the garage

Former world champion Lewis Hamilton insisted it had been a “positive day” despite crashing his new Mercedes on day one of pre-season testing in Spain. The accident was caused by a front-wing failure, according to his team, who had unveiled the car earlier in the day. “It’s unfortunate to end the day early when everyone has worked so hard,” said the 29-year-old Englishman. “But we’ll make that track time back and it’s better to have these things happen now than in Melbourne.”

The new season gets under way in Australia on March 16. Hamilton managed 18 laps and ended the day second fastest behind Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen. The Finn set a best time of one minute 27.104 seconds, 0.716secs ahead of Hamilton. Only four other drivers recorded timed laps as teams struggled with new cars of great complexity - Toro Rosso’s Jean-Eric Vergne, Force India’s Sergio Perez, Williams’ Valtteri Bottas and Sauber’s Esteban Gutierrez. The lap times are all

several seconds off a representative pace, as all the teams focused on reliability and fundamental checks. Performance work will not start until later in the test. Eye-witnesses in Jerez said they saw the front wing come off Hamilton’s car before he lost control and hit the tyre barrier at the first corner. The car’s right front wheel and suspension were affected but otherwise the damage appeared relatively light. Red Bull, Mercedes, Ferrari, (Continued on page 34)

Robin van Persie took just six minutes to put the hosts a goal to the good after his return from injury Manchester United’s record signing Juan Mata enjoyed a winning debut as his new club recorded a 2-0 victory at home to Cardiff City in the Premier League. Leaders Arsenal, meanwhile, spurned an opportunity to move four points clear after drawing 2-2 at Southampton, but Liverpool tightened their grip on fourth place with a superb 4-0 defeat of derby rivals Everton. Mata started at Old Trafford, three days after making a £37.1m move from Chelsea, as former United striker Ole Gunnar Solskjaer returned to his old stomping ground as Cardiff Manager. Last season’s top scorer Robin van Persie was also included in United’s starting line-up, after seven weeks out with a thigh strain, and the Dutch striker broke the deadlock in the sixth minute. Mata found Ashley Young with a raking pass and when his cross was headed against the bar by Antonio Va l e n c i a , Va n P e r s i e headed in at the second attempt after his initial header was parried by goalkeeper David Marshall. Yo u n g a d ded a fine second in the 59th minute, cutting in from the left flank and arrowing a drive into the bottom-right corner, before Wayne Rooney made his return from injury as a substitute for Van Persie.

United, who had lost three of their previous five home league games, remain six points below the UEFA Champions League places, but they inched to within 12 points of Arsenal after the London club’s slip-up at St Mary’s. Arsenal slip at St Mary’s, Liverpool in memorable derby win Bidding to move four points clear of second-place Manchester City, Arsenal fell behind in the 21st minute when centre-back Jose Fonte headed in a left-wing cross from Luke Shaw. The visitors sprang to life early in the second half, equalising through Olivier Giroud’s deft back-heel and going ahead when Santi Cazorla drilled home, only for Adam Lallana to sweep in an equaliser two minutes later. Arsenal’s push for a late winner was undermined when midfielder Mathieu Flamini was sent off for a studs-up lunge at Morgan Schneiderlin. Arsene Wenger’s side are now at risk from City, who will take over at the top if they win at Tottenham Hotspur on Wednesday, while Chelsea could draw level with Arsenal if they win at home to West Ham United. Liverpool moved three points clear of fifth-place Spurs and four points above sixth-place Everton with a memorable 4-0 victory in a

one-sided Merseyside derby at Anfield. Steven Gerrard’s 21st-minute header from Luis Suarez’s corner broke the deadlock and a quick-fire brace from Daniel Sturridge made the game safe before half-time. The England striker finished coolly from Philippe Coutinho’s through ball in the 33rd minute before deftly lobbing Everton goalkeeper Tim Howard from the edge of the area two minutes later. Suarez raced clear to add a fourth early in the second half, before Sturridge squandered an opportunity to complete his hat-trick by blazing a penalty over the crossbar. France midfielder Yohan Cabaye, who is reported to be on the verge of a move to Paris Saint-Germain, was absent for Newcastle United as Alan Pardew’s side recorded a 0-0 draw at Norwich City. Both sides finished with ten men at Carrow Road after Newcastle striker Loic Remy and Norwich midfielder Bradley Johnson were shown straight red cards following a late altercation. Goals from Jonjo Shelvey and Chico Flores gave Swansea City a 2-0 win at home to relegationthreatened Fulham, while improving Crystal Palace climbed to 14th after an early Jason Puncheon goal saw them beat Hull City 1-0.

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Kaieteur News

Wednesday January 29, 2014

C 7 are Wiltshire 59th birth Smythfield Rockers anniversary Dominoes champs defeat East Canje

Knights in Anamayah Memorial Basketball

Members of the victorious C 7 team display their prize while secretary of the Georgetown Dominoes Association Mark Wiltshire is standing extreme left C 7 marked 71 games to win the final of the Mark Wiltshire 59th Birth Anniversary Dominoes competition when the final was contested on Monday night last at La Belle Hotel and Sports bar, Norton Street. F and H who drew the bye to the final took the runner up spot with 70 games, while Pacesetters placed third with 67 games. Tony Munaisar made the maximum 18 for the winners while Mervin Thom and Brian Edwards supported

with 15 and 13 respectively. Hazim Hakh chalked up 16 for F and H and Dereck Malone assisted with 14. Pacesetters were led by Colin Thomas who made 16 and Roberto Osborne 15. C7 mustered 70 games to defeat Pacesetters 66 and Westside 60 in the semi final which was contested on Saturday night at the said venue. Brian Edwards and Marvin Thom led the way for the victors with 15 apiece. Osmond Brathwaite scored 17

and Colin Thomas 16 for Pacesetters while Prem Persaud recorded 17 and Andre Foo 15 for Westside. C 7 received a trophy and $175,000, F and H a trophy and $80,000 and Pacesetters $40,000. Munaisar received the player of the final award. The competition was sponsored by F and H Printing Establishment, Faye Joseph, Jermin Jackson, Goldyn and Sons, Elegance Style Studio and La Belle Hotel and Sports

Bar. Meanwhile, the Annual Robert Williams Memorial tournament will commence tonight at Faye Joseph’s residence, Gaulding Place, South Ruimveldt Park. Entrance fee is $9,000. The champion team will pocket a trophy and $200,000, the runner-up a trophy and $100,000, third place a trophy and $50,000 and fourth place $25,000. The most valuable player in the final will be given $5,000. (Zaheer Mohamed)

CONCACAF, CIES sign cooperation agreement MIAMI - CONCACAF and the International Centre for Sports Studies (CIES) signed a wide-ranging cooperation agreement for mutual support in the areas of research and education. “This collaboration offers an outstanding opportunity for CONCACAF to access top level expertise and best practices in key areas for our organization’s development,” said CONCACAF President Jeffrey Webb. “It also provides CIES with valuable input from the CONCACAF region and we are convinced that such a two-way collaboration can only benefit both organizations and football in our region and globally.” Among the many benefits, the cooperation

arrangement will allow CIES to provide CONCACAF with academic resources and knowledge, research facilities and workshops and seminars in the fields of management, marketing and law. In return, CONCACAF will provide opportunities for postgraduate students of the FIFA Master (International Master in Management, Law and Humanities of Sport), FIFA Master Alumni and FIFA/CIES International University Network students and alumni to work at CONCACAF or its member associations and will collaborate in CIES Sports Management Courses by providing its expertise. “Since the launch of the FIFA Master in 2000, we have

always tried to strengthen the links with the sports industry,” said Vincent Schatzmann, CIES General Secretary. “This agreement represents a further step in this direction giving the opportunity to some of our postgraduate students to work, directly after graduation, in the heart of the football world at CONCACAF.” Indeed, CIES has during more than a decade, acquired a great experience in delivering high quality international sport management education programmes with the aim of overcoming the complexities of sport in today’s society and improving how it is governed and managed. The CIES is an independent study

centre located in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. It was created in 1995 as a joint venture between the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the University of Neuchâtel, the City and State of Neuchatel. In particular, CIES manages the FIFA Master program through three prestigious universities: De Montfort University, Leicester, United Kingdom; SDA Bocconi School of Management, Milan, Italy; and the University of Neuchâtel, Neuchatel, Switzerland; as well as the FIFA/CIES International University Network, a network of universities that delivers sport management programs in some key countries around the world.

Play in the ongoing Anamaya Memorial Inter Club First Division Basketball competition for teams in East Berbice continued on Sunday last with one game played at the Smythfield Hard Court in New Amsterdam. Smythfield Rockers outhustled East Canje Knights in a come from behind performance, eventually winning the contest by a comfortable 57-40 points margin. The two teams, who are in the final of the still to be played Mackeson Inter Club tournament (due since July last), went into the game with much to prove. The Knights started at a fast pace keeping their more seasoned opponents at bay and by the end of the first quarter the Knights were looking good, establishing a comfortable 17-10 lead. However, things took a turn in the second quarter with the Rockers steadying

things and eventually surging ahead, scoring 16 points to the Knights’ seven to end the first half in the lead at 26-24. The third quarter saw the Rockers using their experience to move further ahead as they consolidated for a 42-32 lead. By the start of the last quarter the rocking Rockers were on the move and took full control having blunted the Knights’ armour with waves of attacks to end on the winning end, 57-40. Top scoring for Smythfield Rockers was Jamal Felix with a game high 29 points while Neil Wills supported with 15 points. For Canje Knights Edmar Semple scored 16 points and Steve Roopnarine 10 points. The competition is expected to continue on Sunday with Rose Hall Jammers opposing Fyrish Black Shark at Port Mourant Training Centre Court. Jump ball is 16:00hrs.

Treacle creates one of the biggest upsets in local Horseracing to beat Score’s Even It was shocking, but true, as horseracing fans in their thousands at the Kennard Memorial Turf Club’s grand one-day Meet were left in awe as rank outsider Treacle of the Dookie Stable, classified F1 and carrying a weight of 108 pounds, created the upset of upsets by defeating champion horse for 2013, Score’s Even, in a close battle to take the feature A and lower event. Before the event got started there was a protracted delay as only Score’s Even and Run Nana Run of the Dennis De Roop Simple Royal Stable were prepared to race as the other horse owners seemed to be suffering from cold feet as they refused to allow their animals to participate citing the dominance of Score’s Even. After a lengthy delay due to negotiations, the handlers of Treacle which had earlier won a race and had entered for the event which was subsequently withdrawn, decided that it will take the chance and run, and what a chance it was.

The three animals were off to an even break with Treacle ridden by Rad Drepaul and trained by Fazal Habibulla matching strides with its two more illustrious counterparts. By the half was stage Score’s Even with Randolph Richmond on the mount was beginning to point them with Treacle in hot pursuit followed by Run Nanan Run guided by Jockey Ajai in the stirrups. Approaching the far turn, Score’s Even was beginning to slow down considerably with Treacle moving up alongside and eventually taking over as a one/two battle began. Into the homestretch Treacle had established a lead and fans were sensing an upset. As the horses thundered down the homestretch for the finish line, Treacle was holding its own with Score’s Even coming through with a strong challenge, but it was just too late as the new champion held on to win by a neck to take the $1M cash prize and trophy, compliments of the (Continued on page 34)

Wednesday January 29, 2014

Kaieteur News

Crandon confident as national team departs for NAGICO Super50 Coach of the Guyana team Esaun Crandon expressed confidence that his team can go all the way in the Regional NAGICO Super50 tournament which commences on January 30 in Trinidad and Tobago. Speaking with Kaieteur Sport yesterday morning at Windjammer hotel before their departure, Crandon said that winning the tournament is not going to be as easy task. “There are some very good teams so we expect a high level of competition. Our guys have to take one game at a time and play to the best

of their ability and as long as they can do that we will be very hard to beat”, he said. Crandon stated that their first objective is to get to the semis and take it from there. He informed that the team is a well balanced one. “It is a mixture of youth and experience; I think the selectors did a fine job”, he added. The coach indicated that he is satisfied with the team’s preparation. “The players looked good; they worked really hard during the training sessions

and their fitness level improved tremendously”, he explained. When quizzed as to what conditions he expects in the Twin Island Republic, Crandon said he feels that the ball will move around a lot in the nights. He said most players are aware of this and getting acclimatized to the conditions as soon as possible will be an important factor. Guyana begins their campaign against Ireland on January 31. (Zaheer Mohamed)

ESPN Caribbean presents NAGICO Super50 Bridgetown, Barbados ESPN Caribbean brings exclusive coverage of the Caribbean’s marquee 50-over competition featuring the region’s One-Day superstars commencing January 30. ESPN Caribbean will present live, exclusive coverage of the region’s elite One Day International (ODI) tournament, the NAGICO Super50, from January 30 until February 16 from Trinidad and Tobago. The matches held in Trinidad will air live from 1:50 p.m. (Eastern Caribbean Time) on the ESPN Caribbean and ESPN 2 Caribbean television networks and on ESPN Play ( — ESPN’s multiscreen live and on-demand broadband service. The competition is the West Indies Cricket Board’s

premier limited-overs event. Defending champions, Windward Islands, head Zone A along with Jamaica, Guyana and foreign guests, Ireland. Zone B consists of last year ’s beaten finalist, Combined Campuses and Colleges (C.C.C.), as well as the hosts, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and Leeward Islands. Matches will be played at the Queen’s Park Oval in Trinidad and Shaw Park in Tobago as the teams vie for the coveted Clive Lloyd Trophy, named after the revered batsman and former West Indies skipper. The top two teams will advance from each Zone into the Semi-Finals. These will be held on February 12 and 13 with the Finals slated for February 15. ESPN Caribbean will also air ESPN Cricket Report during this knockout

phase, hosted by Barry Wilkinson and analyst, West Indian legend Colin Croft. They will cover pre-match (1:30 p.m. ECT) and midinnings (5:30 p.m. ECT) analysis as well as ESPN Cricket Final, a half-hour post-match recap (10:00 p.m. ECT) following each eliminator. This tournament serves as a prelude to the Windies’ limited-overs home series against England prior to their title defense of the International Cricket Council (I.C.C.) World Twenty20 trophy, which will be broadcast exclusively by ESPN Caribbean in March 2014. Follow all of the NAGICO Super50 at #ESPNS50 as ESPN Caribbean continues to connect theregion’s fans with the sports they love.

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GBA President mulls developmental strategies as international amateur boxing returns to the CASH By Michael Benjamin If President of the Guyana Boxing Association (GBA), Steve Ninvalle gets his way, local amateur referees and judges would soon receive a reasonable stipend for their services rendered to the sport. This was a part of the projection mooted by Mr. Ninvalle in an interview with Kaieteur Sport at his Main Street office yesterday afternoon. He said that the local officials had recently formed a referees/judges commission and are scheduled to meet with GBA executives this afternoon to discuss issues and strategies relating to their development and operations. This will also include the possibility of stipend for their services. “Referees and judges are very important in the scheme of things and we must find ways of rewarding them for their time and effort,” said Mr. Ninvalle. This issue would also form a part of the discussions this afternoon and the GBA President said that it will be thoroughly ventilated though his organization is somewhat cash strapped. Mr. Ninvalle reflected on the performance of his executives over the past year and decided a ‘C’ grade would be concomitant with their performance. He said that amidst all of the challenges and limited resources, his executives had performed credibly and the returns from the boxers, even though appearing to be insignificant, would eventually be seen in the long term. The GBA President further pointed out that one of the challenges faced by his administration was the issue of encampment of the boxers preparing for international engagements. He said that it is very important to have the pugilists encamped so that the national coaches could assess their progress. However, the cost of such exercises is very prohibitive and his executives would be examining ways of grappling this challenge. The GBA will commence the fiscal year on a high note with the Tri-Nation tournament which will be contested between February 14-16 at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall (CASH) and Mr. Ninvalle believes that the tournament could be the catalyst to the return of staunch support from both the corporate community as

Steve Ninvalle

Terrence Poole

well as spectators. He said that he will aspire to make the Caribbean tournament a yearly feature even as he works feverishly to have a resuscitation of the Cuba exchange programmes. To this effect, the GBA boss said that he has drafted a correspondence which will be dispatched to the Cuban authorities with an aim of realizing those goals. “Our boxers have done quite well during the era of those exchange programmes and I believe that the resuscitation may very well improve their fortunes on the international scene,” posits Ninvalle. Former amateur boxer, Terrence Poole, has been the lynchpin of the association so much so that he has been accused of engaging in matters that are somewhat conflicting. Mr. Ninvalle agrees that Mr. Poole has been tasked with varying responsibilities and some sections of the society have dubbed them as conflicting. However, the GBA President defended his colleague saying that Mr. Poole is an asset to the administration of the sport. He said that many persons seek executive positions on the committee but are reluctant and/or lax in addressing their mandates. “The volume of the work rests on just few shoulders so it is just natural to hear utterances of conflict of interest,” Mr.

Ninvalle pointed out. He said that he had toyed with many developmental ideas but is constrained by statutes in the constitution that dictate issues are addressed through a voting process. Notwithstanding, Mr. Ninvalle said that he cannot support an en bloc voting module since to his mind such a system could be deemed counter-productive since a wide cross section of views would be muzzled. “To my mind, such an eventuality would compromise the democratic process; I think that conflict and diversity is good for development provided it is done in a structured way,” he said. That apart, Mr. Ninvalle believes that the time is ripe for constitutional reforms in keeping with the new dispensation when the ruling body, AIBA, is contemplating strategic changes to their rules. The ruling organization plans to launch their own league of professional boxers who will be allowed to compete in the Olympics. While these issues are pertinent and while some of them will take centre stage at this afternoon’s forum, Mr. Ninvalle said that much attention will be placed on issues relating to the imminent Tri Nation championships which he refers to as the catalyst to the effective return of mass support to the boxing arena.

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Wednesday January 29, 2014

First day of ICC Board meeting concludes - unanimous support for key principles Dubai, United Arab Emirates - The first day of the International Cricket Council’s Board meetings concluded in Dubai yesterday with unanimous support for a set of principles relating to the future structure, governance and financial models of the ICC. The ICC Board unanimously supported the following principles: · There will be an opportunity for all Members to play all formats of cricket on merit, with participation based on meritocracy; no immunity to any country, and no change to membership status. · A Test Cricket Fund paid equally on an annual basis to all Full Members (except the Board of Control for Cricket in India, Cricket Australia and the England and Wales Cricket Board) will be introduced to encourage and support Test match cricket. · A larger percentage from the increasing Associate Members’ surplus will be distributed to the higher performing non-Full Members. · Mutually agreed bilateral FTP Agreements which will be legally binding and bankable and will run for the same period as the ICC commercial rights cycle (20152023).

· Recognition of the need for strong leadership of the ICC, involving leading Members, which will involve BCCI taking a central leadership responsibility. · A need to recognise the varying contribution of Full Members to the value of ICC events through the payment of ‘contribution costs’. · The establishment of an Executive Committee (ExCo) and Financial & Commercial Aff a i r s Committee (F&CA) to provide leadership at an operational level, with five members, including BCCI, CA and ECB representatives. Anybody from within the Board can be elected to Chair the Board and anybody from within ExCo and F&CA can be elected to Chair those Committees. With the ICC undergoing a transitional period that includes a new governance structure and media rights cycle, this leadership will be provided for two years from June 2014 by: a BCCI representative to Chair the ICC Board, a CA representative to Chair the ExCo and an ECB representative to Chair the F&CA. · A new company will be incorporated to tender future commercial rights for ICC

events. There will be three major ICC events in each fouryear cycle, including the ICC Champions Trophy which will replace the ICC World Test Championship. · ICC will utilise a more efficient operating model for all ICC events, with a simplified accounting model across ICC income and expenditure to help better manage ICC administrative and event costs. ICC President Alan Isaac said: “This is an important time for world cricket and it is extremely encouraging that the ICC Board has unanimously supported a set of far-reaching principles that will underpin the long-term prosperity of t h e g l o b a l game. “These principles emphasise the primacy of Test cricket and that for the f i r s t t i m e i n c r i c k e t ’s history participation will be based entirely on m e r i t o c r a c y, giving everyone powerful incentives to play better cricket and develop better cricketers. “There is more work to be done by the Members in developing their schedules of bilateral cricket while at the ICC we need to work through the detail of the manner in which these principles will be implemented.

From (L-R) Alan Isaac, ICC President; David Richardson (ICC Chief Executive); Giles Clarke, Chairman of the England and Wales Cricket Board at the ICC Executive Board Meeting “Extensive work will now be undertaken in advance of a follow-up Board meeting next month.” Mr. Isaac also expressed his disappointment with the misconceptions that had been created as a result of a draft position paper produced by three ICC Members being leaked. “Several months ago I encouraged BCCI, CA and ECB to enter into a constructive dialogue together to help resolve some of the key commercial and governance issues facing the game. These leading cricket nations have worked tirelessly to produce a document which provided the basis for the past few weeks of extremely constructive discussions.

“It is obviously very disappointing that a draft position paper from these Members was leaked as this prompted a debate that ignored the ongoing negotiations between all Members and led to unwarranted criticism of many of those involved in the process. “The principles agreed today provide clear evidence that through the course of further discussions over the coming weeks we can be increasingly confident in achieving consensus.” David Richardson, the ICC Chief Executive, added: “An enormous amount of effort has gone into developing a comprehensive set of proposals that include input from all Members.

“The Board has held some very constructive, inclusive, wide-ranging and far-reaching discussions and I am looking forward to bringing to fruition some of the principles that have been proposed and accepted in relation to the cricketing structures of the global game.” The ICC Board consists of the chairman or president from each of the 10 Full Members plus three elected Associate Member representatives. Also present at ICC Board meetings is the ICC President, who chairs proceedings, the ICC Chief Executive and the ICC VicePresident. The WiCB is being represented by its President, Dave Cameron. (ICC)

RHTY&SC cricket teams, St. Francis Youth Club & Scotia Bank launch Anti Suicide & Drugs Campaign The recently resuscitated St. Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Youth Club in conjunction with the cricket teams of the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club (RHTY&SC) has made public their massive Anti Drugs and Suicide Campaign aimed at thousands of youths in the Ancient County. The two clubs with the sponsorship from the Bank of Nova Scotia unveiled two impressive multi-coloured posters which advise youth to cherish life as a gift from God and to Say No to Suicide and also remain drug free as usage of illegal drugs could destroy their future. Secretary of the St. Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Club, Veronica Narain said that the two posters would be distributed to schools across the County with special emphasis on the Corentyne area while they would also be shared out to sports clubs, youth organisations, churches,

libraries, and public institutions. Ms. Narain advised the youths that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem and that there are other solutions to any situations facing them. Suicide, Ms. Narain stated is 100% preventable and called on youths not to keep their problems to themselves but to seek the counsel of trusted friends and respected elders. Drug abuse is also a major problem affecting teenagers in Berbice, and Ms. Narain advised youths also to choose their friends wisely and to always say No to Drugs despite peer pressure. President of the Youth Club, Andrew Smartt expressed pleasure at working with the cricket teams as it was the St. Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Youth Club which founded the RHTY&SC in 1990. Smartt expressed gratitude to the Bank of Nova Scotia and Ms. Jennifer Cipriani for their

Club representatives show off the Say No To Suicide posters. sponsorship of the posters. Mentor of the St. Francis Youth Club and Secretary/ CEO of the RHTY&SC Hilbert Foster stated that the two clubs would also be unveiling an Anti-Suicide TV commercial in conjunction

with Dave Television Station (DTV-8) later this week. The commercial would be aired several times per day in an effort to reduce the suicide problems affecting youths in Berbice. Foster also disclosed that counseling sessions

would be arranged for youths, an essay competition would be organised on suicide while several youth and sport organisations would benefit from donations to assist them to make a positive difference in the lives of youths. Two

Inter Secondary Schools cricket tournaments for Under-15 male and female students have also been organised as part of the massive Anti Drugs and Suicide campaign by the two organisations.

Kaieteur News

Wednesday January 29, 2014

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Scotia Bank Kiddy cricket makes welcome return - games to be played in three counties

Officials of GTU, GCB, Ministry of Education and Scotia Bank share a moment with teachers and students at the launching yesterday. By Zaheer Mohamed The Scotia Bank Kiddy Cricket Festival 2014 was launched yesterday in the board room of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB). The event includes coaching in schools which has already commenced nationwide as well as a competition from which the top eight schools in the country will advance to the finals. The eight schools, four from Demerara and two each from Berbice and Essequibo will emerge from the preliminary playoffs within their respective County. Kiddy’s cricket is deemed an integral part of the sports development in Guyana which gives the youths an early insight of how to play. It also instills discipline and team work.

Speaking at the launching, Regional Administrative Officer of the Ministry of Education, Ms. Shenaine ChristianHenry urged the students to acquire knowledge so that they can become well rounded individuals. She thanked the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB), GCB and Scotia Bank for involving the Ministry. Marketing Manager of Scotia Bank, Ms. Jenifer Cipriani stated that they are happy to re-launch Kiddy cricket in Guyana adding that the Bank’s involvement in Regional cricket began in1998 as the official Bank of West Indies cricket, and became the exclusive sponsor of kiddy cricket in 1999. Cipriani informed that

the programme started with just 87 schools but has grown from strength to strength. “Over the years we keep growing and this year we hope to involve around 200 schools. In 2014 over 2,400 students are expected to participate in the Kiddy preliminary and county competitions while more than 4,000 students will be involved in the coaching education programme”, Cipriani informed. “While Scotia Bank is a global entity, we believe in building relationships locally and supporting the communities in which we work and live. This is why we continue to be such a strong supporter of West Indies cricket. Our sponsorship also involves


St. Ambrose, St. Angela’s and St. Agnes register wins St. Ambrose, St. Angela’s and St, Agnes recorded victories when Demerara zone of the 2014 Scotiabank Kiddy cricket festival commenced yesterday the Georgetown Cricket Club ground Bourda. St. Ambrose Primary defeated North Georgetown Primary by two runs. North Georgetown batted first and mustered 129 off their

allotted 10 overs. Joshua Mc Donald top scoring with 11 while Shaqueen Grant and Nathan Ghandeen made 8 each. St. Ambrose responded with 131 from their 10 overs, Damien Joseph hit 14. St. Angela’s got the better of St. Margaret’s by 29 runs in their encounter. St. Angela’s took first strike and rattled up 137-1 in 10 overs before restricting St.

Margaret’s for 108-1 from their quota of overs. St. Agnes triumphed over Winfer Gardens by 6 runs. St. Agnes scored 119-6 batting first, Shania Kaden was their principal scorer with 8. Winfer Gardens replied with 113-8 off their 10 overs. Shania Kingston and Surya Surajpaul grabbed two wickets each for the winners.

education and positively shaping young minds while at the same time laying a foundation for the future of cricket in Guyana and the West Indies,” Cipriani added. She expressed gratitude to the WICB, GCB, Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, teachers, coaches and the media for their

commitment adding that they look forward to their continued support to keep Kiddy cricket alive and provide a bright future for the youths and the sport. President of the Guyana Teachers Union (GTU), Colin Bynoe congratulated Scotia Bank, stating that he is pleased that the WICB and the GCB are involved in an

effort to bring back West Indies cricket to its glory days. He urged the students to take the game seriously stating that school cricket was the secret that made Guyana a dominant and successful force in the region for a number of years. Secretary of the GCB Anand Sanasie thanked Scotia Bank for their input.

Brazilian Trainers arrive for Beach Volleyball Workshop The Guyana Volleyball Federation (GVF) and the South American Volleyball Federation (CSV) Beach Volleyball workshop is set to get underway today at the Carifesta Sports Complex, Georgetown at 15:00hrs. According to a GVF release, participants registered for the workshop can look forward to a rewarding and a very memorable learning

experience. The workshop commences tomorrow at 09:00hrs and breaks at 12:00hrs for one hour and will re-commence at 13:00hrs until 16:30hrs and will conclude on Sunday. The activity, the GVF said will be very informative and exciting and will see attendees being exposed to theoretical and practical sessions. The course is designed to certify and

register local coaches in order that they can participate in international matches. The Chief Instructor, Mr. Fernando Costa and his assistant Mr. Rodrigues Roberto are both from Rio De Janiero, Brazil and are anticipating a very good workshop. The GVF said it is very elated and privileged to be the proud hosts to their Brazilian counterparts from the CSV.

Keith Myers elected Berbice Basketball Association President Keith Myers has been elected President of the Berbice Basketball Association (BBA) when that entity held its Annual General meeting last Sunday at the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport Smithfield Drop-in Centre, New Amsterdam. Myers received resounding support from clubs in both East and West Berbice. First Vice President is Amanda Henry of Rose Hall Town, former national distance runner Neil Rudder

is second Vice President w h i l e t h e T h i r d Vi c e President is Robert Esseboom. Petra Ford is the Secretary. T h e a s s o c i a t i o n ’s Treasurer is Ryan Alexander and Assistant Secretary Treasurer, Pinky Author. Eli Hazel is the Public Relations Officer (PRO). Norman Semple is advisor to the Executive Committee. In a brief statement Myers said that while clubs on the West Berbice were not represented on the executive,

Keith Myers

it is a start towards the resuscitation of basketball in Berbice. None of the West Berbice club officials attended the elections and were therefore not eligible for election.

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Wednesday January 29, 2014

WICB statement on support for ICC key

St John’s, Antigua – Having recognized that the proposal presented to the January 9th 2014 Board Meeting of the International Cricket Council was in draft format, the West Indies Cricket Board reserved public comment on the issue until it was able to engage in discussions with fellow Full Members and receive a more detailed and thorough presentation at the on-going ICC meeting. Having had the benefit of those discussions along with the completion of the first day of the ICC Board Meeting in Dubai the WICB issues the following statement with regard to its support of the ICC key principles. After extensive discussions and careful consideration the West Indies Cricket Board joined with all other Full Members of the International Cricket Council in providing support for key principles relating to the future structure, governance and financial models of the ICC. The following are specific areas of the key principles relevant to West Indies Cricket:

I N T E R N AT I O N A L CRICKET BASED ON MERITOCRACY ICC key principle: “All Members to play all formats of cricket (Test, ODI & T20I) on merit, with participation based on meritocracy; no immunity to any country, and no change to membership status.” Relevant details specific to West Indies Cricket: · West Indies is in no imminent danger of losing Test status or being relegated. Relegation will only affect the 9th and 10th placed teams. · The West Indies Men’s Team currently holds the 7th ranked position in Tests, 8th in ODIs and 5th in T20Is. The West Indies is the reigning ICC World T20 Champions. C u r r e n t I C C Te s t Rankings 1. South Africa (133 points) 2. India (117 points) 3. Australia (111 points) 4. England (107 points) 5. Pakistan (100 points) 6. Sri Lanka (90 points) 7. West Indies (87 points) 8. New Zealand (82 points) 9. Zimbabwe (34 points) 10. Bangladesh (18 points) Full ICC rankings available here:

ICC GOVERNANCE ICC key principles: (i) “Recognition of the need for strong leadership of the ICC, involving leading Members, which will involve Board of Control for Cricket in India taking a central leadership responsibility.” (ii) “The establishment of an Executive Committee (ExCo) and Financial & Commercial Affairs Committee (F&CA) to provide leadership at an operational level, with five members, including BCCI, C A a n d E C B representatives. Anybody from within the Board can be elected to Chair the Board and anybody from within ExCo and F&CA can be elected to Chair those Committees.” Relevant details specific to West Indies Cricket: · WICB remains a Full Member of the ICC with all governance rights as all other Full Members. · West Indians eligible to being elected to the Presidency, Vice Presidency and Chairmanship of the ICC. · WICB eligible for inclusion in and chairmanship of ExCo. · WICB President Whycliffe ‘Dave’ Cameron is a member of the F&CA Committee. WICB eligible for chairmanship of F&CA. · West Indians not in any way excluded from m e m b e r s h i p o r chairmanship of any committee of the ICC. STRUCTURE OF FUTURE TOURS

PROGRAMME ICC Key principle: “Mutually agreed bi-lateral Future Tours Programmes Agreements which will be legally binding and bankable and will run for the same period as the ICC commercial rights cycle (2015-2023).” Relevant details specific to West Indies Cricket: · BENEFIT TO WEST INDIES CRICKET AS PER PROPOSED FTP FORMULA: West Indies will have an opportunity, through bi-lateral agreements, to increase the number of matches and series (Tests, ODIs and T20Is) played annually by the West Indies Men’s Team against higher ranked opposition and against teams which are profitable to the WICB. These will include matches and series both in t h e We s t I n d i e s a n d overseas. · BENEFIT TO WEST INDIES CRICKET AS PER PROPOSED FTP FORMULA: Through initial discussions the BCCI, ECB and CA have all committed to increased tours to the West Indies over the next eight year cycle (2015-2023). This is in addition to the India, England and Australia tours which are currently on the existing FTP. · BENEFIT TO WEST INDIES CRICKET AS PER PROPOSED FTP FORMULA: As per the new proposed system the West Indies will have no

inflexible obligations to host tours during the height of the hurricane season. · CONSTRAINT TO W E S T I N D I E S CRICKET AS PER EXISTING FTP FORMULA: The WICB will not be bound by any obligation to host unprofitable tours (which is what obtains under the current FTP system). All tours will be determined on the basis of bilateral negotiations between host and visiting boards. ICC SHARED REVENUE ICC key principle: “A need to recognise the varying contribution of Full Members to the value of ICC events through the payment of ‘contribution costs’.” Relevant details specific to West Indies Cricket: · Based on new proposed system of ICC revenue sharing for the upcoming eight year cycle (2015-2023) WICB projects to receive at least 100% increase on the previous eight year cycle (2006-2014).

· Annual Test Match Fund which is specifically to support Full Members other than India, England and Australia. This will allow the WICB a financial buffer in the hosting of Test cricket against unprofitable teams. · Tours of India, England and Australia to the West Indies are the most commercially viable for the WICB and a system of bilateral agreements for tours and series will allow the WICB greater opportunity to enhance its financial position to the benefit of West Indies cricket. · Increased WICB revenue through ICC revenue sharing system will allow the WICB to realistically examine the possibility of a menu of initiatives and expansions which include but are not limited to expanded regional cricket season, player development, expanded regional cricket season, expanded West Indies A Team programme, match officials and umpires development and pitch preparation among other areas. (WICB)

BSA Karibee softball cricket at Port Mourant on Sunday The Berbice Softball Alliance (BSA) in collaboration with sponsors Nand Persaud and Company will host their inaugural

Karibee Cup 15 overs-a-side competition on Sunday at the Port Mourant community Center Ground, Corentyne, East Berbice. The BSA which was registered in April last year, aims to promote consistent competition in both the male and female categories of softball cricket across the country. The aim, the BSA said is to also expose more youths to a positive way of life. The tournament is a oneday affair with the teams competing being the first four registered members of the BSA. The Berbice Titans, Oldendorff Raiders, Whim Super Kings and Karibee Boys. In addition to the male category the Karibee female Strikers will battle Mike’s Wellwomen in a feature Ten10 match-up. A cash prize of $200, 000 has been donated by the sponsor. The first ball is expected to be bowled at 9:00hrs and admission is free.

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Wednesday January 29, 2014

Thomas, Morgan win Cross Country race - Police not invited to compete in event

Distance athletes, Cleveland Thomas and Alika Morgan won the overall men’s and women’s title in New Amsterdam on Sunday when the Athletics Association of Guyana (AAG) held the season opening annual Cross Country race on the road. Thomas won the fivemile race in a time of 30:31 while Morgan completed the distance in 48:51 to complete wins for Running Braves Athletics Club and Rising Star respectively. The event did not bear hallmark of the usual Cross Country contest that is done in rough, hilly terrain. In addition, some enthusiasts that witnessed the race said that it was more or less a road race with the absence of suitable terrain for a Cross Country event. Some 60 athletes competed in the event that started in the afternoon at the Esplanade Road. Winston Messenger was second in 38:11:50 in the men’s category while Devon Barrington in a time of 40:06:75 finished third. Mark Thomas (45:02) was fourth. Meanwhile, Malika

Williams in 1:03:09 was second among the females with Donna April third. The athletes circled the New Amsterdam Hospital, made their way through the Tucburg Housing Community into one of the worst dams in Berbice known as the High Dam in Angoys Avenue, before completing the finish of the race. Carl McKenzie won the Junior Male title in 27:38 while Joshua McKenzie (27:46) and Orin Prince (31:22) finished second and third respectively. Andrea Foster clocked 33:27 to win the female junior race while Cassie Kirton (38:00) was second and Cassy Torrington (42:00) third. Joshua Walcott claimed the Youth Boys contest in 29:43 with Murphy Mash finishing second in 34:42 and Delvin Semple third in 43:41. Candace McKenzie won the Youth Girls race in a time of 34:04 ahead of Marria McKenzie (40:11) and Layana Charles (44:53) respectively. Running Brave took home the lion’s share of the prizes while there were

reports that the Police Progressive Youth Club was not invited to compete in the race.

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Scotia Bank Kiddy cricket makes welcome return St. Ambrose, St. Angela’s and St. Agnes register wins - games to be played countrywide


Part of the action between St. Ambrose and North Georgetown Primary yesterday at GCC

Crandon confident as national team departs for NAGICO Super50


Members of the Guyana Super50 team took time out for a photograph at the Windjammer Hotel before their departure. Absent are Ramnaresh Sarwan and Narsingh Deonarine. Printed and published by National Media & Publishing Company Limited, 24 Saffon St.Charlestown, Georgetown.Tel: 225-8465, 225-8491 or Fax: 225-8473/ 226-8210

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